The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, June 10, 1851, Image 4

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, . nicE OLDAIIIp.CTI MI..
rd rather' theniO.titile4;_oiil. bell
In reek]ess disiordAzing. • '
•••••• tom stoostharmamom swell, 0.
Thoughllara'selle Lidd should sing.
• i thens is Stlanguagn In its sound—
Mut aim* in toad=
.1- • Calling:bright images around— ,
• iteatorin' g pleasures gone: •
It falls on mylong-exiled enr,
To mike the dead Ore;
Friends, kindred, early looes appear,
Ana early hones revive.
. _
i;ot:Orpiltros, be wham fabled lyre
-Gaye breath to stocks and stones, "
i.k.ould halm:nth wondrous life inspire
• • As thatold tiell a !era tones: • •
-A bhild,'onee more, inSunday suit, • -
• pemis tny tooth;rS side, .
sey•teiyish ,'
rattle te
Lest Gotland she should chide.
A youth, with glowing fancies fraught,
The long-lost thoughti arise,
Ao when ; in well-known pews, I caught
fair Etat lore's soft eyes.'
Inman, Lioled roe ago and worth-,
'The fa here of the race;
' , And busy memoiy.ealls them forih
Totalca .their honored plane.
But...father, mother, early lore,
:And early hopes are tied;
friends who now my heart etrine mole
~-41.4.deene mo front the dead.
end ClLfUl . ge hes iimae, on me on all
- The very house of Troyer
fillellaught but thy familiar. call ,
itie there. • •
• Jting out, old hilt! Thy noisy chime
Ie music to' my hind; •
Ring, ring,•utel drown the voice of Time,
Lest dreeme and all deport_ J. B.
' . Best Rooms.
_Amon all. the follies, prevalent in. the
!middle classes, that of sacrificing family
:eon:d'art and convenience •tti - the absurd dc
411's- of having abut roam, is 'one 'of the
:most ridieelous.. • Let it not be infer* - 4
'.' that we _consider good furniture, elegant,
%cnrtains, and• handsome carpets, as super...A
dunces luxuries for people in iilebeian St to .
" --fat-Irene it. Consistent taste and prod art
', display are to be its riineh„ 'admired in e
' house of a commoner as in the' saloons 'o e
• noblenaan; but when a room • is set apart in
.rt small domicile as•the mere receptacle of.
company, and all in that robin held sac d
to frigid ceremony and ostentatious pret n
- does--when 'chairs are cased in _ll-ol d
jackets, and the carpet puts on a Olaf' re
of the same material for months togetheq—
' when the apartment:is literally shut la
indicating that fartuly comfort lies a
within it, then may the best room be c n
derailed as worse than useless.
, .
For our oivia part, we think there is
something perfectly .terrifying in,. bemg
• asked into.a stately and fine drawing room,
the pillished. bani shining with unnatural
brigiatnee4" the' fire irons arranged in stiff
angles., evidently never appropriated to their
_ purpose; the' table most geometrically sty&
-with glossy; unread volumes of rubbish;
• and the besilked and betasselled sofas.lonk
ing as if they'were intended. for anyth g
- ' bet sitting on. ' We give' an involnn
shudder as we, are left to gaze on :.c c ostl y
- chimney ornaments and -japanned - scree s,
while the lady of the house is most pro -
bly making a rush to execute the•meta r..
plume of dress and cap. 'We would much.
' rather have been introduced to the comition
. parlor, where we should have beheld so no
urgns of .vitality, and thawed ourselveli into
good humored cheerfulness; but then and
'there we might have beheld a basket !of
• etockingeand socks undergoing the process
of repair; the young mese:eight have been
lugging the chairs about, and left a tailless
'',horse and li.vrheelless cart 'in the fdre- ,
grOund; we might Bre formed iniapicums
that - bloaters had been among the matin
- , .1.-.eondiments; and 0, most dire of all ! We
linight have found the mistress in a exile
-*hat rumpled morning wrapper, and' a --
"fright of neap." Still, we should greatly
; prefer
,the risks of breaking our neck over
Noah's ark, sitting down on a heap of iin
darted hose; and encountering a firth-r4te
- headgear, to the petrifying, spiritdamping
.. fifteen minutes we are sentenced to sit iii a
"best room." '
'''.The childien,.if there hap Pen tole such
humanizing things in , the establishment;
look on the walls with a sort of religianis.
awe..: They never "play" in the "best
"rooraf they-never dream, of chitching ;at
the splendid bell-rope. they never have the
remote idea or making lord mayor's
:manes of, the embroidered footstools, inid
=never think of playing at the "be-peep"
Wand" the - richly fringed damask draper!.;
-- they never dare to speculate as to whether,
. :., with a stout pin; they could pick out ,ho
eyes of ; the queer little min on the Indian,
Pei' boxy - mirth and mischief are thin
onghly mesmerized, and .the little darling!
•• --sit or , stand - -as though-their life-tide iniu
"—• been euddenly manufactured into the lihst.
starch'"- . - 1
. '
And let us confess that we ripe - mace
no inconsiderable sense of misery oarselnes
l in such a situation:- It may-be tbai a
tram of ging blood is in our veins,,or that
.; :some natural disqualification for " geilli
'' ty,".,n'qually, igeoble, marks n - s, but wed ere
m.. , UW.• ' ' , never:quite comfortable in a room
that is only occupied on "grand occasions."
! 1
-.—Erizapooke. , .
thathg:ffickory Timber.
Permit me to ,mentions fact in relation
to cutting hickory timber for farm and other
uses: Threo Or four years ago, I w 31 - tOd
by a very old man, (who is famous for his
forks, rakes; &v., made of hickory,) that if
I would diet the wood upon tho 4th, 50 and
: 6th days •after the new moon ' in Augdst,
..wpald warrant it not to be destroyed
by the worm or berei. • The result Thriller
eral years has verified ,the old man's predic
whilst that cut through the-winter, and
at all other times through the summer,: and
,harked, (as a trial,) has been mien
Sizroughout, . Not being a Innatarian„ I en
- de:mitred to account for its-preservi . to
the,-old Man; by stating- that, the insect! at
;particular time was in the chrysdlis
state,ind therefore incapable of, depositing
this he looks"npon ai a
rank heresy. A-.lriztoists. Fs.ustimi,
Winchester , Va., 1851.
Hamburg Polka. ;
RLEBER, 319.101 Third eqAel, luuyint
'aumbarziwv. one of the most pophter mut Wan
gt0.:71=kc4„,,,,:,... kr& Foster. 1 •
• VoiV n'A
30, moo / Dent, hong ay the Ab A.
eghentani. •
- .Sweet some, bra,sa mmg Jenny And, with nen 1111.1,
act. Haan tfm m
n, ea imoilirJeno7l.l.3,imp of
And atigittnee eeleetion of iTew ' Weltatie,
44 = P"' " l.3" ' TM CIO
BOOKS! NEW BOOKS 1 :—.'l'llo
putty Isle of Hop, a tale by Emmi,
ilffl==. 1 •
~•,..,. Baolantlgo , , by n T. B. Airtime. 4 , i
* . -..
. f....a.71'.4.' I' .
L iu
'Wahl& at -
• , • sayll • • . Ttded the not ,'".••••
VC .
D-23 kego No. 1 lomf, for solo thi
saft . _ : .s.llst, unTravirs k. cO.l
-,. D RIED FRUIT—ISO bu:ApVes; ':, if
..- earl - RILEY. )21.1.TrusFra sak
, .
ICE-1,0 !; : ieroes_(fresh) for sale by •
FIMA.-50 IS-cheats Y. 11.1 and .13!,k
- Atr• l °7 lll 7 l7 EiNllOll. LITTLE it Cal
• IMF r•ei
11 13Utet,ID 'have tblelta •
SiltrTimm. Dress P.ll4 4 . ‘ Black do, 114 . j.
/oft, sob . ke. • • •••
ors Invited to <llll4
S ' (10t Idithlel.4
URLAI" A 211 ear b 40, for' .
War , *yr-, ';1111RP131" LEE,
AiggiaiazeouleixedJeann •
R. lIARTLEY.. Aumsr, from X 4 North
Lzkuiuth hogorm thew
writ i tfarns U begaTcoltut h mtlattlom odd iliot. tr:i2t,
unarms with tholf Reda Ti4lllla. made arrarmemeuts to
ruotal aft. dam la this city., Ila may be aeon az the Et..
blalr Rotel. Irma .3, for we srma.
It would 'probably be a formable opoortimity as
oomph:4,l.lth Dealhom, to call mid consult Um Rumor. aa
he the aoly_amdaste of any of the dledlinal &dimes lobo
has Inured his ottoutiou exelagroly and ouceetefollY
th' ili r go t iferw=iton Fir hthe are oath:miffed a;ifh otoffilehre.
They wiLl aluaar. at o u t
what estimation his profoolou.
al unaliticatigna are held by mum of the moot 4firgognith
rd trtedicalmen In the rosnotry,
"I' hare had the pleasure to mart Dr. Ilartler in
and ham been kid to form a imorabbe opinion, of of
seer. hichati the proamiloa and 1114 •
K. pwitleu o. trat Ot . -
Profemor of tlarscrY. to
vrofexional abilities, will be fully Worallabod by
Maas who plata themaelvea wader Ms care.r .
. Jong IL Warman; AL D,
• Ph:gismo, of Anatomy. he.
". frau my Intercourse with Dr. hartler. a bare Woad
Lla deturtmeat oorried sad gentlemanly:" • .
mamma llorr it. D.
Refeeimer Pelgough.—Thi V ehtit. or Dr. Ilaitley to tLOI.o
dty,altue mast opportunity of offering my
i t :,, ii, ,, sLizocar
t o More who may ho /mtoring thrills
ram to which Ilia attention haa Lem far soma limo owecially
and tootearfully directed. may I , OIT ITatiTillg Irmo Mgt
mirth treatment ea la all probability may result' lo a her
het cum. . IL J. Wm.. SL Clair Hotel.
Ths trAost Eztraordinarif /hicovery thr Mild is
the great Aichign pgintyfm Nan and Baud
TIM miraculous cures performed by' the
Thistriane In the dope of old: wens then
1 ed omen an the result hi nt , bat
flut er we have' be
come intimater with theirry we om Rom amount fee
thstreturprirlng ;rower over disuses, Th eir
of In
the. below [edge of medicine were the wonder of the ego,
while at the rune time the eclenreof Chetnistu, which
with th em had its origin. wan to the and of the world "a
Audenboon." trul in Botany they werethe most merlons of
students. In the beautiful groves which skirt the derertio,
abouod rare nlents and odoroun wools wheorn ate
obtained those aro-static game and fragrant bedlam, of
whit', :hie Inromparedde liniment le rompcsed, and by
whose • etimulstingtnuctuous. pereutrating and • Amelyne
properdes St I, when anottsyllois Rutantencoosis
through the whole arrv fflll.443l. allaying the most its.
teresershstu the logroSlbly short time of 10 ur 15 mirrutes."
re:Srdltl_2rnrte ‘ oe P t7oVidn " e.r, ff . -1 4 - ,=,, a' .4ter t s t e:
continuo, curds, rostorer um mumbo which DAM been
paieled for years, °minion the shriveled Sorb to grew out
and richAdord ,14b Mroulale through Ravens. It restorer
the By eureka Field or Joint Water, and th is Is the radon
hy it hen been err universelly enceenried In cueing all
dimmers of (Lender!a. In edroole affections of the bolo,
UM', Limo. and gidneys, this-great Arabian rumor
ounds unparalleled: tor Ague Coke Eulargementoi the
11erne It I , • eiNvsfl4 and 51r Rheumatism it hoe Perßenb
mom of the mel exustemoser cures on mord; egeo
emstreis lennilinges rains, Wounds. Chilblains, ban,
Wt. dweling, go de. It is squally effierselous
in dlecase. of Animals, mute am Fistula. Pull EMI, ligersof.
htitlComplaint, Distemper, Pmey,gpralos,ltruhres,Wonsid,
Mang, peems. 'MIMI sod ter nearly - all
disease, either In man or beget, winds require im Woo
thin lininteatog,ands at tie—beside:a' at
no following•le from the pti.ipal accountant of the
wealthy nod highly...stable house of VII. t Btu, of
Pearls, and ntments ono of Ltse 1004 010001b1 cures In
'thou:Ptah of mcOlmt history: '• •
Mo, 11. ti. Farrell: Dear Sir, demoted by amen. of oat,
fulness. I submit the following . an Wotan. of the util
ity of doer great - nintlel.. chilit.thote yeanold.s.
suddenly attacked with a terrible Old.. 'which, le lees
'than die hours, wets-sled It to f old hreptainclu. The limbs
became sr rigid that not ad.. mead to bent: the 9-eh
tunnel black and cold: end entirely denri.f oficrifeln the
enceilred. partially cloworimit altogether blind. Tolbno
Mg third.. dodfnue to ell round; the opine toms. sun
mach.. and . cursed, that when laying on ite badt, the
heed wed knit onty 1...te1.. Indeed, the child prmented
every appear.. of being deed! immedi.cly on the at
tack. the finally physician wad called in.and for Miee sands
be //thorn] to restore It to froling.but all inv... aid:mach
itsna blistered di damn end venous ruhafacient he
invent. applied. 11, musultation of pliyakinne tree then
held, but to no purpose. The ewe wee then bought t bk
'fore the Media. Eociety. but nothing could be aompestod
eland had riot already, hr. done: and the doctor then told
me lie could do nothing more. We then noutuenced et ,
Whig yam-Liniment freely over DM entire length of the
spine; and you mai imagine a panodet Joy she.. aft. •
foo applications, editing. oniedation teas anparced. Th.
child rapidly reooverod, with the eniepti
..on of the sight.
.which did not become. pen. . furneuly .nth. It
now henry Ana nakust, mg ram to. • ' • •
Five other •ndecd of the whichnd occerol tartly nekh.
boyhood previonaly. all of died; when, no Ootibt. it
your Liniment had been need, they would base reonscred.
Peoria. March 1, 1861. ' ILENIEV O. CLELAND.
firer Complaint, Eryeipelas, and Rheumatism
• !GORR, Marion (ka. Hy, Kay 27.1819.
Ale. H. O. Tausus-lwar She Your Liniment
very doing a vied deal of mod among dm Iwo.
pia It has cures a bad caw of teretpelan. and an other
hf • bad pain in baled. A lady, who wan confine! to
erbed foreseen' menthe wittlaver Complaint and Ades.
Won of els near; was entirely d o cto r s coul d dop er your
',Lesbian Liniment. She Raid itie no
Prod. /1. has been la a freeh mit andeneed it in
a short time. I hseeleen %Meted with klicumtibiam fig
a long lime, and Just before a act spell it rained me an
mncia that - I had nopecon all day: and in tba night I cum.
amazed' barbing and rubbing with your Liniment, and
bdure waa done rabbiw. Pan
. • JOLLY BtranceN. • •
Stiff' Complaint, Sweeney, Distemper, Corks and
Sore Eyes Cured
[M. Mitchell, Peettnactor at Mt. Yahoo County, ILL.
name) M itchell,
Mr. H. G. Pima= Your Arabian Liniment is- Mehl,
Complaint e cured one of my might:end terms and.
Miff by about lbw or Lim applications. I
cared one of my men of the Surcticy. Oar Eiberiel. Joseph
Dykes, cared ha hone et a bad Cork with In L. alga tmed
t on a colt that had the Dirtempor rem bad. and mired it
immediately. Lie saye it fa decidedly thei greaten tun.
medicine ha ever need. There hvie horn numbers cured
other,' El. with 1. I hod It a airy minable medicine
Leib for man and bean.
Beware of Counterfeits.
The Public. are porthoolnily eatitlOemd against • hue
' Ontatedbil w Met.. hes lately made Its spun-trot:we sod U
eq.Bed by the Immo. dangerous B Yarrelrs
an Liniment" hate LI hand midtown lUbU
to &mire from Ids bearing thename a Ferrell. There
' fore be bartlettlar never to etß for a 0, Mr tonne "Tarrelre
lAnlatent," far Imprinelpled delerswill Butte: the 'SIT
RIO L~9 rtireurt nhw patter the gamine. but illsrays prk
fur 4 1V. G. Frreetrs Arabian Liniateu4" and rah au dher,
the genultte army, has the letters FE Gtberare Barren*
. his throe/one ahohn - Che outside oregyer...ead thee.
words blown In the glom tottle—"bl. G. Atrrere Amours
Lityment, Florio."
Acerers ar.ted . to army Town, Tillage *ad , Ibublet - Irf
the Celled Staves, de vehicle nun Is mot eatabllebed. 41.121.1
by letter to U. G. Farrell, Peoria. 114 with grand redeemer
an eharuter, reeroaribillty, ar.
Calder, lb* agrnt *bo Vamlrla Fere pf Charge. a
bookararallang roach valuable lararastloa f.le every rhea
cent& A rente r and ono dollar prybottle.
7hr opTy void. L., Pienufeetaryi by 11. Frayrn.sole
toyrotor owl" pi,nrotor, and wharf:air druggist. Ne:
Main exert. Peorta, /114 and for rale rimier:ale and retails&
proptirtor's wire by E. YELLYRY.
my lo
by latr:S No. 67 Wool a rrest
Nall It Allaybrar City.
AMIN FRIEND, or Raking Preporatiie,
kl.eviutte.dlng the ress of Yeast. prett acing balit, act,.
in t t, nuclide.. and char.,. lirefel. of pare color,
ime. Ind at leas met than the ordinary ferrnenteel
breadYlrbist comes, to a great extent, bile. lx,dincarton.'
harislerrob. pains after meals. headache. mid other serious.
hciperior sayristag toe coating cake* and thst
In 200 pounds of IF/our. dOt tuatara... pill mate
10 more Latvia of 4 pounds =sub, than .11.11 Darns. - Made
and persons of weakly coustlln tins, should a ,
tend to pure.bresii. as ono or the fawn 01 tai eil.ll of
Shoe. For tlempltals,lotionaries.kbools, llotels,snd larre
establishments, It Is a great alcantage. UMW bathes es
_and INcents, pith ;break.= for
Coaifiotad Syrap of Yellow Dock Root,
OCCUPIES the front m a t o g thepro-
' 64.lalrC r lrt r jr,TalcA n b"coto " , fd . h.f m t
mining mu"! An "'e n-
LiTor o.lololot.Catarftk ig t=polo ao tul ,
t ot h. boa mi Dixti v newt
o C gi u te....e 110. " 11(r.., 1 14 ; 1111 ,4
wi s t o b d a s ,mi tleldla en tr ie renza m 4l.
abottt tat th roat, sou
In all cue. of
. .
. bsmale Weakneas anti General DrlnTity.
Strengthening. the weakened body. giving tone to the
- rufous organa.end invigorating the entire system.
If the to
stimmir of thnde of 110100 witueasse,
all parte of the country, can te relied upon. It la Biagialii,
ly clikatious in can= all Hosaera, nnitoring
tad and broken down constitutions. It is purelyNecita
ble ta it. composition. and so accurately oombinecl in it,
Frapntions that the chcolicel. botenical, and medics/ pc,
pertias of exh.iumidient Itannoulocialy unite to
Parity the Blood.
It has rem oreil moo k chronic , diseases which bare bedbeci
the 0111 of the best physician.,
W tank. anil hassle° cured Canker.
'Salt Rheum. Erysipelas and Scrofula, whkh Sarsaparilla
_ Ura t i e - th w .
_o tot f
1100 S. ocearaie r Cancun , base been
this medicine. Me ray that IL ie a nimble usedlelne iti all
=MOUS 00.11PLAJNTS. It removes all obetruntione in
the circulation, tendering the Liver free, active, end tint
thy. It removes Palpitation of the Heart, and retains to
all cases of Asthma, and may be need In all climate. and
et all mamas of the year.
This Syrup is prepared only 1.7 C. IIOIIOE k CO., at 102
Fountain street, Prow Idenre, N. land sold, wholesale acid
retail, by S. Iv. WICKS.P.SUASI,
Only Agent for Western Pennsylvania,
,Lullbr Warehouse. corner Wood and Sixth strisktitt a.
. Professor A. C. Barry's Tricopherms,
lowing troilism:dal is froll, 11. r. Vona. Editor of the
Scientilk American. Comment on such vide:ate lance
Few Tong. Feb. 14,1040.
Thirty's Tricot:ernes loan artirls that we take pleasure,
In awarding the highest commendations. We dn not do It
upon .the recommendation of others. but from introvert per
sonal knowledge of its upon the hair. white It tends
to Fawn it healiby.sott.and gloomy. It oleo removal don
draff.prereate gray hatroind Ita growth lo
manner unequalled by any other cionipontion artawn bh
no. A pen*. only orals Oa use' one bottle to to runviunal
of this troth.
. .. - .... •
Bold In bottles. peke 23 cents, at the principal Olen lii7
Broadway, New Tort.
NSW in taros bottles. price 2S cents, at osprietor's'Nei.
en by
Illy& ' $N
No. 47 Wuxi at.
The Human Body Most PerspiFe,
Q,CI SAYS NATURE, to limo a hCalthy
and pee who do not lumpiest, are lisglw
to the mat disfrusllng Skin Diseases. how, Jas.(' Italian
Clumbul Soap mows • Pee perspiration, and at the ruse
time mann. and sorters* the skin, pled it the tutu.
of Sit infan
Ert'b •
Emmy, Rheum,. and Bomb are not only healed, but
Rby I ts WO, at least 7 physicians in N. York know.
who .0 It In such cues, and PM It unfaillna—as also, in
Pimples, illotchns Previtles. any other skin dim.. no
reader In assured that thin ls&useless, pulled nostram, as
one Pia' will prove. 1 con enumerate at l b end.
Doy ust. ehrht7
nd o lbr e b l r e t gN red / would en
d', sell it for the about/ unless I knew it to be ail I sElsi.
those who an
to crat melted. or simplest nesh.
will And this not only curvy hut a preventive: ainl I mus
taw only WA, that mu one adUelml wilh any of the abrrte,
idmllar dbrases will find this all. mut nee more (ulna/•
sable In its =riles) than I•state.
r, the atoms an flooded with Idtatin
and b• St. you ask for Suns' Italian (Theminl tee
Or it on WW ly of WM. JACKSON, only Agent in Pitts ph,
Pearly White Teeth, and Pure Breath; to
to bad fbr rents.—Perevis who hare either. are honnre
blr armred that If their breath le tear tio foul. or their
leech derareir, dark or yellow, and enervate! -with Wier.
that a ant box of Jol7.ll . .ltabeefooth tooto will make
et teethtla white, as mow. and the heath tdoriferondl
Me ....
would. only st JACKSON Star!. 1:-10 Llterty tuo'd of
A Scientific flair Tonic, Restorer and Beau.
tree.—Trial Mathis. mots. Those who hey. wed
/mu' Co= ll= Brauer. Mow its emullart gralitati—
Mom who here not. we assure it to poet= the =kering
uelitlea-1 t forte um heir to grow MI LOY pert where
=tam lateralsd hair to vow; eh, It (Till= oil; comers=
or d.ndr¢a god eimito light, red, or gear bar STOW tart.
Tor raider= the heir soft ard Miry, lathing can lisped
this—it maws it truly besulnal. and teem it eo. It is, ilk
.dtad, the mart toot ensisa—ret mperior—ertlele for {the
ot, may AO [MON'S Store. 240 Liberlr ether.
had Of Wood, Pinshomm.
, ceuts 40 mate; and
JONFS.Solution of Jet, a Liquid Hm
mkt:ire :t Dm= ehangiug of white, ash or
seer beir,to a'
01.7,1 t =cr. In her =mites
107r — fil. JACK:earl, 240 [Sheri'
, JONES' LILLY WHITE.--Ladies ate in .
fleried =art, using . =deo. Prelamel talt. They
are rot ammo ha, trigblftal „,7 IRMO= It a to the gaol
'how exam, how neigh. DoT moo , reliowtand =Maltby
the Min appear} }fter =rig premed Clung Maass it a
ininrione, rental.= • Lags MT or Iveß
bare tempered • besettina eartaage seticie t },
aal donee Spittilth lair White:
Is perfectl lantoeuilwio Phdlied of al deletsel ea e L
ortentlogitudi y
tme g rerta to the skin s heattir.
Otten • elear, Rao. white et the .am Um.
to MI the slim methill . tuft mil smooth. e, -
Bold tir.the Azad. W JACKSON.llol.lherlyertmer.
heed d Word.' Pitteburgh..'Prioe. ttemute. !.
. . •
AR421 , ---kkege for sale by •
inryzrr, j
/6/ firstatt.662.,
BY THE 1111:FDPF, Tge U N 3TED sines
o et ; Und .make lemon" that public sale. will be h tatro of dm.ria, do
eld at
'the undermentioned Lend Odra In the State of Arkansas:.
et the periods hereinafter deafgraged. to wit,' • •
the Land (Moe at SIATESVILLE. co tinting. OSI .
Mende. the dar of September. next, roe tts
Of the publie lands eituatel within the node.=
to and freeMoual townships. rid: • • - •
WortAiefam tax
, Line nod wag qr/incifylla 'min.:ire meridiem.
Township two of range threw. -
Township two, of tango four.
reactional lownahip Poutteen i north of White riser. Si
Ahrta elhislearlfor andradq/gailaAprincfstrllmeaffah:
Township fifteen of range two-.
Tbsetional tetras:taps eleven en 4 twelve id range sir.
At the : feud Otlim at CIIAISPAGOOLE, ' ea ming cal
Monday. the fifteenth day of September next. for the die-
Pood of the Maine iambi within the undermeotkatial town.
hips, to wit:
Owthef the how listrand wafer fhtAffhpliedyrd meridiem.
Townships eleven and IbtitMen, of mum Serb-Mar.
the eleven. of range eighteen. '
At the Land Con at IIELEIVA. rommeneleg on 'dine
thsy. the eleizteenthday rd August next,. fur the dirtimmi
of public lands within the following named township. awl
pwoa or
Aura of Mathes linsandearf Out Ara prieurpal men - Wee.
Sel:lone thirtemi,twentyhme, twnty-font atot tweetT
fire, east of the St. Iterate :teem In township three. of
range four.
- Townahip eh*, of range seven.
South nj thebolchsteamiteestof 55/lipriariplf merabara.
Toirtudd p four and pastorate lelard lo warm. Ovid/-
two and thirty .three In township thirteen, of nape om
At the Lend: 0514 at LITTLE HOUK. rommeneing
Monthly. the Prat day of Mpteinter nest. fur the
noe l Mini...
of the public Lade In the following munial linsofenn
war Cypress lake viz:
Northefthe Isuram toseedie dui . NM priori - Ma wreminin.
The smith half of woolen eight the south half of tem
fractional extions fourteen end Intent. the north half of
wreak.. the mat hell (quarterwe, twenty-two, the
battik half and wziothweirt of twenty-threw the
norhvert quarter i 4 'twenty-4x, and the west half of the
northeast natter of twenty-isien, is tos whip these, of
Lads aprplat.°l by law 54 the u r
t or ',shoots, rn .4
?y r /Mora larer n trde °Pt ,a by for milt7Tot." If
soy. whkii shall be sel " emed by the Mate authorities be
fore the days appointed for the wimmenrement of tier pule
he ed. rispiwileelv. under the set entitled “Ati Al to
triable the Slate of Ark.°. and other Mate. to reclaim
the `swamp iamb' within thole likelta." UPGRoVbd MT..°
bee kith, 100, wilt fie =Waded ft:OMA/ sdem - And no her
cations fie lard bontilles tiststofor• granted by •OT low of
Congress. fir millthry services rendered to the Potted
Sisk'. win be terminal .1 expo/ lA. othes wee nueM fond , .
es pro d by the set entitled . Ati Art making appeopel;
t&Oolong the civil nod dipirmatk ertinisreof goistrinient;
approtal ad Mardi, 1551. I -
The ogering of the abase mei:dinned lan& will be thow
Menceskon the da' appointed, arid will proceed in the or
der to .huts .they are advertised;
with. all comment dM
beta,. until the whole dad harp been offered and the sales
dans rimed: but nu ode shall he kept opus longer than
tinedweeks. raid no private entry of thy of the Wide wilt
mitted until after the expiration of the two weeks:
Given under toy hard at the pity of Wad:dodo. thls
sixth day of Nay, Anna. Oomini one thousand eight haw
bred and Pfty-one. YILLth./lIE.
Dr the President: _
Cammirsionor of the amoral Land them. '
-- Every hereon entitled to aweigh% pre-emptiondo thl
of the land. within the tee/whim and parts of townships
acme CUUMbrari, is rewired to establish the tame to the
eatirfartkin of Um Seeder mid Dathiter of the Month
Land Mike. and mete payment therefore, ewe as percher.
Lb after el.:fedi/Mr wrier, and before the day aptmnted for
the o.lbibblebblellt of the public sale of the I.ds embee
sing the tract sialmed. °Cherubs , •sachet:um MU be forfeit
COMILLIbbOOLT of the General Laud late. ,
ml ~:Ion:lat
IN pursuance of law, I, MILLARD FILLMORE,
Po olden of the Cultist Ennis of Anuoieti do benibr
tai l ruir d
at the rennin herslosner dealonated.. len:
At the Land Ohne at - .JACii&,; - essometieing'ert,3lon
-114111117.13,:ttr1ay oLtiehteinier nsahfire Die asp -enrol' th. ,
zit. Tennis, the funning 1101:11.d tfArts.
M 7 PiAt and leest , f arjtfLA prineipa!ateribitn.
Township, torrityaevia, teal:ay-sushi and twenty-nine,
on and some Corseat Dyer, or three.
Tusnashlya twentreresen„ hisents-elaiit and twenty-nista,
•au nod near Current rhea, of nage four. -
Township neerayalight, on a tutor!, or Current elver, of
tango am
- Townships twenty.thro, twenty.froir, twentrololit and
brenty-ninin of ....eight..
Townships twenty-Um, Monty-four, twenty.sight and
twenty-tilos, of ran ga nine.
Tractional township twentrone, and township. twenty
two. twenty-thysti.twentrfour, twenty.fite and twenty=, .
the BUIF . PLAdE. commenting on pond. ,the fif
• Isint.h day of listitentidss next. fbi Ws disposal of dap
pia lar.ds within Oa folkiwing nacos! townships and p.m
of towns/d • ' i -
North ftlthellue tine and rode fits .A. 44
Township twasitydwo, of ang. two.
Issetlonal townships-tartrits-ons and twontr - two, nod
township twenty-nye, of mugs Wet.
Township twcuty-two. of ranne four.
Tiortudiloa twenty-two apd Men sr* of range Ave.
Fractional township Aileen. and townships twenty:two,
twenty-three. twentyaromr. twelitygite. twenty-Mr: and
twenty...en. of canoe • '
Fractional townships Mi.. 1114 sneaker/ v -5.d town
ship twenty-tem of ratite .een:
Inca:hal townships eitteen, eeventeen. eighteen and
twee:tyrant. Kornshipa twenty-twn and tweed) -three; and
sections three totes Inch:ale, sew-stone to Iteralirou Intro
ave. and hiAmtrai. to thirepewe imitative, in township
twenty-eta of canes eight.
Toernship nineteen torrent frsetional section. thir(terwo
to Mirka.. inelosien) fractional township twenty Cod
fractiona townshiptwentywno (eater. twertonWww“.ithr ,
Wotan, floodyeArn, twenty:Owe rwicariaine,
etwatirraws, tiistypheir, Mire:crier:and tAtrissei-r. of ratan
The tosethwant fraction of section sir, in township nine
teen, and-fractional townehip twenty. of nay....
/Sections one to metes inch:sire, the north half of thirteen,
halals to howshrener inclusive. any esevallre4rht to thirty.
Lira inch:sits. to townetdp eighteern sectionn Ding to tem
inclusite, In
nineteen: and airtime. tiairterc..eno
fres. the sa oth half of I centy-ttro, krorty2l4 Iva la Imelsty...
not. and tiortylowr to air:psis inclusive: la Urrn,.l, ih
twenty, of mpg twelve. •
The part east of "Little Iliser fitereow." of township
tw=h , rec. of range thirteen..
lot the isortbeast garner.) .tut reoeu,o.t
ee., richfcen!softecea. atrty and ttle
Kiser Overflow.. in township twenty-lour, of range itine
-4.101. . . .
it the Land Ofttre at EPHINUTIV.D. ceMoacoriAt ..,-
Moodsr, the eighteenth day uf Aunties nest. by Ur die
mai or the public. lauds situated within the faltering na
thtedinitul tOtrushipa, to wilt
Nara basr /ins aurora , at' treliffit
Township twanty-two. of =MP Burnty - tr.
Township twenty-Bra of range twenty-um*.
Ductione of twetions twentpAtu. ffsirheme. 0110. v.
aimed ,,,, Uthlrfi.r.tkinxgrgarei erttesCr.uouth et the
old Maio Lima, to township tweprotte, of mom meroy.
4 Pltonl township tweat Igoe. ir e, to the . tate
Line. of reit g 0 twenty...a Ittcntlmine,' thirty, thirty
con. thirty-Pm. thittlituto au 1 io,
Lando appropriated by law f m n u rt ur e r
of schools. min
..] and curer urr.... toketleer with...ttrue swamp net
ore:towed lands made nont thereby for militant.," if
any, which he telmtel try the State anthuritimlwfort
the door appointed to the commencement of the noble
sales net...rely, under the Mt entitled ett, to_etts.
Me the Plato of Ark.:matt and ',other gtste• to ruffedm the
'swamp latest' within their !mite," arffrare Eurttruau - r
u /LPt re
role. • Anti no
fur lend houtks heretofore trriblref Ire any law of Our
press, for military torriee, rendered to the United Plate,
'MU tolp Aran We. inteifoted /ands,. pp , -
~am by the set ..001. , 1,A.0 stet making avrAnofi.....
for the del/ end diplomatic warms.. cf Ifforirrntownt e " Gr.,
amroved .11 Barth. r ' • •
offering d a y.he aboie miationed lantla *Lithe tern
=extend on the etrointed.; end still protewd lbw ce
der in which they are adeertiewlwith nil uonventeht
pooh. 0.01 the whole Malibu,. teen Mon d. sal the tales
thus dosed: tattoo rob shall be kap; mess limiter than two .
werls.arid no rettate entry of eni et the/en & will teal
mated until after the expiration of the tau weeks
ni ten under mr hst,d at the Bit, of frashitigtorn thle
sixth day of May. Amu. Ltominl one thmtand eight bon.
r dred and
By t 151/he Pre yume.
siteut, MILLAIU)
- - .
l.forom:esiouei of the 003eral
af E jl:=7,ll7lettrntr ib ljq h' agl .. ? Pt"ln iTA
atare. entdoeraben, to re p a ired to e of
rathsfarti. of th e. real...and me.. of the proppfland
orke./.2.d make pannemt therefor ars.. or pr./ m. 4 O
fer teringd trer
a no, and Wino the tiny appointed tor , .
connoenonno. of toe role at the ......brodnit
the =me olaucted; uthernina loch Cohn rill be S.rf.itot.
COMlSthaiMar of the lieneral Land Md.,
00 1000.100 .
fi 1111171111OCC 'Of iftlC; I; MILLARD FILLICRE,
President of the Veiled State. or Armories. oto herehf
eels. and mate tame, that txt.ha rate. letll be held at
the utatermentlonel haul Ot!lera in the
' of /Lan, et
the petiole heMnefteeltverostrJ. to wit
At the Land Mee at !Ott A CITY- cutomettchte on Men
dor. the tint day of heptember nett. for the dlepootalof the
public. WWI situattel Ica the following valuta tternshtV,
Tomathip meenty-nltie, or range twenty r4u
Township. soventroine and eighty, of ramm thletr.
Toone blot ementroine and thohly e of range thirlyhann.
Toothe:lips serentrtalno,elsbly and eight yesne.of made
Township eightrone. of ranee thirty-Um*.
At the Lead °Wm at SAllal emertneuelmt on Mon
day, the - fifteenth day of September next, tor the Mete's.'
of the rotate fatale pitnin undermentknotel tootteld
towit: •
North 47 the Late tine and v rl2 hf the hillt Principal web
Townahl p swenty, of mode thirty.
Township my:Linty, of range thirty.twa.
TemoshlP Wramty, of range thirt-three. ,
At ttei Laud Oft. at DUBUQUE,- on Afeniday, the eigh
th day of August next, for the divine! of the follow
ing tracts, to wit:
A small Island to I.l.lorie wren:. and HAL., In town
ship eightymwonorth. of range one east, and the southrsuit
quarter of I menden twofer., to township ninety-We
north, of range Woe
lair the
prinelpal meridian.
Lands appropriated byi for the Os, of school, mill-
WY edit tunicPnist. togeth thresh othised Inman ant
overflowed made unfit y for coltfratiort .
If sots artdch shall to select,' by the k We authorities be
fore the day. emanated for the commeueemeni of tha pub
lic sales respectively. hnder the Act entitled - An Act to
emahie the State of Artanwas and other Sta. to reelaho
the 'swamp land.' within their limit," approyed Septem
ber dill, DIA wadi be enclestol Pow Vis mks. 'Anil no to
..So= Mr land bounties heretofore Rezoned by any law of
Convent. for military terriers rendered to the. United
Stater, mill trapernatol. any qf the abort reentimmi land,
so provided by the net entitle! “An art making aPPMPtiii -
Cone for tea dell and diplomatic expenses of tlcircromern,”.
Aen•Plirored lid Starch, lout..
The offering of the lands will hocoremcoCol to the Oars
appointed. and proceed in the order In which they are ad.
vertised with all eisuraulent dispatch, until the whale shall
bare been °derail, mid thy sales thus cloven; trot ho
shall be kept open
than Iwo weeks, and no privets
entry of any of the Lode will be admitted until the
elevator...of the two welts.
treo under my Mold at the City of Washington. this
th der of Mal, Anoo Dermal one thousan d eight hon.
deed and ellymine. PiII.LARD PILLAR/WI
illy the drialditoM ' ,
, . .
Commtatiotter Of the General Laud Mee.
T,very promo amtltled to the tight of proemptlort to aul
°tithe lands within the toetneldge and of Mornattlpe
above enumerated , te rolotfot to odeb h the came to the
of the register And metre, fag_ prom land
aim mad make payment therefor or cooroctmoble 0
ter seeiaeg tkis mike, and adore the Mit appointed for the
ronamencement Of the pubtle pie of Me - lands embracing
the tract claimed; othentiaa ettch claim 11 be forfeited.
Cammlasioner of the (rearm: Laud Mice
mrL'Glawalat _
2Wper Cent saved to Country Merchants.
M. J. KING, Dealer in BOOTS AND
WINES. No. i 0 North Neoond greet, Philadelphia,
hid act reed from the btantifeetorP ea ealoodivil wad oal
selected stock of the above goals. which will to sold at NJ
Pa not. leo than cm ha Poreheaed fa the city. for cash
orDefiers ptance.. •
. ill doottill to eel bolero botoliatas.
soyl2 , 3at J • ' • i
Fresh Arrivals of *all Paper.
rriIIOMAS PALMER,IIio. 55 Market street,
has Jut remind
from the Ems, a hand.. assort
ment of Imo prima Mambas hirer: I.JB
APERHANQINGS—French and Ame -
11 r• ' , tfelf., VAI3I,AM
ACKERE-200 — bblo. No. 3
Newbmpot I.o.din2o lttt. '4
• ,r y
VOID WI Warm etc
- 9 t - i 4
LITTON RAMS-2061 Ibe. priiite, fur
,fee by my42 & CO.
4,101)A ASH-400 casks 'DC our, own menu
io future. wartalNest .t so goon 'quality miss bitch tea
se any imported , son ti e rale et the lowan merlon. peke,
nml9' iS ß stes Meet.
OkVQUQUIDOLTIZ—%-Fa 'cementing leno, Rood, Stone.
Cates wst .eny enabitanee ter. work: It
.1.211 unrivalled. To be Nets at FO OianNeelon
INara lAttabstsh.
AIR BALLS--Atoll hasertteerit just reed
aid IDrWsM mylo VAL BATON.'
LARD. °//.7 -15 bblo, for sole bily
Leas Ruaucleislupx
THE PROPRIETORS of thla old 11Xul well
kmero Lan ookl lateen the mablle that the/ ao ,
WWI to ope Take ar the premmmamm. sad have mamma,
Freight mat Paseromm, erhleh theme tow/
ow 10 carer to all points on the Cana!, smash* Elia
hlich/mh• at the toren stem.Om of the Roam of UM
laseriell be cooltrjr v. at m ttm Imullax. helm M. bronco.
6abd.t b.401* JO II h°A. CAl7ollHTlAseste
Olhee, tor. ISOM and Smlthlfeld ate • Potandgla.
R. w. Ctoollogham• hem Cutlet, Pa.:
MC. ath
C. Malan. S ew.
ham. Pa;
. C
J. & a Rol:. ahwwthunch;
- I. Alloy A Coe Ormond.;
m.lleort• HArOhoMa
I Wm. I'mar. Cmorastrille.
I C.ll. Reed. Elle. ilt urao. y
Italletllza. N. • 41
New Laie Superior Line,L•lBsl. •
HE nciiieamer NORTH:MEE, Capt.l.
1 .7 C.• Berm; haring' every =dm huhrowement Wr
ennfort. will kw Moreland on Miler. the DJ
- of' Mar tuna on Ler trek trlp—end weekly' thenrafter on
Friday. at fIX o'clock. P.M.. ter the Bent tlte. Nark.
The steam. MANHATTAN. Dept, Jona .Coanerna will
Iwo Sant *tn. Lark, kw the =went lwedluge on LW
nolerter. tee thearnral et the steamer Northerner; making
regalar weekly Ilur, throughout the MOM. between
Cleveland and the Copper and Inn Mines.
agell M. 1 641
• S. a. ZORN el • •l, Propeeturs.
,- 41 , _
• Manufacturer's Line. • •
• '
4851 taisiiia
uLd this LINE. rntirely of gealiort
nowlu full operatlea, with facilities to 'carry a large
oaittiLlty of .IPelitht. to Ilffladelphla and Ilaithaross wiliest irsisithgaissO, la u abort time, and at Wore ratea. ant other regular 114ne.
ganef. aniu t sgentruto tem ali;Lto la.? fur 6artriog
I : :ler l tlgfet. AlONgt r gel
b n tt
o .a
Creek, New Iles anoint. soirlAwirti,
Neersirt, Clerk's Ferry, ilarrisbursr,Oolaastea,asal all
t t u r L h y e e l o
irgernsedinte halals. the PeraushasilaCarmiaral Porte
at the/ lowest 'rate*. Puy ...tads....
. • ktITCIt4LL B . ? OPT s Proprietor.
, Merit heat,
&mod door Inert of Om Moot
TWInT DZSZILI.M'S LZIPZ, to mp Mother.
lapilllA.ll, the business at Pittatotrahhtilhere
afts*.be transactod ardor tha StPla or . 111:q.j.thucbsin
pocbll WM. Duluitem.
Thuisportation Line,
XNF Lr ' i N 3 . 185 1.,.
HE CANAL being now open, we ere ran
dy to remise and brash, PthropLip. Prato. sad
ershandiso. rot and .eat.
Prel.sida ulnas" at lowest rates charged bp thsponsible
l'rtshare and ilesebandire vin be reestvod sod fornatiod.
oast and west, without ansi shards for roman:lk% h•• el*
• lasing freight. tssnothainn, neatcreae.•
bills of Lading fdritahled, and all dirastiosts 41lbtall7
attended to. Adis.. or applp_to •
HSI. lIINGIIAM - A 00.. Canal Dash,
GarnRINGII.7I and 1
rlO Siat b t. rSh.
Demons Dearth and Filth eta., Philadelphia.
• N ,,latiVbillave
aria ' Now leek
• Merchants' Traissportaticin Lite,
I . OUT ItreillIPPING. • '
)IvANUUTY t CO, Canal Darin.
fittehnerh. ' • - •
CHARLES ramion, ant:-.1 Block. Broad Esser, PhD.
del fl h etre riterierd ta
a tame amen t merchandise
OA retainer to eh ir on the Zarthig of the Lela to Yhthr
18pI4, end 111 Intermediate planes at lower rate; and to
It. time then In net P.M... teat..
"air .D. The plumber 0' Trucks provided by
the Cmmtpdonera for wiling out taste on' the
-titre trlll =tad .y.yentibillty of delay at
Jodttatetnatilubdnyaburs or C'tabambia. thie T ron.
C. A. NefaNl7l. Dib
Sebo " • lima Dada:
•1851. aliaM;
To Shippers ofiereluizsiise, Prcidiree; &e:;
to WM rank rrevvirenen, extentataekti
ATKINSm t CA. Provrieters, No. 1= Market, and 64
c UItLL ommerce meet, 'taGfiETT.l,leati Philadelphia • •
, Quiet Bully Pltbarersti. _
Jok. bO.ll. Batik...
We ere prepared, tbe owning . of tbs Penturylveele
Ceriel, to eeribruet foe /Welt at au los rates, and give
etilpierra as much despatch mkt este ta•any other
• • feb/Yeka
Vuoemots to John lleradva 0.1
• • Canal Basin, Penn - sirrei.
11014 6denttal
Penna. cr. • Road.
subseribero baying been appointed
tshoplog aerate for tbel'ehnsflevole et Ceol nal hall
Itlest e
taw= de: Ismblie that see are arm prepeseel Oa re;
mire ml merchandise or produce Ise rhirevent,east sel the
opening of the canal.
thole via Oda route will be carried throes!, In eve sieve'
ad all la.aned to a• will lei forwarded free of. commis
lab or ch a rge br
.11J013 07 MOIST ELITILCI I.II..LIMUri. ANT retharan.
Dry Grails, Few &OMB eatltha.7.Cattory.Othrem
tienarr, ~ Feather., .Varmltare., Pr.tha.
Moldier,. Wool., axe ae. . SINDIII IP) De.
Ilarthare, Queientharr, et remelt., Paints. Die MX. Ws.
learber,Clorer, Flar.,Tl.thutty amid. other Ora= Feed , .
Bo7t Pm*. 11 tator. Lail. Lad Oit ,
Onetime. Melba. Wain 77 1 11 the. the N e
Mae. arlthe Omagh) Tar. PM% Ithzta. German ay,
Don.. te, • the
math.MeV A nth ODFOR.F..'
trTi. lB5l MiENC2I
. .
Pittsburgh Trartsportatioa..Tane.
JAIIEe 0 CONNOII Cerul Ibuin.Pltteterabb:
e MEL, JAMLS Depets brow] and Cherry etne.e.
and :to. a &wall Vourth etmel, between Morket weal Chot
nut Meek., ktditelethhts. • .
01.70:INORS a 00..70 Nortatta;el, Baltimore.
HAVING fully completed our arrange
1 - n u
or l ,72 ° P.4 ° Att:.
bw,h,/—.......-..'ralwatjurs...nhgell York. Ow.
einneti. Lualselth,St: Loots} mt all " the Cast %WI W. at
bower rates sml with wore dltpateb .red cane thew ant utte.
or bine. All knot. rhippwl by our Um is. fair eurew. , l
by iwurence. without ear rbort P r.fr4L "
'not aradm ony tuber flue. - !
All enwesualestioue skidpan..4 In ouruele." ea winter.
halt t Ob. Clneintuit tantsellta. awl Loy.
000016, et.Loult mot trnta regent attentlea
fl It Our I.lnw hue noconnetwheleter with lb.
4100delithla l'lttehttreh trabewurtallon U.. of
hue it C fetpl
Lewiett.-Prtiat Beversibla Wa ter Filter
S NOW to ho seen in. operation at WM.
T"K* • C°:6 ll,l l° T.l"'"%l o isTa b i P tia r iNruS ' '''
PiTtettetlh.l Tido Filler bastort4
c 1:1;L t lal frna
omoe it the
ram ttryorr=hrtotaLfolnehill,;•Lhi.
Phie. foe Ito !voluntarily to oleatueseproptoller, atelabw
eetleficales roan Clam haring tllche let tute In
al *Well folloolos i T i rempletO mi.h
nth.lB , L
It glees me Irma! pleaeure ta the !vets of
leme. clear water. the Nerat lteinelble Water l'lltmet. to
-004.4 11 SI, Lewis. Ilatlaz tweet one of theme fee Meet:
.1 mouth., I of enabled toj ole, of their value. -
GI:0105E 5 1.1 11, 1117 Walnut Amt...
nrtallaritu, March VAL, 1151.
Tbe cabal Arr.vible Water 11Item.. toL
Loots.] IL mad owl br aul sam; " tim b al sa r i
rl=l/. ' ; ' ,:r " lCi ft . : PA TT 'id pq' n eti to
',common:l It t. lb. rublk. J 0 AS Y. YAIIUsAMI6.
No. Sumkoore =at."
rhea. Filter..are verreoted to take out any smelt or
taste .bleber Wee Irem decompeeed animal at vegeta.
tie matter in tbe Inter. 71er am warranted to leeltao
Tr.. 11.1 with Prdlearr care will but tern and reteale
out, tn be matt to AP ppreeigtna.
Areh etreet.Phtlidelolde:
Rockingham and Domestic (ineeammdre.
Eon Lin Lulu. of o. hoekinninot and Tetlow Ca. Tr.,
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thpr t onido unt.. own. Sixth sad Llbotty Knob,
(hound Chntelt lotildhow) entrance tont door to J. It It.
Fiord. bottealerow.,
Oar eattunles Work enable us to 511 onion prothitly.
A compotont drAmer being routtoutlf nto sac
Nn un to nun with ail the new and Mr , a , aa.9 , ..
of the dm •
to Mar Limit Ealtrons. t'ltehrra. n 1 10'70 ' 7.1
/lower Vases. Goblets, Jolantal Maw:tent, Mallet ". • LI
liourt Jars. and articl f ated otateUa we. in treat Zit).
Oakes ”pre(fully
,Heating and Ventilation.
11, 1 ‘TE ARE 31A.K.1 NG APPARATUS ifor
Mallon by Steam .
to , llotole,Court Mama Letre
Room. Bank Ohba, Puma, b tlopoltaba and b
oe,rydearyiptle, pablle and prleala Alno:Lun
and Mying Wears, for all purpotes where nutlet
temperature. either blat i or low, le dr i alred; and , for theta
p" p=fra, h ll=,bi=gd w or ' forcal nurtina,.
red hereeer Undyed
b' rtMt na ' of the various .leatelPtlona tolledlama :000
roust euer:tunfully heated upon. this plan t o Pastern towns.
as the method blurs a wholetorno, uniform heat, at IMF
re:pnoni tthlperature, Ith malty 1nc1.,. from NoOt.
"o. "b''''''"'"4%'"Wfil rafet
riyls • E. NI3O.
T 'be, Wirl, for sal l : , t 2 ; *
(111LORIDE OF LIME-150 cask+ for eille
L.) by .pin onvisterr. manta co. I
G: AL SODA-200 easke for sale by
1.0 aplB DENNETT. MUM & OD.
40 balim Deer U=
sacks Drl•• Wesefien
" twang;
3 " Engle's, Jumt reed end 61. y
IN - Al m L y7 S-3 CH) kegs " 1:. d 4ti f ift l e VA Co.
LARD OLL-40 Barrels No. .1 Lard Oil
reed thla day yr 8. B. North Rho.; and for mahi by
sal! , -' 8. SR. MABBBI7OEI.
Itt. ck d m
•n . a Co., hare mein:4 • bolo. lota .orrgr
Second Large Supply.
A A. MASON CU. would re dull
.ni.• all the attention of their =stamen aM the public
gen rally, to their second huge supply of new mad desira
ble ' SPILIiiIi AND AMMER GOODS. selected with greet
are In the ?lectern roarketa,end purchued at a great re.
duction from former price, To those purchasing at whole
sale: we are mar papered to oder ettociaat much Pinar
prices than they mold Immt twat purchased UM early in
the scum, mild • .• d 2 and 64 limtetet. •
bozes L'm
s. Iw o
Sher re and rr .
r• Mug Ralf.
Su store mtd for yalb Li
CRIMPED RlBBONS—Assorted widths
and eolart, reefil by mrprem thty di/Y:. Alp. black
and coland MIE Eutiom..
my/0 V. 14 EATON. 83 ros,ts
iIIi.PEPPERMINT-150 lbs. (warranted
I pure) for s 4 br 041 E. E., ALLEM.
A. ..BlesoN &
jl ha. }del »2'd and an new
...toot of ktothrold•rie 20221211 u of • t 7
hezolsettn, Under 16122222, black awl Vhll2, /22;2 tea
Ylooodrts. alldre2o2 W 21212 Rod Caw,
2202. 622.nd 6111222215 t. •
* e gg 110.1, for salo by
EtAKE S-50 doz. Hay Rakes; for ado by.
F. suz; Bossztozgr a co:
CORN - 500 bu. Shenett - fur . a by
,022 • 8. DIUVOILTIi 4 . CO
VPDLIVER OLL-30 galia:StiperiOT-White r
fui kalto by m7I BILLIMB, 67 wood
oTATOES--20 bbts. Nes/mum:elm for
ju .1.1 7 ave 57.. YON 7 . 0., WV=
Arr fowl mooto r ci,,Greas Terriolii of :Yew Good,
• Ana in At. 'th. u .11 ..thnir - t4 •
1 eat eb, Pagata t . h= k om i alsia .i tso black and ar0...)
taco ciottu, Its iras:Ooorro;;
-. ^..leetTit Warted Thaler Stoma
ttattt Black Silkh
Saber rreitert taxa& sod a great vitrirlr or other
13oode, at the store of . .rla3Alt airactunark
f =. l at Noe. or. an t gl . 7 Miade t t b :Vo l it--4=l t tg
which we are r =wel to O. a r t . .r .4 aal ewalred TAM/. at a
A. 41.34/Lk . ..PI & CO-: Uartat et-
RAPE SHAWLS—A. A. Minor A.,C0.•
trnialil cell the Atention of yordwers te. the Leant
sUch of Vala ahtl onebroktered Vrape Shawls eeerbeforo
tltib:ltdibt'LtVeaoket. and as ynea
pries saa.tritellry.. Noe. eXaad Market et.,-
White Goods forDrellgs.,
eit •
full martmut of Um 'Brio. tinglsof White anta
Str11 1 :17 ". "
8•1111 plain luta etataolacrca:
?! a unto.k 3_l =Dar.
ijosees .. .tiers7r - , ie. . .
Printed Jacauetic
sith lurd coaloildeer:
rimed stein French Lawux and a large assortment ut
testdoonWe 'fleile.. Ilszedes. Oretodhles.:Jc. . myl2_,
-0 sos 4 'Co. !lave just received per express three canes
nor Jaronetts and Queltria. 2 .. ...I .1. r.. • aDI7
111:EN CAMBRIC .I.I.D.K.FSAEL. nasort
mein tur.tddiw, non
tienllnorsis 11, lowprirvd 1133.,, an reed' by'
MURPHY 41E Blatell in ELL. •
• a n d . . .
L L c CO, '
Importers, 1 be Reta il ers in ' •
1) T 'OO °ifs' : C •
Nos. 62 and '64 Alitsiet street, l'ittsLitrgh, Pa.,:
ANNOUNCE , to their friends and the put.
Ile tottoosnr. that they
ed au now ptsparst to calditit
meat =I riewi estsfuliasiert stook of . • •
• • . . •ASSITI.II.6LY h r nV 1it.10141,
thar ksra areroffenst in thia CUT. ootooti,, sad a
rich oral ruhkotable fabrics, aa welt sa tha more coottOott.
and which will lo offered at tha • - • ..
at which male rah be mold In eat Or the Ea`lere Cale'
Their taro tourer salesroom will be devoted earl oscrelr 16
=ha had. , eaad the PM erhahred ib Dehereoreuts. rae
.a Silk Department.
An the now earl falhkorerile styles Imported this mamb a
I.6lohara the beet maker or Bleck * l / 1 4.
Dress o==ttxttent lbm -
cA.Am P ' t24 l.),F n at, Lawns. haellei lb l l eVaes, J= l
Me. arreasalnee. Botaherharr, Alpacas, to.
Shawls, Nitettes &e.
Canton yape, plain hal etabreihred.
gm Danisak,
Mart. De Lee, Caabinere, helm,
_Figured de, end
other needs. AI., V Juries. Dattints, les, te.
• tioniery and .olore Department
win .b.r. b 'nand timeplete, with the beet make. of
bandCotto : n end SU Knaltry. The beet Kid (Domes eptere on
Whit. Pll
'Unit's; Do.lim. him= bg,,,
;at, 'rowdily
White wed .
- - -
Checked and Dottrel Catulyticr. 3tall, Swin e Book and
1113.1.00 k 'Vletoris andßishop Lawn.. of eerr
W US&Lustily and filial. Also, Curtain blatesuls, Piano and To. COM. ts. _
Embroideries, Ldoes.
A complete simnytount. Also, itibbolid. E f Dabs.
is. Yawata of all kuids. Bonnatel rd sly 114 Isted .
Domestic Goode Department . .
Is probably ores of the mart estensive In the country. no.
trader ererythlng known as domestic..
The Dminetare feet cenbdent that. .Nth t h eir buskins
Puddle. large Sod stunetive stack, and unnsuallytlow
prices. they cannot fall to titre perfect sticbsetlen.
ineulesale pa rebut.ruct racpectfully inihnued that we
mill be pleased to Spahr their mdsee, at any time, fee
at eutern priori al, q t ruplisG any amnia bill
of semis at tbe rune eastern ..
hen and fashionable Goods trill be recniced ainstandy
ariZ - A. A. MASON A CO.
lIRPHY & .BUROIIITELD hate ree'd
t naligrVZtiValo c lll=P=l ss 1,
my l
arRRII4fACK PRINTS--New styles tan
i,Slerrixneek Kid O, b 1 Mot. supericr
e y 1 2'..44V117411MAMP1EL.1).
WIDE MEETINGS—A full aasortm am
of Offen% widths arid b.ttnias rest! br
mrl MUlattlY a aukcumix.
tSUPERIOII TIQKLNG--Murphy & tiurch:
field Ivan tin. attention of buysza to Mali assortment
nnyasparlor Juan rnadand. Alm, Pillow Ow )1 tn-
UnnO,,nner4 and boom keeping Rood anarnana ,
• ackYl
• - 7-
Straw 'Bonnet and Bat .Warehoase,
g,H. PALIIEff. offers for sale, at very
!, lorgeo., a MU amortment or Straw and mints
"ird2fAvsts—v.dro ' rad Amerlaan Wain - aml
anion t i., mar, new s.
trkrs—oloes. anal Dna' frbm•n, faze . r
Straw, Panama, !Mullin, and Calm lend. in-
Are'Lanhcro. /Maid. hoop, Chip, Limp, Lam, and UM..
ux' Winer, Jenny' Und o and on.. fatm...lo treat pan
ery ataharn and material.
R.UMONSKkh Mann and Feast . Saab Satin and Tat
frier, mann. and Mare Mann flume andemm Cam'
a le..-=bilt. and s,ratss whits ended...rod Silk and
STRAW TRLILIM4OS-s‘l.ll.eleb.
pavin., at, .110. •
?LOOMIS-4'mA and Amok. Brigs, bander not
mare. rich lad mood MM.
sassar sass AND SAMS'S-01am 02a. de 'SW
ales Ona d• Uhl.. Florence, and atm ?tyke * ewoorted
qualities sad eel..
SA 772V.9--Aosorted wombat. and ml
_ o
so! and low priced Parsee!, awl Crombrella.
D Baal
de, noteblll
Plc" fua and black
TIRESS LAWNS—t ewes printed, n great
Jur or Patin. 6r de
ictEIiAGE DE LAIESna cases des irabl
g. """ " bY
J pa It - Janet:. tnifl Cap, for
, are Dr , au._ . C. AILII7/1/NUT.
rm. mom Ifix.l.l6lasare Baits,
i lal7 lOW OKI Wwrot etark of goktionable ,
agorrol to Gentlemen's Wag 1. SW/fir ....f U..
nom. elylea W. Annislean.:Taiglial ang •Yeaseh ,
mono &Tref agleidid waortnient neVeatings and rine
Waren. foronable f.h.b. aral color, obli a ar IT .
t.IMANO. and 71-,'"olu'l'oiladb,r,'"it,o t....1eet..1
stocks well of thit ' allegbarilo, all of ieblob th• S.Pron w
is determined elan See atatien grim. ot will wavinee fill
alai favor/Ws • eall. that-riot only the wait emperor
Clothing to fold at this estanlietwont, but rai at tto 1•••
"Awino lath. erg .. , .., i_.. . .
.... ,
ll ordeta ifi the - Sallainig llna Wore.. h an d ,o la the
bort poribbemanner, Wig at tba Wortest notice... ,
MN , .. .
.. 1 w..xecLurrotric :
Is now conslootlf.oofololfog his Aprin Stook or
compruingu..p.Auietalr*lNc, ,, 6l4..
CAITETS.• 21474 1 oWrPotk d0.. - do. Sam.? Brae
*sir; do. do. 11rUbeel. estne pon 3 pip; 4uperfoto 3 ply,
do. Inawahn extra fine due Woe do:. olannon do,, ante., do.:
44. D-4. &O. and 24 twilled Vanilla. 44. 34. 44.
plain d 04,44,34. i 3. and 14 wA!I. sad anon d.
RUGS; 'MAT.% 0W01.01119, ad.
Extia Chedlio - Hul.,3ime doido.; antra tuned do.; Lew
do. do.; ...on do. Camillo Door Ma. tufted do. do;
drew ekba do. d. Adelearld Siermido. do. Jearleidg 124, 64. owal 24.
Al eo-rheet 012 1:441.4, tat to fit any elso ball or room.
14,74,04,54, 44. aat .34 pilelotba.
Afro—eter Jug,. or all dorm Carpet Lamtloger Llet t r -ter•
febe kW doe . 6.4,44.anelaelgtfliberclable teeeng Craelt
eotl bbtrerr II ortebuck• dca."Trunnerreet iflerlogrehades:
Huff Window Hallam* Vealtlala BIWA lEtrikamed Pia=
Corer. do. Table do: dbl. Iltturd dos Watered Table do.
Ilevierr hawker) aithetreluaed our etrekdlreet from the
meet eelebrated Neteekth Wog or the latent and moat att.
FrVieflPettTe k re '"
' re; a U rirfty . th eenle t onr
and Wj'„42.7l`,l,M., tOtal — t ; d surdas me stock - at
The Carpet Warehmase,. ' Bs o Fourth street.
mchl9 • • i MeCLINTOCK.
aUAWLS & DRESS GOODS-15 cartons
of the meet fashionable newt; nmenTemjna std. £
kili Cern. Also, came el new the tie Laker; Ilar;
aite; NOM; Cambric; end Jaconetta. " apl4
.BLACK TR lIENC 'CLOTHS--31tisepar
BrILCIMIL) have now open-their Sprhejechtar of
reach Cloth, Palatal with ropyt, cam ead heath the
cans of gehtlemen ate/Avg to ortr the th relvee triathlete
ap24 ,
COTTON= GOODS-2 cases Cotton pant
o.offjp4 Roared amd far mile by
t,o2s kicnrinr
• Ohio Laboratory. -
76 4111 --ft .
• „„•,,
• aljtu i ) , n
1 11111 61:1 111111 -- Vb
. Per cont. Atrentli. •
OWELL PLEtCHEItA CO., Manufactu•
nds of AtA3O/10L: Pura 14;1616 fer Colodna and Bran
.. copper Dim:llW Vapor Whisker always on band.
Corn.. of Vine sad 'root ottotta. thacnixan. Onlo.
a t o ;!l t lg= = . l . lttalmth will IA prVi pled
Wines and Liquors.
:11r0,157 Liberty at., Formerly Dario crerekti:facto ez,f.
o non•yrop, of Pitteborg.7 10.0. STOUTLUI, on'. Y.
FSTODITENEL, reepectfully
tontoonce to the publicize:lenity. and their fAende
esnn~eor~l 117 that ittr= o s
4 bsd a h rlO t lr t : ME and
an keep LIQUOa •
fell sy•ortontot oath. ;u and
Preach cad and whit* Winn. Alee,,TOMOh dark and pale
Brocelin•qAto cOoknet etntaitteS Judale• race, flOil•od
go il l e r r tarnukc andzporkllng hock Ty"
bo n dlosd Tk r igAhenme.r,
boing', I.3•lceend.Lbibargh Cheese- All °nettle-hiller
ledit *Wendt, totthamott resionable 08 , 191 A.
Oae of the parlaers. kr. Stoneenel, =tinning hie
lbto tneme 'lament yof Yi York, the above droc
le enabled to Ml' • cheaper and,. .be
Wier. than'any
ether boon, ttde Pl
pmeh.aelregGee:.: _ . e•segis• me • call before 'you
lirisonliten =Nag fns of antis dune, at m.
ACARD.: --I have:'removed to my new store,
oafs. doors helms.) near
loadly opesmifs Ake Beta ef
Izzberreth where imnla, toe. mr trfarda snd lei,
low cltbews,ssul weaves insm-or their eastose., I will
imp s sisr.Wire Se.stremt er Vsbolstst7, Hestesoed 31.4-
die, Onnea Wir. elliar. 44445. , and, Bask Mars&
sex Fea th er/ 11rZ.Bolsto... t'Vilinkn=l. al:Prgt
tiz."."--:...r.wifr 'n' sisusily I=2 Is the
1418 0* talehP he& , OrieTsPegm.l
raw. ,P 4 Fag ..... e ...
„, . _ . _.. .01ILY. Ihis4 -street
...9° VEV.I'.!..: , - i‘i*Ft tf.E"tnear 7 , :, .
• : -
r , wit- Pa
A.l6=mb] a co %
, 1t56 1
1)11,Y. bbls. for salsbg o.
Moca& ,00FFEF.,.... •ForAssle by -% ,
011 , IIeCLIIIIO . & 1,0.„
O aLNUS—HaIrb".
contenton:WM*lloloe, gi 1e0h.,.j. b. , :
sp . l'a - .:; 4,,b • c 12 . 9_,..
vq.uperior, and
IUI ANG OY. . _ . ____round, for Ging,
ITl:74lterAlbr sat br SE.N - 1r itco ,
j, c -
, 1 7 -- .
IG IRON--66 - tots - ga - 131.p.pwidry;
akmesigimatitalispet“ ,
NM .•, - , + .... , , , ' '.79112111,4112 A co,
'- . .
. . . . _
VLOITR--.240 bbls. Extra aid - . S. F. for sale:
'a r brtar' - • • lox xxxxxxmarr a SONS. •
RIED APPLES--Saysaoks for sale by
B UTTER --In boxes (fresii . kacat i 4/I‘ m ill by
EARLS—^.A bby. for toiljelycmintth.
INSEED OIL-21fliblis. for sale by
lJ .7; J. B. CAMIELD.
_ _
42A.LER.A.TUS-100 Las..,and 10 bbls. pare,
for do by roy7 J. R. CANYIEI.3).
blaes;Tor sale by -
dr I. B. Ckb7FIELD.
BIITTER--4 bblo.lresbAbr sale by
a; = 7. 8 DiLWORTII
, FIIOIT-200 bli.lthied Peaches; I
'so= " 7. esmtatil:6o.
TEER'S OPOD LDOC.:-0 gross superior
.P:7l • • met Wood and Sloth streets.
bbli.,D4ed wo t . ps . lr o lgr sa . ! i e . by
D R .SI ) APPLES-300
SUNDRIES -4 casks Cheese;
MO bra Dried Avatar.' •
taa,bre..W.llbtaa,, kletiertztan nee
• beteg
las- gapp,rerairing =afar ale by
ttr-tZ art Water street
UOAR-;SlUdirr. ppr Time N. q , foreale by
apYl tar Water at.
otassEs--za hf .bbl: S. IL, for vale by
IT I .p::1 JAB. D.ILZSGL VS Vat.
111 ONEY-14 ferkinalfmah) for sale'br
,411 .4r4 • wid. JOLNBTOSr.•
MRIED PEACHES- 1 4A sacks for aalti by
_Ay .p 2 U WM. H. JOHNSTON.
fIRIED PEACHES-300 bn. for Bale by
IiVRITE Case Bu':, for ett by
• s. or an eyc' • °-
• ELT. VON 110.110 k.
B ACON -1500 lbs Sides; . • •
800 " Hamm; y pet reeelved aiel foe
tale by 8.1. VON DONfillollBT 00.,
• +.VZ ; V 3 Axel *to=
. -....--- -----....-.-
ViSII.- . . .
'POWs. Eakown •
't'a do
NO 31.
n .% .1
d arek
35 /lido do do .
EY do ' n. I trimmed &bid, on band an.l
fir sale by [aprO ; , UPON WATT A C U.
do' SALMON, In hernotkaT owia& bo=n. W .
co ved and foraala by
W. A. MyCLIMO & CO.,
• WM ' ' • IDS Liberty R.
TIRIED PEACIIES-29 bbLs. on consign
jl5 meat =I r. oda b 7
1 ,
4 LOUR--500 b:As. S. F.,-for anle by'
my 6 fit Ir. lIAMILLUM
if MSS- —3ll cask!' Evan & Swift's S. 10, for
I)I(YrATOES-200 sacks for see
, 8. t W. lIARKAEO IL
C OTTON -150 bales for sale by .
ISATAII DiClay a cc.
• • ADO 60.14 W PeAdam
50 buc Dried AOOlOO for pale b 7
& CO.,
fth &reds, Pittsburgh,
and to arrive? this
Corner of Wood and
. 116 cost, bazar 4000041.104441
4314f..cd01d0 do. do.
• Oool=g *.C34d4.4
b&rs 1
16 aCoffoL d
64/ riVr, god If 4
lump beero;
OS Ws. No. 1 sod 3 31.04/4
72 d 0.14
nN and 'k‘d dlto •
66 ic.Dti 71.4 t,
1200 6a= extra iladd4-,
a bolt. Cams
of the mon recent imoo*•
Syt .
-" Lad ()nub 1
z rowderalli
553 a; diedleas 1131•133;
80 O'nekm Bumps I.ltg
, bnsa I to t Candr
2 - Genoa Cllrcen
10 - cos. a 1-75ce , 3111,1
3 " Cadlle L .1113.3.1
12 diza. 111111317 - Boa%
1 bbL nazi Garb- licd.;
1 Coma Tartu;
1 es. Peal Sag%
6 tap ?I,6per 6 AlLim..
1 • PeiTet4
1 *.` J'imenta
10 keßf " MnAu4;
•• laireli+6
2 Bleily sal Refitiq
I Arrow
•• • ClUsSs.
2 bbis. Garretro thul
100 dm. w k,p
ase erm 'aßlarkinr.
100 804100r11. Rim Flour,
100 B. l'. 1.1180:
. •_
I 1 Ltd. Ykror Sa!ph=
100 rrass 311acher.
dos. Extrut of Lemon,
If* Cceratecomin
4/12" Neil. White Lea/.
Q Nbr . pm m lc
MO An. M. IL & ItaLalnn
Late 30U0 Alutoratc_
Brazil Nu*
" Ent. ITalcintr:
' Urocuat N Ina;
TOO amass Vigs
60 aues Fire (..radmrs.
o " lama, Sum
-• inset TrIA.N • ,
1W Luu We Lamp lb. glad
Sy. Tubaeox
!LS tea Meer.
Doses Lsrt3 Q;
100 DLL. N. C. Tar:
. .
t 0 " Tor.Soltembor:
a W "' YtDßr9~uo;
••• Mle%
" Br a asil nag=
10.000 PPrhul De Fehr,
110•2%. Com. "
ecrocsui 1.5.145:9.
350 .11.. 8:10, 15.0155
100 From 1.11- and Pl-1 , 144155
50 buys Whitollper.
50 F15.54.1,11314410ere1:
• 60 No. 1. 0.
200 gs 0611. amid sang
DOM Ea. 111004kM
40 Dbl. Tauten' Olt
1000 676.1 L Lamp 011;
100 5.. Burk etc
100-M. U. 21 0 ,0.
100 biz. Waba.: Sagan and
Boma thsekrav:
=1: Ma, "Rmittee
100 Erna 12. 6.21. Toßam:
nue nut
au boxes Ravin Vta.,,
dU D. 16 /I.Candlen
25 " Cava* Sang •
Coan Oroond anal Cu
atlas and Wraps:oov ratar:
and i Tvinn u tth • etn
' nenond. and 151 front N.
01 . •-• iata;; •
1. 0. ftcar and If obark%
git•VT Bl airlalt•
era awarbraent of Mb, a •
Farah. by
irIOTTON-13 bales Landing frorastr. Capo
r. and for age br
a nax .
Wg . adin and rar. br
'3' R. 47, MLittDICKNY U..
mllwater mut front M.
Ixtga for sale by
j:mf, . - 122.1 AD DICKEY t CO.
bbd • E. O. Fags.:
14Ybbin Hattie GI mind E. H. Eolasseg
. 4 4444 Lag 2 agar; landing and for sale by
rayl • 121 'Wear. and 74 First rt.
•At ORSE'S Compound Syrup of YELLOW
DOCK ROOT-3 boxesjust rtWif frota Ptorideme
tu"• B. N. WICKKIWILIif,
Hole .11svnt SA' Western kenosilroala.
,r 1 earner of Wood and Birth sta.
1361,b17•6 &.p tolnicr. the pauine vUdelyst.reed
6661 for oul• by Y.131111.P.H.5.
67 Wood Uteet.
bbls. for sale by
I.J tor 1 R. IL BELLES&
Pedling Wagon.
and substantial two horse wagon
A . L in. :a Wale s War d.•nrnbi•
C. AllßOTllltivr
se wow ntnot.
-148 balms As and A. Jobs. 2 Lards' brands
Ls, Putnam an
" Ls, banneds "
" %D. Lamp, Wick tOtar's brand;
lto arw bert N orris "
40 " 15, , ;T: J. Edward's
18 rsa Jackson:l
" aa L. Dudley's
Joan ree'd on consign ,P.
ment tram Eletonand and Lynchburg
6O and $1 water. and G. 3 Front .t
ACON-7000'ba. Ho g Round, receiving
JO and Corsa lo by JAYES DALZELL,
• apll 63 Water Meat
. S UNDRIES -400 gooks Corn; •
Dried Pacer,
a rom -oh tot 4a. by
MACKEREL 7- 5 . 0 bbl.s. No. 3;
503 "dc' .7AilES D=l27
LENTILS--Iteceivi r ri. for segla co,
aDM Groom and Tft Driers.
ALCOHOL -10 bble. for Qo by
sp2 IL E. kiEurats.
(CAN-50 bbl. Shelled, for sale by
asas W. t P. WILSON. 147 Ant sL
' 1
D & Lead; "
jA ai,,mga u ltztrel ). .ar
(11LS-011 lemon, bergamot, cloves, ania
ssiessipiskawse. dust br ails by
U. E. ISKLIskII.9.
kege - GetiAe m Cg i tst fo i l sale
bags 'Mime Rio, for 8010 by
BMION HAILS-14 cake on hand; for gale
ap:26 • ISAMU DICKEY a Cu
Ij Sand; ferr taleby 'sy.% !BAUM DICICSTA co
ALTPETRE-40 bags crudo on band; for
I.OluL br 0p26 '" " 7dlLB DICKEY tCO
ROLL BRIMSTONE—W. bbin on band;
for saki by ' ap2:l MAUD DICHXY /. CO
HUTTEII.--20 crookz and jar!, for 'sale*
LIP apl4 J. D. WI. LT 4EB k CO.-
CLOTHES PINS-31. boxes for sale by
.1. D. wmakma & Ct ,.
PANNE:IIS' OIL-15 bble. (to arrive) for
ialeAry .02 J. KIDDt W.
fiIURKEY UMBER--1000 lba„(t9 arrive)
11 Ilbr malr by npl2 J. OU.
iNsEED 011-20 bbls forsg r. eV
. 00.
Mfrs No. 00 Woo:Wave
T ERRE-DE SWINE-100 lbs for sale by
JAHUDD • co.
DIiESIVE CLOTit-200 yards superior
auslur sir ram by 0.2 , 3 J. KIDD CO.
A:. Co. a.. inst.retelved par express —lOO dos. of tbo
boast. /mob Ilotogro. 07f2
VLAXSEED OIL-10 bbls. prime, E
&unmet 'county, tar man by '
- - JOHN warr co.-
AFETY - FUSE=-6 bbls. in ertore; • '
1,7 • to srrloos_for - w• roy
so,r7 • J. N. DILWORTII.
(ITER VIgOAB.-- 1; 10 bb , le=)lo c Laale
pASSIA-100 Mate for wile g
.016 J. 84:11100MIAKKE t Wood rc
LATHS --95,000 Sawed Laths, beet quail
No. 11.8 I.7barsT
11141--VlO bu. Ogg
N. 200 lII* OrVali,' 1601
Pittsburgh Life Insurance enn ll . l1 7.,.
.erfus COMPANY was • incorporated n n
;Tehran?. ISSI. %ILL g. rental:La Charter. an haa
ecenmeased bonen on a anon of 11COACk_'
My pan
The Comy dere toularto boas rert the Joint
On the Johinntort yta eue.third fen than
throe charged by Mutual Companion and Ylfneri Per Oen
loner than th e rang of moil isnot Cosohnieg.
ual ratagan 1 4...1 Inge. adopted OT OthernMut frly convent Companies. 'Shore Ineent en the nitr_Co
al hrtnetplio have the orinblritat remnant farnined hfUla.
Eis%limb Cobtiel and harploa ran of
The &tarter panne ttra mutiny of hantresee an hits
in every torn Ineltullrig Ues right of witaieb.ildrnneg
mita. relation. tends or ereilltore—to tenni the In et
t o for [batmen emend. benebtnayable after dean:.
or upon the battles amnion Anne age of an. fai.lith or b
; tlig oktin of the insoni. .
0771 p:
Juries P. aeon. President.
- enamel nee'tabr, the Pirsi,lene
Josiah Leech, Trammel
' Chules A. Colton, tiseretarr.i '
tderelos. :
James 8. Joseph S. Leech.
John S. Dilworth. Charles A. C.a.,
an tel IleClur tan, Wm. Phillip , .
J. A. Wilson.
• Oar... PAysicidar.
Joseph Ouram. U. %Oita= 4/I,lMon, .1
Jeremiah Brooks. L. U. O. Ildrthanan. D. D.
ianthel Dilworth, D.. 47 tmftLfieiditret, :
Robert Snyder. M. IL, 103 fourth street.
John Crawford, 31. :n SIVA career: , ' • :
Wm. 31e14..11orfran, IL D. 107 Liberty sheet .' ' I
Dr. Dilworth wilt be in attendance . the othce, eves?
day, at 12 o'clock.
Them 'the hare cps.n for an o 00 0 7 . nre rapieeted to
mil, take their Mthershantlanamence operetta. forthwith.
All pe eon.. In the Maur.. bad.. will be solP
plied withblesthe. and elk.. the am. mcnalsslqa- •
0,2 °8 of the 1 . 14 .1.thr, 730.74 Panel sutra • '•
my:ll:dawn C. A-DOLTON.• • 1
State Mutual Fire instiraace Com Pally.
MILE best evidence of the' success of • the
Dlreetere In et:mint...mien to mute the STATE -VETS
At. FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY meet the wants of
theeostantunlty. ie tho unparalleled amount of bruited.
et bleb bxs been dove e baring' Immo! latte/ Policies during
the part yar, thereby
) addictg oyez' p 130,000 the inlet*
of thelknopany. l the•
pruperty assured pf the
safest kind In Sm U. riskt , , and • lune Prollottluu it.tlreti
Ihr only oneyer. - •
Whole No. of Policies Ineneet...-- 7,900
D p'
o. do. exel.termineted. tuut . oeld,
Da .1.500
Arou o. tutt
n of oroPerii inetaYea $7.1811,410
Do. canceled, terminated, eyplm,.o . 31,724 CO
7 DO. .. megi 67 -
ANA carteeled a telsolneled, expired- , 1117 10
Do. ha force.— -......- • . 77
Do. Neb. Phantasm recelred-....... 61,657 14
ISholo snit lreicietridispneuerbuld...l=4l/ 45 551
Midance t 0 fame of the Li, to cash— .127.132.4 N.
sod (011001 um rumor ptotert7, it Id Mlhnod NY sand
aw afionLe advantages itindint of theudinces, safety; and
LUlCllluaLtoet of Wks, euluding spocinbhasarda,
'inning only • Ilsolteol amount in sny one loadity, th saw,
eluding Ito frequency and commase of largo Amer, and
aro on both Oa ntak
.0d plan, it
_noir, null Venn
eases the nheatecaa and accommodation of bolli nietbods.
hot entitles too leumeed to a perticipathinln . tles profitt.
Direclorsc—John P. lin di erforl n. J. tillistt, d. T. J taxa,
Alonzo A. Carrier, Milo C. Ibulnwlelt, &mod Jones, bob' t
Hauls. John 11. Pastor, John 11. nutherfonl.
J. P. EMIL LIU OR , eat •
A. J. OILLETT, Secretary.
A. A. Camera, Actortry. znTIT.
N. ii.—A Scrip Diridend of fifteen per cent on expiring
polities has been declared by the Dtrectort and is not re
trable at ed. Mee far renewals. or redeemable in tub
at the telt of winder days. A. A. C .2118, Att.
Prauklin Fire Insurance Co. of nulad'a.
kIRECTOBS: Charles W. Bancker, Geg,„
K. Ilichanle. nos:Hart Mordecai D. Lee:. Trlbiall
r.A4alptark.lbrer, bamuel Grant David M.
Jacob IL Mel., Zoe. Pettnen. •
Cutts IL Daretq reentarr-
This Company continues to nisei Inettmneet pearareid
or lindust on eater description of Perwer
country, at rake as law es ars corodetent with meant,:
Tbe tderanr hoe.retrecl a Urals contingent fund,
which. with their Capital and Prentimint.salely 'ne e ded.
afford ample pmtecten to the exeunt -
The wets 01 the tiumirtny. on Jai/nary Ist'libt: et pub
lished seembly to the Act of Alweroblyortre u folbeer t
Mortgages MS WA
- • . •
- -..-......
Temparary Lean"...
11.2111,10 i 4 '
Since th eir ineorperstion. a peeled et 21. year. 41101
have paid upwards of One 311111 cm not llundsed Thespand
Dollars Lobos by Sm. thareby.a.lfording evidence ey tbs.
advantage. of lasteranea, as well as new 'WWI and 111 1 / 4
peal.= to meet wish promptness ail - •
J. liAltlgeht COYSIN, /sent.
anlo OtEce FL R. earner of . 1 / 1 /c0d...1 3d ota.
Penn Mutual. Life Insurance Co., PlLUad'a.
Trim Tinny. Jr.. deceoned,) 3b3 Liberty stmt.
•or the better toner ravine of pm.. rub:ling In We:
imrilart of andh Um agent zany oho brronal
from to 13 t to a o'clock, at the organ= room 33
J. geboontooker Co.. No 31 Wood street, or titre all noses
1.100:111011011 Will be girstt sad eortgannlestions prompt.
If tatendol to. gots oblets explaining the grind/A.. 13
benefits of We letrunwce, anl plus forms ftrtuthed
Catdtat stork over 5.331),000 and sonstantll
Profits divided sanuun r arooloat Wilma looted Sir 1110
• /Main:inch Jan..3l. 1501. ,031 •••• . • • •
Manna, Fire, and Inland Transportation
Plnsurance Ccimpany-of grtAixieriss.
odelbtna-I.l.ltiked - 1754. CopIMISSOO4II.n. Scoot:
ormory In. lob; SLOUI...Z.M SU. Will many Insorooro
banning" 33.1 their contents. m WY city ond yldnity; aim
on propertof al[rf dyeaription. shipped pm. mom boots
nod other y a ng .. ender by tollml mocogoortation °YOU tbo
iriitioar`a folio .ilt..ariftla tilleOrbria Iliad:ire Inner
tar aelotcorledatat to to aaparior to .11 otbereves a mrese
tire or Ilver ptlL,latuanath as Mter.lesas tbe rats pre.
.Mealy Ave fro. cortleensaa-uMito ais la ate ad
fAtted ALtlrdiMa=t= P.9=Mati
la ratratiartta=latt abatbaa beau sold ta hasolodsot
Mae moat aka
.. ...
.• SU , allieted are iSetted to eel atm the 'Mat Fr.
VW, (MW) MI of the Dattorl paanableta, I a detatl
ed .noel of earlt remedy, and as apply
~.:7Schooasak4r.Coll ir"r oodet. "l tatixtyl 'l' ):".;, '174.-
„ 1... AL Totrasetat. Pregalat, 45 Market at: '
. A.. A. frableas:Druirciai.. ants Lae Prat Ottlee. Mirka.
r i e one l Tlaa - ker.. . Darfitatait, Beater eoltry, Pa: --
, John Ettlott,imaoa V Mt,- ” , • ... , •":. --•
i R. Mma. lknr,..
American . . Life and Iltalth Insurance Cci:t ..emir i- , • , 3 ,, -.-
Asa. Ostla.Tbtaxcee P. Com
.. -.- „ - •
tuziarl lb: Jont.. ...... ..
John U. lie- • . . :
}Award tutll.ll, ' Rl[hard D. W ' , ,
•J 011114.. Drown, - 'William Webb '' ,' -
6.1nel F. bma.dh. tsranelo floating. ~ • .
Curie. Taylor, Acto.l4. 245.A.5.
An ob V , bile. Geors
S Niti c. 4l4
nob Id. TI.S.A.
S. IlorriAllals,
Tblati the alert nu 11.11.1SAiIis
and tram Its SIAS alamlncg, lons esp.:Am., *Style Imam,
And avoiding sit
of an Ann tgassmilowcrartey,i
01Ormssrrrd'"a" rIttrirl= r 1Er:AI:As P r j!.
JAI Snot straet.
..9gmt pr PauLurgl., &LEL. D. TOWLE,
(Mee. V 11.11.11 St, above £ teltditetl4.
Pasayblete contain/es all mammary deforms/los eseer be
obtateued at the °thee. ' '... /skied':
Western Inimiiintv Comlia . 4 tieborgh,
cAPITAL:B3OOOOO.. 341.14 Et,
President, 'P. SI. Gorlon,neeretaiyl
ill Insure against all hunts of liana Pine and Marine.
bonen will he liberally oh/jug/AI enctlocauply I
A house loatitotion—roanacol by Directors. who ere well
lumen In the vensonosmity, end who env detests:stood- be
pentoptoeso and liberality to mai:nom Cho dam.. whirls
they have aveconed, es dud., o‘ot 0n0...c00 to !.too.'
. I
Dussonens—lL Diller. Jr, .(ixo...Diset, 7.17.
liohnea, Jr., Wm. B. Boluses. C. Masers. Cleo:W. Jarheon,'
Wto al. lsrouvel =nee Lippincott. (10321 r e. DUS* Jams Pro
Attlee . . Alex. hlncielallow. &att.
Mos, hair/ in stet . usenet, (warehociee of DP= di CD.'
up maim) Plusbuzah. . Yunolly .
Delaware Nntial Safetylusorance Comp'y
MUNCIE. Third stoat. Tkilleilelphla • ' •
bitia larnenon—theikttais, llerelandia, and other
L=y. In lona aml country. /anal asarnst tom a
by aro. rA the. boat rite Insureda
Mama Inscamom.—Ther aka Yeasele.'
eng Freights, foreign or owned.. under ,oron or
ponder, re the assured may. Arida. '
lawn/ Inanaroararom.—They also lona* Merchandise
Lreconottort by %Vanua ~ nail mad ors, (anal bale, Ina'
Means bare, on ricers and lakeq the mat liberal term's.
Dmacroon-Jrneph IL beal, cad. ansar, John C.
Dacia Hobert 11. tom John IL acne, Manuel .F.dwerchy
Game C. Leper, Edward Larthimon, base IL Darts, Wil
li= Mann, John Ncollo Dr. IL M. inaton,Jease.CC:
11.4, Tbreophllas lankFuin, LI. Jona Brooks, henry
Blom Crab Crag, (largo .penes Melhata,'
Charles , J. i.),Johnona, - Wm: Bay, Dr.& Thane,
John Minn, Wm. Eyre. Jr. '. •
i lMoroas a7Yaratrson-.D. T.' Morn., Mush I.lrlllr.
N . uM Pre-client. Try.. C.LUNN VI Prete
dent Jearst W. ' Uont. &artery..
ael - Orrms 'of tbeCorojenty,. N0.:12 Wa. street, PHU
burgh. toant.ll C. 1- 111.1/ElRA,'Asent.
Tamperanceville and ;Hohlestoft.
Road Coxaßany.: , :.-•i ._,,,,. I_._ •
. . :- •
PwOTICE is hereby giten Id thi 5t:0 . 461)1d-
IT ors add Cotatoni, that . t.hotitt-ti Zdtsitieht to
oo A Okurent.Treaaakers of Um eaM ecoupaut, or VITO
DolntrO On rub ehateLof the nook , on the hut 31onday to
each and every month hetrattet.„ until the whole mock to
sVl g y Itl!, u i l l - OZ 1t, '' PL, ' ,4 ` ?,111,1t " . " ... ''' ,:g..t. V. t y .
Dotoupt and punctual to their raymeut... - • - .
an-I=U 2d. B. Itittili 2, Prealdeat- -- '
IBAD PIPE--Carnell's ;iniproved patent
i Lead Pipe for Lly r annn4 .--.
. .
Aquduct', ...
All slam on baud and tosrriO., fur pale bY2 - . •
•LlkkAilltillt tioRDO2I,
tnehlrdt - ' IA Frost tureet.
Seed Store Iternoved: '
11E subscriber has removed his Seed Store
from Pecood greet to the building recently occimitet•
itmel as a Tailor Shop. mi Third stimt, aiming im
mediately opliusite Poet • • •
opt l, L. aIig.IIIDEN.
CU4ST, for the ale of Domestio. Woolion, and Cotton
sta, So. Igh Wood overt Pittsburgh.
Ogle:agile,' at Mort notice for fur descri
ten ution of reel.'
exiating betwmn the mibtrribtri nadtr-tbgAtylt or
ry, Flttnhut Co., tAlt gag ,
by nin th s'
AbllallW FLIMItiTh
Ira 11 ermy rt• R. R. Firming is authorized to um tho
nameof the late Erm In the erttlmorot 01 Ibett
Tbe istrinerstalp heretofore staling , bibreen • the
auhaertbers, u talsr.the et) le of rbultlett ICtats, war the
ooltest on thr first day of lashaarT, Ital, by htettscal me.
rent- Kilter
are atiasotactlbera attead neallh.K
the bashxra, au) authorised louse the maul of theists ,
Erns the that purpose. :so. lot Ward street.
eiu.a.aLrr. r.
8.. 1% Lull:.
••• • •
NEW FIRM—B. (.1. Shaoldett and William
Payne. an Kr woad patron; and Senjantin myde, aa
rtecial and lathed partner, trill continue the In hobnob,
,Dry Goods Mutinous under the Orm 11. C. PLuscklett Co,
: tat as Gore lately Guoa. blot by thseklott* White, N0...1D1
{Good street. Jr. C. PILLelil4.37,
1 141514 ' • WM - . PAYNE.
"O:PARTNEItSIIII'—'rbe sublZribers hir
ljetn.r..l Into CO.Pirtnertlilp ander th e ttnrt• of &life,
one, 11".11. 11.141.161fE.,.
JA.lltB ATKLNI , Ofi t •
jet , Julin st.otizty.-
ME! HOSE!! HOSE!!!--Duet reed
from 0 . my,.f.f.T in lksnon.7.oo tentlndia
als. uses,- Man hE to :A t Inches Itt ntanntr.
nix it..., It to superior to any LON, niattnlactosett.
leather.lT hydrants, MUdllttlln.r. or tiro ins4loo Immures:
Ws wish It to tee disthertJy understood. that nary Inch of
tare that guet heat ouraerathatunrut rannuttad fur
tit• htt.t.h.d..r M. retuned. Jut ter
It Yor sale at the Innis Rubber spat. !ha.7 1L pd D 4
•NDI 3. it 11. PHILLIP& '
TEAM PACKING . IWO pounds.mixed,
Plain and Pure tail. Rubber . Cacti.; beta 14 to.
1.. Glebes ttettorarreatect to he the eery test Peeking, cf l
..e, OO to nae,. toy tea fele:new I
Yeats. Ptetost eels. eta. JUnta. mate Chem% Crliteler
figad.g. Sttlang Basra, te., at Jot tak at .tbe Ingle KW.
yot, No, 7 wed 0 Wonderer .• . • • •
ett2o . . J. a pi -..
n. niurs.
asoortatmt anti soperlor finished Table. 8taa1.1991
Ewan Corers of different pedesna,[lot to be 5a159.99,1 99
say sokt. 10 the city. • Martbanta. Pollan and zdhera
Invited to call and examine tor tharnalyta at tba wars
roma or ttu manoracwry; 90. 71 9 Wood .t.
39714 • J. .
t,„7 at No, SS Ilartat strut, tart. al eery eueLeatsprica
by tnyb THOMAr. YA4YCIt, ;.-
Q n
ki lucks Ginsual
Ulm Derr ettntt
6 66 60 J 6 6 6666 Jan teed mi tar Bale by
jayt A. COLANA.MA 100.
MEDICAL;.:_._ „~
- • DL
pcisrpoUND 'I,II.E3moCK' P.LASTER.--
lJ Theichlghlt tuteliatesi piasters LM* /INIMA& for
tame _than Arms" yean., diming eibietv dabs the 7 bat*
lained, • permanent mptuJ., tLe .ost Miamians
...11bensuile ant bteugthenlng.Vl4ter era , o titrn=
Mdans of the blithest eminence, to whims their
u fuse lie. aubtaitted. have given the mashhalitettni
bettimaillsle as la their aupetior vi 'ern weld rtue 44..11 ofbriflditr
..The htiiirdiehts uf Abair iota . poiiefon, erry_ carefully and
•-em-rwetif combined. Nailer them fecal iarly Matt
palms vtifiesingwith palmaniuT diem.. • •
Yor pvins in the iveast, tevalting fives protraited whits
bmpng month tV ioftlralu tiv various nu t r n w lmer da p: theirbeheie tbaraeter co
,veritsn orittitese=l....%
,,, bag beviv.ftlig maw by the mave:Km obese&
tas wealsnem and of la the lamt and sblammaltbsif
• /h., ..eibsi drains, diseases of Um kbli.efs..? titer au.
periority aragall other plasters heal*. testmlAT
hundreds who halm experiented mire ling fem. the&
lacatical. To =a suffer with riatimatie pales, Ilsoms •
leavismeniled, the smilident.useinnos
rhat Seir bettelbial edges will be hathil empties:44.
rev We, wholesale and retell: _ .
ge_hu • - t. 86.1.14:146 6. liitvid et.
_=,...... ~ ...9A1.,. /: STARCH POL-
,/, /AIL Ibribrirar • beentlild liken to Idoetra Ifnellark .
Anent., Collar,. shirt linaans, and al/ kinder., arlatt as
rwir P re I , rZ t ng ' 1 Tt,,,, 1 7,4 * , " ,:.:117,LV. ' 41,.. ektha " Ta t
any Ancor. The ,adita have long SW* fnzri ft ts
of reek an trails, end In ibis their expreta
-ly restrent, -. ao rompoUtion LI fearal tiler freprUal
i l l 'lC—Croio Cake Will do tbdiry &Win of eirdlAW: ',lm a•
fanuly should br Itltbout It. - -
.„.'• -'- , •
for 1.341 4 'l Vier:TA C'..k. It. P- NaLLTOTATII - ord A.
. "There are mete afire-54n brave. and earth, , '
-:Shan ere drea=S of in,
TiII:VIRTUES of th in l entarkabl6 tieme:
- ~ dr, nnasbnivlnnnes anntleationfeclt,tnthirrontt -
war, low Induard him to hare It gut we lu botelps„ pith la
bide and Amiga, for the Watt of th° puhrin.
• :The PIMMOLEtaI I. procured fern a well - ire Me tonal
ty, ate depth of four hundred feet.. ts a rum =adult -4
tat &AA* wittwort. any - rhanical, but Aut as It
Lowe frau Netruta. (Jena- Labrarciryll . T hule eautalaa
prowl). ?reddest a amber of &new; A So longer a
'matter of rincrtainte.- There are many Odors' In the er%
cans of nature; which. If known, - releS (b. bf nig.t. t..fta .
resil l ii:el;ligl l' VgillV Nr ;Att ' t. ,;':' c ci,:t`riibtgr Of
yriewr thous tof pultinglt up In ' tottlea, It had a repute , .
Ora for the core of &Aut. The mutant and (tally Inter
aing cant for t, and smear rernartable 'curer 'lt' has
formed. is %Awe indinalca of its. future • legularlar ...4
- .We °read Addiratlon to the eare of(Peraw.. .. ,
Ira • not wart =yak . * • Awe . Garet:lot rertlll u rea
rolo the fa
datare tomrloee e
erl=7, ' and edab m roe ' ork
to be bei
Mart e. dated !loam dot It a nalroral sorliattion tn e
pry dims., Cr ontuadatinely ray, Oat to a ath=
Chortle Uwe.. 14 I. unneelled. Amara them may be
enodnewited—all dim." of the =Me. tlMlellg . RIO ea
A-10re STOMA:. and oil Mara. at OA alrsomagee, UN
kg INIMPIJINIT,TOCEPEPSUL, Uterine*, Diseaearof -the
Idadder anil Kidneys, r.s. in the Bark or Seervous
Memoir, Neoreigia; Paley. ghturnatte Pala., 0 10, =4 N grida.
dror, Teeter. Ringworm. - Barna serrlds„ Bruics, M....ft ,
10024. Le- In caewtof debility, rend Una ther=tre, or
bet tad
Hart k il '''''"
" d erral TONIC and•AtTES
; 417Ut..a11,..1" 8 :,111 :1,.. _: . .4 . -la the
7. l.:AA ,,, frize=tot lug
efoM d 76 ' i ... r . r...0=1; tE tts ug=4
rittMe ' o=trkr= " s of ee=" "to
t• I 4 INIM:S
'Vrgegitrartain3.l abort ' . =!'lle=ta"ro
gletnato lay prawn who en It. ' •- ,_'• '.
- - Nam _AAA. without the Arrant:Ore o f the tares
Sold br , b. ,
•• . - SAME: L
2311itOpoirtqe . ithat.'
•• , ... -.:: :14.1 , ..fa a ' it - a - yrint D l : V 11 ,
.. „2 4 . 4oArarTp , ord bu a=1: p 171 0 =e
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' NOW 'illt me n who are sick as. afflicted.
with ffiwase 'of therEladder and Aidurs. vitt that
pomin bark or litobib4 , lfjotnix. old sonw,Truill&
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In • tbe'Ssee of . lowest. =unity. Mai it aus virtues
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who is meted with _psin, =I suffering ft%
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Reader! It rests yen little to make a trial: This3Potto.
Ikon boo mixture—no confound. r ut up fat the puripeo
of barmbg on the community; bat it is a tentedyeJators.
ted by the master band of nature, and bubbles op from the
b1:1•2213 of our mother earth; in Its original purtty,"And aF
fear td suffering latunanity a reedy remedy, a certain and
"she an sure. 3 •
It hie cured Pilot after other m . edicinea riailai
...der. say . It ha. eared Ithenautthknf tang
Cu and of the worst and matt painful character. It
bar cured Cholera Marts., by tam or two doom. - It law
enrol old Comm of Dierrhaa, lwbltti erery attate comedy
has been dr no mail. As o fo r d remedy in,intras and
rola/ It hi better that any medical ecealeotioteter ointment
,tbet cre know at At will cure chilblains sal ffeeted tett e
,l edtArie . gttlirTaltrdl a tir rbreMeTn i et:
hag Ott 11111:111. NlClt e ' Clant Itestm ar
either of thy mote.
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'can knee hen been oraged. in the Inelertiontleot,of
men Wed the nrotleattm of remedial' thereto.
- Through the We Ai 'bit inflating tulee,in conned:be with
Ws Prophylactic Syrup, and other ones ha boo
Indoed on unparalleled eminence In cruinoreadfut
and fatal .e le Subcroular, Consumption, Cancers,
Seeofula, neuranUmn, Ayttota, Fever arid Ann, Fenno
geltdelebtTelledne, nod as thous ototlnato
eacca tenons" to females. Indeed, *eery tom,
eardebeirunder the we of his ronedica, to teNebiV a
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hie remolleseadapted Wand praccitod tor: mkt %peculiar
THE' AFFLICTED be 'l`clind in
. • Dr: newltt C. /LaMar g
•or 31ttli.ldeb fru Moo Mete. of Milky years es.
mit h aniassa o tra d =p li.ii ?t o • mensal env.
alma antettersoter of dia... We feel tastes ligtariWs.
thing inesying_that Oda is the cellyynedicine tbear4ses been
t.fferod to M e affikted, that dove;ln even. word.
'ld.* it is mid .• . ••• • • •
lthee cured, and capable of easing nom discoeis than
- may atber.raedgetan offered wo moo by whom
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a m.bent Medicine that low ever been putranised and Rorie.
of the prates of the elite generally, as Ma most, agreeable
gamily 9atteine ever °Mord 000 Ws, •or tuedly eny of
' Moved Grinnell._ late IL C. : The Rom. Hobt.
'11.'31 late Kum- /lon. John A. Dix. 1.1: B. Fa.
tor. W Fort., Esc., Editor of the gpleit of the
Timm who
have of other , &Mew:WM.l eltiters• of New
Tort, who tally tested its merits, hen! pertaitted the
proprietor to refer to them, —•• • •
• da It Is watt Yawn that Patent Ifeelleinee am not=
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la= bred . I b' s i ttig VI th
ou V = P*li i4 re.
ThLs Wonder working CostlskOd bemlearlY
emu years Wen tbe_pmhlle. It. Mei h - levads are now Its
strongest and best. Miscued undoubtedly. is stralg and
convincing prosf of its Round n.talicess and sanative
qualities. 1 tie • uremia. remedy for all nervous
.aosnatie 0.10., mahatma net:lnge, ermine,•brol d e=
r run, and• all the peg. aml ad. that. flesh I. heir to.
• orui,otto,ooo lotting hare been oold widen. Mai oTalnt,
• end have pertecteAcuch aelottishing c o
res,allgr air other
remedies have elled; ser would' degree. Riley ve not
offered, and In' mu pmeession, Me. arouses& penal. avi
Thi4 molleine. or uttorel rasely, Is prepared from veg.
entries, for Internal as wall.. external Made diret4
il l yd . sar the dleezi part= r tt atemegt3,—.
all eisonno ne U ' attetlion., WA Sidney. and
Weaknas In male or facialc, from whatever mush. It nosy
for to 11Mburgh. by It. E. Sellers, Idemem• Kidd g
Cnonad • Ogden •0 linseed= end by the retell -
M pert lapin far . 100 . and one stdl7l.lll7V
To the Readers of the Pittsburgh:Gazette.
ATTENTION .it respectfully in
_flaw t..
os e...rono.ine truths. mot 10- th IA to
- a the mt important remedies of moOlemlimed
PETROLEUM , 011 HOCK OILI It la not mom Lb. one
Mir ago since this gnat remedy was brought before the
Debt e., Mr the reliefturd mere of dim.oc. Its great movers
to bal. here, Mum then. beams full y approciated by the
Mtosaunity.. and we 'allege that the longer It Is tried the
mom =lain will gnat &ate to lOU IMIt the
edy ol day, got op for the sole Purge.. of =Wag roman
but, one, whirl, IngentEntemmllterantme to to used when
• b. , . I.• , • Argon.. ha Petnaleme.
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b 1 oedy, elaborated in the depths of the earth
ig pont/. and ai ! eoey ttmt. laughs to enersrall human
eatopentlon. /t Ls our dut. whott ere mite about... medi
ans. that. Tee - mite the troth—thst Fay nothing calm.
latch 10 dmelse those, who may trust our mad as pat cent
den* in oretatements. Alto atek are eery apt Womb at
Iny *lug that Prondaes relief nom dhease A story can
ntrdly be too Moldy wrought to mower the &neaten gull
log or butribundog some of them. donot donee
to do thin we are analom only that the troth to Telallon to
env remedy Mould be , told. In order to MOM Pa it* repo.
tatlon fareseeeding any elngle article in_the Maned* med.
ton -Ptaln meandsbed bete—facts that - may he aseertanaed
La our tiff and neighborhood. bear.truPl4 tentinmety to I 4
Tor of the Petroleum.
%Cada the paaatme mamba two of oar awn citizen;
who were totally blind. hare been restated to tight Sev
eral ,etaof bandana. la glie Stele of Ohio. ham beim
nned. dna also. th e cam or. Swath.. la hesiertoant,
There are Marra but thine are maw nett rame,mad mar'
be referred to Or. 1017 imams who hanre'doutts mettle irub
rect. There cases were eared alter they had tentabandane
Asl by phyriebent im &WPM. The Petroleum will com,
when used acconling to divections—Diarrhma liyaentetw e
illessliticeanatbam Omit, Nearsigla Igveptloaa cm the Etta.
Pimples on the her. Chem& ham gym. dinaworstal:etter,
/Wald Head. redis in the bommAatihralras aores.tolan
jtbt o t iVet% Xi " 27 1= 4 ir
a'm'oped"limaWdds:d1. 312Paonaw".
La fact it la s GMT CM1...1.3119T seal bas been tried
in moat of the above disease. witch, the pest year with the
:mots :mast mimes. Certiamtes that will astcalete, are in
the bands aft e proprictor.whowlit take pleasure In show.
lag them to the Labeled or their Mends.
Whatever others may say about ElOdkirCeik the
tba greatort Remedy or the ago. Phyalchum
of t i pb eatableg lia to. pm:salon are beginninng to use it
In their remake. Those who at Mat looked ca with doubt
amt uncertahaty; are willing to sweat it dm praise and
eutalderatioia. Before another year rolls mood. all will to
compelled to another
that the Petroleum ls the great.
M seadleine ewer diweencred-r For rala wholesale lad re.
E. _ Javit E l d fleXif.tL c a 4,0 Wood sa
aatott= ,Alleglowy aty. • lt.Vrem
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loargh. mai ishnectewit 4 co.. Wood ambpont sts•
-It to take. and highly ettembioa.
pr ern. Al melt 151.
Nr.ll- BOICTIC—Ify others., h e been
earnest to troublesome tooth". and haring mut efferent
sornedlee ti tymr n.e ., ..rt I eras indaord tr e teri
I , to btroor l lArryl. sad eleo r' TonTy=rt Ventral
different tLmes, and It bee never Yelled to =anthem
1 hare reeommemled it to. my eniFbb.... o,l4l °
..eametandnuely Wilsey that tt is the met coonly medicine
,that has test been adrenal to the peddle. .
Pants &add not permit their children to intro t
men. when they may to euredhy I 1 It. boltlsor this
nopamad and arld by_ •7. U. MIAS,.
ro-G9 47 ineol ruid Drogaletamortrally,
/AUNT MEDICINES, dc.—A largestock
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