The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, May 31, 1851, Image 1

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D. X. ward_ allamingiort.
ors= a *®ecaiar , sxst Ima nm roar MICR
DAILY-3even dollen periannunt, paynble half party:
itne Douala If_ veld adteses.
. WKEKLY—Two dollen, term em, let advance.
in be supplbet cm the Iblbo
,eiat bobaltk.t. —
- • Tau =vies do 13 00
Tirtedy copleo do 1 0013)
Tbe paelreL for each Club to be addreand to ma tenon,
sal to tm f atd Immutably In drum. Not:lob Yews wil t
be nut a the ye. expired, 00103 the money tt net toe
one &mare Oci 7000P0re11 or lea)
ono inoettlon .. 0 SO
Da. i;;;;;i1.3-... 0 2.%
no DO . row 1 00
- D Do. O. three 00 i ,
tooloo months la 00
'Standing Cad., a linos or less, per ammura.Ss 00
Ottolsollar for each wtlltional hoe. • _ •
thw 140 , 10 b. chatambla 01 plmoure (per on.;
• —um) collard, of the poper--._.---73
For y et.ddn alumni, inserted now ono month, ant
Sir each additional square haertrat undo 'the reurly room.
half poke.
Advertlametita itsi.ring a Mame, aai not oar Sitcon
ham to be &argot Noon, and a half. 1
Vabllehere not somuntablo letal alrortturtilena be
' Food the MoriOntßurred tor their publlation.
toridirioloi fur ofllre. to te ehaand the aura
as other ailvertactoOrds. , ,
'Adrerlitemento boamarked on the to for a arodfled
mamba. of luartioroe,al.ll hr corithaool till foraMand par
-moat cructutwooadloilr.
Tberrirfloper of stennotadratiotre a Aridly linked to
/1 their own iMIL10:113. trWilltll,lo3d artarthiemento for
11 the benefit of other ferrormlowell orlartisemonto riot
ilauttedinaly couronol with their own lomiato, and all
1 olawes of adVertioraeura. la length or otherwise. beyond
the limits elitarn, .111 he elimorl ot tho usual rate. For
t alleach transient ulrertieine. lalls l 0 to mantel/
• endirmedi and promPt.loo...oo it dr...4-
.-- 'All adrertlaments Pr charitable hurritutiono. Ot. ran
towrohip, arol atm o Mihim Ma 14 .44 aol
amp e, to bo ebartet half pow, unable Manly In ad
. Slartispo braless to bort/wird 50 oat..
Death bottwu tnorrtol altbout Large, unless ormatolm
/'. idol by funeral' turitatier.s or obituary lane., atal when
ocisoorraned to 1 roil for.
adrortiorr, ito.l all others oroling communlew
s rooming rine.. r1,31g902d rn all ottoman to
Salm Soirees. Conotto orany public. ratortalantonta,
whoa ohm, are bade for al onono-otli nohow of pa.
veto aramations—evory uotice deriraol to all attanhort to
Dante tate:pat,. ealuulatial or inteoded protnoto
Marta. onlr lawrtel wilh the understat
ing that the room colum n .palt foe. willmiel to be In
outwit la tho lima! the atm. t o &ago! at the
tats of not low than 10 .rota per line.
Memo or Air- Notion to be chartist triple yrtx
Tavern Lame Petitions (2 oar, ,
1 11,1
0/070 0 04 Aren.A . ,aud Auctluloare adrerdremento net
0 000 thf tr!l r o toji i rg i a le allo.imm r.
ad • t
not 00 girl. •
warm - 00 raturtrar to tun, Wpm
One Square, throe 1115n11011... .... .....
Do. 1, out add:natal hasertioa...-....... ;17
bramaresa - rs to (attar tans.
.• • Ono latiato,
a r t, lat) quo inart00..........59 Costa
• oddlotraal cogs..
• - AU tanaord ad rertlonaierds to he la talromec.
itorney at an', ourth
strut. nen the Meyer'. 011Ite, iittebeirsh, COV
• •as uncurled to promptly. royittbaly
. .Ost• of Rgion.owA, ra.) (Late of India.. P. 3.•
: • LaPHANT TAYLOR, - Attorneys at
Latta-018ra on F atraat. N 0.6215, between Wood
tthfiald et,ata, Pittalatm.h. Pa.
Q.' D. Oliabaot LA exatanlarloaer for the Etata of
:111C!..3 A. a ~ ~ . . ....... 11,COLLIIIL
Gt lihNiN7i COLLIER, Attorneys at Law.
t„7 Moo oci Fourth 'Uwe. above &Made' Id. . '
T. IV. F. WHITE, Attorney at Law-01-
t 4. 4 :;. g antttrve t, nes; iFt Art.. 1744511.1.
.11A:RRIKW SEWELL, Attorney at Law,
out fi4r taking Deporitkma. Ark
: 4.lol4evaene of ' , red!, e.. Anita.—Entirtli above
Ilh 11.1 A: .N,l/...T
'. 6 G. ' l lA', Atter
• n.y, et Law and Real Estate Adantn. No. Ica dtb
- • .•MV
KU.I4N, Attorney at Law, office,
In Tllamsailf.n. corner a Grant otrcet sad Dbanoad
A r m rittnoirgh. ja15417
ILLNCIS C. FLANEGIN, Attorney at Law,
No. 170 Fourth street, Pittsburgh.
Q mss
. - ..
WATM: . Itto — r 4rx'. noye g. arraw
N0..110 Fourth invet. Pi ak
cck—Alesaader a D a rn soma.
M. Marxism k B i EN.; Der
cousaaua (ka..15% JuL-son.Pittabrrn.4l7
DWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Law:
&an a Tonrill 01,rect, between Rohl and Ender.
I - ASPERf E. BRADY, '.Atiorney at Law,
tr. Na 89 FM street, Pittaborg6;Pa.
- . TIANKEES AND 8.4 . 01.
Eoltag - - trAlmaux 4- - ea; ' irgilAcrf
0r.,,,.. boat door to the 8.133 k of Pitub . a+
'D"r eare m rall i' y E •L 'b lenl7l. *• to. Cth :o.ll.l ,,,l ptemda k Not..4 rataltted l'''' :o 4
any part of Um ninon:
.. wit - Lam s - 00,, P l anters
. tzeltargn rolei . s;Norlii Dot venter ortVotel
greets, l'lttsbunt.e
transactions me.te on fibers. 1 terms. and eerie*.
:psommtly attended te. malt'
A.D. KING, Bauktir and Exchange Broker,
Te.hatil ehlat. Dealer In haat Note. Dills of Ex
. 0014 rill., Stock* bought and .1;1.
• ; The blebert market prim paid 10 prairdhat for American
Bair Dollars. alai alexlma and Spantah Dollars, fa Jac
f ands )a.4
VE/Di. LARDIER, .TR., Banker and Broker,
Y ithatreet. N 0.66, adjoining tbe Dank aPittsburgh.
& CO, Exchange 'Brokers,
Soot Kurt Corner of 211.1.1 and .11Ar4eteseett. All
on. at snort liberol sates.
ex...ia1..24E .!...- SON , Dealers in Foreir
' past Mitig . ..l f .L .7Yi."631i....-% 1 4.,' 5 ti./gt::
=b..— lego..ngsecuseg. made su all tbe hrthoths) tithe
thrbistiout the Lthitc.l Stat.s.
M - 74hsa MAIM
KRAMER '.er . KAMM. .Bankers - and Ez
chwthe Ember.: besh.. In Vcreibtk and D0....k.
i of Ithehatthe, o,tif,cate. or INldite,, Bank Nato , -
001 th: corner of Thhd a n d WO,l etreets. threetlr matte
the St. lattlow Rota
JJ 'CAROTHERS A, CO., Banking, House,
redo D
M i tt gtie j e , t li l o iLtsburf:h ou CT i irarti . )A
'hides el the gated State,
a. amp.] ' •
DAM!) IRVIN, .Conunismon Merchants
ant Bin ltrotelot. N 0.114 Scowl ettect Peroottal
I E.t.a< 'o.varitet Irmo 1100 to SlO.OOO alro7l on band
• .1111,131•1, C. OAST.
NALMER, HANNA 4:• CO., Siicoossoro to
Ildnad d CO.. BASICIZZ, Exceodd Bunn;
&Cm Foridu •nd Idelvtte rxehan Certlfectdm
4t. w't
'OO higetzt prrdlinm paid for FOI•LiE. ono dmrsienn
ddidneos made mufnzelp•Lurmrts of Protaa, slapped eAst.
on Ilberdl tams. •
Ef W. TAYLOR, Commiasiuner and Bill
proarr, 112 Second greet. Rtrlct attend. •111 be
green to all hominess rotrudrd to his eon. Ilttaborgb
Adactrsctored articles phrase on hand or procured el short
M'f °t Ntr` °, t't uclPditcal'Ottjarct.
terra. ' slincos mcdo. lotoOlral.
D . C. - STOCKTON. Into Johnston t Stock
xit• 400, [hinter. =3 Moder. cc
-aer of 'Sfarket and IrEriri Pittebnerh.
'ArAS. IL HOLMES' dielipLiterary Depot,
Third ftww4 .11.41e . the DILE, New Boob rw
th. " l4 l = ran:V . ::=1•1 1 1Z1Vt IVArd.";;;I
iewww view. •
let riorirais. and Stationer
No. 78 Fourth enes.t. Angalo
AVID BOWN, Ju., WholesaleandF.ecuil
Datar and C.fctir.orr. ad Fourth rtrret, Plastmrala
Wang . Cal Era, and Fancy aGatlanalT, slaw" au hand.
ardor, patetcall r attaalal to.
M'CLINTOCK, Manufacturerand
S VTB P * 2 4 ' .
.9 Wocd st. ituboron. aa
0011:111188Lali AM, FORWARDEIRL
RW POINDEXTER, corner of Water and
,0 Market ,trier:. Plttol.tiruh. CoulaUflo.
wourt..m' Harm ant for the inpsteLu. and We of Flour.
'•Wurtrril Prodori. Iron. G I so., and the tumufsetured
ailkin of Plttotorgb rt....r0i1, •
. Alt.—Agent for Me rule or 11. !form t Co.. and 1.1111.
ut, nod Ifor Yorks. ue POaedr , i 4
uod Jeutlno rupeoinr peeked Tr.. UP.,lf
4. .NcANULTY CO—Transporuirs,
11)._VorrarAln . ? and Commin.H.lnet liercbants.
B.n.sua frt Etjr`,..ll2 itt•brirth. Let.
- .7 and Colcioi Nerants, No. 01 'Water Knot.
\ i‘nil. H. JOHNSTON. Forwarding and
Cormaitsk. Nordiant; No. 112 Becoml amt.
IER tr. JONES, Forwarding and Cora
minion Merchants. Dealers In P1 . 9f11 ad
street. Di ib Mttsbanat setar elarrb.l article.. Canal bath, near &Tenth
TX. 1 . ..102r3.
.A -BOY, JONES Successors to At
- Ut= j o,Toli gdzrA7.l=rtzgrA t --
t urge. AL
ro: • Uoisip.lN: . ziot.l
C.. 1111/ CCM,
_fp De•lerr rayelyrk ., and Dr.2 l esti! Dry Good e. D:10 18 1
t Cod. Plttsburyb febl4.
a. LWOW, & rrrrascann..-..:c. L ,trarzyr •aA. w.
A. MASON it. CO. Wholesale and Retail
D.Sen La Vane,' sruCEtAple Dry Gmds. Cl 32arlAt
awl. Plasburgh. •
sod Detail Dry Goods griy.bartts, oareer of Four th
a Aar - art siesta. Pittsburg h .: i •
• A ViR517.....::.—.. .1..V11 , 11 . 17.3=110—.,....-L. 1. 11.131139.
jiERSEY, .FLEMING is. CO. Comminaion
pllorrliaarirror the said of Almost!, Wools?, sad
Vloode alsra dralrrs In all lards of Tailors' Team. ,
mb. o. VD WoNI rune:, door from !Mb. titts•
R. D. RUNT. Dentist , Corner of Fourth
,and Decatur at. I.4.lvsen inarket mod Foray atmeta,
1.2r26 •
W W. WILSON', Waiches.Jowcirv,.Silvcr
Unnd Mililof;utyl3i.llrosonS_ Laln tilbur, ,
n ~ `~~
Tnl: -1
t. A. FAHNESTOCK & CO., ' Wholesale
• Dr•oput•ro manufmtorees4f mit. Lari,_ll.l
b cralemarTe. comer Wood mot etrecte, Plm.
Dlr. IL E. [area. jjc c. town/.
USER .9c McDOWELL, (uocessors to
to Kerr 1 EtoroeL) WholonJe tott Beton Drug mat
pttoo Rom corner of Wood street and Virgin .llcy.
Pit/Llotatte prtectiptthes carefully onotpoonded alight .o 4
.1. awn
1 KDD & CO., Wholeangb ''''''''''
• ...qv .' In PADUA ,
.011 s, Dye &wits, mil - listen
. Mtatt o lf Leusee celebrated Wens Sed...7 t 4 — .s .
Lu limp: No. 60 eo
Vourth streets, Pittsburgh. Orden wll M euwfall) peep
wL sad br•rded with dispatch.
jo E. SELLERS, Wholesale Dealer in
r' ftg v o= h r.' a* " terd:
Priam lay.
N. WICKERSELA3I, Wholesale Druggist
71121M1UM04111.0t tint. j3
BRAUN & REITER IVholesale and Retail
Tannish. carper of Lllvrtf ad At. Chef eta, Pitts
SCHOONMA.KER & CO., Wholesale Diug
gins. No. Zi Woci et, Pittsburgh.
& F. WILSON, Wholesale Grocers and
I L. SIIEE, Wholesale Griver, Commission
Merclimit, mid dealer in Paper and Raga, corner of
Penn and Imo rtrednic Pittiborgh.
ccr. Produce end CesnmLesion Metchante, end Deal
ers to hltSelturrts Manufactured Ankh, thse.llo end IZ2
&coed street. hotelmen Wood and enathsem. PUtAbilMh.
JO➢tZ. .......... --MUT/IMAM.
JOHN S. DiLWOll7.'il & CO., Wholesale
Omen, 'lnn. and Cammission Merchants, end
, r4k t 4i fa tgr h. l; x urter Ide., of Ilatardville, Oman.. tin
r.rer. ecireitteire.)
Grocers arki Cniesits.lan Nerds:rule. tio.llG Ware
anti MI First weer. Pittebrirsh.
n UEY, MATTHEWS & CO., Wholesale
lv faisllt?for tOT' F .sllllV4l"ltlat'usrvb
.3 van num VMS..
OLIN WATT ST. CO., Wholeealo llrocors,
Comadra 3ferctuatrt, and De --r
Prod and
Ithumh mumfamaro., :C.5 Liberty stmet,
Nob. Pa.
I L. OANTIELD, late of Warren, Ohio,
eta Dealer In Western F lar gn gi, Atter,Pct eW
Paul Ash, and Western Produce gel:lemur. Water etre.,
bortween nmithdeld and Irmal, Ildsburnt,
S. WATMNIAN & SONS, IVholeaale•
[L. , ? i, r,....rp2itmledrat sad ForwarUhm Marchazde,
or Produce sad Pitaburzh blauuTectu.
Led h
=a4al ... =k , for the We . of Richmemi add
Tobacco, ot. 80 awl si tress
street, Pittebargb.
-1,0• Fate ‘ P Forwarding and Colundaeron
Deadota Pitraburgh Blanufartuww mat Wratcro
Pngt ace. No. 30., corner of Front Moot and Cbanoorr Lane,
40311tt =CCM
ISAIAH. DICKEY & CO. 'Wholesale Gm
4. 7, , ,ltt.m.n7' l }cr&r% r. frAtra.' P-d°-
gNGLISEI & BENNETT, late En lieh, g he r t Co, Oases, and
utting Mrchant. an" Dealer.; Produot nod Clue
burgh Itlanntlemzew No. 122 becend et. .ad 1= Ern eb,
It Waal and bnalthlield.
WM. tun. P1311112'..--0. 11.3/11103, PITSSIMILOR.
thLER k RICEIELSON,. Wholeaile
°mums, sad 'muumuuer Mum and
begun", Na V.. 11 earner of Liberty 10111 uthetts.
bu h, I Iron. ti,lli.CadA to, cr.d.Uudir
OHYLS —rum D. 1ec0.t.... -AULT. C. LOC.
'GIL .&
ROE, Wholesale Grocers and
Commlsslon 11.erebnat.., 2.17 Ltherty ntrDet,
ROBERT MOORE, Wholear4o Grocer,
eeeurrour 0 : 4 ,2 . to Predate, Plttzbargh
i.tb'ott77:&"Or d ott'COVl'
= d o i r o zwor 4. 4% .!looer,c..heo. Wlllakry.„
CO., Wholesale
Grxenakusmitelost 51arettants, deklers Proince
and 11134bursh Ibumfactsucs.. 213 Lth.TY area;
Orccer, Pradua,Fonrcedlng. and Caccual &lan ,
tibekr 4 Due'pljr in r . t-1)
W3f. WALLEY CO., Wholesale Gro•
IR end 23 Wood are,. littaburgb.
~,u „ ,„ to
WICK & 31cCANDIa..a..,
i -C4ll
t. J. D. ma..
" 11_.mtntti,entra.turz.
corm: r wc..l mei Rotor
Grocers and Cando.lss=lts, Dealers In Pro.
Pl bu ttabrkh Slag . Away 196 Merry
Pitle rn
D. WILLIAM .t CO., Wholesale and
E.t.a f aridly Orreera Earwardiad aod Capraleast
arcbanta awl Dealers la Country Prreasse aad Pittabarsh
Warta's.n, assaar of Wood nod Fifth on., Pittsburgh.
nrscrsara. urna.......saan- aasursca.
üb.rty Pirtsburrh. Wholesale Groans. Prce
Des sad Crearrasiou MereJsaats, and dealers in liittsitivrnii
- .
Jonx IMO=
R. FLOYD, Wholesale Grocers, Com" tv.trlprb:,;!°,l7odiu.l - 2`.`...L";11
street.. Pitiebur.h. Ps.
JOIIN PARKER & CO., Wholesale Grocers.:
Dealers In Pronlwe. Foreign Winos, Ulmer. 014 Mon
ona-41iPa andlus Rectilled b. Whlsksy—Ns. 5, C 0.,,, ,nesdal
JOHN H. 1111LLOR, Dealer in Piano Fortes,
3limk. not :kbuical lcutrumellts. &I a.! atvl
Matiotme, riot, 41. - Tat tor Clmteriag i It.. Fonts, In,
Westxrn Penasityama—No. 81 Wood FL
ENRY KLEBER,. Dealer in Music, Mu•
liartrumcnut and importer of Italian Siam.
agent for Nonni: k nrand and square Pi....
with Colenisn'e -toleth Attachment Alto. far Madame.
Evillyayi vi:43:Ej
H. mita, ragnufarturn and keep tnlant..aptir on band all
yr.:^J.Z46lllt4l4,=.V.VlwaS l n=
NOR sad Barrel Nail:. Copper 0.1 %Jae
elo l' r> Falls: Path= liken , Points. agsort.t.lltalr,
" TlTili;
hENNEDY, MILOS & CO., Manufactu
rer. ot rex* superior . 4-4 Eheetiug. Carpet Chain.
, Tatou and Caning. Penn Mill. Pittsburgh.
MAC J0N121.-- JO. 7. 1 Mt.
-JONES & ifjoillei - G, .Mannfacturent of Spring
mid Mister ht.'. Plough Stset,diteel Plough Maw,
Loath sad Eliptio baring& Ilaromerod Inns Asbse. ind
dealers it M ale Castings, lire Cuero Luta., and
Coach Trimmings graerally. corner or am andPrs.t M.,
.., ..
Pittsburgh. Pa.
ca. Barry A' Co., Manta'seta:err of &d. Mb. Bleach
No. 12 Water
e., Hariatte and Ferry. Sulphuric, Adds. W o rehmec
W.. below
WALTER P. MARSHALL, Successor to
Eamoel C. UM—lmporter and Dealer In Preneb
and Amertears Paper Mowing, end Wftwirmt
thadeta-ins Baswgi•rlnte, rm. Aim—Wridatt. Prlnitad•
and Wrapping Paper, No. KS Wood street, betweew hand,
and Diamond alter. Pittrburgh.
OBERT MORRIS, Tea and Wine Mer
ebiuth East side of the Mum:4, Pittsburgh.
M. A. M'CLURO Sr. CO., Grocera and
Ten bales, '2.5G Liberty 'lnlet, stole Wont
ninny. on bn.W s luxe onantonent of Choice flinch
ed Fine Tea, Abn—foreirn Prune sal fiuts,lfhole
and retell. peelers eurpliol on am Innen tern.
OLIN A. CAUGHEY, Agent for the Like
ntb ind fdlehlaan Line. to Beaver and the Lana—.
. on the corner of Water noel ernithaeld rte.
LEECH. & CO., Tranaportera by Canal
and Forwanlior liferthants, amaer of Pews strept
tbe Gaul
A. BROWN would most respectfully infonn
the public thette hr.:lnca hand nth if stand oh thi vitt
rideef the Naomi % Allegtemhtry, desolate weeetteeet
or Weald= blind, al , * Veriltiau Shutters eremite to order
la the beet rtrie. warranted equal to any iu the United
Statesll4l Rhode eau he ntraiwed without the old of
oclew driver. Oaring porclused the stock. tooln, widened
of the cabinet eetablishuserst Iteriusy Ml:Chita:et lam
."" aa the
Awev i i..7l. 5 ith 4* groat. rattabargh.
musksbests. —Residonee, onaerot Third street stsl Esst
N. E1. , --Litne, Ea.!. Mortar. Lath. Se., for nalc
ADAM 11AltDIE, Veterinary Surgeon, late
Pent tiiiiiburivh, heolimil, would reeteed.fnilT er ,
eitiaint the ontlin that be L. MIZILIETIMA towhee the
above Georee4oni and, itorvfol attention to Whatever It
CATUIItd to Lim. he Li.pie to Joi e tatiafertion.
In conn,tion trial Joni, evil, Ilona Ithuetug and
Blaokenlithini: aiiiieral will he tarried on. at the antler
of Tunnel 'treat and l'emneylvistiis Avenue.
E IVuor.. 144tps and
Coonalnolon Menlintx nonerionn
n Goods, new 121 Liberty ~. I'innburnll.
Q & W. lIARBAIJ6II, - Wo;l)lerchnntn;
Drcen f r l'o awl Prvlnry qtnersllr. mud Yor
wanllng Ind Connair4,,n slrrrbanly, An. Virnt grret,
am 115 Second klavel. I`..burab.
EVILLE JOHNSON. Engmrdr on Wood
Philo flail, (third gory.) Pitlanntan. PL.—N . Yaa of
:o 51 L ,I j Innnr. flood.
calm", !ln, Yentalenteces,
Lan/ r.m., 41,1 a In Nab for 1./Prbiono.
ciallos.andaa,ayall/nn Cotten the ant atria
of art and LI the lon eat prt,na.
" ErtallLvh me Lit, Thlrl mot. opprwire tbn 1,51.
011, Pnrtrattr.l 4 l36 , • h1;14
Drat , . Are l / I , ,tiral and 31adanot
Draninrg. bvineos ear.l VirttinA Card, an. en - ann.:Ll nr
&yr. ,np tow, tat prinbd In mini, Unit, Lronan.
Black. to tllo apyrared stsl...tnl 41 tbrt inner mein.H.
able ptisoll. inn.9:l7
iioral sheet.. .44507AN,C0., Imrte
- WILSON & COpors and
Wholesale Dreier, Is Wardle., sad Cutlery. No. 129
gd: o . nvutuf.
7; of vAlcintnu. leVtBl:AZAM°°us3?u
thee. desirous of havitig earl. work d ' en ' el Is i tib r e m y
prepared to do it at the /sweet posallile rotes, at the ebort
getez4ll4td„artgo&nzra., at their establishfuent.
Twee !roux the Mark Smith sad gra Flir ' =:Xa r t i l ' u- '
fartured at the ebortest notice, and at the lowest Priers--
All Mode of Jobbiter done on short police.
Gas Fisti ng.
-t ,- • Ymnt thrut. between Wood and
.l-7-'‘.7 blarket.Pittehuruh.l.,
' -..../ Would Invite the public to their
O .netertment et
Chandeher, Pendant, Brocke!,
1.. - l ee - r ~. he-, ne.
ant - urn rteuared to nee
,17_ 04 , 2 , h'It_tlun nu thu tm eh:rtert .,if nee.
Wegner, Buechner t Mueller's
THE ABOVE FIRM respectfully announce
to their feta:ads and the public generall that the
an, prepared to execute, to the drat styli, of the y.
ir art, all
orders for trhoar Cards, Bahl, Diplom.% Cheek 4 Vlaltrug
nod Prof...P:llM Catels.. l llapa.Chartr. Labels. ac.
Their establishment he at ho. MS Market street, Indnano
Third and Fourth streets, op stain, Inch/elf
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
SAS. aeon. e. P. man r. JONVI P. a. PAPPASe.
SUBSCRIBERS, having been pp
, 3. pointed Agents Ihr the above Pll/13Pti courant. will
r;Pß Z l •Vt i tl r, grrt‘' '' C ' it:l " .Vl "th et Ile ' .;Pill ' a ' an ' l j rlVriTts r .
They are also prepared to reivive ordern for Erica, to
be maalis purelianers. stileti Anti
be promptly 611..1.
We do pot theta it rovea...ary to enumerate the many a•l• r,V .V.` b .L rtJtf
rlnlet tieingll Ronan to alroxii.t all parson, oho
Fire brick. Th e proprietors have determined that the
brisk *hall trve none of their prevent ennable reputatlon,
and that no expense Anil be roared to mate them eren
letter than , they have heretofore been. I, the eel ;
eiitabllohment not manuMetntinglt r itinnler.o.
rach: Canal Seventh nt.,Pirbhorah.
Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
.THE undersigned have just completed their
.d are nowteeturths all Fi:CS or Ond PIPE. L.
•thotire and other mann Flue,. and all Ora , or
• .
bleb then Offer for tale at the lowan prices. Thor ar.
.ow prepared to execute order,, to aro extent, without
or. SPADOI t CO„
Ife.:01 owl Water anat.
I TL , tri , :t , f,..
NICHOLAS VIVIAN, Civil Engineer,
Draughtemonri, sad Prartioal Mining Agora. %1..
ight. of Modolo for the Paton,. Oftlert. rM ht
[wry for ]hues, Water 'Works, Rolling SM., Nip"
13 A. MADEIRA. Agent for Delateuro
tnal F 4 frt - T GYurpsny, 4 %Tater drect.
^ • -- -
1 GARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
nr , COIMPanr. north ress peruse of Wond'
and Third streets.
lATM. GLENN, Boos BINDER, Wood street,
V second door from the comer of d lhlrd. where, he Is
171? nnrl t b o i i or,o r&it vy - ip Pattern, ' n " t;
bottad .abdantl•Or. Ike es lo ootote es,, or ow burs
honed earcrully, or rtrEalrol N setts out ort to gilt letters
Three Oho hat e blteUtsp tre herlted to fall. Pelee. lose
rag Or
M'CORD & CO., Wbolesale and Retail
Meneff.. - trzrris, aocl Dealer, In Ilara;Carr and Purr.
arm, a Wuxi .4 rtrwrts, Pittrborsell. lr tuna th^Y
offer • full ao4 n.plete a Ile.,
frffih% lT and
.1 Y tt11?1 . 31 ‘ 1. I°k ;Vo . . ' 1 4 I tt l ; r1Ir ' ::. -
.13, cb , -or tbs.. thry will Fell no the mud minr
tageour terms.
viTM. DIGBY, Merchant Tailor, Draper,
and ne,d, to Beady Male Clothing. kiherM ei
New Mach Factory—Allegheny.
g m. M. A. WHITE & CO. would re
Inform We pubik that they heel,
metal They
on 'mock. h.tween Federal and estelneky
streets. They me now making and are prepared to ,eerier
orders for every description of 'Mack, Coaches, Cherie,.
ilktrouchweatuggies, Phations, whkh. rm. the ,
long mperienee In the insunfeeture of the above work,
and the facilltas they have. they nalroondent they are
enabled to do work on the mon reascuetle terns with
thaw wanting articles in limit. line.
Paying particularettennon no the eelectlon of materials,
and baling none but competent workmen. they have no
heellaMOn lit wurranutv, their work. We therefore ask the
a:Mot/1m or the public m wt.matter
&halting done In the beet matuCr. and on the
mat meepusioln terms.
BAGLE MARBLE WORKS, (e.tabliehed
1812) by EDMUND W1L11.11,5, 1.1 Lawny
Of Wood !amt. PIMA:4I;SO, Meant:ante; Burial
Vaulry, Toabs, Headstone*. Sat :Late! rime, Centre and
Pier Topa Maureen bared, and made to order.
N.B. elehnimaelectlen of Drawings on hand. Jain
Colner of Third end Market Marta The only ohms
red lusttutlon of the kind in Pittsburgh.
nt. Fleming, Pneelpid Instruct= la th e
of Amoun
atailoterrarr, Proteraor rr Peoltlll.o4ElP.)lrranantfle
Computation. Po
Alex. 11. orgen. sap Lecturer on Commerrial
Thom drafting • cvmpleto linockelpe of heck iiretarc
and, its applicator. to arc, branch lnuiooo.alge an • le.
goat and rapid perunanablp, are Invited to - oaf exam.
tbe rranement , -
Lcitore trannarrcoal Lair retry lili oda • • ••%-ng
Retool:Igo W aro I tbn reef:loot tier toreliant•
!: - ... .j 1 . ` TABLISLIT.O 18.32, by EDMUND
'-- 1 'ILKINS, No. "45 Liberty rt.,
.0 iV
lidoce.l air-not Pout:magi, I.
Almu4" , ...auxl.l,,leseb.ten•
• _ 4E, Nlzialle kt....l4l:turre na..4 I,r Tq:
glirars n 4 baud akod mule V> ord.. oi - tb:
cticlorst :11a,14.n. .01 , 1 at .7 rednt, I
, ,
... uz A .1.4. 5dd....% ,1 . ,,,,,,..,,,,, mq,
:.. The tra.vl •
STAiL7II, - -----
-- I
7. - : .. TS.
A -,
L," '.u.' IA "
Ham Ilar.or Doan, Clark 1 it'll., EP/ .
Ilost..7pdgr, I Calm. Job. Harper, F.,
Lntrnaorl.rr... Er, ArrAtte , t
j lllagq; -
I.asrr a halm; do.
Shnenteror. 11111 a Cr.
Wilmou I..lreandlesa.l.,,. Mori k ha7nmr. tr.r.
Robert. Melinicht. F.M. Wm. NeLiOurY
McKnight. E. /Irv:dug-I, T. 3 0*.t. , ..t , Co.
Gam.Jorbßa I:,.t.oder s Co frakt't,
C' - F” , Lothrep. ENT.,71117,1;71t;
. AT kph tasteful La Elto, patrotut, n
a•Pred dump iontent years ver
havon bad Lb.
tarsal stsl bept,tobs entrusted to by or. up to 11a pn .eut
Line. and PW eudovor to pewter satiAtettott atter.
Bennett's Monoctiroaiatie Depository,
MAT 11-\e. Paintings—Th. , Janirri a (led.. la.,
and Lhe `L.:fa:m.l7 of ,ulart."
MILES W. W00DW21.1.,
ir /0 1 „ ABIlsiET FURNITURE
Third street
J. .11. rennetfully infm - nu hie friends ad
caftans That he has now ;wimple.' the largert
al noun stock of bornwhold furniture erre bef o r e ...eon
tab city, at be ta determitual to uphold the quality ;nth
',tautened materials, ben workmashlt and uncut de
elgrue and from the te
exnt of his ordeal; ;soil Lain, ta
manufacturing. he is nabbed to yr...hue wannasi faro,
tumid the lowest Triers.
Ile haa adopted the prineiple of Identifying lb. rostra
en' Marren with owt• in quality niche. and tea.
every de-scriptiou
t l ' X! uPr t 2 the y} 1 sod T ls
gent and curtly, that • aoare. or any Inn cl otuhroar
furnished from Ida "Lock. or utak...tared expressly to
" r a . T;rl:ll ' l o ttit?; s n' tl k it
anicies Of tiny. In brit ' , of
r io t s stock, ~bleb for rashness c;
glet'd mated be rurpused a any of the tutern
Parlor, drawing, dining. ad tadan chairs, of run
ninety, attaining of numbed. . 00 6 any sod walnut,
Elizabethan. Couterratedre and Huy Chain. of arerf
eriptinn; Court., nobs, Tel...Ude and Doan, of the lat.
trench and Amerluin batten, Tuba, ithallots, an
iodise parlor Welting Malta of vYur kinds: Mora Tahl..
and fumy I.Wd naiads, ;auto stands, anti bolder, warmtr
raboatif, mamma add walnutcentre and ion, Iry
Idea. extent-ion dlnine tahluc at slue of the wart lutproool.
and decidally the but blot made; cut Pembroke hall end
pier tater/ wardrobes, heist,* ad washstands of each •
large assorlinenk gothic hall ad parlor nuldbm churs.
finnan. 1141 awls, sienna, ad took earn, aide hoards,
tin mune, towel Rat. hat stanch, .n.l tonne stools, Coll.
ad ;iota for chtldirre paper Pisa, tale and to. Isu
mahogany, roseuul. and Inlaid pearl Tahlea,ae.
A large suortment of Comma Yunnan. and Willa.?
Chan. Cabinet maker.; applied with all articles in their
Steamboats aml trate'', (=Piled .t tits sharteetstotlt,
Alt meter" promptly attemlad
Atte:l4y rttlaw, No. 1 , 2 Third 7 , coin, 11 (terry
7 having nude arrsngegentt to the purl., will
prom re Bounty Land,' Gde and rdldlere, Choir
widow, and ettl•teed VA ntende to aux ether hurt.
ated,ToWdttted ' the Etalworaent or any elite INdart.
mettle, the Nation OM.. or the Cowie at the City of
Weeldnirton. JaMdrl
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in bit
mR. I). R. BMITII in now prepared to give
te for tuiplli In the different brawl,*
o • delightful not. al. lala MOMS. in ?hors. licelfe
A tkinforee new building, Vint ,tee d. between Wood and
Market •treots. Moroi of Inetructlon, from 210 to 431. and
from ag to .1g e. o. Charges and other particular* can be
brown by calling (afternoon) at the room.
Defer to Dr. arlam or Dr. Addison. JaltDdif
for the aecommodation 9f ttcSs. The beam,
hes , been knuejs IMPros by the addition r.f
bchoke bbrabbery end Flovera. A large rolloction of over
loonling Plante end Shrubbery, of the rholhoet Undo, are
kept (or ode on the premises.
Ito Creams, Fruits. Se., kept In the &shone as usual.
!keine:* tree tenni Pot up at short notice.
The neat and comfortable steamboat CHIEFTAIN. leas. ,
the Lemnos?, between Pitt etroot not the Old Mitchel,
HM Is, .1 , he tninnink bour—frun, 9 o'clock, A.
91, nod! IU P. 31. Ott extra trip ...cry a suing, •t lid
Strangers T411.10g the (sooty City ere inodel to Pay •
visit IA this perfect Pleads Garden.
The Garden to kept on Temporonco prim:lrks, nod em..'
on Sunder. ' Kole. :1
W. Dixon's London Patent Lever Watches,
.. , Y) . , : ! ..5,4 njfAr.l in POlVoiit , h•
‘ 1 AIt "SON 81 Market strv . ot,
t Agvat tv u :hr. atm,. namml
t:thft t Att a ltlll l ; . >l. 4 l , l,t , 7!:: Cho ,
onmeier Manntaetuna, 4y Klnz ."-
yrelll4.l. lonian].
1113 cartlllm that the aerompa.nyina Wetrh,
waints4.l by me to he of my ateaufectutem , i no Watch
withmy 110910 apao it le genuine unless ercosalmhhta hr
•eerthleato brat - Mg my SI .Inatura.
I guarantee Um he rat
illertico of the ' , Webs....
JO. 101311. LT - .
...... ...1.1.. 4... Ann.
kJ and Dralers It Dry Grocer:rr. ly.o ary l Xalla
cornor of Walnut atrwor and W0.b104.0 0 Tuw , WL.. ,
11ur...rar.....111. ...14..1.9e I r'S
- -
0 41..".1.
P. ...... . .......
%%CUNNINGHAM CO, 31. 0 ufw 0 7n
PatoNol[.U._ a
llgni k loVig2tVae, dami
o odd Sizes. At.o—Ditacrl to
F. R. Moore, M. D
. 110310E0PATHIC PIIYSICIAN, devotes
0 4 1. ,
. 2nin h o n: a t uz 13X t : treatment of dlmearge Ofi l eT;
&mole and merging dlercure, Moe n ' en Andgraf i greet.
letar the Head Street Bridge. end next door to the Plan
ing. 31111, Allegheny City. 021ee boort from 7 to 9A. 31.,
from 1 to 3. rod from 7 to 9 5. M. loy:941
LIGHTIFEND RODS-3pratt's Patent.
JAMES JACHSON4 Grnsam. Acne,
'Redcoats Depot, 66 Wood street, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
leartediatt's Cutlers Store.)
structed that they canna get nut of alder. The Irr
a atnrs and Attachment. etting aocurately, the prints
amt Mennen. ern unrivalled—the whole lade bigoir
oardental, and withrna diepute the
attachnd ever
maunfortured. Jewell -hackled) alit the= ar3S)i
unto ter Slot Price at the 'tore, 10 vents.
tnnwettully roquitetwi to call at Ita Wood
street. and eitrettne the atm. where. eon. the SkstrttattMY
be wen. nry2l3f
rIIILLIPS MAYRES, General Import
err and llouvartorerri, 2r. 24 North fourth Amt.
04-And at 102 Wood rimer, City-London. WII 2
Geo. 8.. Edchbauni, Civil Engineer,
th AT . TEND, in any port of the coun
Railroa slatooduolo so ith 317.17;e ' 5, ' Ark,
Dato, le.. for ranal or rlarkoorater •111 Pm
tre . an , :; ‘, Wilk. , l ,. .. sod ortiroate. fwt of soar of
11. wlll
alto ettort.l to tho divittou of buff]. end la, lug
nut tntrn Oa, nufkinf: drawing, oflel, Oar Patent OF
Grant Et. near the Court
Itefifrf noffe—llan. A. IS. Lootni, Thoft. Itekeerell,
N. , 111 , 11. Craig. ot.. Wm. Eff ht...., 1, 1-
I. o 0 r Ira •rn
. _
iiTll 2 , LEZ , ALE :er lealersi . n Groceries, Glam.
AgenD ir.r ell RteesaLcale and Preew.lere In the Latenr
penile I.bee
Refer ue—Wen. A. Mix le Co.. Cleveland:
Nil & Wheeler. lturrlo:
ILT. Caehler, I•lttelAtr.b.
Alexander Bradley,
v., 19 frood erret, Astrten .1-rst and Second rte.
X4ANUFACTURER of every description
.13.1. of COOK/St: STOMS, of the twit approwod
tort". and ouch tio will reader the best tatistartlon.
STuVES among yat
which will bo %Atha
dowel! t Root'. relobratod edding door Parlor stove: tab
ear, Frookno Store, plain and Inter
L. who wo korai. the oft/intl.. of bonder,. Tea Rett/tit
Hollow Warvi Wog.) hoe% Sod to all of which we Inn.
the attontion or dealer, Lefoio purebamlui; elswittit ro.
EO. E. ARNOLD h CO. have thin
latinl with a.. JOHN D. SCULLY. The la of
the dna iiic will ho as herolotoro.
Pittoltritli. May' lot. Vita !toe!
(Formerly the Esehauge,)
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
HIS spacious, central, and most conecni
1101'EL, 1 1 / 1 ,11, tiro completely ta
m ant thatnughly matted and /manned. It now
open for the arrotonnendion of the pubhe.
ILtTe” enharriber. leap,. and amprietor at the ST. CLAIR
resp , ctfally Infarrn. hie friends and the putac
that he hag farniehed it in the amet loohnt and comforter
hle tyle.and,mployed competent awdetants and SM. the
a./ IN/thrill acryanto, and that ha will 'pare exertloti
to make It eoli th to any hour* In the country.
The wen known centre./ 100/alna of the /lane, and rotY
...acne* of Its amstigement, rendering It the most 1011,-
hie either to travelere or aennwient boantomlnducte.
to oullert and hop. air it a liberal elm. of 3.atrutmF.._,
C. IV. hes N
Law Notice.
THE appointint•itt of W3I. B. 31eCLURE
Itrrakdettt Judge or the Fitt.C. Jpdirl•l Ltit.trirt of
ot nlrml Itilel.hellT7o.lTe4=itin'
MIMS r.• ntt,...1,1 to by , ..„.
31y ftf3re !p.m
•tratrt. near th e tamer of Ha nTed to my
y ltwelltng Ifon_tr, No. 99 ha
mrlaf _.. ,
111 tlua of her fend. CI t o incites t‘e a
icing o! l,rt
atildren's HATA. is •wery rstrietr thud leteuto W E
sal Cop, Preorts Vlosrr, and a bandsome mtwirtmectt of
Ittl , t.oms. !Ivaco:dant, Silk Ittytt lart•
• vest many other attaff lo hay lint.
g.—Thrre or fattr tool Mantll W, .ad
awry. terao4tllmlnollataly.
.P2Ulf N0..6. Fifth
Q AMUEL fiIIOESEN keeps constantly 1 , 11
W.Alen jamb, Chum. Dry 11,..5.5., cz.r
t 4 ll t
Vilvh 11...ft1e..41 al., kit,lA of warm ta h. line.
Woreroom. 16,a, lc 11.14. Fllth slaw.; l'atsbur.ll.lsL.
Steamboat Agency, and General Commit.
B Receiving and Forwarding. •
ALDWIN, PLUMER 5:: lutco
watt thaw Ile.Je,Lla uce.l orkr
weir serewee to the puLlie 6lenaboat agent, ileseeral
"‘"" Titttlrl , Eritl::hto7. "
, Lenerm-r. dieril I Ih6l. IC WILUIL.I4I'
NITER._.q--Sargeon and Physician.
0n..., cud dr,ltinu. currier a Dazinrtop's
Prht. iart+t wan alk•so Smithtrld
Itr Mren b.s gwrawaratly le.ata. , l it 1 . 1.141rxh, ar..i
ar4ru lac I.:11 attr.l tn 1 . 1,1,...11 14.41 ‘l<
at.oth. Si . ..war...vv., awl the ..1
.12// ilttruti
Tnitinn. nn the Piano.
partrltrAtt • tr. urn-. rupi•-• t. tLr
rt r atri
SIAp, 1,1 . if
Fresh Assortment of Spring Goods.
riMIGMAS PALMER i, daily re,eivinir,
sir au :1% . Ex,teru horn, ae U.,
. . . • .• • .
teat. -, en Thn.d. and Fourth sere,r,
Largeme:a...ou% h. rearm rt . /CMIL,It
IiANG/NG2 that ha.. artaar•l iy CIL4 rhathet
1... r • h.u• t tN. The hatt.., are eut-reie
aall h.tut et 4u...
ut.urra.r.: he. orware. the
ran, Te rho attrarta..l..t .A e .1.11 a sw.:+ •
ea. he 1.rr....1 1.• .th. 1.1 Llama tlgtr
the atter...n h•Khanta auJ bylaw /...rra to r....ert
full) inv.,. 'Lehi`
Board of llnditor&
T a
arrl rrirrg :Sit . (l-ink; of th. , Board Utvirmi
NI, renttlutlnu
, .t tn. tmtlirt....) .
'I hat al:hi atter tn. 101.1n,tn.n m
01, 4. •t,tter rn,onnl ....ntsowl. Abell ‘•
ta ;rouran... oorr su
until tho prrilaium ken
A. W 9 ARKS,
i4creurltl ti..
A Card.
thingHAVE FITTED Up, (on the New York
pCur tlan.)
ain al var
airn y aun alt. and aver!' erlcr far tb
oppartalnt e tale .4
na ,Cur. .
( n
nt .
the fuhionahl• parlor, and have rnard...l rho lan:rat-and
moot aup..teur n....vtaarut• el :lath, Da Lain...
Franah and ln'nnan Inurnunt Lain,. l.nallah
Chintz.r. Turkey Bed
I:;;OVitin• L X.lrZtll ‘ ,7l7. n ,rl;l= of 011
and oak.. fat, Tlata. Wind.... Olinda anddthadea,Vurtain
Bonlera and Baran, Curtain Pin% Taarala and Taaarl Lnod.,
Cland. Bilk rrl uvr.dewl, lVad&Thalia. and IrrinFea, Mat.
ats4 Idanca.tor quill,. Count. name, ar.l ntlanat
Cdatill,t‘MDada and
Al, onionthankfully racrlvrtl sadnrtdoptly
anls AVM. lit//11.1t. Third atrret.
lIAVE on bond o large Inssurtment nl
wiNtsolv 01W:it:F.:I ...I CURTAIN BONNI
WAI. ;11/I.LV;
.I ' . or , rirrios.o. 0111,
_ . _
ja_ P b,
I+qls by CI. 24 by 32, br .24. 25
by 2% b y I.
400 .• NWT'.
Shuck, Cr , ,,. toss, rwr.
)nn A rdium Iwl Sint.l.• Cynwn lin
Tbr 441.1rr41ytt.-.1 kr.px
AIN.- 1,111..4 all .1.u.... 11., pap., Ilvinarowthrrr,
we , ,, ty
11120 von", nr roan 001 Irulo
II 1
. 0A ItSE SPONGE—.IOO lbs. fur Aisle by
‘../ nisi) I). A. YAIINESTOCK a CO.
RIBBONS—Just re 'd per ))x
-rltinrsNWtru)`V)l)l4.* 1, 7 711' it i rru b s'; n l l'4=
And r01..r, T 1... ut0 , u11.4. of wh.11,1.1.. 30n4.1”33..
1 I ASBll —lOO lb,. for sole by •
‘,./ my° 11. A. YAM IiSTOCIL A 11.
riIAILTAIt E3IETIQ--50113,. for sale by
1 1,, 11. A. FAIINXTOCK A 1 . .0.
tIOIIROSIVE SIJIt1.131.1'11;-25 lbs. for
is by 1107 , 11 11. AFA lIN r9T.,11
'ERRING-12G 1,111)). No. I it, ,rrive) for
my A. CI:LI:1.1,1,o / . 1
Pr 08.20--31 isoloriot )
FAL. brgolf A cl 1,1“.1.1', .0
BUFFALO ItOIIES—.III 3;30.6...1 111.1.1 1 , 11-
oly baud Pl4ll t.l
3 A 1:171.1,11.t0.r.S A
( iEII.3IAN CLAY-2 1 0 bozos for sale by
X ts7l2 It. DALZELL a Inl. . LI borty
I it EESE -20 hi.. W. R. Cream, for sale by
(prime) for Bale by
A IV. II.1,1:0A1;till.
IJIOWDER SLIP, 1.11,31-2(N) lbs. just roo'd
ana Or solo 01 J.RIDD C CO,
I ARD Barrels No. I Lad Oil
14 rr A tton day S. IL Nt,rtli MT.., And for rah, by
go.l, C. • W. If All lIAUUII.
1 I. ,;, AC K A.( fiN , D FANCY ,.
111.00 awl Vac, Si )
lk.. 0.0
ill MR'S --;,00 ha. for sole by
s ir/LWORTII 0 CO.__
TORAT'CiS--.1 Idols. Ohio Leaf, for sub, by
r °
J. i .01.1.1VOILTII CO.
CORN -35 b 1.1.3.. for rode by
S. D. VON I ON/811010304 CO..
lii sod
11j/ ISDN—Fur xalin by J. D. WILLIAMS • CO.,
F lO, enr .. •2l. Wm.100. - 11 , Tb .
IRE BRICK--ti.i,ooll (Coal Grove) Fire
i,[k baud a k.
n rqual Of not ouptrtrg 4, lb. Bol.4yer
W for
t Or, TUX
• • - 'MN STEM _
I ?Fafnir of [Date an Part of !Gov Do- 'lrestinatlaa
btatatert InrparndPartMik..l'4o.
Il yl e o r rid.. llo...—. ::
m. 1111:
0 1 ( 1 , ig e o w w
l y or or '
t kEi r,,„ . 11 , i ta t te. a 8er 5. t . 04..11 , 0.
Lafayette Mao 10 libiladera U. States I Ivorprol
Patile...... 1.107 10 New York U. State. - 0, 011001
Georgia.— May 12 hie. York U. States Chart. N. America May 'Taw York U. States Msgr.
napiraCity May 13 Now York U. Rates Cheat= -
11 Jonathan May 13 Now York U. Rates QUIST..
Niagara - - /lay 14 Roston 0. Britain Liverpool
Poi Maoist &lay 16 lYttilakera 0.0010.00 I.lvg
Erfate - ir7ei . .111.3: It t 4"; York
U. Pl= tifig=
Memnon ... May 17 New York U. State. Orem it You th .
Zona. ...... May 21 New York 0. Milian Liverpool
Artik—..... May 24 New York U. Rat.. Liverpool
caenbrt•—.. May 23 N ew U.Drital. Liverpool
FratikUn.... May 31 New Yorkill. States Ilam k Etbui
AP letters and newimapemon hand for England . Ire
land and Hostland, ate sent by the Mn steamer, no matter
of what line.
Letters to the Continent of Europe.' by the Collins line,
tottn Waitaki twenty one rents a tingle rate, ermyt for
the. placed netutred to be prepakt In MIL
Letters to the Continent of Europe by the Ctotanl
gmust be prtpaid tlye nerds a Anyte rate, except to those
lar=e required to he ' • • ••
.X.s.nrrx.—By Orrensburo,Cluuntweburg, Philadelphia;
000 lark, Eastern, (butte and Northern partsof N. Tort,
Delaware, hen Jersey, and the Ms Near England Blew—
The Pritish Province; of loon Canada, Nova heal. and
Nun Ilturirwiek, duly. Arrives at 4P. Departs at IP. at.
ding th add Hollid,
Includine counties of Oradfoni. Cambria. Centre,aysburg Clin
ton, Juniata, Twintidng. 1111110 , klegew, Potter. Perry,
Tien., Colon. and part of Westmoreland, via I.lwlnmre.
,llumay to-lllMEalen t Muds, Nen Alexandre, and hoe anunty , Ante,. daily, except Mondays. at 1..; do-
Palle daily at lie N. st.
Duller, Hewer, Cranford. and Jeffenun
counties, Western partofllew Tort and upper Canad.dalir.
Artist, at m and departs at 9a Y.
- hailer. atm Weman.—fly Washington, P., area
Fayett% thanemet, pelt of IVmdmoreland county,
M a ryland. Illltimore, Washington City,Mu th er.
lusts of Ohio and luilana hentuesy, 11/Innisr Teruo-o
-w% Alaimo. Missimippl, Arkansw North Caro
tisorgia, ohs;. Florida and Teem, daily. rig.: and departs ate r.
01.11. By Farntte, Ramon.
'Tito-me, Part; Pa, ilollidays Core. h.. Jetterson
Arrcur.. Holmes, and Tuomuerrits eountim.Ohlo, dell y.
ives at 11 P 11. departs id 7 IL
Noon thawmts.—Dy Hearer, Pte, and Cleveland, Ohio.—
Deaver Co, In. Columbiana, Trumbull, Portage, Oman.
Astuab ulantark,Waroe.liedina.Cuyalsoga,nommit,Wh o .
itishi..nd, Lorain, 040110*, Lriry tiandosky. Wool,
and Lures counties, Ohio: We extreme northern mantles
ti Platet of Indiana and 1111no4, Including all 3111 1.
WM low. and 11 lseumln, dilly. Anion. at 11 A. et.; do-
parse at ti I. a.
• . .
KnriasPo. , --11,11hatjaburg.110.0C45, Eringfield,Tannt•
I. 4% ". .n ' YttWil t or•onal,tlWy, escept . on Bund:fa: Cl /:::
rises 7
y ~ e. 3,1. and 4epatts At t.
thrryolll. We/LEW, Falianople, Parlors
.111 c Bunts:burg an] Ace, jsod.e. Area Turadaya-
I l i
Tbuiclaya, and daltmlay. a 8 g. dcpula Mondays.
WisltleNlaST atul Feld/mat 7 a. 0.
Aturgtem's diall,Fittlaraille, and 51otti
outtabela , A reit. .ettlays, Fridays, at .5 r. X.; de.
pArc. Wedne.lays Itnd Vaturday. at 6 A. M.
UrlONTeim.-11., Buchanan. Strett'a Ittm, .11cSecaltnet.
Coal Valle,. glltabethlont. °ambles llostrawer,
Dna, C.k--1.0np., PerrynpnnA. NAM. Lab.q. LlPtm
IZVIOC. 4 IVT:Itat . g. Are 'd al r trP. "*" "."
Bcruast, Bulker's • aullls, Notleatoans,
Burgollstaten, Ortso Crest Village, I . a:tarpon's 0111,
Botturni,Va. Anil , . Sundays and Mondays, 010 9.04
departs 3loodays and Thursdays:lo 1 P.M.
anannt, Chun.. AlunlocksAlle, Moon, lion.
Anises en
tou rri Ls, y )::.n .
6 1t r r., , rt 1•1= Fs Ysdrviser, V.
• o tueda at at
Cettoora.—lis Antrina. N n orill% Waal:410o, 00 Apollo,
Fa. Arytyce on NVedo.edaye, at P. 0,, depastr on !Imlay
at 6 s. o.*
Lacsnotttn.—By Innen', Ferry. Amt. on Prklay. at I
depeal..... On ‘.:•1441ar, al 6 a.
jiltangua.-slly still. Wexford . , Breakneck. Ogle,
Ispelyesc.lll.llotown. Incite/0W Warne. and Venanco
0012011 es. Arrirsa daily 0 7 0 4 and &Tarts 6. 1 i a. at
Let., ha. tbo dully malls ttPot be In the ~dare one hour
Wogs their &parr. letter. for the trhareeklo aeon
wn and weekly 01. Mud be In (ha Cate half Of boor
Seto" tht•lr dew& e.
07110,150 Dart roa •rtra rtrrsvcaul, GALATIA, Sr
N. HOLMES & SONS, Balkans.
No. LT Jfari.2 sc, /ono. Third and kletrikainPitithanth.
PEN NNYLV Ana.lllntnen .t Mand110n.......1....0
Bonk of Pant burgh - ...--parlilraneh at Iconeter---.
haeLange /tank of 4._...pan Branch at Xenia. -do
Wm. atol Man. of d0 , ...--twrßranch as. Vonngslown--flo
11.1. of Coleiturnm. o City Lank:
Bank of North Or
-par liosonterelal Ilk,Uhansinatido
3,... 1
flank cfliortlia littertienyan Prank. Lank ---......d0
Bank of Pentivilvaina--imilLaispetta Lank. . ..__...._
lb. r a
tio Park of Penn Towtatnip-pwr RAO,. Life I. S Trust lb-4o
Bank of the Untied litaLea4 %intern Berm. ilank---do
lnona.vial Bank CO Pa_ Dank of tialwlllon---.-On
Harmer, 31
a nehanieelikpar Small N.e...„..„...... -do
Girard Bank_ . -......---.-. par, NEW NNULJ,..N D.
Ketington Bank.- ... ......r'lli ntlvent Ilsitka.-----..i4
tlantlfar. a hook Itsak---r4 NNW Yultli.
npfl ado I phis ank.-.-....parl ILL II YLAND.
houthwask Hank.-....- -Dv; Dalin:note _
.... p ap I
Pradon.ti's Link- par:Coontry_ ........ -. ...... -.... tZ
...term took ..... ..-.--.l,ati N.JkiI.SEV A DLLAW Alit`,
an't .;Ilium
6 .l : '' ste ' r 'r etiity l t . .pall AA"''' \ ' 'It 4 :IIVIT ..--... '
Danko! Danville parilank of the Valley S 1
Ilank of Date, Ctr.ater-pankllt of Virginia. Ittedimmt 1
/lank of i/drasantwto...-touvka. Dank, Va....x.tak.--. !-, ,
Lank of lletty•burgh.....- iilFarenere Lanka Virginia 1..
Dank of Lear Waal: - . llterctuastst 0 Ranh. bank hr
ritt Of 31.14CIttcwo . .... - 41Nonfil
Lank_.— i 1
llocitnormry Co. Italak.-.par lintncht,..
Bank of Norlindoolorlaint.parl nt,lnill Cailiti,lNZ' .
CarLd•Latik..-....--,- li'lLink of Cap . kear-..-... 2 1
Coltatbia Ilk k Lrida - ellOnt-tr'Dk 07 90. of N. Catalina... 2
=own Han.k...........palUarmacrtl4l Ilk, :t IlltUtitru . 1
141. r....i.,-..,---,.... ~- 601.7711 CAROLINA.
ksr wers' IS K vlinteki Lo-p., 1 ,111a oft. ni. of a. CduKSaa 2
.tarnt,..:10,':01......nrr.1,..;8auk of
limn.-- 3
ankallitevitog .ittlak Charimama---- 2
'Vrirl7k 'b oDirlinfilillio.raf'Planters' A Ilekbazune Ilk 2
k t .,.. ar . ../t I t r .
1, 1, 0 t l' , a v t ,,,,,, n0tturg ,,.. .. ,/
A.,,.., 0,..E11tt1 ... 1A. ki..
liarttsbnrot Rank....--...-. '4,l3ant of Aukuata .. . -.-
lIonottial• bar-k.--.--- ..t l /Ik. 4 Brnho.lall., /t . u. k a 2
Latleattur 11an0....- . --pat 1 - 1:NYE531.1,- -....
I..alcalt.o , t 01.7 All aolymt tank_ .. ... ..4 - ;. 2
I.ttlan. 41 Dank - .• . owl KENTI. CRT,
II more Dank of 40..01. %mho! Krocurk, ivoogenD vi
.... bank. -._ par Lk of Looimeille.lnunoon V,
.U . ' , ., : ,i ' llfv.act ' Laul..-...- . V. North..., ni of Kvotiteki t
tp,....10: F:a..ll.lavvtwinerd Noal.ero Ilk of K. tmooky 't.
Tor. Bank... ... 1, , , tlivnttiill.
, ''"" ;;ltl . M . . ---
..;" .. -"“ lifil ' O l IT. " .....
''' '
0 b0 „,,„,„
flo k .. „_ . v, -tate (lank au.l tranntm_..
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Pnu , L at
14,1 , 4 .at AtLvitv.-__,...4,, vrie,c4,NslN.
Enoch at Ilrld,r , rt-.. t. doitlattn. k ?Iry Inc Co. chk,.. t-
Er.t.,l, at t'ttlirt - klw-...t.d0 511CIIItIAN.
branch at vt.toland \ 401Farstrni 51,11annre Dank 3
Lnovit at Tat.vnt .0, , tmertuaent ttock Dank-- d
Crane. at Im>tion.........ido:Pvontsuiar Rank- ... ..... 2
Lntiteh at Lvlaveare . .... ~ .o, l nfluvanceConepany-........ 3
Pranot a: MAU Lank I
lirtatin at Aahlaintia-. do CANADA.
litaferh at Senor, ......._. do Pk oft, N. naterlea, twontett
Ilrattrb at %anstlekl... ..... Ato Rank °III,. People. Trronton
bran.. at ',ploy ....-. ..-do , Hank of Montreal . 3
11,5336 at etteeillit•Ll --.- doPin,f L. Canada. Tonnti,i
braoch atColami.-.....d0l kith/ERN t...VCDANOX.
Ittaatti at Warning!. 4,4)0 New limk (puny.-...._ ta
Dratmh at Cents . . do;On Philadelphia do.____, .:i
Ilraoch at ...In - . - 4” 613 Illathmorit .14 ..,, . yi
Branch at tttrulhtnyill. - . .doi W.L.STEIIN EXCI.U.SiGi.
Ilra.rb at 11 1 V.•tnett _.,loTtnetnnatt. ...... .- .... _ t,
lican,b al Newark- dollnnivtenie - .... -il
Plnuoh at Lif ria .in'tt. I.oute ..... . . - 7: •
Pl.":il at. F.n.'"ld- q0;t91it!.!.‘!7.1;.?..1..ti"M-..: env,-
Ltathat ;Niirita...
liram 11 at Nit i'lnaiaht_i_
Branch at tat
Branch at Noraral,k - .
Pt-m[l , h at I•nrtsrit,t`a .
lirannlt lia , c.uua.- -
ltraarh at 111illiettbe
lirats,b at Varahoga.-...-
Lrarsch at Tc 16.14
So. rateir', ;
.../Ins Wt. .
10141.. w ...
doi Ducat... -
...... 117 ri-1• • July
, .1.. to.N., ',it. 11. 1.1•41.
, 11 11`,:::1.V1'=
/1111,ny .......I.l'
IS• r" 0 0 00 t
110 vr do
1 . 111•10.mlk ray . t./ lot. Jan &Jul!
11, n*. WA. nal.. 'lOO, •I :do
Alt. T.oy elt,
,100, 60 Al . 1,11 \( Jo nv
11.1.. 100 '
Psmit rit4burteh,.... 41' pa 'Ll.....!apripr
31.nidudi a Slum( ; do
.k. 0 1.413en bnk. ...... f;ip... 414, do
Allretwur ....... lit 2 ,
1t...". I•
:Pi. liar 4Vet
....Iti . 1 . ,01 Yr e 4
11ssoi Vridire. 40 41
ro , rtbs'in Liberties .... . , I
11'41.r.unsvrt .27 7,5
1 4 , ! , 10r'5.T.p•
Ano,tated Fireman's ' 1 !. ,
rsi.takkru .
fon. 49 47 'Ellv.Qr 3 v _
10 47 I do
I.nkn 0100' s
Ihnrorlir 30
1017 In7o, stsrrAATAV/ I
1,10. te.
Pittsburab 41i•A 64 64171D1 , .
i.,.„ a. eottrul lin;d - vrodi 41.14, 41
(1.1. A Porass. 1.1,01 110 3A
Holt. et 0111 in Irin from., 31, I ..
.0111110 LLD 10. t; 131
' l. ri n " i t • W. 7 . 17 Dock:lnn: Ito tIOII3, Illy.Dre4 71 I I.
Vrr.: l, .T q alll:!r;rl C ,; ". tnid)
Vl‘tt:n Crork Plink lined 1 - 2
Allot. 0 Perrysville Pk litl, Z. ..• j
tirvond , ,,..furuplim lid ..., 60
Chortler. Cr.' Co al y
02NIDIT. Jan. 60r r.
02 I
t• h , t,h 14,t.
30Y11 '
10 , r
I , 111q11, ,
I kri(”1114,1 .
removed Hat ty awl Cap Storr to No. id Wood Mr.., third door roulb
ut thavardid alb], '
T I O - PARTNERSIIIP—fIavirkg taken my
kj , Edward Wile.. Info)ra, intridP °°.
Illat,C roo zp and Fur bonne.., ve heralifter do b t 0k.,....
under the tuune of 4. WIL , ON BONat ul Wood ittrvet
P. S.—Jamen INllson continue% ibis 1101 and COP
No. 0 Yedenl •tre.A. Cr.r,kept b 7
J. Wilson it Bon.
WIIOLESALE and retail ina.nufaerra Car PI
t 17.7 Vl ' er .77,1 i .t%Xra ""
atol.Capo of their ow whol es Flo
to and
Inounfoetoro. of evory
r u ti o r n i t tal i o;. t. ny lo and totoll, on4l krone tbo
U. , ahoy win
New Barages, Tishnes, Bilks, Lawns, 8a s.
1V11.1 , r..F.1 4 LY , , , t s BUIte k I ) IFIELD have this dr .5 ,
,e.. Dress Ti r liko..p l ag do" °!.
l; . l o7k
, etWoet /ttostton e t
.I :trie . oe Invited to eon woe. moan, their tombs ten
Goode at wholosalo b,rooms nn
BURLAPS—Q'_ superior article 40 inch, for
sal* bi my'r siutullY a L.M.
Ommmois Mliatimentiamt embeeripikas
thM MOM' rrrirttl and fontanted tree of expeum. from
1111. -MN, •
On Ice Plorsaman Oismal
Satorday. flay 31. f
The prosalllng feature of Ott market yesterday was that
of general d untie's. and Val, few rates Pransphed In any
department of ttade:
FLOVII—The receipts were mnall, and the only Rams.o
beanl of on the 'hart wero 159 tilde Monogabela brands at
13 15. and IV) lohls Ohio brands, made up of different small
lot, at 13)6r 3(7.3 =. for R. C. and este.- Awde of 27
bhls In stbre at $3 15 T 1 Dbl. A sale of '3.10 bble from atom
at 13.25 per Dbl.'
RYE YLOUR-kturtber Wes lo email rat., at $2 GO Rota
,rat Ganda, and OE 70,4267 tram atom.
- 011ALN-The *Met is without my material thanatt-
Receipts con,forward enarionly, and roles from PM hands
bate twen congaed to email lola at for wheat, C 21465 to CS
(70e, for rd and white; Corn 314.;:tc, R7a 60. sad oats
at =a...Mak fu'e °Moat, and pima qualitiesh Darter Is
venalual at 07atite t•
GROCERIES-The market is quiet. with no market
chum to prime, Nagar Ls Dm at 7e far hart Itjolawes
stradr M37q-1737a, to email Imo. Of Coffee, roles hava
been coutlaset to. limited parcels. and prtres hare ruled
'dater than mutt be attained fur larger Mr. If. quote
Rio In • .melt way at iov, wP. Elm is wiling to small
lots by the Stem, at ti e w P.
PRO{ IS7I/7:5 , -Ilaron has not been so natl.. but fall
Prim are obtained. Salm of 1000 and =tl 00 at 7e for
shmideresalitagiX far aldm and 'VP! for hams. A HOP
of 9V. , mustrY old. at tits, and MOW. shouldere and
hams at 0.% sod ("Se w lb. halm moor aural hams at 1043
lta-Sc; and af thin! tool to tabs w b.
CIIRESE-Salus It hos to lots at Gle it h.
CRACKERS-The following to • list of the inantifacto•
rm . pricer
Irrapr CrackniM, 71 ,
:tug. Creciwni. ippotio - al
Dem El
are flrim awl In fair dentami
from atom at ft 45P I La. Sale,. of apple,. at Trann
li bm
.BEAN.I-42ma1l rodeo are reported to u. at 1116241 75 11,
extra. and $1 2.101 37 for common and mixed.
. -.......
FlSH—Vales Salmon at ;IS P bbl; Shad $l2 fdr Yo I:
and !lent.; of $4 W. a!ra Nu I 31ackcrel at SU. No 2at
SIC4IO SU, No 2, lug. 39389 +mall do S. 7d at Lb!.
011. 4 —Salra . Lioarad at 900 No Lard at 65470 e, and
No 2 do at Caa"llVala P ppd.
TALLOW—SaIes S labia at 7!..;e.
141.1 i /11DF3—.Itsrtioer s.a.h.s of We..rdoro at. 11.10
BYIATUE2—Ei7e..g of prime qualltitß , M , V•47o, and cf
redo md. 4:4YAIe Do.
/100 CROP—T6eiChrthstallNl93 Current gives the ni
ne-Y.l etetement dt the hoc crop Last reason,
-- 178356 : '`'3•74s
" f --- - 2 ' 24 ' 7 4,6 . 6 % 5
1. 54 . 0 'MAN)
181,600 =S.W.
Comber snat Valk,
Ketapekr WOK/ yom.
41.1 9/1.01.+0
fatal - ....
. 3 =4 567 1.652=
Me One* shows the wiellelenee In vaulter N ho :519:31
Tbe del:wiener In weight was 10 P ens Live. year the Loin
averae , ed 206 ht.. wh . .le year the seer:ice wasoulr 105
D 0 Actor:Loa to the., U.. amities of the two yea'," would
be a. followc
WOOL—Tbe llllrwa Malec. In Jone remarks upon the
Wk.ol trade. sayr:—AA to wool pnwing there never war.
better country furl! than thla partictdar Aretlnn. It will.
In rine Mot. leo hare COO a oubt. teeme nno or our
staple.. No other slack 41. n be raised as adrantageonaly
ta Alleep at Oro preno.nt time. In Lama learn titan tha ,
should annual), expel t more railltous of wands of wont
from thLs place than Ir. now cape. had. As four LA it is
rthed bare, nanaranorleAs till mein,: up, and the North
vre,t till an ber part toward elothlnu v wellea fnedJng the
The mtal exte.rt ut •j le (nen N. Ynrk durine lert
week Inclutlsutt t'.:3.1.0 ',the Arrth, tea. Sl.tra3,k, er, t l
the m export the the its.. th.- alth
Withitt the 1,7A:2 year.. the chatter. tfltl Itant.• of tlio
Satt.t7 Fund 0r1 , ,t in a, Ate. a Nett Vork, .111 eapiro.
rhe/•han Ita
G. capital E4' .nett nod s
attna of (untie/3
R.r ,o rm. 7 1,0. 0 0 - 0-1001•10
pier M. A. an .”010g, at a .tend
Atloan, l'ulg 31rnorns,
U.I .gtona.cKett. liggualk.on.MeNe , esp l ort.
18.IngyeriIALL:y. Went ~ndrtedi,
An.,. Kinney. t;
Tsgemiggra., Murdok.
J.. ?tel. 31nore. Wbcelnn.
Lind, If uraL
eu.l,ier. :defining, Sutufrt_
ilarlgeye lgengn.Cnni
Verant.. Ft Inulig.
Trues, Lhearrirr.
Atin n
tre Ika,
, /Ir . ownsr.:llo.
J ilourtnr - lrrul, Mrl:.
tr .,yrort-
Thro Stm tr, ,
fare , ..11,
I'lltrt sr.ratts , :rrnlrr.l.
Ihurrr.i. gin_ . . s.•r
bA Lorri.vlll,
I a.r.lostr Sr, 1. Elisz4,t2
I, I prt-tt t l'ane.rn,r daily at cam
CINCINNATI—Merouerr. No. 1 to
Import's BY RIVER.
C/N , CIYNATI k•L= 1.130/ I!
tilll A C,, as. waol W Barld.o, 11)14 Fruit+, B A Fklm
ooluck A (7, 1u do-1 I,rk-r 1 C. 15 bk. iron Lcreisa k
At.rjiA.,-; 2 h 1.14 h,n I I) 2 I.M. med., lu 91i5
r.;4 Ow: a Tba,. 1.1. 1 •-rk rz,1 , 0 111 nth. blue lick w -
fle• 1.2. 2 truot,
bolladr W Ilmchkm,
tk I tobacnn Brown,* Kirkwarkk. I trunk 5 U. Al,.
12 feathery I. 1,...,14 a t,
1L .'n
lo .10
371 , 11. 1 111 —PIa nu, No 2.-4, bluff ~ luau D Lut.,ll
e: 10 du 110 thl• :lour .1 I, 0 1111414 tuba o. W II
Jul Infirm: 2 .1 , 11,14.1. n Thaw; •' A , ir, A
Eirr A.l,Arr, I 11.. , g rAeArri. N ll ulertn-un 44,
vt, !Al Vflhauttlt flour Wu, Illtt2hunl
1 DICCNA3.—: wht,k, a dn
104.. 14 ,12,. tobl• 21.44.waru 11*
unurlli, :1
Matluor. A (.o 1 blitl, tobaur, 11
Gr. If k I,la. lll,u.stt, ;Atm Auk. Drown A 'Ur,-
1.1,1! t, do ,N 11,4 1 Nleuln 42 du: bro..uas C 41,61, flour
Al. Lill JCS), 1.4xt , --47 mna hlrsntrz. 3
bbl l .1 Ya T Wou.D.,; IS pc., pump* 2 Lb/. .luareo W
T L OUTS—PLC 'Vt.xruu— . :.l.o 14, 14.1 Nati,
olp itt[4.llo tem, :rsitrnaLl r.r P.lnsoylesola It ll.left ut
1:KA10 1:11—Pn, AIR - Amax No 2-11 lAA. ehner. {Viet 4
11,.C5n41 ere 1 r.k .3 6111 skrn I:l'ownpefiA AC41,11111 errs
2 bar AAA 'III HAAA-1.9,11 Ohl. Aour C Knapp.
..CINCI!1 - 1C.111-1ra IlersArt • 2rArr.-15 res dried b.. 4
Ki4ler• t 1 , lenle 33 tol4. shirker. M xn Aebtuerle, 133 1,.
trp, MI6 ..h.r, A (},re.l*: a, 1,0 . , C C IVoleugt AO cin
1 , 01.111/r, ,11 A l'n: 4 to. Innar. Clark A Tkxlr; WOW C , -
A ,e. D Lent, A Orr; A, eke twos, .1... o'conn, g Cu, lo
i than, ,al. 31111 2 A Ilicketenu, 24 hblo n11,111,... , 13 -.1
,:, 6 , bb, snlAt r, P C 1114411 n: 1 bAg. 2 Mara cub,. 13
/rim.. plot.. Bate A Formylb: 11 6111.44. riolovre, 1.
V6Aeru.s. ..l tales kin, 1 mak Peatherl.l/ 3: alarkutn, 2
Ibbla toga, , Black. .
1 ..
... _
- -ski upros, S. e., for sale by
my: : ..; Ir CANFIELD. A
lINDitIES-4- ..
50 bo. rbenuto:
11.00 Ilw. Poor Hair. .
100 not. Caro Broome:
Fate law to el!! ' "1:;1 iLkk.'"
J. t [ ' I{l ' LZl ' Zitra ' ...& ',. . ''''
ur.l tomer W0..1 and Filth At..
A A. 1.11...0n .f.' Co. loer op hand • complete nook .1
illl. JB,Tre. .4 e4.brir.. et,'=...
tiOTTON-.--54 bales lIONV hinding from sour
1 1,_.) fort Pat. cut ale 1., 100101 DICKEY A CO
apin I \taw and trent ot
C.:ALT PETILE— " ' 4 O seAs for sal; by
vElt3itu,l4 - 14--75 lbs Chine'so for sale by
ss2 ; 11. A EAIINEsTOCK i IN ,
-- F. --
Wootlwexth'e Patent Planing machine.
1 t Fi r e , E ., N1 , 11 . 7i . zi. 1 7 , t 0 24 ., h ,, 1 n v ,t in ,,,F, f , :u . 1 , 1 1. v 001 n .. ..i nr !n i .k1 1 - -
rt. the IN now propared to e... 11 the tight to
Mesa naehtur• att.
It of Sr.. York: Ind In Ft iin l
eanly. lu Ile eneteJt.s of ltradfurt. Craw fort. Clinton. Ink.
Lynottitu banana, nolinon. Mercer, ['attar. Pike, 0. ....
tit/0110u. Twat. klnyno. Igarn.n. and !t en t ed ng.
Thiajuntly rePhrat..l Mythint wa• Pat on.ti ,, h
day ,r Orretvit.r.lll.4, awl Lhe• p.a1, , n1„, lutvol,f, woo 0,
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From the Rion York Commercial 'Advertiser
XETHODISI ' cauaca Casa
111X711 'DAT.
New You; May 26.
U. B. CIitCLIT O.—lnit.—Before Judges Nelson
and Betts. Henry B. Beacom and ahem Tr.
George Lane and -others-
The Court room was again crowded this morns
ing, though not quite so densely as yesterday.
Mr. Choate resumed his argument by saying
that if on review of the conference of 1788, the
Court should be of the opinion that it has been
clearly established as an historical fact that it
was cb origins clothed with absolute poweri'lt
then becomes a question whether. the general
representative body of 1808 was meant by Its
constituents to be clothed with the power of di-
Tiding the church. He could distern no trace
of intention to confer such power.
The lanplage of its constitution was simply
"fit shall have power to make needful rules and
regulations for the church." However broad
and comprehensive the terms in which this body
was originated, it most be construed seconder..
rmicriam. Is the powerto dismember a bedy , ,
to be implied in the power to make rules and
regulationa, for its government and guidance
Mr. Choate here alluded to the case in the let
of Peter's, cited by Mr. Johnson, . and argued
that there was no analogy whatever between-the
powers of the Federal" Government and those of
the General Conference of, the Methodist Epis
copal Church.
He cited a passage. from the second volume of
Bangs's History, page 229, to sustain hii.view
of the powers of conference, and raped that
they were restricted from dividing the church.
They were prohibited from changing the articles
of religion, and was it to he supposed that they
were designed to have the power 'to dismember
the church
Bo much for the law of 1808. Now what has
occurred since then, affecting this subject 4 On
ly three things, the Canada case, the action of
the conference of 1844 and of that of 1848. As
to the Canada case, it could not be considered
to have much to do with the Methodist Church
in the United States. Mr. Wesley had severed
his connexion with the old church - of England
with reluctance, and it was only from the most
absolute necessity that he granted to the Metho
dists of this country the privilege of establish
ing en Independent church. The resolations of
any body of Americen mthisters conld not, pro
prio rigor', have any control over their Canadian
The tie was only conventional He cited a case
in of Denis to show that two churches entire
ly independent of each other may form a teepee
of union without mingling together, and may
dissolve that connexion without schism. The
connexion between the Canadian and the Ameri
can churches was just such a union as this, end
the act of the General. Conference putting an end
to the treaty of compact 'clearly shows this
to have been their deliberate Opinion.- He sub
mitted that n 6 fair legal or historical enquirer
could doubt that thin view of the Canada case
mix correct.
In regard to the preccedinp. of 1844, the co,
Armee of that year was composed of delegate..
eleited in the ordinrry - way without any special
reference to the division of the church. There
is not a particle of evidence that in their prepar
atory studies, in their annual conferences, or in
the instruction. of their constituency, they.were
at all prepared for such a solemn and important
net. The conference of 1848 was composed ct
men who had cooled - from the angry , discusaione
of the previous meetings. Public opinion had •
ripened and their action was more deliberate
and entiled to some consideration.
Mr. Choate examined the 'case of = vs.
Armstrong, 7 Ben. Monroe's Rep. 506, whirl.
had been cited by Mr. Lord for the plaintiffs.
Ile next proceeded to the discussion of the
point that these plaintiffs, having voluntarily
abandoned the organization of the Methodist
Church, have forfeited their right to any propor
tion or the funds of the Book Concern.
the original plan of that institution to appropn
, ate its profits to what in law mast be called a
charitable use. From 1796 to the present day
-that has been the law under which it has *;beett
conducted. .The beneficiaries of this use are, the:
amperahuated and worn out preachers, their wid
ows and orphans, as 'Cr say, remaining in connec
tion with the Methodist Episcopal Church. .Thel
rigid of these beneficierles is not, as these plain
tiffs claim, a perfect right. It is e right which
is inehuated by coming within the derionrctio par
romsrum, and only maintained by continuing to
he comprised in the class epecited as beneficie-
Hee The argument of the plaintiffs, that the
ministers, by eelling the ; books, acquire a legal
property in the profits, is mere theory of social
ism, and no importance could be attached to it
in this Court. It was an argument which every
laborer might urge to claim an interest in the
goals of his employer.
The only argument of the plaintiffs which he
was able to appreciate was that the old church
is gone, and two new ones founded on its site.—
in their view the ship had struck upon the rocks
and gone to pieces, and every man is to seize a
plank, orwhetever he can take hold of. They
profess to treat this fund es a species of joint
stock company, and argue that it is d.issolvedby
, mutual consent and that all the members Pre en
tled to come in for their share.
This is the theory set up by them intheir ar.
gument—but the whole frame of their bill of
complaint contradicts - and refutes the assertion.
In that they constantly treat the defendants as
belonging to the old Methodist church ro moth,.
The plaintiffs have established no legal or equi
table right to the funds they claim. The Gener
al Conference slid all that it could for them.—
It recommended to therennual conference to au
nub the sixth restrictive rule, but they declined
to accede. This Court is not in the habit of
looking to the consequences of its judgments,
but it will administer the law strictly. Aside
from his mere professional duty in this case, lie
might by permitted tie say that there was noth
ing a good man and-a natriot should so much
desire this day as • reunion of the whole : Meth ,
diet church.. lie had no means of jedging with
accuracy of its probability; but he hoped for it,
and believed it .till possible, if the Court should
refuse the prayer of the complainants.
There were thousands of Southern - Methodists
still in the bosom of the old Church in Maryland,
in Kentucky, in Western Virginia, in Arkansas,
and in Texas, end theireonstant desire was that
this secession might yet be healed, and the gi. -
nous fabric of Methodism in the United States
preserved in its former unity.
Mr. Choate spoke upwards of two hours this
morning, and was followed by ,
George Wood, Esq., who said that so much
time had already been occupied iff - this case by
the opening counsel on both sides in sifting tie
the evidence, that he should endeavor to con
dense his argument into as narrow a space as
possible. It wan important on the threshold of
the discussion to understand the present issue
between these parties. The plaintiffs claim a
portion of these funds relative to the proportion
of those who have gene off from this Church South-
The question now is, whether that aeparntinu
entitles them to receive a pro raid elude in the
funds of the Book Concern. It certainly is a
most unfortunate controversy. If there is any
subject which should be kept out of diepute and
marked emphatically with the epirit.of peace, it
is a religious subject. The moral influence of
such contests is bad on the rising generation,
and he would venture to nay the 51. E. Church
will soon discover its effects among them. But
there seas another unfortunate aspect peculiar to
this particular controversy. The Methodist
Church hes been the pioneer of religion in this
country, so that this may almost be said to be a ,
national question. And at this time, when deo
ger has arisen of a severance of the unity of this
Government, it is to be regretted that the South
ern members of this church have not waited with
a little more patience for the amicable arrange-
meat which there yes every probability of being
effected. The counsel for the plaintiffs had taken
grounds which in his judgment- were entirely
fallacious. They claim that they have a vested
right, and that on the separation of the church,
like the diisolution of a partnership, the mem
bers have a right to a pro rata share of the funds.
Ho referred to the Maysville case, and said he
thought be should bo able to show that that de
debut was altogether erroneous. •
These plaintiffs had no vested right • They did
not possess the power of alienation. They
no right except as they answer the discription of
beneficiaries. Ho cited a case in the 7th of V,
soy.s Reports, and Luke vs. Fuller, in' the 9th
of Now.ilempshire Reports. -If these plaintiffs 1 1
bad keen tenants in common in this fund, they ;
amid, hive power to dispose of their interest,
hete° one would be BO absurd as to claim such
a power for them-here. The fact was the law
gave thb. no rights except as'beneficineice under t
the , Peeirthlienitations of a charitable use. lie I
cited Vidal ve,.Gi ee ,p c E xecu toes, 2 Howard, I
195; Beal vs. lax , 4 G eorg i a Rep., 402; Bums
Executors 5 8. Smith, 7 Vermont Rep., Morgan
vs. Yates, 3 Mebane'. Ch. Rep., 242; the mae
of the Garden street Church, 7 Paige, 78; Shot- I
well vi. Mott 2 SanforaCh. Itep: 46.
Tho question might be raised whether this law
of charitable uses had not been repealed in this
state under the Revised Statetes. That it bad ;
; been In force, and was still in force in all the
States of the Union, even where the statute of
Elisabeth was not adopted, was well settled by
t h e Supremo Court of the United Star,s i n the
ease o fthe 2d of Howard to which he had refer
; red, but he was obliged in candor to admit that
I t h e doctrine had been smiled in this State - by .
Some of the dozen Supnune Courts crested an
~'.,r4' C'iY ~,_ 1 .
.- Y._ h
:~~- _
de; the new constitution, and he would therefor
examine the poiniivritir the permission of the
Court at greater length than would otherwise
have seemed tha
He then read tint :chapter of the Revised Stat
utes in relation to trusts, and,argped that it was
solely designed to \ abolish private trusts , and
those only which affected real estate. -Public
trusts, and private trusts of personal proptety,
were still governed by the law of ehnritablo
Mr. Wood was Proceeding with the diectudius' n
of tote queation when wo left. Efts argmxtenta
are venally characterized ; b, r profound legal An
alysis,. and are too:abstrams to be of nail* jet-,
terestto the unprotessiOna.l reader. There was
s+zsdaible decimation of 'the eadiebze ..trhen 'he
commenced to speak.. , ,
From -41thur'? nom Got .
In the. Year of our Lord IS:, a missionary
from ode of the eastern. States, who had. just
completed his 'studies, and. had 'received a corn
tnieslOn from the Missionary Society, was
passing is a masterly direction beer the prairies
of Illinois. - -
Ile bad seen,. occasionally, 'an article' in some
of the three or four religions periodicals of that
period, about the F-a•r W-e-s -t, and with the be
nevolent desire of doing good to the "destitute
and scattered pioneers of this remote, and then
'scarcely known region, had traveled on horse- -
bock from his native village, Trenching ott
' baths, no occasions' offered, during his long
journey. Ohio wasilen •• said to be' a Iliad of
moral desolation; Indiana was "supposed" lobe
many degrees lower in the scale of civilization , —
and the new State of Illinois was •• imagined^
to be situated eery near the."jumping-off place."
A vague and somewhat doubtful impression elc
iste‘l as to the tonality and.cliaracter of„ lissouri
—and KentackY was known abroad byreport for
its. fighting and gonking propensities,. while the
population were characterised as "half-horse,
half-alligaterand a- tauch-of-the,snapping- -
Amongst the vague and zlther indistinct im
pressions of the character and habits of. frontier
adventurers, that floated over the mind of the
young missionary, were thee° of robbery and
mrirder. _
During the period of inquiry and anxious
mrslitatien about devoting his life as a missionary
of the cross in the wilds of the west, the idea of
robbery iald murder occupied no minor place in
Ala imagination. Still, with commendable rest.
infirm and a martyrspirit, he resolved to hazard
even life, with the sacrifice..of every earthly
comfort, to preach the gospel and introduce the
mellowing influences of civilization amongst
a pedple who belonged to the • same-nation with
himself, and who might eventually inert to con
trolling influence over the destinies of the re
It was on a cloudy and cold day in Gm month
of December that our missionary friend was semi
crossing an aim orthe Grand Prairie, east of the
Okay, as the Kaskaskia river, by abbreviation
Ida Kaz,) and French accent. had been called.
Ke had traveled's long distance that day, by fol
lowing a devious and-l:mune trail, or "
path," now through a _skirt -of timber—then
across the point of a prairie, Without seeing n
log cabin,
_or any other "sign" of a human
residence. Night woo fast approaching. The
landlord. where ho had been accommodated with
" private entertainment" the preceding night,
had directed him on a " blind trail" to a fording
place across the Mau, beyond which, and in the
same direction was tho town of G—, to whicli
he was journeying. Both horse and rider were
fatigued with long fasting and a hard ride,- and
the missionary could form no conjecture how far
it migbt be from as settlement which he had hoped
to reach before nightfall.
Anxious and somewhat bewildered, lie !Coked
in each directien for signs — of a liuman habitation;
When an uncouth specimen of humanity appear-.
ed on horseback, and coming In a rapid move..
malt, and inn diagonal direction, acrose the
.prairie towards the path of the missionary. As
the man- approached, his personal appearance;
dress and equipage manifested no friendly de
sign. Ilis head was covered with the skin of The .
prairie' log with the tail hanging behind:. Ma
outer garment wasneither a cost, frock: er 6touar.:
Ifi western parlance it- was to hunting shirt,"::
made of dressed•deer skin, with the tepo - tind .
aide stripe curiously. notched and fringed, putt:, .
the missionary it had an alarming aspect.
Over it hung, a powder born and bullet p ouch,
and around his body was a leathern belt, in
which wrs thrust a formidable knife. A lend
' ed rifle carelessly lay across the rider's shoal-
Nor was his personal appearance in the least
degree prepossessing. lie supported a black.
beard of three .week's growth, and dark, elfish
locks:of hair could be seen beneath the skin
His countenance from constant exposure to the
weather, was swarthy, and a rough, stalwart,.
brawny frame seemed to the alarmed missionary if
gigantic proportions. It had braved the storms of .
.more than forty winters.
Every indication painted most vividly on the
perturbed imagination of. the miesionery, the
danger that hung over him. The fast impulse
was to urge Lis jaded horse into a' flight. A eec .
and thought convinced him of the hopelesaness of,
the attempt, and breathing a word of prayer to
heaven for protection,: be felt to Itabmit ;0 his
fate with a gleam o ff [ hope that the desperado,
who was hut a fewards from him; might„ per,
adventure, spare his life.
. .
The salutation that struck on his cars, in a
harsh, gutters! Take, conveyed no consolation to .
his mind, and only nerved to increase his alarm..
.• Hallo, strangre. what are you about there!
Where are you riding r ‘. '....
"'The reply was given in the language or weak.
ness and Submission, nod something was added,.:
with indistinct utterance about giving up horse:
And equipments if his life might be spared—
Learning, on further inquiry, that his route was
across the river to a settlement some fifteen or,
twenty miles distant, the supposed, robber re
plied in voice by no means mild and s,
—"You can't get there to night—besides, the ?Id
ford is-washed away, and yon can't find the new
one; follow me-1 ran
_fix you." -
The term "fix." had an ominous import, but
the enact degree of outrage implied in this new
form of speech, was not very clear to' the mis
sionary. But there was no alternative. Ho leas'
alone and wholly unprotected; he-els stailliin
stature, of a slender make, had no weapons but
spiritual ones, and succesiful realatance eras
hopeless. Re knew not the path to the riser,
and were he to attempt flight the death dealing
rifle might stop him. So ho turned as directed
into the trail, and followed the guide. is they
slowly rode in ••ImHan fi'c," through the tall
grass, with points of timber nod brushwood for.
the space of two miles, the missionary drew a
fancy picture on hill - imnginntion of a cave sad n .
gang of robbers, who would soon "fix" bits, or'
determine his foto. He breathed more freely
when he found only a single cabin, a rough look
ing stable for horses, and a cornfield of a few
acres, with no signs of acconcplice,
"Light. stranger, and take your saddle haze;
I'll „ria your horse."
Taking his saddle bags on his anima directed,
he entered the cabin through a.low door way.
Here was a woman and three children, but thefr
personal appearance and - dress might, or might
not indicate danger to the traveler. On her hew]
was a covering of coarse cotton, called, in the
language of a past generation, a "sun bonnet."
It nearly hid her face from human observation.
Reaching forward a stool, the only salutation
given was—" Take a scat by the lire, stranger."
Recollecting what Ledyard. and other travelere
have said of the humanity and hospitality of the
female sex, the missionary mused on the proba
bilities of escaping with life; feeling a degree of
reconciliation to the loss of his horse, his saddle
bags, and the contents of his purse, which last r
contained hut a few dollars for traveling expenses.
In his saddle bags were diverse articles of apper- •
el which he could spare, and there was the pock
et bible, the gift of a mother noir in heaven, a
hymn book, and a small package of neatly writ-
ten sermons, which had cost him several months
labor, and, as he fancied, were admirably adapt'.
ed to disperse the clouds of ignorance that brood
ed over the inhabitants of Illinois.
la thc'mesatime the settler, hunter, or robber,
in what vocation ho might appear, had replen
ished the fire with some logs of dry hickory,
while the busy. housewife Wes preparing' the
homely meal. . ,
It consisted of fried venison steak, corn l'dod
gen," and highly flavored coffee, with the spin:if.
trounces of fresh cream, and excellent butter,
The missionary, who had not eaten anything'
since early dawn, and was cogitating' whether - -
feminine humanity would not afford him a mor
sel in the corner where he sat, was startled with
the invitation—" Sit by, stranger, aid take as .
bite." If surprise and gratitude were the fast
emotions, amazement followed, when the appar
ent robber implored the blessing of -Galin a so
noroas voice, closing with an expressive A a .en/
Bewildered - and confased, the missionary for to eat, until repeatedly reminded by his now
apparently hospitable landlord, and the kind
hearted wife, that he did not eat—"PerhaPil I + 6
was not used to such fare": --"Would he takes- 18 P
of milki" Ile did - ,not seem to regain his .pp.P7
tito Until the officiaa' s housewife brought on her
Platter of honey, gathered from the hollow oyez
more, and made divers apologies that her larder contained nothing- he could eat.
After supper, the landlord ecauntneed relit
gious coaxersation with the inquiry--."Are_yeet
aprofailYtum, stranger*' The question relif,
eta to church membership was propau44***