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"'"" PITiBBII~6B
TUESDAY: MaRIGNO,4 I ILT :8, 1851::'
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Off= sermit,ocroar;•
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J088.A 1 4. ()WILY, of Ilootoor .
WILLIAIIJEOUP, of lbanuelmon!.
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msrAver iroar I°o 0? - cocar:'
WA VIE R O.R.WAILD, of Prebbir.
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E N )1.1 - Tr.' - 'W ARS; of l'ittiborgß
mum, roma or COM, Of vain MUM. I.
JR AMA X& of entamah.'..
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OEO 4:oha.
MOD. PENNEY, of D'orrr A ror% •
• - 11.1.11.P0L
"ALEX. RIODARDSO, of-Allogherly. • -•
Jcfaa or raa r.
ADED Al. BROAD, of rturborßh.
JOU% V. ROWLAND, of Ulmer ID-Clair.
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- -ROD= 11.1,2TVitoDniit,,
. .
rey.R4DrIV6;#4.27EZ WILL BE F 9 Orb'
ON:tieltP4G4 or rills Pepni.
, , ...
The . Journal .mouns , inclined to make itself
. . , .. , . ,
merry over.the declaration o f this paper some
weeks gince,:".:that, gt there is the highest con
sistency hi . tiring a warie, - rigorous, and shmere
.support Mthe Administration, and in favoring
the clainait.snsidistingnialted member of the
party forthe.PresidencyX -.- :.' . • ..
The obtuseness of the Journal, which prorents
its seeing Winitie clear to the dullest perceptions
or othe# W
,eiltould think Would-have been pen
- etrated by the I:U*4'ILO unanimous action of
the Whigs; ofPennsylvania, which frilly endoreed
the ienGmont ' . almve :quoted. - This sentiment
woe uttered bY 'is noun two 'months ago, and,
was tI4 Subject of 'OM the ridicule; and tidsriep:
?mutation which the, i.fournoi could bring to
bear upon it f and jet it lumina fully and com
pletely endorsed by the Whig State ConrentiOns
of. Pcnimylvania, and 'Pilo, thus .sitoising bow
mach 'better. an eiptinata 60 are - of the Whig
'sentiment.of these great States than
our neigh
ber--unlas, . indocd,,.he
. gima us tho honor of
originating a sentiment and policy which.hasio
'mirage& Signal honor! .-: - .• •
But, the sentimentreferted to has been' en
dorsed by paperer which are admitted on all
handa to expreta the rims of the. President, as
for as any papers. in, the country can be said to
do co.. This we prole by the",f e llowing ca c tiact,
which`io'faul in the .Irash!ny t elt Ileiublie," . copied
from the .4i6bay.Reeister, edited by Dr. gone,
: late of Buffalo, the warm personal frienand
confident of M rtu
r.. Ptoas I- - -'' -. , • .• ''
Mama the iondgratilying midmost of mini-nib health
to the body politic, and of a disposition to do Sast/os, to •
feltlifulpubne torrent, statist following roadutiona same
el by the roceuttlfhlg Coil.lltloll2 ill Tonamt aid Pan.
.110.0. Yetatenthmbeen regarded ea Out ox thl,stroue
bola of entlilmery imitation, and thin is a there!foses the
more slipalfunume
,la the ramie. of ha convention:
"That.ln the moderate sod bacreet and praitisoLble rims
corn reoneametuded to Congress er the yment 'tattooed
Adminittratima end the firm &termination to repress in ,
ternational disorder. sod execute faithfully limiest. or the
hind, and maintain inviolable the filth of.pohntl trestle..
' - rX ' artip%Mti " c=tritelrillValy * el; h p 4t.'''''"'""
. ' And the fact that the Pasinsylvania eoneentiod midi. -
' ed • ambience for OenerisTgont lbr the oat Primidersy,
only lade the more weight mil gives the aanctiMa tf Ira.
floral My to the :mina= so outlay adopted by item:
of " Whig Tbmrthe N .llOOOl
Prealdlatt,Al the ' laboursb
ed Mderee of the Whip of Porno l/ alder that in our
didnestic policy its mealy advocacy of 17rrotection to native
rdostryz the imprommen . tg i tirers end bafbors. the Iv
-0 at t ers : if.l.ll:7Are4'ablica.'=Val%ol:l
._.„ mansupormet of our foreign affairs, ham secured for it the,
• gratitude of this, and the respect of other nation" ^
Both Mahatma ari. memos( the Votillribil ilitos of.the
times, and lUanditakibin indications of the ',Mealtime of
sine. almost and eatholie Writ, and of the semi of
&tionst. murtmeate. - ,
Hero is the identical ground which We took in
our controversy with the Journal, and whichthe
editor assailed as treason to the Administration,
and which he'still endeavors''to ridicule in his
last piper. - It is the ground now occupied bY
the Whig PFti:ia the, great States of 'PelPta9 l-
Tanis and Ohio. It is the only honorable greensi
that any Whig can occupy,' Its aurorae would
destroi all true indepence - in a • 'ptirty; j and
' 1
debase itit members as meth as it !would " - dis-,
• - honor: the .Stintillittratioe, ..Wa. Oe ' ti!, ' Oteer"
folly,: heartily support the anaiinisirstpin of Mr,
Frumotti, - - east the tame tired consider thiirwe
are aet . 4"hk Perett6.34li`tiliV,i, iii..rosiing
our entire concordance ", of oplttion; vrittC. tile
Whigs 9f .Pollue9Ptaula ,- a;e l. -. o t tla'ti t .eciard to
the distinguished person tuna as their candid
ate for the Presidency in _tire campaign of '1 185!!.
A band of the 'rmlarrifiedhed a jollification at
the Emmet*.llotel,'Alleghenr; the 'Beurth.
Cot Wpreli.mccar4isii - piesided, had mize
ePerei .i Pt 114 beit. --- stirle pittliori
once." Tomas wan giseniu tree old fishien
ed style,'- - We inbjelurtwo of the regular toasts.
The following is tile 7th regular toark=:-, •
"Petinsylvtudo--flovereign and independ ent in
all things, Base .the powers she Solemnly .our
rendered by -the mitiong . To., that
compact the demoeratbs portion. of, her citizens
renew their tritest allegiance and Whilst they
contend for Bfatelidglite intim fullest andlairest
sense of the doctrine, in millers of civil govern
ment day achamokdge ,no means saw - Moe the
CClati#4o4olthi Unio n . " -
The, Unnecessary - and offensive thrust at that
geered Law which all Chrierlisiss acimoirledge as
of PeariMamiat authority, Is the only thing ob
jectirnalde in It in the bad, spirit
of thli.f*ieh_people in 1793, when they ices
lated the Divine 'Lair and the; Sopretne, Being
both out of existence.
benntie - a or special &Tore tO
capital-mond those - which labor enjoys.. Bell'
and jestprotiction to ; every' interest of the:a:inn-.
try,.iitil.ecarit for the millions that toil,
thel ) e* c rt ti o.-Diolge:,' • .
Vats oriel specimen of locotecotterepienity. ,
It aware the whole grimad - of the tariff coatis
verse; and by s little ingenuity may be nada to
mean any thing, - or nothing, jolt ne it may suit
In trittli it expresses nothing, - though it was
evidently designed to be o covert. avowal of free'
thole.: -Their ..especial care 'for the , millions
that toil" reieindsus of klacisith's witches. Like
"Ttorikeep the word of prorate , ' to the ear, _
But break it to the hepa."
For while 'they are .aistaya .prating `about the
inlilions/l in order to wheedle them out
of their" intee;tire'dencind of them to state What ,
benefit they lure ever- conferredlsprat :.the
Ilona that toil." , lie ica T e theta to answer that
If they tan, while we shall mention some of the
teletriee that the have inflicted upon them.
Thai 'hate, • theli tree trade tariff, intro
doii4Pfoi ...nail! of dol.4 , •ilirth of foreign
Waits. of various kinds, 1140 day, h i m" thus .,
4 hr/wiring “the salons that tr. of that amount
of profitable emploinent.
Thai haver'hy the :eatnelea"u'r - OoLlect
, braiense 6411 of the precious Metals, to payfor
artiales which.we ought ; 01:124101,0a to manatee
They hair, by reducing the amount of . em.
pitrymen ;late d the "piiins. f ar
, mores
therm:a of the Many emPlolers-.
have either beenbrokenupbtiforeirpasomp etition,
•or burs retired from the Manufacturing business,
to Sing the rest to' make 111 - ,Air Own terms with .
rthe tailing.milliona":.thua throve • out of . eta- .
- ploput. We charge it home irpcmthe locotoco
leaders Mat this has been- the result . of their
•SePerinl' care fok the Million 3 that and
dare i4m to iirreer:esstolly.
They have deeply injured the largest Clara of.
”tinitnililans that toil,t the farmers, by reducing.
by their free trade talky; the prices or agricrd.
products. -15.0thilii- but the want of
vtkimal..tariirot pretetdlon has brought down
the Frio of . tour to its present inieemoneroth4
wale-:. It Iran never known to be so low tinder a
And' last and want tl ey ' are Insulting'" he
.1,044(.01,4 Mich
,atuff rus the af;ove .
, • Wit .41gd • .the . teriff re e o l ul l Oa n Which .0.9 are
• froilialiSo tune pittat farth•rtamnrittg. saad
WO . 011;40* of the derinici, and outraging .,
that tglr 1
tdih's mingled data o(i>ey, nonsense. t '_.
Cot. meciwass,eitim , doe heard that toast; .
..lareseintio biirchslor, -leturroatareel.
he had deeply tallen-4hat coon° _
titian had Indeed been a!very CTOOkt4 'OW ';!,,,r"
We are *nested to state,' that the isonotutott
meat be the.foeaWlof. ted ay, dist the open
ing execution of the Ohio and ilennsylvanie
Banned, will be taken on the 12th instant, Is
wholly unauthosised. Menisci will notbe opened
. cirk thlit'dai) • Ais'ofteial annotuseement of the
time will be made from the Baron( office
would direct attention to the advertise
mint of Zsdock ntreet->'s4., Who offers eaveral
desirable farms for sale, as well as building lots,
ad offers to give a lot on which to erect s first
class hotel. We know of no Mier country than
that about Salem, nor • pleasanter and more
stirring village. It- must dos great business
when our Railroad Is opened. Mr. Street .will be
intovrocuthe 10th Instant, and can be sets at
the St. Charles Hotel.
The expedition; agaltpd. Lower !Win:lnds is
.broken up.. The accounts from San Francisco,
statn that upon.the arrival of the patriots at San
Diego, they got intou "row," but whether among
themselves or with the People of the plare, we
eould not clearly make out. — ft was a fistionif
affair,. and nothing, more carious than black eyes_
and bloody noses resulted. ..After the battle, the
invading army disbaiided.
tattimai. lava
. ,
On an examination of the "Laws of a public
and general natnre;" named by the Legislature
of 1851, end . published by the Secretary of the
COMmOnirealth; ire 'find 'medal enactments of
some importance, Ind we publish them for the
information of our treaders: •
Disorderly Condi/etas Politico/ and Social Meotinp.
Section 11. That the Providers of the fourth
section of an act passed providers
March, 1847,
to restrain disorderly nonduet at religious meet
-4,135, be,' and the mane are hereby extended to
political and Social mating.. - - •
Sea., 12' That anyjastice of the peace or alder.
mansballhare potter to - depute any person to sat
as constable - in' case of the absence of the
proper officer,to arrest any offender of saidprovi- .
sions,of aid act,. ;,, .. . ..
[The 4th seetion of theact of 14th March, is'
l follows: , . . .1, , " -
• That &emend after tie passage of tills sot, if
' any person , orpersons shell be guilty of disturb
ing any iongregation society or meeting, assem
bled for the purpose of religions vorship,nr as
sembled for tae purpose of transactingarty busi
ness pertaining . to religions. worship;"or, if any
person or persons shall he guilty of encouraging,
aiding or in any way Countenancing any such dis
-1 turbance, on_ thereof beforeany jedge;
justice of th peace -or - alderman of the proper
city or conntrwherein the offence shall Ire Mum
added shall pay a fine of not leas than fire nor
more than fifty dollars, and poets, at the discre
tion of thejOge, justice or alderman trying the
same, for theme of the city, township' or bor
ough wherein the offence shall be 'committed.—
It 'Ley peekonor persons convicted and fined for
disturbing any meeting as aforesaid, shall neg
lect or refuse to pay the fine and casts imposed
nice him, her or them, it rhall be the duty of
the judge justice or alderman trying the tame,
to make out a mittimus, directed to any condo
ble in the cormty wherein such offence shell be
committed, committing the person or persons so
offending to the jail of the proper comity; and It
is-hereby made the duty of the person having
charge of • each jail t ,to receive and keep such
person or persons in dose confinement till' the
amount of the fine and costs are
-fully paid and
dischargedL] • ! •
Exocoption in floor of Widow and Charon .
Sec. 5. That hereafter, the widow or the chil
dren of any decedent dying within this Cora
..testate or intestate, ' may retain
either real or peronal property belonging to
said estate to the value of three hundeed,dollars,
end the same shall not be sold, but tattered to
remain for the use Of the widow, and - family,
and it shall be the duty of: the executor or ad
ministrator of cash decedent to have the said
property affirmed In the eame manner as is pro-
sided In the not passed the ninth day of April,
1849, entitled ‘ , Art act to exempt property to
the value of dunehteridred dollars from levy and
sale on eiecutiodand distress torrent Prooidol,
That this section shall; nfitaffect or impair coy
liens for the purchase money -o f imch real estate:
and theaallappeat,uponbeingsig aisrand
certified by the appraisers; end approved by the
Orpheus' Coyirt, shall be filed among the records
.. _
. .
protection - of Perces.
, Sec. 12. that if any person or persons, from
end after the passage of this act, shall nislkdous•
ly or Voluntary break down any post &admit, or
other fence put up for the endlotmre or lands,
and carry away, break or destroy any past,
sail or other material of which each fence was
built, within this commonwealth, every parkas or
persons 60 offending, and being legally thereof
.convicted before:any justice of the peace or al
derman, ;within this commonwealth.' shall for
every such offence forfeit and peY the sum of
ten dollars, cambia( thereof to be paid to the in
former and the other half to the support of the
.poor of such county, township, borono, or ward
where the offence has been committed, together
with costs oriproseeatiorc and in default
raeht such ..person or persons shell boimPrascm
ed in the county jail not eater:nig thirty days
for the fast offence, and sixty for the second:
provided, Mist either of the parties shall here
the right of appeal in the same manner as in
civil cases.—We Chafer Republican and Dun
The Paris pants have for some weeks been
Inn of the details of the Count and Cotintess De
Itocarme, of Belgium, charged with the murder
Of a brother of the Countess: The lest arrival
brings intellige.nce that the Count has been con-,
'lend, and the lady, acquitted.: ; A French pa
per palLshes a biographical notice of the &rant,
furnished by his unhappy mother to the counsel
. .
employee. in his • defence, in the hope that it
woad be of some avail, as proving the constita
, Donal tendency of "one who, it would teem from
Ithe very hoer of, his birth, had been the victim
of a species of fatality." .
He was born on ship-board, off the Cape of
Good Hope; after the Teasel in 'which his parents
were embarked bad been exposed for three
weeks to a continuance of the heaviest, gales,
and when it was thought almost- a miracle that
ohs did not go down. Subject fronclinfency to
convulsions, and banging, as it were daring sev
eral years between life and death, he returned
to Europe at the age of seven, where bin bodily.
health improved, hut his mind appeared Maps-.
isle of imbibing moral principle; or acquiring
instrnittlon , -At fift een, his father tarried him
to one 'of the iemotee* settlements of Arkansas,
ithere.he 'pessed.the three following years in
hunting, which he followed with incredible ar- ,
dor.,RetUrettg than to Europe • his mother.da .
scribes him - as little better than a savage, to
.whom the commonest decencies of life were irk-
some. . But; as far as his mind wart con:erne& I
she portrays him at this epoch as palming from
one extreme to' the other, and devoting himself
with an intense eirnestness to the, acquisition of
such knowledge as . captivated his , wayward
taste.l Agricultural chemistry. his' pas
-11012 ; and as mother's evidence bas herein some
slight , weight, inasmuch as it slaws that his
cambial designs followed, in placeelpreceding,
his attention to this branch of .science.. ~
.. . The Dowager Countess made. she tells ns, re
peated efforts to reclaim her erring son by or
ranging s suitable marriage for him ; dwelling
with a fond motherly regret upon the ran,
refusal of then young Win to become e keep
er of Iso intractable an animal. Boy d this,
however, her -narrative throws little or o light •
upon the fatal event, which in all rash( 'ty will
conduct her eon to the scaffold. Thew le sto
ry end its attendant circumstances so re
markable, that the reader of . the de might
bellinedlatielf in the hands of Eugene S e.
' The following Leda. account of. the of the
Bocantio trial.' .. ,
. . . .. •
After seventeen days of trial this ram kable
case was brouot to a conclusion at 1 a hour
on Saturiey . .ht, Jane 10. At half p five
In the evening, M. Flannigan, the noon coun
sel for biadatne de Became, in an address which
lasted three hours and. s half, replied to the se
ervatlorm brought against has client, with allow
to proclaim her innocence. The President then
put eight questions to the jury. tour tespeoting
M. de. Became, four (precisely the same) re
brwting the, Countess. The first of , these four
questions was relative to the principal fact, the
others to the fact of complicity. At 9 the jury
retired, aria returned at lot, finding the Count
guilty. and a cq uitting the Countess. The Presi
dent then. ordertd the accused to be brought
'inn coat; The count was admitted fat. His;
appearance wan calm and collected. ' Madame d
Became had her veildown 1; t
• n h er step walk
guilty,. a ellen mo.
On hearing the verdict of
mastery gosh passed over the eount's face, but
he aineed no other sign .
.of emotion. On bear.
log net guilty. nn his wife, . an expression of sat.:
isfaction animated his features. Re inked af
fectionately toward his wife, who pono no visi
his signs of, emotion. She loft the dock with a
firm slep t without speaking to her htiaband.—.
The Procersfur.dn Rai having aeked the prisoner ,
If he hadanything to say, bereplied .'no, except
that dam perfectly innocent.' He then entered
calmly into conversation with his counsel. At
eleven o'clock the Couit
'gpnddlnrm ne a nd
death upon HlPPolytie
decreed thafthe er.ecntion should • take Place is
i ono:d the public squares of MOM: The Pri 6 7
I c ner ,lOTA n : fclag- °AP': - gutFdy,fit# t!'ttrit-.
A letter from MO= says,-"The Count de 80.
. teame Ms appealed to the Courtof Caseation
A' :-; :?;•='_ , ......: - . -
against his sentient*. • The.Sourditie - on return
ing to thefris* he'd •nereoter attack. Her
children were brought lo ber, and their presence
tended to restore her. She lett the prison about
'two' o'clock in the morning, and went to the house
of hf. Harmigoles, one of her couruseL A re
port la current that she is about to set off for
Germany. M. de Bocirme sent on Sunday for
the core of Mons, who immediately went to him.
sHis counsel, for whom he testifies the warmest
'gratitude, him never left blin Since his candiMna:
from the Colonization Journal for June, that the
barque Liberia Packer *ill Raft for the of
.Africa on the 16th of the present month. The
Journal eays :
"We safely calculate upon one hundred from
this State now, sixty-sax from the city, twelve
from Worcester, and twentrtve from Kent.—
Some 10 to 12 are expected from Pennsylvania.
about 26 from Eastern Viretnia, and an avalan
che of some wagon loads from the valley-00M
bees not easily computed just now. It may be
set, down therefore u .dertain—certain for all
pnlctical • purposes—that. the barque will leave
Baltimore for Liberia on or about the 16th of
July, and that all emigrants applying before the
let, -with their effects, will be *mound; and
we will also add, that no.balby freight, unless
specially contracted- for, will be taken on any
From the Columbty 'State fourOal of Saturday.
Nowtsarion or Ma. Visros.---The greatest
and Most important Delegate Convention that
ever assembled in Ohio, mat yesterday forenoon
•in the new City Hsu, over the Market House,
and permanently organised by electing Mr. Penn,
of Brown county, as President, and the usual
number of Vice Presidents and Secretaries. The
beimess has been despatched with as much speed
as eonld be expeeCed hi id Batt, Tho
bast•feellng prevails. The nomination of Mr.
Vintion was unanimously, affirmed by aceta tes tion. • As soon as •it was ascertained, that he
would consent to .be a Candidate if thought ad. •
'doable, there was scarcely a dissenting voice—
The'entlindism.for him was great and universal.
No man in Ohio lons, rendered the State more es
sential service." Fo twenty-tivp years he has
lehored in Congress, and It is no disparagement
to others to say that by his strict integrity, his
peril and unspotted. morality,„ his courteous,
gentlemanly' bearing, his sound judgment and
commanding talents, he has won a reputation u
a legislator inferior to no °thermals bathe nation.
No manwho knows any thing of Congress for tinny
yearn post, will deny the great respect paid by
'Men of all sections and parties, to the views and
opinions of. Mr. Vinton.. He was listened to
with more attention than any other man since
the death of. John Quincy Addams; and when lie
. announced that he would not again be a condi
. date for Congress there was but one expression
of regret at the national loss, from all parts of
, the 'Union.
Stiehl, our candidate for Governor. We are
proud of him and proud of the Whig party for
this manifestation of the regard to his eminent
worth. That he will be elected, we cannot' oubt.
He ii too well and too favorably known to leave
this an open question.
Thursday evening—Afte - is laborious version
of nearly four hours, the Convention has taken
S :14)0069. The first act was, to pass a resolution
requesting each Congrestdolud delegation to se
lent one person as committee on resolutions.—
.. This committee will meet this 'evening.' The
nominations will be found in detail in another
column: Gen. Eckley,' of Carroll,' has been
nominated for Lieutenant Governor, Hon. Earl
BM, of Erie, for Secretary of State; Hon. John
Wade, of Bailer, for Auditor of State; /lon A.
A. Bliss, of Lorain, for Treasurer of State; Hon.
Henry Stanberry, of Franklin. for Attorney
General, and Messrs Seeger, of Lucas, Madeira,
of Ross, Lyman, of iluskingam, for the Board
of Public Works
These nominations were severally confirmed
by acclamation, and cannot fail to be popular
with the people of Ohio. We have no room for
oommerits at length, at this time. After sub
mitting the name, of several distinguished gen
tlemen for Supreme Court Judged, the Conven
tion took a recess till eight o'clock this even-
11 o'clock r. ss.—The Whig Stair Convention
haftjust ourned see die, after laving finished
bit iu bus adj iness. Ileasre. Andrews, of Cleveland;
Conerrs, of Dluskinguto; Odlin, of Dayton; Way.
of. Defiant.; sod Straker, of Cincinnati, were
notainated foraudges of the Supreme Court.
The resolutions were adopted amid a perfect
storm of applause. After which Oen. Raley,
the. nominee for Lieutenant Governor, was called
upon, and addressed the Convention briefly but
with' great effect. The Convention then ad
The following are the resolutions given in
Resolved, That the resolutions of the Whig
...Conventions of A. D., 1898, and A. D., 1860, de
dare the position of the Whip of Ohio, ow State
and National policy: that protection to Ameri
can industry„ a coned currency, the improve
ment of oar rivers and harbors, on unyielding
opposition to all encroachments by the Execu
tive Power, sad a paramount regard to the Con
stitution and the Union are now as ever, the car
dinal principles of the Whig Party.
Resolved; That, as a. national party,the'lihig
. party is now, and always has been, ia favor of a
cordial and hearty support of the Consiltation
of the United States: that wensgard ail itspri
visions as equally binding and we feel ourselves
I ready and willing to "carr y them out fully and
Resolved, That the National Administration,
tinder the guidance of the Whig President,
lard Fillmore, has the unbounded confidence of
the Whip of Ohio; that in our domestic policy,
its manly advocacy of protection to native indus
try, theiteprovement of rivers and harbors, the
reduction of postage, and the , strict -accounta
bility and economy of public officers, its ester
gedo, rspubliean, trutliftl and dignified man
agement of our foreign affairs, have secured for
it the gratitude of this, and the of oth
Resolved - , That mil the' compromise measures
were not recommended by a Whig administer
lion, and were not passed asp arty measures by
Congress, perfect toleration of opinion respect
', tug those measures should be accorded to Whigs
Resolved, That it is the desire of the Whigs
of Ohio, that Oen. Winfield Scott should be the
- candidate of the - Whig party for President of
the Milted States - it the election of A. D:, 1852 t;
and we cordially recommend him to the Whip
of the Union as the most deserving and suitable
'candidate for that office.
Resolved, That while we express our Prefer
mice, the Whigs of Ohio will chcerfally support
the nominee of &National Whig Convention; and
that for the purpose of ascertaining the choice
of the Whigs of - the. Union, we recommend that
such - Convention will be held at Cincinnati, at
,such time as may be agreed upon. -
Resolved,. That the Octet which this Conven
tion this day presents to the people of Ohio, em
braces men of. worth, sbilitY, And integrity, end
we recommend it to the warm and enthusiastic
support-of the Whip throughout the State.
Arssonear, Juno 30,1851
Dear Bir,--Theunde reigned have been appoint
ed a committee by the Alleghemy Temperance
Bociety to call the attention of the community
to the subject embraced in the accompanying
Platform. The only object of our Association
is to bring aWdepartmanta of ilociety order the •
inthienee of the Tcmgrance cause.
Will you bring this subject before the friends
of Texeßerance in your vicinity, and procure
such admix as may be deemed proper? It is
time for Temperance Associations and Temper
ance men to be active. Intemperance is every
where on the iIICICiIIe. Let the People whose
interests are most deeply affected, by this evil,
awake to their duly and all will Be well.
'ft. il. DAVIS,
. The Committee appointed at the last meeting
of tide Society, to prepare a Platform on which
the Mends of temperance can unite to political
lotion, would reepectfully report:
That we consider the following principles as
Settled, arid they are tho principles which we
haws resolved in future consistently to alutsin,
I. That intemperance is a great evil . m whetlier
regarded in &physical, morel, religious, or social
point of view.
, . 2. That to the drinking usages of society, by
which we mean the use of intoxlcatingliquors as
' a beverage is to be 'attributed - the evil of intem
perance; consequently, if dranketulessill ever to
be eunprwened these usages must bo abandoned;
and we can therefore recognize no man as a
Mend of temperance, who lends his influence
I or example, directly or indirectly, to the keeping
up of these usages.
3.. That every man luta some influence fond
good or evil—either to advance or retard the
cause of temperance, that wo regard this as par
titularly the case in respect to our civil officers,
whether legislative, judicial, or executive-41dr
example and influence moat materially stregthen
the hands of the friends of temperance, or retard
and nullify their efforts to advance this good
4. That In view of this undeniable truth, we
tames it as our clear and honest conviction,
that no true Mend of Temperance can consist
aptly east hie vote, and thus meet In elevating
to office any other but reliable Temperance men:
that ts, men Whoa:snot engaged In the manufac
ture or traffic of intoxicating drinks—men who
willnottnowingly rent their property for. the so , ,
gonutudidine of drinking establishments, or do.
ncd, praotiadly discountenance the' drinking
usages of society. _
- .Such'- - szef the principles Which we wild re-
commend fpithewloptiter of .this Society: and
now, as to the mode o ug out these...prin
ciples into political action, we would recommend
the adoption of. the following resolutions:
I. That we disclaim the Idea of organizing a
new political :part:y; flair; . would .conaider
equally unwise as uncalled far.
2. That our object la to mums existing politi
cnl tg give 11.5 ouch men for our
suffrages as above described. they
, ccr
thinly able to gratify us in this reasonable re
quest; and if they will not do so to the friends
of Intemperance. and not to lis;they must look
for support. •
3. That in order to carry oat these principles
as far as is In our power at this time, wesol
emnly pledgeounseine to vote for no candidate
for office in this county, unless Ids character and
conduit are curb as to entitle him to be re ed
as a Tellable Temperance man ; and we e
commend sister associations throughout the
County and State, 'to adopt the same course of
adieu. . •
The Whig State Convention which assembled in
San Francisco on the 25th May, concluded CM
sittings °lathe 29th. The following is the ticket
they have put in nomination:
For Governor—Pierson B. Reading, of nubs.
For Lieutenant Governor—Drury P. Baldwin,
of Tuolumne.
For Justice of Supreme Court, Tod Robitmon,
of Sacramento.
s Ftr Attorney General—Wm. D. For, of San
For State ,Comptroller—Alex. G. Abell, of
San Frandsen. . -
For State Treasurer—J. M. Burt, of Butte.
For Surveyor Genial—Walker Herron,
San Jonquitt.
For Congress—E. J. C. Xewen, of thernmen
to; B. F.,lloore, of Mobil:ans. '
The State Contention, before adjournment,
passed the following resolutions, which were to
be followed by au address that would appear in
a few days:
Resolved, That we are opposed to the sale or
lease of the mineral lands of California—but are
in fever of the same being held by the General
Government for the benefit of the miners, to be
workedhy them free Rom tiny tax or toll what
Resolved, That in the ad.lustmeut of disputed
land titles in this State; we ore is favor of the
same being referred to the decision of Commis
sioners under authority of the General Govern•
went, with the right of appeal from such deci
sion, by soy party interested, to the proper Val-
ted States Courts.
Resolved, That the dictates of good policy,
and the simple demands of justice require at the,
hands of the General Government, the early ex
tension of the preamptlon laws, over the public
domain not embraced within - the mineral lands
of this fitate=the adoption of nth laws as shall
Baize to actual settlers a donation of - such pub
lic lands, not exceeding ItIO acres, to each head
at a family—and also to provide grants of the
same to be made to each persons as have settled
upon-private lands within this Stott, and made
'valuable improvements upon them in good faith,
supposing the same to bed part of such public
Resolved, natio are' n favor of the Gener
al Gove rn ment • granting to this State, for the
purpose of education, and works of internal Im
provement a quantity of public lands., at least
equalling the grants heretofore made, or hereaf
ter to be made to the most favored States of the
Union in this respect.
Resolved, That we are in favor of liberal ap
propr:atiotui by the general governmentfor works
of a public character, specially the improvement ,
of our rivers and harbors.
Resolved, That we &rein favor of the adop
tion of such proper measures by the General
Government as shall most speedily tend to foster
and aid the construction of a Railroad, connect- •
log this State with the 'Mississippi Valley.
Rrnolved, That the establishment of , steam
communication between this State, the Sandwich
I Islands, and China, is of the utmost importance,
and will tend greatly to tho advancement of the
commercial and political condition of the whole
Listen, and especially of California—therefore
wo approve of the adoption of a liberal polity by
1 , the General Government in aid of such an enter'-
Resolved, That the fullers of Congress to make
prevision for a_ Mint in California has been
greatly detrimental to theinteresta of the people
of the ,State, and oar present . condition and
wants urgently demand that early and ample
appropriations be mods for that object.
Resolved. That we .hate • just and equitable
claim on the General Government for sash mon
eys as were collected by her officers ma revenue
on imports in this State, prior to our admission
into the Union.
Resolved, That it Is the duty of theGeMeral
Goverllllllllt to assume the indebtedness' of this
State, necessarily contracted in the protection
and defence of her artisans from Indian warfare..
Resolved, That we will ever maintain the duo
execation end supremacy of the laws; and that
the people may not be subjected to onerous and
oppres' also taxation, we are in favor of the strict
est economy in the administration of the State
and General Government.
Resolved, That the recent Compromise meas.
ores adopted by Congress veeries our cordial ap
probation,. and. In defeeoe of the constitution
and the Union we will ever be found faithful and
The President of the Convention was General
James Wilson; of San Francisco, s member from
New Hampshire in the last Congress. The pro
ceedings. throughout, wore characterized with
great harmony - and unanimity of purpose. The
delegates from the beginning exhibited a liberal
compromising spirit towards each other, and at
the see time, an unalterable deteimintatlon to
support and elect the ticket which might be nom
inated by the convention. This praiseworthy
feeling continued to manlike. itself to the hour
of adjournment.
serlieader! itword to you. If you aish
to hare a most ereetlent inedldne In your Immo, to use
Immediately lo mice M burn, ruts, moraine, 1191!..
head g ache, Witt:Luau, nratalala palm , . cramp*. nuottinew,
I/ aria got a bottle of FL Parrell's Arabian Lini
ment, and you will End It unequalled by any medkine of
Me kind in the whole world. Me odnuthieinant
.p&•Mcalis'a Lifts Plir.s.—ln offering
this medicine to this public, the proprietom are well e ven
that they hare_ to mem:enter • hostility generator by the
emends. ImMeitlcene which have been pined upon the
public under the amps of patent medicine. ; We ore son
vinoed, however, that it leanly mummy to givw their re
medy • trial to plarviit In public estimation gar above all
amdical moute of the ltind aver offered to the public. It
is th e invention of an enlightened,soperrienowl,ind learn
ed phygebt. wbo Mr many years sued It In his own pear
Mee, when Its great sameeo haditad blen to offer It to tap
publi r e . atlar . ti
J. KIDD it 110.
Jelthitlawltth No.CO. Wood et
LIKE OIL ABOVE WATER. --The risk man can tell a
good medicine by .ying ttu gilds ..Urns OW tell .goad
. dinuer by eating IL - And It one man tr. It, asnd fowls it
poor. it will destroy the popularity with the whole city.
Army can't introduce a medleine into poptdar nee ordw it
pcms ranlysotatantlal virtues, free froniall bad effects
pf valid obieetious; and It le this thef that has established
tbe reputation of Cmapoond Mild Extract of Var
opera's." beyond all cavil or dispute. Its action upon
the buman system Is to smordame with rational and pbh
"Icaophleal govinciples—lt promote. the mi.. secretions
and exertion. of the body, removes obstructions, displace.
=orb. nod dimmed matter, Übe stomach
sod dig..e organs. orates new, pup, and healthy
'blood, end maul.. the osseous functions of the different
organs of It. body. Th. le all performed without the
least danger of harm, the pnisratlan being as safe so it
is eflicardouti. It may bethought bY the skeptical, that it
POrPorte to rum b. many disease., but upon examine.
110 IL
wilt be *mud that • large andority of tbe dinar
el *bleb afffiet the human Willy originate in an impure
state of the blood. .11e mot deceived. then, by other Bar
e a bariffee being offered you by "coy eellers of molasses
and water preparation" . ...Dote for the original
'Job. BolPs darsaparilla t This valuable preparation the
proprietor warrants to be a sk aor to all othom.
Ceortox.--Ilaware sod a Dr the original Dr. John
the , s.r.p.rar ffcciacke—wad ...mother Pee
wieertlerment on another page.
KEISER A K'DOWELL. 110 Woad eh.
Wholesale* Retail agents.
Petroleum I
PureMfmmat. thmtlogdorm, Unruh
h. 31. lims:—Deur Par. Tour Petroleum le leolltha "iff .
dere to bile vlfirdty; therefore we wcsuld dant you 'open,'
tero doseo by the Promminola 11511roed. We an ro
wel, sth, end It le Wog 'frothed bar almost every dap
lALOP, rretreetfullp,
liarastuts, Ashlatai oi. 0.. !larch 10.'61.
61. Etra:--Dear fir. Your Aiwa. • Mt trout. duo*.
loft trllb on four deters Root 011, sr bleb we have sold.
Please lbrirani to un lox dozen lututedlatelY
your. median , Ls warkloo aro-talon la.this regfou•
can obtain several .**Meat turtlllcate4 It You tlesirn Draw
'. Yon*, At, w. W. SCOTT
For sale by Keyes • 11eItooralt. 140 Wood greet: R. E.
tepee. 17 Wood street D. A. Fatteteetcck, I Co. tomer
Woad sod Front ALOHA D. /I. Corry, D. A. E11i0tt...1..6h
Douglass. and 11. P. 0 , -h0. 1 6. Allegheny. Mao by the am
ev ll
rior.• 8. f. l,
soattwa Canal Dasto.Pwreatbst— Pi Deborah.
Foreign and American Hardware.
• No. 129 Wood Street,
tura NOW nt man
A full sod emardAtastoct of PORZIGNAND AMSRJCAN
Suitable far es WWis Mao. ad , aklob Y.1).4 4
to agar to Wawa. K man tot lan compare
[Ararat!' will am of am ratan MI.
Pittsburgh Life Insurance Ocrrapany. -
CAPITAL, 8100,000.
0 76 Eggß77l STREET.
.111rEr tivertluntent fa another put e tat peps,
Citizedestusirance Company of.Pitta . burgh
' • Once ..t. 41 Wile, street. Input wareboonSof C. H.
C.. Hrtaar.Preatient-.-....b. W. Ilan.. &ea.
Tlebt Oorates.riattow lerepareal to Ware all merchandise
to get, and lo traositu. cemale, ito.
An ample efoornoty for the ability and batentity a the
botltutlott. la afforded in tbe cbaractar of Aim ihneCtom.'
•ho am all citizens of Pittsburgh.' troll and toroMair ,
known to the community for their prude., botteilimment
and inteacitl , . ;.
Enctmu — C. U. Cowl. Wm. lialmlfe., We . Leeriaaare
.It Walter Bryant, Hoe, 0. iflon e ronant Idoutbdtal.
1 Jae Hayworth. kb liorbameb. Elm • a:Zeit
... . . .
• / D 11.9.
Oa Soudargrug.juty 6tb;)foluto ilastat, daugh
ter of Owe. Ilarrlet Mudge.. Ned 10 months and 19
it tberealdeace of her huthend. bx Iterion ro e Ho, au
the 1101 blue, tdre. fhteacce 11. Row. aged 40 ream
THETHEPreeident and Managers of the Hand
P r e Comny hove thle the Han d
in load of two dollen Sod` arty mots per sham out of tbs
pram of the last siz
Ith':lBsl.--Jyszt - • •
Family Horse.
LARGE fine looking Sorrel Horse,
P. 1.007.0, 6111 be sold or errheesed for
f fef , •PP"" u °° l 4rltalrlTA
(At A.. Wilkins 6 Co. 6)
./T6 [Vert eoltr.l
To School Teachers.
lIIE School Directors of Lower St. Clair
*rotundity hare rowilued to open the' Public. &hails
, SRI , co, on the dot of Septemhar,ond keep than
open stout teven tombs lo the ounlcopyreit.
The Vaud' will meet on the tint &hada of /inst.%
et the rublie thho
ck. to l i llonat 00.1. our Whalt.
IlienTlt no farther Vet ' ,
con tu ' o x te . trb zi ll rts folio= members (the School
THE: ADVERTISERr;rishen a sit u ation as
Manager to • Foundry. has had ay Swore. -
, flaw, psrtleularly is stores. opan sand w k. and plias
orall WaSS. from Hush to 91
sasy col9ol.lentloll stating hums and aim . Issaloolniu
thought nroewary. sddroased (poet kW) to We sulactibur.
sill west with prompt attsuitant.
_ Zsnersilla. Ohio.
ICKEREL-100 bbls. Now No. 3 Large;
atn g .41 fur uln by Wll. BMIALEY
18 ald 23 Woad at..
tiOAF SUU A bbls. cuts'd Nos.,
sale by DAOALEY a CO..
Yb 18 and ) wood a.
.11[1:000FFEE--560 bags landing ana
ear br
,_ j i s WM. DaGALL`It a CO.
piPES-450 boxes Whito Clay Pipes;
lOU - atone Pip. MM. tor sale I,
Ca OAP--300 boxes Rosin, Cin'ti brands, for
10 rale br WM. BAGALNY a CO,
---------- l5 Iltla IA Weal O.
IkIijANTED--A place for a go-- eep
-772 ..°lbi:'.°, l _l=rll47.ll..Wl: r4- 1 ,1n ots tubl
narrates.. ean ve Otto. Iv anted—A good. smart • In•
t m elllgeo r, t yls . ung th nion w of 16 to la . years. whocan rpeak Ger
e,iT hums Ir:s i r titTir i . „ l Zrrs. W at ' iallgt;
arosind. for a number of boys of all atN•
and for saw
email IVmard—geserni good moat, ono or twogood
boasekcaners to go un the Moe, and Iv town and country;
and far several rbassibertnahlo. ae. SOOO to loan on a good
nose st 0 months, tor a mall attn. ie. arrPorsotto In.
.lebtal at taw °thee oblige LW try rolling to pay,
Agent and C.can.3lerthiaot. Liberty at•-.
F ' R. SA 1.F7--T Dnilylate, and all
the Pittsburgh Adly, and most of the Weekly. and
otihut lot lat. 110rh00go from our_principol
rifles and toieuri SibLen'. Wort Counterfeit Dentetorn
moll retail supply of vett.. arid bitter to ry a
and MU
tdAk Ku Lots. quills. patent pros.atom emodopec to.
-)nmad Water " .nd ithAPAA Leciehitta''Sirt.
larir. Senktonnoi Chet. Map of ore American Rep. AI
to, of the Movers . do. of the World and Otiol a few pip
tor,. a full account of the ilrAt Fir. at Ilttatitirght 10
00.00 mole. and impends. buttes 3o 04. bootie.
te.dozen tied emir plough hak fondi White
loulsytlle am' by
d'Y 0
"b l i kA f i r fritA Mtn'
Agency and lutellirooe ce, Liberty
jciiitt• mor flarket and 01Clair eta.
gOPPER STOCKS.—We have orders for
) the Plzen a eeriest , Inning 42.1911111110. of take Sr
vele,.l;s• Thom wishing to es 11•111 pl WILKINease call. S
• l. 1). or Went
ARI OIL-7 bble. on conmignment, for
Water and Front U.
OTTON —22. bales in store and for sale by
• . Waco. Irma Ms.
COTTON BATTING-50 bales Ffuaily. on
1,1 CO
- EATIiERS-- - For sale by
Seven Valuable Farmsfor Sale.
LL SITUATED near the Ohio and Penn
extramla Itallrow),ln the rtttaitr of Saeme • Ohlo.
as Worn Iron bD to =p.ns oath. and to • tont date.
..f conflation
Alto--190 TOWN Liffe. lame. the present troalnince
Oa of the Willa. and the Depot at Colons.
an of stitch sill he told on calm terms for the rumbas
ent. Shock la the t•hio and Pecan Maine liallsoul, or let
-maim of the hanks in Pitteborgh, will Lc tat= in pay
I ato , still to duriate a yieee of mond. a/reining the
D e m a enao, e a nneemsit man or company. jo mot •
toot moo nem , stew. ,o , eblell • velema can tat Pad to
-apcly the house and Asia* • ith
Salem la the central point between the mtimeof Pitts
irsh and Cleve/and; alto. between Menorah nod Woo.
ter. Wad the beneilt to
handtitrel foam tha Plank Beads
nos lying constructed from Salem. meant to one of
I eh* mot! Important ;whom ma the !Meet rallroal fora Net
claw Itotel. ZAN/K . STltoof.
nalem. 0.. July 1. 11,-CJIBef
Pittsburgh Lib Insurance
THE Second installment of Three Dollars
on ro d, Ulm capital 'took of ala CcrocaPl.
to pai abln at their fleloo. No. 76 Fourth stmt. On or Wars
ITV " °`'`"'"" wad,
A. COLTON. SectrtorT.
A N Adjourned Meeting of the Stockholders
AL 0 tn., “Etttekx 11111.C.antntol , of >Patina., will
V.l add el th e tllleep of Compnvar. 40 I imborsn, on
In , I at o'clock o. M..
sore New Goods!
VOTWITIISTANDING:the advanced state
IN of the resoosulre enutleoe to twelve everaw toys
gurpllet of Neu 0 oodo. end hour Open Ohl morn moth
coopply of Plan Block Mks. I'dohuir MID/. 11
I:Vdl.=, Disek 1111 k lam,. Light Blue De Ulm. sul
rgriliNlNCVPlr: ol7 : s.
eortud of fourth and Market stnuto.
Notice to Contractors.
Birmingham and Brownville Macamnized
pike and - Rank Road Company.
VOTICE in hereby given that. Sealed Pro
poeale CH he received by William. LW hove
al{road. until the 14th day of Jail, BM. for the Era.
'H a " fb`l'"" - I(Tir 4 '
tl2 uctiama of timae
.lllagivintrnstS;', By gje ' r ' of the'llaard. Mar
JtitlN SWUM. SeaeY.
William Bill,
Grant aired, bettrem Sreenth and BOhtli Weds,
ROD a of superior materials, style and wants.
Orders kit
toutts:, 0e Est le oilotanutd.entate
or 110. John It dleF 7 atien's., Norte. meet, meet with
prompt atleonon. Pemba. a t distant, can have them
teadt 00104 (sod shipped) to pat up themselves, on the
mut fsvorAdds tenon
m. Istlemetth blanclusten J .ll Noble, Threkt
Irwin. John V...flefalden. JvlstansrlUT
• • Chain Pumps!
MAIN PUMP is of remarkable tint
". 0140 . to rousteuctlim, entirely, free from oetapiaw.
tie maihtnery, coals put up. and oe,t Ilany toot
of repair. It rabies water reeler and more ea Cum
1 e us with the name power applied,. a Is not
biter offmr.,,, otiareneeLM wane.
Order" eddies...a to the subigibere, umontasturewe and
oda:oat larentote of the improved Chat. kimiliee,t i o , In!
Pm. " "M ` ligt '
° Stunned, Fairfield ea, Conn.
bola La
I Lard;
B Oman •
=bey Earthen,
- n r rever,_te arriveAar_S I
Id for We by 15/11.1Lt DICKEY 011 u"'
IYI Water and front eta
Elbbk.-150 boxes for sale by
PAINT -.30 bbls for fele
11/7 Vlrl'ararg."
‘ l , YRUP 310LASSES-27 bble i, S.ll. Syrup
1 •1 "" • " * " l° ` •rucl• ' r iour viArr a co.
'I4ISII-150 bbla. No. 3 Mackerel;
30 IC. 1 Trout and Wkilte Flab;
" No. 1 !Salami;
10" F
L.'d11744" JOUN WATT a CO _
T 1 EES IL JONES respectfully informs City
17. Merchants nod the Doblle Aurally, Mat bn
O .rA7rTAS gat •Nz.ol,zer,'T;rnt.-XfAlt.
5.1 a It A. Felorteek's Drogittore, ethers he has WV
In store and for rale • lugs and punt satertment of 0100
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s t " 4" Pu=nt'',l==.
tUntirs. um, emu Lute Au Ls& of Rentatly Tobstro
meranfacturrat dab rare and &spleen. Orders monsieur
recrlveK and momPtly attended to.
slstot, copes.. the Put Orice:_
Megulne. for July.
tulmaltfoul Maculae, forJuir.
The Aclunturm of Paul Perierlokle; • 0•• 01007. -
Th. Countess of Idlesborm by I.mas
Rellnel or the lialou of Pubs by Maj. Iticharbou.
Tea. • l•robism; by the anthem of -Alton leeks.".
Rose.. of a Bachelor: or • Book of the Heart.
The Turner's Companion with Illustration&
Troveler's Outdo throusti the A. P.arCl
by .
Hens: or the bp. BIM;• We of reel Mfe: by Cantina
Roue:The by_Balwer.
The Heir of Mut. Wayland, • tam by Mary Howitt
The L.Elitor
of Nita t; story of tbe present time.
Not NO Bed as we been; • consolY .bi Belau.
pfrcoycry of Meehan.. H&1&
Littell's Living asedie..37l.
Urdu'.OY on . th o Y k,kaamr ; for Jaly—lo/.
Graham'. Maculae, •
The lagliee' YWonil. ..
rirl Li E .11OLDERS of the Coupon Ponds of
thtotb-ggh.N-ne: Cootbanf. =Omni"-
r.eli:f fa/ ot
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boltdher b d tl artleovfi t
Oc A o r b ilb r t
tOao TAI.
1 . AK bbl s. No. 1, for ante by
1.1 ISALUI DICK la d CO.
Gbble. for sale by
Sellers' Liver Pills
8M(17fr.16,11, (IrectglitabiUllo ) k,r, f.ts,•set
B .['4llylac favor of :oa th s
s „.th e A odt r tena yesla.s.eo. 1 vs. taken down Ida/
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Insbt sweats atTI otber - soeets of figs dresdfal disease.
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al ' l a It r t ale n rolt r or
have Men Ilvtorel tom asonable Smith, which I enjoy at
I therefore Into plasstaa nasnotending
(bent to others afilleted with dUeass of tba User.
Young rmocctfotly, • JOIIN GIVENSR.
ou . o 0.1100 "Liras Plllse troontorislts
bete lehitatlease., The liteeulhe eteiZtvrtred vohi
J/1 K BZLLUS. 57 W00.15t.
. .
EASTOLIRY : n Tale; by Anna Harriet
Drury Whom. of .Yriosida anti Vortnnove._ •
ACA CO Iten aa - Wa Brno: or Many Skirt to a Cbarseten
(wooly in Aro woo .hr Sir Y. Brower Litton. Bart. as
gfgtrlrin.Vf: ' ertra ' trgat= ''
Itrr Th. sianaater at Ilig-.otorr or th. AMU. bf
C, W. folks. h es t.e
&bo Jost reed uul ko rale br
SoT.' B.C. STOCKTON. 47 Market
For California via Challseo —' Threat`
... 0
THE NEW and powarful atannuanP
LAFAYETTE. tftm. Etoideet...... L.A.. 1 • 7 ,_, ..
ate of the stesmahly Cremona Mr.) emm .... .7 ...... ... .• I.}
b W. for Chaim.. direct. an Thursday. MU o —I - . —•-
liclock. nom her vehart, near Lombard gnat. ~
The share steamer has proved herself • • remerkably HIM
sea vessel, and her smommoistkate for brat and sward
Hen passengers ma ruse . Through Tieletatol3au
Fraud.* taralabed at ledaced ram For fmlaht m 1f ,,, e
mEr 014.17 to OLOEGE MOIIYY BY ft CO..
of Walmrt street
.70115 L. LINTON. Lombard Striperwhset
J O. WILLIAIIII.Ias Front arrest, N. York
J7l . lot(mint) Or to WM FLOYD. IntMbwEb*
SIINDRIES. .. ... .• -
io bby. GMLKI
4 Lard: •
1 LBearard:
1 mat
', 14 bap Olzuerod • • - "
.1 0,1 2 , • .."- EU%
. -- 1 ~ - .XI - '64 Thad landlprr_saldde
Cape Han for raid br , MALEC DICIC6YIOII.
174 166 Wstar 'treat. '
Birmingham .and Brosemmnile Maiadamired Tam
pike of Hank Road Company. •
NOTICE is hereby given that the Stock-
holder. in old Company are required to pay the first
Instalment of IlreDolLtre on esch share of stock subsri
let to the Treasurer,(sllllant Lathrter,„Jr.) on the flt
toenth day of July. Mt; and the mond Instalment of
}lye Dollars on each share eubscrtted. on. the lint day of
august Dort- By trderpf the Bond.
tiStd RIDS WEEP, Secretary.
(Dtroetch OPT.)
-10 100 ahem Bank of PlttabozeD;
wo M. and kL k;
100 flr.ohangt. Dan Eugco of
WM. A. M ni ILL CO..
Ezehant• &OM.
po l t ugzer Lit.enl7 De ;Istild
alct i niNIZOIMpt it,==4
style* of ILrolxis Goode—a full aseortenent WI found
at tbe Wee of HUM lIIIRCUYIELD.
Jr/ -
rasvit,LED FRENCH CLOTHS--IdußPfir
BUttrar6l.o bay.. reaebred few pima Blew sad
D k Twilled french ClottworX • pod eireaDY.
Black Drab Elia Dm Surma Cogs
tViHE UNDERSIGNED bate entered into
■ cr.r. rd 2 It:VA Prir e AW'R ß lN l Atarli
lellnor r rivart. PaIIADVATIM: therjut.“
Ivetolog s hags amormard of Pawnee to. cOnsureadi to
part so follows:
NM* ro es Lald, Ain axed Ragliab.
W erimn
orn and LaM, 011 t and
Polio Pods, Plat Cspa. Prtatlns Papal. all Carr.
Hardware Paper, hem In by B 4 to ie by 4S.
Colored and Nie bits Tams Pima. American sad Englith.
Ur ! Ilapnrarttes Patna /dasilLla
Color and Melte too. Palan'enniallmi aryl niW aim.
Burt insvalops Papen.
Colored Pentane and Cover Papers
Manilla Panora. all rises. Claud Um al, all mint.
Drairsist. Ulm SIMI., and Filtering Plasm_
Tr,Mast sad Colored Papas Ea Confectioners
Rage Names and Mrs. Wraslt Papers
lioßoomsßenacnee Boa, Cap asd Pio Trunk Bawls
Mina and Ban Envelope% Iscal,Lottar,Noto and Cad
A,rent• fur Bibs. Pottier ACo.'s PAINTERS' CARDS. In
:Acne and shams whine and nnoreal—odd Am. tot to me
at. Also. their 0111,'IlIgnad and_Plan Glased P.
J N on s Ell t ial.3,Ylata of 09
C~ lab of ,N. Third gt..:
MAC KEREL-50 bble. Largo 3;
1Y1"9" Usu.LB Rs4rß_
CItACKEU received
sad fur gale by Md. A. IIoCLUP.O
Q . and Tei Dealers.
. igiV aaaa ' aa ' Na y s.
illunrre and Tesliarr.
ui to to g0t22 1 .....1 1 3; 0 4==
trb.R4r2irantat the. 005_; ; titha quantity . .
Rlf,MeiC Ulla a
Orwas awl Tea Dealers.
I' FISH-25 bble. Lake Trout, (new;)
ten t..iv.a
out fur ale be
-New Music.
r HE SPIRIT POLKA, composed 411.,
Father. and dadioste4 to Btophen C. Foote/. of this
l''. Wsltz,•arranzinl by 11.. abhor Pl•rwa bi
Bad—out 1s clusr vutns SQL
,;=4;; I
Dolcy Jon., with varislicru. b y Dan.
The Autumn of our Years, by 61corice Parker.
Also, s Ana 'deal. oyfozvign :re ton lima, note,
Slob,, 00. KLZll4: . , ot t I . Tlr=
P. O.—A rann.ll6 lot of nen 01.5000 non opening.
Otte very sad senond.hand 6 velars Plsno for rsle.
Itolima, .4 Doublo sale wholowle
*$ Wood Wert.
• .
'WRENCH PAPER—For sale by
.140 WALTZR P. 51•10114.11...
HEMP -41 bales Missouri, fur e e lIIA Sls b
Jc3o MINS. NIATI 4.0
VOTTON— ,4B bales for sale bo
.1.3. IMES, uArrl
LEAD -1359 pigs Colcsin, for sale"cci.
bi -
1. 30 '111"v
RICE -86 tee: fresh
.no.'•- __
lAII-110 bbls. N. C., for sale by
iAss %Tx. BAGAL•3I' & CO.
UTTER--13 kegs Spring,for sale by_
VIIEES-200 boxes W. R., for sale by -
Jrzo WM. &WALE'S a Cu.
QIOLE I.F.ATHER-4 00 Sides beetnemlock
1..7 Tumid Sew Tort Lasater. Err rate
ie3u WM. OO.
pASTOR OIL-10 bbla. extra quality, for
k . .) ..tiny DACIALEY a Co..
j. 34 f 13 ana 9) Wood
ON—CO Giesuidior. t 8 b 9
ORN—V2 O O bbls. for sale by
I .Bala. & IRVIN
rrea--200 bbia. for sale by
.140 BAIRD & yam.
'l\A ACKEREL-100 tads. No. 3 (1851 y foal
IVA Rale by (.1,031 OkliD 1131'15'
ICE-50 tierces (to arrive) for sale by
!Lt. Je3o BAII9)*I6XIN.
TT, HE Annual Meeting of the Stockholders
of the oAtlantle wad Ohio Teleirtheh eatopaujil!
old, mthereldr to the Charter, co Thoredor..l lith
eoll o'clock, L. M.. at th e Compettre Meth, to the tr or
thttaborall, fur the tothla• rf *that= Him OlrertoZt o
ore for the ...lad int . , and to trammel such
odoes.. ae mar be brought bade ttte athettler,- Br order
or Out Directors. A. B. Clallak NG a,
p'pm° & NUTMEGS—On consignment,
du "d `m." In el ItIeLLL Dicxxy r 00. •
SII A 4-25 bbls.for
Buperia SbirtiA: Muslin.
IJILMY & BURCtiFIELD have iced
this 'comics another CUPPI7 Of Mae Meting Mar
nc Also
head, Houma and ShlAing Ll.ll.l4tocured
directly from Um malmfacteseec !Meets. sad cum be war
ranted cum Unto.. spVl
Encaustic Tiles for Floors.
TITESE TILES are more durable eh:LaMar-
Ole, sna the
and arglgnz.gbfAmt
11 al, Dinhur Room Conan
aqd Ilearttut In Thralllen Impertrh u o Mey
riLACK BERM:IE.—An additional supply
reer'd this mothtelt et the .tare or
.1.03 . MURPHY t
341 J. SC 1100NIMAILEIC "
INSEED OIL-14blz: for saki:.
J. S b
A LUM -50 bble.
8011 for sale
0 by
J. :111.111HII s 00.
I LLF.IOO bbls. for sale low by
PAPER-60 re ams aas'd, for sale by
NO krExtrafi .
nSCe Tu
s E fo a
ClOe by
nas GROUND IN OIL, in 1 lb. cans.
Burnt and Can tatar, Macaw Yell., Parini:lnm
11l Mug,. 4a4 tbr ad. br
'de% J. BCIIOON AHIiH &CO., 24 Wood at.
LCOIIOI.-711 and 92 deg._ strength, for
yab. by tJe7;l J. SOHOONMAKES CO.
WHITE GLUE-3 bbla. for side by
y Je27 J. EC/100.'41A8.= DO
ALLEN'S Nerve and Bono Liniment--5
for wle by
J. ecnoonmexna
l '" T 'aVierk b ehisraat s co.
T HAVE just received from New York, an-
A'abzilvang.fzettrpow couNicr:6-4
MACKEI EL-100 bbla. No. 3 Small, to
*rent and llbr bl joiri wArriCe
60 4 . 0 gurlv laas. N.-3 31.1. ,01 ;
10 No.:
' DD hf. Ms. 310. 2 "
30 Ws. ' .Ha 1 Baltale3;11. 343
10 Nal Olb.
'al' " Extra Fiuntlaloar gnu.% by .
JO wi WAS' S CO.
To Tinniness Men.
IHI: SUBSCRIBER intends starting on a
Business Tour to the 'Eastern Cities. an Or stout to
of July, and will amend to IaIT business entrusts:lto
his an with sromptnow and fidelity.
WU. . Mr.lll.llOlIT.
On. in Tilghman Mall, opposite the Now Court Ilouse,
Ilerareuenc —dna Morrison, P.C. Thawsln, L. Of:White,
Mosta !tampion:Oa. E. Arnold, and Wm. Itellarsils"
Wm. X. MI/Knight
IirILL give special attention to the . COLle .. o"
di= Or elitim. far llasbakts snd atom lr
ainz7 Innis. and Ito kmal nnua.
TAit•TOI °him .
021 a. Ttighsnan 1414 appnita
I , ltubursti.
litehroncer-4ohn Montan,ll%c: q D.N.Whiaritgh
Enos Itszoplza, end .
T OAF SUGAR-50 loaves I t overing's Don
Re " °' `s ea ' g Vsralieocuitu A CO.
of emy sirs, sorb and Pam to ord.r .
W E. muss's — .
' intak nook litanutactorr_ Amu
nvz wanbcnan. mum sc, on, Ce agpg.4. I
„.- . .
"'""...wrtlia!sPnr: .1851 SUBS .
Cront • •
at• PaeUt and _Railroad Line to Moskva
. 1 ...ti0r Poet Woe Peat!: ASSENT3ERS lava erg morning at 9
uonbl. Heal m 247. 11 7 Nen! o clock : DT .taamDo.: to
'Wma DT
'7 9°'ba rias2 ”. " ire t =ar ,Rag.attl b ff e Ott i !P b. "*" .l _
Th. ewe. trim • lot of odd el.* of T.D , iivil"t To Cleveland. Vs boom To Detroit, SS bourn
the 1.. 4 Pam% DT - • Daiwa -sa - clams.
Stationer and Parer ••eve • • Titbits siventbronola to .
corner of Market mei &mood sweets. . •CINCIttRie.TI, •
Tie Coloinibtia owl - Yenta; by Madan , ' and Claticasn
Pities' m' Ibr -Detroit; flb.lot i a Miltrankiw We.
n eiverz b • iteenit= 4 tit=k r, td . y . r . ier r g
I=r" ....t A. SL, b P.allemid Sim Buffalo,
n Ottet "rt a Ti" " irlTaio tiver k lll•= b rAtelie ,
ell. lit."l4lSCl•lens, will be mood moat Witham. •
chtsykrottel y ter. then say other.
cLARKE panes, Proprietors,
h4"1" . t rOlg r A. lT CA th liGliT Aimee
alp Aar° corner of Smithfield and WA...Wad;
oppoeite.the eirmoov.bel• Dogma
°rt° off. index StlVebralleiniotal.eadTatet
ritr-RLINGTON lIERRING2 O boxes en
"'M "Id!? UAW "t e o, br
- Uroceet ana u lst ...wars. •
COFFEE-10 bags very !opener,
" ju" reed
and fcr "Mt. a. tacCLORG Co..
_1426 lAbertr
V V ant cmalltlet apt at Ter , kW Itt tett.,
just teed by MP t lIi7F^IIFIE .
jo9 N. E. carom at Fourth sad tlattatlAL.
ILL PAPER--A superior lotjust ree
BMud for sals br W. 8 8.. . EILVH.N. Rtatborges;..
aILLETT'S 303 PENS-- - A fresh sup
. 0
vs theta anyclior !teal Pans, recoA and for aale a
W. S. IW - I:NI64OI=M , •
comer of Neaddal and nuke idd.
IL) mid meat pmeertat Prar me —mute on • new .
mut:lglu übleh all tkietioo Le ouremau.d emmequent-
I I ma‘MteN law labor than the common wean or Wart,
P'7;:zY" -L1.1%17.1:
Mirk Tea frimi Liverpool:
`,, k trt 1 4 01 1=irtglr , L b Fat 2230 Z
htiej oo s i % a u ral, the behinds!:lf T.a ithaTUs.ll.l l l the
b UV do. Just roed and for sill. "'Woods arid re.
y_ R. X.
le= Atoug Am Pittsburgh.
St' EC TAC L t—Yire . have a completer
goutlitztly.evtdotoj.errtlins to tpie.l,vertedzifloo. of
lvi,YE AND vat FOUNTAIN..--Ttio 'Atm..-
' tiot, of th e medical rentarenr.i. invited to tbe Erw
Ear Egentalekby Dr. rood ! 0... m t, of New Yorke—
Jut received and for ode td ' W• W• WHEON• '
k ay
. _ ... .. ..
BOTTLE CORKS--800 - gro; for by
Pat R. E. HELLER/3,67 Word st,
PARIS GREEN-540 lbs. sup., for sa
ERS.Ie by
144 R. R. S ELL
UTMEGS-1 bbl. No. 1, for sale by
NEW NO. 3 MACKEREL-100 bids. and
1 4 5 to arrlzratr& mr . ,
from tlut manufacture:.' 11:40 feet Lida Belting. far
al 1.1111 pariaama, tor 14 mss atta Rabb.. °spot,
Na. 7 and 9 Wool et. , J. IL PICILLIPS.
j. 4
RECEIVA eupply of In L
Br it i'mor
u m N . 121. Ebt•la...i %WV / e n
""il enel , ILI 1.1.114.
Cheap Black De Laina -
o.ll 6, Tr a a pa wool) tack D. ) aina, at
.1 owe* Ulla. eon be b.& at etre store of
F l5ll-10 bble. new Lake Trout;
E " for mid
10 L by
NO. SUGAR-25 hhda. for
• J•M J. 9. CAN
ODA A 51 1 720 caskis is. fu t r ,t ale bLuo
13 OTATOES-150 bu. for pale
JL s. a w.lllsll/..U011
F IAUR-100 bbla. extra Faro., for eale by
13 — EACHES-75 bu. for sale by
143 . 9. t ir..LIARD.4OOII.
'0 boxes.Cream.Ta sale_b i t
UNIATA NAIL RODS-95 bundles Slit,
Co. Axle by B. P. VON BONNTIOUST t CO. .
ion -
'1 LASS-400 bOxes Window Gloss, nasnit
km ay flaw, for sa,ls by
• jai n. P. 'CONDO:I - SUOMI' & CO. -
II AY FORKS, Hay Bakes, and Scythe
11 6catL4 fu W.bT
P. voitod Mill,oll.ET t COM:211
MORRIS' Tea Matt. - in ttar.Diagsoted. 1 aa
az damagad Teas aze !wer Impt. at. tbla es
_ .
ssuperior lot ot tba above welds Jost 'nest
for sal• . • 71.10311.8 YSLLMX.R.'
J. 21 • • is Market se.
EAPER 11ANG1NGS—A aisortinent
trjraporAnmiem tet
01 Wood
W01 1 :1 . 1 4 TWINE-500 !bs o. for sia:4lVor.
QPIRITS TURPENTINE-10 bblg. (to a?,
K:v, rive) for vele by J-111D W D iracel et. CD.•
•1014 ;
LARD OIL-10 bbls. for sale by
31114 I. KIDD CO- GO Wood.rt.
- D EFINED BORAX-ZOO lbs for sale by
jel4 .7. KIDD 2 CO.ooWaod st
F l9ll-15 bbls. New White; .
sale b
30,4 3 T
Ski...ER.62IJ 8-100 boxes pure;
. M eLD.
• jeli ' •
4 I,SX-10410 lbs. for sale y
J. b •
_ .1•14 I3.C&HFIELD.
r em. bblr. for Bale bi nr i r ;
INSEEDbr Jel4 J pm—zo bbls.Griswold'ebroad,
ILA ftm NJ. . B. C. 11(1 7 11171). -
ITASH-4 casks for sale by
idt , J.ll. C. 01131.11 .
IRS PROOF PAINT--10 bbla.for sale by
jel4 7. B. CANFIELD.
lICKETS-5 doi. Marietta make, for oilcr
by' 014 . J. CA.NTEELD. '
HEES.4—".AO boxes for' sae by
jela . J. 8. OANYTELD.
- _
BACON -15 casks Shtabless,
i•l4 " gra 6%1.t r
CHEESE -8G boxes for sale by
Mart. and Irmt abC
FEANIIEBS -- LXIIX) The. for sale by
isle B.*
ciFFRE.--300 bgs. priine Green Rio Cot:.
OK remind and tor see b 7
WAIT a co.
b d b . I..g d. sl,ltkled
adhalf Ltda. - do • do • .
La stare and tar mak by U.6) JOILN W ATT I MIL
h ARD.-2,000 lbs. Lard, for sale on con
sigrosent by , T. WOODS t SON,
61. W. A.
• - .
BACON-- , 5600 lbs. Hog Roind, on consign,
.ept, Poresl. by 'T. WOODS.
-AIR BALLS—Of all the different !lam
the lowat vlaotn#
_. pratus.
Jost resolved, • good swortment, dllterent
.., style, ehlott wUI te sold yore kw et. wlsoletals or
WO/. attlw Oil Cloth Warms., Nos. sTMmdit.
GREEN OIL CLOTII--300 yeidifor
door Blinds. just reed from T 140,7, 41.1 IkLe vale at
Nos. sant 9 Wood Amt. 4. aIL MILLIP9I:
manuflotared. for .I Eo irlitalemd• wad VDU.% at the lia
Robbor Depot. Not.: rad 9 Wood moot.
14 ^1 7.111. PUMMEL
lop eby.i.ti 2io. a, Bolen Insprt
Yar br {k9II.TOHN WATT aOO. -
• Wall Paper and Borders.
frHOMAS PALIABR, 55 Market drat, re'
je. • tame Invitem Ma altos • • of Duretuwers [alas
YRUPS—Underaood'e fin° LemoriSyinli.
keZZl usar , a nd atmrtm riga aao co,
• Orceers sad Te.De•lent
n AIRY SALT—A superior aitiOle fur the'
pi.rrn ratitntr..—
lo?,11. Or : Iff . .m.a
AP SAGO CIIEESE—For able by •
.1•20 _ mi. A. ikaanto a co.
W3L sell fi
licCL UIN2 03ne, far 521 e by,
ie23 .•
ILEX.ANDER 44 , DAY, haring co pin :
to clove tiler font business, how oder theirendra
e of Feuer arid Stare DAT G
d. OODle•atgrerzedwitg.
Pr'itaittl'ta"ryry CassunakA
ll ' lLo rn k awl colored Oxide Rhine lilltt r of the beet ra=
tu d P ift s are, tatres, of to • Illsok ' te. of 'the twit mkt
Piwiere.lewelllnv i gisclats,sl l l l7l nae."fl et. t a ti e,Cbtokr,
is, toe* tor with almost star article
ft( the a til * Zie Doe. Porch...en ere Weibel to will; su
we are &Woolard to g t. 4,ckwatarg-41._ by wholesale
or retail older to Owe o ._ T i nazta i tztr y " .
.1137;2i,, 55 Market ste'll. W. eor. of lawhotid:.
B labia larking'S erwhal Ihtor;
ddo do Fatal -tad do -•
A tll ditd Aii= -
•- - .- or sal* ii
- lel9 , J. D.W.ILILIKILS A CO.
-- -
dozen flue ndredaad .0* bi
Nag , • R. E. smaxas.
INK R00T. , -4eo lbs. prime qUality,,iU#
told end far nde br 011V] ft. 11. BELLEXS.
ACID--250 lb!. just reed and for
j ..lo br .1e1.9 IL E. 8E1.1.M. •
110 D LIVER 40 gallons, rocs wuin,
la Ws by jail> E. E. BY.LLEK.s.
1.? MIT ACRES. OP GROUND, favorably
t 00044 tco arawbettioy or holt of SOY -ad
filw minutest dn. of Alleploanditxr
ACOTOII BURLAPS-2 bales euitable for
W.:diktats. Also—WO W.:elf .. .Aso:um dudln rod
jar '. bw .
11458 E V esprEnr..
Scarce and Desika Goods! .
in*. VARIOUS STYLES, open this more
l." !Ear kes LICEM 111Thala
Bled Slim. m.i Hosrsisg .:
Attootlon Is lulled to thsla cholas madded of French,
j.s.ros, Whits itoodi
to Sz.
or t0...0w, *am Na.,:ritiek-.4
Forty-six hours to . Philadelphia.
Forty-four hours lolialtiraore.
281 &ilea Itailioad--103 miles Canal.
ilttArt FULL 101110ITAIIIS ZOlrti
Beial free from -.Rang ehang ea and . portenva •
connectecttriti pine Lina. -
Two Daily Lines: Express P ac ket Boat'.
Meglagi a
i F .Ackrp3rrris roe rowans.)
ILLAVE 'l'ittabare logdolmstrogh, thence
Dr PortaC'Rall+o'a
Tao poodred sad Porty4lna =Mr dints to
Parkas Ortrr utornintornettry terbtokt
and <MOTT evantwir at the gene
Vasa to PLaadn ) pLia.'etd !_. Yaos to Warn
tie 1
the • for Ilaltimarih *
T feharaeaea
ate the York , tad lannbarland Railroad, at
rte) of tr v . o 6 . Astatica....7-algirdf
No charge for handling Baggage on Ws route.
The Cart on Ws mate an new, and of post
cotutruetkon for tordlint and safety.
I! lon dedva asap travelling and totoltataltio sector
toodAlloo, scrum Your
I . • J. P. HOPARC,
a CO. ' .
1851. --- - - WRSTERN ,
"- 1851. -
:iglig l. '
TliE CaWalbeing in good order; we are - -:-.
fail - Wed fo - tribeyort produce awl mertharelber to -
a from the above tines,ai th e Wiest cli MIA zeta at
frelebt, wtch yeoman , . and elevate: The tow as 106
cent are wage aad eontronril by the providers. Mlle . .
of Wing trammitted, Lad an Men - a, praceptly We
" Pt. ' W.6‘.146'2" 111Y9./k BLACHat . PeiTat: ann. ' • - -
. .. • Caaal Deasy Penn Piblebewer ,
- elerefebre Pryor, itef.l . 3 a 10 ,1• BoarMa:2;e:kne.
alma rrii.!&.'cMok . Aanta.
lea . No. 7, West chest. New rono
,113113 itplloF2i! - •
idoNo - schsHELt sours. -
Vie Arorisfolle and Croxtberlamt to Biltittion - • .
an ilaLadelphla. • ''
lITE-310BNING BOAT leaves the , hart
The Lemma nom um. am.r tcr1.1.4, tor rare
trelock.l=24l. fish the iren at CurCeerlOild ma=
."'ri:trnmsb Belltbrim;. 23 ham,. ~roast SA. - "
Tbser tbecmghte Yhtladelphis, 40 Or
Vas melyS36.
tbis COZabOS toemeeen dumbertioe
take ads deddedly tbebarr . ree
40)Ft. ,
arr l .2l -•• •• Ofdee mthe IdecormethaMt.. 6.11
. .
- LINE •
On the - lenisylvania and. Obio Caaals.
CLARICP. pipits &
.CILtSIBE.n.e.I2I, CRAM YORD & 0., - '
TIIIS well known Line is nor r r tVeed
t e= ll Z 744 t i ser =ears.; sad
Tbe Willits, of tin Lbw are unetinnend in nombe . fian ib it :.
ll'', and InpreaT UM., C 'F bdr ''' •
IWier ' es Plttebarsh and Clee . eebn4 didly.n.i2Jelec
ennnenenn with • Urn of etenmtenta Doreen Mon
tei , llol/ end
se BR. .nd • Llmof tizeld&in xtems&i&e . 3l! ' .` „ 1" ,
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ARD 01.1 . , - 7 -$ birds. NO. 1, for gale by -
;•,s4de • . JAMES DALTALL, GS Water st
New Books!
VAST: .a; - Problem ; reprizqed with. ear, , 1
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et , Ceti— s.tolo of tbo nart t a.o. br. th..Fe.b . ar of
"Pkatate , Lita of 11.ra. Margaret llaitlaaA,
Illator7 Of thomtm, Ctuen of Ztlyb% by Job Abbott;
with moravioara.- ,
~ 14 of notarial Plaid Book of the Ibrroltake.
London Wolea l: `aith"..`l 4 2, l =by •
jolt . • R. C. ATOCKIVN.47 Market st.
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J•l7 : IL C. STOCKTON, 41 Market "..1 : .
VItEESIVAX WANTED,—The higheseprie".
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TIMED PEACHES-100 btushels
'54 S" 8 1. . HAUL
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ACON- lIAMS-10,00 0 lb . s.)Lupf.sior
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DD ACON SHOULDERSs,ooolba.forials
ACON--700011Ds. 11 ams , Sides, Shoo'dark's',
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COTTON -25 Wes (Batting) for ralolti -,4
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IRE BOARD P.BINTS—Eor sale - lit
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