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Partuar a Marrreas.—The Whig Ind
Antimuoaie prinutrY meelingi were held in the
seven' Wards, Townships and Boroughs,. on
Batosday, for the *risme of 'electing delegates
to attend the. Convention: which will meet int
Wednesday, the fourth bustiust; at the - NewCoart
.11m4 . The results so far as we. have heard
thentare as follows. _
Betty, : • 80
A. Humbert, . • 77
J. T. Kincaid, $1
htesits. Getty and liatahert were ditelsredda
ly elected. - instructions. „
,The meeting was organised by appointing Jno.
Fi Qiiigg. President, and John McKee and Jacob
Weaver,:Jr., Secretaries.
Joshua A. Rhodes and Theme Steele were
elected delegates, and inntructedto rapport the
Hon: Mosul Hampton.
; -
• THIRD .WaiRD. •
in the Third Ward. John hiMiteinut was call
ed to that Cluslr,. and Lewis and Willem la-
Red appointed Secretaries,
Masora. Edward - Campbell, and Andrew Mc-
Master, were Cleated delegates, with instructions
to opport Mr. John Dlecaakey as a candidate
for; he office of Cmanty Register.
In Hal Fourth Ward Haters Joseph
i Isr
aFdOn. ael:Wiggins were elected delegates. No
FIFTH wear'.
The Whigs and Antimasons of the Fifth Ward,
mat atthe Public School . House at Semen o'clock,
and were organised by appointing Charles A.
Bryan Chairman, and Darkl Dalsell Secretary.
They then proceeded to TG. ballot far dela
. atm ,when Messrs. W. M cCartney and IL
Clelland, were declared drily elected, haling
recelred eighty rotes. -
The officer' of the meetinginformed- us that
after it was nearly closed, another organ
itatien 'took place, and Messrs. Ferguson and
H. Richardson appointed delegates.
At the primary meeting in the Sixth Ward, D.
D. Brice was called to the Chair, and James
Little appointed Secreliuy.
T. A. Itoirlay,having melted eighty-ex rotes,
and John Major eighty-four, were declared duly
In the Berenth.Ward, W. drthrirs, Req. was
called to. the Chair, and Wiley appointed
Secret/mi. The meeting proceeded to ballot,
with the following rerMhi:
W. C. Friend, 41
R. Oallagher,
Miura Friend and Reed were declared duly
elected: . No inatruitiano.
Theeprimary meeting in the Eightb Ward, was
=by calling John Allen to the Chair,
minting Thomas Daft Secretary.
George Moore, , 98
Stimide, 6l
. Johnifergeant, 40
George Seim, - ' 17
Messrs.: Moore and Stbnple were declared duly
elected: . ,
In the Ninth Ward, Messrs. R.dirards and R.
Rill bale been' appointed delegates, instructed
to rapport Ponrard for President. Judge of the
Diathot Caurt, McClure for President Judge of
the Court of Quarter Sessions," Messrs. Lig
gett end Boggs for Associate udges,' Pane/s
-took for Recorder. - Brash for Cresichardson
for Register, and McCune for County Commit.
William A. Inin was the chair, and
Lee A. Beckham appointed Bedietary.
3L Wickersham and Simon !mall Were
elate; delegate.s..
The meeting wan organized by calling George
into the Chair, and appointing W. O'Hara
Atter the obj w f the meeting had been sta
ted bythe Chairman, _the following persons were
chosen by acclamation to represent this Ward in
the Whig County Convention , -which meets at the
New Court House- on. Wednesday next, TU.:
M. A. White and Alexander Moot
On motion ef B. 11. Davis,..Eu., it was
Resolved, That our delegates be instructed to
tote farm person 'in Convention, for nomination
on the County ticket, !miens he is relbsble on the
temperance question.
Posolved, Ttst: our delegates be further in
structed to rote for Hon. Win. B.: McClure for
the office of President Judge of the Court.of
(hi mot .on; the meeting iclioterned.
; • CiEO. PARKES, President:
Wst (rif. Ronseses, Secretary.
W.B. ?dowry was called to the Chair, and
-- OM appointed Sealetary.
Hill= Debar= and WRthim Boyd were
elected delqites.
B. S. Fleming was called to the Chair, and W.
W. Ball appointed Secretary._
Josiah Eineend. james Tuley were elected
Settih . .Pittibst:egik—Daniel Davies and W. Rich
ardson were elected delegates. •'
Lower Sant Claionatban Neely and John
Patterson were•elected delegates.
• Charricrs-Bilegates--John• Hancock and' hie.
ie Chas
Wan*" —lleum. Kelly atid Black were elected.
Veiscaee--Delegates—W. J. Morris= and W.
A. Shaw. -,
Reterre—Deleist44.3. S. Ladoo and
Pautl—Benjtuninteny anil S. Stoner werenp 7
pointed delegates. ' ' •
Birtreglact—Thomas McKee and Joseph hle
41.0.tirere elected delegates.
him—B. B. Carnahan, Esq. Taw
caned to the Chair, and C. J. Ihmsen appointed
Buhl Clia6 and George /3 . 1061 M were appoint
ed delegates, • instructed for :Forward for the
Presidency of the District Court, Dunlop for the
Ml= ; or ' . •the C , o ,l u er rt • 0 . 12 rtfreto n for the
lit 'abet. Boron ls—Mesms Samuel Frew and
Mollhenny were appointed delegates.
J E li sabeth 412tenthip—Delegates—B. Wall and
- John Patterson, instructed for Forward.
Bou-DelFgatza--eleunder M. Watson and
Morass Chess.
LCtsirgeeeetTie—Metars. Wairaight and Bishop
tae dected delegates.
ircededer—We Tutderstand diet Maws. R.
Sescpker and Joho. Parke have beeit Appoint
ed a!legittee...
imdeiiitami that Messrs. P. A.
Wm) end -- Shields are . the delegates from
Ohla Townslape=:
- • For.the Pitt burgh Daily Gazette.'
Puma to Mid, the Antimmionic and Whig
citizens of Pagans township, met in the school
bowie In Elul Liberty, on Saturday 81st day of
/854 st 8 o'clor.k, P...M, to choose debt.
pbm toTepresent than in' county convention
gth Jule, 1851, to nominate 'a county ticket.
Wm. 11. ButhAeld Tad chosen Chairman, and
L. B. Davison; Secretary.
Abraham Horbacit received 42 Toter
Thos. MCCIGITI, A. . 41 .
W.tlifialus,. is 68 s,
Moles' 6 s.
Sucutel &War, - 6 ~
The'delegates were then instructed to vote for
Widterrorwmd, for President Judge of District
Cerstrt3folenHampton for Assistant Wm. B.
McClure for President Judge of Cannon Pleas,
Thos. Liggett, Jr.. and Wm. Boggs' for &soci
als*. Robert Ring, for County Commissioner,
jamas Beater, ,County Treasurer: John Hor
s:my, foi clerk of Quarter fiessiors; J111:011 dorm.
1y &Orden, John Mekaskey, Meosse ro gg
aemblymen::llscancies to be suppliei by Geo.
Dorsi% of Pittsburgh, =CI. H. Footer,of T.
rentam. LUKE B. DAFTDSN,
DISOADMI CONDtrc - r.—Mary Burke, Fanny
`Wifl Sad. Mary Bates, three women at tad
chersoter, were on Saturday coannittedlo
en by Mayor Guthrie, on a charge oferly
amain:, They bad rine ed a terrible disturbance
ID as gala 'Ward on Friday afternoon:-
1140;—Pour men who are, we understand,
employed rui laborers on the Perrysville Plank .
Sod, lirors' arrested on Saturday, and held to
ball by.hlderman Major for their appearance, in
theeamef two hundred dollareesth. They are
alma with having-behaved in a riotous and
distedirly manner, at a Watch in the C 011111127,
al the Sabbath _before their arrest.
Durruisaxez.--Jaates Williams, &impugn
,Sheddin, Catharine Kelly,
Cardin•WlTharos, and Susan Meson, all colored,
intro committed oolitic:on on Saturday by Mayor
Quests, charged :with disorderly conduct, and
w ith disturbing the whole'sicighbarhoodin which
d it7 'reside, in the Sixth
inn.= Beicremr.--Jacob Eller; - Jacob
Igum roil* were on Saturday
imamate bpWcrisirkSeracc. of Birmingham,
0 ,10014 Richo laa Shaffer, with amok
COURT OP CollloloA,Mait. .
In the Conn of eoriatitoriTleiii, on Saturday
E. Snowden, Eal.,Xnade.lll2 apPlicatiop. , on behalf
of William Burns, whom the Judges of the Eke
den In Lower St. Clair toinaship, returned some
time during the present montli, as Siperrieor of
mid toiniship. It appeared that a special act of
the Assembly had been panted; requiring one Su
pervisor of that township to reside Pn the East
and the other on , the West side of Saw Mill run.
Mr. William Beier, the opposing candidate, re
ceived s soldier number of . vote than Mr.
Burns, but the former resided on the West—the
latter on the East side of the run, atid Mr. Jon
ethin Neeley's (a resident of the
. East side of
the run) term of office, as Supervisor, bad not
I -
John Mellon, Esq., appeared for'llr. Barger, ;
end cited the seta of Assembly on the subject.—
After argument, the Court decided that the votes
received by Mr. Burns were will and void, since
if he were returned there would be two Super
.visors on the East side of the rem.
I Mr. Huger
wee therefore declared duly elected.
The June Term' of the Court of Quarter See
Bona will commence to-day.
POLSONID.-00 Wednesday„ ady named
Shearing, residing in Birmingham, eat a little
boy toa drugglet,, to parches° a smell quantity
of paregoric. Through some Mistake he return
ed with laudanum, which was administered by.
Dire. S. to her youngest child. As goon as the
true state of the case was discovered, the most
energetic means were used to lame the child's
life, but in vain, for after lingering MB Friday,'
it died.
ALMOST DROWN/D.—A. little boy or about Si'.
years of age, named Walter Blichael,l was play
ing on Friday on , a trading boat limit. the Hand
street bridge, wben, losing balance. befell from
the bow, and passedunder the boat. The hands
on board need every exertion to get him out, but
in vain: After a short time had elapsed, he
moo ter the surface at the end of the boat, and
was seized by a little playmate of us, named
Kendrick Halley. He was inseasibl when first
taken out, but soon recovered. This the third
narrow escape &eta drowning that tliis , boy has
made. I
MACIAZItiI roe JUNE is filled with in
teresting matter and excellent illustrations. It
is the first number of the new volume, and from
all appearances it will be better duau the first.
Each number contains 144 pages of &mice read
ing matter, at the low price of three dollars a
year, or 25 cents for single numbers. It has
only been established one year, and has a tiTCII
- of one hundred thousand. It isi kept regu.
arty for sale at Holmes' Literary Dc mt, Third
street, opposite the Poet Office.
Mammas Muctuar.--Charles Murphy on
Saturday laid an inforniation before I Alderman
Major, against a woman named Mary Burke,
who had wantonly broken nearly miry window
in his house on Friday afternoon. She had pre
viously been committed to jail by the Mayor, on
'charge of disorderly conduct.
DISCIIMICIED.—Conrad Fogle, who; had been
committed to jail for disorderly conduct, under
the name of John Hartman, Tye btght before
Judge McClure, on a habeas corp on Satur
day, and discharged.
man on Saturday, who had just returned from
the Chartiers Railroad, and he Informs us that
the hands employed upon it are now working
Matactoos Muctusr.—Two young Men were
brought before Alderman Steele on Saturday,
charged with malicious mtvAief; They had hir
ed a two horse carriage from Mr. Wm.iConn, and
cut the lining and sesta with penknives in seve
ral places, before they returned It. The matter
was gruffly compromised on their paying for the
;damages the carriage had sustained, and the
costa of prosecution.
Penn ALaam.—The alarm of fire feat night,
was false.'
Dirriaoutsumn Anurvel..—fieorge ' Glidden,
Esq., hat arrived in this city.' ,We l that he
will deliver course of his populrs antinstruct
ive lectures on Egypt, before he leave! us.
ENGLISH MUSTARD—Colinati!e, in kegs
.12 of lb. and 18 lb.e nt .l2 . 33=B: ks ulz by
• New aitLISiC.
and Dublin Waltzes, complete.
World's nth Waltz.
. Serenading, or Gard Link Polka.
/lamb Ad
Wbere aro ing Mew friends of boy youtbt
Tbou bast gourefed the Writ that loved tb
&ause hrighist.
Jenny_ Littha Hied .
Nor 'Teeth Polka.
Ilia Polka. ..
Juniata --
Old Bachelor and. Old Maki.
Lamont of the Orphan Girt
Thy to le math to man o ear.
Lament of the lzishradgran. Bsc'd
toy2/3 JOILN WELLOII, 131
111ELEBER has just received •
w Jude Coot.'
. National Union, • patriotic SOO& dedicated to the
Hon. liniry cisr.
Briag , de Game; new llthicidan Scow br Stephen C.
Fodor of Muhl:toe, .. ... I
_ i i i 6 /
. 1.1% , I , ' i * . ar. a r e rgr t glhatlVFLAt ii
hweet Homo an lima by .7enny lAnd. 0111 r new acticon.
' I
The filocmtala Daley. •
The Day Eptritio by Lindley.
Farewell. Old Cottage - , written a nd r indrawd by H. C.
foster. and dedlcatal to Ma. IlarayWocals, of littteburch.
as where the mord= &tette- • -
I know who.. . `•
air blueing with thae Co. ' . i
leirard. tom done. I •
Dilating Wn.r lb. Macbeth.
Alaii—hew Polka+, Waltses. re. i Shill street,
- Sign 'Colder. arp
N.TEA ' ailerclid idiot l'huroa and 31olcd in to H arii
won. " I " "
TW BOOKS large supply of 310-
uracek k Crooks' Greek and Latta Warta
ramify Robbaacra ar Ira Adrantorra of a Vattler
and blotter dad four bona, an a'dasert :vol.. lama.,
_ Ale, Noa. 1.2, 3. and 1, of blamer Landon Labor and
London Ymr.
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Id /4410'ibandiasa. fourth at.
INA rek'd sad for sale try 5.:C01. IVICKERSIIA3I.
y 2) =nor or lilxth sail Woad sts.
sew Books,just received.
.g.REEK GRAMMAR,. for the are of High
.IklecoLT azul thanandtlalZP. Batt/mama naiad
Thi=d ' uTf l a ' dertt, and Ilabellois af Irk 81,7•IInbat
rt N. YleM Ma. ma&
p a rt g. tb gzgirrezzoLi .2, .. a = l go m b Vete
aof Nom Yea • by Rev. 11. TJ Mean, lOmo.
Par sale by • , a. *OPIUM, .
xaylll 78 Apollo Bulleng. 'fourth Et
UYSOTT'S Yellow Dock to Sare sparing"—
br J. EWA /01.,
7 tCllrcod
IarISTAES Balsam of; Wild cherry-1
•V V' grow *Er lola try myl9 J. KIDD* Clu.
SEED-30 bbls. prime, f r sale by
VASTER OLL-35 bbls. No; 1 (puie) for sale
trr zryl9 J. KIDD CO.
INK ROOT-2000 lbs. for sal:
Nor, i'vt"ga!raziro iv=i. kr " 1 " the
To Tett-Drinkers,
bt j .
yon want
i I I! , 11 Good Tet!,'
1 10 MT
biet. In th e dtr. Prleen-40e., We., 7H sad 14 1411.
POPLEY'S POT CLAY-36 bNustrac'd
gad Dr sal SCIWONM CO.
SUP. JBACWA-25 key fori siep
;110 a A. FAlLNlcawft
taRENCH FLOWERS—A eiplenclid variety
Of the owlet stile. trench end AlllMaifatk Moms,
ire pmwrwli ell very elaaap, at arhaleyal• or
Mall. , mr2l A. A. AWN AOO.
RIED PEACHES-35 sacks in stare, will
to mid Ivor to don 10. by
Ent2l l 5 -AIAI I DIMLY &CO.
13,011138-56 dos. Marietta, to mile by
11 42131,--1 . 00 dos.. Cprn,lo s r . ext y pi i.D.
1ER41135'-11 bole! im• 4.31c,10.2
AS . H-25 fjo.ll.lZlgetv.
POT ASII-4 casks pure, for sale by
myla J. B.C.VaIe.LO.
IitALERATUS-5 tons in boxes 4uid casks;
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Irk MED APPLES--2A, begs for le ky_
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ASH-5 Casks fur sale byl c*
PEART. ASII-20 casks for salel by
R. DMA= t CO.
• eiliele reed end for ode al the Dreg nine of
=O3 Banker 4Exeks. n ricr ' 9ll . er.
SUNDRIES -14 bblo. are
6 No.l Lvd: I
.• . .
.. . .._.
.. ..
- • 2 . binaerax; Ism& at from err
idaytkitren uld tbr sale by
" , mys 9 . • groat tut Cattr rem.
an baud, a run of India 1191Jef Ufa err
ws and JaoJaaa, of In Itubbor and fOrlr manufaC
lama der stabs Dribs an boo Jaot,7 and 9 Wood w.
ray= , J_t 11. 1.1.11LL11.4.
GOLDEN SYRUP-12 half tifila. and 24
arrnx by .
• JAMZ.A. 11171V11140N ir CO,
Cet az ME ORSZN-5 cases
acJar lam sal domains pah
woo • is.
In the Presbyterian General Assembly at St.
Louis, on the 26th inst., a letter was presented
froth the Presbyterian General Assembly of Ire
land, which, after expressing gratification at the
success of Presby terianism in America, regretted
that there were in the Presbyterian and other
Churches in America, so many persons involved
in extending the dominion of slavery. The
COIIIMUIIieStiDII was referred to a Select Commlt
, tee, with instructions to reply to that portion of
'the letter in relation to the condition of the
Church in such spirit as it requires, sod also to
state that the communication was received too
late to allow the Assembly to approve of said an
The financial and other reports were submit
A Board of Lir' ectors on Education were elect
Thc.aubject of the cheap religious newspaper
was called up, and referred to the nett General
Overtures from Philadelphia, relative to Rev.
Mr. Blackburn, were approved.
. Reliable information was received that the
Rev. Mr. Geary void family had not been mur
dered. The resolutions relative theretd, pre
vim:city passed, were stricken from the journal.
The Assembly then adjourned, to meet again
in Charleston, (8. C.,) cn the third Thursday in
May, 1852.
Haw Yeas, May 31.
The Franklin takes ont $968.580 in gold and
A petition wre presented to the Legislature to
charter a railroad from Torona to the Pacific,
and to purchase land sixty mules wide at the
price paid by Government-
NEW Your, May 31
Cotton—The market is dull and drooping.
Flout—The market is steady, and the demand
fair. Sales of 4,000 bbls at $3,9404,06 for
State, and $4,12ie,y1,31 for round hoop Ohio.
Grain—Wheat is rather lower, with tales 10,-
000 bu good Genesee at 1120 per bu. Corn is
firmer, with sales of 12,000 bn at 580.69 c for
western mixed, and 600 for round yellow.
Provisions—New Pork is dull and heavy at
$l6 for Mess, and $13,25 for Prime. Beef is
heavy and inactive. Cut Meats are steady.—
Lard is quiet at fic per lb.. lower, with sales 160 bbls Ohio at
Stocks—The market is heavy, except for U. S.
6's, 1867, which are quoted at 1191; do. s's,
1863, 1031; Illinois interest bonds, 39; Penns.
fes, 941, and Reading bonds at 58.
A second failure is the cotton business occur
red to day.
New Tong, May 21, 1851.
Cotton—The market is more buoyao aal =-
tire, with sales 2000 bale. at last qu4aions.
Floor—There is a fair demand and at better
prices, The sales are 7000 bbls at $404 06
for State, and $4 18i®4 31 for round hoop
Grain—Wheat is easier, and prices nominal.
Corn is less active. The sales are 40,000 bush.
els at 68659 a for mixed, lead 60c for round and
flat yellow.
Provisions—Pork is heaiy at $l5 for mess,
and $lB 26 for prime. Beef is Inactive at
$8 75®11.f0r mess, and $6e, .6 for prime. Cut
Moata are more active at 71®81a for hams, and
®6i for Shudders. at.
of 400 Ws Lard,
good and prime qualities qt 9}c 1 4 lb.
Whiskey—Bales 250 tibia at 220231 c for Ohio
and prison.
Stocks—At the second board to-day, stocks
were improved. Beading advanced to 63i, with
large sales. Land Warrants are rising, and
range from $142 to $155. Money is accumu
lating, and there are large exports of coin. Ex
change is firm at loielog.
Flour—The market is a shade easier, with
sales 400 bbls at $3 35Cu3 37 12 bbl.
Whiskey is rather heavy, with sales at 180 11
Provisdons—Nu sales to report. Bacon is
somewhat easier
Groceries—Very little is doing, with no
change in prices.
Linseed Oil—Small sales at 139 c 19 'gall, and
The river has risen 18 inches since last report '
The weather is pleasant.
U 13212
Naw Onir.aus, May •'.l.
Cotton—The Africa's letters were received
yesterday. Cotton is without change.. The
sales are 2,100 bales.
Sugar is lees active, with sales of 150 hhds at
at Elio for fair.
Flour—The market is heavy.
Lard—Sales in bblsat 9 , 16.9.ic. Sales 1600
kegs at tic for prime.
Coffee-:-Sales 500 bags Rio at 91®9}c per lb.
DIES, a different eras, tot tale at Ma Rubber
.R.A. Nat and Wood 6 .1. ILPHILLIPS.
MAPLE SUGAR-2 bble. very choice Ma
pl. Booth, just reed thd for saleloy
myth Gruen! aluVrea Palen.
Lout Cruelty". Pulverised and Powdery'. oonstmatly
oo ad mtd fly We by the barrel or retell, at the lowest
cash rata. by WM. A..IOcCLITRO A CO..
• myl9 256 Liberty et.
DRIED PEACHES-1000 bushels (bright
halm.) In storo and for Ws by
DRIED APPLES-30 sacks prime, for sale
CASTOR OIL-9 We. (Blow's make) for
SUGAIL-240 Mids. prime N. 0., for sale by
DRIED FRUIT-- , Peaches; • Plums;
'etr ash by Melly
myls Omen mil Tea Dethrs:
HEMP - 23 hales Missouri, on consignment
and for ago by Aura ooltD,
m 716 No. 154 hoot se.
COTTON -25 bales (Batting).for sale by
oul AL•
No. 13R G 4
Yroat ORDON. '
TEAS -50 hf. chests' Young Eynon;
i • 6•• ••• Blatt Golort&lllaran
e by . HALM DICKY .111
myl3 Water sad I=l W.
S. PETRE-75 sacks Crude; for sale by
Li. nun
LIAMS-10 casks for sale by
znyl3 18.61A1l & CO.
BUTTER—Fresh Roll for sale Eky,
myl3 'LUAU DICKY I Oa.
MANNERS' 011,---20 bbls. warranted pure,
Or Ws try R. E. HELMS.
rep! 07:Wood ist.
RICE -100 tierces for Bale by
. BO a Nnni,
tlb ll 6o Matto Ft.
SALERATUS-42 auks prime, for sale by
CHOCOLATE -130 bro. Bost., for sole by
myl2 WICK a tatcattours.,
-1114.,13t.55et fgh , latt o tt fullimorlmentof JAM
1900 V. IL EATON. tcrartb
NDIGO-4 100 lb kegs Manilla;',
_ 3 Corona Canon. of goal quality., to af-
Ibr W. als, samples Of 'Ali°. 4121111(401t Of IOdISO,
which will to sokt low from Ma sample.
Water mid Front eta.
('1 HOUND NUTS-15 sacks for sale by
ilt nub tSAIAII DICKY.T 4t.W.
NUTMEGS -1 bbl. for rale by
J. KIDD* co. •
BOYS'CASSIMERES—Of various -colors
and st.yhts,Vedd by
STAR CANDLES-45 boxes ( 10 to 40lbs
for Weld J. D. WILLAMS t CO,
coma Wad and ALTIA
Q. PERM CANDLES-10 boxe.s4* 6'e, unit
ogl, t td, by J. D. WILLIAM CO.
half charts Clutha and Wang; • '
boxes astra tbm °akaLc_ for sale by
'm y 5 J. D. wILLIAIIB q).
7 - IEER SKINS-3 bales for lsale by
j_r my 7 RUEY, MATT/IkWe A OD.
10110 LEAD-490 pigs Soft Galena, for sale
by myl itlfEY, MATrILEITB t Co.
Pii METAL-465 tons for sale by
. . _
FEATHERS — tr Ike. prime Ky., for mile by
mil ItIle:Y, MATTHEWS t CO. -
lODA ASH-60 casks (good) C for sale by •
POTATOES- 100 bu. (Gey to arrive',
am an sale by my 7 A. GULDEN :MIN A Co. ,
te Y - K
WHISKEY-37 bbls. (pure) for sale
SPTS. TURPENTINE-20 bble. for sale by
FrALLOW-3 bbls. for sal„ ,
A. ,err UM WX UT T!..E..." ) ,L
Tie/SACCO-1 hhd. prinie Seger Leaf;
- "
Yt oil i by v b
mr6 al and el Water. and C. E ruct at.
_ , . _ ... . _ __..
014-50 bbls. pure Linseed, for sale by
ea . i.e. WATERMAN A SONO.
eriar qual
jaCODA ASH-3Uirnaksiturts'a brand, fur
ba Ws by isayo IL a W. ILIABAUGIL
The naaseErtraordinary Discarrry in the Warfel it
great Arabian Remedyfar Ilan and Beard
H. O. Farrell's
1:111; miracelone •eures performed by the
Arabian phyeiclano let the day& of old. trete them
Ito cd u lna the the remit of =Ms. but rime we berm be
come intimate with. (heir history we ran thus .omoet Ihr
their.MMOing power °ter disc... Their atteinmenM
the knowleige of medicine wore the wonder of thy age,
while at the mune time the reirrlen of Clormietrr. whl oo
with them bed it. origin. was to the rret of the world . a
needed book." And in Botany they weep the most matoue of
students. lathe beautiful groves which Ain the deeerte of
Arabia, alound ram plants and microns wood. whence are
obtained thooe &multi< grins and fragrant baleame, of
which Ohio incomparable liniment to composed, and by
wbooe etimulaing unctuous, penetrating and Anodro•
Properties It when applied. inotantaneouely diartsel
through thr whole nerroue oyotem. allaying the most let
Mime pain tbe incredibly 'Mort time at 1 10 or 16 =Mohr.
(ton.cion L. pro mpt, powerful and effectual, without the
mgr. penetra t o mash to the bone, reheat
contracted mete. reotoree boa limbo which hare been
Podded for ream, causing the ohrireled flesh to grow out
and rirh blood to rimulate through Its velem. It mom.
the Synovial /fluid or Joint Water, and thie Is the reuon
why It has been no unireroally sueresodul Incuring all
Menace of theJcduto. thymic arsenous of the (nine,
Liter. Lung, and Kidney& this meat Arabian remedY
unto.ralleled; for Ague Cate or Enlargement of the
TZt • p it .l t ttleV o t .n= h ''''nory en ti ''e,. Onh"Perral":,
'tlVhft. Ceampe
I Sw ellings.
I: " .. 'u felt wl (3' a b l l ite=
in duces. of e ac h eistnia, gru.Sweel
Stiff Complaint. blotempereParry,Sprine,hrnima,Wo
Mange, oinhim la indwell, Splint; uod for nearly
Memo.; either in ma ndor~le,
ar braid. which require an ester.
not elogleallun. this liniment stmuLe at the head of all
The following L from the printed accountant of the
wealthy and highly reepertable house of Tuts 2 Ban, of
Peoria, and toresents nue of the most ennwnful cures in
0001110 of !nation history:
Mr. It R u binrell DearEle, Aetuated by 1111.14110 f en.
Nine, l it the folldwing as an instance ot the util
ity of lone great medicine. Sly chlld.three rearvold,walt
euddeolf attacked with o terrible disease, which, in lea
then six hours. preetrated it to (c t r l helplmmetz. The limb
herein. to rigid that not a Joint moU &sit tbe flesh
turned blast and cold, and altuely.49triunt.l4l.l,,y,fith:
art a ntr,tl;, ' ,lt l'r. d in all oled t d lll3ll Alll .- oh
tr.cted, andso
that when laying on Its beet, the
held and dse/e only tounied. Indeed, the chili presented
erery appearance of being deed: immediately on the at
tack. the Loads Phreltden 'Malted Wand for °tree weeks
he Island to restore DIA feellng.but all myain, although
It was bllstensi a doun times, and various ruletarient th en
intents applied. A corurultation cf physician. wee then
held, but to no intrrose. Th. cue wee then brought to.
fore the Medical lioelety. hot nothingcould be euggested
which had not already been done; and the doctor theustold
me he could du nothing more. We Wen commenced en
plyiug your 140D:tont fnely men Una entire length (.the
spine: and you COST imagine • parent'e Joy, when after It
few ePPlications, returnind antesolion was apparent The
child rapidly nemesis!, with the except/on of the sight
which dill not become
o nowise!. for nearly a incised It Le
nori h wrt
othrsrd lobuet as
I=tind reamed in my neih.
borh r c e od_ proviousry. all of which died; when, no doubt, if
your Ll6/131 at bad been acted, We would have moven&
Peorte. M ' arch 1, lt4l. HENRY G. CLELAND.
Liner • Complaint, Erysipelas, and Rheuntaiinn
Tottorro, Msy 80.
Itaratcg, Marton Co, Ky, May 27, Igen.
Mr. li. (L Pennaire—lener Sir. Li
Your niment is veillog
e i rr T t il ; Lng u dolog • vein da , a r l f
bed pr in the breast- A hog. Ale confined to
Air Rivera' mouths with Lirer Oonagain 's t and Attee
lion of the heart, was entirely cured by the ILO of your
Andolan Liniment. the asid the doctors could do leer sto
gad. It has been applied to • fresh mit„ and 012.1 d it In
a %bort time. 1 harebeen abided with Itliento•lista for
• long I
time zeal Just befote • net 00,1 It pained I. DO
011.1 eb the. hod PO ppawl. all day: and in the night 1 rt.-
teemed bathing wed rubbing with your Liniment. and
before I wee done tubbing, the Pan rraskt
Stiff' Complaint, Sammy, Distemper, Co,*, and
Sore Eye, Cured.
afitehell, Beetmainer at. Eat, Fulton County. Illy
ge ) 0. YAW= Your Arabian Liniment is h.rly
Efl ' ir =lair b== 7,1111'4 4 .°4'47." 11 on . "
ennel one of my own of the Sweeney. fnu Sheriff. Joo ,
Dyke, cored his ham of a bed Cork with It; be oleo
It on • volt that bad the Inetemper Very bed, and cored It
immediately. Ile say* It hi decidedly the cremated home
medicine he ever owe There bare been rinmbere ruled
of Sore Sive with 11. I end It a vat 7 valuable medicine
both &or man end beast.
BrINITC of Cow ltertits.
Tie Public, are " partil.lail;' — eantUrrupa mcaluet B.
Clem/re/Mt whkh bau Well made tt.. ppea[aY .ad
Bled by the Import. wbo makes it."W Aral!:
. Thla Is a danger o . fraud a. more liable
to demi. Yr= hla beast:lu the mum of VarrelL Them
fore particular nem, to cobl .for tw the Ramo “farroll's
Idllittwut." For ....pled dealers impme the SPC
RIOCS mixture upo you for t.tve geoulue, but elm., ask
for ••11: G. Forreirs AroMan Liniment."' aud tale we 'arr.
td n tl:ll ger.ttltie In
ha. the letters U. G. beton Farrell'',
booth—"H.Pr4fir. ''' Aral tb letle !"
UMW!aztect In every ', Till.. god Hamu
thEtas., in mle is out established. op.l
by letter to B.G. Farrell, Peoria, 111.. with goad Atermwe
as to ...ter, meyoulby,
Call . the agent who will turd. Pres of CUM. •
book containing much valuable information for eeery
of cilium.
Puce.-2.5 mete, 40 cents, and one dollar per bottle.
onlq ento nlq ud propri germane iretor...ld b end cto bye 11 &rage.. No
. (7.-Yerrell. vale
Inventor almr3
. 17
Halo keret. Peoria, 1114 and for w sale whole:W.6nd retell at
prrprietoer price by R. IL SELLYILL
orylke.d No. 07
Sold by ol
D. M. CURRY. .Allesl4enl City. Wood street
The Human Body Must Perspire,
SO SAYS NATURE,,-to have a healthy ap
pearooom Lod perm= •bo do notiogroly liable
to the moot dlamdlog 8102 LI/essos. Sow, Ji m.'ltalian
Ch.molcal Soap woos a free pompltaLloat, and at U. aamo
Woo moth!. and ooftelte tho eklw airbag It the torton
of mu lotaxtril.
Semy, Salt Ilbeum, and gOnill. are dinnly baled. b
oured by ils rue. as a teat 7 physidam N.. York knoT, '''
wilo ors It lo ouch amea and hod It untilllng—as alaojn
Panda, Blotches. Frockles, or anyabse arullssama ,Thm
real ertria Is 'salllnd that this I. 00 wale, puffed narravm, ma
ea l V ma. I mull enumerate at lout Malty
taloa cural of more bad. sore lam, and owe bard.
lay It—sal the radar Is alma wound I would adorn.
tbe u ttrt curtail knew It to be 4111 grata.
bua<*ho se
will lad this art only a mom but a proZlrer and rbappdd r
c r , r , r
mdt told. tba , t =Mend nub ray of tbe above,
nl lo a Its PrOlV7m) tdan I state:
a n .tt 8 :111 r Yt. a; the ..I=l=l .l l "
beadt only of wit. JACKSON. only Agent In kW. Wirth
of %oat.
Pearly White Teeth, and Pure Breath, to
he had red cmate.—Perenne irbo bare either. me honono
teethmewed that If their breath ia co Anil, or their
dersied, dark or yellow, oaf enerasted vitt. tartar,
'Mod a 2f cent boA of Juno? Amber Tooth Page trill Dula
She teeth ice white . Mow. and the Meath atoriformaly
Solll only st JACKSON'S Store. 240 /40erty .c. deut si
A Scientific Hair Tonic, Restorer and Bean
151,—Ttist Both, ST%onots. Than who has. Pled
Jor W theth Shot honorer. tram It. ethellerd quanilie—
three who hove mt. we menthe It to pother thewing
quolitien—itoln torre the heir to grow on thy canhore
Intended hale to grow; goy it falling off: b us
For,lthuirsiff, end nuke U red,or gni . hair lITOW dark.
For rendering the 1.1, .mitt nd Wry, nothing min etheed
thii—lt makes It tome beautiful, end keep it ao. It is.
deed. the mart ethnonaleal—yet .parlor—ertiele tor the
heir. . .
to oalr at WM. JACKSON'S Stan, 210 Litorrty MAmt•
hemlM axl, ittsburgh.
MeAA-31). cents. 80 amts. and 11.
JONES' Solution of Jet, a Liquid Human
bcruOful • W h o xr "& r . •w*
ITite•-60 eetts, .15a v..
Sold by W.ll. JACK2.OIi.2IO Libertr stmt. heador Wood.
Pittst largb.
honed ageinct using the oomman moored Chalk. They
are uofinnue how Cightfully injurious it le to the Old
how comae. ho. mush; how sallow, ;ellmr, and unhealthy
thc skin ales mina Pre pee ol Mend Besides, It la
W iThre . e ' prepered W"i" a n &i N tif l u B on yaa ' higirglcleochlch
cell Joann nyeathb Lilly
It le perfectly innoceut, Minkptuilled of all deletelions
enolltleg end impar to the skin natugal ,
ale It ster,nlear, !Mats wh ts
iten st. t. 116 tame time es:Untie cop
mede ori the skin, making It ant mad smooth.
bcdd yhe A n, lilt JAIiKIION, 210 Liberty street,
twal Wood, PluW,or h. Prim.= mots.
s I r,P.
Prcifessor A. C. Barry's Tricopherous,
:owing testimordiii is DomDIE Mono, Editor of tin
Edo:W.lft AIIIMiieSI3. COMMOSIt r sttoti ertdsitos to tor
Naar You. Feb. 24,
Brtrn'a 2rteoplierous Lan article that we take pleartire
In awarding the highest cr/mmenttatios. We do not do it
ripen the recommendaUon of others. but (tom out own par
rtort knowledge of Ito affects upon tto hair, whit. It tend.
to keen it healthy . ..oft, and glow, it Leo remorts due
drag, proverds gra , l hair, and Insigoratrt its growth in a
ntiy t o&t * tpo o ther
one bottle to be eourinnid*
B gt l .4. htibl w
!etygto Et amt.. at the piaci* cam 1.11
hold In fargabottlei. Prlw 2 . 3 amts, at
ea bttr
rfa IL E. aratz. P 4.
Na. al Waal et.
Straw Bonnet and Hat Warelame,
( No. 105 Mmticrr
PALMER offers for sale, rat very
• NU amortment of Straw and Milli..
BONATS—Foreign and Ameri jpialn and fancy
&mg', Braid, Chip, Gimp, billion, Laralair, Paroal. Ler
born ge.
EATS—lien% Youthii, area Boe' Limbo., fermi ar;d
plain Braid, 81. rag, Panama, Ilardlio, and Palm Leaf. ln.
fan& Leghorn, Braid, Pinter, Chip, Gimp. Lace, and
MteaP Oipsay, Jenny Lind, sad in groat earl.
sty or shays d material.
„/LlBBONS an —ltieb Bonnet. and Feast, blahs Sibiu sod Tar.
qr,,41 , 11...L0010re. taild i vig d ria , u a l
oted tilt nod
Cotton Netts.
STRAW TIMILVINGS-01.1s. Times, Buttons,
Merin., Ste, to.
FLO WERFmnehlind Anglican Pgslga.bnachas and
separate, rich and anal style.
BONNE? SILLY ANS SATsYS—Olage,. Oro. de Na:
plug, Oro. do Rhine, rigger., and other igyles. muted
qualities m;d colon
SAMS—Assorted qualities and colors.
Also—Rich and low priced Parsed. and Umbrellas, Mold
Dame, kg. te. mehlb
W S. HAVEN, corner of Market and So-
cami dmet.. boo Just opebettfor sale the Wilma
stag of articles to the Mationery ihm ever brought to Ilds
city. consisting of avers duality- of English. Prawn. and
American Wnting Paper. uedlnm, iota, ad CaD hisna
hooks,ha every aisle of E l uding; Arnold., Iliterison's,lio
zfa v. 7.1! izrrizollo.Jll,',l,," Writing Inks.
Mated manufacturers . Lead Pendia %mum_ , S h ears, aut.-e
-lope, alt elms and du:tildes; Steel 'rtb Porcupine. Bone
and Wood lot Holders. a great vatietyt hand hose, WM
Matelot Water Mamas, an. • no ad
I LASS--600 boxes tole(' Rhea, Wr 6.11.; by
my 6 8 W HARD klBlB
. . .
tiallolL--OU bbLs. for sale by -
4 -aass_.o boxes Window. ass d, for sale
t.I by bp= I. F. VON DON:MOH:a k. CU.
RAKES -5U doz. hay 'takes, fur sale by
La, ar...2 S. F. Vo4DONNLIODZT A C?.
CORN --50 0 bu.. Shelled, for Kris by '
apl/.7. B. DILIVOMII it CO. '
C ODLI VER. OIL.--:30 galls. superior White, for sale by my!' 1 , .. Z. D.F.1.1157 Wood FL
POTATOES -20 Ltda. Neslannucis, for
nee by my 6 N. Y. VON DONNIIOII.BT aPI
.:OW Ilti/N-66 tons forgeand Foundry,
.a,' '''''"`' b' al. by JOLLV WATT a co.
_ _
VidtMILLION--6271b5. (Trieste) for ode
y by sp7 0. e. SMLERS
, 11.E.E.SE-50 boxes receiving and for sale
%/ by wv7 0. DALZELL ire.), Llbwrty wt.
'DIAPER-300 reams Mod. and drown Wrap
vi.r. foe we low to dose econimautt, Ly
JAS. DALzY.LL, titer wt.
jUkRiED PEACHES--600 bu. for sale by
iy ap7 IdAlall DICKEY aW.
WANTED, and the highad. Dretphttalald an 7D•
wl3__ • mum Marked and Thldl .7s.
DRIFJ) APPLES-75 bu. for sale by
apl6 ll6 Wet. e.t.d.
Q, - lINDRIE& • • ----
• .
bu. Cbertnubn
MOO 11. Door /au;
DM !kg. s 1519019,4
WA. lllAcry No* for
W. low to 01d ,by J.,b. WILLIAMS •W.
sub • Wan Wav4 lad MAD eta
Eureka Mining Company of Michigan.
TE Stockholders of the Eureka Mining
Company or bliehltru, are hereby nettfe.d that an
o .. or twentrdire erhts per share haa ham SlUde
the capital stack of tha Enrekh di/Wag Company of
fads., payable within tbirtr teem Ode date, at
t. e oak* of the Oarnpany In the handle. occupied by .
y " 'r.i"— LatiPlr. l 67l ' ticri - ..,_ and Tt.eare
raylrratrlavtd Lomb. Min. Co. of Mich.
/ • Iron City Mining Company.
E regular Annual Meeting of the "Iron
nlinnat Company " •111 be held at the Mika of
• Contrany. In the Uty of , Pittatnunta on, Blnaelar. Jnna
tab at o'clock, P. !J.
An ueetement of LO mate Per &W I= b....n .1 ... 1
all! brave 011 (ha Md of Jane: ob. an eaeeestnent of to
cent. per share, doe on the let of Atnfnet.
bionter Of the Board.
myntlt neenet
lIE ANNUAL MEETING of the Stock-.
of the Ohlo Trzp Rock kilning Cowpony will
Told xi the oflo• tald
ta t Lb. City of Pitto.
tarsi, on am 2, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
to M. H. MART; Pew
101 Liberty street—
10thitiN:tginkthLittens and ifor
rencl. Drip d' Ete, ,ur
-6 yam e n=l and black Mit Warp Castimsnits, for
A spMan leteild saamtment of Ma r seilles and Linen Vest,
Ui ERRING-10 bble new for sale by
1.14 w WI .BON.
JEN. RED-15 casks (English) for sale by
V m 716 , 3. SCHOWIMAKEII t. CO.
CLOVES -2 bbla. for sale by
Q UP. CARB. SODA-10 km for sale by
• 24 Woc4l.t.
16V)te: P t" " twr , b
QIIOULDERS-32 casks for ealo by
1, mrl o ELARDT. JONES & CO.
Myl6 W. Y. 111881IALL. 65 Wood id
Nv7l6 W. P. ILOSLIALL. 84+1 d.
y ARD-3 bble. it 8 kegs No. 1, for sine by
bbls. and 40 W. bbl.. No. 1, Banknoro ll nreo=
10 6 " Stud:
qa )ti 1.14 ate . 8 3 uperiorhimoII. for 4aleiby
mile JOHN wAST*
COFFEE -100 bags Rio, for Bale by
rum JOHN WATT 1. CO.
PIRON-100 tong Huntingdon co, for
j_ mob 6 30111 N WATT A CO.
JUST opening—a very excellent assortment
lILNTEL CLOCKS, at from S 5 to 113 h all
Plaeirace Mantel Clock+. for 51.60 each, sad warrant
=736 _ <caner of Yount,.
EMPLARS' SWORDS—Just reed, a lot
of Knights Tempi. Swords. lelt.ll the emblems at the
beaatHally ot ed
myUr W. W. WILSON •
OR SALE, to close consignment-60 cks.
rsztperiar SODA ASII. branded consignment -- S0
and "St. He
r. anniT 50 ADO. AIe.TADEN a OD,
mylls eornerPto arlWaynas=a,Pittabursh.
DOW'D EXT. LIQUORICE-1 can for sale
my 9 B. A. unsterocx a OD.
It. US-12 dos. for
sale bY E. SPAM.
m 713 07 Ward at
(AIL-600 grills. Flaxseed (warranted pure)
fa sale by myl3 H. K. SELLER&
ITRIC ACID—GOO lbs. (pure) for sale by
mrl3 J. KIDD IMO.. GO Wood st.
"OINK ROOT-2000 lbs. for sale by
MACKEREL -120 We. No. 3, for sale by
0713 8.8 W. 11./RBAUOI.I.
MOLASSES--100bbla a:a fg . = cou.
QTONE PIPES-340 boxes for sale by
Imo. min Inca t MeCANDLM:
MACK RRF L-150 bbls. No. 3;
10 " No. sal_e_by
72 ROOMS-210dos. Corn, for sale by
WITTER3O kegs for sale by
4,1 CORCHINGS-5 mkt No. 1, for sale by
m=l3 RICE At Nee/UCCLE/M.
Seoatui EV.
A . the MA I 4. IIO! L of doh. - ere eall e e tf p
t Ili 17 173 11` MititgaVirkrlf =4 'AV=
d ra . re a tlte=ru p aratat t h a-
We. we are tam po,oored to dler goals st drab lower
th Dna. e MISOTt. thaa they mold hare been porchadd bl but early in
terth rd ard 64 ared.
um... - 1 celebrated Her arid Ilsatme Corks.
ewer red ham the tosaabotarer, PlelledelphW
mord sad for eels by 8- W; MIND
sat teMnde marnairort.
=abet betorpnieed; sad tbe knr.brbm 44leb they bre
voll.bnist taxon tbatetotmtheetket ; wally
. order la e. by R. LASICLIMIS,
• 41 Wool te
In the new town of Latrobe, WartanoreLind
Camay, Pa.
.27a Loyal/tan= Dtpot of lAA Paota'a Railroad.
TELE town of LATROBE is beautifully
eitoand th almond level plain; ;he bank of
t Loyallmans River. where the Pthnsy raids Itallmel
proem that Maw= ti• • Madam.
spent of 46 &Meath. It le 40 miles wen of 11 burgh.
vest of amoeba% 11 west of Ligthlth !Temp of nninv
villa. 3 math of loomptown, athy south of Dew Althea
dria. itsesswionsia Radioed will be We
Istopamy ten:dans
the town. eerly ' r=
nest l r the ethers trzdke . .
t Lho wain=
:Maestro IttrerIOAL M POTIOL, n
ow la groom. of men
lo the centre Myth, town. directly opm4ta the /Ma
he ar= "' lnsinedisia l". A ny. W'd' The b lets norafeatette. ale or
bars lit 10 Nat front on Mods DO bed wkittand run took
ht t 0.33 d
ug Wen they will math fa pries from 330
therthdattimordi to then pontlon.l Noon of the late am
ZPOIII than 400 yard. ftem the Balboni D e pot, which is In
the maths of the town plot ,Ottakste and cottage sites, of
which them .0. 1101111111 tmelecthsly4dard eons the
bank of the MTH% will be mcm Ls tid erm. to
wishing. to built The elinethe of tads region la do.
lightful, themencry round th e town My Imantiftd end
romantic, and It will to doubt De • place of great rentol
Mom the anion as It is to the malt of the fineert Ming
mid hooting milklin In this pert of Qs Sian. Ithogual
!Montages env ththmlner at Ude taint for Mathes.
Eno. toannfecturent and mechanics, to cam , sad settle;
tiny minlind Immediate trongese and imploytosotth this
Depot will be the point to - which the lam and all Wetted.
of LlignelftweezllLontatall f
„ Lemne, ,,, K tinniX
a elm: Treed of liumitalleMe Alexander J ' aut i nq'sr,
to itteSaa wiLto th at of the neighborhood deism
•Ic br • pied skimit the valley of the Lot.
Wham. re plenty of the worth waten =4 Le.
bed pf he boa chew to the tom
In abundant.
Thom le dose at head. en Inethattatible suptdy of MI kinds
of building matirrialsand timber. •thwand
grist mill an tn they of MMUS to..
er within 300 math ortg .— ""Degoi, anl ' an extensive brick
bh. , to erwargiaa. will rarciab .W
. olguater
parlor brick dmith the The mil is deep
anl dolt mad ..11 wspisorreil=. lantana. it.
The Mins of eel. of kite will be made thorn on nabs
don. In mem by letter, to the wobseriber, or 61s Went
°U"' LA
AItS Dl~
N.E. A parte :ram 60 100,111 lekeptetes et Lemon,'
oft the 10th of ath. et mon Tames inane Martha at the
ask Clear anineembered tutb erill be given to
apaWalt o rtt-
U 7.
M. B. GARRARD has removed the bed
goes of his stock of Dry Goode. to Na 123
eyed, rarer Liberty. All persons haring any realms
it.vdort Itizepre modeled to t them forilitrcettg sad
tam Indebted en reepropea to eel sad len*
ea be vieree to ekes up Lis Primer by the /et of Jana
roylertrrerwe) ,
Fitte.Dreu Goods, we
AA. MASON &CO. have rec'd this
t P , Ert...4 • mplandldassortmat of ft2=
ii.,=raufmtte&ase lawn anal
N g . = cte. 'Da
r i aa
:vglagad r a . ;:mt= y a l t reze
tor 9 Nos. 12 awl 6L Aar.• It.
°Used 300 domes:sorted gdm:Ale.liallsoekleh we will
tka wholesale Udall WOOL
J. 4 EL mums.
RICE . FLOUBr Prepared Cora;
Parisi; TalikeN
IVM /251 3 7
BENCH GELATINE, White and Colored;
And ea.... American Lansaw Mr inakingJellles.
b. A. stsmuno • Co,
.7 13 • Oro.. and Ina Dealers
RUNES—Bordeaux Prunes, in glue jars `
Veil. sunnier ' fan. ba...
Germ. Prawn. ftar sale• •
MACKEREL -100 tibia. No. 3, for sale by
193 Liberty Moot.
,C - Clicf-51.11,1,15. for are by
bbla. (extra - )for Bale by
Alin. AMMONIA—GOO li3S. for sale Ly •.
.3y12 J. KIDD * 00.
VinOß SALE—A good Ped li ng Wagon,.
romplate repair.ETl i redf a
m 712 a
W. 1.:,
LARD OIL-10 bble. Winter Strained, for
nla by 133 yl2 It. E. 11 1,, voq,br Wood IR
IaEMPSEED--5 NAB. for oalo
m yl2 11. E. WELLER&
STURPENTINE-10 bbl. prime, or ease
bt myl2 R. E. BELLIES.
ONE of the most inestimable blessings con
ferred by art noon civilised tees, eras the dUmrery
tea hout then nladen°. the hatonvenlancee
:„..11,Tfram lb . defectl • sienna of old.. weak:nem.
other mum would be Irjendellahla.
Frcoa long teherlence, and a tbarough knonledge of the
science of optics, Ire are prodded to snit all Weans. en.
'ens on ndentlhe principle.
e/old. Wirer. and Steel dpectaelea, of kinds, and the
ben Olseres, constantly w hand.
llens, fitted to order. Nen Wawa 5 :le Pebble
l trams.
• Wind Inetsnatente au man Sc. • • r
'ea aabo—Dr. rotelre belt Actin; Zvi end Per Yon..
t.eleut h
myl• ' ... 13. . 3V11.801e.
67 ' , ulnae:Sect, earner of Yourt.b._
16, - ; ALMON-30 bbls. and hf. bbis. No :i.,for
L.,7 by 'aplli • ••• JOHN WATT •W.
IFIERRING-10 bbls. No.l (nisir) for sale by
' 100 bbla 8./I.l.lolasees
10 erntr.
10 hl bbla oldea arra=
20 - S. U. Ideloi. eale
laylo 11i Water rt.
orkaaUtA e Pl 4 : LS—Ree'd this day, per
taaa. Ive 7 dadzable pain luscl
a ad Crsiailbawla. at all
lay 7 - L. MOON & CO.
FACTURER, No. 41 Neuth Seenod Stree(, /abate
emt ride.) Plalladelphis. (Allay
Inc ILISISi.ST -.JOSS S. oas4ul4,
1•00131,tal a_ax • 1/10/11.2T.
_ UP AGALF.Y. IVOODIV A ILO & Co., .Whole.
rale Grocers. No. 2 . -1 Market itt. Philadelphia. .1,4]
C. M . C.310.• J. a. O,lLn. , '
11.,E.4_LD, BUCK NOR ,4, CO.,_„Tobacco
Commboion MerehanG, N 0.41 NOrth Water stmt.,
.:. 15 North Wharter. Mlled.drAde. 4 ,. .1 •
19:EfiCEB. .i, ANTELO. General (. 7 0M111,i1N.
Idon M..rchanNl, Philodelpills. I.lbond admires
0. ono coo.dguroonto of Produce ,gerhorailr. Ganexaan
084ce for Foreign Patents,
No. 5 Wall lir. York, and Ik6 The st., Landon.
Cu Omit Britain, Franc, fisheisow Holland. am rer parts or Europe—the Canadse, Cuba, and the Br all
Foil Information uv the above ran be had by addressing
L ?few Pork.
FiretWorks for Fourth of July, 1851.
OSCAR JOLLEY & CO., 180 William at.,
?law Yolks, IntrorOos or English, French, and Om
man TOYP sod PAIMY tOD.'3, and
Arms sad
Importers Work WORKS, or atio ngtrrenden roltee
In the Pb, business, aidMemor of the
rag renames of that long established houokare lump:re.
pared to furnish every dreiliptlon of works, suitable for
publk, orynialtexhlblts. on the most reasnrudite
tams. O. J. tb. dem it unneerysas7 kiesS
proles or the }lre Works furnished by th as Inc lu dee IT,
the ealtildnon pkees, the most mopes!. Rooksta. Roman
Candle Turbolllons, Verticirs, Bengal., Curless. Water
Pots, Colored Firs, Chinese Baskets, Globes, Double Head
ere, Plower Pots, Grua Hoppers, Torpedoes, Pullers, id.
room, Pb, Wheels, Paroals,Trlanglea, &U.N. Blue Lights,
Chloue,Crackerrs, Jostle or Punk.
(Oilers respectfully solicited. omytolimmltT
Superior Black Writing and Copying
eIONE'S EMPIRE INK, 87 Nassau street,
toll Building, New Tort.
sr. mote TO T. M.. •
Quarts. per dos,--.81 . 80 0 oaper„dox.-.---S0 60
Hot., 1 Po 4 01. 81.48
8 or. . GPb
On draurcht,wer aut.
This to the beet article manufactured. It Tows freely—
te a cord COPTINO lliK—tad will rot corm., mould,
precipitate or decay. tail posse.. all th e qualities requir
ed for • goal Wilting 11., suitable for the Quill. and adj .
eulrahlY ...tat for the tltnel Pew
The underrigued IP ppared to fundsh to e teal. ei
ther rer export or boo, ,ooteureption, at the nbove very
l o ourzit per order, sad d elverod IT part pr
the charge
or kegs is chugrd extra at nett cort.
8T Naatattirt.. Poo liullthoot,
early "r NTH' FORK.
Professor A. C. Barry's Trie' opherwas,
stming, preferring and beautifying the Indrorplinc
ling newt and dandruff. and curing diseares of the Ain:
m'" --6 A " 4 "i_ T ritra anT r " ' T ' rr . c2;t_k t
crone hut prod:wed the In curing odioneen mine
tbe bore, and ell tbe animal kingdom The
following taftlmonlale , selected from bcindrieU of dialler
1 ,t,rur1;:=7,117, ;Pa:llll ' 4 ' 6l tif thr
it trial:
New Yozn. Sept. tR, 1510.
litair—Dear Br -1 have been atilictodveilla • CR.
taneous eruptioirof scalp. of most aitgemwted ebar -
Ator, for the last vixtmen year, and during that period
ve had the advice of mom of Limmost eminent plumb
Mum, and bays triad all the preparations for the hair and
bynow known, with the Lust bene fi t I was sdriaed
by • friend to try your Tricophesous. I did so, a. • last
mewl, and, to my surprise and gratification, foundanyaelf
eared In about two mouths. Such was the violenc e of the
di/adder that at times I vas pmeally blind.
ilerlicetfully. 'nun, (/ V 11 BASELYE,
140 Columbia street, Brooklyn.
Nat. Sant, Oct tA, 1830.
Pus. Duar—lty Dray Sir—About was euwano my hair
without • great 'dm!, and my tread much aMkten
with dandruff. !was told by a istemito try yourffrimphar
ous, and I did m, and to my utantaltsnetd, ms War atm
Erna, rooted. and all Ina dandruff disappeared, en the
head now &eters for itaely,
Wah """t. !J 8 I'READWEIL,
If any lady or gentleman dou r. Ltwthe r a A uthenthntr x el the
above, they will New
eall at fez
80 1 ,3 ; d0e.
e ? , 111; j oe.
137 Broadway, New York, where be I
nal letters.
_[P•rom the Mary thd Naval Argos, Nov. 9, 18.50.1
There la no remedy tor tbe farrothent thee of baldness
/MI of the cranium generally-, that hoe reached
the popularity ortjoyed by the article known as Prole.=
hurry Triarplaeron. or Medicated Othpound. It le th
tanalvelY bY the upper clothes of the eozothanlty; Itt
alowat n e ed
ury In the land It ward in praferenee to
other articles of the bind. It Imparts vigor to the tootaof
We hale, and thus promotes Its growth to a rthoarlable de.
grew It destroya the dthdroff and scurf and toakee the
lair One and glassy. It wM cure diseases of the waif,
theh as scald head, dew .ore, and other °booth= dlaot
dere of the thin: lo shoo ptwee well therleary, It stands
unrivalled. It la 'old In to s bottle; priceots, arlfo.
1117 Broadway, east at genera ll v,Throughoot
We United State. end Canada. .apt-rtf
Ii t7TCHINSON & Cto., No IX,Sprace Sirect,
liEly YORE. Wbolewalo aoustifactoters of the best
PIIINTINU INKS. for Real wad Ltd.
&rabbi Prin..lng, , rd for Fine Bonk aral Job Wort. which
.:47117 ` jr n Ar d " th ""r"4 prrya. "4 t o .
nerentbiLtiona in tb h' ettal l nks. rue tech ...log - lye • rich
nrsaand permanency to work superiorp stny other Inks ncre
In ute. Sold at pea. varying froze ota. to HI,OO per lb,
" 117= ."'d utr 'd . gI I NTATof ere•rr
endlty anrytait from til.rto $115.00 per lb. tvett.blelm •
No. 79 & 81 (late 76) MUDS:: Lows,
New rune:
Directly opposite the Old Stand.
fLrjrA . o.
Dror a—lleary and Light, wool, Aro
'irols, &Laker, Bunk, Merino and Cotton, Domestic end )
' Vote—Satin, 81113. Modes Illorabasine and Lacy Of el
styles and nnedltion
SearleasW Tits—Fancy Silk, and fault tot ness7Joktd..
. - Ctitots blestonts—tif linds.
Strite C' ZT — taliar gavbrar=7..q,lllll4l`,
Satin, &e. •
Hontikerehoje—Corns, Linen Conant, &e.
Surpender—Frencla and Et:4lMb, non style, Doinestle
and lnsiso.
Gbar 61d. Silk. Linen. 71tread, and all the Wee of
Yr. /I=aft. l Z. l 3==ts Woo/. MA, Woes nod
Corns—Velret. Castunere. Ensile& Struck nod
Wl EVZies , Broces for gentlemen and ladle,---a misty of
Munn Rifing Mt, of ail gualitles.
Ws noold tarns Dartleettar attention to our Dountstio
Hatt llndersildits, Deareri,gisd4lls&f.A.N
otehltin(ts) 79 & Maiden LAUF
Shawl and Mantilla Watehonae. •
s (Up Maim) NEW YORK. 4 non opening on ND
t and richest essortments of MOM!.
BALK Ft SHAWLS erer beflore mreirod. Also LACE
MOISLLN and all kinds of BILK IKANTlLLAB:mannfacter
red from the West Paris fashions. rt. - sired by the strusmem
rusl Ats. nlarly adapted to the Striontrmis.
a rem splendid dock of P AR ASOLS AND . rit-
BURL onosisting of fringed and plain mlgul cotton
n ht i n i ar d llt ' s. rk ArolVirir b i n oll=t
low piaci We esponally Write our Westorn friends to no
amine oar Meek before purhasing.
Also, WIRE 8130 W STANDS, ibr exhlblting Mush and
Mantilla., pot up la case. Mr transports:mi. feblidf
Ihrptip Beg-Sealing Advertising BeveI
tati rta,2`::=Vi m teg r igart.tti:
N vt i r t, =d ;r . b.?„, ta t. ear• modality di
al of those Loa th ", me vale bate otoon t W h o . avelot4
watt to his rapidly locrotodos calm uproot of that excel
tome. • •
Ist. On the Otte. prelfpled by the seal. a person may
have Ids name, busineee and address, emarylcuously and
against fraud. of or plain, thus affording per
2d. The velem cannot be opened without being de:
Neither was nor waive are required to Awl them.
' 4th. lima the miscarriage of a letter. the seed [moulage
immediate return to the sender, instead 'of bring buried
months in the Deed Letter Oftee.
Ith.. The I:l3.kmq are furnished at almost the same
D . rice se_plaln mum
Oth. Each letter availed 1. •nmet effective advertisement.
eare to attract the attention of all through whoop hands it "Vh following Is a list of grime for Wg. engraved
tenor: and which ill lavt tbr yearn and of Emmons. of
tbe usual else, erther white or buff, .of geed raper, and
Made se above, 511 h mos. address, ftes
Riney' Dim. Pricer rff Bu I®n wads or
93 letters or Ina. 14,Cf3 oboes.
40 to
Dom . WOO_
it I. von oonverdent to forwartf . amount of onler
per mail or esp.' s a referee. to a resifeetable New York.
/Cause will be suffelent All orders will meet with prompt
attention. If addremed.. WU, MURPHY.
No. 2GI Madison street, New York.
Orders will fie attended to promptly, If left at the Move
of Moors. Offen ..k . .3lott.,lt'Uu2 street. or of Mesas. 11.
in colors. IVllTOttfrom atm
Diu. at 1110,()U per thousand. . . feblaitla
C"I 'M
'TES his usuallacilities to receive
on Statue, Sa/e. and Tranehionent, all Merchandite
consigned Olin. Posts leave. his dock foe eh points
on Um Lakes and the Illinois Goal andHite.
Retsrannee—blessze. Loren: Sterling it Co.
• Musts. Jones Cantu;
Mr. John Caughey.
?roduor, Commisoira. and Forwarding Merchantr,.ors the
• Ler, St. Joarph, Ito.
Rear to Ala:ander Gordon, and Loren,i. Sterling Ca,
Pleaburgli. apAIY
PAVID C. TUTTLE, Attorney at Law,
and Commissioner for Pennoylvania. of Louis, to.
eommrmleaUoria promptly answered.
JifillN 11. RANKIIsI, Attorney and Coun
senor at 'Larr. mot Commisrioner Co the Sta. o
C na i' "!'i at i ofl =lV
r."ot.andirirr4llolg. Fo ,antor A
eik,nla E. eCltr. Jonn E. Paar..lhowils A
Samples B
d Co.
TUE undersigned having entirely:jai
built, gad millargwd the abort , tratalliVe ed. - Mirk
ment, cordalning In all about theme bumirwt and
cwome, would respectfully sive codies That it is now reedy
br the reception sad accommolatiOn or the teaselling
ertemied eotlce of the onsurpaosed couserdenoes of Wes
Hoop is deemed superguous, as the numerous impose
tt"tas °"°
tgle: been uvde
t/T tt as7. t ett e ei tt p t r " 6u been
co modes e ar apartment pmfect.
T epT he furniture , was made
of order, regardless of
wet, and certain portions of it. esiewlailY the braying
rooses, will be found to be of the most beautiful =ants.
ten, The DIM. rams are cepacioue. and the boats Mr
evadewit) be w, arranged as to .010 the mutenionce Of the
early and late. • .
jge e ry depertment will be conducted in an I.ovng..
hie maraud, and the proprietor efraires m
t that, tam
American Bosom Khali be May the Traveller's llma.
fehadtawdAwatoT LEW/A RICE.
TIRIED APPLES-40 bags in store, for
j_g br It.I)ALZSLL & CO
milt .. Liberty it.
SUGAR -180 hhde N. Q.Sugurfor sale by
mrl6 L t 1,,
0 .• • : or
isle by . - suyl4 1 JAMES DALT:CLL.
SH. MOLASSES-100 bbl battle ground
•s. mu.. tor ale by JAMES DAPELIILL
MMI 6 ACHEREI 7 -75 Ibis large N 0.3 for sale
67 W: r. wilzaN
- Iltaacaul
• For Beni or 1,/ag e ;
a large and
01Cono; three, or five years,
contea,nt BRICK never, otittoi mate. corner of
E. ens wows" axesu, reurorsb: , eth iss s s sus.
den lot atteebNl. tbereta, rendering It . ten d•strablit
Doe of residence. , Terms will be modem.. 500 ft“. i b. r
putieulail. engulf. of : NA..II'L J. R. MeIfILLAN,
soygiglber No. 124 Tointb
Lawrenceville Property for Sale. L.
Board of School' Directors will sell,
at public auction, on Thunday,thabthday of itine,
r ag o'clock, A. 51, corner Lot, 2 5 feet front on Pike at,
:chap along Market eller m Yoater'salley.hwelnic thm.•
fremita. on which l erected a two elan. Nick, freataz 00
Mks stmet, and a frame. Terme made known an day of
S. /I. BARBER. Beey.
Latmeraairille, M.r 1551.--frityL.2w
THE well finished and furnished Scare,
on Third divot, near the Pod amen, at peat
by Mee. Payton as • Jovelry Stem. Apply
to E.D. GAZZAM, 73 Liberty et.,
usyliktf_ Lyttlee ltoat.
AFURNACE, at Dresden, Muskin
0h10.14 =llea from ZAriesvilla,ln One runnlc¢ order,
ormerr Fry. Engine, rapsbie it:Meting T
1412 a ofils hen her day. There abundant mainly of
Ore in Its imMedpste vicinity. It is contested by a short
canal with alibi asking= Myer. which b navigable for
steamboats the greater Tart of the yeas, thereby affording
bell.ll4ea for gapping to Zanesville, or to Any point on the
Ohio liver. at low rates of freight. The boa heretofore
tiannfartured at Fornant„,' has ben COSISUMrd
ncarine. 'For terms apply to _
GEO. /A MER, Zanesville. Ohio, or to
To Transporter% Conuaission, and Grocer
FOR SALE, on accommodating terms, 4
nails DOTS, each fronting 3) feet %ches
on Bark rY Lane u ,
City, end Dentin on ilia I cc.
sylvan]. and Ohio Railroad, (within aspuareof the De)
tnd extending p eek to the Canakiluin, thereby eaoMtng
he Fretfut facilities for shipment by either tha Harm,
or Cana/.
For terms, enquire of D C. STOCKTON, Allegheny att . ,
or at the Bookstore of R. C. STOCKTON, corner of Market
and Third streets. my3l
To Farm er,
60 ACRtS w Farmitig and Grazing
within twelve Earle! ogL; Time Icgind m
0 /AMA,
AIsVAOO Acne, In Elk county, aale ma accommoda
ting toms. &mune of A. WILKINS .
m/ corner of -Market and Third it.
To Gardener&
TWENTY ACRES of Gardening Land, al
l. rtaly under Rood cultivation, ar
For For id ma mac .
tt ue
oce r t l ' or,
i d t d rhXdo mark ulam ea
-quire e todeilin"lhane of
MarketlNS 00..
mri. comer o Cud Third M.
Desirable Suburban Residence for Sale.
THE subscriber offers for sale the house and
_saunsds whet. be now resides.sltastal. Park st., bre
los Tremont, Allegheny, and about 25 minutes . walk tr=
the market of this city. The lot Is lid ft front on Park stv
running leek 252 kei, to an elley—roulaining nroxi7 one
tof t;ronml.
" t
° •7 ail .1 7 w. 1 :`
nearly new, large, and exceedingly well arranged, heat=
a front oral amt, end O depth of 72, and contains fourteen
room; besides halls nine feet wide. tis built in the best
and most durable manner and has n ar.mor root and
routed. all the modern ,ronronlenoes. Two posonsorith
an whaling supply of herd and soft water, at. at tha door.
On the prtLailt• ere the meemary out bni/dings, stable,
carriage house, Le. The grounds an laid out
lawn, amend with choke fruit trees, aerogram,
shrobs, sarrante, game denim, raroberrhut.ehs iold •
wden. The [Mills of the best kind, mai the trees am tu
their yiim., and yield enough for the wants of an
family. The situation of this progerty, as to salt=
subustra conform, combhmed with rontignity to th e city,
Ls not lammed by any residence In this vicinity. It to.
• view of the Ohio River -Mr over a mile, of Teammate,
Mlle, South Pittsburgh, the city, the two rivers. and the
bah amosmh forming altoselber a taragrande hrostect of
which Ow eye never wearies. Every boat width enters or
Marnrore n the r zort of Pittsburgh cm the Ohio, puma in
reamed . from . mty ante anew of dust„ erend groun ds ."' so deLu .
mewl end veirmetion, and sarongs• rotheurent an quiet
and peaceful as if located harem q nook In the arum try.
The property will he sold et bargain e and poraemian
w ho
deroad. Enquire at the timette ofsco.
For Sale.
THE membeMof the Fairmount Fire Com
., zmo i ttr . logootoe tot...te. It ssit, goo:, to,-
- `" 9. E 'VEIIIII, See
aAti , . No' 409 Pmkstavet..
jroß RENT—A Dwelling House on
TUlrd "treat. acne end near to StalLblSekt. It
gaa tzture. Large yard. w sob tom" le. Willya
In rented lon. and possasoint given Immediatel •
dbo—Ydr tale or Lease, some tbe Ninth Ward,
between Palm ervet and tbe Atlywhenywievr.
m a t t Benj. Mansion% tourtb Meet, near Weed.
Vabiable /lea Estate for Sale.
THE SUBSCRIBER offers for Sale, ong
favorable tenth the following Real Estate,
at, of Pittabumh. eta
No. L. nave 0•1..1. threa Mary brick dwelling bows*
ea Second street. between Market lad Ferr7 sheets, the
lota being each 19 fret front by en deep.
No. 2. Contains 67 feat front on Thad street adjoining
the Third Presbytthien Church panting aidd tha
forth asst 7 brick hosue, need as a pono-, an 4 one
two non. brick e:thaws,
No. 3.w0 loth. in ston, Dearer month bang iota
N0..3 an d 4.
4. being abo P u a t 1 11 00 fart eqoare.on whieltithrech
ed ane block of bar frame .ad tlaw waitheth
fame dwelling, ell two Mahn high.
N 0.4. One lot 10 feet front an Back street, oypadte the
acne, and extending to the tope( the 311 L • • •
No. 6. Two beech ion,. each 60 twat front, end running
from the road to low water mark, no the Big Bearer.
No. O. thie vainthie water lot. 100 fen en Wheel nee,
with tot them water power attached.
Nh 7. One lot orprelte the water fat, SO feet frtat and
ethanding to the top of the 0111. on which I. steered ana
two etory brick store and warehouse. 26 6210 feet a/shoste
pante dwelling. two stories high.
20.11. One large lot in New Brighton,Beavereonaty.ho•
log about 140 feet on Dradway, and
RoilOont. fest deep.
contthithog LW athe. on whkb ere greeted m bums
dwellings, and one smell frame house, toed se ales.
Thisdropert= . o4l742/ ... =gos 9 A.
the llallston EMS.
N. One wafer lot.ti War VialrbaLßM,^
beLos stout 100 fist /a 1e00t140300 Wending from Water
street to low water thark, or towing path. • •
The above t, • 67 will ltesold en.ery &nail& Loam
.04111 1.1
800 Store of 13,eroon - ro!!. I,ollla .
Far gals.
BLOCH OF BUILDMOS, an the tonere Wuh•
In n and - Penn etneete. end fnaattag on the Pe
si rude Canal. In the Cltf of Plttabauxh. The Let funds
hnehundred and forty lour Sot on noun' stmt. nol one
undred and nine feed nine Inebei on Wuhlagton street.
to a bendy feet allay. Lollar. af
.. . . .
.. ,
snethlies .
tio. 106 Penn et.
Ton HAIX—Swo large flow Anne and a gem 11111 on
the Bearer Creek, with the aseasessw water power. Aiwa
wen improved Fenn in Lmereocesoant7. Prim 116000.
Also, Farm of 116 reek on the Ohio elver, twee miles
below Dearer, for flan. Also, one of 140 Aare, on the
Ohio river 6mllas below Beaver, tc pre sere. A 1..,
600 sem tor 116 per acre. ALA &ems of IA 114 and 96
ones. fur EtS per gene. A 1.,, 176 acres ihr MC, and Pl
sexes far 116 per sore, together with many *thaw of sari.
000 atm and Nice. novas* of
27. P. s G. 1..13. YETI7IIIILOI.
A 79 0 . 9.74 a Law eal te Itos Agnats,
11110 no Ann R
107 lth et. ittebnetdb.
Awned Ward fbr ads a Lula uumbei of valuable
u lot., and more yard 11 ,..1 11, 1, d• Mt. for manuffia.
torlet, o the &amid. of ham, lowed war Ida
ara lrublio &bad Musa and Sag Luciana Chured.
Inaa mid growth of fdrudnakuak in modular, and
maaufacaminu wealth, lad Ma roanalda Was at vbled
lota will ba add, will. louder Uuuk • sallk Lod prollablala
reeirLerd. TRW perfect Norma &rumble. - :
Co. pardeolara sad terms, 4147 uf thnuadat4orat t ad
Ma ofdo. of F. adman, ... GILA MU.
bursb, tatversk hint Ltd F mutate, or of dila.
o rdforf ddd N. PO. e• am, often i o sin.
tut.. • la-U . AWLS W. RATON.
C Ana Vos
R RENT—The large_ a4cicommatit
t. dr oorapiod by
vosneso orith set azarty:rath
used so vol
• . .8.1.— 10 n 0
for toro E
of NOW 210
stallf 1i0.f4 Water st.
VOA RENT—The Dwelling Rouse, on ="
the tarnrr of Booth arml Walt Comgrora,
oocurded by Thomas Erma* Poorealongiv
en Immediatey. Envolor of Josiah Ern& koala:or Wrn.
It. Belt. Anebor Cotton Warta. AlingEany. an 1541
Copley'. Pot Clay.
MILE subseribere are now Sole Agents
v[iele of "atibthfil Tra
of Glue PM., ' Meal P at la mid:am of 1./v .:toe
Inlwible nabstamea krunnr. scd Ls no 7 oselly oeLecr.l
ad dennaed previa= to gNodth
• NEW BOOEB! • NEW 1300E13:
Itre.t,op,odts the °'l‘s
:E4 IZ - ol 3. TblmnUedo
the work.
A men London edition of Shakapoare. No. 1.
Art. Journai for May.
Bootou thanoveara. No. 38. conclunon.
inctoncli licknick Fame Atoned—by O. W. 31. B.y
The Fair Isabel. a neer novel bf j Eogone Lito,
tZ , ll 6 o , r 4 airl m o aud wk ilertt — le re.
Tho blears. by floury OoAb,o.
The )loth of Derorentiraten a novel. by &L. Blanchard.
The or-in•Lan; by lira fouthlnirtah.
The Ranker's WOK by T. &Arthur.
Adeoutunts of Pon Onto. by John Galt. mfg
HEMP -45 tons Miss. D. R., for sale by
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LOAF SUGAR—MO bbls: (sEs'd Nos.) for
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LINSEED OIL-30 bbh. (warranted pure)
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ft OPPEBAS-25 bbis. (good) for sale by
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INDIA RUBBER COTS—An excellent coy.
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LACK BARAGE for Mounting Veils;
received at the .ton of
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INDIA RUBBER TOYS—Just receited.a
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F a PV I T-40 lbs. (f i fttp: i sale pj a,
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VOR ST. LOUIS.=TA© fast - ruk- • •
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stew= PILOT No. 2, 1. B. Crane. master.
Bill leave Pittsburgh Lee me , Cantina and linntleh.
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Inane Sangtelnibe Carina, Wheeling =I Pittsburgh..,.
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the °where of tha steamer Loan Newt.. and ethers, far
Ma Inneinnall and Plttaburgb Packet, and aettlhne•
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MOLAR PACIEET.--The ephoodkt
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Warm. Lasser, leaves the end of the Oki IL/Upbeat Bright..
St. Mar etreet,) oars hour, echoconociag at b *dock, A.
W., and consinutor wotil the Gardena claw She will Look
on the Allegheny aide, Ka the eccatomocaliatou of.pseeete '
ma also. at ell other point. Al-kW:re Tdp at cr.
clock. Y. hi. .
lag 1851. • •, ifesit
THE new and feet running 112-: CASHIER, .
J. B. MrM , ”-.y. Martar—Rear MallrrUla. Man
bearille,Wellaburir. Wlaml/03. Bri'MPlrMt- CrPtim. rod
tlontlah Par kar—laares Pictabtumh mai Wralaral37
3 crclark, P.M., for MIAMI= and Masora . ; and arart
ralorday. at 3P. 31, Ihr Caatina aad 2.13 ab. Mataaralas„ •
Imre, Samba every Monday . at. 10 o'dar-k,_ A. M. sad
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Ull.—Thelisht drought atomic, ARENA,
O. P. master, leaves We/Drilla ewer 110.1.7.
Wvdoicalay. Mid Friday. at 8 o'clock, A. M.. for East lir
esp.!, (Damon', Mclierna'a Lars:Unit Deaver, and Pitts
burgh. Leave. Pittelowali o'er/ .
PskiivilaT, at 10 dolock,A.ll., for Bvsver,aleJterraa'a
4 8i. (HWY., Plat Liverpool, and 'Wellsville.
Pm freight or two", apple on bowl. • 189
Xl, Wll7.llLiiiol - PAClClT.—TbeAilandid
now packet steamer liltilLY AL. Con
ton is now reoltrisdng Dor molar tri-wratily taloa Lennon
tats sit i and Kneeling, leaving Pittotairodo at 10 Vela*
anal Mididay, Wedonday and Friday, and retorninn.
kayos Vibeellni , eirery Tuenlay, Thuraday and lianisdag
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ECOPOR.T.—The Ma steamer P.A.C1.9
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run so a maim , packet between litto Mean&
Hntlitinoirt, and Infant. leaving nab evorf Mu=
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Cary Thunday ofterucon for Steubenville, Wb etl)
Bridgeport. ntina. snif flunSebt rotund:2'olomeg BM
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Barnmeteni,Lenitarrbeaor cbltea, Irregoistbien
Intsmiltmenos of Vet:6o,omm! Prostration °fibs System,-
Depreised Spirits. and Gloomy State of Mad, are cured by
OutoottsZereact gf ilinneDeetondgeregyargio,videli
give. Immediate relief by renewing the fountain of health
and stnnagth, the blind. It neutralizes had itmrecre, stow
unnatetrel eecretlonn and glees healthy action to ell lite
vital powers. •
Ib gelid alterative properties render It peculiarly son.
obis to the .fender end delicate 'oonslitation of the' fe
male. Ithamediately counteracty that distressing merlons.
nese and lasetale so common to the female frame, and
Imfarts en. energy and buoyertg et =Wising er Lb*/
are grateful. F. here evidence on Ale yrbleh induces tie
strongly to recommend this moildm to - married people
eh:where vat been Usual with offspring., , •
Probancia Dtert, or Yellime of ths Womb, of Ore yearn Oat.
ding, cured by Dr. Goreottle ilatraet of Ten= Dock end
Ibireaparilla, arm avert other knona remedy bad been
tiled vitanat Ow: .
• ii'ssummor. 0., Tom. 11, 1819.
Ods certifim that my wife, aged. 27 7eare. has suffered
under the aborenemslalat for Ave Seam nearly. all that •
B=. confined to her bed. I for font yam constaatJy
employed Owl:est melba bleat that could bo procured la
this accbms of the ommalry, suiy !moat whateier.
I hare also purchased every 1.131111.1.1 t reauttil eaded for
the cure of mob elletsses, all of which irovel worthless.
In the eyries of 1819, I was Induced frhossis to
Say Dr. Guysort's Yellow Dock ma Saramustills, which wee
need for four mouths. After she had used Itlhr about, bur
weeks, It was Inilent to a/1 of us that the was improving*
sad from this Erse she Improveit szpidlyostal mated lest
mud • sereasth; ludll she Is new enjoying most amelleat
heath. > • WY. mom On%
We, helms neighbors to Welt. arid Julia bicattrl. blow
that the alms statements, ea lo the datum of Era. Moo.
fort, mud a. to the cum helms effected hy Goya:AV. Yellow
libek sad Earsalmatils, ant strictly Oros
'• JANE EDDY, ' •
Slitall POWEES.
.- 4 4 4
Eoil—Cate bj 0. Al. Leonard. •
.BLoonUwo aaovs, Dec. 1.1819.
Miser. S. Y. Bennett d Doi—Gant.: Some time in 1843
I ma attacked Mines Drilin my arm. which heehaw
eo son I could net use It, and 11l Intn mortillaitini wit in.
1 employed. at different times, each ihysiclan of celebrity
within my reach: ell told me toy arm most he =imitated.
From the !shoulder to the forearto lens hill of rutuntig
mirol• My strength at this time sae completely ethane ,
el. end my permo much eroselatech I continhea - hillia
slain until 1818. when I am an adreitheinein (Uniuotre
Yellow Deck and Earnsourals) uh/ch I reed. sraleent
bottle of the article. fhlysett's Yellow Dock and &nape.
rills. clued me; I took no other remedy *bile uslng It;
and kit myself yernutly well before cuing the idath hot..
ties Ilad I used it at the first appearance of the malady,l
am sure ft mould Itere wed um from years of polls and
suffetiug. . I moat earnestly recommend every pencil suf
fering under any aLtollar disease, to nee Ouysotre talkie
Deck and. naraaparilla, which will restore demi to beolth.
Yours, In gratitude, 0. IL:LEONARD.
. •
Cure of an aggracatid cau of Dysiprlefa.
MN nixes performed by DT. aureate. ratted of yellow
Dock and Bamparilia. ere lasting. The pationqireueral
health wahine. to improre after disease to remorriL—
Cores are not chronicled until time has frilly tested the
1.131511'..12 be no relapse or return of ttantwase.
Bums/. llerkimer ea, lebment. /W.
B. F. Bennett it Co.—.ten tiewitbftntpleuan that
I write you about the eery happy effects of yoan , Balow
Dock and inumparilla upon my son. wbo /LSI long been apt
bring under that dreadful eat loathsome abeam. BMW S.
lea, with which be was attacked in BUS. Mod was ter ant ,
nd months attended by were of our best physicims,
_thidt ant Lersiverhight for i've minds. without ant
benefinial results whatever. lie became redcoat to a Der.
Dot skeleton. lie had Werra from too hip „to his taw,- ..;
which were moinnually discharging disnuinioitit ofimisim
matter. Medical and cervical still was batted. Physicists".
said_that his am was hopeless: there could be nothing
done to arrest Mom lerrible gangrening Won , By Milan
bore and myself Moonlit his dissolution near at bq.rui.
07. of .7 nehMtore (who hod cured a, child of Scrota's
with pour invaluable medicine) willed me to make gehapt
It; sod, more from the codling dairy Undo something while -
life lasted, than front .iy'lloye of getting relief, I procured
Oboe bottles of yoor 'fellow Dock sod Sarsaparilla, and
....coy mine It; mot to my asimididossent Le begets
W Improve before be bad used the Mini bottle; and before
be had need a belt dose., lota, he could walk out. 'lle
wed th all twelve boute during the year 1849 , and bylu e .
tuber Wt be was perfect!, restored. Even.' vestige of the
gmemr, except the .can. 1,, monorail. and he remadm in
perfect health et the Tamest Bore. ills recovery, under
th e himalog of God, is entirely owing to the say of yunr
Yellow Dock and Sareapasilia: and I assure yOu that I feel
oodar great obligations to you, and it is withgrest
joy that I inkertuyou of what your fursaperilla has done
fumy eon. • Ilespertfully,
'ltatral ILUBSELL.
Bold by J. D. Pau, (summer to Sanford A rut,/ Fourth •
and Walnut streets, Clnelnnatl , Olilq General Agent for lbw
dosah and West to whom all orders must DaUddresaed..
J. Kidd A Co.. B. A. raloustoek t Co.. .
DlReburnbi Lee A. Beckham, Aliesbenr
L. T. Russell, Waabluirton; L. IL Uniontown, 11.
Welty, Greensburw; S. Kaneda, Eo=ereee De/ott allrauelle
Odbrd;Bowlsi IDlntitertion:Mrs.Orr, lloilltdaysbunt
Hildebrand a Co., Ream; J. K. Wrialt..Kiltaaoloni
Ennaa co. iszaa•nug A. Allen a Ban.W,ATAAPAriI: .
Atellailud A Ca. N. Cellenelee Meadville Burt. a Co
Erie o*ale A Tarter. Iterate; Janes Kelly I Co, But.
ler, B. 6mlth , Beaver J. o.9uedoortou. Warren F. Li A . C..
8. Jones. Couderepert; P.
ViirPrice-41 per 1101 e; Sa Bottles . far. $5.,-.`
I:33 , 2oeumue),T. .
Paw V6...0M-6./647.
' 111. IL Z. Enssattn—Of your l'astilihys. My without
berltatton that, boring utml It nntonoiroly In my nrsottar
for No Lank= or Oro yearn 1 think ft decidedly ttso noot
Pmpustlon of Ma Mod of vtdch I hen anknonlodim
ttlektonin I bon hormonal, used Ms of anorak
other manufsetarern Yours red y
tßepared and .Id:by li E. BELLY...EA 67 Wool st,m4
saki by drunamt. Mnomilr• • inyla
Bomiets ! :Boaneta!
. .
11,EC'D TIIIS .11.0LNLICO;! per &pre m ._
e ......, ..etemefag alai:. newest and ram dette&d. ,
. s ... j l " . •C = l.T•LX.rum, '" :„ ... 7 . olClaires , 'lo3lpm:y, faoty Gimp' ...,
The Weapon of yorobaatav Is partSentaxiy Invited toile., '
shoe soots. .I my7.l , d. A. MASON a. Mr. .. , .
.hi6at price in Cash Raid foiall the
Ss rmi uala of dam washtd Wool by
W. W. WILSON; Watch Itlaker, - ,
No. fj •Narke Collier, of Aura 'et, lehurgh,
in Fncs Wircaza, - Jrwttia,
Tr a C11,1 4 111 4 d
1 1 dddiarsatentdsai urest meter. at7g
W do* cum= gy m'
pezior =sum. bre Xasladi sad Wilma aorkosett. •
ATBABES-40doz. for rale
e B. P. cos BaNNLIOZar • CM
F i !kea Mackay/4 .
• Man M 1 Mactatat
: kaLkmay o. Mariam
04111kb. ' /or sla by
WM. A. M
Einarra mod m