The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, July 14, 1851, Image 1

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ero dollars in drat.. Cm.
It he supplied on the
'pace coulee per 600
Twenty espies do 93 . 00
The neeket for wt. Club Se i neimmed 'to one pener,
irmemebly in m No Club Pape. erla
be twat ail. the year ending, sale. the Money breve r
on. p,,re 00 U.. of Nonpareil Or WO
one toecrelon- . 0 50
Do.' ethaddltitusal ...11sertbro... 0 T.. .
7 00
Do. lour mo
Sour moth. --..-- 10 00
ba vii
Cilda,(s lilies 07 th
Inas, par am - G-0 00
Onn Dollar for each Winona] •
• -use runare, changeable at pleutone(persto. •
nu) exclusive of Om paper_ . 00
tor esch adiltional Kos., Inserted orer One munth,sal
additiocud hosertod under the yearly rates.
Jr Yerormente oo*olind • squire' cad notnisi =eon
• Ir.. to be charged us eq.. and • Wt. • • • •
• Publish.. not womintable last edverilsonenta be
yond the amount for their publication.
Announcing ma. , for muse, to be charged the mo •
other advertieements. „ •,
Adtertlaeroante lAA =reed on the cosi foe aneelliel
smosbarig Ineartimuorill be oentinued tm sstbill. DM.
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the limns eurased. sill be charred the tuna rates. , ,Yer
all semb. - trinudent advert/sins, bill. w il l, be separately
eollenslottut PrOMMlGyment to desired.
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each Us. to be ehariebelt mice, tetyable strietts W
td be rimmed SO mile, _ -
Death mottoes 'Waled eelthcmt thane, emir. sogote..
aim by funeral invitations of obituary nodes. and WPF-43
iteglllat ad cote eamyea
vertiser* sad all other. sending Mid far.Lonunnidei
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nte ree.sen•n.-enty noti dedgned to rill artention to
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Bleb. or AT Notices to be MAMMA ertPlelnine.
Tavern lieensePerdttocke tt 0008.
Saes] &nate Agents' end Auctioneers'rhyrthealotta woe
to be dazed smear yearly raw, bat to be alone! •
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•mmnnt lee
WILLIS - 01 ini-Insiti
inmornassinon warm terra,
One Sonars, (10 lin.) Imo tosento...--50 mots.
, Do., . 44 , 11tkmal emu. '
"AU being= advertisemunte to be nail in advsnan
TAMES F. KERR, Attorney st Law—Office
eirnyarth ct, Bmlthful4 Sad Grant; Pitts.
t=AVER; Attorney at Law, Fourth
'ofreotoeros the Mayor. tidiee,lPltteburA,.. Pa Col.
w ed to =dotty. 1 •
^-s. - orseuroureark .-..Tax1.12 .6 11725;; --
O E tt, or Unloatel ~, C 1.4.4.. • O9f •••
LIPLIANT .- & TAYLOII,I Attorneye at
to.—anew Voltrilkstivet.:4oll%. bet.. WWI
•ium mitbselelitirea, l'ittAband, r -• "
D. DUvbssit ja_Comatbsl4Dire.lbr the Etats a
JHARRISON SW - 114 Atterne♦at Law,
Ohio Stara (karroledgnxr for laktgir Aci
r...lllfremruts of lords. am MOO—I Atrashar.
p ordiTLETEr,.llaya 11a 4W
Mee on Fourth agues, above
-W. F. WHITE, Attorney st-Law—Of
g. D - 1=413V- Ar " 4 P "' FrAl6l4A'ihnlgra-
N. -P. & G. L.,11. :I , I:TTERMAN, Attur
AXES J. KUHN,Attorney 14 Law; offieei
likl9l4hria. lIdN erner of Omit rtreet pad Diamond
VILkNCIS C. FLAbrEUIN, AttorneyeitLay,
r Na no yomth an.c. Plttstm:mt,
EO nr WL ft WATSON, ' Attorneja at Law
" No. 110 Folirth street, Pittsbamb...
Attestant.. I Das; Jobn 90rdm.142.111- ,
®Lastorea= & 034 Wro. , B. Posen lobo Ylocang.
t Ow; Joeluoa, littnbargb, -- • • • jaalay
DWARD. P. JONES, Attorney at law:
l'omih iwtb•
JASPER B. BRADY,' Attamey at - Law,
N 0.89 ifftb street. Pitrpbx Pa.
lILIEOBAE E. AItNOLD CO..;.liapkers . :
lug skut.. in 13...h..0, cob a Baur Nob!. a", No• 74
Iterth etzeet, next Amt. to the Bank of Ploosnutinx Col-
itsi; B. wild - S CO., Bankers
thelithetuth i le Brokers, North Ent =ran °Mood
LliiNG;Banlief yes: Dealer ha Swat Iran. mu. 0f.47.
Gold and Ether. Etoeka •
Teir_bigbot market prim paid ha prerEma En Amid. - La'
Het! , Dollar4irn,l Mexican ILEA EEarthla,EyprrE. imaar
WM: LARDIER, JR., Banker end Broker,
ftb street. No-Muliolning the /ILA oflittiburgh-
4::01.1.1SINS • 6, CO. Exchilageßiokers,.
4. Saab Kist Cori2r of Mini mild SlarYet street. ell
~ 't . • ' l, ‘ e ere 'inrei
• . cad Dcon•ollo Bills of dannoy, Cortlfleatosof Do.
• , Bank Nona and Spode, No.. f 0 Market and, PM.
• .. — 1113..C011/eflona mods on - lt tha rnotrok. niNob
, RAMER i.- . TainsCitankerti, and. :Ex•Deslersin :Torefircr utvl'Doaterat
of I....nyr,cett.Lltatm of -Ihrix•ii. P.A. Sou.—
earnar or 'mud =I Wood etsoete.dfrodly, coxed?
the Charles Lola. . : - ,
VIROTHERS ,tc.oo.,l3stakinglkaso,
No. 16 Rood Erott;Tllloborgh. Current Manz.
41 magma. .Collmt.lcms on all We Mack
ales of LW; 17011.4.fisatex . . •
,IRVLN, nice liferduints
and 131118robcklic 114 &mad Janet. Perccal and
rodatairecsitice !mar 1310Blaidellandr
I.oolllo' FiliTZ-4.4-SC3BII/1 11.11,7---WIL X. BIM
t . 4
MOSIER, .11ANNA'It.CO.,'Saccitstort to
• "Hunan Hawn k Co. . Manna rantadatintatze,
Atalanta Yana. and Ananntkeila.Carliatautr
at 1, Bank Now, and Speda—_,North.wan mum ta'
W ind Thbd greet.. Antront. money mend at Dr
posit. Eight Cheeks for Fa* and radian/on nada= war
'TlVedit.MrknNlan.NiVlSS'%ntiAttB".ni,A tin
on d ltt,. aanntnadaddiiiiairedihantant/i1 not,
TAYI9. Lon,,c m uniemoneritzta ,
*tree. • strict ausnlica vat t.
wR 10 .11 bnelpeey , ~,artot.4 to Lis Ow+. Pltdburyb
MazatelSetuml &AWN. 1.1.544
Übsied et.troclzed. at elauct.
Auld% Note.. r.orle, Ma es. k.oißilari
lable-tthis. • Ade.... rem, I Weed: •
o:o):4 3 :olA:44:Meilvf.vy l:4:t j
R« C, STOCKTON,'Iate Johnston & Stock
.a.w . tatt.ltooloaer. Rottener. Printer, and Mader, ec
Dm of Marker sexl Third Mee& Pltretrarh.. • .
. • :.11.0tINIES' Cheap fatgrary IBput,
•• • • xi/wt. of posito the PCat - Offiew' New Woks to
• .14U oxprers. Soluerirtkmo received.m .r of
• •• - as Frworpers,rabliftud 9r thoDUbflaWO
'HOPKIS, Bookseller . and . Stationer,
No. 11 Too k kb vt.reer.. Aootki
4 iw , DLENTO , ,,,,,, Manufacturer and Int
: tigVL4 c =ll l clr'• Viarnitrit,
piall 10 Road et., Pitubutzt... r-- -- - -
W. POINDEXTER, corner of Water and
Mari• mArket silents. l'lttabareb, COVICISMASI , ROI
a Halt and fbr the inareharr and Wear limn;
Wartrrn Prduen. PM and the raannandarel
imitate' of Pltbbaeeb ganrral. l. •
Also—Afpnat for the talent N. flaw* Ca. and I. Wil
asn'anettby4tcal Slinnenand•linr intim 4f , Phu*
prang and Jenkina 4 Cen saranior panksiTen..tWit
gl A.
Oit A c A
a t d L TI &..:i.OO
rgM-b,T rozs .
por N o p rk
a ) Lita,oNol n Fi C i m mttabechsts.
...." , 1.....vcr...r005a.
... t , iwt(tmmitrion Xerth=lN to. (4 7stsr-strvet,
W 3l: 'II: J WINSTON", Foraranling and
.Cotino.94. liolobsat.. PosiC atom,
. ....
EP. IL JONES ? Fonvirdifig_tuaXon2-
misdanlietrilra.... Pratie. Ina ,eati:
Matrofacturt4 ankles. cateal Buis". arts Seventh
, rat. roam,
• LA:
& co_ Comalakm and rommoiles2k.
• dears to Pittet.lth - 31..t,..xpt*, oop,;pitte7
A.Lzkicor k rrTacs......:- - A4:4lpnrcffr ikop.og.nrss.
A A.nt,g(m, CO., Wholesale and Rttail
p„a l,
~ vom. usd star). Drr 0t0u.'452 Marie.
• t. Pittalpix • -
--mt Betel D 7 on.t, Merchants, corner or roartb
arkvt - •
R_ D:llU\._Rentisi;-Cornueui-wrth
Ifarb4usel Yazydreeti.
Fonnrh. • •
'-WOOy - aIEEEHAATB:=_= -_=-
a-tritPllT ,i. LEE, Wow. DzAcpu and
011=1.kma • PorrhantS 11'n r the - 41. ofAI
-1.10.1/6 lia;lZ../lAt•orty et, PIIIItmrAh•• •
. 4 &iv: mirmiCtiiirt.—wool--kaitts;
::: , Dr4lite lerlaar earl Prcdoes . groaran , -- and Tor
. ~ kis lad 011oskIssinn Illetchnat& 21 o. Ilk tarn awl,
• 116 Nvaild xtro••:c. Plttsbar,h.
p:t.t:4l;%:),ill.sitbatslo - A
lAOGAN T WILSON k Cll - , - .ltriporWri and
14116Ieinl• Walret In Ittnbraner and Cutier7.l4. 7t4
JtNinM3llB; . -
Vir W., WILSON,IIVatcII6, Jewelry; sa w r
V V Wur, !MIMI"; Condi. Cojo.• of Ifsaiset .M
•tvartb•treeitPlt Cbek.
i ti i
4, FAHNESTOCK , Wholetale
• Dmioni, and annufactoscr. otlihito , Ital
-40 , 41 A.m./urge. comer Wad and Iran rave. Mo
to; Y • sode:
.pfaTir",g MCDOWELL; Accass' i""-"L
ons to '
Ur refr a teir4r.) whaeisii awn Drag sad
Preacrltdow Kure, corm' of Wcal streor =I Virg/. a11..1-
PhYrkfaue nreaenntlonL carefully cc.poaratcl caala
KIM) &CO., Wholesale Draggists: Deal
n tojsatt,2l . l.,ZA!=, t .r o lllnazpmat—,
at Is, and Lung STrug So, 60, earner On= an r i
Vonntn drab , : Pittaburgb Onlets win bo !Awfu ll y wt
.& unl farnardart.witb Aaniann.
111 E.' SELLERS, — Wholesale Dealer - in
L i r v a"'"'t Vo iot
mpfte ir urrk REITER, Wholes-ale:Lad Retail
• zft-a comer of Mberti spi At. C4le ea, Pltsr
rich: Pr.
JSOHOONMAKER&CO., Wholesale Drug ,
alas. No. 24 Wood st.:PittOargh.
/131,00111113. -
.WILSON Whaenalo Grocers suia
emv. tl.:Xrdrils 3b " an d" 1 47 Au r ur
Froat N. npl
L. SIRE, Wholesale Grocer, Commission
Blerqtant, and dealer la Paper and naire.eonre of
erm and /rain etereta. PitUbargh.
ig AMITE", SIiRIVER, 11 , -bolcArtu 4-
k - 3 Produce sod tkaanntedon Blerebenth jytd Deal.
ere In PltteLutsu ILeaufacturwl Article. N 6. LW and ILZI
• • • Atte. between Wont azel Smlthlteld. littebuttN:
PHIS B. 06•01,13 ..... .. ... TAILIMILTIL
fEIN S. ;!S CO., Wholesale
• • ElivoPro! Prato. mad Corovolodook Merchant; and
ts Tor Hazard Powder (3., Lordrillo, Mum, N.
3 -Wood st.. Pritabmlrh. _ .. . . • •
J.•. SOEp,M L
. I,JP-Tioveers sal tkoatession Mordants, No.lld - Wau
woe, and MO Mtn trtot,Vlttstartb.
o LEY;. MATTHEWS :CO., Wholokao
o Comiti.u.4l7antrliaz Marebants. sad
...................OLIN WATT.& ...
• (I.drutdestens, sad Dealers In Traduce sad
Purstmutddsrmfacturee, 2Cds Idteit7 street, Pitt..
• •
JIL .OANFIELD,- late of. Warren, Ohio;
; =Tr tVsVoi l r= n g i __—"Z h attea n ..' 4 lrat
Hn..s/ Ant, and Western Produce gran-any. Wand. Stmt.
indwoon nullthneld and Woud. rittetrargh.
F. VON 130NNIIORST & CO., Whok.
• sale Owens. Porrardlog wet Gononleann 31 rote
Denim In littabsesh Alasenfaeturee and Western
Prate., N 0.38, corn= of Fr.t stmet and ChsowesT Lone.
Patsbarsh- •
f arMiCitlYi — dd; WrorelieM,
,11ENGLISII •lc BENNETT, leaLlifil l
Gansher t Or., Wbolosee Owen",
annudincr llerchnnta,aud D.s.lers 18 Produce and Haw
burgh 11anattic, ho. 12.113ftvb1 rt. and 121 Ern 21-;
• —• ••• •• • •
NHb w0cr1......1AXL11 D. brow-- Amu C.
,A!GILLS lc RAE, Wholesale Grocers and
ll i gaa? l l4oa Mnchnds. 27 Liberty • stmt.
•1151 BER T 'I,IOORE, Wholesale Gmeer.,
Brett-trig Distiller. driblet In Prtdute. Pittrbiumb
ittottteturor, lad all %Inds or rental, and Itantattt
'Wine. arid, lAttuorry tio. 313 Liberty Meet. Onhaat
7jEtiVub,Vm°lo:r.. M
° . l d ot.rUPL• I 4 tfilirLey,
6 : •
Plart= Itanntsel t t/ P'24l
HOBERT A. "CUNlSTNoll23l;Whiiliisez
' araari. PrallaceJarwardir.4,and CommDoi= .110.-
tooar Dealer la rltubuzyb alsantlidurek
WhI:I3AGALEY & CO., Wholesale Gro
sad A) %Vaal acr.a. Witaamth;:,-
• son x'caozums
VVICK t. McCANDLESS, succemors to
v v Wholoodo Oromr. Torwarling
and Comadodao MerohootA. dealers in Lou.l Ulm,
Cbttoa. Nora., Pittsbargh 31.1toofxtureo gencroli7.
mm of Wood and Wader wood, l'irwtolrob.
COISLTSO". • ...... • cy4u. •
Chore — ro lord Coardslorion MerObantr. Dealers in Pro.
nor. PharlorrrlA rdrouLtetand Mile 19'
Erect, Pittrborr,b. Pa. ""IT
D. WILLIA.I I ;&' Wholesale and
s 1344 mer& Yanrsselar and Camsobstm
sidssats. Lad DMitill in Omuta Prcdnoe and Pittstramb
Idanscastnre; corner of Mood sad Mb es, Ilttsbaxgh.
- 12
110BINSON, LITTLE CO., N 0... 255
Marty shat, Pittkozsb. Whaleal• Orcesis:-Pso.
oz. sad (ftualsasi Ilsrchsais, sad &siert In Pittsburgh
al. & FLOYD, Wholesale Grocers, Com
: ssus;ca 31erelisrae, and Dealers In Preeteee—ltmed
area liatilitose, framing an Liberty, W ood. ard'Ustts
streets. Piltsbetzwb. re. .
erig 7AI-Ciffia-C-6,7W11.0-felr"..ooieritt
- Deafen
e be rroditee, Fared= Wines. OW Ron
ocgabela acl Rectified Whiskey—Rd C0M1.1,11.1 MR,
Literty Pitieberith.
JAS. DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Com
minim, sad Yonradttair Nerelvatogad dad,'
bsl44-kipotion Term, almi Pinaftmet Manufactures
5....117—:t0. IS WWI .L. rad 18 Ihst 5t....111103.10.
1 • Denies in Piano Fenix.
Musk. and bflutoal Inrtramentr. Sebno3 Bmks, and
r .. ir„are Mao twice. Or.
lENRY—ELEBER.—DeaIear ja Iduakiblu:
Instrolarstsad Isspartsr of Itallsa
• spa Le Nauss& Classies anal sad sqaars
sritb tsthdasa's Na!ssa Attachment. Alms (o Dandum's
tarerrof all .tees tacks, Wa - 3:3331 , 3313e33.3133r
addr. and lithe nailx 33342133, .1034 333. 334
shoo wax Bow tartel awl tithing dr, mina fate 3d and
31 Wood. nail. act, ate. ,
.03533 at pIRPE3COTT it C0.,130.118. Stater 4., PHI.
C 11231.4.---41.111. ICMIFft.
Janitors manufacture and km, tonatantlf on bard all
axes of Tack.; Bands,and liparaLlon Cod'
Rob biotic L a n dl FloOr Harrel and Inthlng Naf 1g
Mawr Na Tub; Barrel NOE Captor and Zlne
Jibe. fls/Ln Pattern Mak Pointe. Rivela,assorted alsao.
.. fr "aaa d Wr IV.Atameve.vmPteto7fith•
ji:NNEDY, CIIILDS tc CO., Manufactn=
• rm 'err armies 44 .neetiDg. Carp 4 Chabs,,'
Twtoe Ratios. ream Pirt.b.nirk,
'TONES& QUIGG, Manufacturers of Sprai4„ .
god ood =ger notekers' , Root EIoOT
and Falodc perm% -132eamered km
declass In Itaneibla I.4Mokce. fir. Entine Lampe,emd
burgh Trimmings generally . . comer of time and from, see,Pitts. Po.
• a_ net. a Co, Manufacturard of Bodo Loh, Mead;
for l'oodrfad roiatla and holphorie Adds. Warehouse
ho: Gl Rapr 54.-Irekor Ferry: -
WALTER P. MARSHALL, Successor to
soslard Hill—lmparter and Dealer la - Yreadid
sad dal.raaa Paper Ilaualagn Donlan. Window
/Dude.; Firs Bard Prlata kr. Ariting. P/Dallo
sad IVEsdiplag Papar, Waal strvel...boween EOM.
and DladaaDl Dlttdblarah. Pa.
ROBERT MORRIS, Tea and Wine !der
Tart Ade of the Ithttoethl. Pittebnehh.
lava 3PCLIIRG et CO. Grocers and'
V V Tea Dealers. No. 2.50 LJbertr gar. Wood
tom afar . on bard • Urge seaoNsocat of agegeo Elmer.
lag god Flair Teae. Abo—Fore•Na frail. i o n
eal• /UPPU.I. , N.term.. -
ERN- A. CAUGREY, Agent for the Lake
Erin aol Mlehigatk Line, to Bearer sta tho tom`•'•-
the wooer of Water and li=lthfleLl do.
I - • • 14 ranstiortera y an
th • C
awla . Fo
na rx.rding Marbulta:rnraer Veun rant
A. BROWNwould mostieepectfully inform
the publielhat he keepsontiaad &Ills stand at the west
of the blemoad, Allegheny city, complete seszttoeut.
of eldt!. bllodx ebo Venitilus Shutters are [EMU Volt.! .
bs the Len style. warranted equal to extr Us the
.tltaten. flis.lllleds con be rescarftterithoot the -pact.
screw driver. Haying purehesed the /stoop, tools, mod wood
of the tattoos estaLllshment of amuse/ & McClelhxl./ lots
prepared to fornish their old eattomemps wtllam the Dab
Bo szia'arosith every thing In their Poe.
Agettel.NO:b Wood
__ _ •.L J. 4. PPOWN.
PlAreentre—lteeMenne, =zee nY Mel etreet and East
an, Allegheny.
N. 8.--lehne, Sande Mortar, fade. At., far sale.
ADA IT'S:101E. YelidiziaV
• nem Edlnburwh, &inland. we d respeetAtlly
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=tilted ke7 t:tilW r e r te ttirfeetkon - • -
• In etnneetlan with Jaws acme Mimi= and
Blaeltneilthinf In ntrorei will to carried on. at the exalter
of Tanned Arad wad reenelltents Arcane. .
Dr,VILLE,IIOIIN SON, Engraver on Weeid,
ThILI dory.{ rilt.norgb, Pn.-11,1;
rn er..Msetearry. good g of Nelorparmn;vreiebeieem
.Drno LahEln In rotor,: Set& Ow DlrdOnn,
ciellenl ow/dot:on. Conon eta/zio.On..ln ant ern ,
of at. nod at the km./ moon '
-1)f.ILLIAll SCLIUMIAIsi'S Lithograph , - ,
de I:stablidand..Third id..... .rtndt.._ U. 1..
xua.n=b. Mom Landow... Portroluab m . ~,,
Dwy, B o a,. Lodrillo, a re..tdd.W.l. 1.1 nal Muhl.
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Aran on Stone, o nd rented in e 01..., anti.
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pronto ; - o r
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,ble min., , , isrrn.•
Wegner, Bneehner t Mneller's •
THE ABOVE FIRM respectfully atmonnce
1i w their t 001 wad fl, pablle crtottyaly, that they
are, ranotreo ..,,eute. In the tat etzle of their art. all
Wen far nor thwart that, Diplomas Cheek, Tlelthatt
tehtt Ptclattrittrad Card.. 1 1 •10
1 31ir cdtpllass.Z.ltzt . , *eglaket rtrreLbirtli
• nr.7-.a3EY41,W1
Bolivar Piro Brick Illicrofotturing c, c „n i vy.
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.113. ac0rn........ 5. 127.1.--4. F. ins—s. a eirdted.
owl-ER-ma &ca. elorurron. •
TUE SUBSCRIBERS. bkrink been filo.:
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establithaient aser 4334'444341413g Wire Bviek at Bolivar. i
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WIL.MARTH do NOBLE--City.:Pleuring
v v Wis. No. 66S Liberty oar of Adams et, ranbuzia,
• „IMOLA& . VIVIAN, - Civil , • Engineer,
atd 1
• ta. :t i lt= it'i, Patna. trio th' e,Lism 30 e
di A I WA-
pmf trillium, Water limits, Boiling milt, 66- 'NV id
found twist Id a: 11.. ad 6P.X, at hJs made.% h 0.21
llarburr tanet..Pithiburgb. Inaltilly•
- New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
M. A. WHITE & CO. would re
ek-SWUM. inibruilhi — poblio that ibex Nave
r a op on Lemek, between - Federal and Banduakf
etrecre. Thei are eme making and are prepared to twelve
onten for every decmiptlon of vehicles. lkechee, fittariote.
ductlm. l'h•tona, am. Or, ntdeb, from thole.
thperience to the manufacture of toe above work,
to flitr a, Mlige. Met feel =admit ttorvlr cabled t:
Ulm venting articles in th ' elr
Patig . pardeolar attention to the o*.ottoo of mateelais,
witrrlcti tl=k. IS • worta
attention of the pnblifto tide maitre.
N. B. IteraWas donn in_tba.bist suannex. end on-the
19.4 macula's Wm,. iedUrtf
AGUE MARBLE WORKS, (established
g 1837 ) tri EDMUND WILKINS,' No fai Liberty
W st.,
ood - street, .PlitabeVontunents, Mutat
Vauts, Tombs. liming" act taner, Osage gal
lA N
Tops. gags on haild, and e on N. D. A gale, selection of Drawings on hand.' WO
Fiaigga T of the ULM' Pitteburgh. " ar
, achhoho- Viegehtr.--in tat
Mame of Accounts
0. Cheathallo, Professor of emnanathip,nergailla•
1 112 ;. 1 . 1ftoct ENtfiaLetztliagee&tilt ilu
and ite_ohlteetentheßlM • •.h caslara.sleato.4.;
pat snd mid perunanstip. are laylted and twa•
arse arrauements.
Leartre even' Slanday evening.
"Itaterettte Witty a thiimiana city mettlmata. IdeM
- te _ ; „ • •
.f v s - arjt4epl e 1832, by EDMUND
245 Liberty et.,
- held of Wood street, Ply-sbnrgbi P..
Slogiument, Burial anifiticangetonc&
km, Miustl• Plcoagtgatir• and Pier Tom
• strap, au hand sad scads to order, af thy
&dont With's.. •••
--• tirithmoino ea
. • ' The flosi4 •
' • '4lY•roass :
i tgm " s ' asYY '
• ':
. . .
Mom Maim. Denny g..imit Moran, ' Esq.
lion. Juilgs ...tot flapper, Kitt ital..L.Keyr, Tog, Archltett,
:Jam Ruder, gen. Casa— _ • Snus, finikars:
• Pittsburgh Iterik. Da•tuirrit take, da
:J.:11-Eitiocatlierger, Kos, •. lull e Citairy, • do.
Kllam-111rC gat. Moon a igirgeng do.
',Hobert McKnight. Ea, tunt Dagahry • CO.
4.2 a. McKnight. Pm. firming , D. T. Mori.
Lam. - • Joshua Rhoda a 03 Prang
• K. LiAbrcii. alkabm.
E. W. 4.-la - gralisful fur ttui rerEilirrittramis Ye
iinr =tit esliiity to Is prcsittil
Irillcmkisrus G, yrnder ganef:salsa licres.fteir.
. _
Bennett's ltioliocoroniatie Depository,
NO. 73- TilißO STREET.
ralittlar—=-1 . 161 NUN. 61'lieltu.8a ' 14e,
mkt tun::
Macron WI Mini Week
• V. reilectfully • inftems nik.aa arid
cusueneas that ho buxom ccaupletad ths
raboot rivet of tionsehald furniture ever um rpm to
city.. te lo uphold Me urielty with
elbsiwchar. materials, Len workamastdp, and pew. de
ism& and from Mk cutout of tax polars shd facility to
manufacturing, he 1a rushle.l to proluos Inershted
Oro, at the berm M. 0 . ,: • •
i Ito has adopted lte 0rb...4.k of klentifylua theen• tan
tow, anti hot ow u. quaLty and price. and kl woe
always on hand the Arsatest variety of *my diAmmition of
furnltirn, Mom the cbcalati . or Phlhosf. the howl e.lcs
t and rowdy. Mat a
01 eh,
Elshed from Ma slut, or numullictured expressly to
r. me thprelbn c o l an Inspection. that the Alma
of his establishment Mal bst folloairk
.SWeles'ocsialst, to part. of ids Mack. which foe richnenciof
=and Watt - cannot. be stirlimai4 in Any of floe Earirra
Parlor, drawing. d mid teerooso chairs. of esol7
twiny, emulating of rosiwitol. AhMedkany mod wskint.
Witabetban. lionsorratoiro aoa.Lay Chaim, ofevery des
celptiom Um:lobes. bash Tatc&adete and Means of tha Latest
french ooct Amnion patter= lastssec,Whahbou, and
kokour bailor WrlllattDmMis at swims" Media • Kart Tables
fsocy Inlaid sisal; Douala Mande, am balers. marble
wp.loatiogsay.roomrcoolassaa walnut , pante* awl prima;
plea.Motension dinbit tsblek all slues of le
mad Im prima;
and deckladly the boot kind mode. PAL Pembroke hall and
PM fabler. srardliedoiteadamad miskaimads Masotti
largo Amato. I 4 hall and parlor remptlan MAL%
airtionians and trearlary &Pothook ewes. ride bowels.
pre Barons, tawsl reeks, bat stands:and amok stools, eritd
Mud Ads for children: papaw "Mir. 1 . 1,1 n awl " gr.
rawyrood. and lowa 1 , ..r1 dad...AA flk
Z l F ; :irbtriT=s l frft r rVitrallic W lA=
Mecuriboata and [total; furnished at Ms obi:mast mike.
All ardor* proopclr auraani to.
limn at Law.2ki.lo3 11Ira irt...warner of Mom
r Ulla( made arrsagwartits Fir al , ran.... .11
giroetaw /knoll: lands ha ottleers tailr
widows and ahililten, siad will stolid to any caber bust.
aws. corialetal with the goserrawat or uly wilts
Warats. the reaska Mee, or the pawls al the CI 1
hincton. ._ lafrlU
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil.
E t. D. R.' SMITH is now prOared tio give
iustruction to few gurgle In th e dMenent brunet.
i:/t delightful erc at, his mimic in Shinn gentle
Atileutat's new. building, Fleet reed. helmet Wieul 001
:ifetket .peep. Hoare of luetrailioshlecen V 4 to 41i. stet
pew to 03 e. g. Cleargee wed other particulan ear: to
t o (eftenhoinal at the room.
Ite&r to D. Gene. or:Dr. /oldie°. le.Udtf
W: Dixon's London Patent Level Watches,
disperier en darp Irettches ewe efreed lin Pittsburgh
1,11 1 •RICII4.R.DSON, 81 Market street, is
Isoli I,at for the em . us i m o t c l b m;;Y ,, lttsbee.
a n d to the Admiralty,
„WM. Chen
ntneeter and Watch liannfacturer, 45 Klstir Slum. hoe
well Road, London
abb. eertinm that the accempanying
warranted by hae to be or my marturristare, Mad tmarmeli
with my name woo It is genuine unless eroadatoled by
a:certificate beariog_tny e*netnne. ,
1 nascent. the Watch ha. —„to icep time is; the sat-
Islectims or the purebanen WM. DIXON.
aplB3 •
Steamboat Agerig, and General Cionmls
. Rion, Receiving and Forwarding.
It o ALDWIN, PLUMER lc CO., have .this
day araociab4 witted= Mr. John Lawton, and one,
co clr reir!lem . to Oa Inddlo at nn-atoboat atria, U•nend
i end aor ma l i tiv , t i l nt b nlll 2 tn. add Io et
'lnclratua, April 15.1841. 'ln irintarns' lion.
' aornintly
R. J. J. 2dIrERS--,Surgeon and Phpician.
lima, cod direlliud.eorner of Dallutou • N.
.Thisci.alasid ace dr...shore hmithileld rt.
parting. attcdrUcat to ilchincti. nwei, rand the dhow..
e., sad ehlldnn.'
ONEGI:MrEI9S.; - Tiiiiio - rieis - Aif .
11 Ms.". and Ibrlit•iimithfleldstnet.t.
Orem sixth arid beTeatb.
LEAVE -FITTED tbo- New York
slue)* ores po Wartrroocu rito rale of Cori
lAlstaln Ma and owl Mast au portainlng 10
ttu , fumOrribla Priori and Pats relested rim largest and
pet supe ri or amoutmeta or Natio Ile Lena., 0,0001010. m
Proust sod (iceman %Nur/ D.
i Lflnes. prglisk Dossars.
140r nitd Cbl'U tu kg. "' HIV 1:/=r 1 411 00 V
tiVatridersnaslorls,L 4 =eo :4-3?difforioripaitrine
*sal strier, Dori Mate 'Malmo I.llls abdkkadra.Curtrio
Border. and Bed! Qurialu Pria, TAISMIMICI Teasel Loop.,
Coril, Silk arid Worstrel, 1100 Chintrie and Priosm2ar ,
Dl sust —rumetrif.tbdtta. Counterpseria eo.. rod
Comforts Matra..., Pads &IA Until no,
all orders thaokf riceleol and proteptly
son W3I—NOBLE.Vrird street.
:13 A. - MADELRA,AgEnt for Dehwarp Lid
hut Smarty luntrutes Company, 42 Water Wait.
I GARDINER COFFIN, Agentior Franklin
tiro Inourstwo Compsor, north tooteorowof Wood
pmt Tldol otaselo. . .
dr:.r N i tl rc:r33 - flint 'i n" of re g tr l ° 4:l:
tr , elt d ri. , l . lat.orol gUeeriptloa of Iliodlog oath noslOos
bound oubrtintlell,! 'L lfV: extrbott?oi ..o l " trAit a r
ho or rewind.' :•romi• Tonal la gilt lotlArl.
Thoon who btu Liadiug oro Intik...ll,mM Moos lot.'
a . ..0w gams: ..... ..... ...... . ......
- w.eingNcin ULU Cl.V. )) 3llnittwtoters artVuqww
ttra.t, beLsoan Fret ..21S4pecod.
Plttelanh, 4, •
Yanttn.KAT .11,4tArri pat.' 14 - til,l AL4. , -0.....1ary In
ini„ 4 Alr., .14.8
QI4ITLEY k COLVIN, Ce Merchants
13 and tlry Goule,lirooeileik Iron and Nail
eerier or Welnut +trout slut Warblogrou Turnpike/ion
pnutis ,IN EXCIIANar,' cow. RANI NOTES, /.0.
_No't Flosrfh L. MY! to Lank Patrbonth.
Notell nJ Donfni colloctod on porto of . the Union,-
nook, bonotit nod man ettoonoon. tobT•denT
J. Wilson & Son.
WHOLESALE and rofail Manufnctn
• y fora awl dealers Iht and c .o. Ii
Rood street. lhlrdWooyletow Diamond Allay. Iltu.
b o y,o_ww.n they own• ars4comidoto arsck of flata
and Cara of th eir own ol d Laatern manufacture. of ovary ,
onalltr Old style, by wholowale awl retail. sod Wolfs lbw
of Ihrir clubmen and the pabllo. nourralt them
that alloy will sell on thy mad ratrionablp forms, .
,abLisftwifT. - •
... .
- . JAMES WILSON' has - removed hie Mat
, . ~a a m store to D10..91 Wood gavot, third door south
a DISZMOad Aller.
19):1) 4 ,1aTinT.T. ,- , Itifrig,&l. T,T.
P, B.—JamsWilson continues the list oad JASIEIt.WFLSO-4:
Ow our,
No. g Foam' etroot. Allegheny City. lately key; by g. IL
tiOFF EK-15t1 bags Rio, for sae by
J ly.r JAMO A. 1111TCIII EON 'A CO.
g !APE ALOES-1004 it*. torsi& by
pIi.USSIATE -POTASII-400 lbs. for-eale
ODEISK—G tiorcesior'oare yb
&Ws. ft.
SIMMER .RETBSErie'cow, open
for tba econonnodation of ' Whore. The Dante of
place haa two much incyneral by ther edtUtkoc
choice Pbrobbory and likrevra A luge collection of 'gm
blooming Plants and hinabhery, atilt@ choicest kilall,ll.
krpt Art mho en the premises. ' •
ice Creams. Waite, tee kept to the Ealootie ephaugh •
M,ll,`":drolA. 11.141TbettUriND23211ea
the landing, Wrenn Pitt Axel and tbe Old Allonn
bridge li tt the beginning of erect boar—front 9 ticioch.
og. o avon'ATerang, akt 734
v l i mamet sipthi l tba-Smo i g City-an thhar
The flableine k ayt Mayey7tion • !Utile:Void
. • -
JLL , medal anention.tzi th• tneiznentof dltamei•,or sa
men and citildrenound tenet Allerfes PIO flat: 4. veil as
enzonle and sve.l Craw, Osee on Andorm. Wear,
mor s ft licl i det
t ettnidii&senta wa lmxt: r . y i te A. ll , 2
twat 1 lo 3. Ind gm 7 1 1:19.P. Z.
JAVES.JACKSON, Ounat 4.301 T.
TrAokiale Depot,•BllWnarl arra; Pittaburoh,..Pa.,
• ."
i;Nit.iAg ra OutuTi. sinew.)
eacted that OM. emmot get oat Of enter. kr
a and Attachment. attlsot aCcalmtetg. the rabcts
and Magnets am mniealled—the wholes ,
die t•W
o uct g ogly ot`
m m anuf Jim mi es tJack.= he
b t t ach m them a o 2g
Cum pa Mot Prim at the atom 10 amts. ' • •
tientlemeu as restoctfallt requested to call at ISO Wool
attest. and examine the abosm artier., alao. the A tea umg
.... 11/351L
auassy BiLigeruill =but%
WIIIAESALE dealers in artieezies, (Use,
Mb. Salt, Plaster ~ etc.; N 0.70 w Deck, Ind 113
of s~trsr. Cleorlaud., MM. •
aulk odyntes made as maaironmats. = . • • ' •
Acult+ tror all Htnamboata and klopallersta NeLime..
41 t w o
--Wm. A. Oil. V a e* c ettat.o • r
NII§ a
B Wbeeleri ,
2s7;f: - . 17 #pod stiijrbetioultiWie arTd:klooncifis.,
NAN iI:FAC TIMER _or- aserg-desalpiaon
of cv wan; $7017:1. orthe nuns --
rub pet
nut wet eeth Ate .111 melee tie beet
AIso—PAILLOIt PTOV aotone ehlth wlll 1e mad
Jewell Noot'a celatrstol iolditiK door Peeler Sam% nit
htufna Realatorfarstilthtkatmer,plalweaellawertirelee.
to whist we Write a atlentlgo of - Wilder a , . e.
Itollow.tfarr, Wye= Dose; le,: to 611 w
the UMW. of duke. beltifeWfthtthlll•
/Z.EO: - E%-ARNOLI) c0:11 - nri thiii4illl3
%_P Aneistod with D. ECULLY. nit style of
Ur thin willM heretwilorc
rittgbarge. Idny 100141. • IWO
„tlie - Exchange,)
Corner of Pena sad St. Clair Streets,
PHIS spacious, centrul, and moat conveni
anti:loaded .11CM:1..-hoolns- blew -mmtah4.4-.•
ti lt ril , thoM.Mol %fronted. fs stow
S IT r subseoter. teem ondiwongetm of tL. ST. MAI It
nOTELZ7OntAtIft Maud. saa kntaw
thot be oroltbal MA I. moot etriont and ersolorter
emoloresic=etwol. amlttoato
mho It opuot toons trame to th - faith rat wenn. on 4 mot no will n
to e eou .
The mat known antral M la watt. nf le, orel cow
endorses of Ifs amazement& rIFO.III3iOC It thlt
hl. Caber U. traTekig Or.pallairs{ bourderl.teldpen blOl
I. ..Mt awl hoot Mr It • Wt.. a1...4 •
"rlti wartME..._
KROESItiN. keep. ,Nnatantly on
head goof sareonotonseStkothquot Ruh Tube:
1 ennototoot. Oak Well. lilt.. or Dom Itnenota
wow.. Morris.' getrolt pparyy Ilootores. nee and cblry
W.h sad strostfodrotworwtwhlo '
Wooer... Mroate
Fresh Awe:client Of Pbring 000d5,..
rIPIIMAS '' PAISEIt_ ;is . &tip reatiaitig
ernak th• Eastara.catlas. at tia cad nod,
NO. 55 • M STUB?,
Berrien Third and Aurth 4treels,
oge ecaudes• Fa animal gage. a the tateteiritatal
P t APAR 114.Yalitiia thetas.. appestat th ttle teutet
talons gat The palate .r• ealrely how. the
tyLt• ly eh Yu. hog the cream th haul of der..
tate. geutrusael.• From to ante gumtrile. the yrlae:
ragas Yu Ufa sanative later gloats. a ',aka. • mu...
chute judgment an to argue by eight tun deertetion,
the etteatega d esereltantir eta. hotter kupartg ave./4
fang suht,
'CORD & _CO., IV hole rale and Retail
Hipataxitactrt. UN Drake" le Ilale,Cele Plel In.,
come Of '4'..w erel elite mem, littobeFen. bee they
ars a fall era cacvleie steed le 410 , .. - Le= . ; 2o:4
' eltMatll 7 4l4E Y W Y eurgamr 4"‘W and rdloans
say. samatti" tam that limy .Di :ell <give lead =1
Merahant, Tailor, bra
v sod Palo La Broils Y. 4 de11ibe.1.37-Libert:
Pittelrese,h Otte Pipe end Tithe Wake.'
MILE kuuTens - shed*
stru:to . • • • -
we as ^ow Watulleinetes - ral obeli if UlrnPX to
comeity.nd ea.+ Flom and of Oslo bf • .
which tiler etre Air We AT -the lave ti
Vier sit
preos.4 wrerate clam, ta WIT InthOtlt Lk-
NA IA sad W.l iieter etret. -
fetA PITT'S til;11.011. PAr"
GO4banis Merelunitlead Xanca t utctron .
to =2."."'"hir
VoA:IIILI. a 00
.419alavair.4 , tiord asnaq, ably.
situ= Amis.**
mouth, due Ist Dm, 1,4-Zu?"4"4.,.. 4 *."ftrg”. , fOrrti
A. to 4 . 0 D
- ea
STOCK of the Meratutts &Manufacturers'
Bank: Steek alba Y.Lettanire Demk. by
kil L. U. YINO. ker Ban
t. sad Broker.
market ratekaml 61QWrtp G _ pa7d ArAMeti•
esa par furls. br • to
}al! butter a-C.lw. fourth rt.
For Bale,
LOT on Penn etteet, • eutoini lig, Mnt-;
them? eokt low. If deilraliki etiv Lei
eau divided v. We two peeliope. En.vidire , of
To Menem
41 FEW acres of gourd Ileac th
e e city, IRO
ant. ur gardening. nir sale. Esquire
• 0 - ri• 111114/oig g
.... .
Are 'Zoo Sutect to the ToOth Aebe. -,
AVE you iionOW teeth? • If so, use
Plin.t.ass WOMBS' luxe Te. 4 03... L •
ewe to Of Wan 00123p012154. •1111.4.4 DOI to v ure tbso, im, month, so, Ow Pentlol macgrlod cam lionilt..
br grhickenny Dem" p 1.7 b.:M.... 1 ...0. '...._`..
". "" "Pe"' 12
61. 1 00,11 . t . Er , Aprt, '
ielxtita - • . Woo -11114A ntuoarat.' -
Meter • W (Wted.'
s et Iterated Mestere Ante;
lleed from the wanedetierw, ithltaholedda,ett emu,.
owlet mad far sale et . K. . POLNDILITLIL!
Kate Renee:
• -
Par ondreree of WWI sal tuteLtole ulna, tbew Folks
depotbosun...4, wad them . rice, et wtheit they lan
veld. owl Weser* thee lethal oettete. a•Vede
Curled Hair Hatraases.
tHAVE ou bond n lary stack. or Alatspit.
nr • 74111 .1 11 t r u er. tralr. 7hode4 . e i nmrit rat*
mr26 Thlr4 Ana, appont!ttio. Pop ales-
1 . .114.11.-360 Pliral. 24 by ZA PyIutIKPIP•4I..
3.311 24 by 3. •'
, 12 bun .
g. C ° Mt 7 24.1.7 84.
- " ' Olga. botorytaym_ '
t.ll. fi/nyl• Crown traw
410 Ilkyntble
o° 11 • •
' Halt= Isar Plual• Crown hug.
utittormltrnl Iceopi coost•ttly on hand and F. 'ale
or o.tb•oll. tot MK.. • largo wad irmtoral .•oruneut of
Holed. Cap, Lettyr.' ll•rdtrast. and Tea l'srms
Bawds. to, .
ilen—Yelling of all eltaLlta payer trusalfartortel.
Pri.tbut lufor mar , to order *la tbort notk.o i • .
• f. 1.211 ...num of atul lt•A tla
TIDES -34 Dry Flint, foienle by
•XI it3 A. • LS. JAI{ AUUIL
BACON -7 (=As Nales, for todo by
)e3 • ' IIMIDAU(111
T.PLoint-100 bble. New Lisbon Sun. giN4
.11' fam., rurnile by "s F WAIARIUMIII:
• ..
litottAx--p rases lieffued4r .
' . " 4.313110921Ant1 . ._
LA i .!!/1 BL AC 11-11 . I s tl i tas x V i . : l7 , 6ge . s x V i . : fni•saleDJ.
1)16 IRON—Xi s tu• 17. - y
34. - a.* R. VLOYD.ltuutt4 a una, Balalog.
VINEGAR -40 bblo. pure Cider, for Bak
by jta J. 14 It. Y _
LP ROOMS-150 dos. Ohio; for Halo
11 • - • R. FIVAD
cif OLD SPECTACLES—A large assortment
rug opening: ale.. Silver and Steel ef erl.lllOnd.
A kinds of Messes. pf the beat quality,
to the 'Anon secoreins to the prtnelplar of OP evi .
'rum Pebbles pot In to ardor. •
AV. W. WILSON. Optician.
Jell' • ' C I Ma tti Weft.
VRAPE SItAAVLS-41eced' Oda -day, per
111) exprena, one carton of those eery deetrnbY Plein•nd
mbrolJored Crone Shoal& at all - ptines• '
mei .A. A. 'MASON A CO.'
CHEESE.--31tte: C4oese, 'veering per
13:drrtli's line, and for ralbli•
ums m i n a ;
No: 0 Warr rt.
tOPPNR , AS.-3.5 bbll. for Bab? by
J. 7
§TAR S- 40 'DIV "a'
b er.; Or sta. by , J. kg an.
MEDICATED Wirosand Brandies, afreslk
Mat Jug. rPorived wd /km tale
P at Pad'
JJAPANVARbI.9II--3 bblo. (Baltimore)
for Salo byJ. ICIDD A CO..
SO. Wood ot
VINEU AR-30 bblo. pureoider for sale by
SEED.-4,5001b5. just received
from tha E • prim article of ma. Ibr
R.. tad CLlsth moot.
JyME-50 White l h onisville, for tale
y m y2l Jew:mum /41EINIVIT. .
LCULKIL--311 bb Is. formal° b 7 •
014 J. ICEDD a CQ, 00 WQc4 q.
I • ' V iz •
oP-11114.1111113 'YON TNI2 NONYII 01 JULI
Nod Slum N VielllS a To: Nauman SITE.
.. M 4 .11 R0V71 , 1 1 7 7 7.4.1=1. ,.
Pk* CilY.Yros• N Y. July LI Ire Magna. ,
lyrrourst. From N. Y. July.l2 for Bora,. Soutluu
Poulin:l.r Pram N. , Julbil Ctuartastols
Alabama From N. T. /a Tor.arubJua
Yrotoothoua N. I. Jolg 14 For `Jan Jeua,c.•
UtilOu From N. Y. July 16 Yor Nos °ritual,
Lalayatly • Frocti P6ll, July 1.3 Fora:Arm.
Africa beam N. I', July 16 for Dogma].
BAltlo Yrout N. Y . , July lb Yoo
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WM. M. stritEntirk, or Philadelphia;
RICHARD COULTER, of Aresi..tland;
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JO/MCA W. COMA, of Monson:, • -
WILLIAM JESSUP, of Sursarhautua
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THOMAS L....IIIILLLAN. of Allealway,_
JOHN IPClXSEET.of.ltobinao. ,
JAMES FIFFE, of Snowden. —
DEO. E. APPLEIVN. of lEradaphato..
THOS. PENNEY, of Mlteerport,
JOHN MILLER. of loallangt. •
• SAMUEL of Pitfrhurgh:
SON, of Allephoof.
JARED Si. !MUSH. of PIRA h '
Ito EM Kl;i11: . 4 PlAnbarsh. -
V, IT. liE.,r,,,;lle g t. r .
Goventoi JolunU)n'trAddreu.-
OrtTnesday . last, the ceremony of laying the
corner etone - of the
. Spring Garden ritsiitute, at
the corner of Broad and. Spring Garden streets,
in PhilidelPhia, took plate. - The object of the
josntution Is the moral and iniellectual improft
meat of youth, by the' establishment of a free
reading room, and - circulating 1113iiy, sad
delivery oE scientific ` lectures; accompanied
with proper,exporirnenlec ,
Shortly before air, the committee of.thg Insti
tute, accompanying the Governer of the State,
Bishop Potter, 'Judge'. Kelley, tho Hon. D.
Moore, the Hon. Charles Brawn, and other gee
Herren, proceeded 'from the Spring Garden Han
to a 'platform which; had been erected for the
occasion, over the foundation.
The exereinee were opened by John A. Ogden,
Esq., who briefly explained
the OCCPErdI of the
lIIECtiLIe, pad introduced the St trbl. DI:A1011-
7.0 Potter, Protestant Epincogel ..Biehop of Ibe
Diocese of Yenneylvanie.
Biehop Potteropened the proceedings with tot
em ' •
.The Chnirman then introduced
Johnston, Governor of Pet,iteilvtuiti, who vv.
receive.' with cheers, and spoke.
I/entire:ten of the Spring Garden Institute and
Fellow Citizens—lt is a idensant nodal duty
which we perform _inlaying. the corner stone- of
an edifice, to be the home of it institution; the
primary object of-which is the nioral and intel
lectual improvement and cultivatien of youth, by
the establishment of is free reeding room and
circulating library, and the-delivery of-scientific
rectum, accompanied with proper experiments."
In thhi country popular opinion ruled tout
nod camp," country and city,,aith unlimited
sway. Popular opinion create?, direct:,- . atill
coutmls the rulers of tho nation no well se the
most unassuming and retiring of the citiirus.-1 t
governs the halls of legislation as well as village
It' places the ermine Mk the shoulders
of the Judge, nod euetette, theme of the eSeee
tiouer. It reaches every fireside :-it affecm ef
ery indivitlitaicitiren in-all the Mallow; of life.
It is the great meals° pewee of action, and the
regulating balance in the machinery of our pe
culiar social iiyatem..
As'popular opinion is the buds of ell poor
in the country, on should_ it jtoieuo
and wisdom 'attributes without which power in
all lands 19 pernicious to orderi peaue, clrilint
tion and true liberty. Irarlamind j 0 ,47.33 R 7 lll
the tutelary deities of this mace, and timber
their auspices a nOw generation will learn to in
crease and presie the intelligence oral benevo.:
mace of their fathers.
At this day, *hen .men are no easily ixdsled
by visinoary theories and' false ideals when,
awing to • largely. isicriaseil poPuistion, and
mighty changes in tffestrneturo of the !oiety...
the advice and the example of - the heroes nod
trage.s who first established our institutions oil a
firm foundationlirre likely to be forgotten or dis
regarded, it may be well enough to contirinslly
resort, on all proper ocesaions, to their writioss,
tend their public and private lires, for
and examples to guide our pathway. - - ..
In the Farewell Address of George Washing
ton, he says: "It is substantially true that •Ir
tile or morality is a necessary spring of ptipnlar
Government. The rule extends with mere or
less force to
. evely'species of Government."
In countries where arbitrary forms of Govern
merit obtain, and where there is a high state of
virtue and morality among all classesall the
rigors of despotism are sottened, and Wei - scat
et-own of the tyrant is converted into a chaplet
c.f roses: When the Councils of =tram-hies and
aristocracies are governed by virtue, and 'when -
those courts make laws for a morel population;
stability is given to these; otherwise odious and"'
unpopular institutions,- and liappinew may dwell
among the people. In Republics; education, and.
Ind morality constitute the life-giving principle
of their action. - The first decay•ofliberty has
always accompanied the first delay of morality.
They have marched 'with equal footsteps on
their downward eourae, bares once disap
peared in the raging, gulf of anarchy, or ssive
trodden in the dust by the cohorts of a military
despotism. in ancient Rcone; liberty declired
along with virtue, until named-nation Was decri
ed the only remedy to vindicate the-Republic..
In Switzerland, a virtuous and free
defy the combined tyrants of then:trepan world,
and keep the standard of freedom unfurled and
unstained, amid their mountain - betties. in
France, popular government with largest liberty
bas repeatedly failed,. and the cantle of- freedom
has suffered for the want of . privato virtue in
her defenders ;I:do'not say that the rural and
Provincial population of France Is not moral. It
would be unjust end untrue sotto allege. TLe
gay peasantry of beautiful France are excelled
by no people in lure of country, or in their t!--
potion to the domestic virtnes. -
But Paris rules Prance, and it is nototi:Ws
that Paris is a seat Of all vice, that the tiotreit-'
tic virtues are but indifferently 'cherished. nod
that its population to a large extent:, is unstable, -
corrupt' and licentions: inatitutions
- founded UVOIrt enlightened itopiilar a 1-
rained by rich a population alined. exist.' Sou rid
raorality ie nothing more than an enlightened
'self interest—enlightened in regard to the-pre
trout and the foture. It instrusts us to be • true
:to ourselves:our wires and children, and to our
'friends. in all the domestic and
If a citizen foil to discharge his moral duties to
himself:to Lisiatolly and to his friends, If he lie
false to the domes:tie - and circle,the -mill
iner-ft discharge hit duty to his connuy,or prose
'faithful to its instittitious. Tho flame of tibeity
'is Met.), and should be nouriihed by oils - nod
'easences, pare and cOWly as those hoed Ly Higi t •
-Priests in the services of the Tentple,' Or as the %r
thint the sluniog wotnan drewliom' the alabaster
lox to anoint the feet of any God,
In places like the S, the- youth of your'di-..
trict may be led to the'contemplation of. virtus„
litut trained to soundmorality, • 'fere, amid pawl
j.ooks, and its goal society, their minds wilt be
.chatterted, their thoughts elevated, end their stn.
biaiou ennobled. Here they will be secured froui
the gaming table, and from the seductions of de.
moraliaing pleasures. Here they can hold ,high 'coove:se' with 'the good and - great of past. emi.,
present she philosophers, hintorisne, ,
otateamen, orators end poets. -whose wisdom. ids.
oquence and learning, have condo theta thc;
us meld of their respective ages, and the delight
of all mankind. Reeding persnades into to
think. Thought is always favorable to virtue,
and virtue Is the true handmaid of liberty. -
thus erect in this institution a-temple to FIE.
door as:well as a home_forßnowledge, . „l e - t h e
t ame. document to which I . have ; referred, th e
venerable author, in the - language . of *di aria
patriotism, declares oar farther deity, ~ P romote,'
LS on object of primary;iarpornance; itestituti e ,
for the diffusion • of ..kuowledie. . In proportion!
as the structure of government gives force to
public opinion, it is essential tliatpublic opinion
should be enlightened.-" • -- _
Especial care should be takento etilighten:tko
rising seta:lndian. It must encoonter in its man
agement of publie affairs, deuigers which - the pest
or present ages have never met. - New devices
for evil and contention will be Cunningly formed.
y bad teem The destinies of the Republic will
oon peas into tho hands of the nest - generation.
they'be enlightened, bad men cannot mislead
them. in every country where they
lime erred, have done so in good :faith.. Than.
Advise/a end &seam may have been corrupt end
&honest, bat We MM5e3 only erred through ig
norance or misconception of duty. By' tiao pro.
motion of Institutions of learrdngLonr form of
government will be understood, human nature,
appreciated, demagogues • baffled, sad - pure pa
triotism retarded. • • - ••'— • - • •
Knowledge is wealth and power. Borh °um
tutionS WI these place wealth and piiwei,"iiith.'
is the reach of every individual. Knowledge
is enlightened. p atriotism, and_ in fustitntlens
like these the spirit of rational - Rielly Pike*,
moves and Mas its being," like a. holier. apirit,in
the temple; dedicated to Rim without whose be
nip. favor, v•study is weariness to the - flesh; . c.
and knowledge one of the follies of the wise,- -; •
t , Allow. direct your attention ter one mat.
ter. It is the selection of your tads. ~-I• Alen.
• fess my inability to do more than.eimply Dump!'
upon your minds how greatly and . controll.
important to the welfare and maccesa of ytenin- •
etitution, a.. judicious selection:of -beob may.
prove. . Tpo much uantion cannot he excelled
on thissubject. Persona or undoubted leindlyt.
and good taste, and pure morals, should be alone '
Estimated wjt.l: this duty. . Tour inte.D.immoe4El,
prevent. the choice of vicious - or unlettered n'en
for this teak. -This is not enough — do not es
trust the tack atoms to indivitlaahr merely, ea ' s
account of their w r alai, reepectability err influence - s
They often, with the best intentions, will mob, I
bad aelectioni.' „tom:lite With this last' named.
class class the. highest intellect - Filthin Your reach, .
. and permitno trifling expense or frivolene excise
to prevent them: from ts , faithful execution 'of
' their trust,. I'l4 best tranelations of the Greek
and Doman Classic!!
of 4arsettdornyour...
library, as well DO the beet translations of theintel
limtual.and profound writers of Italy,' Gummy,
Spain ad:Prince. .The beat edition of' all the
old English writers, Charmer, Shakspeare, Sm.: .
ceu t dolniston and Milton,..should ho Idund ; on
your ahelves. There too slietild bethe writers '
of Augustan age, - in short, all she best ertilione
of 'her best nether.' in religion, morality; plillos
phy, politics, and poetry, from the time of 'lie • •
day star" of Etigljoh literaturo,Ueoffrey Chaucer,
to the ' time of 3 - Cott, rind Byron, of Moore and
Campbell, of Sinith, Wilson, Jeffrey,, Coleridge
and Macaulay. • 1 • .. •
• The works of native ' minds 'demand a" petal
neat place ,in. your. front Shelrmi-idrring; Pres
. ..
Bancroft, Sparks, Longfellow, Bryant, and •
oil whb have adorned• the pages or American .
literature 'Let 'merit guide i n -this milectlnk
without partiality-or prejudice--the Mask bait
remembered, is prepared' for another age, whin '
the trashy 4:oilmen places of tba.ibiy Shall-hard
clank into dcservedfablivion. : ..'
..', • ; -.' .4
'ln legil - karning .your ono city furnishes a ..
brilliant array of eminent writera4Tilgliatai.
Dallas, thorny, Delete," Selrgeant; Starswixid; ~' •
anal others...' • • - s - :- •,- ' . . -
. Place, no abridgements ,eat your library.. no
hootky of. choice extracts, no expurgated ettitlega
of good works:: hese form the-.emascu l ated
literature or the . allandUentracted soul. Let'.
g • '
your youn men aye a vigortius and enbataii- -
nal literature, and Act them bare this in all its: ...
fair . proportions, and as It came from Bea work-:
man's mind. Bo!a re of a „biblionstinia,a rep
fora innltitndeaf Oki . ' "It is bolter - Le possews ' •
a fear' W.I. well elected, nod - hare' these fete
well read, rind we] digested, tbtinlaiso blinities-
of iuditlarent works and conks* readers:: , :: :'
With the„ risk it :being.deemed prod.:- and
tedious, I cannot, m -coaacientimis lischalle.of
duty, oniit to expreesia Wariiing,to the young in
relation to magazines and newspapers. To such
:of us as Imie . pasaed the middle , ago of life, it is •
unneces,:ery to.ohserve; that the, passion for As .
light, reading of th e.temmitino and newspapers_ '
increases • with one years; and unless carefully. ..
guarded, frequently demands'ocir entire tenure,
God diverts us, ' , without our knowledge or con- ..•
sent," from the. pursoit• of more solid and! en
durum studies: - . If the „abbered tlionghfulinsi . .
and matured wisdom of.our riper years are "Dins.,
in danger of the soft influences. of the "span:
clfisiiter," hew numb more expoeed to the ex ,
elusive Kuprenmey tear the Minds Gl' r
S. youn g`'
are socle . priblieations.: .Tlin - Thole , and airy. , "
nothings"—the . !woody' told . tale—ti euse d a
eloquence, met the "fancy Weaving!, . corded Ld
in these p : erievlii,ile, find congenial pihslotii ill
thoughts tu-the - , uir.custle build - mg' "natural; Is'
the youthful mind .: , The-sober and etardy lif e r- •
attire of the giant miads,of the laugtage will Ils e..
laid ovide and neglected. ; , ' - •
I do not 'wish to be understood as advising the
the rejection of this kind of reading, but merely
s. asking for it aeec.ondary ph, em in your ,50...
!runny. Information gleaned from these o gees- ,
.t .,
eel must be nests Dr ily lees durable and ciao , .•
lie, and - more vn rficial and ,evanescent- thea.l.,
the teachings or I ks of approved and ricknowl- .
edged autho ri ty. be book rehder is famili a r :
with the workings surrtbouglits'ef - all ages rills •
readers of DIAMUSDIDO and newspapers are ion.
versant with the hietriy of then. own limes,"
whiob not nntreluently is , found to bo its mime, •
bersome and - untruthful a volume as '!history, -
of his own Tian*" Las" proved 'lnEnglishlitera- ' •
tare.. Polities' trestle. !Montt!' be !weekend''' .
and read - as to cultivate the itutrietiatlionghtsa" • , .
the curlier cages and writers of our country:—:.
Washington, nsmaltoc . 1 • 4 m., Frieko_
and others, furnish in their snit
legs monuments of huteen wisdom and politic
truth, ; width are neither worn by time nor bro
ken by the storms of factiou. •• , •
Party, and party papers will splays Wain
free Governments; and whilel would
from your rooms the well conducted •pirtisttn-"••
newspaper, I would advise that it be made . lessf •
prominent than is too frequently the criee, Young
•peraousttri*upt to yield _toe much, devotion to
the eaciting topia of the day, and thereby gen
erate passions that are incomparable - with that t
rierious and grave mood and habit ofraind.whieli ••
is beet adapted to the icquisition °C - stores •of
sound learning. As this building is especially
intended for the education of yawl], let it never .•
be turned into. et political scene by the lutrodue-• -
lion of foe, much party spirit. In olden times •
the Muses of ' Science 'add. History' mid Song
shunned the en'gry strife et the world, and conger'
in cool hanuts, on mountains, inToresta and by
fountains, places
. propitioas for contemplation.
It Li proposed to have leetnres delivered on ,
the physical sciences—on Astronomy, Geology,
Chemistry and • klechanice—and - 'kindred= cab•
jects. ' . _
Lectures are useful, and more
when accompanied by experiments sod 111iistrae
tiottstfor, through the-eye, ideas ore more resale
ly and firmly fastened, upon the mind.; The
phisioal sciences are. the most sublime,_ as well --
se the most useful of human Andhra. They ex. .
pond tha Intellect, purify the beset. teach man '
his real value in creation, -und_give -jug. concep- :-
Done or nature and of nature's God. . Astronomy. -
unfold's millions of new worlds andisewapheres
of existence, rts dell laitallited, probably as mug -
nificent and enduring as our own plunet • Oeolo. •
gy teaches the manner in whicbtho earth, under •-•
Divine with woo formed. It aliowc where
deposited'the beds of cost, of imp,
"of silver and
gold, and precious stories." It exhibits to ingir:
ring the arm:tarn of the !Infect) of the
earth, and tt...:1,a1t6c2 of HA rirhett soils sad •
minerals. .
. Chemistry anrlysts all things. and reraals-°o .
'their component part, and searches with a lon- , ;
er's ardor into the innermost recesoes of nature. '
As todednotoy explores illitaitsble regions of s
Spser,, nail brings new stn. and *steins within- ' •
the bounds of human-knowledge, so Chemistry ~.
dissects .all things, and demoniaratm that thu •:, .
components of a world nod of a : Kr/titn( sand
, on"•1117't - sea Shoeu are identical. The noes if. ".
. science are • eery greet. Astronomy -
fnught the navigator his way through the sees; 1 •
the mariners compass led hint to explore un-
known omens, and .o steer safely through the..
waters of the greaf deep. Bebec science non- .
atructed and taught the uses of the ctitipans,•
`navigation was timid, keeping slung shores; mid'
always in view of some well-known cape or pros -
monototy. : . : ...
sow, man fearlessly rushes into thei.middle)ot,i .
the ocean, dud muses every Li snidest/7 sea i 0..-..
eantribitte to his neeessitios,nomfurtf,:sail loth.; '
ries. To thecultivatton of physical seiencee we nits t "
indebted for steam navigation, for magnetic tel...iii;e
egraphs; andfor numerous and -ingenionurnanut, :
factures. Torn and sraceliare almost,caumi ,d,
to exist as obstacles in the pursuit of pleasure or
business. -:Nothing it, too igiard;rartl tiothingtoo '
minute for the operation of scientific seser.reb. ` '2
Besides theutilityer these ISCiettee,,their . erndy iv—
the knowledge oftee philosophy, history and pus: '''
try of thus great - Creator himself, written through'
eternity, in Heaven, in earth, on laud and ses., - On • -
mountain and cm river, ts Well tra on tbehtunbles .'
dowerend most, delicate leaflet . Nature, ifas
above art as God is above matt; and before the!
.emanations of ' Divine intellect-the works of man .',
atteink into methingnews and - are proper typri ' t - --.
iothinown Insignificance. Ennehrtug mad eliww l-- "
1 Wig end- glorious studiels-swhich , make •af did-.'""
:quairatati with nature. and demonstrate the was- • . -
1 dom, goodness and power of. the -- almighty Fa-
i • Pardon me . for remarks so .ismileqtatit to thf "":
I high chat-eater of the aubjeet: Let me firma. —
ly hope that hare the American mind will .ltake!" . :
4 Mot e expand, and flousishi--that her Ansceietat '''':
i youth will cherish, by that generons tuibition.' •
I which will lend them to rival the Newtons 'and - •-;
Shakespeares of-the Old World, end the Prank= - ':..
tins and Marshals of our own glerioui totadry.:' '
May God bless and crown with sweet]; Ca! -..'
most excellent institution; that it may 'return to' -, •
Its founders in.the good it may create and Prt-" 1
serve in the bosoms of their descendants,' remos--7'
i aeration for flier eptrit• and benevolent eater-'':'
1 prl st. .
Official Dignify in e ,
a magistrate in Clacionatii "severely Mined •
Frenchman, named DeLamottc, on . Wedacide,
last, foe offering him a bribe.
.„ .
Aiken, a sculptor of Portland, has joist cosapbs- - ,
tad a bust of his tontsman;ltebry W. roingfel:-
low, which is spoken of Lea work of greet ereet- -,
lent* and truthfulness. - -
A ZWIZI" named. BesFiriits'itillsit by .
horn 313.the.eieiOity etiehletieeteffei:iteatieW. , =' ,
The animal to biting hiss it is tupposett, broke
the man's neck.