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;At Lirisiitutaied-in. am %Tian, iiftew uts to
csPrOks 3 ;.Yesteilliy,loi,ltiscardei. foi•
Instig is correct :vat( u us by the
• -.1,-Fahnutook
- 28 ~
j r B
Fox ur:— Mr. Mane F: iEiia'sal
1111 0 1 81 1 *,, end offer for , mie, at 64 stailln the,
DlStatin d r this weening and-to-marrow morning,
141 1 4 Of i guile fine -priti cud.; with which be
'hta of Into Veen itatiing ' Ho will
Mat; be:applied with a die 'lot of. GM
4mbs- 'Tise,priii.,:noreithetandlog the excel
- lent quality "dui he.offers for !ale, frm ta u
to as =l4 •
coon or ovum soolowaL
• • •
• -Thnraday, Juu6
...Before the /jou. Win. B. , llcOarti, President
Judge, bud William Bogge,Armos Judge. -
• The ease of the' . Commonwealth vs: Edward
Mallo o filimiletment. iriToluntaiy , idatudiughtiw,
was dincluded yesterday, anti aftrr argument by
the counsel, W.W. Irrin, Esq.,lciAthe deferidane,
and M'a'rs. Mend and Jonas for the Commim
gagth,"srent. to the jury, who reinrued:a verdict
of not gallty—and that the Count: pay the erste
Alter the hearing or:two un i n p oluat
of the (peace case', . -the Court sijoarned unto
thh morning..
. .
Dinoursrmr Coanecz.=,Tohn Mackney eras
yesterday committed to prison b,yhrayor Guth
rie,, al . :Gilt of payment of alniof ten dollars
dui biting been convicted 0r . , 118.34er1y, conduct
and breach ot.the peace.' -
:Airerterin'Lnacitnr--Two met named Mil-
Neeland And Joint'. Hand& ears yesterday
:committed to prison by Mayor, OuOie. charged
less nattr of Jamas .dinstrung, .wihhaving at
' tempted to pick hispeckSt!t• . , .
and 7 swscn were
iyieonimitted to prison b73,11.' Gough of
,Morietport i chorine' with hatizip, whin slot of
oliehlip-Ironi the house -of John Dlarrison ,et
mumizakos -crime snip iacerni
. .
' • Wensasusr Eirmrceo, Jun 4, 11351.
The members elect chosen at a me tag of the
Select and Common Cour:ad n theei of Pitts
burgh, held on the 'ffirdiniket the r Court
;House at ?o'clock in the evening.''• -
Members- present—Allen- Cordell, able B.
'Craig, W. W. Lewis, Daniel Cornman, lennden
Jas McCune and Chas. Naylor.
04 cordoned ;Mr.Coniell, Mr. emigre"
temporarily, en the, Chair, end Mr. for to
to act'is Secretary.", . , •.....1.. .
" 'Tim act of Assembly.. establishing *Board,
. approved the Bthot April eras read.
•Ca motion the members' then proceeed to
permanent organization. of a Board, bythosirg
*ant their-own body, as - directed by te act.
-Lille . following- officers for the enneratcfficial
President —lferilie B. Craig.
Secretmy—Charles Baylor. • 1
Treasurer—Allen Cordell. •
.The'Board of.llealth- of the City efffitta
, brirgh,!' Was theilledarad duly organised
Onmotitur of Mr. Lewis,
c-Itesolved.=That,,Mesins Craig, Nayloi and
.Black' be a committee to report at -their Next
misting; rules:aid . regulationa - for, the go
noriA,'ot the Beer4Nthat adclitional - offi
hi irritlirtatand- generally p* for -
" int irrmudnition end government of the Balkh
Oa motion of Dr Black,- •-•
';.• Resolved—That When the Aka adjo it
adjourn to meet at the came - place, an Frilsy
evening rink ihe Bth: rout at 8 o'cloCk.:" -• .
Qn ,motion of .10r. Black, Captain Pratt no
Mai chosen to:Oct tempomaGy, an the Measenier
of ,the Sm.& •
On motion, the Procentlines tram directed
.pubThgted in the Gazette, Joureel , Pest ant
`Dispatch of the city.
t:.cuAita, President. - -1
Asenali. errant:a Elerfy.
MMY E=ollAlv
B the, cure, of .Coughs,
u. Croup Miming Ccaish
.1 Thiimalkeram sitteess 'dela baaattestried ths'im of this
salopuT. affect-4U pain to isilve sad
care nidedli*of the Irmo, b.. 'plaid fix IS • idedti
%MAW by siciorhsenoudidna r Ws ar.ltto the
with =tits oenmimeetm lbr sbus. sod the fttlibetief that
-It via soldui limo:tremor. the 'most Modred disuse
OW= the throat iod Lim* Thew leatata, u th.
gnu Pallelr lams, veer nahnalhs!tteet the attratioa
at UMW ascifead hhilehibtaateti .arTabetai What Is
Vaketkadpm ef,Chearr:Pettetil taxi , 1). the' fa,
YOt atcyrr.ti. , • •
~.. . . • - . .
.... Prof.Hurire , 7oded. iblleira. , Nev, Tort, geryr—.:.
' - P% eyes istkpleaswe so cortifyAbe valw and efficacy of
Ala'~. (berry Wawa: vrbieb 1 madder =VT WA*
bi bocce Ibek dieessesta Ito Throat Iced
Th*ICC low; laso Swum Yarn whim In • latt r .to hit
Mood., who mu
the fart Making soder os• tlao of the
eta lotog. , !Ter 011borry.Poototal and it eg adoc o. =mild= am
youfthet orith tho Omaha of Got tbot mut. ," .
- Ciou Jon. Eratat,ot Lioldasisorritoo•Thi et 7064
dsof=bis was cry 1 of moral snooks .I[4,b/
g.tice gum nriiu
Asttunsmidirondrids neeratesstin. this Inelsesant 01.
asata,lhas with amain =middy to lyres Chan
sad an =not too sumer. mamma t.tda
nosmation to the pram*. an 4 Fula? omen
tiun o>a imir • nr—t..b der •
and OEM.= disease by year andidna, vandals
Nanntate Itto am] TM this scaMtledtement, not
is Ma. i.d.r.a.".a.f. 1n 31ts
of s imp, neglected atdrst %Imola so
man that ndtting blood,. a viokot cough MI Mtn.
night swam &I load and um:maim. Ib= ..-
swated, cot 44 not alsotyy Woo... Maud
of mchsat.,and in Mat all the
limbo* of atdokoonsampticat Notoadsamsd ah lit i l
In mob Ins_ents, until norsidontlanz trhat scar Many
whams, Mien soon teliond and nor has of
Yours with respect, ' X.d BTXWAIM
. -
- • :Am Lowe —Deer 81r,-1 harefor Teen agile.
with Asthma in the worst tom el theta limo brew o
bliged tomb:cola lay their Ibr a Weeps% of the thrts,b•
fag unable to
my bed. !nod tried ogees& war
wiedidoss to no garpose, until ray Throb:ion Preedribid.
- At It seamed to make me worse, bit in I. end Si
willful berm to merrier. the mort=ying Mid gar,
wegsnd now in tour week*. the is candy re.
seal. I ova Ag l ow mybol with make, tot arpr •
UAL, of health . of I bad never anted to Ma ? . ,
bril. C. ATM . Chanditt:loondl. Mee. - • -
bld ' yetbilahrstkwhhkade ead retail. by .1. ht. ToiW.
siav Oa Market end lase. Dentglas, Allegbeny
01¢.100 by ;Wars in Medial. wforywbere... -
• Military BountY LandAge=cy.
meant., UNDERSIGNED, rosidlni t i l / 4 .Edar
omer, - 1. prepare to locate
meant., Iraxl OM. st tbo to ll gorim2 rato
1it ... ...0rra22. VC, So sae Worroata,C_; 412Wan..t.•
must TO endood with lb* Wocar tro.s.
,Idlrthose earlcatug 121 ocrolY alar aI. to.
Lod .111 to ricer./ tar the marlce of .
I,! .b Ze l n i"thl rotritis T=l:4= to 181111.
(Wst IV1 ) .11:
a 070M% PAM, it&
itierOo2 l 4. 3 l 6 4 l Motb a 0...1Pa... wow. maw
Bale of Valuable `-Real Estate and Irma
Strain!, in Monongska rarenty, Ye.
platsuearr to ' a &tree Of the Circuit Se
I.W. 't
=t ' nJ0be M = 4 3 . 41.4
Malang; nod kw. 'LIMN= arsi otbars dramdsms,
fts, award wanadminems, ainkantwl farthanurrwm,
will to nail, at hiermustawas is mkt comity, an um
7la slaw, 1154 (being anus day.) all
DnDs i. .t..r count
~.= . l i. . .... E .. *u 4
5 1.=..b,...
Nrskldto .dn
said Ihwit T. =con and otkaiski
about 11,000 mares of lout. whams wg:
saltah., 1.....1.7....1„.2g=h, thaw Otla w Maas Varnsam.
tatters - Is ast of ism Ws, SWIM 0314
, sad Limastosn . = " l " ; dos • salvable holy
Masa Liver, teloandaw to the party. •
wads, is wall *natal nw imm lharPON%
ant mhat . .lt o r bat of Wag snd Cotton. bring nanam....
in llts,„-,”
nw.liwi ' tart: XtVi Plin d =rastak atin -. 01
rivr, water novas , ie tiro wad, non water casuanniew
Cni thaw 4rttairl Wag Iwo born taprollal, within the'
bar, ten at Una. rws, soma My thsaand &am, mw e
:ars{ tha Boning Mill, Sail hewn Vasa harass*
arks ara new in talsrably makt aniar. lastmaitabs
/7 atanamted With the lUDs me mum lbwr or . Pro htmdratt
WWI Of sambas farming bard: laams Wry or six [Mart
W..e with surer Mykly dwelling hawse snit.
toe .ortmm
-22.. au will b.,.....dit a ..e, r.,,,.. d
ttb ,, :..1,=
gar warebnatr ei,..s nom was ...,,,,,,, a:,, -,b. I .
arms:mama zustury—tho- 41111941 bearing ha Iran
than wf salsa it isMasud that to srmptety illsw
Mmit ttor az. t. WWI three ur log; or matc, 616.661.5.4.1.
:4 ...., than altogether, sad ?ill in laid in sorb way at
Thane arta sassy be gialawal t. Make limeatwej, said ,
cams. !ant wraps in khe wawa of thin valuable
m=441,,, they would do wall to assalnothe mmalees.
will Utica ptawmrs in famtishlas any fur.
the deg=Lar inaannstion whisk any in :wend by
2...0. pa.d,,,,,,, k Mimi C. Wilaigei,
,I,Vgi‘a A P il na / 6 5 I. Vandalaimar.
Coat Property for Bale.
. .
AY Virtue an Act of . Assembly, pama.
, sbe that imolai PM?... I offer tortilla MU= TIC
- = =,llllff u ola u theMciTellZ/ 67 tV i %
• tanbarta. .To so so . ten4V . lo matt . 4 , Wtons of
t albteados to that kind of b t, mews 1 . s.u.
=oho wolf to be found on either of etym.' The nib ,
mad hod hsonsary ahantho an V t L 110.4 aW, as=
of 111 val.. I may b e that ths antuvet of .0.
wash> par at duxes , of tbeto.ftartha of a mot par !met
a. IMaz.D.r.sia dolmas of pluttadw. trill please call
assin st. Mb. oar tb•mlaes, oews Undloshatoslase
about O. atilobelcor thadtkek• Mid, 11 oot thld
ea sots sai 0000.1 at „W. Monday of July mai, itiedi
b. col!esed at public vale., MU da l p on thsirtalaasi j
• ', . _ ~ itettifolairstor of A. Wbitakar, d,
ibleaterl.iuna atb..l4L—fistaehtef ~ .
Is at 11 the ..Coiiit Of:Coil:mi . On Pleas of.allijghe-
r Countl. December tam, 1841, Naar & _
um matt. of me petition et Alatanner ye p
• i 4tl.z.x;ikiyfr d r;gi tz w4t , .. a it: ia 211,-
&Jarrow ii. &WY:W. to audit an at at;
40 th,...tram and malts ettetrlbutton sooner the
litraien to borate; rho; that ndili , n.n inx• oda...
7 tr._ ,lat Fifth Moon. etta:ll c.a. lioada,Ve
tag UU2 darer imte oratat. arena*, P. t , for th. put.
e.I ' • puro ' •Judo by,
u. 7.1 wAttgiun a &mt.,
IYrTON::-561ales nowLand#lg from etoir
m t g. ! di by•IDALB *Was 00
avat *
By :TEcg
sac cesgta
-101,2111 fsraa
. 40i; •
• , • ItieramiaiNl.,)J 6A. M.
nit, who'd of : the altmoisi . .ind' evening lies
sinus . yesterday
,were tien' up In &paging of
. 11.. L. Paftetson
. wandoillled :Senatorial
Delegate- tram Vamize, " and l il O'Neill
as a &presentative Degstu ' .
The contested.sesarom Line" were then
taken up. - COL Fria' gas at l 7gth on the
subject, sad with got tehemeace.
At six o'clock" . .. uteri to take a recess until
7 . } o'clock, presag
In the everting, Ors rolongeddiicussion,,
a pro.—
the Fruer delegatifrt r Lancatitetrirere.excln
ded by &vote of 740 r 47. • I ~
At 10 O'clock, Pfd., the Convimilon adjoins
ed until to-day,, out effecting permanent'
I The friends ofilr. Sulam= lerti to be in
the majority In body.- Col. Big it still in
It is enticipsti that the Contention will bare
to exciting tirolle•daY• '
asuirx?,. - Jpine 6.
The Demmatio State Conventi4,4rganised
this roorningdy electing Hon. J es L. Gillis,
Preildet4 aniappointing 'Lumber pf Vice Pres
idents aisi Serateries. •
Col Wor..Egler. of Clearfield, then nomi
nated, 02.114e:rue by acclamation.
The camellia then proceeded to ballot for a
candidite fw Canal Commianoner. Five inef
fectual bielonings were had: Thefilth standing
as • fdlowU.-Williant Seawright -86 votes ;
Seth Hover 89, Wm. L. Campbell W,1:11; Bru
ton %, and • few buttering votes. - 1 The whole
'taunter of votes cast 180—necessa7 to choice
• 'TheConiention then adjourned until 2 o'clock
Daring-the morning session, after his /10121111/1-
Mitt, "Co Biglarvae introduced to the Convert
-410, and, made an appropriate, l and timely
.AFTENOON stssun.
, .
Thee Convention reamembled it 2 o'clock, when
- three more unstweenthil ballots were bad for Ca
nil•ConmeLtdoner..l. On the last and 13th ballot,
QOM, had 60 voter, Seawright 44; Smitten 22.
,ration was then withdrawn; moil on the 9th
ba/lot, Clover bad 95 and Bemnight 08. Clover's
res t iotity• being 57, he wiss.deelared drily porn-
Insted as candidate for Canal Comzeiseloner.
The main business of the -Convention being
then disposed of, a committee of o t r from each
Congreasiorod D i strict, was appall d to' report
. resolution ,
The committee Mon attar niertedumusimoiudy,
a scrim of resolution* thorOughly national in
theirchancter, which were adopted by the Con-
Tendon, by acclamation.. The following are two
of them :
7/sat the sixth section f. the sot of
the lerffiristore, passed 'on the 13 of blaroh,
1849; denying, under mere penalty, the use of
our . Stste jails, for the detention of fugitive
slaves, whilst awaiting their trial* ought to be
expunged from our statute books, both because
it e.rpm:e obstacles by meszus p 4state legis
lation to the execution of the 'ma of the
Constitution of the United States,. and because it
is a .tiztond disregard of the pnmiples of the
compromise; and is calculated seriously to en
danger theeziatenee of the. Union.
'Rewired, 'That the Democraticperty of Penn
syrisania ate true to . the Union, to the Constitu.
don and the laws, and will feithkffly observe and
executeoso far as in them lice, ell the measures
of.the monveroise adopted byi.he late, Congress
for the porpose of settling the quesfiffba arising
out of domestic, damn; and this, not only from
a sense of duty, as good citizens of the Republic,
but atm 4tom the kind, end friemily feelings
,which they cherish towards their
. hretbren of the
slam holding States. . I .
After the passage of the resolutions, and the
dawn' of some incidental concluding boldness,
and a good speech' from .the President, Judge
Gillis, 'the Conn/Aims adjourned elm die. ,
Them is to be a :masa meeting! to-night, at
whit% Col. Biller, - Judge Woodward, and many
other eloquent gentlemen are expected to speak.
W.einnnaros, June 6.
The President. has appointed Alexander D.
Home; Collector of Customs at Wiliningtcro, H.
C, vice Rankin resigned.
The Koecitsco ease is progressing, in the 11.
A. ilrerdt Court.
Tess Cm , • *drops of Indian Affable left to day
far Himesota, to treat, In connection pith doe.
Hartmee, with the Sioux Indians, in, that Terri
tory. 'Zan E. Mix, elder clerk, acts as Coto
missionlr, dining Hr. Lea's absence.]
. I
- - Wasmsaroe, June 6.
Inthecassof the Kesceiskoestate t in the Circuit
Quirt to the Jury decided egamst the'Velid
ity.tri.the till of Kosciusko of 1806, as hie loot
wilt ?Lad testament: consequently the foreign
helm, far. whew, the Hon. Reverdy Johnston
Sattaiejor Socha= mare, pill he entitled,
I unde:r the TR of 1816, to Kosciusko?* entire es•
z l .
late, Phi& itecosidereble.
1 Baits villbeinstituted for its very from
1 the trustees here, and their sureti
. ..., .
New Yost, Jtine 6.
Hoch excitement wee caused here to day, by
1 1 the tenure of the - extensive house of Fauber A Co.
I -'-. - :=*".: ' --(ske a n pakten.]
The liabilities of the house Of_Faxtbei & Cu,'
1 Cotton dealers, amount to 10:0, , , ,
New 131nrozn, ) Jane 6.
We hare intengence front New outs Wales,
that Capt., Obetlitth Luce, of the w e ship Be
of. abode .1.5.1 ink Tea murdered, together wi th
flarnof his meo, by the matins of the Caroline
Islands, an the 113th of January last. The "ship
had touched there for Tater.
The . city election yesterday rengted in the
Mention of.thaTess Stens Constintdon of Mary
land,Ary s,,mefurity of . probably , sot less than
eight to ten thousand .rotes'. The Totes general
-1.7 wtje light
The following are the county taajorities; eo
far as heard imam
For the Constitotion—laltimoro city, 8,663
majdrity; Baltimore county, 1,225 majority;
Hartford, 260; 'Allegheny, I,oood Witallingtt . .?,
1,000; Coca, 600;" Carroll 876 msjdrity. _
Agaitat the Constitation—idontgomery,, 109
=dimity; Prince George, 842 majd eq.
The total majority thus far.ia 9300. , The re
maining eleven candies to hear from will proba
bly increase the majority skint 150
Maarnsurvuam= Jane 4.
Tbe Union mortortion hare onaly nom
inated • candidate for Gorrernor,"and re-affirmed
the resolutions Cf the Conyention of Deceinber
. (hit.,) Juus 6 ..
virs7 destructive fire accamditere st scum
to-day. . A saw 6114 tiro iron foUpdties,' 'even'
dweliings: three shops, and weverel homes, to:
gether with much stainable -mubinery, were' de-
C0 2, C05% (N. 1 .) June
Tins tegfalaturo, to•dsy in e.evention, re
elected Goy. Dircmcrre.
THE fuctqlvE VAS
The jury In the can of Scott,
being ermearstid in the ninth -of •
fugitive !lee% same into Court at
reported that theycoulitnot •
for acquittal and two for aon
directed there to - mon again to-m•
Flour—The market is dull, with
bbls oonunon and fair brandi at $4
Bye MoLIZ , -Stats at $3 60 per b I.
Corn:ldeal-I'les of 260 this at 276 lei lit&
Graia--Wheat is steady, with li!E,
ted receipt/.
Sates 4000 bushels red at 00®07e,i and of 2600
hashels whits at 102 e. . Rye it tell nit se 70 ots.
c or n ion good' demand, with sal of 6500 bit,
yellow la 60a, and a cargo afloat a 60/o re hu.
. Whiskey--Sales at =it, iil.bbls. .. . .
NEW YORK MARKS . - ...... .
0000 aaroar.
14. Yok ' 'li ' . i. ~
' '
Cotton--The market is unsett-ed,' Nt h -no
Plonr-The sales this forenoon wera2.ooobbls
"Yl ster 4 a7 . '. .qT tima *. : 1 _ ,
Can hisal is dull at sit per bbl for Army.
Grata—Wheat in dull and nominal. Rylis
gedet at 760 per lin. dales of *swam 2ilized
Corn at 566)57n, and of Northern frelloir ad.
per 6n, witn sales of 10,000 tat in all. 1
Proeisions—The niarkot gotteral.4 Ls (PA and
irises nomi” :
Stocka'— . - - The'xitari ' etts buyout.,
B. 6'5,1867, at 1061; of Ohio o's,
Many la *nada as, sad the rates
Naw foss'; Jane b:
Cotten-Has cleaned
. .to per lb.
• -
Floni4-Tbe market is firmer, with sales 6000
bbliat last . uotations.
Grain-,-Corn . l more innyant, with sales-of
80,000 bushels at last qUotations
Prosisions—Pork is more active:
Linseed Oil is lower, with sales 100,000 galls
at 71®72e.' '
Bar:axons, June L.,
Flottr—Balea4oo bbis H.B. brands' at $4 25.
Coffee-BMes 8000 bags BS° at 9001 perlb.
L OAF SUGAF.--100 bbl 3. aas'd Nos.;
6 • crowed
_pi sale by
W. k P. WIL6ON.
mer.. IC Eat, and lIIS &mod st.
CUGAR--10 bhda. Clarified, furaaleAr
akw27 ENGLISH a BENN.tirr
_ . . . .
ALERATIIS-50 boxes for sale by
SHOULDERS -12 cub for Bala by
NUTS- 7 20 bn. Mesta4s;
" ind" Skiltrk " l4.4l KIT .
ma.' a
LARD -5 kegs for sale by •
10t111.15711 A orsrzErr,
mr'n ra Bored. Am:IISIRM street.
VoBL'S SILK LACES—Large easortmen t,
l very cheap. reed ot Co. gm* of
OURNING GOODS—Black Bombasinea,
111 Alwpa with Baentexhat awa
Oust= Maui, Br.
eased Sad told sad offered st loses)pnees. b 7
V0..1 idACKZREL4O qr. bbla. extra - , for
flanilrose, for sal. by ISAIAH DICKEY &W.
mY26 Hater and Mot st&
INDlGO—Cameos and Manilla, on con
eat, kr Ws by ISAIAH DICKEY k CO,
. Water and kraut am.
LARD OlL—Bennett do Jones' brand, for
ash. br tcoSS MILLI DICKEY CO.
LARD -12 bble. No. 1, for sale by
coma Wcod and Water Oa.
OA . T , bu.
f or .
s'il b. W. AUOU
CORN -100 bu.,far saleby
. mmsaw . :' & Ratan.
. Cedar Bock
from ats, Usefr o
.. " "
varaLthed Tluekatx •
. Extra Strtmg 'lactate, a boor.
. ' Cedar Keeler . .. brr Wed;
ll=bel3 In )
Per tele by wni. ° M.ll l * co,
mos . 256 betty et.
EGGS -3 bbls. for sale by
rule 8. W. lIABJ3AUO
LOUR-10 bbifi.Rge;
mrss 5 " • " 1,, ' trait' Beimil
PEARL-Ma-5 tons for sale by
mr26 1.42 Bond, sad 161 lint st
800P5_49,000 Split Ash, for sale by
ial my Itso4llllllll2iNnT.
TAR -75 bble. N. C., for sale by •
: myS3 Knavlair i 11kNNETT.
LI3IE-40 bbls;.White Louisville, for sale
ni b (min FT. Poplar Boar& and Scant
ulailel-111"1" 1446 f ". rtiotan a Bimurrr.
FISHING TACKLE—Canes, Rode, Lines,
Books, Le, Istsa len& ant rote e N J
_ m72S 6: Market street, comer et Woocrib.
WATCHES, in large variety, and at the
lowed swear eastern nub irk wit= and
BURNS, the XPO= iST o tom lmy eem.
tv:kndzmutment DCOdd end QV:I4mM
tenynkl W. F WIM.
HAMS -32. casks Bacon Ha_f_or lisle by
mica - HITICWZON It 00.
ItICH . Crimson Velvet, and Gold Paper
t rit r upera Dn i ld . RanaM. rTSOZEJ P.N.
m 2.73
lef —ln the Metzler 0:417t of Aileen:ly Countr, Tend.
o 274. Aril 11.3 L
scer, to win 1.111714 th, 1151. the Court appoint At.
tred B. Nteldslutont, Ete., Author todirtritona the proceeds
of eine onernit lieu creditor. _ Prom the Romd.k
UV: WU n. RAIN. Inoth 7.
The Auditor «DI ittUnid to the duties otlitisaerpointroinst
at Ids air. Nu 121 4.4 rittsbar.h...ol..l.7.
"%W 2 44'k
.:" 1.- X.:CAT...lion. /WM=
Smith's New 13eographies.
Q MIMS First Book in GooL 000 raphy; an i
a n-
Iredactorr Geoimar. dwd& - wrinn w
tented with 100 extxrawings,ml= maw; tqi. ITI 30e.
Z. 8 1 1 3 4 414._
_L —r attv,.. n dJr
• donne d • 1.11911 to ths Suit
Boolc 40 noel towiw,•ted natettniws wows
31.33 b 7 hcwwqll C. 3mlth,4L IL tho.. We.
tor tale es uoratss.
- 73 Apallo3lnflangs, Fourth st.
PRINTING PAPER—A large lot Doable
Medium tad Innerhil Pend:ke i tVT LA rut! •
.carne'lue. t sad Ihrorad w.
; ' wet et WremingPamet, Meals, Ye e , eel Mew.
el mt. bevel@ at W. D. ILAVA:DDI.
mr2t Papa Wantionsr. enr..llastat
s, i a ll and3l tts.
.ls, GROSSLrE G FI : 1:13,1' n
2-M o
Yllates Ann. at %lambent Rea's, am% other
mlebesed manaltetererM as ale at
3teMnael Bemb
nuti mem% Market eel frame ate
A RARE CHANCE is offered to a person
tho .411.• to tromel, otplur of team
o eight Unwind dams. 1... g.. t.. gototltablo
nod reuxoub. butts.. AM.. U. osb.Eb. Unvosh
U. Port 01Ico. 1t0r24321.1 i. R. LLOI2I.
Shoulder Etnuum
SHOULDER BRACES. of the most a L
style. sizapla to strum.
ukti to tot, ell vb. mar thns-0.1
sal ifs es* vbaleialit sad Mail.
MT24 Z. F. 81aL11.9. ST wood m. •
_EA Cfeah.reed aid Aar ode b n o el
14T sadlimed rt.
w GIN_ ESlA RA, —,just
ne4 out s.l. by &
war 2 ,4 cam, of olosa Boa Km] eta
. WILED APPLES—IS bbla. for vile by
801.11111DOL [lie 111/Uill.
" iill2d • • Wade st.
SHAD -1D 1)61s. So. 1;
14 . " BtlgßatiratltblNGllßAM
QUGAII7-100 bbte. Powdered, for anieby
grIRZASE--15 bble. good,rMCl • ise, now land
ine flue m
ISAIAH / enet ematertexed a; It Mr sale by
mei Wm. and ►,st ar
PILEESE-51 boxes, ntrw landing and (or
sat Dr . !wart DICIET
h a W..
Warr ad oar irta
BU bbls fresh. now landing and
a .a. 16 !PALM t CO.,
r/.4 Wort got /not
1.1 HUGH C T BAC N HAMS-8 casks,
XS well curd. VM b. 14 low to eh:worths /at
DicHXY a CO,
iny2i Wear and ?mann
D RY PEACHES—:4O cocks, in More, for
m nby • Mille In
hone 00.
Watts and sty.
rrAR-80 bbls in atore, and aul Do sold
11 km to ewe conslguarnt.
w i t , , 13.6111 . 1 DICKEY c u edrk,
Water aroi f ,
REFIN.M.BORAX-00 lbe best - toglieb,
foral.b7 Day 241 J.IIIDDt CO- 6D Wood at.
LARD 011,4ruperior article) in half bbl
aor eau al (mail LIDIri CO., GO Woal
j AC I)Y.E— . 4o9lbs for into by
RA ...724 J. /KIDD* 00. tO
L. N , DIA :Willi SILKS-20 pieceiliief re
colvoel, a my
s i lre smOMMeat of loolul r
fil be 9MNIMyles.
-11.7 10 awes Bank of Pitubwith_
•20 -" Mecham:4V Mao. nuts ar Plitlbarer.
lor vrbleb Ma Mgt. , . Pd.' Ua wh .g".m lA . blo
so r2zcart WM. A. 11 L
&Change Baii - of rttn•
ill" br ' WM. A.. MLL
Li Unlash'. RUBBER
ladles es • protection to the hand, la
betas eletnlog, gerlyelnG ono of. emer9,:ae. In wow
ing, Ow hisach the beads: enowy_trhlte. Tor ssils il' the India Rubber Depot, 7 end 9 Wool street
'ABET WINE, ISt. Julien Medoo,) of
VV oar own Impalalon wormatsd RUM • Priso,ll.sper
34 =1,4=0 1 , ) = Joe* battle. At NOWLIN Tea
• • toy= -
Laws! 1 4 awxus
ISIASON 4.;C0., No. 62 and 64 Mai
• lid ottoot, are now opeuhur. 10 mare IthP. Frond ,
at all Ilu.ttaatbak of melanins le sokl6 ,
ed to to eswlaWon of • vest variety of the .tome
et 1214 sad 16 mote per votd.
jp, 20 bum at Lb* celebrant BoMinato:, Smoked iter•
nut. !a tloa =Mr, asol for NO* by • - •
IDYLS Omens awl Tea Dealer..
charged with
hadrsch; the
1 o'clock, and
udlng tea
The Court
WISITINew Shad;•
Baltimore need=
Mau stml No. I Maaktmelt
:me23 . C VL i rlterlaitttla Llbartiet.
'CAP CLOTIIS-'-Just rec'd; &tint the
Factirry. to placeoZ l oo Cloth, • banalfully Lobito
ulkls..lpt• sal. who s o lm es mom pie., at ;h.'
VU Cloth Wanrrecaut, N 0... and 4 Wood st.
awn • - J. • IL PHILLIPS.
ra, J®a 6.
Dale* of 1000'
180416 per
LACK LACE 80ARF8—Just ".ree'd at
•Li iilrs Y. 11. EATON'S.
B# C.ON-10 lihds. prime Sides;
4 saw
Ter sde br ID
L.gATlVALa C irars, rEnir
Fm ' 80 sad 111 Water. and Cid isani ss.
I ' 'bb- Ull"e ' S d "Id by
CHE,ES.F.--5:10 boxes for
_mrxr.salo .
IVIES. PROOF PAINT-10 bbh. (Ohio) for
JI: ale by . Zit J. 33. CA2I/11.L.U.
BRIEDPEACIIES—,-.500 bn. for sale by
GRAINI2b.L. Ont.;
2,722 12* li i i,WlTl 6. l b liN t BON&
11AM3-..-1.0 casks for sae, by
sa7l3 ' 1 Ii&11 'MO UT k 00.
'BUTTER—Fresh Roll for Bale by ,
5t0 , 13 18ALtIlDICENT Z CO.
TANNERS' OIL—Z? bbls. warranted pup,'
sm- for.l• -s, . /L. E. 13ELLEM,
OS Waal 4-
with Ishtar.
860, st 110 i;
MbULDm734RIED APPLES— 040 bags in store, for
mkt IT a. /JAO
oplesolkl nor *motor Coht
rill leave Go the ohm add alnote
urinate pbrts on tomorrow, al 4 o'clock. V. si. ' -
or prolog. aPPIT no Ward. ' Are
OR LOUISVILLE—The splen• •
t i tild steamer NATIOATOR,PaptiV.Tm,
w I km tor the above and all lnkrthall
ports on this der, tha itth thst.. at 10 o'clock. U:
For Freight or Doge 444. bjlakti:Aserd
abors an E d hthe rtn ecuate porta on this l
at 4 clock.
For freitht or wag% aPplr'm board. . Su4
VOR ST. LOUIS.—Thb fu .run
nhag, nes 'Amain EDITOR, Cotabs
sya b l!ill leave for the above and all In
Waddesday. the am instant.
or ht ar passage, apply an board. jea
LLB—The iiipleedid now wad light
flight steamer HAETVORD, Capt. Hulett,
will leave for above and Itztenzediat• torte on ViednewiaT t
at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Tor f I TIEE I or itioweiga app/y oo board, or to
Jet JOHN FLACK, A • -nt..
m. PILOT No. 2. A. B. Cram'. mNrtrs.
lOU iro , o TINNIIIINN for 11 - bdin. Orptlas “d $ WW2.
every Toroday sad IFNI:hr. at 3 ovektp r. X.; retor4iNif
lam* Boorish for Coptloo, Wheeling *NI Plttaborgh,
Wolorsdar and Sotordor,ot 10 &dock. A. N. PoNNNIVIN
nod al:lppon= &pad UPON fhb boat running reingarlr
mina the km water replant.
d For frotett or pupa. .oplr on ' -
_CINCINNATI. Captain John rna4 •
turn. 'Ma ablendld land was built by
tit. owners of the steamer law. Newton, and elem. lb ,
Ch. Cincinnati and littaburgh Packet trade, andlill Jesse
ever,. Wednesday for Cincinnati:in Ida? of tbe Nan Eng
land No. 2. For [Milt or board rto
meal • , 0. rrlitt MUER% ra. i °
lug . REGULAR PACHFT.--The apendld
fast running steam boat oingrrAn, IL T.
WIUTT, Mann iterative end or the Old Alleglomy Bridge.
(St. Clear stret every hour. commencing at D o'clock, 41.
DI, and males tor until the Osrdenecloee. She will land
on the Allegheny Aide, for the accommodation. of pasaeir
zeoc. also.. all other paints. Air Vstela TAD at ni te•
clock. P.M. any 7
s. nr: 3 4lll , d .. fetr t
u 5tr i 14 . 1011 , 5 3
tiered] le Welhbarg, Wheeling, Bridgeport. Purdah BM
Pane& ' Packet—learee Pittsburgh every Wednesday id
3 cecina. P. /3.. hie Wheeling and Braman, and every
Saturday. at 3P. M., hie Ceptina and Bunfish. Returnhig,
leaves ElutitLeh every Monday at 10 o'clock. A. M, and
filrgr°'..lWh'7ll.ll ekee7 Monday end IlinreditYeAt
For height and Vi!.11.301 , *poly 110 herd, Or to
meta JOAN FLACK. Agetit.
EL BE-IolT—EENliWhtdLraudna.AßEPA dard.
D. P. Klunay, muter, letivra WeSarnia ann.,. Monday,
Waiinaialan and Pridaf, at a &dock. A. M., for Enid Lir.
annul. Warped, Merarran'a Landing, Brand. and PM.
burgh. 1..{1,2 Pittaburgh erery Tnesday, Tburidar, uld
Saurday, at 10 oThek,A.II., for Weyer, aleVemn'a land
ing,l,3= l, fr r t Linerptial, ,,, V o ii:e=illa.
xi, WHEELING PACKET—The splendid
new.peek et stesmerDIVENAL. CourreU. maa
eer, le nor perfarealug her mg. telureekty tripe Dere.
this city sad Wheeling. key Plttetrunh et ID 0.1.00
every Mender. Wedueeday Feeley, sad nacumbui.
leave. WhaM evert Tuesday. Thml wad. eaurd,
In each week. or cre ht r m iw o me .1411=le
=lll .
floe owner PACIFIC,
Foe freight or P1bi1110.14 , 17 iii l kdd o tr, B og .
etchle Na 61 Water and ea Prtatste.
imeIJNYII PACErf—Tba bat vusalwa
...mar WELLSVILLE, Capt. ILSounttl
7r4gapwl, " "rag".ulSatri,h, dut "'r k t traah avityllaadat
altemaa Ranabenvilla. mad EME....P.11
firm Thunder alarm= lbs . Stanbearilla, wbaclas.
I =ll r i atett u = =7 "i ate= ' , l :4 " Ara
=as to 7 (ail) U[YLEIL.jg UL'
SUGAR --180 htrife N. 0. Sugar fur sale by
JA..11/24 DWELL, .
6n Rat. ims
CI ODA ASII-21:1 casks Kurtz's brand; for
t. - 7 saa by soya & A W. 11AILDAU011.
TRlEDkfilif—falel ea Fr -
M/ Y T. ;-th---.
ae by I.IIea.UAIX.
Omen aral Tea Dealers.
EMP-9-3. biles Missouri, on
sad tartrate br
COTTON-25 bales (Batting) for salC by
lJ ALEJLA_ND nos.ooN.
IetTIA 5..111 regal st.
TEAS -60 lit chests Young. lisson;
" olsek otnep flAmn
nol3 F.4r and C.. Fla.
`ALT PtTRE-75 auks Crude, for sale by
m,13 XL
M OLASSES-500 bbl N. 0. S. 11. for
H. MOLASSES—WO tobLi battle gniund
'J• K. 11. llalwrmo Ibr oto bT JAME! , DALIELL
CKEREI,-15 bbls barge No 3, fox sale
.41 1. WILSOX.
136'14 , 119 &wind A-
ItlOE-100 tierces for sale by
01:1111•10Gli • INGIO.AII,
0 , 115 Ile water 4.
ALEKATUS---12 casks ` prime, for sale by
mrl2 ' WIC 364A-NIMAZA.
bis. Bost., for sale by
=ll2 WICK a 11,CANDLF,a,,.
Ltaiag and Cnia. wlth a fall assartagentel L."
bit °W.{ lita *tam £.4
MOO r_ Lt. EATON. Irmittb
FrOIIACCO-37 keg* 6 Mri
grist (ruptnr) for
a* by mils CULDRUTSJ% Cti
All grades kept coo
on bari4 gad tar ma. , I,
m 713 a.ctitutars.ou a CO.
ir/ERMAN CLAY-200 bozo ter We by
ILP to 713 X. ILI LZZIL L CO.. Libnil n.
IA RY lIIDES-:-...9)0 (prime) fur sale by
ity m 712 A *W. TlARlAttilt.
1301rD ESIT7LIQUORICE--1 eau for into
L b 7 mru a. A. FA (017...T0CK i AR .
BAltars TmeoptiEnou s_l2 Clei:for
sal. by R. R 7 Frt.T.R.I.F
Fine Dress Goods, per Express.
A. MASON A CO. hare reed this morn
c.l4 I=I'AI:A
gr t raze, tokal plat 'llsom i lortdojelte sod
Ike ~L=.17., are .41 ye:W . /1 . 110 =ow rade
L i er w el= : s ill auld Ita w re L ealliOlf 1,61.4 whole.
61 Marta 44.
ratted NA dauttlawartad man Ms ItalW.mbbb A• trill
... at Ma a halatak , E.t.a ark.,
tart. J. A If. PHILLIPS.
RICA FLOUR Prepared Cora; '
JUL Farhat; sand
tiara AsntanC
For rats WM _ A. 3t• I , CIA:Rf. • CO.,
my IS use 1n..10 .1.
FRENCII. GELATINE, White and Colored;
and Caapsep Aumiem /sinottmor. Ibmaltibia*llbob
sac Mance, se., far ale b
ma:lzto a a?,
b. 713 Grabby and T.% P rs•
FRUN ES--13ord ea= Prunes, irk glees jars;
1 k.ry Ytiwrlor . howy beam
Chorbobb rIIIIMIS fbr bale by .
W. A. 31cf:La ItLi It CO.
MACICEREt=I%) Mlle. No. 3, for saloTy
ball 3 , 114 bawdy s.t..ct. -
ALILIM-60 bble. for sale b!
yl2 J. KIDD oof 4.
GLUE. -10 bbls. (extra) for eaTOby
en 4 2 J. KIDD CO.
(AAR& AMMONIA—GOO It* for sale by
It J mu S . KIDD it CO.
"L'IOR SALELActI Pedling Wagon, ' .
I. complete repel, tare of
myl2 . KIDD t CO., CO Wool rt.
LAM) OIL-10 bbls. Winter Strained, for
sso, by ,o'lt n ERLL/1111, 67 Wald yt.
EbIPSEED--6 bids. for sale 1:1
Sy t;. TURPE . N;II3IE--10 timfor sal;
Spectacles I
pNE of the most inestimable bleseingt eon
form! by en opon otrillesd eree
Bisected.. Without tbdreaddenne, the Incenyindences
,Aher atom. i vonid be tronnellablv. Brom the &tootles vision of old Nye, weaknots,ef
. . . . .
• Prom knot experience, and lborough knowledne of the
teen*. of optic., wk u. prepared to toil .11 &feed,. eke
one on Prin.lelea
10 ULl.n t
loW, ioot
Atted to order.) l' Masse. ntit lo old frame..
1.1pW..J loaf union. for sale,. ea.
• Par salo—Dr. Powell'. bell Acting PTe and For Poore
r 0713 M Market latent:borrow of kbortb. •
011.- 6 W
, Flaxseed (warranted pure
W sale by • esyl3 '
vaNz 3 u94:q-2000 for ild i ed;y ,
A 4T3,/,,;;;i17,Cy
2 1RE
7V ' L-12°
b -O. SW. 11A1111AU(111.
SE--100 bbLr.for lale 1
V. .1.4.11D-4UOII.
`TONE ,PlPES—&4Obozeli for salo by
3/ ACKEREL-150 bble. No.:;;
- No.^ 110 eats hr
02713 WICK a NeCANDLOs.
IROOMS -210 doz. Corn, for sole by_
zerl3 WICK McCANDI....OA.
BUTTER -.30 kw, for sale by
Q, CORO RING casks No.l for side by
G°.itg-5" u .
for sale by
J. S.bia srorra:oo .
TOBACCO -4 Ude. Ohio Leaf, for gale 11
IPPRN-35 Wile. for sale by
. topi 93 sod SS Brost
M S & ; &
C Y O E ..
an J rWa W a L Fifth&y
IRE BRICK-65;000 (Coal Oro o) fire
1. Brick. oqual (It ow. impetior u, the 13011nr Btlek,)
ut, !mud slut
IRIED F11.1171T---00 blt. Peacbee• q ~
FLOOR OIVOLOTHS.—A large stock` of
r43iieu Cloth., ,a width. rwitaa ft..% to Ord.
• UV ptypored to 001 l a. lull ail the ifune goads 010 be
pontoon' at U. 14orthirtto mot hour
nousotel to roll mitt examine Jostk beton porobstl.ll
olartrbsro. PLULLIPIS.
*VA Tana it Woo at
e' ; 1 V .I'.. ' .': 11 -'l'-',JII-1:
W. FL HAVEN, cornerof.3laiket and Be
nicek et= It 4 =
g b r=e•Zre l aVittoTn 4.
elktifmtang. 4f i rery 4n red ref o tgpettatet=
'''irislerrer is of Iltiodleig trig ,t
L T a i I
w i T i ttr P ; t ac o%
rnt: rat; rateri,l7otarcr, Jietiones. lad corer oda
rear rmanuraretarrry I..wr Nadir, iturtis. Work rare.
Eb "'
all tins gad dasittlec Steel max had=
and Watt Pen thrum, • gnat varied: egad htk
ratan. Wafer Men.. Z.
NOLISH MUSTARD—CoIman s, in kegs
1:41 of 0 lb. and 18 ea-b, Imported Mr sale itT '
styZ , - D. A.X.11111: K ot CO.
New Eltuie
•.• • , ,
"is. na Bailin Waltsm, mall:feta
Workl . • fair Watts. •. • . . '.
Beremottn%Lthatd LIMB PAM. • . .
Where are the friends of my Tooth ,
Thou hart 'roundel the obit that bred Mee.
• Benno that are Mishimal. • .
ig° V Zlglit` ' .- : . , I •
trie Polka . . 1
Blee Jniata.
Old Bachelor mot Ol d Mad. .
Lament of the Blbul Orphan 01.1.
Thy 'Mee la mune to mum am
Lament of the Irish Emigrant Itee'dan4 to .al. by
mrßs - JOHN - H. ktILLOIt t al Wood eV
DM& of dltenoktras; d ado 9, i a.U.R.
sot. Nis. 'sad 9 Woxl st. 114,1.L1P5.
MAPLE BUGAB,-2 bbls:verychoicgicts
-01. Bcar,r, ilut toed a 44 Err nali, 6r.
, Wm. A. bIeCLURG *CO, •
1.719 Oxcart sad Tes Deaden.
otrall. " •SlbY Ili rar •ama mW .-rntr,t the lowti
oub W.* 1.7 WM. AL. MeCLIIRO
¢Eyl9 Mary R
ThRIEDPEACHES-1000:busbels (bright
_UP Nem) item sad for Ws by.
DBLED APPLES-30 sacks prime, for sale
br m,22 RIIZT, 1114.MM8 *
CASTOR OIL-9 Mile. (Blovee make) for
QIIGAIL-240 blob. prime N. 0., for mile by
•• To Tea Drinkers. ' • • "
rbyou want *al Good Tea,- Ito to MOR
11111' TELIL&B.T , h% the Diamomi; is doidodlr
", tea sa **••
COPLEY'S POT OLAY-36 bblis_justree'd
m br pH by J. SCIIOOII2ILSZB 200. •
CLOVES -1500 lbs. for_so4= K
m 72; TAU
UP. CARS. SODA-25 ke for sale by
m 72 3 13. A TAIMSWCA 41 CO.
Fit o ptc! FLOWERS—
heoeh 1 . lx did srietp
unkh we ate wegV to .ell verycfri4 et bZiatW L ;l or
710 LED PEACHES-35 sacks in store, will
.1.1. sold 10. to close latd , 7
21 12ATA12 DICK= &Oa.'
BIICKETS-50 dol. Marietta, for solo by
B ROOMS -100 doz. Corn, for sale by .
a. n. menus%
SALERATUS-100 boxes per ;
33 bbls. " 31 , sal. by
my2l J. B. CAN/lUD.
Emai ARL ABII—M cash for sale by _
- DOT ASII-4 ea&let pure, for eale
1_ mm J. IL 011MYLD,
kALEBATUS-6 tom in boxes end asks; 1
11 tam In Pared Poem'
m— se by 1101111t2 DAIIZLL I 01.,
al Many Wed
- ,
DRIED APPLES-20 baq for sale by
mrzt • R. ALS/ILLS*/
po I ASII-4 casks for isle M
') EARL ASH-20 auks for sale by
man IL DALZZLL.* 00.
ardel• rued and Ibr.ale at tb• Sten •
max,' Ember •sd Exctunge Broka,
gIII6RIES-14 bbls. Grease;
- Na.l Luta
)'"ar."Z sea '''''''."l3il4lll
a. DIU= A co
srao Irm aad Weber
-141 wary to hurl, • reipplf JACKETS
gl i t , tsjber and, •aketa. of L•
tam ke gals J at Ur /1•11• Itabl. Depot I ` •,•1 9V.,7•1.•
vay2) J. • IL PHILLIPS.
('OLDEN SYRUP-12. hair bbls. and 24
**" :4 "' "' "Aitial! iiirienuos • 00.
CIIROME GREEN-5 easei superior quill-
It r. beam cut stmostool isoluttrie.lbr bi
is tL IL /ALLA&
• New Books, taut received..
...cREEK GRAMMAR, for the use of High
f m rcow i r i giftil loW i tr . l .!.. tP..llzstteasate: nni.rd
TM 17lionfidetaue. wad litavaltiM a b7ltt
rr SL. ilm 4. am we.
o liVrticaraphr Yd limagithi et Caipt•la Obsdlak
~,. .e4 4 Tor r erßor a l u rT. " I GYrInT,..""" . "I_ ' ' '''tx_ur th.
. las rem by . _ X. uuPILL3,I4. '• -
- my Is. - , tl Alen. Detikttno. rani O. '
ilatlfSOTT'S Yellow Dock k Earsaparilla--
vi Pm was br XIDD A . CO.
R 1 3. qm Wald st.
IVI . STAWS sP . J;St r ilsasz . d ClirTy-1
EMPSEED-40 bas. prinse.-for ale try
m 10 , • .3.16/DD•01.
`f ASTER 01L-35 bbla, 'No. 1 (pore) for sate
by Ralf J. /LIDO 4 CO.
FINK ROOT—MOO Ma. for sale by
Gamow Sad OM 1.9 1•612.11. daft.
kAet Waness. I sod 11/ 0041,1,_
Eureka Xining Company at iliehigau.'
TSuicknoWen of the Eureka Mining
L Cborog_ Wait.. bontry meoNa that as
ai®Lei of
Salc.. r pambie •Ithia triiit . daysk trim Medal. st
JAZttfa r br
lad IL CUR M. bps inott
wilikettasl4l INuska Iglau 01. et Kith,
IC7I - E ANNUAL MEETING of the Stock
to id
at the Okk , Tapas* Matzo Cowcaos
to id at as caw ta lactiosay la tlso Ctty Ms
bona. es .Jar 2. a& 2 o'clock, Ir. St.
W. IL HART, boa
101 Llbert._l
f0r 761671•1r6M 0U 4!t., dr M 126..
are Ca*
6 pia. ookrat sad Inset 6111 t Warp CaguatrotAlte
A rplattiel woodmen% of 11r1411.6 sad Llrs,7loVe6l
..IOI)bIa new t'?eam:Vzscui
PUFFER-150 bags Rio, for sale by
xi :DOS JAMES A. flummox
vREL-15 easks"L(En lish) for sale by
v nos J. MAJL Lal 00.
iILOVES-2 bbls. for solo by
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SUP. CABS. SODA-10 bop for ludo by
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Q.IIOI3LDERii--32 cants far sale by
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mrle • ; W. P. MARBEIALL. BS Wad I.
LARD LA" --3 bbls. & 8 kegs No. 1; for rale by
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bbl.. 4.140 MU. No:11. Wellston
mile Hadar.
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COFFEE-1W bag s ltio, for sale by
sayld . ' ' JOLIN WATS aoo
URI IRON-100 tons fluptincolon co. for
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TEMPLARS' SWORDS-4not reo'd, slot
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. my/6 W. W. WILSON.
you. SALE, to close consignment-50 ail
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cm" Apply to ; (OIL; ADEN
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I 0 2 .1. KIDD A CO., 00 Wood K.
IND/00-1/O0 lb liege Manilla;
a c.....u. Comas, of good quality to u ,
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mil waltz sod Trout sts.
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NUTMEGS -1 bbL for 8.131311 ,11,D a
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`TAR OANDLES-45 boxes (10 to 40 1 M
esett) fbr d.bT J. D. WILLIAMS t CO,
, tub corn, Need and Mb sta. :
QPE ' CANDLES—tIO boxes+Ps, Vs, and
OVI fin. b 7 J. D. WILLLUIS CO,'
-03 ball &lei Cb , at bud 0000 i
20 byres can Ass Oolongs mall by ,
• I¢7ll .7. D. WILLWth CO.
TISEER. SKINS-3 bales for sale
MI/ 'BUIL 111.7111ZWi co.-
IPS/G LEAD — , 49O pigs_
_Soft Galena, foe sale
;_t. by aly7; . • •itiIywOLVISLLIWIIt CO.
'OlO- METAL-465 tons tot silo by
..7 . 7 • Ran, Itarnms 00.
pe r mits-8 , shame lEg ur fa s r a s* by
'QODA:Al3ll6o.o.sibtir.(kood) for sale by ,
Ur - HITE FISII-38 bbls. sad 38 hf. bbls.
fur sok br ISAIAH DICKEY CO"
mylu Wear soStiml sec.
gititti& SPONGE-400 lbs. for solo by
ayp 3.A./ASLUROOI4 CO.
Tailed States Hotel at Pligade ••
HE SUBSCREEIKEI respectfully aanopn-
N W Wend. sod • the traWling conannity,
he h. assenisined JIM PabilliatMlhtp of the
STATE/1110113e LODE known to connectkat with the
liotol cods. the bd. BroPrieter, hs We perfectly sale to
promising Its old patrons, that within, shall to wanting
N contr. its previous reputation.. the best kept house
In the country. No COMO ha been spend to a w Atie•
ty refitting the mil, art:Wichmann. and be if
invitee attention to -the chu r s. intbdUced the core
sentence. sad tomb= of Ladies. Being neatly &tensile
ed to die* W.f....nee he solicits a continuance of that
patronage always go freely tenoned on tho old United
otaten. • inky3l.2tol A. G. ALLBN.
A=lM% 41 ettliron
taut, east olly , ,) Ykillale Iph fa.
.04 °mow. N.= Market. st, Philadelphia API]
w eln; - BUCKNOR dr. CO., Tobacco
MERCIER4 A.NTELO, General Commis
. Wed.:as, Philadelphis. Mena •d•abc••
•an coulgamaitn of Produe• generally. [lan PdCaf
Office far El/reign Patent&
aro 6 Wall York, ind 166 Fket st.,London.
in &tot Maio. Pram', Belau's, IroZtand, and all
Party of Europe—tbe Canadaa, Cuba, and tbo
roll Itaorroalloof on ILe above oua l e p bre r barkrooolug
turfblut Wall stmt. flaw art,
Fire Worki for Fourth of Ju1y,.1851.
OSCAR JOLLEY Jo CO., 180 Williamit,
man TOYS and eJINuf GOODS, and loanufalanters• sod
if:miters of Plitit WORKS, having oomoot.d P. L.:Valteat
tha lite Work bwalnags,'.nd availed thommiom of to.
TIM roman of that long establbhad homes. ate now pre
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large Walla or maldt:Wow, an. the c efaannable
tams. 0. J. it Co. deem it annattewary to my inaMlnit to
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e7s7ifi Pats, OTIM nommen, Tamedces. Pullers;
mans, PinWhea . Sawmill, TrianleSl Pilna
ChinesaCfaak Jaatle az Punk. • •
Orders Uf solid • . • mythdlanwltT
Superior Black Writing aad Copying Bik.
IiTE'S EMPIRE INK; 87 Nassau street,
8111.1104 in is• New York. - I
• _. sm matt so OHM wean. 1
Questa, peL &a V
-AI 66, ...••
as. per .. dos-..---.10
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Ibis be the but Wee ntanureenaren. It Owe Mar
is • good 09PYINO INK-end will not ecoucdth mould.
preetsdtala or dice t r . o pompom all the qualities requtr
.d 63r • pool Wri ink. suitable for. the Quill. .16 ad;
nerahly adapted kr Steel Pen.
The underalkned le premed to tarnish to the trade ei
ther kr export or home roursunption, akthe
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l o citk t aZ = l v : ~.ord: 74= l: l l, 7r ed ant
or kelp W. aut.! estnt at nett reek 1
unky 6I Nunn .Mon Isildln6l,
la W I - 0 RA:
Profestor:A. 17: Barry's Tricophercras,
Oaring. artherring and beautifying th• bath, cradle.
bug Pouf aad datiatrutt cud curing dleethes of the
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Import. will aim to shon the value of the trtyie , ration.
and th•annuation arhkh It le bald h 7 ha ha y.
• • • ' litherTOU.
Remm-Dmr bath then thillthid with a cu
taneous minden of the ante. of • meat aggravated char ,
mete. the the lath Mahan . year; =I daring that prided
bath had the althea of moth of the than eminent thral
dom, aad hare aid all the preparthkete for the hair and
thin non known, without the lean tenett I was
by a Mead to try year Tiloophrrotia. I did so, as last
ithnt. and. tri my gamin and gratifkatleat, banal taped
rand in .10,ot tiro thoothe. Poch nth the Tian.* of th•
Bander that at than I vat partially blind- 03 II ICBM:LT . 4
140 Colombia street, Brooklyn. -
New Troth, net
rani Dreg dle-Atenattne than ago are lady
came owl . gnat deal, and my brad au moth elided
.nth flandruff.- 1 was told by a friend to try ToorTneophen
men and I did en and
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lathe mead. and 111 diundrulY dberpethad. an ,
heael-ncnn abeam Itir -
lth rope., 1 ant your clean rent.
Jl3 TAP.OI WELL,, Gal Broadway.
U any lady or gentletrivardoubto the .theutlifity of tha
above. thiry pleepe a. at LP - Wenn • C Dam • others
viap i Sew Took, .MnW paktum the orlifit
Mlha Dllitarj and
Amts. lioo.ll. lebo.l
Thats 00 rem.y tor th e berme.° cure of tabbies
thedleau. of the crank. scoirrally that ham marled
the popinaki elboyed by _ the artlele knower.. Professor
I trZ: l 7 °el of the
al.. every our.; to the 4.1 it OWN :41,614.42 to
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math an wail head. dew worm, and other ohnosioue also
de. of the AIN to theiroue. ror well ...Arany, It state.
It 4,01 d ho hart i bat.. pt. kileevida. at No.
111 Broadway. sad at the ljnthntrts avuersllv. throurbout
the Utlited 141.4. and Wad. .
& Co., No 13 , Spruce Street,
11, NEW TORN, Itlxdonale tranutlicturen of the best
INGLIS° ?At]TlNO INDS, Mx Stool and I.lthre
v.1..1 Mallon, and ha Fin. Book and Job Wort, which
they . arrant to lie eta lewd of the... makfleJne sad to
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Tbscovabluatlons Mar 11111. ave mob Woe.. • Pith
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ta WY. P.Allapripia
them 75 eta to /V° t. the
put up la ease. and th toter,
IL* Da alocianulketuni eokwad Iok.oSo.ery thaleatid
ttWltyearythz from 52,00 per lb. tor-lbchn
Shawl and Mantilta — Warehcrase.
SVIIMItit SHAWLS ever Wry. ry.rety.d. Also LACE
lILELIN sad all 11.0 of ELA MNTIILAy meta(ta
nod bross the West 07.1.• WAWA.. metbbt by
oM yartleatarly e44-l-1 00. Arm.
V:is •plowe4ll *Welt et I'AILL.A.S AND CIT.
lobrellae. Allet :Mel> E• attend at 'Mr
• velem 91 rreezenally Write our Weetena 141mila to ex
. stir . rsere itnet before elterhaAdaq. •
• WWI: MOW STAND& fire exhibitteg Ehrele mad
Ilusphrs Self4liesd4 Advertirinanvel ,
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1.1 The euterliber, soffeittotthe patronage oral who
mest celmwthentect.leels mum af ealutlaw
erith whkb . beater.= Le Moos. bet. the yb.. The
experience of peen tem thffir eupniwity. ten
pal 611 quer.. ,of he toultieully refers to the ketitsom
her of than =mimeo men who luie used them eumicau.
=alto his rap 1.14 terweedub aatn, a+ pfool of Um= swab
The iamb* are • by of the mesons Itt their pan t
Isrityc • • • -
LW. On the plus '<reward by lb* me6l, 1i pen= any
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1.4=16411f mobose.,..amlored w plebs. tees siffactlog pa
bet scounty_tesltst foe..
66 The Lave.. owsnot to opened without brint
W. Neither Incx nor . wahre are mg to se. than.
010. Cp. the =batiste of a letter. the Mid =summits
issumol. room to sroder, taste. of haler bare.
amt. Ib the 11.1 Let. =bee.
111/6 The Yam.. 616 tuns..d at shawl the
P rth. " gatetter Is • =off w hore ient,
sue to =Want. lee
of thaw. hands it
may pams.
lltbret. b a ffut or pct. for Da; ettirrered on
whith wllll afootsel of
th. .mml dee, Maj.' : t ut. Resf Mar s onsl
6=4e asshove s with mew. widn.
Prtta Powelawca mode at
1111ettere —4600 ' oboe.
PO to ?h.
, Do to Olt alai..._
40 to so.-- _—_..... cot)
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food Yor k
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atteallars. If Mktremeol, Wll. /11:111P111%
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B.—thaflnfoo Ofrtlai votbredin solorf. tram 'mw
et 1110,00 ter Waken 1. . . feb=4:ll.l
VONTINIIES 100 usual facilitiei to receive
ott Stors•N Pale, and TrannhipmersL•ll Marelundli•
mod- Wm. Mats leave hln deck dor for all patois
on the Latin •r; , l tha Cazal and lure...
Idusnr. Sberilem • Oa;
Mem...lmes •
John A.C*R•her.' - oats. .
Itcaucv. Cosambioe, and Von. IlezrAmt.,
Levee, BC. Joseph. Ma •
B. to *Wander Gordon. and Lon.; teal:is &
Pittsburth. • • api:ly•
D c AVID -C. TUTTLE, Attorney at 'Law,
and Coeval:Walser for Poensylvtala , tit toaiN No.
• ammeolcaUtat prompUr aninmed. oc112:17
401 I N 11. RANKIN. Attorney and- Coun
. eellot at Law and Oomattetioner for the Rate o
lamina:lll4Ft. L ou; Mn. (late or Pitts/mixt), •
Itetrrettetwetittabortta•lloA. W; Forward. liptohtott A
Millet, At'Candlems t Aloclute. John It. rub/. at to a
6aoss, AfeCont I Ca. ' ' : : • awaktr .
AILERIGILN 813118.13, •
'ix.i.g.oria 0 TACIT, 110 . 3TliN.i
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W. manner and
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A TIV,..T. i dgZr • Las Pam.
'Coplers Pot Clay
subeeribere are now Sole . Agents
of J. Copier Ag for the sale of their I'ot CI ,ay an.
e le 01 lieu eetelattzhed mutation fa the toanoteettire
of Ulna rot.% Noel Pote, *a It la msde (loos of the mod
Infusible t 4 obetetate knotr orroulls Teri lierritillY read**
Dirrigita to irriodine.
arm • RellOONSlAlerit Co:11.
EISIP-45 tons 'Nisi. D.' IL, for roleby
myll JA.111.3 A. lIUiCQIB2V !CO-
11/IAOKNftEI f --50 bbla. No. 3, for WO by
NGLISK SPLIT. P . 8--iteceivect and
Ibr by; 1431.1.114L11RG
Unman +=dna'
bblo. and Lf. bblo':No: I, Uor
br '41)15 JOIIN WATT 400. ..
TiERRING-10 bbla. No. (new) for ialeby
3ati Es
tln,UY l'77'
• • 9.1 "• " o= for sae
msie at
811AViLS—MM alas day, par
saat cart= at those yam deritabla riaW , sad
• PM° Ntattla. at all arta.
N T, • •: 1. A. Ausox a co.
• Hoare ia Ss
LAME LOT, on Leacoek street„
-logbron rtoolog *mutt to Bohn:. foastla
k a
. 4% t4 r 3==alth n vieptl y of fat
mom Nor km' apply to ACMO'r irtiOTHO ' lB Ib
Unapt. stmt. or JOS&N P. 150017 - *.
'FORE FJ)CAI TO LET, on Market:ll
.none - door tram row*, assl atioirdors the
atsh and Jewelry More of W. W.
Store lima has the haatboosno trout la this p =ad In
ths bat location L. Dry Ocala lad barker
Beat Ibr the baler. of the year will W rely Isar. Ea.
Quire of JARIXS ORAL or
Je2 . - W , W WILSON.
Beal Utak' for Sale.
A L VALUABL.lrunimproved .I.OT, on the
,:oriser - of Mail Mgt Na uteri. otreete, 7111. W Wm%
clnoetita the flame Catbolle Chu. 00 *et front on Lib
erty, by ;00 feet deep. Rotary. muting b.&evimr
no—the three story - Brick Threlllee Boom on Libeell
etteet, eel,iedtans the above. the lot betas '2O Get trout bY
100 feet deep. m. house tells:id coneesdestt, bent la
modern 1011. and mutable el. room.
Also-20 acne of my valmb lao4 atettparm btorgh.
Farm of 131.seme WDees
Also—k Pam of 251 !wee ha Lome= Z:r:estuaki.
. . .
Ab°-4,.... .
N 0... io , mtr. of Tarkas .od
Tory valuable lon In NVITXI. MM.& Pikes
monene. Eagaln or •
N. P.* 0.. L..
attorneys st. Ind Eel rano firmln,
• wza No. IV oonbOreet.Pln Da ¢h. •
Lawnncenll6 - ProwlAy. for Sale.;
Fraß Board of So.chxeotaoorlr . Dixectoie:williell,
Ao =lan
martins dank Mu idler to ontetnallef.baving three
front, on. whinit Is net./ • two elarr Mick, fronting on
Mont:ma and • (masa Tem, mad* known at 47 of
Lannaarillo. Mar 2 4 111 31:41Waor n 4
7. -
EOR. RENT—A Warehouse on Water
street, between Wriest and 7.7, eultsblgr for
ndue* busiest Ynoir• of •
02710 DALIELL. ES Weisz se..
To Let, -
I •
well finished and furnished Store,4
TT.... not Lb* Peat Office, at wasent
occupied by Mr. ParkAAas a Jewelry Etara +471
IL D. OATZAIC 731= Ea, •
Rad. Trikaaaa sad Dinaleh
WVTi I '
jk, FURNACE; at Dresden, Bitiskinzoiti
Obto. 14 toltel from Tanarrllp (toe marl= ceder,
Dtaara Eosins, en 10 of nolaing Oat 7.
tone of hem trader. There ea oborattat arphlr
or. ity 'Wray, It b. amp by* ghat
mot sith the Mosktrorato Ileet. 'which h. roveloble err
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Wiliam tor aiming to Zenerrllle. ar to ear point au Ow
Ohio rtem. at nu. of height.' The 1000 h
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Tahanille. Tor team mly to - •
Taaerrtll,Ohlo. dr to
. RILEY * PILNDLETON. , BeIthrach •
rorldaxdaat . • •
To Transporters; Commission, and Grocer
Merebids. i .
FOR SALE, tin accommodating kilns 4
`nth froatiaa 0: , .0. tli Ihrltee
on BaleMlttre ray Bitty, and frosting ao tor Prom
rylvaala end her. (*lads • ettuetser theM
cod eats noting beck to the Betio theraby
coe tartars? .s Ire ehlemeet by , tthrr the
Par farm, enquirer 4 D C. BTOCATON, illrelhera City,
an at the Bookstore of B.C. OTBCH.TON, corner of sterkra
To Partners; •
I• • •
000 ACRES Farming and Grazing
Lomb. fax Warren evonty, kesterl 'on Abe
zm itav a iAr.
r rlatin twelve Engel. of L. HMV gni
Abo—lAoo Ana la KM conati, ;aim amsariAls.
MIA tam. Enquin of WILKINS A - CEA.
Akyl . arm of Xarkst. And Third stA •
1'a. 4 Me. 7 M 1 4
riTY ACRES of Gardening Land, al
ready ander toad welds woo male A.
, .111 to mid farrow sero—aos third rub. s a es
calm of A. wumt lino.. A
mil • - roma of 11-srkot sad ;is: • 2
Desirable lithe= Residence for Sala
THE intbseriber offer! for eale the hones and
il l ynunds where he ntrerzer b wi z tatted h z e ParZttir.
the market th . city: neak an ri ne lot ie 140 fitront
raying beak 7.54 IK-L, to an tear er ou
lei. end ruiltrir - 7: - ra — bitme is
rgi,n'aror.grdizzan = 1 . 10,
has irine t wide, ls 14111. In Ltar bed
and most dosage mama. and hes $ limainnit Mot. sea
meal= all the mole. COUTYLLICOMIN . Two pump.. with
ontelling gayly of bard end saft oft
up at the dom.
unthe rm.. ere the nromeozy t blitlangs; atebls,
ee te Mt• Waeri tr. The groomis ars laid marniortl7 at •
lawn. coverlet with choke trait Mies. evetarcene.
drub., mirtnnta, coomberries, noetterdeNse.tee • nee+ ,
=The fruit le onto beet nod, and the km* ere in
rime, cod yield ...greet for the wants of . ordinary'
nanny. The rlmation allots property. uto salubrity and
cutout. onaloria. menbisetd with enotimaity to the 0117.
is not corpetted 07.n7 naidence in We vicinity. , It for
AOM of the 0010 River tor arm • mile. of Toyer...
n, &oath Mein tvini , g r e b . ; Pie two rims. eml the
Wile armed, firmly • Petnoreolle._ Mae.. 4 . 1
which the eye newer • Envy boat 1•10.141 eaters co
=tn.. i cr: the &do. gimes In
removed hem mi . abboy•ba• of dust, so , destamitly•
wart sod •toretatka. mil agoras • Who:ma s• gales
sod peaceful 141(1004*d fo•oco• oasts:elf Lotb•manb , T.
Tb• brtoperty win b• st aura
ar .u. l Ps••••don glum
hrorterdesln•L Sno•lriral
Bay 6ale.
.j'SELE membens of lhaFairmcrant Fire COM
, seozora i denolosse Ise .04 it it igol
• E nrulllll. Seeri.
foR,Rn-r—A Dwelling Haase min
Thad .treet. abate .m 4 neer le &candid& 'lt
nu firturen base ma. irmh bee" it. 11,111
b. tented low, ennpassesiden Oren launedisaly.
Ano—rer nen, en LA" cent /M. is the Ninth Ward.
between Peas Bawd fed
. ..
WlD r etNOTON....=.ltrzeglae. rathMeet, new!Mod.
Valuable Beal Paha "far Sale.
rsußsoluati; Wren for Selle;0112
aiorahleMthe hiltewins Real Mate, '
• cies or WU els •
Three thm then Wit elnallog hone.;
on mond sheet. nine. Mari4t and Petry Mena. the
ton s ZeMeeeallset nen .0 dem. ,
ld Inn Meat ea Mad sink eitolnlen
the Tided Pee. bytettan Crawls, on which Is mend one
hoer thin teeth bane. need as an/tenni lace, end one
two Sion nide Tenths.. . ,
No. A Twa Valeta% Beane ennehte,,Leing eta
N ewe and.....heng th en 100 ten sonetreon which la greet.
ed an Unitd Ibor tenth ehrealiten, and nue anene
trans eweiling. ell imageries We t . _
N 0... One LAMA... Denim Ban newel, omen UN
than, and to the top of the WA-
N 0... Teo teeth ad het Bon. tad =atm
than the e nd t. mart.; eel the li/g Dena.
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with len.hane aye woweeetlethest - I
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Ina that 140' voo tart a.p,
mastalnins . % ems. - on wain an mean two lame frame
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The..nat.,y e n onewied by W.?. 0. Goole.
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No. 1/. wane. In n below Tallsionlleidere.
being about Itee feet in length. a:urbane ban Water
stre to kV wain enathow to.the Tel/. • '
The One property will be sold on eery &vocable tenon
and Runt Amen. ' ...101C1 IILSIIINU, Agent
Noumea and Path cony.) '
• •
THE UNITED STATES 1107 . 1.11 .
OP 2111.1DINGIk im the earner of Wah- _
Moos sad horn stmts.. sad freattmg as the
of tbetst to the City of Pittsburgh. 'Ste I.dt fredits
ens bnatind stator,' kat feet ma Penn stmt. sad oas
Minden! sad Was feet nine Inds, on Woad:Wan stmt.
m a testa?. AetWler. Anal", a
meheArt • ' .No.loo Penn at.
• OB ISALP—Swo.Large Rio. MILL ae4 • Baer Mal ea
the Beaver Ova, with the twee". walesPkwer•
• well Impeored Farm L•ertweeemoely. 1.1"
Al" • !arm of lie .e as. 11. 01.0 rim.... WT.
Awl , . &mem to 114,90. . Ms; on• of 140 acme, on. the
Ohio lie" 6 miles below :Bearer fat 112 OM 18811,
sou acres fee $lB set eere. .Alse s il.rms of 1.60. 175. "a 96
we" for AZ per saw A 1,., I.h w 4 far SlAwsel
1 88 B
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oreAtatoo• with man? otters of Wasat
03 P.O L ii.Tirrnauctue •
hiaaraera at Law ap4,14A1 4 , 1, 1
signed afters lba ode e=nreber et valuable
lug lots, end some
Writs, n tb. Dawn% orgrathathere, ° .= near the
tae 14bi Bete* Man mad Eng lleir Lather. Chsteh.
The mad growth of Barolasheatln- popeletlaa arid
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lotabe enld, will reader them s tale and prate/gel.
reslaiaxt- Title everted. !roam Ilermreble. I
th i . 'n o r i cltlers Auf tams. envy, el the oadeedgneal
bunch. bet.e=l;l ° l77=l:l7lPrail'au. ,
Spume sad Patterson. Ws, ea their cakes' la Plam-
. isZ moos Y. XASON.
OR RENT,-The bap and commodi
atm !boom au Poen street. Oster otooptoe be
lwardEs,) With SA vatite bt ottialatwe, steed t
wool ob • bud. •Iso—litallbi Ow two ham. Exedra
ut SDW..D3, NORRIS • Ca.
opliet be Wooer et.
FOR RENT—The Dwelling House :jia
the myna of Swab and West Oce=lLely
occupied by Tboudis Arbuelde, dee d .
eu busiudietely. doodle of dollish Meg. Zudie, Wm.
LOAF SUGAR-150 bble. (ass'd Noe.) for
oe. BUBE3IDOE artram
toris Lv
Water Q .
LINSEED OIL-30 bbla (warranted pare)
mdale by J. SCLIOMII A.K.VR • CO..
. - 21 Woad O.
lb cues Dank by
myl6 • • J. 8C11001111.61[131 CO.
V OPPML&S bbbl. (oodl for tale by
aulba. ec
ALUM -50 bbla. for sale by
nun J. sciloolol4Trnt CO.
Cl —Theis Glotei aro of great utlllti ro all Ida& of
worY lama protect/0o to the hands is requlral, laa
dm, Ivo gardettag. Torking la chemicals, as. Also , an
lufellilife notedr s. - . l.rpcd hood..
olya . J. k 11.141115 M
INDIAIUMBERCOTB-4at excellent toy
i.lallagtetVOMlrisr= ialf
myl6 . at. ?mut
'MEW RIBBONB—A. A...llmsox .t.Co.,are
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or ads. vtlway owlitio eta be obt4bUt tout at your
Ow wets. ' No. 62 &titbit:Mt . mytt
VRESLPED TARLETONS- 7 -Jast received
sate =an¢ =rap= lc MIMS of Ltuw.
d rale Cflat brimmt far Hamm I.4alns.
teatime!' liquipty-aoltela so • •
111 LACK, 33.11..11AGE - for lloulTing Yeile
jtj 'riontipd st !41ii otai. or'
givit.24"Or2i*.t7lasond al • law ariee..,1 1, 7
• • - UURPIIT a emarii.L.
pA.RASOL - 811: PAR/480M! ur - cTovreeA
w71V1 5 . °,41 " r l niesethr a ancnnzurs
S-altl , tlo bbls new for ertl v e . , , ,
:INDIA RUBBER TOYS—Just received a
auforzsr.rtax.itg=rara • beau tlfal
II rut ttdrs, alls.4liminlibeorwDec.dnu..
v L ed s giltassel sugpltatatare goats, csdod oe
big sesoase ebeee assagateMS sael./jend <4 sr
grades eflasassr. stsa Osage sad SUI Warp in...
gareesaYeg a°4 se Omegas;
. 0 ant% FULL
1 - 1001- 40 lbs. (fresh) for sale by --
mys E.A.ranzteroma op.
,nittr aul rid for ell the
. tee wr. " .. • 1111.11141 S LS3.
• 1011 CORE 07 •
AMONO the munerous tiiicoverice Science
hae male to MIA mairation to lacthtate the babies
of ate, Mama Its enjoyment, and mon looked tha but
of human mateme, ,tae on be Imainlof more rig/Vida
to mankind, than this otatributlon of Chemistry to the
Heaths Art. A vast. trial of U. victim throughmit
v e t tO oo tr7, ha. amen Laical &doubt that os inadishas
or corahlnation of Meals. yet lthoula, W ao santlyaine
trot sod cure the numeromvariettes of puloomarydhasse
which have hitherto mut from our midst' thouatuaie sad
thomende merY Year. Indeed, May la so. ablaalutd rev
• son to believe • mutely has at tenth . been MIA width
can be telled on to ewe the swot datagram .halloos of
the lunge. Oar .pa. lace will not permit into POMO
2=7 Moitorhola of the mum effected 'by lla me, bat ane
Present ths Ilallonlut Mbabane of, Mathen't ma k {ad tOgio
fo r m e ', mmulry to dm droulaa which the waits Woe
nand will etas be pleased to banish free, where:a ars
fall pallmilaht, indapotable moot of these bets.'
Prom Me Prtridoef
CVCE. .AntAcrat Oilme. the alcbrand PRO.
'Jame C. Apoillts I Lave third your Chau Panora
In my men ease of aceparactol Bronclatta,and... ma il.. ed
from Its Mandel costaltatiou theta is an edmitabb .
PoolvlOir the ra haTialthd ere brableal
sf my .1,501..5e •d to la Solaria Mad helot'
service, you are at liberty. to use It strm think mem •
FM% the 'add odoSented PROF
C hem.ESS x OR 212. .
L. D., of , X
' Yale C L. olit Member of the Lib Ma. rrPTarioM
delentthe M
-Lb.m of US Ma EISSON ,
"1 demo the Cherry Pect M
no 0d le conthosition
from mate of the beet articles in the llama Med., and
very effective remedy for the slam of diadem It Le haw •
dadeon.° Nen have. pt., Nov. LOW. •
MAJOR P. 4.7711101 1 ,41 rue E C. &eel& 1121.1 •
that he hammed the Cherry Pectorelortth manderfla sues
cuss, to sun an infanonation of the lump. ,
:Prose ow ef ths Pktedefonsen - Abrise.
• •
ism, Ile.. Artil22 , .
'"Dr./. 0. Ayer, lavrell-Deer Alm / am maw martantlY
al i ger==onn i"' 'plahata. "4 =tiefe t"'
radon of many eer cam, lam COOTiZtkl cam
coughs, colds. pad damns of the haw, thmt bale pot to '
&beam all other reasedica, I invarMty recammend
me ha aims of oonswarthnhandcoliSOlOt anthem, as
remedy kronen for that diem. •
lierpirtfully mire, I: 8. CIIBIIMAN,,
Prepared and add by AY.104 PrachcatChma
tdold in Etirtiturgb,rchoisale sad 04.11. by 8.
NV:STOCK CO end I. M. TOWNBEND.• • • • • •
01%Athash alty..bllL P. acnwenrz. a. DOC.;
; ood gamrally. , jedahor2c.,,
A Valuable Improvement in Trzissee::,
rift. 'BARD'S Impro ved -Patent 'TR U uB,
.ed RUPTURE whirl •permainint
cum am b. effected. TM U Tram Jr =Web' diffrftor
form nod orforlok• of wilort from other Troves. hariMl
dl tbs adr
—.rootage, of*' mdstdated and =lkon arm.
de. Tha amain, omi be AO regolatad a/ Min wad Mgd
contarrt in the mod difficult arm of Nene; and can be
inciresed to alincet uifforor desired.. Th. Toomm Mita'
turd. and bens brought to bear immegatef mier
bofola o .WiboSi and lauding perfect readily an mbar
eon et an times. even ander Lb. oust Molont-ersteLea
ay the um of this Truss. WhFigicd 3 =f , f te •
.fal - sin= t. the. nearer la he the linear
atratunt Lor Ober' nom. or rehrfld 'Mar
Man which nin an puffer:lg ocningloo Owl iinaf,
hid Of adapted tenswen a gay A m Melding o f f
far gamma anlioted *Myna - roam to dart a tram =ay.
3,tr theradred Th is la • bed practice. nhicir 000 be
men only bf dram mho anderstatai tDa mutant of 4h.
parrs affoest to handa.
Ws would most runsxtfullytoll bra as of Err*
emu thll Teresa as Nro kmir they will amaregista
"rola, W. hare
,a variety of otha harms at the
lowest prlad. Infant 'francs kat enntaging hand .
ILLTBErt*IdeDOWILL,agen an
Jeff . • , 140 Wood nmftrei.
• DvHard's • • • te
THE SE SUPP( iTEßSereinuadedcliiertx. case of Preload. Mai. sod all lbws &t
aws where a meths do anypart to Lb. alatead=.
L muter& May to. -pet smolt to the
orsaas, sad may be worn with. eomiestAse:•The dle•
easel prcdosed by veskaeas of he m nallettae.lai
nye Prolapaie Pallor of au Bands. •IXatbre•
aegy Yalas In the Back sad Bean, laaritode sad
Yeelleuta Of IMO:rattan. Breasidas. abortaess off t l=
nip!b oil. et the /least, TAT* sad it Ataafs/ debilllty t
Ja2 : 140 Rued Plfasbazah.
~. : v.
wo o /
li /mak Mallet= lama, - Indpiend Coarartptica,
Inmatiunenak of. Thine.Geacrid.Pratratiamof thsBystma.
Den:reamed Spirits, and Gloomy Vate of htbsi, &rammed br
Dr. (Amer: Dctrace erettor Dca and aampeolllgsoadek
gine toenedlate br lemming the fountain of health
and etrenath;the
U. It nentndlees bad humors, edge
unnidural serration, and-tier halt* action to ail the
Ate mad alterative pronarties mates It necallarly arnlS
=Mete. the slender =I delicat• emstitutiOn. he do ,
male It humedlateld emuderecta thatliatrenoing sctione•
nee and Wanda no common 43 the fenalifriam, and
inmate' an anew and boomer ' sursuidng Y Mrs
era KratefuL We hare avid.= untie yid* induces us'
strongly to reonstmend tide nsedhdna m enmFriel nem&
whobsee not been biased with ofirsuing.. -
, •.
Prigs:aim Died, or Palling of the Womb. of fi rayears =ay.
diag..eured by D. Gloyakee Extractor Doekand
SermaparDia after mrs other krona tamely had bees
. .
Wall:I:MU:a, 0., Teb.111,1142. •
• ,
This artifee that tar triAtotitel fesas r hee
sada the stare eaceptsiht for fire yeas, mealy all that .
time soared Islas bd. I hare At tom7.tris =intently
eosektyed the bestow:olW Wart that oattla WPM...AAA
thle seed= of the weary, 'without ay lemon isbstrter.,
1 bon limo yorr-Sesoil miry to masrt rect=thel
W anti of snob dimness, ea of which prated itathisse.
In the •DriAif of PAS. / tree isidased b 7 oty Mei& to.
try Dr. Dayera's Yellow Doekand Berssfailies.hish tee.
used Ittr Asa mouths.' After as tad vied It for Stool Asa '
mists. it era erldisitt. b sll of as rtes as tea thrproristi.-
sal fnom this time she improved rspAilly. ant alined fray_
era etrenstb. until she is an adoring' mut excellest..!
hAtith. • . •531.,310A1DD1ff.
Ws. 3etnc neighbors to Wm. ari - Jolielionitat. knee
that lba.bore etatamenti . o en 11. •-•
lbetosad is to the esito bloc effected- bipytTeott!s
• ]LYE 1201(t.
Eoril--Ca.of O. Af r . Leonard. ,
Ittoorao 0 =vs, Dec. 1,181 g. . •
_ .
Neaten. S. P. Bennett * Clo:-0ents. Some - Cate m 164,
I em attacked with Mote Zell in otiarot; which becanie
so eve I mad twe um it, and Ur 1845 matallbcattnt'
I corploYalOat different times, each physician cridaetr"
within mr reach: all told me my arm want be intactated.
Freon the shoulder to the txrearm em fall ot runsdra
me. s(y strength at Ma time' . completely cabana. - -
ed. and my t 0.... math entaciated. I oontbuted in Ude . -
state toottl lea, When I taw as edrorthennerd (Gulag*
Wow lkoltandßarsaparilla) latch I tail. and rant ft
- bottle of the article. Unmet's Yellow Deck cod Barmy- ;
rilla eared tote; I took ne other. It;
and feltlayeelf perfectly rH bemire using the sixth
do Lied I toed It at the thst aPpearanceeof the tooled/a
am sore it wookl have coved me from rtare of Pa/n stet j
eat:boring. 1 moot earnestly recommend every pew=
faring tinder any shillar dlsoue, to two Garsett),Velloie 17,
Doak end Eereapatilla, width restore Oleo to
,Yours. m gratitude. ' 0. AL. LEON /111 D.
ekro of an aggravated care of lErynpolan - •
The cnrei Pektrroset by Dr. Gwyectra eirartof YelilW '-
Dock and Bereanseilla, &retesting. The patient's Mena
hautb to 1112116T0 aft or dime. I. reauneel
Corea 111.11 not amid& enid time has lally tasted 0%4'
there can be rm ream or return of the disease.
• Warw.. Iterklater co, gebisery, 1 'SA;
8. P. Bennett Cog—Oonta :It iswitligreat plessurethat •
I irks you about the Ten.
_happy effects 14 your Tallow
Dock and sahagactus upon my. eon, who hcothAginnis OA.
Gutag nod.i that eireidtut and loathsome dim.,
my with WkliCia bo was attacked in end was kw kers
al months attended by sunaut our beat PhYakimsai'who
_sled tbs. aklll renvereeturly ihr +Or r e
T o mairodal renal. whatever. IL Waits valued to • per-
hot tkricton Its bad ulnas Does his hip to hie
Isiah vas continually disbarring dhanstinglY ottetairn
matter. Medical mat suckal skil: was ladled. Phis: dam :...
aid that his 'es. sr. hopeless: Oars maid b. nothing ::
acme to erred thew terrible onitimtiog oienr‘BlY .Igh•
haw mai myself. thronat dill dheolution 'near it hand.
One of my naighbOreisrho EMI eased a, chili of Asada
with Year knalnable martian) wished am hi make trial at
it :. and, mane from therattlees dad. to do essacthing while
Ilk lasted, the. Dom any hops orgettingre/kg tpNcurrd
threa bottles of yons Yellow Dank and 5ar...111,, and
commenced .tin
tier ng it: and. to my astonishment began(
to Impro:re bane had need the third halite; and belbte
ho had used *halt dozen bottle* ho could' walk ont:-!lie
cued in all twatta bottles docchng ths year 1848. and by - Ca'
Reber last ha yes iiirtbetly . testonst ' propi , radial, of t -
dimmer, except the Ican.. ta ho
perfect health at the Nun. Ginn t att
the tgestioe of God, Is entisely owing to the time of
Yellow Dock and EaraaparlDa; atidiaoara you that / fact "
nitssit on , d. Mat Obligate. to you. and It iswlthgreat
icy that I Ingynn you nf what your hatingeeDli hat don.
San by J. D. Palm (roseesser to Banter! t Put.) renitta
aad stmts. Caoelslonll, Ohio, Genera Agent kk the
South any West. to whom ail mien most be aliment
J. SW A Co. B. lahnostoek k 00. A. A. A.* 1...
Stan Plttikbanri4 Lei A.. Beelanon, Allegheny Cl.ty;
1.. T. Itanall..W.daastan I- IL Bon**. raloatown. IL
We/IY. GuentshostillL lgesents,6ol2.l6# Soon t Gllonse;
lledfork, Reed A Bon. linntlasoion:MriOtt.ll./lldsTsbong
Illkletaand Co-. Indiana; I. K. Wright. Hillannnnin
Dee k tk..}lesoksibr. A. Wilton A Sag WsYstehnee
Surmlaa a Co. Y. aikaael, .31esaAlk Isonok t On
tale: Onibaszt A Totter. Moran Jaws. Welly ACA it
la; B. SMtb. Beam; J. O. kmametion. Women S. 4 a C.
Ifar'Prici-41 per Bottle; Ss Boltleo for
• . _ • Poser Preaaart:Vi..,Ort.4o/g.
111. IL B. 131.13—0 f Vemdfuge,l vIIMIRGA •
hreftehro that. haring cued it arteutral to toy yraollor
lar the last tour or are pram I think' It dierldallY Mr WA.
erryaratlon a( the grad nr,whicb / hare larcarlaler. ,
arthough I hare herrtolopareed the
*Um caoulbetUral. 'Yoh. teepee,(,
Prrtarrd sad sold hyaVr'r ra' 6l ar r y Cn. „, l l -1 :'
sole br druestria "Zia"
Jt7ST opemn - i - sery excellent taw ent
of Mw TILL cwaa& st. from oto in nformnt
to *imp .
Hamel clooko. f0r0.50 oub. and Inmate .
o—olmay ono.; to put on. lo every ratan • r.
, . W. Wi1..50N itarturt - st.. • .•
tarn • num ofVont.; .•
Bonnets! Runts! - • - '
DECD TB'S -MORKING; - I,44.ibipmg— , -
6 cases, embracing &lithe Delimit and moat desirable
• A eery lasa k isortmenta CbUdreee Gleam feacirli=>. 3
ahon -The attention et innehosere hrTerecnbudylnvited bathe
rmi) A- A. MASON C°. '
11 W. W. WILSON, Watch raker,.
No. 67 ..literket, Corner of Fourth i.. liltsbursk
JU , Sam NUluey gar, staalt ai
Wags= 7
11Tate=1.. x ixt1 arat . tft7b_
ItinakicabTs coati 'ne-
itiate work manual In • Meet. o
Wr _
Cam ba. Ettalitin and lreactorarkentrn
41 AY BASES - 40 doz. for ogle by
axuat,. /or oak
ereefil Ind TINIIII%.