The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, July 30, 1851, Image 4

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in ell got day *elks to iron -.. „
The oolLsom or theunate eneu: - •
TM hrun . or deW to
Not iw: En.
Puerto CoMiuntr.--The following anecdote, NI
• •
lailextive of the habits of turPeritanferefsthers
from the new work of, Mr . - ..Bamard, entitled
"Plymouth and the Pilgrims," tee. .The valiant
Capt. Standlshiluming lost hie wife, is desirous
of obtaining another. The story is en old one,
but will bear-s riperatsk
short time incite death - orbits. Btandiah
the brimmed asptain found his heart filled with
Under interest. to ,Idiss priscills: hinllizus; &ugh
ter of Mr. Win:gaillnt He cherished the im
pression that Hahn - could. be persuaded to unit: ,
Ler fortunes with his, Useless
lie , ac
cording to Parities , materk-,-made- his wishes
known to the father, themes Mr. John Alden; as
his messenger. - Mr. Muffins - made en otjection
although he might. reasonably have done so--the
decease 9f Mrs. Standish hiving• so recent.
He pre his consen; but..informed Alden that
the young Duly:must be consulted.
uPriscilla was called into the room, not knoi
tug for what purpose ehe Was Tented. Alden,
a man of noble form s of fear and Somewhat florid
complexion, and imgeglng manners; arose and
delivered his message for Stadish in Defining
language; =din a pre:poses:sing, courteous, style.
Priscilla listened attentliely, heard irsery,'word;
sad then, after a short plume, an if gathering
strength to reply, she fixed' her eyes upon - the
memo:ger end said with iefrank and pleasant
countenance,. falluf cariednie,:: 'Prithee, . John,
why do ;acme speak for yourridfllJohn's ruddy
• countenance became red; he took the hint, made
a polite bow; bade farewell for the present, and
returned to fitandish to ceounoricate the result
of his negotiation.. Hanceforward he visited for
himself, and ere keg their nuptials were solemn
ized in due form, and Miss Medlin hialUna be
came Dirt John Alden.
EASE-15 - bbis. fie Ae u tar " '
paior Ituansi.Osteoked Ilerringl tor tole by
WM. A. BleCLUlul
O.ULISI CEMEENT,-2 , 1 3 bb5., tor Imo by
BENCH. PAPER -Forams by ' "
WALTER. P. lucanuaz.
ur4 4,1,81
, 49ts ,0
OTTON--48 bales for sole 14_
al BEM marroaws a co.
EAD-1359 pigs Galena, fur sale by.
RUIV-1419 b!. prime Peaches;
*3O • triraT'2ll4 , B do:
REFMED SVGARB-11 1 A . bbli. Crushed,
Pulverised, azul Mailed Bogging beet Him licaY
lall.ods far azte. WDL BA0A1311( *CO.
ICE 86tee. fresh Carolina, for sale by
1. 1 1.8 . 1: 3 - 0 -110 bble; N. e l l: .
UTTER-13 kegs SVatfor
CIEEESE--260 boxes. W. It., for sale by .
.1,30 . ' '
SOLE LEATHER-300 Sidestrest Ilemlock
Tannol Zilov Tort Latta., ix ad*
Jekla WAL !Am.
R O-10 bble. extra quality, fur
v by • WM. DACIALF,FAM . ,:
jao smel
ziazsAlED A EmEjt:
QIIND,RIE .:I: •- •
6C4 bbL awl Larpl6.z
1,, • . . 4ia o. Bal
GID. tllasine '
• '2O •• lististuallirst- Ewell. by
nposAcco—a) kegs
a • ((led b 's)l Si
l i Tria o.e.y remDt,
MANNERS' 011-50 bbls. just receiciN
J. 1;1 csalUsoot ler *debt 4AN6.5 Lai 'mut --
ToßAecq--125 boxes as'd of. She ,beist
Imo& 59=1 Se la I s maili to e
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.in Wan' gout irocli '
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1 7- 11 AVE .111;1: received f_Liii?rjj_e_,
B ar
Q.AND P.APEI-6 1 1 name ned, for eale by
kez scnoosbi kion CO.
_SO re!zk
bps. be"TV" bT
ACHEREIr-100 IN& No; amall ,
LUDI-50 bbla. for isalibi
. : scfloolnithilar. t ax
fag% crambad sad saanatadaalatakut recatrai sal
mien, - • WU. A. 11 . 1.aarau a 00. .
ARDINES IN BRINE.-411.kege - Sae-
ISMao Ls War (Bardellats) just nertrat ad fir e"le
oft by /. NIL A. 7,l`CtiltAt CO.
Jolt, = ' Mat/ et.
1 It ILL PAPER—A sup erior lot just reo'd
mad It mays by W. astioner,
lINK NOOT-400 lbs: prime quality just
reed sad ter ale' by (014 - /L. BELLIaS.'.
CITBSO A.CID-250 lbs.just re6l and for
"gab,. 3e19 IL B. &CILIUM
.ad Publle Ikcsommts 'of' the United Maw, I
Ms Arminian thoom,Weadlyttou tbe Presidia>.
Vabbitbsi semapkte *Unto: sparibrdtard Ancv
thar,lnclodlcue Cocabrotha Dom:meat. •
:Ina' RECUT RUM= ftetal.4llt th11t0A.34.4
2FaT"taitA top_th witti
polices of Ow Arts mai 1:113:es, Itaulnamgot the
A:be atof• voluble works, Sze 611; , by • •
isIT , • —, 11:13.811AIKTOttog saark•s
Arm RUBBER BELTlNG—shiet reed,
train 124' isainend....; Lista lielitrt.frt
ad KM pawpaw oar dm antra badis-Rabber Imo%
sial 9 Wood - J.s 11.1411LLM1.-
EATIIEft--10 0 SidesN. Y. Sole, for Wei
E.A.ND TAR FOUNTAIN: , --The atten
um ot rho DU ,11.1 entemitY Era ,
imis Ear Itrointalla,by D. Paroa,i)ccull4,. .51 We Itc4,-
Jost toestvel sad rm. sal* bs V , • W/140.%.
- • - -
OTTLE COKES--80 aE 1) gro. for sale by
. rt,Eas,
ARIS GREEN-54011a rup., for sale by
EMP-45 tons bliss, D. 8., for sale by
Ails. • • SOULS ,11.. mrrausos CO.,
..E4-412,1ba.Caiitharideit, foilseileyby
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IN ! should yOU n
nil l; ftirlilrrhlp t ealt remh
• Seemly the we mar nu be olodeinfat at MORlthie
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-3•12 ' 64" ttual IlieVerai!
IigNIATA NAIL RODS-95'bundles SUt,
qp be sok . AN. TON 10192111011.21 . ACV.
reSPIRIT poLKA., composed by H.
u•l'd•ii•Jor,to atria= tater er tms
• thscs. wan* }an m bT
Agana ' 1"..14 oar%4l:o2itit.
alto. • gla•rirtbtar .ai., Th temor; 0 ,1
13 150 14 ' - or shimmed: mop;
p. ' .... 1= , ••• m ,soos sso,,mos;
own/7 Imo emus. remo so
dnthraoite Coal
OA TONOLO riasiviid; iisaperiot aril*
eny NOLO
rm&l et Wen" tezinb.eatti&
r ' . l4.7l=litittridstrir .
DBMS LYS NATURE; to biTe-. rata .i'h
ars.% aset Maiemamho Mb not. u n=
mod Mammal. Ma Dhows. oef.
amoicg Om* MAN *tree meamaraMm• mat alto a .
tima mail Mes mama am Wm =t oi_ttw. tai .
*r .
ramery"'"att &mei, a - palm
te•DOter.V. Xs
mho lejm temaramelar th . h l e
r Th e.. l. -!4:
=rim. =eAm.uttreogategly.„
tritlaiM ft mold esamomia hre74 ll '
ar zy . u.. .. s entem oc u r % ,..or hacti nti mma les•=,ll••*i. .
spla eniador
irill Mad this oat mar a =m a = ITIVA ra.eam
Tizollsea'l7 .dd. g"a iriA red ttaa all. arel amre ISMak
a.le MadebAthea I stasaiu.3.l..ku tuumt
tetr" .Arr4V:tersetax.cwow
itsval JACPON. ode 14. L'a Mt '
temd r
ly ;
?-- - .Brent . to
Teeth; * and Pure
be had tbrxb oetam--amma mboub•••g.,
.b"m"domrd."Wca,thax b r' i ta eith a tur.u.
tau ez met or ioxie / ldbr la r..... l * . b el, h r .te _a i ,= •
the teeth ma whits sa imme. • -
les t,
„twi h.. 4
Bei cake Nair Tonle, Restorer end
Shoe ehu ha ,Beau.,
te..—lrrta =AL -
llomor Coral LI. Meta. Imeezita_
thew who halelegja W.:at ems —•`;" Z .o r permehoor
steand•ihale to OM rap t 1 6111ng =mammal
bbind ImMa‘liTemt"Srnalsottrit dmil
1 " . "°""g Wbe/ ken. tai
thirit emat u al a s Zod-ra.emyerim-matlete Pm the
b; warn WM. ZACKJIOWS Ow"
. 2io LlDerts.ets.t
of W ratrouitt. aldriL . . ,
JONES' Siiltiticcit - or Jet, - a Liq um=
ri n kMa the &Enema of *tate, red, or rt , e , y hair, toe
be. or blaet • M• ••••t•••
mad by^W3LJAlXßON,2lol4tmetistreat, o
JONES' MET IVEITE...4S.Eas anima.
threed moping nainittlin outtonson.W•epsied Vol
bre not MISZO: halt- =PM= it tato the and
bow ma^ haw rood , . how Aglow. yenow,siad
the skin WWII. alter Wats impueda. ll . l
inigtt . cost m =elare. j a nnt , ==...i d im; ‘ ,
Call Janet lend& Lally White. • '
tion' L" V irgil 11%Tti t to=nraelget i ottit t I al
OWL% des:airing whi at the Woo Um eating ss
lune on the sklnonseini . it inn end smooth.
-13001 by_the AMA, W JACKSON. 240 Itherht.'
"Mbornb. Moe. Sts eentt.h
mod ASttraordistary Dlteeeerk id the World. is
the reit drithien Rentedy for Nan 'and Beast! •
CM:BUM .ARABLOS:altddltbrt!:
HE miraculoaCiiies' PerfoiiciaW
•, Arad= ph i giciatis I. the dati of obi: wers , thso
cam l=rwith"ttgrl.L?weuotaif inia r teirtn ' t St
thalrerantinsig power over Their attalronento
the knowledge a msdkirm were the wondu of the Aim
, while at M. nose than Lbw Ides.* Cheorletts, whhh
with theta bad
arida wee to the root meet world .•
sealed ,boolt" end lh ne• tber Is.tb=lone of
students. In the bearttrfol gram w Writhe dseertsol
Amble. aboard rue plants and alarms wools wheat:ware
realms! those arable gems. and Itsgrsat balgem , , of
wbo... ta torrsaporable
gmg ,
.starel y
oroneran lt w ah g rastl-nraaonely . gunned
thrbostr the whole.nerroas Imam. allaying the ermine
team raln tn tbo larnstlbly.ehort time ofto crib Minute.
Its action le protort, immoral nod elkotne4 without the
leest tamper. It Tertotrates the leek to the relaxes
coonvorel cords, , lesetores tras to limbo whkh hare beat
palsied km nen, ceasing the shaireled flesh to grow (xi
and rich Wool to entalota through Relents. Is restore.
the dynode] Mtn to Jahat Water. sad this le the moon
why It Pry bow to rralremally sacceeetal In eating all
ghemeee of the Mart la &mix affections of the dyke%
User. Lanka and aims, this Wit. Arabian reale,
stands sama=for.tiv f= th.. .Eolatworoeneat tbs . ;
iis=o , ittne rooet, extreardluary cures on. re=
fhrolitoß Palos, Wooodo.Chliblat 12=
Bit tap, Inasont,ge. ite,, It is equally_
In disease of.A.nimals, such ai listuto. I* ltritneeerory.
rol i g a r a' _Etr ti;sr p =a/"°° all
ao.oer kr man ' berg!, worth mt . ; •an a wn ! ster.
nal this Ilansent =ads at the bad of all
. „ . .
-•• • . .
The ibilowitorie tuna the artheinel weethateni Of the
wealthy end highly hones of Visa Ar. D•••• of
Pear* snifeeents one at the tenet emementi cum Le
.Dar Birdlettuded bin wore Of mt.'
lan. retina the gallowing se en them= ed the nth.
trf of gm gnat melleine.. air ehtkLthree n . thLwee
seeldeaf stteelod with • Wilda. dime.
than Ws it to lasi Wideman. Mahe
beanie that wg • OW ••th , tcendi the lamb
tuna b end cold; end entireVed opalne. the
eset Derielhrelateluend el Cher Mod. gab,
I = d :a theTiriel lerine i rn
bo cult
head Ana foods 01.17 tothboxL Indeed. the child Dtrs
num seers.= of being' deed" • lannediethir on the et ,
Wake th n e Wally ;amid= wee tailed Ironed thr three tease
he bland to notion It ftelthg.hut ell inettithouat
U wee Metered dosen than, eniverlousr ,
immen- UMW: A I=SUIttUDI of DbrodeFw••• then
bald. tettr e e. T b he or mus= b rotigh . =
width had not =Mat t orr i A the dentor l i ' mentekt
me he amid do nothing num We thee connoeneed
let your Liniment freely over the entire length of av
la m =oar itonglne nerenth Jon .1 , ••• at. •
rettsrmap erotmotion was await. The
child /nadir mongrel, with the exception et the eight;
which del not tome= perfect for nearly smooth it hi
yaw hearty end robust as an be:
Flee ether man of the ease kind attired In my wiagh ,
hothead preeker m lftil u nf width died; when, no dtedde If
p.u.lAtomenm.thtlM. need, , themweelleatau.Lremotteu.,red.,
Lien:conpraid, and •RAdtetAdatin
assolci, Korbist-Co.. Kir ABLY rt. Mle.
0. Plitutu.--Duer: Bin Your damn ls
Tory Of t tload s rut deal of CoAt nog =
Vtod 1 0.:171: toWsor. to
bested torserersi =oaths with Liver Complaint sod Mks.
tioa of was oly cured by ea me
tool. It has lams 'rolled to s froth sot, sof cured 'lt lo
s abort Stow. -A bons bren sallotel with C.berstostisto tor
torus us., sod ..loss woo.•lnt spell It ,pslood cos so
=At that I hod no p-nw all day; and to the West IL cons.
ulnae Astldrul sad robbing oltlt Tax Llultsont, sad
WA. t. ti doss robbing tbos Data esusd.
- , JUIN BUCKMAN. , AI:P= 4 Y, DiiiMPOr. ra and
Sort byu Cured. -
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of tAlS.T"betsbbore barsesbeb.
OW , Combbbit
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, lbb.t bur or an imry,
l're'bolve4Sitsclnnut t41.5.=
Dik“4:r. bat tb. DiBLeZtr ,0 4 . O . I U
trbAbbb , • .it it la allf er•
medtelb. .re: Vas. Wm book
or bobi Seat with It. I And y . a..ierr tralubm
TO GUABD Ar....ard TUB 101.
The Mlle ere pertionduljzote.d. eft. Hue
Cbrailpfeit yhtelauta LIMY ite arPeor.... end
ogled bythe linposter who =Ye. it "W it lunar* Arabi.
an Litdinent:' le • &sod and own=
to deceive tom beethraTram of Orr./
ton be pettiettia woo Weal for et by Us sia...fainite
LlnlinenV her napdroditled deans hnoointha
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est the voids* ,dt.s. bag the lethme H. abet.* Yetnas,
hie eisnienene Is oho on the outside errs
and these
' words biown In the glue hott.h.—.lL Amu..
I//itessett, itorta." • - •
*noon .anted in every Town, num. sad Itemise to
the United P_lntee,An which one is not etublishod. Aphis
Farrelarearle,ll l " with wood reureoee
Winn the agent who will tarnish linee Chstae;••
book contaisdng ninth valuable inform/OW. Ur *MI dell
of alarm . 4
• Yess-25sents , 60 mite. 0= datt tOtne.
• oily iessins sonaufecumel or U. U. Warrell.eole
hiventor and inionhitt.ond wholsuu druggist, No.
Mao rue, Pent* LU4IID3 lot eale wboge.O•toid 'wag et
ecoyilswee vice by •, • . -8 L dELLYRB.
N 0.67 Wood street
b 7 D. Cnair• AllabLitir atir• .
B. T,Babbitil CeMilted Soap Powder.
lIKASEILNG rit.tiout Inbar!
. .
•v to take the stelae out of table' haven and top '
Dreseentes lon Per—Pot yews t dabwin •; soidelept
realasalfgs=tp4lZ.lll:2A,l44o:2 r,11;
oval with the elothew If the water Is hard, mid more ot
the Powder. sad brit thews ten solntitean b the mean thus
poem them down
_wilts a stick, them pat item to • tab soot
add retincletit wid enter. eo Uwe they will not be too hot
10bets&. lls' Tbs. rob thedht7 en.,l" or In other
WI,. a istonith timing. end .that safkient to
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=aka them elem.
la—Ther• below ne. rosin in mu &sp. It will leave
the dog.. •nd bed oUy 044 se woe
Dow no. Theemline ant of the material mewl does not
emoted two cents. to eolop I. , ete eruhing of ten persona—
Wsrranted not to rot or of
the clothe. •
, Thie Is • Powdet that ouskapsr maks tircirsqussti
Fist Panty Soft Bono:
losseaoss sos Uu.—P•lte, e 4 ed. pearl. Of aster end
=ln the Powde, and then lot It boil. say Pea mt..
:13 .. nar odd Coelz. morn cold water, idle theta Intimately
_and set it agar Where it will not treats. saa
Weir - Sold it will to eery data sad des White Soap, awl
bap.wads well,sadvill act eat the hands like other
m er it por rot the clothes. Alts to used crtili bud or nit
crater. by making the Minty into di quarts tasked
Pray. The oat &awls best adapted fig washing oaten(
and woollen Roos
• Beldwholaselo end • it. B. Fluxes. •
• .
daiogotaid'llle4 of Yellow Dock Boot,
OUCUPIE the front Tank among the pro. ,
teem* .i,ciDaiir for comp4taly
Cooke nett abeam, Erysipelas and ell other die
'max arising mom an ......state ro the
-Meer Oomplahst.lbut Ditslress,
Omaha fernotere end' ' h AilianThnnt the Clan Dow
&Hes or - hoaradma. dryness. snit a tickling sensation
, thoot that ttrroa and is Med with ossPreMdetaod snrs.
man taw
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_'. Female ‘'fforatures and &nerd Delays,. ,
• - strizamminic .the weakened lady . glint tom to the
Alf =otro l f n tr=g 2 ilerolf nin " =. fri;l;s
all parts of the country, ren be relied tipm. It Is elogular
ly weoden. to coring air Masai. and rairlic detainer
tad and broken down constitotions. 11 Is purely , t egew
bier to its compontioo. - and m accorately combined. In its
I=that the ettemiml. !Wankel, and mood pos
reacti ingredient harincedously mita to ,
Purify the Blood. . ..
It lima remarried wisnychnudediwarwe which have m o o ba
the WU of the inforyaidans.and has aim eared Canker
fan swam Eryel lie Mt Ikroluts. which fareatorilla
l'!'rlirafteemUrditeitedtsUtWeiiet inzmarn
liftlia wits triret otetinatereancere hays been emod by
medicine. We say_thia it Is avalgabis mead. in all
I OEB ODEPI4II. ' It removes all o
betronlims In
the chenlation. notdm . the Llyer free. &Wm. and teal.
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.. tP l y Odall if w & b,,, O=l: l
Mall, by -, - I do° '
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vi r crd estra Pawydrag.
EMILY FRlEND;vißaking Preparative,
;rypsood tLe oEe of tow; PKKiddod
. Met. gs sal digestive Breed. of pun color,
In time. lasi 'at gm ces% tub the ontiong termegated
tO: •grea t TOW. blie.i_odig.t
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of Wad s elpi_ Leeman of elvtipt 00.
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seed i t 0 r P T„..,..11.11.1170,1 0 .g5, Hotels. Mel
=atiddf.ot It la s 'souse. bald la thee at
' 2 %ttir i B. R.Vrellisltmia • •
Professor A. C. Parry's Tritopherousi
s QI dite ,lowing-
knring bortimosthil la from Xs. 11.14 Rditor of Ma
Azo.orieg. Qmm ly. mat ovaroor la ll*
;• Yam. M. Si, tem.
, • 136011 Tikethirh Lai:Article that ore tilt 34.4Aury,
In wanting the bloat atototendonnm. {peen not do It
Ypmr tb a=V.W.V=i f ig; az_
to Nero It Danny, oott. Awn gMt!,l 4 . i irm==
ontrotrovonts non WI, sal In
maw annottallot biAtny otb. anopotitka b ra to
tot.; A porton only soda to too on* bottlolo ntm.
net • . , 67 Wad it. .
women kniMa =ra w ...a=
i i= to l=4; 40 .
alrobr Wire. Aromaai
tu mem= ortar me= idea_
do 7
r r uriutoce of 1, M.1..1.1Oillilli0 1 4;
omidenter Om Vatted Mateo ef -
sad amterknoina that who ho
tindonontkmod Land teas Inaba Stilled
bm"mit' irtileir tatEerocammobilf'
rteasayatm lirot day of flutombor m At ala =
of %Vino holm allorted within tam
tow and fnartion.ltownablaa Mit
Nook arum m=a t ee a
too. of mato Mom •
°7.=o..ith of Mato rife. by
Wo'nfa.;:noffilf AfUsftwiPairtfiaku.
hamirmlnaeloortald MINA, drat= AM.
Al MA Land Mbeirat Clla. yriliNOLL, womuotoo
. moan dos of ktembor 0.11. for tb. lbw
lytil publirtanda wpm.. ordommationed tos
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tto Padded: • • - •
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Preibbeet of the Melba Mem of Aniertra, hereby
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At the Laud Othee 14)Ve A CITY, =enamel= cm ?dew
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ter 280, 1850. trot ea =dada from Vine= . And n lo
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.Tbealierins of the land. all be onominced on the darn
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=MIL wi all .m,, stealth, whaeshall
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entry of my n...4roarer trldrelttetuntrarr%!.
%ration of ItterArtert at, of • • tbi ;
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receiver of the prow hod
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•bne ming aml before the y • it a
commencement of. public such
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lISC't such claim be Intelt=L
Commlialonsr of the amoral Sand Men
New Books! •
T: a Problem; reprinted midi or.
w atalanigor.fitsefa t !ye r tat.,
6 1:irr
~....Pos,M to of ,
rilitory of casopat. Q... of WO; by Jacob Abbott:
pier Dia ot, '
No. I of London Labor 034 Um
The oLovo Uooltstrut
17. V.:VT.I7 %A t
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••piuttlTZ'S itistary•of. Groeco.A nista
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PROPRIETORS of this old and well
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R. W. Custalmitnal, Nov Cottle, In.
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Superior Line.-185L
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• W. W.' WILSON, WitCh rLskat .
No. 67 Marka, Comer of FololA irt., litetko7/14
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Lewis's Patent. Zemdble Water Filter
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IntUluts If Wawa, fur corn, banns, buts. turnip, ie.
ants Oda, for artmai„ ale, oats, and barley .
CarsCobertuLam. •
• 4.krrn 111.01er. for horse and band power.
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' 1,2,7 Carnes of Want mat I.4sh etc ata;
Boatman , Patent Starch Polish.
~FATENTED, July 28th, 1850.—Pur giving
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.3. E. E. EXIA.Y.RIS, 07 Wood .t. ,..
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- 67 Market corcet, corner o f
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INS,E,ED 011.-1500 gulls. pure, for sale
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' Embroidered awl Printed Mulls;
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rLVET CARPETS.—W. breHuta*. him
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BB t SiSELS CARPETS.-W. Welintock
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• More New Lawns: . .
A: MASON CO. have jut received
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White Marseilles
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1.14 ZATi)N.
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CHAPS LEISSE, blue, white and pink
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;1141°3 CRAPESI—A. D.
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A\VNS! LAWNS:—A. A.114160)1 CO.
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Fine French Broaclatim • • •
VIRPHY & BURCHVIF.LD invite the tit
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' Piano and Table:OnveW
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iltralar - Bonnet and Hat-Warehose, •
• No., 105 ILLasivr Sum, . ' '
IL PALMER offers for Endo, of Teri
1.*r.11 umatNi.o. Of Straw .1,4 poor
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Ryas, MAT% OIL CLOTHS, &a.
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The Carpet Warehouse, 85 Fourth "rivet.
. trtehl9 - • W. MoGIMMOL
'MR. MAI _.OOOD - 11 , 01
tteirds=telii. Deito
60 vp,..e z 11 1 51*kiedIltng
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In Mom sad Ibrft
F L9II-10:bbla.. ntir Luke, Trout;
AIITIL.O bbls. No.l, for sae by ' 1
A .Iy4 ' _nu.suinorsy co
TARO OIL-8 bble. , No:l; for eta" tiff
:leis • t •
.. -Tama 'maul. es wee. et.
MACKEREL--60 MAIL' for sale by
147EW' hiACKEREL--'
fir 103 bbll. Lap No.; Bootee b zoc4,g
"or Irr 0411- wari-a
;.Qier&R-;-25 hhda.; frits=
}O.IVdE(IB-1 bbL No. 1, for oda
A1V".144 r. solos.
Nr_aEW 'NO. 3 MACKEREL-4Di bill& arid
SS bf. bbb.. to snivesessid 5t1,29:
gIICUP34-Underwood's fine Leman Slid?,
I°7 "*rk'r *141 41
, aldEa•*lli%kttu a,
ell SALT—A ouperior'article for to:
ACILAREL-80 bbls.'No. 3, - for sale by
ITI was I BUILBUDOL a Minium.
al• IL 46 TAHNWINDSOR" SOAP-50 boxes Hyd
UTOOZl e's: CO. tor
bbla. Lake FLip.'Whitti,l&sl;
4;sWay . h`.•7s.,'
SjISADO CREESE—;for sale by -
1.23 ? . A-U.:CLOW * CO.
C 9 11) 11q11 , —6o° *4 ,4 8 1 WI; -
DRIED 1 PEAQUES--100 „bushels dried
LINSEED OIL-10 bbIL pure, for.sde
AOGNI IEADU3-i-i0;00 0 lb,: superior quid-
Itr; br Itonisos, at:
rms 100 , ,
erk Mu
/016._...R08150N, MITER - -
ACON—.7ooolbeasins; Sides, Shoolien'.
bt olo;b7 1.16 tW. IIARBAUGII: •
110 bbls: "extra" Sour in storo
bl late . - S. tW. LIATIBAMIll.:.
15 bble.N . tte White;
QALERATOB-1 0 0 boxes pup;
4 8° J:i.wrrigt...b'
ligls--200 boxes for. sale In • '
*as I a. a. cliniin
casks Shoulders, •
19 . .5:11 11 7,264. 1 ' bretesst
VILEESE-40 boxes ibs r sale by a -
ACHSREL—Quarter . bbla • !co. 1 fat,
szaelenel, far rr i ta ay a cat ,
ACO4-20 cks" received arid far - sale by
• idp t - • _..WICK 1110CALICLIaa.
121 3 0 ';.ED OIL-10 I)4l l it i irei I , : t •
VIIOCOLATE-128 Tiostoiohooolate,
kJ g o , .3. :yap .1111VANDLN.9.3.,
let.rt" OIL or Bezthett.+VJortes' margiracil
' eosxra. br ISLLAIL . DICKY .
It81).--2,000 Ito. Lard, for solo on emi-
IMMent. br . T. WINDS A' BON,
YeAcON-5000 Boxitound, on consign
amt. Or oak 7T.,W00D82 803.
/001:0F1511-19 drums for labs by
Jet ' - JAL nawogra a co.
EFINED oCalls-;-106 bus:Quilted
Pankr.d. d Cradstir "
tes. ' 6,I9IFIIVatTOI:I2 "1:1kbilt:
G UOAR 4 bha,; x:0-. fbr*slö D~
"a,aaesr na
01IN-40 bbls shelled, for sale by_ ;
1. yelp H. 1. VON Down:los= a 00.
- -
UEESE-15 bssfor sale b
T. SRO= f al
kRI)-12 bbl in otornand for sale by
• ISALlA# , Dtadire
Weiser .1 hosts
ILIATANA 30CIAIL-50 ba whits 113 ,
”..•PugaM"'" * ""' l " ... titausi'
lu R%v
.& .v. 4.4
LOAF SUGAR.-3Q bbli loarsuger (as-.
° P foBHßiwf -
AI;D-12 bbls No. 1 Lardfor sale by
QTARCII-40 taxaßonbright lem s extes for
Inez - ma..
um) " bbla. for ale by_
SAN. wisnaralr;
bxx. -- W.BA for sole to. •
tj l°2".
" OFFEE.-3 00. bp. Enme Greta 0 0
4 km . " .4 t° ' " tua a co.
IrCE-15 tierces Fresh, for sale
.‘,.;_anzarint re
BEEB,--2,0 00 Au' V"'
-atne iee oval. yr
I.l(Thhhds, received arid for al. 'by
air. uasnavaa
100 tibia Jost Tv:tired 'ant
s w. 111.611103131 L
It4 —— AoKMmt•-••50 kg -,trmatavon.,
MUR''-2"bisan7:4 W6ANtIUM:
wLk4 -- for esla
otiteratialaiPtita . t ta hand aIIG
O' it sale by )01 : "MK it MAXXAM&
SrInVH - CCO-2 g
"cK M s.
&NIP» • l '"!ig!'"lii.;:tr_AVl ll:.`,
will 0. • bond tha mct tad 0000 w.: Una oas
do mot w ' household Irmo.* sofloS b4t.
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of 3 oat Oa, trlfTall also Comm, To
• ' • 4.o.:lrretiZare
11. " FLCMB-8 Ms. for sale, by
_ moo • R. & CO,
VISESSE:-50 boxes goodW. 8., for sale by
11.„Luroo • . DALZELL & CO.
Et ACON--13,000 lbs. Should q ers;
- "uoMrsngirs ai.
FLOUTL-10 .• ~;
w. 11011.
TV( UST SEE'l5°43/ bs;'
B ACON 1100. BOUNIA- Ibi.Jl4con
mr Sklos.'aist rillOW•ra, for solo , •
a W. /LinzAlloll.
)Rn—Sooo eahil)t:
bhda": N. 0" for ookby
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city N eetlY ea toad sea tasekbe Ur half at
at retellair ,
ritleorowtigk i ttattle triatlty:
1,2 . "7.1144 6 : 1 Mil&
It - ROOMS-25 0 dos. coalition O best;
• u•sigistragtl
. Corner t r. Wood
Egli h. ""tglg u =Si
awry bump:4.moms
46 <beds • .'• •
46 " 0.6a a. gsals di
eut boass* . R6l sal
~15 ODILLD 4 u,4 . S I 4c*
. 03 347 a
DoanktFa 1 ick , •
2N. sod do. 6426641
1226 fe. extE2126:144t;
rp.m it AIWA*
10 •?•• laustizte.
• IDDL. Oinettl
• c a
46 bons Eteszist
10.31,4.42266 . 22 4 ik .24-
102 "WY. 1221264 2 m
2) 21 . 2 1.62;
C. 4 UNDBLEPt- .'‘.:',.' L-. ' ' .-
0 347 tay.primalt 300 121.11.11. 6 -. 114. , 116.r.
1 """"* . ill'aa'A. M1T:141,,V5i.t.4
1612111 Vs Lam.p •U. sad . ,
,12 :. ::.. IMM Vialm
. Va 6omTamm : 4 <lmam] Nam.. .
' LOW . 25
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Las; (.6454/111 -. -67, " . TomataKtteha.M
UM mnislimaaaVa roam .2) .• . . Pepper 6mam .
' 64 ' W I' lol Gi.i., au11ii;.dr...1...
.-.. 1 . =.1it..e.t.....,P1a5kr, OPO Kamm. .-- .
Li tridietl",4 . rt4l.a. Vatßamarmail
.• ami klms Nas, ise4 Mum . Maim Cmakrom
46M 11. AlMtlam ' ' ' 223 blik..maulea..aba , .
a 06M.Taamal MU' - -MP yam U.a417. totamm
1 DM zall. Lamp 02; ' 63 . Imi a . t .. - .
LA ma. Itackatm. .230 UV 222.2 mm
• Ht 4Candßv'
3. 0. 13mmr amt Bidasal w42..mtre4,2120714 W.rigt,
= 4 14ram P' 174 20 2 611
2r2a l'All. O&T g".
ta .tal rml• bl*
me62l - - • - -nsktedi...dmi„,i, ..
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. _ .
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—r - 3 ,
ilittebtirgb. Life bisuranee'CcaiipszCA:
THIS Co3IPANY .wee incorporated :In
.. ,:i f . I ,,,, L , h4=Bll.4l . ttar w erget r ite i I Charter; end lel
Th Monde, dove boohoo. both on the latOilioa:h 'id -
Matast N.. . • •
' On the Jolot Sleek Nee the retire axe ottothird ta:a than
thaw charged by Mental Cotepostre.stel Fltaarctret teas
lover than thereto of atoot hoot tloceoentee. • ,
Mutual Mee are the rote es those tainted by other
ego r tteted Coloyeates.. Thaw. masted on the motto
el torbeholehave the cacebtool et,tuittes throbbed by that
entm of tatenteae. ea& the Oettltelatel 8.0. r. 2.1 V
,t. Joint Stu* deportment. : • , • . , .....7.
the Mortar yentas the gratin of uteurestat toe =4'
to mery Ooze, toetodtritolue , tight -of vat. ebthlres pia
motto &Whom (deeds or eroittoto—to toms the Una of
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0 , Otott the tortioreztialtat et th Vit•ot . MOS. hk a ON
et the oollato Of tha 1.1110.4.
:... :I Vetanel IleClor Vice It • • '
James 8: Moat, 4.. '' MTh 5: la ,, oahr.'
Jahn S. Month, - Charlet JO-Who. •
Owned MoChartse. • Wtto nail , . . -
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.Ilon.,Wolter fonrud. lot. Seetetatf of ens.. 7 -:
John 2 ny_ ,dor rsq.Cvla let of Plttobargil Bent_;'
hlsloohn leech. 1.4., Wholesale Grows. --- -
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JawytiOaamma. id. D., Waal Addison,
Jeremiah bunt.. D X. U. Meheet.....
Esa,' tiffirmtN. D.A7 bca.lth.l•l
Jitobat. Snyder. m. I), Ib3 Fourth stmt.-,
" John
IT ' orp¢. M. D ill, Bi NNi t agi
Dl.l..rtb will be .1.12 attendance st. th e tee!, rten
" 411 ea I=npaoy
_ Jrattlr..9 • C. A- C0LT0N....1,
'gate ••ZuMat Pine-Usummie Company.
BEIM OFFICE - No. 6 1 ivuvumn MIXT,
• _ tITxRDLeUU
retreetnan. Dar Ist, 1/11..
P L A .
911..h.1 beet evidence of Me: acmes of. the
Menne In eodeenteing to make th e STATE SUM-
J'ISZ iNShlf.d./VeZ CUMPANI: taget the want* of
• temunonttr, Is the anparelleled wooer of bottom
wLich has berm arm Wins: Wed 0,900 leerier demise
the ract yeas. therebr addlog over $130400 to the funds
of the theapany. Nearly ell the prepertf Invond leaf the ,
abet kind in null slake, end • large proporthm insured
forootss one fear -;
tetra. rettrie'e""'&ll* 1,2
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do. hi:11,114
Whole idol loaves and eave— pa. 444.2.411
Datum to favor act. =kb_ • Li:IX-443
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