The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, July 15, 1851, Image 1

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,P.1.113L1511.1:1) DA.7 - 1 - 4:. AND .IiCEITIY. int . ;-
ma na rim r
artutr .au,, I** TO TES rose ono
• DAILY-Nov. dollanywar armani;Paiabls bet iisattrl
• 2 Doman ifmil in adranea.
, WHEKLY-1. - 1.5 dallart.per 50110115.• in 'itttrali
11 be suppll vl
on its felostas oondiNd
2g,21t 11.7. i
0 0
- . • twenty ovin do 2)
The packet ',Teach Club to be&dinned toone person;
NA tote d 1 trarlably - sdnann. No Cub Perna whi
be ant the roar noires, union the money le sent 1 1 1 r,
• .; s c ,....ooUzei of Naurodeil or bketi • ' .
-.D0.-. .:.aaQadaltfooel htaertloa_,
1 70
' M•51.1.115,—...--..- 3 u 0
Do. : three mandha.....:. Cg.'
—.12 00'
- Do • twelve la 13 00
• Slandlur Card , (0 tine month.
per a.an3-13 00
0. Wier far each addlLkand l
Sonere....stale at pleasure (rest
aural @aloof ths raper.. ..21 00
0 101111,11A1 oruar, inset" , 4 ,oo.. .introlartantitb. oar
4 [hr nth 9.41 yearly rata. : ,
11.1riailunanta excaellhas a sawn. obi not ons tdtn
ho to
be charred •
Pn khan not eccountable for legal advertisements bu ,
lonan 'l'
tt.fitur=fre! Ar
the same '
. other advertimments. •-. .
Save nbelneots ned marked on Um espy' tar a sternal
tiunal , r of insartio., will be continued tUJ farbkNand par
accordiur4. - • ' " '
.vertisen itriedly. unwed to
AN47OVri l iggegaN basin% aI. end 'ell ad aartisMents for
the L.:debtor other p,rsocaanrell andladratisnamatenot
loam diatelr cruneetcd silk, their own and all
elem. of adrathamente, to length or oche star tura.
. 0!
*0 be ch.gtd at dm unalnhis tole
.all fladi trarvitat adVerLisllss, bills-Rill [A, ecishatn7
prompt parmaot 1. desired. • 111
,All advertisements fur. charitable institutions. Ore ma- st
ponies - crud. toonally and other public randhars, and n ,
ouch li)te, to ta: &erg ad', 0.10 prim, parable aarktlY in ad.
ranea. /derriere notices to be out 00 note.
inserted without e,01e0.,e Saxony.
eitaf br funeral havitati.e or obituary r.otion and then
sHe avier sia.l.ssl4 Paid for..
' e adv , rtleers, and all Gt.. ending
Pone, or or re/511 - 155 . 5c455. derlmaed to call attention to
Pair. [kdrool,, Con=rta or any .1110 entertelnalente,
when, shams are made far adratNamo-01l notbaes of pri
vate arsoolatious-evet7 notice desof egli.l call attention la
Pinto ente n prises; nleuluied or ,ha to prosaic.
'Anl interrat. can only to
si tho naderaind.
Po rted that the name
Jobe trill. Oar- loteadal to be' in.
po lathe local sal... the was sill be charged .1044
. see
not leas 'Weal° cen1.15•11,115.: • -•- •• •
• -Bisho or 412 r. Noltleen to be daargedhiPlo rotas '
' Sanwa Petitions 32
Real Datate Agents' and An5010.15.115' strartieetniads . not
to be olamod nude, yearlrrstes; but to he eland a die
taSluont uf
1 0 1
and 'one third pep, pent. boat the
runt ,riusn=ur 51111 earru.
Conn &maw, three incortions.:-...
each 117
. - 1.551117 51115.. -
O.,llo hues) . tosordon-......50 ends.
Do. each additional nsertion..—ts ants
tram - lent advertisements Wte paid in
AMES F. KERR, Attaimey at Law—Office
ey Pourett et. taterttet,Emlthftel4 god Grtett,
OS: WEAVER, Attoiney at Law,Fouttli
suet. poor the Mayor's 0111ro, - Pittsburgh, Y. o.a-
Eetioaa Amended to promptly. . • myrzlr.tkg
• U. palm. ouretarr. I
~.a umr.asola yaw&
(Late of Voiorrtowo,lso f. of ladloas,
d 'IIIIPHANT TAY R, Attorneys. at
%Jr Law-o®q on rnerthstreet,No.BZ‘botwornlrood
tUal Smilbteld rnve.ts. Pittsburgh. Po. t • .•
N.. D. Olipb vat. 00161111145101161 Tor the State of
I HARRISON SEW3ILL, Attorne at Law
own Mato ComaltaSoniet ita . laktoz
r i l.a= Mt= of Deeds. ary.
7 r 7- 171 ' N ' Ir w "
00e. Potrath greet. aboie EitedbZ.
11" W. F. WHITE. Attorney at Law-of
dce roi Grant strce4 war frarth,iu Arthare Dual.
lux. Plttrbargb. P. ' I =Mar '
R. Fc . G. .L B. PETTERMAN, Ater
-6 'sera at Law and Real Eatalittaants, 'N0.107 4th
Meat Pittahnegh. • ' *MO'
. N;Atiotnerj itt Luw, °fru*
111 TUO=2lll4l, corner of Orpac •rest se=aoard
MUNCIE C. FIANEG Atterneyagaw,
N0. , 170 Fourth amt. Pltulistrgh. - • -
CrklV.iTSON,lii.ttarteri at Law,
So. /ID Fourth etrzert. PittebstrO. _ •
.—..ilosszulce Da7; Jot. Euri , .. ra44.1/...
tolOicere..* Ga; lint. B. Pusan Jahn Ilso.ftg,l'Aer.
“lancatt4 Jar.bonaltutbsagh. jaarar• •
BDWARD P. -JONES,-Attorney at Law:
Oat* on Fourth stalat, between Wcoct na Smith-.
JAVES.: BRADY; Attorney 'at Lair,
No t 9 Fifth sti-ett:Pittsbarsh:
~:7kr:.a:1:~ , :t: u~:~:r~}:caa:~
ILA Desists in Exchange. COW. Ptak Notts, to.. b 10.74
!math street, nest door to the tank of Pittsburgh. Col.
irsr: o. corm.
V. IL WILLIAMS & CO., Bankers
0,4 Eseturire Brokers. Nath East tomer of Waisi
it s t ri tenp , .u.dtkna.
D. )llNG,Banker and E 'change Broker,
sweet. Dealer hit Bank Xotos. Mils of F:o..
Gold and Sayer. Stocks bought and ookl.
The Lashed market prise mid hunkkiatinarip
Salt Dollars, mat hleminus andnr.ffon kiat
VVI M LARIMER, JR, andiroker
v Men:et. Na o,lBod:dug the ßanker
Bank of fittgburgh.
•t c •CO, r , .. Ex0., .Bracers;
HOLMES t SON; .Dealers in Foreign
• sod Boma , Bills or .Exclos, Certithistes of Dso
Dank Not arm Sp Sped .. CD no Market most. Mt.
- ses.Colleodorgs owls co It the TeodPet oniol
K RAILER k'-51,1,7Bankers and E_•
ot is 4cgi' m ti. Di r gr.—
IXlaporaer Teird lad It ad streets, arectly opp.ita
irCAROTHERS k CO., Banking Home,
Ho. Wearatreetaltbbargh. Cwera. Mow re.
vo • d
I'. Deposit Collealcas made on all the tainelpa
chin of the Uniud Sham -• • .
sazan.l OM A. MP.
BAIRD & IRVIN, Conimission Mexchants
and 811111roken. Nd. 11
100 0& 1 Amer- Plasma stml
TrAte aeollitles.fro. 1 tO.OOO alms pa bud
L [Alt
ALITEA, lIANNA CO., * Successors to
ara 8e0A314
Tholuley, Walnut Co., "Am
dealos um Forel= =I Dom.noau.haage.CNortifientes
of Aroma, Hank Note..o opcdo—North Wen miner of
vtocunua rtantcumot mow tootittu 01.
,Wt. Malt Checks for ale, and collodion. mole on Door
je lathe raludpal points a Lb. United Etats • •
The blare premium mid tar Foreign and Undo=
ja - W. TAYLOR,'Coinmisisioner and Bill
‘JII, Broker, 112 Pu ma d dive. Strict attention will b.
given to all busbies , etitrustail to h 4 cam. Pittsburgh
saanuraatonal articlee al vravittutial or procured at thret
naticsa , -Kam /Win, Mar tr, tsagotiattut au
Ws-terms Mn tuadt.l nutilual•
lU66rITON, late johnStbn
• eatokanlleT,Stationer, Mau, sad Mudge
Der of 'Market and Mini ncyborich.
JIAS. B. HOLMES' Ctielii6 Litirary Depot,
z Thlrel sheet. oppodt• th e Port - 015*.• New Boots rtb
, deBY by clime.. Batectiptlevt_teestrsd to say of
the Motion or Bowyer.. tettained o, th s 70341,8eg
`:, too er an , tttattpaer,
Foortb xtroet. A • a, 't
M'CLINTOCK, Manufacturersind
m Iv= t= Vare CI WN.BS Fourth rt-,
Waal 4_ Pittaboryis.
cozemssioND FOA:WkUMG.
n IV. POINDEiZE ft, corner of.Wyder and
Lit,..lklartet strests. pittiburgh. Cittrateinfb YO•s
brsg:sgtt flog% and Pm the purchase EMUS% I=
%stern Pr - dues. :444. 17 I lush and the Mau
artistes of Pittsburgh guterQie. • •
Also--Manz for the Weer eljtarper
son's selebrsted Honore erid'ua Pants, of P
prices; sod J.A.ka a Ceram.i.rmekopi,Teas.W
C .:A. MVANCLTY CO—Transporters,
Cala Ilstri, o orsu 11%. . rit. "4m" h i rr.
TROX .. . . - won
sun Coaminip,..slere.w ata. Ao. a Water stmt.
. -
El: 11, 'JOHNSTON. Forwarding jutd
eammixedozi Slcetwat, Ko. 113.EeonQstmt.,
NER & JONES, Forwardjng and Coin:
bfadoa umh,Lots, Amino In Prolnns and flit..
Manufantnrul undo.. Canal Buns. any- Ilasenth
ARDY, .RigEs 8: CO.;. &ideation to At.
iced. Jones Jt Co.: Oularmission . and Forinadtwjler,
dealer. In Pittatarg4 Mmobetural OodlA•flits•
MITS:Vatto;i3X; •
• If it-,
A. L■l6Xl a CO- PRTH0CE411.4...... LA/MOATS CO. V.IMIL
A. MASON CO., Wholesale sad Retail
Fancy aaa Stapl4 Dr/omb, 6231aket
112 R . D. HUNT, Pentiet, Corner or Fourth '
4V b beeetne et., between blintst end
WOOL 'k)2:wmrrs
4UI A , LEE, rot Iwe and
lit(, Ilmmbants for the nolo of Ammican
Onnis, ?M. In Llbertilio PlUsbnntt.
b. W.- TURBAUGM, WOOl Merchants,'
-16Yloar and Prodoe• '666 , 6611M64 Yoe
grarclth ,610amtaki.1131erelmt6. 60. 41 , 161.
.6 116 566664. 126 e 1 . 66.41161reh: • •
:/:: t :$uY:~ : x:. iY4T!
tinerters : and
Wholotsis Ihnlirs Meagan: sad atlary. Ne. 127
oat str•le. Pittrtinra!,
W.: WILSON, Watclkes,Jewelty, Silvers
wax.-ond ]tllltArt Ociab. comvs of Nal.4lMl
!Med ritiabOnib.ra•ll B.—Wstoaeonad Coots
• ' '
FitiNESTOOK '& CO:, Wholes i a t it
. .c l nt=et .u l=lticonl mad I r ma n t :nx"
: - ti.. 4. u: Isms] [... C. 11 . DOIFILL
CY.S.V.R & McDOW j_ ET,L,jSuceessore t 4
to Kerr t Keyeer,) Whelessle.Vel. Baton Drag sod
SOMe elope, earner of Wood Moo Ord 'Mao wor
Thra.4.e proorlptloar carefully emopeonded Pieta Itn4
Co.,ViLolesale Druggiift . .Deali
• •••fiirallttee Gat. D.Te SturfL lu et* .
of Ilr.llltmete l e celebrated Worm
ce 114 sad Mom drroy: No. Olt reamer of Wo arid
Vaarth biretta, rittsburli. Orders will be carefully t debt
xrel belearded diwootob. •
E. 'SELLERS, Wholeiale D6aler in
Drees, Palate,Dye Rens, 'pas: Versishes.
67 food street, Pittaburih, Ps. Oasis erarrante.,l,
St.N, WICKERSHAM, Wholesale Druggil
‘ r,, f , ;% 1 . d. d Agl;l7,lllrtelb..lmplem,
ati. RUM Lt REITER; Wholesale and Retail
Druggids, corner of Libr . rty sto
St Oar .. Pittsi
sis.s •
SCHOONMAKE R&CO., Wholesale Drug
ai'rts. No. 24 Wood mt.. Pittsburgh.
10 , 1. WILSON, Wholesale Groeers and
omminilon 31erolualte. Agent. for roar of Du
No .118 Second, old 147 iron[ Its. opl
aL. SIIEE, lirbolesalelarOcer, Commission
eMerchant, and defier In Paper and Rip, corner at
n and Wenn aprets. Pittsburgh.
ecr, Produce and Commisaion
arc' Muu
i Meret N aat . s , a szal• d D e l st:
e S s od M smt, b d twee n Wod a d nd A d r l e t l bd t ll..soghT
son DISVOITII 1,111.17111.
4f .N.S. DILWORTH & CO., Wholesale
, Produce and Crumbed= Merchants, and
Uward Powder Lb.. of liwardriU.e. °ann. :No.
3 Wood at., Pittsburgh.
4.1 if ..1=1:11M. V.
W . IRER E & INGthia Wholesale
6.041 150 Er 15151
in Commiedon
bso.ols.Merthaltls, N 0.116 Rate
meet, et mot, 01115
ud S CO., Wholesale
• 4? l ijn3 ght. eattl Wisltfrl,lll32tV
JOHNMiI.... wo
WATT _ „
& CO.i Wholesale Grocers,
Camatitsion idirrchards, and Dade. 10 Prcdvai and
b • ; • Idanabeturrs., No. 2.66 Liberty stavet... iltld•
OANYEELD,Iate of Warren, Ohio,
. 01.1,111¢1051 and Fargagivag ilerelaant. Whole.
aM Deake fa,nestern Roam Cheme, Dente, Pot and
Pearl Ash, and Western Premium generally. Water street,
Walreen Smithfield and Wood. fittebnert.
5 ..: F. VON BONNIIORST kr.; CO., Whole
p4o al* Orocerg, ForwaralloS • mad Omen= Earl
= Dealers in ritteburgia_ Mantaielazers Wesient
Prednee. N 0.36. maw of irpat atteet and Cluxoe- 4..0.
Pattemsgh. ' •
.tararrit - w i hr •
o esale
• • MIL.. 1,61111.8—..—.. ..... —4.l= J. smarm:
&MILIEU &. BiNSETT, late English,'
Gallagher a . Co.,Kbolessl. aroma Comalssai and
az Merchant. and Dealers la Produce and Idris ,
K an.llntsetares, No. 1= decood ad. sad in Fast sa.
between tars
wont Wan. , .--ann a. uni.......wAtin C.' Dm
OcrizWILLS ft ROE, Wholesale Omens and
unkent Nertnno. Ha Zi L,b rtr find.
. OBERT MOORE, Wholesolo Grocer,
j3 k i
, ..
..ItectirybairDirtittecr. dealer In ksolum. Pitts b
' gal / 4 itl"aniti d .
ItiIIOBERT DATJYLL t C 0.,• Wholesale
Nwbn*Ra.l4nnLetnre~. Na 2• i.IDenY sheet
Groom Produce Forgranihnot. and Conindulnn lie,
tut bailer N
Liberty stunt, riitaboirgti.
INIL 11.101/.... 500T 0. C 03610.,
. BAGALEt CO., Wholemde T.
. am. N 05.13 anal 23 Wald Arse, Plttsbursr.h. -
iIoCANDLESS, . succelsors - to
J. D. Wick, Wbolosalo Gitioera. ForsoirdiUC
sad Ikgotaigoluu blerobouts. &airs* lu tibsoss
Cotton Yarns, and Pittsburgh Nlonitforturer griarroilY.
.carrer of Wood and Wow sterols. Pi/tabus-du
CUB '''' 1 , o esale
Omer. and Commits'. 51errinuns... Denim In Pro.
and litteb.-gh 3tanufmlured Antiebn, 12U .141.17
_street, kin.iburnh ra.
AD. CO.,' Wholesale and
• Detail Family lfixocero. Fornastitoo soul Co=filocion
haat., and Deal , ers Co d alof
AloSrbetxeit, corner of Wood ard Flftll Pi=le
1.119M1107::..,,11. =sus..
Liberty strort. Pliasburnb. Irliebiiele &lAMBS", Pito
and Oomialsaion iteretuints.and dealers in rilte?.rbb
Alm Hare-- Moo.
/ca. FibirD,7WEOle — Siao Grocers, COM
• milolcal Itetclazts.' and Dealers I. Ptodoot—Bono4
arch Buil<llllv, fronting on Litrertr. Food. 1.4 OW/.
Arad.. Pittsburgh. 1.4.
JO. ...... .
JOHN PARK1 7. 11C . C. Co.,WhOlualeGroccri:
Dale= to Prduce. Foreign Wine, Unucre..Old 140 •
anVainl.43ll2 Rectited Whiakel•—!4 D. Goranancial
LI • rittabarsh.
JAS. , DALZELL, Wholesalo Grocer,;Com
mladan Forwarding Ilardant.and dewleriti
Nags, (away Cotton Yarns, and • Pinata:Erich Stanatarteres
annarnacrito.6B Wale. st.; and First at, Fluatintgb.
ItZLELLOR, Dealer in Piano Fortes,
Marie. sad 31tdeal lostrocraenta. School Boot.. sod
. Bola went for Chletea Plano Port.. /Or
Nate. leorda—N. SI Wood et-
Dealer in Mai
ILLINOS, WILSON & CO., 3ltiattfac=
tom. of 01 PiTtf tub, Ism and gimp.
/1-4 and Ud , M.2 doloblor, clout. bob. and
Ado tads, font barrel and bribitut do; also too 2d and
2d blued nail,. to"
Office at I.IITENCOTT CO, No. 118, Water M Idt
. ts
anthem saanufaitaa and keep torutantly on hard all
Hobof Tarts, Brad. wed elparahle.. flrdebing. Clout s and
Hob 2.11 r, ewe Blued Flour Barrel and Luang Sells;
Copper hails and theta, Barrel hail wCard.' ti n e
Shoe Pattern Waters' Petutd Alerts weaned a 1...
ant .y IIANPBELL CUBA a ca.
ant .y ' Warehouse. 49 t Ater et, littsbarsh.
•, :lON, . anu now
°rya,. • • 44 bbeetine. Carpet Clads,
..• ••
•,..1 4x r , anufacturers gp_nng
and Blister bteel. Monet Red. &eel / 1,30 4 1 . Whln
• "A Mr° ePriees. Ilexemerel Ircee
- ere eable Cartlege. 144 a Kee.. 1444 1 4 14. 4,
• . Free el 4.
net, Berri A 100., ILannfortarens of two Arto,lllesch•
Na .I;3olowtr.A.l.l=ar 74M:fie Add. Wsrohoose.
WALTER P. MARSHALL, Successor to
Samuel L C. lllll—ltegorter sad Dealer In Wrench
and Amager*. Paper. Ilitosings pd. Borders, Winds.
&lades, Fire Beard Prinu„Se. - Alro—Writius, Whiting.
and Wrepping Paper, go. BS Word street, between gourd,
and Diamond Wes. Pittsburgh, Pa
°BERT MORRIS, Tea and Wino
amt. Umiakle of the Distamol. Plttobsnb.
ri a. Am. S. apm.
WM. A. co., or..ra and
V 1 Tea .Dealen s rO. x 6 Mat, strut,abom Woo
ham alarm ae toad a tar m assortment of ChOIO? Gromf.
p .a nsad
lE m DS g Tia. r M a Al u m . — = Y P o A ru W l a u h.
la•m No
JOHN A. CAUCIREY; Agent for the Lake
Ma and Michigan Lk. to Beaver and atm lakinc..—
co cm tha corner of Wafer lisoltiniald sta.
PLEECH ac CO., Transporters by Canal
ad Forwarding Merchant., corner of Penn street
V , l:fniusr BLINDS
• -
gi A. BROWNlouldmostiv4pectfullginform
therthlle that he lustou bend athie "tend ow thewest
or =Mr, Dymond &fa t n e - ra n Ta i Ztds.
In the test Mlle. warrantvd roual to spy in the 1/01;1
13104- • Lite Allude con, be .I.nutned :without au eldwf
*eves driver. Jarring parcluovd the stock_ s touleoWv)
OM* aublvieteaablivhmeat of itatutY lieClehuoo. l i
prepared to furnish their cad es%Junirv,...e.. well se Ibe web!
Pest lawcw, , iith .7 . 7 thing .
dgene hug. 6 )V_ etrovt,rttlebtugh. j. ngowx. •
I,:f.l;;W"Wi*: 1,11
E P SEPII JOHNSTON; PArza 11.1wcas •
cuirmi—llerldonco, corner of Third .treotand Eitt
on, Allegheny. •
I .
N.-Tmrhry Eoszat, . la , to.. for sale.
941:431.11,ARD1E, Veierinary Surgeon, late,
tom 'lt!lame/. En:4lM. 'mutt remedial m`
t tbotnoblk that Ito boo maltleuml .prort. leo In the
•arg,‘bt bod. by tamf,lll ottobtlou to whattryel if
m to hbit. Ito boy. to ore tot ~
In connect. wlth JILMCA Ifordl=l3booog 04
Slankttalthino' itro , obrol vill bo comiF4 cm es the
ollorotol Meet and bountylomin Avome.. . . . :
t):/:Ikv etieg ,lo tl Al 010 4 ; 1 9 0:1'
Nitherrr EVILLE JOHNSON; Engraver on Woad;
Up 11411. (third etory.), rittaburst: Per—Vieerr of
t lows. Merh. Hood , Ntr..ieetterr.Vratilliedrroa.
I,..theeepee, Dreu Label.. In °ltem Bete tor Irtirisione, Ib cietlee t atell Art.:W.4= COMA , m aitttirr.ite..lo the Brat style
nat. uttd et the levee , . price, •
le EstatAlMment, T hird street, rim fort
pituamoey. Maya, Lartamyea. Portralm, olyar Allit
P•lllbeatti.Pratts.lkoul, Lobes. Amieltottural and Machin
m,i poee sod Vieltina Omelle At enemy. or.
dr e am o n Bu% m and yllnteel In color, Otea.llrtnete, o r
iy moat ayororod att.. and at tha meat Ym.:la
Wegner, Bueohner oft Mueller's
MOE ABOVE FIRM rempectfullynnnounce
to their friends and the totals. Senseslir. that tu.,
are wowed to execute, in the first style. of their nrt.
orders Ito Show Cesar. MIL. Diplomas, Cberks. Visition
and Crofeesionst Canis. nom Chart. Lobel, we.
• Their establishment it at No. Market Meet. between
tbird and YOllllll streets, CO etelre. =WI
Bolivar giro BricklAanafttztaring o:lttp'y
ar• t. zoscs--e.. Kim.,
tai.tOFEB;KIER & CO, PROPEtni(I2I3.
rpm. : SCHSCRIBERS, - -having' bienr
notated .Anento 0T the above llama comm., oat
MrggrriVeWe agitnto t tei s it l l 11%1 =g.
yher prop rod to none °Mon foe old Brlelt . a l
be made re end itheneth !
bs ,tg P sot Otort , lt neoestary_to enuntersto the mitti oi••
oentogeo the Doliver Fire Brick. lowa over all others:hat •
hOre u
rlori 4 beatr t ocetod bor sale in the Un
t ited Mtn. their h
o Core -
Put h oe det U enntoor the I
Brick shallots of their omen, envioble rerototioot •
and toot. no enema ;Shall be spore& to mote theta oven
betteralle they have beretufont bkon. This is the • onlr
m:oT• Mut Bodo &month et. tottaborob.:
• .
vv: Mile, No. ttabLitorty cor of Ado= et, Pittabittakt.
Dra:r t ralgt. ! end Crattlealartt Agent. f Otto
no " lor blinteNattt Warke, 1 to
botarat. /0 A. 11. and ft P. 14., et hie reski
Marton,. otreet:Pittebutnh. • ;LI! l l4
Few Coach
'Nem Conch Factory—Allegheny.
A. WHITE & CO. would re-
oni‘sPenNllll 7, inform tin that they . tors
OP .4 Luna., Antenna faders{ mod bantinskr
stmt. They are now makina anti ire prenamil te,nneoleit
1008 prrkatx In the
and the faOtl ti. they I,=="l4ll.`leftl.7l .
anabledlo do wort on the =net magmata terms with
Mae leantinntutielm in their itne.
Paying . pastMalar attention to tbe melention or materials,
sal baying wart , bl 4 conmetent workmen, they hare to
hesitation lowa nottmg their wort. inetheretoreent the
Werth. of the public to this matter.
N. 11.bnimisitts dons to the leant manner, and on th e
moan...aide term, mann '
W 1.
OLF, MARBLE WORKS, (egablished
I=l by UNKIND WILKINS, No. 53 Liberty st,
' of Weed Most, Pitteterreb. Monuments. Burial
Voolte,Tomte... Thwintreeer, ite.; Mantel nem, Centre end
Pier Top& always on bawl, ntel rude to order.
N. B. A choice selection of Drarings on lewd. Jell)
Corner of Third sad Market stmts. The only ober
lustitutkrn a th e kind in Pittsburg...
Fsers.”.—John Fleming. PrboollSO in Co
SciencentAccounts •
O. H. Chamberlin, Profemor of. PeogunanshiN Lisonsdlle
Computation, So
.410,11. Watson, bp, Lecturer on Oorrunenclal Lag.
Those desiring complete buovkslge of
Book Leg.
.*" rI,I W =p, br' 1 I =OVIIVTAJ d ;
ra pc are n
r arrangeme
ler;ureeNal Laneri Stands evening.
Reference to any of the reaki%t. city nune r hents. Ide=
, • ?zr. . &TeatasazD 1832,by EDMUND
WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty st,
bead of Wood meet. Pittabargh, Pa.
Siontiments.Barial Vaults rwrtas..4
lc, Mutt:. Mao, Qv:dr< and Play Tow,
. hafton had tworterof the
rime:eat Marb,les, wad at very rplueed
a is. • chra se-le-am
~.„4 /Draaav wt
• STA=
bilifsl;. d -••- r •-:71--
.. • _
Ilatatar ie Ttenny Clark Tiernan, Ere.
John Ilan.. Eve.
t=son., U rEse Jtv- W., item Esq., arehlteet.
Jobs Ett,vdar,,.. 3. BBlCeatt — B .
J..ll% ml setßemri, Fn: filll - I: — Cnr i ry Wi'6
Wilson McCandless ENZ. llowt snrcelt. Cut
Robert McKnight, Eel. .Wm.
ErMlng.l). T. Morgan a co.
ham • • imbue Blain Co TrnWre
8. Leer*. AlleehenT.
E. W. Mite ttratoful 'tor the vow liberal Teammate re
mired during [uneven rears In this city, Dann, had the
!argot said teeijOta entrusted table care up to the mons%
tanard will endeavor to render satleacilon DereaSter.
• '
Bennett's Monocttromatio Depository,
Pentino—The . I.baden of Gettuesaarr.
the "Cemetorr.a.trntaxl.° mry
fLcUtrer;lV•rt.elicrtrat UT 2 Wlibbil Itrret.X
J. 7. W. respectfully Pfau. hia friend.. and
entaimers that Era mnroomplead Ina lumen
and laut work of liaturhold (Lroiture er to,fu, &mu iu
Ma city, as be la determined •to uphold the quality with
oreltavawrod inatertals, best varklionarhip. and nerveat
AIL-r.gL and fruit the count of ha orders and Malay in
=au tifsaurtna. he la walledto produce untantal to
tam St the /avast rm.
Ole hum/opted ttat nonfat of flenddriitt the Usion•
era' interest with ha at:. la quolat and price, led heel.
taluneßt at
.Llll that a house. or au' part at our, tr 47.
furtiaut from hid swot. +a ranualuturod cupsvair to
order. Ila theydorn wlitin , an Inspection. that tha wasp
taus et atablishinut
butttv Woven. wit h o ut ~g
anal. canna. in pat. at ar.totlikb fu
batch .lama be untnaiierlin any at. tba Leant.
tl , . • .
Parlor', draerinz. Link z and bat-room .hairs. at teal
vvzintr,asrulitlist.r - crmettted. =lmmo, cad
Altabethen. tnaterwitaire and Plumy Oulu. of away i.e.
anon= Curt* Wan Ihrae and Maus alit West
ladles'. Part., Wriang Pans or' an us 74. , G L
anal fancy htlaid standiumule aivw, and Lolders. marble
D. ronhount - rose and taut runty an 4 sofa. I,
blow, extend= llama taller. al alsai of the cuainaprovedr.
and &tidally Lam beat that mails: earl. Panbrote halt sod
tier Uhler, vardrobiAludstaldedatl verbstauds of verb •
Urns las
a. o Sod rlanou o t • le hull tort l=n+ Yetertla
a n
hoard dub,
but abodea. and mule Wool, era:.
and cot+ far cluldrew terve awn , e wed .1 pore.
at r. ca,cLoul. chid prfal. Lc. O. St.
n brae au/anent of Onunivat tartutnia and Namur
Chaim. ,CaPinet nalurs wouplial artalea in Ina ,
Stnamhoata wad note!. hanislact St the .bertus . tart.
All ante» promptly 41.atwit.4
MINTY lANDS--CArr. Cuez. Nam's,
Au... 7 or w. 3 . 0. 144: Third rt. corner of Cherry'
t. ham- Elld arlso,..ats kr rho IParladra,..aa!l
moan. BOZt ill . .mars cantors and aolatiors. =Cif
iduvra bad obtain, anti will Wawa 00
new wawswowd with the , ll7 ite Dt'Per..
meat. the INeuteesi eMee. mtho Courts at tba MT of
Kaablogtora . 4127a1at
Drawing, Pinapective, aruiPaintingin
MD. D. R. SNITIIis noir prepared to give
YaL., l l=,
Atklawbb , now atrarna t betdrawt NV.4..1 owl
Muter street*. How, of tortrawataa. from I% to 4.4 a. ova
trona Gh to 3M P.m. Chugs. want other partletakra can La
kw:ma by (allorzwan) tb. norm ,
Hofer Gams= or Pr. 4.ldinoo. -
W. Dizon's londonTatent Lever Witches,
Vinriil b, ga,""gf r Zl4l47:,:, i„
pyigintin.t to the Admiralty, w N attached to
at. DIXON. Chi,
nometer and Werth itanutaetwer, 4s'l/..4 Sq...m. thou
well hoed. London.
eertinea that the acoompanying —. ie
warranted by me to be of my an d mannfartntw. =Watt'' ,
••with soy name npm it is wentaine eutlaie ar-otoranied by
entifootle beetret my thynaturw
I' manatee the Watch So.—, to keep Shoo* Go The taw
lefaaien of the puretumey. WM WAILS.
Elteareboat Agency and General Connie!
• eion, , Receiving and Forwarding.
oAL-Th MN, PLII3/11R. b, CO., have this
day arradaleel with th rso Mr. Jam larrbse. and offer
M rerrieee to the public as 81411mbmt. AX•I24, Gene24l
Conscalriort, aral Forrrard i abvirgza,,...: 4 o.
Lorarrras.ApTa 142 Wllllears . Wm.
MYERS--Sargeon and Physician.
Mc* and corner of Darlington tiro, Do.
..Tbild street ou door above Etalthfirld rte
Dr. Vim ha permanently located 1¢ Pittsloirgh, and
ardand to the duties in his Droiniteion. Delwin giro
Virticalar attention to Dahoictt caws, anal tbe flier aece of
worm and children.
HoN.EGbilt b.. CO., Importers or Wines,
• Lignare, and Seri. Dhoeso, I 1 Bmilhtletd street.tor
'term. Sixth and 0...0 h. .
11A1TE FITTED UP, (on the New York
e it u o.Alt e l aoz,. 41 , 3 o rs:vrootn, for the a:l i i k od i cot•
the fashkasable parkin and hav ' e sele t gelig e lsrAtind
ost stmersior sacristan= of 80.10 De WIWI, Drocotels,
French and lamman Damask De Claw. English Damask
Maroons. Chintz.. Turkey lied Gaels Tllss, OUT of .
fig7o did rent r..d 11(04 Ira
LInt,_VALNI i 74 ' ,l .4 B:ediffitreillt pa...deg
sod otylee, Door Elate. Whet. , Blinds and Ebades.Curtain
Waders and Banda, Curtain Pine, Tasmisand Teem! Loop,
Cord. 811 k sod Worsted,. Dad Chintzes and EZMMill. , `,
Mlles and letocaster (DAD , . Counterpanes 11. colored
Cambria, Manson, Dads andltahlins.
All orderi Ittankfally received andpromptly tilled.
soda • - NOBLY-Third et...
PA.. MADEIRA., AgenitoD
tail Ba&ty TormooolmPooi. 42 Water Area.
I GARDINER, COFFIN,'Agent for Franklin
ns, Fir. (=mut 9ornpanyv bulb east eagle/ of Wood
and Tkdrd street..
-"-- -
GLENN Boos Bixoza, Wood street.
camp door from the eon. of Third, byre be
tat " Mret griregrlatiPratltli It;tgr"l
Itontd trOttteot4ll7o BOOLII to oumbere,r 011 .tols
a b roiXtl i g . lVlLinglaitfdlo r tilt u I}4g:littr?
il' fCilriniußdl off( kala WORKS.—
IV. 07NFINOIIAM 2 CO, 3AnuScturr. of Wcucni
Lai, !in. 2t !luket .tzeat, Detre,. link LILA Fecal,
Psetlealar 03 , ntina La odd •
*list 01...VW, Itner 'd •
Jag eNrittt
SMITLEY & COLVIN, • Coal Merchants
• ass bnilers in Dry'Goals. Greceslim. Iron .4 Nall
cornerat Walapt mope[; knel Weeldagton .Tarnplks Itro
. Tonwinar, .11N. ' • .- ot/DAI.Nri•I•
• , .
- - -176 Yll'ibutthgt"ittet to Bank of ratthent.
Note. old Drell, collected ooell Darts of the Uhlon,..
Stodge bought and told oso uumttdmioo. , I.ll7ulkerT
L Wilson 0F.5034
L... . .
rn . awn
lO l retail Iznumfactu
onn—wben toor offer • and =mole,. stock nf Usok
•nd Cap* a theft Goo =I Erdman soanofmcluo• a
itte 'l n l liAtititictZt‘WV4ll,ll7Vll4 W'Rthth.
that too , vnt oon woman. romoooo,,o=" ft 4
filfaultrrtEL •
. • 13.6ii0Vg.
ES WILqiN has rombyed hie Hat
goal Cep am r• to . o. 91 Wood dtretd. Mad door math
4 1 Diamond alley.
aou, Maara Wilson. iota partarreldp the
Cap and iur Inuanaaa hereafter do brodueme
oath. the swam of J.VillzION e. SON,
JA at M aI ES 'W Wood street,
t B.—Jenres 'Piton orottrotee the Hat sal Cad efort...-
.No. Eederal Anat. Allegheny- Pty. latalW E r E. it,
('OFF EE-150 hags Rio, for sale by , '
,:'AYE ALOES-1000 lbs:forartlo by
IttTESIATE POTASII-500 lbs. for sale
LT _ tje2i B. A. WAIDIXSTOCK 1 CO.
CODFISH-6 tierces for sale by
wicas ASDLID2I
piT.TsBuRG*. 1v . F,;)4, i ,N!ON,p,,, !p . T..y,,,, k5,.,18.51.:
rig MUM RETREAT is now open
sooonuntdatkat of eleltora. • The et
. 4 .1 1 , 701
f rse d =erz Jort k =pro a vtl .... l7Jl2 l : d aldltd i :
blooming Plants sad Elerpbbet:/..riF , elynteetklode.afe
Arm tale on the Presno.:
Fruit, ge.., trot the Palooni usiret.
thart b rati nain •
the land The n
ing, between let etre.. end the 0)0 Allegheny
DMA.. at th e begixualog of ewerfboor—froot D o'clock. A.
51 ontlllo 0.11.• One extra trip eeetT eretdenr, at 7*
• The Garden is tro patent t
en Tempered:ma orinelDks, ae
on Sunday. • enliktf
F. 3. Moore, M. D.,
lA, 'maw atteatirm lba treatment of Weems of
and children. ene mute am.* generally. lus well a t s ,
elms& end menial again , . Moe on Anderson erne
mia the Mud Street Midge, and nett door to the Plea.
log SUS. Allegheny City. tlnlne bourn from m 9 /a. 91n
from Ito &end ham tog P. SI. .
j . .ttltoS .magoN, Oratiti: /solar,' ' .
otaide Depot, 84 ID/ad .4ul;Pitubiti'gh, P.. 4.,
kciasvixbei cuturrstor..) •
- •
, ,,trveted that they cannot art vat of order. 116 hr
sadots Pil/1 ArtSCIIIIICIA-1 fitting ately. Out Points
Mem:lets are unrivalled—the larch_
best MO)/ on
namental, and .lthoat dispute the best amductor mar
msnufastared. Jame Jackson will attschabcoa at 124
emus Pt? Mot. Price at the Mora 10 mt.
tieuttemen are respratrally reantsted to tall at l 6 14W
street s and asandna the about .eerroelp.theaseetreer.
••• • -
WHOLESALE dealers in Groceries, Gloss,
rub, rielL -nester co.. No. TO on pock, end 1=
In eireet, Cleerhoill. Ohio. • • •
Cutiellounies made on thriftrnMillent
Agent• for all tentabeiets end Vropelleri In the Late En
peror Line.
lOW to—Win. A. Otte t Co, Clevelsith
niter 4Wheeler. Bunko
T. U. Ilene, Cashier. ritteeniegh.
myl tem
No. 14 Wood street, between Airs and Bscoedsts.,
MANUFACTURER of every description
igiCOVING R FOJEg ib uf L. sitig=trd
Sko—lMOr ;D.)4 7 7.Orgia lig sr ach will
ss s
Rooni telegram] faith& doo Parlor eto”in
ho ro
llow 1) geri Wagon th .&lA gr.: to Oil lob we Izigitg
thwattgotion of ehliirg Won wordisalcig elgovtuirg.
110. E.NOLD & CO. have Udeday as•
•LA ..afitsleTun ea. 3010 , D. EMIT.' .e*of
the lam intt be es heretofore. . -
Atubervit. ifsy Ist. 18.51.
_(Formerly the Ezehange,i7
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
P44V ,, q4j0:4
L us spacions,:central, oxid most conveni
ently located 110T)11.. turban been annplontly rer
m oh and theroaghly repaired and Improved. I noir
open the Um a ..cmonni Wake.
Tao enbecnber, Immo and tor ot the ST. ("LAIR
WILL, respectfully Warm Mends msd the pa bile
that he hes fat nietuel tt in the mart elegant end eomfostr.
ale sty le, end mnploTed competent asi.Mrsta and atrotOre
and Faithful tenants, tad that ha will owe no.
to Let t bona to miLbnnen the ''''.. yA,
The tams con I loomton of the wand ton•
nenlenoe of its enlistments. rendering It the momdsedre.
bk. el thefts , or permanent Imerdeshinduase hist
to solids end bone fon It • lianel ewe of . r .„,,, 4
AMUEL KIWESEN keeps constantly on
bud • good sefortenent of W•elf and Hatt, Tag,
Co-elnboas. Mk Well. Dlechon or Drs. Dockets,
Wo.i.• Doyle, Churn.. Dry lloesofse. Zino and Merry
Kush Home.sad another 41=4 urArsepto tee Doe.
• Wsorrcan, iegeonlell.4l.ll/tb Omit PltLeborgn,Pa.
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
rIIIIIO.MAR PALMER: 'is doily receiving
i 4 iron the tittlern Clem .t oh* old sand,
i ' No. .55 .AI•RS.If STREIT,
Bentsen Tidrd and Ansa street', Pietslnorsa,
IVe sotteeleos to hit f reseal. node of th awed beastllll
P TX dIAYG/Ntie' Mat bete appeared to 'lt, =tat. 1
ti loon
reel=rietti r e ' : . er=l , g. ig . "44Tag:- '
b0ur.....,....:d. Wynn. Id nett atetenla tbe Wets
!atom, Itt this ostrertfielot of oats. of irikbe anne me
c arid.. Judea° et ear, let lartmel by tight than dreettseloa
the ettenttou of ottlcharde and boo. itteatta tt herea•
ltdly tut ttel. . hotel •
y!,t, 'CORD & CO., Wiiad.,e,lld end ..Retaillil
i j n.i,v,ei e sod Dea fi
ne to at. Cse..ed tut,'
e, "4 %..;‘,.' atd FLU tweet, Pittsburgh,' veers LINT
e fall end coutplote clock of nate to Fatal... of
e7r.itie '"': grtWttletg: '.b4. ;:?tal l jitt i. g=r 4 e t rA :
ear,:lituria. ed. n that th e; trill toll ea Ida =at memo:
fleeces Imo,
Piitabtire. Wu Pipe and Tube
r l ~
and ara ao. smalataetaatac aim of GAS 111.4
coaoLtra olad oltor IW, and all dam of
_ .
‘,1413 t.ter ol,r kr rale taw larrat no fire
row rtri wrci t a ex,ialt InwAt!,:stAraratilr
iart PITTtFII.W.fIL I'{t
60 .hares 3Prchsote. , l,lll6ntoSeinrere Gusl . .
10 " Esslarnac
' 16 ". Aim ika 400, try
1111. A. RILL t CO.
iellicasvi.,s • Wood Oroi. stove Fourth.,
AA sio4ol Minton , aKCenxran e'c !Mcrae for elz
etanatoolas LA pm- rm. At. A. mu a tn..
j.19.1•431.:0 ei Weal A.
.. ...
STOCK of the Mora:Lan& Jfunufutnrere
Bank; 61¢kortha r t ritt i • L lV r A m
court!, st
WiSTERN BANK • NOTES, tit lowest
tim haes. and blitt.t_l.D . = l . .1. 14 fCT A=e 6 '
dfiro, IA par funds, by L . D. ILLNu.
101 Danko . A Tutu:, Muth 4.
For 13
A b. .LOT on Penn street, adjoining Ma
tto.' otabla—lOO be sold be: If donitsbte, the la
ran tilli44 LIO !tat Om !tat
Jelo - it CO.
--- •
To Qardeaetc.
4 FEVS aCros of goutoi !mar tilt, city, Emit
411114(17C5 16 Co.
Are You Subject to the Tooth Ache.
it AVE Tott hollow teeth'? If.. so. use
t MAYERS Florae it.tAi/ Ettataatot
vegetahle or minty camtmtuutt. trarrattOol cot to Wore tb.
tzatti,or mouth , as the Dautbste toarccurtaloumpotiLloutda
by labitb person may bower hts artier oval degottot,
at • nran expanta.
et hi IV a C n=
Jotallta • 5.
""" 1 '‘ b
c occrt.t. pitch tux •
Hatt* , t co.. celebrated Bay wad flsunn Forks.
maned from the reattafactroar Pb!tedel Woe ea metal.•
mat oral for sate by 1t w. rohvoz..z.zhz...
Water Sweat.
For beatboa or Caleb prat lutrituO 'sloe, theme Yorke
cepoot to warmer& and the o le ben at which they are
ratcloratut lumen their Introlattion.•:.
Curled Hair Hatriases. •
USA WE on hand a large stack of Mama
. a e
r ent orj i r 11r1r : - Thc4.4a1 . t . ,1414 1, tret ebb
Please Third stmt. Oppo4iO tho Pool oo.r.
PAPER--3:a reams I',l by as Priatini Paper,
" nr 311
12 by 31 -
WO " 1.11 by 4, 14 by 112, 24 by U. WI
by 41, by r. 43;
1• 4 :4 0 Rio. i r l.." thr ra
400 DEicong P aper; tltnr
09 " lbsdlobi
359 " 511d1ato and Single Crown Rog.
1114 boderrizbbi kocr. co/madly on bora and fort do
or ezehango for 11.40,_0 Woo and g erund soortrarat of
Ruled, Cap. Lotter, llardwaro, and Tea F 117.0
buard% are.
A loo—YolUns of 411 slam for paper sosnalbctorer.
Prirdlog Parper mad. to caer on oboe. ootleo
J. L.411E11,
f 4.24 renter of Non end Ir.ln a.
I7IDES-34 Dry Flint, for solo by
-- IA J. 3 S. • HAlARflAtall.
BACON -7 cooks Sides, for onto by
Je3. b.i W. 1L1a113.11011.
bble. Now Liabfin St= Mills,
F Oa. f m.. Mr ale bp 11. 4W. UAILDAUCIII.
BORAX--O coma Refined, for 8010 by
1/ J. 3 J. KIIOOntAKER I CO.
AIIP BLACK--30 bbla. toed, for Wall
ja 3. WITOO3I.SIAk F3l*, CO. • .
1)10 IRON-33 tOll6 Allegheny, for Icy
JL J. Jg 11. FLOYD. Rolovl Cbtirch
- - .
VINEGAR- 5 0 bbis. pure Cider; 'fur tta
brJ. a n. PIAYD.
I 11 - s=:l7s6i:M7 i.'
73, or oak by -
II J. 4 R. rihn)
(OLD SPECTAOLES—aIIito lissOrtment
Jut ow:abr. sl.O. Purer 064: 1 Erel bf . :Sr ST It!:
ines of Mums; of the best a usl t. . esersour, i.e.
sd to the •Islon !wording' to the plesselples of 01904 ..4.
epee.. Pebbles pot la to onion • • ..
W. W. Wl[
731 Optlaisa. .:
('RAPESILiiLS7—aikea thiii . day, 'TO
espkess. one eartou es Moss seer 4ndestols plan s/4
relebend Crepe 600614. at sll . piibes.• , . •
CIiEESE.-31 bxe, Cheese, re9clving , per
J lad y 41411". and " 1° /Am . Dallrlx,
No. 03 Water st.
VOPPy,RAS.-35 bble. for solo by
Vi.. . K N i'D . Cet WWI" O.
"TAIt CANDLE CANDLES--10 b 0 .1 71 11 1 0 4.,
rim, far 0440 br - NIL 60. %MI nL
BDIC AT . ED Wines and Brandies, afresh
INA totiast.."l , 4 stun a CO,
No. at Wood nt.:
APAN VARNISII-3 bbla. (Baltimore
J• for rale by J. It IDDO. 00,
No. Wood mt.
V IN i. E , O . AR-30 b a. bls 7 . pyUcgswidNirtofßsTor sale .
VA NARY SEED.-3,500Tb5. just reoeisia
fn. the LW. a pilaw .151eitoifvfgarts ;r fala
by id CartiereiWOed lad Sixth ittreet.•
LIMR- 50
bbln. W hivr. Lonierville, for sale
br mr2ll mousitIDZNEOCIT.
AA LCUIIOL-30 bbla.foreaterbY
Ml ',Fin co, avow:tit:
~ e
niDE k„D ;
orENENTs ,
1)F MAXIMS 'FOS , TUX , 11/o=l.l Or:JULY:
- :Fmm N, Y, July I tor PFI I, B , Thc.
Etropa. From &mt., Judy 9 For •
OD W " From NY, Julr For Lc - •
.Empby Oily.lolo N FrAlf /9 Foro9lol ,
119Frromo, From N. Y, July 12 For IrmaT7E Zorqbm`o
Foothortmt From N. Y 6 7.21,12
Pm a m 1• P rom t.f..°711{: 8.1 9 12 . Y "h.
I.;Mori , • • 'From N. F. ALIT lb /curies , °r u t:4m
Afjr; . P . W I forit i lscro., : -
sank .7.4 19 Frrll r" rma . .
• r-r=
;AOax ? nmo . N, y, Jdl lm Fat Larsnotol.
l Algatters tl ::41Now4ro th on t ivilor Saglard..l4.
°flag line. ." rtaamcr '"
, 0.6 by totho Contioora of
gra-gptiiV.'"V. .11Pr ff _ by
eu Oonaid Lint.
rm.irrd to - • • '
,I.Orrs by Wiliam Woe, most b. preimid Mord/ 9.9
'max vr ban 1.1.. loland oFtMim 10 to 9 , 24.4 FrroPF
- 4 . 9 .4 , 9%b i r u riV Lirmito I.boCmdlimmt. must bo
riramoi PoMmto must *bi, .dad cro leCmn orb.l
smith tboCoollnootof Europe. by 1.1. Wan Ind . Bumro
• astir, isoil neon: -
•LiPAI : 81113-4rd fkoat Livirixe 1111, Jane IT: -
CANADA 994 tostk lAvrepool Borten. Jane 23:1
ASLA-9.11 , 41 flosek.Livrrpaol for NOW,torjr,. JnIE
VACIYAU—SaIIed team Liverwel es Neer Y099::917 9.
' tug iblicminir list or ortiralsioad doastarcliof !.bli culls
Dour stands - cured, to thi bitter.' ' • 2_
P 4 VI — BY Orenvbanr, (lamb..bars; PhihateloWt,
L NIof ork,Eastzrll, Cents. aotlNottbamparto of N. /WY;
Del ware. N J erary, and am di New Fatima WALL-.
pla littlakt •Prolloota of LORkt Ilattada. Nora broil* sod
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A large bossiness has-been done eo-day in
cheap poem for California, andno mall so large
ever before left' our 'ehOres, at least large, a
letter tosiL Six cent', to California is indeed
cheap postage, and ahows thakindlydisposition
of:the government towards our far off and ex:
pensively reached sister of the -West. , 'Allow
rate of postage has produced no change in the
badness of foreign letter express. Those of
them which foolishly brave the government and
offer to take letters'for three cents, get ecarcely
letter which the Merchants' lrvel , voge, and the
Courier and Jountal letter offices, which only
take lettersislier the',Mall closet', .charge2h eta.,
or former gorernmeot rates. The-people of the
Interior now, with hardly an exception, pay their
-postage in advanceos policy.that will soon dem.
onstrate the ability of the department to take
The Legislature has passed the Canal enlarge:
meet bill, and the law districting the State for
Congressmen. The "Democrats," tree to their
stupidity, to the last demanded, when the meal
bill passed the Assembly, Oat their protest
shoal& be entered on the minutes, which Wu
readily granted. There was certaninly no ren.
ram why these thick headed people should not be
able, bettlfter, ta tarn to the minutes, and see
how lithe they knew of the resonrees of the great
West or wants ef New York, and regret then
able their rote in opposition -to the canal end
their publio protest. The "Democrats" are not
at all pleased with the Congressional districts of
the State, which they, say are upon the plarin
troduced in Massar..husetts, by Elbrid,ge Jerry,
one of the early, "jaeobites," and now Cannon
bed by the "Democracy" as oar of, their pa
iron Thit apportionment is n fairer one than
has ewe been made in the State by the "De,
mocracy," and if, in one or two eases, the Con;
gressional Districts harebeer longer than they are
wide, it may be traced to the examples Oren by
the "party" in districting . Maine,. New Hamp
shire, and Ohio, by the "Democracy."
Mr. Webster's rumored resignation of the
premiership causes a good dell of cenvereation
in some political circles, though rumored reasons
for the step are not generally remeptable, .The
movement is a step towards placieghlr. Winter
where he can be free to act in the matter of the
Presidency. The strong and wide spread im
pulse favorable to Gem Scott bee made all other
candidates look chant them and to feel appre
hermive that the ,mantination has ham made.
we.theY were asleep. - - •
In the money marketthings are comfortable,
and to pressure an bondman engirt'to regret'
The , ow luau of the Wiludngteamad Manchester
railroad of $3OOO _sold yesterday at .90 to 100
per cent, every staxessful bldbebtg bathe South,'
the quarter where we are told that ell is 'rotten'.
because of the dereciationof cotton. All good,
Paper sells readily at the' legal ',rate, and the
banks are not pressed' for lanns..' In the face
of the absence of 'people • front tarn , the stock'
market's my . firma The depreciation of to-day
is followed by en advance to-morrow sufficient
to keep rates indeed an advance is not
Made. r • • ,
Fieighte are notmiltais attire but-ships find
no trouble is obtaining a good paying busicuss.
To California Abe rates ore rather firmer and
- one shipper lum money filled, at 60070 Malts.
None but fast ships. are now put up; for -this'
LI tbls Mc.
1...‘ Ibis 11 U.
:1? .. -1
YU Mg. mtfvyaW.
1.610 131 , 1 V.
Nruk Ist July. L530,:34.15
. _
The amount of produce) reaching. Mir city for
isle ad distribution, and the ratio of the year-
ly increase of the trade of 'New Tork inv . . be
gathered from the fact that our canal tolls are:
this year two hundie - d. thousand dollarelllo.fe al.l
ready than last season, end Me too" in the face!
of a reduced rats of .tolls The collections al-f,
Medi reach o'er one million of dollars: in&
this tab in the face of theeppositien,Of .11mEriel
'road. Time shows that th e anal and road are,
allke insufficient to dit.he work required of them,
and that we muit havehesides the enlirged ca
nal an enlarged raread to the laes. ' C.
Dearßit—The totes:use of the hour at wbieJ
the Railroad meeting adjourned prevented my ;
'requesting from you' setae infOrmationln re,gard' .
to the Stealienrille and Indiana Riillie4 findits:
proposed connection with Pitteburga. l ,
Will you be good enough to answer thefollow
,156 -
1. Is the Sienbenville arid ,Indiana Railroad
Company or amou n
2. Whit xe
of stook has been subscribed!
3. What amount will be, required to complete
the road to the Ohio river at Steubenville ?
4. Iles the road been located,. and what are
its principal connections !
L. When will the road be pht under contract ?
C. Hee the route between Pittsburgh and
' Stenbenrille been explored?
7. What is the distance and what enrinnt - wil/
be reqedred to construct it , from Pittsburgh , to
Steabenville? , .
8. What is the comparative diatonic from Cin
cinnati to. Philadelphia by the proposed commo
tion with. Steubenrille and Pittaburgh end other
proposed rooter?
Any further information that you may be able
to give In reference to the advantages . . to 'Pitte
burgh and Philadelphia from a connection with
the Steubenville and Indiana Rail:Oak will be
esteemed a favor by
Your ob't Beret, _
Pirrentracm, July,l2, 1851.
Mowosoanria Horst; Daly 19,1861;
E. M. BTAICION, En: Dear 81r—Tour letter
of the 12th. requesting information 1 regard to
the Bteuberivale and Indiana 'Railroad and its
coonectimm, was handed to tan this morning. 'I
hasten to reply to your question's In their order:
;he..Rtettbenrillo and Indiana. 'Railroad
Compini was oridadied AprillBso, nine which
time It has been under 'the management of Him.
Dames EII.GOBZ, President, and . a Board of .Di-
- -
'1 The amount of 'stock autson' 'bed la nine
hundred thousand 'dollars.
3, The President and directers are of opinion
that the present subscription fully justifies them
in putting the road under contract,
•'4. ;The locating , party is now on the road; and
hate progicssed.a conelderable distance..., The
Chleflzigineer le 'of Opinion Chei:.the location
can be completed to. Coshocton iria aunt thine.
5. The Board Ins authorismi, the I"iitident to
issue proposals, for constructinitha road'u far
as Coshocton, and alsoprettosals front Giishoetait
to Nasal*, a€:Which,'point,it *enacts with the
Columbis andlatteaville • • .
U. This route_ front l'ittabiugh to:§telibericille
Lai betn - eiplored, and estimates made, by an
Engineer, /.. •
7th. The Engineer has reported the distance
to be forty milot "end the cost of Construction
abiut eight hundred - thoutand d011ar5....„. . • ,
The distance from Cincinnati to Philadelphia,
by the proposed connection, with Steubeneple
and littebbrghteis 868 '"
:This Wing 27 milts starter thin the toad sic
UPI% Terkersburg, Typreei Valley, and Haiti-
P 1.1310.211 JIIDGII rollefLltS C61:27._
OR NV AA D. at Poebot
Rat Allmhear.
.7 WM ZWIRIAW. Itrendiess.
• • • of ths Pittsburgh MUT aunt.]
Natty Yost, July 11, 1851
• For the Gautts.
Twenty three miles charter Mtn the road by
- Belpre, Vatietta, 'Wheeling, and the Ilempaeld
route ; and tatty three mites shorter than by the
Central Railroad, sto called, via Pittsburgh. The
distance .by the Stembenrille. sad Indiana read
is estimated ,in eke , report of the
,compeacy for
1 1860, as 48 miles shorter than thiaCentral road.
Surreys made since that report' rshortion the
Btrabenville and 'lndiana road, siren miles; say
between Codexto4.asta Newark four miles, be
tween Coshocton and Steubensitle three =lbw
A gismo at the soap of- Ohio will satisfy any
person that the Stenbertrille and' Indiana. Hoff.-
road paw through Caetral Ohio connecting
with the network of Railroads which saeotat4o
- ; and susceptible ot easy connection With
erwry other imp:aunt Railroad in, the State;
and that it traverses a portion 'it Nlti finite not
ratrpeased, nor,--we':think equallel in-wealth
nud. - fropalatiakby any. other portiitOliioi
Vftt7 rosPettriglY, &co
JAMES hißtath:
'Pattie, aurae.
innammurca anmatnor
In a:roe:dance witkprevions arrangements, at
the appointed. tont on ,the 9th instant, several
societies their respective banners, met
the Riforiimill s ienbitexitin Church of Pine Creek,
. •
West Deer township, AlletthenY cotte.tY. The
'Presidents. of the di ff erent societies presided in
the Convention;, and:ce. Th C. Guthne wu
Sleeted Suretary. Its proceedings were opened
with mixer, by Rev: Wm. Dauthett.. The See.
Xetary then read the Declaration at Natioral In- '
dependence, and compered the usurpations of
the British king, which were considered by our
remote:denary When as good canoe for rejecting
his authority, with those of king Alcohol,- who
reigns in our schist, and to whose authority'
many our fallow men have sworn allegiance, , :
This was followed 14 an addrese of mach power
and eloquence from Reit. B. L maboy., The.
ensbject of this oration was the duty and nines
, fity of adopting emery proper remedy in the ex
tirpation of drinking, hebiteand fealties from
the community. Each address ties 'succeeded,
by the singing of pieces prepared to: the occasion;
the emiwy-bireir on the one aide of the platform
and the Indiana and Bharpsburgh singers on the
other sung in enemata strains. ..
o'clock, . Convention took a recess of one
hour, to partake of a sumptuous dinner, served
up in temperance style.
On reuseribling in the aiternoon, the com
mittee on baskets, by its chairman, read lea ad
dress to the temperance beetbrettof Allegheny
county, and, on motion, after , some remarks, it
was adopted by the Unanimous Tote of shot - 4,800
RCM Mit= Mouthed thetraddressed the el-
Semb/y in an able and earnest appeal - to every
lover of virtue and freedom, tuuse 'his best ex
ertions in advancing the temperance refan:ns: . u=
Whet; on motion, the 'thanks of the omen.'
don were tendered to the 'different speakera- and
also to the different bands of singers who, by
their soul-stirring music, enlivened the assembly.
On motion, resolved, that the Secretary be in
structed to furnish a copyof the proceedings and
addresauf the Convention to the editors:of the
Gazette - and Morning Poet, for publication, and
that all other papers of the county, both religious
and secular, be requested to copy , from these
No more business coming Wore the conven
tion by . the presiding officers, it was adjourned
sine die.
• THOMAS: c.. GUTHRIE, gicey
July Bth, 1851.
To the friends of leoiperanct and aortal order eresy
where in - ' Allegheny county. The Coerced= .1 1 7
hordes in the Reformed I.Prerkyterion anti , ' of • v
'P ,o Creek, 'on the 4th instant, send grectins: -
Brethren, the abolition of' intemperance,;:by • •
the eradication of the drinking enamor arniey, .
is an object worthy of our gravest deliberations . - ,
and most indefatigable exertions., Total ahrtin- '
&nee is the fonndation on which is reared the • ' '
alma:rector° of , the temperance reformation. '
In their. respective localities oar 'assocationt '
have effected much. They here preened a
spirit of inquiry oa the subject and among the
religions and sober portions of the community,
the use of intoxicating: liquors as an. ordinary , -.
beverage, by - their exertions, has - become dm- ,
reputable. They have done nono..:•they have •
been the means of goading many heedless
youths from paths; of vice and destruction, and . -
of exerting a restraining influence overtheminds --
of pereons of mature years. Their operations
have also beta. ordered aid 'blessed ego; in
! improving the condition of society, and an aux. , . •
[ Mattes in the sinner's cartertion to the faith af
'Bet however much mayihairebeen accomplish. —..-. •
1 ed for the good of !meaty, our reformation is . .:
far from being complete. Bing Alcohol-tall • ....-.,
reigns In our midst, aid ' claims manf aside 2, . --1!4 2 .1
reticent, He has..thrortstlx the posses ota dn.
peered appetite—for the sake of, 4sdn--0411.4 - :
the influences of establisheddenkingnsages ' . . '..-, „1
in society, mantdevoted adrocatcs and subjects.
In thebroad road leading to destruction hilits en-
mente. ' Enthroned in the affections bf his dent;.
tees, lest:nate a powerful influence in behalte
the kingdom of darkness. •
.. r , ..,
.. • "
Brethren, we Cordially accede 'to the pleforot
of action p*Ml ahai 301110 time since, by scar •
Allegheny temperance friends. We will not use
the, elective franchise In the elevation of persons .
to 'places of profit, or frost in our beloved Com
monwealth, who are theoreticeily dr prt,ciludy •
opponents to our reformation.. By glens our I
menage to persons of drunken or doub. het-
US. wouldbe both unwise and impolitic. Besides on
our part it would argue incincenty in - car cause ~
of reform. =Unprincipled men—men who make . '
their own elevation paramount to the good of so
ciety; con be well spared'ham the national ann.
cols and the orour laws. If any of the
political parties shall disregard the voice of rea
son and the rules of propriety in the selection of
candidates, and present for our suffrages nun
Morally disqualified, on far as we are cowered,
they mint abide the consequences of their own I
At pement, brethren, the cause of temperame l
I in our country is certainly is the ascendent; and I
several grave questions are presented far oar
coosideration2 And first what is - present duty!
Whlikey:houses; or the sale of.
spars as a common beverage, in OUT country, in
consequence of the deep-toned feeling in fare
of lemPerance, have become a nuisance end a /
Meeting rlement in our midst-- , Their Latin/ 1
aces wage war against our holy religion ; oar .. I
ria /
literature, and domestic happiness; our aser; ~
tions ought to be directed in the best and moat , •
, effective manner for the removal of our mo -
disgrace, and peetuday injury. Emu sellers add •
do es have long been defended and protodted •
by state legialation in our connoortwealth- Tide in - -
morals is wrong. ;in . nutditeation of/license
law can meet the case, or render right that
which 11 inherently einfe 24. - Aught not the '
teMperance societiee of oar corker° meet some - , ;
time In the ensuing autumn, by delegrotien in
the city of Pittsburgh or Allegheny for the ra
pine of exchaziging 2 their views on the proper
modes of action in advancing the cause of tem
perattee and geed order? Concert in action glees .
weight to the canntwhlch it .is intended 'to ad- -•
vane The pulpit the:bench; the bar, than.
.ical sniff, the ballot box;the merchants, the me.
chanies, and the : farming interests in cur coon-
iyare in good,Meiusurs under tilt, bleated info
of the temperance reforwation. There are • ,
also, many exceptions, but the chief power is In
ma Juntas. Then dell we use it?.er. shalt we ' -
content outaelech as heretofore without any, dl. _
rat eggresslon upon a licence system of Miele-
ty !dour midst! , • :.
- •
:Brethren, there is one other evil .to whiehwe
would - call your attention, and at present we
have done.. Many youth in attending the mar
kets in our fides are greatly injured by stopping
in the whiskey houses Tinarmunling the market
plum. Many of these. hate - their eirrles of
loafers and loungers, who. are- greatly.lnjurions
in ensnaring and debasing the - yoeth of =most
repeatable farmers .-.Whiskey houses, so far se
their inflame extends,, degrade and. rain the
morals of our towns-end villas and often the
whiskey shop;by the way side *sends out iu Tut,
sexily andblasphany to the annoyance of even
"-ID:oathslen, we respectfully -recommend to
our temperance friends of. Pittrborgh and Ant.
legheny tails the time fora convention by del,.
egation, and Imo a call -upon the temparanon_
societies to meet and be represented the „ --
- In behalf of temperance nti are yout.:: "
To on*, C, Gutmann CO
Bakerstown, Pa.
• ..,
O .
The , Lowell factory girls, "pursuant te artung• - ,
mutt." turned out in procession on. tha Fourth
of July, dressed up in the bifurcated garment ! .
After parading through the streets a is Tju4
one of their number', on behalf of the' " meet
ing," presented a beautiful new tanner to one or
the firs companies of the total; who were'begi..
. " Accept thin from those whose duties to them
aelvesi and to others demand a change from, an
Injurious to a healthful costume, and as brae , " -
and gallant firemen yen cannot be otherthan the
friends of woman in e good sense: '' .
To which the miller& fireman. cur pante) who
replied, adverted as follows;., .. ...-. . . ~.....i,
" Ladies,. once more let me return Mica Mir
honest and heartfelt thanks far this beautiful to-
ken of our conduct as' firemen.' , May 'the same
epiritwhicleties led you to adopt eine of the
tint costumes which you ever wore, guide You
through life, and the manly and 11.4r4400:11:41
firemen of the coil:dry eillbidyon... God speed.... 7,.
At the &inter • in the aTe . l4 *.'!.. tout was
givers by Mr. 81:ennui: ... .s . '....--z - '. •
1 " The Lowell lactery Operatives ticiiittlei
Costume—Was &dam= iis all labs glary &most
like one 042iim, ,!. For, though UM dross-.likes
the Editrees of the Lily, yet they are not o lgine:i
since they both toil and spin." '; ..•_•. '..1