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JOEL , / STROHM, of iaateutor.
manor TES =Mart coVIT,
WM. Matnrrify of Phnetlphig
RICHARD COULTER, of Westsonroload:
CEORAC CILLMBERS. of Prooklite .1
JOSHUA W. CoHLY, of Moray= '
WILLIAM =MOP, of Suplusbusa.
Antinumoie and-Whig' County Tioiet.
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starrsui.tribill OF MIXT =IT.
HENRY W. WILLI AM b. of Pittsburgh.
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pm. a..IPCLLIRE, or Pittsburgh.
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VMS PRUNEY, WiLiccrpon,
JOLLY MILLER. or lutilsus.
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ALXX. RICILIRD6ON. cd Afl.jb.o7.
• JARED E. Bruno. or motors-0. , • ;
JOUR V. HOiV.ANA of llpper Bt. Pak.
ROBERT Eali0;:ot nUsbl:walt.
TM. Inn, of All•gbany.
JOHNSTON elm THE wan. ; ;
Much -as we desire the election of Governor
Johnston u s iyhig, and as 1111 able and honeit
man,se confess that 'our greatest anxiety is for
the cause of protection tn. American industry,
with which his name is eo clearly identified.—
If Pennsyliania elects CoL Bigler, she will say,
BY the act, that in favor of free trade, be
cause she will therrehy endorse thifree tisde re.
solution; adoptedhi,the 1.4:)r.40r.0 Ctouention at
Reading. On the other hand, if Oirreennr Johp
sten Is elected, she declares bydoing so that she
is in favor of the good old Pennsylvania policy of
protection. Thejesne is fairly joined; and
while the election' of Biglei will fasten the
eat injurious polio: open us Indefinitely, s and
keep our manufacturing and agricultural Inter
ests In a depresied 'Condition, the -Anice of
Johnston will bit' understood as a deseand b y
the people of Pennsylvania for a chenge of policy.
This, more then nay e*gives importance
to this election. - . • • ,
Pmussy wss'ferttarly.jimalif wedded to
the Protective P Ol 4. - Ptill'iteixth a:1 /M, it
was not a party (motion, for the Demecrata
claimed to be better tariff men than, the "Whigs;
hut aince the memorable cheat of that year, the
leaders have totally'ehanged their. ground. ":No
.reason is glenjtt stli j tke,obahie; for 0114
argument they then "need in. favor - of proteption,
equally true and fornible now. They offer is
to reason, no argument; to justify the change;
nil they give us is. some sickly twaddle About
their friendshif.,for the "millions that Lid," of
which “millions" they are .the worst enemies;
and if the raid "millions" allow themselves to
he humbugged with 'ouch nonsense and-empty
profession; tinware isimplerset of fellowithsa
we take them to Can they not zee thit this
free trade policy)frnOthing but .a bidfor Borth
eru votes for James Buchanan? and again', that
slug about their. friendship .for the la
boring man is Merely trick to wheedle them
ant of their yoteel' too, profess to he the
friend of the working map, but we desire to
evince that friendship,-not by fulsome cajolery,
that would tarn the stomach of any man! who
has a spark of self mpeet, tint by tellingthem
some wholesome:lndia, and by exposing the
character of their tinprincipled LoCofoCo flatter
Now, working nitro, ninte your. Claire. !Con
limos to play into the hands of Ba . coticin Plan
ters, and their dooer.faied allies, and thus! sink
yourselies down,•down, down trail yourcondi-
Son shall be little 'l:ette than that of the'peu
pore of Europe, Or the slaves of the' South; or
else discard them, and thus atrice rodeo Your
selves and your State to the posi 'on you entitle
ought to occupy.: . • 1 .
This thing of blindly Obeying the . dictritkof
others, and. at th4rladllin& ebtkiling for Ptia
tion one day, and the very oppeiite another day,
may be locofocolam, , but we deny that it hi eith
er democracy or commit= inmsel And that poli:
cy which makes uilWatisiwitit ferMish anxiety
the markets of Great . Britain ( ü bich shows that
we are in a condition'af haraili 'og dependence
upon that nation,) is any thing but American pol
icy. Yet Lila is the policy et the Or.-called dem-,
ocratio party of ?esosylean* l and it he'so be
cause the southern wing of that psrty -hare ,
creed ghats° it shirt be.- • _ ' . • -
New Manco.-.Thie editar 'of the 'Santa Fe
Weekly Gazette 'his &gored us with a :pam
phlet copy of the *wage of Governor Calhoun
of New Mexico. We /WO looked omit; with
much interest He discusses with mmisidrable
n);ility the -carious and carious relations . grow
ing Out of the Iraq' clutracters of thatimpulation
—come American s some naturalized ;demeans,
some :lexicons who adhere to their „Mexican d- -
tizenalap, and somelpertially civi ized indium
The old usages of thtelderican Geitieniseia
the old claims of ,the Church both enter into the
elements of Gas twterogwdous community and
c,overnment. The victim. and recommendations
of the Governor ore genersPY liberal, lel#haPs
in Some things too Much no :I but' the following
will not fall under : that charge: • . - ~ 1
'Tree negroeasre reginicid u nuisances in
every State and Territory. n the Union, - and
where they are tolerated, sociOty is most detract'
ed. trust the Legislature will pass a law that
will prevent their entrance into thin Tersitclii.
The disgusting • degradation to which society is
subjected by their - presence,i bo obvious to all,
and deminds a pinhibitory . aet of the severest
character." - "J" •
This pansgraph ie .
aa imnliing andikonilostato
, the whites of .the largest and oldest - tinges of
the Union to it is , te the denial')
we confess it was with some .astordatuient we
read it after reading. the kind tense? a which be
speaks of other chasm
iS en foot at New . Ozienna to organise a company
:to be called the “Ltrithitana Cotton Manntootn-.
ng.Company, wiihn capital of $206,000. ;. The
Commercial Bulletist elders into n long, .and
able argument ln favor of the project. We like
n:ziee each moremcota. .
The Sancti, eau.' that there are in four
Southern States, Teaneaste, Alabama, 860411,
and South Carolina; some Mie hundred and fifty
cottonmills, running about °J30,000 spindles, and
consuming 100,000 bales of ootton—that in
Georgia alone there are tlay, all of which are
doing .a successful bitem . ess. - Their • great u
gazette nothing can. be more sotmd--
dint any article can be manufectured at a isd4er
profit, other things bolas equal, on the spot other.
the raw material is produced than" it an be at a
distance from it. That paper estimates the.dif.. -
. ference In favor of the 41:Listens - Insunfachwer,
as compared with the liiiesachuoette manes°.
*lnter, in the price of the raw material; at j from
$4,00 to $11,76 per bide Of 400polads.
It is evident that as capital aeinimitLaten
the West and Smationst, the people wilt Putt
their attention to mazinfactosing; and the effect
will be to mite the - whole - Won in favor Of, the
policy of protect* and. in the end,
.the vast
amount of labor and capital wasted in carrying
commodities, both raw and =nautical:trod tii and
ftti, whetherscronithe Allende and baohtigain.
or from one extremity of • this country to the
other aid .back again, will be eared. In this
lasing' business those . who cultivate the! oil,
whether they. ,ccitteit or irheat, are al
ways the greatest eateren, because theirtom
mcditles are of low' relative value as compared
with thalr weight. it la therefore most clearly
the Internet of both *planters and torment°
encourage by_their holuence and theirrotce, the
etlehlishmr 2l.o f o"4,NieCtfe, Of maiturtotare
is their midst. The farmer, it 11 1 . trua, ithaors
deeply Intel:rated ler:this. than tire-planter.-be:
cause a potmd of dettuw _ ls 7 cry tidies moriirain.
ble thaw aptmnd of-,wheet, end .15 tames the est.
ofa pound of cort4oftoirrelgelafar inonpair- .
fly taxed by this lboyalr carry) xi itritehlT Ythtt
the planter...; _ ..
PECLADIZZatA ilOviiums.4llle,baver been
watching with s ome pk,
past, certain moveniiihiin Philatelphis, sae
what affeetiogthibbriiit' of this city u aird.we
confess we him been little samba at the
punk faith :exhibited,by men whom we
looked for hetter: things,
in Order that our Cur indeM may understand the
exact nature of thesemovemenita sad their
upn,to this city, .vs. will preface their ietrodue
don with strew ldstiricalstateinents.. •
When the Directors of the Pennsylvania
road applied to the people of this city and county.
for "a sabscription to the stock of their company,
they were met with the declaration, that it was
for the interest of that company and'of both cit
ies, that a Western Railroad - should be immedi
ately commenced and prosecuted by Pittsburgh,
and that . all Our means and energies should be
devoted to such a work. it sm. urged In reply,
that it was exceedingly important, in order to se
cure the speedy completion of the Central road,
that a million of dollars should be subscribed by
tigt Pennsylvania, as that would secure a
aunt additional from Philadelphia—thst
the Directors were dive to the importance of a
Western Connection, and that if Pittsburgh
would step forward at that crisis, and enbeeribe
dust= demanded, the Directors would pledge
themselves to aid in the constrantion of our rim
road - to the West. .All, at that time, appeared
to be in good faith, no other terminus; or West
on:a connection, except it and through Pitts.
burgh was talked of or hinted at: The impor-
Malty of Philadelphia prevailed—over the bet
judgMentof many of:onr cititens, who were
in favor of spending )111 the
,money we could
command . Western risid,—and the million
demanded wee subscribed:
Btittsemtently to this, the Ohio and Pennsyl
vania. Railroad Company Was organized, and
abscriptiotuito the amount of about $1,800,000
were secured' in these twe'uities, and enough
Mare along the line. to pay for the right ' , limy*
and to prepare the road for the superstrmiturr.
When our President and Directors spoke of ask
ing enbacriptlona in Philadelphia, they were told
by the Directme of the Central Halberd not to
come there. 13aidthey—..our subscriptions are
not yet fWI, we need all the money which can
be raised here, yon most wait until the Means
to build our road are fully Not willing
,embarasa the Central read, the /areas= of
the Ohio .and Pennsylvarais Company never
asked or received a dollar 'Orme Philadelphia.
although thiScpuely had imbeteibed one million
of, awl's; is 'the Philadelphia road, Pittsburgh
proceedekeith her enterprise, which was directly
to. benefit Philadelphia. and the Pennsylvania
road; trusting to her own energies and rasenrciea
After exhansting her means, she went into New
York with her bonds, and by malting great
dceti whit* wOuld not have been Demur, had
she bad the benefit of the Money she had eon
tributed to &Id Philadelphia, she has succeeded
in placing her enterprise on ,its present broad
and satisfactory foundation..
Now What has Pittsburgh moon to etpect
from Philadelphia, sad 'especially from the Di
rectors of the Permsylvitnii Railroad , Assuredly
that the pledge made of. assisting our Western
Railroad should be carried out in good faith; end
Most assUredly; that no project intended to in
tercept trade , and travel on Its way to this city,
and to divert it from osand from our road, could
receive eneoungemetit in Philadelphia. . Whit
are the facia., This brings us to the movements
referrecl to at the c:Mameneetnent of this article.
..These movements we find won dated in, a let
ter: to the - Wheellng "Dasette,, evidently . written
by a toireliant of Philadelphia. • The letter is
date,d, !Philadelphia, July 4," and is as Moist
"Yesterday I was honored kith, a curd of at=
oitation ' issued by the of.aars of the Pennsylvania
Railroad Compaay;to attend a meeting at their
office, to tako ioto consideration the importance
to this city of connecting this road with the
various western and smith-western fine& lem
informed by the Secretary that about one hun
dred irritations were sent to the leading friends
. and -business men of the ciry. At 4 o'clock I
repaired to the office, where I was gratified to
meet *large company of fellow merchants ainl
others interested in the prosperity .of the city.
The meeting ass called to, order by Sweatt V.
Merrick, Eau, the projector and first President;
and now, kith/ absence 'of the President, (Cob
Pettereon,) the noting President of the Company,
who folly Mated the objects of the meeting, and
upon whose motion, John Pannell, Eaq., one of
the wealthiest and most Intelligent merchants of
the city, wig called to the Cher. The quad=
of interest growing out of the extension of the
Cincbsnati 'and Belpre Railroad, through Mari
etta to Wheeling, sal the contraction of the
empfield Road, were dimmed at length,' and
interesting explanations were given by a gentle;
man from Ohio; but one ophdon'and one feeling
pervaded the toeming—tfict the tanntationa end
la nat. That Philadelphia will gnat . the need
ed ald,there is not the slightest doubt David
4. Brown, Esq., remarked to the meeting that
no project had alter been proposed to Philadel
phia requiring so little aid that promised halt
the benefits. "Think of it, he'remarked, a mil
lion and a Ulf of ddlare aid for Only to bring
seven hundred milei of continuous railway from
blashnlle, Tenn., through Loaleville, Lexington,
and Maysville, Ky., Portsmouth. Chillicothe and
Marietta,. 0., and - Wheeling . Ya., to:our great
Pemneylvania Railroad' at Greernbuigh-a lire
Wig'415,000,000. - : - :Pha .Q delph4 ani
ought to raise the million_ and a halt to old the
Rempfield and Marietta Cunnutles, in tee
of properly directed effort."
The_meeting adopted. with great enthuslaine,
strong' -resolutions, and appointed a 'impend
influential committee to take chary of the subi
ject and bring it Ware our Board of . Trade:
The contriimtlons, by way of eubscription of
stack, Ai., of Philadelphia to iroblie watts and
enter prises, itbmtifiervith interests - of the city
have averaged three matrons of dollars annually
the last five: years. Whet your mple ask le
only a drop In the bucket, and pm cm Boon get ,
At this meeting, as we learn from the ,
delPhie Mere, c o mmittee was appended to
draft mahatma, consisting of John B. Myers,
S. V. Iderrith„ and Thomas. Len, who
reportat the following, which were unanimously
Resolved, That the project of continuing the
Cinokmati and /31/pre Railroad [roar Athens,
Ohio, thAugh Marietta to the city of Wheeling,
with '• view to connecting, through the Hemp.
field and Pconajbmula Ballamd, the , city of
Philadelphia, with southern Ohio, Kentucky and .
Tennessee, Is regarded : by this meeting ao a
measure of great Importance to the interests of
the city; of Philadelphia, and is entitled to the
.solisidenetion and aid of -its business men.
Renobred, That In the opinion of this meet.
lug, the Cinchmati and Belpre Railroad Compa
ny may took withas much confidence to the City
of Philadelphia for the necessary pecuniary aid
required to extend,their road from Marietta to
Vikeeling, with a view. to oannecting with the
Pannyinnia Roads, as to any city upon the
see board, to su ply the capital uired to con.
Menet a to comae/Atha town of Packers,
burg with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, se
provided = by.the charter -of the Northwestern
Resolved, That 'John IL Myers, John liaseL'
tine, Thomas P. Room S. T.:Merrick, Thomas
T. Les, bud D. 8. ,Broinv, bee committee to
bring tei the notice of the Board of Trade of this
city the importance of securing direct railroad
connections with Southern Ohio, and the States
of Kentucky and Tennessee, by means of the
Pennsylvaniaßallroad to Greensburg, the Hemp.
geld Banned through. Marietta; Athens, and
Chilicothe to Portsmouth and Maysville, and the
severs/ nitres& from Maysville through Lex
and Louisville to Nashville hi Tennessee.
. Row that the reader has iartived.thus far, - we
will ask him, whether we were not authorized ha
attributing Proacthith to the Diraitors of the
Peoasylvenle Railroad, - and other citizens of
, Philadelphia, in the treatment of Pittsburgh in
this matter. 'They hare got one million of. dot.
lace to. smut butldiat the :Westemi
of 'their road; they larenesei "mist' sd. accord
ing to Pao* to build our Western Oortraction;
but no 110011 Er ii a project to turn away how
this 44, m • Point thirty miles East of as pre
ietthikio theta, than It Is - recoiled with open
artwetrimeting is tilled In the Railroad adios,
influentla.diroctors tams In Its pnceedings,
enddlthe money asked for is most cheerfully
proodeed. •
Weise. no fears, for our part, that this Pro
ject Is to wait so muck lojtuy to as ae its pro
jectors and 'especial friends I m agine; bat It Is
!wiled upon in Philadelphia as - a most import.'
e at t aerins of securing the trade of the. Weiit,
and reiralma of the injaryit lutist dab:ill*
bargh,abitild their expectations be realised, it
f. eagerly enateced with a neldsh indifference to
Iticonsrepraccoe: to scity and mph,
.erbia had
ie *tit to expect 'bitter Whip' frem 'uoeit'rke7 .
bad eaufidit r ir is and Wiliicirctid:
wheawtatiail hinfialibod our Wcotaik road,
which Tin bit bog Wow **entail road it ea.
Uzilycoiapiatid, ono iballidos-idded to Ito iif
lemethi and conneetad It with all the art im
prove:nada in the line of 'Slates from Pettusyl.
unit to tbe ippi, mid this without*yald
from Philutelpidir and atter we hidnounificett—
ly aided to build her road, which she now is
.1,04 to turn to popover calailded Uri:Oar*
our city and build np a rival below ns.
We have been among those in this city who
haze entertained the hirailiestfeelinge:brwards
Pbt We bare rejoiced in heripeintrr
ity, defended her Wenn% ind to the' extant of
our power promoted her earls to build up •
steam . marine, which- is necessary to give her •
promtpaat position in both hemispheres. We
haze looked forward to the compistkmAt.her
great Central Railroad, as the commencement
of a freer, eltrr, a more intimate interwurse,
.and e m ir which would greatly ad
vancethe wel of the metropolis of eastern
and that of western Penizylranin..
We still hope that all these expectations may
be realised; but we are pmrpetled to confess:that
the treatment this city hal experienced at the
bands of a cartairiportlan 011ie leading citizens
of Philadelphia, is `not - calculated to promote
arch a desirable consummation.
Litut 8111 0 12.102q—1n this paper will be found
some interesting umuuda of the Iron Mountain
and theilnfant: establishmtuda for the mounts°.
lure of iron, in thel Late Superior country. The
newly disoovered unarm of oil stone, said to he
the best known, is els° an article of wary co'
enable importance in the attire usoureis,o that
country. II •
The, astonishing mineral resources of that re
gion are rapidly duc4ping themselves, and will
soon tell upon our national Independence sad
prosperity. One great natural obstacle still es
isto—we allude to the Falls of St Mary's rime
(the outlet of Lake Superior) commonly written
Saul or Sault Ste. Marie, and in familiar pulsate
i 4 cut down In "the Soo." Them rapids forbid
navigation of any kind ; .but a canal of less
thin a mile In length,Orould extend from the'
deep water below to the deep emir abort. But
for this obetructiou, repels of uteri kind could
pus from any port on the lower lakes, Erie.
Moron, and Michigan, to Superior.
This ie a work which ought to ham been ammo
plished long ago, and width ought now tube &-
minded of Comma. It can be done at so tri
fling an expense, and the neeessity for it is so
great, that a bnl, Miking the necessary appro
priation, would rarely pass through emigre:Li.
without serious dissent. Been thaeumparatively
poor government of Canada, which has not one
fourth the interest In it that we have, Is about
taking measures to make a canal on their Ws of
the river. This alone ought to shame our goo
mamma into action.
For as Pittoohoy h Qaaole_
ma mamma vs. TEE ersumovnis
ROUTE. :".
Front various articles In the Philadelphia pa•
pen, many of which have been copied in ours, you.
will have observed, that the attention of our
eastern friesubi has been fivorably, excited to
ward the Rearpfidd Road, nor am we contain
within; reason, nor be 'uprise,' if they, ratelva
fantail y a proposition to connect their city end
their road directly with Wheeling as well as
Pittsburgh .. Opposite Wheeling is .the proposed
terminus of a system of rods, one from Citteina-
S. via Columbus, one from Maysville via Lairs
villa, sad one from Belpre via Marietta—all of
which at their western termini an connected
with roads spreading over the West from New .
Orleans to St. Louis. An invitation has been
.estended to Philadelphia by Wheeling. and the
Remptield Railroad to become the recipient of
the great wealth that must Sow Into the city on
the Eastern: Seaboard, that shall be fortunate
enough to, moue to itself the terminus of the
BlS:neat ratite to the Ohio. Phibnialphia, by the
Central Railroad to Pittsburgh, Stands now In
the test position of all the eastern 'titles bet
'nearest tind Wog Baltimore by her dal to
Our Pennoylvania and Ohio Railroad brings to
ne, it the western termination of the Central
read, by the- shortest end best 'routes, ell the
travel northward of the NatiMial Road to the
Lakes, and waitward to the It Ls
only neceirm7,. therefore, for Philadelphia to
connect with Wheeling, by a shorter and better
Smite than the 'Bahia:Lore sad Ohio Railroad, to
stone tobentelf the commend of ,the whole trade
of the west, so far as relined fssilitita will give
it to her. It becomes, therefore, so obviously the
Interest Of Philadelphia to have this eoonsction;
that. it - ii a Allay she owes to herself to en.
dearer to obtain It She is offend this commu
nication by the Hempffeld road, and in the atv..
ienceof any other offer as advantageous, Ii bound
to don with It.
We Late for eo iMag a time considered our:
slaves, by our position, datalLed to its all this
trade come through our place, that we are nat
urally- startled to find ourselves In danger of
Mein votary a share of it. Let as awake than
from our torpor, and buckle on our armor--the
mile Is outs, unless we, by oar Indolence, manly
yield It. We have but to show to others what
his all along been evident to ourselves, and dem
onstrate its truth by action. to make sure of all
we claim.
Our object then is, to place ourselves at. the
point of convergence of these south westeru
roads on as favorable ground am is claimed by
our competitor. Can we do so ! • •
Bridgeport, opposite Wheeling, is the- place
referred to.. Prom this place to Greensburg, it
is . asserted that a road can be made of. easy
grad= in line of not more than 81 tan ; this
is exceedingly probleaiatical,:but grant It. .
Prom Bridgeport. to Steubenville is. TO telles„
from 8. to Pittsburgh Is 40 rail= at which point
in conueet„with the Central Road 80 miles West
of Oreenstrarg, the point ofjunetion of the Recap.
geld Roul—makdeg the whole distant* 90 miles.
Therefore we Ore by their-greatest bout on
route but 10 miles longer than theirs, And we
are the city of littsburgh; which we natter our
selves will mike more then 10 mithe in our fluor.
But we do not rely on this alone; at Steubenville,
no in= city, we recrive the; Steubenville and
Indiana Railrud, which connect/ us with Co.•
shocktoo, end also with Zanesville, Newark and
Columbus, by almost an , airline; and moreover
80 milts of the said 90, the road from Greens.
barge° this place, being already provided for,
leaven but 60 for us to make. •By completing
these Enke of-60 miles jointly, we have then
converging' at Pittsburgh, and pouring their
treasures into the Centrel Railroad, the road
from Cleveland, and the road from Marietta,.
and all roads Intervening between' these widely
extended wider. Of a erlangje, and through which
place all ft= their nearest root* to the sesburdl
With these theta staring us he the face, OSA
wethieitato as to our came? Let any capitalist
look at It as an investment—every land owner
or lot holder as a-means of enhancing the value
of his property--every merchant, menufaoduer,
working man,,embrue it as a Remain of wealth
to the city.- let us be up and doing; let es
at once nose the +back and commence the work.
Otherwise, we must be content to be what air.
Eilet defines us, "an enterprising city on one of
the tributaries to the great thoroughfare to Bt.
Lode." We may be a mere station on a road to
Philadelphia, we esn be the. greet loons of all'
the western railroads.' It is for ourselves non to
decide which we intend to be. • . L.
For tha PittoindriA !brut,
Tali vxcs, vszimulcs.
MR. Staron.—For some time the people of have been examining the guanaco.
lions and claims of distinguished individuals
whose tames have been presented az candidates
for the suffrages of their voters at the ensuing
Presidential election..
.Several candidates for the Presidency have
the preference. of warmly devoted friends.—
There seems to have ;been little said as yet an the
subject of- the selection of candidate for the
Vice Preddimay, an office irtieh ought .to be til
led with great care and "judsmistd, tit onr Test
experience shows. •
'Zhu Dante of Gen. Winthdd Scott commands
the oonlidencoof voters without regard to,party
:distinctions,. Ills whole cooled derrotimeto his
country, eodthe brilliant service he limOssler
ed hsrrepeatedly, have accused to him not only
the admiration , of hiscountlymen; 'trot the world
No name soffit. as we have seen has been placed
on the Bcou ticket for Etc• Preeddent. Allow us
to.suggest that of .thillon: &Lab WarsTualT
of Ohio, well known throughout the oonntry an
• faithful public serrant,whO has served la non.
tress and other elevated positions in the. nation
nearly. the third of a Century with almoitunanl
motutapproval as s pure patriot and an honest
mac, • Prarssrftaatals.
San !Valera . Poninyi. Oda. —The Companytba,
bas been engaged boring for salt water at Pont
.eroy, barer succeeded in obtaining, at the depth
of one thourand feean abundant stream of
treat gamed, ethic flows over the tip - of the
wall They Intend 'ring two other wells In
the immediate rieinitinf th e first, and it Is ex
pected the three will furnish water settflelent for
the stanufaetures of a bindred and My barrels
of salt in twenty-four hours, -
Mindy sem &t Rte.—Th*l44l2nd Will Case
.trldoli tuts been before thecoart nt . Richmond,
Te.,..lme at List been decided The will le @slab
[Whet by the jaiy. Thin Terdlet.fries d0 . 0r . 90
nilLrirnee, and devotes the pnrrty a the ta i eis ar.
thtletgimeillutn'...:~? 1 14! •
The Ittellegkin lifititenent talbeut - iiricrir
onettoinited feet high emiq the , gro9md,l viz
seventeskandys lugteet to octiezetMemett.:of
the shaft; einii•Lisighti.six' . ind a hilt-feet °teak
merbie work. The work on the exterior of the
lifidtbsocisfitiqiiing - is drawing ta close;'nll
the towers but invailieing up . . Thema* on the .
Patent. Office is tspitily progressing; end the okt
pupas becalm's:o, to give the whole and!
farm !IPPeillum• L. • • -
llama Co - thrtu.—The Whigs of Mercer
County held their &mention = the let iosesat, —
and nominated the folloiring ticket:
_President Judge--Daniet Agitelr, of Bearer.
Associate Judosa-Jobn Brackenridge, of Lib.
arty; Robert Mutt, of West Belem.
Actembly—Adans Black, of Elpringfiehl.
Prothonotary—Dmid W. Findley, of Mercer.
Bharitf-4. Williamson Ormsby, of Biekory.
Register and Itecorder—W. -W. W.' Wood, of
T4aiarer Joseph 13ykis, 'Siercear.
• Auditor—Wm. K. Fulton of Phaseleprille. •
Coronet-Wm, 11. Damon Of Mercer.
Directors of the Poor—Alexander Blaoln • of
Bpringeeld; Wm. Campbell, of Pymittuder
John B. King, of Jefferson.- • -
Trustees—Bar. Gen: C. '4looent,, of Mena:
Andrew Patterson of ?dinner.' •
The Marc' er Whigesys that this ticket he good
ono—one that will oommead Welt to the appro.
tallow of the sober, tilliaed Judgment of the cit
izens of that wanks, and will command reaped
even from their political opponents. ' "
THB IRON 01 . Lan 10788101 t.
The editor of thel..Laks Superior foureal,”
published et Soul St. 15L41r.„ his lately made gt
Tide to the Iron Mountain of Like Superior, and
the *minds giro bedoir; widcheoutalas
the substance of his observations, will be read
read with interest in'thisregloo: . .
The.lron Mountains of Lake 8 erior ere sit.
timed .from twelve' to fifteen miles southwest
from this place, (Marquette) end 160 miles west
ward of Sant Ste. Marie. The high ranges of
forest covered hills rise up; one , atter another,
et this point, to the height. of 1000 feet above
the lake, as one goes inland, till the principal
iron locality makes ito appearance twelve miles
from the village of Marquette. Thy were
covered about tire years ego, and hare:frequent
ly been described by visitors, United States Bur.
Te3o l 's and r.cilliologistebut;. atul; 'Abe
gnat excitement created by.the discovery of ex
tensive copper mines just above this place. vial•
tors to this country have generally been carried
beyond the trouts , the copper, and, comparative
ly speaking, but few hare been attracted to this
interesting region, and their importance has
made but little impression on the pablin
As there has been time when people hem talked
somewhat extravagantly of the copper sad giver
tables of this region of country, many have
thought—and I confess I was among the num.
der—these hen Mountains might have been
'set up rather steep; but:my.risit to thin mine
ral wonder, yesterday convinced me that not the
half of the whole truth had been told in regard
Through the kindness of Mr. Burt, I was fur
nished with a drat rate Indian potty, that took
me *long very easily over the rough rued and af
ter a morning ride of two home, I found myself
at the lion -Werke of the Jackson Company, nine
miles ham the lake. From this place, B. F.
Eaton, Can; ens of the company, who lest fail,
leased then iron works and possession fora term
of years, micompaaled me. The iron qua:ries
are three miles from the company's worlm, and
the road to which runs through - a sestionof rich
and well timbered land. We rode out to tho.oll•
stone quarry- near the road, which begins to at
tract tome attention, and paned by a beautiful
lake, called "Teal Lake,” from the wAd flecks of
that name; that dock here in gnat numbers; but
of these interesting places we must defer speak
ing until another time.
The iron first ukowed itself, as we approached
in loose boulders and muses, scattered along the
foot of the ridge,' which, co ntrary to my 'gela
tion, was mostly covered with heavy timber. We
noon name to one of the quarries, where amines.
was at work throwing into piles the iron rocks.
The son and timber are rotated from the iron
for sevensl hundred feet along the ridge. This
opening into the iron is several hundred feet be
low the summit of the ridge, and about one hun
dred feet acre the lard ground. It presents a
wall of iron ore, broken =dammed very irregu
luiy, the most regular fractures being perpen
dicular. -Out of the aide of this ledge, masses of
every site, from is pound !I:many tons in weight,
are shrewd down by menu of a crow-bar or by
blasting, and • the-pieces are broken tip with a
slodge-hamineeso auto be eonveniently handled.
As It comes-out of thequarry it is bright aid
beautiful, breaking like cut, Iron, and seems
Ault& upon andmoret compact. A ton of bloom
Gnu le sully nude set of one and shelf tons et
the ore. For from twelve and a half to twenty
Cleo cents per ton It can be tnarried and broken
up ready for the feints.
Thee much as to the quality—now, as tacthe
quntity. Above and below. for at leastJaur
hundred feet, the same description of are thews
itself, and heermisch farther it extends down be-'
low the surface, it will be useless to 'inquire till
the world has been supplied far a few hundred
years from what is seen lying around Imager".
To satisfy myself as to its extent, Linde around
to the west side of the eidge,erldch u Mora - pre.
cipitoun than the other, sad id every -step, sir
fragments of the Iron erattertxt along the side,
which had crumbled off for ages, and for- ages
longer it will modems to - crumble, before it can
be removed by the band of man. The ground
ever which we rade:for some distance,: and on
which large forest trees. were thickly growing,
as woo evidenSfrout the large muses or the ore
here and there -espied, rested on a foundation
of this Iron:_lts length, like its depth, "thla1:10t
be eatitaited„ hough it is seen in every direction
for half a mile along the ridge.
Thin is known asyhe Jackson Company's loca
tion. To the west of this ridge, are others of •
eimilerdeseription„ both as to quality and ex
tent f tut I bad no desire to look farther, nor,
a, to this, matter, need iron manufactarers, foe
they an tmild their railroads and plank roads,
and back tip their cuts and cam to this moun
tain far eenturies to come without the remotest
fear that this iron will be exhauited.
The Jackson Ind Company mule surgameree.
mart In this business by 1847, by cutting out a
TOl4 from thin lake, and by erecting a few log•
armee, a saw mill and a forge on Carp River,
nine miles from the inhalant three miles from
their Iron Maintain. The river le ripid, and
affords beantthil water power In many places,
and there is none better than this, They get, at
this point, some twenty due feet head, • durable
. 'tramp and' abundance of water. It Is an item
worth preserving that the first bloom wu made
directly from the ore by Mr. A. N. Barney on
the 10th of Pebreary, 1848.
The company bad to contend with all the diffi
culties Incident to commencing the business of
lion measliest:tug Ina perfect wilderness, and
-with a Melt capital their progress was slow ;
and up to lest fall, when they leased their works
to Mama Eaton ffi Co., of Columbus, Ohio, they
bad more than one hundred tons of bloorne.—
These were. principally sold in the Pittsburgh
market andcomutudeda high price. Bamplevrere
mud to different manufactories, and it wu drawn
Into bars sal wire, was used for heavy iron work
in Detroit, and in every trial, where strength
and a superior quality were required, it was
pronounced equal to, the beet in market. Its
quality was thoroughly tested;and., as to quan
tity, the-ore was known to be altogether Ines.
The preettnelessee did not arrive till winter had
satin, and then they , were obliged to leave the
most of their teams and Supplies „behind • till
mating, theta preventing them from going Into
the winter's boldness' as etroug-handed as they
had expected. Notwithstandnigthis drawback in
the • commencement - of' their operations, they
hauled out from the quarriestibout one thousand
tons of ore for themselves and emend hundred
tons for the Marquette Iron Compuly, made a
large'quiudity of coal and put up four hot-blast
furnaces:.' They commenced working iron late
in the spring, and have now on hand' ready to
Ship over one hundred tens, of beautiful blooms
and ate tinting out 20 tons a week.
Some account or the processes for preparing
the ore for the fiers and making the blooms, may
posseis an Interest to those acquainted with
the business.= The ore is Hat .thrown' into a
large kiln, on it lawyer of wood, and burned for
several daYet, being rendered by . , this 'proem
brittle. It is then taken to the stamps • and
potinded . qalte fine, in which state it's ready for
the fire. The furnaces ,ore something like a
blaekamith'e tire, on a large scale, being open in
front and back, ensilaged at _the aides, and tops
with heary out iron plates, receiring tb, b et .
blast at their' ides. The application of hot In
stead of cold air to fan the flame la one of the
greatest improvements of the age. • It has been
usedfor about. twenty-five years in Pngi."d and
after. many careful 'experiments it has been found
to b e . besides the easing of time, a savierof
one-third of the amount of coal used , by thnold
Whined cold blast furnaces. The air Wheat- i
eel by passing it upend down In heavy Iron pipes,
owed in the centre of the stack or chimney, and
exposing it to all the Intense beat of the sur
tetiading fires.
The finely poundedore, together with the char
cued, IN thrown upon the fires, In. small quetzal
ties at a time, in their proper proportions; And
after b e i ng subjected to thin constant-heat for 1 1
three or four homlb - the hater is abut. off, and
the bulky,' ebaoea MSS Or burning iron,
streaming with melted earthy substanoes,
pried out Of the Baby the modern - Weans, and,
tumbled elonito the huge hammer. Thu mass;
walihing about 300 lbs, will ,nottnelt.with all
the .. .heat that an he applied • to tinder: illese
Chuttinehumes; it is A wg9 . 6l*- q ueity for
• _ .
s pber article Of iitin 'is limited In
making 'Clam, jrati; bid the foreign matter be
:comes licpild led collects in sad et the bottom .
of the mese, end is rim off into cinders from time'
to time during the process of besting end
is perfectly driven out nodes the helm haat-
: It ist quite-surprising to see how sully a mass
of this site can be handled by a bloomer, with .
his heavy tongs. •By balancing the tongs, Arm.
"ly p
fch t,
ping the iron in a loop of a suspended
el ,he turns it and moves it backwards and
fo with all the precision, and ease with
ti a blacksmith handles a -nommen bar of
ir ' One - of these blooms when fudged
weighs. 240 petunia, and on account of its un
wiOldy site and - weight it is sometimes out
in/ two pieces, being about two feet long
and four, inches Kt ere. in this shape they
are-sent to market, ready for the rolling mill.
i. Maul. Eaton & Co. will stop their fires for a
few days, soon, for the purpose of putting in a
larger water wheel, which will give their bellows
a greater force and enable them to put up three
or four more fires. After this improvement la
completed each fire ought to make about a ton
every, twenty-four hours. A. ton of blooms is
made from one and& half to one and three.fourths
tons of ore, and the whole expense of. making a
ton of iron, quarrying hauling from the mines,
and to `the lake, and blooming, is estimated at
snout $2O, and the expense of. transportation to
Cleveland le now -not far from $6-per ton, mak
ing the cost of a ton of blooms at Cleveland or
Detroit WEL . A ton of such superior iron Is
worth in any market from arty to tidy dollars,
thus leaving, with the present facilltiestor trams
portntion, a profit enough to satisfy the
iatt. avaricious , speculator. The moment o;ca,-
na shall be made aerate the portage at the Sank
!Li item of traimportation will be, at • rough
estimate. not over $2 . 60 a ton, rind a railroad
the lion worke to the lake would reduce the
erpenee as much more, or altogether $5 per ton;
and this alone would be sprout that would bring
into the busineaS all the capital needed for cary
log on the iron reutnaristilliag business to tho
greatest extent. 1
There is no wild spendUtiou about this busi
nees—the mountain of iron is here, the eaten.
rise and scarcely tinprokeu wilderness of timber',
here for coal, and the niarketa of the great West
and of the whole c ennui are needing it. .Of the
common articles of iron there is no want in any
part of the coantry;' bat of a superior article
like this there le no other place in the United
States that oan so easily furnish the needed sop.
. ,
Pereign and American -.7".0
No. 129 Wood Street,
tall mlerslaplstestackat FOREIGN IND IIIICRIC4A
- - -
Nultabla 2r tho opting trade..nd which dor! . poraoritt
to ofor to purchnovro at wen that trill rammer
favorably with oar of the eatitern tIILO.
Petoleum! '
Sattaxttoox.o. Routine= bo..ll.,Slarell 4,11,
S. M. Lux—Dear :Iry Your lhoolgan, is vatting
in %it tteinity; thcrobwe .• would thank you tOMS4
u. (lira the Nowt oats gatitunL We an tar
Unit oat. and it U Wog Winfred for abnort avort by.
loon. ntrooWnll.t. JOICI LONG k IN).
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M.16.133%--11.1ar Ito. Taw Agent, • War web Alain,
LAT with an Ibnr doom hock OIL which Ira hate 411.1.
Man tbriraol to as sta. dada lanciallately
.Your moikba •otbing oondw• in OW 'tato. W•
no obtain mama omit:kat...lf You , Uttt•
Your., tc., W. W. SOOT/.
y,,,,,,t..14!g01ar S1e00011; 110 Wood amen 11. I.
Bongo. 3111001 street; B. A. l'abnesbxk. t Co. ono
Woarack, groat atroetx U. M. Ctlot.l). L. Elliott, &mob
P. &thwart; 4/I•abettr. alto by_th• pro
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PeoPertor warrants to be =wear to all Ohm , .
..t.linowt.—ltereare and sag Er tbo arligoal Dr. Job;
'EPO'S Shen few. Kenfaulu--and ha. mother. Pre
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krY MeLvit's Ltvtt PILL2I..—Lit offering
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tett...lnt, IL,
PfitibusghLifo Immo Company
cAPLI.AI.. 8100,000.
ProOlent—J..4 S., lino*.
Flee President—R.ldr. Meactias.
Trmonet—JogArs S. Luca. ;
X...v[447—C. A. Coucno.
LT Alecnisloxfo Is Anna.. Put of tttls parer.
Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
Oa, No. 11 Water Mort. tn the vonewao otO.
Bogart. Prorident--...A. Maw, I•ey.
ThU Coorpg or now Prtotrt.l to Immoral InortbotAllo
In gar, ow to Iroonto. vesatlo, et.
An ample gCarat) ths ottlltt and totarrl=g
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Larwrana—{".ll. Halsey. Wm. Eti6l.7. W. Mimes.
Jr. {Yalta... Itryat, Hugh D. Mat. &Want Ileaahawa.
Jahn Hayworth. B. Harbaugh. 8.11. Kla. • wohatif
Great Railroad Iteeting.
], d i A. SLEETING of the people of the Counties
or Alleebeny. Itaalahliston. and Nam, sant of the
en re mite of toontry interenteri, will be told on FRI-
O IT. the EIGHTEEN TO day IS o'elook,noon
at fLOKILNet, in Wuhlyiton eountroto take Ow mow
Ineseureato forward the innentste of the httaburah
end Steubenville ItellsowL
The Doolo then be reapened, by nljourtunen it
reretvin, multevelptions to the alwitni abet or the Com
east, Marie* Nayl% end olhettoelll Wrote the meet-
RC on the /roe's& enNeel. of RolOood Dauer, sad will ex
po.. In detail, the itotortanve advantagre of our Ball
road. and tbe tudieeetwebte neeeentv roe Ile itentedlats
.m/iletlow DJ order or the noe cerezeth,.....
Jars ldelcoutt, Serretary.
roman, l'n. July gth.1651.
• Magnetic Powder;
tOR the Destruction of ell kinds of Insects.
— WD P.6IAirUEL LION, tomator wad of theU uW
ld Powder tor rho dastroetion of blew-be. Bed
Ants, t ll . l asul Inseeta on Plants '
Id weatml wad rell by '4 Nee smut
/00 67 Woid R.
ot . Seventh and E!g4th
Wards. will
JULYce au the prwmim. tes TiLLM.S.
the llth of , at. 3 ("knock. P. IL, congeomaing
b ebb Bob., Bridge, with Lott One Hundred beet deep to an
am. by Twenty Vour feet trout on linunsylvanis Le anne.
%hie street le the ehortut and mast level route Wnt Ws
My. Besides the Pavement. and theOsa and Water Pl ies Lm' bibo g it by the City. the Turnpike Company ham
graded and ad, further City ,
tne een end We
superior Plank or @lateen ten taut, Pr
with a Bummer'
Bolsi oneach Min
Also, a mullein' of LOTS nem the Colmar Wets, and
others near Tismin'e Saw Mill, IA Braddock etreeL This
street (being a conn.c.tioe or Second Mete)
Plankto sixty feet. and greatly
..d d by fast sate
Plank Bead limn the Cur Oluough
Turtle:Creek. and soon to he connected with the Roads
o,er the Monongahela rims by IL Steam Terry, at the tna
Mlle Sm. •
Also, adjoining the above. • number of LOTS "an Com
merce amok which (lying between the Plant Bead and
the Rltor) are well milted um' either .I:l2.ll6CUlnti or
T oge
he title Is Istilsputalilm and the hos, befal l of eg
sitcs, atiord purchseen * chattel. the tolowingesay
Onegourth cash, the beliain; In three equal Danteht..
at one,' two, !Ro d three Years, With Intervet , recurs/ by
lam/ skid too e.
For the COOT, once of persona eflablog to attend the
YetChnnibueeesstlll leave the corner of Fourth andales ,
hot streets, as often malted, throughout the aftepsoon
of the doy,of sale, beginning at 1 o'clock.
• ..I _ kIeIEtNNA. Auctioneer.
For Bale,
LOT OF GROUND, on the treat aide
lA. of. Washisaston strcw.. 100 feet *Toth of 00
watt, WI Bes t asap kr M t front..on whims
eroded • small two atoned Brink Irwslllaa Hon" ooataln•
Ina two tmonc:ts. Term k' for nub. rapids" of
.D. W. •.i. H. BELL. Atlantan, at Law. .-
irlUAt Nottrth s nltelthOokl and Grant.
Communion Service.
E. SILL BOWLS, for ale 17
1110 67 Market M. cam. of Fourth.
TURES. Se., of Coroatina t Co2a norivallarl mum
actor; Jo every variety. marl ararraotol to give alevalY
avl tatillroot hght, and vainly tree from Lb* Rant m ht
tetellu the tat of Catophotar sal odor light&
jrfo . W. W. WILSON.
Al‘lB-4 eaml:s superior, for sale on con
uB .ignment by T. WOODS & BON.
.4170 GI Wabyy*L
Ll Altu—lsoo lb,. No. 1, for eate by
41u l', WOOOl3 t 802!,.411 Wag= sL
ODA -ASH-23 casks iaWich brand;
rorpir bi lrla • W. N. WILHOSI.
silo , T T -1k kegs .11 : cut i. f:r p. m . !1? b
LOAE SCRAAR-ILO 66L. ailed Nos., for
ode by , W.* r.witsza.
powDra—soo kegs An Pout's Blasting;
17 1 i ,
Fr izsEED oiL=s cake warranted pani,
_ 7710 , • • : R. E.: - EiIILLEIt.B. 37 Reit st:
1 UNIATA BLOOMS.-20 tone. for_ eale to
0 el consignment,. by Knit t JOS .B.S
; Canal Bul.
Ni MOLASSES - 300 bbls. oak, for sale
. by .00 W. A F. WILBON.
Q. H. SYRUP-26 bbls. for sale by
. I...7•Jrte W. a F. WILSON.
N. 0. SUGAR-45D bhilx. for Bale by
W. t P. N11,..40:1
To Foundry Kea. , ._ _
p•r. ADVEIVI7SER witabes a situation u
Munger In • Foundry. 11. Imam/ roan, rentiok•
one. Pvtimalarly Lo goyim. open rand work. and pipm
of all alma, Prom 1 Inch to 2n. • 1,. • • •
Anunleation stating tenni. &Wolter no:Union,
thoughtmory. adrenal (pont essotoutentsettsw.
eut nowt with prompt attention.
jyltd•wlt•el • • ltimnille, Ohio.
Eureka Erming company.
N Adjourned Meeting of the Stockholders
of the "Eureka BlirtiocCoutory. of 131e31er
he LLat the Mee of Ur Oomory, lo fluebot4 ee
Turley. the 6th day of Augli&a. se 3 o'a. re, P. AL
roe purpose of eopetiodAL T n etisfor . = log
To Bohool Teachers.
- • -
HE Sokol Directors of Lower St Clair-
Time&lv him molted to morn the PON, School.
r thelr cam, coo th e ant of Beptenabor,aml bey them
about 01= month. to th. cowls) etc.
• Board Ell ma= on. the first y at Ao end.
prothar, at tio.Publla Bchool !loom No. 1. Mount Want
=to:: 2 , 21116."' iy'rgAt.'lll:l , —"AVa:. ,r! ' ,l
coo be obtalo•d from the ...log toembore of tbe Perm
boanit 2..1. Illgham. No. 81 Fllth meet,' or A. Ambler
No. 08 tholthhel4 =met. sytochnognoT
VILEESE-45 boxes receiving per Bidwell's
L./. Line, sod for de br JAMES DALZELL.
Jr. GS WAS.r. nM 78 Front as.
'MACKEREL -50 bbla New N 0.3, for gale
ivl sr jig JAMES DALZELL.
lIANNERS' OIL-50 bbit u fg sale by
1_ .179 petit:Ll.
LCONSEQUENCE of the decease of John
Maulers, tlsr eartoereble hereto:Pin extstlng between
oden g Coyote is hereby dlusolval. Jobe Y. Colo II
fully stehonted to settle the bodueos of the tote gm.—
JAI perms harlot claim. will Ovum realest th em to
mroutit. Pittsburgh. July let, 1841.
• • COVODE cdfi,
ISuee.sors W iloraden a Comae.)
The business of the Agency of the Penn
oilrlnts Ontroi Roll:ad Company +III liereofur be coo- dal:nod under the saoe.aal.!ll•zf orot ., mu . , •
=mar of Non i;„
Warm, stmts.
Pittshugh, Jell 110..1861-1 X7O.
[ Soon:non to Ma'am s Corot.]
Canal Bcirin; Penn Street
Nana. Bail Road Ca.--C,entral Rail Road'
entkacribera having been appointed
Var thi ftliVirgrr" 7l "' l le. C ` ww te l t i - 1.
,eotro eulthandlao Or prZIO• Too shipment eat ontbo
Gotnlng of W. '
. .
••, - • • • -•• • .
(war rla this roan. VIII b. earrnd lb nrnab In Are 410 s
rnd all ecarthreed le . will IA fornardal fr. nr rrdanda-
Inn or :harp for adTarmr. - -
um et rommcr %Treat ." — rilluarrzina idni Trimssat. -
Da Dad& Data. Oboe..•ti...,cati,cfts. o .
- wsarr. &rules. Frahm, Turrdtarn, Drug. Hedldnes,
NaddleTT Wool, ca A. ' 11.0 . 14 100 t
Illtdwatt,tnrare, a roennes, Paint+. T* e uff& Oda,
Lorther,r. rr, Ina,Tlmothr awl other Oran DaM-d
tc. 00a V Dd.'.
ik. Fe.._ i t,. sil.n-ntze-I. Ladd DU, Drawn° Lea
, a , - Wed 100 C
As a& ozarbig (1 . ....0) Tax. 4 .Pirsh. Dandn.Oarroan Car.
Boum/ a, We ll 1001
• .' 00V & CO/X.
corcornsDamn and ODE
Way. syn.. '
Dlrlannritir. July Ist, IMI.-019
New Itithsie..
• KLEBER, has hut receired—
. lielly illy. by A. C. Foster.
Sweet LIM., u 11.9 g b 7 lent Ma&
Prove.. Clariniana. word e fixen nanlan's Ell -
I s'
alt Vl.Ext ur aWilTentllrs. Anne Wale. of
Ali. bony.
The Moaner. Posta/.
in. mil men/ Sales nom. Total duni, b 7
tilarer. .
lint thou La gone Love. total duet/. by 4. C.
fad., • -
Toni ria; alray.Jualt. by 111. C. Foot..
own 1 Intel thvaMan data. by 111. C. F 0 .14,
I coned not Mein Whine.
It Don't bear mentioning.
Ilan. Moon. .•
Pnrao,—llectrieua. Emir...a, Dur Mao. Jumolnx.
Chndten. llt'allace. IlanaJcsael. Nati nsnine.onal, fleoulab, Coln.
Camelia. llambarn. Earn.. rr lloyIllsOrallaat:
WAinsx—ELinisca. liAttrlee Alexandria. isaMaine.
k!Cmply 511 w -till.. Three Sliteny rte. Ain • One
Attan o
Mtn in. lonian amain Elan at thekLan
tio /1110. /GU
• .
Allegheny Connty, - is:
Vnl the Court s of Common Pleat, 'l i
Na V, Juno Tarm,lo47:
the Wager of the voluntary iteatzr •
moat of Robert Marta to Lori nub.),
311.11irr, larignoti, foa toot= oft
Joh Waco, Pions
saints( Auditor to Atidlt said torouitt. , "
Pro= the ltamnl. tiEO P. HATS,
In porintanor of tba glove aorAlormentoka ofdergpra•
ed trlllattrtal at Us otlllo, No. 110 Pornith emit.
latmh, on Murata, N
tha th dor of July. lost * at 10 V
rioe A. M., to 04,oharpd the drill , '" of 10. ruitment.
}lint. EDWIN STOW Auditor.
ISSOLUTION.-In ---- eonaequenee of the
15 &cave cf n.. Eaiaori Elliott, the vsztoolvitip
vcofve Paritlz vit.h Ylllatt rEttylfch, mane tbs tint of
ofaer. Arkin &Co, t. divolrcl. re. tvisineto
.Itlvr Ist. Arts Sill 'neUle4 Imficerva Puna. at the
envtivioface.E.‘" 4 .
COHUR Jniollao.lll6 .—jyl ELLIOTT I init/LIVII.
- _
rti Dividend.
lIE Pretident, and Menace of the Hand
itsw4 RAO. employ hats day daelarel • dl•
a of two dollars and tiny mats prr sbare our of the
Au of tb• lut as .onitbs, payabln forLtmlt.d. _
W /I. LARIMT.E. 4s, Treatorrr. '•
alaltb.ls3l.—iff..2t 1
Family Horse. • .
LARGE fine lookiy Sorrel If orme6' ,
Its t =Wit, 1g=m7,...7: k "T .. '''
no : ( At A. Ifni°, A Oc:a)
itCKEREL-100 bbls. Nes: No. 3 Large:
tad Vs tale br % 1. BAOALET t CO.
.576 lt .4 70 Waal 21.
I OAF SUGARS-300 bbts. ass'd Now.;-for
11.4 b, WU. OLUALLT CO. - •
JIS lb aasl23 Wcod et.
10 COFFEE—SW bags landing and for
. by ,p 1 I AIL 1110ALla & CO. -
. •--
pIPES— boxes 11,150 bo ha P
White Clav /pas,
100 ! Woo Mpg! 11;341t.1te
4 " WM. NAGALIit & -
SOAP --.300 . boiesitosin:Cinti brands,
r,,fe by . !HAMMES* ak:
6 lb mul IL Wad et
WAN TED--41 place for good book keep.
• WY
- la etalmal. in retail moor •orto • lumber
rant. 01l th• •retinec eiplErgre ID lIVIC good
.rrforeneas can ho alma trot...l—d gord. mart cod In.
raOnr1 7 1 . 111;lno of ai= 1 : ' era =Tr
city. Witattni—Pll.• in our clam Woos, cod ,oeeD
mond. for • itumber arbors of •11 an.. eon 1.00 anat.
atosn KW, Iraantd—F•reral good ram, on•or tworoal
Intoselteepors to go I.lp dm an
nal tannin:
and fur surtonl oNtmorrmaLlt •n. LOW Pr loan ou &gond
heat *We at • mons, for • =MI artnato. itg-renocuttst
dobtad at the Fem./II °Ula< 100 brigtadyf i N i r o
-OUP ttgattt Calt•lllarebaot.l.4bortAt. '
L'OR SALE- - --TholDailf Gazette, •sitd all
the Pitiebnolob TWIT/ and meet of the ITeekip, and
$ HO late itzebanse Payers. from all °Rapt - mei:al
cities .11 tow= Sibbettl , countarrelt Petootor.
Wmall retail eupply of writing ea letisr paper. lokt
k -To Let. pen. blunt pen. waLmentalopee.a.
Tio.!finest Water . rod "Cu, Ming end /*sell. - ailimo.
• large Temperance Ctisrt..lMap of tbeAmerlcan Repaid*
do. of the Ifesvena. do. of Lim World ami Otdcl • Um pie
torime a WI eceatnt of the cheat Tim at Pittsburgh; tip
Rae moles J.lll easpender button. TOGO small fob hook.
• GO damn bed eordr. plouxiiend chalk line. tomb Üblie
Louisville flute. by We berrel as retail, for We at
ittlenci gad I nea n r Market end Bt. telligenosOfllne, fi
Clialr sttssrty
COPPER STOCKS.—Wo have orders for
the fitoek of vatim Mang Creamlee of Lae Re
perm., Thom Ildat,il4 10 /MU will Wereresl4 git edema
,teft A. WILNI:th C 0...
LiARD OIL-7 bble. on consont, for
sale by 15.11AWDICH CO.
ye tiger mad host Ft.
COTTON -22 halos in store and for Bale by
Watar t Croat Oa.
rOTTON BATTING-40 bales Family, on
contlement, for sola /ow to Owe.
Jig lastill DICKEY &
FEATHERS—For sale by • •
Seem Valuable Farms or Sale,
LL SITUATED near - the hio and Penn.
erleaskla Baatdad fri the etellalti or Salem. °llk , .
ommtrdoS Ram 10 le WO scree etch. and to a good mate
A4o—lts) SOWN L(Yra.lbtlyeen the mewed bosh=
pare of the e rn es. and the Depot at Salem.
AU of tehleh be sold on gear terms kr the mans.
aj i rtl i e n gt e g i tt s f ul t _yloo T yaola t t e tallro ge r
meat. ""
I aim Irish te donate pieta ground. atolortnt Ste
Perot groand. comsa' mars or oomnany. to anlet •
//rat class hotel anon on 40141 • fountain eats be bad to
" gl i gtl3l " ..Tilinstalis h st=th einsa of Mt's
burgh and Clareland; also..letsraan Plltaborgh and 'Woo.
ter; sad tn. benefit to ke derlvni_frym Lb* Plant Roads
non k. I t esantrnoted to and froto Wank Malmo it one of
the mast Important points 40 ilia Ilne of rallrosl for a Ilrzt
duel utel. • ZA DOE STREET.
lair 1., '61.-I'bn:if
Pittsburgh Life Ineuranes Co.
T HE Second installment of Three Dollars
la payTanhabarootWNVlV=lt..gaadi Comm",
Abs mot day of &WWI oast. bet
kirat Ld CO TON. Poentary.
More New Goods
• • • • -
VOTIVITIISTANDING the advanced eta°
Of the I.l9l3 oo &kre . r.tre o to nmist m l7=teLd o w ,
I nu ll n iforlllain Mock faG,7lMr Mims Elm{ Tinnt•
lEt .Buck Law, Uobt Mae Do Ulm
" "dr i
jy? • comer of VoUltb and Martel Wool.
Notice to Contractors.
Burningly at and Bremen:7k Iraeculeme4 eel Turn.
I pike and Rank:Road Company.
XICITICE is hereby given that Sealed Pre-.
11,1411 . 1-4 T r zgrb a . b lA i l u z " ,git • Vit. h— E :
fag theprtoji., of ant end, of X ma,
eseh,) betweeu Mount 011ser and Jobs Constea tar
.. 4,1 re d .!' ""'i±4P- .s!..Vll.3lVelifter,
2 bias. No. 1 Lard;
111 beg.
R restherx
had isr
Y 00
IJ7, Valor haul Front 14
ffEESE-150 boxes for tat zi. e h a y ca
SYRUP MOLASSES-27 bbls. B. IL Syrop
ma.. 14 • .V P " 1. 1"1 1 ` . -' Sorg ran 2 CO-
VASTBURT: a Tille,• by Antis Harriet
jut Dram . _, authoress of 'lll
0.115 so s d Tortnact' -
not So Ha: vs Ins Seas •r- /Lazy Eidos to t atatneln:
• Closts:l In are sets; brZWLIIN w.r.L740.. Ban. As
11111 - 3; of VIOL.: aittri:
-For Califon& na ChagriaDtieot•- ••
erful eta' =Ai*
TIM renatuander
Te. lll a L f " the i 7eLtt eb eeea,,.. VB :4l 4 *,,... ) •. iu wi r,..
telphie for Cheated. direct. as Itutrular.loth Ja 1 70 4 "
rcek, th m ou her •berf. new Locoberd sumer. . ..
. The abosderada bar
5 1 resaeL mead herself eatemargabt=
1. end her mead
e. deer and
Ise petwencere ere unsurreteed. Through tlekento iho 2
trtatteheo furnished at reduced rat*s. for red.ght or pare
• age errir to tiEOUtii McELEN/tY a 00
, .. : JOBS L. LlNTlMLootherd r
atmw".brut inertr. ,
.1. 0. WILLIAMS. Vol Front ruse% Sew
namia rail
if riatforre Or to W3l. nom ri,
_ _
Beekvz.r. '
11. r. 4.4 4414 br ALLAH . DIGAM.." 'S"
ir4 IN Wider
'Nce." -
.airmOgh:tios mad Broirr oti
utall' 31; Tern-
,• . - pike and Pianklitid anaptiorq. •
VOTICE is hereby liven. that the Stook
holden:la saldSompany are minimal Sopa, geent
ek , t 7 h t e *r Tiet t n: . % 6 (r& e" leVerZ r An th=
*antis day of July, lost; and Sto 1 1 WW9911 tostaltoont of
Firs Dollars oo each share eateerlball. osvfb• flat dz . , of
-.widen nazi- onlri. of th e Board. , -
J 71 1 ,1. 7011 N 111eX11,141.
100 shun rrZaci.Yittluzin
" Ei° 4 4A: znuir.
3ra,note.g W3 rit4g-L. A CO.
ir t i A; Sus
- Nen r,706.1 HOL.11&• Turd
item appoclte th. Pad OtElco. ,3
!tif OUILNING ALPACCA S.-Light in body
Ili and eswially atapted . Simmer. wear. Atm.
Wm.. Chant. SiMk Uinta. Crypt, Banbastner.m4 other
styl. of Mourning Occole—o halt emostenent to EMI *Mai
et the re of ntus-Ty a 4Elitcuevra.D.
acTWILLED. FRENCH - CLOTllB,7 7 Mtrartrr
& tleitarirr s bar s received. a frez4Wrs plug =4
I t Trilled Fmk& °Milk of • goodqa+Wty. Also--'
Mark Drab Ens, far &warner Cont.. • Jr& •
(Kik; UNDERSIGNED have ' , entered into
Co.osztoertblit' under the too of ItTOllll - a LAW. _ :CO, to .rarry an the PAPER AND 12.141-BUSLYM
At. No. 6 Moor street, Ilouvarato. when
Iv.eplog a loose exoortrottst of Papers, die., OWng to
part u , . .._ .
Writtoo hirer . . Wool', soldLodcf,lmerittstiOt4
Both Putto and Kota reperm Wore toad Latd:Wel
is Ports, n.t N." Pwtn.
If sad •ara P_,anent. (oam 29 Se 141 br 40.
rntor.or and av Mtn Thar* Paperkatoortean and 11?b4114.
flolliawnwsth'x Patent Maras Paper&
Colmad and W Mp liboa Panama... Zoo azurffrta.
Sal Enactor* Papa*. _ •
Wore* Printina and Caret i'nona • •
31.111 s P ..T.1...Au risen. G laud lloyat, enlona,-
Tea, peenaidoted lavas cann.
Its*, Man Pray Wrap Paws.
Bonnet. Emden . , Ow Trank _
Nth* and Mgr blntralor*or. Lenar t Mead Vat* .
..Iternta lb; Bask Potter ico.'a Citithirite
Inks and sheets. .vittta and evicted—al slum. eat top.
t . h TtgL O PNlVß r ittg o i n i r?! 9 . l r d ttral r ie r
- LAWHANC., late al No. 3 as= at.
IL-660 torta cf *anted Ur attune roe cask;
WUKEREL-40 bbla. Large No. 3;::
jai - sx
.r Canal and for sate L"
. . DAL.ULL, WS Waked.
~RACKED COCOA--Freeh-]]'net received
and lby alb by , Ivx. 4. bIeCLIICa I CO.. '
Ira robn. and Sea ada&
try dem:dram fcr malt by
or nit by MI. A. Nect,ma a 00, - -
JO Grows and Tea Deanna
to le santll.l In quality and 'War Wavy b The
cny--eonstantly Cu band and Am We by the MU 4nt. at
si reual.
rc Rotel prierr.4sn. gad" zrzaliv.l27.
Oman azulTsaDes.lers.
LAKE. 11811-25 bble. Lake Trout, (new;)
' 21;
Just rsocitei sal far sal+. br .
New Music.
- -
, PRE SPIRIT- POLKA, composed by H.
I. Nadu.,aod dullcatol to Steams C. Poen. of this
. .
Smile. Wolk. ArrAngoi. bi 2L Meter at platoNtry
Urgy r t i EM- i gto cf tot! at ou
Poky Jo.coe. troth rar tarts
totloor. PAU.
ilto Autumn of ma rm. b? bun. Bub , ". •
Alro, • Zoo relectios of ratitirla Stork for P 1460. Pm..
Vkllio. !Lc—. : • IL. KLY.BI..k. la Third Amt.
tcAt now
of lb*
Boliars. -
, P. rplasuligl lot of now PIANOS 0 °pang.
Oco 0001 scod occood-hand 6 octavo Plarn for NIA
Nadine", and Donble ClVVlrldial;_for ale frhalasals
rainfall by . IVILTat MARMILL. -
=NCH PAPER—For - 6310)3y
WALTER. P. 7.1.“raLL.T...
11EMP-41 bales Missartri;for sale by
.COTTON -48 bales for sale by
RIMY, 114.17 R 8 200.
LEAD --1359 pigs Galena, for Bale by
i so =EY, 31ATTLIZW3 s CO.
prime Poaches;
D EIGNEI) SUGARS-124 bble: Crashed,
•La, Admin.]. 663 Clarifid Busann test it.. Tat
lamals Sas 661 a 111.031.XY 00.,
J 630 " IS asel . 30 Woed
DICE—S 6 tae. fresh Carolina, for ar_le by
1112.1310 ALIT & CO:
frIAR--I1 0 bbls. N. C., for nabs
- :m? . ..RADA LaT IXL
I/ UTTER-13 kegs Spring,. for sale by .
1.1? ieSO Ulf .B.A.CLLEr& CO
boxes W. R., for ealobv
SOLE LEATHER-300 Sides best Hemlock
Tanned New Irak I..eiltir. - fa Web,
Je4lo . wst. BAGALEr •CO.
fIASTOR 01L-10 bbls. extra qua li ty, for
1,./ sae by • W3l. ACILLEY & Co.,
Vii,-. 4, " 1$ me al Weer se.
tons superior for sale by
MAD k pant.
uu 0
. 1 0, LN-200 bbla. for mal n el p y
bbls. Atr sale
TA 1 :1 1 " - ':33"U° liana a
bble. No. gi121,51),...f9r
RICE-50 tieres ( t o arvefcta.
rKELE 11feetig of-the S tockholders"• et th e ..ttlentle eult)htererzterhOdlrhur.".lll.'
be ell.arteesbly to tbe Charter, eh Thunder, 2 . 1 r..1 71 ht
at 111 , d.* 31, et the Cetopettre =mkt the utref
Plttaburch,.for. the pnryolo or electing NineanoWrN to
...tree for the *waded year, arid to treater: nut oth
beeitoese as over be brousht before the need% Bjarder!
INDIGO k NUTMEGS—On ocamigninei , 24
j 7,11) ci ne b ffatit DICICEY 00.
bblo. for !tale tginto
Superior S4irlbiv ".
ITIRPhr• & BURCHEILLD hare rvid
LL nenni
4. ggn.27=rjrisgre=. r the reaableetilreriairans, we be war.
Enoanstio Tiles for Floors. ___
TECESE TILES aro mom - durable thanNW
y Ila.'andlan variety of nalcalland agar. bysexgrnat.
"r an null far .Canrches and other pnblal 0 , 111g4P,,
and for Veirtanilka Halls, Iran
. 1
, tscm Zan . : lo, lmr,tak
•aad unarm. In Darallinak
311Lillt, ' T ", 0.1.T/Sa a YOUYS,
; .Ic=7l. • . - 279 Pearl amt. NEW TORE;
11.1LACK' BERAGE—An additional supply
141 reed this morsdag ttu evre of-
jef 3.11311Pt11i B
tiOPLEY'S POT CLAY—lOtons &reale try
Ir INBRED OIL-14 bbls. for sale -
1.29 J. SCIIOOH2taSmt &
LUM-50 bble. for sale b •
G L S E-100 bbh, sal: o = , k
(Z, AND PAPER-60 reamsanted; for sale by
‘ 1 PONGE—Extra fing l'urkey, forealit by
1,7 J. 2CI7.OO3ILtS.ER A CO.,
Bent akd Raw Umber, Cbroamel'ellor,PariaGrok4
771V2 1". . 1' 1AM?0011 AMER k Co,2&lrocd
A LCOIfOL--76 wad 92. deg. strength for
it ale 07 1 34 ^1 J-5C1200= 00 gat CO.
IVHITE OLU.E.-3 bbla. for sale by •
11. 3t. LISN'S Nerve and Bone Linixuent-5
rcsa for salv
1,7 ertra Luis slut heary,fixi“l. Di • "
ir ELVA just rdeeived froni - New Yoke, an
dt-'4.01.r."^* dr.r.rtnow CORSIC6IIsud
RTA tti . ION DS. or o
NE ACKEREL-100 bbls. No: 3 &Ina to
anise and far sea
Join( wArc CO-
?1` I i'Lt! 31'k`• I.
bt blab, Iga
Pi: (V .E.' " X.
JAY," r'thantitWiTiricik°7
To Business MaL.
SUBSCRIBER intonda starting .on a
r c: !twine* Tour to the Mutant att.., oa or about tba
of July, and vill ottaltd to ay Imbue, ostracal to
bill tan with Pr0mPt.....4 04•17. - •
tem in 711shainn pall, moats Mt Nana Coon nowt.
R~e Borah.
31ortixot, P. c.l4.lThite,
Uogob Armld... 7l lVll. AltVl
Witt: 2LlteXciiht
LLkite special attention to the Wee
a , Alen at Oakum terr Merchants and'other; In {feat:
tawrlacneo. hoa
_pettach awpau ow
st=tik., c. D N.Whlt
Uunmen. and Wm. ~ . .kleaa.F hl eTa4 . Sc 4"
O AP SUGAR-40 loaves Louring's Don
de Ittened,:reed and tor ad.
- . - WM. A. mectrad
13AGED -lILANR-BOOKS:Blank.l3c4s,
of rrefFr ilm mad. swPactrar
145 „
m_ t
.N0.§0111124 mut
- - - tra mum:scu ms” man n. =Got 1514x:,2,&
.__.- ___.__.l
affiftgo - 1851
rPackd tad Ragroad to Okalest
ASSENORRS leave every-morning at 9.
trr steamboat to Dryer the= b 7
"'"l=l:M=thao.b7 Eitlite,oam=
T00.4=4. btrs To Doticit..3B bolt=
- iletet l itiottosish "- 94 ,
t'4 mambo and leek br Claulaw saad Cadman
I.l=7.l4p t iat thl.t. br m e 4
nesmers Iral ea,...for
,b..... 1 rm al. bLhahroad to Pror
...g ....,01,......,00t0g ot •LEO bt sfacallsan.
low water in the Ohba tit., Uhl iOO3O Wands.
Inn. ha a me nd Gahm% artll to Mu.l witch otlebort and an than ant other. .•
~ --- .. WWI& L'ARIO3. Prantirtera.
• itoraunrcu Pa.
Nor !lasts nelnill tO ' . ' .
L. C.BI7OIIEY. Agollt.
(Op ttLini) corona Potatbield cut Watot WM%
ontratibr the Mananaahrla WOWW.
. Or to W. R. WOOESILUAD, Apia,.
. °War Vida . St. Chula Wag. Went
Putpoix hOurs to. Philadelphia:
forty-four'hours to Baltimore.
--281 miles Railroad-103 miles Canal:
soar. star =AV= AID mutarams torn
Being !mfr.= ae.many chow mad porferaits!:
consucted Irak "line Lind.
Two Dail Lines. Express Packet Boata.
. FOS rAsartossA)
LEAVE Pi= for Jobartown, thyme
TIM thaaadred and Fortran tam &net to
N adi Iwo
Ltra 000rf rrooo= Eight Voice;
ion to Rthattolokt.. hr. Boldatots, 111.08.
- do . do AuslabararAdtA4
Piumms for Bakcauxre 4 _ 4 ,..
Tas Oa Tort wad vamtdesad art
eta arriyall et Caro a: ttract ~M.' nd• D inaGro refaX6
_tour VW Mmt.l , oollbours. • • •
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