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AYCJIICA.II Portrt.anou.—Wo yesterday
published an article from a California paper on
the subject - of. Chinese immigration to the Pa
use aide of this continent. To-day we * have a
Paragraph an n ouncing the fact that a colony of
, nettgariannare coming to settle in lowa. Al
ready the Norwegians are numerous in the
,Aterthwest, w hile -the representatives of almost
I ce:7 nation in Europe are scattered over all our
• , .
isan astonishing fact that tribes and races
which for centuries remained separate and intact
inturo4e; retaining their peculiarities and pre
': jadices, 'sue here, assimated and merged In tbe
great tnMs, and course of a few years their
line.age is scarcely distingaishable. iAlready it
may without exaggeration be said that the Am
erimin flag waves over every kindred, and na ,
~ !tioti, and tongue.- •It is a proud though a sol-
C26l2.thotight; and it'is a fact that is beginning
:,t'otoll - with iMistless effect upon the destinies of
the human rine. Who can estimate the moral
' sad political effect erthe millions of lettere which
' , Fs annually cniried . from the expatriated Earn
prang now here to their friends in their father
isoads ?, And the same quiet but mighty Min
mee wilt - soon begin to be felt in China, and
limetth; and even Japan.
These mighty Inflaences,. because they are
lent and unobtrusive, like the exhalations from
the: terrace of the ocean, are apt to bo over
looked or underrated in our Intimates of Moral
causes, but a little reflection Will convince us
that lame greater are in operation. . .
SWIG PARTY m palmar.mmu.
It is a-long time since we felt suchunqualified
p clans and eatLdaetion as , we experienced
itinur reading the resolutions adopted .by the
WhlgCOnveution at Lancaster, which we publish
4-this morning. .
On the subject of the Tariff, the same great
Principles that the , Whigs of Pennsylvania have
for many years expressed, iterated, and reitera
ted, are clearly and forcibly set forth. Here are
no pomposta and amhiguous phrases, which may
be" Construed to mean this, or that, or nothing;
bat& strong, simple, and explicit terms, the de
„pressed condition of all the great industrial in
terests of the State and the country are express
ea,* and the remedy clearly and fearlessly point
ed out. The steadiness of the Whigs on thin
peat question contrasts most strikingly with the
vacillating coarse of thalesders of the "demo
cr"Y• ”
On the great questions between the North and
South, the tree grourid is taken. Both the dan
gerous extremes are avoided; and while our just
constitutional obligations are frankly aciorow
' lodged,- and every concession which our slave.
holding fellow countrymen have any right to ei
pect, is chcerfally made, the "reserved rights"
of the North are not basely surrendered. The
duty of obedience to the law on that subject is
frankly'Verred; but the members of the Coeval
thin did not stultify therreselvea and their party
by :profession, of approbation of it in all its
features, The reference in the Bth resolution
to the opinions of Governor Johnston, as eeprese
ed In his last annuairacesage, places the ques
tion upon pound so clear and , explicit, that it
cannot be misunderstood, and so lofty, and at
the same time so conservative, that it cannot be I
sacesafully:aaraHed. To this'ground, the en
tire North is rapidly coming, and with this the
litouth`aust be contented, for more than this can— Conceded •withenit forfeiture of every
claim to the character of Oscan. It is true to . :
Niel, true to the South; true to the Card
tatkur,'lnd true to the spirit of freedom:
We:re:publish' the portion of that message
which treats of thistle:Meet, as it forms partand
parcel oithe proceedings of the Convention„ and
we all our readers to give it a careful pau
sal: It Possesses a force and eloquence rarely
found instate papas; and nothing ran be laid
before the public better calculated to allay the
*alone, and correct those dangerous extremes
to which the minds of mat have heen driven by
this excigng antrovasy. •
Thireppurrin terms in which the Convention
4441 of the administration of Governor .loins
sten,aretrach as every Intelligent Eva meet en
dorse; while at the earns time those expressions
of extravagant and fulsome adulation havebeen,
with great good taste, avoided.
Altogether, this Convention has placed Penn
sylvania on true ground, and In the front rank
among her sietei States in the approaching na
do,pal crudest; anda platform has been laid up
on y . hich the Whig party, may once more unite,
after hiving been somewhat agitated and divided
by turdlicting views.
dine* attention to the advertisement In oar col
- mama taday, in reference to Stoneware Pumps
- and Water Pipe., The use of Stoneware for this
purpose 'anew; but tibias fair to ettpercedseie
, r 7 other material for pmope %wells and cisterns,
and lei pipe to convey water from springs; ed.
There have been some. doubts expressed of its
sbillWAs stand tho • pressure required for the
water works of our two cities, and for bydrint
purposes._ It will, however, be tried hi a few
dark tauter. circumstances tormbject it to - the
severest aft, and the result made known. --If it
shied; its freedoiu fr3m all oxidation or de
csy,,ana its cheapness over lead pipe; will cause
I - It to be" enerally iubrodueed. Its perfect whip.
taloa for pumps and for the conveyance of wa
ter forfonntsios, cannot be questioned.
Motor. .Tacurr.—Our readers will remember
the destination, of the linnet .Light Home, do.
ring tfie terrible dorm of the 16th of April teat,
lam Aire atedstant keepers lost their lives. -Ite
, place isindur supplied by a light-ship of only 70
' Sate liorttOn; Which Ls complained of as being
poor aiihstitute foraregular light. leis said to
11614 . 4 1,4 driven from Its anchorage by
Davy . gales. - The Boston Papers are urgent in
their detnanda'for another structure that may be
relledrpon. It is /nada.; be onq of the most iM
pititent ligh!n on ie ciast.
An Irishman sent no a grumbling letter the
t ether day complaint' ng that we had used tland.
mats language' Inimeaking tit the condition of
. . ,
the people of 'the south and west of Ireland.
mareepoadettt of the. Pennsylvania Inquirer,- , -
a passenger on the Steamer Lafayette, which
put Into Cork in a disabled condition—more then
confines all me said. We make a short extract:
"Cork is a lute city, end really handsome.
Ths river Lee runs through it, and is navigable
far vesicle drawiniftiom fourteen to fifteen feet
of miter, There are severs! Sae streets, and a
seat ;Islay !argil and impostng public buildings.
Thu streets are very crooked, and many of then
stoop. . - I
• On an exa"craion to Blarney Otitis, an old ruin
minftics city; I had an opportunity of visiting
ths tcdp _cottsgos' of the fanntaboret'', and
Utility/9S their condition, andhever did! dreare
that ii.tiouti bilogo'cOold live In each wretched.,
Hess . The hoialsln which they dwell aro about
tan feet'along, by six :or , eight feet wide, and
not more than eight ' fait Na window, no'
.Me Irooilikoetwoo the latter
, rims., and for the light th ey are 144010 to I IZWiret4lig“ to this clause of the Constitution,
1 the door. In one of them wretched khndoa ' Whirl, cannot be misapprehended. The power
1 which we entered, and it is • portrait Af Rvif_ 4"I 4,13 1 of enacting laws to carry into e ff ect the
sill, there kerns us bedstead , no thattlk f , Mae: ( 3 44tituttotial &cotton, being ruled to' be in
rable table, a quantity of old olothel *sod T9R. (,bagrea and In Congress only, any inferferezee
a bed,j and one or two article* itte coobj' The ea the patrol the State authorities is iutautba
plUee was black with mole, end to it thnre stied gad without binding force.
. ...ere 'limper:o,u, all women ited (4.4 l dtswe Out If the constitution Implies a duty to be rer
woman told us that her husband worhad ea the (timed by both National and State Gevernments,.
neighboring estates, and weed Oh* WM." end vests hash with power over the subject, the
min of ti ro or s i n 'tailings per week, out of framers of that instrument failed to exprese id j
add& he.tru obliged to pay told WeehlY rent for olear terms, as In other cases, the obligationinf
blicottage, and support O filMitr Of tell pOTOOOO the parties. The latitude of constructicm requi.
hiaoonotad o d.• .'Ttiair food WOO L potatoes and red to give such powers to the State legislatures,
oat meat ... . - . .. - ' would authorise the passage at 'laws, and the
watt the =lto we mit numbere et peasants, enactment a regulations, upon every delegated
too an d women, lyieg along the roid side, In power of the Government, withciut re.
geld to the action or non-action of Congresa—: I
the! ion. We cortretted with a number of men
at werk on the roads, and they confirmed the The General Government is admitted to be one
of ascertained powers, but it ceases to he so the
statements of the Woman above alluded to. Sev
eral told us that all a day ?sal an much as many momment concurrent jurisdiction vests in State
practical workings of the'
chained for a day'. labor; and frequently they s o , v i staim iht the
could not got that. The hands on estates for.. ... of
15.11•,132 concurrent jurisdiction much evil
thee Interior generally received two shillings Per would arise. Thirty one Sovereignties might
week, - out of which they were obliged to . find prescribe different rules of action—each meant
to make effective national legislation , and the
—..--,------ dangers resultin, -
The following are the resolutions of the Whig
State Convention, which met in fdso caster this
weeB., We copy from the report furnished to the
Tounatl: .
1J Resolved, .That in the enactment. of revs.
nuoiLswe by the National Government, fair and
adequate protectiOn to American industry should
be carefully afforded; that the Whig party now,
as heretofore; maintains and declares iti devoted
attachment to the American system of interna
tional exchanges, which secures to the ;working
.man fair wages, to' the farmer.remunerating
prices for hie pm:di:lotions and. to the mechanic
and inanufactarerjust reward for his skill, labor
2.. Resolved, That the tariff act of 1896 is un
justi and unequal Inits operations, and Anti-
American in its tend'encies; that it is equally
destinotive of the vital interests of Pennsylva,
the prostration. e the iron and other
matmfactories; of her citizens in the depres
sion; and partial ruin of her coal operations, in
the ponsequent decrease of revenue from her pub
lic works; and in parts of the State, in the great
decline in the value of property.
3.i- Resolved, That the Whig party has at all
times and under aU cinnmatanees, faithfully
contended against that pollcy,in our national of
. fairi,.which favors end protei' the labor of oth
er nations, at the sacrifice of the property of Mar
own 'citizen.
4. LResolved, That the immense importations
of millions of dollars worth of railroad iron, by
which Lour people have been robbed of em
ployMent, and large balances of .trade pro
duced against us, is conclusive evidence of
the blasting and destructive effects of the tariff
of 1896.
6. } Resolved, That the Government and peo
ple of Pecitsylianis are loyal to the • National
Constitution, and are ready at all - hazards to car
ry its( provisions into effect: to assert otherwise
is a libel upon the fame of the citizens of the
6. Resolved, That the adjustment measures of
the lain Congress shall be faithfully observed and
reepe, - Cted by the Whigs.
7. Resolved, That an unalterably den:mix:A
den 541 maintain the Supremacy of the Consti
don and Laws has been, and is,now, osid of our,
tarditnl doctrines; and that while others have I
falieied, the history of. the Whig Party demon
strates that in the storms of adversity or the
milts' of Pirosperity, this guiding star of our
country has never been dimmed by DS action or
8. Resolved, That the opinions cf our worthy
State Executive on this subject, as expressed in
hislast annual message, meets the cordial ap
proval of this convention and eepresses the views
i and feelings of our constituents.
9. Resolved, That it is the duty to accustom
_ourselves to think and speak of the National
Union, as the main pillar in the edifice of our
political safety and prosperity; essential to our
collective and and individual happiness, and
for which we cherish a cordial, habitual attach
ment, discountenancing whatever may suggest
even a suspicion that it can in any event by
10. Resolved, Thatthe National Administration
of our Whig President, htiMard Fillmore, has the
unbounded confidence of the Whigs of Pennsyl-
Miiia—that in our domestic policy, its manly
advocacy of protection to native industry, the
improvement of rivers and barbers, the reduc
tion of postage, and the strict accountability
and economy of public officers, its energetic, re
publican, truthful. and dignified management of
our foreign affairs, have secured for it the grati
tude of this and the respect of other nations.
11. Resolved. That Wm. F. Johnston, the
Wbig Governor of Pennsylvania, deserves, and
will receive the gratitude of her mx-paying thou
sands; for his untiring devotion and seal to se
cure and further their interests, by preparing a
Sinking Fond system, that must ultimately pay
that oppressive grate debt which. Ina% betia feet
ened upon them by the profligacy and extrevo
gazes of our opponents, and fec his efforts to
complete and bring into successFul operation the
unfinished public works without increased Men
tion; thuu . proving how wisely, and how well be
has watched over and guarded every interest,
devised every means and directed all, that the
welfare of the whole people should be seem
12. Resolved, That the Witt party and all
such, members 'of other FuSes as feel a common
interest in the prospaity and'good name of
Pennsylvania, entertain a ? jest pride In an-Exo
entire officer who has fiready'to.'n vi . ad her hon
or at home and abrtad, 'Mar who has defended
with ability her principles and policy whenever
and wherever assailed.
13. Resolved, That then history' of ev,e,ner
Johnston's Administration foraishas the safest
guarantee that on all subjects submitted for his
'consideration, his actionwill be gover.ted and di- '
rected by a faithful regard to truth, justice ; and
thereqniremente of the Constitution. • r
14. Resolved, That General Scott Is,
beyond all question, the choice of the Whigs of
Pconsylvanisots a candidate for the Presidency in
1852, and that we earnestly recommend bins to
the Whip of the Union, as the most descry
ing and available candidate for that high of
The following is the portion of Gov. John
ston's Message referred to in the . Bth Resolu
tion, and which is thus adopted as the sentiment
of the Whigs of Pentusylrazda : •
"In relation to the extension of slavery end the
duty of faithful observance of her Federal obli
gations by the Commonwealth, the views ex
pressed in former. messages remain unchanged.
There ',nothing, in myjudgement, in the history
of the pest, nor in the warnings of the future, to
justify the abandonment of the principles,
credly regarded from the foundation of the State,
of non-intervention in the domestic policy of
other communities, and of resolute determination .
of permitting no Interference with our own:—
Fidelity in the discharge of Constitutional duty,
has distinguished our government and people,
and Van opinion exists within, or has been mis
chievously propagated beyond our borders, that
such Is not the fact, it is conceived in error of
our true history. Pennsylvania, her people, and
her authorities, always have been loyal to the
Constitution. They wish it neither to be evaded
nor amended. They will not permit it be re
ft has been intimated that on questions con
nected with the Institution of slavery, and the
rendition of. fugitives from labor, there have
been indications of a disregard of her Constitu
tional obligations. To the clause of the Consti
tution relative to fugitives from labor, and the
legislation under it, there ever has been in Penn
sylvania, with all her sewed aversion to domes
tic slavery, implicit obedience. With an ear
nest demure that by a free interchange of moder
ate and rational opinions, obklience to the law
may be made, not only Implicit, but cheerful, it
is propel. to efer to some'of the diffuntlties in
relation to the subject now existing in the pub
lic mind:
The clause of the Federal Constitution rela
tive to fugitives from labor involiesthesepropo
sitions; 1. That itivolinta.ry service or alarm
may exist in the States of the Union by constitu
tional recognition. 2. That the escape of the
person so held shall not operate as a discharge
from -each service or labor. 8. That on the
claim of the party to whom such service
there must be a rendition of the fugitive.
To interfere by Legislative enactment, or oth
erwise, to destroy or m any way affect the right
of prpoerty recognised in the first proposition,
would be a daring violation of the clear obliga
tion' of the Constitution. No human being can
pretend that by this Commonwealth such an in
terference has eier, been attempted Whatever.
may be the feelings of the people in opposition
to the further extension of Slavery, and the con
sequent increase of anti-republican and sectional
representation in the National Legislature, no
effort bee everbeen thane to disturb or destroy
the vested right of citizens of other States ; and
when those rights may be endangered by the.
escape of a elate beyond the limits of the State,
where the relation.* acknowledged, our citizens
have acted on the principle, that no - sympathy
with Individual suffering ought ever to weaken.
their sense of duty to the plain requirements of
the organic law. .
In the adjustment-of rights and official duties
under the last proposition, mere difficulty hoe
been found to exist. By whose , agency is the
fugitive to be given up? Whet force is to be
given to the word “cluim" as used in the Consti
tution? Is not the delivery of the ftigitive to be
Made only, through the agency of the National.
government? These have been - velted tutit MICo.
ted questions. - The foul dec li don of the Supreme
Court of the United States in a cue to which
l'unnyhranis was made a party; and the recent'
fugitive films law, 'gave sjudicial and bagialatier
...- ----leg from ionecting enactments.
and the consequent-destruction of harmony and
order could not fail to alarm the patriot. When•
ever power over ai subject matter is vested by
the Constitution in Congress, end the power has
been exercised, the authority of the State has
been judicially declared, as above stated; merg
ed and abollahed. This is the rule of law as ,
well as that of common sense,
An opinion has been expressed by men of em
inent legal learning and patriotism, that legis
lative action on the part of the States is expedi
ent to aid in the execution of the powers of • the
general givernment. In this opinion I cannot
concur. -To admit the position sr uld imply an
inability on the part of the natio government
to execute its powers, end would rove destrize
tire of the in • theory ab zealously mine. bjonr
1 :
republican fathers, that the Nati nal and•Stede
government, are independent eov (glide), each
acting within its paper' constitutional spzere.
It `eas doubtless ,: a conviction of the sound
ness of the foregoing views, which induced my
predecessor, Governor Shin*, to sanction the act
of March 3, 1847.
The power to act on the subject of the extra
dition of fugitive slaves being thus vested solely
in the National Government, it is the plain duty
of the citizen to submit to its enactments under
the Constitution. To act differently would be
clearly rebellion to Government. . .
If the word tlelaim" was Intended to express
an ascertained right of property to the person of
the fugitive vested. In the claimant, then much
of the difficulty surrounding the question is set.
tied, and the mere demand for the person, of the
fugitive fixes his destiny by the terms of the
Constitution. ills extradition would be deter
mined without proof of ownership on the part
' of the claimant, and without evidence of the iden
!tity or flight of the person claimed. If, hover;
or, the term used in the Constitution signifies a
challenge of the property, belonging to the claim
ant, and withheld from him—and the enactments
1 on the subject requiring proof- of right to sub•
mandate the claim, and the concurring decisions
of the Supreme Court aftii this meaning to the
term, then the question arises, how, and through
whom, shall the claim be made, and by what evi
dence sustained! I
In the adoption of the proper remedy to assert
this clear right, patriotic citizens may differ, and
I the privilege to maintain and express that hon
est diversity cf:opinion must not be impaired.—
To surrender t louder violent threats and de
nunciatory clamor, would be an abandonment of
the deeply cherished prieilege of liberty of
thought and speech. When the enactments of the
National Congress fail to convince the people of
their justice and propriety, It is their duty to
seek their modification and amendment. :The re
cently enacted Fugitive Slave Law, while it re
mains a statute, demands the support of all the
citizens; and unlees our writteneoastitutione are
1 worthless parchments, until the judiciary de
: dare it otherwise, must be esteemed a con
stitutional enactment. Are its defects of such
1 nature 113 to warrant. :the public in urging its
That part of the law which authorixes the cre
ation of a new and irresponsible tribunal under
! the name of Commthslonera, is liable to excep
tion. Waiving the Inquiry whether the judicial
power of the United States can be vested any
where but in regularly organised courts, with the
records of courts, there are objections of seri
ous import to the institution of this tribunal...—
All history shows, that special tribunals, clothed
with discretionary powers over persons tmdprop
erty, are liable to abase nod have been instra-
meats of oppresion. If in these, the early days
of the Republic, when no reason of urgent State I
necessity ea ben invoked, powers of a high jiitti- 1
cialmature.over th e liberty and property; of an I
individual, are to be vested byan appointment of 1
an inferior tribunal, in an itresponsible• person, {
the security of the life, reputations and liberty of
the citizen in after times, when new. political or 1
social emergencies may arise, will depend on a
most precarious tenure. .
The Courts of the United States, whose Judges
have a pride of character, and over whom a
controlling influence is exerted ;by the impeach.
meat clime of the Conetitutiory should alone he
invested with these extraordinary powers. Rath.
er than haiard the chance of illegal decisions,
and the consequent irreparable injury of an
individual result so full of danger to the peace
and good order of society, the Judicial power of
the Nation might wisely be extended. If it be
deemed epedient to deny a trial by Jury and
lodge the adjudication of this right of property
in the' breast a single Judge, the kind of
proof required - should be indicated and a fall
record of the entire proceedings be made and
preserved. Processes issued should be returned
and the extradition of any colored person, [Of
whose • arra: a warrant had 'issued, without i
hearing had before the Judge, should be visited
with the penalties of kidnapping. These modi
fications of the law, while they could ,not Inter
fere with the rights of the owner of the fugitive s '
would greatly tend to satisfy the minds of cid. I
sena anxiously desirous to perform their 'woad- '
tutional duties.
One other matter, connected with our rederal
Relations, claims your attention. It is thiUnion
of the States, and the dangers which are'suppo
sed to themsten it in connection with the question
of Slaeorf. Whether Slavery be the tame -or '
pretextbf Infidelity to the Union, and to what '
precise - extent disaffection exists, it is not my
perpose:to inquire. There was local disloyalty
long' before Slavery became the immediate source
of excitement, and there will be local disloyalty
long after Slavery and the questions connected
with it are finally adjusted. But be the cause
what It may, it is in vain to deny that the Union
of the States is lightly and irreverently ttlked of
in certain quarters, and made the subject of '
heated discussion by rash 'and unretleeting men.
I cannot believe, however, that any !serious de
sign to disrupt and overthrow the Government
exists, to any considerable extent In anyportion
of the country. The American heart revolts at
the idea.
• What is the National Union ? Ris the basis
of Conatitntional right, the guarantee of f peace,
the security of religion, the bo work of-all law
and order. It gives the surest pledge of juntes
lion to the oppressed children of other lands,
who coming from scenes of misery ancl.disoord,
expect here harmony and peaceful refuge. It is
literally no beacon on the top of a mountain,
and an amigo on a bill" to the lovers of rational
liberty throughout the world. It was nit emula
tion of the same pure spirit of conservative free•
'dam, of justice and of truth, which conceived,
contrdlled and consummated our revolutionary
struggle. It is the perfect work of disciplined
intelligence and rational patriotism. It is hal.
lowed by the rich memories of the put; and hi
the consciousness that its founders were thefath
ers of the Republic. It is sacred, as the sole
remaining memorial of the enlightened tabors of
the best minds of an age, distinguished for its ,
devotion to the cause of human rights, the ele.
- reticle of man's nodal condition, the lineage.
tics of political truths, and of revolutionary
tics against the dogmai and fanaticism of tyran
nies and tyrants.
The Union of thb States is the outer and inner
wall, which encircles and guards the temple of
our independence. The Union alone secures to
our commerce protection on every eea,' defence
to our citizens on every shore, gives us a proud
name among the nations cf the earth, and insures
to the Republic an enlarged and glorious des.
tiny. Its preserration ratifies the assurance that
man is capable of self-government,' and that
equa l rights, and equal laws, and equal pirl.
leges,-/ire alone the results of democratic inetl. I
eatteas; The dissolution of the Nanette! Union
would be the beginning of civil war,
the strife 'of
sections, of scenes of fraternal discord. It
would raise the arm of the bondman amidst the
horrors of 'servile wall and the destruction of a
race of men alone would terminate :the fearful
struggle. It would involve conterminous States,
-acting as jealous strangers, In vexations disputes
:about rights of navigation, of tribute, of teen.
eit. It would sacrifice the faith of the nation.—
It would destroy the army and the navy, and
with them tho proud recollection of their early
exploits. The trophies of the nation would be
.dispersed, and the great communion of thought,
of eentireent, and of interest, in which, for more
than seventy years, we have gloried, would be
gone forever.
Deeply impressed by these consideratiOns, and
y on of a State, which has
the entire sympathies
o rp th in e g` G m e. o cral st co A %fid u en m t b ly i
never known an instant's disloyalty to the Union,
I solemnly protest against the utterance of raeb
and ill advised thoughts on a subdeet se dear to
our constituency, and more earnestly against all
deliberation by means of convention„ - "or other
modes Of action, unknown to the Constitution,
ands having for their object either the dissolution
of the Union or the disituutionof sectional end
haistdons question; for the decision of vrbiab,
the Constitution has made ample provision.
Feans lnata Tummies and cherishes the maim,
yateed institutions of our fathers.
• •
The Ban Francisco Herald of May ith, says:.
"We conversedyesterdaY with hisjor Austin.
itho reached.the city on Tuesday night from the
Carson's Creek quarts Mine, brings with him two
huidzed_snd fifty pounds of gold. The specimen
we have seen are astonishingly rich, being almo s
solid lumps of gold, without more gum
cent.: of quarts. This mine is situated on the
crest of a mountairt,s,ooo feet !above the level of
the Btartishnis, between that river and Carson's
'Creek.' It his proved, perhaps' the richest mine
in the world:. The lead or - goldbearing vein has
been traced about one hundred feet, ordinarily ,
not Culler khan's knife blade,' but at intervals
expanding into pockets, one' alone of which
yielded $150,000. The company have some
seventy Sonorian miners at work. They are sink
sing seven shafts to the vein, and when Major
Austin left, alt thelodiratiotus were that they were
about to come upon annother pock e t In conse
quence of themagnificent yield of this mine, a
party of Mexican guerillas had attempted to se
duce a pertieri of the company's miners into an
attack upon the mina to carry off the large
amount of gold known to be on hand. Bat the
Sol:Larkins informed the company of the intended
movement, and All handa were armed and pre.
paratione Made to give the bamlits a warm re
ception.—The .latter discovered that their in
tended victims' were on the alert, and very pru
dently retired. 114 Austin has deposited the
gold hh brought with him at It T . Argentina"
,In our
foreign files that many Hungarian fugatidn have
'united with a number of Schleswig-llolsteiners
to emigrate to this country arid found a 'colony
in lowa, where soilnad climate offer every induce
ment for the change. A coMpliny of more than
90 prosperous families from I lfeckleoburgh, and
Hambnrgh is about to leave the latter port for
the neighborhood of the Missisidppl, where for
more than two years it highly successful colony
has been settled. On every side in Hiunborgh
are houses for emigrants and arrangements for
emigration. It teems, says a.letter from that
place, as It a new emigration of the races was
not only imminent, but had actually commenced.
INFIDELITY ono Monaca --The St. Louie In
telligencer of the 16th says: woman named
Masterson was lodged in the calaboose on Friday
night, charged With the murder bf a Mrs. Films.
a neighbor, living near the corner of Ninth and
0' Fallon streets. Masterson, it appears, re
turned home on Friday, after an absence of sev
eral days, and Mrs. Flinn brought him some re
ports touching bin wife's fidelity. Mrs. Master
son called upon Mrs. Flinn for in explanation;
a fight ensued, and Mrs. Flinn was killed. Mrs.
M. is confined, awaiting an examination."
EXCOICYCNICATZII.—we understand that Bish
op. Timou, last Sabbath, caused a pastoral letter
to. be read in all the churches lof his diocese,
formally excommuuictiting 81. Lei'is Church and
congregation. The church bum been deprived of
its priests for two or three months past, because
it would not surrender its temporalities into the
hands of the bishop, and this extreme step has
been taken as a farther punishment of the ~ref
ractoey" trustees, who insist that the control of
the church property ihall remain where it was
placed by the donor, the into Louis Lecouteulx.
—Ref. Com. Adr.
N 0131.14190 ifizzels—A Nzw lIVITNTION.—In
this initiate° the invention consiste in the appli
cation of a solid band of vulcanized India rub
ber over the iron' tire of the wheel. The India
rubber is held in its place by the ;tire having a
raised rim on both Bides, and byits own eleatioi•
ty. The band of an ordinary carriage wheel is
about an inch ands half in thickness, and, un.
less on close inspection, no difference from the
common iron-shod wheel is perceptible. We have
driven some distance in a canine with the
wheels, so shod, and were struck not only with
the smoothness of the motion—but the wheel
being- in fact springs. and, by their elastici
ty; giving a lighter draught than with the iron
tire. Be have seen one set of wheels which
base been driven 4000 miles; they have here
and there a trifling cut, but shoe; no appear
ance of being worn aut, and seem quit. capable
of another three orfour thousand. An iron tire
is generally worn out in 3000 miles, so.that the
India rubber tire hes so far proved itself the
more lasting,' It is certainly a luxury of a
carriage to have it run without jar or noise;
and it would be a universal comfort to have the
streets and cities without the present incessant
rattle of carriages, omnibuses, 3c.—SrintAire
American. •
Iligh and Lou. Church.—Oze of the argumen
tative hair-eplittere called lately on: the clergy
man of the Floating Chapel, sod naked him ea
riotudy whether bie church was to be coneidercd
a high or low church!
The answer he received from his, Reverence
was, "It &Fends entirely uporrere tide."
LIKE OIL AROSE IVATEIL—Tbe Usk min ean tell •
food malls.* by trying It.. out. ala Dr. too tell snood .
dinuor by satins It Andone tn... IL and finils It
Poor. It will destroy the popularity nitil the whole dlr.
You can't Intswinee • mod.. Into *pular tos unless It
pm.. really ontatantial OnSfromiol baiialSete
of valid oljortiona. amt It I. Oil. fact Ott bat ...abed
the roan Salton tit' Cestoptonal fluid Extract of tap
saparilla,7 barnad all eatil or disponi. It. whoa Ilion
Use Luna.n sunth Lln antionlanno with rational and phii
lenophionl ponnotet the various wenwirom
and fsertlons of LUUnly, restalas obstruntkos,
toeirbil and diseased malt.. strengthens the stomach
iileitoiirs mates new, pi" an i 4
blood, and mutat. the yuki. feineticaw of lb. 41Itereat
organs of the body. T. Is all berairtoar Isithout the
latat danarr or ham the a:remotion being as' lasi islt
I. eilleaelpue. It may be thought by tbe (bat It
purports to rare too to., diseases. bat Ugtotl
tl.. It will 1. .mod that • hvg• 010 , 4U'. of the dist.
wbieb filet Um lam. Welly mien. In . looses
Kate of the brood. Be not thweleed, then. by other bar
aaparillaa being oCerrd Too by sellers of melt..
and water preparation' as • sultrultute for trie original
John Did'. 201001•rtll.l Tbla valuable pm..on the
proprie. VICTIO4I to be Superior to all °thorn.
Carruss.—Renard aod ask for theoriginal Dr. Jelin
Asir. Sartaptmaa from itieurnekt—antibavenoother
aille.Unetnent on another page.
jelOnlaniNaT M
KEYSER a .41'DOIVELT, 100 Wool At.
a 01e..., Mall ...
Petroleum I
Soiturascior. lf untlygdon ea. PA, Marsh 1,11.
S. E. 6m>—Deus Sir, Your Petroleum la working woo.
dew la Ulla vie hilt,: tlwrefor• w• would dunk you Wend
ns two down by the Pennsylvania Railroad. W. are en
weir our, and ft lr b.tne !conical for drooit *very day.
Soon, mow:fully, .7011.51 LONO t CO.
lisrravarg. Ashland ea. 0., Earth 10,
S. M. Erni—Dior Sir, Your.Ageui. • few week. Whoa
lett with as four down /tuck Oil which we hay* sold.
Please forward la to kr driven Immediately.
You, , uo di r f o . Is working violaters In this redid. We
van obtain mend areeilenl rertireatea If nondairy them.
Tour, Sr. scow.
For sale br Kongo. A MeDuzell, la Woof street; R. E.
Seller. 57 Ward street rahnostook. A' Co, earner
Wood and Pont stoic; th X. Curry. D. Elhott.Josepti
Douala., azul 11. P. Behardta, Allegheny. also by the rive
prietor, B. II: MEE,
aollidtwiT Carial Dula Serena, nto Pittsburgh.
31eLAnt's Livzu PILLS.-1/3 offering
tide medicine to the public, the pi : l:Meister* are well ...eve
that they bare to encounter a insanity generated by the
mond., impositions which hive been palmed upon the
Public under the shape of patent medicines. are con.
slimed, however, that it le only necessary to give their re
medy a trial to place It In public ettlmatlon fat above all
Medical agents at the bind ever offend to the public. It
is the Invention of an enlightcnedot twrienced o and learn.
ad phypiclan, who for many years need It in bit own mac
Um, when Its great mem. Induced him to offer it to LW
public at large.
For sal. by
ielletaded get
J. KIDD & CO..
No. GO, Nynn R.
:EY-Reader! o fiord to you. If you wish
to Iwo a most excellent maillehas to your hours, to we
Immediately to cases of burns, cote, spralns, bruises,
headache. toothache, neuralgia mina, cramp,
gu and get a bottle of 11. It. Farrell's Arsialasi.Lini
tuent. and you will nod It unequalled by any medic/no of
the kind In the whole world. See advartisumeot.,
Foreign and American Hardware.
No. 129 Wood Street,
A full and compl.t. stock of FORZI XLPD 4.4/Z/CALN
en the spring trade, and which theg ate mimed
- to aver to purchasers at MIMI that Mill eatapalm
raTernblr with aurol lhn eastern cities.:
Citizen's Loma= company of PittotrOrgh
Offlce Nb. 41 Water street, la the warehouse all 11.
/Iravw,l'roddrnt. .A.' W. Mania. Bray.
Thlv Cogllato7 Ono.' OvvPawl, to Insure.ll nierehandlee
In store, and In tronrltu. , ravel,, go.
An ample to
for tho ability and Integrity. of tho
institution. Is nffurdna In the ehoruter of the Dln,otors,
who ant ell cairns* of Pateborgh. well and favorably
known to the onnionnity her thelr prudent°, lodalligsnee,
and In
lnatorua.-I`. linesey. Ww. Illagal;y, Woo, lwrirogr,
Jr., Welter Bryant. Hugh 11 . lilocildward aesaleton.
John Ilerworth. 11. I larhoogh, S. Al. Kill?. MOW
Pittsburgh Life Insurance Company.
CAPITAL, 8100,000.
Prraident—Jrns $Ol,
. floox.
Treworer—Jostrn 8. 1.4.411.
Strretary—C. A. Comm,
iffa,fee adrertimment W mot Let part of thin paper.
Scott Meeting.
e The Committee of Invitation, appoint
et by the Bentt Mr..., are regouted to meet at dm 08
Loa or the ebalrotan t (Bplanes &hiding, corner or Firth
and tlenithllold greets.) ou Toraday trent.. Jotrig. at
8 o'clock: A full agendum. lo rrqueetraL
. .
The tailoring COMP.@ the Committee:
T. ,r. niqnneo, Robert Port, Fred. (J. Kan
L. S. Johns, W. A. Chemins, Andre.
Yrenete Kerne. EphriaLin Joner, John Tannin Jr.
pa; , T. J. 111011 AIL Chairmen.
Uo FiMay motstlog. the 2711 hue. at 20 minutes pan. I
o'clock. bum. Infant eon of John C. and AgrICSO
The trim& of the family aro forte.' to 01004i/1a funeral
at 10 u'ciock. morning, the 20th {oat,
Cool N. 02 Rod sh!eat.; to prooted to the Alleatauy Com.
-. Onpnr* Shirting Mullins. I
thume rn i og another eapply of !too Shinto.* M. -
/Jen on hand. Lem and entrnu Linens, procured
CALI!, hoot the otanahu#nrefe arms, and coo be ok
ranted Pare Pinat• . oDa
. ....... — . . .
Greenwood and ROsedale Hourly Packet
the due sortiaer =LIP= IL T. Whitt,
lan min makoargaler_ tripe to the above
Garden Mroa the foot of Market stmt. akar, how, cow
roomig at 9 debark. AL AL
Paaeratocra eao &Dead an bar leaving el the hon.
Adams & Ca.'s Express Office,
No. 66 Market !Met.
T GIVES US PLEASURE to announce to
j( - emir Sisals that we am now ready to remise therm at
oar new on cam Market street.
gram Per ."
rtmultait swer w hich l goad. we bare lacramed our
lariiities to 22, by we am send orders 4my day term)
so the Ult. mmg gmds by the same messenger.
je2Sigt BAXIM 2 FORSYTH. Ammts.
rpHE Annual ldeeting of the Stockholders
of the "Athallo and Oluo Telegraph Comp. 7." will
be nein, eenneable to the Charon., on Thursday, Jultrah.
n o'clock, A. L, at the Lkncopaor's Moe. to the tnty of
l'inebuegh, for the port.. of electing Nine (nommen, to
erre* for the ensuing ye.,
_and to teal:4.l.B=h older
badnessas mar be trought beton the coeetlAk, By order
of the Dlrectore. A.B.
]e=nd tlecretary.
Stone Ware Pampa, for Wells and Cisterns.
TEE SUBSCRIBER informs the public
tlmt be boa Introduad Luto Mb region the STONE
NS MI manubctuzed by Messrs. E. IL C. J.
klmattl., of Middlebury. fillIII.11 , :ounrr, O. .bleb bare
given melt universal Satianletion whatever owl, The
pml qualities of these rump, ate. that they am easily
orked, seldom nmer get got or rePs/r. keep the rater
po./...11L meet and nod. eel are ae durable as granite
mcks. Mgr am alto elem tier can be men at J. D.
Cenneld's No. itt Meet or at Limo Ilan
tt vi t e' ibte °. ° I " utzir tr"',,,.l_7g_all . ,'-
Nmoe Kan PiPe. zoonu i ttul at lbe same p 1.% and
uud W:
ua L'7"ll4lnr:i tru:vr.r.h. , M
oi.bul at km than one nutlike peke of teed tette..
_:OILY L. tiliggfL
Encaustic Tiles for Floors.
rjruEsE TILES are more durable than Mar
ble, and the 'Variety of eolorsand donne le eery Arent
oey are used for Churebna and other nubile buildings.
and for Vestibules, Ital.; Lining Booms. Cortaerratrulin,
and Martha In Dwelling, Imported and for MN by
311.Lt.E1f., CalAign A 00151. C,
_ =a Year' street, ISM YUCK.
JUR reed Ude mor •
additional supply
• at th. Mr.; of
~ g 3 . EEI) 0
14 bbls. for sale by
f 1 L Tf-5U 6ble
for solo by
J. 80100:1211AKIR CO.
jLUE—=i5O bb
kg Jolts
for Bale low by
reams meted, for sale by
J. 13C1100:i At AK ER it CO.
S PONGE—Extral
{fine Turkey, lineal° by
Duna and raw L'm
~Blue, ar-; fur male
D IN OIL, in 1 lb. cane
• r. Chrome Yellow, Paris:l:ten
V Jen 07
4) LLEN'S .
MN fbr mi
10 j extra tame'
AirtIHAVE jul
other hoar lot
m C KE. r RE! tl 0 1 0 , bbla. N 0.3 Small, to
- - _
/...go No. 3 Mocker&
1.1) tit 601 s. No. 3
:A) bbl.
10 •• 11a. 1 Dalt. Ilerylar.
•• EAU, Family Vl l
ou o n o foy sale by
JOUN WATT a 13).
No. 8 St. Clair rim:, Pint/dn . /h.
wnEdt b !: S tLae
I P c ublicationa
t o f the Soefei
went Just norived. aastr,. o is e i r t g o ' ttir
lowinga n
lwautifu/ Libraries:
ihrignoth ler Pastor'et Ltur.sat,24 rob, Ibta.3lo.
lortha Leath,. 10 Tots, 310.
This ititerseting Library foilillpTila O.CeO pp.. leto, in
One paper...truing and Wading, with VSS highly tased
frotaphows. eta other engravannh Me veer
with or 410. The Lanett wax torend
lisieue Meetings throughout the laud, it 1. with
NU that 1..0.2 Is mute-reed upon th e you...—
North, South, East and Wen. The Library aultrwee ths
fallowing Perth:
1-3 Hannah Dore'. Ch.p . 33 Wilberforce Richmond:
0 of Dayr 4,421114 30 Village be the Siountehts.
Peep ars
lu Line upset Lthet 33 Mee. of Harr Lothrolo
II Precept 111,11 Precept, ZS Little 11 .1M''.5.-:
10 Night of Toil: 19 The tildow's Soo. hat
13 II Vletzlerea !wahine to tl Latta. lo Little Chillrets
IS Ch1T.1'''.417::1i2.72141' i 9 011.0 L4ruolagh.m. St. (SsE-11 Mrm. of Jo ho bath: W
al du. ••v. L. inno w:
Ir. Abbott , . Child at th Tenth..
10 Gal leaders South lksok of VS Pastor's Danghthin
Natural Tbenlosi; 40 Shepherd of hathlury
li Cluirlatte Elisabeth a Per , rlalta 504
aonal Moolkalar.; 49 Poet:. berth. lemma
19 mane, a Ananuetto & 40 Putnam and the WalLaz
Peters 10 Walker's Width 1.p41a-
1111•Wonary's Daughter: all
,1 Leigh Itwhatcaufa Lettere 31 Wiike-Va Repeals... 6 do s
1:0110114.4 dg 511thbeth
Ilemoth of Catherine L. 03 Grath harriers
34, Mee, of Toulouse, le.:
93 Adore to • Young Chris. SS Adopted Darightern
tith, XI Memoir of Laza ASS.
24 TOUrift Mon helm Homes /
Memo. of Charing /1.P.A.137 Cletteuril: envier/
tenSe ',trier the Patter, do z
1:6 Seuildef. Tales about theloo Merge Lovell, gas
lleathen,• 60 GallaudeCa Lae of Lad•
17 Dairyman's Daughter,lG Mt 0,
3,• Uallaudars Illet Jeaah: Diteehta. het
de. Child's twat Cit Lessees Mused the
au Repentanew. Mod;
:01 Trees, Fruits and ➢ Flowers i e.3 The bible fawn
of the vita.; M netor'• Appeal to MS
Ti Iletnair of Items. Obao. Toner
Slab: Veollth Maria:
otl Cthveralon of JaaWs. Lib rA witt.eve Month &tali
W 33 Scripture Alphabeta in- C 7 Children Invited to
34 Ilemolr of N. 311. Maass-LS Children of the Palk
noun pee Hone Children;
'7O halls Pitman: -
Any lanainths rotative to Cdleortage and the American
dtmrengsr. or the unbent opermione or Doe Satiety.
rend.. prompt etteetiolv r A. Tale SRS. 11Z ; . '1"1 1 . ' Wird.'
To Business Men.
►PILE SUBSCRIBER intends staking on
INA.. Tour to lbw ow or/shout to lot of July, and will Wand gy m:y business tmtrusted to
his en, with promptness and fidelity.
Wk. in Tilghman MD. Opposite the Neer Court Mum.
l'ittebeirg h.
Referee/mg—Jou. Mont..., 7. C. Flaneqim D. N. White.
Noun Deo. E. Arnold, and VI ralleCandiess,
X. Mee/ .(snecessor to Hommel) Perfumes
for the Handkerchief
1 XTRACTS of Rose, Orange Flower Jea
rej Portugal. Terbens. Sneed Dem. Tenni.. Deb
e aunly. imblignienetisbnildiamisn.Weney.Vink./ImP
Bouquet de Carolina. Corraneems. Ileiheimpe.Unlrat,
11oumeline, Tobcome, Bergamot. C.1.11a. /lonemuekle,
donut:llle, Jockey COM Ilarsebel, Spring honere.
Cleroatlte. West End, Jenny Llod. Case:, Ci troaell• Bout,
acd Extract Musk, In one ource bottles,pith glass Ito
pers. All the above Betracte,nhieh are only a part of Mt
amortment. are of the You beet Quality, being marmifse.
Lured 11th mperial care. Thea Mend re rte. mad. to shies
minim . . fully 1.1 the With ...timed. In which they we
held 17 . the rommunity. For side hy
je-, R. H. BBLLERB. Wood et.
ASTII - URY Talc; by Anna Harriet
1: 4 Dru_ ,ry authoress of . 11ritmds and Fortniten"
not Sc Dalt. it Scorn: or Many hkire to a Charnetnn
a Co too
yn totty Pre sets by : Elr E. Hubn .
Its tta
er Lyn. Dart. A.
1 1 1 0 ,1
The Dennhter of Night: a story of the present War: by
S. W. Yullom. na_ho . ye just tort ann_for sale by
,1427 It 0 BIDCKT ,47 Market et.
ILL give special attention to the Collee.
lion of Mahon for Iterthente and others, In West
ern Penneylvanis and Pa tern Ohio.
Wpm to TIMM.. 11.11. opposite the Nem Coed Comm,
neforenomr—John Morrison, P.C. Flenentn, D. N. White,
Ineee Ltnmpton. and Wm. DlAdmllms, Fags. ,
i. azo
name Med.. Rag
and Straw Wrapping Paler;
kW " Drown .. ..
SU •• Double Crown u . .
10 " " -Medium "
115 .1 ueorted Manilla
le/ p .
IS u ,superior Net Moo Paper:
100 Double
Medium Ihrll Printing Pa n
- a/ 22k32 "
1 a=
The above. "
with • lot of odd giell of pase " nk kr eale at
the !next pine. Or W. S. HAVEN,
Stationer and raper 'Nudes,
sc26 corner of Market and Seeond stmts.
(Post, Atonal. Asterken and Dispatch sopy)
_ --_ -- - - -
10 bids. Urns%
1 key Uri:
I cask flowrar;
ballltuarag• •
IDN ••
•• Yeateam.
Caea May, esr We e r rg ° ,:PAA ° urir. " r Mee.
,IoZI /be /e.t.a atroet.
jjll pular BusWigton Smoked Ifo . ring, ibrul. by
• Orown and ilra Dealer.
JAVA COFFEE-10 bags very7i7irsrrior,
Jolt reed r,ad for No
J. 328 M.
2'4 lAlwerly
- - - -
. SUGAR-50 loaros Lovering's Don
bie Ilethird, reel and for rah b.
Lawrenceville & Sharpsbarg Plank Road,
T in Stockholders of "The Lawrenceville
sqtma and
th.lit Barpabont Plank Ittini ilompany." are hereby
senutentent of BUB. =Oa ntr•
.ftle by the Board of Matutima. and which they ere re.
. lay Co the Tue.... at Ma °flee. (corner of
Sixth and Warts ehreolit) on or ben. the lint day of
Jul, A 1... . additional.= er t2g4 an xadt Mars of
gua to be paid on or =fore the Bret dar of each eneeerd.
log month. JAIME BLAKELY. Treuwen
of star' 4 " . '"4. aad Na V. ' EVAN%
Monk Bonk Noncthetnor, N. 60 Itli:d,rorsmtaa.
)e25 Warehovo, ! lo t
Second Street Property for Sale.
T 0 CLOSE an Estate, Two very desin
ralle and well Walled three b o r e sCE
ELLINOS, on Soon& Itentediately ai
field street (each contelning eight rooms and atria with
bath room !atoned, mrplied from ranges with hot and
Id wafer) will be
sold Id
The mouses are nearly new.
E., win be required at the time of tomehann the banana
lu payment,' from one to Or Teem,
for further Information Cady to PRANK RADS!, Agent
for the estate of M. Rehm, deeti, at Mew.. Coleman, Ilan.
man!? Ca'a An. 115 Water et.; lentslemnicT (ntir)
doing for Warm
it 11111111 Y. k. BURCIIFIELD, at the North rant corner of Fourth and Vadat atmete, are welleuD
et with vole sdsos i ttwro s weather, men aa
a de a r!Tral b rrintea gosling -
?kw stile Victoria ?dueling •
I'Vrw.lVll=d llaelbon
Derma. De Lelnea
They bare just received soother weer NEW 00014,
suet a. Parma.. enengesbio Milts fat &arta bleat for do.,
blot !lobate .111tta Melt Mona, Ilnitersleeyer Dottie . ' N,to
tro:tWl2ltllle TWitilinira U ZVVlTlAZln
LAWNS, eheameabie PUralNe. . .
Their amortment Wog fbu, ,, ,itt...g. 1 acmes
elute of new anode, and sold at U r ismlasOalOgammit•
sp. OINTIKI spree all sad wok, twstrovraressw
• -• AI rws an Moor
A. A. dk•Cci;,' 82 and 84 Xarket st:,
WILL commence on Tlrinurtkar, June 26,
1651, and motto. throughout the mouth cradle.'
Their Wholesale Rams will be opeoatlO the retail bred.,
:17;T i r . i , :le
e th n r d o:sho:t the retedVhmeet til be
.artz tml n y d roade extender, parebaore, their wort.
Thar cloth of 14X Lo b Vber d ere eraCce b tbea l.. 000 rdwww•
will boob:wed out at hamerwe dimmer from wool pries.
o o k d Popll •Thero Silky so low as_ •
...M ._ 140.
Feet eDe =e.
Fast Colored Lewes._ " • _
Fine Printed Bore., •
Bleek P- A re l n peera. o..FluecrrbJaeorwt.— iUI --IS r. 500 P Fmb andEbakaniel..-
U 1
100O u000 wedo Bonnet
rut Color.
100 eases Engtisb'arkti er . .b . W4 - 1 " .411;;;T:
1.0 , and
wretneer'a Prieek •
Ai., ULM Embrolderiaa. Trim:Ming&ebn7, Wafr,
:Men. White Goods. onnete. &tawlL Gla A togeth
er with mi n mn variety of ell kinds of InT GemiA all
of w Web wi be marked down at even Lem tlaut Eastern
' , Weed. , Lie: 31 A. A. MASON L.CO.
DILL PAPER --A superior lot just reo'd
Jul awl for mde by W. S. HATES. Reimer.
JeZ corner of Second out Market Ms.
CIILLETT'S 303 PENS—A fresh supply of
Li these .apidorEteel Pem, &a and for Ws at
W.B. HAVEN'S statiosteri.
coma of 8...1.4 Market Co.
and toot p h owyfur Pies. IA - ase—Koade an • am
111411447gLitiVer entamOirdc7lercl:
P/2.5 ° “ 111
Black Tea from LiverpoOL • -
10,10, which 1 1 , 10/4t. ^ ivin',ll,l% to tlroro little
Tp'"ir thZ thaw.
2 , 7 ,, co a r e .tga rLly tbe game kinds of T... they lLed In Um
, by loo don Jut need and for m a / a , wboterale and re.
ie2s R. & SELLE R S.
• Agent for Pitteburgh.
T HE undersigned, Executors of John Con-
;, plll. igreeebly to Ms lest. will sod teat.-
47° It°A,mbg°„%z.zi,t b ? 7,iPx.
aerer,•sltne:sl on the llOponglaleil river. onequdf tulle
Thisktelieroport, a bou tl. toutuhlu, Allegheny county.
This Farm eon tube3o aura of cod, of fool fluidi
ty, 'our of wrest° the river. .
Purchaser. at . ..requested to konialhe,_by uPrillottion to
Smoot tionologhea, Johu Wart, or Thomas B. Patter
son, Extvotore.
QPE — C TAC LES !—We hsTe a complete
1,3 obit* of Ellen anil Steel the bort
quality of &inv. and =neon Gloms. Wo v ilhalluata to
every variety of . lemon. mewling to the hest adobes of
optical mews. [josh W. W. USW!.
, Eon of the medical fraternitria loviteiii . to the Eye
Eat tgratt fCgstl r e Ir d. °' r. te r .
AL;O r k k •
jos/1 . :
BOTTLE CORKS-800 gro for sale by .
Jo:A R. S. SELLERS, 67 Wool at
GREEN--540 lbs. sup., for sale by
1e24 *. SELLERS.
ERR t . 00., 114 Wond st.
eg. strength, for
MAK F.ll CO.
Tor sale by
V:11 A KEn a CU.
. 1.24
,ne Liniment-5
I~IQUORICE ROOT-400 lbs. Cur sale by
-11- Jet IL E. BELLEI:I3.
, Numcsit a co.
PER-50 .reama
4 1. 3 A ' • 1111,
W. bbla., to arrivei ctt per octal. and fin ode by. • •
from the mumfortommt, 4500 fret L4ght Poltlog, for
nd 51111 mirror., tor bale at the India Robber I.epot,,
Nor and 9 WoodJ. 2IL PHILLIPS.
.1 New Yerk,7an
UST RECEIVED--A ' , apply of India RubP.lff.P.lna=.'l2=l^.-18111$947:f.'''
jell a IL PULLIN&
W...L. opposite the Poet Mae—
tenet or the boor Bird; a lide of real Ilfe; by Carolina
Lee Contd.
The Dau,Thber of Night; a story of the resent Shine.
Nid so Bad as re he a odotedy by Bothrer.
Dictionary of lleithsriles. No. 31
Littell's LivingNo.37l.
Pirenhan's Mon th ly Ilaradins, for Dalp—Yo.l.
BMWs ily'a Book, for July;
Graham's Marsala, • •
Cartabee hisitarine.
The Ladies' National,
The Honer or the Hazard, of ITomith by Dutra..
PriO , na ......
Cheap Black De Leine,
ono of
Int of Itos WI wool) black Da Line, at
MOM nf Mte' . je=
I ACK 1.
artl 2ltA t' E ud DE t
th LAlNE r .—Thie
I Ni Ii L TO - Lake Trout;
10 ht - - *., .. far ealo by
..1A.811—) make for sale by -
o ,4,T9Es--.150 btu. roe sinee fi lL
C W..
UR-100 bbla. : egra Faze., forle by
. -a. aW. 11•11.134 MOIL -
E . CHES-75
1111 'ESE-5a boxeir Cream, for aale by
rett4 1 1. tW. RAIIBLUGLI.
a. thgag en
ego constant rmployment
••• wren to cm. abboubb IT cceopetent dransitt tad turn
•beet. bar, and guide hall; inone beett argil' But mut , at
an bring full tbellmoniale of opacity_ end mbriety.
Or to or .4.lrees J. 11. it 11. R . gLLIWrg, Baltimore. AV
I UNIATA NAIL RODS-1/5 bundles Slit.
ga for we 1,7 t. F. 'CON BONNIIOILS2 1 CO.
LASS-100 twines Window Glans, onsort
e•t Mak, Am We Li
le l__ 8. P. tON SON:CLIO/UT Ai CO.
rORKS, Ray Rakes, and Scythe
icli°""b"' for " I° k 7 li. TON BONNIE:MST t CO.
Pare Brandyy ~ for Diarrhoea, &c. '--
11)11 EAR IN MIND: should von need French
,t2P2474,, ,b. 0. D •ur 11.0 .3 %=.3. 7 1 ,r g u I L TRACT
B: 110R1It8' Tea Mart. to the Inernand. Ink, .31 - -
Irr er: , l , nrottged tens aro never kept at thixtabli
. .
R nn. -A superior 1M of the Ahoy. .Kiel. JAM rred
Je2l 53 Market..
ceived and for gala at NOP. and 9 Woodat. •
r:h;tl,7il;r l =t e , VIZ= o bUl'b"::irsliti 4 trirp!
wants of the.. mont.h., amp no mammal:4 to be superior
to stilt. MI paint In terry mom. • Instead of absorbing
the Ilabt like Obito had, 1100 .illlO Masts U, and n 0...
inane, has • Metier and tom brilliant toe. It acquires
armour bantam. and hr more durabla M inside monied*
work. It will not rub nek ard ma be mbett without in
jury: and se it corm neon reran with equal weight, it
is nadir to dm, as wbna land.
. ........,.„...
1 IBBONS REDUCED!—A. A. Kum?? .t
itCo. %re imov etroln 6 oat thelrtery latat ttnek of Bon
ott bhono, at wry reduort pliers. MI and examines If
It. Nant a bargain. Nat 0 lad 64 )4taket. K . MT ~
_ _
I APER HANGINGS—A large assortment
11,1Zralri?'' P 'irP. U ..423114f4" . "1'
3.17 • SA Woad W.
GS—On consignment,
Ell be loold cheap so eD
LCULLOL-30 b. • for sillo . bY
.1 KIDD 4t CO., OD Word it:
11 1 gonons (to arriv — e - )
1. IDD 00.030 Waco 4.
I IND-10. bbla. (ta_nr
. KIDD k CO: -
ex) Wood ate
for ukle by J.
Jell) for We by
ARD OIL--10 bblel. for sale by
pel4 J. KIDD t 0)...1,0 Wad
tFINED BORAX{4OOIbe for sale b~
Jot 7. HTDD & CO. GO Foal st.
1 1S11-15 bble. New White;
.. or NJ* by_
Jel.l J. B. CANFIPa.D.
SALE.RATUS--100 boxes pure;
al4 50 bbbbl.."Grc We tor
LAX-10110 ]be. for solo by
EARL ASII-30 bbin. for bale by
.h. 14 J. D. CANFIELD.
INSEED OLL-30 bbls. G riewold's bread,
lb , rJe bY id 4 J. D. CANFIELD.
OTASII-4 conks for Rale by
lel4 J... 11. CANFIELD.
IRE PROOF PAIIiT-1O bbler. for sale by
UCKETS-50 dos. Marietta make, for sale
by jeli J. D. CANFIELD:
CHEESE-200 lioxes for sale by
J J eU
- - J. B. CANFIEL4.
B ACON -15 casks Shoulders,
CHEESE --80 boxes for solo by
S U.BISLER — CLOTHS. for Blezeo find
BO'yeel4 Cabmentts, Primer., &eel.fe I and q amt
EurekaNM have rricrired • ruorgYor tho.b.!.
dlux sccie or • vary ulterior quality. ra 3
UCKETS-25 doz. Marietta, for sale b;
jolt) 8.1 W. lIARHATIOLI.
VEATILERS-2000 lbs. for gale by
Jel6 S. k W.IIAgrAITOII.
fIOFFEE.-300 bgs. prime Oreen Rio Co
‘J fee, rectlyod AAA for de by
- - 50
b d bls. nilr 11 , 151, ?Ales! Herrin
in do., .4 fr 30 .4,1r4 1 ' 6 . ua] do
J_IN WAIT g o CI).
4AR - 15.-2,000 lbs. Lard, for sale on co.
eignatent by T. 131101/8 A CON.
0 . No. 61, Water .t
:coo .. natlial'd
blenebedwintaraperm o'
...t,an .. ring
1,000 sp
" blarched "
LIMO 'bale :
kr) " " nter "
1,400 " Tanners' oil •
1.666 " N. IT.rweet whale all
40 Nam. =a A
-21.1:1 - bertr et
ips dCON--.50001 b m Hog Round, on consign
Jue ment, for sale by T. WOODS BON,
GI Water ot
FLCUR-4: bb a u ls..extl . family flour.
.ta• and Weds 4 do
'Land for Sala
or tido br
t:t W. /LtliDa COIL
- -•
Chickeriag's Pianos.
JOHN H.M.ELLOH A gent for
ChkYr fq• pittAbilrelsininff
and Western PeutisTlMOM, N 0.61 iVmala , o
has received mil now open for ..le. the fob
q.ioq eleant amortment of Pluto Fortes, dived from the
atamorT. at Er. Claboltering's Reims:
OMe6. olet.ot Itoerwood ant d-4-.0, Piano, tbi ooteveiC
pit Hee paioln
• St rale
mond core..; 6
Tw poor.
The above Piano Fortes ow of the latest etylee of fumb
tom,eno with all Mr. Uhicaerinab. imPooweitomt. the
ode. invariably ths same to at Boston, thereby miring to
ppurchasers in this region th e esTratee ra y of tr..
One Romoccd Carved Mouldings Su Win Plum. •• •
atrum] DT Adam Stedart
Ono Refereed octave, Adam Medan Cc<
One " BacenA /Moon
One " ••••• 4co
One sm'Amod " Metering. as good as new;
One •• • -
One " Dame A Karam
One Duboisleend
One " " Manhattan CoOnemS. Jen
.ARD bble. No. 1, for eale by
A jeIR JAMES D/LLZELL, a Water at.
• •
Scarce and Desirable Goods,
VARIOUS STYLES, open this morn
Ue Itjurigack PoipZl6,Dmit
BIZI Els, twat Namable w
• ()Memo& *a, ac.
Attmttou it Invited to their elmi at; maorttosot of /Moth
Lawns, White tiootta for dram, te.
We r ill remtve. today or to-morrow, from Now
lbws Dm. Lamm MIT
White Paint
Hew Books !
YEAST : a Problem • re noted with cm ,
Jk. notions and additions. Atinn Frasers Romaine. ,
tele!, Meld: a tab of the Portman by the author of
P.m.. In the LIB of ?dm Ronteret Italtland," 'that.
lend.. Am
. a rtor7 l i elooltant Qr.. , of itiapt by look Abbott
No. r irt Pt% Field Book of the Revolution.
No T of Laudon Labor and the London Poor.
n o &bore Books Jost melted and for sale by
JO; IL a SIAN2/ITON. 47 Market et
pees .M habil° Documents of tha Coital State;
the Agreed= of George Washington o LW Prtotidece
I:l, same
Kaarax lagarria; containing Political, thatoricol.
Cagerayb k!, Scientltical, rtattetkal, lhoonomlcal. and lie
thantphical Doenntenta Isaleara. aodlactr, together with
bonen a the Arta and 2danntecturea, and • Boozed of the
Errata of the Tam from 1811. .
The .bore valuable* worts for tale by
R. C. /STOCKTON, ST Market at.
jawc . w , ;:m
SCOTCII BURLAPS--2 bake suitable for
Wool Faekn Alao-304) { rod Fasts, nen and In good
a or. fbr Ws low by
- ROBEUTSON A Minn?. /-.
BttEESWAX h g es price
La cash will be PL T . m a t i a. c..
earner 'lnt and Wood
cRAPE SHAWLS, at reduced priceel-
A. AL MASON l CO. willelose out Owiißcek of bean
lOsizi mad embroider.] Ct
' ivp Mara, at • Kr,. rt ?lOIMFT"."""4`"ron:4V.
11. AWNS! LAWNI at,6lcti
Gas rp_s
jA. A. M/WN Co. an now offering mist men
. AAPff veer exhibited lu this elm at all
Prftti ham
n„;....,AuZlailitanp. attntion of en,
m. C u AP .
havodetatemlned to closeout the balsam of abets stook
of Lnets and liata at matt/ tattooed pekoe. no anon.
non of ladies Is whetted to the above vocal. tal7
FRENCH FLOWERSI—The attention of
en/otion .reepeetfally Invited to otir large stock of
/tench flowery which We are now clewing out at very re.
ihned rote.. ilel7l ' A. A. BIA80:4 A CO.
Piano and Table Covers..._ -.
4 A. MASON A CO. would respectfully
. call the attention or housekeepers to their very et-
W Zb= m !, ' " "thier.oloPrre4.4lrea'ilm
Or of linen ano &meek t.ble - e10tiu,........ dello,
t!redir, de., at No. 02 and 61. Market je9
Notice t 4 Conttactore.... .
c, EALED PROPOSALS trill NI redeiced at
• tta. au. D. SIN% Fourth .1.. matil Uto led,r
Jury .r, ! . 27.d . ,; r th.eA,37.1. krztotit6b,:ipeth.a.rgh %Ft.
of rnloe rldatrignb!llcterrrillabiTE..umb.r
to 041.7sepantaly tho ' prim eutde yald ' f! ' reirl
Er s tl b ogu=k ll , l4=l:ll6.2 but a the bit tr,
or qid road .ta hx
=:aca of ft.rza.,
can be obtaloed
je.144.1 .
DIINY, Prest..
11. P. CAIN, Secretary.
11RIED PEACHES--1(% bushels dried
rofir d '" "' xlT ` a ""t i lir. rurtnivan.
EW MACKEREL-115 bbls. Large No.
?..1 (MU Badon Iftgatakirilictrialar
I*l6 Libmi 1,t.1
INSEELiOIL-10 bbls. pure, for a c e b '
.1.16 Roelsog. tarrts* co
ACON LIAMS—Di• a iraor qu •
p ler, lb, bp ROBISON, Lnln
A• 10
BACON 811OULDERS000 Abe,for sale
HAcoN_Toanbazas, Sides Shotadeis,fm ralw '
br 1e76 S. t W
lOTTON-25 balesamude bn• y
.41 , EZonEic 00111)0Y,
No. 134 "mut 4.
FIRE DOA S—For We At 25C.,
by [jel? W. P. MARlUwaft 85 Wm! 14
FfAXamrifltcitiirtriE COSTIDLIT
A LA T UREL — Zadleesad Mare mize• Inn me"
oy tea by
It. P. PALMER. i., '
p PAU= bu Jun rrws. r zt, .. A tz
mkorettgintr. ..•:t brat.
F r
L./ talobi 18,11411DICEr
JOT • Water uul leant an.
C113,-.200 boxes sto
i r;3 l ltr y s:lgz I
KW= zwarreos
AIR BALLS Of all the different sizes, at
065. , . &8. maws:
. J° 4 Eftvrom...t. of dilunwc and stsYst. which aril/ sold wr/twat
retalL at ids Oil Cott Wades... Noa sod Wood st.
fiREEN OIL CLOTH - 300 yards for Win
k.a Blinda. Latta just reed Factory sad for male at
No doe
mat 9 Wood
/at stmet. J. a pL ratt.LIIW.
• rsb. , u m sek.„."ll.l.ll:ahleZr:'..T44 .t the
Irak • 'J. k 11. PLITLLIPS.
lava_just rta'tl am 'Mt, tank., bill. 1.214 black
!al w za_ Th. OPT* warm and dealzable goals vitt bawd
at .ata. 62 and CO Market n. Jan
AWNS! LAWNS!—A. A. MasoN Co.
A b an Putt counted noe calm plain black Law; Toff
rhutf , Alao, a very large supply of beautiful (awe color
eJ Low., at m y low raiz% at No. 6Z and 64 Market
Co. an non offering their I. osi u 'mint ego*.
meat of Parsool• at feu reduced prices. .onuntry men:t
uts oaf others an reonegad tonsil and mad. bongs
nuroboolng elsewhere. -
LN 100 bbt. f---
h "Pr di .
.ions 14 7 ATT k CO.
Id ht.
For dale by fj •• e2ll •
ffiedicateirtiquid Cuticle.
HIS ARTICLE is intended for family use,
ditt orrd'aiixtft.ti
cutuT to their yarn... throuati accident. and the Improp
er or tandem nee of tools. will and this article to be lent.
ruble to them, and elm a fain trial .111 conddcy Id India.
laud a This mar b atilt, that we,lbe undend_gned, MMus frt
quently made' um of JradtTrliedinded !Auld entlole. per
Pond b ade Maar. Pmulebi Jr Camp. Middlerwww - Como,
cheerfully tecommend It to our pcofertgional inithren. as
en excellent subetitute adlmaire piddle, in drawing
burns. rota, muldra bruises. and all klnd.of troth wonndar
also, Rr acn NlpP mad) eau 011,4.
M. D.,
emuldl.l.4l .11 Prnotbdng phyldrians in tho City of
farmer Wood and That eta.
Wall Paper and. Borders, ' •
TP.AL3IER, 55 Market street, re
appetflolly Molt. Ott atteullon of putobasm•a to
nrmont complet• and aatendre nook, commixing.. almost
etery smite In Ida Ilna of tdislneaa tat
Fine French Broadeloths..
MURPLIY SI:1E01ff CELD invite the at,
IN tntion of briers to their etteartearot of the above
000 ts, freeh from them
Halo oot
_arteroved toraufsztartee of
fnuframe.AVb.enter Trench Testing& e2O
T:RUPS—Underwood's fine Lemon SyruO,
• yell' eittierlor article fee =pas. Leman Ado.
"';'4 end
VV. .V. " llMill e ol . 4
Gotten and Tea Dwoderffl.
jvt nt qualities, artel at veryLLINGS low Driers fon , q di
Yro'd - .11111[PflY lIIIMPIIPIELV.
Jell N. E. comer of Yourth and Marketer.
rbAIRY SALT—A superior'article for - the
A l sagt7 PUi p
3i b TitaZl. u'4
jea) 2,14 Liberty d•
..14) - WaL A . IoIoCLUECI *CO.
- - - -
fIOD FISH-600 lbs..-very fine, for sale 1T 3 7
I e 33 WM. 1. cCLI7RO
A Card;
TETE (ascribe?, haring,matie arrange.
11. meats, In eoneworenee of wirietthls unseat busiens
must he Mooed by the 14 of August nem now Orem 64•
whale stock of Gloves, Itarlery,Elohous. Lace Geode, Em
brolderies, Dress Trimming% Ilandterehlefe , fine flit...
lumlehlu( leak. Zarhyr Mont.. Plower Materials.
Umbrellss, Yamada Combe.atid Thread and Needle ar.
nth*. Mm, Ladles' Shore, Oast Philadelphia meta) at
Meetly reduced ;elms. wholesale and retell.
A LEXANDER & DAY; having concluded
In close their present amines& now offer their entire
s at Fancy arid StasteDßT GOODS, at greatly minced
prices. Tbeir mock ie larce. and embrace. a diner amen
mental Fronk arui Enalbt CLOTHS and CASSIMEILES:
Hoek end colored Geode Shins ants tbe but main
feetu d r . e . ; I l lzzedaik., , of & To rzr, styl• r x Bereve. Dam
reinersThma lbeetince.EbiZe,"Ta Cbecire,';
riann is, Sonnets, &a, Ingmar min mr ' o n 'ry art icle
In tb r a . Drr Gorda line, Sunbeam. am invited loma
to deteru der m r.
e.t.D 16 older to cloy :IT: en b" tfro liZ r e b" r "
tossible. k DAY, "
jel9ffir SS Market et, P. W. ear. of Diamond.
White Marseilles Quilts.
I RAVE on band a largo assortment of Im
ifixingirclajazzaa QUIZ. or ,ru u pri . Erf,...lyi s s, at
-67 6 bble iriverinez crushed Beigar
6do Le Oil:: pulverized do
6 do ad
6 keg. r, twist Tabs.=
je .l6 bush dried Apple•—for vale by
A . a. 9 =Just rrelved and for sale b --74
RQOT 9001bn. prime qunl r, Juri t-
CITRIC ACID--250 lbs. just reed and for
j ale br Jas. R. E. SELLER.
- - - -
OD LIVER OIL-40 gallons, ?nu warm
tor de bT jel9 R. E. SELLERA.
Mil= 4 ll`..g?e=l r r'"i?` 9 - 411 , :afd
ieltl A. WIA.KINE a CO.
Last Week of Gliddon's Panorama of
1 .1 G LIMON'S fax timed Traneparent Penman& a
1. G a 17 AND N lAI
.4.. ' h
argsa 7; , 1 1.
egga x 2 iar,oC"nu "Varmi.Ls
I Vial Iteacripttotie Goo, it. (Add U Caw
, nide. Calm. Oriental Ntuid h 'thin ta . E 9937
I etetilne nt . eight o dark—Wastrel t o r e anat.
rico. at 3 elook: drat.. ohen au hou r te ire Adtuladat
I -hi et pupilejed
DAN NICE'S cra,pus!
- 4../ tete beton leen coneentevid ink,. Treat' , eat**
nwPramatio geniue and Putt-Iran i Tuilidthureatia
nill of the hien. tinier. and nornirrina,tuncog its am*
ot the Priory or Clown, PAN Met• the woeid tw.
-1 oatmealLEtt "..\•
5 - n PON` I Liu the Tattoo.
E Mona 1'0.:14. ee, 11 tittql E. Napa'.
SON, an, ke.: and
Tosdlo'r with the =enema and unequeded
TSOCPS.intutoition Nine, Jean. Muter 1 9111.1 e. Marla
tone, sal the lufeut Prodigies tn..% rifkaanteLV3Te
and Kau
11 7 n an, BiZASS and MIN': BANDS. led hT
Ilmet. Mts.*. nod Ileerou
T tVlTl'AUN lnt , ra i ilfani.T. r 4 k t
\ i n ' s% the
LTG6hare the honor or perfortritne on 9PNV STRXXT.
Pitubursh. from of the .A. 4 IFIZIC.IN 110221, ou tn.
2d, 3d, 4th, and sth of Joiy, 1851.
Doon open at balfpal 2. and at half pud efelock. P. 61.
Pour Grand Perbermu e s 1,11 I. given on the Four*
commencing at half pad 9. half put P.. half Leut 3..11
Ltaymond & Co.'s, e.:Vazamburgh 4t.Co.'s
Coneletlng of all the ruse livlnglVlld Anima's nosrattant
litllßEllll4l OVER. 110 PPECIMtNa.
Tb b exlidaled Moran. Arr one mice of Adatianan.
) VioLnlTllit''eßStil".i.Vi gA n s2l. l l3lT'A ß D l AT3 ll;
4th;ard fah. tar threaders, under toe Double Pavilion.
a tir
t th e corner or Penn and Charoon street, nnt. W e ed.—
Th.r. l 4sT anderaturdayquly Stand att. from 3
0. a n d from . to 10. . 31. On I rider. , n 1 1 ,41.11. /burn
. from -
blbltions, elm 8.50 to 1113. 11: to2lles•
to Clrould from 7to 10. P. 31. Adrolsai; n ,out chlt•
dreg under 10 rents.
In ltds collertion are the Ithlnocerca. and White Polar
i near. Also. tan Llenr of the fawn star:nem.
3131- Vdti A./ILIUM:II. the mart rem, ord . rr Minn
l arpnerma, enter tall , hens o fGpmp of
1 31 ' 11 . 4 0. CFA rkTV Ai. rum t r 7; D o i:. With his
highly bleed Animal , making rim r G.4..t00f drama It,
jrit6l667. •
Ihe whole Careciale of Carrion. en - W.ll3ln* ttis
male, rill enter the city on Thorody3u-pkg.J.4 ad.
and nip through the principal - raw. Imn
procreslon. ptr
ceded by the Cempany's Drees Mod. -
lumnenee rombllrhment requires a lot 403 long
; hy len brood. for ha rahltillom mar e red e then, ary e oo l at
I Oa loner part of the elf, of rollicked eathot far the mom
man. the proprietors hare teen obliged to select a spot two
or thme Amazes farther from the rentre of the city tbut •
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Wz - ;' .4-1 = 1851. , 1 -:177 -- 4=k
Erprera Packet and Railroad Line to Clack:7ld.
PASSENGERS leave every corning at 9
o'clock, - lir steamboat to Dearer. Mimeo' br
canal packets to RAT[I3.. Di ease by rittaturab arid=
DIM Railroad to Clerelartd. . i .
To Cleeland. D 3 hour; To Detroit, .4.5
IMITala, 26 it:Moog. ts:r - •
Tietota giros thrmsab to
, .
. ... .
CINCINNATI, .• •:. ...'
Via C , IIIISIALL. an X , nln, 1., U5 ,. 150.1 cr.:l CiAcirAccra
Dascengrre (or Detroit, Chlesto.and 3111wankle.• haws
cleren.A ove ry h rreul&)=.ll { Lincel.&r , t i b s : vgr t.
tiT,="t s .ll%eitk. A. 31., br - Rallf;:d to Dew Iralo.
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Hall, It. to oks7ana Galena. will to menu =oath Clainkins
cheater. and rle....zzre, ,T 1. 2 .111,74 it, iet,...; - '1- •-•
63,.... ._ - -
For tickets or istll wtostrilljl./Ilt, bin
ollEs. A
. (Up stairs) eanrcr of emlthne c nt antl - Water stras . tri.' „
Or to' . °PI';IY. Itt.girlitAV,lrigerCi..)
(Mee under Ft-Charles note), Wood stnte '
. •
.ie2s PLITB.IIII/1011D
851. BP.%} .MMENT,
Forty-six hours jo Pkiludelfshia,
Forty-four hours to lialtimors.
281 Miles Railroad-11g utiles Canal,
KAPUT, 1•13.18.1. aro CC01.1.63L1 UWE
NEW YOltK. ;
Being' frre from the Many changer and - porterage*
cony:raid with pitri Lines:
Tsio Daily Lines Express Packet
L. EAYE Pittsburgh for Johnstown, thence
br Portage Railroad ho I
.110 4 TiTD AYgB17,BOH,
Thera taking the
Two Ham:tied and Part -lire miles direct to
Packets /MTe erery morning preeJecly et Eight o'click •
and m 171015105 et at hour. ,
Fare to Philadelphia, 010. Face to Baltimore. Itk,tdi
do Lancaster 4.3 Ilestisburg isthai
TiVke the
Passengers -for Baltimore,
York .4 Queoberlatel Railroad, at lEsangsbntige
LVlngeTei or Car. that yiaa. Ltetaaa(stt,
No charge for handling Baggage on this rottfis.<
The Cars on Ills routs DTI, new, and of the =oat apprirr=
c if nstenetiaa tor ambit end safety. ,
you dealre chap travelling 404 comforlaLle MOUE
lodation, *Kure your tickets at .
J. P. 1101.31 ES Ace'
Cabal Darin. Pena strait.
• - • „
1851. WESTERN 1851,4,
MILE Canal being in good ordei; 'vie" uty ,
rr - P4,711:,:mr, LI! io:g
freight, glib promptoies and &pate-b. Abe ' boat, lidA
ears •re. owned pug ogagolled by the proprialnrs:
of lading tranamitt.l, ➢ and all instruct:Me promptly a..
tended to.
Apply to, or addraei
DAYS de BLACK. Peopetetors. ' -
Cattiltril7P.Mr pr tmr,
Receiving Deot, Nce.11,14. C..coth s
eM ITPITOM*II. I° I " " Ph"
fe, No - rth
No. T. Wert Ave, New Tacit
ka3T- 1851. . - Wg
‘2CONONGAZIM norm. • - •
via Brom:mine and Cumberlond, to Baltiz' nor,
and Philadelphia.
MITE MORNING BOAT icasea the Whart
state r. at 8. o'clock preelarly. dm. costing with the cam at Comberiatot next morning.
TSUW. d n ' t B* l
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evi Ve g tt t r4 l gh d t?;Ctimote...l . 2 Lebo. Fat?! only
TO .thro..ah to hliscialptill, 40 boon. PAM 01313 : $ 10.
The National Road Ls nogracod. Conduslars go ann. •
the Coaches be t ween Brownsville and Cumberland. which.
makes this decidedly the Met route East. .
My 2 7 • J. nkelilllEN t. •
Ogles. to the Moonnaahela llaume.
- • •
1851. aiti
On.the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canalt.
rpms well l ihi Line is now
1 ' A ATM
Tim foellitles of tee Line are tit:evens-wed number: (I Ma," 7
ane r eaparity of Bost,. experience of Captains, and ofe t
Beier o AgentA
One Boat knees Pitaeh end Cleirelanil
In connection with • Line of rheinetends botweriii 1.1
BURGH awl HEAVER. awl • Line of tretcLue Manta ,*
(PeoPeller and oetiMH An he LAX.. • '
UPI r e fo ' r\''"ATT..?' 04
A. a. N. il l ark. i Narrion Van; (. 1 1
fli gto ." Vd " &. ' ff , l,; ' ;.. 04 • _
Kent, arinnel Co, FralA 46.04
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"_ Peckham t Beott, Ilendtraat t Pettibccoo,uy atr, 0.;
gj2en ,11,11tCZ1.11rZylti!1
Thomas tip! O6b~ lIL III4 ,
• Water
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• 1 Ma. Water aas l MaltateLl es. Pittattaili. • '
GGS-400 doz. for sale by
To 2 lllliners.
ip RAPE LEISSE, blue, whiie find pink;
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Crap., white and Dirk;
laßland, chit; pink nail Pre.: '• ;3'l
Artificial Slower...4W. b "
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...affluent of Vain Gold, Pme, } : n 4 moud•
P." 7.11'. If LFO.Jevanne .
VI Market strtar...--raer romb• •
--Et_io casks for sale by
trleffsßlA LAWNS-3U pieces recd and
• for male tJ jelt c. ARBUTHNOT. :
BARRED 31113L1N--50
14 Pieces . clearable
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Brandies, Wines, dz.
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DIES, Irtri.v.l4. and nf the fines t ..
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TS 11 nil, eanka re , gokr, and brown &tern, tf ra .
ivb Clara wine, Pljt very ula And tinperk,' .
tutu batltrtr Sparkling Citturipegar, well known brands.
500 boon Claret Wino , . rrirknlJ brands end "tutu.
100 caws Sauterne arid Dame, inane
1546- . 7 - •
45 k* Kantor. and Claret Winn. •
/ 5 Pit. Old lfolland and r i ebor , ll. nm., t
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