The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, June 27, 1851, Image 1

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    .....),.. .... . - - ).-- - • "---- -,^ ,^-'-- - - . -,-.. • _
• ----- A
,„„ 8 . E. ,,,,,,,,, AH , mar ry. or- A.. FAILNESTOCK & CO., Wholesale
corner lit o tmmid F
od and ront streets, tr.
WHITE CO :• harsh. Pa. mela '-'---
area nit num nacerawn WXYS 29 70( "" 9 ing. )
i ti E .I YSER McDOWELL, ( uccessors to
1 to N.! a Keyes.) Wholesale and Retail Drag and
Mese, owner of Wood sheet and ideal.. .tier.
/ Ph
DAILY.-Seven dollar. y e ; =n om. payable bat! yearly, . evict." preemptions modally componuded ni g ht and
0 Daum if od d tu advs... , . I ..
wg d . f ,s.-..r e o &Awe te r musal. In saranna. CMS 0. ann._ . .. ..............l• sin
Übe sarniksi an ti. f. ,,, • 1 .1 , . 99 dith'"' - d ' 1 K.l.fibl - d.5., .......... OrllgDaltnt Deal
' TrZir v're';'"u*.:=:l&°) el/ . ere in Paints, 0.1.. Dr. Stan, and liatrnmentr,-
, ~..,„,,,,,,, , do _--...................... 18 00 Pmrietora of Dr. MlLassis oelebrated Worm Specific. Liv.
IX. er 711. a, and lama Syrup: Ito. 60, corner of IA oil and
l'h2e'Perettelt*Cluio De Xlramed to to te Fourth street. Pateb 0 Orders will be carefully pee.
e adt to _paid Invariably to dean. .Nottlinb p a p esa W n el. and forward_el witnanat_eb. ---
7,rlArthe"'”" "'''''''''"7 " ' " br xi E. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
'wars OF , ADvarromm. 21 77 D ) ,, , m, Paints, Dye Stuff. Oda. Varnish. Le, fie.,
• Putsburgh. Fs Goode warrant.
On•Squaro (10 liner of lion s arell or lel Prices ion ,
* N. WICKERSHAM, Wholesale Druggist
q l / 4 ,_ earhadditlanal 113;t7rtitio- OZS S
Ins. oros week..-. -......... 175 e and Dealer in Seeds and Anzieultural hardement.
D o two weeks .............-... 300 N. t 64 alfalfa Wood s tr eet, corner of Six th . not ,
11 , 11
•13, ° , - fr. tttt._ - . - ... - .. • .....--= &IS , ra ARMlN"gatiihic wii;re-sre
an Ream T‘rdY'l'._t_
Do. lbw. SnOnthn... -:-.......... 9th I/Made. corner of Llberty and tIL Clair sta . Pitt.-
'-lb Loot montoa
. - , Ito twelve myna .........--.. . 1900 .18 00 A SCHOONMAKER & CO., Wholesale Drug- i
th frld w lnegr=orleri s c per annum-lid 00 11.11. Ig. Si W.I I O-. 1.1 ".: ------. 9 r 9 h0rl
°.- liFs'ettiVoPtl a l pa ' '' l r:"..7 . (l ' a " - .15 03 1 • GROCERS. 'IR E
For sub ditional epmee, luserted ore r on• mont Mid , ..., ... d. . 0 „, o eases ~ Polo
It ' " 4 "' ld" '"' t ''''''" l '""' d '' d " . th. "' I T " U ''' AV & F . .. Wit-SO-N-,-Wh-o-l-es-a-leVrTeers and Vero °.
, ...Awn:sots emeritus a suare, and sot over Sillnan J . ! s , Cosammion IlerSballbs. Annla for sale of , Du Ths7 •±S,
r. t. i , ,,b c.: .. eh r .r t s= ttari,,....4 . 1 0 . tt i t ;nl)....t . ) le, P. 4 m Powder. No 114 i2..eatd.and Il) iron •u • 2 7 = r I,a,r; . 'd „ n rsr 7 % , 1' P17,,,tra,t 1 . 7, ) , i . jL. SHEE, WholesMe Grocer, Commission
.)..... .10
Math de ''''' - ts. -' °"-.''' - .--'- -"""' 1111 • Merchant, a nd dealer in Paper and. Saga, corner of
ot , • ,==,:soookod . Oh . m 7 dd .. opoo d eod Peon and Irem Amts. Pittsburgh.
IX,VittWe=74l, b "'" " u " : ". ) "'”'" ,- Q. AISIJEL I'. SllRlVER„..,Wholesallistro
-7" P6 ` " " *" ` " ' 4 ' d "' n. " It .triltr.tottidt; lattlrilterary'g'lligne"fact=rtleins. eroB =l3o and 1.72.
their men imosetirste baslnoso 1 and 01 *Mr.
Ulf benat of othor persons. as well mall advertinntent e nnt Led Med. between Pod and Smithfield, Pittebursh.
hrossedistely "on ' '' to' rub their own hanness, and all o 0 , ot so . e . _ • . main murex.
"'" " ' 4 ''' ". in '''' S th 64 " . " 6 " b ' Ta ' d lAN `s. DifiViikrii Teo., Wholesale I __..A 7
thglisalta ugagoll, will be chare/at the usrialrate.) For
at ebb tmoslent advertising, bilis will he ..pwatelr Grocers, ?reduce mi c as) mpg=
v ll f reAts. „ and
...dosed. oral prompt mom. is desired gents for 11 Powder 0..
All advertnements f s c haritable instiMtine. pee cm. 31 M cod st„ Pittsburgh •
mo de. earl, township, and oh. Imblbs tittlfiN *Md. r. w. smaratteal _. - ..1,...." A "'
vrtth WM" 1 . 9 b)."" 1 hnif Pr a '''' "2.4" ° nn ' tir th '... 13 URBRIDGE & INGRAHAeI, Wholesale
' ~..4 0" _, ..-Asr.,l-2,-.1 .52.2.1- _,_ BR Grocers and Canlntils? Meta/ants, ~..n0 Wale
- a-thp ----- . ..G7,- t i - -.1...:, : e-n•-•.7, ettect, an. 11.50 First ttreet. 1 Whose,
0 ..... 999 kd ,9 b. P.M 1 9 ,_ __ _..),__ , len1 en 11EY, L MATTHEWS & CO., Wholesale
o a t
o ar advallMe. tont., al, ot,__ ,er.........,,, _.4 _„,__,...r.,,,, 0 Commis:Mon and Forwarding Mere/tants, end 'a
kont of mefettinZ not.. cvms.... e..... .‘ , .....7 ..), tent. for Br tan Caton Yarns. LT 1% ater s taittateargh to p
Pair. fobs. Cowen. or 1a.. . ), -
where eisargea aroma& for exim, . cs
'''--"'" tr i dl o V 13 cehaZr)- 9 t l = TOIL N WATT &. co., 'Wholesale Grocers,.
Wri0Vi=.'17,.."17).1 '.'n... s 411 h the as
to lt , co.mi''''"' m.T-b''`ul.,"'d Dealer . 117,..dr.r.:
tee that the same is to le mla ra. If,a to be I. ,'0.17 0(h ,1•99ba.". ..°' 6 T
meted la the local columns, the same vill be charged at the burp , •,- ......-.----------_-__ , -
I""for"'"=trbret= to w. •if B. CANFIELD, late of Warren. Ohio,
Pasant License Petitions 171
~meti. t 0 . Cormaisnon a nd F9rwanliar,,Merebett.. tM,Eldd...:
• Peal Rasta Monte and Asettoasertr edvertbements est sal. ,Derd.r,_,, __,, 1 0 ‘,.,'.__...a.r. 11 o'7 0 ,.1=;.' 0 1,7 0 147,47,4
t o b e dared m der yearly rate. but to be allowed • d. Pan , A . ...... --„.,,,..-2,,,,, m i,,,,,,,,, -
ootust of thlrt u r . throo aad one thud ger amt. from tha 1•47..... Smithfie ld c al
" " I *.t 4 " MY I. WIM era l m *-s, ga 1, „ . WATERMAN & SONS, Wholesale
ddlolO ),..„-- o - ------ 1 -- ay . (knee. Coottniences and Forwarding of
-0„, - .., s s n sinvss ill IlZszli oaslol. so, in all kinds of Psnause aml Plistogran Mumbettr
oat gem.. (10 nee.) one Ivrttim.....-..10 meta red Ltklm, and , =tor the rale. of Itlehosond_and
Wu. molt sdatttenal insertion---2 5 eenta. Lynelburals 11e . Tuba an. 1... SO and 81 Water
• All traneont streelsements to be peal in sdruts. Street, Pittaburgb. s alid iod
BUSINESS CARDS. .. , 0,...... . 0.1-1„. jar:rgbazzrltc,
..----- ---- - -
1, . ATTORNEYS.) 1:2_0._b,20)22.,,_ I t 1...:,
„, 0 .1 4 ,0frm blanln nICIST..-... .
', ' t j A l l i F , ‘,, S F.,l9s,,,Atedart r mG ,... t . pm .. SALA-11. DICKEY & CO., Wholesale Gro- I ' , „).
' aiw' _..-,- ' / rail,.l.lT'l4=llllnZ P ' d '''" - ' ll
TOS. WEA V nit, Attorney at Law, Fourth . ~ ~, ,„,,, .
) ,„, r 77.....
40 street. near She SlaysseS Oftlee,l7ttaborgi, Pa. 04- y A V G LI - gitt & - B iNi t iETT, Da d E ng li s h,
tedious attended to pets:midis. sayl7..b tkg
punnan Otsra.nts, ALM.. TATUM Oallagber • C o .l7lmlesrdeOrneora.CosetrlziaNual
preluding Merchants. and Dealers in Protium tte
(lle of Cedontown, Pr) '--(Lao of Indiana. Pt,) tough blannfacsann. No. th: Second st and 121. FOAM, ,
i I LIPHANT & TAYLOR, Attorneys at between II eat.4B.lltt,f,
OV.BtIIS-"l'.l}lllllhirsV"At'thtn'tliLizelottel'lC34; k.h"th7Fdatew."dor 7 .'""' " r".'itTCKETSO",I Wholesale ----
I . ).e. ILLErt .S. ' Irn of presh!iles. Winas end
THAIRISON SEWELL, Atterne,y at Law, bruStPts. /ttet. Nail...kat.. 1N.. , Ote. dd .. , nstard ,7 I
111 idbio State 0.."7 1 . 1 ‘ 7 . 1. V.' l l.adtf.M . "''''' 7l----- -r n stemtires 1
M'4:1507:"t. of
° 1:1 " 000'"). ' Ibr'lttroeßTE, Wholesale Grocers and
:a"mt"s a. annn5.......,--.....- -----..-I.ll.assurs. - Nl[ Comostmkos Merchants, No. tIS7 Lihnli7 annsi, 0 ,6.
QUINN '& COLLIER , - Attorneys at Law-- u). c .." , h•
" (4 ""' Par'l" h 'ft' t. °'''. 6 . 91641- • V L OBERT MOORE, Wholesale . Grocer,
j IW. F. WHITE, Attorney at-Law-Of.■
...1.‘„..,.a.cure,./drazuzi,.l:o7 lugoz a uir ... .7.! , 1).”
tr tUrt:Art.l .t "'"'" T ' 'l : l"ith aglr l- t7 s . m t i nZe i t : a. hrli7/ .t.'; Mb l irriLr r Wb b rbdTt
TURMAN erldeb will be sold low Ow mag.
Ar t P. &G. L. B. kl. ,
---ATTLL & CO Wholeqale
LI . sera at. Law and Real Prtate Anc7lM, I N..urr 4th lop OBERT D Z
. " t ' PRUbur° ' '' k 4 d ° Grocer. Commleion Marebantn dralers in Produce
TAMES J. KAHN, Attorney at. Law, office. r it t„="'"g' m"
ofmtures. No. 25.1 Liberty .area
i r b'
- -
• l en pittemirgh. 1015sily V L OBERT A. C a , Wholesale
I L A -NC/ SC. FLa2FEGIN.Attorne9 at Law. ,) Land n ' m Deal . P " L er l in n 'P r irts." .th rgt?")r'arinfac i ''''''''' ' ' ..k " : rev. Na U .T.
- So. 170 Fourth street. Rittebonsh. ) • Wanly we l t, Pittaburnb._
MDR, SC StalSll ~...., ----...-...llb i rallnn. - Inn nan, - SiT7 ....... -...-... Jo. n cosoners.
CST& WATSON. Attorne y at Low, ...... , waan - ---Ast.9 nada. , _
Na.llo Fourth street, Mahal.. • I L BAGALEY & CO., W holesale Gru
m --Alexader A Dem dla Surd. Sag: U 7 y sem Sm. 14 and ...1) Wood street. l'itssbust
ran. Mord.. A Oa; 11= IL twr John Fleming. des -----)
6.*.W.3"l'''' lUL ' b'rgi". 1 '"g37 mur"ick7i`i,i;t:TribrEß,""..'"e'c'essere tin .
riDWARD P. JONES, Attorney - at Law: Tv L. d _
). D w/o] , whotood k d ., p o • rser dho g
"Otleent. Fourth street, between Waal and Emit. sit Corombelon Merchants. dealer. in iron. Nal. tilast,
, -. Cotton 1 anA and Pittsburgh Ilassurtngs c. , T.
JASPER E. BRADY, Attorney at Law, ''''- "--1-1--------------------------'"'d ''''' rm ' ' ---
If' 80110th 4 ' ) "' L rit '' b ' nb. r''' A. CULBERTSON & CLOUSE, Wholesale N....
---7.---2AB 1---iin)BrttictinTs7---- . 113...... d (:),...i.k...0...b..5.t..6.11...71.1pn p
ORGE E. ARNOLD & CO . I Bankers: 4wwt.'""d Mtge'" 14'04"''0
r' ' '
'•1 .....,... fire7... ,
~....rinexti;011"'0er:t0tk1mad.*:::)....,..17)......,...L4'14: L 1 D ,...„.
R. .
tai Will.t p.av iAltt o,...... B C0.; e r.)...a.); WhLitltilli c... e uw all , l
1 ,,,,,5,
_ _ __ - • _ and mts to Mantel Produce and Pittabargh
4.c. 0. Insiiksts-.
_.....5. I. env .......a le. MM. Martuberaree, owner of Wood and Ilftla sts. littsburnt.
VIC H. WILIAAME O & CO4 Bankers 0.-.T7.----.....7.7....-77-4. ..nit.... m. - rot)ii
.....,, 'lcru.Thsteruuer of wood OBLNSON LITTLE & CO., No. 255
- - ii'd..'1,,,„,,1F4-11' e -,...,.. 1 - .....,..._ ~). _......,...., It Libart tree. P ttsburgh. 71 bolesale Omer. Pre
-- I -2.- - -7 - 7 ---- ..,. am and Cortgbrion Merehants.and dealer. in inSlsbusilb
l e ss istptly satt4ll4C4 S. ---• Ils_antentassa. _____.----. ,
.D.KNG,Banker and Exebangeßroker, JO= .....------..LICILLSZ MT.
.Fu stands Dealer in Dank Nob. Bills of Sgt.
t i" kR. Froyo7wholmie G rocer ., C om _
am aod &M. , M.. ngh").dt .... , d' miss.) mwd.......1 D.lem in r=a,...-smod
ree lashed mar k et prim paid in Memluat Pr_. job Balding.. fronting 67. 1.1 1 .."7. '' 9 . 4 " 'WU'
Half Dointra, and Maclean and Sparsbd. • mua.m. ypar
.. 0 .. abet. Plttaburgba.
""h. j To m rsagrg.7 ---------rvnr7CZVL
1 K. 1-.-----------DM JlL,Banker . and Broker. oifx pAit - iceß & ui., - iy•Eacza.G.ers:
v. 4thrtreet, N. 66. sdlohtltne dm ilma id PUW 17 . 10 .. D ea l e rs I n P n alue, Fore=, Wines, Li q uors, 014 Mose
4:26,PraNs ,k co, B r A mg . B ro k er ., . The wshur-Ne s. cmatatnid no.. Pittsburgh.
• South Zest Corbtt of Third and Maikit streets- All
at most literal r ates. 1 LAS. DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Com
"IV HOLMES Et SON, Dealers in Foreign hash ( rciru. ) gt.. r. rcroilualllogg , == .
IN • 9 04 D.t.4.lM.9"..b"4lßdo.ften't" rd . D.' g enerally-No. os w.N...t....,..1 78 That 0, Pittsburgh
pod. Bank Notes and Steele, No. Mt ket street, Pitts- _ -_ _ -_
I=klts-INl'V'di""d'ets. ''' U toe rI W6P r I 4** - 1 -11ISICAL INSTRUMENTS.
-----Lll---1-77101, . 1 OliN IL MELLOR, Dealer in Piano Fortes,
iliß..k-MER & .RAHM, Banker, and )E1). 4.1 Made, and itue.a1.)......,..,&. 1 . 1 ry.u. al
rm Brogan Dealer. in Foreign and Domeelle brationery. Sobs agent tor li t ibte2=is Plano mt. w _
o oh" E ns b ans s .h ardnaZ , l Deponte ,t l 'Note
_...),:: W e stern l'" -, ..... ^. Sslb
gra c1 . ",,, r 1: 5 `310..d. '''' d ' ft " . ` t. ' -r.- °.• lIENRY RIBBER, Dealer in Music, Mu- I--
deal Istrumets. and
,Importer of hall. Strings
L CAROTHERS & CO., Banking House, woe tor Num.* ma ...fa ..1..... , 1. )
__,:l i
•Ni 1b Woad •traet,Pitt.bargh. Ca Woney re : .rtutt.thrmwo , Baleen Attashosert AL. Mr tmna..
Colin...ions mode on all the patam. Pianoa-----
' .as pleura..N.lll Sewed dee. ,Persond end IRON CITY TACK FACTORY. -The sub
) Egst...m.tu ea from flop to atce sir.l4 co j_ ~mo.r. manst.cton and keep ertnsMullY on Gem al!
• I ssannaltan norm-. -Joanna na mco-...ince-gmtv. met of Took. lra?, a).ot nkaArilll i claa=§,: ii :
rALMER. HANNA & CO., Successors, to N , 21.2.t. i1 :5e a Irti
.a lasion Darrel bath Ildpins and Zrue
, / 198 .1'. ihmta d. oo h ) „,,teZZ.s, __,E.r." l9 " bOO4m L % gteriatile, Pattern Makers' Pole. Civet., smarted) ette.
dram. ..Yorsign and
or Deponh bank Notes, owl Spei•--.NOrth Fic"Z v0rm1r.... 1 d ''' ag %ly fr. Warelm""us n r 7.9 L l b 4te LgU r o.?Pi k ttanotts b.
Wood and Third Meet. Current Money matelmsl on pre
, vgt121...----v...........-- jr ENNEDY, CHILDS & CO., Mannf_actu
r r elate of tho tlln I Stat impeder 1-4 Sheeting. atnet. Inman.
The .'cosec MI.". paid my - 14 . 0 d 11.9 994 '"'" i '''' M .- Teig:gi r liatUng. Penn Mill. Pitt•bunth.
Advanom made or, wrongs:matte of P r edoce.gbirred Wt. tame r oma-._....-..- - Jmn. 0.0 .
' ' JONES & QUIGG, Manufacturers of Spring
ir_4, W. TAYLOR , Comaussioner and Bill q 5 _..4 nal.) Rel. Ptough,Ste_e . I. Snel i Plourth,WlMe_tr
VA ZnAns, 112 Seemed stmt. Stsiet attention will be =lad i tat i r.;11.b:=7,...,, d,,,,,, i r dt 7... r d
.I "given to all bylines. entrusted to hie fart- Pittaborgt. c0.)..",,,1..t.. ....,..... _,.......... , ~. . 4 h . r .„,.....
manctorot woo., ,os.r. on hand or Tvomrtt'd Mt duet
listed on Dm. Pittaborgh. Pa. . "''.-________________
00003. die....laeshadirdastAra It'Xg° otd m
t , able teros• -p
of Soda na, Bleach
t Ptr=rt j etatie rod Nuipburio Adds Wareham..
Na C 3 Water et- below Wry.
----Boorcszumas--- AND — • STATIONERS.
CKltibr, iohnston k Stock-
Um. IkanAler.Vtatkireer,.PrbAcr. sad BIM. car
ea of Market AM .
otteete, rittAbarsb.
JAS. B. HOLMES' .Chlap Literaq Depot,
, Third Moroi. ordiorito.tbsTost Woo New Books zo
-1 eidggrow=g=orsztal,rl=
. .
3101300- kseller. and Stationer
Nan Fourth rturet.
ENID BOWNTTE.,. Wholesale and Retail
Confortionor.PlThuillid ooo ta lttsbalith.
oDe, T0.7-Cootletloolar. slims on tood..
All Wen lossoloasill. "
1:t a~ 1 :r~a~
WouNTooK Mat,tt actxre and im
yjoksoy. on Clottu; atm. B.d. r r.•
w s ,al,
11/071% for the Ws er"DranestiOroolell:6. 4 CS"
e,:lea.W Yee.] Street Pittrtrunrh.
Ord. , tiled abort =lie* tor my dreC4713. 3- . ""*".",
.i7:7IIEVOLNDESTER, corner of-Water and
_Lc. Market streets rlttolerrdts . •CXWMCoa - Ass' Too
FULDINII 410 .s. sod foe the /melts.n sad solo of nom;
Wsderra Pratt, Irta. Natl. Glam. seethe rosonstretored
• snider of Pidebursh dramas ,
Alp—A....t salsa 11. HOW t Co.. tad I. Ml
sma's alebrate.3l Manure sod roducla 'PlataddlAk
rd.= om.l 'Jenkins t co,'. stperior w..% Tem *Oa
W,ANULTY do COTransporters,
Vurwardlog and Courstsam . Mistchatilsa.: Dst,
Oustt Pussio..lo.s Penn Asset, Pittsburgh. ' 4bLro
firmircgO . Lffiblitibt DEMRS
Coramlsplou Ilecttuats, 2ta 61 W•ta itreet;
M. 11. JOIINSTON, Forwarding and
nnannon, atecnant,, No. 112 SoelmCitna.
• ':JONES, Fariv.srding and
lab orlon Manbants. Drains Pram and, Pltts.
11(Artinc - iONES4 - .Successartto
:impl.joneeit CO, CO:MO , IOdO. 101 TmirdisaYer.
yityburgb 'biewafnetared Weds. Ms-
DRY — etw3is
• • SIiACKLETT & CO—Wholesale
I . Delany In Forel gm and Demaaslli Dry mob, ma 101
oat Moat, rsustarah. faa 4
4 1 ?- ,
'WON h C0.1Trfar1t011.......611. LIPISIOTT ...U.
A. MASON. & CO., Wholesale a n d
Awes. fa Faltry sad Etsplo Dry 0042. 31stkel
I • . Ct I. • 1101.101A1
'and rwi 1,. Gad, Maticsala, :weir? of 70113
VISA Vittablarxl,
R. ,D. RUNT. Dentist, Corner of Fourth
mg/ gt. hl:ea idatk•t sad Terry streets,
TILSON; Wntattes,
Je . w a o a sr
asq Clocks
..Pqt 4 M 4 ;l 4 •
irgarti. - 46;P:4
, ,
ny.•_•••viTT: -. *TgGif..
VA :IA V:IA:0)11:01:1
W •
Vmmel C. Hill—lmport at smA Dealt/ in Vranch
sad American P4' ilangings and liMlea, Kimknr
Shadeallze Board Perna, asa Alm—lariting. Prionna,
.ad W , MPina l'ffner. No. M Womt street, between gmath
and Dlannassi idler. Plitaburgh, PA
OBERT MORRIS, Tea and Wine . Mer
.LL chant. Ewa side of the Dbressisl. Fittabayah;
- Tam. A. Worifiairo3., Grocers and
V V lbaDealars. No. 256 Liberty sttret, stir. Wood
liave always . hand a lam ownortawat of Mon.. Jaren.
yq an 4 ylm Terab Aba—lorslaw fruits and Nuts.% bars
retail 'Malan Ma. on Lb" Lowest terms.
1[011..N CAUGHEY, Agent for the Lake
Erie arut ttlean Llue. te Deaver wel the Lakes.—
Wee ad the ne rd ea Water end Saalthaeld ste.
pLEECH - &.00., Transporter* by Canal
teed oters:dies Nerd: wile. owner of Penn etreet
the Data.
A.DROWNTrouId mostfelipectfullY inform
the publicthat he keeps animal atlals Walton tbe vest
. of the Illsamed‘encubewr ca:a complete wortment
of Versitlan bliodr. aso Vont". nutters an, made to mans
Wu. bat OM. warmly." equal to say to the Calm!
State. Ills UMW cin be rammed - without Me MI of h
mr. , driver. 'Haim purchasell the mask, wash, d, ca w
of the caMet eatablishment of Bawl a McClelland, I ant
let ...a to furnish their old raebmen.oo cell u the put,.
lave. with erw thing to
l. ther Dna
/sgetWe. W . T'' ' 4 " " ' .1, A. swim.
—TOSEPII lINSTOIv, Peers lisaiora
Pumus—Restd.a4o.7rner of Third Ova andE44
N. B.—Ltrar, hand,Nlortar. Lath. Be. for uda.
-ADAM HARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon. hte
bum r..huburgb, Motlaud, would IWPINIY
QuAulltihe yobbo thst Lo L. orunmsoo, l prut1f..2247.
by em , erd
'en blm, hat ors to Or m i dhlgrnig n ,
Agt=trtgturtjustrast;TUWstilml on.
mr.r .
, of Tunusl stmet end Iklanril•eid•
nURP ------ tr Ze DEAL= and,
Commterets. Meerheets - fn. the , D of, Ameekso
co Geode, ti 0.139 le_berty_et...
& 11A.RBAr313ii.:Y kerch!in_ts.'
ID"ingagr=liATlNtr.. 00l
ired—mu} AND LITHOGRadING.
EVELSON, Eivraver on Wood',
ru o jun, (thud 4117,1 Pittfbitrzb, of
,„..1 iteeblarrf: Heads of Nowepepers.
Pee. 111. ft In polars Neale for Pletetoes. So.
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I.r.aahnrilgi gretnpl l'
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Drawinr. Undsvcam wad , Vldeng Canly, le, anaravad at
Canada on Raz.and entad In colony Oasd. limy, es
Black. In the mon approrod D o d d 1 ard al the =we mum.
abil plsW. 6 .: . .1; •. •
[l - 4 61 - iii.j.AVILS ON & CO., Impuhere and
, Dna...lP Iftrd.aft and eutkry, ao. 129
I.`, i:f tpt it fEll:p::(04:11
ey rent of FLINT' ami otos, MOULDS,acI all
kind. of -31ACIIINSIIIY; Laos MU method of inlbrmina
those derivate of her Ina Poch stork done, that May rr
prepared to do It at the lowest possible rates, at the tho a rt.
1. notice, and In the bat manner, at their eatabliattnents
&mod street, &bore the Canal liriatatattear ttur tias vas.
'rave Irons tor Watt Smith and Blastlna. ,
factored at the rho:test notice, and at the Imre. axiom--
All kinds of Jobbing done onshore/ 'at ti c ,.
mellll:3nt. '
Wegner, Buecbner tc Mueller's
THE ABOVE FIRM respectfullyannounce
In their fries. and the pulille generally, that they
prepared to execute, In the fart style of their art. all
Wile. for Show Cants. tolls, bittern Cheeks Plat.
and Professional Card, alerts Labels an
Their establishment in at No... Market street, between
Third and Fourth Wee.. subs. SWUM'
Bolivar. Eire Brick Manufacturing Co' nip'y.
1.0.11.--d. 1t1gn0....11. Y. awn.—..e. s. WSW , .
GLOVER, KIER & CO. Paopntrroks.
/VIE SUBSCRIBERS, juicing . been tip:
pointed Agents IDs the above Earned miter. sill
keep constantly - en head mpply of the Mobrsted Bollrar;
Flmarldk.C.thibhiFirrthenS urnsw Beare/maid
They ere alto prep.. to receive orders for .1d BUM. n.e
be male to ease and shape to sun purchasers. which shall
be promittlY
tVe do not deemlt noommy to enumerate the ..T ed .
vgerthe Holm, Fire Brick moo.. overall others:hat
have beau offered for ease In the it Stale., their raper
Acuity being weU [Own to almost all p a r.. who not
Flee lirlet. The proprietors hare determined that the
heck shall lore now ...their prorentmrtsbis
that no expenre ebsll be spared to make them even
then they bare heretofore teen. MB 11 the only
rsiabilshatent now matinfeototing Yin: Brick at.Bollyar.
Canal BM. &Tenth et, Pittsburgh.
• -
'Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tole Works. •
TEE undersigned have just completed their I
xtenstre 5 ,
and are no. manufartartna all sites of GAB PUY, U.
emotive and other Mee. and all steer of
.hies they oder far we at the lowest pelt.. They are
preparod to exectda_oolors, to l tsteutorttbaut
&PAG lw.. .
"'" r
T v sun, No. fdd laberty .or of Adam at. rittrburith.
ICIIOLAS VIVIAN, • Civil Engineer,
Prim:lol4.m , and Practical Mining Area. -Mak.
raugbta of Molds fur lbe 146 tent 001ce. dellguo of 11.10-
17007 far 01.160 e. Water Wort, ILA Uwe Mills, 10•7 00
Mural betwixt 10 A. 31. and 6 P. !L. at his Tesldenee., N. 21
Martoary Wen. Pittsboxyla.
A. MADEIRA, Agent for Delaware Mu-
1 - GARDINER COFFIN, Agentfor Franklin
*lv; Compaq. north out stator of Wad
WM. GLENN, Ming tiLVDLIit, Wood street,
sennighstoor from the corner of Third. where he la
inunared to dii estoTtlearripUon of Binding with math..
and durability. Blank Bongs ruled toy patter. and
hound substantially. Boots in numbe rs or old hooka
hound easefally. or repainet. ame. isto In gilt
Thane oho have hireling are in v ited to p call. n
M'Fattl2 , Whol t e u t aad Retail
en eoee (lan d oo andrF.
FM Moot.. Yttloloatth t . '4 lVitao tho 7
-offer • fold onat Otto stork of Mts. tip , . te,.. or
7. 7 ult ftr teai.% 'ofnr,tx—w", - ,,, vrA=
ally vow:mina them MK they win writ on the lama edna.
IVM. WORT, Merchant Tailor, Draper,
y y Dealer In lied, Made aotnint. Liberty rt.
New Coach Fadory—Allegheny. •
• 31. 3. WUITE & CO..srould re
epectfohle Inform the public. that they have
• cae Lomat, between Tederai nOd renalunky
'Prem. They see now makingand are prefemed to Mere
oriel for every demnirtion of . vehicles. Pomba, Chariots,
Throat... Bade, Phaetew. an, winch, from theft
long aperient. In the manufacture of the aleyr. work.
abet' forditke they hen, they firl emended they ere
ealo do work on the meet weitemareblie tonna with
Peen wanting seal. In their
Paying wertiralat about.n to the solertiou of matreal..
and having none but competent workmen. they have no
limitation in ware:Ong their work. W e therefore ask Pm
airma n. of the nubile to this mate.
N. B. Deastrine'dona In tho boa madam. to on the
Tort reamnabla taw._
•AdLE BURBLE WORRY, (established
y EDMUND INTILb EDMUND WILKINte. No. 1 0 4 Liberty .
of Weal arra, Pitnharsh. Monument, Burial
Liendetoom. ae.; Natal Pie.. Centre ad
Lem Thia ewer. on Mood. and meld to order.
N. IL. avers election of Previa.. on head. pile
Comer of Third sod Market wines. The tellt• +aw
ed lofiutattiotk of the tiod, In Villa.' b.
Yeattre.----Johtt Irletaitg, Principal I estrattor to
fkicse• of Arcoaoto.
.0. K. Charobortia. Prof of Prensoanship.Meme o o.
Ak.s. Wol.tor•loqnlectaror Ccramordo Lae.
Mule doerin• • ..Pero t Lu . ./.. 1 %0f PeOr
et i : t at . 01.4=YED. sTrlt gted t d o= :W-
I. the artankrateuts.
• Lune co Laorberctal Le trori•for•LT errolaf ,
Worm Co .tity at reorient dry merehaots. 4823
2: • .EsTenttanzo 1832,111:D3f UND
'WILKINS, No, 245 Libarty pt.,
brad of Wood ArraL!rttlaburab, Pa.
linenturenta.bmialt aaltx.Yonsbytotred.
ir., Ms ti MI , erntro
PUT Ivy,
al:ard - o on hand sad toadr ddor. of tba
ehtdeest Ilarblas, and at trrr redwood
=. A eifira sebtloa• AlPratairot a ,
The tnatt ..
! , '; : i Ils•roazr 1 :."
____.: — l'
4 ... r......-. I . ert ported , ~,, ____----•-"--:
i V ,
....,. . tton Italy. 1 , , :.- 1
Emmen —
11 ... cm.. i llssom udFo rro n g
Wm. Robomon.P.4,r±l Brlllean4
ja. Snyder, 7gl. du
Pittsburgh itsoh.
Curti. du
J. IL bborobrw. r•-• 5 1• p a ,,t, du
WU "' 11"""" 1. 1,1. trrri..r r Co.
Robert McKnight.. „...
Jo boo.. s. McKnight. h'sit. ymipso
Dam S ' Lothpl .. Roo..
bsels girder. for .lbo
re% o.r
r lid
novd durum, W... T. OO ' , to t,. ~7m4.:0 moment
Issued end
thou sod will chdoome to mo
Bennett's. Monochromatic Deposal
Mar 1.-19000 Paintings—Tb• "Garden of Getbaemene , "
and the "lkatietar of ran?iaL" •
beam. Warierutung *7 Tiara weer.
J. W. W. reneettalr .irdinus hie friends and
finest that bo has nen completed the la
and finest slat of honnaludil furolture ever Lora ova lu
W city, ae no lo del/maned to uphold 10s qualitr nith
nelleseamorted truteriala,heet norknA o s ol P. ll . l iu l9 .X iii
rizem and from the extent of his orders an 4 twilit - yr In
raanufacturina. he is masted to penance warranted turn..
tun, at the .
lie Du adopted the prineaple of WTIIII9IOO the mama
ers' interest snth his eo 1,16 .4sudity and prue.
Wimps on hard tho patina variety of everr denant o4
iG o7 ott ni
furolture. from thee ehtopeit' And plainest tn tho sivost elo•
Rant and costly, that a house, or any part a one. co al
furnis o.l,l. hed horst his rock, or utoodDiesisred expreanly
lie thesePere esilleita lnsierLion, that the enliuo•
Uwe.o of hli entatilahrmnt be known. The folltrollos
.r. ,60 . ...AA. 10 P.M Of la. Wick. nada& for dame.. a
r=sod flash cannot eurpasord in arty of 11. Duda.
Dalor, dunning. dlning. arid boivoons etude, of rear
MoalT;theilXrnalr:=lrd. m.d. 0001
tri trevoorlodti.
Maim; Courbers, and Dir.. of Go talent
Vreselt and Amato. paterroz WbaPNotrh and
ladies' parlor Wetting Desks of 'saloon klrate, Work Tales
and Wier inlaid .hands, :mink etao4r, and holders, rnable
Ides,nineteen.] end weloni. reotre dud 10. a'
Ides. 010000000 , linihg tattoo all aire.of the plea Unproved,
and 40091.11 y the bent kind made; card, Deo/tante hall end
pier Sabina wardrobe., hedstesule and wuloitatein of each a
Urpe atoorunonr, gothk 6111 a:4 Pal.' ininhaiinn
ottomans and 0)0110, eeenart and hook esaes. ride
bre deriletts, towel rinks, hat stands, and tousle glade, ern4
aLl'rirDir tba:t:lTE.lo.
mAldla 1,00100001, A
large aestrUnent of Common Furniture ' and Viinnor
Chairs. Cabinet makers suppllod with all articles in that
firesativeste and nosh, furnished at the ehortat naloo.
All milers promptly attended to. Da
dttarney at La, 14.163 ThlN et., corner of Chem
cy, Jddnu tuada arranger:teat* for tlio purport, rill
procerra Bounty Lando for otrieere and noldierm, their
widows nod children and rill attend to my. ther - oat.
ova, cordneted with . I.lte goranournt or toy of lot Deport.
'crone. Lite Peeteloo oillah or the id lira City
• • •
Drawing, Perigee tine, and Painting in OiL
nIL: D. IL SMITH is now prepared to give
iu rtruotion to • for pepil• in the dllrment branches.
delightful arts as. ids moms, in Mourns. Scram slis
Aikirussofr new building. Vinst arrest, between Wood and
Marlt to rreta. • llourr of Mrtructiom from 23i to kg. and
from e • 133fs Y. m harge. nod other particulars ems be
known milieu{ (Mte C rrussuo) at Um room.. • .
Itek-eto Dr. llazasmi or Dr. Addiam.
fettle ttroolomndation of 'When , . The twenty ef t
Igritottrbe b".. ry 'nelYfebtreT.P"rglZl:ettilletre ranee
b l aming Phenix Jul nhotlthery. et the choleeet kind nee
oroetil‘frestrt::)""2lttr"im ter . t ' le Oro &goon. es stunt.
requele teetefolly . let y r st abert nett«.
The neat eattinnefertable leantleed.olllMTATN, Lae h
the haunter, brtvrette I'M street sod the Old Veglarey
Bridge, sd the beginning of perry stub 9 n
ottlllo )1. One extra Ot, every evening, et OS
Striniarin viintinitthe einokr en/ ...Innitnn in Ter •
fldltn thin Minn.. firmer liattion
The Garden' Iv kept ern Temperance prloeiples, and . eloped
on notelet, . opltetl
W.DiXoll'3Loruton Patent Lever Watches,
soeik , fiAo V Weddle , . ever drered PaLdetroh.
gRitIijAMISON, St Market etreet, in
. roe Agent for, the ebove mimed Lever Watches.
oilcierlos wousetee U ettectied to each Wateht
aPtietutmeric to the Admiralty WM. DIXON, Chris
so:Meter arid Watch Stauctfacturtr, 15 Med Stuart, On.
ytell Snail. London.
This artifice that the aecompan O va Watch, No.--, le
wur.nted by ma to Le of my mm facture. sod uoWelch
•Ith my same upon it le Rentals , .301.3 actedoyattled by
l 'Un.'" ' 1
y W a ylay,
1 rt n sT. e i • "t o kemtlme to tb
t oli. a the ` parebver.. n3L arLlWr a'
1 • splS3k
Staan.rboat ligyug, and 'Gemara' Cow*.
• nark carvial: and Forwarding.
ALBDIVIN Re , - MAIER S CO.. have this
Asp' assaalelal with Jam 31e. John Lawton, and ortor
Lair aarrias• Ms paths
l as &sambaed. (Isonal
Gas.W.d..!!..' 7 ,'""leAELTS ' lraZrrt b ; 02•°`
Williams' Raw.
aorlll±lP- •
--r-----treitaS WORKS
w.ciniNvatum a ,
Lass, No. 26 picket I. DM ,
"Peat""lex,s"tteraloaeto odd A1..--Masr•
latnfl.... vlO,
..JOLT4 °mar. ~
ndri h n th
less la .
/WM nu.
and Denim
Tnne poen= of Walt
. . lUSCEttairEOUS.CARD S . -&e.
11ILLINGS. WILSON k CO.;. Mu:ileac
ur torus of all Mies Lobo; la. and fdlon InAllb Agar
boa. duff. and lining MU. nolstang. &fut. no), and
lime nalko fkmr barrel and lobbing 604 Aldl Jim , WI and,
blood fulls. to.. in
Olfm, at LIPPEN COTS t CO, Nu. 1111. WatoggL. Rt.
... .
F. R. Moore, M.D.," •
gitXdlgt u r.= =a of
cluonle rod rardkoldireares. Off. on AddL i ntot Ord. I
ton hand rtrart urinv. and trot door to Um Ploo
log 31111..1.11eghror t3tr. Vero hour' frorm to 9A.
floso Irod froto 7to 9 V. 31. toY2' , l l *
HODS—Siratt's Patent
JAMES JACKSON, tlapcorp-Aerh•J-
Inotesale .ofpot, SG Rood 'street, Pittsburgh, Pa.,,
(Cartwright's Cutler, Sto.) •
gractm tho. th.r &aait ad mat of prim The Ur
mirrors and drlarbrarets Ming securatalr. the ,date
Phapplete are porivalled heit% highlym
narnenlah and without dlrrato the bred pap peter errr
rohnutarturegt. Janie. Jsehron will Wart thew at lug
cents per that. hien at the erthre,lo centr.
ere reePer-Uallr re-Queered to tall at PA Wood
mdttd. =PI wren:Are the above; where. him.
er*P. targtf
- -
Geo. E. Eichbawn. Civil Engineer ,
rr ILL ATTEND, in any part of the coml
07: to the curvet . , loratintt, and 'roartrartlon of
Itattractisr Morosinoriced and flank Bowls, Bridges. tscks.
Dom,' to. for canal or rbwkwater naritoction, owl will pro:
rz. . 1 :0. 'Vacations. Lod catimstrt cf cost of
a¢T of
Ile will also stund to the division of land, and Wing
not town plater making drawings of modal for Patent Of
Ito, of of mochlorry, tr.
Office In BnIMIn" 91.00 ft-Otntr the bolt
U lisait t s-tfron b- . W. Loonttr, Mtot. BM.
Zisville B. Craig. P{l., Wm. Lialb.llll3.
spakim •
a. a. 115514 AU, eteeux.
/WHEY & snircum,
Storage,t3hippingicCaimisiibniterchants ,
YuGLESei l E . dealens in 9roceries,6la3B,
stmt, cw.a.r t ait - 5.'4" "
Cash advances made on eatkrignmentx
*seat. ter an au-smbrate and C.Peikee he the TAU 20.
porter Line.
11A1se to—Lima A. Ms A Co, Clerdaride
rat. A Wheeler, 111111s1cr,
1' 51 Mere Pallier. Pittebouh.
At • n nr Bradley,
•• • -
.Al,AollgigT7USirt:R of eve ry
n e _,....pat aen wqt tl vi al t i,
Urns. end sub av render the on.
AIto—PARLOR STUVEII, among which will be Rated
Jewell it foot. celebrated folding dote P6r1.1 . S.Ter. VAX
btoven Iladlatorn r
ho lame
whieb we invite tho attention of builde Tea
Uo to
llow Wart: W. 1090 Dorm ter to all of which 'introit*
the attention of dealen tenni pnrcbaidnir .lot here. •
GEO. E. ARNOLD A CO. have this day tai
notiat.l with them JOLLY D. SCULLY. Th.. 471. of
Ma firm will twig heretofore-
PlDsburwl4.ll•7lo. lat. • [WW2
HoNEGGER a CO., Importers of Willies,
Liquors,uo awl Stlug Cheese, 1619 crathOrld grxt,lo
tvreem o &math.
(Formerly the Elehange,)
Miner of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
HIS spacious, central, and most conrcni-
T ra
may loottol MOTEL, having lowiS comyki. l 7
tied. tad thoroughly repalmt and improved. to vide
own Lc the .1.11:11:6Platkro of the pubis, -
The subscriber. loicsm and proprietor.. tha ST. CLAM
!MCl,hos moot - Doily informs his flings and the publie
ho ltboil it 40 the twist eltswatiold
hie style. andetu fuen rloted commdent IMAM.* and attrotite
J faithful versants, and that he will spats go esortion
tomale It moll to any Douse in the romEry.
The well known central Dealon of the Rome and Mr
frolettos of It. arrangements , rendering it the p;ootamane
lale wither to Damien germsnent hoonlimcimluom him
in Mira and hope lot If a liberal Mom of patron.,
1561110 E L I{IIOESSIi keeps constantly on
I. hand a good mortment of Wash and WO Tu.
um. titesmistat. Eat Nell, klutiodt or Draw /1.1.01.,
Wooden Howls, Chum, Dry limures, P.M sad Elmer
W.ll rea
m, sod all When Ito& of wave in Ids U..
Warrenam, Maimaie Pitch street rittatomgh. Pa.
Th I R. J.J. MYERS--Surgeon and Physician.
01..4 dwrll.6. corr. of Druil.ton'm 10..: NO.
Ird Arert one dour aborr Frrabbel d L lit. Slyer. her p..orotly lormr.l 11[1.bur.h, and
will ritrarl 11. Orr datirs of MI 11v4.4.4en. ,dye
1.40.4 n co LT.SillAl. raw. and the dinnues
mom. and children. • tilllA,
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods..
TIIOSIAS PALMER is doily receiving
Cm= Om. raaturn Odes. at the of stand,
No. 55 ?dome? Srßem
&meta Med and Fourth street', Patitargh.;
gritsZt . = " irteir=
far a long p IGC
eriod. Th. radturos Moat
ot/rey nor, the
Arlo. yeeolutly thane, and Osculate, i 1 point of asrls
tsar, uneurpayud. 1/yoro 10 mots upward& t)a pea&
rause. To Lila Amami we lot of aoode, of ahleb amon. me. to Raised to. riaht lbw chdoldPeluele
lbe attention of sneretuata sad holm kerma* ls Ye...Jae+
fully lovited. meta.
.1" RAVE FITTED Ur. •(on ho Now York
faia.) a vary lamellar Waer.. far gado& Cur
wok Curtain kiatia.Lii. awl even_ kelp slog to
cox fuhlotimbla parka: sal have oolresal I=cat 0.1
ost .01001°0 sawarlairat of falln laanotala,
Preach pail aorta. Llsomak Da Lkl., English DkonaL,
1.3012t1r, Turks, Ral Fawkes, lama. of
aairf Ylad Laeo C 2.414.1, &rural 2.1 ;data ?Balm. /gal-.
land of ititiarceit rr lth.. cow... of . 111frrtn21 P•tt.rra
Ind ayloa, Boar Bat, WIN or Ulla.ual likailatiCorfkla
ltradit. and rm.. Cann. Pins, Taasslasafg>aal Loom
Bad. Silk mai Wonted. Boakebtalkell las,
lank. add larlaiator 21Wlth Counterkaars sal cohort
Cosafata. flaicrafria. iladoliaz.
All °atria ttaulkfally atal prowl/fly filled.
walk WIL NOBLY. Third ra.k.
'No 7.1 Poe , . st.„ soot lo Ant of Llxpk.
!f0t0...W.1 Drafts • oollectod on all parts P
of l to
be U
Simko too:1I aro, .44 oo moosoilo. fobt:O•ort
. .
JAMES WILSON has removed hie lint
sod Cep tore to leo. el Woad street. third door meth
of Diaggnal /JUT.
("0-PARTNERSHIP—Having taken my
Edward R. VII.; Into vulnerably to the
Lash Cet . ead Yl f hrldlit c z: will.k . exaetler
_an hark...
liv nam e ßO Y 01011
1., A— James Wham mitten. the hat ecol the
is 9 federal elytet. Allegheny 101. lalely kart by IL IL
... _ .
. J. Wilson & Son.
OLESALE and retail manuraetn-41
WI I . and &taloa In MLA and
Cara, '.a. al
Root ftrtott, thild door bolo+. Intanond Mir:. Pltts
barflya:sere they offer • Pail and onntOrto stork of thug
and Can of ono and Eastern tosoutactoto, of
igittiortßlt==lclti ;:a..::ogt'S'arn't
that they villnell on tho woof meonaLlf Lerma .
aentltrtrf. . . .
Business Tax for City Purposes ,
TN pursuance of Ro te Orthaauce providing
for the Inemmro of the venue of this city. frcin° I
wn tow April 1ir65." antler hereby nitre. that the My,
Ammon, lem tenet my 601ce, for nutmeat/n , by all Inte r .
mead, a lint or the prreins doing burin°. ea the ray, le
omformity with aid typttnaene„
nee. 4. 17, upon ritabileatioe of raid Mem.*
Aril think theturclem agriertrl by the sni.l acroormant.
they dual 61.10 Um mutate au 'Wavle. lOW. fielklnalt
.0.11 also °Statute a MotaMent 61 the true d ameuut 01
mins, ay near m ooh arrortaluerh
to le
lett rate the Can TrollAtirKt,llllliatt too °mks fron. the
data of thr fir el publicatlou of the entire atcre.att
enc. t. That no appeal 1.1.011 1° liar. hut by the af4AO
Mt at the carom or firm ac,:nen , e .1a effidinit be
conolurlve medal.. of the facia Mat°l 31/ tei*lolll, to the
*mount at ralm.
Amen.* 1101/4 Wit' ILA two ail fttelt,
datc—Jutm Tth, weeaux.
Are - You Subject to the Tooth Ache - .
RAVE con hollow teeth If so, uro
Puntiln a YIATEIIIP French 'Tooth littarnel.
vegetahin ml per nom ponied, trarrantcd unite littera the
Perth. or mouth,. Owl/e .tu
on' rret:dal rompontiona
by whirl every lemon wry !tetanal/1r other nen AMU°.
at • ratan ea mere. Cobt P:lf tett litertlpmkagor. by
n N. IA 11/01, Agent.
Wood suret, Pittsburgh.
Greenwood Gardens.
QTRAWBRIGUES, freeh frunt the View,-
nor scrod up PC 11111 otrcat Crosus
r= l ,767,"ltlL rN y I)unfartMlgm;:rtlg‘ bTo
Itilr,:am v 'eati , MIT " . 1". 'brici - gt=
Corr boor. It . : ' lcord on huaday.l Pa 4
usw itEektvEl)--A . CWITT)Ifiii 7B,
iOl lAtwrir oornel
-1010cs Yroo , h 1.00 . 01, for Pun%
10 • 00 scud, Frroch Orapd . Itlo. far F. 00%
I rg.t la.k S Ilk Weep
A I . , tesncilles end I.l m ittT io Vt •
LIAY AND MANURE FOltk:3-1'25 doz.
juz. Ilorocr k redebratrd lln nl Mioure c ZYO.
Z r a:=T,gre
Water ).trace.
Tor oratorio of dolrh and Intrinsic value, Lamm Yorki
ratinot ourprreed: and the low prior at er Lich lbeY, or e
sld. moot loan. thalr introdurtion.• arYkdr
Curled Hair. hiatuses.
HAVE on hand a largo stock of Matrana
■ , made nut of pare lhome4haEt : l . :f u a i r
m t eu
ar a will plan. calL
r2a Third Mallet. oppcalla t h e hat
mural% by 2.6 PO 164 p ,.
3404 24 by•
800 " by
600 " 10 2
by 24. 24 br 32. 24 bY 24 . =I
by4l, 28 ty
400 " blue. Factory r1411.r.
39.1 10111 . : 11 in ~ leCro4oB Stre Paper.
It 0411enz
854) Hoditien and dinlYlo
Tbo tmdentrnrd keep. eonstautly on band out Or. e
op , fur Rom a bune nbd n=nt
bulb), Cop, Letter, linninare, ssal T o. NO
Boardx, nts.,to.
CAI a,
o(JI IdoB4 =Moor snanututonret.
14 . 10).18g Paper msde Loonier an 'bort ontire. •
J. L. 811K0.
fob 26 00yruy of Pam, wad Irirla 060.
tit IDES-34 Dry Flint, for salwby
lea E.• a W. HAKRA.OOII.
B -----
ACON-7 casks Sides, for solo by
J. 0. * W. lIARIIIGOn.
. bbla. New LieTioit Stm. Mille
taa:lbr eau by B. k lir. LIARDAU CIII.
BORAX-8 cues Retinal, for enlo by
" J. 3 • J. BeIIOONMAKEII aco
AMP BLACK-30 bble. ailed. for sato by
P -
IRON-33 tons Allegheny, for sale by
1. I. R.l I,OID. Kneml Church Onll4llaß.
VINEGAR -50 bblo. pure Cider for solo
er to J. a n. kurro.
ROOMS-150 dos. Ohio, for salo by
II J. u. morn.
egtzEsE.—% boxes Chem jut. received *.e o,o1 05 1 " ht w an;
ENI G, JUNE 27, 1851.
TS - •
._ • •
' -43 , 441.1
• ::::::::::::::::::: 2
A. Loot, Yoe Net Yort.-. 2.111 7
. ARCTIC, ince. for Net Tort ...... ..... 11
NIADADA,Stooe tor Boston ..... . ...... 14
51111.1.1141=i,Crelar Vh16a'..1P..M'....:-.Pet:
AFRICA, Itylie ffr Net
C•AN ADA, liaretem• fur ..... ..... —July I
.-• • •
toe.' UOOIPWt -
.16146T/C4 ctorfrioet. from New York.- —Dszte . I
AVIIICA.IIIfre, from Not Vet. . . • -ite
CANADA, Darby,' from _Poeta.-- ki t e 11
NORTII A3lNDlCA.Blelbreo4from Not Yak ..from 17
APIA. Jodtlu. from Net ....... ../m4e
PACIFIC, Nye, from Net Yort
. 4YA r ali A. frog;topff"'"— June
.kotoY.4 ' -tirteem
CITY Oil GLASGOW, Cs+ll, tram re y 17.
.NCTIO, tom from New .....1.11"
CAMBRIA,' Ilarrfron, from 1/4•140 ..... 19
'• LINES TO Tat CONTINENT 01 , 81•410 PD—From
.Jana 4. J R ta l e
0000 kkpu].
ifus7loJaua 11
' GEORGIA Porter.
OMR. Sebenck .........
Tel Mowing HA darn, al* am/ departures ofe culla
Pow .141.41 correct. tO the letter.
Surtme—ll7 Oreerobroor, ChemberOmrg, PhlhidelPhle,
Vow Ilmit,.l6etern, Ware mad Northern part" of N.lota.
Velawere, he /emu, arid the ale New Lnalemat i te. --
no,, , Brithrh Trininrs . of i....a
Antra n tliauxu4 . Nor.
Noon. and
U 7 BtatravUle M attle bag, 9.,
lcaltPling the mutne of Bradford, Cambria, Clio
.nikgorilats, Lyromlng, MIKA, Atadl , 4 Mt. , . •
Union, and put of Wattonreland, via Llunnere.
lurrayeeille, Fr e i Breda. New Alarunchis. aird
poo /minty. dilly, 01 11 P. &paits .10117 at
TH.ll Lou t. .
: Dutton Pe., blercer, Oxnard. end Jeer...
tunnies, 11 extern partorN me York and apperW:uht.d.BY•
Antral at 9 r. my and depute e y t 9 Mla.
lenninaS AND Wtel.l.l.—il Weahingto.
pp uert Somenet„ part of Wel=webard colony,
Marylan o,
d, 11.111mon, Wuhirtgloo My, Bentham aod "eate
ern parts of Ohio and lndlans. Monocle - 7 . . Illhaola, TOM..
au, Alsbuss, 31Lsrart, /41asinippl„ Arkalles. North Caro .
llo.lleorgla. Lunn.. Vlarida. and Tam, daily. Anima
OS %r. sod depute at OA. lA.
tunlosunm, out.-437 Fayette, Bums. Barbgtell,
- Florence, Parn, Uhro. Jura.. tors
sot cnrgal, Hole., eon! Tortsrawrimocanties.o4l.4Ml.7.
Anima s gall r.. 1 depute at e w.
N u nn Watonge—lly Ocarer. Pa, arid Ckvels.m.
on,„ coltuablens, Trumbull, NILO. fk.P.P4
fler2 iT 0. 14 AV:VM! V ' N=
11... d Loran countlea Mem the extreme northern noantles
el the Mateo, of helium andl.lllno/a,theludins all II la.
Pm. Whyouto, Bally. Sun. at 11 a. ..; de.
KErrAZIXO.-417 Bharywburp. Hun.. sPaiegall6l.Taxerr
ya, Froeport,hittenning, blekltalnitasArontrang, Clan
km, sal Chartield rountim. daily, except on Bundayo. An
‘" Nr.T. 1ie. 8 " (.112 .... 1;Te 1 4lt : 4 4
=d; °WON POrtn.
llarllnearg at:2l New Lodge. Aniveg Tyndale,
Thuredaye, n o
do iaturday...t B r. a.; departs Mandel*.
Werionalm a acol Fridays. at a. w.
ilaamsnm.—By . Plargunet coo
otag%titii.A.ztlaLX=...,Yridalle. at a de
gliaorroa.—ily Ihmktuaga 11
Coal ballei. Ellmbe Worm, Olgable'la Rogreverl ' ll=
son,lloolmoula Portyopolla. :Nut Liberty, tipper &Ulan
no. FM Arrived Minders sn4 WAnirday.. at 16 do'
parte Bloodars .1 11 onlay ael a. 0.
nupun, Va.—tty mare, mule, hoblectra, c.a.*, I
Durgendowu. Orem Chub YULaw p.OlO am
Iliethany , 9... anima tkmdaya and Monday., at 10 a.
dem.. litoodaye end Thundayr, et 1 P. M.
nnxw IA.-11l Moue., 1 ( 0. Mom
loon. Yrukfort ep ring. ra, 641refew, ea. Arrives .
AC e rinall r.a.tol.y. al
me..lie Arun. ?meth. NillAhlostoo. end Apollo.
Y. fart,. CO NS alt.ulayo. br. &tun: Monday
at el a. ra.
Lamm:owe-14 banana Ferry. Arrive& on Wader. at 6
Y. pm dep
aoo.lo ute m• Mout., e A.
nerrynlll. Wexford,. Ilnalunelt, Ogle,
Pronut , '0 liftmen S. itn, wending At Wm, and Truax d
mum* Armes lylmeckli—lnladay„ , Wcdoesdayi .
1 17 &pans Tama" ,ki and
leurm le off r
dolly mall. moot be the Moe one hour
benne their departuno Manx fer the trimeeell, omol
wrolly,and weekly ominous* to in the 011ece hall an hour
beton their demrtnts.
RATES OF Discourr
mast. 'ma lan OUT rtrencosa aaxtrrs. 11
li: HOLMES & SONS, Bankers.
id.. s, .13Yrtat rt. foto.* Third and Astra at 11..,...1.A.
YrINDYLVANIA. iDraneh at litaridlkoi.-----X
Bonka ok Pstralotogii........-..- Voooob xt WoOrier----dt
Itrichangn Lana of d0...-.Dar Brandi at Cants-.-----di
Nat and Mara at dia.....,..rer mouth at Yraingatown__.dt
Donk Of Oiontitroor..-.-•tiat CDT Dant Cintinnar.l..-di
Dank aNartti Mantra- oat Commiorial DlaCincintatid•
Soot of Sortlio Wm...ova , Dminktin Eank...--........di
Mink of tango) Irania- :.Pa: Lafayette Itank....--...-......di
Putt of )ono nog aatinn-par IDato lAD To.. bane Co-di
lank of Dia Calms OTolb Iti Wear. Reform Itank---41.
Cotionormai Boni of )'.-.Par Book Of Itarrillon-..---d.
Ilinn.rre ft Nfectordae irk pot roma Notra.-....---.d•
(Grua ilank.-----......par, NKW ENGLAND.
ttten4aiiii - PNr ""o4 . l ctl ik:-".1
rl k.---.: irtardeClan-yorNo w
not City -- - --par
DloyaotraCing Dan--...-DatiLogatY7.--- ...........- X
Ilitiadeltkita Vara-- ..... ..psti 31AltYlaND.
Tratnsines sik.----...nit:Yaittom ,
Woott ioon
--.--.-. DA N.JEttrailli:CATe ,
Dank afCbatabontiorgh- 13.11 retrait torour-........... ta
hank of Moot. , toutitY-par 1 DilllNlA
liana 01D50v11e.....--. 33. KO* ore. Tally :ti
Doak of /AIX.. Chrator - -paritOr. 4 YtiyhdA , Yoidoloc:o
11.101. a Ci•Troaritors.--- pia 1:0. 11.1,0.-. NortilL-- da l liaox st 0.4 .bursh. - - Ti tarmere Dank of Virg4 ia
Cant of loviiitiorta-...- - tlerifiaants • A Meth. hi
Mot of Aliddlonwn...- I: North Wertern Diank.--- ta
SiiiagoinarYtio.tianit---sait Urianehr•-..-.. 7 . -.';,,,
Ludt of liorthoolberixrdlod , MIIEII C-d.. 131 4.
lOU lane ----- X ittank of pa Fear__-.... 2
Cantatas fit ilt BMW. Catal iDknffa of N. Cartilina.... 2
[torte...rim R00k..._..._. arm Ilt„D ilsninen 2
6,0 s Saulo--..---.. Dir Mertbant: tank, Nest"... 2
Yoroaoriltk of afc - ko I.U.Tar:lio. Of lb. ft- of S. lrollnit 2
Yarlorrit ilt of Lasimartar•paCßank of Eouth larolina..- 2
/Nowt"' Dank ofltood mg par . Cant tif Cliartaton-- 3
har k flp of tfkbriltiliCe%lttatitors't
zi vpakw BA 3
rninitlin 'LLD gutdogeon par Au Mr:Ml . lu* flasklmg Cali
Larslarrisbutslisot.-........ ICJ:ant Of lotenotn- - —.....
o-sd.le mat yIA of lintrottaik. Altman 3
Laurartor funk_ «._ I r X/ 1 1 4 WEL
Lai:raster Coantlidanx-psz All roll exit bank- - - -._ 3
lobanoa Ilukk PO KiINTUCKY.
Dinars' Rut aryl:Willa it Dior Kerintrky,Lottlatille X
Menringatnita Bant___-_lor Ilk of Louis - wilt, Moreau .!.,
Wool broth Ilaota:..--- fi r , Nortberst DU of Kentucky !..
Wyoming Int,Wlllrstorntortobern Uk of Kna4111.7 o
Yoritokitot:ikiwi.-...--.... : ok a
a litsouiti im x
0111 v. Id:001K
Ohio titatollatik- ..-. MOW, Bank arid brand.-.•3d
Maw-A at of 1 litticia.. ... --.._15
Knuth or Athos,- -........d0 W IKON/4N.
Manch at Ihidaryort----do Matsu nor in, Co. ebb II
Branch' at
it:lbrLiatit.2.-..1 VArmers . )I.clualme Batten
10 . ..1 at Toil 1a...-..._. do flovormateol Kock Danit-.....ii
linnet at Dayton....-- -do Donlitrialsr Dati1t..—.........
Math at IN a
nneb a• raria..-......d0 I romance Company---. 3
linnet; at Ailitabetta-- - -do _- CANADA.
itraticti at 1ta1em....-- --do tit ofri If. A ostrica.Toronto3
Brartelo at Ilartafirld....-.4t0 liana of the imple. Tortnitot.
Unman at V01ey.... i .--...d0 Dank of lifinitreal..---;.2
1 11=1 a t
t'lltr n Va...7....7-1" it 871 of
At•VENti: [ T AM. I
Mauch at Wm', to.d.m.---do
o n New Y ork tyirem)--
Drawl. at Cadiz-- •--....d0 on Dhilalrltilos d 0..-... X.
Inatoti at Laumote.r.-......d00n Mattoon. do -- ta
Drawl. at Stifutotivilla. . . .doi Wl2rta CD ILICIIANII IL
Na Uoo n o di at Mt. lanon.-.Ao'Cittrionati ............ -..........4
ithk,:.k at Unnh et
Elina..----do rt. lona, ..... . ...... 7 7 -..-34
Maori, al 3 r GOLD AND tiI.C.CI a I ALL).
Itritioti at Mara tea- . -..d0 liout•loota,Dpassina-... 111 . 00
Diana. at Too.. ---. •_olo do Datriol-......L5, 4 0
l arc h at 21L Virioant:--tin Engle. old. 10,111
Manch .d. Yanoartila-......da agle, roar- . ADO
linuott at Norwalk _
--.4n FroJoiictorof.- 7MO
itraorli at Prot. da Tanninlia,.... .... r.....- Lail
Brawl, at Crtott_.,....._ito 3orrreigna- Cs.;
Br an c h at It 10anta............d0l Ins 11 ti1id0r5.......----- 4.0 f.
Branch at Choatia.• .do Nactloois-..--..--.. 3..rti
tiniorli at Corating.-.......An Duratii-
Draorh at Tobotti...,-- ..... dot
0L15....., -
_ —_
au y....
coOI 6's.,rer
Do. coop. (7,.. nat.. ;
1140 k 47 rittaburnb...-..
Man:blots' k )hoof Bank
FAClunao Bank
AllenL,nr ka•lnua Bank
1141.11.1. Prot..
st. Do. g3holo
r ......
lad .....
Weetern Insunct.
elllseme I Walnut., pp...
Amiatr4 Fatoan • (.st,
Pitt' at to
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pL it,
Plttoblurah Weerta..—
141puonynhela Plaelmatty
YouuhlokibPY PlarkwaYY.l
Peen's. I..yrztml Rail Road'
Cillln x Pyun's.l4.ll
IlalLa °hit. 1111
( . I..yolawl a IL 11,
Mlarltitt Wnv, Dry Dmlti
Fm yet.
}lsle Canal Pond, (n 10......;
Dn. dn.
Tartly erYok Vilma Itood
Alleg. PerryKyllle Pk 1,1
timansbg. T11111016,11.1....1
_ •
Pilt,hure. k ltnAnn
North Aknerwan
i<nrrh Werten,-.- .........
Iron City..
Ohio l'iterburn a Irln Rnyal-,
Adrenturn--.... ..... ......
Mereluta- .........
Douglam liaughton—
Ohio Tray KM,
HAVE on hand a' largo imortm ant o
wiNnow•conivlces awl CUItTAIN BANDS of new
tern, for curtalon. WIS. rOIELL ,
moo marl,' iwoodta the llot.y!laro. _ - Amtra, roc
Altrac KKY CO.
" Vaur atvl Front six
t .„l ,
BACON, -43,000 Shoulders:
Ro l tife r A f . ° ll4 t it.J+ co.
' Smith's New Geographies:
QUITIVS First Boak in Geography; an in
Smith linarto, or From a rirogrophy; oa- o - o r . ,
AcXl 4.4 1 la romigre?dombreglica:Wl to the MK
Wok; OM tot with LO stmol alspetod norooroao engyo"
3 1, r i r "." L'".
rarz:76 LDAuo Doiletuirt, /oath it.
Burma. 41caucu.—ddvortlsolsnts and fivbscApcloup
fai Ibis paki Ibriisrdol tree of exprsue, from
SI,. •
• ' Omen Prrnonnuan , flazirra
The weather yesterday ..dowdy wad ealta7: With an
, ••••glower of ram in
dm day. Bushisaa was
;Aary Ogee, And bat little of interest tranepired. Th. riA,
Weis still reeeditut 'lowly.' with about SS (=llea water In
pww&--ne <molar forward are Ilmlted, and
00 . smralir nicked unreadily at the enema rates. • The
some PP bbl. : at $3 12340313
!It bbl. gales Imam storial SI 2503 31037, accordion to
sale of 221 aka wheat on thewharf Ple
ihu. White Wheht noi:th Me fin. Edo of 40 Int Bye
A t LS, Co., h telling • 111 limited let. a SSFF.S4 and bars
BACON—Peon are steady and wlttiont &ann. .thdes
arso n Om shoulders at loons:tor ssoolbe barns at Me. Bide.
"an rlog to small lots at Ilgo lt fr.' Bales conntrT eared
meat at OX , Sfor shooldria foraklet, ha far hama.
Ealeisugar enrodloass at 10010 X. • - •
! i BEEF—Salets 21 Ws rims at II lAbbh Salsa to Mal
AARD—The swans of laid ars anal], with mcdents
sada at 6X4isc 'it •
' DUTTEIL—Tba market Is doll. ant oat little doloil
sales. IT. quote treat, roll at Itlfoloe, other dmerlidiOrt at
lower rates.
' CIIPXI3II—Ths market' I, Inactive with ®nil calm at
Prim ranging from bX to 6.74480 x. aemirdlig to ntlallty
' GM/PERIM—Ws have no markal strange to notion la
the market- Boor it confined to Moan lots Or hbis
SIPE7II Molasses 33di4.37.41 fraPrism:Maori 48 60e Mr`
polar. sonar 1nk...m . 11M Cones Udall e.lookia . .w.
lota Saki Be. 4X€1434. th.
DROOllB—T6e market 'conthattes In cool snoplr;hot
ails boot barn cmonandivalrlizht. at hie ®fl from pot
hand.. and $1 12X(41. 2451 bolt dos from Mom.. •
' DUCEI6TB AND TUDS—Reecdpts have hammier, and map
rhos am ample. The retralar.rates ars $11702 from trot
hands, and 12 12X(42 23 from more for buckets. Tabs
from first hands 117(117 LO, and from .tore S 3 dos
DRIED PRIIIT—SaIes from Mom have been mallard to
small lots, at $146 tor peaattess arad,ss 010 e 11 Mahal for
lEallll,lls—Soppliesitenseent areeceo9lfatlaslf Ilabt
'sod salsa bare bum estolool to malt lots ai 341g035051
from atom
1118—Bappllem am soriparattrelf Hatt:ad prints o I
lions Arm. 31sokarel are in goad request, arab oaks Ito
at SLI, No 2 $0 500110, No 3 $7 75 flanotall. sad VI 21,5 5a
fn Was. balsam 5,15, Ilerrtag AO 50 foe Baltimore Wya—
tt= Waite Lab 57 WI P bbl, Codfisti at at V. osrt
Lake'Su pester whit? lab at 9 psi bbl and 6 for bf do.
Wllll36l:l*—Tbe current rate% lo limited lots, are 20 01
21e ftr rectosl.
003DLES--Salea of star ersating, at =a of mould
tallow at 10. snd of dlips4 at oep
The Int visitant position whlch this artkle bolds In the
market ha.s led to Induldoi respecting the prodoctiOn of,
as ha ss Cluchimati, the headquarter. at the manutakture.
Ls a:married. There are 40 snanutictmilsw,larg• and small
of lard oil to Chwinnall. These. comurran .on an swage
'emit week, the year round. 1000 packages of 310 Si eac;
equal to 51,000 packages. or 15.apJgl0 be kiswonto. From
tide Is to be deducted for strew, one third or 5,131,000 Ihr.
baying 10,kethr.00 Ilk, equal. allowing ti IDe to the
to 1,100.000 gallons. This may be mud& red a Lir aver
age of the amount inanotarlored and eons woad YearlT to
Cincinnati. To tbis latter wino
muss be set its 51.,
large candle Metal., whkh 0011.141310 th• machos in condi
oatlon with tallow.
Tbr Price oral Is regulated by the mice of lard shot rte.
floe. The average In Cincinnati, for the bes! article., In
the .0111.1 . 61.1.21, 1 n about Ito Irtnby
SUTitto lanatderatesln amount oar 01l
viola. and oil (ACT staine gamed tn which latter
Oman sada 1.....ding1y north nth. that Oh•
Many mall utatinCedurta I:Leah:Lithely rapped operathas
oaten to the blob cat of the anted el. which enable, ta.
larger dealers 41 porthas at an Important advantage.—
Tbe prbn boa ithady raohnt 70e, and will probablr -
bee Ion; reach Me, mot tat ant of 'al le now extrentel f
Pnall. and no MOM C. be wade except from slop box
till the my lab of ?theastber eases bn. Ttre fittantilY
tan! In Manual Is deo eery nail; and =toot to bat
M lee Wan Pb. which brings tbe to Mt of oil and earths
ton tdsh Fir prott. Italy of the Cirninnatt mantfar
three safer Felling their stoat of bud In mferente
tothafartnelna vial would pay dam • lea
toodt. 7T.
manta:tam however. of ehe trate even no, may to
aid tote ce profitable as any other.
TUE 11...thr fACTUblbll IICTEFISSTS.--The Dorton
Atlas em I bus ever been the sm .. of 11..1%4 P.LT
to adequate rroturttuo to our do
and theme,. Lorre.* the et-moires pruSperity of the
nsuntryund mode, It Imlmmuleut .f the myths . , of iambus
Weems Thu ormost &mewed Mate Moue' emumbectorm.
seaters It more hoperallre eager! tr befbeestbot the Whl.e
perm throughout the eountry timid rally`around the
bunter of I' rote t I oa. wed tubt the a.a4 Sea
the rytaulon and Improvement of demegie holustrY.
ont tbe laborer !earth rrf his /dr el Well not the tariff' of
leto--erboee amber Is tow tho brad et a Free Tradelemm.
boldthumemouttly correthocolemos with the enemies Mout
iltre Pr'lrti—j.drirj. to: ftth e e
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The folloulog naecool emprouttimsbore
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thee remetou maim sro thetklumbou of our
readers se the bet. that sot mills only of dl lowly nolo In
d&rstloa thronshoot the counlry bare lost or sunk vie,
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Um , Mthe •Hottel'a OtHlt HOWL theme mulls 0.1 v• boon
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victor. la batl.e.ste h.
It H Home that . to eovatter-1.6. T o
ef , ..101 to • mow oftbolocedation to ortiloo Ergo leatte
111 Inct lo•b 1 7 oottT tHflf Wowed to tettomkre the anode
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the eaul am. baontos . monad a* wet of Ow conoto/.
d , r`kl.l. lb , iudiq thei,o.ngsr It to allowed to solotat Let
tbert. tad sake ewe nn moll. Holt; Holy be raised Air Hoy
orotecilost of out hopes LoCtuatn.
ItlytinThyrn nem 2 Nen . : 1E4.1. in &morel. DT
..etal cwt. wt *Tening,lo34l
T b., Beaver.
Beaver. tined.. Bever,
male. Parkins:or, Briwrneville.
Ilentiskiloon. lleK
linistone, Brown=r
shoe Ehrivor. Newton.
Wheeling. ,
rens, klanen,
nikd Sunfish.
Welle,lle.y nuns. lisidgenorl
rinansies. Mount, Louisville.:
MWOOOO. Inges;Leaver.
..diner. Urn inn. Linares.
Atlantis, Brclrnesilleh
J. Map*, Ilstive..noth
'Moe ni.ver. !talky. West Newton.
liadstnne, Woodw.l., Brownsville.
J. Q. Ann.. Lnens,
Twearnen, sltirdoek.
Dexter, Idnes.vge.
Excel. Calhoun. Wheeling.
you PLIILADDLPHIA AND nevrimort,
D Leech *Cdo NeeAtm DAaAt /AAA , . dAIIY At t!t; DOM
r ;
niscers B! ME*
• .4.7 • _
lIRAVEII—Pca I. b. Pr&c... mks 0.3 •
AnY 1 143-
bodb: Cr b. oboe. 1.041.11 • O 44 do b F 4.1 - Donto
bomb 34 &V.... & Mu: 18 b. 1 tat do Y.oka4b &
DOllltettOP 80840 llcTaley & Ga ca boo lob U 00011.00 :1.1
c 4.4 pod/ash WOB. & SlcCandlos& Al' do C 013.14 t . ROW. -
moo 23 on. teed, & bleAlpia; a Mak olboowsroßalfum
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A dinner was given td Archbishop Hughes on
'the evening before the steamer sailed.. The on
ly report of the speeches, .k.o. we have received
is very Meagre.' The company drank filet the
health of the Pope, the' chairman making iped ,
al ,llisiontal of the temporal authOrity of the
"holj , father," and asserting very distinctly that
his'holiness's health was first proposed only be
cause he wan their spiritual head. Both aver
ments were loudly applauded. The health of
' the . Queen was next propOsed, the chairman
I again ripe:sting that they "drank the health of
the Pope first only in his spiritual capacity,"
while "in all temporal matters they' believed her
Majesty to hue the
.first and only claim upon
their allegiance." • , •
Next &thinned "the health of Cardinal Wise- I
man ind the 'Ronan Catholic hierarchy," and
• then came "the 'Archbishop of New Fork," to
which of course the Rev. Dr. Hughes responded. I
Among other pretty things the archbishop. said
be amid "imagine how the bigota in America—
'•nd ,there were some there—would stare at the
manwho should call in question his (Dr. Hughes's)
right to call himself the Archbishop .of. New
York." The very reverend gentleman Certainly ,
has had his rights to that title called in question 1
by pretty considerable number of American ,
citizens, who ire no bigots either. No Protest
ant that. we ever heard of was willing to admit
his rigid to style himself anything more than the
Roman Catholic Aithbishop in New . York— I
which ' title is sonawhat different - from that
quoted. • •
Three men were killed and seven dangerously'
scaldiedby. the explosion of a worn out boiler of
a Mesta engine, at a colliery at Fdngswood, on
thelmereing of thnith inst.
Of the great Exhibition the Globe 'lays that I
• "the number of visitor would seem to be rev-
fatedin exact arithmetical ratio to the prices of
admission: Thursday, with its abating fee,
draws its 68,000: Friday, at half a crown, mus
ters its more select andienee of 25,600; while
Saturday, the chosen day of the crew de Gs creme
could not at Us. get beyond its 12,878.
The Government had apprized the Mayor of
Southampton that it would defray the expense of
the passage of the 90 Ilunptiitini 'to New - York,
and of their subsistence _during the time that.
they may remain in Southampton, waiting for,
arrangements to be made for their passage to
[ the United .States.
The latest advice from Portugal do not Con
firm the report of counter revolutionary move
rments. The country was quiet, and the-Minis
try were to ell appearance popular and'firm in
From Belgium is official _ information that at
the express wish of the King the present Minis
tny would remain in office.
M. Theirs has announced that hewill not sense
on the committee' to revise the constitution of
the French Republic, if chosen, and requests
his friends not to vote for him. •
A Perils paper says that the new [ commander
at the Antilles took out instructions for 'the
charge' d'affairs at Ilayti to announce to the
Emperor Souloaque the formal opposition of the
French Gorerziment to the resumption of hostili
ties against the Republic of St. Domingo.
The revision of the constitution is the theme
of the French and leading English journals.—
The Globe of June 9 says:
The barn majority in fluor of the Tuition of
'the French constitution, in the commiesiOnnam ,
al by the bureaus of the Assembly for examin
ing thei-propasitions for that purpose, is, of no
goosiomen for future unanimity in. favor any
one of those propositions: The Death of yea
terday, antes that the clection.of 81. Bose as
fifteenth commissioner, rah es to G against 9 the
numbeLef opponents of revision of the constitu
tion. But even this bare majority in farther
crippled by the irreconcilable differencit amongst
its members as to the mode in which, and the
limits within which suchrevision !heal ho
effected. This question, (aided by Louis Napo-.
]eon's f personal ; manifestation at Dijon) has
thrown a new apple of discord amongst parties,
which there will apparently be groat difficulty in
dispoting of before the period arrived for inevi
table political action.
The most remarkable !Nadine delivered in the
bureux on Saturday were those of M. de- La
media and SI. de La Mcokowa—the former in
advocaey of a republiam; the latter of a Napo
teenier' revision If M. de Lamartine's present
influence is to be judged of by the number of
votes he received in his bureaux in the nomina
tion of commissioners,.it remains nearly at zero
—as be had only 2 votes out of 43.
all de Flotte on the part of the pure Republi
cans, disclaimed the ides of disputing the po
pular right to adopt any, even hereditary forms
ef government. The people, he. said, have 0.
right to create hereditary timelines, if they think
proper:; but have no right to deprive future gen
erations of the right of discussing the expedien
cy of preserving or abolishing tench forms and
functions. This is sufficiently reasonable doc
trine: if . action were likely to correspond with
it in M. Flotte's or any party.
• The Times of June 10 holds the following
ganße : •
The ell important question as to the . revision
of the French constitution has been opefied in
the committees of else Assembly, where, in con
formity with established custom, a preliminary
discussion takes place in each section upon the
election of I member to act on the general com
mittee to which prepositions of importance are
referred. The result of these discussions, in
which esteem' leading members of the Assembly
took part, was unquestionably far less favorable
to the. proposed revision than had been • antici
pated by all parties, both in France and in other
Opinions of great weight and authority among
the members of the majority were expressed
against the revision, or at least against the im
certainty and perilatteadiug the proposal before
the Hoehn It would seem that instead of the
concert and energetic union we had been led to
expect, there has never been a greater variety
of dissentienrciews. Not only the connections
of party, but the-ties of personal friendship
appear to have had but littie influence upon these
loose end heterogeneous opinions; and to the
general astonishment of the public, if ' the num
ber of members favorable to the revision be cora
-1 pared with those who have declared themselves
spinet it, it will be fond that out of the fifteen
members of the committee, nine are in favor of
Om proposal, and air against it, the former hav
ing been elected by 311 votes and. the latter by
Th e re is, then, an immensedifference between
the s e nu mbers, which do not exceed, or even
i n s& the [ ordinary limits 'of the majority, and
the extrenndinary majority of three-fourths re.
neared by th • law. For. If the division in the
Assemblylmerf on the general debate bear any
analogy to , this preliminary and mistellaneolus
'division bribe a nominees, it is clear that all
hope of a moral v."ctory mast be abandoned, and
the proposal will be' rejected in such a manner
as to give little encborugement to renew it--
This inference Is stem gtheend by the character of
many of the members, i sho,for very different rea
sons spoke against the re. Won; andhere se:tired
cispecially, not to the Rep nblican party, whose
opposition was foreseen, but to the defections
and divisions of many petsmis of great influence
Who were supposed to be rauSer favorable than
hostile to do Bioglie's prop °shine.
M. de Remusat &pressed with great force and
considerable. length the danger of plunging
into s torrent of uncertainties by - adopting a
measure to which every party amignni a diffe
rent meaning, and which might _lend to cense
qua ices the most opposite to those contemplu
ted ;by authors. 81. SekrthAelny St. Hilaire
opm us ed its
the revision on behalf of the moderate
Rem thlicaus, beenuse, though they desire the
the s soelioratien of the Republic to . secure its
man emcees in the present temper of the country ,
the 'vision of the constitution means its entire
eruhve mien. ;ft de Tocqueville, though not Ish
ii solute ily opposed' to the proposition, votes for it
[ conditionally wad 'with the utmost hesitation and
I alarm.. foreseeing that such discussion as the
1 revision m ut, =gig ton would divide all the cm
bleed . foments( 1.11,0 majority, revive topics on
I which they can never agree, and consequently
Adam.. the e e a md tie yof the ultra-Democrat
lo faction—their common c enemy.
In the 9th bureau M. ri,c.loTYspoke
great decision against the revision, and he was
followed by AL Fatima, n _ ho betrayed the ut-
Mont Inutility and jealousy i n used thoPresideut
of ties Republic. The Boup; ' , Vista carried no
Member ; in the committee, a cil indeed their
Opinions. were expressed with ex *re m° re rte'
It is evident from the course of donne prelimine•
C cations, y disc ca ti o, that the feelings ec2rerssjed that
e to the
Presid , int; Which have so frequetia' 01
- A 2s euf AY, ate still at work in all their I '"",',"
and whatever be the fate o f al. do "mg. 75.5
Proposition, certain that the hop Ts 0 . an
shin:elide ok:taxman of these• difficulties bn't_feen.
the Es menthe Goierament sot I the Asselob.'y st
this ti me materially weakened t, ir not entirely '
. .
Nan o
doubt the highly mint bonus language of
the P resident at Dijon,.whoee effect on the As-
di could e fface, has contribu-
Odle. - revive those angry 'm istions. The sub
stance of the speeches dense red in thebnreens
amounts to a declaration th at the ..seveml par
ties stn the Assembly do not d any th e demand of
the uountry for revi sion, - or ti u propriety of that
demands bet. Waif the. terse "recision' chiefly,
Implies an extension of the _Presidential powers
In the person of Louis Nltpoleon, Bonaparte
that is not a point to - be Mineola
. by this As- -
semblY to an authority which it has sof:equally
ly opposed and even 'denounced.: Prmn this
point of view, it no means intleadble that
the Legitimists and Onwards may, shift around
into direct opposition. to the proper], or may
accompany it with , conditions equally repugnant
to other large . sections of the Asserahly.' In short
the combined operation. an which manes wall
placed rill the very moment of trial,' hie blind
at the outset, and them- stir 139 little her , Of
arriving at any positive ,froin Muth
_a mix
ture of negotive propeadingis....
This position mayshoitlybecomeent of gnat
danger for the tilefernineut itself, farthe MISISIR
bIy, and for the country. If the passions which
broke out the winter , against the President
pith so much violence and so little result are
once more kindled, end on a more important 06,
canon, we know riot whet power of refasten*
they may exert' in the country ; but , they can
hardly fail to urge the object of this hostility to
the adoption of a more-queitionable *dig. The
Assembly itself, purporting only to mdst 'es the
representative of the penis, andslready -within]
a few months of the pes o of its own renewal
will do well to reflect on the means it possesses
to enforce and maintain a policy strariance with
the prevailing sentiments tied conaetiont of the
We believe that any attack directed against the
:rights of -the Assembly would' prose extremely
. perilous, and probably fatal twits author* tied
on the other hand. the Assembly.efen Inet
;onalified thanAheExecutiee power -to piece it-
self on a footing of warNuid decide the Attire
destinies of the country,'. against lta
owa'Tilf -
by dietetorialpower- It hrmach Lobe applies.'
lied that the result of thisprediudnerydiseratdow
will be td weaken the sod ority at the ; very mo
ment alien it ' angruents preteesiorak
and to stimulate thennahts ant edeetiturourreek
olutionawhich have sometimes been entertained. •
at the Elysee. by adherents of the President
'Each party would,' of counse, appeal to the an:
thority of the nation; each party.would probably -
rely on the disposition of a part of the amen
;but the effect of such a striggis woad certain,'
.be to stake the immediate. figure of - Ansi* CC
the merest tarn of fortnoo. , ;
The Jawral da .Debau calculates 'lke aggro.
gate number of voter* in the liltrettesies foils=
542 voters, of whom 291 are fon revision, mai 2.a2
againat it. The ComMutionnei .ealmgetes the
numbers at 309 for revision, and 240 agaitettlt..
The Ordre taloulatee. it at 301 for, revision, and
249 against it. The Uclion. gives 812 vette am.
one side, Sig 244 on the other.: •
PICOPISSZD Cdrrisiidi 'sr Loiriaiszintieilifl
weeks . age, a proposition sppeareA in the Sant
'sills press, for *convention of delegates frentthe -
Western and Southwester's Ststes t to,mccf
thefhest meitis for . mitring • ressonsalle snd
fair share of spproinistions b.* Canitesitlialdet
'the commercial inteiests. of: thbOnMey.. Loteur
sine was named as As :Place •of
October next as the time.; • - •
We have eilieseit expressed .
Mr, approbation of
the moveinent, and - we "now invite en tannest'
public attention to the subject as Carrot theirs!
importance to the Interests- of. this Inillsyl•'Thor•
fact cannot be diegnised that some actionottids
'Lind, emanating dirocritfrom thespeoplez is. no,
mammy. We must understand cash 'other,, , and,.
however ready as politital partite we May be 'to
draw party lines on all properoccurnics, werithit
stand by each other, in an!effortho tattonalissi
our lairildation. If there fire to be approptia- •
tines braid of our, commerce . on the audiciud,
we must demand similar appropriations ore our ,
lakes and rivers ;if the revenues of thee - GOVell - -
meet are to be drawn from the lirMti as well ea •
from the East, we must demand a toll share in.
their distribution.,We are mirth's eltuationto.
demand as a right hat hitherto: we have In vain',
naked for as s matter of mere common jostles,
The whole legislation of Congrese In this partite-
Mar for the last thirty yeses has been sectional'
—made op of measures in aid of Northerteared-
Southern interests; while the wesit;:strigglingl
along with a soul of blindfolded energr,
first one section, then the other, and thankfultar,
any crumbs that have fallen to her iot,xsur tlidn '
herself strong enough to. ask something on her
own account. Let no man North or South taunt
us with the wild lands that Congress has given:
us—they have received back five dollars 'for:
every one they
_have "voted to us. -Welter°
not only borne back the savage, bot welts' , •
carried civilization and christiudty into the wil
dernedi, encountering danger and, disease. et
every step. We have with the aid of stem:4par
etratecl every navigable river, and planted on Its-
Shores the ..chnich and - the school - house,
yet, when we ask Congress for any aid hills'
way of improving those great tothruraLthimmew •
fares, we are , met by
_some party, objectlanct
. and snubbed with some new constitntiond urn:.
always eutficient to defeat ns;eind gnser...;
ally plausible enough' to Mall the 'people."''
If a vessel with a few hundred barrels' of arms'
oil and'half-e-dorm seamen happen to be lost in: •
a storm on the ka shore, it in always neffirient., . •
ground, for further heavy appropriations •,for,
lighthouses, tre.. he; bat &minion etnroPerty -
and a hundred lives are la alien nor windene - •
rivers, and there is no power under the constito- • '
tion to remove the snag which does the ra jah af.
Ono would think that a river, 'with twelve ban-,
dred, miles of steam navigation lthe Ohio,
whose waters wash the shores of seven States of
slip and float one-third of the eanameree •
of the whole country, is worthy of some little
attention. Bat these modem Soles= think
differently. Bow long are the people, of. the
West to submit to this sort of injustice? • South
Carolina or Massuleusetts would threaten a dis
notation of the Union for !email:4es. • WerePre-'
tended grievances—the 'merest .. shadowseire.
made the grounds for agitating the whole nation,
while the people of this valley, sweet, easy wale,
very quietly sit down under this most • *Miring
and sectional polcy.
Where the South loses'ten thoesand,dollusin
runaway slaves, this - valley loses a milliemin , -
'property and a thousand valuable 'lives, and
merely for want of it little governmental *Mitzi
the improvement of our rivers -d thousand:
r tons of freight soda hundred and thirty lives
are lost at the foot of Island 82 fri the Mods
sippi unseen snag which the . government .
Itaight have removed at an expense of $5O, and
not one accent of complaint is heard etWesh-,
I ington. But, lets fishing boat bo swamped in
the moat obscure inlet of the ocean, and•the,en
' tire seaboard unites in voting money. to guard _
'against future losses. If a negro • coupes teem
Charleston to Massachusetts, and the fools and
fanatics of Boston set tip a howl aver the, kuor
rom of human slavery, it furniihes a theme for •
agitating the whole country.. Congress will Spenej
two months and two millions of dollars' wrang. ,
' ling about it, while the interests of 7000,000 of
people in thisvalleyare wholly disregarded; and. •
oho worst of it is, our people are taught by their_
representatives to submit year after year to this
policy; my, to sustain it by votes.
What is the remedy for this 1' Meat we make ,
eplutter, 'and threaten to dissolve the
God, knows, we in the West can live oat'of it si
well as any other peoplenow But we do not
see precisely how we are to be boadirod, by go; .i
ing out, and then we hare some regard for the , ;
integrity of our contract . with the other States
of the confederacy.. No, we are. against all di
visions, except' a division of the benefits of the
government. Bat let es, as bisection, now er**-
enough to take care of ourselves, onitelar once
in support of our common interests. 'Ay mom. .
bling together in convention we castisndutitand,
each other. .Let us assemble to iaks measures:
for 'the common defense." The priperitionfor
convention at Louisville came; webaderetand..''
from leading Democrats. We second its. with
our hearts, and insult:as we hats. to be seen,th
public with our 'ugly neighbor Barney, we are
willing to risk even this for the - public good.. Let
. us all, then, Whigs and Derimerus: unite.
public meeting assemble and respond to the call'
which seems from the public mesa, to be every:
when well received, and make all needful SI-.•
langements for the meeting, providing for a foil
representation from the city, and providing . ..a
unstable room for the meeting. Let Eattitelq,',
every part of it, be represented. Let every-
Western and Northwestern and valley -finalis be
here In its strength. Sinal good men, and mink.
and there. will be such en assemblage here ;la ;
October as will shame all the disorganizing shuck,
treasonable may :lotions that -have :sweet-,,
bled from 1812 to the -present., day,. What
do you say, brethren of the Feu of both per.!:.
Ar flosolostie Orrosorti.—The Sintbefi Aster'
teen, a strong Dements* paper, `published
Northumberland county, - Malin the , forlioirltri;
remarks about Gov. Johnston. lionoralge mew
aiming his political oppanents have gropt *air
oant at the benefit' falsehoods eirettlatief itsiett.
him, end him rebuked his matenniatotSt
"As • Pri+ate cit4c l 4A/tit.. lo Pitetolo infielSWL
*mon of character and standing.
istiate of the Commenvntaltb,,his talests,lays - ;
commanded the confidence of his an Pert,7lt!nif
the ?aspect of his op p onents.. "
USTOMiDID itunonsi liver it .ititad in`i
moo letters from Washington that sea.
Biierelat7 1
i,f War,llr. Conrad, intendesoost to iesids:7 - "It ;
is hardly accessory to say that this fs'Ortrat the'
thousand rumors : which taltetlogi Aloha ibletd- 1
ty, and navel regshuiy over tha aanzie t .ftial
italo DO fOtlaitiOD` In Stitt or iteriallgiati
We have saloon to know that tieittitiVioif '
'to' of War -nor any otharasenthat; tit tfurestol
Wet have any thongat at #4lll:o4,a4r#44Se'•