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' Costscorros.4 7 in the report of the proctor:op
stihe .8 teutienbile Ibilboollif cab:tit...ldr. attar
ton le reported Sci bait said thar„-.. the
Direr:torso, the Central Mama
'pledged to d all the money Edweribed
••Allegheny Op, in the construction of the wrest
, end of the not one dollu , has : been thus
expended."' r : • . - •
' ' Mt obsenrstion was Mai hi the last ItePori
Of the earapans it would aypeii. that after all
- their nabecription wit expended, &farther tam
: Cif three million* of dollars- would be'reiluired to
complete the coxnectlon Ir. itli.litlitarals, that
,- without ads °lune:ties there would. for.. the
' purtwatt 'of bade, be little Mori gaudiest beittil
~.. from the twelitiles of 'road loang fronsPitti
burgh, than ifn t one dollar bid beas especial
,Pest.. . .. . .
Our _report wile taken fro m -the t Post in Width
60 Shore corrw.tico was afterwards wilds.. r ite
: c oliilludoii ‘in , the! Garotte occasioned the !Atli
.., glebunsiori men menti oned in Air. ltMlecia Comm* i ii
estion of yes y
.... , .
Etzebox:=A en election. of officers- of the
Atlantic and Obic t lelegraph Compasj, held July
, ,
~ .
..17th. in this city a following gentlemen were
~-Chicen dtrortirs for the claming year,l 2 - ' -
J. R. 3roorehead, . • Gidion CI: Neitcoft,
,JOthuallanns, I
kr , - _ • Allp itobinett,•
. . , akewei ' : A. 11.:
Cherie* Avery,. • f Pitt. Alei. Otbotne..... .'
, - • AC' Wils on, or Phili.
, .. . .
ittli german - ))4,, Ennui' Hal
iieli Emily - erg, w.. drowned on Thuredny In the
~Allegheny river,' r.Agnew'i glasswork". He
wu, we un - catching. Ott-wood at= the
time,in l sudden] took a fit, owing' to widchlre
fell into the water The body wie elt.!)!!1$,
niter midi' exertli ;recovered.
rSose.—We ire -PIMICI
to testis fiat this pae road is.nektr complete 4.
: the srorkmest bete now engapd is lajiai . the
- planks. on the upper mid of it. When, it Is
Iltdahed. oar &keel' will hare a delightfel tied
on Ithieb" drive, reaching to IYettl's
PAelyno - ...Coranignatl . lloor. - - r Tgro woman
were.yaterday broight &foie, Mayor kerning.
charged with pulling .:Ootmterfeit 'stoney.. On
axaminathm, it watt proied .that thi7 did not
know it was bad, whhu . they were honorably litt•
'Esum.—The roof ot Ole ja took Ore yestimllity.
miring to sparks fronsione of the chimneys.. The
accident, of course, caused considerable alarm
among the criminals ks the jail, but the flames
were extinguished befe any damage had - been
done: . This Is, we . belles°, the third tams that
thia'roof WAS taken fire, and we Uri. pleased to
learn dust .tlte emzuMisioners intend shortly to
number ef warinnen are en
gaged.. In extending thit gas pipes. though the
431 : 117 0 la; ',Xustors.-41Zhannel - Stow lately'in
inliabitentat Pittsburgh, wnefoutur i ' on Batai;:
day, lying dead,. in the -vi in o(Evausborgh,
in Lawrence? county:- Peartsylvania.l.. Trout the
condition in which bin 'hody was ,found, it Was
evident that . he hadbe - brutally murdered: A
Frenchman; whose nameve did-not learn, but
who wu seen in company-with the vie -ceased, ,on
hen been the day in question, been arrested ; charged
RAW PITTSBURG II A s sale- of lota iri the
tangoed Tillage, out thelPairth Street Road, to
be called East Pittsburgh, held on , Thuraday, a
number of lots. which were sold, brought from
oats hundred and ninety, to four hundred dollars
. .
Dnowinco —We _regret Ito leernAhat a man
named Thomas Brighter, Who leaves anti. and
four children to mourn' his- - loss; wan drowned 'Yolcharday morning in the Allegheny siren new!
ly °pintas &glees factory in the Ninth Wow.-
-The poor-fellow was animal at the thae incatch
ing drift-wood, and we - believe hie body has not
been recovered.:
FATAL dint ' orier;;—litoni Black, a young rain,
ion of . cah:of. our most esthiable citizen, Cyrus
Ehtek; died Yesterday'. _'ilii:Thuniday an' alarm
of .Ere 'occurred, mid he ran to the Eagle Engine
House, where he seised Bic Nacre of there&
When he , 7118 endeavoring to get the reel upon
the pertinent, his body was brought violently in
oestactiiith s post,- had the injuries which
he received by the collision were so severe,lhat
be'died on Friday.- • -
This accident should serve ea an. erEnAde to
the members I of fireco4oth'es, who arein the
habit of frequently dragg in eagliteialong
the foot-walke, to the louninent 'danger not only
of their one but :of those of the pantie
mai =Red Cahey,
lodged in our tummy priaam, on Thursday night
by a - pollee oficerof HbEldurbursilt. -- it semis
that tin ',pliably& won rtged, with -.steal- lug
'bait two hundred dollam there, but :lenatfled
to make his escape, end 1 1 / 1 0 arrested et Buret.
He was,ithen on is Hellidaysisurgh, yeaterdsj
Disosimium Coinvor.lames Stewart was
yestadifoontroltted to.priscas, his honor,
- Major Fleming, charged J-on oath of Fredric-h.
Hamel with - disorderly *ducts .committed
terekhing bin shop windOwa lithe %umiak
firsatusto.—i. ymmg limn .. namedi. Phillip
Merts;Soree time ego dolled a complaint before
,- Mayor Flembag against Stewart, and Ed
ward Nettle. He swore that Fettle held' him
while Stalwart stabbed :Mtn in Iheside with a
-z knife, inflicting a very BMus's wound from which
bg suffered a . grost deal. Elaine. wait ral—er
- cay-15T0314 and committed W ei rint.," WO. at.
tenrardw undenstood exact e had likewise
been aireated =.
liana is CourtsCesui—cA young man, ' Who
reamtliesdisted in Cart.; HakeW company , of
Veiled States diagOons. wit yesterday
before the lion. Jutlge McClure, on is writ of
,babeaticorpne, - the recruit 'Maintaining that he
was under eighteen, the earliest sae at which,
according to the Artie! 'coigreas, a recruit can
_ _
_ •
It appears that when Silas TISIISIIS, th e (re.
Liar), spelled to -Sergeant ;Envy to.sunst
the sedesat tusked him Ids sge, endue thiltimed
that be; is under twentj-etut,lnt ever eredeat
years old.''Thsseijemat then toldldm that he.
must prieare the certificate; of his father to that
effect, as.well as, his written. connect to enlist.'
With - this the" recruit .cemplied,lut iitemrds
- of the step be hodiakee, and 604 A it,
• writ of Maces Corpus: 4 4
United. Stater; District l. y thr
respondent,:ohn Mellon, 45,tb; for relithr.' The'
-rather of ths lad was caned on td.prent that
his son Win under eighteent;yeiroictr; age.; Mr.
thra'es objected, tothe remption of. his testi.
mtasy, on the ground that 1,0 had ilrmidyinrorn
',Efferently, end theta not beamed to,-
The' nbjection was .overruled 'and the father
swore that at the time herdiMid:thei'.Cartificatii;
be folly believed that Meson "senses , elgtheen
years folly
SulnoeMent 'ftliminathon of
•„fanlike' records; however,- scamineed ;Mtn of his
ID/OAM Mrs Tramp.; the inother ef the rt",
Won atho swore that he - wail not eight:mm.7mm
cf ale ane.badge McCaurithrected hissto
- :emended to the_'custody of bti offletr;to brain
clutripid- when be:bad girth; liga.tuiiiksz&
and ended the bounty,. bAltatiT,l4
iTa 3 a#Crf l'. PC ; Thi' '- elrEiall ll . l Mlet
In the i3eleet SCassitithel Pre;4l4ll'i; 6F4:1114
rtobinseS, look . the
The relleiin g P liaz Ogiathklitolution win
!presented by Eir. Marshal: i . •
- Whereas, Thee. Survey :of ;the: eity'llas been
protracted to an unreasonable Alum bijou! that
epee tied ; and ;whereas. one eflhe' pestles Is
about to. leave 'this- city ainigsge la soother
work, - previom to,ills .q9mPll*4'n ° Vt l . l l l work.
„ ,
Esselte.; Tina; the . Mityor; be, intberitiid to
- Issue no more Intim:an in papnent'roithe city
surrey; nntil, the.,Cola idle are 464401 _lb's! the
Rork he .pioniptlitlnlohed. 'Count:Cited in
it was-
Hosedred, - That'the:.Conimittes - on thi dealer.
ecaifitrect Canal Bridget* inthotisedio contract
for the erection of thdiaidyCidge. , ;,Cauettered
Hr. pc:lnland presented a i.C.tittlin' from citi-
tea, of• Park stre4"praying for this guiding and
"paring of said street: Referred to Canto:lBes
1:n - streets, with power to ea In C. C. not eon:
earredia, but rgamottn.Committee on streets to
mart at LI ost - meeting. S. C. 'adhered'a? faxec.
Or action. and aileCoramittee on Conference.
' The tleleot Council proceeded to elect atierit
In place of J. J. Carpenter :resigned.... The foie .
_lowing perk= if r 0 nominated: B.'d...Boberts.
J. H. Irwin, • I.:Alexander:- tooltkut, and
II.• a. Low* liming received a iiaeloriti•ei
. vote;' was declared daly elected Clerk ef Select,
- , rotor warireal
The 8. C. notified the C. C. thittl&wia readj"
to proceed la the election of Ott, dasesnr,
place nt' rim4mL.
• The Councils - met in loint 'meting fo C. , C..
rooms - and proceeded to select a City Aigiesspi,.
and Inspector Drama, wood, and bark. • • •• •
E. Derby. hatiag Teciered iintjerig etecites.,
wee declared duly elected City Assessor:
Me B. McLain wet elected Inspector of
.. ~ ? ,;''s ..n
The joint meeting of Connellsthen adjourtmL
Ls the Belied Cirmzeil, hit :Menthell present
ed a reruhrtion _relative to, the grading of. Lib
eety etreM,-reectimunding theme:l6liter Liberty
'Street tote located *thin 266 feet of the East
Commeet. so so to - - cure off the Tater from that
point next to tbe EatComnon, aid cast to East
Lana;' and set forth in the profile of said street,
prodded that the grade be reduced onefoot on
East Lane. with scorzeipiliding grade of Liberty
streets edrpted. 'Columned in by the Common
CatorciL, with the exception of do proviso. •
• : Afterr : the transsetion' of some nuimportant
:borsineny, the Select Council adjaniusd.
cosmos comsat.
the Common Council Mr. Boyd, the Presi
dent,took the chair.
A petition from' the airditorn of Reserve town:
ship, relative to the bridge at the head of Chest
natal:met, nes presented, and referred to Com
mittee om aueeta. . Coneuned in by S. C.
petition from eititens in the 2d Ward, P
ing to have &Water pipe: lald on Fayette street,
from Rigelefs Lane to Cast'.street, was refer
red to Committee on natty.; In C. C. concurred
A idition fima Oldiens of the PitatWard and
Second Wards, 011.038 tar the 111 7 11 41 ofPiPe in
Wateslana, from 13 anglers Lana to Went Com.
irasitefeered to Com. on Water.
Me:report of the Committee - on Waterway
read, accepted-and the resolution adoptrarns
Itosolved, COmmittee on Water be
end - are heribi iir*ucted-to contract for 500
feet of, five inch pipe, on the belt terms that
can be bad for the city, and that it De laid on
Jar.lior•r street from Bearer - itreet West. „ Con.
In bye B.
A. commuzatean from al', committee ot,the
Counoits of Mgtehester;proylug to 'blow on what
brims the city of Allegheny will tarnish the Bar
bilgh of 'Manchester with. Water, was received
and refenedro Com. oitWater, with instructions
to confer with said Bfauehoster Committee.' Con
in by 8. C. " .
.Schwartz offered the following resolu-
,Itesolvek "That the Com. , City Proper •
ty be Mitre herehy nettle:ired to contract-with
the lowest and - beet bidder for the constraction
of 111161113 r on the West Commons of =Sant
length - to pass the thidge embankment, provided
the:Xtaliread Co. will agree to pay one third the
C. 'amended as follows—Pro . vi ..
AIM .the. add' Company complete the em
bankment with materiel from the city property,
tram a co n venient place; which wan panned in
• • " bur of inlr,a.
,• After. hsviUg acted up o n a num
council ' •
The Bastin Tiaveller says: • '
• ~.The. reception of country - money money is now
Vii 019301211 hi out city. The value of nearly all
New England bank paper •is the same, whether
it Games fram Bangor on the East, orliscrlingtan
teethe North West:- The foot that all such-pa
per fa at poi. with us, gives it a general cirtato
tion widch eould not be attainedotherwise. ;New
Beglemil money is now preferred in the 'Western
country to NeW-York paper, as it is well known
- threntiout the Union that the former is subject
to no ¢feeoant as a remittance. -
The country money received at the Suffolk
Bank counter during the last six months. was
.• 120,000,000, or about $770,000 per day, viz::
Month of January; 1851, $20,763,000
.7 ' February, , 16,084,000
March, " 18,218,000
April, ? " 21,400,000
- ay, - • " 23,100,000
" 20,600 000
Totil for Isis mouths, $126,165,000
It. ouldisaero, from the Washington corms=
of _the Journal of Commerce, that the
rnttfritetee Government has finally, resolved
upon interpoaing between the 'goiarnmenta
Ispectively of Mega:ldol& Islands and the French
Itepithlie. The‘oameian of. earl decision jis
briefly this France' and Great Britain had en;
teredinto, :treaties with the Sandwich. Islands„
eau:hieing placed upon a footing with the most
favored nations. In the treaty was stipda
tion or tuff all but prohibitory of the the min
dual= of intoxicating livers into the Island=
'Subsequently - thf treaty woo relaxed, on appli
cation of Great Britain, with respect to ale and
porter; nod of coarse frame eharedin that atter-
slim :Striate and porter are the .produela of
England; spirits andwines of France; and France
thou to:put Ca construction upon the treaty—
that the rednetlort of, duty on ale and porter
beings favor to England, France was entitled to
equal fiver in the terra of a isthmian . oPon
whitened spirits.' •
This weianderstand to be the ground of the
present triffitulty.between the French &path°
and the Sandwich Muds, with whose' attain',
hemmer, :France has more than once shown • a
dispoedtion fandbly to interfere. Rammed pro
*bah* • &Mt time lance; that the difficulty
would be arrange 4 a basis ftriacttLemeat having
bean armed upon. But it to now alleged that
Altiißanderlch blends Government ham appealed
to the United Stara for protection, and that the
ddreltdstration has' addressed a raiment:num to
the o e lkenth• Cabinet, with 'an emmrance that
Government will. not perinit hostile haute
on the part. of Frauce."_ We believe this
la the first time the United States Government
taken this attitude. 'it his in former times
interposed its good offices to prevent hostilities
between nations: . Indeed it is possible that the
correspondent of the Journal of 0:111:01117CO, 0111.'
'ally, however, well informed; has mistaken the
:porport of •the comeepoodeace of.. our Govern
ment with the - hen& Repiblic,. and Uust Goth:
ins more has really transpired than a tender of '
good Whalen the part of the United fltates.—t
The exact Wore tithe cointepondace is probi
,bl7 not knownbeyond the DePenntlent
Supposing the oarimpondent's Information to
be 'Wetly -wreck an important step has been
'taco st Washington, and one may sooner
or later be fraught with very important COM'.
evancesr- Yet we do not see how It could 'hue
;been avoided. The Sandwich Islands have
collar claims upon America. .This Government
was the first to rer,ogrdre their independence,
and it was beetanee of that recognition that Eng
land and France also treated them as Wag of
the faintly of nations. Under our aturpicis more
immediately they have flourished; with them we
.have close add lEtimate relations; .and their coo.
tinned iAdepoadatce is of the utmost importance
to , .the :'exotansebsial. and! reiaritttimiinterests It
would be • wrongto this'country for the Ream
tire taxmen an' inictive spectator, while either
France or Engiand,lll33 endeavoring to coerce
the lokado nto the making of treaties,. or into
thirsexastruing so either of Molds powers chooses
la demand: The United Stades Government luta
an•aitdoniaad right to. meet any ouch alarinxient
firm protoid, and by rtaistencelf
. 2o4be--
just ea tibia a right - to protect ' its conintexce
41thottgb the Sandwich Islands axon protege of
this government- - -owing their independence and
prosperity ins NI mowers to the United Buttes,
yet we claim iso exclusive rights or privileges
there, but simply to say, by the act of the 'Ad
ministration, we have interests on those islands
which reepalreustiprernit any aggressions op-
Ii may he fully expected that the remonstrance
from Washington will speedily hring.these
maid to Close, aid induce France to 'recede
from any claim that is not just allot the impor ,
Aimee of at Policy alleged to be avowed by the
• Mministrallon at Waabington is not thereby di.;
ininhthed, - , and. It may be prudent to loot;at it in
its possible as well u iteprobableconsequenceM
Sapp* that France: persists in her unfair de
mands the Sandwich Islands, the country
la committed to take up arms in their defence,
and a =phi of , yeari would probably not hare
'pissed' sway' before those - who record pithlici
event, would have to write, "Behold; bow great
roatteralitlle fire kindleth.". Moreover, there
are , other. comparatively: feeble Atatione with
whom we haveitoportant commercial intercourse.
'Theis in peril from meter Powars might appeal
to thlarepublic for help: Following this prece 7
dear;, *kunst shield them also from the interfe.
unto of other powers. And wherefore should
we rmt; ft.* eatti bajiiiregla The principle as
eutad fa Round one—we must protect our cow
:tin* lii thin butanes lts application is jut;
sad to tiaras - jostle°. and moderation govern its
application, the assertion Of it will ensure this'
country respect In the estimation of the world.—
N. Y. Cora. - „eida ' ' . . •
D2lllllll=—The following ustinfonlils may
he of lateettit at Ala time, when 'dlloolli and
mime kindred ,dtsemses are,said to be to some
Vahrabk tveirts.---The waist cum of cholera
iaortma," dyseateryend* fax that ever I:saw I
Doti repeatedly eared in it few minutes by a
strung tea MAO Of the bark of..tbc-sweet gam
~ftskatt grow fmm the tree[keep
, h 25 0 21.„ M a plat of water until the 'liquor is
' , me Food- coffee. . Drink it clear, or -sweeten it
anger, or addle-wine-sloes Collet good;
brandy if the laurel is severe. - If nett infallible
It is remarkable in its effects, end well worth
being known and tried in every family.
• Y °hrFriend:, Bows - Itoniimos
.-, We testi m ony to the nine °f
the SWeSACUni tea , baring experieue,ed Mowing
atidepeedy relief fromits my in a violent case
of 'dywentry, which refused to yield to the usual
reitedles. We hive also seen in the last Ave
years its wonde r ful benefit in many other tam
We have used the decoction made frouithe bark
both green end dried; graham diaeoveredno ma
teiLi dif-fereace in the effect, both being effi-
Muldims.-=Framt.' Former. • •
I beat with the foregoing minable melee s •
eel yeas since, tad I have only to „ad, what
has already been raid by thel,Franblin Fernier,
'that! lutve•witzmsed speedy 'relief in violent
eases of. , dysentery, latch refused' tti yield to
the aims! remedies, by , the use of the street
gam : Having lt at command, I have used the
the flesh.or green bark, and' ensr - eith muck
eoliiericti 0531111 Ay'jiwn
pas. Osomma Puma.
2.lcmcnD YT THI 0e1um.7.4 , Tx!ionpir us;
ARRIVAL._ OP. THE . BRoTar.a..lgNATlias
Two wirrs UM= rus32(.4.tiimisit.
The steamer Brother /outbid, "from Chasm,
with dates te.the.TO, arrived isat . nigiti. • briPg"
ing 288 imaengets. and $405.000 iu PH-
The &deb:mil:rim die Freateaad ire to aim 14th
of .jono,' the bend !Jidda bad 'beim
9 cad i e „, generally was stagmant, and pikes
below tbe uteri:merlons t, the fire.. The amr
hes was err . trorell'itith Aida* of pro.
The ewe from the milling diatriets continues
favorableoMd many new and 'nimble dineormies
A. Snyder,- - s oonviet, was untied 'A San
Francine, on the 10th. in the act of tattling n
' safe. Henn Immediately tried by a committee
of 200 eittiens, and hung,on the Plaza at night.
NumeronS hereix t ierynttetnpte have beentnada
to destroy the .
The Indians In the - Southern secthire of the
State continue' to give touch - trouble. -.. . •
The agricidtaral Ottawas of the country ore
too& - The weather has been v ery Hoe. ; '
- - McManus, one of the Irish' prisoneni, hid ce.
tined froteLioir Benet Wales, and arrived at San
g .
Preneisco, , Where he was warmly Ted
SodtloY,Brien and other:Mgr exiles, • ean
unencoessful effoit toosespe at the nun time. •
Advicet from Antra* -IMgoa c i have -
b ret
Calved to the 18th of:hlaj. -:l3en. Lana
elected delegate.. The, c r o ps looked remarkab
well. l l
Hon James IL Jones, Jodie of the Southern
District of Callfornia,llon. - Ales: Melia-, lion.
(I. B. Post; and It. Devoe, editor of theCalfforcds
State Jouttud, came wastage= 'in the Brother
, The isthmus was generally healthy. The mis
osiants who were ameensed in X he murder on
the Chasms River were shot at Panama on the
30th alt
The 11. 8.: sloop of war Vandalis, Commodore
Oardnaroves at Bar Diego on the 17th of JOllll.
General Moorhead's -expedition is reduced to
45 men. They left Pan Diego on the 11th May;
their destination was nalmowix. - • •
The . toiler of a strainer erploded tise'4th
June, on her passage down from liainiatieido,
killing two peroons and wounding several may .
eorionsly. e:
' The. stemma Tenneesee and_California had
arrived at Panama penvions to the 7th; with two
and a halt millions in gold, which is now on ha
way heri.
_ .
Such had bee :tan incienee of - crime in Ban
Franiiisco,. and se ituzdequate are the Courts and
police to eeeme - lite - pmzishment of andel;
that a. volunteer 'eompanyef near 200 citizens
ban been formed to,maintain order. It was this
committee, unmberizig" some of the Watt:ill:ens
of San Francisco, which directed the execution
of "john Jialtim,.. and - Sydney Corrict, on the
10thj The police'ulade every effort for his -res
cue, but without avail. The scene at the exe
cution masons of the most awful ever witness.,
ed. Tho excitement was very great in COM.
queues of, thin ehathefuLproceeding.
Lettere from Vier= to the 29th alt.. Mite
that Mr: Grace boa mayhem:l released trim ens
=eminent. He has arrival at Pesth under
police 'aurreillaamy atild' was airalting Abe: de
termination of hbi trial before the onlitary omit
. .
Rceirea. - Joly,
detiolialoing an old building at 62, Conn.s!!
street, Littman beats were foand,-with untoistak.
able ell:knob of murder tilling been committed.
Thelmilding has been erected 80 years.
.N . hor la 1718.:
We hare dates-from iiitnalos to the 18th lost.
The cholera was izging etoonly In several payto
ot tho bland. '
WA3IIIXGT6, July 18.
J. Carlos Gardiner wia brought 'lnfuse Judge
Crawford, for admission to bailLatteraded
by ldr. Carlisle autt Mr. Bradley es; toustsel.
The District Attorney contended ihot the amount
of hail :be $20,000. This* was resisted - by Mr.
Cartisle aa eierbitard. The Court Vita Iliad
bail :at $B,OOO, which was given. Dr. Thomas
'Miller became surety, and Gardiner was Der-
.pH4.o4.pni4Autparr. ,
July 15.
• . Cattcce,The market 1a inactive at decline oe
the ate* eanette previous to the readpts ar the
Aele's &dykes. -••-•
Flour—ls In limited denuuect at $4 18(d$4 25
for common breads. •
Bye Ploor—Li ' '
Com meal-4i lower,. with aides 2000 bbla
Penna. at $2 76 per bbL
Oraln--Bales 600* bithebi new red Wheat , at
90®944; and of white at 98(g1.00o per besheL
Bye is steady at.72e, Corn is in goodlententi
at 610 for 'yellow. Oats are selling at 40e420.
Whbskey.l3des at 2610 per gallon.
Geoperieszdrristons are steady, with but
• : 2...
. , ,
Nzw,Yoax, hly 18.
*_-.Tlonr-In 'culler, with sales MOO MIS" state
and Weetein at $412 and of-Geneses and south
aye .Flour—la ;inane at
. 63 87(38M 44 11
.atiling at lip 81 per bbl for
State brands. - , •
• Graln—Wheat Is abundant at 103 cents for
31IebIgsa, and 93(4,195.f0r riew sold/arm Sales
of 2000 tat Rye attic. Sales 17,000 bu mixed
co=n at 57ifai6130, and of round at
Cotttot=lhe w es tc. JalY
** ow helm at the
Plour-43saeii 22,000 bbls ai $4 013€44 10 for
State; $4.12 for Western, and $4 26®4 44 for
. .
• —Onsin--Wheat is study, with tees Of 4,000
teisbels eitls®lo3e per ha. Sys is in demand
at 720. Saes of 50,000 bet. urn se 67/@)68o,
for mixed, and 690.f0r sound'
Proriaionales of 800 bbls OCT park at
sivo for lieu, and 12,75 for prime.
Grocefies.L-Baleee of 800 teLips Porto Rico coffee
W ey-13alei of a g o bbla Ohio at tee
Blocks aso.tinchanged; money essier.
Cocttraart, Jdj 111.
The river has risen I - inches. The weather Is
:clear and Valiant. - •' •
.Flow—Salesshlppiag,breatis to the .:tent
or9oo lade 'at $8 06 © 8 ate' istio trade
betagg well - supg!e4l; better brands Tete net
Whitikeij—Bales at 18001810 per gall.
Bacon--flttialt salterthonldersat 40;11,suilced
• ..
Groceries—Nothing important boa transpired
c are cuaahanged.
-"A& American," bas addressed a letter to the
London Times, In - which he sayr..—"l have w
ined Impair wee from Itinte to time, several
unfavorable allusions - tonic , American aveloultu
ral implements in 'the Great Their
lightness andeimpEeity.of consecution nem to'
be taken aiprisa facia evidence of snits were-
Innen . NOW, 81r,, in America—l mean the
United States—the.great : Alan; netted at in
ticalturtil mechaniam oral! vertu is lightness and
aithAlanY.a B far as may be oompatible with the
tinitdatite'.streagth and negotiable durability.--
Thaplongh seems to attract more attention then
other artless-, and I mist admit that to persons
aocustomed to ponderiiits iron ploughs; IS or 16
feetlom our light, short, wooden ones, such as
a man could almost carry in his hand, seem
more of a toy or curiosity, than • an send
therOugh plough But appearances an not 'ale
winto PD'relied Good ploughing is done
with our plouglues good in all respects as by
any in the world. - We have in' America not a
few of the English and Scotch farmers.--
They have' brought out their favorite instru
ments, banning the light American ploughs to
be unfit for good work, but a Tory non taped:
once opens their eyes,: and they soon 'abandon
their heavy ploughs.. .
"There can be no doubt whatever but; that
with our best ploughs, either common or
soil, two hones can do an much work its three
or four of equal dzength with the English.,
have seen at no great distance from London
foot horses at tandem attached to a plough, and
doing two horses' work at the densest pace I
have ever nen field labor porton:o4 Yru man
could at this day nada himself at forming in
gooks moaner in any part of the world.
"p ee cu t s ,' wagons, cultivators (hone hoer.)
our pleasure carriages; are •11 , 1104 and the
mon waxen combine lightnese with: other re
oldie properties, the better. Qur i m phe nee t e
. ro om too. The cost :of'. set of English farm
implements would bny's ram; mud a good ons,
In America - - The thousands of: poor nalgents
who go there from this country find ' , great. ad
name in theepand simplikimptentanta, and to
Vas do. ' There Ireiwo or threetood,modela
of farm non fa therggibithin, bat gentsullyst
,Sinifie Wheel 'lll hnatiar than' . # 1 .1,.7h0ie arc
. _ .
ought to be,,P 4 0. 11 4 ,01 - 'DIU** the empty
cart is as fossil u our cart loaded. - And only
imagine cut wheel. alone costing E 9 ar Elol=
Thee of course .1111 extra articles, butthey show
to what extremes of 'Ma matters of this Wort are
-Marled here:. The praotleal portion of the Rig,
feel., these things, and com
plain of them, and complain of-the so-called int+
placements that are teeny year presented, be:
lig only an additional fast in purchase; and dit
faulty in understanding and working them.. .
...The. English firm" laborer if in illu stration
of that general taint ferheeiyelaborst• articles.
',Look tattle shown thAY , welltb—/- hraw net hale
much, bur: - Certainly . , - they wrought. IN°
..nails enough Ideal to - almost make , aad of
dote for a horse': • • •
“A'Traveller," writ:lulls' the Daily News. tai
.the following marks - on the elms subject: " I
regret the'obseivatitats that hie been MAO ~ r e.
spading the poverty:of the display in the Ma
ted States'. patiott Of ~ thet And etti#
more that the Aniaricans stienid have felt theist
It is anrprising thiy . should not have perceived
.that examples, of eancentreted sleben were not to
'expected - from a country which; 'Ow' ignOlust
and impartial Inia:trialth•le Dreamt'audiagthe ,
Rased the People. thin !fah at the - Kok
Latoor diantiOnd; at the gorgeous shawls, and nut
hroldery that ixonailAwfa - . .; enientber
that these and each likegew.:pws tre:wornity
ono, at-matt rely' few in a: hole klaynicar. 7
Thk'plottue is not cotepleti. - 'There have tat
been pieced beside them the tattered :habiliments
that are worn by the half.naked - moltltuda - ::NO
doubt if the American constitution had prosided
a privileged individual, or a prirdeged order to
,be supported - all:leery oat the labors of - -the
Minn their workers in seta and Velvet,
' ellery and lace, would be More skillful than . at
gut when they" upon the
scathipaniments that would be necessary to runt':
th eats change? ata of thing
not . ' iidy)* willing, to:ntaha
Tim T Times , - ere= to the Anieriein ,
-tides of fondant, saLd:—“The onlyforeims Au ,
nituretliatitimidniabanaticed, and le worth/
- of It Menthe distinctive tiara:dor ealchlt.pos- ,
scares, is - that sent from the United Eienple.i Oar
cousins de itothingliks other people; and 'their,
originality, sometunesidegerierstag into; stelae-•
oneness, is • always eutertaining.• 'Mine they
contribute nursery chairs eituont logs, L support
ed on an iron pedestaL‘_. They show 4 , ..iliamese
In which two people can sit laie
with einenublieszt disregard. of atmenthinialities
andatiquettm- L The y exhibit n'eranderfal 'safe
chair, the occupant of which can either lie down;
or situp, or halt recline at hie T4ey
have rooktng 'chairs; expansive tables, and most
astonishing of all — for wha t Aces their, cunt-
Amato invidel=thaj, diselay-emtaimetis of
inditawbber veneering."
. .
gammen Istawne.—Thenseally well inform.
ed carresponde.nt of the N:
meme wattle u follows' from Wuldngton under
date'of igthltistant;
Very important Information has been- recent
ly ft:mired bY the Governrient in regard to-the
Interference of the French in the affairs of the
Sandwich Ishands. Madigan:hes show that,the
French have made certainverr extravagant de
mands, open the reftwal of whirl/jetty ham threat
ened resort to force. • The - Commander of the
British squadron had, it is stated, applied Whit
Goveinment for orders and wis &welting an or
The authorities of the Lain& are applied to
this Gams:omen% for protection. The Cabinet
have, ea! =demand, agreed unanimously up
= the coarse of ads Goverateent on the =teat,
and the result has been a remonstrance against
the interference of the Government of Prance,
end an assurance that this Government.will not
permit the Gardened Instill interferes:4e cm the
. This GoverrunOVims the fait to mega's* the
national independence of the Sandwich lauds,
and to make .• treaty with their GOTeeIII2OSIL
The British Government slowly and reluctantly
-Mee into the same measures. - Lord Palmerston
objected to the ispigicationot the Sandwich Wind
Commienhaates that thellnited States 'Gomm,
mane could not be in earnest; but, upon' an ise
serum tremolo Minister, ldr. Everett,' that we
were serious in our determination to respect the
iedependenCe of the Sandwich .Islands s he Pnr
seed the like policy In regard to them. •
While Wei Government smite no exclusive con
trol over the Islands; "it will not permit the es
!sampans' of any such - sonerol - by any foreign
power. The indepaulteme of the Island is a
twitter of great commercial "and political impel.
tante to theNnited StatesuktbtY are altar-
day house- between our Pacific coast 'and the
. . .. .
. .
-f; - RAW:Boman -Aim maw '.
4.b.A,,,,,...‘,Pr.-7.t.„,,, MM. •
Tb• Counter of bY
r , lemur or the Salm .21 . _ byl . a . JAbirdsve) . .. • '
~.I.l=ar.b=t/rar., sort bY tb• it.•YL!...:
• ' tbit:Tarnee•
tV.V. S.
..I Clostla. mtßttm -
- ' -
Jtaos: oriel :Ms tab ps roll Ilic by CUOUZIO
iel lisets,
Its Ronc b( s pul.‘" ,
Tbe Hair of. an Wsyt . aud, eta* by Nary Hewitt.:
- -
tea D.tbi. or KIM • day of ••• wont um&
-' Le it m. f t i u l z;a 4 • WOW/ by Bull.,
6f ~. •
104 E.
- ErtaFrehmir Axe. b. /41.
llyweasn's bloathiy =mime, Mr Julr•-sa .1. . .
. lkdiry's.LlZ= ft.:l4n
. i * a agke H rs44 "'
• •
• ,
P/311-1150.bbla. No.Zlalsokerel;
.;,a, - :" 1 , 16. I Trout and Wldts 11Alg,
.• No. fiL •
Leading sad •Ibr tab Irr ,•• •
r 7 - -•• • • . • • JOSINVAIT kOW
E h DIA. - RUBBER' BELTING—Jut ree'd,
aw ibe isiumbostaim
im 117
Is Delttix
11111 peas We at the Rabbi" wyot,
Doa T r od wax' it. J. a
EATIIER-100 Sidra ITT Y. dote, for eale
• Jan -J. a z.norn:
SPERM OIL-18 bble. extra, for sale by
TANNERS' OIL-23 bbls. for saleby
J 4 ' Wl= 104ANDLISS.
INDIA ROHRER WHIPS—.OI' ell the sizes
RRE BOARD PRlNTS—Fpraale at 25a,
• by IMT W. Y. MAILIMALL. Lt Wced
T_ -
' ISO -bbL giATYSO. I tCf,F d ltri r tal•
Lion ttai =Alf extremity to Invited to 00 NT.
a ronataltajw. OteallakotitaorTork.—
Joot retalts "par r r.4. W. W. w 11.80114
TIPTTLE CORISS.-800gro. for sale by
JUP is 7 4 • • R.I. 11M7.83.. ed Wad
DAMS OR,EEN-544:1 Ibe. p r , sa r val, by
J• 34
EIIII 4 -- 45 tons illsa„ D. IL, for Bale by
JAMUL UtrfalliON /FM
LifiTEW—al Ito. Caotharidel.for salebY
Par &andy, forDiarrhosi da
ylt;eititir MIND! slioul t limzedAtenak
'1"! ..gPilb"tp=arp.,pirea
, .
G 1.A !•3 8 . 25 - - ° b° . u. l as e Wi!eN for
UST RECEIVED—A supp ly of India ßnb
-be O. "M jet.tlTi L t ALatagMtill
. "4:17" '°'1":""
ONIATA :NAIL RODS-95 bundles Slit,
el ifo or r gale by 1 B. LYON BONNUOWAT •• 00.
LASS--900 bakes Wizdow GM* assort
a7l ai.-; 6 '.- 1 •V F. VON NONNUOJIBT * ,
Itod PAPER—A sup erior lo t just rood fir ads br •, W. 6. IlAVE:f.SEatlooor.
lase comer of &mod mot Martat
'rpoWNSEND'S 74
dozen Jost recited sad fertale by . •
Jay . . • IL Z. BELLER&
PM ROOT-400 lbs. prime , quality,j_ust
noel and for do by Dag ft: X.2I2GLE.M.
AOID-250 lbe:just reo'd'and for
ILJ lahl .1.12 Z. Z. BELLI:KA
ifIODLIM OIL.-414allons, mix %ritzily
I," fa J. 1 9 : - E. BELLLMS.
IDIOT CLAY=-7 tans Copley's Pot Chty, No
Aria 4.i '"" t ": ll44 tiitANNausita.
RE J F.Fi 4 ED .
, I c tf e4 Of w ess .d le
L — a ( X )o lbs. forssle b. 1 .1
11E. 10 11 . 2LF—,30 bbin, !oz.
INBEED 01L-30 bkle.Griewold's brand,
.I.4lbiLL DY' dela , '
TASJI7-4,,t for rale by '' •
FIRE PROOF TILINT-10 bblis.lor sale by
. Jolt ' I J. B. CLIiI/124).
BIIQKETB=-sOdgt:Mariotts :Cot Bal e
NS: .E . ghestprice
• • 'llll°,i t t i-Mii+Vinev co
TIM.--,IACIlelf sad Afif!eldms lust »aired
117 , IliotAl-111,a,
WOE- PALE -One Kiln' of Brick, Enquire
at ,W. ICCIMIX3OB Ca r: W=ltr,
ODWE POTABH-50 the. for sale by
I,EAD-1400 EigaGalexis;:
' , 1,4 3 '3: 3 3 3. -.IA /117T4 SO •
AVATOMM : or Uinta° liciat_ing
Gold Law Watohor.• mud* so' et to 'eke, Oa both
rdth NWow, or babesrtbo Ow ez tj or s rorors. -
. Ott*, triko,ArrrorOrd 1 .4110 • ,• ,
I 1 .• .!
teem issaitoiosit roortiiits.
• R 1&911141 CO
till/010gs of' Froth Sul-Cantem - Goods,
zi..ariugoionutrair:zotr;4 - 2. , ..
ESPEOTFULLY invite lmyeiv to exam
-1-NlX•stnr"Lopo r r l
TAI7ATA AlVo SArdRiBuoNS-,lftilld
• SLAM taws zkriaturz-ru 010tt0,..00 i
BLACK 84 . 17 . 2 i4Zi1ii5.-Bnirro mak. tiit hos hero.
amf _ r Crania, black arid
4idared CraDeo:M= e . Yid m.:l Crimes. -.! •
i ciAnt - 131Litillf AND WARPS-40st rocalved
o vr a vlol . I otkos lad prteen.. plt!..B3Clti.of Tallow!
BASIN Dlt (10:111i. itoramsts, Savo, .m 1 other KU
pootalas to the Canton oforkee.• , . • '1 .iyLlor(l.)
BECHenrri Philadelp hia & Liverpool Ll2O
of Packets,::; •
p Sailing from Phipidl!Fh* on the ( NI
Tralp deltr ti.arillNTe. ft. 11:11 " *t
—• • , ;_IIIIIINANDOAU. Wm. P.
The &tore ihl pe ene . beim ofum- beet and mom eottJt
-m am ere toned for the ',tektite of their
thee nt liitthel me with ell MUM Improvement; el=
=air, camel: mei etw utteo=r2. ibdt
our Sawed .othitt• mat • Ftmetwome;
they atwooMmaseild be mete of eakaowleiged Went. wh ,
V_L__httetittetitel theft experietew h. the pan metes,
,W 7 .7
abt af. li r a L a -Mends tra
mod the eight moths, and our eselftWietta
etwook will httnish these with the moor inewstetlott sad
t ‘tme.r=tltetz.deiwristra, ,dita i i
rAe t = i l
d nLts teZ , M7 3 17 . 1 = ir, w' s ar of
tbeWiaki or Peet-Ohleee In the iloited Kingdom:
••• igrfltrtelotet' klel,7settgers mains foxm
keel+ -Week the ibilowitt trapolles "Mir furnished
nett rum ger of 12 lean ate mid over: 2.1( lbw 5r...!.
Ite.-tiete, 9 of. to;b itat catmeal l k lb. neer, 1 Ib.llaar d
ket b ire m Zettte, 1 lb!Park l 3ll7l 12 =1.1=
wllewstme of o tep h ina n tl i ttiolaseett
• Xe. Wahtut Street, below hewed. PillettrhU'
, Jariar rower Fl:th Wool, •
Natiad States -Hotel at Pbiumrta.
'THE 81111130RIBER vespectfully
roes to his 'frktas .ad' coamaalty,
• ilatulamiimed the Yroprietarahlp lha UNITLD
ltrArElsll Long'
laLLtmmo comaciiaa
vlib the
ibr, atagale h t .t or. hatch, portl7 icata
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th•CirY. Zia *Ohu haa beds woad t.
alfentalt - the
yeadatm And maul, Lw.. Delimit:ad) dalarratte
al ;•%artd.;.,. toilets amaillaaariba of that
yal , beataaol :arbr:old linkr•
S_. '• :1 : "•' Alf.l 1.
• -, FACTIII/118,- No. 41 lloilth 1.4.061 (aban,
• •nu east 111.,)PhIladelptib. o ,firtatir
1,11 amm No.= !arta a. Adusephs.
CO, Tobacco
cooouotoo uursoo. - u thea Woo Woe,.
a 15 North inano.MaMphis. • awl
• . .
irCent. saved to .Cotottry Nerohants..
.4 15 , r e ago. tb ao North floccool s rel aa t, Ph=hll4'
oolooOld Roar of tbs.:lmm onto. lollkt
root. for tharveoz bo'mrthamod tb• oity. tor cub
)01=2 , 1 . , do wall Wall bofors loorphsatrt.
Eihawh ! Meat Was!
MILLS; No. 6 Corthridi tiL; N. tirk;
hit i lLo u tzme a ktt u bl iv r taw ..l.l lWort=r .
of We& and Daawatte Woolf®g Um.; lowther
• fig l twortment of Preach am Wan= Omura aod Jaw
an • •• 'toe fllburm Lerlo Mixt. AIM
lloU= and Valve. CLOW!. WEVTU.I.I6. WM. n.. of
eario= shay. =d •WW, akan•Otetud from Porta pi
-1...= Ids m ti,,,portoMy rooctired mazgothir per
. „
-- town. the eyeetel attentkna or ikMatemtelittlFeet.
ern Ilemboats .to the above.-.Ns they trill SmSmelemott•
meat of /Mewls' Mot ftlfirtifile good. fart Lame wear,
==et " ee Wlt% SUM STANDS, !or .ethibit
Shoots met - Stantll dreseect la • rely eokeett Fria
Comb,et 11 mod Si mob. itt=4-11.
It c e for Foreign Patents,
Nb.s N; Fork, ol , d
166 Flat at..torubm.
Gnat Bnnain, T h om Dennon , ..littdond all
e t pm. of Mandan, CO.. and
Intnnattaa oaths atom, an to bad ba raus adin!das .
;_waft_ - • • b tPW stmt Nriark.
&twice Black and Copying Ink:
E'S EMPIRE INK; 87 . .Nassatt
• - •
: 6 4!« . ' ° ?7.
—in bribe tost, c onleiretatalett,... • It flout ittalt—
'gird of ° aid . 111 the p ' t=
: a l foAtrl n Z e it:l s t i rtel . :l6ltst n 7.1 at;
.7-- .MtrAeM4l.t prattral fluttlah gm! ttiidiel
tlar I. mart or =ma ma-nst. m rg
rtlCZ.V.s',.=.'n'ae= 1L aL Dade
''''‘`""-'a" . "`"" Tampon:
• L :. - • 87 Vim= nekittCs..
, .
Pre:ewe' -Banrs trlcoptirrons t .
o ci 4 met= ox i ' relive. v
it ictim,
..M.asoo so . woo, einnalan =loy v i
m te.
a by experiment.. the u lisa au MEW 'bet In euetas dtewries
Van. theterow.wrd 411 the urinal pwolnes. The
Pedlowtetp twrithaselsle, Wetted lhatl
Ppm oews to allow the val aurwarstlmt.
W the withestinet omen ir hold by orbs hays
Own s trial: • . •
• . Fri Tom_ dent. MO. •
• Sage. Ittert-;Deat elt , =l Man beat 4.o.lettalest•
temente emotion of the e math sfann•the oh•t•
pato , . ea the last = mo t h e
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dans. end tads what ell the ganyesstletai Ihr the Mat sail
Wane. known. satinet the keel beseet- I wan sashed
hY •Illend to try - yoat Tykaoheteas. - 1 dal ea. as • Met
each te m 7 amt. enarciatfeation. !bead myself
cane thi eland this 'maths. each vox the Kamen of the
ateattle=the Peas pastas. Mtn& • - •
, yoma • V.III.ItAPILYM,
' - 16) °gamble Ares% ihecitlyn..l
ans.-Montt. Teenage hair
I' Pam.hear—M
sum mat • t deal. and sor WO IMP Alimb
with lam told by a ni.W to UT THUMOOPhiI ,
own and I did ft. and tests? astantahment. hair .was.,
M gr now. .r.dv tha dandrolt diseapaared, as the
• With Mminete I ust m i) sted.t eerYt.
I:wrestle:man &lefts the the
abate. ty trl.ll plum mil at Pro
A 0 othee,
Priudirar, New York. abets kr lOU maims etik:l7,
44.11 % t ' S
and direseee?.4 the erreninin nmerally. that has matted
the tttt , tl./1, enklred by the
known .. It
L ee.
Ilarry)Orrkeynama, as meditated C o
ompound. -It ee
br appW or the eastmonity; in
.= l eeti7 b5l 17 In the LOC Sued Mettettne
ntbm 4.ttlOsi br the kW.' !It lottart• trlgeetts the meta of
the Mr. andthita menet. Its growthto IA remarkable de-
Vs.:" It &Amin the dandruff aod maTf,4o,‘/stake•
OW Ihno and gnaw. UlOllOll,ll ell disemeent the male,
stub se atald,heed. dear,erreouand other pinwale= disor
ders - of the Mir. in eimlnasor so veil a. emnen it stands
lured. ~ / tietedd Urge bottled. Skento: at No.
J3l rustlwa&tid at the Druggtxts gezteragy, 9urarieboot,
.(102iTINIMS hie lanai facilities - to receive
.1 1 n. '"Wh. =trave ln =li% i sys u =
Inland ttuilltsols.Cual am/Lim.
- & )I'OE2,
Proloci. lad Voivarillwatarebauta. an tha
' Raft to CO.
. lAI TOTTLE,:.4ittorney si:Law f
' 161 Comm!alone, Ibr Peavilmli.l3l,Zonla,ll4.
examlannocur promruy aninnurd.. : •
110:N IL RANRIN , Attorney
.and Conn
iln.iLlor at Imiall m eola oihu nOs.kd o for bom ,thytats 0
" "3/ "'"'"
Asatttecool•co. kukVerrj;&
1' LIERRICLAN - 710trak
st•xo*iik i)Ogros.
IflKE:undeettigned baring ant=ll
IA built et w estlAnt the ab=ttenolve
`= " lirfo d peAl l aggro nail:MTh le s end roillued_
for • tbeTeeptren and osounueepiletton of lb& traveniall
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lime Is deem:to:l iruperll . 7 •es the unman Improve.
mote width bon been *nom& be papule Oren In
sdritettreolent. . bones tto Iva been
Weed to ' , M. bri t enertroeutperibet. r •
The furniture ems =de greprouir to oilier, manner of
oat. end' certain portions 'of It, modally the Deentgs
tame, will be found to . e of tbe meet beautlfal utentulo•
tun: The Dialog 11.11 Mre eepeelons, and the bp., Stp
male will eu selvaged vto dolt the oeuverilene• of the
early Lod lete. . .
goers department vlll be conducted in ad muerepeione„.
inasnann gad tnopeoget r or pledgee tinned: tbee tbg
Azoorken Muse thall
ibbireairdawileur •. . tb. • M I MS CIL
j. taIPRMATOI;IE : t'' •'9
PEI 4-4 naperior lot of th• abo;•• artiels Jos' esn'd
tol i •O• • THOMAS PAW N.
APER HANGINGS—A large aluoatant
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For Mlle.—Property , on - the. Canal lb*:
mmaticalirr.widing taw.? caasisw
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.the %manta/roil Wozke.'at alatteestar.-
kIoor t TENSITE .21A.CIIIN SHOP; for
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Wwk Arianism to
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C.:314 J. C. 8/TIEFt.
. .
• ;Far Bale, . 7
, LOT OF Oft001.0),' on We went eid.
I.ratot 3a.
of % All= Ant 100 foot moth lk
= i tso 'ker b *4 Htlek S"4 InefriltZLToom. Tenn
. &ZELL AU* • at Low.
LARGE cominodione WAituouelit
:orto, Rent. . • . •
armet two story , • - hone, ; :just
plded ha the t medere style, with a bliss eta
sad Mu; reed. Mather with en =Meet well ut
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...toratmtang onmire , of 1111.• ARTLEURII,ar of
(IEO .AItILIOES, at the comer afleoceth and 10.1121-
.171841, ' rPeecand Aleetietteh
- • , Seven Valuable Farms far
-kL u LZIIATED near the Ohio and Penn
' Innis Ilatlccohlin! do vicinity of aslordifebio.
con frcda 60 to 7.0 *Tee nay, and *good rata
Y 7 9 y WN LOT
buhreen tee - m. F itputne.,
Not of The ,11* sad tire therot 61=1 6 4
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atlas/. atlas Basks In Badman; orm jbe taken to pop
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Depot iron ad. to la man or mammy. to erect a
Mat. dose %etc l mew on ahleb a Anmiale ten be hod to
eitlee of Pitts:
omrati and Ctmle.od; oleo, between Eittaborgh and Wee:e
ta; and the' ..met to he derived Dom the Flank. Beene
:toe Wag conetrneted to end from Salem, nuke' It one or
this mat nnlxotent pAhla on tha MIX of railroad tor
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Um. 0,7n1T1.M1:-4534-1/.
looted for Stomwbarrieo. or trait of any Mod, and
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. .
- -For Sale ixt•Pexpetaal Lease;
FORTY -T ar, LOTS,. laid
1.• 'off to ant TotNo.M . ln the oitsitodplan the town
ot 411eahear, &canasta', born a . llna t itobeanarttnet, and
on num ane_
Ahon. for rent ter or 1901 , 011PMSL the iodine of the
not lot no the LIIIL antendlog tort to Eldnattreet,
aVre t t n =!oir Oflnn e bnZliNellPhr i oa N kTol
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en• city.. Ilydreat in the yard, vbSeh is
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en hateedhately. E. D. O•ZWiI. Libut Let-. .
• .jeliktr .• " • ' • • neer the month of Mini. .
Valuable Lot on Third street •for Sale..
• WILL sell the Lot eitteeti
„login:Me ptehi l l e tahme o n f te . T;nt isil lo , l i dl i cs
Oceopeor on the o th er. front on ?hint istanet,ls 441
feat. with a death toward Second erect of 60 bac more or
lea. The Dries 414400. one abound In hand. the W
anes with Interest to be *soured by toad and morta=r , to
the lot, paystde to M. and two .years from the date of
N 4. The Litt, likpwriactrr gam. • • • •
hstlnlaw at the dna of 0. ghats? lt Co. Fourth et
FOR three 'story brick 1
, breast hutiltr, situate on Third street.
rant and nom Its house Is well Robbed trith.. e -b
Orson mobs Rltebsts and slam winch then is • ormroam
with not =I old veer. reseeselon Riven Inumenstsly .
tcrtlly to' It T. VO./Bo` • CO.
• " No.e3tW Front rt.
• '• Howse and Lorbr Sale. - -
&LARGE LOT; onleacthistreetd t 2
hqrheoy, Main through to Rehaecs fronting
tat each Wert, Vint • depth-of 3 yet,
tether with • cad Uri* Boom, pootahihis els
rat tor
. • tera p sgi r t . o ACII 7.0 . 2,7051p:t0t" Ito-
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11,1%Taartb i et4 f o d i folanir the
Ben i , ' n:1117Z.41;:lt front Ted Mat IA
the but leeetionibes Dry Utlede hem
Rent ler the heleeee al the' pax !11l iter Trrsioy..
41411er JAM= OFV.Y. er
id • . MUM
Beo Patlite ft Sal&
• A/V VALUABiZ , nehreproyed LOT:, on, the
earner ot Lthartrand Yagtory samba FMII wart
°plaits tn. Gorman Catbolle mooch. an laden:ad on LID.
Au° rPT , I•FiTWok to eetes
;AT ! . Mr Deck tereletair rinse ea Marti
meat. tbdX.boroa Um lot boloog 20 Seat hoot
IVO dtar
ark daepTh Lanai h imp
lace and coareadant, btdit
and onnalism
. .dtao-20 mom d nor walaabk_band reai anal:aria.
• algo-1 arms of 1.70. acres wmit Deer
at =4 acres in lameno. 4:1; - :Ety=ad;tel
tram -
• Alao—Parma In - Beam 'county; of ataloos aims and
poled from OW aces chores. • •
..Also-12 am animal/ loft trilOanToia Manta' -yoked
taodaratn ltoonLt• of
Akita:toil:oLn% fa M W I A4VIa
nar.4 Naof Patna Arno. Mannish.
Second Street Property for Bale.
a 0 CLOSE Estate, Two very 4eisi-2 .
ei xa gr 4 .l r n ,
s 4 iL hr ith
'.4l7ffirt~ ..4 fißkStglitAWN.
to.ruan. - Atattat. A. es
RENT—A-Wareow on Water
Wed. Wye.= Itarkst tat tarry . ,` imitable tr
=des oginas. .Orri, of - - - •
t-1072.1 • •
. - imias DLIMLI 68 Water st.•
THE irell finished Owl farnished Store, sit
ao Pl74l l 4lMer an as leinalrrearti==,
To Tamer&
000 AORFe w .Farming and Grazing
.111totoniver, 1,0414 mat. matt% 2Vrtar a Nal
100 la Elk conal7" ide immaiodo - ► •
Lbw tart., E. 201411 ANILitIE4 .100,
•=rl . , corner of.ltarka =pi sbt.. •
ir!NTY ACRES off Gardening Land, a
r nada soad'eultiratiod. sot stas of V.
F.y..111 •Oilkor IWO third b,
Mrsystr. No particulars
..0 • caning Kaska. and Third '
Destnibls Suburban BerlSauce for Sale;
Fr TIDE subanriher offeta foredo the home and
.a.= t a.remameaaakmaata,taeora,a t.
, 11-
low Alles..mul about 2$ miontefwalk
the market Ms olty.. .T. lot hi 140 It front art Park on.
now. book .2 est, to as .air—cantebtfoc
ants of nod to bohnded no ireel7 he or.
loot "with to erat shrobterry. The I.
lowly new, tarns atomodingly we/I.
s flood of 00 feet, ands depth of 2. anol . or=bortorn
room. holden halls Woo Diet Wide. It Is built in the Wei
wed mt. dung. manner, Sal bea. • &sand not, aid
leititehle• etl tb. .odan. onteon.Wom Two mom with
set b.Alan[iuOWr of heyd and .nester... at the door.
VU the ar.totion are tbo neownry out Inildlons otiado,
l b .
bona. Le. The gam. ar• kid out /madly al a .
Ms, cora. with chola. Mat trees. wrencraens
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EthrThe emit* of the best kind. and Us tore ore in
rhrs, and yield e.utt for the rant of an
fun*. . The Woad. Wie property. as to Wog=
suburban too:fort% eccititwal with contiguity to the eItY.
lonot ourrewerd b 7 any reddens to this ve:httty. /1 Ines
• vim of tier Ohto Etna for over • Wis. of Ten....
vine, South PlttAmsb..tke elty, the two riven, and the
hills woad. forming - Weather •tienotenrcsea of
std. th e erto never es weari /evert boat w entre or
depute ft= the Dort of Plttehurst on the 0 awn to
eau "taw. Thereetdento aod Mutat, are abo ovrapktely
rm.d frt. any =wane. of d 0... dwaroch. of
wortfort sod natal! . on. and affords s retirement so quiet
end poarefol is forst. looms quiet not* to the ronnltT.
The tßopertyerill be mitt at a bargain. Me easement air.
whenever dc... Moot. at tbe Wattle cam
7SHE members of the Fairmount Fire Com
. zany. oda" their Engine tor ado. /t. Is to good as
ood dill be adoldooldo. gooldoe of
EOW.RENT—A Dwelling lioinic onnt
- Sblrd Area. &Wye sad am to &AMU& It
iae 621.01114 /arga rod. trash Wumi. t 4 WIII
t• maid kn. sad pummel= aim ImatedlallelT. • •
Alto—For We tor tes,imae late ha the Malt Ward.
" ""4wif.1.4117/MTOtt.'
atuth atreetotess Wad.
•.valuable Baal Estate for Bale: •
rESUB.SCRLBER offer! for Sale; cll .
faremble -terms. the Wowing Hag Estate;
City of Pittabursh. els
Na L Three snivel& throe .017 brick dwallhig Bowe..
cm &Wad stmt. between Aterind and Perrretnay the
i tri l eforteVirfer=i.rblia cm LW' one
the TOW l'reearterlen Much. on which Is t atectat one
kw atm brick holm. tad 11411.1nialing and aro
two tinny
tio. 'Twq lots in Tinton. Basset. otoutZ. bolos lots
. 11 ligot 71 tr * fl t i ed•tit= cars e f =
trams aL two nodal .
One lot 50 feat fronton Bent street, opposite the
MOM 0./4131d11111.0 ba
s op of *5. hill.
No. IL Two teach lota eac fa feet Bent. and muting
Rom the road to for water clerk, an the Big Bearer.
Na One e s water lot, Inn fest on Wheel Ran.
with ten abases waterignseensteched.
• MO. ane tot to p onte the water pd /Wilton; and
u o tithe to of the bill. to VIIICZI 4IXTMA
afory btialt two and warehouse.= by in /eat aleocme
dw ae
llkg, swo t Olt blab._ •
o. One lame lo in New Brighttfleavecconnty.t.
ing=l i f . leak on.thre ch way, i VO l 4set , da
dTrAtat""ly t":"11'="41.114114 4e an: otDaa.
and br uL
ignietean lr , Lanse r. lyopig O. lite
gallaton /Lids. •
. One wee , d, bantaiJandy below Flacon B
being about 10CP font ic ter, and extending &co tVZ
stseet lo* watet mat io b. toV i ng
A I TDs al
Oolong iltgeot 111 Vi cor btior
and etsentsc • 4Ctatir Agent
Sor Bale.
. za
'BLOCK OF DIRLDINGO, on tha mem of Waal.
in and Penn isnraa_las aulfrontlas m tar Pe
sr rubs coma. la ow my of sittsboreb. 11. Lot ftnato
one hundred and forty mar feet on Nun stmt. atsd cas
and Wm Mt Wm
off "Vaddhalon Om:,
an a twenty fasst alley. I.laum of ,
=challis 1 1./OF firm ,
Attu. E 'rIiTIIFOR. SALE--The heder.
alms] often Ihr sae a tura Isnroborof walnahle
Grp iota, and tom Jeri deatrabla ales for mum-M.
I. rl! =feu% s andOt4 b oT'n tartdc Mt'
Th. h,.d growth of Btrentoghoss ta yoyulatis s. 4.1
musulastrValth s asal t grd.rnb74l rnen at wsush
1 0 , ha will reader aWs at 4 prop ta.
........ tut 'Forfeit. • Tram latorable,
Vor}rtlexlusAS traisisma.of tha andmidnad. at
Ow of tiacro ."O sou Orant atm, pth.
bomb. tetwostrfalit MI stmts. or of %Mwn
rinamstoat N. Patmenn. burs, at that? selm la Mime
egium -. , • , Jai KOMI I. FATON.
wawa =PUSS Z o idait
will testi Ihr th ar e
awn ----••••
Doru tbix asy. at tti AL. IN_
Porptlrk; at MM. to .•
1313 = . ...TON arikik, Now
OR Man An—The
gleam 0 V 4,
. WI ir e bon.=.ll 4 :
Put nots. ti at Amin. UPI/ On baud. I
• : lIITZ/L DIRECT...The nem lad =Lew
palace amber CLARY Gloom
tat:,l y. l.l lane ler Usimbora mikLl2l: !moos
• t r i7/2 t s r' e
tTAITAIN.J 21121 ' . stmt: 1
....... Cosmusworal Imo
stows and 24ttit OS Ws dr. ,
.d.... 11
• Tot Itelsht sr Pray% inlY. au bciad. , . , " len- .
' .: .3xl g. 644 41021:14 ULAIIMUu, Cost
0. , .. WU le anto the above out su p *
53.4.14= tbliday44 . l=. . yi....- - -
•v • b....addr•sat steamer 1=1:021
mint .rma.ur txo lan the Nate of the Mem
Lost D u lant 4 1, 7=tr low i lmta JIM
Il kote 46ll6 s ll olNl ub `mi k .
hanancotta. choZth At w
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O., t = ittente.
lateratetltsts post., on tn. fist Ma of tram . •
trAtitsight orprarortreanabordue
&IL TWISEN prrraanon a maim=
Mem mot R. 2, A.R. Cms. meter,
telll. Pittetza, 144MW A I x trial sadlltmtle4.
I:9= Az Amr,..",..rAt=
dePetet Mtn Mb ?ma zazatog
km mil. num. • •
Poe em imam 2441.1M444:4. =yip
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ja t E: a.... tuLAIC.W.EDNEtiDAT '. - :' U •
..711 . 1 "plroilAtcatvaabaUk
the mans ens steimarr UMW ZionZiad. Abe* ll*
Um Clneinnatt mivituboaftebt fina.rin Imo
m 27 Wedpeatay Ibrandzusoll,la Nam MY N. , Mlr
Und N6l. /or Crt!rotorm i zr a
a w m t ix!
mr9:l - • - U. Amt.
REGULAR RAOHE - BE-- - '.' •
- TWZI2I WELL.Truzz - AND. PrPrilliait
• 11.—TbaidatarallibtateneeTARzNA„
p P. Mann,, lesmWelnills nett ifolda :
welnesdar, and 11:1444 - .st_epreloek. A. X; 12T - Ifist , I
i r lff i t...G=l, l 7 . = . 4 . 711nit Berrer, Ilt i .
Etturdar, atlOeckek_ . ~....115 o , l3mwr, .
!/0 3 1.5*y.IlestuTervira. sad Wellsville. .. - ! .
. , • For Emma' or maim ar1d , ..1.4.3- ' -. - ' '
_ •
I t I Ml' 1: :411 I
EVllteaa7Ll it ll AtiAL,Ooa =rrao=
WHIGILIING PACKET,-ttuo . railid
W=AM Watheidar
vi = norS retundx44,
wWbaelki.enrrry Tnisdan
to tethered. Tar 41:tzWkaminf i k . La
INOPOBT.,—The Am denser PAWL!'
master. mill lam brehe Mot sand
Par trelght orpossio."" Th ndar
app u ly
=MO No. fa Water aatli Wu.
W 171611 PACKIS—Tbe me Waal
.WELISYLLLE. Cant. B. Your.
ran es a-reireder , packet_ between MAI Wilwalny
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Zeldin:el:o nediskr.=, weirrawlaa.
e a reTrasepatalernonn We_ Stes
an 4 Swateb; mtarnlna.
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away Prate ellarneen.: Jar • _ • tor . inn es to . • • telfai W.a. • : ' e : ••t- ; .
99 IJG H CO4r ,, Si HO;!Uy s MtpXo3, 'BROMQ.
-A !SONG the muneious discoveries ante
.1 - 1, Ws loads in thli gurratlon to fiellltids Ors Ware
or We. bream Its asio7wanst, =a •
_mrS.4ol2ithe tans
of human castors., run essate Damsel Of urfs ad Yam.
so maalibut. that ttds raferlbution of Cbssatary to' Or
lleallria Art: A rest trial of It. eistoss thronabiut this
vast ostostry. by sworm te7ond a doubt Dist sst mdkbf
or ossabinatles of ordleboss yst Ireents, eon soma/or;
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wed* ban, hitherto mot fern oar midst thonausdl and
thossonds nay Tar. Indeed. tbsto is nenrabuodaatisa.
.on to balms • resnodyLas at length been ibuod which
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the hoax Ous spas 1t... will not parlaus to jublhls
sty Tworeotton of the cum etbotad by its sum; but per
prima tleatelbadas olfaions of sodoent sera, and refs&
further surutry. to the ottrnlar; trbldrthi masts Woo
isined will always be plared to fttroists As, 'bards sin
o.llPreirdses. sod Wl:testable *aux obis -
)m. tie Prase:fad of Adored =Vase oadestebytoii
• F,E35014 1117CLICOCK. . . •
f "lams O. Ares—aln 1 baeCtowelyou Moira Pritra
ln my own ear of desperstri and sae ettsatd.
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00:1% t on sla MaliOna= 4.1 t Its swim .
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. . gasps, Iffs.,•tull LS, 1119.'. •
J. 0. - Lyar. tolne—Dear Er: I sio,l2olP 02132
13412gair Cum Rotun
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osuseta. 7wen*t esslantiel ."soot
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tun In ores of souswiess. somates
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140.1%.117 Mu% LO. OUBLIAW d a i I
Prepared sod sold by MUSS O. /11/30i,
Ist, Loyal. Slaw ~ •
Bold in tituburzb.holsode sad Mall, 17 B. A. /La
LAM= • 00., Sad JAL TOWNstliD.
0 s i I lab a br ol 'I W.
'A Valuable Improve:mint in" Trauma
nR. HAIM'S Improved Patent TRUSS
roA SUPTURZ 111.1STOY. 6which
cum tan to cfrostal. gads Tamils aathots
bra sad mdtrialea of nms other Truro.
all Um mAnntatat of a_wrgaistad and Sag= scams
ma. TM j o b can bs so aralatod as to gamma and
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tomeased to almost say forte dodad., rb• prassonts
twat. Lod being Mott to Ow hanadistaly n. the
pima, and Wmdlog Newt and Mar
Wm at all Oakes, aeon nada Um mad Moho* amomko.
BS the as of IlhalsatizT.temur,==l.ll,.
on, as MlT:sams ..etnas painful inn^
toms. which Is smi an nafragoont mottranco la take roar.
leg of&Mad • tromps. it la • mr7 ammo
for persons with ltaptam to aabs• •teaso l et
all n Oimmlves. This is bad mamba. welch
soon =I those wbomao Um rarity et Use
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Wm. We •lao bars • woody of os• 27nama sit, the
lowest mdcm.--Lufsot Trossesq l ooassantl7
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Da Hard a Abbrithuii StipirrtatiT
MESE SUPPOkTEIMire inteidid
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hesitation that. Maim itesonnair ely 6llld in6llo waat- oe 'heut
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Prepaid end 'add Ds ILL.Friala, a, 67 ,
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Bonnets! Bonnets!.
6 nan, =brad= all the wirnt and sossidotrabi•
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NIXBER has jut nceived
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