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    Uteri' of bulk articles of merchandise, they,
must succumb to Water navigation; but every
one was mistaken, and it 14now eoneetted that
railroads can compete succrfully with canals
-in transporting freight at lo' rates It Is staled
repeal official: authority, that.ndirMuis can can,
- ' , ltreight front lake Erie toiliew Tot* for lesa
than the Erie Canal Can. i.I -- ; -,• •
The actusi cost 'of tranamting - artimts upon
. railroad is deduced' with a gad deal of acettra
;cy from the ;average cost upon existing 'roads.=
,':This is act forth in returns toads anntudly he
* ;rome . ,of the States, Afasinehosetal l'etmsylva::
. pia and New York; for example, byl the railroad
'companlea. The cost on the BostiWand,. Wor
cester is aim ssilrper . ion per mile—on..the
Western road, with harder grades, ;it is ascend
o hal/cents. The Heading road, its managers
assert, - can canycoal at six mina per ton per
mile, because their trains ere fully loaded one
way. It is estimated that, by' verycareful man
'agernent In every department, trains of 100 to o .
may_be, run at an Average cost of eighty cents
' per mile. at a elowmite ;,.or that railroads can
carry freight at an average cost of eight mai, per
ton per mile. - Now, there are three nines of rail
-"road by which prodeee from Detroit; can reach
' eastern markets cheaper than upon the Canal ; '
and if we allow ten, mills per ton, ortwent-fivo -
-_per cent. on the above estimated host of ,
portation, we will find .that a barrel ' f Nur can
k e carried from Detroit to Boston irailroad
for sixty-eight cents, which is Serita cheaper
than it can be' carried' y canal and Pifer t° N.
York. The superiority of railroads over all other
mien of conveyance, is admitted at the Nerth
as .M fixed fact."—.N: 0. Battik.
Anthassonic and Whig County Ticket.
raungogre moon Or orgrater•ograt.•
IS ' ALT II 0 Itlf /111:L.of •
A611571. , (7 Agnos or Attalla MCAT..
HEN Y L L 1/11 . 8. Otrittabiargia.,
/C9Ol 01 IMLItt 01.25.71,6 01,0001, AC.
WIG B. 31 . CLUM.K. '
amlOcaes roncrag or °ogre or 45g3rgasmarogg.40
WM. 1.10000, of Lower fit Clair.
• ' THOMAS L. bI'AIILLAN, of /lifelong - . •
JOHN 3fTLVO.KllY.ofifotiloogn. • . ,
' '
JAMES F1F7112.,_ * of Anownien.
GEO.. 3.:. APPLLTON,of Birmingham.' ,
TILOS. PENNEY, of Blqicerport....
" JoICT 1.1114 4 0.11, of fogiong.._ .
'FAXIJEL PAlltitifrOC.B. of Pittshorgh.
•"AMT. RICHARDSON, of Alifeenf.
.7/11R0 /I- BRUBILof Plotabargh.: , •
: JOR- V ithMlD, of 11 prer Maga .
.• „ SCIIIiii.BI:4O, of l'lngba=ll. , • •
' ' 11 - 31.14 - at of Allegheny. ' .
.101E5 EMERICJi. of Wean/leas.
Tbo.most important• item of sews brought by
the Humboldt. was ibe speech, of the President
of Franco at' Dijon. - gito the epoech'in an
- other' colomnthia morning, together_ frith 'don
. .
impression - it made upon. those who heard .it, and
also I; pon.the majority of the National Assembly.
lagainet whom it was directed. The cop? ars
;''rive is supOsed tti bovi. modied one, 'the ulcin.,
offenalie exprmsious having been . . softened or
• .
By thc Niagara we learn that the - excitant. soot
gamed by this speech was on the incresse,.. d
that the President and his friends had - 1 jeer,
obliged, the pressure of indigruiit `fQ sling
.tosulfested by those against whomlt vas d ireot-*
ad, .to own the original version,vith all its:edlen=
are characteristics
Some say that ads. Napoleon committed a
great blunder in this matter; that he haLl rash . -
precipitated a straggle which, althea& inev
itable, might have been deferred; but we: -think
it was a bold and premeditated stroke of policy.
ilfthis act he has declared 'opti was- nit lithe
Chambers, and thrown himself with theap
accent least of unboundph.confidence, tips n the
support of the people. 'Mat he ia ape polar
favorite is evident.; and the signaaow an e that
ito will prove fount:mug for the; LegitinshA n and
on the one 'iside, and the Itt 4 BM.'
pahlicans, on the other. But it is use) coo to
epoculate upon a thing no versatile. as 'ova ch
Rum • Etraisnxxxr 7011. Firmer Orr.Ents
despatch from Rome mentitias the fact that
.tta Supreme Tribunals of the Sacred CMatudta
/144 feot ooo ttl b man to the galleys for tweaty.
J.llll for a•a em piieg to prr i ecat another Mon
from Itgb . .ing a cigar. It limas strange to no
that trivial a matter cordd beimagoified into a
rime atoll, and replies. explalcuttion. Ili Lorne,
the trade is tobacco is a ornament monopoly.
The manufacture and tale to, farmed out to an
individual, who pays the' moven:meat a large .
gum for this exclesive privilege, 'assessing it of
course upon the commodity, . On the raMe
ciple that the people of 13r,ston once r efused 't o
use tea bemuse; it was as/Idled with .an °diens
exotic, tax, many 'oaf the Romer peopler . abstaix .
from the use of tobacco, and age all tit eir
. roue to discouragi its tu are, so es to Wine the.
governinent in this brareh of its rename: . The
' interference, there fore ,' by merman witbeutother
tr atit'a' cigar Fes a. political offence; *act of
;mason, and hMtee ; the severiti of the:sentence.
Few have any idea' of .the, crushing. tabor, end.
barbarous Ttreatotent, endured by galley slarres.
- .Stern's iniMintble picture of a single priloner
'Jinni a more vivid Impression of too barren of
solitary confinement than could be had fican the
most elaborate history of the French Bittstae.7-
So this single incident affords a mere just cook
ceptlon of the detistable :tyranny that mow
crushes the Roman pmple thatc_eolddlaehtsin ,
ed many other way.
.18 it aiii . ciiiidixthst
they would quickly drive the. Pope from..them if
the foreige mercenaries who guard him would
Only permit theta to do SO.
• On Satunlay-we received the followingletter,
- which from its pttgnacions spirit is manifestly
from a genuine son of John 'Bulr. 'We like its
aphit, notwithstanding the oceere Sump the
--- writer 'trite to lay. We publish. it, because we
think it would be wrong lc) hide each alight on
Bnowastntr, Pa., June, le, .1851.
Editors' of Pittsburgh. Parade: •
Gram antert—Observbaginyour highly reepect
' able jourrud, which I peruse daily, the so nitre-,
rated rematka of "the pauper manufacturers of
ttrope:—. , the laborers who are obliged to work
-wages that will barely keep them from stirva- -
tion," - he; &c.; which is doled out ad frequently
to your American readers, many of whom. have
as little knowledge of the true state of. affairs in
grigtaia as yourself. Allow me to inform you
thati list year made arisit to the - "oldetratary,"
having been absent about ten years in the United
States, and.' must confess that on .a thorough
Investigation into the condition of -the working
population in the principal manufacturing teems
in England, I ere it as my decided opinion,. that
they ere infinitely better off than the-same, 'ow
' any other 'laboringelass in -'this country. Better
paid, (mind it is all cash,• mul no .shaving
trade,)better fed,aiid quite as wellclothed. It.
is true Oaf= immense majority of the working
hands in the:English factories are boys and.chil
drew of from nine to fifteen years of age.. They
can-do nearly as much as fall grown bands, and
of course ' are contented with half the. usual
wages, Is not this a better emtern thanallow
ing—ps they do in America--in every town that
have been a resident of—whole groups of idle
glris to sit at home; sucking Pager sticks
Eg slang, while their' , old mothers are math. wrath
' tub ; and they will not go to serriceif you would
offer them ten dollars a week—and that the b o y..
oh dear: - the great rising republicans—they are
tthemployelcrowding all the great street ear,
oughfares; perhaps scattering dust in the eyesof
• passangere,nr planning some villainy:76=e gar
den or orchard to rob—to work they will not go,
. A distinguished - foreigner travelling In Eng-,
land, onto remarked—. But I do not me your.
Km people—where are they?. That was *caret t—
they were all employed, poor orsoot poor-sews.
'?"youth that were not at school:were either at,
trades or in manufactories. The old and disa
bled ars taken care of In workhouses and hospi
., tale. All able-bodied mat are fully employed,
- -and in addition to moat substantial food, think
-themselves devilish badly a if they (the starring
population' of England) sonnet got .their: pot-
Wuort) of strong ale-or porter tries a, day.
ater. where's the Englishman who will drink
Still, if it flatters your' national pride to go on.
throwing dirt at the industrious classes of. Groat
Britain; which country wilt. gamer ar later,
through your eery and jealousy at het- magnift-.
i peace, eauleyett to realise the fable of • the bull
and the frog, which latter, you know, ; strained
and swelled, till be burst and fate pieces! ; •
I beg ~ y est will lay the flattering.moction to
year 6011. sUll read your paper, and will
content myself' With the motto, reldseuu,,,
We ahaß not go intw a disputaton our
oorree ent about his fat's,. stated in hie Bea'
and and sweeping Minis ; but enll merely a ei
dales — have reishictete ticinliturtrincreports,
sobtailitedio4ll4i:tint, bycoMmitteetiappointed
Id; the parpos4 of the legrxdfxl and =freeing
ociodition of-the iaboringpocrr of'Great Britain,
m the reanoteetnring towns, in the collieries, and
"einn in" bis rural dlittrieta. - 'Xhosa reports meal
(41 WA• horrible fact that young fetnalis, in a
state of nudity, are in some instances harnessed
likamolests_aoal ears Lathe deep, dank mhstacif
tYirlishirei , ;Did oar hind eeerment with any
°tithe Iloncrogshola
Again: if, •as our ourreipandenat says, the Is
boring elantea in Fog .4 are, ' , infinitely better
otr. than the Luna or my other laboring crass in
this cotustri; achy 'lre they crowding to- our
shore* In ullitlaillall7. If what lie nays le true,
the tide of emigration might to be setting in the
opposite direction.
~.Water!" says our indignant friend, •• where's
the Englishman who will drink water?' Rather
an equivocai compliment, by the way; and we
fear that the fettles of a quart pot were muddling
the brain of our friend when he wrote this 'let
ter. A. little water would hareem him soberer
and mo r e matter of fact viewe of thing' in old
England; and howerer it may bevrith thousands
of poor fencers he has left behind him, it is evi
dent that he is not so devilish badly off " here
but that be can luxuriate to his heart's content
in roast beef and the contents of his quart pot.
Long may . he live to enjoy them, and be able to
abuse the-boys and girls of his adopted country.
But he must eXOIISO us if we continue to re
cejve the. sad statistics of his native land as bet.
ter, evidence of the condition of its laboring
poor than his random, rambling assertions.
• • For the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Ms. Emmen-4n the recent action of the Dry
Goods MCA to close their stores at en earlier
hour, a great =any stores hate been entirely
overlooked. There are retail dry goods houses
on Wood, Liberty, Penn, Grant, and many
. other
streets of our city. Now, why notmake It a gen
eral thine , The clerks in the aforesaid stores
hare just as much right to recreation and pleas
;are as the Market street clerks hare; they also
sell G voll 'meaty goods atter night, and keep
their clerks is closely confined self they were OR
Market' street- I would, therefore, • request
thews persons that carried the paper around, to -
call„on those other houses, and see what can be
dome to tasks it geoeinl. Curatt.
'Moil:town from France principally relates to
the visit of the President of the Republic to the
Statham departments, far the purpose of open
ing the Paris and Lyons Railroad. LouiarNapo-
Icon entered Dijon on the evening of theist of
'May amidst the neterntions of the whole pope
hen whir had turned out to welcome him. A
grand banquetwas given by the Mayor of Dijon,
.who'deliverel a speech on the occasion emlogis
ing the ,Presidetit Linlitt Napoleon replied to
this harangue by the following speech, to which
considerable political importance was attached,
and which was received with tremendous ap
plause andenthusiamn.
illow I wish that those who entertain doubts
of the, future accompanied me ;midst thepopu
laden of the Tonne and the Cote d'Or. They
would be re-assured on witnessing the real dis
position of the public mind. They would have
seen that neither the intrigues, nor the attacks,
nor. the impassioned, discussion of parties, are in
harmony with thesentiments anti the condition of
the nonntry. Prancedoes not desire the return
to the old regime cooler whatever form It be dis
guised, nor the experiment of fatal and imprac
ticable utopias% . h is because lam the most na
tural adversary of both:the. one and the other,
that Prance has placed her confidence in me.—
If each were notlhe nee, how could be explain
ed this sympathy of thepeople towards
me, which retests the most destructive polemics,
and which absolym me from a share In its suf
ferings. If, in fact, my Government has not been
able to teethe all the amelioration it intended,
the. fealt is to be assigned to the menceuvres of
faction that-paralyse the good will of amen
blies, as of governments the most devoted to
the public interests. : It is because you have
thus undorstr.ol_tt, that I hare found in pat
riotic Burgundy a reception which for one is
approhation end encouragement. I avail myself
of this banquet as Of a tribune, in order to open
my heart to my fellow citizens. A new phase
of our political lifo . commences. Prom one ex
tremity of_ France to the other petitions are in
course eignature, del:Ending the revision of
the Constitution. • I await with confidence the
manifestation of the country, and the decision of
the Assembly, which will not be inspired except
by the. sole thoughtof the public good. Peter
since I have beenin power, I hamproved, where
the great, interests of the country were iri ques
tion, bow little Iregarded all thatconcerned my
erelL 'The most undeserved and the most vio
lent attacks „have . never madame forget my
calmness. Whatever be the duties the country
imposes on me,, it shall find me, decided on fol
lowing its will; and belicSe me, gentlemen,
Prance still - not perish in my hands."
The correspondent of Galignanis Meuenger
wires the following account of the reception of
the Preeident'o declaration, and of the feeling
Elmira toward him.
- It le almoit imposeible for me to describe the
setteatioin which was caused by this speech. It
was delivered in Minn and:emphstio verse, and
:at its conclusion_ the ball rang with the most en
lhunhiStit.alteleuse, \ „which lasted for several
minutes. When silence wee restored' a band of
male sad feitude Orpheunists were introduced,
and nmgn song composed for the occasion which
was waradrapplatided. -At 10 o'clock the Pres
ident repayered toi the subscription ball given at
the. theatre, which was attended by the elite of
the inhabitants of Dijon; and very crowded. The
President' opened the ball with the wife of the
Prefect. , At nightfall the public boUdings, and
more particularly the railway terminus, were
brilliantly Ultnninated, and theinhabitantsfollow
ed the example, while rambling about, waiting
the arrival of theYreaddent and being desirous of
tutoring the real opinions of therural population, -
I entered into conversation with a number of
farmers and firm laborers, and in no case did I
meet with anythingt but enthusiastic. praise of
the president
The journalof the Capital express great dis
satisfaction at ithe speech of the President at
Dijon, which was regardedin thelight of a decla
ration. of war agaiturt the Legislative Assembly..
It is -.understood that the published version is
less strong than the speech as it was actually de
linered. The President Yen :Media Perin an the
dd'TnaeY There was `considerable Mir on the
Bouleraids,but no disturbance. Cries of Pees is
Ennalipte were most frequent
The effect there of the President's Speech at Non
--Interesting Debate on , the Amy. Datatian
- Tuesday, June B—Much agitation prevailed
in the Ball, particularly on the. Left, where a
SZv ar ab l y t l c a o =den a t r el j
git ;Int=
Jon, was handed about' Messrs. Prscatory, Do
wnier, - de Hauranzi, and their friends appeared
entire other aide to consult together on the cause
they ahenld posse°.
N. DeSMOIMICZUZ de Gine applied for lease
to addressluterpellations to the Cabinet, rela
tive to the speech delisered by the President of
the Republic., at Dijon, on the let inst., and ask
ed, on-what day the Ministry wished to fix the
interpel/ations. !Immediately," .nrplied N. Le.
on Panda. , , , •
'deCare' said that be bad applied for leave
to pat questions to the Maestri, relative to an
insetting and calumnious letter speech for the
Assembly, .said to ham pronounced at Dijon,
whore he , heard AL Faucher disclaim,' .on the
part of the Coven:anent, all pailicipation to plots
md 'conspiracies: After hearing that • declare
and- that- Miele General Ohangarnler,
.which was sowell understood.bythe Assembly,
he withdrew. his demand, at the same time that
he requested the Assembly to considers prepo
sition he bad deposited long ago, to the effect of
interdicting the -presence of officers of the Na
tional Assembly'atpublic festivities.
M. Dupin replied, that the Aesembly was only
represented at mob solemnities when it appals
ed deputations for the purpose.
Pd. Placatory then asked if a sentence insult
ing for the Assembly had been pronounced. He
was aware of the difficulty of arriving ate proof
but he thought 'that any mileages, or even a
tadeler. who heard it .being questioned as
Ito authenticity, Wm. bound to tell the
DL •Dupin observed that be had no such
M. Leon Faucher here rose and mid—'The
'speech !me been published in the Monitenr. It
Is the only 0E5114 TareiOn. The Cabinet smog
zeit, no older)
M. de Gino eurnsebnently asked the Ministers
if the following sentence was in the eiteeelu—
.lhe 'Assembly, lent me its co-operation for all
theastres of repressien, but danced it to me for
the measures of benevolence I had proposed in
the interest of the people."
Pitoatory here interfered and declared that
the exisnmee of the oedema shaving been denied
by the Cabinet, the latter was entitled to credit,.
and the assembly shmild proceed no further.—
He aceordingly moved the simple' coder of the
day; which Was adopted by ,a considerable ma.
• neeessenibly proceeded to discos the pro.
jeot, tending to grant dotatione to the officers,
non-commissionci • offioere, and soldiers of the
Republican Guard, who were decorated in Jane,
Fromilas Cincinnati now.
There has been a treat deal of twaddle pub-,
fished I.4ototdriti how dertng 'the ladles are
. golni to be,riiintrodadng a new style of dress.
We tee it data that it arudnly be dine—
. .
that certain lades hare Ventured to appear lathe
streets of New York, Philadelphia, Ind Byrn-
Lease, &a The origin of this foolery was in the
letter place, a village in Western Nei.Toolt,.is
district of country ftunous for ii 111041410113 on es
tablished landmarks in morals, science, politics,
and common sense- Thereabouts, when a bdy:
we that beard of • steam-doctoring, and learned
that Johnny liaw; freish frnmthe lapstone, could
for VO, Lod with the aid - of a .patent, beArtall
fed to_ practice medicine on the steantarmeijili, -
The Illilleritta a few Years since WI armies of
disciples and, more recently, that` smart .Fos
family c alled spirits tip from the rastydeep for a
dollar a sight, to sap the email remain of -coml
mon sense out of the weak noddles of. the ered-.
clops; par &Arnie. There the pure - abottion
ists g iro-rent to - the ravings of troubled consci
and pasaresolutions insulting the Govern
ment, only to demonstrate their entire ignorance;
of "morals, government, and patriotism.
This Is en age of excitement and innovation.
Changes in all matters connected with real pro
grins are frequent, end unhesitatingly entered
But the thinker and the scholar know that the
dress or costume of a people is never changed
suddenly, and gnat innoTatioas are only made
in It by slow degrees. The dress of a people
is a part of their character, their civilization,
and existence, You might as well attempt to
change ,their language, religion, or government.
It has been changed in nations, but only after
their complete conquest and subjugation. Bash.
ion, that tyrant of the hour, may sometimes
modify it, so as' almost to effect a change, bit
only to come back4s its original starting place.
The bead dress of a gentleman in Western Eu
rope and America, for the last thousand years
has been hat . ,
Sometimes it has been high and eloped like a
sugar loaf--sometimes low and sleuthing—at
others broad and henry—but it has always boss
a bat; while the natives of the East have in all
time wore turbans. The same may be said of
every garment of dress. The short clothes and ,
doublet of the 14th andlsth century are nothing
more than petits, vests, and cloak of our day,
different ht style.' '
_Where a people bare been conquered, it was
the frequent practice of the conquerors to root ,
out what remained of the national spirit, by.
Fompelling:them to change their dram. Hence,
on 1795, atter the conquest of the Highlands of
Scotland, and;the ruin of the adherents of Charles
Stuart, the British Government .determined to
compel the Highlanders to change their deems,.
in order to extinguish the martial spirit which
its associatiotur inspired.
After the chiefs of the clans bad been banish
ed, shot, 'or executed.on the gallawrs; and the:
commanding pohits tilled with forts and soldiers,
the order of the government was issued and rig
pronely enforciot The cries and sobs of :the
'Gael sounded through the world ; but the thing
was done, and the pride of. the Highlander dig
Zhengis Slum, the grata Tartar conqueror of
China, compelled the Chinese to change their'
dress; and to shire their heads, oil but the long
MU, which they-wear plaited at the top.of the
crown. It was done to distinguish the conqueror
from the conquered. To this day the Tartar sol
diers, through the empire of Chine, wear their
hair as straight and long as the European. Np
great changes hare ever been made in the dress
or style of a people, except by violence.
The flowing - robe, which is the present dress of
the females of Surer. and America, hos been
hallowed by time for thousands of years. It is
itiMariable for ite modesty and dignity. It can
be accommodated to all changes of climate and
latitudh t and to a tall. fiat figure,' with an ani
mated 'walk, what can be more becoming and en
The Tarkieh dress has *drainers. It appear
to be admirably adapted to the character of the
ratios who wears it Islip*, fantastical, and
The Turkish female holds no rank in society
except to excite desire, or minister to the pleas-.
Tares of " the lords'of creation." They are close
ly confined in the house, and uneducated, except
in trifles. The daughters of the rich are given
away as preeents,lnd those of the poor sold as
property! • •
Their dress, like their character, !is intended
to excite the dallianCe of the 'how.. We know
not what our ladies -
can. see attraitirt in sock
In our society a pure religion and more eleva
ted phtleeophy has enlarged the heart of min,
and drawn woman towards him as his friend,
most dear—as his companion, , most near—to
mitigate his sorrows, or to flare his prosperity,
That empire over. which she governs has. its ori
gin in dignity and purity of characier. It can
only be preserved by cultivating the instincts of
the true woman. Her _very delicacy, and feeble
aAs are her best defence. Termagants and men
women may bold conventions and' pass reaolu
gone about the rights of the sex—the inconveni
ence-of their dress, the tyranny of the men, etc.,
!Al.—they are but the gaseous exhalations of
the corruptions of the times, as fleeting as the
The sphere of woman is in the domestic. circle.
She is not expected to encounter the dangersend
perform the duties for which nature seems me
chilly to, have adapted the-Aden:ter tea. The
beauty of her form, the delicacy of her mind,
have given to here different, though not less
portant destiny. Let no frivolous - love of change
or giddiness of mind weaken those instincts of
modesty and of dignity which now 'clothe her
with divinity. We shall lose. that coat denee we
have, always had in woman's tart, if the suggested
change in her .dress receives the least °metal-
Inmasn.—The correspondent of the London
Mandng Chronicle. writing in respect to the
forth coming crops of Ireland, say* that, all re=
parts from the country give most entehrag
ing amxamts of the prospects of -an abundant
'harvest. The land has been far betterand more
extensively cropped than In any year since , the
famine, and, notwithstanding the met-mons am
aunt of emigation, much more land is under
"Lem wheat is now sown than in 'former
years, - but has come up moat vigorons/y; oats
and barley have a very extensively planted: the
breadth, oflandcmder potatoes is nearly as great
as ever in many &stride; and flax, Which, has
been cultivated far and wide, protnises exceeding
ly well, frmigthe rain which fell so opportun ,
ely after the sowing had been complete: Than
there are alb fairest spends to a/akin - ate agood
harvest,whloh would produc e a Most potent in.
finance in ticceleratieg the recovery of , t4ts•
MeLiniz's Lintir Pxas.-4n offering
Chit Medleine' to the Willa. the prourielore are .en aims
that they hare'to encounter a hunty uirterated by the
countless humedticaLs whkh bare bo4n tolneel UM . . the
Path. Mshm th• ant* of runlet utedtriam. .We as con
vinced, hoverer, that it le onli neeinanyto girt their nr
mad! a trial to plate it in public esthuation far shore all
tradhn4 etteuts'of lb. kind ever offered to the public.
th. lu,.ndori of an enlightened,extedeneed,
PhYsloinn. tam Mr =my yeses wed It in his own pru
.tice...nben its Meat rumen induced him to offer it to the
nohlie. at lama
• Per leale by J. MID t CO..
' " No: al, Wool et.
"Every (wilily should at once procure a
bottle of the great Arabian Remedy Ihr Mena bsest,oall ,
ed ILO. Farrell's Arabian Liniment • It allele the nee
keenes neLas to a few saltintea restores the ernortal and
...pent WSW, and thus cares am Mats; IC lensatmieS the
nab jp the team, relaxes contrasted mat, =lb rheum.
tiro end palsied thrae of twenty' pars' standing; aim, tte
...wet mkt, enlargement of the glands, and Li lhe
bast medleinefte ailment* of cattle everdiesorared. curiae
meny, sgavins. splint, end all Mamma ehleirrenalm on
canna entice-ion; Fee adverileernent. Self
Foreign and American ;Hardware..
No. 120 Wood Street,
£MI and complete stnetot FORE= AND AMERICAN
eniawior the wing. trade. mad whkb they nee prepared
to altar a paisheaers at mums that will ampere
thrombi , with any of the wham eitieet
LIKE OIL ABOVE WATEIL—The eick oaaxran tail
geed memo. by trying itote quick as IL Dr. can tell aimed
dipper hyaenas IR And II one man trim lc, and dm4 ltl
1)00f, It Ittn destroy the popularity with the whole city.
TOtt Met Intecdege modicum lota popular ca, not e . 10
tomemet really nobnantlel vinous, freerrom all bed effects
of Taff obi KUM..., and It la this bet that hes established
_the reputed= of "Unit% Compound Field Extract of Per.
...Dania," beyond a i men - . dispute. IM action anon
the human system Ulm segendence leltb ratleinet and phi.
Ineopldeal principles—lt promotes. the various merethome
and exertion , of the body. ransom obetruetions,
roadvid and deemed matter, etrenietbene the enat ee b
and. dienetive organs, sreatee neat,pure, and healthy
blast, and regulates tha VlitiOttt foletkna of the different
meta et the body. This is al performed • without the
lewd danger of harm, the preperaUon being AA eafe as it
I. ebleacions. It may bethought Wpm thePtim.l, that it
PthiParts to mu too =any discuss, but upon antithe
tic's. it will be found that a large maiontr of the dimes
es afflict the human Dually originate in an impure
stale of the blood. Be not deceived, then, by other Per
4mvllise being offend you by "my seller. of a:mime.
Ad water ponaratiOn . u ► inibeiante for the oriticat
John Banialarilla I Mb sellable pregnant= the
peoprieler traments to be sunnier to all °thou,
(lainnoso—thorare sad ask for the 'ortedual 'Dr.. Jake
/UN AgrectMeaba..from Xenrootp-muod hem mother. Ike
edierlimment au another Peg. •
eattuttest., Hundthadon co, Pa, Worth 1,11.
-- R. IL 11.ocw—Ditay EU, Your Pero/auto la woskiogwroo,
den to this yleinity; tberaibla ,bind tbsoklootysend.
on two doom by Ow Pannsylvardo Railroad. W. aro en
thWlY OCR sad It la beinfl•Oaltial So. almost ovary day.,
. Yours, nosetear.. e ' ' JOAN LONO k OJ. .
14tantar, daldand co. O. March 10,'61.
6. It. Um—Day My, Your Unit, • •Lw W.w.
ledt 'Mb. no _lbw dose, Rock Oil. wldeb o. bar., gold.
Plow Inrwarl to mt. Oman immediate/r..Tow rawileiris in awaking .odes 10 " . o°. W.
can obtain awned imella cartillodas, If you denim them.
Tam, - W. W. 600TT.
Toe oda by Rape, • khdicwoll, 140 Wood afinw# 11. P..
Wank 67 Wowt aimed; R. A. Faxo.oxle.• co...r•tt:
Wood add hoot. ntroetw Cony, D. A. RthOttawiePh.
tiouncluo,m4 11. P. Schwan; Allaglway. Woo by Lb. pro.
Wiebw. • M. RIER.
• a•ll4•lrft Clioa Dialw,lknonth et— Pletaborgh.
./ Ininraiice fompgay ofPithemigh
01.144 i triter lathe wasehoon. eq.
. .A. Rios, ger.
aerrevitl r_ lneare mertimndlet
i&ltear n tra
11//0 2aq-daze. otllgsberlnell fxrarsblT
Xpoin la tomatua&s.(3l/ , (belt madam., latellhiream
'mat inteirr&. ' /
DMI.C/WOM—C. U. UIIAM T . WM. 1 1(ga/.7, Wm. Lulmsr ,
, Ifeiaas..Ruch U. EA.,"3
Joh. Theevortb. 8. 1144attath./ & 11. Kier. ag.2llWl
insmance Company.
CAPITAL, 8100,000.
floe Presidsot—Sfrou MoCxxxxxs.
Tresaurar , Joxerr S. Lsom.
Seerstaxy—C. A. Outfox.
gsrEhos sdyersisentext So snothix font or this sniff r.
EEW BOOKEit ' NEW B00103:1
- • ttrott. oPlandlethe Post Othre:—
ens: or the Buoy Dt; • tale of reel by Caroline Lee h Li e ntz.
T Daughter of Nigh a story of ihe preaeut mar.
.•Na ao Dad tr. oaa•et • eatuoty by Mann.. I
.Dlationaryof Mach:Wm No. St.
• Llttellb biting Atre,_rice. MI. • -
Maume M
e Monthly etoolne, ft 1r July—No. 1.
(lodey's Lodz= foef air
PortaltVe Magazine.
Tbe Nattonal,
The Hone: or the Ilaamtls of Women: by DoDrer.
Cheap Black De Laine ,
Ik/ EFRPHY 4t. BURCIIFIELD hare just
a Int or coo (all wool) blank De Ulna, at
e ow seta of 37Se. )))23
nom article eon he hod ot the Moro of
je23 rITJft lIY s ItintelirlßLl).
- - -
F ISH -10 bble. new Lake 7 1 . r;iat;
lent " " for We br
iem .T.11. CANFIELD.
0.. SUGAR-25 hhds. for gale byy
1.1 • .4•21 .1. B. CANTICLE..
'Second Street Property for Sale.
T 0 CLOSE an Estate, Two very det i l,
rabie and weil finished three Wort BRICK -. 1
ELLING'S, ow Second. immediately abore Imith
Bahl Wee; (Mei mmtainlng eight rooms and attio, with
bah rooms attached. ml plied from ranges with hot and
mid water,) will be 101 d low. The Muses ace ywarly non.
MN/ will be required at the time of purehoing the bahomi
iwiwYntiento from otni to sin years.
( Jiigu rtlier!;ifo i tzasWo . lll6llC& l CAßll. Atilt
matt Co.'; N 0.119 Water et. finnialwril:T(';:lit
SUVA. ASH-20 make for oak by
eta ' • S. a ummeron.
VOTATOES-150 bu. for einle by
12 , .4.23 ot W. 111ARBAII011.
FLOOR --100 WAR. extra Fain., far Rale br
ie= s. k AILIIATIGU. •
PE I A :gk
HES-75 bn. for salo by
VI:LEESE-40 boxes Cream, for sale by
lJ • J.= . • IL •W. it's_naltron.
--f - t - O - LL7TURNER WANTED—At the Ma
ils:ion City Iran Work.; constant harder numb will
non loons thoroughly competent to draught awl turn
abort; bar, and guide colic, none need apply but each ar
can bring fall tenbanniale of cavern, arid mobriety. ape
ply to or adelnias J. L. t FL IL ELLICOTT. Baltimore.
TUNIATA . NAIL RODS-95 bundles Slit,
fir Ras by 8. F. VON BONNIIOIIST k CO.
' - •
n.LASS-;-400 boxes Window Glass, nrsare
)144, tut Rao by
HAY FORKS,Hay Rakce, and Scythe
lbe sitk
le2t- • !i. F. TON DONN 110FST CO.
Prut Brandy, for Tharriea,
IEAR IN' 311 Bin should vnn need French
Brandy. ib, remetsr can be obtaloat at MORRIS'
elMett, Dimond. al Ii Per quez , or kale.
VOll ,REAL.GOOD TEAS, gcl telj;et/
JIL , MORRIB7Tes Men; fa the Dim s nd. lotepati
nor or daataaea Tea, are acne kept at this ntebateaf
Will Paper and Borders. —77-
TTIOWAS PALMER, 55 Market Btreet, rC-
A l igr u° A,!=:.V.V.:l=:l4f,grs",,Yg!;
every. .remit to bit. thirof bwinew. pl.l
PER.-4-A-saretlaTiot of the %bore vtiel• jest reed
noel for, ode DJ 'THOMAS rAuttat.
55 !listen wt.
White Paint
-1 twined and for pale at ?Scar and 9 Word at.
if. lIrWo turtle tbe attention of House and Steamboat
ralntorern Ulla article, vbleb we hale teen burg tor ate
ward,. or dimattemitbe e and mrommintd ,prior
garner bat a ( freelior and Mom brilliant tome. It acquires
greater bantams. and to loom durable for inside nr outchie
wink. It will not Sabath and ran be weatted without In
jury; and rut it corers mantudene with equal weigh t,"l ll " ttt°tP to .bite
tta. It
Jost rouleOl, a goal assortment. cif dlfretwat orull•
and styles. whirl. will Ls sold Yen' low at wholesale or
retell. at the Wit Cloth Warervosos. see. 7arul V Wood st.
rs7ll. J. MILLIS'S
-CIRESN OIL CLOTII-300 yards for Win
ttcr• Minds. Jun reed (tars torteri. mil ter en
N0e..7 Rai f. Weed nreet. J. it IL PtllLLUn.
INDIA. ROBBER WHIPS—Of all the sizes
JIL mairrilfartared. for tee friaclosole find WAD, et tbe
au Robber Depot, soe.l and Efrord arret.
ten J. •fc mumps.
IR BA,LLS—OF 01l the diferent aiaaa, at
tho wholcank
021 a 11:PIIILLIP9.
C, RAPES! CRAPES!-A. A. b1a,434* Co.
nee'd oaa ease •Life,Wak bua awl Week
SZir rbe trrll
sa so.. SrtTlt:s.
Zoo* 1.4 wand me , tam Woe,. Limn& rarf
; moo.. ow largo amply of beautlfal toner oolor
ad Woos, nt von , low Woos, at No, f 3 al 64 Market ot.
co. ani MOW offetfityllveir large au& Valiaa watt
beat al Parasols It eary Mantel anon. Couple./ merch—
ants wall others an regaellaal to call sad Watlnf DO betel . .
to..abasing aterhena len
100 6615. Large Na 3. Horton Inspecting
For ale trr De2ll "TOWN WATT 4 CO.
..liadd'ENedicated Liquid Cuticle
° T.
lIIS ARTICLE is intended for family non.
and rhouldAw bend in the teamed= of evert faul
t y nth. land. Mechanics wham . * In eourtani duper of
Wary fo their ;snow thremab amelebt. nal the itaiwore
ex to euelees we of toMe. win dad tide article to he Inn!.
cable to them, and altar . fair L arial will consider s It iodic
mumble. . • • •
1911 i cestifj.thet se. the utularelgunt, harluir fre
quoutly curia twee Judd•a himlicated Lmuldlialkle, pre
penal dry Hawn. Penfield k Camp. PlUdletimu, Conn.
cheerfully eacommear U to our proforelimal brethren, sr
au excellent =Minute for Wheal plasm, In dreering
burry. mak. sable, bruises. and all ve
kindas We% wounds!
M" _. • I""'CieltritiVia`ilnitis, WC"
D. H4.11MP..N.
• w: (wo[:iitrkr.t. Yr.
HUI= M. D.. otank.
Comprising all taw prsetirlos [hype:fans In the City of
- Middlotown.
For ale , y vinNagrocK a co.
corner Hood rnd rind rtr.
Election Notice
A N ELECTION for a President, Ten Dime
• lama Ttanauser seal Berlatar. loalanago Ma Odra
at %kw Pluabargh sad Antal:may Blridae. tatJlett Um!
ataatlltittasJ will beheld at U. Ileaot. oahl 11,01,
Gartgan the Ilan tloadaz in July nest. between the
hours o fd and 0 o'clock. P. 4.
ja20:31. W.OI.OIOIIRISON. PtarkleaL
-L.= • Pine Broach Broadcloths.
tantlon of buyers to WO asoortmant of dm above
gotair. U r ge hate the Mort
_onprojesl, taanutortorleo of
r.nta t CRAFT drnivri by C. 11. Levin, 3r., on
Jae tr.ll•ll4tr, Cl Tanga favor of Shot. Arbucklo
Co., at 41 rant Ma, - gated May 29, ISM, for EWA) , P.O.
Mont o n .
boon SUMO. Lite 01 IA nn longer of twine
to any on. Mr Endo-
a oplAill farm upOun.•
ny leering It at Um caller. of Moore. N. Mimeo a Aorta
31arkat wort. or it Dor office In AllogbanyAllt.
Jortltalr , SHOE. AUDI/CE k
I Y,II.INS--Undorweed'e fine Lemon Syrup,
'my airirrlor grlido fur malting Limn,. Aae.
moo Otbriar, and btramberry Nl.or; A.. . a l,
A. IIt.CLUM Orr.,
Mom. an,l.Tra
-I„."'sq"'lldr' 'n4 l4 l4 ll;lirllttrtitglV lV.
lueeby N. V.. rornele
innalb and alargat
AIRY SALT—,k mtiperior artrellTdi; the
delay Oa tabk. rst Ina In II mall taa , t, al femur ory
le Lr WU. /1...111.1311/ Co..'
Zia Manta). at.
SA i I; , SAGO Clllikti:;i7 A t'ojz) , l tT o n( l , l
Gas Buraera
PAVID IItiIINETT respectfully informs
Lhaptibila th.tot la mow
Ore aupplj• ICattl
at tiaa Inarnnot, In nrinata lnas. rattrohna.d
public bottling , ”Vtattallf lova. Oa Yen
trim, Mara. tan dlttentnt Church., to all and.
/who , for themalrro. Tbaycan atm an Cull noron
Una Ontrley tba =I Inn, at Trlnltr moat.
TIY.. - 1 0 , 0 ,ra are &modem to Ile old otyle. la plying
more lota tposulnallon Ram. They
atol hate been In ton tot olaht lean la 01l coooltlat
4* OtlUtft at the ram of the lloaonishola Malt, all/
Go ;mOOOOOlll alltodrst loafallt
OD FlS'li-6UO lbw. verry tine; ;deli
IL/ .1.12.0 . hIeCLUIIO iW.
• A Card.
lIE subscriber, having made arrange
-Itment.ln ronrequenen of 'I& present buelnem
b. cloned by tho ler of Aunint next, now orlon hie
tehge oho! of A 1,,,.. Ilonary, BibbOne, Lew 1100d tap
brosicups, Drew Trimming.. Ilandkerehlele, Yin. It hiN..
Yurnithine Goole, Zephyr Wonted. Pluxer Mterhat,
Umbrella, l•ArnAilr, brinsbe. nriil Tinned and ble a olie xr-
Wk. Also. Ladle. IMO.. 0.1 ielillulelplas mitt%) at
greolin reduced ynrcr. •bolessle and
polg P. 11. ZATON,
ALEXANDER &-DAY, hming concluded
to alum thei t Dement Inielhiler"ow offer their ontira
of Fancy mid Imola DRY 110,11)8. at greati redueed
woprime. Their Cock le largio CWTbraent a eleneeamorb
nt of 'math and Enallah S IS. CAB/1181t1t811,
black and entered tiro de Ithlne 8111 a or beat matito
em.ineei figured 811 W% of the nearmt stylet ern
eye de &e.: Blanket., or tba Lest make,
Flannel., &Unfits, it., together wilb 0(.05 every amid.
in Om 110, 0 1 01 11 8." rumbanera Itirltoil to ran. im
-reii-are- determined to (Ina datedad bargain. by arbohisaia
or ritall to onler to,01.1" 01•24111111. Ink ri( 1.11
. 7 ? " 11/1t/ . 10 : 'SG Diarkidat...7t. IVN4slf.ttiDDiamtind.
White Marseilles
pnew.~rtinent of
QVILKS,II ounkrA7l,3,
gr. V0 .44 P"7 1i 1L
..A- -DWELLING 110 USE, Containing 9 at
a A v r o gnl t A dmA
ltant h4M, whlglilarnt= ,
infant Lis arden. /Wit lEmounl_pnwEgion Clllll
I.tlen E. E: On EWA. Libarly EL,
.1./Ett ' nEEP Ins !natal
, tEnn I
0 . 7/1 bbls lominirs enutbed 9 7 v.:
• kaa, 45 , twin. Tobbetii
J ,1* b4.0.44 , 414P0 1 .71 . 7 . '2l
' ).119 ii•UANS 1 00.
• •
OLIEDOWS far famed inadrarve , P•ndr " ..4r
With avpinwid OsllaricrEgp a lt m nigirentr d.,
ar. s and adverb tableaus aura.
/4.d i nicdd b 7 Ewa R.Oliddawarly E. B. Carr
sal ad Catwa Oriental Maude at twat , *Whin= Every
at eight o'doek—Weatawdal add ed."
mow at 3 o'cLpk; loom ope.. bow Wm.. aaMIAMMO
. 25 vents—children halt pia—wheals or 3:1 Mica and
aver...lo dent—iesetierf with uthcola Iva
1 .1.-- i• t red• .. ibr .410
PROOT -400 lbs. prime qua li ty, jun
ree'd and forme by Fiala] R. IL. sgrfaif%
ITRIC ACID-250 lbs. just rec'd and for,
jaa R. E. SELLIRs.
VODLIVER OIL-40 gallons, mu srurra,
1-1 r .Ae a/ j 619 R. E. SELLERS.
Chickerin i g's Piancis.
d ent for
ID Manion". Mow, for Pittsburgh
end Western Pennerlvania, No. 61Wesode‘f
has received and now open for tette. the rot.
traitor elegant assortment of Piano tortes • direct tram the
roinurenory, at Idr. Metering's (Seaton) prime
one deem Roteword setakererol
7 ( Mir= '
One cured ,
- plain
" i plea
time round cornet, 6
Two • square
The Wow Nano Fortes ars of th. West styles of fard•
ton, and with ail Ur. lldekernat's hannwstolintin the
Onion invariably the saws as at Barton, thereby ming to
pnisbesers In this teems the cinema end Mk of tt.n►
Ono Ramon.. barred Moulding. glantaa. PI ma.
R 0 by Adam St n ant es 13ce
O Onono goacood (I *elan', Adam Stalati t,Co;
' " Bacon A are
" •• deo
Ono soc , h.d a "' Chlektriog al good.. non;
tlnr" 6 . " Limn It RiTen:
One " " Loud A Broth.= '
ono 6" Dubois t Seaburm
Doe " CM Manhattan &moor. Jela
Coart U of n:
nlitoator of Miensol
VIII to public a,
Iday or July, Ittsl at 0 o
500,0 nod Lot, tll.Jn
oOyar=l. •an 1:
j .
F. Y. Joaea,..attoroor,
Court Bale.
anorTlerollhe Orphan?
1Y County. the tonlereigned, Act
Kura. late ofaald °mut): dee'd,
at the Court Flows, on the 7th
o'clock, A. M., a certain Brick
hunts R. Irain'e plan, in Pitt M.
of We. cash.
ad by =RUA on Robert lade, or
INDSE, Adan.,
Pitt to.nahiv.
1' IGUT ACRES OF GROUND, favorably
IA limited for litrawberriss; or fruit of mir kind. mid
for minutes' Mira of Allegheny inarket.Orr We.
Mlle •
(Pan 0077.)A. WILKINS & OU.•
ARD OIL-8 bbbi. No. 1, for 8010 by
LA jell JAMES DALZILL, 08 Water st.
. ; Scarce and Desirable: Goods,
driF VARIOUS STYLES, op en thug morn
~ cY br i tIIIRP T ILY i t BURCANB I I—IncIudIng
Moog% Popllnlnlack Laco o = 3"
Black 81100, neat gowning
• • ti Ingham. In, ie.
Attentlon to dron e s. osecittcletst of French
Lawns, White l oadshr to.
Wo melee, today or tomorrow. front Fen York—
/know /Han Loins. Jolt'
New Books!
VEAST : a Problem • reprinted with coo-
11 addition., fnatatraner b 'n Xatfazlon.
.11'. lea
4W of irg i n tLu T 3111=t n . 72 Fleg
land." ar.
.I,fignYl Cloonntrat (Itilien of Nen* by Jacob Abbott;
'. 77O:lrtrgr g a ' artal Field nook
s f the Narttdutim
No. 7 of London Labor and th London Poor.
The *bore Manhattan received and Ibr ads by
IL C. BTOCIITON. 47 Market rt.
-646 irAf a airPneol)r• U lai t hi 4
Nan' a Mai iffal&MG COPtlarliOg rennon 1.
d nnnalna
Geographical, nelentnlcal, Hatistical. el, and
nOnphical noninanne, Ynajn. and fang [motet with
•.iouton 'of the Aril and klanixfictures, and nem•d at the
Event...4' the Tim.. Ron 10111.
Ti .
ilthl .
The above abia works for sale b
IL C. STOCKTON, 4T Mortal st:
35COTCII BURLAPS-2 bales suitable for
Wool !seta. Also-103 Wool Seeks, new and Snood r, on tr. far tale low by
jrl7:l3t ROBERTSON a nEppstrr.
rit EESIVAX WANTED—The highest price
Ay to cash will be patty . f ilima . cir a
jel7 comer 110,1 and Wood at.
APE SHAWLS, at reduced price,!—
tli"ul Duo lisoN b a c0..14,4,. ?S eat w tlair:lt coot of bet
Eluction from foram prim. 041 ma. and Vt •
2, %rt.
as. 11 and .t.
I: 4, AWNS ! LAWNS! at 61 cta. per - yard!,-;
A. A. MASON C0...r0 moo offering the moot totak
of Of choop - Lowns over eihrtitoal Ip thlo cltf‘
prima foam 6.1‘ max per yard mt. The attootkrO of ouo•
tome. U lospoctfully oolicited. • f 01.7
BONNETS!--A. A. blesotr &Co.
0 _?, o hv o =rtrileled to elooe
u oug d boba/oxtor of t i h .t !lr Vlck
boo ladle. trolgtrolblato ' re oottt"*.
e attention a
• • •
osstosol4 Is rocartfully Inatted to our largo stock of
• roost Floors', sr hieh ire aro now skating . oot at very re.
ducal nos. 11•171 A. A. AIAISON s CO.
Piano and Table Covers.
A. MASON & CO. would respectfully
ty. call the
of housakeapers to their
tensile asset - Mous of ricldy printed a
nd costexacT 61 . 60
sod table envy, married colors. Also, aMr I.(VP MO
NT of DO.I and damask table cloths, asolltut, &Shia,
loyally, to, at N 0.62 soul Masitetetreet. fel
• Notice to Contractors.
EALED PROPOSALS will be 'received at
Go ODear or IL D. KING; Pooch sunilthe laday
Juil helL to the Onellhe of the Pa ttelettrph azet Coal
Dill Turnpike Dorn. from Fur Marty to tae Corner GILL.
ofatrwarta gartan*new In Mlnersallle,.(whole mate,
of cable Tents ..*area to be la, 000.) Badges In Um.
pm... 1. Gate renaratrily Gwyn/caper made yard forB/1
crating on BLo front tn. foot of toe hill
hest Latetty. Branding to thrr plan of amid soma aa to tr.
NAM at the °Deo of IL C. McGowan. Sea, Dean ra.,
W lawman= can be natal/tad cosenertann and
LL D. &DIU - .
U. P. DAMN, Decretarf. . felind
TIMED PEACHES---106 bustteLs dried
go :. . •'a Philadelphia & Liverpool . •
of Packets..
4Sailing from Philadelphia on the*
L5lll, ead - Lirertiool , ea the lgof ash monsth
e p ) 2 ', 1 ttgA P NI ti It. " 41; 3 .. .11—...
LUROPE. Nathaniel 1.1. Hurls. Mag ar ,
111iRLIN. Alfred P. Smith, Mager.
AILACKAItAXON, (sena W. W. Wegt. !luta,
The above ships am built of the best and most =Ur
nraterlais. FM ate noted for the rapidity of th eir passim.
they are Aged op with all latest itopmement(o, are nowt
L i nomal - 0 01 =d017.="P= 4 .Y,th=
they am commanded by men of soknowledged talent, who
are unegoalled tor egg es Miran, In Wu wad service.
Person., deadens of bringing the!, tries& Root the Old
COMIUT ..*b. 1 ..a., of {....4., .bleb will be
goal Mr right mouth. and .or Meat. in Otdrad wat Lta
mpool will Aingth thorn with the proper infotalation and
ingmedons mktg, to their depart..
for Lbe oramolents ot natmemrs adaitton to rral rate
aer,as supply drags Mr Al ettallan and upward, payable
id. gala without theenuott shish gall Le mama by any of
(ho Minim or hat 0111 ore lo the United Elitralms.
..-Yrorisiona mpplied peattengem eastrag dam LlM
Every smek the folloghtq eutiyihe will be hunishat
met wringer of 1 2 years of age .d meg . 1 .3 A lb. breed.
I Oa gap A or. W. 15 lb.. oatmeal, W lb.enger, I lb goo,
it, lb. lingageee. anil 1 lb. pork. Under LI
)re of age A
On. breadstuff. 1 lb. pork. follalimanoe el grater and via
vox, and lull .110..,.. of la . tragar and raga...
ateIIKNRY at
Ito. 30 Walnut street, belew llograll;111 ... V?.. ), a
corner Sixth and Wool dn. llttelingtb.
IaACKEREL-4 1 ' " -
LCKEREL-115 bble.nerd
3 . " 854) 11 `"''' 7171 VITA iVstvc"rucrsorrt. 1.
Ytt :02 Lawny
liflKEhp 011.--10
41 .1 ,16 It0B184)::. LITTLIC tW.
i . tA 3 0 .s. aupenor qual
iv, for sal. OISISON, LITTLI k CO
jel6 253 Llbei47
BACON SHOULDERS-35,000 lbs. for sale
by 1.10 RODISON. LITTL6 k 00.
II V tbr sale br
COTTON -5 bales (Batting) for gale by
No. 134 'hoot A.
FIRE BOARD PRINTS—Foe sale at 50.,
by [Jen W. P. MARSHALL, AO Wood et
JUR A LA TURK.—Loulkie and tame Amjust trattreol
sad for .RI o by ; IL K. PALMISIL
JOT 105 Mutat st.
1.7 VAHI:ft haa Hod meted a great variety
Mummer lionnota, Pomo beautiful and n.el Alro
Men', and Dore Braid. nteaw..d other Hata. jel7
VIIEESE-52 bone& now landing andfor
t.) eels br ISAIAH' DICK KT • CO,
,I 7 Water sad hood gm
boxel i !lLlt;r l, l, c f g ol y e:ls o b . y .
Co..r. POW ylorlu. out their v.t., larsystoek Balt
. 0 iguana, .4 ',Ty rulueml_pylee. 06/1 and exuaLuy, If
you want • • b•rx.l.. Newt 62 and 64 Market tt. 147
jIIA PER HANGINGS—A large assortment
. of Yremb and Ameirkso
N'. N.
sad end fur min by
jet? ' 115 Wood at
friejust received
ttm s t rans nds of my yoothr
• ;arena If arm finenot rrsrer,
j , fapersne• Anthem—tinticated to the Temprranoe pin
eatisly gof Myren [Mtn' Nonyan'e PlYirrim'ePronines
• Ys eePhine
t eopeakee—eetele Debt
. lA:kr r ; ks ' otir - Iletx , by Verdi.
The celehreteibreille Nang, by W. V. %Num
time light le eagles;
The Mu of Lore. beautthal belled by W. T. Wolin:a
Th um mope dam are gocia—es rang byth•lyishleirein i .
Catherine Nays.
li gg g it* Ouncert, Reamiske, Hamburg, tub
inn Polk.. Also, sdm selection of es ey tesching.mosic.
w.u .ge e, Diarrhea, srel • complete emortemot of Tmlinand
Viers pun.:
No. el Third etreeti
. ii , 07.1:17114e.
N. ll.—Now Orrolna. • oplandld lot of New Pianos.
1061130 & NUTMEGS-0n consignment,
sill be wide/woo to slowthe..
I; IaKETS-2.5 doz. MarioaiL:for solo by
.4 , 16 M_4 W. lIARBAUOII.
RB-2000 lbs. for tulle by
8. a w: ILAIIIIAI/011.
4308-300 dos. for sato by
To milliners., •
(+SAYE LEISSE, blue, white and pink;
U fyn Fl r r, ;NIA% bUstiti " '
Diana. ',bit.. multi vain and.
Artificial Ylonntirs, A.: tar wale by .
rIJP , I 4 IAt F MATCHES:-25
0 0 . in. for sale . by
TUFF PINS--Junt received, a beautiful
awartmeet.ef pleb Mid, Amer Enamelled. sad atlr
er pea sad &drab!, Paton.
P. W. WILSON, /walla,
, 104 07 Harlan eiroet. earner of Fourth.
OLD BPEowAc LES—Aliargv as
A ji l l a p a nn;
_ m ot Tl in7 kind.
, 1 t . •ulno nectadinn la • iniandies — RVlMl.T.
eta! Pebbled put in t v.
w. • a . • - • ' -war -
1 - 1634k811-10 casks for salaby
VICTORIA LAWNS-30 pieces I . ..Akira
- 7 Ibr sal• DT '4614!
Raymond & & Van Amtough &Co.'s
Cons On. Of an lb. rare thing Wild Animals now este.
NUMBERINO oven 150 eetoteens.
Dr ts cortnthd tweJuri for one price 0f Adaastio..
lITILL be Exhibited in PITTSBURGIT,
3d. 410. arat:Mh. tor those days, under th e Double Pavillon
at th e corner or Penn and thrson stroets, PIM Worn—
than on Thursday sad 34 and fa , for. 2
to A. and,froot 7to 10. P. M. Oa J0.144th.i foor
h .to flout Bjd yth;',d„At,bm. w.X. Loin
3to GM, and from 7to 10. P. SC. Adonsdon • can dal.
dren under 10 years, 14 cent.
to this toile.on are the Ithloomoa. and Whits Polar
Rear. ten LIE. of the finest twin..
VAIO A.NDIUROLI,Abe than renowned of all Lion
thodtherors, will enter the Dens of Ms Terri& Group of
Mona Tigers. Lip.* Censgars. Panthers. ae-
MONS. CRAW ORD will also enter the Dens with hi.
blahlY trained Animals. mamas Two Grand Anima: fR
" •
V;iole Olmstead.. of Carriage. containing .th,ts
enter the city on Thursday meaning. +my
end Oar through therierJusl streets to proceesiou. pre.
ceded by the Company. Brass Band.
Thls lmmenseastablishment nominee slot 400 foot long
by 100 brood, for Ile ethibitlem end u Uwe was oo 10l in
thy low.olate ocelot shy of echidna went for l be PM
-07% 147 at= ' firt ‘ er " frtn l airerr o ' nfte " .4t7
they wished. Over 1000 feet of mama Imre, e ath t
i h
have teen contrasted for with Mr. /I ugh Plo&e/a7, altah
will render the Immeme payillon ale and commome o for ,
all elastics of eldlors at all times.
There never kiss been eshibitod to this enuntiT sa Imgo
a number, oar so onset a vatiet7 of living emelt:sem of
Natural Illstory. as is oontalned to the Coatbined Mena-
Maim of Ilaymond !tae. and Too Muburgb Co .jeglitdaw2wil •
50 ohms Merchant.' arol Manufactured Mar ,
LO Ethbanron
15 " Our, for We by
• WM. A. inti. t CO.;
Wood street. &bore Fourth.
SIO.OOO Allegheny City Coupon 6'q interest fig d: monthsdne Ist gra:. For only by
Wit A. MU k CO,
64 Wood lg.
Notice: —
A PPLICATION will be made to the next
4.1. Legislature (as provided hTT An of AsaaulLlAftre a
clatter (for.a Pavia
of g Euad Itrtituttou) far Ma (aim&
P'"' to °I. r! 'ZS"'
• :argain!
FUME SUBSC4IBER offers for saki a Town
Lot. In Jackaonellle, lodlana county. Pa.. 03 foot in
front and 1101.1 but, un •bkh situated a Frazee
House on. and • half stor po blob. 15 feet front by $ feet
bark. •11.11• goal cellar under the •hola. 1 .111 eell tha
noVertiP. rub. dry goods. or ready-made cloth Log. The
One 01 . proparty=loo. Title warranted.
AR; addre''" u.
B •• •
ARRED MUSLIN—SO pieces degirable
style sad Bar sale by
E-500 lbs. for sale by .
Jell •
bblx. for Bale by
J. KIDD & CO,GOW. • • it
- -
IFor We by
000 gallons (to arrive,
J. KID D I Co., GD Wood rt.
... 1 3 , 4 0 art sile by
' ENTINE-10 bbl;3. (to nr-
bble. for solo by
J. KIDD & OD- GO •
Ibs r ' Or GGIKI3Y
FISH-15 , N2vr
oule by
SALERATU 100 boxes pure; '
30 btrlc - for uOO ro r
Jell 7. D. CAN PIM.D.
FLAX -1000 I , e. far sale b,
.la 4 J.ll. ceNrizio.
)EARL ABll b. D. ICU'.
INSEED 30 bbLs.Griswold'abrand,
for We by jel4 .1. D. CANFIELD.
OTASH-4 casks for sale by
FIRE PROOF PAINT-10 bbls. for sale by
Jai ' zn.CANYIELD.
BUCKETS -50 doz. Marietta make, fot sale
by jab J. n. CANFIE
irtHEESE-200 boxes for sale b
jdi J. 11. C'
B ACON -15 casks Shoulders,
.14 "
JAM E`9 eB ka.. a.
CIIEESE-44:1 bo*ee for sale by
mewl DICKEYk CO,
J*l4 'Water .11 hone da.
SIIM3LER CLOTHS, for Men's and Boys'.
Wean aim, Tweed; eadmentta. Cznimeres, le, In
fr . ,:ratly of :pies and qualities, remind and Wined
orth&ld hare remind •
ve =POT of ff...baf• r od,
dine some of a er *amnion. au n ty 3o 3
PRESCH LLNENS, of various qualities,
.1; received sod selling I. the store of
10 (140 kiii 1) 00
TEEfirm of Clarke, Parks & Co. Rodtester,
,La Ude day diseolved by mutuil an th e lee
or o.ld. Ham. belno pumblmed by fl.blithb
Clarke and IL U. Parks. who will main. the business as
formerl, under the name mull able ol Clark a Parka
All the buolneree of t h e late firm to be settled by mid
Hamilton Maki , or IL U. Parke..
11•3111 TON cuaza.
Pltbibzulgh. Jane 10, 1651. .10111 en
p[AVING made a change in our business'
by the paRIMINI a 6. M. liestoab ll:detest la The.
of "C/Arke, tWsks !C0.." all tbo but/Th.oot sat
freight beats.
The Vet= Line to Cleveland,
Lets Me mud Mettl Line to Erie,
Bandy and Beeler Line e.
to Matellioo.
ows Packet Line to arniland,
AM oleo Lb. busbies§ peetalutow to eteataboeti Thetas=
and &sem will be dm* hereafter Through' 4011 N A.
CAM:HIRT, our Agent at Yitteborgb, IY Oka. corner
of Water and . litettbbekl tenet. •
9 z Well;MUT.tibtunelltsl.—{1.l
Sea Bathing—Cape May, 217.7.
lONGRESS HALL is now open for the re-
Jeeptionof Visiton. The kopeletor,thankfal Mr the
tal patrone heretoDsre rescued. enraldrettily
ohrit MOM* 11.114121( m vish this popular be ace
ho present season, to make Os homes the ir home. an
ransaments and secommolationa he trots, will to more
koet"=to elastomers than allotlich have heretofore
ed non Um Island. The snteeritor hut taken
mina to broom gmel and attentive solored - sementa. kdo
th. the cotyledon that they are boot suited lOhernstome
ard 'nuns of a istaloritr of the at
.1.12101 W.ll. MILLER.'
IoD N.C. Tan in good mien
100 bright No. 2 Rain; for rah by
_ iel2 -4011 N WATT A CO.
Poor Orrice DEPARTMENT '
Mush 14, 1851. :I
IT BEING DESIRABLE to subatitutoloell
and keys of nom other kind kor pram w Inks a s •
con al service of the Una Stable, a and
keyw with palmate to furnish e, the awe, will be encired
, and considered at the Pat Office Deportment, until the let
My of J oly it: dliternt loaa Mesta:tithed to
mandrel:l for examination and report. Open tide
contracts with.. non fie eneetlahle. be-entered g Irtjg
Ear furnishin each Inks and keys kg bar with
dgbt on the pars of th e Postmaster Gann err the km
tarn to extend sad continue the eon tact in fora fort as
additional teem of far mem by giving to the enthwtoy
• minim notice to that ear, sot more than tdm rum less
than ale months ben* the termination of the flat term°
lair year. .
With a eine of wrocuringthe•
buttock 'Athol...Merin
no kind of leek lit prescribed ae• gannet the Dearnen
relying for a oelection on the mechanical had and footle
ity which a fah competition. mow knifed. may devno
It Is, however. mean to state, that a lock suitable fir
mall nowise should perm the followleir d o
mbility =giant!, lightness. mut strength.
111 the
towing athinitaneottel all We
ks and key. In US, about thirty
my locks aid twenty thonsand keys adapted thene — teM
a required le be thrashed by the contractor within sera
mouths after the content that have been entered intot of
teasels the armor supply will depend the durabliity
of the locks and keys adopted , ea asthe bream of the
mall wilco but It will proteddy never exceed In amount,
thews thousand (tithe termer and one thous:Lod of the In!
No lock .111 he combined UK be like any airway in!
g,mern or, mar will sayers wi th lam the contermay
be made te slowed to make, nil. or furadth any leek or:
key. similar to those contracted for. Ihr any other mown
aeon than that of the Wet USW Dr1p.1.61•21t.
Tbs kind of lone adopted roust be patented. and the pa
tern will Ice required, on entering kil o attract. ea make
an argument of We paten fur the entwine Who and ben
efit of the Department, 11 t
the larmaster General tali
demo such requirement menthol to the interoshaf the an :
TIM In an of the Whoa of the contanor at. say time
to fulfil faldifully the tame and onidltions of hit natant.
the Doetmasterlicneral Nall bare the light,beahlea • had
I. the peinal.remedy licainafter mentioned. to annul and
centred, and to contract MUM With any ocher party or
creiilia as he may see fit.dlar (gabbing similar looks and
Madding upon the prophoidsind sealmene oifored,lbe
Postemeter Demerol may d It expefflent to select for th e
through malls the look , of balder fa the .sy mans
th of another. Ile there fore, the tight of cen. •
taming with different individuate for each different kind.
of locks no he May rotor
, and sled the right to reject an
_anima. and p If he, shall deem that cone
for the itttaolit of the partment. She jecq or males
arresting will be required to lire MM. With ample fir
miry, In the WO= of thirty thonand dollar& fur• fai th ful
Perfamther of the *retract. The contract le to rontain I
provisions for the due and Moen intheatcoa of the loth*
end keys, sad On the landing amlnet their pantile' Into
itver heath the tetras Of these force/dorm to bo n
at... the Department and the acanthi bidder,
If• id abookl be reefed.
NoapErns will be candenalif rfot seconiparded With
=thin. sateen/or the trnatwor th y chnsmerof the bich
4,,, and e his ability to fulfil the farmhand
N. K. MALL, Pedniaster General.
Books! Book!
CIINITZ'S to ry of6re eco.—A Moto.
14 mdn r , l=l ttime• WV. destruction
Thirteen, ' D. DerV. li b y " ke 4 1.4 4 e=
lichmits, P. WILE.
The tiarmony of Prophry, or fkriptursi Pktmarations of
e rttigginSAingdgllZleg 4F lW . d
Glom atel other Pomo. By Rerun Yaroultr.Top ' p ' et ' .. '
Prorerblal Phlicarthy. A Modern Pyre., hod the Po
ems of )(Mg Irked.
_By Martin YeiquharTapper.
The o Wad if aylant allele. By Miry limn
Cooe Philosophy of Mathemlor. riprislated &ow the
nde Philoeophie Positive of Auguste Comte. By VI.
Rupees New Took and Eris Railroad Guide Dock: bons
Mining a description of the Scenery, ltivers, Towns,
ls/res. and most imparbuit Works on the Weil. With one
handriel nod thirty•elingraTiOga, by
teem Milner sketches made espreefly for nook. By
Woo. Rodeo&
• New Monthly MemLee
The WM Wort:Tern or the day. we Bre lir, • fun.
blatorteal novel. y the author at 7 14hlterriant. , '
fleabane bookajust received, and for sale by -
J. 4 it C. arucitioN 47 Market it.
AR-2 bblz.genuine Barbruloes, for sole
br (Rd) J. KIDDa M.
- - - -
ODIDE POTASH-50 Dn. for sale t
PLASTER—GO lbs. Cantharides, for sale by
LIEMP—M baleA idissou6 . 4t,r o ,
ii. me toy nala br ilecu alon&..
=so - No. 134 Front rt...
New Mike.
15jorrim9 PROM KENTUCKY; 14 Roh
Wand Dublin Waltzes...mart.
Warld.e /air Wall.,
M rtri um letri k, g Wad Leek Polka
the of
rho k = " t tr peeled the euirinh c riornif Ulna
norms that are brightest
JenntLital)!llllttl ne o .
rtle "r flfres, " "'
zioe_ rk.l
Vin Bethelor usll Old IDOL
„.1.-11,..11111=an Dirt
isignt of the lit OILYr need
ray2:l I. =LIAM. la Wool R
SUM—CA-kegs timed Noe., for e
wise A. eieTelneeN t CO.
SHOULDERS—L'. casks for sale bs.
a 7 sass? assmisit 4 suprzi.
W 110 WILL SUFFER for:the isake. of 'sa
th ,
` 1 .7 0 3". D.A.! Bassih's crest Alsterldri Enos-
J. LES, ms- br
Ons dollar's worth hA,,i
toms tha use
1510Tlit SEED,34 bbls. for ends by
• J. & (LOYD.
- -
. • ______
ilicE--1.5 tierces Fresh, for sale Irr_
ill, 2 , 13 . J. aR. JOH°.
_LFATHER -100 Sides N. Y. Sole, for sale
Ibf 2.13 i J. aR. RASAf ',..-
5 leeds Mot, aaa'a Non
6 and 1 bbL Lard:
10 bble. puree Flaxseed 041;
ID) kegs 6 twist 'rename '
5 tlenda Flash Ake:
75 Du. hinl ApploA
300 dozed Coen Emotive We sale by
Br sem.
STOOK of thelterchants &Manufacturers'
Bank; Stock of the Ezehabor Beek. by
11. IR £IM Banker and Broker.
14f.Vpitrrimtg t; gh` ll:TiflNB
. 7 1brA'4 '
;all Banker t.l/roka. zonnE at. . • •
For Sae.
A LOT on Penn . street, iuijoinin' k Mai
. thew.' Wwblt—willo
Ib o old a w. If dostrabk, the lot
rap ditidot to suit two personz. Enquire of •
'Unable Lot on 'Third street for Shist.
tirTILL cell the Lot on Third •etteet, ad
joinln, the Upholetery - T•tatilehment of Wm. : llSble an
one aide, and the Endue Room of Ms Vigllhtt Fir.
Company on the othr.
Se front on Tided 44-45
feet, with • depth toward Second West ef ER comes ew
Jew. The joins to HAW, ono thoneend In pths bal.
h t .x.
once with Interest to be rammed by limed and cat
the Lot. payable to one and two years front of
sok. ThoAJtle Is petfmtly good.
Sellsaw . at the cam of C. SbeJer t Co,-foorth et.
i Ll .V.Zitiri r g
imam plat, sauteed..., and who ertigrat:rto New sore.
is the United States of Attakiee, i, the ke.:1550, makes
orplidion. ekker or b y. ArtlerA7 Charm St.
'seets., No. 5 Wsli street. New York, h5...11 he..
. ontething to his wirsiadare. . . !' ' .11512. •
To Gardeners. '
Pt .t! , =1:1 f„ roun dsi. city bait-
0 4. WI INS & Co.
J4ARD-12 bbls in store and fo by ,
0 Weber root AY..
LARD OIL of Bennett & Tones annfae
tare' for de by ISAIAH DICKEY
f 00)
f I ORN--40 bbis shelled, for sale b •
fiIIEESE-3,5 bre for solo by
BACON -`0 eke., received and for Bald by,.
INSEED OIL-10 bbls to - rattle by
,WICK .t Wed-SIAM.
CHOCOLATE -12.8 bxe. Boston .ohocola. by i.lO WICK & M'CANDLE2s.
DRY lIEILRLNG—for sale by
witx a: A,ws..
CIREASt---10 bbls in .rtiv'ancilfore
lass DICKEY k CO,
• Wm....a Front et...
TOBACCO -125 boxes as'd of life._ beet
brands Gs and Es In sure sod for sale br
Jelo • • Sasser and Front ass.
Bayern' Piano Preceptor
jaSIEBER hai jaarreceived..Beyare
, celebrated preeOptor for tae Pianovriildelt si
nowledged bygrofemlonal moo In this Moaner and In •
vamps; to' be the beat work of the hind) ever publuthed.
Beyer, well known as one at the most trnecessful compaures
far beinners and pupil*, has here supplied a want long
and severely felt by the nodal patio. via: an elements
took, prorremive and /Men:Ming to the pupil, both in its
I:irates end tunes, thaw greatly facilitating and smooth
n** the somewhat tedious and irkmme brat study at ram
eye and piano playing-The following Professors who have,
essatined the work, am Warred -
Profemors ilmberst. Lesimann. Pelee, Moth. MK',
. e A erosbed and pulse:Mal snearjgst melds and
sale low by WM. A. 314.:Ltigthkr
dines In brine aardellem) just nominal a
ietr, -
lw b o y . Win. A. M'CLUFAS a Co. -
.Rot Liberty Ki -
FRESH TEAS - Just received at. No: 256, ;
un.n ub' i t e r ....orta ' ‘ itt'l latelt ot ba mT toortati '""kr on. fa°Wr sal'ag.V."4
low by th e half 'chest Or pound by • • - • •
_- 0701. A. M'CLUltlii k
lelo - Grocers and Tea heaters..
ioDOT CLA •—7 tons Copley's Rot •• , No.
.I.!..isn waived and far Bale by
IVEW SIACKEREL-50 bble No, klarge
IJITOOL, WOOL----eas4 paid for difrer-
M , - ent enact et wool by
0. IIditBdUIDIL •
wouit—no bbls. "extra" Sou #1 store
and for male br join •R. AWOL
- - ---
ACKEREL—Quarter I,ble No. I.' fat
INA mackerel, to store sod for rate br
• melon' &CO.
Jeto Rehr A.Yrout
COTTON -116 bales in stare and for sale by'
- ISA/All DICK= k CO. •
alp Water .• Fronton.
'HAVANA. SUGAR.-50 Ina white TN
.le2' No. 116 Water street-
T. OAF SII.GAR.-30 loaf atior
JUI aortal eatebers) far sale be" t • .
, 11131:13B.ID9E a intrasit,
3. 9 5e.1.18. Water street. •
k CO.. biTer.leUt reiceingrr=i s ts . nicitalsix
Lich as natation of customers is Luvited No. 62 and
More New Lawns.
A. MASON & CO. have just received
• Ws de/, • Ism lot of throe vell t doltablrf btorsi
/1. ' 4 ro ' . k t ' 3!= VI:1r •hokwegrry
The Familrßriend.
I.BLIKDIG preparation- intended, to-•Jsa
pane* the us* of /reset... Web. when carol with
nlll lo lei WS Ibe floor tanning to each than bg the use of rank me whole process of broad
making, Wan being 6sked, does trot take moo than ill
Of W L U irirai r i= " c= l't 7""
od krott ' l
keeper, man==e., of public gLools, intnnaties, howl
/ls, and large Peroillet +II Ind to saving bgnaing
Use Family Frktal. Adelcd to al/ the whantaptu
agreeable,. lehnlesonsediat kr an so and cam. in
°campy pluses ,
admen_ gnat Is to get, thls •111 be
the Invaluable tar biscula and cakes—it will -be la
noels and cheap, nut loif th at tlng le more
tulatable—stul makes browner sten mom tavola!,
1 , 0 hi bottlea, at 12S, 15, and 60 ante.
U.'S/art/I Pourtli
ite hole Meat for Pitts/cant/. It. E. n„,EU.EUS. 67: Wood
Piallns and Mayen' New Art icle for the
• World'i-Fair I •
e G L U
mEar, which cmwaerret.a wood,
aton e, nao d t tr . oub l le n or prepuatl u n nabort tm on •
any arLP
U. of furniture may bi made as goyits by Wm ceLr .
&rated and powerful Cement. Th e bnasekae new
pers of MU
Stain are already well aware of ice genuine and aupierfur.
wiarlablUty to their p um.; and One who base ant
tried It are rtquerted to do no. No boase 'should be with
! out Ile bottle of Liquid filue—lt requires nowanninn W
always ready for nee, and may be twed bran pa with
awe, op any ankle, In Summer.. Shen, fa no nab fur. tlis
Jane-pot, and_to nieenanks It la wrest bleasforl fluters
into Areas id it tbo o Lltt m are . . sovadmou Lo Abair
• 71, North Fourth P
nlant Plitabnrabi J. KIDD CO. annet Yourth
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pOR SALE—One Kiln: of Brick, Enquire
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. Ladies ! Ladies ! `Ladies!'.•
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12 LOOP' D:10.
tons Soft Team, for sale - by
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B UCKETS TUB '&--60 doz. Buckets; -
'• L. S. %ILA iLDV/PAS,,
B UTTER -5 bbla. Pack;
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``a AL SODA-350 casks . Sal Soda, of our
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JUST- RECEIVED, -. at N 0.256 Libert,7
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FLAX: -10 sacks for sato by
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Fort hours mPhiladelphia.
forty-timr home to taltimore.
281 miles Raikoad-103 miles.CanAL
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Two Daily Liam Ewen Packet - lima
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NEW pmsyLverae. RAILROAD,
Twit Handred and P w mlLw direct to
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and ean7eronstor at the sane boar. :
Fan In Pbfladelobb. Sift Para to Rablotono. 101,TIL •
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Paaserigere for Baltimore,
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Thus, POCH boars
No charge for Imadling Baggage on this routs.
The CUT osk 'Mambo ars nes, awl of the most *MM.
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J. P. HOLMES, A v it,
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D. - EC .t CO.
Sad Mad Built, Peas abut
185 - WESTERN 1851.
D. LEEDE tcvs. Inx •
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1..; Canal being in good orde r ; i re i re
prepared to transport modem:and etterckandt. Iv
Tram the above titles, ea Um lowest current rates of
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my owned and controlled by the roprtetOrs. Mita
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RAYS 1. BLACK. Pennilttafs, -•
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HARM., • MECH. littera,
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4r22 • .1851. aggma
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RANGE I.'iadagi
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fiI_XPRESS Packet antßailroad Line for
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itubargh to Beaver. In conneetlcen %Ito the decal:11711.
Jabal Papriar Ncteu, et Cbttae. P.M. a 0 :4 aura
to Itaveoaa, and the splendid rehr Paget= of the
Clasniaad nod Pittsburgh Railroad cct-t.
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' taraer. leave thaticiZicr optte the liommgaMe
Rouse. at 9 othrk,.lll.. .=nse vith the Pukes et
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for cleveLand. 1 , 4. try
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Elereland is time la take the RMlrnad. Line of Meanies.
rIIIUICYLLO•and DETROIT. and the for Chia.
Teledo, Eandesky K S
nlso — rcr evening train of cars I,r Columlnts, Xenia; mod
Chndoneth •. CLARKS. PARKS A CO.. Pro •tet.,.4.
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4011 the Pennylvards and Ohio, Camas:
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.CHABIRLMLIN CRAWFORD 090,..„.(szynann,
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DOOOLEO. a CO...,Mllwankle, Win,
Goo. A. Gibbs s CO., Chicago, 1111 • t!
tor. irolor and litrAttolald aa.
fi.OPPERAS.--35 bills. feru - le by •
j- rsi D Q L raist.
.Q TAB" CANDLES-10 bezel, prima arti
cu. fo, .4. - J. KIDDa CO..
No. CO. Wood/t.
MEDICATED, Wines and Brandies, afresh
wins: ressica sad kr We by •
J. KIDD t 03.
No. GO. Wccd
TAPiN vemusu—a bbla.-(Baltimoroj
krarby J. AID
. _ _
C R—' REASI TARTAR 1,000, IbL for salcby
Je7 - No. EQ. Wood
S PERM OIL --1 S btlicemxt:it forkCA Bale by
TANNERS' O.IL-73 bblo. for Rale ' b y
N O. 3. MACKEREL.-50 bble. for sale; ar
4uszt baths, km Inds .
;eOwner of ieroo ord girth .width.,g:ft,'
VANARY SEED.-3,500 lbs: jcust ribm%hr e d
COFFEE. --.300 bge. prime Green Rio, C0r
.56 f!,n coslyed and Mr s as h
JOHN wan a.m.
bbla. new Pickled Herring
Iso do do do fty . do
In oteinOlutd ta g lit t nr WATT 210.
fIEfEEBIb - -31. bx.s. Cheeso,., - receiving per
Bla.eirs Ihm.sna
eil Waltz
4 ARD.1.2,000 lbs.Lard, r for sale on eon
sissaken t by . WOODS k eon.
Na Ca. Baer
A r k IL4:-:-800 gall bleached winter spernx
, run cord
1.000 .2."
bleseh " mt "6" ..
' I L .7 ' : ' • "..
W.easte whale Da 1"
111CWITS0_ _
• Nos. 221 4323.motrpra
I • TATION Sugar and Idol/meg 4
63' htictx.BdlB+ P8m,41.8=6, -
- SOT bbls do do
- Noe.= 2 6 Y , tia t l%t
S UGAR t HOWIB 3161asaea and-. fa hrittm -
In Molanee-81. JUNI. .
ad Md. atoPhocsidoo 8408.
Eilitoratoinst anda c t i za
,lei A. ', 6 - ZO. 143.7
Dou P:o — gani,fßalerlns,
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ut IsEtb4ll.. job p.m.
t ear DBr.
741.7 a"
" Tierces Ric ° e7 a:Z and for
"4. 14. MILLL'S ik ICKETION.'
11 ° W., AN C E ME NT -2 bbla, for sale by
1" 'B. P. TON BONIIORES s 03.
117: REGAR---30tbls, pure eider for sale by
.ie.s 8. E. EON BONHOBST a 00.
plot IRON-240 toni Beressrele.
6 no - sreliP b u LlVii rce
. ,o. 153 Liberty M.
.:- ,Brandiesh Wines. It , C. -
iiAVING - "eompletid arningementeririth
Iltinae la Bordeaux end Wax Rump= (AUK *a
ae• eleendon atm., orders, I me edam enabled IDS.
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DIBEy-WIDIRS. and LIQUORS, Of en. newt. dared
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'_ ~ Atlentkat is Invited to air BA.. beaver
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and dark. .
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/9 Om oia ikdlarai and behuidam Gin. - 7' .
ICI puncheon. Old Bomb and Irish Wtdakey. ' 7
4 . r owner Old Jautalea Rum.
- 90 maks superior Landon Brown odour and &total Ala:
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All of_arblen I will odor on •ea 7 favorable terau
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Orders eddies =embed with daspareh and dlil,Rbim,a
AW.A.,.. - , - , , . ,
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