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SATURDAY- mprojuip, JPNE.:4-./851-
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•-• .WALT,II42 WAR - D;•afPaehla
It W. (1" IL I A. 1115, of Pittaboub•
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'Wit. /I...IPCLUILE.of Pittaburgh.
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SA.TIVEL TAIII . V.ESTOCK. of fltUbursh.
. • ALEX. 111 CILA8W.4.0; of Allerlear '
TAILED It t ifila z oi s Ettiborgh: I
.• ROEffEE SLAG, of Pittab nub" • .
WEST. af AUerArof• ''
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JOITX rsimcs. .
i . clue . ifed. to tate Ora ad Sunda
'a.tiefiaon (to'-fuoiaw) tit four o'clock,.; the ear
n'orilona of the new Cathedral will be blessed and
laid by the Bishop. The Very. Rey.' Dr ..Mori:
art . 0.;9. A! . ; will preach
be"talten.‘4 taitirdi.iloo erection
The Detooortti of this State have plated their
E - zi:etteket in the field—for Governor, War': Dm
-411.;ie Cle4ifeld';'and' for tonal tpion*en,
I;fo3.6;U l llie 'Post ways this is
s good ticket. and that it will bo elected by 15,
000 That editor holterer, no .
821 he predicted that Mr. Loniteeth
Johnstonaottld detest tom 5' by 20 , 000 major
ltyr Ifouow only claims 15,0110,andif pre.
iidiotiCa fcausded en tie better' data
than alto Past; which we.verily believe, we shall
r.'ret;"Gi..WittioiZointotiot by's,cioo At
the }totclee ca the terribly disaetrolta Ode
the tatifief lfig!,ir&ts not. fully developek .now
the.firoothundin . is of foundries andfarge; have
been eatingnished , oar naanufactureS of ill kin&
ore in' depressed Condition,' and
tnon.ands ofpereons aro seekang for profitable
eaployreent in vein.. ,This.will all be in Ottrha•
'vorz ,Peopl4 tato tot forgoitdia the Sodden. ge
t ali anti - Cheering effecte of the Win g of
164 :'LIthey for :paity
in t4 4 *-or:rr-ocoiiff, if it is sold the.]
great poin?latity.or -Gen:Tayloi assisted in de
featim the PosVa.priadietien; in 1848,46
that vbanarne of.:Winfield &mit hilt : hejind i ter
potetkit SST. ~ ."4"e; our neighbor of the
- l iirv; 4 •l4l l 'w4-- . 9ketid 60 0 6] CPSilngit , oue
uolligter, , Who never enelt - pewder , :,rm beim
de t t Mito.tddi*'e 6 at!ittet' 4lo-7 4 - K. 7061 t9n.
taste - d''k'stii'itoesi;, Arhatn; - q . . t pepiderfizi rit Gina Caz:sl*c, "
Cano - 4m—Thee North: Atnerict, irrired at
liew.Yarlt on , Monday,"ll4iigine-,4ooi4sidiers,
andl3Boo,oo6,iii gord and rid
. ,
Tho now . brcught by the papenjrcpreseo the
mining .intesent , a- very TreepeiCbt::* New die
coverlet, Fe making "in 'the'
eou#4s * 10. :41 0 7
uent_ro in, great gilitusdance,,but ; great 41iSctilty
has bacaaiperieneettin exparating the gold from
she •roelt.; , !#Sonte." of 'the richest' specithens 'of
e . .*:seett /min been - bronght to Bari Fran
cucOtprodetin 34'percent:ai,gow!
tincb q
.. nanti... iblicitiiht to. - be sent 'to-,the At
lantic nidnba its: crude atate, arhernit. could -be
itparntetl tobetterndunbigo than in California,
and'the'art it doing to perfected: . .;
elettics at the muni
-441 cieCtica In:AtaY., Party epixitenns high at
Sactiminto:^" = • '
TIM oriel from the 'sanclitich
porC4t..~ The dit4caltyWiPa ..Fratiee, was Ar
rsnged py,le temporary treaty, by width:brandies
are to , bet: admitted: at 'a duty of 12 tO per gaL
instead of .sp eel Afore, Thelgosernroecddeilied
to pliddhit'inteifeatizig drinks, in Order to . f ar 7
rest 'thelitogroii, of, intemperance among the
peoploof r ete porknag, 'who : hare jest emerged
from7barbarist' n; but • :through the' enilerdy - of
Orwat:tiltaii?, Whirl wished to , inkrodueo ale,
porter, &e . and of. Fiance , - which must nied.
tbrasi*eiiklid. brandies upon ihem, ibis laud
able *Vedas likely to bailable-ed.
Thw.thirt section of this temporary treaty re-
Wes to - ; 4 old it is as
"., „
"ThstiOnnzunont el the Kingmosnotrecogrrise, -
theriparttotaerforeign . tuition the rigkrt of
diet:ding ar prow:rads:glows to them,: on matters*
whichiffeek &drew ;eligibles belief or secular
oducatierva:the:faittire" subjects , . of. the King;
neverthelowdisposed to admit the third of the
demunda , presented -by.3l: 'Perin,. on the lit of
February lest; sta a:friendly, suggestiem, destined
for the tzernittatimi of% the Legislature which le,
to amonalleltbie year, the. Hassaiir' s Government.
will place these assemblies in a ligation to-doeide
if the , mqxmlity between the 'Catholics' and the
rrotestant4 under , the protection of tioli consti
tution:ea the lawa:Of which numeroaa proof*
have been furbished, do-not, yet require soak.
thing for lie perfect upplication.!' -
Noir naleiatettaat Art: nme n t bat user llex 7
Ara thl:eelliieitre - I.of.e'e* e Ai BA"'
wiCh Idizdtrao sad Fame datal.ilin.-dii aa,
amiable day:laity Okada:VlES te : Peee the
raceptia: Nth' aptla a -feeble
. , -
.. , .
2rapp,,Casastxt riots The now C451.01U64'd
The ropla.d: Oran : , TOte on.the acceptance of
thole CottEtiantiOtelM di& 17th of the •.pinteit
inonih: There is atood deal of oppositlfrkto h
imanifaiteic "tittiii(tlilels a progieaeireage, and
" thee* 4 1 ;! . riticl*Fif i4iuittias
clutageitnong the Azietican people, partisolloly
in theater States, , we a:appose the naw:constlto
ticaz adopted in pbioi'ai veil iiilnltary,
Nve drat tha attiviodd 5 4 - r tF ewleiii Ito.the
advertimmeat of ldr..lboe• deis, vho will cell
to day sotto very desirable veal estate, in Roes
toerodidp,. near" tba road from Pittabort,b to
Pfewrir. Thio MP ut i L! "7 F 41 14 dt aMed
. _ .
PAM 10t1t to at .I=o.4...Edward F. - D011E1.15,
James Cletaeate, taid - Thanais Beam, conricad
as the V.l3:Dishiet:Cotat;ift' s liew -Ye* 4.l'lthe
murder. Of. .d.oe „Second, met?
iorqua tlicn,,wein'senfenced on . dtontlay legit, to
be hanged at 'bola-It-Friday Itt July be
. .
The ..eourt .14301 a was 'deneely crow - did 'Witt
opeotatoiti, and the iseimii eltogetheri." Wes 'Me
most impressive. - ,.Tlas mother. of Douglas was
in Conti • the sobbings of the poor woinan;
iaa a broken hart, were beard all over the
. • . ,
When asked if holintLenq. thing to say wh
sentence, nf death. a houldnot be pronounced,
Donglees - repliect that he lad not: lie was hula
cent The other two pee similar unworn when
asked: The 'Jnditelaid . thei et•ootn
mended to EiecutfreleteMency bat at the 'same
time told them .ohly i to Trepan, to meet their
&on. .. He' did Oct eve them much hopa
• Thai there are no dower than' flirt, ,tapdhilitt .
for the gerLdirejest 'noir. in New .York tity;, the
three just mentioned, with Jinxes Well end Aaron
B. Etokey, who - aro to be hanged on the 26th of
the present month:"A — terrible' truth . lndeed;
lthith carries with it its own fingteptl9u;
Ia 60tenthig'
"Thu government rill
ever be exerted to,passish , and suppress piracy
end daddera Even had you been successful is
your desiss46" alanghtering: the officers and
the faithful of yourand..in_usurpluit
Piratical: l Y, $14013 dof the sbtp—fins would
still not have escaped. ,The stera
_poisons of : the
goremmientterabiriiinetyOu on cveryoeuan,
smite "Very tutt!,:rfavhoic, and inlet. '4"hecaied
and compass would have carried you to no gusr
tee tif the glehOtlrre`yoalsonld not hare met ,
v itobi k •fitialvict:otra'poeef 'the ilaglou bare
'stained with blood: 'lstioess:iOuld hese hut add
ed to
thin al, TaliGlODel lasvvoild nave been
TA= fl4l O at la e
Proud thitNearryzag ae many as .the y can co
commodare TbiecrOara tram ClarnlandraPitta.
lamb is-bee:m*o4 some tar . tbs, Smalling
ao=anitY."'Captia;tvis,(34, Inruby„arat Brown
ara readoilk,thilinairea .raore,:popalar ; every
trip, by their artc4tiartiaraiagarts famaarrav
aim cotator4l4* - : - ava'-UPP7 ',-;24.bAtler men
basal Ste:, ,`.3.tepal.,, Clark, -Parka&
Co., raado-thoii,no:4: - jiikaa-thai adored the
4=75 of ihiigeousii**, gigprasoma may,
Ile":-"Ragiiwz zit% L.8.w.1
irm,.mytewiate. iestik: t t talkeoxiit .11 in
the7rittttless iiorrweof tOliany onti 141 eft
iet t emilf a rota to the teak, 4o tiiezt tester
b o th by Oregon andCelifornis, hia 7" as.
UgelliAtertatiot.uxreing oni govern= t- to.
take field °teat great enterprise, and has gone
to '&1;gal-to try what he can do There.
I , tti,ytell'-hmetrls that the territory of Great
Bkhanatratchts entirelTaccross „the • continent
of *reit iMeries; the southern boandnry lyhig
for the most part along the 48th parallel of north
latitide. The distance from ocean to ocean,
along or near that line,-la much less than Oong
our route by way of St. Louis and the Southrse.
moreover, is asserted moreor, thst there is a grea de
pression in the Rocky Mountains it a point to
nit the British route: Heir true thle may he we
cannot telL This route Toiald probably .01:13-
matte at the head of Lake OnttuJO, and termi
nate at Puget's Sound; which sepanites the is
land of Vandoune, from the continent •
The .new :York Tribune says:. prirate
letter frown friend in London informs U 3 that
Mr. Asa Whitney's scheme for it Rallrnsid -tc;
the Faiths,' across the northern part of this C6le.;
tinent, Is attracting therethe attentionire bad
expected from its own grandeur and feasibility;
and the singular clearness,' efithuslism MAI tact
.of its advocate: It his been sabmitted to Lord
John Russel;-Lord Bninley, Lord Pante:ogle and
'nther -eininent men, who have lii;tened to Mr.
explazildions, and have expieosed their
'eatisfacticm'at their novelty and Prahticability:
tat ihe same tide be interiieis With
heavy whtilminpriofferetl him' all tho
Means necessary fir the'prompt eleen4nnf the
work, to be furtaishedhim'ai soon as the fluids
are granted for thafPeriibee.. These gentlemen
only wait Mr. Whitney's acceptance of thew }pro
penis, eriiploY thileiritluence—which is huge
and mre.efficaclous--with the Government
and the Hudson!' Bay Company In order to se
tire 'the grant, whiell Will be Made substardial
-17 on :the same:terniens were contained In the
bill lit/
~ .. . , .
"We confess that .wecannot see the prospect
Which these facts ofer without a pang of •regret
that such a 'work Should not be' executed by the
United StateS,';`Ser can we banish tie bonel i that .
lifr. Ivhitt4y . .,Mity, not close with:these propo
.eals, attractive as they are, and that Tema/ yet
have theopportunity of talldingthle magnificent
. ..bighney of the World.- '. ' ' i ' • ,' ' '
, -?•Sall; if 114iLlt, : 3iiiric.4,iiii.#1 the prise
°inlay:4nd OraPie . e,' , tfe shall hot repine at ,her,
Artune, for it would be achieved solely by
cionfening 'upon mankind it large benefits o f MI-
Oa extent and duration.''
; I We di4leiit*ke efilieCeeilig of re ex
pressedll the Tribune: :beaten,' in, the find
place r Mr. Whitoey'elseheme never :gaitted the
CiedidenetiottheAttimiCan people, and ptoba
14 i4Tr'. iieuldhio l e'll4illea it ' If had th? ap.
mnCpep el . irait'.cp . d 'iangernaMmOrepolyi and
betrayer. disinterest ed be ;may have , been, we
menet emboli. it could be anything me I But
again; if hir. , Whitneiehouldsacceed in getting
the Britisli'filOrertunent and p eople into th spi...
rit of thiaiieiai,enterprise; it. will' stiniel our
gayeriment and .people tit:the prosecuti onof a
similar entcrprtso on.: our `own' territory- Er-
Gept in the Metter of &stance; we have the de
cided idvantage _ever - them in every wei r the
greatest of which toin ciliate. The hinor
thern latitude of the British trade, with its long
winters and heavy snows , will ever ben s rioue
drawback. Still much of. it will pisti through it
tine region. '. The eine* between Lake Chinni°
and Superior is Wept .an unbroken --.
ti,p in.
Around the nce.thernS.hare of Lake S or
a cold region, ' not Yeti Tell known : ~ Beyond .
that, for a ling distal:toe there is' O'Comparittively
level regiiri, 'full of beautiCul . 'lakii, , Almost
directly north of St. Paul,neer.the line, is lychee
is called the 'Selkirk settlement.V:lliti. iopay,
it is said, grow fine, crops of wheat, outs,l
iwciatoes," and they have proved' that it Yhe
made the seat of civilized life: - A large river,.
called to Saserticharien; hai r s ,- eastward From
the Rocky Mountains; and debauches into a large
likei, , oliS of achtdri;; the united waters of - iyhich
'form thtatackensid artier. • If . evir,n' ialroad .1
is made-=across - the' eMitinent, ifirciegh Bibles 1
territerf, r if will probably tiiiiarried'ap thel val
ley of the aaniuectetweri. •• Trim the hes i ds of
that river the line would be nearly due west, over
er the mountains, and through British Oregon to
Pagett's Sound. .
Should this enterprise ever be carried out,
VllllColl,llellleland willbecemo of immense cam
mends.' importmee. It is certainly a serf!.
cent scheme; tint iteeMas to be is wild al itis .
niagm4cent; when we remember that . the te
in nutty ,all tinPagh Ant..trubMlcert
knot/mealy to bunters and trappers.: , :
- The ireatest'diffieultY is the trold;lmt it seems
`that the rigor of the'climate isbecominggrcatil
mitigated.; end. thin rairiMitien will probably
.keep pace with the opening up of, the matary...
, -..
Should it, however, be found practicable to
construct a railroad across eattthent, ii. will
build up a great empire to the north. of us, made
up of a people like . .aummites, with, yhora our
catamercializse.would beCiose,stalumba ,
ally advantageous, even if , we 's/Muld - never be
suited-finderone pantie:al system. i ' '''' ' I
.' There is, 2 therefore, no room" for 'jealousy be,
tureen oar contemplated, road to the Pacifie, and
this one.,; -w_ P bateau the' of rur -N3;
Ire can reach Sep ,Yrancis' co. the mouth of the
, Colombia, and•PugitYe turard,' nhile Great Bri
tain is iestrieted tithe'lattef.Fer'thespleater
„ , .
' P ert ofthej ri i, th e ***. Pent PO, JO. 7 0 0
miles asunder antkif the t4ril hetteesn-knrcee
'and Asia' can drawn] through these Channels,
both will find =urethan they cantle: A.7llpirit of
emulation and 'gen e rous 6, irf:lilQ l Cii 3 g l s ,-
iristliidvantigeods: to the *orb!, and in the
,ea benefiebitto both theioada ~ ~1. . ~ .
Pranen.vatat: Jaz Oato CAIla; Cost iutr-
A. - meeting otthe Stockholdtmfef the' F*Eturyi
iiiia-incicliao'ciiiiii comps:l,7 , 4s)Am 4'!iVai-,
ren, list., The following Board of Direst
ore was anent—Hyman -Gratz, Pldiadelphis
Seth Dai r -ftevennat.Francis Preeman, Prederiek
Himmunt, Jacob' Perkins Samue l -, Quinbi,' and
Themes D. 'Webb,',Of Webb was .
ohoscaloolildiot of the OOOode Som
tery, and Geeorge Taylor, Treasurer: thriernor'
Wood has appointed Henry W. Smith, of I War.
ren, and D. P. Rhodes, of ' Ohio City, Directors
; the' pa,kt of th e State. e next meeting of
the Boluti Val beheld atßevenna,Julyist.l The
Tn . :nate:ld Comity . Whig says:
. -we ;re-informed that the receipts Of thi con , '
ipiny for-tills; at the Cnllector's °Hite in, fel,
unto. the 20th of - May,' of this Yr A r, ex _
eeed the.receipts up to tho'saniedite DA y ear ,
by $BB5, Vb. Such a result washot antleipa,tad:
from the fact that the toll on coal and other ar
ticles shipped extensively on this car,td, 'gr ea t_
'ly reduced - from. the'rates of last , year. Thi a
show a fair immense in the businesa. of the elutal.
The quantity of toil shipped thia. season far ex
'cads the amount ',hipped 'in any 'former year,
aid yet the demand is not hippiled at Clare/Ma
pftraistlo3 are making for ts large increas e in
the coal .busitters Anzio& the 'latter part of the
We are unable to State whether the recripii
at other office, compare as favernbly with the re
ceipts of Lust year, a s they de at this office..
The following fbitasant speech was toady by
the non. Wan E. Seward, atone of the panar A
on the route of the Erie .Eal'road, duringtheate
"Gentlemen., lam very glad to eta %, o e :, bat
have . no epoch to make. - I am not le7 aaa o y
Met iimilments. I have no thought*, upon
effairathet I hive not freely diecue ee d with you,
and with everyone who has wishek,t e b l o w them.
I have= reserved prituiiplea,f, aplemeeland
"I have ett l 7 a lilemeat to tell w hat we AMC .
neon' doing. / the 'Wedding, :geo'
tienten, to the grent.Weddlrr bridehich the fresh
water of take Erie weal V ieaid the Qld
Salt Sea tiulli;mo,M, -Th'e hoer, aileghardes gave
away the Mitle, mean, ribune/I; the Delaware,
the gaelerso;the Geremee, end others; were the
bridesmaids. The "'tog was the gift of the mer,
charm of New Inft—an iron ring woven in two
Misrule feelt7 d, - and nuumfee lured, and brn't
together bete- by Mounter Allen. If you Wait
to it. the MAP', look:under these Gentle
men, them 'Sere , tire , parlies ebleat, whO had
proteated'agiirtiatba. harms,. :and although ',their
:Menem Was agreeable to others, their preeenee
would beeuageeetige to vol. One Ifl:11 the
B .lraettee Conytnenn kr.: the ,dissolution or the
Mufti .1 11 W the:Othor Anse.the 'South ..Carolina
Ronvention for%seemMiro.'llenesthelesi,, it%r. la
kw / 4d e n deihrred'hy wise Mdta,- that thieroeris ,
moo) , will Imptliee ; upen all .men the conviction
that , A l ,l S 7 4 11 4 JUGN b he/tad tV 4 a
re °Firl . ulattetk.Ana egl:unehatitabieneitt•
Galax* thetddtrit4asymore., the ID*
ergrable f Priettt',Whi ,eondtache this • ceremony„
would Oft htiellert.trigit lds-;" alga; voice.
nputurycitthretren. 'Oat haote your
Vas HloarrisLif Roan, —The annomsetment:.
:made by trilesterday or the Tote of a subseripF
thoi by Ifinbington.Co.. Ohio, to the atock-Of the'
Chenimeti, hbuietti andllempfield Railroad - ;Is'
a piece of news of importance, not only-to , the
city of Wheeling,. but to Jhe
.ilempteid road,
Which - Will place theithek of the latter in s moat
enviable position. The company has already
been Organised. 18 baa been, with one of the best
men in the country at, its . hetul-n•Hon.
licKsivirsc—ri geed country to run through, and
the certainly of the 'shortest ratite that can be
constructed from the weatto the east The Engi
neer of the road, C. Ellett, Esq., is diily minded
here to organize a corps of - Engineers, rind go p
the - ,line, backed by the subscription of We
county as well as private. subscriptions. The
road from Cincinnati to Warietta with a subsbrip
tion of over $1,400,000, mostly by comities. pre
heats the probability of the early construction
of that road through Cidllieot.he to Marietta, frem
whence there is a charter to this city.
This fact does away with any reasonable pros
pect of ' the construction of the North Western
Virginia road to Parkersburg,. and compels a
union with the Heropfield road from Wheeling to
Greensburg, Pa., by, becoming a feeder to that
road. All that is now, wanted to put these roads
into active operation, is a subscription from the
citizens of this county of $lOO,OOO to the Hemp
sea road, that it may - be pressed smoothly. on
ward. We believethis can be easily obtained
at the proper inOment, and the whole machinery
will then be set in full motion. What means are
the directors using to get that 7-- W7uvling
A railroad Vera Marietta to Wheeling, indeed!
Well, we like that. •It will , ecesre the constnh
tion of oar " circumbendibus" beyond all - Kr,
Adventure. The Wheeling paper calls it a " feed
er" for the Hempfield road. • We-will see about
that when it - is made. lt do drat rate to
. •
bring business to our river route, and we will
Aect where the hulk of the tnide`and travel will go',
when the proper time COMO& In the meantime
we wish the Cincinnati, Marietta - and Wheeling
road all imaginable success.
sun me4ciovrtater, PAID,
To the People of Peoneylcania '
It will not be forgotten - that the State Agricul
tuml Society itt Pennsylianitt haa fixed LIMA"-
burg-as the place, and the 234, 24th, And 26th
of October next, on the time for their ANNUAL
Extnatmos. There is no . State in the Union,
whose climate, soil, andlhhhabits of whoae peci
ple afford more ample 'resources than our own
for a creditable exhibition of their skill and in
dustry. There is nothing raised, grown, or man
ufactured upon the fame: the earth, which is
not more or less interesting in the study and sci
ence of Agriculture— The Farmer, the Horti
culturist, the Inventor,. the Itlechlnic, are ell
cordhdly invited to contribtite and partake in this
interest which will be excited by the occasion;
and especially do we invite the aid, countenance,
and prudence of our mdthets and daughters,.
upon *hose bandy-work tiled gOod example ws
are so, dependent for all the domestic comforts of
, .
Arrangements are n a gs being made - for enclos
ing the grounds, and prorlding separate and sate
places thee!' animals and articles which shall be
presented' for exhibition. All the canals and
railways in thelitate will be open free of charge
for their transportation to Harrisburg ; and via-
dots will come and go'on them. at one half the
usual rates.
The young men of the State;are reniudedthat
the PLOWING MATCH will afford them as oppor
tunity for tho display of their skill, the training
of their teams, end the fitness of their Imple
Mille we address this communication to the
people of our State, it will not be understood
that it is designed to exclude the citisens of other
States; much less to avoid the honorable compe
tition which their contributions may afford. Bow
is the time to prepare.
By direction of the Executive Committe.
President of the State Agricultural Society.
Canusix, May 28,-1851:
From the Republic.
Ma. Cumcm.—We have noticed in several
journals letters from Washington animadverting
oa the course of Mr. Corwin in relation to his al
leged connexion with certain. Florida and Mext• - •
can claims. Mysterious intimations mid giv,
lugs out are circulated with the view of creating' •
unfavorable impressions; though we' have as
yet seen no specific allegation of official impro
priety. Every professional sow. who adepts
seatia ihe Cabinet'a must necessatily be more .er:
less Ombas*sed by hie protessionil sth
gagetelsits; and, as far as they conflict with his
public ditty, his only course is to relieve himself ,
of them before entering,upon his office. to
assume that only those teen are eligible to such
places who are free from all pest or preser.s pro•
fissional implications, would be to exclude (roar
the circle of candidates most of ther a who are,
best adapted to do honor to eminent stations.--
Thus it is stated that Mr. Corwin had been re'
taluedon behalf of the claimanteie.matuuspend
ing before the Mexican Commiralon, and i n re
lation to certain Florida elaintr„... and it is • not
denied that he divested himself of all interest in
both' before entering upon tEe duties of the Set
eretary of the Treasury... lloth these statements
rest upon the same unthor',ty. •
Now, we are not aware that on this 'holing
there is any charge against Mr: Corwin which
his friends are called upon to repeL But it is
not improper that they ahould deny, in the most
explicit and premptory manner, that there
nay ground of imputation against the fiscarre-
ST. in connexion with the allegations that have
been so freely dispersed through the conntry.-r-
Wm high charaeterind eminent services are suf
ficient to give all necessary warrant to the istb-
liethat be in incapable of official impropriety
He might safely stand on this ground, and fiery
the worst malice of his enemies. But we go
further, and distinctly aver - Mat there does not.
exist the slightest reason to impeach his conduct,
whether on the scare of integrity or delicac
We believe that he has exhibited the most ecru
puloms and fastidious regard for his public char
6Cter, and that his whole conduct is entirety be
yond suspicion,
, The position of the Secretary of the Treostuy
necessarily exposes him to the thsfts of malevo
lence He is compelled, in the discharge of his
his official duties, to give much cause of dissat
isfaction and disapointroint to the various claim
ants who come before him. This of itself raises
up a host of enemies, who seek to gratify MO,
spleen by anonymous attacks in newspaper t._.
'Fregnintly these can be traced withoutdtlf .e t e i ty .
to their authors ; and in the present r• e the
motives of Mr. Corwin's assailants ar he Th ree t
to be well srodenitood. We hare re apprehen
sion: however, that they will neer
'tom shak
ing the public confidence In ame !the has th.
far in life sustained it charal ,jer fee er „ itese
tegrity, whohm made a dir
imaw!l ,eyeatee
his eminent abilities and or eteeeee ‘
and . who has won as ms :' mends d te l e d eete
by his wiTate Tilt , " as by his public satires.
The Imnal°F . Commerce' pretHents themonth- -
13 " tn"uleut af theimp o rt D ryGoo d sN ew
„ hid , . port of at
„... d ~"',,,, shows a considerable decline as cem
;rhe . . the corresponding month of leaf year.
.. u .„ ..eas of impona of dry goods in January
32r „ .ted to $2,088,992;1in February to $1,926,
• and in March, $1,640,878, making a total
, :reuse during the quarter of $4,982,181, over
the cormip ondhog period of 1864), in April the
tide tur cd and the receipts for that month
showed a idling of of $992,882; and 0011113 May
welters *further comparativedocrease of $396,.
428, thus i leaving a total increase for tire months
of but $8,648,980. flow the oompouison will
stand at the close of the year ii. is not Blamer
un to conjecture.: All accounts from the British
and French warehouses and
tricts represents the orders as very light, and
the trade with this. country. as , h ackward. On
the other hand, an unusually large number of
merchants hare gone abroad, all of whom, it is
fair to suppose, will make , purchases ton at.
er or less amount. in acidulent°:this, /are or
ders have been given here by our aityjobbers to
bagman and foreign'agents, and many who base
been accustomed to buy , of the 'lmporter'', will
this yenr bring out their own , stock.. Them is
leas encouragement to Dimon' Britielt or
Continental fabrics than . for many .15e2MODe as
prices here for many descriptiona'nare declined
far below the rate abroad, and there is very lit
tle prospect of - a very general improvement.
Choicostylei of fancy goods will d oubtion•open
at a profit, but there wilt be a gen mai Indispo
sition on the' part' of buyers to, ley in a heavy
stock early In the season. Our jobbers Iwo
matie.ilttle profit oat of their Men importations,
but the course they have pursued in regard to
purchases, both of Foreign and Domestic Goods
bas been veryjudicious, and they are nowVeap,
ing the benefit of their caution. 2 -'2hie dais of
merchants are generally very WIWI, ' Illd , they
stand at the close of the sewn -ht.& pee:alb:wit
safe and Stable poaition. Their 'Ahab' tare not
iMprudently large,4utd their goods , have bee',{
well placed; with little risk of general lass:
TIIII BEST WELIi TOT.--Time :Peered • omf r
Cleieland and Tittsbnrgh IlattiosA tho elbeinth
-week, (being tho last) siztem t i fdred ard aids,
four passengers, and a largo ~ sisount.of. freight .
On Monde9 of Ahree' hundred and
kW, trtn Passengtrs pa cd oierehe road.. That
unnin g' one hundre'':' and fifteen passengers
from theitareatut te : ga of eat* took ,possige In
the Empire State./
Clear the trw;:s..—iteeenna Mfg..
Dirratblers will rejoiceqo know that at
pi: they tit. arca.* an wild* whleh they auty4loend
Wai. an Utoe• fn ta:Lrinz the various alhaehte Bf tattle.
nth ma orseny, etla eotoplalat, disternpaVgallt, 'roma%
ovralma manna. WU. partial Window; wee addadd”
ape in= cub; late of the Jetat Inter. ate costraetal
a0a04,/la, The. utile Ward to le IL Farrall'a
raltarat."thabert Ittedlalae mr dlasaiend far
man a dad: *a raddirmadat.
- SaUm.t.rimme.. -Thtetlagdoweio Marsh Mkt
- B.*lrere-.DesellSlr,Vecte Petroleum (smirking"...
&mils thleeleinftyitheteibm, we would ttmat 'a:towel
is two dam by Um Pearaylnale ReLromi. We are ea-
Lindy. 014,111124 It„fs betemlnuulreil tor elmost men dor.
• JOfl LOY° 1 co.
1u0zm05.,118131.4 eO. 0 1 blues IL
Dad die. Jobe Agent. inr. weeks' arm
left with us /JO' domes Rock on. which .w• hove wad-
Mose .Ibywazdte us eixdouns lesimellegmr. - ^
/ Your medlelbs is worbbsa wailers Lo this mo m :. me
can obtelp int* Wrielleut ballbegfeu4f You
. Toms. W. SCOTT.
Poe solo by Homybloilcoroll. 343 Wooistroo — IL .
131114d0. 37 Wood street' B. fabokesbook, it co. ca n&
Word and Prant =eat; D.ll. Cum. D. A.; 81llott,Joseph
Dmislast;iiat IL P. Beldnoto, Alipobesty. also br th. po
p:War, •
solloltoff Cut ol DWe.&eeothw Pitt bash.
Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittsbmgh
• Masa No. 41.Watax Ara; Is the "mho., de.. IL
C.• V, licaarr i. Prtadent.....-it. R. a. Ike/.
to atora C = 7 ==o. '3un dfs
An amplo essrasty for tba ob . ty and Wert, of rba
of affords! 111_thoster of lb D oo.
Vt 01l " ru xt gr . r f ' OTtri try age: V., :CfsVZ
an=ar&b. W. Wra, Larbart.
W•Dar Bonus
Hugh D. Rim Edward Itesslataa.
jabs Iloyvorth. 8. usrsanich. 6. N. bler. asUbtf
Foreign and American Hardware.
No. 129 Wood Street,
A fall andoomplets !dock ofrOZEIGIYAND IitERMLN
iMltable tor the spring trade, sad erhlch they are Impaled
to Offer to purchmere at PIMa that win compare
Ararahly Mth atm of the natant alba.
1851.. SPIII,NR:4IIIWII4.SIENT.. 1851
Forte ea ltOVia elphia.
Tarty-four how's to Baltimore.
- 281 mil - an Railmand-105 miles Canal.
SMIT, tuff nWIAIrt AND FERTIPSatS N 40.12 • •
Being fm fram am many Cluingee nod porterogu
connected with piece Lino.
Two Daily Lines Packet 'Bat&
arrauryoit. p4ssizrowts.)•...
LEAVE Pi ttsburgh for JOhnstowa, t Mro
by Partaoltalbood
Tv° Ilardnd aladF innpedfrect. - to .
Pukeb lola ercr7 =meths orseiselr et Sight: o'clock,
Tare to Philadelphia, 1110.. lan to Balthoora. 2.
do . Lahenter 19 do ILL:riding '
Passengers Ens Baltimare,
Take the - Pork and Ctoolictisiad Railroad at lian
on antral of Cana: that Plena. Dianne nighty
toot mina) Time, hour.
NO China for blUltraligilogghp on this rants.
The Can in thiPari tootle an an) aam
lidy. and of the . appear.
entatroetkat t
If you dune cheap treadling and Oddif?ttlihipl nour
nodatioo, noun Tons litaTatalat
J. P. HOLVPS,ut.
• - Livr& co.
P 11131.10 tECTIIRE..A fie/ •
Isituri vel le alrerl4 this innfni, ILL TX Oda sk, in the
Sixth Wori PutD4 241344 Muss, LT Dr. 4.. Kn s, d this
cltr. 8441444-174 48* 517464-4 t. 441 d... det uestrst.
brysto4 sD doubt.. illll444fital. pr. 4.41 . 4. 1.4..
and coma]. racectr.ll7 IMit44 t o ulna:
r UNITARIAN WQRs'aur.:,-13 God
Oua coar, orfa W. bith ()mud Urea •?
elves at wordily!
A wood diaeetasa as the above sy Nee; bafnj yokeiy
gdeseet yrete Seripttua Matary. E 17; be delivered the
City Latium Room. as th=day rrO :WAY, a:. a quarter .of
Prof. Mandeville's Perini of Readers. /
Foyers We= Antsonna , Car, I.' J .
June: . 1431. 'i
WHEREAS the Principal of the High
Schaal liable Peri having on-it/Med • eis....nd
......,_ .....,_ ~..._ . ~,- - parcal it in the nee of Mandeville'. serif. of reader/L.' ,
ottnauella AP,. , - .11 I Li/t3e PUIXISIML i carefully anlalliently for some aeeka on/I the rail elm.
rth, was
1...., a
1..1! upon examinatlon before tit• Infect es /exhibited an extent
pursuance of -an Ordinance providing - or mos.. and mroinnency surpasedng We scot genettict
expectations and given uncap. that under the .7rt® on
16th Anrilll44" noting la bon/b) . Phan Ib•eili• Cite PPL IlanderrUle. added by an inteLligent teacher. • hinh-
At_litr. , left at •,ny ape. ta s ~,...i.g.,,b,,0 ti, „„i. i. i am...of intaillonce In reading t t attainable than under
ovo.o. • ois or tee there,. fi e th e e u e ~, e. tr etter Ulla. 1.00. th to the Marl. It was tined ,
conkoattly_vith • c a ba... aa . • , •'• p pely
PP. 4. In pp a ... aaaa ipab a . a cold ma" aa ,,,,,,,.. / les/MP:6 That the Eclectic ferias of Leaders sow used
Pal 'think St, a a e ,.. ac . 'a l br tad ea u a0 ... a. i in Ite PPP fehnola in this distrirt be dlsconUnned and
thqr 4.a: ilt , ,,t. the the th, . e id ee th, ' k . ..a baft , thy: Pnalintwor Mend...rill!. Serie. on Mauling and Elton
Pail all* 031 . 4,411 a SUMMIT I Of the trip amo nt 0! to
be IN hl.lrdll.Cli lo' u.., b...a..... "'
~ .......r at . call be aPertained: .a4l alndant to be A . ,4,.. ""Pr a , Im2 the a'''"aa
lea frapi' i y. City Treerttret, within two weeks fru% the ..:,_,
_l• .. -,....!! Ata el. MC.. ilitne.Pee'r.
sale m illi,:ill ..6 --
, fl.e .. ..... la a t r. b bW" ,,, m. r a b a nL end al a b. b rZ l be aaa ..iit b Tii i 1a, " ,.. ;
r ,,,,.' b... - . N . ,E u t ,. ...:
t tliA m
b. l , l! .. G ir, l . N th GlA nni 3l4.—...:ll . u ,i. rpliz , ! ,
ovd. sive tmldence of las ism stsisa iii relation to
c Y. 9 .,. (th..b. =" a ""''' f' ' al '' sa
Intnit'ltt of Pim a alto new Irla...aflllrlr ta ro ,. ly yea,
in% e t aba
PlesteL, =MP be nude ultbln t. wok* from v a t. alp Lawns, Da client Popin,. a( newest MYIP. OP Roue;
.uoe 71141.65 L . ti. 2....701f1iffT014. aia g kkb a b b y k put variety, such . itaraga. Paran a de
, . •
)a fli City Tree,A, e , Lei g,r e.,„:ll , o„ . ..s. u.i. , u-, 7 .,,„,...„,.. t_ „.„,.. je.
h , ~...1 , ..,, resneGal/le loation. ,litre a ".
0, , 6.,,,,.. ~,,,, ...,,,,l ratl•111, flu.clock.
‘---- he llartley. A NMI. Cc. Clair Hotel.
laquiren Alta truth, =mostly gnurstid . tb
Sept for Sale.
VPIIE Da Gazette , and a1m0.,1 our
lI Dar sa - { Testis . , .d al.n 100 I. s tas csslnnie
tbn K
fn. /knob
bn by the to .It.
btthr , 5:1 dos, inns= gibb e rs 4w. .
cils; Intent pan saclsolln =WI sawn Ind P.
or nu. pap
by er
4 covers. Alcosnan bed cardsta, re& K ync naps
syn ,Wu barrel orre I.coo
ta. smat tobtic,.tat. Ln Wnlllr lime
Ansa Cues kercban, Awns et.
For Sale ar Barter
SMALL . rarm of 75 'acres of lund in
Ears Nei Umtata,. AUesibeety amain, 'eked 111
North of Pittsbew It be. , boot UOM <kande
Igmme,t, etatee teem, ant Itts about. lbw. miles nom
t tegrl s .=....r ... l. o arts=rstAtva i lu
saki low Ler cub, yrs rzettanced tes.esepertt Plaatetreh
. 0 4 Imo u...lrur two money ta.
f ax be ettr.teel as It tat
env ram . fee tr,titare particulate use emit st
jeM 4 rig Asenay . k Intelligence cake. Liberty st.
LV.ET CARRETS.—w. Arelintock has
In Wee and farina, the largest saterettontit. of Val
ve col...sever veered to Ude triertet. Carve Want...*
N 0.46 A.
r.REE-PLY CARPETS . — fast received
• at the Carpet Narehassae, Ns. ZS sr: th st.; Pe , aid
rsc ;Ms min n ' carpets. ri ers A:CLINTON.
'IJP Lboa eon sal tar Isle a boos MASK et..t of n,e-
Clrpb to
.blob to. 1.11. U. Womb= of
orrice:lam Carpet marabou. N 0.78. Fourth rt. .1
fIOCO MATTI3IO , -I,orpublio halls and
Per Ur vet Wirewbowa. N. 76. Tonne st.
kw.* tut to to Itktret. Po te.& 4 1%,..a
147. their Roo rho tat or of Ft
, 01= fgf t tat.. „b o y,
arelot to ' rot or
,b A. tiVCIA7mIta
EFisArEsomTcompouNb, ...bsti.
=Ol, Liberty -1A
pABBITT'S Double . Refined Saleratue,
rune IVillnkrtwagE !ALT.=
IfILLINGS, WM- 0N & CO, Manufac
ton, . of ail sIIAN sub. lace alai gintl, tacks , class
a, chair. nod Hain( salbs thatatdag. data bab, and
At 4 ELM; tioar b. - rel.:4 /tat= do. do ea. 1.1 =at
31 blood 3 3141. kr , te:
b ._
Office at LIPPRNsVIT A CD... No. 111. Watts. st.. Pitts -
For Sale.
kat LNDSOISIE buggy, direct from cel
el" jai rutorti matinTietarer. rn.11130.
om scaul 11..1 sulkey. prior WI ttatalffit at this
c op} TEAS ; bbls. for trAle by
No. 00, Waal
S-T"CANDL ES-10 boxes. prime a.TS
<l,llr.selo et J. KIDD CO.
tio, at, Waal st.
MEDICATED V lines and Brandies, afresh
laJast naii,as a Id Ibr by .
J. KIDD so,
lel No. CO. Weal a
4APAN VARNIt ILL-4 bbls. (Baltimore)
tirt tele by VPDOO4,
CIREA:II TARTAR '.-I,OOU, lbs. for sale by;
J. KIDD k CO., ,
No. OD. Wocatst
2 la* No. 1. 2.•••.
4 do Grew
3 . do Tall° •.
Ib b E LI:2 fo": g
anib 413 l
1 b ro D P . 11 . 21..
'Pitt , for 2211, d i o l• l7' i 6* i tirralMOrkr ' t CO. _
B. T. Babb itt's Cobb rated Soap Powder.
AvASHING aitboar t labor! Warranted
v to t.a. the italna tag .'of table Hawn tad bea.
lhascruma no. Oar...—Put I our datum In. • euilident
00.111y - of .i, enter to cone. them, then edd two table .
roonfuls of4b Beni rry " . 0.1.4 " t m""
need with the cloth.. if the water le hart, add mon. of
the Powder. • pd boll than tet linieuteeln th e mew tlmo
tbundo wn with • Ina. t 0... put therein a tab and
lidd madden , , cold water.. UM& nof be too hot
to beadle. " then rub the dirt y Are or 111 other eende.
and at la aulicient to
teak. them da.a.
N. IL—
e. TI ere b w eing no nein In Ws Soap, It wa s
l tear.
UM cloth very bAte, arer no Ind Oily en ell. a some
...De de' ratite opt of the material or wd dom not
mimed two mem, to complete a ermlilog of met sons.—
Warned. not to to Of tiLiOlW C.. WOW. ,
Thle as Powder that one paper Will oiwko omits
bad famill • Soft Sean.
MUM, OA /OS Llastaao,asy ell quarts t 4 water and
mis the I, reder with 'Land thoo lot It boil. e Sy. mi
Wm; add ex quarto cold water MI, thea I Intimately
It away where I t will not freeze, and
wheiLeold tt will bd .17 thlok and aloe Witt to Soap, and
TM wash well, and will not eat the hands Ilk • other Soft
rot the cloth.. Coo to used with
quart herd or salt, =if El th
oe ' p ' ir beet low
d for wa thing eaßoo
end wool , /friliPod.
Sold wl edeeent mad ietall by IL It. SI .LLSltlil,
. No. SI W.lO.
-. WESTERN 1861
fl. 137.0it* p 0 8. Lax
MP ' 171 " di
,10RE, Affp NEW 'YORK.
Fran cavai being 02 . good caller no aro
Le truwat MOW.; Lad smargun Wise to
fnil .
yapbvo ei at the lama cuznon rate§ of
gnash:. v rantheme t at Dateb. bp*. and
, r Oak promise.. 1. , 81
of OZ: Crows¢ . l . o 4 . 1,64 IAw , W , pm. vtly-at•
tended u..
, APPII IA pLaci.Rts
mat, trZt6
tig D•Not,„ Woe. Arkri v aiars"7 61.
slai r a VO so
• 4,le.p.North k A iCa r ,
, No. rrn !WIC
You Subject to the Tooth itche
RAY'S: jou boliciir teeth'? 'No use
PEIILLVPS & MAYERS' Wren* Tooth 'no, use
L s ,
.r bleggrneeer .it,.. ez=veLree=este. tni t t=4.
b Ada nary &mon marl become his or Gel own donut.
cal Im& 25 cent poohnsoo. br
hadlos seet, /34r L tIL
." ll_
_ TION.—The unelerelgued Miming divided hie hum
th Ewa townehdp, near the =with et Jack's Req est th.
• --- - • -
Will offet theawn. fbesale l at publleimerlon. on the prom-
17 Ntle 4 l U =2: g ' lll 4 :l,>
Jon., A D., 1951, at
pmtlee r and pleasant neighterboid, loathed within •
and diateurs of the Petrillo Plank Rand
eat Meld hater Plank lioad,botheonnecting with the
City of All betty. will Mid th is a desirable opportunity.
The Lea rule. of ea lien landothounds with never
falling IT ogs, and h./sheen m laid off es to give earth
lot 7an . ; • .
The Pe Innis
Ohloßall Read rum within n.boet
disc ot th e Vara. The land In th e noighboihmal is
rapidly netwasbucla:ralue, and for beautiful locatiom,
- ' -•
' TIDXSIVE +Am) - Driucurrui. WILIER
of eta .arced emery. (theinding Mae viers of th e
Ohio 11 J..mot be erniaseal. •
• Th. r , from the cities of - Pittsburgh' and /Meshes
rry does reed An miles, most of which will be by
the P Routh therm mentioned; it being in enter:soh..
Can to nil the Idanotiostrr Plank Road to thle_pleM.
i ta
with It la new cOanteted With the rew Bearer
T a third caah..the balaner in Eva erl . anoual
Warn OEI intone, to be secured by bon and mort
gage. at information
_muted and of the
p exhibited upon .oPlithEoti to theme it Riddle,
at his . Form& AC, above Cherry alley, or to the ant.
ner - bd r the
"=!''''' ~ THREAD CURSE
Buildint Lots Allegheny , L at Auction.
WiL 'sold . at Auction, on th 6 preini
taa annum . etty. on • /1/0/CDAY, 'di =I or
Jotte:lB6l,at 1 o'clock, r.x, thebalsomof the late lo the
cOT AM Of the Bemhwy
Common. • monber of them
lou umt. the orott Westem Moe costemOnce
of purchasers had berm mosolted br laying om motets to
trout enl. ten of ash romp of lota end , making them
trice the most else. together 'with Melt beautiful lomtloh.
modal/um the mat Oath-able sita tootothl emblem.
thot. - MI pro Ted in ether cltr. The intenst 4‘e
nl7 . 4llb:mtV i o . lhAtX t omen. km
JAIII.EB umisucla.
' J. T. LOGAN,
n. P. kliWArin.
ELMS ItOTLF., - Auct'm . 0061 C.mmitt.•
Lawrenceville ism.-ftblharpstrargh Plank
Road Cmmpany,
ro, Stockholdeni aro hereby notified that
ni e einuftit 100 bold *0 thiSMco of Illohnut
f to T . 4.lllcrof=lV f Na P ty l VTe 4 hgt. rh ofnil
st., snit 4 o'clock V. or .0 14 dor, at which
ph., they villelect, by helot, ono President, ono
EVattouvr, And Eve otasogoro_to conduct the :business of
31 fILSZ!' ood nt4MITET L
• • 0 .W. 0 ERNEST,-
Rinidllghaza and Itrownsviße Plank Road
• tedettels trill be 'easehred train the sixth tin the
a lb dar Jaoa.lhsl, at Ito aids A. U.lll.lhir, In ,
Fourth Areal. Ylttabergh, for the grading of .that pastel
sold read.; between Harmony street and Xt. 011rer, a dn.
TeL *" araa, nC " "4ll'"'W ... • I! irriro. Seer
" 1. b tr. N. WICKERSHAM.
• Conan. or Woad az4 ilxth motto.
CANARY , SEED.-3,500 lbe. just received
from tbo nut, a attrito estftlo of ly oo.a, foryalc
• job • ' '• Cantata Rood sad Plata Weft
bgs. prima' Green Rio Cof-
Itj ter,rsoelved to szle Dr . joas
wArr A
/e 0
: bbLs. now 1851, pickled HerringJ: 00 de do do try do
.10 Ulf tbla. do do do
to uaoa ' anl fid• wo by Thal WAIT At CO.
SE.-31 bra. Cheese. recemng p er
lJ b h2.lF.s DALT.Zta,
No. CA Water R.
%TO. 3. MACKEREI f .-50 bbls. flu sale byl
4 ARD.-2,000 lbs, Lard, for sale on con
osasoost by • T.-.W00D51 k EON.
No. GE, Watet St
J .
xi, 0111 three story brick .
dwelling beiew, climate on Thirdcfneet,tetweg
trent wed lbw lis goldied wlth by
;lanai In the kitchen cad Ms
which there L. a bail:lrma
vitt. led and nald weer. Ilweevilen peen imiceilegely
gnaw to: .0: cuN4Wnun
En at O.
1,5 • V 0.5.3 2 55
01L8.-800 gall bleached wiritereperm oil.
400 .4 emir; cord
1.004 bleeder/ meta;
/ale) " eagle "
1,400 " Tannin' nil
1200 01.14. moat whak oil
In datsand fur ark by
k' ntcxrrzox,
4 Z:1 4 2bl. Liberty sa.
VILANTATION Sugar and 31olasses
El Mids. pen. plantatke slow.
Lbls do do isuss.
"' HILLER Jt Tacxrnos,
Nos. =1 t dela, =WM' de.
'UG p A ar S:flowee dasnes. an d Ylan
i bt , sfa lT Mahrtm—
Vu eaads~m " %Win
Na.. =1 Libor , / at.
Tierces Rice in store and fur
No.. =2l Ltherst It.
110 Th2,.bvl,7o,fzTgard:nby
rtNEGAR.--4.tirbils. Furecider for role by
Niko • .*ON lIONUOUST Co.
LIKESE--30 bier. W. R., fur sale by
i tif.Sß/S. — d6 13oies 11:EZ51...
OD bar do do
Nos.:Zit ILZ, Mot; 11.
••LOU. -1
R - 7 40 I'M& extra family flour.
40 do superese • do
w 5
store sad Par sahr by
just reeeil,l
c etsaksae!lo HlLetl
I .4 EMON bxs "TainerVlcm
co .yrny, tonslabbent, asa4 sal* by
l e
AILDMIC—Io bble. - pure winter _:,
15 do No. 1
No. Zt, Wend tt.
iiiti ;
' you wish forrk real treat, try the Y. Ity
l'••• welling 4e 11 00 per ta., at Monis' In M
th • Dlatmotol. ley
Farmers' and Ifecianice Turnpike Plank Road.
THE Second and final. Inatalmeht of the
enteerlbate to the Lone for Phodttoo the tarotere .
ht.ehsette Totowa. Poo& it hereby erected to be
petO m or. toOtre the Ittla ofJuoe.
04.11 d HENRY ItEl& Tremor.,
to Isl. white Ilsnna s
Iwr .
bi t Ilnull
In titrennd for salt by, •
j.6No. 2ZI a =, LIbmIT 11.
To the Deaf!
pR: HARTLEY, Aratsr, from 64 Nor at
tiortDth strait. Philadelphia, here to /unarm the.
IF oCde patents the noighborboad
that Ilteeg
ln be has been In aommunloatlon, he b.. in cum.
gds..* lath their sroelal request, yam.
iltot7 be " 1 "'
It aadd . probably i. • Thema. atinatunity for those
nagging telthDesfuess, %cell and COTIVAL the !labor, as
be la the only greausgte of of tho tbdp..4
hut geoard Idt.l3l3ollculinlyely amt successfully to
the treatment of the Ear.
Tin , , molting aneubmitted with oonAdonoo.
They trill shoo, at 11/ whet eol it:adieu his prof...lon
a qualleasti.• are held by some of the mat distinguish.
ad malleal MO In the agootry:
- 1 Iwo bad tag pleasure to meet Dr. Ilaracylnpraaire.
and ha. bee n led to form'alleverable opinion of hls char.
saga, boll' in the prufesnon.d M • gentlenn...
F 4.01.. L. D.,
Professor of nurgery,
profealata abilities will be fully appreciated
those Oho pine. thernselea n040rc.0."
Jon I. irturrarts, D.,
Professor of dwomy. de.
"'"grom tor be. nattier ) , / taro Wand
his dtpUftlnalt att tlemdely.
VAIINII2.• Vol% )I.D.
iterreitoe Prarberrah.—The aloft of Dr. Ilatloy to the
bete o
.egs which and
die attentlon hsa been for sometime opeclalY
. 0 4 ~raefully direaod. hay relpan tog:eland from biro
oth treatment sa In al probability may fault In • a wn
.11 J. WM,I., rl. Clair Hotel.,
Books I Books !
endITZ'S History of Greeze.—A
7 of %Mir
m tfaratlimeee to the destruction
C"th 'ite B . bishop 0161. Dar t hat
of CoanoD
v. i t n u y Dr. nun
Behm The IS.rswr of B. Prophecy, or Scriptoral illuntation• of
the Acu ra. ji=. ( l l =l:z=heitb i B.
Lima Lod other &sat • By Plan ye t c r jull .1,4 f;.!
Proverbial Pbll4rogby, /And,. thd thW
=Tig „L
TO . pat D br of Ma heneallen insulated
Q.. de Y'lnLopiel• Portiere of Ananias Comte. By It.
it,,, T ees hew York and Erie Railroad Goldo Book: corn
wain/ • description of the &ornery, Klemm, Torn., TB.
lageh ..„ 1 emptertmat Works on the Road. Welb 0110
&mired and thirtyals .Irrnsintne, bYl•essing and Borriet,
room origins/ oketehes mode “prowly for this work _ B y
Wm. Macleod.
Barrel , hew Wensthi•3 l •4•siern for June.
The Gold Won/appro. or the days we lent irn a fatten
historleal tweet. By the auLeorg;Whitehiara"
Thegsvea bc. "' " G tl t f O ßTo lilarket I.
Lace Cu.tdrui •
L.liAvE jug received, direct from the Im
wreoi.. whia,
.11 wr. Cur ija W "
. NuOLE,latt z."
lbs. for eato bv
munear a 11E
VT J 4
"Et ULM'S-3 bales, 4o inch, for sa e py
WOOL—Oiiih paid fO4WOOI by
ntritocasp3arif tons;
llolatEs.-.Ln:muly DEAPT;ThI24
DI of Mechanics. Ns .=
Desserts. or the lilstary of s PorWalt h 7 an AlDatlgli
e Mr of Wait Wayland, • tale. by/larl al.hh
Loaders bbabsysare, Nos; 2 and a.
Talbot =I Benson, a norib by J. L IfeCcesnelL
Intemw ny mat hfibtarint tor Junt .
Bhfortofbdrenbaree In Atria..
Pmtrawirr Stseturr--00 , 41. 6 '.
441 ra-trgra . & r . y./. WM
Th. a° ,l ~ ...DlDDers or ths days welly. its • Dam
higeoriftl tarn!: by Ule =Mbar of 4 Wldta4lart.
The twist er , :nit_ha D L .... cabldslabl z wrg
the wort
• AK Journal forltay. •
Boston !Thalmann, No. 29, ronelutbil.'
bleken'a Maul*. Paper. Abroad—by W. 347
The Alz babel, a new novel by Rosana au'. •
Galen Orem and Samba for] ma. -
c.andine of Brueuntlek —No. 2.
The Vel . ri . ofUrrH '" later, wrd, by IL L. 11/anetud.
Me Banker. WII% by 2.dr/bar.
Advrataurs of Pan Oren. by Jabal:lldt id
d Catd.
rrHE subkriber, haiing made arrange
... meats, in coneequence of which liter bcrainses
meet be eiceed by the let o f f nen now any his
whole dock of °lova. . 00adl,
Accidence. Dress Trimmings, Itandkereblefa Pt.. Wile.
hm"thur 0 .4.• Zi4 , b7Y Wonted. Flower
Umbrellary, Pamela Donlan.] Vernal ant Needle ar
ticles. AND. WU& Shoes. ten Pbiladelodthe snake.) at
TeniaT enlaced Pico, Thole retaiL
1 • W. 11.D&TON.
HE 'Corpoiators of the ALI±OMPNT . Croi ,
T urb ,,)„. heieri i ntilled that the Annual Meeting
tbe 0 on the gounds.= Patatilay.the
th lee, at 3 o`citen, P . lc
je3 THOMAB IJ. MOWS. Preet.
Bonnets Bonnets!
A. MASON tr. CO. would repftt,
M ITWylie the aneution of jparehesirs to
yeti ramie+ steel of new style notinets. to
whieb they ere constantly addles new
The above GaAs win he sold at very low e by
en or .Ingle bonnet Noe. 02 . m 04 Market at. -
Beatunant's Patent Starch Polish.
rATENTED, July 26th, 1850,--For
• beautiful Oloaa toldneus. Camber., Col.
Etat Bosoms, aa. sod also emelt= the Don from
Adhoingto Lintra &o. and porretts dust fro= stlealne to
Linea , . he., and ccetatuanothlug Wart..
Dtheetiora— • hlech the Ate at • yea toh quart of
starch "rhea bedlam hot Waif.
3.2% =WA per calm Bokt wholeule alai =UAW
J 63 . .14 E. IiELIehILS. 67 .Wood at.
• Anthracite"OckaL • 8
ger TONS just received, a superipr articl e
JO ea. F 0.0.67 orh I T AIVARLIP:I CO
Canal ikaa.
LINSEED OIL-1509 ge m oar t e a , for sal!
br . 8C"... " Wpad stmt.
ORAX-6 eases Refined, for sale by
LAMP BLACK-30 bbls. ass'd, for sale by
/63 • J. SCLIOONSIAKER* 00. -
ted a lu i ld 9'4 Yogarl PPlT illlku o""" ' thrUotTooin l iri d"thi' ll tos.
'eloped out Teri chant A. A. MASON
• 03 : ON and 64 Mutat
LACK SLLK LACE—We hive just rec'd
• full .uppir a the above dettrable Owata. of AN far sale cheap. A. A. MASON A CO.
lea Mt .0 04 Market eh
'CIRIMPED RIBBONS—The attention of
pulihaaera is ressootrully Inolted Km vary I=.
pt MOritoted Rat= Trlasaltur. and assorted
which we will claw out at vorr los prices.
. •it. A. ItaBON h. CO.
DIG IRON-33 tone Allegheny, for sale by
A. JO J. *B. LLOYD, Itaund Church Bahl.
VINEGAR,-50 bble. pure Oder, for Bede
V by 161 J. *R. /LOYD.
JTM S-150 dos. 9hio, firaell.enbin
WlSH—Mackerel, Shad, and Herring, D for
nle by Jea J.* IL FLOY.
TAR -30 bbla. Boston, for sale by
!aaJ. a S.YWYD.
TANNERS', OIL-27 bble. Bank Oil, for
7_ pale by JO R. FLOYD.
OLASSES--200 bbls. N. 0., for sale by
lea . J. t 11. FLOYD.
DOTASII-30 casks pure, for sale by
1 Pe J. /11 Y. MOM
ACON-4000 lbs. llogßound, on consign
xis sotnt, far Ws br T. WOODS k BON.
61 Water M.
FEATHERS --1000 lbe. for sale by
jd B.L W.
IDES-44 Dry Flint, for see by
HACON--7, casks Sider, for sale by
.1.3 6.1 W. lIARBLUOIL
LOUR-1W bbls. New Lisbon Stm. Mills,
ext. fun.. for nth, bl B.& W. HARLIVGIL
MACKEREL-100 bbls. No. 3, (1.8511" for
nag by Wi lIARBAIMIL
I 411 D 011.-32 bble. for sato by
11. W. 11.111BAUGIEL
UILASS--250 boxes need sixes, for !ale by
is S. a w. 11111114113011.
A.CON A few casks Hams & Shouldeks,
lir tor aJ.M 7.3 W. IMMIX° H.
UGAR-25 bhda. N. 0., far sale by
. iel 3. E. CA.NYLIXD.
1511= 5 bblv. Lake Sup. White,-1851;
1 LC
=lobs i. J. B. CANFIELD.
' l Grsxlnroad Gardens.
S r HRIES, fresh from the Pins,
1,7 are how Served ay git thle tetrewt— Also, crux. gad
wis wsh All the datirseisis of theme.. the plane
thhow to the height of It. hewistr i Ah Ohmage lama
e wooer of Fifth gad Merkel streets ievery half hour,
gad the stegruer IChleftssth lures thelirt street Waling
Peery !soar. itilawl ots Chrglay.] . jeztf
Barg.. ete, plata anel flgored:
Yrerteh LIMIIIE and • lure gaortment of
:ie. !LAID GINOLI - • •
Illaeg Wks, far Saab and Deemer. light and desk
eheaseable 6Uk.,f
, arN. Geode reeetelng slmegt
MAGIC W4T . 5 1 1 , 1E5, o . r . pzu . bl!'111111 . 1L112
r Idea ..WI Itni , DILIT, AA to rho... tle• awry at pleently.
Very Ara eteate,Ast readred and f0r..1.
je3 corn, Market sori Toartlt sta.
S UGAR -1-8 hhds. prime N. 0., for sale by
1.. C. W dITEN.L.I s CO,II
)4.2 SD 04 SI Water. nod t Front greet
MOLASSES , -200 bbls. prime N. 0., (oak;)
119 bt 1ar991•19
rpoßAcco-10 kegs superior 6 twist, on
mule:m.o Atml LttakU Er
B UCKETS & TUBS-60 do:. Buckets;
10 - Tutor, for ado by
YK—A few bbls. prime. and a zonal lot
Mak Mat. Ow ail. bp'
B UTTER -5 blas. Pack; •
IS kap jart eve& Ibr tale by
L. & & SON&
TOBACCG-20 b, kegs co, No.l Six
ed gitzEa,
- M Water, wet 70 Trott.
RLOOM tons Soft Tenn., for sale by
1.2 . J. 1.11611 DALZILL
LARD OIL-10 bbls. No. 1, toy sale by
rirANNERS' OIL-23 bble. for sale by
lODFISII-6 tierces for sole by
VICE 131.5 - DIESS.
IAII7-12 bbla.N. C., for sale by
HAMS l 9 S. C. Cauvasa, for Bale b
RIICKETS-140 doz. Bearer, for sale by
11 , Jr 2 WICK e WeCANDLLII3.
lOU CHROMATE POIASH-750 lbs..for
sEN:ECA. 01L- , --2.bble. for
i. co.
LOAF SUOA toed M Nos.;
b• " CroA; Ws bi
F W. It. WILSI.O4,
1g a. 113 Second,.
UGAR-10 bade. Clarified, fur sale by
V, A LE IiATUS-40 boxes for gabs by
- 7 U 3 ri
W, ROO LDERS—t2 cilia for sale by
NUTS-20 bu. Chestnuts•
Mrz; " • likk'SMitianifArre.
' kegs fur sale by
ENatint & BANNS=
m 127 • 1= Esoood, anA 161 FLart Etna.
L'K SILK LACES.-Large assortment,
"" d l m " b"P ' "'hielinli a 111/lICFM ELD.
VI °CORNING GOODS.--Blackßombazines
L Alvan. 'Mb Docatalla• Ihn , Oantan Cloth,
raga. and Thanes, reel and offend at avast pia.,
tiro. • lIUIwuY •lIRCIIIIELD.
IVO. 1 MACKEREL-40 qr. bbla. extra, for
1.1 fatally' ore, for sale lw MAUR DICIEST lt CO,
mai Water wal Vtaut M.
tiKIEBER. ha.s ,Jast receiirod_ . : . .
]well' Cook. • .
Use o
?rational Union, a patriotic song. dedimbol to OW
Bon. ileum cis] , ..
thing do Datum mar gthkggsn Soar by Mesh= C.'
Itertor of Pittsburgh.
rifth l i . f , r - : - :nrgelal i t. ', l ll =.
Sweet Home; al nakir by Jenny Lind. with new —........-
‘P ' ‘ Ar eV:LA.I. own,
The Day Sytrilm by Lindley.. .
kmonoll.: Old Cotiogm_ written and cooMmost by & C.
Foster, and iletilistal to Mrs. Barry Woolls, or Pittsburgh.
tip where Um morning; duets.
I knog'who. ' .
My blessing with thee V.
ilomonord.komc davit.. .
Drinking Poo g; from Marbetti.
Ab,,,,N eo , yams, Igaltrus, L., • •
N 0.10111114 strod,
Sign Cold= Ibirp. •
kl. ' ll.—.k splundkt iota Pianos sad tdolcdemm tourers
Brew Barag_es, Tisiaek Silks, Lawns,
&13URCaFIELD hate this day
er' N =1:1:111:=
LILTEMzVk Ttel9l
beton making Ltueirmeluses
Goolliat vholowle l9.ame ‘29 agra. gni
lIRLAPS—A superior article 40 itch, for
We. by bag lIIIRPTIY ♦ LYS
A IR BELLS--A full assortment jut* zwed
by mylo V. U. WON.
L? OIL-15 bbls. for sale by
Woolen .Goode! . .
01 CASES Green Mixed Jeans;
• 4)
..• B 2 2
^ Bloc lue
k end Clatt;
AR-2:bbly. gertuke Bi ibedoee. forißg ,
by •4C7 , KIDD a el
VRGOLS-21614.-for:eale by -
.lal J. KIDD ♦ CO.
lODIDE POTA.SII-50 lb& for sale
LASTER—fiolbs.Cmthasides,for gabby,
sa • /4 /4 YAIINESSOCE A C.
WOOL BAGS-1000 new and old, for sale
V • bT & LEM
poWDER SLIP. ELM- O JX) lbs. junt zec'd
.„ b .,. • . •
ItAFIISTARD SEED-600 lbs. for Bele by
CAPE ALOES-1000 lbs. for sale by
Ja • B. A. pAncei.mrocs t co.
PRUSSIATE POTASH-500 lba. for Bale
by [je2) B. A. VAITNESTOCK a CO.
CARAWAY —lOO lbs. for sale by
MORPHIA-50 - oz. for sale by
I ja2 B. A. FAUNIStOCK a CO.
PIILOAATE POTASII-50 lbs. for sale
v Jew B. A. YARaB2T Ks CO.
CODFISH -10 drums far sale by
jet .
J. P. D11.14 - OXVI k W.
CORN -500 bu. for unlo'by
8.A3.12RE1'8-2°o new Floar, for hale bS
. . • . , .•
1000 krgs Eluting. In Itf4ulnc
to arme; 2
600 " Hint, in ihipatnr: 4t tab
knit by U.!) .1. 6i. DILIVOICTII & CO. : .
Q AFETY FIISE-25 Mile. to arrive, for sale
by 04], 8. DILWORTH. a CO.
'DEFINED SUGARS-106 bble. Clarified,
LA Pewee:ea. ata Crnabed far sale br
Jezz..§A.uurcaisoN co..
/'!OLDEN SYRUP—In hf. bbla. and 10 gaL
271 keit% from the Et. Loeb. Retnee2, far sale bf
Je2 JA211.1 A. IIUTCIII2O2 A C.
DICE=2O tierces Carolina, for sale by
LL .ie2 JAMT..9A-11IITCRISON a co.
HEMP -130 bales Ni. I). R., for sale by
AAD-1400 gigs Galena;
A id ex* I.M r t s illamoN & CO.
QHOT-415 kegs 'wed Nos.; for sale by_
%oh/A. 4 ;61w N. O. S.T.I •
btAt.' Ito Auer, for tea IL :
TANNERS' OLL-50 bble. -just receiving .
by calsalouni he sale by J.A3LES DLLZELL..
M. Water st.
Extra Pine Oolong Ten,
. •
,rIII7ST RECEIVED, at No. 256 Liberty at.;
• weary nuterriew article of °oleo's. Ti., vbfett ••• be
eve =not be surseseed ID the citr. Mose &drills
that., delkate flavored, but blear imamate Slack %es.
an 'orate to give tble • tthl. " • -
• Black Ttao, of ev , erreartetr, tram Zto. to UAL •
r' ,,th=ttlla rin ee h j:, l.'t T rintl y .' 4
1 ' : '
tau Rad ail 1 1 0
i . 9f;
W.ll. h. IfeCLUIIII alp°,
Groan earl Tea Dealer.
Remmers Premima Perfumery.
xi! Ohio 'Mechanic? Inetitute, at Re re
• ...maw. boor, City or andtmall,otratdoct to
, Ibr roomy lad Paeltuatry, lb* 11!gbest-
The Aluasehtmetta Charitable }ltch.le Amsciatism,fit
its late exhibliton la the Cur dßoston. awarded-to
tin. for Soap. and Yerfamary. Ellen being the
Thlea Institute. at lts hie exhilsitices Intl. City
or New York, awardsd to X. Basin. for Tann buys and
rentinnAT. P.M Me • Medal; being the Inahen Premium.
The grangiln Insiltute, Rs recent mhibltion in the
City of Phltadelphis awardedAutn, ow Fur Wage
wed Perfurosty, Enter Medal, being the Highest firemi.
' All tb• goy. award. were nmie in the month of Can
ter. 18.50, 'and the fair exhibiticem shoe. named are the
only .= at which the production. of X. Batty . bare been
:The NbW 4rcti determined to maintale• mod. if pont.
Me, to mita.. the reputation whkie his establishment hem
acquired during a feriod of mom tbm thirteen Tema, sad
nnpectfally noficits • conturnance of punting:4.4meg,
Stmewor to itod (mini Pireetor of the . laion . tofiof
Itottuol,ltlalestont atree,_Pbllndalpbls. • •
• •
R. E.. VELLEItS No. 67 Wood street, being ma. aced
Agent tbr the tele of BAZIN'S (late Roomer.) Premium
Perfumery. ht the Cloy of Pthaburr,lt bee ecestently •
=4lft t. eue r hand. er bleb 66,1.111 s
fatur= to wholesale
jeltll7.eWr •
Ind dread; Patin', Coke, lei soaking Thi s en or
*itts the addldroi or cold rater only. flour
tin be toned the mo.o cormident.and Metro:CUM& ben
be used for honaebold rurtmea, ming ZS permit to but.
tier mut greir a d nuking the reeet incperkir amid: !debt
reedy.). ud , Cake, Ake- vith • mat ming of dm
end trouble. 1 above 1. put op in convenient Med
C=rd of
011? ' Ta.T.Ukteigadq"CO''', To
my'Zi" Orcem and Tee Dealer.
FIRE BRICK-20,000 best fire, in store
__ for We by retrrs DALZILL,
rerAl No. GS. Water et. •
SAL SODA-450 casks Sal Soda of our
own make. Or sate at rot ami trice. to-
nun Water stmt.
jirSIEBER has just received a choice lot
• of anyntior Carhardt's Me lodeon., ntanafrinred'
y . Carturdt hbasell—the taightal inventor—ln IYee
loth Ciy. 51e.' C. hao moth Intrattrod upon his original
111..t1.12, sad It I. non gentreatiy cononled that he =aka
the Led Meted.. in the country. both far Amu., of
finioh and richnots and boonty of too* and Mach. dodo=
Olbers OA—
oar, 6 mt.. nviiisou.s.olt svttrossvo.r. •
One "
Ons e.t‘ " " " • '
• No. 101 Third ana, sin of Met/Men
sal..b Sole Agency In the above Instreseenta •
RYE FLOITR—WbbIs. for sale by
mrto r_nszzeL cO.,Llherty st.
reIIEESE-50 boxes good W. R., forale. by
mixt A DALZELL & CO.
-2 bbla Na Lank.
3 " Talk.;
. -
15 I,wo
H Vaal.=
- amm
1 Twin=
2 bum-Dried ADDleg
T Dri ed
to anir• sla lbr
utral Water and front to .
QALT PETRE-20 bogs (Crude) for sale by
L m - 130 W. ar. WILSON.
SALT PETRE—L2O kegs (refined) for sale
ml"-0W. WILSON, -
147 first sad 113 Setood
INGS.—GoId. Gold and Salver, Bonnet, Tanartry and
Ornamental larron raaar.rsf rano anallGeo, and at
priers to soh tL. arcarnatanres of alined every Mau of
.ontromma. la rale a: the establiebment of
1:17 ' THOMAS PAUL 11t, 53 Mutat at.
lJ sarametnt, haelodine ataxy kind rut daseriptkos, at
ytteedlatly kra Draw far We by
t0y.19 Td(t)LAS PALIIM b 5 liatkot
IVALL PAPER, my own manufacture,
fur Pular.. Mali. Dining Roma, Chambers nut
ces. (my2ll IMO:. PALMER. 65 Nark.% st.
JAS. DALZELL„ Wholesale Grocer, Cora
=woe sad fon anlizur Merelsat, •Ila de term Irma.
irea l r " —NVOTlK T ektr ra ;Li a rld ?i rr R j ant, PiUgrritb•
LURY MORRIS' TEA!—Morrie' Ten Mart,
I tbe Insioondi Ptiond Doormen Dismsed
dltisti tide WAD/Lament is in no loos connected
fth the sun IsUly opened nest door br LUlrorth
'COFFEE -100 bage prime Green and Fan
cy Itc . We by 7. D. WI LLLAII
W 3
me.ll 116 eal
1000 lbs. ttima mart SetA
- 100 : Ito
taTZ , - J. D. WlLlJAbrgl i g).
PLINS! POPLINS!—Just received ;hie'
dap. par expresa—P3 pima beauCtul ettadtt of Mtn--
ea Ilaa, width In will rail at ..13 per cast. latter Max.
Ow aye aver been abl.l' La MU city.
. tai29 ... . .. A. A. MASON A CO:
F INE SIIAWLS.--Wo would solicit the at.
caution of pnechmer• to ear 'rm. exletudne smart.
meet ef naperier plain and esabeeidee awn. 660.6. ecod
ecartN taw) . Owbeacee, 'Milne and 6116 Shavlr. all et the
newest and moot electron!. egles, whtch we a. eating et
the very loweet Idiom A. A. ?CASON A CO,
• 62 and dt Motet et.
day tall Za carton. of thoit otry desirable ()domed
Tatleton Trixotatugs. , snorted colon...ldols bo told ,
vary cheap at MAL or by the tot, at (12 armlet Market at
oty29 . MASON t 00.
ILILNE DRESS ROODS—Wel:lave just re;
fi:s:M d ukTsW•itg s d == l . or strlagr. , ,
oul z l 4 llkz, which weir. ll r b - N ,
In the now town of Latrobe, Westmoreland
County, Pa. • • .
The. Lova/Amino
L .Orpol of tF.4 Pam. Railroad.
/SHE new town of LATROBE is beautifully
josed on an elevated level plain. on the of
t leralitama Mem, where thy • MO./hood. Rollogl
emases that dream by a h...e stone bridge of three
Maui of 4.1 feet ca.. It is 00 mile& oast of Pittsburgh. 9
rut of Onemburm U vest of Ugord. 12 mother /11aim
- dr..
rill*, meth of Itouorptown. awl 7 moth one
' The Lftmerelreved Rodeo. will be at
opened to the
temparsay toriainns war the town. ! Nair io Nornothgr
nod,. mum. with the morthern turaighc. Th. P.s.r . hrs.:luau yin stag to take • mutt at the unr .4
mtsuaire RAIL IIOAD how lo progress of eref• .
In the centre of the town. direetg:pore the Role
iar=lx= i ft• T rem
:lease are 10 net front ort etroete 00 Mt wide, Dad ran te.
100 feet tO • 710 feet alley; they will range In Prinelkoni ,
upWardeomordlog to their 'Keith.. None oltbe iota aro
moro th an ami the Reline. Decal . which I.
' the omen of the town plot. Oublom and ootrage 0108, of
Add. there an **mat handemoly Mtuatod ahmg the !
bank of the river, will le mold on Moombe totem to Por- !
acom wishing to build. The ellmato of the maim is dm
light:oh the tummutul the lawn. tr. Ihrtutiful and
menatittm and it, will
no doubt be • plum of gred oreort
from the oltles, ye it Is in lb. midst of the hoot Ilthing
and hunting regime to this part of the tits. Unwind
inducements offer thwaselva at Ltila Vara tor basil/M.
meth manufacturers, alai Inothaairs 10 cal. ind maths
they wan dad tomedfata bastoetal mad employment, as this
vane point to whirl the Iron and allthe trade
Of Ligonier y naturdly come, hy • turnpike
the I,,,,mher t m Dep of the etatelteut ILldee s and
• plank raid of au. miles from AteuglePJob¢strutEuet,
to the IMpok as will aim that of the neightorhoottof Now
Ale by • plank rod along the railer of.the Lo
Wham. Tbara Is pleat,' of the. purest Ireton and lb.
M 1 of met an to bad clam to the town. in dumdum
There le dd., at heathen ituirtsustibinaupplyofall kind.
of building tudellmo, atom; and timber. A vows.
Add mill mein fulloperation, with plenty oi water Pow
or Within 100 yards the •Depoh .1 an
.ogre book
yard del In amebae, will fiteh • largo number of en
pm. brick during the owning The soil is dam;
arid rich, and well adapted to itivation. memo,.
The troutgof we of It. hi be made known on anthem
tlot in lemon or by sm., to t.t. 'Wm:6W ,r or hie agent
Youngstown, or at the
oillte in .
I LATROBE; wbere• D i .
of 2, IIILIMI o tKl t ze=4
ou 101.1t 9 0f JP:motet PP:I6 - ap. j ' a. g i t=
11416 1:11M rinniorunbenst titles tin be sum to ws
• , Juste&lntuit - polished "
Mai for We by
1 , 3Y21 711. "%lederZt.
ctelg a tind o ttr i p i d . 7 „. ... 7
4:4 . 0
r,,0TT0816 bales nowlazalbng from stear
NJ fad 1.4 r... by MAIM! IYICKEY CO
Pittipiricii Life Insiiance Compaq.
CAPITA], 0.00,000. • •
vim Pnisid sii—gatcA n
Ll =. •
, , . len REDUCED ! •
.1.851. FaigiNgli
zwasuncerx ROVE&
Vie Brain:mills aad Cumberland, to Baltimore
and Philadelphia.- •
TITE MORNING BOAT leiree the Wharf
Bridge da 3 . at a o'clost precisely. eaw•
u with the an .t Cumberland next ussmalreP rn
ibe Batlegme faseert BaselaY
it 6 o'clock...eating with the cars aCusalsorlusell
colut . YO eckets.
O. through to Bolllntoret boom Yam cm=
Time thotrugh to Philadelphia, 40 hoar. Yam $lO.
The .leationel Bowl ta r
~.g od. Conduct= Bo With
eta Cowles be II and Cumbnialois which
anitaattgle decidedly the best route East
bay= Moe Bs the licsomagahahAiroMM
1851. - 110162
• gXPRESS Packet end Railroad-Line for
onlAme tost.qf skcp. by 5t4.2... pao
...burgh to Bearer, In coanectleat with Lk* aleakalir tls
Idled Xsyneas Packets of Clarke, Flab C OD. trued Beane
trite..., and' the splendid ar• hue. Beane
Clams.' and rittebargh Hellen! Co. to at the
Rom= lama their linTlingoppoolto i 6 liononkakact
noose, at 9 o'clock, A. IL =mooting with the Paokota
Lacer, which win lean immediateir on dm arrival onto,
massage, arriving at Ilarenna tlas fin the IsptesTratta
for Ca n for •Clowaland.• renangede by this haw arrive ai
Cf.yogsnd is tbs. tek• thip Bail 6T
Lam of BleargEga
tor BUFFALO and DIMWIT, and tha oteartere far Chkar
Milssokle, Solodo, NmAnktgity. Dunkirk sod Erie
. AGSMS: ' , •• . :!., .••
. • . w.s..m6canEAD, ,
Office under lit. darks Rauh „
... „ . , . • 0. .IL ..h. lidliV.N. ..-
'efik. under
K rt..k. 111ISTY • -
coribeipt Soilthfield nad Water • .
MEM 1851. l i gfig
On the .Pennsylvania and Ohio Comas.
, .
THIS Bell - mown Line Is now re i = o
4 C t affkgrAMY P" r g" ttt , C. , : a t•km -- •
The fealties of the Line sio "'W ' tno,rom.sed nosotern.sed
md Monti Of Bbots, e..Pqhne•
Iniei ev...t. •
tine ;lost keen Pittsbonhandelentendden.
conneottan with Line of steamboets between Prria-
BURGH end BUYER, And a Linea Ant eleassiesaahasyl.
(Propel/a end roes) on the LU.s. • .
Puts &Cc, Youtuotornt, O. -
C. it. Newton anno.l •' •
C. PT.tial,lialnitO24. 04 .
Brarturt It W., Ranh., "
Sent, Orlin el k kkkkkllV; •
.1- Madam Posilbano, kuadnsky 42kr,
Peckham 0 Snit; Telnlo. 0..
Vitillune Co.,
_Deualt. bLlehlgun
Dormn. Co. stuwnettle, Wis.;
Geo. A. Cabs 00.. Chleno. 104
oar. Water and Innithnahl P=o:-
Brindies, Wines, &a.. ,
LiAviNG Completed arrangements with: , .
nooses in Dosdnaus =I o th er Enzopaa Mo, Legs
esecattor. of tor orders, I am. thus enabled to offer to r'.
Dealers, at. a mall golonace over Impootalloa coot, BEAN. -
DIES, WM= ens imuoss,erow sew, seseozoe,.
fro= code-madam hews Mt. if - desired. - • .
' - Attoroboo Is inottal to lay lists as W. 1 ., ': • ..v ,
216.1Y1r.110Ydsarces sad /‘ie SWAINS la 5 ,
15 "S'enerwer casts
w. 4t4 ' db "'"' 613 • 15‘.•
• -
•.• -
.. 11 or. oaks llodelno, of seem Md. , • '
10.5 " - •Porr. Wino& son oar old sod =WON: '
300 boxers Acozkatut assamsgoe. voll A.K.A. brfolg.' • •
500 boxes Claret W ezriona brawls and 'Woof. ,
100 coomfouterno satl otatages 1546-7; - '
45 cub Sontornoluol C/oret. /no. •
1.5 Otos 011111olload tad Soho, dam Gla. , .' --, ' • ..,..
&total sod
Its WM:Am 7.„ • - -.
Jamaica Bum.
Is asks ostorlar Loudon flrown Atoffl and s co tch Ale. .1.
.W . 1 ,, ,t4ki1_ s i on w elas . :l . 7= mh risr=sl am itimd l VUY,7 ,
T AI. dad% 4 zr . i.' v
Aliontax.m . x. ,t 7 1 4 0,-,_'? 4 .,Eu'atZ2.° 2 !'ima;.': , '
. _.
Orders sill booxecotod wi th notacnorad;ml .'
of krootot rafoi._. . , .
' IVO antlDoLlor, X/ Wthost ottest,.. z '.
C.OE/ME—SS bags Rio, for sale by . - 5. '
wyesetot . 110BE8T8ON Jk RIPPERT.
QII.IIIAS , A TY-3W whole and half bbl&'
1,7 warranted fag itaallty,mw in stare and tbr
are'sklOt - ,noncareon /LEPPERT. a4l 7 __
'WINDOW GLASS-2000 boxes for sale by
V T myZkit' ' 111010:I SSON t REPPISILT.
LARD bblo. No. 1, for sale low to
ekes coadeataent, at the store et •
BACON 1100 ROIMD---8000 Ibi. Bacon
BIED BEEF-3000 lbs. for solo bg. •
Q, UGAR T 6O hhds. N. 0., for sale by
COFFEE -10 bags far: . a k la w b . l i ram
poTATOES-;--200 bd. prime Red, for sale
larZi a Wow v
ILJ no, k Ch. &ft now opening • lams RR of brartlMl
sty les !wing Ribbons. ail2X =Ws • - yr!. Thom • • ,
largo - supOy of Mr
=retort& Crooks' Greek and Latin Wart,
Family Robb:son, or the ddrentores s Rabe'
cod Mother sad four Pew, oa • dcortirisat 3rol Moo. ,
Londo Alm. n P ..Ilon. 1,2, 3, and 4, of 31abeles Loudon Labor erod'_ ,
J art reel acd er.a. by ' H. nonme,
mrz, coolb Bn direr% Fourth
ASTILE SOAP-50 boxes for sale
own B. a. YAILNIEBTOCIR a GO. ;r
ULUE VITRIOL—WOO lbo. for sale by
BATH BRICK-1000 English, for sale by,
sso3 rAICiESTOCK. ir CO.
VIEROME YELLOW—OD cases Baltimare;g.
A../ for by
• my= • It. A. EUESTESTCCIK .1k CO.
SALEItATUS-30 casks for sale by
- m7l A.I6MiLSTOCI C 2 CO.
LIIM--50 bbLs for sale b
11 = T M
INDSOR SOLP-50 boxes Hyde's, for
mos by. I.:y=l aA. 7.IIMESTOCB .11
T INSEED 01L-10.bblig. fore
nos .. ROBISON, I=l.Tit OD.
B ACON -43,000 lbs. Shoulders;
ssreu *x ' "rultrl`slailiVs oo:
11 - 1 MED BEEF-200011m. for sale by -;
awai . ROBIN: W. LITTLE ik 00.
OLASSES-200 bbla: N. 0., for Bale by
BLEDpRIJIT-550 Ins. Peaches;
msa itoosin;:nissisAveces.
MANNERS' OlL—al bbls. for sale by
J. 32723 - aoatswurnal a co.
VAILS-4 kegs for sale by
B4 OODIS--250 doz. common to boat;
= 6° nomsorEtAin agt
COFFEE - 7 150 bags Ric,
nry= ' stira r.frn.l/ co.
Pia IRON- 1 2,- , 1 0 ? tojis 3 1 7's
c z . eclL; -
ito"DZA' bi Viirca l , **7
ll.= La.:sr
bO b irb g b .i . Z . M c jrn'arlar.
zo- •
WC° as. ;mimics siiinto fin la:by
• m 0 Elh wATT CO, Libaty
ffi berecelyedbl '
• tir ad
v Sr. Onevirs, twill the IS
Al e r)hstoVell roa.Viabtri m y the ••arrecee 'lk n.-ban
Lowe/den end Need flank Men; freak linehrosvive
alcot mike to the Iron abrantain and Pilot Knob.
Proposals will be received either Cista by the soils In
all work ant materiala to complete reed: ar epandely. L i n
blame. tht) for plant Ift In lemeth. delbered on Line
of reed atconvenient distances (14) for Lying plenkanet
hale/dna road; leth.) to plank delivered and takt tate -
toed. incanding "wag . %h.) far grednatton by mils,
Including grabbing sod end ardente of tarter 4 ;
facteed rush.) for mammy and beidiM a
The work be divided into sections o S sae
in leennhe and let
,einearar together.. Fifteen miles ague
rend to be ceenpuw , oy the Ist of Decainter.ltal e end the
balance by the In ot leeptember.lB32. or as mock sooner
ail the emeatesetare may data. It ta prop:Need to plank the
reed generally with white oak,of which there Is en shun- •
damn on therms. Thipaotausotrgue.mispwilicatiiis
of the tonne of edit be reedy for exeenlastkos
on and sun the al day of Jane neat. either at St. Orene-- at the aloe otJaanct Y.lClrkerccd, Engineer of tha
Pacific issitniad, St louts, Ma
enlkined.tlelo -F. a Roma, Peedisekt
T HAVE JUST received from the Eutaw .
following I=ylemente, ell of . tM best maroyfictore
Pumas the moss recent tir.llllo.. Mid I wale Weltall
to .11 sad exembee ray stock.
Ifechloss, foe torn. bean& trete, tonal" to „
Warn Drill, tor ides; rye, oats, nue barter'
et esw sad Cord CotoCutting Eau..
avtablo Root Cotten.
0: Yob=am Cov Quid nolhot,
Canned (info and Ono rthe. sad MN.
Cortftool Matra iota 11.41 dAko.
T o;ox Um but materials, tad At sill•
t m Etta of
N. incssitsaut, •
10y27 Corder of Wood awl lath eaves.
LIQUID.GLIIE-3.gross, (a very superior
• destined to tom the luri b l, t i t t is co coomoat ,
woe eltoge j—lor ale bj
mra • , wwe st
OIL-81) . 0&o a ngoLV: d b2
LJ • S.IOCI estra rye Boar.
e ber . r . slamet
100 Osta for Ws au
4a 01,..1fatar it
nVRESLI TOMATOES, hernieSeally mafti,
Mahan. Pi , f.117. tb• tavorsiad Boa. of tbs
~ traits, As er - WY. A-UAW:ULU
DRIED BEEF..:.-Swans & Swift's Sugu.
Con 4 Becreurrusi. fir r zllbi rcluso a
au Luxor w.