The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, June 07, 1851, Image 1

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,971729 s ram mummy DOGS TD nix me mum
DEILY , -24endollsrs pre setnnse. bait iOOlOl
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;.21101. coots per 6 00.
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Ito r ~ t t r oeeacL CinbbbaddrreG Urals prom,
sad to lalrpald balsrisbo . o. 010.01. No Club Pool will
to wntatLe the year ospists, 0.000 tb..m.m.7 4a oat ton
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1 1Z: ; 173 .
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cf. Dollar far flak additional 1 ; •
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Adroit/mum; ta awooodlon squirm and not owartflson .
Dow to be olasrumlo o arao n sad halt • • • - • •
. publlahars not / for legal advertbamonto
7006 tEO amount chartual for thols anabllcaticat.. - • .. ;
# ^ ^4 . ^"i¢R mind lta Mao, to ho abalied . &Ms.
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number of Irmortfono. will h, onatiustad Inlimidd, and par ,
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The pririlego of armload advertbors la atrietly lhaltod to
their own lanalotlat• bouriamoz and sll adon•Ulents for
the konentufattox persansuwell 82 all a.:l.n:nlawrsa,nte not
Inanontalelr oonnalnd nab [bar own balloon, and
claming or , ffidriallasnmds, In tenet![ or othsrviso, Wand'
Ne IlsoltnennabL winks damn tithe amid Was 01*
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Data sloth= !warted without charge, =dam mormaPor
Lied bytanoral invitstiona mobituory =Mom mad anon
aeicanparded tom poll for. -
Regular advortirora, and al others Oman anumunica,
lons,a,rouidetag notion designed to - call Otteutton
Talls,diatroes, Concerts, • or war imbll4 onbutsinanordli
mbidothsrAtm• aro tonne Gar sM,mo—oll motlom vs.
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lan 'nut tho malo la to bo:Pakt for; 'lf Intradoi to be lia.
sorted In the local whom the is charged at the
au of nodes than 10 emu per Dna , • ,
Mahal, or wir Notion bo ottani* nnioldsl7s#ll.
Tama Llnuoso tethlotut 82 each.
classed Agents. aad tiooma sdrallinments ndt
to under resair n Auc nes, but to to allowed dia.
ast af of bt tbdrir three and ono third tut mat. from Na
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an tr;iii.ot "..?"*`
'TAMES ElERR,.Attorney at Law—Office
0 bdw.4:eadintai
b. • .
OS.; WEAVER; , A.'ttornef at Law,Sourtb
stmt. Dear the Blayorqr Mos, litSabilech,
ttuadod to prosatrtlr. so7l-ZbAke
brims DualLar j . I
(Lite of Ilaiontown, ra.) I (Late of /IKlJaas. ra.) -
9LIPIEANT.' do TAYLOR, tAtiorneys at
I.w'-o eoe /math street No.M.betreett Wad
2V " : °1 ,1 t r 1,7.?2 -
N., York. • , •
J. IL Mani
Q lIINN & COLLIER,. Attortmys nt Law-:=
t. 7 Otace'ailoiatli etreet, aba. Smithfield.. • • • '
w. F. W.III,TE; Attorney'. at Laxr-4W-
I. HARRISON. SEWELL, Attorney's: Um,
u Ohio'Et.Oti Commix.&Quail:rt. toklots Depreatiats.' Act •
tonfledgemento of Deeds. to. Ofllao—Fourth otrortiaboo•
B. 'natal/al, Attor
tr,....t..pra„..4 Law sad Beal Estate Agenot. .140.107 4tb
1 - AIIES J:-KUILN, Attorney it Law, office,
In Tilghman Hall, coma of Gnat alavet and Diamond
• 7.l4tUtfurgh: . ' • ALl:ay.
Np. 170 Foarttistreet. Eitiabarsh.., , .
=ME. trrosu—.,.. 11•11103.
TOWS ,Sc -WATSON; Attoineya at Law,
lg. no Fourth street, Pltlubm-sh. •
Alexander 6 Dan Jolla Fge. Ita.; Her
ron.'Honthanua Out, WI, ftaer. 'John-o=lw, Au
coontanh tiol. W. Jackson, Pittsburgh.. .tur
DWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Law:
Ode: ea-Ppurth xtreet, berms Woo:Oosst WM.
TASPER. E.: BRADY, • Attorney at Law,
ONn. 14 rota dreet. Pittstromitt. Ps.i•
VII Deane Itetattange,
_114.1* -- N. , • • • .4
Youth Eine, next dole to the thLult of, Pttte •.
MY of
•1. MI. VU.1.11111.....-...1.11...ent... .J: Y. WM".
Ind.T..neludige Brokens;Narth East corner of Wood
Sad itlorest.."l.lttebargh._
All grammar/I.l=de -On Uri* land cothetlaes .
IXKING, Banker and Exchange &Wpm;
aaan • Foreeth street, Dealer In Dank Notes, MD of Er,
Gold and nnn6 Mae, Stocks tottatd and sold.
• beat market peke paid In pnenlnna ler Antenetri
ILOLNIES & SON, Dealers in Foreign
Den or naeassaa, onteanan errs.
Ilanah'otas ease Specla, Ka. armarut street,
leau®a made 611 all Ma principal atlas
i .. 7aat. the tralbal &atm
K nAldza ciaw, ii""°
SEISAT2h" 1=3.04".11 r -
grarbatiV. and W,A lAAIVZI/11=
L CAROTHERS A, CO., Banking House,
••..15.0.16 WWI stmt. rittetiors e : Big
on DmoslL Collc t
ion. mane. mall Um
dd.. Of the Uctited . •
1111 '3l • 1• , ' II" I`, oralcassion A ate , ll3lW
i . gin : . No.l 4: . • ' Raoul *ad
, xi:, . ~, ,: .. ~... ”vii •..1••• ,„.. . ..
• 1111111“, Iftlita..—mairalilLe..—irx. L MM. -
tiALISSER, - 11ANNA A CO.;Suxicessoin;tio"
11 7 :&&& m a itoniply, Exclisoa Ilsatois;
dadm a lardan and Dacna,
at Ic Notny and'Prede--_,Ncath Weat=tr
Wand MI Mh‘l nerita. Conant Wove,' ;wend da ,Da.,
veldt: ' Eight Meeker to nig sad mti ....ans awls an udd.,
li MU the mpal ivinta at the Unit., States. . - • .
Thir-ht - wculcusi wad ka...Yoldigt god. Iblitadeaa
Ad.130011211d•Cla ,
tiltetif PTOP 04
W. TAYLOR,Totamissioner and Bill.
Deotee, .112 goeond street • &dee attention will be
•to-all Amines. entrusted to lila tam • liltiebtcrign
snanntedved ankle. stralson hangar geonned died
WY. Tioteerrals. Mongers, Le. negotiated ogre
1:11'41 . 1a:4 ft 4:4:111.1,472: 4 iiti0 100:p:4411
RC. STOCKTON. late Jot=!derv& Steak.
• too. Bootoelter. Stattow, flinter. mod Illsider.tort,
vat of Mutat, nod Third Wee% rittaturth. _
oo _Litezary Dep,:it;
Third rasa, otwitegr.Moz"- n .Z%
E d . kuproTTA4' Palith,/ thl P 4404"
-HOPKINS, Hookseller and Stationer,
pAVID GOWN; Ja.:,:Wholertiale and Retail
Inkrranntrninctlanern s6lnistb Arid. Minaret.
ending Calm, and Inner Coninnlenwriaporsys on hand.
Ali cram. • • netnnlir surnnt4
OLlNTOOK,ltianufacturersid Im
r4 (*Med. On Ck 414.1 tam Most
7(t TetabA
I ft.T
Warehouse, N 0.84 Youth .4.
rib),+4.f.eutf:'W - 70
1011 POII4I:OEXTER, corner of Watery:lad,
Klie)iskketiteemin Fittanniiir Oin!iSkiltf.ork_.."' 743 "
;= .. i. l 4.l 9 %, " 4 , l*(rAtnireggiad..*l
ratligiVge s ZVl:x6rl.4 CO:nnii*:* -11 '
Nal aettbl J ted ann, wed Ilay Fmk..
an J enk in s * cn's rumimpselrai Tesn.
itz McANULTY & CO—Trazisponers,
14;:4 - 11weaN.el-u- rM3 gWT f‘
• - iiat;Comalastoa No. 61 Weber ort,,
JOHNSTON, Forwarding end
Ntaiarardoo arrwrwt, Na 112.17.114 Mat,
K k EIL .JONE.S,...Forwardi_ rig and. •Com-.
etiderri Iferchsau, Dealer. I* Pmdocop exta
Thenthetared attlecs, Cunt Baia.. Coe. &tenth
A .
11Y.1.'.......1°4E §. 165. —. ncessors
to AL.
7,A4,r.AtLibar ' Won and PorvadlVgt
. r e in nsh llnafactur!l f00d ..- Pitts.
"15_ ,'"strAcKLETT co—Whntir.%
Wale+ ram% snd
SALYOII4 03 3.01111[3111,...... •10110 ST 03,, W. TOLL
AA....31Ag0N k CO., Wholesale and Retail
Dfttzg Tasher: and Stags 147 tkuu., 152 Masi*
.1 IV/I .i" trtl.#l9t,e, wean of Raft
AMY, FLEMING& C 0.,• Commission
$ Ifehletzts—For the sale of Dookestio:Wooltio, and
W w.i
.adeslent in all kinds of . =Ettlr
stmt. fourth door hum Fifth. Me
r - HUT. Dentig, Coiner Ili . Emma'
betwvetillatkit and /cm 1t.111016
' & um , ' rj ae .a s es, ewe
uron r
- - - .
R. A. FARNESTOCK /c COeholeade
F.4.l4 l .4=l7;rigror."4,4tAeta L "N /i tt
• • T
7ors to
0, Karr Mover.) Wholaaato an% goviall Drag and
*lon Stare, rinser of Wood mad and Virgin alley.
Physicians. naaseti• pomas eantaltr ornpo • blight mid
I'7 1a151:465., iirliOleaelii-ugOta: Deal
en in P I EV . 4=I . = " r01.66d11e, " %
er Lu . ng amp . , 60. owner _eg W6OOL dd .
ratneeta, 06166 , is earollar oselv
m 1,64 Ihronad.ed wilb di50666.. • •
E SELLERS, Wholesalli Deal: in
t"'il VAT P " L PrurZ. %mils warnated.
S N. WICKERSIIA3I,IVhoIenate Dmggist
N IV,'Z 3PI Te:'WhOari""4
jot RAUN & REITER, ITholeeale and Retail
lU,Pbh°"°°r or Wm,/ tootClnlrtets., Pitt,
SOHOONMAKER & CO., Wholesale Drug-
N0..23 Wood t. Pitt,bwzb• •
W Fr, 1 4 . WILSON, Wholesale Orooers and
4,1 atteiVatix Itd/i7=.e. ,* .1; Ps
LL.. GHEE, Wholesale Grocer, Gomminaion
11rchaat., and dealer la- Pam aad Raga, corner of
aad Irvin Matta. Pittsburgh.
SAMUEL P. SHRlVER,_Whcilesale.flici.:
Ser. Prattle* and Dammledoxtuac Dm&
hrrittaburirti Biannfaetured Articles, ea. 134 and UM
&mad street. between Wood sad Smlttaild.; Pittaargh.
r aN 9..DILWORTH — ,t ~ Wholesale
•• Jar noxoaret- =imam
t rot=lueo and Colambmdon Iforehasits, .aad
Poirdar Co.. of Ifivarphplo. Copz.4
Woad iittsboratt.
EDO E k INGRAHAM) Wholesale -
Omen" aral Commisioa Iferetuusts, 110 Waft
.ad 100 lint stmt, Pittelmush. • I ' •
II :1 ' if. "
Jam. JOUN WM!.
0 - OHN WATITEr7 - Wh Wholes ale - Grocers,
Commtedoa Nerehants, Deans Is Itodnes and
h vtabark Ilanulaaareu. No. 4NI arret. ONO.
aB. CANFIRLD, late of .Warren, Ohio,
• Cornialtelon and Pant • • litinulisne; tte and Whole.
Make in Weeurn Belem u• • • Bur. Pot and
L. AL. ‘019.1.11'L R 135104.11.... -W. AL. INLIILILAILIL
WATERMAN & 511:31$,1 -Wholesale
. Grocers, Contmlialcoa mut enrwellng. Elsedbants,
in at kinds of Procloce and Pitsbusgh 2dikanniehr
red Mkt.. and Agents for the • ale Ridamand and
Lonettlnugh Sisnabc Totacgo, Nos. SO and 111 Water
stmt. Pitt.bargh. •
Q. TON BOZIO , R,ST & CO:, Whole
• do Grown.
g end C6131111/400111 Werth
'Denim Pittaburgh alannfeeturee gnat Wegtern
Produce, earner of grant street mut Lane.
enrnasandakrn Blereltsaln and Denlenli mPzoionr,
06 Water. ..I la burn rtnnt, Pitnburnh.
I Md. . = erre.
NGLISII 4t - i ii i ii i late English.
1:1•11.w her /i Co, Wholesale Grocer.. sod
onrarltag aleechasds,asel Dealers to Produce sod Mit
blush 11.ollsetardslleo. 122 B.oenai e. 1$ 121 Pint se,
ginin7Viiteslfgolri O r ret 1 0
Grows, and .Iniparton of ardwilesOClnes and
cars, turner of Liberty_ and Irma Arras. PlM
buWa. _lnfo. field, Cotton Y•rOl. de, fia caostadtl7
• MEV 101121-...-TALICS n leO/11..—VALTICI SOL;
ILLS ROE. Wholesale t rocers and
coeuw.sioa Meichaate. No. 257 Libpty stmt.
ROBERT; MOORE, Who Grocer,
-Man BeetWring/Wain, dea/or Prcdooe. Fictsbanb
abeam, wad all kinds of FOll.lOll .Doosente
Man sal - Ligoom Slb Meaty Moot- k•od •
;VWMet or aupetur okl Moonigaluda Withal%
be sold b. mr onal• - I
111.0 BEET DA 17ELL & C 0.,; Wholesale
.I,PP T= C 7l2= t.bragy P ig
XIV Grocer, Produce, Forwarding, and nasawdadon Mar.
moat, aid 'Disler ibWrgh.n Pittaburgh Mailittigturwa Z-9
Meaty. =wet, liitta
• crd. Acnoc.w.. L comm.
' v.' wooolrain: mown.
WM. BAGALEY do CO., Wholesale Geo
rers, N 0... la and 2D Wood otrod. rinsbunds.
JOlit A 1N1C14... sassatsad.
VICTICKA MCdANiCESS, euccessors to
v tr. D. Wiet. Wholesale Groans, Torerardlas
sal Clemaffindan listebsatr, desk," in Iros. Ntlia lass,
'Oatton•-•Yaato, sad P=burgb Stsashebuss sesersit.
mnlnat liocd'sad Water stamote, Pasolarngh.•••. •
• a.' crUntsas...— nava
ao•. CULllERWO — iflabirs - E, Wholesale
Orme= arid Ccascmlxdoxt Merthan Dakbres in Pro
am sad PM. • •. • Elanntactared Aruclla 198 Liberty
4. D. wawa- tin.
.4 D. WILLIAMS & CO., Wholesale and
• Ratan Yams Grocers, Forwentles axe. Germ...Ns
reheats. mei Dealers ba Coontr7 Peeler. end Pirrebneeh
311exorracrerse. corner of Wool earl YUth Ytteso
p t, OI3 4 ,INSOti,IATTLE .t CO: 255
r d l=l . 2.lslalveal:Gromm l'"). Pro.
and d ala fa Plttgangh
a rr ik IL FLOYD, Wholesale Grocers, Corn
. =Lel=
Bu Sterchantautbur o , sadDeale.ra Produe—R osuakl
TORN PARKER tab.,WholeseG
Iladtrs_dndird iddlldd., Old Mod.
=and Eactlded .111/17-30. Oatatterglal
L. Ilttabstra h. ' I
JOHN IL MEIJAH, Dealer in Piano Fortes,
lads, sad Musical It•smn &Mot Boot; sod
. Bois mentlas Clil Slam Arta, for
estasa 811Vccd oc
LIENRY KLEBER, Denlet iniklunic,
.at Instructs:lt& ae
and Imrtsr ttallaa Strings
•—• far Canna I Clark's grand ands Plans*
1.: trig Ity k:4
11102. J. 0.1711321,---..VID 01[113.--.—0LLA1111311021 . .
- =Then atattalketure lad keep coostsaila an Waal all
• • of Tacks, Brad.. sad Eparables. Flatalrlaa Cl` sad
• ?Ulla eau Blood flour Barrel and rIA lair Mal..
Capper Batas and Tsar Bartel liaala Ckaaaa aal• ZI
Bata lagla rattan Mk.?
Mot Ll.:, Bloat.. Soo a onal
CO, Om.
dea:r :
Wareham, L Water sk, Pletobarata
NNEDY, CHILDS & CO.,ildanufActa
1. tars of very superior 44 abeettng I Carpet. Chain.
es. ... la and Batting. Pgun MM. Plitoburil,
two an 505....... ;......... oil,. ' two.
.. ONES & Qiiiititikiiiiaacturen, ofgcrig,
and Blister stag.2.4l. Elt.l. Et. 4 . 1 ,Pk.g .4;
fa - 11 1 =4' Illy nsririLuays t aol
• tt.b.e4 Trinuattaa r... plural ,7, corner of Ban and Wrack KL.
4 aniZtrrs
o- 63 Water ct— balm INtm.
P:ii 4 :4 :ip: Sri. 1:1
&moat C. BM—lmporter *ad Dada to Preach
and daxerfara Paper Flan glataa add _Wake ,
Ebades, Ara Board Prinia, do. Al.—Wridar t medidg.
am Wrapping Paper, lqa 55 wad Meet. Wawa low=
add Dimond allay. Pidaburgh. Pa: ! • • ' •
OBERT MORRIS, Tea and.Virule Mer
ehastf..Ead me of the Dismand, Pittatronb.
M. A. IWCLURG & CO., (Irocars and
• Tali Dealers, No. 9156 Liberty Mr est, stem Wm!
Lan Oran an hand • large mortetent or Maier Gram ,
vuj Ale3—ycellen Fruits sad blats,Wheter
&Welted Yet.ll. Dealer. ebypited tbe loved tram
• .
pIIN ACAUGHEY, • Agent for the Lake
I Zrie end Xtchlßeet Una. to Beater and tbe Laken—
Olt on the corner of Winer erol fnalthtlekt stn
ff.LBECEI CO., L - Transporters by Canal
and Porwardlng iderehaata, caraer of Pem stmt
:Ms ConaL.
BROWNwould mostreipectfully inform
gri tho stabile that he kerorthiral deal on the treat
mihuot t the IMuumod, Allegh.y city, • comaleurammtmeut
y ye• burwl• also Yonittart !limiters are made to order
atta bertatyle. warranted equal to arty In tb• trailed
Was. Ms Blinds ma be removed without Scald ot •
user driver. Jiving purchased the Moir, Mohr, sod 'mod
of the attdoet estaldlehmmt or hammy* Meaellsod, I am
.o metural to turrdsh their old oustouurna well its the pub.
largeorltb mry thief In Unit. lbw;
..arnmota Wood Meet, Pittaburgh.
umb26 • • • J. A. DA.9vm.
~~.a:~;n:~:ir; gyp: (os.~; n! a~T:yva:~ ~: tee
aftPturEPH 'JOHNSTON, PAna Hamm &
notoo—lteddenle., corner of 'Third drat and East
• NJ b.-4.lsom AnWm , Bann% Karta,,Latb.*., for
- toebtly
p' AM 11ARPIE, Vete'rintiry Surgeon t late
boo Zdinborgh. Pootlend, wool' twonwlf.ii/...
I.4lttin public that be bon cuannenowl prsoftw. 11.
proliolcor. nod. br cereal. attention to whatnot, la
anhreteted to hhch he hive' Mails ollitlitellatt
_ln gonnoction with Jon. Home IThoplout and
mootstattang tn general will be cseited on, owl/toot:rano
at Schaal stroll and Penneyleanls Avenlle.
ALtfIIPHY & LEE, Wool. Dumas and
CooszoLod. Merrhante for the ale of Amerk!en
Gordo, No. 139 Liberty et.. ritteburgh.
- 0k 19.,ILARBAUGH, Woo - 1
1).12.. g="ll.Mtg: Na 1I MUT:
inlllo 2e.aft..putoun.•
ENG I ; r rpihkocE*LivjaA
MI. JOHNSON EngraveloriWoiid
Phllo 11.1 .7
(third st..ll;lttslimvh: Pa.—VSerwr
Itad, or i •
priirt..4 at duo lawert PAM.
iilEgablishmakt,Third lamp mph,
itettonllVl b ruilt
gigie n . atrial=l,_ Dtout.. or
to the soolt . affrOVOl Arno sat a , 1 1 ,1flon moo*
, ,
10GAN, Wlara 4h. 00., imparters and
W991..19 11992999 nardwax. mid g9tl•2/, N 9.129
mamma " t. u. [Weiner.
4011 N FITZSIBIONS COI Manwfaotu
: fere of FLINT and GREEN OLA.MI ' MOULDS end all
k nde of MACHINERY, take (Ada - method of j u ib r w o .
those derlrons of haelow tine wort done, lit thlY
prepand to do It at the lineest fandhle haft, at the Hoorn
est italic and In Hu beet seanner, at their wdabllahnient,
ineennd greet, abuse the (hid Redin near the Gan Worts.
Twee Irons for Black Ellnlth and Blert Furnaces, LUMP
Hien:wed at the aborted hotice r atld at the loved prior.—
All Mods of 'fabling done., abort h aft..
• Gas Fitting:.
C _?. . Franc,. 64. bah,ttabra ith
a Wo P od h •33 d
.., • .
, . Would Invite the public, to =M.
. ChaeddiaTh 1 but:uff, Brad..
i ',.e ` ` . , , a , A.
- •• ~.i. Thar sr* Isrevaral ta. rceente
' ' . Antall lat tbs thatteet ho
tlee ilut tmost reumnble tarsus. • • i Imch;:tr
• Wegner, Buchner 4 ilnellees
TUBE ABOVE FIRM respectfdllyannon.noe
to their Nandi and the pane generslly. that they
are rm.. •to eseenw, inke that n 11• of then. art. ell
:Ashlers Mr dhow. Cards* BlDiplomas, CbeeaSS
and ProThsaluntal Oards,Mapty Charta•Labe4 to
Their establishment la at hO.llO Mutat Meet. 'between
and /fourth Meets. up stairs. , =cheat
Bolivar - -
Kee Brink Manufaetiring Comp l y.
In. , ,•
mama—. annt«.-.a,S. .10.113.--. I . lmas.eir.
GLOVER, BIER & CO.: Pnoeurrons-
MINE "SUBSCRIBERS, . been. , op
! A, r _ rentlod l .digth , for tbe alum namea ooneertb.sslll.
Vhflttiek,Crallblelire h.nd 6t==sdlneotlia
They are also prepared. to mi.. ordsma tbr sale Brick. to
be toads
.In aise and above to snit portheaera.ushSch shall
We tueen, sued.
e do not deem It 0001111=17 the . 44 4.7 .
+MAWS the 80.. Me Brisk ryas. over all others:hat
bare bean offered for tale In the United Stat., their 00P ,
Slorlty being .11 Unman to ehnoat all persons who ma
Fyn. Brick.. The prourrister a ha. detatmlned that the
Prink Atoll lot. none of their present enviable reputation.
pad that 00 eslatim shall be ...xi In mate them awn
...h. they hare heretofore been. Tlata la the ooly
ritabllatournt nos numerfaetosinalrlos nrlet at &Oral,
inch? Canal ROAD. Seventh Y.C.Clttsh.llb-
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and iibe W oilu
rims undersigned have just completed their
tad sr now ninnufnentrirui all sines at GAP P RE. io
ennotlys and other Run. and. all nisas of
wawa they hew for tab at tta krwatt pie.. They an
new would to=mato antics. to ant OITA. Without
WY. 00..
itoZIW antISPAM/ A
Watcr rtreat,
W m .ll.lff . tl i3 H u .t NOBLE—City Flouring
of Adams 4., Fielalkart,
NICHOLAS - Civil Engineer,
ti:etteritr er ' the Pante 1/B at cl. fr Ujts t r
rge Pen': l Tio 4 7..ll .w e re L l. m . 14 4 5 tut etL m ,
Ilsrbary =wet. Pittstrarrh.
A. ALLDEIRA. Agent for Delaware Mu.
GARDINER COFRIN. Agent for Fr nklin
ewa nr• insuraw.
.Comp. r. meth ...i tomer 44.11*1
GLENN, 1300 - r. Brsors.A'ood street,
TV eloor.frinia the dime, of where he Is
to do erery deerrlntian of Minding' Us nee..
rangehildr. Meat &ohs is to any . psurs s , unel
brand subetenthilly: DOMES numbint or old bioks
hound wirefullr. or reredrot. • ernes nut on in idlt letter,
nos. wits Imre binding ore invited to WI. Prime
isnallr •
Xit 'CORD 14. CO., Wholesale and Retail
suabts.tareii, and Dfailars In TWA Cam and Furs
a/ Want and riftn strata, Inttlarnfsb. Wbe r falls7
offer a full and commits. stock of Mates Pal, td, of
every quality mad nyle, by Wbolesala and Befall, and I.
site the of their enstcancrs ant pnrrbaerre atom
ally, mowing that tbey sill sell no the mat adv.-
Useons terms.,
W3l. DIGBY, Merchant, Tglor, Draper,
V • sad Deilad to Ready two Clothing. 131 Litany
Hew' Coach , Factory—Allegheny.
A. WHITE CO. would re-
WO:NUM Whoa, the publie 'la they have
op Upset. between federal and tandusky
:treeta. ' lbey rfanow maid den prepanal to motive
orders . tar *vet) downirdon :f e a :hides. Caches. 'Chariots.
lifonehte, Baingiou Pthrt.a, lc.. Po, Whitt, froth thef t long expeekele in the utanulactore a the above lona,
and the Mrdlltin they have, they dei etufdent they are
enabled to di work cat the non readoeubie tor= with
those wanting articles In their tow.
Paying particular allonthon to the selection of thateriala
ard havAng none but orunpOsot workmen, Ahoy have no
hesitation in watranttnp, th etr work. We therefore ILA itle
atteetion the. Nubile to tbis matter.
N. D. nothing done nR. a. beat manor, and on Co.
mqt rthetuable terms. • len:ett
Is•T7 l i7 EDMUND WILICINS. No. 114 Mont/ ate
of Wool street, Platatturett Monnorenta, llarf
Vaults. Tombs. tloodartottea, An; blatant' lbreea, Centro and
rter Two, Winn on hand. OM made to orOar.
M. B. A canna nelallan of Drayton* on nand. lalo
Comm of TM:Id and UMWidnedla Tba only char
Inittlutlon of thalttod
Principal lPlitibtrab.
Yacntml-41/1m Flaittng, nitructor L. the
Manse d Amonnta.
0. K. Chamberlin. Pram., of Pentarnatuddr, ilermattle
Comproation. an
Alm M. atron. Km, LeCturcr on Cecromercial Lair.
Mime &wiring. a monde* . knonloiref boot Kmpl.c.
nad aprlimtlon co or eryirranch of - b oatmen, Wm ma al..
milt ih a:=ll pentorliiK are /10104 bc mil mai ammo
bacturnaocamm L 1 Law every L m00dr7.. ,1 14%
Itaternme to any of the redden,. city mercianta
ErranirtlLLD 1832, by EDMUND
WILKINS, No. 243, Liberty et.,
Dead of Wood Assn. Plitabursb,
as., Mantle liess,Csatrs sad Ile, Tops
always on band sad male to GM...Albs
thafesse Marbles, sad si vary reduesol
A sAsiSe &sleds.. p/DArrosso
EltsvSsas '
Sial. 'ltg ° IX. ' I i . 7
• H i *
. . •
Dom %paw Daak7 Clark Tlarnaa, kaq.
Ham Jada. WlLllaa ...aka Ilarpor, Laa.
Wm. 1takia.3.,17, bk 40.....WaNaa - r. Zak, Architect.
John Snyder £.o . Ca. .. ... Das, Croton: .
Platabanti•kkthk. kralker I alm. do.
.7.11. Mass . DIU a Cam. da.
Wilson tsp. Ilatm !Wank. do.
Rakrt Ikaltalkht, . M.. Daaaley 4 Co.
Jam. IlaDaittik Esq, limier D. 7. M1711.31D A *a
ham. Joab. kr.k. • Ca /raters
. . _ .
• EL teothtelOLC-. Allegheny.
E. W. helm Fateful Vr the wy II4N petrenaretee
mine! during lateeninn in MU ear. ttetWit heel the
and/aged sal best jets entraeted to hts care op la the pet.tat
wilteladeetor. W ender utlatseucret Itereateet
Bennett's Monochromatic Depository,
Palut..--713..11.144 Get...."
.4 U. "Gamotay of kola."
101238 W.WOODWELL.
facturer, Vlemernoms 97 199 Th ird street.
J. reepoutflaky Woe= Ida friends end
custamere that be ha* t completed the ler
mad alma suet of bosaabokl furniture eler hoTmrln
tide city. as la detannload to abbot& tb• euailty with
welbankamed matardslob but .a and tweed de.
.toot and from time extent of hie undo" and realty in
manufecturlug. he te auebted to produce Inertauted tomb
lurk at Ma format mime.
Lie wroptut the nth:elide of blend frini the custom.
enf lAtatArt-Attlt bLe owe, ba , duabry sad ;doe. and keep,
=rra = .. td gmtest , rilt i tr4:2Varlt . tt i o . f
ct u Ar m ui acetii,lat • CimehAt any part of .mama, be
-rom big Mock or manufmtured amma, to
Et tbanAr• eolloitra toLeut : tos ,,,! tb i n b t tie . alde:h7lca conak . Vn perk of blitteck, reldeb tor . rttmme
ntzlaend tUMM cenaue be surpamed 1. max of tba Smear,
drairbitt , NalnC. amt bedmwen &am al' 'arm
variety. eandnlng of roenrowl, mapawy. and walnut.
tliaabethea. Ctmorrrlitalre and Yaw CAW., of wearrde,
eMpUter, ConebeibUtda.,Tetme-Ute and Dlr.. of th e I.
and patterllN Tuba., VlbabNote, out
ladies . parlor Wetting Dawk• of ../101.1, kindr Work Tables
Ind Wm, Wald nandaimusla Wands, and bolder.. o
mabonanyortenroWl end walnut and soLa.marbl
Um.extol:L.lou &Mau table.; all idse. of th e moat Improved,
and daddy:llr the but kind coeds: nut. Pam brokaball and
p~lrmn.lablem Ipedstreds and waalutand. of ea.. •
madam= hall and parlor reupdart chairs.
Ml..= and MR, smeary and Wit Ma baud ,1
Are meant, tteral Mks. bat mauls, mid nuule attml.tartbe
sad cots Ow 4611.1nreu paper met.. table and t. jbora
mabosany.....wowit sod MIMI pearl Table.. um Ar. 410.
A large amortmant of Common Yon:dune and 1V11.1...
Matra esidnat makers supplied With all &Mkt. In On&
Bleambuda and lfole2. furnlattid at the alwatext notice.
All ord.. promptly Wended to.
Attorney at L. lea Thud rt., earner of Marry
, haying made amytonanta for the purpose. wilt
- procure Baud: .Lands r oflioirr and soldisrs, their
widows and ohlkiran, • vill attend lo any other land
aus, =meted nlth the gonrrunant or any alto Depart.
:Inenta, the Yonaion ogkr, Or the. Court* at tho,City of
Whington. Jundtt
Drawing, Peropeati - ve, and Painting in OIL
AlctD.L. R.: SMITH is now prepared to give
itrunion to •Pm &tali In th e &World brandies
• delightful art. al, ble mans, In Mason. Poen
Atkinson's am, bailling, Pint sine. &Week Wad and
Market Mesta. , iloan of &enaction, tam to 4.5‘. and
4„,.." particulars nu be
Refer to DI, Clan= or emu., nom. JaZtillf
THIS 80,15131 ED RETREAT is .310 W open
ar tbe motoradoistion of *Ritmo. Tho beauty a
• ;Mee Ina
.sanda imprond by the addition of
Medea glirubleery Amen. A lupe collection of and
blooming Planta and &robbery. ef the choked. klub, na
tept Mr sale m tbe,
Rs Creams, Prultskipt id the Paladin ail mnal.
liameig tastefully put op at abort antic,
Tbe nest and eamfortablestemalEFTAlN, leaves
the landing, between Pitt fftrert and o Old Allegheny!
&MO, &the beginning af tri p from 9 o'clock,
, tkatil,lo P. Om extra men &ming, at 7M
vting tbe A G mo ' City an blind to pay a
visit to this perfect flower arden.
Th. Outten 1.4 Opt.. 7,0000.0010 minded., and clonal
on Sandal.
W. Dixon'a London Patent Lever Watches,
Mmericrio /my NUM.ia ever ogrred in Pitabstrya.
P. RICHARDSON, 81 Market street, is
, - 6- mle Agent. for the above named liner %tam.
... fotiowing guarantee in attached to each Watch: ,
; By appointment To the Adanssity, VAL DIXON. ch..
tunneter Land Watch Ilanalactamr, 41-IChig Mone. O.'
wail Naafi. London.. ; ,
; Tlde anltllmo that the anconscanying Watch. No.—. ie
warranted by me to be of my tosernhetom and rmW.R.b
with my nem upon R Le Ramat. unlese accompardmi by
artifice:a bear My nquitura.
'I grtarealse the etch ha —. to keen Vat. DIXVN. time Co the rat.
larectibn `the parehami.
Ma Domini; In Dly GooklffArontries, Iran and Nails
nr . tr ab sui rtreei sod -Wribleuctoo Turgirika Read
Ire TXrr, ... ... -..f.....i. r..-§ ... roam .
W; CUNNISOLAIt *CO Mennteetars orent:w
, el4%rMulet sret,btwen Ant and Omond,
, ,a
in a. % , ' .. „=Utl u old
alms. lAlso—Deektes ii,
.. .
" 1
. „
. ,
..,.. ~.. ;.-. ~, .....
.. . ,
.. . . . ~ '?' t. , ..-..- ‘'
........ ...:
~ .6 .. i
F. L Moore, M. D.,
fl0111(EOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, -. devotee
'pedal anent= to the treannentof thaemea or nor
run and children: and acute dlrerora ganerallf. as well as
chrooln and anradml dhows. °Moo on Arden= streeti
near the Iland Sheet Br/dire... l toot Ow. to the 11"'
iLlg 31111, Allegheny On.. 011ies hour, from 7t09 A. 11:.
from 1 to h. and from 7 to 0 P. M. 9172‘. :7
LIGHTYJNG RODS—,l3pnat's Pateat
JAMS JACKSON, droaiL Aasm.
IV/vol.:rate Depth 86 Wood laud, Pilisurgh, Pa,
(C6Mndeld'e Cutlery - Slam.)
armed that they cannot pet out of order. V.I.-
ton and Attnstunente Attics acsaratelr, Oho rd."'
and /4141.4 an unrivalled- - tbe bob eights 0r. , .
namantal. and without disputa the bat comloctar en?
manuhtstumet. Jame Jackson .111 attach them at 12. 4 .:
cents per foot. Other at the etom.lo cents.
OMldetnen are rerpretfally rep darted to rail a4C6 Roc&
street. and examine the above. whom. .1403. the Aim ut rr.Y
be men. my2Lif
If panties_ I. 1L....
PHILLIPS .1; MAYIIES, General Import
er. ad Itantacturra No. 3 North fourth street.
/Fir AM at 112 Wood street, Ott-Loudon. 01712
• Geo. IL Fachbaum, Civil Engineer,
WILL ATTEND, in any part of the Chan
ter, to the mercy, losetCoti: and oorottrardon of
Halhoods. klaradamlsed and Plank Hoods, Bridges, look..
Dam% no., for canal or alackwatar navination.and•tilDnr
r1af ,.... :V and anlmalas of root of say of
Be .11 . 1 ono attend to the division of land, and larnal
Eaa t n r Taganatas of mode, for Poirot Of = c iOEMlCllakonoira Dulangs, Onmt al, near tbs (bast
Mona Yinaborb.
Itekreorrs—llon. A. W. Lanais. Mat Baktnrell t Eat.:
B. ends; Exi., kubt......
OLO. er16.11.
HUSSEY & eilacura,
ryiritousALE d ealeis GroaeriesiGlait,s
t,Seib Plaster,' eta, No.:0 als ,rek. Alai in
rer atreeAllemlami, Ohio..
CAM adv t ances made cm ( . 01.169004121.
Aganta Mr all Steamboats and Srapallem Ia th. La. OW
pater Line.
Eater to—Wm. A. Otis A Co.,_Clang/m.l:
?CM.d Wheelie. Buffebr,
T.ll. }lowa, Cashier, Sit burgh.
No. 19 Wood street, between Ilral and Second sts.,
M A .pc..
oxtvo U ir ß o V z i zea , cle p acription
Was. and goat as •11l muter the beet .1.411N47 ' . s
Also—P.tillAtit STOVES. antooF which will be toned
Jewell itseek celebrated folding door Perko . Storm 411
Stoves; Bedlatork - Franklin !Morels We wet fancy ant..
to which we fissile the attention a balldare. Tea Rattier.
ilollow Were; Wayne itoses. le.; to all of width we halts
the attention of dealers benne purchasing elsewhere.
fiEO. E. ARNOLD 1k CO. have this day as ,
oc.elstad If thom
JOIN 11. SCULLY. Thostyia
Um Um .111 be /AA
Pittsburgh. 11. y 1.4 IBM. [4IT2
lIONEGGER & CO. Importers of Wines,
Lk... and Sirlm CM:em. ICI Smithfield street, bee
L ,remi Slxth and Seventh.
(FOrmerly-the Nxchango,)
Carair of Penri.and St. Clair Streets,
r" spacious, central, and moat oouvecti•
ttltittni 110TXS.' ha bur lees roropleteir- ra .
to ales'. wad thonmehltr fonatnel aodlroproved. Is ocv
open for the scromoWetbs of t k lF:lto.
Tie. lber. haus and). el the ST. CLAIR
tICITES, os.-fulls . late., friend. sad
gut ho hr It In the mon elog.t.d lensforta.
NrIti;11; r/Tr= 4 ir7d b e rill
to male It equal to ay house In the eoaa
~ The well kneern orntrsb location of the MILO: mkt
tettletm of Ise artailtrmetacteladriltat It Ike tont gleo=
either to travels. or P . ...ent troebron. lad um hlst
to pallet arid hope tor It a liberal elves of pa
erantf W—IIitIMFT.
.Law notice.
of WM. B. IffeCLURE
I .11 .
l. :p u i t n j d t .7 4t
. :, ,,s t •f 4 94 3l7 Y r i k r
ar . 4
m k
D ic ol
gap of "WA...NIMES:taIk"
•111 Rte.:lett to It,
Ur OIN. Is rvmoved to tor 11°.44 . 1 ‘ .99
good. ow . th. ott.t. U iLsoN 'WANDLER!.
)ItS. A. LF.ECII th. , fitt.n
-11 lion of bar friend. to am e pene.,i Lipalnalle
MR omlluralay unit. Laalic s
hildrea. Ii mery iiimiatri Head In
sal Gap, k'rencla and a bmalaume an
liahtmna, teribmalrrio., Fitt and Laoe taut
a gam' many Mbar amino In lair lion.
P. S.—Three or tour mml manna! /ELM ,
innUnt Falb Wee. •
AIIUEL IittOESEN keeps.cotrAnotil on
hand • gn.' 11,41... hi at Katt and Pada Tot a
uak itchro or Loan Lotter.
itordan DUlri, Churn, NI Mumma, have
ant Maar/
11 orb Boards. and all othrr kinds of want la hla
Wonroom Alaronle IWL litth stmt. P.
-------- •
Steazaboat aster. - tea an-TifeneTaCommis
don, Beceivlng and £orvarding.
fiiALDWIN, PLUMER ' have this
ilayAssaril •Ith !lens Mr. Joh., Lawtne, and ed.r
ptlf. Arm.,
WILDWireEVAIE oicr RVer2 .
.Pd/rnLocarrus, N
ISSL 132 Fillisase KM.
PR. J. J. MY EltS--Sx' irge,n and Physician.
Mt, and alweelllDG. coron.of lhalle,true• nor.
ihird entrat owe 1., abr. , ' er :1/4111t.t:14
.. . ,
Or. bliers has permanently Ineate.ct to Pittsburgh, nua
'gill attend to the Jot, of hie Pmtrotl.4l !In rill glee
Cgrlt.tiat attentu,n to au.. 0.1 lb* doennall t,l
slar•-• and children.
Talton on the Piano.
HARBoRDT would rtr
ilpertfOly Inform Om ei anon. of lilt.
nun Allootonof that by • 1.• ma vow
Pano.l to take • Loa more pupil.. lb. Via YYY
no nod In Fitigiu(.
jtrfooonroo—C. Foono, Ear,.. floor) Irorin..W i ll at hfr
tn ii.
Ont. (Foortb strevt.) Madam. Ftotot .
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods
TIIOMAS PALMER inreceiving
fron lb. Ta•toin Cldos. tto of .1 gland.
No. 55 31A RYAS STRUM.
Battens Third and Frnsreh scree*. Pittsburgh,
l itirlf=tt; titl• a k i " v". 1=41' .' 131 1 P4
!tilt '' prgilrit i ; 4 i.vir l .'anTiLTio' 1 " . 4 721117Ziat
batty, urtactrmor:d. Nnowa 10 ..•0 psiooS
nog. To tlus attrarl4. lot of cosign! • Mai I won 0p
..t0 by sight tbs. On.elittloa.
alfrouon of eaerchants and Lou. lu avert I. obvtato
hair 12.1101.
Board of tradenorit on.
T a Meeting of tho Board of Underwri
ter., the filloolog reehltino was a, WaiatrA7
aW entered to be pablehel:
Ramaterl, That &mg sod the pub) ratted al thl. a
Iles, no Vies Mak. whether trtigiaal et as meatesst, stall b.
tmeaklread lale.a by mu laws... Date la this city.
°DUI the pletalesci I. pad la Cada
by enter. • A. ll'. MARKS,
asch=3l B.4tetary of the &eel
A Card.
LRAVE FITTED 'UP,'(on., the Now York
Wm.) • 'wry roperlor Wurmono. Mr Mu min of Cur.
Mutate Mitor ood'omry Md. *notability' to
Ik. fd6kmable potion and ha. homid Ik. Moved and
mod mimeo" sayrtmont of hlln lon Idiom, Myeloid,
aml thrum
De WON, tij'ltol2 liamant,
Morton, CAlioloe, Muter Rod IN* NA . , ,, 11100ng
00017 Mod. Leon
laod of did mit
_tildllf.V.imiont 4r"n4 of Mr dUiddlittdon
owl rifle, ' Door MA, Malt. 1111 min nod Abiolee.eurtalla
Donley. nod Mad, tlortdil rion,Modlo Add Todd Lipp,
tied,Allk wonted. 11+1 IMotsin Ming.. Alas ,
selllo and I.Anrad.r._ Idul/10. Colooterymod aoJ iodidool
Monfort, Matromd, Moldlug.
All orlon thankfully received and promptly
aplb WM. NOBLE, Tblid Ore..
AMES WILSON removed kin Hut
L Cap Store to N 0.91 Word street. third door mouth
rO-PARTNERSIIIT—Hastng takl: my
ILJ Edward R. Wilma. Into partnerehl in the
liga Cap an, red burdnreal w• will hereafter do In.,
ander tta emus of J. WiLSON SON, et 91. It' Meet.
JA to ON.
P. S.—James Wilson blaze the Hot end" P stoke.
NA 9 redaell stmt. Allegheny my. kep t L IL
J. Wilson & Son.
WHOLES ALE anttretail manufacttl-ht'
y and dealer. la nate and C. No. 91
%pod street. third door brio. Diamond Alley, HU.
burgh—where they otTer a 101 l and template, etnekrof 1 late
ex! Cape of their own and , Eartern ntonActore,tif wrary
quality and etyle, by wholesale end retail, oda inane the
altentbo of their cvetornore and the paid.. seaurltag them
that they will .all nn the moat rearernable tonna
sidJellawtt T.
Na T 4 IterrtA 01, seat So Rork qf Pittamnes.
Noise and Inane collected on all parts of the SOM.—.
Stacks bought and sold on rommledon. febTaisidell
Woodwartiee Patent Planing Machine.
DECENT decisions haying fully rues final.
ly established all the claims of lb. sort le Pea
nut. the subeeriber Ix non prepared to mil right to me
theme Machines In the Stets of Nes York; mu', an Po toner!.
Larlia, the coulters of littedfoni,Crawfbr e. Clinton. blic,
ys:mins, Immerse !idle. Mercer. 1 . 4451 r, 19ko, b up
ptebann. Tina. Waft, Warren. and 10l' eleinab
Thieftartly colehrsted Mackin. on. pate. AMI nu the:7th
d.g ofrata... 1141 tb. mrlog beau sea
ben 18eXti d altree Ida A g ar urriaree " l -.11/I°''PlarecTes:
chine, at one operation, redirces to • thickness. and plums
tongues, grooves. bcsdel..e 11111belc 1, the bet m0n0...
ZOLIU Peet of beanie or plan In era hocrt a Ind 4.100 cater,-
Merely 11.0$ Grr dressing ertares Mammy, coping. stklelom
All door, sub, and blthel Muir. anal Mr seeking mouldlnsa
All tin& of memos Perfornied 'op It in s better mina
nod four Um. res expeditiously and cheaply, se it can
e done by any other Machina.
The prim of mrsplas Marlene Mr planing, toberulng,
and grooting, from MO 1. 81004, ssexmling 16 S. and
quality. Prom Pre to teu bona nowt will
It. Nioa
tymlne hundredths of all
'planed lamb., eased in one
Mace lea and burns II nser dressed with Wrodaorth'e
Machines 'ditch may be men in constant marshal De the
steam planing mills at Poston, rblisdriphis. bort York,
Albany, Troy, Oridensborgb, Watertown, Nome, 1.31,61-
e nc as e . fiermrs, Palmyra, Albion, LestaPorte kirk".
.I *.a Ze s t n io n get)=7llllV 4 ii
ore eatiei:te;a eleethut suctans or sang snam. .
of the above owners, apply tn
JOHN Planing MOD.
moo=dowalnyB Awes', N. Y.
- -
I[ l
HAVE on band a large assortment of
from, for curtedem. - N3l. NOMA,
multi 000017 OPPtelte the Post Mem
PAPER.--750 name 24 by 38 Printlns Pap.:
320 1t by 36
y ou ee 1 ter
61X1 IN 2
by /4, 24 " by 32, 14 by 04, VI
460 "
1210 Idle. Sine. Crown Sinn Parr:
400 Double
tou mous. "
, _mu " /bedlam sod Single Oro-arenas,
amastmerned teem
dim Ott Mad P.l::id
or exchange for /imp, a ism and ..1 mesierthemnt of
Knial. Cep, latter, Ltanisares sad T. PePone. Bonnet
a =-337fUng orallilau, tr paper ummnuttUsrae ,
Printing/SW[l3de to amber on shalt notice.
314211 -
an= ape. mei=
,• •••• if OVAIIIINTS a m t
• OP In
MAI its.
PAeIPI(I. Ifiv, Syr - N.; 1c4i..:..... .;. ..... .. ...... -Mar 29
ETZR:lrellaterl.l:4N4:'ft:"WnOtf....7.---:: a 217;
m* 1.
STA o All4l,Stonstrtellowton.- ' -J.* 14
ern or aldlBlloW. Cam bell 11yr Yhlladelphl4.-June 15
CAMBRlA,Hareisati PR - ..... ..-....- ...... June 21
61141,31 1. 1=N . 4e 111-;: , ......: . .--------24r, 1
- - - - •
BALTIC, Onostoek, Qom Neer York-- . - 7 . 9 e 7
AFRICA, 11 yd., Dom ... Yoh_.._ -June 4
CANADA, OerHoo, from Batton June 11
NORTH AMARICA, Maitre.. tram New Tork-.....1ume.17
ABlA,Judklos, from Nor Tort- Jule 15
PACIFIC. Nye, from Nen Tark......---.....-.....J one 21
AMERICA. Om Berton • -Aron •R
NIAUARA. Moo. from Boeton-. .Joily 5
EUROPA, Mt. from New Tolle__ ..„. ..... -July 12
CITY OF OLABOOW, Cambell, ii;6 - 91911.e.1'9,-.797f 77
ARCM LC.. (MI NV 10 ..
CAMBIL, Iturgeon, foam gnton ~...-July 5
-Ads 19
, RIM IMF mu
lUMBOLEM, Wolfe.-- ...... ......../gme 4 Jane Ml
HERMANN. Crabtree .. . —Joao 13 • .11ily
May 10 J.o 14
GEORGIA.' paha,- -• • ---•
June 11
mnituammii;.. • - Juno 13
01110. Bebectek .......... ..... .......... ............. ........ June 2ft
Pflffel l &WM= ' ' ''.....'".•-.3'" "
nne 27
Juno 23
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Eagle, W. 7,1.5 LEs.l.lsso
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May. ISM:
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Mirth 14,18111. f
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, 'e ---...1 •—,..-er' ..e =•.-- 4 , ~.. I
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Dly.{ pr c.6mo
Iv 180 D, 810
!law Your., June
. 3d, /841.
There bee, been quite a panic among the 'stook
a pe pe4e ople
b f l or t tro ba da t ya nurcH mumed me.mer by tb , si; .. shi d pm th eat
oxi c!
nouncentent that a large sum will go by. the ship
of to-morrow—say.sBoo,ooo or $900,000.1 The
The , rata of the long bills Is. now loilgaq,. a
price that does not make gold valuable as a re
names nor would it be sent, were kills no- I
doubted, which Isnot the case . Cotton bills are
in bad repute, as are:tails of most hoopos sus
pected of dabbling in cotton, s state of plums
which wlll really leant a earplug ..of good bills,
and abstract our. eoln.: With all the exports
caused by the increased value of silver in En--
rope, wa still have in New York over twelve mil
lions of dollars, or near two million:ls more, than
last year, at the same date. Our metallic
thanks to California, is trfkoh too large to al
low the sudden fluctuations that have so csarml
sod commerce in pagyears, and those who reck
on upon thodiatress of. merobanta here, do .so
upon a very poor foundation. Never were
Temple anode; as a whole, &ail .
• •
The rush of immigrants never seemed larger
than at present. Within the peat siz,days, we.
have had full twelie thotusand, and these, too, to
a4reat extent, from the shores of the Continent,
- Protestate, whose presence is s great biasing.
tied whoa labors are mach needed. Itia a cons ,
mon place affair, this emigrating tolhis United
States now. Pauengere buy , their teats be
fore they leave Europe for the remotest W
after landing, pass frac the ship deck to
that of the 'teaser, which Morin them to their
The, new home. Thdermans who are now coming ,
are more than ordinarily, wealthy, and,
few poor ones Can be found among them. .
Jenny !And will not visit' PittaburglOkuld
those who stoned the .Mtinstrela"' will notieor
her charming voice: Only Mae more concerts
are to be given, bat whither'she: Site, leg one
knows; probably to London, teeing at the Fair.
She bun made an immense fortuns from 'liar ha:
hors here, but hat probably left more of It here.
than any foreign statlthat ever" same ore? the
water. ,' • . -
TC From Unlifints, we have the mail of Me 12,
bringing-more gratifyingsnars t h an iGets.
denten from there folly coarnaid
say the failure s hare been 'art sitaneroni, but
that upon the whole,' business,, Is assuming` a
steadier position, ,and all prase:di a healthier
look- Batts are falling, together with the rate
Of interest, both, points 'of vitsLinterest. to the.
:commercial paha. The'Statilasi adopthd ten
- per cent. as the legal rate"of &interest, aid has
made provision to fund her -Oint , Macientht;,debt
at seven per cet 4 4 o t i gi;
, tuinints, payable M4ll=
York or San, , Already tha:xednad
rate of interest ha produced its effect upon trade,
keeping the ten per cent a month bidden out
of the market, and ruining .their voicalon. ll'he
accounts from thy mines,- the gold
quarts mines, are veriftattering,ba a newldif
acuity seems to have sprnig up, that pt separa
ting the gold atter the rock has been pow dered.:
The ordinary quicksilver operation does not an
swer, and the scientific man who am supply this
new want can make a fortune. - •
new improvementan /Taker for railroad
cart is about to be brought before the public,
which \ promises to do SWIM With all the ; break,
men. The new apparatus is applied by Pie en
gineer, who commences to break the train at the
raw, and can retain at'vilf any -car from the
beady as kith° case of a light ear, or gise soy
desired dreg 'upon a heavy one. The mitt AU.
due operandi is not at my disposal yet, biltto,
day or two jou shall ; have it.
Y ab= flwl BT TEE wencureroar.
atatassants Pesetas or era pacific,.
'rho United States Mail Steamship Pacific,
Captain Ifye, has made the passage to Lirezpaol
in less time than it has ever „before been
done. This fine meet, now steads at the tusa , l,
of the. steam marine, hating :beikten:4TerY
thing else sacral hours, both on an eastern.
and a western passage, The Loudoti
of the 21st, tints announces the arrival of the
Pacific‘ . . •
"The. Pacific stand from New• York precisely
at five minutes past 12 on the 10th intent,
was announced off Holyhead at 8 o'clock yester
day moniing, and sainted the Bock -Lighthouse
at 15 minute., past l o'clock precisely, .thus oom
plating the run in the remarkably brief space of
"9 days 19 hours and 25 minutes, mean time
- CoiltrasCuig the Pacific's run with that 'of the
Royal steamship Asia, (the fastest everpretions
ly made,) there is a difference in faeor,of 'the
Pacific to Holyhead of sex hoin, the Asialui,
tug been announced off Holyhead at 2 o'clock in
the afternoon."
Nothiiig of importance has transpired in Par
liament The interest of the great Exhibition
continues unabated, and the attendance of the
public it as great as sm. The receipts, lucks&
sag the sale of season tickets, averaged 815,000
dollars a day. The scheme for taming the Ex
hibition to Wl:mationsl putpoiet prscreated
very favorably, and the Univendty of Oxford bad
lent its support. tolhe movement. The Commis
stoners of Police had issued a police regulatigg
the Cab fares, which gave greet satisfaction and ,
will prevent extortion.
From Paris we are informed that the determin
ed resolution of the Legitimists to oppose Lode
Napoleon. had earit' ed much, attention. The
Constitalionnet replies ina Tri , nr.! article, that
there will be an irresistible meeitestetien.
. from
the whole country in the' shape of petitions, de
manding the prolongation - of the President'spow-
Boy far so agitation is concerned, it seematobe
to heat Part confined to the Jennies, and, the
contrast between the quiet condition of the capn
ital and the departments' and the 'dance of the
preis Is great and striking.' - •
The information collected duringthe last week
relative to the commerce of .Paris, Indicates an
imProtententl and, tatlTusit.thePrinniidd =Ann^
facturers hllve not received any largentalses,du
ring that time,etlittliere is "a certain degree of
aotivity obis:Table, which' may be regarded as
the precursor ofbettertimes. Certain trades,sneb
as brodfoundere,jewelleramillincrahattemoind
ettitictcakern,Ankrn nu' cuetiderablV minced
their stock - by orders from .the provinces that
they have' found it necessary io re-engsge ma
ny of the hande.they' 'had diacharga The
accounts Item the ,provinclal towns for the
same period. are.equally favorable. The eases
moue reduction in Oa price of moven and cot
ton hail aoinpalled the manifecturers to, make a
corresponding - reduction to the shopkeepers,
who profit by this fall in price' to replenish their
slow rooms. Credit, however,: is still very moth
resbicted, aud.the weeklyeccount published by
the bank of Franca demonstrates, .by the small
amount of commercial bills discounted, that
the system whirl sprung up after the revolution
of 1848, of buying and selling for cash only, is
still adhered to.
Accounts from Erasells state that the Belgian.
Ministry haring been defeated on the financial
measure brought betore the Clamber, had ten,
cared their resignation to the Sing.
A royal amnesty.was published on .the 14th
:tilt, at Fleuxberg,. dated Copenhagen the 10th
'May, It extends to all persons engaged in the
revolt of tho Duchies excepting 83 persons spe
cially named.
The German news le entirelgdeeoid of interest,
tie aspect of political affairs has undergone no
The Creed di Sanaa of the 15th Init., has the
"We are assured that a concordat luis . been
cencloded between the Rome •-and,, Sarertnian
Government * The latter, it appears; agreed' to
the =conditional return to their respectlve'dl:
games of Archblehigs Prazonl and
and to the appointmtht of .86 , - new' Nuncio to
Turin It is not kaolin Whether 'thenew Nun
cio is to be invested With the pewees e4oyed by
his prodecesiar.' The ehjeet bra result of these
.genients„ which ire partly the worn of the
Court of Caserta,. wohld ben pelifical league be
tween tune,
‘ ,Waplen; Piedmont: and Tuscany,
in order to ebban the evacuation of the Pon
tifical State! the tench • and ~dustrlan
nom Intw YORK.
acted by Charles Dickens!, Douglas Jerrold, John
, Forster, Mark Lemon, Frank Stone, Dudley
Costello, and others of the same cbms, at one, of
the decal mansions of the West End, [nibs prem
once of the mini family, and under the express
patronage of the Queen, for the purpose of form
ing the nucleus for a fund contemplated as the •-•
basis of The Literary Guild, is.certainly a novel '
affair. ' In teeny respects its indications are most
auspicious, significant of greater charges than -
its warmest advocatts would tem - Ming to allow.
--....The time fixed for the rising of the certain
was; originally at 84 &clock, but at her ; idejesty's.
deems it was altered to 9 o'clock. . Shortly after
8 o'clock, however, a brilliant company began to
pour rapidly into Devonshire Home. • The Duke
of 'Wellington was the, very first to arrive. .P.S
the audience appeared, they were conducted- up
' the grand marble staircase, a eirenlar flight of
i great beauty,•into the gallery, fitteilup as a tem.
'porary theatre, 'and irhich abate upon the land
:lug place. This gallery, a long the walls of which -
, are arranged a collection of the ancient masters,
is fitted npla rich 'Louis Quist:ere style, elabo
ste with gilded panelling* and richly decorated
cornices, The audience portion 'was fuaniahed
in front with chairs fora favored few, and. far
ther back with comfortable benches. Upon the
left hand, too toward the stage, was fitted. up
ps a roy'al ' ' to'contain several per- -
.. y gold fringed and tasluded
4 Tile etpsceginiof the stage was cleverly dec.
Orated fit harmony with the embellishments of
the roar/the adepts - 'being's° coniplete that,
tt might him imerrenp !hit '
• orighsal
urpooseof thigallemirae' , OtWid end - to'
L ida0 , ,.....4014: 400ock:theind-• ,
latin ii,„
I euee . portion. ol.:911 ,j,insa comintetly
wded, 'in:W*l44y, , , the arrival of Her
s4.l l let:,.p ot - of 'eonise 'conducted to . her
!palsy the Devonshire, the peifoimance -
vtomm i , Uptlsithenterit of the drama or Its '
rite= Adam Itwouhibe unkind C ri ticism to •
elm stextely. • Sir Edward B. Lyteon . modoubt. '
eili' tehliebtek at the head of the' hying drama
tists rrEnglind, and his work, as Blume& to
the stage and into hands more capable of bring.'
leg out its finer points, will go through the renal
crLil of public criticism. To the brilliant and- ,
I II was all that even the novel* , of the
occasion, the magnificence of the place, and
the aristocratic introduction
it received, have'
I A. new performance, admirably calculated to
charm away an hour of an aristocratic soiree, has
recently appeared in Mademoiselle Emilie Ven
dettas:Tech, a very pretty mouth:shoo, and' eight
educated birds. The lady in question' seems to
have established that same eon of Idiosyncratic-. : .
understanding between herself and the birds,
that some men are supposed to have with horses.
Theilistory of this erstantfuig, how long time,
It Mok to establish it, or by what means it was
perfected, the lady does not tell. Neither Is It
ratite certain how much the exqlsite taste of all
the prelim:dower the affair may have to dowith -, -
blinding the eyes of those who , witness the per. ..
fermances of the feathered bieeds. But theskill
of the whole affair, the perfect obvllexide of- the -
birds, the wondrous mathematical powers they
manifest, and the charming allegories illeurtra
tiee „of the language of flowers which they teach, -
is quite bewitching the pleasure seeking past of. ,
the population of London. - •
'A. new attraction has just teen added to corn
piste with the hippopotamus and the elephant
city in drawing the public 'to the Zoological Gar-
dem in Regent's Park. I was admitted , rater -,
day to a private view of the matchless collection .
of htmming birls, made by Mr. Gould, which :
are to be exhibited to the vieiters at the'gsrdens '
for the first time tomorrow. They are arranged - '
very tastefully in a large zoom fitted up for the
1 prtrpose, and are well worth a; visit from all. -
I !eters of ornithological 'rarities. The birds, of
which there are upward of 200 different speci
mens, and five or six of each specimen, are placed - -
in-hexagonal glass cases, which are distributed.:- .
on stands in rows down the apartment,eath case
contains' thirty or more specimens of those beau
tiful birds in every position — sitting, tying, im
their nests, or hanging from sprigs. They are
of all, sizes and all colors, some at large as a , •
wren, and others not mach larger than a good. .
shed hornet; some with theirbreasts surPasaing
-the splendid colors of the 'ruby, others outmeing
1 the softer hues of the emerald; some with their •
foriked.talla twice as long as themselves!, othe rs: with beaks : as long as their bodies, dippinginto
pendant tropical Slovene end, as the sun shines.. . .
on ,thein, tkeyrefiect shades of every color, and ;
the case resembles a mass of' brilliant jewelry:
' The collection if made from the West Indies,
BrWl, , and other parts of South America, and .
hat occupied Mr. Gould some years in perfecting.,
Pieces of tropipil ferns and other vegetetion , ,
fothe branches for the trees and for thesup
po of the birds, and lave a very pleasing effect
in •
rf iin
• amore g it complete tropical character. .
er Majesty and the Pelece Gccant with this
Princess Royal, again visited the Exhibition On
Mciaday. Entering between the two grand stands
of Bohemian glass and Austrian porcelain; the
Rojal.partj• passed through the superb mite of -
_by Atintria—after all the-finest -
thing the whole show—the „ breakfast room, '.
limbed room, the dining roonm the saloon, and '
the boudoir. ;Thence they proceeded to the -
' splendid compartments of the. Zoll Verdi; and
devoted partietkr attention to the comparionent
deullmt.W to Getman fine art. After .passing .
threugh the back compartments of this portion
of the exhibitioa, they examined those of Del,
glum, and shortly afterwards departed::The ,
=wird In no wise ilimint•thes .as day after. day'; .
passes. ' bllnetyl.hin titor
een tu i 1 pounds S terling
, sale a l ~_,
+ and at, the door, mid the average daily
„ice ipta are nimiaborel4l39l - .
e present five !Mill* price for a single ad- ,
'on , continues rurtil , the 26th init., when
the one shilling price ( with the '
exception i
e day m each week, whet five shillirtgs la
' .. to render the audience select) isthence-
adoited..- The 80,000 ,persona . erten' . are •
"no dailywithinge wa ll i are of comic f ro m -
' the 'ghost classes. Stich is she - Diubber - 01. Jai- ''
i V 'tors during the first menth of. cemPerstivo
axe Veneta. The Crystal . Palace ..cen.hirdly ,--
7et mildto be ispm, and the taillida` ire itill '
imp tientlyirsiting for the real inerignration - of '- '
' Tes the M and l: Te lt
o be f p rim e: y ea h - o a w , q .py uestio vin e of bs t.h. tm . _
,for adialasion on each returning day. Will
the number fall !Mort of one hundred thousand T.
7,1 n it be, safe to admit that number, and -it
each a class as will come,' within the building t
Already depmedalloaa are not infrequent. The
' immense value of articles -that can ,be taken ..
wthe eye of the attendant is everted, the ab. • • -
*obi Impossibility of keeplag an attendant for ,
a l .
. case and, counter and sta ll of goods, add
this atter want of control thitlinf number of
Chepollie Can possibljhamever a caned thee-
biting through a thousand avenues, and-spaces
of eighteen acres of building—all render. the - .
question about the one shilling days one of reel
boteriet to all concerned.-
ritisidea if 100,000, persons are within 'the
building and 20,000 or 30,000 outside Which Is a
small estimate, how are-the3r. to -be gor-out of
Hyde Park btfore 8 o'clock , every evening 'f... -
1, There are those who ask, perhaps :with, unneces-'
may eppiehenaloo, whether the -mot, being in
possession of so capacious a palace; so magnifi- .
cently furnished, will not be reluctant to quit.
'Sticlipars may be wholly imaginary, but they
'show! the anticipations which prevail as , to the
randier* that are likely, to come from allparts of
the worlAdoring the next them months, to-this
. I have given you no political Timis, for there'
is none. Parliament atillidrags its slow length
along, its members seeming unwilling 'to corn.
mit themselves to any action. L. 'L. E.
FII•X.IXX PALLS 07 TI Mmsorm., - -The St
.Lanie. Intelligence!. of May 22 records the fine,
turista this year from the Palls of the Missouri,
Mr.oasTer'of the firm of Haney, Frimeati
Complainlndian traders.i' Ho left the Falls on
the 12th' of April in a ant - 01 beat
by etx men, and performedthe2trip to St. Louis,.
a distance of 2700 milqs in forty days, including
Stoppages at saricw tmolng posts.
Mr.; Haney reports ,that very little snow fell
In the; mountains .during the •Minter.. Buffaloes
last Fall were nominally entice, and the Black•
feet tribe of Indians so =successful in their hunt,
that the whole natioMis on the.point of Marra-
Son. The small pox, which raged fearfully
among the Sioux last tall, had made its. appear
ance among the Amer& Indians, on ,Honning
Watery and net ntunters were dying.= The To
wns, located on the North side of the Missouri - a
short Maumee shore St. Joseph, are also stiffer;
Mg (rem the cholera as well as smell pox. • •
. The Indians continue to commit petty depre
dateue ern the traders, but the whole Indian
country- bordering upon the Nrupsotrti - luts Veen.
generally very quiet during the past:year. •—•
-Mr..Barrey is of the opinion that, the supply
of buffalo robes and furs will be unusually email
this season, as nearly all the tribes on the We,.
snit Imre unsuccessful intheir last ear' hunt:'
- Swim Itananan.—her. Noble, the ,Engineer
employed by the Cleveland and flirataugh
toad contpany,-laat -reek' completed the 'eniieY
and tomato!' of that pot at the Ilea • between
and Bower, and nothingniita went;
lag be the means ' necessary to cony' ferfrart
- the w° h.; It is heedless to my e route is a,:
drely le - stitch admits of ladead lete
ors Oita:Ws foot per
.roilet but the Ea-,
loam. the opinion that It trill be Midi::
lea Of MostrOdtion than pas bees eu
Ateipsted,, ,- ; Wn shall be mated to ece
tion of pa Mod- speedily-placed Make
sad presecnted with