The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, July 23, 1851, Image 3

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noanopthat 04 gentl e waddlers a. bsetari
on - PrlFosy evening-rat the eats an esidadio
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sit trss: erroneously Ids on Malay ma/ft.
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..._ Leaded. us " regrisia di,Aur icor ot utiedooks
o4it ono oclock um 'floods/mama& ine4 2 . B
stay' Read
_tainting en co n ; to the 6th Ward.
,ff,Wike fast cusTFreted knew lower. it6iyilich
`''isairpuulded ac 's milkisatinitter depot by Mt.
Platt, the tenantanise house,andfa septsied .
to luvre t brat mind ty the otTbf i b n Of 6. P li b i
ot, orrnapLeoe tempi:Bich Wheels left bon.
Jug: Inns the Sam ?Pair , &multi.
they hal proatersid si. &r sr completely to art
off all egraettexa rit t, Upper Worley by wool
the staircase. Yla Pith hie wifesalehltd,
f a ceeta
Wept in rh o stoat& 15 , , and finding thaa es
rape-ma otherwise' e, threw gstnAdires
as es wining; in of the etas, sad leaped
" . from - dams? the gunrod. ldr. Rlptt. and the
c ad csc cpcduzancrt„i but Mrs'. Plittiss snot
what Wend, noire: tort:matey not Ail:imply.
A Citros:l remit Paw. whose um ri
eoultnot lam, gain p the third etrn, together .
with her little child, pbmt &eel yam- dif:aimi
Inas wepsesezepatshe could =earwig
' * by the stain, nub* to the whntow, but the
*.' height witch she woad be compelled to 444.
-• palled her; tat elle rrklred into the intake!. of
thi*aota,,ater itk* the , was MU !lb mate.
Mk? the Aatilei Ter '1:W[40164 thldrrii;
arias were focal __Upon the floor, taint to •
E. crisp. Suffocation probably Eared—tham the
, driadfa ainkT of being burned slire." , ',..
. - .
Thelitifointnete ere 213 611 hid been ewidori toot
woo monied s thw:t time ego toe Gen= who
resides ent!..,Wse :waking ;st...
nut'Onietite teitotitionsekitep , oig.
theca :*as called - hold ; nn inquest eien
iihen,nlenniA in ininnlnnei with
the abort, lantentrible facts .. lmi ientleitd.;
The heartni"in 414 Mt Ptir# ,, :en
'teirinno4.lnlaita te the , fiZRIIII4 Ve!, the .
'anew story brick houses ettle-Of
These beeeeti all liftatese, Who kept
'teiern= next ' and bientet.tii
.razo =a Of. thtte th'cosiind aeftets. All the Mre..
Ware Itt,tltti . honsetJ„ rapid , woo the progress ;
of the flereoe;- woo destiirted..
, - The.Vereankile Library-desodation eat, Mll
e dges the receipt of - the three - Lit ateilseis of
Iloydell's telebratiod tlhnittettedieffOrakepiseiS,
uriligh,P: M.parb
.484.;a01zt:- fo r iili,tb:
aier.: '.- ::=:-." .'
':: .':•:% l, '',`
-:.., , _ - ~-*, : --".;,„.. - - '-. • .. . .. 4.,. - ', •
' Iloextan l o voonnConeine..4lilamentable
&Elsa from fire,Li*ai occurred on Tuesday
i‘i p ze
snorning*, - sill no' nteinaggest te-oni firemen
: the necessity of at :orgassithiteifielint gook
and ladder comp ea . , :=Evan wheathermsnot
ogled upoSto say life,. they asniterepr'rental
to be very' serviceable in toying the Wilding.
adjoining o fire,fella destruction , and - set Art!tt.
that they will be a once salsed. , - I- • , i ' - f,.
n it' ,
Bu Ori.—A pn of Sad
" gentlemen A; ; I4
ladies on hoiseb.icksern vidieg op Ifhertpdnert,
near •the canal, yesterday ,. whenth e
whit one of the ytung ladles :On; ran or s , ,and
(-mho WES . in - gresk danger otbeing thronra ofE
TheherarOvros et Opikviht setae ot'Sha l:ojsocrif:
AcinDirst.=A Gerixinn .. she imilontiged•iii
Whiles, n house 21111111.0 Seenteittateneettlib.
exty street, yesterdi.k. fell frail I sradfcd4 seem.
eiderable, distance 'to , the . grotmd,„pFt*4o4
iithant material irdier7...- .- - .... .. ..:.- •
lii . the "Isw. case: "Peitha bi:raterPhy'r 441 -
:die,' SainuelrbleVi et al, won the War
„in ;interest. • . ' Robert Galva+ had no
connection with tho bait.: ,• - • . . ~ - „.•- -
.121134.411143175173 . EZTOBIth.. , ..,
Tie CO2BIO 'just. completed Views • • daere=e• -
withhithulaat ten years of =lies than1,650;330; ..
: the population, which, in 1841 - amounted to
8,176;124,1icing reicato 6,615,294, or 'abenst
.-- - per cent. The f ollowing tar= is taken train
the Daily ZiPrissi,-
'.”ln this reduction Comma& :wod. littroiter'
hire bones the share, the decrease in the
tanner- Familiar being 28 ,Tve...csad..; and 'We
latter =--whErm in Deinster and l:War the do.
croons le•pretty eijuati:biting - about 16 per cent
each.. .12 nay -not lat,: - . lusholetiiiitine to state . ,
briefly t=, ibuituations in the number Ot•the
;„ pep .,4 toum far the hit 40' yiraie , - In the . first.
d e' it increased train 5,637,856 to 6;801,627;
• `a int I,ratie et 35 pa r i cant rin the wand ths
imam° wee 'l4 -per teat; in the thin!, 6 per
...."-cent,;. and now, et theeloso of the fourth decade,
Ilifii redUction of V) jeer Mt.: :Wie la. WO to
number than we smell° yars agF,•whertooNi#
Instead of deerteaiing, the population, lear,
to Its natural tendeneleti,lred. increased'onbrits
. ,
the loir ratio of s'perCont., it woad now be ape,
ward "et 2,000,000 mare Dina it is. " - Dublin is
' ths'only county which abOwnist =team Of about.
TO Per_ cat::: With this ' soEtary etti_eptiah;lha'
dem:sae extends to all =the ocamtiee , in . lneleild,-
and varies . trent 9 percent. it MU= to 51 per
cent:- in Rosmnition; I. it all be ; observed that
the Poi 'eeatitge is.lew=4,lze.dattles,Weilord,
.•-.' Down; anilLoadond and highest in Garrey,
a.taio,:and Doscaeintin:.: ':-.6. - 'compitelsop 'of-the
=embers initiating the decease per =nil id the
dittermit.ocontire; rieWitt in ponnectioheithebei
elate te moiety in each; ensgats.nousy*pies•
tor =Boca= ehia• We have not. leisure at pee-
•".twit to Winne; but-from which importentlis4.
terentia nay bon , The biumi all =Whit
an inancise• L varying 'Dom -3 to'43; - yer:iceitit. in
-- - .,th01.0 yews— 1 / 2 Dublin ifoilitti:the,poribilion,
is -n0w"264,860, sherifinho mentreaso , of :9 per
emit. 'ln- Co= the , keret= is. 7 peeiriat,- - fa
Belfast, 32 per ,cent.)- and Galway hes =say
&UMW Its taliabitants,leing now 48 per tatet; •
afore - thanrlo 1841,7 ' L ...:-,,,_.....,,,... -.,_
- _ .', .'
' .
A •dtilara Titiii:.- 1 At Da Orlaie,l a le" ;
1 days, mice , a • neiero'bey,itamed .Perapey; win
tried, by* iptcial tii=tiompaid td) alayt -,
lade= on the charge opturdae. in basing al-,
10/1y and malicionaly sArayover add*
..-.. 'pinta John X'rteseral- cc Diline be. a the
tor Of Anziacbinon and dlalitiaistiatt -- --•22th
: . elEd,"Wion ot,",fidst •Tainesi ,Fittionild,lind - only
. ,
cue - year, and. oleven`..wenthe.- old, was vatting-1
. down in blelloerte istreet,ebint,fooribet Donal
the curet steno and tiiiifeetlenu, .ehaeraidit. ,
near thiporner'or.AnnwitVatioristrett; the so
, eased was driving one Of two ernmore drip that 1
inns coming up :311 'Seth atreetleands An..
llttettiatioll.. , IILO V .. 15 0 . 1 4 .1111 in; rapid
rate =W. - they - OMo n the collar Of; Ann*
'afoul street, - when,* accused hauled up a
little; and inniguine ix Aeall lor.efi vhS4 l- -0 1
ran over thiehild in - • romottAkee' =Ma.
...111 , 10 . .aiinasteintion:etre4; 'faciAras ; earned
heck at the slaw, and;sans. that be *aim*
aware that * chiaw ilk ite.irtreet7w2l4 the
- =same at persons - *hots, him drive tier ft;
iadieedhim to stop.. ;The '4O ciai. eild AO be
`windy,` - -and mita dust - Was - blawin about. The
-Wheel:of :Die dret pissa oiek.the child,; killing
,Jettge, x, irihht thirke tolthe fuit; Oa_
.. - if, was not a case of reader, and wee in ma yr 47
governed by the - la=resrdini-innrder, : for,. the
• - law mie that if, any re shall kW 107,fiele.
_, et= unlesi kr . eioildent In the act of Wend.;
big his auutteretlecepeei nadesrwhealc chili*
.or rare be ree7 6 e,he otairlm ,
~, death." Ip..ehareet of ts
eat. ...rohalaysothir cit.
1 -._eurnsta ' iices . .beiddos . tiecifi ent might ' bet Piinellid
&maid in ',inslifitatleti„ , and: the abowstrigfit
be modified in T11110 , 2i1111 7F, , Wu ibil)aiti In
' •
the prestut instance eh ticatterfi;' , VeofiecoeS7
... Algol the Juke, - , ..isocidrat is_thatethlawrinvel
tara ,idoiahne nun= l'Orgbtuate uirold.- Ara'
...the 'ciaunisticamis ot - tha,easenow-belit bled
such is to snore:: sa i, 6.thibtiberial; that the
y.. kil li ng of the Wald was itaaitteet 2 alf toot, It
is Pudshibleti de a th er -tliiii /WC" iTketri
banal; 'who : were hastrieatarthaithay, ocaddlea.
lance the acioised`fedettb; 'imprisonment, or
v , ccOpruti Fa*D 26 l4•lErcustitjrcaleroci geb• 1
.1 - capnintr L -Dopipe7mi fitl lashes, mid otiectionthet
lIIIECItSOI2O26I2‘ '42oJudttiordeied thee twenty
eve lashes be tiveri an the 10th, of this month.
Y - ltad twentyOm en Ihtt Itit of Auipiat, and that
•'-'ealittader.lbe:, 7 *Yeel the 'then. Pa the C 044
oc.p.ttitfinif.-.1,0* anzr , assol • R• .
+tat SI iirragt e 2
EZZinc " 4: l7 .E
Irrga warm:text Wilma 11 I ;
" FlVarti l = ! Wiltil,it4ctreuZ"4l4""taUb.
- Wand nil 1$ bltensime.fters.4l76ol9l4..,
Worm t.a.042:14 . 0 . 2
/4144. r.,m7. 3 :AU 7tla 7"n:
Aug. cp3,44:!:-:,'
.ttat.g .
&p L. .
Illorairmsk •
Walum4 1%, Lecq,Lol,crol, lidg
its fib Br" Neter Ctes • egIDIVit
was &ad *bats, +Oita LA ast teal.
asr. MI at as :prz --
S u it. 157 bta.. 7 -
' _
,„!:;., • 1014% iandiVre•-•"1"1.
14* TrAux Mat
nom , ` IIIM .
LID WO ll6 *IR Tall minima a Armi-
mbn pmAnu.
lirM,lnat a= wrest MIROX,
: Tux laisußbM2,
Nzw Yasi.
anima** 'Cherokee, which wive' d
sigl4lrnit'HaTansebrinp intelllgenee dun in
)nnytiettaikat P a ella 'Erb*" n city next In
the asabien part of the 'Aiwa tit*
vulfritilli estimated at from bOco to
16E:CF - 131011. • - - -
ihe 4th of July they mamma spinal
the 1:/tivii=and on body of troops belni
*at Asperse them; s skinnith .sawed, In
erblili the troopevere.defested, with the lass of
dude eanonender, : sid in= 60 to CO Med.
The effelr took place 'omit) kazoo tnimthe
The insavate then tottred to the taathw
tilas; ertsie they bsee entrenehed
.111estik.,, recalling Come sod
*ens, 'and aril tut recruiting their umbers i
".• It le elsoSspoeted that aanaddessble somber
of_tbe !slope hue gone . over to the bnategents;
:that ',Violin's_ old theidjouxot ocamtry has bOn
"Oak sissidintel by the young Ines, erho,ais
emionstalibe elms° at the Insargents. Other
pubs of tb ` e Island are preparing to vise.
'rtnirrati PAIigiNULINS mx.
• • riti?Voss, July If.
In nothing of interest. has been
dab& beyond the pump through the Cone&
testae ,tim , till to anbetituts • loose tax for ;the
window tee. and a Hints squabbling over the tote
for;ZNIIIINO far secret service m=rm and 'the
iotrodactiOn of • bill to authorise W.immtas7
!identitotirtolii tams i .: ; 71
Nothing of importance, has umpired 114011
Ate rallingef the Ada... The Jleyal
es of the Exidbiticu, the - Ntecutire, ComiXithelt,
*pi a - lugs party of distinguished foal ern u_
pressut in the *ovally, Imre tom invited by
to, dine ssith :him An , board: the
American steamer "Atlantic, on the 224 instant,
r ams toe The
e'of great m" affair ptroatiese to
POlONtrfl'entertiftiantio the Antal=
'Minister on the Mot July; pa.,aed'olf withdrat
Anita, and was henezectwith the matzos pf •
vat number of vabusof rank and ' fashion.
.1 7 BANCE.: ' -
;the Reprot 40-Teagneville ielatioi to
thiiietidan Of the Colunttotton, ens to .be :pre
tented. to the Aseombly IM the Bth. It is the on
eagnaiiiit imbject of plonetdo; In tho Padgett
The Yresidiet. hes .retornied la path after
beforieetr ucetted at:Paiattererind the lieu
potato eisittrZrlis !Maga . c 32 / 21 °
_ _
The chersairaslacesents are Womble. The
nmantietariee lure errereed l 7 l arge
London or
duvet. Bev eilk.hredriadng•: l ?!.
Nfisstht,4hil Thee are voted at Se rwee
. .
Themitaatereatche king of Denmark Nave:
resigned lea body, and Count Went haelbeen
ehagef to form save,
'..: - ThailanOidlitros_froat the Cape ani io the
Blat et lig. The news to my' tanatinnitay.
.The.protSaotad nr nagancroad enenaintip‘
alittatiantent the frandensarenparted to - have .
AU= Plice.hi.nbith the - Bride/strata ticiThriaj
ineeental bat Lttle idiatage, however, has
nsta.:itininakftemik.ihe *tit&
nactianag: otagnan,llii:rikOng! If Mike*
atM steamer form .; . . I
'll ,O lllo4.betren lEog TaLsof - toTO and :
,abo Ea— —ag
bestow= ;taint, oontaining "Cknerintema des
' Pan. bad beak eaptaeod by the eneati, and
tito Edon:it:ion this obtained had been; used
yeattrici atomtbe Reid& tories. Great ex.
oitentint , aziated at the - Caps in acetseqtatitee
45aieptakdiatenticat to remota tlin seta Ottlev•
mere iaao aim of inteeist titan Yo tops
zreawittit vamtions-zwirea sidanyarag
that thoOregoa Vamodasioneot Me or
ladtmetlared Athol. haw cooduiled tweeille with
roar Ind tribes; by width WE* commies ef'
bad IWO been obtained toy the Coostireneat,
a n d - • '
'-hroatiladm, , (vt.) ;elf 22
'sdieldideColsoeittoato de tom.
ar .
.tor GoncinagkrstisdardataltiPoi Mow
tiara' :vast thirruipTssbetooKaajtonnua,
• pigalzovia4-Aain. • -
111,ctiiiier.zzustliet is skin, it* de
.200. good. brands at, $ 4 l 184 25 I per bbL
Rpm Sour Is nun ft. figi- 87 Per . '
Corn Meal-4ilasetten; vith eases at $2 01
in UV foiTeialijivszar. • ••• ;
" - Gialliflusre 1s affil *limited "applyof snot
Sa ttos;itulsket .1 . •.88ileal 7000 bus. nenrOntbern
and Pausaylnals zed at 906)914 aooi4 and at
ablte at 100®101all ba.. • Eye is in ; de
-1740 at/20 pei ba. :Comb _wasted at Co tor
raltror...** ifery arab& • Salas of Yen;
Wanda our at 424.0 gee ba, and of nets Da*,
Ann St
, Whiskey is lien 5t . 2,4a ger gat.... _ll
Prosidois—Thers marem mt is
a market.
&Wilda are quiet lnthm Perc11040491.3..‘0:'•
, •. _ 3.136t05i. 142 2 .
/7ne-s tia Nis:, B. a. t i 4 'ltg:
aisd 800 bide rant saint ast : •
graddom - aad: innate! an mahout
,lacy auto **edgy,
IQEW.YOB Issimter. • I
Nov ;Jar, ;
starlet ii.deotptipiddi , ssles of
4,600bbL at 44.121-car stale, sad $4,18(01,81
for goesee: . ;Vs tour is in lemsakst $8,87 ,
3teal~=B~ies at N2,81e52,94 i bbL
..- -gralb—Whest is doll. Eye it aching at 70f:
Cattisismdit with cakes 8,000 bushes at 67/
tes gdzsttilltid tOo for soisd,yeikroa‘ •
I'mnidetta—nerzeszket is steseinlyith gala
ofneil rimmed $14,66; sad et 'prime se- SIVE ,
bbL* 200tdds lird M . 4 0 0811!
..-.llldaktiym cddist 24 - •{o.'
. - raimodaii—x. vtai ssies 7
.-;ittotki—The market Is issaltseositt: Wet of
Uo-.B.'adarts, 1387, st 116 f; sad of Obis , stio st
SO* • ;' sales reamliranis iTeli at 9le.
chaste is moso; yr archance. ; ,
Zig* Yost; July 22.
Cottow-Oles of 81:* . bider to day; steady
1 . 101,1111 &instal, skthiudes 36811 bbls at
js steady st dE4lO5l* tdr mtzsti,
sad 600 tozroma. - -
Itnilliss=-Nttle Brm, id* -ot' SOO
Ibblstunri prime, stiBlB'it bbl
&driar-80* 800•Ssgo Alsissidbolst lOs •
•:-Tobsoss—Sales 0 bade Oltuky et
• Freigharon tour to Idserpoolhsvo (10015=
GOTTOZ . I,'-22 bales in store and fiir by
emAggiusts.imisujo. to dom. " •
fro _mutt Inca= 4CO.
Fr4..7_pgt!s•7 7 ftell°l7,tmcizT — .oo.
lINDRIEB4-• , '
1746 - 1 1 '0.1 1 44.
f II IIEESE-!-450 boxes for sole by 1-
- - Ismael:nu= &Met,
id rROOFT i k KAL ,
0 saltsp_V•
Qiti OLASSES•27 bills:',3..
rir ILEtircli
kitiaAsTwaty:,, a .11ila ; bY -Ari ./ 4 x ! 3.11S
=wow a Prizaana Tar e
- of 2 *a Ws Sada' or Sales to •
II .fkre by fir .S..jl *at LyttalialgrC• is
at . '" lt i ltai b k= " If
Tao ant a ism of tba map% taw: 1):1%
- 11. Ilr. ins sbanlast rata #1441 M• at bl'
W .L.
'IL C..enicKTOS. al Martat at
MAGAZINE, far •tvc.. bag
11 1. - • - ••e ft t rarEs . Lunar, •ildea
i ID' • :
bmr.'o : C I t Imams ,
1. ,t, ... , 061V1N'1/Oroog Plow sod
• • • aft Oa of sad Jam,
litto.Ster easmoor 172 •
TdNNEEtroIi 15n.bbLs;firriolelri:
. .vic4p;4oo.boseellosin, ein'ti btruxds:foti
10 . 07 D•OLLAT • CM,
. 111 21)W•••/4.
mirth, side& iati isaiinsco.
oon, cum on tbeaigbt . attbe 10th Instantorai
`the scene of one the tem It*ning trigedle4
that kiss war basilicas:tad oui limits
An mention having _taken place in the - Palle
Pbsa; - lamas ae, Portsmouth : Square, -lapte . of
( at m , uth l sjedgess end aseentionees,
emoilelende and- ealTartillitkletilbY coon T
tananeing the d by' their - prie,:,:sea and noo
theadeinne• ' • • . ' s
The etunuzudeneee conne cted' with the gale
atelbess s. Owing to the ;mat,. amount' . ef, anima
which bee been: trd far • length of
and th° tlrby dtterMleses if livt, of
procur!dig essearrioodinterf the igultes;ef bedew:.
adetti when comic*, or eyee
of, keep in 'stalli ttietedy,'a nunibee
air aims. eesideed to t a ke the law intolheir
own'tsandst • , • • •
They actiordutaly . t:l4ecitito
• detective and protective. force; with a flied
determination : , to punish, those - Whom, they
should find - guilty 0f the eutoznisalon- of ,nay
Atkodane see, '.They aeeeiruutly proosiiedquar.
ten in • bailHiug an, the utamerwt 'Harlem and
About 9 o'clock on 'Tsnsda7 nied;
=ming II tam: eettalning mantling apparently
gaits henry, ettrantidthe ettention . cd eallld an
ballboattnen, at their etatiem en Central Wharf.
He jumped into a bait vitlelds.bag, and Pulled
out tewerda the end of the wharf.
A few moments bad Waisted before Mr. Vir
gin, a gentlemen who keeps s shipping office on
the wharf, elms down to the boat Mud in law
suit of a person who bad just robbed Ma of of
a small Iron safe, containing a considerable sum
of money. The man with the bog erns at cnoe
tmspected, and a number of the boatmen started.
Af'sr • sloop pull they overhauled en
he threw his oty overboard.: After a _ Se
vers lo b otfron ne potty of boatmeaaoo In
capturing him„ "Mlle another Asked up the beg.
which proved to contain the stolen safe. He was
conveyed on shore, and at once taken positestelort
of by some of the Vigilant Committem:whe eon
ducied him promptly to their head quatei4.
where he was tried itt Proem of About 180
members of the conclave, sitting with , eimied
dome, by them Sonsicted, and sentenced to ibe
ling Portmnimith Square that very night
-The ;precise mode .of trial was of coursa a
scent Dming the time of be progress the sit
tune had accaumlated in large numbers *boat
the building, and in ,gortemooth Squirm Toe
bell on theengino house m .the latter locality,
having bees rung u • signal to apprise the eitl.
'seas of the proceeding going ;
The - pcpulam were very-much- excited, bat
more mealy than*e ever recollect to We seen,
so numerous en ameinblece; en any ties.
'ion. Some disapprobation watt uniicifeshed at
MO secrecy or the committee 'and proceeding,,.
but when the molt woe known there woe a eery
_patrol approval macifestitt • althringly there
-act many who deemed the punishment, 'Of 'death
tociserere for the Mime, anti cillAN Ag n it h t' / 4 '
Should be ectecibel in broad daylight.
As boon as the sentence was. pi ned, the bet
of the Calico ones 'lOnse, near' by, Com.
matted ringing the''-prisoner's funeral knell—
CAM. Batintaill HSY. of thePollos affioe ; applied
at the dear of the corn nit ea room, and demand.:
' ed the primmer. but sea refined several timer;,
and although others et - the Polk* farce were on
the ground, tlmr'f:isli it was of no me to attempt,
About 1 o'clar..V.Nr: Samuel finmonn earai
tat, and 'ascending ihe bink oppoeiti;:socon
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Rare the, cameo! dna '.lenViii, „and profissat
be amatink'd London. ' - -"
31r.41. sated that habadbeen alloWedamitic-;
=boor' ko -peparellinteldf -death, that lir Ar: ve had boa sent foi, to nett Wm:.
• Thee:6yd presentpromptij appievedthinatiOn:
of the.conunittee: : Frame= .tiznevhe . anoite•
um= begin:lto imam= and the znattaaminfress:
ly truseussed'hy knots .of citizens at Atte street
Immencehout the committee roona'andls the
sqttare, ' A Very-large majority were in fsior of
'thee:mutton. -1 ‘•
Thepiisbnei wu pirfeetly eahn dosing this
time, and Inclesed in • tiger. - Tivaelargyinan
.promptlyrespolulod to the request =pray with
the prisoner, and remain= with bkn far nearly
azi boon If we are =Meetly informed. his pre,
sense had= particular eifectuponttuittondems,
ed Mera who, ' doubtless, etnedently- anticipated
a rescue bj the poll= About_ two_ceoloek, the,
doors of the eanunittee room mire opened, and
the 'condemned was for the brat time prmentedto
• waste tali msn, with greet zonsoular
ealoPinents, and with rather a forld =on
tonneau 'Hs wee azooldig,inatemat rather
pats but *Out= his same were plait:mai sod :
kis hands were tied heblid him, while he :was
=mounded bye** gdekly mused = l. l '
men, Atsiyottereeleaktgou thititt;;d
tit Prenteabis eimpeu-intbismanner; ltdlowted
by s-large alma ; bolas, conducted:to , the
The inival was auttonne=with a kiosk sad
entry desazipdten'of''vecifort, enades•
scene of onifences and esoitement&mailing We
hue vitomatafor long time :'' moon ob-
Mitred bjelowle shed no light, and dui pintont
tad wanwild and; =fel= the extreme.—
pole ._,
- •me pima 'climbed the liberty to .7 , 5 a
block foe the mention, bat a loud shout of
...a:ethic* , bini on the liberty pole arose ;
Tolosa sereamed out to the .0111 Adobe," and a
rob tae made for that edifice upon ths 'caner
of the !mare, formerly occupied az a Cute=
lime. •• • • t • ~ . 1 . '• :.- -•-• ,
.1, - rash was hoaatooly male for the 'end Of
thttlarolf. 'Nock rigged; end i'lreg rope ran
through it ; in the meantime a =caber 'of the
porta made several,attempts. to , obtain
ion of the prisoner, bet they wars rMighl han
dled and . prevented: bed: 4p ' .they
would have been :riddled with. , "ballsi . Ernest
citizens denounce!. the execulton,andeoight to:
aid the police : -..- ~ .- , 0 - ,-. .
. .;The prisoner, , by, this tiote, -Wit; nearly data'
with fear Ind royal; handling, when, ,insh via'
made towards hunot ;too* thrammover big heed,
rape anumed bl2O read* liando, , and 'the hem .
form OA* emmictektelon ; swept through' the
air, endkiMkgied trim thi tdoelih empen,: . Afear fearful,
straggles, a, quiver. of. the cad, a few
.nerveui meitclei, mid the'obined'pant npon'the
libleasempse of him , upon ' whom such -: speedy
'sad terrible rtageincelati been executed by an
outraged Maple- be swan to and, fro and
immtei r md.
turned rand and mend, a of-ewe ap
pisredio spread through the ' ' eta could
not be otherwise than *kb thateitibli
:. fiketly.they
dispersed, but when day .brelts
there were WI many piing _upon theynnilan
purgeatures of, the dersdinan. - Alt - 6, o'clock
itiltimhg, Mr. : Crosier, repaired toga not.
tut - down the body aid coaigned -fete the dead
bonen . , Thus ended tits:int ' mernt • which
. ever toot place 'l3saPrasii . soo;- Where *OM
mime las beamoosomitted in the ms+l , ,tri• r' thin
frisay other city,of Omani*: pep in the
Onion, without pee aingleflristance" , adequate
punishment ::
Of the Olt if lettkinnt Olio was yo, doubt
die has bees known teem Pollee for Months as •
desperata..chicesoter LfrOm the Venal; Colonies,
where holed passeintacky years as anwensr rt 4
al itermict:'The Commer's inquestopeci the body
of the mooted ManOtent estetelyely into the:
'svidmoinconnected with the whole: proomdbig,
and isthoir Tordlot Ildlool the: members of
the Committee of Vigilance aa the *Me of his'.
death:" • .....:.: .i ; ),:; ; .:f..'...;•/ i , ...:';:.
. . ,
IrailiSSl 07 7161. allow SA O 2 St4c r" , ' "
By it feiatnati coinaldatee," the maid toed'
of the - Anatrieen census takes last year has: jolt ~
been received, sad weirs' tugged; in unpinne
d= with:the =war mad* on the Bleat Here' It' '
for, this_to zameturf . the absolute Tao-
ltress'of the'liszati, We in its two' grand
diriiions, sato compere - the lam of theist Teo
=satire gtairtfatin relation to rich other, and to .
the rad of the trait . Itis estiiskt, Includ in g
Ireland and the_polgetiaq dist . thee Is a grind '
tog of wel Opeakinkthe Milt linguage; -dui '
aterifesting thitsamemerel tendencies. of .etiv.
meadow oft b8;000,000, from which 4s; deducted
the three zoillionttof licartrebtres in the United
States, lead= a rem of 4,000,000, =lady
of Anglo dezon desernt, and deePlYbrir?d"."d
wititits sturdy =slides dim:sit and brain, 'at .
1 th' • . Of this advszniug dna
e repratentataves , .... .
- Two centuries ago there were not. quits three
mliiietts of tide race en the fate of. the =rib.
There are 's ;Olen Momper:one of Maar de. .
goorm, *eking . the Hever' language . at the
'present moment ',ln Europe than there were 14
"..Ettrope and lanerloslsf this conquering =dad
Ong people L11.01611= of CromwelL How
Win, - &a, for men to talk of the political nata
lity for absorbing small noes! ' Silty years ago
the Angiciliazon nos did not ereced 17,000,00'
I 's Europa Nut Americo.: 'At that time it rot '
go ; somerlethy streager then the Toles. • Tlisty
„, a ii,' , ..ego tenanted =lt thirtrfaur millions,
I„, h ,.ltagetica only three mintage end a trap ,
tja — e mor . ‘ • than the population of Retie at that
- ,
..._. ..,...... qtraidashly lees than ' th e Teutosio
mwic iai r;" o. 4 Noma Barite. , In .1841 it is
/1_..... . ..,..... .' civilized race inL the world. , Ot
.. the cone 'of ,the
mete lyinr width. ,
scams . slam u ., . more numerous ,, tountedby
Ursa; but comparaYinii few of tt".
' 'Kock ha / et "Cara 4 312 the
a nd submissive ,_ _ _ ...._
barbarian of the dark age +?..wealtee sw.
aid culdration, theta:rouge . t .. l ?° o°o 1 ar ed -w i lit
tt i g pant, the Tattonl: end. . ~.„, if strim ..,
Norther is thud their tat 7 elza. 7 :l-f cm jii;
Of in the raw which meatier str. . ic . tutiti ,
Waal of thiworld;. tetr 4F el k 1M A. 44 • •
chaniator d nelett !lirbi ada 0 216'11'1.11km ". la gab" U.
11 .- t 7 ..10 s tamp
1 r 3 0:
religion; martnatt litslangmtiiiir'e= k tin
veil, theartileliokta ft now On , ta7, 11 1. .
wet muneranatareafuVand satire: The dey
when ataight .patalOar , beeHtizairdil,b
:lemitaVor trampled out, li hl , " aid 7. 6,
land by 'stronger hordes, to pate for Watt.
That it wee passible at one time for this people
to be sulabffid by. ar tweyto the
slowarmonise of &dins, there eats be little
doubt. - In 1651,the -Unita PrOsizeses amid
more Moly to mikes path Agars lathe melee
&tun history. thsw Their '.vtitalth,i
setithi-;:and miuffilnur - power were the nicatt.imi
posing lerairope. . They bed all the opylitg
(rids cf Ate :mot n their hinds, Thaw len.
gape was Spoken in every port. Inthe wet
Orient their was gud and their - 11E1mM
Paremobtd. Nnessid else then ; hardly:known'
abroad. Her difficult idiom grated. on Varela
earaisnd her _absrmy comas repelled the sorb.
wiry of .morCcultisalosil trardbma. Had the
'thought of s day:m.3lll4lth= any oda& Huth . -
perm language would be spoken bymil3ieu of
Paints, **Stored roar- the. great continents of
the earth. from New Zeeland to the . Hebrides,
andiron the Cape of Storms to the Arctic loam,
occurred .: to any alsuret mind, Dutch, net
&glib; Would - pr hare teen thu - tongue
to which he would hire sniped the immature
salmi= , I
Tel Holland has fallen nearly as much; as the
Stann.lies .2thatiintbe,thilif.ef twthine, Ha
iffimula bow actrie ssloonisp by use w, NIT meths*
In' Reeser or ,in Neglish. Era , .
sai kith Many. of them Sloshed their goal
s *reign wt.., On the other , band, - our
mature and language bare Pseud entirely out of
the phase of danger. Dutch, like WeLett,,Plen
ish.:Eric,.llthipm,-Indother litionia;ll dannthil
to perish se an intellectual sodium bth".what.
everbisibe the future - thilyptsof the warld,Out
tongue of Elhekspere end Bacon ipso* too firmly .
rooted ever to be to= asnlY. • No loogaibenteet
with *mere preestration, It aims, st
. tudeurtml I
mastery. Orsdaidly it . taking pommies Of
all the portsls:id mate at the worth ;:tholatlng
all , rived idiom, shutting :thesis up Item into
masa with eachother, making heel;; the Ain-
Eel of essay cottaiunicathwi. - ./
At tanked points at. once it plw Gut*
grentatc, - It contends with Spanish on the few'.
tier alter:doe; dales French and Session bid**
'tin Cuticle; and' in the Northern Archipelago;
ettpeistsltti.Dutzh at the Cape:and Nitta; elbows
Greekand Italian at Malts taitt iti:ttwe ; Touted
Islamic; usurps the . vi&sf Arras at Saes end
dbustuidit; umintibiatitlifilytestm at Ma*
Hongicuw e Jautialca..snd 81 , Helens; fights Its
way agisbut multitudes insidas'dialects in
the:Rocky ldountalas.ln - Gentra Ainerlia, on
I the _Gold Coat hi the Interior Anstralls. ant
among thweountleis Wands in the Easton; *Mc ;
No ;whir Imigcmci Is spreadlng - An thii,
'Freiebind Geblians find - ebblentg anions 11 ,
rated San; but .Eaglisli
and supersedis the idioms with it.
In contact •
111 0T 14 4 1 *grrivi/E - the 41*. iflst
Simon Stake is notelaitly. Is 1801 the
laden of Greet Britain few 1 1 :00.01li 1 1 I
that at the United States was 8.319,7824 Cr not
qrilbb hilt In MO thapopnbitics • •
States witi two :akin end 614 more Una
Ttua of fliciultritalit lnieo4,l...tAts mcliceitit
probibly amide It by thfestoillima
of dectsadal tnmewa fa tbliriimadry is lees than
IS per emit.; While in 'Ausrics it is 'atimmdtipit
cent In,t/so giimiCautlental Elutes the bate
kamaidetibl: ragisad.
ins, to. the .progiera 'of ilftx yowl 'ln
PISCROIR and is Amadei, the United timed mlif
have the largerpopalation in 1870; in 1000
will' anise those .of -England. - 'Fraud. _
1 Folditgali Sweden =I e s
combined. , Prudent statesoM should bear these' mind.- - ,•ltianylcimmr vo w alive mai ON
the tilII• 14,11 America , will NS of scow import.
I *nee to us, socially. sonnuernialkv; end pcdlti
['ally; titan all Europe put together. Old diplo•
natio traditions will go for little in the feed of a
transatlantic! rim numbering 100,000,050 of
Wee Sid salliptie men of oar own iamb and,
tdood.:•/..corali dAmmum;
, . -
II NLERER. Us just roceiv I .
ALL. Nelly HIT. bp ILO. seen. • ;, • 1
e•lnt; H as maticirrhotes •• •
litagA r s..•lrorda tam thawalfs PA.
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and evi:ll 4. s ..w itird to Ihlo ik. :113 .
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ASTOR - 0 10 lbls. extra colity. for
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PIG IRON 60 tons impala, fo u a. by
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r: SUBSORIBER, - Proptietor of thie es
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1r - D. BOWMAN.
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• Office fur Tamign Patents,
16.15 Wetiat, N. York, andl66l7eitst,Lorak.4.
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