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TEI Poor Loomis/r z.—TMens locomotive,.
Balem,.belonging to the Ohio and,l'ennsylmnia
I ItlitrOsAl "Coinpsoyearrired yesterday by load,
his bon) transferred to the track. It tea
sp . ectmen of mechanical alai and will doabtten, ambito.; Judging from 'the ecceellsole of iti
WrOboaliship,run with great rape,..
leaor. —A locomotive Ltd two passenger are.
Are now on the track of the Ohio and Pentoryl-
Mania- Itailnnai The find revelation of. their
Ilthielei will marl; the commencement of • new
asinthe eommercial prosperity of Pittebnrgh.
Pasoasiq..—Oor readers should
recollect that the exhibition - of the panoraina of
ihalirar Nile, will close in a few days. All `who
have not seen it, should go at once, as they ; will
probably never again have so good in oPJortutd
frof inspectinga choice collection of zgyptlin
,antiquities, in addition to seeing a tae paint-
Vliiiisarara.—The exhibition of Raymond &
iaAnsborgh's cimbined monster Zdenagetie,
hill commence on Thursday evening. As It
tatnYover a bindred- and 'fifty of the meat
will afford a fine opportunity to Stu-
Pomo Mormon —Our colored citizens have
bgto: holding meetings for some time grit.
promote the interests or education among their
children.: Wo trait that their efforts will be at
,tecoled by that. !pricers which - .. the importance of
,Ike objects they hive in flewdeserves. - - ,
. .
' _'.Assantr lam BAXTYRY. —Alden:tun Major yea.
•timlay committed Ilirilliam Mitchell to prison,
thurged, - an oath o Barak Anuii Butler, with*
hilt and battery.- I ^
"Itoorma.—The';orlonett have commenced to
pat roof on th Fifth Presbyterian Church,
pull in a short time it will be in tendinous ton. t
4titrethe catigrega on. • •
:_illais Essthrro, eyelid . projectioi signs
iratiyesterdayremo . by thmr.owners, at the
**Lunt of the poll . .
' A.CICTDENT. —We are informed that alittle boy
;meployed la the dooms' office, yesterday morn
lag cell down a flight 'at stairs there, sad broke
' Tai iVEstwma.—The weather yesterday
-truly delightfaL The beat and dust of the pre
',dotal fel days was to make the cheap
Dicanycz Accrues?. We understand that a
colored clergyman of the Methodist Chiral, had
Masten fractured on h onday night. He was
descending the Moon els on the steamer
/antic: when he fell thina hatch way, ikru
ring him frightfully. Every attention was paid
ttr him by Captain Parkinson, but his recovery is
.prmottneed impossible. I
Wriorrr or a Locomorithe now looordo
tine Sale= weighs twenty Wns
TiePirso Housz.—Amin named Francis Phil
' MIT wasleaterday committed to prison by pro;
... .
cos from the Court, charged with keeping a
, .
tippl44 hoilme.
.': -.' Ittranunr.—The grace store of Mr. Dor
•sington, !situated on the co er of Third and Lib
... . !streets, was broken in o by some 'burglar,
, .
triaMonday night Theti3 , 13 robbed of serer.
."- - eldollars; and a quantity of groceries were sto-
Itownnsu.—A young men was creating a dia.
totem, on the steps of the; Theatre, on Mandaj
nlOt t 'incl requested to desist by pollen of-
Jkati , Reed,- be drew a bowie imite. and made
Wean! ineffeotnal own attbim.' The ruffian
beakeinaeCeeded in makiugl his escape.
." 9lTaSi Ctrnzas.—Quite a u =nit of stone cut•
tees nie now at work on the eta of the Intended
tuftrEninopalian end Catholic: Churches, near
.11inallow Court Bowe, and the click of their mal
l* and chisels is hard from Morning till night..
, . . l'uasiur July Ist.
the lionorable WalietiEf.
- rte. 111 April Term, 1851.—Marj , %steam,
eta se, William Ebbs, et ILI Dunlap forplain
..eri--Looede for detendataa.t Verdict entered
for defendants.'
1 ' Quirks Rabat It. Must-
TM-July Term, 1851. On motion of Mr each
tun; it'rale - tallow cause why the judgment
ideotild not be opened, iris granted.'
John George and Joint McCombs.,
No. 104. April Term, 1850.—And now, on mo
gone Thomas Mellon; Attorney for defendant—
ride to show cause -why the reference to utilize
ton in tble case rbould not be tericken off at
=tiff's cos ta, no award haring been filed,
Wade out by the arbitrators, and deli,-
pa plaintiff, or bis attorney, acme two months'
'The Court adjourned until the fourth Monday
Tozsnar, July lit, 1861..
Present, AssociateJudgee McMillan and Boggs.
The petition of John TileDcrnakl for the herm
it of the'iniolrent laws, was called up. The
put:antes appeared In Court, - and the hearing
was =tinned till the second of July, at nine
' 10- MaLasz'i Li vast Paps:—ln offering
this supine to the public, the propneton sea wan aware
*Wiwi lawto emosoater a beetlnty genaratad by the
lonathats hapoaltlona erhkb hare beeripahrod open the
und e r the shape of patent landletne• Won:organ
riPiefilittraer, thstat Is only romasari t elan /hale re.
midi • trial to rise. I/ In Italie eathnitke far atom all
eiedkal irate of the kind ever offend to the public.
,Itmrur.nn of an
=way roars acedlt In Ws oana prao.
M lrbear Ito great amen Inslocol hint to War It to the
For male by .. J. STDD C.ll.
So. CD., Wood at.
a word to you. ill' you wish'
Wert monad mrdleldo in aiur auto. to 9.0
flaudistelfm 'ma of burns; outs, tondo; biases,
brdisebe, batman. nouralido oda mama, namtans,
is. a Alta got a bottle of it. O. Forrolfs Arabian Lint.
mita:eted you will Walt unequalled trim s madlolnw of
la Ida ln the aole world. Ow adreernsemoni __ _
WIXOM , ABOVE RAT - Pl.—The sick Mai tea tall
Med driEthei by tufts ssluS uaDv. sal tell +Pad
• by edam It. And ii one man trid and dads tt
Mon It will destroy the popularity with Ms whole CEP;
len Martintrodice a oddicibe MP:lmpala as nab. It
lidienwiniallymbetandal druid, freer= al bet abets
a weld objections, and it Is this (.4 that haw artablhhed
Eardmstatiortot `Boll's compound Mad Entrad of. S.::
illlO 'dyad all mil or depute. Its salon spats
bamta deem Uhl accordante with- tatkosal ward*
nroomtes the various .memettOesa
lit idestlona of du holy, magma phenol:kw, displaces
Morbid aid dewed matter, streastbesui tb• • at
• .digantim damn. creates sew.: bud, and healthy
kketd.and regulates the =loos Eddied of tha Mans
*Rua Sr the lady. This Is all perlbratal without tbe
LW Weis of harm, the Draparattolibelag4s of es ft'
it dikaglotts. , It may be thought bribe &retina, that Lt
Setliaida to: tam too many diseasei„ bat awn muggy
• It will be gaud that a large roalorlty of the' dinar
wg Which allot al• MIIII/12 aior miginit• la is saw..
Vall of She bland. Ale not daubed. them Is other Ber
dtperillee being droved Ina hy .ory. Belled et =lams
Irstar - preparatlou" as • • auteLltata dv lb. lartlatud
'Jabs Ball's SarfatsrUla? Ebb valuable pasparallas the
talututatur ravvaala to leauparior to all odium • • „-
- Cateries.—Bowan and 1a far We orlginal Dr: -lake
EWE, &was:dam...from Ea:Nay—am harsmothar. goo
ialCuta.saser Nbolegale &Mall amts. • '
• ' •Petroleum •
Nareasncerso. Irtmtardorma,Ps.,ldarth ly7L
e. /L liser--Thew Sir, Your retrolosto ia irarktu Ter.
dal la this skinny; [beret?, nwould thank ism tosiad
R. t.q decten by the Peatvyleerds Rallavd. We ors iny
um, oat.' sad it le beLeg butrirod err almost est, Qtr.'
- Nowt novolgolly. JOGGC LONG 03...
• • ILerestrzt Asbraad re. 0-.3rsreh Beet -•
: i. W. Sae.—Dear Plr, New &teat. • Mr vests Mae%
left with us tar dram Noel OIL ',bleb .. bare mohL
Anis Renard Lo os eft dos= lausallatsly.
Teak sitedklay 4 warkbat wonders In this region. We
- . ass °beide maid aceilent serttestet Ityoidestrelbeas.
.tor site by Sayan L 27• Darrell, 140 Wood street 3:1
Salrect 07 Wood street D. A. Fahnotock.4 Co. toner
Ifoott Lid Front inteete, D. tr. Carty. D. twat. Amok
poub,„ abut Li C. liohvirts, Allegb.r. to by_tbo pro.
Mltilert. • Canal Basbuteesatb st..Eittsbtaat.-.
' Fareiro, and Americau Hardware.
No. 129 Wood, Streep
Atoll andomplitistockotlVANlG2CllND .
Saltalat; tLi iptlag trade, apt Thleb thty art sorpared,
to clan to parehatert Ist Platte that "111 =min ;
with ill of Mr Guts= &he:
3 trogeaallielikin6 CitaPanYorFittabingli
i .002 Ear No. 41 Water Area; In tho vorshouli ofd : I L ,
• . . _ .... . ..,
. O. O. I:lontrt:President.:. ..A. N. WM, Sedi; -
t • • Mt Cohlry brpzi:ran;i to i puure . sll !xte7bmltlie
1 ' 'II
amok mummy to th=titr ond thleira t. o4 o l, , - ..
to afforded to tho ehorneter ot the
an all rainnr. of rituborgh. won obi r uvr togz
to the connounity for their prulonor. hes
bfrrntr.. IT. Unmet; Win. Eassler.Wei
iwre- trithx&a,e....Rzigg—dam--.
Emanuel' rife. Insurance. CpmptFi,
ori - vO2, "NO. 75 FOURTH STUdwz .
• OFFICN3B: • .
=gut—J.l3m U.
~.T••••••••—•Joacru 8. UM=
"E•cretrary—C...t. Coma , .
• ett•Ertissuratt• =maw Wei of .
i• 13,• —•
ZZathin) t /111. ° "4" nilatiPa 4 " 1 4
4 Amp won= rola INN 11 . 1111111171411 cuumi.
• The Grand'Lodge of Moons have' accepted
the hvritation of the President, to perform
propriste ceremonies st the laying of the corner
stone of the new Capitol itittlinge, 'and the at,.
mink .siiitalmity of the. nel&borhood, eftre
iin(eted to mite Tub them. Or. Mader French,
will' join in the ceremonies, sad will wear the,
mine regaliaM
on the °cession, and op th e same
goal which. General. Walhingtonsused In 1793,
in laying the center atone of the capitol.
Over $5OOO were received daring the month of '
June, in Contrthutiene to the National noon
ment. •
Ex-Secretary Marcy die here, attending the
COUTt Martial.
Mlle. Jenny Lind gives a conoert .here on
Monday ertudng next. and will spend 'the,4th
at'the =melon of Mrs..Blgoturney.
The - Legislature is rapidly winding up its bus-
Infer, preparatory to adjournment to morrow.
r. LomS, July 1.
- -We. have Santa 'Fe dates S
to the 80th of MO.
Much excitement existed there in consequence
of the by the Senate of Hugh H. Smith
as Secretnry of the Territory of New Mexico.
A imp bleeding held at the - Court Home, :to
elicit publin sentiment on the: subject, at which
Smith Inn unanimously renominated to the Se
nate '.of the Territory, .and at the subsequent
almtioni be wan unanimonsly 'elected to that
Three or four thousand Apaches bad assembled
in the neighborhood of Laeuests and San ?Algae!,
engaged In toshiog pottery, which they expect
to exchange for eupplies. Cbaoon, the in Chief,
visited the, palace at Stutz Fe, and stated that
the Camanches were to bold a grand Council at
Soigne Rodondo, on the Rio Pecos, on the lit of
June, where all the tribes - wereto be represented.
. .
Gov. Odium and Col. Menne , paid , a visit to
Anton Cohloo, where they expected to meet the
Apaches on the 16th of May, and fattish the
supplies ordered for their relief. Lieut. Chap
man and his dragoons were there, but the In.
dlanslad not arrived on the 9th of May.
The principal Chief of the Cemenche,simid a
visit Mills palace, and had a talk with the Gov
mum. * The tribe were - gathering at Bosons
Rodondo. A Captive boy which the Chief brought
withlim was bought by the Goyernor. The Ca
mancheChlef said, "the Cuaanclets are at peace
with ell the people this side of Chihuahua. We
are itilkiendahlp with the Apaches. The Utah,
hate not been to see us. We are aipesee with
the Navajos." He promised .to return in three
Months, and bring the Chiefi with him, to bind
all the-tuitions.
Tag 8013 TREA/31111Y,
New Toms, July 1.
Tina paymemts at the Sub Treasury yesterday,
exceeded $;,000,000, of which $BOO,OOO were
on accent of the Mesdein itulitonity, • and $l,-
200,000 on account of interest on the public
debt, to be paid to-day—ii draught for another
million wee also made on the Boston Bab-Treas.
nry, ah •account of the Mexican idesonity. Of
this whole amount nearly a million goes to Lou.
Aloe, in coin.
• , Wall/LIAGITOItarnY 1.
,nie Court bfartMl for the trial of Gen. Talcott
re-assembled this morning.
Thomas a Barton, of Fredesialmburg,
mad called, and ditata -that the-foundry-there
had been aloud abaci 1847. Dr.• Carmichael had
been interested to that, but no other foundry.
Re was not considered solvent, or in good cir.
Meg Bprratarir Ccouid was recalled, and under
went I long 03120101111011 as to the conduct of
Ge....liiltiot; in relation to the matters charged.
The charge of disobedience to the repletion of
J tut was WitbarNll2, as the order of. Dr.
waxiest' before the regulation was
isitted Bacretsif of War.
Salvos, July
We have advises from Nassau, N. Providenie,
to the 21st - June. The place had been visited
by heavy Tains, and the water on the 20th was
several feet 'deep in .the 'streets. An immense
amount of property had been destroyed.
.THE t 1 S. 311 NT.
' • ' Peal.Augunte, July 1
Dr. J. , 11:-Dokeitatcred upon his duty to-day,
se Director of the Mint.
", ~ • Ileartnoes, July I.
The Gcnnencor of Farylandhas homed hie pro
clamation, announcing the adoption of the new
conetinition : I goes Into effect on the etb
instant '• , „
• • BALIMKOZZ, July I.
• The Liberia packet bringettery gratifying In
telligenett from Liberia. The conn,try was flour.
ialdng;:and the general health good. Another
crtensive slave station had been broke!, up.
licw.Ycdur, July
The tux= of EL loud= k Co., failed rater.
day, ccdtsequente of acceptance for Peter
Colultr. Of New Orleans, on shipments of cot
ton, arbich;n n ier the late heavy decline in that
article,. they hare been unable to meet from' the
assets 'of Mr. Conray in their hands. The
mount is about $1450,000, all the other engage
inente of thehonse will be met.
Pna.arrarmius, July I.
Planr—Tbme is a betra t demand, with salsa
1500 ball at *125 for common, and $4 37 for
errs brands..
Eye floor-Hales at $3 37 y 2 bbL
Cora ideal—Bale* of 800 bbls at $2 87} V,
arshi—mitit is lower, with sales 10,000
at 98®10101 gm Prime white: and red.
Ityais wanted at 72e bo, whichis an advance.
Conn is less active, with sales at .5000 bushels
at 82e524 binsheL Oats are steady 'Leda®
Proeitiozu—Are dull, be* t uzchanged.: - • -
13rotinies.L.The Haskell is steady.' • • ,
BALTIMORE - sriairr.
BALT711(01 ; July 1.
Flour—Sales 1150 11. Street bruudi.ui
Grain—The market fa dull, and prime en
Grocerleo—Sales 297 lb& Mosegnadek molas
ses at 23a; 83 bhderPortaltica at 22! and 15 da
at 271 @St gall.' Small - sale of Porto Bien'
sugar at (55 20®5 35 'tl 100.
• Whiskey aalnaat 25a
• ' Nue. Yon; Tidy L
Stocks-U. Et Vs, declined today, closing a
1161. - .Sterling bills are dim at 110®1101.
Theikt.Trecunny paid out today $792,000, In
interest sunny, on demand, at fall discount
Cottosi-,The market is doll, with sales 800
bales stroll:tier quotations.
Flour—Bales 1000 this at 84 0663 . 87 V .
Grain4-Wheat Lin moderate, demi, - with'
farther sales of Michigan at 104 e basheL
Sales 20,000 bushels Wind western - at 086,690
Proriaiona;-.Park ia dta Wes 100 Ws
beef hares hams at $l4. Baleen° bbla lard at
ey—Eales at2B€4.3f 11 galL
New Olisess, Arne
, •
Cotton—Ada-yesterday, of 800, and today
of 600 biles at 71®10-4. for common and fair
qualities: The stocks in this market are redu
ced to 80,000 bales. - The increase at all the
points over last year 11299,000 balm The re
ceipts here are falling off rapidly. • The weeks
sales were 10,500 bales. • _
Corn--Pziees yellow Is selling at No.
Freights ore doll. Cotton to Liverpool J:
- tobacco to London, 878 Gd—flonr for New York
Exoluings--Stsrliag is irregular. New York.
60 days, New York, sigbt draughts; Ito .l}
' •
New Ozmuts, Jane 90.
Cotkai-Baleitbis taming of 1500middliatat
71204 fb•
ur—la tauter, with sales of Ohio at $8
'sad ofBR Louis at s4(x}4l2} ? bbL
Previsions—Wm pork is held at $l4 ? bbL
Sales bacon shoulders at 81 ? ! b.
A friend, writing from the eastern part of the
State, dedree us to announce the name of Dr:
Halllll4 of New Lisboin„ as the Whig candidate
for Gloyernar—eubjeat to the decision of the State
Convention. "He does not know that Dr.
iecept,-butays very truly that he is one of the
best and moat popular JVhigi In that portion of
Ohio.:11e was a candidate for Congressnnd ran.
Sitianindaadihead of, his party strength, but ae
the tbitrietis decidedly Locofoco, he !Idled *fan
election: . The locationfatioarible, , and his
Mende rosy tirie his claim, with the aquatic=
that he would be wariky of any; poSitica bud&
be called to octenpy.o/iioJovntat.
Bora. ;Veit ul , Vw'seicia.s:-it hits
as It is instructive to see how'eliiievent nations
celebrate the . swee emit The renewing. s ee-!
count of Holy week at Commas, , Venezuela, is
from a correspondent of the Herad:
"rt. ammo undo has passed very quietly,
aneirlth the usual ceremonies. The critelfix
ion was made to take place on Thursday, instead ,
of Friday, which, I believe, is. generally Catield
ea to be am day. The lying in eta% of the body
continued until eleven o'clock on Saturday, du
ring which time a dead Mimeo prevailed ; the
Viren Mary was Put into deep mourning, and
even the bell was silenced from giving the time
of day. At the hour of resurrection, the glad
Stage were announced . by the tiring of cannon
and muskets, letting off eky rockets, the beating
of drums, sounding of trnmpe,te,' and every oth
er thing , which could be conv erted into a noise,
until Sunday "night. On Easter Sunday, :au
principal street was fenced in, outside of 'the
sidewalk:ly - also* fence neross each end of the.
street, aid the crosestreets. Within the fence
was displayed all the beauty of thin ancient city.
At the hour of four in the afternoon, a too was
let loose, and put to flight by horsemen.. This
was-the fainous sport every afternoon until the
following Sunday- We then had a respite until
the last Sabbath, which was set apart for killing ,
the Jews. This was accomplished by having a.
number of stuffed men prepared, with masks on,
and the centre of their bodies and head were
filled with fire crackers. These figures, suspend
ed hy their necks high in the air • in the most
public places, were set on fi re, and when the ex
plosions took place, it called forth great ahouts
of applause. So much for the resurrection.
.Rettratturrre firma—About 12 lock on
Thrireday night, fire was discovered in em black
ing manufactory of Butler & Brother, situated
in Deer Creek Valley, about half way between
Brirdiay and the junction of the Reading and
Montgomery turnpikes. The Barnes extended
to the dry house. of Mr. Wilson which was
consumed; and" reached the eatablishment of
Schooley ik Bough on the west, audaithough the
Bremen exerted themeelves most strenuously to
emus it, the entire promises,' with two. large
smoke-holuei in the rear, wereoompletely burn
ed down. • .
The morocco factory of Mr. Roborts on
the opposite eldo of the road, next took fire.
It wen n small trims building and loon burned
Three amen frame dwelling house adjoining
Um - morocco factory, on the east, belonging to
Schooley . & Hough, and occupied by iota dotes
families, also caught fire, nod were burned to the
Severalidwellings on the southeast side of the
fire, Donfinick's slaaghter house, and a small
brick dwelling adjoining the ham packing estab
lishment were in imminent Peril. and only eared
by the daring efforts of the firemen.
Losses, Insurance, &a—Messrs. Schooley fit.
Lioagheloiswill'mounttushones2s,ooo. They
are insured probably for $15,000.
Mr. Wilson's loss, we are informed by one not
connected with the firm, will be about $26,000.
Lie had no insurance whatever. We believe this
is the second or third time be has Buffered from
Nfessrs. Butler •S: Brother's lose v - 1.. ' • •
ranee $lOOO.
Messrs. Esau & Swift had a large quantity of
peek packed in Wilson's building, which was
mostly destroyed. Some 50 hbds of hams, be
longing, we believe, in Sc. Loula,land stared with
Schooley & Hough, were also despro,yed.—Cie.
Oa::, Saturday, AMC 28.
There was great end untwist unanimity in the
numerously attended State Convention in Penn
sylvania. Gov. Johnston was re -nominated by
acclamation. This well deserved renewal ofcon
fidence, on the part of the Whigs of that State,
In a Chief Tiagistrate of eminent ability, who
hen not only administered the Governinent up
rightly, but has stood firmly and Audi) upon
the old' Whig platform, was alike creditable to
Gov. Johnston . and the Whig State Convention,
and gratifying to Whigs in other States.
The candidates nominated for Canal Commis.
sinner, ledges, Re., are distinguished men and
devoted Whist: The Hon Wm. M. Meredith
would adorn the Bench of the most enlightened
State or Nation. . • . 4
The Convention 'poke its preference also, with
remarkable unanimity, in favor of Gin. , Soott as
the Whig candidate for President it is the cus
tom of Pennsylvania to indicate its Presidential
preference early. Here, however, the Whigs
usually come into the Presidential canvass at a
later day. Referring that matter to a National
Convention, our State has not heretofore opened
the canvass as early as other States. There is
no disposition now, we believe, to do more in
reference to 1852, than to "prepare for action."
Erntieg Jovirnbt. •
AJLEXICAI Err Gr.ssi.—The London Vises,
among its other disparagements of American
manuflettmes, says its cut glue eltimiy."—
The Boston Traveller mentions a little eirettm•
stance which shows how the specimens exhibted
came to be so very ugly. It lap!, in the store
of .one of the Boston.dealers the editor was
shown two rows of epUimens of cut glum, in
cluding tumblers, fruit dishes, Sc. , ono of which
rows was the costliest English manufacture, and
the other American. made from the Dolluddee
county mud. There wee a' very manifest env'.
riority in the gleMs of the one row. Wyss whL
ter purer, and more diamond like in its quality ,
anti the cutting was in every respect equal. The
Transcript lays—
.• We selected this as the English row, but
found that every article was American; and to
this row the but judges invariably award the
'palm. A collection of this glass was sent to the
Great Exhibition, and denied admission. under
the pretence that some little formality, in the
. andmticatlon of Its manufacture, bed not been
regarded! It would seem, however, that too
inferior glass found no obstacle .to Its admis
Toe Tsarttner d'recs.-.4 statement is gc.
ing the rounds of the press that the new three
cent piece has an intrinsic value of but one end
half cents, and intimations hare been thrown
out thus* great • supposed debasement pre.
sents strong inducement to counterfeit the
coin. The' tatemsnt itself is a very erroneous
one, as may be made maulferd by the following
considered - ow, from which the . unprofitableneet
of a counterfeiting speculation may likewise be
The infer dollar weighs 412.5 grains troy, end
containsuinkentha pure silver, or 971.25 grains.
The throe cent. weighs 12.375 grains, of which
threefotuths, or 9,281 grains are pure silver--
The three cent. therefore, appears by the rules
of proOortitm, to have two and shall hundredths
of the pore elver In the dollar, CR, in other
words, Its Cur alone is, „compared with: the
other ether coins, worth two cents and • half.
The alloy of the piece is of copper, and weigh,
oto.fourth of the entire weight, being, therefore
8,094 grains. A paned avoirdupois of copper,
weighing 7000 grains troy, 'oath 21 cults.. The
alloy of the piece, therefore, cost, one hen ,
dredthof • amt.
The Cost of Manufacture, though not usually
charged by government, would enter very mate
rially into the calculatiorut of parties who pro.
posed to counterfeit the piece. • On this ground
the cost of manufacture should properly be to,
ken Into the account. As the hula of an esti.
mate' we will take the coat of preparing copper
into pieces or planchet/ fit for cu bang, u paid
by the mint to tnivate manufacturer". Thls is
found to add 2881 per cent. to the coat of the
material. The excess is due, no doubt, to the
cost of manufacture. Let rue sesame thnt the
preuration of three cent planchet/ will be lees
than half es costly. say 15 per cent on the cost
of the raw material operated on. In this ease ,
the price of coin is enhanced by throe-eighths
or 875 thousandths of a cent. .
It is propeTalso I,2.i:collider that the • govern
ment furnish Owyhee, cent In * exchange for gold
at par t notwithstanding, . as covered with gold,
silver is at a premium of 'shoot 8 per cent.
This premium sbould . fairly be added to the value
(2 . f. cents,) at which we have stated the silver in
the coin. The intrlnslawaitie of the coin would
thus be Increased 840th, or 875 thousandths of
Diendasitiall consideration of otheradditlons
to the met of the piece sea manufacture, (among
which is the ',wage of precious motels,) we
group together the values as above Ascertained,
and find theta to be as follows:
- 2 canto 800 thousandths.
Copper, " 0 010
Cost of planehets, 0 876
Premium on sneer, „0 076
Total. 2 cents 960 thousandths.
It wears, therefore, that' the three cent Is
worth, on n moderate estimate, two cents, nine
Mille and six-tenthe of a mill, or bat 4-100 of s
cent lone than it protegees to be.
A word May be added as to the probability
the disoolorathm of the coin by wear, which hag
been alleged or predicted, perhaps in cone.
queer. of the eppearince, in some of tbaenrly
issues, of pieces which bad been tarnished by ox
!dation. 'Upon this point we bare before us the
experience of Prussia, Saxony, Hanover, Swe-
den, mid some other Earopeari States, whom
dollars (taaders) are of the same alley, and are
known, to maintain a good silver color after many
years use. The nberptats of some parts of tier=
many is also of the game finality.
• Bea Bathing--Cape N. J.
CONGRESS. HALL is vow open for Goo re
ception of 'Visitor', rioter, thanktol for the
throetr " Vadoo I I rat e' s% thi rtaoP r l P:= '"l tait . teeo l4
the oreeent mum, to mak* hie how hoaten
tangementi and asakomodotiOta. ha true , . he vottm
ratJatooloey to Mamma than anLwitieh sterotobre
boon pmlded Upon lbs no oaten*. tuto la lon.
Wm to promo gcod and attentive rotated 'ornate. un
ar the mastodon that they are test suited loth. enstOme
and wools of • Maioritta theagjotter at i thaftena • ,-
wRENO/4', LINENS of .vtuicrne
-,,,.:,:-!P.Kt.:,?,,,,:....r5-ts?-5.:-;17. 7-',-:..,%:-.v,.m.,7,"--T.t.,:?.,..',1-7,-,7,-,,,---,,,---7,4,,t;.,-.....,,..„-...,,-,-.......-....-T-r-rri-p-,,,-. --, , ,,,-- ''''' , 7,':'.74. - z".17.:''.7 - , , y. , --z '. - 7 , .ri' - . 1 , --• - • ' - °-"'"----"'"'"
- --, --":".,`"*.,--,:,,,,.-,,,,,,,....•,--,,r_.,...,-;,,,;:,-; ~....,.5.,,,,,.-,.....nv.,-,;....,-..-,,,,,,
' - --' '-'",,,,,t'f'4774-'-''"'-''''''''''''.7a---.'''''''''-7.77',-:'''-:Ini,ITT"--,.14:"--.7:".-61111iiiiii...-.,•-..i.m---.4.:,--,-.• ... -, 4;-..; .4-.--- :. -: 1 - 1.4.- -.. ''' , .'4 --, ' , ... ,, ..v.. - ^- - .-- i-, ' ~.. , ~..,. , T. - rt -, -* ..,- ---, '- ' . '.. ~-,, - •- -- :
100 bbl.. 34Q Tar, in good =ln;
- , 10
' ,
yu HO WILLSOFFER for the Fake of sa
-41, fTrietrALOatla= dmextean Una
wirtahlas ggißtelatTatlV
TIMOTHY SEED-34 bbl 3. for sale to
6 kegs Shot. ass'd Nog
6 " sad I lAA. Las*
1 21
0 b
b bla pars Plumped OW
urs 6 twist Tobarect
5 *woes Fresh Rion
76 bu. Dried Apples;
/612 dosses CMlNrosasi for salt by
_ _ '
CE-15 tierces Fresh, for sale by
jel3 J.* R. YLOYD.
FATHER -100 Sides'N. Y. Sole, for sale
by Jel 3 .1..! R. YLOYD.
(ALT PETRE-2o bap(
~ C s r . ..l d, " . ) , l n i ts e gi e . by
PERM OIL-18 6612. extra, feraale by
7•ANNERS' 01L-23 bble. for wile by
0. 3. MACKEREL.--50 bble. for sale by
No. CO Wa.ter.t.
wtu... SAßS : AP w Aßl :tbzW LL liwT A .,4 .— cKzE Lf stu3 ld ... oz.
CANARY SEED.-3,500 lbs. just received
LI from the rest. a erten stasis 1 i wg . , 1 12 :
1.4 Corneret *Oat wad Binh ara.
1111 E-50 bbls. White Louisville, fur sale
1 14 ARD OIL.-10 bbla. puro winter
lb do No. 2.
sale by
\ .7. 2CIIOO24IIIKER k
N 0.24. Wood at.
TOBACCO-103 kegs superior 6 twist, on
amooromot sad forL. Was
OLASSES--200 bbls. primo N: 0., (intiO
1.1 /MU " " twmaleby
BUCKETS & TUBS-60 dos. Buckets;
jet' • 10 4` Tubg [or Web,.
YORK—A few I,ble. prime, and a small lot
3. Strllk Mast, Gar say by
B UTTER--5 bbla. Pack;
6 low • •• inxt reed. for lode by
TOBACCO= '33 kegs (dodge's) , No. 1 Six
Tvist, for-1W by JAMES DALZTGL.
je2 G 3 Water. and 76 nest fn.
RLOOIdS--WO tons Soft Tenn.,' for sale by
. -
ARD OIL-10 bble. No.l, for mile by
IrANNERS' OIL-50 bble. just receiving
try trod, and for tale br .1•1!):3 DALZLIA4
61, Water mt.
REFINED SUOARS-106 bble. Clarified
jo2 Powderyd. and Crushed Ibt rale br
• J ta •••
V_OLDEN SYRUP—In hi. bbla. aad.lo gal.
e2ILA hum the St. Louie Refinery, ex Ade by
TIVICE-5) tierces Carolina, for sole - by
JUL Je2 I.WIN I. turrotuslo a CO.
EMP—I3O bales Mi. D. R., for solo by
iARBITT'S Double Refined Salenitax,
put np Ilb. am albAar puma
'4 . trbl ‘1"
''' t1V.1 . 20 1 121% I /
tr. "b.
Utaeant Tea Palate.
I i . sE . . b - 7 20 Tierce: Rial a il u igre and fur
bina.= =. Lamm. st.
JtOMAN ! CEMENT-2. bblm., fur sale by
1/INEGAR--30 bblm.pure eider fur ludo by
GHEERE=4O bu. W. R., for male by
ha "," S. F. TON BONIIORST-4
boxes IU. R. Rnisin.s.
01:011d* r do
Nea.22l t 212, Literty rt.
1:038,—G041.G0kl sad Vollat, Eloattet, Tatosts7 4 ood
Ortaaseatal Ilemb Pam. of yule'. waalltiaa apetrl•aft
prteta to roll tatenoutattero of alowat :nett dam of
mahatma, for oat at tho :Mobil:thaw.' of
THOMAII 05 Matta 'Bl.
BACoN__2O roceired and for lode by
INSEED OIL-10 bblo for sale by
010 WICK
iutiIOCOLATE-128 bxs. Boston Chocolate
1J r.s sm. by Mo. , - WICK WCANEIIid.
TIPS iiEltifiNGL—for sale by
irißEigt- 7 -16bisiii7s store anafOSTe7sale
%If by 1311AII DICKEY • CO,
010 Naze, sad Croat sts.
f I i tIBACCO+I.2S boles sa'd ,of the best
31 breads 66 tad Is In Oars and gobble by
1c10.13•1111 DICKEY CO.
WO. sad Fermi
. .
.OVERING'S SUOAIL-20 bbls Lora,
thair• 4 Pllslvrayaltry
Matt it
Q ARDINES IN . BRINE.-111 kegs San 41nra In beet Mardelloon) juAt r•si red *awl la sale
J 7
' IV Mt .4. 1113.V71) • M.
25.5 1.0. ,. .• it-
pYr CLAY ,, --7 too. coplefa Put Clay, Na
10 1. Jon remiml sad for nth br
XT Eli MACKEREL-50 Ws No. 3, large
p nw =arming remind aaa cm a.ia
a tr. maaaarott:
OOL. WOOL—Cash paid for the di ff er.
• • tat grade. of vool 6r - -
I4ILUUIt-110 tibia "extra" flour in etorn
aiio tor mai. hr lel. S. •W. I.lkaDaUtill.
, bbla No. I 1 . 1
.‘"'""‘' " ;..l
Jew (EY & Co.
Nat, a ?root Ns_
C OTTON -116 bale,' in store and for sale b Y
Ia 15.11•11 DICS-rf
WU. froog sta.
lAV &NA SUGAIL-50 bu white Ha
tervivvi Ibt
_ tIIS Water etre!.
LOAF SUOI I IL-30 bbls Loaf sugar tar
*algal NlNaberv)for
No. 114 Nrr rNme..
JOR SALE—One Kiln' of Brick, Enquire
.4 W. 31T1.12170CA3 flrantbau•,
fourth stmt.
It ICE-14 tierce* for sale Iry
mats it'
ARD-12, bids No. 1 Lard for sale by
RICE A ircxxobres.
TARCLI-40 boxes Ikmbright's extra for
(I . oto MATTING—For pOlid hidlß and
Cari•it areb taisa. No. IS. lou
ACKEREL-100 bbls. No. ( for
.J.!2.! 8.8 W. 11.1,811AVall.
• A I • 1P.% 0r 8010 .ky
• 4 is ft 1 112211217011.
Ala.l- 7 12. bias in store and for onfitby
1261411 DICII2Y 2 C 42,
Waur /n. 2 Oa
LARD OIL of Bennett & Jonev' runnufac,
tur.. IT We by ItAltll DICHXY t Co.
Jo tO 11 al, at /mat...
VORN-1.0 bbla Bladed, for sato by
bxs for sale by
/.to E. D. YON 1110N-NITOWIT
PLANTATION Sugar and Molasses
CJ Mids. prim* plantation imam.
3dl L. dm do maw.,
IV store land &I . Y., Ly
. 3111.rrit lIICKEVO,
- •
J. 5 Nos Vat I 233, WARY
caUGAP. Mina laolainnia and Plantation
1.3 eats,
bb d
S. It alolarcorror—PL Jame. nanny.
la bbda Palo Plantation Pam.
entrainsunent and kr Rata bo
3LILLYII a atonl - so:4,
hai.ll,l Watt H.
TAR -2 bbl genuine Barbadoes, for Rola
hi fie2l J. KIDD CO.
DILE POTASII--50 lbs. or sa.e I by
B.A. YAW: EttThel( s l: O.
PLASTER -60 lbs. Comb rides, for solo by
AltD 011,-20 bbls. for sale by
1.4 jr2 J. KIDD k. w. to Wood At.
phi bble. Lake Sr; White, 1851;
fir We by b. 3
. .
M AGIC WATCHES, or Doublo Itunun
rsdea orlll. gold caw, 0r.,10 allow Um rsco orou at plusauro
a., one rook., Jost received and VV.. V rtsoy.
Jed corner Market pod Yount; pa.
ALOES-IWO lbs. formula by
j. 2 . B. A. FAO:MAWR • CO.
EUSSIATE POTASII--500 lbs. for sale
sy (pal A. A CO.
ft OIRISII-6 tierces for sale by
Ai is?: WICK t 1100 - ASDLEEK
- _ _
WOOL—Cash paid for Wool by
:'IIiIIEED OIL-1500 galls, pure for sale
b J. sciloiseusifaa ;co,
.2 Wooll .bra Et.
WOll TWINE-500 lbs. for solo by
Jul 7lUllrf7Yl LSE
Tfirm of
day il Clarke, Parks & Co. Rochester,
PA, Is :him lstedred by molest cc mem. the Irk.
Wad of 0. M. Itervea hetet inarettesed by Harelltea
Clarke sad It. U. Yaks: Chu *ill rootterte the business es
formsel.. ander the owe sad style oi Mark t Perk , . All the baseless of the Isle erse to he eettled by sied
Usaylltea Chula Or K. U. Parka.
It.ll. PARKS.
PlUsteargh, Jeri le, ISM. " • leltlat
ANING made a chang e in our business
by ttuLrlebus by a.
•Stsykluterist Itk
Vll 1 . 91 a! • LLOrk,• s.,x, the Dtl.itiLlS Or our
in v. 17 t rixn Um Clsyslaud
' LIU Este exul Itletagethm ta PM*, • , •
• P.M) au4 Dawn us t I t assillou, , .
Express Motet Lim loaf:natant!, -
'AM slso tbs pertalulns stssasbuto Mieblsau
gand Beaver, te dose btrraftsr lltrO s ./0110 A.
tr UE LATall A tglestgr 'T.h. P °
Pittsbnigh. Jun.11.'61.-4142 Atsbsstsr,
XMPLAEs' ewoxna -,rue re ;11 tot
grArtnlarrord4 ir4h the ctublrsos of th•
sou • R. A. wuaolv.
2 44grar 9 Minadelphis do ravellvol Line
4 Sailing from Philadelptia: on the
rabic I, 4 l Zeto i st th e Isf ofm‘b mon
6 6 ME ANDIMIL Ism •
" WETROEE, hlidbanlel Rawls, Euler.
Edina?", allied., Ethltb, Mute,
SEUCKAHION. ("sera W. W. West, Easter.
The above shire , we bald of the hest end mart earth'
materiels, end we noted for the theiddl of their Perellrer
, they are Atted nith ell latest lostevrementh an d"ed
tharon I ventilated. and an n fbr theft so.
' comm.:Woos Sennei chum ata=re itzuesocrj:
they ere commanded:by men of saw:widget' et, .00
unnptalled Co. their expraisnoe In th e packet service.
Eon.. deriwod • Of Waging their friends twth the Old
Country earl °Mem orrtlfiestes of 'adds .111 he
good for eight monthe, and our welts In [eland and Liu
srpcol .111 raraan
.to ana the 'pm. 1.1b..5&M....,
lostrnello_ns whaletheir departnre._
Poe th e conventsthe of renown sndlthil wrri mu
a r T i s=falit=tithf w r h% ATV erlrd rigy bi o;
the Pants nr Post Utilises Ls the United Kingdom
Air PrOTkii rap:died tenoned cooling ftwn Idnr
Erery *vet the Abllowlmur iappliet lan be Dualaltoi
each pusenger of 12 yowl of ass and owl:
2110, rien. 2 or. Leo. & Itc.ostosal, ttour,
star, and half 1111awartm of tearglyirai •
1;c, 37 Walnut Emit. toloorEocond. Yhiladolph*
eornar 7312th and Wood it,., Pittolnorgb.
• -
- •••
'United States Hotel at PhilgraotihiP
r7E SUBSCRIBER' respectfully sus:soon
-14.471 0 hla
friends the arel pro U t fporLipud
th is:o t m , 4os 3
111 110PF.L. logue Imo.= in " connection with the
lintel under the late Peoprieter t he Pole perfectly ea& in
ammilidafilta pottono,that no
shall be fronting
Le toner= Ito praviona reputedienne the beet 'kept hove
Me eon ntry. co tagenee boa twee stewed In ocruplette
ly netting the entire establishment. and b• Pattlrtd
Invitee attention to the changes Introiluard ftai the eote
=Metre and efltbrOri of Ladles. Being firmly deter
ed to id= satisfaction, be =Mite • continuance or thM
apt ow freely beetowed on the old United
rtnrwlt 'ge Im73I:2m)ALLIS .
- FACTURES, No. 41 &nab Becemd Street, (store nut. nut able.) Philadelphia. fbbibily
AGALEY, WOOD{ & Co.Whole
w. (,oar., No. Mutat at. Philadelphia. spa]
gKA, BUOKNOR k CO., pacoO
Car:11111M= Mamba. tsfif , ...ll Nceth W stamint.
10 Nerth Wham.. I'muaeobJa- , anal
u EE_Cf r E .E . ANTELO, Gene
• • - • • •-
Sirs Cent saved to Country Merchants.
M. J. NINO, Dealer in-BOOTS AND
mm ona 45 N orth finsond strut. Philadelphia,
hu mat even rum the marosfulary an extensive un well
nanntne von t nr the anon, gown. .nkh he vninnf
nev nut less than nen be imminent ha the 114. for nub
Fa; * t ' s * nTlfro ;wall to tall benne linifh•fhifi.
Shawls I Cloaks ! Mantillas!
S. MILLS, No. C. Cortlandt st., N. York,
opening at his Shat Warshows„ a fresh
of ' Fall .std Winter eIIAWIN meaning of all sty!.
of roach andlvitoestle Wool Lon,r . lih together
Ha full assortment of Freteh arse lonsl Moan an e dLong
Broths Shawls, of ants smut.
Also, satorsim stoat of ()Aare, Morino. Tbibs.Billt.
Satin, awl Velvet CLOAKS. MANTILLAS. SACKS, ae, 00
sarions sham and Kyle. Inanalietiaml from hail y*
terns al Ms cam importanons, recalsol send-monthly pas
yarn, steamers. •
Ile hesitos the special attention of Southern and Wed.
blerrhaots to the above; ao they will Sod an most.
meat of Shawls, and madfunad• wonia I,r LsoWes' maw,
numarpassof Ina. oily. •
A 1.,, superior WING STIOW STAMM. for ashibiti=
Shawls and ll.ntlllK dressol In every colored Mot aM
Comb-at Shunt AS earl.
Office for Foreign Patents,
No. 5 Mlle., N. Fork, and 186 Rea at, Londo.a.
le Great /trace% Frw, Delving, DolLa4, sad all
z n ey mu. ef Ituloyo.--the Canada; Cube. and the Lbw
Ytth lerenttallost on the above eut be bad by &Wedelns
my . C.tet' it' I Wall street :finer York.
SI ',lll.a*
.inperior a. rock Writing and Copying Ink.
TONE'S 1.7.4PL1LE INK, 87 Neiman street,
run Ilnildnn, New York.
tat TO flat
pa! dm_..—sl .6 on pd.doe--...40 50
to.. • —.... IGo rn. • • St% •
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Mandato or door and torsereer all the qoa/Inea ram!,
ed to • gad Weldon Ink, goltahle for Ma dal.% and ad:
Wahl, Wanted for Ulle had Yen.
The nandoPacl. gannund to farad. to the trod. eh
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, ac i zt "dr, Tarr:red In an= •
ar,tega are charged extra at ‘ oe ‘ Vt r7or
tarltr tt Named et s Pan Boltllngs,
Professor A. a. Barrrs Tricaphamis,
Ae` l, llf=ti.'V'e,,'n''t t r ealr bet, apt 1148
gran :4.'l'z nbL„'
man Las Nadas. the same Oleo In raring Comet of..
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1.07 L. will rent to Owe Tato XCo proaratlea.
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AMP. Belat—Dear ele—l hoe beta sew
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room and, to Cr Mad irreatatlO. Wolf
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leets t te V X 11AP_XLV ttrpat ll,,
143Cohnstin Wert. Oultlye.
Nor Tom Ott. =, 11511.
Pace Dessr—Str 1:44. Ale—Atom osnustro ear hake
4 itsl tor Lesd r tro tenth on earl
One. end 1.4 et. Cdtrt;m7i"ttns=t. .TTI.e.
a Z r . releth 11:11 . tag elapporni e as the
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ir lal r Seediness doubts Um auLbestielty of
Otto, Lb, Nesae at ISOtteee A C ittere's
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l 100 m
Rim the Iltlitsre oust Naval Anti; Kat B. 1130.3
Mere Ism nest for tea poseshisst ewe. of !elem.
ate thermos of the erustoss estertzlle. that du melted
It. PtleolsttlT estiored lee. the stores known as reteloshe
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(CONTINUES his usual facilities to receive
tr. fmtdactr. Sale, and Trantllmatl., .llttra t 1.
tv colg,tl W.. lawn W.. Get idly for ALI "data
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MrArs, Jo INl tt fi.. * 4
Mr. Julan A. eamdtary.
'3111)11LETON, Rim( & 31'0EE,
frcdotoo Coosol.moo. 111.1 Toroon .thittooto, oo the
LIM., rt. Jodopto.l.l.
11.11.? b , dlexamler (Oudot., Lod Loma, teTI.loo• 1 Co.
Vlto.buroh. 14:17
poA U. TUTTLE, Attorney nt Law,
owl Coogoow.o., Yousoryltanio, Loot., Na
,0 0010..00. NomptlyllllnrortaL • MC:kir
010IIN 11. RANKIN, Attorney and Conn.
ordlcd at taw. awl Coadrodwanwor t. tb• Rata •
am I wailia bb. Laub.. (law of Plttaladln.)
boforwracw-rhtrorrtin Sinf W. "froard. Ilamptaa •
!Mb% "Manta. IdCu. Jobe C. Parka, Wombs
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Meant to render any apartment ye ,
The furniture rum. exprendy °Matt retard!. of
mat and &ruin porno. of it whiny , Um Drawing
pr 0..., rill be found to be of them t beautiful =nu..
1 tom. Th e Inning too. Me rap.. , and the hour. for
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e e )Ir.r 9 department will he ruminant In itis unerseptions.
.bin manner and the proprietor pin.b yw hlmeelf that the
Arnencau lion. rhall to truly L. Traveller's blame.
f....PamleertetT LXIVIit RIM
I IRIED APPLES-30 sacks prime, foranle
fur by en 72 2 RII£Y. 31tAtinEW1 , 1 CO.
ASTOR - 01L--9 bbloc. (Blow's make) for
oe br mrz2 RIMY. MATIMEWS CO.
Ude. primo N. 0., for aisle by
k AKS A..1111:1CIIIPOtit CO
NOPLEY 'S I'OT CLAY-36 bbla.just ITO
thr by .1. mnooNmaxErt *co.
ILOVES-4500 . lbe fur
rt.ENCII FLOIVMS--A s p undid vanity
ne r wz . t
ma ntylz .... hr i n:h And Jamaican Irlowm,
0021 "Y A. A. iIAIOII I' A CO. "
PEACIJS-35 duke in 'tore, will
.41 - ldr" thd ILTAII Melt 6Y l CO.
LICKETs.-50 do:. Marleeta for oby
my= • J. Et. cernam.
1i0051.9--100 doz. Corn, for sale by
ALERATUS-100 boxes - Tiara;
on fo. b
77 J. 13. CAN FULD.r_
Q.i.To.d.R.— W bble . Pandered , for we by
a ni)Cla a INGllltlri.
C OFFEE -150 bap; Rio;
UGAR--48 111 K-6- for sale P.l
1M mut Watnr. and tEI Mot alma.
L"' SUGAR-100 bbls. aos'd Nos.;
6 Crwthrt_tbr sale by
m7== I 4 Vint, P.
sad 115 &mo N d 5L
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QUGAR-10 Mids. Clarified..fur salo by
rrEAS--56 - lif. chests Young Il
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r 5.1: bx " isitn eitrizz4
mr.,3 w,aer sad View pl.
77 OVERING'S SUGAILS--Double Hetlnotl
oo s Admiral end Powdered, mutual,
od sal for sale by th e barrel or retail, at the loweet
cub Mee, by Wit. A. iIeCLOILO too,
myl9 256 Liberty
lIJ bble new Zir sale by
Jl togi W. 4 it. WiLoos,
ATCLIVS, in large variety, and at the
knnesi reels, mama nubprim, wholmale and
nta. 1.172 , 3 , W. W. WILSO:Y.
POST/ any NI NM at tar nom.
• Would Wortatcat of Gold and Shoo Pattilx
God et am ben tomoaletorc 'Watt ran
Mosotho, •• • (wont N. N. Nlrlara"
Dieu Crimson Veget and Gold Paper
sfilsilirgh'v's'erg.lP!=bitZvfird .Ptrin‘
PItINTING PAPER—A lrgo lot Doubt('
Medina &ad Imperial ktintlag etbr..l.
1n.21 earner neXtat, and &wad •In.
RAPPING PAPERS-A taiga sort.
F as
uweit ea Wrapping Parere.ll.l. 11AVE1111,11se, tiwme,
fbe W B.N '8
0w24 Paper Ruda:qv, ax. Marina ar4 rb.
n GROSS STE 'L PENS, of . nil quoli-
Ate ?are: 1 1 4711V 1 "r 63 1(14tV ‘ l. ttl
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m 724 81=118.43,1.ntrr
.I.A fresh. reed sad lhe de by W. •Y. intsox,
guru 147 :rout. awl DB Seeped et
lIIDES-200 (prime for sale br
_ay 8. . 1141.118A11u 11.
- -
B11)0 ARBY'S TRICOPIIEROUS-1.2 doz. for
xle Er U. E. SULERS,
mylll 67 Wood et:
4 LUM--50 bbh. for sale by
..ylll ! J. HI DD UM, 60 Won I gt.
ALUM -50 bbls. fol Bal e
R ,
S._l4 10 bblz new for IVA
GLUE--41.1bble. (extra) for slate by
mitt • J. aim) oe.
4 14 gausi!guimed (z.aLTITRI,
!in; km web
'ARIEL) APPLES-15 bbls. for saleLbjr
j.r..4 21411/1/DOE IfiCaRAX,;t:
CHLORATE POTASH-50 lbs. for sale
NUrITS-20 b
•S El GAR-180 hhcie N. 0. Suli • for Well
i'jm7ls • • Witter t
1 4®
U". 16" Dip °w enn;
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f 4.. darbtreMiri'4"'
BEER IRAS—Jtult aiTed ati No: ?56, .
Libev stir o.. .twidee at veil ,
i.,, ,,=utglx
I • 612tebliratpcionaltr
J F, t ,
DWELLING ROUSE, 'Contixinin .
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en. deers
7t, j rjels
moottrihr en. Rsat krir.Poel aus be gin
hareedlateir. Z. D. Oa Libertrat..
jskiktf . ;nest th e mouth of Tblrd.
Valuable Lot on Third street for Sale.
AWILL sell the Lot on Third: etteet, na
l:Caine the trptioletery Yetabilahateot tifirat. Setae oh
om e. am the Cogice f
u; m oft e YU:IMA Piet
Compeer to the other. me bo on Thiel street, is UN
feet, with • depth Mrerd theeed Meet of 60 feet, more or
I. =
el e b t tre "lea th =c
'sale. The
the LoLpa r•he In one sea two yews Romßom the dm of
UM Is perfectly amt.
cnatua max & _
Yelltdder at the one. of C. Ertaler it Co, loorth
R` R ENT. brick
. ' ty pe •storyb..2
rd..,..r boost, eltna.te oelbled stmt. between ...
rase and Items the bourn le cell hatsbeet wall h '
&sat In the kitchen sad above whkh tone le • mot
,with bet' ant told water: Posenekteeieen hareedleteir
*72 to:
Hance cad Lit for Sale. •
LARGE LOT, on Leicock street, A:2
thmarh to Ilehemanyethw
Att on each street, with • depth of 120 Leg.
roo githe roL7l4 . terra g leg lirkk e tpwo AtIfIhaerW"6OTISTUI7 o
bimao steed, ot JO i.A.
dear from' fourth; and atifotnbut the
afob Auld Jeweler non of W.'W. - Wnsos. This
afore Sawa bee the hanctataneet front in the db and to
the beet betaken fur a Dew Goods ani Wartor.Beetwora
(tent for the balance of the year will born,. /ow. .
hobo of JAMES CRAY. or '
W. w.witune.•
. ' , Reel Estate far Sale. •
A VAIIIABLE unimproved ,LOT, on the
earner nf Liberty am? Iset u ori ulnae , nth mad.
hrO0?, t
100 th he e 734 l OVlag;, gig:te t ra! 174
three doe, Brick Dialling noose oil inweir
stroo, aolition_tbe above, the lot beWo 93 feet !not by
103 bet tfsep The house tame and onovenkult. bulltln
modern etyW, and contains elev room.. 4100-23 acres of very valuable en
lard near Bltarpablakh.
Aleo—A Yarns of Ida urea ha West Doer township.
dlas—A Farm of Z 4 acres trt tolerance countf. udlee
from New Cattle. •
Also—.7arma its Beaver county, of various Adam and
prkee. from Saturn dawn. • •
diao-12 very valuable lota baraureo, Pelee.
auderate. Benoit, of
N. P. it IL L. narrnamer
dttorroya at Low. and Beal Bands
roy% N 0.107 Pourth streets Plalnuill:
'OR RENT—A Warehouse on Water.
ranart. Nave. Market and W. Imitable gar
molt. Weans. Enquire of
wst 4.
mra ,„ JAM/MD.II.2=L O ar
To Let, T HE well finished end furnished Store,
.xtrtoms ltbs imegen
Post ()Mee. st
rul Ebn ' traa k azt?si l -! .
'tried( 11111. • Item.
. . -
1b Fanuen.
A 000 ACRES Farming and Grazbg
Warren <win .m.ted" -
. 4 1 11 . 41, 4 7 , wpm. tw.h.. Mite of the New Toe!
Ales-1.000 Acres In Elk cool
. •*n *lda 11G<OP:
earIWILKLNS 11, 00.
m.n of /lulus and Third At
rNTY ACRES of GardeniniLioa, il
. Ji l l 4z . cadet
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o ragsatkay &Alas ow ..... a f i h t
5 4 . 7 t tmo n =g1 tia a rears. Yor miacular. la.
_& 0..
tamer et Il i gal 3 Thled Pa.'
Desirable Suburban Residence for Hale:
riE subscriberoffers Oreille the house !Lad
1 0 Trontlf •itadan ' Tsatir&it nalnat' widk a int!
the market ef thU • The lot le 140 ft. fnud on Ptak et.
runniest trek 242 fa.; to alley—am one
acre OrglOUnd. ts bounded . way ante hate opus
MU. ado:nest with trews end shrubbery. e bon. ts
e.uir with
amstnal, thief.
• front of 50 Wit,and • &patent - 20ml oontatria fourteen
nom. Weide. bale nine *et wide. It fa built la the tea
and =at eent4. touther. and ban • ifre-prouf roof s and
eon.. the modern eourenlenee. Two pumps,
of had .ad salt water an at tb•
U. the muds. to the neweass7
_out buildings, stehle,
earthen, bousw. tes The monde ate oat- manly sa
lawn. town. with choirs frt. tree, overgrew., &amine
at.* warrants. trooseberstes. reatherthw, Le, and a mall
The relate of the toot kind. and the Ines sash.
ani yield ellonnh kw the swats of. ordinary
Ovule oraLelrt=stsest,
. :1 1 =It y /t t i " "f!r'c. la
" b et!
eV.. &nth 'Pittabs4Z the eft/. the too rieerrMil the
bin. aroond:fertollig the, • penorazsir
which thwese nee. wow.. Every boat • liter=l
departs from the fort of Pittsburgh on the Ohio. paw. in
ho thew. Ths ana p.n. are also eamletel7
rm.d fr. any anZayantat of dads so de ist of
meant 004 emetattem,thd abatis • tatirroseat tbliet
and peaceful self tasted In arthesuktut. in U....UT.
The prote.Twill =l4 bargain, and nownsion given
Whenever dnattvd. at the Gazette of..
aig.3lt.f • 'D. Y. WLIITZ.
Far Oali.
TTEmember* of the k'airmoulat Fire Com
d.y. Pear.tbetr EngisiAr We. It is le toad
4.1. sad will In sctd.bai , ofra,
ICQ Penn Meet
R RENT—A Dwxlling Arouse on
Tbtd emit. &ben end tear t Radthfeld. It
Itztar.. lam yard. .reelt bee" An.
Le tented low. arid pewee., llemeellatelT
Atae—ror • ale et Lew. eau lot. le the Meth Wahl.
between Yen. etleet Bed the Allegheny river.
at ei. Dertlegheet. Toerth street, hese Wad.
. -
- Valuable Beal Sufate for Sale.
TrISUBSCRIBER offer. for Sae. on
T Zt ." ="i2‘ ".6.B Kent.. In
o. jflotoo vagarilla thine kin bed , ' 491 i110g
INotond storm. bet... Market and Deaf stmts. tlaa
lov blot •=12 4 1/F et frontal lett i
bargrestybdian rM Met. on venal
bar atm, tetra neon, wad as a palm:Una redo. and am
two dory Intik watoleine.
• Mai Two 101 ,1. Yalbtio. Beam wanly, being lots
Mani and 4. bring *boat 100 hot oloorroin whlch bann
ed one Worn of Sony foram dwellings, and one ..Dana
franor dwelling. all two itorbold cb.
no. t. tato /et id bet fronton gookstreet, orportto the
W 0.., and extending le ino top of tn. tau.
No. b. Two tXteal WI, awl 10
fair hnill,l2ld 1111221L1S
fn. the raid to low wand MIA.. Ile gig nearer.
Te. 6. lb volnabliinatey lot, 190 eel cn Wberl gam
with tow itbarei 111111. ;over Wooled.
. 41-,a te.L7l4lb. th ;Z:V.lhitt7=l" 4
two mai Wien Argoand wayobrome. by frirker. atom*
!rune fibroma.two oNwlea Man.
No. 11.. One largo lot In New Brighton. Ileamwrolont. bs
lag signs lie brim Bernd way, and about . dln kat dam
roedalalog 1.14 aore. on wllith are emend too Lag, frump
dwelling% a.W ono mall frame lone, said ea an ogle..
.o d d wo"rjartran firoo!forr=k,bz=igg2.-
tbe tondo. Brads.
No. 9. Ow wand harstodlataly bekerTallotcm Bridge,
briar; about 100 fad estendlinf iloon Wobrr
itrwet lo water tart, or widow pun. •
Ina atom =try will Le .44 or3 c eryt o tarryaldo tering
and /011 ra 911911A1=rhud
alt.oll I.totuna sad goit copy.]
Ear Bala
DU/OK Of BUILDINGS,. the mem of Wed,
and N. am% aW. haulm. U.
Ely The Lo . t2ora
butalred a. doe fear blue lathes onlrsabZ e d.. t .as atr. 4 4
to • twenty fad alter. Dwain of
litAia ESTATE FOR= SALE—Theunder
gosed earn so Shr sale Aland. cumber of vairdble
g Ida„ t. Jedrabla dud for mama
Ultra, to the boroasn of lUntataut, kaatoi,pear lb.
Des DOW Mb. I loti• and Kna . Lather. March.
the rapid growth rd./Ansltsdutut moulatleu and
ar.tadodus wealth, sad the tveasaable prima at which
lota tar reolvltluda a its and preStabbrin
elettoeut. Me perfect. Tana tamable. • •
thella n ' 1 " . " /. , a h " " 1 (
burgh, belu - seTt tilrd mad Bylaws and ff. halm., Kg's, at Abair Mod B l Lure
Items. /a= • HUSKS f. LAWN:
oa REZIT--The large arri cougno4ll:.s
Zau Item. co Pam Oleg 4414.7 a,:su4Z,bitkt
• Tutt..ilintiar tanararo. Rapeni
.4,24( • • tt o. Water
A' # I 20 •• - 'a. , or,- , aOR LO
118111Zill TACKLE-Cana, Raid, Lines,
nooks, .115. whawala wad
"Kai • a /twkd north.
ANS-32 caaka Bacon liameyfor salo by
• mynt JAL • A.11E701150)1 k CO.
OW'D EXT. LIQUORICE-1 can for ludo
m 79 11. A. FAHNESTOCK a CO.
OPPERAS-25 bbls. (good) for sale by
'OOL BAOS-1000 new and old, for sale
hr lo{
A MONO the numerous discoveries Science
zy has toads to this genandlon Pp feelLtate the basin..
Of BD. hertuesefte todorromet, soot rren prolong the term
of trn= detente, mom an be earned armors reale.w
to enseekted. than Chia sonnibution or Chemistry to tie
11.411teg Art. A vst tea or it. 4rtmee throughout this
vast oinotrn has Proem beyond a doubt that no rortildne
or somhtostlon of medicines yet loorro, sae so inzelyme.
trot and sure the numerous varieties.' intionnotrldimme
whist hare hitherto inept hem one midst thousands and
thousands rem year. Indeed. there!. non almodent re.
eon to tellers a remedy hoe at length been tuned which
en be relied on to cum the moat dangerous elfactkins
the Image. Our ipace here Mir not pan& tm Poblieh
err Proportion of the cum ed eye b 7 ite we, bet
prestrot the Mowing °pintoes of, emineret acen.and refer . ,
trill eV , : the thole., which the ageote bane
earned be pleated to furnish free. whereto U.
foil partleolari;and Indisputable proof of these Gets.
the.Prerfd et ILLTVI1 0 of Calve
Alaretrat . the wed PBO.
Me C.K.
"fame C. Ayer—the I have wed mu Cherry Pectoral
- he my own use sf petaled Bronchitis. arab ace ottani
from it. aeonsi soronitution that Ii is an admiral:de soot
mend Mr the relief of tumid and 6tons/4 alticultlea
if my opinion ar to int eupertur amen,, can be of any
enet% you are at liberty to nee it u_yoo abet poper,
Firts z. ll4p p, setsbratoS PROIETSWE
a X
ltal• II re; LI alt . & %l. pa
Stemma ...rof America sad Ittata,
"I deem the Chem Peetara an admirable sompoeltlee
Dm some of the beet article. to the Maeda thftca. and
a ree7 effecters remedy for the elms of Mimes It le totem
ded to nem^ Nan Haven, Cl.. Nov. I. IS 9.
)1,45073 PAITLYON, Preaktentes 8 C amoy et.w
that be bee nemi the Ghetto with wonal.• roe
ma, to sure ao inneemenoon—Wanuents.
hos a,m Oftes.ttret.._PAimibese Yoffie.
ntr. J.O. Arm. .f= 4 l=tb, •
gingloor Cherry Pectseal_ nr prsetice, andorathr
„IwrlgryLrer s e re horeterYouttidelsda homotrer
mew. I us maimed ft pal me
eeath4 toles,ss as.. of the I
r have pat to
detente 41 other renuellee
use in ewes eit
p °ctualapPaa. and =alder It math the bent
remedy Immo er that
Preparra d r ?emu L lit
tcht by JAKILit U. APEX risme. Chew
— " ma
aura:a CO , b a'.l. fd.TowNXIET• hr IAS
tee Allegheny my. by H. P. SCllleAttnt. and . DOA
GLAft and by Drugemzeneerally. jetdser-nroff
_ .
7- )
• -
P.=.1., • Idedidsi teem • hecildent COnesonytton.
I r s en in e ennenoothea Whtesarresolut
notu r
VrirmaGeneral Prostretien of the leyeteso.
• Degreased aptrita and Gloomy State of Mod, minted by
Dr. GuyeolfrAtrad ofre/oteDeekomd&rsogarillaorbkh
dte.lmmadlate Mid by renaming the
of hadth
end atrength.lbe bleed. It nantralleal hod browny dope
=natural &Tattle.: and OM haalthr era= to the
Its nand attentive properelem Modal' It pernherly apilt•
table to the tinder and delicate onnstitotion of the he
meta. Itlconediately countereet• that distreadng nemy
nee and Waited, so common to the female fnatta,•and
imparts an energy and- buoyancy ao =eyrie= as they
are greeted. life bare evidence on Elle width Loden. os
strongly to reconstand- thle nuatietne to married tamale
!behave not been bleated of lb offspring. •
- -
Prolayala Uteri, or Falling of the Womb, of eve years state
ding. eared by Dr. Damara Extract at Yellow Dotterel
Eatmerarills. after every other klfolril remedy had bee.
triad without relief: •
• Wincoreitai 0, Tata 28,
Ms certifies that toy wife. 41.1 zr years. has tottered
oiler the above earsolalot for the Trarm, overly ill that
time eoutlued to bey bed. I bass for Eau year. rernstartoi
employed tbe best wastioal Wiest that mold be procured In
ills sent= of the jesuitry. without any banellt whatever.
I bare also Durehamed orrery lostrulosat recorroseadod ice
the cure of mull dlaramei m/1 if whilt Drone worthlems.
In N. erring drleti I sew Ishosed by my Meads to
try Dr. Gorier, Tallow Doak sod liaramparfili whlehwas
and /or Poor smooths. Altai ebe bit mod Moral:mall=
Weeki It VA, VlWeet l all of Ile that ado Iva ltareowlog.
sod from Ulla Um. Iretair ad rapidly, wad gained Dash
god atretuttba 0010 mbe la now eujeving roost excellent
health. • WIL WON/ 011. T.
We, being neighbors to W. and lolls 3Losobri know
that tha &bare atataisanati no to the &know of Um Ma.
hot. and as to the .more Wag ettereed by Guymott's Tallow
Lest Mad Bassapatille, art strictly bus.
4' 4 4 a a 4
Mots Er . o--Cait of 0..!!. Leonard
IVOILSO Gaon. Duo. I.lBlx.
Reads. S. E. &matt oo:—Oentet Soma time fa 1141
I was attacked with King's Rail in my won. wbkh lawasas
so sore I amid novae it. and to 111.5 mortiflnalon met
1 ettiPE7.l. at different time; nab yhydelan of Web:My
walla sar tech: all toll ate tor man mat la saumtated.
From OW shoulder to the forearm was hall of numb.; ,
onv. 117 dannath at thit time was 00mp1e1d7 adotad•
ed. and 00 lama analt'maselated.l amthaned in this
Nate tuna 1843, When I saw no advertisement (Gams*
Tallow Doak and Parsaparloo whlchl Mad, and word Ora
bottle of thentOcht. Utl/01113!. Yellow Iket tad Semi.
Alla coed ww, I task 'old attar remedy while liming It;
sod felt mraeLf perfectly well before ming the ainth bat.
Do. nal I toed 01 at th. fast alMeararate of the Indad7,l :
am satw 4 wadi have tared ma Duos Ewan of Dabs and
endmina. I most cartundly recommend seer/ perartisolt
Laing ander any gnats disease. to Imo OnleotEl - EsEati
Doi sod Sarmaarilla, villa will mama than to Balch.
Yam" In godatalA 0.11. LEONARD.
Can Of an aggravated gate of Eryetadae.
The curve performed by by. (I uyogre Eatese. of Yellow
Dock awl Sarsaparilla. en !asthma. iThe patieurs general
health continues to improve after disease le Cure removed,-
art not ehrooleled time him fully teeted that
the:en-an be no solsome or return of the dimes..
/lola tr. Ilerklmer geberram.. 1830.
g. Y. Bennett t Ce.--Gentar his with arestplessure that
I write you about the my ham; edxe. of your Wk.
Dock araiderseratilla upon my son, whim/melons beau sug
going under that draw/MI and loaf/man dim., Ytwipo•
go. which he waa attacked la 1804, and was tor met
months attended by mama of our beer phial.' dans, wbo
1. riot obbi perseveringly Dar tremor:dire, without any
moult. whatever. Ile teems redimed to a per.
Pot skeleton. He bad alma from ht. Ida to hi, knee,
whirh were ecratiorta/17 illecheramp dlagratlagly odenelve
loather. Medical AIM eurgleal skill wee tallied. Physicians
mold that hI. mow wee hopeless: there could be omblog
domt to erred thorn horrible genimendr, ulcers. Sly neigh
taus and myself thought lora dtamitutlon near at band.
thme of my neigh/ore (who bad cored 4144148! Smoothie
.with your invelualle ruallehml wished me to make trial el
it: avid. more hum the merlon desim tad* egurthmawhlle.
Ilk lasted. than bus any bore of gottlogrelleg ipraorrof
We* bottles of ;our . Yellow book end Eareaperilla. and
eramunanced ming to; and to my satorriehameht he beim
to improve balms he had used the third bow.; and begin
be bed vored a half arm lotrlea. ha could walk out. ire
used In all tnreln bottles during the Tone /849, and br Oen
lobe. Mat he wee perelelly reetorwl. Every vestige of the
- disease, mart the seam, la removed. and ho remains in
peas% health at the present tiois. llis recovery. ander
Ma blearing of lied. h eatuely owing lo the nee of 7nor
, Yellow book and 7 samtparillaimul I smuts you that t feel .
'Myself under ergot obllgetlons to no, and It la with great
707 that 1 Inform you of what your pars:ape:lLL /me done
for m 7 ma. Deepectfully, .
JA-11175 . 13,17.5.5ZL1.
22 J. D. NAL (ouroomor to FattlAnt•Paik.)fcartb
owl Walton itreitortotottl.o2l6.43toteral Agootta tha
South art] Welt to Ithoto o. cotton rind boaddrotiott,
J. A Co.. D. A. Yaltalostook s it Co, J. A. .Jolurae,
V illioi.ii..iltoboittAt Leo A. Booths.. Allegheny City:
L T. /totooll. Washlostott; L. IL Bork, LAiontotroai.
Wolin. Grotto burg; U. lioutOs,gooterse2 Ikon A Glltroro.
Doottoott 'trod A Son. Ituottoslott flolltioraborg
LENdebrond A Co.. Lai.. J. E. Wright. Kitimat:ll2l2
.2voris it Co.Droolorillo A. Wilson it Bon. Waritotbuitt
31<forsiodt 2 Cll4 N. Callooler. Atiodwillot Burton A Ott
Grobau..l. Porkei. Itorcon Jamul Nolly .2 Co. Doi.
Iv, S. eolith. Deaver: J. O. Burrunertoo. Worm.;
S. Jones. Coudernart P. Ctookor,,jr.,: itt‘ortootno.
Def'Rice-4/ per ltottk; Sis Bottles for $5.
A Vahullo Improvement in 'Trusses.
13-11ARD'S Improved Patent TRUSS
CR. aud RUPTURE REMEDY. by which a permanent
nil b
ellitiebed. This Tram is entirely different in
form end principle. of action from other Tram, barlat
all the advantage. of • well-emulated and antrum Drees
are. - The Creature can be ea regulated im to give awe and
comfort in the man. difficult eaves of Hernia, and run
Im:ennui to almost any tome dream!. The premersteme
Sorel, and being brought is bees immediately over the
herrOM eating, Sad aftoNing penal tenuity end' ream
Ate , ti tt le all tie r :T h . l .even nailer the f i re d t vloicr b me
r ta r l ara " r7nt the ' vfalle; laUpTigiS i.,Pozrilii;43:Ver of
etranguiation, or any other atiVerrane or painful tamp.
tom; which is not art untrvgaeat Oceptepoo itt the wear
.l lig of by adapted tram.. It la • very common mac*w
for privorts maimed with Rupture to velem a tram midair
'ply it tiommtvea TEL la a bad Draclift, shish ar t be
reeti . og i tiitoc r : i lle understand the ana y the Der
ZWe eyould . iceeet netion<Tallir sail the att.:alma et.Phyri..
tre. t . o WTlLlZt?: • rra 4tiveter"or olf:r u lx : % - rttL .
latreet mires, Infant Trim. Mut comlantly On Wig.
E-LI, aetata.
jet'. 140 Weed at. Pittsburgh.
Dr. Htird'a Abdatninal Stlpporters.
TIESE SUPPORTERS nre intended chi*
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Pram Dr. L. R ifeatlnt. Professorof Chemistry in li.
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Phillips and Mayers' New Article for the
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