The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, June 17, 1851, Image 1

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ety on** do 20 00
sereo,oket roeb Club to ba addremel to oode
ba paid torarlably to ad tart All No CIO Yat=ih
tr, aner the you exydir. ardosiithe mawb scot far
,o r y 64;Nam (10 line. of Mamma re DM)
Do. one .....-.....-. lb
Do. trove rn eVAre.... - 900
Bl twelve months . ending Comb, (b lime or less. per*Wtni-un. Ia
One Dollar far each whittle...l
DOmm. ohanamble at .pwartm. (p. 2 enw.,,,
nom) extnct. of the 00
each ablllleval Adm.. h=4;;. - ;:alir" .. r.sal
:tzeath addltlonal agar Insetted under the 3 0.0.7 eXtett
AS= =Lang sins.; talent over Moe o .
breathe be hir4l es a enure and • MIL - •
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Advert-Dements not meets! on the omr fee • epedtled
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thZ e o privilege of astual ad
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oaths* to be charred 60 amts.
notices tweeted wtthout charge. =dem somoms
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. M.pecemperdel to be Balder , , • •
edvertleera and all Oben waling coircomnica.
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Dolmen Outwit; pub& eutertatematta,
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10. GO /Ina am 1n5ert10n......-..60 mt.
4.1 S !Maslen!. telsevtgamente ha be mid In edema,-
• : JAMES F • •LERR; Attorney Law,—Office
. .
/ burnt K. between Sadtblield sad Grant. Pitts.
it/S.' WEAVER,Attornerat Law; Fourth
new: ...irtna "twee Waco, - Pitbbursh, P. Col
•• • attended to promptly. • sait
0. maw, ottnuiri • • Art. , nla
TPLIANT AYLOR, Attorneys at
Leor-019. an Four 2, ctrme.2/o.B2X,bialrlemWMS
• Imitbtlehl Jarrett, httrbarrh, P.
.„ _
HABILISON- sAwial; AtV at Law!
iur ohs. sua. camauswiftriar dim
beonninns As. OfAce—ti strabos•
COLLIER., Attorneys ta
0036:_an mirth street; obano Sadtb6eld. -
. F. WHITE; 'Attorney al Law -Dc
t.''s itor,
• •.1" . .1. Ls. ••d Zdat•Aseate. 14.107 sth
• .Piltabursat. • ' *MO
AMES J. KUHN, Attoimay ai Law, office,
tHtaabureh.o flwoes at Gnat 1614 Dlucaol.
_ .
• e•
TOWE WATSON, Attorteri, Law, 110 1 , 0001. h rame!,: FlhaWmll. ,
6,4 Elands= a
ir.a.ntaxatutre'll:4lEj-`"1t2.,0 5 0 7400. Es 44 Urn
44 0' 4 ` . •
- -
AWARD P. JONES, Attortray at-Law:
vet.. rotirth met, between Wool and amith,
• .PER E. - BRADY, Attorney_ iiti+rt
He: 89
N flab street. Pittstrugh. Pa. ' .*
6: l ;tort:4: l :Att:y)2,:Wsi:l:4:/:1
lID.AOI3.GE .E.:ARNOLD do CO.,Baakers:
/era lo•Exttlangt. Coln, Bank Not., C ol
Totallistreet tat door to the Bank of Pithlaunk
TIC. k CO., Banker.
mid him
• R=ING; Bunker EicluitigeStoker,.
• Fourth *trod, Dealer in Bank Notre, Itlth'ot ler•
and hilter.-.-Seacka boast{ mitmkt - . •
Halfbl haatraarkatFri•—, pall In tonal= far Amalie.
Half sad Blukan.and Bpasah Dollan." • 12 tar
Wid:;..LABIDIEB., JR, Banker and Broker,
it 41b.t 5 .et. rim ebottiointarthe Aga or mamm,
WILKINS dt CO, Exchatig,
• '6' South East Comer or Third ma Mast streotg. eu
HOLMES . Sc SON,' Dealers , in.Foreig:'a
O'andlkonestio =oaf Extbanze;Certlllente• of Do
/Sault Note. end Epode, No. e 0 Market Meet. Pitt.*
hi . 93...o3noetlcnto mods on all Ma nrineipaS dila
-throat tin United Etat. . .
.RAMER 'A RAllM,Bankers . w and, x
thug. Zookeir Nan, In. Yorelte ear lIM
Of Exchmee, Certlbotlea a Dopoett e BeesS Si
• Amer of Third and Wood 'tree% .
rhea Gavle noted. -
__ . „ . • •
OAROTHERS in CO., Banking Bonito,
. lb Wool street, Plitaborgh. Cumentlloosy
' Noun. CollrenionA =DI* 011 1111 lb.
•Ottloof Ll* Uoltol sate ..•
Commisinorr Iklmf:=te
. . WASNLIILIC PLL1CC1L.....—J08110.4111.1.....--MX. Z. HUI. ','
t .i
.. ALMER ; HANNA & - CO., Saccessorel to_
Davey., Er..... a .30.. rt.rcia. rscaascn o ,
&alas in Ymyam atkt Domatte, la:
0 and "11V NW'S es " t i 6w ri -N on "th W" Ltrr l
pat. Slght Cheeks [ oh Mary 1.1 ea ll ecMlll atal. on tar.
51111 au iptialtal patts m Use trattri Stan.
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Ti highest Pal fa rtrtago .am
.staWant tamsttmaimau Igaattalamatatiotitidaa,ihfs‘l44o.,
oft .
, Commthaionenvandlpt
Xii i ni'titttekess pritrorted t! 3 rtti=-Vti
lact article. nlstai,,ll.l Wort st slosccred st.
Z 6 Usitni . = = tr.' iiitsrg,'"- oafY " -
n3:13/3:llrif9lo vfOeFA:izi
113 C. STOCKTON, late Johnston-it Stook
.up tom Danbaler, Statloasa,Printar, and Dlndre, 4or ,
as. lintetiml Third streets. Pittabargh.
&MIMES'. Cheap'Litsiary'Depe,t,
Lreini deed, modte the Rset N
Elubmi•ttons rewind •• op? of
, .
• 'IIOP/a.NS, Bookseller, aad...f3toa
.1.. so, Yeurth ettl•et. , Anolle Ifoltdin • •
J r:l - Lirmu, eoTritcTißenfis - .
Aeedeftr attended AVID BOWN. Ja:, Wholesale i
%Lk. , and.ctio.r. see oarcb mmton
OelteAml Facer Colefectleae..7. del . • • d•er m7al
-1 , C TOOK, Manufactareran.
a • •
V st- E natnepe DCI Stan
.oat • Wa o
Pu. b ra . Wullth No96Yt T
h r
- -
- CrieNT for the eels dike:lntl. Walser: aad Ortkor ; .
N...e wc.:4 Area fitteirent. -.,- - " ' ,
10sNiThill:r d y! ' ' A°A '''"*. '', . fl!di'''-li"! of. Tir
w. POINDEXTER, ccrrner of Water atid
s rifrt....jt b e..b f i% •ftw. T,., 7 . 4
-! =_lsenTrgeWartnesver a c....,ag1.
san'e celebrated-Matrons end Rey - Yorks. at
Aka:sad lanai= &Co.'s laperlor peohoet Tem.
(1.-- A. • McAN lILTY & CO—Tramporteta,
I.J Torwerdhsg mei Oomeslesian .Marehesste... Dem,
ce,,,e • t ite,h0..105 , Venn street, Metro:nit Able '
• _ ! blentazo 3.terenucty 11 . 11. m her e,
.7"‘ . . _ .
I: H. JOHNSTON, Forwarding mid'
rona Iteettaom
.112. - 112 1401.2 gnat,
RE - 11. & JONES, Forwarding . and :QM
laraiint Itachsata, Daalere Prodnad and Pitts-
Msmifsatazed artlel!es. thrual ,Badu, war Smash
ARDY, JONES & CO., Sucatemnd to At
=argatigo..engpFgaitens szuf lormilserfirr
manisActund Gads. Pitia•
oo logtape in ezt i n an? DomesUo , Dry axaktuoi
A- Enthowds:,-vdowaritogicti
— Nam In fnlgn,nut 81:01•117.601dn'atrmark.t.
4. : nI • :• 5. 1, notatt4ls
NM &tall ThArOmds Sferclunts. came Imam
1 p 0111
-.llllN'T ;.t Dentist, Corner of Forth- met Dna= sc. wen 'Jabot on47artrativath
WILSON, Watches, J
akriliaga r tVoo4 3... .. r . o e V et ilsar
P. man 4 1
. .
_ . ,:yS
BA..FAHNESTOCK lc CO., Wholesale
• and onsnoftetonqn of Wtats• io..t,
~n ndinlAynren,,
...nor Wood .11.1 , :lout strontn, lin t s
, . men,
• ^b11...11. crre..] o u•tovau.
YSEIt McDOWELL,lihnoooasors to
-• lo 6.trr a keynnr,) Wlnnladd. OA Antall Drew and
sloe Mom corner of Wont mient and Virgin
Phyaldonf meetirtions'eareful/7 ocaponal.4 Inclit nal
I. Jaw
KIDD & 00., 7 iYhaleaaleliruggista: Deal
ass la Osists,OOL .Df a Stuffs. azia Lo tratwatc_
rim. of Dra.ll, , Law 4 wisbottast WOrtapsstilts, Lis.
. Luny ~...
. 3 . 1 Jw. OTWIat tao. W. moor Waa l and
fourth styes . rata, Pattstsargb. Orators slip as , amtupy park thr...raKt - vitit alasioo24. , .
LIE. SELLF.RS," whoosaio Denier in
n. uz , p n wt a Dy. Chl; Yanthhat, te,
1 , 7 \V tat dr.l. rat.a.crx, Upoda wafrauted.
Prins law.
S W.WICKRSti AM, WbUirtSuis Druggist
.o 1 Ue.Wr TOtsittetloPtfr k onritt h"1"'"'
MM.. ................ 77:7, ...,.1110Z 1[211..
yomuN ............ and Rota
DasmuNamam to...qua as. (lair .te.,
SCLIOONXkgEit Wholosalo Drug-,
seni. No Sillrual Illtsbureb.
• rat. Imam max. =so,
F.lNlLStii,..W.Cles — ale Grocers and_
Po zit YO:L ) . IZV •= 1 r. ,Afzvg:e. Ipfu.
LL, SUES, Wholesolo'Grocer, Commission
s tthea r =to= i livr t g r rap.. * and Rip;oirnier it
QAMUEL 81.111,11a111, Wholesale Oro.
ar Prolom and Comathollon rercb.nts, and Deal
ers laPl6ollWonotlictaresi Article*. No. 121/ and 17.2
Now 4 etztet. ren Wad thd Farsithbeld, Pittsburg!,
LOH.M DUAVVRT.H — F4 . .CO„ :Wholesale
—Gramm,— Produce, sad Cororobefon liercbaata. sod
ta fte- llizard Powder CO, of lieserdrille.Como..
, 131 Weed a.. Pittebarch.,
C . 1“.611.111.
o .llrW m comgsd p , Att e ra. No.llB W•t•
WtiRY,- MATTHEWS & CO., Wholesalo
07m16711610tt Form:76lu Mereltants,6366
fur 6t Cott= 16676.7, 67 1761.6 2,l7tteburgh.
.0 - onN gokria G.,
- OceerttlesittetMertheatthend Dodoes ist—Proluse eret
ttsborgli;Athritt:Sts. .E 1 Liberty street, Pitts
burgh. Ye.
B. OARRIELD, later, 9f Warren, Ohio;
DiaialitiOn and reminding 'Merchant sad %Mole.
• • Dookled in - Mean. !Worn Chose, itntior. Pot nod.
I Ade, sad Wegtein Preduoigetudidly. Wotor newt,
'ltotiverte rectithfield gent Wood, ridgbargti. '
L 4 1nt12101,11. N. 1 1. 1 1.1=101.......F. Z. 111111.3.
akB:. WATERMAN , Er.. SONS, Wholesale
• mni% Onoindslian and P of ?mince and Pi ornardi blatilisate.
red ArOeW . and '
tn all Inuits Itanufscin.
slur gale _of and agul
Lynablirati Atan=u t tiallolnagi, N 05.130 and al Water
Area. Pittsburgh. .
F. VON! BONNHORST tr. CO.. Whole
' • aul g and Connstinnon Movcll..
. lkaltrs In Ilttabargb. Manufactures end We,•Orn
rrodon, =neve front Arcot and ChFwer r Une,
- tTIMET rtY62,7ltlittr.M.
rtotna., --mom r.. 1 I. rrr
4ENGLISII. &T . :BENNETT, Into .Engiish,
Oalsperir 0:4 WI/Ginnie UmeortOsecualllMoo ant
-‘ l=t3 r aufactaxs. :flVegLI U ;t . 121•FIrs M st.. "'
tortvrenv Wood sad SmlttoSela, • • t.
& ReArSOIST, z Wholesale
Orceers. and Laporte. of Brandi.. Wirra
Qalia = earner of Liberty and inria rave.. Pitts.
m bure. Pa. Iron. NAIL. Coda. Yarns. it, Jo, constantly
boa& •
l i talWeote7areirroCens aztd
I Cacrathrtar Merchants him 37 L4bert7
Iu{OBERT MOORE, Vl4olenle , Grooer,
Lectlfytag Disittler, &War Irk Tmdate, Pittobura
sufactures, an & oil Wade of Tisetaz and- Danacsat
IVi 7rarKe . "d "1 1 '
ma;e .11 aTlVast: U*.t ela O' b' ta i )".
Imp. Ir. bald larr.for cash.
Orpcers, Corozalsdon Merebaatx, dagers In Praluta
mai Dural ilatinfactureg. ^3.3 Libery. Onxt.
Grocer, Prods.. Forwarding. end Gorn:nlserin Mt,
t. and Dealer' In 17 :UburtiU Mazdacum. N. 3,,
.Idlnnty Greet. "Inaba:mt.
I. COS. 6
. IL ‘ B ,
x .A ., G l A.LE r..t i z ;_re:o7: " ,ri t holesal " : " GlO-
W. 4 .2 12222 4 /126.66MT:h.
as nem utsrogs. VlCK hicaNDLESS, , successors
L. k.k. D. Wir.k. , Whaleasle Dram, Doleardirg
arid Cutongstion Derubsaks, dealers la Irou.• Nails glass;
Orthat Yarns.. and tictsborith hlanufsetures. alma/ally,
'Roma of Wood Lott ater streets. Pittsburgb.
oar masa Oasordaktri Wersbants - Dealenr Pro.
gen, Pittsbur W
blarrigheirsted Artlels..lll.s Liberty,
.11 D. WILLIAMS Cth, Wholesale and
• Ratan Isadly Gramm romanßag arid Cotunistioa
mamma, and Anders Country PrEdoca and Plnaburith
Mannbeturea corner of Wool and Ilfth ate., Pltiaburral.
RM. 10912113(0 , ......1 . 0011. L1T112.--.114.11i. I. It
10110BINSON, LITTLE & .00., No. 2I
Iltlvet. !Atom:T.l, Gme,r., Pr.
M um
sad Ikacmladon merebanza, sad *calm Is PlttilAugh
F FL° Wholeanlo Grocers, Com-
& ' nth: Produce—Round
?ri . AT;! 'SC • •
-10/INPARkER & CO.,i'Vcolettalegrocem
Dad= hiPmd¢V g , atirp Liquare. Old Mom
y—No. COOltrtaCW
tirt=ttily h.arz
11. MELLOR, Deafer inliano Fortes,
iwied sc•hool Boob. sod
tad Soto seam Po ..ns'a nano Yates,
Iracia—Na 31 Wood a-
jjENRY KLEBER, Dealer in Binisie, , Dlu—,
lceljnertnents. ila4j.lawster of Italian String.
Irit=lTtifsts TgYlzon d .
rln. ' ir " Dc=
- •
!!%i: t~1~:YKKiI:~:a:r~
TEM J. csirrago—........berro cons......—sdiss. Weston,
sosialifeetire arakee - p — ditifiiiildol all
need or Tardvdrads.artd liparahlrg flDiibinj Cloirtoted
Liob. rialto
_doe Blued Plow Carrel and lathing hang
CoPlier -Nikko arid 'helm Barrel Nal* Copper end Zbio:
Shoeo., Pattern Makers' Pointe.. Rivets, assorted
do. ditPBLL, CO it CO..
, War O eham. bEg
Weber et... Pittsburgh.
- rereat soncrice H 13Seetlair, CatpeCiClialn.
TONES& QIIIOG, Manufactarere
e sa indlilleter
and Ell 13pnega• 1 4 . i s
desk:a in MaDeabie Gating& Pin _ _ _ od
Conch Trimming. generar. corner or!iosa and nun
mt. BUTT L Co., Matufactureri of Soda Bleteb•
Zi IX:POIVOZ4 Murf st., atle anden Sulphuric Adds. Waxehoust,
a. CZ Wear below
layj:~ ~:%r;(r ~;igr~
• • Aka:ma C. pill—Luoortar• sod Dealer la French
darodeura Papa Haning, and Borden, Wholorr
Rhodos. Fir* Board Prints, La Alro—Writing. Printing,
uz,L and Mot W • • aII FWAduE Pa ey. per Pitts ., No. burgh. P WOod a
Mat. Wawa Fourth
OBERT , MORMS,Teit ' and Wino Dior
VIM. A. 31'61.7IITiel'i Grocat and
a tril 5 ' 17 IV abuse Fad
11.0 At.—x.r4rNgts and Z. utogl.
ale sal Walt, Deafen stinlled cm the lowed hon..
ZEILY OAtiGEEY,' Agent for the Lake
-d. .311thla. Line, to Beset .n 4 the Lakea.--
=thy corner of Water and tiealthll4.l Cs.
LAl':GH'$ CO„ Traneporterar ITCanal
and Varnading Marebaup. =nor of Przturstzect
. a. p a bll a tIL • t I: r • k•e lc i c m baa; 1 at hl.aa au 1 all®
a ilia • ea t
sot the Dismand, Allegheny city, a nanntes aunt ot Todd= Wong also Vsninsa Stumm art suds to order
to ths bott styla wanantal tonal to any tat , U. Votton
Stab.. Alta 7111.11 too to removal wlthogt: of a
Maw driver. liatirchatt4 the stock, and wont
.0 Ulf cabin:4.4 tot /Xstsaat. it .1461 tam
• toltrobb old =Waw
arza as wtU se the crob.
at - lasysorylk tyary thing ja their boa
• `V4lis'i°7A!'''7 l `',. '`'itb - J.A.iiiknon. •
ILinrcarltaldence, corner of Third streetand F l an
N.AL -44,11 g ra
au11437. . blortar. Lab. in; Az
• 4: A3I.ILIRDIE. Veterinary Surgeon late
tram Salatramb;,Saralaitt,,lraalrt'mmttla
the Imbue
, tt. be has voioTtatAr4l4.l In the
.' "
entot=rhitTs. be all to give gatiefeetlett.' '
eenstectkot .
Me n a m. Hardie. Mew ObeettOr
otsegamotthing will oy..t Oben:net
of !gout armee Wit Y• 1211 2 1 17171121a A. 1 1 ,211. • " •
WOOL liflizsErs
Aft II .11 1.4 E 2117001, Dugs sad
Clots ot*''',abt,e:ll9Til''''' LL. 446 IMF".
wanlin S lb
it W. HARBAUGH, Wool liferoluints,
Mut sae ?mare jsramu n a nd - For.
awl tdan Slentum 116
W 116 Second end, li4o,borgn. l6. o. not 666164
KLLLE JOHNSON, Engraver op W. d,
11 1.11, (third sim,) Plitthursh, Pa.—Aristri
iihrhiriery lies& or Zierrherrtrit Yearittrhier.
laadaea Drag • la, ht whirr; Peris
Establlishment. Thint ■xtrzet. ormoidtt-ao
giarl=qat,ratil i arikittggiatNlVll6 4.
wimp. Magma ana Vlstling Ca
lo r y, te.„ evormoit
drawn on or/moult riateChla . ca.4.l4roase.: or
Nadi. te UN, wit wand itrkk mad at akar* roam,
HARDWARE llHRonarrs.
11 4 ;i:N3AN, WIL S ONt—CbgI Impo
rters sad
Moira's Dealers lo Itudwara sad C0t1.7. No, In mum: nosh.
ejaMAISIISY§I. '''''''''''''''''''''
kdado of 'MACHINERY. take thla method of lolbradolf
rhoee &Woos , of having. each 'work dorm, that they Ala
prepared to do It at the 'meld possible rate,. at O. short-
AU :toffee, and 114 the best moaner , at their astabllahrueob
&rood rdeab above the Canal Bridge, neartho 'tro..
l'erea Inane for illsok Smith arid Mart k'urrutoda,. manu
factured at the ahortrat mak.. aJoI at the lowest Joieq..
All Maio of Jobbing done off short toffee.
Isehrbarn •
Wegner, Bnechner & Kulter's
yrillE ABOVE FIRM respectfullytuniounce
ju to their rhea& atal !tot public goussally s that th e
=prsparial to saw n, in the first stria of Malr art. all
ars for Show Cards, hills. .m 1 Checks,
Profaulonal Curds, Maps. Charts. Wads. a..
"Thelr ontablinliment la at No. 68 Market strait. bats...
Third and Fourth atneata. up stairs. nicbtlitf
Bolivar Fire &irk ltranufactnileg Comp'y.
Jot 010701 I. I. P. E. MAMA,
GLOVER, KIER & CO, Pnoeturroas.
PTILIE SUBSCRIBERS; having been tip
.E...l.llltud 'Agents' for the above nutted concern. WILI
keep constantly un hand • enpply of the tele...tett Bolivar
Vita hrisk.erwrlble YlreClay, urnace ilearthsandlweralla
They are alto papered to receive onion for said Brick, to
to made In else mulahapo to colt purchasers. which shall
be_promptly filled.
We do not deem It neeeseary to enumerate the many ad
vantages the Bolivar Fire Brick loomover &Hodson:hat
km torn offend To Bale In the United elates, their mope
rieultr being well known to almost all Delmont who use
Fire nriek. The Proprietors hays determined that the
Brick alualltwe tame of their present torisble reputation,
bed that no tape/tee shall be spared to make them even
ttor than they have heretelbre been: .This le the only
estabnaluneht now temenfastating Fin Bridle et Bolivar.
_ 1:11/3 JOBB&
meli7 Canal ltaaln.Porenth at, Pittaborgh.
Pittsburgh Gies Pipe and Tube Werke.:
irundersigned have just eonspleted their
t r a E filly•
and are now nisaufseturais all Asa. of OAR PIPE; La
comatOd and ollanr. Slur. and aU dm at
which, they attar tx• tale al thei'lowast miens. Ibni nn.
now 'mimed to meta. order.. to any tent. witboat &-
Ler. HPA ex NU a CO.,
No.:01 and in Wean alueet..
ThMAIiTH & NOBLE—City Flowing
uz, Liberty ear of Lieres-et, Pittebtrratt.
I:p o TICHOLAS VIVIAN, -Civil, Engineer,
nerrVlns:Fkktalwid tb rraetlea i l WWI 110131. f
311nas, Water Workt, iloilinr3lloV.2 lbw tro
found betwixt 10 A. 31. and 31.. at 14 renktenew
3iarbary wineet. Pittxburxh. , /sallnilx•
PMADEIRA; Agent for Delairiro nu-
tool Safety Insueunes Cnalpsar. 1. Witte? Street
1 GARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
Floe lamrano. Oompony. [moth ...t corner of Wood
GLENN, Boor Ittrata, Wood street,
WIL L ood door Com the so. r or Third, where he is
' llindlo with .11,
rj=et r t . t a irggratrriLt t. srf surs, 4 7.l
Lod subiddottelly. Boots In notabers y or old be n olir
.rh'dviTsolulg ' agr, :—L ..gfrthTif I M/1 tt i r!""
.1•8,11 y
'kUCORD & CO. Wholesale and Retail
Manufacturer...xi Dealers in lats. Care and Fare,
corner or Kcal and Fifth et:rents, Pittabutnt. Wherethey
otler a fall and cm plate sinek of MG; eapik rant Stn. of
eral , :ly e lg,. by trboheale inn 4 Retail. and 1..
:117s ...aria4T them that *Ler swir Serdorth"nbu'nnuatagan":
W3I. DIGBY, Merchant Tailor, Draper,
aaa Dealer In Ready Made Clothing, In Mum , nt.
-New Coach Factory:—Allegheny.
IMN. A. WHITE k CO- would re
.rtfulle kilo= the public that they bew
•• Lowak s betwedo P•deral and dandoety
etreets.. They are now table med darn prepared to twelve
of vehicles. Cosa*.
ee Che t rlou,
o,: or= t lreicatiz= , k
hm colectsnoe to the trazufa c ol ' hani of the above work.
Me belittles they haw, they hail tool:dent they.eris
enshilol to do 'rock on the facet rewemblo terms eilth
those entallingutlcles m their' Lira
Paying parissalsw etteation to the eelectloo of maisnials.
and 6.1.01 g was but wimlateut workmen, they base no
heidtation In aercenUms their work. We tbestfual set the
&Wootton of the Willa th
to Ude matter.
WelielcloS done In the haw manner, and on the
term..met miserable rms.
BMUS, MARBLE WORKS, (established
16..V1 by EDMUND WILKINS, No. 164 Libert - y et,
of Weal street. Pineal:nth. !Basements. DarLJ
Vann* Tombs, IlanDsaars. net Itantel Elm, Cement and
Ali. Yam tawny. ea band, marl made to ceder.
B. A. abed. mmleezian at Denelags on band. Jalo
Comer of Third and Mirka rtrocta The only char
icuritutlon of the kind in
Ed iittaburgia.
ts. Thetaish. Principal f natractoc-in tha
o-nee of Accoun
0.8. Closookorlik. Probate ot.Pena taiae ly,klereaktflo
AltS. M. MAIOI3. IMAMCor.umerd;l__ a ,Ls
Thom deffirbm • .occok3orto kno. 14,40 oT Book Erlak.
onzr MondskorkkoLos..
Polk 0 " the =Wont 1:03 , mrolunto, [dr
EAGLE .1111a=
E0n.6311311c:1 1832, by EDMUND
WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty It.,
toad ,f Wood atzeat, Pinabnza. P.
Monuntenta Poia] ao/LaTozo !adman
to- ?lands Pina, Contra and nor To
alwaya on hand and mad* toz ordar, lot Um
choicest 1401., sad K Per7 nolooed
= L en a thaw Plonk% drOrdonadi
from Rain
lion. garagar Denim clork Tiernan, Fog.
John Snyder, k. 4.70.. • . ronsALlrokers.
tir."7.l4th'. gt
mo.onoiLLg. Ikon k ii ca. dr,
Rohm Ste Knight, Log. Wm Baggier A Ca.
Jw. 3 Lardatto Lag. Deming. U. T. Morgan Co.
hant. JoUnta Rhodos & Co Yvon,
B. loth on.
og, Allegheny.
:i IU Id Wfi•U inland Cor tbe very liberal
dorhog minima years in MI. city. baring bad the
lamed awl beetjoho entrusted to Inseam op to the yrwent
Una , and wLU endeavor to modal. eathgbaltor hereafter.
Bennett'a Monochromatic Depository,
"ma wf&-fra..-,rrr,,,:rszoTz.
factures, Wansrooma V 7199 Mini street.
W. eswetfully hcfcstaa w. friencle and
=dem= tbac he bee now nomobeted the Wawa
and boast mat of household Iscrolture ever befon awn to
this eitTe Whe la detormined to uphold thequality with
welbeessoned material., best warktnenchip, and newest de
ar.; and from the extent of hi. orders .c 4 facility in
manufacteultes. he is enabled to proluee wartantol lamb
turn, at the loweet u ree.
Lie Ws adopted .a minciple of idantlfying th e cuslocv
ere' hater/art with own, in lushly and petoe, and keep.
n ater . ar on hand ta:=st =my ofeverywdziptiist.tic:
F. , 9 . 4 •• 91 7..•1mt that. =.OllltY pars It one. iwy be
ntrolatted from Ws stock. or matt wbadared ea prasaly to
order. Ile ther•fine ralcite an inetesetion. that the ed Van
tages of hi. attabltstunent may to blown. The fedlowlns
artielee conalek in wt. o Ida etne vad for rich.* of
:ark Wash cannot be g
mrpeceneci k,
teny at
of the Eactern
drawing, dining, and lad.= club. of a j an7
variety, centsietina of ...toed. m•bW7 I nd walpu
FT L E V * Vdt a t ' a 9 =4 ,, r... - t.t . r. 7 .1 it= . r . irnlTrie::tt .
erench and American - pattern/ Teats" IVbet.:Nots, sod
Mks' to. Writlner Desks of meow kind., Work Tables
and fumy trawd Made, ders, marble
top, 10 . 0,0 5 n 7, manned and/ Wont me tre and ears, ta.
Wee, eatensiondinlear tables all slmeof the moot improved,
deekledly the Doh kind mad/ cent, Yombrolos hall and
Med table/ wardcobea, bedsteads and anahstande of each •
Lege asecattrumt; gothic hall and parlor rya/dim thalnk
[Coals= and awls, wmatary and caeca, side bsevda
On ecesesek Loyal nicks, hat stands, and movie clods, eri be
m 3 cote for children; /epee macho, table and fn
,= /==n ' litliftiroVorrtien ' ett . rtgi' k iVieN
Quint Cabinet makers snopiled with all whets iets in their
• _
litoombosti stud Hotels, fumatthrol the sborted notice.
All old.* promptly attended to.
Attarnier et Lew f. 3 , Nu. l Thiel at., corner of Chem
having made arrannelocuta fur the harp., ern/
procure Bourn, Londe fur °Mare and philtre, their
Wow and children, will attend eary other biTel
newt; connected with t hegoeernment o Grin, thrann
meats, the Pension office, or the
,CourU at the Cltr of
Waohlucton. itahaftt
.iwing, Perspective, and Painting' . in Oil. SMITH is now prepared to giro
i Y Jll ° Si'llsrutltA. " .7o tr . to the 410 ril'.lh 7
Atkinson new building, Flat street, between Wool end
Market. street... Ikon of Instruction, from 2.4 to 4.4, sold
frora 64 to y, P. X. Merges ehd other partlehlere clue be
hoot , . or .suir.s (adorn.
to sr the rem..
Dater to Dr.Dassasn or Dr. Addle°. Ja.l3eltf
SUMMER RETREAT is liow open
tbe eroommolatlat of amine. net beauty of
plate has. teen men Iniproved by the addition of
etude. Eat übbery and Plower. A large eolleettou of aor
blooming Plante mal flbrabbery, at the chola:tali...lm to.
kelit the eat*on the premises.
/or (Menu, Pratte, • a.. kept In the FaMons as mina.
theme to Manfully put up et .hart mtlee.
The neat and oomfortablateamboat CHIEFTAIN, lean
the landing, -betworm Pitt ernes and the Old Allegheny
Bridge, a ths beginning of every hour—Lrom It o'clock. A.
.11 until /0 P. M. One extra trip every evening, at IN
Atrangenvisaing the Smoky City are Invited to pgy a
Slat to ride Patna Flower Garden. I
The Garden le kept on Temperance mitoiam , end eineed
on Banda'. , &pleat:
W. Discm's LOllllOll Patent LevirMatehas,
Supatior ta any stub. ever offirred foctintburirk.
RICIIIRDSOIN, 81 Market 'great, is
•pe apyaltamalt to the Adtalralty, DIXON,
.tend alt
3latmlletorer, 44 EMS *Mirk 0...
well /toad, Landow.
This certif. that the accompanying Wktela.
warranted by toe to be of my maymbetbro, a 64 =Watch
With my Pane upon It la gemcins unless scommtecoladbr
• certificsto btarWir_lay Pim:maws.
.craktet, the Watch No.—, to keep tltbri to the eat.
brdwW, of the putehmer. Wlt. DIXON.
apIBMIt. .
SteamlWat - Agenoy, and, General Ccminris
lion; IteceivHugfitad Forwarding. i
AIDWIN; PLUM E'& CO., have this
4.rsmodstas Mr.Johix LaTtozi. ind War.
r ranee, btb public sn Fulsobost Alma. G•ntra -
Cammlslicso, - and Forearravirs i alm: R tlz z o c zir
Utignum .
arall22 . fr A - 1;11 . .15.1551.
w.winenNOttl3lt 00.; !hour:adorers of Motor
p ft u st u tio. Litszket Etna, oatroca Ant xad Sownd,
4,lo4,titatizt,ed to odd ohs. Alow—D*4•34 fo
S '
& COLVIN, . Coal 'illorchanti
1J and Deem in Dry DoodsOrortries, Ina and: NO
wrror et Walnut street sad Wsiblairtal! Dlte Dr.r.
llaperso ce191:14733.
(Formerly the Eichange,) •
Corner of Penn and St. Clair StreMtit,
P 121132178,011.
ILLS epaelone, central, sad most convoni
emir lunani
o ter h ry.
o hatns bw.a...sciplatfli rt -
Vyreltr .".d. "
heLzbsegber. hum see •ropm. , ca the FL CLAIM
IIeTY rupselfuliy informs las Mends mert beetle
'Mae tor u bernizbet et he the most elegant aced comfort,
after rued tot blurt competent usiatante mut attentive
mg faithful armee,. and that be Is el Mem em mutt..
to maim It retest to any Immo be the momety.
She melt lumen meted tome= of the /Mete, sod Moo
SlBof It. ursumetents. reentering It the trimedst
Me either to toeselem or permanent boselers.ted pus elm
oettre and hope rot It a lamest sheer of CSUNI3I3I4,
er.f2tl . C. W.Nk...X.Nbitt.
KROESEN keeps constantly on
bawl a good switmilat of Wash eM Bath robs
Eumatoat. Oak Well, iiitehon or Draw thithaao
Wooden bowls. Chum, Dry Mamma, Mo. and C.anY
Wash &area, sad all other kiwis of war. la Ida thaw
Warenam. floaoado MD staved, ahrlsblaelal.
• aaolty
R. J. J. MYERSL-Surgeon and Phisicina..
dwellind.rorosr of Darlington • row.'No.
PThlrd erect ono door above Emit/Meld eh
Dr. niter has hertaanentl, lowed In Ilitrhargb,
will Wend tLe duties of his YrObiLI.LOII. US Will ce
particular stu:aloe, to gnaw. awe. and the dicsaiew of
wow. and children.
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods. '
TIRYSLAS PALMER is daily receiving
from the Leo. dUss. at Q. old Stand.
No. 5.5 iILUILIVI , 8711.1 t;
Between Taird and Antra dna; Pit4bwrs4,
Im•Lcaz e rvlce.tgr preestst stook, of the ;mit bouttltal
u oas t
.L.ozoppear.eclulgly maoef tt.;
rya --.' poe;ll.=j ' • ll:tato. god Um.= poLst of aura,
ansurrstod. From oats nimaplisy the wax*
can Totbldtattrsedrolot of pf • Mr*
o f judmont "us 141 Itormorl or *gm than dooceiptlon,
the ottallt. of mar-Oxats sad beam Moyers Is rouge',
lolly lathed.
A T a Ifeetin o n , of the Board of Underwri
jlL tens, tba following rewelation was sulainthiandy
sal oniered is be ninblishwii
,wwwyww. tut
from au! atter du publthillins of th no
tke, no Fire lin*, whether original tha ne ued.
ethaldnend as Innen by thy Inearth In line city.
until the prank. to paid in us.
By inner: A.W. MARES,
theti.l7ol gaeretary of the Board.
! I!:
LIIAVE FITTED UP, (on the New York
91=0 Teri sn •
,}s• Warereors, for dm ..te or Our
Curtain maan• and cram Wad appertaining to
a. Ilutdonarda paskal and hare sslrntN Dsendland
mot swains sooty:Ara af Satin De Labras, lleoroDls,
French ars4 Germ. Anna& De Lalnes, Duslials Deana,
Maroos, Chl
L ntsna Turkory
go, Rol Goals, 91433 t; of
rinTol kl eti l . C 4tl r ri Vs, micas of D'dlir 'ot
andstyksa arm ' dlats, Windosr and.B=Ctutaln
004... and Banda Curtain Pins.Tssralsand UAW Loss,
Crud, dills and Worrsd. Melts. and hinges, Mar.
s e tllx . scul . LtAnsts Countzpatass and edssnl
All velars t. rsoelv lleds and
al and &mons- flllad.
*pie WM. 00/1 street .
JWILSON hna removed his Trot
ay - .a Chip ROI. to No. 91 Wood tooth thln:ldoor mouth
00 Diamond •afti.
rO-PARTNERSIIIP—Hayin g takon
ro.oLo n. ro te parmenhly In :the
Loh C. mod Fur Imehma, velll hereafter do !mein.,
under !Le name of J. WILSON a PON at 01 Wood Amer.
lams l, WILS ON.
0.--Jame , Iriboon continues the 11. end Ow' elmre,
No. fhPedernl street. Allegheny aty, Islely kept. by IL
(WHOLESALE and retail manafaetu
♦• t...?" 4,, to. 91
tetreb—when they offer . Nil eree n ctruerjetook of thee
r ff ffeelr . ewe onworacture, .Tery
&VII& Or =At= titettro
that [her •111 tell on the molt reeeonable Lerma. t h ely
nsaixas XXCULL:O7., COIN. naxi Yom, AC.
• No 74 Aura AL, neat le Lk. d Psingarnh.
Mites and Drafts collected on all ion, or tios
hinds. bonsibt an ,1 wild an
Business Pis for City Purposes..
IN puratioxice of "an Ordinance providing
far the inmeaae of the hero:inn of Oil • city , pisterd
the 10th April 1 , 16." nmevii herein' that the Ci , r
/tawnier has len at my efece,lor .man/nut/oh by all int,
aged, or the yet eone doled hi:Limes in the .clty, in
confirsohy with raid maim..
lith 4. If, ureni examinatiun of said list, uir Pew
than think thee:mires 41,, Woo/ by asseannen
Whey shall state the pi an alltdeel
shall aloe mu natec. of the tree amount of th elr
e.. neat ai tan hi 4.otrUilued: allidievit. to be
lett with lb. City Ireeiorer. within two waits frottutle
data of the Grit tiohnieition 01 the noire,. aforraaid
übah C. Thir riii ordeal anall Le taken but by the afeda
eof th, err,. ur nom
said abidaelt bathe cdnelueive i•veletice of the leas . toted In relation
..f 041[0.
'th A
vrwa:• intuit
hr maila within two weeks from I.
dale—ilnuelle, IL. JUIVISTON,' . •
10742 w atiTreasnrcr.
Are You Eintdect to the Tooth Ache.'
lag A E von hollow tooth? Il no, ino
DruLt.ll , s st MAYERS" Frii,bab Tooth Isosanal. •
Vonieptile oinliner compond, starrustul not to inJurn the
.tratb s or =UM. aa the Den u tine ruereurial cusawaulaiss do.
by which smart per.. may bvsests• Us or her own daalbL
a t a slasull esr•rs... CuSd to 111; awl r.
yea, ...kairvs, by
. s. eilSll.ol, Agent.
, Wood Amu. Ibtt•bargb,
1. on baud a largo iitosurtment of
conNic.cs au.loVlu . ll:4 /1,1,1i/14, of cug
pattqu rut tuba. -
9, twoLE
11?:J truly oppteltr the Post Ullin.
Pap 6r.
L 1 . •1111L-220 M. 21124 by ZS Plictyrtg Ilsurrt
- 12 by 24, 24 by :3 24 by 34._3
by 41, 121 by 43;
400 " Factol7 Noon
124u_bolys tante Crown nano Paper;
703 " 21 .11a50 "
3.'20 " Stadium and Slostls crown Roy.
Tbe tandend lueDr constantly on Land and fur sale
or aseLango fur • lama and general as of
11.1441, Cap, LAW, an, and Tts Papsr• /10a0e4
. de.
MHO— AI 14011 r of all tiS6S, for paper Inanufsetnter•
Mating Paper Made to order t o snort notice.
and Irwin ots.
N • • . .
C.l MACKEREL-401r. bbte, extr a,
.I..l_Nlere.e. kw sale by 110.1•11 DICKE a. fa?
mr Water and bloat et. 7?"
INSEED OIL-10 bbla. for Bale by
.y:! 110/3180N, LITTLE"! CO.
BACON -43,000 lb& Shoulderr
30 ° " lUMA I'm b
=mos. M . LIT co.
Irk RIED BEEF -2000 lbs. for sale by
..ur lan% 11011180 N. LIME & 00.
uokessgs-2® bble. N. 0., for sale by,
DRIED,FROTP-A550 tat. Peaches;
awn • 60 Assln . for saLl bJ
BROOMS --260 doz. common to beat;
for 60 wris Ilturn_ W. '_ m om , 8.01 1 / 6 0N. LMIZ a CO.
C., for Bale la,
.1.. mut iNOLIBII 1 hINNErr.
LI.M.--50 bbls. White Louisville. for sole
br mr26 matall a limiSurrr.
_ _
gini . nfin FT. Poplar Boards and BeanV
g'l4=l.l-FU!-Ir / . I '''‘', ( . ° !Vbra b Lair k DemiErr. ;
..a.4 NOLISU USTARD--Colmares. in kegri i
of 91d uQ3BIA each. inol2ll 00 ° b 7
m 727 • rALlNiaTetlli 1101
bbl i. Vxtude,
8, &,c.
turen of all Cu, tuts. idmp tuts, dln r
box. ebdr.
fr .d .rv=
j. eloo t t,..h t
..d aott
1 blood tall., do do.
Miro at LIPPE:MOTS CO, No.llB, Water Ft., Path
F. R. Moore, 31. D.,
nmn rawel h a i l l d a r t en en ,uiorl vto
at tho s
d tr ls e e a a tm e e amorally.
s e o s d
w'oef wa
ehronle and surgical dismal. Mace on Arid...eon etrml.
near the Bend Street Bridge. end next dmr to the Ma
in, Allegheay Qt. &Zee boom from 7 lo aA. M.,
dam 11°3. and from to aP. lf. mylitty
LIGHTHING RODS--Spratt'a Patent •
lattele D ic ep
vt ot,
b W e. oo th, d
u, st; i e d,, , ,tor. Pit . :+burfh, Pa.,
atmato4 that they cannot get oat of cant The lo
ters and Attar-1..3G Athos ecenentely, the Pointe
Ltel /Innate nee orairalled—the *hole Woe highly et ,
nankental, and without digitate le bat mn4pcfor ever
zuanufacturni. • James Jaekson wi 1 .erteth them 12.ig
centa per foot. Price at the store, I grata.
thualemen are t te call at ad Wood ,
stmet, eilall=%Trrr 41/0. the Afpnit
be mien. ••• • air2llli
- -
Geo. R. Eiohbanm, Civil Engineer,
djntrf .AT h T . END .; itry . kt i tt: the wan=
Itollroodo. ifoculornisal Bob flank 1244405, Loeb,
Now. to., for anal or Wawa:tor oarl gad will imp
=g o t , . gramtio.. oral estimate. cf coot of say of
attend to the Wilk= of LOod. Wins
i TZT2lit . tt or nsakf tt oevrtz u r of modal for Rateat
Oflooln Bakswell'o Oroat. or, poor the Court
Bofrrottomr—l. L Zoom* Theo. Sock
IforMo Croht, Eel, Woo. rackb......
8 torage,Sbipping&Coitimissicmaterchluits,
I,I7I.IOL.EsALE dealers in Groceries, Glaze,
Fahega d. 'nte c te, sa ro:en Dock. AAA 93
AA. "' VA STA=Zsrp:fiers Itt Us Lek the.
/Seta 1.-15 a. A. Otis CA Cl•reland;
T ;Mr lealßeMbuzab•
No. 19 Wood stray between First and Second tea.
: ANII VAC URER of every description
a comp; STOFSS, of the meet ellPrattal
- terms aad each se 0 111 reader the beat oallsfeetiost.
ALee-PAOLOB, OTO VISA =mug 001 th will , Le found
. ..handl ♦ &ore oelebrated *Ulu mar Palm. neoneg Eta
• Mantel, Fraathe Steven plata ead
to which.. Invite the etteateld of bellelme Tees Eettlen
Ream Were Weems Beam an: to all of v/bleh leo Ifni!.
the MCKIM= of dealers before purr-bee/at elsemboala
f! EO. R. ARNOLD &O. have this dayas
vt stdated with them JOILY to. SCULLY. 'penile aLb. Lb. exrei ho barttcforet
littothorith. 11961. so
LIONEGGER tc CO., Importers ot Wines,
IA Lig nom and SINIPS Cbglesoe, Birdtheeld
ho .e Sixth and tkrrem .
Board of Underwriters.
J. Wilson et Son.
ORNING, JUNE 'l7, 1851
• .
4. • OD THE
. 1.113 T, OP EITHIAIEII43
”. • '• '" . '
FACTOR Nte . ..ka New York _slay
ar 23
4, 1 01:8 1. 1%4 :1 5p: .to r
0 244 . 8- . - - .... —-- - - • -±, :: i 1
Y .:-
.Juno 14
NI MT.Buo - 11. :soltbalL fur Ph114414181814-.Juno 18
4 1 A1111111, art bon. We - 11ootou ..:-..June 21
eit FAL L = 4 N 74. LI tol . 1
: = :I: — j./ Uri ' 1
BALTII7. Calastaek. from Neer Tort -June 7
.--..—Jcute 11
NORTH AMEIUC .11letbrell.trom Pim - York. June 17
AAlLlifuelema. from Neer June IS
PAM O. Sy...from Now 21
AMES Ca. Mamma trom —Jo= 13
NIAOAA. Stout from EPOIo--•—^ July 6
EUROPA. koll, from New
CITY OV GbaboOW, Campbell. hem IMlladel•a-Juiy /7
ERCTIAL Luc. ham New fork--. ..... —ay
CA111.11116. Ilanimm. from &Moo • JWY la
warm Nr• TORZ
--June 4 Au= E 3
110 MB#LDT,Wottoct. -
ELMO 4hl 'N. Crain.,
/Loyd-- — Al j r
num caaana.
OfMedd MS.? MS Sea lennidall earn; it
, N. 110LIIES & SONS, IlazikerC
Roar Mdc.lettst. Wham SUM and iiwihst,lll3stetyo.
PEIIO3YLVANIA. Branch at . 31 asallica--...0
Bank orPlii•linuatti-...-..par Branch at Woostev-4o
Bank ord.-elan. Branch at 8r8renta.__:........ ,„ t
frj. ' &31.1...1 do.-...-par Broad;
Rank of Commerce...-..-.par City Dank, cuicinnati...-40 '
Bank at North Atceria....tat Conanterclal BLetwomti do
a...kam,rnakun 8ank...... -.-do
Banked Peraneylvatile.....:l3 Latayetta Bank-- -4.
Park ael`enn Towashin-par Ohio Lilo 14. i Tenet Ga-do
Banked Ow Wilted litaiss 13 Wettarn Roam Bank--...d0
Coonassictsi fto W Pa-- Bank of Maiiallkes___..-da
Banowit I Nathaniel,' likitar basil Medea- --..d0
Olard Bank_---.....-....pat, NEW .KNOL•ND.
Kansittpon Bank.._.. _....par solvent Banks--.-....M
Mutable. 80
hook Bank.-par NNW YORK.
W. d. r: - par Neer Yark.Clty---......yer
OW -.
.kar stlitir
Bonittatult Bank--....-Swißilltlaiiima.-..-3'w
Tradmatudds 8atik........:44r
,Cttoty:....-..-.....1-.. M
Waters, 8aak......-.-pal N.JERBBY AM/MAKI Bank ,
Rank Or Ciretreftk4.l- "'"°tllllnsik
Bank .-z. Bank of th• 1.11 -...... .1
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Car, Bank..----,- X Bank of Ca Year.. .... 2
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Doylestown Bank.-par -tar crataarcitl Bk.
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Asibpson NANTIJC/ili.
Mows' Bank of l'etttellle It Ilk of Kentucky. ltimisitille M
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Branch at divon--........d0 Bank of Illinots..-......-..16
flrf..e3 at Athens-- do i WIBOOII3IN.
Branch ..i lind nert.-....d0 Marine • Pre Itm. Co. elks 3
Branch at e.........da . 31101:10AN.'
Blanch at Clandsad--...t0
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bread at Toledo----da cot Mott 8ank.......
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Brach at Salem ....-..-43 111. N. Abu/1m Tanned
tteatich at Mantilleld-...-.4clßank of red* Toned 5
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Branch at Col litis---dol BOURN BAC 'OZ.
Brawl at W On New Lark .. /..... z ....ii
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Branch at Napaleens ....---.... 2.60 '
Botnth at curac........d. D..u..------ Liz
Snack at Rclaila-......--
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erchants' Dante Buhl to! ... 163 i do
Exchange Dank--_,
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Allegheny Wring. hank. -1 112 1166
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hand 8,. 1,6'1‘....."—::::, 2& It ! .1; ' ' P'"
Northern Ibrtles_._l,6 6 l
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Western Lusaratice -.....1 _. 12' 12 ,- -,--
Citizens' lneetratico Co.-1 ' l2 , to ,21v.Licor *.
Associated theroaa's Col ;21 7 6 '
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Pltt'ghto Phil's- 10 49 1 43 IDIv.Qr. Bpr et
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Pell. t Ohio /..11 Road., 50
.Chreeland A Monello IL It 60 4 . 0 1 67..
Malin. ii tt'iii. Dry Doch 110 160 10 !Vali : Mr-Dee 4 Poll
hoot.. sionut Co..- .. _ - 00 3n ;
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Chertiets Cool C0......_....! 501 oo . ~. ' •
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tick, Aida Lulled Share, best Phllkdrltaht etatk,, at
C m " " cr. ' P r‘" 4 Elu6" '4 • M it IL EATON.'
Greenwood eardons.
TRAWBERNTS, fresh from the Vines,
sr. now sensed on at this retreat: Also. Cresco and
ovr /cos. with all the delloseles of Showmen. The plans
Moon in the het ht of ILA besot,. Ass .thanthus leaves
the corner or Wsfs a.l Marketstmt. every half hours
101: the steamer Chieftain leaves the Mt street Lading
.ssir: boor. lelosul oa sands,.) jolt(
st.n. ntli Lira di Eta, fa anitt
...Inn. , n blear Bilk Warp Cultannta, fur
t.n I t , utartatan la Mantilla sal Ilan Van
Harm t Co's celebrated tray and ta k ture Forks.
aweless] ht.= the teanatecturar, l'hlladslyth as consign'
meet aced ter We by it. W. YO/ND XTEIL
Water Street.
For wants. or trash and intrlnsts talw, en Yorks
cannot be eosin . ..ea; and the law price at - which they are
.Iq.m.c. Hemp their Intmludina . • av#3:ly
tl AS. DALZELL ; Wholesale Grocer, Com.
pit ‘ mi,./,1 'O4 Arleardin g 5! extant, sad dealetin
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INDSOR 8 0AP--60 boxes 11,6 1 ,f or .,
sate by Darn) B. A. PAIINZATOCIC
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WOOL BAGS -1000 near
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RIED APPLES -15 bble. for sale by
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number edgesiners were I ring at the wharf. but owing td
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to that quarter.
2 / 4 011—The receipt+ by river and wagon are very lime
!Md. and dm gm control to mill lut+ at $3 1230 on the
wharf. and shout 13 15 from wagon. Bale. from Ware In
dray lead iota at 17 20,3 al p bbl.
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to one the following quotell ons wheat tti ED ate 68 R. 10.
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,21 .. .fi+ ..o Eider. filfisklM and of 12.000 Rs at 6X137
far shoulders. oasx far alder, rad 1210 for hung Sales
aim cured hum at 1 0 X(310%411 2, gale. dried beef at
111211Ife, Uri la nominal at il3fifili3a,2l D.-
'PORIK=4 sale of 7 hble at 1 16 1 t Dbl.
LirITER:-.ignall sales of Penh - from gore at 14103ie.
and ofpimked, to bbia. at 731071011Th
cumg....ggine 30 boa good =moo W/I at WWI II IL
GROCERIY-3-Therm Is a emend Guiana, lo the mar
ket. with no win excepting in mull lota- We quote Nagar
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'COTTON YARNS-i,t very material eeduction has taken ;
place in WI artielea under this head. She following I. •
carrectad lid of prker
—Juno Lt
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rem rum.
Dorrit TUX
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ta. blotter tom requal, and bettu terms obtainable.
Foralam told la tars (BModard ) M. 03 17 9
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Galt Colas, Portugal pa. 4
!' . 317
bloom. Patriot. 9 17 0
•• - Spanish, .• 3 10 9
Narlulo alder
Mae, . *. 314 0 -
•• •• 3 14 4
Ellempla, a Booth Amor dollars, :. 0
0 4 11.5(
tipanah pillar dollars. • 5 I.y,
66.46111CA1 STOCKB — Th e eieth Steck market 3e .
eery Quiet dmitti the week etaling the.3lst It. The vi
ew Irene as tethers
Culted6l43tes 6 per ert bowls. 1 8 4:i 106 307
6cr,,egent 1008-06 14 44 ' 6 13 1
per tent. - 15.5540 90 91
awl. portent beads, , 1 1 / 6 2-42 zug At
Peetheilthhh, 6 per Fret stmt. 11 61
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Fri Friday. Jig 30-6 P 11-71 th denecd for meg articles of
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gun riethust, hae not yet been declared
Ernst • chrah. genet at 810, antler date of Anil 6, ye
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`The Wes of the last mouth` were . 1741.000 begs two
thuds or which erre for the tufted Rehr. The demand
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The rtetrances dating Ow month were 1id,463 begs. or
which I_l 4.16 were to the Untied Engel, astfollont N York
11.6110, Brahma., 65.034. New Crlsa. Ce/labetia
1800, ghtladetpr COO. Charleston
The ennerte team th e Mat July to be MS Narth, the
fallowing slot. Nns. set. ic •
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prices under the street of them,
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referring to the lbw Orbane prices euwent of J.oarr.
1849. we 004 to be sSetaXe end In Mb market at 61.4063,i,
and both markets tamer doll. These low - retest however.
Meeks. CP13.1 , 91,,t1.4 And consenbently greatly redo
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V.HIORATE POTASH :LSO Ibe. for guile
.h 2 D. A. tammoroce a co.
inODEISII —lO drums tor sale by
- .1,8. D[LWOI Ja CO.
CORN 500 bu. for Bale b_y
7.2 7- 7.8 . DIZAVOATII al
ARRELS-200 new Flour, for sale by
IWO ken lllirdoz, nrir , e;
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fie2l J. a.
QAFETY FUSE-25 bblo. to osrive, for sale
1.7 Br f.1.2 1 J. B. DILWORTLI k CO.
DEFINED SUGARS-1W bble. Clarified
15mrdomod. axyl Cruithea . for J. l
02 • JAN.O 4. Llurgnav aca
OLDEN SYRUP—In hf. bble. and 10 gal
Croak ES
ReActon . for by
11 ICE-5) tierces Carolina, for sale by
JUL , iO4l JAN ES A. 11UTC7112,03 W.
REMP-130 bales Mi. - D..11., for sale by
'LEAD -1400 pigs Galena;
MOO lbg. Dui tir
JAIILB A...111=11180:1 CO.
SHOT -65 logs asi'd Noe., for sale by
IiOULDERS-12 casks for sale by
En/Lint * BENIATr.
N uTs_2o-bu. Chotauts;
21 Mel 47 Nolrll¢ slelo7 f .
=727 - ENGLISH • uC2211.2•
SUGAR -180 bhde N. O. Sugar for sale by
myls • 65 Wm.; ot
SODA ASH-20 Kurta'a brand, for
We by myo tl. a Nr: BARB/MOIL
RIED - FRUlT—Penbes; Plurals;
3 1.41 , 04 1 11.9
mut Tm Anln,
f i a HAD-10 bble.No. I; , • _
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RAPE SHAWLS—Red this 'day, per
esse,s4of Mar very desirable pia. sal
nn x. o 11" rft..b/Aso* a 0 0. I
prrrazinunt muurer.
UNIX; Friday, May 27, 1851.
To say, as some do, that the English hate the .
Americans, is to do the former injustiee. Even
if we leave out of the aocourtxthe British millions
who subsist by rade manual toil, and who eer
ly regard our country, eo tar au they think of it
at all, with an emotion very different from hatred,
there is evinced by the more fortunate Ceases a
very general though not unqualified admiration
of the rapidity of our progress, the vellum of
our resources, and the ninon:lb:my physical I
energy developed in our brief, impetuous career.
Dense as 18 the igeoranes. which generally 1:1Te.
sails in Europe to regard 'to American history
and geography, it is still very generally under
stood that we were, only seventy years since,
but three millions of widely mattered colonists,
doubtfully contending OP a very narrow belt of I
partially cleared tout,. with the mother country
on one aide, and the savages on the other, for a
political existence, and that now we are &nation
of twenty-three millions, stretching from the
Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the cane-produ
'clog tropic to the ah6res of LakeSnperier, where
anow Iles half the year—from Nantucket and the
Chesapeake to the affluents of 'Nucleon's bay
:and the spacious harbere and ahelteredroadetead,s
of Nootka Sound. And tide vast estentof coun
try, the Briton remarks with pride, we have not
.merely overrun, as the Spatush so rapidly re
versed South 'America, but have really appropri
ated and irta good degree assimilated, eo that
the far shores of the Pacific, which have but for
three or four years felt the tread of the Anglo-
American, are now dotted with energetic and
thriving marts of commerce into who se lap gold
mines are pouring their lavish treasures, whiles
profusion of steamers, eldps, end smaller water
craft link them closely with each other, with the
Atlantic States and the old World, while their
numerous daily journals, are .aiding to, diffuse
the English language through 'the ielesof the
immense Pacific, Auld their 'merchant princes'
are coolly discussing the advantages of estab
lishing a direct communication bylines of stetter-
Alpe with China,' and opening Seethe wealth of
Japan to the commerce of the civilized world.
All this is marked with 'something of wonder.
but more of pride by the ruling clams in Great -
Britain—the pride of a father whose • eon has
beaten him and ran away, but who nevertheless
bears with interest and gratification that the Ulk
filiel reprobate is conquering fame and fortune,
and who with beaming eye, observes to a neigh
bor. 'a wild boy that of mine, sir, but blood will
tell If the United States were attacked by any
power or alliance strongersough to threaten their
subjugation; the sympathy felt for them in these
isianda would bo intense and all but universal.
And yet there is another tide to the picture,
which in fairness must also be presented. The
favored °lasses in Great Britain, while they
heartily admire' the American energy and Ito
fruits, do and must nevertheless dread the conta
gion glee, trample; and this dread must increase
and be diffused as the rapidly increasing power,
population and wealth of our country commend
it mers'ind more to the of the : world, ,
°While we were some sixty days' distant, and I
heard of mainly itzconneetion with Indian fights
or massacres, fatal steamboat explo.rions or in-
solvent banks, this contagion was not imminent
and did not seriously alarm ; but, now that New
York Is but ten days from London, and New Or-,
!eau (by telegraph) - scarcely more, the case is
bravely altered, and It becomes daily more and
morexelpable that the United States'and Greof
Britain cannot both remain as they' are. If we
in Americus can have a --
.succession cleanable Mail
reputable Chief Magistrates for £5,000 a . year, of
Chief Justices for £l,OOO and of Cabinets at a
gross cost of less than £lO,OOO, It is manifest
that John 8011, who, loyal as be is, tom a strong
instinct of thrift and a pride in getting the worth
of his money, will not long be content to pay a
hundred times as much for his Chief Executiso
and ten times so much for his Judiciary and Min
istry as we do. It is a. question. therefore, of
the deepest practical interest to the British Na-
tion whether the Americans do really enjoy the
advantages of peace, order and security for the
tights of person and property through instru
mentalities so cheap and eo dependent on moral
force only, as Hese devised and established by
Washington and his compatriots. If we have
these with s Civil list of less than £1,000,000
sterling, an army of leek than:, ten thousand,.
.and a nary (why won't it din and get .decentl y; .
berried ?) of a dozen or two active vessels, Why'
should John tax and sweat himself as he does to
mental' a Political establishment which coils
him Of a Z 150,000,000 a year, beside the interest
otrhis enormous National Debt! If we withors c
any church endowed by law, have as ample and
widely diffused provision for Divine worship and
Religions instruction as he has, why should he
ply:tithes to endow Lord BiLhopiwith incomes
0f..£10,000 to ZBO,OOO per annum e—These and
similar questions ere now beginning to be Wide
ly pondered: here s they refuse to be longer
&routed by the flare of trumpets: and the reso
nant melody of 'God ease the Queen P I knshr
nobody whoebjects to that last quoted sentiment;_l
but there are many here, and the number is-in
creasing, who think there is an urgent and erne-
deal need of salvation also for the people—sal
vation from heavy exactione.unjust burdens and
. 1
gelling distinctions. And, as the; interest of the
many in the reform of abuses and the removal of
impositions becones daily more obilons and pal- ,
pable, so does the instinctive grasp of the few to
keep what they have, and get what they can be
come likewise more muscular and poultice. And
this instinct absolutely demands a peivension . pr
.erupprention of the truth with regard to Amenea I
—with regard upoclally to the-prevalence of or
der, justice and tranquility - . within her borders. I
And not this only: it is important to this clMs I
that G. be made to appm.r that, while Repablieen
institutions may possibly answer for a time in a
rade and semi-barbarous community of scattered I
grain &ours and herdsmen, they are utterly in
compatible with a dense population, with gener
al refinement, the upbuilding of manufactrulea
and the prevalence of the arts of civilized life
Here, then, is the one to the cry eo early a nd
generally raised, so often, and inridionely ramie
ed, by the. London daily Press, of surprise sit the
meagerness of our country's contribution to the
Great Exhibition. Had any other young turtiUn
of twenty millions, located three to five thousand
miles off,' rent a collection to largeind so credita
ble to its industrial proficiency , and ferrentiCe
power, it would have been warmly commended
by these same journals; but it is deemed desira
ble to make an impression on the public mind of
Europe adverse to American skill and attain
ments in the Arts, and hence these repreients
tions and sneer*
Yet, gentlemen! what would you have? For
years you ham been devoting your energies to
the task of convincing our people that they should
be content to grow food and cotton and send
them hither in exchange for wares and fabrics,
especially theme of the finer and costlier varie
ties. You have written reams of essay intended
to prove that this course of industry and
trade was dictated by Nature, by.Providenoe, and
that only narrow and short-sigbtod selfislusesl
would seek to overrule it. Well: here areAmer
lean samples of all the staples you say our
country cntgAs to produce and be content with, 1
in undeniable abundance and excellench--cotton,
wool, wheat, dour, Indian corn, harm, beef, &c..
!Fa —yet these you run over with a gleams of
cool contempt and say we have nothing in the
Exhibition: Is this kind or politic . treatment
of the supporters of your policy in the States! I
If a seeming approximation to your Iltooa
should 'subject them to such compliments, what
may they expect from its . perfect consummation?
Let all our 8: totes become ea purely Agricultu
ral as the Carolinas or the lower valley of the
3lississippl, and what would then be your
estimation of not If a half-way obedience to I.
your counsels exposes to such disparagement,
what might we fairly expect from a thorough
submission? - i
The vital truth, everiwhcre dentoustralle, his
nowhere Co palpable no here—Lint a illventificit
tion of industrial purseite is essentialnot only to
the prosperity sad thrift, but also to the educe,-
dos and intellectual activity of a people. A
community which *witnesses frtim 'year to . jeer
the processes of Agricultural labor only, lacks a
stimulus to mental cultivation of inestimable
value. If Europe were to nay to America, 'Sit
still, and we will send you from- year to year ell
the wares and fabrics you need for_ mothing; . i
on the simple condition that-yen will not attempt
to produce any lourselres," it would be most ;
unwistiand suicidal V accept the offer. For we
need not more the wires and fabrics than the
aklkwhlatfaahlotut and thelasto which beautifies
them. ' We need autt multiform capacity and ft- ,
ditty of hand and brsln which only experience'
in the Arta can bestow and diffuse. The Nation- 1
al Industry Is the people's University; to conflitc
it to a few and those the ruder brunches is to
stunt and stagnate the popular mind—is to ar
mat the much of Improvement in agrieulters !
w it_ ((c. 0 ., nearly or quite all the modern
provement' In ou t 'nation - have been made in
immediate proximity tei a dense meaufacte r i ng
population; hones Belgium to •• now a gsrdsn,
while Ireland (except the manfacturing North,)
t o to a great extent stagnant and decsying.—,'
Other causes doubtless conspire: as in England
contrasted with Italy and Spain to produee these 1
results, but they do notnusettle the general truth
that Industry advances through a mimes&
and many-aided deeelopment,or does not advance
of the
We have 'yet much to learn in the Arts, butthe
first lemon of sal is a well-foturded confidence in
our own artisans, our own capacities , with a
patriotic artisans,
to encourage the fernier and
develop the latter. And the confidence is ahem
doutly Justified even by what is exhibited here.
While our ahow of products It much less than it
might and less even than it should hare been,
those who have reap etudied it, draw thence
hope and courage. No other
.nation exhibits
within a similar Compass so great a diversity of
excellence—no other exhibits 50 large a propor
tion of invention and rateable improvements.—
ETtII in the department of Britisk machinery,
the number and importance of American inven
tions exhillited (some of them adapted to new
uses or iniDroved upon in this country; others
merely incorporated with British movemen) is
very striking. I doubt whether England during ,
the last half century has borrowed so many men,
Lions from all the world besides—r am sure she
has not from all - except Franisi:--as she has trim
the United 'States. And yet we are blessed
with the presence of sundry .Imericisen bore
whoy without having examined our - contribu
tions, without, knowing anything more about
them than they have gleaned from the Tines
and Puna, aided by a hurried walk through
the department, are busily proclaiming Unit.
thin show makes them ashamed of their cm:in
tr./I •
Here is the great source of our vicalmiren—a
want of proper pride in and devotion to our own •
induatrial interests.. Every sort of patriotism is
abundant in America but that which is most es.
amitlal—that which aide to develop and strectoto
en the nation's productive, energies. Na other
people buy foreign fabrics extensively in prefer
ence to the equally cheap and more substantial
products of their own looms, yetis:ars do it habit
ually. / had testimony after testimony from
American merchants on the veyago over, as well .
as before and since, that foreign fabrics hebitnally
Sell in our markets for ten or twenty per cent.
more than Is asked for equally gad American products, while thousands of pieces oleo latter
are readily sold on the strength of fabricated
foreign marks atidices which they 'would _not
command, to customers who would not buy them,
if their origin were known. This in certainly
- disgraceful to the seller—what in it to the buy
er ? The mercantile interest naturally leans to 7 ._
wards the
more distant production—the. margin
for profit is larger where an article is 'brought
across an ocean, while the cost of a home-made
article is no notorious that there is little chance.
of putting on a large profit. Giro American Pro
ducers the prices now readily paid throughout
our country for foreign fabrics, end . they will
grow rich in manufactoringarticlee in no respect
inferior to the former. But with only a ahare of
the American market, and this mainly for the
coarsest and chiapest goods, while the purChanera -
of the more costly and fanoithl, en - which . the
larger profits are made, =ant hare Pabrique de
Paris," or aome such label af f ixed to render them
currant, our =Ranted:are= have no , fair chance.
While fools could, be found to, buy .. -Cishniere
ehawls," costing fifty or a hundred dollars, for
five hundred to a thousand, tmderthe absurd de-'
baton that they came from Paatarn Asia, the
fabrication and the profits were European; let
an American begin to make just such shawls,
end the secret is out, so the price sinks at once
to the neighborhood of .the' cost • of production. -
So with De Labres, Counterpanes, Brum:els Car
and fabrics generally; end yet Ameri.
cans will talk as though the encouragement
given by protective duties to home manufactures •
were given at the expense of our' . consumers.
Vainly are they-challenged from day to' dej to
name one :single article whereof the: production
has been transplanted from.Europo to America
through protection, which has not thereby been
materially cheapened to the American consumer ;
Remits them better to assume- that the duty is
a tazon the consumer, than to examine the case
and admit the truth. But delusion - cannot be
i That-our country would at some future day
work Its way gradually out of its present semi
. colonial dependence on European tastes, Euro,
peen fashions, European fabrication, even though
all Legislative encouragement were withheld, I
firmly believe. The genius, the activity: the .
energy, the enterprise of our p ple conspire to
assure It.. So the thief; the be t ar , the forger,
are certain to suffer for their' Weeds though
all the penalties of human laws were repealed,
and yet I consider State prisons', and Imam of
correction salutary, if not indisPen,sable. It is
difficult for even an ingenious and inventive race
to make improvements in an art or process Which
has no existence among them. Whitney's Cot- .
..ton Gin pre-supposed the growth' of cotton r• Pul
ton'a eteamboat the -existence of internal coin- -
merce and navigation; without Lsoirollaligeltiw
'l might have invented a new trip for: onshore,
I but not loorris for weaving carpets, gingham?,
I coach lace, &c. I deeply feel that our. country
II owes to' mankind the duty of - so• sustaining her
manufacturing industry that farther and more
i signal triumphs of her inventive genius may yet _
be evolved and realised, not merely in the domain
of fabrics, but in that of wares and metals also,
and especially in that of the chief metal, iron.'
Had iron enjoyed for twenty years such $ mem- -
ere of protection among us as plain cottons oli' ' .
mined from 1816 through Mr. Calhoun's minho
-1 um of six cents per square yard, . we, ;Mould, in
all probability, have been producing iron by this
time as cheaply as drillings and eheetings—that
I is, as cheaply (quality considered) It'd any nation
on the globe—as cheaply as .we produce school
books, newspapers, and nearly every artiolo
whereof thwAmerican maker is shielded by - cir-
cumitatmes from foreign competition. lEad the
tariff of 1842 but stood unaltered till this time,
who believes that even the greenest. and - silliest
American could have fancied himself blushing •
for the meagreacas of his country's Share in the
Great Exhibition! • . u. ci.
EEINO THE FORITNE. rELII7,--A youn g man
named Williams-wbo had never before visited
the great metropolis, arrived here in . a steam
boat from New Haven on Tuesday morning, sod
on landing was surrounded by &number of hack-
driress and baggage smashers, all "of
fered to take charge of his baggage, convey
him to his destination. Our hero witeon a That
to Madam Rockwell, a fortune teller. •-He bed
been sent by a number of his associates to con
fer with tlas lady in reference to some bidden
gold hione of the Eastern settlements. Among
the'proposltions made to Williams by the' back.
men, be accepted the lowest, which wee two dot
lava and a half, to take him to College place; bat
the . man•of the whip' did' not take him to Ma
dam It.'s, as requested, but to a hotel in Green-
With street, near the Battery, where he was
charged $1 for his breakfast. After finishing
this' repast, he enquired for the, fortune teller,
and finding himself in Greenwich street instead
1 of College place, be looked for the hacksaws, but
he was gone, and nobody knew hies, er . could
I give the least satisfaction. Be then engaged
another hackman named John Stevens, No 211!.
i the same individual who charged a countryman
I s 3 fora ride from the ferry up to Broadway
some weeks , ago. Stevens, however made more
moderate proposarthan did the former, and'Wil
-1 Hams thinking be bad got hold of the right kind
of fellow gave him two dollars, the, sum asked,
.to take him to Madam R .'e, in College place.—
!They started, Williams with ithe most glow
ing and sanguine expect:Atkins of :bearing •
revelation that would at once place the hidden
treasures at his command. Two dollars: were a
I cypher under the circumstances. On arriving
at Madam - 11.'s, Williams told theltackman to Call
again In an bour—he wanted to go to the Ful
ton Ferry, and for this jaunt Stevens charged
him three dollars, which was freely paid... Af
ter leaving Williams at trio Ferry, the 'hackman
went to Madam Rockwell, andthere deriandedfif
ty cents for =raying Williams to:the boat, "Moll
he alsoreceived. Williatiii,after spending Tues
day night in the el ty began to think that he had not
been well treated, and, on complaining to the
police of certain impositions, the above incidents
leaked out. Captain Olmsted of the bd ward,
told him to re-engage theisatioe meet
him at she fortune teller's in half an Lour which
was done. The Captain went with him, and
found Ltevens waiting as directed, with a piece
of raper pasted over his number to avoid deteo- •
lion. lie was immediately.arrested and tiken. 4
before the Mayor, fined ten dollare, and compel
led to refund the countsy'youth his money.— .
N. Y. Cour.
The Saratoga, N. Y, ' papers state that a bed
of,the purest quality of Pentium been discovered
within four miles of the village of Saratoga
Springs. The melee extends over 60-,acres.
ligvations have been made to a great depth,
without finding any bottom to the strata: it is _
said to be much cheaperandlar - superior to coal
in its nee for stores or grates. • .
The new.line of Boston Steamshipsare Already
attracting attention. They are to run - froin Boa
; ton to Liverpool. The four vessels err/Icon only
as much so One of Collins', $600,000, end alto-
I gather will burn only as much coal is one of his.
dad yet they are designed to carry 160 - cabin
i passengers and 450 emigrants each. , They , Will
be provided with double engineir , orone s chird
more poyer than any other newel athaft, accord
ing to their sire. They are not tit be named
after great men of old, but after Merchant
princee now in Boston, sir: 8.8. Lewis; Robert
G. Show, Franklin Berm and David Banal' aw.
One of them win sail 6o July, 'and the - 'rest are
to follow soon. The company propose - to build
another line to • run from Boston to New Orleans
as soon as the Bowls and Liverpool line isaani.
pieced. Their capital is $2,000,000, and :ibey
do not ask Government assistance, , The *lieu
are to be driven by Leper propolli*
_ -