The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, June 14, 1851, Image 1

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be gee: an., tea yew expires. ere.. re. =ere/. emt tar
RATES OE ADP/31781E10._
Una FORM'S (10 line. of Norwell or lam)
me .4 0 40
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, four m0nde..._........_.. to.
to mantoz..
27 00
Be‘fy3' C. (5 inn. or Ivo. per aanorn-44 00
One Onyny for ern toldpanal lino.
•• -5.78 4 - 15.f5 7 . v ' ins• -•- istraii - 6671T ple . ‘us — .ls ther am•
nuns)) exclusive of 3.1. paper..-.- .T. 5, 00
..,„ . P. each edditlonal sin.; inserted ors one month, and'
~.issr then sithigothl swore =signal under the retie;
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''...." . . k iVi ' ll= t n ' ti - C g'l " .. Cin ' intilni =tins:eds.:64MM be
,f - 'geed. pg. amount ' eruirged lot th r ei P.6 l . l mtholt•
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the moon
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. • The prirliege of statn.l i/lyertipira
strictly limited to
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',.,-; the benent Mother persons, na well as ell advertisements tort
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f ' the 111 ifO r s ' el; " Ye ..r, ' 5 1 . 11 a i . AL ' eo.,t o gt= b". l m ,
i.'.all ouch trattms ' evivertfelug h , bills W., be eep i liately
;-! ..-endeild. - and smosot mument la desired. • • i i
. • '.41.11 aired/muscats for <limitable institution; fins mute
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.0010 Id., Pk , . vh-svirtd ball Pried , payable srtiedy ; in ad
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el,..Deeth audio. inverted without chance, unless antompas
..pled bythearal imitations or obituary notices, amt when
.I,ll.lpuloedmrthees. eml ail others sending =amino...
.6. N S er r requiring notices desthront to call attention to
NSW bolrem..eoarerte. on any nubile enternsionientes
- - . where eisargo are male fur admittaartv-all notbies.f pr.'.
:TSUI asmonations-every notim datigned to all ettenthan In
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parted In Welted, tho same - will be charged:at th e
• steel not Less than 10 mats per hue.
. Barbels Jett
Xotiourto be charged triple p ri m.
.. I !Farrel, them.: Petitions 6.1 each.
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Lo bo elnLoml wider Tonzly rideo,lint to be allowed , • dir
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11,9[6Y 09Tu
' Cia&sure, three ionr...,._.—
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Do. • each inortion
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' • 7 iorT.L. In Retch rank
Ono Ekren., (10 110 m) one neat.
• . •Do. each addltlonal tnoortlon. is
• ' tinatteht Luirernsoments to ha paid to Minh,* .
JAMES F. KERB; Attorney at Law--Qifiee
Woorth rt. 1416.1 Smlchtickl and Gnat.: Pitts
WEAVER, Attorney at 'I, aw, Fourth
;.,.-ire street [War. the Mayors Offee,•Pittzbeesh, Fee Cat preepur. • • mita";
- S. awn. autiarr. I , AD:r.e.coxt TAMA.
Lots of tlntantawn, ts.) 1 (Law of Indloos, f'..)
LIPIIANT A-. : TAYLOR, Attorneyo ut
Low‘4lMec oo t , o'll tv...croot, No.I ..1% totseoli Wood
ono $ ordthliela-ear r ,D, IND..borgh.l%,
N. D.--.T. D. i5t0t...01., 1. Colorobulootr fox the piati of
Sew Torn.. • ' . ' X. — . oPt3
" SON. SEWELL, Atto l rg at law,
ffhin COurriantiOnrr fur taint licauri Ark
= urbdorments uf bads, te- Ortice—tion rtroa,riborr
,'N & C.6lll.Ell,.At.tomeys at Law
S Oran on Fourth 'tont. ebnynSmOnrnor,.
71 . W. F. WIIITE, Attorney at Law4--Of
..z.trbw,v.titreet, veer Fourth. itt
Ts at taw et'al Foal F.Ftate Agetlts.•Ya 307 ith
puree. Pittsburgh. • , , felt,
•4A-111ES J. KUHN, Alton:toy at Lauvoffice;
In Illattman Hall , corner of Oreak.u.t and Dbenond
ay. Pittsburgh.
- -
FRANCIS FLANEGDI, ttorney at !gm,:
No. TM Foarth atreet. PS thibarg.h.
tNr..OWE WATSON, Attorneys at Law,
So. 1:10 rourtivrtn•ol,lVt.7: h.
c=B,--AletAtukr & ;Jam Brirder,Mq.; Ile
Son, Meth= W.m.:lt I r Jahn - ••
ocamtaat OK, W.../r,ckson,P;tl4ls,u.riitt. . • :Sr
.iNDIVARD P. JONES, Attorney M .
OElee on roerth.rtro.t,iemetse wr9.4 rot
4.ASPER E. 'BRADY,- Attorney at. Law,
eV 69 PIM eseot..Pirtsboriib. Pa. ^'
arfOlt.OE E.• ARNOLD .E CO., Bankers:
'_ - st../1 Dialers lu'Exelkanka Cola. Bank ki et,74'
-.Fourth et4rtext done to the Dank at rittriatlCol. '
'lecticats e Leger. 4 /Aka the meet& rand to
gar kart et e
VtI „ . I :4I. , 'WIL IAM & - CO., 'Bankers
and Erthongor Exam; North East moor or Woad
.trod praeto r Pittsburgh. •- .
D. KIN G,Dfd3ker and Extharigo Bro)cer,
• 'Fourth otroof;' heeler in Bonk Notes. BMA or Ex
ugo. Gobi sad Edw.- btooks bought sad told.
' Tbo hichett groerbot plied bald Itt premium for Atonic.
Half Dollarg i soot Dlextcau and Spaaith Dollars. Itt
Bff . lker a.,n,idmit3tt2cregrb:
&WILKINS . CO, Exchange
Muth Flut. Corn, Of Thlreinnil saw.t.i. Al
Uncut at moat literal rate. . • '
.I.IOLIIES &SON, - Dealers in Foreign
• 11 • mid Dorneala Bilis or Excl.:tr.; Certificate§ ot Re
melt, 13§nt Slates awl Speen , . to Market otrnet. Fldr
nrinibr.DXS.C.oll§etion§ mule on all the principal Ones
througfiout United Stan. • ' • . •
aura anauce_... anyralin tans.•.
JILRAMER RA - 11:11, Bankers and B'x
eltnee Broken. Dellors in FOTAigll
_and liiyaritis
of Eathango, Cori= Deroaito. Bank IN
.111 corne r o _ Third and Wool istroota, ill 3- °await+
is C 0 .., Banking-Iloitee,.
0. is Wood street, Pltteborgh: .Correet blester re
veiled on Deposit- Collettione made on ell the heintinel
intent of the United Sone, ; •
Ont. A. 111 U.
•it .IItVLY, Commission Merchants
-Mv * ZlF l4 74lVir s° ' i titio ‘' rsio` u "ooo :14=4,
, • TAXWJU gitsgs TX. Z. East .
.123AL)1111; HANNA SOOOosiot; to
.• • • • 7/te.steg,ltatugt .t Co.. Boma, .11,opms.
- dealtra and Deepest° Esgbange. Cestinestoo
• of Devotit.liattb Note, And egesie—Narth West MOW . ag
:..Wood arol.Thlrd stmets. truer rat Moony received ott!
posit tii,.,tChtelic be We. add collactions modem, near ,
ly all the mind* points itS the Coiled •
The Wilted' premium pull for Eoretra . *MI - brierdeart
• bleutrevmodeot comidatneots Produoviebb/imi Wit
ov liberal term, .
GW. TAYLOR, Commissioner and Bat
broker, 112 Second .tenet Strict attention mill be
clan. to an Ambrose mil - minted to blcare. ilttabureb
manufactured ankles ohm, hand or procured at Mort
notice. ilotm. Dorn% bortmge, h4 negotiated mi farm
able terms. Ademem made. If remind: • -otz:
• . - 4 0 :
RC.: STOOKTON, late Johnston & Stock
• ton. Sainkaeller. Stationer. Priateraand Binder. nor.
per of Market and Marl sweets. Plttaintrat..
LIOLMES' Cheap Literary Depot,
Thirdortreitilipplidte the Post Moe. New Backe re
teivivi ly:vlvvers. Polierriptioriv received t any of
tbe idnerdives et NorviSelvvv. Publivi+vil et the Publiebe
HOPKIITS, 800 and Stationj,
No. 711 9onzth strft.t. .4 • lo anildincs.
kff) - 60M - C'IIoZIER/3
pAIAv ID BOWN,Ja., Wholesale and Retail
Dam . and Corddinner, !la Fourihsteset PltlAbunib.
‘UU Cakes. and Earley ConAvilmary. always on bane.
All ardor nunefaelly attearl.4l tn_
111 - - M'CLINTOCK. Maindacturerand Im
. I/ • ‘r yort, or carpet,, oli Cl.OO. Bream-nowt Trim"
31.4.. .1., Warehouse, N 0.85 Fourth at,
',nod YL Ilttatnsrah.
=Arr. 4.• the rale of Drmatic. Wookto. Sad cot
hita 1:11 Wood etreet 11tectroralo.
.. 2 ., •
Ord. filled et abort notice for antrdeartiPLW..rW"./-
11C11 'IV. POINDEXTER, corner of Witir and
llngket gratis. , l'lttebtortott, Corrotaltka 4X, Fol.
wanton] Items. and for the rrorekare and eats 01 /lour.
Wearer!. l'lnd nee. I ren.Nallr. Meer. aadtheneantoraetared
,arttekeor.Plttatelmb generallr, , • •
• Abo—Atenler the rodeo( 11. Harter i and L Wil
ocata reletrated Manure and Hay Yorke, et Llvelkdriphico
Jaahior We superver wage Tee, ayeal
- .A...I4IcANITLTY & CO--Trannorteis,
clia j ttaIZTZ S .h . Vn, ( ZPlttVi:." 1 "'" c jtir'
t ar,l•Cosemlillon •Merrlavv, No. 61 Warr erect[,.
' - f : ', .EL . JOI.INSTON, Forwarding 'and
• • Clumnstalou Ilera7hatat,. No. in sBdoonxl -street,
Kai{ /0 JONES', Forwarding and Corn
initelon ntrellanta: Dealers in PrMoso sad Pltts.
alanadartared artleles, Canal nada, ttear dermatb
LAIWY,TONEA - Eal., 'Succ'essors to At
r•cm, Jones i Co. ComoolAdon and.Forrrasdlad Her
e doolors
• Idttstroutt Monolsetstrid Goods, Pitts.
11.1 CS Olt COLlTholeirde
od iZe4l:74ll l Vgr . 3 sad Dometttie Dry Goods, gglia,i
4-.1101." k m_ rxrriroznil .... —r. a *rues am;
AA. MASON ,t 00., Wholesale and Retail
Dral,:s Tarry. 5.4 'Ytaple Dry Dines. ieYet
;• - similtetsll Dry findlf Harchurt......V a ',girth
Mszot. D. HUNT. Dentixt. erkrnar oi"Tourth
betw,n llrrYr6 wml Peri-r
, Alp"lY. WILSON, Wn telte3, Jewelry, Silver
j Anti Mifit.l7 corn, or Starke.
.loth Irtreetx.riashurgb,l*. I , l.ll.—Wstabni sad
casitalkt n . 9 1X0r..4!: Cloe.ka
• - '
R A. FAIINESTOCK 4E, CO., Wholesale
We' D li=e,
sen. a. n. &ma) , c. fronna.t.
KEYSER ,k MCDOWELL, (Successors to
to E. tf kIC r,) 1 , 11.101a1e tad RAW) Drug wd
pi,n =f3=
I =l. of yal=t2;7l,Mblltti
1 ,K.lfp 4E. CO., Wholesale Druggistat. Deal-
Dr. t t'Vat' l N ) (2,7.%t d
_ Loa& Smin 60,-auraer of Wood and
Mrth , nrcetil, PlUabarat: Ordonortll aoretst
ot. owl tormalloa with 4lrootch. • nr
E.' SELLERS, , ~ W holesale Dealer, in
Dmg., Peale', Dye Stun, Vszabibes.
61 Waal Meet, PlD.burgb. P... GoNI. warranted.
Meg tow...
Woad Na. S wad 16.3 N. - WICKERSHAM, 'Wholesale Druggist
awl Dealer In 'Seqtlx nerl
Reset. arm... of S darlraltural Implesatutt,
MUD. & REITI,R. Wholesale and Retail
Dresmiets, Corner of Liberty arta FL CI•ly star .ruh. Yittr
T SeIIOONMAKER &CO., Wholesnle Drug
ststr. No. 24 Ward 4.. Pittilbursb.
Air If. WILSON, Wholesale Grocers and
_ • Coonnhotion ?,! orobinto. Arcola tbr sale of Da
Vool'a N 0.116 Mre0n4.0.0.1111 Front nts. .61
1 L. SHEE, Wholesale Grocer, Commission
Merchant, and dealer In Paper tad /lagnorcq-ner of
/nun .
and Irani Ornate. Pi...burgh. •
AMIJEL :P. SIIRIVER,- Wholesale Oro
ten'' enlutt'entt (14no.lselon 31erchante, and 11est.
'ere in Pitt•burt3 llnnntaelneed dentin , . Noe. 130 MI 132
netand.ttreet, beniten Woal nal e1:v.1111E44. 114abu1th.
if 7.. Dl.Ol.
IM S. Dtsoll & CO., ,Wholesale eP
Omen, Produce and ComOdoOdn 31Ortidads,
Agnate for /bawd Nod. Co.. of WszanWillo. Conn.; Na
3l Wood id. Ntwbundl.
a. cznurc /.
111/1 ORBR INGRAIIAIe, Wholesale
jui Gramm and 'Commission dlextbans, No .110' Wane
tmt. and First street. Hileburnh. ' I
1411:EY, .MATTIIEWS ,S? CO., Wholesalo
trlt' el ) WrA=Jolll.V.=!A:fgeb.tgil
• ..)01. RAIT—RILJOA.
TORN WATT & CO., Whol esal e GrocerB,
'4,11 Commlarl. Marchunts,and Dealers in Produce out
'ht.tstroV AlnardscinFes, No. 268 Libeetr street, Pitt.
B. CANFIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
r c "= tau:e n sguT y r .:u ro . t
between NA:mid:ol4d mul.Wood, rittebursh.
S WATE - RdIAN SCNS,,Wholeealo
. Groom,
_Ce=admikao and Varnorib t... Lllerchanta•
as In .4 'Ueda or Produce and Pita
rod article/ l and Monks ' tor the sale of
... pal and
L7nehbuM. _
rwaraing nod eammbooena lloreto
. tre n bm•gh. noooftetures and Walton
NT.O to P 1
.00toi to of kroot stroot and CluolcorT Loma
• nu. . ... -MOMS 111...
1§44.111D1a1U.Y.&, CO.. - Wholesale Gro
0. rc , s4. c f ,:=l 3 i 4 , 7 3x=e,; ang‘eslent? Produa&—
- fat - NOLISH CiikiikETT, tato English,
L l T:aat e t 4 ;ll l Valg7r n P4l ° '" W straiit
trurskatannfortame. No. 1= *owed apd 121 nest e.,
bay eavVrool wad !Smithfield. " _
kiji.i.Ett . , RICIECETSON,' Wholesale
atoterL and Importers of Itraixiiro,• Mum and
gaii. No.= rumor of Liberty_ Mot Irwin Mega, Pit.
Ps. • bun. Plana, Cotton Yarns,La., . ecrostontly
haaL• •
Am Wan.L..--asnas 0. seottn-..-nuann e, son
N'GILLS t ROE. Wholesale Grocers and
Commission Merchants, No. :NV Lttort7 Nance,
ItORERT MOORE, • Wholesale GrOCer ,
Bestirring Distiller, dealer In erodnce, Pin/Q.7 h
anufsetalss, and • all kindsof Fonds", and Donssais
Wines and /14.1 N. 4/
rgeb b til be =eis ?to r sub.
Oirieen. Cotozoledcz 3lstrhants. dealers in Produce
anel Pittsburgh S.Lusufastureh giA lAbertr stmt.,
Omer, snafus.. Fommrakkg. can Counablioo B.Or.
t..a Dealer in Yotebtargh MssaMarumm. No.
Many strmt. litObargb..
WAL .BAGALEY & CO., 'Wholesale Oro,Noe. 3S sod 70-Wood strett, Pytoborsh,
CS t McC.A.NDLESS, succeswro• to
4. J. IL Wick. trltalesal• Oroonrsi Tanned/air
and ...wain/on Ilerellants. anders icon.. 4444 1:1.44
C 4400 01.11 N. Ltd - Pittsburgh Atanntuinren encrolly.
catner of AV.. cad Watrr arnetx. littenargh.
. Grocers and Cestmitedo - jl,llerdiriste, Deikrs la Pr.
iros. and Pittebortrb drideles, 14ii Liberty
street, Pittsburgh, PL
LD. WILLLANS k CO., Wholesale and
• aetev Valmilt Gement. rad-alAlltig sad Coanals+don
ana., and Deakr, Cowatzy Pradota and Pittabamb
tdanotactares, corn, at Wood and kith Md.. Plet,eue,e..
ROBINSON, LITTLE le , CO., No. 255
Liberty widect—, Mit:rah. Irtialea4a Gram, Para
ta and Cottualaioa Meta-haute, and dealers In tquaburgh
to IL tibirn Wbolesale Grocers, Com
...elcuflo nuns.
. tolndon Merelan% and Dentris In Produce—Round
a s
Rdidings. Inns/n/5 on Wsss/T. 11 . .. d. sod nn/ 0
streets. Idttanursh.n.
& CO., Giocene
Deal.. Ilreldneo. rorei. Old 510 5-
r 4 =W5145.7—N0. 5, eammeniat Raw,
41111:)(671 s 61:1:11s:kijaev will
H. MELLOR,DeaIer in Piano Fortes,
.31.. k, sad' Musiol lraltrarnelts, &Ivor Drat, arrl
Irreakmerf. 8010 accat. for ChirSurrmer liano Fortes. for
{Cetera Perawflrmal.,--Zro. ta Word rt..
, Denier in Music, DIU
al& Inalnittaenta, and Importer or Italian Strinaa
anent for Nanns t Clatk's grand and maim Main,
with Coleman's diolean dttsnhment Ann. 1., PIZZLi=I,
TOM J. CAYPB/314......-0,13) leVlLlift.
mentors nianufacture slid hoop eouttantly on band a/1
and of Teem Brod. nod nparahltla linlablog. Clout, and
llob .Nsila One Blunt ' fl our. Barrel and Lathing NMI,
Cooper Bala and Tack,: barrel 'Nails. Copper and Etna
aloe Naas: Pattern Marro' Illtots, aatarlad duo,
Co'., Co., Sr_
NT/trattoria, t. 9 Maur wt., Pittsburgh.
ntinT:tg c'""
ENEs&liffidd, islanufactufbn of prink
, ,64 hnnl, Monet Slnel. Enna Pkrank
and nni Minna nptinnn Hammered, lete Anion and
dean. In Malleable llngtlninn Ylrr Elunnov Lamps, .and
'Conan Trimmlngngencznlly. tarzwr of Ross ind liront
fitlabura. Pa.
P:..Ms. k 7= =lft`:= ° ='
tq Water et— below Far,.
IX,TA.LTER: P. • MARSHALL; Successor, to
v Eassuel'CL llill—lmporter and Dealer in Wench
Atomiesu Paper hangings end Borders,' itladme
Wades, Fire Board Prints,
and Weal:ming Paper, n 5 Woos street. Inneren.s
and Diamond alter. Pittsburgh, P..
ROBERT MORRIS, Tea and Wine 'bier.
cheat, Eut side of lb. Dtaatood, Pletabenh.
aka. Si mine.
WCLURO fi CO., Grocert and
7 , v• - Ica Liealere, 216 Liberty stmt. alone broad
bate always nu bond • Imre aituntinent of Moine area,-
lea sail Flue mesa Also—Foreign reels. and re rite:Whine
d. rani setalL Drakes eripplied on the lowest tenne.
jOUN A. CAUGHEY. Agent far the Lake
Elie sad Hidalgo= Line. t hostel...od the
Wee on the corner of {titer sod Neal:held sts:
LEECII & CO. ; Transporters by Canal
and lon/raiding Marebante, wraer or Penn stint
tan Cana
A:BROWN woul4mostrespectfally infofm
the public that helmenson hard antler:ma on the wleet
&aloof the Diamond, Allegheny city. a ootankto amOnottnt
or tenth. bllndr, alto Yuan. Ithatters are made to 51
In the bat 111111 . 1.11ted equal to any to the &Wed "
Rates- Ills Illioda an bo reseored .without the akl of a
straw dree. laving pardoned she. ock, tools, and
Of the tabiort entabllchment of 14mcsay a Idellelland, I
t r c tr.V . Zf .r Oic t d b -' , 1! . 1-bti edy tg i tr . e i tl r fittztic i .M . well m Wm pr.
atren — t g. b Wood Wort, l'lttcbtaar
. Purrous—ReFidenc , ..corw or. third etrret Esst
.; hike... 4.
• n.—Lim.. Hard, Marta:, 10. Ec, for :
, .
14.13 Italabargh, 1 4 cothttal.' stalk/ 'l4.pmnbilre
quaant the public that ha ha. comrnenoat^prattlaa
above arakaatarr, awl, by maga) attrataltt tavehaterents
cattaated be blot. ha C. to girt. aitiataetlett. ''•.
/a convect!. nth Jana! Haab.. Itataa'Shaehig nFd
Dlackanathlog in aaneraftilll ta;earrhal aa. at the ennui
of Tannel at:wet and Penrualvanta Mean,
U It PHY /t LE El, 15 .# croc "DEALER argil
Cosambedota Mcrrhenter for rho alio of OmerirW
11" co en carte, N 0.151 0 Liberty on, ritNlough. .' •
Swin& IV. ILAUBAUGH, Wool • Mercbrint,
er" ',Flour' an 4 Prodroo 15*
and Col:minims lOrrolowts, No. 115 YOU street
and 116 Second street. l'Oteherroh...
.14S EV.ILLE,JOIINSON, Engraver on WOO 4.
l'hilo Mint stem) Pittk burgh. Pa.—Xll
dingAntsehlnerfr Ifendrkrf Nenkrtettere. Fronds*
L.odkxn k per= Label, In tokorr, renir foe frirlrinent.
eletnok,rsot PIM Cotton d In no. tort sty
of 'art, and ot tne !overt mire, • • •
t a- iirLiktUf ,SCHUCLIMAN'S Lithogru,
I, ro.r.whausent, Third etr,it. opposite it lk i •
Onteattanorgh... l l:lc Lona entreo. Portraits. now 1.
pininnedr,DrsdAllo 4hl,. Axltteettal end Mudd
Drawings. rooluesi Vislatia Card/, k.,•..m.rd
drawn ou Stone and printed. to ikkl. Wynne.
131.54. tb• 11 P4114771 . 07140114 • and .1 lin Ind
. .
iWCN, WILSON t CO., Importers * and
nod atzoot. Fittabork
Wianlanda. Dealers b. Il
In ardarara and Eatery. No. 129
Insati - memrs
01IN FITZSIMONS & CO.; Mannfactu
rtmof FLINT and GREEN GLASS, MOULDS, mad all
of SIACIILVEKY., take Ws method of infonalot
throe, dvalrous of having 'orb work dons, that they are
stepered to dolt at the lowest possible ratas,wt the short
..huotlesu aud in the beet meaner, at their eetelellshmeut.
Smoltd otreet, above the Camel Drltige.smar the Gas Works.
Twee Luaus fur Black Smith sad Mut Surma% mayor
feutured et she shortest hake, sal id UM lowest prleeu—
All kinds of Jobbing done on short restiee.
• . Wegner, BiLeohneol
THE ABOVE FIRM. respectfully announce
. to their Meads awl the 'patine generally'. that they
• are prepaid :to execute, in the brat style of their art. al !
orders for Show Carla Bilb. Dinlo se, Ch.ta Milting
aril Professional Canis. Mao, Labels. to
Their estahltshmeat le at No. fel 31 kat etroat, between
Third nod Fourth streets. awfully. ' meltanf
Bolivar Fire Brick Nan Comp'y.
s. 30V13-..- IL lanai's.
rr lIE SUBSCRIBERS, having bean ap
lioluted Agents for the above' oama mamma will
trll74 2 VltFekl " ro d ela7=%l l =ii=
Tay are PiOeirohni for saki Brick, to
bo mod , * to , r‘st sad .b.P• to snit purelimrs. width shall .1
`tire do
• Are do not deem it necessary to enumerate Um mum ed
'images this Bolivar Fire liMek over Miothers ULM
b a lmm
o. I
bare been offered for We la the aged Male. their mine
Vire "a t rtrtk " Tl: porul°
y . e
Brack Mall lose now of their present enviable reputation,
Vle t e h ttg o dirti= IV ' to t : grl.."' lI I =
establishment now ma nure Pim Brick at Bohm.
roar Canal Bmin. Seventh Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
Praundernigned have just completed their,
and ars now mannhotating ail slaw of 015 PIPE, Lo
matzot . and other Plum and all gam of
which they MG, for sole M the lowest .prime. They are
caw prepared to moms ordetm to any extent. without die
lay. SPAM) A CO„
No.:9lmdWatee Weer.fet4 Jot PITTMIURGIC PA.
- ILVILMARTH & NOBLE--City Flouring
• • 6/Ibi,vo. IV3 Liberty or of Adams s [. Pittsburah.
NICHOLAS VIVIAN, Civil 'Engineer,
Droughlignen,seal Pisa-Una M agent ' Make.
ights el Models for the Patent 06lee,de ining.
atgus Nimbi.
very fo r Mine., Water Werke, Milieu ]llll., /161'
found betwixt 10 A. 31..4 6 P. IL, at his residuum, No.lll
51extett7 street. Pittsburgh. junta:dlr.
PA. MADEIRA, Agent far Delaware Mu
tual &MT Innate Comma r, L^ Si ater stzeet.
.1" GARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
IL! Piro Inntnatto Onapenty, north ea/acorn. of Wont
GLENN, Boor. BINDER, Wood street.
v sec•iad door from the cortselL of 1 , 1: re whe n.l.
Pa:M.,11114°.'="?&A.P.V....,11 h
banal substantially. Books to numbers, or old cooks
toured esrefully. or repaint. Names ro l oo Rthirkt".
Thom who Moo bindings aro Istritod to cral. Pyle. Ir.
. Sarni • •• •
'CORD & CO., Wholesale and Retail
Ifsronhentremosod Desk. In Usts ‘ Osps and Funs,
eonme of Weed end fifth streets, nlttsborph. Where they
offer • MI sad complete ltork. of Us* tbspr,IIM.AE.,
entry ormllty nazi style, by Wholesale and ltstall, ind len
nu, the .ti nn= of their elastomers sod purebseeristran
ally, Yale= them Mulliny will sell on the mnt httrarr
tatreotte teem.
W.DIGBY, Merchant Tailor, Draper,
and Dealer la Ratty M.d. Clotbltig. 137 Libaty ot.
• New Coitch Factory—Allegheny.
cam te7 M. A. WHITE .t CO. would re-
Portftliie inform tine pun. that they hoes
es pon Lamer, between federal 111.13 d Pandtteky
onsets. Tray are die makingand are prepare.] n. aerate.
lorator the descripnon of vehttelea. Coaches. Ch.elote,
linnattehot &Wait* kb.t.m... ae... ethic!, from their
loon experience in the manufacture of the abort , . wort,
and the (belittles they have. thee foal rotolUent (her are
enabled to do work on the meetpeaannatile tenni with
thole wanting sotieln In their line.
Paying pardeolar attention to the eatiettlon of materlsts,
and ha inc unne but competent eoritmon, they bane no
habitation n narrowing then cork. thoreforeana the
attention of the public:tat we manes. •
N. IL &Tatting done 111 the beat manner, and ea the
moat reattortabletestos PQM
L 3•:) es . EDMUND 11"1.1.E.LNS. No. 144 Libady
cad of Woodstrest. Pitt.littegb. • Migiutorots, purist
vssle.. Tomb, Ilasanoned, Au: 11.1.1 Centre awl
rer Tor; alwa sereruid. and made to aiclei.
N. XL A elionluit of Drawings on band. 1.10
Cenner of Third sal arket. The ontr 117 a,
Inalltation tbe kind in Pittebar.b.
Pam - wt.—John Fleming. rib:Kt.! Inn:velar In the
of Amounts.
0. K. Cbambmiln, Framer orPennmenehip, blerantne
C 'E 17 ' "
Alcs. Ks., rsn, Lector. an Cononereal
Tbnordestrlng serankte to.dedte a boa Kestilosi
.4 1..0..0 to rrenr b... sbo so els.
snip. sew Unite" tot. soil sato-
Lodi. i.otogereisl taw every 11c0ad.....10g, '
Iteferenee to any of the resident city . nerd.. teledf
'WILKINS, No. 215 Liberti
Deal of Wood street. Ilitchorgho PC;
3innumenta. Duet. Tata.. towboat...
Knott. Inc., Centre ond incrKoro,
lawn. on haw] and row e to ord... Wool
thaw. 31.b10n0, rery ndutowt
=.41. OW4O solorbon ca . PrOltinVl
A The nor.
c. l ' •
Br arcs
• 1 . L-c•-• I
tint. '• • .
4 •
I .
Mo Ilarmar C. 11137, lan& TkInIonPOI.
lion. w
Jodgo John hoops, ,
Wm. Hnhuorootor.: Cm • Archltort
John WOW.. bp, Our Snub Ere...
bitutonrob Book. Atwater & Wan. do.
T. IL lihownberowr, Ear. k Cortr, dn.
Wilma M0...na1.. Ent. k Sarno., • dn.
Mahon McKnight, Won Barra. 0 Co.
.J.....llclinight. Kw. firming. D. T. Murpto Co.
haw, Joann IlW.en Co Trull.
LMobITP , Er, Allorghotor.
K. W. halo srMolul for Liberal patron.. rolo
Mired during mote. year. In Mir city, haring lonl
large. and tostootnentrustni to Mount op to We wonnl
bMil, and rill endeavor to wonder can/ action torreaftor.
.m 24
Beanett's ,Monoargaistio Depository,
MAT I.—Nefr Paluthafil•—The ''Ord of O. tbilemsme,"
sal the . Cemactirry Ikutart." :off
teem., Ware-rooms 97 99 Mild strvel
J. . W.
t h at Worm. his friend. and
enstomers that ho boo now completed the Wort
and Inert stock. of houreboki furoltrim over be man in
Ml* elir. lie bele detennined to uphold the gnatity with
wella.werawd tostartale, bort workout:4d., awl roomed de
urn; and from 'the extent of his orden and tadlity in
manufasturilowest he Is cabled to protium warranted fo rt &
tura, at the
Ile ha. edoplod Pd principle of ideatiffing the mama-
I et . ..interest with ht. 0111410 511.1117 end MM., and keep.
always on hood the greatest moiety of every downiptimsof
farnittire, from the chaspert sold plaineet, thwinost
fres o d;h " Li7 'uh ge "• ruoi* 007 7 000 of
r n- g: s zt '7 ; l"
order. therefore solicit. an
tagm of hl.. establishment map I= lli•111 . 1.:filing
article. amidst in mat, trf Ida mock, whieb for of
gamut Cobh manot be surgamor 007 of CreTtern
Pular. drawing. dieting, sod l l et4etielee- of P.M
nslatlng of ro 00.4. Tel, walnut,
cliption; Coh., 70?.. , ug, Tideratete and 0f7h70 rated
French and Amerlean parterria Tashace, Whabbrots, and.
ladle gatiorlititing Desks of various Wort Table.
and fancy inlaid elands, mute atandr, sod liolders, marble
um, mahr, ltamomi and
cen oda...
Mos, caon dining tables, all else. of th mootnipotreed,
and deeldedir th e bat kind inadm mud, Pembroke half and
pier table., wartl . 7 ,, bedsteadsand•weabstands of earn*
large amortusrat ic boil and parlor romptions ettaira
ottcmans and 5, mammary
ere. side bomb,
lire screens, Wind maks, hat stands, and muds stools, ad.
and cots for children; paw webo, table and tea turd
.1.0.0..7:r0tew00d, mai Inlaid 'mm m
ied Ala
A /ergo aeassiment of Common Farallon sod Wields.,
Chaim. 'Cabinet make. supplied .lib all drUtl•79 In thole
AM. lay al L., No. IM third et, corner of Cherry
, haring La n d gments tor the purpose, will
procure Bourn,ur atom and seildiets, their
widows surd ahildren, and will attend to anr other bust
nsea connected with the government or any of Its Drawl.
Moats, the reunion offire, or the. Court. at the City of
Washingtnn. ferfuitt
Drawing,. Paripeati ye, and Painting in Oil.
SldiTil is now prepared la give
Iturtztork to* far pale In the different habeas
o dela tful end. ab ta rnt& In llama
. Salte
&Masora way buDdlow.ldret. Farr, between 11 cal and
Market etreeta. noun of astration, from 2.1 a to 43t. end
froartdi to aye Varna and other partkulars ean
known by ailing atternoon) a the rooms.•
later to Dr. Datum or Dr. Addlsoo.. JaMdtf_
rbIS 'SUMMER' RETREAT is now open
im the geootomoilablon of vialunit. The beauty of
t lene ban b.. couch nntiniiiml by the oddulon of
brace Ehruhtiery and Flowers. A lerg• rolicelino of ever
blooming I'l. 0,0011 ehnabrtrod, the ebokat kind, era
kept for ..I. on the ptraiLese: TbuliniAn. kept In the Paligole es
• bonnets last/dully yin On et Ikon Itntlerf.
The neat end comfortable elegmboet
the ilndlitg, between Pitt rtreat and the Old Allen
Bridge, nt the beginning of every hone—forme o'clock, A.
AL, ontll 10 (inn extra trip *very evening, at Lig
• • .
etrengers vislttlot_the btnnly, ty.are Invited to pay •
That to We petleet Plower tlardlh.
The Carden Is kept ca Temparteee prltestplem, sod eloeol
. &today: apttl:tt
Dixen's London Patent Lever Watches,
Supcxyar fn anv MMus err, offered in • Plitsbnroi•
ItICHARPSON, 81 Market street, is
. . .
appointment to the Admiralty, WM. DIXON. Chia,-
',omelet and Wa Londotch hiannfacturer. 45 Klap Mutat, Goa
nal) Road. n.
7:111‘;;Alii;i1;ki the womp.ylkg Width. Is
warrant. nam e me to be of my Inatnantur. and rt.:ATM!.
with my open It Is genuine unless aeosstawnsd i
eertlllesta Irenef my sidnature.
Irfa jtyzt: x .,, 1Vkw: 1 1 . 12 1 =6:W
apl33 k
.1011, rumor 4.1111:11 COMO.
SMITLEY & COLVIN, Coal Morchants,
and Imalero In pr) (Icods,l6roortko, Ironinn No h.
met of Woloot surrt son .Worrnocro . o Inrsoriko Ikeloa
100 .ill.
WORKS. - CONN/ NOIIAM L CO., Manufacturers of WI:Mr
21td. :n$ nark. linnet, WWI. /Inn amt Second.
an't:rbgti'nuen, l on nai.d Ann—lnslern
rnnt lant.,l.,ti i
A, o .
.1*•11 • •
Steamboat Agency, and General CWiunii‘-
•gion t lieceivuig and Forwarding. '
CO., bave
_ this
dATA...,d..t.od with them Ur. John Lawton. and offr!
=t o,: ll . Entf, Usnersl
LnoMing. aleaj-0371:
F. IL Moon, M. D„
/EL epeeist Woollen to the restment Of dt.essas of elfr
men and children, mot sante dlretver renerolly. to se
chronic and gurgled dire... Mee ot,Anderoon street.
n the. flood Etreet Badge. and nett' door to the Pico
loeer g
MIL Allegheny City. Otilm hours from 7 to 9 A. AL.
Dom 1 to 3. and from 7 tog P. If. tny2k7
- - -
LXGRRODS—Sprates Patent.
Wholesale Depot, 86:Wood street Pittsbursd, Pa.,
(Cortwr(ales Cutlery Store.).
L i DDII'INING RODS are so eon
struct.l that they. cannot get out or order. The Ur
eu store sag Attathrueuts at.ll.OlOY. tho PM".
erot Jtaguela am unrivalled—rho
hula. hlablr
and without dispute the lon caralactor cror
manufactured. Jame. Jeckrou .01 attach them at 727 i
cents pry trot. Price at the store. 10 route,
Uratlomen are respectfully recounted to cellar BO Wood
street, Rua exaralue rho &bore; where, alio, thaAgratru l 7
be e. . • larlttr
Geo. A. Eichbaum, CivgLeer,
ild . . ATTEND, in any pa of the coon
try- to the stirrer. loistion. .od ronstrtiotion of
Nalbrevie, ilausdaralred and Plaak itha,, Bridge* Px , ..
Dow. to., for canal or eleekeratert novbroUoo, sal trill pre-
Pore PlAne. rpecilkellons, and ertiorater met or any of
trio strove work.
•• . .
Co edit also attend to the division of land,and laying
out town riots. making draniogs of modela for Patent 0)
out: draughts of machinery. ge.
(Are pit lialudrellis finiklitiga. Crud st... war tho Court
How, taburkh.
lisfemecro—lton. A. NC. Loomis, nun. Bakenell.
ertile IL Craig, Cad., SC m• Etchbaum. Eon.
J. GI. IttIOCT (1E41.1 ow. aortal.
8 torage, Dipping S Commissionlierchants,
o. .Groce ries,
. PlO a,
Leon dtret. Cleveland. Oha. ' °'' '0
"ki 137
Cub advances wails on can. . •
AII.IIII for 1.11 iittatictbosts and Propellers In the Lake eu.
;ester Ltne.
Aster to—Win. A. Otis A Co., Cleveland:
Nils, 'Wheeler, Huffiest
T. 31. Oishier, Pittsbusgb.
Alexander Bradley,
No: 19 W,od street, between Ffrat and Second go.,
MANUFACTURER of every deeeription
/ItIL of COOKING STO rEs. •of the meat appmeed mt.
term. and mut as a lit render the boat satleGietion.;
Mao—PARLOR eTOVES, among which will bei found
Jewell linot's celebrated-folding doer Parlor Mow* Ehg
Stamm }Whelan< Franklin Stamm plain and fatter Oran,
to whielit aro Invite the attention of huilderia,Pea
Hallway Warm Wagon Datum AM to all of whkla we Invite
the Alterman of dealers team PorehtullnekDiGnium
E. .ARNOLD Zt. CO. hay° thirdtiy as
ul vectored with them JOIEt D. SCULLS. Maria ed
tLa Pwill bear, blveterae.
Prttotarvork. Moo lot. 18.. d. f.ir2 •
ONEGGER, & CO., Imponers of Wines,
Liquors, sad tlw4o Cheese, ICI '...lthasla FlOO.l.
IlElrth sad Serena,.
(Formerly the ExChonge,)
Corner of Ponn and St. Clair Streets,
rtglS apacione, central, and most conveni
■ eofiy Lc.t od HOTT.L. having been completely re •
mi ltd. and thoronohly repaired and hoported. te pair
(1011filr Mc accommodation of the puthr.
oriberiber. le.. and proprietor of the of tLAIR
HOEL reepoctftilly Itifhtme Pia friends and the yolk
tha theta m fortibilleil It to the mon element and eionffirto•
litrkitar i lLmPlocV :M c o,t4tinatistanni and &Mottle*
to make It equal lo any b o om* In 1.4 e c!kto i ' ry7 '°. r rUr
The veil known mould location of the Lome, aakt 1010
retaeone of fta, re.1.141:1[ It o.lllmortnalinr
hie ribber to travelers or permanent Pestilent 'tol:Tit:dm
to iolieft and hope Ihr 11. liberal Mare of
epr..htf U. W.
A.MUEL EROESEN keepi - constandv on
hand a gocdtuatattaent of Matt, awl llalh , rata tStran, eteatolost, Oak Well, littehett or Ora. Itactatn
WO6Oll k Bawl, Chant, Du Mtwara. Zino ao4 cherry
Wula &rote. and an other Iglu& of yore to Itto hot.
liarerodst. !await 1101.YMb •treet. littatturab t Pa.
RL J. .I. 31YERS—SurgNIn and Physician.
oak,. 'threlliort: router of Parliaatt na row, ha.
ini • t now tfrawaltore Staltbact.l rt.
Dr. iltar• persnaorolly Instal to Pitteltrah, and
*ln attetal 1 the duties of his Pmterriota He'll! at , .
;tulle - 1114r at 'Won la 2111M1041. rum atal that tloolotato of
trott.. 6.1 Wm, apl6.3at
• .
. . .
Ruh Assortment of Spring Goodi
T ' IOMAS PALMER is dailT reccivlpg
90. ol ! rakTerz (It!.-.. at tilte•okf staavit
'.loo. 55 MARKS-7 STOOL?,
./j , hbah Third and Fo at ifreetS, Pilltlul/711,
lasumarce•y/00, to hu proaeot atoet. of thauust beautiful
/".4,1 . 541 /*W.:W. , that baee In 0A...Art.1
tut Nue p mt. Me platten. a n . coUrely umv. Cho
ty). ;ex. • ly eel/Me, laud thoeolora.' iP WWI a iluts
feta, unaur,assoLL /ma lu onto.up.aedy. thas ptkuf
ra Wee. 'to thla alltactlee lot of cuada. of which a mare ar
rurese.lndmmet ran be termed by al,lat Mut Seamption.
the atteatluo Iftuerchaata and trauma keepellg , Lo z poo
• Board of Underwriters.
T a Meeting of tho 'norm . of Underwri
ten. thultalostrur raolution lase unanimously adute
t /..r e a o r . t Tha t
tie hoe
sod t aft b e o r d:
Elm pohlleatiou of thin Ice
tieo. ou lire 11.4 A. o bother onalual otrcatinusl, .bail be
•-norlernel •/, L 111.9 by any 1 noun..., UV. In thin r.
ontal the pr alum I, paid la r MIt
•mler- A. tr. 3f MVP.,
0,141 tr 2eertlays M r board.
A Card.
"(AVE FITTED CP. (fin the New York
Trey Ampere. Waning., Air the Aide grt . iiri
wee, Cut - Wit MeitorieLwAnd every thing apvertgiebie
Ittelaigiable parka; ed have eeleeired the largiet and
axed ouperigr :!ieeicilrtiteerit lir 4tellir 1-11nten tirautrl,
reeuch end tierineit legrusolt lie lain,., 1,11461.11 13•19.1,
1i1111.414, Chug*. Titriier hid }One", ttitnt.
rem, hind. Lawn Curtain., thirurrid midnight
land dr different Comers-of illffetvet pattern,
and .tries, Door Zoe. Window Blinds end
Borarre end bend. Cutta.itt Vint-Teeiralsergi Teasel Lord..
tt.ird. glib and t% wned, lied etintgeassel rotigigt...gar
esillte, guff Lsgrge a teir Counterpoint and adirted
ffggetetitr. Itetramet, Riff end I:editing.
, • - • .
twork•cd .
Nt..NOLILE. lard strort.
JAMES AVILSON has removed his lint
tad Cup Moro to No. ttl Wend strert. Uttrd door youth
Lusttoal alter.
CO-PARTNERSHIP—IIaving: taken my
uVL Li ' Ytr 'd b tilu th. e.
under rue name of ./ " . ' l% 1 L ' SON i1.). , : f. &0,1 4 11,14,1„,34 . 4.:
P, Cl.-ea Wilson.rodatinuer Ida Ilan and Cop
S. 9 Federal Meet. Alleexpoy City, lately nerd
J. Wilson & San.
Ni t T ,, II2LZSE and retail manufrtu
stremeL third 4.7heUltuaoad C ZA: Vitr. ,4l ll
leareb--mbefalbey offer a full and oomph. etewit of I[w
and Came of their own and Yo darn manufacture. of Kerr
quality amtaty/e. br wholemln and retail, mal inette the
hi/entity of their custentemand the puhlif eaturAil that
that they trill tell cm Um moot mamnablet.rots.
Nu It ,Pnoth Ikak ed . riffrMer7h.
Note and Drafts nolirc,3 4:a lat parts of th. UM...—
Storks bought nod saU3 eu cettnalaasm. fob74.lrel'
. Rosiness Tax for City•Purposea
pureuanco of "an Ordinanea ptlNiding
y . Pm the In of the hot... iittLit nat. taiaml
titli April Mtn." Matte It linreby paten, that the City
lot left at my MM.. fur neMultation,liy all inter
etted, a Inn of the petrol Maim lia•ittera to the mitt . , in
conformity With mid Ortiiitanni !. •
Mira IL if, upon ;1;4, and pemuun
0.41 think themeelvee lu;lbirrt hi lin, mid
they &hall sttite the mum, nu u loch said.a
dial! alto Poulain ••elateattut of he Irv , amount of their
mlifia-ani neat.. mu to, mrertaitiret,aal talidiarlt Itt be
loft With the (Mr lre..iirrr, wa1..3 to, yeenke from the
deo of tb• first publication of the n,dhe titaimmit
ere. o.• That nn *itent shell he Milan Tait by the arida-
Lit of th pyre
e ~ or firm amnanteit; Wit ettlilm to it be
amcluilve ny;lebr. or lio` hot I). 0[144 iu relation tu the
amount of fate..
... •
Appralo moot ho mule within tvowecla from Win
dat•--Jut. 7th. Insl O. It. JUIPIWION,
Are You Subject to the Tooth Ache.
n 1 AVE yuu hollow teeth f. If so, use
eta Pll lmirna an MA bo T act 3 w V n u rdn h o
n n u M r e h
icc whichouth, with., Deittliwa' morns dal wympcaltioticdu
by rawl betwob may brewrie hitt orb., own derntl4,
at a mall expo.r. Cob! in 12,4 acid rent pacXagica, by
0. N. WICKERSHAM, Area' t,
ie7xLitit Wool stn., l'itbburgli.
li2IALVE on hand a large u,,orktnent of
WIN DOW 1:011:410E.6 CL It eA I. BAN Dr}, of 'Der
ran, for curtain..
Whin 1.1 . 1.11 y Kum "Am,
.1.„ PA Pol. n:1..24 Li .4 Printaw PaPerl
tAxIIS Li 11 1. 1, 14
d i . . 3 1:9• 31. 23
400 •• }nut., l'amr.
1:11, Wit. I'll4l(.l2Nya draw
• •
• l'ou Tivdium " ••
:11.1 - .31ctliont and Sinul , •
To. usalersiirml oounttull) nn Tn
or exchange fur Haar. laros end ict-tn.rul .. , tlll,ll. nl
Holed. Cap. letter. Ilitralwate, end Tea P.p.., oo
AW I.Ztluc trait IdieSt Mr paper amadadderers.
l'rtallux Paper made to ardrr eboragmee...._
• J. 1.. ARE,
• ,
fANI comet n( P. Irwin at,
—III the bi.litet Court of Allegheny County, Venn
t.x. No. L . 73. /well T,.. MI.
And now ; to Win ..
Ulth, the Court orpolnt Al.
hlci alotoont../.. Auditor tothotnbuto tho procort4
of oalt, among Ihk troUstorr. Irv. the It
171,01101. 0. HATO, l'unleT
The Auditor 1101 aloud to the dada of hlooPtudltlulollt
at hie Mate, No. 103 rourth street. hltutborgh. outlouday,
Juno 001. at It o'clock, 1'.)1.
mytuor ' A.B. MICAL)IUNT. - Aodltgr.
/0 obi.* bank of Plttaborglu
Ihrklercbu .
ns . a )I. Bank of Pittpburgbi
Tor uhloh the high.; Mine In onob will be paid, hf
rink,* WL. A. HILL. t CO.
Exchange Bank of Pittsburgh.
50 ; MARES FOR SALE on favorable
'taw:by W.ll. A. JULI, 3 00,
VO.ll gr.bbls.oars fur
_LI Dually um. en "lan by 18.A1 All DICKEY AW.
My= Water and Prout W.
INSEED OIL-10 bblo. for nolo by
•mYzi nouisoN, urrixt CO,
BACON --43,000 lbs. Shoulders;
MO •• Harm for ..l. by
_ 1.12 ROlitxtl. LITILI. A CO.
DELED BEt F-2000 Um for sale by
OLASSES-ouo MAN. N. 0., for Balo by
toyL% nuolooB, LITTLE E CO._ _
D RltbPliffit-7-;
ROIIISCEN, ' P armaa u?._
-------- -
ROOMS-250 doz: common to beet;
, • extra !men tor solo by
OP '-
STE 8 . 210.
PACIFIC, Nye: for New York------ .... - . •-• or
EUROPA,34O_, War New York
BALTIC, C./stork. Dom New Tort
ABRICA. Rm . *. from Now York June 7
Jun.. 4
CANADA. Ilserfon; from F0rt0n.......... • June 11
NORTH AMERICA. Blettren, from Nom York Jana 17
ASIA, Jrulklns. hum New Bork----- .... ----4 1,1 . 0 l''
PACIFIC, Nro. frourNew Tart...._. . ..Jane I
AMERICA: Snennon from 8am0n...-... ... ....-Jum 25
NIAUARA,Efone, from 8040 n..-.---- -JuIT /
EUROPA. UM.. Dom NeerYork ,Jelr 12
CITY Or OLASID)W.• Camobell, froin — BbllarleCaruly• 27
ARCTIC. Lure,. from New York /July 5
CAMBIA. fierrlson. from Boar.-
.... ;JnIT - 111
numßourr,'lroctou .. . ...
HEILWANN.Crabtree...-..........--luse 13 July 12
WASHINGTON, lqord. ...... .—....314, PI ruse 14
GEORGIA. Porter. 11011 Min.
SIIPIKHC/r2, Wilson .... ---..... ...... .... ..... . Ouse 13
01110. Schenck --
~.., - ...
BROTHER. JONATHAN. ..-----...ruue
a 131
PHOISTIII42. Joints= —L.- 'June 27
CIIEHUKEZ. Wlndlo . - —.- ..,!J...,2715e . V1
CRESCENT MTV, Taos. -....- ...4usor . ..2 ,
----- •
Estraw—lty Ornenaburg,Cbambordburg. lOolPhnd
Now Fmk, Pmtrra, Centre and Northern yan ii York,
lwlawase, New Jersey, and the .10 New togland states
The Provincea Ismer Cued.. Nont Mona ' rod
New Brumwlek, daily. Anna at 4 r. a.; Deports, as
Foltuf PAnkow—lly Mantrille mui 110 , 1/4btmg, Pas
Including the counties cd Bradford. Camb Clin
ton, Jerald.% Lymming, Minn, Mono.. ter. Parr)
TWA., Union. and port or ww.merelsnd. Linnorm.
Murraymille, Ulm M Banda Ni. Alakaminaatml,Aol,"
Ana county. Anises daily, extept MonMYW dr
pans daily at 1M Ir. 11.
Falk—Dy Balm Pi Mower, Crawford, and lea:moo
Tg 4 rrTZ P itu r l " .V " l ic k fi d .mi. PP"‘''"""l7.
of W9ablegto. Pa. Grown.
,W4-°` "'"•7l,l774,2o."'trir'"V"'
era Ntrts Utdo ego I.lba "hl a l rents..y, Intnoift, 1' at
we. Alebanna, libudedppl, Arkansas. Nortk. '' Caro.
!Ina, °maxis, Louisiana. lonia, and Tema, daily. Anon.
at w: and detests at 6 w _ -
IMLOMWITAS, Fayette, Itspeoo,
Vlcomos, Part*, Pa. lioliklara Cow, TA., Jefferson, norm
=ve " IVIITT.rd " T ISTrr
. . (thia. WY.
Nang trarrom.-014sy, Pa, and Clevelano., Ohio
Beaver Co., Pa., CkWonv Trumbull. Portage, Gosar.4
hAohland, LOrain bondusky, Wad,
.61 Lams 0.011.4. ohlo; th e extrema. northorn Mulattos
of the Inaba of Indians antl =Mob, hatiuding M irhd
On, iowa, ead Mneonsin. daily. drains et 11 do-
parts at 6
Eharpabox. Moreton. 8 pringtirld,Tarou.
mac nom Altmann:of, Klakitalnitm. Armstrong. Clar.
Lou, and .old counties. MU/. Morin a6nadsta Ar
rives at 7 r. Y. and damns at. r. Y.
Matt.—hy torrywylllo. Wentad. Telintoplo. Portant
rllle, Martinsburg and Naar Lodz.. Arrive,. Tmeleas
'fivandays, and katordayk.M. r. ; &pats Mondays
Metneadma and Fridays, at 7
Hullavatc—Dy s Lan, Italerrlllr, mg lima
ugh L UV. Ant , . Towdays. Frldaya, at 6r, ; de,
parts V. odawrdwym arol Faturdaye, at 6
I.lxvonvonc—ky nocianan. rarer'. Marc llicitnerlo
Coal oleo. lallsabothtoww tiombio's, Borderers. 1k Tor.
um. Cookstown. Pnitopolis. list Lamer, Ppm,
Pa. Attire swamis mid Tburnotays. at 111.11; do
pn.rix Moods,. and Tburslay, al 9 ,
Ilammor, To..—By 31 &kern Yi oblation., Gondar,
Burnitstown, Cram Creek Msg. Pattorenes mill, Pa.—.
linbany. Ye Antrim thandaya and nowadays, at 10
drparta Monday. and Thuradays, .11
Aunty, Clinton, Ilurdneksvillo, Mown, Wm-
Mars, /Yankton Osiris" Int, Panic., V. Anises an
Friday, at 0 r. I; departs on Caturday, at 6 a. Y.
bunocra—y drain. Nunn, Mask/as/ow nod
con do.
Pa Anil al ort 14edmidayw at II r. dopartr tbiondot
at 6 A. w.
htecuitmo.—Dffulian's Tem. Arline en Pel d ar..t 6
Pin M Whitei c to o
tu 11Idallyinalee ntic:rt - be In t=le ene tl -
bairn thdr de
if lettere for the 'hi-weekly. semi
enki neetif inset be in tb•Otteehalf an hour
before their itenurnii,t
annum Dun., rot Tm rtrrenwsa cuarts; It
N. HOLMES & SONS, Bankers. i
1,4,67 .v.rba e, Wawa Magi:Ml /LerMsta Ikftgairp4.
PE:1313111,1%1XL. !Branch at Marnalkaa- .• '
Bunko( rittalitogb---pari Bnaigh "al Wroan,r--,-:
0, 1
Earhanav liana of d0....-par" Branch al Nonia-.....-.....10
31M. ana 1f an. af Mil---Par Manor% at Youragnammiim
Bank of Condirrrer --.... City Bank, ClitelmialL.,.._iia
Dank &Aorta •-Amarica-pat fkiannertlal likliinrlgnati Jo
Wok fallorth`o Li bartgoakar Franklin Dank -- -....----do
Bank f r rknanyiratila..-pariLarayoth 1iank..._._..... do
rank rrun TLirtiatilp-.parrio Life Ink 6 Trud lio.-40
"WA Vat Cnimg Smirk t: Wratorn Ilmorre Ilank---ilo
Conit.:l Dank of Pa--pat Bank of 31maillon--4.-.-Ja
lia . 3 Ilerbanom . Ilk tar Small Nonni- ...-,-.4.%
Olm Rani --- ..- pare NEW ENGLAND.
Berm %a hank.._ -..md4.111 Poiront Ilanka- 3 '
Manittik. 3 Mach lni-./almi \l.ll lOKIC ---.
Meow:lra' liank---....pariNev , Tort 11ty....- . ' -par
. 4Zl:lrgratet- - 70 .- ""'ii - Aati...iii -..- 4
Southmark Dag .k. ---...parlhllltriast..---...,---pw
Trairaimana Rank...--....PM•Ganntl , . - • X
Waal. Bank. -..... • -,..par N.JEKSEVIDEIIWV.III.
thing brenanmmoringa.. I AD oolmat liariko.-4..;„ ,'
Rank %Waimea/ 4.9iltar -par . kIRRINI,k, •
Dank al" Dimirtlio....3.-....-tar Rank of Mg 8a80y....1-_ X
Dank of DEL Ca, librotar-parilik af Flrrinla. Sktinson4,X
Dank of Oornascamma.-.parla. Bank T..; NoCalk-... X
17 2 :317=7:_::. " ::: 3 113.1=t0i 11 Irrelil ' a ' , l 4• . . ‘ ,
Bank of ftldillearrark --- X North Whams Dank---- I
MagManiorr Co. Bank---par Branerma---,......_. X
Bank of Ban ._..._ NORTH CAROLINA.
ix i mmir Bank._ ... ___ _ Xillank of Cape 1kar...:.--... 2
13,1azuhla IA a Erni rata:ay ilk %if at. of N. thrril4. 2
rkririaorru lbw% lariermanukill Int, t% nain 2
mown Walk-- ...... ... ram Merchant, Dank, No born 3
pro. Duak.....----. ... . .... X SOUTII CAROLINA.
Earrnarglik 01 bark* Crkpar Ilk of W. RA. af k Oat Ink :
ran:none Sk of Lkurmirr.pariliana of %%oath' Camila,- - 2
hamorellank of koaillimpar•limak arCtiartadau
Far t 1 1 11rEschks11. 1 11. 3 . prairlantrre a ):,..obsnire Ilk 2
Fart Darr. Warnrdorrg.. ki ' OEOOOIA.
rnmklin Milt .1111laton par August. Ink 3 Ihnitloir 10
ilaualsla ............. ... Ilk of
Drunagielt. Augoma :
Labrador Cud:-
..„.„--riar TILN NIMBLE..
LimmaterCiountr - RiMik.-par All solvent tank .... _ __ 3
LA..% Bank----....-par ICENTUDEE.7
1n m ,,,,. 11mor °trod. ilia X Ilk of Kentucky, Laniard:a I"
Ilortosigatiala 11ank.........pari11k cr Louisville. Th urston A
Wad Unman 8ank.......- X Northern Ilk or tkonhlr kr h
Wroming bk.WlllmsbarroPor Santlimw% ilk of 114 . 3 %." 3 7 .%
&ILI gatos..----... .4 Ilk rd of SO MbsourL--.11
• 01110. i ILLINE)I32
fiLlo State 8aa1...._..... X•Itall Bank and branebra-tn
Brawl at Alson.-.---M." k of Illinois.. 73
Branch at A tkena...--....d0 „, WISCONSIN.
Brawl% at Drllimpart........An 31•31. 11 rim Ing.illo.etiko 6
Branch st Clilbrothe--ila 111C111(1•AN.
lindicia at eliarrlang ----do rummy Nl•ehankre 11. x 3
Ilrarkk at Taliata--- -do Governmant Stork Ilatik_ 3
firalmb at Dayton-- -tio'Pantnanlar 13631-.-...-- 3
Branch at Delawara--.-glo lasoratkieomajadir........... 3
branch MColumboa.-.....i1n Stala Balak-.- -...-. 3
Rana% at Astuabrals--...-410 CANADA.
Drattett at of'D.Y.Alttarlea:Speonto3
ManaUld_......dolltawk of the P.N.. Toronto.
praneb at elnelonat4-...-4o Ltatal la.Canadv,Totwoto
Iltapett at Wa..i1111,11 , ?...--clo Otl New lurk (prets)-1...--.ln
Draerb (WI Phllaaeltana
liratteh at
Dallimore do '
Breuelt at eteulenrllle 401 WLSTERN EXCILANDE.
Draceb 'lt
Ilraweh .....
Desert, at eprtugUld-.......0 lielLD AND BPk.CIS PALO
Wriaelt .... eto Doubloww/ePPaelakt--.16.0.
Itrancl nt P. 41, 104 D
Prowl:t tnere:llw- new ..........
Drawak et Noratak do k ....-.
Draorli at Piqua
'Wanda aa Partettwth......duilalweaw..- ......... 4.tal
Drawn at ewleu_.._ do Fearerelgoe-.....
Ilranrh NA Gullderw..-.
Ilranell int Ctalllnthe- do NSW...a.--
• :,15511. '
United 01414116 s 1 - 00 H -7 ; 1 11 ' : Int Jana July
Do 6'55014 100 int Yob. tn.
Petddiyirattid 1100 lig ti 105 Int .11.0 42015
Do. 6'.........._ 1 100 06 I VS Itit kieb &Aug
Alio& C0.(946., 1100 05 IVD Jot 'day 41107,
coop• 6 cern" 100 us) suu ' ea
Dt l 109 09 do
Pittsburgh city Cs 1 100 90 '
147 r00p.04, Phil. ion 74 07 do
tlle.hrtly etty Or V. bat 311 tr A Nov
1. too V 4. run 10) 57 56
at. nn la.
cant °d 101.141.0,Dib ,4 1 411 .3g DIV.IIy 4 Prot
Derchluite'.. titan) t .4 do
haellotuni 10•01,. 1. 0 51.7 t 5 0 .4 do
Alt 01.1 y havitinr• Unnk. 102 d 56
Yt6C 6 l% .l 4i. i lir ft lfUr , 2 i 4 D
Unnd . 45
Northern Inbertiote D 2
Vallinnisport 0042,4.. - 13 1
Western Insurance ea IN vo DiNotSsW3'rd
Citizens' Ineort.o 1 - 2 0,, D. FN
ludoointed Fireman's Cu l 7 0
.1 urn Duni
burn to 101.1 . 4. 4. _ 60 4 7 145 Div Qr 3Pr Ct.
Pittsburgh. Louisrlils 60 47 1 45 do
I.ake Drir 0, Dir 4yr e too
Itorse's Ilannetie 50
.411 ROA
rittabtligh llasUork3— ) 65 Id 0 1,40 .2.. 610 , '
11 1,inondelieln Niorkwatt 50 DI
H, oohs • do., dieohnotr 1 501 40
un titre 1.1 4614 14
010.0 4. a di Wad.' 1 39 1.4
1 37
murine It. 14 11., 110 kWh Di , Ue.t . 4 Prrt
I,,etto Nlanuf GI 0)
Erin I_ Ina{ lon I 1.19 40 40
00 e new) 11 , 40
It Min ON .41 l•rod 4 0 0 Dj 2! 1
I'rrr.4. die Di,
tlna•n•h'l Tuna Ito 10l .
7,.t'. .I I
larrlCr Iv
k114..t. , Il e 12' Mr. 1550. 1110
Noel Aineritan
North Don 1 - 30 :Pi
North Deetrrn , 10 131,
Iron City 5D
Duren& • Dt 31,
'lttehinyth ii . 1114
74- 1
— I
Dowltua Itsughton_
7 6
I Li"
I d: 11
THE oubocriber, tuiving motto arrange
nta to o.w...ocean of which his present bucinnix
hbe clowd h the 101 of Auract nett, now offers big
e Eak or Olon., ItlhboW. fdioe Good., Ma.
roldimiwi. Whim:lop, itandlicrehlets. lino holm.
Yurnishind Owidis Tarbri Iforsicd, Plow. Materials,
UmbrellafT.,Paranahi. (kanbc. and Thread and Ncedie ar
tk,,;1 4 2, tr l tztA./ .. V . lpllis matey) At
lcd - F. if. EATON.
Gredtwocd Garde=
F+TRAWBERRIES, fresh RAWBERRIES, fr from the Vines, sts now earwel Opt; this retreat. Al COM& and
lees, with pu thedelictetes of then:am& The pt..
Is now in the height of Its beauty, An Omnibus Ivey.
the comer of fifth and .111erb0. *Brea *Tory half helm
and the stammer Chieftain PROM the Pitt Met landing
even bear. !moots on litudayj Want
Carla, Hair ffiatrasses.
CANE on band a lake stock or Alatrass.
ot, =di oat of littr• Hair. Moe wlm.'th .p ii. irtl
ar will Ono akIL • 1144.14
. , mr.7 , Vita And, onadte the hot '
. .
___. .... . ,
1, ,
. 2 . . .
, .. .. . . .
Boa Mo. AX.l:ll4.N.—Advertlmai Ute sad subscriptlipa r .•
La lEfe paper mei ied twd forvrarded her of exp.., kola
Omer. PTnsurnou 11turgra 1
Soh:inlay. lung 14. i
The /ougl , l /..Nohg. , nue nutlet:ally pulet. with no
marked change luogotanons. The neuthegwea cleat, cool.
awl plea/mut for outdoor imoluegg.
• FLOOR—no raven. br liver rextenlar. ware. nil - .
llabtos. execniing, 6 , 0 bbl. at ochich Daly 1001415 n bbll
abbi al3 1231:63 15 bbl. In orall:
nits at 63 2503 Zl bbl. •
°RAIN—With Iluht re life. we /totter. small saki Maly,
at for Wbmt. COX°, nye 4 l@tu. Barley ed. iota Wan
and °stoat I , lbu. '
PILOVIBIOSB—The- martat conlinum quiet. bot Prices
are ateadr. Bales RIO confined to lots ofS to 4000 ba. west
to and oily mood. at 83:c for hanut St; for oldea..od
for shouldern. Sam of coontry oared at ogeelot ~,bp„
t;y1371: for aides, and be for bum. Uri may be q ua
but nominally at Illi(9)‘e, with:Amon supplies, trod but
little dolno. Salm of moor ety.dthants fat pagillfiac, and
of dried !meat 11Edillic fit
BUTTEIL—The afikket metlristai Tery duff. with small
mice from store at 10fi1lo N fit . , • '
CHEESE-The market lo MOtlelatlr Ip supplied, and rale
have been COtaltled to 66:1211 tote ot.GX(46..tir.
CILICKILLE—The f/lowing la I, P.O of the manollteln
Water Craekers.ll barml
Butter -
IhTtrllZ bm . vel " ''''''
3. 3 14
ri xt . Crackma. pound
t ,t 3
Ifillt1) FRUIT—U.Ie of LSO be peaches at f 1.41 VI bit;
and of MtPloa at toe from store.
WHISKEY-94W In llndlott ILA, at 2 , JC4M gal for
41.113—1 i".. noir fuel, limited sales at 3V4.31 fur
Sods. for Nazi.. Saint Mr Salarataa, anal ar.414.X for
OlLS—Bale. Lull Oil at GOrg.42. tar Noll:and toe Lir No
1. Small rales Litareed at SAX T mai
°ROO:IMES—naI market no chaos.
am anlelo trnm our last roport.
At Albany. N. T., on the oth the antessonabla weather
for thyroid ton or Oftren hints hut operated antsiorabla
shosp shearing: nod bet little of the new sllwhall.been
brought to martet. pallmilarly from tnn Western Staten—
The receipts Won Itahl. Use market ran be mid to hste
net Writ opened, sod sonsenundly pekes Sr. ahntst
The New York market 1E dull and booty. The new din
lE3llllElnd' In Email quantities; C.C4) !ha .1d at .I!.r, and
13,030 DE old clip, extra flee. at 50,.. Within the hut 3
day.. IYE,Otx S. pull...lEod at BS4 Ile thr country s. 'I., and
1'.Z3.43c fur extra.
At llcelioeter, wool begins to come in lu quanta/es
but there t , not euillrietit dolt, to Bs taken. The rate.
to 40 c—are showo those twhl at the opening ken ewe,
but It issupronel that they will not continue eo high se
*bon the bolt of the elin , lo olforoch
The Detroit Tribune erthinvites [bat there are user pity
purchasers from the east. now on s slalt to th. Inte
rior al Michigan. apPninting agents to make porobsion of
our wool. Prevent toJkatloria sr, that the farmer will get
and prim far his Wool In OLD slate the VllMellt moat&
Every olllace of oror 3.4 inhabitants has Its one to Wee
purchasers with cult hi hand. it began to come Inject
week In mall lots. Tre notice • Rule of ordlbam - Quality
In Kalamazao. on Friday. at :Ile. A fair lot at Ann Hu ,
tor far 37r. A sole at Tyrilanti at If.. Th., general range
Is from to 45e.
The gilwankie Sentinel says. that Iraq mows I. but spa
final; at rel., the weather ballets been nafavorthle fu
.besoing• One or two lOU, put op in On. mler, brought
34, 44. 1 1.. but tbat rate Ls too Web to bold, sad higher,
thou late accounts from the reurrrill Itarrallt. •
The Akron. Obi, &menu ears n Aw lot. sold at 20 to par
showing an itwonwe of a to he II A on last year'. prices—
Tbla h a hexer advance. kod we doubt whether It will be
tostutalowL Reny eon iraela 0000 been. made that will
not. it 1. thonebt be paid.
The oggrocato value tonna atitimura to Grego
P°.`“toftna the toe , : ending almraday. amounted to
617/751 11--the rathelfral notiolos ette.oted Wont haeaa
atolls and toherm.
.Tbe total value of esa.rte during. the
Month of Iles. amounted to 6.:51490 IT. Inelnded In which
on, domestle mttone of the 'aloe of cum.! of 3100.1.00. :
nem no Nude ohlopr..l to California daring the
Lnuatuktx, June 9.
lion axa Oaart—A rale of bta• Cour frutaotore
at AS. :, :/11 bldg extra at 6.1:U. Light oak* at VI GO
t 1.7 4S. A , ,ut 2SO ak• ahellmt vont sold from tbe ter* at
Kr. alts intutalet. NIA 4 I^lcum an. L ', ,klOraturtsett.
tuOtr of au tut .aia, In no. tau, trona iron aria aka
(1.0rt5..-s:a:c. or dis onv ILI. at 4;C EY let.—
Ncahtog dAnd sofa.
Paortutn•—,hipmeloa I f hlds men pork at 111—*
IT. Dow au.l, DAVY 5:i., V . 4:44. ;Wn of about :..1) cat* rib
tnd iddra at `die t kN, acJ rf 75 dss cleartklut and dautl
fen at a aad oXX. Mum. prime bud rold foo
Wittaral•-4,011 of Ill° bbls raw •hialuu at I:fic, -
•Tnsurco—At Todd, warel.3, nn niturdaT sale. of it
tiblA--4 , a 5..111.K.3 7at *I n7.,4 19:x, 7, at taL..547g, 7 , 0. 1
et Si 05. 4 a{ --.-o.urn.j.
. St L ana, Jena
lota'-5>:.. of about .00 • hia 14.41ra 151 tat common
tcf :16 la 572.10 at E 74. at Va. 60 and DS. at Va. Ind
197 at 11721 a tm
L. -salty 31f1 plan 111..ourl.nod 354 Galena at la 13
11 oat. quote 1 34;1''W ICB4 Gs am eke range eta,.
toartet for ttt.hcr
sa.mml , 2Jl cot f.llnse: 1,0 Dbl. f.
00 . 1 . 3 • Y .F 3 ., 33, at lod brand ca . .' at
11.1 /Co I: 15 .33 a I.c..nOtrr 33 Ca. 30 l'eanillo
estra sod 30 Albion at 31 30, and 101 on
Na-.Salc, 1103 1.1.1 a a. 51 aka at.77.e.
23 at 54 at :Le. 115 at :ac. and :32
130 bbla Ex
change, cowman to oriole. at (mot lift to au- V.
Du, eudn-
Ora cr eta and clic,
...ciatts--51arket W./coca doll. and the Gni) . gales we
has. to notice to day. 15 b.his tam coca: at 11,3 c 'Bt. sod
etA , bags U A Wt, lo bleached At, at !1 33 lit gag. Other
.1111. e tio.utily guided unchnoc....l.
Ysoctaloarrcuter thlatloul no hart hot little to notice
knell aal.m of mw inrk to all colas at 114 1!..351.1 50. and
mart. dull. halos 1.1. poor Nis Load at 1533. and bbla No 2atSe 10 lb.
11 , xo.—Then were 5 fvet F inetp, to rbounol. by
pier mark. 1ut...v..u10g, Aping.
leblcan. Pai.. Berm.
144•. r. Boa. brawl,
. • • •
Atlantic. l'Arkinwort,
J. McKee. Ihthickson.3lcarewrort.
Wwlwoo , ondward.rrwnwrille.
Tbao Slari•tr. Walley - . Wart Newton.
liurkeyet4s.W„ •
ChkfJustiee Mantual. New Utkan
I Tbowliwg.
Arena. litanpr.
Ttmannw. Mnrdoek. Wellswlll..
Cashier, 310 , 11111 m. &lamb :
Nll9.lkats. , ex.,.
Ikaver.Grenl ,sx. Iketer.
Atlantla. Parkkw , n, Brown.willi,
J. MeTlce,
n,., Mbrirwr. Sr, Newton.
Redgnnin, Woodward. ItrowaliviWw.
Clipper No.:, Umol. Cinr[amu.
',lint No 2. Crar,SorTflob
fhtnnor SLAM. Contr. $t Louie
D Le,ll A Co's Pnimmger l'erto.t rd. 5 n m an
p m.
ClNClNNATl—ltesfonicr. No. '2 10
lea Wet.letnur—Tbn One pect,et tame Arena. Captain
Kinney. will !nu al alarm thni day,
Fns mnpnrpom—Th e Feaultte packet attar emitter.
Captain Me3llltirt, .111 Tenet. to above this atterntraa at
4 o'clock.
SBNIISII-1.“ Po. 2—= Wham tab II Graff *Co
LO do Lerch A Co; 10 do situ it Jon.: 103 hh! flodr
earl 4111. ' 14 ' ; .!
tot, IV 11 Johusuon . 3an Bell I.lnnelt: .02, oar 4
.IrheAt q tlmorth t 0.0.1 n; 1(7 I.bls !lour H Bingham.
CINCISNATI—Per, )1113n.yrica No . 2-4 logo cab, Wm
Bingham. :I hhdo lob Watorman A. Ann: la Mx mtlon T An
buck!, A CO. NO to. I 1.. hams II .p Baker A Pon
ay th,• 23 bids whi,lcry 4 do an. Vrannis A Mom.: 10 do a -
enhol A Coo Birks baron J Daiarin 72 hal.
Nils bCromlnro2 t o ol G C r o eg o A lt ol l l .
16 h l ol n E aow ( a l r d NV , F IV r AaCn .n
specie Maker A Lonylb.
WIIEELING—Prit Premist-12 . htds •Insgm I'do 1 leg
Smith Sinclair: 20 Shd tat Isrsch Jt Co; I pkg Supdts
253 bids Poor 42 sks wool CO: 2 tads. Minn Ithss
Idlaths.. id Cm 10 its pinchrs gads. A kat* Ism
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(lIILORATE POTASII-50 lbs. for solo
101RISLI-10 drums fur sale by
"x_.) .8.2 DILIVOIZTLI a CO.
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Another Slave State on the horizon--Itforr an's-
anon anprospert--Jerzny Limreparting Caneert—
` Catharine Hare Opera—Sfonie,—Cottore—Hon.
C.. 11.'Esed—Hon. J. B. Kerr-21W r oute to
The most interesting item of intelligence re
ceived by the late arrival fnim.California,is that
of the absconding of 6arter Master pear More
hemd with the entire /inserts] of ,the Stater The
general bad , vaniost4 fora destination not official
ly known to Ida superioiro, taking with' Win all
ammunition in his department. .This" Ocape
would be infinitely amusing it it did not point to
remits moat lamentably serious. All reports
agree in repreienting that Morehead had asso-
Maud himself with a band of desperate and law
less men, and gone with them npon a forage in
to Lower California. The event of this 'eater
prise must bee disgraceful failure, as concerns
the parties engaged in it, or the conquest and oc
cupation of that province of Mexico, to lbespeedi- THE PAPAL DOlLlitilolll3.
ly followed by an application for admissioa into The letter other correspOnUent at Rome, pub ,
the American Union, Thii would revive ; those lished yesterday , narrated certain movements'of '
furious, ,contentioae t o w hi c h t h e ...a m m o the French general, which may have very imper. ;t
-or Texas and California gave rise, and which tent zonate, and which, whatever may be the.
. issue, indicate a stet of thingswhich must be; ,
are hardly yet settled. I have great reliance 'up- painfullyhumiliatingstate
the. Papal w Gor
on the General Government , under its present Rome is nowessentiy, and has been ever since
for the maintenance. of the put, the Pope's return, a deendency of the French
lie faith_ and our national obligations toiards Republic. Pius IX, has no real power in the ..
foreign countries. By the
treaty of . peace
with Eternal City- The attributes of sovereignty are
not his; he is scarcely permitted to cover him-
Mexico. we are bound
W "Pew" incursions from self with their semblance, and when , General
our own aide of the border, whethorwhite &then- Gemeau chooses to wear the robe.of authority...
turers or Indian ifordes, and' to protect .the in- he takes it from the ahodders of the Pope with '
tegeity of her territories from such attacks.— oar saylngtro Much as— ,, lly tenni of your hod- ,
Unless our goverimisent interpose to defeat the Pius IX. has no subjects: the Roman
t r e . o i eee p d. .l: a r e the'eubjects of the Frenolo armed
object of thei. expedition, six months will not no army and no command, Oen.
elapse before we shall have a. new peninerdar Genie= sends the Roman troops whithersoever
State defaming for artexation. . : he will, and to show hie absolute power, not out
last night Jenny 'Lind gave 'the last concert ly commands the Reiman soldiers to leave the ci
aty,;dir de
his n .
i e n eof the earnestelidies of the Papa
of her engagement with Barnum, at Castle ,Gar. ,
den. It was Is brilliant an well as profitable en- with French canon 4but and armed t ei l l ete ee n t s e in ane th ett 'et;
tertaiciment.4 suppose therewas between tielve rear, like prisoner' of - war driven forth front a
or fifteen thousand &Bare in the home, and "bout
6,000 permits
present.. Jenny
h .Vlri li ly tir thenicture birdied from its excessive
advantage, though she sang none of. her : best We ne e ed e tto e TdtVi L w te s e g eee path tl y tt wi th th feeet tbett e sen ...
, . ,
songs; none at least of those which have chiefly Pontiff, either in his spiritual or temporal char
given "her . her reputation in the United Statea otter,' yet:it is impossible to look upon the en-;'
tire extinction of a greatpoWer without etriotionYet she was received with considerable enthrisi
and the immerse
... di.
per- 7 -to a le o ls a
c rc i d u tty potentate mocked and insulted
reettil satisfied with her Performance- The more Tit 'a
finger, alml4erwitliotutbectnoll'aeblteo evend to
I see and heir Jenny . Lind, the more difficult it remonstrance, against the proccediu l 7. Such ee is a
is for me to appreciate the joatice of theferere the acted condition of the present Pope-fleeing
which she has excited in the faahionableand mur from his own peopie, and restored to'dominiois
bier them b a nenon wh h had itself ' '
deal world, - She is certainly an excellent eing- . - "
rang to flee, and had repudiated the political
er, but her superiority to other distinguished principle& on which. the Popo had gotrerned.—
artiste whom we have had Mriong us, dries Oct Restored to his capital, sustained there on 4 by
appear' to me sogreat '4,:is„,, manifest ,t e to t rar • foreign soldiers, hired to him only on the der
ma so intense and prolonged a amnia dots aa she standing that hisgovernment should beret& rbe
m oue .and more . liberal, he. who was ties&
creates. She will now eirigon her nwiaeconnt, enough to escape = dispirit at rho loger
and give her' ext concert at Philadelphia. She ing of. the storm, was now vindictive enough re
owes it 'to herself to give one"or more in your vergehlosself upon those whom he had note ar
city, for from all the accounts heriuddendepar- age to 'Withstand and impolitic enough to rec m
indite his ostensible sovereignty uuniodifie in,
tare from there last
.spring was not justified by
the slight irregularities by which she s;afrered- eta nines, , t°l6 -o r' - ' 2 ,.. th „ e Pi e°ee a 9 the . I t°
.qmsnions, oni.v to on . Teem with mese
p ie
herself to be so much dismayed, her flight bring- - "could not imitate his example of fleeing when e
tug upon the city very serious imputations for a "-tables were 'turned against them through thes a
very grav e matter. .. ' -tervention of a foreign army. ' 1
Miss Catharine Hayes, the celebrated Isiah
--Never, surely, did sovereign and his mist use
. ~
i commit 11. , greater error. The presence of She
er.iff let, is coming onwtoseceeed Jeuoy Lind 'no French army in the citadel of the Papal -donfin
the musical boand. I have no doubt from what ions' was a living, tangible, irreffnable evidelgo
I hear of her, that she is as great artist ng that the Pope and his Cardintis occupied e
Jenny, though her excellence is of another kind.' Vallee', on ettllrewee entY -4 7 the permission Of
a foreign armed power, adverse to the will and
As 'Tenure arrival cadged the ene P em . ten. of tl 4--clesinii of the people. Having before him this
Italian opera, her departure boarevived it.' A standing proof of the estrangement of his,,litte
performance will be given to night. - .. This,-how= subjects, the-Pape, even without the possessitin
ever; in a very sickly exotic. in New York, ina of infallible wisdom, ought to have seen the no
has never flourished vigorously even for a single enei n 7 ef eentnthtter n . ned' nthe it in thne r iftt '
worthy of is, Christian mcnarelt—of which his
Mown. holines ought to be an -- ' at and faultier
Last week a million and a half of dollars in
specie left here in• the two !Mainers for Liver:
pool, - and' additional amounts .In.,.ves
,' eels. How long, the commerce of the 'country
can stand a drain of eight 'millions a month :e
mains to be seen. California leh prolific foun
tain but she never yet sent us the yellow
dust at such a rite as this. There haa been a
turn in the epecie current, in far that] ; for tho
last week of our adrices the gold aid silver in
the bank of England had increaseclA•loo,ol:lo
tee-the amount had been decliziing !!or 111167
months. Such a result was tabors been eipect
ed from the immense receipts:from Sew :Fork,
and direct from California and hieffieo. '..Cotton
continued to fall, but not - so fast as beferc. .It
has gone down to the level of nine, 'and a half
cents.. There. were three very heavy failures of
cotton broken here on Friday, and =seam tot
tereiag.. Fortune. ware made by the late rise,
and fortunes will be lost In thtfall.
lion. C. IL Reed, of Erie is - here, on rail.
road business, I presume. He infoisnedme that
the track is graded and ready for the superstruc
ture for a railroad from Dunkirk to Erie, on the
six feet gape. It will be completed in six
months. From Erie to the - Ohio line Some diffi
culties exist which may not be easily surmounted.
Hon. James B. Kerr of Md., Charge to Nice
ragns, is here and will sail on the 18th for San
Juan. His route will son become a favorite
one with travelers between this lac:a California,
as byit nearly ten days of o diat ceasing sea voy
age between the tropics ia avoldcl. The inter
nal navigation of about two 'hundred and fifty
miles, through the Ban Juan river and the lakm,
impart an agreeable variety to the Sesrdition,
which the Panama route data not possess.
(Coemmedeam thaDailyPittsburgh o.eLle.]
. NI,L• Yost, Julie 10, 1851.
The Session of the legislature, ihich com
mences to day, will not be'a tong l one, nor need
it take much time to carry out the wishes of the
people of the State in relation to our .public
works, so recently and forciblY expressed at the
ballot boxes. For onci'')ocofcconen Ens out
demagogued itself, and the party that was so
savagely couscientimis to to throw themselves
overboard upon the question of intermit im
provements, now finds itself floating uncured for
In the muddy canal of ,pablie contumely. The
completion of carious pudic workout the west
has made the extension of the Erie canal' to its
largest capacity a matter of prima necessity to
New York, a fact which would require no argu
ments to prove its existence. could one see the
immense quantity of produce that now rearber
us tie the lakes that has in. former years sought
us via New Orleans. It is notorious that New '
York is now growing rich at the expense of 'New I
°Kerma., And that too because of the develope.
merit o, internal communication, that render I
produce independent of climate in its transit to
market. The enlarged canal is a commercial
necessity, and it will not be' hard M . prove to the
most drill democrat by the timings of the canal
that his cows have' not to be driven off to pay
its cost, as the runaway Senators, asserted in ef
We are to have a new and very beautiful pub
lic improv4 i ment in Centre street, upon the ground
long occup od by the Beate Arsenal, which hes
been leased to the New York arid New 'Haven
Railroad for the purpose of erecting a depot.
This road though built at what was thought --
extravagant, rate, has been able to taiyand leas
the moat valuable properti in the heart of Ne
. f
York, and at the same time 'shnw'bY Its ..i
logs that with all this outlajit:le Worth a large
premintu. i The new de of is to bierected Upon
a scale 'that will honor the city 4314, the road, and
eventually will, be the 'Easton &rare of New
York. The Harlem road la steadily pushing to
wards Albany, and It will. not belong era we shall.
have two mutt, OemleCting Ifitil'the Hudson tie.
ef;so long - thought to 'be out' of the reach of
competition by steam On land. .' Another year
will witness the depaitture of . ' carifrem a depot.
formed on the very spot where a. few short jeare
since the experimental boat of John Fitch made
her first tits by steam power.'„.
In 'Vfaltstreet; affairs martin unclowEedt - T
The firtuness In the cotton market . at Liverpool
has' given pperatbrs here temporary . ease at least
and no new .failures are eamoutsiced. .All our, dry
goodadealers are idle, and for the next. sixty
days bit llttlianituadon will be seen. 3foney is
accumulating le _ t h e street, but there le' little
outlet for its use except in . emehispeculations,
which are not a favorite with our mem...Uwe. lea
real eaude there is`a puma:, canoed , lay the ee. .,,,
nsion of some large holdeta, wheatterated top
mach, It could be well for tenants coul d priceit
amid as eqresent. So it bas already emu to
this, that one of moderate tiseasti tenet either go
into a hovel , within his law= hr a palace; the
rent of ,which he atm . pay 'ogay a f t the hazard of
defT 6,42 l hlt Crait'tax - -
,_ . . ... ..,.. .
Jenny . Lind is toTreturn to us, so rumor lute i t,
free from bet engagethent with Bansum, deter
mined to, sing to the, million cheap. Theeus
cess of this experiment is doubtful, and she will
find that humbug ahe must bare to coax the
money' out of Sew:York. Barnum gees to Eu
rope next week touee the World's pair, and buy
some new toy for us.' The Grand /t.gatic, Cara
van now travelling for him ,is a humbug'of the
'most shallow foundation, in spiteof sit elephants,
and little boys and girls need not keep:theirpen
nies until the show man comes, for they can get
more for their money elsewhere.'
In the M. E. Church case nothing new has
transpired, though there are indications that the
Church South has largely gained in public 'opin
ion during the late trial Among the members.
of other churches,. the expression is general that
the northern body has, from the force ofcircum
stances; for which, howerrer, they are not at all
responsible, been unjust to their Southern friends
in withholding the funds jointly acquired. It is
round ly asserted by members of, the Church
South, that the decision of the Court le an good
as'made, and that, too, in favor of the plaintiffs.
Should this bets, the matter ought to stop where
it i; for a full bench at Washington 'would not
change the result in inch a case an thitn
ing, as it does, that endless slarrzy dispute,
which, even in religious societies, cannot, be ar•
pled, nye at the expense of most of the Christian
eminent and faultless
illustration--should have 7ontitem back to their
allegiance by the fluidness of his temporal 'away.
Ordinary sagacity would hive apprised him, one
would think, that vindictive cruelty and an iron
rule blended with the renewed horrors of the In
quisition, would ;cannily farther . estrange the
people, and make him more and more dependant
upon the French'army; and hi might have fore
seen other remits Such as thosedepieted
by our correspondent
The persevering. determination to trash the
people—to "teach them a lesson,". is familiar
phraseologyr—taight possibly )11VI0 answered bad
the Pope • by bin own might, by his own•muwess
and courage, and the attributes of his own char
acter and pos'ition, - recovered the pontitelal
throne and subdued the insurrectionists. • Hat
this was not so; nor without the continued Pres
ence of the power that reinstated him darn toremain in the pessession of his restored authority.
Here, then, was an additional reason forliberal
and conciliatory government. The Roman peo-
ple must indeed be lacking in intelligence if they
did not thoroughly comprehend the actual Posi
tion of affairs, and readily perceive:that the
courage of Pius IX, as sovereign, vegetated Only
ander the shadow of the French arioy. That
army would therefore share in their 'hatred if
the rule o(hie Holiness waS creel end oppres
sive, and therefore sooner or later a conflict, of
some kind would occur between the two only
real potentates, the Raman people' and: the
French army, in which he and 'llia Cardinids
would be of no account-,would - be 'treated: as
though they were not; would neither be Consnit
ed nor regarded; would appeimizi theierial in
stead of their ostensible positions-las
ties. so far as they Velllpolitically'cimedderod:-
To this Condition of 'things erventgaitgrepidly
and 'surely tending. The Roinaff people - haw:
learned that they are governed by die - Preach
army and not by Pius LT, and against thastare
their angry passions excited; while thegPrinch
general commtuading,•consciona tharhe and not
the Vatican is - master °tette:ly,- equally 'ex- -
eludes the Pope and Cardinals from his ealeola
tions and operations. Hence while an organized
and reoggnited Roman government exism-s.while
the Pope and his Cabinet are holding corincils at
the Vatican, and ostensibly administerin-•aR the -.
affairs of State modern Ministryfor euel:depirt
tocut—General Gemeatt instructa his sroldierwto
disregard the laws of the State, and setticalt:tim
difficulties with- the people -by a direct - conflict;
orders a bataltion of Roman soldiers to leave thy
city, treats•vrith contempt the "earneet rennin,-
trance of the Minister of War,.and
both soldiers and people tit the expense - of_the
deepest possible scorn end humiliation. to 'the
ostensibigaushorities, drives vhern•unarnird for.
seven miles before French carinon, althea t deign
ing to appriee theth -of their destination:- 'and •
then, lest the meaning, of all this should not yet
be understood by the only party about wham -he
cares a whit—the Roman people—he iisistee a
proclamation, direct from- hfintelf, and - 'without
the slightest reference,to any other ruling pOwer,
containing a prohibition effecting cue
,of - the •
commonest social and municipal rightg of the
To this point matters have come.- The power. -
before which mighty thrones and teeming mittens
have once trembled and bowed dawn is most de
cidedly in abeyance. - ThcPope holds Alt offei
ronuniarion; and is made to feel it and .0 confess
it before the world; and that commission is con
ferred by art-publican government-- The agent
of the power, that placed it in commission has
„aside sill disguise, and virtually' made—
public proclamation thAt the Pope's power 'and
authority tan at any time be'sfet asidgattd setat
naught,-by the • general who happens to benons
mending the French". troops in Rome! And yet •
this very Pope by ,commission, who .in Rome
submits, bressoag - ho mumot help hittmelf,, to be
treated as a cypher by the French general, is
snaking magnificent,pretensions to authority and- -
power eta distance from home. Of course - Vim
dispute in the Eternal City.cannot restwbere it
is,.unliss, as a pretended sovereign power, the
Pontificate is content to be the most contempti
ble of all contemptibleipettyaorereigaties.--,Y.
r 02a SUGAR-1 0 0 bbls. /we'd ,
- • 6
147 First, Ara • •
UGAR--liltibds. Clarified, for sale by
t 7 m z . arNmz,f,
for ea! by
iaIIOULLERS--L•"casks forasals by
mr.l7. . ENOLIM ZNNETt
N ------------- -lITS-20bti.Chestn tag ;
far sale by
my= • .fg itiziNerr.
SUOAR--180 hbuia N. 0. Sugar for sal° by
QODA ASR-20 make Kurt .brand, fai
woe by aye a a W.11.411.11AC011.
- -
I I :1141EP VlT—Peaches; Pluxis; • suctoill Y 4!" l ! 4
121.11.5 Omen üba Ta nsakra.
11:1131P—M bales 3lissonri, Oncoaligemeixt.
and tor ok/a Dr •
mylr. NO Front
V OTTON-2.5 balesA (EIFI Batting) for sale b