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• ' PEritannuilleaD . .CLZVEWlD.
Rua. Semi lfznio;-1-Ititabe'
-,- seen by our advertising coltunnsttuit %ea •
Dubose hiterisied in the rvivoi•len of t h e h• .
- land and Pittebtugh Rail front Weledlle
- 4 r
to Beivirekvifil be held .
attlte,roonts °fate Boayd:
s oirTtule this " A:to'mOtteto
Board of lienietere of - the Cleveland 'and
bUrgh and ihnbe ptmeat na3wil ieport upon
the present iintfutnrei' iircepeetn, of the road.
• einnot dt4ttlisewhat they hare, to eaj will .
t toi gmor. intexakitgl itetimst raped
' • foe one otm hitereitiaifor the high
etuttaehteotthe ientimenicenposiel the ReT7.
'; mtttee :ewe: teem it *ire
"Mime& W,* nay add that' this meeting isnot
- • -the xi:suitor thepiesemeeeeiteßent In relalion
'Wean roads. lbsto of some thee liVetiens deter.
arisageosect:: •
. .
- A:ll;l3r4,o'' + xaciresut.—This is s rne/ co.
,Muticeicitutt In • Pittsburgh paper, bat one which
to.beccane4amnice hereafter, as math so as s
.., ....- . - stesenbi m e. • On Saturday alleinosts, the first
railroad skim:Sea ever . Ma& from the city of
i - ' . .itieburgh, took Phiei ow the Ohio and Penn.
InsWaiiiiiiad from here to Enchester: at the.
Oath of the *war. ' Oaths morning Of th at
y, ate - ,President end Chief Engineer having
--, -- *gel over the line in a lised-car, and finding
the "cataloged . Up, And in' pretty fair order,
planned anlinitrampnvescuridon, in order to try,
•-,', therm!, with locomotive. - Abmit tbur o'clock
notice. was given to ale" scullemia,.S Pesten-,
: Her - ear" and- stjamimptive "ire ,Prepiired, and
alunt forty *moans: biting Stumbled; the first
;rout left amidet.theicindebeera of thaaSsembled.
crowd, ' Some Ettle deteitticin tOot"phireat
n , •:. auto stition,"hich point ire left at five o'clock;
ion our exploring expeditlen. : - Altlusughitie ittOp,
~ ' pod eretittetitl7,ltrotti"ierione eseses, *I. thiee
, •
times to I
j take n' passengere,"ited Once . to ifoo4 .
and. Water, We Made the trip; et 25Mperkto 80 ,
cheerer in 'Mli' hour and fortidtro Mitinten .
it was ;neameary to run idowly,sis It
VAS *lite .rierk part of the ear, cud we had the
iticoteatiie behind us, .pashing us along—not a
• " yery_safe way of ...tun. lnrt we'irrired safe
at the Federal :licet elntiaa about nine o'clock,
*tring beeri absent `about fair hams and
We found the toad In excellent order,:conaidsring
that the laying of the Iron jest finished; and
rhe'track is -not brought kite pro Per
.-- order. We litre 'trieellei over the :treat 'midi'
seat,-end eildrect hare...fOunti one smiudirei slain
this in its primeitteardmiehod state.
• . This first trabi caused great excitement among
the inhabitants on the Wiry: : taking • them •reatie ,
• what bk 'atujuiso:---tutri worrier, aitirifirdtment;
admiration, etaitjcij were, virally,. depinteri en
:ItUrriequateriance, while' the shouts which rent
the air; and. the ;rating of lhaildkere*efe.
• tied the feeling wtieh mai struggling to Arid rent
'At a large minatef of ladies nod gentle:.'
ineu peeled tte; knd the high hank abotrithe
rand atEn:moray lined with the entire Pope:
.lation; who twat& their •rulteirirtiori.: with 'the,
• waving of hots; harecikerchlefir, sad loud theerk•l
At Freteirearthetridnitiur related Wilk the firing
bf Crimea ;and every other demonstration of joy: wide!' the-sparOf the could
On the edge of the berouglfot Beehister; the:,
train ira9 , broirg/it 4)*atop, - tia that belligerent
little placer has
_reford;this Ear,' to, permit the
iron balaid wres& 'TRAM in their town of
?erdenttrl2oo feet. Here we tear omniblzses and j
...rode down to the Pstrillitin House. • While there,
krt dompurey with the Chief Brainier, we,rialkedl
cutest the line towaudeflrightoa_ee ,far as thel
.Thetrack is all Ishii* Brighton,
w,itit the exception. of the-said 1200 feet 14 the
• ..eastern .entrance of Beal:Muer. "'The road his
had 'great difficulties to'
. ezieocitLtair iu getting
through this. place; not m ore sinnet of the
diffiiridt emtore of: thir j getratak, than from the sic
_obstructions interposed -by the people.
.• - •..But acre tratibieadma Raastioili arei now nearly
.:settled, coil ire hope that the beet oftemas trill
herrater prevail; between the company and the
.". - peopie at that enterpidekke .boroughi• The ; road
etudir.,63=wileyo . 4ol,44,-poiter Eiek' of thei
Turflike' Ifouse, - iiiestiiirt drop , ' cut through'
the and coming coif ou .the bank of ',the
Beaver Creek on the other aide.. • f:
All the work le of the mom substantial Cher
: !art, rand .rellects great honer -upon the en
timers, tinek-layera, i j and ell the officers of the
Company., But we defer. - situating em. whsle
mind en thlisubjeet, :main the roadie faunally:
which will be eome day this Week Moat
prohably Saturday um --It Ic row' r eipeited
-that the rood wilt be opened for travel next 1t97.
- • w a g the pinnongers davit :with ni r . wan
stone gentlemen of thiem, Ohlo, on their inisy
homq irhoexprossed greet pianism.: at dui op
leoonliy :of enjoying; this_ enri . WA,at.the Ind--
costa cantnuniesUono sc soon be"entablishe#
F*Wein Fißsiniet and thole beagtitol and adv.,
log iitage
.'We lure no doubt fthat thin ettß
orating rude yin ivivagats our' , friend.
Stnwt,. , Rip - Solim Director; to the most aethn
rollrint the enily loieclingwfthe
'!bad to Ain.; No.
•...Altogotheii the emotion was a delighttol can,
and long, *nal we remember with pleasure oar
- that telp do vie Ohio apt 'Pennolvanis Rail
_ .
• . , •
• ourwhole community is mated on the
subject of west= 'railroad connectively-ire cm
' brace the maternity to turn their attention to
project Squil, it not Superia, In importance'
any of the taloa oalitmis einnomplated, to
connect the vent, West,trith the grist
;:aszantendas eitia of the seaboard.'
And here we rasa; in the . outset, to ask
the espe c ial attention of the marshants and ea:
plazas of, PhilidelPhia to this projectwe frith
to;catl to their attention, as well• as to' that of
our own citizene,:as It to one in which they are
deeply hattrestect.and to an extent far greater,
In'our estimation, thantirthe Uemptield project
.s mbieb has so greatly ennead their sympathies: .
The projected Chia and Indiana Railroad is
note . stronger to Our readers, as we hate fa
quently reverted to it andhave giTtn, from time
to - tine, all the Inforantion - we' had upcni.the
aided, but we fear it hisnot made [lath:spree,
slots upina - the public mind which its' hip:mance
draninds, and which it should receive, as Me eon
tiAuatioos of our great east and wet line: •-•
The - Ohio , and Ludiarts'ltallread Company
cogimiced under a charter muted by both Steles
for. emesistating js attract . from creeiline, the
wan= jertalans of thd Ohio and PentleyinstM
railroad, to Fort Waynej on the Wettish and Erie
Canal; Lathe State of ilisdiona. Its length Is
- 180 ndlestts extending 'orrr 'eaters road in
a directdirect " tine troiri Piti*ugh 316 =Ra t a:O%Mb
' accmtry the whole way traiturpused In fertility
foe.the production of. ngrienitural
• ankles of commeree...i .
..; The Coll:Turf 6 enquired and county sof
Individual oritiaol3tioni 3 Of . 1 took; to the *arrootir
of $470 000 have biOnObtobrod. ;
- - The, iotto room .tbroogb . th e, or
Crawford, -.ltriodot; fimden,Allen mia Nan
Were, is Ohio, and /Wert 'coortry; 4 4
through the towns of FoOptF4 Upper .61 11 ,1414, i
. .14mo, Delphro, arid . Fan titre, in p
' hlo,
; o2histes it Fort Sfalrot
T/to sobseriptkrto of mock hosert!eorkrft.....a
Crawford, 000; -"" ,0 6 0
Vfyiodott 10
I Stoo
.. 000
" Ohio .1" - . 100,000
Am in , indium; 100,000 .
Toirosilps, Subctriptiorio; 60,000
ledlsideascarieripttcov4 ;;". 7 0 0 006
• • ,
TOOL ".8470,000
The s m art oteesieary to grade stebtobigethe
nod, eitoordhly to the filth:tate or the.trgintos,,
IA $470,000. It fa thus teen-that the metes or
this soefie pot, ytoblemsOesl, but G ' sa9rnd be
peekthe nett of &Item It Jewel/on the same'
..posittos eixeryliel by the Ohio owl Petinsyhinis
Relined Coloysoy, sod bY,ther most '1)10114,111.:) . 133
Cad Ottetetegal roods hathe Uelteit fiteles.'
be. lieetai's glisacia) liaise, in riiiirosd:eitior
rites, dud wfuswrer teapot stades& nen be
osi Oar Unita Fide sOdtnidg. Frajn.olgind
pique Itforthetarnitnaktberelo4 ,
no difficulty in procaringthe foadsmith vtdch to
purchase the iron and pluip the road. by selling
the bondi of the Coinpany--4adhhenhpojen any
,r 00. 5 14: b. ***ter "—". i° 4 ,0 11 .."01°
b o id 3 . bacanee itS ,ii4denad
th,141:011 tat e*ttahli t Ml4,ither,tbil*. Kati
Nat, Tblh4 paean liier taqie4sT, tato
Undo otOhio, rti i be one of the ntraigkqeflon4,
tie urea
Pa feet to the idle, etta , ,the eureittunee will be
=l-The•Direetorg Artie Campiny
*to ,difficsa 17.:fri lirtlii:solocriptioas of
- 04 , =lodes of Crowfo end Wroadok, growing
Oat oC the leislitudeiof individuals who !Wood
to control the eastern terminus of the " road.
These periwig have procured injunctions on the
Coao3ls3ioaeraof those counties which prevents
thein from issuing the bends for the payment td•
their taunt , ' eribscriptioris., The^. queitioii -
Issue hue bent referral .to the Supreme,Court,
which meets in Dectonler,wild there can be no
doubt, that The in,inuction will then be removed,
la the nieintime, the Engineers ere locating
the tuck for letting, .and.'if the Direemis can •
negotiate Bonds En - 8200.000, • kora the county
:ofAlbni Ohio, and Allen in Indiana, which
they will no doubt enceeed in doing; the, Whole.
tine will be put under contiact this 'Oa These
Bolds,' together with 'township anctindividual
enbseriptbaus which_ are- available, imunigto
5820,000, width Will ben:Eclat to go Ott With
until the injuriationwbove noticed is removed,
and the Bonds now locked up can be mule areal-
It is desirable, however, , - to obtain • greater
amount individual snittiptions possible,
and herewe think tiusWest lm' claims onl'hils
deli:ads,lies— done nothing io far, for the
Ohio and Pennsylvania
„Italinad, aithoogfi we
'Lope she wif yet do tie r -and she ettoddreeellect
that tiled 'tiro didi will extend her great Cen
dal railroad in 'a direct
line west the distance of
derBoQ ralles,iintersecting: ade north end'
south improrements of Ohio and Ls:liana, Auld
. opeuing.up to her, a trade tmparalelled: for — the
same extent of country. We hope, thrrefore;
tliatthe people Of Philadelphia will give at least
&tido of themare they lately promised for an
outerpiiso fat too" important to her.
ft recollected, that to the incipient
Owes 'of,the Ohio and Tentejltiaiti. Bailroeil
project; the importance of ruching, ail soon as
possible, the tablelands of Ohio—theism:mit be. ..
trees the waters of the Loin and the Ohto rirer
thottagtdY attuned aid wantd,f
and that the Company' adoited that poll-
Icj;.which, While It took the mate ►little north
of n direct line, bad a great 'number of compere,
rating advantages, in the beanty and fertility of
the country, the cheepnesSind: level 'citarlan'er
or the route,: which crosses no tnrge Btrt 4, 4 and
to the leen distance In a. commercial tof
riew,-Crom the Lake shore. - :ThelOhiciand
enwroad continues in 'a - direct line west,; on the•
same table land, - and the two roads are Identical
Inlnfireat, and will be of equal nlgetothia city
and Philidelphin. Probably no range damn.
ties In the - Waited States ire *gin to that
through whieh tkii great Tine Panes. We:are
all - icautinted 'With the great grid's . growing
coimifea 'of Stark, Wayne,. and Itichlandi but
ancor of oar madame have Mae inewledge of the
Ene.agion through which
the encomia beyond
erestline passes. To giVe than some idea of it,
:we refer than to - the folloWing intereeting fiats
is relat(cn to the wet. western county: the
: rade, thn of dhlen, Intrnmus - We extract
a statement famished hy 'the Commissioners of
- • • ;
Mao comity, Indiana, VW organised fur
then an , almost eatire.:vilderne as, end is con
of the linnet in the State, containing 672 square
intim Or 448,000 . itents.—ag of which is stmeepti
hie of euttiration—and the roil ie of .an =silent
51nality. . This county shove • glean. incline.
is population daring the hot ten Tear% than any
Karaberieg In 1830 r 1 ,0001tdrehl rants.
do lB4O 5,942- do
dal : 1850 -- 17,000 do
The tapdde property ot. the carroty • •
riewmat per amoseds to -
T...nbu property is 1848. ;841,000
. .
I - Increase he three years, • 51,053,000
The eerie= of las°. above &satiate! blurted
auainfeenueeitreald meaty wu - ...116p9,850
Tabu, • of raw materials used aaratat; •
ly, - - .• - ' 819,13 6` 'Taloa ointattataitriarel.en*Lar.----_-- 644.600'
..Aracrrfurg, in thibar* data arbrols.—
. tabled the number of, bushels of
wheat raised in said county in the.
,jear 1850. was, 278,000
And the number at baabels d earn - ••
Wee . - 910,000
Showing the greatest number of bathes of reheat
of any: county is the State, except one acconl
, jag to ihe ears=
' The expiate for the year 1850, by eared; strain.
Fort - Wayne -in said county :were 15,611
being an Average of ea teats lar dey 'datinghe
season ofaarigatlma The imports for the earn
joie were .22,789 teas, being an image of 91
toter per dajr for the same period.-..- The tart ex
ortatianiof wheat and =ravers nude in 1843.
In 1848 there. as exported in wheat •
brairefirtig,filoar, in.btabels,
.01 - tam In barbels,
In 1850 of wheat in
l3f cora,
. A refined erbkh passes thrtinigh a citeitii Ito
rteh inprodnetkine, and Lich b yet to the
infrnlicy of its sirriculterst and commercial greet
nes; =nit be care of immense importance * to
Pittsburgh :end *Plulodslphis, end ahead be
cherished sad protected to th e ext ent: of our
. .
, . ,
There one fact Simi connected with It, which
stuicad command, attention:.. There are no coin
! peting roads running In the same directlom—
Ali the improvements of Ohio. and Indium
ran north sod south, from the like to the
river. All other lines proposed _tram this
city; end. Wheeling, and - Parkeriburgh, take
a, =shined direction towards 0116111121i3.
This is the only great Coat aid west In limed
which penetnges the tiorthern and richest parts
et Ohio and Indiaite, and are long we May add
Illinois; until it reaches Chicago, Galena, and
thp =ab .of Emil -llhrer, ! on the bilssiaripTi;
a branch" is now projected to that point.-
- It is the only direst test md.west ntibroad to tlie
Rent North West, comprehending in its: range;
not only the- northern parts of Ohle, Irian*
and Minas, but also Michigan,. Wisconsbr, lowa,
and Minnesota.; `A
road more important, and
which 1111 proremore beneficial, and which will
palj_better dividends, we believe tuts not been
built or projected in this country.
We understand that s book for tie subscrip
tion of stock, has been lett in this city, and as
coon &O we learn thi place we will announce it to
our. readers, when we hole many of cur tiitizenir
will call and subscribe.. -
Tux RAI/MATS 0/ TIM Uunu Surri.—The
dial= Railway Time:, of the !oats:wt. eon:
thins e table of the Immtb, cosi, de., of all the
railways, in the United States: The legal" num..
bar of railways Ls 3315,. measuring 10,211 T miles
fn length; end constructed at a coat pr $306,-
6(q;954; as a:1311)16;d bj the
, 11.5 tl :41
s ..
ei16767.i41,174.1g 426 -14 1417143
31 .94101404a4.7.21 1142 07 614114472
Rhode Wand -- 2 60 26 2,614484
IV/2 429 .. 1 2. Ye a lk4l 9
icgm J_ .y 804 40 7,W,(24 1
Pen 222142214-61 1109 661 46,44ty919
Maryland 2 262 172
-7,74, 69 Mgt " 2 4 1/ • t -
214 .iiteooo
1.921412144. .0;068,330
4 411 63 8,046440
4.4 —...--20 279 1042 2,100.1=
—l6 119 1712 2,90020
lota-- --Mbin= toms 830,601.914
This table represents Pentusyloania no bating
the boged number of roads of all the 815t23.
add ks bating more , 'Agee of railway in opera
tlon„exoeptlad New. Yea, which low only 490
miles mon than Peansylmle.
I • Among the streams virdting oar city at :pre
gent, aro semal gentlemen engaged in fisilread
enterprllea in whiehwe are especially Mee:lamed,
wit—tuass Watztur, Esq.,-or Downs,
criniford onnti. OLIN -President of the Ohio
and Indians Maned Company, andiudg! nu
iioithro:lfeink Indlanaihne of the Directors.
They ate o¢,iltek way east wih Coma Bonds,
-7 :I
. ,
. .
fortherupose of raisin rands for the lannedi- Sabbath respected on the O'Reilly lines. He I
'ate prosecution of that important work, a full says: -.- •-• ~. - I
imam!, cd ‘ which volume ginprinlano=4 • 41fitAtieNtherklfte .qtriniioo - are!t.; &fa
ale. Of the:Cleveland and Pftteburgit •-. tbetmiofferiznie to itutuatey" 4 iii
c.inp fk y, th0.....t p... 00 -:iii.,* At; CT, in! ifir-iir hkehigile k ohl upon
• leancictime, erre' sea hleilege 4 Ea 4, the Peoldeeta. Tasek tlliri, itln?tomes 111 igh r r aelki4 "111:111141
utj to take ground In
E of Salina and Professor De; of Hudson, its defence, and wetly by those l ona like you
LP1rdazik.,70,...”.• l essor
. BtitAtl4l/10111V11' itertlretffielltl ' Cali:city Sa &Wrap .I...ititire or
most eneripetlp and Mdefatigsble Director g; the letereete, s? extensive. an anuap, d it with ,A4 r .
Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad .la atieVthis "Tel 'zee , 'ef Pub li e 'Protection: Thb maim ,
.. ppm in which you are engaged
bath- bene,
city. He tells us that there mno ttleefflte.teilig tea. .wid the getenlian e hl 'feh - 'la -
P 0 0— race
'iminaloit wits the pieve}spi Road at Allianoe +.40 repose lacredsee Its hi lama end ale* *
li!ift 4 tilitibithetAt l orNoninber,ldnrvith* - iites its chaMMter andp ‘ olter. in guarding it s
Massfilotibefore the Emit of January and with glier t e lVeTe front e nd I! • 1 " , y ou ail.'
Tf , v'ilee ec --" pru''.9thareaster. ---L "' — ' . . ••• - .., ! . ...,:,,i'.., -- ..!.' :.
~ tim edd i l es i.r em . . citald'ittrlize c ramp eittsieVyraid7Pkeen
' eitlithelionersbielebdin 11 e. - - That you do
dm: a, 1, . -
. , •refriumal or the eartrete,l een right :j •• '
t l
brings to those who nerro vri so much faith*
nem,,,the sweet' consciousn that they, iiat
bpend Its welcome hours . the bears rosy die.'
,htte endear you not only to them, but to a grow:
-ing public sentiment ' In my humblerospacity
I Will Seek to guard this blamed hetitege of lir
-bor.- -flme seater broken bulwarks bring riti . :
in - ina &ken 'too bitter to, make, me ',IWO- '
' darken **Milroy ',by aiding her driecratlMV.
Espeelallylii' a service like ours; , which: Maas
Irmo tut the hours of appointed rest; and leaver
us at work - else areund slumbers, eel*
.perhapt,llie printer ti Maoism; orsielmess aria
her sighs, should we.bless the day given to 1134
for iesomitation and loftier employ. . • t •
- - Mr. Reid eyelike in high terms of. all the em."
plums of the line.::As he progreasea "he finds
authority, losing itself In affection." !•ltut dhlt
Pet lo o Withdeme deehtg the year, and hem as
count of alekneu, and no one was dlimitarged..7
Z 22721
PozremicsmaaaJiazoceise.--The fonraM,sual
She Foal, Aiiii'peYern hare constituted them-
Belzer the organs, supporters, and defenders of
the Pittsburgh : and fiMnbonzillo , lirdirtiod yrs
jeef,,SOMt foel.that they late a *Fri Takagi/IN
when Mei nwort to meatiene,MtarlyiconternYti;
ble :to otuttotti tt. 1..2'14 are milling , to ester to:
little, meaty. jealandely where ant se& -; 14st,
and triescitalheni if they de . nit. 7 l4 te:exZet
one portion of onr citizens sgalest gaff
to attribute the moat selfizb 'end, T o, inotiT cf to
tlioleithe pricauMe to, 'di ff ei from theta -on Mat- .
tem whet difference ought t 6 excite eritber
ettrinise' 11171bellng:
The Jouinot,..of .Friday,- lends tho wey la 'thhi
pitifolemstle; b 7 Mute, ' inctiemdiam,'lmd A%
'all - rim* to forma t . jealpasies , batmen 'the
"cill'iette of Pittsburgh ea Allegheny, and
thmwanspiclou open Ote moticee. of Xho:fialX
dent and Directors of , llia •Ohto and Penusylvw : ,
nis RallrondCompany •
by the
.fillowing.eatrnata; ;
• 'Upon creep attempt to ; make', it apparent
that 'there le no niceasity_for, plachxii Pittsburg'?
on .the direct and shortest.: Sae Railmau
connecting the . West and the seaboard,' but that
lids may be compromised brolmulteaw lines
eonvtoging on the' Ohio and Pintomiletnia rail
road, the questicnivisee, What' greact.
ll local Inter,
sets are to be piremoted by . mble; our liner .
terminate in Allegheny city? •
"llpourrary attempt to kill.- the Pittsburgh.
and Steubenville Railroad, Wet is solely MO
eminently o Plarlorrge work, thl dlatecst grouse
deeper ors company which yet bin pieenno slim
- of a 'purple* to extend into the city of. Pitts-,
b 2 h railroad: which :Pittsburgh motley has
The Port, of. Saturday,' 'taking . the hint tram
_ , .
its coadjutor , the assault ln the coar s e r,
'and ribeld, style to Cineli lanai* with its
cutlets. heaps:
"The Editor of the Pittsburgh draetti,.. who
.is a citizen of Allegheny city, and who is Com
pletely under the dictation and control of certain
selfish old-Bunkers' cm that aide of- it
now making war upon rho Stettin:Orilla Railroad„-
!imply bemaselt is a Pitteburgh work; intended
to build vpand benefit thlleity, and Malmo Si
wealth end population: it_ anxious !for our
citizens to ebandoethele fewate rusk and naka.
the - "cienumbemllbos,."iiihteh", veal of course
benefit Alleghenicity, erainhane e tb6
the property .. pr zi. Valhi Ond.Win. Itebintini•
4:.• Slut ttur Facile ; of Pittsburgh. itet lit to
purblind nu' to governad tprthe impatient
aufzestiois if Allegheny
. ipentetws.!,
• ' •
Ipfirleem It beneath us -to reply 'to am-.
titular .specillostion in , Ithe.. - sbore ipseisrame of,
gentleininly mintent,r..tiMthet thin , to: Sty;
”PlttaburghtieneY has msde . "lntai email
tine of the MO and.Pmemytude Baoroa3 ;Ali
legheny Lentaseribed , nearly as WO :a;
Pittsburgh, anti everiunaysalcog the *Whir
log 'contributed fall Shire - -, pittidangli
well, lad solid Allegheny; bait
sons, madeltemel a epirit,:are, : tudyestmis:::
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mitts AS wihutairto4 or whickenisosupnal
the contemptible Jenlotities thiyare-eslartstated'
to foster, 'demur' a-were ichnlce, - -- Mod - f,h old
be fronted down by every: perms who lidthe
seal arelhtre of Altai* two . What
- - •
ISPitliburgit and what taalgiglteriy; .ln reality
but one sty--one in laterepl,- one in'Pruperity,
and oneto deetinYl.; tithe:re any greater differ
ence between them, than - between • the different
lfaide of Wick, i Whst -better customer has
;Pittsburgh thin Altrigheiy,: with hir 21,0001:S 7
habitude ? Where do her tritium perelyes the .
isonimansertnirceimiiii of Ws Allegheny
any Immense Srarehouses,`Msy.mholeashr atone,
any fin* hotels' If she matardietomis„hor-:asot--
ton goods,hitr wagons; and
4.44ooox;lot.ii;aool,ilitniinntbr goioi—
to promouslittabaresbusbleu:. ind Pittsburgt,
etwieter abroad: '' Who - 154s thir addenda" on
herhaidge:stocli.ind contributes in ten thommed
ways to promote the wealth and prosperity,of
Pittsburgh? The; citizens of 'Blot'
out Allegheny, os these contemptible judo:Wee
seem to' termite - as datable,. and Pittsburgh
wonld feed the stick to her my centre:, It
would rob damp( as pop:o4We u much es hen.
owe, and as moth'ldeatlf.ed -with her, ss her ,
.Sixth Ward,: How Would her population then •
sound in the econos.riturrs of the county?
Ls regard. ,
to the lecation4 ihs Depot,, and
other: rennetted with . it,. we shall bus •
more toesy at chrdetsumr..;-... - • ,
do agent if the Pennsylvania -Itallroad, who
has been all along thailna Waxed by the. late
freshet on tha Judaea, and ascertained the pre - ..;
else amount of the damage to Ms public Wpm* ,
mittrti, hie 'hint thetorlowing telegraphic dee
'patch to Messrs. &Tab& Cole o f th is eitY
. .
. „
liwirreweenr, - July 19, 1861;
ieunt. Cocotte 4 , Ealltead will be to
complete- worklog order on tdondsp-Canal eon
not be tar Don't stop shibling,
Orate:toss 0/,5111 Tarsasire COMMIT.—
' An mural meeting of the Pittabmgh, Cincinnati
and Lcndeville Telegraph Company way • lately
held at Idwitienja. It appears that dating the
preeteding yee, Oleo'dividends of 8 la cont.
rub, had teen peed, aid one , jaarter's dividend
retained for rebtillaigtheline.. , The erhelii earn
eapeaded forirpain lip Winne, 1861, eittennted
to $10,406 94. 191 sh Ltd, BMA 83 Innis at poles
luvreiitrts Neer, 146 FM., pat in repair; and 166
miles renewed. . :
The cub receipts et the diderect ofdeet a
ring, the veer 1660 were se follows: , •
LoaL.ub , •
•, .
82;000 08
Idedheen • • '• 2,165 09 • •
..leorwereelierwit, . . . .192 60
Cescinruitl 18,970.97.
fsl BlB B 6 eld 031.07 e
olawbus , _8,408.40 -
Zsiaawill• ' • , 1,5U136
h. Wuhington , • •72 37 '
11Twilhig, 2,525 71
.13tecbraville • , . 8 78'08
• Pittsbargla '' 17,99217
• Total rottelpta tbelSso, ' $72.278'72 •
aarliat, anniturroass 101 /850.
,Peel, salt light; candles, Ita,' lint:. 92
Rent of, Oka, bridges, • 1,6513 70
Stationary of all' kinds, envelop,
books of roglator7, fro.; GI
&landed tc4r despatelies
dell ei7~ ' oi not.iegictlable;
}lmpairs be,the Une,
Loss of batteries.
Ifiseellaneorts:lt width Is Inetad.
ed machbute7. fundturei-Insul
idol"; &a; sad *bathe debt. dee
by the NeerVeleane tbsei settled
by stook, '
_§ll,2op; p -
And 'alloiratmee to
the Bt.-Lodi line
In oneking "Otte.:
Tots, expenditure',
Cub moipts, .. $7x,270 - ;75
Paid to connoting lines . ; $24788, 45 .
Expendltonxi, • ' • 35,01057
wrilertti, or WO.
. „
Number*, we:detritus:2oml, • :1,002i00
Number of despatches recorded, 844: 569
Thais are exelnaire•ef free mattes; arousal•
ly large at' aN-- gonna r•
Menge heirs of ~fot 'home per
" lie naiad of dmipatohnfor-1850, on the As
per of the registeringinatteterest covert a length
of 1,7104 f : - •.•
Newlin* butlii • • •• miles. •
Cut down and re-set .- 83 0
..-Numher pemona employed,
The FeeelPtt.ettfer'lo,l.B4l chow a large in ,
aresee,urerthe comes-poialog limo In 1850.
Arran igenet.itia:abStrafthitpreipgt transmisalon
of menages M , PhAidefildsoliew ,tirk;Uuton
and PieilCare notrtite , 'wires from
Pittsburgh to , Lemlerille.: Ibis O'Reilly line 'to
NewOrlsans,ll,Qo Intim:and merrdsd %with
. °PM the soperiza,„mrd,t; .I k f
, , • ,z l z4slaiii •to bue the
rAmtiricitn t a u ra
Nol 129 Woad. Street;-;
Mousse tte the mins tnitte, .4 which tlurr as pr.wava
01016 a ta*crchiparts et. nub that TOl compue..l
r.:403.61•111,...ith0nr0f tb• eastern,
Fittskaugh Life Insurance Company.
pp - ilos; No. 76 FOARTIf ayes=
ihaLdrat..-4.4.un 31_ .00r
Tier Prexklenti—timxt x ...Rocca. • -
fErs.• .ftertt,,...s to saptber part of tbtispt•
anorteetes. Ileettlaretra KM& I r X , t L .:
PAU ralw—Desz eth::Yeer Petroleum ta teteldheshw
th thiniettitnthmt......oakt thank yoa eeeeed
am twpdowei try the Peonatherea Itathael, gr.
ante ea. lad It'te Newt lavettettlbe theme evetidet
arc.rl; ' JO= hONO a oa.
,Reseretue, Maud o,lllereb 1004,
-L-31.1tiee—Zeer Shy Y9I:IT Amt. lete vette- ehteh
Ilta with dews hock tel. erbJeh ere have mkt.
Mute *mot *ARA: them hateedlettee' -
"—Am enolistat la eriettn,woodiere,ta ettle Fqo. W.
tpu!oblain'erretel elooltens eeetteeateeareoe &etre anise
: Aetutt, ' , .; 1e.19001T.
: Work try Moor litakrirolL Ile Wad RNA. LIL
Salm; inircod otttet - IL hboafack, a.
.11Z=ILIWAL 21=4k,A.:119VA%
issit IDalMno I&ni tIf.Y ilibibliDY• On, 6,04
ebenet is eat* - Asa It ow ea* bits %mil lads
PiXit, tt lila destroy the sosahuity with - lob* dts.
To esil Jattt4 t .a stilielie Into sopiher re* slant Ii
paisimptitittlymehotesetlel stets* bee Embed! WI Abets
**SA obbetlessit'tat It *tibia bet that ban **blithe&
the mottitkatemr.bilra Clootbsisi EI.IM Mil** it liise
thilishisell•behiss W atll . ditritt. mtkut Woo
-theetnomissestees to la assentssei if* betliesitsd okt•
pe040.--14 seistibes- virlabypetnettiat
sal *al** at tilt tielsoiessoni ohrlsaetrnb'dlsphsos
**hl4 • dlanalit sestier, • striesects hes), sleemeh
see , / 'Abseil?* sretkr two , . •ruie asell healthy
Ishiolest miles* Ow mime Ameba= at
iisse*of.tbs hods!.; this is parbleilill t=tit:
• bit dasmarOf bsreli.• die itesetzetkis.tehes *AM It
is eitateloset itai Wise** by tb, tk•Stikl. that It
ta. ittio. taw y Allsomm, bit sex* .iteeilii-
Skaii it sill terlhied Olt iLtaemyalis OS* dlsei►.
twit:Sete ofillst tbs.hapisel 01-oel**** U lasers'
.sitta Lim DUO& n0t.4.21‘ , ..d. Clues blither aim
alipottitio Wog: allitted - *Fou IT "my win* or *Asian
*et Int*. petteittlima . U setbsitlitt 120 ;Piaui
s o in Seas thettapteUllel
StillibtsSersisitte tom ei:Jew*, otaw* --- • -• •• ,
Ottenetio-berisi sa ault fer tees abglut
wrre db. 'aft
L ateirtheiatit sisesithes ,
; • ' - . - Anszs4 srptiwti,V. ooE d..;.'
•• ' DD; ' - • •
thiiit.u.hnisnu_ s z 4
Pam; Pam; oissert at. Nr. Jam 11,1... -sod assiliter et OA.
Y. mhl / Um =Lb Toted berl.ol. • • •
tht iftarltr• riviatnair MlttS tort.
matbk Amemithis Om at 3 *Vat:P.M. hut Übe eat.
Airy of tat ttubasi Laaba Omni Si*. Ward:-
31:1KEIDIT/fit at - vitt:* a cif:.
atm habt of t,om,a tha Imre re '
at- tha <024:1- of Iftiaa atal.rtgtd Namp a thix ,
nom' ''S ratlrt: 4 l4ll alltho
atltaof otloptioo satal prmiaitSaaliaarsrf...'
rruz ANNUAL ;31ELTIN --- 0 otthe Mock,
al trlblAl.•lA—"'l"'"4l77l
ay of Aomori. at o'clock,
Jay 1. lIIL - -11.1:411 Prem.?.
VV .cuturivicti
' . 4ittibtugti. Life Inmttance Catappir.
!MIS MIPANY nni ineeiparnstd
x.'nare.r. VW. with. Perpoteel Charter. .led Wes
Souttoseeoi Domino* el • salad 1100.00 A -
Z.oe on Nor does baelorme boa oa theoalaltetFah n od
- the th. Mot Wei plan the stn hn atirthled /* a.*
thole charged by Utast Coserealea and Mambo Coall
loweathea the Wee of nowt Stoat empeaka.
. !Waal eldwo srZl ., r• aa those esteated . ,..o? other
al = d ime Co be oaattlactl "" gee fo atier hi art
tiVgiti=--dtg44 4 7 1,4 . E M".. "
ThaCheetes pessato e/th Dilate' of loshrotoar lie lila
.la trrjarLo, I=4 Wi= T=11.11n174.
.11tiallut Rlf °wow hmeat.psyshlejteraosth,
ar open the perUas es= et the age eftaJar dq ar ci•
_ . . .. .
filkitkl:". tdal.s,s.
hz°°' k e , - Charles at. Conon.
John S. •orth.
ka, Wrn.phlllll.
Nam' lu --,
, • .o. A. Wm.
. .
. . ...
. ..,
. .
- Baas Or 71114.2.
- rton.innuii wukin k uu tiftmarior Nur .
../foodiVathr hmeas+4...U. tleamtaruamiT.
. 24,11=MC", A l = Pi o Utomr. ,
• .
IDA A. W. I.o3traL so-Arro sa. " A. B. MANAsuckt. Sty,
i=ifgt,icb :
14 - ,frnripiii,,B 4 = .60. •
DG Dtlararti le "balsa \ Liot saw at the Pr./
aartftfoltatsiii Na tijoiltet otrtat. •
.17=a41r13 ; 0. A. COLTON. staa7.
lEViTORE. uncalled for; the following pact.
1 1 1:=1.1. nitAbursch...• .. 57 ;*.bur.4.•
Doan* re
5141.1.1 r
J. ••
PriP. or 12147
Donor ..2 •
"." r.6 " *. ' I ' "91 Vnillicours
Pestaryltanla Ittliroad,lnslght Dapot, :
• name
and VI ara• Mt.
To Druggists and Painters,
FARIS OREII ; "8" BRAND. Tilsooole
ileirorlarre Pornett-oofartled hi the Gold Atedal of
If American Indllute..o, ptomaine unvarying smite ,
Mit/ of shade end color. .The menntactarer or the above
itelat Mordecai the deepest and mod brilliant article
.as o r4: l l .l tatt o leLermanant, and that ran bevonod,
ohedr, awl ha notated nitl lote
Daring. nvarying nifertnitr. • •
been appointed Pole agent for the male of thiti
'celebrated brand of Paris parchmerm will be sap.
plied et reduced Mime: , • • • It. 8. 01111L8188,
F „
Family, for tale
jr be 11117 • 8.•/.111•11.11AUOIL
M.ACKEREL-1003ib11. Largo No. 3.- ,
8. • W. 11111•11(11.1.
WiAP—.lOO bozos N forgl u o by
M A TIaIiEL:--50 . Largo No. 3;
30 ht.
' ig inbu. N°l•B`.
$3*,01, 67
. .
Just rrerired rind br
Irl9 • JOHN WATT .
galL for saiirby '
to • J.HIDD 100 r EoWooo.4 _
UUMICE STONE , -800 lb.. for oalo by,
jo,. too • KIDD
La , /119 J.)(11ID CO.
, ,
UL MATZ QUININE-50 sale by
L 7 trio J. 14 . 11.1 AW.
iI,ODLiVI:IIIAL—Z — g - rou gOnulao Itual;
tork, Mut* C. 9.. fur rsbtbr
hip J. REDD lICO.
O LD Jacob Townmentl Sarsaparilla-1i
dem fpr tal• byKlDdi )Wood D A CO
at... • .
, $10,476 72
Braddock's Field Property.
PERSONS demirlng , Imutiful, healthy, hid-
Bole, and olsk• lasuons for country reNklers kt ara
looltol to torn Uttar attnition to raddock's ch
I. now twins sold 10 Run t ,,,,,b. 0 .4 k lb., 1 0,1 ft, I.
t.rmr. nillirdhe boo. hAr bora thus acid this .... r .
If --iar pt27l= l .l4:ll:gariilNZ:ll:ll .
bFaar_ Bewail/ or was* from the city, the t .lue re i i . utd
e.t , e d ..Thre, trer , :t . tbotaitetfahre rue brAt e., :re t 1
iliiddor w M b l:Prt . la 0=1; VITIV, 41 '1' 4 atrOaqtraf I.
way oval 184 PlO llOl / 1 00111010.00.1.1ttallrold 011 W kb aar
Cars nil ktio ruanbnijaatward thal Pittsburgh tut fat
by nowt [alb 1 dont 00. m. 0 0_00,0,. 0,..r.,
10111 woo travel t • Mak Ito , r; sad . .4 . 0,.. . Y•
::' ,l l ::=l,lltltZatraralt the; tlin ' n, what. !akin'
b. , t .. 47 to aboT rayons the grounds,' and ply Altana of,
ll= ItIIIITO • Vlsltunn to ww=momaid at tbs
aa is
„trill:Jr , JAIL W. 800/111.14ti.
...... , .., - _ . .
• BAUR DICKEY &CO Ag ents for Me
thank's inn Wort. Km z annicatir o band and
CH&sss_; §;r,oa c
br Nita br MIAS :1 118' Cle n T 00ent:n°7;
MACKEREL in uarter bbht.' for
Wally . . ISAIAH D
IbLfor sale by
XL' • • 154.0 iitour &co.,
iris) t -- 4 - Mare and now six
.I,IITJTILEOB-1 for'sale law-to close
mulitaame., IBALAII DICKEY k
- 1.2.11)100,—.2 ceroorus Caraccaa;
•A .4 kesti Irmitts•—• .111 k4 . to
na , LemmiwnicsariaAncklit..
• 77 - 77 - 77 : 7 - - to Dead . .the
lyearass . .,moisets
Item the fir, .Dade! and
Lrorrllonedwithent beompardento; by
Ltadtzt; Flied* Ander of the 1/...Y. Eye nod Ear
&Moen and of tell Arch ch.Ftdlndelvals,brgetosuruntoce
.bleratarn yore moe,. • The number Impertanom of the
' raw nada Ms ace on bin rower vied, and the dratirlied
amount af rotate obteh Wended hie treenoent, bete In..
donut blur to artoodlte bin return. the mar boo trIII
• Mlttrumh Mem eirtmortanere. to
It win to Advisable
toe who with to emend blei, to mate an WIT nell.
D. IL may be consulted. until forth. notice, he Ell.- altinsid ,. .
L eonel Mirk dwelling blond the tobool non"
Thirteen years elope and almost andhddoi ettentlon to
Jinn branch of spout loading bar onatded him to rola=
•hlotontreent to .no s degree of room. .n to hod the
moot . ambroted end obetlnate ran . 11014 by , • .t. 41 et.
• Thelollmelng tordmonlats are enbrolttedWilhonalldenot.
They 0111 Won at lout In obatettlmatlon hie probedansl
enellheatione are held by .000 of the most dlstlndniebel,
heti bed the Ileum* to meet Dr. Haey ' moo
110 e. indium toes bdto form fronable p inio nof by
enersebo. both l tbe proration and as s geode:nen..
rinfandoual trill ho duly app y
thanes b. ohm theuterlres Order Mews ,
,Vl= My Intro:curve vitt, Dr. Mkt of ,
I here Mond
Pd department °erne% and nentlentanlf."
.iiiisapleisint duty to die tar Onothmety In farm
the tresbnent adopted by br. Mutiny Mr the cured dm*
tanat. , l:ll•llpaitallati m nnattemted by nein at Waal*
.OMaery and Its egad. amid Instentaneone." • •
Costwellor at L. = areeL
W. have known several CMS of partial desalts, treat.
nib, him with the motif liawat ?coati. Dr. 11.1. wien•
honan. awl eau row numerous testlmonlal.
rrirsbilltratto ite<OlS .911.• ellroalt!branch of the
inedloal letiMeOon."—GidtA: •
oltrowner altlieted w ith Magee" of %he , ear are mom
mended tom a fielt Bartlet t Aorta. at No. On
'Artie Mar; aaotrellifili tie le a'aretratineated prof.
Aortal maw, and hall= ?C MUM." atitwalo. dho
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Alt Galle.gzugrattarl whore roalformatlondoea not exist
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beretofOre et the old Min. youhr, l of VAL
CULLY* IXI. Thankful LOY peat f
oramf be home try
promptitude Arad Oriel attention to the qoalit7 of big et*
rick to meter stUre of the pahnne rare! be.
Mind tr.retofere.
be iecelved-bq the Plunsylvania
Rai Compann_at Iton db. of R.
itroordlog lerdilator. oda Wadnonlay, th e MI Lod. at
gickwk, P. M. • tit,outlas...l paring Merry Wee.
.fpok YeebA¢le gtreet, In the Ann ward, to Canon Stmt.
tr sre
of the et;ide yazd, and tha Pay-
Nt b r.tonatali W a_ 41irt dead. - sill wln ed eh .
irrle~ t) llld ,e. .,ta an th e enatdrior at. IA coma pa an.
SDa dldh to ta ddlooßad where ai.d.4 by th. 1.1,..
andar=rerintonlianor the work rill Da duo - tartar, s
),M1 Araidard Inglarer Puma Railroad.
vAL SODA. , --0060 lbs.,Eaglisb. for sale by
Doctor;J. Deirbbodni
ViFORMS obi frieode and the publia in gen
no. tint be buret:cored Me 413ce to Pena street, len'
3 hest to eL Clef;
. . It.—Pereons Indebted to him tor • length of
3m an ,
; rgesested eettletbelz mamma,— . elet
lid Ire a d — w r c - •
beam"... AgenbLl4o. Plagte z t=bree derth=
i evert, T0t5,, , 141 ty Invite the at
tenable of the It Tnete eft Stock of Ooods,
eared rl nest Tram the anututeeturers, end fdr ode out*
sorshbe terms. - kI.SQn •
4.7Uazezpv e ms , r r gszem. t_tr.Te Ofikw
MtnatkautlanizeD. Y 1,111
7 wim! In god dtbrr.dd Poto i tt thoMe SW. I I
Jot • 00111 . d Wad ao.l /11xtia stroo1O: •
WANTED !-41. young ~::!;- -8,44P lu 2 W I
sir 'fib tbo Dena boxinoos. so on to 111
41.411,41 oatoo7 Aeldnin "DM:O4." th104.'"....
The undersigned members of the late firm
f.f iIIeCULLT - s CO.. Imo MIA du inale
tortstorgilio node, th• trot f "4
4" Co
. WE:a
roe tb. mom of lowavfortaz lllmollocto of
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nt.16 , a1 to Lb* a 192111 • diva% or %he r =
;LT! :ro d Talmo 1111 414morders . .116 *Melt onr
61 Maurlomsekbrimrom,
rftisbontb TWA T T CL 1
ttrltalVlNG sold our Canal Rock, aod our
att o r . . .eirgltt , e N 1.6 a p td o ltzr.
ea . * stiXts,es, nr. i r A llopee_ d_to edit. th•
C/OEICE, • -
, Et. inb lith. 1 . 4V 1. '
It - a:PARES & CO., f
Rocas:sus,- ea.
As? ts t Calm Lb. to Clwri4ml,_. • ,
Sale Erie asid Eirbigari Lbw krl4
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Etessabrat. Sawn itact
Rod ..„.. ;it tra jw. t.p,i 4o 7rr a. llEnE, /IttetearEb, '
11. CLARKE & CO,
" :wail:lrma, PA.
Satbater. Pr. JOT 16tb.11451.
• - •Diuolntion '
eO.PAILTNERSIIII' heretofore ex
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isjuwag:zt wad e d MOW, moms:
, ctisot. tbe atm. • WrNW,Le".
Pilbantrlgh. Jell 1.1151. • trianailfilll AN.
• Wax.
A• PERMANENT SITU ted ATION, orperiodi
is. <al work th la art. for an
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at too Mlle at tbe irratestattrltaalsebe
StutoZwllost, No. 170 lizafthbeLS sexed .•
jyllnno. . •• • P, Plll2.
- • ACES ace &
QIIOULDER BR of the most ap
aM NIT' d
.17..b0ka1. sod mall.
• J 717 H. R. 411,1AARIS, ET Waal d.
Cudldatbdtd, eardidlabrds. Ted ?mold WO. Phial
dim Tu na* &sate dart qua ty Ivory Bah.* Ildd-
Vim BMW, Parks, Latthes, du rar Ttoda. detazaddctur.
ol do dtda. sad a dal mortmdat t y lvown hcl. at th e
Emllly id Elute% din At.
For Sale,
kBAKERY, with three jean lease of the
slant on l'odersldroot,All4beny. Tbs,BatatTig.a
:5.• I"r "m al==ftnr• g b lUt. ".
ow. * ,or tar= apply is DA11T.11.11_,7111,
N t i - iGN I WMN'4III
. .
.• . 65iReward.
QTRAYED OR STOLEN from the Warn . -
MOrrg r ting 2 Wirtra'"4 4 lTYblo" l 7.
1,4=., Month.: WM dol mod ran we .d on Es.
quatiouvlll to u Oh
. ti -: . nuaskuvos*netnutim.
.11 = .
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No. 76 Maiden Lane, Nno York.
E I. PORTEIi anti Jabber in FRENCH and
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lueaulouu, Marcatt. Co..
1111 7 4t it ioni, „
• John Donald».
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8046 one, •
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Jail 14th. 'Lit,'
ESQUITO NETS, Dino, Whitt,: to'
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ON-150 tons - Mill Crook Pig iron
250 toosßen, Crest • do do •
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2163 Loot). stneu
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2,000 bbb. now. Sktes' by
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- Dividend. •
MISS Prillaman Olt Camden . , J.:11 14am =
,r. ...Es of. the Pittsburgh Gas.
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FIRE BRICK—We have on bind 60,000
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Jr18:2" , OS Water street-
i ce/ end COPYING ,PRESS--The neatest
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HAY FORKS, Ray Rakes, and- B,cyt,he
eoeath,_pm 7. TOXoff • HORST
AILS,3 kegs assorted Adzes in'store,
Ibrmals by EMILS'SON, uTTLE a co. •
EIED FRUIT-300 baelt:Oried Peaches
tr ads et
LAIWOIL -20 bib& No; 1 Senzietv
aat soaks, for sea by • MLitt DICKET it CO..
WANTED—Land warranpa wanted, for
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~[naio for the BXoomers
KLEBER, 101 Third gear, Op: tite
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AU% a vapply a( Bat= Thauersaaa Wee Book.' 1716
V . REABI CHEESE---51 boxes receiyl_ . per
Sidsrslrs Lthe, fat sala br AIMS DALzELL.
6S Sister, and tl Prosiest:
LNIRE 'BRICK-25,000 fortialo by
bib , • JIVES D3l,,Zt LL
- ItillfS,Prime'Sugar Cured. Venison and
Maim Dried ode dad Pont Tongued, dial. by*
J. LLIA MS 00.116 Wood
‘2l:ll3Aft—'-'Lovesing'N Crashed and Pulver Q New Orlnns. Loat Badeialiet.ibr Ws by
T EA—Prime to Extra Fine lateen;
Chntaa. Ntarrmilt, 001014 4 111.1k:'
re , etl• er 1 . 7. D. WILLY Aa W.
VANDLY4 ---4 0 boXeB star:
7:Ahis WaLLIATI■ s
17 . 1716 AR -71'5
ac i 1 . an; .Tr an :
Ylng;Sbe Bea M D. WILLIAMS t CO. '
``Noted for Three Prime Articles!
ptEAR .lalNum MIND !—Mokary? Tice Mori,
14,14tu4, Is Doted fur WIWI. ' .
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..ANN'3 , IIIKPOY,: late of. Dublin.
Irrliad,vialras be. from bar earkia, JOUR
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Hew Music.
jOII3T 11.31ELL011, No. 81 Wood street.
has etesivel the Iblloview Pt • popoixrpisees of
Farserell if emir /boded prayer: . -
Waltz genthostatal, by Plleis;
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Whirs/ di Vehicle. by Voss
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No of the Bogs; Awash Folks;
Iliansbe soil Lisette; !icily/an
MIL= Bore Urst.s Jewry Mod Polk.; -
Liss is bus s gbile; Rood nese
Call to . pet tom.; • • WPM' , / Wor.Mb
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Spirit Polls; (hair
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and arming. Jill
F lSll=lo.bbls. White TiPh; •
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ka• !Mx", far tali by
J. B. CM.
DREMIUMCHEESE--2.E . sga . Larre
mhtm a'a" CLnw
QUELL= OLIY o.ll;iti Flasks, the best
" /144 " 41 - 1 1111."Il d sratiV l i bat.
IhNRESTI bIACCARONI- - --A very superior
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WIL A. M1C1 L11 %.6 LibrrlVll it Co.
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-• J_o. DILIVORTII i 004
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IVERING'S SUGAR-50 bb! Crashed
sad purwrims. gals •
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-- (PACKED' TEAS:--JeakirLo. ,Co.'s (of
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la emu Tart.r. ta=mix• sappLiEt to apt r ;:aal
warrawad m girt satisarti,-• •
409 . Arent Ibr ~ e aktos a 0
AthiPEW Saner
s Stock wanted at
.1111 a. WTt LZa CO.
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tons Inning Qoutpuge, et Lela Soperka., Thaw
sell Inn ilk.. takt„ lidartme '
CREESDL-30 boles W. 11:, fur - sale- by_
WILOOR-300 bbl e. extra hurf' f9r sqle by
Jt: .411 • 1 - LAW. uAlanatt. •
EACRES-10 casks prima Hayek for
NEW. NACKEREL--50 bble No. 8, larbni
mama Jan wafted cod for 110Cbi_
/711 EC a w. ILtszkvair.
.WINDOW GLasslooo -boxes : o4 and
Omen . binds, far mak by •
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CODA ASII-650, casks, of oaf mini mann
ham* wreaked of a. lasi •tert Ow 11220Ftel;
Au sem at We lanai market J.*. tm.
. • - . . DENNSIT.IIItRaT MXI4
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Jill lint at. =se Mutat. : -
SAL SODA-20a cooks for erde by • .
WI • nnorrt, noityys'oo.
- - -
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.ale DT 701 EMMY A CO.
HA -5 prime• Canvassed, for sale by
7,11 • - a:s W. TIMMAIXII.
'e. ddre r- -;
N) r43° %,t i ' l ja4.d f
rll . 114 Ir. /I.ARRAILM.r.
ODA ASR-15 =las for sale by
471/ - a I W. UAWIDGII.
COFFEE -125 sacks Green Rio, for sale by
rINOBACCO—.IOO'boxes Manufactured, W.
A. Onwt.s%lllasell &21.ctrra.W1),.fro
GLASSES-50 bbk. N: 0., for Isla by
..IVI -11/1 JLOUL11192110:1400.
ASII-20 casks Tiro; for sale bit
• Magnetic Powder,
F OR the Destruction of all kinds cif Insects.
--MOWN!, LYON, inventor sad_po of the,
I omallasAlls Porde". flittwdmerootlau of Lochosettee. bed
pa:lo t ogra4l.= . l, R and lizegs k r . Plant!. Alva
sod .ashros sna rasa b . ? "' e.rect.exe.
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CORN -500 bo, Shelled, for sale by
7fll- .7.11.D141V0RT11 a
MAN EAR commun io n ee
L WO. DOWIL Sr ad* by_
J/10 et Maikat 0, earner or ionnlt'
..GAS FIX. MILS. &0.. of Cornelius l Ws. nostrollo• num ,
on. In *lvry variety. sad warranted ye. On • and,
gad brinhint light., nod matirroly nee Awn to danir , _ 0 !.
trodlnr the am of Canin#Don onA nag Vga.
. _
AISIS--4 °asks superior, for saleois
- ARI3I--1600 lbe. No. 1, for sale by
ILA ./710 T. 10000 8 .0 0011, 01 Wa/er
Onia:§ii -- 2. 3. easkiCutwiel;bnuid;
Poe slipy .1110_ w t a P. WILSON'. •
Cfilbt—lfiege asi'dN — a,e Ira sale by 77
u • hi° * IrrisOm.
LOAF BUGLR-150 for
se. by WO • Ar. 4 Y. WILFION.
I" ifijE R-500 ke Pont 13'4 •
. .
17LAXSEED OIL-5 cash sc.:rimmed pure : .
J. Ityr aslo by
/710 R. Z. 80..LE111.. 6i Wool it:
UNTA - taT3 170 ti EG 1- 10 t
ch. co . ndiart, br not a 2011 3 5 . :
0. MOLASSES-300 bble..oak, for sale
• by /ylo
S - 11. SYRUP-26 bbls. for sale by
• /710 • f. WILSON.
NO. RIGA R-150 hhtig,for eafilfiy .
• Irlo, iv. at. ImaoN
HEESE-45 boxusere . kiligperliidivell's
Line, snd for d. er • AMES DAIIXIL.
778 88 Water. and 78 Sims els.
MACKEREL--50bids. New N 0.3, for eats
A LARGEzfit l :i " , IcElliog H
Sorrel licmsee.
mimnpartutret - .71,---...,.
110mP131% Itsuu.
Jra. ' ( At t. o.'s.)
AcKEREL-100 bble. New No .: 3La:itr
. . ms ' sale by IIIOA. V. eq..
I:10AF SUGARS-300 bbls. wed Nos., for
I.o•br FM. DAOALXT & CO, •
7. anordt Wood at.
114FE 7 5G0 t% !adilwl for! ,
. 1 A .
IPEB--150 ,boses White Ola r gi
P, 3 emeri ti - 41 by
New Music.
LIF , KLESERiuis just seceireik— . •
11.01b.m . • •
.A. 04 Mom fa son b/ Amaltkot.
Chsistiomia vord,llkra Dummy Pa
31 6UEn k" = tie by aro:ammo Rot* of
Spool to Pestal.
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OAP—.3OO boxes Rosin, 43in't1 liroads, for
Palo by . _ IY3L asaitsY a. co.,
AM) Q,,IL-4hr. on'itanagnmmt, cot
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flOTTO!'l—= Wet taster° andfor sale I
- - ; I ,;1471,41:a1ic,7411:%-t,:
coTTON.BATTLNSO - boltol;amily, on
sA",!'" E°l ' " I°l 7ll ° . 'Arm= co.
VIEATHERS-•;-For tate br
.1: ire - 121LW DICE= CO.
HE liecond ns h tallm life ent T ea tnise C Dallsiza ''
rrtC6l.Ablve of the ateltairtoeliof
leK mor CHUN /cants mow;
jo ,rT A"ip].“ one, 4 7 * " . "
v. A. COLTON. Seentarr.
• E bblo. No.l - L 2114
.ad d
17 tau
Wattr DS
Swot AL
CHEESE -150 boxes for
VIRE AIM WATER PR00 1 F.:311131E4
/- P.U1,17-4' far eij r =irCEST faa,
YIWP MOLASSES—,Z7 bbL. ark.l3oVl3
ktcausea,s eupeliar artlrJa, lbr
jy7 - JOUN wANT &CO,
, g'ASTBITRY: s-Tale.; • .113:Axitia, Harriet .
• Crary. grahams al./Weds aral Firtabea." .
otbe Sal as we Eke= ar !Stay Eartte a
Comedy to are orb; by Dahmer V
Lytton= - . I
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w t a alia= .• Ileughter af Nigh t *yre bin j ary aw ree'd at dm meow tlakM b 7
- le= - . •., R. C. =MON. 47 Market at ~..---
Mack 'halm=
a choke lot of Etre= ant nut round 00N0017
T H which awn trial will be iehil t ro•little ahead
't=TO The i =le gre 11 . 1:41=
ram exactly . the wohit kinds eV; thei one WO*
SPSC TA C have* domplete
Gloat of Geld. Vim aactikaa4 BDtabakikatal t&lttat
nalltr of mom and *tams Gloom— WsMao to
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tms remind stVOLMX.W.Lloterare Third
}MOURNING ALPACCAS--Lig' hitt - lady .
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itYl. Gatda—e am n emeriment to be et=
az flatcar* ISUIIPLY
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a Bowman. bay. xeceirxt. a few mgralcitlaa sad
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Black Jkab irte,*r !comer Comb, • js2
rpm UNDERSIGNED lima entered into
~D rands ,
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bonnet. Ittadere r ngs, Cap Trout ama.
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ikEPil lain . "1 " 24 P4 m ---,
: ' • N.. 15. LW}l7ll 4 laza ho.a/f Hun{ ,
11,400 Jana or 11. a u..0.1.0g.2"1.'
MACKEREL - 7 50 bhls. La!gp N.
y.slo , l__*,_ •
V RACKED COCOIi--Fredkb---4tkat received
It/ End Qs asltlpf WM.
in HO s LAT " SO • coco4i-of ev -
V,1 7 41.7 1,thn4 4 b"a j rsire.
Jr= Grans mod Sas Dada.
JA AELti F1511—.415 Mils. /,olgeyroutgzew)
apbsert cOiliposiet
lEkber. and dedicated. to Elt e•ltfintior Wit
Itrvlr's Bud—moor the m 4 IC waltsecoat.
N n.. 6,..66 517. with 1.461 . 11 •
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attl!7:7 l lll.l7l 4 Tnet,d=t,
P. 6 ..—A sakidhl kit cif rhrn
- PIA.NO4I: opt
Ct o.“ - triooal wood-hand M att Plano kt•eta
u Malmo: ant SW:4 Crows alancibi
and vetal4 by WALUEL MIZIMALI4,
hag INA knot."'
!A f &G;- A r t or
EMP-41 - bales Missouri, - for sale bk
szsr,marrozws a 00.
COTTON-- 8 bales Tor aisle b ;,;
3.00 - " ' - ' ArtltTOLt. 03 0.;:j
LEAD --1359 pig, Oslens; f_ur,,,stle•
FRUIT -14501. Pelichtgl: ,
ffler,roall Tri th st
• it -23 It CY. A
: I S I . I t9.l'R 14x
ftthaft.i. sad curuwa IDr rate k s lt Irn/ T.r
p 630 18 sod % Vag Mt 1.
R/CE:•46 teX..frelh C
wlt for sale bp.';
R.-110 bbl 3. Ni C., for.iale e •
• Jao - wu., iamarr co.
upi ntU l LTKlt— , 13:kegs Sp__thl u roi sale bti,'
bra. 0/1JX7,1 OD-
CIIEESD.--WO boles W. fL.forsalec
SOLELEATLIE Siclitabeatllonilock
Tanned Now York Lathe, Saritoka. ' •
. • • Wil. uau• I
ASTOR OIL-10 bblc. =tra m, &nifty, tom:
1. 33 • • 184.433 tfoxl st.::
ED,br _ HURD_
. _
DIG IRON-60 tons noperior foY eels b).
ROSIN -200 Ibis. for gale b
bbls. for aale'by - . 0
.k-33 15. , v &BMX
MACKEREL -100 bbte. No. $ll%. for
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.- - -
NAIOQ icitrthiEus—DA qopeigilmant,
*in no rad cheap to eke* Mon.
jd7 IkUtikll 411, (XL
C.O . PLEX',S POT ,. o,LAY—lotoluifo4tiele by
L_ ' .T. ~' ,
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A .koo LUM---50 - bbla. for saleA by
' '4. sciroonaana i t `via
ILUE--100 bblr. for
ism • • 3; isartoonix+.v. co.
'SAND PAPER- r AO realms ased.Tur soli by
SPONCIE--Exhis fine Tut= Web"
VAINTS GROUND IN OIL; a 1 ib. - cia&
A.Algterjhba., P=7.04f1ani. 1 5 , 44 1 4=1;
xzr J. 6CllOOlf ens itco.aa we.O. .
atamath. :for
AA LCOHOL--76:.iiiid 92 4: ,
by ja:: I 'J. ECTIOON.
: 1 • G I.G-3 bb for oak :VII
J A • ' MI
A I4,EY'S • Nex , toriad Bone;
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G PAPEII, ga ms
TRAW WitAP*"o,4,l.
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HAVE jut receividlrixii New-York. ia
mb., jaiwoot of sew style. WINDOW-CORNICE:SW
TAIN -.F.t; 80. •
.bbls. , N 0.2: Smok to
''. 1 .17 • 30113 WATT 4 0)." .
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bld&Nol-13.1 0! ji ; "54r.. '
Extra , ruinhinall fterlobi •
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.I , IILI sad roe* AggespeF __
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, . Meal:ore valuable warts lee deb,: ' - , 2
• . ; MT. • /4. C. lITOCIL2OX. 0 MEW , .. t.
Yong Ladies' Eleminary--1111mtaray.
ty . .N . r=a um Monday. Seye..a b tly . =
of to sliza badag .
Chula.. apply tLa Pradyas. ' , • • Z.
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EV.V:7;PETTIGREW to intimate
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(Bandars exoeptal.) .'
. 34 Marlon /Mamma Iran at 6 o'cloek. - '
•• . - •
'..' TIMMaiL Train 1, ,, s ist Elmira. where pasmem. es.
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I° ll, , 4 M,..% • ihri s i t and CaitleTnln Inns Dent* IS
4 A. IL asils• • Pam:am Car is nitsebed to this 21,62 so
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Panic:flat umektion will bs paid to 6toek. Tiss'
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JUNSEQI of the decease oiJolat
Ifersdeti; Use Jo he:lota:ln e4lntazbPirom
&Contd. hereby ellsolved. J. cob is
fdlly slab:land to MU, 'Um e.t.a at the me. Om
JUL 'mow siting' wm on. I.e.Wat thmee
rament. - .Pauzash, JulT
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l i K!1 ) co. d"
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".: .. _ - . 10-trilifraCE
1 .....:-.. , . ' 'ph 0 ........ to *item usto2.
no`bus.uxesit. of the Agency of .the P ear. , '
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