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    condition, . and the Asylum ia sail:drably con
ducted by the present Board of Managers. •
Rev. Mr. Tracy, for fifteen years missionary
nt Madura, South India, returned home in the,
chip. Independence, last week, bringing.fil. wife
and five children with him.
This treating, the Itechabitss are to have a
grand temperance meeting at Tripler Hall,
where Rev. Dr Dowling and P. T. Barnum are
expected to address the assembly.
The number of deaths in this city and county
last week was SRL .3fen, 78; women, 72; boys,
38; girls 82. Died of Consumption, 44; Ship
Fever, 36; Inflammation of Lungs, 23. It.
County Convention.
le—The-Whigs and Antimasons of Alle
gheny Coaxal "'al meet on 'Saturday, the Stet of liay,
pros:, at the weal plann of holding priscutri meetings; In
the Tolenshins reflectively at 3 o'clock- P. and to the
several Wlltde and flonought at 7 o'clock, P. 3t, to . 1 . 0
two delegates treat each election District, to a Conntr Onll
ecutlon, to be held at the Court Clouse, on liCketteeday, the
4th of Juni next; at 10 o'clock, AM,, to make the County
nuoldnallena Preparatory to the next General Menlo. and
also to appoint delegates to the Elate Convention, to meet
at leauseter, ten the 00th of Juts.
' '
11. n, FILM. EWT•
. aititStte.
Fist page—New.York Correspondence; Janine
on the Methodist Church cue.
Third page r -Temperance meetiog—lleform
Vrestytcriati Syn&l—Local Itema—Telegraphic
DiWO. •
fourth page—Poetry L-31Iscellarkeoua.
Letters from this interesting but afflicted coun
try continue to give gloomy accounts of the phy
-Steal and moral condition of the people. Great
emigrate If they had the means. The Sew
York Express of Monday mentions thearriral
of fifteen vessels at that port, from English and
Irish ports, in one or two days, bringing 6,588
immigrants, nearly all of tirhom are from Ire-
A letter to the editor of that paper, says -. , _
,-. "In my letters of March, I mentioned the em-i
tareation of a large number of paupers in a de
plorable condition, direct from the poor houses. i SIXTH DAY.
Now L have to announce a much larger lot, of , . Now Yeas, May 6.
7,000, noinpoling every variety—the halt, lame, I U. 8. Circuit Courts.—Before Judges Nelson
Lawihmk"l' core-eyed, and some with one arm and Betts. Henry B. Bascom and others vs.
and one leg—all selected for the American mar- '•
George Lane and others.
Let.- As you will see by the papers of this 1
The Court L if
week, , whieh Ifiorward, 2',800 have been cub-
scribed to aid the immigration of these paupers. past 9 o'clock this morning, both on the floor
It is thought here that-the city of New York has and in the galleries. Every inch of standing
an extraordinary. fund for the maintenance of room was occupied, and hundreds were unable
paupers. You may expect a detachment weekly to obtain admittance. Judge Betts entered about
' from England, till she gets rid of all the most
helpless. It is cheaper to send them to New ten minutes past ten, and. after shaking hands i
York than to maintain them here." with 11Ir. Choate, and congratulating him on his
' This immense influx of poor helpless and de- recovery, took his seat upon the beech. Court-
Lased persons is becoming a serious matter.— was opeoened at quarter past ten, Judge Nei
- Whether the British government is chargeable eon appeared on the bench in ten minutes after- ,
or not with bringing the Irish people to this ward, and!Mr. Choate immediately commenced !
state of wretchedness and degradation, it is a I his argument.
gross imposition that she should disgorge her He saidthat he felt extreme regret that he
Irish work-houses upon our shores. Those who I had been obliged so largely to avail himself of
the kindness of the Court in adjourning the case
come here by their own act, and by their own for his convenience. He did not design to at- 1
arsenious, have always been welcomed; and the i tempt an answer to Mr. Lord's speech, but 4
very fact of their being able to come is somel should confine himself to a statement of the de- I
guarantee that they are not utterly worthless; rfandant's ease. It is a mere question of prop- i
tut when government takes the work of extradi- I erty, and It would rather embarras than enlight
, en the Court, to refer to the CAUSES of the diffi-
tion inland, we have no such assurance. ,
salty in the Church. History would attend to
Abject poverty is cure to be attended by de-1 that subject better than it could be treated at
Moralization. This is particularly illustrated in this bar. ; From what had been said on behalf
the present condition of the South and West of I of the plaintiffs, it might be thought that the
readouts did not atandherre in every graceful de-
• That part of the island has not recov-
a . . 0
in n. Simply in to
cred . from the effects of the famine; and seems_ that they received the, property in question as
nut likely soon tools so. A correspondent from trustees for a particular purpose, and that they
'Dundalk says' had yet seen nothing which could authorizethem
' "Outrages of the most atrocious character are I in payingorer the funds to any one not remain
. ! of daily occurrence in the neighborhood, the le- I lag in coanectioa with the Church proaeribed by
gitimate consequences of those bloodthirsty doe- I the rules 0 the trust
trines received as truths by the deluded peas- i Of the nature of that fund, of its origin and
entry of this unhappy country—doctrines and I of its appropriation; he would have enough to
opinions which if permitted longer to be instill- I say in _the course of this discussion . He wo uld
ed into the Irish mind will decidedly eventuate 'hp.. t h at ' the plaintiffs, by their own admission
in acts of barbarous aggression on the one side, I in the tonne of the documents they have offer
and in judicial and legal sacrifice of life on the ed in evidence here, are nothing but a mass of
• other. Scarcely had the public mind calmed in- secessioniists.
• to repose from the painful excitement produced Mr. Choate then proceeded with -an eloquent
by Mr. Coulter's murder, than its feelings are and poweifol argument for the defence, which
. .
again aroused by the preparation of a fresh out- we. have not mom f or. Th e
. ar e ,,, Y or k 0,,,,,,,,,..
rage on the life of a farmer andhis wife." *
! - [Here follows the details of the brutal mar-.
cant has been tarnished by Mr- Ewing with 'the
' - der which's= unfit for publication-1 followingrforroal Pointe taken for the defence:
The peasantry
of Ireland are being to be I L Th*Methoilsi Episcopal aural' IS a Tell
.faired for-the p romotion and
imbned.with the principles of Co mmun ism . It I e ons le e l et "... weteh-- .
spread or, Chnstianity, organised is 1481 as an
... i s a /reach idea; but it seems to be takingrootin 1 w hams .' Church independent of the English
~ Irebind; and there being but little oppesing force, episcopacy;,, and prior to the secession herein
it li rapidly bringing the country into a state of I after mentioned, extended through every part of
Said re li g i ous society or Institution existed
wleasneas . and anarehy. In France it is yet the 11 :iolledEtetoe•
' • held in check by strong military power; but in- 2..
der and subject to the law o f public or char
Irelaud;where the power of government Is but ]table uses
feebly exerted, it is manifesting itself, not in 8. The government and discipline of the soul
political Mgthirstions—for they are prettymuch ety, prior to 1808, was under the jurimileibmand
• abandoned—but in acts of indiviitial outrage control of district or annual cord, cremes, held in .
. . each of the several districts into which the ter
_ and vengeance. A. correspondent of a London ?juries within their limit , were divided-co.-
' paper writes— . posed of the clergymen within their respective
' , •
"One cannot but feel painfully vilified as to districts; and from the proceedings of those
the efficacy with which the .I . Vlllt.ifal and abject bodies generally an appeal lay to a general con
• principles of Communism in reference to the ten- vention, consisting of the ministers, comprietng
• me ofland are operating on the peasant mind the annual conferences; and which convention
of Ireland, when the history of these localities' is exerthivimiginal as well as appellate powers.
recollected and analysed- Mr. Maulever'o mar- 4 ProPerty consisting of real aruiLtersonal
der, the murder of the Clarkes (brothers), -the estate, commonly known and dislin hed as
' 'ethernet to assassinate the omnibus driver, the the Book Concern, has been, and still , held by
_ - dreadful tragedy of Friday, and the present out- trustees, subject to the management of said loc
rage—all occurring within a circle of five or six cleelastical jurisdictions of the Methodist Epis
.- miles. Since my coming down here I have driv- copal Church, which is subject to the use follow
•. en for some miles round, and my different con- log, viz i' orbs appropriated ofor the benefit of
versations with the peasantry forcedjae to know the traveling supernumerary, and superman
that they imagine that they oughltd pay no rent aced, and worn-out preachers, their wives,
- at all." - widows, and children
Another correspondent, who has been travel- S. The said Book Concern was orientally corn
' leg in the South, says: ~ mcnced by the traveling preachers. and it has
been held; more especially mace 1808, In can
" But yesterday I visited the spot where on a. m . n with, and in subordination to, the kali _
the day before the owner of one of those pleas-' citories . or the M. E. Church, who are the man
na dwe ll ings I have mentioned was, in the broad ,tg. re . et the charity.
lied of day, waylaid, beset andaturdered. He' r7 i l.- The
.i. , E. church, thron e, the , w , 4 ,,,,,, ~,,,,,_
had set out on horseback for a neighboring fair, - ferencesi as such managers, cannot be deprived
and when but a short half mile from home the. r t . their p ower an d control over said fands, mi.
ULM was fired which, aided by bayonet stabs, I l tres galley of a breach of duty, established - by a
and blows from henry stones: left his wife a
decree of a court of equity.
- , widow and his two young children fatherless. I. 7 The trustees are accountable for the Binds
' In the struggle, he, a strong and powerful and proceeds thereof to the M. E. Church and
man, had fought manfully for life, as was est
.3 judicatories, and are bound to Pay over sold
' dent by the 'trodden herbage in the ditch by the income, •in fulfilment of the trust under their
. wayside, and the tracks of blood upon the road management and direction, to the beneficiaries
. for some 80 yards from the place where ho had 8. The beneficiaries, to wit, the traveling,
-Snit fallen, in the direction of his home, to Gm
pemumerio7, and superannuated preachers be
e ' •ePet . ' where the tragedy was perfeCted; and the longiog to the hi. E. Church, and their families,
heacce l y hre„,. atidit ff i5a1,,1....,_"ft with ite ,__ heiwi _„ heat ; have no estate in, or right to, the said funds, or
'SD into a so" p ul p, `"'"e"4 over ' a V" "'" o f the Intone thereof, otherwise than the same are
' large lane . stones, thick were literally black given out to them from time to time in the ad
-with gore:when I saw them yesterday. - mlniatration of the charity.
The victim of this horrid deed was a artbstan- 9. Said trustees are not antler the control or
tiet yeoman, holding, under a lease forever, a direction o f the persons who may have contrib.
farm of between 100 and 200 acres—honest,!up- rated to the c ty, and who thereby irrevocably
' right, and unassuming- But he was an agent, parted with the dameas had been his father before him, for some small 10. The members in-the Southeritazumal con
. ~ properties thereabouts. Born and bred in-the ferencm , or districts, who le ft the General con.
• neighborhood, well beloved for his many acts of krone in 1844, and subiequently formed a-new
• kindnesir to the people about him, yet he was an GeneradConference, and a separate et:dealer' M
agma, and, therefore, marked out for the asses- eel jurisdiction, under the name of the Metho
sin's hind. diet Episcopal Church, South, seceded and set,.
Itis a remarkable fact, that while the people crated from the Methodist Episcopal:Church,
the South
.of the South and West of Ireland are in this un- and are no longer in connexion with the M:-E,
hippy condition, those of the North and Bast . Church, which is now composed of that portion
ore quiet, prosperous and happy. Is it became of the former members who remained In it, end
identified with it.
ohit"° class is Celt i c ' wwil the usher ' Saxon [l] The GenerallonferenOrs,who adopted the
Etr Is it because the one is Catholic, and the other report of the committee of itn••-• plan of sops
' protestant? Both reasons are probably true to ration so called—had no power to act In the
some extent- - But be it what it may, we know Prelob 4l -
of no portion of the Muni. race whose moral [2] Said report did not authorise such Amara
,‘• Goa, but was prospective, and was accompanied
and °Pied Wants appeal morestronglyto 'ee with conditions and terms :that hive not been
s ympathies and aid of the Christian world than complied with.
~ those of the South and West of Ireland. The (8) There was no cause of complalntagainst
'priests of Borne have there had undisputed sway the action of the General Conference to render •
for ages, 'and no people could be more firmly at- s epa rat ion
. necessary or atiedient ; their general
ection and more especially In the ease of Bleb
. cached to their faith than the Irish ;—but if we 5 ,,, Andrew , h ,„ 1 ,,,, wimmoimeth,,, th e rules end
may be allowed to apply ' th e unerring test BY usages of t ' he W hre h . ' .
' . their fruits ye shall know them"—then we think [4] There was a specie! agreement about the
itis high t i me ih ms _t ra chers should give plac e property in question, which should govern, (If
. - the action of the General Conference is Ugh ,
•? i(1: others, before the people; break away, as they
(.. sattOto be doing, from all control, and immolate ori ble 'l in tii rtrtue e yactatff.z.whly the ens emp;alilweinesttuath,e. plaintiffs
. .. • • - themselves and all connecter' with them in one mama., .
. common rain, v, - ! 11. The secession of the members newly or
' ' This is a qMstiOn which comes home to the ginned as a separate Chetah, If It, had been 14-
' ~. etimate and fully authorised, and with the entire
people of the United States with all the 'lf" got of the Church, Wookl not. entitle theta
T o any portion of said fends, without an express
of a common danger ; for once let the wild lad
dostrective doctrines of the French be implant- agreement to that effect sanctioned by • court
ed in. the warm and impetuous hearts of the of
IT The plaintiffs aa.
Irish people, and then let crowd upon our d fns fa the ir baffle. not
entitled to an y relief
praye or
. • shires in thousands end hundreds of thousands,
Mr. Choate was evidedtly enfeebled by Ulnas
::"ladno foreign' invasion can be imagined so for as he warmed in the progren of his 15 ....
.... Xaideible as that 'would be. This is riot a ques-
moat, he , delivered many
p„„.. g. i . . . f
*- tilts between Catholicism sad Protestantism •
- ' eloquence and beauty, whirl; were appaluded by
bat ens between American democracy, .which is. the audience so far as they could venture to do
regulated by law, and French democracy which
without disturbing the doccrint of the Court
known no law but wild and impracticable tic He is tO be followed by George Wood, Ee l , on
min, founded upon blind impulse and ferocious
thesame side, and the case will be closed forth.
, Plaintiffs by the Bon., Itavady Johnson, who•
- .
- looks rezaarsbly well, and nay be expected, to
add somewhat to his brilllent reputation.
The clergy from the two tennettes of the
'Church , North and Smith; whit are preeest,
watc h d ie proceedings With inane* Interne, and
the Court appear fully . hapremeid with the vast
Imp:thus of the great controversy, whirl, In
tha couree.of their judlotal tattettoes they are
otillect upon to determine. - :
:,A M o m to liahnetnann, the Father of
Ifemeeepathy; hen been willed by n subscription
'connoted in the whole of Germany. it consists
of& etietnektowerhst Oneonta alze.: It has been
m adalled at Bowe, - by teitalS l2llo /, and them ex ,
:edited is browse by galrazurplastio process.. T,be
Committee have selected Lepsic as the lieslity
where the .monnment Is to be erected. On the
.10th et Aeries the inesigisnOosi take place.
Ma. Puss Aosur.—The Worcester. Spy of
Friday Morning says:
Mr. Paine has made us acquainted with tife
materials used in producing the _astonishing re- ,
sults which we have described, of converting at
mospheric air into a purer and better gas than
is furnished by any gas company in the United
States; and from what we know of their cost,
and what we have seen of their consumption in I
the production of light, we think the expense of
a light from a common argand burner could not
exceed on. mill or so per hour. Mr. Paine in
forms as that he succeeded, two years since, in
producing ihrilliant light by his present pro
cess; • but on account of some difficulty con
nected with the mechanical passage of the ,air
through the apparatus, and the occupation of his
mind with other matters, he temporarily aban
doned it.
But now, all difficulties are olrriated, add the
apparatus is in complete and successfial opera
tion indifferent places.. The apparatus for light
ing a large house will occupy' but liltle room,
scarcely more than a large sized gaa metre. Men
of science and gas company directors:have, with
in a few days, given the wholematter a thorough
investigation, and so far, we believe that there
is but one opinion in regard to the invention,
viz.: that it is the one thing neededto give a safe,
unfailing supply of light at a merely nominal
expense, free from alldanger of expasion, and ac
cessible to the use of aIL If the editor of the
Scientific American would take the trouble to
come to Worcester, we think he would be willing
to acknowledge . that there are some things in
this world not dreamed of in his philosophy,
and discontinue his ungenerous cavils against
h Mr. Paine.
For the past year or two we have heard much
of Mr. Paine's inventions, but all the bright
hopes he has excited, have so far, been inverts
lay like his own lights, gone out into deeper
darkness. If 'he has really discovered such a
light as the Spy vouches for, why does he not
give mankind the benefit of it ? Why tantalize us
with hopes that aro to be forever blasted We
must confess that our faith in any pretended
invention of Mr. Paine is very weak, notwith
standing the endorsement of the Bpy; and noth
ing will convince us except the testimonrof gen
demon of undoubted character for• science and
veracity, It all may be as the Spy eays, bat we
must have better evidence where we have been
so often deceived. Seeing is believing—there
fore let us have the light.
~,, r .~_
The Boston Traveller of Saturday, in men- We have published more than we expected to
tinning the final adjtmrnment of the Legislature do concerning this greatest of all human enter-
of Massachusetts, furnishes the enhjoined in- prise. but letter after letter cornea to oa breath
formation of the fate of some at the moat ing deep and fervent thoughts, which we feel as
prominent measures which engaged ita elan. if we cennot withhold from our readers. While
tion : ; hundreds of thousands Mire taken long and ex-
The resolves concerning slavery and condeza. l , pensive journeys to see it, we who cannot go,
notary of the fugitive:elm law were passed by I may in a measure enjoy it by reeding the
the Senate,. but quashed by the House, hay- graphic descriptions given by numerous highly
log been laid on the table by a majority of three I gifted men whose letters reach ; us by e very
The bill for the abolition of capital punisit- I mil ' •
meet was passed by the Senate, but rejected by I The letter which we subjoin is fvm the cor
the House by a large majority. respondent of the New York Commercial Adver-
The bill forregulating the sale of intoxicating ' tiser, with whose letters upon European affairs
liquors--s very stringent bill,
°° " rh "g t " " to i our readers are already fan:aline .
render the chance of its usefulness extremely
doubtful—passed the Howe, but was lost In the ; LONDON, May 13, 1861.
Senate. ! The Queen and the Prince Consort, with the
. . _
A proposition to amend the constitution, so as to
make the day of the State election correspond
with that of the election of Presidential electors,
passed the Senate, but received its death blow in
the House.
A resolve providing for the removal of the
seat of goienunent to some interior town in the
State, was passed by the Senate, but the House
put the subject quietly to eleop by laying it on
the table, where it was suffered to remain.
The bill, nominally "for the further protection
of personal liberty,' but really designed to nul
lify the fugitive slave law, which passed the Sen
ate, was rejected by the louse.
A bill relating to banks and usury, got up by
Senator Robinson to enable him to repeat some
of his familiar disquisitions on those subjects,
was adopted by the Senate, but the louse re
jected it.
It Is obvious from these facts that the usual
order of things has been reversed, and that the
House of Representatives, In the present in
stance, has been the conservative body.
A needless piece of legislation was seems
tithed in both branches by the passage of a bill
calling a convention of the people to amend the
constitution. The bill, however, must receive
the sanction of the people before it can go into
Our Legislature has followed the—example of
New York, Ohio, and Virginia in the adoption of
a free banking system. This law is an entirely
new feature in Massachusetts banking. It was
nO..adopted by o large majority in the Legisla
tuft, nor without much opposition The pur
port of the. law is to allow our banking meu to
issue bank notes based upon State or town
stocks, with a trona fide capital paid in, not less
than one hundred thoimand donors.
From rte liollaareburg Regionae of irminokla). IVy 20
One of the most violent hail storm ever en •
perienced in this section of the country, visited
Tuckahoe Valley on Thursday evening last. It
approached from the west and swept across the
Valley in an eastern direction, about a mile in
width, marking its pa h with most fearful and
serious destruction. We traversed a part of its
route on Monday, 'and found a scene of desola
tion...entirely beyond our powers of description.
Hundreds of noble forest trees, which had with
stood the blasts of centuries, perhaps, were
strewn, broken and shattered; in wild confusion
upon the earth. Great orchard trees were up
rooted and levelled with the ground: and the
younger ones were pealed and broken as if a
herd of voracious and half starved animals had
ranged upon them. Drain fields, which before
the storm's approach waved in rich luxuri
ance, and promised most - abundant crops, nre
more desolate and barren than new mown stub
ble. Clover fields look as if no spear had grown
upon the barren soil. A "neck of woods" near
Jonathan Hamilton's is so stripped of every ves
tige of verdure that they remind one of the bleak
days of December; and the fields around are so
parched and deadened 'and bare as if a fiery
drought and burning sun had blighted and blast
ed vegetation to the very earth. Hundred, up
on hundreds of pannels of fence were blown
So far as we could gather, Mr. John Hamil
ton is the moat serious sufferer. His large frame
barn, containing about four hundred bushels of
wheat and a quantity of rye and 0. 1 .4 was ra
sed to the ground, and its timbers crushed end
strewed over his fields. Even a part of the
very foundation was torn away. His house, too,
was greatly damaged, a part of the roof and gar
ret door being carried away, and the sash of
his windows broken Clean out His young or
chard is entirely ruined. Several geeee upon
hie premises were pelted to death by the hurling
hail stones. All his growing crop of grain,
about thrty-five acres, is utreey destroyed.
loss is estimated at about two thousand dol
The roof of John McCartney's barn we blown
off—his grain house blown over, and most of his
grain lost.
Henry Conmer's log born was blown down.—
Thera were two boys in it at the time, both of
whom escaped without injury.
(ho. Pottsgrove's mill was unroofed.
A part of Geo. Peight's barn was blown sway.
and his dwellietgeadspring honae mond from 2
to 4 Inches on the foundation.
Andrew Green's barn, at Altana was partly
blown down.
John Bough's garret loft wars lifted up. A cup
board in the room, filled with dishes Sc., was
only kept In its placably beisg held there by Mrs.
Keogh. All his crop is destroyed
Oliver Hagerty'e barn was unroofed, and his
wagon shed blown over. Some thirty of his
fruit trees were torn out of root. He has about
fifty acres of grain destroyed, and other fields
Peter Miller lost eight acres of clover, his
garden vegetables, mid about sixty lights of
glass. His wife. was in the spring hone dazing
the storm.
Jonathan Hamilton's entire crop ls ruined.—
He had sonic forty or fifty acres out. So is his
orchard; He also lost a cow.
Bean . Hagerty loses about twenty-five acres of
grain, sad his orchard.
John Hutchison loses thirty-fire or forty acres
of grain. :
P. Emplield loses some four acres of wheat .
David Long'. grain is entirely destroyed ,
John McCartney loses some rye.
Wm. McCeuley's house was unroofed.
Doubtless others have suffered losses, but we
have not learned beyond this, and those mention
ed may be more serious than we have stated—
they are certainly not less so.
A man name.' Peter Reed, engaged on the
Central Railroad, was caught out and narrowly
escaped with his life He took shelter under a
tree, which.. blew down—then under another,
and another, which also toppled to the ground,
when finally he laid hold upon • maple sapling.
and co exposed endured the pitiless pelting of
the raging elements .
A son of James Hamilton, who was out plas
tering corn, had him shirt nearly cut off hie back
by the hail stones, and protected his head by
wrapping • bag around it and throwing himself I
upon his face ou the earth.
A complete iron sleigh was rernied some one
:hundred yards from where it stood, on the pre.'
noises of John Hamilton. His wagon was left
standing with the hind carriage across the
fence some fifty yards frost where it had etood
before. . .
. • ..
Wool-peckers, jay -birds, and robhins were
found, some killed outfight, and others with bro.
ken wings, or otherwise injured.
Jonathan Hamilton, Gllver Haggerty. and Sam
uel Haggerty sustain heavy losses by destruction
'of valuable timber.
An apple tree in the orchard of Oliver
Haggerty was blown down and blown up
Wehave deemed it unnecessary to say that
.the window-glass suffered destruction. In most
instances the sorb wan as completely demolished
se the glare.
The storm came off the mountain at Dry Gap.
At Loretto, in Cambria county, we under
stand it was violent, and broke the glees
In all erposed windows. There was some
bail in Canoe Valley, but the storm was not vi
The hall stones were about on 6 lash in diam
eter. The storm come up very suddenly, com
mencing about an hour before sundown and
continuing some fifteen or twenty minutes. Con
siderable rain ar,oompanied the ball.
Bier awn Houtcmi—On. Wednesday night
last, a set of young men engaged in a lawless
assault with atones upon a house in the neigh
booing village of Sharon, occupied by a Mrs.
Pratfall and her danghters, who are not held in
the highest estimation by their neighbors, and
which resulted in the death of is young man
named Simon Morrison, aged 19; who has binn
a driver for one of the canal packets. The house
of this family has been repeatedly assailed in
this way; which, whatever may have been their
Character, is not to be tolerated; until they pre
pared to defend their lives and property. On
the night in question, after the assault was com
menced, the assailants were repeatedly warned
and urged to. desist and go away, which they re
fused to do; and daring the onset, ten or eleven
shots were fired from the house, the last of
which hurried one of the thoughtless rioters in
to eternity. Boma four or five buckshot entered
the body of the young man, one or two of them
in the region of the heart, which were discharg
ed from along barrelled "horse pistol." liming
Morrison' was carried to his friend, in Bridge
water, where he died in about two hours. A
Coroner'. inquest was held on the body, and a
verdict rendered that Morrison came to his death
by pistol abot wounds, by the hands of Mrs.
Westfalls. Mrs. W. has been arrested, and is
now in Prise.; and three surviving rioters have
been bound over for trial'. Thus the affair will
be folly investigated. This occurrence is a sad
warni ng to the youth of ,theneighborhood, , who,
too often out of foolish mischief , in the absence
of malice, engage in inmalt and disorder; and It
Mama to parents and gruirffians i as well an Put'
lie officers, to look more obesely to their dut
Bawer Arius:
Prince Royal and the Prince and Princess of
Prussia, now on a visit to Buckingham palace,
paid another private visit to the exhibition on
L•otunlay. During the visits of her Majesty,
the exhibitors only are allowed to enter. This
furnishes cause of complaint to the public, who
are never tired of gazing upon royalty, but it is
the wiser course. When any numbers are with
in the building it is impossible for the Queen to
examine the various productions without great
restraint. A crowd attends upon her wherever
she goes; a most respectful crowd it is true—but
still one that calls for her constant attention in
returning recognitions of the tokens of respect
everywhere bestowed upon her.
Twice every week bet Majesty spends from
two to three hours in the building. She usually
arrives about o'clock, enters 'quietly, leaning
upon the arm of Prince Albert or some member
of the royal family, and proceeds to that divi
sloe of the Crystal:Palace on which she was last
engaged on her previous visit. She is evidently
taking the building in course, and examining its
infinite variety of articles in the only way in
which they can make a proper and useful Im
pression upon the mind. I am 'Featly pleased
with her maternal affection. Her social and do
mestic virtues are her highest praise. One of
her children invariably accompanies her, and
she evidently takes a mother's pride in pointing
out what is worth notice, and explaining what
is difficult to be understood. Beyond the per
decorum manifest in the behaviour of all
the children when they accompany her, there Is
nothing in all the intercourse that passes between
them unlike what would be toad In any sensi
ble mother and children in America. The Prince
of Wales is evidently smart boy, quick, prompt
Intelligent, playful and fond of knowledge. He
is never tired of lifting the wheals of the trot-
Ung sulky which seems to be the greatest curi
osity the United States hare ever exhibited in
England. ,
:The number of visitors to the Great Exhibi
tion continues daily to increase. The receipts
during the last week averaged nearly 11,700
per day. In any examination of the contents of
this vast store house of industrial wealth, the
puzzle is where to begin I The embarrass des
riehesses induces a pleasant but not lean bewil
dering hesitation? The hundred thousand la
dies and gentlemen wBo have already crossed
themagic threshold have put the question a hun
dred thousand times to themselves and to each
other. Wandering hopelessly" along the nave—
' loitering purposely down the transept—getting"
, lost loan the mazes of the industrial city—stray
-mg from streets of furniture to streets of jewel
, ry—from papier, macho equares to hardware
crescents--striring et everything—seeing and
, comprehending nothing—restless spirits! flitting
shade-like in a manufactured chaos—wandering
Jews and Jewesses roving ceaselessly from land
to land and clime to clime—never able to settle,
never able to rest—no sooner fixing attention up
' on one object than findiug halted irrrsitably away
to another—leaping from gutter to glitter and
from ingenuity to ingenuity—finding at every
step metal yet more attractive—what a punting,
erratic, annoying, pleasing, perplexing hour is
' the first Which the majority of people pass in
the Exhibition' Of coarse. they want to see
everything—to open their eyes, and their mouth,
and their comprehensions—and to catch sad emit
low and digest the whole. The inevitable ques
don recurs—where to begin?
This question, like a sensible woman, the qua.
has practically answered, in tar visits to the
Crystal Palace. She began at one end, naturally
enough at the end where the works of her own
people are spread out in mending variety, and
she has gone on regularly, orderly, systemati
cally, slowly, in her examination, until the has
now completed fully one-half of the whole build
ing. This is the way, . end the only way, in
which the centrism of the building an seer Is
properly classified or c4mprehended by the mind,
and the only course by which salutes"' benefit
can be gained from the exhibition
I mentioned, in one of my former letters, the
educational purposes to which this Orme Exhi
bition might be devoted. lam happy to inform
you that the idea is now being acted upon. Br
cry ouhlto. school in the United Kingdom Is to
hues the opportunity, in the cosine of she sea
' son. of receiving lectures within its walls. Taa
knowledge to be gained from actual inayeadea
of. the producta of different countries,—the tadts
bfregard to II e hubs - bid .condition of each es-
Non represented hers to be fixed foremerin the
j mind by careful observation within its divisite,
—the customs, habits, modes of life and thought
of almost every civilized nation on the globe to
he learned within the circuit of these eighteen
execs, as they would otherwise be learned by
years of travel only,—render this palace of in
dustry a university of Information.
It were to be wished that such a means of
knowledge could be brought within the reach of
the children of our country. The acting-midaliip
men at the navel school in Annapolis are to be
detailed on • trial trip of three months Ito June.
Could any thing be more useful to them thin
this! Here are models, Illustrative of every
branch of science they are expected to pursue,
scattered throughout the exhibition. There are
all sorts of hydraulic machines, floating bridges,
docks, marine railway., breakwaters, jars, jet
ties, wharfs, grognes, yea-defences, dredging
, machines, stop-gates, and sluices, In model and
miniature, exhibited In the marine d eat..
There is, too a division Rpm* to nasal
gunnery, and to weapons of attack and defence
adapted to naval purposes. Nor are ordnance
nod projectiles forgotten in this display of gas,
h o witzers, mortars and shell's. It stabs to me
that such a school for practical Instruction to
these y o ung men will rarely occur, and that to
improve it would be of rut seats, to them, anti
of high honor to the nation that sent them.
The drank-lei mates of the. Exhibition, now
' most abundantly demonstrated, gives start to
' numerous speculations. It Le only a few weeks
since people began to attains, that the building
must never come down. It b now asked, will
such a collection ever be dispersed t As to all
the lighter er,more perishable articles In it, of
cane, moth, and rust, umut and dust preclude
an ides of their preservation In such a building,
even if Hyde Park were the place for a perms
neat bazaar ; but • large portion of the contents
might remain there for any period, at least as
safe as they are in the British' Museum, or any
other building in this atmosphere or fog end un
der this canopy of smoke.
How this question is to be answered remains to
be seen. it Is all an experiment. Every step
has been taken in darkness. Now, that doubt
and anxiety about Its success are dispelled, It is
not wonderful that its creators should begin to
expand their wings for a higher eight. But this
is only temporary. What is in the future, time,
as It passes, will tell. Of the prestalt,. It equals,
It surpasses, all that was expected or it. And
it la a tour through all nations: and climes, and
will tell the observer, the methodic, tranquil and
patient observer, more than I:Bitty teenier) bring
home through the tour of Europe. It is a mu
seum of the most useful and remarkable produc
tions of nature and art, such as never was yet
gathered within one building. It is a ishoV of
design Infinitely beyond Florence or ILome.- It
is a congress of nations end a record 'of progress
which, if It mainly relates to material interests
and tastes, has many important bearings, through
them, on the higher interests of humanity. Since
the world began there was never such an oppor-
Xmaity for self-instruction as is afforded ler,.
And then the whole tendency of the exhibition
Is upward and onward. It will produce hibmony
of feeling, unity and interest, and generous ri
valry everywhere—and tend, in all Its influences,
to make the nations of the earth love, respect,
and do good to one another. L. L. E.
• THE P_ItESIDLYIT.—Tho Alexandria Gazette of
Saturday has the . folihwing article, to the justice
and truth of which the people of Baltimore can
bear direct dramatize testimony:
The appropriate and hartasome manner In which
the President of thellnited States replied to the
many addresses that were made to him during
his recent visit to the North, gives us a very fa
'oral's idea of his abilities and discretion.—
These addresses were mob. without previous no
tice, and the President's answers were impromp
tuand Net they were all well expressed and to
the point. We learn, also, that the personal
bearing and deportment of the President,
throughout the entire journey, were such as to
command the respect of all who saw him, and
in many instances to make him warm Mends,
We are not surprised at this, because all who
hum approached Mr. Fillmore, since his acces
sloe to of f ice, have united in their testimony as
to his courteous Manners and the suavity and
propriety of hie intereourse with his fellow-citi
zens. Be wins golden opinions from all who
have business - with him,o r who call upon him.
to signify their respect for the office he holds, or
their esteem for him as a man.
ch. w.tanw mnirut. the 23th Ist, by an. 3. Cloc
Hr. Rit . H . Hs" to Situ Biss.Oo4.4lsotiagsf of Ih.Oso
11tOook. al of this
/@t-Cum or TIM COMM. —The name of
Min Manor. of WM= townstdpvlll.2.o Demoted to
roaVr 'b ooo=to th = Cared %no
ar.wr. or wax Cousw.—Henry liannen, of
eli g gbeav City. trill he • esndktete ter onse gh lsati en on to the
edit. of Clerk ef the Ferment Cetate of Alle Coun
before the And-Mum:de and Inds Ceara/ entenn y
ninnt V.
jtereLIK.IC OP TELL COMITIL—Jared M. Brush
1011 ro.bee candidate for the eke,. Aloe. eobject to the ded
=the Anti-Mesonla and Whig ounty:Soo.
A.PCIATZ Jong.—The =onerous friends
of 'JOHN OEIIIIAIiT, of Allegheny City. Willyretent his
guns to the approsehing Anti-MS=6IC and W hiz o.nlitY
Convention.. • =wild.* fur nomination to the office
Assiedata dodo of the Court of Quarter seesious. Mr.
tiviihart's experienoe to public businees—baving he. •
wet'. member of the State Legislatare for the period of
wren years. and final with great a...ability the alp, of
&sista. of the Land WS. during 00 , ulnwe.samini+
—sad his knowledge of the oermaa 5+
tt Wy I>!m m dil the ,fort with rabittgi, the Ro'
- oirarzoraer
AMOCLLIT. JUDGE.—Thomas Liggett, Jr„ of
r,„bts+ township, will be • candidate before the anyvaselP
log Whig wad Anthkissonle Oinvention. for the onus of
A.ociate Judge in the Court. of 0319=0. Pk.,
s.sioro. As and 111111 rovrorts.ll4 n++o both 1n
mylittisignig : :Town an 00110321,
DarAmocurs Junoz.—Adam italtllolll,
of antihero, rill be candidate for itcoulation for the
mike of dewclaw Judge in the Comm of kluarter t‘eselons
of Allegheny Mionity, before the Antbllmonle end Whig
County Convention, m meet on the 4111 of June.
i t orA...2llDLY.—Robert Abrahams, of Eli
,,,,lktaliorggh, Rubin
unt : hie name to the Anthhlnsinne
Zion to
B a r ASSEXIILT.—Robert Wallace. of Pitts
,ttahtentit;=,,tll..ttatx.te t
to the lat ' ditteture. itty-"Artrlt:T
ASIZNIILY. , --John M. Porter. of the Borough
of Torentom. will be • esadidete lor nomination to
A the
ssembly. aileoet to the &lam cof M ilda
e Whip and tb
Simon& Clousdy 0321V•rni0EL milt.dmalaT
Asszions.—Thornton A. Shinn, Esq., will
be supported as a candidate ter the Legh!store, euteeet to
the decision of the Whip sod Arab/Wonle Conventloth by
ABBEMBLY.--Oeorgo E. Apple K, of the
Borough of Birmingham, wUI be eopported before the are
tialaeonic and Whig County Con • ealk4ll, for WAY. b y
Mane Carrara.
ABSILYBLT.—Anthony Haris will be a can
%haat., for State' Wembly, tutoect to the clocialatt of the
Willg and AntAltuoula tbnvetitlon.
.ItAsi Wino, oe Itnontioaoi.
Asssionx.-1 would recommend Jos. John
.ot North Fayette township, to the Antblissonie end
Whig County Convention. ae • suitable person to ' , Present
In the next Legleatun, As Ourtruni.
ABRIAIULY.—The numerous friends of JOLIN
Unmet., host o o.flodlssa township, sill hement his saw
to the Alstrilasoule awl WILL, theusty lktosenthoth as
eamiktale 13.110516312 CO the ethce.of comber of lbw
ssembly. Ate. /Other was a member of the Assembly ot
MIL myg....,Mer.tch.(the)
AssEmumr.—Thos. Penuoy, r— Of the Borough
WhigMcKeesport, will pretented to the rintl-Maroole arid
Whig eortrrotion, es • condlUte for noarlostloa on the
octet for (La Assembly. oarl4trawarorT
Jr.. of the &mond Ward, City of All,•benr, will be • can
aufat• Neforo five Antl-)i•oorale and Whig Couzi r Crum.
Lon for the ale. of flounly lknurdireloarr.
act.. &Tenth Ward, City of Pittaburgh,Js rentonnendoct
to thy Whin anti And.)lmpale Lbonty Contention, lin •
candtdate Pie County Cconnotiaatir. by
• titynuitstote , B llnnY Einntna.
gie'Cousrr Commeatoszn.—Jae. McCune,
of the Muth Ward. Car of tinsbnat h. will be scandlisse
tufo. the Whin sad intOlesonie Convention, foe the of
ten of County Commissioner. lay Isisattett
sat-Cob-24Yr Coglliselosrza.—Wm. DI. -on
Eutaw. of the Ninth Ward oree city of Pittsburgh.
be moilidate before the Amblhooola emt Whig arg
sene m o: l ll . the . offoe of Count/ Coimiseioacr.
tTuaors. of the That W.I. City of Pittaburrth 111 to
candidata betas tha Anti-Masonic .0 Whlg CoohtT OF:
vantlagVhoolhea of 0..4' CotahtloWnos.
Couarrr Cox womoNta.—Gabriel Adams, of
the nand Ward of Oa My of Pittatrargh, grill be • candi
date for dm oleo. of Cooncisclotier. =towel to the decision
of Oa %Chia ant AntieJlaninic (Nranty Concentlon
ter CoUNIT Rzairrze.—Alexander Rich
rdson. of the First Ward, *leeway City, will he on
d1.1.1e for Ow rdire of Obunty eubient the d
colon of the Whig and Ansildssonir twunty (bum:no •
ireeCocrire RIGIEICR. — The name ofJonm
Mecum, of the .Ird Ward city or Pittsburgh. will be nib
mltted to the Antbthubble bed Whig Cathay Cauvehttoit.
uethrthichthe tbr the aim or thrtrlthth.thel bill be -
Ir surberted hi rerr
arbbiblaer:thS bleat Mom
KIKOUNTY Ittotersa.—John K. Foster, of
Baldwin townehth. g esndklat• for &TOW, tgfors
rhg taming Aocialagonle and Whig Coast/ [...Mho.
Sep-Conan I urrca.—Plealo announce'
that 11. J. Lome, of Alle•bcoy City, will be • caoditle.te
for the yam of Itegiator. mho.t to tb. decision of the la.
ti.thit•oi• ••• whi• O.IIZT Coamition.
A Card.
THE undersigned w °cad respectfully inforee
the Anti-Mum. nnd Wbldv AnnitlenT Naalt
1 be would to happy b wave them another the
mblebd bquition which. thmagh timely former kindods, be
has tb. ban, at prTs.rdln th a t
S 4 count, Redtsber.
and *MIA ha s bop. that Igo attedlarum Lbe
daairold bbn, and hb enemas in dthebtedloit them
ht ( 4l: =NlTletr**.l7"'",tl°. =1. th g.
rldbt odiedl not b..l.e.ted. and that, •kars ban yrrleon
.ndtd matt hie earn potation mare eninfortable. 6..111 b.
rszetbi that as iv peedible the Wale iddll knee tbe
be:Daft et lb Ver7 reepdtally.
utyld JORS ECM.
fiIfCOIDEIL Jame Clortoly will bow candidste
tn. ow. orTwoww. , osb.wo m tbi action of um Ann-
ILesnne .se! Winn Cunvoutl on. to b. b.hL on Ulu 4th of
Jona nost. Mende 0W pease bear him In nand at QM
Vtinisry Meeting. neylumanerent
Rccogras- . --John Comacr,of 13pz n lair
lotrooblo, will ttt oupporud Fr tbo oaf. of _ .1401.
.t.ot to Me Avid= of Coo .air big o , otitoY
thOttentlent. ty • Yaws Cot..
moyitkvitol• •
Itscoirmest.--Joho McGill, of ',West I r
Teethedto. metal % I. esselliste for the alhee a • ••
eateeet thes the Asti-llhseehe sad W.*
tkahly Oteemitioc. VI I 1441WICT
rocv.ltscoani.s.—We are authorised to
ammo that Woi.K. Toltitas. a !Labatt Borough. I
Lo caoL'etato tor turalootios to tiot alma Itatorder, be
ton tbo Ontollagottle root 'Whig Coast, Coarrottott
RSCOIDAR —I Will bo a candidata for
the Moe of Lenentee, outeert to the Measles of the MIN
wad AsAlottattAtht County Om veattoo.
Metotesh. Apell w. IMlstAerlefl
. Murphy & Bun:lMA
pireorerrr Tatreraza—We are author' •4 ^... °P.4.2 o Grral r.rids , of N.. G. 4
4.4 te easenoure that J. W. Pater. of the 24 Wapl.l7ts r Amt latle the ealb of .11 ...tun . ii... 1.....
t•( Pittsburgh, alO l. • eamdilstelisr the al. of Omar OPEN 21116 11011511111, .
'lmpure's, ratject to the diaalsor of the Ault Meat. a./ • 1 es. Yuseobb I=lnmtra Cu black and hebabb)
Whin C•aute Coaunth.. winvtgeSe Museable sad 11.1:411;_ ,
Wm:Wan rua caeaa, kg lailleal
se ... Caren Tumor aza—John V. Rowland 1 . . r.. ..
a upp e r et flat', warship. all to • eassOldate fir wog , i =if . c .i.f .. pw,...J.,,,..
ration to . ode, taws lbw Wldterand Abbbllneaseie pw a nt w k eau;
cc..ti 13sareatica. coy daat.,ll i le Per eilksr.
itllremeki LAWN.% and • oat waists of other
qoOda, at the stare of
AlDlTol.—John Emerick, of McCandlei,4
tee:alai., will be *arrested r cehdtitti• far Grandy Am
dltor, entoet e the dead+. et the Macs.* Antbbleepate
Caarenuoo, by at Mos*
pi-\I e again refer oar renders to the ad
• otheor.oo of U. 0. tomato ofrotwow ZAKII•CX4 welch
swan l whothet column. wwwl by •bibb- TOO will we t& /1
highly raCOELlPamied . wad ttdr to .0 .11. hw product* err.
tlocatet of ft.. who hoof wool ft and wilortienowilta taw,
.tlelol oda-to ock huh. Gyp woos& no mi.. 1•1111:1011110.
ii trry ramotk•hlo. and at Out flu cogleio. to worth, hl
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• posapol.l gym ,, coafolotos moot Nimbi* ncipeo tow
tL ltrotrovut of eallly. Ws. flo/Ihollww.-2,41
air DR. hilattiell LITER PILLS
gtort mnoly yw dlr.,rs of the Um. 3 of mood Wet
We than its intruituli. on to lA* public. Its sliaooverer.
one or tits neat PhYalciaaa in Ws county 7, used It tor pearl
14140 yescticr. to(o be rues anuouniud 3to th. world
illatence of so sway quack tato...llea heralded.. pie
casing the man otarrelnua qualities fog healing ./I disno
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• Liu, oho notuysily 411 sum. gnat - of Getup oonfoundwl tha crowd of pmts.:ices to We medical art Wt.,
11.•//1191 , 0.0 D•ruted in any uawslane , tit
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nand Mao to ma. It hubli.
Pot awls by J KIDD* CO..
No. au Woad et.
Petroleum I
Susumu°. Ilunt.logdczion, P.., &huh '5l.
15. 14 Eurr.--Desz SO, Your Petroleum O working ..-
dere In tile vicinity; therefor. we would thank you to erid
us two dun by the Premien:lL Flidiroad. We en etv
only oat. nod ll Ls bring, inquiry.' gor airman our/ dare
Yours. reepeettully, JOLLY WM/ A CO.
Aehlend w. 0.. Mush 10,11.
d. U. Iltgai—Desr Or. Your Agoit. • dm "Wk. slue.
On with to loot down Rock Oil. which we hen 1101 d.
Ideue dirsiol Lou. al. dozen loonodlidoly.
Your modletu working wands,. in Ods vodka,. We
ran obtain evveral ezcinizat cornfield/mit you 44.1 n. them .
Vann!, do., W. W. SCOTT.
For We by Kepler A IleDovell, 140 Wood Knot; IL E.
dello., 47 Wood erect; R. A. Pa nesiock. k Co. rano
Wood and Yront streotio t D. M. Curry, D. A. 1:111imi1..1Olonh
bough.. ind 11. P. Monate, Allegheny. Oro by the bro.
prtztor, d. 11. DIES,
gill/lA/Ml' Canal Disein.Sevoilb vt..Pittoburnli.
Foreign and American Hardware.
No. 129 Wood Street,
A Nil end complete etock of FOREIGN AND AILERIGAR
the .piing trade, sod which th s 6, en impanel
t.. le pus . ..Laren et rut. that vi 111 ampere
Nowshi • with 0137 of the eastern cities.
so 74 Flora 4., nal lo Thank of YWONoVIt.
Note. 004 Drabs collsolod on .11 pots of tho
Nook. bought and looltl on cow:kink. 6b7ollorT
Citizen's Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
otkm ko. 41 Water streak 10 tke wan/dome orC.ll.
C.O. 'lmam exoo.ol a. W.Ek•er•
Thu Company Omni prepared to Mauro MI memhamilme
la dom, and In tradelto. enaele / af.
1 nittrar Vof. u hil.g1 t
~:cfr",4 i 4 t tragr,l7,
who am nil of Pltteburgh. well and Tayorably
known tot e community for their pruderies, Intellikewd
sod totearltY.
Dmrcrolo.-4.1. U. !loamy. Wroitatraley ;. Wm. u terimer:
H KLEBER hoo just received a choice lot !
ant. Carhurdre Melodeons, rusnulbetnred
at !Cl ' u
usntt Ithueell—tbe origloal tneenteA—in N
)(Orb r eity. Mr. 0. Me much improved up. C0166/71
I nyantion,..nd It la non gencrilly conceded Mat be =Am
tbe beet Melodeons in b e autyutry both Oa 04110.1301 Of
blob and richness mut ot tone old IMICh. Among
One 6 at., auto :Icon, wall [Vt., runnrOod;
Qom 0
One " •
°V 0 4 . 701 Thhe 'int, dun of the Golden Ham
mv ,i o g o y 11.07 00 the shore Inatomunts.
F. R. Itoor_g
mcgrotion 14 the tnainent at thaw chr:;
=lndmm. Ai =on. Ansaida rms.
Ow Land 11114%, nett We dont to
ing itiu.Alksho, altar. Down tram Tto A
Lank ILI 11. aaal t o eat to 9 • airway
Hew Books.
rELife and Times of thicant,
great Reformer, tramiatai lkom 45L1
German of Pant almrr, 2 vols. •
Lamle of the MaCem. a Itarratim of Or/
ental ?meek by RI mak e mew ea" cloth.,
(Saurian?. pew wort.—the Authority Of Hal, Or Moos
barriers arainst Rombth amonandom (Neer.) •
Lays F rtb. Rut 31.. 11. Bur.. ,
Letters to my MOM, with Narrailm and Illoirraitaml
Sketches of Mrs. L. 11. Stamm.) , o
Memoir of the See. Henry Hato .
ott with as
Introductory Easy by the Rev. C. P. liellesine. D. D.
Bishop of Ohio.
Thrlor atel Practice of• Teachlok, i•O°M."'" and
Heti:wale of E xperien c
e. Schl lieenham by David P. Pea.. it•
Christian w display...l in the writing of Sr.
Taut/ hY tha author of - Christian HettrantroriS,
Lim aia Signers of Um Declaration or
Dwight. Faq.
ship a ttrally.ltar
thort' f al 1.4•1;
The if«k •
mieml illustrated. •
Lime orthe Queens of Eng Mod. front the Norman Cum
knesta with anecdotes of their Courts It roWoUt.,.„ * .
Ilemolhof Rev. Alexander Month. D
from his 'pistolary
above tar. Her. Jams
liar, D. D.' The above work" are far sate
cryhoolateS A. IL ENGLISH 000 W 00 0 -
Wm E y/0 1°UR- 1 8 t. g'l2. for sale
IC,IEESE-50 boxes good W. R.., lor sale by
myxu IL DAIS.= t CO.
-2 bbl,. No. 1 Lard;
4 "
IS too Wm them
41 " Ks"
1 " Oinsettir.
1 bbL
2 bapDella Avpl.s
1 Waage.; arriand SW
111A1A11DICSEY • co.
Water and front eta
PETRE-20 bags (Crude) for sale by
mi3o W.s P. WILSON.
S4LLT PETRi-- -20 Cep (refined) for sale
ony W. k P. WILSON,
ml 3O le F lrst. and HS &bond at
Fifth Ward Primary Meeting:
LWhigs and Anti-Masons of the Fifth
W lad vlinmala Mods /Minsky Meeting, to nosohlais
t. stketut the coming County Concentima, at the
School noose, comet of hie and Wants' streets, an Sat. ,
Imlay May 31rt, at L 2 o'clock, M. awl korp Use polls open
MI V's M. mylkkkt
A Rare chance.
ADR:UO STORE FOR SALE, being an ez
ealleiit prescriptlin and retail lootion, and now dm
. maid business. Will bi sold at a great bargain.. If
application made et once to
PayM3t• . it. IL. aIIi t LEBS. is Wood M.
INOS.—tioId. Gold uid Velvet, Bonnet, Tapestry mid
Ornamental trench Paper. of various gadflies, and at
prim to toll the urencturtances of almost evert elan of
customer*, fur W. at the ettablishment of
TLIO&LtiI Pdbligli. 6.i Market at
asatratatot. Wading every Wad nod damiptlan, at
sn m edl y n
I TllagratiEtt, h Mattat aL
Ay:ALL PAPER, of my own manufacture,
for Pak., 1161/6. Dining Rams, Cbaxrdmrs and
AS. DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Cora
l:o34as and Forwarding Marabout. and dada
GI., Cotton Yarns, and Pittabargh Idanolactaror
arnendly —No. NI Watcr et. and Tti Find at, Pittaborida
--- -
JIL Auellty, fur de by
FEY MORRIS' TEAl—Morris' Tea Mart
le to the Dlasnond. Second Door Dom Diamond eller.
Is Nisi d I this establbbamnt ix muway_convected
with -the store lately opmel mot door br Haworth A
Cern. zar2)
COFFEE -100 bags prime Green
af k o& . Fan
Ow de by J. D. B
cb , MI Wool
low li..rim. crawl Bee&
Venison; _
5 600 00 Mutton 11 . for sals
HEAP PARASOLS:—We have just re
(wive& at Non Cannd 64 Market street—tewomplaln
whg fringed liaraaola, embracing alt the ddierent cantle.,
ich ...n prepared to often at wholesale or retail. at a
',erg great nalacto from forma. price.
I • A. 1. MASON A CO.. Market 41.
PLINS! POPLINS !=Just received this
. day. per tanner—hi plena beautiful shade, of enter
ed Ilno, mid& ea rill sell at 23 per cent. lower than
they to ever been Add In this tity.
mytti A. A.. MASON t CO.
VINE SIIAWLS.—We would solicit the cit
.:. treeksa or plarohaeere to our ony extenelve moon.
ward of superior plain and embroidered Crape 131rawls and
Seer* Lacy Cashmere, Ilithet and diet alharrlm all of the
miffed and most dsalrahle styles, width we are rolling at
the eery lowest prima A. A. !LAWN a CO.,
: 82 and Pi Marked At
cast... by dm. very dmirnbi* Crtroped
Torisbro Trimming. mooned oat" whist , will b• .14
fell cheap strstali or by the bra. at 62 sod 64 Harter st
RINE DRESS GOODS—We hive - just re
wrootber min:WM &wort:mad of blade. Ininev,
vok, ohm eat mode Bewkweeawd Mmes. Alwi,'lngilw and
Folawn!llltk.s. whleb ...r. oltexing er. werwloW prlarL ,
L. A.ll IN 'a W.
Clolll'4-65 bags Rio, for sale by
$lllll ' ALE-320 whole arid half bbLs.
warranted am quality. war In nada and fOr do by
Iv IN DO W GLASS-2000 boxes fur sale by
LARD OIL-20 bble. N0..1, for sale low to
dor eorieleginent. et the store of
lay= meow Wad end 010th
ACON HOG ROUND-4000 lbs. Bacon
" Lultunan.
DRIED BEEF-3000 lbs. for said by
ni r = is. I W. KLILBArci EL
UGAR-60 hi*. N. G., for sale by
es 79 S. a W. lusasuon.
irOFFEE-10 tap for sale by_
L,/ arra _ , _
piTATOES—Z9 bu. prime Red, for sale
T. WOODB t 89N.
lafeer st
second Ward Primary iffeetinga.
rr HE Whigs and Anti-Masons of the Second
Wahl are bareblhmtlfeet t meet at the Burst Dl.
toot UMW.corner of Semtet and Malthltell street.. at
Ratordey maim, the Ala tut, at 7 o'clak, to elect two
Dam.. to the•ftanty Cogrem.
myllehd MI.OY WIIIOS.
gROPOSALS will be received for the Gre
db. and Blid of tkor Western porlbaottiv Oblo
Senannune nsedlng lb. Wrestler. br
Logdourille end klareeneid, to a the Glaciated. Goltnebta
end Cincinnati ReOnsed, (Bluth. nee Oelicm. a die
nine T of
hey will be rewire Worater until the met
Tundey, the lute of June; and at Meenind until th ed e
nein, of Wedneedep, the Mb of Jane next, and elk b,
addreaand eD tb, underageoll. Precident of dor Osterrany.
rlins and walla of tbe wort gut of Loudonville Oat be
...bibles!. Wooster, and of On wort wed of Lootkoallie
sa Ilatudeld, fur one Irak been the lettind.
Danner talbaustion .4 bum ol letoe mar be ob.
tenon on application to 00011/11/011 itots, Cblet Nue
neer or Jo n IL Stasuanan Rundent Rug/neer of do.
%venal:, Unialon. • prelervnov. will be Wen to bidden
gnu •I 0 wpm to tote a per caner. of th en pay la lb*
rout of the Coustrnsr,
Wel. ROBINSON, Jr.,Presiar. .
llttilbergte, liar 27, IBS!—{lns2l,3l
VOR RENT—A Warehouse on Water
street, between Market and rani. ...MU. "
4 •• k DALZELL 69 Meter et.
A:bd t :itt!the adaltloh r. of cold Zer oul;sTw b sioo,
tu 4,14.1 the moat .roomieut aud n ettApOt that tath
be 0.4 tor honaehold outvotes. ..else. *Am cant. La but
arel maths & thr touat:ulleta...l . lgre u ,L=
rutry, Puebalhea
. trouble. 1. ! Ana.. Ja i puLta di r outotegautatmell .r.
L ae , ao ‘ a f of 3 and lbw, tr,l.h saw It IL A. MoCLURO I_ I,
r ai thoorn and Sae Maier.
A VALUABLE unimproved LOT, on the
ZS_ aerner a Liberty wed rectory street& ruw Wud,
anuslte the German entholle Climb. 30 feetfrand on Lib
srty, by 100 feet deo on Venial. =ming test to gpring
ay. •
lso—lbs three strerp Usk Dwelling Magaan LlberlT
stress, Voicing ihe abase, lb. lot being 20 bet front by
100 Dal deep. lase boas* Le Ism and esinvensebt, bolt In
inoilaria style. and kontslas elf rams;
Alm—D) nem of very vaoao,, land ms alssmoorsk ,
Alm--A Verso of 133 arm in Wan Deer township.
dleo—st Ws= of 234 acres ln Lawrence pouts. 6 mike
Dory. New Ceetle.
Absi—Fernis in Bassin munly, or Minna duo end
Prwia. (Nisi sou Me dein.
si vary enlinade lots In ]sawn. 111.33c16 Prices
moderate. 3dignini 0(
b. P. & O. L. u. 11r1781111A14,
• Attorney. st Lam awl Real Lstate AsMatib
MY 2 3 pi Fourth stmt. Plll.lnssib.
FAMILY FRIEND, or Rakirkg Proparative,
rupereedlus the use of Tem; Producing light, wee
. *wee , , nutritious mad dlkeenee BM or Pct. MI cor
In Mu Unce, and at Less wart than the ordlnamc fenannated
bread: which mums, to • at anent. bacitmenon., pals. after made. bedecks. and other sake.
cancrawk P armlet to any thing for making Cakes andilbac
milts. In :MU pound. of - 710 . 1 Xis preparation will make
10 more lomat ofd pound. than with Sum. /leads
of Wattle. and means of weak tonstltutions.elsonkt
tend to ours brand,. one of the Sorel medicines of the
Pm. Irpr I lora', Infirmaries, &Lem* Bore le c and large
ettershmen It la a . prneterage t . or bol d . Sp
batiks at
1 15 ., 211 mate. Ina t
H. E. SY. PI Wool at.
of 9 lb. and 111 lb. nob, imported foe W. b
x0y7.9 D. A. 9.91111 cg At CO.
CLOSES -1500 lbs. for sale by' '
m rz • H. A. T ZAMBIAw & CO.
. SODA- 1 25 kegs for sale by
CASTILE._SOAP—SO boxes for sale by
JCP:LUE VITRIOL-2000 lbs. for sale by
11 mr~ H. A. PAIINIST3CIC sOS.
4TH BRICK-1000 English, for sale
my 29 11. A. VAIMISSOCK • CO.
YELLOW-20 caaea Baltimore,
1j for ado
P 7 7 . 4 • P. A.
ALNItATOS-30 corks for sale by
1.3 m.B 9.4. untinrocti t co.
, bble. for Bale b
WINDSOR SOAP-50 boxes Hyde's, for
.1a br (my" al. ILICIESTCCE• CO.
INSEED OIL bble. for sale by
B ACON -43,000 lbs. Shoulders;
SOO " llama for sal. by
arM 110111,noS. LIMA' CO.
DRIED BEEF -20po lbs. for sale by
140LASSE8-200 bbls. 11 - ..-0.,f0r sale by
BILLED FEUIT-450 Dn. Peach
ul2s 6O 6 . Apple% f ca;
br NY by
801113011. LaTas 00.
'/TANNERS' Off,-2p bbla. for sale by
m 773 ' NOIIII9ON. ISITLI a Oa.
N AIIB,-4tKlkept=t Ula , m l,
BROOMS -250 dos. common to best
mr.l extra Lawn fir oak 12!
COFFER=ISO bans Rio; _
ROTTELT, tfrtlt[CO..
Pm IRON-240 tons Ben's creek
Iwo ••• mai n.tek:
- b ashintruavr 4414 47 •
noinsoN tam* a CO..
num :so tit.l7
60 beau prime Now
300 bOIN NO.I Haltlmare llezri ma;
le Uerees !me kk.
"" t)
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received by
the nolerstrned. at 6T. 0.20117. Mb, until the 1 '
Jay of Juno. 1641. Mettle graduation sad comtruntion ,
MEWL:Lir fungal:Ono all maternal/ of the 0 6. Guinan bus
Mnistato and Pilot /Noe Plank Rood." from Bt. ()rennin
about 50 man to the inco Mountain and Pilot Knob.
Prop:wale will be received either and by the cone e
.11 work and =Knob! to ...Dien tort: ar anumitalr• m
Wan (add for plan; 6 tt. In length. delivered on line •
g road at convezdent dim:mown (11.1 for laying planked:4 •
dolobing much lath.) S. plank delivered mot laid into
nod. includlng an/abhor (Mb.) for groduation by tale,
grubbing aril nod b.hbrU ..d e ,
tert ego= and (6th.) for mammary on , / britiglog ,, •
The wort will be divided into acetone of ..107btr 6 miles
tn Ingth, and In ainuir. ow together. Fifteen manor the
mad to be completed by the lot of Deasober, Uhl, and the
Wenn tt. of PePeembr , Ma' m mold ) Mor
.e the contracton may &lin. It la mooned to plank •
Vriesy with white oak, of which there la an Ow
rani,. The detailsof rout.. and apniantiom
l manna of building, will be reedy Air examination
mt . atter the ad day of J wrt. either at bt.
I at the Mare ot dome. P.Parkarool,Engincor of the
Pooh liaLcoad. in. Louis. Mo.
m o nod:yield F. C. HOZIEB, President.
Agricultural Implements.
1... YE JUST received from the Eaat the
f. ltrelna bool.tentr, all of the ben otaardleturs
e mace recent toreatlate, and I would Melte' all
f re to tall and aratalrte 'or Oda.
Mill. Ilachinet, far torn. bowls beets, tothllA a.
Co D C rllh fur abash el Loot., and Win:
Coro shere.
Coctidheler. Bark ant hand poser.
Ftta. and CorCutting Boxes.
Levels Root c llt= mi.
Caatoteel Crain and tires dythes, ind noel.
Caftan' taro, three and Oont prom( aorta
Alrnedsetured Moo the best materials...and tor sale
at Drag sad Bead Btar• of
• ' • S. N. WICLEII.9II.OI.
Corner of Wood and Sixth Weep..
rGkthe lion' °ruble, the Judges of the Court
General Quarter Satiate of the Peace . In and to
t • onty of Allegheny. .
The petition of lerceadley, a the Fourth Ward, Pitts
Mink. In the minty afo mad. humbly she Irak. that Tour
7.=er bath pm:aided himeelf with mantels for theft"-
aiol2 of unvellera and others, a , his dwelling
inn* in the want aforesaid. and p that Tom Man
ors will a ;leaped to grant hint a ome n
ne• to keep a public
holm st entertainment And Tour salt:tour, as toduty
boondimill ger.
Wei the mteembers, dlisens of the lewd stonnaid.
do certify, Mat the ohm* TetiOntee ot.knod Mate Ihr
tenteety and tampimmoe. and le well rimmed vim boa@
ratan and ccenenienas for the aementoodation and lodging
of drangen and tavellera and that aid
le main
am. erttwn Rm. laah ,, Y , A. D. Ideßrida
ford, Robert Oliver, Jon - ph Redmond;
Adsia Truer, Jean Pleter. Juan Mitr=
Sadth 7.
. ray2t3t
bIIQUID GLUE-3 gross, ( s •
article, destine! to tate tle. u: Penor
g We by , J. KIDD s co, n
arwoxt etr
1 INSEED OIL—SOO Doris for sale by
I A aulA J. KIDD a CO, GO Wood st
2.50 D
barbels `
polo ou.
LO eed w.
fa burets mime Neshancekt
a barrels *gas.
" Cider visitant
60 " • LouDrilla lime .
100 " Family flour.
100 rim hour.
100 timbals ea ts cu.
100 " Oa for sale on eousigament
MY-': T. WOOD • SN:
Na. Water at
PRESEI TOMATOESAermetically sealed,
r"retaming, perfectly, the flavor and heohneee of the
nye tralte, for ule tor Vitt. A
mro Grocers and Tod Dr.
DRIED BEEF.—Evans & Swift's Sager
Carrel Deer =rued, for este try_ _
li- LITMUS it Co,
.311 2.5 e Liberty rt.
Joddepatezt polished
Steam Engine for Sale.
OR SALE, at about half the real value,'
remonable that. a Double Steam Easion ‘ of Ton
Mak of MasiNon, May V.—fmorr,2l.
11ARPER'S MAGAZINE, Vol. 2d, bound
In cloth.
tafft =lia t 2ltlfarc ;• =e o ' f ity , , , ,ir a =ii. • future
UMW., Li;ing /Cie, 157.
Reentrant et ROL ' Literary Dena, Third Amp
melte the Poet Office. my'
LOAF SUGAR--100 bbls. ass'd N.;
6 R. Cnashotip o i
k Y. 191i.boN;
myr • 11T First, wad 118 Secon4 st.
SUGAR --10 bldg. Clarified, fur ealeby
ALERATUS-50 boxes for salc7by
k2y27 • ENGLISH k LEN. ETT.
HOULDERS-12 casks for sale by
NUTS -20 Int Chestnuts;
" " M'''iN‘Utisfittgirm
Lain kegs
for sate'
5572 122 fiermi. tad 151 lint amt.
Carled'iLair Idatrasses. -
LnAt. on hand a larp stock of Matrasi
WILL amts.:lW of pure M•c• -.math=Nua •1.X., 611141,,211
140400 VOL
sty2s Tta , 4 tuaaC oraa. a.. Post 005 e•
B L'E. SILK LACES—Largo assortment,
sad very dorm% reed et uto non of
roy26 .110ItYLIT d. BURCHTLELD.
MOURNING GOODS—Blackßombasinea,
ivx•al=tc.. .-.Jrabaajr Cant. Met Ea-
2 y=3 • atußrax a ZititW.S.D!
No. 1 MACKEREL—.4O qr. bbls. extra, for
Way us. Sal sal. by IBAI/II DICK= OD.
ray 26 Water acid Flout A,
INDlGO—earacctui 'and Manilla, on con
gal:meat, tar Ws by 113A11111 DICKEY & CO.
aIyDS Water sad Kraut As.
L ARD—Bennett Jonea? brand, for
... OlL—Bennett
la AlAll DICICET a co.
LARD -12 bblz. No. 1, for sale by
'cox c BIeC.INDLEIS.
maZtl coma Wool and Wster .t..
OOATS-00 ba. for sale by
('BORN-100 bu. for e sale by
J aqui a ew. rustaecug.
Catot Ilant.cts.ra4l3oVnt
Tarnisbed Burke.%
Extra arrant Bucket., 3 0.14
Cede Kaalert. brass bound; •
iariettn 1144 in of sta, QS sisis)
WE. A. E E aCLU E 4,
zna3 b
2.56 L i brty 1_
EGGS -3 bbls. for sale by
tor= 8.4 W. ItAII.I3AUGIS.
FLOUR -10 bbl. Rye;
m 4 ,1 ''t.rwTraitssuan.
PEARL ASH-5 tons for sale by
ENOLISII a nrdtExt
rarZ IL= Second, and 1611101 st
11400PS-49,000 Split Atli. for sale by
131724 ENGLISH BE NETT. 1:
- - • • .
TAR -75 bhls. C.. for sale by
mym mann a BlomErr.
LINE—SO bbls. White Lonierille. fei sale
lar „ Boards and Scant
-504„00C1 u n t.i.',& P °Lr
FISHING TACKLE—Canes, Rode,Lines,
Books. La, wholessle and Wall, bT
WATCHES, in large variety, and at the
lowest rex Etar=l ulareutera matt and
POSY! may b weo a toy atom
, as7to , t ‘as.3.l.i ont a
u, Glol i d ,k ood ei S ca tlro u.m d
e Pen
r.i ls,
11.1wIL W. W. W ILBON.
AbIS-32 cake Baton Hams, for tale by
IA mlO , JAMES A. 111.1SCIO.150.1: A CO.
RlCll erliegen Velvet and. Gold Paper
Woorloss. Sor Prorrlos Rom% just ....eats= Paris,
fit lOble by • W. P. MAUS/SALL. bi Word rt.
itir —D3 the Dlettirt Corti of Alleatmay County. Yostd.
N 0.171, Aptil W.
• And now to wit Mai '7,411. ISM, the Court appoint Al
fred B. Illeentert. Auditor to distribute thereeede
The Auditor will ittrud t the duties °this Appointment
3t hls e Pittsburgh, onMorkday.
Smith's New Geographies.
S annrs ring nook in 'Geography; ut
tiadacto Geograbby, de idgued for Children; illos
trawd.with engrattars. awl :NI mph pp. 17to
kW... ilftwook Book In n tieohy: • math.
ateit tout.' oy Kum ot th•wraph, We iftwo &boo*
Acadia:MA. and norillior; dairood oil • wood to the lira .
Book; Illoktrated with :30 !feel maps, soil 000eroaa than.
ybotor, by Ramon C. Bony, A. IL Am.,
matt T 8 Apollo thollititiss, Fourth oh .
PRINTING PAPER—A largo lot Double
Medium and Invert.' iiittinvrgarp. , b 7
mil/ corner Market end &coact sun
ERAPPING PAPERS—A urge assort- .
Punt of Wellman/ Papera,llanirts, Bas t ard M.S.
x bar aal• at W. E. EA a EN'S
earia Paper Warehma. car—llarktl and ret at,
• .
A.§9Gitc:l4TEan?Exgr,....,..Tin •
&era Pena, of au ;mama :gar.; ad l At
relgbratealranna*tareme: for gala at .
w. ri. /MEW Ia ?! &glittery Stan,
gey24 corner Srket and lama&
Esrot% 4 co .
ARARE CHANCE' is offered to fiprsOn
who vtabet to tray. ~s 1 an 4 who hOO ► O•OlOIA of twat
.I.‘n to sight Pi:wired 4stic to nasal. in ► pnAlishls
nod Post
business. taw the sutmetibet R I DS.
the Post Mos. iUty2 1.1 J. W. unyi3.
Shoulder Braces,
HOIILDER BRACES, of the moat op
pp♦d. ttyla, gimoolo In structure and eoaily tittod,
andof Woo to snit all who may rolintro them —Art awed
and for solo. wholegolo and rotalli_hr • • •
ihrai .. H. Z. aKI.Lft. 67 Wood st.
LOUISVILLE Winn -1,1151 E-50 bbl
Ned mit* ni t I
,:. , "
On/W.l-10 tibia. No. 1;
mizi " "
SEIGAR-100 bbbt. Powdered, for sale by
:ern . BIIREKIDGY & Mill •A.
•IAI-15 giK4 grease, now laud
LA fag frau , itniart kripw4lia tJge
1428 VAlritaft.
Circus! Theatre! Menagerie!
.t conjaactka of Too Fatablishmatts, band on Ilia
-.l%inder the joint raperrbia. of YS STONZ &Wm
Proprietor of Seem t Majous*• Ceiere.
Will be arlibitsi be the City of Plteburgh. a Mid 4,f
Every Afternoon arid Night, at 2 and 7 .'dock.
Commencing on SIONDAT, 11AT
mr7.24.7. ptcalae w Pi.
19.44r ..4
Pittsburgh Life Iniurance Company.
Pregideat—lexce S. Mos.
Tresta Prerk lenret—J t..E..xon 3141.extes.
beesetee7—C. 4 Come.
Sii-See advertisment>o mother gut or this pew.
g`IHRESE-51 boxer s now landing and far
by .181.14.11DIC8RY a 011.
UTTER-3 bbla freth, now lauding-sad
for aala by MAUR MCKIM Z
131724 Water Rad ha at ma.
it won curd. will be said low to clots the lot.
mr2.4 Waller aulTrolst
DRY PEACHES-4 0 sacks, in gum, f or
ale br ,IBAIAII MOUT i 00,
taro Wsur AM Smut low
rVAII.--t0 bbls in store, and will be fold
tow to close conslgnemmt. • •
m a Water sad Trout sta.
D EFINED BORAX-600 lbs best English,
XII, Sr pas ST Day 241 J. KIDD S. CO-. CO Weal at
ABD OlL—(superior article) in half b
for =l. by' Da i 241 J. KIDD t CO, 00 Rood .t.'
T AC DYE-5001be for rale by
my 24. J. ICTDDh CO.. In Rater R.
INDIA DIASMASH SILKS-,-20 pieces just re
valved, • very desirable arttelt, vr•rrantod to vrest—
• lure aseartount lioaved Pa;
MASON O bosottful
D style&
my= A. A
]Ohu Bank of Pittahnrab.; _ .
Merchants' 11.4. a - Bank of fittehtleitk
Pot. vhich the higheet loin'. 0,0 . 011 00 r ak4
my=. wa. Lt. a
Exchange Bank of Pittsburgh.
50 SHARES FOR SALE on favorable
terms, br WIT. A. HILL a aak.
Invaluable to ladles as a protection to Oa bands to
house desolng. gardening. ca. ox o 2 1n wear..
log. they bleach cha hands •1301 fr White. lot tals loft at
the India Rubber Dct,7 and 9 Word g
myZ J. reet
CLARET WINE, (St. Julien 31edoo l l of
dosa, ort2 Ilope bora. 110 th aa
11.11.173 the Dialuandl
LIGHTNING BODEBpratt's Patent.
Whok2ale Depot, 86 Wood area, A:ft:Bl7A
Scarturistit's CntlaT Stoic) .
' structed that they cannot get out of erder: The Itr
su and Attsehments fitting Amarately, the . .late
and Kammts are unrivalled—Ma
the beet
Idably et.
nemental, and without disputa the bad o d d veer
manufactured. James Jackson' cull attach them at 1234
emits per foot- Prim at the store, 10 ants.
Gentlemen are respectfully requeekat all at MI Wood
West. and examine the .hove: uturse, also, the Mont MAY
be mem Any'lLtf
" for rale by
WM. A..I.CCLCAO t Co..
2.56 Liberty et.
- - -
A A. MASON Jt. CO., No. 62 and 64 Mo
n, ket street, ore now oparang, 10 eases =la Viet&
uterus, at all ',dem The attentrea of esolomarslasoUelt.
te ••• of a reat. eatieet of the atorehoetts
.11.2% =I 15 coots per yani. ow=
2) bone of the eelehratetl DurUngtin ateeked
rtne. In flat color, end by eel° by
WM. 31cCL1 . 1
m 123 timers and Tea Dallas.
F ISH—New Shad; '
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eHEESE--200 boxes for sale
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RIED PEACHES-400 bu. for sale by
GRAIN-616 t ? bL. Oats; •
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au 1851. &RONNE.
Via Broimerille and Cumberland, to Baltimore,
and , Philadelphia, .
THE MORNING BOAT leaves dm Whnif
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WES 1851. jag
On the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canals.
PARISI k - GO ----
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BURGH and BEAVER, and a Ltne of Ind demoticemboli:tit
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Parks Co, Youngstown, 0.; •
IL B. Tayloff, Warms, Q 4
A. St. N. Clerk, Bartok FOB, 04
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