The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, June 19, 1851, Image 4

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dazing a feweakinds with selet;lint a'prilcingt
ed inhalation Is eakteranarlioAre,aaisdanen t
by the fatineesuit'Whi repeueltistireenotAi,- ;
perimene:alsCierz . - o . lleithoslain; who,:
for the ' Pinfedo ordef6na°l4 klWilki4 "t k
which Hydro eumey tie breaHuld with inputi... ,
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son, and receirettis e sjurytha he ,ried Withl
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maybe ennasedlhit itfosi*uneitteltienetalU
degree of p oisonous If purnrhydro
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' 4O ,'Of _hydrogen - bona . * at
- nuotplCerg7 (air - with a Iprodant bine fhanoialnplask
• inyblibletr*liiiiiti oiii a inistoriot bydrogai
i and nx **k i i?Ph.ft' 66 iirbief,lrsktit Ildtz*:or..arz
' incandeseeiot body, - or-by:Wl:Wake Of: en dee'
• tilt sperk. exploooppriiii(obilpott; ftouttrOml} l ::
: dennoss . of Aliso:ilia! re-actioM this two eament.
_ uniting together tothel formation of Water.. ".; r •
• -
Hydrogen gillli tbeligideithisli - httoini; 'rind
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; hencoje 'onally employed,* lieu of ard
licialirlig ' , air, fog acrestarso: . ,PurtAiett..
The chief - ' razdayealittending rare, ire,
i - -.. 74 87 ,13Haftuitibis,and the,fecilitj, -
, - -
.with wide/au , panne:stew that,thin .nosteriat of
whiehthe betook lagneeistiiilyiiitidetedt
liouc. gas (mostlyi untaretted -hydrogen,)
lafgenerallirprettuied liy
, -- iernutute, Inistaills:
itandingthat fronkitipeater . ispecific gravlty, -
a-littger rolnuariS yesinical to sustain an equal.
-- _- --. ....lisoijOeibloir, bp. oiiiWeili,i **billed: with*
aggetelo threadifiktent [preporticros, :finning;
- :.:efoottne,lis Znany'delinito compoticuls4-I;Hra - -
Cer. et Protoxyle of.Hydrogen,-(110,N2,-Rinor/
ids of Or ttt); ii. Vzoii:gb or Hyper
APoiao kr Errlivgaz4.lK 04 4 ---- - - ' ' .
1 , ;! . -ii. Mates' ailivs: th e 'piotit piiiduCk - 0- die - mi.
;. --- iiititAtioip•ptly4rpgeti ii iltmOlgibeitioE,iii, or in ,
1 - 41 n re:(seyenVgaS.. --- - It. being,'keowd, ituitobose
.tiolnea,Forp, Abe, hotte44 whose. products were
:- .I'tiakes or* . apeeigt - ,occßiroato Doesee::Hare, of
'-:,.... Vhibutellaile,toemployout a source of intent's!
crtificlia -4 bast,,,thss, constant combustion of a
atiztarepf hydrogenaul ozygus gases, `, Ho ctn..
hired 'adouble,Jet,Ayurldelt . gues -*based
tag from atparategestaneters' Were mingled an
'instant hewn* Ootabalalin ' Tothiiiisiiingement '
' . Viol. Sillimai gown the name of compound blow-
I ripe. The heat of thief oky-hydr2Dgea. &Me is of
wadi intensity, this 'oonre °Utile most refractory
substances in nature rimy - be . ?WHY? fused .or
' volatized by , Ulnae:it! Theilieciry that ,-artifi
chi. llghtireceedt - solorY fi oiu busuadescidd -- sol-'
id partial 4 solndrahly imetairted loy the ree
-1 MU pllatlOM 6l2 o l / 1 1ahilktallat*Loa or thin flame
niforda.',Hthaughitaelf almostinvisible, Urea
- Acr*, this hightat.dignse ltuninoun the solid re-.
' Nom bodbvi letjeW,SoAT bet atibmitted, to its,
, colon, V404.1:54.' Viiiimousio• - noe,:it. is 'mei tiot,-
test EA= amithe r thedAsttim-p?daft.-- - ---- . -
Consideralalesittiatidals" at preseistAllsecta
. : tn. eaperimentsi , ocurthicted - with :the- : design of
;' - itrulering hydrogen subserrient to* Pernar e s
:4ff g
.lataltlatiOLL"-. for - there purp - one; ,
itle loco
: nomleally generated litTriuzze and England*
'-- ' ' the decomposition of; enter by coke or charm:lel
• . and metal li c ironed: ei high tempemtuie„and. in
„, -; Springfield, Aditss;;Ltist c !sham'. that it cony bi
produced' in an unlimited 4ttuitity by, theagency
• of a Comparatively ineipeoebur eleerric current..
' The French ,made etheridering the hydrogen
, game !endow:UV& suspend : therein, a porous
ball or cone of - Spongy' 'plittintinterid - fute,plati- --
ooze wire,* which, like the pastiche:Of 'Carban .
in the - throe of oiler coal, guts, unitalight liy.the
• ; hmandeseence"tol4thlilt **int: . Itt Naglita:4
• the "gas - is trareniiited *rank or over certabi
volatile earbo.hydrogen; poop:* - V
apes; op:or
Tar Pen 'that .t.c.,j.the - vapors of ',which liquid
minglem:egle with the gas and constitute apsetuic.cer-'
banded hydrogen: , r :,.
Biwideof lisdrosiesii ii ili ' lot; colorless: and
" itiodorous livid, of :astringent sett bitter:rash, ,
Its most romarkable'propertfis that • tbo mere
contact and catalytic- *Ohm' of :vereolzi; bodies;
(platinum, gold,iellyer„ memory. fze.,) eseens it
us doconaposeosidt -,explssre...riolonce,lotoNat'
L 0- A r ne , ,fe Uneerlaide ef -ff.rilit/gen,. hi:emirs
- formed 'in tho , atmosphmo dur i ng a thunder
-dm , f l efliftillfigi..!xl.9C', aotaetitaps • cognisable
on each - OcenAumaseing-dne to the - presence, , or,
. . • -,-•
It willbetliet tlaring,theptere--
- leers of the cholera, in 1849,:th0 idea was ad
"meted than Ozone Vaa,La _game mysterious man
iere, nottopot4.,witb.....tbp,dieeereinotion :of. Mit
.terrible nuthuly..,,,Theinterest which hid Wore, .
- 40-'l:searches' concerning tie ,
- tat= artEpropurtiei of - this remarkable." body;
• iontiiiiiii ,, Ued , brlt4Teiiiipig**,.:•iieiCii - , blaze,
numben Of theoretic amino 'entered this field
of dlettortry.' ,Theresirltinut.:boen,atifloonron
-4 . fatten ot. feats hvii.libtriblireo Xieen derivo4bY
Serene, distingaLlihnd. Aenderr, ‘ " , Pe-5.1'91/071NC . wbeorias
h.". Oi al j e ::betiltV ' e4tintOY:;;x-ti141 0 4, .li an
- erialesitztleitifecturomace, I therWeil MI a pPit- -
•fier -ofilti 'attneephers,. , The chief source ;of ,
Ourrus is elec . Fri* ;,,action; and. wheo,,,Outieble; '
, - - - Itton a - aturnl - estrece;there_otiain ir emeriti of
Isle electrio , intexcety . -- oz.:Anifopnibbi, electric
. "earrAtion;Osim*ceasses. to be folioed, and, Asa , 1
• coaseqpinsic ..asesbaeatiml -- adesuitati" - grielnally. 1
. SlVaatataki.:' Wiiii.a,•:Cliiiiiita LI due to the ab. i
sensaaedeficienca-of . the i gfes! A naturel,, -- +
1 ..a.C10ne5,061 -qi;tit.ii't'aeireisof '
con4entiiildn 1
whew lalteled,-anceshons - Irritation- of the hinge
and'oflhe ustuicsur: itoombratiand a Waal - need
citcessOf Ozone.* the suntirapheirrillhe direct
eautre , ofoitarthr i a: tvidgenicaoss,: - fae. exaMple„
the kipuipia.r , , , y- -- ,_ -, :::: y:, '-- i
-- ~..'"Aritidlserefinenst was layeated la (heaLelLgee , '
Lmra' La - Frattea, azal t=ll/tltztttri zathtedlj m... aW..,.
• - ..4 the itraeh:..aartitw_t:: • • -II :- T• .• ~. •.' ; - ' .'n
. -- .l;4•Vl:ifrihl 4'ilekiira4 heea‘etin 4 del
.Wap,tatea!pf•isoisedataithasatatal obeare, , - . J 3 ., de:
''... Caniti.lSi•-g:thillll4.tiadijed: '''': l ' -- ' ' . -
ita Itablifilii«ightia.iiiiai6l..:i'vll 2 : l- is 6 -
.:.,, Hispanitsli; iitd - pooid thi4inie , - - %: , 2!;7 4 " 00 4.
seeotAA.;!iluiki*difitt;:tirt , *;,-,__• . e,_ . 4 1 :2 7 .
', , the Tait • algar:tiail :11113 k i•c -t, -- dva„l,:
timber of sures raplOyed t,. .„. : ••.•- '7 61 4;
l' ads aliKa ',_ k f inaalda , a _,,, a'. :'- - .ib;' and 004allens ,
tool Mat t.- '',„ m '''''''' a ' - ' - -3d Am the cl4s.wiltsrx , 1
redo 200,000 ~ -; rze- ; leetikae.etdutoosrif '
doen. f -The egg: r .._.,_..
' " $l , O UMW/a it i ' -431 26 j elll P l° P a -' ea r az X
the edzie'-:,,a - o;nrere cel of th - eDtuske; relig
..„,, I lana 5aa ,,,,,,V. ; T ate - the .IL i e niesholding Its. en
- ~„ ---"- ......
. tie .tonnusNew Sipe,. 'AutpurtsCounty,
. :„,.,,,'"'‘ " oroberingfrenzfire to ten thorusand,per
-4 ',..''.... , AMU a para - of chi unlon; - : - iThei 'qtr- i n.
7 elioacte, ead - thi alibi: Or the finienton spent
Abir: who risited•the eat* obserrizst•wlieside
the people, therelrcre from. ten to fifteen' acres.
f ' tifirs: this , Wood's: , There isesineir to he
t•'%utolP - At XDOTO hirseitled to klerrylree, AS far as
Algshieyeandd the darkfarest,ccmtiguens
Mil the - eh " 1 : This sect bus. numerous
. .
I' oasts io etrtaio Orem
7 a* bear s idiph ctutruter
roors.l4, and intalgonce,
for lath:Wry, thrift,
I. Old RtMc 6moeg the 'Zoete of David
Groff, of Earl toweskip, Lancaster county, Pa:,
lately deceased, was a Oen= /MM. in good
oteiltimr. prated in by C. Froschaar, Ja
Zurich, fleritterland.l
A rearatle Poper.—The New Hampaldre
sette, published In Portarraph, N. H., Is probs.
bly the oldest paper in Neffif,England. It Is Baer
in Its ninny seventh year. The lira number was
larked off upou s sheet of curse cap paper. b 7
' Daniel Fowls and Ids aegro tun con.
tainingfcar pages, each ten and on e halt Inches
lag by s lads las than B inbreed
The quantity a barely imparho w on, do
country SITSCISiaII to to w o f
gallons—font thas the- quantity t 0 ,,,,,,, tx t
1845. This Dal, taken ta «gametic. with the
iscrease of home mule Nun, Is not say &t
-ilting a the tempera/tar oatue.
There halved* for,tive slave cue at Chios
p, which, after 'prar.ociag the nand alumna of
strife and confasion, - nsul tad in setting the negro
Two' eld kiegrowhirmen. elan, %ter° be bong
at Abberffie, B. C., on the lalb inst.. for inci
ting two small girls to far a dwell tog bona.
The Dayton Joaroal says du location of a
railroad from Xenia to Dayton is progreseLog,
and wild be used at an early day .
Sranwasmuts are ailing in Ni ew.lrork it thiS o
amts a basks. Halt a radius of rackets had
reached the day before tri the various railroads
Tatou/ U. Watts_ girt, Architect,' of this
ritT. was, es, we bur,, from .. Washington paper,
:=7she, i2resident to superintend the
ure Capital, under the direction
of the PreoAeat.`
rawr .mra /a .s Worn, which have
born _lot sat eince Oct ober last, aro ,about
to be Mawr. ear adl al mak Wit. The
EotnePat-'4"thich was anledffridneloor'bubtln
chartered f,„%y our Bate L thm
Jai! awflantats, - of Alleatowa, ha s
Izryttde ( .; ithseblne Cro making twists. different
In crow traction add prlnclplefrom any herrafore
in to 4 7tirakFrl2oo'of themost.baadwmel7 .~
witsgirer boar, ,e.eof nor eoghtelsy.,
;It: Is to be p.opelled by,
12t14 ! if t
IN4r* . le:114
30:10ftdt -
1 _-i:_..:_,20 .MT - .....
.1 - 1 11 -RAVer„..__ 4 yaw - . 4 North
~ Emma - 111Thido_ IhEfo,:beipto lamb thooi
' la.the beighboehood of e u tsbareh. wlgh
that be has . In cow
Ift•WlN.Z2Fooo " WW4l.*Taosewooto to
M2 l ,_ I lett rog 1 4, .0,,....,, ..r. r bt*! ,,, —...,__,„„,"`
_, h:.oull peptablybe a ~oroble orpb t r,.. the* :
} /V o lr " Tro 4 OrOort? ""th. D't" liiti
bee wtteedichezehwde rltoopto:totio ftO
, The rooming testisooolseseehbudtbdwitheafkleso*
non! odu ebow,es .1•01., is what ortimatiow him premie.,
e qualifies/lobo
beld hi wow of pa autotdlatfogwiek
ed wadi& aro to thetountry: ' •
'glove bat -is ;demure to Wort Dr: ffortietio*ooMe.
LW have beeo.kd to form • faroadJeowtor• of. inn chat.
both tag,. mansion And so agent] wool._ , . ._
..hey_ . „ . W.
..itl ijoaitioo will -he MIT oppreelided Di
tnee who htaeo theerdele j es lade, hiseato..".... m i ) ...
1 1 ; 1 ;141 . 117totenowered wnnct .tithill../Lor;Z I :
~f oand,
aisdifeifibbirol.;•4l:grar ll . l lU l 4; thO
city., e.g. gp ...mar of Ogh.l4r ene testtrooor hi
11. or, mad thole who wall* eolforiaghootWAt
_ :74 emott
=t o whhtt hla yi ettentroa l.vdc.m... ll been trulty. r .:e.zv ootoethai i.
1 ",'&• : ,
Cod „g .
.of ; Yellow Dock Boot,
CUPMS dui front, rank among the
grielorg: madam , ef:this ecarlatrg for completely
g(looker,'-lealt Rheuni, Musliselas. and all other dhr
esaes aziainv.ll.2 an ppppppme gate of the AL%
Lire* CataohloLCsferrh. Ilsedachns, Dissistets,
Cooohs. &mem and the Chest Brow
chit., or home:pm. - dlgnem, and tickling remeatlon
stout the thenen end In neat with mprecedented success
. Fratale'lrokniis, and General Detaify:
fltrengthealni'llm .7,,_takeakr gitiog tone to th e
mums organs, ond in nom - m..41.8e enure.ll6=-
' . If the testimony of thousands or art* Id from
IVe= f orrerrliitir
led and broken down onastiltitiona It Is kagly Vegeta rt -
and so accurately combined la
acb that the ehatolail. botanical: einl medical we
let=t hurmortioin4 unite to , •
r WT-3:flood.
• It aiitayetiioolaa.whiii ha. bani.d
the =the best rbysklans. and tux al. cured CaOk.4% .
gait ./try . s4 d hts and Scrofula, which gartspesilts
Zymp . entirely to make the least impremion open.
It &write' in many cues of CANCEROUS HU..
DIO 8.. The teat obeli:ate Cartoo, hare been cored by
thie Medicine. We pay that-114 valuable madieln• in all
BILIOUS °Ammar& • It mums an obarnettam I.
the greolatic terelering the Liver frac. active. sad heal
thy, It mums Palidtatim of the 116.1, loot Mimeos 10
sdlaima of Asthma
, and may be rued lo all climates. and
This gyzogis prepandanlytir C. IhOllngll4 L
fountain fitetat, - ftorlams, I one *Noe
tete?. hi
Only kraut her W ert Peennatra-•
• "; A. Batd e itTrkolgtOriii i :
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R MORLOLTED.comPomniasol; .
litkoto Itt;dfiLtoiik2Utos elbfi
• USG Atoestax.. - .Colowst ott such ssuboossL tut''
" Ttholliblaroaillan ankle ttuu vo Isle plum*
atrardloatba bithost ottmacodadtatt. We do not do It
=the moor: 1 od ti e = d i gglttWo w er i r e or k. zr,
to hop 11 .ot andOatry. It• oleo moms-dm:
Omit Flamm ray halt. aoa longmta Le growth in no
mtsstr tossiosalot say other etemoitioo known to
u gLjzir aallooodo,to notkotio bottle , to bo etatio
IfolCia•bottle Zs ccab, at thn pthrizial
8.14-12 lugs bottloo,'otito ^3• oat; Int )17pektoe. pd.
5 ,4 - 4 •
.nti, more atneeediettry Discovery in the Work, it
the irreo; Arcibianlieliisdifor•Mon and Beast!
! •:4 Cf. Pirrelri
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cares_ lieif,iimed the;
t " ifta Ph tggruttelZitatVia;:ralV,
ohne late with then. history ars nen that account Dv
thelrsurtaislog power - over Meese.; Their etiolate...As he
the knovieltre of 'mallet= were thee wonder of. the - age;
WWI. it itm.:12141 Ll= the edema of Caendatryorkleb
with them bed Atm attain, wax laths pest at the weld
. realledazook...f Awl ha Beim). t4ter were the most ntaloue
a.g t ebearial i. gro es which skirt ttogresU
Walled thoe. aratialle4vota _and fiVnesit -be= at.
lnivenharabla llntinant P..Otit i b 7
WhCF. ' Ittbitthtl.K anew.. p r : - L. 4 hutdlne
r`lnTLitit IV 4W. Inetantaneonelv direaed
hmustt the.misole nereacto natal. annveur. the meet lee
tem pain In the leurnallblv short Vase of 11) or lith ol4lTS.
It• peirertal and elfeetnalot the
lenst_ danger:
~ I tpetteetnatee the neah to the hone. Waxes'
I7Theted earde. mtarennen to Unto athlete have bee,
d ' aled Sulam, =sober. the shriveled- &eh tor out
end rids Uteri tontirCllll l / 1 21110Yeb lta TIMPL. I restored
- the Mkt. Joint Water. tad this hi resew,
• =MS of /Vie t. lo ettroleadeetketat,the
'lliratsglloeTlN Ohio Rest dealt. reneedr •
stands totheraholedt tot Cnke or illargentent tt4
it is srporakr, and llbaconatlsoilt haaperibrne.
. 8 v .1 " .?Aor the, met tertractolhetT eons. on mann also
Ir o nz i threllinge, knes, , A
In dievaae of ..==. Ylst=4l .44
t ~Heaa
Btlll Cloosplalnletaper,FaterJa and%
. Bp. telndinelte. hyllsit, end tor nearly ell
=other In roan or nunr. which maize atter.
nal canon. tide netting. etude at the heed of all
Shelinbedew is from the princiaal secnitntent of the
smithy' end burtar respectable boss of , 04-no * Bee, of
.P.o* end presents one of the, most maiteol eons in
the matile of malts. hicturr., •
11r. IL G. ' , erten: Daunt; Actuated by amuse" pat.
felneee, I astenit the fa te:ring es an Musses ot the um
ter of your inset medicine, Alf eland, three rem ohLem
anddenidattacked with ternide disease, • 61c10.- 10 lees
eau sir e-s. prostrated It to rual azipiessecia, The ter
became so.d thee sof a *AA avid is best: the Ilech
turned Ostia ead 14. end nehmizteitui uffeturir
.flai 0004 , icartlaUr dosed end ether timd. Norms ,
inn UM was ticsfamit te 1.71:114C spine Imam sm.
treeted.. - -Maloo emeirac Oar when laying o tte beck; the
Ata4 mid Jude sedir.fseAsL,Lnderal, the anal preacated.'
evert egscare.nce of beim Anne lannedhatalt on the
tbe.feoo47 Seitaldled fn,.ndeWee Setae
ho blond to rams is to feclittgAntsiltrimanoalthertnli
it mie blistered salami timloUsal venous rubOadmailn ,
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vhich nee elisedr beendeuu sad ttadocteremestuld
ms Itacnold,do -nothing more. then corimmuccel CP
is, rout Uniment freely arietbe spina length of the
end 100 came I.l2finf. arg rben. Mkt
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Tili d ah. "l 7l l Vl 4'4**l46 4Uttsract er
nos haute AM reheat es can be. " •
Fire other eases of Ms mem klied ceenred :me meal ,
ti ell uf which died; when, ..3 - d e sse, d
your t bed Peen mad, twontit . o
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t!..041fe0. 1.1751 IIIS1 IIS , Y H Y . CLELLMC.,„
gra ,il4r=e,thm
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Bin /1- a. Y . las-Pearli"Per'..,...,P,',":Xf =V.:ate/ad
van nall, and doing • 'set.-- oa *moan T..
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• Nair in ,tA• Imo*. A , 4.1 7 ,1. ansansmanid In
barbed namerai snontbsitt.
.3 4 ,,,,. c.rastatann Men
tins or Ileart, was ea , c ,,,,,4 by the •,I, cf 'vox
A ' ti '''' Lthl '" " l,.. Il b. „, ti. do,tors could do - 1.• no
M i l.. t rit,i,-,v- e z-os fresh tat o rtlennal ga
a lon aims and Put , as . g i n l , mil it pained sos so
... C h th"...... had . 2 'e.*
,a n aidar: and In tn. senht lour
ha am] asuman, •,,,,,,,, n Abb, ,ith wns Lininniat. and
, , '. au= licausus:
Barcemit ' - ix:tenor coik,
q.”'.L. , ;iltelealX,Pif Wad= .t r. Vultote
.itstaNa4stepea'.oll4Wiiii—Elaightors• bones of lb*.
Coorybat,by sbosslbur or epr•paboaker., sad
meadow orzorr tbalbrf..9.. “Wr.1 .7 .=
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Icon • telt' Mitt* Da4ll._rerf. bra. a..rel
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lacasataly.• - 141.11.1eik0r4.1V1. n vAr r .=
medicine. ha .ret..zinst , :liken bar _
of BOr• Syearrith - Oo• . very sardielart
UNA.' oW. , !?STt... : • • •
=qv of Who.,
p 3.61411.11. MUMMY 111.1 , 0
• TiaLi ..fig Yabbairr=larly cal:Mann' lima ' sot • Dam
1,0141 baclalely mad. to • and Is
CAM bill', laryartrr who =bait Yf=rro Asstd.
striratmmt • lla •daairras fraud lad mare liattki
Wired. from hl•b•saincr ' man lharrelt.• Sbrro,
Tar• portlealba. starrtarall or 11: by the awar .famdro
/raiment: for unprincipled balm will barrow the sru.
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• ' Presh'Anivids of Wall Paper. •
rilnomAs PALMER, No. 55 Mallet street,
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THE , PROPRIETORS of din' old nod Well:
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U. D. Wallbaidge. Linalo. N. T. apl
New-lake luperior , Lino.,-1851;
HE rieirsteiuxter..NOßTHENEtt i Capt. B.
o:l2wery,liseine rwery — lnnirin iraprovolnent Orr
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Penns. Rail Rand CiTZeentral Rail Road.
rill ;subscribers Laving been appointed
oblirglng agents fur the Penetrilvenls or Centrel Hall
the Denbo Mat we ate es2W prepared to 'ow
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Lawia'slPatestr Erasßle . Water rata.
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LS . NOW to be Operation nt WM.
roe co.'s, 11 ..z.baL N* * Ij,Vg"dh Tgleilft;
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of which the fullegiog are egunghle •
"L'o.rteptuou x Muth =11.1831. ,
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010 FLUS 1 LiTT. IST Moot street.
.Patienatto ,la web 28th i
no Paned. Fterainilb/a Water =Wm. invented by Ur.
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• • •
Seating and Ventilation.
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and Of Flat Ms" Oat all wawa mai.>
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Paling Wag=
A:timmauntzt,b , .-.,:_baL:wom.bant_ r nwagon
aF= lit Wood dowrt.
, 7:4.-. • . - Agricultural Implement& .
lIIAVE JUST received from the East the
' , Ibilo•Ing Ltept•M•at , .. all of Os beat scumatsater•
Oa magi Molt lorenUoms, ••• I would la vl ta II
tog a rl es•atin• toy otc••.
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LATENTIX;JuIy26th,IB.SO.-For giyhj
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. RET WINE. (SR Julian: Medi") of
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47.1771.,1= , • .errs
. AT OIL CLOPI S:4r atzta ie 'dgom , ehd
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Je t zt • . •. /I..PHILLIPS.
./rViiitsorios Yellow it Stilitpliti
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„emn-ei sad te siFbL UorDs! 6:• Dl2Ol
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Aother:BV: and iOn&j awm, gturtng. in"
MUPHE. MoffriMbrkaie - :o' pen - -
F_Kf_tb.r =Vali - of chnlau !oaks of dartige.
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11AVEArceeiied; direct from ' the lm
saartmont Lgoleo CuZlwrt i kla 1
jet ltaicL , L WIL ND BLE.Third rt.
Baonets! Emmal.
A. MASON'S CO: would respeOt-e
-. • tar Invite the attention otnareheeere to
toe v Ter/ Mortar go& or new 'tile Benno^ e.
obal tber are candantly Wine new vazietles.
3 be above (kale wilt be sold low prime bathe doe
r* originate bonnet N 01.62 end 64 Market '
11 !MU & FOULARD SILKS-duet recd;
E idi t i om a impply et than very dump and deal's..
tog 'Jodie and iontant filth. Tbe above iJoods will be
closed oat very cheat. A. . A- MASON
je3. . aval 64 Market et.
LACK SILK LACE—We havejest reed
tp s .7:egraf, lee erezieeene . lir e e t , or ell
ja - • , 02 iltVVlSaritetit.
VRIMPED. RIBBONS--,attention - attention of
Jrigra . 43111 . n4 h l! ted ra '
a kit we will cline ye{ at aery lodrtkoc
je3 " . A. A.M. ASON & OD.
liewßaniges, Timmes;:_fi r ilks, Lams, &c.
BURCIIFIELD have this day
.aloren. (from We. York.) nor sod leme posse Melee
C Baragee. Tlnues, Drew 1311 Meek do., French
lawns. ladle Wash Silks; to ' •
Borers are Invited to all hearer mating their parehmen
elsewhere. • .'• • ' - '
thesis at wholewel• Is roams loei ntstre. ' roll)
nURLAYS7-A superior article 40 incb, for
sale br bmr7; BrURPLIV a LEO.
Woolen, Good,! .
CASES Green Mixed Jeans;
2 ' Blcu •"'
". LW* Bred Cloth:
Thu slave. good. &rebut reed how cadent lateofseta
v.ra. youcbcoamet. bad for 2.1, low on favorable Ow.
bay? - • . bIUSPIIT b. LEE.
We,.. an of vett utility in all altars a:
work when jouloction totha laude I. maim!, mush as
Annoy, 11.1•0111 R, ' , onion la shests, as Also, as,
1.Wi1b , *... 4 7 &Sans:poi amnia • .•
INDIA RUBBER COTS--An excellent COY ar awa gapn or morn; aelfiatiarint and lat.
µTatou. la altar water, far tala at floa.l and v Wcaaj
toy 1.5 i J. t 11. PIIIIAJYS.
V i ENV .111BBONSA. A. Kum( it Co. are
/I Inving S tin stoortrontt of loolutlfol now
qr• I V:14 llo bi g "'i sa=iboir v•rr - 22g0 =PO;
of raftiLs, whom all ofordltleo eon be otlfslaed at von
LA, price. 01. 02 104 Market 1.• - ' 00114 •
ETIPED TARLIETONS—Just received T arlatan
own ID allow at thaw yen
Crlm Tarlatans for &newt Lining.. Ttwat
untlim am to surpec , tll.ll7 . 41 . 21 " - ce,
Itiala i l3AßAGE of for liiourn .
• and haulmon rtylea, gad at • loge prim, i#ed by
_ -
ii,i'll'!"`'''''AVßettir DIIQCtIPIYLryI
SHAWLS.—We would solicit these.
unike td puictimarn to nactenstse' *Ant
onratar alumina gain wedi embtadeM (Napo Shawl. and
VorZ. h'"
tr . t"&.:14,7t
Irgosvai prim. . A. A- 111.014114
. L 2 and 04 ket
dsy need Mark= or Mao rstryds.drabloCrbsdod
Istria= Trimmings, monad adds, .bleb- bs sold
my else, at Isla or by SW boa, a 162 son 61 nukes st
osyV A. A. 21.1803
VINE DRESS GOODS—We have juit•re•
crlent ma th .' onlrodkt *Apartment of Meet; brown.
p 4 on. ohne *ad made Bemis oval Mama. AIM. Ind Lund
*Want MIL, ankh ire arr iierin; at e ery lon prior.
mr.tke A. A. MASON A W.
OURN MO 11l 001)&--BtackBombazines,
I . 2.llmccs vitt e ttooadosina thilehi o Cardan Clabc
ly= ViattY r DrinaYlVLlty
et r e PLINSI POPLINSI—.)nst rteeived this
. day. per etineLer- , Xllikeet heamtlYnt &Ades of coki.
int, whirl. we erill tell at 3pa ant. later thee
theyever Lem odd le tide
emyrY aye A.A. MASON & Od.
vseaartment of &Am. oast Wield. , of lb.lll.itt
r ,n l O cam gyn.
00: J. 3. 111TOIC11 Fourth 4.
1111 LIE D bu,'Pearles;
my 7 '4.Z'rea..i.4graxt'T
IFLOOK OIL CLOTHS..--A Iftrge stock of
Moor tal Cloths. of widths rude[ from ) to 6 rd.
• are mewed to acll as km the sane two& can be
Pomba. dat the Vast. Merchant. mai beam keepers arr
RtnteNtegi to talrta4 cgamln• oar stock belbre_p_suchatata
elee•ber• J. • IL MILLI ktt.
• term octet lama at
Eturpity & Burchfield
Are nose (paring a Great Variety Nno Goads,
LW Invite Ile adle of all wantlea to mama
l'enae Permiiids. Onelading tra slee Walt mid ahe)
lßanarebleand Brame. l'OP ex LlNee
Bohemian liras Chaim, ka Unita dream
Need eop.i le Work . el Under &teem •
Nide alma
Chanel-able Earley Mika
saw Yreneh idielan. and•mei tarlety :abet
Goon.. at the guava
Straw,Boanat and Hat Warehonen,
No. 105 Ituatai &magi,
RR IL PALMER offers for sale, et very
.• Irreertiem, • full emortmeot of Stem and =be
mut Dods, ,F •
BOXYLT.,-Tomtm .m. 4 American_ plain Ma facer
Straw. firold. Chip. tileoP. klaten. Ws. Uste. Pawls, Log-
/14.13.--Mea's, Tootlee. ma Boy* . Leshora. *Joey mot
gain timid. &rm. raosma..lloallio. P.M UM.. In-
Mtl e leort ., Cr . 2.ll.l „ Dilar i,, Cjw..„, Log crest
. an 4
ety of ehmirma maletta. •
RIBBONS—IIIob Amen and Start Oslo Rana mirror
fewer, all width. an Mom team team. and Cm type.
.L.AGES—PIai pod.lialued whit. and mlor.l WA end
- silt; lireixmarc.a.r...4.inacto...ll.ld.
E VI t o iittAaueli and mides. Elul" bundles mid
m .
secants, Ms and bevel idyls..
0,1 0:2 7 29 x Er i ith el/f4
.7 n i g...4 ...w . tits
.a.l7MLsoartsti qualities and on
Also—Rich arid ke priced Parasols and tirobrallaa..2srsil
VASSIMERE3--90 piaci Can and black,
v. foe db br. WE: C. istarruttcrr.
HESS LAWNS-4 eases printed, a great
( L E .I E by LAINS-2 desirable C. ARBUTHNOT. '
111.IBBON&--300 p Bonnet ; 250 Cop, ur
AA sale by . sigla . ' C. AIIMITEINOT:
mr,, ? ,,,
WM. DIOB E. 136 Loner drastr.
*dogry large aralion etaelgol Fashketable Goodr.
rel SO Wmtimim Wear fori3prLog: nolo
pervert Stylis in oan. Errillab aro! frAtTU4
waren • very gplinglid amortinent of Vesting. and Cloths
of every Publonable abode ao4 Mori rrhktogethavitt.
t10ra...4 wall orsoutsetured stork or KESDY MADE
htrgillrill. makes ono or tha largest and best *sleeted
,73..........1,.,, Proprietor
I. d tersolned to oder al cosh picas as' nlll seestarie Ail
a Tomblin 0116. eidl, that not only the aunt superior
Mains to sold at, wit 1ai?.111.0 , ..
"4 =4".grtit t ildian.s . I hoe moots& isitartai, to tbs
best poodbls manner , and a tb. shortest notioe. i • •
male . .
uvic LACES—Largo assortment,
I_, =at , n7.h.P.V.161 al the intnn at• •
,nrAl . sionpirt a suaturtuti.
W. itcealTlOCi • •
tio. mutant!: notivlos hla Bortog BOCA 01
tlyeopelatog In past the adkrolag varioUos!
taus Royal cant ell. Osystota do. do. Topm:::11na.
moll do. 43. in . ..ea war. aly: In: , ureso ply:
d a.t 1 41 4 . usi' ''. 2l
viola day 64.34. 647ani /{.pea and antent do.
RUGS, MATS, OIL C LOllll3, dm. •
Ratra Cboolllo tuoM 110y.4.6004 onto to Rod doo du
de. do.; moan. do.. goolna mow 21aln lultod do. dn;
Ramp &Undo. do 4 Adotalda do. do; Tama do. do,
alCrumb QUA. Yottlog do.. &Ulan 124;6-1, oW 24.
oe—anut (40 auba cot ta Itt .nr au lull or nun.
64.14.04, 44, 44. and 54 0111.6otha •
• .o.o—iNair Rods. of all now Carpet Illadladys_l4.oteu.
P g4 4 Lno 4 .ll%ttek dt. ‘ itne nSM t 411 ' adcboal
La window Ito:load/4 Vuitton 1311a4n Rot bor . tal Putrat
.014.1•0 do. Tabto do: do. RUM do: IYoutod Table do.
.1h0.6 loszort.d nod parthand oar road Inlet fawn the
mot colon:MU ractolieh bolas of the latut and mon op
pruud 4714011 and anus. ...n
on wed to 001 l to out
Mutt. ond ren at prim u F so 417, clos E.. perch ,
sad • wry as husms
W. eordtal ludo all to eall and eilLinlo4ear stook at
Tho Carpet Warehouse, 83 Fourth street.
*rochl9 W. McCLINTOCK.
Ohio Laboratory.
76, , 92 •C-5.,..e
Iste u • ItipTi
85 99
Per cent. Strength.
kOWELL ELETCILER et CO., liana:tow
.re a m i nute enr v Aszt. Wader sad Ono
- WV& Vine and Vat
MI *len Trott fltttbnnal t• ritralkl 011 rd
a smut P • arl7 r
Wines and Lifson.
jy 0 ,167 Met it; Ibrmrrly Davis erarkir alloy.
nra-noss,tattut.4z) troivEnt. ant. Y.
T ICKEISEN & STOUVEN£L, rexpecitfull
y. y
apee to the oublk arnerhily, and QAT. *limb
th.t UM bar. ertabltrhed • ti Zit • 'Mimi
LIQUOR 814,11 R Ups &bre stand, abate the T than al.
hri Imp • roll unelment tb. hot oak—Moak sad
ead. red had white Wino. Alm, trench dart .1.1,1a1a
or.hcas, eh. ctrc4cesS natant Joamin. nua, I onaad
;rub whohler,rhasoinen• and /rattling bac Ea.. ,
;la. mut appnareel en.a.. Part alne . .. Otam .
magic:meat wlnea ,bnnu.soia=wrA on.
Wrings. twin and Limborgli A l l of aid Ihr L i
will nit. aboltrale. m retail. ax the mast
One a th• pampas.itt.'ataavrell,el/11 echtsa
importation barium. m the city ar N tart, the stem
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oth.r hneras ipthlr dty. -- Pluto pre as • ea. Wats toor
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t.* iles
ACARD.—I Iwo removed to my Dell atore
(the.. doers baled.) dearly mabd4 the BMA of
dobardb. 'Dm I rill ba lez „ Ve dd ray Meads sad 1.1.
low dams. sad madam • a df tbetr emote. I.W
tarp • vary Isrys MI of jabe/dory. &dam. Bed.
01.1II¢. Parted 11•141. Mead W.ton sdl Hoak War.
aeglyabra IN= sod Allkdd Zdaalbets.gadlta.
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slaty; Mad sael'osew add* venally toad betb•
mode deabagoarsta of tan load Orders nape*
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~ oi • -wn„ num.& MG MM.
LAR-D712 b . tat. Ni v i ric /if;ciialt ro bi
coma Word and Anew OW.
PEARL A - 411-5 tonn'Enitile . by
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.M1, 7 10,04:1 j prime ) forbale
14 by ' Yost. "
ThRIBBRFI I Ibs gime, just re.
AL" at r i a Ike wis Jap 5. W. ILLESSIIOII.
S IIG A I 4 1 5; seetiv,eireild fai isle by
101 AS$ & — loo bb Just Just me ved `ava
i_Tl(orile Ly "" . 1~ L B. IIAQHAVG!L,
ACKEItr..I.-50 bbls .No. _lB5l. in
Iva mime 6r by . • W. BARBA r 2 ,
WP 9 F 14 , 3 7 .11 .7 2 ?.. ddaior fod!
COROMNOS-,4 oaks prima on band and
in , . - if= a WCAL'OLCISS. ,
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120. 1. Lad'
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, 1 bag Ana btlilo,4. .
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Pitt, for w 7. by 2i d fi. l ll P. ' '
1841 AM
Tit bn. *hitt nr ßeal! :
lit dont sod
- Not ffi t ßfl. Llbtet7
TOMATOES, hettnecally 'stinted,
sad Tea Dealers.
k RIM/ BEEF: '- - Evans & Swift's Sara'
bed oinked; km Ne pr
r6.4llb a int d Li=or c t k a.a:4 o'VikC the Oat
Will be
in the tame convenient and despot tine OW
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Intl%or. 3 awl alto. with Pill directions Pr owe. To
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TOFFEE-100 bags
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BACON 1100 ROUND-8000 lbs. Bacon
n KIEL BEEF - 1 4000 lbs. for sale by
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SUGAR= -40 ithcle. N. 0., for sale by
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I)OtiTOES-200 lox. prime Red, for sale
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SITACICEREL--100 bble,No.3,;tor' .
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• .• • Funnel Dilworth M. D., di batlthinia Mort,
Robot 8074er..i:D.,103 Yontlls street. 1.. •
John Crewfora,M.D. Sixth Area.
• Wm. Mr& llama, M. D.. 1.07 Liberty' dreg. •.1
' Dr. 411.1vrth wl/1, in! la attend anc e nt the ?M.N.:en
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Ohlos °tithe Connador, Np.ll4oorth street, •
will-118"a c. A. COLTON,
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St*. Mutual _ Fire pirinwice ' Compiay.
BRANCH OITIGEL.-No. 64 Szrzunrsziksiper,
PLeent .50, 11n7 lot. 7661.
Tilt beat. evidence:a =
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Directs= In endeavoring Make the STTE 110Tre
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tbe leintMealty, 0 th e unparalleled amount of business I
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__ ~-, . - -- . _ •- i.
. • i .: . , - : . ,J. P. KOTII/WPORD, Preside= ,
AL .1: IJILLL^r/t, Dietriter7.' • -
A. A. C0i133. . . •••-• :. ,':,•., •. - noiX7
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dectoned.) Ile. =I Liberty Meet. ,
tbe better convenience' of per. rending in tbe
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• Manuel F.SOnalah, Yrahar IlmOttna„ ' • •
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Chad. Taylor. ' Wm. E. Bonen, /
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• Meek. 67 Pllth at. above
Pamphlets containing all neecesary lnitematice
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crit' $300,000. : E. .714
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R&D PlPE—Coraell's improved patent
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lIE oubscriber has removed Ws Seed Store
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/re Maw. er N. K. it R. R. FLEMING.
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PrN fgr. Uutitherpree. Wait Wrift. . •
TIV FIRM—B. C. S acklett. and Williiim
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