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1/ . /T DOWN; SAD'apuL
- Eiltlowit sad soul, and count .
The moments flying;
tome—tell the sweet mount
That's lost by sighing.
How many smiles t—a, Beare
Then laugh, and count no more,
' • ' For day is dying I
Lie down, sad soul and sleep,
And no more memrure
The flight of Time, nor weep
The loss of leisure ;
But here, by this lone strum,
_ Lie down with ns, and dream
Of starry treasure' •
- • We dream: Ao thou the lame,
We love forever; •
We laugh, yet few we shame,
The gestle, sever;
Stay, thee, till sorrow dies—
Thee, hope and happy skies
Are thine forever!
Discovray m Mier.—A Most interesting dist
covery hes been made in Egypt. It Is known
!Ist there exists in Mount Zabarah, situated on
an island in the Red Sea, a mine of emeralds,
which woe fonnerly I worked by the paellas of
;,Egypt, butabandoudd in the last years of the
reign of Mehemet Ali. An English company
;have solicited and recently obtained authority to
resume the working of this mine, which it be
tiered to be still rich with precious stones. Mr.
Allan, the engineer of the company, while di
rating some important excavations in this place,
bas dbireverred st a great depth traces of an an-
clent gallery, which must evidently be referred
to the moat remote antiquity. Upon removing
the rubbieh, they feed tools and ancient uten
sils, and &stone upon whichis engraved a hiero
glyphic inscription, now partially defaced. This
circumstance proves the ttuth of the opinion ex
premed by Balecid, on the strength of other In
dications, that-this mine was worked in ancient
The nature and form of the implements , dis
'covered, and the configuration of the gallery,
'the plan of which has beeneeadliy traced, prove
most conclusively that the ancient Egyptians'
were skilful engineers. It seems from examina
tion of the stone which has teen discovered, that
the first labors bathe mine of Zabandt Were com
menced in the reign of Sesostris the Great. or
Ramses Sesostris, who, according to the , most
generally received opinion, lived about the year
1650 before Christ, and who is celebrated byhis
immense coriquests, se well as by the-Innument
hie monuments with which he covered Egypt.—
N. Y. Conuerrcial.,,,i -
'• What becomes of all the Pins!
Every body uses pins—men; women and
children. Every body buys them. Every
body bends them, breaks them, knocks off
their heads, and loses them. They enter
into every operation, from the drawirig
room to the scullery. Go where you will,
if yon look sharp pm may calculate with
certainty on picking up a pin—in the
streets, in the cabs, on the - door steps and
mats, in halls and drawing rooms, sticking
in curtains' and sofas and paper - hangings,
in . counting-houses and lawyers' offices,
keeping together old receipts and bills, and
-- fragments of papers, in ladies needlework,
in shop-keeper's parcels, in books, bags,
baskets, luggage—they are to be found ev
erywhere, let them get there how they may,
by accident or design.. Their nbiquity is
astounding; and their manufacture, being
in proportion to it, must be something pro
digious. There is no article in perpetual
use with which we are so familiar; and out
of thii familiarity springs indifference, for
there is. no article ahant whose final desti-•
nation,we are so profoundly ignorant. We
know well enough the end of things (not
—half so useful to us) that wear out in the
course of time or that are liable to be
smashed, cracked, chipped, put out of ore
der, or otherwise rendered unavailable for
. farther services; but of the fate of this
tle article, so universal in its application,
so indispensable in its utility, we know no
thing whatever. Nobody ever thinks of
asking, What becomes of the PULS For
our own part, we should be very, glad to
get an answer to that question, and should
be very much obliged to any person who
can furnish us with it. .
The question is by no means an idle one.
If we could get all the statistics of pins we
should have tremendous revelations. The
loss in pins, strayed, stolen and mislaid, is
past all calculation. Dlnlions of billions of
pins must vanish—Uo woman alive can tell
how or where—in the course of a year. .0f
the actual number fabricated, pointed,
headed, and prepared for sale, from one
year's end to another, ( remember they are
to be found in every house, large or small,
within the pale of civilization,,) we should
be afraid to venture a conjecture; but,
judging from what We know of their invhd
cible tendencr i to lose-themselves, and our
• own inveterate carelessness in lostng them,
we apprehend that, could such a return be
made, it:would present an alarming result.
Think of the millions of billions of pins',
being in course of perpatuil disappearance
And thishis been going on for centuries,
• and will continue to go on probably to the,
• world's end. A grave matter to contem
plate, my masters. A pin, in its single:in
tegrity, is a trifle, atomic, in comparison
with other things that are lost and never
found again. But reflect for a moment
upon pins in the aggregate. The grand
sum total:of human life is made up of tri
flee—all large bodies are composed of min
ute partiCles.
Years ere made up - of months, months of
-weeks, weeks of days, days of hours, hours
of Minutes, minutes of seconds; and, com
ing down to the seconds, and calling in the
multiplication table to enlighten us, we
shall find that .there are considerably up,
ward of Ithirty-one million of them in
ycar. Try a similar experiment with the.;
pins; Assume any given quantity of loss •
in any given time, and calculate what it
will come to in a cycle of centuries. Most
people are afraid of looking into thefuture,
and would not; if they could, acquire a
knowledge of the destiny that lies before
them. Pause,therefore, before you embark
' in - this fearful calculation, for the chances
are larg.ely in favor of your arriving at this
.harrowing conclusion, that by the mere
force of accumulation, and the inevitable
pressure,of tireultit7 the great globe itself
must, at no very "distant period, become a
vast shapeless mass of pine..
As yet we have no signs or taken of this
impending catastrophe, and are entirely ,in
the dark about the process that is insidious.
ly conducting to it; and hence ask, in
solemn accents, What hecomes of the pais I
Where .do they go? How do they get
there? What are the attractive and re
pulsive forces to which they are subject
after they drop frfim . ns t What are the
leis that govern - their wanderings? Do
- 1 - they dissolve and volatilise, and come back
Arun into the air, so that we are breathing
pas without knowing it? Do they melt
into the earth, and to the roots of vegeta
. ides, so that every day of our lives we are
unconsciously ditdg on them? The in
quay baffles all scholarship; and we . aro
forced to put up with the obscure Rth.f , ,;_
tion which HaWei applies to the world of
apparitions, that there are more pins in urt:
known places and. unsuspected shapes upon
the earth than are dreamt of in our philas 7
A printed thought never dies. Nothing
is so mdestmetible. The -proudest works
of art crumble to dust, but the eloquent
thought lives, and will live down to the
end of time.
Beaks! Books! •
cOCELBIII7 , I3 History of Oreece.—A Histo
ry er arm tram dr dulled Woo togo . drrrara
T Dn
g a
Tt a rdsai% i i r Fabop . Dar= By tr. L.V ' rZ:
' l= lTh. Inolgarri '--711°11setrans.411LI:lri
I,42Brk,aad odier. b Yoram r is es M Ai ultr: s f2=. l ...
rodWg Alfred. rills:dß Yorsubsr
Hdr of Wart ddland: Tau. dy iY David.
The thoceophy ofM ranursd the
torrds Ftdosophio eta d /Biota Odd.. By if.
glihrS,dr York sod Ede Balliesd Gude Mot: too-
y e mAi . ='AL%'"=dllM":grZ t
No othly itsiouba tor ,rom.
Th a owd wmodypen, orb dad. do Eirs BB a Mon
Weaned Bond. By du =elm of lfrldtdriard •
Morton tcokf fr"Mcam""' " b rahrtor
• . ,
The MariaA lkidy Nest Perspire,
SO:SAYS NATURE, to have a healthlaz
: mum= who& aatrpt..—
t. moat dlagastlaa Etta Dim.. cm, Jam Italia,
Chemical Soap musts a frea tersairaslo3 , sad at the
Store =Odin and patens tita skin. giving it thetas
of tai Infant . *
B.treT. Balt :.rem. and Boreo. are. not (only healed.
;bred by its um as at lout physicians In If. York Mt
wDo awe It in much axe. and and it tatibiling—sa shajn
Blotehrs. Practice. many aber akin abeam. .
Maier is mend that 'Alm le no wales* Duped ncotront, aa
ons trial rill prom I could elationerato at hart ((DOM
turedof coon le and more heard.
rearrdll'agintanred I would not crce
It for the above. voices I knew it to be all I elate.
Thaw wheat"( liable to chafed. eracked.or chaspad nod*
nBl Sod thia
thatly a cam Int a preventim and 1 can
only add, anyone afflicted with any of the alma.
similar ((beam will find this all. and omen more (
rible le its Proeerttesf than 1 state.
allefillot. reader. the atoms are duided
.re with 1:1M
and be yottaelt[for Jugs' ltallanClumical Boa
Day it only of WM. JACKSON. only Agent In PI
lama of Wool. -
Pearly White Teeth, and Pare Bteath. to
Do bad for 21 renta,—Pereors .ho but. calm. apt booms
bly named that If breath la gear on foul. or their
Ueda decayed, dark or yellow and alienated with tartar.
that cent box of J amm. (ember Tootpar d nl t .„ ; ,w italo;
the' teeth aa white aa snow, and tho
Bold only at JACP.SONI3 Store, 240 Minty at. had of
A Scientific Hair Tonic, Restorer and Roans
Bottle', S7il cent. Thom who brim wed
lone Coral Mir Ibudourr. know Ita esswilent qualities—
Mow who hare not ane ammo it to poem s the follow/al
hum the hair to vow sot part wham
nature intended hair to grow: atop it falling on mammy
ar daratruft, and make light. red,,nr gray hale radar dark.
true earatering the heir soft and silty, nothing ma exceed
thir—it makes it trail' beautiful =4 amp. it OM "111 s, la
deal; the mod econconleal—yet aupertor—orticie for the
So I rely at WM. JACKSON'S Stan. 21010bart) afrart.
head Of Wood, Pittsburgh
rice.97ji meta; 50 cents. and ss.
JONES' Solution of Jet, . a Liquid Homan
star. Dyi, for the changing of white. red, ar greyhair, to a
beautiful brown, or black iat color, In f elt minutes.
Prime—SO teats. and Al.
Sold by 'WM. JACKSON.= Lfberty shoot, headof Waal.
tiara; against going the coremon prepared Chalk. nub
are not aware how frightfully inluatious It b to the Odd
how warm. haw Protrh. how ullow, yellow, and unhealthy
~ ,, the akin aPtteors. after tieing propared.llhaLti Bosklea,ltb
tie 'su prepved g ab b e=fial rettge artleb.whish
otal Jondr Openlsh Lilly White.
It Is perfectly innocent, being purified 01 +ll ottleterioue
goalltiar, and It imparts to the skin rograbl, healthy, at.
abaster, liring whilb at Ito same time oetllig es aa•
mode 00 the Air, making it waft and Nemeth.
Bold by the Agent, Wit. JAMISON. V.lolfrertY street
head .1 Wood . Pittsburgh. Pd., DU ante. . •
abtfolawlr.B •
B. T. Babbitt'a Celebrated Soap Powder.
WASHING without labor! Warranted
•,► to take tn. etano, eat or tame unnea sae au-
tine. . • - -
.theiCargma UM.—Put your clothes In • aufeclent
quantity of cold water to cover them, then add two table
spooufals of. th is Snap Powder. to each els quarts of water
wed with tho clothing If the water is hard. add mom at
pramirdec. and boil cloak mlnutem in
them down wit/a 0 , then pat them In • • tub end
add rufficient cold water. m that they will not be too hot
to baridle.• Theo rub the dirty street; or in other words.
give them a thorough rinsing. and that. Is sufacient
make t h em clean.
11.—Th.r. Nap); no rosin In ale SOM. It will Imile
weepsth. very white. and th e mate r. / as acme
do. The entire nest of used daes not
exceed two ante, to maple.* a washing or ten p e rsona.—
Warrthted not to rot or Injure the clothe,
This Is a Powder that one paper will make twelve quarts
beat Wally Soft Soap. •
ptargnoss Pot Um—Rte. say sis quarts of wet. tad
MIX the Powder vrlth lt, thd then let It ball. say Ave mini
Mem. then add ale imams cold water; MIT them Intimately
{mother, and net it awl where It wilt not bwese , and
when cold It will ho very thick and nine White Soap, end
W wash well, and will not eat the bends like other Mt
Soap, nor rot the clothes. Can be used with hard or salt.
water, by making the qoutity Leto Ws quarts instrad of
The Waft Eioap Le best adapted for washing calico
end wasdlen vole.
Bold wholesele and retell by 11. E. SELLERS,
No. eI, Wood et.
Compound Syrup of Yellow Dock Root,
OCCUPIES the front rank among the po
ur primtorr medicines of this country for completely
owing Canker. Balt Rheum. Erytavisia. and all other
sae. arising from an impure state of the blood. Aho,
,Lieer Contolalnt.Ostareb, thoperata, Ilesdactre.Diannes,
Cough. Soren. and Tightness stout ate Om. Brio
dates, or boarewoess. done. and a tickling emotion
about the throat; and Is toed with unprecedented rowans
In all cues of
Fannie Weakness and Gemral Dcbaity.
INtrengthening the waskinied body. giving tone to the
orgatt...l invigorating the entire 1,4611.
I( the testimony of tnotosnds of living nne.eeti foam
all riots of the country, eon be retied upon. It is Onsialso
ly efficacious in eating 01l Manors. and restoring debilar
tod and broken down constitution. It is Paoli Tenet..
bin in its compoeittem, and to accurately combined In lo
proportions that the chemical. botanleal, and ...Boa smo
pertins of each
u rtit h‘rm the ' llia tmit°
It has removed many Chronic discares which have baffled
the akill of the beat physician...and hared. enrol Canker,
salt When= Invid .u pellY w and &fret which 13..i . ntlia
01 - mkraziteg. tleCZlarcits TO:
MOUE. The most °badman ( is U. have been mod by
this tordieine. We say tlist It a valuable medicine in all
BILIOUS CTOIPLAINTS. la rano.. all *batmen°. in
the clivalsale. revatering tbe Liver free. active, and beai.
thy. /1 remores Palpitation of the limit. and in
all eases of Aathearn and may be wed in all climates, and
it all seasons of the year.
This Byrap le prepared onIT by C. MORSE CO. at 1.. r/
Soaataln strot.Prorideoce, 11.. l a and mold, wbcdepale and
naafi, by B. N. WlCki.Eft.9llAll.
Only Agent for Western Pennolvania,
tnynty Warshaw. corner Wool and blob sta. Pitt 0.
Professor A. C. Barry's Tricopherous, •
lowing' testimonial is from M. Alarm. &Moe of the
St i R
ine American. Comment on such evidence Is no.
Nor Tote. Feb. 21.1519:
r Harry' , Tempiwrens it en article that re take pleasure
in werauling the highest commendations. We do not do it
num the recommendatlonof abeth but from encore pu
mmel kneeled. of Uaellecte upon the Ulu while it tend.
to keep lt beeithy.soft; and g law, it ales removes deer
drultbrevente gray hair. and hth,gorzies It. growth In 'a
manner unequallea by any other romleadtkuCknakftl to
am A pent= o vale to use one bottle to bo consinned
of thlstruth.
Bold in bott 1
ew les, _k.:
or p
Broadway riee,2s gents, at the principal &doe LIT
gold In urge bottlea;price 25 cent; at brolubtoft
p- tr,.x.sY.LLEitS.
No. 67 Wad et.
IAMILY FRIEND, or ing Preparutive,
superoeding the t 1 1 ,6 of Yeest, pnehming =Me
e, sweet. hutnelous and digestive:Bread. of pore color,
lesa Moe. and at kat mat than the
,hrent teach games, to a greet extent. bile. Indigestion.
flatulence, palm after meal, headache. and other //mina
diseases. flopertor ear thing for coating Cates and Bis
cuit. In
tr oMtl pound. of Floor. this preparation will mate
10 mane biso of 4 pounds each, than PIM Bann.
of Wallies. pornonrof t o eonstimonashoold
teed to pun bread. as ono of the Ilneet mallet". of the
Mum For linspitals,learmartea. School. Ilotels, and large
establishment", it is a great advantage. Sold ln bottha
131. %and 40 mutate ith directions Mr me.
11. ti. EItILLEPA fa Wood st. !
,The most Extraordin4rg _Discovery in the World it
the great Arabian .Remedy for : Wan and Ikart!
8.0. Farrell's
miraculous cures performed by the
Ambler: physiderli in the dere of old. were then
• 100 luau tbe remit of aurae but since ere hem be
mum int:male pow e rtheir history we ran time sorount for
theirsurmiring orer d/seme Their ettaltanenta
the knonledgeof medkine very the yonder of the age,
whikt at - the same time the science ofTikeistry. whkh
with than bed its migha wee to the renal the worid "e
urged bock." And in .fttany they were the:met make. of
.0040010. In the beautiftil moms which skirt the daierte or
Arable. abound rue plauta and odorous lamb whence are
obtained than aromatic. gem mid fragrant beinum, of
which this iretanpmeble liniment le catopmed. end by
wham etimulating unctrame penetrating and Anodyne
triparte th r rhea applied, instenteneorisa dirttur . d
0005 pain in th e . ae
hart time of 7 l i ttr le fir ' ittes.
Ito melon prompt, posictful end ebeetuel,without the
Imre dmiger. It penetrates the flesh to Oa bane. relaxes
connected cords, restores use to Iniab. width-hero been
padded for yam, miming the unrivaled flesh to mow out
and rich blood to circulate through Its twine Ii restores
the by oriel /had or Joint Water, end this Is the reason
why it has been OD 1.1000.017 1,0 , ..d01 ViriDlif ell
diseases of theJointe In elkorde erfarskma of the bpi.:
Wise Lungs and Kidney% this greet Arabian , remedy
stands unparalleled: for duo 0 take or MulerbetWlitot the
baleen, it le a speadia end Mr 110.000 000 It hurl:Comb
ed of the most extraordinary cum on room* eke
for creme, ne•iiinge. Ydv., NC otindeChlibleine, Darns,
'White levelling, Tranore de Itc. It isequally .1:4111/
'to of Animal& stieti m Platule, Pail kril. Hamm.
'KW Compialot,lbetemper,remridmilbwirea.WoundA
Menge, titvge, Mindr , l=li3iAnd for nearly all
astlon.L' mom
thig liniment Meade raV r tlet. of ell
• edidare.
• • • !,110048¢ is from the principal secountent of the
Pat highly reef eatable harm of rxeis A Dee, of
beartsoind orreentr, one of the mod srioakeful atm In
• • aro vets of medica l hielarr
• Mr. IL W. Tamil: Dear Sir, Actuated by seer:mot grate.
Mimed submit the following saoo instance of the mat.
Ity of your great medicine. Ily child,three yes. 01d...
snddectiy ,tracked with • terrible dim.. which,. to Ica
then spa Mum prcetrued it to tad helplesmers. Then:ribs
breams 00 rigid that not a Joint meld 0 tent; the Me di
Wawa black and cold. and entirely dmmeal qf feeling; the
07. fixed. partially Mined end altogether blind. Follow ,
kg thlo yas &Ora. to all sound: the BPlne became con
tracted!. and=reed, th at when taring 00 Ile belt. the
Arad and /wit so
only touched. Indeed, the child Trreprated
.v.ry of king deal Immallately on the er,
tack, the family physician was called In end &renew necks
be labored to remora it to feeling. but ell in md b =al
tt ink blistered a dos. times. and TlLliol2llru
Munk applied. A consultation of phyedelane was then
held, bnt , t d o ra impose. The mee wee then brought he
ti:Ube] :fent =Zee so
g y mad do nothing more. We then auctimenced
tr your i t freely aver the entire length of the
s rim and you may imagine parent', Jon when. mbar •
neLsrot*/ anseadime rime nparen. 1
middy pllidd
remnered, with the exception of the gibe
• which did not bemme parted An neerly m=tlt. It le
now hearty and robust es cut be. .
Tim other colas . of the same kind teamed In my neigh.
torhood yank:may en of 'which dial; when. no dmia. if
your Liniment bed bean need, tbig e rr i rid o k:Amoe s er.
bearia, gm& 1.1861.
Liver Complaint, Eryeipdas,'and Ildeusuatimi
Herm., Marion Co., Ky., Iday 2f,1530.
well.. Yeninal.-1/ear Sir Your Liniment 10 th e
very and.doing • vast deal or good among the pa.
pl. It has cored la tad etas of 17alpelea, amt otat
or a bad paln In the breast A lady, er to confined to
herbed ler iseveral month, with w Complaint and Ade.
Con of the nla
eat, eras entirely cured by the nee of 'your
Arabian Linbnent. She said the doctors could do bar no
good. it bee teen applied to a trade cut, and Carel It in
• Aunt time. 1 bate ban
with Ithauniallem
• long time and Jost before a wet oell It pained ma so
much that I had no pme all day: and tte the night I cone
teething rubblihr with Tout Linlinent, and
Wore wax done robbing, the gob Pala&
40117 i BUCHMAN.
&if Complaint, Strecney, , Distemper, Corks and
Sore Eyea Cured. '
DI. Mitchell. Postmader at Flat. Fulton County. 111..
" lIVIt. 11.FmumMt. Year Arabian Llament hishir
prima bare. We enrol one of my neighbors' horses of the
nurf Complaint by about four or flee applications. and 1
mud one of Erly 17.12 tir the Sweeney. 0111. Sheriff, /mob hie home of a bed Cork with lk be afeo tried
ft on • mat that bed the Mate:apes may bed. and eared It
htnuilletely. Ile sa e hodeadedly the greatest 1101711
h° 01 ued. There hare been number. eared
f Bova Fled Sint 14 I end it • say valuable =did=
both am man and beset.
' Betarre of Counterfa
The Piddle ars yeallansrly cannoned arrolust • Base
awaken( which lus lately made Its appearance and IS
enllad by the Impeeter who makes It 'lf Yarrell e s
Llnlntent.. This D a dangerous fraud and mare liable
to &melee from his bearing the name or Them
fon belNkrUenlar newer Doan fee a try Me warm 'Tartan's
I,,,lesent„ myrlncipled dealers will Impare the BPS
MOUS stalons upon you for the gear:due, but always ask
J "Ma flGrafs Ltruhlon Zanistwapaml late a/rer„
onsays Du the letters B. Ghat= Yarrelfe.
hodvatar. 11 aln ors the onutle 'wrapper, and them
es slam boob—"B, (L Arobioal
I.Grrawat, Awrio. ^
Ao CGS wanted In every Tr:mm.lllh.* and Hamlet In
the Utdroll Matra in which one la red setabllshal. Apply
by letter to M.G. Farrell,
.IMorla. 111, win, ;o,4 rebnpo
chanweler, rorrpoludDlltrrete• •
au on the .(milt who will furnish Free of Charge,
book ountalnlng mu& salable Inlinatallon tor ovary nese
of clthretta
Potts-25 cents, hD cents, and MI &MS per bottle.
YU way prawo lo ntannfactured try U. O. Yarrell.scle
Inesnbwrandrproprletor, and who druggist. Na 17
Slain street. NM* MU and for sale whartmle and Matt at
yryprMtorY prim
Sold CURRY, Alla:bar CR/.
(.10DA ASIL-500 make of our own m
10 tenure warranted of is good quality and an blab
r way twinned. lad for zi ra i g r n . ar n trind cx t
to d! Water street&
1.1 .
QUID OLDS—Yor einsuititlng Iron. Word. Bead‘
Ciao, and .r -wow.n tor genius! world It
M Pitts
ends unrivaled. To be DWI 1011.11YTITO VOsam dl lation
bunth. my
BANNERS' OIL-27 bbles Bank .OH, (Or I AIR - BALLS--A full assortment just role&
tor le ta by null: , • 7. 11. PATON.
iLOLABSES--200 bble. N. 0.,f0r solo by
303 J.* R. FLOYD.
"()OTASH-30 casks pure, for sale by
J. a IL /7 7D.
EPrpurenance.of law, I, 31u.taan Fulmar,
eeddent of the Milted Stat. of Ana*. do hereby
and mate lumen that public Woe win be held at
the oodertnermined Land Men in Ma State of Argonne.
at the periwig horl.fterdeldanated, tout:
At the lend Moe at BATESVILLE, coratetemeneg on
Mood.. the first day at September mgt. for the dispowat
of tr dublg a lsol fr. s u ttiated Info ;gr. , ffiermed
North olt. hooch. mod erestoarlfth prisedorl
Townahip two, of 711:110 throe..
Tmenehlp two, of rano four. •
r." 666 ' 666l ttummldn *Woo. myth of White river. of
North of Me bowline owloastogamAfttoirograd owridion.
Township fifteen, of range two.
gmetional towrohlps tier= sod twelve. at WS.
At the Land Office at CLIAMPAONOLE. otrounereing
the Meenth day of September nest. thr the dlr.
pod of the pubtle lauds within the ardermentimed town•
hire, to wits •
Sbuth the termlineand soest ethe AIN writ.* earridias.
Torthablo clarets an d fourteen. of Poop seventeen.
to lawn. of nage eighteen.
At the Lind l oe at HELENA. ecounmuelog on 3100.
day. the eighteenth day Of August next. tor the
of oblie lands within tba knowing named thwart.* and
Nw4~W :we wdenrf of 0. 4 t.
See thirteen. twenty-three, cuty-63...1
So, east of the 80 ?rands thee, in townsldo three. of
range fou.
Township nine, of range seven
Sindtgf Mc bomb. ened wester 01.011 6 rw.t 6 (i 6 a .
Twombip four and part of an and lo
of thirtr.
two nod thirty.thne, in township thieen. rogo ore
, At the lewd Mice at LITTLE BOCK.C eommeneing on
Slonday. the find
of &Dysart. Ingt. for the Mooed
lb.ofse public Imola Co We following named *Mt. and
sear Cypress Ist. riot •
Sarth Vila baseline ood teed of Me AgA oitecifml
The moth half of section dant, the rooth half of
f ea,
frectlonal see.= amts. and fifteen, the north hal of
mventrett, the east half 1.13t14.3. the
north- half aod amthweet Quarter of teettrf the
northwest quarter of tweuty-eit, and the west tug of the
nortbeas_ t getter of twestrywerven. In townehiP (time. of
MOO Mort. i
lends tp&r . opriated by law Mr Itt itt ur of reboots, %Ili
Veered I.TT=rtnr a tTi r ereby enll thole 7.174 ^ if
any. which .0011 be Weeded by t h e State arithee he
trnit days
;I ' l td ,
ert rig %%Tai t 21,?nutbo
enable lb. ISMS or l sir an d other States to reclaim
UM Wimp lode within their Malta," approved Seem.
ber Mb, MO. unit be =elude/raw Me mks. And
no k •
ratio. for land bounties heretofore granted by of law dr
(knorea, thr military envie. rendered to the MAW
Stater, vol/ /he
mop the abr. maimed lands,
as provided by the act entitled ' . .go Act tasking ..
ations het. dell and diplomatic nom. of government."
.ae ilferreie ' rgiorthaVoWinesttiorted lamb Will be enre
mooed on the days apogotel, and will proceed In the or.
der ha which they are
with all onsvenient die
! TrlP;incT, InTtlie h lti n ell i tilTre b" .l=3 " o " l=
resluVolifilt7 rtraeggeScrgf of
ti r t e l s o g n ,kt Ul
ehta under my hang at toe Cityaf Walt ' hinem. thle
loth day of May, &too Nonfat one thousand eight hum
dred and trireme._ • I,llol.Aller PILL.IIOIIE.
Preen- hot: '
Commissioner a the Oaneral Land
Evers pee, entitled to the right of prieemption to any
tbe Muds within the townships end parts of townshlre
theme enumerated. le required to establish the same to the
cathfsetion of the Register mad Fthelcer of the proper
Land Mei and make payment therefor as soca us pew:bor
ers after smith Mir meth, and
tot,e day appothted
the costuriencement of the pablic of the lands embra
cing the troth chained, otherwise insch claim will be forfeit
Othuniadoner of the General Land MU.
li pursuance of law, I, Maurositnoss,
Proddsrut of the United States of isuerlea, do hereby
j N lve sot make nown, that pubtle sales yid be held at
• the einderearutbated baud Otiloss in the letS of hitseetat.
" ler th P ran h d h &Vat n ..jeal,gr • oLi mo.-
dorat. * . . d e r of Eeptember met, for the =1 it the
pub teeth situated mithiti me fatiosnug tamed teem.
ship., viz : "
Nona ef the kw lire ina «de the.474sti tsthd , a.
Townships twentylweest moots 0 and twentrolish
on end nest Cutlet ther of mac e
Testi:whipe tuentreeeen; tals,Ouetglit and twenty-aim.
an and near Carnet thee, of nose ur. •
Totruehiptemety-thht, an a brea th of Cupreutriser, of
ninit; .
Townships twenty-ham, twenty-four. twestreisht and
twenryeilna, of ranSe .
Townships twantpthree, twenty-fon; twmtinight and
twenty-dm, of ream tune.
Fractional township twmtrooe. and to...WM (mot/ .
two, twenty-tit...twenty-four, terentyaive and twentyads,
of mire ten.
.At the SLUE PLACE. cammendnit on Minks/. 'h• lif
tomtit day - of &standee neat.( the disitsimi °[ the Pole
lie beds within the follovelnit suosnt tamnhilis and Wt.
of townships.
North of the typo lauded ant of tidglit PenhiPti
Township twenlydwo, of mom ma.
Tractional townships twenty.oe and. twenty-two. and
a ltgre r nTyl . TV' three.
To To :nchlpe tertaity•tvo md twenty-4.N: tif tnnte Ova
Yrsational township sixteen. m 4 townsinse twentring
twenty-three. twenty-four.. twenty-five, two:di-Mt and
twentyeeven. of nage att.
Tractional townships sixteen and seventeen. and town
ship twenty-two. of rani( meets. ,
i notional townships oaten. serentemb eighteen and
twempone. townships twenty-two and twenty-tbrar in and
sections three to tot Inclusive odmieen to barairose else
dm, and - bendy-aim to thihrhoo Inclusive. in tinsmith ,
twentyals of mom eight.
Township nineteen (except freehand motions thfelpone
to titirtems iminstred fractional township tweet y sal
fractional townehlp twenty-one (e r xcept , sectiot.,
fleved,Linte tattalWea tmes
twoditneem, hireporhr. hdratinee, Mid lieSrohf rms.
[ The northwest fraction of Whoa lit, in township new
:teen, and freehand township twenty. of range mt.
Sections one la tweice Inclusive:the north half aftAfrtere,
finale., to hnothenne 10010.1 and lllNOStreakt
td lhirry•
time inclusive, Is township eight.= metlons how to ten
Inclusive. In township nineteen: and anti.. Litirternjott.
tern, the tooth half 0f toenlistiso, to fterntirso
non, and aisle . ... to tAirwill tnelnlivr.. to township
moldy. of nese twelve.
The part east of °Little 14rer errnim, ° of township
twentrehree, of maze thirteen.
tech= six (except the northeast quarter.) and sections
&RN clOatrA,Ail./.4101, Shut. uut thtnivene.east of °Lithe
• Killer Ovelliew,. in township terenty-foor, of rase Sou.
At the Land Ofibie at BTRISOPTELD, eammendat on
Ibanday, the dghteenth day of Azimut mat. for the dJs
ismi of the nubile lands eituabst within the following we
ed freehand tawrahlra. to wit: •
orthof tat to. lion and end theAfth principal esendien.
Township mmtptwe. n MM . . twenty-two.
Toornahip twenty... 4 of rums twenty-ham.
[ Tractions of naestrflee, Write... WH5 . ....
airty-four.thirtresise and Men.... soother the
olg th fr "'" tate WM tomoship mantrone. of node twe,ny
resetkaal.tovrosblp terentrone. Mi.:ma to the Stab
Lim, of manes -twenty- 000. twenty-ntm. thirtl. thirty ,
cm. thirty-two. thirty-three end thihda
Lands appropriated by Ise for the me of schools, mill
tan. sod other purges., together with 'these maxim and
urethane.' lands made wad ttstreby for cultavanon" if
any. ',Welk Audi. bot select." by lb. limb , mtlinitim haftee
[ lb..dan appointed tor the tnanmernement of lb. public under the Act monied °Su Act ana
-1 ble the State o ftorcav Arkansas and other &atm to reclaiitsmto tbe
..essap lande within their ilie." htor
Mk. WO, mil tst enchaied.fros n th it e tab.. Am na lit krealkaut
for Lad bomotles heratobne granted by anT low of Ord ,
soms, for sanitary escort.a emceed to Me tinned Mates,
be peinadtal an my of the adme stostionedgn4=
Tided by the sat enttUnd "An Act makinga
for the dull end dipintic expernete of thositrmaent: env
[ •P irte off; vd i n d tnir of b atiftieve mentioned lands wlll
me... 4 0. the dale Mlndond. sod wlii 'b. or"
I eon
der In widen they am advertis too ed with eit convennent
t[sha"'"4the whole swell Nwbmw 9eolo . em t
I,7tmmL 0001 he .. lPn loner two two
= ttriv,Por.,:r 07 it ma twee
OfTen under my moo at the City at licZngton,
dash dm of May. A3lOO liardni one thousand eight bon
dm' and liftrobe. ittiLLAILD IAO.
Br tbdo Pnaidenti "..• • •
Commissioner of the General Lend Often.
of E arra=ltrat i tre i try th at TPatEttocti= t rra r
above sostaterated. is requirot to estah the same to •
sattaboUou at the mister sod
as of the proper land
aft.. end make ptpueut therefor as X. at proof-watt OI
meimy brit uotiot. and before the day appoitit•l for the
ccoaateconsurot of ton public rale of the lands nutosclog
the bust claimed; otherwise such etalm 011 l to forfeited.
Commistkoter of the tiattnul Land Mos
TN pursuance of law, I, limas° Puxmoss,
. 4 1 . 14.1 . 1 . 3 4 engt . th k e traltar
oolro g e a i tztt i viz eto bmbr
undamentioned thillose lathe Buda of lowa, at
' tW /(yo ' ULM* at fi e rAtltT '. i ' orta t en enda tat Man .
day. th e ISM day of Sentember Mort, Per disPa ' slot the
public lands situated In the folloEng named taws:Mips,
North N (he base ties; and mut thejt/th principal oust'
Township moats . ..dui.triimrPisinn
Townships severity-nine and eight,. of. rainte
Township. arreeitytan. ard =as thinivnit
Timishipe serentralne, eighty.d eightpone. of ruts.
Township siebtrone, of mine thirtyithrea
At the Land Moe at conting mite.
. day, the fateensth dor of Sentember nea t.r te ,, disponi]
of the public Wade within tneutuJermentioned toiewahipe,
to wit:
North of bass Una and adian. d of the A/Vi principal meri
Township gement,. of 1.0 tblrty.
Tom:Ably wady, of range thirty-tea
Township ...ti t of Tonga thirtyethree.
At the Land Mew DUBUQUit, 011 Monday the e'er
tawnth day of Aug.; oast, for the dhpewal of tha
I li mad section. mode. wrul tow,
day eighty4wo north, of mute one mut. and the aentiseast
=flai;;V ' lTell l orl:t7gh t lg. l l l = l. . ' .
Lamb anrogriated by law for Um nee of whoa., sale
tary and Other imposes, together with . thnee swamp and
...ramrod lands made unfit thereby for cultivation,"
If any. whkb shalt be relented by the nista authorlUes bee
to.. ths dayo strochttmt for the °Dement...pent 2( the nab
ittiletberitVe. g l eir= th
alid A Wgi l ee 1 ' 1 ,0 41111V
00.6.-Intrtvg,%&; L7f." 0 ,4 11487rrot
ddloa. fur f oo d Demntie. beretotb re by by any law of
Comm. fin military Denims rendered to lb. Unitki
&ales. wilt b
ehea d poma:fox any of obovemenlional
as provided by
Eons for the oivtland diplomatic expense. of tioeernment,“
te., approved ad BArch. 1141.
Tbe .bak e of the land. will be nimmeneed 0.1 do
e arthed sod piwomel in the order wbkh they .0 mt.
earthed with all eon...tient dispoteh. uotUtbe who dull
bow. been .0.004, and the min thus closed: but no sale
.ball b. kept open longer than two weak., and no private
opUT of any of the 'lands .111 te, admit/set until after the
, expiration of the two wmka.
Olean tinder my band at the City of ifsablnton.
Seth Pill of blab Anna Domiol one then:wand e ight boo
died sad liftywne. • MU -LARD 91 LOWRY.
By lb. Preridenti
, Commliskser of ate demeral Land =re.
Every preen entitled to ale right of preemption to ma
of the lame Ethio the faunally. ma park of township.
atom enntnented, Is mulled to eashlial the same to the
sattelbstion of the register endemeiver of the proper tern'
Mem, and make Payment {{ hp at M. arprodumele of.
ter seems Ms 'seam. and fun the dity ..poletted for Me
o mardomment of the pub le rale dam
.liltds embrsdne
the tract shamed; otheentse such be forfeited.
Comutimioneroflhe General 'and Ofkos.
sayndaml 3 t
GLASS -25 0 boxes sad size ,s for
or sale
Je 3 • B. a W.
Fresh Arrivals of Wall Paper.
ri'MOMAS PALMER, No. 55 Maiketstreet,
L haaJaat npeolved from the East, • Imed•mbr smear-.
meat of We/ omm Chamber P•pel, . my(l
PiCifiNGlNOS—French and Aram.
MACKEREL -200 bble. NO. 3; (Large)
rl •
Tuebon a rPr ialinu Depot.
nyl3 mn Non andWayestit.„
%Trlirrfobr itAig:ZicibiTitei. rime, - tee
IVA. mg* by arm HIM% MAW= V 8 CO.
ARD 01L-15 Ws. for wile by
wed sad in Ws to S. N. WICKEDSUAIL -
EN mum of Wst sad Wood sta.
CLAW. PARRS 4 CO. Sommer, Flom:rms.
TePROPRIETORS of this old and well
en Lina would inform the piabllo that they an
new in opera/Jan for 1.1. premut mama, and the/ comm ced remising Pratt and I=tera, wtsich are fully
=rn, the Bret ' rates. O. f I IJ j.e n o k. f •
Una will be constantly at the landism, ° .m. 41 •
Pawl. Mane, r.nre , Boinht.
08., we. Waits .48=111.1d ate., Pittsburg
n. W. Cunninirbem, New NAL,. Pa.:
D. C. Mathew Pulaski. Pa.;
W. 0. Nolan, Shorn:
J. t 8. 11011, 13haryalmrslu
Wm. Achim O.
Wm: Henry. limutown:
Wm. Poer, Omneautelllr.
C. M. Reed, Erie, P.;
O Wallbrldne. Duffel's, N. Y. ayl
_ New Lake Superior lane.' —lB 5 L
THE new steamer NOBTLIENER, Capt. B.
ty =VA. t ree totem %r
ot May met, on her flirt trip—att3 veeklr ther:Niter on
Pride,. at Old &clock. P. km the Sant ate. Marie.
The steamer MAIN RATTAN, Capt. JOHN CHISHOnNy. II _ I
leave Rant tie. Marie, Tor the different landltdie on_,•••••
Superior. on the mimic!' the steamer Nortberoer: dotroll•
• Molar trerkly limgnt the mew, between.
Clereland and the C opper and Iron Mines.
5. t A. TURN Eli, Proldloir.
Clerelead, 0.. AprU 25.1551.—tr
Manufacturer's Line.
HOE Wau_. 1851. Naga
lIIPP.E. R that thIaTMRE 4EREeomyoned. Bltlr.i;!.liFOßMEtl..)
Em p o rgl i cse t rei . R a z i =s ik t d o eafry .... t=r a v
gQom, in m abort Com, and al. m low rates, m 0 0 1
other Ȣ
lipeefai arranmments hive oho teen made for monitor
Way Freight to Ulaireville, Johnstown, Ifollidaysborg,
Water litreet,Almandrae, Petersburgb, Iliontinirloch M.
Creek. New idenillton. ideVeytown. Loorlatown,
Newport, Clark's Ferry, lianisburit o
m agu eotermedlete_pointe on the Pennsylvania Canal lusel port
Italhoad. Haring Warn loads of Iran secured from
tae Juniata, pram cnese end regularity in ablionentev
the Mermaid polo at the lowest ram, may be reded
ape. . ITCIIELL SCOTT. Proprietor.
Warehouse. Lthertf tine ,
Second door vest of the Canal.
TERF.ST TN 81NG11.4.11',9 LENA to my brother,
IS BINGHAM, lb. bugle.. at Pittsburgh will beet-,
after be transacted under Die idyls of eftm.ltiegbass •
Bingtimas' Trnnsportation Line,
CANAL being now open, we are rea
dy. to rocith and forward ProcentlY, Berrie. •D' l
ercbaue out and west.
Freights also.* at to rates dithered bT meftetthible
Produce and Merthandlea willtw nweithel arid torwarded
mot and woe. without atir Goo/. fur Formislinit
vancinir, freight. commiselou. °Mores.
Bill. of Lodi% forwirded l wed all dB-attend !ARENDT.
nitAnA.4 to.
A WM. tigltrllil to t CO. Cared Butt,
Owner Lthertyiaud Way-n*I.UL, PitUbOrgh.
between Foorth and 'HMOs * PlidlaiedpbOi.
Na. UM North Howaoletreet_dialtimerw
JAMES JUNO LIAM, Nu. 10 Weft. York.
18 1 51.
• Mardian& Transportation Line,
A. IIeANCLTY CLLtCaal 408 Venn .bat,
Met=C II ' RAYNOR, Central Met. Broad stivet.
delptto . •
to . i
We st.
are prepared receive a large amount merchandise
prodnes to eldp on the opening' at the canal. to ghll i t
tall. and all Interturattg .. at lon er 000.4. and
Mr IL T than rr=s7arnorole , r Truk* prattled Lt .
tho Canal Comeolarloners IST Ca/171= oar boat. on the
Stat. Balboa., gar prevent .1:1, youlblllty of delay at
lloWarsburg or Worolda- thle maeow
&MS I Canal Waal.
gteaß 1851 INGe
To Shippers of Merchandise, Produce, dm,
Rl O CATCnnsiiiiiedirT " l SYCI t-
ATKINS CO.. rtnterietotn. Ts =1 Mutat. and SI
Cotinnuere• etre..
BELL 4 LIGUETT, Agents. Canal Baths. l'lttalstoph.
JOB. TASIA)I3 t SON. Agents. 'ultimo*. •
We Sr. preparcd, on •the opening of the Pannsylranta
Canal, Sr enntrastfap freight at as lon sates. and give
Wipers as lamb deispalsh and sun as any Who n •
401: Lin Ith
r0ux..... ...... coml.
(S,werwrigligoJohn Mahn, A Co 4
Cana! Bruin, Penn Street:
Parma. Rail Raad Co.—Ceattal Rail Raid. •
THE subscrilets having been oppoi l ld
.Vgu rpti',=
.7..7 a:gram:oll. to ;Zoo, far enipmeot wort ow the
opening of the canal:
Owls rig this route will be carried thwur•gh In Er. day.
Awl all consigned to or Will to forwurdod lot, of eon:guar
too or rhorge for MiTaINVP.
UM or farrow Iran. grugAnggrula Amu rgrnorwool,
loco. !qui% liooka.BtAtionar7,Cothri.Oonie•
Th3.1.7 7 ,7k1a1tr, Feathers. Furniturw.DrWer.
whllerf, Wool. Or. tr. 111,0) *MIS.
llordworw, pp .n. Oroorrior. Paint*. Duo 6mM,, 09r,
Lowther,Clover, gl.r.,Timothf rod oar,: Onus -Coed;
Ate. r Weil
I Rama, Deer. Park. thane, Lard. Laud 09. Taw , . Log(
CoLier,Tallow. nook • To 30)
1 Athos, kWh). (rough)
Tar. ?itch, Roots, Orin. May,
Bow. go, •1. 00e 'fr 100
1851 EEMT:M'
Pittsburgh ;Transportation Line. '
.lA2lla , O'CONNOR R CO., Dalai Bade. Pittabota.
EITEIL,J1,111:8 100, D.M. Lima and Cherry streets,
•isd No. 3 South Fourth street, tetoreen Itttritst sts4 Umt
ata. streets, Pbilathdiatta
O'CONORS s 00410 Nat;th stmt. Wilmer..
jaiViNG fairy comn d pleted
myhl our arrange
.Au no will ha t repanedgpan tho anent l i lt
tZerlLl n to l'hiladel r.. Bon^ Cita
iona, Lotelevillee Stlland: d the; haunt lAcne
o k rl.7an n' trget h atr ' ipton d o .r. re. - - thf..l7:"."th
y ihaticance, without mop chars+ to owners. • protection
not rosily attordedley any other hhne.
All accomantennonel addrdoed onnalras Or. anyone.
TraltA W . Cleminnatle Wobh Lonhertlla, and Lone •
phone, IL Louie xlll meet ulna prompt attontion.
iFirN B. Oar Lena hen no connection•lememor with th•
Philadthla and Petteleureat Tesnavortotion Lino
teof At
ha.* ! I , tC3
• •
Learis'a Patent iteverale Water Filter
S• NOW to be I Been in operation at W.M.
.rarx t CO..X Plumbers , Ito. 10 north ebbaet:be•
F ltVted nud Ll ' b lgtet - rg . tr 'l t /LT/WI:2 gall
phitholal (rom tint MIMI*. butanes of New Tort.
and a Cortitleato nom the FrloOdln Mamma of Chits
phis, for Ite superiority In Its eleamMalsopertles and atm
bertatrerra Irmo those burins them In me ho Philadelphia,
a*L"th*"k4 " l t:
It ern me great ploamm to remenmend to the lovers of
water. the Patent Iterermble Water Viltershlm
rooted by Ida Lesrla IlLmlng WWI ono of Mem harwmer
el month. I am (netted toludo.f their "nu.
Ok://101n PLITT ,111 Walnut stmt."
• - Pecrtamartne, blurb =h. 1101.
The Patent Itererrible Water Vlltsrer, Invented by It..
Samuel U. Leeds and 00.4 by em foe mane tooting at rol
Egego2l. "'ad Icte . 4rat4ll " Ite 0207 n72a. Po
reartamend It to JOIt A 4 P. my yo . .
he. Sommer atterl. '
Eltrat Filter , ere warranted to talm out any emell or
terte width may lents=
animal or .rrte
ble matter In Um /ratan They are warranted to bo nawo
years and with 'ordluay rare will Let ten; and remain
only to be FWD ba estmedetot.
Ml./weRI (LAPIN,
mrlo3! 220 Arch wed. Philadelphia.
Rockingham and Domestic Qneensware.
Itorktrearser end Yellow GIL. Rue,
Eeer Lrreeroot, Oblo.
CW - Se. mole Rooms. corner bletb and Liberty remote.
((Bound Church boUdlsisr.) entrant. beet door to .1. fil 5.
Our ezteorbie Werke costae vs to 011 ord.. proolPtl7.
A eocap.ant deriebef Wog obbneutl7 efe *b .
abbe ILI to Imre pre tbe 0.. sne Improved drier
of the der.
n i :r i eV U 11 r blTN P L?el=e=ll l,
'boob' /ere, eleearjelea for doe:00k oar, la great variety.
Oriert reeverfol/y reberial. coalabtf
Heating and Ventilation.
Beating by Siena 1n liotels,Court itooseublweture
itoistue, Haut ODicco. Drub Factories; linepllals, and build.
Inv of eircry &seri ption. public and private. Aloo,Laurc
dries and Drying Rooms. for all Pun ,
lt * wheD , regnlrr
t ti r cLlVit arid ET Urns
" rfr 4011aikal. lry n e arrid or Breed Mows. will
be prepared wherever desired.
Buildings of the avian, description* nientioned are
:opt talowssfully heated noon thin Plan 10 Festers Weis,
an the ruelhal insure.: ado:deems, uniform 11104 at MU
required tornperatute with enure Irradoro from soot.
. " ' ° t:4l: b", 4 2 14." ''' l "" l'N od ftlVlani7l47:i.
Agricultural Implement&
HAVE tJUS% nceived from the East the
It/Melon inthlemonts. all of Co. 'beet manufacture
al l
a the most recent ineentions, and I Would Invite all
rvitsere to call and gringo., MT stock.
Urllllna hisehines, for corn, beans, thetas rolvdDs , go.
St rain Drill, for wheat, rye, oath, and barter
Corn Cob Crashore. •
Corn Sheller, for horse and band Donor.
Straw and Corn Stalk CutUng Ibaes•
Vegetable Hoot Corinth.
On Vflk. and Cow Chain Halters
Cosothel tirdn and Una hythes, and lithe.
Ca/delved two, three and four nusng forks. -
All coanuferturel from the best materials. And for solo
at the Drag and &sot titon of
17. 27. WICKER/MAL,
- Corner of Wood and kWh streets
Beanniont's Patent Starch Palish :
f ATENTED, July 26th, 1850.—For giving
beautiful Glom to - Linens, Muslin., Cagebtro; Cot.
sl,ltt Ilownsue, Se., and alto prevents We Icon from
adhering to Linen, it.. and nreventa lout from emoting to
Unto.. te. eon ern:Wane nothing ittluieln.
Illrontiwie—gat a pion the i.O of a pea to a lout of
March when [wiling; gnu briskly.
grim, 11% sentence crm. &Id wholesale told retail by
leg It. E. SELLERS, 07 Wood rt.
's Pot Clap.
rE subscribers are now Solo Agents
of J. Coyle, .1 Co.. for Oa sale of their Pot Clay. a u
ar ear well retabliehol reyntatkat lbs. the lIMLIMULIPPIr .
of ()lase Pots, Steel Pots. a It 0 made of onu of ths wort
Infusible substances known: and Is very carefully selected
~3 4 eleoasal ➢reel.. to grind lot•
ter: l .1. OCIIOOIOIAKER • (30. ...
Invaluable to Udine an a ptoteetlo Lo lingds to
bonen cleaning. pardorsdna, care or 1t0..r4 to. In RHf
log tbey bleach the Sande *110.7 !Sr. at
the lode 'tubber Dona, 7 and It Wool stmt.
my= J. t 11. PHILLIPS.
CREAM TARTAR-1,000, lbe. for Bale by
No. CO. od st
LEMONSYRUP.--60 bin ...Tonnes", lent
ba pyrap, comalgamet, =Mr male by
Er 1114128-3 bales, 40 inch for sale by
u 4 moninv Larr
ffielmleons !
KLEBER has just received a choice lot
e of thpedor Carhardt's Melodeon., mannfeetored
r . Cashaolt himself—the original limentor—la New
reps City. Mr. C. has Much improved upon Mt =Waal
Invention, mud It is now generally weeded that ha mate
the bed Melodeons in the taunter, both for *loath. of
finish richness , and beauty of tone aoil tooth. Amonc
b oetar. Melodeon, ern,ll feet, rteenotth
hoe! " • " "
No 01 7011 rel sued, 01gn of the Goklen Horn.
wad Pole Agent, lathe above lnetnaments.
WIZ mourn 8/1311417NUAL BALE or;
Le TEI cam rank irmla Or
A. A. Ahura & Co., 82 and 84 M ar ket it.,
WiLL commence on TBUIDIDAY, June 26,
leAloand maths. throairbeat Om math of July.
:Their Rludemle Rams 1.111 be owned ha Om retell Med.
sad every article throcahost the mtablbhment mill be
sold al an Imamoas redaction hams usual prkm.
maaloie remeatly made exterodm sorebasea, their mace
.lll be found eery choice and dmisabla.
Their Mock of Silks. =Mins' . 10 . 1 " 1,, m , 14 ° 1 . 1 ....•
011:Ackley] oats; as immense dimmest from usual coa.
Occd Drma Mike aa low as- —.--...117
Flue Preacb 1.411/611....... . . .... ...-. .....
Ng PrelV Jre =_ .., - -7 --- - ' . .7 . ... -- - ...
- - - ........R2
MO pm. Preach an 4 Anil& 010g0am5...... .. . . -Oka [Vie.
Blaek .11.1p.m. -.. --j- 1.
luauO u lar Bonnet lUbbms
I hot Colared Callcom---- ' Mae.
100 W. Engllatt and AIIeIiCS. Calicos, ---19410 e.
300 . and tales Bleached Mad Blown AGA* at mare
ufacturer's price,
AIX, Laces, Bat brolderke, Trimmlems. lhadm7. 010,05,
Llama, White UCKdll. Bonnets, PAsmie, Clothe, Dod g
e a r with an Immense. moiety of all Made of Dry
of which vill to muted doers at. en lea. Man
stegamle prices. 1.M251 A. A. MASON t OO.
Goods for Warm Weather.
U y ltt , HY BURCHFIELD, at the
i L o v piLd .or":L F :A b
or: m* T=tora," ll
Poach and Prima. intirfitil
Prabroidered and Printed ninellrix
New style Vktarle. Marlinr.
. .
Nolo white Swim and Mall Noshes
Berage De Minot
• They hare last teethed another lot of NEW GOODS.
each as Parasol.. changeable &Ike for &arta black for do.
black Mohair alltta
lo.bob liala
o. Crud endeavor', Dared NV
ttn ti" nut
.a Vel 111%, " arra L . 1710 ,Prea ch
. 13 1 111Tallf
LAWNS, ebattittobto KAM
Their anortnornt being very Dall...nith constant accea
elms nf new Ronda, and mold at loom rum. ioduotottuta
on oltmod to Wyatt to toll and mak. 114, ontoboots.
IrELVET CARPETS.—W. M'Clintople has
and Rot .oh. tho Unmet sonneann of. Vel•
• Corpste ever offend thi. market. Carpet Warehouse
No. T 6 Younb
has In P store and for sale • bays asmottsoent nye
rlbromoln Cane., to mates b. bating tba attention of
customer.. Ibtrpat Wanbona. No. 75. Ymnth mt. Y. 7
w_p4 —1 '.117,2ar. - .41: 5 = 1 "
an additional napplfraimped trtmadnn
which the attend.= of eattotners la Invited at No. 02 and
04. Idazkot
More New Lamm
AA. MASON & CO. have just received
. dy. • lama la of tame veal. desirabla Fuss
tall, it T h
o.I.I=ITA:t . :( d r. "' .e
Co. now dodo; oat thin mi ry Largo:dna of Bon.
tott bton tr. worr nontoodiptiewo o d lmo:tint It
you want ••• • . 'Non. 63 soot 04 Market tt. jot.
White Marseilles Quilts..
IHAVE on hands large assortment of Im-
Mted and American QUILTS. of Ac i vr s r
o salo,
greatly reduced prima
TEM subscriber, baring made arrange
menu, la colooponos of otith his present basis.,
mast to skoot hy ths lot of Aurnst sat, sow' oat dV
golds dock of Glares, ILosiery„llibboos, Lan Goods, Est.
brolderles, Dew Triscushaso, Rsadloarbles. YON nfru,
Varnishing Gosls s Zaphyr Worsted, Floors Stalwisls.
Votbrollss, Parsec Combs. soil Ttossol awl Needle so
tidos tan Sion. (Sett Mho: WOW tosts,) st
polity solvent muss. olksloo/e sod
(I RAPE LEISSE, blue, white and pink;
IL.I llamas Elk. o o
Crape, white and black - ,
Blood, white, blue. Pitt .ad ii...;
Arttlldol )7ova& to.; too Ws by
11„./ toiv• oat ree4 me ram white. • Int. blue sal Mark
I AWNS! LAWNS!—A. A. Mato* A Co.
bars just otentod arse cam plain black Lawns. von
Also, a very laws* supply of beautiful fatty color
ed tawny, at vary low prises, at Nos. Ct oadellillialkat
join •
Co. roe row offering theirlam Ara varied ...on.
moot of Poresotr et ray rodarrd toiroh 00rt , t , 7 mottb .
ii=al . ll . 4:= ars req . anted to ell red examine Wore
Pine Elm& Broadcloths.
M - - - -
MURPHY & BURCHFIELD invite the at
-1 Gabon of Enron to don. wort:pont of tbs &two
"moo reAn.nufactotr of
a uv u g . lo
('RAPE SHAWLS, at reduced priees!-:-
N? , A. A. MASON & 03. .ill dose
z. = ttai . .r.tet of Dr.
ductirat ova .nu ater pion. 1666:666114 . 4
No.. 62 462 64 Malgot 6. Oh
AWNS LAWNS I at 61 eta. per 3%341
A. A. MASON & CO. ars now arteringll , os roast ann.
lot or ebasp Lawns area 'shit:U.4 Ps this air?. at Stt
laic.. frau a,% rents par rani up. The atteatlas of ail..r
omen ix Nolklted. • ralT
ir I REAP BONNETS !—A. A. Mum( &Ca
handstresn.<7l todne cot the balance ot the. vt.k
at Don.. wsd
'The attc.
tine of 1.1 , . vetielted te 11. sta. v... .17
RENCII FLOWERS!—The attention of
namentallr Lawitat b oar lama stcek of
fac nave.. which we aro now closing out at Wery ',-
cloud rate. Deli I A. A. MASON t CO.
t ~ ~ ~:~,
A. MASON & CO. would respectfully
tho attetion of keepore to their Teri • e-
Are worn:tient o n f
tieldfboaae printed and =booed piano
awl table wren, artortint color. Also, •m Ltes t e .,, %p.
ir:11 TT ' Vr.. i.t t" rtott ) 4
a ' r j".
SUMMER CLOTHS, for Men's and Boys'
.ween al., Tweets. Cadtmerstts,Casslmsno. la
rat variety of styles and paalltlss, leoelysd and snored
low at tbs story of
cn ay
Kew of wry qnwitr.
brieid hs r•oelved ...poly of the.bove ?Nods,
tke aline
Lace Curtains.
L'LAVE just received, direct from the Int
torten. • larm• woortment at Les Curtain...bleb 1
Oki Law. Curtain MateriM. and "Itimadago of MlkLatt.
WM. NOBLM, Mint W.
BURLAPS—A supericir article 40 inch, for
ago 67 my 7 MURPHY
Woolen Goods! •
6) CASES Green Mixed Jeans;
• 44 Y • Lt e a nmka Clntln
1 " Cotton tkocit.
The abam my mit reed tram Mr Eatt r u t r .
" S" Vl:l7.Pln tar.
mo.Olovo. an of peat utility. to all klub of
work phr: r rotectlos to M. bands is raputratt. snob to
driving. Ws, votalog etioadoals, to. Abo, au
latallibla moody for chapped hand..
asyl6 J. It IL PHILLIPS.
INDIA RUBBER COTS—An excellent car
axing for vacs lagers ar conic selfamiNartaa . aad the-
Partinta Jto Aar or watert-Oar rem at Noa. mod 91 Wool at.
assartmait of all aedara aadaaalltlaa at Nadal, It
smtment of Lade Thraa,A aad Cot= u
for sale, arhalnal• at arta% by'
mild Y. U. EATON, AI Pose* Bi.
DRIED FRUIT--400 bu. Peaches;
toe sa
" tgazsardlby
FLOOR OIL OLOTEIB.--A: largo stock of
'Floor (NI Cloths, of widths naps frocoM to 6 rd.
p. to sell us low os • sasoe gado ea lAL
areSstol 61. tbo East. Merthant• sad hove Semen aro
seq.:mud to call sad siumlest out stool. telbnt joutobssiutt
lsewhere. J. • LI. PIIILLNS.
my ui 7 sod 9 oodlet
Straw Bonnet and Hat Warahotisa,
D 11. PALMER offers for sale, at very
iL 10. Vows Pall apeoetment of BD.. .ad 111.111.-
" Vo k lllll4H—Forolyn .ad AMMO&P' ood tow
atm., brad:ally, Glom, Mi ll ., Pomels,l4l-
bore , Se.
HATS—Yea's. Toothe. god sore Leshom..Yonel sled
,_ U tlhk trlT,=.lll/4 1 / 7 : .
Md a
lame . litgoon . Jrnay ' llyZood ower forms,. gr.. Teo
. 7 / 1 1/IPIVS--111. Lot ri ient and Heat plain Satin and Taf
ktgit4l. ro4ed h le 7 l2: i ' LL ' et ß kZiar.a
clrva ;or uilumiuscs-omu. Hoffeole,l3l+l4.,
P. Firalekeeleeh . and Ameele.4lprlgs, booths. .4
" Waral' h S/LATllftlletl7NS-411eoe,Alro. de Ho
de Rhine, Floronco, sod care styles, ossoeted
qu.tles and wk..
BA T/NS—Anarted 000lltlos and colon.
Abo—Hkeb sod low priced Payola and Umbrollas, 11.4
Dole*, A, le. - metal
eASSIMERES-90 pices fancy and black,
for Ws by ap22 C. AIMITCNOT.
RESS LAWNS-4 cmcspyjilted, s great
r . Flgity of Plasm ker oat
BERAOE DE LAINS--2 eases desirable
"ha Ibrul• tiy
RIBBONS --.300 ps Bonnet, 250 Cap, fur
Xi, ad. by • ay22 • C. ARBITYIDICT.
NIL DIOPITAr. ISO Llauff Stun,
large and ea .took of Vas lthmable Clotde,
adepted to UenUemen I Wear Pa Spring: comprising the
wawa All. In American, Ithelteb..^ .
l C aamt . 71 . 111Jrzte r tr e d i .b3ck of lltS
nod , A .
„ Ie . MADIC
rd l lzigd a a rkeuVilli th =a r i
oho for
him *l th * call. ItUlt not only the mat superior
thothdoit 12.1 d at tide estabilehment, but al. at the low
"tlrlrelti IlVe ' &itiloring litulesecuted. ea
tmost. in the
beet possible manner, anal lathe aborted motto.
W. Mc TOOK •
Is now constantly. maxim, LL Sodas Stook of
Ootoortdat to Portant ttikmlni •arloti.c - : '
sates Korai Telret Pile Ousetw. do: da Tatar*/ PIM.
do. Oa tra , ex tra an en. 3 plr; ardor 0 h
ttoo p;
'lt WV ' and 24 twEra Venitlan; 44, roo 44, IX,
and 21
pla)udat 44, tl4. 24041 24 wool and cotton do.
dadtra Manilla EuEN doe dot dot extra tu ft ed do.; dole
o.; common do. Mmllle Dow Mats tufted do. dal '
Amp Ala da do• Adalakho do. do.; Thrum do. do.
Crumb Claim Telling do., BooMna 124.04, and 24.
a . I'V e lVa, Ci at, ZAI Mao I Ore hall 0r,..
Also—Stair Bodo. of all doom Genial Bladlnam Willa
potn Nairlah=ridr . Mattturn Tame ',fain , ce.b
ButNiTdOw Holl rult T lX " Printrlr==
Carom do. Tads dada Bland do; Worsted Table do.
Raring imported and purchased oar atooldlrett Ihulth•
mot oelobrated .071“, telrag of the latest and moot oh
proved .alter rdcolorn, •a a: armed to .1, ,Afro,,,
VollVta d y sr t tle Ls ' ro P rttss. U " r '''' 6.
w e ...caw Write oil to eall and examine on, shook at
The Carpet lYarehouse, 85 Fourth street.'
mchl9 W. McOLINTOCR.
, now jgb and at tba atnroof Cab, vitt. stall saostmentat Lea
z owni it ng •
milo F. IL ZATON. Youth .t.
1/OYS' CASSIIVIESES—Of various colon
471'4 N / Inman a suicsnun.
LARD -12 !Ale. No. 1, for sale by
mYVI corn. Woad am Warn 4..
p m ARL ASII-5 tons for sale by
r. 4.3 111 Second. zadalil Ara rt.
1100PS-49,000 Split Ash, for tale by
L INSEED OIL-10 =aka (prim) for sale
by myb &t W. ILAIIIIALTOII.. 4
DRIED BEEF-2,000 lbs prime, just re- I
. 6 . 4 .. 4 in Pak by IE9 & ILLEBACCIIL
SUGAR—G 4 bade, received and for asle by
MOLASSES -100 bbla just received and
b.r Ws by le9 S. W. HARRLUGH.
A :4 "4 0,
Mons and SW uf . br 149 S. W. 11111116U011
YE FLOUR.-20 bble rye flour for sale by
LIALERATU9-31 caike, for sale by
WICK Q,CORCHINGS,— JobEt casks priate ea handCJINDLXS3. sad
to fa by * IV
II bbla 14.1. Lard.
4 do Oman.
3 do Tallow.
1 1 .
tuo: boi Flax end.
ibnpg t-ars... • •
31 de Rags, landing from Ytyames
Pitt. tor ad. by 1467) ISAIAH DICKEY W.
*3 bia. white llama maw:
ItO bra arerll do.
In state sad for Ws by , •
• • KILLER a 81052118051.
jes . ' Nat. 2...1 t' 551, Wanly rt..
VRESII TOMATOES, hermetically sealed,
Istabling, ywrfortly. tb. asymbad , freaboom at the
np• fruits, bar sale by WM. A. IWOLII6O t Cbl
331)27 •• OrWirs and I* Design.
DRIED BEEF.—Evans "& Surift'a Sugar
Cand Hat aurrred, 0421176 ara i l a
2.64 Liberty st.
wit Brad, r00t.,, Cskes, god makin g tho 1 . 4 t 3
d with the sdOilgon of cold water only. This Mons
will b. tontsl tho most convsnient sod ehmood that.=
).4 unkl tor Temaho rozpooes. saving 23 par cent. In hot.
...I .10,, king lbw roost roperW dm& lOW-
Own kis:bungs, Cakes, to.. with a pest wing of time
sod tnruble. TW sta. Ls 'not op in ottiewnient sized
tankage. of 3 end 010 s., with full directions Amuse. To
be tool of WM. A. Ii<CLURO • CO_ •
dgy23 0 roads and Ten linden.,
RYE FLOUR -Bbbls. for fade
tity3o R.DALZELL t CO., Liberty a
CIIE ., E 3o SE-50 boxed good
L W: ILittrkstol!by
-2 bbls. No. ILL . ' 1 allow:
4 " mesas.
lb toss %other%
I Dbl.
beep Dried Am.laß
Weler and Preen see-
ICY MORRIS' TEA!—Morrie' Tea Mart
tet t the 111thaeow . d .6b Beetisetri ,t olfr i o n se rileataxel
with the Mae lately *pawl next dwArtaworth
Wax. lay 49
I? OLL BUTTER-4 bbls. (fresh) in cloths,
it Just sees sod sn so. es DALZELL CO
faint, arra
lITTON HAMS-2000 S. C., for sale by
CIROUND NIITS-15 sacks for sale kJ_
lug mi.s ISALLEI DICKEY 00.
UTISIEGS-1 bbl. for sale by__
=Ts /./EMD t OD.
-20 halt chafe Miles end Oniony
40 boxes extra ZoelM,fir . =, co.
QnrjoAil MOLASSES— .
L l '' '. I 'll, 4 I ' l;4l P' C li w Unco . w nu br
lOFFEE-100 bage Rio, for sale by
Marbonen and far ono by
infa , • hoot and Water stn
USTARD SERD-500 lbs. for sale by
Mess ifsel..rd;
Extra dn. 1 Kaelitrat
balding= klminr.
GAZA. Rd ••/•
• mrd Grown. sad Tog Dda
BmCON HOG ROUND-8000 lbs. Bacon
Mau, Bides, and Sbaullers. for sale b_
DRIED BEEF--3000 lbs. for sale by
my= 5. a W. fIABfAD U.
SUGAR —6O bhda. N. 0., for solo by
mrlo H. i W. itARBAUGH.
COFFRE-10 bap for sale by
POTATOES-0: 1 0 bu. prime Red, for sale
by T..11001)8 k 80.
611441 61 Water R.
ISCIN—Yar.oI• by
... d i T:emiA.4l.intEco....
DRIED APPLES-40 bags in stare, fur
Darla Liberty
CHEESE—a)bxs. W.A. Cream, for Bak by
RICE FLOUR; Prepared Corn;
Urban Ta;dora:
Tor WTf WIL A. MeCLIMO 00,
pRUNES--Bordeaux Prunes, in &I !is jars
Tari•upyrkg "
Gnaw% Prunes, tAr b y b
tayl3 WEL 41-1.1d...1.13101 k
4CKEREL-1.00 bblo. No. 3, for oak by
..Lvt ym _ A. COLBAtirt
OAF SUGAR-150 bble. (aos'd Nos.) fur
aj ale by 1 EIIRILEUOOI9 Pi 01111.5,11.
myls -116 Water A. •
II AY RAKES-40 dos. for gale by
BUTTER -3 bbla fresh, now landing and
_Uri= sal. by ISMAIL DICILEY•• CO.
rn724 , Wan. sod ?rout gts.
T kegs No. 1 Leaf; for solo by
RUBY. MATrUlnilik 00.
DRIED FRUIT-150 bu. Apples;
800 fig salt by
m 77 RUM' . MATTUEW t
RICE -10 tierces (fresh) for solo by
say 7 2.34 Wert.
riNEA-50 hr. chests Y. H., Imp., and Black
Tax. far •4. by
FLOUR -240 bbls. Extra and S. E., for indo
DRIED -APPLES-320 sacks for sale by
tors , L. S. WATEILiLLN s 60116.
LITTER—Iri bows (fres pit reed ds n lia by
m 77
PEARLS -0:1 bbls. for sale by
Ut S r EED bble.l.oraletAm.
SALERATUS-100 Ina and 10 bbls. pure
tar el. my: J. E. CAP
CHEESE -100 boxes forzakt by
DRIED PEACIILS-2.9 bbls. on consign
went ad to NO. by
my: . 111•1111 DICKER t CO.
FLOUR -500 b:An. S. E., for sale by
mys & &WnISIII4I7OEL
ANS- —3O casks Evan dr. Swift's S. 0., fo
II c,o, by tay3 • as w. issaastme.
r 6 d ItT: 111 Hit l ess sea
• & CO,
A . 4lt , as. Pit /wet,
I RE; and to arrive, tbi
Comer of Vood and
w..k. the Ibllowtnit • •
which ere off end en
116 es bee. hfi...
iii3t 4 7‘!stON
• Tea;
de. do.
000komit sCbtlaz
100 bap 1110 o.r,
lb ' 14.110.1r..114 J .
3 bozo. b's l = x . sal
bblx. Nos. 11,24 allack•
bbbl. t
O. Ilotusw
R 1 telt g) , = •
Powders:Mum .
IMOlbs. wiles ltalal or.
CO put? Baum itirm
Zoi — do.N Id
g:..42 .15 51...!'
bo boo Nord=
1920 lea. extra bladder;
3 bale. Caul.%
Jo' trio .
boi Cohan •
Ovum Citrons,
1 6
WtlN 0.0. fh=
19 dos.Jll
i •
1 DD PT t •
4"' wow= ulnCell
« y / IPP" ; e4 ,'
la km§ " 111=1;
10 " " Corr,
bbl.Ganytt•• SnatC
1 Mg. PIZr%4I - 03 , 2; •
1.. 11 a d. Nxt.nll 4 of Lamm,
au • Mar
10 " I,4erm • "
WO dawn N ame s la
Ice ON. snErrAtte Mee Ploan
100 " r. indiscr.
su das.
%a . Whit. Led.
6 " Loam Boon
lout 64 Sods{
• Oil. &a =MO
no but. r,
_ b's TM:WOK
IS tea. Rim
Ilag. Col . phi •
200 balm nearnair:
MI ball. N. C. Tam
do!, ••• bast t loYd Baer.
I , XI aka. Havana al StiasK
2 hhda. alaulda;
Eoo 610.11.16. 110n0 r,L.8ab1YT
3. 000 by. Alyn
bales Brazil 6r060
•26 bog. Walaubo
60 " Uroosul NM;
700 deorto
61,50 T
60 anon
BO " Toast. bYtO6O5
au PoroY 0.001
2) psou.—
so — " WWI UW7
10,0%) Ibiosive &PM
1.50• IL C. " •
100 bls..w.a.r. Sum sul
• Mater tb•seknab
820 bis."Stetne .
100 yea 9,. a, D.:rotrws
4 moan la tilsc6
860 bas. 6610, 10612 OIL I
100 mo o 0.4.. and Pt. 11.46.5
60 66 kite
60r 1,16. 1 1=646
e 4 Lis at;. t.
6 Iwo 640t1a 6, awl 1164 , .
060 26. Whis:
bbls. 40 r OM
150.-;ll.7i t _ :K 5'4
14 •• Tau.
• tam
22 22 D.
Gl it YCuAleg
Dm cceg itabd =CU,'
Oottm s :oorasee
_" --- WlT4l:Fart
tanawriec and Twinrolla a gar
nazi 1.12 bowed. 161 lima pug.
Pitta bunt Life Mamma* Company..
FrIBIS coMPANY was inecirporateit in
_l_ Ithrtrary..lssl. milb •Tirietita ebertret 8./ ki.
ooteaust•re4 business ea • espliAl et IUIXIAIet - _
no Column. doe balms both den th iJelzt Etea...
Illattud gut .
Oa the Joint Stork pls. ttet rata eft oa•abled lam than
thaw charged by 1111theal Ooa•saint 1.34 !Mem Per that
-- er the rat a of smot blab eaubet. •
_. . .
. Mai on the me.the' ma th an adopted by attar
ly =tat Corayesdet nor lamed on the onto.
yinel •hav• Ms combined acuities ftrrelabs4 by that
Jana farm er. sad th e Capital ard &nth. road of
Joint tack department.. • •
b• Cb benefit th e tlath of bonnet* ea 11*
nay arm. melanins the Kelt a wil...bild+W.
* flisada or ay.: limn—to bum, th• of
that thelromr. crelndy• brem•ll,layabl• otter dash.
ateat • parte =tile. a tbee.•• of 60, 53. 00, or 55,
' • of tb• thm•od.
01110:111: • ,
lions P. Mort Pr...Werth oh
Swung kkaarluret tike 14•141nat. ~ WY
Joseph 71. leech. Treuroser,
Marla A. Wean, Seerstsl7. , ' _
, .
I FL noon. Joni& H. Lee-1 ),. ..
ra m D il worth. • - • .Charle.A.Colson,,,
' 1 bf•Clorken, Wm. rbilllpt . • .
.1. A. WELK.- .
hag -
Joarel Daum. IL Cbru
D.. P
141111 am billeoch IL
Jeremiah Brooks. L. D •IL D. kdringtuo. D.
Dilworth, & "4. 4 •
Penrod Dilworth, IL D., 4. MOO Mee ,
Robert fowler, D.,103 Fourth Mow% ;
John Crawford. 11. DLV Sixth stmt. . .
Wm. lilei.klorson. D..101 Liberty
D. Dilworth .111 be t attendance at. the dam elor7
day at /2 o'clock.
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BRANCH OFFICE;-No. 64 BermonaD &rarer;
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Amount of Property- tamed . ..-- • 474163.419
Do.. =mid, ternitnetal. evirett-31 01 . 723 00
Do.. in Ravi-._... - - • 1444491
Do. Premium 79,f06
' Do. cenceled,terminatedoothied-' nff /0 '
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Do.' then Prerniame received--. 61,667 14
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J. P. BDTHX.B.PUItD, President .•
• -- •• - •
N. /I.—AAab ... Dlytdond of IfUm per cont. do ;Lifting
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oelvablo ' this Offlos for rerwirala.. or radraddad• OUb
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Priuddiii Fire InsursactiiCo. , Plulad's.
IRECTORS: . Chailes' W. BaiiCkeicbea . :
Thca.:llast. blooteeal E. brote,Totdon
Pner, Adolpbe & Bre* banined Grant, David B. mown.
Jacob B. ay . Monis Patterson. -
CCU= G. HAMS.. a...W.
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Penn Mutual - Life LlEnilum. Co., Philad's.
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Marine, Fire; and'lnlasui TputsiiorOtian
THE Insurance Coi n m at NorthAinexica,
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Westernlnzatuum Compazy of Pittsburgh,
IQIAPITAL tsoaooo. R. MILLER, Ja.;
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All lams will be Ilberdly edlusbal rral ProatUll PB.
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Delaware Mutual SafetylnzuranceCompl
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timid ( UJ P. A. MADHIRA. Agent.
Ohio Laboratory
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Per cent. Strength. •
L°WELL PLETbilrat & CO.,,Mannfacin
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Temperance,Ele and Noble town Eabk
Road CcanPlazY ,
NOTICE is hereby gives to the Stoekhold
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Dollars os each . Fare of the stone cm th e Int llonlay. Ia
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Seed Store Eterecored. _
Xlsubscriber has removed his Seed Store
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VG.PARTNERSIUP—The subscribershaTe
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Far Willa Malaga. llablan. Depot. No. 7 9 Wc9d n.
19.91) J. IL lIILLIPS,
TEAM PACKING--4000 pounds mixed,
Plebe end PM Will Rubber • Peolelot boto Ya 7 to
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4O Le, For mole *Wee /WU/tube
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_ .
• • - Needles Celebrated_
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The PETROLEUM lo procnoel from a well Lo thlo
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aura of odors. whi4 r if known. might-be of net nod*
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am are asissions that tbeneadidne can ram wort 19
Into the favor of those who make, sad arta to-be
Whilst we do not claim for it amber mi application In
cry Ala" we unhealtatlngir t say that In a- number
Rum& Dims. tt is . Among them rasa be
annoterated-ell Meese. of the morons wanes, moth es
i stage.) ASTHMA' and all disc.m of the alraemagea,L.K.
ER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, Dlerhate, Diseases of the
Molder and RM.., Paine to the bock or Side, Hernias
Neuralgia Palsy, Rheumatic 111%t . te . ut, Xeres -
ea.. Tatter. Mudd.. MI rode.
go. - Se- - In me. of dewier. rreolUng frma=a . ,ff •
ions ones of Memo. thle
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•ATIVE sub mom, Impart tone and
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and Wing incr.sed mad mowed energy.. all b. arrow
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None on without the eansturiof. the DMW ,, ketegae.
3014 bf the prolelotne,
• . B. A. KUM; dad Thk near Seventh street'
Also, kr R. X. SELLERS M Wool • •
-• • - • sod 41.13ThE. al4tiowigu.,----, •
owner Wool street =I Thighs .1111., wMis at ,
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INOW all men who are eiek and aillieta d
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toreom of our mother earth. in Its original purity, auks*
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rnaret;sed Tlk. , stir other medicines t 0... 1011 11.
render thy . relief. it-has navel Ithennualan. of loan
and of the wont and meet panful character, it
Las ennA Cholera Mortnla, by one or two dem. Ulna
enrol red awe of Diarrhoea, in which every other.
bs. been of no assn. d. • local remedy In b=ri mM A
med. it la better than thy tuediral compound. or
sta. we know of. 11 will one chilblain. and truaM m tale
in • few anpileatione undoubtedtestimony mate
dof the truth enntained in the above statement,TriOro
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either the arras.
tremor • Ilellowell. comer of Wood .avert and
elloy; SP. Fellers, 57 Wood etmeh 11.6. =et. and lt n LV,
camy„ Allegheny city. an the agents.
SEDLE De. /eon Rom the discoverer tad p
mod beneficial medicin tiot=
the Meador of the atielnared tristremerd ihr Eh/
Lana effecting • mire of Chrome diseases, nu • stn•
dent of that einittent phytan Doctor Ph7e/e, and is •
graduate of the Uniermity of Itentosylesaia. end for thirt7
"Yeare Ante haa been engaged In the Menet:Wagon of die?
Woo end the 41Plication of remedies thereto. —.
Thz 0 a tha one of his bony not., nonnantienette,
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1 , 22.501 . 1 In ' eurinz 114: emerge
and fatal malehee Tobenalar Conremptlon. emerge
gettegals. Rbestmatilm, Asthma. Fever and Ague. remorse
all kinds, Chronic ErysipeLte. and 41 times obstinate die
awn peculiar to female. Indeed, errety form of disesee
vanishee under the um of his remedies. to erhkh Maw*
t7L Lone—me by the use of one compound only, far Ilea
Is lanompetible wit/ Phydoitteriel La „n but by the ase Of
his remedies, adapted to, and premed. Ind far, each gettallat
" Tatdo Alterative fills, Tbeet sued. are Isrerbe
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.stare invited to eat upon the went; WA**.
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.J Sehunctunker S nt Pittehttvh.'- • •
J. K. TOTZLlnd.Droiarta.43 &Whet
A. Seal:tem. Druggist, neer the Yon vmunn.nogn?
&mull liarklei. Ileaugton. lleeenectuty.ts. • !, f 2:
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T. Limn &ann.
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j j B THR. AFFLICTED will - be - ford:ail'
Desitie DiVALIIBLE mama.
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thing In saying that this latbeonly medicine that has toes
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shat It le saki mc. •
.• • • • .
lib's eared, and Is arable of cuing more Warms thin
witther mediethe offered for sok, wean not by wheel
nurda or add, or by alma mom '.•.
As aprons convinelng peeof of th e atom. SWAP.
that It b the poly article th at hes appeared btrthe nose of
• Went Pledirine that bar ever been patronised a=
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Yarelly Medinne aver offered for Fa* op need by..algbed
Tea Drataltawa IL admum,. ht. M.C. rt. IT= Itsa
EL Mmv* Jam A. DIP. late D. 8. He '
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remedy Par all nervous
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aisle or Muds, Prom Idiotism. aim it, rou
bare orisinstaL
Yoe es 4 tu Plttsborsh. D 7 B. 11-M1 , .. Rohm Mid
• Co.. and Ogden Eno rdem and by ttie
merely. it put up to Pm. two, and ors? stillVs4,
To the Readers of the Pittsburgh Nutt&
PI7BLIC ATTENTION is respectfully ill
vital to the followiast tru l4 ths, set ft . . in relatim agt
cue of the meet hn remelt. of modern Mo. •
PILTROLEtiII HCCH 01 is not mre Mean.
rem use time this gram remedy It
ma boot h helm the
Vat nl ' ige d gen,
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:7,arum.. tip for the tole p.p.. of making mom
hit, ore,wblell we concave. wOl eontinue to be eared
W other boos
have been forgonen. The Petrel.= is
a NU. . deready, elabaared m to depths of the earth'
.by a poem sad egmey that laugh. to morn all 00104100
competltlon. It is oar ...h-thatorb. we
we write about a =Mk
dm, that we mite the trot say =Chloe W.-
1.. to dent. Were who may mot our word or put coot?
dense in or stalemate. The sick are mop aptto efm MN
any thing tha t tAroroises relief from disease A eney me.
begdir wroutht O. anrwer the oloect of mill"
=Lusby.. seam of them. Now, VIC do to. d a me
to Lb. we an emdons early Q.t. truth in re.. to
our remedy should he told, In order to mews for It a •
Utica hr .osedlat any MB& article m the mat.=
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