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Antinniando and Whig County Ticket
" WALTZE "ONWARD, or Peebie..
Ammar MOW or WWl= COM.
HENRY W. WILLIAM E. of Pittsburgh.
mammy =Del or orrwr OF CIUMOICI =wow{ tm
•••• • WM. D. IPCIAIRT., at Pittsburgh.
immure .Irweem or comer or gowns 111341.3 . . *C.
WM. BOWE of Lower AL Mir.
THOS. PE:01 , are eKeeelPerr.
JUICY MILLER , re LeEelsi.
tuatun PAURESTOCE; of PlEetwria.-
" ALEX. EICIIAAESON, of Allogheur.
Of TWO 00011.
JULE:IIP AL. BROM, of Iltrebursh•
, RODENT $l2lO, Pitterareb- ,
Wit. WEST. at elleirtmt.
•JOurt 'MEW MU
S. a &
PM ram.
• .
This dunes, Which Sounds so prettily In the
ears of many; is erpressive of *mot those po
litical heresies Which lead millions of arell•mean
tug people far astray tram the paths of ,eafety
and true pOliciy. It IA a Catch-word, the true
mewing of which is not apparent. It Profess
eettohest liberal and generous interchange of
o*MM:slitter ninon the nations of the earth ;
Whililiartedity ills thtnply immoral of the bet,
S . - ,!.tieAtflrEick 'protect the weak against the strong.
to reduce the freeman to the eon
z.,f.ditin*of;the.slave and the serf; and not to raise
ttlerititTleAtte contrition of the freeman.
- ,,...- - '''..PrAWStriidttlienefits the American slaveholder,
';'irtid s the',4l:fiCsitot European manufoctgrer, at the
:esptpkotthelyse tither of the United Stela
, :: : ,-,Ttuse:tecieftis` Sea are its originators and its cep
• porter,,end for them. it would never have
-;:litti4tosight4.; -We proceed now to shoihow
this Is so.
A great Majority of American elaveholdens
are mumged in the culture of cotton,—a consid
' erabli neither in the growth of tobacco, and a
few cultivate rice. The growers. of cotton and
tobacco depend principally upon Europe for their
market; end naturally enough they are desirous
of getting the. fabrics of Europe in exchange at
as !ow a duty a, possible:. They Wien - that
the halt fed operatives of Europe work cheaper
than the free whites of Amerido, and that come
- quently - a bale of cotton in Llverpool—other
thing, being earral—b wor' more under a low
tariff eta under a high one, provided, as Is
rally the -cose,..the price
is to be invested in
goods for the comaimption of the planter.
This is the theory; and very likely, it is in part
* true, though not to the latent the Southern free
traders lamest' C.: As a thedry It is very
ble; but eiperience has abundantly slump that low
tariffs have not had the effect of permanently
ering the prices of moods in thi American markets.
-1111 ten the English manufacturer Ands that his
American competitor la prostrate, he' gradually
alides up the Dade, thus securing a better profit
That the British manufacturers-uhonld be in
favor of free trade is very Dahrld indeed. It
life to OM, bit rather severe upon the &it
. lett farmers. British . farmers are something
like American farmers—they are freemen, and
wish to live as each; and as the comfortably
fed and well clad Amain= mechanic cannot live
talc* .wages which -European Artisans are
compelled to take; no English farmers find it ve
ry • hard to 'compete with the oppressed Berle
around the aborts of the Baltic and the Block
. gem in the cohort; of wheat—Or it would be
more correct 'to say that they cannot. compete
with the lordly numbers of those serfs. Neither
elll3 the American farmer compete with them in
-the - markets orEngland.
Who, thee,, does free trade benefit
I. The Ainerican alarehol4er and planter.-
- 4f.hinharii however; la rather Ideal than real.
The . English and other European raturahro
• moral than prospe;ity depends nponbsdnitio
"-C 4 9 ISO toe. market.' : Harr nai d t id and
low_vogee haring art„thear &born the fear of the
. romper/riga r 4 other nationi, Char lidereota are
6n/promoted by tree trade. - •
3.: The princely proprieforng BonalnOto
. i nd, , wher under.the , system of
can ern & the *,43;ltrirnerin his oir*iintihei.
air rho trygiqi:mameisclxu:er co.:#44( : the
Mantle= nuOrttiotiter is tho United Btatirt.:
chlpplgmerchant w,
4- n
f' tem ' ' absurd exatuutge of colmeohtier pr 6.
. froni ,
decal 4000 Miburthis cotisumerr-whea; titadeck t",
tied reigalated, eystem, the.priiducer and cearunar ; aught to
,httnear together, thus:anvil
1 to bath thlionoritaiiriture.
-.Who are iajoitii.hiliOe trade? •
1.-TlMAnterii4Mtitiafacturers of all, articlei
mM:we:might **Maid proditim here, were
they adequately,-.4:by goiiilr; but which
trade enableil , .thttnitilthy . %foreigner, with
all thowhichb and
loit. Mites of wager ' rita'
_ ,
throw into dila market at -prices so low, as to
remise iimpetiticei by thi -, American ! iiitinflia-
Nturitir importable. This is the chin :moat
: j atediately htl
2. 'American "Mimeo, whomi labor MLA aitill
. are their only depenAence. Free trade, by ea
itinead employment„ lajuieri,this clasimbre sa•
fititaly-ihon antOtherl - .
2. aile firm*, both Of. *gland amt the iloi-'
Mates; because theonly minable market
the feriae, Is the home market.' Free trade has
seriously ithpalted-the'hortietruirket in our, own
country, and It his foriiishett:io 'cinsPersiatiar;
,ccptindent. Low as the Pike of dour is now,.
It cannot be carried to Liverpool orlavre es
mit ate loss. The heavy expense attending its
coalmine° is an Insuperable barrier to all profi
table exportation of brimdsttdfr.
. ,
The Post pnbliehes a blOgraPhy 'of Colonel
•• Bigler, °vied from the Colunildi Dant-
It gine somornscrelloon stories of the
• ••: poptdarit' y...—among the rest It shan't
j•r [ hi 1841 he best the :egoist. Whig candidate
nfOrDta Senate, in "Ocrernor Johturtan'a Whig
; 4 " by 8,400 majoritytand that, .trabse-
Aquently he was elected by an increased - =Juin .
fy! , - Herein the statement of this great Tic
.• , . . , _
• "In 1841, Colonel Big ler tiro the nomin ee: of
the Dimocratin party, in the Senatorial: District
composed of the counues ctigiseld,lngthins;
Armstrong. Clarion and Jeffernii,, opposed by
Joseph lintchinson, Esq...the regular Whig can
and wan elected by 8,400 majority. Sub.
-squatty, he, was reelected by any increased
Thor, let it be remembered, Is Dover
--,...3‘noslohnston's Whlg district, and bad Mr. Bigler
ti "combated to bate been the candidata a third
'time, we should have been' sired from the raiz
rule of the present tulptinlstration." -
Now ttds La mod mendscions story, and IBM
course trumped, ..dinelre. We Lapps to
be acquainted with the fact% !hi.% were these:
In 11341 the Whigs that district' (Armstrong,
Indians, Cambria aMlPlearfield) mule no noun
:nation; A livSaraiel,llutelliOn, (noVJoso,
as stated tith e at e before us) 'a diactitrual
Demaiit, came outLati a volunteer candidate.
We got the rotas eigome Ile neighbors, and a
few Whigs.. Scemve Whigs voted. for Bigler, and
SOMA did not Tote for Senator at ail "
The writer is mistaken \ when _ he says that
Clarion county formed a part of that district.
_Now let 'us see hoi many positive misstate ,
~ manta are made in this short paragraph.:
r. .„, 1. That Mr. Hotelman Was the regular Whig
. .
2.• That his name Joseph—which prism
that. the writer kn ew my little Mout' the mat
3.- That he was a W ig at all.
' 4. ""That that is a Whig dlitrict, when, if the
writs lottw aoy thing at alt shoot it, he must
hare humor that it wail allays a Ueda:* Ms.
. ._
trict. Pt 1840, when Generalltusisewicaffleil
the State. Yin Buratesl majority lm - that district
was 180; end in, 1844, (Shank's - midcetty, one
m a rkbO ems 44 Which is shard the srmwage vote.
In 1842 William F. Mitts* was eitiotel to the
. Eleoste by the &roe of.llll, *Easel ~ : i4ptdetity,
lips bob:lithe only Mg eser elected la the trii
'Dere aii:oibtf Fierrtgolk thifoto 040, no
doubt iielOtebli as tbolleabor.W'* among
the itett, how he 'would bare best_Clatrtar.Tohn
stow in 'lB4l, if he os/y hcr(l corm:sled MIMI, wad
thnitmresaredthe State`froitelsrele. Didtble
.riser ma= ots certain' dos thst'irozdd '
hirre*Ws nlidkobsd. far 0, aatnkyßoo
GLUT Fru tigas Faaactsco.—The telegraph
Jeakrdiybroaght as the nears of another try.
mentions conflagration In fian Francisco. The
patted= are airy Wens given; but the Ices
Wears. to be ranch heavier than ever before
pita LUZ SWUM&
The Cleveland Herald rays the eteamerSouth
erner brought down some 60 tons of copper on
her list trip. The Monticello has been . taken
across the Portage at the . Sant, and launched
safely into the waters of Superior, thus adding
another good craft to' the fleet on that. lake.
The propeller Napoleon made a successful
trip to La Pointe. She brought a largo number
of passers" 60 tons of copper from The Cliff
mires, 240 packages of fish from Two Heart river.
19 tons of - copper from the Adventure, and six
tons from the Ridge mines, the first shipments
from thesa new' mines. Around them the
marks. of the ancient miners are abundant.—
The copper raised has been found near the sur
face. •
The Journal says the season's business at the
Sant has commenced irta 64A - winner. Stores
and dwellings are goi33 roli,ttisirtlie' great in
crease of business. gters timpetua Ttse Improve
meats. The Journsfitintitt - Sr -mpkant ru
mor brought by the . Northern* N - ChemS. com
pony has been formed . In x*l the
money subscribed, for the beanie:
,t;:rilltip Ca
rat around the &. Marie Rapids; on: The Cana
da side, and for the benefit of mining end all.
other business on the Lake, hopes it will prove
true. The American Government has been shame,
hilly neglectful in not building the Haut Ship
Canal. A. Canal less than one mile in length
-would removothe obstruction, and add immense
ly to the value of Government as well as private
property in the North-west. The Journal forci
bly says: -
The Government merman the borders of Lake
Superior ' an immense domain, including within
its limits the richest copper and iron mines in
the world, and agricultural lands of great rains , which it has been selling and offering for sale
for sienna years, and has been hdldingont great
inducement! to purchasers, and encouraging
miners and farmers tosecure to themselves these
rich lands, while at the same time, by refining
to open this high way to these mines and value-
Me lands, it has . been depreciating the value of
its own property in the most effectual manner
: A gentleman in Cleveland writesio a friend in
Steubenville, that the ! 'Spirits" are about to
change their mode of manifestations. They are
going to atetndon the "rappings," . and direct the
hand of the medium, it first being magnetized,
to write out the commtudention. This will be a
good improvement, and if the Spirits bad not
heen great fools, they would bare thought of it
Moan Fatunuta.--Beyeral fallureyhave lately
taken place among the New England maanfac
toren. 'The Boston Traveller mays:
"We learn that the firm of B: Sexton and Co.,
Warehouse Point, Connecticut, hare been cam
polled to stuspend paynernt. owing to their loam
in manufacturing. They were largely engaged
in the manufacture of fancy amaimers' and it is
stated their llabi6tien amount to $200,000."
On the otherhand, some of the Manufacturers
aft extending their business. The Lowell Cou
rier says :
'The Hamilton Print Works are at present
extending their mm 5,31 3, en addition to their
dye-house of o building 64 by 67, and adding
machinery in other departments, for printing
60,000 yards more per week, 30,0010 of which
they expect to hare additional by the let of Co-.tober ext. They are now printing teem eiVity
fire to ninety thousand yenta peuareek."
•• The New York Post., of Saturday evening,
"The recent.beau drectuations in Heading
IPa.,) stock, haveoccullened the failure of Mr.
T. Carpenter, ix*isietnbex . of the Snarl of
Brokers; who 31.0 a Large operator in this stock,
and very hep toaoea .birle-htsee nistalued by
sßoe *aidedyptentay to the (agileof *large
operitzf in gad= The 'loom alloded'to bad
bought lazgely tint •redelllnezycazitt•fsolie of
-tinifroritmets . bec do ur AA . tikes. When the
'atextet bas fallen 6 tentaper tnzabel.belowAui
BtiPanded Pz4l , to hi istikli*ae unable to
meet his togoifoottot&. There-; ai° '' tin " ier r-
Itesv time bargains Ai - , grubs outstanding,
whf6'irill lianas in this widths two following
mouths, which cannot , fail toinvolvo sperslatons
in rerrlnia4losses.';, -- • --
For thr
',.. - - , Tho'St4toao of the 18th t, a roar i ng
Looofoco taper. publiehedliPhatdelphis, shows
That Mr. Low wages Doetiiiniiii iidixoned to hare
another' rcingh - tizae of it witlifiteOrty in
. .
The notice by this satae.Lmpernf CoL Nacre,
, speech about principle" Is cortainfyilliat
I 'in the 'bull'ireye,as we say in igrAitY.: - ,For "ta
man of his years, no politician itcdorlitate
shown more versatility; and his piitailttiV, may
he drab:Adis folleorm-stl-Mason,
Whig, An -
' Slartay, and Our Locofoco Pre.filaveryiOdd
Pellow, and Mason ... If the re ,is any thing. elso
that - he can do to secure the affections - at ; the
Democracy, not here enumerated, he will dolk.' ,
"Prinaiple" _with our 'high-windy "Lorafoeo
aspirants' is like ballast in their baleen It Would'
keep them - Wady; but' It keeps diem down to the
proper level, so - they threw overboard as an.
incutobrance , 2,
After “Biddy". emigrated to Oregon, the first
I pailan,rectived from tome-was a bottle of co,
Itamporater, and in returning thanks for it she
wrote In ecoubitdorP-"Arrah, Jamie, but what's
the use of . sinel6cOntate7 wil there is no one
but furithes saga N smell !" And what use
LS therotor , thirAightest odor of "Vrinciple".in
vlrprentiori - of apostates and federalisM euch'ss
W lkins, Ctunpbells, Camero nians,
aitadioenting the 'supremacy of the deepest in
digo-hlue federarmt of them all •I'en Cent Jim-
The following are the remarks of the States-
Man lunation to, the Colonel's speech:
• ColOnel Disci, of Allegheny, undertook a re
ply, bat seen became entangled In a congloimerel;
Lion of !tars, stripes, banners, rucks, pees.;
=Mahan. breetes, rivulets, and banners,. rucks,
plltberesual paraphernalia of the crude ,stump
orator. Inasmuch as these bad but li ttle to do
with,the matter at Issue, tle Convention end the
'antrume relinquished its consideration, rind re,'
signed themselves for in hour to the rhetarie4
infliction. Colonel Black alluded rather sneer,
ingly to the positionnf Mr. Wihnoton the slivery;
question, forgetting this he had streniumslyad.
.ding his Approbanon Irma
the section of the law ofiBl7, which forbids the;,
'ewe of oar Pennsylvonis Jens es rlaveleTV°'
testes a blue thargelof,double-dealing, wi out
a shade of truth tontOtaiteir, which is endorsitd
by the Star, In the nice urftriother i and Tarm • It .
watturptlona. ; It ie.*Vie the ,
yet in the hands of thelloviirnor; 'but this Lithe
result of necessity on his pittl.'and of. arrange:.
mad be the part of the Locofoceinentiff TdN
bill • was passettat the close of.
when less than half the4t*;tet , hy
the - Constitolon wen noc
tic..., return with objectri t a (Wiat.thwe
pressed thronekvith 04h - oiled •
a caricalmannentre, and i'vviikkreot!i,:attbilt,:
especially in of the ttafqinWM.i..
.the Locolbco candidate for Governer, itigethe;
w i t h amy kwofoeo tearekr of tie Liseqaittrrevot. •
W for the law of . 1847,
.6th section. odatu.. - ....
Tb iaa • my mum about anti wheel abOnt"
questions affecting BM= Liberty; but
comes not them or their EMU° followers or the
write:ill profession or etherwite, to amore
those ids:tare faithful to the long cherished prin
ciples of Petumylvania. We remegibes that this
same law of 1847, thus anstainal by Bigler and
his associates, es a thene Inatteref policy, wen re
ferred to here ais evidepoe that “the Democracy"
were the only tree opponents of Adeleerr—now
these men advertise their political .protligsey,
and denounce all who will notjoin in their work
of base servility! ,They will live to repent of
, Bwebtetc thetB hears Uctutg on Bei
day evening last, them mina in the port of
propellenyutd tall veiaela,
tq theitumbiwof between 70 sad 80, with heavy
freights, put of which connoted of corn to the
amount 04300,000 bushels.
Tim Void or mat - oitr,Gtott..—tancaster
county—the Old Guard' or the Whig party of
Pausylvania . —ltea vindicated her far fame...— .
She Is true to the Union, and has pronoMussjl
her condemnation upon the coarse parmed by
those who wool convert the great Whig party of
the Union into a Northern Free Soil and Anti
slavery party. A correspondent, who has had
the kindness to forward us the prceedinga of the
Whig county convention, whichwas held at Lms
caster on Wednesday, to appoint delegates to the
Whig State convention, informs us that a strat
um:Ls effort was made by Mr., Stevens to have
himself elected a delegate as a sort of endorse
ment of hiscotuse in Congress, but the effort foil
ed, and a delegation olgocid and true Whigs were
elected,. and set of resolutions adopted which
speak for themselvm.
Hon. John Strohm, Nathaniel Ellmaker, Amos
S. ilendeFson, Dr. B. E. Cochran, J. 1,1. Hop.
king, and Difidel Herr are the delegates to the
State convention, with instructions to , support
Thomas F...lFranklitt, Eaq., of Lancaster, the
present Attorney General of the, State, as a
candidate for Judge of the Supreme . 13ench.—
The resolutions adopted be the convention are
as follow=
Resolved, That the whige of Lancaster county
continue to adhere, as ever, to the Whig party,
and unite with them in sustaining the integrity
and harmony of tile Union; and advocating
the protection of American labor, the develop
ment of our nation at resources, theimproiement
of our common country, and the mahstenince of
judicious econoiny, in the 'admhdstratits of the
Resolved, That we adopt the language of our
patriotic ChierMagistiftUr, Millard Fillniore,
and regard die Comprionise measure of the
dangerous and exciting subject which they
embracer and peprecate any further and w
ises • agitation air the unfortunate question of
Resolved, That Millard Fillieore is entitled to
the gratitude of his country, fee the calm, con
stant, dignified and energetic manner, in which
he hue discharged the • responsible duties of his
exalted station, and the patriotic purity of pur
pose that has distinguished his entire adminis
Resolved, That we feel a national pride
ill the genius and patriotism of Daniel Web
ater, an& apprehend no danger to the Consti
tution and the Union so long as he and his
associates. aro entrusted with the counsels of
the nation.
Resolved, That we conceive it our duty to
pay a tribute of admiration to Winfield Scott,
.the great captain of his age who has carried his
country's banner triumphantly through two
'Wars, and has never failed to achieve a victo
ry on the field of battle, and that we look hope
fully to the day when he than bear the standard
of the Whigparty through a glorious, but peace
ful Contest, 'to a briliant victory.
Resolved, That Wm. F. Johnson, iw our first
and only choice for Governor of Pennsylvania,
and that we regard his suecess, as an eafilest
of future triumph, and his tried ability as a
promise of future secarity.—Phil. Nam
Stavear r DILLAWAR*.—Tho Aunual Report
of the Delaware Anti Slavery Society is encour
For the last half century, Slavery In Delaware
has been declining, and the belief is, that very
soon the law mill - declare this State free. 14e
copy the following hits from the report:
In 11 9 0.1thitathelrst census wan taken, the
number °taoret/tab° State was about 9:00 0 ;
a sixth part of the people. Now there are but
a little over 2,800, not more than one-fortieth of
the people. The greater part of these are in
Sussex county; Newcastle and Keit counties
united having but 741; while Sussex county hoe
1,391. The slaves decrease faster in Newcastle
:county than in either of the other comities. In
1840, Sussex county had 1;637 slaves; in 1850,
1,391; a decrease twenty-five per cent. The census
of 1840 developed the alarming fact that the
whole population of Sussex county was rapidly
declining: having then a less pinitliation by 2,025
than it had in /810. Kent county, too, had
been declining, but not sorapidly. The increase
of Newcastle county alonseaveil the State from
the disgrace of depopulation. Kent and Sussex ,
ale now, however, beginning to revive.
In Kent particularly free labor is gradually
but surely driving out slave labor; 'and as a
natant consequence, a spirit of improvement
and progress is awakening; the current of its
population, heretofore 'backward, is reversed,
and amore thriving condition of things general
ly Betoken the commencement of a better time.
. _ .
'4I)I.I3 . 'COSTFINIe IN PANAMA- —The Penman
.11eitddkcitikes the following' statement:
liar soon, in thieo.ity, aromll the neck
Ut. a istive girl,- twenty'- one American Actable
e lea, ($420; linked together so as to
: from
ebain. .On the persons of two others, we have.
seen rei:43n,ooo to $6,000 worth pearl.' 'and
ofrich laceoand yet ail were barefooted, deeming
shoes and atockingi unnecessary to complete
their costume.
Mit,Tifierrrina Marcum—The Liverpool Jour,
enl thus eilioplimente the great expounder of the
tlhogrnwing examplelf a great ptople is in
atancting rapidly the whole race of man; and the
reply of the Secretary at Waabington to the
.Anatrian minLster, teaches, while it reproaches
all Europe." How superior to lard Palmerston's
tlusPETe . the manly courtesy of Mr. Webster.—
Whilelthi old countries abused yet dreaded ab
solutism; the transatlantic republic treats it with
A Music or Bern Foarrea,-61r. Emerson,in
no of his lectures, tells a story to exemplify' the
stability of, things in England. Ile says that -
William of Wyekharn, about the year 1160, en-
Ahem in the neighborhood of Winches
tee; kprrictii , a measure of beer and a suffici
'4of bread to every One who asked ii; forever;
Ilaittlar. , Emerson was in England he was
Muster teetthis good mates credit and knock
otrthadnor preferred his request, and receiv
ed` hianntaeurnorbeer, and his quantum of bread
iSighlts,donenkhad been dead 700 years! '
of the 'Convention in New Orleans, an.
other has been held in Mobile, on the 29th ultimo,
to promote the speedyeempletion of the various
lines of railways now: is progress in Alabama.
Thei Hutt. Wm. King resident The action of
the State was booked in aid of these enterprises,,
and a committee appointed to - prepare an address
to the people. A resolution was adopted recom
mending that immediate steps be taken to doer
tale the prectabiliy of constructing - a fillip canal
across the isthmus of Florida, as a means of
avoiding the harartions voyage around the Florida
pbople orldassachusetts talk of making it new eCin
stittdion. a New - Hampshire paper offers to sell
theta their nerrrme, at discount of Sapper cent.
on the original nom. .The people of New ilamp
.shire. recently rejected their new Constitution, the
only lootapce en reccord which we remember in
this tountry.q, the people rejecting their own
of th e poor up
reum to
Vfndo by the American prodacts at the
orld'a Fair, the•orcester Spy Bays: "The fin
iiiertif Mir .artizais are not thin and delicate
ftmough to cempetewith those of England's work
men, but the Islittil'of Greet Britain la not large
enough to bold ormitlieZ o e Canal. 'The Titans
41 '! n°t
OfeititeMent . of o # l i.Elerk elite Federal
.llonstior Re p rsentatives of tha'next - Congress,
there is set down among theiliings needed, 260
dozen pcnknires.-4bont xi:do:talk for each mem
ber—atwhich-100 down are reqtalred to be "
form-bladed, pearl-handled, and of the highest
finish, and beg quality, and 100'diateunf‘two
bladeskpenti-kiandied, and of the highetiqnleh
and best go:laity." Each member toot hare; a
large .fandly of boys.
' The venerable S. R. Wylie, 1.).... - D; or Phila.!,
delphia, who has as long and ably o:willed °rue,
the Theological Elesalanry of the Reforined Pnsti-•
byterian Church, has resigned his professorship.
A Opting with great reluctance his tesignation,;
~;.1.4t, his sore.:thelev. T. yv. J. Wylie, whose
5 :0: ~.,, 5 , rifi well qualified him for the
''C .
,el, the Generel Synod, •at Its
. , • ' „s, rpeferted the Seminary to the
6 0 1 '.' .4 1 0., , . .'fFievi'Zollo N. McLeod,. U. DI
nrAn 80,4( „, ' eneAref Theology, aMI!' Rev.
3:••,,W Z,': -., t '' , 4‘ . iftOnt . ;.,:ixt the original lin
fiv*P4:os•-.: ' A "e 440 1,`,.;5i ,, ,
;"- • ..- . .f .' " , •;!'" P 4' - ,1 = 4. - ' .
Attirti,rl4c "if:TATV:Drinittilli:' Piston; the
iteekottat: ttier 070 'Pals-4irimarked the
-14 iii . f 4ittiOrdlidier,-.4ilitilittliought the
solace d ben difficult place to keep clean,
ai.tlie - e.f r- ere design& a machine - to obviate
that inooniefilence.of a hundred housemaid pow
•er, and he had put the. commissioners to Boole
expense in haring these machines: made; but
they bad not been celled Into requidtion for
they were not needed, as the building had been
kept clean by the rah silk:. dreues of I ladies!—,
Reed Is a fact for Mrs. Bloomer.'. • '
8 alcinm—The three Florida In lately de
livered over to the United States:au riliee, to
answer for murder, - bong themselres
Tampa, on the 24th ult. ' .
Wo axe a Uttleafraid (sera w the Kele erboeker)
that the following is intended as a hit' at
some of themes° ultra . reformers ? 4 es , latter
How well it la the sun and moonci , •
Are &trod so . Toy higb, , '
"o-,. That no prestmung Mart Can relab J
To pluck them from thenkr!
' '
Invent not so t do believe -
That IMMOTekliellta 1165
Would soon attempt to take thud down,
Talleit the *add with cur:
aunt= A taarAircao,
k.saq, ef.t3m Sebbeth b the Owet akebor of oar
gelesituo. trots' sad solrltaal. Wo &all not lunt
oultdalo oar eoperlorlty to tbe =now of Emote In tow
dot sod ha If vs let tha Sabbath fall two oegteot
sodrt. We skull bare &no Revolutions and
morn thatythey sur baring there, it es let U
b . gate
lath go. And It Is a sad and ffttrofr tpa lb. a
&Wootton of the reTtiwitte With womb w o
been regard.' among wt. - Son thousand Wow better the
severest Porltarde ettictosso, or even ltst Very hitter Of the
Weals by. than Um luny. the Inblellty the &aunt/lon
iw ',pawed In a great meows. from st._ s e ared
and Ineenottel so alarmingly by the rbed tumour
&no to Babtatkol lotempersom The now Cowper bud.
.I.o.lwahinw of theebannlnsand simple rollgloos
books that phased childhood:
.Tware well with mma If ith at could mdfsent
Their eblldhcod. pleased them at a riper see.
The man, appeovlng what had ehartetal Lb. bop . .
Wonkl dio at last it. 1.3117:11. Deem and Ser.
And not with <mars on Ids boast who Anis
The gsm of tenth from Id. angnardnd tool."
We Ms/ 0 1:011 this M our emir. Main, New Eutawd
reverence: for the Sabba th , th at reverence which by god . .
blaming had comae down to us tom betir loom from the
Piet/ or our Pilgrim When. if then la thy throe dr
reeved, thy anathema more terrible limn another, let It
tall upon those who labor to dmitroy awn:. hernar
born reverence. and to tranwit• tto, Sabbath under the
rwdutch hcof of inlideliti ant lutomPerthice. If he who
steals the truth from one semi is to be , accursed. what hp
deed shill be mid of that. who steal It from • natiOrd
What shall be mid of thaal mho break deou and put to
from that sacred - hedge around the religion. °bare..
of the Sabbath. that strong and religious Dublin sentiment
undast. Its Droballllol2. which few Tears mgt ED *Mini
cm, who could hope Or a reopectable position in socket,.
would have dared to violate, for he knew Its power. thd
was. well swaretthat the man who attempt:el to break It
down world beepforneirand mortal by It. But men coma
In ignorance eat this samod priblic saga:Lent. strthlrea to
It, and thUrely out of Its 04 deterred bf no far.
tnturplo dawn the Sabbath with impunity. And
example being once set. the prescriptive athredneao Of this
admirable public: bring Is broth. the thgel to gone that
helped ro guard this gate of pending from Lotruthar, and
polce rush in when thgels and true patriots woold not have
dared dread. It is a idght to CH the of • tr.. lav
er at id• muggy with intern:. savant:. We m• glad
enough to have our ethintry wrath for the
e, Pell
we welcome them. of whatever name. hurgag canal
but *very Sabbath breaker is • mina to the country. sal
we would rather have every
thents honest
=rot Ig p this muutry, ' suigno : =,,11.1„,
ocean,: rather to reemolwthe the thioyment.of
our privileges, with the destruegun of oar morals and re.
Mhos thou noses trona phsh the dthicration of
our ilaletutir, whkb the MILT earthardi 01 our prorthrt
ty and freedom, the only firearm:oot th. favor of °ward.
We fervently wish that instead of no, ray Importation of
such athrides, there were Mier Mthand ref
between a aiki Europe, rather thth th y we mou
ratherhave to liumwable gulf. than our dear e., th. mant a
lions trampled on.—Dr. Moyer.
IHTLIZSTING FACT.—We give below OD inci
dent related by a gentleman who went from this'
city tit California It is a pleasing evidence of
the good which, by God's grace, our missionaries
have accomplished in China. The gentleman
alluded tor a prcellsing physician In Stockton,
thus Writes homm—
.The other day a pleasing incident occurred.
When 4 . state it you will easily imagine the feel
ings brought a tear to say eyes. I . was attend
ing a gentlemen at one of the hotels, and the
Chinese servant, whom I had frequently seen
going about, was taken sick, and l!was request
ed to see hint. The boy spoke English pretty
well. One day I sat by his bed tide, and was
asking him 'questions relative to Canton, his
native place. After a while he mentioned the
name of Doctor Parker, who attended him on
ono occasion. I then asked him if he knew Mr.
Shuck, and others. He started up, looked toe
steadily in the face, and then said: "Mr Shuck
Is a good man—l know him well—he baptized
me—l am a Christian." Ile knew ..Tong Seen
Sang, and spoke of him, and all, with lively in
terest, his countenance brightening up with
animated joy. We had a long conversation, and
be very Often comes into our store ttreee unt.".—
Draws coo Ke stun rue Terra Dual.—
At a meeting of the American Academy, De
cember, 1849, a paper wan read by Dr. 11. J.
Bowditch, on the animal and vegetable parasites
infesting the teeth, with the effects of differed
agents in causing their removal and destruction.
Microscopical examinations had • been male of
the matter deposited on the teeth and gums of
more than forty individuals, selected from all
classes of society, in every variety of bodily con
dition; and in nearly every case animal and veg
stable parasites, in great atstbere, had been
discovered. Of the animal parasites there were
three or four species, and 'of the vegetable one or
two. In fact the only person whose months were
I found to be ,completely free from them cleaned
their teeth four times daily, using. soap once.- ,
One or two of these individuals also passed a
thread between the teeth to cleanse them more
effectually. In all cases the number of the par
dities was greater in proportion to the neglect
of cleanliness. The effect of the application of
carious agents was also noticed. Tobacco juice
and smoke did not impair their vitality in the
least. The same was also true of the chlorine .
tooth wash, of.pulverised bark, of soda, amino
nil., and various other popular detergents.. Tlje
application of soap, however, appeared to de
stroy them 'notedly. ilte may hence infer that
this is the best and most proper !Peeler: for
cleansing the teeth. In all cases where it hue
been tried, It receives unqualified erommendaticro'
It may also proper to add, that none but the
purest white soap, free from all discolorations,
should be =ad:
A century ago the amount expended in Eng
land for books, periodicals and newspapers did
not exceed £lOO,OOO a year, whereas the sum
noir so expended annually, is calculated at Z2,-
TIM TALLtrr Ice Monersts.--Capt Sawyer,
of the bark Rebecca, who arrived at New Tork,
frau Livermel, reports having seen, on the 24th
of May, In lat. 42 20, lon. b 2, an iceberg two
hundred and sixty feet in height .
The Indians give each other very nignifkant
names. Lieut. Hooper, of the Arctic Expedition,
found a woman at FortSimpaon, whose name was
Thirty-six Tongues.
Tho eccentric Dr. Bytes said one day to his
servant, "Go and tell your mistress that Dr.
Ryles has put an end to himself." The girl dew
up stain with a face of horror at this dreadful.
news. The astonished wife sad daughter rushed.
Into the parlor—and there was the Doctor. Wm-'
it walking about with a part of a cow's tail, that
he had picked up in the street, tied'to his cent.
Thera is a curious ordeal in indovyhich shows
the action of fear upon the salivary 4 p:ids. if
• wrong is committed, the suspected'persons are
got, together, and each Is required to keip a
quantity of rice in his Mouth for a certain time
and then put it out again; and with the greatest
'certainty, the makwbo has done the deed puts it
out almost dry, in consequence of the fear of
his mind keeping hack the saliva—Pritonn's
Jules Janiu, in writing from Londqp to the
Awned des Debate, says that the grand 'Banquet
annually given online 18th of June by the Duke
of Wellington, in commemoration of the battle
of Waterloo, will not lake place thin year. .11in
Grace can, from his window, see the deg of
France Bontbng over the Crystal Palace, and be
Is unwilling to offend against the laws of hos
pitality by these cruel souvenirs.
From a list in the Boston Advertiser, of thir
teen railroads and theirbranches, in klitesachn-
Bella, with 23 miles of double track; 3764 of
single, costing in the whole 1f1a,810,689, it ap
pears that more than half the companies paid
dividends in IMO, from the • net profits of
the year. 8 per cent.; and the average dividend
on the whole exceeded 7 per cent.; each baring
retained a greater or less reserve.
The failure of the firm of W. & D. Oldenburg,
a German house at Leeds, has been announced.
The total liabiltlea are stated at between £OO,-
000 and £60,001/' London and Manchester firma
are loam.
Foreign and American Hardware,
No. 129 Wood Street,
A . ttil antleompledestoekof FOZ/ZIONAND AMERICAN
WON& Oa the rmion trade • aod which they ariminermi
tO Deer to perobseets at rum UM Ell eatopue
grim gpy et the gement till.
skir-Mc Lxviu °raring
thla Malkin. loth. public. the propticton •re well imam
that User bare tovuocatoter • hostility getl.lll.l bribe
ticatotboa Itopooltioto yhich have' bee. palmed upon the
tba ebype ofiatteot otedlelnea W. are cote
: "ball Is war oece•etay to give their..
• ., trixtto.jatei it la public estimation Wabove all
wtt# of:Q . O'W iver.affore4 to the public. It
the insmailba- Ot on
.f*!ih , d..P.rk..r* , lo.dl•.r.-
.4.tklthkL!s,'yti. qiit,r7urf mod Ulu his own prac•
fife, wbo Ila'''giaat.auctva kulelccel Ababa o!Iet It to tba
imblle it *v. ; • 4 - L.:l.' •
rafgals bJ 4. KIDD* 00..
. . .
.. ivitAlharltli, - . . •-• ...._:No:sl._ Wood st.
_ _ ,----
' LIRE . OIL A iJOYO WATIIIL—That ski inn- tian 141 •
coal roolleln• 14 try Out 11. as quiet &saps. ma lell shed
dinner:by eels, It, Aral II me man tries It, art 4 dada Ii
pew, It 'will destroY the popularity with the arboletitY.
You can't hand ue• • mrdivine into miter use uoliturlt
power really suhatantisl virtues, [ma= all bsatifethl
'of void t,elioos• and itiv 414 feet O luta
ut ostabbstio.
'the repots o of...lkon's Compound Mid ZstaustUfitar--
seperula,o rood .11 ail or 'disputa. ASiotlons *Post
the hunsku "lei ii in sionizooe with ratkii ill . I ilk
%0.-It-1t promso ise. the yarlouti oteiettoss,
‘ 4,,,,
sod nestle.. a the lot/. reuirrf obstruetlO*ll4lsesi
tuorbid Lod diseased mattar,' strengthen* the stoma
arta attentive orgasm, creates Asir, .pure; mai hialthy
bLod, awl regulates the various Npetltes of thidlifareut
orsaor a the body. i Thli le all; perPoirtad - vrithaitt th•
lead danger or bin% the pintiratkti befit is' istii a. It
is dricaselou4 it isay.toAhought }4cb. 4.00' . , 444 It
pmbro to ebb , b o gbaim•db....... but s upott mile.
LI., it will Id Paull that iihug• .itaititt of the dime-
L os tibial altliet the besmear Wally asigteste to in Impure I
taste of. the blorkl. ' Do Pot deordred;Shm. brotha des- '
saparlllailsolug offend you by -by sen e m . e t mo w..
and water prepatitiort . ak-if solitillst. for Qui Ortertal
John-Odra thapasarillat. ,Tbla yaluabls prepriathos the
propel/tor arirrants to be ilts;:ritito all othors: , ••
- tlatriloßserar• and sOtaohet_so&at i h ...
Jur. .Sarikt.G:k ir.t.aMatfettoother, 'See
ad rarOseasent tiioother m ,
i.,' .•f. .• . - -
.• . , . Itlyp.ll. it hrOOWELL.I4O Wool at,
"...WO:data:m.l' • , . ' Wholesale, At Beall struts.
itizen's Insurance Comps - ay of Pittsburgh
tram . Inntmass off). li
11 0, urine,Pzodbeat-:A. W. laataa, lade.
Thi• Cameo? t!Oew Owford tielOty al =Whitton:
I otatra k =ad L the char:dee .prgrzz
010 all dawns of Plttergh well
town 40 the eototottotty UAW? .
rodeo.. tutellNesee.
Luseroso-43. II.; limey, Wm. Blwoley,Wro. • liitoart..-
Jr., Waster lineal, 'lath .IKlft,E.lfgord
ata.. manna, is,u+rb.44}4ll ,
•" ' -
' • - ligfelr- -, •
Petroleum I
< glalusnsm. Uuntkisdon ea. A. Km% .U.
S. Id. 141.1.-Deas Mr. Taw Vabolormsk lisrarklag wow
den ha tad. ' , khan thandbra Ina hyoid thank you la mod
as Ma dam by the Pawasylwasda Rallsaad.. We' aro eah
had. sad It Ls babas I.:mind for almost eretr day.
Talcs. ..Pritall.T. JOLINUNO & Ca.
S.ll. Krev—Daer Sin Tour Agent. n few weeks sleek
left with se bar dame Hoek CHI. which we have Boa
Chem fawned to as nix down
r our medielut L Verklus ...Wen la this macro. W.
ran obtain several nation entifkatra. If Ton daily Mali.
Tows, zo.. W. W. SCOT!.
PorWs by Hamer A lleDowell, 140 Wood street R. E.
Deters. ST Wool street 11.2 A. Pahx took.A Co. Mmer
Wood god Front strait D. b. Curry, D. A. Ellbott..loseeb
toaster; sod U. P. &Inverts. Allegheny. also by lb. pro.
Owe! Dee n.reserelb Pt. Pittebutrb.
slivery family should at once procure a
bottle of the great Arabian Remedy fbr man or
eel IL Xi. Yarrell'a Arabian Liniment. It allays the matt
bitenee Pine In. few minute., reenwee the Arvada told
oc joint water, and thus cures Aga jolutg It penetrates the
ends to the bone, minuet contracted ands. ewe theta..
thif and palsied limbo of twenty fears' alandinm to
mere, swelled neck, enlargement of the elude. anti Is the
feet medicine for ailments of tattle ever diecovernl, curing
egegrineondint, Lod all diseases which require an
external arolication. See advertimment. 5.12
Pittsburgh e Insurance , Company.
Presklent-4 am B.llcox.
Via Preekleat-8 Pet. Eleatalax.
, Treaertrar—Joarra S. Lmat.
beeretary—C. A. Maroc
frirtte• solrertlartaent In another part of Ulla paper.
me 23
rilnE nribeeriber, having made arrange ,
LI O d r a
b, owlequetwes of srbich his present buds,.
ly theist of Auguat nest, nor often his
sob stock of Olovro. Hosiery, Ribbons. Loco floods, Y
I.A.lstiss.Esnss Trimmings Tim Siblire,
rundshing fßoxis. Ropily, Worsted, Flower Malaria IP.'
Insibrellsn, Parasols, tombs. sal Thread and nil OP.
skim Lion, Laillint Shoos. (Win YhilsilolPt" tat at
redaicat pnees, wholesale end ritall. P ' t
swig Y.ll EATON.
ALEXANDER & DAY, having concluded
to chew their precut toonneee. now °Het their entire
°Pram,. and Maple DRY tiOODS, at greatly reduced
prig.. Their Cook in large. end embrace,' • choice eatort
non& Of Conch and Enallth CLOTHS and 11.118$1.11Etty.S;
Week end colored Oro do Rhine MIAs, or .the beet mabn
tarturet hotrod of the neneeat etyleM &arm, Dar.
IT, ' 4.
l' T ' e ' otio " ao, ' ltiret ' r: 0 11tr i r , of the
Drat m.kci
h jinx te,' a.. toirVier witintant. l :44=4.
to th. Drr ii(OLLX hoe. Purchasers are Weibel to call, aa
ao are determined to ere decided boo ire by whobtamie
or retail In order to closeoot our entire eloea au naa
wealble. ALIMANDIIIt A D A Y ,
1•1972 o • 85 Market 00.., N. W.ror.Lor Diamond.
White Marseilles Quilt&
lIAVE on hand a large assortment of Int"-
portal awl QUILTS, of etipariar sty/re, at
I.lo art realy umi prince. K )1, MARX
• A Bargain!
iNITE SUBSCRIBER offers for sale a Town
II Int, 155ackennellir.
.highunty. Pa., GO •
trent and feet bark, upon 0 dbustad •
Ilona: taw and a half rtorhe blab, lb feet front by 23 cal
bark, with a itnal cellar aOder the whole. I will sell the
• vorrwr for roth. dry vale. or teadputade clothing. The
Prlw of lbw ntuPertr 113t0. Titl• warrantee].
boy further_particulars J OI N oronne Taylor. near
Jet Oceanic Fa., or rehire. T. TA YLOU,
yelnerarth blataraorae, Waahlugton an., 0.
To Let,
A DWELLING HOUSE, containing S m .s.
fag= gr,!!*.4ll=l,ll'.'w,,VgiV i r".L
0000 ade
gb Pr • gonloo. Root loor. sof loosoodoo rou boxiv.
eo losootlatalf. E. D. DA ZZAIII. Motif st_,
fel9 - tf near the mouth of 11.:N.
Woof mall
ISO sharer Munbardsts6.lll.utorturen . Bout:
" CuttisaF6
W. • "uaF for ado br
Wld. A. HILL & CO.
jelTh.tor3or.ll Wood Mort, Abort. Fourth.
Lutri."Vntilir s 6.4 f "`" t 4 ' r " 1.
111 t. A. 111 Lt. A OM,
61 Wood .6
APPLICATION will Le made to the ) next
tos/om. (so provided by Act of AmistablyLbr •
tbarter Ifs • Saving IP und lostItulloik) 01. th e Lithene
Dejlosite Sank of %WD ryh. Uinta to Le not irtte thou
111.0400. nor more than 010.003. yelgystemll
1:3 - 6 bbls Loverlug's method Sugar: •
0 do
6 kegs 6 Mart Tobacco:
IS birth dried Applee—for mile by
jell, .1. D. WILLIAMS f (0).
dmn a just merteslasid for mile by
Jell/ R. E. extxxvui. •
pINK ROOT-400 lbs. prime quality,t i zet .
reed sad for rate by (gag) R. g. ELLE
IITRIC ACID-250 lbs. jurt reed and for
zi.,) ale br jelg PL. &ZELLERS. ,
/poi) LIVER OIL-40 gallons, rouxwpm,
Li ex N. by - yel2 IL E. SELLERS.
I%TANTED-Placer for several elalemen,
Look teeters, oven, ter keeper". coachmen. boot
Im, laborers, boys of all ages at Maslen 06.1 various wort,
n the eity and surmundin g country. or on .tam ur nano?
on Several gond mote, and moomn mid girls fur all
work. ..tad or supplied. A 1.., chanibertnakb. boo..
asegers,,Met and dry num., and reanutresses. Stoney
tunowert-and lent. sod all kind. of asreneimattooded to
no model-ate thargesoirt ISAAC 11Aftkrtr Agenermid In.
6.lllsehoe °Mee. Liberty, nest Market and ith Clair OIL
1a"OR SALE—The Daily Gazette, and I
tzi. Pittsburgh uzur. and roost of. he Weekly.
a IW late' Itirthanine Papers. from New Took, Amli
Baltimore, Philadelphia to Cinclanati, Louisville, •
and liiew Orin. a large Temperance Chart, arid•
illertlfmater. the Muerte. itegoblim a Map of lb. W Ii
do. of the Urtivegig a few Pkimee; Wart Countertolt •
teetong blank `To Lobe'. Inallvinit MIA. sad NUR° e.
40.100 and Lead Penellg gro. Veal and OW Mo ex
lo diva. Ited tkddie, Larmargi Twine: WOO amall
White Lonterille Lid. by the burrsl r• 1441: for side
cheap frt earth, or orthinged for gmals to suit conrtguee•
Agent sod Com. Mercluoit. Liberty st,
Oldekerines num.
FOEIN 11. linuamr. Agent for i n t!
IP/ ebleicoimen Nan.. 1' 4. /4.41710mb
w.lw - varra;=•:::,l...watilt.,
:•=t.„, .lean t
Mr. tlrlNZtor'm ( Pion 444,4= r 7' Lb ?
One eNtgant Itoorwool wmi-graml Ph. D..% ortavoc
Ow " 0 coved ° 7 0
() owe i
1 : • ; t 9
Three •• round owners. "
• • . •
'Ne . • mit ildi S e• .
The t/
atone Plano Foiled are of the linen axles of furni
ture,nd with all 111 r. litilckninee Improvement; the
price. Inveriably the manes .t &don thereby wring. to
pincher/en In tile region the experue tin o f of trans
•LEICI FO4 641.1 E,
oh. Rommomi Carved 11066:116Irs C. 4164.
ofasturr4 by Ada. &Solara Staks
inaa Hoelmood cease, Allaus 111.41 art & en:
lose " 6 - Names 4 Hama;
.lion per , tand 6 ^ Chlskerlng. as guest as cum;
lly"fi" Bac. 4 Kites;
floe " " Loud & brothrse.
thy a n Dulads t Srabusy:
thsa " 6as - alsalhataau lkaustany. JOS
dady Derma. Thin' do apnoeas th e Pat Ottire.
ilratlaalea book, for July; •
uuses Stagas/64
hartallia Ilastaalb", _
The Leen& fentlead. -
The 505.1 or the Hazards of Women; br Balmer.
Orphans' Court Sale.
roltSUAN'r to an Order of the Orphans'
lburt of Atlowlier', (Imlay, the inalcrelm ‘ l. Ad.
alstrator /11chael 1114 n of oald county, doe'd,
will exp." to public Rale, at Lb. Court. Homo. 00 the 7 10
Aar of July . , 71131. at 10 o'elock. A. 111.. • certalet lilies
Holm aWd Lot, No. N. lames 11. lewleOs plait. to Pitt too.,
minty aforesaid. Soma of .W. rash.
i;l74l;x7iiiirs - c.i. Robert holey, or
E. r. Joon. Attorney. Fourth rt.
liOttleitT INDKIL, Miter,
Pitt Womblp.
1 4 11011 T ACRES OF GROUND, favorably
/ located for Stwbrrrfec or fruit of od y kind. and
r ddn a few minutes' drive of Al kern, market.for We.
fele A. WILISIN3
(Post copy.) .
ARD OIL-8 Ras, Na, 1, for Rale cm:
(Mr. Possureel's ifespetel.l -
LIOME Indy contributors to the emptpreas
o u of the Pittsburgh IntirmesT, hare uul Bog
contributions in order to gip Pie Nla. Til ItSDAY
ATFERNOON AND EVENINO. the 19th butt, et WI
MI NS HALL. Itefrieshreento In the farm of Strawberri
sal Cream, lee Crpme, Jellies. Cate; la; Coffee. Tow,
ae; with embelaullsb, Pet , . Cm, Tongue,
Leo will be resod up at Nis call of visitor.
Ws rlee. Almond, Fine Apple, Strawberry. lormanj
' Nerenl erbbr rd hoer artielsmat Ter) moderate prices
will be found in the /legat tbogione
Tickets of admission WIZ DULA to be had antics door.
je17,31 ,
, Boy Waited,
irk NE who utulerstruade woikint about a
tut Dwelling Hawk from 15 to 10 resin of and inn
come well restionneradid. Fair gages and a permanent sn
ail= ran be bad, Apia, to N 0.61 Liberty. below' tilarbury
strait. Pittsbiugh. lel7slaglieNT
Seam and Desirable Goads,
OF VARIOUS STYLES, open thin morn
ity Eng, by MURPHY it BRClVlRLD—lncluding
Bleck Berairc De Ladies, Black Popllns, Lkirk
. - Sionnoins Poplins, Black Lace Shawls,
Block Silks, rust klotrwink
lllnghatos, ac.
Attention la Invited to their choke wisorbotent of French
Lawns, White Uoods Frt drawee. Lc.
We will receive, to-day or bortiorrow, Dom rive York—
Now Books! •
YEAST : a Problem ; reprinted with ear
wheat. and addlticese. from Frye'. blagaslne.
valet. Maki: a tale of the Puriiant br the author o
b. Paersgee in the Life of liraMargot:et Mel 0.7."
I ngot, of Cloonan. Queen of Ealik br J Abbott i
.l aTriir Yield of or the
n wen - Wei,
21 0. 7 of London Labor arel the Londo Pon,
B.A. just nieelveti Mal fur sale by •
jell IL O. !STOCKTON. 47 Market et.
- Ir., and Pullt f le u riaml . titii et the United Staten,
7,E7 r U 1?1
_, AWT‘l mr i..1,1 4 =7..et1a " Do. r r :l e:firti b.b ` uP""kt'
VFIZZLT Mem*: ronteteieS POUtiel.
tieugrae l icel, Mee tthee,l, nertel, &op.' kW, and M.
T.g."Z =,71,1„h
1"21 7,'"": "1 • 31 " b "" mm ro.' 4 8TOC 114 01 1iT0 '. 47 . Market et.
§COTCII BURLAPS —2 bales suitable for
Wool Bad. Aber—MO Wool /Inn, and, new In goo
Ur ROO 68280 Y & 'LEPPERT.
EESWAX WANTED- The highest price
up in <ash Eli be paid ter ens' = l l4 ,
u. &FAH ItIISOCK t 00,
. comer Nlnt and Waal an.
(7 , ) tr
A. APE SHAWLS, at reduced piiaesl—
A. MASON At CO. will closeout ttairstaek of besu.
11 Pi plO6 sod embnid r Numb. 'al ry,
Judi. Roo Ibrawr 66. =dint A ' ralu.
N05:61.60d 64 Marta st pi
I,AWNS t LAWNS! at C.J eta. Der rAMI
A. A. 1111801.4 • CO. num oVArtlrsi
loiptSV.9 Layn. era .tattrltml la Wm der, ?In
Firr4Zll=tup. TN/ ts.
rede sad flats et greedy reduced - prim. me erten.
Ilau at M 1.4 ralLited to the stryt cable.
;EtENCH FLOWEES!—The atten ion of
,costactins riaPrlfully larlaot to oar lard dock of
blown, an cloolaa - out am to.
pans rOUS. sal A. A. =MN l)U.
GLIDDONI4 M Wised Traorporsort Panorama of
Mara Arden:WOGterror En=tratd...atioraltorooto‘
oad superb Tableaus of
Oral Imocriptioas by Geo. B- Olkidorstr U. Mr'
sot at Pans rolal Shade AS sort ealdbitsm. firer)
evening at t o'cloak— We Bstonlay After
swan at cie doors open an boor brible. Adadadoo
cents—eldldren BAG lAtor—orkod. a 2 7d
own. to mew -Ina.. with Attracts frogs r•l3
ilk Henry's Philadelphia &
of Per in
Liverpocq Lute
.4Sailing from Philsrlelphia on the
16th, end Liverpool on the let of nth won
•••• 8/IENANDOAIL Wni.P.Gaz i ="Neeter..
01.1110 PE, Nathaniel U. Uwe; Rader.
ts BERLIN. Alfred F.
AXON, ( a v
er.) W. Wed. later.
The thole ships on bal l [ of beet and mod godly ,
materials, and on noted for the of tbeir
they Rretered or wll.ll all lake improsenande. e ll t=
tbor=ursdattzudatr . u=ls=
f'be T an commanded_ by coon of ecksentledged teeth, who
-ere unequalled for their experkude the pocket menthe.
Persons amomar of ittiog their .filends nom the Old
Comer> no obi.. nentat rammm i cinch will be
"sod for right nthths. end our agents in Mend and 4t
er...1 .111 kn.h thee with the proper information and
Luerssen.. Mantels:. lb...deport...
for the enure... ofpesce .liking to send n 0.7.0 .7.
.7. re eupply drells kr 21 eterling aal 1160601.
RE eight without diecount., which will be eathed by say of
. the banks or Poet Othress in the United Simko. •
EtrEstretsk." =POW Ptheetgore ereelzer feme Urn ,
week the folloging nspplia. be threshed
ponenger of 12 year. of ago and area , 211 lb.. breed,
2.164. rice. 2' or. boat Ibe. oatmesel e .ei lb.mger. 11b. door,
.i. lb. moth., end 1 lb. pork. Under 12 years of age, 6
16a. bernELEtulfr, 1 lb. pork, full allowance of cater end vin
egar, hod her anotralson of to. sugar and menses.
• tent hielinleitt it 00
',o. 1.1 Walnut street, below Second, Phitedel*iir.
Turner 810th and Wood aba, thttsburgh.
l J EW MACKEREL-115 bbla. Large No.
is —Ll "'")Bath"-IVAjirizo"rcd'4N, W.
016 W. .4 = Liberty st.
fINSEED OIL-10 bble. pure, for Bale by
ACON DAMS-10,000 lbs.auperior qual
ap.ur. We by ROBISON, L:LTI L Y 0
7. 0 .1.
BACON SHOULDERS-4,000 lba.foreale
lit ACON--7000 lbs.liams, Sides, Shoulders,
2 f r .1* br 1010 S. &W. ILLIIBAUOLL
C OTTON -25 bales (Batting) for sale by
Na LW trout tot
filfßE BOARD PRINTS—Fcr sale at 25c.,
•br [JOT IV. P. masaual..4 B 3 Wool .t.
La A I.A at/I Mame aims Net roe:Weed
mut for pale L,e A. 11 PALMXIL.
105 Market EL
I s, PA !MEE has just received • great variety of iseis
mummer thrtiviets, souls leautlful and Imirrel styles. Also,
Mores avid Bope Braid, Hirer, and other Liala. j•l7
if I ILEESE-52 boxes, now landing and for
el ls
Water arid Prone sta.
lIIEESN-200 boxes in store, for sale by
11 6, 1880 NS REDUCED!-A. A. MOW( &
I Co. ar•notrelosl mg out theirvery !trip stock of Boo
s, bbons, wry teducelprioa. .Pll and lialnitie j li
too tmot • banalo. Nn.® ottul 61 Market K.
'JAPER lIANGINGS-:-A large assortment
of Freilob and American Paper Hazen.. slaws on
La od and fin' We by W. P. SLUSHILL.
SS Wood
KLEBER has just received.
iWhero an the Mont. of my youth?
roma ith
uwwelL It over fitodext pro ,yor-
Trmioruuro Anthem-44140.W to the Tomporarou ao
rosins 01 suer, Prieto! frogs 80ny... IllithsV• h0rn . ..4
Fly en lit. nephYM
'The Keepsetsn-mouse war
ilo ohms honor—trots, Colsoello, by Veldt;
7w o w. v. Milian;
Moonlight le sleeping;
;Lootar of Love, • beediUfal talLad by IV. V. tifallaan
Mow dsys goes•—•• moo by tbelylatignalsh
estuarine Hint
ilonriotta, Magee Contest, Keeposkso Matoburg, hats ,
ion Polkas. Also, • 11n• eeleetkin of easy teaching nredie-
Wolf., Mush, sod • complete assortment of VW/Wand
globe Muds. No. 101 Third sties;
•110 Sign bloldins Map. , -
N. LL—Non waiving. • splendid lot of New Pis..
INDIGO b. - NUTMEGS—On consignment,
.111 ha sold ebony to oleos Miens.
UCK ETS--25 dos. Marietta, for sate by .
a e & W. 11188.6130 R.
VEATI.I.ERS—WOO lbs. for sale by • .
ir Jett a. tW. 1111111 A 0011.
F 1,16
• UGS-300 doz. for'sa a.
l . eb t z
4 W.
111111 ED PEACIIES-100 bushei3 dried
-11,,,rg""h" '"17."3""
T Itiittm •
E, Inc, e
iihito and pink;
' ) Vlnalrure 1411 k, " . .
Crow, *ht. as.l blark:
Itiguld. white, blue. OA at R..;
Artitkial Flare.. 1-.: fm . ...i. , uL
1.,14 ARatirliNoT.
MI VEIL MA'reflEB-250 gm. formic by
MUFF PINS--.Just received, a beautiful
ssoortmeut of plain Gold, fancy ifnantellel. and oth
er en and defirsble patterns.
W. W. WILBON. /swells;
67 RU l .er ottan`g, eoFtwr of Fourth.
d I
OLD SPECTACLES--A large assortment
I ft. opening; alm. Silver sod Steel of sloughs&
nil kinds of Olgencs. of We best onsfily. carefully ituct
..l the vision nocording to tbo principles of 1./pu.
.nce. Pebbles put In to order.
--- W. W. WILSON,
Jell . • 67 Market street
gjorAsii—lo cant , for sale by
I .
TICTOSIA LAWNS-30 pieces recd and
fur maw by yvli C. ARBUTUNOT.
ARRED MUSLIN-50 pieces desirable
I JPrty Ix and quality. for sale by
L TWINE-4500 lbs. for sale by
Notace-to Contractors. •
QEALED PROPOSALS will be receive:tat
.) tb..oll:lre n: 11. D. RING, Fourth et. ont/ltbeLettlay
.0 July oust, for the Wading of the Pillaborib and tbd
Hill Tomtit., Road. from East liberty la Hammer ofJ.
.1. Kohut's Auden fenceu In (whole numb.
••C eubk cards estlmalad la be 16.0)0.) Biddenrln their
iroroaals to Male separately Mem . ..per ale yard for all
..idi,. on Ruwart's 1.1111. al. from th e boa of the bill to
0.4 Laberty. according to lb. plan of told reed to be
.11 at %Behar* or R. C. Idellovran, Penn at., mph*.
Inform/Won can be obtained etakerrolos said ruling.
• ant. J
II. P. CA IN, Pecretury IL D. ?LINO; .
• iedttd .+
1. 1 ,. T ['DUXES , LITERARY DEPOT, Third
street. appetite the Poet Mem—
_ me% • Problem: by the author of "Alton Locke."
Lsbor smi Me tendon Poor, Non 9.6.1.
I/knot:error kleeluinlea. tio. 31.
al l ffrrgold Book, N W o 14." b. Noe 39, 40, 41.
/boon b l=sMi, N L " Ptte o .karfl of Carllelo.
kman In Antes, by Cumming.
The Waverley Novels , In 4 vole—cooplete.
Illetory or Postikionts, by Thackany—nausplete.
The Heir at Wan Wayland, tab% by Vary Uovill.
Ramble. In Cbie, prim, 1234 e.
Titus' Tramps. by Lough= Ilvirelit ets.
• limper', Naionlne, Jose.
The blothoeooLser; by .In. liouthnottb.
The i lois Wanhippers, or the dem we b n irg ratan
Illelorleal BOVA: by the author at "Wbiterrtmet"
The WIN'. inirter. or the Varbidelen Monism,
G r.
mm ca. (be 'llishary of • Portrait by .... LW
Talbot arA Benson. • week by J. L. MottsunelL
lutist:M.lmA Ilimmlne s Mr June. •
The leargnette, co MOW of Ma Tont by 1. K. Illsoyel.
Wain, Ls Vann., By Dams-No. IL Thbi conelndell
the nark. •
Art Journal he May.
Boston /Makeup., No. 39, .ono mike.
D d ieken9 Pktnick Papers Ahmed—by 0. 11. M. Rey
The Fall babel, • nor nand by
_Eugene gen.
th o ttigg Part4:l4. Joint
The Sisters, by Ileu In m
The Hens of Dereentratem • rarer, DlB4manehard.
The Banker' by P. B. Arthur.
Myst:mires of Pen Ovum by John Balk Jett
A LCOHOL-30 bbls. for sale by
Jrl4 J. KIDD & CO, 60 Wed &t.
INSEED OIL-1000 gallon iTzrird) J. KIDDa U),eo mot4.
tO rive) CR 1.610 J. KIDD & CO,
Jell 00 Waal
LARD 01L—.10 Ibis. for sale by
Jell J. FIIDD * 00..110 Wad lit ,
itEFINED BORAX-4W lbs for salt by
Jell J. KIDD 4 M e dO Weed el.
FISIL-14 bbls. New White; ' ..,..
5 5; ^ •• .. for see tr.
pit J. a. cutr/U.D.
'ALERATUS-101) ) ! I r a pare;
_ e
F LAX—loot) lbo. for sale by
...__._ J. - n. CANFIELD.
DEARL bbln. for sale by
LINSEOIL-30 Mag. artseuld's brand,
for We by -M4 J. B. CANIIIELD.
l i nt Sl4-4 enBka by
FIRE PROOF PAINT—IO bble.for sale by
. jet 4 J. B. (lANII2IIII.
BUCKETS-50Marietta, make, for rale
dos. by
___. 1614
_____ J. B. CAPTIELD.
lIEESE-200 boxes for sale by
1.1 Jel4 ' J. ILCANTIBLD.
B ACON -45 casks Shoulders,
Ia Ilyang for ado by
jel4 JAMCS DA LZELL. OS Water 4.
C "EsE-8° boxe mu _ilarf)leellaY
Wain mot Prom W.
‘l l MAIER CLOTHS, for Men's end Boys'
Wan al" Tweeds. Inatanerotta. Cannummtn,
fat t t e iegg:plen and nulling ! nnntned end *Sant
jrane •••••••a • ••41 . 11 1 •4 . ta• • •aav : J r ! ,
LINENS, of various qualities,
rnalval a:tam/Una kw la the am" of '
'PRE firm - of Clarke, Parke & Co. Rochester,
Is thL day diesel tej by seated coessist, the le;
West ol U. Ileybsu being borsht's:l by Umlltoe
Clarke fuel R. U. hats, srbo •Ul matinee the baste....
formed, under Me name sad etyle Oast A Pukes All the business of the late Am to be settled by and .
I istalltou Corte or.R. U. Perks.
B .
' Pittsburgh. Jinaslo. MIL
RAVING made a &sage in - oar business
hr the purchase of IL ILMool Intarast In this
l rat of 'l.larte. Parka t Ca." all pe bonnets Mout
, •
imght, hums.
• thst Union Line to Cleveland,`
Lake Ede mat Michigan Ling to Erik
Pond: and never Lbw to Alsedllbo t •
Ibtureas Puke s = its MierulasaL
.10 the bushman g ananuatma
acid heaver. be one hereafter through JOUN t.
cailuitY, our Agent Amu. nese. corner
of Water sag nallthnekt r
cLikatita nein.
Intub.reh. U.'6l. WI no:toga. P.
JA WILL SUFFER for the sake" of 4*
Moust A/anima Ryas.
isl 3 .
Oa• boa reaumdt—
10111110TEIYSEE6-13- by
j. 13 - J. t R. /LOYD.
ICE-15 tierces Fresh, for sale bi,t,
lEATILER--100 SdedN. Y. Sole, for sale
I by i. 13 J. ta- /LOYD.
Sea Bathing—Cape y. Nil.
ONGIRESSMALL is now open for the re
eeaton errinters. 'the propritor. thaetfal Ire the
end Wren= heretofore mene e t =aid
those Intending to =lt Ude mutt, batb—,. pi=
dee present meon. to nuke his bones tbee =see
rangeolente end aconnedations, he trust.. Ell he =re
eatisteeta. natensers than YU which hare harslet.
ho.. =ended men the Wand. The sub...lbw has take*
neine to peen. grad and =entire colored servants. na
da the anorktion that they are hen. sal= to the meta.
...V..= el • =natty of U. =on.= at this ohm
Jell= W. B. WlLLtt.'
1. 103 nets. N.C. Tar, In good Arden ' •
briabt N 0.2 Hoslb; for oak by
j;l2 • JINN WATT a CO.
-5 ta maxed Nor. •";Oik
75 ter. Dried Appian
.aW dozen Corn Drown.; for ale by .,
STOCK of the Merchants le Manufacturers'
Bar*: Area at.b. Atebenne Bank. M
- U. D. MAO. F Banker ANI
market rates, and blnbert nrrinin
an :film, In par funds, by I. D. KM ,
3.11 Banker t Broker.
• Por Sale.
LOT on Penn street, adjo fling Mit
&the.' bO n l kodr. Ifdadrabs, the lot
ro. divided tr., Indt too porno. Enoulro of
A. W/LlCltill A CO.
Heathen, Noire' in the Head,
And all Disagreeable Discliaryis from the Ear,
Speedily and perm:merely removed! •
LIR. HARTLEY, Principal Amine orthe
New York rye end Raz Surgery.~ and of 04 North
enth street, Philadelphia, hm deddW to prolong his
*my • Moat thus.
Until further notlim the Donor may Do mostiltal In Re.
foam street...4.7l.theny edy, the tint three gory brisk
_boom boyeasil tW &bond Mom. •
The tkotos ken enured trot hi. patients in Pttlebtowb
LLI enjoy • pleentot walk to to. enter Mtn and Om their
*pedal enommodeliou he will extend bn boon oreonsnl
tatlun at the above rise, from 8 A. IL to El P.M.
Thirteen years dose and Limon undivided ettantlait to
MIA branch of welll prank, heo en.ablwy him to rowed.
Ms treatment to meh • degree of swain •• to dud the
tiust soldirmal mad obellnate cams yield, by a steady as,
tontlon to ths means proseelbel. jeltn:
Valuable Lot to Third street for
tWILL sell the Lot on Third i:tteet, ad
olalotialhe.Esholeten Erligilletniten f tg tet. Noble on
:km nod: on ' the otPle . f. k' TVe n o e frout oll * Thisiltreet. - tong
rev, el • depth taw., Homed street - of 401,feet, MOM ar
Wm The pace Le UAW, ewe thoneend WA, the bob
IMta , .1111 interest to he in by hold mid mortremi on
lb. Lot, melds to am ay twu year from tee date of
tel. The Ulla la perbstly read.
M. then:lee of C. slain At go, Fourth at. •
Iyowled, lormedy of Rehash lo the county of A.o-
nt.ldaml. mad een of ale:thew Linden. the elder, of
name phew. eon feetkove. and who entherated to New York.
:be hulled Plates of Amnia,. to the year land. mate
;K1e ,.. W . 1nv i e , : . 1117,111 kw mon
t oxj . by letter h , e toalar b Ler .. ..l i
omettdn'alo hi. 11111.1.131• Ca• • . SOnithr
To Gardeners.
A; FEW acres ofgound near the city, mit
' able of ganlening, for we. Enquire of •
A_Rp-1 3 Ms in Store and for sale by .
1 11 °. Wawr & hoot An
LIAM) OIL of Bennett & Jones' mannfao
tyre. Syr We by ISAIAII DICKEY CO..
0 Water* Front de.
COI N - 40 bhls shelled, for sale byy '
job . S. Y. VON BaNNLICORZT & co.
fiLLEESE-35 Las for sale by '•
11J 4.10 8. F. TON BONNI108:81 t CO.
cks., received and for sale by
LINSEED OIL-10 bble for sale by
CfiCKX , LATE—I23 bx.s. Boston Chocolate
be de by jelo WICK k ICCANDLI29:
DRY UERRING—for sale by ,
IIREASE-10 bbls in store and fore sale.
Jelo - Water .ad Float sta
r irOBACCCI--125 boxes wed of the beal
JI • bomb is and be io Wore .ml Ito de by
ield • Water and Frost eta
&yen' Piano Preceptor.
Il KLEBER has 41st received Beyere'
knowgelVal by Pan=men t tl tl Pi ate '4 4 ` els kt' as i t . di
Canvas, to tbe bast work of the kind ever parbliehel
t vgl i .ar ml ~- . 4, tr . =tame rip=rol mos pre
Id emerelv felt by tge muskal Ill:Wrier nn dements
bank. programa. and Interlining to bumph, Loth in lb
03 erase, and tune, thus madly lisellltatlost and smooth
nas menewhaa tedious and laltmose gen body of ma-
Ak and piano playing. The following Proiesame who have
exasolned U. went, are Peened .
Problems Ilarbovsk Lantessauk Feint Moth. bin .
OVERINO'S SUGAlL—'2.bble Imcer
&LI:Y*4V' "" " An! raV - d
J.lO t`s6 Matt st.
in Wine (24.14.11..u5) just , i , for itsje
WM. A..141V1.1.1111i a U2l.
ERESIITEAS—..Tust received at No. ZG.
Laerty at... Invoke of very anperlor Oolon x and
V. Ifiton Doe. of the latest Imownu.ta en. We TtAT
lon D T the half abett o r inAnal by
11 - 11. A...WM.118U t CO.
Omani and Tea Dealers:
PC7CLAY -7 tons Copley's Pot Clay, No.
4.10 n realeed and for aoh, by_
NEW PLIACKEREL—.SO Ibis No. 3, large
DM mackerel but received and far 000 by
,e o a . W. fIAKUAUOII.
WOOL, WOOL—Cash paid for the difler
ant of wool by ,
1^b)• 't
FLOUR - 110 bbb. "extra" flour i — n'store
asol lbw de bi inin ff. e W1 6 lIARRAUGII.
MACKEREL --Quarter bbla No. 1 at
mackerel, in to and for tale by
jelo 19AIAU DICKEY k CO. -
Water &trout sta.
COTTON -116 I , ale i Lit ui stu zi rmr&l r fa a rza c a t le by
plO . Water t Front sta
HAVANA SUGAR.-50 bin white 114-
Ll rans raorjust reeelvpd (dr al b
lIG Water street. •
OAF SUGAIL--30 bbla loaf sugar (as.
Na 114 1
Water sheet. -
ZMs fl
ta, alditlonal supply crimped trimming sibtam
wirielt Me mantissa of stammers is invited No. G 2 and
tg, Market K.
more New Lawns.
A. MASON CO. have jag. received
o this day, almp lot of Wee very desirable Mown
I. m Tell=
c er=rry elrepost trame..i. or rer
Piano and Table Cover& --
A. MASON a CO. wear
. all the attention or ..
bottelre._ b r e. " l. 4
t a me amertextebt of rdll73M nereto t Vrl7 ca
7 A ers, memo et abd . avabaseed gam
and 54. Motet dreet yep
- • The Funny Frie:- -
•_!„ BAKING .intl nd
inration intended to au
a. Mende the nee of Yeast—hich, when mixed with
mmrtwth twntrow In IDS the Sour, In or mare tomato( 4 lbe
each..than Dr tire nee stymie. The whole proma of bread
maklod. bekm below baked, done not take more than "111
? c ogn:gaitat a nte l thlgmb name ratlrs=d=at
wi dtereort
kreyese. of pore t zhot=ftrmziet: ta i nt.
11tr gen& .a of lug.
grg , 3l 7 , l g oz4de w eiwo , edict Soo trmtr v .00,... 7 , In
Rand faratuahle .76= and rota-rt will be found
neadr mat elneto, oot torsettlott that they will to more
le—and makes brown bread even' more digestible.
r;bati". " 123". VrarPri HATERS,
7t, North Fourth etwEhtltttnhte„7
Sole'Agent Ibr Plttetargh, N. SELLERS, rd, Wad
street. ' /Wall= '
Phithptand Ma_ New Article: fin' the
Fair t
IeI . QUID GLUE, which cements wood; done,
china. glees marble. uggentware. or erne therreli
g ut tiviov or veneration. In s thort note any ant
eV of furniture they be Niatto Otott newby tbis vb.
hinted and teeerful Orman. The bouseirvigere of this
State ore eneady well a.. of Its tenni. andnuperior
sdainabillty to their vmrve. end three who have not
Wed trere regoettett to tIO M. No hourshould be with
out Its Verne of lanukl Wore—it north.swimming, iii
W.I. reedy throes. and May be used by./ twice with
fear, on air article. In iimitner. There le no gam ihr the
sin.t, and to meet.. it Is reel hie.. Itenters
toe It—tho nem of the Mater are imagrimoith >o ibrir
rent. In vein of It. Don't throe .stillossirey with-
t"i" thb..
71 hiorthPl4=lB.Vil'ALTL.........ldn.
anlitggi e t tri&t . te j' A t il l e i ggerty 4 el . ll,7lll.4
LAS. Onion. *alba
FPMSALE—Ctne Kiln - of Brick, Enquire
M W.3l„V.l.lWhieWs Carirt Warehouse,
, leo. gr. Fourth street, .
Ladle! ladies! Ladies!
WOULD you sore your furniture end
arced wort. unuecaseary bthor tbr your 'errant+.
he tartar and Mario" rcoor forollaraLratibt
rtiltrn i ghtV VUEI2I%7VIRT
kale alit revive to 4 g o tre . oritre=llancy se mete
Thl; far r: :eat ttl i ng rum:tore dealers. m =
In boa
rtes. +"21‘.134." 75 IMLLIp S a }Limo. '•
71. North Fourth mmt, Philechennta..
Ante for Pirreboruh. BRAUN REITER. , corner of
St. Ctelr and Liberty street. /Miro
DICE--14"tierce.9 for sale by
_ _ . . _
ARIS-12 DLLs No, 1 LW for aisle by
S _
T: • CII-40 boxes Boabright's extra for
We by MI vncx - a VADUZ!.
~ Brandies, Wines, 64- •
AVING conipleted arrangements with
f EMT 11 [ PETS .— W . Brelintock Intel,ll Mows In Borthun and other ikoopess {yam. tbs
TEL - ~a sseenthal of my order., 1 .... trnililbi.4 Ill.Cl? O ,
In dont and sals, tba eust sautthent of , , A .,...... ,•••,,,,,••,•• •aas tin nortation .u. Dua. -
lip 1• 7n! •-' a "
. 7. 1" a "" WE '
. 4
. I .r ia3Vltlan. wan LlialkN= Anut deannytion •
11./kUSSELB GARPETS.—W. M'Cline, ac Ti . ii ataaaieannTt . r int. j ae b. wasi u. _ • ., '.
. i.
JUP bu Ib stove and kr sabs• kuu assortment ...,.•••.. ° P 1T . ...,T=.4 .2 & • mad dut. ° ,
nor Brussel. (Unto width ha Invite. th e sie.,„„ „, Ts •• - di. L ar. casks gob'. aad broumykr. nn•
9.2"L '..___A____..Fl . ? . Y *7 ,.! ° !U . t. .4.7 . ~ ~....,, u .d., - -
(IMO MATTING—For pnlira 4 , h a u s an d ii' • M.% Win.. Pas! sur V. sad antudni.
v roo .„ . wk...., • i.
sr ‘ . noo
L tia , ra I ch. V4lalt Cb4 no athm . ma,.
b . 4 :44c d amn brans ,
J.T. •
PtheiAimirrs silir PCRDERs on now gr=re ll "= l , E argitralt, ~ •
BO TM IttpTIFIS OS InZIIZ, 00 mans to MI !balm 4 .- anyerlor Old Junks Run! - . .
r Ina Ms labor of Is andony uks superior London Brown &out and Dutch • ALL
It arrutsd no! Io na! os Wu. slo th . -Wu als, Una.. AlWth a comma! asty=thorted Liumna, snob as
Ws um Ma ll , by ' war,. A. SYL'LlInti.A 01). UlertT • A.biuntr Ilwasetthas. Awned-toe thury Bur
a llire hi rek of MAYANA SSOART ; 1 ; 1 4".. ,, b
LI YKKVE:sumu•i------a---------------CO PO UN ' 111 , a fai
will ear caraln7 saus nna.
Jr/ rata be /••41i for Nara, bn1..L.••3,L. 'U., by ntakb +Onus viiiisexeculd with alvata..., gm/4.14mi
• norlas of /3 pt mat In 1t4.; la • Quads by at smut us. A. LI • Iid:ALLA.
W. a. syci, 'mai a co.' - • . _ lm 3 """'" ..•
14 buit,ati ulitlawas,.W
• libligggaggl3
Fortpaix bpara to Philadelphia.
Forty-four hours to Baltimore.
51 mile, Railroad-103 miles Canal.
Ain, fete from die mazy dumsres and porirragn_
counted with pita Lin.
Two Daily, Lines Express Pocket Boats.
NaSia - &Ma
meg:swims AM PASNMilnits4
rLAVE , rittabare for Johnstown, thelle.l),
Tiro Iluudred and Wort .o”, to dirftt to
Pukata Moro *Tory monitor.proriaely at ALM .;'<karA
oral .re o *ming at W M. mar..
Van to Phrholalobta. SIO. Ado to Raliluare.
do Llancasker SO .do Ilarrialmre WOO
Flibellgeli for Baltimore,
Tato as. Truk sad Ctuaberlaad Itailrorit. at nurriaburs.
oo orrtn3 of Cara at th at Arco. totett
four miles.) Maio. VOUS boots. :
No charge for Itandltug Boggage , on this root.. ,
nor Can oar ibis rotdo an um. and of rho most •
al ruortrucUon for comfort and safety,,
deem obeop trarrlbug sad .coratortalde woo •
viodutiou, locum your tiaras at
J. P. HOURS, Agent,
Illoturaothola Mona
Or. of • I). LEECII 8 CO.
, amid Omit. Brno lame.
1851. — WESTERN 1
untii co's. Lim.'
• - -
. .
• RALL- - ROAD AND DAP?kril,.
at lowest
•W fur Amu+
!SHE Canal being in good order, we ar
PrOMml to MmbAtoll F•Woot sad tombs:4l2e
nab the above talks. at Um lowest currant Mos •
Irelibt, wit.b plums aml dlspattb. The bomb
bus AM ow sal eautrullml by dm Vmprictors. en
ot luting tratmotlMmt, and all instruct.. promptly
Waded to.
APO? 70. uhlrees • • • .-
Ilan t BLACK. Proprietors,
Cared Hula Pena street. PlUsborge.
-1.1/11111.17 • IJMNIIL
• Waiving Depot, Noe. 13 a lb,
• Deltertiag Delta. Beek lit, Pella:
WII/SCUS,Jeetits .
- No. A Y Eort et., Baltimore.
S. IL PLUCK Agent. •
lee " ' No. 1. Seat Arent. Now Yarlv
I :i Mt 1851. El;fmmx
. ' 110N0211aABELA BOUM --
Pm Brownsville and , Cumberlarid. to Baltimore
and Philadelphia.
rehE MORNING BOAT leaves the 'Wharf
ere Ms BMX. dein-at It o'ckek precisely. con.
n `with thee. at lburtbernind next morning.
The linnalits Boat Isms daily tensept condor ereting)
st o &clock osniseeting with the earn nt Cumberland next
ening st.lo *block.
ve r • •
Time through to Ex/ thnere. 32 haw. Yareonly he
Time through to
wl is now PhiluloWytia. harm. Cm °Will%
The Nationsi Ho cord. tiondoctors co with
the ttnetbos between Brows:min* snit thunberlanct, which
truism this dakiedly the beet route Twat. I
• J. MESkillt6Nl. •
Ome In the hintwescsbeisTwitst.
gXPRESS Packet and Itailroad Line for
egßaimet goa d arm, tty - Blearrien !.•am
burgh to Bearer • In eotiaeetion with the ekaantly Ca.
Express Pariah, of Make. Marta t lb. atm Drava
to Kamm*. and the splendid new Pasiwagen tare of the
tileyelead and Pittsburgh Rearm! Cla to tnerelauL •
PENNSTLYJIMIA..:.----.-.-...-...1. Ikanum . •
• NLAbIAMA. -------.......M. name.
•, AYFLOWItIt- --.-- ....-..N. Mass.
Steamers /cave their raanling — oeits the Momagateela
Home. at 9 o'clock, A. fd.. conmeting with the Pockets at
'Myer, vel& will Inane Immediately on the. antral Mika
gamer, arriving at Omen= In time for the VagreseTrain
of lira for Cleveland. Pesseagen by this lbw arrive at
Clevehant In Una to take the Reamed Idne of Steantars
for 813/94110 and •DETIIOIT. and the Meatmes for (aka.
M. .9111milkie, Soledn, Sandusky Cily, Dnakkt Slim
atm Mr evening train of can far Coinzothia, and':
CIOMIMaaI. , , CLAIIKS.PAZES *Olt. tora.
. . . Aciswrem . .
• _ w. 1t.31001111811D,
Open zanier Si. Charles llotak
' , . OM. under Monongahela Homey
_, 1. A. CAUI.IIISY..
1 • corner al Boalth9el,l and tyktcr I_g li.. '•
_,...._.. ."..
EttEdat '. 1851 .- lag
- -U lON LINE,' : ,
.-- . L .
On .the P ennsy lvania and. Ohio canal .
CLAIIItP., PANES t 03...—;,...'....1te5t50nx, Ps.
- Cif AbInIM,LIN, CRAWFORD it akt,—tbanbana,
BIS well known Line now T to
prepared_ tr...„ort height and pamensent ham PIITSBORGLI
cbnyyt a ND, to of point =the Waal and Lam—
The facilities of the Lbw arestasnspamed la itamber.duab
mmseite of Beata, own:tem of Captains, and • ab
Bmer -
* B f ee=l . ltesinheih Clevelend datlntite_eshi
in eons:nen= with • Line of steamboats between Prix&
BURGH and BRAVER, and • Line of lintels. stamoinada
(eh:nner hod yeasts) on the Won. , ' .
Pout Co.. Tornuestami. tad
11. M Taylor. Warms. • ,
ik A. N. SUM ?mkt= Zalla 0,
C.PrentlmA Co., Ram -Haman.ona. 04
Drayton O4 •
&ma, einnel C. 0., PrarsklMOL:
IL - A. Miller, Cetho. Yallasks, ;
Wheeler. Lee U
Steadman& Pelldlone, , !Sandusky City, 0.. •
Peckham & Mott. Toledo. Qs
0.111114 ms a Ido.. Detroit. Illehlipm;
Demarco. Oa, lillerankle. KM;
Om A. !Abbe & k l u , CLIss4P.,/114
Ththa Jtgli k re l A b llClLlElt.Kken
eor. Water and krultheaLl sta. PlltsuluzYS
10.0PPERAS.-25 bbls. for sale by
' . - J.KliDo.Dt,
QTAR CANDLES--10 boxes, prime orti
de, for de by J. IC LDD
No. CO. Woo! st.
EDICATED Wineannd Brandies, afresh
10,04 received and tor eidelif
61 & 03,
N. 6. Wood
01. bys:lallmore"
7 f wale by Nlt. wa .;
CREAM TAI3T.AR--1,000, Ibs. Cur sale ;t> s
N. CO. iTaxl it.
SPERM OIL-18 bbla. extra. for sale by
JeR WICK a wcazoLtss.
. _
TANNERS' OIL-23 bbls. for sale by
je2 WICK t lIRCANDL4ig.
0.3. , MACKEREL.--50 bbls. for.saleArso 31.1183 DALZEI.D.
No. 83 Ws. It:
- DULLS' SARSAPARILLA,-. — R .. i•ew dos.
Jur quart bottle.. /br sae by •
sixth nr.ta.
CANARY, 5 E5_3,500165. just ecive&
frw " • prime article of !Lily reed, brad*
, • Comoro( Wood and Sixth tmt.
!OFFER. -: i00 bgs. primo green Rio Cot.
‘,/ fee:reeelfsd and for N . T y
jowl mess
tble. new 1851, pickled Herrip g
Ido do do dry do
30 halt bblo. do do do
In Aare and Zr mirt fiool J OH N WArr Oft
VIINESE.-31 has. Cheese, receiring per mtaw.n rAMMl DAL2ELL,
S:aGU Water at.
Li a_
ARD.-2,000 lbs.. Lard, for sale on • cOn
- eigolatiL by t. WZ . DatISON... -
d r illa—sob gall bleaOhed wintersperm oil.
1.900 ustl.e.ord
bl'4 n b.d
909 " winter "
1 .90 U Tanners'
a°lll 'a.
b7N EllLL W.m :lt t : ". eicalerso l ,N
- Nat =I • sm.
PLANTATION Sagas and Molasses
GS Mids. plantation
bblie Goo. do
So store slid Gm sate by:
• MULLER a lutnarrscim,
S UGAR Rouse Molasses and Plantation.
Erm... IL likluma-43L Jam IlearkerY.
10 11140 dMutat:.lab Baia,
amalimaeal and far lir a a
my, •
4,6 . tioa 211 • lir,` 01-
ABBITPS Double Refined Salirs two,
JP put up in %V o l, and ,Vat i papstne
it ty pa=
.T.14.=e1. W/4 4 1...WL=1 a 14 "
107 - limem TN% ftv
ICI4.—V) Times Ricein More end for
Nor a ?M. LTherty tt
ON N C.EMENT-2'bb10.,, for alas by
tot. • . .B. r. vox Borman: a CO.
YINEGA.R.3O bbla. pure cider for sale by
.1.6 8. P. TON BONLIMIT a 00.
1 1.1.EESE-30 bia. W. E., for gale by
a. Y. rim swim= aCUI:
ifi boxe2i 11 - T ir•
ISIN&—CZ°bAr tilieics
hl 11011. Irr
' /1 /I.IIIL i slow „„ .
10T08.—elold.00141 awd V•4v
n'th pot. 7 0.1
at rah.: oallti a es. mad
Wks 10 .a4 the ammo-
[I 01
eastatores. for sap 444 U.. 0 •
2.72 ' - "' C AMS PALIIYII. 31.6.4
pIG Iit "7 ' , 46I4I — IIIVISCTATCI4OI4 -
1000 Mill creek:
'br sae b