The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, June 06, 1851, Image 4

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The datex b!ogomii.etk :
fearfle kest.lin
It blossoms:, op 49 I Nban i cs ,
That thrWil.h beneath; .
nnil e n ".aC - ats de oCplice `i
And in tistl l nteo, It: canikitmzi Bork
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Before, :the cuckoo, itarlic . 9( epting ;
Ite-eilier circlet knowt,
evening huits,bight.rtii
Atuftet , hp.rteelts the. aria
titi4 tihee..Decemto!r.breettte howl.' -
Moog the..mooriancltt their . ;
Acd..oldr.blootna• the eltritithies rose,
-Baninrikijn noiiei3l. - to jt -
r,aces it* iiiike ;
rlin."S'witzer on his glade; height—_
The. Dutchman' by his tlyke—
ills. seal-skin- vested: gsgeiltaluz, :
Begirt Leith 'icy Get9;--
undernerith hia burning noon,
The igiasact .
TLa ;
emigrant; an distant stioie,
'Mid-Scenes "And 'fee strange, _atrafige, -
it flowing on_ tb! - Stsrd;
Where's!: his - footsteps
• his yesrnine.bccie-elek heart
{sq Id tiosi to ib.despair," : ,
1i rec.& his eye n Jason Oge-L -
Thatll:9l. is eyerYishere.
- ' [Bidekuv..h e ri Itagashte.
ti. , . _
- A writer in the Galenalefferioda who has
recently travelled Over the greater part of the re
gion lyingabout the .Upper blississippi,givesan
intetvating'descaptionierite scenery, trade., hr.
TIM} immenrig uad,rill within few yearn past.
uktqlilM l 4 l4l i4.tegion..azemi detained to be,
come what- , Sioilyand , Egypt were to ancient
Rante, - the granary of the world, .• Every day
adde'to the orouderfel;and cheeriag 'lodir,ations
of its impartatioe to the Valley of
the,Mississippi.•:`The tide of .'emigrations which
a year Or, two Aiti.Was sweeping its , fall and
strong. current in the direction of California; and
Oregon; lour beeit ta,,a,.greetTecititt3 diierted
from that channel this year, and. . AM:tenon& ititti
ite:`nikiforto Climate, 16 'prodaellve won, and
its- thoesaralundeveloped resources. PriMltil so:
pCirOT itetiacialli, and more tangible' and; solid
:ilidn'ementa to it!POterPti-liwiadvintirler.',The
Jcffereoolanoaye J. - -.
-‘ , Pew persons, exient these; who Imo ". travel
led 'on the_riier.tietirean Galena and •:St. Paul,
can form anyldea of , the 'beautiful and. retain--
tio (scenery of thellipperAlississippi. , 'After Joh
leavellubuqt..ititi one Micceasive chain of biota'
giatall.f..rimae higher and , higher nutil, • you
retch'Ead.Ais;:sirhers they seam. to luni attain
eltheir figkeitaltitude. The' 'great. beauty of
" 9 iinsists in the varied ft:irritation of
the bluffs, so they rise . almost ', - peependitularly
• ent•Of e height:of:ftim. 200 to row
feet, priientingithe bold' front . of .smooth and
even tear lthemountls Istria" kise'gtadiudijkand
evenly to n Point, and erowned lija few denial .
Cedsrs..... Ever and anon you Tama cot ear gorge
"rirf the, bluffs;is which some hardy settler has
reared him a cabin nutdeaelestint,depend.
int fora-living leincitiall,Y on.'„lselling wood' to
dket;6keZiallSitt2l.lls they:puss. •• '
, .
!TatZA next town ta.te.'lititsiivis. is at
twattiziklygood deilof attention at this time, as
the promised.' terminus ,pt the Alilwaukie and
Mississippi; railtned2.
a'pleOrof tioflittwhimporterieef,. yet, , lowinglon
liZzest'amtimiri:; . s.perhaps,' the,t_incekishity of
the illleWtheltoirnlotaranditinds in
ity.`• It is thought bie'zime.thaftiftei:gand. titles
cap I ie:* tt Atlas* of being:one
of thebent4olnhibi•lfisefaisitysiorethe
ThiEtionntry lack - ot.the
both in; - end lowa, is aa goad for egrl.-
culteral tiurpinsisrits etiyin the -world," and is
settling up very fastwith farmers:from Peanut-.
rams, Ob i ° , and., :New. :York: 7 There ;hid; Mad
.bekn.a.:very heavy emigration of German and
Irish Linnets into all the counties on the river
from Potosi trikalre' Atthepreitiit time .
the Counties of.: Chiyton and Alsmakee are at
tracting the ettention of 'otsiitiutts to northern
.lows. •• licicrther counties in the state have bet
la.l44, 9 r- offer greater indurementi to set.
'aberdis.onelesture in the trade on the yr,-
nor Miesissippi.-Which is very novel to one who
basheen below (lidera. The
Imillaganlberlyin leave .I.otibutine, are not ttn
fraluengiatthe mist wild and desolate places
on-the river. and, indeed, at pll of them every
thing has the appearance of - being little vemor ,
ed front the IM7 oatanahrtillrentier life. ,The
people, too, have that earelesa, recklearindepen
deuce about them which always characterizes
the American frontiersman. Living, as tbeido;
somewhat rem died froin the .. polishing and evil
inthitnees aid habits of the more civilized and
chiSsliasi.r - A portima,of. . the: states, they are en-
meta from - all the vices attendant uptzt too clam
an. iatimaky. d
. with- the- refinement or 'disease
rids of , trierals in the eastern cities" particular
ly, and in emir ride Way unjoY More of life,
than intemonly falls Mille lot ofthoserho tare
alt the advantages which stealth and place CAR
bring -;Theia men are the very life:and soul of
a new countiy, possessed with enterprise and in
domitable industry and perseverance: .
lona nod Wisconsin aresettling up with the best
men' rinri the states the Miami; and in ten
yeits 'rimy wllterind among the first ;states. for
agricultaral and mineral • .
, ...St. Paul is. estined to be the largest city on
the Mississippi Athens Galena The country sur
rormding and as far hack no Lao -clue 'Parte,
well adapted to agriculture, and. will be one of
the best wheat giowing•districts in the United
Stites. -St.' Paid must be`the reshipping and
poinftbitliewfiolewf Si. Peteeseountry
and aslar North:is theZelkirk settle:Mal:lC, It is
.in reality the head of the straieboaf. navigation ,
• "
for: beats of the class that now .run on this
.The eityinfl3t—tlinthony, at the falls of St
Anthony; eight'relles from 'St_ Paul, is ist the 1
mien!. time, the eccond place of ..iiiportaine in
.31inesote,, and, possesses advantages. of location,
as a manufacturing. city-not surpassed in the
United States: ,The immense water power which
is there susceptible of being brought into.' Mc
cesstbi application to - Machinery, can be conceiv
ed whin we say that 'the ,whole - water of "the
Ifisllsdtipf,falli, in the space of oils tulle, thirty
20 -periCent toyed to .Cotaarylderchin!i
SING; Denlir 1300TS'i' ND
,• SWIM, No:4Bltcalli eftxditreortaiir,,..„
hoc nit recril,Zwic a Zwificlorr ettcacow.6.4..-
IG at 0
wiccted each good.. which will b.
eccd. lac th an urclicwwl In LW. .r,,t
6r dah
Peale" will do wcll to all
IFYDRAITLIC4CEEIIT - ;5,-";i . hand of 318..
. - inuard. ILL i
31111 ( oXrl U otll l .iltki "
" d&il~ordatit no
wed Beale
."360110 .W. _Ol 310 Lbert E ateret :
W. IVA-Li - ACE, 319 4, 321 Libertyot q
tonement& l' P ototble Top& &A,
Jo,..ohdonobr oott solo of, wood
101LASTEP.; PARIS, for Lart4 441., for sato
rrar' OSstable .comßound!
ei t :ii t .r . 0 : x e mz:
posferili oafs arta dine-,
cireemnant we. It. bee lawn wed
.er eta t, won of atir meg
brae a ...dam % .berever introanota.
Chlkinn end i rdb.a, have becn eyed ard "
- the above Wean,. /Mew v other nand/
h." °° " And I vain °
The fcr„,..l
to the M.
f Otte attiv=i, wed b. gill of We
lep.oem.,- o f the elethoelhrt Book concern OA
jtr Terenv sir. I deem It dew tonna to my,that threo.
vend mouthed have been tryitur near tewedin for me.
Awn tad . ..lth lUtle succean tut, beetle of yee,,,e.o;
wittel i f =vend, rei fandir.
wa i ttr a4 a ' =r d nificirva an "1 4.nnet "'"' TedVlfali
rartlind.b9"re= or
rt DV . =
narthead corner of Orchard and Rain anwtr at the store-
Chspjj... 0.4 as Dialn
at between seventh and
Tlahth Arena, wet
and at the .priactoet ortre
other Awes in the Won - _
Alta forlaic br ff. Wielterehnt. VitObdriCbt fooejlt
fkaurnoe, Alia( -ban
. 11.09elland,khasehonen
/Humid, Youth iltielenrght na.J.SmianTataDasactt
villw,,Wth, at tin ihroalnaharti DryT btomittr
rebariveng boghthy k fi l rgLO w eeevelon.w a na,
A E t — L PIRSONS . indebt e d to . tho Eatatemf
Abbot HOWO• of the otty.oMtabotrtrhideed,
on notltle4 (amok, 1 / 2 111.0.t. PoT.L".•
tkavt...4ot nriveituested to present them, do/y oatito.•
U.. 1.4 kr ttitlttooot,, tweither of OA ontoonlio, .• ;
AMPS 11111.741 - -
.4.4L]ttrDLY..LAN Item
:Dissolution of
Ys ttnarehi
lPartoorallip,heietoforo exiNtingqie-:
tt. ark,
omr."..adlsoalnd bT.aut.l...n; th* ism
et September, IMO:, All peilmultaglebtol to tlrmolaW
"lam call onititlrgt.lllB subeanribers,land settle (Cell pc
cosintS.'. ' , . JAXEIS il
BKAD121(1, ,
t0tta1.4.103 7.;
. Very.VAlgable Steam Gristautd.lissirliills
• . •: ~ 'AT PRIVATE gm K; _- -- -;.c ,
WILL SELL MY MlLLS;.sitnatad
- . -. 4 weals' on' tbernionotisseks - ghee. issue
• Pleassavillo-eitesen 31111saser eines to Ell-
w i tili; seVonsexellne belle se=
.b, ere/eels w. UT, in. Voles
-- r d tseo r'" Vriso 4=.4ise .T ienee li t4 , F=4 ,W .: . 1i ,„„ r41 4
. .am of PosererSaml Ensikersilin tbet AM .%tissir.le aie,
sem ensplfate nee bens or fron=7 , ..W . eits,
i fiaze Yeeil -or s GisesiZnieti
4 4
' - saes HI ,Cceil Jeielseniset f, in- the leo , Rbs.V w .4.
-.. priipset? IS !Med biLs:ire "T issient Mob i js b, a
'...., =p-Tbrlptss::x., ocii.Frii tr.:
IT sew nos istaiteneto rum. ........ a==
tars.anailmr Ai
-..,. Possession ewe Iv 4113 #10,./Ag i r 4 . .irtz, .0, k;
r• • TM= Fp101:116.11 11.1 ~ , . ~., a ,Vnt,
inr7ll3 M B/17 FOZMIZSUAtantli
prizauance of vr,"
,Preskientfif lieriti.affibere
ec. r . Ofiii.iflreabat tablas W.- *lll beld se
the.Eadernteettionet AMein
Mlrtr aa b. i=gl7 l4 MTW ,
thii Int day etArntesaber :lb, thiedierneal
Ofti t ib/ia trlthin, thoniatentte s at
l erate=er7o,7=l ;ati;;i.iadoefifeta-
Yiletional townehis. aftneti. afar!. fa . 'SPAR 4°°° • °
27,Z ra
tp r,a.6.44mi o v to ioti k il,a,,gpia .
otooo efts
p.lom,yorl tare re, o rano ,
At the Lana Mee at CiIithIPAGNOLE„ enzameneltnt
Mondey. Ur of teanth clay of Do woe. wst. far the die- .
p.a. of the patine laade w l t= tin, noiletainationoil an 9,
eld pi, to wit:
alaortal fare fineinaf soestniffheiffial
Township, elefea ooo =eta
Ofa at frEll.4 eniairanacioa Mo.
day, the eighteenth - dot of Angell text. for the disfeasel
of Wale lands within taellilineriaxnatilin
ggeff==enfie Ana feineipellareldine.
- o, liettione thirteen, twenty-time, twnty-rune and twenty
eta& of the ft. atrer,.lo amenably Ore, of
Township slam of Maw Sam , " •
Singh orthe lase/Wu owl s erritr the.IVIA Pi dtea. •
Tartishly tbur and Dart of to' Island to isectiona thirty
two and thhty.thwei. In tonally thirteen, of ramps one.
• At the. /and Oillee at LITILK WOOS. tommetwirtlina
Illorulay, the twat day of September amt. Gar the dlsisnal
of the nubile lands to thaMialing takinott tratte on and
bear O7y
North Merest thwart westkrilieNtA nserifitdo.
The south half or section eight the mutt. Wt . o f ten,
'fractional sestina -Iborteau and lateen. the north half or'
eeveuteemitha east half of twentp-otte. Wrearitam, the
hy1y.. 0 4 einathweet - quarter of twenty-three, the
northwest quarter oftwentywis. - and the wett ludy of the
northeastgret arkliblltrtatan, tainsidts-three, of
ge meant
other by tat, the the rue of scholdi,
lief .ill her pualalom. together with*thcee memo ant m
overflow *ode be
.Arr If
fare the days aprintoi foe Ulf gollittletteetriellit of the puts
Ile sale* .espe. ridy ander the astantitlal .ilavAet tt.
enable the Slate of Aiken.= and other States totam
the 'swamp within their Itudts.W approwd &Pato.
her Ztli. /Mu. oval be ereladed.from the And no lo
cations for land bounties terstorero gnawed by any law of
Mangrent rot tailltaw aerator, rendered. In the United
States. will be peronktnt 0..314f.the Mom seentiosed koala
as provided by the act-entitled . t.llll AM nwiliag algamPri.
stigmata the eivltaW illykenatki pewee of government."
ae.. approved 3.1 ?lamb, till'.
The offering of the &bore - men/toned lamthrill stmt
meneeden the Shwa myopic:dol. and will proceed to the or.:
der in they are advent:let with all omvenietat
Web. Mali the whole Melba. been offered and thank!
'thus eland; boot no: Milt MIMI he kept Open longer than
two eteeks.etM tx, private eq r : i f a any of the holds will
be adulated natal altar n of the two weeks.
IWet. mule.' my hard a,t3ty of Washington. thin
sixth day Of Slay. Antm..llttorien eaetbou sand eight bun
dred and Aftvirine.
.Irilz.the IVedderitt , • t. • . .- •
Cobanaborlotar of ambler... Load Mace.
E, ,...'NOTICE fe i z prioN czezmurra.
ast r Lle with raa
in tbe p p .. 4 unit:lr
,aboteenumereted, is reaming t...=blbtO Lb. some to ge
OP-tbe PlexOter and. B.eelTer ekt , the , proper
001.. bad mikepayntrottberelescusce. supwotaor ,
geoter'sffina not., be.. the dor 0PP....4
the ocosubeotemeot of Iturbublie able of the bode aobre.-
.11 ebt.fdt Ottr-nrilelMleh .
BU ell.l Will be forfeit
Coaxmlaslotter of the GerteralAad
T Tam Passnonn az ma tau= STATES.
, N pursuance of law, 1, F.ILLYOfft.
• President of the United State. of Anserka do hereby
cease* and Mate JXOlak test rune alai wtll be held et
the undernsentioned Lead Mat in the Slate of hintooal,
C t l Alletai d d h Oft 'u t " LeciZtr. g.741:1,.. mo.-
NAZI tvol:ite,-1414,-.., of
4Tostagralteresee has mat weltqf WsJr Pra .'.
To twentlyeren.tventy ght end terentratte.
DU end Current aver. of rouge M.o.
Tow tamtreetr,o, twenbeeight and twentT•alle,
on and roar Carrot deer, of range am m _
Township tanstyaight, on a branch of Carnent rim, of
rata twentrAbroe. beat Tha r, twenty-eight and
Township. Vaisrpthroe, Montt-hat% tbentiaight eSd
Inellonal tooeoship twentrone, ital township tarentr
, twattratae. twaff rte.. Monti - flee inel twenty-els e
. Ttec i lailg name carals.e.hui• ou mos,as r , the fd
rho sr of Mama, nest. lor the disposal of the pub
lands within the following nasal narahlia Mai Pate
0 , .0 ql 446 tine and artt Q.N..4.l4yriwa)nletcreriat.
Township tweutr-two, of range Lyn
1 Praelderni townshipe twentr.cooe and twenty.tero, and
f ‘ V.411t7rwrtAn 0 i t ..731,7,1:27,;,-. _
iTownships Wear:Alto reed . santrthree, , S -....., f.e.
Procaine! tarindilp Este. and GmasWye tants-two.
watpthree, twenty-lbs.. twentrllve, *wadi,. mid
''' ==tt ' U t ea r n ' gsfateert ad arenteen. and tow.
hip of none sante .
Iltersionat towost . 44lsteen, strafe., eighteens cad
iireota, tow otparo and twenty-three; and
)e,Uoei thee tA km an.. Arraffaat to haudrosse Labe
Oa, and hoenlynsne. to ilturpfai inclusire ,
in brenehiP
twonty-ets of nage eight. .
o t ''' iir4s? d s ' tistslal . rtaral l ana " tow ' 1p am:. end
i..,,,,,, , = l ,. •,, •=g7tertt real=
h oor4alte....
rara.ffortiTa;..ffintralfre.end. a.rawag. of nate+
The Worthies. fraction erasion sta, la tarnship Wa
mod national towardP twear. of range au
fender to a tad Ostia the north hal rat aeon.,
ts horu , ra. ittrialra an. tseatacapat to at.,
thaw It:claire. n township rigida.; actions them to tsw
Molunre. to , township ninetteem a. a 4 apace.. 1.......,0e.
In, the moth half or lavety.fieo.leeelp4Aror to becnie-les
hess. ad flo , t/ to bisrly.lis lnoloura in towahlt•
of range twehe.
i Th. r:c-t ....c or rutul , iti..r 0....a.r.-.0 to.c.hir
poeutf-Lbree. of range thlttee u. -
...mama as (except the siriftbrast gaszter,) a al eatiooe
••salte.t. mnata. Muds, ttartpone.e.l of ..I.lttle
ye" Ltrestow.'• ln township lemstrfoot, of :an. Mon
di the Land OtElne en SPIIINGITELO, oesninencios ea
Y°..i tf• tl " ,. ighlssffile 4.) , utium.t , .... l. p,.. th e fill' me al the nu he lona situated within the giLateur ea
reel tratmooel teas/him so wit:
-Watithz 6 , ..rimk and wt.. .r.f theAfah peace el samba
Toll. tip twenty-two, of aura twarty two
'Township twettiff-two, of ana twenty-thew a
I:.,actions of f eet kose heeatjVior thertpeo.. lientrfe.o.
1 trehmetkier.fout.t.tirtritate sad Vorlys., eoollt of the
=tat,. tease, It township tat4nircrosb or a owe arena
eight- , t. , . f
Ise 8.
Lget. of
t lieel dP ity tho l=iwentltino. l' A .4irt,
`n..:,.212 a ''''.' by law s' er Me l i;e o ' t . to Mal.
Step sod or purposes, t.o..tber with ••ti...oreOlP
overt:loved LOY mesa luta thzeby for et alitrturn. .
:41..111ieb dull be anti br huge at t o sisi t ta
the ''
et.474Fd..-A Is Act te mew
b the :qt. ug4rkanute . anatizg tates , r i tecistrx
mtri3so. a tY
antes cedudni/stal ha tart- AA d .tr 's.
for lad aunties larstotate Panted bY an• • Law of -.-
ca.. fur mlinary arras. Sc tr. i Lamed Elite..
Dill bermanat astarahbe magma Lesztr. at pre
ni.A:ll7.lZl,..t.rir 4 1.1==='
e offering of the above =mai lands wilt hr oop
on the dare supolheed., ....1 .fil r a t. d t.. th. a'.
da St which they ere edurrased with el 4.3.11148 dis
h until the whole shel tbaretesu merry. and Lamar
closed: but mo rain atoll be Mat etas loam tam two
...I t r.,' at*.ta miryorut ot the lands al t bead
ed until en. apitatiop the tern weeks.
en under my land at the Oar of treatinglate this
dal of H.l. A -71r, th X alami alsthi fitor
dad finrorm. . PlLLAluill -
fIBT rtes l'rWdeat
, -
:-VOreE TO Pit g , t l fP r lo.s - et-tareff ,Ts.
is, person mimed Mae idea of grestention to anl
Lauw. 4l7 '..': „e "l" ,.,: m i:°"`"7 : ',OP" l'lffrte e %71'.0.
......"' -, T.atrucTltre of the pro per /and
24"*. ... I. P.Matt 1 heaths at sax ar Prtra oats tlf
__._____Larag bite tuba. mad beta the LW OPPabsba.. Pt' et.
............1. , b. W.I. rale of the Mats eat await
UV bat daunt Otarreeiss salt calm ail be fortUttd.
1 0... 1 . 1 . ida=tatok....
. . . • .
. . - •
70:EnP 313 n 3 nP?i# 01 VMEDSTATEL
N pursuance of Illtif, 7 ; Simon ' , mom,.
Presidentof ths . frnitoiE jates of America. 4o berotr
Is sodsnato itsowtk ths poblle eahe will be bold at
ofebtrto==fletZoObes A in . thAttete of
peefolaAt the 414 Ofbeetal SU A CRT'. risewrioi *allow;
iWen meat chat
tr:477 ....0 . ItAxg str, r 0f =d i . : .... 7
owfk o/04 bieedweff of fhiA/Z , 4rime(psf feeri.
IVWltehip leetwirwiste, of reap tientililoe. • ' '
. Towneldpe veyeafrabe cad Hedy, of nage thirty.:
Sawretbipe peycatrobte, 164' istroftet, of nue
T.:mm.lllp eightpme, of some tbtrirthrei. ' ' "- '
4.ll: l, lthe t.= Lenst o .7.tara st VA rc iltfielo = , ccatteenci ti.dt..
tron.r oxi m lion i. -
Ainskof Vto tiisiF4Or444 lout" Ot, the9o/4"Mott*i
; ftrsh ip or w iel4 s 7, orfaoap tuhinrtsy-.
I, .madr eatret =,trmilreagratiair/agnit.:a
. ,
"r t /411 . , ,1 "P . ... ,...1 :" 4'. ?! 3 .r *
' i p *4:4 .o. .inivollordo o
.4 0tn0 ........ 5ai w eitike0. ch. 14 ... .t00r0•
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ogetkosbooni.o4.4" ho town4dp Moat
north: Ettwws* oltirerest ofdtth principal. wacridino:
Mande ovvroseietal by law tbe me of school', seilb
rwad other onnolowqlogre wi th .thewe Immo OKI
allowed leafs matte_ord4 Omar! for <144•141'
i my. which dull b. seleoW by thc Wei euthotttlwv he
tba daft a Oat thikasofemanwebt of the polo
fhbanisia. tole
t eewatop laa4W , lfithln theirlitelti, &moved
r 28tb Uldfyloal he ezchefeci fres lA. min Anil agi 10.
1 rime iert a b=== a tatly,wgr i l
wadded rj titi ' lla glwar:lahlet wEW= . ,
Gelb* .11 mad tifbioatafle onward oftionzawl., , 1
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1111= l iftr b. httirtrifl hsfine ' ti f ' .ttiiiwyp"
f r.
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1101SIAS PALMER, No. 0 Mirka street, ir Males' rewired P.M t 1 Etat, s handsoma rtsar&-
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ASAOKEREL-200 bble. No. 3, Largo)
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CODA ASH-400 va•skß of out own Tondo:
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FAMILY FRIEND, or Baking Pre • five,;•••••• • • •
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bred:hish.PM.fts Ist odhiesties,
flatulence, seurs eltesto and °theta:slow
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10 sinnsloises of 1 pounds *ash thastsrittr Ihirect Seeds
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time. For Usslists.lailnomies,i3diesals s ilotelitand lane
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.12X, 60 cents. with directions for me,
mr IiiiLLEILS. 61 Woolet.
Compound 131 rap • of, Te. Bole Dock Boot,
CCUPIES the frontranktunonode_pro
prielary malleime of this couutry for MeefietAY
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eases esisioa i. leom Impure - stole of the blood, , elleso
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ness, cud' o tickling somation
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• Finalr wean .
. and General DrZilitg,
Strennthanlng the Intaintal lathy, tirod o roue to the
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If th e wham/ of tbonsthds withal... tr.m
all farts of the country, ran bra eelld upon, It a singular-
I y elltazelonsin awing all Haxen, and redwing delollltar
ted and broken down eauttlattion. It te thlthir
ble in US composition, and ro accurately combined.ln Its
Dthlartlons that th e chemical. botanical, and medical thw
tarn! . of each Int•redlent harmcmlously unite to
• Purify .the !
It bar remoral ruthythroulodlerattee *bleb bare bathed
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Salt Meth., Ethel as .1 Samna.. Wotan stwaeveaw•
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MOIST ' . 'IV cT'''''rriateercY,L i tiy .
this medicine. {rem,. that It le ',eatable medals. in all
BILIOUS UOMPLADtPS. It remort all olatnallone In
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This Synth la prepared ouly c. MIME hole
Fountain newt, Providence It. and roll wsale and
retail, et ' 0. le. wiceASIIAIL
OnlY , nnent tw Western Peuraylrathib
rapier. Warehouse, roam, Waal and Plant eta. ritVg.
The mat Extraordinary Dircorery in the World
the great Arabian Remedy far ...Vagf rgd 4400
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'Abdo.' Cued arozatic Aunts and fragrant. belearea of
*deb, thl&: Incomparable Untamed le tempered, mot by
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the Pr untie' Fluid or Joinr teat, and this is the mason
why it by been m universally srucre*slul emits, all
Mee. of theJobste. In elminie Wantons of the gybe.,
Live. /Aloe. mod k .. ?..hmy., Nix emote Arabia's remedy
stand. noparalleled; for Ague Cake or Solargementol the
Velem. It is f apecibm and tor Lbermatlent It hes mem.
ed some of the most extroordloary tare , e. repset:
Crempe. gwellloga laisis, Wound.. Chilblai=e .. .
White Avelllngt. Tutnere s aa E mmelly
in disease of Animate. !nab no Ilst pall Emlieweetal.
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Mange. Mari." .Vied /Pala Spitz.; and Ibr mealy all
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The following to from the pipet:al actountant of the
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Peoria, and yeoman ono of the mad enemata' cow* in
the anstels of malkal history: • • a
111,31. G. Payroll: Doar Ply. Actuated by • atrassof grata.
?Wawa. I submit the following as an instance ot the 0111-
Ity of your area panel°. ity,ctilitialue• Tram old.staa
ett o, == . lted rO . LI te i rs o ll=el=Z s tich ii lthlef: . ,
became xi that wet *eat oceig lot WmP i the Oesh
twitted black and sold, and edict!, darned qfjedow the
oyes Azad. Partially clasod sad &Warthog w ank- Pollerwa
thir fig. ...de0." . .. to all sowed; the [pi= bosuns cvmo
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plying tour fin/meet freely over the satire lwarth of the
eloose: and yew tott i leotiZle jearnt's 11 •
r f. I7III P 4ty r ' ;'eroreerd. tig A the exeeptlota uf the sight,
whkh dot ant perawd I've newly • mouth.. It iy
Mhearty and rohnst ego N.
ire othst caws the one kind isside4 'nary adate
taarbool yr... Wisely. all of which gaol: • ben, .loubt. If
your Liniment had tern used, *Ley Id boy. recoveroL
Peoria. Mush 1.1!51. /1113 ill O.i:4:LLANO.
Byre Coorlaint, Eryripelar, and Wienindlists
11.yrIca, M.... Co,
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11.011,M. . 01"l1M0 , 30.• r1111:11.4 DI. idads.oll,
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TO GUARD AflAttleT DlPO•ltios, ithap Tun lot.. ' F . ,. ••••:a is-
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eassareng, /bath,. 4 net bat/. 1.211,11{.. AL Iniin ant 101 ' 1d. Last . eel lt est. d
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" The Human Body Must Perspire,
S 0 SAYS NATURE, Ist llama a healthy ap•
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FPearly White Tee th. sod Pure Breath. to
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ASPd4T ad/ at JA(/YAWS Boa. 210 LlStr any Sod of
A Scientific flair Tonic. -RestOrme and Beito
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-. • •
JONES' Solution of At; a Liquidlllmin
Dye, Sur ihe cheap , . yhttr. Frey her. b. Wiri J ACIChON, SAO Liberty strert i tend Of Way;
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;16NES' LILLY WHITE.--Ladies ore ma
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'it Is perterill jnanroah trlng purihod or etl Ulfpleekrty
..n ..d r -
;Mold by_ tho Anent, W3l. JACKSON, 2.4 ti hlierir street.
brsrl 1 Wood. l'lttabarah.• Yrlea Id row, ;
4.4416.1 rS
.ProftSaar iL C. Barry's TricopherouS,':
low s>. kaumaaW Ir Rom!(:. Altwo,.F.dlior
• Una AnrAticuL , Comment on • nob ooldono. qdo:
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:Sold In low bottle.. Pd. 25 .odIA It P klAL lk .ll t . o&
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No. a 47.Wr0 1
• Hamburg Polka,. •.. • •
lilt. KLEBER, No. 101 Third ntreet;llLutjtiet
• ambert Polka, one of m a mo 4 popllorozojboui
t.l 1 rojkoo evor Dobly!had._ . ..• 7 . B _ -
moo I Love , ' Thee, Mary - De.: If B. G' Valor,. t . . ..,
The Jaw. Iced Wag
Li lay , I.Uover, ~ , .
~ .
me. Mountain Dtl4)l by Liolay. . • .
~., • ~,
M 7 !dory Dew, Moog by the Allogharolus. - - ,
' o pored Coma
a. ~ aoot airilelTy L l o4, with, now ar,co.-
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'7{{tti an estowdr• alaciloo of iteelratiM, F ..
0 ,.. t o •- ,
•myi. RON . OPTIIIOOIDETIInr. ''''
yEW , 100E81 ,- NEW ' EOOKBI!—The
llothaskinsw. or the Lls of Mom a' tile by Ulu
~21.0.' 7 : ' "r '' y%
ortivaitart•Mtny! - • - - • '.' S .
00.41 • • • • • • • nouriir unky n;p,Ai" •
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Third itert.vroorlte 1/3*, rut vflia,
ARD- 23kage No. , l'Lear,"-fir mild by 4,
111F7' • • ' SUZY, MAI7IIEI4'B k CO. ' 4
.ERUIT--150 ,
_ 1 my 7 ",
111117, BIiCTIMEB a C 0. ., •
ICE--10 tierces (fresh) Mr age by
/SEA-6O hf.chen4t Y. 11.,1mi.;and Ilse%
writ: 4 m PR PICTRIPAggiIirBA
cLeaue.. PARKH - 1 1 1COMX Paa
/111sartn. nurroah I
/11 1 11E7P.TURRIETOB.S.of this Eda-nnd.vien
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W. Cuntdrigham Nrsi
w. Q. Stolen, n:
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.1. k 8. REM. Sherpatturrh:
' Ashre It co., reensubs
Wm. Henry. Ilartatotent,
Wei. Power, Cotheuntellfr,
C. X. Reed.; N.
U. IL W 416114105. Buffalo. N. V. era
New Lake Superior ..lene.--1851.
new steamer NORTIIENEkept. B.
Sew, basltur arm- modern Ina patent it,
Ty and comfort. lOU
tet leave Cleveland en T, the 81
VrNI, ::f l 7; oo!'elCsli. I.!lori'tdB,ravtlitir-a.-1
Tbd Memo . MANHATTAN. Capt. Jo. goorarm.orilr
lease Sant Ste. Marie. for the different landhage en hake
Superior. on the:arrival of the ateamer Northerner; mann ,
regular weekly line, throughout the neap. .elesrland and the Copper and Wm Mem
as i TURNER; Proprietors.
Clarets:A.o. Argil /151.—tf
Ilandacturees Line.
quantity of &algal to Phnanelphta and Salt= tothous
ernashippwo,tti Y short time, and at ru low rates, as ant
other senntasUns.
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Plate? Street, itletwdzia,rytertbstrgb. litinUngdoo,^llllt
Creek, New nuntltora. 3folleslonn, Lowlstown.
Newtart, Cholla Ferry. Harrlsture,Colundsa, and L p o rh.
intercoodiatesolnts on the Pennsylvania mad Pott
age Railroad liarlahseturn los& of Iron w
the Juniata. htenoptussa and regularity. in shipments, to ,
the oforesakl points. at the to eat Mr*, may t. fl.l
Zpoa. J. BITSCIIPLL ISCllTT,_Propoktor
arebows, Mats Ansa,
41.1.11 f fleeond door Beat of the Canal.
: SLIEST iN. REVO/LriP.4 - L/ to U.,. Inother,t
. Ur BtrifilLtil. Mir Duerr= rd. Pittsburgh rill M m . -1
idler be trutracted under the Mile at - Wm. lugqham 4i;
con" • - •. • iambi]':' • • • 111.2i1711A1L
- Binghains',TraFsportation Line,
s ft
THE.C.DIALL being now 'open, we. are red-'
rodi. fontard rods Produce a.od
erehnzAte. earl ond weal. P PUY.
' Pro:duce arid Nerrliatultto will he risrelrlid forinsdrd
toot and watt: without an, &iv,. gm forwanlingnr.J
raoetngheldht. tosinindotunratonme..
Hills. of Lotting Stirrardud, and all &halo., fulthilell
Misruled to. • Addle., orupply_to
NU. BINGIIAN Catud Dastn.
:o:drug' Ltbsety and Warnead.. Pittsburgh....
DOCK 133 Muir.,
• - helves. ;north and ventiuu,Ptawmpids.
72/131Eol WILSON, Agent. •
t.' : No. lea NortN Ronan littlest,
BINOUAld,tio: Id Rost
tEiiM 1851 02PM
!Gm .halite Transportation '
Liner.. „
4. MeAMILTT i CO., CaDal Mobs, ADS Pstus stmt.
P Tltelnil RAYNOR. Oulttml, Mock. Broad amt. pp.-
d•lp./11. -
n • ....W.W.I t. rmedv• a lazipt asonsumt steetehaesliss
0415,015 es to ottla=ll4i> . Dettlng of the sexmls to , Phila.
elDhlAs sod all ID olova At - tower Mee; sod la
less @A.M nit.y gnerlous season.
- We - N. 11. Tits ltemssed nasal., of Trask" melded ty
50..00001 Cosetallniaoars fee amyl= 000 D.b.a. the
ftate Haillamis,lllll Dreessak {Ay 1 , .. 114hty a dole f la
Johnslotro.flolidafelmegorDaltsmble. 12161.1.110.
I ~ C. A. IlleANULestnTY
L. 1,15 ' al
To shippers of Merchandise. Produce. &c.,
In nem Itnuarscs. panda. lasedlrdat axa a. /MI. •
.. . TATION 7-
ASICINZ CA, ProUrieturs. Market, nut /
thrzdatte• Arnet. Tb/.13Je1p1.12..
PELT. k 1.1t1.Z17. alreutu, Caehe. MUdhaerah.
dos. 'Ma 1.411 dei.
'w.. •ro prokunnl, nn Lb. op. Illnyt IL, Peeing/ IrwaLi
Co, IS eardrakt Pala ht 14.• non, /ad Cace
shiptarßac swat derpatch sad ear. navy cdher tau,
X c,F A D ifi - V
0 D E."
.• I,o.lall,lleVs.len tl fh.) ;
' Cana: Barin, Pots> Stmt.
Patna: Bail Bead CcT 7 ---Ctitral Rail Road.
qllrE volt eribera having been appointed
a'ten, wodo•Ile or ;raxku. wart at On
op:iting tit. ft...
Coreb , via 11.1. brute will be rarriadtbralirt. In Sao Jaya
.1 all rottasalwit to at Will 1. fellkinkai Ir.. tI a 41.11111 . -, or rtarge tta.laant.t.
Lewiis Patent Retrenible•Witer Pllcer
INOW to be aeon in operation at IV M.
Teti a COII. Me.% Wa ft. Vega]. otaaa
**ITT *Ad Marty vb. oaf of POIO* LYM
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*OOll Mootol fano tbo ,Arafficas lootaolo of boa ooft,
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The Pant Ifoornalo Wow alma. Foorobr• 1 , 7 o '.
Foam/ U. Loofa. mod oat LI Ma of sae smuts .1 aa
mao roadaana a all tag oar rofaa amid lath I
PAMMI 7. "
ture t."
nem ?Wert Id, Watirolltall to tale Cutut
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LW matter to tbs water. Illoy are aatrutted tobut tba
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mly to be 0000 to 1.6 sibteurlated. ,
13/4111. J/Jll/121,
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Rockingham and Domestic Queen rare.
ILLY /'morn.,et of
,wapeumul.teba tk i mese, Math Mal lUbetf
(CDuRd 471. Kb annual uest 4ettr to J.
Otto. Aorta*table us to CU cadent promptly.
A boopetoot &Aeon. Wog tonne:al; etoployed, also
.h)rxttil to kerp bad with dl lb. Dew ttebrovut rtyle4
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flowerluse. hobb464, Mantel ontutu•sta. 114.141,4 and
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14* "
Heating and Ventilation.
ilo4laff by Diem Ds IleftabbOutet Kneura.letetuto
Roma. Daub 1/Mbes.
lop. of f df. 46,1 1= 7. 1 417 .117 . 41= .4. /t4th 'i tiot.
dry.* std Intuit" Nana* the 411 Wyo. bent
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P lrarerfeit'eatt ..n. ..latkut . taanklitr " fureed Moms,' rill
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ri . .e,f=t; or. a tra, play "n";
required Letatututure, 0111, entJ re fnuste. frosa " * .u oUto
...I.,...bokang,ordsomjpgren, mod Wet, f1e431 MY.
iinvlNE-400 Wool, for raid by
skrem r, W.
fyIWRIDE OF LIAIK--150 twits for sale
by ISDN miorrr. DballtY (10.
Q - .AE - SQUA-40 cot,lu fur Yale
apll DY.NICRTY. DERRY k 00 .
UNDE b LES— . .
.4 iete . ka Dried 1 . ..rha1,
pt . )
_ 34 . '"
NAILS kogs
gpyr A. tIVLBEILTHO 00.
(lorneeof Slan tins Alitlnd :rt.t.eln.. Chart"' P
I Th. oral Chattennl Institute nir Ina kind In Non
netuk-Jetili VLOtheo, • Prlmlpal Isurtroetor 1 the
Aol.oeo of Amounts.
O. Cot K. peta ens tkm .ko. emenstits hessis Teeemanstilp, Mein.
. • •
Attiesrnsa IVetson. Ly, !Wieser on Commerelel
BOLA Or Temrstrne.-lloa. Wm. Wilkins.' Nestor , Minsk
Mows Itatioton, Hon. W. 11. Inrrle, Pr. J. IL kieLlintock,
Oen. J. IL. AltiorehmeL Jemire Dn.
km, Teo.. Ira
Zlesimkp Cesintlynt.-4on T., Costirsn. AttwheY
L., ja,..huor, merchentLll. A. Yrs, ntagt .L
ptsidente rem enter Ole Inetilutlou at no Limo, god ob.
tale Inetrustkm intilekinally, path der and evening.when
entitled, Till reeelee I diploma, shmesi by the Yeenity sod
Namainlng Committee,. . .-• I , • ; • .
p Thaeedeeiriti.evvzaruglir.-0, rine.
Cirgt ' peal Asse ' er theitherio ritteberel-nOoliunit:sTel
etldsemel to U. Z. hem rite, will meet with prompt.
rim .1011..SALE.;•-A 'FARE, 'situ iito 14
ra In r i t Ilunttogrglojtl attortl
04L.Th r eo: I nt
i 63,••••, timbon within:ono Wl* of tho llnithk• •
goben Eu.e. r. mto the Pr flan/Mg*
. Hut
mt. rzton.l•lue.du• I toproymenta coo
da oC • two st.ta Lou Dwelllvin=Lb•ok.l=zatt.
M i raa w .la 11=lble. )1;• • •= oreet
th• •
OIL,-r4O .Tharrals,Na..LLisrd
reed thIA P 1 8, 8:1!orth Illverogad tar ralkby
Secog supply.
A..m4scui :w. - ,vir.ourd.r . espe c tfully,
It. vi t t:la:gent:lan al Melt austAm . e r n and Oa AIDA
' 'Cre r eNrial AND 7112% . 1,eirk r Nat ADZ
ittba Essagr i r .
. th.... AuThssed
the RAM. 4 /data at.
v ; • L.
Are now openin g a Great Variety of New Goo 4,
And hyritathe &le of Ildrantlos to nanhvan.
1 egad Pamela. (Ineluding extra Am black and brow.)
annireahhe and Damask YOPIANn. '
BohMe mia AlN& ae,
n 0740 CiOU*, flat' 4 , 9rS
.- Ylvotile Worked Under Aherne
tplane Black Slihn
eh...rabic Fancy Mika.
Super. French LAWNS, =ldol areal variety of other
Gusts, at rho atone of
yoy^. DIETPIIY a uuncuun:Ln.
PARASOLS!—We have just re
rade.. NO.t. Cana fel Market aireete—lea.aplain
fringed Parasols. embracing all thealliematqualltlea
a ,
add. to ae am prepared otter. at oboirtalti ar retail, at
Tart great redaction from rumor
nixibt • • A. A. AlAdOtil a CO.. !dart. at.
wouPE SHAWLS—A. A:111AsoN ,t; Co.
Vvld call the a
s t uet of 1.1. tilt tr r 4 i ff yo , c , t . rchttee z = ttl r lstzg ,
tltir i veerle ' t, aml at ' pra: unZtally loss
tbee they Batter lbetuselvas Ifelanue ran be pleased fu
mice atal quality. Nva..6:l mat 64 Ilartet tuf-21
White Goods for Dresses.
ArApHy &,1 11 011FIE 1: lured a
, r , 1. ,.. mh
Swim - .
plain mulembraklerwk
Ziansook ilustlEK
Qaossn's Lawns, an.
Xlm—Printni Jac:aunty: Marlins with our.' embroldm3;
newmt rlylel -French LAIMA and a large oasortroaot 01
fast Innable Themes. Damns. Gres:L.llnm L. myl2
fp" , 50.1 8 Co. have just ~eared per .upreet three tors
tee Jaeonetts aOI Cerebric. aptt
nt of stew, Goods. for Ladles G -from 114 rents to
Gentlemen's do. low nrinvl and finelnn reed by
3tuitpur sIItatf2IIFIELD.
A. A. MASON . & CO.,
Imtbrters, Jobbers, and Retailers in
Not. G 2 and 64 diarket arra, l'iffibrirgh, Pa..
te.OUNCE to their friends and the put,
lk seuendly. that theyy are now moneyed to exhibit
t lard mod ey rebored ricrac(
they bare ever offered in thir ei, LLlDrimed of the mat
rich and frahlarlable fabrics, no W ei l *stile more common.
and which will baolfemil at the
at which goodsle add In any of the Benno Cale ,
Their two lone can r 'stemma= rill le devoted earl:level, le
retell trade, and the geode arranged In Detertmenta,
Silk Department.
.Aldnu n.vr and taiddltnable 81,71eA Imported Ltde armor,
Incladlag the bet makes of Black Bill
Die Goods Department:
Cmlnitdoe,Popllat.lterages, flew.,.Ledge du lnduu,
C 1.1113.11% be Lithos, Lawns, kluallne. Canthrlet. damn
°Be, Bombaklnee, Alpena, de
Shovels, Vizettes, &c. •
Canton Crape, plait. sad esubroldenwl. A:ea, Daask.
Vast. Laists.l.l,Marre, Silk. Palm. Fig‘t. do
other Shawls. e 1.,, Vitettes, Pstelots, x,auuaa fa.
Hosiery and Glove Deportment
win always ha Allard complain. with tha hest mak,. t I
Cotton a wl. Silk Ilealem The hest Kid 1110. always 03,
• Linen •llepartment.
44. 4.4 sad 44 Inati Lilian. Limn Row!log. Pillow
Ow. Litell.. NarkJa r. i. 1/07.1100, bleached and brow o
k. ToweHum. litape
White Goode.
Clucked end Dotted Carobrleve Lann y ook and
Victoria and Inchon Lan or evert
quality and price. Al... Curtain Materially Piano end Ta
ble Cove.. tr.
Embroiderimi.l.acen, Trimming% ,t.c.
A complete aerortutent. Alen. Ribbon, Flowery Tate.
kr. Canards of all It lode. lkinnete ot all the latest style',
DOl:naafi° Goods Department
Is probably nue of the trio. toincoriz In the country. cur
b"i rgl i co .' , " =?Gre in r=frletitTat, '" ellb their b.locr.
Cardin., la.. and attractive Mack. and onastunir te!. ,
1 er ,=.,.. 4 61:0 r.rfr' u t pectf 117=r7d . thence
trill be plead to recd. lb.: olden, at wi r n nit
ocrele at east e
. ark. also. dualkare nor eaktern blli
of goods at tbe Pune e.t.a rad..
ben and Ikablonable e7oal. nm be eerie* constantly
through U. MM.
.1_ • ea pplr llusaine Ph: wand Chmie dylr.
1 1 look, Alm. Ur.. E1•rk.4..1 La-act Co,lms at bwret
prima to,l
PRINT S—liew sty lex fau
=.1.94=7..k 4 . 4 "i7Z7:1 1 ' 1 4 "'" 6 "
xltd:1•111 • ist.11:1`111 , 1 ELI t
1 1/ IE I N S— A full IL.4,u,rtnitat
v • a 411%a...a bbliho .0 b.. taßln fled by
mrl wnu•rIv:IIUkCJIVIt.I.D.
UPFXIOII. TICK. IN —Mu rptty rei.-
I - I
t 0.1.11 'write th• *a* ation bairn tri thiltrutvatmeo+
• vor,. Tx Liu .11,. 'l,ltot • Ce..111‘..
anJ hmur t,ping
Mt I
Straw Bonnet and Hat Warehouse,
MARKET S'7llfxs,
U. PALMER (lent for nate. at ccri
inw • hat awortia.nt , rtrsw sod' 51111 a.
BONN r.)—rorelgo
lirso.l.Chiy..Oar. N0ur1.,1.4,.
• • •
t:.-111y01 )bath.. quill 1.1.1 r.
;7;ZiViAt.. I !I , .I; II" I;V.
Jew.) and it. 1.4 ,v
[J win
4r .RtiirS.7 kh IfoF t 4.4 imit hallo *WT.!
fctrr, iii iLlthi mJ.chnt Lincy tia
LA , T. , -11.• hi - y." 4 • L1 ..114ra011.4 XUll OM!
177,11* - id' lit Ma ilattnna.
Ae.., to.
11,4111)TX.:—Erencla escl American Fpriga. alai
nts Dal anal nat.,
On, do. Nn
p6-;thr. A. Rhine, a . k.a...., at anat..;
.ptaltak.• lanai er.krn
AA ri.V.s—Alan...l
ar..l WV, penal Pans.. ant Cm.r.lll.a. Ilan)
d AS.4:I3IERES.L9O picev t i " l . a.ney and t:tri7C k.
kJ br C.
ARnrrill Yr . —
N 9 LAWNS--Iprinted It at
" C bra . .rripwr
REILitiKAJE eaA•mi denrable
.Firs Ad/Alf b 7
' IBBONS - --3 00 pa Bonnet. 250 Cap, fur
Jill tale ar afez.r. C. AIIIICTILtita.
n U. No. I tit Lsttart !Warm
A •viitr lustsutsstr 'lost of ta•tiss' tott.le Goads.
•Ishbest tistAlstora s Wear Sr Spins- ebotraislag thf
ixosut styles is Atnerlo,n. tSCluh. sod twaea tu.4.
meows; sort frbutital a
ssortment of Vosilltuts sad Cloths
rit• warty fsslikrustile stool. and rotor: obleh.hurltat out.
• largo out sousfsetnisol •toel. of UtiAtir HAD{
CI.4110:141. mates tut of LA. Impost and bout artortot
rtYlts snot of this Allfeoldor. all of sibish the hurl... ,
Is itetanahod to .Nor Si suth pros. as viii rooting, ail
who burnt with s rail. that not only lb. most lisitottot
nit brptil at thiS billibliebttiest. but alni at atm Ise -
U.S prima to itis tits.
All orders ttie Tailoring Iwo stsru.4.asiustat i the
bust ruslbioossiuter. bad sit Ow titsistast notice: •
eastlastlr renditag bb frrieg •Sto,k
Cmpti , lair hf tan lb. Allosios
Fatra Royal tahat rgh, g 44 do. Tato. , 7 PrT.
oar, .40. 4.. throat, astok aagor. 3 pin ropraltor 31l
go. 1114,4143 ea Oa tion .304 404 smote. 4N...t00 do
-44.34.34. 1,434 eaUloal Vanalau. 44. 34. 04, 444 'l4
1441 et 44; 44,34. ba. ao4 3.4 wool amt or4Una do.
11AMS.1' MATS. 011. (MOTHS, fie.
Detre Chenille , Lam tlng do.; d 0.,• alma tutted dog doe
dn. do; ;omen. dw Chenille Imo glad gutted do, do
Meer 041n.5.V.; AdgMeln Togo m o w o n .
Cmciebelmtbe. Fettlog dr, Dorking v. 4 0 .4, and Ze.
-Alsso. I Oil CAD, rot in et soy el. hell or mote.
t-4.74. (-4. D-4. 44. and di Oil Vetthe
Alen--Shad Rol. of all elm.: Cermet Ileteer
p e w, agegdw;_54,44.55434 MUD.. Taelnlgrens; !Yarn
and (Meer. Lliweebugledo. Ireesegoseet esewdoweeese.
Dole Mod.. leollegar. mlelso 111101 e; Tan bang,' 11.50
Domed do. Tette We: 4.84144 404 Wonted Table do.
11.1rigliC klaprortod and Turshaeml eer elerktarnot term lb.
isgweeelebredel Tectorleo. being of the laget end genteD
emerge OD. Eel Mogi. we an PMPemd De Pell to .;
trim& ar l capoin.n mgr.. et mast-.
" 4 . : 107.17titto ml elemitee our :dna
' The earp*Warelioume. 85 Fourth street:
•W. Mee LINTOCK. •
• mchl9 • •
l i iIAIVLS A DRESS GOODS—Li carton?
1. a the matt Wilk ...Lie Sherrin noir otirning al A. A.
S A (Ys. Aim MI. nt new et) le Ve Leine. firr
.w-. linplitio,Funteiriiejsail JAMrynlIA. sipl4
nOttIIPIRD 1i.... .. nyen their Syrinir rupyly the lett Oahe. Wert.] with street nate and itivini the
&It ot . sentleniiro vandal; to ruppir their/elves with paw
ri.ntls:4, GOODS--2 cases Cotton pant
I.ff, 1.1 notly.d so 4 br ale , br utr
apZ apni I
Ohio Laboratory.
• ..--._...
76 .IF- -- ii: 44,5.
,-_-,,,... 92.,,, i ,
lea, . ntl CeL__ . .
l(1111 MU. 1 11111 I 95 . 1 11111 /1
85 ~..,.., ~, ‘ 1 ,.. ; _;- : — . ,
Per cent. Strength. ' ..
hOWELI. FLETCIIER & co. -blanuraaw
r...4 ALCOlltlIn rumetdrltettr &came and than
Copper liiatilted Nance Whialtcy abeam on hem!.
tinnier of Vine and Vnitit Alert, I.3mmarn. Ilea,
(!All Virdere from ritteburgh •111 to promptly Oiled
at lowest Mgr ail Pelmet apttily
I Wi ne s ---
and Liquors.
N 0,167 Liberty at., Formerly Davie erarkerfdrtory.
o. magma, of Pittsburg,' P.n. 071.100.011., ON Y.
..500m,... to the publie generally. .04 their Men&
12ViVIVARV I Zettire14• 4‘ =0 1 7 4 . ig . t 3' the7 W l et :I r1: 1 1.
..y. amp a full emortmeutot the twat stork—nomlle ant
Trench red and white lit hem Alm. French dart end pole
irva,alint. of the choke:et vintathin Jamaica runi, tloliand
iiPlii l atnTrtp " nyri b t%= " poVa ' rirn ' ,l::l 4 rlrs. 'k eTn•V‘
wad 'mutest %I lane ' Ategathe. Ir. Alan ' eardiare, llollani r l
by:relax& Palm and Llniburgh Chyme. All otahich they
11l aa il. wholemln, or retail.. the tong reaconable tame.
ono of the pen... Hr. ritouvenni. !tilt ountinnloir Me
Importation put:lnert In the city of E look the above I n ,.
111 .1/1•10 , 11 WWI a rhea:iar en 4 a tether article tnati any .
other bowie It MN city. Ileum give us • call, rockily you
porehme ylviverlime.
,ura t einni inipplled tree of extra chatini , md at the
etlortrat make ap3
.. ._ ......._... ---
A CARI ) .-1 hare removed to toy new store.
it00. , 3r, .=t 1 :111 * t:,!.;111.f.2171,";;Iti. 1 =6:4!
lon oltnene. sod receive g .hare of their curken, 1 .111
keep a very lance amarttuant of Upholatery, n
Mots.ede and link
ding, Curled Ilia,. sPring, /dam tattoo and Husk Mots. Feather EMI. Bolsters, and Him, Illanlarte, Quincy
C ri 4 c l t l y D ; l o D r o p o s r u M ats.
en on d ev er y
Warhti aclle! n Eehedeyv , A onf
e e d e In me
mat relmolte catablLMmenta or UM kin'. °ligature:meet.
rally entailed and mmatinaciptly flied. • •
~ I Mal. VOULY Third otreet -
jSSENCES & EXTEUCTS, for Flavpring
Jellies,Vor Creeme,Ae.
: Emmen imam. : Extract of: Nutmeg%
• : 0:i Vanilla: ^ Jun. Ginger; .- .
Roam ' • Ymilla Bean ' '
• Tin sale by Wit. A. ateCLU WI A C 0...
nivl TA Idhertret., :
111 RY lymTnici-50 bblo. for male by
Mig,QELA..9OFFEE--For aaln by
own, • • WU. A. IIeCLUEII t 1.0. 1 Omar.
RANGES-4181f boxer, very superior, orsi
.03i,V.gazt slud sal*
ANGANE bar around, for Ginn
'7l,2 l B basm ,:, I TYITIVAITRY VV.;
. D AND HERRING New Baltimore
sem ut uminq ned tlrr
FOUR-240 r roe
DRIED APPLES-3D3 sacks for ifinle by
' L. S. WAT MANY son.
B U ITT ER—In boxes (fsel . ) o 7i.: L lMaa by
PEARLS -20 14.,b3. for Bale b
3.71 J. 11. - CAN FIXLD.
INSEEO OIL-20 bbls. Coital° b,
..Y7 J . B. CANYIP.Lb
QALERATUS-100 bra. and 10 bbLs. pure,
fur ale by J. B. CLIOICLD.
boxes for Bale
BUTTER -1 bbls. Fresh. for sale by
7. 8. IL ORTII .
TEER'S OPODELDOC-4 gross superior,
0 tor sale by S. N. WICKERSHAM.
corner Wood sod blzth amid.
A PPLES-71.b1a. Dried Apples fortialo by
D RIAD APPLES -32 0 bu.. for ante b
61UNDRIES-7 casks Cheese; '
t5..103161 6004'. •
600 bx. 6 1131C30.13633 it 17>er
heart's lnwrulk
10 . 0 ;
j t i le i rmitzlairsul IAV:a by
(.18AR-59 hhds. prime N. 0., for sale by
ap'2l JAB:DALSIML, 63 Water rt.
OL ASSES-20 hf. bbl. S. EL, for oak! by
jut 421 . JAB. DALZELL, 66 Water st.l
-14 ferkins (V.lll,?Troahl:/
nfilED PEACHES-50 tacks fsr sale by
.1.3A29_111, argejas
.v2l, WAX-1 caao
B.N. witia sale by
CORN -25 bble. for sale by
I.) .1,22 8. F. VON BONNITORB2 tCO
14..ACQN1500 lbs Sides; .
.13 800 " 811.118 krt.
SOU " ILmF j_tus rear/ ved Bnd M
83 o.od 06 rzont sta.
We by
1p t bi d ..N w
ra it.. No. 3 Matkaist
3.1 brdo do do •
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FLOUR -500 CAL S. P., for sale b
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IiOTATOES-200 sacks for salo_qp
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VEATLIERS-5 bags fat sale- b
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I - Podiin Wagon.
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John Craelore, 21. D.. IV Stoto•Lo t
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Do. Dilworth sell he In otishis. et the DOA .02 2 7
day, at 12 o'eleelc
Those mho have spokna for an entry. are rergyamed.hl to
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Office of the Camphor. No. 76 Fonstptreec
my3lAkerb C. A. •,/1..T0N. Peep,
It4eßrupaal :name Company.
BICANCI4 OFFICE—No. 54 SitrnrizraxB444ri,
. .
Pirrearaon, ai itt,].96l:
THE beet evidence of the •ebeess of the
Director. le el:Amending to ntak• tIII,IIITrII7IIT ,
the etnntnnn/tY. fe the unparalleled annntt bustnera
which bat been brat Melon bawd 7,99,9ollelrodntlat
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ountAm. n or ee P le r d o , pe r ry i"---1 1704410
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14.44,6 . 91
.•-• •
Do. canceled, termlnoted,explred— 10
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Alan. a.pu-risr. Flan Yoelgokk, Sonateldarn, Bath
Katy. John D. KneAer, Kotherfonl. '•
4. P. ixttrOttg: rr.44.14.
. J. iJiLLkTI i!dleWf
A. A.V.x.aulo e Actuary..
. • •
N. IL—A Scrip birldend of Steen pez cost.= arpteng
goad. boo On. <nand by the Dtrecton, <al is not re. .
a. the end of ninety don. A. A. talexase Ant
Franklin Fire Insurance Co. of Plu
p I L IRECTOBS: Charles W;;Baneker,'Hi . o.
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This is Or tad'. Warms Carapaartatha Latta{ ere..
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war avoiding all rises at • au 0:“.1.:n1...
No. 111 OKA. street.
.SO 6hd "Health Inzaithce Co.
Amexican Life
• •
• (Mei: ruth :to. saiattikie
Pamphlet. contalaba2 W lamataty Itaferrakm m ba,
. Western Insaianae CorapiiisyMil4biugit• -
.CAPITAL 8300,000. .
losme mealeMell Medea Matm ftee m 1
All Wm* will be laccally adjusted md museely AMA
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Delaware Nuttw,lBafety - Duairauce . COmp'y
(IFFICE, NORTH ROOM . OP. THE CREME. 11,441 a,... neet, ililladel his , •
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Drums TeArtroduracr.—They.ahn lame -Merchandise
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Darrwas—Joseph 11. Seal, M=noci A. Sauder,. John M.
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Chutes Neut., 'J. u. Jolatsolt, We.. Way; Dr. EL Mutates,
John Sellers. Wra. Klre. Jr.' • • -
Drumm ilmatcroa—M. D. Ilorran. Mach (bald.
John T. ideas. • .
Wawa: ALatire..preeiduat Taos C. ifarix, 'lon Prod.
dent. JOnTil W. CoRA..., SeelrtuT.
of Use Conmousy. No. 4,2 Wald street. PIM*
P. d_ MADURA. Agent.:
.mtsc.ELL.ous.'-, - .;
lemperanceville and Roblestovin Plank
Road .Company:
NOTICE id hereby given to the
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cm of Com Poor. mat Um , / M. saiimeat to a Porment.Trearomrs or, (Morprmy,..or
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7ebruar7 " TUC& 11- W WU.
, XXNV.ViiiliV—B-.o:Shacklett and
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EO-PARTNEBSIIIP-The subscribers have
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by - TUOSLAZ YALJA/511..
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'ENT lIIEDICINES, b.c.—A late atactV;:
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