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TaXPAZANCII Tilzerngo.—A mass meeting of
the cdtirens of Sharpnbitrat and Shale? torn
dips was held in the • libarpsburg Presbyterian
Muth, Tuesday evening, May 27th, 1851.. P.
G. Conzetoek was appointed. President.and
Levis Seactary.
The meeting was then opened with prayer by
the Bev. V. Lamm, after widch iha following
*lotions were presented and unanimously
Retadved, That we, as citisens of Sbarpsburg
- aid libeler townships, are firmly convinced-that
- ear respective districts have been injured by the
: -'r'etailing of spirituous liquors by licensed grog
\ Amps in our
. Resolved, . That we . hail with pleasure the
course recently pursued by the Court of Quarter
Semi= in reference to licensing any houses ex
cept those which were Proven to be houses ne
cenu t* for the accommodation of the travelling
de . -Iliesolved, That we will not vote for any per. for the office of Judge or Associate Judge
of the Court, unless we are folly satisfied that
• snob person, if elected, will faithfully carry out
' the existing license laws until they arerepealed.
•Resolved, That we believe the time has come
when the true interests of Allegheny,County de
mand of ns as good citizens to vote for no'person
to represent us in the Assembly of Pennsylva
nia, unless we are assured that such person will
tote his influence in the - Legislature to . bare an
- Act passed prohibiting the select all intoxicating
1 .
drinks as a be, rage in our county.
Resolved, Th t we will not vote for any man
to Many office • the gift of th is county, unless
We know him be a reliable temperance man;
- wilt use his influence to discourage and
. .:samilith the liquor traffic throughout this county.
Resolved, That we heartily approve of the re..
• Wagons adopted by the Allegheny Temperance
Association, held in the Rev. A. W. Black's
- Church, on the lath of this month, and publish
. 'ad in the city papers at that time, and we adopt
them as the sentiments of this meeting.
A Cofamittee for each district was appointed
to interrogate the candidates for office that may
be placed in nomination by the different political
parties, on tho Temperance Question.
''', J. B. Roberts was called on, and addressed 1
'.the meeting in an appropriate manner.
. On motion, Resolved, That all papers in our
county, friendly to the cause of temperance, be
_requested jto publish the proceedings of this
meeting. J. C. COMSTOCK, Pres't.
J. C. Lewis, See'y.
himmtit Itsuoven.—ln the Court of, Quarter
&micas, yesterday, Judges McClure and Boggs
on the Bench, lan order vas made out for the re
moral of Benjamin Jenkins to the insane de
, partment of the Allegheny City Poor House.-
- Par readers will remember that this young man,
vita tried a short time ago for killing his
andher,.a resident of Birmingham, and acquit
ted on the ground of insanity. He vas at once
taken over the river by jailor For.
. .
PATO= PESSISTI - 11114.X 8170 D.—This body
21111 In Lator-k street Church, Allegheny, on the
27th litstant, 6} P. 91., and was opened with a
sermon by the Moderator James Chrystie, of N.
from Mat. :vi. 19. Adjonsuedtuotil the nest
May 28.—Synod proceeded to organise. 42
' sednisterial members answered to their names,
and certilleatea were presented by 80 ruling el
• dere. Subsequently the certificate of Rev. John
Stott of Ireland was received, and others approv
' •ed, io that 76 names are on the rolL David
'• Scott, of Rochester, New 'York, was chosen Mod
. Amstar, and Thomas Spfoull stated Clerk--
James M. Willson • Was appointed assistant
Clerk. Adjourned with prayer by JR. Willson,
IR D. •
B'P. 9l—After reading of the minutes A M.
Willson presented the case of the Cincinnati con.'
on to the Synod. It had only one elder,
rtrongregation had been regularly organized
and there was yet a congregation there; he
thotight the rule in referense to representation
ought to be liberally construed, he moved that
John Grey, the Elder of that congregation be
admitted te a seat - in this Court, .1. Milligan
monde/ •
WilLsOn world not agree to this, because
elders represent sessions.,
B. L, Willson said that they represented con
gregations also; and if there be a congregation
• then it ought to be represented.
8. Hutchinsop, wished to construe rules of rep
resentation literally, but he wished strictly to.
! •
maintain Presbyterianism. After some turther
remarks- the motion was lost.
The Moderator. appointed the standing com
mittees. J. E. Willson wished to know whether
thole who had business with committees bad a
tight' to - attend their sittings.' Moderator was
totderstood to my that committees' bad power to
Send for persons and papers.
Wm. Sloane moved that a committee be sp
. ,jmirsted to inquire whether the book of Discipline
requires minion and amendments, and report
; the same to this meeting of Synod.
. . J. B. WiD.son seconded. J. M. Willson thought
the mom ought to state what he wished to be
• • Mr. Sloane thought it ought to be amended in
reference to inventory appeals J. R. Willson
. wished it to be amended eo that pleading to 'the
ralmaney of a libel should be before it was found
-rclerant by the court.' -
J. M. Willson thought the Committee alionld
bomb:ter the mode of bringing papers before
• church conics--end also 034:leveret steps of pro
ceeding in a libel-;and also as to the mode of
tireferringnhaiges against any. ,
• T. Spruill thought this was not the proper
mode of . proceeding—owing to the relation
which this book sustains to our standards,
any amendments ought to go down in overture.
Bo was not in favor of disturbingathe matter
now. •
J. Chrystie called for a division of the guts
, ton. 'The motion was adopted In both parts.—
Mcdatior appointed J. Chrystie, J. M. Willson
and A. Bowden the committee for revising the
• book of discipline. •
J. M. Wilson moved that to morrow fore
noon be employed in devotional exercises. Car
After reading and referring to appropri
. ate Committees several papers, Synod adjourn
' al.
Synod has *solved to sit from 9 A. M. to 12,
and from.B to 8 P. IL
Before the Hon. Walter H. Lowrie.
Wm. Arthur% vs. the township of Pitt. In.
125 November Term, 1896. Mew:dim:for
plaintiff. Williams and SWIM for defendant.
_Action to MOTU' the value of weresnta Mimed
by the township.
Verdictfor plaintiff four hundred and sixty
' tit dollars and soventy-fire cents, being the dace
of the warrants, and interest from date:
Teran Todd & Co. ts..o. 0. Gregg. N 0.172,
• November Term, 1847. Verdict for plaintiff,
weris hundred and thirty-eight dollars.
• ' ADJOIRSLIX—The District Court, 'after an al.
mob uninterrupted session of several months,
adjourned yesterday, basing gone through', the
.whole trial list. There will now be no more
jagstrials until some time in the month of
vankber: •
Ottenass' Coca:.—The Orphans' Court was
ineassion ashort time yesterday, but no busintes
.1 et general interest was transacted.
• .1 - 14ontaies.—Ntunbers of young men and boys
In now daily in the habit of bathing near the
`. • old Allegheny.-Bridge. in broad daylight, to the
ennoYance of passengers. Common decency tn.
-quints that this abominable practice should be
=, and . we trust that the police officers
et all offenders.
Pz Tuts.—We saw a raft coming down the
Allegheny riser yeaterday, which had a large
number of young pine trees upon it. It was
hound for some of the lower poem, whent the
greasmill doubtless meet with a ready sale,..
fib proprietor realize a handsome profit
Daesomo.--31r.' French, a blacksmith from
Cincinnati, was drowned from the steamboat
Loyal Hanna. Hie body has pot been yetrec.,
'Sinews CONDUCL—Six DIM were, yoterhy
gituttoon, brought to the Mayor's office, &gaged
Vlth disorderly conduct at the Circus. Two were
tnieFged and four held to bal.
~.- Prin.—Robert French and James Murphy,
tVo hands on the Beaver boat, who are alleged
to bale been engaged in an affray some nights
ago= the wharfgn which the watchmen ware
I bed= off, and one of them, Samuel Dunbar,
'lloMvedult Minn& were yesterday arrested, and
Wan before the Mayor.
' Their fine and costs amounted to thirty dollars
each, which they paid: . . ,
Aitusran.—A drayman was yesterday arrest
ed by pollee officer Heed, and held to bail by
Uporlutbria, •on a charge of throwing bricks
tha Canna on Wednesday night.
HZ= TO. Ban----The Allegheny Enterprise of
rday gays that a man named Little, 'he
a second-band store In the Diamond, Inla
to ban thie morning, by Mayor Fleming, In
eka sum of $BOO, to appear at Court and answer
the sharp of receiving stolen goods. BoSse COP'
per kettles sere seised upon by tloo owners who
iimiersed - thal they had been stolen. .hir. Little
bld =them, from bay', who had undonba7
Before the Hoo. Judge truiiL
The District Court of the United States met
yesterday, and the time was principally occupi
ed with the arguments of comma upon semis]
applications for injunctions against proprie.
tors of planing machines, who were alleged to.
be Infringing the Woolworth patent. ;Injunc
tions were issued against John Lowry, James
Simpson & Co., and John B. Bell.
All the fume who were defendants in the snits
recently decided by Judge Grier, in favor of Eli.
sha Bloomer,
the assignee of the Woodworth
patent, were directed to give bonds with security
in the sum of five thousand dollars, conditioned
for their accounting to the assignee for the prof
its arising from the use of the planing machine,
and on failure, injunctions absolute to issue
within ten days.
tirrtnurcp.—Police Officer Fox has returned
from his recent trip to the East.
Satre.—A large number draft:Are now com
big dawn the Allegheny river.
Tax WZA-THEIL—The weather for some days
past has been very sultry, with frequent show
ers. Yesterday, it was most oppressive until the
afternoon,. when some busty showers fell, which
cooled the atmosphere.
Tax Moans:etas Dtscorrazn.—We learn
from a gentleman who came up yesterday after
noon from Chestertown, that the full porticulars
of this most brutal murder have at length been
developed, and that the fiends who were the
principal actors are among the peraona now con
fined In the Chestertown jaiL It will be recol
lected that shortly after the murder was com
mitted, it was stated that a certain female in
Delaware had intimated that ahe knew all about
the matter, but all attempts to find her where
abouts proved fruitless until a day or two elate
when it was ascertained that she was residing in
New Jersey. On Friday Isaiah° was brought to
Kent county, and upon herrepresentation a man
named Shaw was arrested in New Castle county,
Delaware, and brought 'to Chestertown on Sat
urday night last. On Sunday Shaw made a full
confession, acknowlodgiug that he was one of the
party at Cosden'a house on the night of the mur
der; that he was induced to go there for plunder
only, that Abe Taylor shot Mr. Coaden from the
outside, and also shot Mrs Cosden when she came
into the yard; that Shelton entered the house
and murdered Miss Cosden, and afterwards went
.up stairs and killed Miss Webster—that although
Murphy and himself were present daring the
time, neither, of them had anything to do with
the murder. He stated that he (Shaw) was
bitterly opposed to the murder. It will be seen
that the statement of Shaw coroborrsta most of
the facts alleged by Drummond; now in jail, al
though that individual varied his statement in
regard to the details so much that his confession
could hardly be credited. Drummond was net
one of the party engagedin the !murder, ea he
has alwaya:strenuorusly asserted, and Slum en
tirely acquits him of all partici , pation.—Bak.
From the Butler Whig.
It this week becomes our painful duty te'4l) - -
nounce the death of the Hon. JOHN Barnes,
President Judge of this Judicial District. He
died at his residence in this 'borough, on Wed
nesday morning, the 21st but., after an illness
of but one hour's duration. He had risen in the
miming as usual, at 5 o'clock, and was engaged
in preparing his papers for an Adjourned Court
then in session. At 7 o'clock he ate a hearty
breakfast, and in order to peas the time until the
hour of. the Meeting -of the Court, retired to his
office for the purpose of writing a letter. That
letter was never finished. While writing, he was
attacked with paralyaiS of the brain, and not
withstanding the efforts of medical gentlemen of
eminent skill, he sunk rapidly, and in one hour
from the time he was attacked, he peacefully ex
pired in the arms of those whom in life he had
loved with so much devotion.
The death of Judge Bredin has created a void
in this community which will not soon be refilled.
In every laudable enterprise, of local or general
interest, he was always foremost in munificent
contribution and in lending his.volce and influ
ence to aid in its successful prosecution. He
was emphatically a public benefactor and devoted
friend of the people.
Judge Bredin was the architect of Ida own
fame and fortune. He emigrated to Butler co.
soon after its organization, a poor and friendless
boy, and by the force of that talent and energy
which in after life became so conspicuous, ha at
tallied to one of the highest and most distin
guished positions in the Commonwealth. In
1880, he was appointed President Judge of the
Seventeenth Judicial District, Mid during a ser
vice of more than twenty years in' that capacity,
he established for himself the character of one
of the most profound jurists and Bible and learn
ed Judges of the Commonwealth. The example
of lodge Bredin is one that may be profitably
emulated by the junior members of the prates
aim, and by the youth of this community show
ing as it does, that ability, industry and integ
rity overcome all obstacles and lead to fortune
and eminent distinction. We are not in posses
sion of the minute facts that would enable us to
write his biography, neither do we feel competent
to do so; but we trust that a pen more able than
our own may do justice to his memory.
In social life, as in official station, Judge
Bredin was governed by a high eeuse of honor,
and always exhibited a dignity, courtesy and af
fability which gave a charm to his society f and
although of en ardent temperament, there was
in his nature all the milk of human kindness and
benevolence, andthe prompting' of ardent friend
ship and enduring attachments, which were held
sacred to the end. In his family circle he was
cherished with unspeakable fondness =deflec
tion ; and this whole community, in which he
has bein so long beloved and esteemed, will ever
honor and revere his memory.
On Saturday evening last, his remains were
followed to the tomb by an immense concourse of
people, many of whom had come from remote
parts of the county, anxious to pay the last trib
ute of respect to him who in life theihad so much
honored and esteemed. He has reared a lasting
monument in the hearts of the people. Peace
to hie ashes.
From the Butkr W 74.
• Evermore°, May 7, 1561.
MUMS. EDITORS meeting of the Brown.
ington and Perrysville Plank Road Company,
was held In this village on Wednesday, lest, at
the house of Mr. John Rea. Addresses were
given by Judge Marshall, Squire. Boggs, Major
White and semen!. other gentlemen, respectllig
the locadon and the grading of the road. A
committee was appointed to make application to
the Legislature for, a charter, before the nut
day of meeting, which wan to be early In Jane,
at the same place., Resolutions were passed fa
vorable to commence grading the road as soon u
$27,000 should be Kimmel, the greater part of
which L already subscribed. Animation,, deter
mination and goad feeling pervaded the assembly
during' the day, and all appeared resolved to
proceed, to the utmost of their means, in the at
tempt to secure for themselves a convenient mode
of intercourse with Pittsburgh and Allegheny
cities; and some preliminary arrangements were
entered into for commencing operations in the
Fall, which are designed to be more folly ma
tured after the meeting in Jane.
l i frtb • Vhige and Anti-Masons of the Bor
oegh of ntiwelughazt. win meet at the Hope El
Efatunlay everting, the 3let inst., at-7 eeleek, for
Tpar of ateellag d a / a gata to the County Caneentton.
New Wide.
mud Debtln Wallse*, complete.
World's Far Walls
illturm . n. Chad L..), Polk..
Where am Um Metals of my yuutte
Them le a
st emulated the eplrit that Loved thee.
Eames tbal etre tolibteet.
elmay:Lbed's Bad hour.
New Tee. Pau
Ida Polkel
Blue Juniata.
ttid Bachelor sad Old Meld.
Lamest of the 311.4 Orphan 0111.
Thy voice Ls made to mine ear.
Lament of the frith Etaltrumt. Reed and kz sele by
my 26 JOBB LE. HELLOII, 81 Wood et.
KLEBER has just received
- . 1:10... 7f 4.7 4:ri1n. • sairlioiro eons, d•dicid to the
Oros de Balm tem Ethiopian &am by WA. C.
Pcetor of Plttahargh.
la wr ideta r NlT r zt =tyMA , Mt i l d .
Beeet Roc. ea snag by Jenny /And. with new wee.
The Mounts. Daley.
i r t tezi , efmtz o l , , Lindh:J.
Poser, and dedkatedt :11e .. .. ..I= ' of atta t lia B 4:
Che mond..
bleedgeritb t .
DMehlosdoeuri,Leca Macbeth.
Alao—Neve Vo
mTq IN Meat,
splendhl lot of Ilene and )1 * p:ire"
S. HAVEN, corner of Market and Sc t=e°7=ffer.. Vt. l ink%
city. ooludstlng or .em duality of lleada . r ay ...,
Asocrlcan Knllng Perm Marlon. Mo a r. and cap 8 400
kookN i n ar try norlo of Illarllnto Arnold., Jam...* kfo.
rara. omn rk ik.olnyron a, Alai _lllplarl m Wrllloa labs,
bi, K k 'ad, kallaran.xi
.. a..laramon . ,, and olbmr cele
brated roanakirlared=malNlolll N t afora. E 4,.,
IZ A iVdT.: Ho and lm a groat tarlatnlarl ¢ (¢e. L ow
draws. Wafer ewer. fie. ereo
DRIED PEACHES—UM bushels (bright
halves) la .to era Mr We b 7
11111 E Y, ATTUE & CO.
DRIED APPLES-30 sacks prima, fursale
by - =7 211 AMY. wan 'tows 2 CO.
CASTOR OIL-9 bbls. (Bloir's.make) for
by my2l ABM IWITIMWS k CO.
uokyt...,m hhcla_prime N. 0., for sale bg
A 7 rise 4=l U1=1••• • CU
LUILTIORD (Ct.) May 29.
The'first ballot for U. 8. Senator, to-day re.
enltell se follows i—Tbon. U. Seymour (Dem)
105 ; Roger S. Baldwin, (F. 8.) ; scattering
16. No choice.
'he Home-then adjourned till to-morrow.
Haw Your., May
Mr. Webster arrived .here to-day, and took
lodgings at the Astor House. His speech at Al
bany will be nubllshedto - morrow.revised by him
Borman, May 30.
The large steam planing mill, of Johnson Mur
dock adjoining the State Prison, at Chariest:On,
was destroyed by fire last night.
Boerne, May 29.
The trial of James Scott, for being concerned
in the rescue of Shaddrach, the fugitive slave Is
progressing. Several witnesses testified is to
the guilt of Scott.
no H. 8. Commissioner, Cfirtis, publishes a
card in reply to Horace Mann, denying baring
consulted Mr. Webster before giving his decis
ion in the Simms case.
The Ron. 'Geo. Thompson M. P., announces
hie intention of shortly returning to England.
Saw lonic, May 29.
The steamer Brother Jonathan, hence -for
Chagres on Monday last., broke her cross head,
and returnd last evening for renal's!. She will
by detained one week.
• Ncw Foltz, May 28.
Cotton—The market is dull and drooping.
Flour—The market is heavy and unsettled,
with sales of 2000 bbls at $3,94 .Ci 4,08 for com
mon to stnight state, and $4,12i€,e4,81 for
round hoop Ohio.
Corn Meal—The market is heavy.
Grain—Wheat is dull, bat firm. Corn is plen
tier, imd less firm, with sales of 12090
at 59e€4691 for western mixed, and 600 for
round yellow.
Whiskey—The market is heavy, with Wes of
Ohlo at 29} 12 gal.
Provisions—York is heavy, and prices are un
settled. Best ia dal L.:' Lard is plenty and dull.
Money—The market is very easy, and rates
declining. The banks take loans freely at 6 per
cent. Stocks ore advancing, with a strong de
mand fot good description. Sales $20,000
Reading R. R. at 59e. Exchange on Paris and
England are very firm at flail rates.
M3y 29.
The market is without change, and dullness
prevails in emery department of trade.
Flour—Small sales at $8,40 "r 1 bbl
Whiskey—sale at 18c "pl gal.
Provisions are without change and nothing of
consequence doing.
The river bus risen 14 inches, since last report,
the weather is ehowrey.
sos t Co. aro no open!. a lug, lot or brantifut.
II Pprrug Mb., 01 12.% cente per yard. Them aoods
are onannamed Ear cheap." am they an, well worth =
cents. Noe. 62 and 61 Market M. 61,111
Germ., and our own manufacture, Ear sale at the
Moth Wareroom, Noe. 7 and SI Wood .1.
___2.lll. PIIILLIPS„
ToTea Drthken.
F you wont
_Real Good Tea, go to 310 -
-0 11/3' TEA nOw Dialinnal; bta dert.bnili
B t
in tba city. Itricet-40e.. 71.., and 111 it b.
CLEY'S POT CLAY --36 bids. j eta reed
and La ale by J. deIIOONIIAILEti a en.
WRENCH FLOWERS.-_ splendid variety
the etemwt min irmeh Atiti Asanissa nolevre,
voilett era anmare! to sell very ehtap, at wholevale et
MY= A. A. MASON • Co.
_ .
11RIED PEACIIES-35 flacks in store, will
Jur be "old lo• to dose lot, in ,
inrln MAIM! DICIEST t Co.
BUCI ETS-50 dor, Marietta, for sale by
tarn J. It. CANYIKLD
BROOMS -100 doz. Corn, for tale by
zarzt - J. 15. C/Nflb.LP.
SAL — E . RATUS--100 boxes pure;
IV sal* by
toed ' J. B. CA NIGID.
- PEARL ASH—Z caskri for silo by
m7l J. & CANPIELD.
SOT ASII-4 casks p ure , for qux
S ALERATus, tons in boxes and casks;
11 boxes Permed Paw% .
or =ir by COSY= DLLZELL !CO,
my= Liberty street.
TIRIED APPLES-20 , bags for sale b 7
1l mY-1 , R. DALIr.LL • CU .
TICIT ASH-5 cubs for sale by
suYll • a. DALULL t CA
PEARL ASII-20 casks for etas by
my= 6 DALZ.II.I, • CO
ankle need awl for We or the Drag atm. o /20 N. N. WII.K.ENZ/1/01..
o. K A NO.
01723 Haman awl Ezetwww Brake.
SUNDRIES -14 bble. Orea4e;
4 No. 1 Lard_
IS nets
012.00 r. fexam R. llaytlo..l and hr We by
12.A.1A1l DlCsad KEY 00.,
mr2:l /ma Wataa
./A 'raps on blunt. • supply of India Bubb." Llt. Pre ,
nerve," and Jacks/Is, of Indln Rubber and Corn 97•77949n
tan5, for ode al the India 'tubber Depn, 7 9.19 19,,n1
m 72) . • J. & H. PHILLIPS.
NEW BOOKS !—A large supply of No.
Cllntoct Crooke Greek and Latin supply
Mato raxolly Roblzobon, or Ma Adrentom Yather
and Moth= and fol. bona, on desert U. Itraa.
itit ' reeiicut Arab by R. IIOPHLNS.
tarZi 74 Apollo Building,. Fourth st.
I reo'd nal far al. by H. ft. WICKERSILebt.
rayRU corner of Math and Want cu.
New Books, jrwt received.
aREEK GRA3I3I.AIt, for the use of High
LA Much; mat Untrersitleu by P. Butt:mann; reviled
atoll enlarged by hie mim Aleunder Bottum:mi . vo. Abp.
The Mob Oonledetatere. and Matolltou ol li9he by Hew
ry 74. field; 13 o. moo.
Thai Auttiblogrepby and llennotialli of Captain Obadiah
Cougar. to 0117 rum mariner and dam:meter from the
Port of Am YOU; by Sae. U. T. C 0....- lane, mu
for de by • R. fit/FADE,
7a Apollo gothlinire. Fourth ru
graDYSO'fT'S Yellow Dock to Sarsaparilla—
LP . ; ffon. for mak br J. EIDD L CO.
GO Wood rt.
IVISTAR'S Balsam of Wild Cherry—l
aeorfw..kbs mllO a. KIDD t C 1.7
lIEMPSEED-30 bble. prime, for sale by
mylil J. KIDD A CO.
C A b; STER ;!.5 bbls. No. 1 , (Rtgt).foj,sale
PINK ROOT-2000 lbs. for sale by
¢1719 KIDO CO.
/'OLDEN SYRUP-12 half,d 24
1- rmrir " a " 8 " ° . 44114`1! litronisay a co.
DIES. of different Mum Co NM* .t the India Rubber
DO. Sec T end 9 Wood et. J. a IL P
C HROME GREEN-5 eases superior qual
IL!. na for hoeseaul Asambott parydvar
-100 bbla. EL . lLSlolsuseie
••• Syrup;
10 X bbit Goldoni Syrup;
9) S. U. Idolfium fur ale b).
a BORLIBID(199 1901111A11,
U.S9I 110 watur ut.
(I ‘, TE SILAWLS—Rec'd this day, per
M me mien of thou very desirable. rola =I
es= erml Crape tibmv,M..a. trim.. M
or? A. A. ASONt CO.
MAPLE SUGAR-2 bbls. very choice Ma
pia Dakar, hat reel and for oh br
nkylk °racers find Tea Dealers.
'I 6 C:ERING'S SUGAR-Doublaefined
LedoCrushed. Pttlrerised sod PowdereeL ennetwatly
. asul for de by the bend or doll et tbe lore.
ea. Mt•leby MLA. u.cLuith co,
myl9 258 Liberty et.
A tt , hes; r i ! ps;
- 1 1 rVe
. vt . es Vif. A. ideCLOßti 7 00,
Omen wd Tea Moslem
issouri, on consignment
and for We by Al.E.rlt. GORDON
m 716 No. 134 Irrtroen.
COTTON -25 Wen (Batting) for sale by
. 134 Yroat of-
EAD-2500 pigs Galena l ;
.4 CO.
TEAS -50 hi. ctiests Young Upon;
5 4. 4. Black Oolong Flavor;
Ftralo b 7 NAIAD DIOKkY g CO,
mJIJ _ Water and Front at,
SALT PETRE-75 sacks Crude for sale by
AMS-10 casks for sale by
UTTER—Fresh Roll for solo b
sarl3 ISAIAH DICKEY it 00.
TS bozo. 31yre. G's;
J. Hales O'c
29 "Shervraarn • and n
gteln and to sal:by - .I.""kr"*. '
18411 Al l DICKEY t CO.
CRIMPED' RlBBONS—Assorte{l widths
coo adorn, need by artuam this day.. Also, bimok
4.! ed Silk Da Button.
lb ylO Y. 11. EATON. 02 Fourth mt.
L"LOOR OIL CLOTHS.—A large stock of
flax 011 Cloths, of widths =Ong frmo X toe ids.
• 0. ortpalvd to OM .. /Mr AA {WI MIN goods GUI NI
0.000.aml sa the bat. Merchant* and boom korprra aro
...wool to call and onamlos go , .o.k 1 ..' , .. J. •11.PlilLelt e
m y le
.., 7 sadloWood.t.
1 11 1 2aNNERS' O.IL-20 bbls. warraatedpure;
ke We by 11. S. 8914P8, -
atTIS . wood•L
r„ •
osTurrics 'DZPARTMV.37,
March 14, 1851.
T BEING DESIRABLE to aubatitow locks
and keys of 1.0010 other kind fur throe nem in um for
mall service of the United States, stvdmeu locks and
kers with proposals to furnish the ita., ',nil he received
and consdered - at Poet 01Bee fletnrtueost. until the lot
lop of July) nom. The different Incite will le. submittal to
yip e'en:amnion and repo. Upulh Afils re
port, rositrarts •111. sect, as practicable, be entered into'
for furnishing o Lich locks and keys for too,. years, with the
right co the part of the Postmadtei General tor the tune
Wog to exunhl and continue the contract m Moon for an
additional tome of four years. by yriving to the contrite. ,
• written amine to that effect, not nem, than nine nor lea.
than Mr menthe before the termination of the first toms of
Nab • view of procuring the brat lock at the lowest price,
no kind of lock is pm...scribed •elandard: the Dc•partment
riel7ll3,s47: f evetion 112 t
t i l : r mechrical skill nod glee..
111Z:however, nivezzlit, fort p L
=mil etre!. Pholdd pcosess the following qualitiehriC drt
rabillty. uniformity, lightness, and ofrenuh.
For the purses, of displacing. eitoultaneously all the
mall looks and keys now In use. about thirty tboulaod
owe locks and twenty thousand keys adapted thereto, will
be repuireol to be furnished by,the contractor within seven
moudis'utter contract shall have been enbered into
Wee/ants the manual supply will depend on the durability .
of the looks and keys adopted, as well esthetes-Tremor tbe
matl nervier. hut It will probably never visaed In amonnt
three thousand of the natter end one thousand of the la 4
ge to lock will be considered If it he like any almadl ra
to. made be of lo~e w il ih i ski, eell o ~ o-rbg%Lia 171=-10
Ley. stellar to Wore contracted far, for any other purpose
or um than that of the Poet Office Deportment.
The kind of locks adopted must ho patented. and the Pe
inude* will berered. on entering Into contort, to male assigutnent of b lip patent for the exclusive We and ben
t of the Department, If the Postmaster Deneml WWI
deem suck require/omit emential to tho Interests of set
Tire, to cam of the failure of the contractor at Any time
to fulfil faithfully We terms and mniditions of his conned.
the Postmaster General shall has thotight.besides armee
to the penal remedy hereinafter mentioned, to annul said
contract. and to contract mow with any other party or
M es as he teat sec Oh for furnishing similar locka
In deciding upon thcproposelsend speck.. offered,the
Pone:lune General me, doom It expedient to OK for the
through =Mile the lock "lone Udder. mad for the way mate
that of another. Ile rivers, thrivfiee, the right of ton
traction with different individuals for ouch different kinds
of locks as he may select i, aud airs thus right to reject all
Pr e llin i nTe= " Tf d tt ` e ° 774.;.; ` ,.... ' gedart,...;';.=
contrasting will lie required to glee bend, 'with ample we
rarity, la the limn of thirty thousand MMus, for a faithful
performance of the contract The contrmt le to contain
ProMidom for the due and proper inspection of the WW2
and MY, and also tor 10...rdirlo, against their passive Into
Improper hands; the terms of them provisions to In no'.
ranged Admen the Department end the emoessfill bidder,
lf a bid •should be Armond.
No implicatlinv will be considered If not eorompanied with
satisfectorTkleoceof the trumworthytheracter of the blif
dm, and of h i U s
s ability to hilt the contract.
N. K. HALL, Patrnaster general.
been male In this office tor In/arenatlon Innelation
r which Land Warrontn under the art of
25;il ' otre s pitm In ber, 11,0, nhould Me following
el:towers thereto Lave been inwpatzed. Us win
There are three molten by winch Mee. ',wallows may Le
- lat.. fly the Warranter In perxon.
2n. By the Warrantee through the agency . of Ude oak.
IfSa. By en d ent A or Attorney.
the ten oecotl mode Is adoptea, the applicaUon
totort be mule fn welting, rpocifylng the tract, DM district
or P.tital of °notary. to which the le.atlun IP &Bred, and
be aczolnpanieu by an aftatarit acountlog to the following
Where. the third tootle 111 adopted, Pnwer of Attorney
mutt be pmduced, executed by the warrantee In the pre,
*nee of • vitae., ...eluding to the folloartng form tin.
which power of Attorney mutt beecknowledgel.
OA lb. twee may be, teekire Kano onber authioriud to tale
filo acknowledgment of deeds, accbnllng to form Nn.3 or .1.
In oil t h e Patent. colt trattetnitted to the Land
Office where loradion to made. notes, rpeetal dlnrthons
to the contrary be given J. BUTTERFIELD.
FORX No. 1.
Corm or
Before sae ta hka .Justlve of the Peace orother ofßeer •uthor-
Penchi, appeared f ben truart the
0.121. of ...mates] who being duly mui.,
thathe the Id waoae of wan.—
. Wiii.lia. - ireaT[iier:iZ.ert mine of llranI Iran
trw.) . to whom %arrant No.—. for— arrew.ttoder thw
Act of Pwatembet, 11,517, wad Issued oo the. day of
—, and who bow noddle, to bd. the tame.
Swart, to and intbacribed Wore tue this a
day of —,
tOteare. aigxwarci
Form No. 2.
.. • .
Knov all man by the.e pratento, that I, [her* Ingart the
tuna of aarr.ear,J of the County of and blAtt• of
do beryl, hnnatilat4 azal appaint
-,. arty tau. and lawful atom - pay. Jro fur wad In to
name ba•atr Laud .At'arrant So, toles of
.bkb b00t,13 wale, the Act ttata.aaar.
I . oway of autatituttou way Is Insart.l If devt,l j
Signed in preiience of
I 1r arrante*. signatur. :
Font No. 3.
Starr or
Coran or
Co this d y el lb. " oz
lb. ared here lor.rl nape n l . s o ll
" Wrl 'f1 y. " 2•1 . 1.7.1V1Z47117:
u..ano of vsrmn4,l axkl Le Inn prevr.n.tho
1. descrill.l in the .Ithth Power. sod law executed that
Font No. 4.
Stars or
CorrlTl or
I hetet,' rertlty, that cm thul day —, in trdi
lesr —.lrrronally came Myra. &Irina,. the mray
o irremm allor !her. t OO, l the name ~ r warrantee, mat
the ..l4 [here Insert thy name. erttnom.j Mlnd Yrelt
Memo to ann.
July ...or. by tar, sod on t. eath
d-elaool and met that Im 0.11 in.. th y .014 (10110 CU kj,
tb• name cf ealmanb,. and that Ls o,,thr tam. tor r a
M scribed la mei oh , . meeruted .)trioe 1 , 90.Y 0f SP
tomer, and Ms terimmuy 00. .0...t0ry trelmum
ot that tart, and the osYJ her. insert Orr mum. of warm,
ttimmipuo arMlool , mitmd th e viod Yet to be
au] .
. (01:1Lieestleasturm.1
1) L
tICE--100 tierces tor vale h .
21212 116 120222
Yri.ut-118 bbls. N. C.. for sole by
mrl3 WICK i BaCABDLM.f.
V GREEN-6 cases (or sale by
J =iris B A 1 4LINDdTOCE. a 4,y).
1./L r liNT U3IBER---150 lbs. Pow'cl for eile
IL. by A1.02 B. A P•UN1.... , 21,C1i A Cr,.
' DACE GINLiEft--?. bng4 for sale by
LE ..fll B. A. VA 11 , k_sr..,ch• .. r , O .
Q A.LKRATI.: S-112 casks prim, for halo by
17 mull Of ICI . ki,CANDIA:2A
IJEARLS-11 casks first sorts, for sale by
.7/ 2 Olcu s MeC DL
C/TAM-1S rankx pure, fur sale tiv
mrl2 WICK X,CANDLI:-51‘.
I.IA.MS-31.2 S. C. Canraas. for sale by
CIODFISII-10 tierce. for sale by
■• IiOCOLATE-130 has. Bost.. for sAlf. by
AT J coyi:
j. I tag. Edging Aal egiE
toe witta •NE arsoftetent of Lam
mrlo °P"'"' " N F. LL EATON. Fourth at.
xfi et 4,10 IrAlAll DICKEY • CO:
PONFECTION 11,.. for sale by
4[J myg , N. A. I'AIINE:!TOCH • C.l.
131; LV. Colts STARCII--5 Las. for sale by
INDIA.N RED-11.50 lbs. for . Bile by
1 NDIGO-1 100 lb kegs Manilla;
.„e tz tal d r ll4 , „..
ig, L. min a, &amides of h rapon. l .l7.4.
WA 1114 7,10000 • no.
W.., and Front rt.
IROUND NUTS--15 necks forsiilelv
T. 7 .75
LITMEGS-1 bbl. for eale by.
J. Kim)* CO.
IjOYS' CASSI3IERES-0( various colors
ja and styles, reed by
my!. r • DC lIIILIFIELD.
CANDLES-15 boxes (10 to 40 Ilia.
oeach) for oak by J. D. WILLIAMS S CO..
• my 6 MM. , WOW sod /UM sts.
`PERM CANDLES-10 boxes 4's. s's, and
kJ My 4rt pale by J. D. WILLIANII I CO.
D) chesto Malay lad Oakum -
bornb .stn atm Minn, an owe hr
m 7 5 1 O. WILLIAMI(A CO.
JEER SKINS-3 bales for ' , ale by
m 7 MET. Atrium., &co.
1 JIG LEAD-490pigs Soft'Cialeno, for sole
11 b 7 my 7 ILEEY,IIATIIIEIVB • CO.__
1)10 METAL--465 tone for sale by
my 7 MI KY. MATTIIEN 8 & CO.
'WEATHERS-4a sks. prime Ky:, for sole by
Hutt mArrnEws A CO.
SODA ASII-60 mike (good) for sale by
POTATOES -100 bo. (Galena) to arrive,
sir tabby my 7 A. UULUEft Nt CO.
DYE WHISKEY -37 bble. (pure) for sale
AIL to , my? A. cutuelersos !M.
OPTS. TURPENT — INE--^_U bble. for sale by
TALLOW -3 bbls. for sale by
1070 00E11000, LITTLII a CO.
Fr OBACCO-1 hhd. prima Sefar Leaf;
rt... 0. Ay L. S. WATERMAN a PONS.
aye 51 and 61 Wator, and G 2 Frnnt at.
OIL -40 bble. pure Linoeed, for ludo by
SODA ASH-20 casks Kurtz's brand, for
adabr m,a B. tt.G/1.
fi.LASS,-600 boxes used sizes, for ,uo by
‘,N moo N.t W. 11A11/IM,II •
LARD OIL-50 bble. for solo by
..16 8.0 W. HAIM:UN/II
GLASS -800 boxes Window. for sulu
by .p 22 B. Y. VON DONNOOOST a CO.
AKES-40 doz., flay Raked, fur sal° by
Lb .p 2.1 P. P. VN I , ONNIIOIIST t CO.
CORN -00 bu. Shelled, for sale by
.Da J. 8. DILWORTH t CO.
ODLIVER OlL—Zogalls. serioi White,
fur male by myl up
Wood st.
TIOTATOES-20 bbin. Nenhannorko, for
_IL bbia by co TO 0. P. VON BONN IJOOOT CO.
IRON-66 tons Forgo and Foundry,
ort coorlsoment, for sale br
LINSEED OIL--1U casks (prime) for sale
by my 6 8. k. H.llllllOlllOll.
VEJLMILLION-62 lbs. (Trieste) for sale
an 7 It. X. 8141.1.ER5.
fIIfEESE-30 bozos receiving and for sae
Ni by by. 7 B. DALZELL (X).. Liberty .t
IJIIAPE.E.-4.300 reams Med. and Crown Wrap
fng, fur ""lowof;‘ln'tv
ei lr,‘..
HIED PEACIIES,-600 bu. for sale by
WANTED, and th. Kabala premium pfd for tba
met A. WILKINS A Ca,
Market and Third FIS.
DRIED APPLES-75 bu. for sale by
604 116 Water stmt.
4.IALIIION--30 bbls and hf. bbla. No. 1, for
br gat JOHN WATT t CO.
WARING-40 bbls. No. I Cum) for ialeby
. .. -' .. .. Liu...
Eureka Iffi n i re C almly o f l t ri o bi gam /TOMAS WHITE, -BONNET ; MANE.;
V . POLLEll.O . 4 . l,3losith Second Plineet...tabove
PRE ' B oA:holders of th o Eureka Mining miadeant . febleily
UltitaPaitY fhllehluart. are hereby uotillod I on mita=
mamemment of erity4l. menu per Aare has bent made • ep o ,.... pee • ,
tbe capital steel of the Erma. !lining Company of ' ' '''''''''
3liebbe, ppk. phi., pr 11AGALEY, OODWARD hole-•
0 .• otho* or the Ceolvay. in the building mod Plod AP, tele them.. Eck= Harket sh. Philadelphia 441
Pahuer. Comm Co la itmburKli.
. • --
JAB 31. Cil 151'1'. See- aud Treat
mybiebtilimul Eureka !Ma k,. of Ilteb.
• Inn City Yining Company.
UE regular Annual MeetiOg of the "Iron
Cltt MLaoo Company," hid: at the anise of
r tfax.R.l. 1U thy, City of Pittsburgh, on,MondaY. Jun..
th, al 0 o'clock, P. .
An massage. of 50 On. por elan bat been oaf and
sill bed un the =1 of June. al. an spa...tent of :
• yenta per Mare, due oa the MAW Acurun• 1,4 /•
ay order of the Itostra,
• ray= Estcretair.
holders of the Ohio Trey Bak 311rdny Company ...try/
b• Id at the office of old nonslms7 In
City " "".
bureir Monday. June .at 2 0,i00....Liriat,..,...
101 Liberty stied
-10 pieces French Lln RECEIVE.
for Psnin:
10 - English end Freneh - Dray d' Etc. fir sma
ll pr&reanolledand blast Bilk Warp ( =min...". t . "
• A splendid assortment of Marsefllee andqinen Test
lean , mylo
ERRING-10 bbls new for sale by
II I n; l4 W aP. WILSON
RICE -20 tierces Carolina, for safe by
VOFFEE--ISU bags Rio, for Bale by
ioro , JAMES A. 111.1TCLUSON A CO.
TEN, RED-15 casks (English) for sale by
d'ILOVES-2 bbls. for sale by
SUP. CARD. SODA-10 kegs for sale by
01010• 24 Wood A.
-1 t, .o.Buvm.. mi onrc
2 iOULDERS-32 casks for sale by
snylo BA M. JONES &CO.
mite w. P. MARSHALL, et Wind et
("HEAP WALL PAPER—For sale by
aryl9 W. Y. MARSIIALL. 85 {Pad 8.
TESTER CENTRES—For sale by i ......
mll6 W. P. MARSHALL, SS Wood M.. ' .."'
1 4 :1RI - L-,3 bbl'. & 8 kegs NUTI, Cur sale by ! Professoi A. C. Barry's Tricophens,
myl6 JOHN WATT A CO. . fill MEDICATED COMPOUND, for' re-
FISH— i 'LI Morin. prnerviniamd beantlfying the hair,eradlme
0) bhla and 40 hr. bbla Su 1. lialtimore Honing: I ". . c"rt '''' d'''"g. "4 roving d'''''""
I , _ , ~ .. • .. 8 ,, 1 glands and muscles , stunot. mats. MM.., mn-ainx. eta. It
Gtu Mn meertaintal by experiment. that Barr)'' Tempi..
No - Large SII. 3 Ilarkerel,• emna haa produrad the mtue allmt In exmlna dltentaaa of the
Al hf. bbl'. Late Puperlor Ma lmo.; fo r Web
m 716
• 1011,, W AIT A.r • ! Vitv . ,', i , = . . a.:,-.1. ''' r,;:t.:ittdte.m.m:
itii 3 OFFEE--IoU bap Rin i , 4i i i i r s etl A o r ipi
ca import, ' ,rtn gene t.• /Maw the value of the prepration.
1 ntl,hre:tpzittlotx In wllkh la 6 held by L4r.••• erho have
‘_, urri6
pra IRON-100 tons Huntingdon co., for 1
tale by m l l6 JOILN WATT A co.
• hint Visa. Sept. V.. i IMO.
BP.. Wawa—Dem Si _l Lase Lees alCicled with a CU.
eruptkm of the sealp. of a moat awzravated Haar.
C/OCkS! -- i artex. Bar lbw. last sateen yearn., and during that period
I have hod the advice of some of the moat eminent phyal
-IUST onenine—a very excellent nefiortnaent : 'V0..z01...^ trliet Mi B. PreParatimo. Ba the her mad
la or MAtOOl. CLOCKS, at from It ta Mall waralot- 1 4 g a Mead ' reri , ; aa th ; =11 ".. . ' b' l d' eid i s:Z7.ll:l
M to keep soW time.
nd tiltration. found
Alm—hrave Mmatel Clockw. for !LSO each, and warrant- !=hr,: i &tt n ej o ' ga ul l,b,„„ s n uo h ...a., elef en., of the
ed — Ct/..P ...SI NieV i ringi 7....51.... diminder that at thaam I was tornally blind. •
reocc,t M.. Respectfully. yours, It V SI RAPELTB.
earner of four th . l4O Columbia scree... Brooklyn.
TEMPLARS' SWORDS-Just reed, a lot
spy Shag. Oct 'M. 1850
of Knights Templar Surds , with the emblems Of the PLOY Baenr-Ily Dear Bit -Atuat two ream ago my hair
er butaWlelly engraved.
neme out • hue. deal, end my head wu moth afilleted
meal! W. W WILSON .I with dandruff. I was told by • friend to try rourTheopber
114101t SALE,ticcloTpd conslgroxient-60 els. 'i " i 4"" 'd "d i Th '" " r j" ,r t. a". "ir .."
I ho d lo r Vl d to.erfor gelf . ""
" L"
~.. .oargr;t ,E , C , ) Di A9ll. bratigl.e. , trof I a 3... Ilse 1
n itit respect I amroue obull uret.
a Pennsylmula 1i4.1 , 1 , 3114 Depot, J 8 TM:I[M ELL..O3 Drudway
ray comer Penn and Way. streeta.Pittehmat If any lady or gentleman doubts the ontheatkity of the
VI lOW'D EXT. LIQUORICE-I can for sale 'il.:;7;u:'l7.;34.l"Orit..nstippphtTnri AgitVs:lbri
a br MTV It A. FALINZATOCK ft CO ' ael buten
111 AIM'S TRICOPHEROUS-I2 dos. for ' [Kum the Milltarr and -.\ 7. - nd Aram Nov V, 1.1,0 I
_LB We by B. E 8 -. EL P S . 1 ant. n l7laels ' erof the itil • =l7 • 17ft . 1114 "1 r Pgra
'' ' ' ' '''' d ' L din 14,411.4 eth tynt 1 e the Ankle Loma as PrOfemor
(t)l,/,;;f1.),?,P11.;,,Fdrw.'d ( r t nt t l'lg re) ii=pirmaZin, rp'llipti:=l.'.ifirg.l.,l4.7;
...deem, usury Iti the Iwo
tt L. out to ...ft rem- Pe
Xi ITIt IC ACID-600 RiP. (pure) fur Salon y n th" , ` r,-,0 ••• or th e hod It MUM
to to the Monuf
. the Latr, innt hue puma. Its month to a rurkable de.
Al mill I KIDD a 4,13. fat Wood st , arm It da d the deralruff and ort entl maim the
1 /INK ROOT-2000 lbs. fur elle b bur line and taco, It will cure elrdlerous of the scalp,
such WI /WIWI hm d dew worm, and other bomb
I to dlr.
2,_ null J KIDD SM) den of the skin. la rbettpuem• u era unfleacy, it sunk
- -I:Ribble. No. 3, for sale by I"l7"lt.rned""eittat6trall L'elDr""ottattU.7-..npentil"e,"tlintoto".u"bott:n.
....3 5A W. lIAILDAttiII IW. United tutu szol Canada
A .
- tOLASSES-100 bbls. for sale by PRINTIN G INKS.
1_ mfht s.* W n-Aftllit.U" AUTCIII3.SON h. CO., No b.; Spruce Street,
ill EN - 201C ACID-71 or.. for sale by sill man trtt.-tip m.o. ton re of the beat
D A WAIIN - riTt/CSCA CP. 1 ....w. I 11 PRIT'S,/ lle. p r Mut and LIU:m
i.) oanti
. graph. Henan, asal Po 31. Dk a. Jt. W Mt, which
OIL CLOVES-20 lbs. for sale by
myl3 m le of the 1 mut mat. go. and to
11. A. KAIINESTOZIL aO3 w t. 'w" .. ° L . J ... ,, i :: t r'ir yk i;: ...w ;,,,, ~,,,,,,
lII'ILAKE 3IANNA-460 lbs. for Pale lor - " .7 " .7-t e' o ww.nwr Y , ..-PkPersUPPW , PPt - elhe i Messmer
•, _ ~.., in me kit/ et prom naryfitc fr.a 4 ete to 340) per lb,
Mr 13 0 4 . riIiKKAEOC. wMI put up in mon and f truunted to era.-
Q TONE; PIPES-340 boxes for into bi - . u'' c'' ' '''''''''''''''''''''''' ' ''' t`t'''''''' ' ' ' . '''''''''' 1
w ,,, , ,, a 3 ,, e ,,,, L ,....., allitl •ars km Inan SI.. to Chinn. la. mughs m
{ j 133113
tt."."--- lIEMOVAL
AIACKEIIEL-160 bids. No. 3,
I 0 P , ?is .- fur eel@ I y Itnt. V7ARE3LIN & CO,
my tt WICK 8 tlrCANlittut
No. 79 d.. SI (late 76) MAIDEN Lays, 1
lUD-12 btls. No. I, for sale by
soyi mtr,.
t 7
_eserla W . ICX A kIeCAADLE 4 I
Direzt. / ,Fpunte Lit OLf Shut/.
irt RAZ-MS-210 dot. Cum, for sale by ,,. IA ANUPACTU HERS AND JOBBERS of 1
.11, ouSl - WICK & sa l
Dl X G.E.VTLP.ME.X.S . 1174-ValfING .ARTJCLES. am
7 BS-Gel doe: Beaver. for sale by ' ',4,..!°rri : "
,00d Dretecus-Ileavy -heavy., Light Wont, Are
m 713
ei,... .
nUTTEit-zo kegs for tale by . omo-Fatin. 5111. No. Ikmbestrie and fancy of all
JJp meil WICK A AIGCANDLLFe etykat aml method
EllL aml Waal of VT Und.
(gtORCRLNG-4 casks No. I, for sale by 1 if/firr " Stn " d r .tr== .11 Mods . *"
L, ray 13 WICK A XeCANDLS 1 Crtmotst-lenry 0112 end keno, Huey Thnilsh Maim"
FM. Ital., Prime Albert Mut.. Tolled Judi.
. El e e°2la- LI M 611PPkb hat. As ,
~ ,t --1 /Mkt Yfutticrokeelk-Ccou, Lions Cuero, to.
A. - 31ASON is VO. would reveal sappyau.s.-yrptat. and lugliab. new ark. DOOmette
A• OW Ow ittenilm of thole no unman a the po md t °reign
6':7P111.17 t . t:tflnit'lrol7olVT== l "'si 1 l'lnt7 .l .l '. gn M . 2 0. l i gr- u iXv •i• - 4 41
In the Essippe rataspis, end ourraued at • mud m , fgano:-...e 1 . 1 r.. Mecum, Lamb s Wool.gilk. Lbs. MI
.1 ...lion Pun luau p.m to toot puukmetne at whole. ' GMn
tete re Sr. nu prwpored to ' eel mods at ouch kw. knurl; Cower Veleet , Culdnere.En e lab. Preach and
,14e.11.0141 Mx, oust hem Mu pure/mond raw Is oho-. Ur lot
a.. PvILWCI 12,13 , i end 41 Due.. Shoulder Brom Per gentlemen rod 1011..-a variety of
H AY AND MANURE FORKS-125 ifs. ' Atuu. 100., 8ut a ,u: nuelines ,
llanyr A Co. Crl•bratai hay &M f r.... Fort, ' K e uoll nee lie ...lac att.-m.lM* our Donmetle
n mut Dun tbe manalseturor A ildt3 .
m tele x o r r i te a stigin , Kutt Indemddste, 11 .wen,AuVizt r yi
At A
nut and for sale by
Wider hmet. j with/ W .-W.O 72 ABl hoiden Lane .
For tutu. of gal. and hitelask value, that Yorke
cont. b. simPum. and tbe Mr prZfe at which they aro 1 Shawl and Mantilla Warehouse,
.4.1...., Inure theft' intraluctiona aridly
Q PIIIITS TURPENTINE-10 bbls, in good 4... 1 2 Runt/ SEW KOCK. le wt. Menton.. of
ay ord.. Per WO by R. E. SYLLLIL.L. t y ie. IBV4I nclam wort... of Pestsu AND
211.'L...712 , r, g.,,,.., ~, ' Stand X 511 A. 1.8 utr beta - .reuivn tti l Aloe I. ICE
11tn.LIN and all kink of ell . K NIA .. TILL . =Anoka.
td Teem the harm Pans %Alm, received sty the shame.
' amt parilcularly alumni m the Mninntrule
In the new town of Latrobe, Westmoreland ; i s i t'at s ." ,, gle'" '"' "r P A"-""L° AND UM"
ne of (ranged and plain Mani cotton
I t Comity, Pa. ' rod Mt and Turk Sohn Peru., and Cotton and Ofe.
ham I. obreillot All of whkeit will be offered at extretulY
TA , Laotaaaaa Depot 0 .,,,. ,A,, 1.,..... juth.,,,,,d low prima We eerutally me. our %Mena Nahum..
amino our Mork before purrhacime
F AMED.. tOW - 11 of LATROBE is beaunfully A
klanthlea, put up to cuss Mr tranuortatim. owls!
muted .. Muted keel plain, on the bank of
4 Levia th an. Etter, where the leensuminut. hahrmal If urphy's Self-Sealing Advertising Ravel
rs,...ei tt.s. 'cream by • hand... eta s bridge of three
et one of 41 bet tub 11 la 40 Mike ea. of Pluttlaurgh, a pea
rut of Ontenstrorip It art of 1.4.1.., 12 math of 8.. NO. 263 MADP C S&N ST.,NEW YORK.-
',Hs, 3 north of konnteMon. and 7 south Of New Alexasc ,
aria The /Muldoon. Kaltman! will be oputtel to the A T. subecritor. In mliciting the patt.sce of an Mao
temporary tannin. near the-tow.. wetly In November kowg wee thle •Kweuilettmot• feu` none of that
21 1 1 ,.
BOIL to eman.t. with the southern toenail.. Tll4 lump Mtn Match • new artulais brought belbre the public. T.
ply et every train 5111 atop to take • mul at the now and ..0... of 7... h. .. 1 4 , ..4 their .Petiorlt7 Me
eanodes BAIL hahtl) 1./TEL, now in p.m. of enut I rmtl en Onee.M.4 be tuntelmtlY refers to the upteno.
111. t h. mare of the ohm Mottle oppante the Amt. of of thaw latudneneuma who bare nerd there ennhoper,
t ,!,'„..4 h,,,:',,,,,, g,,,,,,,. ~,5,,,,.. Ak,,,,a, f! d, s e end to Ids rapidly thermanag Wee as proof of their exthl
to greeted Immultsholy. Thu lota now onend 0r sale or inn.
leane an. PO foothont on streets 00 Mt mkt., alld 711:9 back Tht fonmetnir are •kW Of the Maun tor the. pork
D. U. , to •k. Keeton.: they will range in prim front IN) loh, tr ~,_ _
operant.. a...Du to tbur *Mum Noma ti th e totem. the .o th e Pim. ...PIM ItY the ..1. • tenon mu'
more than 40... rude from the Itellhod Ceuta , wh•tt to in tam hie name Ontelum , end aldreni, coutdcuously said
01,,, n . g t e .,,y gu, rot. (Hawn, and e ms, 01,..,,,f i Muitlftilli emboined, reel or OM, th.usukrling per.
Itltikh there so. Kuria Larolarmoly annaled along the Sect warily atainet fraud.
teak of the trj will
l t i eetz . favonablet term. U. per 31 The Enrelopra cannot be opeimd withont beirlit din
ItXtitelltf ettne ' r l y U round EL lawn ffe " .4l.74Tfu l tatt .- : . L'lneithm wax nor wafers are rusulud to seal then.
...mak, aud It will no doubt be • piece of great mutt 1 4U4 Cum Um std. Maga og • letter, th e Atli thsurosite
from the r e as it Is In the midst of the toes{ &Wu tonsedlate return to
realer, tusked of bet
sod hunting regime in thee part of the Mate. 115.0 a) ' moot. In the head Letter Olke
mat 00)0 thernmiren at al. Pan. tor bum.. ' 51.1.1 The Envelopes au
at haul the sum
men,taunts/tame. and Inechanins, to eon. and •ethel , D the.w ,P Dl K.°K..
ther. KW Ittitneetiete bun.. slot employment.. thie . tot) L ob Mier mellod le • , ..t , 4 ,. .e,
let pot .111 he they:Mat to which the Iron and el the 1.15 .. to thr o at the atlantic. of all through 01,0,0 hands it
of Liu... valley will manually con.. by • turnpike. 1 Mir itte. s .
tbneugh the gap of ti. Chatent !Ulm and .9 fele:ming le •DU a Poke. for L... entfeeved 00
Omit romt of three reheat.. AluuderJohnsteu.kuys, I.rau, wad Mach will lad for tea u and of t ourer. of I
14 the Depot u will al. that of the neighborhood of hew : the Mtnel otse. eithef melts or butt of. ord tomer. and
Alesualna, by • plank iced along the valley of the Loy- • Mule as above, with name, Wilma Wo e t
athatt.. 'Shore to plenty of the purest water: and the Pncrtt of Diu 1/Mas itY Durham me t h u
of coaLtrunle had close to the town. In abundance. D:. letters or lea_ - KM .1.... e.
nets 11. elooes6 hand, an Inerhausilble.pplyof all glade .
10 -
0 1.01 100t3 .... ..I.LfO
of building meter., Mu, rime. and timber. A saw mid -0 to 40 -
arid mill au In full mention with plenty ot water pow. 40 MOO b.f. avo 10,10
tv within :AO yank of the l/o0 ant an eittundm brick t.O MI.- - .....- . 1010 4000 - ... ... 13,00
will ftssli • huge nUmbar of au jK. tw 100 ... . - - 1 4 0 0.1000
4 " ... 4 i"l ' VeTt o tffrintraut naming sumo. 11. KC la deep t K hen. It *not ...tient to forward ...tit of jiTM ) , I
ontrrich end wll adapted to cultivatlon. gardens, Am I Per Mut or .Preete. • referee to • mnlnetalue New E..
the tams of Lk of lots . 111 beam& known on spell.. ' /loss, trill be Indllcient Al .l
mien will meet with
I T ,
I n in tauten OT by letter, to the imbectibet, or hie agent attenhou. If addruut UM. 81 1.111 P/IY,
In 1 ounestown. or at the calm in LATIIMIK where • plan No. 2C3 Iladleor. arm; Sr. York.
of the total.) big /WO 1.11,11 X 0 W, DARNEL, (haw. will be attended to promplk, If lett at the atom
N. B. A p .m,. 0 1,, a gti0,..Eut.k.0.,,,,,i,,,,,,, lof Mews eihm a hett, 1...0th street or of hems. 11.
03 Jerolimen • Co.. 134 William et
'b. "0"0" ""4 of "" dun boon
b. 1 t.. 8.-email Canis. embowed In colors, from 71.0 .
DI at Ill.tal thou... feb-.M.131.
• AckEIiELL;
WM. .
H. GARRARD hai removed the bal
of his stock of Dry Goods. D: Market
greet.pear Liberty. All pumas having any claims
a,za:nalt. pro noquvotal to prganst th em fortlaverth: and
ham Indebted are n/spectlully nequeenal to call and mottle,
no he wish. to cloa/ up his buelkow by the Ist of June.
Fine Dress Elixirs, per Express.
&A. MASON & CO. hove recd this morn
log kstr Expesss, a splendid 11,19ttammt of Clem Dress
condstlng of black and Cancyoatonstl Banos, blaes
and light fatter colored plaid Thomas. Leandro! plain and
egored harass de Wore., Lawns...lndia 6111[14 de.
The &Loss 1.1.34iN sea ash] north the attention of porch
awn, am they 1611 La sold at unuanally ton rice., hbohr
Cal. or retail, at 62 and 64 Market .t.
mi... 4 3,10 dinnk• smarted alsoa Alr Dans. wfileb .1.111
al the wholenlo Esetern pncat.
. i • 11. PIIILLI PB.
FLOUR ; Prepared Corn;
• Anowroot.;
WM. A. IkcLURGI t CO.„
Z 61.1141-1.,
LAT I N k:, IVliite and Colored;
1111. A. 110CLURO & CO.,
IA) liroevre and Tea Denim,
pitu N ES—Bur3aux Nonce, in glans jars;
c.rmnn 1•;or ..i!Z r
MACKEREL --100 bble. No, 3, for sale by
Awl 3 Litorty OrctL
A LUIS-50 bbbs. for Bale by
AL m 712 J. KIDD Al DO., 00 Wood
LUE-10 bble. (extra) for sale by
n_lf writ, , J. Klab k CO.
CARB. AMMONIA--f,OO lbe. for Bale by
my 12 J. KIDD • "-
OR SALE—A good Pedlßtg Wfigon, in
r ' n ri CO.. 00 {Coal st.
ARD OIL-10 bbls. Winter Strained, for
IA Wu br myl2 ' n. E. SELLERS, 67 Wooda.
111 EMPSEED-5 bble. for s alo by
li tayl2 IL E. SELLER&
C! P. TURPENTINE-1U bbl. prime, for sale
t 7 er mri: R. E. EELLERS.
Spectacle), !
eONE of the meet inestimable blesshigecon
(erred by art upon civilised numb aro the dreamer
peataclen IVlllaut their audetaura, the anowywaw u p e
padding revolt. dermal , . 'talon ur eta age, areagiao.,..
ottay MLR, would ha Ireemeallable.
yaw long aspenenee. and a thorough toweledge of tha
Whine. or °Vie; Ire are prepared to Cobb at dthau.ll6.
POO on aelandela onward..
Gold, Enver, and Steel boactaelea, of all kloda. oed the
beat ti/usee, ouutantly an haunt AI., Watch Petah.
Lou., UMW to onla. Nor Ologars edad In old trauma
t °9 g I V L WT-I:=Mttttlaffivaral poem.
. W/1403
myL3 tl7 Marian Prue, =NG Of laugh.
• . - • • .
KAM BUCKNOR & CO., 'Tobacco
Conmation Merchant!, No. 41 North WoLer Amt.
.'n. 16 North Whuroo, Philadelphia 0,41
' LI, General omnus-
I don Merchant., Philadelphia- Llberal
•on conMantoonta of Produce prenexally. Llia.UMfim
Office for Foreign Patents,
IVe. 6 Wall at., N. York, and 166 Fine at., London,
in Grect Vritails. France, Belo., Ba. Ad. .00 .11
or parts *YE:l:trope—the Cutrulas, Cobs, ..1 th e Ms
'Full Informal= 00 the .bore c 555 be t 554 by oddrnorik:
j! o 11 558
5 lyell street. New York.
Fire Works for Fourth of July„1851.
grISCA.II 'JOLLEY & CO., 180 Withasnst.,
p. " _p
sm a rm.. of VIRE WuRRS, haring intimet ' sLd Suite.
In the Fire Work tonaluces, and eroded them:wiser of the
vast resources of that long unabashed houre. are new pt.
pared to furnish erery desmiptiOn of works., enitable fur
lorp public ar email ex bibitlOns. On the most
terms. 0. J. Co. deem It unnecessary to raranything la
prate of the Flro Work. funaished by thorn, di their rep
totlon ir already well established. They Include builder
U. exhibition pieces, the most euperior Rockets, Rom.
Candler, Turbulllons. Yerticln , Bengelar, Carrie., Water
Po., Colored Fir., Chloe. Buckets, Globe,
era Fl Pt., Grose Hoppe., Torpedoes, Pune., Mao mow, ower
mow, Pin Wheelt rascals, Triangles, amour, Blue Lights,
Chi user Crackere„Jastic or Punk.
Orders respectailly rulleited.
aipazior :riting and Copying Ink.
'ONE'S EMPIRE INK, 87 Nassau street,
0 Eau Building, New Tort.
1,121 T Paco TO SIIZ
Clurte per dos-. ..... SO Bea Per d0r.......--$0:60
Pinta. ..- 100 4 3734
8"' " no -
Thh tE the beet a n k le rots .l o=gi;;l . : . "D`'Era.rmar
-1 * good COPTINU INK—god net Parr O ode.
lEirribr o i ! th °"' n llils "T"
m:,", whirdad for .tir ' bteo.l ` Ilea° tar
sue undersigned le prepared to furnish to the trade et•
L triliar cavort or harm conEurapttoes. at thoP.MisOTO core
Er, and delivered an) part
cf VlVelty F 0 71:=4;. 'd No charge :ar rams narrate
or kegs are charged extra at nett or*t. • •
87 Nassau EL Pen
pONTINITES his usual facilities to receive
N._./ on Statute, Sale, and Transhipment, Merrheadise
mali he gned him. Dadaeave hit dock daily ror all planlk
oo tLake. end the Minot, Canal and kirer. •
Itedereaces—. l V
Lo rn a, Lo ur, rena, Sterilog & Cu;
Mr. John A.Cauthey. aprAm
Commenne. and Ferweellna Morelia., on the
I.exce. HL Joereb. M.
ken le A.....der (hada.. end Lon., Yterlne & Cq
In AVID C. TUTTLE, Attorney at Law,
aadOnnentioner for Peeenhenn. et. Lean.
. oammtiolcation, peareptir nr<=l..
IMIN RANKIN, Attorney and Coun
!, ownot at Law. and Commlniover for th. Elite
Flwer.WCaunlen J. ' anC:ure. John x. 1)..k.. Innen. &
Ample. McCord A Co. anatly
THE undersigned basing. entirely re- 5.1
Runtbulll end enlarged bootbov extensive establish- 4:F.4
containing in ell three hundred and Otty.a.
room, would respectfully glee notice that It Ls now ready
the the reception end accoonnodation or the. treadling
an emended iscalceof the unsurpassearear s ak am .”p t hi.
Roan It deemed.l.lluous. as the numerous Improve,
merd. which bars been mad. cannot be properly main in
savertisemont. EuMes It to say, no expeller, has been
rpand to mailer any aparent rfect.
The furniture nu modo oatme a l, to order, tomtit. al
wet, and cartsn paw.. of it, especially the limwirig
reams, be found,. be of the moot beautiful ICIAIIIIIIIO.
mum. The Dining mous are capariona. =Atha. holm fur
meal. will be m arranged sa to suit Lba coutenlemss Of the
early and late.
Every department wilfbo mriducted la an ussexcepthima.
Me mariner, and the proprietor pledges himself that-the
American lbws abaff truly atui TratolloYa Ilona.
fetAltaardAvainT LRWIti
fIiEIED APPLES-4(1 bags in erten, for:
JUP sole by In/ALUM itoo
myle Meier et '
S1:11 for 1/0 beu
myL5 '
66 Water at
MOLASSES— 313 N. tt 0: 9. fo r
able battle ground
. 8.11 Modem for de by JAMES DALZELL
ILI ACKEEEL-7.5 bblabarzl , 7e iv atr ea 1 e
IVA / br
us Ilecaoa rt.
' '
Far Rent. or. Lease,
EOA one, three, or five year., a large and
toner:ent DRICB house, on the ruler. corner of
tmo earl Webster greets. Pittsburgh: with *balm do
dem lot attached th rreto. nnadertue it . T er , d ex t r ibi.
pl.e of mellow, term, let!t he moderato. farther
partleolont. ngulf* of . ' Niart J. R. MetIILLAN,
torikeller No, I= fourth st.
- Lawrenceville Property for Sale.
rAIHE Board of School Directors will sell,.
at pabile amigos. on Tburtday t tla sth day of Anne:
at 0 o'clock, A. AL.. oorner Lot, 2.5 Oa front ost - Pikc cc.;
ratingig along hlkskat alley to Porter'. allay,having time
front. an which PI erected a pro inco7 Wick, fronting on
Pike stmt. and • frame. Terms 1:0140 known on day or
P. IL SAMMY/. Seel-.
Lawrenceville, 3lsy 72, 1651.—{grry&pg
rirEtE finished and furnished Store,
I. cal Third stteet., ant Dm Poet Otatte, at raw= ',1.:N1
occupied 57 Itts. Parr,as • J..*DT Mora. ..ipply's
E. . CIAZZAD, 73 Liberty...
taftectl orD
Lyttla's Roar.
[Post. Taibazte. aid Mimed; =Tr.]
FURNACE, at Dresden, Idaskiisgoun co.,
Ohio, 14 wales tram ZancrelD i an dile running order . ,
'ori Rup,.1 . 1'07 Hte.l knstne, at le of 113.111412. Ott ]
tons of Pig loon Olin
_There a an aldnxiant middy of I
On in its isomedUta vicinity.. It lo connected by a short ,
renal with the Ruskin/don river, which is ns,able for '
steamboats the greater part of the year, thereby allarding
facilities far shirring to Zanesville, or to any 11011:12 01:1 the
Ohio rim, at low rates of freight ,Ma loon hendolore
manufannted at this :Furnace, has lawn coaannied in
Zanertille. For terms amluz .
ZanesvilleOhio. or to
/I.ILZY k I%.I)LETON, 'Ultimo:rt.
Tr -
Transporteri, Commission, and Grocer
_ _
...... .•
F OR SALE, on: accommodating terms, 4
1=22.t t 0 teD sylvan!. and Ohio ihin •
playact' the DeW r e ' S
and extandinn back to the Canal Basin. Merl ef1 . . 74
theytext facilities rot eldrenent by Ott= [h a
ralrttra=f it i . ) eFiME K
TR " ,' A n gitrag
and Third streets. mra)
mr6-411m irlter
To Farmers.
.04:6-ACRES Farming and . Grazing
buds, Jo
W arrenW moots. lorg r teil ar eelLl
. heel rise, within wmiles of N k
Alos— Acres in Elk =rusty, for mason scroxeroolk-
Usk teem. Ekqedro of A. k CO.
out corner of Marker .124 Thiel Hs.
To Gardener&
,jrW.t.NTY ACRES of Gardening Land, al
ready under mei ellitiraliOn, wdthin one uult of CU
u, I. mild for $5OO .12-01:10 third oath, end the
Lelann, in one, two, and three seam For particulars
quire at the Banking Bowe of
not A. WILESIP3 A CO..
coiner of Market and Third OA
Desirable Suburban Residence for Saba
THE subscriber offers for sale the house and
grounds where he now resides. situated on Park at., be.
low Tremont. Allegheriy, end stout 25 minutes' walk 6=
Cl., market of this city. The int is ISO fttront on Park at.,
running bark..,, feet to an alley—containhot nearly me
acre of mound, end bounded on erery tide by large Mga
lots. adorned with trees and shrubbery . The house is
nearly new, large, and exceedingly well arosnigret. having
• front of - VO feet. and a depth of 7.,, andondains_fourteen
aid, tweides hails nine ket wide. It is built in the but
mem durable manner. and. ham a Ere-proof not and
contains all the modern convenience. Two pumps, with
enfailing niggly of hard and soft water, are at the door.
On n the pretubes are the accessary out buildings, stable.
earriage house, ke. The grounds ere Mkt out mostly es •
lawn, covered with choice fruit tree. evergreens, flowertng
shrubs, comm. goteeberrit. raspberrie.M., and a &MAU
garden. The fruit is of thw best kind, and the trace are In
their prim. and yield enough fur the wards of as ordiesz7
amuT The sitnatlon of this property, as to salubrity and
suburb= comforts,combinol with condinthy to the city.
is not surystmed hy any residency. In this vicinity. It has
Ties of the Ohio River for over • mile, of Temperance.
PlushnlT.h, the City, the two rivers, and the
rit ' a ' round. forming •negether rsamsaoc pro
which the eye cover wearim. Every twed which enters or
t ßaftgrom il ti e w of Pitlstougdenea and lo i r the Ohm, p an also ayees In
removed from any artuoyaneo of dm. PO destructive of
comfort and vegetation, am' adonis a rcUrement as quiet
and peambil mit Mated In some quiet nook In the enuntry.
The property will be sold at a' argain, and
whemver deaths. ESSOLOIS at the Gazette tem.
T H E .memboru of the Fairmount Fire Com
imnyt Reno° their Engine for We. It In good .
.iler and will lih Envir mrill,
giAlf No' 409 Penn litreet.
lOR RENT—A Dwelling House on
Third street, above and near to Smithfield. It A ,.
slas fixtures.. large yard. wash !Loose. On. M
be rented low. said possession given Inntledlately.
Alpo—Fee Sale or Leasle.,B6l:llo 1.1 flue Ninth ward.
between Penn street and We Allegheny near
at B.j. Daxllnglon's. Fonrth And, near Warl.
Valuable Real Estate for Sale.
THE SUBSCRIBER offers for Sale, on
favorable term, tbe following Real
. Fatste. Ina
(Sty of Pittsburgh. vim
So. I. Three valuable threestory Mick dwelling box es.
on Emend marvel. &Memo Market and Ferry streets, the
lots bele.: each le feet front by 01.1deeb.c
No : T (Ixotalos 67 feet front on Mini street adjoining
tbe Presbyteri.mi Qum/6h, on wlideb eeted o.
four nor, trick boa, need as • printing MOM:. and one
two story brick warebonew
So. 3. Two late lit Fahstom Beaver county. being lots
Nope 3 and 4, being about 100 feet square.oo which isanieb
ed ono Mock of foam frame dwelling, sad sae separate
frame dwelling. all two storks
NW S. hem Mt 30 feet front on Back emit. Med& the
above. and extending to the top of the bill.
No. a Two beach lota. iamb 10 feet font. and nannhag
from the sad to low stator mart, on M. Dig Beaver.
No. 3. One valuable wider lot. 100 fact on Mimi Ran,
with ten *tares water peter mese-bed.
One lot espied& Um water let. SO fmt and
extending to the tap the be r wtdelt Is erected one
two story brick stars and
.0 23 by 30 hiet; a/s0 tom
frame dwelling. two atones titgb.
me large lot In New Firledoin. Ruder %be
ing about 110 fad ea 131eaderay. .00 about =0 finlt
emataining 111 scr, wideb am erected two large emu, ,
dwelling, and one mall Gams Ranee. used as en Geo.
!Lite prop4rt p ii . ta . s . f u ort= d eceu ,
o.mgtO Mn . 7 Ooald,
No.O. One water lot.bamediately below liallstonßrldge.
bob about 100 feet ha length, siWnmersling Qum IFti•
*meet g
to law water mark, or towing pa th .
no abovo prapereyertll be on eerifeynruble terms.
LIZ a n sVP=. ol4" ' " 1113M3 T 1.Ror ' T., thd
naet,ll [Journal and Pomentry.l
. For Sale.
BLOCK OP BUILDINGS, on the corner of Wart,
1 41`...afct:T.% trcItTAVAIVAr. the Let fronta
tu u ts=d a t ag e fcm.=
i r d lgaZer=d ane
In twenty feet they Inquire Of
Y FOR BALE—Two lupe Flour 3101 s sad a Paw =l en
the Reeser Creek, with the necessary Pater powers
ell inpnrred Foam is Lawrerseessounly. AMA—
Also, a Farm of 118 sets, on the Oblo river, taros mile.
telow Beaver, for SAM). Also, =a of 140 sere* oy the
Ohio river, d Rea below Beaver. for KM per acre- Also,
MO acres fog 11 m 0 per acne. Abp. farms of 150, 135, and la
wows.l=s far .0 per sere. Also, I ' S acres for 312. and 21
urea for FM per acre, together with many others of vari
ous am sad primp Require of
aßnd 1. B. eal Ras LITERMIN,
a Agents,
f+2.10. '""""" No lir 40) et. Pittsburgh.
ogt&td offtre - for “la d
largo combat of valuable
log lot. and some very deaita b bla sat. for taagotfac
t":r"l4llebd7oPonfte 1=11a4"e; toured
21/.. mold a - row:11 of y.
lzdatibtot toogralation and
muuttfactrn• •calt/t. and the reaaonatla ;dim at width
loul Oa told. will ruder %boon a ago and profdabla
Tattamtl. TM. perfect Tan. favorable.
th, F =f Glita t stow; Peo-
Cdt•b. Ottawa Mira a. 04 stroots. or of V.llltam
Eins=ea mut N. haters= E.g'., at their ofilect In !Arm
ful:um. ta23 MOdbS Y. EATON.
FOR RENT—The large and enzamodi-2
re a. no ) u z. t i g. Nan t luer o t i = IT oc c upied
r d . a..
Al"' lit l lftA r . IEI7
ahMrlf MI Water et
rOR RENT—The Dwelling 1.10115 C, on mq.
the corner of booth and West ' lately =I
occupied yhamas Arbuckle, dec'dorr gly+sst
immedistsl7. Euhults a 'crush EMS , Uh or Km.
31,13e11. Anchor Cotton Works. eskr.h.r. Isklbstf
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A new , London edition of 11b•kalware. Na 1.
Art Journal.for May.
Istaton Blaakerware. N 0.38. conelmion.
told M . egans' PieEwlek Tama Abroad—by G. W. 31. hey
The Fair Babel, • new ancel by Eugene Sue.
(today. Grabs= and Sartain fur J war.
Caroline of hrawwlek-saa.
The Ulster', by 1/enry Conkton.
The Heirs of Derwentwatan a norel. by E-L. Blanchard.
The Mother.ln.Law, by )Int. Nouthworth.
The IlanAcee Wife; by T. S. Arthur.
Admit.. of Pen Owen. by John COIL rnTh/
lI EM P -45 tons Rise. D. R., for sale by
lACKEREL , -50 bbls. No. 3, for sale by
OAF SUGAR-150 bbla. (tiss'd Nue.) for
LA sale to, 1113 IMMIX/ It • INOIIIWI,
mr IS 110 Water at:
LINSEED OIL-30 bbls. lwarranted pure)
for nee by J. P.CIIO9N3.I4KIat s CO..
nut!. 21 Word le_ •
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my lb ' J. batOONSIASEIL & CO.
COPPERAS -25 bbls. (good 4 for solo by
tLUM-50 bbls. fur sale by
rut:. J. SCHOOSXMEn.
—Three Gline, ana.of
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VEW RIBBONS—A. A. Maims h Co. are
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SHAD -10 bble now for aalo by
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INDLA. RUBBER TOYS--Juat received a it of Luella !tubber Tu,. beaatiew
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VILLE—The splendid pelt and /ht
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CLeblo No. 67.W0r0r arid 63 Wont otA.
steamer WELLSTILLE, C.Tt D. Tongr
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For Sale.
F rentals Ifetib . ;se known. — lnapient trintaption,
Ineoutinuenew Vrine,Gentral Proshatbanof the System,
Denreweed Btdiits, and Gleamy State of Mind / are cured br
Dr. Gutahtfs i Estruet 1 - 47,0t0 peek Sa7ll:qXfl . l7:2. lag&
giro inmeeetta/e relief by renewing the fotentart of health
and strength, the blood. It neutralises tad butacaa dop
niniaturel secretions, and eyes healthy sedan to all the
vital powers. . •
. •
Its mild alterative properties restdoi It peculiarly cps&
,eable to the skader sod delicate constitution of the '4
male. Ithossedietely cowateracht that dlstronilutt nersou,
wit and lassitude so carman to 'tholes:axle frame, add '„a ,
import do ...VT oud Imoraper'.iurrrabut utterr
are giateldl. We have crldritte on file which inducts us
etrchsly to recommend this modish. to married WA.
whohire oot been blessed with otisptihg. " .
PreteDele Uteri, or DaMug of the Vrotth.ef live'reire stay.
Dug, cured ty Dr. Guysott'e Extract of Yellow Dock and
Eulaperlile..ence every ether knewn reensdr bed beta
• tried without relief: •
This =Dike thst 007 wife. Aged =years. loomigorrd •
trader the above =ablaut for faro years, nearly all the%
time =tenet to her beL I have for four yeert =latently
employed the best medical talent that could be Dreonrwd tn
lettkm of the =miry. eitheitt eay kneel whatever.
hoe. Nan gurehased *eery instrument reaerintended fur
the core of posh disease, all of which prayed emblem
In the =inn. of AUL I was Induced by my Dien& to
try Dr. Oureatt's Yellow Dock sad Berreperilla. which terea
used for four menthe After the had used itfor eheutt Dor
Weeks, It werrevklent ta ur that she Ins haproring,
gad from thirtlate she blamed rabidly, and salad Meth
tad strength. until she to now enjoying most oteelleat
tam. DAL 110 MOST.
. . .
We, being neighbors us Wm. and lulls Monfort, kaww
that the above sterna:scab% as to the trek.lll3 Of Ms XOll.
fort, and as to the core being eZatdit bi Di:tn:U.B Yellow
Dock and Barseparllls, to. etrictlyitne. •
N 0.106 Penn et.
I was arlacked with liioN, s Evil in my arm. which beers=
/0 ears I could not cow it.. 4113 1313 mertitimol. set ht.
1 employed. at different times, each physician at celebrity
within my neat all told me my arm must be amputated.
hem: the shoulder to the forearm was toll. of rum:drug
soma My strength at this time was completely exhaust.
ed, and my person much emaciated. I continued Ia thli
stabs until 1343, when I saw an adr.tismnent'(Ottysates
Yellow Dock ad Sarsaparilla) which I toad, and sot Dm •
- bottle of the article. 0 orsott's Yellow Dock .4 San•yr
rills cared me: I took no other roach' while using it;
.d felt myself perfectly wall before wing the sixth bob
tie. 1104 I used it ai the first appearance dl the malwly.l
most. it would have Eared .4, from years otpain and
softming, I most earnestly rerammend every tenon suf
fering under any similar disease to use Gursatga
Dock .4 Sarsaparilla. which will restore them to health.
Yours, in gratitude, O. 31. LIONAII.D..
,Care of an aggravated awe of Erpipdas.
Tbe muss mann:ant by Dr. Gayle:4l . s Extrtica of Yellow
Dock mid Sarsaparilla. an laming. The patient's anarfal
Maltb continues to innianre after Mamas is rammer,—
Cum, are not chronieloi mall time has fitlly tuned that
then um be no relapse or_iieturn of the disease. .
NORWAY, Ilerkiroar co., Februsi7.lBso.
S. F. Hamlett t oo.—Gears: It !swills wrratplesettre that
I write yon shoot tho ver y 1 / 1 9py effects oft m.:Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla upon my ion, ebohasiong been iai
bring nailer that dreadful aulloachino. disease. Erysipe
isa. with whkit La was attacked in 144.9:a5ul worfor seve
ral months attended by same of our best physicians, who
isini their elan perseveringly for Dye mmollui, rilluast say
hicedelal insults whatever. Ile Leanne reduced to • pas'
Feet skeleton. Ile had eicers hum his hip to hie knee,:
a inch were continnal/y discharging alu - ustingly offemive
nutter. Mectinsl and aragical skill wae barrled: Physician.
said that hie mu was hemline: there Maid he nothing
dune to arr. Doom gangrening ulcers. My:neigh.
Wm and mys,ll thought his dissolution near 'at hood.
um, of mo oeighbors (.ho had cored a chili' or Scrofula
with your invaluable medicine) wlebed rn. female trialof
it: and, more from the nos tie. desire redo something while.
life Dem i. than from anylope of getting relief, I promired
three botile of your 'Yellen Disk and Sarsaparilla, and
commenced using lit and to my astonishment ho begon
ia improve before ho hod need tho third bottle: cad Wont
he had used a half dozen bottles, he maid matt mat Ile
used in all twelve bottles during the you 11340, and Cy Oel
e o b e r last he w. peetectlyrestoreci. Every vestige of the
Jimmie. except the seam Le removal. and ho remains
perfect health al the present time. ILts recavcry, nailer.
ih e blessing of flod, Is entirely nw Dig to thy mu of your
Yellow Dock and haympariUayand lumen you that I feel
tayulf antler groat obit . .tiolos to yon, aril it is will =cat
icy that I inform con of what your Semaparilla L. done'
for my mu. itrmeetfully,
bold b 74. D. Pur..(rumr•mme• to Reafurd d Park.)Fourth
and Walnut pure.. Cbacirmati.Ohlo. Ceuerel Aoarnfo , the
South and West to et hum al Orders mud be. alimmed.• • .
J. ICe.kl it Co.. 8.1 Pahnacteck d Cu.. J. 8. /ohm, L.
PlUebtrgh; Lee A. Beckham, Alkalturtry Can
L.. T. Rumen. WuJahmrtom L. IL Bork, this:amen, If.
Welty. Gruenaburg; 8. Kortuts,SommorL Scott d Gilmore.
Bedford: Raul d oBom. Ilihrtiugdom Ilre. On, IMM.Miebuta
llihrebrared I Co e /Arum J. K. Wright. trAtt....1.0
Zr/12.1t S .Co. Brookville:A- Wile= A. km. W.r.burir:
Melarahal d Cu, N. Collemter, 31.84.08. Barton Jr Co • -,
Brier. Grahamt Yorker. Ilareen Ja m e. K. 1 17 A Co. But.
ley. B. Mmith. Hearer. J. o.:iummertorOr...:F. L.A. C.
R. Jams. Coudersport; P. Crooker.jr.. Brommyllle. '
ViirPria•-6/ per . Bottle; Sir Route: fur. SL. .
my Walsrt (4.)T
Pam rum., Mbar. •
Et. R. E. Sumac —Of your erculforVa.. Oct,
I my leithour.
healtaUnn atm, having used it artesmirely in my braetioa
tor the last four or lye year.. I think it decidedir the fen
!Magma/ion of the kind of Thich I bari v i
although / ham heretofore used th e bre of m
other manufacture!, your. respeetfulybren. D
i( Enraged and aold by ICE. SERER/T.. b 7 Wood Miami •
kohl by drugglcta gtheralir. znyl4 •
EC ' D THIS MORNING, perExpres6:— .
in, 6 ems.. =bracing ill Na ncirestea64 ¢?..1.420za11.
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aad.ol.3thStnZand braid llats
auxtaira of pumy"; mbasera Is Da.itkalarlibmilid ton*
. - . Wok!
. .
T"hi g hest price in Cash paid foridl th e
ditrommt. arida a elan ',Bah, d Wool 1,7
.77 • 21Cat'llY a LIM
W. W. WILSON, Watch Maker; •.•
No. 67 Itaritt, Corncr of Fourth it., Pittrbsorpl.
DEALER in -; Forz Wiicute, • Jicircurn
haver Ware, 31/11tarr Goods, lamps aid Chendel•
wins. Tra and Table Wan, Loos., Castors. Am; Cioin/mo.'
Mathematical Inamorata!, anti • metal variety at rich.
corinne lestilanahla modsonictial ami onsamena
Wateli work emerald to toperke mnner, amiwieitt DT'
tho best kmaltalt and Vnawk workmen. MS
AY RAKES--40 doz. for sale by
Mum liseteral;
• Patra.A. I,llaelterek
wAsmnrotcs, 0, Feb; lb, ISM.
; :; ; 4' 4 4' •
En7—Caso of 0. M. Leonard.. .
BIASXL - 50 Gium...Dce- 1, 1841
Bonnets! Bonnets!
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