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    'gSTABLISHED IN 1786.
)1,111,1; • painm, S U CK S.
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0rric...03,r rip= Emir; ace woe fa sor rozt ainca
DAILY--Seven dotterell.rr earatah wrabli bale'yearle.
Doteau. If Wid adv...
WitEKLIto dollars per sanole,. sdrat... CUM
Ul be saplttled an the following oarsittittaet—. • '
Theta cold. Per 00
len astbse eaptes•
• do - 9 00
d - ' 3 °°
The whet 16r tett Club to be addressed team
sad Ber t lararlable advattea. Club P..,=
ener he ye.' aspires, ...the money Is seat for
• reserwaL.
One 4..410 line* of Naliparell or len2l •
one hion 6O
Do. Bub bizooal Insertion- 0 0
Do. err w•sk-- .--........ 1 76
two weeks 3 CO
Do. t mw
Do. three moot*. 2 00
Standing Cords. (6 linen or ler, lu
entne= -IS 00
; One Dollar Ihr each additional line.
- ON Sonerealtentrable at pleasure (per ear
• ow_l.lll4re of the paper go
Fee each widitional Moen. Inserted seer one month. and
_each additional agnate Inserted under the Dearly Wee.
half prim
. • Advertienernta mewling a equate, and not onir Mem
lmteonghargedea aegnarentelahalf. :•..
not areenntable for lewd adverusentennimfr
iondttni enema charged for their publleastion.
- grogioncing candkiatee Ihr ante. to be charged Oa raato
Oa otbrriarrst.DerOrati •
14rortioaDeato 00t muted on the copy Pr a speolDed
umber of initettions. will he continued IDlthrbilond Du ,
The privile sofa n advertisers le litrirtly Ladled to
their ma immdia Imbue,: and all advadneementa for
the tenant of other perm nevelt se aU edv.-ents not
brintedlately nonmetal WI their own tnd ell
deem of wdrerneentente, in length or otherwisai beyond
the Spits 11l I* chargel at tbe usual eaten For
all web = ' advertisitut, Ms will be erinenteir
endued, wad Dreamt Dement. &Atte&
eirerlisonenta for charitable instlins Bto cons
ward, townehl wadother public and
111: ' adti ms 00 Oa half I.7nbla ' sreirt " 77n Ott.
elartiege notices to bet eharinA 60 amts. -
:Death notkee insetted without charge, eaten amomme
'hied by Mara invitations or obituary notleem, and mben
so santopenied to be paid for. • , • •
&War advertisers, all others sandlot omunnedd.
lons, or reel:daze hot and iate dengnei to eall attain= to
Ital. Was% Concerts,. or any nubile entertainment&
ventenhardea am made for sdnuttenee—lell notices of tel.
rate smodoms—eyery lootleedaisq l eall attention to
Print. enterintere. calculated or in to promote
skived totem; can only be lanceted ert the understand.
WE that the maw is to be add for. lf intended to t
eartedin the keel column, the mete ul.ll be charged at the is.
e ate of not law then 10 ants Der lino.
Moe or Sir Hotfoot to be charted tank visa
Tama [demo Petitions 12 each. •
Sal Enters Agents' and leteliamere drerttaemeah not
SO be cheesed under year'? mesa but to be grovel a, dia.
tonal of .thnty three and one thlnd • per ' tent. from the
amount of bills.
Chu &mare*
(ID lines. Oa. Insiation—:-- 6 0
ES : WEAVER, AttOrttey . at Law, Fourth
ttellarggßEe. mtariViAtkf°!.
ooscaa 01.171115 t, I
D-of Unkrotown. Pa :) I `(Loto :of lomfiaos. )
LEPHANT TAYLOR; Attorneys •si
Lair--011.0a on fourth lame; N 0.81.34, betwom Wad
Sagitilfela mats, Plrolhozgh. Ps.. •
Coomsauloaer for to. Plato of
N :;for—k—.-
7 . L. =SD— . E. • • • •
HINN & — COLLIER, ' ft
''' Law
ky was em, /math street. stare 19/2210 ,4, a • 7,
.19; F.. WHITE, Attorney at Law.;;-01"-
cic.thrr , t street, mar FoartE,th Aluverru9d-
at Law
wir otacl State Onanolnkmer Mak
af.po,l!, ate. 0 et=„Lbove
- P.,lk, G. L. B. FETTERMAN, Atter
• +um , la Law aret Real Estate Agetate. E. 107
.1,14" : .
CIS C. FLANEGlN,AttorneyatLaw,
PER.9O /earth emit, Eittstiorgb.
VAT & WATSON, Attorneys at 'AM
No. 110 /Math amt. PI
Almamkr Stryilm. E 44
sm. Monti= Wm. B. ftlier, Jahn Meming,
ommtutt., thm. W. /sawn, Pittsburgh. imsl:l7
BDWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Law:
Otffee oa /math exec; between Wood sad Exciltte.
ir ASPER E. BRADY, Attorney at Latri
ell No: Fifth street, Pattbara,
V_EORGE E. 'ARNOLD . CO., :Bankers:
TILN ..Deslomin Extbsav Cloggl3asik if te4No. 74
loorth stmt. next door to Ito Boat a! if
lortkato • • • •• awl the yrocesi, seredtbri to
Ca. oaata
MS & CO., Bankers
• North Lot wrier of Wool
sms, Aml
`VD Iteek-ne,
"Man n.
as /Weal
t, 11G;Pankxr and Exchange Broker,
Yearth stree Dealer-in Beak Norm, Bills et El
and Enter. ',malt ant said.
The lel had market price in kraal= tar AlnfliCllo
Half affi x Itezkan end 13Derdek Dollars. in yar
Vend — - ..LAIMIER, .IE4 - Banker and Broker,
Ary ,4thleavd,rio.66. adjatnizar the Bark of Pittekarea
I . =l
LT - 111413 dr. CO, Exchange Brokers,'
South Fad Corner of Third Ilarkat street•
at mart Mend ram
'HOMES & SON, Dealers in Foreign
sad Annestle eel, llsebsare,Orrtlfieste. of Foreign
Bank Conn and /3 Net. d 9 Market Mel, Fins
""d6.l2ndennons e on all the pinch* dna.
trimort , the tinned - . .
atteneseme..—..,..--.1.------Smete tam
fr.SRABM, Bankers and Ex
•itEL ff . 14 ' k .. 'i3eltat''llU.*‘ ll 'S o f I 'D:l;l:Mtge =-
Mee, mum of wbeel and Wei etreete, olareel+7 terM 2 t.
tbe Bt. Merles Rotel.
L. CAROTHERS &.00., Banking House,
• No. lb Wood stmt. Pittsburgh. Currosit Biome, re.
Demosi. Collections msdo tnt ths grbsuiral
at the u ultsd States.
I . s:4i S ommussiot d eirc
I illdll/11 Itrokort.Na 114 Second street.. Peek:Lel wad
r • ALISEKR, 'HANNA & CO., Succeosors
• Hanna t Co, Hamm Ezau...vox Bunn,
-days. inyonito and DomertioßuLans,Dating:Um
of Deport:l3mA Not., ondlipsio—NAth West can= of
Wocd.o.onrt suer. Clureat Mate
and y recel
imt t rl on Do
m nnp
hit tho B4 windpoPpAsito Abe
The hlt , premium ' Pat for !forego tad tostricia
• _....
W.,,,TAYLOR,.Commissiorier attd Bill
ILI Broker, 112 Pound street- 'Etrkt attention will b.
Lim to an business 'entrusted to his am. Pittsburgh
mstufsetural. grtleles always an Lem or tuosonst short
ultke.' . Notesjtoods. Mortgages. /a, =waste:ton favor
able trsul- Advs... made, if ratuirat.
l:~.1: ~.I:4 v. 6 ~r~F: ra:=:~
111 O. STOCKTON, late Johnstoh Stoek
.E.c.• •• • Boolteeller, Shakenen. Printer, amt Biwa, cot-
AA& B. HOLIES' ObeavLiterary Depot,
Mtp .. etroet, oppodte s the 'PartWa.. Neer Hoek. SF
s i t
to .r of
the WU. tert=r4sA f b 7rlitred at the pabliehree
:HOPKINS, Bookseller and. Stationer,
If o. T 8 'fourth .tract. Apollo BaUdiose.
1:T.1:4:4:q1F - N571g1);F:p(iii
XUVIII,BOWN,JE., Wholesale and Retail
u:rand Confectioner. FASPourthetevet, PillebtagN.
Cokes. cod Pony Confectionery, &lows on haat.
All edam panetooll y attended ;
laf.Vliw tYLV 01:4:1
Al WWI TOOK; Maiinfaitnier wad im
taizEago 0.1. ; . Colin, Ream Bold !Sim.
a:".:41 . 7.±..74. .Na 66 /meth st,
4:IO3=SION - 1211) FORWARDEIitt.
RW. ROINDEXTEW comer of Water and
Mutat atzejai o Pitte . bfratalatot
ja , =,Pralun. Leaaji:%jlaZt, aadtbe Itta
-Ivw.ltrtnim..., ttariwr
seal relaNstaa 3Saaam aad Yafts, k at a
prim; and Jimkicsa * co'.s ...yeller pseke4 Tom a at
'II it A. AIcANULTY k CO—:-Transivrters,
o vjizogmut .. cou= ta m s . : itmot.
rjrwoMs ,c§itiirCiiitibilft mg,
• 114'066 ,6 1i66 6 66 11666663213. Na 61 Wate,61•661.
Era: H. JOHNSTON. ram/piing an d
Ckauatulan Mathant, ?to. TIZ beinoßtorget.
IVES. & JONES, Forwardin' g aid Com
maicaoleftb.u. Dealer, In Pentane end Mtn.
If saufactured article+, Waal Insley near Beres%
. .
CO., S uccessors to At
. vac& Jos. t Co.. Comalulion sudrpnrauffue M e,.
Lu .11M11.0.713 Maautactund Gag; PlUs.
AC. 811ACKLETT CO--Whole: Ye
r 4 , :OetiAlZe r ga atwlik.FatlaDry•Goods.
iritilonTreV;iVl=7, An'tfali
Deland liChaer Lad Staple. Dry Goods. 62 Market
Ivy I *4. : .... i , . : UR, • ' I3OLE3ALL
• , Bata.' Dry . Chodi Machu:to. awarrof Fourth
-V . • 0.. • Pittsburgh- - -..
. _ ~..
EA ESE.L.FLEISIING & CO., Comminsion
• I•fote.boati:—Far the We or Donte•4l4. Woolen, sod ,
MOOR otoo, altskla In all kir& of Wore Trim,
iilo, 5 . 0. i= Wcol'aitvet,lostrth door from Filth. fitter
• ' ' ' ' • ' •
.-. . . .
D.,IRDIT, Dentist, Corner of Fourth
lartnaan 4/maid and Yam stmts.
WILSON, Watches, Jewelry, Silver
Iry and IttWtart Ooodloon, of 'Wiwi old
Youth st=lanuilb , r 6. .--Walctia sad Cods
Pertir; o AILY
t, A. FAIiNESTOCK & CO.,'Wholesale
.2 TEMe,"1:11.,": IV l in " , kti i .
0 Pa.' stiesa7
D. O. H. LLrLR 1 C. teCOVILL.
PIIkRYSER & McDOWELL, (Successors to
t.lEtsrr& KeTu%) Wholesals and Retail Druz
le==r "*" l:4 '` - ='LVAtti
r. aIDD J PL.
KIDITh co,Wholesale Druggists: Deal.
11 • Sr. In Palob!, ON. Dye Stu ff s. and Ins entn—
ropriotors of Dr. Idlans's celebrated Worm S tic, Ur.
1 , 1131 Ljiz bg tlyrf,, swatch. iy.:
i la es ..00. co • Wood and
will Is Uy wick-
este and forsrudsit wi/
rAE. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
a Drugs, Paints. Dye Stuffs, 011 r, Vamishes,br., to.,
67 Wood street, Pittsburgh. Pa. Goods w 4tlintaL
Pries. low.
_ . . . .
S N. WICKERSHAM, Wholesale Druggist
No .1 W and 164 Rood "V`,VArtt l . I T '"'"Lh
Mort= SCUM toss—
rARAUN & REITER, Wholesale and Retail
~ D 7..p f d.U. earner of Liberty and St Cleft. rts., Mts.
JSCROONMAKER &CO., Wholesale Drug-
EN% No. 24 Bead oc.„ Pitteburob.
• Inman
ro um..
& F. WILSON, Wholesale era and
V V • Ihonsakieion Merchant% Agwri G
ts fir e le of flu
Pont'• Powder. No. 118 &road, and %IT Frost ws apl
L. SIM, Wholesale Grocer, COM iesiou
el • Marchant and dealer In Paper and ]raga. corner of
Penn and Irwin Erma% Mal:lurch.
AIIIIEL P. SRRIVER, Wholesale 0rg
.!..." o , s, Pl9dllon and tioundsalou Merchenta, and Deni
m Ist Plttabtarit Manufactured Articles, No.. INJ.nt IX:
&cord Arced. between Wood and Staltitteld. Pittsburgh.
?11 . 11N DiVfolifift — E - cot, wtioleeoe
GrinLirc e lue r 4 4 , ari .r cl u Zvo= i Wgt,...
3 IVccd sC. Pittsboutt.
tBRIIME INGRAHAIe, kV " holesle
Ortairs and Coil:unified= Merchant% No. 116 Wate
Meet, lad 160 Pint Meet. Pirdburgh.
rPt.EY, MATTHEWS & CO.; Wholesale
• vrecels, Co mmiwtml TorylFdipg Merchants, iknd
mt PtiettPtk Cat. Imam 64 Water at,lictlbant,
iitNIN WA:ft — COO, Wholesale Groceri,
. Co.:abed= kirrobarkla,d
Libre Deale Prod.. nod
b N o. O 8 rty etteet. Pith-
18. CANFIELD, of Warren, Obio,
and Porrantinchf archon and
Ze . lVmtern Ronan Ch fluekr. Pclid
• a astern Produce gnerall tater te
ten Undtbfleld and Wral, Pinaburgb.
S. WATERMAN & SONS, : Wholesale
• ioromcs,
,Cammlatery sad Fornantnn Markman , .
I:dban tn. we .r nroom and
idarl=eed Tobaem , Noe. 50 and 81 Water
§-F l . VON BONNHORST B CO.. Whole
t Oak Grozera rarwarding and Canadismon Mentz
. Dialare In PitniburFra Ilanufaainme and Western
Plucl, N 0.36, angler of rsontacreet and Musser,. Lane.
r r rtZT7
....... ..... ----.-.... •... - • .• .
ISAIAH DICKEY & CO. Wholesale Gra.
seri_.,Ccionsdastori Merchants, IM Beale in Priabace
o. US Water, Ind 107 Tenn street, Pi51.71Z
--,M. 11.1111,
E*l.Sll & BENNETT, l at e English,
het Co. Wboissale Croons, Cossealsalon and
"I:erardinn lerehants. and Dealers In Produce and Pin,
tdagh*.antifactores, No. 122 Emend et. and 121 First between Wood weid Maithleld.
-- a — de 1. Mina rinteela..-..e. W. ILICI/1101, 71=510.0.
]room, and Importers of Brasidies, Muss and
o. corner of Liberty tool Irwin etmtn
littegb, I '` Inn, Nails, Cotton Tarns, An, de, constantly
1'0111....-.1.1. D. X..- —111,17. C. WM.
Xi' ILLS .t ROE, Wholesale Grocers
Merchants, No. Z 7 Pb 517.7 1/11515
rretERT MOORE, Wholesale Grocer,
Roctifittur Distiller, dorirr Producw Pittsburgh
utscrerourd 611 klndm a foreign urd Domatic
biller .31 Liquors, i.e. 316 lawny arroor. Wu howl •
largo stook of superico old Ilnouagotiolo Wldrkry.
:rMI will be mold low for rich. •
1113 °BERT DA i.7ELT CO., Wholesale
Li t Pg= p 'aa.'='` M s"itnl`t" iu r P V.V,
aroorr, Produce, Forwarding. and OgroreLaion Der.
t. sad Dealer ha Pittsburgh Manuteetures, =V
Liberty street. Pltrahargh.
irrostst JOIM
Wl. BAGA.LEY & CO., Wholesale .Gro
il•es, No. Di and L 9 Wool strut,. Pittsburgh.
WICKOK ,McCANDLESS, successors to
it. J. D. Wkk. Wholesale Ureters, Forwarding
and'Conarolsslon Mere/rants, dealers in Iron, Glare,
Cotton Yarns, arol Pittsburgh Manufactures gnera ll y,
corner of Woad =I Water streeta,Pittaborgb.
oiILitERTSOY - & — CLobSETlVhoiesale
• Gnat. and C0D1191911013 Idernbante, DotleTs m Prc•
• • 7
LD : WILLIAMS & Wholesale and
• Beall Family Grocers, Forwarding HH Comaniaaion
ta and Dn. /ft , a /21 Ordintrg Radium and Pittabartin
Maroarantures. owner at Waal and FM eta. Pittaburgb.
Liberty Anat. Pit)Aburgh, Wbolrnle Grocer,.
sod Outurilanun Herr-luau, and dada, to Pl.l.rgh
FLOYD, Wholesole Grocere,
. uts m p t : n,•tD il der r ain Produce --Itoond
bev , Wood. and Sixth
Mee. Pittsburgh. P.
TORN PARKER & CO.,WholesaleGio ers:
Dealers In heelers, Foreign Wk.. LLsoors, Old Dose
nsrabela and P0xt1216,1 Whisker-510. 5, Darneserelal Dom
lty• et, I'lltsbassh.
V. NA out:ti ki:411:•3:44 4:0
TORN H. MELLOR, Dealer in Piano Fortee,
dlosie, sad Musical bastrottlegts, School Boots. ssel
meioses', Sole agent for Chlekmeg's Pismo Fortes, for
Wuterst Pssuasylraths—No. 51 Wood st.
ItENEY KLEBER, Dealer in Mimic, Mu
dad Instrameut4 ar4l43portat of Itallaa Etrir
• Mth = 3. Zr ei Nlman• ilar .k rt .. 41 A.63. 1 . 4ar i 1
Mom .
52041. 2. C 1111114132— DIVED CUM- V. 1.,
acrid. manufacture and keep constant], on band .11
./lAT f
ITitg " Bitertro ' n . r= r gl h tfrigr ti avd
Corm Nana and Teem Barrel Banc Copper and ;Coe
Eboa Ballo Pattern Miami' Point; lthata, asaorteel
de.: d. b. a.
Warehouse. Pe Warerst. Ilttaborgh.
. errs of arra anperlas 44 Sheath:4. Carpet Cbaln.
Twine mut Batting. Cana Pitt+ band,
'TONES To kii .b an s ifaT t,, ore l
p riL t or Spring
fl and Blister ited. Plouu
Ooneh d"4".'be "triamnit .ft"dE'Uni li bt'e geste.ll 4" Y rof? gla gr , nli
Piusbargb. Ya
2 -vut.tEv,MT,rool,T,7l. - MZ - b
No. C 3 Water et. below
WALTER P. 'MARSHALL, Successor to
gamma 6 Hill—ltorgster and Molar in Preneti
inut Amain Pap.. Hangings %mina. Wimann
abates, V in l imit Prints, M. AlL—Writing Printing.
and Wrapping Paper. Na 8 5 Wad street. Lerman Fourth
sad Diamond alley. Pittnburgb. Pt
yip 0B MT MORRIS, Tea and Wine Mer
JUI, chant, Zest stda of the Dismal& Pltteltergh.
. Aso.. so.a.
W2d.. Iti'CLURG fi rocers and
y • Tea Dealers, co. 2.56 Liberty CO.,Axe, above Weed
bare dl.nre on band x lame aseortroeta el Choice dere...r
te. tad Vine Tess. Also—Fortin hullo and eld,Wbote
We and retail, Dealer. supplied tbe lemeet tem.
TWIN A. OAUGAEY, Agent for the Lake
VI Edo wel 31khhten o, Bearer end U. Lake.—
Ude* ea the tomer of Water and SmithSel4 eta.
AtiotLEECH & CO., Transporters' by Canal
t e ntnyststas Dlglehant/r. corner of Poo Ai.ra
A. BROWN wouldnimstrespeatfiillyinforzn
the 0111,11<that he kerma hand ath stand math. west
e of the Diannord. Allegheny city, a eronOlvto.onUllteat
Of Venitiso blind , . also Vs:titian abutters ate wade to cod,
In liar boat stYle..arranted mull to any in the Unites*
iltareva. ilia Minds ow be removed althnut the aid of
drivr. !laving purchased also stock, bal., atal wool
of I.W cabinet ottabllsloneut of Itionsay kldyisliassi, .1 ant
a.a"rto furnish their old ransoms rs. r wall .o the put.
anototith ensr7 thing Pi t tsbur g h, li.
dite . y a rio. b Wood. Meat, . '
J. L. BROWN. -
eommonPlAnaza-rE AA,A7 .sidente. corner of TWA otrtAtan.lErt
N. B.—Lltor, Land, Mortar, Lath. AA, AA. RA/. , .
ADAM lIARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon, late
tree, rAlt)Lurg.h. rvlotta.tol. woull
the jniblia that oAciumnts-.1 Kurth", le the
gaztztrg , :,: tj . n c tlfm to , whattver
c04.71;:11.11 me• )111o.:Ing 7ntl
of '"
NLURPIIY & LEE, \so o 11LALErt3 and
Cnambnifen 3fo.rthanta fr,r 11.- aal. •ff An.riran
E„ „ ...!! ! No. /3:.1111,etr rc. Pituhurah. _
k W. lIAkEAUG[I . WtoiI Merchants,
kJ Dealers I rSh, r and Produr. and
artiln¢ Ontandaainn Mwrrhantr. Nn. 114
awl lln &end Amyl. Ilttzbu
- - •
NEVILLE JOIINSON, Engruvcr (n) Waod,.
Phlto Itel, (third virey,), I•a—Vl..rn of
al Wm klactlaers, limit a NIV•11,411 0, 7 1 ,
LltatbtalPall. bras Label, minim: en.) , r ho.
ittetlas,andAsaottiationx Cot.,, la tin ant , tr is
of art. and at tin lowest ;wimp. _
yrILLIAM SC 11 IJCII MA 1 , 1!S Liihograph•
to Zrabllshmeot, Third Atr01.= , ; 4:4.74.
t1t4 .4 rat Meow
.t,hitr , tvral !lad shvhipow
lhasings, thudoesr vioune
max, rrt
drawn on Atm,. aad Orin"
Black. In the malt gammen' stile. and ni Ito , ran ,
I- OrsAN, IVIL - SO!ti CO., Importers and
Wholesale Dealers to Hardware, and Ostlers. N 0.1 3,
eael eass , . Pittshuroh.
, 7N, . ..... .... IMAM.
410IIN F.11./.61.M0NS & CO., IVlannfactu
rerm of FLTNT and GREEN GLASS. SIOULDS. and all
k oda of SIACIIINEItY, take thia Melba! of Inthreling
thoee derfroneo
f having KWh work done, that they am
preparnEto do It at the lowest posalble rate at the abort.
eat notice. taid In the heat manner. at their establolduent.
87',.."d1=frtrblIt.sedk".binag tifl 4 tr'_;l7 "
at the ehorbat notket.Tral at No lowest priTee.—
All kink of Jobbing done on abort uotiee.
..Gas Pitting,
• .G,--2,,, kiront otteet. between Wood and
\ -7 4 i
Wo2lll:etre b t+ u uTl ' l ' Ct:tbelr
i l l ' wltortmout of
Chaluidiers floulantt, BrackAt.
. - t
. r)., ''
Tb e , 1'...". I, eclat.
' fiaa ' Fittlou ' ort at, sn ' oZtllo-
tin and moat roaaortabla tarnm I.:oda:ft
• Wegner, Elmolmer
MBE ABOVE FIIIM respectfallyannounce
to their friends end the Ddb llc genera ll y:that the" .
-enprepared to execute, In the tint style of their 0rt..11
ters fitr Show Cards, Bills, Dirlom., Cheeks. Tleldny
aud Prolestioesi Cards, .lispet. Charts. Luise], kr.
Their establishment la at No. 00 .11uket street, botweet
Third and Fourth streets, up Ptah, ruchbitt
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufaetaring Comp'y.
AE SUBSCRIBERS, having been tip
polnted Agents. for 114 ahove namedconeern. will
k.a.p <olllltantly on hand a oupply of the miebrated gdlinr
!Ire Brisk, Crucible Fire Clay. Ftlellare Hearths and Intralls.
They are oleo prepared to meadve orders for odd Brick. Co
he made in size and shop. to suit purehmers. which shall
he Promptly
Wed, not deem It necessary to enumerate the many ad.
vantages the Bolivar Yin. Brick pro...ft over Ell others . hat
have been offered for axle ill the linked ht.., their ante..
rlority being well known to aim. all ptr3o. who use
rim Brisk. The proprietors have determail that the
Brick shall no
none of thei resent enviable reputation
and that no egbense shall hospared to make them even
better then they have heretrdbm been This is the only
establishment now manufacturing Fire Brick et &User.
lETt a. J
meld Canal Basin. Seven K th st, Pittsb ON urg ES,
Pittsburgh, Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
T HE undersigned have just completed their
and ora ne fnett artos nll niers of OAS SI2E. I •
oomottve nod other floe., and all Floes of
which they offer far a ate at the !event pine. Thee
now prepared to fZe."o.ta orders, to any extent. 'Mama do .
lay. ePANO &W.
N." 91 and 0 . 2 Water .tro t, feb4 Zm ea.
ILMARTfI & NOBLE—City Flouring
MU. No. 685 Liberty tor of Adams it, eittaburgh.
'CHOLAS VIVIAN, Civil Engineer,
Draughtsman. and Practical Minh. Arent.
Ntkhntof liodeje far the Pate , nt oar, dellg.m. of Ma.-hi.
Po ' gd (n t r rilt i i n ari IH:titi . ;nr. M , ti r o. • ' 2l
Itarburr stmet., PktAurah. jant4atlye
PA. MADEIRA, Agent for _Delaware Mu
tuai Eafetr 1 nmrszloo (lump., 42 W.. erret.
GA_RDIKER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
,Virt• Insur.nce Coalman north ram, of 1114.4
sod Th Int vtreets.
. N, Boot
ham t ; o B r I7 D o E f lt .ib l i V rd o
prepared to do every dir,cription of ' Binding with neatnivii
arid durability. Blank Book,/ rulod to any pattern. and
Mend euhatantially. Boots' in tottobers. or obi himika
Mond careful], or repalml. Nwnea pot on in It
17 wbo have binding aro Invited tonal'. Pnces ion.
• _
VI'CORD & CO., Wholesale and Retail
ILK 51anufattulvra, and Tauten in Hata Cap. and Fun,
runner of Waal Aral Fifth Areal, Illttibornh. Where they
offer • foll and rnorplete etoelt of Hate, Cana Fore, 00, u
every quality and style, by Iillobreal• amt it,tai, and in.
the attention of their enstornery and purehaerrs getter
ally.loaruring theta that they till sell on the mcet advare
tanvons Wens.
IfmORT, Merchant Tailor, Draper,
. M
and Dealer in Anal, Stale Clothing. 12:: I.nvny et.
New Coach Factory—Allegheny
M. A. IVIIITE & CO. would re
iilWmukvuou, Inform th• public that they horn
rm... • A upon Lannek, between Te,leral wad Eamlwk,
strorta. They now making aria am pmparsal to twelve
ordrr• the every Eirmulption of tehklea,Cmv_hes, Chnrion.„
thLmOnto, DUggiCA. 1.2=101111. dr, dr—, which, from their
the manor tarn
enaNril do work an the thcat rea:on,Lbla tem. with
wanting article,. in their lino.
Malt zPaylmtiartlrniir athmtion to the. nalretirm of materiel,
and g none but cump.tent workmen, they have no
hc.itallon in warranting their work. We th0u...16m ask the
E AGLE MARBLE WORKS, (enablisheti
Zo n.. u lS3 n Tri V
of "
- - ... . . ... . ..... .- .. , • .• • •
‘'aillts. Tomb. headstones,ter 31w:it.' Pimes, Centre and
Pate T always onhand, Drawin gs e to onier.
N 8 A choice sclection oon hand. Jalo
Corner of Third and Market streets, The on/7 time.
trtentntion of the kind in Pittsburgh.
_ v.ecm.--Jolm i t he
hug-metric In the.
nelehre or Ancounta..
. . .
O. K. Charirberlity Prof of ranninanaidp,slarmontila
Ca:lmitation, to
Alex. M. Watson. Eng, Lecturer ov CoonnerMal Lam-
Thom draizinit a annYlt.• 1...1.41re -tkalh
sad ltS applicatita te ovary branch of n iCITIN. al saen
an ele
gant and rapid parananaldp. are Incited to call and traml
ine the arrang . ernertu.
lemturc 1- an y Lew ercry Monday erasing.
Ittftscnno to any E 4 the rrvident city Intl - elms.. kle=l
e ... i .
`,.-- WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty st.,
I brad of Wood otrp.t. Pau - burst, I.
. . Mon umentx. Ruda) Vault.. rumbotaes.
lc.. Mange 11,1ces.C.entze and Pler l'on,
Munro an hand and mad« to ante,. of tna
-Inicregt 31arl.lepa, and at ~ ryr minced
• .pr , tr..,.. .3 choice Section of'Dnatenngs on
The Carat - --
87/1.TU•1( I,
jm,,rted t '
..1 ... Rom Italy. i i'' , ' - r - - - -r— I ''l
1' 1 i „I
ilt _,..•=. L — 1 .
Hon. Horton, Denny Clark Tiernan. Esq.
Han; Jahn Harper, Y.M.
Wm, Ilnbussoo, Esq 40 , 11,,fierr. Had. Aral:Hest.
John Soyd,r, Edo, (Jun . Mom, Brokers.
PlUsbursth Hank. ...cur Itahn, do. ,
J. H. Stotenbergor, 11.1. Hill A Curry, do.
IVllson McCandless, Esq. • iit.l Srg.nt. do.
Mahon. McKnight, Esq. ' Mm. Bacasey A Co.
Joe. Half night, Led, liming- D. T. kin • Co.
hate. Joshua R hodes
odes & Co Fruit's
A. Lathrop, tlert., Alloghenr.
NV. feels g
grateful for tkr very liberal patronage. re.
nelved. durin ninteen pus In this city. haring hail the
lartoet and brat jots entrusted to !aunt up to the prpsent
Haw, and *ill endeavor to ender satlAfactlon hereall&r.
Bennett's Nonoceromatic Depository,
MAT I.—New l'aiotince—The - 64.rico - Ortirth.mtve
'a the "Cemetery of Maui."
CABINET FURNITURE MANU-, Warwroome & kW flied street_
T. W. respectfully inform. Ms }Mende and
custrasera that ho has now oumpktel the largest
and finest stack of household furniture ever before mon tr.
Wile Mtg.. he Is determined to uphold the qualitY wi
well... Boned materials, beet workmanablp, and newest
sigwat rod from the patent hie onion and facility Its
manufacturing. he Is enabled to produce warranted furub
tune, at the Merest prima.
We' has adopted or. prindple of Identifying the cud..
.ars . interest with him 0.11, in duality and mice. and Mete
sway. on hand the greatest 'variety of every description or
furniture, fran the cheapest and plain... the mat .lo.
want And malty. that • b0n...0r any tart at e, ay le ,
furnished hymn him Mock , or manufactured mpnowly to
lfe therefore velicite an imperil°. that the arl toele
tapes of hie mtabllshment may be known. The followum
artkim la part.,.of Ma rock, which for richt.. of
t i Vnd tinlM ountot aurtemeed In any of thwEarten.
Parlor, limiting. dining, and Itseideorn chairs. of every
meirty, consisting of mabcwany and walnut.
Eanservaloire nod Easy 1.1.1 m. of eset . 7 di,.
miption; Couches, MU. and biro. of the lateet
gremeh and American pattern. Tubas., What•Anta, and
parlor Writing Weeks of various kinds; Work Tables
and furry Inlaid 'Lando, muele elands, and bolder. nimb i• top. mahogany , rosewood and walnut centre and sot. ta
blet, otenetun dining MIA, all Amen( the mist unproved.
and dacidedly the btu kind mad. ear. Petubtuk. 1.11 mot
pier labiate wardrubse and viratiersuels of seen
lame as4rtmenk gothic hall and parlor weeldlott shed.,
ottkmana and stouts, tea:rotary and Loot old. hoards,
fin screen. towel tasks. lot Mends, nod to node nri
and ads gr cit./rem pater Maas, table and h•
lug. , rumo m r... t u f s ACin m h m. p eYeru!
m Ta n. es,
alwe.l IWe.
Chaim. Cabinet makers supplied with all mtiche In their
Strand/Data and Hotel, forandied at Um she"... bollv.
All orders promptly altetulnd W. yad
Attrrimi at L. No. Ifol Third rornrr rf bury .
1. /WO. taut• arrandultuds dm Ih. p.n... 111
pre - mare Doubt, Lands Ur ollluda and soldiers, thelf
111 , 410W11 and ebildruy and grill atUnd to any otL,
umber?"' with 'the .o.yrromult or soy alto Impart.
Mon. It,. Pruslon orb., or W. Our?* in. City of
Washington. yaTlaltr
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in OiL
iv j lt. D. U. SMITH in now prepared to 0011
inetrurtion In • few pupils in tio. dlEvrent. brsneltrs
or no dellstranl ort. st bis porn?, In Mottiro. Pratt , A,
ALklnontes ns• Vlrsj strool, iVesol and
Alarkrd. strewn , . Stour. r.r luntrortln),;froin In. Slot
frma.l3 to 1; v. so Chart,' •tol otbrr poutl , tulurs ran Lo
il/101,12 by rolling (aftomoon) Ow minus,
lister In lir.i/orrom or lir. Addison. lott.:Alr
RETICEAT k now open
ft, the ilenwtiumlation vlalD,re. Tb. 110 tr
.rge• 911tinn nt or. I.
bk , oullug linot• ougle.btubnor, .5 the choirrext
I"te,'Z'rta":. n .J7ti.. " Z " 74A I n nine .1 AA us taxi.
Itwinvt• taot , fully put ups at *bort tJetler.
Th. volst ronakrtablx.h.inlon,tl2lllZETA I N. Sc.,,
landlng, bctlrforts I'lllaul tint Old All,beny
8..h1,,n, at th. 10,,Infling vry bour—fmte 9 o'clock. A
31, until 10 I'. DI. Co. 10t. nip oftrY ev.oint, nt 7)1,
•1,11.1nw Clty •rn Itsrll,ll oty
vl.ll ro, Ciao p4rfert
The liardrn It k.rpt 1 ,, m1•et....
nu .146 If
. . .
W. Dixon's London Patent Lover Watches,
A.:rut Pa . 9arr•l
iir - u w adoln.oht IP I . . .
P 31 . 04.44.4•4, 4 ' 4 " , ri"44.
. . .
writ 1:Z,a.1, bo,k , lncv
11 1. rertitirn that thn to , ll,top.p,lng , Wat , h i, .N , ,,i.i.-- , , ,1 N
:Y/7se n ,na l' L ' l ' lp ,' 4 ,l rt . I? Ti r e,;;;lt ' l ' i l ori,rax "r :,.ct;tip l a " ;,lel ‘ b;
• rarttre•to , branapplk , :q10 , 4,7. k. _
~ 0
IFf l i: 1'.,-*,:ittr,,";;;:rr'tr,t,..oo.-- art.'l-ii.m."1,,,1tx
-i ,- P . ;111i -. KW:MSC 41.11114.11.1..
amiTLIN & COI ,VIN, .Caul Aferchantn,
wool booboo It, 1110 /it."4, , ,14, ,,,,, tra, 1n,,. awl Nana
eotnarr of Walont atrret and 144,41,1mA/4 , lovnia. 1t , ..1
Tnrywrxr wyll. ,..11,4a,i/1,•4
vv. LINOI/114.11 A. trOlicak, -
0. 411011t0111.11. • IC 11.110,/,
u311781/Ult(jil CITY GLASS WaltKli,—
w,l:t;?itil Mill 40 *1,0,, Manttkorll rr r,, of 151 , 110 W
lna. No. 20 Mark , t „read,hettwa ,, il I , ifv , l 004 M 1.414,
Panktany allaution k,akt to 14,1 OW.. Alfur—lkvaloake la
plat Wiwi, Viala. llatUa. le.: dial
F. R. Moore; N. D.,
linnet attention mu t e trndment or diseases or me
men end ehildren. anl Mendes generally. es well es
chnmle end minded &,,w . Wide an Anderson street.
nea r the Iland motet Bridgeound nest dear to the Plan-
Ing Mill. Allegheny . City. Oahe hoots from Tto9 A. Si..
fret to a. and from 7 ton P.' N. my:kr
LIGHTNING RODS—Spratt's Patent.
Wholesale Depot, 86 Wood street, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
Cullen' Stone.)
lu y ntru.l.l that thee totheet get °
set., eriritalr,Z,
and LSagu to am anri.aned—thn .Gds bdr ,' N high,/ on
elemental. ma without dispute the 4 ' 4 ...teeth " e " e
ate pee
Jamas Jacks= will attach them at MK
cente ore foot Price at thowtore,2ll72 t t , t an
at so wax ,
tiontlemeo ern reapeettolly two
sad ozweueue the atom whereo,l" the Ageetthel
be 'nu. • my2l:ti
u. mitts.
L u. rltumrs—. ..... . . ....... .. B.
aYRES, General Import-
RAtt Manufacturers, No. 74 North Fourth Wort.
h - And at 102 Wood three. Citrfundon. a , r l2
Wo. B. Richbanni, Civil Engineer,
%VILE ATTEND, in any part of the coun
v try to. the survey, Imation i ztl a y bi nstructe . g .
Railroads. it acadamised and Flank
Lams, ale., for canal or slaekarater aorta& mond will pre-
.Flom. thocideatlons, and estimates of and of sof of
Ile .
e will also attend to the division of-land, and laying
nt tore Pn r uainr . l r awinult of model. for Latent Of
" timnt Pt. near the Court
how, ltittaburgh.
Refertheva—lion. A. AV. Immix, That Bakewell,
Noville It Craig, Esq., Wm. Elehbaum, Eau.
ap , thlus
.1. O. 11104.11 T EINCLAiI
111110LESALE dealers in Groceries, Glans,
„y, y r . tit e Nt A rirtej,l No :eon D 3.3
ock. and .
eLif ..lvatte4 mtTeina mn~y is
&4 at. fur in StPanabos...W P=Pelfri, Ie tLe lAk•
iporjor Lim.. . .
11;fer . tritti. A. Otis A Bo..,_Cloyelaxid;
Nitro t nitreler. Buffalo;
7. M. Howe. eviller. Pittsburgh.
Alexander Bradley,
19 Wood erect, berm lirst and Second 11.
1 ANUFACTURER of every description.
of CelbtiLVG STOVE'S. or the mod apptored pat.
A 0 . ,. and o h we will !ruler the best waist:Won.
- .
Alio--PAILLOR STOTritt:, rag which wi ll be tonal
Jeoet I & hoot'. celebrated folding door Porto:MORS Nor
rtove& Radiator& int:Lititz Nom; plain atol fertcYtirateet.
to stitch are Invite the attention of builder& Tea liettler.
Hollow War, Wagon Dose; 41. to all of which wallah.
the attention of dealers before Lumbar! o elooeherc.
11E0. E. ARNOLD'i CO. hay() this day as-
N_P sodded with Went JOIIN L. SCULLS. Th..trbot
the firm will tout heretofore.
Slay Ist. WI. I torT
(Formerly the Exchange,)
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
spacious, central, and most convent
' emir !mated HOTEL, baring been entlenheecir re .
tn•Jahel. and thoroughly repaired and Improved, Le now
open for the areommadation of the nubile,
The enbecriber. Irmo* and proprietor of the ST. CLAIR
HOTELreap ...trolly Inform, ht. friends and the punk
that he uneh It In the MOIll elegant and wemforta-
Ne etyle. and employed competent es,dstante and atteuthe
and faithful ...mute, and that he will IF no exertion
to male it equal to uty honer In the amen .
The well known central leattem of tb. I ono, end ran-
... . . ,
rence of it, aryangements. rendertne tt ate ann+tdretror
ble either top trarelera or permanent buanient.indunea Nm
la •011 , it ant/ hope 4.. r it • liberal ebare tostrunmprn
W. ItENNErr.
..• _ _
Law Notice.
.tatetTHE appointment of WM. B. McCLURE
or...odr_ot Judge a the Fifth Judicial Matelot of
I ivehla. hoe &heeler,' the long ruhttattat; ;tartan ,
will be MeCANDI.E
ultroled .S$ •
Lo M MeCLy. 3t UßlL eexhilt: The utitiolthett
Qa.. -
• IV11: 6 1 . 1 ) :31 1 egilki:.
11f . Oel. rrtruvred In my Duelling IlLow, Nn.l9 P.m
trnet neat tL. corner of Uar.
• • • • *II.SON 31eCiNDLEPS.
RS. A. LEECH incites the utten-os i
z.N t Vig. b :Z
C101ue.•••• HATA. In vvery variety.: Hood Delman. -
and Caper; Prnnch P errand • bandrod•aaaortmenit f
wl.k. RNLI. Embn-nderies. 011 and b.. 11.141a5. and
gr... mat, nth, ao.l. In Mn liii..
B.—T4n, or four vou.lllllliarro 'rutted
. ar:ktf Na. 9 Fifth otrtml.
A.NIUEL KROESEN keeps cons.tantiy on
it Inahl • ...I aawrtnaeut. of Wash aal Bath Taw.
Oak Klh-hen or Draw Boek,K.
Wu. 1.1 Bowls, Churl.. Dry .I.leasuma 7.1 u. gad Own . ,
Wash 11.. ants. anti ail other hinds of ware In hi. hue. ''
si.roona,ilanouir lah, Fifth xtreet. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Steamboat Agency, and General Commie.
sion, Receiving and Forwarding.
11.ALIAVIN, PLUMER it CO., hare this
IL/ 0.4..c1e...1with . 1.11.m 31,J0h0 Lawton...leder
nerrlirsC./ thr AgriL.
Ctrabaubon. and Yoriranka b larr i „ittab; c rzle of
LA , CIAVILLS. Aprll 115.1851. • bib IVIIIImpp . Row.
R. J. J. MYER S—Sargeo — n and Phsalcian.
Otter ozl siwollinel coma ot Doritortosto row. No.
ini otroot orot door above, Entlitrtola at
r. llrers boo perozzoootlt latotoolla-Plttsbrurto saki
will &torrid troths doll. alibi Protozoic. Um wtil wire
e.gleatar suention to SVIIO.I. emu, and rho duo... of
wga and ehlktn.
. . _ _
.. .
~_ opletaro
Tuition on the Piano.
W ed lc. rae s . felr more pupa. on-core
ark 4 In lilnging.
Y. Prang. lion Irvin. EN) .
Oran, (Fourth +l..rvet.) Madame Frtjet. aplti.;i I n.
Fresh Assoktment of Gpring Goods.
THOMAS PALMER is daily receiving
teem the Pattern Cities. at the al stead.
MMMiri= nisd and Fourth streets, Pittsburgh,
[Ante acor..iOna tu his preaent atnrk, or thontoet brautliol
HA:VOLVOS that have appeared in thin tuarkat
LA? . long pent& Me patter.
t.lara entirely new. the
ft.y r Pemliarty ehaat!!. arakth•mlora. In point of doer.
g ' n " ,: "a=tart ' l7:fotlf
eon...lodgment esin formed ny Want rhas c i dr ' s ' er n ipuon,
tto• attcntl.n of trierebanta and Imo. In.tpcta rrxpnetr
folly in el te.d. mch.l7
Board of Underwriter&
AT a hleeting 'of the Board of Underwri
ter, the filowing'resolution grao unanimously odor
myl nrdered W b. published:
Rese , md. That from and atter the publiration of thl, no
no Flee Risk. whether original or continued, altall
eonsidered am taken by any.lnanyanee °Mew In this city,
until the premium is paid in tun.
• A. W. MARRA,
Everntar, of tho Baud
A Card.
HAVE FITTED Ul'. (on the New York
ohm.) a ter, ouviirior Warm.. for tarsals of Cur.
corn. Curtain >lnternals, and every Mind appertodnins
the e. Curt in s,
p.lor, and have ashisteril the lamest And
most sulwrinr aviorttnent of Earn D. Wow, ffronsads,
assort. and herrn. Damask De Wawa English Ihintask,
Mamie, Chintzes, Turkey lied fiord., oll9P ,
every kind, lAvor ihrused and plain )1.11, 11,11.
land of different widths, enralers hff different ratter.
and ntyba, Mar !fah,. Window Blinds and bhadeaCurtalu
Northd.+ and Banda Curtain Pin,* Talzalsatal Tonal Lint,.
Curd. Milk and Woratni, ffsd lliintsia and lrlnges,
...Olen and isincastor Quilts, Counterpane. and colons!
Ca.tarrmts.llatrasses, lied, and lieddina.
All orders thankfully remised and promptly filled.
ann. Wyt. NOULE.Third greet.
I IfAVE ou hand a largo asKortment of
'miter.. 00 emlalrui. WM. NOGLR,
w,lO nearly epproll. the Pnel
. „
iL PAN:IL-42M resyby 24 by 34 Plinth. I•y.r.
24 by 24 •
MO • /2 by 32 " •
DM •• lb by 24. 24 by
41 .32 2A by 34. 2 4
by il.2b by ;
440 lllue. Yabtury 144.,
Yiniee Cron; Straw
;1/1/ 1 , n,1 I •• •-• ••
:5:41 •• Medium o.gol Elogle moo. , •
Th. orolorxlgnod keno. , noroitAntly toi beso and AS/A.11 ,, it
11?/:;. ' r r:r. ' il:tl * lg:.. " aldnt r . " l%P.4:l7J ll ..t
71;:2-1Oltt: or nil Nirri. rot paper ooneofacturono.
Printing lava wade to onto, nu short . tfr e o licir..
Wb:Omroor at Porto j
mud Irvin stn.
gr COARSE SPONGE-4100 lbs. for wale by
RIMPED RIBIWNS—Just reed per ex-
Er.,.--aft rail... or this. very .I.l.lrahlo
Trirs.l”l.. enihrAring 01116 vrkll
-T attention or •hol.val. ru.lother• IA es.
nycelfully Invlt4. hr 1
to the .4.v• .atoushro Apeiltinetly.
A. A. MASON 11 .
CASSIA -41111 ILA . r„, „„ 1 „ b y
myy 11. A. HAHN CHTHHHA c o.
riNA RTA R E.%1 wric---50 for mak 17
11. A. MAIINESTocK (,1 :
wititusiyE SUBLIMATE-21, ILA. 61r
rAle CC lIHTVI H. A. HAHNE/lot% A (1).
. . _
9 EItILING-126 hblx. N. 1 (0. arrivoi) flor
.41• by boy1:1 A. 01.11.1116.1,41:. A CO.
rroBACGO--417 kugn G tsvitit. (,11.crior) for
111 Pal. bY liiyl.l A VI:bIIVIVVYArti A Co.
UFFALO ItOltEri- 1 -11 gradnu kapt con
p giant!, on bond End Ow gain by
A. 1;1/141/tlatii/N
4 ERAS A N CLAY-2ull boxes for Aldo by
/11712 I. DAI.PPI.I. • 1,0.,
I inn. W. It. Cream for nnloiq
P. W. 11;111IA
_ .
1111" 111 DEN-200 (priinii) for nolo by
gori3 a. • s'. itAttimudit.
.1)0W ITER SLIT'. k 3.111-200 I biljust
amt 1.4al
re 1.7 J. KIWI -
[A) Wood t.
AO/ 011.-40 liarrely Nn. 1 bard Oil
i dr ." "".
raltV• Ate'
I fkfl) FANCY MILKS—A. A :
ti 1 :i..7111Z: 4 " 4 j ""
d ionN-11U0 lio, for bolo Lyy
n3Ol J. M. 1)11AVOIrrIl CO.
- .
ITIOBACCO--.1 Idols. Ohio Ln[ii; for Halo by
myn J. 11 I,II.WWITII A cJI.
I ORN-35 billy, for solo by
ill) 0
1" " N "°N "" A irlti l iVC.,L •
1) IIKS ?, lttll'l'l'USfHAlll i,.4 YEN
ly %14};:tP e 4)
14 111 M (Cold Grovo) Firer
:h.t512,47,71;gr not Auwur to th y /11.1Itbr Brlck,)
nit! . ituvr—loo
017 "
MORNINd, , JUNE 2, 1851.
Aram= AND totenrorms or MAILS.
Cbatalitsabarg. PathtetphL i,
DO. CV II d: Bea or
The Prot s ty Cangs, Nova Peons, and
Us. Erus.sricSe Min stretyes at 4P. it.; Departs at P.a.
Hotta Etna.. Blllaleintlie add lloilLisyrbung,
intludhin couaties,at Benifnen,Cant bits, Centre, Mil,
ton. Juniata. Limandg 111911 n. licKesn, Potter, Perry,
Mg, Union , and tot Westmoreland, via Liven:Ws,
Alurrayasille, Balspi Reeds, Nor Alcundria, and lad!.
ans county. Arrives y. except Mondays, at 4.g.;• de*
parts dally at
nua—By Butte+, PL. Ifeseet. flhad.. and 19gerrod
manna, miens fan et Blaifirmt and ninterattisda,dally.
taut 9 e. and departs at pa ig.
tn , cmursta asa Wartasite—By Wastage., That amen,
Fayette, somenet,Bart oriPesMoreland county, (minis,
Maryland, Denim:go, Washington City,.llootturn and mt
s. parts of Ohlo and Indiana, „Kentucky. Team.
' oset Alabama, Mnenurt e iltibigsalppl, Arteuras, Barth Qum.
innt thvricia, Loultiana, Phitida, and Tam, chlty. Ante.
ate r. a.; tad depssis at 6 P.
Suomi vtu.s, Oito,-117 'Fayette,' Hamm, lissiegtist,
Flom.. liar% PA, Uollidays Cove., Va, Jefferson. I
on. Carroll, 11ohate, and Tusesturas mouth. Ohbitlenr.
Arthes at 11 e. Al:parts at 7 a. a.
i Zigri a Lr B I=egUa u tit T a irres.h to o ij e li . d o o.—
/ieh t f 7litl===. itiAZ
eat Loess coma Oat; the extreme northern counties
a the Slake o r 1 la. and - Illinois, including all Mehl
via. lowa, and Wieeese4n, dellr. Arrives at 11 - t. sh; de
parts st 6 e.
Hmodurro . .—By Ltebasmilotislcio. Bpringteid,Tmem
tun, Freeport, Kldatig, AMMmingas, Annetrong, Clan
you. end -ekteountleadallr. eseePtu. Smatara Ar
rays at 7e. =ld departs ak e.
tregthrd, ZellumPle Pormn
Tbur liarllnacnra and Now Lodge. Ant...yr
. 771 tlmdaTh at 5 A N.; departs Mondays. and bridays, at 7 Ar.
Btaatavuut.—By litnoclitalLllnlegellle, sad. brood
pa ongaliela Cdr.
an Arrive. Y.. Mau., at rot. a.; do-
Uawarnrali 8 1 . .;11178 . 11tk . lt " IteKeveyort ,
Coal Palley, Z . ....;:r0gn, ;linable% Unita' me, Bettye..
POO, Cookstown, rerryotolls. tyre 11 r, Upper 4u... -
ton, Pa. Aerieu thmelare and Thuratays. at to a. a; dr
party hboodars and Thoesdays. at V a et.
Ilentorr, Valkeng allis,tioblettTen, Candor,
Burgetteloorn, Croce %Llama I aUenon mill. Pa.—
Bethanrat. Arm
T tutd•Or se, at id a. ay
'k r:mew, 17 7 a.t-ily r illott n on. '4 : l 4nrdoelierille, bloomy !don.
tome, Praniolbrt th Pay Falmieg, Va. Anima on
Prlday. at r. lot ...U. nuurd.r... A .
Ilduncra—Br MIMI., NUM, Waslintriton, aroll Apollo,
Pa. A 77,7 7. Wolmadare. Id P. ety &male on lionder
armutOmb—lly Lomin's Term Arrives on thiday, at
P. 1114 ott Ilatordaryst , 6 a. at.
Pereysellle.' Wexford, Breakturk, Ogle.
priority Wbitoetnert,Ae... hooludialt 14 urea and Venetia.
aunt. , Amt. , . Maly .4 7 a. my and demi - teat
Letters our the doll; ...Ile moat be In the Oleo one hour
Learn, theta dep.:tom leMrs tor the TA-meekly, read.
weekly...l weekly malls. most be In the 0121 re hal t . bow
before their departure.
CoIaSMIM mai fra lin
No. 6I Market . bdaoantl7.
Butt of lOttsbura- --pap
ltank of Consaterve..-...par
Bank of Borth AnuOira-par
Bank of Northlt Libertliapar 1
Bank of Pennorlyara-„par 1
Paak of Ponn Towashlp-par
Bank of the Unit. Mae 12 '
Oomnuorelal Bank of Pa—par 1
llamas' a lleobanks' Ilk par i
tOrard Bank—
N.ol.ton ,
Nanufar-'t }loch 8a.....par
Noonan/F. Bit.- -.par
Bankan's Bank----.par I
War ...--par
Book of Clemoberoborob- 1
/Mak of (Mester Omutr.-0.0
Bank ofllawlllo..---par
Nank of Cheater-ptr .
bank of Illoonantuan...-.par
Itaak ufUottyAbura.-- of low lAtuArts--.
Bank of Nkldlettron._._ X
Bank of NorthaberlantLpar
Carnal. Caul,
Columbia lit
noplatown Bank.-----par
IL.. Bank--
!h. Bank.. .
Fanner.llk - oTilTiall &par
Yuman: Ilk of Lare...par
Farmers Bonk onteadlng p.
Yam, orSeMmitill Copal
1 , 1,1,k low. Napo. burg_ X
Franklin Ilk, t% asbna.
lumuater Baa k... -_.par
LartoadarCouety . Bani.—par
Lebanon Bank.. par
%nen' Bank oPatlarillo X
llctoonsabela Bank----par
lir. Broach Bala__ X
1117111111 tell Mum; IT
BONS, Bunten.
dated fbartkr/a.fiftsturtik.
Wanda at Magrillon-...- .Ij
Brandi at Waditer.--tio
Bran at Xenia- do
Bnanth at
City Bank. Clocomati.. t .... do
Cotatocretal BlLeincianatido
iftratikilu Rank----- do
Lemetda 8aak.....-_,
Ohio LIM Ina. A Trust Co_do
Waltham Remove Itaak—do
Balk of klamilloa------tio
Mull Notra---- -do
• All solvent Banka.---..0
Nam York City- ------Yad:
All solvent Lanka_ . kt
vuunivie. —
i Dank MM. Valk_ y--
rilk of 11469* Richmond \
lIFs. Liao/0 IL. NotMlk-- I',
2=t: i rhgeti rl . r = 4
tioilk Wratcvn Bank __....
t Bank of Cap. Year.. -... 2
r Ilk MM. of N. Carof - t0a.... 2
Coadamelal Bk, 11 ilminain 2
r blerchatite Batik, fiedbaro 2
Bk of Me IL of IL Canilina 2
i Boat of Booth Carolina--. 1
• Bank of Lliariaatoak-- .__ 2
• Planters . A Almhanicai Bk 1
*knots lor. illakkbe
liank of Avsnakk---...._ 2
Ilk of Booboo kk, Augusia 2
!Act ICeonseky. Louisville"
11k. of Louisville, Thorettm
Northern Bk of Kenturki h
Bomber. Bk of Beranek). AL
Mlo Rate
Wanda at Akron------.oe
Branch at Atherna---...d0
Branch at Brlderport--.-tio
Manch at
Mandl at Clevelaod...--...d0
Brandt at Toledo—.-- ..... do
Manch at Delawars.—..-“do
Branch at
Branch at Aabtatall•—.--do
Brandt at &Jam ----.-. do
Branch at Iklatuaald.. •
1 134rarsztve Cmoyany - - - --,—. 9
.. .
Bk WI N./merle. TOrbtabb
Bank orthroPearle, Toronto!
jPeak of blotrerd.u.,. ....b
I:k of U..Cabuda,Toroutob
On ribbr Zurk (rurks)—....-S
Ua do-- .i
Io Baltbur• do.- iii ~
wEerkLs xciai.
St. Iremis. b'
Doulkarklah—. : .lls.oo
Ass* mr.-------10,00
IreirThalurs—....----- LSD
Mianot at IMO,— -...—du
lirstbeh au Clucinnati—
Maud at Wuhington—
Branch al tMd ---do
Bradt at Lanstaea•—.lo
Itratkett at emitbentille—do
'thane, at Mt. Viltsunt--..--alo
A• - • • —•••
men at Newark—. -do
Brawn at Elrria....—olo
11= :117.2ft "--r- 11
Branch at
randi at M
Brandi la. Za t r rta ln—dao
. ..._....... ... • •
E.. Nannak‘.---ale
Fasoh st Plqes--,.- • ,
al Pottnsooatb... 1
ail Navemootc._ --, —4.
lm a Clralteek
461 81.11 e•
Lb • .
• n•ylvalala 6'•..
iTu lit -
Ito 111715.
1103 1043 h,
!ILO 96
100; W ;
100 VA
100 00
100. 1,5
103' 07
Alheur W. u . ..
Do. cqmp.
Pittsburgh city be.
eoup. Ws. PbII.- ,
A i fra.. 4 T
Uank of Yitlabargb
Movhante L Ilanuf Bank,
KMang• Hank
'Meg bony taddyi Bank
lr ......
Northern Liburtioa--.......!
Williamsport Bridse----i
Wsostern !woman ,
eitimos' Imuranoe
dmatriatoll Firraran's Col
to ......
1L.t1Te. , .. Louisville.
Mutates flayme . t.l . . 7-
a 015, to.
Pitt.hardhOsaMorks.. -.I
Roaduldla sl.kwaieri
Yout s h b. 7 RWIERaIt.
P.m d. Rind hail Road ,
chip 1 Perm'.. Rail
Ra v o Rult sd lC n o a .d b WollYl sll
Marina R. W. Dry Dock;
Yap it. e 111. t.f. C 0........... .:
Ra Ca
o osi Bonds. (old)..
1.. do.ckesc...,
Turtl. CRyk Plank /WWI
Allnw. A Pednadill• Pt Rd
(Irnenolv Tunspike Rd....
Charon Coal Co
1/( .1 .17.
Pittsburgh * Boston
North Atiterituary
Forth i
mu City
O rg l hh It Ildaltuyal.
Xdrrntutu.... .............
Levu lass ligughtott.....
Nl:lni t .:Tit IYwk
i „
AMES WILSON hag remoyed hiy lint
op 1141 , 1 edp Plow , . to No. VI, MIN door /total
o 1 , 1•motol •11.7.
I . —Having taken my
r ~.r3 p yr d It. , Itgr partrth i lp l in
uuderluauu. of J. 111 .WIY! 801rst.riWyeolot,g;ent.
/1.—.141pe0l tottllnum. lII* lint nod
No. V Vote:rid .beet, Alloylmar t7lr. krpt by K. 11.
_ . •
Wilson it Son.
VirIIOLESA,I4: and retail manutitutu- . Q
V tors sod dealar• 11• I• and Cave, No. 01
slteot. thin' itiur Wow Dimino* Alloy. VIII.
latfult —vr Intro they oltot • full and comoNto stook tkf lau
asol C., of theft 1 /WII!Lod Kaotorn tuauturactoro.uf atury
0 4 1 " , bf ittul onol Invite the
oil thrlf rottoutentml Out publlo t 4.1111.1, art.
that they will run on the lout ou ttooou bl o t o m,
New Barnes. Tissues, Bilks, Lawns, &s.
Il RPII Y & TIU itell FIELD have this day
Nlka,Ler tla Wt.)
Ile $.4. an. Itirliou E•Il belga making
liuud; xi tr holosal, hi mum* up otayr..._
URI. A PS—A m uperiur article 40 inch, for
Itn y 7 MURPHY Ji LEE.
CI A ll PETRE-80 socks for sole by
iIthIILLION-45 lbe Chinese for nubby
__ 2A. IcAintwernmc *
— tiiiirting Mullins and Irish Linens.
Ultl'llY & BUIIOIIFIELD have again
m 0641464 their chick of Wire inials.r.wl run coy
hi& Criitt!rtirsni" 'Aitioltral
buetialnito of sli itir cab:went width% which lb., on.. ga
th• iorrirrt ennis.
A IR BALLS—A full annortment just reed
/ •nd for Nth; by w,,io Y. 11. NATON.
)611 . 6f41T05/ OLO VES—A II
...Moroi of aII Wilon u qu.ttano(lfoArr with
to !I° o, EATON, 02 Fourth NY
- _ •
IIEESg--37 boxes far sale by
0 • 1111•11 DICRZY
virlitfirlitill--3trbblm. mid 38 ht bbas
y ftor nth. by 18A1A1l DILIKSY • 4:14..
sullb Wats, and Front wt.
Woolen lioo'de!
6) CASES Green Mixed Jeans.
Blue o o
114 Z Moth:
The above Fends urn inset:WU from eastern tne4llßleta
ro conelisunent. ula
1111 to• on format/alp.
.r.~,:.::~'.:.5., .~ ~..,
PITTSBURGH ... ::•:,
Orncl itrntucuu o.urrre
Afoutior,'Sune It .1 .
The - market on eatarday, at; nista/ on the closing day of
the week. was generally dull iou quiet: but far Woe
traneydnol, and quotations were withotit any material
TlAOLlll—Notstithstandltm the light main's. Winin del
today. prices aro without nny Cpateilal alteration. The
Wes from llnt hands an bato.rday ware about 300 f bbls to
Minus lots 453 Iffhibffffir.t.3 bbl. We note/Luther
regular Wu from store at 53 W =stir In
smaff Inte r The moot that isairm is for eastern shipment
. tik..kLiii —We dare no change lo! notice to the grain mar
ket. -napplieS come forward a1:m.1.1341y. and the atoomt•
offering =alb' There continues • pair minest for ltm
from fist bands at 50m Oats and tiara are dull, at i s aiWiMe
pot toot aualtly Oat; and 3{iiit3sfor Corn. Wheat Is Mewl/
at • range of 0007010 Barley is in moderate regiment at 62
pjase W bra. _
MALT—We 00We a felt regUludecomd at fl V ha.
WHISKEY—SaI. to bble. In lota. at 2lr time. and 40
bbis at toe cub V gal for resoled. The market Is quiet
and rather dull.
0110CERIES—Ws notice s quiet mutat and limited
try.actlocut. Sugar holds Its own pretty well, with a felt
I regular busineee at le it lb, which we give es the proud
Soling rata for fair quality. Molasses he told In wall Jots
at 575537. Ne V gallon. Coffee le rather dull, with mall
°Pentium at lOtir to the city trade. Moe le selling at Alf
to by the Mem. ,
BACON—The toutet Irquiet, and not., bays been mod
e.... We quota western and city enrol in lots &LOW to
WOO be at for beam, 6h459r, sidm 8ll(440‘. ehoulders at
en; 00 it VB. Satre of extra augur cured Lama 00 tolie
LAIIO--MilMiles aye limited. with email sal.. In bbl.
and Lege at 9ladiol(t •
MISTER—The market Is dull and quiet, with Wee of
pall and print at 10V11W ; ; . In quality.
CLlME—bales 50 has et 0.%50734 far
PlO 3IETAL—The sale, of the past few dayi, and since
the rise In the Allegheny, mount to 457 tons en (ono.:
bk) tone Rol Dank, at $2O; 15 tuns Shlppeneille, 112 do
Lime/tune, at STA mod 150 do Monroe id $lB ton, all on
moss thaw
ASILES—OnIy a moderate business hen been doing in
ashes. We motion, our quotatiou at (04 for Pearls; 00$
54 be Saierattm; at 4' for Pots, and (4 5% for Soda
1 7 1fi7t—Tbere It a fair regular - demand at fa prim, say
for salmon Ilrrring nt to r (7 CI 5% No 1 itararrel of
113, Na 2 atSlO 00010 25, No Marge, 25110 50,ataall do
V 75 it hhf
PEAI7II2ItB-3laterata rale, at ale 'F It. •
BUTTEII STATISTICS—Assuming the mutation of
the Unitul Etat.. at 22.0 000. and that each person ang
somas half n pound of butter per work. the annual eon
sumptlou wlll be 572,000.1,000 of pounds, wltlrle,ll. fourteen
cents a pound, amounts to upwards of 1130.000.000. The
average mature pro row of butter btu [wen mtbalted et
169 pounds per annum; therefore 3,505,000 rows would le
numbed to produce , that amount of butter.
111011 PRICES VOA TOLIAL`LL—Tbe Lynchburg Vir ,
Bolan es" :—The highest grim Verbena ever paid tor
tobacco In Virginia le thatpiren by Mows Docile; LJObitn
ntennfeeturers of our town, tor a portion of tho crop of Mr.
A Wright. of Maurine County. The tobarro Iroo gold by
Mears Stsptos. on Tone Lay Inst. et the unparalleled Klee
of ft-O'A 11100 ho.
The , ltaporte of Colive, then forriam you Wks. nth the
tenlitig loth, of ible country, hum tLe Ift of geptemper to
the let or May, the Past two mean= NCIV n. follow le
The Imports of isic-ro war. salv:rally ll¢ht• =MI 5 , 1
ha Impnru this meson, as ante en' opared, show an In
ns,.of (.017 C1.E.7 lags.
N. Von, 3lay •37—firo '
relie. sr.. In plrady binand.
kb 40u hb , 1,8 Cuba atom at G.iLWie lb. Of Mu-.
the nalu. am limiW and ha Wen hrm.
'Ala dui!: abnut I:2k baga Lauuyra.,l4 from the
whar u f
• polo. bargain. mad 3A. luuta Me tram glare U.Cie
Lima—'.:our t Eau.
emr.mgrrt, May trancactlonn of the cant week
Ind... a farther Jell. In the nrkv of WT., and St the
reduced prim, the demanJ mntinues bon
eye, aftributable rhiMy in the eenotn , Inactivity In ef
ery 11.1n.rtment of Inds. Ilze Nal.a no fne anreportn.l.
notnptir, Noun. :AK. In., In lot, at nor. In Abe reyrublr
mot.ever, 9!tiq:l‘ , ruling are the rung priete..—[ Price
Nrw O, va, Mar 21—The forte maztet at the
data a our la.t review. had declined. the elo.lnc
twin: about t.ayr!‘e lb. haturday. an entlreear-o.
:ix. aald of very unlinarr Qualit/. war . 1,1 at
y. and mane atal nr 1000 trage of letter derrnintion , ...
In serer al Int, at tceat,Se 12.- tracr that Uwe about ataat
ball have I,en dlrta.ned or. twain the no r of
at MUGcrt!‘ in ordinary up us W4r. th fur gal grualtr.—
.1515 have been no Water ant. rahoolllrart coca.
ilemvomr. Ray 29:
Sate 67 rul Melon:en Srcc—ln amordance eefth the
PrO , Vinnli ol the ordinance. autbcrising the eakof 14 , 4
shares of the Baltimore, and Ohio g road dividend stark.
the various bids mule were opened ra hr the lirgister at the
City nail of noon 3 recorder. in the pretence of the Ilayor
and Fueh other peree.o• u rime, n.' attend: Not runele m
terert-ho'weeer. au.rvszettl7 mo toaelreated in the N . 1. 1 ,,
Z. mot more thus • doeen pene were wear. 412 d the
most of appeared to have attended meerly Irmo eu
rimite. folloering {Pallet of eh. maa,,,,a;
Andrea. Iluk A Sono. 1 1101 abates at 87 , 1 11
111111anc W. ,111 , 1 a 6.
Son. Ic.) " 78 a
do do " 78 31
do do IW7B Id
William McCook,. 78 51
do . 23 " 78 WI
do .' bd • 7 V
William 11 ladato ( W
o'`. 78 8 ,
AbranSitudo. 10" 771.27 J:
J 7 Don:Alamo, 100 *bares at 178 OC
Fraool! From,.
31 - 13 C.)
SlTiThe.r. . 4 02
Wm Wrolville .t ~
rr. It a r 8 6
Wm We., . , SO3
.15 - S ..F
Jo l h at ' l i e n nusah.l...f F 1...... bid for. 7..,..-.:. -
.. . ..
The Ile,Liter. In &m mane.. with the pmvisioos of the
ovWfonocv. thm-ting the Nal«. ...KN.! ten .hues to the
.uveraaful hithiere In the fellow re prx.portJore.
And vele Hark t Yon.. NO eha-ce
%Val Woodville A Syr.
Wm :Ile - Cooker, lW
Wm H Ebleo. e) •
Almon Clarele.
It llog a tplal nr 1400
which, at the rates they levee mld , van produce the gme
automat of 90. The amount of premium received
over the voinintuto pi of Fs per abate. died by the on
dlo.utm. SV.9 53.-1 A merman..
Int. Yob! Ang
ant. Yob! Aug
Int. May A •• 0,
Int.Jant July
led. Hay ! 1.•
Itriva—There were 0 wt, 3 loch,. In channel, by
mark, but evennu, and falhn,
Michigan, Beira. Beaver.
Heaver, Mneten. hearer.
I t eetatvert.Drownaville.
J. McKee, Ileadrickenn, McKecrert.
Iterl•tetto. Motclarartl. erntretcrille,
Thar Shrive, Ltatkr. Wert Newton.
Weihttile, Smog, Leutcrille.
torntla N.t. llatebelor.Llncinnali.
ItittrusJ, Ceuttell, WhorMer. e
Coy. Mile, Shenk.
Perin, tireenlec. ...elle
Federal Arch. Metrtuatt, it bin.,
Kr, LAIle elute. :tune. Linclunati.
Div Xoy 4 lir et
Div Mu. 4 Vol
Div JaD.llDrcl
Div Novi - 213SW
Div Doc sa •
kilehlasn. Rol, Waver.
Deaver. lionlon. Deaver.
Atlantic, Parkinson. Ilrontoylile.
liadvraal. Drows.ll4.
klekoroger No. Ebbe, Chic:walk 0.
Rocas, State. Dean.Corinninti.
Jenny LIM. limn!. Zanesville.
Regulater Wouthurn.
pelVltt lllnlno, 10. .p. NL !grails.
T us
J. caro . Nei ra, aust kl . M unlto o or.k. Rlk eeling.
An.,,., Kinney. Wellsville.
I'l.lloo No 2. ' , Alta. Y.liml. ll .
gr d • pr rt.
1.1•3 pr e 6 mo
f!T tADItS-Lsatae Ncyrlm.
T. p)uls
CINDI NN ATI —Kr, stout, Slate.
111 . i1 D 0 /Dr DiT—D'olle,DD. •
BIIIINIKPORT—Px& eAmtr&--46.1 lo&x•lo•ed Wilomo.ll3
& Ainl4; Dd. Al 11 11m.rn, 131, diouldves lams .1 Alveol
i, 3 hod. lato Clark t Tisaw: Sn MI. floor Bell t I . l perll.l
Au 36 Illnyham, 1U431.3. bas lob 2 Id. noble Ill".cht
f`cr. 73 3110.11.1/ 17 ARA wool II .ireff 1 - 0; IA hbla Ilour ('opt
AleSIIIIIn; 27 6,1 hoc. o.ller 1,1 do. , orti hrounlo Copt
SI:311111n; 1 nal lot In low.
1.01 1 13611:—rot N.viaatron—r. blot. lob 11 a
Cor, 14 d 0..., ham. Clark & Thaw. 4 ht. hooks 6 31..1. 1 .
1.11 II Al 11.1 tal.lerd oil v & Ibirlavigh; to
l e. lard too Lamull.. 32 1110. (oh 21 1.1.1. h... Il Uteri
& :.1.1 J Parker & Co; 1.0 tattoo b10t1....K.& 2 Ln. ' , era p Iron Graff & Land.); BO Dbl.
%1.111.6, 0 big dm. ollus Halkor a Foroyilo
3a13 tub A liord.K,3tl .10 .1 Mazurl, r„,,,e1„,,, 111
too. pit Inm a bt.s gond J d'Uoinur.
floollar., Taylor.
1 1 I 11.1.:—I . r& AILI:0-22 Not mt. .1 A litlr&-
d. 21 WELI, r
s h,nt W1134.1.01 N a 1 , 1641,0 mod loot ..11
14.1r1. t F.014.:46 elt. 1 lii are &worm elotir Mull .9
1.11114.11; 7 ute& ragn.l L 20 barrel. &oar Inruer to&
Ihn Trxe.n. 4-1 krvl 1 4,1.1 I.wl In low owl:eery:l La
'tebdPe MoVadlete k Caort.lN 3 drum. J
VZ told, li Law-mu. bits cggs. I ti butterJ Mr
Paw 15 WA. 111..
WIIEELINII—Pcc .l Nkuor4l 1,1,1 s floor II ball .
Co: to rh. baron I pto cram l'o-tyth ett;
Wilsoarth t MAIN.; I Ica ml.. Ii 14111: 01.1.14 koolio
trome .rd. Co.ilk. ohoonare Clark • Thal. ;IN libla ft.or
tr altotitl.{:JJ do 2 lax Imam Ilarrinotua • •
likirrotc NTATC-2 Doke. mull,
I It clan+ IV, McCulley. Co; 40 tom raallesJ. halter I
Co; 101.1 bat C.; nil. Itrowurrllle boot Uhl. Wittily .1.
Attlllaud I.lls crlacky.J. V. Perry :IWO do J. Iluket
112 bubo rutton Arbuckle Co: I crk unl.. J. Ittaklw..ll:
1 pit J Kidd • Co
nu l l Immo Seifert .1 Nicol.; I
hi ma. lt, Legal... 4 runt mum, Drenno ;.1
book', 3 .err or Ilquor 4 1.14 man. 1.,<11 Co; Its to
ham. St to. beef 11. lino*. Cu: 15 tem N.c140 tto ham.
AlrFohlet a Comte; 2 Lx. tido 3 blots 2 las tobavo
Clark I :IM,
NT. 1.01:1N-4rxn Fr.brn n. Ancn-2 aka rune" Cur 11.132
/tobilawou ; 2S blob nod td barns W. • It. 51cCu4beon
cV boron 1 bbl lard Clnrk & Nhaw. 1 bid bums I br cloth.
lug 1 tin 123.4116 m, 1840,1.4%5ec° 1/.1....11 a Co; n 5 1z1.41
Litch Wan., a l'srk, 2 An. broacu glans Mulrauer &
dlle: 22 bhl. whinny,' 1:31.111. ; 1 rank:: fve banking
)Inner 2 Caldwell 60 I.W. whisk, J. 11. Knox & Co ;
bbl. doll. A. Waster; 4 bbbt berawax A. Bingham: 11.0
lonnol Amy; 1 I,bl flour 26,10 lard nIl LO lib's lobneco 11.
Ural? 2 Co; 102 A. barloy O.IV. Smith 2 Co ; 10 lobla %Ins
N. Null lb • Co; 2./ In. ham', NleYwolden (brnde; I nub
eon 1 bbl nuts. U. 11. Alllteolotrunr. J enkn tarou
RI. I.OIAS-I.a hbd, lobar,. I bx mat. W.
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The South ;Caroling' and ther • Southern pa
pers still keep up the ..1c 'on on the proposed
secession ;of our little aide from that Union
which has mainly Mail hei what 'she: is. We
confess that we do not tlii4 the probability
even if we were to admit thSposeibliity.—of that
event so grunt as to' justify . the 'wasting of to
much time, temper, paper and printer's ink over,
it. Nevertheless, the moment going on among
some of the citizens or the Palmetto grate, And
the discussion thereupon, are parts of the cur
rent. history of our country; • and shCald not,
therefore, be entirely overlooked by.thejournal-
Mt. We think, we see signs of returning reason,
even among men whom the lab; Mr. Calhoun so
thoroughly ineentated with secession 'sires.—
Some able men have come; up to the - rescue of
their ;misguided, brethren, and the Charleston
Courier, in its editorial columns and by ;the aid
of its calmly-reasoning, truth-speakini corres
pondent, " Cineinnatus," is doing mulch to sub
due the fever of the folly which has so exten
sively prevailed. While these gentlemen and
Others have the field, On change the metaphor)
we need not eater the lint as combatants; it will
suffice that we survey -the ground, estimate the
numbers and strength of the contendingwartica,
the quality of their some and munitions-of war,
lad report to our readers the present atate of
the contest , • , - .
It is impossible to underitand who composed ,
the late convention at Charleston. 'lt'll] be re- ;
membered that its title was "The Convention of
Southern Rights Association's" In plain lan
guage it was a gathering or the same men who
have long been laboring, in minor associations,
aftera notoriety. It was not a convention or '
the people; not even a convention commencing
de novo the discussion of the policy or impolicy
of secession soil embracing a free, unfettered
representation on both sides. It wee but sterner
gathering of the parties who have &anima) to
speak for the people, but whose authority for
thus imeaking is open to very greatsuspiciou.
In fact, the late convention may be considered
in; mach the same light as would a withering of
the various Democratic dabs in this city, should
they profess to represent the people of New York.
It Is perhaps difficult to arrive at skint condu-
Sian as to what the majority of the people of
South Carolina think and say upon this subject,
and bow they would rote, should they ever be
required to decide the matter at the ballot box.
Gentlemen who are somewhat acquainted with
public opinion there, assert that the eargerneas
of which we hear so much in profession, is in
reality felt but bji very few, and they men "elm
could not otherwise rise to notice.
We have more than once treated this whole
matter almost with contempt and really the idea
of South Carolina either peacefully or violently
seceding from the Union, does appear toes so
extremely absurd that we have great difficulty
in treating it grathly. An esteemed friend from
Charleston the other day, however, seemed to
think that we made too light of the matter, but
even he shrugged his shoclders and was mote
when we asked him what South ;Carolina would
do if left alone in her secession, as to all ap
pearance she surely wOuld be- - Not &single
"companion in iniquity" can she find to aid her
in ehinting herself out from the benefits of the
Union. In vain has she besought some ; sister
snide to step aside with her into the ideal '"hap
py valley" of isolated independence, The honor
of atcompanying her into solitude has been re
spectfully declined all round; not one hall been
willing to snap the ties that bind her to the en
tire confederacy for the sake of merely being the
companion of so petulent and self-willed asister
as the Palmetto state. The Union says to each.
'Stay thou with us and we will do thee good;"
while the most powerful motive that South Car
olina.presents is, "Deny thyself and come.with
me, for I tun angry and will etay no longet-.."
Until the latter can propose better terms, she will
offer her invitation in vain.
Several presses, the South Carolina Senator,
(Mr- Butles,) and other gentlemen have treated
the whole subject with gravity, and when thine
treated the arguments are roost conclusive against
the readhiiity of any secession. First, how is
South Carolina to get out of the Union? , She
cannot, single banded, fight her way out; and as
yet, although she has made noise enofigh, has or
dered arms, and done other marvellous things,
neither Oceania, nor .Virginia, nor her twin sta.;
ter, North Carolina, nor any other state, has
shown the least inclination to fight with her or
for her. And, truth to say the people of the
other Southern States grow cool and unsympa
titian% in proportion as South Carolina gets warm
and excited.. When she, as 'Cinch:maths' justly
says, Minder the premise off wils which bears 1
, on all these statesedOze„:_is preparing bi go' Wit '
of the Union; when money has been voted, taxes
imposed, and fends raised to meet the emergen
cy; when warlike implements and ninnitions are
being purchased; when everything on our pare
denotes earnestness in the cause,-110l anattler'
state mores offoyee—not a dollar is voted Cr, rats.
oil, not a gun purchased, not a pound of ammo.
ninon procured.'
.. _
t 02.31,5 141,, 91,V7 2 bags
All of which has the force of truth. Noir it
is evident then that South Carolina cannot get
out of the Union by force; we all know that she
cannot get out by consent:of the otherstates.
But suppose she could, what then would she do.
Again •Cincinnatus' shall tell hie wholesome
The black population of South Carolina would
require about $5 worth of dutiable articles •for
each person per annum, and the Whiles about $lO
making a value of about Ore millions of dollars
for the importing commerce of the state as an
independent nation. A duty of 10 percent
would furnish: a revenue, for maintaining a gov
ernment of $500,000. Suppose re double the
amount, and say that the importations would be
ten milliona—.though. the whole produce of the
state could not pay for it, in addition. to paying
for its home supplies—we should then obtain
one million of dollars from commerce, to sw.
min the republic. What will be the positive
and unavoidable necessities of the government.
Foreigh commerce cannot be sustained .without
proper commercial arrangements, nor can na
tional honor, in this day, be maintained without
Tho flag of a government must he known, not
only by its color and crest or device, but by that
prestige 'which recognized strength , alone can
give. These are truths so well understood, that
a mere allusion to them is sufficient for our pur
pose. South Carolina, then, must place herself
in a situation for may and every emergency.--
How far will one million of dollars , go in this di
rection! The salary of President, Vice Presi
dent, and Secretaries—the pay of members of
Congress—the outfit and compensation of For
eign hOnisteri—the support of a very small navy
and a little army, just to defend our harbors and
•protect our frontiers from the excursions of our
'slaves; not to speak of building shins of war,
forts and magazines, custom houses and mints,
would soon exhaust all duties collected, and
would force government to lay a heavy tax on
plantations, farms, and slaves—a tax to which
the little addition. this year upon hum year's, to
pay the $300,000 for arms, is but as the drop in
the bucket
Commerce cannot be burthened beyond a cer
tain extent and flourish; consequently, after a
reasonable stun has been rased by duties, the
balance of money necessary to carry on govern
client meat be obtained by direct taxation upon
the home industry of the people. How large n
load will the people of thiastate bear! Bitter
complaints have been made against the small
tax required for the $300,000 appropriated last
Fall. What will•be the result, when the wants
of government impose a tax of one, two or 'three
millions of dollars each year! Do not be deceived
by plausable theories about a cheap government,-
nor be nbasheil by sneers about dollars and
cents. Meet the case manfully, honestly,• and
as becomes intelligent men, and if you are con
vinced that the secession of South Carolina will
protect your Institutions, then do not hesitate to
meet any and every demand that may be made.
But are you thus convinced ! Every effort has
been made, and may be again, to Induce you to
believe that all these plain, practical, and com
mon sense notiOns, spring from a - sordid heart—
and should never have weight as compared with
Southern interests.
True, they should not. But are secession
doctrines Southern interests? Are they not on
the other hand, regarded by every slave State
at this moment as antagonistic to the Soathern
interests! Keep, therefore, steadily in mind the
fact that the South Carolina secession and Son*
ern rights are two extremely different things;
and while for the latter we will sacrifice "dollars
and cents," houses and lands—ayelife itself if
necessary —when detrianded by the 'great voice of
united slave bolding people, we are'_disposrd
to examine with a cricked' eye, the dm:fiends
made upon us in behalf of any quixotic move
ment, that may involve thelame esecrifice, with
out the slightest advantage to the cause we
would protect. We have sees, that ander an In
dependent.Govemment. the commerce of &pith
Carolina would be cut down to the mere Sup.
;plies for her own wants, end that the - expenses
of the nation moat of necessity be defrayed by
direct taxation. As sad de Min Wilton rezeb
el s point so as to make: !tensible difference
between a planter& expense In South.Cartilina,
Geortgia, Alabluxus,,Florida and Texes,lhe
Ilea planter- could- not compete with those
other. etates,.whe raised cotton orany othercrop
Lay these burdens on the Carolina. plaMer;
and the result will be manifest. He will fitlih.-
draw hie negro,* to. place* where be as Meet
his competitors: on-:nammon - mod. , An addl.
tional tax of 2 per : tent, upon stare property; ea
Prom the N.. Tart ClatatherciaL
sustain South Carolina as an indepeodcednitio ti ,„.
would depopulate her of her negrece. This
would be sustaining the institution in. one Slate;
with a vengeance. Such protection to oar rights
—such extension of the area of slavery - -Ytich,
progress in prosperity as this, 'good . Lord do,
liver no" from. We have greet difficulty notein
keeping our slaves at home, not, because they
ran away, or beam:lse abolitioniMs ham reached
them, but because their masters hare gone off
with them. Look- at the relative bterease of ne
gro population In the cotton states,: and where db
you find Soutr &worms? How often dove hear
that such and :such a planter has „ invested his
surplus' in Alabama lands and luta moved part
of hils force there, and this will bemme more
evident as kottitet sinks to its mialmein minet
the'egrieultural interests of the State be
benetitted by laying upon It still greater Ukul
eles f If South Carolina held a monopoly of
cotton, there is not a question, that she could con
trol the world to a great degree. Bnt enfortiw
nately for the successful issue of state secession,
ehe doce not' influence cotton to, the extent of a
perceptible vibration. On the contrary, if every
plantation should be abandoned, and every slave
placed in Alabama or Texas, the ; cotton crop
would be increased by just about as many bales
as we now make. South .Caroline i ara grams
merit, might exist under nob. a condition, but
her people as individuals would be extending the
area of slivery practicallyl by, filling up the Ms-
Meuse sections of Texas, and forming , new slave
'states out of rich and fertile territory now under
'slave law. 6
; There is yet another view of the• commercial.
prospect of South Carolina, as an independent
power, which hos been very well' pot by . the,
Philadelphia Inquirer.
' The Hon. Mr. Bhett, in the course of his cal- ,
ebrated Charleston speech, took thee ground that
should South Carolina proclaim herself out of
the Union, she could form a treaty with any ror--
eign power, and make a tariff boned. mainly up
on free trade principles. lie thus endeavored to,
convey the impresiloa, that the policy of t- •omes
Ilion would enable South Carolina to become rich, •
through her great commercial facilities..
ISOGDIB never to hove occurred to these hot-head
ed leaders, that no foreign stato which. isalready
bound by treaty obligations to the Ificited States,
'could, with arty sense of propriety, make a trea
ty with Beath Carolina alone I - '
'This State, it should be remembered, is al.
ready bard with existing treaties with the. UM.
ted States. lint let us suppose for a moment
that South Carolinsactually had the right, after
secession, to Make a treaty with the foreign pow
ers of the world. Is it at all probable that those
potters, or any of them, would prefer an emits,
ble commercial arrangement with a single state,
.to one with the whole United 'States?' Would
they, in common some, be at all likely to enter
into any such stifiulation with - South Carolina?
Certainly not. They would not, fora moment,
entertains" proposition that would give each well
grounded offence to the American Unfon. They
would never, abandon our wide Mid extensive
commerce for the insignificant trade, compara
tively speaking, of a single state, and that state
in open rebellion. 'We throw or* this hintto
our misgaid - ed brethren in no unkind spirit, but
inasmuch as the practical rerlts of secessiouare
begimOng to excite attention,it is well enough
ta examine the whole grofind. '
Now,' we believe inthe power of sober, second .
thought, even is South Carolina; and while the
press is giving circulation to such sober practical
views as these, we do not fear the advance and
ultimate triumph of runciptinciplm. They.are .
already gaining the mastery in all other states
of the Unionly, wo may safely assert, bin
gained themastery- , -Mad South Carolina - his nq
alternative but to continue "postponing" the diy ,
of secession, nudes quietly as possible let bee ,
self down from the ridiculous .attitude she has
assumed. In eny event; however, she will be
shorn of her pretensions, which probably will be
gratifying to every oder state of the Union, •
From the N. F.?Tribine.
Lvenza PROM LADY nuarxxiN.
We are permitted to copy the following letter
from Lady Jane Franklin, recently received by
Henry Grinnell, Esq. As illcustrating in some de,
gree the energy and resolution of that heroic wo-
man, it be of interest to our reodera
• 21 BEDFORD -mach, M4y 2 1861.
Mr Due Ma GEMMEL: I w ri te fn.:2l;ml haste,
having barely time to acknowledge your kind
letter and to enclose to you these extracts from
the newspapers, which will prose to you the dis
appointment we have experienced respecting rim
steamer. Two or three months ago it was aB
settled, The Desperate, of no tess.than 400
horse power, was fixed upon ; kcal tbe command
offered-to Capt. M'Mtirdo, one of Boss's best of
ficers in the Antarctic, and previously in' the
Terror with Back, but whose health last year ' on
his.retarmriom Africa, did not enable him toac-
cept a command in Captain Austin's expedition.
We were so sure of the steamer that no mesas
were taken tot:irons° or prompt the Administra
tion to the execution of tide step, when . sudden
ly an alarm was sounded, and Elrßehert Inglis's
question in the House, at an unlucky moment,
when the forms of the House forhade his reply '
and the Governmeni had it all their own way,.
only Precipitated, as it would seem, the.conelu-
.• . • •
mien. Now, iro mast look to your Congress', not
for one steamer only, tut for two—but nt any
rate for one. Our Gorerr.ment will probablynend.
one wt year, but it be to aid or communicate
with Captain Austin from the East. Yours
should boio relieve and cut throngliobstacles to
the ships from the westward, mad in this number
anent but believe year two little sturdy emelt;
will be foremost. 1 do not think there is any
ehip,that is taking a high northerly course
north of NlelhOle Island, and in starting from.
Behring's Straits perhaps nothing but a powerfa,
steamer could attempt it. That is the way to go.
Yon will be sorry to hear that we have very "
recent advices from Capt. Pullen, :dated "Fort .
Simpson, in October last, on tie - way homis,-or
rather to bis yinter qaarters,.lar advanced homeir
weed, having entirely failed in his endearore
get frem Cape Bathurst (east-of the Mackeriti9
to Banks Land- lie scarcely attained even Cape
Bathurst, owing to the obstacles froxque, and his
boat (built on the Makit' Lee) was a bad one,
his provisions, it would appear, none of thebest.-
This Ma grievous disappointment to ne—it has
not yet appeared in:our newspapers, but Pun
ten's letter, an extremely long one, will doubtless -
be published in some supltmentary Arctic. pa
pers. In the meantime, I will, if possible, give..
you some details, or a copy of his letter to me,
which, however, is abort and meagre.
I had a kind and interesting letter from Judge
Kane, a week ago, and pill, if possible, send him
few lines of acknowledgement by post to-day',
Your newspapers and Mrs. 31. llama's letter .
have arrived safe, and will be taken by t.t . e.
"Prince Albert," which is still in dock at Abery
deep, our new Ice-master having discovered that
both her main and fore masts aro sprung and one
or more yards. This is the consequence, I sup
pose, of the 'splendid run home' of which we have
heard so much. The Admirals havii....-grven me
pemmican (made in the BOYarrarlii},alll,CoCo7ll,
the latter in consequence of the ' , meet sailing
under cold water colers—is not that the phrase--.
for teetotalism! It is 11r. Kennedy's Wish so to
do. Ido not think the Prince Albert can be off
till the 15th. 1 trust you ore aiming to England,
I shall come from the extremity of " . ..Scritleral to
meet you, unless you will join me thoret •
Jane Plummer.
, .
A Monica's Woas.—A friend i 4 sent Ste a
late address of Governor Briggs, delivered at
Providence, from which we clip the following„ an
the subject of female influence. It is s pleasing
incident and pleastuttly told:
•• It is delightful to mo toulwaye meet; cdtuch:
occasions as this, so many females. IViterever
women go you may look for something good, to
whatever they give their cocumenance and support
you may depend upon it that success is to be
looked for. Whenever they give their support to
institutions of this kind, by coming out and listen.. '
ing to lectures, by giving theiftsid, their sup
port, their example and, their presence, it argues
favorably for the came. Now, feet pie tell you,
my female friends, that you have a greater part
to perform in this business of educating children,
than anybody else. I remember, twelve or ftf
teen yearmago,
while, at !mine for the
I left Washington three or four
fi w rs ee t ks ti d tr I S po th s e sess " ed g m ; yself of the !Ater!! of
Mr. Adams' mother; and read them with eiceed.
ing interest. I remember an expression in one
of the letters addressed to her son, while yet a
boy, inEuro p e; says 'she. .Iwould rather see
you laid in your grave. titan that you ahoald
grow up a profane and graceless boy.' , After 1.:..
returned to 'Washington I went over to Mr. Adente, •
test one day, and said Adams, 1 lutes
found out who made yen!' `What do-youtittin
said be. I said— , I have been reading the let , .
tars of your mother.' If had named thitedear
name to some little boy, who had been; week ! .. ,
away from his dear mother, his eye couldnot
have flashed more brightly, or his . raeo.'ee'red",
More quickly, thin did the eye and taits'of that
venerable old men: when I 'renounced the tome"
of his mother.' He started up, in his pectiller - ‘
rammer, and Yes, 31r. Briggs,. all detail
good in roe I Owe to' toy mother.' .Oh. whet a.;
testimony was that from this venerable old .
to his mother, - who had in his remembrance - all ".
the scenes of, his manhood! ..nll that is toed'
In tie I ore to my, moilier P- Mothers; Mink Cr
this wheix your bright-eyed little obeat4"%
rut Mothers make the first impression upon .
the salads their children, and * 66 "Pf,Te,
slots) will be the last to be effiseed."'' ~