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Aritiniasonio and Whig Caanty Ticket
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• • WA LI KR P 0 SIPARR of Peebles.
• lizxur W. WILLIAM S. of Pittabargl.
rarspirt frIAII COM
LUSE, of , or.Ottlinit tranoss, to WM. B. M'C Pittaburgh.
, • Augrxun Stools a c ril: 7 . ,Qu f a tr a 11 , ! .. mmass,Ar.
,-WM. • .THOMAS L. 11 . 31ILLIN, of Allegheur.
- .IOIIN MCLUSESY.of Hoblaros.
_of Pacmden.
• , OMa. E. APPLETON, of Blrallsghm.
THOS. PENNEY, of MlCeerport,
' JOILY ,MLLLES., of .Indlana.
• nomoto..
• • SAMUEL VAILNESTOCK, lif , Pittrbursh.
• , • ALES.../I.ICILIEDsON, of •Allesho.r.
mac or Tns enrar.
. JAILED )1. /MUSE, of PittthurcE.
• JOU" or Upyer scare,
ROBERT A1:40, 4417liburgb.
RN. WEST, orAllegheny.
4011:: SMEElTC,ot.3lVmdlese.
• •
- . Then is a letter on our first page, this morn
lag, from, HORACE GMSELT, 00 the subjpct. of
Americum arts and manufactures, as indispensi
"ide to national independence, prosperity and ad
: vaneement, which we commend particularly to
bur democratic friends; and to this end we ask our
; • arid; friends to give them an opportunity of
'reading it.
It bears'the unmistakeable impress of a warm
patriotieheart, smarting under the taunts
..;(: of Englishmen at the smallness of our progress
in the mannfactiring arts as seen in the great
•;,, . Exhibition. These taunts could be.herne with 1
! patience, - were our people rendered unable to
: • . „ compete with the rest of the world either by want
of means or deficiency of skill. But as no pe0,...
,... vile on tho globe excel the Americans in skill,
• ..,': and ascot. country is betteradapted to there:aim
,, , ties' of almost every thing - that civilised man
•:".• requites; the cause. of their tieing behind
. their older competitors in' the arts is to 'be
. sought in something else—and it is found in the
' lack of that fostering care, which other wise and
. - r . arigacionsiloreinments have ever extended to the
• '.
. :. industrial pursuits of their people:
- ,
.13y,otir policy - we have becniostering the man:
1 , . ufactures of Europe more than oar own, by im
• , Peeing dude; so light as to be less than the .dif
-...' -* .. femme betimen the cost of the production of ma
•.. ' ' -lay . articlei there and here.
- , There the denseness of the population, and the
• . contequent necessity, on the part of the laboring
• classes, to work for wages which will barely keep
, them from 'starvation, enablea their large and
' . well established manufacturing establishments
• to turn out their:Tar' inni fabrics, whether that be
-'pig iron or the inst- -finished tissue, at prices
il ,
greatly below thos at which similiir articles can
be, produced i-here .eonsequently the American
capitalist finds it-finer° to his advantage to be-
COthe an importer than a manufacturer. It is of
little consequence, to him whether the Govern
ment protects American manufactures or not
- lie can adjust himself to circumstances ve
- 4 readily, and make money, tariff or no ta
i tiff
! There is another Class, however, who have
! . already - invested their means in manufacturing
establishments, who have suffered severely from
• the abandonment of the protective system. Some
. .of them have been reduced to poverty; and the
• property which cost them much money and labor
hint - fallen into the hands of wealthy capitalists,
. ,at prices greatly profitable to them, but dims
• " trims to the former proprietors.
. .• ' There is • one very large class who find it im
' poesible 'to adjust themselves to the free trade
_ • ; •- policy. sititeut a great redaction of profits. We
'mem the-farmers. The experience of three or
c: four years—ever since the corps of Great Britain
- and Ireland have been of average abundance
- pores the utter fallacy of the American fanner
expecting tii find a profitable market in Europe.
The serfs of Russia and south-eastern Europe
are competitors that he cannot cape with, unless
he will be content to put up with Weir wages
and their fare. Say, farmers, will you agree to
that? Or, we might ask our free trade friends,
our '46 tariff men, do you want to reduce our
, firmer, to that grade in barman society? "0
„ - no," say our free traders, "we are, above all
. other men, the friends of the farmers!" Very
I wall, as you are, if we may credit your loud pro
:. fcrsirms; but your friendship has already robbed
• ; them of at least a dollar and a half on the price
of every barrel of flour they produced out of the
. , . crop of 1860; with alait prospect of a like pro
. : Stable result in 1861. No doubt the fanners
will be very grateful to their friend; and give
them the onlytoken of that qtitride which they
desire—their votes. The nominees of the Read-
Mg Convention, It will be borne in mind, are of
- ' this class of farmers' friends.
. - The laborers 'are another class deeplyinterest
ed in this great Aneatien. It is, however, a
misuse of language in, our country to designate
• any particular class as laborer:, where a vast
majority of all classes labor, and where any man,
whether proptieter, farrier, employer, or Ma
• ployen, can hold up the hard and horny and as
. .. , a badge of honor and certificate of worth. Still
. I • :there is always a- large class of American chi
- .sens • who labor for hire, though the majority of
• - -these who are sober and industrious, saner or
later become proprietors, master workmen, and
employers, while others fall in and fill' tip the
ranks which they left. This, after all, is the
class most seriously affected by inadequate pro
tection. With the wealthy Masses of manufac-;
. • mere it is only a question of profit and loin;
, with the farmer it is a question of advancing or
. standing still in his worldly affairs; but with the
- laborer it is often a questioti of bread or Mt bread.
. And if the Government persists in the present
policy far a few years longer, it can only result
flu the depression of the working classes to the.
abject audition under which the same classes
groan in the over-peopled nations of the old
• world. Men and communities are the creatures
. of circumstances; and if the door into be thrown
. open
,to the products- of the ill-paid tither of
Europe, then nothing but the same grinding
System of depression tan prevent great numbers
of our people from being thrown out of employ
meat And this evil it greatly aggravated by
- the multitudes who are thronging to our shores
, from Europe,'and all seeking employment
Btrnes.Comrry.—On Thursday the btit
the Whigs of this county formed their county
ticket. For President Judge, Geo. W. Smith, of
Butler,:vas nominated, subject to the decision of
the district. Conrention.. John R. Barris, of
Mercer township, was placed on the ticket for
the Legislature.
The Dettmcntts of Butler county harp nomina
ted Gen. John N. PurrMnoe, of that county, for
the office of President Judge Oen. P. was for
merly Adjutant °energy this Commonwealth.
MACAULAY AND Pi:m i .—All , who have read
Macaulay's History of England will remember
the . serious charges which that writer brings
against William Penn, the founder of Pennsylva
nia. Whether' Mr. M. was instigated by a set
tled purpose to injure the fair tome of that greet
man, or merely erred through mistake, we can
not pretend to determine ; but from the promi
nence which he giirs to these charges, it is diffi
cult to exonerate him from a foregone purpose of
defamation. Be this as it may, however, it Will
gratify Pennsylvanians to learn that helms mis
taken. A, London correspondent of the North
American says :
Mamallees charges against William Penn
bin been rotated by the discovery of some valu
able documents relating to the life of the Duke
of Monmouth. Penn was accused of extorting
money for negotiating pardons for persona con
demned,to death. A rash book has been found
by Mr.. Boterts, ba Which it is recorded that a
Mr. Pinney, an ancestor of Wm. Pinney. Esq.
M. P.. was condemned- to death, and that his
ransom was paid to one - .George Penne! Docu
mots which were searched' in the State Paper
office by Mr: Roberts for materials for his life of
the Duke of Morunontb; show that Mr...Penne'
was in no one instance intended for. William
pen.; therefore, the founder of Pennsylvania
is enttrolyounlpated from the serious charges
made against hie memory by Mr. Macaulay.'
'the latefflood in the Brunitaippi above the
month. .the. Miasma was the highest ever
known, but the latter ;kw being less . then
it Wu in 1844, the water below was not so
bl menial feet as in that year; 'Very extensive
dionapo Lee. been' done} particularly long the
Uppe , r iffissiseippl. We ate gla d to learn that
all the 741113 X u now fan/uB. '
t A STILLIMILRY Gantimuto-,On next Tues
day afternoon and evening a few ladies lain an
dertakext to have a “strawberry gathering" at
Wilkins Hall on Fourth street in aid of the funds
of the Pittsburgh Infirmary. It would be dffi- .
cult .to imagine a more pleasant way
_Or apend
aSocial hour, and partaking of one of the nicest
delicacies of the season, all sweetened with the
reflection that by no doing we are helping to sus
tain one of the most deserving of institutions,
and carrying comfait and relief to the suffering
rior. On that . acasion, " the luxury of doing
gdod" will be a literal, and not a poetic, fact.
liFFlrarav'e Pananexeure. AND Livrasoot
Lea or Pacarra.,Wm. Floyd, corner of Sixth
and Wood streets, iAtaburgb, is agent for this
line of Packets. This line offers,great induce
ments to immigrants Who 'desire to come to the
went, because upon their arrival at Philadelphia,
they can immediately take the railroad and Penn
sylvania Canal to Pittsburgh, thus avoiding ex
pease and delay. The ships five in number, are
all of the first class for, comfort, safety', and
speed. The Mary Pleasant, lately arrived at
Philadelphia in 24, days from Liverpool. For
particulars see advertisement in another column.
(Correapordenee of the Daily Pittsburgh Gazette.;
New Your., June 12, 18451
News has been received from the agent of the
Tehuantepec Road Company, now in Mexico, to ,
the effect that in ninety daye the new route will
be in successful operation, and passengers taken
to San Francisco in eighteen days from New
York. Under tho new arrangement travellers
willbe spared the annoyance •they now suffer
from the want of a proper' anderntauding with
the Mexican authorities which baa been so great
as almost to prohibit the tremit of passengers
across the coantryf As noon as Vanderbith gets
his new route completed . via San Juan the mall
line sits Havana to Mimes will be obliged to re
tire, for no one will submit to the impositions of l i
Law's line, after otherrotites are open. On that
route one has dirty beds; very poor attendance,
and a table that would disgrace the commonest
way aide inn. 'Were the quantity of this pair
victuals sufficient, there might be an exctuse,but
it is a most melancholy fact that one nerer
enough to satisfy even a moderate appetite.
The Spiritual. Knocking People have taken the
field with various new publications, and- have
neither diedor lost any of their impudent, not
to say impious- pretensions. A paper of this
class now before me, under the title of "Disclo
aures from the Interior, and Superior Care for
.Mortals,"claimathat "the circle of Apostles and
Prophet are its,conductora from the Interior;
holding control over its columns, and pemnitting
no article to find place therein unless originated.
dictated or admitted by them,—they acting un
der the direction of the Lord Supreme." It con
tains editorials dictated by the "Apostle Paul"
and "St. John the Divine." This sheet mast be
considered as the leader, for the editors of the
others only claim' to be inspired themstffres,
while this claims to be edited by actual residents
of the spirit world.
Although the rote of Sterling bills, doe's not
falloff, there appears to be a temporary cessa
tion in the shipment of coin. Very little went in
the steamer of yesterday, and none has been en
gaged for the ship of Saturday. An arrangement
has been made to shiptwo millions of American
.gold next week, butthis amount will be replaced
by the next arrival from Chagres In the face
of the exports of coin the stock rather 'lncreases
than otherwise. Nor is there any reasonable
fear that future shipment will shrink our coin to
a point that will affect our currency. The effect
of the changes in our Banking laws has been to
came a good many Individual ' bankers to aban
don the business, the rate of discount on their
notes being so small that circulation does not pay.
Some of them intend to transfer their capital
across the river to New Jersey, and ander her
loose laws manufecture a currency for our com
mon use.
Measures are in progress to procure the mod
ification of the tariff between the United States
and Canada. Modifications much to the advan
tage of 'all parties, levelopin as they will a trade
even now a source of largq profit to the public
works-of New York; and the mercantile inter
ests here. On the part of the Canadians very
liberal advances have been made, but not acted-.
ed to on the part of the administration, which
deems the affair to be more clearly within the
scope of Congress than the duly of the trasty
making power.
The daily press of the city has received a val
uable acquisition in. the "Courier des Etats B
aia," which commenced on the 11th its daily is
sue It is numaged with an ability inferio, to
fesepacers In the United States and is well slip
ported as it deserves to be. To a student of the
French language it is one. of the most valuai?le
aids, narrating as it does, the tells of the ay,
the most attractive literature of the Continent,
and as a whole presenting to the translator a
treat.daily such us only could be obtained else
where at a large cost. It is in contemplation to
commence a Spanish daily paper, bet its success
very doubtful =leas the. Cuban Government
give it theiiaid, as in thiecaso Of "Ls Croat*"
which is wholly supported from that source.
Business in Walt Street is dull, andstocka fast
getting under the influence of warm weather and
consequent absence of people from town for the
season. All kinds of fancy and some sound
stocks are lower. Nor can a permanent advance
be looked for in some time. A large number of
stocks, which have, been very active for acme
time and much operated in by speculators hare
been gradually rising until they are now 50 near
par as to be no valueless for speculation :a dol.
lars. They have while advancing Tamed into
the hands of holders for investment and will be
seen an more.
By the last Steamer's news Cotton to not only
firm but shows a tendency. to advance. The pan
ic in cotton as zonal with panics, has carried the
staple below its real value, and people now find
that after all the production of cotton is not in
excess and barely equal to the consumption, nod
this for crop of from 800 : to 400,000 bales,
present rates are not high, i 3 fact hardly up to
the fair-market value. Holders here hare etas
to force their stocks upon the market,and the
market looks quite atrong.
Brno:lnuits remain remarkably low, and but
-little chance of an advance. The small supply
wanted for export, and the large annual hatreare
of the crops of the country unite to give us an a
bundance at rates that do not fairly nnumerate
the former. C.
Tee New Portatur Law.—The Washington in
telligences published officially several long pa_
pars containing the construction of the new Port
age law by the Postmaster and Attorney demur
est. We copy from them the following pitragim
graphs which appear to be most important.
The postage on all books and on all other
printed matter, acept newspaper. and:pariodicOlt
published at intervalt not exceeding am mon the
Cmdsentfrom the office of publication to actual and
bona fide _subscribers, must be prepaid.
On letters to and from Great Britain (and' tie
Continent of Europe, when c ent through England)
the natant postage and modes of rating will he
the same as heretofore, except as to letters to or
from California and Oregon, in reepect to which
special instructions will be hereafter given.
Oa all letters to or from the Continent of 1:1e.
rope not sent through Englenul, the United . Btaims
Inland arid sea postage will in all muses be co ht
tined, and will be twenty cents the single ra
withont regard' to the distance the same sae
carried within the United 'States. The mode ,of
rating will be the same as heretofore.
Under the provisions of the 24 aection of the
new postage act,' no newspaper other than pvl.
tithed weak our, are entitled to circulate free
of postage in the counties where published. The
office of publication in the office where then ewe
paper is printed.'
A newspaplar is not II periodical within., the
meaning and intent of the provision which. re
quires the postage on periodicals to be pe,id in
advance, and declares that the postage th croon
shall be one-half the rates previously opticitled
in the 2d section of the act. All subscribers to
newapispirs were and still are required 'by the
provisions of the 80th section of the, act of
.11arch,1825, to pay one quarter's postage in ad
.;II4IICCI : but by se doing they are not entitled to
have the postage reduced below the established
rates. •
Paymeuti in advance on newspapers raid pe
riodicals can only be made by the enbsc fiber at
the post-othce where to be delivered. Tbe post
age on newspapers, periodicals, and other mat
ter, not chargeable with letter postage', when
sent oat of the United States, must bop repared
at the full rate. Publishers may prepay post
age on their issues, but can have no d.nboctlon
of postage On account of , such prepsynumt. .
' To facilitate the prepayment of postages .npon
litters and packages, postage stamps of the fol
lowing denominations are provided and furnish
ed by the Postmaster General, pursuant, to the ad
section of the 'act to reduce and modify the rates
of postage In the United States, and for oilier
putr, seas, 'approved 8d March, 1851, in
Ito 1. Printed in:black representing the !maul
ofyrathington, of „On dencatbtation of twe he
N 0.2. Printed in red; representing the holed
of Washington in profile, of the denomination, of
No. 3. Printed in bine, representing the hired
of. Franklin in profile, of the denottunattott;nf
- These stamps will be famished to one or m ore
of the prinepol pditmasters lambent:sty, It fiti
will be required to supply the other postmasteirs
in their respective vicinities, upon being sad
fortis =wants ratiahed.
All other person: wishing supplies of stamps
can obtain them from the postmaster. at the coon
ty seat nearest their residences, or from the
postmaster of any other office haring them far
. -
The five and ten cent postage stamps issued
by the Post office department under the provi
sions of the 11th section of the act of ➢larch 3,
1841, and now in use by the public, will not be
received in._prepayment of postage after the
30th of the present month. Therefore, persona
holding any such w“l, as soon as practicable af
ter that date, and before the thirtieth day of
Septembei next, present them for redemption
to the Postmaster of whom they-were purchased
or to the nearest postmaster who has been au
thorised to sell postage stamps. •
IOAD.--The London correspondent of the New
York Commercial Advertiser, says:
Mr. Whitney's recent letter to the Times has
caused offers to be made to him to supply what
ever capital he may desire for the commence.,
meat of such a road as that which he proposes,
either through the United States or Canada.
He represents that there is a feasible route
through a very large extent of good agricultural
country, suitable for grain crops and pasture, by
which starting from Quebec, the Pacific might
be reached at Foes straits, opposite Vancouver's
island.. All the parties interested in Canada are
therefore looking to the possibility of promoting
Hach a scheme, in case that, owing to the rapid
filling up of the Government lands in the United
States, the course first suggested by Mr. Whit
ney should become impracticable. The English
people would rejoice to see the enterprise carried
out either through the American or British ter
ritory, and the desire of all who have emerged
from the wretched delusions of national selfish
ness, would be that It should go by the best and
shortest way. If this, however, is prevented by
difficulties on your side, I entertain little doubt
that the plan will be tried with regard to Canada
and will receive sufficient encouragement.
The individuals by Thom the offers in question
are understood to have been made are practically
acquainted with railway matters = to which in
deed they owe the possession of large fortunes
and it is said that in consideration of a share in
the ultimate rtsulta of the enterprise they pro-.
posed not only to supply the money netesse7
for the first ten miles, until the lands could be
sold for re-imbursement, but also to pay a bonus.
This proposal applied equally to the scheme as
regards the 'United States or to any efforts for
carrying it through Canada. Mr. Whitney,
however, has resolved, it is stated, to let it rest
for the present, as its acceptance.previoue to the
next meeting of Congress could in no way hasten
the commencement of the undertaking.
A Ouse brvkarros.—Tbe projector of the
"Baby Jumper" may properlylte called a bane;
factor to the human race. The amount of cont
fort that he has afforded by means of his elastic
suspenders to the 'infant in arms' will be told in
his praise years to come, when they shall have
put off the garb of childhood, to enter upon the
pathway of a more mature age. The number of
taus those touching monitors from the pent up
fountains of the heart-t—that this humancindivid t
ual has spared to his infantile friends, cannot be
enumerated, or even estimated. The relief which
the community at large have experienced, since
their introduction into society, has been sung by
the poet and recorded by the scholar—still, but
half its praise has been sounded.
And now another great invention has been pro
duced, which in simple terms, is nothing more
nor less than o "Baby Walker." Aye, reader, a
'baby welker,"Mt arrangement fordirecting the
erring steps of 'the little one, whose limbs fail
to afford the requisite support for such a pur
pose. Its form reaembles somewhat a common
parlor ottoman, though in the top is cut a hole in
to which the baby is placed, and secured from
falling. A small saddle is suspended beneath the
bole, upon which the infant rests, its feet touch
ing the floor. The saddle is uported on springs
which give the up and down movement at every
motion of the littly occupant. The contrivance
Is placed upon custom endear) therefore be push
ed around the room by the youngster, with the
utmost ease.
We did not know the name of the ingenioua
inventor; however, it will become prominent in
time. He certainly is entitled to the thanks of
the mothers of the land —Albany Erprm,
Btoommriam is evidently in the ascendant.—
From every quarter we hear of ladies who hare
had the courage—some call it manliness—to as
sume the new dress. As a generil thing, these
are isolated cases—it being only -here and
there, in any community, that re lady is wil
ling to run the gauntlet of prejudice and gap
ing curiosity—an ordeal to which the adoption
of any material change in costume is necessarily
exposed. Lowell, however, as we an credibly
informed. Is rapidly becoming a perfect Bloom.
erdom and already the new dress is the ruling
fashion. A gentleman who was in the city of
eplndles and spinsters yesterday, informs us,
upon his honor as a bachelor, that he saw as ma
ny s_• fifty very pretty ladies, adorned with the
Bloomer costume. And the dress makers there.
as oar informant learned, are so overran with
business, that orders base necessarily to be giv
en some time in advance. One hatter had soli,
within a few days, es many as two hundred of
the Bloomer hats
A Lars BREAS:7A9T—The Canadian l'artia
meat In session at Toronto, adjourned ono day
ItUt week at fire I'. M., tokireAlkst. The Mon
treal dotuder thus notices the matter
?niers to a public breakfast gives by
Out Earl and Countess of Elgin, ou Wednesday
evening, at fire P. M. .A breakfast at G o'clock
in the evening: A very ingenious device to cave
tine Governor-General's port, which, after all, Is
reported not to be of the very best vintage. We
'wonder when the Earl and Countess of Elgin
dine. Our :staid, sober ancestors used to sit
down to that meal at the meridian. Two o'clock
then became the fashionable hour, whence it
became later and later, until it reached six,
seven, and eight o'clock in the evening, which
gave occasion for the sage remark of an Irish
butler, that he believed "the giinry would, by
and by, put off their :Lauer till to-morrow."
AN ANEMIC/L+ INVZSTIOS. —A correspondent - of
the National Intelligencer elaims for this country
the original conception and Atot development of
the principles on which the Crystal Palace has
been constructed. The princiyien upon which
this greatest wonder la construct*d were un
doubtedly first conceived and promulgated by a
New York mechanic, Mr. James ITogarduQ,,now
of the firm of Bogardus S Iloppin, w•ho have the
most extensive if not the only estithilshment in
the world for the construction of large out Iron
buildings. The Crystal Palace is at present the
only complete bulldiug in Englander this =tarsi.
Mr. Bogardus' invention embraces bat three
distinct ideas:—
"First, the application of cost-iron for the
purpose; next, the bolting together of the huge
pieces composing the frame of the building, to
that they will not only withstand any probable
strain in any direction, but also, if perchance
any one piece should fail, the stability of the
rest will not be disturbed; and, lastly, the con
struction of nil the joints much attar the fashion
of the joints of the ordinary cast iron ten-plate
stove; no that, while allowing for the expansion
and contraction of his metal under all possible
changes of temperature, whetherifrom the cold
of winter or froman accidental fire, his buildings
shall not be objectionable on account of exposing
their interior to the elements."
Mr. 'Bogardus
,visited Europe in 18TC. !le
went to England in' the. hope of being able to
interest capitalists of : that that country in his scheme.
The subject was urged . by . hini there in vain for
a year or two; the British writers on mechanics
generally concurring in the belitf. that he had
mistaken the capacities of Ida metal. The scien
tific principles.npon.-,which the construction of
cast iron houses are based were applied for the
first time in England in the construction of the
Crystal Palace. The iron houses which had
previously been built there are all of wrought
iron, as are all the iron buildings so far put up
on the Continent, as well as those which have
been sent from Europe to California. The latter
are joined and stayed on the principles applied
in the construction of the steam boiler, and can ,
not withstand the action of fire, ad if made of
cast metal; while they cannot tie put together in
a day, or be taken apart withontdestroying them
well nigh as completely as—though of brick or
wood. The writer of the communication In the
Intelligencerdoubtless does no more than jus.
tice to Mr. B. when he speaks of the importance
of his invention, but the Englishman who con
ceived and so successfully realized the' great
work of the Crystal Palace most scarcely kor.'
render the share of credit due him for the ireat
scientific acquirements and mechanical ingenitity.
which he has exhibited in its construction.
Foreign and American Hardware.
No. 129 Wood Street, '
• full and completestock or FOREIGN AND .I.IIITICAN
aoltable L'ar tha eprlng trade, aid which shay ape prepared
to ear to purchase:, at 11.A741 that will ammo
faeratidi with any of the ea tern
irrErery family should of once. procure a
Dottie of the great AnibtaiXtmegly Ihr zonli er bead. alb
at IL O. Parrell's drabianll,lelsonnt. It alleys Ilia most
wens. yak. Is afo minutes, rerteres the lynorlal Eold
or joint water, .ad Chas ./re otld kill* It peneteat.. (hi
pe.t, t the tone. relaxes contneted eards, - turee
tiataid limbs of luenty Teats' standing; i/so,to
utemtisitelled seek, eblbriiclatnt of the glands, and to the
teat medidne Sas inmate of cattle mwr dlsrawr. I. mink
sonar. .parlor, splint, and all Mamas which matte an
soma applientdom'l Bas advertisement Jae
gumyersurxii, lluntingdow co., Pa., Mirth 'AL
g. M. Krxr.:-...Dear SO, Your Petrolinui la workltuf worr
drys is thlm " - trinity: therefor we would thank you tometul
us two dozen by the Penasylvaolußallomed. We to. etr
timely out, and it Is being lrAnired kw almost eregy Aar.
Yours, reepectfully. • JOILIg 1.0:113.A OA.
• Mr/Amu; Astilasiox, 0., !tarry fol 'AI.
0. M. Maw—Dew SO. Your Agent. a lkiw womks dime,
left with to bar darn kook Oil. which we here sold.
Plum fonsard to ns mix Amu bautwillately.
Youi tualletris is working wonders In this reed& We
eau obtain several excmlleut certilleites, if mon desite them,
Yours, Au, W. W. SCOTT.
For We by Keyser A !McDowell. 140 Wood mtnsph
Sellers, 07 Wood street: 11. L Vahnestock, k =Mar
Wood nut tomtreetr. D. 11 .0:3 , 17. D. A. 11111mTt. Joseph
bouglams. and 11. I... Schwartz. Allegheny, also by the pro
p:Jour. T 0. 31. 1117../4
.111.14w:3 . Venal Bamin.gerenthst- Pittsburgh.
LIKE OIL ABOVE MATES.—The Ark - . man lean 'tell
gOod medicine by trytng It. nett as tan tell .good
dinner by eating It. II And one an tees It . and finds It ells deatroy the popular: with the *hot. city.
You Van't Intendoce • medicine I nfo pointy, d al e . it
Iposseases refulysubetan Oat virtue !mete= all bad *Ciento
et valkl objection. and 11 is this fact that has established
the reputation of Compound Pistil Extract of Bar
eiparills,' beyond all cavil or dlsYnte. Its action capon
the human eyatem it in amordmmerith rationial utd phi
-I.,•iddral yrinciplee—it promotes the ration.. eacrethms
and exertions of the body, removes obettartionfr.diaphteen
morbid and diseased matter, strengthens th . l atottiselh
and dittesti. organs, mates y pore.. t
n,. healthy
mead, toad nnrylatee the VALtiOW fiIIOGVOZIS of the different
organs of the body: Thht la all rerfereffeel eithout,ths
least danger of harm, the preparation Wag ea mil at It
is efacacioue. It may 1.. thought Ify the akeytlesd, that It
purports tc cum too many dismal, but tontLegamitur
Um, it mill be found that • largo Majority of t h e
tr bleb allllll the human family originate in an Impure
state of the plod. Ile not deceived, then, by other Bars
Families being offered ,100 by — Lein: nellerrhf molaases
end enter preparation 7 as n substitute for the ediftlool
John Bull's Sarlayarilla I This voluble preparation the
premector aserents to be surctior to all othon.
CArrtax.—ltaware arnl /A Our o enal Dr. j
2ML, Samparatafroat have:Loather Bea
al vart.lsement Ern I
aualher page. .
jeliMitsr3mS Tyhnleteg .
e d Retail agent
VB . ' MaLANE's LivER PIRLa.—In offering
this medicine to the public, th e pro ' victors are well .rare
that they have to encounter a b My generated by the
...time Impositions which hare n palmed upon the
Public under the shags of pahmt m Mum. We Lee corn
Tinned. however. that It is only n to Om them ne
reedy a trial to plea It In public es matron E. above all
medical agents of the kind ever ofttred to die public. It
Is the Mention of an enlightened. eknertencsd, ani leern•
eat physician. who for tunny years spied it in Ids own pear
tice, •hen Its great success Induced bhp to otter It to the
public at large.
Tor sale by J. KIDD' i ' 00."." -- '
ielt.lB4•ln9 ' No. 00.14c0d It.
Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
Moe No. 41 Water street. In thearnrehonse ofo. IL
. . .
C. G. Krum President...._.....a. -W. khakis, Prey.
commny is now prepared to Woman membandhe
In straw and In Damara. vowels, kr.
A ample Fumanti . for the ability and Ihtegetty of al.
Institution. a adorawl to t h e chat-rpm of Us. Dirlaftm.
who are all deist. or Pittsburgh. well and &ramble
known to the commutate for their prudence. Intelligence.
and in.grite.
Dratcross-0. o. Ilasiety. Wm. Dagiln Wt. learMii"
Jr. Walter Dreant, thigh D. King, istwahl licatichm.
John personal. S. ilarbanah. P. 11. Klee. moixtr
Pittsburgh Life Insurance' Company.
CAPITAL, 8100,000.
Fret!dent—Sax:Ls S. Hoax.
ke Prreiderit—Ymn . .llct..l.rati.V.
Trestrmer—donee S. Luce.
S.werecia,—.C. A. C.a..
B'S.. u!eertieement Ip as..tter PU , of Mt.
[Mr. Pursaeonf's Hosfeafai.l
6: lath, contributora to the empty *rem
ory of the Vittaburuhh4ria.7. have 'anted thck
contributions In order to give • Ho Nlc. on
tuNeRNOON AND EVENING, Me Ilith hut, at WIL ,
HALL. Refreshment* In the fora of Ptrawherriea
.4 Cream, tee' DV.. este, ♦ Coffee. 'GM
Lemonade, with eubstantlais, melt ato Gam. Tonga.,
wlll t a ble.ed up at the call of rlaitors,
Seweral of [amp articles at veep eiriderste prices
will M found In the Hall at the time.
Ticket. of wantlsakm ONE DIME. to be had at IL. door.
01 7.31
Boy Wanted.
ONE who understands working about a
Ijous, from 1. to 1. vats of
Scarce and Desirable Goods ?
10.' VARIOUS STYLES, spec' this morn
Lera4-e De Lune, Marl Itvlios. Da,
61.03.22 e. ae
Attention in tarifa.' tbA
s, Ae. r choloe
W. n nQ¢etme¢t of Frtrucb
WLi e t Skr dres
W. INYTIVI, to-day crt ta-tuorrow, font,. N.n tort
/btu Liam., ten
Now — lkok al
- A - EAST a Problem • reprinted with ear
l_ tIon• and aliftloll6. fromfrom !mere Magazine.
baleb rrc Flebt:lnto of lb. Puritans: by the author of
.'Penekirs In the a
Life of Mrs Ilartaret lialtland. -
ILL.:try of Cleopatra, Queen of Ecyn% by Jacob Abbot:
No. 14 of Pletnrial Fleld Book of the rievolothe3.
No. 7 of tnnalon M b ar and the Londern far.
. ....... -
Tb• Oro,. Books justtrtived sal fur We by
17 jL C. NTOCKTON. 47 )1.421at at.
Id•=l:g4c , , , LbriTtert? V•ll.ed fiu
a blnytoot to . po ervwukri
gi:lthetartntrje J=.l=„:" bus .
ILL .otaliltat Tllkawieal.
Coc.r•phfral. Met:Leta, I:maoaleva, Pi
ocrayblcal I/act:cm-WA. Lowy, and held tooth, with
Noun, cr lb. A. and .11•oufwvarrt. and • . caNI , alba
Ev•nti of the Time. from MI.
COTCII BURLAPS-2 bales suitable for
sr,sil Hen. Alv—Z. , ) Wool Buts, maw atol gool
or r. for see low br
p•l7.Gt - KOPErlrbeti t RIPPEILT.
BE.ESINAX ANTED—The highest price
corb he pad for treigurdity.
fr. 4 COIN Iia , TOCT. .
',RAPE( r SHAWLS, at reduced pricer !.
A. A..IIASON & 4 . lllo..enuttheirstock of bel
ti IA plata tad .mbroldertal Cram yr.., to.
darom ft , nl 4.,m, prima Call rank and eft a & barinla
4:.n1 64 11,rket eV3.I,
I AWNS ! LAWNS : at 6} cts. per vard!.—
A A. A. MAFON a co. aro Pow offer Log the splet •xtre
lore kA of eLe4p LAM exialbaJAl tbss ear• at Of
mires,emu per mat up. 2Da attentiun of to.
vampn V r...roLctfulir entiettal. nl7
bstedetertnitunt to elms out the balsa. of their dock
Ilet• kt matt,' raluctal Tbe . oMe.
"0 of lulls* Is sulk-Okl to the Orme rods.
'RENCII FLOWERS:—The attention of
ally knotted to our larco gait
'trenc Flower, ohtch ...u. tow eloglog out at Ivry no
dueod rot.. ion) A. A. 114&10 • at.
e Co. sre• now tinting out their very largesteekof Boo
tot itibb3ro.M •ery mluord Call and .ura 11
you grant toryrdn. N0...93 sod 04 $14.1.ct rt jal.
SEJIA PER lIANGINGS—A large susaortmen
treneb and American Paten. Ihmenp, always • •
and end tele 1. P. 11AP.8/1A LL.
017 Word at
jel t ltl, 80. RI) PRINTS-ro ,
kip A LA TIMR.—LAJiegi And Mime' &ng nteived
mu. fur W R. P eni ALllllll,
017 105 llArket
SPA I.llElt 'net reerly.l• great r•rtrtr of w•
Ilummer Bsunete, lOU. beautiful emd novel otyle•
Sles'e rad Wye' Ilya d, ea5....1 other Lint.. " Jell
pIIEESE-52 boxes, now landing and for
‘../ eel.. by ISAIAH DICERY (AL
y•l7 Water and fiord rte.
gr lIEESE-200 boxes in store, for Ede by
J•l7 isou!iDICKAY k CO.
INDIGO NUTMEGS-4 — M consignment
be sold sigma la slaw th.a ,
lATIIITIE'S celebrated BRASS BAND.will
vTallman In this Ottglen TUESDAY EN ENING,
Jane 17th, roommeneleur it l.galrtB o'clock.
The cream beat LINDSAY' (11, Iplere of the Chleflalnl
1..,,. her larellog Immeediatety below the 004 Allegheny
Zraige, at Ure begintdror of reel, hoot. Ornolbus
leaves thelkorner of YlfthArel Market c u ret revery half
boor. Allytroolog direct to the tearlee. Atlmlttanre
eenta children free •Iteneecorepanll4 by thole ts.
)cl4Yt J, udrAlq.
YEW 111181 C.
uu K LEBER has just received
• When th aro
rcthe frietth of my youth!
roam wi a
Farewell. If ever Lunde. prayer
Temperance Anthem—Unheated to the Tempera.. Su
&mg of Mercy. P.W7 hum finny.. Pilgrim'. Prawn.:
Ply mitt. ye cePhrhu
The Keemake—contia mum
Oo where honor—ham Colraello, by Verdi:,
Dzinking.b " I b .1b "
The celebrated calmly Song, by W. V. woh,„ ;
mweaight le ateeplom
Tb. Bur of Love, • heautlfal ballad by W. V. %Vellum
why nays are gone—aa !snug by the Isiah Swale.
°O /a
carina .
wewrietta, Wallace Concert, lOW *peak, Ilamburg. nob.
ion Polk,. Alm. • Doe eeleciloolUof 'may teaching mu..
w,ate e e.mei a complete aseurttemet at Violin..
Flute Muni. Third Meet.
.1.1 6 1 Sign Boldest M.P.
N. B.—Now arriving. a .4.1011 lot of New Msg.
Mc Nl
.3.. 1 6 Sailing front Philadelphia on the ::4.4;
ziditl/411, end Lirerpool au the let of each
limp MAN If.PLYIA/lANTN, B. H. Deena., YuIe,. PILY.NANDOAII. Wm. P. Gardiner. Molar.
PUROPY., Nathaniel C. Hurls, /tutor.
BNALIN. Alfred P. Peoltti, hinter.
PILACKANIAXON, (new.) W. W. Well, Master.
The abort. shin ere belle of the bent and meat OMIT
maternis, and an noted Mr the rapidity of their panaron
merit.. Stud op win all latedT Improvement.. ere Pieat
thoroughly ventilated; end me unrerinuoied for Mete so
commodallona for Annul iltun end &woo itinermer;
they an commanded by men of ecknowledard talent, ono
ere emnalled Am their expolenew In the pocket ocrwke.
Penmen. ‘ deslrone *of brlnenn their friend. from M 1 OAI
Country eon awe cortiltes of amain, whlntt will lw
good for eight menthe, and our proper inland end LI,.
<nod will roman them with t Informatin and
Introit on. relative be their thwure. •
Per the con=egiaizncers trichina to reml
gatiggiu discount,' ha tw citi9 ed tra
the limb et Peat °Men in the United Kingdom. •
rpipProrlidmis rupplied pamengen coming front 14 ToP'
peel. •
Emr meekr MI following cuppUni will be tuna.'
each pamenan of a Me pm,.. tor am. and over liniltn-bread.
Irma. Mow oatmeal, ib.auvir. lIN tear
.4 it
lb. 03011/4.11. end lb. port. Under II piers a um,
pppppllifis, 1 lb. perk, full allowance of water and min
eget . . and half alloweri , re a .
0 4. 0. sl:_ m gar di g a m y lm.
No. Pi . Walnut 11{1ftic PhindeirMai •
*MAI U. •
erinta Birth amt Wood MA, Pittsburgh. i
MACKEREL- - -1.15 bbla. Large No.
" la Ik t
LINSEED bbls. pure, for sale by
UACON HAILS-10,000 lbs. superior quill
II sip Ea . sale by rOBLSON, LUSLE &CO
245 LINalYs.
ACON SIIQULDEES--35,000 lbs, fur sale
b Jela ROBISON. larrix au.
SipWCON—iooolbe.Hame,'Sides, Shouldirs,
'AI tor nal br j. 16 r3:4"lrawiluxam..
BIICKETS—Z doz. Marietta, for sale by
jolt' B. a R. ELLIMAVOII.
FEATHERS -2000 lbs. for Bale by
k~as. W. FLUID. MM.
E GGS--300'doz. for sa o l . e a by .
skr. BAUM.
„ DRIED PEACHES-100 bushels dried
To Ibllinem.
GRAPE LEISSE, blue, white and pink;
Florence Silk •
Cram white ant black;
Bland. ',Mtn, blue. Piz] , end groan;
Artladel Ilenters, i,, f .ale Sr
LUCIFER 3l ATCHES-250 gre. for sale by
1 UFF PlNS—Just received, a , beautiful
. any assort mesirab
and d ent of
pallerne. plats Gold, Huey Ensmelled. api oth
le •
W. W. WILSON. Jeweller, Ir.
PIS Cl market street, =nor of Fourth.
i OLD SPEdV;COLES—A large assortment
Jad cuentlng; taro, Weer and Steel of eret7 kind.kinds of Glasses. of the beet quality, carefully allud
ed to the eislou according to the principles of OPllcal
cora Pebbles put In to or.
jolt Cl Market Meet.
UIOTASII-10 casks for sale by
j.. 14 1111111 DICKEY ICO.
VICTORIA LAWNS-30 pieces rec'd and
V !In sale by J el 4 C. ARBOTILNOT.
1 MIRED MUSLIN-50 pieces desirable
_lffi MO. end quality, fur tale by
Jell C. AllOll7llliOT.
W 0 1 0. : TWINE -500 lbs.efoArßletl.Atg,T.
Notice to Contnurtora.
ijEA.LED PROPOSALS will be received at
the Odice of 11. D. HIND, Fourth et., until the India
o July nest, for the Oreding of the Pitteburgh and Ccal
UM Turnpike Rood, Dom Ent Liberty to the corner of .1r
cob kutrartbi garden fame, In Ilitiersville. (whole number
of ruble paid. estimated to be 18,000.) Ridden in thou
prcreaude to Rate ceperately the price per cubic yard for all
oradlng orPEuirerVe MU, alao from the foot of the hill to
Pan Liberty. •noordlng to the plan of mid mad as to be
at the eMin of a. C. McGowan, Pao, NMI et, abide
all Information can be obtained consernlng raid jrnidlot.
IL D. /LINO, President i
11. P. Cdflf'Pecreterf• '
'I4I,XTRACT OF A LETTER:—"I have just
visited Derrick's new lintel. In the eery beautiful
themithy village of New Sleight., on the mat bank of
the Big Beaver rim, In Beater county. The house Is
mily • delightful one, and mast afford a rerry plegannt re
treat flow the amok* and deist, and broiling elan of • sum
mer% day In Pitteburgh. The rooms are Mite and alto.
ilie beds am all mv and of - the very Pnest quallty. The
table, as I judger:um an accidental and unexpected
is neatly am even sumptuously epees& linteed,very
thing about the house Li well calculated to Write visitor.,
de and to se ll
those who ha's once Ibund their way there,
away by urgent beefless. The convenience
gettingof there , lou Is no alight bulucement Omnibur
em ran regulerly from lice.hester, at the mouth of Beaver
neer; and, from the portico of the [lntel, ma man could
aluet pitch a biscuit Into the canal, along which paetete
cod bther emit boats ere femme:Ur passing. In • very
nilort time • mill greater conmnimme will be added—the
Pennsylvania mut Ohio Relieved wad one be li:operation,
end the Depot now building la within eightyyard. of the
Merrick Reese . Altogether, I expect thin house to
be a mat remrt during the prment and future smarm
I bed altunet forgotten to my that the Charges t. all
this enjoyment Mille, moderate. C.
jellUt Mt Meet At and charge (Mete.)
" 17•WV17 t tl ' y e T t a th tt4t: — f »Aiwa toeka"
Loud. Labor raid the .11:013 Pc:a ' r. Nos. A, A. 7.
bictlostery of Mrchanter. No. 31
Phakspeere'r Poetical Works. Not. 29.40, 41
Pictortal Field Boot. So. 14.
London Abelemoos. 1 0 0A1. 60 1 .1.
F Lu onlAmteti ri c c s a ,. by y NZDMianlg of Carlisle.
The Warm'.? Morale, On • role —con.pleG.
liirtory of Ferniest's, by Thaeksray—ammlrtr.
The Heir of Waet Weiland. • Mir, by !Ivy Iletritt.
Parables ln Chill, price. 1.7.. Mr.
I larper's Mag in
Tramps, by e Mo
fbrier& tienold; G Mr
az, us
The Slother4co4rr, by the. Bootitmorit.
- The Uold Worthlppere, or the dere tr. re Int •
bletorial novel: by the author of °Wbltriirtart.i .
The WIWI. ALster, or the Forbiddrn Marriage.
Grocers, or the History of•• Portrait, by an American
T dy..
albet argil Demon. • bor.+. by J.L. McConnetl.
International ilmostbte. tar Jour.
Thr Lerronettr, or ettolire of
tea—Delia, by 1. H. !ferret.
Louise L a Tallier., Ay ltun2. Thts concludes
the trorlc.
Art Journal for May.
Boston Phakrbrare. No. M. machalott.
Itioben's Pickwick Paper. Abroad—by a. Pr M. 'Coy
The Pair babel, • Bono hand tr Purrio Now. ,
Zgino " l " )f th ;r m aak g. "".
m. rdroern. by Henry t.})etton. -
114 of Dvreetato•ter: • novel. by E. L. BlaskeliarL
The Ranker'. WM: by Y. & Arthur.
Adventures of Pon Our*. by John that. ..1014
ALCODOL-30 bbla. for sale by
1.11 • ..J. SIPD CO„ IX) Wood at.
tINSEED OIL-10)0. gallons (to arrive)
I for by ' J. 1111)Oa a.),YO Rood N.
, f 1.4 PI RATS TURPENTINE-10 Ale. (to ar
4_, rive) fur vale b) J. KIDD • CAI,
jol4 in Wood rt.
1 Ain) OIL-10 la), for sale by
L oil J KIDD • CO.. GO Wood Id
'DEFINED BORAX-500 lbs forsale by
xe, jel4 J. KIDD • CO, 6,1 Woad .o.
FISH -15 Rae. New Wilke;
5 ti ^ for sale by
2.14 J.A CANPI
QALERATUS-100 boxes pure;
IJ 30 bbl.s. w .010 bY
peld J. 11. CANWIEL.P.
-FLA.S:=II]WTE.;;. fornale by
!)EARL bbla. tnr sale by
11 tot J. II CAN FIELD
t4\EEEUOIL 30bbls.Orislrold'sbrand.
for =Lis Cs. .1014 J. B. CANFIELD
LbOTASII-4 eaaks for sale by
1.44 J. a. curnmo.
VIRE PROOF PA INT--10 bbla. for elle by
J. 14 n. CANFIELD.
UCKETS---,59 dos. Marietta make, for sale
Al by jell J. B. CANFIXLO.
V lIEESE-200 boxes for sale by
Jolt J. U. ckain.t.
B ACON-15 caekit Shoulders, •
19 - 99.191,
104 JANE/3 DALZELL.9II Water 9t.
CH EF.:SE-- ",) boxes for ante by
iO4 ' Us., 6.1 I' mat aLlk
SUM3IER CLOTHS., for Men's and Boys'Boys'
We.% alb.. Twonla, CasloarrOt... Ca.Osovre, ilt, in
grrio twirlr of otti In and pastille, recemd and cCen,l
1,. lo the Atte of
NUI 31URP11T • nunctrritt.b.
Dttrell44,l halm prewln.o • eupp/e of the above Fuod.
ios Lll. maze of • very supra.. ait, • 01-3
pRENCII LINENS, of various qu
remind =1 welling low It altole• of
j•l3 It cavil • DCTICUPI
Wilo WILL SL:lFEltfur the sate
d7Z, ~linag,T:tt. bity -- F-- A".'"'
013 11. E. FELLERS. CT Wood
Ono dollar', vont. baa curled the moo. &Ewalt .
TIMOTHY SEED-34 bbls fur saln
pp J. C R. FLOI
RIC'-15 tierces Fresh, for sale by
-1.0 J. a n. irbor
FATHER-100 Sides N. Y. Sole, for
s 4 by Y•l3 J. A IL FLOY
.4 . lL z
OLIDDOTB fat famed Trannamt
With a rplenclid Gallery of Eerptian Antidultine,lluto
a, and experb Tableaux d likeroblyphical Sculpt Ga.
Oral Descriptloue lir Geo. 11. Olkidva Pirmrrly U. • •
Rol at Calm. Oriental 31tude as each exhibition. X rr
•werdrix at olaht o'clock—Wedruuday &Oa Saturday •
owe, at 3 o'clock; &Ars open an hour Warw. Admhtlou
centx—claildreu half prim—a/took. of pupil, and
over. lo °min—Teachers with schools ye 2
THE firm of Clarke. Parka Co. Rochester,
Pn. le thle dlatdlred by mutual roneent i the to
=l,ot, .o " ° eh. ',..ol,l:',.l: l ;:te=dttt.'ytlegit 4
Gamed ander the name and etyle of Clark n Parks.
All the badness of the late arm to be settled by add
Ilandlton Clarks or IL Perim
tl. M. CARTON.
Plttst.ttrh, Jum, 10, 11,51.
A AVINO made a change in our business
by the pox.. o. d 0 ...
In the
:of eClsrke, Parks the business of ota
o.; 'fie. Union Line to Cleveland.
Labe tkie sod Michigan Line to Erie, and Rea., Line to Eisaillhish
Express Pseket flue rocuctrome.
And id. the boxing. pertaining to Mearaboatscgan
sod 11.0 e, will be done henailler through 4011$ A.
cAuun in% our Agent at imuhrtrin, Pa. OM., on.,
of Wither. and limilldta.4l streets.
4.12 Rochester, Pa.
Sea Ba ape May, XI.
ONORESS HALL is now open for the re.
replica of Visitor.. T r, he , ttopristar. on
tor the
!Va l gi: r. urte ' ort h roglo lb yrtrilr y % . p.
~ 7 1° A ' a rizz,
the prewat sauce, to make bit house toter home. es.
ruhteruenta and acoommodatious, he trusts, will be more
tatisfactory to cuetomere than any which have heretofore
een provided upon the Wend. The era:seethe? hat taken
palms to procure good and attentive oolored wean% nw
ger the cows khan that they are beet suited tithe =atoms
ecul Inuits of • majority of the wrournen , at this
Is. br igh t No.
In good order;
lon bright No. Iten• M
for by
jelg Jiill Warr a co.
at 'd Now.
0 6 and I bbl. Lent
u Lbls. pure Nursed On:
Pepe 6 twist Tabus,.
6 Hemet Frrsh RIM
75 bu. Dried Apples:
UP dorms torn Ifrocoar, fbr We by
}el'.: JOHN WATT. I 00.,
STOCK of the blerehanta h Mtutufacturers'
B. o t ; Nock otth Ezettankib Bank. br
I. KIN°. Banker and Broker,
oil - Fourth 4.
y market rates.aud klkhest permit, paid Ibr Amara
10 par ramie, by 11. La KING.
Banker t Beaker. Vaarth et
Far Sale.
A S LOT on Penn street, adjoining Mat
lb..' stable—will be maid low. If &nimble. the lot
can divided to salt two petwou.. Enquire or
JelO A. to ILKINB t CO.
Deafness, Noise in the Head,
And all DialLormable Dinharges from the Ear,
Speedily and permanently removed:
B B . nARTLEY, Principal Auriet of the
aur at.. York Pita and gat Cualmry, and at 64.30eth
At.vetatts stre.t.Philealeiphia. deenyed prolong ht.
eto - r a elan titoe.
Until (nether notice the Doctor nay be onsonalted In roe
Mx. street,tilmieng . igzip. Wee .tutTbriel.d...ll.
"Ilm =TA Waxed thatiffiatietts it Pittsburgh
enjoy. a Dimmed walk to the deter tit,. and Ise their
Medal aotestatnadatlon Ito 0111 extend his holm of count
beton at the above place, from A. M. to P. M.
MU.. Teem Moo and airman undivided attention to
of apreial prlallON ban •nabled htm talent:A
Mx treatment to such a dwree . or mums fa Etul the
tout ontdgneu cues yield. by • Meetly at.
centime to the magas low
Valuable Zot =Third street for Sale.
fiWILL sell the Lot on Thin] duet, ad
.401.1y& the Upholstery Establishmeot OW. Noble on
one tide. and the Endre 'Llmase of the Vigilant Fire
r. ll ullmle7 an the other. The front too Third stmet.le 41.9
feet. Milts depth tonal Seaga street M et Flot. mon or
ol T ir 4g rk te:oit tr. • "" th cnrM g= l :.'d
the . Lot iambi. In two yews fIOIM the date of
sale The title is perfeetle
.Mtbdeve at the one* of C. B.llaler &ON Fourth et.
Vedfamt Uneasily of Beim, In the county of An.
m. ireism, and ems of Matthew Linden. Lb. dd., of
Inplow, confections, and mho viderated to New 70re ,
in the United state of America. la the 7.0 1660. aako.
apVicattia either In yaneni or by letter, to Chutes A.
ehriumll. No. 5 Wall street, New Turk. he wttl hear of
fin:Lathing to his miasmatic.
To Gardener's.
FEW acres of gound near the city, suit,
ethi.f gmteol.g, for sale. Elynfro of
.3 0 A. WILKINS C. 3.
I , ARD-12 bbls in store sad fae sale by
Water t Erna do.
LARDOIL of Bennett & Jones' rattnnfac-
tam ax•Or by ISAMU DICKEY k
jelo Ironer Front Oa
CORN -40 bbls shelled, for sale by'
jelo 8. F. VON BONNHOHNT a CO.
• •
CHEESE -35 . bas for sale by •
1L) Jolo S. F. VON BON:MORT k CO.
1101ACON-20 cke., received and for sale by
y INSEED OIIrIO bbla for sale by
ifIIOOOLATE-178 bxs. BostorlCVoT — olaie
fur mOr by jet& WICK d IICANDLESS.
AIRY HERRING—for sale by
Jur ' ,do STICK & TdrCANDLEDS.
REASE-10 bbls in store and fore sale
POO WM. and Front sta.
FrOBACCO--125 boxes 88'd of the best
1 Dined, as and Se In Oen. sod lineal. by
Malan DICKEY & CO..
;eta Water wad Front 0..
Beyer' Piano Preceptor.
? Piet received Beyere'
the new, whieh
reds os ed by pri.nrour men in this country and In
Enrope, to be the best mark of the kind ems published.
Beyer, well known se of the most somewhat compmete
for beginners and pupils, hal here supplied • want long
and esserely felt by tbe musical public, els: eleme nts book, progressive and Intoreetbig to the pupil, both to Its
exercises and tunes, thee greatly facilitating and smooth
ing the somewhat tedious and Irksome first ands . of mu
do and piano playing. Thy following lirobssora who ham
examined the wort, are referred to:
doo. YoN. 1"je10
OVERING'S SUGAIL-20 bbls Lover-
Pesi n :ieV r e7 h ` d " P l l 47. l' eV rrge:drvrt'z,"° - a
iota •256 Übert/at.
dims la brim (dardelleua) just received 113, ...
low by WU. A. ACCLURO a CO.
010 15.3 Liberty d.
FRESIT TEAS—Just received at No. 256,
Liberty M... invoke of very ropmlor Oolong and
aison Teas, nevie latest Itoportatos fur sale Teri
low by the half or peon by
Groner. awl Tea Dealers.
-IDIOT CLAY-7 tons Coplefe Pot Clay, No
E. 21. hut received acid for
NEW MACKEREL-50 bbl! No. 3, large
i oew mackerel received ood Ow sole kr ,
%V 00L, WOOL—Cash paid for the differ
ent grades of wool by
finouß—no bbls. "extra" flour in store
and.for ale by Join 8. iR. 11ARBACOIL
mACKEREL—Qoarter libla No. 1 fat
mackerel. Ito store aml for eat. Lr
/9.11A1l DIMLY k 00.
jetll water it Front etc
COTTON -116 bales in store and for sale by
Watera Frout sts.
HAVANA SUGAR.-50 white Ha
vxava . ..lad vt,171 Tristlattem.
Lro Li.. 116 Watar street.
LOAF SUOAR-30 bbls loaf sugar (as
ant.] Iromben)tbr mats by _ _
A 121121262 2 ING/111.211.
NO. 112 Waterraret.
& Co.. b. 00.0.14 reectrl i per=r a i ttoornbay
TIP 1 003 " 2.1.2 ' 110011 . 020017 clisuPwct trl=loo 014.0032. to
0014% attendon of customov Ls lerritad at Na 02 0.101
00. Martpt mt. • eV
More New Lawns.
A A. MASON Lk CO. have just received
• this day, a lavas lot or thole very delft-able brown
Iowa& whieh will gel very etaseD,
WI. at No. 6.1 and hi. Itytet arr.. /o 9
Piano awl Table Covell.
A. MASON & CO. would respeetfully
11ve gall the attenth. of bmiwkeepers to th.Lis 1 / 2 417 ix
enrtment of had r VH.. 4
awl 101. rayon., .1.011.1 MAD", ANn. • .17
V412.t 17lanut tablodabs. hapklnalloilg;Cr,,.C.l hee,
• and W. Martel street jag
The Family . Friend.
BAKING pre p aration intended to on-
C.itit ' 4ll prtduro ll ' mop to or '4" Loal i i= t e;
eerhir,tritly th
ebra lti; otamicart,. The
00. n e a rligionroceeie of bra
than g
T u e=rreTt " lui th e • IsTgone ' reerillioV
keepers. maxim:Noe of public era* Itihrorariep,
t e n,' will fowl no mall saving br
the Family ) riend. Added to all the tidraidemea of light,
arotablo,..holteseate diet Mir eta :gages and Dermas In
fiirt r arit=e b f . o r t 7 o= tin b !nand
. 0 ..0 and enrol,. not forget at thry will 'bo 61 ,, T•
Pelotable—and maitre brow bn . dnot= sooty dlitratiblet
told in battles. at =. and SO crate.
74, North Four th et- Philad MAYEß elphia.
Fide Ascot Sri FiroborAta 0. E. sauna. 0.. Wood
Ott.. 54-4110
Phillips and Maws' New Article for the
World's Fair!
LIQUID GLUE, which cements trOod, stone,
elthmt, 'lan. marble. rutomxtrare, or even =MK
tumour trouble or maparatiom In a dant arth
tle of furnimme may be made as nal ea nee try (NU th
NM powerful °maul The bourelteepas of Mb
:rrtate7ll74t.liet'r'd;:runam...' of fn TllW%ltrb..=
It Cooly requefted to do so. No b ona.shout.* be erltb
zi,lr. b.l,ll;fit
in Mummer, There to DO 9 / 1 1 Cr lb.
P0.,1101/ to meehmare 11. to • re n d Merlon. Herren
ton it—the mem of the State. ue numalmons 1. Abe*
mullet in prat...of It. Don't throe wattle& aver nate
tut trylou Una. 1•11ILLIP8 • }EATERY,
14, North Foul innet. nallethelftle.
' 7lf t :tr i er. r g l:fo . r l 2l l len A r e g;.TlSM D c OVE/ b .
' • -
FOR SAL Kiln' of Brick, Enquire
E—One PCCLINTOCE:9 arcs Worobo . v st
ro No. US Fourth
Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!
V43 . 1 , j1 ; Dm
ra 10 = 11 C y i o . l t i o r r
ro f r urn yo il r ure .,,.. axi m d
and giggly roomfurnitnln ht
INFERS' lr 'Az
ote hale ' mold
extenorlinney billlinney much
enralture as 'mold p
ro 110 on 116 to tate nrearniahed.—
nth pest thing for bantam., dealer, gold In ten
th*, nt 121$. UN, ands teats.
70 North Fourth street, Philadelphia.
Agents Mr Pldebnegb. 13R/11:1.11 t ILEITER, homer or
St_ Chile and Liberty street
R1C .4. 1:— , 14 tierces for sale by
STARCH—LO boxes Bonbright's extra for
p rale by je) mca - a 3rcAmaBB.
VELVET CARPETS.—W. Weinstock has
In more and for mie, th e lament amortomat of Tat
ve Carpeta•rer offered 1= thin market puma Warahoom
No. 75 north rt.
has lo stole andfor ash • lope amertment of mow
n. BrumeJo Omuta, to uhleb b• invite* tho-aLteatiort of
Auotomero. Carpet Wasehour No. TS, Fourth at, J*7
COCO MATTING—For public Wills and
"`"'"-wft'"'"'d for tale) )
jo7 Carpet IF•rohotou , No. TO. Fourth at.
7 0 4 1 7 . ell gwg r Ao:i..= lo w h, r u ir osel= k:
arninUld OM to tOl lALE. clotbc For'dials
yale sad Mall. by WY. A. M'CLUIUG CO.
joi =l6, Libyyt,
,oto for yeast far rabdag 14224 cakes. de., wb leb
4 44044 at 13 per aunt In dour la effected. Yoe age by
WM. A. 31'CLUBO t CO.
JR 2621, Liberty O.
COPPERAS. -35 bble. for sale by
Na eo, Wood 21.
r ,i , , ki r t o, CAtDLES-10 bot . e z a, ,D Erim km e arti
j4 Sall. Wad nt.
EDICATE I) Wines and Brandies, afresh
lotJuo r,0404 and Ibr We by
e 7
No. CO, Wa01164
TAFAN VARNISH-3 bble. (Baltimore)
ex far W. br J. KIDD* CO.
No. 03. Word A.
No. 00. Woad rt.
SPERM OIL--P 3 bble. extra, for sale by
►TANNERS' OIL-23 bble. for sole by
NO. 3. MACKEREL.-50 bbla. for sale by
:6 • • • No. 08 Water et.
to9u.rtbath% Pr de
ka b",
Corner of Wool and Sisth-ftnetA.
CANARY SEED.-3,5001be. just received
eve. tep prime ortJelo of Molly oroMor oak
Comoro( Wool Moth ft:wt.
COFFEE. --300 bge. prime Green Rio Cor
leo. nnenwl and for sale br
1 1 1811-52 b d b o ls. new 12 I,pickled Herring
In 9O loaf bbla do Po_
WW red 0 010 1.1.01 JOLLX WATT W.
C HEESE. -31 bxs. Cheese, reeemeg per
b itmes DALMILI n
, Na a$ Water at
4ARD.--'l, - 000 Ilia. Lard, for sale on con
•lament by T. WOODS t SON,
A 4 CI, 'Malaya.
IL.f-800 gall bleached winter sperm oil
lur - uoo run ad'd
1,000 " Limbed "
00 " vinter "
1,100 6 "
1,100 " N. W.cosst what*
' to Mon atul for tab. by
'll6 No. 221 11y
PLANTATION Sugar and Manuel
t Ulna prime plantation anger.
aµ7 bbb do do =Wm.
;In nom and tot ;ate by rilthara a
.'ksVim = 21J,Liberty et
UGAR Howie Molasses and Plantation
Is ILI. a. IL Malson•-6. James ItalinAlT.
, 10 Man his Manna= Sum. . .. . :
on citeslossent awl ms anis DT
ial. . . XII.= A 212. Uttar! on.
Forty-sir hours to Philadelphia.
Forty-four hours to Baltimore.
281 miles Railroad-103 Miles Cunal.
Being fresfrosa Me may Mange, and parterages
connected eritA p . m Lines. •
Two Daily Lines Express Packet Boata
fi EAYE Pittsburgh kr Johnstown, thence
1.4 by PortagelLallsood to
Two Ilandoxt and Yo &net to , .
rtekats losn era,. morsdrot Xl7 et 7.lglit olelock.
and mu otadnit at the liame bow. '
Yu, to Philadelphia, $lO. Pon to Ralthitota 110.13.
do Laucatter $1 do IlArstatorg
Pasumgen for Balting!re,
Take the York and Cumberlandßallroad,'M /lambihurt,
fin ernes/ of Cam a: that place. Distance Ddiht7
for Mkt.) Time, FOUR hour.
No charge for handling Baggage on thi's_ronte.
ra The Cars on Una route me =sr, and of the mat +DM"-
oonstruction for =fort end safM..
If you dente cheap travelling and comfortable aomm
mxtathro. secure root tieheta at
. .
J. P. HOLMES, Agent,
Monourahila noun.
1851. WBBTBEN 1851.
D. LEE= dr. COIL LtRE.
Canal being i i i „ : , k .i good order,. we are
fliTo P tto arorecalesd 'at :twat ea ' t
ladght..llJ6 platoptotos wad Apatob. The brats and
Coll aro owned and matron/A by the proprlcto NHL
1 lading traosolltlad, sad all tostroeboas progitly at.
bladed to.
Apply to, or addres.
HAYS a BLACK. Prorblorata,
Canal Basin, Nun otroot, Plasbargh.
narofthlit PL S . P 3 /169 1. lootTV:t”
oMrner e U PPlrkl i tMO D Eali a . I A? "
No. 76, North a-, tiaras.
I. U. PEARCE, Agent.
i.e •
•• No. 7. Wert stmt. Now York:
la 2 1851. Milig3
VI. Brownsville and Cumberland, to Baltimore
and Philadelpida.
PYRE MORNING BOAT leaves the Wharf
A above the Brid dolly. at a'siceit predsely. ma
cneeiturywlth th• ease St th=berlasal neat morning.
Ikea /eaves daily (ectret Sunday emoting)
a donut, amneetha, will the can at Cumberland neat
- ursine, at 10 elelort
Time through to Baltimore.= horns- For. 001 7 P.
Tina through to Phlladelbtda, 40 hours. Yam only M.
The National 00ed Is now good. Coadurtarsre with
the Coast. between Brownsville and Cumberland, which
maim this decidedly 1. , ".0.bu1t mots East.
J. 11ZUKIBIEN,42ent.
my 27 00.. 1n the Mononaahela/lonse.
," : I 1 :4: A: • :On:
JE,X PR ESS Packet and Railroad Line for
Chreluid, liana Ins of slog, by Stomas &coo
„trasapressh to Bearer, to connection with th e elegantly fus•
s Z Packets of Clarke, Parks a Co , Ur= Beam
lo gamma. and. toe
r:leralanct and Pittsburgh gailrosd CiablZrM*f
RENNSILTAIML--..--.7. Homo,.
N/MMILt... Tani.
Meagan Dave their Lading ogpaelto the Blononkanda
Douse, at 9 o'clock. A.... connealrig with the /Detail at
}IMO', which mill lai immedlately on the arrival of the
stransar. arriving et Ravenna In time fortheEtuvesTraba
of Cars for Cleveland. Deana ere by this law ..t .
Cleveland In time to take the tlauroaa Um of nausea
for BUFFALO and DETROIT, and the atesiners for Cblea.
go. It llama* Toledo. gaadosky City. lhankirk and big
alao foe
Dabs of airs for Xenia.. aid
'Cinelnratl, CLAIRE. PARKS a CO.. Pen
r Smithfield and Ir t e j etc a,
apt -
Ela 1851. l A it a t
On the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canals.
THIS well known Line is now prepared to
~..„%frdnP/1 -M OTIRGH
Th. facilities of lA. Lbw.. saiddiiiood In ombor.quaL
..d oneddrof Hods. expedience of Cio, and of-
Acter of AgrAts.
800 Ikat Mares Pittsburgh sod Cldood
coneoctloa with Lino of monolboata beureeJlM
*CII/311 and BRAE= And Lim of firatelmootemobodta
(oxopoller sad vowels) oo the lake..
Parks Co..kToriosstosen.
M. B. Taylor T• arena, O;
A. a.. h. Ma r c. Newton Falls, Oa
C Prentiss, hartrons,
Brayton k Gs, Coombs.
Orinnel C Trsobil.
111= C tlit = 1" O ' s "
Rendus. 2 Pettibone, stsrolnahT
Peckham it b&u, Toledo. 0 • .
O. ik yo.„ . Datusit, 1/leribratii
• bousemast tio.,Asiarsztkle,
t ie. A- Gibbs k Co, Chleako, , •
Tboasas lisle Clan:nor 1.
]Otte A.ADOITEY, Amt.
• arl eor. Wstge sad Am thesid • Pittsburgh
20 bags
w r . xl a d: . ) for
o • zi o . by
SALTPETRE—_O kegs (refined) for sale
m 4.30 147 First. WA U 6 &cord A.
mos..—Gokt.Gol4 and Vohot, Baguet, Tapestry and
Orosomatal heath Pape, of vationa tarodltie. atal
prima b salt the aroutotaanees of alma. every elan of
costamera, fat oda at Um catabliaboonot of
jay= 11103163 PALMER. 66 Mutat at
P a IRON-240 tons Ben's desk;
nos - Mill creek:
5 " W 551115 t 055 for sale 07
m 7211
ROBISON, L1M,: 1.5 S
No. 255 15rtY st.
_BABBITT'S Double Refined Solerattui;
pu tup in We e .d Papers. a 7 palm
irbj f *th-
Orman •T. pow. •
11111CR.-20 Tierces Rice in store and for
jeo os. =1 lAbenT st.
ROMAN CEMENT-2 bbls., for sale by
rISTEGAR-30 bbls. pure cider for side by
ld & P. VON lIONLIOLIST a co.
irnressE—so bre. W. R., for sale by
R AISINS.-60 h to r s d es
d IL Raisins.
jay No n t RS, Liberty M.
LOUR-40 tibia. extrs family flour.
do aupeebe do
= ln Ewe mat te d. by
ItEESE.—.2B boxes Cheese just received
1 4 .EMON SYRUP.--60 bis "TurnerY2epa
, rrrup, consl....t.mrptanioN.
LARD 01L-10 bbh. pure winter
do No. 2.
lar l6 10 by J. ECTIOONMAKER k W.,
• , No. 24, Wood fit
I t t . ' you wish for a real treat, try the T. Hs ,
moa Tr. selling kw $lOO pee lb., at MMTIe .11irt
lu Dturrtal.
WOOL TWINE-500 lbs. for sale by -
V • Ind =EMT t 16:15.
BURLAPS - 3 balm 40 inch, for sale by
Jo{ L lIYt LrE. •
001,--aah paid for Wool by
Isa .3 . , 31V1t111Y LEr.
.111NsVI) OIL-1500 galls. ppule, for sale
63 'A Wood street
BORAX --6 cases Refined, for salo by .
LAMP BLACK-40 'obis. med. for eat's by
DIG IRON-33 tons Allegheny, for sale by
.14 J. & R. PLOYD Round Cbsssh Delfts'.
VINEGAR -50 bblr. pure Cider, for rile
by J. t 11.5LnYD.
BROOMS -150 doz. Ohio, for solely
Je3 J. it k: /LOYD.
VlSlT—llnekerel, Shad, and Herring, for
iale by ja J. IL PLOT°.
TAR -30 bble. Boston, for sale by
/a J. it ILYLOID.
MANNERS' OIL-27 bbls. Bank Oil, for
sasnr- J. H. PLOID.
MOLASSES -200 bbls. N. 0., for sale by
i.s.l. & R. 'LOYD.
bOTASII-30 rash pure, for dale by
.163 J. /I IL FLOYD. 1
114 ACON-5000 lbs. Ilog._Ronnd, on consigq
msst, for We by T . WOODS SON,
Jea Waterr st.
IJIDES-34 Dry Flint, for sale by
.111_11. S. a w. itertearon:
BACON -7 casks Sides, foraiile by
13.. t. W. HARB.IIIOII
. ..... .
FLOUR -100 bbh. New Lisbon Stm,
eet te., far ma* &-w. runnel:lan. •
Brandi*, Wines, • rte.
ItIiAvTNG• completed arrangeteembe with
nom.. to &room eoe other Dumps= au. Lm
mentlan of my orders, 1 am tbm enabled to nos to
Dealerawt "mall sidearm orts importatloo ma;
1 3,1 1 . 19, X=4 . a .. .11 li23ltpgA t e finest demdption,
Attantlon la lavlisteto Ilat. Le bo.:
/JO Pa git .i n Bordeaux, arilkootio Ilrandles, ln .
,arjgtold. =carman EberriaMfbas
sad MIMI= q ry.
or 4 oaska 31adap r a, of way
baikato 9 0mnlInrehr Da= .. l and
140 lama Claret Winn.crarlom brands and vintages.
300 eases Santoro. and Mama vintailm L 544- 1•
45 culla Banter. and Claret
la alms Old Holland and dohoydam
10 mme.b . eons Old Sortob and lrlob Whiokoy.
4 ao parlor Old Jamaica Dom.
90 mks merles London Drown lltom and hatch Ala
.I`;'With _a constant if of Lm
Monfmtla, Cbarry pottl law" sash la
..g . the•lithegta qoamata. Bra.
lama `kotook of trArayA SZISTARS always on nand.
ill of *blob 1 wlll offer on favorable toms. •
Orders will be executed Intl.
A., tob,..o A rda , lthlnopol
at lowest :atm
sod Dealcr, U so Walnut dam;
opicra. adladalsids,
B. T. Babbitt's Calibrated Soap Poeta': •
WASHING without labor! Warranted
to talk* the Inaba oat of • table Loom .ta \
Unortooto von Usa•-7.t your nintne. Ina'. itandeat
f rantity of and water to dna them. Woo add taro table
:rards M ole &SP Powder. to earn al; quarts of water
ttvea with lf the water Le biota odd man of
obe Pardon sad bed them latt 'Moran In ' tbe Ow°a th..n
Irato thraldom art a Kira, then pm th.m In a tab and
• ..1.1 sufgotratt oold .ea that they will not to no by lo tta.d* Thn the din e Mo ra le. Li. to ratter words.
save them ash e n
Me. nano/. and that is mildent to
tbem k
N. B.—Then Odai
no nun In Ws &op, It tlll leans
Fe clothes rav7 w .ma m bad MI, rad!, se man
atet do. Them . oast Id the manna! used dm act
• , stSt tl : o titt ,
ft g u st* s i nthclo k sla ten persons.—
T td. ts • Po• - tkr ••• Loner will onal a twelve pout. fondly ant
D 111,1032 POP USS-s-Tga. say sit emu to of toter and
tti n
van the Powder Id It, than let it
a. my en mi.-
... then add it q att. said widen die tom Intimately
traether, wad *et tt my where It will not freers. and
when cold It will be very thick and ma While gem, and
w ill waah well. &MIMI not at the bawl. aka odor loft
Otra. Om tot the Mahe.; Can be need .al
hard or nit
,x stet. by =Alas lb. posaltf Into Ids toasts tnatesd Of
• tral re. Tbs Port &rap is beat adapted ft r washing eadeo
strd woo holesllen gado I
Sold wale oral clonal by R. F- SWAM,
ha No. N. Wood at.
Tput up in qurtrt bottles, and con
td.. tor iniengtb of In rums as much pars Manny.
layaa tiny snallar peraration Amerlen Prior one cc&
prr bottle, or six bottles tbr fire dollar,
It bar been a wall establlatred fact for i run Nate that
6:naparills. Whet pore and properly prentoid: tern W.
only Me. panaora fortal diseases originating from aotw
pore stab of the:dant. tbe we of mercury. lotoalcatlng
drinks, evil habil. tnyontb. barren., tn. Ws boldly
anvert th at AIRY .8.1.'S EXTRACT OF SARWA
PILLA tho only preparation before the yobbo that l.
prepared on strictly Wrenn: prior:plat
tcharal mi l, of antlbrni
=and The r ry po ed Ugt ' botog un7cl,l==i d o
thr strbstest• .et: " r..a, milts gennlnrowsbnertintat
Ware being wont
banaparilla also rooter:a ther ir DM of .areal
otter nenrahle together formtnr. the CON war
pne,a, and prod the greatest earattra agent In the
known norklL
'Scrofula or King's Canal% Tumor, cruptlema of
glare. Nrysipalat. Cllronko m was
utam. Terntrs.
Pains Int6:a3d Lite ga & Ittrautur
be Bow orJol tab
Id a s i rt= o rbre b leg
ih knottna. 716
.. . . .. ..
i lialnoye,
Lon .-,-
Abbe , '
tits. dmies
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HLOOM§-20.1 tons Soft Tenn.,for sale by
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Extra Fine Oolong Tea.
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THREE-PLY CARPETS.—Just received
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ORPHIA-50 oz. for stile l k y
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CHROMATE POTASH-750 lbs. for
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SEII 2 EOA OIL-2 bbli. fur
TANNERS' OIL-20 bbls.. for sato by ~
'AO AILS--44X) kegs for sale by ..
VOFFRE---150 ba gs . Rio;
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SUGAR -48 hhde, prime7i. 0., for kale by
• L. B. WATERMAN a (Ora; .:
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AIM 011--Bennett do Jones' brand,' for
by • 0753 !SALM DICKEY & CO.
SALT PET E-75seeks Crude, for stile by
,„, 13 • ISAIAH DICK= Co. .
OLASSES-500 bbls N. 0. S; H. foe
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S CHMITZ'S History ltook
of Oreece.—A Mato-
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Proverbial Pallosoyhy, A Modern Pyramid, sad" the pei
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