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The LcomotivoVenting.
- With9i:fclaiter and a, rear;
We ele - Aall , *ea it presently,'
Or poesiblyWere..•
Or rather ' ir n e' - rocket ia l- 3 '
-.oalrolot so high:
Dashing o'er the fountain.
Bless me! how, we, sail 1.
Itlptileg r .throttgli the tooontaios,
:Eliding cn &rail!. • • -
How the cars - are crowded;
With people-bound for York!
The country dealer for his goods;
The,faimer with his, pork! ...
adot of gentlemen,.
Oihat.a throng of:ladies,
- With , their knitting aid • their flowers!
- the fountains,
Bless...toe. how, tya Sall!
Hipping, through-the:mountains,
'Hiding on a: rail!
Nog.: Nola la 'the fastest;
'Mosts' a minute.:
Ilow"the Icon pony 'kraals !
The Tery . :devirs itl
Now the smoke to In my eyea;
-.Now it miskes me cough;
Can't. I hire a boy, to keep
My lasir from blowing off ?
n'er-the fountains,
Aloes mw.. how we.ssil,l
Clltipping through • the mountains,
on •
Tex hifalutin COS9PIII.ii.--A Mika' Ar , th•
free Press of Saturday Contains
the pirilimbars of the. arrest of . man named
Charles Haien, (alias Bernard) chargedwithin
. .
ing tenanted with the Conspiracies to desitroy
the property of the Central. Railroad Company.
The arrest was made by. Dr. Beardsley, of lines.
at Robinson'er tavern, nearliThite Pigeon, and the
prisoner was..takert to Detroit in the custody of
Beardsley t -.
',The . circiramances:corusecteci with the appre
hansima-athia individual areas follows:-,Anuan
runned.G.Man, indhlted in Abe ..conspiracy ease,
beingetck, the yieinitY.,Of made state.
Mints to his attending physician, Dr. ikiarlsley,
who pretended to : join in the, plan, detailing the
intentions to act fire .to`the Railroad Depot at
end introduced several of his associates,
theinachines which bad been
prepared for that Purpose, And for their infernal
besain other parts of the State.. The infor
mation-than obtained, was laid before the pub
- lb tt authorities; nal warrants issued for the ar
otthe parties. _One of them named - William
Hill, was chased. into Illinois and back again to
a public house near White Pigeon, notorious as
a resort' ur blicAlegs and desperadoes; saluire be
was joined by several et Ids associates -Dr. B.ln
pursuit; arrived' acion after and inforMing . Kai
that time to: arrest him,-the , latter drew a
revolver . and fired at hint, three of the caps
miming-fire,- and one bullet passing through
B.'s pantalonns slighty wounding him near the
thigh. He returned the fire, but 11111 succeeded ,
in escaping. Hasa was'. however arrested of
considerable !resistance. A search of the
house and premises of Robinson, reunited in the
discovery, - in the barn, of:vane the torpedoes
shown to Dr. B. in his conversations with Hill;
charged anti in . complete order for Its work of
.The Torpedo round in the barn of
is now In betroit. •Itis a sort of trent:, some
30 inches in lingth,l4 inches wide, and 8 filches
in height; - .filted . 'witlr emplane, turpentine 'in
bottles and corned with wax, laic, potass, and ins
terspened with layers of cotton batting, match
paper, and other combustibles, so a s to,
be ignited from the outside and explode immedi
ately, or at any eache time May. be desired.—
Snch is the peculiar construction of this
machine,. that after its expiation, nothing Mit
exertions almost superhuman can prevent the
destruction of any building selected as the thea-,
•' ire otoperatioas. -
ttis probable the other members of the gang
will be taken, as a large force are employed .for
that purpose.
Valuable Carden Paroperty ,at Public Sale.
ir a Ll. be offered for sale. at Auction. rot
the paltintore trobange, on TI77—. 7 DAT, the ibtof
J t 1 o'clock, P. Id., the lairtable peoPedT too
LARD DLL FACTORY., Tim la oe to. afir‘V.-
gal sitoatel at Canton, on the Patapsco Ittren MI ~..
a ft =stl C° lrtti ' g l'l''"lr" A t ien . 'W e ' .74Trln g i tiet k. ra h !
370 feet. with a substantial Wile., art Waser . Pnetteas
telly/lost Weratuals Una
'The totproartneobt omelet of me , three strjr sew ,
Brick DWELLISti MUST., w 7th It totildlna ^ - 1°
fib.. comprinag taro twoatoriseß_.3
60-40 feet eub. one do. two *arias and a half
!Ulu 40-40 fast ; onn do. ma storr b 0 b. 703.40 Cwt. with
two Boiler Boson attsehed; ell subs gall/ bunt of brisk.
with date titling. di" Stabler. x and evproter
, Fastau Is flttrd with ossobtra and utensils am
plete kg inanstfeetering Csodles and nt 011 upon an es.
wades meta, eed to grad advantage. Borierttor itetoedi
+rag.. tla Malts at the City of Balninars. and ear.
b 7 other walsostre fattnios of 'rations ghttla. br
io/ our of the text desirable boottiona within the 1 vq.,,s
of the Casty= tbanserrs. and to the midst of • raPad7 r ..•
Pnrring notion*: tbe.trobnrid. it manta. Vs.; . 740 . -
17=0 to inannfetturere east atoltaLsta
Tear—Onshalf cash; Waite In el: and bestrew...lbs.
. 14311awlat 171735(LY 4 CO.. Anetlemeer,
; Hamburg Polka: '
KLE8ER.,140.49;. Third etredt, has just
. "4nlnmwre Polies, one of the most ;cooler and beau
- Om I Lama. T ..11.7 Dm he 8.0. Sorter. •
Th Little
th ßed Riding t :MeM, yl4. LT Oloeer.
Ain MaLW .; du s t:V .7 oe
T L J. 4 , fans.
PlttrtinTB47i t =amik of
her • rare.u, u nmer. •
And an Wm!» aelention a tem Wansee, PolLr,. iv .
i .
old l ACIN or Tim Gomm; trine.
Mottur-labm, lye the lab of tom • tale by nubs
e Ba north r
te,. ViLfeCy ls I...txtbbr. . -
" Marl stgao: L =lt i e=rfte.
ARD—Mldgs No. 1 Leaf, for sale by
uno: - - BELT, IL&TYREWS k t
DRIED FRUIT-150 bn. Ape
.es eao Yea mr ale by
RICE -10 _ tierces (fresh) for sale by
7-50 id: chests Y. n., and
.21 " I° by ßourn:v. 'atm co.
0.6 -
erW :• Tisanes,. Bilks, Lawns, dte.
IMP: &BURCHFIELD have this day
titan New Yalta ma and handsome stl , a
llama Lamm Ediaa, Dim* do., Trend.
Boman Invited to call berm =Mu thole purchase.
Gands at 'thalami. hr mama as sutra. mys
11117111.21PS—A superior article 40 limb, for
Air my7 ALEX
6 CASES Green - Mixed Jeans;
oe Bin*
- . 2 "I*-12u.kliteid
The . Own goods are Just reed from oaten% itf.a
nal. on aminsimuut, and tot Ws kr* err
firs la
. " 7 ' 1! • 31.CRP/Ilt LICK
11111.KESE-41 boxes, now landing and for
ILI mats by ' DICKEY
UTT.E.R---3 bbls freah: now landing and
JLIF tbr.w: by . ' ISAIAII DICKEY co 7,
my 24 - - Warr sad Trott sta.
ya, will Mold mw to Nam the lot. • •
- -
TIRY PEACHES_ 4O iimebt,-iri store, fur
sa• br wtuICKE W Y C 0..-
rilea—so bbLs in siSrs, and sriii be eo7d
mssisssvat. • - •
Water and /tont xtel.„ _
lop EFINED BORAX-600 lbs best 'English,
br de br. Dar tile. KIDD 1. CO.. CO Wad rt.
L.ARD OILS=-(superi or article) in her hbli
o d. by Drolly J. KUM k CO.. Co Wad Et.
T.AO DXE—r-6(N) Ito for sale by
m 724 KIDD 4. C 0... Wid,*
rett, dadtibin vamated tot—
• largo aiming:l.ot of Ifailud /WV bftattfol ortylem,
• _._
"LADIES': RUBBER - GLOES . elirrTs.:
!available to ledfamt arPiotettk. , Chand. I.'
boom eleautufr gurdnlag. aro of Bowen, lo war
-111:4L007. bloocia the Wads or
white. for solo for st
Ulm //al. ItakberDepor. 7 sal 9 , Waal Arta..
IFILAILETIVINEftAft Jain Alna o 4of
NJ 0•1112044111010., frartlnia . S. l . , Pri.PNY...yet
MA t raW 1 . .!!1Fy AV.SIOARIWT.,
AURLINGTON :11E.BRINq.--duat ne'd,
90 Cho telelmaed Burllosto. aowted Her.
thane Order, and kwelk br
R, Aimee/Amu r co.
Shad; • , 1
•. a .1.1.. .13.* tor
VFX. et.7BeCLuera t OTC, • Liberty et.
riAP OIL CLOTREI,Just. reed, frOin the
Flickers. 60 We
. VlClatbo. ban:m.111111r gllllsh
far tale •thal am ha. aseastararritast, at the
011010th 11311200011. MIL zed 'caw
my= 3. a ill PEEILJA PS. - •
LACKLACE SCAB 'S-Just reo'd at
B ACON 10hfulis.3)13:11,t5ides;
.• 10 tierces etta Alplly_WlTanseg 4=27,
b y _ Lg. wai..v.ractgl.,c;...
-141N5EEp..011.7. bblekTure,'Thr gabby
,gOO-tomes.for V i t
PEARIELES--500 bti. for role by
TO thp Dag!
pri HASIIXY, Winn, fipii -. 64 Worth
/hie, Ptandee!, tusonn Ph=
•• el 7 .= ' Vet , t t lt e h u
eVtt •t I n teat iV o ',ll.-
ou.. with their special request, Lade arranammenta to
tr.• • ••• daa to this 'lle may to, men at the EL,
Mir lintel. trtm 9 to 3, toe one met.
' matriVellire b•MTI.
to ft eilrat *M Vet te r lt r Zt7 s
the only. orradmt e lrof any of the 31mIltalColltsim„. 1 .
Lae devoted bill •attentlottaxelut.aly.and anoteM 3 nittr
Tholollorrina ent
teetlmonAls are mibmittal trilb istediMmtlie.
Mei' mill ahovr, lettalmnbat estimation his profestie.
al qualifications am held blt/01310 alb* most dhelninlab
ed medical men in Iltit,CaUtillr
• _"1 hove bad the pitmen. to twit likralarUe7_,,.= .
and have been to form a' Womble ottiPl..„ •
liCtel% both in the pro:melon mid as a meow...
Paaten.•.ll. •
• ' ' Proftmeor of Sargent, am
. fits srofeational aWlltlee wt II be fay aPpmentated by
those "rho plate thempeivel under his eats. • • •
- - ' Jo. H. lilterramaa, l' •
' - • Profastm eam
my Intercourse with IM iMrhes_yAnatomy, .
Ilia deportment correct and aeolletimitf,t
• Vemmnate MM. hi. D. Palabursh,,Tha visit at DM Hartley to the
MT. elves net an opportnolty df offering . tettimony to
Ids .1 , 111.1.0 c. and mo t ion maybe eallettaltifrOnithatdits
ease to 'think his teen Wept:meth. sleelally
and sucensfull r 41ereted. may only onseeering Ifounititm
uch treatment nein all probability may result ht a pe
eet mar. • • H. J:W cots. lit. Clair Hotel. int
The'lncat ExihronThfory 'Discovers, in: Oa Maid
• the loyal Araiim , Ranedy for Aran an& lkatb!
mizaculous etfortned .by'the
strew,. physicist. 11 Ilia dart of tibli Irmo then
100 won as the result n en , . Ira bare be,
some Wholes with their blatory thus account for
theirsorprislng power omit dimes.. Thoth attainstusuth In
the imowlolge of mediclue outs .the wander of the use,
while at tbn tame time the orients of Chemistry. wbtors
with them bad lts oristio. wimbothe rest of the world tit
sealed both." Aladin thwtauy they were the moat melon of
itudent. In the beautiful wrote. which skirt the &reflood
Arabia, abound rare plthts sod odor ...ode schemersn
obhdoed...Mir' gums authfraMant balsams, of
which th is' incomparable liniment la maimed, and N .
whoop stimulating unctuotuiniettetrattng and .Anedyrus
Prolathtle• 11 1., whim. amilith isthantanoonetr .dlthoted
thmagh the whole nervous nate., allayin. thin mutt
tensepain lathe Ineredlbly short time of 10 or lb minute.
It. Prthibt, Powmfill end sff retual s. without th e
loath It penetrates the bosh to tbe Pone, mimeo
oantroci cords, mho' use, to lima. fish bate Men
"abbot for rove. musing th e. shrlsiled flesh to grow out
and doh blood to circulate thron' the terns. It ..restorm ,
the b rnovial Vluid or Joint Warm. and this Is the rayon
why it has been ma unirersolly autamslul in . rutin. all
dhows of 1./m.lolot. To stomata affections of the PM.,
Litho Dona and Kidney., this great Arabian rottiedr
swift unparalleled: for Acme Cats or Enlargement et the
wapeOf mos
!V.:. b • .v.4 , ... , 4
tn dbothe of Autnials. sorb. rigs. S'a'ne, Woomta.CbblLlaboote,~ Itaem4
bag Complaint, tristemper,Farey,fpridm.llrulaw,Wotusia,
Bparins, Winftalle hplin , and for nearly ail
&arson. ei th er to man or I.4th, 'a:Orb-MA. l f • ati
nalApileation; this liniment' slam's, at ma _head of
' , The following is flocs the pato ricoLecoountant of the
• weoltbiand bleiblS respectable. le own of Vials* Inst. of
Peoria. and presents' one of th e :non anstwisfol turn in
the annals of asedteal !Morn - .
31r. IL ti-Partelle Dear fen, Asonwted br•estuterultrukv
tenon, I submit the following as nn Instance Cl the util
ity of your asset =Anises. Ily eletiet. th ree vesserold.was
suddenly attacks' with • terrible ellessae. wlich, la leas
lime It.. Sewers. prostrated it to toted Ocipinnene. Theban*
so nowt that not a joint could tis tout the Cub
:tuned and cold , and a-ss...tichr *pima of feting , : the
'epee Oli, pantallyclowel and wltS z tec hoed.' Polley
log was deafness to all sound: .. some became ova
ita . and we Cursed, that when on Its twat, the
feud ed ?wit only mauled . Laden/. th e chlld presentrel
every prewar= of being den= -Iscuindlatelp on the at.
teak. family physldan. was called buena ibr three weeks
he lalswed to m ut e
s t to r.lltagaitit all in vein. although
It wakblistereel a Clon.tinam and
Wenn ePplial. A outirallnUon•nt.pliaelciana 'was ' th en
beld, Put les no pormq. The - ease tea . then brought be
fore sun Stediewl Society.' but bothbuic could he suggested
whishhasl not alsvady been dour. and th e doctor then told
met hO reald LO nothing swede.. We then coretneared etv
riTirla your bluitnern freeelpover the unix length of the
g , ,, i . i5:=1 .4 i5tar ,,,, 1 ,,,, %ine a pu=s . tv , ..= rb e:
;,hhbrllr. — =. - " - la , •=l"..fg. th egt
es t
• T,,T. T. ...1 robust ea can tw.
rig other news of the seam Ulla o=3 red In as, belch
borh previourlp. all of which dial: w.heen. no doubt. If
your lantern bed. brew need, they vault!' hem roresered.
P March 1.1651. . . lirif EX G.Cl.V.Labile.
Listri Complaint, •Erpripolao, and Rheumatism
Ear Marion Ml , '
- Li. G. FIEHOLL ner.
—DOBr co, V Co
o , Mar
or Laa:MA P.M=
very well, and,Ooing a ea.t deal of good m
among the peo
ple. It hoe cured a lad ewe of Zryetoelee, and an other
of a tail oath th the home. A bar, oho vas confined to
herbed Air several tountra with Liver Complaint and ddee
tion of the Ileatt. was entirely eared by the we of your
drab Liniment. Shettudd the dation mold do her no
Roof. 'that bee. *oohed to a freah. eut, and cored it lo
ash time. 1 hare been afflicted atith Ithenuddten tor
slou Coma sod Just betoreA pet 'troll It pained mere
much hat I hsall3o onto Winer, and In the night 1 moo
4Wteen bathing. ond nabbing with, your M % oine. 'cml
re , rex dosse robbing. the Dates trued.' • •
-. 'JOHN aucusiva..
Std Complaint, Steerney, Dirfamper, Corks . and
:.;ore .marl Cured.
Peeidader at lied bl dim Coardy;
it. Y...., Tate Addis. LI almost le bight,
wised bete. Ile eared we nt sorralat amts bones of the
Cesterisint be about taw er bre sioalicatioas. arid
eared 'Oe et awn of do rte. our, C ad Aberiti Joseph
itylsecerned his bons or • tad Cork ail le It; be dee treed
It ma Salt that had the Diststraser sari tad. and eared It
brettedislety.• lie ears It is dreedelly St me greeted bars.
mediated be ever wed 'Aimee bare bells slumben cured
of 1 . 301{11;es will It. I Shrill rery staluable seteiteles
Aoiltfor tutu so/ bead— i• . .
linear, of Counterfeit.. •
LOWING emtErutiv..,
The Public ere particularly cautioned: against a vac.
Cbusterfed whkla boo lately rode ItA appear.. And is
eullut by the Impactor mini:aunt Will , It - Swell's Arabi..
an Linduent." Tide lea clungercus fraud- sad more
to d...F r fr hie halting - the mu. or garret). Them
fore be Wa
u r way to cal .fur dby the-orb, -F
•Lirinte t......f0r nprincipled butlers wi ll =Dote 1 ,11-
11101:.s . wissiovnpon Tau lar the weenlyeu but always cub
fee -All a /limits gratciew icasieensty . tug tale an un-,
thesencitue ebraidi hoe Um letters 11l IT. beton Farrell's.
hit eke:sure the also cm the eurckle wtspyer, and three
wade tbewu glued hullo—ill. ilderrtre drutilaA
. .. . ~ .... ..
.tOcrte wanted In every': on . d a bAt If•tula l•
tba Unit:4SW -.n la Wen one U u inbed. Apply
by letter to LL O. Paytall,_ Peoria, 111. , tatty goal yetanerne
.to thiamine, reepaniabillty,.),. ,
Call 141 tb• scent ntonnill !ambit nee of Clutryn, •
d t eat tainlng anuetk 'lapel!. internal leaf. .1 , 7 al..
: Ptati,-2.Seenta, 50 nay, abl one dell. par battle.
' At y manna Lt matotbAnnel by IL t. t Payroll, rola
Imam sad proptirtor. tnn irnotma. Amgen. te• n
Stab kt Anne.ll4; and far retie
arbeteliale ntat mall at
m y ea prke by • E. X- ALLYBS. • '
my kAte - • no. 67 Wocatntreet
final by IL If. ant. Allegheny flitY.•
FAMILY FRIEND, or Baking Preparatire,
rapireedieri tb• at. of Vona, p ro ducing lizbt,sdree
avrat.norneloas alai digestive Bread. of punt color
idlers Uwe, and at leas grad ala the ordinary fermented
bread: phial:. =UM. taigrareat extent. Mfr. bailsman,.
flatulent, pains after attal, heathers, and Mbar minas
dimust.t. F uperior to anLiblog for Making leakreptat IDr
rah, frt Mt pounds of 1 7 10121% LAO prtylratielit 0111 snake
10 store ;caves of proursta earn, than vdtb Bum:- Head/
of Land*, and parsons of weakly; etArtitlltiOna,tboukl
tend to pore bread. aa raw of the finest tardielnes of the
time. Far Hospital, LttEttnttW. flaboolaptotel, sad taro
establle4Ment.. It to • great advantage. &nd In tonged at
121 i. ZS. and 00 math vith directions Par _ ,• .
• marZ . • - • It. SLIZERS. Wcod rt.
Cmajtond Syrup of Yellow Dock . Root,
OUPIES the front rank among the pro
. I, atm' thedichath er fhb month 7 for. onobletar
enrhth canker, Ealt. Rhein, thyalpelth, and 01l other dire
eases adthllf .ftrth an Impure date of the Hood. Al.,
Liver Ovnanlahot,Catarrh. Dyrptheb,llthrlether. Mastro.,
Couxha u i et Sartre.. and Tightness stout the Chat. tem
raw, Menthe,. d mar., and tickling mensetion
alma /at:nth and treed rlllemprecedented4threer
eon of '
Ftmak:irea4nas and
the General Debility.
Stren4thentth. the battened bay.' Oath toa to the
ta. prow, end Invithratthrs the Mtn, thy tetn.
If did teetlmony of rt.:mods eV thing trltneerrs. from
all ..k oLthe country. an bevelled upon, 00 10 eingalsr
ly down
lad .4 token down eorthatonone. b. barely reytta
hle In fth compa Wm: and ea.ome ve/y combined In Its
propordons that the 00.31=1. botthleal, and medlral
pettier of each bs..-rabent thantoniontly vralte to
• A Purify the Blood.
Lt had reavertrd many throttle thrum. width have haled
the still of the beet phyrfehrna. and tute olot rond Canter,
Salt Ityns. kr, thelth and Maas: whirl. Correpthlla
llyiingl tr . =to snake the'l7 r a c r s y c nonv is um :
MORS. :The =la obalnat% Oman Dave berm antra by
thls medicine. lib may that It Is orththable thelkine In all
BILIUCS (.I),IIPLAINTS. It mama all. ohr tr uthons In
the elrchlatthn. rendering the Lew tree. mil... awl heal
thy. • It remover Pale of the float, and railer. In
1 all there of Manna, and may be need in all areal., thd
' 4ll=llDrcl 00d nly by C. 1 01
Perantan s tr eet. Provide - n:4 Y.. I end bad wholethlo one
latth, or • s.:.7.lcacnshsusx,
only Aytht btr Western Pthosylvanb
thylkyl Werehanee. corner Wood .oa Sixth vb. /.rh.
PrOfessorli. C. Burrs TrleophertrA
LpR MEDICATED COM,6I:IND.--'ll. fol.
toning testimoniala from Mr. Ileum/Ai, the or
With America. Comment on such itei,d e . o .
4‘-'l7: Nrw You. sli,t,„
04. Ull
ilu Triamberous Lim merle tbat•su tyke pkuare
In snears the bleed temeenemlailmee. We do not doe
ttes recounnrodstlon of ahem, br,,. foam a. per
meal knowledge of lie <Situ month b o a,
kwie beAlibYi.,_,_ ll . ;it elm Mawr, d6ll-
drpllt.prpVelltairr4l' stOrStes It. growth Ina
manses inneSiftheil catonotilloo known to
us.' A De.oll only . needs to ser, one bout.,
of tide tooth.
sold Li* beano:See ZS erste, at 0g10.12F
BVat 7 01:=, 0/. k , ; . s. ' ot • WM .- W.Twl:
nEfiLEUB, r'
— 7l The Itaavanitody . lfust Perspire,
Q 0 SAYS trATI7,IIE, to hare a healthy Op
and Sunione with do tioSfampire, liable
to th e aqui. distineUng Skin Mew , Now. - do p' .llolll.
Cketideelperi mute a free nereulretkop: fad af tbe same
thew nt
iO l o tire and wallow th e al.. Wing lt the twktorn
'Bowel,. Halt Mune= s and PAM; are not self bald, (sat
erd ti• attewn 7 rtindeisies In N. York knows
'who welt In cool, cesecand nod lt unfailing—us lbw,*
rlmples.: blotches, icooL t. , of throttler' skin awns. nw
wader to meowed that fhb le no mules , . Pntlid .10.10020. 00
:roe 0.1.1 till prOTO. I could lewd Want/
pennies sewed of war • bowl, sonflega; and ens* beard.
the'renfof Is again amused toould cetera.
eittisen kit lam atm*, unique Om It ir all IW.
/now litho we I bode to theist., had, or rbapllN desk.
gi.d.lbb not only a curs, but • presentleet mat sem
now only. add, lb at an atnicted with any. of th e &bore,
melon.* dimes m. wil lful tell NJ t. and ereo tope /Wait.
isoil 'bkir t: 'l l 7'4' 7bark U t7 ) : WM* .L4 :t". r.iliTt '
tnly said
Dort of S A C oats. Asitef.ltt !Minn_
. „
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Peatt a y White Teeth, and Pure ty
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...Or am rued that If their breath la ewer ar end. or their
.....uulth drawled. dark or end emunaled. with Mau.
mat toe of dorm' Amt. Tooth flaste .01 malt*
e m white .a mew. ard the Moab orktriforourly
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Itt MIT at JACKSON'S Store,' , Old Literty et; head Of
' A Scientific flair Tonic, gesturer and Beau.
ther,—Trtal Tottlet% TN mute: Tl.w g o b° h ' "
)cart Coral llalr nertorar.' know Um twee nt qualities—
ort=eb*--rt*ZdteeTrbrarg U. wro W.* " .. .mt "
. t . r -kli vg.
nature ft Mork% halt torpor, rdoP tt unoMt tm4.c..1
or dandavrk and make ne red. - or Marmon. gum dark.
Tor randerlne Ma hair m a d nd silky. maths ran eMead
au—at bats It Maly boantUtd. and Mena At m ; tw
dead; the Mort mourresem—.mt stipariar--41tiew Mr the
eel, la J . tCsßoten Suer .240 d.iberti
Med of Wood, Pldebtmehl • -•
(0 vette: Sad U.
JON E ES' 80111110/1 of Jet, a Ligef," n um=
Lisle r 144 Ad the amid.; of wbtm...d, or era,h'ir. toe,
borattral brown. or black et coke, to • few miner.'. Priee.4o mate. and 111-
••beld.brlLL JACKSO2.I.24OLIbeaty etreet.budorWoede
Pittei = •
JONES' LILLY WE.—Lakes are c
Cored eaten Wlot pee tommotkprepseedcup, 2 L 1 ,;
am no t aw be* nub:dully udo .
It te• elms
how mono. bow ...AIN tome sallow; sallowLandneirwitey
tb• matron, Mtn . Mast sowneowi tr F e tz u ze. ,, ,k , , ats
etts4rre tnaU itewdatiAl wadedableeruele.;whleb t;•
tall JouS a paabb Lair liadte. • •
11 . 1m 6" =; t iVe=1. it/ T. 77:r.
edeetee, elm.. a
ites wite; me the maw time stall.
=die an *IA/a; mot to gM enu ,acocte.
• MC bre* Leda, Wll. JALICSON; ;Ad etreet,
bud 4 eakPitblearwti. tete., LI - ew.a.e.
~ • .
v m on a. sd/ h
F s nd st rr
e - 1Z *a Ed e .
t . . .
...._ . .
r'pursuance of 7 ift., I, MILLARD YELLIIOEII,
Thesldent Of Ili Mated - Stet:Gl EfrArtierica, do herd.) .
came end make known that nubile mks .111 be held at
the nvidermentioned Land Wilma in the State of Arkinfeass
.9.1-tr.-o..autrairil%"4fitii,' alt o
31onday s the first day of Septembet neat, for the di
g the T ab,. ' . h i th r gel l inted - within the onSermen ned
tcarrahips, via .
.., •
itiortety i thnittLisecncisocEnf tha fir/AYH...IW aterhEnEc
Thievishly two, of range three.
, Township two, of emote four.
• .• Fractional township fourteen, north of White river, Of
range nine. • , . . •,- •
/Oran/ the basaineandsoci ef the N th prinefydi ...alio ,
Township fifteen. of tango two.
Prectional toserdhipe el.. and twelve, of rouge Ex.
At the Land Omer at CIIAMPAUNOLD., oommentiog on
Monday: the fifteenth day of September next, Hr the dir
poll M g t
pohile lands within the undermentioned town
ship., to wit:
Sindhnf Ms thseliaeond tocsin/the Afth inificipolawridicm.
: Townalitha ishiven md fo.then of range ...teem
Arthl d ElVOt ' fig Tar lUita t rredintrieuring on 3 ftl.
den the eighteenth day of Magnet. next, for the element
of pubilelands within the following named tewnehtiv end
Mte of ...hip!.n i
A - m.IAV thebdre (iner e
t.' =ref Ihe NO priertrehm" ,, U.•
Seddon. thirteen. twenty-three, , wntr and twentr.
fire; that of the: EL. kaands. titer In township ththe. o f
range four. , ..
Townehip nine. of range 'seven.
&Whets , . bosch.oad wth or the Afthyrinefixd Me/PUdE•
Township four thd part of rte bland in maw. thirit•
„two and tblety.thme, in township thirteen. of range one.
At the.:land Office at LITTLE SGEE.waili.G.Edit tvg.
Ilenday. the Mat In of September next, for lb. disposaf 1
of the public binds In the fulloning tufnesi thefts on and
ear 1
T he the bostaifie and lake. rand
laming the dfilhprinciyal mcdmn.
The soulh half of section eight, the eouth. half pf ten.
'fractional nations fourteen and fifteen. the north half or
*event...a, the can half of twentycn twenty-two, the
north half and fouthweet quarter, pf wentythree. the
n ot ch
Rosner of
~twentrvil. and wen tudf of the
...linnet Quarter of twenty-woven, rn . 1..44 three, of
range fourteen.
Lands appropriated by law fur the . ... of sch is, mill-
mowed tharnfona. together with ill.. erffP ent
nude nom thereby for cult/ ion," If
soy, which atoll be *eternal bw the State aoth with, be..
(ma lb. d=ainted Ear the menmentoment o the pub
lic take . y. under the oat entitled "An Act to
enable the State :IPArteimas and other State. to reclaim
the 'swamp lands' within their limit." approved Septet.
leer Litt 1050. .21 re unhand from the aokr. 'And no lo
catione far lend bounties heretofore granted by any law of
Gong.te, for military eery.. rendered to the United
Stain, all be pmatittel on snit of the above mottire.dimult,
e. movided by the act entitled "An Act making thereof+
re!rpt/21:01 1 11=NE71! ' " ' ? "'""I''''''''''' '
ng of the aboth mentioned lands will be nom
mewed de the dole appointed, and will proceed in the ca . ..
d. la width they are advertised. with all convenient die
patchonitil the whole shell he. been offered end thymic.
thug close. but no oak obeli he kept open longer then
two week.. end no private etal t if any of the lands will
be admitted until anor. the . ion of the two week. .
Giandsr my band at ' Vile of Wasidro. this
.lath du of May. All3lO Domini one tboueand eight ban.
tired Ityrone.
~ • , lIILLAILD VILLE itt.
• • By the Preelleut i
• .. 1. wrnenviELD. •
Commiseloner of the General Land Ofeee: " .
' Every prcerel entitled to the right of pmwmption . nay
of the lands within the townehips nod parts of townehlya
above .nmerated, is canoed to establish the sans. la the
eaLlidactien of the ltegt,ter and Receiver of the proper
Lend Ofilre end - nuke payment thornier. wen osproctiar
Us cll. trdtk, tan lath., and Deane the day aprvented .
. the commencement of the nubile gide of the Ett a embrat
fang the tract claimed, otherwise theh elaim will brie:lnt.
eL .
i Corthilasioner of the General Land times.
my=lllmltit i
A lll /10 1 . ,
Zpuisnanct of Itimr. I, ,MILLIRD FILLMORE.
makeOa UnitedEnte• of donna. do
te n th ger and known, Ent nubile= Ile sill be
the actiSttioned Land Orlon in the btata of Entbottal,
at 000 bentnafter dratgoated. to sit.
At 1 a Oftlea at JAIMAKINt commearing on Mon
I:ithe h l fi-uPT of 'Tar: x k,cogth.°, n.m 6o- 411f,1 1 47-
ships au; • .
Sae-lento bast liattOld straletheJLEA prianpolnerafitna
ToStahipt twenty.. mantstatataltal nentr-tdao.
on 004 near Entrant Tian. of range them
loannina trentraeran, Prantrelabt and nantriEn•
Oa and ode Currant tint., of non tour.
Tutroantarenty•eight, no • brazen of entreat mortal
nano Er
Tow [gni ‘ twenn•tinse, tstattf -four. tanottratant sod
twenty-nun. of range eight.
Tossablias twenty-4bn*, tsentf•foart fantail-NEU and
twenty-ate* of nage Was
/fractional tosnadp neutron.. aidtownships nranti
tau tareartb i nattaantrfourt Mantra,* sad tarettlyon.
gf range te
nat Lb* b E ELECT- bonnatanting on Ettodaf the Of
der o f dar of Erptenuln neat. fur th e dabonal of there ,
Ha lauds w tbin the following named townittrat sad fans
S , boatahl vitt
S,ntb tf Late Lute 004 r
V tA.Afth anacnr-t anSiant
troatnta tareatron„of non tam
Yvan tounahin larrotrorm nut tarn ty•two , and
tostratlp t ety•Gn. of ran, throe.
Toena'al toran•no. of nuns Soar
Tow natio tsantriso antl trentribno, alnog. (Tr
It-onto:tat toraattlpfl/trrti. and torunir a notartio.
twooty ital., tatoty Lan. tartar-Err. ta rotrods ant
• trraftaeraa. of range ox.
, I. a-annual totrantat natant and isnot an, and town
adp molar-no. of nag rano
, rattionl totratbin anon. anent.. elghtcrn *ad
non:rota. tottooldn Lanny no and ttrauty -Ulna, and
sonlotto Lane to ns torn:are, atuntten to not vaLuste lona
ue, and nrogyaun to Warns is . lo naradan
mbrae of nogg eight.
Tos tuba, Sinn. trstrat national nation/ nannut
to Litrntra ineltutta.) tbsetruni Wan:his Maar and
fractional unnaltip tareatranit aunt sonw as nu, mann,
Mono; noattg•ntrr, fartakftatr, ttannban. 100.44..
wean ern, thAtt, r fi.air . Ch.ri 4,7.00. sat Iw - hots. of nine
Th 4 nOrthnott fraction of mottno. n.r. in totrnWP
and t o
nornobio.t root of tartan non
Sertnont on. to twice lnel CLAM, r.o. north tuff of Miran.,
.fotirtoto to/most:7m Inelatif a. • fitcohrokOlf to Mott
flow lotto/11r. In hornthli , ththf rtht
Lulu:Orr. In .I n, otri 14,51 , r5s ttorionjon-
Oro, the mouth loaf notottrfpro, totokreirrs firrolpso
••••` twit:Arr. hi tor aohlp
,tirrnty. or runty heave. •
Thr pvtt eat. of “Lirek, - fhlrr °rano," of r oo o r th:p
rtOti• tart non.
,hrUt.t oto (nno.Pt the ma ettuimi ousitr,) and melon.
sotto, onAloot,ohitneen. Mot p and fhtrtrioi, ya of .1.31.11•
IfurorUlordo.." tolriut.sp twonty•thiir. r ratty 11. Al
• At Ori Later 'kV.. al SPitillitiVlELP.matheetwitth no
Maid.. the eistocenth da yof Ando,t amt, ter the
pons of the public Made & th an. within the fallowingas
ased treeticrisl cowl:obi.. o
athan. teme the mama' oftiw.llia o'fitArnil
Tow.hla twesitymws ot nth. mentrwm.
Towheads twenty-two. of mum tweemAlwee..
Creek.. of weft.. Minim.. Merin ,
kthpAiwer,theeteitheafttlirkeSleemoni thirftert, man of the
old hlaste Linn fa tomethlp tineatrosw. of rank. tteMt.T•
sight. . .
Mertional towmtdp imetro.. alisestit to tho Mote
Lints of MA,. twentreeern. Mantral. th ins, think
the. thirty-Ws. thinyMarwe end thAtrllowT .
• Made approtniamet by law.te the tow of
tam: and other oorpows, together UM. - than meta* sod
lie•dtal•art adete nnat thereby for eultleano." it
say. width than 14.1wited or the Om. mthotati. het.
Lb , dot. orpoioord. aa the nmuamonnent of the public
sake mereethody. under tIMArt entitled "'A t. Art to emir
tde the :fate of Artanse awl cif her Stat. to Mel atm the
lwiramil baste within their knot MpromA l!=t ,
ache w il l to dminffrost • mien AIM •
kw land Woo., here of:as Iran eel by nor kaw , Of Vol
Mem, to. military vete wee rends wed to the raft het elate,
wik tee Perestidad maw err. aim a methenal foeilf i t t sais;
Tided by tia am mann. .:Att making t mang a
ke the dell end dirket:Ale expel dm K thrirerostiank" to.
'WI3I Ifsreh. PIS /.
areffetitig of the ahorairese dossed lands widd mint
meneed on the dare aryoutted. • re l will wowed la the ce
der In whkh they sivertheet t o aft man:moat Cr
mte.h. latil the what* shaft Let. odesed. and ahead.
thus dewed; hut amide Mall 7.10.11 - ntem imam than two
wets. sad . mink nary of Any of the Mods will be sd
mltthd until after the sostratsan of the two weeks.
of my haod at U m (*Hy .of ft . tab I a ten. this
alsth day of May. Anno dal met...o el tht haw'
dred and fifty...
fly the President: .
J. ftli.
Commissioner or tbs. General LA ITYFItrI . ELD
TO 112E.T...111770.Y crAixelvrx
Entrf Iterra../Uthed to t.aa right a anAnattlas tralaY
of Ilse It s witlatte the to. addl. Ast/1 pens at tmerualpe
sane eattharealed, nova tel ertrallet/ tete moo to the
estiefeetlan af the rm.: end revel',/ , ' the propet A llthe_,
Wane/ end mok. lArroent therefor Al
ger . swing 14 . :5C 0 , eat beim thee the
ithaiotrath doe
ereaaeocerne of the a althle rale of the lande esll b
taw treat el othertraa Inca cleat rill be
Ceaamanienter a( the th p a,
Lo mo nd OA In.
a7f141e.:13t „
IN pursuance of law, L 3111,1421) humour,
.1.- , rwwbss thn shed nf Atarrinn tin herohl
thesae nanjto new an,. ant putt:. Wee will In held. al;
the ftsnlermerAtoned f.Ani ettiont In the Matz of lons. at
the tennels t,nyninaft et dad nnetni. to wil
A the 4.4 Mk. 114 lOW A CM. nnantencing on Slo
r d tkl/o t latel '' l d ertniatVeh b' e =try glar.V.1 1 1Z
• •
Na f,. of On fno tin,, and nest It/ the AfIA prinnifol ma.
'Township serventyvklcie, of Mnkntwentpulne.
Townships okevenityntneand ranee thirtik.
Townehipe eaventyskine end einkli k of mile. thin . IDDL
Townettlo savnittridne, eighty.and itialityonn, of ,ange
.I'Aiwthl.l:lll:3lg,„l„Th LU trilreke
day. this eftnitth day of , Deptember , net. forth. di, rposal
of the public I walk is then, [1712.t heed town Mips,
to wit:
Nora If the brae line and tont Ofa. Aim knighted wolf,
Township enents, of range thin,'
Township resent), or rang. thirtrtien
Timidity wyenty, of now thirtrthrn.
At the Land Mee et Mill tit, on Moods', t 1! eler
th yof August neat, for the disposal of the Wiley
trite, to telt:
A all Leland In mations Denten and eighteen, In Work
ably elnhty-two north, of rouge one ran. and the e nitheeet
tuntigeecos, In township tereenyvkla
north, of nine nine wen of the kith palualpel r scisba.
Land. amropetiated by law for the WM rlf id. tie. mili
tary .4 ether penman. together with •Ihow aw puny mid
overflowed foods made Wit thereby fat cult/radon,.
If msy. which shall he selected by the Slats autlnkrl MI bek
Dom We days appointed for the commencement of the yob-
Its miennapntirely, under the An aritltkoloqu A et to
enable the Stale of Arkansas and other State, to We Dim
the 'gleamy lamb' within their liMl4O apprOled Wm
berMth, Dal be canwled /rota Ma mfrs. 'And 0 ,10 lo•-
mtllons t e r la m bonntles heretofore granted by hot' law of
iCknittnya, for military envie. rendered to the 'Vatted
aug,,,fts p,,sifferfoniory Mitaionsennidioned Lode,
en provided by the on entitled I•An anmakty.semyr *erbi
um. for the coil am diplomatic. mak... lk wren= tent."
approved lid Slarrh,
an. lkiii offering of the lamb will be ontomenn don the day.
appointed, am] proceed to the odor too whirl k they sty ad
vertised with all convenient dispatch, u ntil hew holeehell
hare loon dined, and the earn thee clout di but no lino
&all be kept open 10141 , T than two weeks, a nd no private
entry of air of the .landa Will Le Admitted • µnth after the
contention of the two weeks. .•
Linen under my hand at the OD; of We atilnlfl^o.
eitth Ms/ of Mee, done Domini ou • Moon 04 raft k how
vired Lokl l, ll , flgoa r k r.. . irt WI DUE.
.1. BUITEILiTE f,f),
Lkimuiltaloteor of like annul Land • 7i[1...,
E'cry yellow entitled to the right of prwecopt km to eel'
of the !mete within the towrabige awlt nate of tow,ctlill
etwee eeetltereleth le "wlu-V ett crlebli th the iiute Ott::
Satisfaction of the mister owl 'reciter alter prep, land
offecowel mita psy went then:for ue wow AI pro:W.olle rtf
loOro.oll, tetra, and tee. the day eltietiated tr.the
them of the pvtlir tate of , tbo /and, nob' eclett
the hart cleltnel; othertrlec web claim will be forfeit ect.
Com htlwiestantef the llrewallettvlOttat.
tcrlllAwirlltit •
2iier Cent. saved to Country Nerchante.
DL J. -KlNGi'Dealer in •1301:1T8 AND
• :linos& No. 46 2, aril Second alawtri...6llaelalphla,
:=lrtocqc riluit h a e lra=zr.riri . , 0 • 0 .9 "W at,1;
per eta. Moo au= pcitelmahll In; thd `el , cast
or Illy ,
Dealers will tt! call balote purcbaslai :.
anylT , lm ' _ _
77— Fresh Arrivals of Wall Paper. -
TomAs PALMER, No. 65 kinrl et otreet,
ban Iwt Treeired kr= E. t,' home aeaa t
mentof kftdprieed Chamber ?spar. inyel
"DIAPER 11ANGINGS-Freneh and Amer
.". ta tram IN nerite to VI por trie for nlati
rays 14 ALTER. P. llititSlWar. t 1.5 'Wood rt.
V' {v I■ ` ACKLREL--?AO bbls. No: 3, ' o .l,arge)'
.I.VA Newborlptrtilahright nit reed
azul tor We IdadDLN COVO S.
W * Balbold DePdt.
. m 715 r Peen sal Wayne orti:
MLITTON lIAMS—VJOU lbs, prime, for.
rale by 'r SUET. MATIVEIVEI &
V, ODA ASH--600 Casks of our own
Ps.. 7 , Om . ....rinTaneld of op Bond quality and as Bighted
o•Dortat. asta So male at the lowea matt.t prof.
mr7l BENNETT; BEARS • 00..
- • Water Moot
c lyg OLOZ—rot vet:m.l4Ni Iron. Ir,arl. now t
s nonno tana tuni ituar.m. rolho. h. 'To bre bds oon o n tVarninTri
• •
. .
AIR BALLS--A full 'aseortmeitt keit reed.
br xick 7. rt. rAtTON. '
bbla. Lb ate by = :".
acrs JAKES
, .
bitasiii. -, '1.8.51.._ - Isar ga i
1 ' CLARKE. PAllitlg A CO., Itattoorm,
49PHE PROPRIETORS of this old an ‘ell
lknown Llne. would lultom the publla that 7 11.
o°o W "P"U'U T:t. th. e 3 3 l7 = '.."' lgt " fair
. * .ed n'er t?..r, " 4,,All prdnta &P . m PZILL .. gn IV o - Yr4
.6" — Crujoldagu. goo lowest Val. Ono of Um of this
:Lim 0111 be eolmtantlr at the h eopgr.. balm tba !down,
' Zi " 864-°. '''' 7(174 A. CAI7OILEY. Agekt. • •
... Otlloo, our. Water and smithads AM., Piwahuvith. .
It. W. Cunningham. New Curtis, Pa.;
n.O. Ma:tows, Pulaski. Pa.; .
IV. C. Molar, Mama
J. a s. Ilu/klShargahunal
• Wau..Aebre aS4,9reeur K
Won. Ilegoy. l‘aa....'
Wm. Power Omuteutvulc
C. DI. Iloeal..Erie. P.: • ,
(LB. Wallbrkbm. Balm. Pk Y. apl ''
New Lake, Superior L ine. -185L
THE nen steamer NORTIIENER, copt.l3.
11. fleter.'having eiery , enatern Improvement Pm
and comPrat..lll hem Cleveland on Frde7. the 31
Of May wet, on her time trio—end weekty thereafter on
. raider. et ex o'clock, P. M. for the dant Ste. Biwa •
The Manner MAMILCITAN, Cent, door carninny,
leave Seat atm limie r Ihr the dlffment. lendlnati cm LW
nep.inr. on the matador Mamma:ler Northerner; melded
a regular meekly Ma; throughout the lemon, between
Clereleod end the Ovpper and Iron Mine,
S. A A. TURNER, Proprietors.
Cleveland. U. April 25.19 7
- Idanufanttira's Line.
trifeßNOM 1851 &ea
HEREB .nu i , LNYO . II72 .
Ls now ln foil orinel . l3,=ttrar a ho u ry a large
? "' r : oni t iMgd f ,V g a. abort lime, and at as low man: a. eny
other regular Lion
Eyed. ammagemonca Otalk al been made Mr earryl.2
W lTav iholght to Maiming, Johnatoin,
morma, Ala:nada. Idalln °V/.
Cam., Mao no
Ne•Vo... ChM... I . an. iladThburnConnolm and al oln
ar intannediMeaV s o: v itha PrzyljaraCaaland tm.
=Juniata. prompt/mu o= Imola:My In oramantm, to
the aforreald pond , . at. the lowa ra
n ~ may be Wind
Imam. J. KITCHELL bllall7.l.topeletan
Mambo..., Liberty stmt.
mehISIS Second dorm Wart of the Canal.
it 451.1 :
TER/in lIINGILAM'S 'MAW to my bro th er.
u DIOMASI, the binder. at littalinrei will hen
iciesnrbe transacte t tuj a stre the style l c ' Wiri i n in gn a ata .
. .
Bingham' .Trazusparta#on Line,
giggammze3 1851 C
:: ntttTEEN
YHE CANAL being . now open, we ate res
er w sw.we am. taWsat DricptitiTi Prais. yr ,
frebaistas. east WI ut.
reights minxes at lowest rates chained by rearm:fable
{lode., and Mercbandlie will Dann:lnd and Ihrsrudid
east and' treat. without liar-O,MM Ac itr.AfiDrit
saucing frolabt.eoretalationi or storage.
DWa of Lading. tbrnarded ‘ ' al directions
attended tn. Mires. tn. rray to .
WM. IILNIDDIAIt t COsCissal Ruin, •
Corner Liberty and Wayne ant, littabare , .
BINGHAM DOCK, 1611lartist et.
Wavier Tomah god Philadelidria.
Na la 2 North • liturard street,_Daltioacts-
melt " New Took,
II t ii 2 21 1851 ffigigX
Merchants'. Transportation Line;:'
- itrxiarriNn.
ritteb A
omb. Xre.L.VILLTII a alP.Cisal Sada 404 Peso 1 deval,
~ . .
0 WAWA. asTaort.Gentral Block limed etreol i RM.
We are prepared to rmiee • bder......i emereld.d..
.". Pr.. to &IP 0. lb* 0f.. . .. of dbo ea.. to MI.
4.lpra. tad .oo all interraedtato pl.. td. how nu; .4 771
Ins tou ttuo In .7 pennon... 00.
/V ii i!. Thy ...rayed number of Trucks provide! by
erveiroixekoore for rarrfbei 0.0 ...t. e. tn.
Mate Itaitromia,,olll Ired ally .p...bildf Yr del.f .1
Jobostoem, 1101Pardre% or Cohnoota. tble ...fon
C....iteANULTY All . '
feta 0..1
1851 Maal
To Shippers of Neroluoulice, Produce, &0..
name nytarant, aarott.lle an lg. Tan.
ATNLYif• ET/- rmi.6.4... Tux
Caymrre•+r+aet. Thltaaellist.
BELL t Agenix, Canal rut. ITWOurgh.
Jue. TAYLOR I SOS, Artut,lialtssAary,
ICa an prer.ol4, the Himoing alba Pnglan lista
Laval. to lam• rreight at as lon re"
ablppere much deevatcl. Ad coo as an! ollet 1.10.
J'2l4,ks • - .... C0T4611
FADEN - hc •dOVODI3„,
1t0.3..(4 , 1 to XII. Itaiht. (1.. ' :
Cana Basin. Penn &rid.
Penia. Bail Road Co.--Central Rail
rpm: .übi,rit.Ors having tinnn appniriteii
a alpigorar wt. for Ow Brut,' Irmi. Vealod.l2o
/Void. lavom the potato that , to are rmuni m rn.
coir• aar morclumalre or trodero shlpaancs net colt.
tbo catioL,
Got.i. Arlo Ml* wata 1011/ a naioalthrottab la a,+.4.1.
Od all coostrood to w .1111. loomr.tol Ita+ of toss,.
1... or clark, 5.r 10.1.4 m.
• ' eh
- - -
Nnt4N U ZATraTban ' N ' aA "'' . 1/rac t''' n:Stet "...
Saddlery. SI carl. s , s , Ildxa lall Ox
11•elasrr, (ngearera, (I menet. PAW OT• rtaart . tlip
laatLrr,trlarae. alaa.lizaath r agal
hew a.
a.a. We II 11XL
Kann, Bag, nark. &attar. Lard. lard OIL Tba. Lou •
(Lane, Tail +a. Oral ll
and Rata oaa &11aI
Arkin, Aaaatla Clanab 1 Iv. Purb, 11.coloo/ennaa Oa,
boo.. la, ''' l
.03 NaItAPES •& . MITI E.
. _ _ —....
Pittsburgh Transportation Line.
JAMES LOCONIXoR A MA. Omml Dnlu. illtrlntreL
PITEJL. JAMES la. Doom Waal and Litierrl tomb.
aml to. 3 South Fourth Rta.t. tetsroan Market ant Mut ,
- nut stools, Mimic iprila
trtiON NOBS A OM- la North Wear. Baltimore.
folly completed our arrange-.
Rehm., .. lOU N Poland upon Lb. opening of U.
•ori.ilmota Canals. to earn' freight to and Irma Pit.
bomb, Baltimarr, tan Boolmli Vole
gionaU. ioob.iile. r 1... Louie and ail U. Bmt anil Moat at
lower ntra and pith ma. Ale/midi and Mt, than any
or Line. Ali paial” Alppid to am LI. me Pally reornal
All ormianukailmo ailarmaral to outmlrra or anlolt.
Wall A COL. Blackman: Y. N'. h 1 and Lowe •
O. lxyrne, lo e n. 101 l meet will, mama onLootam.
Vett ft. Our nortionartio wharairer PIM U.
and Pittaburgh TraissAtallm lane of Al.
Alm Ai 80. ROW
Lewis's. Patent Reversible Water Filter
ils NOW to be e seen in operation at WM.
TA TE 4 . VZ 1 Tab0r5....1.0 R 14:143
w ont.
....o7ro ` stosa, Pitair.. TM. Filter hair n
Voital from lb. Mario. 1n... of torn 10..
end • CI alb a. Mei tbe /r okt. latlnne il Phlladeli
... for It. loped.. In Ila thissidezziniportM and ate
a/titles , a. 70,,. num hevt. tbent In aft la Plilialenibt.
tf oniel! 1330 Rilbarli. an masa.%
• i1im...... narch 1 0130* th.lon.
It glom me amt plower.. to mom.. t loam
10.0. do. .0300. Me Pam& Itmeirottile Wart Illtemiter
and. b 7 3iT. Leas. Ma. oaird one of them fOr eimr .
Ail moot.. I am mailed ...fon of lair Noe.
Gain. /LITT, Is; Welnat rm .
.;._ -/volmoitt., Itarth Dab. I 051.
11.P.1.4 nerettfble Water Elltoror, lama. by /1/
Banal It. I <lac and .1.1 by tra for mom ouintla. at mr
orl.a. faith., is ell that ant lawn mii• *Lob.
t i o
Ek— r . na mtlr,,vgria , „tgt. '— rotag. l y n Agdissw.
N... Annum, ?mt.."
. Tbeie Intim are amain. to. taie ont a. idan a
mote •i i ieb.ogy tal. (ma deocimmat asilasil at .rO.
LW mom . Lie we. , 7307 ea omsabod to loot ten
7ra..004 with unties. taro mil/ lest ten; and now.
only to be wen. it. appnieleital.
mylOlf = Areli rtnia.Phibiolelot..
---- ----------
Rockingham and Pomessio Queeniware.
ratarr. of • .4 Tell. Cane Ware,
g i rtiimple= tonia Roth anit Melly .I.M.
(Bound 11.. bullinns4 outran m azt door to J. 0 11,
, Floyd, Wtaleselentas.,
Mr eltrealia Woot viable to to fill Men. p... 0.17.
• imams deldrrer Mat ...... 1 7../........
op. ... imps.. oltli 1.11 41. tbow and itopmnd Mk.
Of theeo.
Winter Lintoo 1 OM.. /1...... hwer Toys, Demertliets
Omer Tram flobletk Winia Unistoatitn i ll•dielein and
gate ists,.... „.l 4 ,, ssixtteles for &mat. swei to and Iritiilt7 .
Heating and Ventilation.
Irmtio.brraillit= bu l2
I slyr4 ototT ßno
tlYll . l.4Ttiblie sod pirat i c Moo, Lon
dnet sad Dilll4 _ for, rt=r . tgro,=
toraYttA" . "..=tga . :,ll to IL
Da :titrmtlitttlon, by nstorol at tbretti moult will
top Drew Id *hem , * &tmt.
g u lktipo =3.• daa=t ,
trlllozreg , ttlX%tmg m atzt ,
molted mon, ond stety from Cm •
S'" Zt .. " -- $ 434/11:. AttLlNStet OKX y.
Ibg, Wool, fo Saloby
.vs , MURPHY CO. •
11111LORILLE 'OF LIMF.-1.50 cooks for sale
‘,./ by syll• , 01{101611%. USURY OD.
(iiAL SODA-200 emits for sale by
&pia IIfyiNISTI% Dann a &X)
bales Now Akta4
Tk°l;r" .4
" "th"rqtaeistVZ.4 aNbr
N AILS -300 koge ase'd, for sale by
. , a. 01HalaRTFION aOO.
LAID) 014-40 Barrel* No. I Lard 011
rted tta• per D. North RI, • saa Ibr rata'hy
pt', S. 4 . /.. NAHUM:OIi.
(M.. have retalmal • Imo lot of eery aum
nor Illart almt nog !Tam optM
: .Second , Large Supply.
A A. MASON k CO.' would revectfully.
A .7. mal t t o b i n h atroLlog i or their monomers the Wm
M'a'atrkti AN la ' SUM eignigaZ=TAL gft
ure Kt the Wk. asarketa, r ami pormaned at . no
Ibroora o thou pureltadlogEboka
MM. ma no. oiler goods m Moor
pith UMT Ver_tma• l o tto pundased party lo
and Mt Mattat at:
rroBA cco- 4-
.25 bozo MyrohiL , .
- .b " Lottl..• Mug 11...;
Itt NW. , .4 fi^• nut Air ma= a'
thu gg 4 or r ted ...Ab4 Wi ta.a dilal
galas 011 k Dren Button& -
m7lO N. 11. EATON, 62 Fourth st.
11 - ILL 1 ?EPPERMINT-150 lba. (warranted
Dare DT.
._ rort R u t giguants.
tOIDERIES—A.. mit k co;
ban -Mira =nag:,
&a& Uncl•Aransi Bak ud Vetut
Rowena, r1107.01WAN..... 4
gastmrJe. - • a im. .m 6t 31artat at • mutt: •
No. '1; rot , r '•
LA = , t a - .I.II.WATIIIMANs 50:73,
p AKE: 3.. O dos..llsy Rakes; for bolts by
Lit a B.l. TON Saliti HORST MXI.
Cpxx_, 400 bn: Shelled; for bat by
• V.ODLIA FEE OIL-730 pale. SlMLfiOr Whiter
I.) far sale by 11.74151=1063. 57 Wade-
4110 TAT `
' per Nolutnnockii, for
••' Murphy & Burchfeld
Are now opening a Ghat Variety of New Gpark,.
And Invite the calls of all wardlres to perdue,.
I can navels, (laelodiko extra dal black and begs,)
Chansable sad Damyk
&homiest ar.. Clothe hott e ‘ h ‘t .. s.
Herne. Le.,
"'Needle Worked Under Blearier.
Wi'lehs Black HUE •
Elrerk i rttrtYliiiV C and IL irrtat resiel7 of Oar ,
Used', at the store of
, nu]
ancjlMA PARASOISI— We' have-just re
•. aired, at kw 62 and 64 Motet otreet—lleates plata
Oinked Paruolt, embracing all the Mile:ant kutlltlea.
which meant moaned to offer. at whaletale or renal, at a
gnat reduction Om lbonv Nice, . • : -
• nOln A. A. HAWN k CO, Market
CRAPE ERAWLS- 7 -A. A. .AtesoN .f. Co.
would Sell the attnitiost ofparnbasers to the lart
stocker pleb and embroidered Crape Shoalsnee heft.
.tahlbltq M this market. Mel at M' .. eie ProMmfli 10.'
that they flatter tbesosalms all persons can be rimed la.
. prim and quality. lion 62 and 04 Market et mrn •
White Geode foiDreasee
MdURPUT &MORO.IITABE:Iitive feed a
fun amortment of the vedette kinds of White Gad.
Lullee Dews. such am
Se mbei litulleme " Vote Mel embroider.%
.• Queen's Lawns, Aa.. . .
Ale—Priated leaner. Iduellos with cord embroider erle pre. 14.114 end a large meortment of
Mehionable Ileum Henget Cirooklince. le. myll •
Ofsox A CO. he Just resirel tee Meer Ikea tee
hoe Jemeette lad brim. , . .pl7.
t of ofo,p Goode, for Eddies. fro. 12.1 i cents to
enun's do., knriptiedi sad Ene,lnet Teed by
£ d NAOMI & CO.,
Importers,' jobbers, and Retailers. in
,YOJ. 62 and G 4 Market street Pittsburgh, Pa.,
itiMMOUNCE to their friends and the Inth
tia naaaranr, that they lire new Memo! th exhibit
e lowest and wet carefully selected stock of
they ham - o ff endmewff M this city. wmpthied of the most
ricti cad fkahlonable ahelm,u well es,
mid which will be carted at the
itbSdie/.2 . PirleZ3
at ',bleb groin edit be sold lo any ot the Kaaren Ciller.
Their tan loon Woman trill be deroteil.elosiesly
retell trade, and the gocets arranged hi mmermieraa .Is
Silk Department. •
"All the him and lbahlohable I. Impartedrthhe mason.
Well:also; the bestanakeant /nark
essGoals epartmenta
Camprialiag Pvilm,D.ram. Wm .. d. I .ld* ,
C..htmeres. Lola. Lalnsm. Muslim, Cambria...l • •
tts, Utsadlcs... Botabatines. Algae. •ita.
Saatchi, Vizettes, ke
Canton Crept Vain and embsokleted. Alen, Dwanisll.
Millet. De Wile, igehteele, CIA, Palm. rgemed do. soul
other Ehswls. Abe. Vlsettes, Paolo's, alyadyllni,
Hosiery and Glove Department
will always to wand essaplate, with the best makes et
cottons-ad Ella IlosieryZ; ihe best KM Clain always On
• • • •
Linen Department.
64, 44. lusd 64 Whits- Low. Linen Sbeeting.
cam Lin•ts. Sim4dos. Dealle4, 614446.0 sad blown Liar
- White, Good& •
Ch..k.d and Datted Cam klag Mull. Ws. na* sod
lagooklictotis and Iliehop lawn; of earn'
rt .i .o r gr e. A 1... Curtain alatatttls, Plano asal Ta
imbroideriea. Laces,' Trimmings,,.&c.
A ...mulct. &mortal:rat A 1... Itlbluma Moran., Tub,
It Parsauls 01841 Meas. liwoeta of all the lattot
Domestic Goods Department : •
T. urob ° abl; d tbaseat eutantalta In the outtutm tar
b" 2llVt7= 4l (aa l i=tiata `k rartritxt that. laultana . .
lama mad attractive stack. sad untorsalla lou
arill to pawed to recelra irbl.b orders, ' at .7' U...
..00d• at
t h e prima ablo. to duplicate mar carom bill
atsoode at the m. tamtetu TWAS.
New end tuablAubla Moods 1011 be lashed aotortaatl7.
Ilarmath the atau/A
c/A7 PRICE UB.l,
sr= A. A. UASON CO.
jr " U. 1 7.'s= ° """" al=e.' 1 1_
m ERRIMACK PRINTS--New styles fun
aVitif,Vtaroi Cbeh as Pr nu Alm .uPerwr
m7l LaINAV BUlWaltlia.D.
11. VIDE SUEETINGS—A full tuulortmen
V • a 1116rrrul myklihr sad b.% twe'd b
rl • MOWRY t uuketivieLD.
I . .;o—lturphrit Burch
fold tosits , Ito attention of lo their
P•gld /Wow Quo •
' ll4 ' Q...totems., god Cowa r tplgo goods §rentrally_
Straw Bonnet and Hat Warehouse,
No. 105 Ilkatcr
R. L i ;
, Y ; AL .. M r!it t. co& ra
N 7 O ll
,teeerte. nn
11t0.V.V.M. , -Timetp and Americas plats' sal fleet
etr Braid. Mee teitdee itente, Ler, iWte ne.!*L.l l,
lame, ie.
/1.1 TN—lletie, Testi.% well Bere. t. bon, Wary anJ
hesi.l. Strom,. hones. 1-arm
Neu' Lee teet ee. Heald, ewe, CN N el bee. Lan, MO fled,
Nose, °neer, Jester le t el, ant ether dwelt, Is greet inert,
ety them est omelette.
VIIIIIWIS-111ch Menet ANL:erne. ! 'ad TO
"AlltP-' 4 .Ptertl i g fr a.rd"Vtgral'et=itt i ted.
lketees Netts. •
.STRAW TRlSlOLVC.S—Corde,Tsemels. Nettsemlleskts
nte WENN- tteneelt and Amin*. Sylitts.blisetwes and
seratete. ride 104 meal a t ter.
Me .}AT AILK.kI A.VP .141 rissvii ../to. de Net
t ele, tint de Planate ` owed '
Planate` abet 011.. ;warted
otalittee, sod vetoes,
.etAl/Ny—Nesarted dusllUes end cedars.
Alea—iteetk sad km peened Paresrets an
Umbrellss, Beni
CASSIMERES-00 pima fancy and black.
Ilte este bT al= .11.1CBCIIINOT,
RESS LAWNS-1 cwt. printed, alOtat
tsttetr. of Pimento Cs este • •
eV= .C. Anacrirstrr.
11 ER AtiE DE LAIRS --2. cases desirable
jj, lee LT Till• ar
. op:— • : - .
Lp 188 - ONS-300 ps Bonnet, 2545 .— Cur. for
At , odaby .4 2, C. 4.ILBUTICiker.
Wll. DVilire, lrlo.lMLLotras• Botort.
rwery low 1.1 lam pow. nook of Wooblonab/* Good.,
abot•d lo tionflologeS Woo fix ?saw tom ottani tbo
1100000 mks to /maim, Encll4b and irrodi ~..l-merpo
merpo • Ivor .01/041,1 •olortspf et of tonal oarl Cloth/
of e ury faabloo•b/a OULU sat calm: olrb, laormlll,
wokso . lll:snuffa , oinzol . :l2. of 11 • T 1.11. D
woks ow: Of tho I Woo all orihkb the
b .OO Mate
if ON ormlooll to oforiit *orb wino •• loll' maid.. all
01. woo bif• vr kik ..s.a. dud Dal ooly th e nog roforhor
otbloo 0 roLl al OA. sotabllstonoot. bol ./... 111 fb• too
orlon In b• et, • . .
'..' All orlon 1 , 1 . 1!• Tailoring Ilea osoeutod. Walla. to Ih.
boy-if...lKr *et, ant Al th• amt.:loaf/is,
, --
011, CLOTHS, 8;c.
la near Coo.Ya.tlr receteMat Ida Oracla Stoat or
Candilanais With. ataambiX 'natal*.
Extra r.ox*J vo,ve Mla arp.tx do. do. Tnattuter Dm*
agLe s de. do. Prompalg palm vapor. 3 ply; mternm 2 Oil
-la. Impala; ektra Pm dacl Pm des commando.; cottandnd
14.34. 04. and 2-4 I.ll4d•lancintacm 44.,34,:54, sad 2oi,
plain clad 44,64.44. and 24 nand nod nation do.
Eaten Menttle floode do: extra tuna' de.; not
ao doclmuctuat do. ioe Matta Paled 10. do:
compn do•Ald; Advhdda dr, eiccl Thema do. do- •
Clotta.. ma du. •llocig Ina 124.04. and 24. -
4144—abect Itnl Clottri, oatMTe artll hail or nu m.
84.74:64.14, 4-4. and 64 Ott ameba • •
. . . .
Altof talt Rod. of se AA. Grp} Mod hook lattetr.
frac Itme do.; f/-4,14.ent13.4 Metticuoc'eabloLiroar, CT
sad tots.: SlootAhook Ao. I . tatiotatvot Window tihrits.
DIM Wlndott itolloodx Ott WA. 11.11n4r. Embossed etato.
thwerc TAM. 404 do. EWA 4.4 WOoredlUte 4.
sod Aurebard our stool &root from the
ettorottebrat4 Ystotriee. Wing of the lath and watt Att
moved ark: Asti Atka. we anpw 000. l to WI to our
Mete!. antl all/looters at pry " , As Iva At [lvy ea. betook
" Zte ". .z=lf th *5 to . eigiad ersalo our Wok Al
The Carpet W . arehonae, 85 Fourthl street.
focbl9 W. Iic.CLINTOCK.
11 od AWLS A-DRESS GOODS-15 eartotta
of the m hottdostablt openjoit tat A- A.
§thel A are.
'ANN We, of new tteie u. blur. eef.•
eges,Poplient.'loaohrhos. tad Jarchtott. .1.14
'Mammy Am now anon the* Epring onpnlwar
0:1 ' 111 , c git—VVl al F E Z at . aseVis i' w2 tik
roan Ut.t
carroN UOODS-2 cases ,Cotton pout
dolt/Int I.ft...tied &mule by.
.a 0124 11U111911t CO.
Ohio Laboratory.
76 411 11.
'tiiu .•
95 li
'.!!: a-"' '99
Per cent. Strength. • -
b DWELL FLETCIIKit ac CO, Binnufantn
rvn of ALCOHOL; Puy. rphity Aso C010¢065 and Drift,
14P" ka •
,`•`,"prr.gig-4.`71 taubt= .ufb. P..;PUi Oka
of towoot motet pokes Oo17: r
Wines and Liquors.
n. ricacista, of Ilitabuft.l It. a. voinolu• of $. Y.
ICKEISEN & STOUVENEL, respectfully
F 1 antnono• to the pnbilegynatial 3 lf, end th eir Mos&'. 4:4lb..,matar..i'.
way. keep and Ana:4l27mA of lha tan ant —nonlle ana
Wrench nd whits Winn. Alao..rnilnh daok i9d.rl.,
n.adim of Ina rboiont •Iniagen Jamaica rum, ItOllMl
gin. I flab tlblakey.cinunparita and rparislitot host tslssoos
° cis, ntnat appforod brands, tart Iris ., litadain4 Anal/
and atuant Winn. Attiratba, fe. Alao,nolloas, unhand
bantam 5, /Awns and ilmbingh Cheese. All ofwbleft the,
will tailorholnala of retail, .nth. moat otaanwablo imam.
gaig.2.l MT"' t',l . thl.'6°" u slV,:ig,
ti enalliol to sell 11taans soda batter andel+ lb= .011
tithe .. 1 . 1 l: .. a rt. Man ii,.,.. 041, tenant you
libffjtio: Mos
10. ostpollsol fon of attrition.; Ind .t the
itib.l CARD.-1 have removed to TBS now store,
(Woe don below.) neatly °Dwell* lbi Bank of
it, when! wlll 4s illa4 to an my Mot& and bah
. minna, and nod,. a a of tbal: Matta. I will
Rtaii7 va17.1.a• anofttolitt of ololdna BialtandlW
din Cntled flai. tl_onng, it., m.u....
Ng natter 1Z10W u., , , M
. ate h tillows jiltit.44lnlit4:
fin i=tili. 111 4 muff Wel. uniZi'fotnnl in en
estandra wanadlobinenta ma< kind. Otootrosprot.
toll ooltostost tad roost Promptly lillod.
PI Win. NOBLIf. ntoratfeet.
itlllo,Toe • " •
33e• Erin.: of lire=
far ula " 1,7" WIL!'"I'llotnot
ItY WILITIN&4O bbls. for WS b
OCILA COFFEE—For solo by
apIT W/I.II.IIeCLIMO a 1,0, Gram.
fa , 11,A,1113E5 7 ;410,1f bopecie
r amtior, suit
correaleat And Pa ola. tri
ANGANESE--54 bblearomad, for Glut
L Mikersoti tab t 7 BICINETT,CaII&T &
tplB ' Wear street 1
IG FRON-60 tons Forge and r 'Fmodr3.
eeceteteemeet,En. Ns by
- - GROCERIES; - &b;' —
FLOOR --240 Mils. Extia ands; F. for sale
bl"mays B. WARVULLY & BONS.
111RIED APPLE 4-300 sacks for sale by
1-1 MIS ' •' L. O. WATERMAN !SM.
B UTTER—In boxes (fre .l. ) B
pE . A g L 5-29 , bys. fa!' proth
INSEED OIL-20 bble. for sale by.
A mr7 .1. &ZAN
ALERATUS-100 bza. and laArre,
b. 7 DIY Yale by =yr 0
,:es for sja.liettzu)
UTTER-6 bbl,. Fresh. for sale by
vezz - ;,• JALDILIFORTIIa Co
FBAIT-7AO Dr . ied , Peac!ien . b
tie' 24
QITEER'S OPODELIM-6"gioss superior,'
m. .at. br & N. IVICESIIBLIAM
sr= earnsr Wool and Sixth streak
PPLES 7 -7 bble. Dried Atmles for sale by
atol • • r JOILNITION.
.p.n D A P PLES-300 builirs=
SUNDRIES -7 casks Phase; '
& Eber.
. .
100t'. ti
I sat .
1 M ,7 ' l6 rif • d b
UGAR-59 bilde. prima N; O. for'sale by
.IVIOLASSES-2.0 bf. bbl. 5. 11., for sale by
M. itp2l JAS. DALZILLL. 011 Witar rt.
H0!,14Y-14 f_erkins (freehltfloge
HIED PEACILES-50 sake for rale ho
1." .V 29 WI& JOMEITON.
Th RIED PEACHES —3OO bu. for sale by
ay. eon I • .. • k .
WHITE WAX-I' i ste s Ai w ir ar grzt . by
CORN -25 Ws. for sale by '
.pn B. P:TONICONN1101182 it CO.
ItACM-1500 lbs
" • SOO BLUM vt reedTedand Ox
8. F. TON 80,18110 Rn 4t CU.
Inn bbl. No. 18111=Gtr. o
30 do ,44 do d
Ca he& Nc.. 3 Markerrh
75 hfdo do
10 do Wa. I trimmed Ehodf
_on hand sal
for Akio br Nool • JCILN WATT AC O.
AI and
bY, in herametSmlly Beard koies.
F 131.
W.A. 11XLITRO 00.,
=1:1 Liberty W.
DRIED PEACHES-29 MAL op consign
Men awl Ar lial• by •
FLOUR -SOO b:Aa. S. F.. core .
mrs.. & H. 1/1311.
H AMS--30 mks Eros% Er Swift's S. U., for
• TATOES-030 sacks for sale
S.• w. minivan.
OTTON-150 hales for sole by
DRIED fRUIT - ' ' • -
a* en,. Dem Path=
• EL Du. brkki Ampex *a ale by
my 6 1861.0.11DICEZY it W.
Corner of Woodand Ifalrorto, Pim/yrs/6,
LEAVE NOW IN STORE, and to arrive this
creekthe following soolo of the mot nowt /mon ,
ans, .2646 on clout co the oral reemosible Como
113 catty bozo pear wren MO.. 14,4 *.t Lion
1 43 hf. chat& 46% do 60 tocJok 4stra pare Btocic
Ocorg 4 Ch a s 23 63162t0c
13 1 05 Ri*
x 4164 3 : v •
oakA • '
14 toon'srro 4 '
SS bill - 141;7i17211Th Mack.
S andda N0..1
wbox*. sad do. &sled Ifert Palmlog;=
1300 ostnjiodded -
1 - Clove,
nr.F ."" a • V l'Pk.'
- • b.,`"?.T5144i,
Of. owed/ego Rs/shg '
GO drum* Siam. nem
2.1 Jars
IW. Ikedeani,P2.6?..4
6 0 leguiltock Candy;
- Gamow 1.1116.24
10 "*"".
• doape
12 dee. WM/see Sew
1!b1. sup. Carb. Swiw,
. _ 1 Cl2O
( 1114: s tr.t;
45 bua. flelkrier
- Mar
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000 Prln eltums pe &sr;
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DU gran Lad Pt: nuts.
lea. NWbrd.X: all. 49_ml $1.14
. •
200 Ws. w!.ter.B , Mi. out
. . . .
1 , 3u0 gall. Lamp Oil;
100 tea.,
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N. 0. dam odel Itoldmeede Greed den tie
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dral adeertmed. at meld tedell -_.
seld try Eallisa mr.
Mead Lint amed.mid63. if 3011411,
OtTliti-13 bales landing fromate. Cape
-1.54.°R,L.,,,t• taaiivicarld Ibr b , by
ISAIAH 'D11.4111 CO..
toT - 1 . -Weser wad Rant
FATHERS—S. bags for sale by -
C UG-tit, MOLASSES, ko
-75 DN. K. O. MIS= .
50 AO& Rattle lirostrol 5151amob
5171755 lieJ yam; busdbuorod for do by
5771 . IS Wstor. mul 75 Pint A.
1 1 LAXSEED-60 bu. fur sale by
MORSE'S Compound Syrup Of :YELLOW
D°611 "" 4- "b9.1.41111a=a,_,: — .
sod far sate by
- bold Azoot Wostrzo IhrtiosTmodo.'
• on I • comet of Wood add litzth oda.
y Rabbles &ip Powder. tta rrorthwortlelejostree'd
=4 kw eel. br U.
tor3_ ' : Wood street •
111ALK-10 bbla. for sale by .
Large and:substantial two horse wagon
/IL with Inn axles. tn. nil= !mashie terms try •
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Da. Putnam hand;
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Jun rwe'd wou&rutnst bum 14" .r 4 . 1 1d szultynakbunr
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1C1A . 001 , 1-7000 lba7llo. .reeeivling
15,* b r
UNDRIES-100 sacks Corn; " -
17 I a b • l4 Walad r" .•for salt by
ap2a JUMP DALIXLLOSS Water le,
MACKEREL—SO bblo.. No; 3;
oi ' 4 J AN •leNbr
lINTILS Received and ferule by.,
Omer, lug Tee Doodas.
A LC01101, 7 , 10 bbbk. fcTr solo by ,
is, mai R. LUC RR
0 bbl. &plied, for sale by •
R: P. WI 1...1N, 147 first m.
LEAD .C . SIIOT-410 Lead;
.14.1 ling.
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lyri.cui molar In ?rigtral ~ . .goa.starcl ftz
frOBACCO-25 kegs Grdgo 6 twist for wale
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CIOFFER7-160'lagi . pritue Rio, for sale by
by A. A. Mums noes of wr otyleo Lovas oti4
reaka on hand; for sale
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TAT I 13-7 bbl,
side br .14,3
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111.111111 DICEZY I CO
br uM br •PVI
' 12 .bbla on hand
isatan DICE IT & CO
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sad jai.e, for sale by
1.A.M3 s CM
THE KT46,41. boxes for sale by
0 1 0-. J. D. W/LLIAII3 Cu.
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IPLEIXSEED OIL-10 bbla. prime, Ire
Ju , Somerset comets, W eels LT. _
goo aorng WATS* 00.
SANETI.FUSE-43.bbla. in stoie;
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C l l', 4l ",>° bl,''.=)l2sze
rIASSN-100 Maul for sole b 7
1 ATIIS-25,0 0 Q Sawed Laths,-beet.will.
ty Bu loal. 67 BOBJPON k LITTLE it CO.
12.11.41N--.1.10 bu. Outa;
0,5103 " 3130. 13 /We_ _x_
4013 • • • sumizaa BilL
Pittsburgh' Life Lisaktuice Carapaa.
THIS COMPANY `wee ificarporated in
renrcin, 1151. •ith • Punta' Chaster, wed has
commenced buatnees on • capital of Stfonetnn.
The Campus, dam ban...both on the Joint Steele an ••'
Motels' plan.
-4.lte the JoietStock plea the rate are Ote-thled 1112 than
dune charged by blutnal Companies.and FtfuseaPer Wet
loner than the rates of mad btocn Oompardee. • •
blutnal rates are the same all thew adopted broth er ' .
Neely oneducied Compuetne. Theew (named on the mean
al plumps Care the combined neculeittee furnished by that
of •Insurance. andthe Capita end berPine land wr
me Joint Stock department. • • .
The Charter permits the le - renting of w ife.
00 Illy,
In' anery Perm, locludinn the rtotbt wife. chtletien: pee
"unto. neletbens. friends or credllenr-to Insane the tire of
another Pr theiroern exclusive &Ohl
lieepem the parbfeel=at the an. of IA Zbe 60, CS.
at the optlmof
June" P. noon. l'reoldeab • '
Pummel IleClurkane Vice Preeldenb
Jceeph S. Lerch.
Charlene A. Cotton. becretary.:
James 8, Boon. ' Japer h Leed .
Jan 8. Dlhrorth, Cbar/e• A.Ooltoa
ISamuel Wm. Philllps.
Marahiap r 3 Kidowft
Joceph Oarst=. M. D. - St littera Addict.. Ir. 11,
Jere=leh brook IL ' Ettrlostoat 31.
ihcoothritto ..Persicieret.
Esztotel DIntoth:111. ~ 4f boolchneld cheer. •
Itotert border. IL, 103 Fourth street, • '
John erection:, 31. D. V Birth stretch •
Wm. /Sch. Mormon. 3L. D.. lin Liberty Motet. '
Dr. Dilworth will be lo attract.= at the aim wool
day. at 12 o'clock. ,
Moo wto bare spoken for an iorrorf. ere revOclok to
all, take thehtoeporhand comroccetel79l.llolsl bethwlth.
grraT% iN'lg
e bcte r
On*ofLb.ooollO7 NO 7O Vatatll greet. :
my3tolOwl4 C. A. COM:ft Beef.
.ate Mutual, Fire Insurance Caraway.
BRANCH OFFICE—No. 54 Smrraruam Stiller;
Dlr.-tore In code...log to make Lb. STAZI I MITTIA
PULE' INZLWANC.IS COMPANY upset the wood of
the 201211200117, 12 lit• unparalleled amount. of bathes.
which has then door, having tenth 7.16/0 Policies durith
the past yeer, thereby adding over 6160P00 to the fund.
thethathay. Neutral) the plwg.rty . nred t. a the
kind In dean Make, and • 1ar1ep.166.1 0 .1. 6 . 6 .
for only oth r
Whole No..' Pollear,
ed+ 1.1061
D. do. eryrd,termthated, cancel. sra •
Dada In foree.: ... - TAOS
Arnmat of IlowiT . o ' oe $.48 ' 4410
Do. oluocelat. teruthatol, %s -
Lb. Premium 79,676 • • .
110. canceidi, terthlusted,ththed- .G 5 10.
110. cs.t, 111,047 14 •
Do. do. do. .
ssl,=. 90
Whole aced Imre gildrepostso eepaid....171,41145
Iledanse 10 Lev. of the 00., In csatt-.1 f 11210. 445
To city or oothtry rnewhante. sad ~vs of dwelling..
and isolated and muddy tava•-.7. it d 60101604
pant affords advthtathe In point of cheapens, waken aced
aethity, ltdortor to sr Insurance Cbmpany tbd
thndocted tbe equitable and grincir
of thaesitlcation of Ithld, excluding all
curing only • liddb. am 2DY the o
eluding the frequenry onat
ead_occurrethe of IMP. Ann sos o
ado on both the litoek apt Mutual pith. It stotWgi t =
ma the cheapness. and wthuothdatlon of both
but entitled the to a parded... in I h. •
Dlreetorohn P. Rutherford, A. J.oll.lett.,B.l . :Jonee.
, 5
1000. Curler. Phil. C. Pedgeriek. Ethmel Jthee, Dan
Alot. John B. Parker, John B. Iththerßord.
J. P. ItUTIIDEPVILD, Presided.,
A. J. GU,LEIT, 00121111127.
Cm.. Actuary. .. , 01131
B.—A &rip Dirldend of 88010 per cent: un e0e4106
poldies hth been coeds.ell by-the three.., and It now re.
ctivetde at. this Mee tor nonothl. or renthonablalw
c ub,
the end ot ninety days.: A. A. Gnu
Franklin Fizeinrarance Co.:of •
1111RECTORSI Charles W.Taneker
iy W. Richards, ihro.:'Wart. 3loadacki D. Lode, Tobias
,Awn., &IW. P' Ow* Smock Gnat Dodd
Jacob R. eolith, Norris Y 0.1878011.
CIO vo y.Wo,NCE.EW. Prraidont..
' this Womaor oontinwo tomato Inoraram. ponabrbOW
or emery dweriprioa of Property t
bona awl
country, at. ratty solar OR or. oposiatent with owarttxr
Sbo t.k.pacty barereirrred.
which. with their Capital' sot EtelatoreWl.
afford a utos of to Wawa and.
The autos of the Cotopaoy,oo sooary 104851. or. Pu
b ogrocably to: tha Lot, ,Aaaerobay. ammo. 10/Warro
* - GLO W OO
1 G4,3PY
-• • 81.:'70 , 11 44
• Rom rhea le•orporallt • D•ricd :IL y•m• they
bass paid upwards of Om ihownsie Ilondosd Thomas:A
Dolls:, Laws by lbw. thereby ado Wilds oWAL.OLI
• advantages of Ituittrassee, se well as thoW ability
position to swot with p J s AN EK tXWNs r4mt
• .
016 Met B. X- earner of Wood sod 3d at.
Pena Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
.11L(rica J. Floncy,jr., deceased.) No. 233 Liberty stmt.
tra . Os better nob real e .. of perms,
lower part of the city. the went may allot* foaled daily,
from 11 to 12 and r to 3 o'clock. at the counting cocactof
J. dedommaktr Ca; No ft Vocal Meat, vbete eirto.-
211171=1.1g10311.0.1 rellaltUd GlRCllltuvkla2ll2
. ES.
ly attradeci; to. PL:O the Piled
betuatte of Llfi lanarenat, wed Wait ATE e fa air
avaicatioa. • -
.P.pital stock orerep.o.oo3 sad coartataly learradre; — .
Prodis divided annually ernoapt those Waned fee LIN, •
Pittrbursib..lati. 31.163L—ii.34
Marine, Fire, and
l ace. T
ra Lib InntranceCo mpany of-North America,
- red VMS.
vary x.L.5 W. Will =AA imuraace
budding, sad tbair contents. m fats .M 7 and aan also
00 royalty of mem Mamiption:sbappol . per steamboats
sad other remsdr. ratter bt InlaaatransportaMator on tha
. .... ... „ , .
*Mbar G. Ctn.. Past, Vaas. P.CW., • • .
Damns/ W. Joni, Jobs &Neff, ' -
Edward Emlll4 Richasd o.n 4014 '
John L. Dram r - William Walsh. ...
esamisi v. e=it.b, • n..... 1- liwkw.
Miami )Hook,E. Austin .4/1111atsi - . •
Chatiss Tarim. Was. E. Dow..
Assam* W Mier, , Gams. Airman.
thmarg, Seer. r
Shis a lr rW ststat i est .l' ltistramics . OmmanTla Ma unftw State.,
IDat tram Its lalsitt tanding, loait m=tla 1= . ..........,7
sail maidlacall risks of -an man ass
th. h ta .
" 'ff.rl'li nit ntra Ag x...b. .
Da4 Nta 111 trma, street.. "
American Life and Health. Imam= Co.
Agent for PitOburgh, GAEL. D. TOWLE,.
Patayhleta coattlalagnrl " rinh."-
obtalaeo at the am...talisttf • '
,Westerti bunzesmce — Corapiny of Pittibirtgli.
CAPITAL 13300,000. L.24ILLER,,
% ." 1/I insure agaLest .11 lands of risks, - V. ind ..11grine.
All Issues will be libersilf adjusted sad pimply paid'
. A hunts instituttool brlnrectoncelto are
Inoue in the complunitr, and wtd. are' deteruthetd by
two c e d ed. ur. ye tesintalti thernsrsutevehieb •
Te men. as olferlog tlts best protection to thou I
who genre to te Inured. . _
Dtsscross-11. Ore. 11. a. s•
Cola., Jr., Wett. IL Hazen C. lbrosen, Gen W. Jaclts.4
Batley; 0N:
Wro- Lfuesfatus* Iniurgott, Wargo Dards, James 31 ,
Alger, Alsr: Maga. Thou Peat. _ •
mire, No. U 2 Wand stmt. (narshOt. B W/If L..
an stairs.) Pittsburgh. - • Ju.Sgilp
Delaware Mutual EafetlansanaweCoimp'y.
CILANOS, Itdrd 'Vett, Ptaudelpntk,
Ytesend other
[MU Writ wad uountru. horand again las or
by bre, at the lowest rate of premium.
Slums Issresuca—They aim Insure Vessels,
mat "'reliable, Mrstya or mammims, =Met etWia.
policies, r. Use sentred may dmtre.
IstaYn Ilwarouramos.—Sher aLo both. Merthendlee
Multerhterl be Warn.. halt mad tan. thmel boats, and
Mans boat*, cm rivers and Lakes, un the most liberal termL
Durectma.—.l Gmbh li. bear, }Amaral A. bowler, John C.
N.M./total llurtati Jed:ult. Renton. traneel
tterese . C. Leiper,'Ldeard Darlinnum,lmme It, Der% WU.
Damleen, Jan Neelbs, Dr. R. M. Hosted. ilinneso C.
Mend. Sbeobbilus Peubliag. 11. ;ones /boob!, Usury
blown,'lush thals.. thorn. Fenn!. Spouses Meilmlitb
(Marko Kelly, J. tr. 4oburon, Wm. flay, M.S. Thome,
John teller% Wm. Rm.
Dllcirlt.w a r .
railaliClUM—u. T. Morgan, mush Craig
Wrtuss Lsam, President Taos. C. Mob, Ilka Pre*
dear. Jame W. C0e . .., Sees Mary.
‘4ll9)mcs of the 0.01*Z7. at Water street, Pitta ,
harjLfoa.ttr P` P. 0. MAD 6111.4., Muth
Temperancevilla and lirobLastawn Plank
Boad Company.
VOTICE is hereby given to the Stockhold-
IA v. of mid toot that tusks payniant to
a nomad, Treaturers of ti k e said. ecnapant. of WI,.
Dollar. on each slam of the stout. on Ito loot Monday In
own sod amp moth hentalter, mall the whole gook la
paid In Wl—an toad be graded and bald/pat
Aar ath, 1161. Tee Ptcekboldats ate' requested to be
prompt and punctual In ante paltallen. ' • , : •
• - IL It. !SEWN; Ynnldent.
IRAD PlPE—Cornell'a improved patent
A Leta Plot tot Ugrontn.
g ilyd=o ' ..
• Instanzo, An .
All d. . on hond and to arnoo, nor We byl
L.llVeoot ttroet.
Seed Store Removed. •
THE stiburiSerhae removed Ws Seed Store
from Second meet to the building recently oeraided
r. Reed se • TallorShop. er , 'Thint 'tree, firmed lap
rontlataiy oppoalte the Peet ufltv.
existing between the sabseribm, under -the styisi of
Fleming i Co. is this do dlesoleect twat:till
. Ira
the or R. K. Fleming Is waterbed to , 'nee the
bIT e of
the We turn In the settlement of thele hndnea
The partnerehip betetelben Wenn st between' t e e
" n:leed oinl " l.;:t i gy 4 o 7 i . Jiel h et l i tiZbl b ilttu w arentW
sent bsetlbwe Either of the su 0.01 alteaw la tenting UP
the baldness, a4nl are sotborttelt to.* Unman 06 06. 1.0.
One iw . 0 6., ~,,,n. Ns.llll n i r t. 4 :2 1 - cir .
' N 7.l EF:TRlSl:::— ,, B: — C ,. ...S ' h ii nel7kl u e:t:t e an w o. : " Vr ix : ta illii . a - m .
Payne, as general batmen , and &Anna. 0 1Trie•V
Bads business under the tirna et B. C:Bhaeklett £llO,
•44. •
step lately oreupled by Bbaelitett 2 While, NalOt
Weed strode, • • • • 11. C. 211ACICI.M. • .
. !Alt , WM. - PAYNE. '
Itlo-IARINERSIIiP—The sub4cribers hails
V.texed Iwo Co-Pvtaerstatmler dm .171 m ar,pzgy,.
A a Okely, - WAIFS..
JAMES A1E1.'1811,4 . '., ...
.. . . _
1•31 JulDl, 4. OILKLY. ._
G RAIN -610 bu.
Erc_for ale by
L. xi. WATIMILiN t 80148.
.nos., HOSE 1 1 HOSE 111-Jcurt, road
hoot the llanothetorr 80dan.3030 Aiello:11a Bede
era eine rutging froall to 2.Y Inched In diameter
nit Me, la tar larerior to any bon matothectored .
leather. Ibr hydrant., onoduottn,a.or Matzo atorpoont.
We wash It to be dretinetlr undereinxt that rear/ tub a
raw that goes fnam otrr enabilatunent b netranted Ihr
tw peepane Intended, or the money reranded. Jam toy
It. Yor eldest the India Rubber Dem, Tim 9Wood In.
era/ .1. /1 PHILLIP& t
. .
1 TEAM YACKING--4000 pounds . mixed,
Plea end nen India nether Naha/ frtha 1.3 to
than etelthmernented lo be the very beet Pea=
thr. now In we ; for the L ibbovithr punthee:
there., Keith Rom Join t• beam Chews, Cyleeder
Er . t1r2417 Norealo se tbet ..bvelth/iut. •
*ow . • a Hood .
. J. i IG 111111.11%."
.1.../ellettateat cam" ouperfor Atha! Mtge, Mood sod
ban= Covers 01W:tutu paw: 4, lw not to b. 0urp99•91 OT
s et ape su►
nano of the mattufajorh .15.1 A wfae me 9
Wood of..
mill • • •J.. 9 LL PHILLIP&
S •
, a. No. 8.5 Market etreet, ta sal. die's ructeratepriercr
, inytr 7uunee kALMEts.
eacts OloseMG
b Wee here!
3 o gets Dried •
MU XCOgr. kin reed sad kir mho bi •
a4l 4.1.411a11ia11a • • al,
`.'. "` '"'IIi~D7CA~
- - Needles' Cgelirated - •
CMPOUND.--HuthocK ••-, PLASTER."' ;
ShoeMaar medicated plasters Lan boo =id. ke
l'a th " dming Irbtrn time thiti
WifrO st;M:2ri'israrieTra.'.
Oda. of this.looa. lattneam. to whom th eir eatupad
tiott • hal been ntbadtkat. hens. given 0.0 most Mateling
..02.011 4 . .. ,. . 0 .th * Panni.t Irtne tsVeVan steer eissr •
- .
/ I . l .aranaatief tails Caarlyesithin. aayy aurfan aPe
Yanactly aocataaad. nod than ad - tank&
, Pato La ap __ •
pareanasallailag vita tab: mart data .
is patn. ia tha.braa.ratalang La. in:O.W galas
an. wash. an d *coal pans la 11: au*. b..../02
aiyaaa. es body. IlletilanaapLay Anima.. is aa-ta:. •
daemon La A. a razed_ rla I tuataga,tbak e• •
3anaria7ol'qoatward *Mt...Wm ' path orlialanat"" -
.I , •tp4l l 4 , l rd na i r : Lb=l „b blitt . elnlany=omi.d.....:
Cann amen nar_di Lan kid , aga. ika. that: sa••
tirryttlearal e rtma b ru= " 4tY 1"4" t1a%
arllealan. Toandlaz i adraMltajlaumatle pa n& tuft
rbas togr. ugi'g'ireit=4,,"-
I' saleoanAcsalaaati retail, ' • -
metal „Er.,E.WIZES. - 117 a. .. 7 •
ISH. for rirlinz a beautiful glop to Lana. lefaalasa.
brim Oallon.BErtlkaaaah a.d V I kinds of arMl.!
sue prettuta I t
Lroa Secza aditactsSaa
from markt= It oontaba aotaaar orlon. to Cm. b s
any rorptel.-- Vat lane. Immo ka , IC
or such Da article, osal ia this their await*, arill
IT realfsad, weertapetilloa Is fiaraj !Mer s a' yo
•v. B.—ooo ao itut,:ao " 000 of daiim, imt me
Wally should Dr without lt. •. -
For solstT:n=394..:lLKl4l,llleirglessi
"Then are mons thane In loath ani scabs
'Man me demand of in philosophy..
TITVIRTUES of,thier:xearkable reme
, end Use owniant applic rn ation for It, to the propel
env, has lasted him tom ve Una up in bottles. with Sel
ale and dilations. for the haat of the .
The lISTROLZUII to monad from a well In Mb "
4r. at a depth of four hundred feet. Se a axe. n
althea ay chemical change, but i pirnia.
tow lam Man's last Latatory: That cantata '
teener Pa reachiseg number of lsaa, Is no lunar • '
matter of so nesepalzdy. Thera ore many things In the ar•
cane of nature, whPh. if Loam t-ht be or vast meal.
MeathalmailaLenfraing. end restoring the bloom Of
health and vigor mar a sutra.. Lag bona the
pada toont of paling Mop had +taut.
Won for the curt of thaw.. Tbe constant awl dent lama ,
sing calla Melt, rat able earns It OW per:
itumed. ten cure ladeation of atalon popularit7
wide mead arolleatlem in the care of Mace.
do tot 'ebb to mete a tam ee , ede arillateese
we are conscious th at the mediethe can am ark
Into the favor of those who wider, and wish to he h
IVIDrt. we do not claim for it a universal aralicatkm fn avf
'errdises.e we , trbeAtathtglT car UAt in sa.tonter
emunorated—ell Inas. of th. mum. teethes, xr, en
Adratids ad
SPEPPI all dam A. esPa of ths ha, Dumas of the ifeentha UT-
Blades arel•Zidnem Pains In the Bea or Side, Ponca _
thaw , Zenalieln Palo. Itheurnatiellae r lore, Knelt •
O.; Teter. Ringworm% DM2.. Oka ems
go. An In awe of deaths". ranting from @tram. or
long and protracia eases of dna.. this medicine all
being It will act as , TONIC and AMA,
ATIVZ th atch raga. Woo ....ST to me
whole haw, removing antra siCielit the et
function; width case data and a' an anti=
fisl i gasAl e nventl m
prt rd i. r . ew: l l, to all
of rdr a
that falai ...rather treetowat, tel well seder the nee _ _
of the PETEOLIPM for a Start time. The woof as be
even to ay pavon,who desires It
lions gomneltant thwebroatuns of the promiettsva
th e e . Bop br 7M. _
atoh Gaol Zsidn
ViM ear stmt..
• ALIO., by IL B. BElthwite. IT W
ard et,
comer "Wood street end Virg. dlleT7A•
a n
tunthdly his render!, eeprd.ted Aireut.
k NOWaII men who'dre Rick and afflicted
% Mel dim. of. the Bladder and Kidneys. with dame ,
am pains in beck or llinhe. AB/ /War. old winu•tulf .. .
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enrol .old cases of,Diarrbora, In abut 01.7 Mho ,
has Wu . of avail: Al:a local ' remedy In bur= and
scald. it Is better than any medical on:appendage ointment
that we know of. /t will cure ettlibloarte sad Boned Sod.
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ed of the truth contained In the shore statement. bT eon.
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dint of that eminent ph Doctor Physic, and to -
graduate of au University of Pennsylvania. and for thirty
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cam and the application of remedies thereto. -
Through the me of his Mention tube s ineiramettli
his prochylactic fip-urs and other of hie remedies, ho hen -
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and fatal maladies Initercular Conetturpticen Cessna.
Eicredola, Rtieconatierch Aram.. lever end di.. Venn"
,all bled. Chronic Erysipelas, and all those obatinate din
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The Ift r, Cceett U. Grinnll, late AL C. Th e floo. Eat- -
H. 810 lategapxr.. Um. ,7olut A.. Dix, late LT. 8, Ewa
tar. In ~err, Esq.. Editor of the Spirit of ths
Timm sad a host of other Meting:tithed auras of New -
pork, who have folly tested Its ments, have permitted Chi
Proprietor to refer. them.
As itis well km= that Pabtht Mediate* Etwoot,
ally patroellard brthe teamed, wealthy end wollhe
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This alhddoe.'or natures remedy, is pmpend tie® . ;sq.
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Tu the /leaders of the Pittstiorgh . -
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be keened tu try any winos who Dare doubts On atm sat, ;
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