The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, July 24, 1851, Image 4

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• " THE Uttals Exrxruz.
lieu nigh to the MIT. loii Wm! stiffs throw;
nu... there, If thou Tamest for pardon and mt.
There. forwent santmnet. Paler thy reamt•
Coale= thy bitallldlng, thy vett-ix..and karn
la iednaronidlag. then:pour out thy tempt
Ulan not morn thee. though wratetral thyme:
in, hand. ,eihwory. the irit.b . 5..... 1 t." gro r.
'Mori maims than tresehre, mo re east than the sea
Ilia lore haa no otemore nor limit to thee.
Itle *nay yoke treartmr, Tile Plehrure*h o .7
In all thy erniehriting.thell Iralt by thi side.
Tear not the trflAhlattgor Satan gni). race,
P. rtrhlero4 wirer hot Can from thy nape:
Whom Chrlrt 131111, Orslren gees ufmly
T{il In the }.4lt to 40
iareh he . the hew !keg.'
Then kriaefto tbjfloiy,letat kin at Ms ttac6r,
hrhiteht e:Mavens own: -
Th.. , &dr tr thOn Yearned fc , r pardon and 'Yet:
There, krona and eartueit;yreter thy reptarn.
. f"—=--- G
larnovan hlard - Loces.—The Postmaster ene
eral, thouglinnti yet installed into. lds office a
year, seems to he quite as conversent with'all
the details of tiii.Department as if be bad served
a lifetime therein. - We turfs tram time , to time
noticed varions4taprevements which haie been
made in Post en. affairs, but, the' one now
under consideration strikes us as of paramount
importance in the security of the mulls Varlet
violation.... 1 -
The immunity of ttie whole country h as now
been brought into requisition to furnish' *ed .
mew of Mall Locks, with a - view- to. obtain one
which stall be I superior in design, ;finish and
strength, to any hitherto in use, , .
Onthe morning of the 2d. instant, the propo
eats for these leeks were formerily opened and
the corresponding specimens submitted to the
Department . Thirty-tire competitors appear in
person, or.-by their . agents, and the samples
amount to overlns hundred. , -
Determined, far as his exertions cart effect
the purpose; to Acme the great object with strict
impartiality, Me i Mantuan:did a Bolted ofCour
zahusiones,acitnitificand ivacileal men—Mesars
Benwik, .of the Patent Once; lityington, of -the .
Weabingten Arsenal, and Saxton, of the Weights
and Measures Demean—Whose duty itis to exam
ine and thoroughly test the merits of each and
every specimen. of fact produced, and upon their
report will depetul the Postmaster General's de
cision Besides [Strength i finish and lightness
the great - desideratum Is a contrivance which
shall defy the idgennity.ofpiders. -
The Comunisloners have been three days as
siduously engaggee,l la this business; patient pre
severance and emu toyment of all their skill have
Characterized thLeirinvestigations, and the prob
ability is that brio day or two they will havecom
pleted the iMponsible duty assigned to them.
We understand, also, that solar as the bidders
are concerned eir specimens generally arenf
a high order excellence, rlemonstrating that
in this branch o mechanism, in which the whole
community is aqmsterially concerned, the inven
tive genius of the country will prove adequate
to the object,—Arationed Inntligencer. "
. ....
. .
Thentis "a pleasing and profitable experi
ment which llt 're often - made in my youth—it
is thim—lf yor
place your bead in the coiner
of a room, o on a , high-backed - chair,. and
elese one eye, and allow another person to put a
candle upon a table; and it you try to snuff your
candle: pith ono eye shut, you will find that you
cannot do it—hi all human probability yon will
fail nine times lout of ten. You- will hold the
sbuffero too near or too distant. < You cannot
form any estimate of the actual distance. But
if you open the lother eye the hharm is broken;
or if, ;without opening the other eyit, you more
your head sentribly,-yon are chatted to judge at
the distance. I efish not for my present purpose to
speak of the effect of the motion of the head,
but to' Mal pons attention to thecireumstance,'
that when the bead is perfectly . still, you will
be unable Withl a single eye to judge with accu
racy of the correct distance of the candle
Pro. Airy, Royirt Asti... . L
aILLETT" 303 PENS—A fresh supply +. , f
LA thee Awe PiiNrens.reedandfreatr ar
W.P.UAVEN•S Aattonerr..
tr2S CORM or Pecond mad Market eta.'
Paper _arid Borders. • •
MER, 55 Market street, re-
present ,__
rrerT uncle in
TAVA ,COFWI.-10 Ins Very - suPerio;',
HERRING-20boxes str, limi em tale by
Wit. A. McCL ng.
G Racri
rooms Awl Tea
—2 bbls., tor sate by
V. NON 110:11101LST d OD.
for sale bz
bbls Lover
.11vrtized ntocjoirt received and
Lti6 Liberty rt.. '
AJ Cribs In baize (Sardelleni) Jon rewiTed and for de
low by I • W.V. ..t. JeCLUP.CI a CO.
Jab I ZG Libbety at.
- - ........n....-. . . . . . ..
HILL PAPER—A anikerior lot just recd
Jur bad far 44 by W. b. I.llVEN.ytflkubm
.1.23 maze of Pescp
dawn *lt mired mod tor sae iv
INK BOOT--4W lbs. prim rali gi tL,lft
j_ nes &tit arab
CITILIC.A.CED-;-250 lbs. justi reed and for
.ole by I i. 19 IL E. SELLERS. ,
GLASS -250 boles ass'd sits, for Bale by
1 UST ROElVE.l?—Astatypf Sop
g ri =WA u AVIAT
J. 2.4 -'I of ,t .141WILLIPS.
-A.31 Ts RIO A N STATE PAPEILS.—State Pii;
POOO Mid Palle Daimon:its of tho • Litited State*
the Aooyeloo of Groom Washington to lb.. }Yellen
fp.otchlbliing • complete vigor of our • .4.a relations d ace
14nor_loolodbyr ContEleatlal Dammooto._. •. _ -•.
"Mx, Wm:m.llmm= containing Politico'. Slatosioa.
Gooix=ml. ficlastificalgtattotionombral, and BF
. 7= of aim /toad idami=la =ortle
Em.b of sbo Slaw Dm MI. 4 ,'
no arm woloablo aorta for ..le b .
}elf .' I , .11. C. STOCKTON. 47 Work et et. ,
from • nuant•thaero, MO feet Lista Belting, for
um purime.,-wr the India Rubber Dr wt,
NI:G.I=I 'Wuxi at. J. tH. PLULLIPS.
' Sett
100 Sides N. Y. Sole, for sale
Has J. At B. PLOYD.
• ',1•4• n I=jlbMmjmintra or
iiinimun. g ur:.nmpig
:MRS' bbls. for sale by
INDIA ReBBER WHIPS—Of all the sizes
mantlfialtm, tor ode obrarols sad retail, at the 100-
Dot. Z4s. 7 and a Mood street
JeCia J.& .11. PLIILLIP&
-BYE AND EAR Ftru — NTAlN.—The attea
UM of Ow asadiesl ilty Li Invited to lb. Sys
Fottotolo. by Dr. Powell. Oecalbst,of New Tett—,
Jtot roodrod sad Ow W. b) W. W. WILSON. .
CORKS-500,. — . 741; .ale by.
= 4 .. 7 •••
PRIS GREEN-540 lbs. sup., for sale by
.141 IL V. SELLER&
EMP-45 tons Bliss. D. R.. fdrsaleby
Pare &Lady, for Diarrhea, &c.
E&R!IN MIND! shOuld you need French
Bready the cam sher can - Le obtemed at /Whale ,
eh Men, ht the Diesmoset. et St pre :loan er Cottle.
IRE BOARD PRINTS--For sale at 2c.F
WU W. P. WWII/MI. es Mat n
PAR ROSIN— '-. . -
• tee Mat N.C. Ter, La good order;
1W . bright lio. a Soda; for sale by
nl2 ' ` JOHN wArr aW.
I UN, T LC NAIL RODS-95 bundles Slit,
IHew ffinaic..
ipt i t; b y . S. V. VON BONNAIOILSTA CO.
FrIllIE IRIT POLKA, composed by B.
.... alao4r.'aull it.dkeudie Iltobest L Foster, of fhb
* Wcale. liratA....Ava 0I U. Sieber m liyal di
14 / 1 :16 . 111:f atart=atarair r.4tmP " a "
Daley doom Eat rarlauous, by aolo. ' .
atm Autama of oar Ifasrs. by Ororm auk,. - . '
A/fo. • am aelestlou of Fon/lark lluale for Plasm. Flute
V/o/le, lel • 1.1. KAP. a d 101 ladrd umf, .. '
Oda .. alp, or tba flan. IlarA . .
P.a.—A ntlemad lot or DOS PLANO% awe opeulid.
One vary amond-tmml 0 octavo Pomo tor aalr.
yIjTRAPPING PAPERS--A large assort.
, Maul Of WraladattPaurra, Ilanaladl Sadao
any ~. sada at . W. S. lifardeS
PllOO Wareham. ear. Kann aad ZS Ida.
IC • :ER has just received
Whets hr.. the trirals or zoT Youth?
mil ran= with lbws
If aver fondest Mier
Action ' 1
2.14tr000n poetry from BatirsoVo Pilgrhof. rrolorrsiO
o 9 r br serat
fikele Cradle boas, Li• W. T. Walser. •
Th ik Ellerthooe, alos•Whi basal* , TV. V. W•nacc.‘
21.•• par day, an, cuo•-la tong bythe Litob.S•alo.
awe Ocaotet. Unmake. Ilmatoug....b.
• of may totwo,
Plan Want Ode .••4 =Oleo , goVen nin2
N. 11.--Nok •ifitiox. • sfolordid lot of N..Hama.
d a 812 rior
Anthracite Coal.
30'!?..!ju5t.t:Lv71.4.,...teb, article
9. A.llydtiULY~tCO..
ipmcg LINENS, of Nanotia qualities,
V a? " "4"*11221 )1 stoaPiit dor* Of
140 casks for sale by
111411 All DLOICIMIOO.
12 UOKOTS-2 5 doz. - Marietta, . for sale by
Is ;As 4. , • • , a w.nanssuoa.
- - • -
170 AR
3j , 203 •
The most Estraankn' dry Di,,, irinv i r hi c Word a
the great Arabian Rentay for JtanaS Beast/
R. G. Farrell's
aIE B ItA 2 ED ARABIAN aisamorr.
rk i ng'i2iracnious cum perforMed by the
Arabian Physftlatte in the days of old. were thni
Molt of caste. but elm we have he.
come intimate with their Maori tn`t's. 000. wet 6r
thrower:wising power tram dime. 'Melo attainments la
the kftfthledge of Imam. wee the wonder of the ep.
while at, the lame thee the Menne of CharelstrY.
with them bad Ite oriels, wm to the rest of the mold "I
arced Lw , After tho Menthe met mkres ot
tudents. little beautiful mom which skim the desertsof
Arabia, awned mw Manta and Worm]. woods whom aro
obtained roar soutane gams and fragrant tedgeme,
which tbu mperable Rotuma ie cmpaise, sett by
whose r x ulattei.
w sighed. lattanbuseously dittoing
=1" the whle - nervous system, allaying Pm met in.
tem min in the inchalibly ert limo( /1.1 lb minute,
IL e ‘ . is prompt. rnmotel end effectual., without the
, pmegratat the Roth to the Wm, seism
m eet cants, rattans Me to too
which have been
palsied too
our causing the shriveled PM to gym out
sod rith atM to circulate through ite vein. 11 retorts
the tit Add or JMut. Water. end this Ls Mom=
by It has Mu so sellermilY mosionnif to ...MR . 11
&mum of thedolute - to Moak affections of the litthe.
Um, Lnogs and Kidney., this great Arabian remedy
for Ague eats or lalargententot th e
ap, a =, and kw Rheumatism It has perform.
as some Of UM Mod. extemalem UM on MINIM: ILM)
y hArXh i ltheituts. l'aireVlejit.(2s l ,a l = l = l,
In Mame of rthosli=s ihtul t s, fkß,WeenT.
d u
a e ms ,
dlamees. - erther in ma at bean, width
the mos ester.
a t =lhatios, this Helmet Marge at Mad of ell
The tbilowlag la tram the ptinelpal Momintaat of the
Pealthy and hthhly respectable house of VMM a R ao., of
eoria, and preents out of the teat surceastal cures in
the annals of meelcal history
Mr. 11. O. Yerrellt• Deer Sir. Actuated try a tease of mat.
Nimes, I submit the following as an tenth. at the Mil.
lty of jam wmat ambetae. ehildabree yam old.was
salient; Motatked with a teMble disease. which,. in Lo
than sis bows, prostattal it to mad Adplesmas The them
became So rigid that mt a omit could he °sett the Rah
that black end cold.and ealtrerg dawned glfrelimg;
elm treat. maim/ dosed and altogether Wood.
inn Yellow
ing this am asso to all sound; me became cm
Meted, Mat it thwfi o ea, that when lay tho
ing o tho beak, the
two and has way buret.. Low', tn. enita or.aaao
.0017 momenta ahem death lamettately on the ate
Mk. the holly 1.1,0010 wm calbel !nand Se Mee mesas
he labored to mime it to feeling. but all Weals, although
It wee thetend a death times ‘ and tattoo. thMfadeat 'La
th:tents applisd. etMAMIMMIM of physicians was than
held, but to no Rumen The ease was then bthught be •
fore the WAMI Misty, hut months, ml stemmed
which Mel dot ai) Meadow; saw the doctor th en Mkt
ire he amid do mom We then ammenced
1111Z1.(700.14ILIMMat freely On( the them Math of the
.1 , M. , say lomitisto stpareath joy, when, after 11
few minemeas, Menem animbon was amend. The
chthl ..”dly rearmed, with the exception of the eight.
which dot not become portent for !merry. math.. Is
now hearty and Mesta, eth be.
PM other !Mao( the ems kind moral La myMale
Wilma parrioualy.all at which dud; when, no doubt, if
7000 140100®t hal PM mud, they would have recovered.
Peoria. !Web I. Uhl. Illt.kitY f). othietliD.
Liver Complaint, iEry4elim, and Rhetnnatim
Ram., Marion fle.=.
Mr. U. laugu..—Doar hin Your tLs selling
e 7 welLimLAcking • want deal of
ply. , It hats nand .lodes of XryTcas=
at s bedpan In the breset.. A halY. who ....hoed to
herbed tor emend mmalha with Lim Complaint mad Affec
tion of the Smart: wee entirely cored by the me of tom'
- Areldma Liniment: She mid the doctors amid do her no
cocd. It hes teen to • fresh cut, end mired ltfin
• abort time. I hevebeen allot"! with Eheumatlato for
• bag
_lime, area Ind before&
men it pained men
melt th at I Mal SO P•PkW andel; •W the - MAJ. I mar
meneed•hathing sal nabbing with - your LirdoseAl, and
before/ was donernhhing, the pan mum&
0111 i BUCKMAN'.
, .
jr Corr:plaint, Sweeney, Athitesoper, Corks and
' • - • San Eger Cond.
roatmaster at flat. Patton County. ILL..
Ny cj . (l.F.tairen You Arabian Litelthenn he "blegy
priced here. Ife
one of my wishbone' bonne of Me
Stiff Complaint by *botanic= or are apploos. and I
mad one of my own of the Sweeney. they Stersltt, Joni*
•Dytea, mired Ms home of hal Cork with In he Mao Mad
It on • <Mt that hail the Distemmyery tad. ami en it
immedately. am It eleeWedly CO.:horse
amileine la ever onel. , Them beim been numbers cured
of Mae Elm with It. 1 find It la very callable medicine
belle for man ma beast
Beware of Counterfriti
The Pub. are particulaely cautioned imainit • B.
Cb.derfed which has lately tomb Rs eu.srance end b
milled by the bomber whomakee it "bib Ferrell's
an Liniment^ Hob lea fraud and more Hale
to de.ire from his beering the mime er earrell.
le. be gartien/ar new to coil fe r it by the pawre . V=l'
Liniment." Mr cosyri.irdni dealers MU to the Erb ,
MOUS snisnere upon yea for the genuine, but olaider ark
Joe ~L t. U. likrreirt Andotan Liailief‘t," and to. MAer.
as the &min., U. has the letters H. HinturaParrelin.
his It also on the outeide arum., and these
WOW, Moira the Mast bottle- - H. Murat etroliont
Lien/0W Lorin"
dom. ,f
panted In ere. Tom TEL. eel Hamlet
the United Rides, in 1.1. one is not .tabliaboil. Apra/
hr letter to H. AY Carrell, Peoria; , rut. good rekreues
m ge.
IMO on the agent Who pin nimbi, Tree of Charge, •
tack eoulibuing north valuable information far every den
of citizens. •
fluct—llSconts, SO oral, awl ewe dollar par bottle.
The mly groom la obahutael ward br U. U. Duyvil, sob.
inventor and bmatelos, sad wholesale drogyisls N.
Main rlwels azul for aale wholesale wad retail at
yrolaistoea prise br b. NELLY/La.
ytasr,tl No. LT Wcol anst
'Sold by a l). al. CIRLItY. Alb:chewy Mr. '
The Human Body Must PeriPim,
Q 0 SAYS NATURE. to hare-a healthy aice
pearaner; ara pergola who do not pessahne. are Ilab
the 1:60,2 dim:shag Salo Dheasea. Isow, JooCtlLLtlm
Cheaolosl Baap OM. • Ine . and at. the
ry =ll;al.the :ex
tr In both lama Aar 11 unallini -
imples. mad.. Yr/skies. oft:op:Ma 11 ...d1at.a.V.'4.
- mailer la muted thatrtatr. no useless. Puffed
ono trial Will prom - 1 mar entuomto at lean attar
;_wralvarol of ware hest rots legs.
fors beard.
r 7 11 Ilford& realer
=7ll 0 . =1 4 117 t aw ' :
Y 1
la d who ars HAIN to ‘ :•ltotred,orlalted.or ctrapptd Eno
fW lad this sot mar a owe but•preventive; and ea
oar tad/ aat,' that aor ono ...Meted withal:a albs shorts
or shollar lhal this all. and area roars (*NW
tables 4 , es) ttous state. ' • •
t4T.8.. mates, tho notes WV 50.2.1 with hal
tare you ask for Joan" that. SosM
or It
al VOL JACKM:I. 0017 agent la PUN ortrb.
heal or Waal, ' •
Pearly White Teeth, and Pare 'Breath, to.
be had rents—Persons who have either. are howl.
bit emoted that It their. breath Is ever so and. or their
teeth decayed, dark or yellow, and eneralial with tarter,
that • ceot tax of Jolnat Meter
Paste will maks
the teeth as white as snow, end the breath olorlterottaly
ac 44 Daly st:JACIMONO3 State. 240 atettP at. LW of
A Scientific Hair Tonic, Reamer and Bean
ilier.—Trial Bottles, 'Mg mots. Thaw who hare used
Joaqg Carel Heir Reimer, know Its excellent ssslitlee—
Lbws who ham not: we aware It to gamest tho followimg
Qualltieu—Lt will Lome tgrtuhe [lair terms ou as part wham
statue Intemied hats to r stop at MMus aM sure scurf
L os eland sod make light. ;
sea or gray eau ow Wk.'
Tor bruderinc tha Mar soft arkd silkt. nothing me nasal
ttde—lt mat. it Muir beatudful. and keep/ It pa it is, to.
deed. the most ecommical—yet suorrior—arttele for the
go oily it WM. JACKSOWS Store. 2.40 Liberty street..
heed of Wood. rgh.
Priem-31K mPittsbu ots. 60 amts. sod la.
JONES' Solution. of Jet, a Liquid Human
for ago &ragtag of Irbito, rod or grey bolt. ro •
Prtc.=l Won; or Mackie/ color. in • fen minutes.
Sold br WM. JACKSON.24oLlbertyttreet.hrodot.Waxl.
JONES' LILLY WlirgE . : 7 -Ladies are can
noned simian uAnirAka earanion prered Chalk. ThoT
riot riot osmrs MO=l7 pa
iolutiotis Ms to Um skint
tom a..., bow =tab. Pow mallow, yellow. sod unhealthy
ttm OPProm. OW intim; prepsralebstkl Setldas.rifo
Loin/ions. omtsisttos=a misolim , of loom
bars • -
Ws rs ifful 'samba& article. which.,
Tom/P=llly Whifs.
/t lawhat). imicomit. 'Wing pa7lssd of all deletetkros
toditteg nod
it imparts to the skin a natant. healthy. LL .
.Bring whilst at tau ms Ulu acting as on ,
spode ea the skin. making it soft sad =tooth.
• Bold bz. the Amt. WU. Lti..11.804, 210 Lastly Street
bed Woof. Eillsbursii. • Pries, 2t, *total
areMolastroi •
B. T. Babbitl's Celebrated Soap' Powder..,
WASHING without labor!' Warr:intact
w to take the stains out of, labia; llmat sod asp.
Lumnotts ios 4n—Pat row efothat In a- nufhara
el=or 'cold water to corer them, then add two table
of We SOlp POI/Ser. to each eizattarta a water
tool with the elother,_ if the.vater to herd, odd VAI.: f
the Powder. and boil t hem tea mlanter, in the mean time
pram thetodown - alth a ettek.:tbso put theta to a tob and
add rntsaw =id water. r.O 0.0 wiu he too bot.
to haralhy. Then rub the dirty
lo other vards,
ape them thorottid,rtnalar. arid • that Is sahcleat to
N. B.—There being no rosin In ttas Boar, It will leave
the slaters very white, ant no bad ollyernejVas sot.
maps do. True entlre ant of the material tt.d dose tot .
exceed twnee.te. to annotate • washi= of ten persons.—
Werranted pot to rot or injure the
This la a Powder that onepaper will make twelvetonatte
test fatally Soft bmo.
. Mumma 000 Uss..—thke, my etc gloats of water and
the Powder 'nth It, and then let It tail, say five min
utes, then add slit odarta add water: ottr them intimately
re.—gidlr:lllo r triterael :a t and
will wash woll„and will not eat the Wants like otbi l ii non )
Soap, toe rot the cloths. Coo-be wad with hoed or salt
wear. by
M " th.
1: "0 7 1 00° .4‘ooooo. 10.1104 of
twelve.' in. t Soap b.* aapt...l Mr madden onion
Irbolesele m 4 retail by R. E. SELLEIIB;
io7 • 67. Waal ot.
Compound ` Sir up 'of Yellow Doak Root,
CICCUPIEthe front rank amongthe pro
CI mietorr medicines of Mil wintry for ommietely
Oaring thinthr, Salt Rheum, Krmipelsa, and all otherothr
mum arising from an iso_pnos state of the Mad. Jib%
User thaspialalWarsh,lcytheMs4lthidadies.Diulnam•
Onsths, Soreness and , riabtnem Mont Um Boar
Mites, or hoarsomm drrimeks,• and a thatling meant/on
about the throah and to acrd with ompimedented mama
In all exam of ,
Parade Weaknens and general Dete74. - •
Etre natbenfet the vestenea LW?, giving taw to th a
noion.onr.o. Mel I arlmosthis the rah+. system.
If the testimony of thousands of lirlog
g . l . l= i ltha =ran i } be rll . ll4 . ll;;;all= „ sliNas . ,.
Wand broken dosn sotatltutkma ft to- pirrery V. to-
IS. In IY composition, and so amarately combined to Its
oro=os tha
net t the chesiiical. botrZal, and pm ,
- w g ie rify ' • -
Mu removal LOW ebrontedlamen which hare bailie!
the MUI of the Wm plimithans. and has also cored Cantor,
Salt Rheum / ftry i tti l as aml Sen o
mate a tila, width Sr . 1 3 aparilla
Of figaTsith an l Y asisd coms i Miffe re lelS a t ° ll:
11008. Tha most obstinate Comers hare bean cored
811 incllchie. We aar_that it Is *valuable medicine la a.O
lOUS 001/PLAINTS. It remorse al/ obitructions In !
the chmiLatkm. fez/dello/1 the Liver free , active. and heal
ta. it razor*. Palrlsl.l9ll;)f b pe heart , sal xa7n to
0101 Ia al climates; and
.111..1013. A t b g year, ' • •
This Syrup Is terraced only VC:SWIMS CO, at Ha
Maintain threct,,lTorldence, sol&wholeasle mad
retail, by , • S. /V. WICKSII.9II/11f,
' Only Agant for Western Pamir IMOILS,
Inthor • Wilethrome. corner Wm] and Sixth ats.Pltt g.
FAMILY FRIEND, or Baking Peparative.
enprranllnn the twat YowititinehulAi agree ,
e. nut, siadotui and digestive Breed, of ma color,
kui tleu. uul at les ant than the ordinary &taunted
r&;:lch canter, to a great uteni. Wei ildlautketz
InWs alter =Ws, headache: and ether anion
o nything 0111k11111 Catal sad EN
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.. &IL HELLER& 67 Wad St.
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BYTES razenizirr OP MAW= Ml=
Ilparsuance of liar, I, IdtuAso railcar,
Preddent the United Stales of Amoseise, do liethe
and wth of e knewn that poldie sales will be bo W
the ondennentiorud Land Mime la the State of Arkansas.
es the petiole terebralter dramas& tooth: .
Al the Lase Moe s 1 BATMSVILIA eardoseneinica
woods/. h. Bra day of ftimbernest, Ihr the thawed
of toddle lads sit.M wittdo the
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Womble two, of maw four,
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hatelinead =tea Nth prthalred WeraMi.
Traetione ao[eo. oft lto pt demo ad theta, rithige
At the Land tithe. CHAMPACINOLB, K
Loader. the fifteenth day of September own, or the Ole
. posed of the piddle lade withlis the otshirearattosed town
l" to wit:
Sixth uf Ms teurtheded ast of tier pleelad
Township. eleven and ranee; rap seventeen.
'Township elms, of renweetaUeri.
dlit! tVerhreen7/ . I . dar b ef=lir germ ' :
poithe=rds *Mowing name* mernahhe and
ns thlriese. the sad thiAnAt.cohuridiaa. '
Sectionty•three, thwa p rted. tear,
S. rut of the et Fronds river. in township &morn(
Townehip Moe, of rape sera, •
s.ak vas to.a....a.cdotutittlAPra
Township four and par of art and to sate= Other.
two and thirty-three, In telrastrp thirteen. 4 ram one.
At the Land roadßth TTU:SOCK. itometeliciat
a.t.T. the first ous,ptwoo nos. It.
or the publis lade in fns mowing . nam.d frame an and
N T he Carib>, oar I teal
eig ht .
too south ball of section eight. moth ball of Om,
(radiant medians lborteen %Oa Marti, the worth ball ac
wekn. the can halt of terentymer. terastram, the
Lath hall unt ...atoms q
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northead. Quarter of away and the half ot the.
tanks _ northmet starter of twatreenvo, 10 twaddle three. of
Lads emmtaed by law tar the Oa Or lieblola.
thd yerlowa, together with Mine swamp eat
fneitoWtd lamb. Mao Malt thereby colthsticw.. it
any. width "WI be 'sleeted by the State enthordise be
rxt„.ll.l , Watel for the constommement of the luite
Ile self „older the est entitled `an Act to
le the S of Artanms awl Gibes States to sedan
the Winuat, lade withts their Smith" aptor
betS..D ladoeill be excluded from A. Aul ft ni S' at
eations Ibr land bounties bacteka panted by low of
Conan. for wilit services rendered M the lhdted
B 100.& m ewe et eitheesenstaseedlada
ee 910,14k1 by the set entitled An let ntsktuit atatel•
alone do the civil and Moho:lath apamesof Rovernineot,"
M., approved 81 Math, lilt. , _
odeutud , of the esi mentlooki to WM le oar
monad a Medea apoluted, awd will flows& Mee fir
der hi which the ata adverusec with 11141 0011•Ingait
stash, until the whole stall Imre been ollared• th e=
lh hut uo male shall be kept ewe fflri.
two week., and no pwre.g . e . oZzarny of the lands will
he admitted until eta of the two weeks.
(Ilya wader my had a t the a W. l l.. chit
that , Gaya May. Ana Domini owe thomand e ht bur
ilred and yone. MILLARD . FILLM NR
piths President!'
comaismdonie ot ills Galena Lam 006.
Every permit eatlthel to tin right of presexptioo le =T.
of the lends ertthitt the toortubtoe obd txlt' , of taeatttlye
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malaise*. of the ftesietet and Item:tree of the motor
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the comitneoetotent of the patine Nile of the tat* webs.
Wog the treat defend, othetertte such ehtlervUth. e Gottelt.'
rot the newel Lena 4126.
BY ma muNiumirr. OF 1711tIINYItlifiTATML
N Tituaninee " of law, I. MiWitialuatoite,
Psiddent Of the tinned Stain:44 Interim, do hereby
are and mat. known, th at gunge Wee .dl he hold al
the oinderusratimord Lan d/ too. in the Btala of 101110 D:r.
at the periods hereinafter desighated, to wit: •
At tho Lard Moo at JACK commemeing Mow
day, the fret day of Eoptember am t . lto the disposal of* the
patio born situated wlthlmth. following lie therm
ithrth¢f tee bow hos once oaf OM/ mthothatheendhim
Township twentracren, twenty lit and twentrothe,
on and near Omelet. Meth. Of nnlie re*. ' •
• it.r.t.4. tunn47.l.l4l l rentr - eigllt ad I'Verdr ,, dou.
on and near Carat river, of nom far
. Township twenty-eight, on • breath of Current Mar, of
"Townships tor organ.. twentribut,tweniTwilifd and
thentycam, of range eight.
Towthtlipe twentrthrecc twentylbrir, twentreight and
panty-M., of no a1e,...'
Emotional township mentrone, ad toinshin truss
twenty-thew, ;antral., tneoty-fore treaty-Wt.
of ranee ten.
At the BAILS PLACE, commetang on Monday, the OF
ternth day of /September nen,lDs the disposal of therthe.
' lb lands within the following hailed totruthilpt ad pans
of lowichly, vim - -
North elf au W.,' tin e cod oth the)(flhprimipatecoridiane.
Township twentrtwo , of
two. '
Ersotional townehdp. terentycitto twenty-two, and
1 towlethip tiromplime, of rage three.
Township twenty-two. of range far. .
Township. twenty-ten sod twehty-threr, of rag. lire ,
Motional township Madam. and townships tworartwo,
twenty•tither. twenty-four, tanty-five, twenty-ell end
twenty.evon, of nue sin
of raps eirteen med emmatorm mid town
ship tannin°, rale mom
roman towtobips dote., ementeen. oightora ad_
terentyrine, noinshipt InnentrillD trul trrelity-larsn• Sun
eecllndas Wee to ten inelosim, mean. to heoshrone bolo
dm, end horanewroe to lantern. Inthddre, to township
twenty-As of rage eight. • 1 •
Township Man.. (extent frsetionel metals thirrpone
to tamichoo inotosim,) trectional township twenty and
Emotional township twenty-ea (omen onion. ow. nem,
thirteen, hoottpikree teretretw . ,. hooefpfise, bernihris,
uhflrfAM iki^W. , t , ad Elmira. , of mare
The northwest frertfue of ardor. the, ha Orertohth Mow
teen, and fractional township I ter, of MUM Mth •
motions ow to nether Includest;tho north half of tAirtres,
/oaken to fargyour hanger, ad tamstromet lamp-
Porm Inclusive, in towouhlp elateeni onion. Clint to Ow
boolosire, to townxhip Malcom admotions firiekew,
tout, the math Mal of tiewarnoo, nonetpthree to tomiftem•
eon, ad Liirtri., to flossy is Mohair., In township
*way. of naur• buire.
-La. River Orethow, ^ of township
g oc a,,,r - io. w
Mho thirteen.
Matept the northeast ginner ' ) and airbags
Weir and,.. Mutroae, eat of
At'yLernow .I.9owas, rurri4our, eve name &Ur
i Pudi t. pn WWI OP,PIAPTIZLIT.EgifiLmarkVa
med fractional township., •
to vir: , •
...fforthofthe ha liar Inatome 4/I.leAftefill elevation:
• Township twentrtwo, of ram twinatrtwa - •
Towpath terentptwp s of rage twentygliree.
gracas of scribal' tornfr i geo, thicipme, thirty-Iw.
ol°4l.24krUratig:• 4fr ri tt.thE Litdgethoonthef th.
Viltimsed 0.0110, twargane, adjannet to to. Blatt
Lim, of moms twoomoeven,. twenty-Wm, MUM. QOM
ona.attirty-two, tblrmehree end th irtygom.
Lands appropriated by law Mr tro.nor of whoa.. miti
tm7 ado ho r parmos together le ith - .lbowe swam ond
ocernowed lade made mat thereby fbr rollimaton
any: whleb mall to ealcetest by ta, Mate au th orities bias»
the dgLe Ea. mired hit the conssonannent of the public.
nal rely, ander eager entitled `An stet lio ena
ble the of Arkansas and other Mateo to r 5001,0 the
'camp fads' within thsir baits," approved
thth. 1850, 10w.71 be achaingfrow mks. And no loeatlmt
for Mod thanes, heretofore grated' by aaL Ire of Cori
nna, for military mortices noatered • to the United Mate.,
Mnonaittal alma/ Oh raw moan:nod loads, septic
Mimi be the art entitled . '/Ln Act inithing aPProgrimma
IDs the 11,11 and Mph:astir expenses of Omernmente .
',proved ad March. 11114 • •
The cawing of the atom mentaaPlande wag be lam
roomed on MO days novo:dated, and will Imed la the or ,
der in whido they are advertised with aQ mairtnient Olen
mita. mail the whole shall ham Woodland. and doselee
thus Mood; but ante stall Want open lmer than two
weepy and awdrate entry of any of the will be ad .
uLdl.ll UOUI Mg . ..ration of tha two
• Ulneu under at Om City' of Weehlonton, tide
Betday of Kim Aw.titecara mtu.....rl.orta
drid of
. .
-thonalrelonerot the limbaal-LatabOltice.
ETSSI reersoo entitled to the light or ngtloo to enT
of Itss ulnae nattier the tonashlps endptate se townships
= s n . umerated. is mauler( to anaUM the t
of the mOgim and moelrm of the Roper tend
aloe. and tetbe Masan tberalte as soon superego:Us
ter:seres Ws mac.; and began tbe der appoints! gm the
mentormarment of Lbe sew. sada of.the lands embracing .
the tract elalniet. o th erwise sorb elate ergl be Iteltelted.
Commissioner of tbr General Landaram.
N pursuance of law-I, DIMMED Fit aloes,
antof the United abbe of Amok.. do hereby
make lowpwsk.thel Pahint gap will beide!
the Oak. in tizrate or
A toe—Um a ireentniuntadrat @altar
lbgase h ltr . d i: A tt u% Lleso u r Atkor thediap=
Moth Ur the quo/v. prakod ars,
Township esventyvolue: of note ttettt#4thm --
TownslOpe essentyannetual eighth of entre *MY. •
.• Townships errentrtdue and eighty.of range %Unread
Torsostdre saystrtrninth eight/end einbtron 4 . of Mg.
g rn 7 thttp deb i.met aware
_ — thirty.three. ' ' •
ilt the Land at'FAIKYLELD, oasunenthagoo
day, the elteentb der of
.belteinher neat.
or the pubile Janda wlttdst the undermentioned tanththild.
Arta of Ms base Use and song or 04 Mrosittchlal do+
• . .
' Townilalp serene. or nap thbtr• '• • . •
Towtattle meenty, of range thirty-tith._ .
trownstlip tortroty. of tholpt iattrtrelthae.
tAt the Land Ofbee at LUBA/tang, on Aftentay, the eigh.
tebutti day of August nat. Art th e dklentO of 144
mall island In sectione aesenteestand egidene.thtowo•
.015 eighty-taro north. of narrow net. and thasoutheast
smarter of meth. tetedireesen. In 'township ulnet.
oorth, or range elm west of the liftb suindeal taerb.
Lazed.toppropriated by law for the are of wheals. mili
tary 2.1 othar t ztrnowt. together with "thus month .4
oteribrewl made analthereig for cultinalon.
Many. whk shall be abided by the gtate au th orities be.
fore Ur
ty .l FEgginted nta the tathmeseenutst loth
Ile take re yma ~ ke the Ant entitled "An Ant A n t
ruble th e tans of Arkansas and other ere to reelaint
the `swamp lands' within /befit Ise
1. approved heels.
ber 25th r lirµ eat be adadadfrest the oaks. And no lo
citioes du land banana, heretofore granted by thy 12
Congrat e.• for .tolittery melees rautend. the Utd
gnaw, wO2 as pentathlon toth urthrutote eseatiosed
as molded by Mulct entitled "An ea tathing appropriso.
Worm the eivil=lokenatie estosons of floyerntnant:
entoored ea
ahe seating of the lands will he othanthaed on the days
4psenuted. and a ros=b: order la wieh a. tholr a lli
bps. been be tot open longer th a am th. w
two weeks, and ea pri”te
bas gee sale
entry,or.,y of do
we ad 111 edmituld until after the
egoiration of the two alth. . .
under toy bated as thi , City or nnagoarma. ad,
dayg-alr. Anna Domini op. thousand eight haw
dred eat •MlLLatib FILLMOUX.
- •
C011261.411MM1 tf the Oeitelal Land Oatee.
- • •
liven prom mallet to the riga* of prewmption euf .
or the fithae .itime the teethethipe=eth towleeht)el
ahem 11151.1astat: Ls !Inland to b the fume to we
satisfaction of the [teeter end melee" of the prop. lowa
ogee. au4 make paytuont tlbr mecca aspoitherolit tut
rtr .wined Ma hore
eo4 N' re tc. dot appointed for the
ollianenallSMA or ties public tale of the tondo embrselox
tbo.tratt clelreat; ottweerle, such della will to forfelool.
• (kaimiesioleas of the tlenattl 143241P1ed. ,
' 111724:7111nnt
New Booke
IeAST: & Problem; reprinted with' eon.
iselians awl Widow. desot ravage. Idagarloe.
b Bet& .• tale of tbe Purina* by tbe autbar ct
•. In Lb. 146 or kin. MargaTreAsltlasl,; 'q.r4 i ll/dory of Claoistra. Queen of tan, by Js . cob ilk=
r kt.vr.; iv....., mi. .or ibo netolutkro. 7
Sio. I' of Lemdbm Labor and the /mica POOt.
Tbol abb., Boob rectived sod *Arsale by
jel7 • /b.
C.BTUCETYIN,I 4T Markin a,
Books! &Air • .
•OCIIMITZ'S Histhry of Greece.-A'Moto:.
co g w .t.tottwdeetrittlem
&hitter:N. D, Mabry ohs Dagnly DrV : eolM
°'h = l PotProarecy, or Smipttal uthstiou or
the n jjoiLres . 4l•=lettlez t Mall D. 1 Th 4 .4
LB" and oth=ti. 1ti. n. ,..11.kin =sr Tarot,
emProverbiar at the P.
of Bin ailed . illiart — Wars duty at
The Heir of West Wayland: • Tac=try Boom.
The Philosophy of re• tr ft= the
conm de philmotelle Podtlne of aniroste Waite. By W.
Va i r i = evil Toot and bie liallmemi Guide Beek,
tainias a neeoriptlon of the_tkeenerT, Itivent, Ton.; Vat.
Jaime. mad =et important Work. on the Bead. With it.
loarelmd and thirtreln morinviatv,brintelltilMAlMmitt.
tgLi larizl sketches reantely "m une work, B,
Bands Saw Itonthly Magazine tor June'
The Gold Worshippent. or the dam*, lira* Innate
hirtorind novel. By the author of
Edicb4 0:134 Outs wi• fall Hl:ft:mato( Liza
now opnuas th. mar es _ _
. U mf • }o 8.1,A 026 iOlitth
nage , 185 • AEA
LASE eND ktiadult Lll
-.1.--C1.41110. PARKS a CO, Roumania, Puna-roam
TENOPRIETOftS of old and well
%IL known Ur" th. Maga. that Owl,»
aon trermaratlon For Mariann seama. and have comas
sad neelvter n vw d they are tag
, * 2 &be lomat rum Oas oiaa EleaS of We
Una mill coartaaOLat t. tharidlmm, Wear taa Ilariorr
It.t..l.ltridEe• "ha a. cIUCIBE: Slava!,
- ear. Water and /3mlthflald me; pi,e,b,,h.
R. W. am, New Castle,
. D. C. Alattleirs,,Pulasal,
is R. HallalveLmbrair
Adair I , t ores:lnds;
• Roar. liartaaraL
l'oner, i XamputT...r. .
' U. B. Wallbsidee. Buffalo, N. Y.
New Lake Superior Line.- 4 -1851.
i ink: new steamer NORTHE NE R,' Capt. B.
jar tdsgr&t:rd 7011V:Vmrt sn
0 17-0. 0 „,.f. Too_tae East - •dotsVeuam t utitiN7 Capt. Jaen darowdzorul
lean Baul ta the 6lffwm3 hu:taluir. Lau
Buseclor. on the wrivalof nart.bornez lask l / 4
t h =a2 , llV4e; thatMrt i ti. metrn,
• - : L TORN= Piopride,.
Clrrehad;O:. ding ZS. 11151.—tt _
- 31annthAtureVe Lint.
gagSgS 1851.,Ogiiiii
LJ that thla LINE, cum, poted entirely of aertiou Boat..
4 vow to Tull opmatsitb 1101140. 0, mkny a large
~ ., ,T M . r . telaht to Philadelphia sad Saithhonr. leaved
.Ir. asthma time. and at NS low sate/. . sal _
athef n,
Way YtelskTuril= " J b". .. IlerridaVg
Wateeltamet, Clemaudria, Petenbutsb, thanttuadon, i
Crash. NV. th.fltots. lleVeytown, Levissoera. allella.
tinorpott.ClarWo Arm, Ilmixburt,O.l.o*. 4 WI oth
er Lutertnedhaterds oh the ituttafivaala Pali and Part,
= I= ". = 1"6" lag ."'"1
natu tY to alalMt
the iforesald • y e t the tOWVIII ratra, may b. maw
aiaat• .7 .. , , .1. urreuELL piovrTi a P , orthdo , -
. . , Warehouse. heal4Lihmet.
- =UST IN BLNYMAJCS LINZ. to toy brother,
s whou3ll, the booboos or, tittsjborWe will bea.
"Wm. ni
Va. the
style of
insan. a
• 'r Flinhains' TFln 3 2"thn 1 4 11 e, ,
giiMM_. 11651 Maga
IuEEE CANAL being now open, wo are rea
- ..ti L reesire and forward totormtlT. PrOdlon
mult end and
ii'-'11167.1.."!").".i "de. 43, 11edbi mamma
re.fac. sad Marebandhig will br reeeiTed atiddrwarbd
rod mot west, wilbont any ammo torwordlas or el •
anteing freistet.'sonmelsdon. or
81.11 s of boMm lb:warded, and sit ellnolkom Oat/Melly
4""d.""*.' sniVilciafis% co cow nathh• •
borieerjabe_ _tee soot_ ymeN klembanek.
4 m a MOA, /83 Rocket a—
, hotelmen Four th a.or
aod VUthsta,Plllladibolls.
JAMES W/LBoNo.asont.
Na ILO North Bowan/ street. nostkosore.
. • JILUNN NUftlaklll. No. 10 West st.
Now York.
. ~ .
,trafilia-.:,1851 •lIMEN
zie.hanti. Transportation Line,' -
i 1 ,2 2 , PIEMITLVANII CANALS AND 2.11.1h2.011:04)
MeANULTY 2 Me Coal. panne OM reap aunt.
Cite n , vel RAYNO/4 Central Block. Drat street, PhDs
19 0 are Dtepantt to reneire • le'rg. amount toerehaallse
a! , 5,1 x•Wnce to alp Guth. opening of Cu mule to 1111 a,
, :t and 4 inn pleas at loner rate., 11311 iil
dear time than !Slur previous Anton.
411-W14.1t. The •a•med number ot truclUl 7f001•41 olf
the Lanai Ontenahatanete tar taming oar tate on Vert
haste • Railroads,
_erill prevent .1 - paWbUlty of delay at
Johnetenn. Holtlayebora ot Coln=.. 000 ...... 2,
. • C. A. Matti UM
al eCO3
Can Mai.
aging:- 1851
,Toli a l l ippers of Merchandise; Produce, str.,
TM* ITITOMIts. al.__
Provrinms, Mukao
Ca”redo amt.. Phil...MOW., No.
, a4l. "
BELL & UGGETT, Aram, Cava Sada. tittAsrsk.
lE.. TAYLOR & NM. .&grols, Batawee.
c i rr=rf rethr anno r a ll'. P"'"fr"l'
itPl7....&Raeb.dteamtelk and cara as sat other LI 13"
. • . &Man
MAE& .1851.
Pittebmgh Tramortatian Line;
JAMES & CO Q Canal Basitt s PitloCurett.
BITAR, JAMES & Co. DoPOta Broad awl Marty atnato.
and No. tionth Fourth 0.x55. beta.. Warta asul Clutt ,
m tl . = & L'iL Pl lVitorto atsate. Baltimore.
I o IAVING fully COMpletaL:olll . mange
, matt. , so will be moor.' oyou the 4..44 of tho
nsitrasdo Canals. to err) fre•ght to and item
! , , i tmesa . t l . l= . ll l l l =Drgi
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lam" man and yids mot ifistatet. std ear:tlaatt an 5X
Ltoo. All 500 do ablppol br our Lbw an folly carat
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sJdtetsd t°17.4..
Oar La. b. 4a47l4firtet
uergs. Ylltatont! TraAspostaAloo,Lin.ofr.
W W. WILSON, WatchMika;
No. 67 Harlot, Corner of lowa Patsbargh,
Wm Wart, Ginter/ Goode, Lampe and Mush+
ov, Tea and Table Ware, CatletToftnore, te; Gold Feu;
blatbemetbal lascruetente. and , a vfti mkt( of nab
canoes resbionable Foals. useful .ad braententel.
Waldo work teemed In a nrpecior author, &Acted br
the beet lbte e llab and French workmen." . blYtt
Lemia's Patent Reverslttle Water Pines
S NOW to be seen in operation st'WEI.
TATE * CO=nonben wi t 10 li c r oori m ee r len,
No-1U cd=st Plltatmer.' h i te FlTer bee welted
• Gold Medal from Alsomican leatitate of Nes york,
and a °artificers mm thp Franklin Innitote of PhUalei
eV stitch the Wakening - s p a .. . etamy& 24,o,. .
It glise me meat tokamak. neammeral en Me lon. of
eleor mid" lb. Petentltmendble Water lilltener.ire
yarded by Mr. Loot.. Haring needoneof them Ihr mem.
, • Tmatmeau, Eaettintb, NAL
Th. Patent Iterereible Water Maar, Invented by Er.
beconel IL Les% =I meth? me lb: some months at mr
print. residence. to all that any heron mead
Morgue conetter it a pieties* to ham it lar pow to
moommad It to the publio JONAH P. MAlhWildit,,
• No. V Sommer
Thee. Illteie are 'rumored to tate eat any umll or
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only to he seen to he appreciated.
MOMS T. 9 Arch etreetaldledehado
Backinglunn and Damatiii Quo/aware:
, alhattum i.. 4 Xectlngtuun and Yellow Cane Ware.
/131.8sele newer ninth and Llbetty Inen.
MWasle Jeatrance wet door to J. • U.
Our astansive arMattble um to ell cadent strant4l7.
td.dlrun beim constantly . employed, Win en.
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Flom Yam* Goblet; Manna orusasuta.
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Or r•w, totented. ankhZett
Hearin and Ventilation
HestialLM Stamm le notals,Conzt &num La:two
Zama, Sauk. irmar, atom, /sciatica llaqdtalaaad bull&
1 of
•rwrYdanniption. nubile and pirate. Ala o,
anal nod Dning Hoorn, for ail winnow whom mim.
troporatarr, airier blab or km, La chwirad; aral than
winnow on other mathoil Is equal to . •
Mar Ibr Ventilatino, ay natural or Awed mama, will
by=wherever 4Wrad.
of the varlous•droaiptiona anntioned am
moat sonnantully briar um MU plan in liatarn town;
.as the taattonl lama. • wholwawa• nuliorna bast, tt an
• • ultud Usumeaura, with was ihnioni—troui
maim ash" duar., ornamankow,
_and as/kV tram tiro.
uvla main, ATIILIISON CilLaLlt.
Agricultural Implements:
HAVE JUST received from the Ent the
mlbnma hatlagt tb• ben. trandriere
ilrarers to call and essatior my fr= l 1"4
tarlb "
/Minot /Satan" 00 ram tom; beet& torah., Ar.
eobernation fur tebnir, sir. WA and barlry:
Ittra Bh llm, for none and hand pnrer.
Suss sad (-Ws &talk Cutting Boxeo.
;V aretable Maas Outten.-
OsTokas and Cos Ctuds Ilsiters
&Inds sad
il Una t tyths, sad Ilan.
gang gage.. . msa=sas=troa=
and Su gals
at ats Drug and Sod Slam of. '
. ra Corner of Wood and liitzthstreeti.
litt'Beaumont's Patent Starch Polish.
gATENTED, July 26tb, 1850.—For giving
a. beautiful 0 loss toene. Centbr.
Shirt Boma., Ac, eud also AreienU the Iron Prom
adhering to linen. ite., anitmr dart At sticking co
Linens, .Ac., and comma n InJurloon.
Din h ie , t , =lll.l2eas ki .31' a pea to avian of
"a gio, 12X cent•peaZ.! whoieeeleind ketnib:
la ICA. /ALUMS. A 7 Wool et.
Copley's Pot May.
E.IE subscribers are now Sole 1. Agents
a J. cooky A Oa. far the sale of thelr Pot Clay, au er well established reputation Ea the suassue“ , ft
et (liar Petalled Pots, ta Me made of au of domed
lausible substances known: and is very omen, seketal
ad cleansed limiest. to graidieg, •
C .
tifT. , -.PIDIS—Just received, a beautiful
ft . of Ilan Gold. Lowy ErgamellKl, satl Oh
. me iv sagAltoaribla yatterso. • , .
•W. W. WILSON. inAli,r, ' ' i
j. 14 j., 01" Mutat arse. mama of Fourth.
E M PLA RS ' SWORDS—Just reed, as l o t ,
of Entaltte Totarlor flworle,irith tho =bleats of tho
re beoutifalr twarod.
toy)6 " W. W. WILSON.
WOOL—Cash paid for Wool by
V Jut • IfVflPtlV*
OIL-1500 galls pare, for sole
I"ARD ,OIL.-10.bbln. pure whiter
• • /6 ' J do No.l .
or sat prSCHAINUAILIZR a a),
Jas No. Waal H.
LIQUORICE ROOT--40" olb forsak bt
iejl IL 2_ AHLLIaI.
VIRG METAL-560 tons for role by
A. /Oa ' ' REMY, NATTY/MS a
invahubi. to -lima as. pouctna to the Nada la
tows elotalas owl= of Itow•rs„.4c. •Ia
tos,tlw7 th• hits. Par plr low at
lado• wOblw &q.t sod Wcot •itrert.
'REAM TARTAR-1,000, lbs. for sale by
- No. M. Woolst
lITTON — IIA.BIB-2)00 prime. for
zern FUMY; 1 1A71931WS a co.
ir.q!aAb°"l"'lbr,4b W al d wiewtauv.
Carom of sad Bxtli stardr.
I.IO#A.TE l'OLiall--50 lbs. far sale
,-, a A. /AIMZErIOCK a CO.
rare New Goods!
, VQTWITHSTANDING the advanced tate
lb. season. no roothusa to meta. *odors
tapptin at N.• Gnat., sad tam own tttn aaotto
r . jot nabs Mack Slits, al oinur Minh Mask llama
Mask Ms LIOs nor Do Was. sad
smsdr7 r dutrabla articles. v. grill sell law.
a.m. of. Foortlk and liarkr4 Monts
Cheap Black De Lahie.
yrPHY BURCHFIELD bare just
•Z•ood • lot of O. (al yap!), Writ De Lew, at
t • lotto. of 373,i0.
Superior Shirt Muslin". , •
this morning enothor tupPlybf tine Shirting ieed
ea &Igo 60 hew. Bogota szol /rUng Lima. prottned
directly from the guenufac,ntreee AVM.. And run. be war
rented pure 1.1 nen. " ap2l
LACK BERAGE.An e4ditionasßpply .
reed. tsL awred32s M.l3,,mmm)'
. 2 . DRY GOODS,
- AT In an talcs nat. as
A. A. Mason & .Co.„ 62 and 64 2Tautat st,
commence as Tnentener, June 28,
1851. and cmitheue throughout the month of July.
e Wbobisole 'Rooms will be opened to tb. peter.' teed.,
utkia tliconehont In* eetabilahm.l will be
.old au immune reduction roan osuid mine, -
141init recently nude *dentin. jontettamitbefriesoitc
meet.ill be found lore eleitce drizablo.
71teir Meek of 111111/4 than 5 00 Wee..
will be okeed outatanlenostan peons/ front bilks ontiol4tzt
Hood Drebilks oe low .......
Fine French Lawns— e.
Soo las: re.oee
gir o k . •• :•••• ..... 7r.ft .
RlTass -71 17rafialias — Tioan
NUO " oula Wes Blewbed awl 8c0,n4.0..aNN.
Also, Lows, E:orsi; Roder), Masa;
Lions., White Ooods s. te j
I :grelnglrit= i dfnisf U st=et Is ' s=
sr holesals prim. • .-1)..Z) • • •• A. A. N ALQQ.
Goods for, Warm - Weather.
Aut cones Of north and Market. streets, ara wall
LoW with goods adantad to gum
. • Panchand Wren. LAWNS;
• Erabroklered god Priated;, ;••
New atria Vktorl• Slosllng.„ : . : .
Boraces .LI
Plant white Swim and Mull Mull=
• Thar hare Jost racalred another lot Ot NEW 000D9,
nab. Paraaolgabangaabio Ibr Scarfs. black for do.,
black/doh. Id*Llala (ikons, Underaleovas, Dotted Nett
forda, twat pi Ingham, dart Snag Latrag_trancla
Llama and DO IL L Whits Wanda. am atria r.OW/!!,
LaWNS. chnogeabla POPLINS.
Thalr saaortmant Wog wry full. with mast= aor
14= cow goods, aro,
.712 5 71 borers „ma k
ILVET CARPETS.—W. N'Clintock.hae
In atom and fa ale, the larrst •
of Val.
al Cupga cur ottert4 thla mutat. Oupet. Wanatowet
Na Fourth sr.
JEN bat In stony ...DC La We n•lorto ttoortrosot of sup..
Aar Bram& Corbel to itbloto bo Invited , thou of
tattototfo. Caroni 'gunboat. No. 70. Fourth at.
• l
v. a O
tha., barijnat rewind na a ros Mit starnstar l noby of eOm ware and
Alto. to nialllootl toPPlf crimped Wowing Abbott.**
vadat do attention of outtonates br Invited at No. 02 and:
blattut tt.
Afore New Law&
A. MASON , & CO. have just received
• thii Aar, • !ter , ioi of thaw VIM dateable brava
tx:l2.l' , =6V m
Ca are nos &stag oat tiler vca .il largettaek of Boa:.
;Ta .111=1:14" 6/ Mutat st. If
Widte itirseHles guilt&
I HAVE au hand s large aasortm'ent of din
A . pFtetozot Amato. QUILT 3, of oviro N r oz olt" . o
TILE subscriber, , Laving made 'arrange
' menu, in consequent. et irhia blicest busi
E nos
mart be darn! by th. 1.0 of August nom any offers bin
hots dock or Obves, linalery_,Rl aro., Gmh,
Enemies, Dreali Trimmizip. • HlE.tereillets, nay MM.,
Vt.:Mani (STAPhrr WiTsteti. Bower Materiab.
Umbeliss, Ps CotabsAnd Thread and Ziaedle sr
tieten. A 1.., libors.' (best Yininftlptila makes)
grartiv prsocs, mbolesole sad
N. 11. EATON.
GGRAPELEISSE, blue, white and pink
Florence Ella,
Crape, visits sod black;
Mend. white, bide, reek mid
Artificial Flowers. tc.; me I. by
bar*just Tied one em white, pink, elm and black
Omen. The show. wares and dcainibl• viola .W be mid
agar at Pon. G 2 und Gi Market in.
DAWNS! LAWNS!—A. A. MAsos & Co.
bare Jost opened one cast plain Nark Lawns, very
p. Alco. •my prime ly of
Lacy color
el Lavas, at ruy /o et tic k s. 1.12 and 64 Market et
, jun •
Co..ans twr offering their tarp and vatiod astort
tame of Paretota lon Wooed Wan. *maw anent,
atm an 4 others we misest.ll mettl tag u.....“,,0ire0.
re'"!'ar=fteintli Riiidaloths. •
1121 , 03 &BURCHFIELD invite the at
l of br. to Itiva . r . noint=txretr
Altoompor " ht.=
ERAPE SHAWLS, at r e duced pricaal—
L MASON & CO. vrM don out o:lairs:kr* on.
plan Kul calbroklered Oft_ p• Elha•l•. •• •
chhtion Gam *neer pima. C•C soon and get • u.
hi.. C 2 ad 64 Market at. ntr
pAivris! Lemigst at Cof eta. per yardl—
.A. 11•30:4 s CO. are co. offartng tba noon atm . -
Ire ot of carp Laaaa area niabitod to eit7, at all
fr.= ex teats rqsard ap. Tao &Motion of <SW
061.. reapertfallrnW fel', •
it. . !—A . , i .•NI • o.
. :11. 3 dstaros . .. ' Led to ' cloak cmt the bane oirt,.lth• Rack
ERENCII FLOWERS!—The attention of
none =t. werurfelly Invitedtnot¢lu of
rb flownre,bleb we us Dow ekeiwgcut u tery to ' duced 1111. ' A. A. MASON A LUX
. .
Taw and Tablo Coven.- -
A i A. MASON Areo. woullres3Qtrii ll y:
• uII tbe Wootton of boasekeepere to Lneir Ter/ er
tens to wornnent. of rigid,_printed and Idnno
and Lthle orrery, snorted color. Pant.. PM' HP'
Egi:WW,Maltalllnailt42 "4 }a
SUMMER CLOTHS, for blen's and Boye l
Wes:l4lmo, Tweeds. Cadaseentte. Coodataner.
great variety
:" of etylea wad qualities, yeenlvad =0 offered
low at tta AOof
1.13 • MURPHY a suncimmux
givLii 3 =4"l" '''lr'""r=l.tb•`t.'7r4%
Lace Cmtains.
HAVEAreceired„. direct from the lor
partnr, a ' wortmart cf laws Caftan& whlch I
tor. Marlials and Trlmmlnv of all Coda.
• WM. NOBLE. TOW tt.
BORLAPS—A superior article) 40 inch, for
rL br - ia77 KUBPIIir a FEL "
Woolen CkiiiisT
6) OASES Green lilixed Jeans;
'rul e r /Irtd"Olith:
rs. onr=l al• Just matt from wastam an.wobela
r. '
sad lbr q 4 IowMtIfLPUY on faTorshl• '
• • LE L m
—Thus Worn ant'of gnat utility. In all lands of
'work where to Lb, bands is retairsd. nab Ls
&Mos, =Mo•Io
Lotallibla moldy dumped Mau. . . - • 7
to/16 it r .
INDIA RUBBER COTS—An excellent cot'-
''. at//e mr• anon se 4.4t0a. villbstiit_saa ha-
Wor water: an We at uul V Wood tit.
al7/6 • J. aIL ?MUM ,
Allow"t"'lttaat k eltesg It eniug 5aa1*6446.4
DITIttritUIT-400 be. Peaches;
• 60 0 Apples.. for sal+ by
FiIRIR OIL CLOTIIS.S. large dock of
. rka on mem a u widths taniphis tmest 3( to Cr ple.
• Me ,VlVelld tO m d air kw as Um MOO EMI& eatl Le
purchased the East. anima. sad ben. tem. ere
regpertad 10 esil asmt 40.1:111120 our stak befompructtesing
elm/where. , , 1 . 9. 11. PILILLIPB.
gar la' , - - ' • Saud 9 Viml it
Straw Ramat. and Mat Warehouse;
Noi,lWidisair. STextr, •
I t IL PALMER offerfor -sale, at very
00311 amwotaasat
. 44 pm, lad
9tON traw BraAhtikawe. andKal Am oa elia=
_plain and rawer
Sld. . Lam Mgr. Smal bare l. US.
ll rhfrea. P ram.. Yn& llone Latham, taaor sad
Es:::Eald, Straw, Pa HAMM& and . Pataa Loa. In-
Draw, EterlG My, almor, tdra, wed .
(awl, Jam Lladand other Ihrmaja great wart._
eta of sham. and ILL.: • . .
JECIBBOIY-1-11.1ch Boarearand Scarf. Nab: Battu sad Tat.
, f ax-'- ' l l l3l.nd, difare l ffrht andt=.l33 . 4
cotton Nett"
• 8717.41 W TRULYMOS—corla,Taaaela, Dutton% Sralia.
P 3VAN3-10. oth sad Acitticas Syria., Dune+
!la= rpm. Ploranee; and other Ma.
° gArly.9—Aasorto.l oaths AM MIMS.
Alle—ftleb awl low inked Parasols end Viabselles, &ad
Born. k,aa met as •
wiaz0ga n ti... 1 34141 , 72 1. 1m .
.1,17 d =otlentionWrir Ibr ootototsh=
powest stylewit,Asnarlaus, &Wish, and French
Anaton • serf Waal onrOntittent of 'wings ami Claret
of every' Loshkashis shale .m notor; elnehtogettorwith
.1.011 witinnfsettned stock of BEADY SLUM
, inskes otos of ths largest and best selected
ks west cabs Attache:dew. ail off whleh that
is deternihsed to oder a sikoh prp..
who 11Tor him with • utat trot only Ur snort nap:low
Clothing sold thit , bat a/so at Cu /ow-
A Indent ths akeas weseuted,is osoa, ln the
best possible samba, and at the shortest nigh:wag
1. o cosartail/Tloodlbliiil. flpdOQaka of
• . c . ,„=„dithearartuuttuelpti.,,,teua
Ezera Bolt' v`hdru lfM 4w 1t5r ,144"
ro. l lZa:;.use42.l:i totor LIZ ' o cc P d
44,3 i 54..0d 34 M.. 44. 54, 5.4, nil 24
pt in do; 44,34, 54, mal 5-1111.4 nod
Extra Meal. Ittye doido.: inn tonal dal lb.
do. do4.ommoo do. •, loom Matt ,tinted do. 404
sheep din do. do- Ade do do.; Spam dodo.
I.lrmab Cloth.. Felting do.,
tOtt d 124. C 4,144
at..rat 44, attdll.4 Olt Me. .47 K.. ball ...Toms:
54,74,154, 54,
po .e
Ruda.; 44.. d 34 klattlow Tabu
and Moir; lloeteboolt do. Ttno.porint Windolrilbadm
Bud WMgov V.altlaa oundg Imboned ?law
Cov.rx do:Tab!. do; litaiddot Nomad Tab!. do.
= lialiodbopoltedalod pottbile al b s 'Waal:wit:root the
Vactoes.A Mod latto a d tool alo.
an. ktypare l to oar
, adiaad =Vets at oad
nxd to :Vy born. ill to coll sad iostolie ova atoOk'sa
The Carpet Warehouse,'Ss Fourth etreet.
mehl9 • licelaNTOOK;
g ' R. AL GOOD I
...v": go ti s iod' s I
motoutmixan, in lb* Vs.• I
0 bbla. new 1851,pielged .Hexring
L 3 `1 ° do 91-r
lo MUM and Er nal• Dr. Lion JOHN W4IT 4 CO.
pisH-101b1s. new Lake Trout; .
■ 414'" by
ARD-53 bbls. No. 1, for sale by
LA" 9144 bbbs. No. • for sale by
hos JOiIeaDLISMI., 61/ Wa.
— NO. 3. bLSOHERRI..SO bbls. for sale by
08 Wow a
bbls. Lugo No. 3, &nue insiiertior4"
for ode Dr (jell JOHN WAIT & CO.
'NO — • O. SUGAR--25 Wade. for sae b
.i 142 J. Et. 0
pvtITHEOS-1 bbl. No. 1, krsaltak
k.S.I'RUPS--Underwood'a Sae Lethou Syrup,
vet? mberfar wilds Ibr =Wag Lem,co O.g': And Ettravlum7 Vlsrsar: WA L 7
WM. A. eeLl7lllO C(I..
Groom sad Tel Daiwa
pALRY SALT—"A superior article foi the
dairy or table, pat ap la small tlaa tor tisally susa
sale br WIC A. lIVILIIBBIOOa..
MACKEREL-50 bblo. No. )3, .for.oale by
WINDSOR, SOAP-50 boxes Hyde's, for,
V male by On FOIL B. A. YARN boxes
FISH -25 bble. Lake Sup. White, 1851;
aw by /03 . J. CASITELD.
AP 8.6410 CIiPERE—For oats by
Jag) .WIL A.. MeCILLUI.O 00
Op FI9II—GOO lbs. very fu m i a
for sale
G. _ Wit. A.
I BUD PEACHES-100 'linked! dried
.kr a " ""1"41 ,
" °'" 73 1 .1 1 W. twumnau-
IN 4 RRI)OIL 7 -10 Rh. pure, for gale by
LA ' ROBISON. urns CO.
...T.•. 4l nor q .
sisk, br IWHISON..II . 240.1 •
1 0c1DE f w=3s000 IbsfA!ae ßl ieN: i,
ACON-7000168.flams, Sides, Shoulders,
lbr Ws by • 1416 a W. IiAaBACIOII.
VI-O —41.0 Boaz in store
"1: maxi kn. rL br - J.lO ; kw. itylaupcm.
FISH -15 this. New White;
;ete • 5 • ' J. it.CTltirtil.D.
S ALERATUSIOO boxes inire;
bbla . I •b7
3.14 •
t i s fr u 1 . 13,--200 boxes for Ti le,. kr •
BACON—IS casks Shoulders, •
Jal4 ILIEBVATA , 011 b li ate r
C HEESE - -80 boxes for sale by
/4114 - " Water AM Pm= so.
MACKEREIQuarter. bbla No. 1 fat
152. n0n.11 4 3 a co.
ACON-20 cke., received arid:for sato by
rao , • WICK klt ANDLUEL
INSEED 011,-10 bbla for sale by
CIIOCOLATE-128 but. Boat= Chocolate
6r &,• by jolt) WICK & WCARDLESS.
4 ARD OIL of Bennett & mannfae
`tore, for ale CILLY
IRMAH Dl_9l,
0 Watt float eta.
4ARD.-2,000 lbs. Lard, for sale on eon
niaawet br . ' T. WOOD . BON.
D ACON-5000 lbs. Hog Round,kmannign
meat, for sale by 2. WOODS 80N,
61 Waked.
CODFISH -10 drums for ea
Polrdervi, •Orathei L lberaist
AYEA I 1 l O CO.
RICE -40 tierces Carolina; for Ealo by
UGUI.R.—.-2.5 Ws. N. 0., for sato by
le4 J. D. cr.s7lni.
tioRN-40 bbLs ishelkKijor sale by
CHEESE -35 bis fox ado by
3. 10 is. a. VON' noNsaciAsT a co
• ' 4 ' • SVitifY a ea.
UAVANA SUGAR.-40 his wince Ha.
rang rasv.Ad mei vol and Iv do lry
BUIISSIDO/1 • rsomax.
.169 • • No. 116 Warr mutt
LAF 6 UGA.11.-30 bbia loaf aogar
1.11"1M1'")." VaLIXIZ k
" 116, lfat. &met.
ICE-14 tierces fur sale by,
ARD-12 bbls No. / Lard for sale
TAROII-40 boxes 13onbright's: extra for
tat. br of. W/OILMIt WCADLI:B3.
Llt° OIL 32
bldg. fitrita.eabstuoaa.
IiEESE-30 bre. W. ss.. for gab" by
, • FFEE.-sOO bge. prime Green . Rio Col
, fee,neeind cod Arr saWbr Jour( w iry *co.
ICE-16 tierces Fresh, for sae kiy , '.
J. k /11,LOYD.
RIED BEEF-2,000 The rime;
UGAR-64 hhds, received and for salely,
MOLASSES 100 Mb just receiTed and
ier in& Iff .a W. lIARBAUCIR.
Mr a isai tEL---50 bbls No. 3,-1851, 1.
10P YE FLOUR.-20 bbls rTeflour foredeby
Xi. lea wtec a arwrimisa.
CORCHING 8-5 casks prime on hand and
1.7 for ask try MI IF= It MCANDL393.
W tussle be Ja9r MICI.B.IIMANDLIB3.
- Pi.W27IIIM w i tbe
will to i : k • wilreacemmktt lowl eh:46l cau
1! , . wed totlawasilioidwrilutikpowewat.lae.
r mid ejw„ to 3 mains Ur taxi mp.e t
I ..ttryinutollktio, Oa" ft- lab • NMI sal*, of
aml,wontaw. 61
eiirt.ll=r upt
eUrt • • b., sucLum,2.roo_
. mrl3 Grown MI Ilta
RYE FLOUR-8 bbla. Wr sale b!
J 32730 • , E. DALLTIL a CO" Isaty et.
R. boxes good A
W. R. fru. a c o . for by .
woo I Dtz
BACQN-4 . 3,000 lbs. Shoulders;
..72 „ 7actruweveruilti.
FLOUR -10 bbla.AIN •
lISTARD SKRD-500. lbs. for sale by
BACON HOG ROUND-8000 lbs. Bacon
" th "'"'"'7.'aVlVAitona
lbs. for 1 - 1 - ii; iTy
UGAB,--60 hh
0., for rale by
.. . . ..
to b. excelled tn. 1 . 7 . nut Ihror .buU t t tls
ty—constantly oft bud fbr do by the ...
U retail.
. tralr d i lotblietVely ' r the fi . rity :, !
I M. MoCLUItO a. CO.. •
Js 2 ' ' Chum =IT.. Dealers.
ROOMS-250 doz. common to bestv
W'.• ertn harnAle solo tor
mySS , ROBISON. 1=14.8 W.
J. D.
Cornei of Wood
' Btreetr, PittstntryrA,
ORE ana arriti this
• . oithe =oft mast lawor . •
. . . . .
Mi w rgb:atr=o. -
T boim rim. linen
45 rs; estr • do. ko.
Cs ("colonst Chula=
1?1 , 1 . hip 141 .14
W u * To
24 Ms. Nor. 1 rad 3 Mork
2) :141.1011.=10,
434 t toras•&d klerrl4
1300 Do. atm
• t Clore;
IrMpt na* 4
2 "
1 " Porn
-1 " Pimaticc
10 kW " -Mutant:
10 " " Candi:
10 _ Comer,
2 Mar yorritrs dm= •
46 bora Strada Comb; 20
us do. A . m.:: zu.,Vi...b
So bore extra Dm Stank'
. . .
10 "
23 " lost. (.11nthod,
Powdered 00664
560 ba. medlar 262116.‘
20 62222.1521.2266 lux
jars &mks= Prane4
6 bob : ly
2 Germ (22rons
10 . 0,, Com Ar C 20621. atit -
L 6 C*6lllo A. 1226.22
Cram Tartar; •
1 er Pearl Bun
• sad Razed
I "Allow got
1 Dbl. Vow ulp6ttg
grom 146.2264; •
16 ma. Sum& of lama.
no•Nikixt a2/11K
I " inua Boon .
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word. 1111tront OCO.
, Pittsburgh Insuraxce ComPtulY•
Tbr COMPANY w as i ncor porated in
osirr. 'MI. with i Perpehatl Master. =OW
corner! Maine:mon • capital of 11004.4).
The thaspany dam bminem both on Um Joint swa
Mutaal plea . . . .
(ha the Joint flack pian the rat. as to fedi tilt..
Mose charged Dr ?daunt Commie. and Fifteen YC CUR
Lower the& the ales of raceS Mott Comminans. .. •
3lutind rat. th. amps as times adopted DJ M..
serif ems:ducted Commit, now !mutual on the auto
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in „Let.. permits the manting at awrymmisanne, „ „ 4 oll iii
foam. Including the sista of wife, e
mats: relations, frienda or erediturs—ta IniumelleM
anothirrlbr thelmoms malady* I:earth payablemitattleat o
or umm the whb arriving at the am of /44nn, Or 158.
at the option of the insured. •
OI TT/313:
• Junes 8: Boa. Presldes .4
• - osons/ lieClortan. Tire
Joseph& Leech, Irsassoren
Charles A. Colton. bectetay.-
Juno 8. Ham. Joseph B. Leta,
John 8. Dilworth. Charles At Dolton,
• • tlartuel BeC/nritan; Wm.FblUl•
souso or rotaWn.
Boot Witham Wilkins, late
. Seeretari Wsrt
/too. Walter Forward, Data bert•entry of Tressurw
John Boydo . Cashier I Pittsburgh Bak:
iss r bh. Let, tiroces.
MAL A. W. Loomi s,
& .I . ldalmota. E.]
it'll.llah fle PAS ISida/13.
OSZCZZa • D, William Addlsow, M. u,
lerraNato Booth. U. D., R. W. DIONOrty M. DJ
Eroadniog hydeurns.
Damtlel Dilworth, U. D., 47 Fadtbaeld Mora,
Robert Holder , M. 1 , ..103 fourth Moe, w
' John Crawford. W. D., II birth attar.
• Way He& M. ID, Meat/ etrwL
Dr. Dilwor th will be IN atleadanor at the allow, *MT
day,at ia o'clock.
t=oe , ofthe oam...r, N 0.76 I' watt, drert. •
ir2lxiihrs • C. d. CULTON. See/. '
St,' -File Insurance Company
BRANCH OFFICE—No. 64 Sierra - nom Sturr,
DOT 14,1E51.
TUE best evidence of the success of the
Dinetors In eadeavoring to lank. the STA rs
NIRE INSURANCE CUILPANY meet the greats of
the community, g the unparalleled amount of basinsl
width has been clan having Lamed 7.1/00 Polka* during
the pat year, ttareby adding over 9=1,01.41 to the Dada
a the Oonipans. Nearly all the paperer levered le of the
sant 12nd in mad ricks, and • large prop:elan Wand
; -Do, do. aderd.tegan sad, ealaerd, .92 " • '
Do. d
duce—, 7,808
Amount o.
of ProPafT • 117.146,419
Do. paneelol, terminated, exand..i2el,72B 00
Do. Paralunriii;tee - - . 79,67687 •
.no tereamd.7i:elsl;;:ii:. maw
Do. (huh Prelideiiii;eaved......-.. 61,667 14 ro 77
Wale yet loans and anYasie Pad -- , ---961, 590
Delano a fear of the Uo.. In cash-. - 8.7:=
To city or country tneretunta- M M
and IS of d
otta faielsd nod ...try Property. it I. believed thin ono,
pas afford• a:Malays la pant of cheapens, adds. end
artirla.a.firlor to no Inettranee Opiinp in thls earriter.
Conducted as the meltable and yearly =mad yam
of tlassilleation of Rake, excluding all vadat haar
swag only a Ihnited amount In any, one locality, that pre
aettitge bl 7, . 94.T.1.:1r Round plan, aavnmo lt i riorOar "
me. the ehoseseecene wounamedation of bah
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Pa lo a. partitatka m.. thtlane,..
Akron A. Carrier. kiue.Pedyriek.jliaUsruerr - 11cA's
Klatt. John R. Packer, John 11. Rutherford. •
LA IL Secretary. .
A. A. Ceuta; Ararat. mTll,.
N. 11.—A &nip Dladivad of fifteen Per oat. ai analog
Wide* has bey declared by the Damara, and is nor ra
odvahle this Mee tor renewals, or redeemable m ob
at the end of 'ninety day. A. A. 013113:k Ann
WtuiWirt Ere Insniiuice Co. of Flulaira:
pIRECTORS: Charles W: Sanaa', Cleo.
W. Richards, Ttessafart„ Monied D. levis,"Xotisi
signer, Adolphe E. Barb. Simnel Grant, Raid Ztorrn.
Jacob H. thalth„ Morris, Paztencea_.
, ( 4firoo:iii=toss to nuill Ineuranese.leermanent
or limited, on erten. daeriptlon ProPeriX ehd
country, at rates a. law as we mosistent With _
The loop==y bare reserved • large eonrieSeot rood.
which, with their Capital and Prendernsk aisle invested,
aced =ante senteetion to the assured- •
The eenle of the CdosPsis7. on Jan •wy aeprib
acreeablr to the Lei of .41.118611101 y. lure arll,Lblrs.
. .
; oimso oo
$1412,74.44 • •
Mee their looorpors4miji Porkd or 21. 7. 4 .4 44 .7
Lin gold upwards clew ADM. YOUT Humlzect noun=
Dollars lows by Fire,
thereby affording trokimm of Mr
advantages of 'ammo. a. well m Moir ability CU.
Dalt/ors to meet glib moiortnas. Mbi • -
- - ofiso il . reDNEll . llo4l2 ;. "z.. iix. z.
Peitm'ffinizial Life liicarance Co.;lhilad's-.‘
fritle JA r ilareTtir., dneemed,) 233 Liberty Wets.
or the better emirates. of venom reeMisit to Met
Imer_yart of the My. the men mAr W.. be :matt 4 4 4
froze ti to 12 iod Coclock, it the orahtatu ram
Y. Yobcormaker Co.. Zio 24 le oat atteet, who. all nem.
airy information ertli be Orm and comatualoatkem liromPa•
I y etteeded to lam Aleta exylabotag the primlyles sad
benefits of Life rusursom sad blank theme thrusted ou
_Vattock over I=4ooo sad constratly Iretreeaihrtr.— ,
'Vette divided mutually amongst thole lamed fur lltb.,
Yittaburoh. Jm. 31. .
Marine, Fire, . and Itaalui - Tratepataion
T........unceM a 7c,f2T.,i4hAmerica,
7 .1 1. elabatlet 701. Capital 11.506460_ . mots
emery la, MlOl 1.7.:4 60. Wl.ll oasis Insaronoute
beldluse ett their contents, In Ms city sad eleirdtm oleo
son • pommy of ere 7 deatiptitm. &fowl her ease boots
od other meets, ether ter Wend trattsrartation or on the
irthms O. coma; Pnet, 'MAMA D. Dalm%
PaamelA Japes, , Jam D. Neg.
kamard SaatA, Ekbarl D. ireta, • •
• -
JobnA. lAm, ' Welh.
Samuel P. EMAIL Rama. Haddam,
Samuel Etna; A Aosta& I.lllboos,
Whit . Taylor Wm. E. Hamm, •
Ambrtme , • Omar
Alr .r z . rt m
Jacob - James N.
S. Ikaals Wars, • IL D. Marna, Pads:
• SAL.; Is taw madmalamursam Companyla the MAWS Mates
mad tram Its Sigh stmeuilts. ImAs m=ma mma==
sad strains .11 risks of ma mama ma
coassimml am °Sexiness* smutty to the Nadia.
LIAM p..r ra
oxt. Aln•
Western Insuranat Compaq' of . Pittsburgh.
' q:ITAL $ 300,000 , . R. MIT,Ipt, Js„
' Praddent,' T. M. thrd., &factory. -•--• • •
• Warm against all kinds of ask; Ins sad Marina
All will Ea Lb... Air .4100.4 .. 1 3.t=IIIT '
A bans Istiation—lostmene be,Dinetars wno ma tell
knawn_tti the anamninlty, ..arbe dorienntaid_ - ..b7
prommarness and literality to maintain oho aurae. ota•
they hare saanine% so od7 as test prthastion to Mac
hod the to be Mame% • • • '
Duarona--il. J Cloa. Fiat. J. W. Bala. N.
llama. Jr, Mon B. flohn'n'e C. Ihromen aro. W. Jackson.
Won AL Lyon. JatorwUpplinoth name Damieastoos /11 ,
/Mir. dlia. bloat:h. That &mt.
05m No. CC. Wart anent,twarotertmr. of Spat W•Coe
tlpalla.) Pei urge. . Jgixly
Debitstit4.lfutual RifetylusurauceCamip't
Thbal dant. Philadalphla.
tlgt'ch ad ahem
damayto town and many. Insuo i atf.rt lino at
by &Nat the 101/tf 1 rata of Dreiranna. ' • •
Ram Lacketont—llar Limo liana Nandi' Ca=
-ad 'kasha: tma
n 0 or roartwla, under noy
11111161 7 1 .1..V.0mnax.--They also Inane hi
-amoral by Wagons. Rail road eare Una! Mitrent
&am boas, on rims and on the matilberal tame •
FL Mali_ Mantel A. &miler John a
isioL"sm '"'"— = h tßoliert n. :John E. rearm &mai •iblwartla.
Wonito ea /YIP., Ulnae lialinstonjonso 1N.14.
rphrall, Jaen harrlinf D. B. Rain
Hand. Thr ns Paulding. •R. Jame BotVit
a ltenr7
Shan, It ala, George &wall. Manor mate
Charlie Re JAL Johsn, Wm. - Day. Dr. Thew.
• John Tellern Wm. ,J.r _ • •
DISINMOILS go ktrancams—l). T. Monsen, Risk Crag.
John T. Leann. .• . . •
Manua llama, &addax% Tun. C. Man. Rleoßtna•
'dont. .JOIMPII W. Oman, linaseary. ' • .
of Om ConiDaY.' fin 42 Watorates%
biut i V. i . ncl tocZaf ft. RADELLLI:AgaIt.,
Ohio Eaboratory:;..'
,r 76 • •
80 itj --- / '95 itiF
85:'" .99 ,
Pet cent Strength.
bO:ELL FLETCHER ,t CO.. MantlfaCta"
rm. at AlOOl/014 Pare Elpirtta fbr Ooklrue Brut.
Copper DttUlled Vapor Whlskay always on Mad.
r of 11. and host meets. Corcorun. Onto.
AWAII orders tems Plttabargh wW ha praztli allied
Mrila 'motet plus.
• .
Wines and Liguori.
N 0,167 LibOrt . y tt.,Tyrmerly Danis eititnbrfactory.
a. ackatarw. of alttshotW,l 0. a. stwortart, of N. Y.
. . „
to the paha< generally, sad their
roped ally, that the,. have established a 111 - . W 8188 and
L 18894 MAS at the above eland, where thnp aholl n 4
.an avtls • roll ammo= or Use beet stock—xwelk, and
ranch red and white Wilms, Also. French dark sn iui d=
Brandies, of the choicest .virttaaws Jemmies nun,
,irlt , trlsh Whisker. champecoe andgar ? i n hock wines.
' Sidi mama Irrek Abevthe . ,re- air; * erdlem
=rawls. and Lhalbargh Uherse. All of wh then
attle...le, or retail.= the most rrasowahle tonna.
One of • the partners. ]Sr. atoovenet,4lll oontloolag his
Iroortatkat badness ha the citr orb York. the Oar. Oro
Is enabled to eel' cheaper and a better article than any,
other house In this pry. Please gin iu • =Ur WM. Mt
pasha elsewhere. •
re ll mosikatn. oraatrw charge.' ow at the
. • . •
a t ' OARD.l.lttive removed to my nowstorei
Ab(thy . a... b. , ..r , ) ...1r Moats the clank ot.
where I will be - glad so am mr Woofs and tel
low WU:am and moire a *hare of their costora. I wlll
tap • oery Isfro anortment of Cloheatm
B iti k asi m ed Bed.
Otte, (Anted II•tr. =law Cemen peg leather Bodo. Blaakata, grab.,
Counterranto, an4l.l.l2mtst WITt P d th
ooM4O. of even or
?fen Door s,- •ful goofy artlelo oftsUr toad la the
mod extensive einolbll•bsoesto of the 1111=1. .Ordno• mfr..-
folly onlietted and mat oprocreAlf Md. ' .
arl - WM. - ROLM Third .1.....
T EAD PIPE-contell's I:2oprnred patent
Leke ripe ter firdnatt.. ,
. wt •
n - Cistern; ie. . •
ine on nand end to eagles for rale by/
teetaVer Frant "vet
"Seed Store Removed. •
enbadiber has rezoned hie Seed Store
nom Elesoml atm! to the %attain nhsentlt *mink&
by r. Reed as a Tailor ahoy, OM Third ridrii..'slaiart far
mouldy ^epode. the Part oat. •
mined TNERIPTbe subscribes have
ao nipneder au Ana o . f
Oky. ME L AXK Y NIIL i.n .
go.).SE I HOSE II: HOSE I l 1--lese reel
t e . um Mundsclcer I. Balton. MOO Seelig's Rob
, Wee renew them .1‘ to 9.0 i Weber to Women,
This Mese Is let soPerko* to sof lee* znerinfactond of
Nether. 03r ttbeostreo ,loo o , ....7 33 ,0 r Yore Mew Immo.
We wlsh It to erle. that every Wee of
bon diet eta bow oar ertablishment envenomed. Ix
re -
... =17, 0 lot lee r Vig . , r . A . 1137 , 1r ' . r Drpr ? " .V 4 e2 f i tu rAir 7
§TEAM PACKING-4000 pounds
Halo end Pure Itutla Robber Peeling thect
Inches thkkorenatitoi to be Um eery beet Plaine, tat
rz .. 3.711=7:tt: =Fr
. E n t=4 e v tir: d o 4.
Lee . de. Stu
dayot,ttillexee aed v v . as. Ear . eale stills-ImA blob.
• ASII-500 casks of our own mano
flame. munated of so goad cuaatrwadu hi h tut
u any importaii, sat Pnle et tho lowers muof
1,7 MONETT. obatof *co.. • - -
raErat.i U .• •
, •
_. Needles' Celebrated
'op bl e ettly iseireabel shelters pew been may Sr
mare Qr . teeeet reeN darter sluch thee they Ws
. 111teassette
skims et the highest esolsenee, to wheeetheir
-see bee bees entsortbei, haw. eines the mat lettetin
balitoostele am to their "epeeist she. OYU all other slue
• • - . -
She tsignalksts that coothoolitawY osno=eisi
torrestly eeenbbien, Yonder cheat peen IT op to
potions onthonlan nab pinsittoary
for In the breast, notation how pm:rutin =kW
* cough, 1.1 kCall pains to the Lessions work%
yht, body, Unit bnancial tharactir tabrine•
ototttott on anotatat .t4st • mud to LllMbiuri=
.7=ohm sit alitlrtra awl as
beenitthy. by the menyearestettecton'
forninattasi annyonns In tto tont nodrestanissi
Irani erre* Malan dtitilli• at the kictoiya te, Utah so
ttr i nno=ntinlrs=ttio b TeiTelte t :sillbg
=ahr..lo sue=abtut/Igtoc=ittos, lbws
that thole he osholat consist Intl Venal nosy deekled. -
Foriate; ohohaste ana re
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man la Isugir iringBNb...thilxldtutmmil..lll•4
ugs nsas adherlstiothsLlnen
pan contslas nothing urious to dada ta
.1 Vas Wks hslops cc bit this
re uch a sztic/s, and In Ws Wert onVoctotlolt .ti 7 =
IT noalus.t... oompetlikso .1s Dual after an Iniparllal
N. EC—One Mks do thirty down of clotton. ad Ito .
family shoolsl be Etbout It._
PrIcell:); osonque thka. Each Csis with ergotism.
For *lathy mew N.. N. BKLLERS. Wcof -
'PEEROMIIthIIy. OIL BOCK OlL. 4ltaths all=t i pa p t t Etz t V Maw
MIER VIRTUEr of this remaikable semi'
A. sr, and the constant appllosuces fable, to the tocuee
en., has Induced him to hare it oat op In baths, vita /a
for the bra‘t of Um nubile.
Wm sad d
The 1411 " / M. AI Is procured tram a welt in als,,yi
ty, at • depth of nag hundred tem. Is a parr, usadal
tad ankle, althout anT &mini ohm% but run as
bows from banner's Onnt Labralca7ll That It ma ter .
0 .....r0.5.y.. e id u . . g
neap* number of dlannea d l a froo soave •
haser.oy nanartaftent an mon
t. to the sos.
ma i l natant. sr
na..lf number
o r
health tougor o many • ufferer. Long lore Ur pro.
prietor chaturkt of putting It up In bottles, it had a taped.
tion for th• nomad/sew,. The cornrow and denf b. lnst
slog oats Zr Mud retreat nrcsarkahl• earn It
formed. Is a sunk Dalkon. of Its fatun pmalssitg Ira
nide wandln th• of dim..
We do notlaVro** eon
• km/ Wads of antlficalma
an constourthat the =Whine on amo work Its
Wm tree favor of those who antler, and wish to be
at aria not nialm Zr It • =dram/ applhnuon I.
Chad O!en s t .. to
. othirl u ttlttf r pl4 . • 1 1 . that In a number
.;thtt—tol diatoms of tho mu A'" %thell. =
gaze AMMO, and all dlseeees of tb• alr i t
Bladder and • Dklneys i gor In the Ban or 81de, smog
Insesses Ileura/gla. Elunnendlo Tal tlouts.SrystP•
els& Totter, ftlagircems, urna &olds. 4 Old sons.
ke Ad. in <oath of dabtUty. resulting from =4
long and protracted cases of disease, this
MlSet it ral act . as TO MO and ALT
in mob eases, Ito tars oral to
gn ' tos, n' Tidch s n' V 'l ne Undue and a.:=2 s
sad dolatg troonthold aid monad now to all the ell
of Asa proprietor ban a suss 0(14=1
that added The
even other treatmen t get well nada the nee
•of the PATROLP.OtI foe a short tbs. The proof can Is
area;; W irea s naTill:m " it l i tol t orlgtscre of Ilts propriabaw.
Sold PT the
and by B. P.. 8
~,,,,t r Wosi at,
come Wocd rant and Virgin Alley, • ars
noPNEIy hlslognlssiy amxtssted lamb..
jj NOW all , men who are nick and afflicted
~ .c.; with Mama of the Bladder aid Shlneys, with
snug seine In bark or Illta...ttuts, old anies,
Mll. *P f °M .
y th. tilralenut Iti M . T O .
;T: t h"`"
which ass santalned In any other trmady, Mama
who Is ratted with pa
g tn
for 60 0.1 the th. Ownnnthe d.l.a.eaoJ=
Tleiderl It coeturay little to make "This Petro
b y on the sommtrA d oit P rs uP gromdr=
Sol by then:lsamu tomi mature, and bubbles up Mum
bourn of our mother moth, In Its retsina Inattr,
fen to sulfednicloonardrr ready arate.7o , mean
It P ure cued Ms. OUT other otedichtest here Abed tie
render ay rebel. • It bas• stool Itheumatten, of keg
ettrodinit, and of the woret and =Ca panful stuusstor.
nen cured Cholera Matas, bycree or two down •It Dm
nowt old awe of Idarrhsse, m which rotor other:
has boon of, no art& As • • keel remedy In barns
scalds, Ufa heUer than ear =stilts] soupcon& or °tattoos
that we brow at .10 will cure chino/ am ma trotted net,
In a few erolleatloan undoubted testimony am be
at of the truth statehood In the atom statement.=
.tourgAllOnl , M. KII:8 Canal Basin, horenth street or
Kepler alsnowett. earner of WOW street saa
apex 4L'K Sellers, b 7 stseeh BA. Eliot. andTko
thrra.Alisitheur d•O'. the manta.
—Da. Jam m Rom the dimmer Mod mi. monrinot '
mola olar hmendal no•dhf r oa. mir omi - an
the to of aolo
otor the brated inatement a t .:
Lumpy lALL . Vog • intro of elm& dionosso rl, nso • ons•
MI of tho Ihre hest gzr of ivanTl. cod S om a
Moos has been mar , hi Um of
M,..,,t, '" 't e b=r hi:lnflation tato, comitionettik •
i his ...,o == .. othe b oLDA4
u mine
sad Mel toshutier Totem/ay Commotion. Conon,.
riala.ilboutoV .l =Zorr u t b fal ., ==nsz
moo pecolhm to Maim Wood. *wry linln of diem
”ferixoosd.ogrto d o m e
znedim. to IV
t. h.ra
Irmosmanbi t o agShysol ' La i Vt by As SW ite
his temodko. adontod to, and prooml4l l far. peculiar
lb:m of diem.
.. . ... ..
. -
— Dr. Rose's 2bulet Alterstire Pillk tarn used, are ineartie .
bly solmentbsited to to sown. to all other., =me:
tn.' or tree
pill, uannob ie they lease the
natty tree from corliventen as aim Isis Golden PLR ad=
ntirW. by the Bruhn to puma Wane Iseeomnses. Mirt:
led to Imale disown but bettor tatimied that • bare
is eutacient to establish that has been said, in the Wats
the toad ekeptical. '
_The tanned are in.ttod t., cell usaa the lama. ealic u r,
..,7cd the lketern plWildi=.l.4i.
ed wan= each remedy, mut ue VD
Dos mile b the Rd/owing agent; ea veil ea by me dump •
efts throes 1. the councrr: _ .
J.Bcb & Co.. kl lk;
Bln . . •
. J. 31...rolnkmeyDrugglat, 48eoiLt.
/. A.. Beckham, Druggist. neat the Po tµ &Akita
• Joseph Barkleaarliparnas Bern coninty. tn
John Elliott, siss
Aft.. P.m; T. . • " • " "
THE AFFLICTED will be lona in,
Dr. aria damns ' . INFALLIBLE I.l3l3lMgy e •
or Bold. which bas Mal the ten et thirty nate et ,
in tor.
of ot has. teyond• dou ngrid bt. N .% in Mann,en the means at
thounods met
and character of dbarma •We feel we bum=
Wag taylmithatthis nee only netlidne that in .
'tinted to tm •me..w.,, that does, in sway moot the nark
what it Is sold ton' . ; . ; - - ;
.. ;It btu st.. cod isespaltie at ming nen dlitemes Chia.
any other nti offend. kr tale. we nuts not by. wham
made ortold. or try what
it and mg of an army erw ter
that it Is the way ankle
my b appealed in the ltann at
• naant. Medicine that has beat pantonsed sad ,
ed the ander of Intake prucrally, sa .the toot ,
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