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RI!l~SII; 88
befElli4 6 1 )1.4471,73 - WILBEFOIIND
ON SACHRAGE brfillg'PitPEß . ." •
We have tetaddiabed the proceedings of tbei
opening Of the Pennaylasttinitailtstad, and'have
takestheoeeasiats to'can4t some errors which.
coeettrind lathe itaari preaf reidtait'asidnai.
at Ude hoar of die
The Ohio & Petrotylnall s Hama curial yd
. _ .... , . . ~... , . ,
terday 140 ptysteorowy - wit i n ptettylawforthe
ant 447:alter the opening. . Thp'ttsitt will leave
the Feting strfetAajpet.liiktootillig at 10 ce:
clock, end lease Medan; , wowywitig, at half=
past tiro
Theßat • has been.Opene , dat the city
of Pitts findllarideg our eara-- with thu
soind of th - whist* and the roar of
meaner f better days to mane, of s new era
in our existence -sof other roads branching in all
ditictioni At moment—a' moment
- beg hoped for, and billed With
hiartfelt plainire by , every citizen of great
heart and enlarged - ideas?, a moment pregnant
with the mightiest results--ither little and envious
are snarling ,and . grumbling shoot matters' of
minoeimport, and iehich!,ther,do not ender
stand,- ir probably; care: stout, except as they
alllndopiertnalty to vent their -spleen at. those
wig; have brought this great mambo to so
aucceisfizian issue: - The WEtor of the Post uses
i t u• ocesaioniiradeabY
patty to: take aplesiure excursion over:the line,
ireeif - esprose, to assail 'Welder officers, and.
the:moat innendoes tether prejudice of the road.
Ile, talke Slant .:plopeer. Railroad, which
ought to be the pride and glory of Pittsbinghers,
as an enemy, as one mho sought , 011911100 tO tha
soig - f:po could - musky 'up Magnanimity
enough to melba
for ono day. Al- the vary :moment law' all
inembuist6ttio4 stop forward and take the
grey baled President bg the hand, and thank
for his irdziOui labors; and congratulate
him an this r:burriuf realization o f toils and
oar hopes, this courteous editor comet withhold
his malignity, .-Zdr. , Roanwrs,,also, the able and
most gentile:and, Engineer In Chief,' who hair
given hluirelf, up to this work pith a teal and a
almost uu,P* ol . rata—farina
travelled hundreds of ,sailes - in'the west,' visited
netrig:everyeonaty in the neutral part:of; die
state of 'Ohio,' r dield meetings, - made speeches,
stirred up tha lukewarm, - and directed the Mier
' - getic, until he hasas
imirod to three greitrim
of lawn", al4altailiPirairtki_tar trade into. out
tin Western read; and at. e. same time has
A A:Magni his official duties with , distinguished.
Viability end poodoielte must also be an ,
coiled by a Plttibuigh pSper,,beearme his engi
. leering knowledge_ will not permit him tri think .
Madly In icconhame with this-sapient
who 'moral as mach of Railroads and engineer
Lug, as ho dote or the roles which govern gen.
damns In the plain and social a:Silesia) of life:
Now ue'snppore Oen. Robinion raid :dr. Rob
arts care' very little about whit the editor of die,
Pitt 04 say or think shout them or their enter-
prize.,'_ Their obidscters,' public anti 'private, are
touwell eitablished to receive aught of:harm
THAI niche. quarter, and their iota will . vital.'
. bate itself, both to Pittsburgh and,lts stockhold. -
ere; list:oath things'are . a disgrace to - this city,
• and A. it no little barn ; runt 19 far as the in-
Minim; of that pupa goes, it does a positive In
jury to every storktudder bondholder of the
Company. - It3a, however that that tau.
,ince is ;mall,' or the SitigniSeent enterprise so
auspiciOtaiiicanienced, might be eheeked
watrwu4§ 9 - 101 tOIEDger tor /far , - 'Th l° WO l4
eery, likely please theisEtor,rtel those whothink,
'With "biltsra ire happy to - know, that tie
„work Ida go on irdbout them'iand ialepite. of
Ihriur ' sal wilt f , u 4 liuTinit r u m -t hem ' a
test etknowledmunent of its:rut utility, anti
' the wisdom and sagacity, of -its proprietors mid
stead, -
,ltitsEttoon .AWD /IOPT3DEIreI;WO Out the fol.
lowing from , the Post Of yesterday. :
. .
"Our ..distinguiebod neighbor of the Gaiette
bait been very .relnetantly fated to admit' that
all our positions in relation to tbefree tieEeS bu
Biota are Correct t" though be fairly gloats mar
the admiasion of the: Pennsyloanien, that "free
tickets bare always been more or less given, on
derail administmtiens of the publio.woriut.'';
This is souther of which w went -- well =ire., It
is amatter which the editor of the Gazette welt
knew, long before he made to great a Boarish
shout the particular, , ease that sere rise to the
present discussion . end we might therefore
hale made - emanate admission that was made by
our able contemporary of the 'Pennsylvanian, if
we had chosen to diso. ' But we too Well know
the utter absence of mignissitaitY, even of
fitunese in attempts list conducting an argument
in that qwser, to -eddiii "wejtAisygrhiitecer Ant
- e. cherywf;lualess siontizinglikeproof is brought
'Re copy It to show our readers how utterly
Isisteelemi this pater la , The - first assertion,
;flint we have lldraltied. the Post's PeellSee, le an
•. • , tnualtigatedfideehoild. The .adminion'arbieh
' •tt makes of 1M knowledge of the, fact admitted
' 'by the Pentwylvanbin ti
of effrontery, after 'lel 'thee add on thatukieet
noreMertion eh:alive too, IS ftioe.
did not know, until reeently; that anyintel prem. ,
lice prevailed. But the most unblushing diary-
gard . Of truth endlahmess lithe avowalcontain
': el in the tut aesitenee- Haritoi hist all char-
actor for Teraiii , 'the P;t4t.--s lo. 6'ing in ' lto
ishame—srmly declares that it will net admit
• whst ith•Wows to he true. But this is not
It will not only dot admit the truth, but it bse
: . ,In'this case Isssiiisely and repeatedly asserted
*Contrary. Tto submit to the Tender srbeth ,
• , La Tate 10e to take any farther notice of
seek paper. 1 ,
(ionises So irron is announced to be in
Erie, Penneybranix, on the 9th of_Angtost, for
the Purpose ofinddruming the people of that
place and sieini and it is aid this be, par
pone mairthg oithe =mien; as he intends to
*do thatneleht e eunnes,.6 fall 11Zili 'candid.
exposition of views on - questions of. Slate
aid. National 014: Untike'Col. Bigler, he has
nothing to con i c; inthase matters. It :is
petted ted be here on the2oth, at the
-Whig conreati'an. We will-ben meet with On
jereeitte iletehes of hie fellow citizens ell the
Waten aotadieor the State. Oar brettant of
the preen ern oat Western PelittWinels,
do well to impress upon their 'readers the impoft
-112'6 of this pink dowcnatration.
Cmin.—Ortr mechanics will
..... .. .
~...,. ' -loin IWO a chance to tr y their hands at making,
,`--- `,Loconttlnn, sa tell as dam no will he teen b y
the advertisement of the Ohio and Pennoiltugs
llailroad Cotorty in `another cabin= 800,0
me ago we rt id the formation. of a Company ,
to erect ir Leann, otint estAlblinsient On an calm
- . ,
sire scale, Indite were met with the assertiort
that Swill establishments already ezieted hero.-
- `;',...,... :. If this is cbse,the Locomotives advertised for
~..?...'"-; till he. continoted for here, and no ono Sill I*-
- '.. ' . . -.. .j01c0 at this mire than we shall.: Ono Ot t i n ;
resided, - however; is; that we bare room to' a
vety eatensire.Loccatootire coginiestablishotent,
capable of termin g '
. out an engine a week, and
: ..
ea" only sue& ott :. atabliAnietit Can compete
3' t he lIMULU ins-
' ".. snecesifoll lth th built Whir' of Lo
' - natives in A east. In Clendana an establish
• - meat forithelroildog of. Locomotives is in sea'.
antra Operation, s vri,
ia, 'bear of no "sat. of WA
:, . ' ititi—baslo* !lens to its end it contrasts for .
amiat i
the half dozen.. Why - Ls` not
, .. thisthenua Ore, if we bore opial facilities for
. : the an of troth . .nines! We have the
'r • Ada hem Ail Capital,the `iron, the eterything
... '. that i e wanAd, - ecterecit to hare all this &kill, cap.:
ital, at4lnalierild concentrated upon the object,
..14 PIO erection nf 'lndian 'ltstozOra establish- .
... tztaritisne have ritotononided.
i . `'i There will he netblf!colti to erecting thecare
.... lieoa, "licit*. :Thompson and Tomliaion are
liiireiitiaged in contracting a large namber,
oial aiti; - we bailie tally empic4cd'in this was:
and, othereatablishsnentstetll no.
donbi embrace
• .: ' l' the ,Cro#OW : o.ffet,e4..oFir l !°Plg in g i # ihe laid:-
wAtil has Weir boiu'ordafied and
4,ad is now oros of our bed looldas
• aid is, withal, edited. with
iatiarry and tact. we rejoice
• cell of tootboillaslett's sows&
Tho r: .
onside •
see Mums
. _ .
hie Dais CRAIG' at ilieri.;-Yr. Goons
Dude, is bis smoß at the late. Banned meet-.
log in fittalomgXitated that the pellaileef the
charter of ths - Ilempfeld Railroad Goa.
wee ftsixdolentli Wilm that it t vas
during ,tensionuy absence foto go
thambei, end that a *tertian Realtor ^ had got
bilitnat'd the Chamber by &lack in odoOo
pidstho hill la Wei sheens& „ -
Lumpy or thiscounty, idle was stoenv ,
bet of dm Senate at the time, hae sathorhed
i 0 guy Wit ihuairtothrigithe &skai Wider
and kiptent, dieing t e wliole tiate 'WPM%
wen in its coarse through the Esnate. Thlha
says, he knows to be asset,..: , . •'
This hnockstivrey iluswholiromoulationforldr.
Daraie's &negation of freed. The hM was -reed.
50 ;1:Wu by wile:4st the, Clerk's In •Mr.
Darele's hearing, and if he did not' hear it; of
was ignorant of the' geograpldcal points named
in'the bilVas the commencement and tension'
of, the ,ifumpfitid road, he should not attempt
to shield his Inattention or lgitotanee - behhui
& vampe d up amigo of f t suel—mtgingt. 114.
We publish .oe, above . !rani the Washisgfan
POPOT,f O aloo flo• DLO Wabe opportunity
defending himself, which ire have no doubt be
min do inicenataly. man was more vigilant
than Letathe Beige chamber, and we feel sat ,
Lined that enichabilleoldnothave . gonethrough
in the ordinary way withOuthis knowledge. We
feel convinced there Was chicanery shoat 'it in
. • . •• •
- - •
. Tue AcersuiOuntitus—Reliare of Brga.•
The Boston Atlas, of Friday morning; contains a
litter from Vienna, dated July oth, which states
thit lilr: Charles
-L. Brace, the Americo who
was Fretted" in Ilunpry;has been finallY • re.
rOn bliarrival in Vienne he was Jesuit-.
'by the 4olice • and 'ordered to quit . Anstalt
t cd.
, ..„. ..
Ai in threA days. hilentertlt thepeffluirests --- - '
their Minis; Mr. Erin would, however; lean
in a ten - &
ye.' - Ile boa rearmed his correspond
encetn.the Philadelphia Italletin, • end in a leiter
dated on the 27th of Sane, gives theboll'acceunt
of his arrest,' examination, - and impriionmard,
=eluding as toilette : .- , ' ••• ~
t• t•Without following - the examination through
bather, which was some six boars in length, 1
will only say it was throughout, one :of the most
complete specimens of an inquisition I had 'Ter
ern heard of.. I cannot in , begone describe
the unfaimese,the manifest prejedirm, the de
termination. to entangle' Me; which the -Millar
showed throughout. In my later examination,
I hare-some - more • davits instances of these
titrialts" of the law, Which be employed upon
me, and which I will boodles relate. , The
amount of it itsr,./ IC= an Americas fir How re,
knd be would make in example of me.
At the "close, the accusation was read to me.
to the effect that I ins a or:umber of the great
Democratic - Union in Europe, an emissary from
Ejahasy out Cuts, and here in eungary.with
the purpose of epreading Iterolutionary man-
Monts I" The proof;' (') on which it was based,
were these: Ist—Words supposed to imply an
acqualatmoOt with ljjahasy ;2.—A note of intro
duction-between. Con tn—The pesiodon of a
revolutionary pamphlet; and it—The fact that
I had visited certain persons who luabeeto com
promised in the Revolution is 1149. ' -
Afier the charge, was read . 1 ins co n ducted
hack to toy . prison-rien by the Provost and two
soldiers, and as he pond through the Ant cell
I beard the prinoners ask him, ^ WEI As 6s, em.
"rimmed?. PQamrc vatement.." tWithorit doubt")
was do . reply. With. this consolation wee I
locked in foe the second night
I beg my countrymen to consider the proofs
011 which each a charge ern baled. In soother
• land, except Renal/. -would they stood a den
even ea causes of Vet, =these, hare
I been *hut up tor Si) . day' in thior; wretched
prison-rmi. am even Yet in tttlicurorsbli arrest °
. . The attack wan not on nie, - but on =yew:Miry.
It MO 'petty, Termini revenge - for Abe ewer
. ono sympathy of Americans.. But such'injostice
shall, reset on thottotelrea. - In every land . ln
which'. esn expiese it, will ; I ley open this M
mean act of injustice and tyranny and the as
which Jelin opened - to me. And I have.
mistaken the Americium mash, if otch an open,:
unprovoked assault'on their rights passes Tint
. .
. , . .
Tto Boston Postaltribotes the utheesed oui"
ragO to. Mr. Wrbaties Iliilumalettor. ,
Tuesday fast, Thorameaffliy „sweeper-141a
Irishman, went from fitearneville to: Pittsfield, to
attend a funeral, accompinied by his - family.
While in Pittsfield he became Intoeited, - and in
this condition started for home, - but hif , whipped
and abused his horse eo badly that his wife
would _not ride with .„hint. ;we roil:dui; Lis
bone he was met by Ad - Wrist his entg3o,
who tuned ant for Ma, bulbs passing, - the vehi
cles mine in counter, and Caffrey was Bitched
out; idiling him instantly: , .
By *what rule a- fellow who got drunk and
abused his" hone, - age on his way to attend.*
fanerol In the company of hhi family, can'tlie
termed "respectable, is beyond nue =epee
. .
nail and Belpre Railroad Compenytt was. char
tered -for -the purpose of connecting with the
Baltimore and Ohio road acrarkersburg: But
as the road to Parker:than cannot be used be
fore 1.161,1 he company tmmed their attention to.
a more eastern-connection. .3 subscription of
$360,000 -1125 offered , them-by Marietta: upon
condition that they would rtrike the Ohio at Hat
place, instead of Belpre; Posing the Ohio to
Wheeling, and there connect with thelleorptield
mad'. •By the following from the Cincinnati Gs
setra,it will be seen that the Company„hate at--
' espied the eauditiOn tendered by Marietta: •
, After a draggle of about four years, between
wind and water, or. ratter Marietta and Belpre,
as to the terminus- of the Belpre and Cincinnati
Railroad on tho Ohio riven we sae by the °f
cial announcement of. Mr. Ely, Secretary of .the
Company that they hare at last determined on
Marietta, throwing off the north-41100ns road
and the Baltimore - and Ohio Compaq, and rely
ing, se the necessarily must, on the Wheeling
and Horapfield route to Philadelphia." .
The Hempffeld road is, therefore, sure of con.
'netting at Wheeling -with this road: it in also
sure of connecting with tlie Cmtral Ohio
Road, and with - ths- prteimmti and Wilming
ton road at the sam'e TOM. Here are three
large railroad% each -• trsrereing rich . and
4leasoly populated portions of Ohio, all terrains
ling at Wheeling, 1114:trial:I of slugs and prof
itable tradi", and alleonnecting with oar mad,
Ca rt a shortest and mint direct route to the East.
Cenly,this - affords lk fair prospect of basi
n= for the liemPfleld road. Yet the Pittsburgh
Journal says that Pittsburgh does not consider
the trade' to be -concentrated. at -Wheeling, by
these roads; to be "worths strirgrJa.'T If .Pitbs
burgh does not, we do. Washington Reporter.
Pittsburgh does, Mr. reporter' Withink the
trade to concentrate at Biidgeport—tiet atifflten.
ling—not'ooly worth ''a struggle, bet wrt,intend
to struggle far it. also, and that with - a will, too:
We Intend tOstrugglefor' it at Bridgeport, be
foreit crosses the two ksidges and the "Islands.
and makes Its, way In the • Depot se the vas
yai4. - By the timenhetint locomotive anises
that 'point; 'on: nay - of those Bentham: in
Write* rinds, Plitsbnigh will hare a locmno:
Into o
coinpetition witlithe Hemplield. ;
Hondo - Arne? Bleinann COLIAGICOT.
-Thesri.risent; reader wN find the fall slid'
winter "elision of -this-instil:GUM ailrertised in
another column. Rrom the•TourthAenual
nanneinnentr now baton, us, we tears that 'Atha
session or 18641-51. tie number of students was
90—iditrienhints 70•Orsdastas '29. The Cot
loge is in e ldgbly tleurisidng condition; and is
Dilly prepared to forididi the Mans of e'llter...
ough wadiesl education on Homeopathy.
. .
A llsoureonoi or lanntizinmsca has been
put forth by t.he iniortlente,td enter or either
by the iLthemeht,g Speedy of Puerto Principe,'
'their official arm. It la a strong, and, for
Spaniards, Om dikstment, free from garden
ado, but too long for our columns. -The co-epe;
nition" of the free celored people his eonight, et
at least Meijer. warmly propitiated— From
thle portion Of.,,the proclamation we eatasct the
elf the ha r e ooloreff people who 'know their
Interatta as well es the whites, take sag part In
the movement of Will; It certainly will not be
to the injuo of the mother who 'shelters• them
ber g tearmir nor 'of ahose other sins of hers
wholteret never made them feel the differenee
o f Aged: rees and omidlitlon, *MI irbo, far from
plandAriox them. havitakni grldein being their
defenders, tuid in matting the, title of their
There Lan evident egointinie tam* 'mince.
' fl o c to this than in the document Wore as ,f
though there *nothing tad minas
.„ . .
. entice restart of Cate:lay from Presbarg
toPasth,is Surtim FRI eiatedby- ea earth
gelaton the 2d instiace.'sr_hich sae r 110 40414
itC morn tat 1111 tha bells rang, ilia toy hews
okayed 'filmy. :TM" walic9 the,assee day on
;shish severe shocks of eartbqttake ware felt in
stareral Outs of lassosel, and a slight cam at,
Maitplds, Teatuessee,
lbsoirtbe sum 53‘,!!..`
nuLaoan~ 3 e
The citisensof Haag
inetst the Court „BOON, in the boausgb. af
Beaver; on Saturday, July 261 b, 285 L On mo
tins, of .the Min: John Dk, Major Boston
Daman ins appointed t On emotion
of .thejlon;Dredelds!per. fiets.lpharles,llerter
was appeinBbs Bethnal- ;
The objester; the. meeting Ina stated by Mr.
Matey, when:the PreeidirntlintiodneedJayrus
Pvenlln, Esq., cd Banana, President of the
Pittsburgh and .Chneland Italltharl, who ad.
dressed the meeting for some time, and was Col-
Irma by Jam IL. Slurs* req.; and the Han.
John Dlckey
On motion of,.fdr:lthannon; is bacatnithee of '
eight was appointed to: confer; with citizens of
Pittsburgh, and-all-others friendly to the toad,
and at nth time as they may' deem proper to
natme:ripdicets of stookaar the construe,
this of that pact of the road- sing the Ohio
Aver, and to report et home future time.:. .
Thereupon the following persons wer "p
-aid - conunittee:—Jo'hn H. Shannon,:
on. Daniel Avner, Thomas MeCreery,
John Mulverson„ Ovid. Pinney, Charitel SPP
IR. Major Rohert Darnigh,land the illm. John
On motion, Rooted, That the proceedings be
published in the Beaver Argue,' Western Star,
and all other papers the object.
On motion, the meeting adloarned. ,
.. BOB?. D-MIRSIIII, Prtret.
'CHARIZi Csarte; Seo'y.
• Mr. Mat, the Chief of the Comuomistiolony
at lismoo,-Mbuds, has Moue to stand his
tnil foe swisdlinip He is - soy seventy yeses
puts old. He once held the high post of Pro
eau= Hound. This vu in the `early put of
the relon of Luis • won u be
meld Pula. h 4 Useendered lamer to the poo-
liee Ind Iris seat toplyeep•
Commas; Wrattiatax, LSD ZAISIVILL/
itiMlLOAD.—Thfle TOW fs 111 • thii,lisy to be
built.. Saffiatent stock is stready subortbed to
grade and taidge'tt. Ths eisenuss will. put it
mutts sostsol hstosaistAT. lt.mna. through
klaaingim, Pam, fslytell Picksisy, Clin
ton, Warren; Ito.. to Obtaissstl. Tbist , soputlis,
are out of debt, and Ivry slob In nosistroes. ,
. .
Clinton county subscribed 15200.000, 'aided
$250,000. Pleksysy $200,000, and the other
otunglos will loon do the sinto
subscriptions .sere large,
s ame.
• The p ns the whole
amount shout $1,250,000. • _
Tae President of 6it re** fruitlinCanrin.
Esq.. or WllualegtortAlltti Engineer,Us Ur,
_ imams AT rams
at the M. %%Tribe:a.
. &AM Friday, Jtimp 29. IBt is
Home is mighty area in her . desolation. I
knew the, rapt% bed nothing like her, cad et tits
1241414"1- she his cab on ;le; at• the aril
new, is turerpectoily groat.% I *ii• not yet fpFl
able to go on wandering tram one church ani•
1171119, picture or melpture Okay to another,
trout morning till night, as others do: I neat to
pewter and think, of course. I eheillenae with
eat seeing mu the tenth Fart of nadalut•Ord•'
aided Warm% but if I' tboula • }lv be able to
vary away as near and ablfrog itupnatien or
• =AI Pak /goal praterniseoutosed Old
PererSio• 0,1 44 n1 3 6 Y °I le'
- -
That singlernew of the Eternal City, from the
tower of the Capitol, is one that I almost wish I
had given up the first day to.- The entire of
Rome and kb inhabited` 'suburbs has so bill ant
fate Way the eye, with the Baran Bills, the
Colima), the. Pantheon, the Otalida,. the .Pll
lam, the Wm" the Castle of fit, o, the
Tagus Trimnplai Are4 os . A te C hmi •
Sc., around
_you, that. II emu the best pse
that could be made in one day to ;haply more
ham lookant, to bsolouttin that old towerossing
the glass fora few moments and , then passing
fore reflection. I have half a mind thief to
thud one of my Three rmainbeg days. True:
the Coliseum till teem muter close at band, but
from:no yobstun seen so completely awl
clearly in its hunensity and Its dilapidation
ecabined, as Bus that.. The Tatman Reek
seems an absurd inhle=its fatal leap the dagy
spurt of lufanta—but anclut cities the
same 'gluing discrepancy: between ancient and
modern altitudes is presented. andizuhdtrarc
hem, It Jeruntem. Ins whereon
Honor VIM beet wd,eli tP,A36100" vidb)a.
to day; but they are undolgottaly -Moen bum
than at : tint, while all the intemerdng venue
hare been' filling up through materiels Monk
ish tradithme say that rituals now thalamus/Mg
of the Ouch etSte. Peter and Paul (not the
modern St. Peter's)) was originally on the level
Ogle ease! , and thi s . is quite pr
is 'hue' I
did not so readily lob:lento the states I was told
in that basement to day of Stu. Peter Paul and
Late laving United this basement, Paul haring
tired and preached here for the first two years
of his milldam in Rome; and when they thawed
me the airmen *MO fit Paul mu wont to tale
kter, I stepped that'Und didn
.qF tc! believe
any mom. But this moil le tawny poi with
carrels and very productive. ,
St. Peter's, or at lead its Dome, wu in eight
through gut greeter part of the last eleven or
twelve tees of our jounsioy to the city: front
most other dilution it Is doubtless visible at a
mush greater distence. I bare of curse seen
the'immense etrueture afar of, as veal as glanced
at it in passing by night; but I am not yet
pared to somprthend Its rest proportions. , I
mean to gait to loot before leaving R6Me, rood
to away se untie did Inlim4au it .
the three hundred and slay alp Idlintirilt
of Rome, I hum asyetthdted but four, and may
Awl time to us se many soon of the most note
worthy. They seem Metak In geolphtro, Por
phyry, Mosaic Carving, Tapeatry, ,te., than any
thing elsewhere well can be
but not equal la
arthkedure to the finest in Oat" the .
Cetim4rel et. Pisa, sad I think not esternally to
Notre gum at brie. Indeed, though large
portions of the present Bottle Ww pry far from
raisons, and same of them vita Miffs Fed
fresh 4oo hluir. , Yet thegenital of the
city Is deckledly n f
iaW to thet of ems, aud
should say euu to this of Leghorn.' G In =Meg
this companion, I of cause leave cat of the
account gt. Peter's and the churches af both
cities and rider, mainly to pirate architecture,
in which Wane Is not trausemsdent--catainly
not inltaly. The etude here are rather voids
for in Italian city, buteundd be deemed Woltz
sblY morrow in America. -
As to Beulynare Painting , I tun tempted
to say that If aankini were compelled jo theme
between the &studios of, what is to Rome or
that of all the net hi the worldithe father shall
be, saved et the impute of the latter. Adeqnste
mangos' of the *Meat, the ridgy, the curd
lance of the works of Art bete •tea* together
Is impaeblit. If every house on Iltuadway , were
the whole ail mho of them (counting
both aides of the street) might be filled from
Rome with pictures, statutes, Sc.. of decided
What little 1 haesinen does not impress me
with the sopenimity of ancient am modern Art.
Of noose, if you compare the doom hilt tbilint
produced in twenty centatimagainet• like num
ber chosen front the productions of the hut single
century, yoi wilt show s imperimity orate part
of the - forraer ;TWA that decides nothing:- 'The
Capitoline Vey= I. ••pararrom hat there le on
collection of aricimit nalptras chid' corn
parevrith theca/odes salary of hes& by Can.
wreakers.- When beidgeont time shall hive done
blsepOnted work - Of covering lath' the pall of
obla 1.4•• ithsteo-torentietlut of the
pildnellons of the Indian ahlie4.o3o OPPIDA .
SllMeSildl' a the rdnetesoth centuty,will abine
ontohnsrer and brighter than they do now. go,
I trust, with pabaing,, though' T r do not know
what painter of our age to plies on a perilone
soninence . withCeous ail, the , ohimplen or re
presentative of trader' sicampared with ancient
It is well that there should be somewhere en
Emporium of the Fine Arte, jet not well , that
the bout 'loath absorb all the blood;and leave
the limbs stealth* think: Borne-btu been
limping' with regard to works Of -Arta end in
some Instances unwisely so. • For *tam, in
single gallery I visited , to-dey,.• there
were not leas than, twenty decidedly gild Pio'
taree by Anibal Carsecirobably twice as many
as there rues in all the world out of 'ltaly.. Mutt
gallery would scarcely mice half of these, which
adgit;be folly replaced by as .many. modern,
mete of equal merit, vthersby , the gallery and
Some would loth nothing, while. the wortout
eiderroulTdoilderiljrgele. 'lf Seine would.but
consider herself under *Sort of mond moons&
MEV to impart'as well co mare, and would
liberally dispose of ep inoty,oflor toilter-eletes
as weld net la all impoverish her, buying in
return oath as could be mood her from &breed;
and could thus enrich ha - collection by diver
sifying thew eke would render the eon of Art
• signal service, and earn the mated* of man !
kind, *Oboist the least pejo/Woe to her own per
mount mall-bcdog. , It is to her power to cotton-,
tate haselfthe,oentire of an InteenatiOnal'Aott
Tolon - really..roriby of the setror—to establish a
Write Exhibition of Fine A 24/ nasqualled in
chamsile end beueflepoopc , Is It too much to
bops that she wilt ream AI 4491111 Oil 40, 7
el ejsu 11 "34;iilicl'bi what I Uri
ilea ti•dayi sil at an arra/much shorter than
could have made sty :detailed oxeunt of my
observations. , 1 luau no smiths:ails" go • aide
in Art, end make nopridenthmeil the chomp;
ter, even tad my pbssmalaus been Jan horded
$1111,0.07 nocesagai liftli4101:11410Ttb•
great Onatitute, - roril-thittestild teals ethers
as I cheerfully admit loyeelf. and:oho sus Ya
not unwilling to ham what Impression fireside
by the trauma of Bass en mune thisnadves
Niavisk L tidvaandlis pantis~L of
au circular:of Dr. T. Grant, An ii• eandlctste
tor reinneentstive in Austin Aurraty.lnin4 ad
dressed, to the rote:mi.:plat county:: '.
ei ea:delude, I hive earnaitlyi to mood that
these who ran their property to Texas to avoid
piyLif their pit debts, will pleaienot Uaupport
lee. If. I 4:sabot be ogre to the -Lopalslore .y
the votes of hoiest taw, won't go..
of the S.• York Tama.
Another Bettli—Ttelkvsinietin;iiiiads
PM? io , PILINC4 July 16th; 141.
- Another bottle has been fought .betwe the
Hayden:l and Dominicans, near the to*n of
Cotuyi on the 18th Intrant, which Prne4 'MU
dimmest to the• Emperor's troops, of whom
about 900 were slain out 'of a force of 2700 men.
Arrimmense quantity at arms and ammunition
fell into .thellands of the victors, betides 216
prisoners, among whom are s nephew of :the I
'Emperor and nine officers of some distinction. 1
The routed taw' took shelter -in the fortified
town of San Jnany whose walls Protected miss I
nlor prorler inadequate to defend. Thfictore
elated hi excellent order on the south bank'
l of the Tuma river, reedy at all , times to only
on the derensixe, and repulse the umsderej. An
pigmentation to their ranks of 1000 men I from
the UnitedBtoten would make the welkin ring;
then indeed would the Empire tremble, and 8a
loque be compelled to taker refuge under the
Itntish flag. . The tactics and frantic' calor' cf
our !Aldan ncighbors cannot but enlist the sym
plain of Weir kindred. spirits In the State".
when in one abort month would be accomplished
the regeneratiOreof Hayti, which' Le Cleo and
Trench• bayonets felled to perform . in twelve.
Boltettell Merril of state; haup on a hair, from
the established fict, which cannot but be well
known to him and his followers, that if the next
demonstration made in . Cabs coerardi freedom
will predominate spinet monarchy, then the
etopire;like , the sire of old, will unhesitatingly
go ip for fraternity, equality, and freedoms. •
Postmen:dal affairs are extremely dull, fn con:
sequence of thi small quantity of coffee, bides,
indigo, and iogrood now In market, all of which,
on actount of their ecereity, commend ettorbi
,My next may breathe a different tone. Until
then, adieu. 8. 11. LAFETEE.'
4 AllictT Bomi r 3 / 101 =4.- - We hate
nested a pamphlet {aped by the New York and
Boston Railroad. Company, detailing the wpm.
ed plan of this Compaq for the construction of
a Railroad betweetrthis city and Boston, by
more direct route than now in use. From it we
lam that books of the subscription for stock of
the Company will soon be opened. The total cast
of the' vollt is eatiMated at $1i,1174,000 ; for
which sum it is bettered a most substantial road
can' be constructed; over which the time be;
Jensen New York and the Great Metropolis of
New can be reduced to Ids home The
route CU 'be over the New Raven
Lad to. that city, and thence bye direct lini
to. Boston„,crossing the Connecticut River at
Middletown, emmecting with the. Norfolk Cotm
ty road from Routh Dedham to. Blackstone, a
lease of which hes been sawed.* •
The . Company' have ;obtained - the mouse- .
oil 'Charters, end hoe put the entire control of
the line from" Hoof= to NOW Haven wader nut
Boord.of Directors. As soon es one taltlion, of
dollars are subscribed to the 'took, the constrner,
lion of the Road will be commenced. .
TIM teasel between this city and Boston is in-
Matador; so rapidly, gat there can be no doubt
of the atumess of this eddltionslosvanqe.—X.
icott Convention.
• .• .
ger. The Committee of Arrtuigemento for
t b„ soon ftereantleak, and the suAromenittew Wanda
a! tan Iwo* .111 mat at ILA oda* of XL. /L AVTIOnk.
lowth street, Piefabangb, an leasday, lanzet 4th. at 2
ealtalk, P -A armed and tall .00 .chew h reaueded.
. • :-• AIMS OVKLOPOZlkelenewe.
Tb. Onausltteek It as fallawre—A Dewlap, D. XeCarli.
A.Madetrit, L leketearlon,A It-grade, Jolts Narrates.
4- 7 0 , 41.0. :Oa Cent. it UCLA X. Predrel,
Yetaile Alter: 4 PoC.lotta Dar, nvainiio
tuavr.9o• 4retatia4 rt. Flue% ledgb 11cComelelt.
Jobs Bork Klattbrerltael. CaL IltlLgftss, Dr.
11. ease.. I. a. Katie,. D. Farm , ent ln anen ra ll, J. cat.
ni f .i,vt.: ensponla. Z. near, Alm X. Pewter. Ansa.
• figurate anal Awnican
on.ThurAvy ...veiling, either at the
• Tamara or Wawa tba.Tbesera awn dram Anne;
Ire IlnattdieloA Thad Aran& a POCKET W A 11.-
LALEAr MAT MANKAIE, weakening abate /it to W.,
and woo rat aenet Nowak., hat to the owner. ,
• Sew . Owe rowied will be awed to wanever will Maw
ANT PERSON who coo giro ouch infonxia-'
nos to titent6trilmn ni t Z not to the nanny
IT ' '' '. t Dod
4ot il litTlVllte=nd .....ixivriova,
Inn . Mtn*. tauorLotn a Mat to
roWdatartno4 non Ito no and; Inn old., • thot.
T torn. blottotak mm. ,, _ _lae. net k nix,
. Moans Lit.lX orbs mat.
.tootanttio . . Wank list4.lllsontst. t
-- - ,
trinE IdEMBERS of the EAU Et ir,
: i t t trott. nol tv comP o r = omoo = otoo o or. tor i
tut, at debek. u. NADI, Jt
far Law:matins and Cam
..Orsses,or Dix 0330 alroDWra Z. N. 031 IL
11011P.OPOSAIS inn •I'D received=l2 t 4
• g_- anii 'l4 tot t e t.r
or Nal y 7 ,l3 4lNlertri
ilea. 004 Too to equal to ourertrlti .
thaw. ors y Corns?. Mr. Y0r 1. 4 . 1rit.13 %sr
11 . 1 .
0, 114 . 1.631. arm .461,143 , 67 . . 0 . 0 . 4 ....,
mottanosEts Ot t o
to be of the tor droalt4o o o
one 01.30n0 a
lb. culler 6ty orbieb
they 1U arrulako lo 130D300311. say muobrr
of Ur ouglor or coro roolud by Ur Caotroy. - t
as0t1.10(y1 fru. r.num cox. Jr., ?trident.
Homeopathic Medical College of' renn'a,
Located in Filbert area, *bare Zkanth,
LECTURES o 1 the regular Donee
, , 047 0. 100:uslly. lbo orond licador
imw Wa't°g if' n 4.19-
3.0=3; at fro por n 00
laulastio vb. ban vslotied two MD ectonloala .
.6LI - 37.6 — s ;6 . Z.=
FCCT . ti
Wiltor MOW:um. 11. ProDami id *tided. Oladler.'
lared.D. 0. D. I.:arm F.t Iloodsopothlo
mltoter and Ur maks of Do:Delo.
4 _
froolly. D4Protemoorag MUTT and Modleal
Y. 34301 , 11. D., Proforma . 01 , 17400113 0 43 3 Fe;
ihn& ProPrord Co^talitey w 4 Sac
_= D i E rlE= 4 *,
r toordolaio, Doskorstestor of A r 'soioiay.
No. 303 Ascii Ward, maw..
• • Co-Partaurrabip, Notice.
TIM Undersigned have asioeitited to thar
ex Bedaoiom
lilgatiNhtErt ll44l. '" ZlVAri,
pH/M . 4 1.112111LN
V withdraw Dom Melbas - 01'mi DOTIMS Oz.
•nasny ralsainA 'Maass thawin g oa sod attar
altuible audrY Rag for Sale at Auctio n .
ptiE SUBSCRIBER, haring cliyiAe4
eirammti . -Epusp,i la WI rtato of
Tb• Land in
antinticoh ••• —vb.
of = fO
Dr fruit.
..?4n2iNhur..,.. y
ilridapted Ihr Oman . SeabLor CIipSAVA.,
“juvisit Don. 1.11143.1rtgr a .
ma ..
wtat—Ous th ird 71.1
"14,,e, """' Itildlgi ' A7 1 7 0 b. g i n
r . ,;" larjp.d.t. C. H. o2~ rualm Tmal7a,
mo th. d.r
'Valuable Stal'Estata for :
rfollowing described properties are of
. breed be ads. npsa sag murals: -
Sear atom betel sarsboax sad kt. In PittebattSa oe
the lendlt dds ef-Wee4 etnst.._beteresa fjftb and alsta
°"' " rtb d st r i Pritr "l ll u*.
titsi u
"*. it a-i Vattat PAIL 11111 Of:6=Z alf
121 .... .1b0dt45 4
boaos eg ar,4l, TElgithen y. finites
fer;at ths beath Comas, brewers Sandusky st. and
jaws (beaMON sad malt bark Willa alley 210 . fret.
`Vett letrpsetiljjefitese asintelly fn Itefergni
eF a
Vail ' Mi t Tair e i gtstles rl i stVirat
dleo-rA s e gaw e ir i g t ta alleeelyar 4 s . ez=
!ler about 27 feet la
Alser—Ataut tbni sets et pound .% gm elt7Pl e•
Cadenst r°7.l.4 7 l" bstit i rra thi tn i te l lt n"r llors/1 4"1"M" ter f4:12
L exttAs
" JVal **. T mt. br
de - :
0 " ,; ( 4 ' .Ifannik.
AriNEGAR , -130 gels. Wine;
Vire+ B 4 4Q4A - DS.-: :25 oa. 440; fbilaii by
v Ann J.D . WILLIAM!' 00.
I 0 • . 1 3.dt—far sale by
. ' , Atbnicietnitor's Notice. -
ETTERS of Admintetittion on the estate
• et tea tale or woe lon.a...te.e.reomodee
le the ocktoorlbor, ...Woo to tonohr Od
all 11%40 AOKI, lo Onto tostoott.
otal Woo o aium. to toh doloaathontictr
00l Pr , tz, P "Ttuoinonitneon. •
North Botofektor r, Berm oa t Ps. auslorOGlP'
• • aw l a:4 D• mm p
ze P gr / i o a l loir'r
Arrangement ffiadioto Zawari Height
peettao z Webr
, iorniehassisaMnas dr. nat.
ILOT, 68 feat fruit tha:til
asegt,o riselag u bseli 60 .1 1140.
mt .. motor, goateTraol ohm balidiso
-Itee=s• on Oka iadaes. sotethurult.
imay ist . ge Woad*
as great Are/bias Rr, t afyfor Naiad Bradt
IL Q: Farrell.
pu. FARRELL'S' genniar Arabian
meld most eitstoordlthri undichio , the tenth
or le placed boyosd doubt by the east Wee of the
arthle, ands many owes ben !titir
whkh prevy had melded all moor tot 10100
f the hoe Plildelose la th e scat It Y .n.,
f balsam.. extracts end moms peen. to Arehim WM.
eass in a contentrated lam all thee atiroulathat. awe
dyne. wartrentst, wirelossand rertildmrsoperties. am d
the mine which, ogee aso, wee mai by the - ant of the
Usenet."with web miraunkas mama In eosin* the din,
Raul the following amartable anus. which
.f o r .
10 rtoodeee RIM* IL I). tenon Arabi= Linlateat for hr.
Atha • man arid • half •••• • 9..11 1 •••Pta.a In tor
idles enema, stmlually Increados wth It
..7110 1147 V tay not, and so we that oho could ant
Gain the least prawn upon It without shins bore:Memo
pain. A sot the shim odour teet dances, led they afar. ,
lo cfndoit stoat 1; aid It wao an Ago. WM. or
le of the sphere some. that it wow IthlorMe
moot rf the Owes and others said It ma a Tumor of
the °eerie, and could not brayed comPt hY
11. lierlill`VA erafd
=lt ""; "L=gr Y It
may appear. upon the third applksi t ion es Deism lw
mi has apatthool Irottthe hotter char.a mow
alto Is sa neemr—enloying annillent mouth. •
. •
Robert Poehuothi , •
domic.mmi has aim your LI With VW thows
SW Led loot the a s of t M thlmi Ye" the oath ,
being oostruted as tha hey lega were beau much white
staWlas, es Is natural for the madam. of mm•
AMU. end she could not bald than to the In* but by
tits uae of IL II Furth', Stebiaa 14,10.04 sob. Is sow
able to walk with mow end has otralsht Haub. I ham
Wind It. most aseelleut mood/ he b.. fleetral"
,71377 . third whirls maim as external remedy. .
The opinion of th old, atherlairedotild odatilthe Farrier
• •
love. June M 1349.
• Snot the speedy nod permanent come, bah Unman are:
beast. which your Arabian Idahoan R ol perflos I do
till:fits:a to pronounce ft the .th Bawdy of the
ttituj'rri=tgaisddwetorimn Dona rulatts i . ' ofirtrea L tirtf , ..
7vltres 4 ,2lll: `121==.17 Mita
made ota of. •b Its use, I here ewe threeti.y and ihmdet
curedfter they bad bow mreco lucureble, and I ham
mom Mu fifty bust U n.MIMI Intl per Ir.
=WM. ea speolit, i te t . end smear. pltear. :
I "
oleo brat tatlarony of Ha abets re the haws sys
tea. ems antheed ma ry_ all last winter to nor nano
with Rbsomattem. 2/117 mold se moth[ to both
'!t at th
""7 r?'"1"r11 .7'
.141= ai.ll.M
Sao fain oI tth
7 stealing end by IL 0 • saran'.
'04.11. mammi—E.. Sir I had been allththall with
the au Pale° 67 the last tea para. and mild reaverge:
=== ... l4l , llz i but higrz p am i Y e r . tv.H ....
Plot UMW • day, It vas eatrrely removed.:*ad I ham hit
Wahine of It eon. / soot Into_ lb. stable one sight. to
apply It to a berea's tore leg, me Islas ujiltne bestow
bled end t ass amalas
rm...wurr.,Tll.4t=r i im .“ Lbillat, sad am ,
rams. 7. to so Loot wen as aster balsa
waded toy ma nor ha • &Mau maser. by Unbar •
thelt4on opos It; bat your ledmentootelatodel Wan
• SOUS It mai et.
I. Salle Product. PertristanOlt Pole 0. ]alp. •
_ • •
Iksarc of Gionsterfeits . .
'RsTb.e.GGPArliiTivri.nzug-- Lulu& a /Am
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baled by Lim 01 r •hossakse it .Wl= " . Arebl.
ea Uskisseht." We Ise dew.= keel sad OWN Gable
in Amite nom DI. Nadu. the name et lierrslL Thaw
1 ONO bor particular slew local ..gte , G b i lk nests"
Lizahnest.• ea• eopyindehel &Wm • I Com* ILVM
VOUS minerspos TOO Cr Ow sends.. be. what,. wok
Ar .M. G. 11,1yreWy 'Andean Led o sal has es ager,
. the swotting atom has Ito lent. a !Anthill lasteirs.
his denture is also on the tenses smsopsy._esl Um.
weds blown le the ens !Actie , - . ./L 4 Aiwa& anat.*
Lixfineut. Branco • • . . . .
. .. _
MIMS 'MOW to non' , Terve, Vlllese al. Bsseel o r
the United Stem ID yea 006 til Mt, estelashel. • Y
by loth. to 11. G. Terre_ ,I Tem* 111. wi th goal Mann
es to chassetsr: tnisoadtdlity, to.. _
CO es‘ the egret who • 111 tarnish Nen ef Mom •
book contesing *bet vensbb lehnbationfor eery due
0•_ . •
rum—ahead& 10 Seats, sad etle4ss per Dotty.
ys, eeit pommies is tbabasetand SA U. fartel.sols
psysator sod NoinnoVead who 4irsise, .tto. 14
.14.11 se.; Poona. 1114 am} 141 sere ace raldlal
omelettes vii* LT. . • .- a - 4. 8
guestAsrS __ ' ' " No. AI v. =I motes.'
-hoist by 1 , . M. GUANT.llleslista Mr.
•• blaiichertirr Lots at Auction. • •
THE. subscribets will Bell at Public, Azle,
tloo lt reeiemft/e t r arattfga . ??Zl7llo.
:MT WPM Al bang Homugh of 31. X . -on
MMltry, Mom MI. of 8 **a •
124 see to commute . sott to b. Continnen
on ChM. stmt. Timms aretoumell known to mail
Allr ur rerabounuMbom . early
er the Obi" and reausrlemsla Mungul—then
tomtion tbeeMblurrin. Of MOM. Depoe,tho taggigl
Mormeof Minitrouni tbeemnm.
to ltur Woe of property --cosk• Mut desirable both Orr
Ire tun . ud s t. quntlM 16c7 www
..Turm-Out ci.b.a. abr. tam Unto
euul four reerc.ming mutually from dal of Meg
bc bOINI WA .
ro, Mnia.llllll, or fnli o ninalbse InITIP4 Mu.
PIKED son ggirg A
-- TeltuibtiTtkierty for Sale.
irliAT•yceu katta Tvivona.Stilid; ina
1. the botottab - of lakir.Nionville,toloodoff to the
Mc Inca Joh n Saber. Zo6. c•ont6oi
John Brown Lee; 67 'fret Innaioa co Sutler moot. and
remain; co rile moot vr fort. .216 a Imo, tot:ludas Intr.
I,en comn'ixot, stabhnsc and • small tenement du
woo, s* co • 716 666
Vol forth.. laSonoction ecquint of M 11.110 4 11
MOM or L. ' L 6. I.III6SIDAN.
• '-Nrirt.Pattenis •
11.5 ELC4OI ivestred tram the aiatt'Ectrustr• ~tau
mammy • and Mr st the eltilval, Va. 65 liar-
Mt street. f 111 lUDS. ratauut.
4 - VLAIN DREES; 'glue:land nn aY
4winstaDt V.OI)AOKALA PLR.aroti3 red
Vavak. , :211 P 1.•
Tinfatirtiatratil i gir .- •
:Etc SnE COLOISDOMILM OP PlSlllllUktill.
vivid BE lIELD in commemoration of Din:
znwipawn SODOM Stavals•the W,41.3.1 1 / 4 ,
boug, Um F./. eaain.a...7 ar that ve.l rat!.
A114.1131=e111 IT VIZ COlUtintl:
Tbe celebrates -CM be WA to &Gran OLICIAND;
resmiTtesols Amon eesoatenetos_ at I Vela*.
Ontalburses2mtll ran mogul, to Ma mood. Diem ttoe
• =7 „ ?1 , !both stol Wony sod tempo arse et
,n teete&b n aglo t ;Lii 741. 4 1=1:0:
Itogh Tuber J. IL Iroito, , - , Sbeemao tirets. , ,;;7l
.1.11 balm "
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tt'rbAKlAtfao UtOlt T••titol..Alea
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, Wore( Itto Poy—fter, Lem Wow , . • '
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Fr tae fltunetabGb. Clot, . : •
ura. IL WAuv, 131.1m7iri 014
A coin ituie biindolos: • . .
At cednek. • Dm", will be oervrct IA the wet hemp
two. .C 0.,. Alec. Lomond. Ito Clam. CM., hobo;
sod ott the belloodio eat the omen. oat
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The broceet , arida, Aim tie ode of
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.root' rorttbUT .tot lorfogor /USW. lota ,
• . 0010 ObL Al 4
Aced best the brestestOrator of LW
itbb.:t •
KrINE PAIR OF ROARER, perfeci4N,..
-ir bedew, sad mite! Walther dotao du
are Wend for 11034 • with s ufa,
lola for Elale.
VO I R . SA t LE—A
I.Ttel9oty4 .41 e
pare i f t aTEru..Q.ordoit
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ALcotto!,--so bldg. for sale ti
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ROOKS I—Noieqt Be%ThCtiowal of
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'SOAP -lOU boxes Cincinnati Pdlm Sod
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MOKED HERBING-50 bis. New No. I,
0 Ea meld at !dOItRIS' TEA MART. to the Etketwattl:
Another Sale of Town We in Ent Pitts-
IFTY-ONE v LOTS in Illasism'a Plan of
Teitn Lea, having bortt dlnPued of et e rthlie end
mien. th e sabealher otter et An oe;nue
nue. of Lott la mad plan, on BATIIIDAy MUT.
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twee the CUT and the Toll' Bowe. on Ikaldeck Onset
Hulk Road.-
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Jy2Rlll Y. MCKENNA; kiwi-
I NDIA RUBBER SHOES...4)4i atteritiai.
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our IlatIII•V work tr ttenn sod we aUre
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• ASAYWAItn mit= ' 7
2 . 11411 WA 01W.Lett,
10JulRli 00,
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• Pine-Watehestf
YEW very superior Geld Patent&
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Wed AMA; d.eb.esfti sloh
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NAILS 300 kegs /warted sizes in store,
s. intstsson, LITELISCO.
Patent Candlesticks.-
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NOM SALTS-1.0 casks for exile by
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LOOHOL-'-.3!) bbls. for sale
fIIODFREY MALVERN: or the.tife of:an
lul:Ateor. Br Th!es. P3314r. W4ll trredyiaar IV,
Icaiairan Unita, /tat, Pe. amain; 1149 and 111.4).
Spain Lady Inanollso man wnyi. • •
LoWon Labor and ttat Landon Poo,
She anon toots just reed and Ibr mar by •
jr2l A. CL STOCKTON. 4. llarkat at.
suNDplEs-7 2 4.41 mi Lad;
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CHEESE -125 boxes , for eels ta w,
ra LV 8 SARSAPARILLA- - -12 dcws. for
.al• by ' J. ISIDD a OD.
jrai 6O Wcod
UUNAR CAUSTIC-5 fins. for sale by
1.4 J KIDD it CO
CYANIDE POTASSA-10 lbe. for wile by
• Ilisne' Piro. Proof Mineral Paint.
re. subscriber, haling completed bis,es
tablistment for th e prepangm of OM aban mound
"red geotorn . 1114.
.1. A. donna, Ora comer of Third sad Wad 104
11.1314.00, Libnir m atreet • ;
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COINE-450 Wigs Ritizei v ie rr by A
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MAoliEale:;Nos : A2. and 3, in VA?.
"I l em Joan war 4CO.
• Green Teat lave advaneedloe. per lb.
"VOLT. can bay Green Tess, for three months
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A flood Bargain ii now. Offered,
Prom Thera to Ivor ACUEB, in Darman.. Boronsbe
trar Islaod—on the prooricsiwced tan yard;
vitt+ naotaary Tba may be Alai
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vv PROPKIITY.—A builds alLl=en If 44yIkiakot
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DOLL lIRIBISTONE-2 bble. for sale:by
/7/3 J.eaaooruasee a <XL
QALZRATUS-8 casts lwananted pure)
for ale by J. BCIIOONEWIER a 00.
iTZS _ -
I CST RECEPrED, by exit m..rnineeta l
•/ ..Dusk s eu7suiettior suorimeus of Worek•
es. W. resmetgagr to oge mutants pad tbo
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, W. W. it lISON. WWI; MOS: . ' ,
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1.1 Avg OPEN this mornitivt further emir
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av enamel. am: Irish Lorna le to an . ettl=d b at:
C=.l4 at.; at the northatet 02711 et d fourth sad &Whet
H KLEMM, Third street, has just
'neir'irwrill it ;pm fintd .:pt prayer. • •
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. 1..= V t i fitbiss: :at; Llunten: •
.• .7%.2404:4115ec•bT Us.g.;.; • •
T . ::: . :EDIES'IaTE,RADY DEPOT, Third
oleostaljere the Yot . Otre— • ;
114T1nA Am No. RS. -
• l r Veni e jloot " &sil j t . ioly. '
Tbe Adveniumme. NMMatte; • Am ARM.,
TM Omatam ot MAUI= Yr, Dom. •
tante lbo of Mac by Mid. Ittelarloom, -
lb* BMW, of olltoo Loa." • .
l= • .ye • Moira ma lteart.
The Turner's OmpoolobooUb Illoolystbom. •
Temekr•Gobb. ilmetgbUs O. And Cabode.„
Now or tbo domr Mrd; tale of ml RS: 1 , 7 °
' maim
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Pao bTT
Tba oat Raybcod. a tele; by Story Rowiti. • •-
Tim Dmobter 1,1 MOW • otory of tne yreemt time. ,
bleA io Bad so os &mg a ecoody by M., • :
llncomaloothly Moods. lbe MO—No t =
. .
To the Deaf!' .
D EAPNE:4 l ... l poiiies in ' th e bead, aid all
from the ma. +m.11111441
wal=rurnd •=
pits or Itimaireoirom by
. swim, Phut& Amin of the ?I. Sy. and Ear
Sm•smy. sad of Areh Phtlabelphts.toime 0.1••••••
hb Warne:we kordsys. another it lowness@ of the
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molest of esteem which attemlrd ht. trestmeot. ham
doted him to monis his mum.. Ho stav here will de.
read much up= einllllMince...nd it adviabloi
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Dr. 11. may be roosolted., until farther parks, in Litir•
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Qmwood O ea
AcOBOICt collation of Shrubberi, Vining
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rase Vlore horns Watt@ Tr sat *eery plant ow
newt to ornament warns onna OM WIG be Wolof
Greenwood nonerr. An Own bus term 1/weft...or of
/darken sad PM lemyft. Pittsburgh., ..r , ben bee; fbr
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oble. • lee Crews and other refrednnente stereo up
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.9ad.ora - irdamara to the Draraigoa. Kea lb&heads:,
*mamma mug,. Pa. Ell reelasmatt attop
..Removed, • - 7
REN2I7, - I;2loiVa - CO, tuwe mmovea
mWarebniNonmerat • • - larr•nae:
PilipatkyiilltllSlLifebit tance c om ppy .
• $100.00% '•
- • ,
91 1 E. ; COMPANY offers to the insured: till
LIU tomtit? and adnnhoree of Ihe Mutual and Joint
R Neu he e
embed) otmat,stentell. tom
rates of prsanonn an annual MM. In at& of the ner
attatee fernfed, Ihr the , t r g egthe rear: u
Wor hienten tbr the or not "
tann of lib. with= bents.
Oho hatere= g, I. rents W i re:
:=T Itto4 det=the plentantest eernira
Awe brat nstontere, sal alas for the meant asecrity of
time en the whole term of Ufa ' A - • •
AMU b the *elf Mutual Life imm Company
whom Wee of tootonun are find at • fah. robbed monad.
ant . - with a metal= kr an ennotttlf Isormentan aoesono
bum of Nods (br futon eteuritr) Alma proportion to ,
the amount of tateneas= Worming tia ll*
Pam lett, mem it ir =e datatt the plan and
nate the Oolonaar and spenrattotte
for Insurateet tteidbilhf fTINZTT-='•
tin Wood Meet. ri rah.
i9ao=r ) oang. Medina Xszrairns .
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No, 3 tor
Irosquito Bars. . . , •
T lIAVE just r6ceived one ceise.ofsh -- Net,
r . arU .144
21 47Ziatt rum
111 OCK POWDER-300 keo far Belo by
ar.voN zonnosar ock
gIifEESE,-75 boxes for sale !)1.
The only real pilaw York Plumbing Babb.
WanRR work is done on Scientific Win
oks, aamwarrnted. . •
d Otoontbent Platotttg, - la an na branttow.
done with maws and Instated _ . r
thane fitted up with showers, to $l6
Bath Tabo-.--- to . 3:1
Wub Atands.romplida—...----.—. 6 Itsc '
mouton too
. Water awe% or I
. • ' g to: 1 •
Beer Pnasps..oompaota....—' it •
Hitch. Itsoaws,Coat Iron Sonny. Waoh Tram Rat Air
Puritter. tad Lead Pips, famished sad pat a, et tinkle.
'VA, .4, mot YardpamcC ardzatd to nkosa.coattan6
r Mad. and patesp at aur diatom ill WATROWLUT.
PZ6lll.lillt groadogliWandedre. 176 •
jrlA ' • Wm W n
Wad land i ralearota • Pm:rano
. A TOCK of the 'Bonk of Pittsburgh, or
Marhante and Illanaftctaxerf nan M-PltabataE.
Imgarettee- cosee Tear* citel Slorket sts.
eigf3F.-2p! bom"V'or sale h
pE j W,ASH-30 . bblL far ialsb
New Books, hit Seceived.
Irat a Problem; reprinted with corm
, dam sad orattlaar. bt au th or at Altos Lotto.
Ot I :4.Pitti.QUMp7/ Zia* by Jamb Abtott.
traaffiVaz *nib? at tba Traltoss. ma.
J tgLarrtabla Mama nowt. =bat al./rastla
.Apr Por
001 Matirastra, Py. and :Zoo sad Enemata' /Oar
Mechanise. &Ws* rat aara lra•
• Troia tratiesaraj
14 . 7=1114 1 .1 Bask at Ow Ratalsttla.
... 340. • tta ti r agag4=rattil z t==.
amtli s bapDaslal P. Ikea% Roy m um
i= : •-7 Apoflo Drafiblia. /sunlit:
ALERATUS—E-1 , boxes rze;
A4egheali etnuitY,SS:' •
.Neisca# Mouton VI. daft! .414410%
pr ihs teiVlC4 o:nort.yend.Ex„
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11!stre itomr. il t =i7L4Perie,
C. & Emit& Say 14.
I=. l , a lltdb6e.
L*TU 6 . l'".
Au sa;ms te.a.ged
UMW 4411 fEr t!6 o( CP
, olEarat 21:04 •elem. a 44 math
INSEED by for sale tri ta
AKE FISH-10 bblis. White Fish;
6 ht.",
_ex mileby
UCKESS--30 dos. Marietta, for ale by
rl:Pennsylvania Railroad Corapaa=
44bt Iritts lastrepsrdNl wear tbernab&
minently au=cmsrbas a their operation., ed.
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Areekt." ire take Taman 1.0. may.?
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Wire of the bath) tbst Om Warr
peat—tbat aldamages be ttledred by tosoorromrory•
.M. M enek 16.1 riMes
lobattord aid itt=ls, end% j=,l to receipt
I nicht throtegh to •
. • 41111 DAM . -
sr. ibe Mei oI the Italboad Commix.
Oo ltanday. the lath Wt. - x. abed melee sea amp by
:veal at the RIM bemoan. charged. •
• .IMARK a THAW. Pam at Ohio .1K
-.• P. LISCOII f_oo.. lamb I Dee Law
• BINGEIAM l CO. Blastulae, ling[
01.).. Peke Ls. _
B ROOKS -50 doz. fir - sale by • - 'T.
for . l . 7 l :ei mmiu,
Shirting Mullins and-Irish Line=
rtb.r moor edam m.nns •sa
cm, ponbasol .31rectir rm. lA. maxtutadlards
0.121= 4 .0. C. M.Oll A gimi
at tin northeast constaar loarth ono X•stot .
ram' BLACK SILKS.f-Far Saris and
Drosses. /boo. light and dui obsomoblo ELIO, 11*
A lonr , araortaxont to br *mod os tb. ototo _
• •
irk& CINCINNATI, - '
• , - I"3LIDETT7II...
" t vTILx *
To "Druggists and Painters.
. Somarrrit Procurolniardsd by Us Gal Nadal of
t • Amain' Institute, to potostlag an omkos salts
tally of awls .4 atlas. Th. mottufactorn•of W. atm
tylut hit minced tbo deepen sod mint Millis= allele.
of Pulu omen. ume Ityertmotts, solLbtlootb•MMO(
oil/lost &Sigma to Soo Mato, otogt bu rodoted Etto•
coo to anTszying OlitftomitY. '
114nog. oPlotobt4 =do wig kr the ode of UM
of/10mm brood of Puts purettomers VIII to top.
plitd ndtool miss „ IL B. SELLERS,
FY;I 43 R- - `"
E PTIF W"M nm4 far
Val a tv.
SOAF-100 No. Rosin, gale by
jO, I wlrAt
MACIELREJ.-30 Mk. Large No. 3;
• - 10 Of.
Jog meetred suad. for p.l• br .• • • ."
- 373 2 301324 WATT &VII
INSEED OIL-1609 gall. for sale
,J.EFDD CO., 60 Woad R.
1:11;1 1 1 . CE STONE-. 800 eaDleata.
I V' CKER,EL-10 6 0 . bbl. Lars° No.);
(aULPILATE QUININE-50o lim sjor it sale by
i 719 -
( iODLIVE "OIL-3 goes genuine- RDA
. 4.) WO; Cluk k Co, Aar solo by
OLD Jacob Townsend San iaparll a-24
&a.lor ale by J. KIDD
11 6 1 - 0. MACKEREL in guarterlbla. for
141 ICE—By the tierce or bbl. for wile by
rl9 -..
mum ,OD
Wafer mahout occ-,
NUTMEGS --1 'for sale low to clan',
cosisitnamg. IBALUI7 DICKEY 01.
INDIW)--2 =Dom Caracas.%
144 m 411.j14 ar
sal/want. uctfa COrtl
aetarare dents, S. S Platt atraal,Paraideas. tram
4 wl ~ttee KTIII TOLL. WAAL • •-• nuT Watts Oa al,
two r. it'auTs -
stsstir O hand seg
atl e . rtkas of GALIN aid
have. In
Mir andstsived. Ening this tar moat- tad witit bits
his am. !GUN Y.II , ICULLY, will awettnue its badness as
twwstofore ths old stash& sutler the RYleaf IF/L Ms ,
CULLY t OG. Thank:NG kw GM tinack. be bawl . /
=taiwad stsiet &Matlack to ths qsauttwf
etve • aura at ths
stowed bentefore. "U TSMUMT., ,
.ir Mot
Q,AL SODA-3000 lbs. EN - 1,141 . 14 fl a ss o lt 17
Wenner Depot. Thhd 1.,0p14te the Poet 0111Soe
Wee Book. be Atms
QPIRITS ..TURPENTINE.-10 bbls. just
► recei.d JU pal *ram add We at that/rag •.•
104 . wawa( oal sad airthatcsra. "
WANTED I—A young Man, acquainted
with the Drag WANTED!—A M Y
etc. Illiera.lra my
4.ate Adar=o"DrUzlg. at tbls aka.
. .. .
. . . ,
RRtVINO old :our Cana' Stack a nd. our'
Interryt In ottesmbostiltlalipla V. 9 .nd Boirt*r .
a Mute it Puts la fluchlod: Mere of the tali ,
iteribrn at Reeb.ster,l4., are . th atiorel to Iletthi theint-'
Docleder: 146,414 y 141.1i.1861. :"-'. , ' ' ..
B._42l.,Peßss &
toßwAlunsu,-oro cows:lamer., axecnerra,
" •
Lao/Weld*Weds= LLD. to Erii
" Mppnoma Puke. Um Loa
" Stes=tents /Isms aaa W=Vo.
Jos: tsett, P =PL
Rochester Ps, Jolr nth, .
ABU CUM/L1921.0! i t iregusit
Ror3esler, h, jolt " PA'
A - anted. •-•
PERMANENT SITtrATIuN, or periocti,
ail work !tads art, for so •". • • . •
• AIITITIcLILL• • : - '
La.) that of wevrtoldea, (marmebonta ord 1,.1 of
obrobbein, ( doeorateor), old fluters Mann that Do will,
do coedit to Ws ownpatio. ft. oho &too Ploo.lbr ao , f
endUratioas.. sllorstioos of old oat.
'squire la Vie once _of the WorOrostm......
Stsoi.oLdtdog, No. 276 ORdedSobliftreet. • - • •-
Shoulder Braces.
wrodstrlielvls 11/ stntetan sad 4•0117
414frirtthollta t444 ', yrl" 1" 444 ' " 4 "4
IT - L. Sarallll.B, =ROA
th t iv v,tl= , cua t =z i tw i tss i =o.l=l
Talk Vatleff. • .
Nava Somas, MU. Laths. lingss m annhrDan
ta orderouid Arial assortmmt lawny ea Wm!. st th•
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Far Sale,
. . .
&BAKERY, situ three yes» Inee of the
Ma. tis hocked strertAllegbruy. Se nn..
• extras isoserary for doing s ism Wham . The
Urea is Imp 11114 0.9•017121 Nd IS VA tilro cities. , prb.
• law, Tar
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T ll4lSoccad AL
bbln. far sale by
1 a J 717 aucas taunt.
4TRA.YED OR STOLEN trintihe Ware
ham* of Durbrap &1501a . ..4 a opal DOO. Wins
Ms% Or coo or Obi war owing wzrOretty Disci..
penon mural= WI =ban rlcelDi Oa absn. el ,
.411 11VIOI8IDOa marream.
iyl4 So.lllllWatar art
Freight received for all the Way fitosiema
on the' limn*loud& Central Zama •
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r ertoit,
_ 1(=irj . 40 , 12140.
; • andara COLL
earner Of P• 111 wd Werin!"..a.!
NETS, Bit m ,i rh i tok; , to
-" tie " RORCIChItiaL
RAT PLAID :GINGHAM{ of :e h BC r„.
„a t ,. bait r.o.talstimA.
DIG IRON -150 tonadM. Creeing Inva
tomtom Rim sok • t
&Amer tryr_ta. &co..
111 DO W GLAAs bues mow
Tr ilw""a" Voublota.% =TIM aeo
1 1 141020,000 bbls: Bacon, -Sim*len,
" 1- 1. -.-249"491CriaZZAribezi:
4 17 . N. u OIL- 50 lbbla a . for :ale btu'
T: AAA OIL-20 bbis. No. - 1 Bennett
FIRE BRICK—We have on - hand 60,000
• Orel lbw" nn Met, vansatettral Eel any terida
tae United =Ws. *tab In mil kw umbra Mr
amp ousitus. . WALLINtit9D
FISH.--10-bbla Ililite - Fish; -,•
,!!& "47"
Edam Gabe* Mem. ne.0.4 03 ..• 30 ..&?
jya IN.a.A..OcCLOui & CO. •
Yam Lake Siniry—Aftbel*
, I t t . AND MRS. N. em
W. METCALF; , wilt
lA. ter
Rae. Ndennt start Came orexts= sad
- Vor
tato, tuilka Um, mem so tworetwies.
• Cleralar. ti• Ptieetpda.
URV.V.J. PETTIGREW bed to intimate
'amen* that emit
torso etal tend - .Tbe men* et Mitten Weirdos
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emse. The molts axe tende d to et. boom. sod s ethet
and *Memel oreq: matenbeed over their
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De *Omitted. Tbe toehmed. It is -
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Columbus ..J
Prielsroold. Chruesod sod Yitts.
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Th. Mail Train sloya l ff "" alietrs. When. issor 9 tsto 6u - -
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• au, ammo Prided sod Chalk Train Marrs Dunkirk
done; arm:was= Co. is soothed to this Tula to •
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