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• Muni= DAItY.:AND *II2M, BY
WHITS'dc - CO.
• '. 'tux= non
orym oa Ty= OUST, mre soon yo rm sZst omca,
DAlLY—Seven dollars per annum, yayable half yawl) ,
ea Dee.teaVpyd 1r Monet.
• WEV.KLY-.Two dollars per ammo. 10 .dnoe.. Cm.,
'N W tnaldlel On the following amilt/ons.—
Three roma per annum-- ...... 600
RD cobra --•••-•••—••••• 9 99
The faefe ' screlulZT•e " tio - •Ze
A ryl m mid lunctably Jo &drones. •INn Club Papers ism
' sent after the year expires, unbas the Money Is arra tar
•_ mean 07 Ann:amnia: /
110 nue. of "Soararril or lee) ,
Do nth radttionf3 InstValici:•-.1
three weeks.-- ..... 600
Do om 600
two monfbe .. .700
Do • tkwelen mantif.s ..— 3R 00
•• • lltamtbut each Ilna or Ism, per annom—ll 00
One Dollar for additional hue.
e. changeable at pleratult Mb
mat) emi mire of the saper---..---7/ 00 ,
For etch atilitfonal aurae, Incertad mew ono month, and
for each addrantal Name Dratted under the yearly rater.
. ddrertraments fmereding a square, and not ' . mar Altera
Iner. to be Margot m• uste and a half.
rublubsta not admintable tn. letrel dvert/mama lA
, road the amount charged for Ural. pnl2lration.
ramouncinst matalklatee Clam, tb m Marred the/arm
Y other aderthamnts.
I Advertisements nOtrarkal on the tory for • Stralfad
I number Of brartlons, *lll be continued I.UI rabbi, and pay •
smut traded sofonlimly.
„ . ki o The privilege of emend alv
medtato ! and all WT t.far
lumwdiately contested with their own boatmen, and all
Mamma alrertrautente,irriemth orntherram belocul
t , the lignlta musse, will be Morava tithe oatud raes For
.11 transient Mt actlang. bilis will be separately
endereti, and morobt 'payment is dedred. •
All raven/lemma far drattable kunituldons, fire ofro•
• Maim. ward ' tornaktp, end Mbar public mooing. and
- scab UM, to be charged half price, tuyablestrictly In
••••-,,• Merriam notices tole charged 50 amt. •r- -
Death notices !mortal without change , unless asumnfra
dial 01 fonerat insitations or obituary tOtkeg, and when
to accompholed to to paid far.
sclvertieers, d ifli others mullnk communiese
'Cont. or rroutring 00 11ras detested to call klitution to
fain, Salm, Coneertk• or war potty, eutettaittracata.
when Merges are mule for admittance—all notices of ye
t nu•radaMne—ern notice
, entapriars. alatel o d r e n g tnenedd d o
nl p l attenti
t on o
••040a1 intersmo c y be La-ratd with t o uddand
rais that the mom tato be paid for.. If inteoded to be in
_ eateriln the kcal column, the mum will he Mused at the
ate of not Des Ulm 10 rents Tor Una.
Bishop or /P Notices to be charged triple prim.
Tavern Lamm Petitions V/ era,
It . Ertate agents•and,rambonetmc 'adrertramentskOt
to he clamed mad yearly tstee,but to be allowed • Ma
scara of MI/three and one Mut par rent from Us
." amOuaL,aQ
, warm or: men 13
s net, inns - '`Om !Lamm, dime .--$1 60
(10 'nos.) ono insertion .50 cents. .
Do. mob atrational ineartkao.--/Deents.
All trandrut strestroseerde tot,, Mid 10 rarer.,
B=A_VM__ ? :aA
TAMES F. KRIM; Attorney at Law—Office
71 r ,67 1 ' 0 4 , th b4.e5p,13134t4 Mw Qa tanO Pstu•
.. I
_be:fibs MArtno : ' e ttai tlfl.7ll S tribt . "ir
5m". 1 . 4 thvromptir; Ma.
, S. MIMI 01.1711.1'. ALLWASOII,IITI.O4L
oste tirokettol.ll. P/13 , ( 0.1,.0f .Ludiaas. P.)
LIPHANT & • TAILOII i , L Attar:Lep
uoi—ciasee Yoirtia nrin;g6.lMX,b.beieu Wood
not em.itbflig streets.' Pittsburgh: '
N. 11-4. 1 D. Oliphant Comtolosboior fa; AO UAL of
. otsosta.o.n.aa Kr4At VL
M=.7t. d,D•ou, gtt'uf
MOM omzin:
SHINN. & COLLlER.'Attaramat Law—
F.:WHITE, Attorney at Litse-41f-
Ito idrato l vt.s.tor= 2 ",, , !i . arth.nr_ rd.
, 1...4 Rea raci!. xsmtp.
AMES J. KUHN, Attorney at La w office ,
amatutt, coracrogOrsatstant /ds.'"'4
FWICLS C. PLANEGIN; Attorneystimr.
Alcoa Posiltb stmt., Pittsburgh.
60.1.1017nath slater.. Plttabar
Btra rid—dl.l.c,dfir d ily:-Jan Snyder, &q; list.
no% lianisoa & Co.- Wm. ftser. Atha 710:141.o.
waned= Goo. IT. Jackson.rittdbargn.
E t DWARD.P. JONES, Attorney at Law:
- ;orke,aa'reartit Non= wear ara Enna ,
ASPER E. BRADY, Attorney - Lair,
Nn. 09 Fifth atteobt. Pittilbarrh. Pa. ..-_ .. • •
Ni :I 01:1:iort:4:1:1
,fI,EORGE.D. ARNOLD-/eCO.,, Banker Pena . Z ,. 34 , 04
.suss_ +ma -400rlo tap userof PI
. V " rf Watt: I'4
. .
WILLIA3IS CO., Bankers
and tunings Steam; Notth East wrote at Wool
ma etzset.e, Pittsburgh
Alktraneaction. nude an titaal tante. sod odleannis
1.1330.1, attended
Ta.D KING, Banker and. Exchange Broker,.
Fourth Meet. Deal. in .Dank /iota& mu. of Et
, Gold omi. Eiher.. Stooks -bought. sad mat. ,
The 11.iphest.roarktt priro paid in premium for America=
Half Dollars. ..4 alesloon Mod ,lipartioh Dollars. frjar.
'‘,VILARME m R ., aiezdczkadi,Brokai
I:ILILLNS Exclisnce Brokers,
. scssh East Oprom.of TlairdsailUsAatetzesta .5.11
at Mart Erival rates. .•
JIOI , 3IE_S SON, „Dealers in Forei
• issi vamasos Exebawe,
.C.:145..tes of
0 0. 1 5. 1.14 Nous sad Bred% Bla stree. rift►
mad alLtbi
them the Masa Awns.
:VMATEW &-ItAlJAl,,TlGikatsi,and Ex
4 1.2,41 Blob= Deslersin Foreign and-Amotettia
Na IS Wald itreet. Pittetrargh.. Carresd lionerreJ
42113 Dersit..Vrettieu anwer.a. alb Um' mend*
:=4t; IRVIN; thisali2iseknablerchsults.
kzd nth tirdkern. No. 114 &void 44 , 44. N.Perliaaal atir
Zdala *mit!. from s4b $10.003 abrarg on bard
- IF,AN - NA soo.o t o t on, to
&Om In-Purrs
up; Itmtiattubanc.6.' Clatillogn
%.potlt.Lliattk Nr.t . 4.—North
Oct lur i rl at.- Canna Al=cabled - Du-
rakitte prinetAapOlVN.VllVltedls ,
The Mae. pretulonx yald•lbr Ybregn 'sad Asters*
Advalivi toiaa towdestratialhoduei,shlmd *W.
W: TA'YLOit 'CGoiniJi Dort. .d Bill
llebtar. 112 &mid arta, duttispilm will be.
•11roY b aL boalzmal van:W.43.o 141 s. mm....21120=301
tr. nl
19.11.2=a931.6 . 105id” Myra jlt anbabd,o, nmcomdKNori
Dotlm.. oti fluff:
at.le Jummte. mid., ted. 0e22
PI :7 - 2 14:4:i x oth":4:13t;p1140.1 0 y (0
101. - 67; --- STOtiCTON:fatiolinstian 48
BLHOVAIE' ChgavlktOpyllprit,
:ektrAi otrod.vimwite . .l_,"rbAMt ie jiz
th. rabArrAdr.4:744.4 th-•
' •-•
TIOPEMSOIC.OkIeiIer Aftd - : B4o49llter * ;
No. VI Fourth 'tree- Apollo Dadlan. +..
:1 - 437j . k - lisl - E1:111v(7),1;41:1
ffi "AVID BO ' JR., Who c oa ls and Retail
. Ilaltirlulamf,elloilirilignixt
sad Tracy*.ctb7=7,lllnrilles band.
All ord.. • allr altos:led two •• •••••• • •
' AlTlLlNl9CF., 6l 'yl th4 nufzie la taser nom andlitt;••; :
.TX ',',.!7• i nt!ni, t 1 4•• • • .'"!
. Weal A,. Pli.t.trarth
H ET,' comma N. 17 •
U u s+siffal" es ""Al d
„VFP O .." , c'o cm !
kn ordolled M. drat, Dotlee Fit say tWeriAing wc. l.
_ _
',V.POINDEXTKEL, &mi . & id Witter and
-....(c - turtre street". PletalmT.l4 ComiruslcorAsa Fa.
wauxik•ilovas. ar4 Ityribo - pnechltlorstad==
Wow= Prolnee.lroa. sndAs
L=lg r nna try otTlicrpei.l.o9li4;ll,ll '
A. 3104.1g17,LTX. 4 CO—Tradertoiterd;
L i a i da.V.V/4 "mn i=4l,""". t".
n " y a k mat Oramisatan .11erclaats4 Ya 61 Water drat,
.3E.,11:- WINSTON, Forwarding and
-bileremut,,No. 112 aec.4mlVmeet
• •
KOK ,/c,JONES; ..ForronadiheaxiC RAM.
misslon Mithants. , DcalArs 10 ProUnor add Pitt.
Marnsfacctuvl artle;e4 Caml Saga, ilerrentb
L ARDY JONES A . 00.,-Saccemsourto At ,
f u
t Cp.:Commls4thiard Pet... Mime Nt.r , "
< ,, ...r. In Pittstrarlb als,nallsaamt. Gqcds,-pros
a cauC r. U. rAtxt.
•Ikalareln Tenvisti ataDoxatitlipx7 9.6.1 , 4 K.lO/
liatzt.c.Pitubargh. • - febli
i.. =won ca.. italis
:4,DIASON & Co4:Wholesalo•and Read
t. D.acrx ist } and earls Drr Csavd3; CC'Jlasket
•14. -
- •
IntiTY4 BURCHFIELD, Wuca.r.s
el Beylts.'or v.. I
MDMD; BIINTOCingst; aoineroi.Fonzth
Neat= st. bay*. Martat'amal'lrattilt&
W:. '11 •
WlLSON..Wataies, jalrel , 1 3 . t a r.
.31V 'Mas. V=311:4,39.1,..
=l=4% ' ,
T "Itr
r‘- IF
&A. FARNESTOCK k CO., Wholesale
-UNlGlOats.anamasauSztureraof Whim Log as
an 4 manna. tamer Wood /Mg Wont Itte.Apti.
na. o. it. any ' is C. Wows.. .
MYSER . • Itti•DOWELL, (SueceEsors. to
to Karr a disysn . .) Wholes:en sad itwall DrCO sud
don. Mare, mu. of Wood Wrest sod Urea suet.
Physicians' pnacriptions carefully compoondod night =or
HIDD ct , o., Wholesale Druggashc Deal-,
...Jo Pants, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Ind InitsurrwritD,—
ski= or Dr. bi`Lahe's orlsbrated Worn bptsibr. Lip.
a Us. awl Lung briung " "rm..
fourth streets, Pittsburgh. Orden wil culta r
Ad. sad forersidsd with Danish: • •
gE. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
. Imm a nuat.,, pp, sums, vmidus. Ac
b..l Waal etrer.t. Good. w.....t<d•
Prim* lawr..
S N. 'WICKERSHAM, Wholesale Druggist
na.. and Itraler Arnli aitA Agricultural itunianuAiA.
anat•l6ll Wood air..., corn, of Sing •
pRAUN and Retail
i, Druggist% earner of Llbert7 tad SL Pitt ,
arch. N.
SCEIOONMAKER St CO., Wholesale Drag
-11,11 N 0.24 'Wood tt...ltitt.burgh.
VII.SON. J... ./10.111 , 11.60.,
ViLSON Vitolesala Grocers and
Ate.l,..te, A F rat, itir rale of no
Pout al•ovrOar. No.llB Oecood, am} 14;Front ata: 'apt
L. SLIER, Wholesile Grocer, Commiksion
11/ ...! 2;1 17. 4%t, angi t tle L lot Pro . 0 ond I : tags, corner of
eret • tVisloce and Commlssiott Merchants. and Dral
srs In littsburra Mandfactused Artistes, Na.. 1.90 and l'Zdt
Sword stmt. bensern Wood and Smichneld. rittsbncat.
-18%' 4, 7srikw - diveirres — ..Afrocze
th, Produce and •
livid.llerchautz, uud
rm%rmv u rVor (5., or Couu.,
_UP Oman and CommlarLan 7dereduanta..lio. 116 Wats .
inane, and 160 Ant street, Pittslargh.. .
itiIEY,..MATTHEWS & CO., Wholeaale
linnners t Conuniation and Forwardlint uathanin, and
sna rot llngtdan Cotton Vara. 67 Water at.,Plunburna-
• • .401 M nunal. • ,
4 - OHN-WATT WbOle E iak. Grocals,,
Contnilation )ternhants, and TWA. in awl
ttsbnnat tdantifactur., .56 Liberty irtret.t.; Pit.
bargb, •
1 - I CANFIELD , lite. of Varreii i
.2 Commlsrtes uttl forgesrdingdlerebst .11 Whets-
Desler Western Iteserre Chase 11
ra t e. Pot sea
lat. and Western Praises ite.erany. ter Weer ,
a, a. Rama a5...-•L a, RArtaILIX . ..Ir. ~ . ...m.a...
h. :, S. -WA
kf TERMAN & SONS, Wholkusala
. 1. il .li Oaatatlatl a
pr : d agatj a arer v6 ardltit &ereb = sata:
red - Ar, awl. lawns , Ior .rd th
,Lraele i tataiz. .. Nos. SCI sad 111 Water
Q. •1% VON' BONNUORST. C 0.,: Whole
/...7• Gram. Forerantlag and Mereb ,
...,Tholats• littabursh litrantsetureo , and Mt.:o2
Pxodsct,,Tia3o.earlser of km= &tenet stut CbancerT
, ,
SAIAH DICKEY.& CO.. WholesalelOroi
arra Waallrian iderebanta, .ed Dash. 1 a krafluca,
0..6ff Water. and 107 Float Man. • ''•
ANGLisru.&. BENNETT, late Flaglash,
< Odnegher Co, Wbolesaid Urodes,Comtaildand
orrazding dlrrebdaiNatui Veldts to Irod , ce sad Pit - tr
burgh ILluaufutzme. T. a 1= Second st walk t
tetweed Wm] and dualttdield. ; •
. . ... ..._ .. ..... .
N 1117,1 1 & RICKETSOA . Illsoltsale
Otoserk jai Impatso AC .B.R.Ulsy Wlzeo aal.
1 5:T in . '
, 1
, cor . n z eizzi=...a L
smti aiskar=_
Nn band. , 1 '
JOST 1e0tti....,..1.33 D. 1.14122.4,..Ra1a1l g. LA.
4b ROE, Wholesale GroomßOE, and
Cosozdadoe Blerebants. ns 257 LEbests !taut.
- •
P.altdaz daler Plaince,Pitt, .nicb
alketares, sod all /WU c‘f Yard= sod '
R OBERT DALZELL & CO., 'Wholesale
m os pitts' 4 h. =. blikautscts Lite i rty.
• t : orr. Pred • • Eon. • • . sad Commisokm Ne
L BAGALEY & CO:, Wholesale GrO.:
and 25.Wc0l stn.. Pitubargl, •
WCB -, k—McCANDLESS, euccPssor! to
I:. .1. J. p. Met.
and Cammindon slate/mann. dealora ham. Nada, OW , 1
Cott= Yanut and illtabura lianatacumas. aancldir.
caraar of Wool and Water atnota. Yntsburah.
A ----,cuLtrougario--- USE ' VT "'
_LO ,L . ILo
A. Gwen and Mont...ay
PIPal-musb afacraml 144 idlorty
sUcet. Pittsbanch. Pa. . •-• ' •
j1:0; IVJ LT 3 A - 111rE.6 - 6. virtolcznie .itid
• Mall Fandlr Gnserb,Fornailins laza mmis , ks
achnasolal Deaeran Contrary Prninen iant lin...tralag
.11nnuntaiund, anrs.n. a Woof, al
saxa. B. Finch as.. Munn:nib._
toff. laTtlvn --- En: t. - 471.. r. . Icritbis.
Linear arta. rattan:with. Whotena: G 160.02, Pro
wl, ant Cacuniencn 31.antaana. Ala denim In inclAllunin
• , H. FLOYD, In.olenale Grocer!, Com
cowian Morcbasits, amt DraLrn In Product—ljoncd
J .
BuMings. (mining ooLibtrty, Wool. apd
, Tonzi PARKER & Cer.,Wholesale Grote=
I PI Dealers la Pr:dm, Toretwn Wines, LlQuon. Old
ouSaLela and IteditiLf L, Comsupdalltow,
TORN II: BIELLOR,IteaIet in' lihno.roites,
1/1 Slade:arid Alcuicsil Instruments, &-bool Eoot/, put
;f v =11 6 1 . 01 , 55ent....!97 g.4.l! . tf d lres_ Kano lota. Re
" 9 "'“'
11ENRY KLEB.E . II., Dealer in Stuscr, 7.1.1. Ct
. huthrozev t iza k h=paur Of Italian Pttfrias
witrgfeai l s'...o Ate . ifmet. Also./.. hun •,..
Plum. .....
~~ , Z~'1~1~1•~hq~~a:~;i:~
iffitiiartrtracesiVfOßt = te Bail-.
.even ossaofsotors sad kers, constantly on bsed 3.11
sues of Tacks, floads,and Syszabler, flals24 ,off CkalSoad
11.616.6411. g. ass • blood floae,Basset sad Issildng NsilK
Copp. Nails, sad "facka /Barrel Coster sod , Mod
no. Man ildforn Makers' Point; aloof, assorted plans,
do.; efe, tfA1dP1.43.1., 6:4IZSA.a -•
Worelsonse. 69 Water so, Pittsburgh. .
;41ii:NNADY; CHILDs & CO., Mnnuf eta
ref OCTiley. tuyeziar 44..81WW.r • C0w1, .Ifti
Tlrlue imp Awing. - tm ht.taburgh. : " .
J '
104.1tIlstir Steel. Plaigb_niel,. Steal Mask Vangl,.
U.smuns4 hop Ashol
rot Rout and VIVO eV,
net, Berry,*" of &d.A.h.BlcOrd
. .
Xtr,!!4.,TER 'P.."MARSHALL' Sdeoessoi to
in4 .o. ls,l b tta
=Fn. BriniPeitudeni:olll,tatir, Prlntlei rt i
MI OMERT 'MORRIS, Tea and Wine Mer
.1.11,4aaa, nee. au or us, nisesea. milkman; : -:
ia i r. icasss....,-_-_,.. ~URG .... ......;
te ..T.1=7.7 - moTcesie. -
MA. . - IM'CL CO., Grocers p,nd
- .41'e Dentegrik•
o, Z 6 Liberty street,abor• Wood,
baybilWay s
sternincil • R largo Arso•Waali of utokaireepare
to sad Roe Tess. Alao—Famign /r011...n[1 tiat•Wbale.
valesaireall. Dealer. immlird on titer town tern* •
TUN CAITGHEY, Agent' foitbo 1411 co
Ti LEECH. 4. 00,Tra4aportera by Canal
hr ih rej a s .1=1". of
~ the publie that. ho keepeou halal athle Cam' mate wad
.pf tia, Mame& alleeherry city, a armada au
of Verdliaa bllartr, eh* Venitierathutters are nude to cadet
In.tho.beet stria ararrantod'aluelqa mr ta'-ao Vatted
Stair& A:H.2104W , ma he removed .unmet tl4 Slain' a
en.. driver. Units parehared the stoek,ton*id 'ma'
4 . Shp eabliset attrmeaterAtamaar a !leas j =a
miot.. h? farads their h! eniatomers, se well ea • pith.
lit - large ., at i!, ar3hi,.,, c v==. ,. .
• TOSEPFE 40IINSTOX; Pem'ilAsasir - E
fp. Third stmts.' put
ixtammt. Allegheny, •
IK-14me. card, lortar. Lath. for sal.,
4-D 4 A3t IIARDIE, Veterizutry-Surgolin, latO
Mao; killuburatt 1.-:folkaati, yould , remaletfalli e,
the 'palate that be Lae m 11111.9.1 /....1 , , . M! y
.... tg = v , : . ; awl, br carrf4i eXa ndu g! lostoee to
fs 000tre.. tax; . brter w,i,L,..' •. lica. zb.t.. im.l
Measmithhoo an s aeutral arillba agried ott, at dm cotpar
of Tunnel and aralyeanorirsafa Areo.flte , '' 'i; ;-
.Nonpny.& LEE, Wool. D.E.tinas rind
aG conrixamon 31crelanta rb,ll.ale of Aaterk.
Lltert7 rc, rittsburr.b .
IV; lIARBAUGII, Wool 319ivhsrits,
Dffialeri I ;Motu izq Prixtace iseurrally, and Vor
vrardltg and Col3.o6iollgerrhune. ,o. 115 shoot,.
sad 11t113eanul greet, rittabettgla. 7
ENGRAVING AND LlTaociagnabra
NaIEVILLE JOHNSON, 'En graver on WoadW oad Thilo lall. Ohba trofy,) Pittrtiirraly
hap. Machinery. ghat rig Mr , hitaleta. Yrtnatrpicret
Lanoicespes, Law Labele. ha colors: &ale taelarickru., Pat.
d e u" amahreicialloar.Cottari Melina aryl.
.or art. and at tha !neva Prlm..
Estabitstionircit Third Komi. OppOSlti Os Post:
Bur . 'I T= ittE r tn i rert=irkA h rnehßiit
Eftwiori, Onsinges and Visiting Minis. ge, srinissist or
drawn on tang, sal printed in. colon, QM: limas. or
itisningt improved stria and at the mai
Wholooglo Dealm Hordoaro Med Oration., N 0.129
MIS (El=,93!MntS
.,sor FLINT
.. astir uss,3rouule..d all
k ode or MACHINERY, take this nwthodor:lnlbratintt
ahcaa .dttlur of having 'oath work 'done. th at they am.
nrooarol t o as done, oatoo; at oboe,
e s?,:et "'l4l,
firr Blatte the Ltdl.l7l ' d:n. "P ea i n tlr Ira l etga..
All, kinds or Jobbinx,done on noon at
• Gin Fitting. . •
• .s= . l.!, _ Front strt iottereen Wdol end
'..4. . Mar Eittetortgh.P., _
Would In ' the pub& to their
-4, thandelin=sl-11runialr.
IP "i ' Y'' 'P's V
Ten ' t
Ft ' ' , " " tir . to ;mote
. . . tine J.ltting ' VII Os pkiortm ' t no
tion and mint rentunable tortm ' intehhtf
• „Wegner, Buchner & Mueller's .
THE rABOVE FIRM respectfully announce
to their friends and the puDlle generally. that tiles
we piston,' to execute, in the first stria et their art. all
todere for Show Caods Qtlls, Diplomas, Cheeks, Visiting
and Prormxionsi CaNs lisps, Charts. Labels, Pc..
Their estehilehmeut is et No. de Slut,. street, hew..
Third and Fourth streets, upstairs. melottf
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp . y.
GLOVER, KIER . CO., Pourairross.
MIER SUBSCRIBERS, having been ap 7
pointed Aicenta for rubbl y ove named collown, aill
eep cotistant4 on hand a of the onehrated Bolivar
Mick.(knelhie YirtClay, kumace tlearitueadlowel b.
1 / 1 .3,124 ales pmnared to twelve orbrs for aald Brick. to
he nude in elm twit shone to suit parchnscro, which shall
betranylly ailed
Me do not deem it 1tiKt411.27 attanieroia the 1111027 E
vaawes the Bolin. Eire Brick bootee. over all °there Aot
bate been offered ler sale ID MA United Maim. their ant,
rioritydming well known to almost all yam. who um
Fire Brick_ The proprietors ham determined that the
Brick aholl lota acme of their preterit enviable Mandl...
and that no canines obeli lee opened io make them even
better Mae they have heretofem been. Thle Is the only
establiahment now. nuoinfocturing Fire ftrkk et Bolin.r.
inch: Canal Bann. Seventh sr, PALA urni.
Pitinburgli Gan Pipe and Tube Work&
!yin undersigned have just completed iheir
and arm now manufactmirui all time, of 6AB PIPE, lo
co=otlve aaA eituer Elmo. and all Mom of
attach tkory dart far sale at file lowest wit. They aro
ocrorYytpartd to siocoto ONo7O, to any extett, without do.
lay. SPAN° i CU,
'1.44 "dggltritarPA.
WiLAT Al 2 :11 41. NOBLE—City Flouring
hUlscNo.s69 Llberti cox of Mama vt., Pittsbarsb.
pitrICROLAS VIVIAN, Civil Engineer,
ni•usetnnui.. mil Practical lalltdng AVM.. Mk , a
ranting of Motels for the Padre Mc, designs of Ilsekl.
nary fbr Wpm, Warr, Work., Rolling Milts, an. May h»
Soared baradal 10 A.H. aral 0 P.l/ ~at riddlenor, ni
Marbury stmt. Pittsburgh. '4
PIA. MADEIRA, Agent foiDelalitiro
Pal &Mr losurane• Company. 42 Water s.hat,•
.GAIi.DINER COFFIN; Agent for Franklin.
•Vtro Imam= Cowpony. moth eon ournif of Woad
W).ft GLEIO;, Boos. Bripcit,l , 796l street,
g woad door from Lb. earner of Third,Uticro hale
ptepared tot° every description or Rindlag noatnese
and durability. 'Plebe boots ruled to any pattern. and
bound gubstanlially. Weer in numbers, or .14 boot,
tel=gicarefelly or repaired. Nue. rut= in gilt Isticre
Mom ho bare blffitur aro britia4 to .aat.
VITORD k Co. Wholesale and Baia
of Wo . * oats o full .¢d FleraP la"4•7l lilit hL °WW 7aatn r*s.'th' e. 14
Ige r tl==f igig:: : l.!ment and dint
Ile. !IV rui oathsWm:
.1 . t: • .1 , I
New Coach Factory—Altegheay
tee/c CO. would r&
treettral. tartirta - the the that they bare
• p ota Laverke balm= irettgral sad Batatltuty
greeter • They Kw Pow.asakind eat are pawed la venire
ordr i ttreierTdeett=l3 of thietrte ,,.. ols:t e meLericz
lox* experteoto b the maandeeter• of the above Irak,
teG tedittte. thee hlet,= reel moup.s they ,
Wile. wort en th e teercstet,e lento vitt
Mote tearattleailabe an slob bee,
Patter "truest. attertleu tbesalectlett of troreetalt
11..1 hart= torte tut competett reerkster, they have no
beeltattoe warrabUror thee wort. We therefertotek tie
&Motto, or the public to ILO trater."
N. a- th ease trt the, bud taunter. end re the
moor rruoteble tercet. rett,3l
BAGLE MARBLE WORKS, (cgtablishcd
/83211.1. LIMUND , WILMNS;tio. b 4 Libert,
of Wood stroot. Clltbdititz. dtdurteato, Cur./
Moditld do.: do., 1 de.. Cott. .o
au baud. addax. to order.
. clokuvelootion of Dowd., 1010
a&F,MV.,a 7 MtrurAtar. h.
. . .
/C. Chatotimlla,Prilieceor pf Yericommtlalr i litznictalL ,
Ales. Watmo;tiiip, Lecitirce oaf uacrcial
'now complete kocockMm licok KLicomit.
cot Pi.mtmo to .vnry bread/ of Icaelmem.strat et,
ffl,,T4 t•Pid Polttl t tt7til.P. limited to call auct •assa
-7.4l=rt gi WI:4AT
Hamm. to any Of cltprctTchmitc aSaers
Es?...aLuimu 1832, by E DSI D
vaLtrss, YO: 246 Liberty st.,
• i,flVailtsicet;Pitthturßh. r.
• Mrattursectll.llntarliatllts.l ona basun,
Ate, 3latlv)leam.Coare Top.
atiray% en bad ad tad... oida
rbedcat )Isrldr., .t very . redad
_ • •
.V. ad= s4ectiosvctanacirva
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i ;
Doe. liarmar Denny ,
.11aa. Jag& b lfiCia Hamm . . Ita).
Wm. Ito jr, Y.; amt.W.iiimr.U.A.'Arr-I.lteet.
,John ampler. . Casa • - • /E.; Woken.
Artabargh Bank. ....tamer/ tat.; do.
IL-libambanmr, V.aa. _Han Cann au.
Ppoop.t, de,
Raton IlelialgEa. Ma. • co.
r. m 01.1,102..
• ham. • • Jadtaa adeir it Ca FralVra
_CBI6 Y/id~gL
feels igelVurki very. !bent V4treewle.
crivei dada, ranee.... mt. in mu city, harms heel the
.laricestarat toot ratematratel to Me tare up le atte trrtrea
Ott:taunt MI [MOT 41 matter otidactkrn btrrafter.
Beonett's MonoctrOmatic,Depository,
' • x0..73 THIRD STREET.
.51.4 r rbo""Osolt of tiothotoao.."
sad, the "Glottal of Ocutai." . •
• . _ .
faccuch—Waretry lifi_Thltdattuat—
mpftlf altuucurc I x
n e w Ph Itiyada end t
and Oast nalthr our nc
• that he
u reted Idle IftStlitiloiturr ever nein. Fern in
uphold the onnhtr slid
Maury and (MA ina spinet a Ma onlerwand ;hum, on
manufacturing, he is enabled ta union. warranted turn/-
. nu .4004 j Identlfylnd the Malan
leratt With 0110.12.11..1q sad p es o., and ktepro
always= hand the grasteat rtariceloCutry destription
furallau,frotaf(op• (lalaperf, auk plainwaty to tha most ylc
re( and unit lnata.Januenwell2,l•4.l3l4ll).../ ho
S umlaut- ham h . idlt., me .alanlll/WWllllld .
. Lie *MI eallelta an lotion. thalMtl LI!
tatrow la eatabliallsaant may known, :Th. alloying_
tOIVI4I. In pyre. hiadtayk, what for 'khan. or
liratal (slab canorkbeolnirldeudLit I' bf the fnclUn
„ . ,
raiieri.. 6 / l illitii:littir. and twal-ntenn el::alr ' s. of +my
minfro,Youtallitinn , of wt.:woody malanisor and walnut,
Zlisabotheny Lbaurrateire a YAW Chan,. of orrery deg..
?Ulla; Couches, Baas, Tatewelyte au( Mums of the latut
• -and-ataafinatt utter= Tutu., V? hat•Naa, aid
ladies'lety(lOrtittag Pub'pf. Janda 'Work Tables
and fancy Wad rrtands, amain study, pul beldam marble
tan wishogodly,fulywall and Walnut neutte and; pont, ta,
Na h a. extend= dining lahlew debut the mad improy4„
and &ad/ally:1U but baud made: Y.l.l.P.Ortinhgke WI and
Vo =ia . artig i „ . llZV m and Il e aristands af y=t.
atom= and MA ' al — reretary andrul emu, side flatly.
erourenunfotral racks, hat .tend., and tumid daft, via'
I . ( .. ntmintbs. whildreu paw maw, nada and tea my.
y, runway:l, and Inlaid purl Tables, k.u. du
auctourat of Common Yumaare and Window
LlRudnt,...Catotratt makers untied with all articles la their
A:ndAbed u tbe.bartert votke
All caderrprompUr pAtarded t0. . .,. JW
OONTY-LANDS-VArT. Cam. Neinki;
` t Ateiiiifriv.iip.P3-27044:0- corm:, el Cherry
Dr. , 1.1 xn66.larnAgemeat• for he Pariaa.. lo
woman 'Bowan Lands rut caked lad salad, their
widow. And ekUdren,aakwill-adadt, te: 1.47 otber bud,
reu. bameetalaitti corarnmera to nay alto DOirt , ,'
Zlonta,'the Fermi= billoo, err the Court. at d. City o f
Drawing; Perspective, azulTaintingin Oil:.
o lkillirli...R..SMlTlliti now piepared to Five:
to a kw pttaila In as dataroat frauds.: ,
t d:tle: i ful art. at pia nisau.:ll32leiars ir be . y.e . t
tea.e.terta ' ',
r ab riltZ t =lroat " Wto Zi. n arat
from 4.4 4 8 ' '
n. , a...t.:bargesandl other particulars oca to.
%ft.,' g.(attarnonia) at tint room.
. tar to Dr. or Dr: Addison. ' , I.23:dtt '
• •
rIS' M 15131118: RETRtA.T is now open
for rbti'amomusedaUon or "loiters. Tbo beauty of
s plat. lota betA lance' itnplUseel by the oddltiob 'of
shell* bbrabbm end Plo.em A Large eolleetlon of ever
bloennhau Plazas and Atirubblory, of tbe'ebolocut lauds, aro
cc Creams, Praha, Ite.. kept In the Eslauts as uoool.
lioquets tastefully out up at abort notice. •
Tb• beat tend
eatafortablesteAno boat PTAirt.leaves
tbe Lotus:eta 'Vitt street and be t Old Alleubeur
Ilrldge, at Om beginning of every Loupe-Pout 9 debris., A.
untlllo P.ll. 'Ouse Sorra trlp ' every everdu, at 7
W. Dixon's Linden Patent Lever Watches,
guelee_to row Itistehef . veer Jittletiorph.
11: - ..RICa&RDSON, 81 3Larkot aLlet,
sole slash". Lir the obese named Lesqr, Watch o o.
goring guarantee Ls attached to each Ss tolo
By ant:animist to the Admiralty. WM. DIXON. Chan
violater and Wetatllarnatectuter, o ft ,
well hued. London: ,
This beelines MO, the seoormoanylog Watth, No .__ i s
',manta! by mu to beef IhT ItoOpteettlys., TAW Oa
gkith Illt6o anon It gentn. lalkse Who:model by
•resilhostebinirg_my signature.
~. ...alien) the wsteh time to the tat.'
QMI LEY , a 'COLVIN, Coat 'Merchants,
and Peaten t lnTri 001,41Iniar.a. r. imt s t Naha
No. I Market law; Detre. Jt/ rat and &wad.
eart.lesdaar knelnion tbit i l ;hal: ka:41911401
NUM filial 4 ViailaCte" gta. D "
P. R. Moore, KID.,
tpecial ottenton to dm treat:root of dlotojot of Iv
tram and daldron, arta octal &tea.. graorzlirp 0r." 4 /.0.
obrotda and tonics' dia...toas. 091 co on luialou street,
17.411 t tor rgt°rElikt
to 3.11nd from 7 ta 9 r. SI. rny7.9:f
RODS—Spmtt's Patent.
JIVES JACKSON, auras, 1,01,"
TVholusale.Thpot, 86 Wood street, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
RODS are so cell
a. airuchul thut tbeg cannot get out ot *Wu. The In ,
/modem acid Attachments accurately. the Volute
and Magnets are untivallul—the whole beingdligh/r
ummental, sad without dhquats the herd anuloctur ever
marinfactured. James Isamu will attachbbon at 12
max pee foot, Frit,' at the gore. /0 ante.
Uettlemen 00 ruepectbdig OMlltatOd to 41 00 W oad
treet. and examine
Ito above: wher4airu.
Ix meu. .
Geo. R. Elohbamo. Civil Enginew,
MTILL ATTEND,. ip any part of the coun
try to tho loothis,!and construction a
and rnnt anroN Ridges. lab,
Dow, .tor aural or .larkwater nos/arson, nal pro.
srLdatiooe, and esUmars a coq of oar ol
ho -in alno ahead to the division of load, sad taring
out town Flair making drawings A maids for ratenSo
drhorha of morilinea, tr.
fith. Itakoweiro lialdings, Grant at, near tiro Gaon
Beferrocos—lion. A. tf. Lazar. Loa Bakorell, E 0...
11. Craig. Esq.. Woo. Eishbaum, 1101.
J. U. ..
WHOLESALE dealers in GI mee riee, Olnss,
e Pleb. Wt., Plaster rte.. :so. 70 on sons ; end 133
River Weer. Clerelul. Mao. • ./
1%.e5 *lrons.. wt.]e on ennllgnmenis. •
Agents for an Stessobonts and Pronslhors In the Lnltes u.
pence I.IIIP.
Rehr in—Wm. A. Oil. k Clsrelnad:
T.)l. /towe,llafthleT,Tltt.burgh
Alexander Bradley,
Yu, 19 Wood street, between First and :Second rte.
MANUFACTURER of every deeeription
a.COOICLVG SMITS, of the Itio , tt ppro;ed pat•
lurtentota *prim es w ill tender the hest Rethif:el.loo.
410-1 . &11.L011. If/^Ol 'Etc. oAoog w bleb will b found
Jewell & IttroVe celebrated (teeing door /haler Stove& Stof
etto•r& Radiator& frazklin Mot, plain end fatkef
to which Ire luvlte the stteetlon of Inalltlem To Nettle&
/Inflow Weer; Wagon Deem ke,to ell of . ..bk.!. we Invite
the attotrtion of deelop purchstlng elm, here..
EO. E. ARNOLD CO. have thin day Ea'
roellited vial thew JOIIN D. SCULLY.' The stria of
the Am will he itt heretofore.
Slat IJ4. . (my?:
H 0 NEG GER d: CO., Importen of .IViiie ,S
Liquors, alict Sylo Chkest, 1 I tlmllhOekt dr.tibe-
Masa ELll.4...lB•Teath.
(Formerly the Exchange,):. :
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streets.
MS spacious, central. and most oons.cni
may /sant.] 110Tkl e haring OuniPtstell to'
r a l ca sisal. and thoroughly re f and Intprored t
I. noo
open lireiMmasktbon of the gable, _
The Inede. and proprietarAt the BT. CUP.
LIOTCL, lesportfully informs hie friends and the punks
that he has turnished it to the twat elegant and comforts
l ot 441111 V implored
B ' ol%ll s " Vir n 4 eattrX:
to mite it equal Iss oar boron in the coultisT. , • •
Ms veil !noon rent
location of Ms Ifousc, and ark
Tealitilan Of PS 111.171.111.,,nent5,
It the meet Jo
Sin tither to trucker or fr.rnmanont boardsralud wee hies
to end hope los it a Illsoral shareoer rot...ft
an;r4T , C. W.111...V151T,
the IlfteTtlpp u
lion of her friends than ototdoe . o d iapri
INZR 1; en. Thursday nova end
Children's LIATli,QTrry moray; Head Wear
and Cap. French glassere gag • banillotros asaortniant of
wide HAbbow.. Y.robiadderiee, .00 Gam Igantillas. MAI
gred may other snsala in bar
I,ll,—Thre• or Rem wool 111111ners 0..44 linfeeshately.
apdartf Ifo. Fifth street • • .
t:SHTEL KROESEN keeps constantly cn
ban 4 • gaol suortm•at of Wash sail Bath rag
ntiegobolit. Oa Well. Kitchen or Dnwr Ludlam
Woolen Naas, Chan. Dry 344....11. Kim sail Litstry
.Weeti Btainigscel an other alias of .are la his line.
Warecicons, "ISAMU H.J. Fifth street. entstsuks,cs.
Steamboat Agency, and General Conuilis•
sion. Iteeeroiarg and Forwarding.
BOWIN,'.PL 111 Elt b CO.; have this
d. swelated tb,“:01, John Ulna. a.. 1 °Oa
141.• , t Pertlat• to th. publir, Kaumboat theneml
"""Illatir of
Locar.., Ap-4 U.ISSL I bog.
DIR. J. J. MYEllS—Surp , m nnd Phybkialt.
Ottlo• an.l .iweilloC. ember of Parlenreae. row, No.
etn.. t Lae 41.11 lalcht/e:LL tun
ilyer• hie paurwto.utly locatri ltl Int,hurgh. Nd
UI atictul to the duties or his Pretr.i.:ll. 11.6111 glee
• 0010
particular all
ehndreto cUon , HOLCICALL row ..01 tbe au...a et'
awl .•
kresh Assortment of Spring Gnosis.
rpITOMAS_PALMER dailyrwivik i ;
Jriinui Ale ilaettru ClCae, at the oLI stand,
• `j - ZJ. 6.5 - 3Ltecrr &Mar,
Ei•tarern Third and Fatah +treat, Patff&ary,S,
Lam:• eerwalpei n•lty revert Ateck,of the mutt neakottlit
/lir tar 11.4.V612:G.: wat arywatwt is roatitet
tor `done no. velum. ore entirely new, tla
y Peculiarly . that.. eud th e 'aloft. renal el Mtn.
bulty....sterweel. /ram to en, nt 'ward"- tie.
mar. Ta OP. attract,. Int nr ef whwn • eau,
co.l•itak.letaeLLeen he tatue.l N.lnt than Siwerslak u.
the atlee:Vla of anactaute and house keepere 11. retpe,
tally in. nwal. hl.
Board of Utulerwriters.
T ¢ Mooting of du; Board of Underwri•
itAL tom die folloolot soo -, luti , io vas unanhatiiiisly *dor
awl ...lanai to Ixosibiisbot
I..erisal. That front mai an.
.the pat4leation at thii o
tico. Plie ILIA. Whether orig:ual w wntinutil. &hail ha
cooslassisl as tattoo branr lusoraora 015.-. Is this du'.
until the orefbiluo V Vail t Ca.a.
idler. a. Ir. MAIM',
,ssehll73( iiontatrnf thy board.
riVE FITTED UP, (on the Nose York
W . tworr . aap th . fhe,the oak% of
the foci:loco/AG parlor, and hose Llee ' ttl Itrionect ud
mot el:mortar seacetamost of Colic Do kincroolio
moth cad lienneux
bolo., DatcooS.
Maroon.. Chihli., turbot Sal oneta, inner.
r.. 17 SAW, Loco Cornice., Crum) and fleet Myelin. IN..
Iced of dlCereot Coralioe of 38 detente ictleo-li%
T r, ‘ , ././Vem. Door M ,
a li!Slac , em A lC i hodo r cud
V le”e"nnoo :Crd. 6.1% one AS%mead. Ned ltaattel4: :
tole. out Loonceer Win, Countermen cad eolcrol.
I.2msforho Manclis, lints cad ttedlice. • •
A.l2= ' strrol, WOM dour month
SO kAlt .
taken' my
E.l.m•nl It. kTllmon, Into partnmnOilp In the
I xl.,'Omp and Yu,- beminmmm •111 horrmlNT kowlna.
mobilo the amine of J. WI LSO:4 k EON et 91 Wood Omit'
Nas.—Samem Wilton COttllllo ell. flat mwl 04. WM,
O. 1, Vmdond [trent. AllenbenS City, lately kmpt by E. IL.
7. Wilson & Son.
WllOLE j SAVaud ii rotail innnu facto i
burgh—o lour flay oder full zol
roloolrte or I.
iirel Cape Id their oleo and dorhou inonnticioro, of every'
U n t t io , l=l2. , tl: 4 erbolOtrilr o.
m . l „ i r u n . .
that the, will nni tlio m tcmrt
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es. r o=e;;og.
•• • No 14 /bout% e1.,11.1 tr. Bunk PleUtrami.
Notes oriol Dftn• e. , 41,-.4 on WI twirla 11/0 Woo.—
boubt and Wild i.b7.14.•T
Woodworth'e Patent Planing Machine.
4 E,CENT deci6iiina having fully and final
, lylidled all threlainto of do , tudirtirth Pat
ee, tha sub.r.ber Dor prepared to .11 the tiara to nao
them bincinueo the. rtatopy.Now 'York; Ll3O Penns;
!rants. in tle, !slant.. of Bnalthrd, Crawford, Clinton, Elk.'
Lroondon, Loaded, Melia.. Mortar Ppttor. By
quellatuta. Watt,. Warren, oat!' WJOOlitig. .
1 ,1.111n0 rao patented on the Yith
day h r i ati= te " ; e ,Vat."7 l
rVVT;'' P ll'P g r* r :4 l :t.l,:,J7uer I 4: or t*mtn
china, at a enteran, reduces to • thlokneao. and Non,
n Thi. Aire
eutrons. =ma. beads and nlyboto, 1n the leat manner.
LUPO *ado: boards or plunk In an boon and biol., eater.
steely deal for dreadng plan., opine, Oka...
At., doer. mg. sail blind stud'. loot for ellokto g wouldinaL
Ali !Undo of planing Ara P!rf,..l 1/V It a Letter Wan"
URA and four Luc.. repallboo,l7 tad damply, so it ran
be done bran, other
The•taino er a t 0... ede )I.4deri dor Weeded. tectinina.
ITlrPluon."fiC7T,,t'u L.nee , r alit grime IL \ lur
plan., lumber nand in our ebb. and
m ar. Wiens drireual trill, Woodworth',
Slactdoee. which mar be crop lu • iip,Wut rgtl,,t, too
elevn plantar tntlt" at 11.1 on, Philadelphia, New York,
Orion'hursh, Iraterlown, Mono, litlos,b/ •
T avern,
AILIen, Local. , " Mi., Ylti ,
liztr,-1,, Munro., I.lllorbtoupton, For
ea ...doe a1n,,10 tight to trough.. )(whin., pr.
,voro ne r ovidiourd aztinst moloing or uthig ridat, lu
the above ...nos. apply! to
• .101111 Plasi, !„
Onvidthdal.flard , • •
IRAVE on hand 'n large absorratcau
WINTKIIV CORN ICE.kI load CI11:1 { o. ncv
ynttcrnn sor curt.d.t. • . WM. NUALti,
mrlo natly drpoelto w. 011,u1,
_ _
PAPELL...4.120 ram lls by 2/4niang Pular.
teat " 12 b y 3
y a 2
- WO • •16 by 21, 24 br T 2, L'.4 by2l. 111
... by 41, =t4,1.42;
Ina) btu. bang. Crown ntraw Paper;
00 Ndlnm
LI • I r k • Meath= and Slogie Cncarn
Thu urt4entigned keope constantl d and for eab.
oechange for /tans, a largo and generalasaortruent of
Italnl. Cap. Latter, Lardware, and Tea rapern• hornet
se a
Aloo-I , itlog of all 611.1, itiF paotattororo. •
Piloting Piper [loots to order short otlm. •
.b 2 6 our of Ponn and !rola *Ug
01Esi L
thirbletrtct Court or Alle,thrtu Couhir. V. 04.
tri No. 1.74. Aida 1%,11551.
And now tn 010 Nay 1651, tba Couit ain.l.t Af
Alet , alerouti Lai, Auditor What Mite the promeds
sale among hot; cerd4toot, leroso the llooord,l
I.lto 2.11 E Y. I/AYS, Minty.
atterud U 3 the duties Obis appointment
dt hie oilier. 3.6.113) 6ourth street, Pittehurithi an HetxlaJ.
une R&l,Rt 9 o t elork, It. I. • -
Sr iCk? • • • AIoCAL3IOII76, Auditor.
-10 flokref tank it •
fa utak of Inttstrargb;
For which th e pighoot vri. ,„
Its.eluange, Bank of Pittalmrea
an SHARES '()R SALE - on favorable
. NU. A. IT'LL Y CO.
I 0..1 MACKEREL-40 qr. bbls. eiltra, for
,k ru ., fi n . mi. by • I.SALAII DICKEY CO,
°Zara , . • Witta• lad ?Tonle:a.
•• -- " • -MOVEMENTS , • -
SANTER • . e.;," i l.k
81 Alt 88fP&
• oar, . OP: Steil!kit/3'i 101 TLIE' ClV.ll.ln.
PACITIC. Nye, for Nest Tart- SOT
AM EHlC4o3lmonoa,
..... ...
ti lAgAltA.Btgpe
CAMBRIA oiarrt:MV=. -Juno SI
AYAICA 1( far ......
't . km, INT Dorton
BALTIC, Cotwitoe . from New York • ' -Juno
frOtrlll l 4 ' l;_
NORTH AMERICA. Medina:7o : 4 strr - Y0rk......4f00s
ASlS , Jodklos,fesnNor Yo ........ ~....Jons
PACIFIC. N 7.: mnr, Ne* ........... ... Joao 21
.91EltICA, Shannon from ...............
N Stool, Oserm , Barton ...... Lily 4
UROP. t. 'from ..... 1:4
PA/&01. Phillderatitlf
- CAMBRIA. 11anisoo. Tram "' Baton ' ' July - . 19
lIEUXIMOt etabtreer:.
Judo July rz
10 • Julu,
GEORGIA., Potter....._
...... ..... ....... ;.. —Jaw /1
•E.IIPIIIRCITY. WRsou , . , . -June 13
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Antrim. North =l= and Apot,
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PENNSTI.TANIA. llnkarb at Maul:Non— :.4'
I Bank of ibttannyb..--.parjlttnned at Wkatter... 1
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Bank of Colnakere.-..---par Olty Urania
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Hank of Nar1be a ,,.........par Rank of Ma yallyr..---_.. ::i
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Lebanon bank.-.----par . NN.N2pciar. -
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Branch at IleufNapart-.....A1a /farina • 11. 1n5.(55. ebb*
Nowell at b14:bt1ic........41° MICIIIGAN.
Nowell at Clerrlaul__ so Farmer? Neellanka• Bank 3
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Branch, at AmPtaboir •I-, CAN . A . a. . ,
Branchat Nal.o . ..,.....---do Bl[Offt.N.Aorcrira.Terontra
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liraAula at hartuil.
'tram 11 at C 1,11114...
. A. WILKINS. & Co. •
COILM:Ii. or 11AKILIV AND nrlntk 811.
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Clank of Cltt.burob_ 69
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92 , Itd.. May A Nod
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Lish. Also , Ladies' Shoes. (best Philsdelphls make) at
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- ' Ordernirood Gazdens:' ' • '
STRAWBERRIES fresh • from the Since [ '
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Total for IO3A • ..--•.-----••••$134.)
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Basin esi Tax for..City;Purpases.
IN pursuance of 4.. Ordinance proridiz
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1 , Am nu left et temente*, for exam urnkne, by alt tutor
tf=ltflfeej=4.olnet.lntentone to .tbe,city, fns
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I PHILLIPS a MAYERS' /french leotli , tttpe nentlocep,enrnnaottprenteninn wpm, tin
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' air s e i ffittertipe, )7
WaXl . olarestaitil=i:
Wntri , —;Yon will remember that a short
tin since I communicatedfor7cSrpeper a few
paragraphs giving It synopsis of tie dactrines of
ells Greek Mirth; the reason foi 'which 1 then
stated tn be—that the, information night., be of
int44st ;year retufers; inisteueli is 'flied been
proikosed ltrintrtkluke that religion lath - England
for thei advantage a those' who are dissatisfied
with - me doctrines of the Established Church in
that' countiy— , 4tonianistssentiment, yet a-
Rimmed to step boldly into that' tonanordan.
The authority I selected I bad ever] reason to
"believe gml'altd voliablet , entrini confidence in.
its correctness is natio .theleist , shakest by the
. gross and insulting manner iu which :it-Ma been
con Indicted byn writer in the Pittsburgh . Ca th olio
of the pest week. The discussion Otitis question
however ; would hive littlenternit for your Pm:
talent readers, so I shall leansit In the hands - of
its conainthe Catholim ' , Blaine, me
to say Mat none but n mind gorged 'with enmi
ty mold elmjectore tither than honorable motives
for the entmets-referred ter and whys man who
is atollowar of the Bishop of- limnenhonld vol.;
nutter to move them untrue, I lat , it Li. loss tii
coojeetare,-unlestrik be 'therdreed' thereat' re.
Ligion might be brought intb . j4tapositfon with
his own—and being free front - many of its oh-,
noxious dogmas, might lead erowde ewe) , from
his comintusion..-• Certain it 15.,. Utterer, loan
sad:red to make a- single extrist troin the' .216.
dole whiohle assails with so ninth pntsuinption:
. It would not do to let Calm*, 'resitervi sin what
Mon the GreeitChntoh wits to'believel--•
comae whisk eininellikidistinguishea tbe'Catho‘ '
lie from thi Protestant .eysterrt , •Thtilinotiitant
.meets all questions it which - hemay bet intemst=
ed. boldly—meats investigation, .and if . 'reason
:and inthoHty dot:Otani:debt Way-belt 'satisfied
to yield, nay gratified that be has. beenenablert„
to , nine at the! In the' • languigii-orthet
The fwd trroptrbut-th• Send of au.. • .•
under do obllgationi 'to - 11141'lb? the gra
tuitons.information which , haslet's lie of the
.!!intenso abhorrenra which the .Greek Comm.n
nion Ina for the Protestantexatere.", am well
aware of that fact; and s,lso of another which he
did. nit dote' tanie; : vtu IMMO intense
, hatrial galas in theTittinditf Church' egilnst the
Protestant system: :43nthat harevertaneh thoeo
two thorehtenuty differ—end they; o'e r - without,
doubt,. very great- r im, niatieri4r. 40,04 1 /4 and
theYterfairdY Agee inthie one anchria
theo 'anitteratred Pratestentlent." Int 'I i
einotorions feet that ma Intense ie ttie'etamity
existing between the komantind
..omoroutour, where th ey are ocHulaiant„,that no
thing but Nuarubscov.rabers. cart heap them, on
"oeii.dans: (rota Mining.. each otheri;".:
throats.--To this faithful followertf the Bishop
of Boum,. allow me. to. f1y...1.nel raanicilea f p
your bnothee4reek—look up to Eteanginatia . d
of to Rome—be willing to follow.wherefight and,
liberty lead-,examine your heart-earefollf . in
the light Of • divine-revelation, and thiamin MY
humble opinion, you will omit& better mane
.and more fully prepared to Mite. sad treat your
Protestant fellaweitirests with isanlyeonstesy,,
, I have said in a former.part of the. present
article. that General:Jackson women acquaint- -
el solarise doctrines of,.Christranity... lie wet.
fonder attending the ordinances of publio wor
ship. end preferred, the„Presbytenian firm : be
I wan not. however, . bigoted, in that preference,
Mit went to bear good preachers of whatever de:'
nomination. A. stranger hearing the _Profanit:t
which. AGO . often mingled in- his. oonversation,
mould here little ides, of,the respect, in which h
d.ihe roinistem of religion he was fonder
t4tir.toutennl, and altraya. tested them with"
the uttecat.coartmy. •.1 mailers an ,aztecdidd .
related:to we by 7ilr: tintimiuus..:who anus an 111. , '
I theists and a littorite.ef the,Gentral.; do fedi ,
vidaol;:wito Itadiceeireonemended very etrongl!•:
for a foreigstmlasionuf !be secoaa. claaN calling
theißeasidemametilandaydrterning, was , Intl ff
tedLto accompany hint.-toehurch,nrel:-.uceptel
the invitation. The: Pulpit was occupied 'by
Praddent.Durbin, of the hlethodistcanucrion, an
able. amiable, anti slie.nent dirint, who niers.j-s.
attracted named to hear hin:, The young can-'
didate for diplomatiehonors,listened to the did-
muse, and on their return to the Presidential
mansion: was ached how he liked the setroon?
iteseplied that he did not. admire it at all, and
bad difficulty, ht. confining his attention to the
- speaker- The General said little; but a day or
two alter, being itteconpsity Bu chan
an,. the conversation turn oaths op ,
Peitatututef this. Acmes. (who. had then , been
coatis:bed by .the Senate And expected soon to
set out on his mission) and.the .trateral.exprei- . 1
sed -no.sery.aangoine expectations of the sec.
cuss of the riew.miubster, and an a resson.for
opinions,. stated that. the young tun ..was
judge of preaching."... The. erentjustih ed his an
ticipation ;..but I stateamatt but him-
self, ever gave such.a.fact ut the criterion of the
capacity of a diplomatist.. • -•
This habitual respect forreligirm and its min
islets, though it existed iahia nded.without
citing a corresponding prutieal influence on his
character, awoke, in his latterdayst fronsits dor:1
want etas within. him. opga per , . 1
canal professionof Christianity. ..For.atime, in
deed,. its milnence .was fitfol„,and did not pre:
ventrthe. occasional recurrenceof..anclens and :
early, habits, sodden ;
anger but In Crated, .It appearedto. bare not' '
only controlled, but wholly,engramed,hins, so as
to mter.:into his conversation.and govern - alt
his actions—. The holdnesined.nnomproollsing, l
.firmueseige themorterftwared in, is every=;
thing else,: , been told by.thave tact visit
ed him etthe Ilermitane, that the bibiainerihay
&Pen, onacui table, and seamedta bellefavarite
comp:mit= ;:and though be never lett laa intei 7
est. as a. patriot, itt.pnblic affairs, he. seemed
look on.themes.paewheseindividual inliciesde
Manch mbjects was gone, giving,platete 'axle
ties which. (=netted; themselves with a Suture
state of - existence: thisis,-I belies% the uni:'
were! testimony of then who sritnessed his Weill'
hears.; ao that if hie passions must he admitted'
to hose beectrelunrenti and his errors many and
great;: we : may nevertheless , indulge the hope
that Ida end eras pe a ce. r. : .;
The population 7of Sitealaingpm terusiata, in a
very large proportion, of ,persotut in one form or
other, ;dependent on the, Government. Mao
On:rain thew-riots departments are numerouit.
and, epee/log generally, intelligent sod respect-,'
labia:hut they are exposed, to a temptation coo-_
mon indeed. to every great.. city, but exerting
peculiar force at seats of gorernment,the crowd
ed resort. of large awns of the fashionable"
world... .Wherever that faaldonable worldexisti,
it arrogates to itself the • exclusive right to con
fer a title tercapect , it is of. its very essence to
be exclusive. .•.accorlitig to its oreed.thase who
belong to it are "in respectable !society," and
they alone. Otters may be -very good seat of
people, but they do not,.move no the :first cir
cles," and not • to morethere, is. virtually, to be
nobody. ; Bence the ambition of,figuring in such
Society, at whatever liaezigei, e il, at Wa shington,
.. 0.
wrong; almost univers o... Th only pikn 6
where religious principles 'and tastes exempt
their poseessorfrom the general spell,. or the
possession ef selinealedgeli talent olilde4Paingt
derived.from , age and, public serrice,'pMees a'
tardaboveits aplier‘or control. Persons hold
ing clerkships, most'of whom hare previously
held respectable Positiona in life,- and have been
driven by the pressure of misfortune to frisk a
firing from 'the patronage . of government, are
preciselfthe People to feel the-Circe:in force of
'this - tyranny of lashiot , ' , That , their , fanulies
Should be excluded, "even byimplicatiom or sus
picker, Item' that =ogle, circle •withni.which the,
exchudve more; is a thought not tebsettdured,,
except by a mind of elevated native •stnnigth, or
one etteugtbened' - by religious prinedples,. and
therefore conimanding =sited teepees in , s dif ,
ferent . sphere 'But; fashionable , life is, -in the
necessity - of the ease, experideet It male for an
expenditure in drese, - and .iir the reception of
company, which presses hard on small aslaries:
I regret to - tray that-the result of all this is to.
often found to. he the, habit-Of .thing.teyond a
man's atomic. „kluge proportion of. germs.:
ment employees ore astaitplattil7 in daht;'n — litiY
anticipate their researremend ore in: the. handi
of the broker% , while come leaia l thtlzdtbta rec...
paid, and when.pressedby their.creditora,,!take
the benefit of. the act...l, . / mould ,not :be: under.
stood to say that this is generally trus; but none
tan live.hent any timessithentadmittisfg that it
is so to a large extent.- It lathe natmakeourie
.f. things, sudtobe on exception bathe rule, re.'
qiitisnruityartanese andaotstlittlo Kelt:denial
When General Jackson same harelanfnundi this
state of-things prerrailingto adegreemueli great
er than Ulu -e sines, andthe ohmage is very
-largely 401340-the vigorous ittaiadlut.took In the
sato= lif so great. an exit c...11e mauled WO be
katoway through all dos elleparttnents,.that a ha
bil:lml neglece4te , diaeharge „ a.mateijnaLdebta
, ;would be: held; goal cense of ,sectersl bun ! t¢--. '
flee:: sad. Maras wonderful to. see. what j 0 44.4...
&Mims the bacrwledgeof thitfoot prodrosest,...TO
apply Webs Preeident", wane: itzetakof ,potzto• 1
toi elicarbitztdatsay It, poor Ithlowbulstiaoil
For tAt'Ocurtta
TEE asses ceases.
Prot.!" Aiyhriet Hime Gar..
Br.,IATU -7AX72"iir-
to rejoice in it, power. Let me relate s use
width, while it fflustrstes the truth of the 3f:ste
mma I hartimsde, furnishess very illus.
tuition of the made,
of the mna. -
We had a clerk in one of the offices who be.
came notorious, as much - withili as withoot
walLs,-for his adroitness in getting into debt, and
his n,mrhaienci when called on to discinugs
He bokrded with a".peorWitiow, and had long
done' so, but enured her witirpromi,3es which
wee regularly' , broken, The poor woman had
not firmnees enough to turn him of, and though
often resolving to do so, never' could bring her
self up p),the point. Menowldlc„he wasche moat
courteous of men, and 'a general favorite with ell
—from whom he bad not burrowed money.
These, to lie stzre, constituted a very small part
of his acqitaintancei- When a new clerk came.
into the office, . the oecond day seldom pained
without a polite notefrom this gentleman, plead
ing an accidental prM-- sire for a dollar, ,or half
• dollar merely to make change, and premising
repayment the pert day._ Thale.” the green new
comer had had a tiioelytieninV, he tellveith car
tainty i n t o the a d oe , (vinare the
PP: l rd Wallfiattering,) theloan ezteodrd totem,
or area twenty dollars, for A ferrdnys,o n ly, or
'until the Month came round. Oaths ‘W• fixr 4 .
the money WassometinieSpromptlybroUght, but,
In that ease, was invariably hurrotredagain he
fore,night., With those who knew 'him, .the thing
was well understood, and they,werelitesurable—
'perfect adamant; but with strangers he seldom'filied. 'But , ,fackson".Came: and the ,
"of his beacons was isuddenlyelouded. 'The har
vest wasover the rammer was .ended:‘ His for
, hearing landlady sought, sin sudiencro wish the
President., and readily obtained adanittinsce, (he
'Wei icor coropassiotiste and kind to women,) and
made • bill statement' ofthe "And does
ha'refizatlii pay yen; 51adtuner: - .2in' 'Air, he
always promises . -to pay, , but never , does it."
...'Weet he giro you his. 'toter! hate, Sir!
oh, yes, he will do that, any time
. bni,what's the
use.:it 'wilt never be paid.' lfidnine, •
you go home and get Ilfnate for whit he owes
You, and bring the note to' me." ebe did co,
Awl : to her. great astonishment. the • Prixidcnt
lorthwith endpmed it. ;When the depot pay
ment came, the holder.of the note (fur .14 arid- _
ow hid passed it out Of. her 'hands„). met this
Polite gantlet:twin lit the street; and sold; hold'
a note of yours to Mrs. niad'l think - this is
the dayit fails due.", Ile inughed, end-replied,
"1-t reel be due, but sm:Asdly.arrnidt it will
net h er pilot" ”iVell, 'said the ether. Lao; quite
'easy on that Score, I have g'o'od"
nried he; with's laot it 'Wonder,
-why srtto*theii,..lcait have endorsed. itV ,4 .‘An
drew Jackson,". itia..counterumn&ll:in‘a mo- .
meat.. you jolingr„ Ittreq.,A.tup not,
here's note, you may see for yourself," The
mania* at the simi_ min*, (nritten e in no
maidenly chirtiotersy,and . corning on'hie heel
Bahl; if yonarill , ening 40.r00m
at half-peat two,-the money shall.. be -ready -for
the money was-ready.
TB3 Fasting az Esairap.—in Ahis rount4
neer timber forestahave‘beed tatersaedcf.emali
alae, and an hicalctdable amount of tinthertrees
Iseve wastedin: years - Gradually, -how
ever, thnbarof all descriptions is Bowing. mroo
.andirtore valuable; and before many.years; the
man,whomishes to leave afortone for hia children
wed. gtand.children, can da , caterer way
than by planting imitable 'land, at easily:access
ible paints, : with good . timber treet:...Some of
.the largest fortune" of the.l.33glish moislitv bare
.been realized from formte:planted by: their mu
enster,. - A great deal,lutebeen,weitton, , by torn
. who ham _sedan:- .about. Ithe matter,. in re
lation to the-parka and •preserved; forests' of the
English nobilityt, self thryoceopied lands:merely
for the pleasure of the sir.h, • which ought to be
Abrams courersation '
;with .1111 intelli,gent.Englialunen, some time ago,
we were asmored , by_hiso. that the , country.
well, ail the' present owners of these; valuable
-estates.. deed a -debt.of granitude te; these who
plantedand fast preservedthe,groondaEL,dn ma- .
ay eases lands which were of littele wale* half
century ago wereenoLosed,tunotplanted with tim
ber trees; and are now of inestimable-value. yield
ing some of the finest timber: in the.srerld, and •E''
affording the richest ,grazing for .
The wea West of the nobility reteivenottic lo
co these melon:Eris for pa : sarcoma ire.many of
these,moat valuable andbeentiftd enelotheas you •
will see all around.thal gates, and. ontheouter
raw of testa, paintedvostioes that a• certain- I=3.
-beroteolowElv-rm be pestered-on the-green&
hitiel:lsllnoinnto* Said nissiCitkrine of
glad, lts - dethSepojinbitias ten':
etp•ed'''lliaba 'of ' all kinds one bfthe tibia val. -
tlable trild'ilditiblEr"prodnits'Of the son and ii le
Lpieseesed carefollt
- 11 . 0. amount ofAisOtioialOOe'EoiaiOnOeiliiEog-
I 'land la. taiiiiiatast'slls, l 3o,W . Otyoi; about
dr . the L'Olted SO.Ohot'iod - Of . this - iimount the nt
inc4eeffOrtsOf the 'and - th e Ability is.
only able . to Oripli atoiut B.BO;DQVIOTOChome
groan ,' leaning t535,00D,000'. ia_6Blue'to .be
: parted:. ..rorty, oaks - Ore. eomptitoditii 141 - icre
these Oriiited and - pieeq4e;.terie_felortieh are
:Spni-rised §"-',`410 . ',06. nit i..erag!....,.:Vy.,450ry-
C•HLORATE POTASH-46Th! . idr rtsle .
K. •• - E. A. rem - ,
CODFlSH='l6'dzums foi.e3leU`= "",
'id' , —~: a mrtco:: rsr, co
.PORN,-6(6,ba.for 'ale
.1)y ,
A let '• - ..1.3.1,1LW4111
Flattraor-stlet 1)3 -
POWDER r:. Jur 102 • ~ ~ • I_,L.E.4aLlygattAs( . ..,__
y> •
3000 kepi Planbiro
10 46 0 rtm 4r;
2100 • .
" SIXE 811344.112-31futui.,fr
[1.21_ • , 9, 1,1,4?) CALT4I.
Q AFETY FIISE-2:i:bblii. to oisivegar sale
1.7 kr.. (.1.23..; - ',-,., :. J.9.1.110w VI 41,1,;(1.
IakEFINED , SUGARS-10G bbls.Mbrrified,
Pairdold;sold Ornne4,,
: JAILM .t.11112,13151Wk..00.
gIOLDFN SYRIJP,—In bf.,b4l
r B.,llCiti ug — al.-
"AP` 4 E3ihtVirtvbtiAllt
RICE--20'tie,rCes Carolina;
7AMEns.. 11'VMM:0V - it )
pip- , -130
- 31.11E8 A. nt-roms.-IN
ESL 4400 Riles Galena; r.
• •-. • " 7,I.IIg73I..TINZIFISAIN ;co .
Q HOT-65 kegs ased N. for . 4 4 1 e1Y
C:77 • Se 2— ' JAMES A.:11111VII/Rtti* W.
QICIGAIt AND_ AIDLASS.ES,;:t': . 7,.;.::
-." azands:plii..ll.o;sumi" '
,„. JAMES. 4,IIILITCUP4/:t4.1,40.
frOBACCO-1031egs,imparior ti twist, on
• X
jet .
GLASSES-WO bbls. prime 'N. la. ; ( 4 4 k ;
]ID nL WiirtailAN. ircnat.
WIND 'OSOAP-,so!•l'iiiii f',,r
' ti.raj **.11.4. MILVESTexIC WC°.
lINSEEIYOILL-gr bbla.ta
.111AC9N - , 4 3,ooolbe..ShOuldedi
1 -g mtg , • • .:Etolln.,`WlZAtitrlk6s.
ill BLED BEEF—_-2000 flii43 std. by
ms a ' " • itonnaxt"trriti; &co:
'API,:,I S E ---2 °° l Ala2-'orrsecOby
RIED FRUIT-550 readtetn,:;. ,
. 11 UET:s. eV?
vrANIZERS' OIL :'2 O bole . for ealo Lf.:
1 . m , =' 9 It1111160N.1.117LI : k. Co.
, 49,115---400 imp for solo by ,
BI I, OO3IS:—.ZO.ds. conicoa,to,botkl..
my= . • - 63 ..142-10tilartlatiti.
COFFEE-160 bags Rio ;
" IMT.f.TRi!?.to.
pm IRON-240 taris - Bin's 6Ve3i
. .
110 " 111-ZeiNgt:64,4t
1. , ...41111.2:11.
Obi!. 'So. Aral
- • ?:1 limn feet " h Rick.
' WOO Ito- auperica• Salwablg AAIA.3 - 4-.
tarAl JOUN WATT a CO..aldatlla.
I .CIIEO3IATE' TOTASED-730 lbs. for
411 , tair 4.E/LLtEd •
SENECA.OIL--2 bbla; ibr
OAF SUGAR-14)? bhls cteediTtlebr
aka , 1 , cur led, a
ALERATUS--50 bottsToriald by"'
.1 tor= • . ••ILMILIB/ ittla ITS.
HOULDEPSi-L•' for sal& by
1.7:7 x..notua A.asss;pft .
GTS7-20 1 1)11,,,Che0p4g ,
SjuAß.,_4Bo bum cti=g,Hilaforsate
QODA. ASH-20 .e..tartatrtesitand, for
-11131 ND fßlllT—,Pesehei; • , PlccbW'
. :=7lB, -11 Gsveernordl:Peßnkat.
UZDIP,.24 bales idienori.onimisifflupent
•iscrfc.• pie by . ALEXTZLV-
P . OTTON--2.s.boleallatoiN3) . fotby