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    Thsluici AccznzaT.—A dreadhl
-A m pp ene a in the Chatham ;street Welsh Chita*
olthfortday night, by which an estimable woman
Win probably lose her life. The imolai had
ham Ooncluded, and the congregation- departed.
kw Olog Mrs- Thumbs, Its widow, with ere obi.
then.) to extlngulsh pto kips, In which cam
- Wane ia burned. .
The Bererend Mr. Owen, the pastor, who was
the last to go away, hating a noise, lacatedbeck,
mid saw a great light in the church. Bushing
Sato it, he .foundohat one of the lamps. had .1.
plated, scattering the burning Stdd round -the
. '„,house, and over the person of Met . Thorosi.—
. the pirthseiv - orthy,..eXerthins of Mr. 0., the
i:llauirs in which she wool enveloped were exec,
knitted as Well , us those which threatened to de
...grey the church, but it Irma found that she wan
IQ ;terribly burned 05 tOICIITC Uttls t if any hope
of her recovary.; She . woe remored to, her teal
dente, where the lash accounta which we re
-•ceirsd, she was lying in great agony. .
Ser. Mr. Owen
.was also painfully,
though; we 'are happy Ito hear, not 'seriously
bpied, In extinguishing the flames. . - This is
: , one amongst a hundred ',similar cane, all pro
ring the danger_of neinicamphine.
gas TirzOUPII
OFITCL —The O'Reilly Tele.
ONco will bo opea to-day from- Bto 10
'o'clock Slllfrom 4 lo 6
-Tait Cutcos.—Four grand peFformanees win
. '., hi' given; at Dan woes! Ciro n s to-day. His
eifueetriatt troupe is an admirable one, and he is
smarmy in himself. The'rent will,doultlese be
'crowded at each representation. - •
Pox Tits Fouant.—The unique exhibition of
Che "River Nile" and Egypt at the Atheneum,
• - ma be shown dim times 'More in Pittaburgh.--
This' morning at 10+; this afternoon at 'B, and
• ',this evening at 8 o'clock. l lf the'strangare dock
ing into town knew the peculiar and were objects
of interest at the Panorama of the Nile and tbe
Ezptiaisl Museum, few • would leave pittaburgh
'Tan Ilinteustits.,-The Magnificent menagerie
of Raymond & Co„ will be exhibited to-day un
der double pavilion,- at the corner of Penn and
Carson streets, In the Fifth Ward:: - ; There will
be four exhibitions 'givenl We trust that not a
""ilingle inhabitant 'of Pitteburgh will surer this
Menagerie to lee re us without taking hie family
F0171.111e or Jots . . AT 08.162FW00D.-,Our road
'it:swill recollect that We delightful mud= will
Se open all day on the Fectith for the reception
of oedema. Onnibussee will= to it regularly,
• sted the fine steamer Eclipse, B. T. White Manz
ter, trill leave her berth, in the Monongahela
^riTST, at the foot of Market atreet„ every hour.
•••!.._. Pram:Pin Escraston. -4Tbe - fine steamer
retllptte, Captain R. T. White, snll• run every
,tour. to Greenwood and Itesedale:Gardens, on
the Fourth 'yr./Illy, from her berth. at tlro foot
41darket street. The boat Will be appropriate.
',lydecorated, and Mahe very fast, will doubt
lees be crowded with.purongers. She • starts
from the Monongahela instrod of the Allegheny
Wharf,- because there is - a probability that any
boatrunning up to the latter wharf, will stiok,
atingle tbe tow water. . I
Tun &ram IrovezThei‘rooms of the Court
House are being thoronghly eleatssed.' The
Courts". will not commence ,to sit regularly for
• Tna Viamaltr Fran CenresrrTizis fine fire
company left Pittsburgh yeelerday, for a hip to
Melleburgh, where they are it) spend the Fourth
of July. They took their ohgine.and two reels
them--were nocompaniad by • band of mu-,
ele; mid their uniforms were{ very neat indeed.
;We haye ' doubt that they willipmid .• very
pleasant day among the Millions of Wellaburgio:
..•.'lfunisner..—..ll,eyor. Guthrie yeeterdey fined
two colored persotut five dollin each, for throw
,ll2l offal on Wylie Street.
ha Stass.-L-The penecuthm against the
signs still continues, and many ere taken down,
which cannot possibly iajar¢ tho public in any
asps or fonn. On the next meeting of the
Gouncils, the obnoxious ordinance will doubtless
be repealed, - but-it is la itself illegal, or at lesst
some of our best lawyers say that. it LL - We
wish some one: Would test the ordinance, since
ire do t not biliooti tho Colinas had any power to
Paula ; ;‘, ;
.Itentrmonso.:;—We are algal to ohm» amtthe
'attars of the buildup on Wylie Stmtet,'whieh
winsharnt down during the into fire there, are
making preparations to rebuild them.
ARlLlViD:—Erpwards of foes hundred labor
ers on theSentral &inroad, 1 =en to town yes
ttrday, for the purpoee of making . preparations
to celebrate the - Fourth offidy•
. . .
Ihsoanaux ConnecT.--Mayar 'Fleming yes
terley .committed two yezeons; charged with
drmknonels and a:orderly Condnet, to wrison—
one for thirty days, and the other for twenty
four- hatirs.. We are happy' to Say that these
were the only: commitments diming the day.
Nrr *iron Hansa.-The new ilittehboase its
the Sixth Ward is now completed. It is built of
brick, India calculated for the reception of about
twenty persons. This lock ep will be of great
advantage to thew'at a i di n g tborm the
discharge of their duties. • tna ¢¢cabh as, on the
present plan, they iire t obliged; when - they sirst
my use at night, to cote down town all the may
to the central watch-house; : thus leaving their
beats unprotected 'until theirrenuit.
Great Calanaation llfeetiny—AllegAeTy •.
Rea, Dr. Preselle -Chureht: gni a.katt
!Week, euentng.
L Oar duty as :citizens in refereatar , to..the
colonization cease, including 'an amino-ea the
swan objections urged againstlthat enterpriatt
.Bpotaker—lion: Jaeptrß Brady.: ,
IL The formaticat of nations always premed-,
ed by Colonisation. ' . Speaker-IttiV.d. Bath's*
• 111. '• effectttal aid whichtalcinizationgives
towards the Evangelization of
• Afries.
•-fter. J. Clark, D. D. -
Ths President of Society, lion. Judgi Lawrie,
will take the chair at the hour appointed. • -
Each 'Masker is limited to 25 minutes, unless
an. Walston DO granted by Tote of the assembly.
The committee of anungements earnestly in-,
site the attention of in enlightened public.
The favor of iticie# publicity to this Fogrant ,
ine, is retpectfully. . requested from the .press of
the . two tittles; whether; religious en. „secular:
The papers which comply, will please se.
bet rithrifkli -8(1 or Tidy, for their fasertion
end copy !ma the religious papers, -which will
be out earlier in the week. - •
14aritasun Was:;
• . Darazt.uClCtaur
Co:wait/ea L'of Airamproists.
~ . .
The committee of irtangerntuatikaving been
tmable to • proottre opeeker for subject No.
the vacancy was filled' is paretuum of the
direction of the chain:Oen of the last mooting of
the Board of Aftutegltri.
• . •W gmaingix,
Bea Bathing-4*llay. N. J..
CoNORESS HALL opesi,foi tb;r6.
ot.Visitart. Tha tomarlotor. thankful Ice. lb
ji tot, oaticomaga hezetatine tiered, iroultzavy
sett Mao Wanting to 'Hit Una oolar
thaVeSent Mann, ft. make bit home their hum. • at ,
attic toms end aceamemodatiow, ha tram, .nub woo
prsr to =Woomera than Lur_tbinti.
zwidea mow the Island. The manna t i ta ' =
t e l t i ozo y eiggogvit aitantla j eol=l,.=dma
and=a m ot a omaloxitr of T t; ' soiewzni as Mbar.,
Fri firm of Clarke, Paris Co&'. Itoclreatar,'
e r la o tbi . Id=ol f r . e2 Dr ct=eVe_om i k the In.
mud .G. Parks. who P eontlatt• tabnigw i t
nder the name and Ark. at Clark .1 Puke.
tbe bahum of tbe late dna to be eettkd by Sakt
Manton Chute or R.
_ -
rittiburgb, Jew 10,1151. bald,
Ei..N:ING made a change in ousleaktese
by the I.:urban at 0. Intarost the
of 'Marko, hats t Co., 611 . 111. bnairten of oat ynyti Doak,
. V alms Lerue to Cleveland.
pitio:d Micbipn Lin. to Zr,
- :1.4.1 Zete,
15.1Wy BeaverSino to Alessillou,
Expren Packet Lim to Lltireasod,
And aLa tae Minutes pertaining to eminnonta Nieggalt
maLßearer, lel/1 tom oone hereafter I throtigh JOHN A.
pAulltiES. oar Agent .t Pittetrutitb e P.. Miaow:nap
of Water and benlasield stmts.
j. 12 , Rmb.t.r.
r*rPLAPS' SWORDS-44st reed, lot
f goi t hto Templortmord s , with the emblaiwatht
I. allyUl'rect. . .
myth . W. W. WILSON.
ENOII LINENS,of v*ious qualities,
... „ ...111`.4 , Alirrialtr gr a gnELD .
443 _
W — Xn,—Casb paid -for Wo
avid by
mijar s tn.
ju INSEED OIL-150U galld. pure, for sale
by .-J. 04know:. WCOd AVM um a co..
ARD OIL- 7 10 bble..puri„.
do Nal
ABBIVAL - . 01 , TEE
The steam.ship Prometheus, from Nicaragua,
arrived this morning. She brings 2.50 passen.
gers, L and adrioes from San Francisco to the al st
' The steamer Tennessee, from San Francisco,
srrived at Panamaon the 20th of June, with 200
passengers, and $25,00,900 in gold.
The. burnt districts at 8m Francisco and
Stockton. were again newly built OTC?, and the
people were in no respect disheartened.
Bushjeas at Ban Francisco, and throughout
the inking districts, WWI active, and the yield of
The agricultural prospects of the country were
highly encouraging.,
There were confirmed rumors of Indian diffi
culties in the northern parts of the State, but
the Commissioners who were treating with the
WWI, tribes, are reported to have met with ex.
eelleat metes In treating with them.
The recent firea have bad little effect upon the
market, The &notion houses were doing an ac
tive business, but clothing, boota, shoes, &e.,
were extremely doll; and excepting for a fow'on.
tittles, prices were 10 per cent comer than on the
15th of May. -
The steanams, Northernor and New Orleans ar.
rived at Panama on the 3d of rune, the former
with $600,000 in gold, end 125 passengers, and
the latter with $400,000 in gold and 350 passes-
Os. • .
.11 , can the'Atia Californian, of Nay 31
• Our . city la Wilt up again. In our last issue
We tout of its distraction, and now of its recto.
ration.. There two area bad not as' much offices
as was antieipated, in raising the prices of
Ile Market, in consequence of the large quanti
ty of goods on ship board, and the large cargoes
which have arrived since.
• .. - •.
The Whig and Democratio Turtles have each
made illicit nominations, and- the contest for
Stele Officers and Congretormen is now fully open.
Thst.Wkdg nominations were made with unanmi
ty,,,and, probably the:Democrats will give quite
as undivided - a support to their
The Whig State Convention which assembled
in Sin Francisen on the nth of May concluded
its sitting on the 29th. The following ie the tick
et they put in nomination:.
For ,Ckteernor—Piansolt IL Beading, of Shasta.
Lieut. Gorrenor 7 Drury R. Batter, of Tuelam-
, -
Justice of Snort= Coteft—Todd Robinson. of
Aitonsty %nerd—RlO. D. Hair, of San Jon-
Btato Comptreller—Alex. Gable, of Si Pre:.
Stan, Trenaareo—J. M. Bart, of Butler.
Saringar. General—Walter Herron, of San
Frandato. -
l'im Copgrati—E. J. C. Karon, of Summon
er, B. F. Moon, ofjnelamne. ,
. . The . Denmerata nominated John Thar for
Goremor,- and Samuel Purdy for Lieut tinter
:7.lmin.! of 84reme Conrt.-8. H. RideLfeldt.
Treneerer=—lt Rolm.
- ' Comptraler—W. 8: Wimlow. I .
Attorney Genersd—S. C. ijastings.
'The puospects'otagrieniture are very good.—
The late rains hive materially increased thepre-
Debility of good crop... •
A disgraceful riot occurred at Nevada on the
26th of May. A Mr. Hayden claimed a lot on
Oregon Hill; others also claimed it. He sold his
claim to a party and : went to put them in pos
amnion: .He w as attaelced by one of those who
had it in possession for some days, with as axe,
while another fired a pistol, whereupon a gener
al Set ensued. : EdwardJaaks, of Roscoe,
was aid W. Moans mortally wounded
Rumors of,Tutilan dilllaultles and skitaishes in
the northern part of, the State, are rife.
Reins from the.loamath mines is set down in
the Sturman= as rather discouraging.
Advises from Oregon city to the 24th May,
here been received at San Francisco. The pro.
pallor Sea Gedl struck on a bar in entering the
Colambia,injuring her screw. She is hauled up
and, undergoing repairs.
The ship Frank Johnston, from Hanna far
St.Tstarstanw,. pat in at this port to-day, short
of ;traria' lotus: She reports the ship Sally from
New _Orleans for Liverpool, u tearing been struek
by lightning when 12 days out, and burned to the
The;?. Johnston took the crew on board, to
gether with $1,00,000 in specie.
PASAMA., Jane 16.
The'Panama Star has advice. from Bogota to
the =1:1 May. An-Insurrection had broken cmt
in the provinces 'of Put* and Tuquerro. Gen.
Pncrico • proceeded with a force of 600 men to
the scene of,rebellion in Pastel, and eucceeded
In driving the insurgents from their quarters.
Be afterwards discovered that about 400 of them
had escaped into Ecquador, headedby their chief,
Zers.:; Gen.. Franco then proceeded to Tuquerro,
where s decent. battle ensued. Many lives
were lost an both aides, and a number of rebels
were taken prisoners. •
The insurgents, being totally defeated, took
•M s in the adjoining 'province of &quadrir
leasing their dead and wounded on the field.—
The , leading insurgents escaped into &qua
Ithootrateitement prevailed at Bogota. Con
frere had passed tt law abolishing slavery be the
Wahine Panami pipsis le' the 16th of Jane.
The simmer Aspinwell, while on her way down
freinChagres to Gorgon., was ran into by the
steams: fiorgons. The concussion is described
ark being ctresda, bat - none of. the passengers
- Cameos, July 8.
The 'Whig State, Convention assembled in this
city this monsing, and was permanently organ.
iced by electing Hanson S. Penn, of grown Co:,
President, and the appointment of 21 Vice Pres
idents. Secretaries. •
Alter preliminary proceedings. the COLIVCIStiOI2
proceeded to vote 91176 VOiC, by coitnties.
.t3smnel F. Vinton, Thomas Ewing. Hiram M..
Griswold 'and Wm. P. Coker were severally
named as candidates for Governor. Mr. Ewing
and Griswold were withdrein, end the result of
the votidg'ints.
Vinton - 212
Colter - 38
Mr Cr:sloe-was then declared duly nominoted.
The votes for Cutter were principally from the
%item Reserve.
The Convention then took o recess until two
ThisCenvention re-assembled at 2* o' lock.
Theo resolution appointing a Committee of 21
on resolutions watt taken up.
Mr. , Sherman 'advocated its adoption in
speech of earn length, , on the ground that it
was doe to the
party that the Convention
ehould drake some destination of principle. He
thought it thst it was understood that such com
mittee wield be aPpointed, end wee surprised to
hear anToPposition to it. • .
A. motion to lay on the table was lost. The
Resolution Committee will report this evening.
Mr. Zekley, of Carroll county, was nominated
tor.Liiittidrant Governor. 4 '
Mr. Earltdll, , of Erie, wu nominated for Sec
retary. of State..., Mr. Stansbury for Attorney
Gatirral,, and John Weeds for Auditor of State.
- Several other .nominattoce were made, after
whiehthe Conaeatioi took a mem until
• ' • liiiniantatts, July
The. Whig District Comm:Wei which mot hers
toelay, to nominate s candidate for Congress,
adjourned 'lns die, without making • nomi
nation, . ,
The: testimony ha the cue of Gee. Taloott
closed today, end the Court adjourned until
NEW °REELED, July 2.
The Mazur Haidee was loin recently on the
Ouichits river.
Wastuscrros, July 3.
Tbe . Republic of this morning announces that
the Department has already issued two millions
and a half of postage stamps, end 4 sealing
them out at the rate of 4,000 per day. Th.
Philadelphia manufacturer is making betwen 3
end 400.090 daily, and will soon be able to man,
&actor* a supply for the whole country.
• WMIIIINOTOS, July 3, .
The - District Attorney, Feudal, after consult.
Ina erith the. President and Attorney General,
has hinught.' the attention of the Grand Jury to
the alldged frauds of the Mexican Commission-
New 0/41[A311, Ju T y p.
G. P. Benjamin, President of tho Tehuante
pec Hai !road, lawn to-morrow for %alarm,
•• AS=CO.
No. 11 , ‘ WoeS
on business connected With the Compannand
the hiezictin Goiernment.
ST. Loots, July 3.
The river opposite this city is at a stand--
The Miuouri is reported rising at St. Joseph,
but falling below. The upper Mississippi is ris
ing slowly.
The levee remains inundated from one end to
the other.
Cotton—The market is arm, at en advance of
upon the rites before the arrival of the
Nvw YOTR, July 3, 9} s m
Flour—:The market is inactive, but prices are
very firm, with small sales of common brands at
$4,28 V. bbl.; but holders ask an advance.
Rye Flour and Corn Meal—bales of Rye Flour
at $8,87, and Corn Meal at $2,87} gl bbl.
Grain—Wheat is in limiten demand, with small
sales at 94c for red, and 1000 for prime white.
Rye is scarce and wanted, at - 72 e 18 Int. Corn
is inlair demand, with sales of 8000 bet. Penna.
yellow afloat, at 63c. Oats are . dull and lower,
with salts 5000 bn.. Penna. at 42048 e
Whisker-811m at 2.4 c per gallon.
Provisions are dull. Groceries are quiet.
Newil'oa , July .
Cotton-The - market is firm, at a • advert e of
IC, since the arrival of the steamer, with ales
of 400 bales.
Flour—The market is firms, with sales- 4,800
bbla at $4 25 for State; and $4 50 for Gentle•
Rye Flour and Corn Sleal—Sales of the form
er at $2 94@3 of the latter at $2 121 per bbl.
Grain—Wheat is firm, with isles 4000 bush.
els Ohio at 96i. Sales 0000 bushels tailed wes.
tern cora at 5765.5 e per blab_
Provisions—The market is quiet, and un.
'Linseed CO--Sales 1000 gallons American a
613 e.
Stock—U. S. 6's have improved Hales
Ohio nixes, 1860, at 107/. Indiana State fives,
83 offered. Illinois improvement s}. Pennsyl
vania fives 95.
?law Your, July 3. -
Stocks—United States sixes, 1867, have ad:
winced }, closing at 116 i: do., 1868, haett do-
dined }: Canton Co., are* lower, closing at 69f.
Cotton—The . market le steady, with sales 12,090
Flour—Sales at $4 25@4 31 for State and
good western,and $4 37@4 50 for eoutbern.
brain—Wheat is in fair demand, with tales
of 6,000 bushels prime at last quotations.
• New OILLIA3B, July 3 .
Cotton—The total sales yesterday were 0,000;
ad this morning 2,000, at unchanged prices.—
, eaters are awaiting the steamer's news.
Provisions—Mess pork sold to the extent of
200 bbla at $l4. Mayon is improving, with sales
of sides at 84®8}.
Br. Loots, July 3.
The market is generally stationary, with light
Flont--Stoall sales transpire at $3 50 for fine,
$3 70®3 75 for secondhand, and $4 50 for ex
Grain—Wheat is selling at 76®78c. Holders
of corn are asking an advance, in consequence
of the improvement at New Orleans, oats are
sold at 29 .®32e.
Hemp-3e in moderate demand, at $74 11 ton
for common, and sin for prime.
Lead—The market is i arrive, with sales of
upper mines at $4 35(744 37i 100, the latter
figure being (or small lots.
Prolisiorts—Oleos pork is quoted at $l3 256
13 50 ? bbt. Lard is selling at Be€B.l for No.
1 inbble, and 9+ ®9I in kegs. Bacon is in lim
ited inquiry. Good ,boulders are selliug at 60
61, ribbed aides ileBe, clear do €4; trams
bagged, 9c for prime canvassed. •
Many personli are found saying, "The
will to do good is present with me, but
how to perform that which I would, I find
No true child of God is willing to lire a
cumberer of the ground; himself a recipi
ent of boundless mercies, yet never corn
tem:dotting to the happiness of others;
well he may when ho considers the greatly
superior talents of others. But has our
Lord no work for those of humble endow ;
Barrotr, July
Yes, blessed be God, there is work for
each and all. They may. work in many
ways; but especially and pro-eminently
may every earnest child of faith do good by
commending the Holy Scriptures. Moat
persons who have a willing mind may rea
dily connect themselves with the Sabbath
school. Such may gather around them
young minds, ready to give attention to the
truth if it be fairly presented. But what
is it fairly to present the truth of God? 1
Truth demands of its teachers not only
the commendation of his intellect, but also,
and much. more, the commendation of the
heart. The Sabbath school teacher, of all
persons, requires to have his own soul a
perennial fountain of the love. In this
connection three qualifications must be
named as indispensable: _ Ist. The teacher
of divine truth, of God's holy word, must
love God with all his heart, soul, mind and
strength.. 2d. He must love God's holy
word, because it is God's word, with in
tense affection. 3d. He must love every
human creature .for Christ's sake, and glad
ly spend and be area for them.
let He must love Emanuel with a love
as much , superior to his love for man as the
heavens are higher than the earth. It
must be no ceol, civil respect; no mere
distant admiration; no infrequent and un
feeling communion; no service rendered at
the instigation of an 4 uneasy conscience; it
must be the outpourings of a full and over
flowing soul; the irresistible emotion of an
affectionate and trusting heart; the fixed
confidence of long tried friendship.
2d. Because the Bible is the word of the
Friend thus loved, ha must study it mower
riedly; by night and by day; at home and
abroad; alone and wi t chothers; with joy or
without; in
. prosperi r y or in adversity; in
health and in ; sickn;ss; in n wealth e and in
soverty. He must now its stores as the
killful physician knovrs the resources of
his art. He must beell read in the law,
io the gospel, in t e prophets, in the
Psalms; able to turn t a moment's notice
to that prescription of the great Physician
which meets the symptoms presented to his
notice. Ho mast haw applied each of the
fundamental truths so often to his own
souls maladies, as to know with certainty
when and how to apply each to the necessi
ties of others; as to know the probable and
almost certain result o' the application of
his prescriptions. He must needs be such
a lover of the truth fcr its own sake and
for Christ's sake, that it shall matter not to
his' own practice whether all mankind ap
plaud and emulate, or whether all condonin
and spurn; whether he is sustained by the
approving voice and practice of every pro
fessed- follower of the Lamb, or whether
they desert him to a man. He must live
so near and walk so constantly with God
and the Lamb as to see all men and things
through the eyes of Emanuel.
3d. Doing thus, it will be no servile
pbedience to conscience, no mere perfunc
tory and tasteless engagementoo endeavor
to benefit the souls of others. Oh, no!
The teacher of God's truth will pour out of
the fullness of a heart and soul hid with
Chad in God such treasures as shall be
felt, even by unconverted persons, to be
treasures of no common worth.
Bo filled with the Spirit, and overflow.
Become like the Sun of Righteousness, a
source of light and heat. The feeble must
do as he can; but be thou strong in the
Lord and in the power of His =gilt.—
LIQUORICE ROOT-5001N. for sale by
.$44 Z. SELLERS.
IaDSIIifETAL-560 tone for sale by '
MOBACCO--- , X kegs (Gedge'o) No. 1 Six
.11.d2rIst, .01. by' 65 54f415/111.
aO4 7 floor s
WO%. TWINE-500 lbagc r ir sale
k by
111.).°.1 .1.15--204:0 tan SoftTn? . o., for sale by
AND 011-10 bbls. No. I, for sale by
TANNERS' 01L-50 bbls. just. receiving
be coati, and Ibr de by JAXES MIZELL.
a. 2 GS, Astir it.
1100 v AIME?.
How to do Good.
B ROOMS -250 doz. common to best;
Y ~ IA " ntinisOrlittgl
8 1 11 In AD-10 hbla. No. 1; •
hf `• for eale by
myfir BURST:IW K !
'DEFINED SUU A RS--10G Clar -7 " — ified
tkorderesh and Cruel/al *sr
/12. OLDEN SYRUP-In hf. bbla. =crib gal.
se ra from lb. St. Louis Refinery irr sale by
IICE--20 tierces Carolina, for sale by .
Woodworth's .Patant Planing Nadine.
ECENT decisions (see Pittsbiirgh Daily
clEtalat . L.,1,101% inD%VarPAMV
the stibacriber le eon. prepared to sell the tight to ne e
thin Machines In the State of Neer York; and le Penney/.
nia le the mind,* of Bradford. Crawford Clint:m.olk.
kkereyeance.ul;uncerileUticeziNe. tivSean6.ll9.oeleig,,,,P,o.tter,
day of are Patent ed
and th e patent, having been ey,
tended by speelel act of Contirece to the iou. day of Decem
ber. toed, Lae non ati Mrs cutexpired Conn. Tula Mr
china, at one operation. redone to • thickneo. and Wand
lowat of 411 . 1. or pl . bolo :n o loth alireetOr° thei s tan bat go!
11.1 "." If. iteZirti'd"tlforrlf iti=silillr4o=tutt
All kilts of meths are perarmed by It In a dor Mere
ne and Ibur three ea eryeditionsly and chtnply, as It can
be done or any other Machina.
The hero of
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1100ete Machina lbr pinning. tostrulg
enalley. Prone pre mten gfgrpcat"VnimiVeNlow
trities hundredths of ell the piamte r lumber need In oar
Inrce.citins and Invite la note droned with Woodirott.h . a
mown.. which may be Neu In constant omen= In the
plardtig mllls at &atoll, Philadelphia, New fort
Albany, Troy. home, DU.. 8 7rartlae. Gene., DIGAIrhe
Jaineetown Cheese. Lockport. Erie. Pittebersti, E th an.
(Moue. illighemptn, ao. AA
For no exclusive mile right tot nee these Alsel lern.
which ail are conhfoeed agnenst medley or ut.Oo
Whorl rig 4, In any of the ahoy@ ceneiee, apply In
JOLIN GIBSON. Plaidnyc Mille.
Atethr, N. T.
- A Vegetable Compound. •
IrIiMMNER'S BALSAM, nn Infallible rem,.
Ain °it f gllt r . r e b ln II:ill u rilrAt` 1 1 7 arTff.;g:
clone remedy under all eltwuniatancea has•bean wed
....;11=p1 r ; r =r failing
I, ,eirt te.. ;l3 l l , ;lloM. our=
firt. the loot two or three year. as per mania.. wt.,.
panylng the medne, In pamphlet Vino, Lbstdretis of
meet of both Children and Malta, have been repel lad
retleved by the above Da/sam, after every other remedy
bad been WO in vain.
The following hi • Cler of a oortigeate relative to the MP
tnea, etc., of the above Begun. Mted m the family of the
Bee. J. 11. Powar, of We Metleslist Eke* Veneer., of taia
wera?neVal Wig ' 47:47 to Trrx;:bfg ff.grt
flora. bat with Maks.... buc.heartUff or 70.0
I procured one bottle, which I hare need, In my Wally,
with groat Seeress and I feel free In nem:emend It to thy
Libe, as a vallilg . ,toed trlo l izina DitztirtATilLinglAt .
m ore, June
The above Syrup or Debate ft prepared and sold whole;
ale and retsWat PAMUEL C. =liitgliM Drug htere,
northeast corner of Orchard and Main Wrests: at the store
of thrill:or Al Co, on Mt. baton. fe‘eritb end
ftreets. west aide ,edit the principal Drug and
other, om, In the Meat fpneraDy.
abw, for axle br P. N.Wicker:lnm. Pittsburgh: JeeePti
Doeiglass. Alleghen,; SIcCIM land, Manche* ten John
Fitzgerald, Synth Pittsburgly, Wm. J. theitti. Temperance.
elite; John O. Smith, St the thrminghem Drug Puce, Bur
mlughant Iwilyhthy Gregg. Mat Newton; EL 11. Kern,
tbsabetin Perry Beget McKeesport • torlDwlnnli
New Boike
lITE Life and Times of CALVIN."' 4:7n
the . l i. T tet i o ir en ttierleted free 47-14 ,
- Lean :Nee On,"
enrol Trawl: by 11l lbritattentr I vet, Area.
IrAnblateeb new work.-tbe Aotbenitrof Col. au taw
heat:yt e i b o et&drlut d
ft (rat.)
Sl: illustrated . . ," 21... IL 8"."
Letters to my ithlps, with Narratlro and itiographkel
ditetchee of Iles L IL Fleteaser.
Jfernoir of the her. Henry Wetwat Foe 11. A with an
Introductory heat, by the Raw C. P..tiollwatire . . IL D..
BLthop of Ohio.
:Theory and Prattler of teeehlne. the Modelle sod
3.l.tboui et Good seeso xeninz - De v ll Pe" A. M-
ChriAL. En...knee. a dirnley In the writing of re.
Nut; by the author of - Caristlan Rellretoeut." •
Llyer of eta canon of the lewlaration of Independence:
by Y. Dwinht, PA,
r lbo Walter Oolton Sete of 1 1 a!o.
robe ilhearued.
•• - • •
Lire. of rho Querns of England, tram the Darn. Ora
questa 'With al.:dotal a their Calrtit 1Z Tula, ninth.
hlamoir et bar. Alaxander Waugh. D.D.,,anthiielorthins
from his apialolary normal:ln:arum br the has. Janet
D. D. The shorn deft. sr. hir nee by
A. ft- V:01101 *DO.. 1 Word et.
Willow Island Bairn for Sale.
rjEIE persons who were highest bidders for
the I.7na. Island Yen, at. the month of Co. Creek:
o:d en. . Yu. to October laid, baring fsiled de r ratit
the terms of thia the inthadiber again oder far rola.
on the prendres. at public...lea to the Xeres asol not
biti .bu te i r t g A ttairs rrn :i , a r ~ t 4ti b rattt.
manta. <curtain, of a lathe too story Bath Iroo, ho ~ toot
o th a =tat substantlal manlier, and treW loathe.
with • 101 l of aster Ma ther. ► ►nd state
orchard of Coo l .0.. the aad startantial ann.
Wel? a k hag d rlnla l r• ifra "d rbiron n it " .I'h nel
other Deakins,. et.a npo tha primates, math stoWitiat
and sear in sad rerattirria nth of acne ad
one my, with abundanor of oral and lamb= and tt,
rrivilege of the me of •
r* 00. U. transpokation of
lumber. ante te., to the aver. lit this tract there are
anent 165 sera a .and bottom lath of oath fertility.
about no arra of elearal eiphisid , and the ..loon Ms.
Lena. The abed, loin the NMI C.:10.14011. sod with:read
• -
.. • , .
for farther ranktilars. apt for • wisp of the prradate,
sr to the sutterriber. wa the .Dot. ,
. ertaa—A cash payment of twa thou...l:lMM to b.
Le de... met the remalader In ere mamma perrarltta:
'nth I caveat from the day of Sale—tb• hatchet the the
whale to be eettled RP at atd.b....r.1e....51M,R,
Notice. .
ETTEKS Administrationen the Estate
LA of Pm John Andrew& hs of Pittsburgh. dstensoest.
baeo bean
_granted to the uadelatiened. (Me. on Gnat
in neat), All persons Indebted to said no tate. ail 'unmated
to call and wale linassdastaly, and thiass_talljeg_elatnis to
Inzr , w i tma without diday.
Bunton' Notice
NOTICE le hereby given that the en
,tfeneaet WIN? touffituted Eseentar• of
IM.• Jtho 31eltintusts, has of Hstlfass township.
Ailsasny meaty, drowsed. Th•rtlorn as otracAsi fur
lug ann. entest rotate nftalmrn nnn , nada
Aa ftftleatest, sal all thaw Isdobt.4 'Aro fatpalred to
note itHw.fitts Stfratot to either of the ostwribers.
aNixtzw SHAW,
asnetaana, ,
Portable Thrashing Machines, Separators
and Corn Rollers,
W A . R o B to \nrk TED to bo ., t i b o
91 . 0 1. 1 . .. ett :gor rgb isa . P t r i . owriber h, l a a . aLltollZ=l. Sna b. Pagt
ha, ample nod rompet, are WI, removed frees Pace to
also otalhe wood wish bawd msyytieno. In ban or
dd. No mac lin row linhtor. WWI. faster, vg mhos
loiter work. Slop than 9.P/0 or thaw an now In awl,.
tha to SUP. and as pour tan of the Montagu,.
31.7 of than have thrashed Gom On to POMO buottels
warn also, on thorough Utah the/ Owe born noweastoutt-
PI by thou who rue them, to b. aa anaplote. ant to wort
Y wall aa any lo the world.
The Populace to 'UPI. Patent, with Bacolan . • harm.
meat, and to attached to the Tbrashar, oral araater weir
agate. the Prato and chaff front Cho grails, and b oo gips
palls oattsfution wbonever trba. It tales lint Uttar:ow.
or to ron it and can be attached to an T TbrarbLer,
chine now used Tla advertiser. alio hare the Pahl of
senior rights for this Porantor In tip Pte. of Penns} I.
ranla and Tuglns s and all math of those Plates aorkthe
Obi° firm aW gaol tha PfLodowiroj mgr. aml all onto,
Pala of Ohio. escort the countlow or TroPholl 11.114. Volum
Plow •
The Corn Sheller is elm Root's Fata l. cal Nom alba
bo.t in use, being Mess 4mo not likely to lest att of order.
an have brealmildinu and 'mains them Mahlon abr
thirteen years In flu mry of Platetowath and ben self
gnat cumbers, and war ass ac imams mewled when
WaY bays rename entire unearth=
ponMsainc whir...via with thableibic• &arab
acsompach4 with dlreeLlone how to eat It to operation.
N. LI —AU Madams warranted to work well. or av
A Bargain!
TILE SUBSCRIBER offers for sale a Town
Le[. to lYckYon•ol,ltlatia county. Pa.. BO fet , t In
tomsarid I t itsoki spas snitch is situstaidl • rgsalc
Bows ono .ad hilt stories blab. Dist t Trost br
test. with a goal csllar midst lb. - srbote. 1 nil sell thn
toittilr for oath. drgasods. or grad rdostin clothing. Tits
prlca of thy act , peqy 1. thUtl. warr,otrd
Tor farthss_lairter shay eaqulry Tbmils Taylor, ant
of arotma JOIINT. TAYLOR,
isisistaaltS.. • Shamans. Wiailhation sm.°,
tifs tu ri al.ras% .Irll., 1 47:4! ff "" r"'47
. .
• .
rpm R. B. CLATION. ted, CormilariUs. )11.04444:
morn. A. Tammy* cooi bar* bleu Aeolus
it. o
ero:atone Too thno Tram, oaf okr or kOOON It busk.
ref ratirfortiou InvorialAy. Our yhyrldatia moscuurud
and paretwo It kr unto their yraefku.
our Touegrat 0011 d. stout .1 - 1 Iran Of di.. for /Ara
mouths 0.1 orkproms of </Air , al hart itarrrair•
thenemod les usuallr adaduirta row tondo! Mid to
_ k ;ti o r!
(at a mann) a don of Tour irtialfurr. " 'whlli b . sento...l
day afterverdo. hrouthr .w.ft t ra 4,,A.1,07
girr7411 . 14° ) Z,!1,1, aT, 41: 3 17z.vtfront
rrriuito.o. whleo rapriird about 00.0((0m.. mod- Plao
kr. a4MY proleo Utah. ard under Prondroeo v
frinsT if .47l/41. IL
Poo 'Web) , U. A. r AWNIOTOCE CO..
folrzyfl ''''"filutvtrgALV=7.
Land for Salo.
TIIE tindersignod, Executors of John Con.
ologbaco. Irlll. &meth') to Kt last trlll sod WU,
night, entonn to rai. tato, on tb• manses. on ltrlda,
the ern day ot Annan n.y.t, o clock. • FA= of 17h
was, •Itott•ct on the tdonotrah•la nem ont,blll
%Wye .11eKceonort.ter 011310 toonthlp.All.tbeny ennoty.
Tbl• Farm mutat. alma 30 acted of Cool , of tool quan•
tyggy of Sams to the fl yer. ••
h aro tetioast•d to •munins, by anplitntfonto
!Woo an,nlostnnr., /oho Wittig, or Thorns. O. Pattrl•
son. Xd
APPLICATION be made to the nest
a foreLero rintlded by Act or Ammobly) lbr
latariot Saving Pond lootitotIOO) for Um Ci th eo.
l&poodto Bank of Pittrborgh. Capit•l to be DA lea &Imo
SillklAk , . nor more than 10/0010. .19;erfcr8
Curnor of Third AM }locket *trout. ' Clouted A. 1)
o Tim only Cbartarod lartliotio of the klod lo Penn
acctrr—ohoirn Pcincipil Instructor in Lb*
Mourn of Account*. .
. . • . •
O.K.CnantntUn. Moreno, of Prnomanohip. }reran.
011. Compononno. , An. -
Lo AMAMI L. WAsuon. Mitt Lecturer on Oettonerchtl
Bonn or Tantrrna—llon. Wm.‘ Whin.. Hon. Juan
Auchonant Lon. John 11004.0. Uon..Charlee Itortor. 100 .
Moue. lint ptoo, Lon. W. LOWlias ve. J. R. SfeChotnltt,
ifnho t Antientori S. O. Oen. K. Dloorehent, Jason De.
lear l ;gri deT u ar;; L eee &a . m. Attn.*? ea
Low; haws Tamy..)tarcbum: U. A. Pryor. Aemontont...
Students no enter thi
1.1. 11 1¢0 00Lon n I unitutlon at on, inn, and ob
117, bah do .0. areafooo ..
I.l. 7A . TWiplontn,
Peit b*" d t
6 1p, 24:17I q _ k Tr7c o m t ilr.0 1 ,1r_o k
Clla;te ' rod 'mono anus blood to Pannurin.. unttin ' ante/
Una addroned to O. Chambertnu. 7111 mon with
attention. noting
4 W. FOSTER, Attorney and Coon
eenor et Law, No. Ff Fourth dint. nnr 1 . 1 ""
ttrol , oarlOntlenB
FARM. FOR. SALE .-4. Faits, situate ie.
North Iluotheztou tawTotto s Westroorlohdf
contalsdas 244 AMON of good land, y les o f
bt, Peuto, - )fes. Pstotorotatkothont—about M ame anted.
lmsco to 'heavy umber, within one tale of the Yothdalo,
=I Stook Water, two cellos from the Peonsylvora• Halt
and on. mile ftoso , ,lookaoneille. ItoPo , ootoot‘._exo
slat o • two gasp Loet Dwelling itoneo,.took P.M .t , C.
frame litobto, Mut Untemity outbuilding.. Apple °rams.
Mkt Press, We. Title todleyotsbte. Yoeternu.lneuln ou
the prettthwo, of 11011CIIT O. LIFJUJIT.
eltrw EPP "
Professor AL C. Barry's Trleopherous, -
'Ur lowing tastimonlal le nom Nu M.D. Minor alba
Somata.. Arnerken. Comment on mob evidence Is CLO
Vat. rob. 34. VAO.
Dam's Tricopherons is m article that we take pleasure
P a awarding the highest commendetions. eta do me& ir
nil.. Ws mnlmmendationottnnera. bat treat our ow* pep
tonal knowinlito urn. streets upon the halo while Mende
totem:. It healthy. eat,and.gioesy. It oleo removes d a m.
drug. prevent. grny bolt, mat Inviamelea its Meat itl
meaner vnegv.lled bi.7,Dther compoeition known to
na A. person only needs to nes OW bottle to be cm:Mooed
of this truth.
Bold m bottle. ;dice 2.s . kettro, at tbe principal oat, 137
Drosilear. Nor ork.
Cold enlarge bot tles. price mats. et
ore by' H. IL NM * 96.
Wee - :(17.117 Wad*.
Ilelfairy's Philadelphia & Liverpool Line
of Packedm
~..44Sailing from Philidelphin on the . Atack.
18tb. sod Llverpool on th e Ina eseh month.Mit
SHENANDOAH. W. P. ti Winer, Master.
EUROPE. Nathaniel O. Rani, Manta.
' BERLIN. Alfred Y. Malt.b._Pdarter.
.• SHACRAMLEON, Coew,) W. West, Muter..
The above ohlpe are bat h of the beet and most costly
materiali, noted On the repair of their Penmgea
they roe ottmtut/ with all Wed Improvements, ars most
thoroughly 'ventilated, and are nnsurpmend Mr their so. for &mid aud. and Skew Ittserenne;
they are commanded hymen of acknowledged taint. who
eats nenallel for their experlenee In the packet win..
Tenons &view of bringing their Wends front the Old
Country ran obtain eertlor of puts" whin will I.
'goal for eli f ht monthly and one agents In i l , elhgade s i Lit.
relstlv thwegb the
• ; the conmuleme namengem wining; to end sod.
Det.w. =POT drafts lar filsrllotgAnd Mal.
tt eig without diemitt. whin. will be endsed by taly of
he Hanks or Poet Meet lo the Unin Ifingdoso. •
/WProvislons auppllod Damen/raw mmlng him Liver
er Eiery week the following papillae will he finished
melt pueetmer of 12 years of age end one 2X it .. Weal.
2 lba. Moe. 2 or.. tea, 6 lba. oatos.l, X lb. mini 1 lb. flour,
X lb. molars., and 1 lb. port . Untie, 12 ]nn of am, 6
breadstuff; 1 lb. pork, hallallitewante of waterend
agar, and half ellowne• of ton, nava and molsones.
be. al Walnut street, below !mond. Ehrdekulik '
_.. i. _.
United States Hotel at Philadelphia: —
. . ..
risllE SUBSCRIBER respectfully - iktincnin
:thl 4, ' ll ' idi ls en Tl " llit 'a Pio th rlet t livrdratriVlVZ
tiTATEIS ROPP.. m lous kot. vu motel= with IN!
Hotel under the late Proprietor. he Ueda per** ash lis
emulsive its old patrons, that nothing shall be 'revalue
rir i t.
to mains Its previous mutation as the best tot ti use
pr d ltTirs trv; eltg ".. eatilinl i vrme b rt.. grain- .
muter au& tlou to Na theatre vatnivtiviett , the ax.
senior. - 41 000rfort of Lulea. Bathe y daPerte
ed to airs 2.1141 i, 'ohm ic & solicits : t e a
i rsor d ir w
Pl.'' . "6431.41 - ow 1. Gr. - o ALLIN. ,
AitiE r a%Dbatr u, ' ls " ° ! ° 813!ikiV"'•
AGILEY, WiSC — iiSWARD Whole , -
'" • oak Chrows.l46.' 221 ltaikot rt.; Phils4olphla. .ell
W . ALD, BUCYKOR' & CO., Tobacco
. .oomadsOoft 4ferebauti. N 0.12 1404th Astor Am;
D. 16 North Whorreo, PhUldelphls.. , . • mist
MERCIER JC Al77l,o,;(3lenrifal
KATT Cent. saved to - Couptry-Marchante:
St.• J. KING Dealer in BOOTS AND
/MOM No. 45 North &mod etiset. PttUedelilt*
ha Jost reed from the ottaanactory extend. WM emu
seledsa 5,5 <k of the goods. which will be .old at 20
per amt. hwe than eau be purchased In the chr, for ash
ureter weeeptutea •
12 will do well to call tearre porahados.
mr.3. • • .•
Shawls! Cloaki!
S. 1111
uD 14 No. 6 Cartlandt et„ N. York,
7 1
z o r
z t
loc o r i
B • . b s a
tiv:.utu lrl 3V • r b = o 'a a• , • r b zial
`tun uwataaesd al /mob and Ono= Square and Lops
.ktroeho Bay* of avalTjuadio
Ath, on *atonal,. nook of Cobol% ? , lerina on,
firsoln. and Valved CLOPICd. dIASTILLAd. MACES. dn. or
various f bap. it 'trios mannfacturod from Yalds NE
WT, of hos o.lll.2lXttat.Rta. received sead.montbly per
Ilaror ateantara
.. . „
'onts Ito el:octal atfrofloo of &wham eta Wart.
aro Herehtpts to the Oren. as they mill fad no more.
meat at bbanna and roalpmado emir Am Laden nom.
nnsurnamed to Lb* city.
nmenor WIRE IMOW vans. for rablbitlnn
?baw and Mantilla.. &met In crazy nolomat PHU and
Comb.. in it and peach.
Office for Foreign Patents,
Wart., N. York, and 166 Flea et, London.
yull luSarmstlon w tl. abort <zap hsi% sdrFlug .
my-BZ= 11 . Wall stmt.
Superior Black Writing and Copying Ink,
JONE'S EMPIRE INK, 87 Nassau street,
80a Buildings, Noir Tork. -
tltunt. os a. " r_ a r r., .
r - ;tr..
8 tn. 613 Too. --- 25
On tinonkt.por gallon-....-23 OM=
This L• the Not ankle. tnanfattred. It CM/
I. • gout t2WYIB7U Etft—nitt win not carman nsonld,
Onnaltoto tassora all the OloUttea ntpanln
ed for • good Wriuns Ink, mltabl• for tb• Q.lll, and ods
tatralAy unpin! for Um Wool ben.
Tin rotOontittod to prone] to farniab to tkot trod* *4
'ln An supont or bons manu a l:2ton. at- the ••••• , 117
of r tasordiy.and 4•llen/ la any ant
211.E0 . 2013 mum
.27 Ltsmast.,!.
m 7 3 ,7 1.-SW
.Prdeuor A.LC..Barry's Triocipheraus,
terfog. proorrvido sad bodutiftiox tho bojr,codies:
U l tz=antd dandruff. ad euri t r , L• Loupe of Mo
Ls dolt yo r e= r=itetti= =MLA
Or. booloodorod Lo Lon <O.l to &WWII Of
kin, Le. of dm bone. Ltd at Om =LW
ddloolod. rotatn , sokoted To.
,4. dr :Lollar
....1% , .. ',...1=. ~% lima: b,ig...17-k.: .......
E,,,,. It 'a trial:
_ b ays bor n
051.92.11/01 .
'nor. D ual —Desr tdr—l bays borT a=
n saw, a
imams eroption of the seals. of • dosd YAM_
sstssl y.
seer. for tbs. last silts= resra,sad Mutat mai perkd
ban htl tbs shies of Sasso: Ms most misted plmi
dam. NA Ilan triad sl/ Uss proporstloss Ibr Owlish sad
skis sow knows. without the lewd lissott. Ins sdriod
by s Mead to try your Tricophaross. I did so, as a bat
-s7l abottWi r o Lb . s. dual the =trig
disorder tx.t.w. 1 .44 WWI," fi xt ddi trizT ,
Berststettally. roam
140 Cols:adds stassi. Broddra.
Nin, Vora. Ott =.1113.3.
Pao, BaksT—lty Dear Sir—Aboattwo pars aro aka=
gam* Out a groat dell and my brad SIM lanit6
wan dartart.S. .ar told br a FriAmd to try ouritkopber
-0.. and I dal lox and to my astouldl m rnl. my barons
dmalr an mead m . and pa ths dandmd dirapadtord... tW
NDD r ato for Itself. •
r." 4 J SMADALL. aid Itrialtray.
If any lady or andlarosa donbto lb* antbratlettr of tam
abr., they a/I/ pia. call at Proforma A C Dam sank..
Dr: l
prt•4oo7. NOIT TOtk. abara mill produce
,firoto Um %Mary snd Nand &Tod No, 9..1130.1
Thmw la tea most? for t h . permsasot ton of Coldness
sad Catnaps of the cranium
ly %b at .bas moebod
PlaWrlion? "4 oWt h" tad Olo '
temOrer weal IT ea omen. o =tot thrt:otstudtrAo
ge b trx&o.tral k l i sles i l f eng p
, var to pre t t=r •
Um OM+. mid tb damson,. Ps tomtit to ardoodutb).
It destron s.
Um SWIMS mad Nowt o
and makes Um
Re 13.1 mad gloesza It will con sl . posson at th o mg%
sue as mad bad. dry worm, and alma:Mono dim.
dote of the AM; In cbsspoom astdicam, ft Mond*
untindlcaL It le sold In lards bead.. mica
o. st
Sztestemr. and at the Ikrtmaims mauls, hoot
the tlnlteslitotesco4Conatts. •
- -
cincy2o. •
CONTINUES his usual facilitiee to receive
on Straw. Sale. rod Transhipment. all Maetannin
eonev.a him. rants leave Ms dock fell) tot ell pante
the Lase. and the IlltneM Canal and Braes.
tralereasera—Slemern kerma, n=s o e4
a 31ment ranee a.
r. elan A. Cumber; eihtra
rrwace.,o4ataar L e go l intatettlat , Metelleate, ea the
liar kneader Gettl t ee j .=tp‘rees. PLeallog tyr.,
p 61
ainTii. TUTTLE, Attorney at
sod q941141.11att 114 Pectektlettas.- Leato , ,ate.
Drcatatty manned. eett:47,
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DRIED APPLES-30 eaok”prime. for We
br tne'.2 RIMY, BINITIIILINS 00.
IASTOR .01L--9 bble. (Blow's make )
IN.A for
lila by 'era HUT, MATTHEW!! •
1.10.A.11,--240 Ude. prima N. 0., tor see by
lOPLEY'ci POT CLAY-36 bblejustreed
V =A tor sale 1,7 J. 4cI:IOONMASID,
Nie : i ,
'RENO[[ FLOWERS—A eplendid variety
at th. trowel i =les I . lroch and Maori.= novae ,
" ".""
" 621 t"
/VIED PEACHES- dada, in store, will
m'Arki u '°4 maim CCL.
UCKETS-50 don. Marietta, for ealo by
men J. li. CANPIELD.
BROOMS -100 doz. Corn, for oak by
0,21 J. B. O•2I7IXLD.
ALEUT Us-100 bfpf7l ptti,j;
9J bias. a• • tor sale 07
my2l • 3, D. CAN riELD. •
L WAR-100 bbte. Powdered, for sale by
myn BURBFLIDGE minim.
OFFEE--150 bawl iti •
" Ityr pale br
a Co.
OAF SUGAR-100 bbls.Aed Nos.
;:lvaltvg.b* ,
lAT 7ltst. and 111 Necow ,
4,1 UGAII.-10 bhde. Claritlexl, fur sale by
TEAS -30 bf. chests Young lion.
OVERING'S S GARS—Double Refined
Loaf Craabot Polvertard and Powderoi. conatautir
0. Lod for We by the barrel or null at
UV th e /cravat
au ratou by W3L A. aIeCLUILI A I a ,
: =trig 2.66 berry at.
• - - ..... - • -
HERRING-10We new for ea% by
myll • W 1P.WIL150:1
POTASH-10 calks for sa le
To Let.
DWELLING HOUSE, containing 9
!, , Frnifirf! s li n td=iiri j er . r ig Y trtg l y.
.13 legedlaistr' 1" 41)711/1=lir e At'1
llalal , ' • • tew theitsoath
" — Valnahle Lot on Third street for 8210.
WILL sell the Lot on Third.etteet,lttl
Company on the 0113., The " hOSIS Third etreee.
ft t z •l4 . e • :leyth totreht bowed street et BO fret. mere or
lee le 84-hee, ono thounand le lewd, the
trizi-th ?mrtotol' - -arj u
TbTritt. l l. ...X..' I, n 'aa,the da'a a
C lt i te l 'rJell: l3 r e t theseee o fr C o. Olosh et
. .. ..
p-OR RENT.—A three 'tory brick
, dwelling boner. Minsk on Third
E l id cent end Bon the ;Wage ix Ittii Welled with_ by
&tint in the kitchen and slam ghkii there is a bathroom
with hot • and cold wider.. lieceiakm Arleen- immediately
app . l 4 7 to .. : .. - - $. F. VON BONNlldittliT k 01:
House and I.o; for Sale.
4 LARGE LOT, on len&-Gek street,
Wholly. monism throne: to Rebecca. fronting
t on limb ottrt, with o naPfb . 21 *.t,
Maher Clio soal.Bricit Doolllan Donor, emu-tank:if 41
rooms. Yor orentsaLt ACIIMON WOODIIOIIS RO.
birtson smut , or JO P. PONT.
Q TORE RpOlf,TO LET, on biarliet et.,2
wand dim Doi Tonatb s o adJoloing tho
dal sod Joroirr Dicer of it' . Wimp. TbD
Non Rom bar the bandsmen frost in the oily. mad lo
Romlocation for • Dry Goode and Vaae7 Poplar*.
tar tbo babosoo of tbo year will be wry lon.
Quin of JIIIIIDI GRIT; or ,
Real Babtte for Sale.
• • .
• VALUABLE unimp r oved ' LOT_ ,on the
A earner of Llbett.
_mut rectory atmeta, Mb Ward,
cyaidte the German Valhalla Church. DO bet Dont on Mr
• 2 r, too that deeb ou ?artery, running trek la Bytrisur
• 11,, throe' itor Dwelling UV Liberty
Waver.; adjoining_ ttre thov, the lot Wag SO front by
DV feet deep, The boom is lune end entre t, bathe
modettretyle, and contains eleven rams.' • :
Also—n) wee of my valuable land nrar t =hurult.
' Aleei--A.Parm of VA sem in West Deer
Also--A Yam of 264, saes in Lawmen <wand. riaks
• arm new coma:
Also—Farm la Beam windy, of various alma and
Ate .
from Co some down.
Aloo-12 very velvable , lota ballarrroo,
moderate. Ehoolre of
Attorneys at ,er end Heal Linde davula. .
,•' rani' . • • No. LOT Yount; street. Plttebursh;
FOR RENT—A. Waretonse on Water
'Wet, beneten Mark* .
Ferry, rallatapo for
Drumm 14'""".
T VE7 DALZELL 68 Water te:
To Let,
erITE liniafied and furnished Store
ort Third sheet. tutu the Poet 05. ., at preecat
arcuated by Sirs. Patflr.aitbraelry Pune. apply
...t; 73 Wait et, •
• • To F.u 131- e*p::: , -
cßf .w Farinin it a 1341 raz
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ta wny "Mtn Weln milel of tr.i gar York lag
Ali Arm to ilk Mai y. for gale otraecoxisula
unsta. Lagulas of - ...t..11141L1N8 cu. :
amyl • torner4tilarklitand Third *o.
To Gardeners.
rfENtY ACRES of Gardening Land,
' ma, =Or seal within me tad ekt
t a t 3 zar¢ •;; Ir c m, a4 . l3 ; ar;
quire at the Banklas ßltotijd
- irotue of -
A. Witaina & 4XI.
. earl • - corner 'of Sl.arkxt and Third ata. • ,
Desirable Suburban Residence for Sale.,
1 1 11E -subscriber effort for gale the bonne and
'Tom. now retides, Malted on Park n., be
low Trameat. AlleOeny. end *boat minutes walk hots the in aliment thts mty. Ls 140 ft. ftront on Park it..
manna beck Obi feet, to-an alley—mitniabas neatly one
am of ground. and ts ended on inert Mae bybuwe Opea
Irds, edorneith trees and. ellubbery. The tumme Is
treaty am and suceedin4 well smug. boring
• front of SO iron a depth and mutants McKim
rcomalweides balls idea Red it fs built lutbe beet
mad most durable meaner. sad km • filwpral roof and
matalas all the male. coureniences. Two pumps:witla
000017 of hard. and saltwater:are al thll door.
tbe precolm are the swormary out balding; stela,
mdrllaw bon.. du Tbe Mandalay laid not madly as ►
ftgi ts. cogni.ll;l , Lls cbcte m frigt triabe x n e... urmeeas...ll=
=tThe (Mile of The best kitel, and It else. are La
rinnlond yield enough torahs
to of an
family. Th. sitnallea of MU mayeirt. y. as to
b y ma/Mud with contimalty ha the cite.
sot surpassed by any Malmo Ln this
lt has
a elm of tbe Okla River foe mew. mile. of imperials,
wills, hootb Pittaborkb, clMn.the two peers, end the
Wile monis; (=Mg altogether • panarmle promeet of
moth the eye nem warm. deem boat water, eaten or
the port ofilsh
Plromb am Um °kiwi... f 0
Ram foible.. The residence and damned, eta aim com lately
teemedyhms any smoyanea 'of dun. to denraett re of
onmenT and reiretation, and adonts a retirement as meet
and es If located lemon greet Deakin the country.
The will be mkt at a 1-0..1n end muesli= Wen
w imulm In the Galatia °Mee..
apStsitf . D. N. warm
For Sala.
E members of the Fairmount Fire Com
ei.n.ey. a:lrene. for Ws. Ulf in /ad or.
cr 41 will be ool4cht4p. L'ay.Bll.9_ P
spa:ll 'lto' 409 en y,' n
EoR RENT—A DivelNag House on
Thlnl West. stam'and Dar to Boathfieta. '
guo thows. large rsze. wash bowel, ha. Will
be routed low ;asl rolowsefou [hen hausoilaloty.
Also—for Palo or lotase, acalota lu Ilia Shah !reel.
between Peso sheet and rho AihrurfiTet. t . .
DAuLl.:alt. 2
IV.Darlbsittes. groat. suaLt M•
, habit Seal Eitsiti for' Bali. 7
rSUBSCRIBER °roils for Sale ong
amble lossas. Um Wowing Real 1..1 . 4, 12
Ne. 1. Three Num May brisk d 05111.22 booms.
ess Beee.lsinot..botwese Varlet-and lary stmt. the
kits 222 sash 19 Swot 2 110 22e2.
No. 2. Cootolos SS7 fan 24 by
bout at Tuba ol
shoat iodultiW
tbs .Thad lt...brad= Cbstrals.wttleb Is etweted ora
lons Amy tat* booms tool ea • Wallow tom nal one
two elm bow wanton. - F
N. 2. Ta. lots 0, Falleton, Dam, eanati a, : b being beta
Foal odd 4. below dad too toot squars.on w boo*
ed aes.k .1 four frame do
Cam. d 2/1 tee sissies ,
Zia. 4. One lot 60 fed C®t no t West, alpha. Lb*
alms. sod essendlas so tb• top of the hill.• .
No. W. Two toed leo. each 60 Cotfont. and euuntoet
Nola the yowl to bir water mark. cal tba Big Deem,
No. h. two valuable water 101, 100 bat ou WON lowa
with tau *bares truer power attaebol.• • •
No. 1. COO lot OPPoetto Ow vat* let 60 bet
s o t
wttesdlow to the TO, of lbw 0111. temEdel, is mow on
two Om/ blielvalana wad anweboot 211. 1760, fa" alooot
from daralllow. %wastes** •
No el. Ott Osvolat Sew Dtlabbablleaveroo=l7,l.
las .boat leo Notes Drooltray,E d bout3/0 tot Oarp.
emstveufwe ours. oxobleb an too lane tome
dwelllsonp aol mall tome , woe ea as do..
TM' prowertr Ibnonli
_oteuplael by Nr. T. C. Gould.
owl ' , or OlowaoU7 located. bang bassodistelyoy.2ll2
sbe Pallatowltralwe. •
So. W. 4)wa owlet lat..*.moWt2i bevy Isllgton Wile,
bolos abut 100 tat 10 tooth. exurodlow felt Foot
nowt lo low oaks nark. or.toolue path. -
abovo p wen, 110 , 111 be sold on awry favosb ,le
6.0p1r at the boot Mona IL. C. 6!DX1i11131, wow Thie4
222 Market Ittotta l I'LLMINO. Agent.
For Sala
- •
BLOCK OP lIIILDIti OP. on ttie romPr of Waste ".
Inn and 'Penn "tomb.; and fronting no alto Fenn
et leant* Canal. to the.Clty of Pittsburgh. The IM fronts
one b ondred mod fr.r boar tees on Tenn mow. and me
huodmi elrmfki:Eil.. tazlpm 011 Raab/not. atftet.
to • t , ente feet still-- Octane'
cmh•fen Vo. 106 Penn et.
tap r evfarAL S FOR SALE-The
hapoplation under`
clt.Ti' b.
. i or.llr.
t*o"Me 44 Behan lownat lattorra u n Chedsh
c T ufaehartneweal h tho hla
mines .0 bkh
ken OW b. add. mill nestle?' than I ns4 and Ph44ti
'mama , Tlllinarfeet. Terms daemon.
and berms. atter of tlunnaandanadi.o4
the of (Now P. 011soare. 00 Ofant stnte3 Pitt.
burgh. between Third and Pon mew: of It Minot
Prnanaes Patterson. We t •Ltheh' Bh1 2 "
Ingham. fan • 110PZ/3. P. . '
FEOR RENT—The large t and commedi-2
on. Wm.. on Penn Itteft. flatwly ocruolet by
. dward:4l etttt
..I an enttre l lot adJmning. whin!: b
.n. • Ard. Also—Stanline for two bonen Ezwidr e
:5 tt - .
... ..
• AHD-011.-_0 bbla. No:1, forsale , low to
A dm,. mn.igncmt.'t'hk'M, IcKaßettik,-.
Woad 4nd slttb Ftt. •
33(A101.11:5, in large variety; had at Oa
loweattakalar ilatern enaNTaina, wholeada and
• . I
toe. coldn. i a ticaoa r .,b,. . l :a.anna . " : 7„4.l " .., ortat t or roc. i w — anti ,tw. . ,.. f ue ni o,.., :r7 r,, ,a; "
aADIS--32 cub Bacon game_ , for eale by,
ROII Crimson Velvet and :Gold 'Paper
flanglogi. Olt Drawing Hootp±allAttee4frrnit Pui.ri
. tw W. P. MAIIPHA LI, SS Wead in.
' mr26 , • . . ,
PAPER—Ajlargo lot Double
Medi= tad Itoperie Prillt4rfygqr,b7
• ..1:•A • eenrcrmirt.tanh
ivninthipm—ouitust iv sta.,
On West • . XN 8 .
mi 24 ' Paper Ifsisbotupe. - .• Alisrltat LAU its..
§,§9/;(4TErttral:,i,gA i r e T i
aahrtarZat l 4
alabaad mafte ia
24 4. " IVs 'l4lnt.
= an.
4 Crab. ree'd .ea for wi l t ar , or. aF. WILSON,
7 Mat. awl 113 Ilwond it.
GERMAN CLAY-200 boxe3 for gala by .
asll2 IL DALZELL I CO.. Mon, M.
RY RIDEB-20,0 (prime) ferreile b!
130W'D EXT. LIQUORICE-1 can fcr sale
BARR by Y'S TRICOPIIEROUS-12 doz. for,
m ule
A LIIM-50 bblo. for saletby
r. 712 J.KI Do at*" co woo:ot.
IoPPERAS-25 bbiletior galedp:
taYl6 00.
50 bbla. for sale by-
• I 10 bblo rim for silo by
moil 'ma Y. WILI3O'N
ga.LITE-40 bble. (extra) for xale by
m• •
rl2 J IttDI34CO.
I galle Zr "d (I.72t.tralaure)
i t . lqo. 9xtemtr u d for,:all.e
11111. ED APPLES-45 baL for solely
BUI 4 MD C } E kirgV4l3s..e.
ipHLORATE POTASH-50 the. for sale
V,/ la 7 8 . 4 FAIINESTOCH if CO.
7 . ! 211
80 hbdo N. O. Sugr.r for solo by
,31134 DAI2ELL, f •
1.' 1400 Dip Galena;
eOOO Bari for rig
pIhESII TEAS—JOet. ific — oired of No. 256;
laterta ft. otsVoloo-cd Oen .1:motto, Oolong and
. To.u. of la. lateat latocatatioas foe 'sale von'
low by the. half chest or poonod
lola Omen and Tos Dealers.
- .
1 UPI PIN S--Just reeeised, a beautiful
asontanant of piano Oold, fanerEasmalled. and cala.
mw and dentinal., pally .
0" • ay Mums sums, mass of Zowth.
.10 4 TUE MILE OP'
. _ _
AMONG the nnmenilis discoveries Science
has made In tbk gtheratlat to beilltate the baths
of lite. brattue ft. **meat, and even probate the tens
of Utah iestenni.bae cao be laud ot nol robe
to manklial. flu:0111a . corttributino .Ort Cbcobtr7 to th e
boding Art. A rod trial anti Talon through.. lid.
t'at bar proven beyood • doubt that no medicine
or ottubloation o moliclites yet know, cenattrely oar
tool mat etre the nonatous 'misdate poltranaryillsoase
Ithith haw Id aortic. root Ono our midst than:nide sad
tionnands army year.. Imbed, there la non abundant mt
rob to Wier. n ea:my has at kola been band "throb
can be mind on to ewe the mat bagmen affections ot ,
the lung. Our space here .Ul not permit la to publish
at 7. Martian at the cures erected by It. us., bat in
prevent the Ibilowitur opinions of' mutant mesa and tear
father mionlty to the daub.. which the agents beim
name& alwayi be pimad to funtlth gas. obtain are
tali particulars, and indhocitable mat of these Otte.
Prom' the Prenitott me.Amhent Mktg,
.ths 4:Aom:a PRO.
17430 II III7rHOOOK.
In C. Ayer—Pin L bare wed yam Cbr.T..P...1
In my own cue of daparaM Broochltb.amt salsbd
Pat Ito thenb .
al /tutution that it la an admirable mm. frai tho mi.( of lamb' amt bmsaast abacsine•
.7 Ohba as to its amain character cm bete any
v"1 " 1 " 40° 00. ot.'bitVAZlll`Airxrcii"2:. proper
Pyris ,.; ; . xatiit u httecidoy ,
Tab Conroe, Member of thelinist..
ot Amnia and komp. • •
dam the Cherry Pectoral ao adnarable ecomporition
boos boon ot the bent articles ha the Ibiterla Mdia. and
dad aoar ato* tomb- is teat dun or &mast It is Woo
m osna. Lbw Mao. C. iTtit
NATORItIMSO.I4. ?maim .ar a, a a..k.ou.
that he bee nsed, the Chem Prawn', vradarthl sac
ma, to mire an inbmccatior. of the I.U.ags. • .
A* our of NOW PAsoiorao - itin iroboo.
Sam n., April 20,
Lovell—Door EU: I uo; mw vonotootl7
adagio= Cbter7 sayprootloo..
ow outer atolloitgo Ito potomooy 0010010W0.%=1 1 1 t .
num of *any m em
cum ono oenoloor4 It V.ll mn,
0000lta oas. otot dhows of the Ism that ban —
dues pot to
Mar oratoollos. lin rosorosoond
on to ear of coat .. Loa conakbro =Fatal. boa
r"rd=t7 — cntreuitAN_ ,K. • • Proparod nolsollTZLaut3 argli, bbootood. chi*.
N b ig a0 1 0rBirlMilitt l ?' 1" : :
alloobon ty, by /L P. BOIIWARTZ, AM DMT.
GLLB; sod bp &oral, Jo:Moo:Omer
nr . QtrAirr scats 3- •
Froaslo Medicine, knows, lortolent Cow= f.tioo,
lissnonters.LsocorrbsoLetfliiter, liregolarllmstrustiom
lomattlueves of trzine.Goorsal Prostration of MeV/yds=
0, Pr00.0 Meta, aid Gloomy Etas of as card by .
Dr.ttipotra ilsbaddlrtisos Dock sod +addl.
lam hatoidlato Sella by noso•lng b ob of heal th
old sto , otet , tbs blood. It ostitralioss lbod harms, stops
unnatural sectetions, sod floss hcaltb7 action to alltho
tdwyowsra: .. ,
I la' talki alteralln prereftle• reader it peculiarly appli
cable to the Pleader sad dellesta emulituUen of the fe
male. Ithamettlatelpeauuteracts that dietreeibug venous.
new and leatittuie ear =mum to. Um koala frucut, and
imgarta, mulvy end beoyeacp .
nuptiallix.aa they
ire grateful. - Ire , bare . arldenee 00 Alf mbleb Wangle
ethfugly to recaumeesul tbla melleSne t 6 lammed people
.eolio bare tut bets blamed with - ••• .
Prods:obi Mai, or Dallied of eh* Womb. of dr* years Alm.
_Om tonal by Dr. armotro rstract af Yolk,* Dock sad
Soroariarnio. odor every other known ramedy bad b..
Tbi. is:lfilial; t ot'm7ld% soda 7ants, baa oafs id
nada abeam,* compUtat 6r 8.. year% nearly all tint
ttata ermfmen to boa bal. I bass tbr rears constantly.
a oo 4 l o7rd thttlest media! talent Ina coda be prrusdhl
this atelim of the mantra., without an 7 nanrit wnatownr.
I her. also ptunhaard arm tours-- - t romionioinnial
tn. tumor Mil &seam. Alin! which proved waitillamt
=tl tha ming of liie, I was Wooed ltr 007 Mesa. ton
try Dr. Camara Tallow Data and Sarsaparilla. wb3rn was
wad for tans months, Aftrraba bad mod illOr *toot Mar
'weski, it WINS avidana to .11 of as that wai lannrwrintr,
and tron inn, time ea Ismarared rosldi7 , and pined flesh
and 'Mitten. maul slur Is now enjoying moat azosllant
health• • • W!, I. DIONTORT.
We: banal neighbor. to Wm. and Most t. know
that the abim etatemslek sato tb. ntoknem of Stn. Ron
' ibrt toll ma to the tor. Wag Waned 67 Gomott's
Dock and Sarsaparilla, in shist/a tote.
4 4.1 •-• 4 - . 4 - '4
King's Eva•-:-Casof o. df. Leonard.
*innate Oxon. Den 1.18{9.
Werra& P. Brandt * Cor—Chiuta: Rome time to 1613
I was attacked with Mora Evfl In my ann. which became
to note 1 amid not ote R. and to ISO mortlbeation .et to
ofnlnhollide et different Ha... emla physician of owlobtitY
with/star snob; all told son puerto roust be amputataL.
Front the adailder - to the enterai • was foil of ronolos
Kann .: 11 t.arfatithnd; this tioni - Wee completely eihaiss.
oty pus® much emulated. I continood to tide
et t. until 1148, when I env' an edfertisenund (Griyrotds
YeitoinDock end Daiserarma) which I mod. tutd 'sooting
bottle of the attkL. lianotr• Yellow Dook and Demme
Ma mind me: I
end Et I:llll4f:jetrectir well hallny tieing the sixth boa.
U Zyeditasthe bet arelnartonw of Um maLwa7.l
am mole It would hem sand me from years of pain and
suffering. Dioort airmatly recommend aa7
Doing undsriny eloollar dims. to um thoonotei Yellow
Dock nod Dersaperilla, which will maton than to health.
Tows, to gratitude,. 0. hi LEONARD.
Cara of an anrarated ea. of I.7sairelas. •
. The come nal:mood by Dr.Guysotrelintneet of Yellow
Dock sad dareapariDa, are luting'. S he pailatit'e general
boath. continual, to Implore after . cuseane .le removed.—
Corm arnmetntomeastal until time - has fully tamed that
Uwe.= to to relapse or retorn of the disease.,eo.. lobrrney.l4so.
, 3.1. Bennett it Ca.—Dentso /tin with that
1 .Ate 3 - ca about the very happy effects of ye. Yellow
Dock and go...MAD. olant nor sou.who has lend been sot
trig 1112.16/ that dreadlol and loadoencie trona, Err - dr.
.., with which he was attested 1a 11118. end was for per. I
al mouths annealed by Mine Of. our Dint. idosalotann. who
tied their 4111 pemeveringly ford., MenthaeriChout any
wenelle.Ml mud. sr/lawyer...lle became radon./ to a per
Litt akilatoo. Ile had ulcers. from hie hop to hie knew.
wainti were continually du charging dimumingli offend..
matter.' n.dka and =Mimi skill win baffled. Phreiduts
said that his man wan hopeless: them Mold be netting
done to arrest them terrible ansigmblimnlcers. My neigh.
born and mmelt thought his Dna.Motion 'near athant
Dna' of my mightiona (who had eared a child of herofula
with roar aural =Die medicine) wink.' roe to make trial el
It; sod. more from thereinto. donor tido emnethion while
life laded: than/kora airy here of getting relief. 1 procured
thrini.beith;e of Imir ,Yeliror Pooh and bareaparilla. and
rommenced: taloa it; and to lay..4 , nktaptat toe tanners
to 100 mire' before lie had used the third bottle; and before
be hal mod • half detect honks. he could walk out. He
need to ill twelve bottles during the year 147. sad by pr ' .
label' leg be eras taktitT }uttered. 1:0.17 .cairn of the
disease: except the mars. Is reamed. nod he :mat. on
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the blaming of God. la entirely owing to the use of yen*
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DABBITT'S Double Refined Saleratus,
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PACKET.—She' snisnal
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•1, North Fourth Phtladelebi.
Svaelgent for Pittsarab. Sr eir au: Wonk
Phillips and Mayers'. New- „ArtiClo : tbv this,
World's Fair!
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kLEBER has just roctiTed,'.
. Whom are the Moods of inyyetitb! I •
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pganw Anthems—dedicated to the l'eeraranteB6- .
deals, '
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atcaeatal , •
- IMokino Boat. by - • .!
CToalo Snot', by V.
Xl‘Oolisbals eleepthal •
• Tbs 4tas or Lore, a tesutifsil ballad by - W. V. Witisno
Those haipy days ere gone— . o onag by the lrielsOseaki..l
- apses Como % Kespealna flassbarg, rub,
too Polka. Alen. a One selection of easy teathing moue.
Waltzes, Illsrabes, and • eximpleta assartnuostaf
Flute Mule. . Third time.
K. 11.—Nly• irilaini.aspiendld lot of Svallusos..
Ladies! Ladies,! Ladiea!
IIVQ,I7LD you 'save your .furnitiii;
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BRITISH PriaTTCRA: rouse, A.,
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LARD OIL•=1.0 Winter Strained, for royl2 11. MU-ISX
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FLIOR SALE—A go , rl P_effing wagon, ill
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