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More Asmara Eiceez.-A few' weeks sines, • :.
` ..`' .".i•-
while court was sitting at Paris, in Lamar Co„ I
DEATZWAS.-We are requested to state that Dr.
Hartley, was nnexpe2tedly mailed -to PhiLadel- filled
' ...._
-- ; - •
Texas, and while the tavern of Hr. Tucker was I IZCtITSD BY TUB OtEIIAT TZLIGIAPII LIN*
th lawyers litigants, witneases, An, a sun EMPOSITZD Iron TEE EITTIBIraOII asoirts
. ..
robbery was committed on the .premises, attend-. ------------- ------
phis. in • connexion with his Important duties as ed with most ludicrous circumstances. Mr. ITEMS FROM THE CAPITAL.
wrist. lie , will, however, shortly retina, of Tucker and his numerous guests retired W. their ' Wsentearest, June 16.
beds at the usual hour, and, after a night of pro- Officialiotice is given to the numerous appli
-which his patients wi ll be duly maybe&
found and Ondisturbed slumber; awoke,
. , • .. •
ev er/ entiow for appointments in the Nary, that nei
mother's soli of them coulees and pantalowlese. thee the President or Secretary have authority
Mutest. Lacruass.-It will be seen by the
„ Some daring thief had entered their sleeping to pp - t ideld man at
following, that the distinguished "Profeemor or apartments, and had abstracted and carried off M k s; e ifella m gher, p Brd auditor, hoe written a let
. l ' hysiology and Institutee of Medicine, in the every rag of clothing belonging to every soul in ter to the President in reference to complaint f or
Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati," will be th e house. The Bonham Advertiser intimates delays in the settlement of claim; funiesh un onor,
_. hem in a f ew d ays to on m e di ca l - m e , that when the fact was known and the thing un- cling himself from blame, and reprehendin
. . p utt ... , may g t, 1 8 51. ud mouldy
i dera i toed, a series of tableaux vivant+ of the most severely, the conduct of the agents of claims
interesting nature were offered by against his bureau.
the garmentleas lodgers, the sufferers themselves A circular has been issued to collectors, siring
PAW. Jos. R. .Becossas-Dear Sir -At a
i ' Minting of the .• Eclectic Medical Society of Al- laughing long end heartile a
t t the ridiculous 6g- directions for parties claiming a return of excess
tires each other cut wh hying and dodging of duty on imports.
legheny County," it was unanimously voted, that
, - you be earnestly solicited to visit Pittsburgh es about in search of their missing clothing. It Revs. It. It. Willey and Goodloe have issued a
. .
. - ' earlisti practicable, to deliver before Ws Aliso- was not long, however, before the missing gar- prospectus for a weekly Colontiation paper In
meats were found stacked in the public square, this city, to be called the hrietian Statesitan.
1,.,----. dation and the public ono or more leaches upon whither the burglar bed carried them ; and now Mr. Secretary Corwin has not yet gone to
. . . the great truths and Principles of . the American
Eclectic Practice of Medicine. . ' came the serious feature of the business-every Olio. He is engaged to day in a conference
J'; BROWN, li . D., of Allegheny City, pocket had been rummaged, every red cent taken with the Prmident and other members of. the ' ,
President -all were empty. Several emigrants had lost Cabinet.
•,. L. Otlisdint, N. D., &screwy. _ all their money, and the lawyers attendingrourt A fight occurred this afternoonat the National I
were reduced to a par with the client. who had Hotel, between Edward Fuller, late proprietor of
the day beforelined their pockets for them. Some the United States Hotel, and Captain Schema-
' CINCIENATI, .Itnle 7 1&51.
tow hundred end odd donate was the net profit burg, in which the latter was consid bly
•;;;oneerastrar-The invitation so cordial! ' 9 Mil- of that particular night's work to the enterprbeing worsted. ' '-
• -.. ' deed by the " Eclectic Medical Society of Alle-, projector, who got off entirely undetected. -New
show County," has been duly received. I would
sajin reply, that it will give me pleseure'tooom. '°"'''''"' I''' ' ',o' ` •
droAtrofire,....occurre Ayer ' don Federal Hill today, which
Batermoas, June 16.
, . ply with the invitation as soon as possible-but _____,..„____.______
,eu still house and several decil
iter EITUAORDINAST lisusroun.-The hail
.the present condition of my family and Mei-. atom which occurred in
lege. The loss was covered by insurance.
Edgemont township, •
new eagagements, I , presume that the 20th or Delaware county, en the 20th ult., which we
. 25th of . June will be us early as I could passibl
Y *hurled ta last week, was probably one of the
arrive in y ,nr city. Very respectfully, ,
most extraordinary phenomenon of the kind
your ob't serv't, which has ever occurred in this State. We saw . • PAIILADELPILIA June
. 1 ,' .• ' J. R. BUCHANAN. - I notice of it in the Delaware County RePubli - Co ' 10 .
ttott-The market is firm and quiet.
J . ~. - Drs. J. Brown and L Oldshere.
can, which eisid that some of the stones measur- Flour -le in limited demand, and firtner, with
Prof, Buchanan is Dean of the Faculty at the ed nine Inches, but could scarcely believe that it aides of 200 bbls at $4 16, and 100 at $4 181. 12
;.o -, . Eclectic 3ledical Institute of Cincinnati.. . Wan nOt an exaggeration. A gentleman from bbl. for common brands. -
Edgemont last evening brought a bathe! fall of Rye Flour and Cons Meel--Sales of the former
gathered in his at $3 97, of the latter at $2 75 per barrel, and
An old gentleman who was walking up Filth' the hailstones, which he
;street yesterday, wen attacked by stelutess, when woods twenty eight hours after the storm and scarce,
• opposite the office of the Morning Post, 'end fell preserved, to the Ledger office for exhibition; ornin__:suppii m , am limited, wi th a good de,.
is in demand at
•1 , • on the pavement. •He was insenaible for a short and though it was one week after they bad fallen, mend. whe a t i s s t ea d y. R ye
eeme t e them actually measured five inches
70e per bushel. The market is nearly bare of
•. ,`. .• .. time, but soon recovered, so as to be able to
walk home
atidt..... . circumference, lacking an eighth. We never corn, with a good demand, and mica of 5000 bn.
. saw before lumps of ice so large, found in this yellow at 620 per be.
, •
manner, and we doubt whether many of our Provisions-The market is dull and i tire.
. cr..-A drunlam man, who was readers ever have. The storm extended about Whie' key-Sales in bbls. at 22ie per gallon.
- ?shusing some one in the shoe store of Mr. Sam. threemiles around, and destroyed everything of
. nel Delta on Wood street, drew a large crowd • vegetable kind in its course. Wheat fields NEW YORK MARKET.
, .
. . l m oond Idea yesterday evening. the wife, who were cut down, and forests shipped entirely of
- - Wes quite a respectable looking woman, at hat their leaves, and crops generally beaten to
' persuaded Uzi to go hone.
pieces. -Philadelphia Ledger. Now Yew, Jam 16.
. Rye Flour-The market to heavy at $3 87 9
_ _
. •-. :• •.• .;._•• .
Tim Je tt.- are now one hundred pea. Paints Atlases Meese House rot rocs
• ' '
_. • _ .' • ' : Oners in jail;' but ouch is the excellence of its - Fannon AT Hein PARE--11:1 its general are- bbl.
Grain - Sales 2500 bushels Ohio Wheat at 040
_," • 1 , sanitary regulations,that not one is sick. In rangement, the building is adapted for the oecti. la bushel. Rye is plenty, with sales at 72078 c
... 2 ; point of cleat:dines and good management, it 'pation of four familiee.of she manufacturing and El bushel. Sales 2000 bushels mixed Corn at
Is not excelled by any prison in the Unicut mechanical operatives, who usually reside is s°. C , ' 570 1 4 b ushel.
teens or in their immediate vicinity; and as the Provisions-New Pork Is retailing at $l4 60
. . -.• TIM ItiorCase.'-The jury in the e gurk Beer" value of land, which leads to the economising of for mess, and $ll for prime. Cut Meats are
riot ease,' returned a verdict yesterday moaning spathe by the plating of more than one family neglected. Sales 50 Male prime Lard at Bio
.of guilty is to Joseph Riddle, not galley as t under the earns roof, in tome cases, renders the • Whiskey- , Sales of Ohi o e t eer =lethe other defendants./helm
' .
additioncif a th ird, and even of a fourth airy
T ialls oba efti ceo,..-13 O'l-S ales el 6o " hh 'lG"Xl de llelKenletunecky" a7t3eBXlirao.
... '
desirable, the plan has been suited to such an
Toot His Sesr.-Thomas L. MIMI= Esq., arrangementorithont any other alteration then 1 4 lb- --'
the requisite rease in the strength of the Groceries-Sale , of a yexterday took his sent on the Bench, In the - inc-
- 91 s I cargo
•,,of Sic
walls. • ugar a
Money and Stocks-Money is more in demand.
. .
COurt Of Quarter Sessions.
~ .
The most prominent peculiarity - of,the design
i ,
• is that of the receding' and protected central Sales U. B. 6'e at 11 6101167, and of U. S. Pa,
. . Censurers Asestrar,--Two men named Robt open staircase, with the connecting 'gallery on 1853 , at 106 }. Reading closed at 87 , and Erie
, Henry . and Jack Nelson. yesterday afternoon the first floor, . formed_ of elate, and sheltered bonds a t 83 1.
..-: ~ ' entered - the' residence of a respectable colored from the weathir by the continuation of the
• run named Wedley, in Hayti, and commenced main roof, which also screens the entrances to 5
behaving in ' lt disorderly manner, upon which the dwelllnge. The four terrementsare arranged CINCLNNATI MARKET.
Charles Wedley, a nephew of the occupant of the on precisely the sane plan -two on each Boor. Fl oor -The market Is h
Creams:et June 16.
:house, ordered them out. They were drunk, As the peculiarities of the building are the ex- of
d 9oo li3 bbls. at $8 8008 47pee c " b ge4. 131. for vi co th mm ul oa e :
,- -., . and Nelson drew out a - razor, and Henry . a elusive use of hollow bricks for the walls and
] . • ..MMeher knife, end mulled him, Nelson CTithlM partitions, (excepting the foundations which are aa
• 63 for
extra '
r eo b ta rro m u at o th go e od elTi o n o.r4
'`, `; .• - Wt • the left arm, Ito the bone, upon which th e of ordinary brickwarko and the enti;ei sheen s , ~,,' Wh ',,, r she y, m dull ,
~,..a t 18 e 1/ Cellell , which price
elotendrele escaped. ' ' One of them was afterwards of timbers in 'the floors and roof, which are wen
•_, ' . wrested' on some other charge, and committed. formed with fiat arches of hollow - brickwork, e f s , loulders at 6c, but eon* to be had for leer that:
Poor Wedley is unfortunate. He is the colored rising from eight to nine inches, set in Cement,. c; plain hams are selling at 71e for country
2; .... ` man whowas kidnapped and taken to - Marylander and tied in by wrought Iron rods, connected with
short timeago, but made his escape . east iron springes, which rest en the external eared '
-3"-'"---- ---
Butter -Sales at Me per se. '
.. . .
walla, and bind the whole structure togethen the Groceri
Inches since market is very dull.
COURT OP QUARTER. RESSIONII. ' building is thus rendered - fire-proof, and mach The
•:-.. , , m a m my, June 15. less liable to decay than those of ordinary con-
river has risen
struction. The roof arching, which Is levelled
. . Before the Hon. Wra. IL McClure. Prestd t
• - _ ea With concrete, and covered with patent metalio - Hamburg Polka.
. Judge, and willisoi Rogge, led Thomas L. me- laws, effectually secures the, upper rooms from u KLEBER, No. 101 Third street, basjust
•• • .; Millen, Associate Judges. . the liability to changes of tempera:male which sfedweeel--t.,.
. ..
Commonwealth vs. Robert Kane - ImEetment apartments next thereof are generally subject, 'Het eeir o t ' elfr iii-utZ.,!! tea mat
P*Pul‘r sad
g °
and the transmission of sounds es well as the .r,..,:titt,',ill'a,th7/„,. h r. 7 1... a- c ' r'"".
: ... • . -Assault and Battery with intent to kill, - The
rr . colation o. of m oisture, so common
. through
lo rbe,ans‘t talei DaLOll Lintel. - ''''''''
• .1., e" ''
prosecutor in this ease was Ludwig Stehaley.
. - floor, is effectually impeded by the S I; war.
~-,p-moro.,.,„estetirr.7t,T=Vra... .
H Reis sworn - was 'coming
_out of my hollow brick arch floors.-London Snider. .puumrtur.. '''''''m I
. ..
store, when I met George Snyder and William p y r t sali t lyV.A . Li t yra ,
' '..: l- . 1 Athens. After some conversation, we all -Went Strawberries were cold in our streete yesterda he r e .,,....7... ,h 1, • ,,, U8 ° .. ""LY L oon by
"-„jr,f . : - •. . over to Welders tavern,
nnirellled fol . s omething for three cants per basket The receipts by the y
rt•i.i ii -- ;svaig. !"-:1-- •!/ s.- r- - Want.. Polka.. sr !
to drink. - When we were drinking Robert Kane. Erie Railroad were 69,500 briskets, '
and it wasra'a = l''''' ' '''' ' ` AIN 0: TILE aotiore [TARP.
the defendant, came in, and I said to him 'aou estimated by some dealers in the market, that ' -
... ...just in time, what w all take!"
en th e emi te rec a pts b y t h e „ e k. . eee IV.TV BOOKS!
teaNEW BOOKS: I -The i
, ; earns up to the counter said chat he would could not have been far short of half a million 1 N.1,1 ,' .24 • 47. " l'
'''`i°"' • l'd.
hr l':"
take ale. Steinley was standing at the counter, bashet,,N , y, Cen,.s.„., ' rbe Bake. Wife. by T.& Arthar.
limbs.. If
.„.,...:, ' sad Kane came up betweenhim acid me. I then •
liortkuiturist."Mal•?, &
:: :,::'• '=l Raw sweaFingstSteinley,and saying glintpushedhim.
, Toorn s'Pcxxxiso .11.7.TOTEATID..-Before the Amidri,
r at '"
lIOM/. Ll teratkrot. :
.- ~.
daye of chloroforaithere wee e quack who ad- _ o! , Thad Snort °or.. the ce. !
cm the noon, with his hand. I wised ' and
, I ma n e d hi m l ow a comer , for fear th at he would vernsed tooth drawing withou t pain. The pas Melodeons!
=i - 1136am/2n. Ile pat his him& do d float was P laCed hi ' the cha'r. then the i"U'l
wit, an KLEBER has just received a choice lot
mentapplied to his tooth with a wrench followed A !
41 azd o h ri.l.,..i=s Ail= .%,,; m. . ful r .4 !
/ heard something seep, which I took to bee pis-
I j ork ci ty. Mr C. brie mo th horannel u n ''° LI. offetZ !
:.:-! .. . . tot.:-He got loose from-me, wad rushed at the ' hy a ". from the "Pie', 'aptly
surprised '4l.-
~......;; L, . Gam .. / th .
tow ba boid a , al , to bit band, f o c o r i e f r. _ • 'Snip,' cried the uentist 'compose your. tr=ri ti a . 3 , ll.l . lt [s . a . e. lc .. .rally mooed. that be mak. ,
I told you I would give you no pain, but ea.,5,,,,„, ~,,=, Xs' 4 .5 . n"..,IFF. bons in. ei etnne• of l
;,1 ,:• SI wag about to plunge it into 41teinley's atom- I .21 just g ave y ou that , wi aa a sp ecimen ~,,,:,,,, °t r y ton. ard teen- seem
~--.., - sob, when Mr Lucky and myself succeeded in Y 3 f , - e g e 'l' operat i ng . ' us. a ere. „ trees... eels Pet. reseact i
to show you Certwright e method of c as e - ... '.. ..
„CI . taking the kr' rife from him. Mr. Lucky said to
. ,
Again the instrument wa applied; ano th er tug, oot 4 , ..
.. -
. . bias that he might have murdered the man, upon
_ .., w hi e b b e t h an k e d hi m, an d ur dd th at h e . m i g h t another7er-
way: don ' t
~ b e, impatient, tbet is hoot Third newt ~r or the Gomm wan
have murdered fiteinley, and that Mr. L. had bo Dtan orosibi s e ww, be seateu . anu calm, yot w ill now
______ • .7 3o bele ArerLer r the 610. nartnimen , _te.
of the superiority of my method. Sm i th 's New Geographies.
, saved him from being bang.
Another application, another tug, another rime QMITII'S First Hook in GeoFragy; an in
j:' ;.• _ - • Mr. - Aikens had his' knife, and he promised to , N
nrab quiet , dust is Parkinson ' s mode , ' A., tend
~, • - go home if he would give it to him. Ile got it, ' P s - d y, Ili. i te ,,d en w m er ; Ns this . Loose wile
,-e = i re gatr: ep. itir ici.i u. j
..: ; , and' started out. The Gennan whom he had se- t t 7 te e th y d j u eo tL a t h . h rt i g 7.--a thread, ---e
a:MI ,
..,w i , fling
. i s i, 1 , 11 „'-'2' ,.= `.1„ rar y ' =7 , 1 1 , G 4 gErn ''' . & " ;.. " ' M f o:. = Phr i r a th a m '' .4 " ,t., I P. ,,,,
wiled, had In the mean time go Cont of the house
, 1 7 the back way, and eras attending talking to my ;),,, 4 method r i. i th ~x l. .„ ' un g l y d
d ti d
l''' •g li=ivv2...ri %I-O.- Tz...--- - ! '-'2O---
~.. brotbernad myself at the corner opposite th e 9 ° 1 1 7, 1 !awing without
with r ' en , ' le e. by • " ' tr ii , ' .llo - • KIN% ilf ) '
.' tavern,' when Kane came out of the door. I saw you . are now
0Cert.,,,,,,,w, compare it
1"1; t h e
. op.
__. ay= 75 Apollo , Build_ _ fourth et :UM whetting his knife, aid came &crofts the enththn° art ""ei -, c th' er g e an arkEnsen ' NEW BOOKS !-A large suppleToridc-
...1 ' street with - it open. • Stelnley was afraid that be
Swiss gamily Hobituan, or the Adventure. of • hither !
; I.: • would cut him, and got behind me. Kane fol- - Latest publications .
, ttilother and Ibur Sous. an • dawn isludi 2roL. Mao, 1
, ~ • 7 Lowed him round, and made several cuts at him ALHaOLMES' Literary Depot,' Third et.; Alm, Nee. /.. 7:, 3, and., or Mabewa London Labor aml !
... = . with the knife. 'When Kane sae close to him, moat* the eon mace Loudon Pow. I
and on the point of cutting him, he was struck o teri " 4. .. Joee. s Jou own ard for ode by fl. lIOP6INS,
myni 711 Apollo trutUnst fourth st. !!
011 the ear with a stone., It did not 'knock him The itectania 'fermi.% for Juno
l.:.; • , down, ' bathe bled profuiely. I did not at that
,Ll=l: l ll . : s em as r i f,'„, , L l % , ' .- 7a_ 85... `" cm:H.!. Nei Kula
; I time, know where the stone came from. He Harpers kiiiiisirt;, , ir June, Is new uvidy.) JO S OUNDS FROM KENTUCKY; by Rol l - r
tinned me, and asktdwho had hit hi tack.
' a. A LEX. W: FOSTER, Attorney and Conn- lanand Dublin Waltz.. comtaitte. -
`;, • I walked away, and went towards mystombeing
earl at Law, No. 47 Fourth streef, near Merkel. Worm '. B .i. Waite
: • . ' ' afraid teethe . might think I had thrown tbestone. ,usecula- ocetenwerre B. 'esetwo ja el; or owe Leek Boars
rii olk.
...: - He then followed a man who =away, and curs. , RAULIC CEMENT, on hand at 319 l ' italtr,l,l,l,,, s ,, s eed gf m m o.rd ere im k , r ,„ th
",`, • odhlm. The blade of the knifewasabout4lnchesin IH YD , Snag w. W. WALLACE. Botha. that me Mighbeet .
ia ~
.. ,.'dye o'clock in the afternoon. My mother and Woodworth ' s Patent Planing MnAl in•, ki• Poilir k"..
wore anxious that , Stanley should bring - lue Juniata
=t, and advised himl to prosecute. RIGHTS 'IN amazes mamma& and Bachelor end old that
' Ludwig Steinley, sworn-I was at Welders RECENT decisions (see - Pittsburgh Daily ThY.°°*°y vologY"lsth.musiernbto=ara.irt.
- tavent - when Kane came In, and pushed me from - 11 - 41, u . hed
6.'4 :1 triga !rei ) Vo b itiv`,llo..fitlV. "-
~ 1, of the lesl o P i rgirmc aces mid for sale by
IL laLLOit ere Word et.
1 . , i .- the counter. I told - him that I had done nothing nie erdeariber ht now grevared to adi the right to us.
•• - - him, and asked why he had pushed me from Pe Ws. e* M ir h ur ill". 1,7%,,,,,,,,•""rT=1111,7,1714 MISCELLANEOUS. .
1 7 ; the counter. lie then streick me , twice and was L.wreneo. ilAtenstaxseivio; - .4leKess„. listen, Hitter.
:-, . • . pulled away by Mr..Reis. j A ft er I had left the rme. .. e
Tau Trfer l i y eelel-na - tj - dech W rrir;rvi r ,..r.v.:tre ' PAt 11 - ARD-12. bids. No. 1, for sale by
: Wow; he struck at me with his knife, and cut day of Dammam mai, sac et. asicto k ns_ gvir_peva„____.• -IA
pow corner Word mat Water sta
i ~.. Tay coat on the right simbler. The blade did it " , " M, ' = " ' "'" A s 97 . , '''''''' 1,7,....„11.,..z - Th w, , ,.: -,-
: . ;soot penetrate to my flesh. 1, ' obi.. .t ono olorlukin.__,,,, s __. thicko...... lil.m. PARB. AMMONIA -600 lbs. for nolo by
wh.4. number of other witnesses were examined, ross-gh1, , ,-= 7 , 1 . 72 , 71 = th. r e l ee . Tra: ii J toy= J. KIDD a CO.
en - schatimany corroborated the evidence which itt s ,„wt or eeet me d.÷',.., ~„4.42.,,,,Pi.Lmg1 r ri., g m ,_•.tkki... i ABS) OIL-if) bids. Winter Strained, for
we h am .; already given. ~ I T r, boa or 4,71 . ... - iiii . ;',,,i s e„ e - r,,,,,• - iw lt r e o.o- g -,..... ki sale by mylr R. E. BELL
After t remes from tbl learned eMmilai, ell r, r ,d e tra r ie l r a t r im "" •= " l. ' e " . th.898r.1".. JOIEMPSEED -5 itle. for sale by
R. K. 6r.ttliEte. LE!!
bath ewes. ,the jury retired, and resumed a var. na int., or a ;weeks& Mecham for shake* Wuroioir. KA. ni .. B .
: diet_ of gamy, after a short; absence. The pris- fromm rr p A , t , w acne 0.„, ~, „,,Tg;:r stt lioltrOoDEN , WARE-.
-toner wa n seinan,ded, there being other charges fYinne hundredths of all the p4ne7handir mad In our ,V V Oiler Bala* braes bou ; nd;
against Dim J I large dn. and tow= la now drew. with Weedircrtha
Tandshid Burke;
. •-. . - _............. '' .teem olerthig mills at Baotou, ?blade] ob .. Neer York. Extra Ptrong sockets, a hoops
7 -
Cedar Keeler; braes: taunif
. • ' DISOIGGIELT CONOC CT.- 4 8°1 , „. " It*bingBi 's S ad Paresrini.7lo.ll°. 7=l:l[7:bz.VigA
- . Bernard Ma; *helmet...l"th" is the Ithaul ease '
uma'-alm-a lfir- La n a nt to it 111 IF IrM"klt. T°°° ll.Tll . l.l/ra 00
were a ft erward, brought before Mayor Gu th rie ..41-2 ......''''' .47.d4.14 ..2,4'" ...i-uw : :P. '4; it y , me Liberty ' et.
' ou a charge of disorderly Conduct. They were .otenoot rioid - !.,7 of j rz f azi negtiss. apNy mi t%
~_ plidil, ASEI-5 tons for sale by
fried fi re dollars each, and N thn th4th ed th prison .F22 , rtes - . ' 0.0 , ==. , i• Y . ENCL.:IBU a BENNETT.
• ' in default of payment ` . .
strZS . 1= B.oond. end lill gnat et
I• • . AYER'S CERILRY PECTORAL,- TIOOPS--49 - 0 - 0 - 0, Split Ash, for sale by
- kilitElf CEOS'S:O.-The deir goods stores were 'LNCIR the cure of Coughs, Colds Hoarse- 1-1 nem
- ENGLIEU a BENNETT. closed at seren o'clock last night, with two
a l t r. 3...h.:Z.*, C rou p, ' " k n... W 8.7 61: 0 ..1[ 8 - INDIA RUBBER DOLL HEADS ikl3s
- I - , The seaman success which has ameard the use Whits & - po p t! r 4lld l VO4 . l . i . for 1•! , e l i t . bi, India
--.4.... - • - preparation-ltv salutary effect-dis power to 145. aml :-. myth
id= 81712.-The libel suit 411.11 g, till Odi. con lareibrui dn. brings, base Ando. for It • oelerity beg
: i „, a the . Disp a t c h , b roug h t b y i man =m a ralloo th
r.tho rty =bubro viceeteerm th edidnii i.
rig .
s W oo e ocrer ibr it to ra te b,w e sencat ..
Hui: A tavern hee P er e 'vei h . b e Ul ed ts ; day' • it will gunfire and remove • the a tacks of also. :Purr Gynes Donations, 1 .723
March 14, 1851. I 7 ---
- gip5......A fire broke out per urge, morning, in cue publicly Woes, v u
erl latataalli Sarnia the stentia IT BEING DESIRABLE to substitute looks
,d e B ed o f m e . Rendemmia drug e t me . It was of martial =nand ydritothoopista srec b rbste. What id Milk= nr .e a ri ati ll .2 3 4 thaw n o w . fLus . e . t:
wethaeshed before muth ;damage Isd been their °wee erch ' Tv ecuml may N '''' I/ ma 151 ' keys. withvomis , to furnish th . ..... earne , will b•reolv i T t i ti
V.i.L.SNTINE MOM M.D. • rjeTigy sect. Y Ite dna kbr %
al -I.l.Arttligititilred.
- net mai - T.lw. co . kx. New Jean, rape-- ambefon kw esaudnathrn and regent. Om thin ro
Letammsittr" - Correccr.-Two women of bad Al i e l re r =lte=rrhich I gcludder =e:/r= E 7 k=Atthii . rr'....d"=l:2r. `70°,4111:
cauncteS, whs,wadde. on Prbspect street, were ed to en. th•0 8 ......_ 08 th. 'MM t and tong." _ 01 , 4 ta .. th: Ami d e: . t , t , ,e restesseur Otherel for tn. tan.
; brought before 'Alderman
behaved ll. l 3 er 7,,_
. a tinglob ic,l l 4, l“ . • o • ,, iti fa s = e 9mu. „,Z it ,: Itt,,,,t t l er ,4 * e. , mg-, l„re,:,l',Z, ;...' , l,tilleili" 4 4 , L oliVectlt=r 3
',, d uo / w ith h at tag ln a awOrnerly 1,,..,,;..- " t r .ho .07 , Peateralmoll if se/ weeps, ran LI; r , ... t . Lb. = . 7,:::47.i.01ez0001, lee'sz,.
- manner, One named Jane t Davis was fined ahe Yet reuef, with te • blew/ aruct4at au
.. twenty d e ltas ; e n d the other five, 'which they e=1,..„ , z7 , ,z= 1 , , ,,./.?,,v , ..„ ., ~. t c =f,.
.Wlth s klad Ol vir , of proesulugtb. Lest lock a!th4l
k Is preleribedea a ...era, the De
paid sad were illiebees ' d• I ' the - Carry Pedurat"
• relying for • eelection mt the meobankel skill e.ba1,../...
ASTHMA AND BRONCHITIS. lop. hich • fair competition, saw Invited. mar dere
Tha Canadlarasfof Medics] Mew/slam .Tsal. It a, however, proper to mete, that a lock suitable for a
tines Kansas new. ^Teo t a v ern heel. awe. end macho so preacatte uus luslomest eli• :'. 4 ie l dr y rn.. b.le srww,„ the l e lkW ee a Q timtix: Ow c
. :In named Maley and Bee her, o n e of whom °WV wren .1°1rt,0,,,,V7,4=thT, l ' cq de intrkeNratrreel . lug nhaultarreously all the 16 -
. . ittiPs a lavelM en Warm' street: ." and the eth"
;LinedT . n 4r n I n a. w'. lO .W. ••d 8.b ll • rm.' ,tv,,raln2.-,- wttpribgr,VlTl """
Chita street, were yesterday ' brought beton all y ' _
.. . .
...„,;,...,, • _ he sand to • be throbbed . by the contractor within ear.
_ WE On
: th. rec.. mdicrer speak fir_lll ir, -2 ~, months rme connect snail have been entered
, Mayer Gathrie on a charge of- miling l hl
if " Lr'' ''`''''''?"/..._._''''' wm the emine melOY oiG Owned oil tb• dnraMllty
,J.C..a=zl3i-lirmst,l2eo%r,v,rowa.amts of t e lock. atid keys .optfl, m wellm the Irouseasof the
. , Billlday. . -They were CO CMOW, 1114 fined
dollars tick. and the eats, o n ' Yawl e f Frau m0t...0d 1 . .:.,, allr agg4f.111.,...rt, " b0i ~o 1; 'Aigetif:=CeocfiLVgg:',.2llo.4=d„,l:fia....„s"
. .
im btu for an
appeal. . . , ...
.Levt ,.. .soi so roe, but fm the Ink/manor. of others In like me.
inn No lock will willrrdered If I whom ian, Windy la
.- : i - ~.___ • - ••=lifirulicillith.4l th 4 e i l.scleelsrl at first betters Wmm
uae; nor.y One wlththe contreetree7 T I 1 0
' • GL .-: ' T . /0101.1M -mat bewail ' ll P a no_! - night swvat. " slllovol sod falta Ord . Pa q ° 'ej ett b . selieeVeT jlet ' gr:dt. M to= " fc ' eT n '' Lor, 4-1-2,,,,,vg_1°6' " JL:
aim, &loaded another Crowded house las. `eMb... a 7 ° ='"th., : rX4,°. Att . ... i nt Y-r 4 ; 4 .2 . ,, , , r ,,, ,....&..... or use than that of the Bat Me Departmen. -I _
No pissm ehould suffer it to leave Etc. burgh, ........._Einaolekeolap.uttlao".::: IrinoWmed at 12 . ~M tirli?;•fa,.,,l'ltoi=„Tar In r =ot d"'d to Mare
. . „m oot to so . i, . 1 ' `te,..2,5en 7,1X,!,,,t e at,=.
co Y Wad your Clam . assignment of et for the cecina. use mid beo.
. gain, •. - ; . • , ...y,1,.. aa ~ss a ,,,,,,,,..„ • i n.. L . 0 6 ,714.1..„ .: vet of the S
ent.Derrertm if the
„Posturter General then
demo each reratirerneut eruentlai to th Interene of the en
Argo. Si,' Aeon 17. ! ice I taw of in failu f cho oo u..,.
9aorga• Het/here, in Tounfaleown, Ohio 0 one Dr.
dyer tosvfi --1) ...' o, r - " , boss ar rure - tee Vie r . io oillu s atoenoir t o t.4l°..eit---eemiti.iii-oh%"To•thr
. . ' Unitise ( ' to .12131:7 Miss Anna Mell. . But ! I8 Wei W i " .Mad tt 1:11.,7,7,V . nn ...W Y s / have LI .o. thePorthusitertherer:l than hen th e right Weide. a foror ' "- - --=7:-:
lo s taxed to eir.k b , 44 ,l •eT .1 th e tit:ask.. - to the penal remedy hereinafter mentioned , to ennui wad TIM 01 /
- I forgot to de it, and took a wide*. ; A Jury leg aces* to •oo =7 I tried • sninton.r ,net eoll in wen 1 •osw with en other Mal
asked him to hand over $1,458 to Miss Anna as a .aidr to ....
50 0 5 tie le.,bed, es ray. ad aa mop ... tri, ter fueolagis. Jamb, k,,,,5, a Z - 1 ...__!_•7 1
D"I .
a ionsolation I. , 'I - ~. • " ij.tost, it teamed he make mo worse, but In le. than •It duckling upon the propmelsand
frond. Um
. : ', . wmk I beg.. et:orlon', the , mat ie.tanori .11•7 from Postmaster treneral may deem nes tto slake the
. , us °egg and oat In four week the data. IA . minty to. through mails the luck of ooe bidder. end for the way mails
DiffEISSIOW. OF Mssareertatie.-=The New-. oeLesz;,..LZ ca ses b ° 2 rh h g,:," t g,=.ll,rq'nai.). . that of another. /le manna, th erefore, thli u r i 4rAi r. i...r ee
bury gat
states that the Atlantic; Cotton ..........e -- • • -.. rusoeue lire a : kr. or loorafrte alt er t i w et v arr liarrbi g h: to rejeCtirnet ha
kiln ;at Lawrence, Capital $1;600,090,. have I'Vr e j . m t aLsfm, 'a we n jbaare mod Wale eytTi. rasa. . ik , gt h irespatens and tr , o7porsus. If be shall deem that mune p .
' made up their account to the let of Jame, and . 0 t i ... , tra ,., ~o „ , dd d jaddah ifairdroa. Aliegfe.. contrietine t" Vil . VreiteV ' o ' t ' gi. b ' fla. P riti - rrOVir el. --;;Taiti
. find a loss during the last else months hf nearly COY. slFB t . b r P ''''''''' ' . " , " u s'l' '''''' ''''w,5..,,„,,,,i cents. In the arm of thiny tiwimand dollar; for a faithful
r.nomaam or the contract Th. contract Is to contain
... AND a ,i,-, e ,,:;, - 1 - . -71--at gmaeler• kr the doe and Winer inearctin• al di. l.•• i r - il
, The New Bedford Mercury say ' s that the . cill , _ tR.K . ,I4C.H BURR . ...ant.. se. :
I .V , kers. mai me, for sornaj , 7 agal.t their pandit.. .
ton mills, machinery and dwelling house of the „,,, 31.` r.cama lmNa Leistet. at kW Prig".• .... .
......4.ll;73l.4°:=l,ll4=tthard tex=1,..,..
s I Fartder's Manufacturing Company, in AlLlgboro ' anirglitellee. B :r r erolt rlnd IMO. - - _f !.. ehenld la oweptot
were disposed of at auction ou the 4th bastall. ..4.l„l,"lr ld ervacer, B"liu .s=toeHeissrvu - - .L , . Mott•: re :at ' srect b ra=t i nt ' v t ta=ar b .-...-,LIP
by Asti tees sale, - far 22,076. I The' pre mesas lesues aeo B fii i _e_ r e , ...r to - t e dttt ' ` ....1.6 ' e l' -‘ !!! -erard, . - tda j agi Vre • rw iffilh.. p ." .ac en rje t no m j.
origtnlly'' cost: from $50,000 to $60,000 , ' - ' 'illin. " BB = B•l ""''' . " • Ir. W. w s. "''. - Wdeliffdairlinf' -- - "'M.."'
United States Hotel at Philadelphia.
2: HE SUBSCRIBER respectfully announ
ce* to his Mends and the travellhht erdatoonlty.
he hat =lmmune! the Proptietorahlp of the CRITND
STATES LIOTPL. Long limn° in conneetlon_ with th e
Hotel under the late Proprietor, he feel+ perfralf Infr In
r o rotnleirot Ite old pattpn, that nothlnar Mall be manned
In . 11 : i eettairp.* **. I.17ept7n P ~
pil i f b:ltt * ***l it! '*" b plia.
IT I OMNI the Entine estahlithment, nod he mengnuttp
inelten to tbe changes IntrMltred for the eon.
enact.. co mfo rt of Ladle*. Being firmly detertain.
red at
to gl ee lon,
ee eatiefaet he enact_
ta a e tattunanee of that
. 1 ,
Proalwaye to T tan
wig - toned In the old United
11 el rmyTh.t.3 . A. O. ALLZA
recrumn No 41 Booth Bet .d Steve; (abcra
istinit, am aide.) Philadelphia. . febl.l:lY
Wk. auour....•
--JOON e. cowman.
IFE. N. IFOODIVI. -1141J21C0413,
We Grocers. N 221 Market at., Philadelphia- apt]
. .
A. J. 11[122.1.0- .
EALD,...3OIJap 21512.
1 . 1 6 . 0715iCiii it CO., Tobacco
Clam Won AI orchards, Na 41. Noel .Water street.
to Meth 'Wham.. Philadelphia . add/
ERCER & ANTELO, General Commis
.loa Mmbants, Pbiladelphla. Mend drawls
eannlgnments of Prod gene.ll7. Llano-AC=
Office for Foreign Patents.
No. 6 York, and 166 Plea .1., London.
la Great 8ra616, Pmee. &lona, Holhout, and all
; parte of Europe—the Culscts, Ca* ant the Bea-
Full Information 013 the .Darn an be lull 1, odd...slag
.1. P. PI KE.6011.
6 Wall street. Neer hhck.
linperior tack Writing and Copying Ink.
oNE'S EMPIRE INK., 87 Nassau street,
u Etas Buildings. Nre York.
NM slum so roa
par . dea....-111 t 0. 03 6 4 qperdca— -..-10 ta X
Chs draoght,,Per mots. ,
Ibis ts the best artrela saarmfastured. It foam ferelr
-1: a good COPYING INE--and mill sot mode, mould,
ed for a gos74rl etu 4, tub, arotabl sad Doreew e 4 lar Le '0 1,1 1 2117 Zs 3 ad:
odrablr adapted far tha Steel Pest.
The undarawoed Is premed to thrash trade ea.
thus Er export or home sorouroptoa,,at the aterre very
tord . rigl i gr . ‘:g :f ... ea . onle N T 4 : t te , dsrgigr= amps'.
or kegs an , barged ag at De/toast
IT Rama at.., Poo Palldtogs,
LIP roar.
Profeisor A. V. Barry's Tricopharcms,
melee, presardne end beauhrying the bair,endlear
tine scurf au&dandrull, and ming dlman of the MN
glands and muscles stings, cuts. Mila i, eeallt: 41, 7 t o I t hue been asokrtalned by experiment, that Darryl b•
emu has prodrund th. same ettect in ming disease. of •
•Iclo. etc. of the hone, md the animal kikadom. The
Ira , tlaetna testiMonials„ selector rem bumlneds Omuta:
•ill area to MOT the Mee of the ph:Tan:ion,
the ohms/Jon In width it is held by three who have
stem it n trial :
Nrw Text, Sept
CROP. Duey—Dar Sir—l bee* been afflicted with a cu
taneous eruptlem of the pip. of • out eggrarated char.
actor, for the Mt sixteen years,and dunot thee perkd
have had the advice of some of the mot eminent nhyvi
elm; and hew. tried all tbe, preparation, for the harem/
akin now known, without the Met benellt I was advieed
by • friebd to try your Trkophema I did act, se • List
resort, and, to my cumin and gratukstion. &bed knot
tared In about two moths. Berk vex the violene• of the
disorder that at times I ma partially Mind.
Itemetfully, Yoortv 'V NAPPLTR,
/40 Columbia streed, Brroktro.
• Ns•• You, Oet..=, 1650.
Paor..llma g r o ;tyl Dear bir—Abouttwo ynmoth ter hely
tams out a aml. mad my heed tram math amleted
with dandth . I was m ud by a friend to try your/Mmaba
tho. oath I did 00, sod to my estotaehmeah my bole bee
Annie tooted. sad ell the dethroff. dlthepeated, se the
heed vote thaws for ItaelL
With ft-sre.e, In crattdr=3 Itrombray,
If thy lady or ettattlatho doubts the autheß of the
above they .111 plc... call at Frofeethe A C e °Moe
headway. 'saw Verb. when, be MD madam • arlgi . •
acs Mime.
hen ce
the Militia, and Naval Eris. Nov. 9, 165.1.1
There eo rd, tor the pcsmannit Om of biking..
thd dlerans of Ma emit= gearrallr. that has maned
M 3 ittd.alT Mier.' by tbe genie been.
Beay's Trimness... or Madleated Compinand. ft ' rri
tcasively want., the cypernlassea of the enoneuelty: In
a1t0i40,•17 000.7 to thaliO4 MS wood le
olLer uncles of the kW!. It banstrts vigor to the motet,:
the hair, and thus . prenter• Its erenth to a nroartatde de.
Lott sot, Itsrn daruletar And 004 Matell th e
lit om,. It will cure all diatom of the poen
h ..old head. den nom and othar oberialous &eon
dry , of the Alin le cheapen.. .. wallas Haney, it 010.1 s
lerivalled- It is sold lo lase tattles, Woe atones, at No.
i Broadway, and at the linnisten generally, tt=ett
the United litateened Canada.
ITTCHINSON & Ca, 1013 Spruce Street,
NEW TORE, Wbolesale manallasturese Dart
bra IIINOLISU PRINTING INKS, is Steel .od Utho.
pa w l Prhaluvall altat a lezt ant lab Wert. whiel u t
work easily apes all entiaan. mom
Theeotablnatlatia thee. lakta &stanch wangle. • shill
lama ISO plirlinaelary to Inlet supttioe to uly
amt. bo ld at ask. vasytag et= IS eta to $lOO ass
P"A "Zii"..t: **4 % , t r inret d .:,- ` l " ViLf mrs taals•ad
c 0.1117 • an' Ins 1115. $l.OO 5.13433 tar lta eikettßl.Sna
Shawl and Mantilla Warehouse.
(L' !tank) NEW SODA. to war open!. one of
tto arzast .4 richest anorttnenta or SERI N.) AND
reldladt SHAWL!star berm . wirer. Alto LACE
aIUELIN and all kinds et SILK Saha/ LLAE InatmEseto.
red from the West Pads tutu.% received by go rhos..
so I rentkularir adapted to the htdloa undo
Al, • ettrr arlandid Won of PAaASOLS AND 1711.
NULEOLAS. amottstlag of fringed end plain .4.1 tattoo
!oaf ant and Tart hattn Par..., .4 Cott. and Cog
hem endnallan All or ord. trIE to open. at eandy
prima W. rtnti zit...natty Invite our Wenn. Wanda to as
"'111/Irt Afar FA ' NDS. le hi Mbar El.'. and
Dot 55 to earn En tatit:ura'a':owoa. lablldr•
It:k,w am
CIONTINIJES bie naval fecilitiee to receive
1.3 oe alma, Fala. and Tram/annu IlainnaaWa.
'my...finned him. 8.. tan. his Gon da r fur all polnla
‘n. We Lazes and Ws 1111 , .ii Canal anal 111 , et.
Ilaranntar-Xnews. Lonna. Netting a co:
Helm. Jonas Qnlinn
Ili. Jot. Cannbey
Prates.. encnnhaten .lel fon/vain/ llerebants, en the
• e ,St &iam No.
/leer to Alexaseler Oordon and Laren; Sterling Ca,
---- A - Y lso7 tiftlTE;AttOrney at Law,
and flonunholemer arc rennsylrenla, ht. Loan 11e.
ecentennieetkna mantis erumered.
[OHS H. RANKIN, Attorney and Conn_ •• et Len, end_Cagnetathner Ihr the State o
• Ser=nnle/ Ri . L 0
b. UI.• b .3” 1 Uele of ltnebura . b.)
rg Oh.
Johnon/mt. unrest=
31Wer, Weendlese ataChtre, a. Cute: a
Semple. McCord a agltly
I rpm undersigned haring entirely ref l.
1 built and enlarged the above utraore egallste
meta. sentalning la all about theee hualred and hilt
poma. won/0 respect/4017 notlw that It Is new reads.
Mr the meta. and anewastentation or the teaselling
An attandsdnalleeef the nesslteiatap e l etmenl 7 .74oo,
Roue I. deemed =speed.., ae the numerous haprore
seents which have bran mad* cannot he Impair ier.
Sulhee It In thit7.lnl expense h. beest
eneln In
d wntler aver aNrimeoL wteet
TL 14unIture wu made tappeso7 to order. regerdlage of
end. and certain widow of It, eepaelall7 the Waving
now, will be (crawl to he of the west, baluttfal mantle
toes. The Inning matt are came/ans. and the hones kw
meals be so arsanged ee to lull the 00117setlend °ribs
eulyettal late.
tvery department wll/ eandocted ' it u nuetneptlw.
t. Is tamales and :. l a=tor.l l /whP: 1. 0 1 , 1 i dna .th.
melte. Steam Is 7 the Tea eltre e.
Isbtswd/rwteoT LEWIS KICK.
100 bp. a ILIII,Ap
10 • 1. n3 ,,,.'
.21 • N. IL /Inim
DUltl3/I.llstiX g ll%=,
115 Water at.
APLE SUGAR--2 bbls. very choieelga
/Tx sow. just reed rod fnr ukfo b t
• WM. A. MACLURO tpp
°normal:ATett u.wers.
ai Loaf, Pcd Tim! and Pow=
''' by r°".''' Crt ligaUltita CO.. .
246 Llentr
halvcs) lu more and for mk1.61
D RIED APPLES-40 sacks' prime, fotealo
ter22 COZY, MATifiEWS A CO.
PASTOR bbl!. (Blow's mnke) for
yy WeLr mr22 11116 Y, 31.(7711EW8 it Cu.
sU m -2
hda. prime N. fur ualu by
A)l}p A 111.1C1111F6Nt. CO
COPLEY'STOT CLA.Y-3G bbig.justreo'd
sad tor sale Er J. ECIZOONNAIMI: t CO.
VLOVES-1500 lbs. fo satey
QUP. CARB. SODA-2S kegs for sale by
I; , RENCII FLOWERS—A etpleadid 7triety
n 7 =l l: Lvt, .g .. .1021 :1 1e 4 la z: r :;
I. my2l . A. A. ELUKIN 81:0.
-"• • •
IRLED REACIIES3S Backe in iitoru,
Jur..l.• sold low to class lot, by
¢ty2l 11141.411 DICKEY F CO.
PCKETS-50 do:. Marietta, fur sale by
XIII tor= .7. D. CANFIELD.
ye ROOMS-100 doz. Corn for solo b
/Jr mr2l J. B. CAR VI •
ALERATUS-100 bone
for rale br
SUGAR -100 bb!s. Powdered, for sale by
GEASE-15 bbls. good grown, nowland
Leg from .tamer
CoTd fartby
well lriiifzta_
Water and Front its.
- - - - ---
ankle roe'd and for tale at tho Drug &or e of
U. D. K
- Banker and Exchunro M.
PEARL ASII-20 cults for oak by
mr2l R. DALZELL a CO.
IT ASII-4 make pure, for Bale by
my2l J. B. CANP/ELLI.
A RIED APPLES-20 bags for Palo by
/ mrn • It. DALZELL
PDOT ASH-5 make for sale by
_mr2l C. DAUM a CO.
EARL. ASH-25 cask!, for sale by
PINK ROOT-2000 lbs. fur sale by
m 71 9 J. KIDD is CO.
/900 Ilr, pri.
"0 - allunk•
Matta& ILuitm. &do Ly
EAU PAPER, of my own manufacture;
Paths', Ita.U.Dlting Chsaztont sad
ltarml Thos. 4 , . . sto Aatet
JOR RENT.—A three story briekA
&rapt:yr boo.. altnate Medan:re. between
r . :Ett and Wen the boon, hi well tubbed with It
dnint In the kitchen and above which there Le ha men
with het and cold water. Pneenedosi el ven Immediately
PIX • o.'l' . XoNIIONI% 1101t8T Ce).
no. G 3 Pront et.
House and Lot for Bale.
ALARGE LOT, on Leaeock street, A t. 1 : 12
legheny. ratialng thriniglYto &bone. fronting
galt en earn meet, with • depth of 111 feet,
bly with • goof Brick Dwelling 110 tatni ata
rooms. Far terms apply to ACE EWE WOODIISUfg Ito.
Munn street. orJOllhi SCOW. _
g s TORE ROOM TO LET, on Market st., =Er
avoid 'door from ;Four th . asol adjoining th e
Watch sad Jewelry Rare of W. M. Witrow. Thlr.stsa
Stare liwom has the handsomest fret* in the and to
the best Iowa:Ion fora Dry limb am Weary En4ness.
Rent for the balance of the rear .111 ha eery low. En
quire of JAMES 'ORAL or
jog_ W. SF W7LSOM
Real Estate L)t Sale.
A VALUABLE unimproved 'LOT, on the
oornervof. Liberty mut Factory streets, Pltth W 44,
gly7l/tb. ardT,W7=`,Mtlatlllrl,l°Bl.lZ
three story Brick Dwelllng Name on Liberty
otreet. admining the above, the lot being De feet front by
KV feet deep. Thee house I. lame and convenient, WM lu
modern tt lee. mM contains eleven rooms.
AI.o-33 area of very valuable land near Eharpebnreb.
Also—A PS= of 115 acres In West Doer township. • •
Alar—A Farm of 254 urea In lamer. county. b miles
from New Quite.
Alto—Fame lo Bearer county, of 'violi data and
Woes. boot 600 arm doen.
Aloo-12 tory oaluablo lota In Nanvoo, Prlnen
asadarato. C pubs of
P. sod n. umninLin, ,
',Marotta at Law, Bea Es AMA.,
.70 H 0.107 Fourth street, Pittsburgh.
OR RENT—A Warehouse on Water 2
ae% batman Nadal =I Perry. anitabla tbr
twines. POQUIre At
To Let,
HE well finished and furnished Store
on Third eUtett, near the Peat Ofßoo, at Dreamt
moopled by Parker,_as a Jewelry Ron. 4.ym
-to E. D. GAZE/X.13 Liberty st.. • .
leylfetf lyttlies Bow.
Met. Tribune. and Dlapatett eopy.l
'FURNACE, at Dreeden.hltuitingurn co.,
OW, 14 inlhat Rom Zanewel4h. fine mooing order,
gleam Engine, le of running out 7
was of Iron pat day. lb., abundant eaprdy of
Ore fn onedlate Mednity. It la oenneeied by • shore
oral trltb 7 r•Btodiniont Myer, whleh Is narilMble for
steamboats the venter part of the year. thenthr affording
a.ulu= Z"ehirairix to Zentemille, or to any point on the
Ohio river, at low rates of freight. 7be /me beretotbre
manufaetnned at Ude furnace. boo teen ecasetuned
ZUMSTaId. Pow terms &only to •
OF.O. JAMES, Zateeville, Ohio. or to
• ' •
To Forme= • •
ACRES Farming arid Grazing
• •QPO /vita, In Watten eo.ty, loc.. on tho
n met, •ntit twin. mine or t. Now York nal
Also-IA. Acta In Elk county, fin Ws on annon=cdo.
lon. kn.!. of A. 1411.81N$
Int/ • • comer of Mutat .4 TIIInI oto.
• To Chudemero.
rENTY ACRES of Gardening Land, a1.n0.4,
. n0 .4, under good eulthaflon. togkin ass was of Me
, 1 sokl for SIM aers—ona east, and the
pun. in one. two, and inns Tam. /or parlirnlars ass
aults at to. flanking Maw of
mTI A. WILELNB & 00.
norm of /Want and Thini sta
Desirable Suburban Iteeidenee for Sale.
THE subscriber boars for sale the heave and
rmandshere be now add ca, Masted on Park et, be
low I'mnont, Allegbeny. and Mout 25 annutes . ..It hum
the market of UM city. The lot 4.140 !brunt on Pert et/
bak Z 2 fent. tt. an alley—umtandnit paer
eme or.%and Is boandat on every AU ty urge open
lots. afth teas and ebrabbay. ms ham Is
nearly nar„ and exerodingly Milan
hoot of 50 f and ad eath of 72, and es= l. lbarteett
bans, tandem halls Mu feet aide. It b bunt in tbe best
-and oust Mesta. maanee. and hue a bre-groot l oof. and
contalne all the modern coarealmeas TOO pumps. with
an mdellbut amply of hard and at the door.
On Lb* grumble. my the nommaryput bundbans, stable [ '
amino, Wm,. be. IM grounds We laid out mostly es •
bent, emend with Make fruit treat, evergoems. dowering
Men* currants. amebertia,
a me nd id ese/ • are prim . The trait Le of the beet Web and the tom are In
Weir prim, end wield enough fm the wants at en
legally. The Atastkm of tb/s amml7.. m ono=
subs:rhea comforts, comblned with a:annuity to nu city,
le not mantard by say residence In thisMinlty. It U.
a vim of the Otdo Mar for ova a ans. of Tempe:mom
71114. South Pittsburgh, the My. the two Ames, and tbsl
/nib ato_nofrfortabag altoseller • puomolo
wblalt the eye near 001140.11. Pray MU whir esMII
depart. hum the port of Illtsbarnb We Ohio. ruses in
fun Tbe asthma end grounds ere also completely
mama feign any ennoreare of dust. wo deetructla of
gunfort 'tautens:m6M affords a ornament an Gubrt,
sad pefeefill Mif loeat.l in 1.130 (Met 'Mk lathe emmta7.
The properly 11111 be sold at &bargain, and pommel. ghee
whenever desired. Enatdoe at the Omens atm
apltbdtt D. N.WILLTE.
For Bale.
TIIE members of theFainnormtlire Corn
tany, offers Otte for pa:o. It Lein gap!
ed la) ba mid <hoop. Esop.l. of
agattr tio• WV stmt
EiOR RENT—A Dwel li ng Rouse on --ft
Third nmw, abut. did near to Emlttlbeld. It
s. fixture. lot. tut'. , omdtt house. de. 14111.....
tv.mted to.. sod Indeestion to - to Modoo d isbett.
•Ittofor dole or bow. MA. lots to tbo Moat Ward,
lottvetto Pena street ma 4 the 41:eAltenr
t' =th
Boot. DeMl ogtott's. d'ourth street. sear WWood.eta
• Valuable Real Estate 53r Sale.
E SUBSCRIBER offers for Sale, on
rrmsbl ituborst. e term. the oglcraLai Seel Usti: m
. In ""611 ,
e City of P
No. I. hire rah.. threw Mory brick 4.11.4 bon..
en Second stmt. between Market .rd Ferry... the
lota being nob thfert throt by MI de..
N. Mat.. 67 feet front on TU. etreet aellolnlng
the TM. PresbylarleinChnrcL . on te meet. one
Miretory tab* bout nael ea a prlatiwii c 415., .4- one
two athry w.relivethe.
LaWg: IL` IVlWZl=r,:is,,,lltror
e o l ono Mork of Dr frame dwell... anel um..
Xt. tract. 2.. " (guMl. rertro ou ti' gic street, ayptedtei Lb*
URI emend.' to Ch et
ep of the MIL
No. b. Two t.cli lotet mob two feet front... runrolni
Gem the re. to low water =wk..FFinai o n a beam.
It. G. One valuable water SO. 100 W.. Isos,
with Len that. water power atteebel.
N. 7. Doe Sat oppoote thei swum ...ISO fmt front, Wool
to th e top or th e bill. on vtileb la armee t
two brkk more sad warithoofe, ZS by 30 Owe, also P.
frame dwelling. two athet. h.
No.. One large lot New MAO.. Deamementy.te.
Lee abort Set on . mromway. see atemtiMbfeet dom.
“Letsin4se Ili n 0... on whith a. ervele4 two t 0... harm
d r.llipp, and ow mall boo., had an Mae.
Tbia property wee wirmerly oweipied kr Mr. T. C. oowld,
mod le very ple.antly to being immadiately opposite
We AM.. 13444.
N 0.9. (Me .ter lotilmmellately below lealleton
twit. about 100 feet In length • and extending tho.. Meter
greet be low water mark ...ring path.
alp rb ,y: Tg:V7 *ih r , ,t l ,!. ° s4 n zavS4, --b , , twd,d—
u'A ' market irtretts. of
11.4611..... Agent.
mehM, (Journal and eon wry.]
For Sale.
BLOCK OF Dint MG& on the maw at Womb.
end Penn mu* and thane, cm the
Wrestle Cushthe City or Pittsburgh. The tot hunts
etre hundred enettaty lour het on Penn street. and nue
hundred and nine het ed. titan on Weablaston Meth
to a twenty bet alley. Inquire of
nkelsl:ess DAVI No. ORE.M IO6 renn
- - -
LiEAL ESTATE FOR SALE—The under offera for nil* aintlfa nuinbat er fnlilikh"
g kir, ar4 aino• eery deouraola idles roe =O.O.
r „ : . %te..4n:ritt:r..zsmbut...=6,4n,.th.
Th• mail growth of Birtainghata in nopalation god
mnour.n.ino 4 wraith, and ilia reasonahla prim at whith
iota will b• 04.1, • 111 marathon • arab and grontahla In
man:lent. Tit la yerfact Troia favorable.
tha f 7ar ' r:. r t Pi l erizal tlltrta d" . gt:or:VI:
burgh, oa. tau A lard soil 7 .000.0., or of Willi am
Sjaunes and h. Patter... rwp% at ihair ram. to atom.
Ingham oil* 11019121 it CATON.
p- OB }LENT—The large and commodia
ow lioliao on Non Omit, (lately mounted 6 "l.
Calwarda.) with .0 00000 lot sdioining. %Web
Emil ail • 1 ant Alro—iitabilog kr two 101110 S 0214111.
a ..r KDWACDI. 1101Uti) 6 CO.
.._,L4Y No. 69 Water at.
LARD bbls. No. 1 4,, r sale low to
dow covictment, stcr!og
wraps Woad sa•taLtstt sta.
Boa • Co. an now opening • large lot bantlll4
es epilog It Mona, at Liri; canister nerd. Mae good.
wintinenniel air cheapens% se they are wonh 25
cents. Nos. 62 inoi Cel, Market 4. tarn
ISIIIIirCTACKLE—Csne% Rods, Line;
nooks, let. *Mace* and retail, ha.
M. 480 N,
ml:7 67 Market ethan e acme a fourth.
ATCHES, in large variety, and at the
lowan.l.,_odatira nab Mar, whelaral• asd
Lr,r W. W. WILSON.
POST, ony bo at. my Idol,
!,• spleufal amttecienn or Gold add Elroy
rlPnotrd.:l b rzoTtr adm. ' Zl;`,. Co 'M
HAMS-32 casks Bacon Maros for We by
Il sum sauce a. warculsox a ou.
ICII Crimson Velvet and Gold Paper
DRINTLNG PAPER—A largo lot Double
PriatiagicTrif bY
1.2.1 ' eorosr Market and beeood N.
k v a , mint r w
xi) GROSS STEEL PENS;of guan
o.% facludlas Illatt'a 1103, 251, sad 17a Purr.
Sock's of all Dng Rolls% gad otter
laud mum/Waren% far Weal
W. a. [SAVES'S Stationary Slam
earner Marks awl bawd att.
011I8VILLE IVIIITE umr—so bbla.
utft r h. r.ed snl for 60.3,6„.7;tilliregigk
f;,,—ERMAN ULAY--200 boxes for sale by
n 3,1 2 C. DALZELL 1 , CO. Liberty A.
.: noo (prime) . for Sale by .
Nit Illwn
m,12 S. t W. lIARBAUI.M.
pOW'll EXT. LIQUORICE—I can foreale
11.11. RY'S TRICOPIIEROUS-12 do:. for
I .818 by 11. E. 8 MULS,
m 713 87 Waal st.
IRENCII GELATINE, White and Colored;
I. AnTosznelm....r.elaLrulaNn
01. A:3LeCLIJRO • 00"
Grocers ind Ter• Nailer"
.tt. for sale by
1 -I ..OPPERAS-25 bblo. ( ood) for Bale by
mr_ls J. ocifoontaxxx a 0).
A LUM--50 bbla. for sato by
mris LtscucKotear4*qo,
Q.I.ICD-10 bbl now for sale bs Y
myl4 W. a Y. wusoN
ROOT-4( 9
.D 8 ae. AIINESTOCr& CD.
THE highest price In Cash paid for ail the
diftitritug !moist of clan wasb.d bY
tweedy • Lea.
JudAepatent pasbAl ..>
&sr far sale by
W3l. A. 31•CLUE0 & Co..
Yid Mot/
pIRE BRICK-65,000 (Ccial Grove) Fire
au h
Effsk. de
for tab
mi (If not superior to tls• Bolirer Brisk.)
and sad
INSEED OIL-30 bbls. (warranted pure)
seil6YL Wocel It .
t'_ -
! 1171.°7 ecuoomuicas a oil
A MONO the numeronii discoveries Science
of IX has made In this generation to heilitate the business lifostoinuase It. enjoyment, and erect prolong lb. term
of human existence. none on be namsd6f more real Tahoe
10 mantled. than 'this conuibutioso or Chemistry to the
Ilsaling Arr. A. rut trial of Ile ttrtuta throngbout
vast country. has proven beyond a doobt that no medicine
or combination of medicine. yet known, can b sorely con.
trot and ewe the numennui varieties of yubiteetat7 disease
which here hitherto swept froth our midst thousand. and
th armed. evert' rear. Indeed„ then It now abundant raw
eon to belle. a remedy her at length' been (mind which'
on be relied on to cure the mat danceious affection of Our 0p... here will not permit us to onblldi
say proportion of Lb. cum **de,' by Iti tuy but we
present the following opinion. of eminent-m.14.d refer
umbar atairtdry to the circular s wldch the agent. below
named . ill ago.. be pleased to furnish free, wherein are
fen parUculars. and tradlaputabli proof of these hots.
Prue The President. sf 4.40 . 4 she ect‘b,aa PRO.
• •
"James C. Ayer-81n / him ;red your Cherry peed
In my own am of deepweated Itronehitia, and lan WU/led
from Ha chemical comaltstion that It Ism admirable cos.
word Art the relietoof larynnial end bronchial ditticolUen
If toy opinion as its enperior amen rwo be of Aar
service, you are at llberAy ore Ito. you think pro
Pees mi per.
'wide& erlekraka PRORLSSOI2 sizzatAiy. it
:f L;tztrak.i
Scientific noewries of americs and Europe Vz Yell .
1 deem oh. Cherry Pectoral an Wadi-able composition
from wane of the beet articles to the Materiel Illedies. and
• very entree remedy the the el. ss of Dream it la late.
ded to rare." .. New 1.4• m, Cr., Nov.l, MA
owedOAISON; Pre:Glatt Of Pea g
that he has,he Cherry Pectoral; with wonderfal en.
was, to eon lltdeormatlon of.the
From ow qf the frsVPlSyrkirou Nana
• Saco. Ma, April 18417.
.17r. J. C. Ayer, Lowell—Dear Mr I am now comaantly
oelog Yon , Cherry Pectoral in mr.practiee. Rio
any other molichos for pahnneary camplainU. From obaor
yeti= of many severe eases. I am =Wino:4 IL will care
coughs. colds, and diem.of the loam that have put to
dedance all other retnadlea I invarlyfesdomend its
use In MAWS Of coosOlaptlery and constder it mach the beat
remedy known for that Derma
ReePeethilif YOttrk I. B. CUSHMAN, AL D..'
Prepared and sold by JADES C. AYER, Practical Chem
in. Lowell, Masa
Sold in PltfßbOrgli. wholande and retail, by B. A. FAIL
NESTOCH 00.. and Jr. Id. TOWNHEND.
In Allegbenpaty, by IL P. STZJe
and J. DOl7- .
GLAD: erol by Dbagbus. gebendly
A Valuable Improvement in Trusses.
D R. lIARD'S Improved Patent TRUSS
end REMUS REMEDY. by_ which • cure ego t be effectoM This Truce is entirely =l2
throe and mindeles of action from other Truer., haring
ell the telemeters* of• well-regulated and uniform prese
Unt The yummy an be co nomettfee to/J. 6 *e* end
foxo.fort be the nowt difficult mom of Honda, and ma be
incremed to &newt any fore* &sired. The teem n le rue
tarn!. and Wag bmnght to tear inemedifstely um the
her caccednEe and affording perfart•emtrity and tetra ere, Coo et au,nrom Greta weft: the most violent cumin,
Sr the rue of this Tram, when erehrot , Droperly by •011 , 1 , :
Ler e r
nr=l =rote ry ea d" tf . ;
ao; which n not an tuerneguent <mum,* in the wear
tog of mr adapted flume. It le Teri common practice
for perfume aMistW with Rupture to select • mum end sp.
:dr it therowlece. nu.t. • tad maim. whirl. can be
men margi- than who tuederetend the ermtcany of t h e
We would most macaw y cell the attention of
eo Ple
clans to thee Trust se we K to
110. ther
:mane. We elm Imre • 'twiny of,Mhm Tins. st the
React prices. Infant Tremees kept commuter on head. •
• KEYSER • SteDOWEIJ., dents.
140 Wart Pittsburo—*
Dr. Hard's isbdomiaafthrmiaiss.
IrRESE SUPPORTERS ere intended
ly Art the care of Pinkmads Melt add those di.-
where mattardoel rammed to the t o riOrylb .
la requlred. The etm perfect support to the atdormned
omens. and may ter worn with adman
_by. AIL The die
mem dradocott by a. weaknem of
the Woodall' momelee
see Prolapele n Utterl. railing of the &web. plea Comte.-
:mar, Ipi.tiglaft=lo4.l=l....asu,d,Jß=
EMDMMIon of the neut. D i fiktarid i S o dri deMdlq.
140 Wood et. PIM etgilh.
6 1 1,64 . 71 7
' .1.
innate Moat:dos knew. lariptant Consumption/.
Barrannetn,Lencorrheans Whitew.lnagolarXenstraalinn.
In . sonthntinr• of tlrtne.Ganeral rostration. of Maar/dna;
Orpressad Spirits, and Gloomy State of Mind; are eared by
Dr. GI, eptrl Extrad d Mb., Dock as 31rsecp<rrEklorbkh
aim immediate relief by rattearinz the lbsultsna of health
and strWorth, the blood. It nentraltses bad banana. stops
Onnatorsl mentions, and dr. .e.e to all ilea
iital powers.
Its solid alterative properties raider It rannliarly
sable to the sissr/er and delicate . constltstilon of the
male Itismodlandy conntecrsets that gliAtrftelm, mangos.
neat and lassitods so maws, tn, tin female frame, and
Imparts an morp asl bonranei.i. sun:lien/ a ths7
as gratafoL Ifs ban aside.* otl tio whlch lAttuteA
sisonaly to montsmand this ntedlntsts to soarstedpsopla
who bare not been blamed with offspring.
Prolanais Uteri, or Falling of ilia ircult. of fire 7e11211 rtan
ding, alined by Dr. appose'. Sairact of Tallow Doeband
batsaimill► ear arm Mbar known ratrady bad boon
tiled without roller: ?
Wantreognr. lf.. 1617.
Thla ave.ea than my vibe. sod 27 ream haa angend
under thealve/ complaint gm fire rears. nearly all that
Um* woultmel to by bd. I bare for bar yams ogistantly
enabler. th. best Itudital talent thane.ld be prounrisi.
this wevion of the contd.. without any banegt whatever.
1 hare a/ao pmeka.o6 .rues instrument recommtvaled fat
tha con of ouch all of which prtneet worthle.
to the spring of 1348, 1 v. {Wooed by air friends to
try Dr. Guyon. Yellow rivk ed...sperilla. which vat
wad for fouraviths. Agar alt. had used it Liao. four
e... It ..0.61.4[ to allot us Vat she was haprowing,
and from Mb time abe Immo,.d rapid., anel gained geah
and strength. until eta is now anjoyirg,mo..oll.t.
WIL MON/ 081.
RV. belt. .labbore to Wm. and Julia liontorr, know
that the above statements, as to tho aletnesa of 31..310n
1iwt. and as to the cure being 11.0.01 by Gamin's Follow
Loch and Eanaparills. arw vainly true.
; ; 9 ' 9
Kiv's En7.--Caar of 0, N. Leonard. .'
Illosowyo 0 1.•
Ways-B. Y. Bennett it Cot—Omits r Same time In. .1.413,
was attacked with Eloterl 1 . rap my erm, which became
ea tore I could not me It. wad In 1.515 Marilee:aeon art in.
ii412p101.1, at diem. lime., etch rhuician of calvilarit7
.Rhin my reach; all told 11. 07 arm meet be amputated.
From the Ambler to the thee.. nu Pill of running
wine. My strength al QUI thrw was completely utmost.
ed. sad my Ramon much mutated I contlatual In lbU
au. mill 1818, when I am en molverillemeal(Outiotre
Yellow Desk aval !Arsaryllis)vidiela I lead; and mat gee
bottle of the article. lallow.Dock sod damp.
villa cured m.; I took no othascretotely while wing It:
and felt myself pertketly well before- admithe sixth but.
W. Clad I used It at the that &pre sm. of the malady,/
am sum It would hare aired me from , yeare of rein and
.offering. I molt ear.sUy nounmend every renon
tabu under way Medlar Eva.. to nee Oursotge Yellow
Dock and Susapurple, which illtreateno them to health
tows, gratitude, '3, 'O. IL LIXiNAHD.
Core of an aggravated cats of
The roue performed by Dr. Guyeare Extuct of. Yellow
Dock and ElarearisrUla„ an lasdog. Theratlengs general
health woodnuce to horrors after diewee Iv removed—
Coral are not chronicled until time has fully tested that
there an terroo rely. or Antra of the dive..
Noma. !DAL." y b num 1613.
E. P. Bennett 41135.—Gents: 11lewith yeatpleasure that
I write you Yon/ the veer helarYwflecte of rota Tell.
Dock and P.arupwilla upon my son, who has locur been./
&ring under that dreadful wad luthitours Ewa.. Erysire.
u, with which ha was attacked to 1343, for sere
ai mootha attended by nue of our but pbyeldana, who
red their skill Derearetingly Du fire months, without any
pcoMirial results whatever. U. become L
redueod to a per
get Aguas Ile had W ,% trona hie Lip to Ids knee,
which ware continually diachatvlng aliguiUng/7 or.uh•
matter. Medloal and mystical AMU was banbaL Physkiene
tali that hie can emu hopeleur thou maid be nothing
dome toarrest the' terrible youirening Wows Sly neigh
tors and impel( thought his diaeolaidon mar .t hand.
Op* of my neighbor. (who bad cum/ . child of rcrolule
with your invaluable coldleine) wished me to crake trial
It; and, mote from then:Mina dos., lode isonattthiswhile
life lasted, then from any hore of igetting_rellef. !muted
thus bottles of your Yellow Dock yd Eauraystills, and :
pniusornced wing it; aml no my astonishment he began
to Lam. babes be had unal the lidad bottle; and Delve he had no a half dower bottles, be could ..ut out, ll*
towd In aU twelve brain dying the pry IPA and by Or
tar last he watt perfectlyperorate Every real. of the
Eau., expert the ears, Is moored, and he tenialtie
perfect health at the preset timid Ills reorrery, wader
the Writing*/ C.d. la entirely owing to the use of rya.
Yellow Drell and tareararglar end I emu. ;lan that /
myself under greet obligations to you. - and Rate with
toy the 11 .0".. TeU of whet your garaperUla jug
for my on.
-- •
Sold bj J. D. Pus.<jatoeiour Oamterti PazkjfettnA
sod Walnut streets. Cirsioiau.Oldo. Cieoond ASeoltbr
&gab sod Wert. to Irbovi I oast molt to Mdreemi t
J. Kidd A Co. B. A. "Tabsiestoek a C., J. A. Jot... L
jr.. Pittsburgh; Lee. A. Dadaism. Llieghen7 Otn
L. T. Rana. Weehingtoo: 'U. Bowie. tioketown, IL
Welty, Greensbitrin 8. liotuttajlemertet: Bce4t 4 W 1...
lioitiont:Keod Soo. Kootidadoio 5 1re..Orr.IL311.4larabors
=deb:* C 0. ,. lallsoo; J.K. Wright, lLittAnninc
Evans keg Drookellltq A. Wilton A ton. Wanowbor
ldeforalnd A CA, It. CaUender.• Ijjo Dun.t Co g,
Er* Gramm A /orlon% Merceri - Jamos Kell, t Co. Flat
let; /3. Eadtb, Bailin: J. o.Buatnieruo. Warm: T. L. 4 C.
S. Jones, Coodereport P.Ctaoker..h.. Brorneetlle.
fOlirrtice—sl per Bottle; Sir BoaZa for $5.
Shoulder Braces.
.QIIOIILDER BRACES, of the moat ap.
retteed style, alsople in etznoture sad mild etted.
and of Ems to suit all alto may require theta—juel reed
and fur sale, wholesale and retail. br
sor24 /Lk. /61SLLISIU3, 67 Woad
_Pear Ptssuar. .IE4;
Ma. IL E. Eq.:sus—Of lOUS l'erbilfoire, I say 4 witho l ut
hesitation that, barlue wed It extensively In my Mello,
for the last four or Le d Yrytlnil h it4erbimi I the beer
fal " Th=raveTeratotont used tn. prol j. =
Other mumfacturent. Yours resPeaLhur
67 % A IL/ it,
lola by struxAteVeiteril.ll.
opening--a very excellent assortment
of MANTEL CLOCKS. at hastos2:t Irarrard
'l=raaailthr.'l.atel Clock.. fa !LSO nob. aad warrut
'l—'b"P 104'.0V.04-idoT.7CfMkK
-• •
corner of Poorth.
• Bonnets! Bonnets!
.- 4 EC'D THIS MORNING, per Expre s s—.
bgf r in . x o tb. 12011,4 a. 4 d..3abui
SAT: 2I. !i 7 fIXTIr ""Qikb'S..GUPe r• i.. .7 O 4.I
The attanh
above aocall.
pertieularlr Invited to di
A. A. !JASON a CO.
• W. W. WILSON, Watch Milker
No. 67 Narket, Corner of ?,biria ,
D EALER Furl -WATcate, Jrwautr..
wSilver Were, !library ClowiriL..l. and etandal•
en Ittl=1Z11:17. 0011,101,
-taiCll7l.ll ruhlormble mar. nnetal ItafOrnsountal °
reb work mewed tn raperkr 116111112 M Amia! nr•
ed and Amick workmen.. • rs.
LE -.4 garl i ,Pedling Wagon ) -4111
J. him)* (.1)..a0 wow a.
rOR RANT. VILLE --The fine
a... ..astpassActer.....fer..llll.. e
at 4 redact 0. ilaat
r above and LatermenteDert4,......
• For freight or panlin. apply oh begin!.
- - -
OR CIN'TI & ST. LOULS-Tl-7, x•)
.El 3 U r A
Mem. PILOT No. 2. A. 5.C..,
.11 lean Plttsbmb for Wheellr.rfOrott. and od.n.
•MT 'friday. at IA ref:mains
Immo Purdah for ORM= irbeellndrood n
=7 iredmodarand detarday..lo.Yelock.s. r. and ahlpma MIA derebd drocar Oda boat nrodungsdarlr
dradi m Inter re.=
Or pU III IIOI,47DZY cm board. m7/0
ItuuLA c li Nc : Nl. l l 3l. o SDAY
Amin/them his ezdandkl hont 4/.614 ak 11 '1 g.
the owner* or the etearner hue Newton. and others, for
the amtnattl and Ptlnsbargh Packet trade end trillleein
eret7 Wedneeder for Chnnnnen. in noath. Nnn Ehn•
land No. 11 . '44 5!, o...ryfEPA:r t's
REGULAR PACKET.—The sylendld LA ief7
fast reaming steam.. CHIEFTAIN. R. T.
Warn. Hester, learn thee. of the 011 Allashen Bride.
fEr. Clair etreet,) every hour, eanmendrot at 9 o e/oek. A.
ALonsd.utlnuins wall the Gardened.... 8. silt land
. the Allegheny side, fur the gleammodadon of 1...-
)rerre 1.. as all other points. Atirl4tra Trip at 711 e•
dock. P. M.
Jag' 1"854.. dad
4E new and fait running dr. CASHIER,
teavl J. & litastaeLaeraw,. Weikel/le, Stew.
Whaeliza, aridaryort. Cott...d
Stmeah eseiet—la Pitieburgh • 17 Wedanalay at
14=k, Inrie.arlad liklgeyart, sad .MC7
leaves Zell& ;r6l7%atday I:o'ekCalli.4:44l
* Dort and Wheeling wary ateraday isad. Thursday, at
Far irelght and Daenia aPO/7 bawd. to
11 . —.11 slightdrarighterearaergANNA,
D. P. Khmer. marten leaves Wellavllla ever htmslar.
Werhulwrer. and Alger, ate o'clock, A. 31.. tor East Ll*.
rlirelr Glasgow, Ilegetrarea leandLu_ .g Heaver. ard Pb urgh. , Leaves Pleteburgh 'Tarr MEOW. ThUrlallY. sad
Naruhlar. KV o'clock, AAA. Dor Beam, arrperrasm e g.
hog. laraww, hat LlverpW,andWellsville.
- Fur thighs ow peasor, app/v. board. ap9 -
WHECLING PACKEr.--The splendid •
ter .*Oo= k,
this el sal Whaling. lea Pittabargh T at 11) erlaelt
Imtn Whaeltnig ". W ry TU T T i l=ay and nalarda end gi,
In= vent lag frinkre
o giraml te=to
INOPORT.—The tue 4situr PACIIIC k. , j kag
..L les•Vbr the atom and
tar [night or p=a4=lV:lt ' gi .. : * •
natblo No. 63 Wan. ma 63 Inca sta.
--- -- - '
• 2llNYftill PACKET—The Lot =adz/AU
rtn ea a retinftsr packet between Mont. Witeeling
, Bridgeport, and Solnisb, leaving Pittsburgh ma7Milaidai
-afternoon far Wellerilie, Stlmbrasille, and . d ay
erri7 Iftn2 afteastoce for &embers riM
Igivr : al . Ca na.and BordIrla; returning. kares It
eavi7 Friday after=. . 1.'"" or trJgao=ntifty am
board, ar to UstatS] WB. wu :mum, ..tarmt.
ligoTizooffi mer *Toil
A. A. Mum Co: ha,. on hand • complirt• Hof
amed and Cambric.
( I DT :C43 bcsx.MnniNriergi%"le
LARD .011,-20 bbl!. for solo by
. J. KIDD 43 CO., Or Wood .t.
INDI(10-4 100 lb kegs Manilla;
3 Corzine. Cuomo of ewe quell%
_to ar
mee for gala al" sszorilss of yarrow qiuditie. of 0w1434
'bleb will le odd low frock rho atrophic
Water and Front
B OYS' OASSINERES—Of . various colors 47/'' r e do
TAR CANDLES-. 4,5 boxes (10 to 40 Mt
ash) for tab D. STLLIMIS t CO.. •
tort owner Wo6tta4lth
S PERM CANDLES-10 boxes 4'6,;5'5, and Vs. for sale by J. D. WILLIAMS t CO,
DEER SKINS bales for solo by
s,r7 REELY.II6I7IIZWei /W.
bl LE+2 7 :l 4 -490 tiN T SV A G alei:ta i l - v.l - e .
pia ., *.ETAL-465 R t e og
EATHERS-8 aka. prima Ey., for sale by
FREIFY: marturwa a 00.
ODA. ASII-60 casks (good) for sae by
WAITE FISH-38 bbls. and 38 hr. bbla.
v for sal. by, ISAIAH DICKEY CO..
nrylo Water and haat ata.
OARSE SPON9E--ial lbs. for sale by
2 bbbt. for nal :ga
SODA-10 keire for sok by
IN Woad 4.
SHOULDERS --3« ciaks sale LI
a 1716 w . k. 3LULSHALL. u Wood st.
TESTER CENTRES—For sale by .
mrlo W. P. ILAILIMALL. Woad
lARD-3 bbla.k. 8 kega.No. 1. for sale by
mll6 .1011 N WATT A CO.
g 3 , ktas. and N0...1, liming
114 IRON-400 tons Huntingdon co., for
de Dr stk TM JOHN WATT & 00.
rE3IPLARS' SWORDS—Just rec'd, a lot
Knights Templar fhoordeorjelt ambito:co; of the
LetaWolly eaoraned.
m»6_ _
C 4 I OR .SALE, to close consiTmftit—.so cks.
~.u=t3 o De UII, bna j le c l
P...../j*Salt H• 11.11114 Depot.
larlb =nap Pula aul wray.streets,Pitemsh•
ERNI NG-10 bble new for sale by
mrl4 IV 217.5611,140 N
I OFFE67-131Pbag6n Rio, fir sale by.
- 44 umeniso3 A Co.
_ .
'EN. RED--15 Cake (Ettglip)ioy eale by
lt . J. &MOM Vg t CO.
L _
wars at hand, • an ofa huts Rubb7
rm% j :t a =a Flubbi:= manwe
ma) J.* /E. PH/
f!.OLDEN SYRUP-12 half bbla . and 24
Ifi m i iir °°ld " 81 Mlits ' t At•Trilis;3:l a
VHROME GREEN-5 cues superior qui4-
Li Itrfor home axed stnaktast rettriattlear
c r REE N R MT u , forece h i e v d
of Iligh.
sehassisst Oufmcroakm by- P. DoMmmam :Imbed
12171=141=, imbra d tZfo U zi ' t ."1; 3 t7 • Att.
or M. Iltaim Mao. mtu
The AmaMoprapby and Ilemilmtats of Captikba ObaMah
,tbr tin". ysr_mnri shipmance from Um
Pan 'orlail . 773.7 Y"" li'n. T.
/V 111.4 r .,
rosla 711 Apnik , Builamis. romrth et. -
ALERATUS-5 tone in boxes Nid casks;
kl- 'I rA P ILITf; n by RtTDIIIO.
Mart, .trees
MACli f RE b1; 13 , 18 . ip i acilts . l l l . for
bbls. frastloulzuvw
2.50 bores 1:1 . 511 dses
a: if sc . . freunne. by
k.7 IIGAR-25 hbds...N. 0., for saki by
J:73. CANT/F.I.D.
FlBll-25 bbla Lake Sup. White. UCH;
ifir br " 14 " J. B. C"-.072L4..D.
AGIC WATCHES; or Double Hunting
/TA Gehl rn . Watthi,„ made pa ap ta dam ea WS
In with sok! aqua, or so the ts. aat plapaure
Varf Ina Mkt. just rardinal ;ad tc w. pa li a uw,
Jr. 2 ccialor Market sad Fonrat sta.
. .
CAPE ALOES-1000 Us. forimle by
.14 . 8. A. FAH NJ:STUCK & CO.
by /fell a. A. FAIINESTCCIE .1 CO- •
CODFISH -6 tierces for ealo b_y
01 ; 1 7 500 bu: for 5a1501%,..
rj ASTERN WALL PAPER—An extxnahre
iJ anitrunt, haclonsa ma? kind .ad damirtLozrost
"'"Zie l ' illlttrfamt. 8S )1.-ktiic
TJAMS-1.0 casks for sails by
Bior'il i lo cr ly
u y a
IO MANNERS' 0 20 bbls. sra,mated pare,
r 5.51. by • 118. BRIZRZ,
57 Woo: M.
L llki aewprime) for sale
ij by my! , EL,Aimi4 COIL
VERMILLION-432 Itmari--.—"-----esterlala
--- A6'B
VIAPER--3Wraiuz.,jga. tu:Rmsiii4a)
WASTED, and the Digh.rtma ial e Mar th , p
sod Tbbd eta
ba. for sale by
- 1 • 1 711181.Das • rsoukut.
• - . - no Wawa. one-
ifIRED RIBBON cst. - rea . Td per ex
....J....Lama-25 'cartons Of Aces very destratde - Cermet
.. , a" " —.__ Sb. *ltatlf. embracing all the different widths
ettentlolt Of wholesale eowetaers le
ebeettolir bribed to Ma tame extetelo• oaottt=t.t
A. J.
iIAWN 00.
Bale by
Dug a. d . YAILNk.STOCK a CO.
TdrITAR EMETIC-501 ba for sale bj ,
„„ 1 ,. m r sri IL A.. IMANMOCK ♦ CO.
SALMON—SO bblo. and LL bble. No. 1; f or
----- by ' ag3
••• JOLLV WATT &(y. 1 . 1
H ERRING -10 bbla. No. I (slew) for sale
Baassuncia 11011RJLIf
HEMP --45 tab" Man. D. R., f •
.y.O AM= A. nrremsox • cof
4 ACKEREL-50 bble. No:3, for sale byl
E tiLIS4I SPLIT' PEAS—Received adci il
005 wawa sat Testanz L. .
-Nrecutore' Notice •
NeOTICE. is hereby given that th e in ,..
dereiClad are the le - gair otturthated 15ee..... at
estate et John Skit Ili ~”. tozo of lodisaa low DAM,
ittol7s ettichte ::'"u'*. L 'ath rl e l 'iM tleiri tb olib tr;r: a am, mo r.'"."' ld i rot "l"M :
make Immediate parmeat to either of the meertheo.
tiir IIaNSLNOL,IyiT alto
j. 13 Je..ettS Rowntom.
Portable Threabiii" g Menthes, Separators
and Corn Sheller',
WARRANTED to be thorougit r bnik
calutor, 4 o o d u: ' n o,"' I :4V:TAlttriii. UP S I
hr.. 1.44 1 ,170.. ' no Thrashing me beenci
i eampect, are easill removed from Igoe. to
I. + ,I, 4 Av e = T,,, ..... oith same/ tratrailkat• la hamar
better work. Store ru te= r ) of them% noirrsi In
the We/Meru States, ard es mut East of th e kleonatains.
Moor of them ham thrashed n. PO to Ino,ooo WM. •
:I ' 4 ite d e . e o fgra u ti h eyont . , te b is h." Won yte, as 1e%7:1
m well as anr In the tr...
The Separator Is Rota's Patent, rite liwthe. f . .., -:.
moot. ood hi attorlnd to the Thrmher. and compiebir Miv
mates [be strew and chad hvan the min. and has gil.
entire satisfaction Irbeneeter t ri ed. mut. bat In. ro.
er to ran it, and - can be attached to any Thrublog AL.-
chino mvw need. The advertiser. oho have the nen of
welbok Msby for this Sewed. in the Stales of Penns. ami V.I and all math of thove Stelea mid Me
Ohio river, and root s of the .ILimiselppl rim , and all of the
State of Ohio, except thwoonnt. of Tmunimdi mat Colima.
The °ma Simile. is also Roet's Patent, andis one of the
bed In me. beluga...o and not likely t 0 ... _
.. not sal of order.
We have been - building ead vendlog meweateensa., . Pa
thine. Tears In the oily of Pinsbnrith, and totewold
coat t r .";,f, b r• g rtitzt . ....,.... u!..b, , ... ooNgTod ' , hex.
P erupokh:dog.lllrecein Intla the kfachine &draft,
um= ed with directly. how to retie . in opera..
N. .—All Ihmktreavacrented to work well. or ;ma..
my3lnetnS --
Executors'. Notice. •
kni: PERSONS indebted to tho Estate of
Abdlei Ramsey. lets or the dty or Pittsburgh, dredt
are by notified to mats immediate payment. and thou.
torlreettell 11 . 3 leCLBLABLi. tem
• A Vegetable Compound.
EIMER'S BALSAM, en znfallible rem
angel, IkaVuor Arotinedger.-
&Me "Medi under au odeurnarnowea It hen beat neat
, T r lkWy end nerrer felling effect, by Witte of our moat
practitioner. of medicine: slimmer introotteed,
for the lent too or three rms, ea per certlitattee scoom.
Panting the Madeline. in punehtst hum.. Hundreds of
caws, of both Children and Adult., have beencoral lad
12= byAuLatz r a Balsam, after retry °thee !cutely
ibilontog ls ac of anertilleate relative to theair.
hue, eta. of the shove &bud& used in the faintly of the
Rey. J. IL Pone; of the Bethallsr. Book Otentern. of Ude
Au , Tamar have deem It due to you te. say, Oat f.
'rural months I been trying
!b... but with nue.; /mahout:erotic= comedy.
tml one bottle,..nit i t ti. hr t e . noel. litay ie Vi.
: u ;alMte medne for Aare/tea end the
Clocinitati.JYAlt 13/6. j.
!northeast tanner
H a in and :nein cowl{ et the I ' dt"re. •
pof ()seduce Co" on Hain stmeL between &moth
e r th etrev, net/et and id the petediel Drug see
Alan. for els err 9.ASZVretant PICA:With:
;ought.. Alegheny; W. li. bleClelletrid a
te!4=',lllil-2t '1,.," IT', Or. ,a-
c o rm
Leightby &Greg& Weer. '' itoloru w. It. we..
Ehothet.b: Perry Batter. Beltran:net. mrinvautal
Thasolnturs of Partnership.
ILI? Partnership heretofore meting be ,
* torn thisubeeribt
rmd : de, under=t ILof _
of Separn . itor, u*o lhV All " N.ansjorlebted to .aid Err? :gb
v ere sell an thee of tit • euMbec k arg nettle i lit ea
notabolotetS JAMES B. LICOG.
VARM FOR SALE:—A Pint, situate 'in
nutb l lnntiondem Womb.' Westormadand countA,
_244 sum of good , be land. Je.
. "'"'"rolfelPn tlerber .rd or th"r*— = l :4la7 6" britoug ...
g beer Bleck laer. t an
the Penney! anis was
hoed, and one inile - trZ.l go vide /
ei • terdOretilciireentr
.ist of a two ston• Log Denii/log Hour, lterik Barn. tarn
anze i tge ir and seo=thVd , Abide Orzt , t
tie. pretnisva.of B.OBERT FLWETLItY.
• •T; • ' a Notice.
LL persons indebted' to the estateof Wil
dothr. stirtag"4,==ll°Tflgt
haslim Maims are requested to preseet tom. dot auttints.
Daunt for settlemmtp. Str AA/103i DRAWDY.
jellneetrY Administrator.
mat e ,- 11 • Tbe Wear .4 madoat.
effrotivo remedy for SYOA3I3
ear aro diwor
TaFrom B.B..I4,BbAYTO:ciEIt Carioblorla,ll/rlsart
tar. Tor t ' ll ‘ l, 1 nee
years, soda farms% know,Usi l l!
ea settstaaion iatolooly. O. Th1w...1
thurhase It for ow in Clef
ath ad t 4
Dar thathat
pLo ithout err lath of tie. for ceirral L
", , '!nblel=i,..dh"l.'
!ae remedies atm. tar suaers ' were terrible, em
atm. sumo co
the attacks I thoughts. wookl din. lat length:. bee
~.. i.
let a thatarels dose of lour Vernalfore, which, about a
di)Virth•lattrtg.' Arrltt=torthiTile=
amber ' sttiak ocgrad wh. I gore a.ther viol of the
SO warms mond - is
Oort Molina perfect th. aral Prorldenes•ro owe,
her to yo.rermifuge. R. B. Clarfliff,
Carioliseths. Mu., Jan. T4d, ILSI. . • •
.Tor sae by' B. A. BAILNESTDCEC C 0..;
• comer of WarlAtral Kra Arab,
JellasS • and by atarhants georralifl'
Aew •
THE Life and Times of Catillf,
the mat Bathroom Imolai.. from
aman of Baal Hearn .2 rola
•• lands of the Bream, a Bursa. of oat.
easel Tweet; to Itutctr.c. 1 .1. cloth. •
IY.thlathe's new ram,—the Authority of Gel, or Are,
bateraaaatl. arravalon: (Carom/
lath of the' litr F
Cbaana by .11. : II: ather!.
Ilentoatto and •
- 1.44 rs to my Popo:, with No. - retire andßiathyalal .
Saab. of Mrs. L.ll, Sstrar,,
Mato. of th e Her. Watson Dos rrith
1 4ra.era i l.s.l - by Her . C. 15 5c01tra...D. ,
1.1.:Oy .4 Prsalce of losehiog. tla 2 .ltha
t .
Meet 'thstatle'iba„ae"l'Vrill'Llit'uri,`i
Nob by the author of r4.l,l.tewilthrotatu
Lira of the Exam of the o thltread.e..
'T ap p agi t attitl 'by Far. Welter Colt., late ' cl
The Wmbito the 'stator of .Conanunalic,..t. roleb C. We.
misr...lllOstratal. •
• • •
. Liras of the Qua. of ED frvai th e Simms
qua. with enoolotoe of th eir Com. 11 rola, Moth,' • •
Memoir of Rea ....smar 11 - auah, D. D, with alortica
from ha epistolary arrmnamleorr; by the r.... 141.4
Uar. D. D. The above works as for rale
mthlthr/3 A- H. ESGLISH 79 IF ocd
WD:low laand Farm for Sale.
'VHF persons who were highest - bidders for
•1_ LIN Annoy Island Faras et Lb. month of Cow Creek.
%sod co e Th. In Ootaberhut,)assdny.follcd to esszlyvith
the terms or sale. the eube. hor will Naa oar lc - elk.'
on the manse; at habil. attetlon, to the higha.t ah:l test
Uddel'aPh TharadaY. tho lath day cf,holy,at.l.2 a anal.
about mo jrase a awl farm, Sne.ndath ell th Sorg=
manta. canalanng ar • lane two stor7 brut 1131. e.
In the man substataled meaner, and well antaaecl inside.
• with a wel t tral water ediolnlnir. • dory. 0.4 a toe .
orchard of tattla deo. • Urge end antetatual Mt* brick Waling. &lats . ': toad
&V: bitittrl,o„ 44, the A . :oh*, a two nary M . :
and sawmill in good repair. harms two tea of
O. eaw,' with abundahaenr coat and linies.occ.• aal
o f
priallarent the as al' • nomad to, the transyartstasu of
limber. coal. ix, to 'the thy w‘er, than, era
ebbs% 165 acres of c 1.4 eau= land qf mew.f. hrtllley.
shoat tO sexes of e...• upland, and the ba4nce well Um
bers& - Tho Ahnle te baths beet ceallaton. and I.sev...- 0.1
lay forthrs yarticalars, sad for• slew of eh,' armlet/.
oP 'k r t"l tt C ' eall b' Pa b l c' lt; tw pa- o thousand do:tarifa he
Za/4 down. and the e ns rel I. Yaw anntud sey=ente.
with Interest then the day of eale—the
whole W.!. settled us at each anneal lutynsent:
• anyl7netelh. . •. . W.N.l.,itadelGA37.
• •
Orphan's Court Bale. • - •
ity virtue, of an order of the Orpliani .
jai Court ot Allegheny roomty. the anderrlgu. Gum ,
Ulan of olin. and a. Margarenor ehlblrrn Elyra
ThomPrenb hate nt Allegheny *g mi utty. demand. h es.
pan to tUblie eale on me premises ou Saturday the 25th
4:lat gone, A. D. DM, all that, mearnage or tram of
_,Meta. situated in nunoeintannni r bounden by
i' e d 4OnMittela riser, DM lands of Betley's, Jame Do-
Clem A. Applegate, and. otbess. pity ears.
1 .4.1 Pan MA hYPer tract. boureu nuardrur
Taras e gaide kravrs tt
Asaux LIAM= ienaxam
Medi/A f .
Cdatzaontr____ o, chray chsaa:
• County . hyr Alkalwhy, S, S..
I N tho Court of - Common Plena of October
:Dm, .41. D.,nth No. W.
111 tbe matter •cd.terrartlamcosat&eclt.
der eCluta, at th e ltulator of D. teeth Co., a
T. McClure.
Atd tow, Jute M. ISt!, on =too of Elzorpe P. MAID
toa. Ammer of Joh. Cakluell, ► creditor- otAkaaader
McCaw. the Quirt appotht J. D. Bradt. ron.f..maitit
/AM ararard arA to distribute' funds It the panda et the
asethtee motto& the tledthers of the acid Ale.tanderoT
Flom the ttecord. GEO. S. /tali. Ile
bete k beaalq beta that I Will altiidd at "ma
So. ED, isich street. Plitaburgb, au le4aJtily
gi:i.att,;l..fclockuv4.3gr so.arollejaript_._aja
i I Pro L Man d evllle's Serif. &ea oQtrs.
ra.u. wee, Cra, - r
WHEREAS the prizw.irmi"..3lr.lsst,.: ;
scu.a In thls Watet hhel ' . 1)
ti t h
Tejjl, 11:1N - Wr i n t ! Mende:ltt ra gg a tt 4, 4,.....,
I , 117..........t.k. ,,d, ti; ul. ie. - - 1 - .
,11,,, T11d„..:,/j.:lll6`"tl:4lthff.l.:".l7::,.s,...jirate.l:!.:Th'LtL'"":.:lsl
~..... .e .. eva , hnh Lt attainable ilittiand
14:110I‘red, hat the icleette n
In the 'event school. In this el""'"ctleent i'"'"'"..".4
that l'lr:rsor 31.dmiles • Eeriee on r 4 "`"""" f l ' i
t r . ,.
~,,,7 =sil nevi heneefort " 14."'
isfrelthr:ttee the .4tntet. .., .
. 2_l_ ,,
girrsaulten. COMMERCIAL Cos . .
man Of Third_ and Mark. • strnrto. floral A- 0
Tbo a ......rterrd Inaltaao of Abo Mod 10. Dolts
imonn OMN
ta. PrJarana, Principal lastruchrt , Ltin a
t ot _ •
O. B. La tham. Professor ,of Toonnaotrai4, hiereire.
tile Clomputatioo, to.
AbIi.MOLL M. Weenoo, trig . Lott - oar ota CotosaraVal
Bona or Totarcro.—lion. Wm. 'MAIM UM Janes
rh0.... }lna. John Dream um. ch.w. Zi_sylor, rf
+ 00.
_ Ilatnoten. Con. W. 11. Lome. Dr. J.,CaaaarA.
oda alai
Atakroon. raq, Gea. J. K. atoorr-O.J. Joaato• Dork.
/ok.irjaistro 'loner. Zoa. . !. ~
Corchaarr...--Jobn T. Ccehran. Artorier at
Loy: Junes Taster. Merchant H.A. Prior. Accountant
oda/Amato ma miter thL Duaattalmo at oar war, -.Dad ota
rain Instruction Lod.tridoollf. both do).od ore resin to
entitled, will mein. • diploma,. emu brae 1a...1!ya5.1
DosnaWna. &amines. -
Those &raring • the mall
knorleaao of Boot kona
Poornoolhip, La. will bear lo nand toot tals ...; , r
caua e m OpUege altar kind in Pittsburgh Cm=
Dona adarolool to O. K. Chamberlin, adz ../..1,......,
' - lialkyli
...1 ETTERS of Administratibc , on the ate
of 80 , Jana dottrel% lois of Ditlobttrtal. dectolOOtl_
have bp. grootod to the tottionittnott4 (oboe cat unot
.uott). All mums Inolobtad to r.od Lotto. am rotototod
n at 4 " •itlArd= 7 ' '" lti b kr 4,1 r "
Attoroor mass:.
Very Valuable Steam Grist and Sar7;*,
AT PELVATE SALE ' ...... 4
I WILL SELL my MILLS. ;situated - "It!
epeerly an thelloncamtVa Elver. (known: ei til
tae Plasantellle Stearn 31i14 1 .nor allee abate U.-
.bath. and four pollee bcprehtorrm,ateta Clty. /rashr
townefdp, Waeldnaton_totatAy, • The above fpriswty la in
peat numb . % easter.. ns. 31. M. retie built in ././.....:Te
13 OM TIII2 OT SWIM, sad paw. fir &amber M. - i.Ctl.l - 0. aa
one at Porerrey's(bra breatara fr. the .1.1111 Thera le - ersso
sleeted vitt the )1.0.L Annan* of Pont—a very &r . ldt‘p
Won par a Boat Yard ors Weer Zatablrstonera. Tiers
sand Leo twve gad Boos. and a tug e ar an/ ahant aritt
atm a/ Cul Immediately to tta , e rear a/ the 11111.7 , 1 h•
property te heated In every rich rttfervari,_nd la htWe
nap to the Pittsburgh mutate—only andles by wa .
end la b, tanct. - As me1....1.. the cmeit7 cit tttenntr.//,'
W any ane eating to parahare to ( beat/ nattr intat
tors, and Flour Itereluote menially. Title ted.lepo
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