The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, June 05, 1851, Image 1

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Praiamak may AN WEEKLY. sr
1, TM. 'wzrmi -
' 97ns oa
Tmxi . ..sTarrr, tai :ma To To roe CCMCII
DAILY-4evetidolhire sr einem. mg& bat 'arty.
dtz Dollar if prOje ofrattee.
WEEKLY—Thu deUrs perstram,. to Mears. Mier
I:tlll. l trAVA . ll . 2 . l . .t=ottur eo
... neltkort . :0.
Truer weir
The packet for each Club to be skinned To one mem
res tole pal Ittertablr ulnae. No gob Purr edit
7770 sent after the year expires, miler the taooeyb rut for
OnaNara CIO Dues of liaparell or less)
one Iranian_ 0 50
end, eddltleinarinartion.. 0 25
Do. =a week. . 1
Do. three 400
Do. : four months 10 00 Do. fla •
, • Do twelve montg....- 1 .. .6 00
Iltendlng Cards, (51Inee or lea. Der . 3,0002 -4 0
Donor for reds edditional Doe.
Ono unarm. ebantnsable at Tleanire (per an.
. nu) eselosive of the —.3 00
- Tar sub sdd c lrl mare. Inserted men one sontn, sod
tor eat, edditt I snare loser:al under the, rani nay
• 'AdvaDentente evading *gam and not Door Men
tree, to be ebarged se a sonars and a halt
la labor,, tot la.:mutable fa lea] edvertlnrants be-
7pndlfor to
to be &argot
• •Advertlaumerde not marked en the copy oi .P.<16.1
' numb= of ineertioria, will be condoned tin forbid, end Per
: mad exaoted accontlisely.
Tbo privilege of gnu nelederortleers le etrictlj Italia! to
. theta ono imandlatetessinceez .6 all edemtleem.t. for
. thetencrit of other Pimeons. smell as all advertisement. nut
itossailately rout eMed edth their own businea, and
L asse li lo u f , edrortiorMen. ts, in length or ot
u hemelee, boe
eC. ImP GL i r
. ea each- =iii.ti l re be gr d , 1,4 arged t
will be separe.4:
• eladered, said pnimptpayment is (Imbed. •
All ad ”rtistonsete tor charitable limn .tt. fire
; • perdee,,rani, dowaship, and otheepoldia-meelinvk and
such like, to be charged load prim, payable strictly in *A
=ifitie notion
Death ntim ine hh Ch hon ch a cen ge ts ,• .
milete tunamg
tiled :
by thous& Indianan.. obituary makes. erben
to 'accompanied to be pall for. , •
lieguleredrertimrs..44ll others ending comanualca.
or requisites loggia d.gned to call attention to
Palm, &frees, Cononte. . Any publio. entortahnoents,
eau. champs itrentede for admittance-411 notkee Of Pl.
• trete famelatioin—erery nodes designed to call atteutton to
perste enterprise., calcolaMd or inthaded DIPMG42I
etiinellutereet, can only he it:wetted erith the anderstand
leg that the MILIMi le tube pet 6 Pah •, If Wended to be lee
mud in the kcal column, the gum gib be charged at the
• stoat not lee than 10 mute per Iln.. •
-Ebb* tm sir Nutters to be charged tilde nth.
integre License Petitions 11.2 each. - • •
/teal Estate Agents . and doctioneergedratteemenbi not
tot. thesed med. yearly rat., but to to &Moved a dis
count o
ICl f thi bi l&tinse and ono third per cent. tuns Ate
tram em-niersir Dlit.i urns.
Orti flociaro, three hisertieng—....lll
.APriartsmontin gam 70111:
.103" (10 11110 A) OW 1112q1.10.....- -60 mote.
Do. _ . each additional ineettlon--21
AU Insulial advartisemente 1.0 be said, in drams.
TOS. WEAVER, Attorney at LAW, Fourth
0- Enrol, sett the Blayer's Mee. fittetenlrh,Pe• Cal•
ide= t 4 promptly. • zeilzbAkz
11:10.7 011,2118 . .=
of ttaloathan. PO_ I . (Lat. at;ladisaa Pa
LIPILAISIT .T.A.YLOR, -Ataatneya .at
law—Olka on Fcicatt. eases, Na.l3234,betnextirad
Etattatit44 weep,. pilitabarab. Pa. , .. •
-N. IL-8...D. (4)pasat Caaua •^ ee kip). !Data at
mammal a. caw=
SLUNN ,!b:•OO.II,LER,. AUortkeya at Law—
°ace 03 ro.t.t. ethet, Aare flmltlrfalda .!•
i t t W. F. WHITE, Attorney at -Law—Of
= j i g. on ling . gave , I.l2lolr . r9l.lriArthazi . Bullt.
ItAItitISON'SEWELL, Attorzte at Late
eVOhiea mato Htote Ooto modo, lookoox tstlag
: fi tt t of Doa. ootlL~ ,ate
iri= st Low sad Basl Mate Agsats. las
Al ES J. KUHN, 'Attorney at. Law office,
HANCIS C. FLANDECZ - Attomey At Law,
No. ITOStartla Etreet, Vlttilmarch.
" • Atturliey4 lit Law
Na 110 Fourth stmt. Pltt ' alnunds. •
;co;2n4nto iii . l U ; m ;x.k
sanaltbgit. I7 at
DWARD P: JONES, Attorney at Law:
.offlat Cu Fan th suest, betreesOirc,ol ud Zadsh-
TaEoRGE - ..E: ARNOLD & CO.; 'Bankers:
•11.1 i laiikr, In 'atobssere, Cole. Daub • NOLL 'lOe No.ll
Ihrarth =roe: in= *clot. On Bet* of Pittsburgh. Col.
Isetlosse ourefelle utensil/1, to, gel the room& remitted to,
eat pat otthe bola.
to COM].
AEL. WILLIAMS • & CO., Bankers
and 3..bange Braker% North East <armor of Wool
Ana •' -
All transactions =Ms en liberal terms, sod seasSislis
Onsmotir amended is.
-112 D. KING, Banker 111;d Exehinge Broker,
YOooor 1d.4 8111. th• etmet., be Hank .
Stook. bought N t
otes. Bills of Its-
Tbe L 1 beetaterket Tatar pskt in premium tor Amerk.
Balt sad Meek. =I Escoist Dollars. MA.
M. LARIMER, JR., Banker and Broker,
V.V 4th Wed, No.C4S. adjoininzttu Bank of Attaurgla.
I•7ILEINS,A CO, Exchange Brokers,
Booth East Comas Thlriasal liar sualata Al!
arta t. =at liberal rates.
ItHOLMES SON, Dealers in Foteign
• awl Nomadic of Exchanta, Cart:Munn of Dan
11=E Notes sad Emir,. No. 09 Market atrect, Pitl•-
"IMCallectinna made cm all the principal dila
tha United Stun.
.4An Brokaw
_Dealer. In ParrigiTLlnk.nnials
AdCAROTHERS & CO.; Banking Howe,
.8a is Wood street, Pittabh.. Carrea Warr re
m Armen.. Galleetkens on all Ohs sedneined
nitles of Um United Statm.
I .1i•il . • , .
•- •• -
ri.tottgrt... • HANNA. & CO...Successors to
L •, llama Co, Basonan•rscsoman Haman
. - deism fa random and nmssitsEutmoKs, Cattdeafes
of Damitjlazia Notes, and Beeclo—nottla Wed corner ad
Wood and Mira areeta. Curran Money isselead on Do
- malt: died Cheek" for We. and eolleetammensda cm war.
17 all timainelpal manta of Ins tinned Nana
i k ao 440ad'PoadoOf Pa/d for Fonda! and Amadeus
An:Manna =dams eonsistunarts of realaons ad.
W. TAYLOR, Connandonar and Bill
gut Beater; TM Ilaread street: atria attlesstlect wil b.
0111 i ILO all business entrained to by tax ittrlabarsit
asansetserared articles alsraai v ra , baad or procaral at sheet
matica.• Nan, Bondi. negatlated ea hear.
able lama, Ativaares =eta mare& , cc=
joil):ta :4 A ir4:1:111:111 U11:9 ki (1):1:4:01
I ,C. STOL'KTON; late Johnston & Stock
:- Dook:Iler, Stationer Printer, 4.126 Mader, eon
r.lett" B. HOLMES' Cheap Literszy Depot,
eebeet. emcee, 0.. PortMoi. Now gooks,,.
th = or ws r 44 ,.. lx= 4 7 . Mat ra =
Itrnist •
12 HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stationer,
JA• No. 78 Fourth street. Asa° 11111111 rigs.
LLE4J:1111.1; I 'KIN :II :0 1 1 0); II :
nAVID BOWN, JR.. Wholesale and . Belall
11 lister and Cnkeil/0320r,S1Postith rtmtPillsbwzb.
0 1 Cake& Too CININEUVUII.I7. ahrars 00 band.
All orlon sicartnally V 1.444 to. . . -.
W WOLINTOCK; Ataanfactarer and Irct
.l.7,„A=af em .u. o i n mat. eta= &at Trim
email Noad &T - T.r.ho." N.SS Nowt',
tor 0 I I 14:10)...t.1
. 'pp. W. - POINDEXTER, cornefof Water and
Xt. Market atrets. PittsbA , Como awn To*
VIIIDLYO Roma, and for the am mut sale of llam,
•Wedarn Produce, him, Nails. lam, and Um mannfachand
stiSciaa or 140.0=0mm4.
Al —lwmt Inr alaa isle of ?v 4 .
Raver a 0b.,,t 1. *lb
Mies celebrated Mamma andllay Fork& at P
plat; and Jentlim *Caa mperim , Tooke SaarV f tl.
C A. • MeANULTY -&'CO=Transpo.r, r ..i' a. vas th Anu arm. ' Pit a' 154 7 1 ' 44 ' 15,7,6"'
gyaCnuatilnlon , Nerd:m.4, No. CI Wat,r ,
ung. H.JOHNSTON, Forwairding • and
v - commvisoo hivookt. No. 112 l om er 42,4,
•.I " ' .
KARDY, TONES dt - C0., , &comma to At
sad, Jams k Co. Commtsion sad Formsllsenss.
&Wen In Pittstnustt Msantsetaysl Goods.
jiC.. SHACKLETT CO—Wholesale
Dnuar tt. tmi e 1.0 Doxmatla Drpfloca..
I. L.7/Wox k co. rms.. ir - OV. arntost ilt oa. Yam*.
lA. MAON .t CO., Wholesale and Retail
Dealffs in hum , end Staple Dry Giiidn,•62lterket
i!NE .... 020.
nd t
a it.til
streets. Pi l Dir Ornd. Mete/unto, carnal of Fourth
Ye ttabuah.
trourr.. rearm- cosmos.
Fruni.ELEMING Commifferion
s.4= tho'salo of Domootle. Woolen, sod
Gocalr. elm, dealers to oil kiwis. of Tallone Tema.
119 Wood Om; fourth tor ft= Fifth; Pitt..
MtMst. D. UUNT , Dentist, Corner or, Fourth
. nmatarat.. bamm mutat ,M 7aststn.U.
FW.WILSON, Watches, Jewel? y, Silver
Wm. aad 2 icuurz Goods,_carnor or Market tad
loath Piltfftrith.. N. 74-49 =Mods
: tr, I:
M. AT I M r rw s g 17.
Da.. o. t cam.]
LE • •
to Kea rd 11.eyaer,) Whalen's ' • •
yttouStore, menu of Wood • eel'
Physkaaroe pree....eipticoa carefu ll y
KIDD a; CO., Wholesale it
• era lu o ir h. :ll2A,olls.Tagfre.. e i rid
et Illa. and Lung' Byrup: Nip. GO, ...
fourth ream, Pillaburgia. Order. b•
and forearde•l dlauaoh.
M,. E. SELLERS," Who'Eisele Dealer in
Mil 1
111 T 41= FrtAta a ll: " ti"
Priors law'
Q ,NOVICKERSHAM, WhOlesitie Druggist
and' [Maier
R in gents and AzTicidtural Implanknnta
lioa. 164 and 166 azi etreet, emus or Ertl,
RAUN & REITER, wji;;l:eale and Retail
Ilturega. Darner of Ltheity .Fd Ft. Cta U-
As., ?F
LL.. Pa. • .
or gists. 740. 111 Wood st... Pittabutel.
. NILSOn,IPhDI e e rocers rind
• • • Comm.ooJon Ilerchnom duto 03r 00.1. of Do
Patt's Powder, No.llo Bemod,uad lir Front Mu 00,
T L. SHPE, Wholesale Ciro . r, 'Commission
CV • a nd
end dealer in Paper olald }Lea, corner of
Peor, and Irwin sidecte, Pitleburrh. I
SAMUEL P, SHRIVER, liVholesalo Oro
40 'nes. Prolisee sad Conualaion *ragas,sad' Dell.
era in l'ittiburyn Bisinainnansi saila2
neamill stmt. betneen Waal and Soil • field. Pittsburab.
J Pa. OHN WATT CO., Wholesale Grocers,
? Corcuarraiou Morrboab, put Dade. to Produce etul
ttabourtr dienufaktorra, ldbortp erect. Me'
AB. CANFIELD, late of iVarren, Ohio,
• Commitalon and Forwarding Moyollant, and Whole.
Deal. In Western Reser. thozita SMUT, Pot aml
Pearl ith, and Weltent Produce generally. Wan. stn.;
betnien Smithfield and Wood, Minh h.
a amax..s...-1. a. arartaa.a...J..w. S. 11,111.1 f..
WATERMAN & SONS, Wholemile
14. Gaza." Oaaroassiaa sad Farlardlng
la all lamb of Prods.. and Pla,b a r = ,o ur gi
!lw.bban j""k" V °4 Wetge c ' aa,.. ' 4 44, 1 ' I 80
Fete. MAN:ma,
we Groom. Porwerdlog and 00611911.311 lleretr•
oars, peelers la Pittebmirtt efeourectoree our! {rerun:,
Produce, N 0.38, corner of Croat street end Chancery Lane,
Pftteturtito I
SAIAJI DICKEY & CO., 1117holesale
NGLISII k BENNETT, hate English,
Co.,lll2.lesele (lieeet,Coneten and
gawarbog Merchant. WO betakes ;In , Proinee and Ilttw
Wenn Uanntatiotnes. So. 12— . ` &toad et- awl 121 Vint et,
between Wool and dtaltbdeld.
Inn Mama. tantalYa.—.C. as9ralson, Mr=Um
& , Wholesale
Grown, stol lot • • of Maw st3d
No. = coraor of • sod twin IttnoooL. Pitta
loo&ro. Iron, lions, Cis tan ono, to , constantly
• .rocs rau......10w A ceom-...4.raacrc c. sot.
'GILLS fr. - ROE Wholesale Grocers and
Commtscb. NI , . • • N. herb aiecc.
OBERT IIIOORF., Wh*sole Grocer,
IteeritrtieDlstlller.ldealor In Produce, PittAntreb
tandem, and DO kW& of Falefen and Damestbri
Winesand Ulnae% he. 343 Liberty meet- On band
`4% CZ 14, fi M T r ?I4 l/ ango o h o l .Whi•kay,
HLOBEB.T DdLZEIJ - & 00., Wholesale
- ilzu—• Oumisilssiou Merchants. , desks La Proluce
Pittsburgh lluitutostusort 310 203 Lfiserty stmt.
t i.
Gross; Produce, I" g. aa♦d Ossussisidua 31,-
4 sal Amiss In Plits h ALluzifsctuscs. Nti. SS
Liberty stmt. PittsbusTb. .
vs. assists, .....— Ix s. crAcall.K.
R. K. 90.1,10 —.. ......1.14.1 . 13 s•oatn. .
WI 1. BAGALEY • CO., ,Vholesale Oro.
P 7 errs. 31..18 and 20 • 00l sizes:, Pittsbures. -
wt.. Wcannuns.
successors to
k. J. D. Wick, Wholesala Ufa, Yuma:COS
and Connalwien Marehanta. anion In Iron. Naha. Ulaaa,
Cotton Yarns. and • • h t Waroxi=es
=nor of Wood and Water ••
o, litta . We'"4l4.
• .017LBERTSON CLOD E, Wholesale
uoe7ail Pittabt blanuf.lnd '' rlttes. lireberty
/tD. WILLIAob7, Wholesale and
• AIELLO ?mil Chown, Fornzettoef and I:coml.:don
hanes. god Let Cannery Pnipoe wad Ptustrorefte
. Ilaxtedeetuesi, corner of Wood and Nap eta, Pittobeenb..
zoos, torosore......feroe. 1.1111.1
& 255
Libertriami. Ilttaburab. Wll4.ala Omn, Yro.
ne• and Onamlnalon Itcrrilanta, and dealers in htisburgh
• ..... - -•••-• -•
R. FLOYD, Wholcsale .. Ttrocera, Cern
• Er.lsdon Merchants. and Damian In Padua —Ronad
!lib Buildings. &dating on Warty, Wood. and Sixth
street., Pitisbarah. Pa.
Jorirr PARKER A CO.,
WI liquor.
Old M.
o.,.netxd'E=VlsbY—N. ils!V , wwwwlg Dam
LI - L'y wt. Iltuburgb.
of 4 NTl:kest.4
JOHN IL MELLOR, Dealer is Piano Fortes,
Musk, sad Musical butroxerpts, fleheol 800k5...1
t r.. ...t t. ,,k , ..;%„=4.117:37 .. att 1 izte Foam tar
LIMEY SLEBER, Dealer in Music, Mu
st.sirustnass=o4 c
Lawns,. r nails. it2tNi.
neoc caurant..—:.—Arno tares— —4-teuA. sermon&
1110 N CITY..TACK FACTORY.—The eatr
sellers Utanutlseturis and keep sonsiantly on hand .11
Errs of Task& Brs4a,anst Sparablam Finlatsbes, Clout, and
idob Esau tine Blued Dour Barrel and Latblnu bads.
Coner liana and Tsar, Barra' Balls; Kopper and Mae
&boa Nal* Mont Makers' Pointe, Iltrets assorted sisso,
Go. eta, dc. CAMPBELL, CIIM6 t CO.,
staler , Marabous& 19 if &ter st e Plttaborgb.
ENNEDY, CHILDS lb a., Mannfactri-
L rers of y •• -•
... 44 neetlet. Carper Clubs,
MAO /ONE, F. iti".
'ONES etiiiiißricainn - fricturcre of S rang
ilant Bilster Mind. Plough Bk.]. Etna PkrniLt ,n 'tn
denim in rnallrelatlnns, Ard.=Lalapo, an 4
en.nn Trisnol., Me:ally. corner at am and plant
imrt I=l.l4titil:V e Zet
Naa MI Warr rL. below retry.
pit v :4 :V.TETI Eltil
WALTER P. MARSHALL, Succesmor to
&amt ff. 11111.-43 led and.limier in French
wad Andefisan Yam end Darden, Window
Etudes. rm. ik.wo Pent., Auo—wFitths, nindinf,
W.Widlic Paw,Wood greet, bagmanm
and Diamond alla.. Pltiaborrab i P. roam
OBERT MORRIS, Tea and Wine 2der
wm. A. M'CLUEO g CO., Grocen: and
ea Deal_ ,er, 2.56 Li berL7
LanLanabr T m band • lane sasortmeMArabok.
sad lbw Tesdt. Alm—Yareign haft. 0.4 Nut.. Who!.
dab sod Midi. Midas tapplied on the lowest tam..
OHM A. CAUGHLT, Agent for the Lake -
Ws led Mkhlipn Llue. to Beam 'end tbe Luta.—
on the muster or Watur and eutithe,kt .t..
LEECH & CO., Transporters by Canal
sad Fo l. rmatliajg Ittarchswo, =mar of Pena stmt
the Phaa
A.BROWN moetrespeCtfollyinfolin,
theptibilettest he kap on baud stlitistand ou the nut
•of the Diansnid, Allegheny city. • antoplen smortment
of Venitlan bilintin also Teultlan Shutters *remade to order
in the bet varrsneed equal to illy in the Milled
BMWs: - Ills Bands an be removed without the ant of •
term drier, Flawing purchased the stoch,.tools, Obi W.Oll
of the cabinet establishment of Runny k McClellan& tam
Erto furnish their old customers. as well as the pub.
br i nge,elth every thing in their firm
Amfio. b Wood stmt. Pittsburgh. r
;7.1v:44:C140 vjeWtlerja.tyvm:4l:( e
ulerece—Reeldenee, corner of Third street and 1.1.
on. Allegheny.
11.—Llnie, Band. Mortar. Lath. At.. for tele.
ADAM HARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon, late
tram Edinburgh, Seal:mid, would reMeetrull7
nt U. public that he b. commence!! reeks in the
"r• grgfemiclig aS, by careful attecticrt In wherever is
antrngwl to him, he bum, to glee netlehletion.
In connect/cc with rums Hardie. Ilnrso hboeleg aad
Bleetwalthiew in genteel will lie marled cm at the corner
of.lottnel Mem end gennerlrania Avenue..
AM ' reel' AT.V;Zpgr.b.'`'" of
Qk W. HARIIAUGII, Wool Merchants,
Deahrol6ll666 an6:Proauca u■ md=-
64.edingarm6 , 4nn mr , lkante, No. 115 yir“
and 116 nrort.l66.4bus2ll.
[4.loN.Al43l i tarti#4: OG
EVILLE . JOHNSON; Engraver on WOOa,
Philo Hall. (third atom) Pitteharalt, o f
ding. Machinery. Maki of
Dm Label, la anion. Mae for Mena cia. Ice
niatimaanitasaccdatictiinCotlan Mann:Lac-la the trot alit•
af art. and at the !sorest riors.
le Ertabliohmeat, Third strati. OpPOdito the Post
littearab._llato,Osandssaass. Portraits, Atm 61W, BLIftieads, Matta , Bond. Labels; Arshitsetaral sad Matthias
Drassirtar, Mainers and lasitlna Cards, 4,... , 1 . ..5al or
drawn an Btaas. and ;Misted In cobra, %Wigs Mroaee. or
Maasla the =at 'Moved stlah tad at Monad mato ,
alkyds& • lwaas
OGAN,po ra an
Wboksal• Dale. ID Ilarrar• and CratlerT, No. 12)
oad rivet. Pittsbursrb.
CO., Wholesale
of Wblt. Lood,_Bod
Front stasWilra-
S'accessors to
/1115010X11- . , . ... . G. DMA.,
JOHN FITZSINIONS — & 7"eb. Mannfacta
reno of FLTIcf and Oftllght GLASS,HOULDS. and all
ds of MACULNEAY, take tgd.
those &drone of hating deli work done, that they do
yo.pared to do It thetb• loweert possible, data at the dott
ed note, and lo
t tr manter, at their establistreo4
Ik' Verlie=for Bias ' It Sa C tri
and .al e rt
Woo.«ti mono.
anted at the ehortest nigh., and at the lowed price.—
All kinds of Jobbing done on abort notice.'
ieot uml Virgin alley.
d night and
frUggists: Deld
and huanaanante
parnar W°.' 2‘Cacal and .
II be confab' Doak.
IR' They ere vre;orlot to eneente
Gut Fitting on the el:attest ote
nn and most reseonoblo tome. (meh7lf
• Wegner, Buechler & ffi r's
TIIE ABOVE FIRM respectfu y announce
to their Mende wad the Public j: th ef t a ' a n
aro prep:ant to execute. in the lint rule rh
andP.m even Cud.. pine. Liiitiontar e a thi. B
and Frolleutional CAM., 31ePe, Cherie Lunn t.
Their emtatillehmentls at no. GB et.
mind the Fourth streete, Market M stain, web f
wre n
Bolivar Fire Brick Man Co p'y.
SAS. MOTU t M. r. lUIetL n. L axe,
lIE y
SUBSCRIBERS, havn been
keep d nstautl A s nbana th pp abv the m ra n ed r ßolvr
firoßrick,CruclidelimCiay,lurnares Ileartheandlowells.
They are aim prepared to receive orders for mid Brick to
pmadero in elm and shape to milt mud:mean. which shell
be no t bed
Re do deem it here e.rj to enumerate the many d
ual:doges the Bolivar lire stria Rumenover &Bothers:hat
have been offered for tale In th e United State., their mpe
1411'1firil.4TIZUproprietorT have Pr it7er ° l Wa n t the
Belch shall lose none of their p ut mutable reputation.
and that no expense shall be armed to make them even
hatter than they ham heretofore been. Thle is the only
establishment now manufsauring Fire Brick at Bolivar.
nich7 Canal IlasimPereutb st,PlttablirSh.
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tabe Works.
TIIE undersigned have just completed their
sad us stow maxtufwtolin, all Am of GMEI PIPS, Lo
oomotiro and otbor Flaw. lad 3.1.1 Blass of
Ittdch they odes kw tate et the lowed pd.. They et
now hrepared to execute mina, to any exteut. without do
lay. BPANG & 00.
Nu:9l and W tat t,
WILMARTH k NOBLE—City Flouring
V Na 60 Liberty ter af Aduag st. Pittsburgh.
N/CHOLAS VIVIAN, Civil Engineer,
nr.naiatrialn, and Practical Mining' Agra. ma +
ralN i or icr
i kha Par i rloadiffor m d:flg
lband beticlTlO A. M. and 0 P. H., it Ma itordenac i NaN 21
litartotry stmt. Pirtalmirolt. }.Hindi}'
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i] MADEIRA, Agent for Delaware Mn-
GARDINER COFFIN, Agent for FnuAlin
ermlin.T. Darin east corner of Ward
. .
GLENN. Booe Burma. Wood Street,
rr ..nowt trom th coral of MAI, irturn t.
to do. very doserlpLon of r aladiltil with ocatne.
itun clertsbtlity. Rant Book. ruled to soy patent, Lod
bound intbotantlolly. Boot. to Human, or old tKoto
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M'CORD &.Deis,
and Retail
cornr_r W ctat aml fifth streets, Klstat4a L h. _Who? c.De Dad
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ofk, • r•il awl taattrhas Mtk 2101
ofTtoI,T .04 ~".y.'ff
W ant: l. tram Ulu that altar trill tell ea the mmt rata.
tattoo. U..
WM. DIGBY, Merchant Tailor Draper,
TT sag Deal. In Gently Made Clothing. 13 Mem, ot..
Nei" Coach Factory—Allegheny.
M. A. WI LITE & CO. would re
rpeottall• Wass thwe puirlia l that - Owl ham
woon Lonely between Tmleyal and Nandusky
Omen , They ale no. making and ane tortured to twelve
ordersOm every duseeptionuf vehicles. Oembee, Chartost
ilarmichea BMW., Phwtona anw which, from their
tang egged/no in the manufacture of the above work,
and the theillUes they have, they teat maddenthey ant
tabled to do work en the moat remionahle terms ` an
that wanting ankles in their line.
Paritur putionlar attention to the eelection of material.,
and loom; mem rut ecampeterit wort., they hat.
howitation in warranting their wort. Iv therefore io.k t L.
atteotton of the public to Ode matter.
h. 8. KnAlrthir.len. la the ton Manner. and on the
gA GL E MARBLE WORKS, (established
trib o r A KD t aZiti , W . ll ; JCllS, if , o. 164 literea ri t
Vaults. Veal" flohlttooes, aelTantel =.7.); ' , and
Pb.,. Tom, alernee on hand. end mad. [oath,
N. 71. d engirt wheel. of Drnerisus not nand. alO
Corner of Third and Melo< street. Ti,.ad,
Iturthutkes of the kind In illestrargb.
Fur...m-4a Flemming. Medial 1 the
Science of Account.
ettanabMilii„ Pram= of Teuttaamhlp4lnroansii•
Computation, As
Alex. Watson, Zap, Lecturer an Commenefal Lay.
Time* &den, • complete Mareledge f • k.k
mai Ito appiimdmiti 40 00047 4700th.
pot anal rapid petuonetdp. are Invited u, and exam.
me the arnmenatuu.
Leentim co Lounner,Mi lam 40,017 )440:0401 . arerdim.
Itellmensa to any of Ma, maident city merehante. ola=
grAnus F ED 1832, by EDMUND
U, ILf. Leal . jINS, N 0
00d t:
v 2 , 15 b Liberty et--;
... .a.:::Li.2l .4i usil ..d Varl2 o.e ks r : ..m.
Sr.. ilantlojleers, Center sod l'isl•Ta,
. ~;,
L anket v.. x
A .11 ,,,,... .0t0k5. , a0l 5t 4r 0 b„..... .07 redosof
• • . Brarcasr.
. :f • -----.-----= -
.airc. impo•d ; :.-. I
I' rout 1t417, • 1 7- - ---,
1 1
L ,i 1
- 112
Dom Ilarinor Dearly Clark Tieman,Tsio.
Doti Judge Wilkins John I tarper...Q•
Wm. Dahlman, ir., jterr, Kea, Assigned.
Zak. Border, Tao. Cheri a .— tone. Dram.
Pittaborigh Ammer • • Maim, do.
J. IL tilmesberger. F. HID • Corry. do.
Wilmn iiCOll A Nam; do.
Robert Esq. Wm. Bagaley t Co.
Jos. McKnight...CAL Deming. D. T. Doman !Co.
ropy ham. Adam& hhoddm it Co /mires
Lotb Pao. .
Di W. Dela grateful for the nery Allegheny liberal plaro=lll. to
aired doting glut.. yews in this Min hodtM
largest and bed job entzsurted to DU care mi to the tessera
time, sod MD selfsame to model listlefsetionAmmillar.
Bennett's linmoanromatie Depository,
MAT 1---Neet Paltallo=te:thrdea of Oat/ache.
sad the - Oratetary of
7. w.
tenant, Wandsouis r 99 Thioz street.
J. .W. ion., ully Informs his Mends and
nudenen that he hasten ennpleted the largest
and Cant stock of household furniture ner Wont seen in
els alt 7. es he be determined to acmes the quality .11.9
nelleeniened mania* ben wortnosnahlp, and taevort &-
also; .red Irma the extent of hi. ceders and feolllly La
atenufactating. he n nabbed to produce 1,11/TaSto fund.
tan, at Menne. nine
Ile hee adopted - V. ptlnelple of Identifying the <lunar
nisi Wenn nab_ hie my. In quality end Prin. 0.4 keep
fri . set T w iny of nerl o dizilpt/ort
gent sod aciallfthat • 41i ' ite, or :my pare of mu. neiT
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.sUi , ti ,, , , or .. ccanufacturet tb l to
Cages of hie entabllabment y follont ol tL. Zt
ankles mond. In tart, of h t a oak, *Wail. riches.. of
=and Minh cannot be careened In any of the ZaStrah
Idiot. drawing, dining. sad bulvoom chairs, of dery
Twisty, conalsting of rcesmed. mahogany sad
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illsabstben ouservards• and tam Charm of ems,' dell.
eriptloo; Catches, Totadets and Divans of the ideal
Yoder. and American riattand Tatham, trbadroto, ad
parlor Writing Desks of various Muds, Wort Table.
smil fancy Ward' dads, musk stands, and ticklers. ramble
FT. ..hood nummed waldt ed. sad out. ta.
Ms& • dining Ladd all des of die most Unproved,
and dankledly tiles b e st kind made, ad....db.:m ball an d
sludsohes, resided. and washstands of mob a
adortmenh gothic bdi mid parlor gumption ober.,
egi'aand +Coda...mat., and eases, ids Loyd.,
deem, towel pock., astir dds. aad 011de Iltorda. crib
and cots children: piper sortie, table mid Ma poo.l
inabordr, rosewbod. sod Wald odd Table; So. A.. ao.
A ism assortment of tammois Mind tors and .Wltalsor
Cridia Cabinet imams supplied old di added in toed
dtrazoboats and Hotels,huddled al. Um stunted mace.
whirrs pronlyilr attinded to.
.)Attarney at Lew. N. , U 3 Third “'"r"
baying titztle arrangement. for UM Inman, wi.L
procure Bounty Lau for atm,. nd etddltteentinlY
idows and children. arti will attend a
to any 9 0 " , 31 , tt
Ow, coonected with the zorenuttent or .7n.fits...Duart
-Illiellite. the Petition °Mai. or the °curls at . '
re. 27. tt
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting — in Oil.
E. D. K. SMITH it now prepared to give
Instruction to a forpupils In the different brancturs
Abiligtittul art. at lois rooms, In Means. Oro ik
Atlibrosngs urn building, Pint Asset, bolus. Wood and
3.tarkst streets. Hours of InstrucUon, fr om ith to and
m at Ilit;to2: i l. cb.,.. 7r d thr ber particulars earl be
Harr to Dr. Durum or Dr. Addison. • i5.W411,.•
In tb• noommodatlon of nation. The Innen of
• plan hew Inen tuna improved by the addolon of
chain bbrobbrry end Yloverra A large collodion of awn
blooming Mann and blaubhery i the eholeeeOlinda. an
0000 far male on the premien. ,
Co. Creams, Milts, An., kept In the Saimaa as tisual , '•
Moneta W tsfully put tip .! abort node.. I.
The neat 1014 comfortable ateambeen cturrrAni, leaves
the landing, between Pitt Ann and the Old Allegheny
Midge, at the beginning of every boor—lrma o' clocki A,
Mu c til Id P. hl. One extra trip every everdng, at 191
. .•
tranyery elatting the Smoky City are invited to ptio
visit to this perfect blower dune.
'The dude's is kept on Temperance principles, ars] eland
On Sunday. ay hit
W. Dixon's London Patent Lever Watches,.
Buyeri.r Io amy Mickey rem afford in fllttynyk.
tirRICHARDSON, 81 Market street, is
• ssle agent for Me above named Later tratchea.
114474n7n g nit r trire I ,tl=llll, S tar. b l)R Chro
mender and Watch Mantracturci, 45 lank Yanife, (M.
well Mut. London.
Thin terrine. that the meompanyfnat Wntch. Na—,le
teamanted by me to be of my manufacture, and =Watch
eltb mLn ie luun m agm v, ll , hl . g t l r e .. ntdene acootopeadal b 6
1 2=47 . 13=b0.—, to ketz , t i taelna cab
coca .
Jun QMITLEY 8.; - eCLVIN, Coal Merchants,
and Dealer. in Dry Goode. Dronerlok Iron and Nall.
comer or Walnut strait and W•nhington Turnpike }Lad
Tut Welt •till• .11.1/.11.21
juFertYkolnif Itfoll§i r Oß KS._ W. PUNNI NOILA3I a CO., Mumfarturer. of Wurrow
ai.. No. Marksi stmt. dirs.'s.° First owl Pocoad.
ritasOurah, Pa.
PartaculariatanticsS paid to &Id rims. Alw—Doalara Le
111112,1 War. Yials. Beam ay. day,* •
nodal attention 10 the treatment of dl.. of go.
men sad ettlidrett, and smite dimuo generally. so .11 se
ebrmile and surgical dlreases. oboe on Anderson sheet:
the /V Meet Utitlie. Ni nest dote to Plan
ing NW. egheny City. Mee bouts Tim. to tret
from Ito :I, and from to OP. U. I.MT
. .
Wholesale Depot, 86 Wood .treat, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
(Cartwright 's coturr, sum.)
Eoted ttat they cmnot get Ord of onler. Points em and Attachments fitting accurately, the Points
and Magnet, am unetralled--lbe whole being highly or.
namental, and without disputa the best smoductor ewer
manufactured. James Jackson will attaehdhem aat WS
to per Mot Pelee at the Gash/0.
Gentlemen are reepectfully reg.:Men to call at 86 Wood
ee reet and examine the abom where. •Inu,GMYZ
lAur t '`' .. r
Gas Pitting.
Front street, between Word and
o 21IP ti.,lll=t; 1;:a.,
IMLLIPS ,t,MAYRES, General Import ,
e. and Manufacturers, No. 74 North Meth. sheet,
Mir And at 102 Rood street. Citr/sodon. 242/2
i t .o IT Ib T . ENT), in i any part of th . c u o . un o;
fo r a e it'd Plai t s l iritorn Itridgtt. Lod,
Dams. ac., for canal or slackwater
E k r . an ro atrillettlions, and estimate+ of odt atly or
. .
He VIII also att.. to the theist. of istel.ind loins
Mee in Iletenelfe at. neat the 11'ml
Hon., littleburnti.
Reterencee—lion. A. NV. Loom* Ttine. Daktirelli
Neville IL Craig, Een... Wee. Eichbaure. Kiev} [111.114_
Storage,Shippirpt Commiasion Menlints,
-IFV-110LESALE dealers Groceries,alwis.
Mb, Salt, Plaster, eto.. No.lo mi Boa, m.l I=
B. er street. Cleveland. Cado.
Casb advances made on consignments.
Agents for all Steamboats and Progelleis In the latish*.
mini Late.
hater to—Wm. A. Otis t Cn.,Cleveland:
Nara * Wbeols,
T. 11. Hone, Caibler, Pittsburgh.
No. 19 Wood street, beheem First and Setond sts.
MANUFACTURER of every description
IVA of COOKING srovEs. of the most eiPpmntd fign -
Mew, and mach as will render the best atisfeelon.
/thie—PAlllgHt STOVES, among which will he band
Jewell 1t Root's celebrated folding door Parlor ittosen 000
Steven Eadlatonr,
Stove. plain and WWI Orates,
which v 1 Melte the attention of bulldeng Eaffiteg
Hollow Ware, Warn. Boaes, Gm to all of which volatile
the attention of itsalon before purchasing a...ha.
,ti CO. have Olin darts
ohtimai with theist .1011 N D. SCULLY. 'Thaelfle et
the fie o will he es heNearrite.
Plilebenr.b. May 1.41N.1.
ONEGGER & CO., Importers of W,
KA nes Liquors. and aere nthies CO.,Cheese 101 Sznltheehl strret,te
inc. 011th and Sev.
(Formerly the Exchange.)
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
lIIS spacious, central, and most eonveni ,
ently located 110THL. heeler been cotortetelY
an 0.4. and tholoodhli repaired and tropror.J. boa.
open toe the. ncomnnuattoo of the Dubin,
The subecriber. Immo and pedirt.tor of the RT. CLAIR
Mt be Er furo4hW tIVT. b " fri en d '
man W ine
blest, le, and employed competent aaantants amt attentive
and faithful rerrants, and Med be will n
to male It equal to any hems. In the oonntry. ate to 'Lento**
Th. well known central locaUon of the Housend eon
verdence of ha arrangements, ormterme It ea m o t derira.
lb eltber to traveler" or permanent bovirr...laJo-r• hi=
to solicit and hop. Wr It a Wardal abate of patrnnarn
ap - d2.11 W. hh..`: haTT.
• Law Notice.
TILE apoointmeu of WM. B. 31eCLURE
116.47 Nab ! et Jtele of the DIM Judicial lescrlet of
ranLaAas 41oreleo.1 tbil• enb.i.l.4
ship oIeMcIIANDL.Lbb • MeCIA lap uelDua. t
stews. will be aterrainl te by W a ll . h.,:e3V.,..1,61.1:3,.
O. N magnki tofu tftellieg How; Prol
MR27 , 1 ; In n r , i . te . s w t b tltt n e n n -op
71:kur.ter &Ida ati
C.l.l6.lnett's 11.A.T.?1, 131 asery raster. 11•1.4
and Cur., I. rend. Elowspr .4 • I.a.Naue am , rtmeat
vrtd. ua4l Lan 2lanullas, aaut
4.n.t auar oth , r 15.4. Lu
P. a ....Mr.. or Amax j.,..1111111ta,r. • aulo.l f.tuturlllately.
...7431" No. 4 Irlfth ottret.
192n3 -
S m A3WEL KROESES Irt,p• ennonntiv °ix
Ime.4 • •und vr..b arwl !AO<
I .o. Inestal...<l. '•.t ,d• 1.••••
Wood, t hut,.
Wad) 1Laan.1....1•11,1L, kind< <1 ••••• fu he Ile..
lirse.rtom, Illasroic,ll•ll.ll(ll.lstn.S.llll.aungh. t.
••:1, •
Steamboat Agency, and General Commis
sion, Becoming and Forwarding.
BALDWIN. PLENKII A: CO., have this
dal awrrn3a4,4 • 1111 . 1.1.stri oaf
= to t
sadr. patr i :!karrhirnok •APISSO. MarrAl
II A L Ain atalt b ; ,;21' M of
Lorlsrrus. April WI 111.21.•' A.
. .
IC. J. J. 31YEII.S.—Surgeuilisnd Phygivian.
ova, anadwollin.l. enrorr , . Ilirh ir
a n.
,ria ma, \w glitnl Arm t c.a. .ttar aaor• Oraitht.ll,
Dr. Mnye h« perutanrutir in.rac.l ~.J
wlll attend in th e • dud.. , ii. Prc.,,ta ,-- 11. - wo,tl.crc
particular attrutioz H Priaiuu cart, mad '.llmeara• cr
truara and
Tuition on the Piano.
%AM F. HAIZBORDT vrquiti s t e . ww,
.15 enctfullyin , no [be ettlnno , lPlL
ba and All•ehtn, Ulu ill, I. 1,0 in.
land In take a few non pupils Eh.
and in nine.
„ c f. Spang, Yua. IlnEry
Grua, (Yourett,tron,) Ilrlam. FM... nplolf
Fresh Ansortment of Spring Ono&
TU PALMER is clailT receivimg
from the raatern .1113, the elf mad,
No. 55 )I..acrr :tract?,
Behrens Tkrri cenr..f Fourth trrets, PittsB.7ll.,
itri:=3;stvr):::fait.r . .l4=tTria. b 7X:::
br • bog pe lb. patio,. are mit.ltely •••r, aM
Mies porta/ rl bast,. awl In mlnr, tws.l,4nt dur...
unni;paLe ' cl. Ifivuo 10 et.nto urv.l., lb. prir..•
rang, To this lot Pt ~ .it.. f "bleb • mu...,
Judguun , fo.“I by debt-than deenipttim.
fully.tlo6o of racrehaub. and l,oo ge [fele n is myert..
T a Meeting of tho Board of Underwri
ter% OA (alkaline mole:Wm wax 11102SIIMMIA alma.
onlcund PublUbialt
Kindrut not from and Ono Ude publicallon of lbl. to .
W., no Win 01.0, labeller original at coulttood. oball
iosuidgettal am falcon by any Indrurano• letbre. to thia
0.111 Ms premium ts pall in Wm.
By ord., . A. W.lllllOB,
oarti27ll liardiary .0 th. 8.8.1
I RAVE FITTED UP. (on. the New Tort
oh. ;Uhlman. parlorand b.. and
01.21 t xnporior sworn:um. td Lain.. Broads.,
Vancra and Germ. Parnask Dt Woo, Conn. Inursask,
Marco., Chita., Turk ,
Rol Ponds, Vann+, GIMP of
ass. kind, I....curtains, Ilsnaral and Ida. Matt., IPA.
land cf diflannt 'Oahe. Comic. or dn dlff.ront Warns
and styles, boon, 1 stn. Wind. Blinds and nhedes,Curts.•
Borders and Ladd, Carta. P 10). Twat. and Tassol Lacs,
Oand. BIIR and Wanted. Sod Lltlntas and 'rin g .. us,
...Wes and Lancaster Quilts. Connternan. nal colual
Comfort. Mawasso, Reds an 4 Med4lolt.
All onters thaatfollr re...d and pron,o7 &led.
•146 WM. !MULE. Thlnl
041 - A3tES.. WILSON has remnrqd hie Hat
and Cap SUCto to N. CO Woo.lo..rtot, third dortenoth
Dh00099 all.. •
, ~ ,•
( 1 ) 0 - PARTNERSHIP—Having taken my
wat, It. Wilton. ink. portArnblp booboo.
I 4 Int , 904 Yoe booloo/o, we I,ll9horealter du
=Orr M. Iwo. of J..1914/40:1 A NON_, ili 91 Wood 91noo.
P:s.-Jana Wilane contlooe9 Om Hal and Cop tto9o.
No. 9 Federal street, Alleghety illy. lotel9 kopt by E. 14
WO/on. saM/111.1J.T.
J. Wilson & Son.
WHOLESALE and retail Mll7ll.lfACtll-41
rers and elealere In lieu and cepa No. 91
tmet. third dem belo• Illaanottd Alley. Pitts
her lam they one • full and complete sleek of Hate
and ' ye of their own and }.Merucamtd aver)
acture, of evy
anal tro .ed etTl., by .hOleml• and retail, and ',trite the
&then of their runaaarn. and the pUbllneaeortnir lMo
that th e will I.<ll on the most reasonable Emus.
ho 74 Audit AL, AA. fa Atm.4 qf fiNennEA.
-NatPritiAl Drafts rAllneted on all part,. of Ho, Union.—
ltoelurt,ouAbt anA sold on coracolaalon. loblaHlarT
Patent _Planing. Marhinn.
IEcENT yleciainns having fully and Final
ly eittablithed all the claim% of Pat.
eat. the autderiber Iv sow prem. to sell Si. odd ton,
theeerAlachines In the State of 1.. York;siol
yid.. In the counties of Bradford. entwhri.en tad
Lamming, Lunen, McKean, Mord,
duel..., Ting., Wayne. Warren. mid ' W ;ono. , .
t rAr d & Aa r, t. 17 ,.. 1,
acted Ny spatial art oi Comm. to iirtanom
bar. /PK, has now alw years unitapirad twin. •rw.
chine, at one operation, reduce. to a 'Meknes, and Plan.
5 2417:a of alb= .271 ?I: " : . a7irt , t!
Kiraly wad art throwing at., planing, coping, aikido:,
...door, sub, and blind duff. and Piratical., moulding.
All kin. planing are performed by it la a better...
er, arid four flows am radian.. air and'eheahlY, atMcan
done by any other Machin.
Wd P.1 170, r 0t 1 - 111.11Xfor I n g:A g. t t olVemll
ah.. Alm Are to ten horse power will dmve ?haw
bundniitha of all the planed Lumber used In our
Isyoo dtlea aud towns Lt now demised with Woodwortb'a
Meal.% which may be a.. In cord= t opetstion In Oa
Meant planing mills at Boston, Philadelphia. Aew York.
Albany, Troy, Upterliburgh, Watertown liana,eiton. Oman. d'almyra. Albion, loacllatorti: 5101. 1'"
i .
Math: Illawhamplon, It ham, Po rot an
oxblood. alngle right to writ the. Machin., winch yacp.y.
tam are otaamal 00010 moldy or aria taaaaut ”a64 ip
"1" U V ' .b 77 " VieiltfliON. t g
taythd a mMMY ALUISI. N. Y.
tHAVE on hand a largo assortment of
ras. Mr curtain. WM. NOBLY,
taylo neatly °poodle du Past Urnce.
' aper.
11 PerEl mama 24 1,7 3 hirt . ting Pt 7.11
114 2.!
MX/ " 1Y
by by 24. 24 b
by X 3 2
. y 32
lt , 21 by 3.4
41. ea
400 " gem Factory Papal •
leto LdL. elm? Crown tltraw P. t,
700 " Medi "
3SI) '. Medium um
and Sloglo Cray/name.
.7ba undersign/al keens moatantly on hand and for ludo
or eachanon Raga, n largo and .moral tonstrOoollt at
1401.1, Cap. Lou.,,t Hardware, and Tea raper.; Ilonnet
Beards, kn., to.
Also—Y.lllcm of all stars, for Parer ma...bolero..
hinting Paper Made to order ou abort .040.4.
J. L. Hlll3.
.iaroar of Paul maklinria sts.. '
_.~,:~w ~1.,
P.R. Moore, N. D.,
uorrartie Rona—sprawß Patent
Jelin JacisoN, Orr.. MM.
Qeo. R. Eichbaum, Civil Engineer,
Alexander Bradley,
Board of Underinitera
unm—ST ome.s.a.Otwater.bari Philadelphia,
New York,Eartern, Cantra and Nortbor pert. at N. Vora.
palm., Naar MI the sla. New England Rata.—
The British Ermine. of Lowat Canada, Nora Barna, cod
New Brunswick, daily. Arenas at 4 Departs at I r.
No,. Eastgia—BEElatravilla add noltklag . borg, c Pa :
b l V u J d nn a t tr 1 , 7=11 ". E111r &Ma. EotterN4
'Logs, Union. and part of Wanannreland Llrettnore:
.... mills, Palm Or
_Roads, Now Ahmandria, and kali
...dr.), Arnhem any. egret* Moodara, at a au.; as dully at 1.% P.
Entz—Ely Butter, Ps., Mercer, Crawl:lk, and Jeffers=
counties, Western •
part of Neer Twit and upparesasda.dally.
knives st 9 r..; demi:st 9 A. Y.
. .
:norm= loan Wsaccix.-12. P.fiazri
Feidt, Somersan, Pmt a 1r1..a ."..tT.
Mmtland,BalidmmVirashingtrra City, Boothunaild — Wsie
lrn Barisal Ohso sea hadiana, Bsurnety./Thaols, Terms.
ee, Alabama, Allssouri, Mienuipol, Arkansas, Null , Om ,
IBA, Ororgia, lentislausalorkta, aml Tams, daily. Arrives
at 13 r. a.; and dualla at CI . a.
pk E Z "'" , 1.,7,,/,'''''... priaja M, 'VIL, re tre rue 1. 8"1 =
mel. Carroll, Ilsammand Tuserasras comaties.Ohlo.dally.
Ards. at 11 r.a; departs at 7a. tt.
NOM tictrux.—B Bei g. Vs., mad Clsveland. Old,*
Beaver Co., Pa, Cohan Truniball, Pulails, (Isu=
thial " 7, IY, a Zdt, W l . l Th n, l4 otdaniNued
2o..=trtir,, ~....7=l:4rgi..Tztli=
m7oz I .:01 ii daily. Arrives at a. sc.: de-
iirmsam—By B ham, Haulm, liprtnprieLl,Taren.
tumairsvPurt.Bl hißiClsklMialtas,Aramtnnur, Clu
loom rod tteartald no
rives at 7 r. ...and de at A . r.
Matcra—By Perryrrille, liVemfbrd. Zellecupla, Porous.
erne •Ilarirobarg and Bee ledge. Arrivu Tuesdays,
ThaValays, and Fattudays. at 6
. P. a.; depute lionloye
Wed —nada
U.. 0. . and Friday
u s, at' A 11 .
la Cil. B A y llsys, l i44la 4 ys, all and
palm, Wedlcudays and Benaay., 66 6 6. .
uostovrar,—lly Bachmann, BMW's Rua. MeßsuParl.
Coal Valle, Klizabstatown, thumb/Vs, Bestrover, Bellroe
no., Cookstown. l'erryttosila Eam LiblTM. V7r 9naak
ton, Pa. Arrives Sundays and Thursday., at AB4 de.
harU , Idoadays and Thursdays, at 9 A. .
Denney, VA—lly Waltse's mills, Noblertown, Cndor,
Burasttslown, CryasCreek Village, Pattersou's mill, P*,
Betbmy, Y. Amino Sundays sad Thursday . ..a 10 a. a
donuts 31ordays and Thursdays, at 1 . a
Vulture, VA-11y Citatory, Municebeille, Moon. Mon
tour", /naafi= Springs, Pa, Palnim VA Arrlms ca
Friday. at 6 . Vt.: dsCarU on EMB=M
easeaera.—UT Math. IV Apollo,
Ps. Arriree on
Pte •. L Well...aye, et 8 e. K., - depute on idealeT
11], dattall. -- 11/ Logan'. Yart7. Andras on nidsy, at 6
P. Y. departs oa patuntsy, 46 L. IL
ralltalla.—liy Vermeille, Weilbrd, Ilirealwa, Ogle,
Proepect, Mated:2lm Lc., !petal/an It wren sod Vetteago
comae. Arrives daily at A. X. hod (Isparta at 616 Lu.
-Letters for the daily malls mast be la Its Mace one hoar
War their deputtire; letters for the M./Ital, Petal-
Iteekl malls, must be Id (h. OM. holt= boor
before %tear
2211220222, DAM KM 2222 1•222221214.11 CUM; •1 •
N. LIOLMES' & SONS, Bankers.
eV& 57 Afarkel 4, bents& Skint and /burn stkiirtsbtagn.
. PkiIINSYLVANLA. Branch a 1 klastillon__, _X
Blink of Plttsburgh--w Brandt at Wooster ,!!- do
' tunings Bunk of do ---tar Brunei at Xenla-.---.-.-do
bar.and Has of du...--par Branch at
link of Coutmered—.par Ms , Bank. Cinginnall-.--do
Bank of Nortb Anteries-par Cossonnnal Illhiknolunati do
Bank ofkortten Litmnicapar Franklin Dank........-- ..... .415
Bank of Veneferlrzala....._pa2 to is
8a5k....._...._. _do
Pant or Venn To....hiP-Par Ohio 146 Ink& Trust CL-do
Bank of the Calk& titans 12 Wens= Itessan Bank--do
Gononsrtial Bank of pa-par Bank of n•- ' ..
Barnette& Sionianisa . lik par awl' Notss....._ _____do
(Jinni Bank_ .-. ..,---....par TiLW XNUELND.
Konsingtnt All solvent Ilanks.-....--.-X
Banana& kink Baak-par NEW MUG.
X.54L. , .. nunk---...-Par Nast Tort Oln—
'Lt?thulllhr~arlVOrliat9.'n'k-- :=a; G''''''" lilliniND.
Tradsman's liank::—..WCountry...._._ ...... X
Wotan Bank-- .par ki..l &RIMY ttIikLAWARE.
21.11 o(Cbatobenburgh . - 1 All solvent banks._._.., !!A
Stank of awn? Cunty...gar VIILUINIA. . '
Bank Of Inotills Bank an. Valltr-
Bank of Del. Lk, Cbener-par Ilk of liken.. ttuturaml
Bank of Berman
Or B. thtoks6u. Nortak... ♦
Bank of Gettysburg& X liannene Bank OS Indula
Bank of LIII•11 - 4.--... lins-bantir & Met*. Bar& ft
Rant of
C o . X kWh %new. Bank-....- ti
Xontamen Co. Bank -_par /inuebote._ —..,
Bain of Northnotbsrland4w,
.... 34111•32 k hi/11511 CAW/ Mr. Yea_LlNA.'
Carlisk• Bank.---. *........ 2
coh.M. La
k 42 1121141.0a.parr of fit.
o of N. thenina-. 2
Dor &stunt Bank.— ..... rag Commarelal 8%14 Broken 2
F. 4. R "it';." -- *.:1, - 7.7 ,-, • 14 e VYT".C4,442EN4.
iiii'sx ;111;:'is:rei:F.Z;111.
Yajtl:l44l , Ni of Lancartarpar Boat of :both Carolina-.
Varmara . Lank alter:Bag par Bank of (Mar leaton—.__. 2
inna.BkofrennytkillOo.par Matron' • 11aehanka' Pik 3
Pant Untr.Wayresbunt.• Si • OKOSOIK.
linabla•ao• par Augusta inn• Banking Co
Ilarriabure kEßin k of August....' . ...,
toula Bank-- .I‘l3l of Brunswick, Arnold. 2
(bunts B•ak....par An Minn* bank .... 3
Labs.. par KENTUCKY.
Minor? Bank of rorrerlll. X !nor Kentucky, Inntyrilio
Matoangabc:a Bank.---.parißk of lannaellia, Ihnnlon k,
Inca Branch Bank .-..__.. At Northern Bk a Kentucky ,a 4
wyrannan Bk.Wlitaharrryarinoutnazu Bk of K 8111147 Ai
tN mr,
EtsFql o - 171-
1111;k1 , t•taltatt...—..— ai,Ftate Beak as;:itnanchtta—
braarti at Akroa--...tt0 Baal of IBta.t.—.---t,
Itostii - at AUt.sut— --Ao WlWoNallq.
14..4 , at. auta a vim 1., (. , 11. 6
Branch at etzille.ll:ta----Ao 1d147110/10. • , .
Elmileb all Clevrelazd-.-...A0 rsnarn . Metanlay . flank 3
Bfarob at Toledo.-----. do,tiorentasunat Ebratt Bank— 3
Wawa at Dayton .... -..-....toPreltualar Nana- _,..... a
Bunch at Delawara--....tioliaatlattraCtanany—..—. 3
lintneb .t Coluatbae.....-.-do'3tatalatal..— _.....7 at A-Vatal.ala___....itol
.. . . - CANADA.
thaach at hal.. __:_:. M. II otlt. ti: Ai .
ttssactt al,ltastk a a.k.a.*. Tmme. a
kroash as hitter ... .--dol Baal of khattrost....-- .6
Nitwit at Chteltuatt - ta.--4c. Beak a L. c* ., - r.:O;ei. /I
branch al I.latamtma_...da ISASTAIN hStatAlitilL
...„.....,,,,........„. New Kart (al m)-....
at Poll.- --........A0 vs rioa.d.hw 6,..........
at Latseastar--_-.410-On Dothriaore d 0... ...-
at Stoalseartlle---dai wanicza ELCUANiIi.
heal klt. Ihrepoa---doll--------ti
• • AA hemart....-..--dis ............-t----....-.-. ht
• ' : :`'''p,c,vri --d° I. lt6rtiltliiviiel
Ih-aarto at notta.-.—dalheahkehaPhaalsb---111J:0
blanch al Thai' .—. _ _jai do rati0...........15,80
Itraoth at MI. ihaaatii . -__do;Eitilo.old-----,----10423
Itroxfs al Tasoarrilla_.--dolKrto. ha... --ISA
Dratteh at Somat— -da . Vrtietad'unt----
7 TX ,
Broach at Chthaatita--_doptapdoona --.---:--.. 5..,
LOAXS. uot: SLOW...
Ityd 117 & July
Do, •V. 88,284,14,9) lot tab& /tug
Penedrlraula .... 193 100 )9, 1 93 lut.d. Al July
1.1. 04 91) • 93 lat. V•b& Aug
1.114'9, Co. 190 91 • 91 1401.1.4 y &Nov
Do. mut,. 6 . 9491 - 4 ,1 1.0 9 , 1 93 do
Ptlldburch etty lod.. 117 duliknaJulr
1 . 011.- 1 109, 99 97 0
£l l3. b'' P:tl Mart
9499 ,D 9 -93, •
1193 Y of 11tubur.918.--. 53 DI, .11,4 r 4 ;fel
Ilereduulte Mazof Saul 6/3 ; Mt, Jd
Extbaur. Dank . 6139 do
AlLeatlsmy !aldose Dahl: .154
44049)9 Irrucid.. 6 I 1
)Imougxhela Drlds, ... ZS 34 1.1•1 4 "
St Cour St. V V 34 . •••••• 443 . 9 9 1,1
1 1 4 4,1 ..... 60 46 44 •
9orthero _
1411114) tlrsdge. ..... , 18
1.3.4[94.9c4 •
Weaßern lueuntoee Cn
_.• 13 1 1 / 1 , 817:91.1Pre
ClUsero" Cc).—• ,•2 Dlr. Dee 63 • ,
A 399414.1 Vlremate. Co, I ~,
1 9 111gh Ilan,— 40 49 48,.l pr et
111.16burith. Lonlal 01. 10 47 4.8 do
Lake Ono „ 10 , D 14.4 ef,
Dune'. 10 . -
148 9040. 91.441111
u4A. te.
Plttslrardb tiae Icarks.... l , 50 05 • ,
64 I Dlr dal
14ououla Kluk '
1f0ud1813,411,918, blaeltu • 19' • •
debPenn'. tlentraf 1411 It Su
& nottol4.
Palle Ohio
C1evr14.94 & 19.11411. It R. 89 to • 37
1144194 U. War, Dr, 'l o 9' 1 1102/.1.0,19,- Do, Payette 'Manta. Co--- l 0 60 133
On. Canal Weds, (old). -.100 45 49
Do. do. Owe —'loo, 40
Turtle Creek 20i V4l
21 ,
& 17m - 9,1119 Pk Id , 9.51 „. •
Orwsulfg. Surogke ltd„ -, 60 1
P1 1 1rb9 9 & 9 & Dodo. •-.• •, 123, 1 1= Dlr. 1960, 910
North Austad:an •- _1 'ad 1 ho
North 11est.—.-- ......... 1 •
North Wtslo
r 9- 10 7 . 8,
Inn, City
66 64 !DI, Jan. 664 c
t I
2 V I
LT re.. -.........._..1..1 -i
•i ii
hicrehant •-I -
Doughoo ilooShtim—o-1 -.I 7
Ohio Inv Rod; I - 13 lii
Fir. Pi :: @
,' NI
litio4.. /I ::: ik it
. • NOTICE --- T666liiitAdiOlLlT -
r.op - osAts wi l he received for the Chu
ang and Bridiens the Wester. portion of the Ohio
Peonsylveola Rail , extending from {lower, ti,
Loudonville and 11 od e ~ to the Cleveland, Columbus,
and CloctonaU Railroad at ermines Dear (alloo, a dhe
tan. of liftyihrse tulles.
They will be reteiro t bloater until the evening of
Tuesday, the 10th of Juo . and at Manklelit until the ay.
rtatilt of Weivierlan the li b of June nett, aid will b e
addressed to the virulent al, President of th e Ctaapaii.T.
PI., and proem of the k east of Loudonville will IT S
'exhibited at Wooster, .4 th e park west of Loudonvi ll e
at klaartield. for one week bilort the lower.
Further information an tom of proposals may be oh
luilwil on eardivotloo to lemon_ W , 1t0.5. , Chief Coil.
ii , ver. or Jeer., It. Pinata au, iinkleut Cialrluses of the
N 'r•teri DIVIAnn. A pre e.DE• van be kiveo to hidden
aAi esti sane iei take a y amino or their pay In th e
kof the l'olyimur. • I
- ' WM. li_
my Jr, President.
Pittsburgh. Illy Ti,.1N01,--Itiol2oll
.. __ .
11Att:11 has just received
-LI • Jess]. Onk
i lourriEnr.Eatiett a l Union. a patriotic tong, dedicated to the
Dun% new Ethiopian Bath; by Stephen C.
.F"rrila h niana
I.litielrfona4 :01%Ing cliaEo; r
• geed Ito.. an sang by enny , ettd. tilt we.
The Mountain Malty.
and ..,pored bY E. a
Ender, and dedicated to awl twrry Woo ds , or Eittstiwiliti•
Jo whirs the morning: &tete.
I know who-
Mybleating with thee go.
M0V11.14. loves duette..:
Drinking Dom Macialith.
illsoi—New Polka., Waltzes, We.
. .
No. 101 Third 10.n0t..
Wire Gol 1.1
• N.U.—A oloodl,l lot of Manor =I Melo:Wo d.°
os to ar.rp. erre
New Bereges Times, Silks, Lawns, 6te..
URPH Y te BURCHFIELD have this clay
0.,, , ,M
_from Nem lrorkd na. and handsome ictilas
La /4 WTI= iirrema 81110,13150 k do., *latch
Mama are haritat to ran bare mak 114. their purchases
Orals at Pholtsale In mama pp emirs. myt
itUII,LAPS—A superior article 40 inch, for
by 0.07 MURPHY
AIR BALLS—A full assortment juet reo'd
we fur We by = 7 lO PAL ATON.
en OIL--15 bbls. for rale by
woo Good.
2 CASES Green Mixed Jeans;
Black Drawl Cloth:
Conan Goads.
Ish=iuxt real freak astern eumnt.rut
4 Jut tor mu tozditamquos.
Avicutts.—Advertitmenta =AI subscription*.
for I hL paper received and lbrwar.led bre ofenwn...
OM. Pirremmoo tisszrzs
Tbutuda.r. dtdm h. /
The market lesisMsl Prasyntol no itialerial dune
from previous dare Quotations.
YLOUR—The 10071111 were ordy about 871 664 marts
ail of which WO on marigoment for shipment owl. out
alquently We can report PO WAN to any considerable es,
tent from Prof imods=d.b.r vould mohair not eximul 150
bbls at 13 1 ®3ISP hid for s. Y., and 33 2:1 for extra.—
Sales 230 bids from sta., M various lots, at 33 25 ®3 31
la bbl.
011d.LN—The 113Arket V without change. &ocelots wets
light, andVerge : pales tranrsdnot.
GROCER sine are ontbsed to small lots at old prl
,ens. say tor sutler To for good fair, !dolmans 37g17.7tte., Cot-
E. /0.041036 e. Mrs CO N m.
PROVISIONS—We notice no altaratkin In 1:41... Sales
western and dtr eared at lbw oboulden 7e, sides and
hatos . at B,lj VI Th. 'dales country. ions' at 65:4Uttie for
&milers:BBBX for Wee, mud 0I for band
CORDAGr—Priess of unit all the articles under this
head hare advanced. We now tire the followlaerrrected
Idanaln Ror r br
White Dom by mil.—
Do do tot—
Tamed Ropo by c ut_ .
Do do cu
Packing Yarn, firm
Do de common.
...... ....
Hemempp_ ...... .... :..
H, 'V ;;;1
111.111. V coil 10011 V
75e p aas.
PRODUCE BY TIIE CANAL--Me have been furnished
by Mn Ales. Scott. our very worthy and efficient Amlatent
Canal Collor - tar. with the following statement of the pro
duce business on the Penneyinthia Canal. Detereent thin
city and Tannins. Leechburg, and Blairsville. It pre
vent. ggite • resycetable item 1n - onr meets= canal burl
sum, and exhibit. quits • flatteringineream over the same
period last fear. This trade le carried on by - a number of
email packets ortharket bastawhlch generally arrive.= the
evening preceding onr general market days
C 011.1.010 1 . Orney.„
Pittsburgh, Jane 4.
Buns ;tsars 6 - Co —The following tea =operative
statement of the amount of produce to., brought to this
place during the month of May. 1.5 a, by the market boats
running between this place and a short distance abase
TarontuM, and amount of tolls paid thereon. Abs., on
the Pennsylvania and Keystone trehat and packet boats,
the Stems. coming from Blairsville, the-latter from Leech
burg, daring the same pedal, compered with • ehallat
statement. on the same tee.. doting the same month of
hut year, (15101 showings Sary thherlnt increase In Amor
of 31. y. 1451.
Market boat,
BSI May',
bsu Ida*
T 01112,,,
621,994 3116 , 66
1V7.790 101 06
. -
Inctirara over Sttr, IMO. 327....yl SNI 49
f4l, Slay, 174185 tgq 38
.$5O. M. 54.618 15 4:
6.6.276 -
1/11 49
.651, gaT Um 6 16 4 6 - 46.360 612 64
SW, M. 6 tripe 6.010 617
49,X7 $ 6 47
" ALE.. 6CIP: 1441 Col.
errarr 01 THE DOIEESTIC merzyrs.
~qt Lou, May 27
Ilear—s.lm. of 1075 td.. In Into e. follows-00 his al 1175,
45 do r..e. hOu u
atIPSIVam 1177, VA do at 37a, do at SAO. and 50 do
Lean—?.i. of WA Mk, upper Bates. at Si 12% P too.
Si our—eiale U 1213 .n. and LLI bids, at 71 to 82o—nf
ablch there mere sold la tbs Exclimlce rks, 155 1,01,00
V brisket
71 lc 100, and outslda 55 9 Mrs la Nos lots at 79 03 811
Coca—tale of 000 bus udsed. dellsrerg on baud. and
Including al, at 5.11. 1r.% aka yellow from Leen. at Me sad
79 do delivered at I,e V ha.
thrs—ikees of las sks from levee at ak, c 0 do at 31e.
?St do at 139 de dalltrrai at 53e. and . .t0 do at Sie
ho. eke ltalodal.
ltutrr--rals of 021 sts lows at GOe it ha.
at 814 1 ba le
/talus &WA—Zak of WO tat oa private terms. IT. quota
%rumor --Vales 15 bble raw at 19e, aud 276 do at 11.30
4i rettll;—.Fale. of 12 UN, nut trickly prime. at V A '. V lb
11.aan--Falo of 76 LW. \ n l at ' S3 100
Pt - t. Our —*ale of 6104' shoulders and Odes at 5e fur
oLkulder. sod 70 for War Vb.
.Loa ye n
315 oh. in lots, ka frllloorc
rlts. .fatµsodo at in 12.:7i. 7- do at $a 75. CZ do ribbed
a/ U 00. 15 do: plalo city rural hams • at I& 15 to, actg.
eared labs at SO 124. rie rotottry thottldrra at 85 ell.
1 0 80.44 Mrrta at. la B:!4:ax.d al do atfT SY V 100 Ea.
lima.—The. web* I bet. W lbebe Ia channel. by
pky mark. lace .rearm. nal Ming.
Zietes. DISM,
Beaver. Wed... Dearer. •
AU.Un. PlPlgrovrbliylll...
rtrdatoeis. Woodwarti.
nor Striver. West Nectar,
(Atop. N. it. Ciartrinatt.
)a. Mine., Wborllog.
Tuscarora, Ilordsc,
Aver,. Kilmer. Wllerills.
No.. Porbk. Elisabeth
Well." 114. Vont, BnagaP.r,
M.[masa Dole, nearer.
&are, Mortitm. Heaver.
Altantl, 1 /Ptuusellla
Titl U tst Thtt i ;N:rl! ' , It: d eslr et! '"
Retistores, Wooduark Bruwetev
Cape Mar :tooted.,
Mum, Neer Orksat.
Cashier, Hellaillu. Suntan.
Ema, Co,,Zataresills:
Catu,ll, Wltntilaa,
Vultleu No Peeble,
113311..5. Masi, Louisville.
D [4.1, & Co.' Pasavager Parket leans daily at 8 a m aO
s. to.
WZI.L3VILLE—Atones .
BRUM EPORT—Welloollle.
NCINNATI-I'm Lblo reit' 1 to vice 3
bbl Cl a 2.4 bns 4.6 , 3 Ls* ioffee J L Rine; 11‘ hut
to bum a Corole; LI) bt.lx alcubol O . Lbatter
1 .11 . 1 . 11: Lull all .sc.hootutz447 Co: du Luna Seller.
BEAVER—.Prz 3tmuurs-110 bal. raper J L Ido
Tatter • rle.koo, I DI tab Kluttle.terr:b I.bls Cour Bober,.
rem • ftvpm: p•atoer or b. rbease3;•,;•
butterrlkarell /11 (Jo: 1:,0 brs eherre 1 VA butter 3 du pearl-
WIIDEUND—Prs Dlrtood.—llsks pearbeslo do rioNs
Donald: 11 tobds Lob D Lech 1 Co; La Win irks Est dollar
100 tddstbur al brill I.atbei IQL Airsd A Ca 4 toli rap Apo
Campbell: 19 bdls paper .99' , P IlinbslD 1 lobold taws A
Fulton; PlO balk moot 15 pk. mass 31 bids Pow 17s.
or aboard.
Pot t, 3 Ozom-41 Wlspapo Schcom.makor Co
bila <loos Ebb 6.00 Lido J Canfield.
SUN 61311-116. Cason—Lt bur LW pi. w best Wibtaarti.
Noble,: 14 Dbl. whbker It Moore; ay. bob Doper J L Elev.
6 bb.l. lob Dodnrll On tdo Clark Tb4et 3do II 11.1.11
Cot 164 bbLit dourlV Dlughltru, Cl bbd.
.ob Leech 6Co
kaa butter 646 CM. Dour Liggett
March 14, ISM.
IT BEING DESIRABLE to substitute locks
seed keys of ..m. other kind for those now In ins for
moll Menkethe Unitnr thee: inert lacks and
1:4 ,: t3 er . i . th4 . tot h ro o lar .. ttla b : sante„,lll . l .. ae
day t!Pf ' Jcily nal The different lostr,ror:.•
• comma n
examination arid report. Op= this re
poM treatment with m noon as preetirroble. be I n Into
loch torts and ken for four P.m. with a
light on the lan of the Postmaster tieneral for the time
being to extend and mallow thetholmot in force tbr an
edditianal tent cf tone rem.. by giving to the contender
• written notice to that effort, not morn than nine nor km
than .to months before the termination of the (Int term of
VI • view of el tb• bed leek at tite lured price
no n,
dof lock taarraleiib S ed •atandanh the ent
relying for • ;election on the mechanical Mill ingeutp
Ity which a fair competition,lion limited, unity dela - lope.
It la. however, popsy Oa elate, (Ng • loch tunable for the
mallmodest should the following qualities,vist du
rability, uniformity, lightmem. and strength
Per the purnme of displacing steaultansously ail the
locks and ke. now in ose, stunt eddy nn:tm;
new looks ancl twenty thousand keys seaptet thereto. al l i
be required to be furnished by th e eentractor within omen
months altar the contract shall have been entered Inns sui
tentrards the annual supply will depend im the dur•bility
of the locks and keys adopted, as well es the !nonuser the
mall serving , but it will probably no anent in unmet
them thousand of the former and one thousand of the lat-
No lock tribl conaldend If It be like any , Unsay in
renend Wart
will anyone with whose the monocle.,
b• mule he allowed to make, sell, or furnish ply lock or
key, similar to rhos contracted for, for nor other Purr.+
or use than that of the Poet Ono, Department-
The kind of !mks adopted mast be patented. and the pre
teff.. will he required, on entering Into eontract to make
wa assignment of his talent for the exclusive use and ben-
slit of the Depute:mot, if the Prettnaater Omura' shall
deem such requirement comatial to the Interests of the err
Tian. In MY of the failure of the contractor at am time
to DOM faithfully to terms end conditions of his contract.
tba Poatmaster (lonersl glair betroth. rlghtbesidm • resort
to the renal resoalp hereinafter mentioned, to ...nips. ,
contract, and to contract anew with any other party or
m be mar •o, et, for (=darting &Witte looks and
in deciding upon the propmalsand speoimens o ffansi. the
Poet...Ater lieneral may deem It expedient to select fur the
through mane the lock of ma bidder. and for the way malls
that of souther. (le rarer, therefore. the right of con
tracting with different individuals for etteh different plods
of looks es he lam elte.% , and also the right to reject all
the specimens and pro if he &all deem that thane
for th e interest of th e pertinent. The party or parties
contrseues will requinff to give bond, with ample se
entity, in the thm of thirty thousand dollars, Por faithful
perfornance of lhe contract The convect b the nn
on:tendons thr the due and prober lotheeti.o. of looks
and keys, mad lab lib. snuffing mai= ter IMO
i r natr hthdu the therm of these pearlslons to be ar ,
tween the Derartment and the successful bidder,
If • hid eoul be seeepted.
Noapplicatione will latoonsidered if net athompanied with
tisfactory •rldenceof thetenetworthy character of the big
du, and of his ability to NMI the contract.
h. K. HALL. Panamter General.
mehlthdarerl4thi _
Important to Druggists, Hardware Men
And Store Keepers in general.
THIS is to inform the above parties that
sir. L. D. PILILLIPB has arrived from Philadelphia,
having with Mtn eamples of their LIQUID GLVE..for Oar.
u or t. cf .. . OrL d s. I ra, e4 a 7ml=l2t.tirz , Si hnt
bottles of three slum kii . 4 the FAJULr.icrttrATA. •
Baking Preparative. rtpereeding the cmof Tout, and
making • besonftd. antrivione - kW , in one half lam tile.
than any article out. One or two %geodes wanted in this
city. Barnes wishing to !image in than universal articles
' air PIT= .t Pupa l ' L l M % d ig S l otto l g . .
The above articles for sale by J. KIDD * CO,
meal Only Agents in Pittabaraik •
aimortnent of all la/Icsa and osalltlesor Halm. with
a ano anantment of Ltsle Thrash Silk and Cotton 131,..
for gala, wholesale or fatal, by
anylo. V.ll. EATON. 62 Fourth st
bare Jost reed end era now opening a very larav
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1238 LADIEIF 3817 C RUM IL
"800 boll • mind to tumble dorm fa prom.
Bat ohms I. non In hohlon—no hero Boos."—Bnunt.
All hail ye few, with courage true,
Who've dared to don that fashion
Which gives a peace to woman's race,
And claims the wannest passion.
No more you'll scud through snow or mud,
Whilst wintry winds are !driving—
Your trailing skirt, with mud.begirt,
Your shame or blushes showing.
In modest pride away you'll ride,
Where nature's brightly smiling,
And there may rove with those you love.
Each care of life beguifing.
With Gipsy bat—oh think of that—'
And hair in ringlets flawing:
With fold - bound waist—so neat, so chaste;
An angel grace bestowing.
With buskins neat upon your feet,
And gracethl son ebe,
Your panties wide, aid neatly tied—
Oh, where's the man wo'ni tore ye.
No more those ills—with doctors'. bills,
Which now so oft annoy us,
Shall Mar your joy, or life destroy—
Oh, now, won't that be joyous?
This unique dress—en must confess—
Will win us—nay, bewitch us—
But ladies fair do have a care
You don't otiotoko the brerchw,
But put away, for ape akd aye,
Long ekirta and staystia your duty—
Give Nature play, and sate you may
Rare husbands, health, and beauty.
Oino Fawn Barcrso LAw.—.WO publish this
important law, and add a synopsis of its
main provisions. It authorizes associations of
not less than three persons,,, to engage in the
business of banking, with a capital stock, divi
ded into shares of $6O each, of not less than
$260,000, •nor more than $500,000,'0f which
sixty per cent. must be laid in before the bank
goes into operation. Bank notes of the denom
inations of one, two, three, . frve, ten, twenty,
and one hundred dollars each, payable on de
mand, at the usual place of business of the bank,
are to be eggraved under the supervision of the
Auditor of the State, and to be countersigned,
numbered, and regestered in this office. These
notes are to be delivered .to the bank in ex-
change for an equal amount not exceeding three
times the capital of the bank actually paid In,
of Ohio or United States stocks; these stocks to
be estimated neither above par, nor above their
market value. Assniations orgaidzed under.
this act, are created bodies corporate 'till qv/.
and thereafter, till the repeal of the lew; and
they &reinvested with the prdlnary privileges of
• corporation, but their right to hold real estate
Is limited to the quantity necessary to the conve
nient transaction of their business, and to such
property as is pledged to secure a debt, or may
he purchased on execution to satisfy judgments
obtained in their favor, and this last, they may
hold wily,long enough to avoid loss by the trans
action, and before its sale by the bank the pre
ceding owner or representative may redeem it
by paying all the costs incident to its thirster to
the bank. No bank can take its own stock as
Security for a loan, nor ran it buy its own nor
the stock of other incorporated companlea-ex
cept to ease itself fromlosa-and theuit can only
hold the same for six months. No officer of a
bank may act as a proxy in electiais. 'Directors,
of which there shall not be more than five, nor
less than three, most reside in this State. Each
bank is required to recdive the notes of every
other specie-paying bank in payment of debts,
and mast have specie on hand equal to thirty
per cent of its circulation. The penalty for of
foetal fradnlent delinquency, is imprisonment in
the penitentiary from five to ten years.. In case
of failure of a hank to redeem Odaemand, and
of protest of its notes, all banking business
must be suspended, and the' Auditor of State,
wn treaty daye of Were, larequirtd to sell
the stocks Pia tolecure the ciresdatiae, and
divide epreceek,pfp,xlo4,...anaiagi
'holder's, aitfilheisoldeflemturthe stockholders
are individually liable, in proportion ;to their
stock, to the fall amount of the stock held by
them. Where a bank is owned by six stockhold
ers, they shall be individually liable, as natural
persons, for all debts and liabilities of such
bank. The circulating notes of , a suspended
bank draw interest at the rate of fifteen per
cent. per annum. If a bank purchase its own
notes at • discount, all its stockholders arc
made individually liable for the discount, for
interest due on bills eo purchased, and for twee
five per cent damages on the sum purchased—
Clereland ilrrald.
A Dircuten•Sassarzos.—The strewn of quak
erdom which runs up lad - down Chelmut street,
of & summer's afternoon, was thrown into a sin
gular state of csmseation on Saturday last by
the appearance in thqpriblic streets, for the first
time, of a pair of w4Uars upon the lower limbs
of one of the fair ',Wilder! of Eve. They were
decidedly an improvement upon the fashion of
our original mother, whose costume, according
to the fashion description of that period, did not
embrace a pair of trousers either so long, so
wide, or! of such undoubted respectability of
material and manufacture. The unseen pro
duced was great; men, women, and children ga
zed at it—stem, we mean—with various feelings
of favor or disapprobation. The belles of tuit
ion looked rather fleetingly at an innovation
which bad not the sanction of the Paris fashion
mongers, the only authority with them in mat
ters of dress, whose decrees have the force of
vermillion edicts from the ruler of the Chinese
Empire. Long-skirted ladies drew themselves
up with a prim propriety which would have prof-
ed blasting to the assurance of a less presuming :
revolutionist and champion of the rights of the
'female half of creation. The beaux were the
only individuals who seemed, to look upon the
new fashion with any degree of pleasure. They
were tickled with it amazingly, though momd with
hirsute embellishments ander the nose occasional.
ly stroked their upper Ups with an additional
pride, which plainly said; Ton may seal our trod-,
sera lost moustaches are the inalienable gift of na
ture." Never were a pair of feet and ancles.
more closely scrutinized andnritictized emu the
day the cobbler discovered thi&defect in the foot
of one of the works of Apelled'ellseL . They
bore examination admirably, and, as the neat
little lasting boot thriddlod its way through the
crowd, the universal expression was 'decidedly
( pretty.' We know not who was the wearer of
:t he pantaloons, but the. lady .is undoubtedly
one of those who consider the sexes equal in
rights and privileges, and - ahe is, possibly, ex
perimenting with a view to discover which is the
best adapted to making one's way through the
crowd of voters up to the ballot box, when the
glorious elective franchise shall become in prac
tice universal, as it is now in theory only.—
Speed the day.! We may then have pretty ru
teri, if we cannot . get wise alas.—Paadd. Led
Vic commend the following to the attention of
our lady readers :
A Lesson roixtinu.s.—An Intelligent gentle
man of fortune, gays the Bangor Whig,- slatted a
country village in Maine, not far from Bangor,
and was hospitably entertained and lodged by a
gentleman having three daughters—two of whom,
in rich dresses, entertained the distinguished
stranger in the parlor, while one ke pt herself in
the kitchen, assisting her mother in preparing
the food and eating the table for tins, and after
supper, In doing the work till it was finally com
pleted, when the also joined her slaters in the
parlor for the remainder of the evening. The
next morning the same daughter was again early
in the kitchen, while the other two were in the
parlor. The gentleman, like Franklin, possessed
a discriminating mind—was a close obserreref
the habits of the young ladles—watched an op
portunity and wbiSpered something in the ear of
the industrious one, and then left for a time,"but
revisited the taupe family, India about one year,
the young lady of the kitchen was conveyed to
Boston—the wife of the same gentleman visitor,
where ehe now presides at an elegant mansion.
The gentleman whose fortune the darer, ahe
won by a judicious deportment and well directed
industry. - 8o touch for an Industrious young
In the last Charleston Aferctu7, the organ of
immediate disunion, we meet, in anarticle justi
fying the intended action of South Carolina, the
following remarkable sentence
"Cuba,' although =der the dominion of the
Spanish Government, extinct be on-American
ized; and it requires all the efforts of our aboli
tion Government tti prevent the people of the
Southern States from rescuing her from the tyr
army under which she groans".
-The ,orgen of setession avows, then, for the
partisans of that movement, these nefaricius at
temps upon Cuba, and declare e that only the
efforts -of our "abolition Goiemment" prevent
the South from accomplishing, through the Ina
mow wants that Bock after Lopei and Gone-.
les, • revolution that is to “Americhnize7 the
land of Cults: which, In the secession Ineabila
ry, evidently means to make it sBtate4 in the
Calhou nd n Li4 r ll;i,:the "United Btates Bontlo—
Emmett £XD Attnatcatt DunnDonee/m.-
1n the memoranda of Dr. Drectearidge's
in Europe, some ten yeara_ago, the fplioving an occurs.
A gentleman-like and well informed 'English
man, who - was in the stage coach with me, tad
Who found out I was an Jamaican, after dilating;
oaths greatness, and beatitims, the majesty, in
short, of this noblest of British *leers, (the
Thames) concluded thus_
"Bit, it may seem almost incredible, but it is
'nevertheless true that this prodigious stream is
from Its mouth to; its source, not much, if at all
short of one icmdred end fifty miles long!"
I looked steadfastly in his teem to see if he
jested; but the gravity of deep com i e ti cn
was upon it. . Indeed, John 801 l never jests.
After composing myself a moment I slowly re-.
sponded. -- .
..y ee here heard of the Ohio!" -
4.1 think, I hare."
"Perhaps of the Missouri?" •
- thinklso; though not sure."
"Certainly of the , Mississippi.".
"Oh yee; yes."
"Well, sir, a man will desetmd the Ohio, in
a steamboat' of the largest class, a thousand
"Of what sir? how many sir?"
“A thousand miles; and there he will meet
another steamboat of the same class, which luu
come in an opposite direction twelve hundred
miles down-the Missouri, and then after going
lifteenli ies
mdred miles more, down the Miss
he may see that flood of waters disembogue by
fifty channels Into the sea.” ,
I had made up my mind to be considered i
cheid; so I went calmly and emphatically through
the statement! As I progressed,-my companion
seemed somewhat disposed to takemy story.o a
personal affront; but at its close he let down his.
Tinge into a contemptuous pout, and regularly
cut my. neonalntance.
SCEBERY or TEE mum 1141/4/Mta
In overcoming the giant &Mei:titles interposed
ty-Natare„ (says the Richmond
,Enquirer,)' the
Erie Railroad surpasses that great triumph of
4,apoleon's genius, the Simplon' road across
e Alps. As "Observelo' in the
Redger, truly remarks of the scenery on the road,
which we passed over last summer very nearly
-as far as Elmira, its beauty and grandeur beg
gisrs all description. The wildest, and most so
matic mountain landscapes change with the love-.
Rest and, most peaceful villages' and haailets,
couched now in sequestered valleys, now hung
upon the rocks, in one continued moving peso
lama. - It is a perfect kaleidoscope• of rooks,
glens, hills, and dales, streams, rivulets, cas
cades and gargling brook. -- changing at every
iivisible.,moment, as -you tittle along• with
ydur ranting iron steeds over viaducts, bridg
es, evacuated rocks, and steep embankments
' , The Italians have a proverb, 'see Naples and
die.' Alexander Dumas, in his raphsodial freaks,
exclaims, 'give sue the sky of Andalusia and the
love of a French woman. I say give me the
scenery on the Hudson, Delaware and Susque
hanna, and letme die mien lam tired of them.—
There would be a cheap Immortality for men of
modern ambition" The Rhine, Moselle, Rhone,
Loire and Danube are beautiful 'in spots'—the
beauties of the Rhine are all consecrated between
Mentz and Bingen, those of the Danube be—
tween Passau and Lentz, &c.; but the beauty of
thb Delaware from the 'gap' • its source, and •
of the Hudson and Susquehanna throughout
their whole extent, is mateldiss in its infinite
•"Als, bur the castles!' I hear some new
fledged tourist exclaim. Let us thank God that
we have no inch remnants and reminiscences of "
the barbarous ages, with their superstitions, their
vices, their oppresaions and : their crimes. The
hand of man is here boldly and peaceably ap-
Plied to the subjection of a iomantic nature,
without having strangler' whole generations in--
the attempt to form a national society. The
bloodless conquests of the - wilderneiss,, in its
sublime pristine grandeur", had - not yet fouled,
its bards and novelists; bat Americi is not the
less poetical for the abseade of thisie monuments'
of feudalism:which record but the aberrations of
the human mind. The true desti . aj of man is I . s- -
"'Let o work our garden!! aaid-Dr: Panglos,•
this beat of worlds, let, tut build railynade and ,
canali;and imp:owe the ambition of the laborer,
la the highest precept Of al moral and Intel:Loeb:al
~finseeimea—riesearatUnk Healer herfingreseret -
ed to man the disecmrry of this continent till feu
dalism bad already run Its race in the Old World.
The idea •to which the seventeenth and eigh
teenth centuries gin birth in Europe,would hare
fOund no congenial soil in which to take root and
germinate if Columbus had been been a centvy
earlier—if England and Holland had no been
competitory; and rinds of Spain in the settlement
of this
. great division, the human reserve , of our
Ussios.—&Chartestoufiag Aiwa has
been sold out to parties who will . conduct it on •
decided Union principles. Union papers are be
ginning to spring up, right in the veryhot-bedof
secession. The people are beginning to think
that the politicians have gone just far enough,
and that their interests are no longer to be put ,
in-jeopardy to gratify the ambition - of political
leaders. Illacauley says, "Calamity and peril
often force men to combine, prosperity and secu
rity often encourage them-to separate• . One of
the site of this country has been that it is too
prosperous. It has grown so great under. the
Union that some begin to think, it would grow
still greater in separate States, but tha-aslami
ties and perils of- such an experimentimpressing
themselves with inch force upon the-minds-of
right-thirddng people will force them io combine
to resist such suicidal attempts.
Look Ur.—A little boy went to, tea 'filth ITE . ---
father to be ti sailor. One day hit' 'father said
to blmi
'Come, my boy,•you will never be a sailor if
you don't learn to climbr, let me see if you can
get up the mast!
The boy, who was a nimble little lellow, soon
scrambled up; but when he got to:the top, and
saw at whit a height he Was, ho began to be
frightened, and called oat • •
.oh r father, I shall fall; I am sure I shall fall;
what am I to do?
;Look up, look up my boy,' said his father,
'if you look down you wiU be giddy; but if you
keep looking at the flag at the top of the mast,
- you - will descend in safety.'
The boy followed his father's advice and
reached the bottom with ease. Learn from this
little nary to look more to Jesus and less to your
seism—Christian Trearury.
STOP- AND SMASOLC IT.—You say you did not
believe that one side whisper against the charac
ter o 1 a virtuous female, then atop it, and re- t . -
bike the slander, do not let your influence by
listening, benzin) the false report. : What etrange '•
matures are mankind, and how differently from
the course pointed outby duty do we act: hovima
ny reputations Mire-been lost by a surmise—how i
many hearts bled at • whisper—how many,be- • _
nevolent deeds have been chilled by the shrug
the shoulder, how many individuals have bee .
shunned by a genteel mysterious hint, how in -
1 ,
ny chaste bosoms have been rung with grief by
single nod, how many - graves have been -
a false report; yet you will pass the slander '
along; you will keep it above the water by an
open ear and a wag of your tongue, when with a
breath you might sink it forever. DestroYAhe .
passion for telling a tale, .I Pray your lisp cot a • ,
word that may injure another; if the ' female has c•.•••
erred, forgive her, and forgive the past; !helms
wounds enough enough without the fangs of the slamlerere:::
tongue; be determined to listen to no story that
ie repeated to the injury of. another, and as far
as you are concerned the slander .1(111 die; but •
talk it over or even listen to the recital, and it
may go as on the wings of the wind, increasing _
with breath till it has circulated far and near,
and brought to the grave one who might have
lived and been a blaming to the world.
OXi or Tux Srrarroat. Pnr.osontru, or pre
tenders to knowledge revealed by-decemsed per.
sons, is under arrest at Rochester for swindling.
Some deluded persons, whose understandings
were Ti th er weak, wan m a woman professing
to have the power of summoning the epirita, and
consulted her on relation to money supposed to
be buried in a farm- She "looked Into a dia
mond, saw there was money," and an consulting
the spirit, the latter said there were "three
bushels Over. in one place, six bushels slicer in
another place, and ten bushels of. gold in an
other." One man, to eecnre this amount of
wealth, deposited with the . spirtrial fortune
teller one thousand dollars, and the next morn
ing abe was caught taking a hasty leave with the
money, while the man who was weak. enough to
/Lie, it her, had the labor of digging a hole thirty
feet square and fifteen deep, for his pains. There
is not ranch pity for him. dap body who will
believe in such Imposition, after all the warnings,
theyhave received, cannot complain -if they aro
made to suffer through their credrOity.
871411:00AT SPZZD.—The steamer New World
made a splendid run from New York to ad. OW
yesterday. She left New York at 7 "d
arrired at her dock in this city a , 3 o'clock,
mine making the usual landings on theri ser.
t3he nuide the run from N. York to Poushieepaie
in thine hours and forty minutes, aareat/-five
miles. and but for a deteritioa or moms tea or
fifteen minutes - at West Point, skis would hare
made it in less than three and a half. hoe:Ha—
d/bang Eva Journat
_ _
-. :4-
riot=;i%;? , '..: + :#}l z