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MORNING. itiLY 22 . "Di
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.papar. d4o l Lerf. , iii.,.
_liithiciio; , 4 , -5 1
- '4.40 , to
tho peeica ofeseettalu meth* In Philadel
phia, at the NOMA edfiekhtrelaticist tal/sil
, rind mahmilihiticd**tecit that cilyna the
'Llontli-whia„binny - cribs Ilmagteld Mite.. ,
:. iti proper, for ia id; elins *a k t l u° ,.
..- letter ease transmitted :la tinitc to nosh a! on
' - Baturday marring, but 'face sera aeretbrSi e .
were not aware or id ididnionaa ti k lii : m q
iiat,d4el In , the Rath • Aniedait,:, We letn
coronet tor rte notsipieriii: iir aPi•Pillir
! ,At resent Mahal leave thie letter with - Our
. :tam, 'easel:to oi:tio ellipiiiiiitoristaletauts,
resetting to. ourselves the privilege ist. 'enticing
. .-ltmere filly bereeth'er;,4o4l.l!TUratheire it
.", eceemito 0.4; ''.. ``j'.:, : - ~"- ,:t '. ' .- 1
. Mr. Metdrk initetrthaiT he i4,4d not : h."
- felt celled (into reply, if ida:cume, had not been
- pacaliatlfsaid - in: car article, aswell slain
otimier'it faded to einteelm tonny;that bbi
" .
game was not used is our aftterialiimeks . at
" - 511,4 t Onli appea ri ng in rata proceeEngs' which
weapled from the Plilladelpida.pspao, and in
the l e tt c,T 4 7ll'.. tb r' i r ie e 4l 4 Ghuette. an an
.' Jr en n'kunceMitacue teitie at: alt : ... ~.
.-- titheributhatti.if e 'ethibrthoo* ri v i •
-Fint=itin Merrierettedh,thit thetmeeting at
the Railroad office had no more reference to the
. building of the Reinplield -Mad, '"thati ft had
"io - bitildiniCs rood M'tkr, - Caon,r • roil` *A . u l i to
'...':,. ibi4 time.tb.iie luili beeni ite nimicilint; by the
- Pezthitlicirde- Wined. „or ii the - chime of
• . L'llulsdattd4la aid of the liempfceld Railroad.
:-, If the Michaels!, he isayi;:.Madbeen toad `with
'lay bat jatindiCed esrectraiea, they' wield bate
been better understand." "- . ' '
- We regent very moon *died; that vie should
busier Mucifinispatzstwi the meaning of the
r . ieathiriere.' and Lib** 'o_2434ei,. th ith we are
• .' net ,alooe, ha Eimer mmacteticato oveleivet
put : upon - than by every person. in the- teesuv,
• -both friends end, as to the Remplield. pMftot.
.. "- That the - muter, mei:hive the_ ciciatbet elearly
":- t
befis, him. We republish'. the- rindraliiiir,' no
. . ic _
. , - • Reastat, itud theiiroject of continuing the
". -..' clitedsmati and -Belpre Railroad. from. Athens,
Obla tkrocrgitiaarietbe to the eltietWbedang,
lath alter to connecting, t...:the - Hemp.
. field sod Trotiptandre Ridr, die City" of
-..' -Thfiedelphiatathneetthern Ohialleueseicy Mid
* • lemma; is regarded byrtbis meeting as a
- ''• Mastro al* great Importance to the intonate of
ilia city' et. Phladelphia'asid is entitled to the I
Y . :: maideration sad aid of its burins. men , ' I
"',' ' ltachrol, - Thst in the opinion of this meeting;
lea' Miasma Old Mare Ralledad'ilmpany
May look lath ea toneltmadidene e loam city ea
Philadapbbs for the- neectemi ramble,' sod
. ' required ttembunditlieft mad fromliselem to
...'Wheeling,wills a .vieg-to connecting"lath the
;,•-,Dstemplasdavonds, - ea •to m , city epees Chet
- - beard, to enrpply the I •apM• required to-.eon
street a raM•ad to counnottluitom of Parkerso":
, burg with the ikatimere indOble - liciCfread. as
'Withal by the &writ of ,thri''NuA h 'ilrf thth
--"Resotem4 „That -Soho' B. My•iii, dolin - ' awl
'tine,d Company.
Thomas P. Zoo*, 13. V Merelek; T h e
T, Lik:and V. S. - Brown, tio a - Mamittee to
'''-bring'cithe notice of the Board . of . Trade ! this
' '" 'city the loperesnee - ot' securing direct c s•si j arimd
" conneaskitsilith 'anthem - Ohio; arid , the, Stem
- of 'Ketitnals7 and Tenninde, by duns of the
" Peimsyliania Ran Ada 'to elmeastask the
lierapddi Rai[ Road through Media* Athens
'undialliathe to Pahismatandldisysiille, and
"-- the Brant - nil saids'frai from; .throcadt
• -•, - . Leangth .
and Louisville! in Sashvale in Tee
: ,ge.....i. fe .th th..:.
3., ,
.• _ . ...
of the meeting as publishedin as.letter to tite
-whaling Ossetia, itla that utile octea sicai
; ,,,,id.
'th amerthga M' t he intimation of the .
Cinclisnatlisalßelpre arca& Earl
efts to Wheeling , - the coadreatioa epthe
.116eptct Road, weveldiwassed at -lapitt arid
~ interesting explanation! into glum try a gentle
. . man from Ohio ; but or *deo mien.. feeling
, , .
. . pervaded the meatin' g.-.that the ammatiorm watt
~ David R. Brown; ~ nanaked to the met
lrig that no project bed lever • beies - :papaied to
- Philadelphia reOuiringlso Utile aid,. that prim
used halt thebendta. , iThiok 'of it,'.lse remit
a, to' milthicuscro littAotdaars riled forloory
~ to bring seven banded W diel Comftualnutrall
'.., way nom : Nashvillkledn , - lisiougis s hosdaille,
' laingth and Mayerliii;R4 Pattimouth, Chil
-• •. limbo andidariata Ohio, ‘aisd Wheeling, Vs.,
' • - .- to our great ParaPivania Railroad. at Greens
burgh—a Jim:coding $1.5,000,000. ‘ Piiladel
..--- flltlt a'"theln T nd.
traaiftfitiend t .
-in - cmeecee.f p ro perly climtaal elfart.Y ~. : ,
_ . . . •
' • ' . Ir.. . .thy& lift epiittuitOtrirdligalPt4,
`fends weinlaidis Bale more Pirt)iandas In their
# 4. i l iage, ft, it thenaldMeang,cthe ir60 4 4. -
' .. : *se, sa Mr. filemick 'aye, lusd. no more repot,
~. • -pm to the builcling"of the Rempfield road,llim
{;tie lading of a roadla !the =Mk Wecoafete
'..:: _. that ~,*re're.thth th
as ' undio4iiiid itsi tbe'
• , i 'Remplirldpioject was specifically inclucied inihe
. y _ proJedwhir.lteras to briefs. the nide of the/Ranh ,
wed to PhßidelPhia;bt way of th o chmeeth.;
Marietta, and Wheeling Md, apeciallyiellifte
... burgh was nowherei motioned. in the' smite,
ilule Whetung, , Oreenshorgit end the ire.pow
' road figured'largely.., fiA week however '1 Mr.
• . llariek'eScalelmee; MilevehereaftiagOlt our
. , IPhiladelphts fiiembit veal hare a little-piny Vir.
' "...130 . oar. obtaaated, "end 'express themiebra in
langnago that we CSITTLittb and
. --- 7 ‘ . "Ohs said' munatioi is en Antra to tree
;charge of 'Olin teith;4lol..iiifiandeddi the
. promise .of -the Railroad Compared, added la
' - the later of the Pothsta, - quotid by lfr:;,Afit
` -rick ; end the -failure td eamt ont 'dad plan ise
. ' on the ids or the'COdpavy, - nithar print"; gr
hardily; wbila at.n . greeting to the. Rankled.
~. . --offia, oomposeci:partlylof the.Dirodowe of. the
Company,. s pledge , to ' , anothr ierK-widele
•we adadopt to bathe ilehinalienk4i
weve r recv
made. We aro ho avid any farther laben: l ..,
in this belliari by the actailicatheaticiinflienetat
' 'Reithriuths the r.ith.yikr *Ma' and Pea*
41tdite Wined C• 04; .: *Web: falli death
- • . ..
. , add disposition. tik 11 Ini, - And jut**, the
.. • •
Przrthmson, 21,;1861;
IV th Milo of de Pdit s . l o s •47osetar - •1-
. • tiot,-Aiotottioo hine host - VOW to too fta,
biting peragtsphe, in a ooromnnitationicr lLL
North American atek:ThaltedAtatee• Ifhtze4 .
v i to S. V. Itlerriek,,and addeteisinLicr ih6 ,
;editor.of the Pittehlresk Oesette, c dated Hake-:I
‘l4s l tioit/y 15th: ' ' •
“Ist- 'the time therein indiestl4
, • ardour, es'ik ifesosilm ha, ewe
made 11 • the Oblo end ,Poottulun4
P .
Ocentany for . aesistrante, you; char o f :
Faith carries with It ha own mfotattom ' -
god. If In proper time aid had been rsquirgl
the PoonsylunioltoneOad•Cmerny;tiusd'old
wad hue girm: ,
thd. The 'Read ban MU` 'Ude; onrahi, lies
nen? been reftistd; became pnr alai rimer
Eeen .eked."
Now eir, without wiehlni is aaj: iga y
contr tatiain
come a_iarty to 107 • • r. -
‘. kterriet =dee editor of the Cheek
it, Is 'due to the and Wf truth to Mae' me.
pluttleaDi that in all and; eiek one of these.3l6,
The Atodottpakpersonalkr,intia ;tine ot •
41*Paonaylnitla Ihdlnuel!Company; Phi 1,
"• - delphli, 'tn. the mouth of*Aidr Orriaany
and offedelly`trothled the tkasPOn l A.4P4 o3 '
Poi; C:Ptitims4.lbot j ti patted hail
- - ontred wham.% hattbatomineemmary tiatalipe
attention of the Ptamotasthettaueosa Company',
bibs performance of Its obliptknuWedged by
• him, Fr , otE" l 7. to the',P9Pl4.!cf._. Allegheny
county, in .aid ofthe
Itaihmad: 1111-had Urbana to make any
amine bototorooroot-tWatioookos 41.11
sit;_ of the "Pensuirdda ,Cokapanyzfor
•••••• memis • aa their ortomand. , -. 5191, that our elitint
could not now bahmger postposed. - .•That ,
• notion of the PennijkoOnlttartad Board iota,
• iniNsFelloible.laTordei 11,11.011,!*1311infOluld•
underriOul l o . 4 0 0iOnl'i ' le i Cr e ;***FiPP O'4
' . ealstr,if. tho• Pledge midi by the rtago , hl 4 *
Rai held COPRIDY; and thotilsolowsom a (wen hid , opoo sit; i Ihtodd . feel It .to yokr to
y pent tic r irlida's t #4 fti "# 'll4 . OO I,ati
Stoetholders of too 2 . 01 . 1 1 . 1 4 3 4A,0 11' ...
Imo Itsiitt'istdll4 "But to the Ent allot tloa.
.. - ~-<~
_ ~ _ -
y am '.. ......~ .. r `
idertitiisif#l(she *le
- 04+ indieged•g. 4i, zed .
Triiionzeaßan - a - atompiwy;
.aiiirig!),AlkkestßlAlPA-F4 in the #4td 1 4 1 ••
ipabrOill IMO that the Boad beeebeen nied•
. I,Atinitterly at • low, in antway 'heaver, to
reencile the two farmer of these allegations.
iill`rliiiilb,44.4tOiva:44***fii keel** to
-eicar,FrOttC'ties=thst the L time when sue& /e
-rase& idretidlusiiiike Made , 'Pat' . Rarely-
ISr. Merritt ,doeil nob belong to that clams of
baardsts,..ibi , upon inch a pleeoseek
obootrekhoeselses. hem- a. solemn obligation.—
Neither *ll thefitackhelders of that corporation,
, amongst whom -are manyott ;hunted honored
names in. the,CoMmerealtb, etnetionany
ilea of lied filth of the Cempany.
tr:Arlthlegr_9#a. .;"thatthe
Road W eek" ibis almost incredible diet each
an leek= 4.carle. Ylive been :Pawed ape,.
:with air Miriam of information on that point.
within - the poirei.of lierrick.":.The , Road is
not ,Wnad.e," ,of it has yet been opened'
foitrarel:=na t. , 0 Resew; which, Lowest;
Months of toll; and ansiety, and a large ix
penditarformoiry, ace pt before us, ere we
reach tbeNiltato bee of Ohio, sad connection wilt
tinder these uircurcustanom then, I amfolly,riti-,
thoriseeto ney.thittnoienditlon of things is likely
to occur Which 'could render the performance - of ,
the engligemenii et the Penneylennie Paned'
Company; entered into by their President, with
the people of
,Allegheny , county to aid their
Western Road, be :more acceptable or usefal
than at the present nionient.
Tne bemu...—Trata the. followthi Parariph.,
from the. patiiiiiri Bun "o[ f3Staidity; Altera
iaeonto hole that the &maim to the anal; by
the fate freshet en the Jeniate,,are not seri,
one I . ile it first enticipatedi'" • .
.intri4itenee leached hat
.p . 3, EUrrißi;urgh
train el ha pOt nine lettere-Mg, that the dem4,
'age . tethi eanel Menet ea' emit' , 'es had been
apprehended. A teatimes whetted pained over
the Mainline .east of the mountains, marts
that the miter had, subsided,. sad the Whole dam
age to the - nog siay be repaired ; in. the contra ,
of three — riots, while that to the raltrorof may
be remedied MA few dye. ' The Cana! Commb
sieneue. indeed, MOM that.their repairs eat be
made In Mk due ,- Passengers went through to
ilantiejaion yesterday. and as there ts ordy *mai
28 - miles uf4he !bad thence' to liollidephargb,
the MOM may be continued throatti at onto by
. ,
, • ,
ediANc - t,'401 6 , Goßetle• -
Csa-or! the ChliZMai!
Cottlmitteesppoirtted to make arretgelontn l o2
rho corn COOVOtttal 'to be held stßitiltbdlthk;
on f 1) Mat 63'0 APO:next. Rdt
the :to
'iltakthltingt.oo-14 11 : 6 anci lo2 .4.fli e a I
wn4 pretested ttitaisineo. l o4beloPPOln ted
31?.W1,140i030.2°0q-Pro.t. •
Motiotylt. was .ricolied, that is Manes
Committteo bo appointed, to =AM of Tol-''
lowing-nand gentlemen :—Frederiek• Vora*,
Eaq4Cor Mugu Roberteme, Josiah King. Thos.J
•11. , Hatre,-L. - - G.. Uoyd, Jacob Painter,-James
"Manley; Jai& McKnight, Joshos Hanna, and ,
liieholes.-ToegAily, Eno. .• • • :
E'=-Itiron-then mulled that a Committee bo sp."!
- pointed" to pupate lisaltablep place for holding ,
the-Copemtion. ! The' Chairman appointed the
following named tediums opi said - Committee-
Dui E. Appleton.-Joke , Noniron,: Daniel Ifo
-Excedy, James ill'HlPettlgraas.,•• •
motion the .Committea"amazement ,
was increased 14' Me addition of the following
names, erlu_Dr.•R. Sheldon, Joints A. Eakin,
Daniel Barter, Edward Campbell, J. O'H Denny,
It. IP. Bahipecoi, John E. Parke, John kl; Porter.
and `.Beniamin -Kelly. - • DIM! these'additional
names, the Commißeareads: on followt-.Jamee
I Dunlop, Eno., Daniel McCurdy, W. J . .Msdairs.
Alittsader, Itictuirdooo, James H. Smell, Jobe
.Iforeson, Alexander. Watson:l4n
Cid. Ilium Italtl, &YAM Percival, Jacob
)raj Wm: .It:Shme;'Ciipt. John 'thly, *moons
CoPer:.!Dte. `E- - - Appleton; Simnel - E. - nuke,
High IdiCeeputok, John ..Bl l #. ' Miqoi Went.
Ifsj: J. M'S- 81304rms.
It isto.J4 hoped that the rtipectire Con:ult
imo will on soon as potudiple, end make
tuck iriattgatetitt an may seem bent vital to
'advance the Alen of-their•appolidment. The
ruisage_ Committee, - partienlatty; are tram
mended Marine_ in dint scathe, and appoint
adationalmeintera, if they diem sub necersary.
'• The Ctontoittee adjournedto meant the'saine
place Oktr.l.Dontotin office, on Sd street.. Pittai , .
kg. on the 'Mb Mit; at 2 o'clock
en kg. ~, ppinctoni attendance on put at the
meimern - of • the'Cotamittes is earneetly reppieet-,
tints litiar s.• v. xERSIcE, ENE:
• • ib OdEsiti , ; V kite Pittito•y/i fimette. - ,
tier leadei - Of the LOth July, together with
tawdry articles in other Pittsburgh papers in rei-
Litton "to railroad Morentesda le this my, have
If ivy name 61 sot been prothinsady weal in l
year :article; as well m ethers, I should hot care
telt 'ealled Upon to tremble on with a reply.—
But ail firm beim &reedy assailed witheelitrlle
of brisieb of felt:btu: silmaioning Pittsburgh ln
thretp, alter 'obtaining - the eubeeription from
Yomeounty by; intildnpfilse promism---fte that
lithe rent charge; thotigh - asteisii In other lan
sseete- 1 1'fielit doe tote ped to reply Dilly.
, - We are eh sited, theihif I onderstendehe tin-:
or of those several artielesOrith basing obtained
the Alletiosoltauttieription under promise of re.
tundsig . the like tonomt to: the. Western . road,
.which prsusise w More failed to fulfil-and Mal l
.now we hisikabssidoned - Pittsburgh. and are 1
tuarlowto the conspleties of the lien n&rind, '
' , with a slew of: .Wheeling couneetion;
1 l awhleti I toostunequiroadly deny, An my bun
behalf' and on behalf of. the Posinsylvanis Bon;
:, In order tbst your public , may atuderMital the
position ail& Company towards your city, I
beg you tuintert the following extrael ef my led
:ter of AuginititS47,.. the basis of the char g e-as
S o A.,the ..ta0,d.1.., the temporary&
, of , the Portage Dallstiait telqf be peel to
.the W 4.05 aorta* . the Compel upon
ilter Matpletlint of the,iiritt; be dirt to the
WM or Weetemilividon, beini earitbsit mob
deice In the road, whet made to that polakwill
Dank& hinds reqpisioi to Its -completles to .
?lltebn -
' natarti of the country through whleh •
; :OThe
part of the Western Division of the road passe,
tiO adverse:to sultan lesprosetnebt, sad time
'nuit elapse before ifeaspeldes win be reduced._
Abode tatewtylbie Wiwi of the eonstry between
the - blemeepbela and the Commangh premisbt
Obellattet sibleb Shutt be ammo by doe Pi]
itagdoll tameitc neeetemilli slow in weestrim
-DOW. Thts dhltitre, thong) stater by gawk tif
ty milts; will:mules pitman:l4oWe in. el*:
4 7.1 1 , I" OligearZoom sootlooi which pt wets
. • , 1 , 7 4,1„ eludiefore, we are itotepe,Dedte 'pastpoue
• Illiketiatobloomint tie the Western Pleitibm antil
litili.Castero ta,tnished. WieUrtiole wrirliwUl re,
AD*. dttlibilt art llhne Pisa it would It both Di.
lid= wore put under Cotpzuelimi at Ps mete
pwicel. iltnt tf,the meyall CS provided to tom
.mete= the Yeittern IHrisien in tom as the ma.
mye arisumats, the two sections cm be madir
ppslr, and a Railroad connection be'
wane btdween the two oilimal knot two Mrs.
dtiilineb than If the policy la mimed Which pee- .
enfelient tliotate. 1,
: /..° Vie question, therefore, for yo u r nitliens to
aeAdels, wililhey. expedite by their enbserip
[" ticiatheolimbig *fa, oontithuntsiallrosil between
their piwn. market and she Atbuitle, or : will they'.
. bestow` thtdr energies upon • road which cannot
i 'beiMadessailidide to. any mead extent for the
. next Ise . or air pant , .
°I look with confidence to the rOspottseTbe
. , ponsyluais )3,511rayl must be premed With
..I"i'effeot.' this pad abject . and _enable the
DlSeetssfee press amid both , divisions cd.the
'Sued' the same' ailna, a *llllloa or
Ismael from the Westmeountien, Thar:Mon,
Ms* the wrist= or thiorliniume, ,111 how
mother kailigi from Sho:trnstrevy ar. auk ;IV - at
rlbidelidds;ind dumb Iwo is *WI bn
dusted, dimmed to the liresiteintruisioNVrhicitt
1 4 bs bud se dek moor nt me m.
"Iji it on/lcpdsoegderotodtolke oi
Relbead, hew elan the colnec ng ; link be:
mac betvesi -Pittgaimit „and ;the State
soot The aasSw , Tonneglnnla
; Rails* hose. adoptsd 41033331131tei policy to
brine no - bond.: &la Conpany..lllo
their road =shackled by debt; sad, tedis,cot
weft a it competent to any otospiiti , tending to
Rieretall Its asefolnesa et , profit, Lad ifaat•
= tee' the !hada that: may be !aphid . 01., that,
piitpose;'lozoos as its ova pi ist k.. i d the
don of the Ohio roads aIIZI iso e itich ."1;;;L n.
wring link advising_
...The',,PetelflOranbi.-"firm4 el=ani‘l6ll
• Mod &Art loCSldelt , gon the f thei
`,lbw Bead wassails the occaelon versants it,
ooettractice. •-•
ere vent *our /taw energetic sastst
%raj° piece; the Reambenie Road in a poet;
thin which shill insure theisochmcg albs Mk
Central road to such a point $3 it ean„;thrbisb
mrolty,connect, Irltklt, and p,t L ear , eursOreu,
to'sonceanateithat istatoction.- .
- '"Very reapectfally,' — '( as!)
Pree't Penn • it. R. Co."
4 By #r ens 49 to #de extract, Jon"! le'
'redreArbst thil !imp* , of the Pepitityleaubs
liaffraiff ildatahig 1 1 44 QV =ado thatimatitia.
'iamb' a d to be falMr4a.
irirst-4,tae time therein indicated lam not
y•rit a wired, losiliusioApplioadou haa Me becm
madi bi the - PaniPiaduldidtatiMrtialhe
Peuriayb=is Itaffroad Campuny for sindstance,
g ar of "Rorie Faith" carries vlth it
1 - %lire Tinier lie2iitato figreWFUitage
to thelettei. -: 5 i i ::,,
,t, e. i ..! { - 4, •}y . I
Becona-In regard-b tiie Hempeeld road, Ili
bureau undoubted right . .to take any messure we
may limn for oar interest in relation to ihrrith
out at all affection our relations with thordty Cit .
But up flatil thriiitioT4 batmen no more-'
moot that I know ii; by the Penneylvenis Bail
road; or bythe citizen of Philadelphia, in aid of
the IleMptleldiast Poe hoe any application, that
"[lmp of, beim made to apirtho Mt the of moon-
'The meeting at thellaiired:offsee; the pro
ceedings allernich-yon petalled '•
had no more
reference td die of. that. road ;:thati
had to the binding of . s Wad to dement; and
Irthe reeled= hiid been read with any but ; ,
joodiced * r eticle, .they Would tie tun bet;
ter ,undenstood. - __Thst malting we miles& the
request of a eitiven of ; !deride; who desired to
sive est, if .; the Rempleld road Wu • made, it
would be for the intcreet of Philadelphb toeske
a rcad'frorMite - southern ermine di 'arietta, 1
r lethe purpose :of: forrninS oonnee M tlOl; with
the settee Ohio road , and dist unless theft*. ;
VS Company wed beamed tuck sconneetion
would be owls; they meld be Weed tirtellta
-thee at Belpre,lopposite Parkesiburiblusteid of
at Ibtrieltai tilteentilles
The action of shit:meeting; item, poligi out the -
only mode by which any portion,oftheifilontherti
Onto, Kentucky and Tennessee trate raw bp sae-
el to the City of Pittsburgh;
; bemineelf
delphis should make. he oonneadon from Wheel,
log tclldurieds, andifthe citizens of Pittiburgh
hare public spirit enough to ,make the litenben
elite ess.l, then there lecke VOW llukof acme
miles along the river fronStsubcronle to.Wheet;
log to. give you direct catemnsication brndirout.
to liashrille, Tepee ;-;;, - 1
this seen of that meeting: 'Unitas,
should bring about this result, you will be in
deed is us Iblynarukobillautkerhoonnection.l
Hine encouragement had.bee given , by they
meeting to went thollelpris comps:llW push
lag their ead'is far north an Diarist* ;
would PoloisbellYhtetsken up Pith:the prom ;
Peet of a Baltimore conneetico, and breached Of 1
to Perketsbars- under theardoellepe that the
ProketsburS. road veld wine time.bix built.
:They without stopping to think or inquire. you
Imre gone off, as usual, at ,a halt eock," and
roundly chargeuswildr .. "penis frith,” .etaie we 1 ,
are taking steps which, Rented Out. will ' erne . l
As regards the Reoptield toad, thae•rldwaYs
.call that no steps in furtherance of that project
Imo mu come: to my knowledge in thle city.
that right yen barb to - complain it the counties
at Weeterehcla end Washingtedoinie to ma*
• des fot deeprevia& to the East; or. if the
Weenstohral&lNdisond'CoMpswy deer to cm;
;lounge a intar,b Owenting two of the Plaid&
am gentiles la the SOW In btltylni thtlf.i/P
-41sse ostto their lea, I apse a loot* •Mrs.
Not reed was and, to tent the Wade of thi
West to the See lkiartt ; and we OAR en
meryjost and peso , mesas to effect that
Joe Tee better pea and but some ten•
ages more distract, to bring to your borders
Sudo= trade and Wok edit' they. beat yrn
in Ildr competition, --- ;you bee nothing .to
pdaie of. Be op enddoing,' or you via be left
bele In the sum, Mak* Pourredto:Steu
benville and Wheeling. and, , by the time it is
• , you will hot Ws
trade reedy, which can
only be he by utility and totcwMes , .; woold
esepanfei suggest to you the impolley of your
*retesting bickerings avast this city. -The in
terests of the two cities are identified so closely
that it is impossible - to separate; them. -They
send or fall together. The Penoryienla Rail
road is Just as titipartput to one as to the ether;
for, without it, neither city' cauldhave withstood
tin competition an both aides. •
In rattle:to gut pledgetem;tatoed in my tsh
ter of August, t have 'hut few wo t
rd ti
Nay. The extract speaks ;ter I called
upon stibemile, in order. tn -eels he to
pat the Western Bidden:- under contract: The
argument used was acknowledged to be sound
b y all y our CitilAMS. - ^Tb. leer afterwards you
respeted to call. If you had not, the Wee
; tern Divide Dodd uot, in all probability, ere
been under contract WO lime, "a the Ptau
; sylenisltallreed PdgehisesPpped et 68E951-
ern slope of
Alleglatiy: If eel he bee
the men; where Wield now Mrs been do Pre
; petty of Pittsburgh T. Where. would now hare
been the Pennsylvania Edited',.chectecl at the
mountain' p -Your own boil Inowledge will &e
-1 ten di reply: That antecription; was the turn.
In of our; prosperity.. It was the lever ;
the will tiittyocroily rep. It etteenteted ; our"
effete, and enabled us to so -on in the East and
complete env enbecriptioa." Tke
; ,ashastlythilt
plied you in a position to "orgebeand prose
cute the Itickboomlbse. I mesa its lamed
is then a man hi your-entity doubts its wis
dom! If there : is, be eseed.'sreas effeet from
When that sisberifitie was Owe, itt , 'one.
,thesht JOACcosaisnY Pau *mid' to
the•;Wrenbee 'of Ohio—ii ro ad to the
Mee lineot Rent*Winic iply vas contempla
ted: If, in proper tee, aid bad been req
of the Pensylvania Railroad Compido',*.thet Ole.
POO hare' bee eon- - Bei other mats ear n
trourpleC ,The red his Demands witheete,
--our aid Mauve. been refuted, because • etw
Ad los neer too eked.- Wee; our
'ors mr Tom
was Never a tory . por! barrewof . ._naiva; Of
- nearer the stegoitinis;pOnikirltilqalkeii thin
that of ours. Everybody cupid hex gone..
leaving the lower in the
bested atmosphere of , our Glean *stWiets: liroad ,l
way is fairly captirwl by the bellesoff& iota,
earl 'route , for the :spittigr„' and fait
Modes Not . Tort lady peel": Eva% body
esthete ham grewfo . thecountryt or the ceax Pact
of the houses Writ is an !.h! MP* Ito the Wlio.
Itiste& . Wall street barber iliflacAll° l the
stock books ago only wathbefi fella a: 401 444 ,
editors,lrbo are Amino! ta thn dish. rev ,
southern uncrasnall ins 'hem looting tkraugb
stocka of goads, but:the " soles ore. very amall
Mid must be for some weeks to Collie.
lik:Atexast is owe more to emery from ri
vate lib. !Ma pill appal, on the Adage of tba
Broodars7 &KAM lea.teraber. mow claims
to be a -t=sylva and area AMA ground
Judge 'Oakley bielasided-tbsadtis proceedings
in the Bowan Court id thia gam dr ist : l4, Aw
ed =hop tt , dbmoutinuel • &Weida nouuttenotlf
for Aar fart* pUtptual: ha ~,l'orawylvenia. Mr.
ferrest- bar just notemeneed a nit for libel
gmbisliLedestages 5i.11120. 0 0 0 .
le.' it enesceselalosit the room s or *bleb
orreititerefdted melan-titti ago.
Thedirthothat ebaddlt ONO hu taken b ben
ontaphillo& gad murximrageled by th e 4w,--
Ths Unirnblibu th dog& id Sta'4l Worth%
the, tataid get ahlt2 *Oa OP .eacleall Ads
them. but also recognW the jugleent, it* gab
tin taken by the South, Widchlluilfortb reform
in tote.; The yeruli - ls Inter tenor...a:4 :The
take the question in hand; and glee
the Booth gate idneri, la 'edict 'dichrieg the
liOrtb-4 be ' % igatontich as law obliges
them to marendsr the _mggey, which theY have
Importere of tunignMat MAO aratikkrillope
=out of the lair. rectally pammLby, our'
reit:ding the illegal tax on passim
gam snivini brae. One, firm alone retrieved
$50,000, and hairYIIU large -011.1111 i of tide kind
agairdaannsylvirda and Idasnalutiottr;vhich
they will ml doubt mdlettV ft* poi* emigrants
bad to pay fhb money., stra for lopsseage
bither,bnt not an tddlieln /Uwe *V tardy
Petits rendered by the date.
. The llangarbut sympathisers here are ;mortified
at the iefural-of Kossuth to come to the Vaiit4
Mates, and.thebagerams of Noisy g e t total
after pliallegb adony in th e west. -- T nun.
Fetage, Landing seems to have been a.
Weans floe, and 9 poop lnibble,wben esplo•
ded loans no testes6lo qpi4mini: When the
good mom ffnalVal,W#FßCOSilitOg
some; aadistpolideal fugitives, ems Ago depas
of. badbmesmose Far Ammo elapse WOO.
They will let them have in okmattlaity ro tern
,boluMt liebig plorebota ole;lb• soil do, and
t agradit.them throagh lowa begging Pe
grbega boot iksoblee that not only or
iistantle laagintegaMi thetn;but who absolutely
beg, with rbs earrielpr gf flmmost abLect
The steamer yeateeday *wool 4`tr Milltom of
win, !CDC by exchange dcaltal to: Ifiedratta
eicainsk hiwidcb inithey ann besamle Produce;
bids; the rest test of the bellows of trade , and
xbe'soandstess of bushmaciell at rate
tbarViin riot &Ida on, ..The steamer gum Cali
fornia is uoi ding sind sid- of the week' will
abow.inorts toirientithd tbanibaseromenoement .
, •
cr,urnaM, Buratuppr*sp AlD
Facilities fbr triallsorbtliett dreate., l4oll "._,T el
and basinems: Bat • yvt! ago our mows s sui"
"ma Mitt, micas bWpesis, vas such that the
mum for hi amicnnodatiod INow
am Hotel crowded ati&till 140s1 the
Mg iv doubled, The Cleiclend. colniajM and
Ciachtmatt, and the Ilindstrigit Heaved's Mega
ICamel much of thlsincresesk.' Ugh mete him
drawn to it the best beats that dOsloa the Wet*
• • • Ithternekadsch Tas 31 0 16 k.dAiLlmain Pi
T.Firt.`, ol o CleTePodltili leltakr*
I#ll/ ofAseebeits
Lias--tho gotpire Elute sad si s t e rerm.
theAlsdams 'said
reL9lty todlnaldr the ic
Lorulan floetherner and Bat)
kir Dastito and
to L o b, Superior, sal the Tcdedo and.
, Citteetle„
Ilia Waist &WM th is port: • •,•
A liniteripackets hike a thie, passeugess sumo
Wet* sl"errening tentiothem st Maim to
bresktest.,,sed fdseMitni
. !0 dinner the net
~-- •:-..-41ntitherlifui of Packets oonneMmit the
-tioreland littshutsh iledirosti,"conmys . pick,
Mamerito' Pletcher& in a dui*, Sad thei Minder
forth, Orleans and 13i. Loafs; tahlogpscket sod
railroad to Cleveland: Ands the, qutetest. sad
most homfortabliroute.te CincinnaM • , Tl4.citizr - '
sea of: Brie, erroldiag the , SrielisteasioneatuA.
taken duet tod end retina snd 'picket
to Pittsbntgh
:Of . this used, counting its thiniaid4. Citinet
!hued hes become the centre owing to the Mimi
p soilitiea which i mingle: you itsel.hegea ur
this is accomplished without deettaidig
the business of Chan •rontes which-Intim pour
ed their ones of produot into peteheid.. The'
bosieeei of the: Ohio Canal hen gresl4 'aeries ,
_the tartiyllets end plalAt toads oho! &
greater travel than eeer, d country . campers
inelineerltu been Imouichtinin connectionsith
pertelead and .Pouncts. markets, and ; ill ••that
:Wintry:through the, neer immemnocats
' pass feels the beneficialsffects of their roastoMf
IdeaktiMeorhile the idiot* Country Is halted
•bytdaten; our atm Forest City, melee* Impala;
they heti - elite 1418'0%1,4=db:4 tdi may side,,
eddiejt W tteeltperminent and beetall'al improve
meth, 'doubling its toodnese, andgiving - proof
th#:'.triabetantist ; and well conceived , public
tripicrierenti are the balls of luting. prosper-
"The iMirmised business at the present yesi
but en earnest of the figure. - Another pat la
Witnesathecompirrtion of the Lake Shore Itall
rairl, siffordlnig-earess to the Fattens: markets
amnia:le par:. A'nilroadeonneathui mill have
been formed with tielfeet to Chlesp, - and soon
will beta St. Lags. Ansibrosd connectiorivith
'Terre Haute, will compel the rich and 'valuable
Productions 'hag its line, to pass throughOlerve.
. land. and•an iron network .of accanianiagion
I pill IM MO" here. ' • ,
year ;and Ohio him; cuing Ohio
suet; will Manufacture . Ohlri wool In the ocitr
uptirktlie . Lake Ohm" midis the rich .ores of
Xako.Sziparlor win be smelted here. and a poi.
thin of the cotton crop of.the South, Instead of
melting Sootataloans and spindles, will be new
ntactured In Cleveland. • • - -
These Lopes are not 'eldinerlcsi, and their re
alization will benignly brought about by those
hirgitiestortransportatims which We this 'year
.•• to • upon Cleveland.-:-Cirreloud ger.
The folloving - derpstch furnishes the latest in ,
Lowtereinr, Jody 17.
There hes bean a Menteentdona freshet -on-!lie
Juniata rimy and u tenttene 4DIO9Dt prop,
letty Wm been swept oft In many plum. for
Mlles Ingether,lhe time and the canal form one
The ries hi the ;Wei Isa so ondden, that it
created the utmost consternates' along its bank*,
The mad waters swopt evaphlntbsfore that in
their track. - - -
It is next et this duo, owing to.
the excitement which prevails; to, get anything
like minute partionlare.." Tits report I send, you ' ,
can rely,upon es being carrect. • ,
• At this plus, sacra homerOitiatel to the
lower port,,pf the go, have.been submerged
The loss of property though urinal) affecting
I a number of poor families, Is not put There
Was no toes of life, lam happy to ss, bus. I
Between this. and Huntingdon, the crops of
.whet, barmy fences, he, midis low lands, have
been 'wept Pray. • - • , -
At tibeaffmnilW. near Wettest/set. the family
of. Mr. Robert Kinkead, consisting of -himself, ,
wife, end six children, - mot leGesllibmum, TM
dr00:114. They thought ttososselves In DO dan
ger, end tuning in the house until it was too
tats to save tbenissivell by fliffXt The h°B2°
was weep from Its foundedia /yr pp torrent,
and Denied down the stream.
At IleConsebtews, the dwellingsofJohneoil-
ter, Slrlelder, Enke, and the taeneeles of Fedi
man ,and Lang, together with a umber of ague
tenements, were wept away. Th r ten
ong la
of ilfe Imes that I hare hard of.
Tliii4smagil In the Cane' Urn Hullintdon
Is my sodomy acid # bale beard
prima whether It can be repaired split this'
At" Aleisndele, the. lesa ir k e d ble my hear%
sad several peraaaa are repo rt ed. to have been
'drowned- ,
The large railroad bridge and miimet et Jig)
Creek, • the railroad bridge at Nterstswg, Is
gutingdem county, and several: Giber bridge',
bare)aat meted away.
-• The lop by 04 s 4kvtsfalt 11 014 001 1b9 cm"
ems have not been etis to weenen#
Tuesday pight.' • A tuts ran elf chi Mink last
el It spproulted 11111 Creek, sthelmMe there
would Imes
Priem lose of life, Illopimpon,
t believe, was ruin- - •
IdfShf p.s rammer; Can.,-The &item
Com Pall Pb.*' VP04141 1 11 UM*
g M ti e
ear of now end wall- isr I,,lewth
fernitere, vidett /emu to be owl* ,tp;
Tiusat upon thme erdlnertly In um The tel hoe
no plntforommi the ends nape tit
tar NM
drderrjoytendememthe doors meta dm sides as
th e c olter, sod Masotti form send-dreles at the
tbres gtelog Mors room god better Will
r !rgeyer&lrith additional Menton to paw
Angers Itoor the cu to brat=
nearer etteginiO, OW puff. 00
hi, Ades td irgaitP#VDrAh. dltorttb.
sr the ear Is miry dos it.introosAf le se
pane& the other Casidair so CMS es timieditt-' •
,riddance from the smolders crowd of the old
'Ostcoilis one • good thing to be
_eddied and
boped f0r.—.14".. T. TM - ,
- ,
A tiA 011114 if. DIAMIIia, CIIOI3IA EA-
fAXTUII ,C6D1414 mop m .,Fe boos the
(Abides • swim, says the ViWne Woo the
Professor of Cimisby in. the Keaolth Ifdif*
tab "I would vista through the sadism es' your
popes, to eve_ynblicity to the bet. theft jhew
seen instant relief ellilliaciaes of Mantes, by
the use of Motto Scipio:trio Acid, a tee-spoonful
efe Worsted to:hake being tatted del four
"SduCes j(! bulk ;tinter. - • Also to We of ad
eft lainAitet ja v4lph the child wee very much
stcluilid, 44 We itto.mii*# 4n *strew seatsof
iniesaility. - Aost*".. 7 4 rota be retalud.
.thisrmay seeintogulOuzl— the
child inunedlately end
armed—, Waning the; Mile It new F194.0ay ,
and tho. there is iut reual. IPOIIOO say
effects sherd' It dew hot - .yrcdnoe a curs, and
believing that It ha.. domespecific effect in count
jerdotintltheqtinie,tn& immediately arresting
44.4.1t 00 °.7. • •
tav, ;TOP "'Peat:l'llY'
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nelre.bay was heard to sni that be hut quip
Wins upwspepers, pad bed pile bits the erscu
snerisinibushseen "I get, itee doling iireols,"
sea be, ilsr Unpins." ntlaybig ithnti" salm
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ot his cosorkliss. !Possum," replied Mie
, • Pangeall; "
. dassarovab, r•••=li
tual—Dear Too Mndanit Id ad ad*.
oa4l L Ws alaid4y; theatre we rook um* Y0Ut...../
n• two dare be the Nastyltoda Ralharik..Wa an. ar,
they oat, tad It Is Wag loaatrid lby abate. may day.
401 IN 10010 4 00.
Oarantll4 Adtdaad o.„lllasch 10„1,1.
4 M. 111.41q-ilftoßlt, Year ii/AStiAL Ire ma/ dan
a. 444 040 Atock 014 4444 4*
Moo imrdld lis 1.14 1 .504.4tp1r"
Vast ad*. la Tartiyic Tatass Lilly mem. Wa
as Wald loweral adralidat taltibadoi. If IMO Vrif4/...;
Yaws, &a, W. 4/.IICOTS.-
`kaiak 41 Karin 4 BrDoweli, 144 Wood what WI.
lidlrra, V Wand Rdes4 B. A. yabantaak.* oe, cagier
Woad sad V.,B%utretr D. U. Carry, 0. A. Itak.lcamb
Datidar. sad IL r•iktiltsZta,Alletbeny. R. talu b i t id 4;
prirlbr. •
AvU4Saffr Cana Usda.Sintatlid..4otaaata4
rit with to r. J. KIDDk" W 0 R.
Lam yoe ttmt. m bat. asad all of yotr Worm troatai l m
left with as. NC. 006 lot M apt m Sum mom at MIA
upomitla, as It Ma time poen: astilvtke fame 11M
Imo may it/la 0* It atm to lum bimetal of et itit
ela. It Ima antarnatti otter 10 , 141 00 t 0 elm..
If. sad fua tb.ta moot tie WA to Mat • M 174 on haat
taws. I'tb.l‘4olll. - .
Om* .4t!'.. Ma braanda of atalleremmatil
gam villeptft Mmittomof tbla abadidse
afrW4llbml{ him blatitAtitooi,;lllm,bermitht
' mat popilar IMMO in twee . ' *"
Ma mak trf MD I
I ty Matt= Mt 40.11,101
streelebtited as the Arabs were v cents
4cup, is the healing ste, =ter of their proerillbe
men of qtr : ! 4d wA =miss tuts. Me. rordn.
celeigeueo 49:bbVoinernt Is a coarodUou of beimuue li
Rom rue *sate ariagalie ow peculiar lo Arstei..
end erne by tbinee 4<tSe arfickj gemeaeluel tide ilieer.
-selte:lw that even the erikl Arab of the Pout pertermal
each agneolousaorea. •It be eUrodir ec..l fb< rem .tsa,
.Meet: Umbra le how. th e greeted blesdriS of tte ,
lea " a r ' J7l"
WOO bEgreg*OPlP93lfOr PlitiOUrghl
1 4"'''- 41W ' in drd• 'S i b ° . IPI eCLIg;
U.U. doissiiProoddont.........A. &e 7. -;
,"Ta2nrgr dr+ o .oorort tidote all MOballitl.P.
er c aii; lawell do
audios. it to the eil•tei Of t vumtm.
Wbo ore ad WADS of Pittotura. well and foootablY
bmoragir"....itT thatr voodoo, intolllsesoo,
nim r ,ri.rwcazw oiu6taff,
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marlaintirto Ass isonxicnozi
lain Int ileolis w—mei. aa lioli isa to U.
0z.% vibes , bytni•s ttoi.ostk way:mull mom
. *maw ft. , 1.1.1 it 011.11 M tdes 'Want tom ft
'woe. ts .in darttsithi maims .ith the oneao &Y.
Yon mat Wisdom • smdbies toes mast we saws It
raw.. away sastssitst shOsa.toseftosaYll bul facts
a vaaaissaiessi: and it. Peels Oa SW bat istaelbal
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es core sees may arms, ha ups masker
i• It will be Cbst i isesSesseatr a Asthma;
es whishalkt the bassuitusay orlichule IS see UMW. ,
seats of Usk blast. ' A. 1.6 Osettesd, then. -by other ea.
"Win" . Nth. Oglrd Jae Wear sass' or Solana
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Jam Sears OsUst . This Saimaa orepaselos to.
posysedse warmest. tabs make to all ethane." -
CAPlls3e—Diffar• sea wt for to.. esidesa On AA.
. Dies Bseseesnles frees Kostear-seelleasisectber. Ow
, ,: varaw , zuliiiiii. uo Wow 4.. -:,
.:,;,Fccrogn and American Hardin&
r" eta 129 Wood titreet,, =- -
:ape seei...a.t”txrorronruarr.arrelisercrir
a./ "Pegg t.* aid which tbo anelmsra
Pl lrith " 't=
$100,000. - .: •
8O:76 'FOURTH 0107. 1
stra—Jostax IL Luca. •
• adrattsemist apollm patof tblirssP.
. - .
tb• 2lst I;ext, at lireirpott;iliiiii,UaVidnilltiaK
(Mai Tamura' chlid of Lull* and.Osibortad Saa b.
sqc4l yew, stlootbsould 14 dsyr. .
riLtit. Perm,.lvivaia Railroad Company;
doubt with th p
Ys. no rrolneatly .l r*l t. Itrz opratlo s atria t rz-•
"di" o li t lbstalas
et. • tat. r• azadArkl
Zoal t. tool bow mach they...)ll
Isda• 6( atm truth) that Itt• warjta .. t&elitillt not so
great—that •Il dame, tui repaired bg teralarA•r,or.
044 Dome Wary at MU mat mkt PlpirlAS,trtidorill
r=:•st mom
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j ghIIIA•WA., sal artAtrantl to.tatatat
" 1" ibMW " a . 1113 DAI& ' -
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at Um T ier rator 'Sth he '. r•toror. "r . =tal ""*"
• • MAIM *THAW, iNtuAr•Ad Oblo
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IMAM GUAVA . Al -I,:hdoa .
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Valuable Property for Sale.
rE subscriber, wishing t° lb
at, at ptlway. vase, tab NAM, la Irma p,
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Wm. Lenny & Co.,
4 -. 1 LASS .MANUFACTURERS, keel! , dOll
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balm, 141 Wood street. cdisburgla..
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IL CLARKE & CO., • - :
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TRAYED OR STOLEN from the Were -
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"..n.'"111:10.11116 P 1.41111
." .1714 • 111 Viktor MOW
' YAK 75 Magee Lew, Nov Fork, •' : •
kmMPORTER and Jobber in TRENCH and
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CISIVIITO -NETS, Bane, White, de., to
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PIG IRON -150 tons Mill Creek Pig-Iron
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ACK: 000 Etwoni'Shoulders,
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'WAILS 300- kep assorted skies stare,
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YB . InT-300 bush: d ri ed Pemba&
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111:4.11D OLL-20 1^..b.15. No. 1-Bennett &
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IEITANTED—Land vaunts wantOd,
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1 - lin& for the /IDXOOIIII '
11 KISSER, 101 ilaid Wed, sign the
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.r.91,RA.11 CHEESE-41 boteiireceMper
D34.11'. Lbw, foe AAA by JAMES DA
17115. EI Waist% sad 71, /rant yA
F UMBRIOK-25000 for rale _
li"8-4Tae Sugar Cured, apd
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ylb J. D. WILIJA)I4S L0D..17A Wind at
QUGAII-,-Lovering's Crusluxl: and Pallier
Nor.Oriesta, Lod not •ftrffigM..btoOo ,
, /YIN • • J. D. WILoa it CO.
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w —Prime to Exult Mlle Amen:
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C 4 " / P -40 b"e 6 Stan •
VINEGAR -15 bids. Cider for one by
disobr mai bl
• Noted for Three Prime Arliclas L •
DRAB. IN KIND I— Moue Mei ?Or,
JUll in Us Mom& /4 saMd for 0.7147[
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_PIANOS-1 largirigodc'e bog.
1811-10 bbls. -White Fish; -
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• jyt: .• - . MAL 41.111.ealdJEO CO. •
1 n 4 ,1,114.1& OLIVE ,01514, in Flasks,
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10.0 DA ASII-450 casks, of car own "mica!
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WOOL! W OOLU—Qaoh paigor thadifet
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C r OFI6I-125 anekairiterag o Vida
GLASS S-40 beis:ll:o., - for saki by
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BORN--500 by. fibellok for sat 11.t' t
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Oil' SUGAR-150 bbU ass'd Nos, r
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NYDER-400 kegs Da Pon
FLAXSEED OIL-5 caiksvirtantedpqre,
iAt.'l"l. mums: irok
UNIATA BLOOMS-20 tons for Sale
O. MOLASSES-400 bbla: 044 for
-• by ' hlO IrALP..W3t,
B. SYRUP-28 bbls. for de
N N O. SUOAI . I7-1 . 51) blxds.icer salt_t
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0 HESS — lG basa
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\I M,UIL-6°.tib;'3•Nor R 0 . 3. for
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1310 COFFEE-560 boo and for
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PIPES—T o t Dozes Whitt Elam .
WAG Klai-k-CO.
Yang Ladies' Saninary—aegitany.
momailo. Illaiday. Septa.= 04-
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