The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, July 09, 1851, Image 1

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D... , aro weeks . .- 300
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month —..--- 503
Do. • bro. toresta...---- 7 03
Do. ' , three moot , .
‘;`,:,,:. L - Do.'- ,• . Par meths ........—,..-. 10 00
Do. ' Athroonttin„.„ -- 12 00
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Wm. 14,F,Fi•
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One Snare; (10 I.thea,) amts.'
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An lavraleut alvertieemeste be ALM ffi ed. Meek
408.: WEAVER, Attorney at - lastr, Fourth
street, tutu tbe Marm's Offleo;lnttaracrgh, P. Col:
actiatur satended to promDtlY. znyltb.ttig
J- Intil:110301lPfIat. .1 ' /. 1.11411111111/3111..
: Uttar UIIIIIIAOIIII, PO I - -Ija r te of loihia. P.
! LIPILAICE MEM, ~ • Attoraeys at
u 'iirt a 7Z-dr,!:=P,'„ B234 '_ . i '1 h "' , ..,....._ 7°` a ,
.-, .-m.--&-..- otipa.achitaardadam rar:lna =aka
cisIAEARIUSON. SEWELL. Attozze at 147.:
ey Ohio Su Caarzolniatur ft tab:se Umas,
..irzarr!. of Diporls, kt,'Ottko—V
, • COLLI PR, Attorn_ 4111_2410"
, Othas on Fourth ,asset, stank emitaWa... -. •
F. WRITE, Attorhey a< /.11111r-Of-
Alt f i fice =Gnu% street, mar Youth. InArtt
imp tutnargb. Ya. • . - uratlay
& G. 'L. B. YETTBRII&A, ABoar.
iEr«tv e rpg v. sad RealE,t• Jima% Ba letattb,
,JadEs J. WIN, Attorney et Law office,
Es Tilghman 1taji..624 4:.g dr.e. I phd.Oul
• . • ..-------
TOWS ir .WATSON. Attorneys at Law,
A~w: Na.. 3.10 Eincrtb street, PlttOmvh- .
w iAs aew i tr i lVlrr, Ur ,
.toftattult 603. W. /mks:7k PittabruziL. • illig4r
,DWARD Pz JONES. Attornerat Lair
roata, on faux% sten, tetra= Wood wt
E ., g3;m:it 5.0 1
b:r:~: r:.:a::atr: r"76:~:7~}:.:aa:~
OLD:k•" . eakers:
.1 1P 11 ): 16 .u.s Ezebsage. •• •• Bank CO.,
No, N. 74
AT.-- .1.0. corm.
~,.,.: . AS & . 00, •• Bankers
oad-Tactunli Bokers. Sorttk test coma of World
•.• • ctnoca, Pittsburgh.- • .
I/XING, Banker and Bleheage Broker,
- Peale street. Dealer in Bank Nan. Bats of Z
GRIM sad Fale. Stoats bottett arel sold. •
but trwitet peke paid
prostiscee he Amick=
W in =I Me
sod awed& Delius, tra ter
& SON, DmlmEE
Dm.., Em. of E.0.m., C.:0w... or E.-
• • • • 'Bata Notes awl Spade, 80. Cia ItarkAt greet, Pitts
...... - InaMleetions =de ea Ii me Dtlxfoat an..
;RAKER& RAIIK iienkern luny
• ' ltritterc Degas to Poreltti icol.Dozntto
go,Gertilacatho at
• wetter of Thlnt 11/111. wood .If=
CAROTHERS 14' CO., Banking Hon"
8 0. to Wool otroet.llltsbarsh. Carnal licaorra
as Colh allow mats as all no latipallsl
ltussoi LWIt. 12,1 R.
a AI:ala• IRWlN:Commission Merdisal
I ' and 811111roketa.No.1145seand .:test :Parszolandl.
Mankinat faxin.....:—JC4lntk llarat....—WlFlL WT.'
13ALKER, ..}IANNA dr, CO., Saccedaors SO
Maim awns a On, Soma lannurntanancon,'
tanlers In Foreign and DonEzetanan.Ontlncals.
itg_ Dnonit a pt Naos. codlpodar.Natib Wen canon of
Wonsan am , . Patient •Eloosi anelvall on Jar
Nat , t Cheat Ibrals. me WI ..1•11tediall oit Mr.
fy all gm • •~ pa pan:. a at• Vatted Nam •
TAYLOR, Commissioner and. Bil l.
&rotor, 112 &mad Strict stteintkiricitille
to 1.11 birch:its entrusted to AU taxa Pi
icticturstrAiro on tgam or ricitizoil t raVict
M lk' n iir d Wornttla g " '.4 mar"
C. STQCKTON, , lsteJohnston & Stock-
'ea mll7 I .pot o
Ttard ar:6lWalt, Ne+ lkobr.
•AT of
zrtadliliktst the s
I :HOPKINS, Boa:saner and Stationer
k • .Na VI. Fourth xtreet; A..tb Buildings,-
• '
WOLINTOOK, Manufacture:rem:Um
Iv=staW gar' 1 "' B ror *
Isseatals • Wad at-. Pala burs!,
.70011211513101 T AIVRIOBWARDING.
P W. POINDEXTER, coritexof Watersud
AM. M ands, bbtinthr CoMaszteS Par
'rums* flarketor4l, Tit
srui lot tkarpsizetrue sat Wear 0.4
Wean% Andtee,lson.NWllass f sadttuansai ,
P rIV/AVVirl•of It Harper ' ' t
C104).4 i. -1313 *
mescelebnited Manure .06 Ha Mart*, el PhikdAhi.
v . : : . 310A-14p ,Y -Triuistcirten.
EMTarstirpl — onteirKilas .
Camasilselosll42ll4nbw Mt.lll3ll.ler street,
JOHNSTON, Forivding. and
tlon.uatWnt. No. U 2 boosFitme.
L .
, lER I.k , ONES,Fo . rwantui_ g. sed ~...
1 • Mai Merano. Dallis-ft italue.s.u4. • tts.
• ; JOSS& & CO.; Successors to Air
irc4l, John k Cd.Canstalmclea stalirWhitter•
dater* In Pitt2 l / 4 1131 )I.l2abetWed 90.11. Ma•
1A, 1 .. z d
a. 14.11W19. 0,11T1111=11,.......0. MIMS( • CE4 TO=
yli AUSON CO:, Wholesale and Ratan
ALikerlterall.Dg t We Skistuals, loartb
Xt.` i •
Xt, Dentist, Corner of Sive'
fta . teitator 4.,-beNnenk-Nasitet .sod • Farr sings.
y Woof; Dzusai- and
reittliedMall WI Alai fat the 'ills a Merriam
Geocto.N. Lb t? '
PIA W.ILAIt ' RNMI4 Wool Metobante,
thrlbflnur aak, Prodder a.. , k1.1b mad, var.
•, • stalkatai.slern M MA Mit MOM.
A: 4 ;VI : • im•T • f
" • • •
01307, WILSON & CO., Importerer and
ezdV 2 l"*. tis= th 4 "/"F,..." 4 C"24I•ZiN
I IC , WLLSON,Nratahes;;i3welmiSilrer
toitti,wto. gdwuutvkqvoragrzz.4A.d
pd A. FARNESTOCK 11XE.„Wholeimie
w and
massmAteaster* of Whits Leoll,Ftil
einuer Woad uld Wont streets, rittt
nc o. tr. [nom! Lo. olootu. ;
KiEYSER IitcDOWELL; (Successors tb
to Herr Keyrr,) lc - Waal* and Retail Drag sail
_el:1111er or Wood gnat sod 111Vn
Ptinii= a teseart?Olow carefully 0.11.....d.4 nighl .411
iki.„KfD & CO., WholesaleDruggista: Deal
of pr.. Lam s . solob t
or Is, aid /Ass. Bmsp•
rmrth dr.%
E.'', SELLERS; 'Wholesale Dn.lei in
,D= o , Wets. Dye Ifteh, 0114 Verniebee. bei.
Woad street, Piteebuzgh. Ps. Goods veareentety.
N. WICKERSHAM, Wholesale Druggist
AIRAUN REITER, Wiiiie . enle and Rena
l t nn p r corner of Libtati ad Et. pair stn. Pitt*
JSOHOONMAKER44 CO., Wholesale Drug
ou. Na ii W... 4 Pittslmrsh.
irri,unans n.— • . =sox.
Alkr • & WILSON, W 6 .189111.3 Grocers and
Commlsalcm Merchants. Agents 0. sale of Dn
Font's kosrder. No.llB Becond. and 147 Front Ms. sag •
J. L.. SHEV, Wholesale Orocnr, Commission
Muelnuat, and tinier IsPO. and c't
Yana and Ira. Week Pitbibns.
QAXIJEL ' P. • SHRIVER, Wholesale' tiro
-Produce sad Cocuidadon ercbarak ANA Del
aro In Plttebmykld
azdafectosed Ardelog, N 0.130 =I 14
&wad stmt. Octoroon Wood and liadtblleld. ritlaburgh.
• I JOHN 8. Dit:WOßi ' il k CO.;•Wholeentl;
O Produce and Commloci= Marl so
on% d
br Maud Powder ON. of BawdglN.Oonu. Na
Wood et. Pittaburgh. -
INGRA-H — Vholealli!,
Omar. azri Commixdon ELarlants, N. 116 Waui
stmt.. axal 150 First •trwt. Itittitrargh. . . .
- --
JOHN WATT & CO., Wholesale Grocers,
Cananladon Menedsnlo, and De ten In Pradne• an 4
U.rlng..M.ea OA Lll , Lntr .inset. /Inn
. '
B. CANFIELD, bits of /Warren, Ohio,
. Cam:abaft and ear.ddlerehard, and Waal.
Deal. la Waders Thaeraa /War, Pot .ad
Pearl lab, end Westsra Padua. generally. Water street,
batatea faallateld and Wood. Pittsburgh.
a... 4 . commious ltercte
ems. Deniers •I n littanrgh P..
Manniset u Wes and Western
- Pralnee;Na 311, earner of 11. t. street sad Mums/ Lane,
- mu= . ...... .. sou. wan
ISAIA.H , DICKEY • & •100.; Wholesale Gt°.
re - . news. cod 107 M YTOnt titt.llo Pr'd
'&• - BENN , Cate En~(liah
igNabua L LlM . oame.
G ing e.,7 Dagenyba • Produeo Mt
to.on n'l lo Mo.PoNkotoroo. '"l'' No. 123 Secomlot. and IZ. Mod
• .. . ,
kV.. VAL= C. SOL
IVPHIALS • & ROE, Viholesale Grocers and
wazatidan tkrazata, Fo. "3TLtecra T
Mulch. •
4oOBER, ,T MOORE,. Wholesale (isocesi'
BectifylotiDtstlller. dealer fe Prcdo Plug:mesh
fsetares, sad .11 kinds of- Foreign tuf Domani*
Win:sand Lionork, - No. 31.5 Llbeny street. On head •
ye stock of eo.. rice old Moooosseals
yt OBERT DALZELL & CO., Wholesale
Mastulketureno. Illm•Vgrat
(Ham Pro Sues, imrarding. and Oa=hake Was
t, and Dealer 111 Pittsburgh Xanulastures, SOS
Liberty shwa, Pittsburgh.
Wholesale Gm:
-fir• eons Nt. IS ad 93 Wood Earn. Pittabsersh.
usg— Waxman
WICK - Fr. - bicOAIiDLESS, etweemore to
iA. J. 0. 'Met, Minkel. sinners, Parentrihni
affiOnnallosion ktorettants, dealers In Iron, Nsl/2, Glow
lactton ,Yr- , s, and Pittsburgh Malian:tuns .gnusTntlYd
aka, CULBERTSON k. CLOUSE, Wholesale
. Oman and Coonnindan Merril. Dankly in Pri.:
sod Plinitarg2Lsnnlictined 195 Liberty
_Nfranin — rtis.
..7reoZl inil3 '
• Anus Fatally Orven,Parwaramg sal Comlaskrzi
asluati. cut Dula, in Coantr7 rreduee sad 11 • •
i3lrat — Bl1 1 725 L '
-Meer street, Putotnizel. Wll.l 1: Gr.%
II /11.079.
. •' ' - . , 4i . "holesde Grocers, Cnra.,
~ .....: : : :,F sram.....
..,.. itad , Dealent 1.14,T . uor—lliyandi
1 - 011,N PARKER k CO., Wholesale:4°u=
0 - 'Deslen In rm.:bur. Foreign Winos idgnma OM MO.-
oe¢Nil• and Roan.] Whialray—No. 4 Commercial Wm.
/Albert/A , Pittsburgh.
, ..;........‘,13
- e".... b.L=',.fm
tN. ELELLOR, Dealer in Piano Fortes,'
red ninie4 leninnnu, &teal DOOkil.
Sole a r gent for Mc Plano Partell. Lt.r nsibraolo—No. Wool
g •. • Agl : M• 'en er in .1 tune, n
il OW Tastrosocals. and latmtay of 114.4 m Strings.
a • for Nonni .1t Clazkl mei and mare F 432101.4
lOt II:LINOS; WILSON & CO., Manufne
grgelig,i traigit ti d% snr k g r d
we. =lir: Zoos bowl and latbh , S do 4 1.•
Sd Woad sillsj.., 43.
(Mee et LIMIVCOIT & CO.. R.llll. Irma si.. Pat.-
1,113. J. C11117•61........—D1n ,
.l: =Oen mangutantane and 1[64 nonstanttr ae hand all
Sang of Tanta. Boda.and nparatdem linlains. Coot, and
Una Arathn • Ems anned Plan, Barred lad Latbba. pall! '
Cow JUJU and Tack, - Ba.-ral Cnppa and Mac
Elm nibs Pattern Malmo , Rawer, 1110.15 world
• ' Warelan,•. 42.1 A atat nt, Pittsburgh.
ofbrENES QE.7l..ure
=star Stott, Moab Steel. s log im bta
denim ' "d hz OfTrabla .62 =s", Vire Engine Lan =I
a. h'r2f~mlQCe . =Win 7. C.lnlatt afatass sod Itosa
.2vAr, emir to., mambdums of Bola Ash, lllamb.
Poollaw, Moriztte ard Balpborio Helm.Worehowe.
Li 0,03 Wear 41. Wow rCtS7.
WALTER P: MARSHALL; Successor to
Bum] C. 11111-I.2npar lmp tar and Dealer In Preach
and .eriean. Paper Elam anti Scalar& Winn=
/nodal, Ara
Mrs Baird Penis, Ea. Prlntlna
sadand Wrapping Pap= N 0.116 Wad stmt. tannero
Mama! OUST. Plttelnugh. Pa. .
I t: A. . i 'll' : ' 6
'TM. A. ni 7 c.f.tiia - co, ch.ts
•VT ToODeolora, No. 2 Liberty aor. Wood
oo tuna o 'arousal:mot of CUM. Oma.
ood nos Tom • dho—Famlgo ed f full. ad NOM MM.
aol. adad Dallas ampll moo lama Law .
I~i, 1: ie.l I •
,LEEOII_I .Trazusporters. by Canid
and rommunn.nurrchnnter natet of P.,w itnoot
10 1 4:l441.14:1A1t1•]:11
gliCßEOPirNivoildna . oetioirpcitfiitlyinf . oral
the Oiabltathat be bootee beadathltehimitotheraet
•of tieleehoted,'Allegbeny OM work!. worth:ma
of aldo% Undo also Ovoid= Shatters ste auto Warder
the bat att. In:noted tonal to ow to thOlToited
ghetto Bllodt em be reamed trh.t the oil at •
some driver. Bevies putehmtl the irtock,loolo etel owd
of ttur ostdhet Oita et Itentesy liceleUend. I sot
gnerm. t . h4r thing their emam
lin i er" il - V".
.6= 6 6 Wool /treat, Pittatrootb. j. 4 . szoirt:
CPS , JOUNSTON, Paris. Ilaciti
Puirruzs—geddinos, earner at aria &metal:4E6a
ifftur, ben, ft, Ix talc
•' • •
ADAM HARDEE, Veterinuy Burgeon, lite
non. Edinburgh, Seotlartb , would r•C•drunj.. -
1 . the Public Ihstho h colasSer . nh•
kar Dr etvf al • Ulo h•teM I.
... ~. . 4pest U. CIA
0311.19..USrdit. MAIO 1311.1 3 4 ••41
sumal .111. b• earned ~. +taw F....
of Tunnel arrest and fexamhr•hla AMP. ,
• .
NdbETE JOHNSON, in 'giver on Wood,
floc tun. Oblrd Amid lltteburgh. Ps,—Tim.
g"i"'" lina• - li."4 1 5 11 eol3'.=l rrantt.4oo O,
—cow. Ana %VW
of attoloil at, the lawd Pier. .
- I SCHOCIDIAN'S Lithogriie t t.
la Eatablialtiont.2l:lo:l tLival.. .vpodts . a.
Elttalouult6==.T. Portraits. atom Ulla.
/3111baaada eaala.. gall nut Madablsks
pmrl.g. Ilalalmoss maul Vlaltbax Can% le n .a,rr.w.d. m
th .. .. c . , ,,,... ...a palpteal ba — aalats, Galo..klrottsa, or
Illalr; tote wan ansaamakiletai. sad at thesauri rear.
Ala salaam. -.1 . ia.a.ia
. Wegner, Thiechner & Mueller's
riga ABOVE FIRM Map ectfullyannounan
..- to the, woo& sad the pahllo sermaelly. that m"
Ara releo4to tread*, In M. iM/St Mill of thoir art. aft
maim ter maw Carda, i 4lills, Diplomas, Chimes, Viehiss
sad Pfofameopal WO. Ch% Loam, am
Theft satatillabmant Di at a. 66 Market atreat, Mamma
IVA andpath stresti,vp . iplairs. .. - -vadat(
Bolivar Fire Eriek . litandathuing Comp y.
JAL N. .10,11....-11. LOW!,
GLOVER; KIERtc CO., Peopetrions.
VE SUBSCRIBERS, having been ap.
oluted .Aneata fer Alm above named =mem .in
I, , , , .,!=== c l . =.l=tv i ntru:
They adeo prepared to twelve orders for said Brick, to
to made In dm sad Maisano .alt purchaser. which shall
k V. dela feili c a L lt unwary tkenumerate the Many sit.
Tgatages the Bolivar Piro Brick ponies.* over *Bothered:tat
ham Dees le/Reed i ted sale In the United States. thalr b eetek
Za do flrkl i t g .Tre Protriftot t r o l blf: " t t i.t l AinitrZoi s tke
t ha t mese of their preeeist
to mintudielib
and that no
be Owed tomato rheas amp
bitter ttan they ham. heretofore. been. .Thia ta the only
establishment now mtnefasturlna Ylr. Brick at Bellew._
Canal Bulk, !wreath it, I.ll.tabunib-
y Ma. Xa ISM Liberty Dor or Adam st. Pitlaba
htaollat i rd Tribal Civil Engineei,
3 1 / 6 4 Aval. l l , l 4. aka
ar r ylr U ltinaat d WateriVget . Mar t
tq4 Davin Lu A. M. aali 6P. id at his residance. No.
Merburt shut; Pittabargh. " • jaalt,ity•
• : ,' ;Sets% Cositit - PaztorAllegheny.
sinA; Ili. A. WHITE 4 CO. would re
a , spa-Utah fraerret tlas pd de hlien/ and tha thSandrhola
ey ere
l:Mb:TO amp on Leman. -
arrela They are not mi between Pe lking d are promos:l to receive
enters tbr every description of • Melee, Coach., Chalon,
b i
Baronehem, fiodace. CMraei., *a 'Alai. ft.. tb 4 r
lons experience in the mean re of the alarm work.
and the farintlee they have, th y feel nal:Alter they an
enabled to do work. ort• the m reasoneble
atm wanting ortielee in they line. benne with
Pagstpartlenlar attention to the selection of material:4,
and • bone bet mempetent workmen, they ham no
beaten.. to *wanting Oar vork. We therefore Lek the
attention of the pablie to Ude mailer.
0. IL Reparing done in the best manner. and ore the
mod reasonable terms. . lea Cerf .
AOLE MARBLE. WORKS, (establithe}l bed '
D=Lby EDMUND NITLELYS, IS4 Liberty et,.
of %Veal Urea. Pltteborgh. Monuments, Ittnnel
Vaal% Raabe, neattones, Co; biantel Incr.. Centre and
P l.r . /I: l = l agiorl 4 )r=l: 4 . Jao!
Conwr of Third stud World street, The only alar
m] Institottoo of the kind in klitaharah.
Facrtry.—John Fleming, IhiOdpal Inetruotor lu the
Matta of awonote.
0. K. Chamberlin, flotsam of Ns:township. Mereasstile
Compotathio, ke
Alaz id. Neon, Las Leetarew on Comroerdal Law.
Those dedcln a wmolete knowledge of Ea* Keeping.
and itLa ct okliatf=abrati=nz t i e th . Wt.
=he arrangeourots. •
lecture on Cotommolal Law ewe? Monday *wain,.
ftwanwswto any of this resident city snerehoote.
WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty it,
• head of Wood streeL Pittsburgh. r.
11Puuraeuts, Bartel Vaottt.Toralostouet.
Le, Montle Phew, centre and tier 'frog
etrrera on baud and made to orders at the
cheapest Harbin, and et very reduced
aciet ed•dagno 41Drat00.
t " ltarf. d
• •
11c. EterusarDenny - Qarlt Ttarrhass. req.
Lit Jud Whalen 4uhu Harper, Essu.
etoseAi s End, Archltect
La Meader._ gnats Brokers
Pltteltruath haul. . gnaw dp. "
J. H. Ebeeteer, Ey. & Cum, dw
Wilms I
'"444. Qw
17"dS%T it=CO.li6Lag
ft- Lothrolt;EaVriL ' i L heu.
E: W. feels grateful tor the vary Isteaal settrousge
Wed during Woken seers to Wm city, haring hal 'he
tamest asul beat sohe entrusted us tamn up to gee frepent
Woe- sad will endeavor so zealot r.m.r.-rkst brreatter.
Bennett's Monocturomatit Depository,
rectum. Ware.l'ooms 97 it 99 Moil emelt. .
J. . IV. respectfu ll y lulbreas his friends and
orainoters thoS be hos tura csayleted the lorit
and guest stock of tioullehold furniture ever bi2r. mem is
this city. as be Le determined to uphold the it uraitY vitt.
Irell-sessoned stistsesals, best vorlisoomdfitt sod rawest de
inicra sod from the extract at hie ceder. eud frallity is
torandorturatur. he le ramified to reach's.* ferarraled furut
W M . ' tb. .tri...l ...--- ..
Le imaadopted VA, prltedlol. Of Ideedifllnit the MM..
en' interest vitlit ha corn, in quality mat prim, and keepa
abeam on hand the ',mien variety of .try deetriptiem of
101011.0.. fr.m tb , etwayert sad plainett. to the mat eh.
tent and wally, theta how., or any part MI one , may to
fortilthed from his rtook, osantifsetured osprmsly to
swam He therefore aolifelte Ma ian.ction. UAL One alma
=f efteldiehment may be haown. The followius
mold. to cart, Of h en amel, . hl.h for ridtnesa
=and Wallah cannot he stayamal In any of Ma rafters
Parlor, dimming, Cuing, and bedwoom abaft, of nary
varlet, comdftLas of rommomf, atahoy and walnut,
Outterestaire awn Eau a every dme
Motion: Coarha, liffsaTotomisto and Dimuse af the latest
rectal amt. American defiferow Thaw, What-NA, soul
Abe Writhag Dajal of vatiouf %lode, Work Tables
sad fanry inlaid Mood, mar* stard, and holders. marble
toposialiemanw, rcoeuread and eatnal matte and mid. tae
hW,aateoNoOditd mills all ganef the mob
mid decidedly the tat 4.1
. .1 . 41 .„ .,mair. earl, Pemba** hals
pia table. amt eathatando of each 4
Zara. amortstse n" antt pules mewl. chaff..
DMUS= and sad - boot nee, aids boards,
dm acmes, towel ract= " nand, and ranste Med, wrilm
and cote for eldldresc payer mach, table and tea pos,
mabowauy.risiewool, mod Wahl semi Table, ae. We. de.
A lam , amortmemt at Common 1011,0,11/re and Wief eor
Chairs. Cabinet makers snopUot with all ankles in their
• . ,
Etas:ak!, and Hotelr, furnished.: the ahartert
All orders yromltly attealed to. Jw
MINTY LANDS—Cerr. Case. NAT Loa,
Attarrory at L. N 0.163 Third et. ranter of Cherry
hating made orrso,resarote to the PorTo...
11711.1111 . 8.11131.7 Lila/ I. flan WWI adelkrs. thole
widows lad ethelreo. sod wilt attord to oily other bast.
nail. eottnercted With the , government or way or Its Lew,
orenta. thoo. e fensfort Moo r or the Cow
to rirls at the Qty of
Drawing, Pnzspective, and Painting in Oil
MR. D. R. &MITI! ie now prepared to give
Warmth:es to a kwiattel• le the &threat breech.. e
delLahtful art. la DL room. in thaws_ Eoalfe k
album:We .o buildtos, /Int *treat. between Wocel sof
Ifattrat street.. Hours of Instruction. from 2.14 to I %Aral
ftom 634 to pi V,. M.D. and other particulars OM ha
known by ratans Dtfternoos) at the root..
Defer to Dr c Gastaat or Dr. Mateo. .fia=sitl
W. Dixon's London Patent Lever *exam
Siderier to tug Macho ow offend in Patsourgt.
fIirRICHARDSON, $1 Market street,
soiedent for the above named Lever Watches.
• iloving guarantee 13 abaci! to each Watch:
sr efirointoscohtathe Actsolnelty,_Wit. DIXON. Chro
riirter and Watc: Kanufectorer. as King Sow% tkie
' MD oertlfies that the soccentiaaring Weinhs binle
warranted by nor to be of me manufacture. and nowatell
with name xiwn It is genuine unless ersvimfordal ho
a certificate bwerWg_my denature.
14ttgra , .1 , Kee the Watch No.—. to keep Urns to the sat
o( theporchaiwr. WK. DLXON.
• erilink
Btumbest.4.et4, .atia 'General Commis
. lion. deceiving and Ponvaidthr,. L.
. dor sosoctotesl with lb= Ho John looter/. sod odes
cane ionises to Qs subtle os Slssolbzat Oinots , GsrsOol
Cossadsoloso sad Yorosoraminenl i thir l e r* of
Lacasstio, A 501115.1851. 142 Willislas'
/LR. J. J. MYERS--Surgeon and Physician.
OfSea and tintsilititi. comic of Thatington's ron. No.
ed street one door stns Smithfield et
'onestun permancidif located in Sitlenargb, and
Wilts dunes of his Pronacion. Ile will Oro,
OtttlOOkt attOtltiott to innunem case. and Ma dh0w...1 en
nom sod children. *Wenn
ONEGGER k CO., importers of Wines,
Ly th don. and /Nam ,Id EmlthUld stmt. b.
Ma and fletardh.
• Dino wesraisperlor Waren:Ms, fbr the Ra i si n Car
Curtain alarmists. mad enter Mina am to
the faildonania parlor; and
_bays aclocted th a WV= and
most superior annortment Dein 1). Liam, .linatetala
French and Dentoan Damask Do tallies. Cnialsb Darcusaks
Marmon, Mints.. Turkey Red Goods, Phnom, film prof
arm Mod, Lam Curtains, Danced and plain Muslin, Col •
land of different 01, 31. 110 iftralcos of ga diffsrent gottsrzu
and Wks, Door Indor Blinds and Elwin, Curtain
&oder. and Bands, Cortale. 110 Tassals and Tared Loons.
Cord. Bilk d Wormied, Rod Chintzes and Fringes, Mae
sallies and D
LOcaster Onllta Countarsones .04 egiest . d
C"'Sablatrasses. Rada and Redding.
ers thankfully realred and geomptly elled.
wed. NOBLE, Third street.
.A..DIADEIRA,Agent for Delaware Mu
tea Ilserty Intanna. Company, 42 Warr Wee.
I GARDINER. COFFIN, Agent Mr Franklin
er Rid itunlizZOO 0003P.1. WOW: tut turner of WOW
iourni. GLENN, Boo: Bierora, Wood street,
VT sooobd door from the corner of Third, where he is
prepared to do are description of Binding with neatness
and dorsi:City: -Blink' Books .ssrpeltlaro.
bound sobrtantially. Books In ountbent, or old test,
:I ° W=s i g'biLlTLire' is:Val/TX '?I,C hrtr
O .
pH' ''''''' ' '''' • EMai '''''''''
W. COWNINCIIIAII k 00.,11.1anuftettrwg ofWINIx.
LA" No. 26 Mo, k o t Wee; betwru First awl B.oood
ritt.burgh. Pr • • •
Qo Lyng, Cool ts
sod Deal, to Dry Cloodo.firoonim Iran
tomer of Wolout otreot ood•Wamblugtort Tortlopto 11 1 .4
Tomo.. .111*
nuzsun rre xxcuesos, corm, BANK NOTTJI, LC:
No 74 "told O n nod to Bank dr Pittaximh.
Noteeand Matta oolleeted tar all puw of the Urikat,—
Make bonsht sod eokl en emnlodoo. fetitalterT
JAMES 39TLSON Ku removed hie "fat
cod Ca d p Story'to N 9.91 Wood Wee, third door month
. -
rO 7 PARTNERSHIP—HaTing taken my
IVt.r . putlf d !btio w v.,, th l4 ,l 4ltalp . V.4 ,l,, .t
%Woo too twos 0(J. 1./..143
,& BON xl9l Wood amt.
.lAnra wmeon.
P. B.—J9oes .WltionOtoith:Otia jlia Hat and Cap don.
No. 0 Yaderal stractAlloglmay OM lately !old by E. IL
Wltws." . aotoollotET.
T. Wilsba it Bon.
yIirLIOtES ALE and retail ma . aufactu-4
. • refs mod dialers Iniflate and Cats, No. 91
ood Street. third door below Diamond Alley, PM.
burghwhere they offer. foil end complete .nook of Nam
and Cam Aof their ova end Eastern mannfacture, of every
quality and 10.71. r. br wholesale and re r ail. and Melo , . Me
termr. ""-
VOFFEE--150 bag Rio, for solo by
iarie 1:9 A.l/lITCHISON't Co.
VAPE ALOES-1000 lbs. corsair) by
lIIISSIATE POTASH-500 lb& for sale
I:ls — riTal—tl tierces for sale bs
J 4 ' WICK W4ArbLift
lascalus CARDS, &c.
Ibr T HIS . SIIMMER 'RETREAT Si now opeki
the entonnetdellow of 7Tba brunt' of
place bee been meet, Im prated by flieott OT
hoke Intraday sod Mower. • large 011
r looming Plants and fihrobbery, of the elmir ere
1.0 lb, oak on the monbeer. • • • '
1. Creme,
uete Fruits. An,kept In the EaMots aa tuttal.
licq Welly gat op et Obit nod..
The neat and ,ferbllo staso bold 11N133EX,learee
the Wain,. between Pitt eltreet and the 014 Alteglorir
Bridge, et Ow beginning Of erverwhoor—from 9 o'clock.
31 he:111110 P. IL One-extra. trip every ermine, 1 11 713
trapjlgtgg r. tio n Ssng - City gm! Invited to mT •
Tbo Gardett ts toot oa Tempers= tnicuiplesarielodod
ott Sunday. "•• • . spite
F. R. Moore. IL M..
ermaal .Meet on to the treatment of dlesame of yea
ben to
ehlgr_elt ; V: r eotAdlerafesg , nerelly,ae
nrar the Iland . rtinet gralge. and nest door to Aedo
the Kam
leg Allegheny Mr. Odke honm tom?to 91 . i d .
from 1 to Sand from 7 to g P.M. n1y2K..7
LIGHTNING RODS—Spratt's Patent
WhoZotale Depot; 86 Wood street; Ps'taboret; Po.,
leartwriatt's Cuthqw_Ptole.)
ecrnetnl Atta c hme n ts not get out rf eider. Th. Isr
au lama wad Ettitut accuratelp, Points
nod Mecums ar• uruiralled—tte who'. beituthiliblY 01`
nwaleptai, out without diapute the Dart Pouductorarrer
mstutfactured. Jam. Juteoo will attach thou at 1134 .
craw per foot. Price at the atom 10 rent.
• tiantlemen are respectfully rakunted to toll at 64 Wood
b Waw, and taunt,. the abort: wham alto. the Area: Up
veep. tar/Lit
t. anrCIAZIL
xruoLESALE dealers in Oroceries,Glass
11 . t, c tl , :„ I Lal:tag . tc., N 0.79 .1 Dock. and LVI
Cult a.lvameemmale oh con4-ementm.
Agents km Ate...ghost. and Propeller. mthe LA.?*
litTego—Wm. d Otis it p L,Climelatidl
ICIksA Wheeler. Raffia%
T. M. Howe, Caahler. Pittsburgh.
Alexander Aradley,
,No. 19 Wood street, between F 941 and Secoodstr,
AP N . , e u zk i g u sia P o f f V irn)
s, and such as es tee bast sattac o ay. p.*
.114.—PARLOIL STOVES, among which edit be %mad
Jewell t Door. celebrated folding door Per 1.1,.<0,e5
Etowah Badlatorst Franklin Sum. pWm .4 taat7Greteet
I. which ere tooth, the 'Matto of Inllderg Tea Dettleta
the at tent ion
Wagon Doom dm: to all of which we Dolts
the attention of dealer, WA" parchulha
fl.£o. E. ARNOLD .t CO. have this day ao
mtlatecl .Itb them JOILN D. SCULLY.
the Orm will Pe as hetetalbre.
Pittsbursh. llss lit. 15.51.
(Formerly the. Exchange,)
Corner of Penn and St Clair Streets,
p 0.19,10,0
!BIS spacious. central, and most conveni
ently located IIOTE.L. having been completely ro•
to chat, sal tlunnurthly "paired sad loacroved, Is now
open far the arocomodstion ofti=abile.
The sabectiber. lessee sod o of the BT. CLAIR
HOTEL, revpootfUllf inhume &irons sod the notate
that he boa foratalnal it to the goon elegant and oceadtir
tile sty I. andennotorad onateptent andetantatuni attentive
and faithful' eernints. and that he will . r , no exertion
pool to nuke It to soy boss* in the coon •
The yell known central loraticto of the owe. sad to..
yenta. I
to lfolusioaganuen vsnolvting it Ms molt donne
Ito either travelers er peromosot boonterodudnoto him
to vollett and hope for Ito hberst shwa of
C. W.W.M I 4.
eat23.l •
KROESEN keeps constantly on
i lung e , kabod moonset= of Kash egg Pieth Sub;
I orse, Yteatebost, ask Well, hitsbre _or Prue Bucluttg
Wouluu &els. (: burns, Dtiblessurse. Zille so-1 Cherry
Wash /bent. sal ano th er huh, of ware is WA, Liu.
transoms, biennia Dell. 110 Mart. Pittsburgh, Pe.
eggetr . .
Fresh Auortanent of Spring Goods.
FrEIOMAS PALMER is daily receiving
troth the Esthera O. et nth DM Mad.
&treat Third and Fourth Wats, rafeNrrsd4
M. weerttens ta mama Mak. a anneal beantital
111.VOLVOS that ht a appeared ba . thls market
1. 14 ,
uneartamed. ram 10 cents u'reart, the a=
mama "trk this srtrursi. bat of sued, et slack a mom ace
ensue judgmant 'an ketnek by elabr than deaerrytkm,
tbe aturation merebanre an 4 ballet trews le mew.
fully tv•:.4. reekl7
XI 'CORD & CO., Wholeaala and Retail
Mannhilusen. and Dealers In Itait, Cape and Piny
orn, of Waal wad urn Knots, Pittsburgh. tibiae Mel
otter a tall and complete ask of Hata. lima haw
rem onallty awl style. by Wholesale aod Retail. and La
wile the asientlon of their sustainers and astrobserre whew
all,. sanuing about that they ollt wit on the mart alms
Wawa. ten.
DIGBY. Merchant. Tailor, Dtapi(r,
end Darer to lundy thee Gordo& 137 teem et.
Pittabinh Gee Pipe and Tube Werke
THE undersignedhaya jun completed their
end fuss. stanOrtarlx. all Om a 015 Plfl. to
cosectlrrana WI. no., and a ll mut of
.bkb tbffy ea ter w. .t tb• lowest, Thy et*
DOW VivraYed to Imselslo er6enr. ;mytithellt 46.
No-11 and .! 11;
fab4 °.= . lITTSPUR.UII.I.I*
-60 aluxe. Merchant And Ilanotuturani Bank
- • YArAlssosc
Gas. for Nle bf
,194.6,11r - 41 WAA Neel *Love fourth.
$lO. l / 1 1/ Alkzbaby City Cot:port VA Inlorlet tar .11
toeoltis duo yrox. For al. b 7
WM. A. fILL t CO_.
jelk/ta.r3otb Wcod .t.
STOCK of the Merchants & Manufacturers'
Dank: !tack alb. Sr. harm But. hr
it. D. HIM/ Beata . an! Bra m.
)11.11 t'onalb At.
can ellver. In pu fusulz, lelNCl "kki r'4121'6-
3•11 Eltattr t Aran. iamb at.
For Sale.
b. LOT on Penn otreet, alljnining MM.
these' stable—will be told low. lideolrobG. U. lot
eon dOtkled to salt two permit
.! r§titail s A
job k
' To Gardeners.
FEW acres of gonad near the city, snit
-4A0.01. Onloo.fog, of. Elsoutr. of
Are You Subject to the Tooth Aube.
"LATE you hollow toeth 7 It 'so, use
ourmits a IdATERS . Farad' Tooth talmal. a
teeth or
Deana'erreated oat to Injury the
teeth, or mouth. as tbe mercurial anotroellidasda
by rbkh *eery rera' may Naomi" his totter oera dnatlM.
at • mall exam. Coll la 12)4 and ZS real packaann. by
tetailm Wood ahead. tittebarah.
Harper 8 We nelebrately and Manure forks.
recur/et from the nouroNctsuer P astir on volute.
agent man fur itele • k. ,s j OksEß,
• ,votor ntreet.
For untestrea of finish and Mean value. More York"
=ot to mummer% and the tor peke at which they are
enl4.muot Insure their Intralueten. ap=ty
Curled Hair Katmai'.
LHAVE on hand a largo stock of Matrass
e mods out of won 110/r.
I vra m litng_ op t tarots
ele will please coll. {f
mr3s TI Owl Alyea. opposite the Poet tiMow
PAVER. -3 reams
2 by
3 3 Pr"tllPoP l
200 " 12 by 3:
000 " 111 by 24 24 by 32. 24 b 734. VI
b741..'a by_ 43;
400 •• Moo. Fottory Yas.Y;
1200 tdls. Moak. Crown Otrow Paper;
400" Double
700 " blediato ."
350 " Medium and Biagio enovnYßug.
no oodnylgood Imps coootaolly on 10...1 and 11yr
or otobengo for llogo,• largo sod gooornl oulortfoool of
Ruled. Cap, Letter. liardworo. sod Tea 1190001, Bonnet.
gourd.. to., to..
4/00—Eolting of all Arc 4 for vapor toszosfsctonns.
Priotlog Paper mode to order oo abort ootloe.
' J. L. 211EE,
fob 26 comer of Non and lywhy OA.
IJIDES-34 Dry Flint, for halo by
ia3 EL n W. L1A1t0.11.11311.
BACON -7 casks Sides, for sal° by
I:ol — T{7-11R/ Fext.. fag,. for tale by .8. AW. ILULDAUG 11.
BORAX -6 =see Refined, for sale by
1 AMP BLA6K-3i bbln. need, for sale by
YIO IRON-33 torte Allegheny, for sale by
J. aR. FLOYD, Handl Cbured Building. •
VINEGAR -50 bbLs. pure Cider, for sale
by Je3 a. s R. FLOW..
BROOMS -150 doz. Ohio, for ealo by
leaJ. o. MID.
VOLD SPECTACLES—M argo nssortment
t h t:p l t . pa , gll b vz awl
. Steul of Ifs,' Mg.
is t! i the vision wording is the ;I l tinegf of ru o7l2 sot.
ones. Pubbiss put in to =lot.
W. W. WILSON. Optiolsn.
Jalt 67 Marta stmt.
RAPE SICASVLSRee'd this day, par
n ag nd r. , == l, ll . eari, v., &Arabi. plain aui
VELEESE.-31 bra. Cheese, receiving per
Bldwell's live, and km do % Inn
lee • N GS Water st.
COPPERAS. -35 bble. for Bale by
J.•KIDD a CO..
60. Wood .t.
STAR CANDLES-40 boxes, prime anti
s., for sale bp J. JUDD k CO.,
No. W. Wood AIL
MEDICATED Wines and Brandies, afresh
1.5 Just rewind sad for We r: KIDD CO,
ItA Wood el
JJAPAN VARNISH-3 W& A (Baltimore)
for sal. by J. KIDD 3 CO.,
.127 No. M. Wood EL
VINEGAR 30bbls. pure eider for sale by
S. 1. 'vox Bo!moan k CO.
, AN ARY SEE W-3.500 lbs. just received
It./ Irma the KW, • prime ankle of Melly seed. fOr age
lea Corner of Weset4bl Sixth areal.
LIME -500 bbla. whit°, Loineville; for sale
by term -vented a BENNETT.
AA LOOKOL-30 bble. for oak by
id{ /..XTODA CO,O)Wooel
,Arsivais AND mamma or YAWL
Tut zukiklar with txt treivais Dm &mums of the swab
..Reeireat..-. 4 7Areenehetrir:Chhefthutt,
Nee York. , °mu" end . eth,Verte
uelevrare,2(aer laser, sad the dr him Nag
'The BMA. Petnitkeee of Lower Mud.. htee. lmq~. god
! . .14 , 373 1,Cy8 4.1=1: 4 1..2 at lr•L
Inchef9 , ..tu
Warttoorel N ad. LL e verzum .
e mmtT• Arrive! dalll. at 11 ?P.a.; departs dally
• Eau-.By Pala' Ps., Kern% Canted. MI 361 6xstat
eland es, tinge Art Why YortandorperCsands,dailn
Atm at 9 r. Is 4 sad delnrfaa6 9.. S.
&ream utt. Illabrux.—Psiar.,
Ms2, 4 FetgVaton CRT. otitc - AirTh'sisi ,
ernparts Uhlo adtsas, Xannakr, Illa, Teaser
as Atabuna, Wm.% Slysskuirpl. 2aluovvv, AOrth Cu,
ynaids, tantsfaaa, dsi. sad Tutu, dant Artisan
6 v. x 4 sad dstarts at 6 at.
Plarryini f s * Mt i fetassoty lial =
V ..":= n X.' d ip" 76 rn..!'"l4*''thT"hk44.l4*
arm triatoss.l-bri t s
m r,Paynad Cleveland. Min
Bonn Ps.,lXduas nan. Pods"
MMb aW lrattOttorn=raltV.Vot
and luau stamtiss. Obb; the astnnas Ibsen toymtlas
gns. tb t4sontrWisconsla,Vlr. Arrl i st i rlf VR4 dr
Darn Kr:win:tn.—Pr •
..... I.lsfarra-
WI, Proems, Xy a i r. Oar
lop. UPS tylesoceekt manna. dally.esanston emalnyn. Ar
&es at 4 A. x. and depart, at 7 r. it.
th6ets.-11 Purrnilla, Walbed, to letkoplay Postai
Ulla. sad ti. Lodi. Artier TonotA7l,
rb Y., and are, at 6 r. x 4 departs MOW&
Wadarsdan aml Pyldays, at 7 A. x.
ogralvis Clty: —U lTTll,=.lgls , lMllint r. X.: dr
" f U lss= l 34. r *" B 4 tlllr :" Weaas t l in ' idelLaunui,
Coal Valls), altranstatennt, estsbnis t.i ltrrssat. ta „. ...
ton:Ps, Sandn i tyd . tird i ttsdayi,=. xy dir
puts St and balstars. at •A. st.
Erman, S.—By Walltres mills. Nobbsaris. Madan
thantstts Cron Creek am Patterson a WU, Ps.—
Isstbsab. Aur lintdms KV nury...i......:
Itrurr, 11*..-Ily anto " Mgdmiunle. Moon. Mtn'
tours, Fraanlbrt Ergs, Paa s ztssr 4 Va..Arrins on
/ratan at SPLX4
linvacsA.—BLA=. l Erin, Wasian. AM Aron*,
Pa. Aram= S n si.. devout, on Standar
*taa-iy. ..
Latenst64.—nr Lo as Purr. Avrivos on lrlday, at fr
r. ay down/ on ethardar, at 6 A. IL
lassursr.yrlir Prx , 7.6 3 a. Xual ita.ll.l. Oida.
a= WM Aysgai n4 ut-Z"Mads t ' rng a sedar. and
qttars 444. ir ar" liatll dWi' atonst. T tr I:the , 13 01:11e. on:tansr "
! ba r, tr „, ==., .=,,..r. al =Wit=
bars their &Provo. . •
=wens bib:, rail In Orrmraez auxin, IT
N.: HOLMES Sr SONS, Bankers.
16.07 INN.fts Abe:mein 17:64 ad Ain. A es. I.l:ttti!on;
filitaffLlLlNla. ' • • Ilionb at lfoolllon.---.XI
Banker Pittapir Branch o.)Yonser—aga
Bottum+ Bank of d0...-par Branch at Monla----...e10
!tar. and Maw of 4,--par Branch_ of
Dub oiCalaaarrea--par my Dana. Cheoinnarl,.-rio
ftall of hoittiArecrka-par OmerrialoXCinolnitatido
Bank of:fallen LlU:thaw health it.a......._ , _d0
Book oc. roaw2lW LailLyetie Banite..--...d0
Prot ':fraazrr.t..-4r=jZt.T"""D.kLA."°
mow. of Pa-eper Bank of taraillow---do
Banners' a woena.O.l3lspar ansall hots-__- «. _
Mord Ittak----,--.par .__ • NNW =COLLOID.
tat " =l .'k reti rad= -- , oTarat--...-- ,
hhernanior liank-.......-par Now York CUY
Pg= " Dhi• h4 6 , VC - - --:= "T r ifirtirtairr '.
farittlivark Beak.-0134tterv...-----.-par
pI A
Fount Llanl.----.L. 20.4/1151iNZDE:arati 4 I
=t , g&n ,, , ,, n.larreAvp. X 11 wiratt a ht e re. 31 '
Bank of Ihnartilv-...-31. Bank ofak. Val.. : '
± .....e
IMina. Me — !
wa. of Bel.oa, Chaater-aar Bls of V hood ,4 ,
Dana of therroontooh.-ar Kw Banko oriblk-- X '
Beak of Uottpskorgh..L. Bankof Vining.% hi
liank,of .rots .....- Ilanthantr a Ike& Bank 4
liana of Pliddletox _ ...n- - X North Norton Bank.:-...'
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Branch at Athens-- o WIPCX)NahrL
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Brandt at Chillitett*-.-doNNscuens.----- 3.N0
Dr =at Curakoga---de.Dacata...--.-- 340
_ .
. A. WILKINS & Co.
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Ureenebd. - Turniie Rd.
Chatters C0a1W...._.. ....
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Adventure •
. 7.11 . ..
Smith's New Geographies
litlTlPS.First, Book in Georep on in
tritei wing 4: 3"*"'Pbr , "* Pr i suor. pp. 1 1 7 " 5.V '' '
emllb Oarto. Se7o . llrok 1n Goarrap a e rsir
rritee= .=l7.4lo.l%Pas t =tbe
!WA:. Olo.trst.4
_with st•el Amps. sod sam= ova
viparell C. $l.llll, A. Al. Alk,a3; isrre4
TB Apolloflutldlass. Praittt
peAVK on band a large assortment of
iIIY=CES and conAJNIMf wry
isql.6 • testi) wawa. the * Prat 0111. s.
HEMP-45 tons Hies. D. 8.. for sale by
MACKEREL -50 bbls. No. 3, for sale by
TIIINDSOR SOAP-50 - boxes Hyde's, for
V T gel. by ford H. A. PARNESTOCX t Co.
PLASTER -40 lbe s eantharides, for saloby
LARD OIL-20 bbls. far sale by .
led J. 11.1 DD 00., 0 - 6 Wood A.
FISH -25 bble. Lake Sup. White; 1851;
fir eel. by /63 J. 11. CANTIRLD.
NAGIO WATCHES, or Double Ilfunting
Gold teter Watches: mode.. es to Aim on both
witli gold eume, or to sheer the Oneven se Owen.
Very 1111 make, just rereteed and for ado by
je2 arrow Idarket and Fatulh Ail.
100 bblA. N.C. t
or. in good ostler.
100 No. 2 Rmin; tor 1.1. b 7
VIVIIO WILL SUFFER for the Bake of ea
.r_gmpoturt Drones /Freer Atoaticau Items
dy fix tha riht.. fez ule
Z hELLLItB, 67 Rood . :L. ,
(40 . 4 3 1e11aia lenth boo cuted the moat difficult
IP DIOTRY SEED-3 bbla. for eusle by
LEATIIEB-100 Sides N. Y. Sole, for eale
IA by . Jo= . . J. 2 /LOYD-
SALT PET. 4---20 begs (Crude) form& by
to 3 . 30 W. • Y. WILSON. .
SPERM OIL-IS.bbla. extra, for sale by
T A I. J 2 NERS' fmbr
0. 3. MACKEREL.-50 bbbs. for sale by
"1 1.. mare.,
13.41.ruta.a ichase.4.3l.—Advat.lacteratsiatt naboatiltimk
Ite.tbla payer rireslyed awl lbrirardw; ;no of exy." trast.
. . • • •
/14. the week ceding .116 6, 1661
Untau n....._. the meir est stoma, hat If sani
hie, boot duller th. the isoadtot ssa.mehttotstoll to
the rosaries. of oar IfMad smaleessem M the prow
obeerestloo of ableh, buena Orr a thas eras almost en
tirely thaleadett. We are a. to the midst of the dullest
aeaun des Team Moe of oar bateau men tom Sane to
the v3oOtre. ft. the mraa of colorizes for s seem, the
Massa! rural retreat. In the surroandlog' might:orb:v:4:
vlttle the atteatioa of Atom la beghsarts to • to Wrested
torarde euffereat mating ,Plama. • Ovx hams hate
bond It Immure . to &mot themelees . from the musket
for • time. to mdse to the Oatberting in of Mdr cress and
mef crept' sotummitiottr, the . mires of country , orreleee
ban Deem Molted, without, Imeerx. seyst'eeeelei
material eau* In Wk. • "' " •
Th. weather during th• week bsll bean quite meedusd.
basing beau, ka. ths most put. many eland,. sad rd.',
which latter meet proved an Ineaksdabln beast* to the
hums.. We are Oriel to tear. from Manna aectkoss Of
the eountrr, that there paver yam a better prospect nes
tented for vial and abundant erepa Cr 'every thing, yen;
perhapa r tha excerplion of Cals.Arldch en soutenhat
luedb7 the lon d. 7 spell henosiblely grteeeding nutting
thee. With thla menden alone, no assinlbruied, the
labors of the Lamm sill be richly emoted. ebb rm. lir
the most abundant yield of the proluEla or the •
Th. :h.: Rim eontloon vet . for stage, but the traullmit
rain. n tb1"1.1.1:r. !unites the rater Vet+ nearly st a
eland during the Teat, with ru77ltti. vselitioie film 30
inches lo ehtnneL. /hen erlththls thin itageOf mad:hose.
ever. ear river min into bean aii., brit. 'urea of lb. 'W
ausau, light draught stemaara, to Unseat, oath !MUM,,
all tbs Inultsaa losuired during the groveling doll MOM
=id at vates of freight noutperabirely to. Woman ths
port and andluseltl nod Leesville.. • . . .
In reviewing the market re Cr week tietelart , , air
have fee v4triationato aotre ettlri la arra set demand.
arse have teisirrnly mantl to mall operellons tee Cr
rooky of We excise brie demand.' cosiarnenttr.
the market throughout we tan WI narked abater to W
ar!. erstalloaa star car last en:air klre. _ I.•
prliAnd lurainaaa &Oa. nada thii Wad, '
hi. haat. In Soda AL.h. pnai. 25 to Muslra of .bleb bare
bean old. 'l:Cele/loa MAW Id; at 21{, nee.Vire. accord,-
Ing to venality and teener. brother docrlytions selea bun
been soodleriate at the following raus—Peurlash 6.11(
gateratne G. 331(.. and Potash at 4.1034.Ka 111.1. - •
ALE— unchanged. a lair demand at
$6. id esurS9 do coalman pen.. and extra gnat:Sea,
ALCOHOL—SU 'regular ruling grim, are 50.0ii9c
gat In bbl. sootrillng to irtiangth..
BUMS —Tat martin • mintlnner In gad eirppli: and
the at 1/ ma. stvit, rations.puotod at 8 0 810
from and band.. and 9.1(010a from atm.. It La ratidllng
from, and al the DAUM! raartatdit 13 0 Ito VI /a-,
ltottdog Mu bean doing I. keg batter. tot picas ant nose
. .
, . .
BACON—Prime d &lug Oa weak loan be& ,
faith , troa;•
tattled. but oo hem owlet kw& ariturdrad--4900 Lisboa).
Jere at Tr, moo Sat Ale. at 5 eks st 743 to &outlets. /X
.itSh Ibr skim and 6X tbs hdmmtao In bun at, Slid Se&
abouldas at :a. 03 dorm ltuks 110•0 at 11.10;am11000414
halm at 6W1(4 on bran gual to as& cureacytel
.holden ist. :e; tOOl. lama at 11)(Orlat Wilts Amami
at 7e; U9O m. .t.& cord tudos at 10e fll.
~ Count& cur
ad mat has been roll to a fair &teat at %o bilow the
afore rota; •
ago:Ms—M...lw Le tally &Moiled, Mod prieva ar
low. We quota from Sad bate& at SlateAllomod tram dors
at St tot 4110. tbr emazoott. Mr, mod PA= a... -
BCCEEIS aae 71710.—Tba make. la amply nurnliO.
oitti elm so alma, lots from Mom at IC 17X452
freak drat baba at $1 WO P - dx. lbs tmeltata, and $7 it
7 L.O from Oat buds. and NOS SO from Moie Itif tuba. •
BRAE ~0 YEED—Wholesale traoseetkas have 'heed
!mist at the city adlla at 103fo. and byretsga WES bo
Ea bran; aborts are tailing at-13023e. and atlddlinto at MI
lEMIe @ bo.
BlMMlTAX—Etwelats have been light. sod sake an
Dialled; we quota owtattu Ily boot Ent hatals at 20 EY'Ele.
ood boa won at 9621,e II
HEINS—We hay* to Wee of eacuaqueose to eratif. nA
plies being tight. We quota. at El 60 102 Ste Wine
white, sod El 25fE1 D 7 Dm rollnary sad Woad:
CEACKE.BB—Ebs Ibtlowlatt Is a Wt of the soatisctado-
Wear Crackers. it kapil-----..—" -ESEE
furor Ll'alaya, •
COEDAGE-141m of stearly all the sylkles addax this
head hare ITe oaw etnetha following eremted
Haat& Bops. by coll.— ----- / L C Do do
Whits art. by • "
Do do eat— "
Sand Rope. by oat
rt. w •
Pack Taro, bow-- W
Do ing
do ' de
COMO St l'LlEttf-.4 4.0
tam flit.
Na ''''''
Na 1T -.:::=7:22
!1::17 -. 7 .. “
* " s.l l•t a lra e ll? "
" r aZ th. a "
COPEEIL-12. naci.lar,Plttabatalt lasaafactorda aria
of aka awl lautota. an 19.020 e: do biatkes =I of
atoathlae at 2.4(3Z3. cub sad time. and of old oCrpts at
lla 0.
COB. ILIZAL—We votks • =desk. 440:,4:0ci t¢ lb.
=art. 011.11 .sal ales trims ant Lams at 40, anit from
Rasa 430* Go. • . ,
CialDl,ll3--Sales et eta mulles at =a, et , ..void
Wlpwa lno.andl of 4133.1,5 t. tis . , • • .•
CIIELBZ—Tbe stlvals of theca ftxen Wasters Nom
been to fee extent, sad the market Is peen? well tor
pile& Me We. nun op 8(1311:0301me.„ rations lots
sl Walk Ihs ..1:600/1. ant SLI(Me Ee inisitnr.
Ant...lnn 4 inly
Ant. 141, 44nAt
int-Jon [Jolt
InL Mains
Int-Mar 4 Nay
I do
rlntaana July
Int-May &Nor
DIUIT—Tho mu tot:, at rrinitt, is Dart, out , -
P1:44, but man. bus Woo aaollool to thatoot lou, at
11 44. Car Nadu, out Taira. toropples.
totire mall old at prim
V V.
Dlr3La7 4 pr et
I do
Di 17435. munccrEs iSn
Important chaos, Is gadatio •
ed list of prim: • •
AnVM-7. " --10 12 RhuterbrocZ=7l..
• 11 ftsl
Alcmpermo .. -. 1 2I - • • : s e:Erni - if , - 'i, U.
am... 7113, um . : :. • ~
~. :: - II
onm kib . ;27.--40 h. 5am . e.....,..::.:.= '. - C 1 4:
Own h--22 to Oil, .No Ibl,l ... , 1,00
Omok Wu ----lb ti: . : Coto.- -.- ... • ~. . •
licll.xt.-.- e l(
.2 • .. C T.rAt ' "" 7.7 '" 76 i. :'
, mat. 8a11..--13 z 1 .t pßeparWirt:: - •; ; Itw:
=iiii::ll. • V/10."" i r . . -- •& . •,
1L0132.--The market dating the mk. , by boon very
221. 1 ...2•D0 huge .08.. bore , Centomlned.' Tbs do of '
the 'week ovoid probably not, exceed IGO to 1030. bb! fa
TILIiOaS mall 313 1'Zie.214.33 18 11Abl1 madly at
$3 IS! bbl The unto On. it... ban Iren,fonf nett to
moietito tno2Motlon& ,for tbo . iotit4l7 . or thimgo*.bOom
ains2o. at ea alga irt• arort and sslo ibrutteßiszu ,
The My gas om doing a far mita tiodsiminetli by.
mtaLl netts =tonal% 21 lb. 'mond rslos; aril Illor
common. awl 1.111 ont tor Won.. The 00 8. 1 'lnspoctionior
2mar forJuni, amonnted to goaa leo, its Ltgoest mot
by anal. duringlano, ImmZ,2BB;sul tboAlyment tram
Um opening of th.F.R.S. to 90th Saß. , :rirt /40.3*blas.
.11221 slum . Laomme . ant tbi ihinmenbi from up.hing
I to the most, i.e. mo.artso.6o6 sm.: • '',.-
RTE FLOOR-The antoants eandag forisol:contioni
my 112 ht. We note =ill palm-fn. int laid, ..“150,
i m yr.n.gorn nt 221F44,121,f11/blo , t •• • . • :
et.Div.Qr.3 yr
DOA pr.Cao
'INT DeeApret
.IDlv. 1880, SID
exel ineettee. It=
slight neloctlen in some deeeitptloes; Pala SCI bbl No 3
leaekmlat tSTS toe small sad Q lbr liege die; No
may be quetailli 80E010: tad 1% lit ILI 50e71 a bbl
a.ltrbaseal 4.led .133 Malik Briebei to Ire' mime' sill
1111 bbl, WI VAS 111 tleree. Lite OnizrlarTmet $* de WWl*
geb.133021.211k bbl, le small lots. C036*33 OS !Op
FU.T116115-2be market I. et d 7 nt il4.ll44Curi
FRITIS- • —Thittrutarot b oar, ebb
s boo; of 410.g0 at MOM* I brat fhosnad Nato
RZRO V bushel: of yilbertaA“ do; of troom Ruts at OM
4370. ' of Unto Com= ot!RROMC and of Zogliah Walnuts
a34.0171/ro at LO.lfiallo P R. gale.
ha Lemons at 115.00 V box. .
IREIORIE—Ths rata en thccual us witloot oh!o
Rom our bat oral . . mom ; • • • '
RIVER TREIGLITS-1111aItto Roca thio pototcroot or.
cor7 unsettled. mat co, goats , matishatoolly.• Woo
my remark, harmer, that they arocorapatottoolo hoof.
Um wan.
- 01100 =112,-Tha inattet bar been iary, puler, and io
sales of masedonaeo has transpired. Meta an itaimur
without change. The =Wag ors abtaat'the *wee a=
rent rates, vita rlDall selec--augar 6.viaate la tags: sad
107340 la bbl., Nolan= Z 76 Mite for =sum; and 41110
No for =gar house; Cod= Is dun e and 000dnal, at wow
10X br Ma, 1..ma1l lotr. Jargerlala .odd groWely
not 'attain than dorm . Stull edit Of 74.417:tha tee at
4)04 leer =far nose. roe the different iradoi
og,aly -The reeelada orgrala bantam Teri light du
rbag the Mk. and coosequantlioabohnnebsammaterata,
Tb. 1 . 11 04= are about the currant ratee,,Crooa ant hands 1
.Whottl,.4ll6ooBr. RP, 40; Corn 300134 =COI= at TS:
(rhSe I bu. We bare nothing in sport l pariar- •
GLAIIS-AVlndoer glass, tier brands. 111 i p Et; 20 by
at V le= W bat than efts brands. • ' • •
Hopee-Eypplio an Malted, with moan sloe or brat
earteen out, 100. at bhgaoo la b. '
11,AT-There la a regular don sad la Um =lrked. with
air gee hoc wagon . at 1111f91( la L.
DItY LUDES-Ulu dry ll= at 11)411$1,3:1 .
IRON AND NAris-w• tulrid. • Ilst otbitesi Orsoute . af
the principal artlelen,
.. : .... 5 ♦ ;
N•1111--/33 332
In Of.
3 P.MY Zoo "
Seim—cot. 3 to Is,
Th.g.,ovooss ao. sam3onatim to odisnyourt. lbr cut.
LARD—BurYlin m my WM. tad as amid isloto oft
mitgo than ocoologly. st BMW Ski** gm, It alb
11.02101-14 =dma lardy deasaa4A Wan .1.1
is all altar oma this loot. Balm -Vi ado .t
1/o=t; .odor Nay ,Y9a, ad, a mina •
unu r za=Thi Di ineo , rams* 61611°. tto
rtor, and 1.181:1froit1ha 211.14ii.6 to iuid dory
Bhiatl..c, aootafat St Vlp 100. - ColOS&ObV
aoatltlia trantooilas don tha tit. m Pb. Alla
atom aa4 tba otaitt Woo inta MOIL "
LEAD—Tbar Istkotalar 4lestoolitt Pb. natiart., at a
Itr oat Ma Ott
MO,* ttir. - • •
LILD 11211-4 . 60 illllO of WIC tr ioll?,ll3Card
81111111AD-84 . 01. /Alai St Ma V? Pb. thOt• 101 to
V 4what ott. .
' 01L3—M• mat • i•l4 414 bbis. Unwed OU rk... aid
mailer ew .t Ssos4 $ Not Lad oil 1•1•1113$
at TO; No tdo a: WOOS $ alba, - ;.-
POLITOp.,-8,345144. az, - Ward., Oaod Itatiammts
liOtdd brims Matto and &oda PAW: Pirto. • • •
POWAER—flasald; rhapaid, mid albs t ,$3llO Ufa
Palrdiejuy b 4rootst fu tutriAnintitivi, it $.76: iddatT
15.,50$ ber. Potider 13.12.1‘
to IU , O.Its haw sat scull , • '
Edat—tati .ar• woe% Oa tic liccd dead allrad
. , .
BEEDS-Nottdeuf hos Derr datez Woods, sad leo have
rellablo quotations to :vat. .
" !ALT TITELS , - , lfo note otoo/I silos 'la le
SALT-Bala Ist slogolsivir szio bbl, le
the Mohair eotabllehod pia Otis!: • • ' • • -
OPICIV - ifotasolUCClLLS:4ll.oe 2Vll3*COnts rate
awn—ed.** susksuo bog, seiksa
snans ARILPEZfIaxs-Oda to, ULM 31111 Ni
STEEV-H rS est out ibeil.l6. COM= do ll4lllLtr+
6; 7 ed Set Ott Nos 3.2. sad • '
TALLOW-B=ll ode, at 'le V '
' Tar.PLATIL-4tis rattotorkeo of the loartet ore 1111,C0
Ei 13 . 50 Vim, 4 smoe-Eot off Ibriotab. SbrYmt.admt
4246254 mum. ; .
issiai toast , 4.1 '
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modacti, tita last' viiek's acattlom our fix Ammon
'sad '3.( blood, 8003,13 e, far Wad 40c, cal can iclaw
43348c1111.; Me alai of the link.' a Mao rag tan
bear tv • molant• extotcmiy. • Itetelpts ta4lasmt Hitt.
.10314 , 037. 310.414 ar 7.
Itzem—T4* arming" 14the . 71.4 tha7. r .7o ,
tipt. extendlas 225 bad, which Sda st $5 fa Olt • cart
Pa= UV LOW-60M 250 to. SOO bead jold d
Cava ist,Calvis—A Mattel =antd were fold pekes
iaashad tram Idadh=o,ll bosh aceartheglo duality sad
linn.—Thas was LAM. 6 labs. Is stamsl.
." 0 . 44 hot ...I.& s4:lllini-
Milddlma. Hesnlr.
i tbMParktams. Bzoiroreals.
J. liedsom..Vocdward.
Nono Wires.
tr. Bota i r 4... 'ost 2:mrtOo.
"litroLoo, Convyll. Wboiling.
Tuscarora. Por.
Somer. Gordon. BoOot
Pilot iie " Cease ausfab
Na. a. a
D Leech I Co's Passeaser Plast lesra daD7 at
;5; Pas CINCOINATI..-It Wlba ma :by ed.:eft:mil lash
otba column, that ea Zia llaht dPalibt atmt ?ffklitc...
Copt Meet, will Inn Ws day. Mr the abort, sal all In-
BZAI'I2R—PC4 , I 423.301-42 olrA .col Blec 9 de Ira
Honer. IncaoLvi 10 du Deaol•4l33lcdrzery t UM: 2
ac radmedicok &Ca do 1.,tr.26 bdis do NC
SWUM 73 do .rtro 1 nal do It Towsentd; 40 Ws 13 bat
do doh D A Chien 43 tad elmor W kg blollotelmen 44 do
11 CasoUld: 43 do J Daze& 9 do S & N thahmft 21
dts wool .1 0 %trek 43 b. CIMINO YZI:113121. a, ROW. 1
mcruesnr—ra blx riAs 69-
41 Ci
I tkrs t =
,6, mdn yor 12 t=ftir i pt
1 ;4010 111 6 sa treso td% ThM /dallose i
dd&S/93.21.3 3 / 4 4111444
' WICCELINAT—Pia *2033-100 bbls tordi3B do die 6
WltiVilktlVittztr n 'ltriet:
5zat,v0vt,a,,„tz,,,,z,.t....j, rem`
Maack Cri bls do Ito o7 doen & Man . 4 . 6 do D A
Chin: 1 bolo 4o Bald, &coos & 5 ".5 5 1 V 244236 2, 2
b..; trunk 1 . bbd O'dm & Co.
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vourniE L.XIV-MMER 278.
moms BY ITMEE.
trinra. TEE cow= Emarz OF
got, Penult of July, the sonar statical' the
=teatime! the•Cbinitol at Wishinghm wu laid
by Mitzun Ftzutou, President - of . the United
eppinprlete ceremonies. The day,
wu fine, the procession. civil'
Pi:dim L ao =mine immense, and nothing oe
atimd to rear the solemnities and .reJoininge of
the °custom The widen ems delivered by
Davit Weiterse, the EMI of all Others" now
liditimced.fitted for dal teak. It Occripied. two
.hous, and trasAeliverklizt the Imam of the
President, his oibinet, and all the official dig
zitteries in Washington... We • copy it from die
New T. 4 for 'l6l
. 0 paper it. lon re
lormow Crismas:--1 congratniste you;—lgive
Jon j 97 on the return of die- anniversary, sad
felicitate you alto on the 'more particular - w
pm of which this ever mersoraWe day has been
chosen to witness the Arbilment, Hal!-All hail!
I see before' and around me • mars of Wes, all
glowing with cheerflalneali sad patriotic, pride.—
L too thousands of eyes turned towards S other
eyes, all sparkling with gratification and delight
This is- the: New World,. and thie is Wishingtom
the capita; of tho United States. dndirizere
meaelse, among tha rations, can the seat of
t. be be mirresmded, on say der yOf any year,
by those who have more reason to'rejoiee the
blessings which they enjoy ? This is ibe anal
veratu7 of American Independence. This bright
and Miriam mooning witnesses another return
Ed`rtha birthday of a nation, Ind that natlon,'ef
however recent origin, now among the most con- .
edderable and powerfal, spreading over the con
tinent from sea to sea. " •
Among the first colonists from Europe to this
put of America there were some;:d cob tlem, who
saw a 'great futurity, bet, in general, their hopes
were limited to the enjoyment of a safe asylum
from tyrany, mdigjous and MAI, turd to repeat
able subsistence by brdastry and toil. A thick
well hid -our times from their -vision, Bat the
progress of:Americi, however flow, could not
Ku at length awaken' mina, and at tract the at
tention of mankind. In - the early part of the
next century, Bishop Berkeley wrote his.:
known verees on the prospect of planting aria
and learning MAmerica. The Tut stanza aims
a high poetical brisPiration :
ott. w
eau claw the drams with the ear;
Time. +Alert Obtains in the Let^ • • ' '
..., , . . •
This extraordinary prophecy may. be consid
ered only as the rrialt of long foresight and Un
common sagacity; of a - foresight and seggity
stimulated by excited feeling and "hiplienthen-
OM. - This clear view or what America would
become, was not ' Arinded - onsquare miles; or on
existingmunbers, or any 'vulgar law of statistiaa
it was an intuitive glance into'futinity; it was
a grand conception, embracing all time since the
creation of the world, 'and all regions of which
that world le composed ; and by judging of the
futime by jest analogy with the putt, and the in.
imitable imagery and beauty with which the
thought is expressed, jolned to the conception
itself, render it one of the most striking patio
ges in oar language. On the day of the -, decla
ration of independence; oar - illustrious fathers
perforined the Brat act in this drains an act, in
real importance infinitely exceeding that for
Which the great English poet &yoked.
A ktaidala aa a alma via aces to .t.
And inaasecha to bebald tee milt= IMRIVO ,
The MuSelnepiniis our fathers was the genius
of Liberty, all on fire with the sewn of oppres
sion and a resolution to throw it off; the whole
'world was the stage, and Mgher characters thin
princes trod it; and instead of monarchs, corm-'
tries, and nations, and the age, beheld the swell
ing ;cone. How well the characters were mat,
and how well each performer acted his part, and
what emotions the whole performance evoltovl
let history now and neresiter tell. At eiNudeni
quad. period, - tut before the dularation &lade
patience, the Bishop of-St. Aisph published a
,di.r,omne, in which the following remarkable
• - •'.lt le diffieult rai min to lode iiiiodi - a 'eiul•' - y
of future - the desisth of Providence are
tu vast complicated,. awl our own : powers
are too w, to admit of th unob-nsthetion to
our curl • . _Bat when ill Bee maA7 favat end
powerful Minus constantly at work,. we cannot
doubt of their, producing proportionable. effects.
1 The *odes in North America bare not only
taken root and acquired strength, but seem has
tenths, with an accelerated progress, go such a
powerful State, as may introduce a-new and im
portant change in human affairs. Damended
from, ancestors of the most improved, end en
lightened part of the old world, they receive, es
it were . by' inheritance, all the improvements
and discoveries oT their mother country; and,
it happens fortunately for them, to-commence
their (loom:thing State, at a time when the hymen
understanding has attained testis free use of its
pewers, and Sea learned to act with, vigor and
certainty...Thej may avail, themselves not only
of the expeuence and industry,. but even of the
errors and a:detrain, of-former days. Let it be
en:dieted, for tioW many ages a great: part of
tEe world appears not to hare thought at all;
how many more, they have been busied in form
ing systami. and canteens - zee, while reason bas
been bunk &labyrinth of words, and they never
seem to have suspected an whathirolons matters
their Minds were employed-, And let, ft be well
understood, whet rapid improvement; what im
portant discoveries Save, been made in a few
years, by a few countries, with our own et their
head, which hare at last discovered the -right
method of using their faultiest'. May .we not
reasonably expect, that , a number of provinces,
'volleyed of these advantages, and quickened by
mutual emulation, with °ply the common, pro-
Sritss of. the !titian mind; shouldveqeonsidere
bly enlarge the bouculariee of science - Tinned
continent Heidi, over which they are gradually
spreading, may be considered as a treasure, yet
rustouched„ of natural _nrroinctions, that shall
hereafter afford ample matter for commerce and
contemplation. And if we reflect what a stock
of 'knowledge may be accumulated by the con,
etant progress of industry and observation, fed
with fresh supplies from the, stores of nature,
assisted sometimes by those happy strokes of
chance, which mock'all the powers of inventioth
and souuttimes by those superior _elareaters
' which arise ocusionallyto instruct and enlighten
the world, it is difficolt even to imagine to what
bright of improvement their discoveries msy ex
tend. And perhaps theythay Mike as wealth:F
able advances in the area of eiVil government
and the Conduct of life. We have reason to. be
prowl, and even jealous,. of an excellent con
stitution; but those equitable; principles on
which it was fanned, an equal representation,
(the best discovery of political windons,)' and a
just 'and • commodious ' distribution of power,
which, with us,. were the price otedva wars,
and the'reisrd of the virtue and sufferings _of
our ancestors,- descend to them es a natural in
beritutee, without toil or pain. But roust they
ran heie, on in the utmost effort of human ge
nine t Can chance and time, the wisdom and'
the experience of goblin men, Ingest no new
remedy against the evils Usti:vices andambition
ire perpetualiy, ~ apt to cause?' :-May: they not
hope without presumption to present a greater
teallorpiety and public_ devotion than we have
done 2 ;,For, surely, it; can hardly happen, to
them, is it lungto us, . thud. when religion is best
understood La rendered most pare and rtliseb•
able, that then Oswald be the precise tithe when
many cease to believe and practise it, and all in
general became most indifferent to it. May they
not Pantiblff .. be more eacentefal than . their
Mother - country .. has been,, in preserving that
reverence and authority which is due. to. the
laws--to theft who make audio those who cas
eate thins ? :, /day not a method be invented of
prunring Some tolerable share of thecomforts of
life ,to those inferior, useful ranks of mu, to
whoslinthistry we are indebted for the whole?.
Time 'pia discipline may discover some moms
to carrell the care= inequalities of. condition"
between the rich sad the poor, eo dangerous to
the innocence and happiness of both. Thaw;
forfirraudy Wiled, by habit and choice, to despise
that luxury which 15 cosuidersi with us the tun
enjoyment of wealth. They . May have little
relish for that ceaseless hurry of, amusements
which. Is pursued in this coomtry without plc-
Mt, IiZIED;I3O. or employment; and perhaps after
trying some of our follies and apnea, and re
jecting thereat, they may be led, by reseal and
experiment, to that old simplicity
.whiehr was
int pointed out by Ware, and has produced
those inn:tele which we sill admire in Jute, elo
queues and mannere: The, diversity of !new
acmes and situation; which so many growing
States must necessarily pus through, may in
trodue changes, in the flactuating,opthisca and
manners of men, which we eats hum no oosseeP.' ,- -
tion oh - ind not only the moiety disposition of
Providence, but the visible preparation of cams%
Ill= to indicate strong tendencies, towards e
general tmproremeit ".
.. ':
Yellow Citizens—On the Fourth 0f.1t1i.1776.
the - representatives Of the United' stalee of
America, in Corvine Aseenthlid, dechuld; that
ease _united Colonies• ar e, . aid Ot,,iitilaausbt
to be, *sand independent States. This deqe,
ninon, made by most Paqdotio nii.o s 9Ettei
rasa; trusting in the junta of -their imp, uut,