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PITTBB9-1108 -
TIRTIAR,fir 111011,111N9, JI3,,LY 24; 151
Mos ,Law Ai SIX raascusza.—The execution
of a.thiithi the pabb o squire of San Feancisco,
at miAnight, by ma compbeed'Of " respectab le
citizens," in bold an open defiance of . the offs
cers of the law, is event which has canted a
strong sensation th ' On the country. Some
people attempt to d e nd the proceeding on the
pies of necessity, inglhat the regular.
ministration of the w was inadequate to - tht
ratralatof the lawl cbaracterswho tuive 61-
tested there from nll Parts of ' they world .' 'Ad
witting the premises we bold the conclusion to
be most unsound a unfortunate; for to .a i4e
ernment orgazdzelai Califernikis, there can be
tut one 'of two rang powers—law or the Mob.
It is'abtaxint thaf'foxtremes meet," and ibii
Cis anexemplification of the troth of the
aPbntiam; for , while 6or, government secures the
largest libertyrtut ti dl• Zan, a government which
names to the ci , a the most perfect`security
attainable; so it single step, that of. placing lib
erty Amy . tati."—cts they aid—places the citizen
in the very opposite extreme of social existence.
This is anarchy. In this coalition of the social
system; there is no true liberty, no security, to
peace. This step thpe men have taken, sad by
tbeiract bans infliet . cd a heavier blow upon the
law than all the rogues in the British penal cola '
mm could bare donei We rirreatly hope that
the returning reason lof the people of that city
will lead them to diiihand their ..committice of .
Vigilance," so by ging :theinsdres ander
the banner of law an . order, make 'reparation as
far us' possible for e - great • wrong they , have
• TEE : I:4:4 : • : BOAD: BICEDIA &C.
. . .
On Saturday last, `we published a comniunica•
Son signed on the subject of thelSteuben
4tille Railroad, whiat was in striking, contrast
with the coarse. the
ribald articles . which have
appeared in the Journal, Past, and some olher
papers, on the saute !subject. . 4 '0." is ieplied to
In excellent spirit, a writer in the Steuben•
villelferald of Tueilay, which reply we transfer
to on:columns with k..leasure, although we may
not agree with, all the positions taken by the
writer I
When people resort to personal abuse and
ramation, 113 arm donally some pf the advemdes
of the Steubenville rued; and when well founded
objection., are met by flippancy and evasion, we
begin - to inspect they have a bad cause; but
there remarks no means apply to the
article Of which we e re speaking
We believe the time is not remote when rail
roads will radiate frem these cities, as they now
do from Beaton; through every available chart.
net, and to siPtast erferY Point of the 'e9 l,, Paos ;
and, that Abe subject of controVeray is,
which aughtto have the precedence,. 21in con
test nowlebettreen the river mod, or .cirecon
bendihne," and the 3tenbentille road across the
country. From pri....ent indications they wilt
both go On coetrinenrudy ; and .we think it.cery
likely that the former, quietly as it is moving,
will be the firM completed. Which will be the
time road on the Fare of economy, of both
. .
,and money, is a question on which there is
- much. diversity of opinion. When completed,
there Will be a competition between them, which
will be advantageous to the public, and possibly
to the companies themselves.
the Sieubenvllle !tenth.
Ma. torrim—Permit me to say that it was a
great relief to readthe calm, dignified, and truth
melbas article of .14" in the Pittsburgh Gazette,
on the subject of abridge at Steubenville. - And
as he approaches and discusses the
. question is
the only temper that calculated to elicit troth,
and as the whole queistion is one of science and
not of dichimation,l will endenvor to furnish
:-:such facti as may enable your correspondent
and others inteiceted, to form come opinion,
althSngh they are not anscient to moire all the
questions that will arise on this subject.
-The Directors of the Steubenvi ll e and Indiana
Railroad hive, from the first, looked to bridge
as the, only proper and satiefactory method of
crossing the Ohio. They have looked to the in
terests of tha work ai a oriole, not as links In a
broken chain, but as one entire and perfect
road, starting at Pittsburgh-passing through
Steubenville, and connecting with the great cen
tre of the Railroad silo.= at Columba,; thence
radiating to Cincinnati, to St. Louis to the ,
Lake; through connexions formed and forming at
- Columbus. -
With thin view, the Charter of the Company is
framed to autborize,leo far as Ohio can author-
ire it, the construction of a bridge over the Ohio ,
at Steubenville. The second section of the
- ' amendatory act of a charter '
. poised March
12, 1849; is in these words And said compa
ny is further author i zed, with the consent of the
Legislature of Virginia, or by arrangement with
any company, that may have authority fromsaid
State, to construct albridge or viaduct across the
Mio river at;Steubenville, so as to connect said
road with a - mad leading . eastward from that
' place, provided that said bridge or viaduct shall
be do constructed as not to interfere with ,the
navigation of Said river." So much then as in.
• dictating the,views and designs of the company',
end'as to:their legal po wer no far as the State of
Ohio can confer su c h power. A word in passing,.
as to the right to be obtained from Virginia.—
The Ohio divides these two States for a distance of
near 200 miles. Wheeling will want to erect a
railroad bridge, at that place. - Parkersburg at
that place, and in due time, other interests will
erring up. "Must not, Virginia and Ohio act to
gether7on all these questions? . Will State pride
-t6 Bay nothing more, permit them to be sepa
rated, will self respect ask one party to grant all
that la asked, and obtain nottdep m retail:o—
lio, It is but a question of time, and calm con.
sideration ; for when interests are identical,:tie '
action must correspond.
WM Virginia and Ohio, sister States of one
great Republic, be . more restrictive , in their in
tercourse than the United States and England?
The Niagara divides New York and Canada, and
yet New York and Canada are smiled by a bridge.
So also are many of the European Stet es. that
are °flea arrayed in hostility against each other,
yet the kettle of common interest unite their
territories by throwing bridges over dividing
• streams. Can it be supposed possible that in
this our age of boasted l i progress, Increased free
dons of commercial intercourse, and rapidly ex
tending means of intercommunication among the
.nations of the earth, that the dividing stream
between Ohio and Virginia shall bean Impassable
barrier to all railroad connections? Surely not—
ified jealousy and narrow .minded selfishness
may defeat such connections for a time, but all
such contrasted !dews moat give way before the
onward spirit of the age, which is the spirit
.of freedom itself, just res the mountabi snows
melt-ender the softening, influence of the slr.
The immediate questions &Volved, I presume,
listl Can a bridge be thrown over the Ohio at
Steubenville' at such an-elevation,-end of such
a srian as tocreate no obstruction to navigation, -
under any hnown evaditios: of the stream.
241: Would the cost of each a an-act:are be
more thore comperuateil for, by the gain in dis
tance eared over any other route between the
points to be connected by it.
Theta are merely scientific questions. Their
solution can only be satisfactorily made out by
colatiog the facts or.: ascertaining the premises
by which the problems are to be worked, and
from which the conclusions must be drawn.—
, The height of a bridge u , in itself a question of
very Mlle consequence. ' Mr. Elict, the Engineer
who erected the Wheeling bridge, states In tots
report on that subject, that if the topography of
the place where the bridge is to ba erected is
adcard to it, abridge may be swung up GOO feet
high as readily as at any other elevation. Such
also was the experience of the Peinvian Indians,
' !ended. the Incas and before the Invasion sf Pizar
ro. Unfortunately for Wheeling, the topogia
pixy of the spot eeleetal for her bridge admitted
of no elevation adequate for the !meta:him of
conitticee. The hridge, instead of being a hor
mental line of sufficient elevation over the titan
domed, is a double inclined plane - forming a
pointed arch, the apex. of which, besides being
veiy i narrow, Is not over the best part of toe
channpl of the stream.
Th.Oe are the defects resulting, in a .great
measure, froth the' topography 'of the, place
where the bridge is located. Money might have
overcome these difficulties, but the object to be
• obtained would,not justify the expenditure re.
'glared. !fence the defects of the ;hole struc
ture; but ouch difficulties are to be income- ,
• tered at Steubenville. The opposing banks are
all that Ur. /Met or any other engineer could
desire. The width of the stream, the depth and
breadth of the channel are sill: f eistier:9 adapted
to the erection of a. Snitable atmeture. But
venal statentente like these may all be 14er,,
ceded by instlummtical facts. Why not ascertain
there facts at once? Tittsburgh hos the greatest
stake in this question. ',i She hos men on whose
Imoseledge and• experience in bridge
building. she, and • the world would place ita
plicit 'confidence. Who more capable of deter
thisquestion than her able engineer
universally res peeled citizen: Sylvanus LothreP7
Why,nee at once antherite Mr. laKhrep Wilma°
the et ''spry surveys and estimate of cost upon
which the policy of the Imsunn entirely depends?
Ile is named only beestuse he is known to the
wittier:this" article:: It Is the doubts of Pitts
burgh* teat are to be removal, and let them
be removed by any one in whom they can Justly
confide: And enta - this proper comae is taken,
let the donbtere as well as these who do not
dbubts_nt: only desire td raise difficulties and
crests efistuaies, silence." Facts and not
fancies am what we all want. The former will
do no harzn, the latter will do no good.
Asti -
The Ciseirmati Ga.stie bee a long article on
the subject of theseyeral rival railroad projects
aiming at the Oriole of southern Ohio, Tit.: the
'Baltimore and OMo to Parkersburg, the came to
Wheeling, and the Hemptleld. After noticing
restrictions imPosed upon the Parkersburg
bnutch of the. Baltimore and Ohio road, which
will render it. impossible to hove it In operation
before January 1854 the editor says
"In this state of things our Marietta end
Wheeling friends are exerting themselves to di
vett, the Cincinnati and Belpre line Dom Belpre,
opposite:Parkersburg to Marietta, twelve miles
north, a point to which the Virginia Legislature
say, the only chartered Company to make a road
in that section. of their State, shall trot make a
mod. If Marietta sacceedi In this theyropose
to run, their line to a junction with the 'Balti
more and Ohio road, of or below Wheeling, and
from the latter place by the Ilempfield road to
Greensburg, there to connect' with the Central
road to ,Philedelphie.. And Washington county,
Marietta, and Harmer, hive subscribed stock,
on condition that the road comes to Merlotti.
"Mr Cutler, President of the Belpre road, and
Mi. Wilson; both of Marietta, hare visited Phil
adelphia lately, and tultinsesed a public meeting.
called to further the line to Marietta, Wheeling,
and :Philadelphia. - In their arguments they
spent 'ef the Cincinnati end Belpre road, while
all their acts tend to prevent the construction of
the line to Belpre, and to make it. to Marietta
Instead. The Cincinnati reader's attention is
called to the following account of the proceedings
of the ;•Phaelelphis meeting, copied from the
Inquirer." ,
Here follow the Philadelphia resolutions, rest
petting the Hempfield project, upon which -the
I editor makes the following retherehlUittg re-,
"We do not object to the citizens of Matieds,l
Wheeling, or Philadelphia engaging in this or
any other work topromote their prosperity. Our
object is to let Cincinnati people understand the
true state end condition:of the prepared Cincin
nati, Belpre, and Baltimore Railway connection
—the short streig . htline from St. Louis to Bahl
more. It may be that the Marietta termination
Is better for us than the Belpre. Of that we will
not now speak. It may be that this Philadelphia
movement consults Cincinnati interests, and wilt
he of more advantage tons than the shorter line
to Baltimore. Of that our citizens will judge for
themselves. The Philadelphia resolutions anti
-cote a very distinct purposrof bringing to that
city the trade of Kentucky and Tennessee, not
through Cbuinniti but on another route "to
Port month end . Mayemile, through Lexington
and Louisville to Nashville." Is that our par.
pose ,
The . trnth is, the trade and travel between Cia-,
cinnatl and the east will be in full tide to the
Ohio Sad Pennsylvania Railroad, via Spring
field. and over that road to Pittsburgh, long be-
fore any of these more southern roads con be
completed; and the immense amount of bud
nets that will be poured upon that great central
thoreighfare will enable its directors to make it,
the interest of tratellen and merchants to use it
in preference to any of ita rivals. It is clearly
the interest - or the people of (Ancinnati, as the
Gazette intimates, to give that direction to their
trade with the east, and thud draw that of Ken
tucky'/In.l Tennessee through that city.
VALCABLg Paorcart nit SALE. --We invite
attention to an advertisement of a large amount
of valuable lands in Beaver, Lawrence, Craw
fan', and Butler counties- Some very - choice.
Lula are embraced in this lot, which will be sold
in lota to snit either (amen or mechanics.
BIGLEIC AS Ilona.—Rome , idea may be
formed of the popularity of Colonel Bigler among
his neighbors, from the fact that in 1838, when
he was candidate for State. Senator, he received
every vote brit one-in Clearfield county, although
there was a Whig candidate in the field.—Post.
Will the Post name the Whig candidate who
was in the field that year
ARTISTS! TOR NCRSPAPERS.—The correspondent
at Paris of the New York Commercial Adoertiarr
mikes the following remarks in ,a letter descrip
tive of French newspaper literature
"The effect of the law requiring each newspa
per writer to sign his articles has not been what
was predicted by the press. No bad comuqience
has followed. Greeter decency of • tone has
beenrntroduced, andthe political articles are pre
pared with Mill greater care. The necessity
each journal is now under to publish the names
of men of character .and ability among its edi
tors, and the unwillingness of such men to en
pose themselves to danger by imprudent articles,
or to discredit by false ones, have, certainly con
tributed to the elevation of the press. Serena
men of talent, heretofore hid in the obscurity of
the caimans of a large journal, have estsbllshed
their reputations on solid bases. There is also
more liberty of initiation allowed to individual*
being personally responsible: for their articles,
they enjoy the liberty of saying what they think
in their own way, without regard to the poll-
tics! direction the proprietors wish to give to the
journal. . .
°Each of the principal papers has from twelve
to fifteen editors, among whom the different de
permeate of labor are distributed. La Pres,.
employs as regular editors fifteen of the ablest
writers of the capital. These meet;st a certain
hour of the day, in order to hear such articles
as are considered important, and discuss the Me
of policy to be pursued in regard to subjects of
The San Francisca papers publish intelligence
from Oregon to the 7th of June. General Lane
had been elected delegate to Congress by a large
majority over Mr. Wilson. The branch of the
Democracy friendly to the late delegate, Mr.
Thurston, (deed.;) bad been routed in almost
every county in the Slate. Party lines were not
mum/1y drawn, the Whigs and anti-Thar/ton
Democrats uniting.
The Portland Times of June 7, says that the
Superintendent of. Indian Affairs for Oregon,
Anson-Dart, Esq., left In the latter part of May
on strip to visit the different Indian tribes in
the Territory, accompanied by a suite of eleven
persons. He Intends visiting the Wallawallas,
Nesperces, Flat Heads Spokane, • Carguses,
and the several tribes in the vicinity of Puget
The Oregunian of the same date, says:
" The party of immigrants, commanded by
Capt. Goddell, whom we noticed last week as be-
ing near the Dallas, have arrived at this city.
They munbernlnety-eight persns-- having two with twenty-five wagons, and about two hun
dred and fifty head of stook. There are several
families, among which are sixteen females. They
left Salt Lake on the 28th of March, and arrived
at the Dales May 29, making the journey in 62
days. •
The health of the company has been good
during the journey. They were attacked by the
Indians on Snake river, but lost none of their
party. The Indians kept up a fire across the
river upon them for two hours, which the emi
grants returned, killing several Indians during .
the fight."
The crepe are said to look remarkably well
throughout the whole Territory. The.nnustud
quantity of rain which has fallen this epring
has placed them in s somewhat backward state,
'yet everything bids fair for an abundant harvest.
The steamer Sea Gull met with an accident
after she arrived inside the bar, at the mouth of
the ver, on Saturday, the 24th of May. She
was beached at Astoria, repaired, and ledt.Port
laud on the 7th of June for San Francisco.
A lump of gold worth $3,300 has been found
la , Shasta diggings.
The Star, heretofore published at Milwankie,
has been removed to Portland. It is now called
the Greve Weekly Times. . ,
• Tim Hosts or Taser..-11 ow easy it is to be
neat!—to be clean! How easy to arrange the
thorns with the moalgracefol propriety! How
easy it is to invest our houses with the truest,
elegance. Elegance resides not with the uphol
ster, or the duper, it is not in the MCIIIIieN the
aupetings, the rosewood, the mahogany, the can
delabra, or the marble ornament% it exists
thespirit presiding over the chambers of the
dweMng. Contentment must always be most
mathl it sheds serenity over the. scene of its
abode it transforms a waste into a garden. The
home lightened by these imitation of a nobler and
brighter life; may be Wanting' in much which the
the discontented desire; but to its [Dhabi tantaitis
a police, far out-Tieing the Mallet In brilliancy
A furious hued 'Cane. acconikausied by torrents
of rain, took place in the environs of Charkoff,
Russia, 00 the 13th of lane. It occasioned k
fearful derastation : all the corn, the gardette
and fields are datroyed. mills have been thrown
down, and, btidges and elders carried .away.
Several persons were killed. - The hurricane
lasted two hours and a half: the dsmsge is esti
mated at 21,000 rubles.
Wallh Gaulle:
. .
411. Burros—As a correspondent in your
paper of thel9tir instant, has referred •to a re. -
marhable erealtm of the Constitution of this State
by Chief Judie, Gibson, who is at present a
candidata fur reitppointment by the people, it is
right and proper that voters should hare plain
and truthful statement of the transaction, so that
each and every one tosynnderstandingit firm a
Just estinutte of the candidate's purity and Co,
• 'tiled Constitution, which was ;signed
The einem
n the MI day of February, 1838, and went - into
cVg l ‘ i srl thrut e cial la t i c ' e ds7 e
fgm 'l o m e7n ''
18 1 3 1
to a term of fifteen years, deprived the Governor
Of the power of appointment unless confirmed by
the &nate, and so graduated the expiration of 1
the commis:4ms of the Judges of the Sipreme
Court. mho Amid be in office on the let day alienist-'
ary, 1839, that the commissi o n bearing the earti
tei date should expire •on the Ist of. January,
1842, the next in 1845, the third in 1848, and ,
the two last in 1851 and 11354;-thus,; at the. !
adoption of the Constitution, . j .
• Anointed. (..expire
John B. Gibson, June 57; 1816, Jan 1;1842
Molten C. Ro Aril 15, lEd Jan 1, 1545
Ca_ Ruston,gers,
Ap p rill7, 1820, 6, .
Jan I. 1 848
John Kennedy, Nov, 29, 1630, Jan 1,1861
Thos. Sergeant,. ' ' ,'1833, Jan 1, 1854
Had Chief • Justice Gibson held office on the
Ist day of jarosary; 1839, under his commission
of 1816, his term would have expired on the let
of January, 1842, and hie reappointment would
bane devolved upon- Govemor Porter, '}by and
with the advice and consent of the e."I - ' •
After the eigning of the Conatituti ' and be
fore it went into opmtion on the let January,
1889, he' resiped his commission - 1 -1816 to
Govenior Ritner, and received from Um a pew
commission bearing date 1838, not requiring Con
firmation by the Senate, so that onthe let of.lann- 1
ary, 1839, he was in office under the Wert corn•
mission lastest of the oldest, thus adding twelve
years to his own term by deducting three years'
from the respective terms of his brother justices;
for on the let of January, 1839, their Commis-1
atoms and expirations would stand thus:} - 1
. a.. maims
Molten C. Rogers, Ap=l926, Jeal, 1842
Chas. Huston, . April 17, 1826, Jan 1,•1845
John Kennedy, Nov. 29, 1833, Jan 10848
Thos. Sergeant, 1833, Jan 1,1861
John B. Gibson, - : 1838, Jan 1, 1854
From these facts taken -from authentic n sources
each one may and ought, In temperate spirit, to
draw his own conclusions as to the 'mond sound
ness, purity of intention, and Integrity of-pur
pose of the Chlef Justice of Pennsylvania.
Corrapandenct of Ms J3ostos Trardller.
coinutugons.--scesarr or WATER.
. . .
The subject which most' occupies public atten
tion in this city at present is the scarcity of wa
ter. The prevent distress Is very great, and the
prospects for the long summer, upon which we
have scarcely yet entered, are sadly .ominorts.
We have no. Croton River or Cochitnate Lake to
pour their 'refreshing and unfailing: streams
through this Metropolis. Aqueducts there are,
it Is true, constructed hundreds of yews before
Turkish feet ever trod upon this soil, and they
still answer a most useful purpose In! ordinary
seasons; though even under the most favorable
I circumstances, they never half supply the wants
of the capital. The water Is brought! from the
vicinity of the little village of Belgrade, about
fourteen miles ditant. 'The face of the country
around that village is uneven and broken by deep
ravines, and covered with forests. Illeasive dams
of stone have been thrown across several of these
ravines, so as to - Collect the water when the rains
fall, and thus extensive reservoirs informed to
supply the squeducts. It la s well observed fact,
I believe, that In and around Belgrade rains are
ordinarily much More frequent mut abundant
than anywhere else in this section of this conn 7,
try; and it is still - • debated question moot
philosophers, whether the forests there (which
are found nowhere else in this moaster,) are the
cause of the rains, or the rains the cause of the
forests. The general elevation of the land does
not differ much from 'the general level of the
country hack .of the Bosphorous, and there are
no mountains near.
To secure a folleupply of water, a large pro
portion of houses, especially In the quarter of
Pent are provided with large under-ground cis-
torts, 'built of masonry, and lined with water
Cement You will see from these statements
how directly dependent we are upon the rains of.
hearer for this teetotally article. Our rainy
reason it during the winter months. ; We hare
.occasional rains through the month of May, but
from June to near the end of September our sky
is almost uniformly clear.
Now, during the past winter rerylittle rain
has fallen. Our cisterns are empty, 'and the
grestreserroirs are likely coon to be dry. Al
ready sire poor people beginning to enter great
distress, and the prospect is, that before sum
mer is ended, if some ruisemonable reins depot
come. (which will then be quite in season,) the
rich will suffer as well as the poor, for money
cannot purchase that which Is not. Even now
many families are paying Large sums daily for
the water they use. Water carriers are travers
ing the streets continually, with their horses
loaded with small casks of water, brought from
some distance in the country. • Their cry of 84.
kar!iczkar! (water carrier! water carrier!) is
heard from morning to night, and to my ears, it
has become a most dismal Roan& If God does
not send us relief, no one can predict what mis
eries will come upon this gnat and thickly pop
ulated capital. ,
Onowisas.—There is a class of men in every
community who go about with vinegar fates, be
cause somebody feels above them, or because
they are not apprecisted u they should be, and
who have a constant quarrel with their destiny,
These men, usually, have made a very grave
mistake in the estimate of their abilities, or are
usual ligated uses. In'aither case they are un
fortunate. Wherever this fault ending with
one's condition or position recurs there ies„ al
ways a wont of self respect. , If people deipise
you, do not tell it all over town. If you are
smart, show it. Do something, and keep doing.
If you are aright down clever fellow, wash the
wormwood off your face, and show, your good
will by your good deeds. Then, If people "feel
above you," go straight off and feel above them.
If they turn up their cusses because you are a
mechanic, or a farmer, or a shophoy, turn yours
up a - notch higher, If they swell when they
pass you in the street, swell yourself, and if that
does not fetch them, conclude very good Dater
edly that they are unworthy your acquaintance,
and pity them for missing such a capital chance
of getting into good society.
Society never estimates a man what he imagines
himself to be. - He molt show himaelrpossessed
of self respect, Independence energj to will and
to do, and a good sound hea r t These qualities
and essession "will put him through." Who
blaines a man for feeling above these who are
degraded enough to go around like babies, tail
ing how people abuse them, and whining because
society will not take them by thecollar and &rig
them into decency? We are tolerably humble,
in our way, but we do feel above such folks, and
respectfully request them not to speak to us.—
'Springfie4 Republican. o_
i/ITLOI9CI OP LISZILIA i s AlllC , fie=rhe LOU
don Oracle, speaking of the Influences of Libe
ria on Mrita, says : .
Liberia, of two years growth, is alone, at this
moment, worth more than all that •has een ef
fected by the European race in Africa in twen
ty two centurie,s. •
What a high compliment that tfithe Coloniza
tion Society! Yet we have fanatic' among us
who dfaxounce the Society, discourage emigration
to Webs, and insist that the free colored pope
baked the United States should stay here, and
here work out their political and sodal eleva
tion! Such advisers are the very wont enemies
to the colored race we have among we Colded
people need never expect in this country to be
placed on an equality, socially and politically
with the whites. Not one in ten thousand 'of
theta can ever expect to occupy any potation
than each as they now occupy. How much bet
ter for them all to go where their political and
social condition will be alike, where equal pri
vileges and equal rights will sleeken ambition
and enterprise, and encourage them to carve
their way Jo distinction. They can be some
thing there—elevate themselves in the scale of
humanity—regenerate their race—while here
they can be nothing but an inferior, and politi-
cally and socially plegralled race. , Suppose ad
vice similar to that given by the Abolitionists of
this c o untry to the free =grecs here against
emigration to Liberia,„lutd been given to the pit
grime who embarked on the Mayflower and
ed at Plymouth, and others like them who left
the old world on account of religious and other
oppression—euppose they had been told to day
at boon, that that was the place of their birth
the land of their nativity, and that there
they should conquer the prejudices against them
and work opt by their own right arms, with the
assistance f.of the Almighty,, that equality of
rights for which they conteaded?—arould we be
the great nation we floweret Let the free blacks
of this country Imitate the example of the. Ply-
mouth emigrant l, let themgo and founds nation,
uhpre they can earn out for themselves an em
pire, and where no distinction of .color will deny
them political and social distinction, That, we
are satisfied, is the only hope. To fellow the ad
vice of the Abolitionists and remain here, is but
to continue their_ degndation.---Cia. Genii..
A ttoi-dondo . incident occurred a few dos
ago In the court of the Tribunal of Filidsiere,
num Orleans. Wlllbt an advocate was pleading
the judges, prectireur of the Republic, and reg.
ietesr suddenly disappeared, as dowis a stags..
trap, Theelerated flooring on which they were
seated had suddenly given away from the rotten
ness of the ettpporters.
dweePors or . Gewluts.' Jacesoz.:—The Hos.
;;. who wee $ 'Baptist preacher and
Lieutenant Governor, had at one and the same
time bean in the service of the Lord, and of the
'State of Mole, dimming dissatbdied with the
bosom er profits, or both, of the posts he held.
detensdned to resign thine, and devote his time
and talents to the assistance of the administra
tion In Carrying on the general' government of
the counby.. Accorlingly, he , went to Waabing
ton, andlildhis issebeforethePresident. Resta-,
ted his pretensions and his wishes, narrated, ati
somedeagth, all the prOminent events of his po
litical life, dwelling especially upon his 'untiring
devotion to the Dernotvatlo Party, the sacrifices
he had submitted to, the exertions he bad made
in its behalf, and its consequent indebtedness to
him, but Bald not a iord of what he bad done
for the catuie of religion. Gen. Jackson heard
the clerical aspirant through In silence, and af
ter musing a moment, put the following question
.11r. 11., are you not a minister of the Goa.
"I ism, sir " was the reply.
"Then, sir," said the - General, with his usual
quiet dignity, ",jou kola already a higher offiee
than any in raj gift—an office, whose duties prop
erly Performed, requires your whole attention;
and really / think the bed that-I mile for you
will be',to leave you :at liberty to devote your
whole time to them, for, from what you tell me,
1 fear that hitherto they have, been somewhat
Phapot's Synod at Exeter has closed lb
sittings after adopting the declaration of bap
tismal regeneration: Dr. Philpot solerinly ex
claiming, at the termination, "God be praised
Of come the moderate clergymen of the diocese
haying declined to attend the Synod, the passage
Of the deelaratini, or aluicest anything that the.
Bishop required, was' tic be expected. The
Bishop has refused to admit another clergyman
to preach in his diocese on account of his not en
tertaining opinions to the Bishop's mind on the
point of baptimeal regeneration.
A series of hurricanes had swept Ceylon and
the eastern coast of Intik, occasioning as far an
yet known, the loss of sixteen vessels; among
them were the ship Cobuobo at Ceylon. and the
barque Emily at Madre. Serious- apprehen
sions are entertained for the safety of the steam
er Bombay, now six days overdue from Ceylon.
The storm extended ixonalderable distance In
land, and pavan end to the scarcity of water
which prevailed at- Madras, - by Ailing all the
tanks them_ 'The stbrm did not reach Barabay
or the western coasts, but a hurricane, probably
one of the same series, diemaeted several ships
The Stockholmjournals announce that the
King has homed orders to the Post-office depart
ment to get ready the panket steamer Nonkierna,
for the purpose of conveying between 70 and 80.
manufacturers and intelligent workmen to the
Thames, In order to visit the Crystal Palace.
The vessel is to call, from Gottenburs cm the
lath of July. The travetlets will be allowed a
fortnight's time for their excursion, exclusive of
the voyage...
His Ifoaces the Pope continues a bold course-
He hae just concluded an apperi to the &Mad
throughout Italy for funds to build a church to
St. Peter, in London, "In a line poeition in one
of the most majestic streets" Its government
is to Win the hands of "a congregation of Ital
ian secular priests, 'founded at Rome, that the
Roman spirit may always influence the same;"
and 100 days indulgence is to be granted to
whomsoevershall contribute any rims to promote
It has been discovered that the Indian Ocean,
bantering on Madagascar, abounds with vbales
and grampuses. A FrenChbarque has therefore
been tilted out for fishing in the Mozambique
In the neighberhoski of, the Crystal Pekoe.
there is exhibiting an , Ayrehlre gigantic oz,
weighing I ton; 7} met It is appropriately
named ALezender the Great.
Letters from the Perugia, in the Gionuit
Roma, ripest that a woman bad been sent/Deed
to twenty lashes of the whip for having insulted
some men who were quietly smoking cigars.
Three clergymen .of Glasgow haie began to
preach in the open air on Sundays, and are
said to have bad numerous and attentive au
A thousand hogsheads of ale sod fifteen hun
dred of potter, are about to be sent to Bengal,
for the nse of the European
. troops, in order to
supersede spirits.
Petroleum 1
. garmarzenta, Hontleldon ee. - . Harrtit e 'it •
& H. Into-Does 61r. 'lrene la retina lam!
aoe In thu widsatr; tt.alr4 woald Womb r0.0....4
a. two derby de Peassylraala Itafiroad. Wa are err
Ural, eta, and It la Wag for alnamt rem day.
hone, respretrally. JOHN LONO • Oa.
Hammux Ashland /lamb
0. m Hun.:—Dear Mr, low Airaat. a km weeks alms.
left nith ea lbw down Reck OIL • bleb we bare sold:
nem trawl to as Az down bentedbdalr. .•
low meiklae to bnaltble wooden In thla ration. We
ma obtain small emellant renblestse. rall dram them
Tours. Ate., . W. W. torn.
For Isla b . ! . gainlf 1 Mangan. 140 Weed Moron IL N.
Falk., II Wood atmeb D. V Paluaretork. t Co. MINN
Wood inn heat stria* D. 11. Curry. D.. 11: I.llion. Joaelb
Dooglamend It. P.Sebnarts. Alleabary. vA bl Ina pm.
prteter. B. M. LINZ,
aittlelamlP Canal Dudademetb Plttsburala
LIE!, OIL ABOVE WATER...-The skit tun an all a
goodfrrodiela by trying Ilea quith es Dr. an all • gad
dinnir by eating It. And nom man trite It. and flab it
nae. It nal dearer the japidatty pith the whole ear.
Your..* barcethoe matiothe fattoyeladar ye maim It
paean realty entatential vlstoes, tree 6=l'o bed *bete
of valid objection; god IS Y this gantlet hr.t.bUtbed
the aputatka of 'BOB'. Oonthottal gluid'thlract of Bar
amine.' beyond all mil or _d/spate. It. action than
the human striae Lela nwordabee with Miami and Phl
iceophthei prinekidee-lei prieneeef the ream atartione
and exertions of the body, removes obarnolions, Mohan
loath' and diseased matter, streagthate the Mama
and dthealve oratas. masa nar, pure. sod healthy
Woad, and regulates the nacos awaken of the digerati
mane of the body. This Is all peribrine . d without the
lout dlnirff Ohara, the preperation being us - as It
le egicedone. It may be thought by the eta:4W. that It
purport• b cule lint many diresees, but upon exaselna•
tion. It .111 to found that • i•••• majaltr of lb. dire
e whkh afflict the health family originate tit an impure
ante of the bleed: boot deceived. then: by other Sar
marinas being alined you by 'ay molars of otoluees
and rata preperatka . a enbaltute for the origial
John Bore BaraterLUat 'fhb nimbi. preperattat the
proprietor earrents to b• superior to el *them
Catenogr-Bean eh for the original Dr. Jam
I Dutra thresprogia Jim Malady-lux! boy. tomb, Bei
alvatteement on another Me.
algaiderther Wholeale i HAW agent.
Foreign and American lb:dyne; •
No. 129 Wood Street ,
LA fall adrompistatocker /PONIJONAND AKINICAN
ghatolga 4 Aar that wing trade, and which they an impala
• to offer to porchweeta. a rum au will mws
[acrobat with sot of thw oast= dbloo.
Citizen's Issiunu= Company of Pitts
No: 41 Water etreet, in the Wareheuee ore. Q.
0.0 Ilesser. PreSilent...:-...A. W. than, Seer.
Thu. gag prepared to insure all manhandle.
In store. and lo Unuidtu. yawls, in
An ample guaranty tbr the ability sad Integrity of the
Ingtitutice, le envied the character of the Directs's.
who are all citizens of Pittsburgh. well and favorably
known to the community Ibr their prudence, Intelligence.
sad Integrity.
Drescrogs—(l. Q. Mosey. Wm. Parsley. Wm. Luse,
Jr., Walter Dryant, , Ittuth L.. Mug, /Award Deasieton.
John Ilanwortb. D. liarbaugh, Sit. high apatt
Pittsburgh Life Incience Company
President—J.3s 5. Hon.
Via Presideut---BAsoct. lleCumux.
5 Trouruter—Jonr 1.30 L 105 B. LISC2I.
Pcortarr—C. A. .
Siff!. solverthoment 10 sootbor Wrt of tb/5 papa.
ie.. Miens .J. KIDD CO.: We wish te in
rum you that we lute a..kl all of your Worm Ilpselhe ye.
kit with W e with you to head oa aortas mono as soo •
W. eren general eatbdaelkaa. bars. We
have guar ralla for It elate as hare tom out or the ant ,
ele. 1 has sopereeded ell other prom/law In this come.
ty, and for this rearm ae erleh to keen manly on haw.
Adelphl, Romeo., 0, Feb. Id, ISIS.
The elves Y cme of the hundreds of ehnlLr comment.
wt., sada, the proprietors of Ibis medicine see daily la
ceivlng. Where It bee been Introduced, It Us rmsme the
most eoPelsr remedy le me.
ford. 14 • J. KIDD • W.,
1114deleltd No. 03.*00d et.
Stir The greatest remedy of the ago seems
to be the celebrated medicine ailed 11.0. Farrell's A... 1.
an Liniment It le used ae an erternel eppliaol.6
said to nasals MOSS wonderful quatiro Mk hollow quiet.
log pain, restoring paleled limb., do. A friend bad • meet
orrery bruise, which threntened Mortification: he bed used
aurora roturd.l9 to no effect, when he erla ethleel to ter
O.O.Farrell's Arabi. Llobitent, one bottle of which en:
tialr ourni him: We bare no doubt, from the extetit of
en. iejory," but to. this earelient medicine, he would here
bad Weak.= tlme of It. Bee s4verLiseausa. ' iy2J
Greenwood Garden.
tCHOICE collection of Shrubbery, Vining
ltoeck , lhurolarrzMunny;ltcree t berry, IllnitenG,
cesTag l eoretameut yards r eatit ' ll%cic eil . M.=
Oneurcod Nursery. AO Omnibus eaves then comer of
Market aid FIR, rittelmes, rrrry half hour for
the linden. In Creams ant other refreshens:lts marvel op
Jo thin akorm
Wen pp , plifot, West Mauchnter.
dl ,yrkif " man " l. ;Mani.
(Poet sod 1:XopotrO ow.)
Bemimed. -
RENNETT, BERRY & CO. have removed
.to OATmt Virsnatotme,arner of elmieery Wm sal
amt. 13r2Lif
sill deliver s tllessiZe be the testa of the Went
egtsl. is the Gators sup“..b.
eteolos, the .311 s last at o'clock.
lettaltelott , ZS testa. J
"'~ 4uddi
10 bales Oottotg
,24 ,6 tv
04....g ,r.u.
..t. 5....4 to settee for ale 07.
• . inatan DICKEY a W..
144 Weter and front et.
ICentanky Kauai Life kinu.sumxi Compel*.
Gum:LINTY ITN% slockooo.
VCOMPANY offers to the insured_all
meraritr sod estventeme of the Madre =diet=
now weersteseresorsee) emoteinid.timiortVers
Wee of Fresh= ms 00001 return hi oath of per
~,•tcsre molted Es the i t mil= Ask of the ream so
edwitante. bet arat irstemin tar the More mew
...gbmi Gar the w term of Ilk. Ethan shalt.
lat. Wawa ito.the semannletinst fond emend to such
nacmhere , pigtails et death, hi amine ohms their
,aerenty final desisted torthe hermetical liecarl P Vs
Omit to= to.mDen, sod also fot tee hamar seemity of
those lbr the whole term of life.
itirtlits ths oat, linassi Life losarstwe Compsay
rates of Malt m ate lard at • litlx Maori stamp
cni, with • provision for ea annually tneressing memo
baton of Imide (for Wore noway) la etwa Proterthait
the amount of business 104 the Incroulost risk from ed.•
vaticlopir Cs the minsihne.
rem Irmo, se=r
aid the ;am sad
rates o the petty, f d ie d ittalicatkom
t.s Worsen, received hr ititarrr, ay.e.
tp Wood street. Ylttsbamb.
fissust Darnaero, Zeikel itsaminer.
Jr24:l, (h).
13,000 Acres of Land for Sale,
in cultivation and cleaved Dinar. Ilintatona. ,IU
ow. Ent OM on nceto tact. •
3.000 Batley county. a/ocut U.
log mon, beaten Ilnymony end Butler. Apply to MM.
latthllo. la Sullen or B. Mow. or SpOotn. non k Dahl'.
Al lll.tth; logos Qum Eysztabluit.
7,POU Acres la Beaver and lawornac count/to. Apply to
11. !loom Nov &lion. • • •
3.000 Anus ha Irkod nounty. Aga , .1.4.
i10a1.1114 Yanllon. ot . CooatoAt'
1111 e.. • rzt,waSicll
ilosquito ,Bars.
laitv!kast recei donecase of Waal' Net.
P"`,24 ' ku ' " 5 11VOrri, ganef.
OCK POWDE ' 00 kegs for sale by
es for sale by
The only fad Ni York Plumbing &tab.
• • ent • •
WHERE work. done on Scientific }kin
arid warranted.
Intle and litaaracat Plummy, hi all its brava...
! ". 1:11! tit= rlth d a= fr ,, io I. $ l5
if to 20
Wash 6 to SU
Maks. , sccdscs or Iron.. ..... . Y to .
Leer Pompµ
Michela harcra, Cast hoc licalec% Raab Trays. Hot Alt
Furrimems, aud Lead Ilya, turulabsid mai pia OP at ahm Icir
cattca. •
Pure. and Yard Pampa. Hydraulic nams.coustant
ip o n aral.'and put up at bur dlica In the country. .
Readying pulactuallr atrauded to.
PIL - 2011 WILVY,I2S First at. '
1721 batman Wood sod Harkat
Farm for Bale.
A VALUABLE FARM, in Versailles town
?...hzegr4r,z7,l,loll74l`Argir. P = l olt h •
tabling about tilVtlf.X.lollT ot Cult IVA land. Co
winch anugood Iraprorarnonla—la droned Pr pia Co row
Kimble tartan Title lodlanntabla. Far furt oooUoo
WI apply to the subscriber. an i. inno , laa.
• Jy24.1r.5043 Tartla Creak P. O.
Ana: qy County, 88:
• Naos Jokuton u. Aiierrep Mater.
District Coug, : Ven . d.
• $.
'And now, !V IC July 191141861 Lon mos
tim of Mr, T. dittos. Attorney tot Plato
Vole7s . ")ll lk ir. Y.
tig t ell u s th ier . tot to distribute the stuldt
illiertilled hula the Bseard.l
• Oita e. HAYS.
All persona lutererted W I kara to tats 'sale* that lb.
auditor above uantai till attend. foe the purpose of hie
aprolatoteut, at the ogee of Told A Utuitly N>744 Fourth
meet, Pittsburg:, co Saturday,. ibe 221.1 day of Amy=
boat. at: o'eloe P. Al, of tbat day
.jr/leleteat C. B. ICANISH, Auditor.
Wanted to Purchase:
STOCK of the Beak of Pittsburgh, or
Ifereboute and liumfoffUrere 1311411. of Plthbweb.
Extonlro of • W. IL MU RPM, .
37411.1201ter corner r?itrth W Ifarkot
VI:MESE—WO boxes prime, for sale by •
PEARL ASH-30 bble. for eale by
INSEED OIL-33 bblet. fur sale by
• irts
SALERATUS-125 boxes pure;
• 40 bbla. Le rah by
JyF... J. a C.Ab VIILD.
LAKE i'isll--10 bbb.. - ifblieiil: •
• s
10 bbla. Lake hout
6b4 " " " 0.0. elf by
B _
vexas-361z. Marietta, fur sale by
j j 9J.ll CANFIELD.
B — ROODIB - -50 — dos. for sale by
'DOT' ASII-10 casks for sale by
Jr= J. B. C &MELD.
1 New Books, Just Rewired.
VAST: a Problem; reprinted with curet%
a dope sal 44Mb:cr. by the izatkor of Altos Usk..
lary of Cleopetro.ttoeen of Egypt. by Jamb Abbott.
104 sous.
Cekb Mkt • Ta. of the POritaas. 1100.. moo.
- Lowborn a tab: by Atom LL.Doory. author of - Mends
and Fortune.." Pop. and mos.
..trgv't limbo:Om' Weems and Ittrimen . Jahr
i. irrnes . Diitswat atdell. englisa work am ire
1911 BOAttlbe Itevolotieso No. H.
.J. 94 .11 6 no re Itebo 1. o f==tee l at...
moo edited bl awn V. KM.. lea. mem
Fee sae by J. IMOD,
79 Apollo 6aDdinia. Pairth
/CIE Pennsylvania Railroad Comp:ll2l,x
doubt with th at regerdfal an of Mooch/1e la
• at animal/ dietusgaldue al Mar opersthaes as
real. that "the canal cannot be la mortise(_ardor lbr eft
W. take *waft la la lhot avaperth
that vs Mum bow much they vUI b by almo..
ledge of the troth) that the Wary t anal le sot a
gnus—that .11 daroage. tall Ito repaired by trevamtursm
apt some injury a NM creek sad Piper's dew. which will
mmlre • week large. - •
We are kw the omen' Valais Me raboada bethous
Jolththsva eat PhUadelphla., ad an Ptheatad id twat*
height through la
TS pars. •
Y the rates of tbSo Ultras&
ewUUHaa taz=bsZtigtz . 6 211allys Sid ship t l y
_Pam. Oblo Lbw;
OD. Leech & Lbw.
W. BINGUASS & CO.. laughs:Ws Lbw.
379030 . •
. .
AW._.• • • lit
(iN MODERAM TERBIS—To be selt ,.... LE
1.. we sold, to be let for stoma ma%) and
ono Ist of Celebes ness..-e
very neer the Plank sad Rained, coosonaad eq. t=
Wend.. =
•rylflenr of MU o the
r Mosesa ri ty m, Chestiest onek,and SW comsette
omelets of aboat als or wren=
bevies • rallied - 0.1.1 0.44: b...• 4..b1••
robed bocur • nese em .mtr.. ork"
nee, of smolt every Wad. • Is well mussed,
sod situated ebeei three miles bear AI
_*gbeoi, ••41,..we
nt. Woe Slanehostrs, called 141:111.DA.L est w,er. VA4
Mniklerial j ebeee L V l : l)l tre '6"m g. u.. tu"o'wrght
umy mem entreara. I . & Euler, the . Iv
None osa wv them vuneenaterteg theirsisong. beauty.
/ 722-tr
Shirting Muslizir And Irish Limns.
K•RPHY&, BIIIIOINTELD have received
rarities . simply of impair, Starting Yarling rod
us. parttime! directly tram the estastafaitareer
Azi, etaoo,. - b ri edA , , , id e allazteLloser4c . yrtair. A=
st ragbag corner of lioarth Ilacket=is.
lyrl '
P IN BLACK SILKS—For Sdarfs'and
berkANNUAL MEETING of the Stook
hoklm ot lbo Uoth Amain, 11PaIng Couipsoy Ida
da of ekl
An theft o ot 2o clack, P.M.llSo N lo Pittsburgh, oo Idamelap,tho
y son; W. PALM/Lll.
July 1, MI. (fl P0n0(217.
Time Bilk
wui ttlie u Tioui v
eAsua ririoua
Will be pun:banal at bumble nil t , o uanis a co.
To Owners of Goods.
IN STORE, unetaletlfor, the following pack.
t rea t e . May. ..Pittstargh— ..6 Po.
prvir t Wiley
W. "
W. Ptirford.....
Owners ew reneudb rail end
00 0 r 03 as Qour B
• Ponnaylvanta 11.101 rod Yreisht , .ll‘
comer Penn and W alas ate. rrn,L.
To Druggists sad Painters.
Scrrtraart. PmSt stisrarlal by the Gold Medal of
u, ' Araerkan Institute. Rar possersdos ouraszhaff
miry of studs sod color. Th. sashafadarret or the aboy.
Paint Das pralarad the &OW atal
of Paris Green, that Is Jperinaneht, and that can Do
',about dstriso.ot to the shads; atal lue reduced INSW. ,
w+ to %warring ahlittidltr.
de f t= bb=rorthp.r. Urwn, potrba till ins cop.
0114.1 at Moved It. P. DIILLYIII3,
67 Wood stmt. •
} , LOUB-200 bbla Extra
W. Family, for sale
by YibY B. a ILtunilld
RED LEAD-5000 lbs. for sale by
Jrl9 • J. KIDDt CO.
`` l OAP-100 boxes No. 1 Rosin, for see by
kJ jibe ik W. lIARBMIGU.
MACKEREL -50 biAti 1,71.rge No. "
ao Dc - - •
• 13
Juort received wad fa
WATT & 04).
.INSEED 01L-1600_goll. for mile bi
14 1 719 is VEIII 6 C0.,60 WoM
tifI N CE STONE-800 lba.for sale * tz.
MACKEREL --100 bbls. Large Ne.. 3;
441 a. by 1719 68 W. HARLOW'.
SULPHATE QUININE-50 oz. for sale by
CODLIVF.II OIL-3 gross genuine ush
too, ma a Co., AI rat. by
DTei.cob Tomusend
Wanda. n
%Jr dor. fur sok by
CI-LEESE-54 boxes, on consignment 1201
landing, w...r<nr lISAIALII DICKST* CO,
Watar sad To., ra.
N°:..l,mA9Kw .
J . :4l .. F rer a bbis. foi
RICB-7BY the ---------- ;tieree or bbL for sale by
UTmEas—r. bbl. for ealo low w dos
..sissuarra. DICIEST al 0.),
JO, Warr and Mut W.
rum -2 eeroons Caraccaa;
4, euaiii.—,nu b..44 USY Bal k. , clueclue
"alrirt. __JY4brFET:ijK±-
American Hardware. •
,mtme Acepta. Jip, falatt 4..1,013i• dotal tram
agree tir Too, rrooo ..nMPOISmr , MYR , . the an
tendon of narbrare 'bads 03 ram . 003rh of Gran. n
egro.: darer no the mmtatretnnus. .eat 3r an ea I*
vorablo terms. .171100 m
• larm.
Tess MANTIFACTumuz, keep cop.
omity= hand eqTylp_t.k. eenal_eed
b.; 141 Wad drank
The underarm& hinter Ude day smcclated with lam
bhp so. JOHN Y. MULL!, conttnue the Warm. on
berototom at taw oki aria. ander tn. styl. of wIL
CULLY • CO. rbanktnl pr pmt fneort,M Mum r
prom tads and Mkt Waal= to the qoaUty.ot his jli.
OM. to swam sham of the Mtronard ntwnal7
stowed henKokae. WM. Mool/LLY.
SAL SODA--3000 lbs. English, for sale by
/719 J. KIDD & 03.
To the Deaf!
nEAFNEEtiu the bend, and all
.I.l=nrahle from the ear. speedily aft!
removed el pain or ineoneesdenm._h7
rr. assets', Primital Assist of the N. Y. ST. sisd Am'
nursery, and of 99 dab bepto mamma
his means fora few dare. The somber - Itlmportance atm
omes ender his can on Obi Pam Medt, amithe
meant of mown which attended hie treatment,
dueed hiss to expedite DU Worm.' ills mar ben mill &-
prod moth. ups oiscemsdaress. and It PUI be advisable
for Warsaw Ptah to commit blm, to make an early mi/.
pr. 11. mar be assaulted, shell further notice, is
Omar, armed belch dwelling heyorst the School Hume.
Thbteen years thee and shoat ondirtded stiontthas. to
the Manch of medal prectlce has enabled Ms to reduce
he treatment to sr= of mow as to and the
most coonresed and =Mos= am Veld by a steady at.
toOtton to tito mem prescribed.
The Mikming testhnoatab are imbmitted with confalenci.
They will th aw et lead in what atimation his prokasional
nualtheatkaut are held by some of the mat dirtinguithed
medical had the countrY. •
.1 havhe pleasure to meet Dr. Uutley In pat.
Ilea and have Mm led to Matra turnable opinion of hle
character. both In the profesdon and se a acananan..
• W. Path... MD.
Professor of Mary.~ eta.
nib prefer:lona Wilt= will lieo duly appredathd by
those who place themselves =der hb ears.. •:
Jo= U. Werrtsum, M. D.•
' • Pram= of Anatmoy. etc. •
.Pond my intercoms. with Dr. It trey,
y,.1 hare lissul
he OrpOrlsortit cornet and gentirmaiy
Taman= Mort.'
"It b a pheasant duty there my testimony la favor or
the treatment adopted by Dr. Hartley br the cum of &at
oms. The application Is =attended by Pain or Imams.
name, and its effects lama Lostannthecte.^ .
• . . .. . .
illanossllar at Lan,. El ..,d l m . bv i.. tn t i.
--4 W. ham known annul cues of
...I by him oithlbo mot IFy molts MU. lo a sock .
Übe muchisoun. and ma um numinous testimooldo
01 Mit oblil=moons lids =mat brooch of clui
m -Persons alined orlth.dlassons of CO. ear my Malik-
Mended 41. My a 14E1 to D. Ilatiory, Autist.'at No. bie
arch.tmot. a Mini. Ifs Is • wall .duod , prolog
'sional man, ond Milan paid youliculor on notion to Oho
mins oNeMint bm, hao so:mind from his skill and
copestones bettor zoom of **our orith Yds orlon. stille
do thalltkoor thcon which am bosomed b 7 phydelons m am-
oral prou—Divatch. . .•.
All ewes gusysinUal whom insifcmostion dom Mit isle.
1719 _ •
. - •
• Lateran . Dap* Tbird moat. the Pod Me:
11 Wye Book, ita eon=
15 PIRITS TURPENTINE--10 bbls. 11114
received In goad arch, and tar vale al the Drag Simi
is B. N. WlolllCrwalli.
14./ANTEDI—A young Man, acquainted
TT' with the Drug business, to r Diluols, Orr • au,'
drraur salary. Address . Druggia. at I.bil arm
Tfie uadeisigned members of the late firm
f WM. McCULLYL CO.. have We dike entered bete Co.
Partoenhly ander the ens of
" r the t roanahotorln■ all , ". of
• Vl= " strii us, AND WI NDOW UWE —
From their Io ealerkt. lo tLa twins. they flatter
Ihenuelves that they eau torah& erliegen In their Ihreenved
to any manntnetensd In the exult:eV eral hone ht . =net
attentbm to lonises kr unlit • aye ot use liberal patron.
nee entended m the old MI. By • division of the Btreh.
yr ere prepared to td/ f :U the orders with which ear
Warehonee. " = " lllllffr ' telcrer F
.14)RgIl x
riritWAY 1831. TUBB. WM AN.
ite.VING sold our Canal. Stock, and oar
Interest in otessaboats Michigan No. I and Beier.
of Claris Parke la dissolved. 'Either or ths sub.
at goehoner . Yu. are authorised to petits the tor
Acchetter, P... lair 11th.1631. •
1t0C11132111, PA.
AAtats &r Usko
rums }.ILK Lim in I.llmlank.
Mombasa Beanr u ang u ll4l66•Ap c 62..
Joax A- Caesar. Alma. PWAb.ll.b.
Rochealar. Pa, July' LtAb. ISAL
. .
TICE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore .eit
taiee botween the topficflgoo, mks the arm arol
sty of MILLLIIIMeCULLY itolo,olasolisaufoolarors.
I. ft& day 41011151•01 by IlfaltotSon and mutual mount.
Entor of lbw ondonigned IN authorised toyettio tbo sur
0,11313 of the old Orem. WK. McCULLY,
littoborob..Toly I.llbl.otkv3so9 11106. WIGHTMAN.
xi. cal work In his fut. kr
Cy cow who Iwo bowl vocal:it( os mob la Ihnlosay,Frwaw
wad Italy: who Woo olosAS, becalms MIL thaw .
..ileb welt acquainted With Übe eoltuto of goon* (dm ,
Cat of ves•tot.k. totoracbart.) as 4 also that of
obro tto bbotito. iflocatstoot), sot loam him'elftbetMtrW
-0o resin to bit occupation. no 010, dram plans Pm riow
• • est.Plamsyltoolotho
• Shoulder Braces.
QIIOULDER BRACES of the most ap
-1,7 provel dmplo loanletwro sal wally Wad,
sae of gm to salt WI who regal n thou gut need
mot 6r We, whohooolo and I,_by
t. Po. rev 67 Rona k
Candlso Cando/ohne, Tea Trays In sena. Plena
IL:l l a.t.i.,
_" '4. Wan quality Imo Salem
Wen gsmo& emu. UAW, Saw Tongs. mansfactur
.4 to Dam and • good assortment elvers cm hand, at the
W. W. W1L.5011
6 ;or— Elver Badth. 67 Marks% strht. .
Far Sale,
KtuiAKERY, with three_ years lease of the
oe. on stoma ,A l • Baer/ b.
fixtures nessessor S. , rdaluff • urge tsulasses. Ths
Oxxu WS. Sad ussuriessed - Is tits tom dam. Prim
km. Per tsruks sppir to BAIRD I litYnti
ylt 114 Hewed et.
LARD OIL-12 bble. for sale by
fri 7111313
$5 Reward. •
hails 01 Darbedsoiklo ■ nm, • null DOG. Wind
rDv. tbo tad of DM - body base ocelletli black.
Aol pmoo rotundog mkt dog shall maw Dos acme r►
sad—no poostlono slit to maks&
.1,14 . fia.llo Rotas strooL .
Freight received for all the Way Stations
on the Pennsylvania Central Edina
Ms, Atha J. Walt..
Jame Web.
Ihni6"'=o. J
.D. hi Wilma. •
J Z.sekkr. •
pantingl . L.
TPr".e.yrcro J. D. K.
Z. NUlikAtt.
A. IL Clark.
llaDdaylburiD. ' Y. A. &AM.
WM:Wan • iLAtodermal.
CColombia. lleder.l.l It *walk..
olom b ia. J. Wallower t Ho. ,
lisber. ILargash A .
Jr. limara
D Thom
ISM Creek.
tOVOri t* COLE.
canna of Pena and Mow Immix
USQUITO NETS, Blue, White, daa., to
6adu La. *on or
a annum a BURCEWLELD.
NiAT'PLAID OHiGIIAMS of .a supe r
for quality. Islay marled and .
, I laar, at the
sttr• of
FM IRON-150 tons Mill Creek Piglron
ZO to= Lem Crook do do
38 ton. Mods do d
000131x027 L 1 a co.
WINDOW GLASS 250 boxes assorted
dr.r. Is store Ix isle by
BACON -20,000 blds. Bacon, Shoulders,
N&RB' OIL-60 bb
it for aull:ltz,
UNDERSIGNED have entered into
r C E oo.pertererablp wider the Ina of lifflalf &LAW
Z, to tarry ea tWort ba PAPER IND RAU BEZIN
IL ,
at leo. • Maar , PratalaWata. abet, leer
keeabra • large adeortateut of Palmer. =Media& to
ben ea IbUova.
Wrlttff Puma Wore ad I•l7,_Ataatiota sad
Ilettle Pada Nd Note Paperg Wore sad 14.14.=
Folio Postytea. Whiting Papers. all dam
11•Afftre from 19 by 94 to 40 by 4a. L -
Colored and Zane Papers.a ,.. atetiesa sad &WWI ,
p ,. •,p 'a Potent Iffallla
ffel Whirs brew Paw; affeace sad ail/seises.
. m ad Cane IMWIIIS ased Come Paws.
Mathis Paperooll alma. floral, at ordors.
Waffled. Blue Mediate lead MMus Pa p o.
Tr. Sweet. and Colored bepewe Coaferflosars.
Itam Manilla sad e w e :rapping Yalims.
Wooer. Blodare.. Oap sod Trunk Bomb. •
Wblte =dila& Ka WS•4 Latta, Note sod Cu '
agents Or Mb. Potter OVs PfIINSFIL9' CARDS, la
and ebeeta, white ard renionrl dm, rot to
Also. Weir 011 t, red sad Pala ellae•.l Pawn
JOSEPH 81348 Y late a VI N. Salads Lf
N. & LAWS/A . 1 4 14W of No. 3 Mb= at.
N. 11.-4.00 to. of Bap to cerbaffee 6yta.h.
10 bb . 1.4 . GrosEEEK
4 LA*
....... ~ .
I n
1 . Wool: noir landlemper arsine,
Cape NM. IDslnds br 15.U.•11 DICI ES Wear StaT- • CO nt .
160 '
gASTBURY : a Tale
of ;, by Anna If arriet
Dro_ ,ry mammas " Mead. and /ottosea":.
o d t Bo B a d am W. beam or Malty aklt• to • ettisactrn
• Comotty la Ove actm by N. E. ulna Lyttoo.Bart. A.
Cm monoatt at ItemsWr• la th• A 2marao• of
ilar Mime, maul I.Us Bona Mahar
i t Th.
Ta. anima of 41,..0.1: • Akar a p.n.s *tag 1.7
B.\. Palk= eta. c. R&M! r ie loratlby
a ea
tern needed tt HOUTZ Userarr • •
wows the Peat Mks.
Etnewszto have received . to Illwatid"
Twilled Reath Cloths, ood
/Wok Dmb rIo, ter Swum WWI.• g /12
QSLAP-300 boxes Basin, Cin'ti brands, for
sa. by WU. IatEILLEY CCL.
he 15ead 2) Wood it.
COTTON-- bales instate and for saki bT
VOTTON BATTING-60 bales Family, on
vv emasanwas, mr We low aS
FEAVIERS—For sale 1.1
IPUrXBr,—/00 boxes for sale by_
j cmsr—ao bble. for sa=uFtionVidcrt,
N a na or Terme.. Cleeltketeßsi, JOT 14.133 L
VTRUSTEES of the Pittsburgh Gas .
o=i aeo sss,...u.d.LtisdraidezAltr.
sin:Aunt Hu Compsan pm= oal demad. at the
fed the Commer. • IL CHRISTY.
ICK—We have ovihand6o,ooo—
the ticartrfre Briet, warranted enatrie any lute
the Unittit /Rata, Ithich we will .11 low to tbs., the
• Ittmemt. VI'LLLINOror t CO. ..
4.!_ l g. • ---
Li mid amrfe Promo tu um—maZ
by *bid. all frielke Is Immune
tY Mthiste las be. than th•
V.... i. V0r sale_ mit Wr. larENV'er
,TWaselloamo. blartxt
lA` I • y '7l en, an ,e
I easatbs, au sale bT
eat a. P. VONOa NNUOIST It CO.
NAILS 300 kegs assorted sizes in store,
DRIED FRUIT-300 bush. dried Peaches.
GO do I
tar pee by ROBINKII4, LITTLX A CO.
YARD 01L-2A bbls. Na. 1 Bennett &
CALioniimaks, for gals by - BAIA LI InCEIT it CO.
..11111' Watts and Frani stmt.
WANTED--Land warrants wanted, for
V which the Blgbeat peke *III be even '
WM. IL6B ..41100
'll6 Exchange and Banging llama Yomth
114 L ER, 101 Third street, sign of . the
?if: I IISX P "tmVs j sr co:Vial POLKA. with •
brotlibl•lgoott• of th e Inca= (baFreletted an.
Jai x theMadke og e lk, B/comesr. , ra 1%.11 ,, M
roster's Imantlfal Lt. 4:;A:TITI?as
Abl, • supply of Isaac Tempers.. Glee Book. Ira
REAM CHEESE-51 boxen receivingper
Llm. for cid. JAUCS.DALZI,U.
.1716. - Ge W.torow4 TS /tont et"
VIRE BRICK-25,000 for sale by
liA?dS=Prime Sugar Cured; Venison and
Ilutton, Wed Beef end Beef Boniples, fne sale by
fli J. D. WILLIAMS It W.. 116 Wood et.
QUOAR--Loyering's Crushed and Pulver- .
Ind. New Orteatui, Loaf sad Claridod, br
.jyl6. . J. D. WILLIAMS t W.
EA—Prime to Extra Fine Green;
Pot oie 4T ` " ° ;Ti6 fi47DI iDVVA B IIIII . 03.
CANI)LES-11:1 boxes Star;
1716 .IJ.D. WI ANS uu
yiy i eeit-15 bbls
'J. D.
7, for stab&
lrtaFlSll—Mackeral, Salmon; Shad, and liar,
s. for male by D. WILLIAMS Cu.. .
Noted for. Three , Prime Articles!
bee thebisniond; fa noted for selling
The t A:
Tba best Km . WIN and
The bat inKNOII BRANDT; in Plllabnatat
Should }nu meet the latter no r znalidnal puma.. Mt
any fnUr &bawd nom ha purity. Jal4
Information Wanted. `.
tiSS ANN.:MURPHY, Into of - Dublin,
Ireltad,4labor to bear Irani tar rourdn. JOLIN
taw We* it Is =pooled, ha or sheitr Ilittbargh.
New Musie.
gp,-OLIN U. MELLOR, No. 81 Wood street,
has readred the Billowing new And popular pieces of
Penwell it eye ,. Oddest
...MT= .4
Welts Bentham:lAL hr Filet; •
•Le Sae veristionsby Holden: •
Cantina irrnses; by Voeit ' •
Be 0104 to di
he t loyal mew
jaw Linds Beessolins Polko ' •
tigneneding ‘ os Sehottith
I welcome thee lth Odor.
Ed otter Uwe ltd. hood ot snow
Tit boa. • tree, e'er the hearth; ,
Joys that we've tinted:
• " S ' alte " erigtc i6"'" ' Wcb th iroto •
Song of the Bain; ?nag • ,
Blanche am Limns NellY
dollar Boyl•tiesesC lesosy 141 . 1 d Poltw
Wt. fe hut a wits; WOlOO Wool Quiet WIC
toll me pet =mew Would I were with Ulm
• (iced Lack Yalta; Wand Bowdon haw -- .
Wizens are now the honew liztoWiTh Pont%
rx X
CHICKENING 'S PIANOS—A my largo dock on hand
sod arrising.
FISH -10 bbla. White Fish;
10 hf. bto. " "
:9 beds. taterro . u .
hf. toblit." tor web,.
.104 J. B. CANIULD.
., Islam Garb. Cheese. reed dad tar ad* by
, P'11.4 IiteCLOBD a OD.
ÜBLIBIE OLIVE OIL, in Fluke, the best
flask Oil Imported,Just seed sad fa ad. by
PAESI( MACCARONI—A very euperior
wild* just reed lad tbr wk by •
WIL A. ll'atrltLi OA.
J u l - zos Liberty et.
. 3uoo kejts Ilaatre • rar:e . rior Bluth=
10 tasks Emiety Poor: for solo kor by
J. B. DiLwoicru a co.
LARET WINE--Achoice article, forfanP
Or we. by tb• dmonal i ar, 05 :
LOVERING'S SUGAIL-00 bbb , . Cradled
and Pulveziard, far We by
1117 ..-d. CU LBERTEON k CO,
innor al N. ilszper Co.'s selstasted 143. mut
snore Forks, o i lbwr po IND sot for sslittgatero bY
.1112 ' • dxsat Ibr likrt=
PACKED TEAS!—Jenkins lk We (of
r011odelphls) sogrrfor rooked Orono sad Mier/rm.
lo errrT Twiny, ea at et U. be scrolled toorder, sad
warrardol W Sire IladUatN36.
ilia Aar% far J l eaM ' it Co.
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Louisville Tele-
FEW . .9llA.RErthis Stock vaatedit
Lb* Kariasrdre Ofllea of ' '
111 . A. WILKINS 2 DX
Conon' S
HAVE orders for te
the s.
Stock of vari
to sell srff ea, at seldr:ss
CHEESE— inn 30 boxes W i l k i w for saleutc&
FLOUR -300 bbla. extra Pun., for sale by
EACffES-10 (milks prime Marge. - for
by if 11 8. Jr W. ItARBAUGH.
I%TEIV 3IACICEREL-50 bbls No. 3,
11 sew Ittotkerelt tut molted and tor sato
.1711 • 8. W. ILULIIAUDIL
.e N. n't
ODA ASII-450 cooks, of our own MAIM.
foetal% wan...Ent at o Witt ten lbtm. tEtPtned4
be We al tbe bleat markateniew,_E
at. RE.W . • co.
• war /luta.
SA i lgOD4-200 Ig m for sA B I yy
_sa a s ca ke for
.1.16 br )711 onNarr.
HAMSHAMS -500 prime Canvassed, for sale by
- W. Minn VG IL
WOOU WOOL!--Oash paid for the differ.-
. .Mr' . g !" r / ". B. W. DAM=
CODA ASH— . IS eas , ks s f .
j :
TIOFFEE-125 each Green Rio, tor sale by
IrOBACCO-100 -boxer Manufactured, W.
- IL Gmrs t ltaneU Ik a. no c rar ix iMA N Mobake
1 71% 6 ' " 1. - Marty it.,
1110 • 4.B.SES-50 bbls. N. 0.. for ale by
J7l - 1 A. CULIIIIIMION Atl2o.
POTASH -20 casks pure, for sale by
Jill 7.0. DILWORTIt CCO.
; • ffiagaetio, Powder, •
WOR the Destruction e Of all Ended' Insects.
et=ll4"""' Ati"
im o k Aothilgt&j. =rots ao Ploos. Also,
Hold lad retail by B. r.. sitas,
710 67 Wag 62,;- •
CORN -500 be. Shelled, for sale by
1111 JAL DILWORI3I it 01
Communion Service. •
mu Bowls.:le, lb , tale br
JllO VI Market st..rorster of booth.
of Corne ll = Co.'. unrivalled mono
canterr variety. end =nulled to glee steed,
sad brillgbt. and entirely free fn. the deniers of,
tendlan the we of Coombe= and otter =bre.
4AMS--4 casks superior, for rule on eon
lreimst Sr T. W OODS • SOS.
TIC) f - CI Water A.
AIID-15® lbs. No. 1, for sale by
LA /710 T. WOODS f BON, 6/ Water Id.
t SODA ASII-23 casks Lotwich brand;
or oak by .lilo W. & 7. WILSON
SLOT - 11 kegs;.B=3.
I 9AF SUGAR-150 bbin. awed Nos, rot
rb br trio W. t 9. WILSON.
p:oWDER-400 k ge Du Pont's Bleatinp
lock ml s. 1. 4 .1111 Ibr br
• Jylo
FJ. A N - SEED 011,- 7 5 euskerrerraned pure
tn. sale er
J , y.. Arr . LT Wood R.
JIINIATA BLOOSIS—W tons for sale to
J clew ) eceslimmens, er t. naI JONDB.
Ca UAn,.
ST 0. MOLASSiS---3VO bbls. oak, for sale
SIL SYRUP-9X bbla. for sale_bj
• )110 W.: Y. WThEall
0. SUGA.H.--150 hbds. for sae b
lu W.* P.Pil
CHF.ESE-45 boxes receisiygperßidwell's
Llaa, and tar de br JANYW DALZKLL.
J 7 9 Di Wan, and 2 e YEW OM
Family Horse.
A LARGE fine looking 4 Sorrel
arKEREL-100 bbla. New No. 3 Large
aas - sal. or 24 br ivn. aaoatai a co. —
• We 16 and :11, Waal fft.
OAF SUCIARS--?00 bbla. sated Nos., for
sale by WU. 1110EY AL UQ.,
It. awl `X Waal A.
iaCOFFitS6O bags landing for
.ty . LA
PIPES -150, boxes White Clay Pipes;
Jr* - ,:tvn t r i r a rda v by
Yong Ladies' tieminary—Afttea37.
B.l4.obat= 11.1
Namr taa ft ir - I=. /or
mg, Ur 715:1X
41. EV. W. J. PETTIGREW begs $l3 intimate
thr4 ir t re d adirlt i = d a
/ 5 "T" .% fe.t,V.gber.u.....1 tha clanienta of he*
tam hu ars boardul taw Lou. and a strict
ant Ward.
d am
wham ccardia
rarZ r Adt a. The plan parttod. it 41 .'" thannt. " r.'r naget
Ur Manta of nom inrenta and caahliaaa reo :Ate to
mad their children or wards to aladdie artalaarr- Sad
dram.= Petanilian/a Aroma. .aartrati. Adana and
h... czar hic known on aholleatkaa. }o.lrln-
1851 aliaggag 1851..
Dunkirk and the Reis Railroad, amen:ag with
elan anatners vadat. kr* tbeMnh (Rand=
Wombat. and Cindunati. Cleveland and butebmgb,
rnadual and Cinetnnati Railroads, and tanutten as the .
Ohio and N . the event and Ohio, luau= and ..
" lIIIVX V MV111)171611.1111 AR FOLLOWS:
(donday. excepted.)
t o
Morning Rapren 'halo ex 6 *look.
Evaulng Mom.
.t 4
no 91611T:11n naps at rdnira. nben - tannagan can
enrol hour., and take Unit:seem train serivituWar
York next nectruing at 9 oUlookot the anon
br darllght.
Tin Xmas Preen and Cattle leaves Dentkirk at .
A. 1L daily.' aPannell. Car att ach ed to Ude Traits to •
aeosannodate . Way Paseenenra and Drover.
Was. from Ls idrk to .ttenr York. Beand Clan
mina will be given la • fen dant
This Ootoinny ese oragered to trauma 14* stock and -
freight. of all kind. to and inns in. York. _
Putnam attention rtll be pall to Brook Tha gauge
bdug El feet trids, glen this route great tetra s over .
mon Railroad. tn the innoutortation of Stoat
AlirAddltional Train. will be put in easesalnion Ink
"Wert bort '''' Thi•ft: * /. will be attributed, (Wu . (141 mite,
tars ln regard to the loin. of Pra#lll, as non a. they
S r =ifilllAll, Aar. Do e nklit TM.
y e CONSEQUENCE of the decessiof Johti
teyedeo., tbe parmership bersto/brevalstlngletweett
eliadeu t Coto&la he
alumina. Juba R. Cole la
nay authorised to loath the blind..s or the late am.—
all palms baling claims, Nesse man them lat
payment. . Pittaburstb. July 114
& Cu!..:••••••• •''' •
t r,
fllnceenora to MePanda
The business of the Agenej of the p
sylvanla Central Wrenn w leneefter be eon,•
ducted under the name and K7la
ouvopc icom
comer of Peon end %MN Straitl.
Pittsburgh. July tat.
e, a=.
lauwas." to Merlon a Coruka
Casa: Baths, Pests Streit.
Ponaa. Rail Road Co.—Caatral Rail Road
riLsubscribers having been appointed
i se soistr a t Lt• /hrimsylnials ar test o ll.:l , l
Cairo um ereormar ciercbamtim or endow 6r ablgareat.
Goals vls Mie mate will La embed Omagh Ill=
• rad all artudgoal tom arlll be Armenia f from of
Lea or sum kr Mut.. . • .
um co mum mixer tarciaarsii wrzurzsz. --
Dry (lads, Hats, nos, a77 .Cat.kmpa fe
Wormy. frulb. Yestbers, rumitare, Drop.
tra llaM vig„ ...w e.- 0 -
lestber,Otaur. SlamMalochr ' oat ' e j +.o
Oil.ow. vi
13" 4111 . O k r i brilieVall a i. - 1% 1 49r •
AAhes, trona) . Bodo, Getsoug CIAT.
00170D11 CO
tomer ' OOH
and Warn. xthata. •-.
Mantra, July 14.1861.—(179 . • ' '
• MIAOW 1851. MOM
r'e. Parket and Railroad Line to Ckeeraad. •
ASSENGRRS leave ever ] morning at 9
okek,' be vbariboat to Sonyvy, then br
ionalpocketo to Ravenna. thane by Ylflobonatood Ont.
bad mamma to Cleveland.'
To Ciarolond. Z 5 bozra. . To Detroit, US bo . otE
Buffalo, SO Cbbokyq aO.
• l'kkets given to
Ti Columba. and Xenia, by Cloveland .ad Cindragi
P.... Lara R. Detroit, CbiLtatl,
id Dl .11111makie, ham-
f 7. Fthx, gila=
Menemn at TM
and arriving tamer rming Chicago by stembat.
Del lon Inter In the Ohio river, Mimed. to Cirein•
nag, Rt. ard lisiena, mill be mach
Meager, and Ma. MI atm ,
C PARES, gruprivbsre, ..
Poi Utheb oe intent:tiers awl,. to .
JOB. i A. cAtiousr,
' (Tip lithe) corner of Pertltbffeld end Water Acreste,
orosite the hionoetthela Ilex=
Ot to . W. B. 11001113 KAN Urn;
Office mules BC Cbselse 1104, Wood street
Forty-six hcarra to Philadelphia.
Forty-lour hours to Ilaltimore.
281 miles Railroad-403 miles Canal.
Being fem./irons the mime delves- and 'port, ,..
aninerrai wi th piece - -
Two Daily Lines 'Repress Packet
POE Pansa3OES.9.) •
L EAVE PiS p irgh for Johnstown, thence j ,
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TpAGED BLANK BOOKS.--Blank Books; :1
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