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fcgowlag beualful wards at new sang,
wire Wirittea by Judge Meek, at Alabama. We
eoPY frCIU Ike auciaztad Quetta':
The golden bowl 4 beaten,
t That bold lore's star atm;
The last tend wade are tioltett;
That haThed the. owe ea adze;
Wn Ts Wad new to near. , •
Tot on the land or ma,
By dry or nth; teem
hty heart will hotel to thee!
Thonghtbe golden bowl be blokaa.
My boast will lineal to that I
The ellner cord le illent. • '
Thatihilllad beneath thrhand,
An la mesas desert Wand,
Azad toy boys I eland! ,
But yet Irterier I Vander.
Thy beauty I shall
aa Ute butl jeuedee,
ldy heart will kneel to thee!
Though 'the sliver cord la Watt.
My heart will kneel to thee!
Ohl each hoperfeet totem,
• . elan
;try love to tall: .
A 22 . bah lb* golasW tour be beet..
M (be Wirer earl ae well:
toed meatsy. win cherish
The detente to dear to mt.
And, 1111 each Dula, shall pedals.
My heart wlll kneel to thee I
Though the golden bowl be broken.
My heart will kneel to thee I
A PUOSACIOtts Doe. —A correspondent of the
lileadtillf Gazette, writing from New York, tells
the following story:
As Captain Nye, the gallant commander of
the Pacific, was conducing a party of European
friends through Phalon'a magnificent Tonsorial
Saloons, a few hours after landing, for the pur
pose of showing them 'what an expensive, tasty,
i itm
and elegant people- we , trines arc, not only,
in the . fitting up of our steamboats and steam
ships, but even in the d coration of our barbers'
tamps, a pugnacious bull-dog, belonging to one of
the foreign gendemen, Suddenly plunged through
a costly mirror extending from the floor to . the
cellar., and shattered it into a hundred frag
ments. The price of the minor was fare hun
dred dollars, which the Owner ofthe 'dog immedi
ately handed tolllx. Phalan:. It is supposed that
the bulldog sew hie min impudent countenance
reflected in the - rairror, 'and, thinking that it be
longed to some other animal of the canine race,
considered it his duty to chastise its owner] for
exhibiting such an ugly physiognomy in each a
fashionable place of resort.
Two or three ladies appeared in Broadway,
yesterday afternoon, dressed in toe iew costume.
They were young, handsome, and, of course,
attracted much attention.- If the fashion con
tinues to spread, and to be admired as it is nt
present, wherever seen, such appearances will
soon become too common to excite particular
March 14, 1851. j •
T BELNG DESMABLE to substitatelooke
end key• of some other kind for those LOW in etre for
• mail SorTios of the United State% specimen lock. and
keys, with pamos]. to furnish the soma, win be received
mod considered at the Pon Mike Dr t. um)] the let
pred July ma The different lOCkl MU le submittal to
o .micrion for annolnatlon and report. Upon thin et
r fomhLln ¢ o eh marl as metr p le. be entv i tin th t
. 40 3 . the part of the Penroacter Ckferal for the time
*lag to exteW and continue the monad in force for en
addition term of four years, by airtae to th•
a written al
notiamo that e lm, me mare than am nor Ims
than ein months Wore thetencdrallon of the first term of
• BAIT IfiLff.
IVlth a viewof procoringthe bed lock at the lowest prim.
' no kind of lock I, preectibed as a siodulard; the Dem .t.rnt
relying for • selection on the mechanics] OM and tens
ity which • feir competition. um Waal. may dem
Ws, hymen pre to state, theta lora suitable for
matt eervlee ebonhd poems the following W.
inbilitf. adrenal'. Ightness. sod amen.
For the purpose o ollsambor aimultancoutdr i =be
- mall leeks sta4 key. now In use, about
new leas and twenty thoommd keys Mar thirty
be senaired lobe furnished by tie contractor within seem
months after the antrset Mall have beet enteral luta ag
, terwards the annual mpplyi depaul on the dadelitY
of the locks and kart mtheincrense of the
mall merrier, but it till Notably never mooed In 11100.01
three thousand of the Mow and one thousand of the lair
fro lock will be considered Itlt be like.) shady In
nor will anyone with whom the contreetraer
riVle as,
be allowed to mkt,, rlt, or furnish any Ica or
key. similar to thaw contracted for, An any other putTeit
Tnes than th at of the 7001 Mee Detertmeed.
he bind of lake adopted most be patented. and the fa
tattoo will be required, on entering into contract. to make
,etaMilgument of his pastor for. the cadent. me and beer
of the Department, If the Mortmaner General Man
deem such stairemerat mental to the Intendant the at
Me. ln Inal Of the WV. Of the oontracter at any tint
fulla faithlay the unmated candidata of his ccmtrect.
the Padmaster amend shall have the right,besides • resort
to the bonel remedy hereinafter menthned. to annul said
contract, and to oontraa mew with ear other pert 7 or
Mtn Le he mey.m 01.. nor furnhilting locks and
— vdM6ll.las srmutheoroporgrand epeohneceotrered.the
Poetcusater Uereral may demi ft layeallt to select 0, the
through mails the lock of one bidden. and for the tray limas
that of anothen rte mamma tharka the tail ed tn .
, Meeting with dLletent hattrithtels tar each different lamb
kooks Le be roar h iss se ... the tight to reject all
tothe sped-nem earl pro
yrkd II sh dada ther. worm
the Interest aria t. Ttn; pug or Toes
curttri= li tor dolga:tit/a aID
perfunamme of the cantract.l The moctroaeete I. to mania
Made. * r the dm and wow of the looks
and Myr, and dao forandlo? mann then pane: into
inlratZ4"' tea=lllllTter=taVtr,=.l,lolddre,
n a old should be accepted- .
No wthcatiorumtllbe oue,l4.erod If not atoocrpeated with
erklecosof the;e:rorthrebelacterorthebtir
Malty to the manna
Anthracite' Coal.
Gin TONS just received, a superior article
for 1 . ... 4 T or f""j./74tre* l i r itt e Tl W ll, CO
j. 3 caw
. 7 .llookerfl ani,! a lierrin& for
TAR -3Q bbls. Bostap, for sale by
3lt, ;Crl el or
salsby je3 J. AIL FLOYD.
IVIO i L 4 ASSES-200 bbiS. N. 0 for it by
DIOTA.SII-430 casks pure, for eale
je3 J.&ILY
ACON-5000 lbs. Hog Round, on consign
I neat, fursly. by 7. WOODS & SON,
61 Wader
U.ll-40 .bla. extra 7 1 1 y our-
e 5 -
tlme GO
da do menden do
I br. 1176 ER k RICHMAN
LEMON SYRUP.-001k5 "Tamer's" lent-
Ort Amp. oa consliraMent iod for male pr
Jos /11.1.LE11 k ILICESLION:- •
A A ARD OIL.-10 bble. pure winter
lb do X.
00204 IA: 66,
OOL TWINE-500 lbs. for sale by
S IIRLAPS-3 hake, 40 inch, for sale by jot • =WIN t LEE.
00L—Cash paid forlarool b
Jul Ntlo2 •
INSEED ISO galls. pure, for sale
- 301 24 Wood street
B ROOMS -250 doz:common to beet;
mr= CO ..,2,2,3„.0v5gi21. 00.
TAR -75 bbls. N. C.. for sale J:9•
prr.. 5711 mm
A T:IIDLI'SES' literary Depot, Third at.,
oprool Wri st, te tbi
for J Pod
aseMice. •
• • The awastaiee Nagar:re, lir Jona
• Lectanor on America by th• Earl of 01111.0•...
Lads Lirbor AA% Nra COL
Herber'. Magaiirbb Au Jobe. (a am eabbly.) Jog
Pci&a'. •
Ila ICLEBEt ar ie.M Third street, haSjUSt
• Viltrit Polka, oste of the me. impalas sa bess•
.rdtal Polkas aver shal.
• 011oa I Loved Theek mbli. Mary Dam kr /I. C. Poster.
. TT •• us ti. Rol Mellor Moms by
Z . k . lear. l lllOG Li tgalleglianlans.
• Ewan e, waste Jam'? Lind. with rum soma-
N ir 'la."l4 : &vb . YYs. •
Ls Warn, is msog by .Toltray Llnd—one of
beemoat bassalrol
Pasawsll,ll tbridast prayer.
£O4 sztesistrs selection of new lirsilae. Ta
'l"alTAP' r ''.l tot . OP AIL GOLDEN' PIAP.P.
.be the LL of Rom a - teho br Emmi
llortiealtuir., •
Ihkeived at IIOL.113:8!
.3 1 Mtn , .t.ea.mecalts=llll6a.
Xi?SIEBER just so
received a choice lot
of enputior flushardt's libMcdcoss, musufeetand
Xi .
Quisesdt himself—the eessu.s
("tr. CL. has much thaprosed son hls miens]
Invention, sad lt is sens menerelly aw e w
the best !Melodeons bs the country both roe elegane• qf
finish and sichnom and be
of tone sad too th . Amon
others an— •
OM •
Om 6 Mire Mr.lffteon, 1.711 [me; /
- One 4
01 "i e
No. Thlrd etroitorlinn of th Geklen nap'. •
• . saran Sow Amer for the stme Instroneets . i
Smi New { Wes.
MTH'S First Book in thography; an in
tro:W.4lpr, 13•0CroDlin Aeolpwl Tar
tooted with dron= 3 = f=l: f iri = hi
pad root. PP= of Cloographr, Cawootow School;
oh/ lisiolllow designed alio pan toil* Thwt ,
look filaeclettl 7th oro dad
4 IIE naOaxoae aurr.
Pro by 4=l _ BALOPKViII,
To Apollo SallalagAionilh
large) bappply of Ida
Cltattek !Crooks' Groe k and tatl Works.
Yunlly Roldructo, or the Adventores of a nth.*
W !Weber sat! tau
mac&MU, on adesert blared; :ea. 18Insel
4 4 10, 4 Not- 2. 3. and 4 , of ltshre's. London - Wow mid
bend= Pcor. • •
• Jost reed and far sale by IL tWOPICINB,
• ~ arz, . 78 loollantddins,, Fourth R.
H. MOLASSES-100 Ms battle gonad
A-7 • L B. XolAsee• for ado by JAAIM DALZELL
r 2i i. .A.p3 7 -3 3. ;;7 5 kegs twist superior)for,
OLASSES-500 bbln N. O. S. H. foi
Web/ n 1714 . JAXESDOffvf.I. •
111 RIP FRUlT—Peaches; ; Plums;
1 41 1
" li for br Vc01405 4 .,"
lova Urannli sad r.. Deslort.
bbbs. No : ,
mot 10 hr • BoinaiDo'llbiztomuiss.
/111 . 4 P E SILVILS-Reced
U•W • 1
am . tattoo at am. Tar d
eerod thiP9.4l.6mal SI • •
, .
- -
RR- RARTLR'Yartr. from -64 North
nhag-fin Ansa; el= t lla i Cerr i to Ink= %leg
thilia — be i en . la nalcatton.‘ ti b a .sh at aorro
*Maas ertth thalr special request, =ado arraturnmats to
wend tam din In thla att., E. m o
at be seen at the at-
Wale Hotel. tram 9 to a tbr one week.
etrobably be a Ihrorable oltbatataT lam Mt.
ntatt4l., mith Dear:mak to adl aad amolott dee Doctor, tot
the botT samaras army*: tbr Medial Connie. le
ha. donotral snood. erelsonnely and samammilf
the treatmeat or the Ear.
Therollawlngtestlacadalsarsaahmlned With oantklenee.
They bill dem. at Wit, Inwhat ertlasabon tW;mfeYlon
al atmllbeaktonadr• bell 1.7 some at the mod. diethandate
ad medial men in Os 4 .1)11tn ,
. 1 limn had the Ammo to mad Dr. trartleyhtonatbar
and hare been Id to tem • tamable ordalan actg. char.
r h a th e Pra 'F""i' d r gb' rt... D..
Drofelder ciil•rat4y..•
proteedonal abilities will be folly arreciad by
those who place thenuteires under hie calm"
lows lf. Wm-ma=
PlO4llllOl . of Anatomy. kr,
"Prom ray intorcomne with D. Hartley,. 1 hare
ble &Zandman& comet and antleMenll.-
Ilemornes Mom M.D.
Reference OS Atteleorlo—Tbe Malt or D. Malley to the
city . an morrity et <eaten my testimony to
saw t w tlAall= k r h t ... nea u e ttre . ag ,th t : lm Muddle.
and enteemfolly directed. may rely on Modeller=
math treatment al km MI probability may remit In • 'per
feet ewe. IL 1. Warr., Bt. Clair Ilotel.
Compound Syrup of Yellow, Dock Root,
OCCUPIES the - front rank among the pro
curing relator., usedlet
halt ao at tido bonnier for arroplUtely
(broker. Mirson, ihmipelae, , and oil n rh,,, du.
eases ariaing from an tronore stare of the blood. Liao,
Liver Oro olahat.Catarrb rpoteda, Headache, Dimino.,
Dough*, Borman and Sightnera about tbe Chest, Brom
Ming, or !Kangas, dryness. ated a tletling ormation
about thnthruat and is modcwith mpromilented rums
Fanate Weakness and General Debil4.
body, gun tomato the
lar trnigMting the en melee.
If the testhomnyof thousands of living witnemes, Prom
all Mwt• of the =oar/. rari be e n, upon lt ls Mender.
in mating al/ Heaton, and calming debta
ted tJ
end broken 401.12 consiltutlons. It la purely Vegeta.
ble In Its wompbeltlon. mod ao accurate r combined In Oa
Una tbe channel. botanled, and medical pro.
al of ' molt Innrsdlmt harmoniously, unite to
Purify the Blood.
It has remared many dam& &vases Saadi base baffled
tbsi skill of the ben phyeldam, and iharellnid Canker,
Salt Mat= Emelpelas sad leen:gels, *bleb sarsaparilla
el i 7mea . inal&lNll . to teak° the ler tayr=si s tin
3 1
a riled Fe PA C ' IV. ° it tbatt t C I . m '; sl '' l4l:=ertiTif, , 6 1
BILIOUS asullPLltln TS. It nonce a ell °estimation. lo
the tirmilatlcoa. rendering the LJaer ' fre, active, and heal.
al l. It removes PathitaWn of the Heath and seller* in
all can of Asthma, and may be oporl In all climates, sad
at all emaonsiof the yesr.
Thle Syrup
area molt by C. IlliTtErE a CO, at 102
Poantain Mod. Proddenos, It I, ant Id baked° and
'atoll, by
. 13. lalC HAM,
Only Agana lOr idetena Perarc ada,
m 16 7 Wareham. camar Waal and Sixth ace:/nted.
Professor A. C. Barry's Tricophermus,
loving testimonial is from Mr. Nunn, Editor is
ittito American. Comment on snub evidence Is un
• • _ ' !ire Some. Feb. 24,
Baty, Tricopherous ban article that we take pleasure
la exarginz tb• highest oommendationa We do not do to
upon the recommeindatkesof oaten, butfrout ourown per
eonal knowledgeof 14 erects upon the balm while It tends
to keep it beslttenieft, and glossy, it amremov dare
dmtt, prtvietts gray hair, alai inagmatee Its grow th
h In a
manner unequaled by any other eccorioeition lumen to
tue. A mean only needs to nee one bottle it be convinced
of this tausth_
_ Bold to bottles, take 25 =dß, at the riottpal rem=
Broadwy, Now York.
&ild lD bra* kottk.. Wk. ^J am% at nromiotor's mi
lt. Slkla.t: 22, 7
cos by
=yet No. Br Wood rt..
. _
The noel Extraordinary Discover* in the World it
the great Arabian Remedy for Man and Beard
H. G. Farrell's •
Vmiraculous cures performed by the
rablan pliglielans In the dace of old, were then
too up. as the result of magic. hut.. we hare. Pe
won int.ate with their histe. no Their us account far
their eurprieinc toner over &masa attai.cents In
the kroneleeige of nudielice carte the wonder of Ohs ue,
while at the same lime the science of Chemistry, which
with them had its mirth. was to the rest of the world r'a
sealed boot^ and In Botany they weredlie most zealous of
Modest. In the beautiful grove whlekcittrt the deer!. at
Arabia, abound ran plants and odorous moods whence.e
obtained those aromatic gums end fragrant balsam', of
erhkh TJd. Incomparable liniment lc camposki, and by
whose etimulating
It unctuous, ternetraling and Analyne
=es is, here applieh. Inetaiitsaeously dlttosal
1 1 5 the whick nemooa system, allaying the moat
ten. re. In the ineredibly short time 010 or 15 minute.
I ns
; pnag porejelredate o :::4l tb :zl==
o. ware, norms. to limb.
which have been
palaltd for years, musing the eluireled fle. to crow oat
and rich bland to circulate through Its
t h is It ncetocen
Oh. lignerrial fluid or Joint Water, and this Is the ree.o
why it has been so unlymeally sueemitil In curing all
db..e of ths Joints. In chronic alleetions of the tiptoe,
Lir. Lunge and litelnels, this meat Arabian reined/
stands unparalleled; tor Amt Cake or Enlarceroent of the
8P1.% It ill • oadilc, and At Ittieumadem 10 ham prr6.419.
ad some of the most extrimodium7 cur. on reconli ako
for Cramps, ilrelllngs, rains. Wounds, Chilblain/411.1pm.
White Swellings, Tumors, ie. Ea It In
Poll in Mem. of A.m., such Y Pistol. Poll Evil, Sweeney,
S li di latV a ltaNfrcaitnp r ieT . :;hr ra
W's irM
dia... egg. 2121.9 cr beam, gm= r.uir e atter ,
, y , ll . efalion, Ude liniment Mamie at the head *fedi
! •
The Wowing le flaci the principal orthuntant of the
wealthy and =that reepthable house of tams a Bad, of
Path* and mthenu one of the mod ettommthel curet in
the-annals of medical history:
IL 0. Farrell: Dthr als, Actuated bye seam ofgrate
fularea. I' submit thMilowing as ma ininance
of the tail.
Ity of your groat. motisith. child,these yeamold. was
maidenly attacked with atertible disease. Which, in lea
than do hours. proathatol to feta hefptesrsns. The iththe
=mem se rigid that mare join: rota.. ! be tow the Matt
Withal black tad 0014, tad canthirdspresed feelinp, the
Pn bred. partially closed and altogether rand.
..g thde othe &oho= to all =and: the attn., them= om
tmeted, thd mama, that whoa laying on km beck. the'
load and heels valp toodth. Indeed, tho chili Fremont=
temp appearance being demob Immediately on the itt.
Wet. the fthalth t hyeat. Oa. callal =mut fee ten. meths
he labored to rod.. It to feeling. hut all mt.= although
It Ina blistered a dozen thnea and thrionernhafliciaat
6m.= .palled. A consultatton of physician. was thth •
v t ic . l, , tatzeze , me. The =was Vi b ram/hi let•
which bed not sheath leen dong ea% fLy doctor=
roe he meld do nothing mom. We then massmored ay
star, Jour Liniment tmely, over the eat= length of the
opand yam may towhee a parema. Mr, when. after •
few Wilthemtione, Warmth othotaion the =Pm.= The
child rapidly smote:rod. with the tosethtthe of the eight,
whith did not. beacon perkot for neatly a month. T. Is
row hearty and robust ite can be.
Pith other capes of th e matte kind otromd In my neigh •
barbotod pthrthintsly, all used, diede wh no doubt. if
poor 14thment had been therwontittar IVOTTred.
Pee", March 1 , 1851. BEERY 0. CLELAND.
Liver Camp:al:o v Erysipelas, and • Ensurstairu
Cured. , 1
BAnticz, Marlon Co., Mt. KU HI%
Mr. IL G. Itharth—Deth Pith Your 4niment Is =ling
veep well, d doing a vast deal et aeon among the
pl. It has minda had ease of Erystipilth, and toother
Ma bad pain in th e bran. A WY. who wth paved m
her bed fat woreral months withlarer Complaint and
Don of the nowt. , was maters mind by the nee of your
Ante= Liniment: Shesaid the data= could do her no
mod.. It I= hewn applied to a troth coLand mewl It in
• .Lost Ulna 1 bthe been aftlleted with Ithesonatton for
a bog time, eras
, j;: s et . g . tcre • wet thell !Ward me m
mach th at I had no all day: and In the night 1 as=
=aced ba th ing rubbing with your Liniment, and
before/ wth dome ruhhlng, the p. 132 ens= •
amp( BudEmer.
Stiff it, &Danes', Dirtroyer, Corks cad
Son Eyes Cored
axis)idairitel“karsosater at. Ms; nop. CoOxith 111.
Idr. IL 0. I,Am= Yew MbLea Liedlant bblgbly
prised Om We cured bee of my imighbone honv of the
Btlll Complalat by about fear or fl,
&be/db.. and 1
cam oneatamofAbe Mesm Mr Ebdl=Dykeb cad Ws be of bed Ca r MA I h. Me
ft en Mt bed Abe Minn veryttl, exel cared 11
farml/stery. He nye It la y tbe greatest Mese
soolidne dm wed- TM.* him Ma dabbersceded
of bore Ere. with 11. IMIIt • my valuable needlclail
. . .
• Beware of Cowdasfrith
TO Gomm mums? inposmog RIAD TIIS roi.
The Publinare particularly auticosed seal= a are'
Oevareefeit which bas lately to its appearance and is
called by the imposternhdangerouso snakes It "1 1l li
Farrell', to l's Arabi.
dece Lin imiseent" Ma La frauand more (here
*urn his bearing the name a Farrell. Thiaere
'Sae be perlienlar newels call Jiff U by its awns "Ferrell's
Liniment," Ittr unprincipled dealers wllll lespeee the FPO
MOOS eatersere up. you far Ole . Remise, bet ahoy, ask
for 'qt. G. .y.des Arabia* Learmes end Sale no other.
Nthe maim ninny* has the letters Q.t.*. Farrell's,
s Ornatem is aboo on the outside wrapper,and there
words-blown in
the bottle--"AL ' l rrelrr-drariens
A eM. netld
estari wanton etery• 76=4 Tillagri and Hamlet in
the tinned etas% in which cam is not establisbed. ATV,
by letter to It O. Yarreil,yeiwie s IIL, with gnat reference
as tot howeetefr, reeportsimuty, ste.
Osll on tbe agent who will tarnish Dine of Marge, a
b <d rok
ia containing moth valuable information for nosy class
.. I
Paite— . 4eents,lso cents. fuel ant doper per bottle.
Ths only possine V nnisinhotrirscl by 11. O. Yarrelloole
inventor and pronrktor. and wholesal: . itnntirists No. 17
Mein street. Norf. ire w male and retail et
prowlearn pricy by • LI/ gELLM, •
tr h . 67 Wood street
Bold by D. ILL CORM Allegheny Cl
• The Lamm . Body 'Mud 'empire,
Q.O SAYS NATURE, to have la healthyai:
Petwanee, and persons who donating-ohp. the Ilthle
to the caret dthrwilog thin Meth.. new, Jews'
thatonleal doeposeses a the perspfreth:fredat. the emus
time thollifiesi and WIGAN thy akin, giv ft the tenthn
of an intenth. 1. •
Brarry,gait ftsm, andlione. ordj- twelfth but
owed Pr its sue, ae at lath 7 physicians to York tom,
who use it to such rases, and god it untialhith--as
lituthlea, Blotches. Freckles, trior otharthin dhow..
reader la cement the. this Ism useless. tared rwitrum, es
trial will prow. / math th at last eighty
perces awed of sore heed, sore legs, and foes heard.
Bur the seeder is with sound I would notena.L
W r sea It for the abuts, voles I know l e r he all 1 state.
Thor who are liable to ahead . cranked. r chapped
winded els not only a ewe, but PM ai rs:and t can
now only add, that any ewe adlieted with of the
or thither will grid this a/I. and Tu mere third.
rabbi ID its properties) than I Pate.
Slip But, reader, the store. are graded With IgLdtith.eis
and be thee you ask for JON.'
bey it only of W.M.JACHBO. only tin Pl '... rit,
lewd of Wood. ' •
• •
Pearly 'White Teeth, and , Breath. to
b. hair 26 ants.—Rome she hare either. are honer.
hip wthred that If thetr breath is um es foul. or their
teeth decayed. daft ar talker. end thenthed with tarter.
that • 23 root hog el rava.r.diaber Thoth Pasty will nuke
the teeth or white ae snow: - and the breath odoriferous'?
wo a d.
dab , et .1601BOXIT Math 240 Uhrilty it, heed of
A Seiktifie Hair Tonie,liestorer end Beau.
iffer,—Triel Bottles, 37)i ant. Moe who fan veal
/Me Cond.thelr liestx.r. knot qualities—
thole who bare net we aware II the following
qualltiec—lt will throe the hair 'to grow on anr part where
natur• intended halt toatop lt felling oth eutesestri
or dandruff_ ; and nuke tad, or they bolt grow dark.
Far rendering mfr./tend silty, nothings.. meet
thia.-4t nuke it truly beautiful, rod
deed h , the mat wamotaleel—yet trunetior7artlele tor QM
aoly at Inf. JACKISONT Store. Librrt7 afoot
bead of Viappl, Pittiburith.
Priow-IN =Wig earkta. ousi
JONES' Solution of Jet, a Li uid Hainan
b lf.=, for Um, obreatirfAtipagd i x = t t r, to,
Yrleas-6o b ' n gtrxnt ati
mew wx.r.a.caeon,ratnatrrtaklorwc.:4
JONES' LILLY 'ea are can.
ticeati agabat aolaubaorn am prep=Challr. Thal
ara not how tatbaur e aHw. ilia,
th• akira
Juror mar" bow at, bar sal3mr. yellow; And unhealthy
the aklrk appears. after tuba prapartall2talkl Mr
call Joao' .Pardat, Lll4
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r77oloar, lidos .Itlitc at t174.V.H. • ...thj.
=Ale on the akin, roalVie j aft,AO4 lomat&
hatki•fbLoa,th. P grir' 21Q14b.7.4 " d.
IF...A.MILY FRIEND, or Baki ng p re , — ; -- itive,
rosanadiaa am l orpao h ariortadi a a t ,
aaao., anninma
in lass time, and Ii tess co 4 =the cordl..4=Zs
aatnleaeq blvd; wattuemt=drati=t,.llls:Ati.itr:4
Wgrtictra 'hi
10 man tonna of hottnis . than nith Bann. news
of lingl and somas y canctituthres.shetal at.
to to
bred... on. of ths beet rdiclesa of the
at.. roc licapttals,lnfralsain, &beats, Web, inal
atablislonstda,lll. • gnat adeuttasa. Old In bottles at
211. and an cents, with dinettes a kw tow
nl2l SELMA 67 Wcod st. •
l a i i Tl—Ns kegs for sato by .
msorit's onwrirrr,
122 bossy as: 161 tint street.
pursuance of law, I, 'MILLARD FILLvosR,
a PPrAddrat of the Ended Stites of draftees, do hereby
save and maks known Wi t ales will be hold et
the undareneutkmael Land Mies laths State of Altmann
at dm periods bmeindlet deolmoted e th
At the Land Office at BATESVILLE. commenting on
Ifoodoy. the first day af Bath-mbar newt, {or the Melon.;
of the publki lends dtunted within the undermentlemed
tewsishthe and Amellonal tewruhips, els:
Need rithe nue andwest VIA< AAA princfilid mortiEnt,
Townthlf, two, of range three.
Tewnthilti two, of room &Or.
7frect.kmal towtothdp fourteen, north' of Width deer, of
rouge ulna
Awl.% qf the eatelthe endear! Vine Sin prinelpoleteridAm.
Township fifteen of emus tm.
Fractional townshlps eleien nd theirs. of rands sin
aigm t i lie . L ariMe t e d r o d, l
rif the public Ludo irlthln & The umlermoAkmod tom.
,•111pa,tout: •
Staalt Me &maim and eat qf the Afth'prinripa
Townahlpa din= daceteen, or rangy se, enter..
Township deem. or eighteen.
At the Load Sake at ((ELENA. eammeneloif en Flow
day, the eighteenth day of August next, rot the dimwit
.of public lands Within the A:diing named township.l3d
mesi of townships, m ..
North nrer.t...6)...deadqf VacB,.mst.A th ...twenty-thew, AR ee A t p r e f fe oud e twen-
fee of eSt Frads river, n township three, of
range fotth,
Tosnwhin nine, of range wren. ,
&MAVIS. &whoa mad wed of a,
Township four and part of m Wand 10 friction, thirty
two and thlrty.thret, In township thirtem, of range one.
At th e Land 001ce at LITTLE POCK, commenting on
Moodilf.• the Mutt day of September next,.for the dirposa l .
of the public land, MAN,. following =fed trade an and
Ilred/fWberel=seestqf the Nth prinefixd merfins.
The moth her of section elght. the south half of ten,
'fractional swathes koirteen and fifteen, the north half of
oeventeen, th e stet half of tae
re tam:dr-two, the
north holt and southwest quarter of twenty-three, the
northweet quarter of twontyolx, end the west half of the
tortheast quart. of twentyweeen, /11 township three, of
range fourtece.
• .
C - lands appropriated law the the um of echoola
tic 7 and other puric-4 ' together with . ..those swamp and
overfkmed Janda made Unlit thereby for cultivation," if
foarty, which ehall to lateen' by the Mate authorities bee
re the days appointel for the commencement of the pub.
He sake reepatively, under the set entitled `Ap Ant to
cable the State of Arksama and other Elates to reclaim
the 'must: Wax' within their limits." Operand PePtong
lag sth, 1850. be minded f rant Lle =les. And on lo
cations for land bounties heretofore moiled by any law of
fthigross.far military cervices rendered to the Potted
Btatea witE bcrerenillal agog of the obcreetrelforinlionds,
as provided by th e net entitled "An Ant melons enpropri
enginee forthecivilanddlpLotnatioexpertheeof government,^
ay- approved Ed March, 1051.
The offering of the above mentioned lands will be com
mented On the day. appointed. and will precord In the or
der In which they are advertised. with all convenient dis
patch. until the whole shall hove been offered and thanks
dins closed: but no We shall be kept optn longer than
two wake, and no le entry of ha od until alley the to :1?-1 ofthe load, will
Given under coy band at me elty of Washington. this
ithtth day of May, Anne DOnlitil One tnOtleetel eight hoar
dthd sad filLrean suLLAiu) 111 , 1.31u10:.
By the President:
Commissitmer of the General Land Mice.
Every perms entitled to the dell Of preemption Many
of the laude within the tonnabips and parts of tonnthipe
above thomenstel, Is inquired to establish the finale to the
ltbsfaction of the Rra-l.ter and Receiver of the proper
and 019 t, and make payment thereforas MCC as precise:-
Lk o,R, clam is wt., end begge the appointed air
the commencent of the pubLiewate of the lands embrw
sing the traigthilinel, otherwise such Oahu will be tbrfeit-
Comte of the Gerund Land Oboe.
LN pursuance of law, Mutant. FlLLmoax,
President of ths t h etales of America, do hereby
and maim known, t public sale. yid be held at
the undenuentiotmd Land (Mims in the State of Miggorl4
at the reriods hereinafter designated, to wit:
At the Land Maneat JACKSON, commencing on Mon
day, the !Lest day of Remould...4 for the &stoat of the
shis,bUe lands altuated within the following sward town.
Alethof the tam lim and motsf,thcAft. principal minicrion.
Towaships twenty-mourn twenty-eight and trentrulna,
od near Current river, of not se Otoest
Tonship twenty-seven, twenty-eight and twenty-doe,
on and near Current river, of Toga four.
Township twenty-night, cm litlCh Of CUITIOn filer, of
nags Ave.
Townships bounty-three, tw ty-kinr. twentreight And
twentyullie, of range eight.
Township* twenty-three, two ty.four, twentywight and
twenty-nine, a ran ge nine.
Emotional township twentrone, and township twenty
two, twenty-time, twenty-four, twenty-Kve and tw en tpsis.
SAME PLACE, comuMndag on Monday. the Of day nf &Masud.. next. for the &mufti oft hopnb.
lie lauds within the Kilowing tamed township* and part
of townships. vie:
„VintA <er the tam omit end of Cie AllApriannel fideidiew.
Township, tweeK. f-tto.
Fractional townships and twenty-two, and
township twenty- re, of range them.
Townithip twentrtwo, of range four.
Towngdps twenty-two and twentr th ree. or mann fi'n
Fractional township sismen. rt townships Menertwo,
twenty-thee, twenty-four. tw att.-Pre, twenty-sir and of rthge sth.
Fmetkinal tort:Mips sixteen] and se a:deem std there
thip twenty-two, Of, range ACTen,
ships sixteen moven.. eighteen and
twenty.ons. townships teenty-two and twentrthreet and
Natio. Ara to In Inclusive, siventeen to taytty.o. inclu
sive, and Immtp-aine to thirbetteu incicolve, in township
twenty-al: of nags eight.
Toartmhip nineteen (except Viatai motions Wilkens
to th irtiesu inclusive.) hamt township twenty and
limetional lOwnship twentyeans wept maim. ow, laden
thirten, bentirthrte, twentp/A7, Matinee, twenticeits,
heentiesmen, thirty - Jbm . , , and ckoty-6q of range
Th. northwest fraction of met Mes in township nine-
teen, and fractious! toe - cabin twent y. of range Ma
beesions me to holm Wei mire, th e north bettor th irteen,
Amours t.ll heanireac lonlanvu heitery.m.M b Omni .
Ara inclusive. in township eighteen, mann. three to fee
Inclusive, in township nineteen: and Neetlary froxie,o,fpo,
the ten th half of hatetyboat, hoentiothrie to heriesete
nen and thicry.Jivr b 014,11,,L, inciasive, in taarnaup
twenty. of range twelve.
The WI swat of "Wide ram (hurnow."of town-thin
tworM , threo. of moue thltlarn.. ran (except qp.. northeast quarter.) and suf tart.
seven, nUaltraon.nders, flirty and Antrum.. vest of - Little
Myer Orerflon.. in township twenty-tour, of rsotn. funs,
At the Lind Wen SPABOYIELD, commencing on
Monday. the eighteenth day of August coat. for the die
mand of the public lands sitnarol wlthin the A-Bowing ma
nned freettanal township, to wit:
.fferfAef tie kom bee and wed of the,(lll. prinumat setrictite.
Tawnshly twenty/to, of range twentftwo.
• Ttotnetinn tweatPtwn.of range twanty-three.
Prudem of seetima nenekffo, Mkt/roar Mate...
Ilittlothrei.,Mietirjem,Mielmriee and thirrpots. loath of the
okt Mate Line, to {amiably tertottrope. if range twenty
ctional tomiship twentykilmjdpiand to the litat•
Line. of minima twentpeovest. twentymtne. thirty, thirty.
titirtldwei.lßlrty -three and (tarty-Bur.
Lands apyroynatediby law for Om me echoolt.
Lary nod other yammer, to frith th "Oboe swamp am ,
overnowrd howls made moot thereby for en:Ovation: If
T. whkh shall be aelemed by the Etats antboOties Wore
the days appointed fur thn comaemeement of the public
mina rm.Peottteir. tinder th e Am entitled "At. Art ena
ble the Mate of Arkansas nod other Stem to reclaim the
iswanip within their amend September
'.9th. 1a1.4, mat let esednetedinea Mmake. And m kentions
for Bind bounties beretokre granted by an law of Co.'
tNi gram. for military serviem retidered to the United Mak.
be persedint en any gfthe was mentketel 4171411. a, pro
vided by the act entitled `An Art =AM,' appropriations
far the civil and d iplogiatie expenses of Govemment,"
The offering of the above mention/al lands will be mar.
roman' on the dam appointed. and Mil prmaM in the or
der to which they are tolvertlsodwith all convenient
math. mall th e Miele shall have been offered. and the maim
thus closed; Mane pale shall be kept open longer then two
weeks. and 0.12 private entry of any nf therlarate w W ba ad
mit/al ma alter the expiration of the two weeks.
Olven muter my band at the City of Washington. this
sixth day of May, Anne Unfatni one thomand eight Mgr
deed and Enron.. • hIlLLAIll) FILLMORE:
By the President:
of the General Lam Fl ' (Mee.
Z 11,27 thintled to the right of lere.gePtie. te..7
of the Mae wthe toreshipe mg parts of Mareshit.
above entunmted. Is requiret to eastinth the um to the
aatiefaction of the mister and ire.. of the pewee land
omor amt make MYLllelit therefor nee. as peciebecase
ter atniest 1004 notics„ and Oa. the .7 appointed for the
eritmenement of, the publas sale of the laude embracing
the Met dalseesh other.. such vial,. .U 1 be Peel...
Ocezonlioikeeer of the tieneral land Oft..
HT THE rarsurzir or TEE U3l STATES.
IN pursuance of law, I, MILLARD FILLIORY,
Preeident of the fltdtad Stat. of America. do hereby
slam and mate known, that public .W. will be hell at
the undermentlorad Land Meet In the Stale of lows- at
the periods lonednafter dedsnatedto wit:
At the Land ()Moe at 1015 A CITY, command:op on Mora
day obe tint day of September nett, for I/nein:seal of the
Panne lamls eituated in the following named teninathias,
!Fora bare liar, dads
d GUAM princ(pol taai
Tendarbip ae scrotal-wine, rd're.nwe
ghty [wetly-21m
TownerJ arrentroiew and ei, of name thity.
Townships ferventpnite and eigh ir, of Rego tdintreina.
Toinships errentrtdne, elahtY and enihtylne, of ranee
Township elgbry-one, of none thirty-lima .
At the Lewd at FALRYLIMD, ronowneing on Mote
day, the fifteenth day of ideptona bee next , ler the dreal
the nubile
within theundermrationed township,
to it,
North of Ns' base Use and west of the ,Afth priatipsi
Township seventy, of range thirtr.
Towathly earthly, of unite thlrty.two.
Towttehin of range tiartgthree.
IXlll th i ' l a l yVATflt " it!it,l 4 , 4re . dVnisa U ll; T tl? Tot
ing tracts, w
molt Landtewh
in motion. seomtsen and eieldrosi, In Woo
&fp eistargwo north, of range ono ...nod the menthes.
einatter 01 rotten hoestemmen, In township ninety-eft
north, of range nine welt of the 'filth joinriral meridian.
Land. annregrUaol by law for the my of athools. ogin
Lary and other pumgyan. together will "that., serum gni
0,,00 lands rude unlit thereby for e e l s d ea th
Ignevral;_ll .. .halllese t =by the OftgagitiVS,:
=s u me=hv o iy A, st i Lder the Ar t enDUd ` An Actb
tam Veramp Nods . with*, their limits." a he sod other
ro reefed &Tim
ber Cith, IMO, well be escheded.froge 00.14. And no
salon... land bounties heretofore granted by uty late of
Congren, far milltetw Now.. maulemet to the Thgted
M 3000,141 Oe geneigof on sew of theabooementiosed
.. yomided,by the act <Midst "An sa making epproorls.
dons for the Melt end dthlomatis expenses of Gorernment,"
as, unmoved 3d March,
The egoism of the 1.611.111 be covenwneed Ist the der.
elmoln.d. end prated in the order In which they are ad
vertised with ell genteel:aeon dithateh, ontll Um whole shall
ben been ofkred, amT the eale• thus closed: but no nie
gull be Sant open longer than two week', aml no priest.
entry of soy of the lands will he admitted aner the
I=2'of the two week.
IHt n ' nder my hand at the City of Washingto this
ninth day 0130. n . Aram Domini one thouvand right n.
dred and fifty... MILLAILD
By the.Praideott. .
Ommassioner of MO ' ULTa1 E 22, 1 2144..
ErmT person in
to the eight of preemption to soy
Of the Jana within thetownelape and parts of town/411m
theme enumerated, Is remand to establish the same to the
eattelistien of the register end erminr of the profer land
eke. and make ja meat therefor oe some cmprochadle [V-
W . ming MU whew., and heft. the day enwolnied for 00
1.0111.12.1111111 t of the public eede of the lands endaming
the Meet shamed; otherwise enth claim will ly Urfeited.
Commissioner of the General Levi Ofdret. •
my24:lawal. ,
2 . i / tes Cent saved to Country Merehanta
M. J. KING, Dealer in BOOTS OD
SHOW, PleNorlb Hamad One. PlilladelPhe,
bu tut reed from the toenufsetory P•osive endwell
Waded Oak of the ebou geode which will to pole et :11
per cut. less than can be loarebirp.l lo tbe city, for: cash
or city ureptuee. •
Peelers will do well to cell taker porebeMog.
Fresh Arrivals of Wall Paper.
THOMAS PALMER, N 0.55 Maiketatreet,
Molest rwtagred from the Easi, • handsome 141.1=4-
meat of keapriael Chamber Paper. mrB
PAPER HANG.ING - B—,Froncli. and Amer
mrs fram VArrrariVara t ittight St.
bNe 3, (Lurie)
MAZ b ll wril " Pu. rortAr - e 4
Warehonon. Pa. Railroad Loot,
Sayl9 norm Porto and Wane it.
MLITTON RAMS-2000 , 1bA. prime, for
mde by ro y2l . RIMY. 111.171.1E1513 it al
hao h D e A ASH--$OO cooks °limn. own mann
en.7 un. warrnt . rtf LA , S , ty and a hlgb Wt.
by • 11}1Allai:a7x7ity'r.
tet Dt4*.
mrn water street.
calla' I Lu u F
ts r %t=g b er
p= 1 , 4111=1 ,1 lA * ilcen at tOlidlau'lkr=dos
AIR BALLS --A full assortment just teed
and fordo br auto ,F. If. Y.ATON.
1iii1,176E—M75,1, by
1851-_ jag
Len nu An miction L3E
CLATIHR, PARRS CO. Roamers; PLuzarron.
THE PROPRIETORS'of this old and well
ita.ra Anzedd harm em DOHA tbsz Claus
now In eperaino ror the pen•nt mmAcm. and Mumma:a ml m
w.c.m. s . .= l .frarow.hka they=
Freldgos the rozgA,, A ,, e 'Arg i o w Ws
o• In mutual,. AZ Um haling, below th• Nome,
imbela !Ridge, to rweir• freight
1t •
Mee, ea. Wear Smlthlleld
DC. w
M. Con Alta o mm lM P i
nt Nmrilartle, P,
s sa kl, Paz
W. C. Halm. bon
i J. n. 8 .1 eig . k B Co
Wm. / 1 .. T.
Wm. Power,Ommeautme•
C. At. Reed,
_Erie. Pa;
G. B. Wallorkim Dußzlo, N. Y. 41
New Lake Superior Line.-1851.
X.HE now steamer WORTHEN - ER, Capt.B.
o.9trnn. having every modern improvement for
and comfort. +tittles,. Cleveland on Friday. the .11
of May next. on her Stet trip--ead weekly theresfter on
Friday . , at 6X o'clock. P. M., for lb. Sant Me. Merle.
The eteamer MANHATTAN. Capt. Mom Cautra.L ‘ TP
loses Pant Me. Mule, for the dl•Leent landings ott t. , ••
Superior, an the arrival of th • Mesmer Northerner, Ittnid o o
Cregular- weekly line, throughout the mem. W.
leveland and the Copper and Iron Min._ •
• • -8. it
Cleveland. 0 TidE.B croPmMora
.. April ISSL—tf liN 1.,
Xasinfacturer's Lipe. •
FaligPM - 1.851
that Ma LINE. eompoaed entire] rof goetlon Dada
la now PI NII operation, with facilltio to carry • large
quant4 of freight to Philadelphia and
trmsartWfno, in aa shat time, and at sa raga Y any
P;pular Lino.
e7ill arrangements bans also been ' yoide fir carrying
Way Freight to Illairserne, JOhnstown,
- Water Street. Alezandrla. Petersburgh, fiturtngdon. Abu
Creek. Her lbsuillon. hinVerunen, Lewtesrwm
Clark's Ferry. Harrisburg, Oolumb.a, and all orb.
intertordlato r Ki , nta on the Pennsylvania Canal awl Pori.
Into. torn hods of Iron secured tram
milt: and regularit r in shiPoruullOgg
the aforesaid ;yin at the lowest rates; may te re
upon. adITCLIELL BOOT% Proprietor.
Warehouse, Liberty Wed,
InehlLif Amami door wen of the oftnal.
ER ST IN BLVOIWI'S LINK to =l' tt'ab•rt
E11M1311.A.31, the boelnees at Pittebursh trill here-
Mtn. be traittarted meter the style of ''Wet.lithitheth •
Ca" Dada] Wit. lIINGILUL
Binghams' Transportation Line,
Figgi 1851.
THE CANAL being now open, we are rea
dy to reecho and forward prantlr. Ptolte• and
rehandize, tut and wed. •
ond Nerchandloe will be renelvedand Ibrlnordsd
mot and west without .1. dune far forworOlots , NJ
metes freight. eoroonsoloo, or dome.
' Hills of Letting forwanled, sad ollellroetions biatll3ll7
offended to. Address or apply to
WM. BINGUAN Cogs! Endo.
fr fiaM .
belles.. Earth owl Pins stoahlladol
No. J A North lletrard o.nret,_ttalttmora.
JAMES DINGEEM, No.lo West so •
mehl New Each.
tilkaa 1851 /raga
Merchants' Transportation Line,
.a. aIeAItIILTY Jk CO., Canal /Leto. 4011 Nan stmt.
wala s 13.4111:01t. Caktrat Mock. Brad Mae, ran.
94 1 1, 4 1,,, mewed to melee lb ISLITO 11.7110.11 t merchandise
gepWra Ill ' i=entlilt tz....r'• w.. 1 1 -.
lose TM. Lbw: la .T•SMast.aaPt.... .
th:= B. o=-0, - Vacr - ..r=l7,
State liadro HI lixeaveat OW pad billtrof delay at
Jobostown. daystnirit OVOOlnialds. able ama.
C. A- ItaaNULTY • 00
60,15 1. N.
ffigggx 1851 latigia
To Shippers of Merchandise, Produce, &c.,
ATKINS * CO., Propels... No. Zi7 Market, and
Cosornerro orost,
HALL • I.IIIOITIT, Amato, Canal Buhl. litgaboir..
JOS. TAYLOR AS FON, Agents, Bairlworo.
We an Verd k. OR* O. PeasorytMlit
Canal. to owi.o , r ...I at as low rare% and also
stoppers. math Map.. and ow. as .7 other Loa
JO= 3 . T.C- . . i corm.
No ditoDE,
to /oft ItePaden Z C.l
Casa Bann, Paw Street
Penna. Rail Road Co.--Central Rail Road.
1:11 subacriben loving Leen appointed
ii i =fr a rx t r a ffr a ll Penneyltair Onitr.l to ne .
celr. any newelisnliu or melt. fie phipawitt east on ilia
opening of the canal.
(Ito& rt. this route will be csyrird thrompi Ore d.T.
ad .11 confirmed to will be forwardlid 'free of einn.tile
lon or chain fey adeanive.
SAM CT 111.13.7 161,6111 141..r.4111/1 An
D' lla G n '" Pra.ltnt
61%. 4. En. T. 100 In.
innlvrara, Quenneara, Groorsno, Pato DIY lito.Ch 011 h
Inthar.elonr, flas.,Tltoothy sod Oran bado,
Anon, De l yL i got. llottrc Lad. Ind .014
loOas ' t) ItostoOkrosoa Clay,
!lona. 4.
oao..") . (no la 101 l
IlelAD VI COill/DC.
irtiwzi lB5l =:
Pittsbur g h Transportation Line.
JAMES , O'CONNI iF • CO., Canal Rostn. Nlasburgb.
NITEIL JAMES A Cu., Depots Booed and C'h'erry Pm.%
end Na 3 South fourth gloat, between Market mad Chest
wet Pose% PnusdelphLt.
O'CONNVES a CO.. 70.5011.4 street, llelthnote.
RAVING fully completed oar arrange
moots. ere util be prepsrat upon tho OPe•bett of Elie
ois Canelec to
to and frvan Mts.
bel=lieltiencm• Mauled New York s posing Cleo
Luisville. Et Louie ell the Earl aud Was; et
lower Wes tot vitt, mom dlspetch and moo tbaa uly oth
er Line. All goods shipped by our Lbw an fully otewoud
by insurence, without say shame to ovum, • poAeutlon
me really alboolol by any other JEW
AJI causnunlestienee addromed ourselwe agents.
hall 1.10.. Cincinnati: E. Webb, Louisville, and Low.
Osborne, St. Laois will meet with pmmpt atitentloP
AE. D. Our Line ha. no mannikin whatever with the
telladel phis mad Pittstompth Transportatian Liao of Ao
Alm A Co. fetal
Lewis's Patent Reversible Water Filter
(IS NOW to be seen in op eration at WM.
TATE a 00.1, Ptettabera, Ifo. 10 inn Meat. be-
ETA fillgergree!, la." Ptltelit4ti ' l . 117 ger : l l i vagra
a Gold tont the Anierkati Institute of New
. Orrtitione fonn the Vrantint linciltute of Pblladeb
obis. for its superiority in Oa eleanain.gproyertien and alini
certificate. frt. thew theca aria Pttilaileltdita.
.of olden the folloritia=mpten mn.h =ham.
It gives m. great Noun,. to reastenteset to the lovers of
pa led k eau, the Patent Iteverslble Water Illterir,ta
wa by Mr. Lou. liar need one of ease for eirreo
el months, wit enabled to Judge of their vaine.
Cikallini PLITT. IEI %trait stmt..
. . ... • -
"PtuLeorrota, rah, UAL
Tb. PMant Revertiblo Water Y . inintowi LO //fh
SAT . 11. Lew/a : ittd o llaell izy,r• too acme toouttmt mi
th considu if calvii4. urban It in my anon homy
poen; to
Na b bummer Mallet'
Therel filters aria to taiga out any mall or
taste which may fromdocompowed animal or vegeta
l:As mat in the caster. They are warranted to UM two
lems. • • with ordirouT hate will last to.; and remain
truly to • emu to be appladated.
ALMS A JA.1.1)111,
= Aseh strort.Phlladolohla.
l • e . •: • ,
W -- .. and Domestic Hummer°.
. • &Mum. of Itacktemtuun and Tallow Calie Wars,
bur L nye., Ohio.
art •• ple Rooms, cursor girth 161 MOM] Stmt..
(hound t• mat buildtam) entrance next door to J. a /L
Our we Works miable us to tlllorilm 141 r.
A chin t &Amer Wog coustantly emp also en
ables us to lump pace with all the new and Imprevedstyles
of Ne d y.
Flora " N r irstll l an d if ram
I trewl=g
tinull .7 .
_and ..Itielcs for domestio ma, In great variety.
Order nebecthdly soliedol. • =IOW
Heating and Ventilation.
Iteatine by Atom In liotels,Court Itooms.Leeture
Rohm, hulk Wane, abut., Pa.-tortes. ibmPitah,mul Wahl
leo of aterydascription. public and private. duo, Lamy
drht and Dryinghooms. Air all pun.. ar . tre regular
temperature,== l or . low. 1.411 . m. it go lhoh,
9 b :l•=e frVin%/hcei.ez:Fmul or Angel mem, will
If:Minim of ttify show deactiptiona maltlonad ate
mon somhnfolly bealmi upon thin glut in gastarn towns,
. Um meihtd Woorm a wholtoonm, tudkrm beat, at any
to:um/vitt.: rte. vain. trod= from mot,
mobs, ashes, due, orflUmPlomi .. 4.1 4/•" 7 / ft.-
Pedthlg ago 4
ALargo and aulndantial two horse wagon
with iroa axles. !Dr rale osibitorable terau c hT
%ICI ' WI Wald unit.
Agricultural Ituplememtu •
ILIVE JUST received frotii;the East the
folletwlag =placenta. all of the bat inannactac ,
the most Anent loroo lux! I wool] tart to all
Fanners to all mod maul. Mg tintk
IMIIInqq Morlgner ,
for corn., Ef•
Crain Cain. for wheat. MR WA. app
Comml..l3b Cr =a.
RUM., f o rbone sod head power.
Mr= and =en Stalk Culthne Boxra,
Vegolable hoof Cotters.
Oa - Yokes and Cow Chain Ether. •
Cutatoel tirain and Oroos Sgthro, and Maw
Castatead two, three and Car prong tras.
All mannlsetured from the beet Inaierhda. amt 6 66
at the liras and Evegl tare of
tor 27 Corner of We= and aletttstreete.
Beaumont ' s Patent Starch Pollah.
pATEN'I'SD, July 26th, I&so.—For givim
a becttlful Wiltwne. Means, Caolki=
arm, Ph= tkagtoe,te., and also =mute lb. Inc from
adhering to Llama an. and preen= thud 170m4leting to
I.l=m. A. and contains nothing itdariou.
Illrectione—pot • pie= Co. nu of • •pea to • quart of
Ouch when hollIng: 0300 brtaltly..
33333 nuts per Cake. =ld iholetralo and =ten h 7
' • 11. E. 11E14,008, 67 Wend rt.
Copley's Pot Clay. •
IRE subscribers are now Sole Agents
o r J. Cooky Co., for the We of their Pot Clan an
le of well eetabliehed reputation fbrAbe malefacor.
of Rea,llteel Pots, We. it la made crone of Manioc,
Infusible suletanow known; and Is trop easefully selected
mil clammed previous to OW Ing.
II Joegtinable to hates al • protection to the hatule to
deeeghg, garastO MD or fiolllll, /11
tog. they bletchr the ha nd.ZPOlry MU, Iro, pa. hy..%
the Indio 'tubber Depot, 7 end 9 t 0,94 ,t we ,
ma J. t U. Plllll.lll.
jrILAILET WINE, (St. Julien.
Mcdoo,) of
00 , ernheserrtation, warranted pore. • /Mee, per
dozen or LO cent. per Anglo bottle. dd 111011.31.18 .
hart. in the Dimond. . " • • my=
OIL. aATHS—Just ree'd, from the
FacUn7••• Dl.oo Cap Oil Cloth, • beantlfOr flnlolt•
W for We wholca•JoY low sa oaatern talau. at the
Ult Cloth Warorooma.lio• 7 and Wood
mra ' .l. a H. PLULISPS.
11 4 1 URNITURE.OIL CLOTHS—of English,
"1,T.°11:1•1 oeead . titt.wu w.
.721 J. IL
GUYSOTT'S Yellow Dock & Sarsaparilla,—
I aro., for oal• by J. KM it CO.,
myl9 60 Wool rt..
stri 9217.1 r
mey far ale br S.
OiN. ificuutiuMA2s.
SLlth 11.14 Wtei
Another . Sa&of Siveriar Shirting, Km
- Trish Linen.
.4...1.1., emir &choke make of &feting, mtue
and• km= Ilnetw, the latter warranted all km—
kotltd &medi a = tke arl the manufacturer, and
AbeetVntalln =or; to t '
t, ant .14...1.r.5.
cm atm. Also, oer we nmallna it'd
Barad Sold hone open Ills n.-nlncon oesonfonent of
:foe d'l l47: "l"h' = " =VstrZert l
Bonnet. Poplins. of wren Wien 3fouri
in gent minty, mean ea pontos, nneno do
L. 1.1,4 Paws. te. .1.04 don 7. Jr;
I,ace Curtains.
lIHAVE just received, direct from the lin
t...Wm • large assortment of Leo thentanen erttleb
eell Cortaltataterials end Trimming, of kincLe.
J 6 4 vi M. NOBLE, Third st.
Bonnets! Bonnets!
AA. MASON & CO. would, respect- , 34 ,.. z
~ folly Invite the a
one to
weld, 1.174 ° .°;:::. t.tir..ta105 7 1.
The above Geode will be Dow at Corr lOW prices by the doz
en orefegle Wane- Na . 62 and 64 !tweet je3
.%% supply of thole rer2. obeap dada,
ludla sod - Foulard auk . Tbe above Goo. If W be
closed out very cheep. A. A. MASON ,t W.
62 and 64 Market 4.
LACK SILK LACE—We hate d jiud reed
the, fer OSZeikl t tt"' abas e /LA. MAIM 6 C 0 .4 CI all
62 and 04 Market of
FRIMPED RIBBONS--The attention of
JureJlesela renreetfullr baited ton rerr I ug l y
wgith rvi
A. A. MASON t 00.
New Barage, Tissues, - Bilks, Lawils, Ate.
WRY LURCHFIELD hare thiatitiy
"_(from Nan York.) new and ',endgame style.
Themes. Dmes Mb. Bieck do., Yraorh
Lawns. Ind ' V, AZ Silks.
Duren are Incited to mill before making their ppreltaus
Goods at wholesale In rooms up stager. ;WO
- - -
BURLAPS -A superior article 40 inch; for
ial• by tag MURPHY it LEE.
Woolen Goods! •
CASES Green Mixed Jeans;
2 Blue
2 •• Black Based Cloth;
/ Coßan Gotta.
The abase • ars Jan reel ban eastuns meal:Lige/a
vers. es urneut, ler sale /au be In th ee.
_my7 .211711PHY t LEE.
—Thee, 0101.1 are ot.grrat utlYtl kir.
m G w m
notle whez
e mtoetiot= tat, 1.!,391711..
fa• Lpp:f bud&
m7/6 J. k IL PHILLIPS.
INDIA RUBBER COTS—An excellent co,
aria, fur rare dopers or corns. rrlf•4lunink and Ira-
VerViOtle 10 air or warm for rale az Nos. .vi 'Wood sc
rrylb J. k
VEW RIBBONS—A. A. /demos 4E. do. are
ao. Tatting . fins nooortment or beautiful now
wit y lVr oa llabox i altar:L aw
ei hanksols, when qualities Markets
be olftlynad and a atylaedd t
low poke. No. 42 it C 4 Markets!. nayl4
E b RIMPED MRLETONS—Just received
hL move Dow cm 10m...tons of those very
la Cebu u Terlsteas en. 1100 net LM M-
Ing. The
em:Mon arm ra L. rermetfall7 •011clueL
m 714 • L .L. 11.0010.4 CO.
BLACK BARAGE for Mourning Veils,
received at the store
01714 MU of
%;1 1 °' " Pd
1 Thvß
VINE SHAVLS.—We would solicit the at•
tantion or purebaaas to our attentive aavor t .
taaof of =marl. plain and w arn Crape 84w4 antl
Peng razor Csalwaert, Thlbar. and alit Pluarlw aH of the
ma.t . and mast darirabla style*. whiett we a u welling at
tau very latre4 pima. A. A./1A.50N a CO.,
r. 29 • 61..1 61 Ilarket rt.
day toed =cartoon of doer yery desirable Crlta pot
Sestet= Mo mloO. aaootad colors, whlet, Le sold
Wiry cheep at roWi or by the Los, 0 t. 2 and t 4 Market et.
• tayt,ec A. A. HAWN aW.
FINE DRESS GOODS—We have ts i t i. . re
ceived mother aplsodl4 awortalent also brow.
4111..4 =de &mamma TWIN. Alto. and
aral talka, waleb in an offering at Ivry low prima
t0r.1.9 A. A. MASON CO.
MOURNING GOODS—Black Bombasines,
Alpasew with Iktesbasthw !migh t Caws. Clothe. Da
mes and Tlssues , thetl the offered wt. lowest prices, by
IICF:LINS! POPLINS !—Juit reoeived thi
day. awr orprms—ta Alarm loppwatiful Abadan of m a
/VA, whlrli we will Pell at .7.5 twr mot. lower lhau
Ilpey int earl. lawri sold tlpla dry.
or all °Wars sold pal. of Hook. with
of Liolo Throod o bilk. rid Oattoia Wore,
tar mde. re
loodo ar tail. by
toylO . V. U. EASON. G Fourth et
DRIED FRUIT-400 hu. Peachee;
14'LOOK OIL CLOTHS.—A large stock hf
Moor IXYClotha a wkltturrstoolow from hi to C. yd•
• on prtpared to .1.1 at Ivor as the nom goods nu Lc
purebomal at th• F•ort. nerelomt• and boon tenors an
n oa htoan .t o eall it. enal• our .
b PLII n L LplPoSo.oloo
orltt Toad o Wood at
Murphy & Burchfield
Are nose opening a arra Variety of The Goal
ASki 1.'141 the cmlle of ell wanting to tartbsta
OPFOI 71118 )folucrx is
• • . . • z
I caw Parasol;. in=lax extra PILO buck and bentraG
Changeable and YUPLINI;
Doha:m Gram Maty, for baltca , dratam
tieedM Ceder Sleeves
Cludoorable ratter Ran JJJJJ
G 210 par /f the 's.. o tenon LA f
Lad • great ourterr of
oof, at
Straw Bonnet and Hat Warehonse t t
No. 105 '51.11 MIT STRIST,
11 6 1 1 1. PALMER offers for sale, at very
• ussgem • full •seurttneut of etcher and 51.1111e
'"rif0.1f2r S—Vorelottand American plain and fancy
!Iran, Bred, Chip, dime. Laos. I/air, Pamela. Ley.
`born,/to. ie.
If.l7.s—ntenee, Tontine. nod Dorr Letbeet fnc Le : , ei end
"'"Akih=r,'d°2 4 ., 'dm and 2:
111,We Jmay UM, Ind other Vuutts, In gra in
at' of ebb and manertsL
RIBBOS—Mat Bonnet and Moat phis Patin and Taf
Inter, all width te. " and colon: fumy Gans* and and
LA CI and figured white nod colored £llO and
Cotton, Nett,
Tam* Bralda.
Pd Arktkekranela and Arnerlean Sprisa.bainrie; and
!" %1 7 1141 . LX AIVITTLYS—GIace. de Na•
g t i o7. do
nod nz, and Flamm, and othar rt ' aaaortel
garLTS—Asserted glantlea and edam
411.-121sla Ae. sad kw prinall Parasol. and
Dam Umbrellas,
all! Band
ipASSIMERES-90 picas fancy and black,
a. ..a. by .y2` t/ AXDUTUNOT.
nRESS LAWNS--4 eases printed, a great
Ay varier of Patter= far We
'pp ERAGE DE LAINS-2 cases desirable
.tyka ra We to
RIBBONS -300 pa Bonnet. 250 Cap fur
Inc mars No. PM Loamy Bracer.
Y litriLand ieaun roTi w or mask of Ymbionable Good..
oft *Wm to American. It%lg ri %ii ITUt
roaring • ref al/Imulld.aasortaneot of'Vestletv .%. and Cloth.
of tray MaMlotable Mad. and cake; whirl, Marrltt.
•_lts and mall manullaurod stork a RICA Y MADE
CLOTHING. make. ono of the lamest and best *Metal
Mosta ant of lam Allegheakm all or vtdoh the Proprietor
is MC...mined to peer at men prism as 0111 osmium all
oho War Mos with e.ll, that not only Um mom superior
Clothing t. .old at this ostabllammat. bat also at Malan
est mica la Um atty.
All orders MN Worths ihm mamas:rd. a., lanal, In the
bed pond Ma manner, athi at the shortast notice.
BSILK LACES—Large assortment,
awl very ebear, reed at the state or
my 23 111:171CUPTILLD. •
Is war rcoutantly melting his Spans Stork of
Campyland In part the nalowtos vualletlec
Exhalant Wry/ PHs Carpaa do. do. Tapestry Bros
odd do. do. Dame* ours super. 3 ply; =putt. u
do. Ingrain; sera Ina do; lins ft.; common dor a:sta
4:4‘34. 441, and 54 Wiled ksoltlaso 44, 164, 64, sad 24
ma 14,34, &I, nod 24 weal sad macs do.
Tatra Chardlls Rumtoo d 0• do: rats. totted dor Dna
dw do.; madam do. Door )Isla; WWI do. do;
sharp Ulu do. dor_ Adelaide do:dor Throat do. do
Crumb Cloths.
Clot hs,Feltino., Dorking 124.04, sad 24 .
.446—Stutat 011 rot to flt say also tall or ..sot.
54,74, 64.44, 44. and 34 Sal Cloth,
alms—Stals Dads, .t all 0100 Canal Stnalr,sr. Llistear-
Lni tP,ingtt d dr. N ikat " T " aartrot r'N' '
Hoff Wargo slobs:Ms Wald odndr, 116 0 sas1
llama do. Tata do: do. Stood do.;
ltarlad la dosiod arid purchased OP, stookarect from the
UOdd 0 40. 1 .4 i r .t.U.4 1 . 1 .4 of the latest and mut our wk. god colurt, art...ututukred to to our
band. sad royasorrs at prim or harar My coo 64 Porch
oral say .67 Ms Mans Ortio '
Na °° ''' l7.looll. 411 to Mrs - and awaits . • oat melt at
The Cup:4 Warehor,eo, 85 Fourth etreot.
mchl9 W. MoCUNTOCK.
Ohio Laboratory.
41)7, taiL
76 92 fr — i*
litT, 95Itim11111111
85' "!... 99
Per cent. Strength.
.xernor of Vino and o - rorit ota.otn. tujorm, 0.10.
0,11,11 it "
rkg r rwnriuwnree ,00 bo Prcomilt mica
• • 'On
es anfi Liquors. •
No,ls7l.ihertist, Amnesty Davis cratkeslactory.
o. rinesisaa s of rintsborgj U•t.rotnix7L;orN. Y.
• tt? the,Stlle co evally, and think Malkin rrlVP - Ame. 74 . :edrih N4W th ff WlN ttil
ways keep a fall sisertmest of hest stock—woggle soul
Wyman red and Whits Wis. gam, French dark .d psis
Masai. of the sholiwaL aistaaren Janselna nun, thiall.d
!Wirl. risks .d =thug hock wises,
sLfi su=
fco Abeinsilie nrcd brands, tzt I....•=lffivirz
0111 ewir awl l.lmbu l.. Cheer. will Ai—vaircph
One of 'Liu partners, Mr. oapeatiri,sitill mistiming hi .
Importation bUSIDCMII In %list tyof sneak. the than ares
Ls sashimi to swil a cheeps , • sat Is hetes artists than .
00 7
othey hes: in this city. Pligny.
9=l= ahMil. , t". "LI; eLvgt, stul itt the
. . .
lACARD, --I ham - removed to my new store;
• ohm goon belrm,)• nanny ammo., al. Bak a
burgh. where I .41 be end to a car Maeda and 1.1.
bar alabanna and randy. s‘ Pinta af_lbatr ansbxtn: X will
kat" • am 1.21, woman% of Cr_p=mr?, Bada•ndlled
ding, Curled Ilair,fipaing. )10.. °Wan liaskiklatra.
am /rather Bed{ /I Alden, 1M Pita.* ilee , ta, gal n,
Connterpanas, and I,tombrun litadtap at air
Mtn Daar Idstx, a,.W ream mud* mg *ow
sad, makugasega In*
W rata
gla4y nuene.4 d,d•maalaat•-
L ARD -12 bbbs. No. 1, , f0r isale by
carVi rl:bn.r Wood
nod Wwr.ta
I EARL ASH-5 tone for sale by
SNOW!!! ooNkSIT.
mez7 1= &cond. and 161 Pint .t
° 2;2. 19,000
LINSEED OIL-10 maks (primo) for iale
er_mra k W. ILLUBAIIGIE.
RiED BEEF-2,0001b8 prime, just. re-
Cl3lllO Sail ford. by }A 3.1 V. YEARBAOGIL
co . up AR-44 Ithde, received and for salo br
MOLASSES -100 btas just receivoil and
for Nn bY J 8) 8. W. WARBAUGH.
ACIiEKEL-30 bbls No. 3, 1851, in
store awl tor Web, JW B. W. 114.1311AUGH.
YE FLOUR.-20 bble ryellour for sale by
i„IALRATIEL9-31 casks, for sale by
109 WICK * brCAN
for sale by je9
kAgni k teg hand Tina
for sale br Jog
TOBACCO-20 kegs
SUNDRIESbbIy Krem,.m Lo.PI.
do O
o do Tallow.
11 bly t o , o l atbera
I bo:sad D bbt r ila loot
c fy
'd do 1141, hkoctl'
g from steamer Part
Pitt, Dm solo by Ijoil 1811 DICKEY & CO.
IGO b b..or. w
B hits MTS. Mr . .
In store and for We br
MILLER it fact:ollm.
Jes No. 221 de =I, Inning.
VIRESIT TOMATOES, hermetically sealed,
.11.` meal:dug. perfectly. the flavor end frelb wee of the
nee frulia. for ale by WM. A. aVOLOIIO a Co,
air 27 Gram SINI Tea Dales.
RIED BEEF.—Evans & Swif a Sugar
Cured Necgmaa.. l l b i wu rmuno c . „
256 Mort rt.
ing Wad, Posts 7, le; maklog the best ot
ad oittt the Wilton of cold 'rotor mly. Tide Flour
Alll n. tbabd the most coutudent auk cheoput that ura
s auk for In. hula korona. ..singspa , eont.lo: f il•
and rksi, mot nuking am won supwW t
I r ani. Pud4lngs. (blest kr— with r •rest saving of me
and troublk L a l oorreograt dug
=S .. b."
tar& • Omens kod
RYE FLOUR--8 bbh. for sale by
m 730 IL DALLELLJI CO., lAsrts It
CHEESE -50 boxes good W. R., for sale by
la )10 R. DALZXLL l CO.
-2 bbl.. No. I L. 02
I t Nips Felntherx •
74 . = ;
1 bbL
1 ter It Y. 4 1: 04° C,„,. b,
•ad hr
Water awl haat
riEtY MORRIS' TEAl—Morria' Tea Mart
T anned I .l =lLio t or . fgeo Diamosateee.
CSlrn U
with ;:i2ll Stre iil•tr opened nen doe:V7ltaworth
ROLL BUTTER-3 bbla. (froah) in cloths,
Just reed and by Ws by R. D.ALML t (X),
tayi , Llberty iltree
ERRING-1Z bbln. No.l (to arrive) for
IA sale Sr m>l3 A. CULBERTSON s 00.
UTTO.S HAMS-2000 S. C., for sale by
' I: I I Jam- Or o.y
NUTMEGS -1 bbl. for sale
j b . y inmpa,
rs W.
"ZA h.O amt. Chula= and
bosks ours iLna i Ouls . likratir i g .
° Or sale bY
( 4 OFFEE-100 bags Rio,
41.INDRIES-14 bbla. Grease;
• 11 No. 1 Lard:
31.Tr0m , . for .u: by
Front and Water Ft,.
my 2
F LOUR-I 0 bbls. Eye; b
ESTAIID SEED-500 lbs., for sale by
3.2 n. A. - FAIINSSTOCIC t CO.
11.4 1 i Sit—
Ystra X4l )lockerel:
for sab, by
WIL A. Ma:LUSO 1 01,
Grodys sad T. Dab.,s
BACON 1100 ROUND—MO lbs. Bacon
llama Eldon, nod Phoulderb for sob br
t0r . .9 O. s W. lIARBACOLL.
BLED BEEF-3000 lbs. for sale by
my 27 S. • R. ILABIL(COU
SUGAR-60 hkda. N. 0., fob sale by
1113 - S. t W. liA11.11A1:0 IT.
iOFIEE,-10 bags for sale by ,
mr.l , 8. HARBAWiIi.
OTATOES-200 bu. prime Red, for sale
trl b y y
Z 2. WOO DEI a SO.
61 Water st.
ISON—par solo by J. D. WILLIAMS It CO, '
mob ammo Wood and MTh ou.
TIRLED APPLES—.4O bags in store, for
.C 1 ale by ICTIALZILL *CO
myl4 Liberty 4.
ki S 20 .x 5. ". ' Cream, or e
m,12 &&w. ILLRBACOIL
D ME. FLOUR; Prepared Corn;
AA, Farina:
ftirt Tarawi:
Tar oJe by ..WIL A.AleClunkl t (V.,
mrl3 2Y6 Ulm%) st.
PRUNES—Bordeaux Prunes, in eau jars;
V. supetiar " heel teuvr,
Gersua Pruner, tar ode
myl3 NM A. AleCl.l.llio A OD.
MACKEREL -100 bbh. No. 3, for tale by
I OAT SUGAR--150 bbbs. (ass'd Nos.) for suzzatoos a =climax.
my/0 110 Wain R.
HAY RAKES-10 doz. for erale by
UTTER-3 bblo fresh, now landing and.
fur W*27
LAND -23 kegs No. 1 Leaf, for sale by
Li our RILEY, mernawg a Co.
D RIED FRUIT-150 bu. Apples;
SOO Pnaet iv Ni. bl
RICE --10 tierces (fresh) for sale by
$0131801 , 1, LITTLE 00"
tay7 rbb Matt stmt.
rpEA--4 0 hf. chmta Y. H., Imp., sad Black
er =le br
nombox. urni a ca.
LOU/J.-240 bbla. Extra and S. F. for sale
by myG L. S. WATIOLILAN • 80N8
nRIED APPLES-320 sacks for salt by
my* 4 & WATERMAN & BOY&
UTTILR—In boxes (fresh) reel daily by
PARE bble. for sale by J. IL
bbla. forisz a 6k
=TT , J.
61ALERATU8-100 Ina. and 10 bbls. pure,
•..; la by my 7 J. B. CAMEO.
CHEN SE-100 boxes for sale by
m 7 7 J. a. CAN
r i TUE D PEACHES-29 bbln. on consign
...," bley.t awl for ale b 7
F'oo Vale. S. F., for sale by
my. 3 t W. 11.A.RHAUGIL
AIViS-30 auks Evan & Swift's for
rale by •mra •
B. a W. IWOAttall.
-400 bu. Dried Reschan
0444 Dri e '°; I.I.IIOIIACET & 00.
Corner of Wood and Fifth Striae, Piatour"
ittVE NOW IN STORE, and to arrive this
e :b kaa, of Mt moft meat izn o por.
116 catt y boxes yaw 1.,,M dozen Mon Zlno Wash
bf. ekbpds do. do., 60 bops nxtra pan fitnran
1 4 4 ftrae Chu"h;
61,11. 10V:=*or.
" ILf4B. T . 0. ' •
, 23, - Loaf. urnanen, ind
YAW.. Qin 1 and 3 ALI,- Pondend Bum
20. a rel; 6150 lba nedlese Bald=
nd Nat m
do. LO drums Smyrna Figg •
• 6:5 gu &"3.1 00 4 11.. "ai "
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5000 lbs. es
0 boxes H la erring.
100 btu. H.O. 2...;
Loaf yea Sugar
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105 Ws. Water. 13.0.,th
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D. m.c...thx.
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U. =I rung .,
pagogoed whoa sta.
Pittsburgh Life Lion= Campamy.
TATS COMPANY *Gs incorporated: in
February. 1151. with a Perpetnel Cine". 4d.h "
cotanabied buttriess on a capital of 11100.001 4
The tlenipany &as Dustiness both on trai Joint Spans
Mutual plan.
thejobut Fisch Plan the rates era onwthint less than
Mom charged by Mutual COWNIA 1.. 6.3 yineeu Per Chat
'Mutual the
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mad Punk ttrapanibt:
rate. Ow the awns as those blurted br.ollree
safe!/ conduelad C0M111.61. Thom tusnred on the taut.
al mind•ple have this ocaubined newuritbs furnlebed by that
mtgm of flieuranso. and the Capital and nonplus Poet of
the Joint Stock departnuat. -
The Charteryennuits tha granting of limn:nee on Ilk.
in every form. includins the rirld of wife. ettlidrani
tents, relutbnr, friends or ernditors—to insure the ith of
another for theirown exclusive benefihrayabis ets death.
or awn the
at the °DU= of t pewti he ins re
arriving at the bre of 60, 6.1,ta1, or b..
JAZ. 8. noon. Prooldenn
PunnetiflrClorkno, Vine President.
Joweph Leweb, Treasurer,
Charles A. Colton, Secretari• •
Jame S. Ilona, • J = ana S. Idiwoh.
John 13. Dilworth. " Charles A'. Cotton,
Mammal AloCiarkan. Wm.
A. stoma.
(bms;Zing •-• Piirisian. • f
Joseph Gene. M, U" Addison, M. U 5
Jeremiah Bouts. IL 51., R. U. Edriugtote, M.
Ihiesidning PAyricians.
Samuel Dilworth. 31. D., 47 3mithlleld street, •
Robert buster, M. D., 103 hearth Mime,
John Crawford, M.
D., 29 &lath street,
Wm. Mtg. Roman, 31. D. 107 Liberty street.
Dr. Dilworth will hi 1n atteudauce aS the CZ*, seers
dor. at 1.3 ocl'ock.
Those who hare elentert foe an eget<7.... tt.
t.n. W. their pepers,sed eceopserige operations with.
All pe gossiped In the immrsace bushoem wlll be sup
plied with blanks. end allowed the all./ coreadadou.:
0,201 o< the Campaay, 40. 75 Pourth street. •
m73l3lserd G.A. COLTON. Eger: .
State 2lntaal Fire Insurance Compahp.
BRANCII OFFICE—No. &I Sauxanzin Smarr,
...... .
Ybrothrtun. May' 15t.155/.'
rbeet evidence of the success of the
s E rsco. Irk endetentiog to make the KU= AMID.
FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY mat the nthits of
the community. Is the tio well...lth amount of bt d uttueme
nrhick bus be. dour; dairies Jawed 7,900 Yolicies glow
th.. Wit 7th .o. tithreby lidding over 11 1 .th.Milfu_Itizr t g:
pb!=.r5;„21.14....1.T.1V1m1=Tr.i.,4 000 TM,
bole - .of Yolickelethed--....,... 1.9:0 • ! -
Do. do..p'rd.termineod.ettoceld. int '
•• . •
~ expned..4l/31,7Z 00
•t of Pronnty inturni.--.... ' 97, 419
Do. ennoolfd, terminated
Do. Prttnnun 1ian0.....---...... 7R676 10
bfof anceltd, tenntnotodournized— Ca 10
Do. Io
Do. .00411—..... 61,657 14 :••
Do. do. do: catoeled.--. XII 14 •
•—ssl,.= 90
0 '..feannrc,iti' = ""'' 4.5
To city o r country merchant, and — otraels of 41.1011494•
• • bolated ntot otnntry propnly It it believed tint own
....1 . 7.' - le14044:11r4~.
1".1 .... ' nU botg ::: M ll e WS oact ltE. ntaal Ition:it .":. ._
i. .iimikiIIMAINTIA the •
I . lh9oltre ri tlan6lls26 . .14 Iltlthk<Art
I . John B. Pinker, Johlaintnthorford.
J. P. /tUTUERPOUD,Presittent.
N. 8.—.6 Scrip Dividand of &teen Der Debt au anteing
Do:kW ha, bean declared t 7 tha Directore, axed fa not re.
Drivable at dila Moe for resmvals. co rettecasbi• la each
at the mad of Dintir aara. A . A. C~a a. !Lit.
Franklin Fire Insarance Co. of Philad'a.
"RECTORS: Charles W. Backer, Oeo.
Montane D. Tobias
NJamTT LY. Polls Yamual Gnat, David P. BrOuta
CAW" wn EIIiCILMEt, Pmaldent.
Canaan 0. aucitgan,
ma r.Pecintar
Tins Company 4.113211.1 to t a Insitimanca, parmanent
or !United, on many dmulption of Property to town mad
country, at rata aa low az am conalatentnitt, 11001titr;
She Ompany lama rewired a largo ccamingent fund
was, awl their Capital sad Putnam:ma micl7
afford =pie protactian to Um mattnat.
The aa,eL of the OinittanY•on January Lt. ISSI. at inlb•
• llama agreeably to the Let of .A.atembly. wan a.lolloaa.
Lut teed g •
51=704 44
ulna their '^^^r entice perkedaFears. to7
bay* pad amen d@ of Om Mallen Your ltendzeelThauscad
Dollars Losses by lire, thembl tel 000 ` 0
eireastaave of inettratse + . as sell u m i a k eir abUJI7 &net tti n
ism.likes meet trith prusaytorra all liabilities. I .
J. tiAlllitilitt COFFIN, Agent.
tole Mee S. E. wean at Nod and Zd sta.
Penn Etntnal Life Inzursuice Co., Philaa'a.
Sr, dematal.) No. 383 Lltorty strict.
the beggr comedionce at per.. nodding In U.
loner pmt of the cit.r, the agent nu 7 0 1.01. !boa ail Yr.
from 1/ to 12 and to 3t o
IN k, M eet , monthwr rodna
J. normonmaker Co.. N Woo whore all mem
our infoanstion dill too glren and outomonloodong rtoompt•
If attended to. Pamphlets explaholog Ure pinciptoo ond
beddito or Life I morronee, and blank forms forninhadoa
Capital Met tow maxi and onudontlr
RIAU, diluted annually amongst Name humor for NW.
intrabunat. Ja0.31. .
Marine, Fire, and Inland Transportation
THE Insurance Company of North America,
Pblladolpblo—Chart7P , L'Clintollsoo,o3o. Moon
ory In, I 1, SLOUI,I:no W. MU Inzto Innatoroo on
bundtnns nod their contents. itl this dtr and vicinity; ago
lt d lnopegy of
i zarcr , i;olan. aimed per arum boot.
,UlauriVllDLlon °rpm the
Arthur U. Dahl, Pres, Thomas P. Core.
&marl IC. Jon., Jahn D. Neff
Bdward baba, Ricbard D. NI mad, .
John A. Brown. William Welsh,
Mammal P. Bcatb, Tramia Horkins,
8.1.1 Brooks. s. Armin .11liboa%
auxin Taylar. Wari.B. Bowan. -
• • Avatar. B bar. th0c......a.,4,aD.
'Jacob U. Thoznac, Jac. N. B.cson.
B. Morris Wain. H. D. amend, beer.
Mar la tbooldast Icabracca Coonaßlictba rcibat Stitci
wad aom Br; lilab ataaling, long czporia boo, amklaik 'Beira,
and avoidlnc as. rbaz Of an cbtra banarbous eusram. it
MA/ b• aranderol as offer , tattitt InU , g r j: tb A zilba.
ja..14 • N 0.141 Crenat etratf.
American Life and Health Insurance Co;
Agent for PiusturgA, BARG. L. TOWLE,
Ogles. ST l'itth it, acre Einitiigekt
Pa=Wets containing au Lt.:mazy totorniatkon can be
obtalswal >t tba ann.
Western Insurance Company of Pittsburgh.
eltF'l2L $300,000. R. mmr.r.RJ,L,
t. Mnlon, Maury:
N.ll inSll.ll3 11,01 On; al l of risks, Vim mai Slerina.
All Mous will ba liberally ad, nowt and WOMPI7 Pind.
A home !maim non—managed by Wanton who sty
known in the onotannity, and who an daterminoti by
and liberality to maintain the ohmmeter which
=hateetintoted, ail making the beet protection to than
who dente to be lammed.
Mamma—lL killer, Jr., Geo. Mack. J. W. Itutlire: N.
Holmes, Jr., Wm. B. names. C. I.b.numa Den. W. Jacalon.
Witt. k. Lyon. ‘ James Lippincott, Words Dan* Jenne Jr:
Attie), Alma. Damien. , Titre. Seat- •
Mos, No. tit Water mama, (warehltnew of Spend A Oa,
cry stank) SildnitardlL
Delaware mutual Eafetylasmata, Ccuzip'y
ThLtd street,. , Mo
lassaarg...-Bnildbog sad Wan
.1.11 town •111 COLUZZI7. o f
lON or
by en, tba Mama rata of Wants. ,
/dawn Inaratscr.,--Tbay also Lamm , Yamada. Carver,
and Rd gmagn or omatwiss, under .PUI 61. apmdal
ponds; as Cm amused may dean.
I. Tamintromanos.-..Tbay also Insure Mathandlm
transported by Wagon., road ears. Canal bona. aral
Mama tads, .11•1171 and lsdra4 Ms nand Mona
Drtscrosa—loaspb 11. Neal. Mmood A- bander. Jobs C.
Davls.Kobera Bork, Job. Pmroor, National Edwards,
(YEC. Leiner, Edward Darlington, lama Kt Da
/Wyatt, Jahn Newlin, D. it /1.. Roo MF G .: J
Tboonbllns Paulding,, IL Jona Drools. Usury
®aria Sally J.6.~Johwan, Wm. II rr. & M g=
Jobs, Sellars. Wm. Erna dr.
Dannmas Prrlasuaan—D. T. Mnrgan, Huth
John T. , 44.4
Watt. /Lung, Praskimot Tama Cl. Hain, TIM Panel
dart Inman W. Oman. Ferartary.
I =Orracc of the Company, No. 42 Watar stmt. Pitt.
P. A. MaDallita. .tent.
NOTICE is herebygiven to the Stockhold
en of said COMpulT. that they man wanner to
. a mamma, Titulars= of the
o w n t of Ins
Dalian on each share of thst stoats on 'the lam .11Mday to
saal sad nary month hsnafter, until the whole mock
paid Ist hall—as the mad a= be graded and talds= by
July 410. /Sal. the dtoekbolders an smitinted to be
Diumbt and punctual in their lierffmat. •
meh=tf M. /S. lIROWS. "
II EAD PlPE—Cornell'a improved patent
Lad PID• for flMant.
E.,A1l .
&tem; t.
due on hand and to mire, tor t a t. by'
Seed Store Removed.
Dr r.
subscriber has removed his Seed Store
trotramStoma street to tho Widths reeesstly coassdest
r. Iteset. s Tailor no. oh Third street, almost ise.
...di...WY °wen. the roottrites.
existing heaven the subecithaeouider the style of
. Sleseing a Co., is this ila emoted try mutual
conset. , •
eh D III..ME ith'W Y 21114 SGT
'lra Kassa or R. K. Plemint is authority] to use the
name of the
Arm in the es ulthrent of their Isab.i.
-IJFtba partoesedp bototadbro existing between the
anew:libels, nude the style of nhaeklett a White. was dis
tend on Ma tint day of January, 15 . . a, by ruutual am ,
ens lhtber of tba
will attand toweelng
t4o busker, aml ar ised loom the name elle few
Arm ps that yntlese. Yet Jul Wood erten -
• D. C. de/LOME - IT.
VEW FIRM—B. C. Shacklett and William
11 Payne. an seismal- misers. sad Benjamin Illyde
Ig i i n gVb=
MiAly occupied hi hharklmr. a BABA NA /01
Wtmt. B. . 81ACKLITT, -
bbl& P A TS
cO-PARTNERSHIP-The subeenlers have
=toted lawOrlhatoecalp nedot the efat of SeelA,
At Won a Okety. WM. H. Ide
Hai • JOHN M. OKKIA. .
GRAIN --610 bu. Oats;
. Caro
17.5 Ityc for We 67
LIEL):E I HOSE I ! HOSE!!!—Just ree'd
tram tberfanuraMmT UmitT, WOO &atrium, w o b.
uses romans fridu tr.‘ inehei la diameter.
Stile Um to' fax impeder to oar nom tomuleetured of
tmtrair. tar
cooduclum, rho
We oath it to to dletirterir understood Utst erery Matt of
Qua goes from our estatealamett le warranted for
Um Eon.. intaudedi Rubberry rettimiut. Jou try
la Nor surest Um Rb Dam; No. 7t 9 Wood at.
etar J. a U. PUILLIM
§ TEAM PACKING-4000, pounds tnized,
Piga and Puplndio Rubber' Nolan/ foam lx to
Itscheotblekorionntol to to theTtrry bog Pactd.of
aaf Hoe In use, tor the lblloritto outlaws: It le
Plates, Piston Itodu, Etaam joitrts. steam Utostat.C7llader
How; 13tofile1 Heap, ly ie. Jot. We at the /oda' hub.
P &rot. No, 7 and 9 %oaf sore'.' - • • --, J. it IL
mortmoot of very enrefixe. flabhod MAL. ElimS Lod
Burson Omni oldllgetent mtuatisnot to be oorpo.p by
shy eel& to the city. klerctuado. /*Hon and other+ as*
*WW2 to•eall and szazoloo thomorlv. a& the warp-
Ittato or the sasautooton..ll,o. t 9 Wood .t
,inyl4 • J.* U. MUM
at No. 66 Mutat otrett,lar ealeiat egnmedoatasecta
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m7ll 2110.11.1. a ralaux.
-1,7 reka
6 balm
MneclutZkx '
an D.x44 ne.41.4 1,7
• C Needle' Celebrated •
•-• 11 .**Euhly medicated planers have been • Sui
mon than twenty ream, during which time theylhave
• Dermanent mpa taboo the mad
Maims of the
, Wenatheintawflattet met When& Int .
highest eadur n hom their maim.
Lion has been eutantmod. ham ate, alma the nimit datnaas
te sold. to their eoperlor 16nm-o'er all othal mew
The ingrediente of their commulthati, very c%1411. Wia,_
correctly =Mined. busker them reenlist!? en •
venom lint/min g with pulmonary dasme.
Par tureat, reeniting Item ptotractat colds. •
whooping mug& and local palm In Its various nonnlllll •
disuses in the hor, litelaseugettl . theructer ta a lTiew
ret i lMttwatlel earliest:ram ohnisea&
been fully corrobonMed by ths to ayrareseltectels
for weakness arid.Mdas in the back and aide, remilttrut
from omen, strain. .aret of the kidneys, Lc, their mu
perimitr ever all other ph bsa Men amPle i r:
homlreile whiNhate a:MM./red ours and Mier their
application. To each at antler with rhumatis
plasters are .reammuraled, with the mutton
that Melt Deceit:alai effecta will be toned very deckled.
For sale, wholesle and retell. be
R. L. skip:MS.67 Wood at.
ISII, for wirier/ • beautlfhl glans' to Liam%
Mina Collar, , hotel &coma and ell kind. of Witarb tea
. use prweente tin loan from adhering to the Ulm, and dartfrom acicklam It contains nothltiat Mierktoi
any respect. The ladies have lona am* felt the nereedtr
of each an article, and in this their extectatilon Otitho fol.
realised, as an compettion Is fund a f ter an hilperltak
N. 11.—One Cake will do thirty dorm of clothes,rid tin
Wetly should be without it
Prke 12)‘ cents per Cake. Zach Cake with foil directio&
Yer wile by unet.t , S LLLF:IIO. Wond -
, °Then ar• mon Hameln hearth h
and artia,
° Mao an drethipt of In phiMorhY."
gVIRTCrES of this remarkable ;mei;
. thd. the p for it, to tbe ~
, ho. Wand biro to ba r nit it to in bottles, ith LS
Deis and direction !me
, Ito the tof the public. --
The PRTROLRUIt is procured from • well In thl rang
ty, at a depth of lour hundred feet, le o pure. nfo,
led article, without not. chemical change. but s o t .171
flows fr o m \010,.. Great Labratoryl I That It otwist ,
IMMO. reselZ . : number of dir .. at tit m an a
s=orrttasso.sak. Thereat.
1101Trts.7.1 '''.
neso in theniting sulering, end mthrtritt th e of
4 .10.
health thd vigor to =Mr A softerer. laopg before pm
Winn thought of Magog it main bow.. It had 0 Muth.
an far the <woof dneue. Malcontent and MU bag
=analM cane for It. end several remarkable cum it
is • run indication of Ito future ropolarl
. zactl=tlhe t zre of tiara.,.
in are . o mmlous that the mill dm sum wort 1 wa
Into the bror of three who suffer, and with to be
Blinn we do not claim for It a tadmeel aPPlintna in
erry dbeem tee unhesitatingly my. toot In a mother
Chorale th emes It le twinned. Among than OILY b.
enumerated—all dteenes of the muenn them, thch no
age,) ASTHMA, entail Henan of th e air LIT.
Blander and Kidneys, Palm In the Eack or Ma Nemo,
DMus. Neuralgia. Palsy, Bbetunath Nino. Gootrryttla -
else, Tenter. Ringworm, &urns. &MIN Breast, Old =M.
to. La ame of debility, mulling from esponra
Mg s ID od protracted ram of dim., this 011611 do•
k brimr relief. It will act es i 104/0 and elm
Alva: in such con. Im . ' tom sod therigge
Mole from. MCKYFiIit atllll.o the
tungdona which cause theme sod a rthen
sad shbo_g hammed and al CUM to .17%
of lifer TM proprietor b 00.,0f orei earn of
that misted net,:
_other treatment. get wen order menu
of the PHTEOLEUM Ail • short time. The prat mu too
even to any perm Me dadm It.
Nona thauM without thseignathre of tic, WWWotOrm
Sold by the roMetor.
& M. BIBS., Carat mu Seventh mart.
Also. by & Y... SE 67 Wood et,
nod Karma r
corner Wool etrest and Tinto Al r rlnea . an -
Itentdly '
his nenhey appointed .thert
ENOW.aII men who are tick and 'afflicted
with abeam of the Bladder and Eldmys, will rima
pabm to hole or Moba, aria joint. Mel emeitaminitil
trEa. o' Von may t iLttM ilt ab t ott D .Bo s
beeuxd blig=ntsTeinuol
r u m
t ylc: ?11l T, ~ , , bat . this don not togA .. lt t litfc a r t w lt e ..... m.
which ere not contained ooeet
In any o th er moody. Tio - itist
who is ranted wins
and soffering hem dbease. •
for to
rear., get relief from my of the 1111 m
Reads; It mote very little Monte a fatal.' Petro.
loam is to udatore-wm compound. put tip Ihr Us emote
of imposing on the oommunity; but it le a reteedy i r
but by tho master Mud of nature , and bobblee up the
Mem of our mother mutt la ha original parity end fen to to suffering bunanity • nwiy naludyt e octant
cheap cure..
/t Ms cured Pik. ofter•other meditirem haini to
reader any roe It hoe cured Itheuteancon of RI
stsndinm and of the wont end most painful
bss cured Cholera Morlem, by coo or tua dese d 7rt . bm .
cared old eases of Diarrhoten fa which every atm candy
has been of ro grail. eta local manly hi bums and
seat;., It Le better tbmany medical oesupoumis or Mal
that we know of. It will emu Manna and net.
In a few application; undoubted testinessy can be
...k .
ed of the troth oontairol in the above gatemen.
Log on SAMUEL SI. KIER. Canal Hahn. liarealb or
either of the agents.
never S Sletiowsli, 00r12Cr of Wood ;met Viten
alien R. R. Sellers. 67 Wood Omen D. A. Mg. D. IL.
Curry, Allegheny city, are the agent.
p —Tht. Isms Rog. the ;;waverer Mad tole petopeletor
me mon popular and Moeda! undid.. and alm
o ti
the inventor 0 e,,, f t i ts y s:el=l I ustrament for Walsh Me
Iffe,A.lallimalnent physioian, Doctor l a* =Etitt is •
gmlnate of the linlrersity of Perossylvmda.and f thirty
Imes shoe hes been emagid in the tarestimethey of die.
eas, smith e application of remedies therm.- . I
Through the me of his inflating tobe,lll with
hi. Y d Syrup, and other of his rese he has
gidued an ommalieled otelitence to airbag those
mod fetal maladies. Tubercular Comumptiou. ihnorny
Scrofula, Rheumatism, Asthma, 7,122 and 44111ty Fem. o
all kind.Chroulo Ermtlpela. and. ell thaw obstinate Ms
mem tiecutim to females. /Weed, en.ry throe of' Manse
vanishes uuder the um of his remedies , to übich lturontit
ty is beir—oot by the use of me ampoond clan he that
I. Incompatible with Phydolomeal rim, but by the um ot
fir remedies., adapted to, and prercribed for , each pimilien
form of dimes.
Dr. Roses Tonle Alterative Plils, when used. &rebinds•
017 achnowlee to be ftztior to ell other , salt ping.
ttve or liver fill, r iver am they lean tbeitolnd• Per
fectly hew from cortiver ea deo his Golden MIS am ad•
c , Mtr0ae4=47 . ,1,,.=tah.97`,1::%
le otElcient to establish what has been Said, 121 toe ot
the most skeptical.
The slEicted are invited to roll mcm the wag. MI.
ooze (mans) ma of Me Doctor's pamphlet. giving; detain
ed amount of each remedy. yAd Itaapplicenim
Tar sale by the following agerds, as well us testa drug ,
old, thromboot the country: •
-J. SMonntroakm 0 Gt.= Wood o I .
J. St Towage 1, Druggist,, 44 Raritan et,
Lee d. Beckham. Dru.., near the Pat Office, Alleglue
rl7 .1 , 1 ,
Joseph Bartley, Darlington. Deaver minty, Pa.
John Elliot; Loom Valley, ? w , w • .
T. edam. litimm,. w' w'• • w
amitnily '
11. THE AFFLICTED will be fo..d
Dr. Dewitt C. Kellingeris INFALLIBLE LININDINT,
or Float which bustard the wet. of UnitY Perm au
untrue, aend. has, beyond a doubt. been the 1334141 of us.
log tin Brea of has,
of indiyidnals, trt almost every
class ead character of Weenie. e frol Mat we 171 no.
thing in saying that this Is rile only media. that been
(Arend to the ',Meted , that does. In every mum of worn.
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Prepared and add by IL E.
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