The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, July 24, 1851, Image 1

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NOME ' & CO. ~ L awl ...OW." • ..a 11.1.itiw Za • tt. SAS. 1141112.--...11. Ir Sing-S. r. rash,--n. 8. swine.
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"L 1.; ' ' '-, - TEIMIS. r r -- l a =a Mote, earner of Weed street and Vine. alley. k-P, -....„....Dy =hand • eapply of the celebrated Roane
DALLIT-Eaversdillids - pe l etatuter_PeTale twit 7 .9 7 . • day.
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~ . s PWi e g t , . ...l i g= w. 4111.15 - r i g ii = lh A r eem for sale in the United beam. there =V
u„ .1 1, bares No. Od, wren of Weed sod n o m, b e teg well Mama to almiet alt persons who use
I " w w a r a ' - ------"-- "'" ''''. Fourth streets, IN h. Oasts will be nrilthllY rsst- vim Mick. lbw yealnielOre hem &tends= • that the
The peclet fovea= ChM to kewittninal In One
Mal to be tall so neatly In advance Nonni; Papers - 'DI ed. end forwards! with Mick ettell lam War of them present enviable reputation.
st• expense shall be spared to mite them even
bednt Mter the Tom earl..., =O. lil• . 0 .1 It Mt*. JUL E. Q.P.l.t.witst Wholesale Dealer in r i suratni they ham h avta*av Wen- 'Tills Is the only
iiiiiiiiiiiiinairthisch a 47 After =eat . Drugs, Mina.= 01b. V U de. a.. ant now tomiLsetering Ur. trick st nun*.
Klan .5 JONES.
mob: Canal talir,Sennth 4,P:talent ,
One Square (10 Linn of Nonpareil or leer
, . ..,,. ':',..„ t ra t 1=7,17,.. 4 3?o i ii s N. WICICERSELAII, Wholesale Druggist UTILMARTH & NOBLE--City Flouring
.... _ iv, * and Dealer la (beds am! Agriculture! Implement , . Y. MIA No 645 Liberty car of Admoe .t... Pithibuntt.
Oa. iO4 and UM Wood street, mem of Math. __,,
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_......- -.....-..emade mho= NICm. LAS N EVIAN, Civil Engineer,
Po - ,I,C a . - -.--....;•-___--......•-• .° °a u, :BRAUN & ItEITER, Wholesale and Retail Jar 5 1 5 . 4 . 1 " Prwilloti Dloirte nawst. DM.
els for the Patent Office. amigos of Deohl
threw entrant ' - . •00 Dreitillebhnonet Pr MOM' mai lit-Chill 0.- . 'Pitt . " amyl. ' Wain% Inks. dolling rillis,be- 11. r -is•
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- i'' ' - 'ithi' ."'"' --' r " . Wi 1 SCHOONMAK &R&D° , Wholesale Drag- A bat s---" 7 4 " • ': P .--- 111w lal aa- . Nmli...lly.
gi..,Do Carde r ' lb lines or Wm pfraittrtl^l s 00 - 0 Ide a. N." R oo d it. Pitinliiig. li. New, Coach Enetiry--Allegheny.
One Dollar Or men hims] line
One Ware, changeable at vivan (per en- n Op 'M. A:WEEITE & CO. would re.
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Pea pich odditenal muses, inserted our one meth, sad , • _ era setup= Laccek, Wee= isdend and bandeckr
for each addithmal eles..eelowsted ember the Mode mOr. we. warns re.- ..„...-....-elorota witowt. streets. They are now making mime rmimed to meet.
g W Sc Y., WILSO N, - Wholeesle Grocers and ardrn Ito da u nt es
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Annalimingesadidates Rag ottowtOtel Mn. Memo. 4 - .L. SHEE Wholesa l e Grocer , L•LL , -- , :bas wan articles in their lien ,
sa otherstertise . , . „ _,„ , . Ilerehant,ind dealer in Paper andltam . s.. mew rf py L th. atlcatlo et to the k•etion of materials,
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.„„,„ ~,,,, , QAMMEL ,P. SHRIVER, Wholesale Ora* *owns./ the While te thi. =doe " , 1
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Immediately connemal stile tents own • Oldness. and all a men ' i tiAGLE MARBLE WORKS, ( B
starsdames of sdmrthwments, in length or othenries. berMill reas s hudrosill..- .. . . .........-....-....sngra on
D. unit. engamsionll ba awed stc.t. V.
1 1ORN S. DILWORTH & CO,' Wholesale I,9„ b olegars.,ltils m o B ' 1,°,,,t krrni`b
all mob trelodmil. adverted
„:it =W. .. wt a "r cuww,, Probtoe and tlignmleion .illerchnta. art %wig, Tombs, Ileadsketer. to.; Mantel ll:Cm:Centre end
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pardes, wart,
and other public meOlugs, and awed et. Pittaboogh.
=Mt like. to IM Mattred 'holt ranee VOW. &auto is wt - rV. loshotros.l ... pi r. MAW, ---- - -- 7 ---- ---- -
I.IIIRBRI.WE & INGRAHAM Wholesale jparroußau COISIMERCIAL Cou,rar4
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akd or taarral Menasha. or °blown notkes„mul when swat, and 110 First Meet. Plttelnuala
so aceogertmed ta herald 5 .- ' NUJ. MILITIMWS & CO., Wholesale taws. a ava..a.•
Regular advertiser..cod all otheresmedimt muununica 0 „ L . L . th . th ...11. L ....„ , ,D... ji . .....b......d
. ...D }l...Chambe !lot, Norm= of Pentonstobith limmntile
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And. POW u.. a ..7, 04 . I Lew retry Donde/ etenbld•
sailed In the kcal collo.. the awes ell{ be =aged at ttet t ur a,. Pi _ Ream. co any of the reeident city merchants Igo=
ate of artless then 10 oute par line
Diatom war Noloc. to b. elarOtdPiPlaPthtl , ' B. CANYIELD, late of Warren, 'Ohio, EAGLE MARBLE . WOES& I
Tavern Lint= PetlDosts V melt. - 0...w..... 4 .1 y thewhewt. and
Bard MUD .geute and Auctioneere alteetheinentatted ~..,.. th we .... ne ....„ ---w L th er Witt Es 4A utastrtp l ift ti timurr ,
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emmt of thirty three „R ed ne third jOr Oath hi= ..... taittresu issithileld *lSt Woods Pt bunk: - TT MOANS, 0D.....`ed /*Deny pt.,'
mu* ' ' hied of Wont street., Pittsburgh, Pa.
„. re :.„'Illlsll e „. .„,..... 0 1 0 ,,7„- . .,,,,,,, , " oll" 101 . 1 . 4 L . - " Q F. VON BONNHOREtT & CO, Whole- w.4xuartan,auranatilts,rombetways
-- a. --- ,, -- - - Ito' sedi - mertion ------- oi -- la • sale Gown% Formading and Dametinton Ilereh. 50., Mantle Pboe.,Ccetre and flee Top,
‘ d ' i' - "---- =w Dealers in Pi • lbantsulares aWI Wenn= elbale tat bend and made to order °Ma
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All trendemadvorntemende to be midi. advance .......,_
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ISAIAH DICKEY C0 ,,& -" WhOlesale Grp- ' gl ~...... ,
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.00 . Q ri S ems,Ootandation Ilerehants, and Deelms in Produce- i--- • luiportrd ~.... ---::--
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US/N.E.4 170 ...AID • .be water, and 101 Frain street. IlliMhmelt.
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ATTORNEY'S. ~ , r aNGLlStr i -DWNH'ir, itilitchab. _ , 11 . lu l
'n- Nei k Co e Wholesale Drones. amid
JAMES F. KERR, Attorney at Law-Offiee berthi ng llanchlate. as Desk= le Peetwn end POW lILFCRENCRA
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aET '..WEAVER, - ..4torney at Law, Fcmrth ir e i'm ire. O herr. Am. Mellott.
GILLS-gr tattle .
-- /L ROE, Grocers and Yot . nt ' uider. f.,e,u,,, , ,, - .:_._., Soca, Broken ,•
Amid, Mar theilleyca's Oftionitiebergils e r‘ rail. in .nser a halm, do. '
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Oat* of Uniontown, Ps..) I (lots or Isom, - At.) OBERT MOORE, Wholesale Groeer, sown akluasss, iaa - s, w, sr.*, *Co
Jae Alchnieht me, him -D T Dorgan a C.
pLIPILANT & TAYLOR, Attorneys at Netifylng Mae, dello' In FtoDPit e „Pitha L =L i beta. J..htialthoder ato FrolCrs
Law-ONee on Fourth steset.No-falfbetwiten Wont =Mach.... old ell kletiaUll'eirli ta= le th . b e. ... S. Lathe= ital.ealieglatiy.
gretchneu r te.., i ,-Nburgh, Pa WM. mat lanaww• Vi:,,,,,," ~,,,,, m a,__..„,,„.1. sm.. - B. W. kelt, grateful for the.very I 1 bend trernnr •
N. 1i. , -d:D. thighs...Ci Catodtatoner Put Mats et rstrl. lo, 3r. or• 0, • ' wired during untscs yeara in Wed cit. having Da the
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(omen Commission blather:de, dealer. to Preduce
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newledmmeats of I.. i s. he urn. -tmo .u. abov e
.} ... tt ot. - Bennett 's lionoenromatis Depontory,
',autos • agma-.-... ..-- -.--r. &comm. IOBERT A. CUNNINGHAM, Wholesale NO. 73 THIRD STREET. .
HI is coLLIER„, Atte l =s Law- Omer, Preduceiforeranhni=l.llL,
tr lliz t !- . :;:r o palmim . 7 ,.., Thi..„ . •Usalett of 0 ellio. m os i rr.'
Men= 1. math street, show maim and Dealer in ittebutta
Liberty street, Willsbergh.
W. F. IVlLlTE,.Attoraey at Law--0E- ~,,„ ...„,..„. .
............ ._,,, ~,..n. JAMIEB W. WOODWELL.
North. fa Altherg'Bedill- lc rt. Vininfsin.?--..-. --sum lisnaut. ~, ANC-
tsar it=14.:"""'",1", **mar Vik. BAGALEV & CO., Wholesale Oro- d 413LNE'fr FURNITURE
.N ., P. LG.L. B. FETTERMAN, Atter- ri ll'' w.e. We - to and M Vend lll*". t, ' J .'.IT. ll ne"pre ' jolly Indio= it frimal. end
. tumid Lew ''God Deal , Estate sand., Na Ica En so= D. ware-.....---alvlnitatunSll. run fufMtutbatun mw j ourAt.%l4 l l. Is;CT Mit?!
o -Piftebiltab. - , l-- . , GM. laTieli & MeOANDLESS, successors Ito and
this eit; - , se he is decennia= to ordeal the cal LT with
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r AME ,._, S 'L • KUL L NL Att" ,,,,_..„. "1° Y at t„ /4 ,_,,, w l.* °ifiee ' Jow Lk• 4- Vi116....i.P'az . :•tr.7: 11 1 :=Uwait'it.0.:7, 1 ,T.,,g..., znI;• 4 ,;;
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1: N 0.17 0 Fourth
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5 .. .1 . ,... 0WE 5, IV4TSON, Attorneys at Law, X,, ' " Pul,*,, '" wes,. b` ll ""d"m"' f i endthrd from . 11u sock. or menuf,turoi exp ly me
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erDWARD P, JNI - ES, Attonaey al ...Wc ....„..„,„.„ th ,..... ey.w mr s gmh sta. ritc= Perko. doming. dining. and bed-room Mahe. of met
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aB. FLOyo " Wh o lesale Oroeenr, Cm- end deddelly the best kind made: seed, Peadocke hall and
G r EME. E. ARNOLD at CO, , BEIIIkeIrE 1 in ,.., kun ,,,,a,...., 3 ,...,,,.. , ..........D....e rem fabler. watdrobeet beloveds son temborands of each a
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W/11, IL WILLIAMS & CO., Bankers Dealers'. tanany.atua tn. um.. ow mos: us„ar" c , ,,, ~,„,„,„.,„,,,, ~,,,, „..,,,.,„.„,„,,,,,,,,
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AD tetanal:lov made on acrid Dom, end collection. 44.. 5 . DAL z E LL , w At a zu d e G rom. c m _ an *ran. pramoor W... 1•4 La /0
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1""11.1.4Wa4,•e5y..1t. . I .*cs _' t ' I"t rs i i ir „. Wi ' d= 0 . 11 %."...aug itath.. l . o . o, dmkti. , r l =. pOUNTY LANDS---Cirr. CUAM NAYLOR ,
V. rslrOJ, ginniter cum Lelignattgellireger; slls,, TT GLso,pottur. Tar= wed Pt.Mtna,.
at, Attorney at law. No. lea Thint stn, rooter of Cherry
• POlntb Mea, Deilet in Dank Noise, liMs of Ex- .immoDir".." W. 5... " and .........." e'''' - ..' al. haring undo crrattgetwou for the purjasewii
Gold and Piller - Mocha totted, end mkt. --- -- prieurs Bounty tande Le rs
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• tOlkla - '- - 1 --• . ' '''' OHN EL MELLOR, Dealerin lianoFortes, w,,,a5„„,„,,,
WITH, Y. A R11‘17.11 , , JR., and Braker , muss, am waded &boa Bre*.• eol ____„_
l i e . 4tlistrett. NO. or, saptui= it. nu& orricubmtl • tki• e.Piut tho Ch k "aw fa. ' Dr&Wing, Penspective, end Painting in OD.
Western Imnia-No. la Wood
A . :: :: :dipp3 , 1 --- co -- , paehasso - ssAin, r ., ‘,., ,„„,„‘,, ,„_,_ ;., ss _,,, ~,,u . n.,. D. R. SMITH is now prepared to give
• Snath Part CoruM of Third and Nfaiketatmeta.4ll
tka 1=" .. ..1 3 , Im il= , 71 --„z,-- ( 4-.. btted:kit hi. a few perils In the &derma braueb.
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HOLMES '&., SON, 'Dealers in POMO with ',Shit= Allactumat, Abo, Ow Maim= 9 th th gth m.,... th 0w ...?............D,... ~3„ 4 . 4 ‘,...,
• mid Ikatestiellllle of Dreheavrlkttlfante. of Mr POO.,
Bank Notes and Nero. lin M =Moo =".. 1 .Fi11. - = ism et eating Detertme) MM. rooms
.., named/ inC II the pelted* rid. - - - Beta to Dr. Manua or Dr Adduce. jeMattf
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KRA MEIR lc , RAUM, Eaakere and Ex
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LCAROTHERS ,VCO., Banking House,
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Oninrit. Oollrtions thAnk on .111. he striadrog
15AIR IRVIN, Cominission.Merchants
ledllll3lllzotini. N6:114 Second -Meet' l'enond end
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RC. STOCKW , ohnston Stock
. toy, Bootreller, Ptacyer,_•Orint.r, *aft Iguier, tor
ear a !data 10MT/did Meets. Tittabnriar,
HOL3ID - 9 °beep Litetexy Depot.,
Teike street..epor,lto the tartlMßee. , New Deets ee•
byo7=l.B° retiebed et the D eD rat... =7 yea ,
HOPKlNB,fl3dok2eller and. Stationer,
1t0.16 Fayette vrtmert. -
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P.- -A.' McANULTY IG.C4.:—Tracisporteis;
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Cbnmivinrs Rata este.
JOHNSTON. -Forwarding , and
Coatenlegion Herr:twat, Ho; '112434,,,,24
lER . JONES,^ EoranTding and Corm
valssion Itrrehaatx. 7n , a and Plat►
i. Manufactural P1ud,1441.. ...x...sevenstb
ARDY, JONES keo., - Suceasorsio At
tad, Jame* p . 1.211.10 s sad Fornadlactl.r.
darn MBlArri44 J15a01f.4411.114/ C•ocds. Pat.
Le" MASON. A ell.;nOkBARI and /Wait:
Doilen htl'axios , , t3tilaq Ihr °Ceti; 0/Market
T. • :Y 1: Y 1, Wucazittal
and Beall Dg. Good. If erttunts, corner of Ilmatb
B. D. .HI Dentist, Corner of Fourth
sal Nan:lr rc. tetvio.shotet soa, pgrr Nowise
7, , 1 PRY . & LEE, WooL Dasixas
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- -.- - T`BAUdII Wool Merchants'
Proinee rrnaslit. and for
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dr-i4e., dr, CAMPBELL. , CUM CO.,
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CES& QIIIK idaanfacturers of
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G. Lela* Ven7.
- , ,VVALTRR MARSHALL, Successor to
cad amana . a. -Desire rent,
Astb, , Vtre Bowed PrlrerAla,—Welting. Prlattaa.
and Wrapping Paw, N 0.115 Weed street, between Yawl&
atainaewatel Pletabwratt,..P. •
°BERT MORRIS, Tot and Wino Mer
ellsat, gut able or en. Diamond., Pittentrab•
AL 'Nertiftei — i , Grocers and
Tea Iliel_ers t .lla. 24 Libe rt y Wert, Abort/ Wood
torts slew, at Jesus a ism omortmesit.of ebdro Grow,
Ws ilooess. Abio—mplins /runs sad Note, Whole.
saw an retail. Dealers D e aler on the lowest terms.
J - 4: 1 11N. CAUGHEY, Agent forth Lake
Metal 311cl:dims Lino, lb Beam and the Loloc—
te so the comet or Wooer said tladtbtlold
LE EH k CO.,' Transporters by Can
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t.„Zie.". l t r ' d Sh. J. A. BRAWN.
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of Inanal street and Potnotranls Avat. • • •
NaF t: :LLE JOHNSON, &w aver 0111 1 17
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itaatilnery. Hugs Nrwsps
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-16 Establldbornt, Third aft% email* the Pod
,'PittiOumh. Masaairisonpm.P•onnals.Sbow•bla..
Biabmot. Prang. Bo b.d...A.1ar0.1 laid 1441.10"
D r .,,,k t o, Barium Visiti.¢ C. 41.4 L . . ..raved or
'iliaVla piX AMU.. and Prkt.l.lP m ,. . 1 10/4. Bmose. or
Place. In du m o o. aptror.l gr. , ...o •igo. most zeaot.
..1.....k.... . • toval,
; Wegner Buichnei & Maeßees • •
THE ABOVE FIRM reat , ectßilly announce
a tit their friends sad the public truirsliyabal they
pre prepared to execata, lu the 9rst aris or suidr sal, all
"criers far libou Cads, um., Diplomas, Cbcrts, Visltlup
lad k'rsgcluinctsi Curds, law, Chang. Lubels, Pr— • ,
Ocir establishment's at No. 66 Musket stress. WM eco
T rtt sad Yoscrth street[, up ste" sochW
ry Silver
titu.r lad
•. D r
~............., ~...._,..............,........... _, ..... .....
~.....t.., t...... ..,.,4.,..,:.1;.,!..,......_.........,.../.....•.,...„...,...,....„:•,.,„...4,,..4 ....,.,,., ~_,,...,...._,„
W. Dilalie' London Potent Lever Watches,
itaiRICIIASDSON.. 81 Market' 'street, 6
sole Arent ler the oboe. !tallied Imre WatebV
st creizit guarantee te ettarbed to each WWI.
.=;ZtWeg.b. Wht. DIXO i. Cttro
-45 Mot !tee. We-
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--, to betp time to tit. ta.t-
Isfbction of the oxbow. - IL U. ItltUltt.
aDlatt 1
Steamboat Agimey, and , General Commis.
. : skm, Beagle - mg. and, Forwarding.
DALDWIN, PLUMER & CO., hate 'this
day assaelatad vlah . thea& Illr.Jobn Lawton... 4 offer
co ejreacte tothe ambler se ateaxabeet ' Agra., beam!
L .k..
V 7. ,ailmiraMitleZ , '”
1C: William.' la4tr.
• svra2ll7 •
___. _ _________
LIR. J.J. FLYERS--Surgenri and Physician.
Clear and darelligra. corner of Darlingten's rtnr. NO.
Third stnet one door above Smithfield a.—
' A. Even kw permanently located to •Hrtstrergh.' raid
win attend to. the ranee of hie Proteraltra. • Bevil! give
easteraise Eidetic= to MILAII:11. caeca. and the dlrararara
VON= and children.
___. • ; spleran
I:IONEGGER & CO., -Importers of Wines,
lliabesi ail Pmts. Chaa”. 6raltlaleld atraet,b.
ma Sixth lad Noventb.
IRAVE FITTED DP, (on the New York
pler).:ey=arZajrool. for the aalLl , 4
11 , Mgdo.tav PaVihn have .a t t°,l'l7la.T.:ll
assorthatnt or Satin Ile Lunen. nv06 , 1 611 1
/trench and GetmanMama Dv Enallab Ossaukt
Maroon., Chinon. Turkey lit jail..i YejaKav, 1/1035 , :if
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and styhts,Dr.r Meta. IVlntlns Made wad hhadvaXartaht
Border. and handl, Curtain ed ne, Tamale and Tow' huovu,
Cord. HIM sad Warned. b Mau. kat him. Mar.
pales and Lanataster 1/61116. tkountarysave 6.1 eularutl
Condor% Ylatraveva. Vaal, and lleddlni.
All orlon thankfully rvcalvad a.lYvamldlt 11 11 . d.
ahlb 14 , 31. 2,4lthß, Tara Oltet.
. lIIADEIRA. 'Agent for Delaware ?au
tnel I/adz 'mutat. ctunyany, 41. Wawa street
GARDINER COF FIN. Agent for Pranklin
wilt. east roroai Ural
•oa Thud etnru, •
VITISI. GLENN, BocEßDrnzit, Wood meet,
V V woad door from the arnar of 'lllO he ha If
intPral to do avail . flearrlption. Madan w , att neatnata
maul durability. Man Doolcs tuird to any patron,. and
bound subdantlaily. • Ilooaa numbrssf or old boob.
bound enrefally,nr ranalred. Naroat onion in It lattara.
Tboae writ, ban binding an. Invitad sali. Priara
w:oLINNINOItAM .1 CO, Ilsikatactrirrro of WixocW
eXack r , blaTket . .atmL botween Flan .*l4l
Ztku E lasi tier6tP:n ta to odd 'et A1.. -14•I in
two., , Ak .,l" ! • •••
. §..y and Dealers In Dry Uon44 . Dronerles , Iron end Dan
corner of Walnut rtnnd and 0 arhininno 'Yt t. llOl.l . l ,M.
• .
No 74 Antra:4n.! is Ora* NPittsburg.
Nat.. aua Draft. 401kt:zed aU. pasts of the. Liatou.—
Stoats Doubt arta soiaota mustasidon. rstflulawT
J. Wilson &Son. , 1.; ; •
!IMMIX and retail man 1 a
- to msd dealers' in flats and Oepe. N. 01
cat Meet. third door below 'Diamond Alin'. Pitts
h—ohere they offer • 1411 and complete lama of llsta
and pa of their own and Custom Inanutastare, of airy
m a l
t. ediZtod etyle, try irboleasie and m tall, and invite the
of their easterners and the pabil, assuring them
that 11• All nil on the most reseonable terms.
FAMES WILSON—has removedbis Hat
sod as ttore to No. fel Wood otroet,.third door moth
Dissofed alto% . • ! • ,
Eque hert bow ~m
nfter d D i :4ot
r i stdor .V = WiaS 2 21 ° S t
WiLrosi oontinoes e
t y• fiu ltn i t i o k tol ,p m . 77e.
garb . an2sxlk.we.T.
COFFtig--1151.1 - bage Rio, for rale by
my 16 JA A. livrarusoN k CO.
V AP ja E AWES-71000 ibs.forsals t .. )y
I.IIRUSSIATE POTAR-500 Itei:for stile
(.01 . D. A. F A 1ti.41. -s- TOCK.4 CO.
CODFISH—; tierces for seleig
-~ <-. -
Doctor 0. Beichbela►
ledFORMS his Mendi aid the pebit iti
ere'. that b bummed Ws ail 'to Pun No.
. nest to Pt he "
P. B—Pasons Indebted_to bito far lyngth May. aro
ivy Imbed to mutt their sonmatY. JAIMa. ' •
ISAIAH DICKEY le CO., gents; flir Bl
-deeee. nee Woiks. r 'Ka wn+ooollo on band
Ie at crib Ind y[lav V•
• utztoviND.omunw. -, ".
'rms. SUMMER The e olien
for the etteacnnolation wieners.wenty of
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choice hbrabberr and Menem A Wye ealleetket Of ever
Womble PUMA& and lahrebberT, the ebobwenklnde, ere
111-171=0P194te.P"Albent iti . tbebeheene be telieb" ..
the lending', between' Pitt Wert ad t tL e d
010 'Allegheny
ter.. 1041'
delock. * ~I °77f,'"
, n at j , t v t3h=" tusteltepeym
Tee Darden 13 kept on Tembennwe1. 11 . 4 0. 4 . 446.4
I I "trial ateritim thktrestment of •OCWO. -
errOcrULtMe= "U ar „ .. " = ". =
ear g!..llead r idtnet. /W,' .4 - 1
door tb V
• 1.
log En& Alkdb.y city. O&I , gge pc. rt . . d e itAl,
from to &and from to 17 VAC, my1....4:7 •
kg o:44e;#4*:titli:W7ta4ii=
iqbkiale Drpol, 86 Wad itrid,.Pithiburph;Pa.,
'(Carted Ftht's Cutlery Strew) •
M that 1.13.7 mutant gat out of awl..
au tors and Attaehrowlta Straus securately. taw , Pants
end Magunta ate uluirallal—the whole: helot htshlEate
us:mental, alai • without dispute the beat awduchn re
tuanuOoturat: .James Jultace, will attach than et 1236
regal:: Eat . en&
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atroet. and Irsatalue the aborecAerte.allea the AsaulUtal
J. a. &cam
LRyirliOLESALEtiCaletaa Orocerie ,Oladt
RIM; Salt,Zl.2lt ota:., No:70 oa Wet,' L
Mr amolo ormalgtommaM: e"
" Attalla Mr oil 01.amaboots and Propaliersinthe Latiat"
Refer to—Wm. A. & Co.o ske •volamt.
Niles & Wive_ ,lor
• • T. IL lloworCaaater, riti•bumb:
Alexander Bradley,
.. • •
•••-• {BIOS OP 141. P. CiOLDgN bT(.111%) •
gitIIPACTURER•of every a
i 4 COOKING ATOM. daemon spanned pat
roe. end annh le •111 ramble tbie hart satlshedoe...
Also—VAlLOlt I,lTOVisd, ainnhg _which trill be Mond
Jewell kitooes erletratat folding door hulat edam 'lnsg
Moves: Redistong Frerhlin thanes plain and fancy dream
to •Ilich on Wait. the &toroth* of bnildenr, Wee Rattled
Mallow dram Wagon feaseeStaz to oil of r bleb re invite
the attention nt aleal.lll Wore purchasing ehooLere.
EO.E, ARNOLD & CO. have this day is..
onrieted yttli Melo JOSS 1). SCULLY.' Tbestyle
the firm will bean hsretofure.- '
lsm.Lurgb. Mayllit..lSSl. • Is.TS
(Fasmerl3r the .Etchno ge,)
Corner`of Pena and St Clair Streets,
THIS 'Epacious, central, and moat doimeni
. aptly located HOTEL, haling Lame etallldetalf ro
eIoIL and iticrousblern.a.4 add ltdPl.fadelia ROI
open for the anadoshodallou of tha
Teo embaerltar. less. and proprietor of the. BT. CLAIR
HOTEL, reaptelfally Worm% Riayolt pod the putalo
that he ha. =Abbot It In the mod Ideal.= awl comforts.
eleet 3. le. tad employed competent aasistanla and Wand.
- and falthrul warrant+, sad that ha
The Armen
'miaow a Mr aresogenents. moaning It the mondealtta
Cl+ aniir . Virelets or pa b sittgo , e, , tok iu tordeloalhducolltdm
SAMUEL KROESEN keep constantly on
howl . pout 'smut:out of Ruh auk Ukth t uts
on.. Eteunl.kot, O.* VI Itcro
. trj&k m t
Lohluol= aninds of wars lo hew.
Wnremozo.ttutooto kW. Filth Wool. Pittstatkohlr. , .
Fresh Assortment Spring, Goods.
, •
TIIOSIAS. PAL3III.R. is daily. receiving
twit On Dunn. Mt, tbi. aIX pond,
4vtavrs Third mad allnirrh Inver. knr 5 urfh,
bag" rim...on. MI unman Mock. of lb. beitunful
IL4.l"4ltili , that ban approstl lvithl. tartan
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runts Dolen ro.o br formal br Arta tbon derniption.
rtitution of increbanut atifl boar. torten Is roman ,
116/11 , CORD. a CO:; • Wholambi and' , Red}
ANA lianofartarmaraai ilibNXlllmpat Tem,
owner of Waal turd Fink atrat. , illtabargh m ha/WY
:retV%Ptsllltr arta br tin= :'jtteltatTattertg
rtta attettliem of their elastomers mai par-.lleare mm
ally. mann. theta that intr. will itell 04 the mon Ora.
TRIVOIN tama. '
arm. DIOBY. Merchant Tailor, Draper,.
V and Poke In rift IL& antlanut. ISt Liner rt.
Pittstriugh-Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
TIE undersigned bare just eumpletedrbeir
nod are nonrosonfarturtad all tim of OAS PIM. to
amour. and other Hoer. and all rim nf
.bleb ttor mete 14r sale at Mt Prost perm. MOT sr.
nor orrpond to extent* onion, to any ast N ral, '
CO.' Moot do.
P Btratlll. PA.
-40 Oars Idechastri sal Ilagohanrerfastik;
ilex tor solo
%CIL A. mu. a all.
Hour rionitiotiore
Allorriliory City Coop , * Bx latairri Gil ri
•Ms dor Ist pros. for sae
/1-11 ILL• CO..
Or Woo 4 rt.
Vim Ufa-
42TOCK of tha 2iferchaitts t•Mionfactorers'
10 Doak: Stack of tbo If:sebum+ Bola. by •
It. D. lIUMI L BOaktrY syd • mow,
.it Yellfta
WESTERN BANK , :NOT ES, at o lovest
mac ran eillver. in pas foals. by irrard.
Bank!! brkr, WYwin
Ear Sale.. •
LOT on Penn !tree, adjoining Mat
um. Ult. lot
At • dlokted to mit two tenons. r....puT of
iolo 111/XIMI 8 W.
To GardaLars
FEW mires of gound itar the city, Eat.
ioquire of •
AO A. WILICO46 A 00.
[leper *COI oelebrsted too )10ure Fork.,
rwwwwl from the mannfaelwwwW. oonsigiw
meet tad for 01eLDTa. • ' rr.x.
00 ticreet: -
Pot nestnen of finleh wt hatirelo 0110, thew York.,
not ho 01 . 0004: sad the low prim a whirh they an,
old, moot lanai Uwarlwtrwlartko.. sOWlr
Curled Hair Hatrassea
HAVE on knani i larp stock of Maims
va. made otlt. of W !Lir. Thaw vaatioji•ftest rib
still plea- raIL -wat.
tor.% Thica stnet, oirProlt• the Put OM.
• •
N. PA ry.11.-4,114 nubs 24 by 23 P 21641614 VW..
3uu" 24 by 36."
6041 " 12 by 22
6.66 by 24. 21 by 62. 24 by 31..2 1
- by 41. 1214/y . 43; •
400 Blur. F446141e.0(11 rust;
1260 04414 01E04 4 ea ? . rst.r.
f Oti .•' idririiits ..• . ••
;tan •`• hltrdlOrn and Single Crown Harr
1 .,
the andersigne.kken. ronetruntly on band and for pair
raenange for Hap, a larae• stet AIM. Oillnitineot r
haled. Cep, letter. flatware; SW Kea parer Bow
Also-la.ttli of all siret. fr.lorfr rfiroi . raf'
Printing Parer made to order on rho/
• , tellfg earner of Pennant
114 IDE S-44 Itt7 Flint, for sato
1,1. t e. fl.
BACON., --7 casks Si
FLOUII-300 bbh. Now Lisboa'Skin. Mills,
ex. fun , far .sle LI B. & W. iisituAua rt.
ORLX—t tapes Relined, for 'nale by
a J. Mayo:MMUSa CO.
LAMP BLACK-3O bide. awed, for Well
PIRON—.i3 tons Allegheny, for sale by
03 J. t t FLOY &pond Church Slulbilnv
YINEGIAR--50 bble, pure Cider, for Bald
Li la J. ,t VIJIV D.
,lißf!o 3 MS—.l5O dos. Ohio, f!r:t1131,12,,u.
imm OLD SPECTACLES--A large assortment
pia ser A be, llllver end' Reel of every Riad..
A kloAs of 9 taws, pf the b//t guilty, carp folly_ Wiest
ed to It. Viten, ereordles lo IL. pritacipini of Optkal icl
pers. rubble. pot as w oeose. ....__,
W. w. WlLAult.Optlehn.
• Jell Al Starlet arvet. —.—
RAPE SHAM' 19—Re , e'd
d thie bi da . m.
' 74 " .11 '"' ""1 " 4 " 8 " "i ' l 11111 r i' 7 7 . l. 'MASON • co.
iyaHEESE.-31.bxs. Cheese, receiving per
Bid ..Irn al.k " ul C°"4. %ISIS DA LZEI
j :, IL /No. so, wood n.
,C ya OPPERAS.-35 bbls. for sol l e m A
05. •
TAR OANDLEB--10),aies, grime arti
ek.on ' l* l e. oat .t.
MEDICATED Wines and Brandies, a fresh
i"` 1 " 1 7 ,4 :" d KIDD
Na 60,N:fad et.
4APANNARNISH--.3 bbls. (Balimore)
for .oli-by J. KIDD CO., '
.7 No. W. Wood A.
LTINEGAII.=-30 bbls. pure cider for Bale by
CANARY SEE-3,5001be. j
D.ust received
rrt. th. Eot.. Igimusztlele ekgr
1,0•• Careerot Irccd and 151.yth greet.
I 1?&E-50 bble. for solo
by. "15t721. SNOLSI3IIIk BEANLTY.
scull MIPS.
DAYS. DP iv AND, 7/1611.TN UNTED .
" kta m.
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CANADA. for' D00t0n....,, , 13
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1. I.IOIZIES & EONS, Banters:
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14.3.1:011.T 4N lA. ltrtaact , at Slawillott-- K
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12,01.00:0.0k of 4-A farSmartt at 2501 a.-.- do
tdr. opt Ilan cf W. -..-par Brat:v.l,st Stnattodown--40
Sank, an Patna: /A, _. .....pat Car boot, Lloainnall...--do
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rank of Penn Townstdrc..parloolU Lai Int. A Trost Ca-do
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k ltiladelptda St , . -.Ad d. WAO.2/A3ll.
rialttApark 0. . -aO2. ...--1 4 4 Baltlttnt...-.---Pto
Tradesman's Paatc.---WOotastrlA_--- ,Nt
.Wean Sant. -....par N.J32.223 ADCLAWAVA
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Oast of Dattatlia.--....:__par Butt of Ma 2
Rama of MAW, Cbasirs-lwf BS af 5t02 11 4. 11 4
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8.121 , of Northumbrtairipql_ t 13211 ' USA.
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Brooch at A11na.........---do Sant of 1111n0tA...............73
Brooch at Attoora_—_do . W 10003310.
Ertroett at Prllooport_ .1.• Watt.* Its. 10cC0.0.2212
Braze, at elndirotAd. ..... -do \ MICIIII/AN. _. _
lanowb. ail:I/valued-- as Fatatewe Alatbasica . Rana 3
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1 Smartt at tatottant-,-... -- 3
liratath at Idadatda/a-..- .do CANADA.
Brawn at 0e - .
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Restob at Manateld...-...da Sank of the Poop* Todoptoa
Mash at Itiplef.-----dot Boat of 1
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Spon.4, at Volumbul.---du V. 43 1 -030 F.X.C11.1.331i.
11foneb at Waantostoo..._do Oa Now Loral ./....:....::4
Ilroart at 10,11 a-.— 410 00 PtdladalphW do-.
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Slouch at StouiAtsoillo...._do WESTASSISIIOII./I.
linsvh at MC Vrlta.----do ClationalL . -K
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HMOs atilt ,ia-- ....:do 34. Loota.-_,.„.„....•
Drateh at 0,4132441 do (AD ANA. 5P . P.31214.14.4.
Walton at 51.1atia-.........d0 Doubloaft4.3WAll--1 2 A 0
Snot. at 'hwr'.:......:-..d0 ; ' do - 1 . 1t1•344-.......14. 0
/WWI at Wt. Pleawat-..A0 1••=1...11----- ..... -ICAO
danot, at U2E2,114,...,40 14m14 traw..-.........-..100/0
Oranolt at Norralk...— VwdotietadlotA-......... TM
Ontrall at 5t0u0—.........-40 Tatabala--
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Snatch at Coyaltatfa.:...i.-Ao tramo...l-.......--.....- 2.13
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Nltticmckhol• Bridge.
Wohterti mnuice
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Vllla a Peon's. Hall Bred.
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Turtle CeeelVPlane. Read
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Ors "' Rock.
lbPiril l
Smith's New C
Q3IITEPS First Book
to4favff (kov,)hf, a,
tralea g a..o:74lgAw
,arviri .0.. a,orr
by Rowell C. eadtb.!
For wetly
in Geography;
ee‘2M l6.
ek la utrcre . Or. • ••• 1••
frain 11Al:Ltto NIA
Ira, and =trans engr.
A. 411. " HOPKINS,
Ale Bullaloirs. ro•ftb
'HAVE on band a large wort:meta ot
r IW ONUS =d CUlittaftgaot taeir
, 31 gi n gb martianmita the Part Mo.
Itainziux Awarscurr—idiittimesita iskargibleriptioar ,
ce tbia paper melted arid Jiareer•&d tree of exporee.'l%96l
' ;The market yeaterdwy Ins without MT pert.D tlhls
atiiija. The usual dalltwas •of the wwwoa ottes0•11, and .
wo soles of otwertuitwe trirwoln4l.
LlllR=Tbe vri,W were renamed to a tei lot.
• portico of *Mai wee foe shipment net.' We 'bean) of
twin 411 b od ii bib. to two lam: on the Ingle, et 1126
iP 1:411... There was • 4x of, ova, 100 bbl 4. the wharf.
whtth had 004,01,40 w. haw, totw, - _ been eotl. Fr= store
pdeetietwiott to =e ll lots. at $3 07k43 40 It bbL
ItTE , lfLol7lt—Forthee limite d wiles at $2 6142 G 2 form
fag bile% 11170Q2 $2 from .or,.
sbeetal ittitement. b.c.llDh be-
Tbirrii. no dual,* Iritil aim but rim% mar for
ertwatoo4l4ol , 4l. rytk 4460, 'cont.: s b. ;
bo istk. millet rim. t01533t S On. ,L'
, onoczEurs,.The =alga ie iithout &zoo, either in
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Tut NefaCC Mol.a WAN tor, Zi 0, and 48 lair mar
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peocr3rosw—se.mooo >a boia4 Iti lok4;ui 7e I , ;r
~ba, , ,Mor.,lXe for Ma, end 11Xe trot buni. sum
mid annual Ewan it 104140 Xe P e.. mama
Illgnl9nt9ge In bOlr and tep.. ROW beet, 4,11 c
canon OP
. . . .
The opeithg of the Lillsol. and Illthlia:eluxal eluovaid
the muse of aide of e very lam ieoteirtion ofthekvo
dawks of the valley of the 1111mls rher. and Mil:Lana*
To notices othet'lteportant mull. ' It =air ' •
' Not may la It in 1/4 gm:elections abort referred to that
And a remarkable ehang• In the amine at trade, bat
tomehannse of alrocat every deaniption, pawnor from the
east to net 1111nole; latagaggpl or Illasourlra, It area
brooded bff_ way of th• and Um h a m =nd Mich
Igan ranal. Wlth,ln a abort Om hatt..w no
h,r anoignmelarealog op tha .es, an matt no the
et Loon market. not =4 dr/ gosh. b00t...a tbaro.
bat heavier artlel Farb as taws. are nay taken by_thlt
route, from nomad:oil Itito th e , heart of th e great Wel.
A lat. tounterof Laois. Intalligeneer rgaime the
anima at.that plate oft rand boat load of form into ra
tan. which hal been branglothrongh from New York for
850 lOO ts. and Inman. 111 cent. large onanntlea
at front. tat. Muni, at.. are remind In that any toy the
, !fors, peltrles, wool, Oa. , gratn the river region, month of
my ant goo &lotting north and MIS by the Mon and
knahlgan Gaud and -the Ulm.tketao .is manor a
'aorthern market, by the lake mott..
. .
, . , f
- chow or the milk. o the Prairie Pamir. W. Wright,
traveling through the sthavnstarit portion of this:tate;
gives an mean OT the hams seals on which hogs are
rain& ;Ile Is dmaltdaff the Ann of a 11r. Phcfps, who
Wes at a place celled Ebytwahlz on, blur rig. of I.lln.
Mnt/. some eve or. sis. tars from Farmington„ "hr.
Phelps' 'rani is Merited frith . 3301toni - benne aimany in
the hands of a tenant ; and the way In which his pork Is
got fredf for the mark.(, will give somadea of the triode
14 doing that thing anions tante farmers hem. The hogs
'are put into a' rich clover lot; when thiy_rmi until the
T .
addl. Of July. • T endeavor lab., Ice bans gold of
oats ready to turn I , and tide will Mist them a month
longer. ity.tfdatifs the porn is emir to cut; it le fed to
tbsin stalk ea all at Pest, and they will eat near the
whole of It., as Um Mats begin to dry, the nun only with,
the busts no thrown to them; and when the husks are
dry, the; are stripped oil, and the ears only sly knew. In
this way they arnbrought forward nearly two months; ire
lilt the middle of October or Ind of November, Won they
will be Mt. They en Ofoa fatted on green tool, before/he'
corn Leeman dry. its to grinding corn by any prosYn, .
rcok.iug ti, on ins mile hen pemented..Jdr. Phelps Minn
It ant of the queen, . at the pines awl .earthy of labor..
Ills hog. nigh '.7Ato :00 pounds, and sometimes
more, At the .on of 10 and . :i moan: Ile on year turn
ed out In pin at to smooths old. which enraged aldismada
Its hop • re names on Balm:dee, Bade, and other rams
. ,
.. ... .. . . •
bbr.'Pholpocomideto wok raloas prolitablo.'obboo bo bad
boob brged filar to mama(Or all ids at OA pco bob
dried, dettet.4l at Pvoria 1
STATZ 1111 U or ILLreurr:=A - writer hi the If T. Journal
of Um= that-the etorkbedden 000 U
Eerie of lUirei "" liVirld IL OMB tate isiewurns fur the pro
tection of thelr inter.. In the rale Of the nal ...le
bugler to the bust.
says dud tbe lisbUsthe
of ILA Gaut ma gelnr.l try the Trustees on the. In Jaw
hut ere swell. end the sheillisiders bore good 0t2.11 to
believe thst • headman dividie6 ony be radioed out.of
these. of the nwl estate. If 'lO Is judiciously
.The sees twee ben to geprember ottt. and am
ple time Ls Lett for the strekbolden to protect Unmet...
" 0. 7 " , '"i MVPs._ reeetri. or the resident
....Men In New 1 orig. to arrow. • ...mitt. b Oct
with she Trusties, who ere 00700.0.4 tionaratile tuat.
arid would, doubtlera he plan. to [mesa. Droyeretion
Poch • were... will E.. the effect of argiveleting the
ndris at the certs.ading not.. id the butt. gad le •
.eittsr Win to advance du ititertets of tb• stocitholdr.-
tor Louts line..
tot iocen - asg—SL. oleadki il*P.disalat ear Mar
Ihres,lNyt ILamlett. will Inge ms above
Itrw—Tbar. uns 4 fee. IC, .13.11•4 fn stnno4
pier mark. tut :wain& sal 611104,
'Braver. Gordon. Bea
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J. NLNoo,lleodricksom a Ncli
Rod.stooo_ Woohnord. moon . =
Moo ENN , Ors. NoNen Root
Beo Counto,C.Oulasoli.
Irmo No 1,311:Notoe k, Ci P.
setemoN tao .
Totug, Dltivpatt. •
31L Venom, Kowa., SA Lodi.
'Awe Srive we :, liallex_AW= l.
Herd.. Conll.
IL II Limber, Whee..g
I.Tdia Collin/. Id whim. rt
MU/ay 14,1I.CLocivastL
Ana., sumer, Wellnitle.
D Leech B Col Paarogar Parket knee daily et 8 • to usd
8 p
int Omar arrawsont test of roanioy
tn. err, nonorded. was that made recently by the rtsainer
Reindeer. nbilat 'ronlecdine. the Crory Clay, in
nee tim New To to MEMO, on tbe Rodeo. river.—
The Henri My at • new boat It wee generally enplaned
,that .odd but the Reinke.. ud heavy beta our
end* to that effect, the Geri Jong of tin Iteandeer. la
mid paned tauten ear VP With the Cloy. ice/ .1-
andelti the Wier was gaining 31 mile, an boar, the Rein
deer. It IN Red pond her as th ough oh. bad nano a wood
yard: Th e Reindeer nude the dirlatraiof 2g mile. Man N
hook to dierPant: In one bear and tsar alma., *gaud a
tide that wee nannlng sal ore= war, nee miles an boar
—nalklag tbe actual speed of the Reinder nearly n 3 toiler
an boor. The following table will glee On Ara of du
Reindeer'. nwed and time.
NaeLtl Plat. ' l *". k °°2'st'L^
1114 w 1113 5 " "
Preen •Eornmas—tionen yews sir ms emanation of En
Flown wm formed in all the Inner/at dam. The oh
:memo( AINDS.Inkill MUT., Alan so the.oronemoo nem
well tallied in their duties—eollrely impnwerd wish Ms
reamendbility of their rositloo,and henna the moral
character mod statutinn to the community. tholjnelltes
the candles. rercered so atm. I n this city we hate eta.
nu to know that the results hare bran etneMed With met
Markt. - sem slomnsi and better Wee hes teen Unwed
ma cinclatuU Chronicle th. tudWes the idrete of the At
societket in that eitm ' . •
.The Rostwets WOW eity tint making : constant saat. ,
Ilona ts
at cromtlent amonotion, And member.' it
ot ora are enrolling themaeheo se lt mew'
low to wield us lealwrice that Intl be Bits its humane ots
north to reader steamboat tram] aate Imo the dant. a
*Rotation. The limustors comptnice ma looking to IL
sod soma of them &Doody refuse tworareat when the tool
mama show that the outlaw. on bard hare N. deplore
of the emodatlon. Thia la light, and wltt=l:: ,.rt 111 be- t
etwegmeralt for it to.bOnt time that tad
Rated to bean a comma. and 1MP..D8.8 . mo.lertx..
CPI Lords Repub. "
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DEES R. JONES - respectfully icit'orizia City
.. A n Y. * Fa 137 'soot street. one door nortb
west of,fL.A. yolonatira.l dtare"vhste f tm;
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superior Poet OticeParem .
- Doable bledionn 2.1131 - Printing Paver
ICO Impanel 22182 , •
Tbe abov, with • tot or old dace of venom (c,f je n ti,
the baron prime. by W. HAT r. 4.1,
EtaUaner and raper Dealer. '
1821/% cornett( Muter. anel tacond-sceeets; •
lop FaINED BORAX-500 Ms pink by'
JUL i•l4 ETDD t 00,601%4 at.
- -
FLAS-100u lbs., for sale kvi -
. MO= Cr Tlli.trt 76 COM,
WM. M. MISR EDITH, of PtaladAphfiC
RICLIARD COULTER,. of Weamottlamt:
• ' JOSHUA W. CO.MLY, of Nmtoat..
.WILLIATI Jt...SUP. W Szmwthantas.
AntimasoniC and Whig County Ticket.
RESINCIT /MI& as Pinner COM,.
• WALTER POSlVAllD.orPeeblet.
Pima=um G 1122191
Thß.d.r. . 7 . , i1r. 240
HEN IL 1' W. W I LLIAMS, of PitimbmilL
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WM. B. 80. WBS, of AU...1M0, •
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WM. IMAMS, or Lower 80. Mir. • .
• TIIUMAS L.. trI'XILLAS, of Allesbeor.,
JAMES 11PYC,at Suovds. ' •
OKO. E. APPLFTO, N„ of HlrmalAshsm.
THOS. PKNAKIC, of Illieesport," '
JOHN MILLKIL of lodlum • •• ;
We,stern Pennsyliquaii;Scoit
, ris -0x1;2:orr
The undersigned were appointed a cominittia atipub
tio meeting pita. /Mende of 'gm I Woe= Some, m gy
legioeny Cooney, to invite delegates Mom all the other
eountim 10 Western Penusylvenha favorable to-theelec ,
tion of the hero of two wen to the gresldeney'. to meet is
Convention,ln the City of Pittsburgh. on the' Twain-
MTH OP AUGUST mat, the Moniversery oleo tattles of
Oontrans and Cherntineco. In museum* of lhat maim.
transom andially invite every friend of that greatest of
Military chieftains, who sem nealleair bed • Mob of
Inman blood .• o il who le equally distingnistml for MI
rildeme. humanitir, him partodrin; gad Lb. , State.
manehip, to cosmerste m sending deleg to Com
'mutton. and to meet with us 10 atea
&Wen of the war of lolli who with him endured tha
primtkins of the L.Masdian frontier and triumphed at
Bridgmater. Mindy's Lane, nod Chippewa: Ins eallest
and most mealind friends. cane meet with
Soldiers of the Modem mopeds:al who, nailer his map
mead.lo open geld. and agelmt Parini Wits, Moaned the
Menden batteries. at Vera Cruz. Cerra thordo,
Cimmtramo. and Cbspulpen, mod mt. untll
gum mat Stripes guided 1., triumph fromUm dome of the
Polse,and ore: the LIMP of dloundumse :room
with as to do honor So pOOO own beloved 'Chieftain, the
:madam of bylegberoes.
grim& of the Union! foes of nulllllritlint end secatelord
we Otter as yourstendardiamer, the eery man selected 10
nen. Jackson to enforce his (mime o when' he prochamett
"The Union! it runt and than he preserred:' vicar
Omni sketion of Wingekl Sant to the Praidantial Char,
will more ifloctually tindiran South Carolina eassnon,
thm sn army ore hundred thou..' bayeziete. '
Vol.. 11001 whose enthusiasm hes often limited
by the reeitel of Scott'', heron deed., corm, yoin with li
vautin. the Blander that "fielnihnee ere unitmtefnli” I
We intifine tat our, invitatien W Shreve. lb. in 1814, ;
Manfullystruggled with us cruder tbe Sage of Ashland.
and in 'AO mid '4a. triumpbeN under the lead of the banes
or Tippets. and Miens Vidas and am now the earnest
supporters of the yrment ebb. and poiriotie National ad.
otaniarstir.n. Thoueasidii, ethos. party elleitha held
me he
than firm, tan a. 014 the excitement of MOM
1/111 tally at the tome of Wlntleld Scott_
.He invite all to antuarecom tbis OPlMomite of 110ea 0 001
et. and the adv.:amp of 'Brnish Tsritis, who lave
y forgiven Scott ;or his treatment of their elites at
' l3:4gewater , bemire Lama Ina Chignma , 00 behalf of
th m for whom we act, the tariff men of Allegheny,
_we in
ate yon to TIFlt Win. Our Irark.Sl24lM. new erdy half etip
r i a: " eg ' or aft:l o 4V,b ‘ f'
hantysreetr i z . itla the laifla axing - sent in Um manner
Pow the Nen6ad Tateinneneeel
-, - The rent, of a country 'sees from a- railroad
Car flying at the rate ef twenty or thirty miles
•an hour, may, with great truth; be called
glimpse." On the .1d July; instant, I enjoyed
such , glimpses on the Erie Railroad, 'in a ride
from Itinglitimpton to New York; and it seems to .
me it must be difficult to find any .where else, in
an eight hours' ride, so many views of where,
I beauty, and so much grapd and magnificent see ,
nary. Binghampton is pat down on the cards
es 216 miles from New York. We continue to
ascend the :Staley of the nearly
thirty miles before attempting to pass. the moun
tain ridge that divides its waters from the Delo,
warn. Some of the views of the Basquehalmes.
before , plunging into the mountains and losing
sight of it altogether, are beardifol beyond de-".
scripticm- Twenty-siaMiles from Bitithanapton
we peat the Stara= Viaduct.: one of the no
blest and moat costly bridges in the country,
being twelve hundredfeet.long, &hundred and 'tan
feet high, and resting an • eighteen archiss.=,
The cooed' this bridge was three hundred and
'twenty thousand dollars. . • • .
Twetilles further on. we come to the Cascade
Bridge, another of the most remarkable strut
trues of the kind in the country. Here is
deep, narrow gorge, called - Cascade Ravine,
which mint be leaped over a dorm times a day
by,the snorting iron horse with his long train of
cars. The leap across is two hundred and fifty
feet, and this distance is spanned by e single
wooden arch, haring a curie of -fifty feet, end
resting at each end in the solid rock that bounds
the gorge.. tfpim this single arch - the bridge is
• constructed, and the cars paseovar. • The Cas
cade bridge Is a noble triumph of Mechanic Art.
The' architect wasllr. John Fowler: General
Scott, on seeing a train of cars pass 'over it, is
said to have remarked,. "The man who co j eld
throw srow-path over that gulf, • deserves
crown." .
An ascent of four miles further, after passing
Cascade bridge, brings vas to the grand mountain '
pats called the ...Summit," the highest elevation
attained by the road between New York. and
Lake Erie, being 1,366 feet above the level or
the ocean. Here the the bleak mountains and
the "everlasting hills" scented to present almost
insuperable barriers to-the coitstructien .of the
road; but the skill of the engineer, and 'energy
and perseverance of the company at kit tri
umphed. The hills gave way, the mountains
were pierced, the volleys of the Delaware and
ttie,Stisquehanna were 'united, and a highway,
was opened from the ocean to the lakes. At the
summit there is a heavy cut through the moan;
thin about half a mile in length, portions of it
two hundred feet deep, and mostly through the
solid rock. The cost of this cut was evers2oo,-
From the summit we descend for eight miles
at the rate of forty-fire feet to the mile; three
hundred and sixty feet, and this, brings no. la
"Deposit," rather.a, ileassuevilloge, with a pop
ulation of about twelve hundred,. who carry ott
an extensive business in tanning. This is con
sidered in important station on the road, - and is
well provided with station buildings 'and' extra
cars and engines. An elegant new hotel is arms
tral yere, called the o,maga House. Infrout of the
s ion is the °queen creek, a bright stream,
coping away toward the Delaware. -. We had to
welt at this station, on the "turn out," for about
I half an hour far the express train from, New
, York to arrive and pass us. In the , tenni time
tome of the passengers took refreshments, some
gathered Rill blown "mountain laurels," and
somewalked about enjoying the scenery. Pres
ently the shrill whistle won heard in the distant
Woods, then the sharp rattle of the cars broke
upon the ear, and now the thundering train
burst into. the clearing,, and almost before we
could say "Jack Robinson" it had whisked and
roared try us, don into the mountaineass above
us, and was seen and heard no more. Then "alt
aboard" was the cry, and wo started on one
"winding any" far down the valley of the Del:
aware, which we followed some eightror ninety
=ilea, through scenery most diversified and
beautifnl. The stations passed on this division.
of the road, are Chebotton, Stockport, Emalnuk,
Hankins, Calicoon, Cochecton, Narrowsburg,
Most Hope, Lackaanzen, Berryville, Pone Eddy,
Stairway Brook, dud then we inure the Delaware
at Port Jervis. Fora long distance; as wp come
down the Delaware an the right bank, the Hod
son and Delaware canal keeps -us company on
the opposite bank of the river, and with its qui
et boats creeping slowly along-high embank
ments on the one hand, presented& plerasinsrems,
trust to oar dashing, daring cars on. the other,
braving precipitous heights on the very river's
At Port Jervis - both the canal and railroad
take their leave of the Delaware, and seek their ,
way by different routes to the Hudson.- The
first task of the railroad, on leaving - the biantr. ,
ful village of Port Jarvis, is to climb and pass
the Shawngunk mountains; and to" aceortipliali
this in the first instance Was one oldie grandma
achievements of the road.. The road for some
miles winds around the breast of the mountain,
high above the valley which spreads fer andwids
below, . sometimes II diving through deep rook
, ants, sad sometimes gliding along hightsnd fear
ful artificial embankments that almost make one
hold his breath. Oar whole rbleover the moun
tains was accompanied by one , of tha , heaviest
thunder shoiera I aver
„witnessed. It seemed
as if the windows of heaven were isnitopped.
, and the rain poured down is Unobstructed tor
rutt& The valleys: and plains belciw U 3 were
shut from our view by the thick felling waters,
the mountains above 113 looked misty end dim;
the heavy thunders rolled and reverbrated from
peak to peak; while the meting iron horse with:
his ponderous train went galloping on Ida way
over the mountain's brow,, at if rejoicingli - the
war of the elements around him. Altogether,
It might well be called a genuine speCiasen of the
sublime. BIRD'S.ETE.
_ , .
wtutini JoILNINTON
JOHN STHOII3f. of lawastir.
ALEC. at Alltzbeny:
JARED 31- of Pittiborgh..
110 BERT HMO. of l'lrralnry..h.
W3l. wEsr, of Allnkimi.
JOIES of ld
ealthund, July tnetossf,
JOU!: 10VOIL 1.7N0 TMa 4r_. • ,
Paris letter says that a member of the ray
al family of Spain has eloped with a cook of
the palace, to th* great scandal of the court.
Correvoldmer.of the ..Verra'rk Daily Adrcrtiser,
Ptonsaex, Jue '424,1850.
The work of persecution goes' on steadily. In
all parts of the States of the Church. 'lt' goes
on, infect, from bad worse and
no expression
of religious or political freedom escape the vin
dictive wrath of the almost omniscient
Since the date of my last, whieligive you a brief
account of the affairs at the church' of Santa
Croce. the Marquis Itartolommel, a distingsWe'sd , „
nobleman of one of the ancient familleso' this-)
Dikedom. has been punished for,. hasinrstLat-,
ply asked permission of the , gorernment .to
perform funeral serviees on the anniversary.
the battle or 'Cortatene, in honer of
his brave countrymen who fell on that bloody '
day! This lesPntialricognitiog of the author-
thority of the. goveynineat witbout whose con- •
sent he would not act, was . eetwene t t i n t o a par.
ticipation .in the pordth feeling,- and he was
atitemarily banished by e'decese feeling,
'Minister '
Of the Interior, without trial or exaMination of
any vertu oneof his own:angler:olas, for six
months—there to be confined under the serve%
lance of a policemiard. ' 'This arbitrary act, be ' ,
it observed,' was indirect contravention of a law
of 'April last, which girth the 'jurisdiction of
'ell cases of
titthe police, and the
right of appeal from its suds to this very Mutts
ter of the interior. Nothing whatever is alleged '
against the noble victim;that can in the '
est degree impeach his honor as a roan era sub
jets and he sniffers only for daring ‘to make a
respectaful and humble petition for ' the poor- -
privilege of an act of piety toward& the memory
of the gallant dead. The Marquis, it should be ,
added, was a . known moderate inlB4B, when the
government itself . mm. Into the democratie•,..
movement, under Or' • •• mg force of the'
prevailing •• • tar . , !AA thartinie it was,
that this v 11 4 • • ' *whined funeral
services . h - .trymett who fall .in
the stl •.011 the' tie&
tone, . a tableti. inTilieVs •
in San pra: , thwta,
itself. into the-
But the M e t • , r not the only leas Pent fic- . -
tint if this r circumstance:S.' .
'Count Gil3o Ch;•.. di, a manyeiserated is atlialy n .
'--one of its modithonoreddesfatesmeitoWas ;
in ether times President at;4.te •
labors in his ,Dukedom, and- strider theat , .
reigning Duke too; and rttlie more, UriMarquis' .
Cesium Itidolfi, equally known end - admired
throughout the country, anti,to whom Oie-Duke -
once confided the education of the' hefelipay
Prince—and, moreover, for many yea*, /with •
Cappord, in the trusted circle of the l/ulies per .
canal friends were interrupted is the midst of ,
domestic festivities on the night of the marriage •
of a daughter of the one to a son of the other
and, surrrunded is they were by their respec-- •
tire family circles, informed that the Ministers
—the very men whom they themselves; when in „.
office, had called to power, and whom they tria
talned in times of popular excitementagairust
popular odium—listening 'to some miserable end . '
unknown reporter, demanded an Investigation of •
their conduct and opinions in relation to the late
attempt celebration of the battle of Ihirtibine.. .
This ease to not yet settled. ; Thus you see
that neither 'high nor: low the unsparing
and cruel pinionage of this most - 'sensitive, ••'
alarmed, and consciously insecure pet' of Au- .
stria. •. •
• • 4 iv .
Reports of similar - outrages, come to us from .
Lombardy, and other parts of theltalian poses-'
dons of Austria. On the 14th inst.; Carla Borri
was sentenced to five yeas close confinement, for
al similar diiputet, with a Municipal guard at
Milan, though no threat even of violence Was
made; another Italian was emit prison for e
year for expreasing a dortbt of the authority,,cf
an Austrian guard ate public ahem s _respect
able druggist bathe rime city, (Joseph. gals)
has been sentenced to five years Imprisonment •
for having in his possession some old revelation-
cry writings; a young law student of 18, with
many othara, have shared the same fate for the ,
' same pretended offence. I cite these cases . as .
mere examples of the course of persecution. A
repetition of the names and sentenee.s that daily
swell the tirionsofficiil bulletins of proscription
would fill sheets of . paper. The. American peo- '
phi, who lire itra land of freedom,. where every
family cultivates and enjoys its own Vine and
fig tree," irithout. fear Or danger, C3ll have no
conception of the distressing :state of things in ,
these oppressed conntrieswhere nuSlitBlll.caktek. ;-
freely with his wife end children without expo- "•
ours to death br banishment It is within bounds
to say, that thousands of the worthiest men and •
women are at this moment languiShing in the' '
prisons of Italy for no otheroffence than whit:-
tug their friends not to smoke tobecoo, anti per
deprecating the foreign rule of their own
native land. 'The very Spirit of Cruelty seems
to hare become incarnate, and its phlslognomy
The state of things in this city has become in
tolerable, had,many families are seriously men- -
tatin3 a removal to Sardinia, now the only free
country in all sorithern Europe. Our illustrious '
countryman, Horatio Greenough, the sculptor,
has broken up his eitablisherient, and gone off '
to Paris with his whole family. He assures ma
that he can never return While She present sys
tem of espionage continues. Mr. Browning, the '-
British poet, and his more gifted and charming
wife—Elhabeth Barret. Brovnieg—hare also
left for the same city, sick at heart with, what
they hare witnessed and felt since theinang ore- '
thin of Austrian tyranny in the city of Their res-
Idence. Mrs: B. has, by the why, just publiahed-'. •
volume of poems in London, into which -
has breathed her noble spirit of indignation.
Let me commend it to pint attention. Buchan
an Reed has Tett for Graefenburg, with.'a view to
atrial of the wsturee for his failing eyes: Com-
modore Morgan has also left us with his family.: =
But time faits me' as; the mail horn sounds.' -.5 -
More anon.—Atmeroir. ' " '
Sy the following letter from )Sm. Hodge, Esq.,.
Acting Secretary of the Treasury, to the Post
master General, it will-be perceived that an ar
rangement has been made with Messrs. Adams
& Co., by which postmasters are to be supplied
with three cent pieces on remitting the amount
to the United States hint at Philadelphia, which
they may requirawithin reasonable limits, and
that such other arrangements nre mode and will
be made for the distribution of.this coin as will
conduce:to the public convenience: - •
TISEMILIZT DCPAnt,IgST, J 111,12, 1681.
. dne—l return the letter from the postmaster.
at Troy on the subject of 'a sapplyof three-cent
pieces, and, in reply I have the honor _to 'state
that the Director of the, Mint at Philadelphia
has made an arrangement with Adams & CO . 5
Ente2l3 to transmit this coin topartica at other
places requiring. it, and if . the postmaster at
Troy, or any other of the deputy, postmasters on
Op line of that express, will remit the needful
amount to the Mint, the three cent pieces will be
sent and deliveted to them . free of expense or'
risk on their part.
I would obihme, however, 'that the demaad
for three cent pieces is so generahand so large,
that the postmasters must endeavor to
.be as
moderate as possible in their call.; until arrange
meats are completed for a moil,' extended and
rapid coinage of them.. - • ' •
The public depositories at the following places,'
viz.—Boston, New York; Baltimore, Washing
ton, Norfolk, Charleston Savinitals, ,Pittaburgh;
Cinchanati and Buffets, aro regularly supplied
with this coin, and those postmasters in their
respective vicinities may perhaps find it mere
convenient to obtain a !apply from them. -
The Branch Mint. 'at New - Oricane ill/I also
commenced the coinage of these piecci, but as
yet no other arrangement hasbien made for BMA- .
ing . them thence to distant - pointy, but they will
be maned to any public officers who may desire
there in exchange for Other American cmoosnd
these places situated on the wpstemi waterican,
through the officers of stezraboati trading to
New Orleans, readily obtain any moderate stip
ply which they may rests re.
Very reepectfally, your ch't servant,
. * Act. Sec. of the Treasury.
_Bon. N. K. Ball, P os t master General.
os • •
HOW DO 31L3 GENTMALtti Ora rani Parrs,
—Where do men genertilly,discover the women,
who afterwards become their wires, is a ques
tion we hare occasionally heard &seamed; and
the resultlnevitably come to, is worth mention
ing to our lady readers. Chance has much to
do in tho affair; but then them are important
governing circumstances.. It is certain that few .
Men make their selections from the ball rooms,
or any other place of public gaiety and. nearly
as influenced by what may be called
elbowing off in the streets, or by any allurements
of dress. Our conviction de, that of
the finery with which women decorate or load
their rcrseu, go for nothing as far as husband
catching ts concerned., Whore and how, then
do_men find their wives: In the quiet home of
their parents - guardians -at the fireside,
where the domestic graces and feelings are alone
demonstrated, these are the charms which most
surely attract the high as Well es the humble.—
Against these all the finery midair:spa the world,
sink to insignificance. _
A Texrreascs Carraca.—Dr:, Tyny, of New
Yost, ot a recent anniversary, said that of the
els hundred members of his church, he aid, cot
biow a single person .whe,eitber anwh
or offered it to others. And be never, saw in
any of their dwellings, suly of the paraihen