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dicier Ransom) Marnso.—Pursnant to no
, ,
tioN a very lartemitting, of the cities:is of Pitts
irargh and vicinity omvened in the root= of the
Digit of,Thide, on Saturday eresdng lint, the
120 instant, to adopt measures for the speedy
commencement of a railroad from i this city , to
EiteOhe*viile, ami for counteracting . certain
'hereto osictdatedsmateriallY to affect the inter-
esteof. Pittsburgh.
_ _,
Oa motion, tiLOHOS DARSLC, E 9., u called
to tbe Chair, and Dr. E. D. Gassam, George Pr
asa:'ltobert, 3L Wadley Kars:tar ljenny, Dr. J.
rt.:Speer, John. A. Wilson, S. E. Johnson, Geo.
Vireystr to, 11. Childs, Wade lianOon. Irillimn
6211111 and Thoopis M. Howe, Weiewbosen Vico
Presidents; and Chas. 11. Paulson, F . - 0. Kay
and William Whitney were apTiointed Scare.
Pritakini the Chair, Dlr. Danis ;thought It due
tii;the meeting to explain Lie position atthe time
of". the painge of the liemi4eld Wined chat
tot 'Ale spent atom') tin:telt/ :making %hie ex-plans-
Corr, In giving his views Instill:ion to the in- -
if it ihotill sus be .completet 'via the inter .
eats of Pittsburgh. -.
At theclosi of his tootarks t L. 'Hamer wand
that the eitll for the meeting be,read,—es the
. ,
chaLtinanbad not alluded to tho object .nfarred
to in tho call; and relight, theroforo, be imder a
ytisakuuhcattion in relation to.the object of the
.had mad nothing in ridition to the dteubenville
Railroad i and,he would therefore put the direct
question Ito lim, , YVas he id fever of the On'
snoistioa of this toad Tothiehlr. Deride. re
idled that he was. •
riittee of live be appointed to draft resolutions
espreative of the tease of the meeting.
!tutu:nuance of which,. the Chair appointed
Cbss, k!'sylor, Harp= Daum Rabat
bl:l4.l3le,l:llceaskey and L. Harpgr 0 . 12, sold
Z.ll. Stanton, Esq. eddies - sed th• - chair in a
yery pertinent tanner, k relation to the passage
cf. the ilempfield Itailroad the sooner in
'Bich It had been carried thniugh the Senate;
the means resorted to in order to draw the Ben
etor from Allegheny from Mellott while lids bill
woo before the aerate , the damndest practised
by those haring it in charge 1 the rains - which
they must bare attached to tide bill ; andsarmly
urging upon the citisMus of Pittsburgh the build
ing of the Slenbeurille Railroad, as out, of the
moat certain meant( by 'which to , mare to them
selves tho hugest portion of the' trade of Ohlo
Cd. GeoigaW. DiaCook, of Steubenville, being
?retiree, was called onto giveto the meeting some
Information relativeto the cotitectionthatwould
be enjoyed by Pittabargb with the principal
movements of Ohio, in case the proPeeed
rotairem this city to Steubentillin should be
completed . He raid that, by an hen of
the map attached to the report of the Stoubett
tills and Indiana-Eailroad. it would be seen that
this work connects with absomt every railroad Lit
.Ohio.. Hedidnotlookeposthellempfieldßall
road,;if-it slusuld ever be completed, :as macula
teed to produce such disastrous coneequenees to
Pittsburgh, for cover:drawees, the most import
ant of which were that from Cincinnati to Phila.'
&Aphis, blvtay of the Steubenville and Indiana.
ItailroattandPitiabtirgh,Wile by actual meaaure=
merit silent a full hour. tees in' distance, and
Mae more than this in the length of .the curves
and the. greatly diminished Inclnatiensi 'Orthe
Odes, - Trade and travel always seek the abort
estroute; and the people cf east= Ohio hid
long .been convinced that thin route was Me
shortest one that could be laid down to Philadel
phis, which wee their great mason ler having
wastalmed It so long, even, while the people of
Zitsbnegli seemed to be throwing cold water
open all their plaza tor its accomplishment The
question for the people of Pittsburgh now to de- I
elde'was; whether the trade of Ohio and the trawl
of , the great. West, shall pass to Philadelphia b 1
the Parkersburg Railroad, far below them on the
Ohio; by the Wheeling and Hempheld Railroad,
which mast affect their interests to a considera
ble wend; or, 'saint; the Stembecivfile and Indi
ana Railroad, Mill be conveyed directly to Pitte.
burgh by the propoeed short road to Strube:
Ville,,which will require an inconsiderable sum
of money to complete it. The route of the/Re:a
lbumins and Wiens 'road, which extends to
Newark, In Licking county, is all purveyed, and
theta:tire line le expecte& to be put under etm
traetxlming the next fall. And the Ohio people
who are interrested is this road confidently cal-
Milan., that the bonds:of this company will com-.
mud a higher price in the city. of .liert Tort
ticarthose of any riratcompany.. ,110 would al
oe Y. that, by making this read to Stextbenvele,
racists:ash will seetire another arlvantega - of no,
entail magnitude—she would raise an incur- .
mountable barrier against making the Zanesville
ud Wheeling railroad. 'Make the praposedrall.; Stenbenville, and that Mad can timer be
soda Saws the trade to Newark (said Cot.
bloc-) and you at once bind to you all that you,
• ewer hid; with a bright prospect for an immense
I reuse
. . •
'( . The remarks of Col. IleCook werefrequerdly
interrupted by rounds of applause.] '
It .
was now meted that the reaolettioas
emitted by the Committee be emenelly read, with
a view to their -being diapered the rcee‘ .
When the first resolution teas ender consider
ation Won. Hamner Danny made Some appropri
_ ate remarks atotainix4 the resolution. He con
elided by saying that tf .Philculelphia should ad
vance *401,000 to aid in. completing this road.
'and Medd not, Isamu the eireepotim between
Philadelphia and Pittsburgh wasiceunpleted,) be
perfectly satisfied ttutrisho would realise all that
• the hoped to gain by the !templed road, Pitts
burgh wand pay to her every caddie had ad•
sauced," with: interett.i [This.remark met the
approval of all present, as was demonstrated by
the loud plaudits which followed it] • _
The second and third resolutions'', wire passed
without any particular'.expresaion on the part of
the meetiog. - ' - -
...Tim fourth resolution having bee: vend, E. M.
Stanton, Seq., made come remarks in relation
to the
. present Condition and prospects of the
Pennsylvania Raliroad Company.. lie said that
frotb the last rel;9 rt of the directors it would be
seen that the sum of three niiPis crollara was yet
wanted to complete tic connection between Phil
- wielphia and Pittsburgh; that; althorish , the
directors of the Central Dallread were dewily
-pledged to expend All the enotiejmthelt 'Med by
'Allegheny county in the construction of the
road, not one dollar had been thus eipended
and Wit notwithstanding all elitism were now
told tftboser- directors - that :Philadelphia had
done all gat conhi be - expected of her In :ela
tion to this: work; and. this .at s moment when
thentideaticel indleiduala were pledging them
selves to raise a million: and a half of: dollars to
enstsina'icheme tamed by many to be dins
trans lathe intermits of Pittsburgh. ,
Dr. Oinant -'askerithe Chair if it Rae not a
matter his knowledge that the aubscrip.
• lion f Allegheny county was to be'expendedim
.the west end of the road. ' .
The Chair answered' in the ailtrmative
Dr. o.' spoke warmly in condemnation eL the
ensile faith of Philadelphia sad atronglrurged
the meeting to take immediate steps to complete
the road to Steubenville—thus 'seeming to our
selves the advaetaget of en early completion of
theshoitest and best route that can be:Bade
from Cincinnati.- ihreugh Pittelmrgh to Phila
delphia. lie thought, eV°, that we ought to
. direct our attention, at the earliest practicable
moment to the completion of the ,C9nuellsrille
• Railroad, uniting no with Baltimore.
The Chair here made soma remarks enplain.
tory of his Course, in connection with the Prod.
dent and Directors, and also the Philadelphia
Stodtholders of the Central. Railroad.. When
dlr.:Merrick Rao here, importuning our citizens
to antscribe to too stock of this company, he
pledged - the eitirens of and
county-to subscribe as
_large a. sum as would be
- snbehribed by'Allegheny. he went to
Philadelphia, 'after the. Mbacription had been
made, his duty to the Stockholders of Pittsburgh
and'Alleglierty required him to insist upon it
that,the pled/As which, tad been made rtied=
to *heti:subscriptions 'Di
should be complied with.l
The President cud Directors seemed indisposed
to Mt telly, and he determined to bring the mat
ter before meeting of stockholders. This they
strotigly.ohjated to, tied finally passed s resolu
tion of the desired cheraeter—pledging them:.
*elves to do what they bad promised. This res
olution was afterwards approve in a stor.khold.'
eve meeciag.
• The fourth resolution was than adopted, and
the fifth passed without any especial remark.
Thesixtbresolation being up for considers.-
tion;Charies Naylor, Esq., sdetaiood It in his
' • innudwarixt and energetic manner, When it. was
L. Harper then moved that the respective
Cothonitttes required by the resolutions be now
1 9pol:dee!, which was agreed to; and the Wrenn'
=ad as ,the Committee to visit Philadelphia,
Messrs. !Lunar Danny, Charles Naylor, Thomas
- Al. Rowe, Jos. Pennock, and George Deride. .
Tit obtain erubsCriptioas Sm.&
to the' Steubenville Railroad Company ‘_ are:
Merril E..D., A. It. Lewis, e: H. Paul- ,
on, Datil llobaes, Wm. Thaw.
'We are indebted , to 'the repute of the rat,
for the above rerrt , The Cemmittee on Resole
tiara reported as follows:
• Itesidied,. That the Pittsburgh. and !Reuben.
stile Railroad Conipany, incorporated by-the act.
or t - General Assembly of Pennsylvania, ap
pro tile .24th day of March, 1849, demands '
the immediate end entire support not only of
pierehurgif and the region of country !would it,
but of Philadelphia and the whole State, as
great and indispensable avenue, in the present
condition of affairs, of railway communication,
connecting our enyoPhiladelpldis and the State,
with the West, South and South-west• I
Resettled, That the said road, connecting with
the Steubenville and ludisna Railroad; puts all
the points we have named in Pennsylvania, in i
the most direct communication and by the short
eat distances, with a greater number. of impOrt
abt points and roads in, and leading from the
' South, West and South-nest, than does any other
reed now in progress or project, in the country,
lend willtafford to Pennsylvania,'through Pitts
, burgh and the Pennsylvania Railroad, a greater
amount of trade, travel and resources, than can
be afforded by any other road. t• • •
Resolved, Thereforepledging for it, se we
hereby do, our earnest, unanimous and energetic,
sappost 2 that we tikes at once, the raceway,
steps for the immediate orgardeation of the said
railroad company, by proceeding, without
to erabscription to its capital stock ; and that
a committee of five eltisens be appointed to pro
r ours enbaariptlons immediately for this purpose:
Resolved, That the project recently entertain
ed in Philadelphia, and sustained by the man
aging directors of the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company, involving a virtual abandonment of a
part of the Pennsylvania Railroad, by au attempt
~to concentrate at Wheeling, Virginia, all the
trade, travel and resources of the Ohio—of the
West, South and South-west—is a project found
ed is en entire igioorance of the true condition
of things in this region of country, and would
(if it could he carried out) prove feud to the
best interstate of Philadelphis,.as well es wrong
' ful and highly injurious to Pittsburgh, to ‘Vent
ern Pennsylvania, end to the mingle State.
• Resolved, That the extravagance of such a
project, persisted in, as we understandtit, is
and will be; demands at our hands a ;tromp,
lead decided exposure; and that, for' this purr
pose, a committee of five be appointed by the
IP:widens to proceed to 'PhiladelploN - where it
finds favor and support, to expose the true air
eater of the scheme, and to premntsthe merit
and pretensions of the Pittsburgh and Steuben
vale Railroad as the means which will secure in
reality, all, and more than all, the blessings so
deceitfully promised by the scheme referred to.
Resolvah That as the ollieers and managing
directors of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
have, by their recent nation in Philadell his, at
tempted to =stain . the wrongful and injurious
project to which we have referred, and are now,
es we are informed. iroseg .d in furthering it, it
becomes the duty of the Commissioners of Alle
gheny county, from which the said Company
have obtained a million of dollars, to join ea , in
sending representatives from raid County
Philadelphia,..for the purpose mentioned in the
foregoing resolutions; and that the attention of
aald Commiesionere and of the people of our
County should be carotid: directed to the pro
ceedings of said Company, with a view to stelae
&faithful performance of its obligations and to
prevent an improper 'application of the stock,
credit, anti influence of said Compsny, to the
'construction of other Roads injurious to our.
County and to the whole State.
Therebeing no further business, the meeting,
adjourned to meet again on Saturday, the - 19th
Most., at the same hour and place.
Tea Fuca :Aare_ We bays frequently oh.
aimed the fine stable of Euterpe, the muse of
music, Which ornaments the front of Lafayette
on Wood street; and always took it for
granted chit it was brought from the out. ' We
were, therefore, somewhat astonished to hear
lmt week, that it was one of the, works of an
artist now resident in Pittsburgh, Mr. P. Seibert,
a native . of MaYence, in Germany, whose , still
both ea a sculptor and carver in wood, is worthy
of the highest commendation. The statue in
question, is nearly eight feet Ugh, and the
beauty both of itsdesigit and execution, attracts
the attention of all passengers. ,
Vire takethe liberty of recommending Mr. Sei
bert to all our atieens who Irish to erect monu
ments in the cemetery, as being a gentle Man of
talentottid well veiled in the details.of hie pro
fession.. We trust soon to eeo come of hie est
uary ornamenting the beautiftd "city of the
dead," sitar Laironcsville.
Dtruanumnan MULIVAL.—Father Matthew,
the distil:gabled apostle of temperance, arrived
Pittabnrgh yesterday afternoon, on the steam
er Contras:dem from cusciattatt; ' Daring bla
staramonsat tte„ he will be the guest of . Bishop
nule boy of about term ,) ears
of ngt,A son of Dirs. Parke: Idlo,keeps n jew
elry establishment on St.—Clair Street, was
drowned. in the Allegheny river, at tho Saint
Llair Street Bridge, on Saturday afternoon. 80,
together with some other boye, were amusing
themselves by jumping teem one keel base to
another, when he Inieeed tds footing, and woe
irreelpitated into themater. The body has net
yet been recorerel.
Scums Error. banns:ma COlLtanr.—Tru en l
.the attention at one readers to the `insurance
Notice." in another column, tram - which it will
be. perceliod that the business of that Company
is la: a Tory froariahing condition. 'Sir.` James
Tarbeit,o.'l"a Wood street, is the agent for
this Company.
Tmeranaiso ma Wisc.. , -Fraccis McDevitt
WAS committed to the county jail on Friday, by
Alderman Major, ch.exged, on oath of Catherine
biz wife, with threatening to kill her.
Tam:Jas.—A woman named Sarah Hawkins,
was committed to prmon, om Friday evening, by
Aldan= Wir. charged. on oath of Illicheal
Cur, with instate dug to set tire to some bouts.
012ThAOLIVIII. ASSAVLT.—.I gentlemen named
'Lewis Dunti.and his wife, strangers is the city,
era walking up Wood street; after MOB o'clock
on Buturday night, and when between third and
:Second strects,wers aro c° , 4 by two rxdßlus, one
of whom etrutk)lr. Dunn violently in the mouth,
while his companion peens:gad the assailed from
defending liiat,elf. fortunately the occurrence
was Sews , by some gentlemen on tit* other side
Of theatres; and two MCP, named Bill Cal:eh
and Dssid • Robinson, ' were arrested by the
watchmen, charged with comooluing the offence,
who were sent to prison, by 31eYor Outbrie, for
furthei examination.
Tsswtits dorm:ion,
Patrick Cahill, a laborer in titimplu'a tanyhyd,
in the eighth Ward, got ono of-his legs cutan•
stied Las machine for grinding bark, and the
flesh was hteridly stripped from the bone tho'
the bone was not broken. Thu =fortunate
man was Carried home, but bis recovery to el:-
m=ly problematical.
BtISALAST.—The dwelling honso of Mr. J.
Alcestis's, Allegheny, near -lias Penn Cotton
Factory, was entered by some burglars, on Fri
day night.. Mr. 111sC..'s pantaloons were token
down stairs, and raded of some thirty dollars in
ltinn s 7, Two gold rings wet, also stolen.
Citiieres Insarance Compaiay of Pittabugh
r ev N 0.41 Water etreld.lo the warebouoo offf. U.
C. 0.. Etoderrt.A. W. flan ,Foer.
Thioptoolted) lettotrOrrpuolto mrrrhandire
kt Rom sad to trawl to. vewle Le.
An mole goarsaty for the ability nodJatecity of to.
doetltutloo,ts a ff orded to the ammeter id the Directors,
erhp are all clUsetre of Pitteburgh. wen and favorably
imoon b it. comottualty for their prodetdc. tritelllorerm,
sal hotterrltr.
DEES R. JONES retratfully ittforme City
AMU° %Zak'.that slicitte
' MA.yrf,A . dl2 t*les
R 1"; No. /XI Iront street, one door nortn.
mut of B. A. for
Drug ntorw,where he type
ta gum and for rale a Larne emd Moms] en o tbt .
Meet amend Virginia bramb Tobacco, sal a select amor
aunt Uf Mae ImporteulScAme, of the elLnionet bracelcabo.
10 lthde. fee Sew Leaf. All kinds of Kentucky T he
manufactured iMtb rare end diepatc4. Orders thankful])
maimed and promPflf 0,1 " .1.4 "
HEW 11008131 NEW BOOKS!
gtreehorcosli. the Poet Man— . .
loterndltilltr . 4l 4 l l ?; • .half.
Tbe'Tamura.. of lout Pertalokle: a SO StotT.
Tits Goutiteas of 'Amboy.' by DOI. , • .
' Coat. or the halm. or Patin by Mai. tilrlssNw a .
Yeast s • Inobtrun by the author of -Alton hooka!'
Hewer. of a Baoheton or a Hook of the Wart.
TLTormr's Counannoo, with ltionauttoos.
Travelel•Ould' e Mtn... the C. E. and Canada.
Lea _
• Rells orth the boaboaDint,a tale of re.l
1 800
Tb. None.) Elan,.
The lUD of W.. Waylah4. a tall by Mary flontt.
The Daughter of Nlabb it story of oh. pripotot flow.
Nam Bal v ea teem: a meanly by bola,.
- 111.ranata'a .nouttuy omanalne. rut JenY—No.l.
fictley's Dcok. for Jul,:
ttartatO hlaragloa
The Lase hattonal, ••
FISII-150 bbls: No: 3 Ifitckcrel;
30 • No. 1 Trout .m Matte Fhb;
" Na •
' f""1. bf 'Jomq Trwrt a M.
ARD—) bbls. No." 1, fur solo bv
ill iy4
GREASE -15 bbls. for sale by_ _
Jr& 1947411 DICKEY 4 CO.
-100 Oz. p,st Tr:d ~ a.telli t o: a .i& Exkl no:
A avestwraub.,b..-
UtOCITZD rrr 788 bluuz.Li Tsizoit . .APit 1.1"
.flumiscrii.A., July 12.
There are contratlictory statements in refer.
ence to the resimuttion of Mr. Webster. Reid',
er the Republic or Intelligences hare any ellw
clone to it. It is certain. however,
,that Mr.
Webster contemplates a visit tv, , Enrope. Be,
starts on Tuesday for Annapolis,'Where he em
barks for New York,"and thence for his home In
Massachusetts; and after,sPending a few weeks
wih hie family, will embark for Raglan& and
will not return until Into in the fat ln case of
his resignation being accepted, it is said the
place will be given to Mr. Crittenden.
..DorroF, July 12.
An extra train from Woreeater for Providence
ran off the the track this morning, near Lynn,-
dale, breaking, one loeomotive and several of-the
cars in pieces. Thopassengers fortunately es
caped without injury..
',New Toast, July 2.
The steamship Ilernumm, for Sonth ton,
sailed this afternoon, with 92 passim sod
$866,000 In specie.
The steamer Empire City also sailed this af
ternoon for Chaves.
PnivAD6Lersu►, July 12.
Cotton.—The market is steady but quiet.
Flour—The market is inactive, with sales 400
bbls standard brands at $4,26, and of select
brands at $4,07 0 bbl.
Rye Flour and Corn Meal—Sales rye dour at
$3,67, and of corn meal at $2,87 qQ bbl.
Grain... 819411 sales of wheat at 1010 for whits.
'and 944193 c for rod. Rye is selling at 720.
Corn is in fair demand, with tales 7000 bugle's
good yollow at 61e. Bales oats at 42010 c. -
Whiskey—Sales at 240 gal.
Coffea-.Balei 700 bags Lagsayrs. Codas at q
egi• - '
No chugs in proviidon&
New Tom, July 12.
Flour—The market is firm, with males 3000
bbla at $4,12154,25 for state, and $1,15Q4,37
for roma , ' hoop Ohio. Rya , flour la scarce, with
sales at - $3,37.."
Cora Meal la Leavy at $2,6163 pl bbl.
Gralu—Sales 1000 bushels new Maryland
wheat at 100 0 per bushel. Rye is nominal at
72c.-.Salta-10,000 biiWels mixed western eons
at 690 I 3 ho.
Whiskey—Sales of Ohio at 24e.
Groceries—Sales 300 bags Rio Coffee at Fio
flo. Sales 100 hhds Porto Rico 31olasses at 27,
Tobacco is brisk. with sales 160 bbds Sy , Si
Bl 9c.
Wool—lbemarket is quiet, and manufacturers
are falling off.
Provisions era dull.
Stocks—United States sizes, 1607 are quoted
at 4161: Caste Co., 6911 Ohio sines, 1665. 104 c,
for Illinois improvement bills, 63 is offered.—
Money is easier.
A Gssrt.mtas....At as entertaironent onboard
the American steamer Lafayette, at Liverpool.
Capt. liteddart. the conuotader, in acknowledg
ing • than, said:
will relate a little incident which will tern
to show that if prejudice could have existed in
my mind against Englishmen, it is now 'done
sway with. I was coming from Paris the other
day, and had three young ladies with me. Ao
. cording to my calculations) coati get to Liver
pool with the money I had in my pocket, but
whcn in London I found I had made - a mistake
of 46. 'lt Would bays put me to great Sammie-
Mame to remain, but theta was not a person I
knew at the staticut, and so I told the directors
to take my baggage off, because' had not money
enough to pay the fam. Soon afterwards I saw
a gentlemanly locking man standingin the office,
Lad presuming he was *pamenger going to Liv
erpool, I.put the question to him. ..lfo sir." he
said, "but can I do any thing for yen I" . I told
Lim I was short of tfi to, pay my fare, and he pot
his hand in hi, rocket, end gate me the money.
Ile gave me his card: his name is lir. 0. W.
Thomproa, Gloucester Sqtlart. Hyde Park Gar
dens, Loudon. It was a satisfaction to find tech
salsa lithig. It is worth more than X 600) to roe; .
and, gentlemen, I propose the health of Mr. 0.
W. ThompeOn, of London.
Erircraar Entasurros non Bcortasn„-711y
theme...ll,ot Great Ilritein, jusztaken, it appears
that the Canary of ivernssa, for 1851, mows a
population of 86,280, which is a fa/ling off in ten
years, of
The decrease is chlesy coma:mato the western
Isles and parishes: the clearance system end
famine baring greatly thinned those dietricta—
for lattanc4, the decrease is 488 ;
Barra, 41151 ha North Ins% 49 . 1 ; in death Viet.
1.10. The returns for the county of drole
also show • stillgrester decreed. in the pea..
OM- Icr 1841 the numbers were 97,876, on 1851
88;667; being edemas's. of 8,809. This Isms
decrease taunt likewise be accounted for by she
tide of emigratica , which bits long set in from
the mainland and isles of the western highlands,
and whist; has been ea lementably accelerated of
lets years by the potato failure, and consequent
privation of the people. '
. Parties are atrengely mixed up at the present
time in 3liseierippL All the old Until have beee
obliterated, fora season et least. Many of the
warmest Whigs aupport Gen. Foote, while not a
- few ere among the advocates of Gen. Quitman.
On the otker,land; enteral of the strongest Demo•
credo prints in the State support Gen. Facts, and
&animus Quitman on the strongest terms. •At
the recent Qaitman Convention in Jackson, T.
'Jones Thevert, late Wh'g elector. was its first .
Vice President and one of Its " eptakerr ; Weary
Gray, late Whig candidate for Congress, was an
other of its speakers; and John L Golan and C..
It. Clifton, iwo of the Whig leaders about the'
capital, were prominent in JO deliberatioas.. It
this be not a party fusion we know not the melte
ins of the term.—Ps. inyairer.
Notts.—President Fillmore wan at Fredericka '
burgh, Virginia, last week; and made • sPetch
there. In it method the following:.
hare heard much of Mulct to the Union
fear no mon than all hare hated; but par
don me for toying that in soy estimation it should
_never become a source of discussion. Thu very
idea of disunion should be frowned upon by eve.
ry true American as deserving Of no argument
and of no justification. It lit to sae painful that
it should be a subject of couverastion. i i
This is preeisely our poeitioo. Those men
who are constantly proving that the Union ought
not to be dissolved, ore guilty of gross wrong in
bringing what should bu Sacred in the eyes of ev.
cry American down to a level with ordinary to
pics of political diecussion. • No decent or sane
men have any idea of &noising, or doing aught
to dissolve the Union, end this effort to play up
on the patriotism of the people to accomplish
. polilicil end, is little less criminal than would
the treasonable effort to eefarate those who are .
One in ancestry, one in Internet, one in destiny.
Indiana Register.
Lamsnom Uwe We. R. Kivia.—Ron. Wee.
It. King, of Alabama, has written a letter, de•
closing himself decidedly opposed to the leading
compromise of the last session of Congress.—
The admission of California into the Union he
pronounces en act of Injustice, mod trays that no
man ehould have felt more indignant than he did
at this partial and unjust legislation. The bill
abolishing slavery, under Certain circumstances,
lathe District of Columbia, hassle ho could not
have given his sanction to under any einem
dances, and he takes the ground that lie should
feel it a bounden duty to vote for the repeal of
the emancipation clause whenever proposed. Ile
declares that he would again, a he did at the
bet emigre.% vote fur the repeal of the Mexican
law prohibiting slavery In Utah and New 'Meal.
co. lie oleo repudiates all connection with the
Union pony.
Born AND ITO BAILTIST.—Sioco our former
observetioni on Egypt, and the commencement
of the railway' 'from Alexandria to Cairo, we
have heard 'with regret that some trifling point
of detail not having been clearly explained to
his highness; the Pasha, the agent whom ho bad
sent over, did not feelitimself at liberty,.under
the circumstances, toll commence operations
without further instructionr. We now learn
with satisfaction that Robert Stephenson, with a
seal and liberality worthy of his reputation, is
about to despatch an engineer to Cairo, at his
own expense, to explain all detals, and to con.
elude the contract on the spot. The British
Commercial public, who are sensible of the ad
vantages to commerce which this undertaldng in
solves, will, we ere . pp
appreciate the energy
exhibited by Mr. ttiephenson, in which they will
recognico an earnest of its speedy completion:—
I Enytishparter. ,
AVIVICOM Seantary,—Tbe London Economist,
In, noticing th e statuary in the Great Exhibl.'
tion, guy= ..The world may mu.. perhaps with
come rictonlabloctit the sculptors of the UM
lnt Btntes bearing off the p alm of ieantr , and
those of the Continent conspicuous for rugged
The Goienior of Maryland has appointed
day, the Bth of August nut, for the czecution of.
Amos Gieen. =
An paper speaking of an individual.
says that he has broken every bank and jail. and
sabbath, which they have harkin that city for the
last fire '.'years.. This' irmlividual moat be
what a witnees in a meat bank swindling
cue called 'one of the offioers-- 4 % natural
Mexican Boundary-Comminioner.—The Wash
ington Telegraph says that it is understood
Bartlett, he Commissioner to run the 31esicai
boundary line has been recalled. John B. Bryan,
Esq., of Tennessee, is strongly recoMMended for
Commissioner in place of Mr. Bartlett. • •.
Ohial—The Columbus, Ohio, Journal stateo
that the wheat crop of that State is very large,
and that the greater portion of it, has been as-
cared in good condition. The same paper says
flint sithoFigh the corn crop Is not Advanced ss
far u usual, it nevertheless promises to be a
good one:
While London boasts of numerous foreigners.
Paris never was so fall of Englishiand while Ire
land lends her tribute in passengers to England,
the return boots are crowded with English visit
ors to Ireland.
An “indignant southerner,' speaking of .
Maine, says that one half of the farms Are so
barren that you might mow them with a razor.
arid rake them with a. fine.tooth comb and yet
not get enough to fodder a graukopper for a
The St. Louis latelligencer says there cannot
A be less than twenty•firs or thirty idle steams
lin that port,lyingup in consequence of the unu.
mull high stage of the upper rivers.
The latest accounts from the Pacific give the
particulars of quite a severe earthquake, which
took place at Coqispo, Chili, on the 26th May.--.
In Commercial street, the principal thoroughfare
in tho city, scarcely a. Louse was left in good
The British mail steamer Merlin, which sailed
from New York on' uesday for Bermuda end fit.
Thomas, took oat fifteen passengers, and $12,000
in specie.
The Canadian residents of the city of. :dew
York gave a splendid entertainmentto about two
hawked eacuralordsti from 31ontreid, on the kith
instant. The dinner took place at the village of
'rheum steamship Golden Gate, Intended for.
Messrs. lowland S Aepinwall's Penile mrtl llue,
'made a eery suesessfal trial trip front Now York,
on Monday. tier engines are on the oseillating .
prinelple, - dhe num as those of the Baltimore
built ateaseeship flepublie, at present running
between :nn Frenetic* and Panama, sad con
"eiderad ono of the twifteit Teasels op the Pacific.
Sea Bathing—Cape Map..N. Z.
ONGRE 4I S 11ALL in now open for tho rt.
eeptiott Ortisltosv. The Tropriotor.theahrtil for the
ral retro:lmre bvretatoro yen-wed, would reirvvtiadT
thethere Lakettitut to 'het t o tottidate bethuicedare
the ;invent ataln‘n. to wake hie boast te=4ll3ll be e. &War
rang-moots sod ateestmodatione, ha VIII more
paint to ;weave avid and attentive inbred Pervaatv, ay.
der We vavirtion that for en lived Indira totbe clutxoste
stal yoga eta =weir of the mouser. at thie pled.
101 bbls. N.C. Tar. le anal rider:
bright No o MI WATT &C•
tion nt the medical trateraby b to the Eyo
nucl Ear Wourrtabl. by Dr. Prmet, Ocertibt. of New Tort.—
.1 art reerbrd and ter sale 1.3„ • W. W. W1130:1.
BOTTLE CORKS-500 gro for solo by
!di R. K. SELLERS. - 67 Wmd sd.
VIARIS GREEN-540 lbs. sup., (or sate by
UTMEGS-1 bbt. No. 1, fur sale by
Ser.4 R. t.setxtßa.
.T EW NO. 3 MACKEREL-100 bblv. and
j: t S "'rigr3T.r.tztrr.47.4Vail;
from the maaafaetorfrre, 1:to IFot Idobt
ed 31111 reinp.s., for rate at t , lrplekle p til i tir p r
No, I sod FM - cod rt.
FISU-10 bble. new Lake Trout;
10 hi " &salt by
ig.23 J. &CANTRELL).
fIILLETT'S 303 RENA ttly Or
`PI Wm. superior et... 41 P.R. rwq RINI C a l er t
W. A. IJAVV..NI fitaude.P.
jel". .mere of &mel =1 Nand AR.
twee., m”ormol Prom In orr—tarde on . now
ariplr, by what) all totraloo Isnormaarloatalmnroguant
romOF,a. rtrnor
ato 1... labor Wanb.
W. O
an Wm common rem. nr torn
prtr. ' ItACF.VS
telt Etatatom7 'Smetana. Market M.
iT EATIIERIOO Sides N. Y. Sole. for sale
lel* 3.! IL
SALT PETRE-20 bap (Cruda) for Bala by
rir3G , w. & P. 11111(0.
CY, PERS! 011.-18 bbla. extra, for sale by
1. - 1 el .C 6 a litre...McDtMa.
riII.A.NNERS' OIL-23 bble. for itole_br naw, •
14 mot* mcva
O. 3. MACKEREL.—SO bble. for. Palo by
4k4 DALItLI.
M Kato.
NDIA RUBBEIi WHIPS—Of all the sites
oastautarotml. tor pan • Weftls and .taU. at Itteta.
11 K. , tsr 1•1•:. Nua : as•l 9IS and atm.
lan t rititztes
1. .
N 101 bbls. tarp 24-3.
V.) V.. •••
Frt .le br 11411 ionx w,ferr ro.
Wall Paper and. uden.
rfIIIO3IASTALNIER, 55 Mulct street, re:
p i ertrenr OfeOka a poret...n tis
mev.en.nsaarlaa laza *voca.. due, tutapigvir, almost
overt sellele In 110,
is YRUPS- -Underwood's floe Lemon Syrup;
'77 "1-. airogitlt " .
Mist. for rLoos tilb
M. A. Mrt3.11 , .0
nidlaY SALT—A - superior uncle for thit
vy dairy or MIA, put op 11. men Are Wally mg.
!Pa,`YS Libm,
,1.77 C
d s tom ces .vtrfoddon
a de Ldrd OIL
6 t7tsl 'ruble,.
It tut/ dtdd dr/des—ill. old bY
' J. D .7111.1.100 A CO.
EMI'-45 tons Miss. D. IL for rale by
M i 2AF tE4-'s° lll%liti);?diN f :fit*
I INDSOIt SOAP-30 boxes Hyde's, fox
t md. as IntrVel IL A. VA lINKATTCR
IDLASTEP.-60 Camthnxides, fur lullaby
hble. Lake Sap. White, ielt
g LIST RECEIVED—A Rupply of India guli•
to r Bmiat Paraw, nvltt 031.14.5. tad:} entre Mall
sale .bolusale ratlo. KO 0 Waal t 4 •
• lOU • J .
tt. ruttuars.
Cheap Black Do Lana
IT prowl Int of Etun WI r•ml) Mork De Leine, at
tloo prk , nr 37%, I.=
I, felsry aflieb•ran thq lan,.
SUGAK-2.5 hhdn. roTsale by •
• J. R. CAN MO.
JUNIATA NAIL; RODS-95 bundleiSlit,
for Irak by O. F. VON 130NNIIORST A CO.
G LASS --100 boxes Window Gins, assort
" T ." e. voN no..c:rnomr a co. •
AY FORKS, flay Rakes, and Scythe
J Ses•athr, for br
le2l . T. P. voNntr :0110SLFT cn.
• ARD OIL-10 bblx. for sale by
014 A. ICTI) • co..6ci Nrogdst.
Ju v d v td,ilr" l4l " .
ioa) :F. E. corner ofFourth ur! Nor knt.sto.,
RILL PAPER—A superior itlt just reed
norm, nf fknnfrtnl mn,lMarkot
'VILE undsrsigned having entirely re.
1. boll pool gnaw' tap %bora Namara astabllalb
mat romanns in all *bantling hundred and 6117....
,aganaa would rempectbally 'dry ratio. Unit It Is boa mar
for t 6. ravpUrni sod anunonalatino or On traapllloa.
aam A:=olontionf ttonistrannaroduninnaklierrof
Ram. armed ton , ' floan. Pia to t numeral* Unman
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/roma to tx.let u.T 4,1,11.41115 t prru , ci.
tDa foralturr non rale onbrearly to bran, of
Sod revamp ta can* of tr, Orsw. rum.,
Ig futiwi I. I. of lb. moat anoitinn manufarr
lure. Tao Maar name are e.upeciou.r, auxi Ma bourn bir
meal, Ind to ru urtutlxvil Li m.
C 00,0114.100 of Ow
iwrcry ilexattlannt tiumlueled t. an norsornann•
Mammon% and tap rroproder padre* hisparif that Um
knurly. liaise &ball bor.], Lb. Traralar'a
• rubannalAnanT LEIlf itsocz.
VLOIIR-110 bbls. "extra" flour in store i lUUIFRIt IIATCIIES-250 gro. formate by
' and (or ado Dr 1•10 B. RARCAUOII.
I . 1.14 C. ATCOUTIfIaTr.
47.1 AP SAGO Clll SF'.—fur tale by
.1.32 n int. A. Mt LUDO a CO.
(101) FISII-600 Mx. very fine, ar safe by
fel) k 51141.013.0 a CO.
IL amen Jost roclrril nod 4r Wr b 7
PINK ROOT-100 lbs. prime uunlitr. just
rted god for g a l. 1n 11091 R.
IT A 1)—.4 bs. just rood no or
1.19 R. a1:iv:11S.
'e i 9 I P 09 91 k; lone, puns wuirs,
en. 6410 br /OD 11. lg. IiELLEIO.
1 1G1IT ACRES OF GROUND; f a vorably,
A 'MAW fOr Pleslobrniony ort fruit of otgy Mod, will
fow cahoot& lrioo Of All2f . r i te . no,k i r,OT sea.
leltl N
Y-ur CLAY-7Auus Coploy'a Pus Clay, 110
A. jun received anti tbr P sale by
11E1 , 11 , . 1301tAX-500 am for ado by
1r.14 J. liThtf aoo.COWooe it.
psll-15 bble. New White;
inl4 3. Ili"CrI44ll.D.
SALERATU*-100 boxes pure;
014 117CA:17117Llibr
t i NLAX-1000 lbs. for solo by
Jolt .1. n.c►Nrl scn
'A.III ASH-30 bbls. for solo by
jell J. D. CANFIkLD.
IN - SEED 011.:40 bbls.Orisirold's brand,
for nolo by 11.14 1. D. CANFIELD.
IUHOTASII-4 casks fur Bala b . y
LIME HROOF PAINT-10 bbll9. for sale b 7
7.D. CAN fl ELD.
U CKE T S-50 dos. Marietta make, for anl9
by ' !elf J. U. CANYLELD. •
iIIIEE , IS-209 boxes for sale by
v.) t a, p. ciNFIELD
ACON-45 onkel Shoulders,
Maar. r4r Pale trr.
Itl4 JAMES DA 1.1.131, Sgoar4.
CHEESE -80 boxes for sale by
wan sag hos as.
Impdifeis - Fitinch aril Canter Nods,
t{ESPECTFULLY invite buycre. to exam-.
, tam their gash.
O.N.NET IDBEIONA—A veva. Neva= atestrusentt.
T.SP,Z7.I AND SATIN 10680.65—A ullaronamint.
116.161: !MI D 6 RMNE—AII ,raths ota
the but tataae. •
SA 21 y VZSTINGS—Bame make that hal, harte
ton. Oven so mush vallstiettou.
alstbrUES. vets, black and falter Cravats, blast and
Solared Crap. el . CM , * Wave. and list Crag..
CRAM SHAWLS AND SCARPS—Jen received an le
ies ef all colors end velem DRESS CRAPN.4. of various
13ATLN DE CHINE. Bereenets, &Vire, era oth
. ler tu the Carlton meeker.. /71*•lill
Sailing from Philadelphia on the Al i
16th, and Lire - enrol on the dor eschmooth ...MSC
p SIAS 2 PLEASANT& R. Iseseenk_Sfeetee. -
. ORE ANDOAII. Wm. 1 Oardle„w. Harter . .
' •-• ,Et ROPE, Matsuda C. fate. )lute[, . .
+•; BELIN, Alfred F. em h. Mader. • • -
', ."' SILACKAHAXON, On .W. W. Wes& Hager. ,
, rb.. elrite able. ere be of e beet and must astir
eials, and are noted the the ratty of their gameiterw. I
Huy are IHW up with all later' lownweerents see 'noes ,
'Uur=igr::l`,P.V.4,sl/.1,7 ==,,f'r tbrir v. 1
/tuserown '
ghee wet ennunanded bymen of anknowledged talent. who
' e rr nuequalled Ler thole expo mew In the packet...nen , .
Pawns. desirous of Waging dr Welsh Rose she Old 1
conntry can obtain cortlftates f Inland 'will be 1
mod for eight meths. and our ts inand LW-
eetent will furnish thorn with t • prover tulawralrnt cod
i insulations relative to their de um . 1
For the eonest a =et of .
ii rez i lithiZa . wi t g&c:'
I irsliTtt i gt l gut discount. h e irill be egur , dliy any of
Wr Ranks or Post Mete in the 1111" i Hine..
. ,
Vl ir rerweel7th " : P fo i llo k4 Win P u supn g' l n les7will " bir .o:mm ll 4ll ' 7d .
sad' paseenjier of Er years of axe cod creel lld lbs bird,
I 2
Its. rim .. or. tea. 61b& oatmeal. if lb. slew. nit nom;
lb. )4 molars, and 11b._pork. tinier 12 years of ass 6
16. i. turedienfts. 1 lb. pork. full allowance of waters's:trio
jiT.ll a" W f al 'l nu k i "' et:L o bel f a lfieenel itV 4reilTliat
jelElf - ...error tooth and Wood as.. Pittsburgh.
United States Hotel at Philadelphia.
nrup SUBSCRIBER respectfully announ
grh.,"2l:l,LV/te ttp, w IAZPV:ratrINIIS
STATM HOTEL. bnag known t entrnectlas "lib the
Ilotol coder the tat. Proprietor. 5. bob [WWII' We to
rim Hm
= Tl.O.g.[ljrltLbt:ll:3lll:l,7,l V.
clit4 4 =lll= ID .
° W[l=
Write. etten[lte to laa elunge. tatraloped tem lbo -o[o.
tall.- tins rly &Urals,
.d to ■tve ea:StaUralkttsl
TACTURLIL. Na. 41 Avah tecond Etr e ett . if gbove
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& Whole
." isle Givei.rx. No. 'al Nruket rt. Ftallsdrlpbla. .141
EALD,. BUCKNOR ' • CO:.• Tobacco
~~ l
20 1 (r Cent saved to, Country Merchants.
v !nor!. Na. 46 North bumf gareet,
bu )pet roclt !rem lb* mu a Num as ...Ire and .ell
'elected Ault of the abut, suds, wlticb will te. uld at 20
per eent l lieu can be rural:Laud 1, tbe city. for cub
" IT:Filtrarell to nil Wore earclualrU.
. Shawls ! Cloaks! ffiantillas!
EMILLS, No. Cortlandt et.; N. York.
. I. an: clothes a ha. 'bawl Watelsotteee • Comb
mat of call awl 'Winter NI Le. estuelalag of .11 ayLe•
ct reoteb sod Dosrate Wrol Lou• Abawle, metaLm• wilt.
• fal 4,nm - twin of I'Dench and 1. team Dome, mad Loma
Dto , b• eilmotee:g trade.
Ala°. to •xte• • apek el Cobol% btratni . .7l4beLSElL
Ramo aa Vete., CLOAK:IL )1A N/ LA DAC.. of
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Ilan cavorts.
LW balm Um medal atentas DOottwro ad West
ern Mombasa, to Oa acme. (boy tall fad en 1.00:
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t in., fa rh,r•arr. •
Atm, totat•t WIRE ROW DIANDS. ter saelbitin•
Comb .Stoma we draoml to '.err eslotat Mot emed
- at G ea
' Mee for Foreign Patents,
X. 6 Walla, N. Yurk, and IGO Filet et., London.
in Gnat grania, Fr.., &bum. n011e24...1•11
baov`P — lla emus. Cube.use tba
al Sts,
I!.ll4klarastica.em We above no be had er eatveleezel
`mreMe, etreetabiew Yak.
Supizior Black Wribing and Coffin Ink.
lONE'S EMPIRE IT 81 Nassau erect.
Poo Duilditor.: N... Turk.
9 , nrt.s. or-*cdos-. CCI
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tblo I. M. N. *Air, ms.ouotr , rect.
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Pn'tette AA). Barry's Tzigarphm i
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Sept, Alia
l'atf. Ulm I.4var ale—; L 4 t•••• ani(thl SIM a co.
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a. tha 3.4 aist.aa saws, sad dazing that waist
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malt. sad, to sty ones. sad statleartk. bra oral!
=lnd la atonft sat liwatbP. tomb au the 'Wawa di is.
aura.. tam as uutu, i uu. P. 4 191 14144 -
! Ituatd:arratat=ia.
V nt 7 iI.IIfSi3R7IBER offen for Sale, on
• (stored. toms, 0.4.0.. I , IEI
City of ktUribaugb. et.
No. 1. Throe eating] thow wort brkk dwelling haulm , .
Op gerund street. between Market and ferry Wet. Lb.
lob. Laing oath la tat trout, br EU •
ISo. I- Ciontadao fret fr 0..., Thi. t g g ug ot .djol uliL
mind kniabyttaisu Clugh. or. whirl; I, ....A ona
four glory tirtek boa.•, wogs* ►printing affim, and one
t*. b.** warthog..
No.l Two iota la Wallin.. Beat.: county.~ being lot,
a,.3 •314 4. bang about 10U toot odixoto.uu which noted .
od ano Witch of four fruffA drrlllnis, and Dug rirparat,,
fosse dwollign. all two goer" 616 L.
10.4. Ona lot 40 fart front au book et.rogit. grltorltit
shot.. and oatcalkaa to IL* top al 1.1. 6111.
lin 6. Two bomb lOU, end: 66 fort front. and running
Aval the ros4 to loaf natal . word, 0,0 th • fila learn.
6. One wilwatilit water lot. 160 tett au Wheal Baer.
with ten shags grata {user a4uSM.
• No. T. One lot Oppugn(' the wow 6,. t•O Tett front, and
•11.111,1. mI,ALa hp of 1.64. LID; Cs which la encded ono
innately !girt stOre and ware:cu. RS by t 0 ft.; ahoy.
Goma dnlLmr. two semiy,o 61 6.
No. b. Ogg littgolot In New enalitee.Deavtz enunt7. be.
ton .noct, .00 rtytt Lretray. and about nerp.
t'A - nlalumpollateta, ank • elrtiO4 two I no, frail.
•I•mtar/V, MI ono mall tram* Igor, good on an
Tbia asydortt wag toroarrly ...gated by 11r. T. 1.1 Gould.
'Land 111 ter/ Pn..•stal?
01. ?Slifka Bridge. , - •
Co, P. Ono wake to inundidlattay belga:Allston brldat.
being about 106 to. in length, and et.totalnly from Kai,
m.o. to lot vat*, Sark. or .1011 . vat,
n. 14
*bora rtt•ln ft/ .4160 told on nni ‘ TaTcnb:o tEr4e.
1p ' 117,* " : ts. 6 " j3l)Cl4llif,til ,.
0.0621 * Pogt Amr.l
xor C. Oa-n, 1550.
l'aor. Brat-- It Dear itlr- , flaboattmoroarrava utr balT
c•sr OM • greill 60.4 Wad 1:111 brad au snub au toted
wftyd I was WM by. Mood to 47 rout•ittonbata
•.v.• sad I did to cud to bryamoutidnamot. to, bat: ana
trul. ocoOkL and all lb* .ImA:ruff dbapplamat.
toad Dow Wont tem:f. - •
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'a roar
WELL. r•A Stua.".T.
It AZT lair dr werilorsau 4,ktr the autheuttel%or +la
abo”. they call at Prolkamo•• C
Ili Draaluay. bra York. *bar, yrodtne=
cal letters.
Foos tn.. 7:1114, aro.
t, to co tonacsi# tor Ar 41 ' 7 , 4 1 ' 2
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don of tlo talin clowned. as end. a l a r set= l ll
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u.,,,,dta,X:l4....,lrnitaitt• generally, throturbaut
•• • •
ronwAimirra .t. CO)13118810N MERCHAhri'
CONTINUES his. uwaal facilitios N rocoicc.
, FOrs. re. Fair. and Trazublso•td. an MN , '
con..lgn, Ma. • 17,..w.t. lah. NA awl. 411117 Ike all
01, IN , Lai. , ‘19.1 It.q ililat•LlCaLual ar.4 kilref.-• . .
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Itefor to Atrzintler ()Orden.= berrne. Malin * Co..
rutrhereb. on*tr
pAVI ) C. TUTTLE, Attorney, 6t Law,
aud econavlaner for Prilasylvania.
.1z , ,k 1 3 , 10
comolunlmllon. proultuy umhered.
if 01IN 11. RANKIN, Attornay and Conn•
POUCT RL NM/ Cotorolentooer Al the Otate o
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31 I v all7go.l=l6
Veitple. XeCottl 150. anotkly
Imperial . lot of the whoas article jutt met{
tail tort !al* MTLltatAll PAlalleitt
Jai 115 bluest *l.
:JPAPIA LIANOINGS—A huge amortment
of Trench and American Paper Il.nninar , . bastion
laid and fur sale by P.
,yl7 Noed
White Paint
x calved and for rola at No, 7 akin Wood rt.
11.—Wn Undo Wm altrotroa of lloto• and Steamboat
Pidonwa to ad]. article. ankh •o hat o lor up.
w . r d a of rpm e months, and ran VSCOLDtPIIIIII to t..nprfor
bud pond bitten' ituttlid of aloorbinit
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ifirkral MC Ell .1111jinittt, ft
wally as oboap ntrna lead.
Harbree (etuacessor to Roussel) Perfumes
fa the Handkerchief. •
:1 4 XTRACTS of Rome, Ortinge Flower, Jop
jug Nolll4sll. Vostwos. Owt,t. Ns, Vcolife, l'at•
vko i tya' r t , O , V i l=cll6al.ofts:z i tory. ll okeZr4
Z,7,:sllZ3Lwm - , b.titgr=rm` ll ,,,
Wwrt ood, Jam .od. Cumc:f.ll=l. Mast ,
sod bottact Slott, In .on
mum bout., with glawt_ldett
pet. All am abolo ditnClA.which cal coif • TA.d.—d.
smuwa, taw of tlut nu
kind=to Md.,
_mod villa ogr.wdal tam Who extocaly. d es ma& lo chic
cokstrf. pay La the WO otolomalon lo which thcres•
baia j g r Qo caospaositri,aw=ao4
For EialCoi-PerpetualLtase,
Aill fr ou . t a tst , lit a ll v t . tt i t:e .t oat i sts=lof the to=
an thattlianc •
Mn for rut for nue or more She residue of the
out lot ou the 11111.. extending beck to !greet Itself
oesupiel es • paws lot
for terms. to.. enquire of Ur. MOUS. BORLAND_ our
the premium or of the ' subeetiber, at his offlur, tio. 101
Third street. Pittsburgh.
To Lit,
&DWELLING 110 USE, Containing 9 gs , .
or 10 mama, in good main on Federal
hen! city. Dootrant to the yard, which I, large
:17,74 41= d". ' '" F t .. l r I alaT " l ' .l2; 4 ,' , sr, °..
~,....jelittf . new the month of Thin/
i Valuable Lot on Third greet for Sale.
IWILL sell the Lot on Third stteet, ad-,
Joining Ma Whboirtery Establiehment of Wm. Noble cm
s one aide, god the
fawn of the Vigilant Pin!
Contrany on the other. The front on Third otrowl. le 44%
rat, grim g nosh towarl becoad Arent of 60 feet, more or '
k gg , Th . yen. Is 114,600.0ne one Iti land. the bab
mite with !clean to be secured by band end mottorage to i
the Int, payable in one and too years hem the date of 1
tale. The Ott. I. perfectly good.
jellyllw at the Ofbce yf ti. hboler 0 lb, oourth st.
EOR RENT.—A three story brick .2,
dwelllns house, Matte =Third street,betwen „
nt and Ens/ the hone* le well thnothed with by
tisane In the
c o ld kithen and atorembleh thssulg • bath mai
with hot end o water. PosSelsion &en lintanlistelY
No. SO t 9.1 Finns it
House and Lot for Bale
LARGE En ortLeSeock street, Al-1
lecheny. =acting through to Helve., frontlaton each meet, with • depthof Lai feet. u .
settler with • Rocca thick D•elloat Home, coutabchl M
ma. Yoe tams apply to ACIIMON WOUDIIL)1:813. Ifs
biaaon Weal. orJOffil P. FAXVIT. 4.2
TORE ROOM TO LET, on Market et
h .,z
tiS w and 7 Mon Fourth. utal etliolobg the .
eta and Jevelt7 Oton of W. W. Irmo,. T
Store Baum be. the haadsomest front la the city. and In
the beat location for • Dr y Good. ard nary flaelnees...._
Bent tbr the !chute* of the tree "ID be rot,* 1 , .. - ...-
t ab. of JAMIE*/ GRAY. or
jet W. W. WILSON.
Real Estate for Bale
A VALUABLE unimproved LOT on the
corner of Liberty and Factory rtreetr, FM Ward.
mastic the Omen Catholic Church. 30 feet front ou Lib
erty. byloo feet deep ea rectory. running back to Spring
A ad—the three Wry Brlck Derelliu Boom on 1.41 , -Ir.
street. adjoininitthe thee. the lot bean ill feet front by
100 feet deep. The house la lane and convenient. built In
modern nine. and mutable eleven num.
Alec-7)saes of very valuable band near Sharpaborgh.
A iso—A Term of 136 acres In Wee. Deer Loirnablis.
ftvm Ne*
Alan—A rano of Stec scree Isterreneo county. 6 collo
Alm—Fez. in Deaver 'county. of various aim and
Om. from 000 acme dew. •
Alp-13 very valuable lots 113 Vlnivoo, tlllnolr. CTIM
nth:Wrath. Emdra of
•. • .
Attorrie7s .
sod Neal Estato Amstar,
=TO . No. Wl' founts Woo.. Pittaborth.
Sward Street Property for Sole.
TO CLOSE an Estate, Two very deli- r 4,1
table end aell Maltby' three strry DIUCK
ELLINGIR. &road. ireartediatel mots :rata...*
Cold street. (earl) eorattiaitta Oft ht wow and attle. teal
Flub pvcis
weer.) At.elted. sulpllol Worn 11111. - tx vial not nal
cold er.) trill he roll Th m.. ow. e Houses ars neulr a.
Eat .111 be required at ha Ham of paraham tha balance/
la payments Ham one to ela years.
kat farther taterzaathat Imply torntiNK Rath% dEeat
av thy estate of M. ltabm.dee'd. at IlteararCelatian. ma.
DI. a ea.'s. No. tip time n. realedawasaT (chit)
VOB, RENT—A Warehouse on Water r".c.,
street, Mawr. Slu.ket net Fem. onitnble far
lUe in 'd 72 ‘ 4 '1"."'".
To Let,
1111 E well finished and furnished Store, z t ,
• OD Di e,. One Dm lb. Yon Dr. 07.1.1 YreYmizii .
toby Poker a Je.elry More. kyyly
be E. D. GAZZ.A.V, 73 Liberty gt,
^eylell - lyttid. Wm.
To Formant.
. .. , •
A.OOO ACHES Firming and Grazing
tarsi% in Warr. county. located on tho
t i u st kiai hrey rtur, within twelve talks of tin Now lark and
ti.. /Llr.-- ,,..„.. 1.000 .
E Act•s =car. ln c. El f k county, for sida on wronanods.
rail corr. of Market and Third sta.
To Gardeners.
tiNvt.NTY ACRES of Gardening Land, al-
I' rt 4147 oaler hroc&rultirailcs. wailt on< mite 42. N.
e.y. will la mkt for no.RI serr--eue thirl rub, and di
b..... M.N..% vat amp* years. Tbr.particrulars ea.
amc<asthe Pankioa Mom of
witarzyce A CO..
loft mates of Marks.cti 111. rd
Desirable Suburban Residence for Sale.
THE subreriber offers for saki tho house and
lITOUDIS whon be norielidoe. ef tasted on Path dr
T renthat. Alleshenf. end about 3 ntinntee walk frm
tltnonatet of We etty. The let le 140 ft. front on Park st 4
nothing hest . Z 2 OSL to voter bas
trZlVar . :eh " I every ate.
n. 4Thfrn
...ary that; lune, and etheadhthly arrehttl. haulth
a front , arid fte.L and a depth of 70, and contains fnarteett
thtara, beta:H.oWe nth. feet .1 , 14. it b built to the beet
ani tuced durable thannes. and bea a thavroof 004 and
<octant* all the modern cnenteneett. pan Pn't was
an onfallitth oupply the H ani soft ft atm et 7.. at the dew.
-00 the natal,. the the 11.1....7 oat bottuthut. amble.
eardaththtnet, to The ;wand. ath laid out thoftly s
l attn%Co " Trlnt. th d' t ""1"" t:::574 , 7%7:=2
Thy frulths of the/wet =M. and tee tau. 1
theta prlsta. and , 1. 14 enoaeb for the want, cf nednum :' ;
4.117. Mg Sittlagoll of tau protanjy, no to salubrity that
suburban ma:rag , . aratdeol rth tt.sthrottr IA the dtis
lot earrtated by any Tudde4l[ll 1b et/ Vicinity. 11 Itat
a view of the Otto Wirer Ax over a thllo4 et Trarnante.
fontb flttahneph. the dlr, the two eras. tub the
Who %found. tortoth. altogether tr penoran.o Ptunprat at
• Web the ere never neerten. 04,17 brat Which tenonea
dtatt. fawn the port of Iltathurph on the Oblo. math In
foU rico. Sho forldoare, eat greru.• sr* skicrranwrair
...Dyed fora thy onnee duat.eo dattine ttes of
acanthi and irerasUra n . aLa efa t aftunth s Isthinant at stele
and pear:anti eat! located tenths. attletnothtn thannththr.
I The property .in taladd at a batheln, Tornatelon Ethan
1 'hemmer dratted. 11thatinte at the Gazette althea
I anhthltl - D. ft. WIITTP4
For Sala
i :FILE members of the Fairmount Fire Com•
d i 1...70 , 2qcrkt.k.dr mean 6r tits It LI la yr,. or
-1 . °4 .'" °. ".' • . "' S . tll, May.
igtlf • No , 409 Pews street.
'OR REST--A .EhTelliett HOUSe on 1:"..',
Third otrett, abort and ow.. Datithettrt. it jg't
cas Mawr. tarot TILLL L S&L LOMPC LC Will••••••
6. rabbi 1.... wad rostratict orre lcartlistetr.
.1.1.0-7cr kle cr 4..srob. lota la to. Moth Ward.
bob.. Ikea Meet and tb. MIKIwy firer.'
• . Wy. U. DAttLINGTOy.
Dnu. Dartfarm%ou
Frth meat. sr W.
' t!,_ • • far Sale
For Sale. •
SLCCA en the Es - rucr of Wear eq.!
thta lug Won streets, and Itvntaas en ten
taafaCssa4isthaGlt7ofilLhorah. SW Lot W. 1..
laud tbsty tour fist w pone Me, end o.
runt and WOO swat nine IneLre cab IVo.l.logLou Mira.
6 twcath Act idlth. thquiro of.
tht.t.Lta , loe
Ohne& elk. for We • War number of rateable
leg soma verr Merrrhble 1 . 01. =auto,
Utley, le the Iflrstrof ham. tented law tbe
neer Public Savol Moue sag haalieb Luther. Church- •
The mid gro.o er Ihhhihahmhln l'"Pulatkm
hisouhrtrairm .eel Lb. awl the roaaahable mere et .bid
Maa wall b neld. Wafer theme of mai Pro 9 te. 4 . Vh•
reent.. Title ferfeet: Terms favorable.
Tor particolare an.l taro., elm elm of the...dentin:o4,oo
Abe °Moe of George T. Gilmore, kin.. on Graaf Greet, PlLM
burgh, between Third sad Fourth meads, or 0111114 m
ruhmam , and N. Patent:vv. Rae.: tbrir efflvve ha Bin.
gh.. haTS ; 111.19};p V. - BATON. •
titlW.OlL-0) bblo. No. 1, for salelow
eltaa maalantatat, at tba Eton , of
oty . onnart ;Vivid vat atsth sc.
WATCIIES, in largo variety, and at the
!ogreet 11.11 lar eultrn evoll yricer..whelleralls mod
rcUll. • buy 24; tv. W. W IL:ON
Pon! way to ens et :Welt..
• opleptlet won:neat of Coil end Efleer Pernik:
Gold Pent of Um loqt reindecturt, Poeltet Cutler): Cart
io. tote.) W. W. WILOON.
AbIS-311 oaks Bacon Hams for salo by
6720 JAMES AaItrICRISON a cu.
rtICII. Crimson Valves and Gold Paper
U.gino. for Drawinit Room , . just rced h= pork , .
M brl 6 • W. P. 31A1Ct.UALL, n' Wood rL
PAPER=A largo lot Doublo
-/I.4l !"'" di 'P" W rri*th. Oriar:". by
00— uld ewcmd
T 2
aYarnt of Nerambur Perm, 411.11116, Reg, elal
al l ba st rmie le. a. HAN 4401
0r724 Pune Rueter., ear. Muter era 24 el.
i is §0 GROSS STEEL PENS, of allquall•
allabrate4 ISIS at
W. S. 41.111::415 nution.-7 Atom
CO .4 corner Market an t Socoud .la.
NJ Asada. reel sad far sale br k. F. WILSON,
.sT2.I 147 frost. and 110 Sreoad et.
ERMAN CLAY-200 boxes for dale by
atrl2 I DALZELL t CO.. Liberty rt. ,•
tkRY IIIDES-200 (prime ) for sale by
J w
ur ig A .II A11114V.11.
POVD EXT. LIQUORICE-1 can for aalo
by teyb D. 6 FA llNZrftreil 4 Ca.
BARRY'S to:. fur
gain by R.
ay la 07 VI oat yt.-
ALLI:?—.SI) bble. fr ic e;l l , 1 . 1
1 4,... ;
' , OPPERAE.--.25 bb .. (goodSLA) for sal.) by
et .) LCIIoONKER t CO.
LUM-50 fo
. ealo o l3g
1.1.A1t , 10 bble rte. for sa i l v eN .
bble. (e tra.) for Bale ley
t,','-', - .;eag 4 u s ;!,i; .1
( P BElt.2lr?:
WV BM:T .7 -1000 new sad a ?Il i ?flea
1 .. )111ED APPLES-15 bbln. for sale by
nuusumax: trraunen.
mr24 116 Water N.
gMILORATE POTASH-50 80. for sale' '
V m l3. e . rmorsrocr. co.
ju,s,...tredok gcolannetnint, dhlrerent evu.ll.
szypm.nhka .11.11* mkt nety itre vbehnale
tetaal. at the 1211Cnth Wetinona&rion 7 end e Went et
. • J. • tUILLUIL
,goit ST. Lol7l . S.—The sp ar• lendid
wringer stemer ASLA. Card. ram.
lama for the aims and all latartmadlase
;arts oa Ulla day. tb• 141 A Mut, at 10 o'ckck. A. M.. •
For frdabt or moan apply on taarli. Or to
i 71.1 .
E n 7 CINCINNATI. -=The new
• smt splendid seer
Will leave f b and ail In
ovenate wt. ou Tuesday, at 4 4 . 41044. P. W.
For freight or Pmtn*.roir oa i.e. jr.
rtamorJEFFEILVIN. Cara 7nitnaao, 11
cars for the store and. luteramilsto parte on
tida Oar. at o'clock r. a.
for freight or pamaar. apply cm baud. .014
atom- eelea
nrana°narroda porLs au gas day, 410 aeloct'
A. If.
for &data or lataaai• APO,' tot W. 1. .,
.1)14 -JOHN FLACK, Agent.
F OR CINCINNATI—The splen- ith is a
did Law and llEbt, ateasa . boat
ENE. Gardala es , aisMl. Ws
leave for the ahoy. and all !Wei.
dart 1 &deck
board or io
ght"P".". .ITVLW "' TON doNICS. Avrant.
nem and elennok nom. TIEROI2IS.
L IT ‘ o r . pp . k: r e the •
Pittoburnb for Anfing ovary trolsday: Wednsolny. and
FAd.r. nnd yenning lorry Wheellan for Iltnenorib vv.
try 'Thdvnivr.nad tionuday.
NV. 8. COMVELL, Made.
eplendiel new steamer ELEPHANT. R.
s, Mester. lean. for the above and El
Intoratrilate pony, int the nut rise of water.
Yoe freight or peeesga apple on Bind. or to
tezzo, 'PILOT N 0.2, A. ti.thnne, master,
will lea , * Pittsburgh Or Whoollar q BnpUns sad Ercollaß,
only Ineedny and Friday, at S *own t. IM4 1114219111.11
PonSeb for Cnotlon. WI WWI* It loo'emet.A.x. roman.
and : terse. &pond noon Ws boat running rogulorly
ot=o. only . on boad. ntylo
µ ,d u b. 2 . Tab Wooed booteaoloollt
M. mockers of the stmt. low Norton, atri other.. for
the Cloolo.ti sad Pittabarob Pootot tow., .4 will loova
ever .
\. for Closinosfl, In oboe of the Now Eng.
land !fa 2. For freight
c 7. rm .ttg t zn t i r, tt ,
11011.—Thellubt draughtsteauterlALNA,
P. P. and as it
Wellreitle every lboudars
Waduesday. riday. at el &slosh. 1. M. for East
bmool; Glasgow, 0 rarralea Isadiug, Payer. sad Pitts.
urst. Leaves Pittsburgh every Tuesday, Tburatlsiy, sad
E.t.d U1.01 ./. at 10.siclosk.A..11, fo
u n
rPeaver liclarraiolLaad.
last WerPool. bd illo.
For ttelont or yams. aid-aeon Well
board.. alid,
IVILEILING PACAIL 4 - 4 1.1 . 31: 4,
. " :r7a7g t =4/I j er replar ri teresklytrip.4x7ro
'hi' dt and
.srn "h.""ug.
r. l" "ar t 1 FriZ rgb ..4l " jet.::;ll:l
t. , vas uvv
INGPORT.—The toe emerge, PACIFIC,
mattcr. .ill tare for the above wwl
temedi ate porta ewer) Thursday, at 4 o'clock. P. I
For ;night or peerage &PVT Ito t'owrLidP , to
T. WuuldS tON.
suchlo No. al Water and PCI Trout OA
suxvien recitrr—m. bat ratadji t i
remorse rara.u_kvlLLE. Cart B. TO:Mgt
run m a regular what batmen Pittsburgh. Wkeellwa.
Bellmore. arl Swath, leaving l'lttMatith twar7Muuu.t
afternoon far Welimill*. Steubanrilla, l.tliltridgrpot noel
Thoralaat afternoon La hteutaervllly. Wheeling,
Bridgeport, Sunfaln returning. trawa , Eltidga.
vat and ButtEoh sorry toutdai afternoon. and El VIM
awry afternmo. Fur fry gbt ormtaga an ‘ gl ' ;too
board. or to IMO]. W. B. WEI LER, Agmc.
i ,LONG the numerous discoveries Science
has trade In this eructation to fecihteds Clete:Lettere
of its, lucre.. it. T ajosmit, sod even prokag the term
of human esiston , c. tone tau be nu./ of =ere real ellue
to manilud. town this tuturzbution of Chnonstr? to the
ileallug Art A rest trill of its virtu. throughout this
east reentry. has moor, b•cou 1 soloult that Do noutichte
or conhicaloa of usahoura ?et tor.. can too intreir cow
try/ sal curs the earlobes of mducinn Minn
which havo /Athena moot frau our midst thOusetils sad
thousands eve -T Tear. Indeed. thorn is um abundant rev
eta to believe • scool7 hes at I.ath item fool. .Le.
can be relied acc 1, cure tin meat oautarous affactions or
U. lutga oar spare here .13 apt ?atmit on to publish
say prepare. of Ca carrs affected hr Its use. btd, Ire .
pm. the *Matta ceicibta of 11.11411 t Ittereladterel
hut...airy to the tircuicr. ert/eb the Weds W.
caused will alerafe n., slaw tagrali fs...*lrarsiusve '
WI surticulors. cal tuttrpotable tetelf of those teas.
?Yen th. Prendent et' .tothcret Pr, the cciabscded P6O
1 - 44.5011 /IiTCHCOUX.
"James C. Ayer—thrt I hare used mar man r.t....:
io inr eon case rf an. rte..: firtateLiaL ant em earateol
I Vous its 0h...1 v....writhe, that It Is . adostrablecoia
tr 4 e r flo t t%.7t. i iio of itriii . iti " "gb. nchial
' Cr .11
'''''''' Y''' '' '' " U lSTA ' llfrifi t TiVCOOK. " a"1
swlrevp,a -a .I . JF OFFS:SOB . C6A11(441(.21
oils Contact Meth, of ee lot U ater2 ."' Pal sad
littrattle Societies of Asuelitet sad lturtTe.
"I firm the Cherry Pecbtrel . ediatrable reuiroddlor
tn. some of the bast ortiotat to the Mates. 11... and
a lerr ollectrrs remedy Or the clue of discs.. Otto tote,
bed to tors. " Ras ger.. Ct. So , . 0.1(49.
SAJOR 1:472730N. Pr.:lent O . fla ft C. firtak,staba
tort he has oval the Cherry Pectoral, 00th voudatful sus
ewe, to core an tad.artatiort of .111 Itutts.
I Irma one eat ..4rtd PAN... - .....m.-..
airo, Sin, AMU 2‘.1110.
"DT J. C. Spa, Lorrft-15.r 2100-1 an tow comnstio
00000 your Me -ry Pectoral to mrcrocd - e, eadtrect it tr
may other ..adisoce thr vaccra-T=4.h.t.u. loam boa
I ratites of coley 0•001, caste. 1 to court,. it tilt v
1 coos. tolls. and Cheer.. of the loam that hare pate
deism:a all othcr mortice. 1 lorratsbtr radost.e. lb
wain casca of cratuctrtic?- 0:000111:01'. nuchthe ber
Maris Dam. err Mr. d.rerso.
Itstpocuttilr yours. 7.2 CIMICIILIC, If. D.^
Prorated and eel 1 :7: C. Al'lftePraeautlCto.
j.'1 0 , 1 i i'ltr.7 j eitsb `• 1 . aal retail 17 D.A. TA/1
hider Y 0( alal_ ....I ° 4l4. e iew:cE ez, n.'
la Alleithary LT 1.1.. P. 8C1i1YA.P.17...d ./. Dan.
(ILA& sad In rtrugicts graceasils. jet....lletuT
A Valuable Improvement in Trusses.
'TIR. HARD'S Improved Patent TRUSS!
by .hich • derma:Ant
core coo to cbsolod. This Scuss lo eutaily fllgerent lu
Ism and prircfrded a *Wen hoot other Traaoao, baled
all deo adrenteata at a .rokrscule4 , l and a=al".."- . pin.
or* The avenue ca n lei to regulated se to ass coos sod
snalort In tie sort diLlcult cone of Lonna. and van be
alcort any farm atetrod. Tie radsmo la stf
'tura. set tolng brought to tnr latorlialskr otor the
bet.. Wtorditg radeoo security and ado,
.ten et al tiara area staler Use tart 'dol.. curt.,
Ty.. cd tins Trues. *ben 31/Plied td0r0...17 by sekill-
Cul dintroo. Use *rarer rh.a hey.. lbo Sauget a
offloads... re our otter denselow:or panful symd
tow. *pleb Is oat an rmfretturot metre= it MO steed
hos of illy teented tr.... to if IL art =sof. practne
for redo.. fabietesi oath lino:ore to so.. • trade a.: ad
pis It tberoralsl, :Ms lea bad rracttoes *bk h cat
tau fora: br Weeel albs outlasts./ tie ituat..7 o/
'rule aletel a 1t...
eye *void rant resistotfulle call the anat.= of
claw to tn. lam, as we Immo the y arreetiata irs
rw. We else bare Tart., of cab. Tra. at the
least aloes. latati leOtrOtolsalls WWI
- a linh)Wl:ll....aprot,
111 Wood Id. Pit teltssub.
• • Dr. Hard'a Abdominal Supporter&
rrili.SE SUPPORTERS axe iztendol chief-.
• tha or cf Mot =1 di tho..
ca...s.hare • I.:collat.:cal thhpost lathe Abdominal l'!oom
nomixod. 'Med - giro boded. lomport to the atdomboal
clans, •At c a t tro. o=h curlift=l . 4.. l . lkok duo
1'4140. utd;A:il u '11,4=1..
Valhi:Won of the Mart. L➢Yt ,
jc: 101 W.. 4 hlttsbunrh.
Shoulder Braces.
t;IIIOI3LDER BRACES, of the most ap
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WRENCH LINEN'S, of .Tarious qualities,
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lICKETt—' 25 dos. 2d
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excellent etbstitute for adhesive plaster. In
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15 AHD, 11. D., •
• WM. H. CASEY, M. V..
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From Dr. L. P. Vs_.-Urp.. Chimiu'w Ltt 1.4.1
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applicable. L. F. VANDELL.D. D. -
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JOH.N.LieLL'S Sdildtt, /ma A:1401-Y.41/11
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1 cr • ode by D. U. CURftr ad 'JO:. MAX L.C.11; - .IV.Y.
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Hatuounotr.Loooorthosor Mitt, Irrerolulion
Incontinnenot of Urbia.Clonatul Prootration of eta Bratten..
Pommel Edirits. and Gloomy State of Mut. urn ennodlrf
Dr. Gountra /b:fr•ro“,f nano/hut andScro - XtWobidtt
ginv Untordista rellorby renewing Ma fountain of loath
and strength, the blood. It nentiallsee bad b=coNitopir
unnatural reactions, and giros bOraltly adlea %a all tio:
vital powers.
Peptic] alterative, mepertles rend= tt peceallarte MU - ..
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Imparts sVy.*2. , g7 tooyeneT es eateortalay tho:e
see gruefoL We hare erteaace on Me eV:A, fratuose as to vaemastend this =ea! nee to teeret.,ll;ers'a
who beet. sot been tleer4 with oltetaleg•
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I'MayslS Tel Deg of D. Won", nr f. 7.4 rear, eutE
dir.g. cup"' by Dr. Go; at.%Ext. - Tclfnv Dcarml
:arm:stills. slier era:re:ter Irmr.,or Dad Irma ..
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Tba arLltes that ay wird. saxt 27 yea box "dead
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la the stains of 1141, 1 , -as talaccd tay a' to
try Dr. fittyaMtb Tallow Pntk .nf Earaoortlla.+blet as
wad for tax Deaths. After ohs bad used Itforahaatfbat
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Dote eat fer..tretillth ere etrtetly try,
4. s. 4 : 4
E". , il , —Cori of 0. M. .te3nard.l
Bienauna ,
//re:7l.P. F. Dennett Co:—Gautst Sew time La //tteS - a l.
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Yellow Doak anti Pa-earnellts) and mot t.n. it,
Lattl• of the *Miele_ titsymtve re Zit , i.e.: 154 fardspa-
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Yours. in gratltude. O. : P.:are/L/6
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The eons ywrforttel by Pr. 6.sywitt't et To -
beck awl darsaywilla; are /twat, Tbe t,t , tut'o.lotWeel
health ocutluues t, Improyo ante dirt*+ it rentiewl.—
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b. T. Iterioett t Co.—Ciente t It It with e..rott:lettote -
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, L. T. !dittoed, War en, L. IL beef, Uniontown, W.
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Bedford, red 4 don.
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