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Srotts,diantinstati ' Gazdter,
..E'PIea.N74IIMS XEtirazaa,sousacs, os T
Tb& bus
interi or of Vricastni relnainS laruysteli:
Brute! (Ettore:red the source of the Blue Bale;
. „
but that utile Abisd [or . of
Nile) ,r„ 1 "
inains.unkuown. Bo atw .of that Test :!nterto
—the terra ince.gynta—which stretches, fronalhe ,
Orange riser of Benth:Atries to • the. southern
'limits of Abysinla; and; "from. Metambique..cei
• the south-east tu Liberia-in the treat: mango
Park,' Clapperton, the' Leaders, &C.', hare ietean
to'very indistinct ideas of limbuctoo of!,Lalte,.
Tchad.'and the Niger,' A 114401 and • sap-,
ters, like that which till lately , htmg-Oer
. yet rests upon all the interior it:Afries,
In the midst of this mystery and .tlyricneati the
held : '
missionaries of the ;Christian Chtireh-sie
_ .
the only men who hive penetrated with salltan
eyes. On all sides, however, they are drawing
' the cords of :civilisation round the dark tents of
Africa' They are saying to - that long negleolld
lend what statesmen' and warriors hankllfeen
said—" Arise and shine, for thy light ten tomb,..
From Liberia they are going to the tourer! of
the 8t Pauli_ and the land of the Gonlaint, and
there disceverinia region which is coMparedt4
-the. QUAID' of old. - the Nile the German.
'Missionaries 'have Midi their way, till , Wearly ,
-• wider this Equator: • On all sides &scared= are
made which utterly reverse all oar preconceived
ideas of the interior of Africa. The &tette and
rands, and fevers, which we bad imagined to till
the country, didapear. Nobberivers,sedhealthy
bills, and prairie plains rise in the . plesaing
prospect, and we are cheered with the 'Vial= Of
a country, which may. and we-believe Will; le: ,
come the Canaan of the long coiled and:dewed
.We shell notice here two exploralienst OP
the : Went - and on the East • • • r _
-1. Of the MOndi Country. The. Bev.- George , 1
Thompodh, of the American Blissionary;Astocht - J
tire, visited the Mandl Country, with a view to
make a permanent peace among the . tratives,-,11
and succeeded . - The Mendi Country. is on. Me',
Meat - eased beyond Liberia. Ire proceeded on,'
till, they arrived'' at a fine large rirer;es.wide as
the Ohio, called the Big Boom—They proceeded
up this stream to Tffisana, alarge , walled .trriti
at thehead of navigation.. Mr. Thompson gives
this ticcontit of the country:
country along Big Boom for sixty miles 1
irons the month," Mr. Thompson says, • , 15 low
and Very fertile, with many beautiful 01141.11:
The bank ire. evaded with majestic cotton
trees'[which are loaded with a groat variety -IC
birds,. the year round.—The towna are =ma- -
*US. „As we monde Me country beconeirmore
• and more elevated.. About Tisanes, below and
above, it is high and rolling, with cliffs, rocks,
precipices' .te. The timber le heavy: awl:the
soil, though gravelly, is fertile. Dig Boom vs
. ritis front a- quarter to half a mile in width and . ,
has - a very rapid current. 'lt would be =lige.
ble to Tissann more than half the • year:for, ,an y
western river steamboat..". . •
Oftbehealthinette of this country. Mr. Thonak... l
era writing from it nays:
• this distance front the lOw lands and - with
no eutgamit lakes or swampa , no Wide river hot—
tutu, no sluggish streans,er. orarflowiegi of-.
"country, I see ndresson while would not be nil
healthy, a country as any, when Mee dwell ap,.l
' nettled and cultivated, es axe Blentstar' , Staltn-
I finely_ believe itl - see,. , natural cause of
• sickness here any =Nathan In any newuncol
_ h Bated country.
• Whiletheen. discoveries of fertile and healthy
regions on the West:Geist are made, and Gun
views'of the immerses and destiny of Africa sre
milargieg, other disioveries ern Zama= kind,
tout equally interesting, are making -on the East
Coast, to which we will briefly mike. .
I. Of•the Illnunbani Country: and the soarers'
"Of the Nile. In November,lBo. De,Eratl; a
' Minister of the Church Weston tkiffiety,-In'East
• Africa; and geminate' of: the "Barbi 'Mission
- _Meese visited likaxabani,theconntry
,of the Wa
.kambs...We need not repeat tbetternef of P0 0:11
pie or countries vWted by limier, they ere alt {
utterly unknown to Geography and History; tilt
-' recorded by him.; Suffice it to say that the;
Ukanabani country:is near the 'sources of the,'
goilllinancey River, (tolled by tho natives Dane).
- nearly - under the equator, "and which joins the ,
' , Eastern Ocean at Montbsa =
the only oaf the !
ensperstedptiees which can be - found on a - map.
Sr he claire the Waliamba (resident four:hear'
deed Miles from Mombaa) sometimes Visit that .j
plain:land to one of them (Kivoi) Dr. Staff had
prim:died a visit by way of making an opening
into the interior. After traveling , two or three'
weeks Dr. Muff began. or .ascenda ascendpinks neer
two_ thousand feet in height, into what is celled
the..Tata &strict Here, although not more
.than two or three degrees from the Equator.
all natural characteristics , were. pleassut.
• " .111 lets I enjoyed a very extensive prospect
in all directions into for distant and utterly un
known regions of Central Africa.. The climate
cool and pleasant; the people not so childishly.
eerie= us in Elkumbolin The brought its for
. sale flesh of elephants, biffeloes and giraffes,
'and see relished It, to the . vexation of oar Me-!
- hantmedan bearers.. The Wanika people are
. -not desphsers'of animal food, and l' was hungry.
enough notes= to reffise elephanea flesh.
roamed; for none of these people est raw, flesh,
as the Abysizians do.
This was the Ukambani country, and onthe
North, West aml East,Dr. Kraft says, there high
mountains. We C all attention to this fact, for
these ' are; ttrumeetionably, the Mountains do:
scribed in imaginary geography; is thithimmtainn
of the-Moon. By some, they have been suPper-...
ed . -not to exist at all;, bat we think, that the
_ , recent: voyage of German Iffisaionary up the
. - Nile, en one side, and this journey of Dr., Kraft;
on the other, haveanffielently demonstrated the
existence of a lofty chain of mountains in that
region: In this: lofty rang o, two enereititaxise
- above the ethers; with sublime , effect; Befoni
reaching the Ukambani country, Dr. Knt" thus
drecribes,Ellimanjers ' •
.".Mler,vre had =armadas Melia, I saw the
snow mountain. Kilimanjaro's - try distinctly, and
apyarently near.'; It was a fine clear morning, -
At Maruign I had already seen allttle of It; but
now I saw it mach nearer, end from the east
;and - north. 1 also saw. the territories of Bombe
and Caen, and the smaller sharp pointed mann.
tain mentioned by Rebmann as seen by. hint,
when in Elem. But the Kilimanjaro is higher
than all' the surraandirtg mountains, being like
' a giant among children, Its-top is milted like
a dome: It has a great plateau covered with
enow,wffichdeseends several thousand feet from
. . the top.. Whoever will helesiter continuo to
doubt the existence of this snow mountalniolY_,
di, as he pleases. Stilt there itis ; Rebmann
and myself are witners,"and no are all natives
that see IC"
The point of perpetual congelation !nth= re..
gionmusthave been six or seven thevatuni feet'
and as the snow demendedsereral tkousand feet
from the summit, this mountain was probably=
lint there is a mountain near the same ridge;
higher than that, called Sena.. From the south
eastern aide of this =ow-mountain flows the
Dana, (or Quillimances,) which flows into-Abe.
ocean ne, Member. On the northern side. prebo7
- bly flown the Nile. 'lndeed, looking to the laws
or surfsbaforMation on the earth, we may an;
/mance #t sea fact—for it is in the highest de
, ..gree improbable that any other range, as high.
shonld flow between that and the Nile- °Mans,
"I Myself saw the Seale :eight:daye :aft=
this, aria tineafternoon; and it. was indeed
very majestic sight extends very fir from
emu td went by north. From the general. mass
- to immense peaks are seen towering toward:the
sky like immense, 'mighty Pillars..' The eight
was oirerwhebning. Truly it is ,Much - ffigher
than the .Eilhanjun; - end I tia • believe- that - It
will prove to be the mountain that gives birth
to thiqpnacipal branch of- the Nile. Peoleply;
and the assertions of a native, as given by
Male,' agree with the supposition."
The limits of a newspaper article wilt Datable
• us talpursue this subject farther . To us •.tt Is
invested with a profound loceiest.- for, in •addi:
Gen Ao the solution of problens in geography
and science, it is opening up a new chapter:in
the history or'civilhation and a new develop
_ meat in the progrestof arriatielly
-There are
tribesl of people -- docile ,, leardiable, and intelli
gent—t. which, though envelopedin the &Anna
- of Paganism, have , yet escaped the crimes, the
- follical, the heresies,- and the impostures which
have sometimes been enacted inchrisiffintai
• They, ere aceeratible—and,with'kinduess end
• &Mama receive the teachings of the Minden/xi:
There are now Isere:al'. Exploring. Expedition
Afrum, and verbal endeavor co return OCCIL•
eionallY: to. this nib jeel, when new` Information
Sea L`'!'
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eregidisit of th e United Moho 4 AM/WM,UMW
lsze and mobs knerwrothat public aim will be held at
the otintionsal Leal Mao falba State of Artuulass.
at the berelosafteodedm*.Attsrtt:
At Land Me at lii=gilhw nossonenelagOn
1 1 ,f the 'oblio=littand S"4 ..r . thiss the • : 1 ! ' .. 7
gad froctkosel townamm.etet .
• North Mc forschne andwastqfteldftisprbseitsd mnnfith. I
• TownshlistwO. of tiange three.
Township Woof. tengedomr., ,
'Yrocamat township fourieen.north' of White rifer. of
North of Ma hale sedasstatthe einniaesdl
~To Ghee% of at omra
emotional township, Melon. of Mato dn.
_t the Land Mee CLIAMPAANOLD. coarinetteing on
Ithoday. the diteenth day of beparrobar Int th e dlr
'hotel of the POW Lando within the malinoantinaid woo
Township!! eLmro anti thustesn. at range meoatem •
Attae at 100
day; the eighteenth d. of August Meat: ID ,
at Dolma Lando within tbeadmwlW named toyrossolto
IrVilis et/alone and Moth/ the JVIA grissensal
Sections thirteen, wenty•three..twenfrthorand twenty:
bos.smot of the St. Francis river, In township 1t... or
'• Township a., of image omen.
Sdao/ the Inseam end mtsted th,_4l!;Plieottoaoior.....
Township four and part of an umoss In isectioas WM
: two sad thnty-three, to township thirteen. of ningaone.
[ At th e Lesad_OMee at C u : ILDC/L.commerationt on
illoodist. the Onst day of leather next, the &Masa.
of the peddle Dade in the ug named tin" otatisid
WMs bar Wi l li wade theJlAtehtehlateseadiese.
. The sthtli half of section eight. the south log.o ten,
thsetional seeticourthroteennad pitons , th e norm Dalt of
eenenteme. mw .W indt of twenipooe, tw3t=s. tae
north half and mothweet quarter. of twat
northwest quarter of twentywth., and the • 0.61. f of the
northeast quarter of towoot)in three. of
• • "L
Lends =edited be law fOr the o,a
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orerdowed laratTrns rm r unit th umb the Willa:ion; If
aay, which shall la minded bf satbritSectK
toe the d Ar e.lbr the mama the pun ,
mles wader th e !tet ntithee
enable the 6 of rtahoto and a _
the •swamp lands` tido their Moho& ay 4
her 23111.1850. wan Le suuledial,Pasa And
canons kw land bounties hendolore grauhT . ellyta ti ty law of
Doom.. ibr ndlitary enrolees LrendevestZ t .
fitates. sodi aspermingf gel i e4 the olawe
prootded by the tote= An Jot ma tin g
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The offering of the Mme memsoned. teadCwill. be Mont
on the do n aln.datad. tow
deo in which they ass odes:toed. with l con t di*
tales. non' the whole sliallhove been oll•rod me pin
thoselowl: but no ado shall t• tent T
two weeks. poloist, envy of. SOY o Abe' *Lit
..tse admitted until anor the etplretMo of e two ersekt it,
Olean under MY Mad et the :1 01 1 .7 4 .g )
sixth dal of sta. Anna Dom al onMrektto
dred fit yogic
• y the erosident: 'J.
Commlesicari of tha Others! Land
some ro PR.DETIP T TOY MALVIN= • •
Eyary wank tanned to tbe tight C4' ythelaytkda 00.01
of the lands within the tnenshipsmt mrt t ud tow
atom enumerated. is required to
satinhetion of the Reenter sad Deser of
, t v /vs .n, cr ...
Lad thmoo , ofe i to". eefuadltthendbres stye
Up OW smog this Rohm,
hebire tb6 day tat te
the potato sale of the lands unarm
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j,..iwirat bt.r.
• Dommiesioner of the Oa.* Land thlos.
. _
pursuance"of law, I, ,l i ktna4lo Fai*Olt;
■ nreskkot of the Iluitsed Map at Anatiotkt
se haM at
re wad mate lrounnt, tbst win
the undermentioned Land Men in the WU of litininnts
at nor periods berelnattee designated. to wit: , .on N:.,
•At ntsland OiLice at !AVON, ezi _up
ttsg b ,V,P; ?,4 1 41, , r
Lowsultine nenteneen, le
tens-matt and selontyntine.
near Current Ines, of nage tarn.
. Township. trentswenn, twen .tweisdst
and tundrision
co and nearennent sins, of nun snit ,
Townsbip terntrelint. an • boson of Current:tem Of
range lne..
4oira3llp. twenty-dine. twentrintr . , twentreight and
n'entr-nes . ofp o
Townson* t ittros, nnotity-hase,'inettn•litht,alod
" TVant a lt t vneltrrstr.p., ..2dps
~,,,,nrolvt‘,twentreorar,WlWrilTVlP4 duntrelits
of nap .
At int ntLirk eamwtrinit an Monday. Una
towanna tat &saline , edderheitfths.a.4.l...irak!i.
twenty-tun of ram two. • •
grartioual townsbips twenty-one end tirenty-hro, and
tor/lelllp !grentrill..., of range three.
Tortnikip tweurro. or nag* *Mr. •
'of ma. Am
T.2„o l ,lg=il 4 = "'' . and b tr gnstelt no 'wenn . =
tsinty-nre, twents.lbur, tunny:die, • natty-de
ten4=. of WWI OS.
towrishin Innen 04 errepOep , . um.
p hivady.tvo. of none wen.
R.l fornatdps .thee. etAteni awl
tirratrtyt , eta twenty-ores; and
iliny bm, Inelossvo, sneolece
_to fieenitne tn.* .
to/Wry-an:l sio a ninreasa bruise, In encamp
rge i nsbip r= &sent al eastdani
to nirtrest frectionsl townibtp Wenn end
frocUocal townebn tenon-nue (mete tee kesses. nen,
thirant, tontraret, henuWiser, hesonejter, Seanner,
tweserecon, tatsfeber, thirly-Jire, and tturtpess, MO
zreorest fraction of motion six, Is township thus. 1
60;:etindrieltrit t~nnhiflinre.Xoll"Telfritfrlies
nseen-Los beesetinneLl thonr" . i
inslusJfurfmt t,
ire. us township Mann: *mine t. I
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lin, to nun balf neeennes. fen:lAV: L.
Vs; jf:JX . I/1 - .4r,...p,' Sestnetin inn tun taunt ate tos.sosese• t.
cniee.andsee. bi.ll and blirlEsee .i tl i tin i rs
lan Wenner: . In to...tile s • M u '
At th• Lend Orme at BMX (MILD, coonansitn on I
llontar. the right...nth day of August nen. fte the die I
Donal of the riblie Weis situated within thenilanng
nal fractional tenmeilley to wit: - •
/1 - cof/141 Pa ten deemed mad glee !Ana pendant meratien
So= :girt= faun
7000 pentAs;..
2 . e AI: AA= =Prat=
oh. 'Lltb",.tp & , 21twentrs!nes ronni 10114 17
nanional AnnistOp Unmans.. ten,,,.0._
of-eange• tuntreinen, terenewsna te
thirtiAwo, thirty-Um. awl 1
I....l...Protrtined by law for thol Ineetf mhoola,
tan and oner burpon% Winter with 'Venn swamp tad
ovanior ro lands men met thereby Int eultlegro, If,
V z I 404214be i e s tr by d nw , titateztu Art N.o. t
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sto ,1
vi ta= act%titra; "'A An lon rZW,Leese
tbe and dipkilas.te4.... AP.
..I.S ."d ottrigt of i l t o r 1 1 ore m 4. entio od ne i d i.nis will be tome
z7,ll,l2k h 'izt,
07111 Pad will
'Patch. until the Za n nhalibare bees armed. ant awakes
time nued: batman. Min tqf Ott
weelot, and no e rste ntes asa ui =ln se hiso w
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t m r th ° vraatill ? ..
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• ' ItiVITCR PR.E.Z.11.1.770.V MA/J/43;14
• Teary tenon ntitled tone stint Inent2=o,,
of the Lando mittin the towtobios szta pktu
..mtstatiraed. la mann to ensbl mut t&
noisfentoiscUtlit regieter and nod.:s 0. nf the IS _tu!der_,., loot
°Moe. and W.. v,opeot I.b.rdor as
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anumetioneent of trap pains en of the Inds embneltul
tin nut clalseet, Wrenn.% stell eta •-lergill.lbstidtecl-
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Cocumblemoss' of Use (buseest 1.1 .
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IT VIZ 119TD1311 01 Tax 1:111111.110*.
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rpursuance of law; I, Mituiit. nairotri
rtrektant of the Cnkted litet. dmmaZr e t el .
dare and mkt Aw n).
the undernreugthused Lasul i geel the State of teem as
threedde bereinalter de v aitated .
~,wrd o f i.n.lli
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&T A U. ti t"d drst U2 sy 07 :::;thinb. " ..t. dic thealb=lo lamb situated La tbe lbliowind named toenthipa,
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/Yards N Ole bans ldse. and walf of Ai Jtful prtscheit eleri•
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. ,4=fas ===triaggAtapp. thi.grnto.
thirti-tv- ..,,,,,, . . ."!.' .
v Artririatila v milmu. emla . fia ,
day, the fifteenth day of dollderohm nth Im
of the nubile lend. within. toe ande=
to tent
Nvrth of Oa fqs hue and.acit ef Me Nth wrlnmad eitrf.
. . dim. , • . ,
- Sownehip seventrfor rectee iblftf. ,' l' ' .
T ownship weer.. non thgrlt= . ',
... ,
' AMlPartnaghtlAQUE, on Monday, the der
Minds day of August ow, for F.pp disposal of the bikes.
to median woden. to i llefidderbeiofolek
of north, a ...o oast atur an e7
doors. •oi seethes norreseerre, ho towlenbSP
north. of ranee nine wed of the fifth pruckpa xx
- - 1...ud. appropriated by hoe fur the It" pit uctoeht .lulS
tney and ptho putoonclegedurilt A7,7:11, • =7:.:
overflowed lands mad& mkt_ t ern
. 1..... , .
if ri,LwahleMte.ieefl=b4tto 5 , ,,,L. ..„. Maar,.
Captor ".' ely, under the .6eWaTtUl `An del si.
mashie IC ;nu aritrtsams mad cdher btates to recialui
the Wiretap beady within theft Mud." W.V./
terzll.l.szoodna'to gpdvdedfroo‘.lNinW. ' Mad no so- -
cations for lend tonna. heeptolbreliaLted by may law of
Onsgrese. fee. sallitsty euffieee - As. the Unit.
WM., wal be seredded on ony eitaTaZtentionei Wads.
we provided by oc...tilted t
seamed/0h SP,gorrit;
time for th e dell and diplomatic captors of Uoverninent.
he approved nd Mar., 1a41,, • _
' , The Meting of the Janie wlll be covithen.lon thediyt .
-...r=iids"Alfyrlrno VAstar4•ll3,ll=raeCla
hen been added. :tid the "leo Moe closed: but zombie
shall be kepi oregmire al efotiMegur 40,1 r.
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umn =let my bsoet at.
'Loh av or M. A...? PoPgreara - ,,,, 5„,-°
d"4-114yallTrrtwadenii . ',.'
. - . - • • .1. firrY,llllrsE.ft, .
' ' • Commlsstod.r of theta...l I,,end thnai„
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t tf i ltiff . ligi , t o rL 4l,ll =.,
Otroooo.e=ltlit the townships endive:ls of toweatd
.04, is required to establish tbe same tol l.
oatixt=or utiver apareceirct at tb; : =.4
Elir Gee nerilF,trareft:ugig, tatted for Lbw
eat othe l 4 fer '' S:E " T AirlAge g .
•J. U 't tt, :.:
. . . Cosnuslasicear of tha Osmond •
~,7 y ,y;taw:l3t ,:.• : . - , ". • - .' •
QClDPre.Bl;o4otk of 04448,-4 ilitlfo;
Tlarloralk LL latop . 7 .7
fir..trmtoar. IL IL S.
04 *VP ' : s r 11 1 7ga r egi
• gal oda llendimo,
Loa. =dation Yams. Martni ardobor UAW
• Proyrrbial Fltilomothr.'d. ldo3ero Wynonm,
"Ve trt, :tre :tar. bv . a; howl it.
Tim IldloooPhr llothomallem trsoslated from fho
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Ilylbo author of —Whitetrthro.. '
blopjkrt , rwolved, sod Mr ego trr
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boxes 4r4/4 oiFpjg, ”aale by
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aUOAII.-- , 2 5- kW& N. U., CALSCAFALD.
Aprat. LIANSIINGS—FrineIi and Amer
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~r. = PROPRIETORS of this old and'irill
koOins Udis th• Wale tbat
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: . - jor. Warr sad BoiltbSelitsur. - Filla
FL W. Ci•*&&&1 1, &&. New aid.. • '
D. O. Idalbort h halsoki, •
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New Lake BePerin Line.-185L
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home on bir hTM MM.—maweekly tbeeestter oo
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. Tutor IN 11111VILAWS LING, to m 7 b*dlb.•
GE BIEGILM, the ban.= atiSuendran were. ,
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RlnghllME . Transportation Line,
HE CANAL being now open, we are r ow. dr tn eyebolt and trawl promptly. Frill.. I.d.
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situated to. addressor appiPto '
AkEINOLLAILa 01.0mA Dub. •
'• • taZe• Linen and w Millman.
summit • nocrriaimot .4, •
• between fourth andjinth lldildrilnla.
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MEM .1851 lifigeM
. • Merehante':,Tinneportiticm Line;
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- , 4 l 2 l terpTY 4 CO4 Cora Bulls. 40$ Noma frott.
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ISPIEMP2- .1851
T 9 fibippere of Merchandise, Produce; tic.,
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. • Pittsburgh Transportation Line;
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Qs. B. War Lane hat weeosarwata whatever att.h toe
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• • ' W. W.. WILSOK, Watch llGilusi, ...,•
21st. 67' M . Corner of Aura st, Pinsinspis
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Slim Earl, ?Clam floods. lama . .al 1.2m1.1 ,
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Lewis's Patent Revensible Water Filter
Operation WIC
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elated by Kr. L.D. Mews wad one of
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' Heating and.Ventilatien..
"WE AR E 31 In flotel.,Oeurtjlronse; l6 =7
drki "7/62. led.alled; end IDs
to IL. „flti•
=for ..ttucktoa r .rtong , . _
:A r = l ol the vazion.e . WAtr o t=ent a ,....
" " i t rlexonae. uniform uft,_2o .. ty
the ed en;lre fr.doggr,,
2"k"b"."l" 4Arirlda rib
Agricultural Implements. ;,. - .. . -
114 HAVE JUST received from the Eitet the
Ph. 0,014 Implements. all OS tho_bart plamactor!!
O gA roo. moot lero t alcs* og ic i ro o tl i•vico .11
al ; NNlVe",frA . * ° • go* io''fito. l l:* , 4,,
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141eccarigiNcric‘inci mod porn. . ••
.. • Susi 44 core tOggytting w oo* : .
.7 , 4 '...; . !"affhth. lisi.r. , • „,...
6,d=c,,i I lb& •V;Sl,Wafi;' ..1. .
~Illt'sount=4*' 01, 04 for ..•
•t td. Dr r' l6 ° .4 'r!"°,l N. WlCgbollol.' - •
lay:: ) " ' , 1" Minn of Wood awl /Oath 4440.
•.I....l3eatunoure Patent Starch Polish. ~ ', :.!
yoAnNTED, July 26th, 1830.—Fer xiving
• besn i Won , toli = ILA!. lict l eg
. 0 1640.' hin i. ....;Z::...ii inah zdnothrooottel..log to
L I ps, Za m i ltia stßitatil
• rilyoctlow--Pot • &co .- G . 74*Mo 1/3.11j . 01• . yt of
sloth whoa boiling: Woo broliv ..1 ; .
ilico,l2K carp-p+r 4. : 11te. bold *bolo& and
col l :
.1.3 L•ft. EL 511161.011.117 , •Wocd Igt.: ,'
____ .___,....
•• P,4
r. , otter; bora v .: 17 0 N On
Ul i da r B . te4Ptirlft7cOapilaurA
laugbia•ub.,==urt is My 0114 , 1 1 T 1 0 .0 .1
carA) .I.2MOONMAICER 403.
WPINS-Jimg S received; a beautiful
sotaortmant of plain tiold,Pancy Law:Wild, and alb ,
5" and .3"abl." %nic
elyartat gnat. tornor 12:25,....
SIVOR,I)S—Just roc'd.B Lot
krg l at% P ni rl " "Or e bi m ' " th "
c%tr a.
Or w. iIMON.
. , .
p 'd - feeirool bj
' °O m "h - u • ! MUFTI f a LEE.
D r
knOW OIL-1500 kalle. pure, for sale
0147 . 3" T9uB *t h litt airet.
rfi AAP InTi-10 .
J. le.
purpi l riuieF
.ute by . l 6
J 4's lait Oa &
IQUORBIEHOOT-500 lbs. for mile by
PIG METAL-580 tone for sale by
J. 3 0 ' array. SU:I7IIMb 1 CO.
cza. to ladles so • profrioalw to
jaitalregAtlcillar/41%510 low wt
CttgANl ViAT49,-1.000,11);:i.0114-
Jor 11. Mo. ca k Wood A...
T. AM) 01,1:- . 15 Ws. fiw A lt a tzn,
we.. _ j
Mr/ r.'d "Ad kw oak br S. N. WICKWIIAM.
. meal tom, of Sixth and Wool PI,
Fre Arrivali of Wau rapes.'
rraOMAS PALMER, No. 55 ?if arketstritet,
j tarkutneolvod tram the Eart..ollSlllKiale &wort.
matt of tae cumwr PM" mrb 11
Till ziorrri NESOJOINCIAL aux or
isza acu a
A. A. Kamm .4 Co.; es and 64 market at.,
WILL commence oil TUURSDAT, erllll6 20,
1851. and continuo throughout' M. roath gal 7.
Twar Whohnale Roane will to armed to the Mall ter*
660 wm7 article throalchont the establishment will be
wad at an hemmer redaction gran teal .rice. •
Marra meanly made extensive parrhaane, Weir Imo*
taeot be those* au, chore aM desirable.
Thep stock of Sart occurring nano th an 600 *ter
will to closed metal an immense dbconat from k
g tentalrtex
tool Dress
ss igot se w
Vast Colored
hj.t.Vernet, 'n
SOO awn bales Bleached and Brawn Marna, at mane
00, ILK., gra ins
Terarlary Ilfaelen7. alma.
lamer Waite Goods, Ikattesta Mestrb. toga...
rr with an hatenve Taal). of all Made ot gry I.l=
(:Which will be matted down at ma hoe than
alig.i.te ricer Oral.` • A. /UPON A CO.
Goods for Warm Weather. •
'rest earner or Fourth Ind Market Mate% aro well
DV with goods misread to warm weather. Mb as • •
Mesh end ham& LW
NrWoM,er , :el, sal PAntsalidoeling
• ' =ind
• Plain white SIM. and Mull IdoelloM
Betake De Lein.,
They timer !maim! another lei or NMW GOODS.
rad, Parteo eiseigesble thlks &mkt, black lor da,
meek Meheir Leas Ukeresanderslowee, Wetted Pi et
'f m do., omit rlein inettemkdark. Linen Lnetres,_Freneh
ead DANA White Monde, new aryl. : MOWN
LAWNS, dampen , POPLTIIB. • , •
Their amertment being Vtll mll. With • eohstant aamr
of•mew.kooks. and sold ettowarrames„ indemententi
me offend to balms tomtit awl make their nArchases.
ITELVET CIRPETS.W. Wel4itock. hap
In Pave and for RI.. flu Wrest. araortment at Yell
. "ie ff ` "4 m"m ; C. 44 W'' 7 ".
Na. tl o
------ - - - - -
I boa lo 'store end for_ fele * Argo suorlarent eolie
nor Crumb) Carpetf,_to *bleb las i 11•1401 the. attentkaa of
cuetomere. Carpet Warebowe NO. Tottrth et. •
bees just neared per=o .l s ... hlf . m . "leis!
a lowly. of the above xenon and d
. Also, se 114,1111nuel eapplr crimped trlramlogr tit:bine.%
*lb the attentloo of onetomers le Invited, at Ha G 2 sad
el, Market st re 9
More New Lawns. •
AA. 3fASON havo joss received
T„h o iltS l 6 .7. l Pr=p,"ltt= b ttr t •
• it9'
• Ob.ari arm doing bet tbeir very largtateek Wire.
Ind With at very redueedyriana and asma If
Ton want a bargain. Übe. ed and 64 !farad et.. .
• White Marseilles Quilt& • -
HAVET on band a large_ assortment of Im-
Is u
r!!. subscriber, baring made; arrange
tan, aaaaaaaini atmtS.Abisct beatnik
mast be closed br the be. at Magna.. nes nem cdrerajdo
whole stock of Iledarr. MM ..% 00 . 0 1, 4 A
broldurlea, Drew Ilimmlom.,llandkere Ida., Mae 1:1
l'bralebtmc Geode, .Zejobyr Wanted. flower Materials.
Umbrellas, IParaaolo, Combo, aritl.Tbreed and Needle . r,
Wm. A 1.., Ladles Sbeee, Deg Philadelphia make,)
Marl , eedef egg alrit7.l. btaeftW and retail, •
jel9' ELTON.
.CRAPE LEISSE, blue, white and pink;
Flame* Silk. "
Crum, Irbil. and black ;
111.nd. • hitt. Ohm se..;
""4*l W.
havist rwe'.l we we whlta, plot. bliss bleet
Craw. 1U Om ware* and detlnage gads will be mold
thing. id Nos. 62 and Oi Ilarket at. . 0.21
LAWNS!—A. A. ISLusom:it Co.
b et a pad opnM tar raw plain blark.Lawns. awl
r Alma a very large sapplr_of beautiful Loewy raw.
wl Wens, at eery low pima, at Wow CI and 61 Mutat FL
. . •
. are noir offering their taiga and vatted mart.
motor tamale at my roamed pmem Wintry mere ,
....0 met other. are manned to call and examine beg,.
numbering elmniame•
„ le" l •
Fine French Broadcloths .
ilk URPHY &BURCHFIELD invite the at-
IN Bailor.their et borers to immtment of the above
'Drab from tbe met amarnmel menufeemier of
run.. Aleo. mar French Ilatla Ceram. • 1121 _
IRAPE SHAWL9,•at reduced prices!
/ A. A. MASON i J. ootAbeirsteek ot bee
N(utowo .w embroidered Craw Mamie. al • Mei
Vie,r4 l'"* 64reritere ' re ` tAr
WNS ! LAWNS!. at Girls. per yard!
A. A. MASON t CO. are atm celetiog ea met atte
sl i va la Of dorsi" Law= aver rabilMaa to this city., at
Drava from 614 ma. Per rw ar. n...ruataa Or ro
tourers Is rertmettally aolleitea. • len
111:AP BONNETS!—A. A. MA.60:1 & Co.
-1 lave tletertal nod ta date out Umbels.. of Ilene stack
8.... 4 U.* 10.111 reduced hetet. The Won
Ora et, Mahn is mateitett la the abr. eleeta hli
rozeu FLO nwit WERS!--Tha 'atteri WY tiou of
• embeesen reolly turned to our . decker
stoett floras, Ind& ve ergo too elovlor oat at very re.
dovot 1.4171 A. A. susox tu
Piano and . Table Coen.
A:: A. MASON A CO. would respectfully
.; earl the aide:Ake of beeLeekeipere to th eir very ex
ult... IMOOArlamal. of richly primed pod Pier.
ever table eaten. areetteet ark.. -PI" • very -leer Purr
y: of limp sod dueask labia clerks. ttaP.U.e.
Lovell,. ie. sr Ka el and GC Muter Amt. • !eV
QUMAIKIt• CLOTHS for Men's and Boyd
k 7 Wye: al" Slretdo,Ch,shmstatts. • •••• ke., In
.reld, 'IMO%) of sty too rregind •Axl Aderol
kw at tha Om,
~n uradvut !um nvelv.l s supply grimgrim .d
ins of • toff sagoniar qua2D..
- -
- • • ' Lace thataing. ... .
.I,;IHAVE just received; direcLfro , the Im
lporters,•l•3lo awe:meet of Jim Ctulalns,'lrbiett I
401 low. enr.4l•ll•l•li•L•pillitemtwof alik•gl,
ye{ • — - W NUULL. 'Mi a. * ,
B "Ri4V3—
A Buperior article 41) inch, fur
.. 1 . br MO MUMMY • MY- .•
Woolen Noda -
6) CASES Tireerildiied Jeans;
,r,, 2 - ilne " .. "
. -.: " black 131.41 Cloth: . •,,
I " tux., tiocois.
The µmy goo& am just tved from *astern smumbelo•
r. - s. au cooratirneunt. and for do km on tarnelbto Lim,
t. 77 . • MOILVIT • LEY.
LP —Ttom aims sae of great 1•111t7 to .11 kin& of
zrlf. • ••• ri tti bead. la 'aqui:yd. rub ••
legillgio retoody%-:•"4,V=."4. 8 t- •I•• gm
61115 — 7. A U. PUILLIPS. , :
TN DI A ROSSER. EOTE—ArCexoellen t oov;
nine tot oa. IlmorPer Mut. i•ltedlowlets ano Ins
"rr"."" •Or Vd•r; si Nog. 7 andY Wool a
TV: •
' woottooss or at rob. oodooolits.all.s.rxt.ib
so omonruaent Ll.ll•Thmad, Capon I.+ Pavv.,
fur sateorhotelale MAO, et
arm v. tr. rtrox, ea rm.* a,
FRUIT-400 b
DRIEp u. Peaches;
A rNialria n • _
LOOK OIL OLUTIIS : A largo Bruck ;of
neon L
e Lo
° m Mmt?d
" 27 2 1. riNtellaists.an2
. Impim
MI ,p 1 425pip.,...j.ri17111LCM 4
81T1OV /03111 Pf igt4 gat_WP 3 l lo use.
No. 105 Mauls bum,
PALIKEK mere-for sale, at wry
r wrters. • tem silintmeal of Simi .ml MUM!
910/0/41tTtwettra ahtt Amerleaoplalst and Liner
Stn.,kratd.CMPOihololll,ww _
bo .
nar... ie.
RATS—Ilea% Tooth'', itodA Liharo, filmy Mut
Draft. Straw, Sahara", an ralm Lam. to
te txthont, Braid, Straw, Chip, Imo, tam, sod Hatt ,
ees' Ulmer, Jenor e Lhad, and other hoots, la great wart.
' lttlWAVS—ltlett Dame amt tiote. plaha'Satto and Taf-•
' l,loolaluiatrltgarod at san=glltind
C VP,711 4 / 2 n0 , 7•:? '1%T.".. 1 .. Butt. "' 3 " 16 '
P IPMI3--htmo /a aid AnsergiNprtiga . b.thes
nrot4l.:=oßiLK and 7Z-SFILAT/NS—Glace, Om. de Kw
qu a, tho. d • RM., Plorehee, and other etrk, mortal
quaint , . and color".
SAXINSAried qualltlea and "Mom.
Aleo—ltlch and low prim,' Parasols mad Umbrallas i taed .
Dm. to de.. •
ces/V,PFS-90 piece fancy and black,
•••-iiidd L Ad 81121111 0 .1% .
11,EISS" cd4, ee pyripp 4, a g reat
, jur vonalr of rottrops 91,11
.P 2, 1 p.Annurnnan
WAT , / , casua l desirable,
sst r e "" C. A i
131BBONS-300 ps Hemet, .2.3 Cali, for
ka, We sr area C. AU
WU. DIG BIM tt0.133 lawn 3 • .
Amu lorsexul sroven v r dock
e a rem • m TWA* Goals.
tV.l4;Ito In AllZO emen Latt " Etit slid lonth u fatit
:=fty ftioTaitadVrafl , whvo..l ,lll tt
f 4l4 frvAv , A te l leia
ortoudon o • ,o•. tor
=lt t. St at anon altos
. il = . 1 /
nriraithilliTlTll, VratePtr".
' 4lt lif llillsctsllssipg Nos meutsd as suns), Is the
Ws , i °U.S.); .41 , 4* gie lIPIVI
CARPETS, OIL C 0' _ S, B.z.c.
Is nor constantly roctirtnir kW e. • 3 Mixt of
• t'o ,p lingly
Attn. Bard ear,ft da do..ttirtii
d"Ol*ta ß A 4. lM glirgiV i ttritttoo
64, =Kt 24 Unita.; atittllgt,
plain do: 44.34. 6.11, and 24 wool and 0 do.
RUGS, MATS, OIL cLotss, ao.
Extriebesdlia Romani , dia4dor.'pArta tottod do.; Ma
d common do. Metall° Door Mgd tufted do. do.;
t • Alio—Stair Soda. <4 all gam Car Mat Modistgg LtatOar-.
suada.;_o4.44.artd34 Illattotor. Tabl•LWaor, Crash
.a Image.; nuokaboak do: TranaparattS Windo.Shad.r.
Dad Window llntiandto Vaal= Allodc ttaloosord Plano
1,1/arc do. Table do - 4 Ato. Stand do.; Wonted Table do.
liming la m.rtN and purchased oar otcokatroct from tbe
.. o . t m.brard Kactopee, bring of lb. tort ossl,tacat at.-
= W.. sal color[, „, 1.
ni.l4:lVt;tvito all to ritasal .lard ow. • took at
)pio.earpei crOionse, 85Tonith . skeet. •
inetl9l" . '
.lkrV• ..:F..1 IcO4IIMIPK.
IDLE VORK 4 E . P O Ltit . FiOnno
aid a
r. tLtToi:vount
30 A.Ibioq# 03, 46.• on bud • = We. mot
CASSIKERES--Of va ri ou s c ol on
JUI mul et rimmed by
myto /1117aPIIT a BUICIIIIILD.
MORRIS' Yes Nark in the 1:1124...0
rine or damson 11as ars never kept at this Nub
Lamont. :oat. ."`
--- 7 -- .
UISII.-50 bbki. neiT'lBsl, pickled Herriiii
160 de do *do & T do ,
_I ad ba/f bbla. do do
la star* =ld Or ado br Lkdr JOLIN WITS 4 CO.
NO. 1 M.A.CREREL.-40 qr.bbla. ectra, fur
mane nor. lx tale by DMIA/1. DICKEY 11,
BACOII-43,000 lbe..Shoulders;
303 fat sale_br -
m2ll , R 00131031. LITTLZ *CO.
MmyACIKEREL-75 btls larze'No.3, far sale
-14 I or P. - WILSON.
4 I
1 1IGAR-10 hhds.led, for sale by
• Oral. . =GLIM a assserr.
I EAS- 11
—5O - 1. chesta YoUnlLltsort;:.
1237/3 Water sod Front N.
eaidIZERING'S SUGARS-rDouble Refined
em e.d,P ulverised . 4 retakt.eoadeaul
• n nut lb r ale by the bane or Make* the forret
csynue. by . WM. A. IIeCIWW A
• slO
H kt m ßmN 0-10 bldi new frwietl..e,;,ll6.oi.
R i ?. t-15 times eeh tot enle by
LAR It-12 bbls. No. 1, for sale by :
nnyld adder W an d and Wart sta
CIEARL ASII-5 tone for sato l
znourn Birraretr.
writ; 1rJ6.666166, sad 161 Vint It
OOPS-49,000 Split Ash, (meals by_
LLINSEED OIL-10 casks (prime) for sale
by &
TIRIED BEEF-2,000 lbs prime, ju A t M-
A" calved sad foe ado er 1A
SUpAR-64 hh4s, ree.eiv.ekiztforstlatut.q
OLASSES-100 bbls just riceived acd
for We by Jot B. W. ITARBAIIOII.
qaCKEREL-50 bbls No. 3, -1831, in
IN gore sal it Web) , • • Jac/ D. W. ILLEBALUIL
3 YE FLOUR.-20 bble rye flourforealeb) .
. - - -
C 0 RCH.II: N . S caakeppme on hand and
622 Ws by .14 IWRICa WCANDLI23S:.
I 1;1 , 1 VI ES SIR
. _
'llREsif TOMATOES, hermetically Sealed
ntalvlvß.rethetir. tba wt., fee.b nese of tb
pa [mite, fu ale by WM- A- IrCLURG t Co..
7 . = omen& aza Tea Dealer.
ing Bind, ream Cskes, /tad roaklau tbe'bret of
read with the
af sold water , this flour
10111 be' bead the tont diMnallerit aildtbSapalt that nu
wed tot heatitheld tistrpoeau ovists 2.1 antis but.
I r end epee, lad melting the men•
• Thud, Ltpt
strr, mutely Irak • uniat. entee of time
sad trouble. The Oboes b pat up Le suesealent sited
Cl u e: VOL 1 r1fW170113(7i.7 .
r c ..b ' Greens and Tea Dealont.
II YE FLOUR-41 bble. for sale•
.00 R. DALIELL•CO., Liberty id
LLEESE-50 boxes good W. IL. for sale by
my3o . • IL DALTALL *
ICY. MORRIS' -TEA I—Morris' Tea , Mart
te the Dimond. &coed Dom from Deatcsal
.11i.d1 tide astabletheade le ea am wary exceeded
, elt.e lbw dote lately oposel next. doer by llatrorth
. my=
OLL BUTTER-3 bbls. (frith) in 'clothe
rmot sad for fal• by R. DALZBLL CO.,
af fa ' . Liberty stmt.
I.IIERRINCI,-11 bbla. (to arrive) for
CA male by myl3 4COLAUXBON 00.
UTTON HAMS—WOOS. C., fox gala by
1•l may? J. D. CANFIELD.
GROUND NUTS- - -15 sacks for sale be
UTMEGS—I f bbI. for ealeA rook
In bait arty Malan sad &Mar
• 2) boxes est= A:blot/dour_ by pale by
. •
S Ua Alt 445MLASSES— . . •
"t T . 3 L °.B*l f .' b
bl ) Ito amrc fot• ft
'OFFS E-100 bogs 'Rio; for sale by
1 pram father%
2 - Oloiroc. lamilmr from
M"lk".".. 2'"."
F LOUIC-10 bbln. Rve;
WLest for er
11RIED BEEF-311 1 00 lbs. fur crab by.
SIIIIA , R-60 libd s.
0., for rale'bir
s. a w_ nairialna n.
12 , -- 3 7 T r r° TM)
P/1- u°° lire-4n %
littiEll DEEP, BRITTON V •
11, VON—Yor Ida by.
o t ..J. D.
m! 'WILLIAsad Fi M th' sta.S W.,
ner Wr
DRIED APPLES-40 bags kr "tore,o
e by R.DALZELL at CO
CHEESE—Z) bee. W. it. Cream for elle by
mrlx ae W BUIL
ialtotTß; Pftpsrea COM; ' •
Sir It% W117.011/80 CO..
V lRUNES—BordeauxPennes, in glass ;Tat s'
Very surniarhoer banes. •
tierman Pruner. tr. rale e_
w M. A. wcianw 'a on
Sp - 6E411%--100 O!). No .3, for sale 1)
ccLut:ttrsox a 00..
1:8 Liberty auvet.
LOAF SUGAR-450 bbis. (stied Nos.) for sußriuDas -MG Mal,
• • - 116 Hew st.
AY RAKES-40 doz. for sale
my': I. TON DON VORA'a ca
[7 UTTER-3Ws fresh, how landher and
pews sr nAl lgs x c u l ts c i r is
ARD-23 kegs No. I Leaf. for sale by
IA Ire =EY, 11•1111.1CW3 iC.
11.YEITik41 00.
. 3
x) for sale b3r_
N, LIT= • um..
J 6 Laair one-
R ICI>-10 tiercesiL2s2!
►/SSA -50 hf. chasm Y. 11., Imp., and Black.
JL tbr WO Dr urris'a
UTTER—In poxes (freshyrec'd
115EAKS-24) 010. for sale bi
ViSEED tilt..-41/Wo: for sale by _
m i t - J. B. CMCY/XYD.
ALERATIIB-100 Dna. and 10 bbls._pnre,
for saio by g" CANFIELD.
be 4MiliMiffi3Ml
PEACEIES—:29 bbls. on consign
:neat and far n 7. os.
• - I3A1•11 MCKIM'
IPLOUR-500 b:).le. S. F., for sale by
A: . ely6 . , B. AW. LULRILLUGII.
fr MRS- -31easks Evan & Swift's S. C., for
~,,1 „ b y ... w t . • 1., ~, a.* W. lISRBAOGIL
Cornrr of Wood and NIS &rats, A:l4lmA
r 1 AYE NOW IN STORE, and to arrive this
r-ki - nt L lTat h :ss w"rass i Ven/Tsrsrwr' s e 0.4%7 .
us wns boxes rtif6Bl.firr 143 *nee Zoo Mon
l 5 1:24 4 0 40. 0. 60 Oe= pm Star*:
0. " lapgaaiww. 61.11,numg
1r beim po - .1 . 116bb . ls. N. IL 111
CO bar.nirrOtn 111 '" tl=:
lumA : . e. Vi. ."
86 nbla. Noa.l sat a Mack Yardrto6Bllo -
rol; 660 k notlascitater, '
4. • I
2 sad M do; Salmad:.
W t Ilarrinc.
130 0 este, Madder. Caasta,
• re:
1.• 0 Tu./ ... p
". PI P' l r a
10 lELs•
"ir •
1 1
03 boast Stearin Candlac
titat •
MI dad. 1pkI• '
03W, Nana. 1 - I , l3itaad. I
bait. Mock I.llldlff •
"•• than ancloz •
1•2 dwllint./793. •
1 bta. Os&
1 " rn=
1 eirt evi
tibeVAndob .
100 11, :•.
W 104 rai a a
telititle" ! ' •
• 011, =MO, .
1 . 144)5 5el
150 bats Es • LAp 11. ' sad
MU Team=
' 10.Codlle1N
boxes !lemur:
100 bbls : N.
DO Lost I 1.,711015r.l
500 Ins.M.S. L. adding
3,u00 Abooalc .
•zs talcs Brasil Note;
ao ", :thoond Mgr. ~
100 dr a m a -
00 eve . Pie
to - TotastoiCachoSs
• rh,Ta
I wan
100 M.
• Pethelk e rr .
ll.f pm
0 "
too tgu,.w.u..
• 9.10 bla."1111111th" .0 1 4
loci grow Li. IL Toby.;
21 • Caw cot .
" 1.11431 .
It. an
113;42onleOlt= 3"l'
4 came.
CBI ilstk - lOVIt Ohm
104 E154 . 4t h.. ...ditt . ,..
w 010bt5.
.44; , • •
bbls. Tonto.' 011:
MO 4411.
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DIRECTORS: Chu .42/i6
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mer, Adolphe . Samuel firsht,
Jakob H. Smith, Utast.
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Penit Mutual Life Insurance C 0.,. Thad's.
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Western Immix* company of Pitlabargh.
CAPITAL. $300,000. , t 'IL . /1114 , EE44!4
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LEAD PlPS.—Cornoll'a impioved patent
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Seed Stara Remand,
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ar=lntaidet or the moray retamied WT
eat the Ladle Rubber Deeet, No, r i b Wed et.
't. , .. t eam • • 11. PUILLIPS.
•4000 pain& mixed,
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Uoth Meet,' rears. Marian ' , lint iiine the/ hotel
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1813:Ibt idyl° a a beautiful glee« to . Eluener, Martha.
ries, Collars, EL let Dams, sad 101kb:tit prbolk,
nae unseats th e Iron ma, sabering ta the Lima and dan
tram ssicktnr. It angst= Dotard, tnlarions to don. ha
n4posi. The ladies' hese Into mtce felt
of stall anatticle, and in this their est estation .111
Taallasd. a. no compel Lioll abet an Impartial
N. B.—one COL, will do thirty dont 91 clothe, sad et
Wady Mould br without It.
Mee 1.1. y, twuta per Coke. 'ac hyee with full 11 1rwtioas.
ibt.a.kb, wt.= - It. t. sem.,:xs.:g li ,wid.
- •
"nom are more /hinge In beast. and/girth,
are dream of in philooddir."
rIE VIRTUES -of this remarkable come;
dii i tal the. coin/taut ePplk.tiou lb. Mad
t.. need Wm lo bare It ou t in bottles,
bele sod realms. Or the benefit of tin
, PISMOLILO3I procured from this
tir ecA
,ot • depth of noir hunilnd feet. o onsdui
oat article, without any chemical alive.. lot lust as
Sows Rom Nature'. teat Winton': it woad=
'matter o f
utin r ger of MY:ai man r rs. a
thlu •e In t ir •
'esas of mum, smirk If Ur: mlgl,t to of r of
the bloom of
health mad vigor many • sufferer. long before the pro. .
=rt i h=alof u It split hot
. . oft = rb.
ring imitator it. sod several remarkable miss it in. pert
gimind. ten sum lodination of Its future' popularity and
. application in dm ears of d nease.
Wedonut won to make • long pam,le of certificates.
We std amstakete that the
an 4 -.UV work tts
Whilst hirer of trove who miller. and slit/ to be • •
. do not dabs for It • univertal application in ea
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&toms satistirr' f
eiNsiil7..l 2 los. tit'f'itArrirt u r
etegol ASTHMA, end a il.'
il diseoecs of the alr nasseres, LW.
SR COMPLAIN T, DYSPEPP/d. Nu m. of the
Madder and Milroy. Palos In: the Meet at Side, Nervout
lifscarte. Neuralgia. Palsy, Rhormalie Pew,. float. )47dp. A
edam Teter, Ringworm o norm, acalds..Mmiss, Olt sons,
Ma dn. In cams of debility. nralltine from ernigure, ,
long sod prandial cease of disease. this medicine
bring relied. It will act as • general TONIC aril Mahn 1
ATIVE Sri sateh eases, .I.l2lparting tone d cheeky to Us
whole Mum, mooring Chetructiaat, opening the aturgirk
functions, which cause disease tad • /norms tettektotket •
dad of Urn! mo h at
rriet " r know of enti ce
EO,l ,
that rosrstterery_tarr tmaixient. SPA well under tea
of the PRIIIOLEO3I for short time. The proof an to
glvel ts any pwon
Norm genuine withotittim elguidtto. or th ' a preprietor •
aekiN the „ • '
Canal B asi n. ntos Fiseenta street. '
" by B. E.-SYWata. - 611rool st, '
and bilirdlift t WDOWELL.
- _ _ comer Wool street end Vlrsin dllynasbo are •
norgsdity ids regularly epirOoted Ovate. • -
KNOW all men yrho are*ick.4(l afflicted .
wfth dame of the Bladder and Kidneys, with thew
sodas lo Leek or llmbs ettlf joiale, Okl o aores :
Item. t that they en hi. en eed bT the
at you please. but Oda does tot taste e% true p ros Wm.
In the Oa of an bormet mrarsunity • that ' it by virtues
which are not eon 2d in me ether renu , ty. The Mgt
who sacked with n. and aglerlm Into tfo , aer.
Ica AO mots, Oat b oos nor of the gin wour..erend
Baader! It coda very little to make DIM This Petro
leum is no mistnre—no amponnd. put up for the pummel,
of imposing on the monnunity, but it ts moody elabone
WWI by the master bond of nature. and burbles up front tho
Imam of one mother eettlz. in Its °rising purity. and of
fees to WWI.: humanity a ready runoff c a cellasa and
Wrap gm:
It has cared Dile& after other embattle hare failed to -
Wander my relief. It 11.! cured Digtmatista. of /mg •
elandliss. and of the ward and mot ;Mural elurector. It
Ilan cured Choler* Morbus. by can or two doses. It bas , mom of Dtarrlaw a., in which 11 . 0.11 other .eateny
has been of DO mgt. As • loml randy to bums and I
scalds, It 4 better than my
mor tal [ll2ll,OlllllaN or ointment
that we know of It will rum Mllblains and frosted fre e
laa few analogic= undoubtof testimony ("5/1 be fu
end of the tooth ceatalued In the ob. , ointment. by ,
IngIrA t ILIJEL (Ming /hod 0, Meruth green O r
ascots. -
a MrDowell. gamer of Wool greet and Whyte,
..Der It. H. Fellers 67 Wood street; D. A. Elliot and D.ll.
Durry.Allesheny efts. am the agents . .
' meatam Mast, the discoverer au/ solo proprietor •
and beneficial modieines. and alma
the 112MItOr of tbe eslebrntel instrument ter inhaling the
istoge, in effecting • Mee 4f omm:de dines., was • elis•
dent of UM endnrut phyalciane lbsitc.'l'hYsie , end le •
=allude of the University of Penns) Ivani.srui for thirty ,
Teen Anal has boot engaged in lte• invest's...ion of di. . •
es.. end Uts•PitUralion of reianliee I hereto.
Ili the use of hil• I ehatlng tele.. In eonnertiontrith
his T. larde Syrup. and other of Lis remote., be ham
• gained an helnled MUM:. in curing three drostlfal
and fatal obiladiee: Tutoreelar etnlnlituptlel; Cancers, .
Scrofula, Asthma. Fever and haw. Feverso •
ial lihabvt [ p..o Enritel.., ...4 all oh.ti.t
ease. geom. Vs tona.. traee eve form of diner
vanishes under the weer hie remedies: whkh htimani•
ty is heir—not by the las of one avaodu cooly ' ba' that
kr haronapalible with ficysiologiesi tar. lc t by the to. of
pie remedies, wielded to, and proselib.l Rib each P•srctUnT I
farm et disuse. . „ . i
• De. Iterde Toole Alterative FIN. when need, are Willal‘• . ,
lily aolc_reckdged to be superior tool( others, ...Furl..
•••.• ' .nnch -••••-- .----•••-•.-eceis re.
ttssltsrs Wh Inumtc. as the rest
Sistir this Mai scativehata u also Lis thiblen, Luse ad.
tailaa,t4 racolts. to Puss , Won* . PoPstikii ad.ltt
tcd to frnaLr tlisnau but being 'shahs] that • Late Utal
sattleletit to establish what has hub rsh7.lo the teladsar
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cud tandlo) cod of MI Doetar pamaidata. dais., a data).
ad woe etta each manly, and it. applidatl.m.'
laer sale the Ilatkarbad :sada., as wall" ! br past drag"
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.1. di. Townsend, la_ndnolat., a 5
al a r k
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' l A . A. Jrw.Fith....E.nticia, elm. t he ran Clece.,ldltald.
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Jam 121141., Eamon ''!
11°R. TILE ' AFFLICTED kill; be found iit
t tle. Devitt C. Itellingtei INS LLIHLg • LINIIIItliT; _
Mlle& Fluid which tith 'turd the wet of thirty sem est :
and boa. beyond admit/a. beenM the meths of maw ,
lln ore of thousands of Indisiduala, iw almost *mg
elastantlthasseter of etXe Wettest:a haunt ow ;
thing in nblthrj t bnktnitl la only undlebte that has ntts :
awed to the theu,, that in eters ream of thy word, - •
What It - ninth for. •
mod, and tekathdele Hennths Wont diseases titan . - ;
- any Ware medicine °awed ke sale , we canataes by • bon 1
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Al thong arid earrinring proof o the t o
we tsar ;
that i• t
la the emit artithr th at has aami he form of
anelmt Redid. that Wisner been pettemired and melt.
ad the grebe of the atilt, generally. as the moat agreeable. ;
;Rangy Stealth:to met agend for rale,. aratacti by any et '
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thee. On tL
gr : jl ea. lost. Noses grinatik lazy ICC.' ' hi . Iron. Robb
11. la th 01
ame ow Sohn A. Dix, late U. S. Fens. !
ton '.w It. Porter, lis u , Miter of the EYint of,the
PM4istro anel tue l leTtafy ....' , its Ofgee. base rem . na &
go i
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