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Antbnewtho awl Whig County Ticket.
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Partiea in South Caroline appear to be divided
letween those who are in favor of the immediate,
unconditional accession of that State &one;
• without waiting for the cc...operation of 'sister
slave States,—and those who are in favor of se
' cession as soon as a Southern tie
formed, These parties co mpose the great bulk
•• of the people of that State. No doubt there are
some who are averse to secession, present or re
, mote, but they are so few, or •so soared by the
- beat and fury of the two secession Mngs,. that
they make scarcely kshow or resis t ance. 'lt is
• perfectly clear, that if South Carolina meld par
.: suds ore single neighboring stave State to join
her; she would Immediately, and with very con
' 'Mertens unanimity, rush headlong into tha
ful act of secession and rebellion. • .
• . A great meeting of the. Anti-Immediate-Seces
&nista was held on the Slat ult., idElamblargh,
• - in the_Edgefield district. for the purpose of takirg
into tanmiderathinthe alert:Oleg position the State
has been Made to seamy by the recent. State
. ,
iltgbts Convention. he proceedings - of this
.meeting will gird our readers a patty good knowl
edge of the feelings and opinions of those' who
. 4 1 1'sse Is 6 stilote secession; and veal convince
then that they era no less, traitorous in
their opinions, dangerous in :.their schemes,
.and furious in their antipathies the
North, thin their' bolder aid more impatient
- • -
brethren who are far immediate action,
. . . .
After the meeting wan organized, a committee
of thirty was . 'pp:dote:l.o . mart bathoess for
„consideration. ;They reported the following
• P3WIitLE &NV ilLSOLtrmotis..
"A. crisis has arrived in oar affairs in which it
...a.lalaboves . , every citizen of the State, without,con
' .beralment,' to disarreihis ppotliLtical sentiments.
The action of the last • convoking. a
constitattionil convention of thepeople, the elec
}ion of delegates to that body; whose provides it
will he to decide finally on the action wash the
• State must takeln removing,lpalliating, or re
. dressin g the grievances imposed on the South by :
• ^. the legislation of Congress in the passage of the
• so-called Compromise meastues, and the contemn
plated assembling of that body. early in the next
year. presents' Metes of the gravest import
for the contemplation of every cidren. We. had
hoped that no proceedings would be taken in our
• Strut° forestall or control the final determine
-.tionirf the constitutional convention, and that the
- delegates elect would be left entirelyfree and un
- • ' trataratill in accordance with the pros
, • pats and • tames surrounding them when
,assembled. , Butthe late convention of the Smith-
ern Rightsdasoxiations in Charleston, untie tl . l
toes of the public. Mese, seems to indicate extra
ordinary and unexampled. unanimity throughout
the State In favor of the separate and early lee
• mesion.of South Carolina, either with or with
, • out co-operation; and as we are well satisfied
that there Is ale:ions division among the people
upon subject, we conceive it to be a sacred
' duty : se owe te ourselves, our country, and • our
posterity. • to place our upon record, and
• if by con counsels ar example we can aid in Bar
ing Sea State from entering upon the dangerous
bawds of .separate action, without any prospect
of co-tmemtionor sympathy from oar southern
sisters, we abaft feel that we have discharged a
solemn ,duty and done the State some service.
And we are:the more solicitoas that moderate
For prudent cou n sels should Fere*, because it
is inevitable that the southern States are des
tined, at 'an early peldod, to became one grand
cenfedersef cf.-:independent titates, without the
necessity of fOreleg en lame upon' them which
' they regard as premature and unwise at this par
tioular juncture, and
.ealenisted to defeat the
, great measure we seek to carry Met.
We are notthe supporters or apologists of the
compromises, "We think that the South has been
• deeply wronged by the adoption of these odious
' measures.' "fa are not for acquieseingin them,
nor do,we eppose esipirate secession for any such
end. We are for resisting them by any and every
' • practical mode erbichluos beenor maybe devised;
buttes believe o that n efficient redrese cube ob
rained without. the cO-operation of_ other slave
Stan, whose interests are now, and whose des
tiny in 'lvey respect must ultimately be, the
lame as ours. We expect most confidently to
obtain on. 'not only in consequence of
the aggressions of the past, but from theembold.:
lined spirit of fanaticism :all over the North in
the daily perpetration of new outrages. We have
confidence in the patriotism of Om brethren of
the other Southern States; and as they , are
-: • highmindeet, spirited. people, no ressoable fear
needle entertained that they will sink down in
tame and willing eoquiescence in. the.wrongs of
the . past, or idle and indifferent spectators of the
outrages of the present:mud .the prospects Of
shame and hetedillation an the fauna eWe mere-
I/wet: our opinions , without entering into a
on fully of the reason which bring us to
the conclusion that, under existing circtimstan.
ossi S. Carolina cannot; with Madam orprndenee
secede from the Federal' Union. But when the
prospects for co-operation brighten—when other
Southern States will give assurance of. their
readiness to - armoire their Union with the
• Northern States,' one hearts 'Will leap and our
voices join •in a hearty amen to the joyful ti
1. Be It therefore resolved,' That, whilst we
.• are in favor of resistance to the Into unjust and
odious legislation'.''Corigtcss, known:as the
compromise measures; in the most efficient form,
.'we are opposed 'to. the- separate secession of
. South Carolina, . being inefficient. end utterly
inadequate non remedy for part •wrens or a se
malty against morn threatening dangers in the
2..ltesolred, . That 'the co-operation of other'
-States-in the South, -having with us a common
• origin; intercity, andleitiny. Is balm:sable to
the 'croquet:lon of Africanalavery; and that all
gable means should be 'used by South Cam
lima M. produce unitY, concert, : and harmony
with other • Southern States in any organised
plan of.resistance to tho encroachments of the
2. Resolved, That the final determination of
this questicur by the States 'convention after its
Amusement should ' e submitted . to th e people
- of this State, for.eipprovolor disopptral, at the
4. Resolved. That the destiny of South Caro
...-ia our deathly, - 'Arent we:will use all the
mina placed in our Power to avert the evil of '
manta secession at this time and a tackles.)
dissolution of the ties that , ni;lte . ns 'with our
- -UM of the South, whose origin, interests,
and destiny . are insimfeeesbly linked with ours."
These =solutions being up for consideratkm,
addiesies were made and letters red..: One of
the letters was from Senator Bonze, opposed to
rho plan ef ;emulate secession, but strongly in
favor of a Southern confederacy, which hi thinks
'tat be foreed uponthe whole South within three
yeara. :The abort preamble and resolitionu
'wire unanitnonely adopted - and o resolution
. pined calling upon those throughout the State
who entertain similar . opinions, to meet sad ex..
Prey ilteto- 1
. Some persons see great encouragement in this
meeting for peace antiunion. ' We confess to no
such feelings. There lire as much had blood and
. rank tresion to the tiniMin one party as in the
. otter... -it there is any difference, the is: Mediate
'sacelsionists are the least dangerous. The very
balkiest of their movement startles and repels,
, „
- air his the . Of effect driving the sistei.Sonthern
States More -closely into the arms of-the Union
TheintieltscimddiUes Industriously andinsidious•
iy dircalitithepaison of their. treasturable Ben
i:inmate, and . seek; by every means in their pow
er, to lure o ther. States: to join their rash
titer:tea if 864 Cirtains must have a bitter
luseon loth& -hluees and prudence, it Is
Yap* that Shit barest now, before she tas infect.
;al cabers. - If;the; gnerstloa must be settled in
peaetifie: Whether a Btateihisi a right to swede;
• beaMor that it redone soon, l.rt is,
- -tiesfi*isettled,litteiher we have a general gov. -
' einmenaisiable.4,Pieserring its integrity had
" 7- PC4l.llrl447:cati'3!.°llhoul, pre f er that
agi,aboulko,'settrad.. byre - unite:Mal • acid:
es ! t lii4llloTim o ;li*O4‘a i a l bl u p t iv mri V
of,Shef-gileiva.:aareingtout, !2t. W lt -witch
taw' snant , a m- at pane, to be applied to
. :peeniHFaistiaai , itennatiFei4FQf ilterentfigu-J
t Y4 4 "e 2l , fliteitrilinittand peitee. the soon
twits spPlierde better. It will pat
stop to the treason and gasconade which hen been
actrife An South Carolina for the last twenty
years, and lease us thus for somethhigmore use-
Ad thin discussions founded on the question
14iegier, the United States of North America b.
or (e not; a Nation, or . merely a confederacy of
petit indkpeident soiereigotias. 1 .
Gno. C. ETOVCII, ESQ.. WO aiSOCISSS editor
of the Lancaster Coln; has become equal part
ner with Sara T. IIRIU), Esq., in the publication
of the Washington Commonwealth. ldr..Stouch
it; highly spoken of by eastern prints, and the
two together will make.rather a strong team.
.GODIVIII LOT' . 6 Boor. for July has already
graced our table. It Is a weal number In one
particular, all ita articles being from the peas of
gifted imerhum women, andthey dohonor to their
genius and taste. The embellishments are line,
rather better than asual.
The Harrisburg Intelligencer has the following
biographical account of the Locofoco nominee for
Wm..Bigler. of Clearfield county, the nominee
of the opposition, is a printer by acclimation.
We have been informed that he was engaged in
this business for some time in Clearfield coun
ty. jle represented the 20th Senatorial district
for two terms in the Legislature. This district
was : composed of Clearfield, Indiana, Cambria
and Armstrong. , Of late years, Col. Bigler has
been engaged in the business of a lumber mer
chant. Be is a Min of decent talents, an ordi
nary epeaker and writer, and possesses no quality
that places him trout of the roll of common men."
As a general scholar and oratcr,he is inferior
to both Black of Pittsburgh,. and Fraser of Lan-
caster:: Ills friends represent Maras popular.
Thisrepresentstion is based en the fact that be
• was elected in the 20th district. The 20th dia.
trial . had an undoubted democratic majority,
Governor Jehaston was the only Whig ever elect
ed in it. The district once elected Drum; who
% was personally eery unpopular. Bigler is said to
be stronger thanLongstretit, yetLongstreth beat
hiti. in a democratic . convention, and Long
stretli.received the largest democratic vote ever
given 'to a Locofoco candidate for Governor of
cox- =rum( searca Ar Emote.
In the new system of tactics introduced by
Johnston, euididates for Governor are ex.
;meted to toddress the peoPli publiclinpou the
!affairs of the state and of tbe country. In con
formity to this good new custom, Col. Bigler
made a rpeech at the Beading Convention.' We
giro a pretty fall extract, as a sample of the
colcmere style. If the mailer does not find him
self :in a fest:wink before ho proceeds far, he will
be more forte:ode than we were. It would be a
pretty business indeed to put the helm of state
into the bands of a man whose Ideas—Uwe May
call =eh st7fr ideas—are jdmbled together after
this foal:don.
' "The exercise- of an unlimited system of ere.
-dit in the individual trunsicticus of the country
—in tbe traisactions between banks, corporations
and communities, engendered by a periodical
mistime paper moony—constituted the ele.
• meats and laid the foundation of a financial
hurricane, which shortly after bursted upon the
country with unequalled violence, prostrating
- indiscriminately the innocent and the guilty,
robbing the laborer of his hire, and filling the
cormay with distress and misery. -Before this
storm, Pennsylvania, for a time was compelled
to give way. - A vain attempt was made in. this
crisis, it is true, to sapply her wants by a.reiort
, to mere expedients, the only effect --of which
was to postpone the evil day and aggravate the
• disease; end -in 1843 she lay prostrated beneath:
n fended debt of 88 millions. with a million of
unpaid interest, and over three millions of a do
mestie debt demandable at the Treasury every
day. That she could have been extricated from
such a vortex seems almost incredible. • But it
Tea accomplished, and to have bad the °patio-
laity of an humble participation in this laudable
work will ever be to me a reminiscence fall of
interest and gratifiealion. If elevated to the
high, trust for-.which you have named Too it will
'be my epechil prideand ambition, as it will be
my duty, as far ,as in me lies, to relieve our
good old Commonwealth of her present bur
thew: to husband her means and guard hehon.
Or. True, lam not of that school of political
philosophy which teaches the doctrine that the .
People man be made rich and the country ;agape.
row by mere. acts of legislation, or that the
wealth of the country is to be mamma by the
amount of. papermoney which may be thrown
into circulation. All experience has demonstra
ted, in this country as well as in others, the fal
lacy of tile doctrine, and proves that a supera
bundance bf this latter element nerrer. falls -to
mislead the productive industry of the country,
and to be followed by the most !medal conse-
Traces to society. I think the wealth of our
country consists in the energy, enterprise, and
- labor of the people, end the predations of our
soil enderthe gads!: influenoa of our climate.
To give the industrial interests of they country,
therefore untrammelled action with;fair , facili.
ties for developing the resources of the State,
with such sand currency and ruch:other re.
strimive measures as will guard labor-againat the
encroachments of capital. is about lad:Lai can
be done by legislation.. It may answer the par.
pose of the demagogue to profess to sisamplish
much more; but the heresy is too transparent to
mislead even the moat dull - of comprehenakm..
"The American Democracy have had, some-
- thing to do with the foundation and program of i
- this mighty structure. The great - Democratic
party more than any other, have appreciated the
true destiny dour country, and progressive prin
ciples which constitute the great elements of our
national entrees. While I have no disposition at
this time to disparage or criticise the policy of
the organized opposition which has ever existed
against this party,.l cannot refrain from alluding
-to some of theignms between these parties; in
which that opposition, acceding to the teachings
of experience, was most eminently wrong and
the Democracy right; to • say nothing of-differ
ences in-the organisation of tbO oveniment or
.of - the monstrosities committed 'Under the ad
lotoldration of the elder Adems, and tabs.-
-a:end) , wiped out by Mr, Jefferson. Such was
the case in the great snuggle for. the acquisition.
of Louisiana in the , conlict about the war of
.1812, and. about the war after it had been de
cdaredin • the establishment •of. the Sub Trea
sury—in resistance to -the. creation of a new
bank—in opposing the distribution of the pro
ceeds of the public iasds-in resisting the adop
tion of the bankrupt law—in the annexation of
Texas—in ~ the war with Mexico—in the acqui
sition of California—ln Maintaining the jturt and
cocstitationairighted all sections of the Union;
and in exteriding equal encouragement and - pro
r Mellon to elf the great interests of the country.
and to 'rail. Classes of the people. with exclusive
pririlolies to now- It is to the history at these
mats and doings, and to the prosperity of the
country when under their charge, that the pest
.Democratic party of the nation can appeal for
the vindication of its carar, , end for evidence of
the wisdom and justice of Democratic' policy.
Party differences, howerer, my. friends, ant not
to be complained of. They are the legitimate
• offspring of our republican institutions. . This
opposition - to , the ..Democratfo party proceeds
from- oa fellow ,cititens, equally with us in
terested in the welfare of the country, and no
dealt . equally anxious to -promote what they
conceive to be their true Interest".
. Rad Cot Biglakept quiet, ho might, al many
others hale done, passed off fora sensible man;
but the uPeeeh,:we fear, will pat en end to all
pretensions. of that kind. :Only think 4=414
o Governor out of a fellow who talks_ about jai.
jag "thefoundrian of a financial Aurriatal"
... .. ,
. .
the President has decided on the plan for the en•
law= ent of the Capitol. The corner stotteis to
be laid on the 4th 'of July next.,The plan adopt
ed is said to, be that of hlr. lotmg, architect,
who unfortunately was drowned last fall in the
Potomac. - It adds two Wimple the North' and
Booth of the Capitol, one for a Senate Hat and
soother fora Hail of Representatives. The pro
posed Hiidi of itegres . azdatiree is to be otancit
capacity as not only to answer for the number of
Itepresentatires order the ; Vinton law, 283, bet
capable of extension as may. be necessary here
after, with staple' accommodations for public,
anditorles, committee rooms, bc.
• ••BIZ/XOlllll2 LIPOOH Bat..—Tlile most important
act of leglideliel, perhaps, by the Maine Legs-
Utz" . at its last maim; was the passage 'of a
rery'stringent liquor bill.
• Tide les forbids the toanufacturo or :sale of
all spirituals and intosicatingliquirs, t
creep by
authoriesal- and licensed town t h en
only far medial' and- mac • p.p.,. If
any unlicensed person shall matiosacktreor sell
these liquors, he is subjected, for, the first coa
-1 station, to a fthe of $lOOl for the amni -
tion, to II file at $4OO, and for the third $2OO,
and four months imprisonment. . .
1 . - - It \ enthorites. the search .of stares, . ho ., f or
spirittlous liquors, when there is reason to - I*.
liare this. anchilqnsas are intanded for Ws with.
out licestae,L and the destruction of the liquor,
unless proved to be imported, and in the original
packages In which it was imparted...
No personeogaged in the onlavflal Irak bel
lowed to tit on a jury in soy case arising.wader
thilectv end all Watt Maar coming before the .
Superior Com% are to take precedence at 14
other buitaiso exeept,those criminal csamt4ere
the parties are actually ender arrest and await:
Lag We
giitiatt,Goramment has ..1,61 ter :.sus ef its :
Idolater at FA 1., from POMO to tl.OOO, leaving it dui .
rawly Woe t Was as the sew of the Preakirot of the
United State._ lord Palmaroban, in announcing Ulla rr
action to the MILOS of Common., took Mead. to tar.l.ll
jattle• to his nobis hind nor, occupying the gent of A. ,
..dor at Porta that English travelers who go to hula
must not report to teethe from him, ~tth Ids reduced ad.
gry, that MT large etterit of hospitality which hitherto;
has hew exercised as • right on their part and sa a duty
. Ms. In the continnation of hi. remarks on Ms suir
Ject. Lord Rdzmrston meld:
"The henorubLe gentleman sate ',e have an ammple to
the United States. As they gin only L 2.000• year to their
mirdster. I promote he implies that something like that
scone stole womld be rutricient um Ills a nd that I sta.:
Led to the honorable gantlemth
/ that when an Americus
Keever earth into nay to a t thignthigce to transact
bthiness, I never rthasnre the deference doe to hien, or the
oeight to he attached to ' , bathe has to lay. by the amount
f seism ha receive. Meer. heard But you cancel ask
thy impartial Armaisan citirso whether the public :oil does not stiffer front the mall allowance of salary assigthd
to the minister, who will not tell you that they are Moth
Denient/Llow. and that limy ought to be inerreard. (firth
ear.? Burma to have a mon distinguished either:of
the United Stith:, who he an ample fortune of his onx
.4 who lives to a 121..11r hatiorabl• to himself and the;
country which be repremets. But there have been at for
nom tames. reprthrotatthesof the Molted States lo mon-
M". Wham pothicar has been painful to th eir own delinga•
Iticerd It has been Immosenbis for them to return those
*ode sontethe which them .anon PP. .."7?"'
Berth to manifest towards theind and I think It eou not.
be gal/6story tothe feelings of Engliehmem that their ea
r...MOT. in meld=ntrias should be compelled to be '
%Marra from geedding in this country. Wear,.
This allusion to oth country movers • lessa o In a rebuke.
No men ean hold the position of American' Ambassador to
/inland or Prase, and live amordlng to the rank of him
posithor, unlara ha the a private fortune of Ids earn. The:
Beggarly allowathe from the Government would not eolith/
for a third rate grade of diplomatic Uriolt
This subject-was discussed in the/tenth* towards the close
of the Ira[ semi= of the last Orogreas. and without the It,
tern:drooling of any partisan theJudises or viewt, it IMP
seared on ail hands. according to emphatic Matemente
Mr. meth.. and Mr. King (of Alabama) that'll., dlgoßr
of the American Republic repaired that lie diplomatic re:
Momentatives M. the South of great Boehm statioth mould
be more itherally endowed with the means of ho.tiadlty.'
and rep:arability of style, than order the present system..
The rational lieu the advanced, that, instead of • thiforrel
rate of allowance to all ministers of amilain grads, it would,
abetter regulate th e thirty amording to the espenaei
ilvios lthrticular capitols. The Arobkasslor to the
English Court a...aa recelre more Blood,. Ambassador
tp nonce, the latter more than the Ambassador to Rosin,
—oaf so on. ThLs la the English system, and it seems Mq
be a very proper oth—Bailithre Anteriaus.
ing we were deeply pained to hear of a bloody'
encounter In Lynchburg, Va., on 'Thursday morn!.
ing, between two highly respectable citizens of
that town. The circumstances, as we learn
them, are es -follower Some time since, the
Lynchburg Virginian indulged In some comments
on the mine of Dr. James Saunders, (a member
of the Convention,) on the Basis question. Dr:
Saunders retorted upon the editor of that paper,
in a stringent card publirlied in the Lynchburg
Republican of Monday last. Oa Thursday morn
ing the Virginian re-published Dr. Saunders
card, with some sharp comments, which an ex
cited Mr. James C. Saunders, jr., (Dr. B.'s son,)
that he eoughtldr. A_ W. C. Terry, the editor of
that paper. They met on Thursday morning
about 8 o'clock, on Main street, in front of the
Market Bonne, and Mr. Saunders attacked Mr.
Tent' with a cane. Mr. T. drew a revolver and
fired; Mr. Saunders also drew a revolver and
-fired. Each party exhausted the fire of his wea
pon, and, we are pained to learn, both gentle
men were wounded, it is supposed mortally, In
the abdomen In tie region of the groin. We
hear that two babe took fatal -effect in the body
of each combatant Mr. Biggers, the constable,
in endeavoring to separate the combatants, was
slightly wormderrhy two idiots In an arm and log.
—Richmond Inquirer, Saturday.
Later accounts stater that both Mr. Saunders
and Mr. 'ferry are dead; and Mr. Biggers' life
is considered In danger.
WOOL P 303 Wl9.
In the early spring, it was anticipated. the
wool trade would open epiritedlY this season—
that It would go off rapidly ended advanced pri
ces over those of last year. These anticipations
have not been retailed thus far. Little of this
'spring's clip has been Sold, so far so wee can
leans • Bnyeri at hams and abroad, halted° a:
the prices asked. while the holders feel no dispo
aition to sell at the prices offered. We have
never 'known a greater degrees of Indecision and
uncertainty to exist than is apparent just now.—
Most of the farmers wish to eell—many have
need of their money, while the large growers
can bold over or n0t..., they may feel disposed.
In this county moth depends upon the sale of
the wool crop—englegemeuts and contrasts are
made with a view to the wool mite. When the
clip goo off briskly at good prices. money. Is
plenty and circulates freely. When the contrary
is the ease, Woes are dull, money scarce, and
few debts are paid. Wo publlshen feel it per
haps, as severely as any other class. Quite 'a
change has come over our business operations,
In this particular, within a few years. Watt
ington was once the great wool mart—ln this
month wagons crowded and blocked up our streets
from end to end. It Is not so now. For sopa
years, this place ban been loosing the trade.
Competition has diverted it to other points in the
county. Canonsburg has boughtlargely—whilst
dealers in West Middletown, Monongahela City,
tioblestown, Florence, Posit, and at other locali
ties, have enteredthe market and bought largely,
and it prices which dealers here declined risk
ing. We have not learned, however, that at any
of these points, the irade hem opened to any
considerable extent, this season. Uncertainty
and a fear on to Baal results, has intimidated I
buyers on all hands. Our growers demand an
advance on last year's prices, and such of them
as have sold, ye believe, have received it.
What Is to be the upshot of this state of think.; i
it Is difficult to say now. We see aneirms that
the wool growers should get the highest price
that the purchaser is justified in giving—and !no
more. Our sympathies are all with the grower
as well ea our interests. Yet, we are free to say,
that we can not see, in the present depressed
state of the manufacturing interests of the eosin.
try, under the operations of the locofote tariff,
how they can afford to pay any considerable ad- !
ranee upon the prices that ruled at the elm of
the market hut season. Much wool. was sold
too low in the opening of the trade, perhaps, but
the heighth of the market did very
general satisfaction to the grower, and we be- I
neve allowed the buyers to escape without leas.
Our Intelligent farmers are as well advised of
the state of the country, as we are, and are quite
as competent to estimete the influences which
operate upon the wool trade, and hence we i do
ethos advising them In the premises. They can i
either take the offers of those in the trade in this
county, or they can hold on for in adetnee, If
they have reason to think it likely there will be
any at a later period in the season.
We End but few Items on the subject of the ;
wool market to quote." There is Mlle doing that ;
we can see in any section of the country. We.
notice less activity In the trade, Indeed, it.j
this time, than has been usual at this season.—
Weahington (Pa.) &Toro:.
'serious difficulty hes occurred between the Trus
tees and S bider:its of Allegheny College, at Mead
ville. The students belonging to the Literary
Societies connected with the college, It appean,
elected Professor Stebbins to deliver an•addrees
at the next commencement The Trustees ob
jected to the selection, because Stebbins belonged
to a different denomination' from that under
whose auspices the institution to conducted. A
number of students belonging to both societies
have resigned, deeming it ince:mistime with tumor
and a proper respect : for their own rights, to con
tinue longer in their connection.—Mercy Wig.
Locoroco 13TATINOMINATIONL—The Locofoco
State Convention assembled in the city of Read
ing, on Tuesday, the 3rd instant, and after a
stormy session, nominated William Bigler:, of
Clearfield, for Governor, and Both Closer, a citi
zen of the world for Canal Commissioner. The
nomination of Mr. Bigler was generally antici
pated, but the nomination of berth Closer has
taken both Whigs and Loefocos of this region by.
surprise. Perhaps within the broad limit& of
the Commonwealth there could not have`been
selected a man so utterly destitute of the OWL
ties requisite to a faithful and competent , die
charge of the duties of A member of the Canal
Board. Utterly unfitted as Mr. Clover is by na
ture ind education, to become the depository of
any important trust, it is to us a matter of us.
feigned surprise that he has received the nomi
nation. Locefoceism most have been in ifs do
tage =nave forgotten its ancient cunning when
it nominated a man so utterly sad notoriously
obnoxious as Seth Clover. If the Whip can't
best Alm they mares • well hang their barer on
the willows.—Butler w 74.
iSIIIII2 Lon's Lmatts-urr—The Swedish
Episcopal Church in Chicago has great cause of
gratitude to Jenny Lind. Tho Rector, Berl Mr.
Unonius, has published a statement, from *bleb
it aware that besides the $l,OOO given by her
to the church Jest year,
she has contributed
$2,000, partly to aid In buildings parsonage,
and partly for the poor of the parish. Shq has
also promised a communion service of sliver,
and has gtven the rector $l,OOO to pay name
debts, to furnish the parsonage, and to effect an
insurance on his life.
hos Sutra—We publish in another-461mm
an article from . the London Nautical Standard,
on the use of iron as a material for ship building.
We are well aware that it has been condemned
by the Admiralty, and: are somewhat 6Wliar
with the experiments by which they have at.
monstrated its • inferunity to wood.. Bat these
experiments and this Condemnation cannot do
away with the practical fact that, of the S.telllM
ere registered in the merchant entice of the
Butted Kingdom in the year 1850, the tonnage
of. the iron steamers was 25,167 tons- and that
of the wooden slimmers 17,456. Ar e Bei mer
chants their own interests f • Or ant they
forcer than the Admiralty In coming to their con ,
If the article which we quote had appeared in
a -nuernantile newspaper, we should hare eixt
sidered it perhaps entitled to' less cousideisdon
thin attaches Wit when It Is-found in the col
tonsil of • professional Journal like the Nautical
BAYSZI 1710 boat's crew Of .
• thoTranch corvette Alcemeite were sent on the.
29th 'of November last to fined & passage for her
'on the western elde of New Caledonia, in the
Pacific: As they did not return, the barge was
dispatched, and head that they had been killed
and eaten by the Efenema and Bellep tribes, ex
cept three, who worn made prisoners, and forc
ed to witness the feast These men were given
up when the huge arrived. The huts, II planta
tions and canoes of the cannibals were deetroyedt
some persons taken, and twenty others hot
Burma Cocirrt.—Thu Whig Con on met
- on the sth inst. at Butler and selec the fol •
lowing persons far th e va;iona of f ices an be Ailed
next fall:
President Judge—. George 19 41mith,i Butler.
• Associate Judges—John fhleCandleis, Centro,
and Sam. Marshall, Craiberry.
Assembly--Joim R. Harris, Mercer.
Sheriff.--James A. Gibson, of Fairview.
Prothonotary—Thomas H. Lyon, of Middle.
Clerk of the Courts—Daniel Graham, List
Register and Recorder—James T. kfulunkin,
of Butler. • •
Commin.sioner—James Mitchel, of Butler
Treasurer—William B. Lamou, of Butler.
Auditor—J. H. Conway, Centre:,
Coroner—Archibald Critchlow, of Middlesex.
Trustees of the Academy—Dr. Isaiah Maim
kin and Samuel C. Stewart, of Butler.
The-Opposition oo the 2:1 inst. nominated the
following ticket:
' Associate Judges—John. Murrin, of Mercer,
- John White, of Mercer.
Assembly—Jacob Ziegler, of Butler.
Sheriff—Arthur Slot ill, of Middleaes.
Prothouotary--John T. Bard, of Slippery
rock. '
Clerk of Courts—Lewis Z. Mitchell, of But
ler. •
Register eat Resonler—Robert Dunn. of
Treasurer—John Martin, of Butler.
Commlssloner—Asaph Crammer, of Centre:
Varnum, of Washington.
Trastems—Patrick Kelly, Jr., Jacob Wal
From the Raleigh, R. C. Register. June 7.
tiSal body met in 8h John's Church. in Payette
Title, on Wedensday, the 28th nit. The Bishop
of the Diocese and 28 Clergymen, with 45 Lay
,Delegates,representing% Parishes, were pm-. ent.--This attendance was much - more fall than
bee ever before been In the Diocese.
This Ma caused by the troubles which have
mewed within the last three year in regard to
an alleged Boorish tendency in the teaehings and
practices of the Bishop and some of the Clergy—
chiefly or altogether those broegbt here from
other States. We learn from the “Observer."
that the Bishop made to the Convention a-furl
and most emphatic retraction of all those offen
sive doctrines and practices, which oh attributes
mainly, to violent diseases, which prostrated his
mental and physical ',stem.
The discussions in the Convention were earnest,
interesting, and sometimes excited. The princi
pal speakers were. of the Clergy, Rev, Mosses.
Watson; Huh; Smedes, Geer, Johnson and Mc-
Rae. Of the Laity, Hon. Gee. E. Badger, Bon,
Robert Strange, J, H, Haughton, Josiah Collins.
Dr. P. J.. MB, G. W. Mordecai, Hon. R. Hines,
A satisfactory srangement of all dilkulties,
says the "Observer," we, finally perfected and
unanimously agreed to, under circumstances bf
impressive solemnity.
The Censention adjourned on Monday night List
Inca tiur st. Laub Ltavablkan, Jana 2.
Tut amts.—The Mississippi opposite thin
city continues to rise with considerable rapidity.
Already the cellar 04 Front, street hare water
in them to Tatiana depths, and the merchant,
have, for some days past, been actively engaged
in reaming their goods from them. Sugar, ma
ilmen, and articles requiring a cool atmosphere,
being kept iu the cellars, ranch injury has been
sustained in the removal of them.
Since f' ;o'clock On Friday evening last, Mr.
Coots., Assistant City Engineer, has taken the
level of the water in the river, compared with
the City Directriz, the top of the curb at the
corner of Market street and the Levee, or the
Dash of the column in front of the 011 Market
These observations ere taken, as near as practi
cable, about fl o'clock, and we give
connected form that the reader may understand
the graduel rise of the river.
On Friday, 6 r. a., the water in the river was
eight feet arri one halt inch below the City Di
reithelz. ;
Saturday, 6 r. a., the water below the ph...
tale wii seven feet five and a half inches. i,,,? L'NIIItLES--
6 tea , rare. limed N.
Sundaj, 6r. se, the water below the Directrix '-' e atul 1 bbl. Lard.
Inns six feet ten ladle*. . r..) VON. nary il.serst OIL
j., Itry• d tpirt Totreor.a.
Matulay, (yenserlay,) 6 e. a., the water was • t 1........ rreett Illn.
below the Directrix five fret sir Inches. TS tn. thlei seeker.
From Sunday, at Cr. a., until yesterday, at 1.12 LI. olugso llocil I,irrarnac for salt Or
JutlN wArr • co,
the same hour, it had risen one foot four inches, i '
Note° to Carpenters.
awl up to the hoar of writing continues to rise. ' ~,,,,, .
rforne:nee of Ilerr'a Island, in, Liu-
This leaves the level of tho water twelve feet six ' j . s " --
i }:erm.t..0...1 ISM". 1.11.114 W 011.14 4 Ptil
inches below the great of 1844. 1t • it•ix ts.t.. st tto 1.... Tem, of 31r. Alec JAIL.% rr/n.b
The cool winds of yesterday, notwithstanding' :`,„74%,V,T,,,,,fh,g.1..." * ,, th ,'"" th " . 1,," u tg,. ''''''
the entire absence of rain 11l the city or its VI- ~• kui ett Mr. T.O. Nowis+ l / 4 1:: ,,,, ... 1 a L.1..1, ran t
would indicate that heavyrains hare 2-"'11.L.-',"'" l '"'" l '''"' ‘`'. tut.)4lll,d3t
fallen north and west of us. A farther rise may
be expected, and we will not be surprised if the
water reaches thircurb stone at the foot of Mar.
bet street; but we do not anticipate such a rise
nein 1844. At best, however, the water Is now
entliciently high, and hes spread so far over the
low lands above and below this, as to do immense
injury to the crops, as well as to the ricer mer
chants, woodmen and others. The extent of the
injuries cannot, at this moment, be anointed
car Every family should at oneo procure a
of the au/ AssUan 'tamed, Cor toast. tout, mil
d U. U. Ramiro Arabia& Ltalsoaal ft allays LA. 'coat
lotanav saint Ia a Dm minutia, restore. alga SIMOTISI Sold
...joint grata, and lta.curso joint 4 peaatratem
dab to the bon.. Mum contract...l a 01.. runw dornroa
tlaon ail iddated Limb! of total? Tear? itandloc alacottr
mods, witalled ova. az:damn:mai of IM Ktanda. and Is Ito
Lon medlar/0 Wr allaaatta ar..111. , out ..00rrerol, cont.
aravlns, sadint. and all dlscaaasytdrh riainire an
Qatar./ applicalloo. Fo advarilaentroL
LIKE OIL •DOVt RATER—The Wok man can tall a
COW iUttlitlwebf irrlug R.. quick as &lir,. tell stood
Mow Ly ..tog IL And U ons man bistit, sad Duds It
poor, It will destany the popularitr
You cant lutrodum a mettle:nee Into popobtr w. tinlessit
powww. mils substantial virtues, lbw from all Lad offsets
at valid oldortkiws, and It b this tact that has *dahlia...l
Ow rout/Wooed .. 1101I's Compound Vital Istrsot of far
asmitilla;*btiond all otil or disputa. Its action upon
human orsiamislst aosordazos with rational and Phl
iatopLioal prinekshist—it pratucte the various asernicts
sad tura.. of the Wily. moot. otwtrusUons, displaou
utotbkl gad dboaaNd author. stsimittirna lb. Warmth
mod iligittitt organs, erodes taw, puss, and heath'
blood. awl rtgiiisitt the taritma fauttiont of dm &dam,
ormuiaof She half. •Thls Lb all performed without the
least dagger of hum, tim priiptrattits being at tab as It
rolltratlona. It may to thought by t h e skeptics'. that It
Ptillitts to onto tou Pussy diseases, but upon tsatalow
Om It will b. found that • him maJority of th.,111•••••
.hich mart the human family origiusits in an'thipurt
tale of the blond. lb 001 40001101. the by other gar
tapallitis atm. d . yea by "roe u sellers of umlauts
.41 4 1;= . 4issa Pnr ;Li k rla 7 " 'thrs a tTritat a l
_ . pn lb. 11 ' 1 ' 1
rfordevy Warrunta to tit superior to all L.nora
fxlbtalginal Dr. Jai.,
Pure Jaie nRd frennAleutuar—asal harenoothey an
edvertleesanit uo ar.lhar kw: , V,
EgYEES S .11 . DOWELtv`110 Wood
jolCrdlurOwT Vebolewal 1a
_U t.fl agento
ammo( the User are becoullag alaralluglyfreuatut In the
Unlhal Mtn ladoel there an Enr barnthlable alaeaeu
which are not worusechal la ow. way or QUI. with • de.
ranged rater( that Important organ. MOO' of the maw
plalaU waich are usually olto.l under the heed ot no
aumptloa,Eontheirorigin to the Urn. "Any resuieln
whirls would • Insure wrgularlty and healthful action la
tha hem, would be a bleating to mankind r has beta the
esslarn.hoo of sugoriag thous... That moody his been
found; It Is rale and runt. 14. • fair trial has been stir
forded to has anti been know to fall;
Deader, bars you uay disease of the Ilver, or dleasse
which you believe; morels from bepatio donut ,
mot? Low not•a matosat. but purchase • boo of Dr.
Arlaut's Lim lII* and they .111 reetrelyou to hmith.
They are Moonily remedy or,, yet discoveted. , theee ice
Is eettaltl to effect • can. For role by •
J. CID!) CO..
No CO. Wood
Petroleum I
Boluniltl4. Huntingdon co, Pa, Mucha, 'M.
H. M. Kior.—Dyar Bu , Your Pokroleaso Is working woo.
days In this vicinity; tbstoins wo would thank you to send
. two damn by lb. Pennsylvania Rallytwl. W. are en
tirely mt. and It is being icopired for ithoost arm da7.
Yours. rospeethilly, JOILI LONG 2 N.
KL•rssluts, Ashbabl O. blueh 10,11.
D M. Exino—Desr Mr, Your Agent, y jyty week.
left With us lieu down hook OK, which we Dare eel&
Please forward to us ex dorm Innedlstely.
Your oexlicln. Is webby; wonders In this region. We
can obtain seneral excellent catldcates, If you desire them.
Yours, aa,
For sale by Keyser A McDowell, 140 Weed errata B. Z.
8.11.0.. 07 Wood etreeo IL A. Yahnestoct. t 00, corner
Wood end Pewit stiller. D. D. Curry, D. A. Elllott..lnerbD
Dougless.and 11. P. Ikhwerts,Allenheny, sly. by th. pm.
Drietor, B. M. KIDS, •
'spll:l4.lY Canal Ossin.beeentb et.. Plttsbureh.
Citizen's Insurance Oompany of Pittsburgh
.tio. 41 Water =vet, to tbo ward.. ofC. a.
rr.. .
Rom, Prold.t. A. W. Diggs, gee's:
osuiptor Loos. grossed to Jason all rogrehorolbsi
issuu sod to tratallob Ter's, ku
jodlitlu U thst=a d ottrl=l
Id. in ail ultisints of Pittsburgh. 'roll sail favorably
koaro to Du ootossousity mr Dods prudes.. Wising's....
sod Ititsit'DY. -
DTZUTOSAI-0. Eitlm, W., 8..4 7 .
jr., Walter bryloO. liugh D. King, Edward Usubitoo.
lobo Dorm:web& llorlsouth. Dll.'/Uss. soisti
Foreign and American Hardware.
.LOGAIsI, & CO.,
, • N 0.1213 Wood. Street,
- Ifitllttot r
etool attract ofIOREIGNAND
the othot mica, and which ti c ,. round
to odat to pi uthaaartiwtratos that will compara
fariostil* vith strict the mom Mita.
Srap ER CLOTHS, for Mon'ad anßoyd
M0n.14 0 . Oubmmtix-Calabpiem,
creel y of style. sad qualltine, received end oared
Tow se the dan ,
"Buch/Uhl hare nueired•suutASO,B.4.3.r.4.
IMI as. of • very marerior WeWitr. le 3
FRENCH LINENS, .of various qualitiea,
received sad selling low of the none of
110 WILL SUFFER for the sake of 'sit
ias Oct Dotue Brown's great Jdassican acs6o
dy for the rius, 6a• plc 67
443 E. E. BELLEW 67 Wood st.
/TIMOTHY SEED-34 bbls. for imile jly
IL Jell •
J. & a. FLOM.
ty tierces Fresh, for sale by
jola J.* IL ILOYD
T EATETER-100 Sides N. Y. Sole, for sale
bl . je.l3 . J.tR.FLOYD.
- OLIDDON'S hir Ward Truropanint Panorama of
With a orplendldOolligr of EggprlanAntlitulttrOlgtonitea.
tt' a.
at Calm. Oriental Made at earl;
veßtitig eight o'clock—Welnerday and &MIMS] aftt,
moms at 3 o'clock; door, open on hour Debra. ddrolotlon
uhr eanta—chlldron half prim—or-hoots of IA pupils ord
cam 10 centol—Teacbrni with orhoolo tn.. J. 4
TILE Partnership heretofore existing lie
twatat the totataiberr. nadar tdla fftyla of "R. P. Tao.
. 1 1Tb I de C Altil "f :f ft " ge a rtgat i a " trilr bit 1%49:
Jam" P. Tanner, who lo duly antbotiand to arttl•
tNt old badness. JAMES P. TANNER,.
Plttabargb.lon. G. 1851.—Nal=
firm of Clarke, Parke 41. Co. Rochaater,
M thin day dissolved by Mutual conaenU.the in
terest of G. M. Harlon Leine purchased by Hamilt on Clark. Clark. and lL. U. Parks , who will contloue the busiglemi
formerly. nyder the nun, and idyls ot Clark &
Ali the Oneness of the elate dim to be settled by auld
tilodlton Clarks or R. o.Yarks.
Plttabargh. Jane 10, 1861. U. M. 11611PON.
RAYING made a change in our busina
by the palvhara of G. Co." Myrna's Waren In e
Ivo of N.:larks, Parks ACo all the bushman of cc
'might boat,.
the Caton Lint to Cleveland,
Lear Erie and Michigan Line to Erie,
trylls!i n P ' ar i tV Elt in g B.l ' A ` gi t '"'•
And also the burtnaae pertaining to atramtguta Michigan
..,nd [heaver, will be done
through JOHN! .a.
cACOUEY, bur Acoat at Pittalrergh, Pa. deco. corker
of Wats, arid Iratlthdekl
Pittsburg?, lon, •51. CLAILKL• kARKs.
pel2 • • be•ter.. Yl
Sea Bathing Cape Mal: N. J.
CONGRESS lIA.LL is nun' open for the re
ception of ignitor.. The proprietor. thankful lot #lO
those t txtr u t.;
the preterit Fuson, to make MP house their
rangement. and art»mmodatlons, he trust., Will be more
...tlefardory to customer. than any Shirts hove heretofore
brag proskied upon the Island. Ohs eutwerlber has takms
Pahl+ to. Proem. pod and atteotive mktrnd 141 , 1111 LL Mo.
om the
Of that they am hest suited to the Oust.=
and Wants Of a majority of the sojourner. at this piers.
jet:Olin W. R. PULLER.
yAMEN I'. TANNER, IVholeaale De.aleTin
Boot, Shoes. Donnas, MU. ta., No. 62 Woc4 st
, SEALED. PROPOSALS will be received by
the subscrlte
.neat anytime on or before the :tat day
t June,
_Mit for marmate of bulklleg a Brick Church
nt Deer Creek. In Ultimo, tolerably, Allegheny county, at
near the School Rouse. ea land of Harmer Denny, of
the tullou log abet 40 feet ebb: by CO In lengtbt 14•Det
letween the for and the cabala ebb It winde. aiad
doors, to be landed. planers&, ...,1 peed;Wae t 6.
er with as pullet for Old home. The WU/0 to be PWhed
In thesame mantow sad altar Ow mos pattern the
?worth Amadsta Reformed Church. In Befardshown, our
Ilecire Brewery. The work to alojwthular to be balerkor
to the work done ha old boom. The contractor to And all
ntstraale, r of a goal and rebetantlal quality, neeemary to
Ralph na il chord,. For furthers artlenlare Inquire of U.,
of the Cocanalltee. JOHN TOUNO,
Jedlltd TROD PnA)N,
jellkat Committee'
_Deafness, Noise in the Head,
..ind 011. Dizagrtrable Di:ockargu from the tar,
Speedily and permanently removed{
P g. lIARTLEY, Principal Amid 'the
Neer Tort Eye mul Esr dummy. md add North
Meet. btuladelphla has derfael to ',Mom hi.
etay • snort Man
Limn farther notheigt•Doctor may I. muscatel In Re-
Meat AllepArny , [MOM three story brick ideal
i iMom hermit the 1 Nome.
he Dort.. Mat 1.12.11111 that his veletas In Plttsbargh
oillentey • pleasant valk to Um mom city. and thr their
ePerAILI scronarmatma be .111 extend his home of emenb
tattoo at Me tam. Adore. from L. 11. to 4E. It.
Tbatern Imre Moe and Mum tuddleided attentirm to
branch el eretoa practice. Ms ensbind htto tadms
Me treatment to sod" • domes of me m. its tthe
Irma mamma mam a obotinats C•Min Mid. by • amity so
amben to the impate-MM. 1112.01
LETTERS TeNtamentory upon the hot hn‘
a.l tagsaarot tt George Corbrao Mobasol ir d37.,
ta. of thrt. of tltt.bargb. baatagbeta ntod
V , the 1mre...0, I I.a• %pi..toted Jo.. La.bdit.
roo , Agrot tor the settlement of maid All poa.aa
bist io r atbtaal aro rap...lto ma. Itutoodakta pairarot.
Itroina. <tow. taaloat We won oral prom. Mara
autttoutr.a.l 1
. --
.I.lhl/11:1"111.1..x.:111/111, itesutrli. •
The 4t.lers:on."l nosy 1.. Lruc.lll.ll, beitymn the bears
rf 1 6..1 4 r 11.. antal tLe /0,4Ju11 ALA N 0.14 Fomact oz.
J. It. LAttDbil.
-1 iwnw,. NC. tee. so weed eider.
talobt Itoeles , ter We
)el: • • Assll:i WAIT .1
‘ITOcK of the Merchants& Manufacturers'
u. n. A ain.tte b e i aat
011 Fourth si
• • market. rata... •.7.1 bl‘beA rreiphs • lull La amen
' .0 p.r 1"...41•; by H. D. LING.
011 r •, rovelh rt.
Pumps ,
lT IS put up in quart bottles„ and eon of in man..l:lmb rune a sui am outlier in Ammko. 'Pee one dal ,
Lur per neve., els bottle. for Eve dollars.
It haa teen • mil onabliPtied fan the Jun mu, th a t
eamaparitla, • tams put. and pomarly unwed, was the
vale true paamea ha AD Daman ortgluating from an Ito
Pure mate et the bbd. the um at memory. lateatratina ___--
arum,. evil Wow:a youth. torrempaii. el, It• boldly : ; . Th e g me ji,, .
...en that JOBS BI:LL'S .E.1714et..7 Or .T.18,64P..• 1 , ' J. Fr iend,'
RILLS i• the noir prmarmiaa before i.a e public. tam L. • • i BAKING . preparation' intended to . au
v.L...don I .• , q•nun , ProPrn. nwd of nit.... i IL penal* the am of Temt—whleb, when tatted with
.irerigth. She Ferman...elle la pa rehear. without, retrood i'our, will teal ime mew i Dotirlo or mare:pannier albs
l" Wm.. 4 . l '''' , 4 4 ""lA• b"'"'‘`, b .. . 4 ...wt. l." 40 0 44 5. .4 , emb.thati by the yew. The whole porno of breed
Le strict.. t heatleal testa and its ansuimeememertalneu I ~...,,c . bd. pa bd.. ba p y.,,,i 0 ...., t.k... pe . ~.. 2,
letare Ming 'Peed . 1 ons., yea um the tasimmilvelmteed of yeast
h otel
ether Bunton," 41 . 011.1.1. dla 'DS.. of 4 ww 4 nl Thiel/milk of Ume la Mae some vonsidention—and hotel
other valuable mia , nte. together finalilOg the hem, tom - Semen. matuiners of public wimple. inarmatioa units
pmt nu[ the armor. eurauve agent m the lan. md hop , Walley will amino mall saving by units
Known world, , , ibis Family inemt. Added 10 , all the adVantenew of Light.
WILL crag wirnour ram! ' lotremble. who:name diet far ma voyages and WIWI* in
yamt Is Dud to get. thie will In
Scrofula or lithe* Evil, Camaro. Tommie. KruP,Mcccie of i .- ttif Y in l igelnabTs b for biscuta and eakm—lt will ha Maud
Me Skin, trfelpeim. Chtessio bore nye. War speedy wad cheap. tot torbettlait that tbor will ter more
If 4(0 , fettem. Sabi Dead. hhoottote palmable--and mate . tavern breed even mom digastlbla.
non, Paimiti Ma boomer Joint.. :old ha lAD.. M U.S.:A eDd .41 4 4 . 0,
Ind norm, Wain!, Swelling
of the Oland,. 13 rplall. , . PILImdPS 1 MAYERS,
:4. North Pourth it.. Philadelphia.
is. Dyspepsia. salt
• PoSennent for Pittsburgh, FL E. DP , Lrii9, PI, Wool
Ihrmare of the 1
, tort ' jettilm
tream ,
the we of Mornay, •
Pahl thr hide and lihoul
dent Unhand I/Thing. Dmpor Lane
Intro, Jaundno. tore
Bronchia/I. Cooytuy Cads, {Yea/LW/MOM* 03..,•
Intimanory A IfeetJona. and ail other &owes tendthg
• . - •
PRODUCE C03311/IPT1021:
hirer Complalnt, Fronds Irregularitisa matcoplaints,
sick and Sermon Headache, Low Spirits, Eight treats,
Imprmisoce in Life. Melnik Constliutional Die.
rasa am! is a Bo ring and surname drink. and
la tor the syn., and gentle and patanant pUmound ton. lXlltte.. far
superior to Moo List or Congress valor, mita. or Nei&
The 'Ananias i lb* ssebatlin copy of orslitiest• nave In
the possessionof the proprietosa Oalra lassaparills.--
I's, E. W. &Ilion is 'stasis and gennesilyknown u to
sionnont sad...nonaligned pastor of timid, B a... 0, snd
nom li.Eltarroson lass been il00.11:1 ILO one of U. mad Ll
sato] nod visions unnabers as. th. Katit
n earWnprepy
nook issaesen. asa. the world patina, tinier. or, man satisfactory testiamons in Isar ref tar sasslkinai •
Batt? Totirmony than wet., Entr Offered in Faeor of
•• • -
Any -*dime.
Rs,. L. IV. 60000—Itaw. Y
y gm .
Wo ban mod Jobn BelNg Lgu an l d a bark
it to be asnl..entn entire saffeartlont amt woe bare to. he.
It W[m I. staling that am boll.. It to tas a wane and rain.
ebbs medical eamoottrul. and cakulated to protum much
lead .red rains Much suffering: and would threaten
.cbeerfully and men earnestly nscommend It I. the aF
Meted, (Mieent) L. W. WILLION
Dot we all admire a Ow beautiful whits skin. Una
rosy colored cheek. Iler often do.. am mem; tact per
sewing Ms I `draidarateta m devout/7 to ba erMed.
gene, to conortics, Mims, wndans..rmints. mei elan
=slam* br. restore nibs.= a. ambience of what Usesur.
yr . % nr. and tbat Im with enet..Lety . l . o
Itt eautfl Ole. by removing every .partirla al'
morbid anrdierand matter from Lb. bind, making it pore,
' , Males ILIA nen., giving activity to ovary ofnot..
Zessl, and 0/0041n0 the yellow and dark, osuntenance to
ba bloom and freshness of youth. Ladles Macedon thy
gs., of p 31.10 .red mixturss, and cm Bull . . Hanar
, the only effectual nearly • rA turd to . . U erlm aulff•
wt" and • hind Mum hto the ladle.timony Eat the Following, Renders Superfluous
all Comment on the E f ficiency of Bull's Sorsa
From /Je s ts I% lismcru, Professor of Clun::.::innL In Um
touberille Madge! College
I G all s onked ern the list of lawns:Mute eamteollell
Jobe Compound A/tractor Bamvarlllgand Wm no
hesitation In saying that they tone • safe compoevd. and
out that promises well to chronic dimness, to whkh It I.
. .
Ince MarineES, PAynnen by eppolutansteto as Zen
intikflogete/, saw ;c/f tieLL'S S.A.EStPd•
Locravots,.llarch2o, 1849.
I here nominal the personelle. for the perperattort of
John Bull's Sarsaparilla. met 1 ludieve the coeuldnaLlon to
lean excellent one, and well calculated to geode. en al
ceyedve Imprecsion on the outeut 1 have toed It Wash,
gublle oaf private genetic, and think let!. best article of
o". l4= avl dent s PPy u ciel . ao at the Lonhotli;P:Mitte to.
4We • CAUTION—Beware end ark for the Vg . l , l , v=
Dave smother.Kß A., ITUCOBBI.L.
140, Hood street rittsburgh,du., aad ,al4l
ter sale by D. H. CURRT and JON. B.01:1014A1.411, Alle
gheny city. awl he Dm/relate genendly. lell:dew3ma
Free Lecture at Philo PialL"'
N the ecienee of Mental Electricity, by Dr.
a. le, on Tneeday crealna, the 11th Jane, at eight
rf.l will oleo inctun, on YrTlomalay, tnamir. radar.
e nd„,,ado r , a 5 clock. Antal/
.. 5 yenta.
Tne egymmenie be snore artrudertul the. nNeur
&Una au beach
/le sill open my Milt= u Philn nat,
loth. at hallpart two o'tiona, to continue twenty da4z
For the cure of dcalneu, dinars of the eye, nen
rtletnailtat, +henry ela."nrolepras nterhand all othar
thoreconshierul hicurable by the inenh
, t a unnity. Let all each amain. his tenknortiale. The
<law and editors*. ie/ikeliEC
For Sale.
A LOT on -Penn greet, adjoining
-314 Vfnt4i di. n lfd rT ti: 1 1 "
'lNi iggar
. tt. s
mr. A v.Lnina a co.
Vaitlabie Latin Third street foi
WILL sell time Lot on Third stteet, ad
it)ZsLit!....rj holster, Establishment of W
te m . Noble on'
OmelmaT ou . the otter ' . Eo l l gr Roos onlblo11=1:1F1
Let. otth a depth toward Second greet of 50 feet, More or
Isma The prim/
one thougod to Mod, the
;Llti4b=l:o,3b b'''d
eaTe ' UT= T.l
ea. The Otto Is peratly itolr
.Midelder at the grim ofC. Shales. Co. Fourth st.
tomtger, formerly of Behest. In the couoty of Arc
tr frelamt, and woo of Matthew Llrele, - tit!, eldj. of
fame plan, oitaeCtiOner , end who cornlrm 66 6 b hew
the Unite] Stake of Amnia. /t 1 the yeer 156 L main
pp:lnetbanelther In penult or by letter, to Owl.. L.
e 6 as N. 6-WWI meat. New Tort. he wlEll hear of
; onsethlng to Ms ad mut lellentw
To Clardtows.
FEW acres of gotind near the city, SKIL
tor se,
sm. szolsoots. &won. of
o . A. WILKINS t Co.
ARD-12 bbls in store and for sale by
o /eaten nvlri.arratAi..
VLL of kARD O Bennett Jones' rennufao
oturs, LIT RI& br !BAIA LI DlatlLlrZi
VORN-40 bbls shellsl, for sale by
pp ItEESE--,35 bxs for sato by
SACON-20 elm, received and for safe by
jelo WICK • 31•C4\DLESE.
LINSEED OIL-10 bble for nale, , by
VHOCOLATE--lid ball. Boston Chocolate
ssb, by 3.1 0 ' WICK k ICCANDL6B3.
nItY HERRING—for sale by
al I•K) WICK a dm:Anna's&
4REASE-10 bble in store and fore sale
010 IVater and front sta.
TOBACCO—I2S boxes and of the best
brush ta and to In sines and for sale by
jell/ Water and rate.&m
Beyere' Pinto Preceptor.
KLEBER hag just received Beyere'
e celebrate,/ preceptor for th e Pane, which to as
nowledged br p.rePlonal man In this multi end in
Emote, to be the bast work of the kind ever published.
lleyer. well known as one of h ero d ,mreceafed eampeeers
tur beghniers mut pupils, ha. eupplied • want loos
took.y felt by the musloal public, Tit: en elements ,
progretolve and interestlng to the pupil. both In Its
leserlsee and tuner, thoe greatly facilitating and smooth
ng the ennewhas Menotti, and Mama Prat etwly of mu.
tie dplate ,taring . The following Ph son who have
tram en itmel the work, we referred to:
Pmfewore natural, Landman.. Telma Noth: Se/0
I OVERING'S SUGAR. 20 bble Lover-
NA hoe. mimed ar I polrrrtra4 inn.riturt reetivad .4
br .1.1 o• by WM. A. WCLUKO. CO.
Jolll OOS Liazir .t.
QARDINES IN BRINE.-111 kegs Sax.
Nt .,l , litee in brine (tiardelletts)justArt.tired sad
for w.
jelt, Mi. A. .11(.4.1.o KU
25ti Liberty 4.
IFIRESII TEAS—Just rewired at No. 256,
Liberty mt. ea litirele• et . very enpnift_Cio..lott: v eliti
i, - ."4"ll,:trsf ga°,,,Viatr'w.wr ".
m r yx
SITUATIONS in stores, warehouses, &c.,
to our two dUee or Morns. and Math,. Srtard. for
Arai talemieta book-keepers, wheel seamen, mactant,
sullen. farsuere, /abort's, and for • camber of boys of all
wee. Al.—vented to borrow (150,1;400, $5OO, Ill1)0, sod
other-sums. tor dltfenott perkde. WeaW—plaota tbr rem
end iaIaIIANIIIN. bortarkeers. wet end 017 aurae.
All kluds of amok" attended to for moderate ebarges
je9al2wlT Aareef mud inking.. Mew Lawny et.
POT CLAY-7 toes Copley's Pot Cloy, No
24. Jun and for nJ by_
8. SCritioNMABEll!k a).
0 NEW B MACKEREL-50 bble No. 3, large
am mukon' ed. 4 litut receiv for
"4-br Aroll.
WOOL, WOOL—Cash paid for the ' direr
-44.1 ego of wool by
a. a cr. Lucia . tom
FLOUI--110 ibis. "extra" flour in store
.8 for Par br Job 8. tW. HADSACOII.
rk MED PEACHES—Z/0 bushels dried
. - Vie"" h '"`"' i " 4 " 4° ' . l. b i w. 11d1113117011,
MACKEREL—Quarter bbls No. 1 fat
Mutual, La ktara ia.l or al. Dr_
1410 • Water Jk Plaint eta.
COTTON -116 bales in store and for sale by
1010 lemur Pool it..
Latest Publications
tT:OLMES. Literary Depot . Third et,
... Toone the Pcot Unice. ~
Cultlestor_. ! '
no Armlimbice M• 11. 1 ,.., Furl.. ' • ' • •
torture. ou America by leo Earl of Cornea. .: '
Llttelfs Lleltuf alt , 'NO• WS.
liatoern biliamine, Mr J. (. aear Mantra jitii
Another Bin of &per . Or Shirting,. Iftur
and frith 11=1
alizt =1=4, 1, 1 t&tat=irlegr
tzTti%,ll4c.l.lllol [De r t ent iL t mamdbeicim, and
fibeettlyi wain., obi 16 I= 4 =4, alva,Ti
co has& Also, Num cue amaze.. • 44
ILIAVANA SUGAR.-50 Ins white Ha
ynn.A.ara./net rearlmet and Err Mla b
BUILI/11116/8 t nunna.u. •
50. 116 Wsur . stm,
LOA} SUOAR..--30 bbte loaf sugar (as
sorted numbers) Ls nsle br
00.114 Water see.
ZII s"tb".=
alr, an Manamai ra. entripeal trimming rintanta, In
nich the attention at CU601113.11 le inestan at d 2 anet
g Staraq et.
More New Lawns.
A A. MASON A. CO. have Just received
- 1 • tltts day. a W., lot of throe s•tv7 &virago brain
•hkil vstr tbsstro. trbolassts
• att. st Iti4. 41 am! W. jet)
Piano and Table Cove=
alkA. MAiON & CO. u - oultt respectful')
•au the attentless of bons•lterprfs to Shelf Tsry vas
Ist, est asmarameut rieblf
_lininted and esoboeved faLtoo
sod table omen,. works! colors. Also. • vstry 1••••• • •stp.
sly of 11.01 and dasosat table auto, dool•••
vssfylly. J. 0., at No. fa and W. Market Are, Jfe
ROB SALE—One Kiln' of Brick, Enq — e
.L W. WCLINTOCET3 Carpet Warehouse,
re 9 No. SO .Yourth street.
EIRIED BEEF-2.000 lbs prime, just re.
13 minsd sod for Ash. by J• 9 s tv. lIAELLL'OIL
SUGAR—G 4 hlado, received and for vile by
3 , 9 IIARBAI:Utl.
°LASSES—NO bble just reteived and
tr, N•
ACKEREL-50 bbli No. 3, 1851,in
1 II star. and sitla trr 1.9 P. W.
Phillip' and lliiiyers' New Article int the
World'a .Fair I
LIQUIDGLUE,ithieh cements wood; atone.
thirt, slam, marble. querrrare, or two metal,
saeturot unable Of Prelataklll. In • short time nor one
of minium. may ho ore a. good r newba this eel..ato.l and pamdful Carrot- Th e boosikeepra of this
dtate eye ,lready well anon of Its geoid.. and impart
adaptabil to tbeir purrisa. N o
thaw 'oho hare not
Soled Is an Paqmaded to do to. No hare Gard De rib
ant It.. bottle of Liquid eloHt napalm no varnlng. Is
athiro toady tbrusa. and mar De rot War moo nit&
ran cm r article, to Itturtar. Shore Is [lO or Mr th e
gloopot, and tO tambour , It la anal Urdu. ' natters
It—tha press of the Stair Are unanimous In they
oTt d t * glt ' s tl Pr r. ‘1 IL
D illtlrErrrAVATtd r , Ebb.
Ti, North Fourth atter, Philadelphia.
Arta for Pittsburgh, J. KIDD St OD-. MUM' Sport!,
sod Wool
ssist. amid- Sart for Allegheny city, JOG?mo o.
LAS, Dro • :t
Ladies! Ladies Ladies!
WOULDyou save your furniture and
avokt onneemary laborla
_roar iremants.
4r. the paths. soda swing nam raral snljght sk•
7/7"Ar 1 1 171 Ar will 1 . 1111,11 excnordlnut brill.lamy much
faroltan ar mold med Ea or SU to have TrtarnbitaL—
This 1., • tlllug ltv furniture deems.. 844 to tot.
DU, .1:3 mt. •..
. th PILILLIPS a Slant&
Av fo
nLi r Slttr7hilla, BILIVIUMArSIPherh"at
St CaLlr tad Liberty Arra. • - hadlak
YE FLOUR.-20 bble rye flour for lullaby
AL rep • • WI C& a WCANIPLESS.
QALERATUB-31 cask' for sale by
/Y 9 wi ck 4 WOINAISS.
SCORCIIINGS-5 caskaprimo on baad and
1,0 for And. by J.9 WWI; 1 IMAM:OIE9B.
An ela br PA WICK a lI,CANDLLW.
T 0 the Ilonorable the Judges of tho Court
of ilnegl A fit i oar t leV3 . .naicas f Noe, and'
, Pia
The Tattoo of e tranda Bonita. of lb. Ana Ward.
dr? of Pittsburgh, In th e Conntuiertieer, humbly
Fbarmdb: That
la of keeping dipole
Ho know or tavern. In his boom, allare to th e Ward
above—that he Om provided hintaalf nereannied for
onavenienee dad araxarunolation of travellers:ma anso.
nera R. thargfore pray. your loam to grant ••• •14
CO:Mtn keep a borne 04141110 antertikanens and ha will
eng pry, &a
citizens of tit Ward Obit:saki, do
orrtl4; VI% abrve n' prtitioner la of good mut. for boo
eat? and temparanee, mid la well provided with home
room and eouvenlenees for the soccanniodatlon sad lodging
ofatrangers and
aad that laid tare= la nee..
Allen floriell. 'Noah Prow, Ephiaria Prig., Cho. Read,
R. W. Bonnet, } no. Rids% J 4 Lem Jon Um/. kWh.
Thieken. Z. Barnett. W roa Weary Ourad - jot
tierces for raleby
j R .9 D : —.I2, bide No. 1 Lard for sale by
TAROH-40 boxes Bonbright's extra for
nale tor ' .1%.9 WIC 11WeAD11.89.
in Moro and for ter, th• larr est astortm•itt of Vet
a 7errts iy konerett tbS• market 9‘rret It•retrm
FLAX -10 sacks for sale by
)a WICK 2 MVANI/L£4,3
lliftEE-PLY CARPETS.—Just received
" ( h. Wawhostsc, N.. 74 Fourth A.,.• aul
three.plr carpeu. D. 7) M. UCLINDuK.
LABBITT'S Double . . Refined Saler:teas,
nut ur
:Itce " re r :l th" 'l NTA. "" 2. ' brasu c_ .
JO • G:CM a Ma 1.114114
ILLINGS, WILSON k CO., Manufao-'
rums of all rhos tack.. la , . and dm/ bat,
&air, sad Ilblet balkllblabint. dad, tabby awl
rhea ork lour barrel and latblat Jo.; aim lab,,,a4S. Sad
261 blue.' tall& ao , tr.' '
, man, ai.wrziourr a co. No. 111, wan , at, Plitt.
M C V: IIIA-511 21111 1 :Z 1 ZIOCIL IICO. I
`CARAWAY SEED-400 lbs. for sale by
Vv 14 & L Y•IISID2OCi • CO.
• .
• . _
yrRIISSELS CARPETS,='-W-- Clintock
11UP ham In atom as.l for rale a Janis attortment of sow
n= 8.... 1 .8.rP`te,t0 which h. Invite. the attention of
enstomer. Carnet tYarehous. No. 76. north ft.
VOOO MATTING - For public halls and
lvJ roam. in date tout for Ws hr
• Otriet Warehouse ) .
N uv .F c th
A).'ll*a known a. to reown. no DAR to sell the
11 nw the kn. of .r•lon to Inver...llr Ixsoned.
nwrrantrd not to rot or inlore cloth.. Yoe eale w hole
rale and retail, by Val. A. 31•CLURG CO.
1.7 • 1136. Marty It.
tate for yeast for rolelok burl. cakes. do, by
a oaring of 13 pc". coat In flour belkoted. For wl. by
je7 • Zok Liberty mt.
_COPPERAS bbls• for sato by ,
EO. Waal rt.
TAW CANDLES--10 boxes, prime tirti
lo..) els, for side by J. KIDD At CO.
So. 00..I'Vood et.
IvyE DI CATED Wines and Brandies,- a fresh
1e..10.5t received sad forty. by
J. STDD 00;
jeT GO. Wad 0f...
I APAN VARNISII-3 bbls.. (Baltimore)
410 for we by J. KIDD &
le:No. &O. woortt.
DREAM TARTAR-1,000, lbs.. for sale by
Q J. KID & CO,
• No. D
CO. Wool g.
2- ,•
bbla No. I. Lent
do rra.
6.-r -
I 61; 2nd bbl flax med.
• brs Dry Apples.
I do 4e Pother.:
It 4 4 Rot.. Duelloginea rterroer
Yitr, ter ludo by LW) 1811411 DICKEY- 6.
B T. Babbitt'a Celebrated Soap Powder.
WASHING without labor! %matted
TT to Ulm the rtalwe out or unnuu ata tt•Y
_ •
Instonoss rot Mut—Put your clothes In a MUM. at
44.3uty a mkt wow to own them. taco add too table.
, poonnela of this Soap Powder. to cath six putts of water
ii . : 4 Pglir th° . sad a ' tl e ritleirrutx " gilt 4 r d
mews th eme doom with a Miclh o then ' put thou he a tub sad
old anfbeint cold water. ea that they will not la too hot
Imodln Then rub the dilly streak or In other worthy
tiro them a thorough ritulug; and that, la sulthltht to
maks them dean
8.-Theta tins no rosin to thie Soap, it EU lea , .
the clothes very white, and no had oUy mull, as some
awns do. The maim cut of the material need dews not
verged two mote, to complete a washing of ten hansom.—
Warranted not to rot minium the cloth..
reit homi
This le a Po wder thig °rammer will taste twahre Marie
- ly ao.
Inarsraom Iva Use.—Tata my six quarts of water and
mix the Powder with it, and then /et it hon..) bye min
tam then eral quer. cold wate stir them tntintate/y
nd se it away where It will not frame, and
Xrc i tlaild ' it will be very tract and nkw White SOW. and
will west. well and will not at the hands like other Son
Soap, tux rot ll.e clothes. Can be neat with hard or salt
water, by making the gantity into els quarts Wetted of
t welve. The Erat Soap as best - adapted for werranas calico
ndiroellenso:ds. ,
r a cial:lckes] . ad retail kr R. rio.OjNiLIM,
SPERM OIL-18 bbls. extra, for sale by
jed WICK t lice/INDUS&
TANNERS' OIL-23 bbla. for Jude by
lamac a NeCANDLEBB.
NO. 3. MACKEREL.-50 bble. for sale by
No. 68.Wakt
In onset bottles. bar .1, b
F. r
„ incitzmum
jed Corner of Wood and Math streets.
VANARY SEED.-3,500 lbs. just received
from the East... prime article of Sicily wed. for sale
Jed ' Corner of.Nfood me firth street.
COFFEE. -400 bge. prime Green Rio Cor
r...refttr.o and 6. male br
2 bbls.. -do lt
d hsl,gkle4 Herring g
ED half bbla. do do
ht Wry .m who by De) J OH N WM= a
CHEESE. -31 his. Cheese, receiving per
N.,1 sad ftw sale br
1.6 Ha 68 Wade..
l A ARD.-2,000 lbs. Lard, far sale on con
W scetater,
N el et
Baretheld hose open this roorniniisigiotrik a
style+ of Olosbains. osai Miffs, la sod itSoit—
lbw rorwr Print& alum and Madman* sty at 12)4 au:4K
Ow L 0 ..% Dotage. Poplins. of unrest stir ea &L, Moon
rang Goods, in great mattg i slab so ilagsges, Basso do
.. .
Ni• o.ieeli elating almost
0 11a4.-800
gall" bleatbed winter sperm oil
lA.on,tv -
1,030 " blesgad
• vintar
1,00 " Tanners' 011 . .
11.00 " N,w.cwet lash, 011 • -
In area sad for als by
300 No miLLE.
223,Libertr st.
PLANTATION Sugar and 31olaares
In. pre pltatiorr= ,..
store arrl Err ImArra , 7 3nuam a awr i asoN.
jel Nor. = Ar =. Marti I&
SUGAR Rouse Molasses and Plantation
1d a' It Molasars—St. Jana
10 Wads fib Plentakes Buse. • . .
2' lllllll ILICiEIIOIe.
112 _ lea Libra et. •
11!C& .
—al Timis Rice in store and for
N. =1 =I, Liberty rt.
110111031.Pai CEMENT-2 bbls. 'for seas by
11, ieS 9. F. lON.ZONITOR.ST & CO.
ITINEGAR—,3O bbls. pure eider for sale by
v F. vog aaNuonsT 2 CO.
bxs. W. R., for sale by
t,/ P. co] lIUNIIORrr k CO,
RAISINS.—fit) boxes M. R. Raisins. •
40 tuff do do,01 t RICELETSON.
Nor. Z. 3 ag 221. Libertr rC
L LOUR-40 bbls. extra family flour.
VO 7
'La dors szld for vale do
!arms •
. - do
/c 6 ,
_nttaitt racsrarsai.
ITEESt.-28 boxes Cheese just received
on consignment .41 fur !ale b
SUL& xicarrsos..
I KMON SYRUP.—§O has "Turner's" lem-
I AHD OIL-10 bble,. pure winter
Y.rsale b 16 do No.l
• P 6 :ca. 2 1 , wipo .t.
f: you wish fora real treat, try the' Y. Hy
.ma Tea, selling r ar it ot per lb., at Ileirris' lei Uat
in Diamond. ' Jell
. .
. . ,
Farmer.' and Meekly:id
,Turnpike Bank Road.
rlg . Second and final Instalment of the
robortibert to the Loon for Nooklig hop Fa:Torre
Mechattits' 'rumba. hold. is horehrdlrectrid to La
phi on or beton the /6th of Jour, tort.
_ ... /rlttzt 11E.Sar MIS. Troararrr.
t....blve jlitrabui roger.
In storeta l a
at Dr
_le6 )LILLIR a motErsox.
or =1 Ir. 2:23, Libertr.rt.
Birmingham and Bropa ny. wnsville Plank Road
Pm7.l..tu be melee& [rani the sixth the
bilrtwenth day at, at: the oars A. U. Mitkr„ I.
Fourth Meet, Ylttsbnr a b, for the trn,ding of Mat parte/
said read, between .11untony etrret and Ht. Outer, • dia.
tan. of caw ndle,er.ttwarr t wub.
ie&lGUtfert.B the noted D4 71, 0 1.111X WKS& Eter•
' • Lace Curtain&
HAVE just received, direct from the Ira
wt.+, • sm saartmant Ww Lae° Costal.% Irbkh
WOOL TWINE--5001ba. for sale by
iu4 _ 3SURPEIT /LIM&
BURLAPS -3 bales, 40 inch, for sale by
PRESM TOMATOES, hermetically sealed,
F retaining, perfectly, the dem end *tabour, of lb.
nos MOW, kw sale by W3ll 311:1,131111 t 6 , 4
ray= Grocers end Tee Dealer.
DRIED BEEP.—Evans. & Swift's Sugar
Cund Beef Y.* W e bY
WEL L. AMU:MO . IIr 00.,
anSl . :se Marty
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Witlr—Caoh paid for WmcgpiT.t
Bonnets! Bonnets!
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KIIIBER has Just received "a chtiiiis lot
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101 Indrd stmt. Kat of kadallsa.:
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ORAX--6 cues Refined, for rade by YE FLOUR-8 bbla. for sale 11
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.Anthracite CoaL
cli - k TONS just received,' a eoporioi article
e)t, for Foundry or Wally rue, for mlo by -
LINSEED OlL—moogalls. pluv, for sale
• Ad 24 Wood stmt.
LAMP BLACK-30 bble. awed. for sale by
FOULARD SILKS—Just re.ed,'
addltfocal supplr of awe von. asap ,o 4 anlry
• Jodi* ikod Foulard Bilk.. The aboys liccd• will to
timed out wry lamp. A, A. MASON NCO:.
Jea • • m.: sad Oa }forte[
LACK SILK LACE--196 hare jcun reed
• full-.oprlr of Me above &Arable G•rals, a a
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tr and 81 Market at.
CRIZAPED RIBBONS—The attention of
t, renewal Invited to•ver? Weeny.
pi, oranporlllbbon Trimming. sad mewled {hats, erblelt we will close Oat at Tett !OW Flees.
Jed A. A. MASON 2 CO.
po IRON-33 tone Allegheny, for sale by
j. 3 J. 4R. FLOYD. Itaisid Math Building.
VINEGAR—SO o3 bbls. puro
3. FIA Cider, for sale
by iTIL
11110031 S-150 doz. Ohio, for inle by
FlS2l.;;3lackerl.!; an!all,ogh:for
T AR -30 bbLs. Boston, for
Iv..NNERS' bbls. Bank OH, for 3 J.t R. FLOYD. •
MOLASSES—°AO bbls. N.?.tov byJiarat
polAsu—zo casks pure, fs . r a si , ll .. llAp ia
B A CON -3000 lbs. - Hog Round, on Callen
/Inm*, for fair br T. WOOOO & ZON,
• at Water Ft
FEAT HERS -. 7 14X.110 MB. for solo
nIDI;S-34 Flint,!npj f e
.43 s AgAtron.
8A ,14 N-7 corks Sides, f r oby
& 4(4.IIANDAII'CiIi."
- LILOUR-1.00 bbLI. New Lisbon St= 31ille,
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est. Luz., for sale br 3. A W. lI.ARDAVOLL
Pittsburgh Life Insurance • doscittany.
Ormuz: .
Tsumx , -Josulth.Lux.
houeury—C. A- (AA3nlr.
&• Othertiremut b uoilur put of this pow.
m •
Forty-six hours to Philaderphia.
Forty-four hours to Baltimore.
.51 miles Railroad-103 miles Canal.
arm. Nett MAWR AND COll/011taillt fate
Lang free from the many danges and porterage
connected wide piece likm
Two Day Lines Express Parket Boats.
MEM _ &Oa
r RATE- Pittsburgh for Johnstown, thence
sr Partas•Raftrosd to .
71.. an takbas tits
Teo lituatnel andTa mi t o
Packsta leave every roornlngyamimly a t. Eieht,eclock,
and every emnlng at the moo Mash -
Fan to Philadelphia, $l4 Fara to Platinum. WIS. .
do Lancaster •sa da Ilarrtatnag fl.oa.
• Passengers . for BaltiraCro, •
Yaks the Tort • and Comerlaal Itallroaa at Ilaretrbora.
on antral 'of Cama: that Nam. Datum, (WSW
mike) tam Time . POUB. hours. -
No charge . for handling Baggage on this routs.
The Cas on els mate are arm sal of tha mat approw.'
1 , 7 mostroctlon for comfort and safety.
If you Madre chap travelling and oomfOrtabla accOne
staxiatima ammo your tickets at •.
J. P.XOLITES Agent, •
/kcal IlmiM Penn amt.
rE Canal being In good order, we are
emand to transport brodans and merchandise to
au hem the above win, at the bream mama nese of
f c rvi g ht. teltt o, ang2thest u.o r . l itl y spgeh i jhe beata
of lading tranamicted, and all hastractscom Prnaintir
tondo' to. ' •
AOPIT w, cdaddrees ' • '
'EATS • LILACS.. ProPeithntl.
; • pima Buhl, Penn etdeet. Pittsburgh.
Neeeleing Depot, N0n.13 13, South 3d se. .. " Adla.
• . _ 3111TirMeN i attrp._ " "tr "
Te,Nortt-e,.. a ore.
• T. TL PEARCE, Agent.
..feo .' No. T. Went greet. Neer Tartu
.kEfi 1.851. MiaMM
arceioNtwome. noir=
Pu Browasdlle and Cumberland, to Biatimoro.
' • and thilitielphiii.
rMOBNJNG BOAT leans tha•Wharf'
.. L t E ... the Bride. dallr. at 11 dalock greeleely. ,
Vr4with the ears at Casabahad mo morsdag.
2Aetraiter Boat Loam daily tams Soodayageaiag)
at 'eleaaooooatiog with the en at Comterlaad nod
evening at /0 o'elock.
Ilhae thrtatet to Bath:um XI house. lin ardr
now through to PhilakdohJa. 40, how*. raffie mla
- The Bratlaaal Beed_ie Too_ awd. Coulee= go et*
the Conan tetereen thornort and Comberlasec which
mates this deddedly the best mete Lrt. • .
J. II lea RAVEN, t.
• ::.
't tilt: • :.401.1:
•yv = : : Re : DC . ' • Olt
XX.PRESS Packet' and Railroad line for
Clenland, vaTheee tau d ekae. tor Stamen tsars
ere* to Better, in =leek-dee with the eirgartly
Imbed Bever. Packets of Clerk* Parks t. Ce.; mom Beaver
tb• rsa.dia .tunr t.e.umm Om at Ow
CLteLnd mad Pl•rjrrreß aanipee ca. te C6rehked.
' B.C.oro
Steams* have their leaflet opposite the licamonhala
Rem, ac Ir ronmetisig with the Packets et.
Beaver. srhkt. Ell leave tramedlatelf on the snivel of the
roamer. caning at HAMM= ID time lbrthoßflevesTreln
of Cm for Cleve Land. Pauemxm by tide Um entre at
Ciavelzad m time to take the Untold Line of atedintem
for BUIIPA.LO and DETROIT. mad the Munn for ChM-
V. Mimetic. Toledo. Sendustry on, lihmkter east En.
ales 'Er entity Mtn of me for Columba,. lass* sal
Rinetsseati, CEP osr v • PARER * CO-. Pregeletm.
Roonavne Pe. •
AGENTS: '' • • •
__ W. IL mailman,.
v0r....u. EL Maar 11.4
31:Mg Um*
0 . 0 1. 11X1r.
miner of Eztathf-ed and Pail7alW3o
1851. Ar es t
On the Pennsylvania and Ohio Cana ls
- • - - -• • • .
CLAnwir PARES & C0.. ... : ....._..... Pa.
cn.cnnutts, CRAW rOf.3o.,....LtsentAnn. 0.
lIIS well known Line is now prepared to
•Actvws,r , ll-4„„h—gz7l.freas'adUaltr B l2X—}l
Tbe facilities of the Line are wteollnnowl niiddioL qua .
ny, and capacity of Costs, orperisnee of Coigns, and of.
5 7f T gostats Tutivssgh and COrsaidailytstnnlng
In cooneetlon still, aL b of eteutaboats. between pass.
SOROS! sad BRAVER, and • Lim befall class stenntbonts
lraroreller .1.4 noels) act th. Lakes.- .
Pub & Co, Taangstcon, 0,
AB. Tylor, arren. OL
.a. 2t. Mak, Newton Flls. •.• • •
C. Prentbts. Barman:o4 • !
Drayton! Co., Bayonne, OL •
• P.nt,Oritusel Co, Prsaklin, 0, . • '
H. A. Willer. Curshogs Pall., O.: •
Wheeler, Lee A Co, Atom. 0, • '
Headsmen is Pettibone, Banda:ay arr.oi
Peritinon A Scott, Toledo. •
U. William A Co., Detroit, IMM:sat
Donee.. Cb„.llilintukle, Win;
Oeo. A. Gibbs A Co,Cblesgo,
. 11"'"* ' BnI PUMVA U ti - filliT, A
• I rer. Water mil Smithfield s Pittinos •.•
Tuil..4-00 doz. no
M.l s;
I ORK—A few biba prime, and a mill to
I.' Thilx-11 W. 1 . 1 '" I K a WATERMAN i 81:1N . S.
UTTER-4 bbla. Pack; •
0 juat med. bm nib by
rpoBACCO-213 kep (Gedgos).No.l. Siz
.11.tirt, lbr pla b 7 S WAY DAL2B7L4
.7e2 •ater. awl 78 lint It.
LOOMS—WO torts Soft Tenn., for sale by 4
Sea 4631E8 DA.I2XLL.
LARD 011-10 bbLs. No. 1, for sale try -
TANNERS' 01L-50 bblu juit receiving
2 by canal . .nd fur sale by J/1118 %MULL
• 68. Water It
• . Extra Fine Wang Tea:'
UST ItECEIVED, at N 0.256 Liberty et.,
wrornineifor ertiele of Oolong Ve: wbleb we be.
Lela cannot be renamed the city. These dairies •
choke. delicate neroned, but highly szotontle Black irea.
Imo Invited to wire this • trial.
Black Teat, of every nEnty.foet 3 Se• =i4 t . EA;
V.llll Dish Ill;ok Teas, lame nt ed lo — Ce . tire
aLWctbtt or no sale, annntaJ7 on bane. tad
an al nadoCLURO e.oo_
Sot. Omen end Tee rosters.
&Ala! t.t.w P "t h chk "'...l4 V 4 bw
will to tAard tM mort offormant oto r itott tat s
No oast tar tworebold tuneses,..mas 23 porn= Itrirot.
t cod eop, sad making the meat t
=WIC C ob?* Ltl U at" 4 == f tisrat
cc= of 3 od a ica., vi t a . izianigie re a r. To
arz - Drawn sad Tor Dos.
FIRE BRICK-20,000 beat fire, "In atom
No. Ott.AVILI4Kr
an! ta ale br
SAL SODA-350 casks Sal Soda of our
"! ° '"" r " l "On d usYMMlr ads'
Water street.
elte 3 . o 9E--50 boxes gatxI R.I IL, tor k age . by
-2 DV. Noa Litt
lb atop eas.henc
1 (1 4" •
a 14.
b•ta Dlled Appler. 4,
IBAJAR P" 2/16
Water and fro= Rs.
SALT PETRE-29 bags (Crude) for 'ale by
airSo W. 1 P. WILSON.
SALT PETRE-20 kegs (refined) Tor sale
ty w.I F. WILSN, -
inyLO 147 Fira. arld 110 &mood K.
inill&—Ookl. Gold and Velvet, Boo.; Sammy am.
Ornamental Fronob Paper. of rano. qualities, mad at
Priem to malt Uwe mremastanees a 1 alanst avert-Masa a
Brandies, Wines, ere. • •
A.VING completed arrangements - with
insures to /kudos. sod attar European Cates,L i far AteentSou or ardos, / thus stub /M. 14 allar so
lisdets,at • small aissoce over =monad/on east, JULLII.
lES, WLOILS, sad
under mama a nus Idlvor. ot;opts,.
Vda to. .
prost dsmolptlas.
Allar/cm Is lovllal tam 7 14t, belcor: •
no svcs.v,m Bardsrao, 50dt..,r,... Broadiskla
73 r e= D . G 4lotland breernAberlink S , :e
inv,•°"' parr vary nw `std
WO bane. BlentlinE ClesenlACne. well known breads.
as ClAnt ielsteazi.... bread* askl vintAges. ,
essullsortsma sad Nincgres
sa ANA, asateras sad Clam WM*.
Is meg Old ilallsad and Estroydara
Id pass-loom Old Scotch %Al lean trut4,l-.
ramie" 0 1 .122=1es Ku.
ko mks Meninx . Lead= iitown Ewen and &via Ale.
With' Aoitstalet sonar ut j.rort.,lA.:quay, 11%::
Curses.. Aantoe. n.9 , a17 _
A large_ Flo* or lIIMANA' "B
r... 1111rzys . cim *IL
All or wir u / b :ttl oCar c
st lawatt - A. H. )I , CAtA.A, .
• • • ter and Doke. :4 We/akt e+Anek •.