The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, May 29, 1851, Image 4

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11l R : .mirxrrr. . ,
Oh, don't - io in to-eight, John
Now.hustir4 don't go in
To iriend our only shilling, John,
There's not home, Jahn;
. There's not will you know;
Though:with hunger Ism feint, John,
' And mild conies down the sum
Thew don't go in to-night. 1
Alt, John, you must remember, •
And, Jain, I caret forget
/When never foot . or your,: John,
}Vas Ili alehowa set, •
Ab, these were lutpliy . times, John: •
bittictarrele them we knew, ;
And COD* were hisppier in our lane
Than.l, dear John, and you:
Then dons go in tonight!
. ,
Son will not go ! John, John, I mind,
When we were courting' few
Had arm no strong, or etep as firm,
Or cheek'no red u you:
But drink has stolen your /truth, John,
And paled your cheek to white,
Has tottering made your once firm tread,
And bowed your mealy height,
You'll not go in tonight !
. You'll not go in? .think on the day
That made me,John, your wife;
What pleasant tak, that day we had
Of all our future life !
Of how year steady earnings, John.
No wia!ing ebtitild consime,
Bat weekly Wonie new comfort being
Todeek our happy room;
Then don't go in tonight!
To sir. is, John, as then we dressed,
' So tidy, clean, and neat,
Brought all eyes to follow us. -
As we went down the street.
Ab, little. thought our neighbors then, 5 ,
And we as little thought,
That tmteJobo. tongs like these
By dzlnk we, ebould be brought !
. You won't go in to-night !
AM' will you go!' If not forme,
Yet for your baby stay; •
You know, John, not a mate of food
line passed my lips today;
And tell your butter, little one,
'TM Mille your lifelmngs
-You will not spend that shilling, John!
You'll girls It him ? " - Come, John,
'-'-;Come home with us to-night !
In one of his brilliant Exhibition Letters, Jules
Janie says . : "The Americans have sent, among
other productions, (I don't speak of raw produc
tions for certain reasons) a great number of wigs
end beaver hats.- Along other hats, were Siloam
those of the famous latter, Henn, celebrated
throughout the universe for having purchaied
at thehighest possible price, the first ticket for
the first concert of. Jenny Lind, - Such is glory
—the greatness , of w name. To purchase a
great. name for 1,200 francs. Such is happi
ness. • • • .
Sir James . Emerson Tknuant has formally re
signed the Governorship of St. Helena, in order
to col:deW6
. e representation of Belfast
The sittings of the Great Pence Congress will
commence to London, on July 22, and continue
• for several days. •
Mtuogo Park's brother died last week in Scot
land, at au advanced age. _
The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company have
offend a free conveyance of 20 tuns of rice and
biscuit in their ship—the Tay—to the eufferen
from famine, at San Nicholas, one of the Cape
de 'Verde
, The are now 12,000 Swiss in the Neapolitan
army, being an increase of 8,000 since 1848.
Canto. in Piedmont, was on the 21. - tb nit., vis
ited by a cloud of butterdies of various /ohms.
They settled in myriads on walls, trees, &c.—
They are supposed to have been gathered together
by whirlwinds in Africa, and to have been driven
over to Europe by the.same agency.
. The amount of railway calls payable in the
Month of illay is £262,498, against .£1,083,899
for the corresponding period of last year; .El.-
071;088 in the same month of 1849; £3,246,848
is 1848 ; . 'arid t3;440,675 in 1847.
At this time, two of the best newspapers in
the Lritish West indies--Morning Journal in
Jamaica, and the West India in Barbadoes—are
owned and edited by gentlemen of color.
A lianxtema,,yho has been on a visit to some
friends; st.Liverpocd, has astounded the towns
men by his high dimensions. Arthur Caley is a
farmer, 23 years of age, 7 feet 0 inches high,
and weighs 21 stones. • ' •
The census recently taken in France, shows a
total population of 35,500,000. The number of
foreigners domiciled, of all nations, exceeds
1,000,000; of these upwards of 76,000 are Eng-
Nib, in- various parts of the country, which is
considerably less than previous to the revolution,
when it exceeded 160,000. -
. .
reruns who seek to make light of holy things
sometimes meet their match in the fricada of
much things: An English Major, an tmbellever,
once forgave a soldier some offence, at the in
stance i?r the regimental chaplain, but on condi
tion that - thi chaplain should in rettut grant
him the first favor he asked; and this favor was
to perform the ceremony of baptism to a young
puppy:,. A member of gentle Men were invited to
be presetaai the christening, and the chaplain
requested the Major to hold the animal up. .As
lam taministm of the Scotch Kirk,' said the
:cbsplain, lIIUSt act accordingly.' i oak no
mare,' said the. Major. `Well, then, Major,'
resumed the paean, with a most equiplary grave
face, • I shall begin with the usual question: do
you acknowledge 'puma!' the father bf this
puppy r ."The offlcer bad the good sense to take
the cutting rebuke thus administered in good
part, and to throw the.puppy aside. .
I saw a laborer westy.from hia work. I saw
him stoopand. take a stone, that lay in the path
way of paten; wheels, and mat it oat of the
road. • This eight did . me good. This atone
might bestrack by a passing wheel to the dis
comfort perhaps ,of the traveller, - and ,possibly
the injuriot the vehiele. was kind in'the man
- - .
What a trine for a newspaper paragraph!"
says a Captious one: Not so; my friend. The
act wan email, but the motive noble—that null
act the principle on which itis based, is ofon
veltattle value to the human raze.
I lova to trace things, especially such things,
to their fountaini _That man had emotion in his.
'soul when he stooped to pick up that stone. He
felt right. It was kind in him. I have a sight to
think that act was bat one of the links of a chain
—and never Iris a chain made of better material
—locator the welfare of other. Such &chain is
all gold/. The man had just done Such things
. before, - I could not doubt - lie would do such
things avast. It - cost him something to do this
for there ins pelting storm of sleet, and he car
, rialan umbrella, andle most pause in his rapid .
Takao, it , Well diim, my humble friend, if
every other would stop and pick out of the path
of his fellow traveller through life the things
that vex and annoy them, how many sunny faces
there would be In place of scowling ones! Drops
make a shower; give enough of them. Such
acts as this man's—give us enough of them--- , .
said how great a shower of blessings —How
much misery would be prevented,
' I shall not stop here. The man that will do
snob things, will, do greater things. That will
show what the fountain is. lie has a kind heart -
He will remove Jarger atones than that from the
Path of human life. Give me that man for my
adversity. He who has honored the email draft
will honor the greater. His good will not all be
,exhitusted by that effect
It was trifle, wan it , Please then think, my
friend, it, can be but a trifle for you to do such
a thing. , Do every such sort of thing .anything
~that will remove obstructions out of the path of
human happiness .Give your neighbor a jog to
do so too. Perhaps he will pass the jog along,
and we shall joggle some of the selfishness out of
the human heart—N. - Y Evangelist.
Baokerre Doo.—The following curious
instance in related by the Edinburg Weekly Reg
ister-. ,
'The animal belonged toll celebrated chemist,
who tried upon it the effect of n certain poison,
and open the' next day admirdsiered a counter
poison which lutd the effect of preserving the
cresture'slife. The next day another dose.was
offered him but he would not touch it Different
sorts of poisonous drugs were presented to blur;
but he resohdely refused all. Bread was offer
id, but he would not touch it; meat, bat he turn
ed from. it, water but he would - not drink. To
reassure him, his master offered him bread and
meat of which he himself ate lathe dog's pres
ence; and that tile - sagacious animal hesitated
not to partake.' o was taken to a fountain,
but he= would. drink nowhein but from the
spat where the water gushed free and fresh.—
This continued for several days, until the master,
tottr.hed by the extraordinary intelligence of the
poor erasure, resolved to make nothore attempts
upon lira with :his poisons. The dog is now ve
ry and eerY- happy, but will eat nothing
that he does not,East yee his master touch; nor
will drink:except from the purest spot of the
• „. • • •• •
410 i. 40/I•TAIIT.-At an orening patty
roolatli it , i 111,3 proposed to dispose_ of. the
belle of the reweetpt a lottery. ,Tereaertioketa
were hairiediately. sold at wised Flee. The
joke ended not ham. - The fartasate 'achenta.
Ter low Oast married the ladprillairleas Her.
~~: `. .
IN pursuance of la*, T;lliixesnFlLLsose,
erweirat of tiro United States of America, do hereby
me =lntake known thatimblie dm will he held at
the andsmientlam4 Unkea lo the Maloof Arkanam.
at these-Mob hefirLoalLer designatr, to it:
At the Lend Mee st BAISSVILLE, ediainialtalWa.ait
Mooday the dmtday or September mad, tor the dlapom4
of the public laule eltustsl wi th in the andermentbmed
to,ifflehlyw and freetlosel towoehlblb,rji:
-Noriliqr the boar Snored OM br:Me.ArMAMISpoI
Township two, of mom three.
TOwnehlp two, of to lbw.
Viattialtal tow ostdp limeteen, north of White rim, of
Srlas bits finernai muds/ Me MA priotriPollwrM 6 . *-
Township Maim of mas• two.
fractional worship Melon and twelve, a rands -
^ At the Land Since at CILAMSMINOLE. oontomorioal
Slanday, the liftreatti day of riaidatatit: twat, the die
piesl of the nubile Land, within the urateriaanticasid Writ-
Alp; to wit:
&ward the basalt. awl yarn
Township. eleven ant liaarttwit, oftaint ...saki"...
Township eleven. of mope eighteen
At Mi La. Meth UALANA. ecatimenci. nn nth -
Jay, the eighteenth day of AngllA Ise.. for the disPieni
m public Wade within the ibllowing towed
puts of tolerable/A Mai
eth taw
f jtith
wNw See e .thire x n. m;
n a pthme. mod(Amend twehntyu
gee east of the It ortthele l Bawer ' In towthtdp threw, of
rsng. bar,
Township eliae, of Mi.. ethwm
Muth Vt. to.,.....stordwAftkprowintedeteredion.
Townthdp four that part of .1M le :Mons thirty
two and thety-threv. in Mereith.
of rem one.
At tbe Land
at LITTLt HOCK.. emnwoolog on I
blanday.• the an do of fO.OO 1000 fOr the '
of the public kande in the batmen ossied tracts on end
am Cypress U. VII: • 1
North qfthe 6melise wet west oaf the AR/
Tbe moth half of redden eight. the mom half a( tem
Cractionsl sections burn. and Mem the north half of
the east .helf of twenty-mu, twentpUre , the
es truml southwest muster
twenty-three, the
northwt demur of twenty-Oz. and the west half of tbe
oortheot mita of twentpoerene
three, of
Mt.! •
Lsodi, ra p
by law for the• ass of achthis, mili
tary and other penmen. together with "Mee th eme and
owertlowed laeds mod.- thin - thereby for cultivation." if
any. which shall be Memel by the State authorities be..
Pro the d:poointed forAba tositmencemetat of the gob
a, gm. rely; =Awe the set entitled 'Ay, let to
llt.the of Arkansas .d other litotes to ItCllll3l
t. 'Ey/amp lends' within their lietlet." Septem
ber YtthklBso. will be thorned fee. tea Ath no In.
Uwe Mr howl Minim Metedote greeted by of
Genres. for milt.. eraviees rendered to the .United
bode. sea bs (wmatend an .0 of the clue •thdieusel hoote r
as provided by the act entitled 'An Act main appropri
tions flu the dwil and elpMelthottreiroment."
en. meowed Mt Meth /t.
The Miming of lb. therm Mentioned lamb Will be mu;
uthemd 9.? nthe .5r401.1. azd voe.a stu or.'
wier in wroth they are Merthed. with en ownvenient
Pete , . until the whole shall bare been tottered and the odes
thus elmit'bot 110 oak stall be kept open looser then
two weeks. and no Mirthh ete t Faily of t he lands 0110
be atholtted until Mr the th of the two weeks.
Cilwen under my band at =ref i
Wathboten. thin Meth day of May. Anon Donated mu therwenet e hun
dred and elorolol. Vto o.oxo fiIAhIURT...
• By the Pueldenit
Combslsidorm of the Omani Land Ofilee.
ofEtbeTanTs7witreittin too
ewes enumerated. is required to ertabi. the sill to the
eatisfathkok of the Itogi,der aid Keeeleer of the' proper
Lead Ofelea, and mat Foxe:Not therefor= loon 121,11211.,
bie oft. - seeing this other, and babe., the day amthted for
the cesameneament of the imbile eale of the Weds =ben.
aing the tract chimed, otherwise each claim be forfeit
Cortholathmer of 11101.12 ml Lead Office.
kPN liurounace of law, I, Blor..Liao
regident of the United States of Anted. do ter. y
re and Mato known. that public Wee min be held at
the andermentioued Lend Offices la the State of Iva., at
paripls berettuerdedgulaA, to wit:
At the Land Oellta Cl lOWA CITY, commenting on Mon•
day, the fast daypt September nett, far the dirs.:deaf the'
public Lands situated In the fallasing named torathiya,'
gYarth qf the ban hat, and wed of ff.qAfth pal arri
Toarnlitlic sena:trill., of 'nage twenly.ning.
Tondhips nrystatranse and eaghty, of range thhTf.
Townships moment/dd. end eighty, of range thirty...,
Torn... seventy-nine, eighty and eighty..., clang.
Townthip eighty one, Of tangy thltty.tbree.
At the Lang OMee PAIICVIELD, commencing on Mow
dor Mt , fifteenth dog of Behtembet twfil.,. for the &go.'
tite,go bile la, within the ungermen totaled townehltA,
to wit.,
cif Me hire bee and wed of Me Mk principai an,
Towedldn seventy, of rang, thirty.
Township seventy, of range thirtytwo.
Township seventy, of range thirty-ihnoi
At the Lana Otlke at DUBUQUE, on Monday. the eirk
teenth Pry of Aumistnegt, Car the dkposal or the Ellen
log tracts, to wit:
A small biked in sections <creaked and town
chip eighty-two north, of tinge ourrest, and the southeast
quarter or u4lOll bodily-oven townshipripely-els
mut/bat range nine wen of the' flab principal meridian-
Lands appropriated by law' for the nee .04 schools, mill
tary =I other porno:wt. together with ... three manly and
ikrboial lands ade milt thereby tor cultivation:
if any.Whieli than be relented by the State antharluesto
fore the day. appointed for the commencement oldie pub
Ile saki rrspeetively. utokr the Art enUllad
Act to
cadge the State of . Arkansas make other States to renthito
the - swamp lamb' within their limits: approved Septem
ber iigth, 1860, wal andiand I rem Me auk, And to
calionslor land bonntlei berelefsee grantcd by any lawi of
Coturrees, for tallavy aervices rendered to the "United
Stake, tri7/ be perzultal. any of the Won, latationsit
as provided by the act entitled "Au act making appoint - bp
Unto far the rod diplomatic expenses of liarernment:
pprovad Maeda 1.151
Or fh a e - °daring of the lands will be corona aced on the daya
appointed. mil pthcend In the order In which they are ad
vertised with all Ulent dieyorti, until this wkok
bate been thlered, and the sales thus dared: but no role
shall be kept open longer than. two weeks, and noprivate
entry of any or the lands till ha admitted until after the
'' &l7..r= th ftt ' y ' Lli e l ek at the gilt
• Loth dayof Day, ern. Doutlfl i nno thou
LABD sand _
tal eighthun
dred and =ro ar . i
Br the President
• .
C,mmisstouer of the 'Rama 1•41.109Lro.
_Vance IV Pagamkr, CLAILMA.S7.I.
tOe l . ta. of preepostion . to t ty
of the
ateve emothe w ItLl
rthal?to reqrarrito e ant wn .
starlah th e tun to tt:
nada:Sion of the refastet arta receiver of the prcoar lend
(thee. ea.l Wake fathom. therefor me ram ;a yg.thwatit
-u+►a nahce , and before the day appthoted for the
Of the public We of the tam& embrarimm
the trams charmed; otheralae ;ouch clam be forfethed.
J. 8U1T181111,1%
0th0r1i.44.1161. of the aerteral Loot Otare.
I I •
I N tillUaller of law, I, MIL LARD FILLVORR,
- President of the United orate of Untie., do hereby
itecia.imil maks known, that poblia nee will be held at
the nation. Lend Ofiket to the mu of Utt.Cl!.l.
at the ode herein-Mee deeigneted. to wit
At CO.t Land Ogles JACRXDS, nocncenfiz li ant on Hon
da}~the trot Vialeiririthhe the f01i0.% 01 Zen
, b3P.Orir: •
ornio( She kar„ her wed weetqf theifiAgo'nooil
Townehlys twenty..., twentrekht end teetitTended
on an Current river, of range Own
tem:am-Tea, rw.ts-dOt .4,
on . o.9l=Q:runt river; of Toone War
TtorWrw.inteeithi, an • brugh dencreet rireilot
Tor twentyghtere. teenty-four, tweertrehibt tad
Wen ne, of range eight-
To los twenty-three, reentl-foor. and
tweed aloe. of rm. tam.
Fr ac-gong tow.hip twenty-one, and ea
two, t.oty-throe,tereotrfour, teretkrger ...grin ,
of DIACR eotomeoeing oo Monday. the !d
-oe? ihrioT RePttiteier Wel, I. the dirtkoa n and te nib'
lk lenge eitthin the endowing Wine! towel:bilk pate
of towlnhinb
Neel= ilefine and Mit Of CAtltnApalloienitias.
Tteentr.D., of news two.
Triejnoil township twootykeee and twenty-two, end
tow " or ' n *Air. •
1 : =. 0 42g, 0e...e std t ,
=AMT. of nmg. 0 7,
twentygoar. tWeittylilz tad
..ILirtaltS= eintern.d seventeen, and town.
alp meaty-two. of range mom
Pnetental toenahlike einem kneed.. eighteen and
teeing-new, township. terentrtwo and neentrthrer, And
notions Own to not Losituivie, wag., to tmortrone Melo.
rive, Mel tensiroint to thirtrheoLoologire. to knediehly
twenti , doof range eight,
T0.0.b 1 9 Wootton (e sent sal overlent
to Midge. inettoiler,) tesetioned tow.hip meaty end
=tol toesonetti twenty-ear (extent onetime one, trek,
roroillono. ft' =;o4=- I .noe:erii= of 00000
Tha borth_ westthit &roa l ma th s oration no, to tarahlp I
torn, aut a towahlp twenty, of range Um.
Beath. one to Mahe baud., the north half of dates*
fowler* to goootOporse thaltathe , ad 14.4-47.1 to thatx ,
three ig townaldp eighteen: allow Ma to tre
indusin, In tansehlp Watteau auf maim thirfaAJour
kat, the moth half of hanamtho, heattpakere to anthem.
eat and fitamithr thirtheth Inelaire, In township
twenty, of nage raga
Th. .ban east of . Little Alva On:flow.. of township
twastathrwe. of rano thirteen.
Seethes the ftheept Use northeast. quarter,/ and math=
sena death. anew, thirty sal mitheowe, rang e Lathe
lifter (Mahn." trx township twenty-with loth
AZ the Zeal OtliCe at IMIMMOITELD, cerhaneming on
Monday, the aghteenth day of Anima oat, Ice the din '
may of She public lands dada within dm folk:nag na
med reenical townships, to wit:
tooo Arerfthithe baseline rat mut of Me ink mamma earth..
lnwahiD t ag . tylsg. „ o4 range trAtalo.
thietrone, N a
therty-thrxe,thirtnfourhirlyfice and thertitax, maga of the
old sate
Line. to township magyar, of rage
iYretioal township tramline. saseeseth IC the Etas
Line. cf nuns twentywerth, tweedy sae, than thirty
the, thirty-two, thin these and
Laude .pyrtrorl.tad by An Par the cm of ethooth,
tan and o porno., together with 'Yaw ewnmp End
OverDWered lands made moth. thereby Par contagion. , if
any, ettxleh shall be nand by Malan authorities aka
the 4theolated for the commenorment la public
laths re vein under the Act entitled . 40 Alt to ea
hie th e of Arkansas, and caber Ram to salsa tbe
'swamp lands' within their lima" •thawd 6 .1 4 . 2 b.
thtb, well be athedafrom the mks. Mad no locationa
As land bazar, beraofore goaded by say_ law of Wa
kens, fur military sonde. rendered I. the United
a wes.E
wolf prnagthd any tif Me thaw magma thar, spro
'Med hy the tht entitled "An An making appropriayous
a the civil and diplomra expenses! of Uovenement, le.,
*P c offe eed Wg j of th i e " ahor meals:ad lands th ems
mewed on the days appointed. Stodi wig wand In the or
der in "ditch they are adyertheed with ail
patch thug the
n t h holthall have been offered. th.l the ethe
thum awed Mil no shall be of..
open longer than no
weeks, and onyorivaticutry of thy of the laths will brad
mimed and Liter Me expiration of the two weeks.
th ilea under 111 hand at the Car of Math...1 4 .' 140
dub day of May, lend Domini ca thousand • ght
drat and 01thalse. MILLARD 0101.11011 E.
By the Pre,Mem:
Onoreleeloner of the General Land U.
Every person entltleit to the Midi. of premaytlon to any
of tbrianitattuttilo the teernablpe call patter or tahnithipe
above vounteratal, Is required to ectsbilith the mate to the
astlefartiou of the register and reetrimr of the proper land
Mho, mid make payment therefor as mon as prischosbir of
commeutu' miew MU met,
and before the dal etartented tor the
of the potato sale of the lends embracing
the man claimed; otherwise such claim will tie tbrfeitetli
Commlestoner tlesersi Land UOSee.
Hamburg Polka.
KLEBER, No. Willard street, has just
• received—
Hamug Al. Nu al the most popular alul beau
tiful Polkas ever pblillud. ,
the I Loved TM-011. y brat by tf, - 0. Faller.
The LirUm Bed Haling mod: by Moyer
• T l heMo = unt.. [Ally:
by Lub
gat , %1 , /et
pllmeuta. a
fly Swift, re 0.00711.
mullifulod lled ••• 500 11 b 7 deal idud— y of
farewell, If over
And ....lye ol.tion al .+ Waltzes, P.m, v..
Premdars, ae.
mld .SION 01 . THE Gomm tutu,.
tiog.h.tarasw, or Our Isle of Koye • uk!. by E...
S. Sonavostti. •
* Theli•nkero I* by T. B. Arthur.
l i tt n: ?ll•4rA fi g . . 6...
Remind at. Booms; umur
Post Mind •traa..pioalt• th•
Alu kogo No.l-I,osf. for, sAle7by
ju met Barr, lierraswe CO.
BLED FRUIT T -15111T.ZLen for
- ann, ktATTozwe co. .
Ft J I C.E-10 tierces ((fresh f or f sale a bi o
' '260 Idbestr •
riEIEA4O If:cheat:a' aitd Black
Teal. far if* by - ;
au7 EOBtEON. Lams LOD.
IL PEPPERMINT-160 lbe.kmated
r ftellakib7 - - gat 2.3.
— arouse
Compouzul Syrup of Yellow Dock Root,
OCCUPIES the front rank oblong the_pro
prietory rnedici ooh
of thin country for comartely
euriag hoker. Salt Rheu. Eryalgielae. and all other dim
e.. erirdng twat an impure state of the bk.!. fueo.
Ilnl thatipleltiL Worth. hygienel. Umbe., Diaries...,
Concha. Sorenron and Tightneas about the Chet Rime
ohne. or boviteneee. armored, and • healing iteunation
slot the throat; and Le used with unpreredeuted summit
la all macs of
l'esnale Weakners and Genrral Deddlity.
prer r uzbening the weakened body, eying tn.. to the
n' telqr . r . ? ' Y d o l l7l i rt=o77l . intre e l Y nt....% f ro
an NMI of JIAI C"' .I/11in. to relied upon, it ro t ; o hr r .
ly entraelmot In curing Thseturs, end resuming &hints.
tel and broken down conntitutiona I. purely Vegeta.
tile 11l it. eoratoeltlosi, sceuratel, einablool iu ite
Ptotternaroi that the ehemiral. botanical. arid medleal
',ernes of each itignallent hart oalounly mute to
Purify the Blood.
it Lae removed many chronicdhavitea •hich bare battled
the Ain of the bent physicians. nod bat atm cured Canker,
Salt Minim. Erlelpelee and besetch Sarrapatilln
riteurin been
felled to make the hapreiolon upon.
It ban been tented In many canes of CANCEROUS lit
HORS. The mut obstinate Canntre hare t 0.,. cured by
tbLs medielnr. Komar that Ufa araluableMeakioo in all
BILIOUS OOMPLUINTS. It remot e all obntruetlous
the cireulatlon. rendering the I.l l re fn., &Wee. anit,beal
thy. taMm It removes Palpl of t Wort. and teller. la
all eases of Asthma, nod may be deed in all nod
at all masons of the year.
, Thls Syrup 4 preparod only by C. MORSE 1- CO 102
Fountain .treat. Prinidertee, R. I, nod ordd, trboleaah MIA
retail, by . E. N. WICKERSHAM,
Only hind for Western rentufltania,
mph - , Warehouse. corner Wood and Sloth ibb
The most Eatraordinary Dieeovery in the World - il
Me great Arabian-Remedyfor Man and Beget!
IL G. Farrel'/
.CELBEGUL TED ARABIAN 1.131110.15 t.
rtll , E miraculous' cures performed by the
Aratdan physicians In the deco of old, were then
too up= aa w ith bet of magic Out alum vrc hare be.
cam< Intimate their history we can thus =count foe
theirourprioing power over diiiase. Their attainmentaln
=I ==th = o mo emene, n w he wfo C an m o et ry which
with them hod Ito
was to the rest of the world "a
sesl.l book." Indio nmany they werathe meet zealous of
etudenta. In the beautifill gloves which Ykirt the dererboot
Arable, :thou= rare plant. and odorous wood. whence...
obtahyrd those arugatic gumand (peva= =loam, of
which this incomparable lhobactit
w c n om dA n n e hcee otmulaUng unethou. penetnt
'crtisgtia. it 10, when applied, lintantaceonoly diffunel
through the whole screens erste= 41=1= the moot in.
tense pain In the incredibly short time of 10 or lb minute,
Its =ion is prompt, powerful and effectual, without the
taut danger. It penetrate, the gosh to the bons, triages
contracted mt.. restores se, to limbo which have been
folded Pa years, coming the ehriveled Iteeh to frow out
therich blood to circulate through Ito wins. It restore.
lignovial Fluid or Joint Wale!, and this Is the ream.
Why It has been ro universally oucencoled In curing et
:llama. ortheJahatm. In duo= slfections of the Opine,
Liver, Lunge and Kidney. this greet Arabian remedl
eland. =parallel.]: for Cake or Ettlargetne=ol the
N o=o. (tie a quail= and for Itheutriatirm It has perform.
ed some of the moot extraordluery cure. on record: oleo
toe Swelling. Niro, Wounds e Chilblalo. Burn.
White Plarelllng% Tuniotibge. le. It la equally afficack=
in dhow. of Animals, Flotula, Poll ETU. V.wetney,
Stiff Couiplaint,Dixtemper,FareyofflaninoilleulrocWound,
1/Lutip.. Spaelna, Wifalls, Eglint•, and for nearly ell
:111.a5... either in mo oor beast. which rear= e =ter
nal application. this Liniment gaud. at oleo t.e.l 0.1 all
The following I• Rom the plinclpal mem:infant of the
wealthy and highly respectable boon of Fran le , of
Peoria, and man of tbe most suonstril mares in
the anon. of medial history'
aft. ti. Farrell: Denalt, Arnaud by &Klan of gran
table., t submit the Fallowing a. an Instants 01 the nil.
j etlidlei - l o yltTeg
than prostrated It to total helpfrrauso. To:trots
became eo ,igid that sad jaw! could td tent; the &eh
tuned black and anti. and mitosis depend nr feeling: lb.
eyes Pooh partially closed and attornber blend. Follow
ing this sae donned. to all toot ed: the spin twain. no
*runt and so earewl , that when laying on its toot. the
head and halt only fw chni. halted. the child presentul
nen appearance of being dead! Itotely no the at
tack, the family phydrian was called Wend for nem weeks
he labored to mane It to feeling, but all in vans althouieh
It woo blistered a dozen times, auel earinontafaelent lin
iments applied. k conmaitatin cf phyrirdaus was men
held, but to map:my-no The one was then leought
fore the Pln.4 natty, tam nthang Id he nernand
which had not already teen dace; stool the doctor than told
to. be could do nothing more. We then commaticed ay.
4v. r . o rro L 4 V:7 " I"ig overp tirt•VVer., length sttrha.
few application, renown animann too. 1? epperrent The
child rapldly vered, with the exception of the eight,
tench did t o
teno ue perteot he nearly .manta It it
now hearty and robust as
Fin other eases of the nun kind enured on to otorh•
bor n
previously,allot whioh nod: when. 0., doubt. if
your Lamont hal into told, the(
E would L., ereanrel
Yet ria. Mull. nal I
Liotr Erystprfa% and Vito rnatgrol
Hamra. Mn Mny /314
f Marion
r 0 G. 133331.1.— lour L iulm. ut is ..2111rm
vem well. and Mang 3 tll3l t do. 41 31,4 anima, the pm.
DI.. It ha• carrot • G•dtme LrYip.lm. tad as ulher
a bad pun in the Mean. A , lady, who irm manned to
barbed lmi.neral Months with Lin. ensuplatut u..l Ant,
mon or Urn Itratt, wm rntimly rum, by the .01. 0, %our
Are Lilthi33l33. rem. mu! Mc doctor, mull do Mr nn
Loud. It bar 6.1.1 ivpli.l to atm - 6 cut. and curml It in
• ,bolt tone. I hate Wen alllkt.d With Rheumatism tic
• long time, and juat before • el 0p..11 at putted m
much th. 1 bad no rmievalld.” -- . and the ni•ht I rOha
mericed bathing awl nat.b.uu wltn 1113/13F31. awl
I tr., door, tb. p.m
Stiff Compl4int. Stri,nry. D,triver, CorA! and
SG, Eye.; Cured.
IM. Xlm-hell, ittraa•ttet at Etat, Fulton tr , tuntr, lit,
iir. 11. at, iIRICLI: lemur arat.tan Lanintent it Ittv LI,
priaetl here . IT chred one et La; hetqlat.ra her, .r.i the
ttttlf [chat:taint tr c
j :ttrtut four Ur Ere srplieattena, and I
clued no< a nay oat tithe the Moen ., our .hula. Josert t
bytra, rand ht. la rre a a but Laaik rah it, hell, [nest
It can a roll that la the Latteoaper wen bail. ant rured it
Immediately. Ile ay. It la atan,.l•3l, lb. RITSI, I bore
medicine ha P., tr.." There have beet, untriberal rut,
a &ore Earn with 1 ...\ I faa.l tt a ter; 1,111EL.1.` 131.1.:41 ,
1411:1 tar men aria I .
Beware of l'ounfrrin/1
. . ,
- Loa% I..NU A.:AM:HA-La
The Publie are harta-ularly •eau, ...I wawa. • • Kt,
CbmoVer.l.l which ha s lately tha.le •ra. , ...nahre ac.l
railed by ttur tapir:aster •ha laa.low 'Mr U barren, Aral.,
an Laniment." ia • damps... frauJ kart labia
to deceive bawl bay bearinu the ha..
lora La 'Pa.-allay werrepurti st by
lintsuost, - fur unprinraple.l Jrwarra • tte II'!
R.IOC - .4 wrr upon aon Las lb. g.natoo., but u.ozy;
fur - B. Arabraw Luauweur. - sat urt.r,
•• the alumina alas. ha• lb. Iruers fl 4 befura Farrell'.,
tdr alyamtuire I. slab an the uutrsJawrappur. auJ
word• blown am the ewe bott,- - if. 11.trrdi's Arabue
Lbariwienf, /Tune'
71;c1.;;vonte . .1 at terry T.,w0.. Claw* to.l Ilamiet
the Coiled Mate& ICI which one Is aNt.wwtalltsheat.
by letter to H. G. Tyrelt, Peoria- 111.. with ..i Wen...
sego character. r , st.nosilelaty, to
C. 1.1 on the agetat et..t hirwah Fn. ot Char,. •
book co:asinine, zilch rslowk.:* information I, erwry clove
of cltlocas.
Pota-2Scer.te. W. 71110. 11111 intlat yrr I.on/..
Ptc voly grown. Is paha:snored tt 11. O. lama. sole
litreutot and pr..t.netcr.....l who Lr. • trogglat. No IT
Rath street. Pecr0...111.: anl fur ale w &wale end retul at
C. fp.o
&jib, D I CCILIII, Allmst..ay .".""
The Human Body Mud Perspire,
QO SAYS NATURE, to have a healthy ate
pestrannn and who dn ant p.m... ars 114.1.
to the most disgust/as Ittaeasea. Non, Jen.' Itatit.
(..Isertacal Soso tassel tree Isursindlost. and at tt. san.
time =DM. and softens th e stela, It the testa.
of an Infant's.
• -• ••
bonrry, belt Rheum. era Barra no un t onlhonloi. bet
cured by Ite uae, es on Ica." pha in I.: f ort knon,
who um it in meth mem, end fold it 13n
nun*. 131ract.e. Freckle. or thy rah. rani duo. Tbe
nosier is earator d th at traria no woks. paged nos... at
no* trial will breve, I mutt mraccrete et leest s,gbty
persons enrol of lon bad. ware leg. end rare beard.
Buy it—gara the render Is snafu esourvi I eral.l tract..
ell? .11 200 , tte .. ab b tet, , ling. I tray 11..t„0r ... p0.d ! 1 sten l . 4
will lint bras not only scare, but preventher, I ran
sow only sold, th at thyme afflicted with ear of lb. *brae,
or Aran. drawn, will Charl this even MO. (all:a
-rable in Its yrateraAra) Masa .1 stat.
-Buc. man, Ira store. era graded will imitatlous,
ask be Pure 700 .at for Among ItalienCtieroroal rsp—end
boy it only of WM. JACtinol. only Agent In Flibboargh,
dof of
Pearly White Teeth, and Pore Breath. to
be ton froth orate—Pram. who bees either.... bonne.
fir .armed thug If their broth to ever oo foul. or their
Verb !Moved. dark or yellow, rani euerus.l with tartar,
tbst th rent box of Aran! Amter Tooth res. will make
tb• teeth es *bits es mow, and ths broatti
Wood.!kd only It JACKS MI , eber, 730 Lrh,t, rt. h..' of
A Scientific Hair Tonic, Restorer and Beau
llottlea; L'T% evnte rho. who bar. cord
JONI,' Calla fl air 11.....rer. know 10 excellent nualltiw—
llanae who have ntl we wawa. it to paw are. the Mllosing
Cittatitlem — lt wtll form the hair M gmw pmt whore
nature Intended h
a te gmw: atop fallmg oth - evmacorl
or dandruff: and light. tea, or mwr hair grow dark.
For rendering the hair entt and mita, nothing ran exceed
this makes It tenly taztitiful, and keep , It no It in Mr
40.1. th e moat emtintaleal—itt vonvmot—aati , le for Ma
So only st WU. JACKA/S . ° 2kl L..rty
d of Wood. littsburgb
P1,.--,771{ amts. Eli crlats, nal GI.
JONES' Solution of Jet, ti Liquid Ilurnun
Ihir Dye, Int th• changing of +hi.. ern) Ins
branUfal branin or black Jr, mlnr. In now winner*.
. . .
Prind.-40 amta. matt. •
Bola Li JACK! , ON, 2411.,t0rty rhea, Eral c.f Wm 3
Pitt* urgh.
JONES' LILLY WlllTE.—Ladiel , lite cau
tioned agatturt wing thr mmmun idepered Chahr Thrl
r .re not how frlghtfulll iniurwu. it le in IL. clink
the etit. appears. after wins pennant Chalk , , ilia
In‘ar;M h t , ti , ;, crustal/dna 111=011401ilV u tA
eanjose; dui Whir ,
It la petfertly Innurent. botthg maid , / or ell &Wren.,
quaLltiem and It imparts to the etio a nature/. hralthy,
stastar. clear. Bring white, at the tone time si (log en eu
sortie in the Pklrl• mating It KM awl eintedb.
&Ad hy the agent. It L. JACISMS. 2/u Lihrete street.
bead 4 Wool. l'ittotoursh. :.ream.
apstdiewl mit
Professor A. O. Barry's Theopherous,
lowing 1r5t.16.,014 IA from Mr Mom, rditur c,l the
lt I Auerirau. Oducoozat evi.len, I, up
. .
New Yalta. IVet. 21. lain
'Marra Trirapberout I. an &nage that we Tatra pipaeure
In awarding the hlabeat etdamendatlowe ' ICe do ant do It
opts the rectalatteudallorsof Adhere, but from oar...
/mail knowleale. of nt upott the hail, while It tend.
tw keep it healthy, Adl, and gloaay, It alto r1,11.67V , dm,
&oft, pretrial.. My hair , and lortraystee Ma en /alb ID •
unequalled by any other ...P.M , . anat. , to
on. A permit only Leads to u tecene Itottle to eoutlo--tai
of tbletruth.
Bold In both-e, plire =t rent,. at the principal I.ole
Broadway. N.. lurk.
Sold jo I.rge b0tt1..... price ...lA, at propro.tor I
Ce. by K. K. NY.LLI:it:..
' my& No. Li ‘W,..1 re.
"BUSSES, of all kin& and Sito/1, tor the
relief and radii-al cure of hernia, ur Rupture. run.
My on hand matformue 1.
apAr .KE.VECR Mein/WELL, 140 %Void et .
IfIOULDER BRAOES, of A. new and en
pirlor knohjust arid for rsle , tr .
Radon A MeiLLL,
14u itursi st , Eittshurth.
" AliP - Call and ewe that
Great Cure for Dyspepsia!
Ifoughtotie MON. Mx truedigestitelluithortise.
Julee, • Greet Dyspepsia Caw. prepared from Rennet.
ut th e fourth stomach of the after direction, of Bacon
thenreat Phyendowleal lhesolst. hi J. Hough
van, M. D. Philadelphia, Pa.
Title le • trulynderful remedy for Indigretion. Derr
mole. Jaundkr, L i ter Complaint, l' rnp.ll~n and by
bUlti.eatay after itagre'n own method, by e 01113 ,
'P all • teaspoonful ' of /jCP.HX. InflOril In veer. will di.
Gu t
In. dissolve/infirm/MI/ of roan foci in about taw hourr,
out of the stomach.
The Limbic Juka is the mat solvent of the food, the pu
rifilugh preeervitig. b e
enßgt of the stomach and
latish.. Without It there ca n no digestion—no con.
of tout Intu Viood—.o utildlion of the holy; but
rather • Ibtd, torpid. painful, aniidestructile condition of
the whole digestive apparatus. A week, half dead, or in.
lured etivniath produces no goal Mashie and hen er
dieriuhdletrem. end debliiti which ensue.
Dot this Irant. may be supplied by ex L.raetbut the diger
prinettdit, Prpeln, from Cis stomachs of
d, nlmaistt
smiting man. thus forming • //101the Fllll preeiseli
UAW / lattlt liastrie Juice, in Its ehrulial were, sod
furnishing • complete and perfect sobelltute for R.
The art of performing the proressof dnievrtion artificial])
= b rae toetit item k:WPI:';:Pt Dr. Ilmphbn
td Dpens, ln • perfect and agreeable form.
tifentifloirvldensel Baron In histele
j• Arulut
12 rtg r irn 6 g:Irtg="1"41VNIF 44 1,7111
day as t b.... p =te u ;ri th lafted.dust in ' tliy LI men -
Call on the Agent fpr tbrtb,rl'a g...h. •
MUT.: Rudd ,tllol2der. 17,Wpen''"'ilr"egr
Of thegVeJERISIN twarsVhis written sliglare of ".
g;uligeg,.,Lll mvsoLf P.M.., Price, Um Dollar per
pi,mhhrta,euidng edrutilleevidenteOiltsralue.f
litn,ta c4l.
: . hXYBE.ft* MeDOMELL, Agents,
/Milan fastbdted Prourietcw "°
A 414 14 Nth Bar;l:M 7 4: " SYWitt ow
AJLI 1851. lag
CLARKE. PARKS Panestrrnita.
PROPRIETORS or this old and well
Itm.vro Lim, would Inform the public that they are. in operation C.r the pr,,eut eesaou. awl
ced tvreiv.o,t Frehrbt,aud PanNerigma. ahleh fullv
a ' ZnIITAI:n. o 71, " 21 . keti l e ", ..X '„ r.t. th
, ; ' n e* -7,l;;:lL i tt i r,4b r f",
mne Cut coustautly at the lauding, below theitounn•
i.Tabela LtridKe. frelzbt.
JtoltS A. CAW IIE.
Water arid Smithtleld eta. V Pi A t gent, Uburgh.
N. W. Cunningham. New Ca , tte, Pa.;
II C. Nlatheue, Pulvki. Pa:
• IV C hbarma.
J d 0. (WI:, Sharp.burfftr,
Aihre 0.. tirou, isle;
th Henry, llart.toan;
nor Power, tn,uticaulville; Yr
C. it. Reed, Erie, ha;
Wallbeidge. Buffalo, N. 1.
Forty-six hours to Philadelphia.
Forty-four hours to Baltimore.
251) miles. Railroad-103 miles Canal.
Two Daily Lines &prep Packet Boata
JQN the opening of Canal Navigation, Two
Pater Lino Nor Lorton Patient boots will lease for
nsterte, :berme br Port:walla(lrma en
Tarn Ilandred ml Fart fan mil.. dierrt .
Time through FORTTRIX ROHM.
'Fur. to Philadelphia. kW. Fare to Paltitnore, 10.14
Coro on thh. route are w, and of the most approv.
al construction for comfort oud safety.
._Pmkeis leave every pear .t ElAt o'clock.
and every evening at the tame hour.
Passengers for Baltimore,
On arrival of Cara at Harrisburg. take the York ma Cum.
laniand Railroad. (now tinlehml)dir4et to that e ar,
( Curry
tour miles I Time, FOUR houra
No charge 'for handling Baggage on this route.
The Increalva Speed makes Oils tho molt coraarted,
..dr and desirable route:llow to the Eastern Citisc.
Far passage or information slopig to
J. P. HOLMES, Agent,
sioarmumils mos.
Or to D. LEECH & CO.
Penn rt.,.
14. II On the lot of July, the Pcmasylraola Bo ma ,'
nniahed Lrckpo., which will aborts n the time
through PLR hmila
Pito,huroh. February 10. it
New Lake Superior Lime.-1851.
THE new steamer NORTHEYER, Capt. B.
ca harm haring rerry toodcra Imfrov.nent for
T and menfart. les,. Chofeland on f riday. the 24
at May at , t, on her find trifl—tad weekly thervt.fivr ou
mine, ut 6% cerlark. P. M.. for the Slog no. Mari.
The Pt.11,-ar MANHATTAN. Cant Jowl CALDIrtil, .111
!Calf el.. $l, Nlarix. tor 11, Atiferent Inadtol+P on Lite
:n.flyatinr, o:warm - alt.( thou.:mace Nurthern•r: flanking
• re,nalar n - v:141, thtaughout th, muona. I,otapen
Clowalaul and the l':-.ter land Iron Mut,
Manufacturer's Line.
1 8 51. Wir . - 1 71
fil P ERS ARE lIEREBY INFOEMEI) thi. LINE, entitelr t.f zerttou Bat..
(cannal/ ID full cpe - raalt.n filth ..trry lar,
titt freight to ottJ Elaltimear,
ttotaAlygtirto. in at A., [lna, butt at at rat., as LOT
other regubt Line.
Syect.l I
i., YID Leen curt - mat
Blalrtntle. Jtattattonn,.l
Wo.r etrael. Alexandria l'ettathit.b. llianttuedon,
Cryt-k. Sen IleVertavt, Ltnitt.l.o.
oi l
sq...rrt. Clerk t. Ft:rry. .azd
t tut< rmetliate mint •no the Yaw,' anl• Canal
oat liallrtsit [taring return I.tat, a 1.0 worth" tc.n
the Juni... And teatttlanty ahit.. nut, to
atalerts:Ll ,1t11•. at the 1...re0t rate, 1 , 11 , 4
at,ll. .1 lit /CH ELL ttiml I.r.rtate,t
meta ..r:.l Jar, of
the Catutl
TEr.f,T 1:s ELVCI7.3.II',* LLYE.
t Pant o
uk. BING/1101 tnyur,, , •t
.It, by Iran,. Lb. sD I. c4 .,„ -. lVlT i no , T t ym
'Twill I
Bingham' Transportation Line,
11111111 E
Tit r. EAsTEtth
C.tN.tL being WP Ale reu•
wad (~.r.l
I r, , ,t0 • a 1..., ..t 1,1 e• •Lar,l hl terpc.wttl•
11,1,Lamtna. st.l
• t ch•rwe
. .
tr.rr., La.ltr a.x,•11/..,. el..rlt• ~
bl:.611.1 1 IN - peg, In .lar . V..4 ' r. 4h
I•rive.,. 1 earth ex..J !Mb , . 1 . G”..1. ' 1 r
1.141_ VI 11. 4 •.0. nveol.. '.....
t.. 7•
M.? r, 1:4.11.01. 1..
aSiS; • 1851
Merchants' Tr:importation Line.
'' ' '' 4,419 ANL SlalLln.kaDS.,)
4 011 I . it ILA DEL 1.11 A DIRECT -W ITII
• 1.11 Ml.' /41
A 114ANULTY A 0.1. el Lai W.-an. 4, Paso 41.44,
l'll4l,La. ItA It MOM. Cent" aLa.. - A. 0,44 -traal. Ma.
it. are 1ne4•1441 re - railer
. .4.111,1• aitestut thrtninklar.
t. 4 MID tha nn.4tisi , f the ” 44 • 4 •..4an• -
tPlph,a., auf Internn - ZhAte tlata• at la er rstre, In
tea. tau, than m &ay nn :a.....•146,11.
n 41 Tha tnalara..l aamhe. iturta r
Ccna=nnnaners oar Cant.
.5t 41,1 torvent sat gasanntilly Aelat at
.4...hartnsa. 1inh3.40 , 44; Ina. On 4niann
ii,• , (ilTT c
Canal 6••• t
r-$ 8 • 1 LE 3
To Shippers of Nerchisedise.Prodiree,
• •TI trrvars.m. . cavls.l rat.
ATEINF 1 C0., - 1 ,,1i.; , in Xarktt, sul :J
CO.:Arr ,
JO,. 1 A 114t[ A N:.! ,
W. at., ma lb. ~'_,,Ante .4 Owe I . ...7traaa,
Canal, to ~13trAct FM et nu, Asa ,fre
AtappArl alf much JrApat...l4 sat
tCi - l'O DE,
!. JAI;
Barn, Pm" S:reft.
Penna. Rail Road Co.-}Central Bail Read.
liE tubscribErs haling been appointed
abli.wtha,..n iii.op
ontt frm the l'sylvoclA tral
IL Jul., pubar that nomttllVtr4 h+
reit, any hvrtitaitilow ns I, , tirra , Mr thirment oat oath,
011 . 71412 he amal
4{,exj. yin tblo roatw Olll to [to ilet theattsb C , 04/%711
54 all ernoignowl 6. as will 5.0.d4.1 ft.. of ..tarthal•
lot ^r , L.Ta Wr aolyanew.o.
UM LP itcrwar sfforrce74ol3.l,ll4 rlTlnceran.
Dry licc4A. Flow, honk, Olatimzry.Co Urn,
Omar', ProIV. math''', hlolllllarr. Prat% /1.104 tr,
hnddinT. Wool. kc. SI 7 1130 Th..
UsNwsrr. Qt1,121.1•1t/o. 01 , 1,11. • ritlatk Dye httaa, thin
11.5.11. 01h an On. kri,
. . -
PLan , n. 11 , 44. P. Bunn., Lar Ler.l Tol-acco
Oralo ouo It qr NC *UN •
•Aphea, ;turtle (rmlgh) Ts, CLAN*. Oenusa
1.4 , 111 , 11.
)ier•DIN • COVODk
fft_MP 1851 deli&
Pittsburgh. Tra rtation Line.
EAYIa ICON Nc IP. t 1 , 13, Con I emu. pat.burge,
mrxit. JANI • Cu., trepotl oad sad Llt•rr, rtrreo,
sad Sa. :t :oath Fourth /arr., 0.1 ...en sad (Au.
uut Ph11.1•11 , h1..
01.)/NhOliti aCO , Surtb i6Ol.
VINO fully completed our arrange
.at,, we wal rreparrd upolelb. •pcateeg,•l lhe
yl•saila Carat.,earry (meta ...I Ire. Pltt•
Dural, hia1a.1..10.1., hew l‘rt • Lken.a. Clu
Loue••111r.61- 1.4 all lb. bat at
luwer n4ll and WITb 03TV ‘1.1...1,1 awl east timer .hi all,
br Les.. All good, &W.:ad by au, Ley. as• fully earetrd
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not really altalle.l be au, albs, Liu:,
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Mil Clarturkarl E IVehh. Lati4.lll., Eck 14.1, a
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Ate:, II Um 14.1. ml .4.•0u1aa.:14 , 11 v/LatuVer
go 4 /.111,burati Transpurtalluu Liu. of
kit. a Co (WA,
Lewis's Patent Reversible Water Filter
AS NOW to to. Keen in operation at X l ,ll.
TATE & Cu T, Plomt...r, No 10 Fourth 6trert,
Irrry .al LANAI., Pt... 01 64 PRVOII ir
No. IU Marlsrl riet , burch Tl,l. Yll4v 100tte.1.1.41
uol I 11•46.1 nous lb. A u.....50s lorlitutr of Net York.
sod • C•rtilles. from tb. FrAnklio luNlitae of PIIII•41..1.
pi:km, 441 14nusrlwri , 1 In I. r....isse Nowt ti,A, ant 7•110
cnrt.lll,l.. s. thu, hawing thous In uses. l'hlll4..lphio.
11 gn,at pleslurr fromoura.l ialerl• LI
put , . de-sr Patent .11wwevol.lo 1/1144, , F.1n
t..5a,..11,1 Mr. Matt. °owl tr. of thew fur wyer.
mouth .. I sn, 411,1.'1,11u,
1.11;01101: I , kl Walnutstre4l •
Msreb u,h. 11.01.
Th.. Itrromt.l; ;..;etant tO Mr
Io•I II 1..81, mot 0. , e,1 for 'ague tnouth• at to,
ptsvtr, o. .11 that any im•r•ton. could wo.h. I
th.r.. a for4. muttiler it Itt mr wort tt.
th, pad., JONA: , P. VAIttLAMII,
&tumor area,"
• nrt unrreut,l to take nut sttl rm.ll ut
ult,lt m i nrrte trout .6,cm:wt....1 aninutt rtt routrta•
ttle,utalltu to thes., lb., urn warranted to Istt-ttri;
Itutt, and with ..t, lt ltusty tut, *III lam (tug atul-rtutun
unit. to 10.... tut It. -
An-h tritet..l.l.lmuleluton.
Rockingham and Domestic Queensware.
LOT r.evut, Ohso.
H.., ...rt., Litt'. mod I.ihortr ‘trr.l..
(Mougul 12burrh Puittla4,) entrant.. twit cluor J a It
Out rxt,nelv. llart. rtu:olr ue to [Mord,. prt.mptir
A competent deneurr 45100 coo,fitulls cropinyod, Inv att
20 1.1, no to trri, pte, with all 10,' urn nt,.l
of the do).
water VMS t 4 .pltonux,Plb-tirr, 'rap, Dr.....alltets,
Flower hart., (tablet, !Igutel Ornautrot., Strthclue
Haul! Jars. ao.lsrtlrle,fl , ,thuret...., gre.!,,,,,,qr
Orekro vrnectfullp wig.ll.l tnrll2oll
Heating and Ventilation.
1117 ., A t ,R . MAKING AP , PARATUS for
ItUttsjianii i .tiignUl L r ' s ' s, o Pt r iße= " , itzr , f .",i r t,„u il r ;
inns of every...4U.. pub. and brie., :Aim,:ro. Lunn:
drire .4 tiering Booms, Pur all purpose" whem
temperature, either high Is dveirml; and for the,
"rTrfunroiCTlllation."gy i tialfgl th or fereed Locum will
ba prepared whemser desired!
Buildings of the trariona descriptions mentioned are
moat ...wrung heated upon this plan In Eastern tonna.
as the Mahal a wholmome, uniform heal, at our
',weed teroparature j with ennea d : a nritoin Atm mat,
"n" in t ;ll l'''' d'""r beLlittl f tllNlSlVlPU n ltlTl'.
TWINE -400 , Wool, for sale by
ap2S CO.
CIILORIDE OF LIME-150 casks for Wale
by 1,05 BEN NETT. =BUY
AgAL SODA-200 casks for sale by
S•a W.W.1.: Bkhrn
( 2 PCP Drl.l Pcubet •
L 4
etH '"." etrg in u t readrattparualjob.7
Xr AILS-300 kegs Nued,g= itco.
x would call l/e ath•Ltion purelivert to the latveat
'tack nf plain latKl enilituidenal Crape SlnOtio
..chltilhd to thin market, awl at price, eau ha
mat they .natter thetrimelven all pennant eau ha 0...+ 4 ,, lo alai Gil and 61 Market et-
White Goods for Dresses
toll wortmeot a the varioun 1a1... , 44+4§
I. r adlo' such IL.
Mull M.llus:
.. , .
qurra o UM., Le.
Al..—rd.."ururtflE Mud. , althmra embrul.lery,
161.1.14ttloorFrauch LatruE .2 a lan, ....Bur. or
1., ,, ti1u We Tie.... Straget. thvxmllues, /Le. myl2
.1 ON I Co. hare jugt_rect•irt.l porrißtr". t , .."''' 16 ".".
Il.ii. Jruetts aUJ emu rt.., . , nor
g_4 tuott af abore Gond, Int LaJle, from 12H roam to
—.IJ Grutirtunis do., km pru.,l and flue.))ust rec'd bT
A. A. MASON & CO.,
Importers, Jobbers, and RetOlers in
!r, 62 and 64 Markel erre, l'uniburgh,
NNOUNCE to their friends and the pub
lie liegen that they are now propareid exhibit
to eibit
6' erally.
TI zmu,T.l--- r,rk "
titer hare ever offered in this city. comprised of the moat
roll and fashionable it labriea as well as the more comm • •
and .°'ndh ai 2OVEST'Pf O I t SMILE PRICES
which Acoda can be Pala In atpyof the iflaft. Gll
Their two lower Palermo= will be devoted exclupdreir
r Pall trate, and themode throated in Department,
Silk Department.
All the new and buthlonable 'Arles Imported this Pp.
ip.thpdlorp the best makes of Black Silk,
Dress Goode Department
hepline. Deng., norm, Derage To Lain
aphmene, he Glom I.4l.l,Carobriel
mte.linn=lnee. Bombazine, Alpaca.. ar.
wtoo GYape, blabs and embroldentd. DIM.
IhlbeL Lain, Cashmere, Ylik. Palm. Fistinsd .
'Aber CILAwls. Also, Vltetten. Patelota, }laottllas, as. ,
Dosiery and Glove Department
Ira; always be Mund ettmplete. with the best 13112ket
stmo and l.L'ab PO ,, krr• The best 0(1 Wove. always •
Land_ . .
Linen Department.
5.4. 4-4.. d t-4 White Linea, Linen Sheeting, PillOw
bnac Lint., Napkin, ftlxliee. bleached and Labatt Li -
a.t.Toweillnir. Viewer. tc.
White Goods.
Checked and Dotted Cambric.: &Nil, 1 . :1,146. popa
Nainsook 11001111.1 Victoria and Ihrbop Lawn.. ~i eve ,
.a c ir and price. Al., Curtain limn tato,Punt. and Tb-
ie., prim.
Embroideries, Laces, Trimminns. dx. i
o. ° 7: P X:077 - 41121 fi 1 cZa . ,... u 0 i . h , , hw , 11: 1. 1:7,7; . .T • . b ; •
Domestic Goods Department
.. probably arta at the must extenal” ill liiii econtry.
I 71 ' ,e0$;:j. " /F= ' (!r ° l ° =ll!;e 4 l ° gal k. with,e nee ,
Willa., large sod attractive ° stork: and u...........; .0
rail wire LanfeeVulafactirls. b 1 '
001 be pleward ht come. rat all/F. lo :r 11% , 1 1 / 1 /. 1 , ;',.;
i C.d. l, Sit illteilil pricrw 5100, to deinbuhe 614 genera bill
ir 1 Reyd, a t the ratite eaFtern rally
N and Itublonabla Ucw.cly will Ler...kyr] canttantly
tarzugh the VL•Ort
c...VF PRIrl ONLY.
alh`t A A MASON A ltF)
1 Jr `if=°0 1 :-Mt3 TZI ratert".'l'B247c
tir ERRDIACK PRINTS—New et..lee fan
114ns:tr. wenri a u r. t: , V ,
~, i eel h ice Prints . . ,u peal.
cuy 1 51 111 . 117g " k TOVAIYIELD.
• 4 1.1. SHEErf (NG S.— mslrt
A full oment
• Of diScernt sod heat fre'd ur
=7l 511:1:Plri a uracuniio.
UPERIOR TlCKlNG—Murptiy ci Burch
te,s46: gm.naly .
Hosiery, Trimmings, and Lace Goods.
H. EATON. G 2 Fourth street, between
lart.rt buy e r, d. so
attelawn Cl wL,I,
resil hi. urge sod xviertel
Cct.v. SUR lad Nlerir,ll3,. ball llos, 4t1,1
J. Pan• Art ailrm4 ao4
Dr.,* Furrow acid Tnmmia
Cup, Via.terslaoven aaa raat. dinar!
reLrb t.rkcal ebesulzatt, , a. oral C“.,
Llim,ll 1177..14 177.1 rolubt iloutacaly;
Craraa-.1., Juan rlllr tiro and .Fl. - 7,; •
O•rmout , ....ll , rwang Dow.,
1R,1177... 47.1 nraltl. Fht.ll.
C,7ll,PlYair an. 11,171177,7..,. Pollan:lvry 77 ,
•7.1 I .“1 , %,•,1 Ytta..a7
.71La..17 •
• 711i1.4.,-
akin tt.c.r 111. •.rultt 'al., (.1 .3,72,11 n, end
711rr... ,
tr,owas r t
r 7,, .1,1, ..r 571. 7 '•" ,, 7 "" 77 . 7.: Iva
ASSIIIEIIF:S--....+0 plc,: fancy find black_
fiIfESS LAWNS-4 ruse. printed, a gyuit
.r7nr.t hoternp 7r tat,
ap2 C all IltqllNiir.
Eit.ktti. I ca,es desirfildc
JEJ, rt . ite4 1, ~77.
1111,-• at: D
1 Haunt. 251YCap, Ga
wm No 1, Loran .5,-str,
.1 thre ta,re rthrl tihrh,
t..larth.l 4r.r.thhurn It Lae la ermahririni the
' r :r
ALL...IMO. E/101,11. athi nlarti ertrri
awl, a ...Tr rrhrtaiht horahrthottot Xerting. Loh Chhhr
4 f/rhutet.l.l.. mi0nb1,1,,,V,4,,rr.M.
hthrat...t Allfh . hrle I t.
rt .14 r t ' .i '. :bn ' 4 l lll:l!Zp i t=
U tlehrrintn^ti to otter at ruh. jtrlne• ar retll crqtrtury
rah. Pryor hthh.rlth • rall. that uut the. short attpreh,
,Inthiott to tEI al Mgt , enstihthment. hut igla .1 a. L.,••
oh 4 phi., tho cite
*Lica., tr. hbor Thilhrir4 hth r hntrentrat. atual.szt
br.ot .attestrr, att.l.4
cork. •
Straw Bonnet and Hat Warehouse,
.o. 105 MAacri STRELT,
11 11. P.-11311.:II offers! for gale. at very
pf.r.n.. • fill as.rtmect et etnw Sal Mill/rt
MA.. Braid. 0.11.. thI.T. /Jai , rlmti. ky
sa c .. amlDo t re 1.-xborit. tutcy
' 17.12 , ..11 '"
{Teat :•r4
ct .6.11 m:4 ...iv/al
lilt/A 15... I I,arf. p 1•113 Satin 'and 1`,..r.
herr, .11•111 a. Sul tabor. Oat. at/ Crapircape.
s.tes. , -rhas C,llr,ti taw. and ea:lmM wit .04
xn,„4 16l
Till3f7llNGS—Card. Twelo. Ihattens, ftnlds
(4 , .5t0... It ~
r mu% ELpfltra, tuncbea sod
Flan, ail rib./ lea, •••nrt,..i
• 11,— *,,b .4,1 low ,4ter4 aibt ITnAr.llas, 14,1
Pox., ancsle
Itocy r.,r.ttautly rwttivutu Lit !ptiug. ;lock .4
km.,„,d-kidz m rart the bllcAnas
ruin r. -t.l o, l'. Elle WT..: do do Turmut - t
eel, do 1: ..rttsper tuptultot 01d,
tuurt;n: clic. fine do' gut cu drt: mutton - , dm; cotton V.;
,I. 3-u. sad U-4 tuilloot t r ettittan: 4-4. .5.3, and
pith d , 3- 0 . 4.0 d troy! utti enttun do.
Cttri Cbeitill.. USe'S far An 404 to tuftod Apo
dealo: mut&rott 414 Chuntllo Unnr. 3lst.N tutth
altin do..l , 4 o Qtd.latclu <IA. do: v. dc• an.
Ctlgctb LOU... F.lllng du- Hocking 104. 64. slut S.
be.(011 Cloth, cut 11 nt .51 tlio 6311 or rt.
Hi. 7 4.3-4. 3-4.4 4. mai L-I UII Clutha.
rixe-•' Carpet Illading% L'o4 Car.
pewhada... 64, 44.ama4
}hellll.3. n 3. W l 4o Lir etyr, L era,b
C0,,. 1yu)
WS Tale do. do. liurete m d rahle
traria& Imta.rrtmt .yd porch.syd our sheehthrort Irt.totbe
ceirttxthl Poolorrier, holy, of the iLt.fl acid most al.
prterd rtylos wad tot...
pacesare prraanxi tu nur
Dictate a.n.l ~.i•loo..e” at a/ hie actor,' oen inee,A•
ao,t .tno to..
IV. ermilatir invite ell In call .33.1 [.Amin nut at
The. edgier Warrhout+r,!!!". Fourth ittreet.
mrhl9 W. McCUNTOCK.
a if the most fa•hinaable Shawls. nosy opening at A A
)I ASO!: 4 CO, Also, Cal. of nave strie Lakin, her
We. /14.1i0n, Cambric. 4tal Jacma
Illwattitt , harpyno open 1L.," epritoz euhtle.. 3
re oh Clothe. eeleeto4 eith . oheet ea,. WI amt. tee
eoh3 gehthoteh wel‘hioe to
CIOTTON GOODS---2CS Cotton pant
j w„swa t, ratc
Utthrll,l, .1 .1
Ohio Lab oratory
- •
11`1111 i .SO ark lllll l
Mawir:L. •• _
Per rent. Strength.
OIVELL FLETCHER & CO., Manufact.ll
- ALCOHOL: Pur,Ppirll3lr C 010... end Bran.
l iar Wlsl.k.r alwn, on Ilan.'
ru. VII., und alt ,ElSlddll. 0100
Oar All ord. r.k P.l.l.orgb t.e ptcAstpUt filed
St metrßet spit:?,
Wipes-and Liquors.
84., 167 .I.4heffii 4., !'orntrrly Dam cracker fartury ,
.1 Hillrfl. I ..101,0111...
- rvicK EISEN A STOU YEN EL, reApectitilly
,uortiort. t I
V. polair wonor,ll, and Whoa. trieoatr
that rho) , hate eltal , lirlo4 • NEW WINE &tot
E at the alv,r Flaw, ahem they .ball al
l lt la., • lull u....rttneett the beet mck—M(l4ole xua
rrhYrrnrh r,rt •na white War., Errtarh dark sua par
Itr•ualr,rf got rholre•t y am , li o n.„,
Irfah Whlnkr,ehatapar sir Mata •rldlus .1114,
tlar tno.l aptavvoil taatEL, sr or, Madras, shrtr)
al, A ',aha, ar A ',sunli., llollena
tin tiny, t, and I.aubarEh Chre•e All 0(.41141 Mr;
trill NA • 1.1,141, or roma. an thorrout rranornaar tom,
Otte of thr.- - partEern. Mr Stouvrnel,tlll rontlostlog 1/13
lawrtatioo ho•lnr•r tho city of N York, Mr above Er.
,itahlra ut 001 • t hearer and • bra, artirtv t any
orbs, lons , ill thl• rat l'lrnat• girt. us a call, Mauro ;Po
roarlooe 631,5.4 ,
si,..yuroltr• ourphrd Ins of extra charge, awl at the
abortrat 110Iirn
- -
CAlt )—1 Love removed to my newstore,
(three dot e bolow.l romrly appagfe the Bank of
.1 !Plough. where I will be glad to ,re
friend. awl fel
"la itt74:- ` ` 11`,3 1 -
(S-0.:30 IlualE . ;41170-
eathlle Rol& &Amer.. Iltlowg 81ank.... Quilt..
Counterpanes, sod I:zmfort, Window Shade, of ere,
.1 0 10: po.. Ugh, asul Of Ter) article runtifhe flwrOd to the
tarot este:v.lre na l ol hll.loneotft of the kind. Orden mPeet•
tall "." end toot- 0. 7f r gA.24.1. Third Wee.
T'll, SSENCES ii; EXTRACTS, for Flavoring
KA .i..liic,ltc ervamsd.c..
Ewece Lemon. Extract of rilitoargs
u - I " ...A. n Ace jl itr .6 l: 34 ::CO.. '
,•• Iln,
Uor sob , by
mv. ;trot I.ltortr.t.
1 ) KY WHITING-50 bblp. fur Pale by
ItiOCIIA. COFFEE—For sale by
Ay J_ WM. A. MeCLIIRG t 0., Oran,.
kitAN GE S—lialf boxes, very superior, and
mareraing eivd P.K.k.cAr . A CV? . abla Mbi =
MANGANESE -54 bbls Ground, for Glass
Voters, fur isle ET lITMNETT,DEIIia *CO,
ante WataAtreet.
Mud ad red aodattleewbin
ILILOUR-240 Ws. Extra-aod S. F. for sale
Jr by znyt L.& WATERAIAS ELMS.
IKIEII APPLES-4120 sacks for solo by
BUTTER—In loses (fresh) recd daily by
so: _ J. B. CANFIEW.
DEA RLS-20 bbls. for sale by
1 INSEED OIL=YO bbla. for sale by ,
l 4 .Y 7 J. B. CA?
ALERA:tUS--100 his. and if) bble. pure
kj far ta/.. Lr .47 J. B. CANTIELD.
VIIEESE-100 boxea for solo by'
,BUTTER -6 6613. Fresh. for elle by.
•e 22 J. R. DILWORTH & CO.
F RUIT -200 bl 2. Dried Peaches;
s ' )° J. ,ttleatail
4,2 TEER'S ODODELDOC-6 gross superior,
for sale 1,, S N. WICKERSHAM,
sp:22 corner Woodard Meth streets.
A PPLES -7 bbls. Dried Apples for sale by
ir.u. ra. Jon:carol.
DRIED APPLES-300 bu. for gale by
SUNDRIES -7 casks Cheese;
210 burl/T.184 apple*'
800 b.. R. Ulan, MeEennan a Eber
bases brand:
- 100 bu 80404 neet•lnos and to, ale by
UGAR-59 Mids. prime N. 0., for sale by
Ip2l JAS. DALZELL, e 9 ntar et.
IMOLASSES-20tf. bbl. S. H., for sale by
sps] JAB. DALZELL. OS Wster at-
HONEY -14 fer (fresh) for sale by
1.1. kins
DRIED PEACIIES-60 sacks for sole by
Ili HIED PEACHES-300 bu. for sale by
- WHITE WAX—I case anp., for sale by
('ORN bbly for sale by
an= s. OF. vos soNsuoratra co.
B ACON -1500 lbs Sides;
80u - pot reeelval and 10
F TON 808C11/I.IIBST & CO.
93. n 98 Front it..
Lie ty
labbis No 1 flail/non
:.0 e do du do
nu bids No 3 Starketvl:
hfdo do do
Id do No. 1 trimmed Yhat, on hand , and
,ale by (•µ3O) JOHN WATT AC 0
.,ALAION. on hermetically ended box, rf,
re red itml far rale by
Liberty et
. _
ilitED PEACHES-29 TAils. on cougign
iy went .3.10,1 :alb by
'LOUR b:)1a. S. F., far sale by
J: raxy!• t W. ILMILII:1011
HIIIS- -30 casks Evan & Swift's S. C., for
pale by tu,s S.l W. lI.ARBATJUIL
21ATOES-200 sacks for sale by "
. T .s s. a W. 11Altat:01/.
vorroN-150 bales for sale by
mrd UAW] MEET & CC
-440 bn. Drk.d Nut=
'.;?0 by. Inied Applec far nl• bf
& CO,
C,nter of Woad and Flfth Streets, Pitbdurpi,
k .A.VE NOW IN STORE, and to tkrrire
the fulloarbuq arocd y of the most recent toxic ,
which are offernl.op the scuatenaottable .
Ili tatty boxes prtute Orem 125 dosed Patent Uteber ms
boar Jr.
Si bf chests do do LO boxes extra pure !tardy
Oculuas Cbutaxr. Salentug
100 bags Rlo Cobs, 7h LOU. N. 0. Molester, •
15 Lacurra ath.l Jar.: - P. U .
- _
la; ),, ; and It toldengr a m ,
a Etin ? lim iC.. I a oba
ni 5 Mut- Posnlerealtmarar.
,/rel; 520 Its. eeedlnas ttatsizu,
tiu to.l •a, du No. Ido .50 drat. tiornas Dirt
2 and do. 2.ahnon: r &rigout Prunes
.vies boated Uening; lbs. tictly
lUD to. est/slit:Won 5 bozo Rork C 52512;
0 LOP-4 Camila: 2 Genoa Cutout
I CL.,, -0 w - Coast& I.2smolatr,
bl,t, Pepper t t.llani.-t, 5 •• Csatlls t Almond
I cul Ntmeg,:
and litvrrr. . 12 dos. MillWj ,-no
Pepper. 11.1.1. sup. Cs2t. 6245:
lisuonto: I - Crown Tutor,
Idustaxt, 1 ova ttszl Ilatt
2 " &MT nut Itcllned
Liquorice. •
1 " Armor Rat
ti•rzett : 4 .0: i
SA,ariu C....n.i/tx I
. • . . ..
1 bbL 1 .. .156.1616ur.
1.6; .16ren -. 3Cr0 : 11•61116660667 / 00 0 6 . 316,4, ..
100 714 6upirthu. Rico flccr. 10 ‘1“. Extract of Lem=
Coonl.l 110.6, and Vutillgr
. .1• if, Ir. 6 •• I.m. 6 , 41 - 617,
1. •• ~ Urooesc 1 talk Eat Seds,
6.166., Nall.. Whit. Lind. Lard 111. i. 6. • mactal
. 7
i 4 1 - 11., Inpl. vJ
Bl.lCree, ,
1:0 L,:ts 6, Lump b....1'
r,C•io It•
bEs..ll St L. BAIA,.
;OW En Almond.
ZS bele. Btnxil Ent.
En.. Walnutx
W - Ground NM.
u 3 denny+ Ilgs
50 ca.' Wire hacker;
_- _
...1.0 1. ,, 1.. - 1 H-errin*:...- ___
10. 111. S C. Tar; 6 .. Lem* 21‘04.1
3.0 •• LG.G .I. Cid 01445. 3 J - ' TatutoHetsSlGE
IoD now. Havana 6'a5...4w. 30 " ' Poppnr &sum
.... bbo %Oder, GJ " Piedev
4 1... r,..... !WIN - , C] - WWI Suzan
3301.) 6xlo. 10a12 l3lu 10.030 Pr 1 0 ,4" /"*E./..
110 *rram. yl. .ad Pt. nub.o.olo Havasu
S 0 Ix's*. Whit* Els.; 150-34. Co*l. •'
tt .11 - 1i 1 . .1: a. N , ; . 1., 2 116-c*.erel 10.1411. H.Span. ••
tcu EIL Water. PlGraz Gad
RSA. N Gl.. 6,4 Gum,
NM lc WNW or. 1. , :l bis.^:ittltrg w ilr ''' ,
40 b1.40.1.04.-nr . 011; IG) gave. C. A. D. Tobacccr..
DO" *6ll. Ltlsp NE IN, " 115* cut .*
1m ...s. *wk..:• 1 DV boxes Mae 00.10 - .1.) •• Tut*: 010 "-
D. * IL C.... 11.,
Z Csndle 5004
3 ‘.. Sucar lad Hnlarger . Bed CONS Ground 6.1 Vs
urvy== "Vz:Vlv-°, 0 ,,m I=
oral 1.-vs...Gramst o r g0...1.4 025511 E 5.14 1D our dm.
For gale b, -ENGLISH 5 SENN &TT.
tschS4 1= Fecastd...l 131 Final Ga.
, OTTON-13 bales landing from str. Cape
ll nn. .od km kat. br
13 -cm, 041 , We , by
11 1 4.1.A1l MILEY CO..
or I WIOAT tut Front .4a.
VEATHERS-5 bsg3. for mile bP ,
niv4, N o.l,agar.
ri hal.. Battle Orourd 8. U. Solraud.,
5 baLa Loaf nu Imam' sad lot ro l e by
my I - CS Water. and 73 Tim at.
VLAXSEEP--60 LII. f:Jr Eale by
I ; IR.S
OE'S Compound Syrup of YELLOW
IfDOCE ROOT—I , tyAr. Just Al d hem PreAltue.,
. . All hr Al. by S. N. WICKERSHAM,
&.-.10 Asynt to WAtern IYAIIIIIVaaIs.
c 3 7 1 comer or Wool .ad With A.,
.---- - -- --- --..----
T v Rabbit'. Soap bawd., tbeA,noAdrartklejostranl
asbi i... mt. nr A. A SELLER-%
mr3 . 57 Wood 000
RIR. for Frac be
lJ eel /L . E. szuzm
Palling Wagon.
' b Tr. m . n ,.. ttratn .
, ti . al [0 , 0?011.0 u - apn
G ARByrn.4o7.
.5.7.7. kl Wool Smt.
rroll ACCO—
i 111 b... 7. 5. wed as. Jab. ,t Lava. tnud:
Statuana Exanda
t.. DanlrEs
b. Lump, warat
erta 1111.1: .
ao T A Dbmurs
Is an. A. J{,k2.00 i
•' S.. P. L. Dindlaes
Juat nd.l no rostaignmenl from 61:216.221 mid LI - us:Ann
manulmtusern, and Me ta
WATERSIAN k , 4 on:‘
land Wm.% wad 62 Frunt'st
u ACON —7OOO Hog Round, receiving
a-I for ssle of TAWS RAIDELL.
404 AS Water sun.
:SUNDRIES --100 Bucks Corn;
10 Lu. 12.44 brarloin •
. .
far maJtoro
.rdm JAME S DAL LL ed Wh , d
ACKEREL---50 bbls. 3;
25 hlf an; do. ' Inn male Cr
LENTILS Received and for sale by
an, Mr.:ens:id Te•Deatera
A LCOLIOL--10 bbls. for sole by
' .en
CicitlN-5u bbl. Shelled, for sale by
sp. IT. .1 P. WILSIIti.I4; Ant st
L.lll .t. :I Un- -400 rip Galena Lead
II Jei_q_ii rei Rae e
~...n J ALI; Zilurcili.l4.l2l ACO '
A 1111.S--liil lemon, bergamot,
.rlores. nnis
V eld cat a• • v .E. origami sackag fie . LArtz.b,
fiIIQBAesS(..--25 kegs ledge 6 twist for sale
t., %pa.
. .
'OFFER--150 I,agsprime Rio, for mato by
lJ aD.•:
by A. A. Maaoo A Co. noes mo' djAi Law= anti
ar..4 •
IIAAIS-14 oaks on hand; for sale
nr ap24 . 'WALT DICKEY A CO •
61 EEL/ SWEET POTATOES-7 b:)1; on
Aj baud. for by .1,26 124111.11 DIOICET a_ CO
g- A
METRE-6d bags crude on hand; for
DOLL BRIMSTONE-12 bbln on hand
IiTTER-20 crock!, and john, for rale by
d I LOTIIES PINS-31box - e3 for sale by
L.) 64114 J. U. WL4L11313 &Cu.
gIANNS' OIL-15 bbls. (to arrive) for
nlc OT J. KIDD t CO.
rTURKEY UMBER--1000.16!. (to arrive)
J.. fur man to. ato2 J. MUD a Co.
iV 011- 3 4) bbla for Bale by
Nu... W KIDD & W
041 att
rilEitio: DE SIENNE--100 lbe for sale by
_a. ar...•
ADIIESIVE CLOTH-200 yards superior
quality for 041 e br .403 KM A CU.
Os. hues just trevised see ex yrese-1.00 du: ; g the
sided. Ennui) lib:mem
FLAXSEED OIL-10 bble. prime, from
licaarmet county, f sale by
SAFETY FUSE-6 bbls. in stare;
Z.r antra far yds by
say: .1. S. DLLWORTII a 0).
NIDER VINEGALR-50 bbla. (best)foreale
lJ br m 76 ROBISON, Lllrtl Yt co.
CASSIA-100 Mats for rale by .
, Lolo .J. 601100NXI,EXIt 0u.64 Wood et
LATH'S -25,000 Sawed I.qtlA. best quail
:LA.7i ta Ws 127 ZOBLION .R MLI M.
Lani, 4.
CIRAIN -200 be.
too " a"b 21)Z.
Pittibergh Life Insurance Company.
TCOMPANY was incorporated in
j_ February. teal. with a Perpetual Char..; and bag
eotomanced business on a capital or 11
The Company does hornless teeth on the Joint:titer that
Mutual plan.
On the Joint .toct. plan the rater are one-third h.,. than
atone charged hr IlutualCoutiaddeat and Fifteert Per Coot
lower than the rates of most g loth Companies.
3lutnal rater ant the game as throe adopted by other
safely etandoeted CAM yank. Thow barons] on the mutu
al pthrtelple hare the combirod securities furnished by that
system or ingot anne. and the Capital and tharplos Pond of
the Joint Stock depthmient.
The Charter rWrair.• the granting of imothanee on
in ever, form. loeluding the right of our. children. pit
mote. Mations, frierds or ereditlsm—td Innate the' hfe of
another for theirown ethliteire benefit. pa leaner death.
yr at •• age of So 55, oD, or. OS.
at wpm the
James S. Ham, Presidena
Samuel MeClerk., %We l're
: Jueeph a. Leah, Terminer .
Charles A. ca l ms,&e.t.a), • •
Macrons: •
James S. Roca, Joaeph S. Leech,
John S. Dilworth, • CharleeA, (Waco
Samuel MeClarke., Wm. Shill's,
. .
agnucAL mum,
(15nreMed Physicians.
Joreph Oa, D, tiliam Addison, M. D.,
Jeremiah kinedu. D... EO. Edrington, 51. 11
Exualtn.n,7 PAyriciures. -
Samuel Dilworth. M. D, 47 Nmithkeld street,
Robert anyder, M. D.. 103 Fourth street,
Jahn Crew:on:GM. D, Sixth stroel.
Wm. 51c15. Morgan, 31. D., 107 Liberty Minn.
Dr. Dilyorth will be in attendance at the otke, even ,
d lieus " 3ll '. V barn spoken for an *Amery, are nested . to
call, take their papers, and ennenteneeniuraMOM . 1 1 1 h.
p l i l lercrtr ;, - .7fr'Uce r111=liot." 9 "
Moe of the Company, No. 75 Fourth street.
72133 C. A. CULTO37, Sc&F.
State Minna! Fire Insurance Company.
Pithiscron. Day tat. 1651.
TRE best evidence of the euccess of the
Director. in anileevering . to Mete the SDA T.LMCTC
AIRA* INSURANCE CUJIP.INT meet the Irlintis of
theconnotrairy, le the unparalleled thionnt of hosimma
theboo biro don, having Pinked 7,50..3 Policies dining
the past rear. thereby *Pilo* mu pl.:00490 /he fund.
of theCouth•oy. Nearly all the praperty insured is of the
rafest kind In mall mks, •Eul . large proportion insured
for only one rear.
Winne No. of Dolieles leaned ..... 7.90 n.
Do. dn. I.xp'rd.talolnated. cuLcel ,
Do. do. In forte • ..t.W. •
6 oof Fro " 558419 tarmlnaled, expred. C.O
Do. io fore.. 7.C9f.f.91
Do. Prpmlurst .... . ... 79,63
Do. raoreled,lenniosi.4.o4lo. , 4— 63 " 79.0 .,,
Do. ou far,
Do. Cob Preusiutos ..... . f. 1,14.7 14
• •• .
Wbo writ Leers aal ;roan'," paid.-V-1,411 45
Balanne In favor of vb. C.., In cavlr'.... 527.82145
. .
T. all .r country merchant,.
and nanorn of duatlings,
and twisted nal country property, it Is believed this com
pany affords Wormlike,' In pant clot...twee, saltily, and
iwurlty. interim to nu in.umuce Company in thlsrount.7.
Conducted mg the equitable and gloa.lT .Y.frlti
of Clual &salon of Itleka,.excludlng all spatial Bawds, in
raring only a limited amount in any one locaLty, thus pre
cluding the fr equency and Pertirreire of largo tr.MaW
also cm both the Stock end Mutual plan, it not oestxpOtao
butthe theapares and amotamtdalion of Loth mamas,
but eatitin the Inaured too pargolpation in the ;MM.
Directorg—John P. Itutherfunt, A. J.iilllett, E. T. Jo.,
Alaimo A. Cumin, Philo C. Pedgaiet., Pandlei Jones, gob' t
Klotz, John B. Patanr, John D. Ituthertmd. •
A. J. GILLETT, Pvcretary.
A. A. Canna.. Actuari • mrl2
N. scip Dividend of Mtn. per oent. oriamplrir4
001102,. has been oeclarrd by the Director., *ad lanov re.
orirable at this °Shoe fur renewal., or rweinnable In cash
at the rad of 010e1• do • A. A. Cpunr.e.. Agt
Franklin Fire Insurance Co. of Philad'a.
JPIRECTORS: Charles W. Baneker, Geo.
w. Maurits, Shos:ilart. Mordecai D. Lcais,_Tobnall
ri r e. Plii=l Great. Ilarld
. . .
C ULM F. BdItCKER, Preddent.
CILLMON fltheeng Neewitary.
This Canpany continue.. to m e theitirmces, permanent
or limited, on every lime:Optic* of i l loPertY in th.di thd
country, at rates aa Inv aa are conalettnt with SeCillity.
rho ...PLOY have reserved a largo contingent fund.
with, with th eir Capital and Peenduniv„omfely
alined ample of
to the swum&
the awes of the Carona, on January 1i5t,1951, am pub.
tithed &precede. to the of gyve - add,. won, as follow*,
tg1i,1:.5 CS
..... b 3,030 17
t i c= . . .:1 .
Tor.nrsrs f;c:Ssts:.
C.s/a. sr
$1.212.706 44
Pion , their inngentnnens.• period of 11. Fenn, tbrl
hare paid upwards of ()or Million Four Hundred Tboniand
Dollars boniest br Fire. tborabs.adording evidence of the
Inte.naiscs of Insurboce. u wellus limits whllity and dlr.
position to most non prompt:ins all liabilities
J. tiAItJUSEII (.%)F/YLN. Agent.
spin Oro E. E. corner of Wood and DI stn
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co, Billies.
(eine J. Finney.), dreensed.) No. 323 Liberty street . r the better eunerinenec of pgrenin residing in the
lover part of the es”. the *gra may abe fbund
from 11 to 1 - 2 and 2 to 3 o'clock. at thewanting roam ca
J. Pchowonaker r i ll , No 24 Wocti street, where all news.
met Informatlen be glean amientuntuniustionapronapt
ly attended tu. Pamphlets explaining the principles and
benefits of Lift Insurance. and blunt forme furnished on
Capital Stock me 1220.040. d constantly lucreaging.—
Prof. disidal manually get ;:toss inwred for Us.
Plttsburah. Jan. 41. la amon 4l..—tao4
Marine, Fire, pnd Inland Transportation
TIIE Insurance Company of North America,
Phitadelvlna--Cbmtered 17%. MOW 5500.000. doett
ory lA, ISI, 51.0111,21.5 60. Will mann lotnironbe on
buildings and their contents, In this city atal tiondtre aloo
property or every deamlntfon, ahlpf.d per steam boats
and 0t.1.r aslant., ant, by Lifland araorportallm roof the
Arthur G. Cafe. Prat. Thomas P. Com
Samuel W. Jour, John IL Neff.
Edward nenith. • Illebard D. Recd. '
Jahn A. ilrforY, William Webb. '
' Funnel F. Limith, Francis Hokin;
Funnel Dimas. F. Anstlei Alillama. - .
Charles Taylor.
Ambrose la Mb, ' Grarge Aspinwall.
Jamb R. Themaas, Jame E. Dickson.
8 Idorria WM% • IL D. Shiarrerd, Ner.
;Lila. i. the Alin Insurance Company bathe muted .tales
and Ma Its hlph 'Wading. lons mparimmiantPla MMna.
tad are=lilata o t an extra basalt. character it
Mai be p ublic.
r \
&UZI nll N I A ' , tb A:ma t.
jell lie. 141 Front Meet.
American Life and Health Intorance , Co.
.I;rentjar PittZurgh, sLia. D. TOWLE,
Office. 67 Flll.b t. above EmittuSeld.
Pasephlcu ccoulning all te...ersary betaamation can be
0bab...1 ae the eitka. ialTultf
western Insurance Company of Pittabugh.
(lAPITAL 8300,000. R. MILLER, Ja.,
Prruldaut, r. )t. Gordon, 9imutat7. •
111 Inmate wan" all kinds of ticka.. Fire and Madan
All Mimes elll liticrutly adjust"! sad pompl y paid.
A tame Innltutlon—manaßcit by Dittman who ma wail
tumult in the community, mad lam ate daterminal_by
=CT 4
trbo deare co be intinmil.
Lamscroas--R. xiiller, Jr... Gm- Illark, J. W. Butler, bt.
ime* Jr... Wm.. B. ItaLmes, 1.1. /Imam Ciro. W. Jackson,
Wert. M. Lynn, James Lltsdemott. times; Pude, James We
Akilt. Mama. nue. Beott.
Nu. fel Water etreet, (samboues et &put& & CM,
up stales) Pirbburgh. tu44l/
Delaware Mutual SafetyinsuranceComp'y
I [l
CIIANGE. Third nowt. Philadelphia. .• 1 1.2 Insiaaleon—Buildinct, Ylerchataltee, .d other
s a „,,t,, irons. and country, Insured ages. lots or
dams., by um, at the leoreet ore of prealurn.
btaarrs loycluder..—They alto insure Pesach, Carioca,
and /night., foreign. c 0..... .der open or special
policies.. the ssaircd Mai dna.. .. • _
TaassroarAtton.-11.7 also Insure hicerhallellhe
henh.l.l.l bJ Whh . C.ll. Lel mad CMS. Canal !cats, and
Atm.n Enna. on riven and 1.e.. the nip. Lhasa/U.2A
Durturos—Joseph Sc.. Li/nand A. donder, Mau C
NOB. Hubert 80... Jr/su P.. Per.rasty Samuel Ldwarla,
tUnrie C. bell., bduaut Darlings., bane AD. , * Wit.
Ilam loltrall, John Newlin. Dr. 11. MAlrmart. Junes C.
Utual. Thenshilsta Paulding, 11. Jonea BMk. Henry
Sloan. Hugh Crabs. lientse &Trill. Ppm.. ..dlallutith
J Chaska Itelly,_J. tin. Play. Dr. P. Itionsta..
Wen Er, Jr.
DEILICIVZ3 Um., /Ugh Craig,
John T. Logo.
Wstuals Maar., President. ' Tan. C. Llama, TI. Presi
dent. Joann LT. Conan, be,-rennT•
yurfirrni of the C.npany, No. CI Warn meet, rim,
.hurgh. (.21.1 . P. 0. ILADEIRA, Agent.
Temperanceville and Noblestown Plank
Road Company.
NOTICE is hereby given to the Stockhobl•
it, of said Company, that they mate Dad - meet to
twa L'Argent.Treaaurera of thy. tall Compton., ofla.
Milan au each chary of the aloft. cal that last dlooda7 In
dee and carry month hereafter until the whole ttOC I.
paid to full—a. the mad will t. gratlal and
July 4th. 1841 The htuckhOldera an taduested 44 b•
prompt and punctual to chair pay meat. tt= tt • Al- 0. rilLowN, Pratddant.
EAD PlPE—CorneWc improced :pntent
ix ..4 ripe for lirdnAte,
A rtgferramo •
• •
All at. on baud and to ar A ti . ate , mllb , M arioN.
metal' At 144 Frontal:met.
Seed Store Removed.
byTr' E subscriber has removed his Seed Stire
from Secomi street to the butlaneereceutly occupied
r. Heel As a Taller chop, ou Thiel etreet, almost Im
mediately *vocable the Pot Otlee
all Ir. L. SNOWDEN.
ice the sale of Domestic. WWI., and Cotton
Lode, No 1:9 Wuxi betel PitteburAh.
Ord., filled at ohne' bones for any description of Wool.
len Machin,y. febli
witting between the sultseeibm-r, mulct the style of
my, Fleming en., iv this day dissolved by mutual
ermeeut. 111 A 11Eltlibr,
ANDREW 1 , 143111:111. -
E. K. FLEllllitl.
. Ira Llerssy . or 11 E. Ilemlou it autbarlsed lo ow the
name of the late hru to the emletneut of thole busleteets.
The partuerehlp heretofore reletlotr a between the
en ben tinder the Mule of shaek lett IV idle, waa
Ltcollect on sit eet day ef January, Weed y soutuaJ tow
, Either the oubeeriben w la Wettlunit up
the trunineae. and are atithorterd b, uee tter name , of the late
firm for that purmie. tin. lUI W.l street. .
rebruvy 12,'51. 2110$.
110 - EW FIRM—B. C. Shacklett and William
11 Payne, eah./ural partner". end Benjamin laytle, ea
/9"tal 11.0.1 limited permer, will continue the Wholetale
Monde bualurre undue the erm or C. Sbacklett k
at be Mote lately terupird br etterklett It White No. 101
Wood eteeet. Y. C. 511ACK.LICTT,
..leblt till. PAYNE:
clO-PARTNERSII IP-The 6 üb,criben - hate
' astetrd Into C.Partrisrship under Om arm a eodf.,
At lima A Mel, WM. B.SCALVII,
0L1.10SE! HOSE ! HOSE! :!—Juet reed
Irmo the Slanufactory in ilietind.3o9o feet India Rub.
Irathlr. tar hydrant% conducttint, ter Fite Engine gurpsielt
We wish it tote eistinetly at:depict that every ineh 01
hoot that sons from our tablishm b..ornatud fin•
the purpose* intended. or th es e money refunded.. jest try
It.. 100 Axle at the Italie Gabber /*pit ho.. Wosd 9 at.,
•oni J. PHILLIPS..
TEAM PACKINO-4000 pomids mixed,
t Plain and Pare blie: Rabic Packing than ISt to
, hub.. thleßdeerreattnl to be the very beet Peteklnr, of
1300 I/1 tue. tor th e lbllorinst P 9 tree. 799999 N
Plat., Platen Bede, :tram. Joints, Memo Cheste, Cylinder
Heads, :huffing Ilexes, 09. de. For oak et the IW.le bob
bee dente. jio. 7 and Wool Mace
an9o * J. PIIILLOIR.
luramsorMterit. orrery roperlor finished Table, .9.tand sod
bun. Cowen et different entterne, not to be mewed by
way 'old l 0 tbe city. Merchante. Pedlar. mut - other! an
Invited to call and xamine tor themselves at the wars
4f the Mlllll.lfiCtOlr. No. 729 Wool mt. ' •
layl4 J. a IL PHILLIPS.
1,7 at No. 55 31kat.t Meet, fvreisk. at wry atodusiteyrie,s
II sub so
' •
baln Deer
IS =lli iia=q ihr t r ,
.1177 A. CVLSIMLX-114),
Needles' 'Celebrated
D HEMLOCK Ta n .. big* soulicated planers b been mad* fter •
..wro L tban tweedy durlog •bich are
time they have
odued Permetectid reladtinoo. es the meat etticeeicese •
ithconiat • le nod ntrengtheolng Plaster <Ter offered. PhST
•.cisto. of the highest erolosane, to whom then compose
. subruitum. here tire,. the most nattering
leis to their superior Tuttle brier all other plas•
o ,
The ld a u ,/edilnt• of their rend . .. Non. veryhereftdlyand •
e.rootly .atiobined, reader th eta Prenlimly applicable to
...rui rot:retinal with ladmonary diseato.
ycyTwos in the breech manning fn. protracted eats
hoopla. rough: 'and local palm in the various nenraltip .
in the body < their bienetteisl ammeter is
toertion or dispute. As • rentoly In Umlaut, 'Ne e .
..clone,' over •Iliontiread applienbons , each linnatie t ,
0 bat been folly cortotionded by the enemy Tows etbetal.
toe weakness and Jtallatilot the hart sod yid* remelting
• tom severe grains, dim,. of the kidneys, to, their no
<celerity *Ter all other plaster* has been amply Tested by
noodnent who here vsperienced cure mid relief from their
eppllcation. To !inch euTer whet rhumat le paha: lima
14•Tieere eine recommended. with the co
that their hewn:dal Omen will be lowed very decided.
We e wholeinleaml retail, br • •
mat. 12. SILLERS, . trOwit.
1511. Orr rte.-
-1511. Gsr airing • beautiful gloss to UMW, diusltba,
istotri, Collars, bhirt Bosoms. and all that s of prig t 4 lla
out preveuts the boa froto adhering to the Liam .ad dust
Nicking: It mobilo, nothlur loyetriotas to clothes la
..1! , - 0 r , es t yeet. The latie l l ang felt tb:th
b ola
reellud, Da enmi r stlon 13 =1 after an Isopertlal
N. /1-02te Pak. will do fillets . token of elotbesk. sad no
should Dr without It.
.Prtc* 1:1)1 amt. per Cake. Cash Cakasith tall direction.
For sale by . Loeb.% . lt. E I:MUMS.= Wool at:
.There an more things In heaven en earth, '
"Thew . an dreamt of in p . hilanyini.
T EE 1 IRTUES of th i s remarkable rem°
dy red th=aulifilindliin f o r t o ,
tale out fur the trWlS T tO O f 4 ll4uhlt " ', •
The PETROLEWI to general nom • well In Rile Com .
ry„ at • depth of four hundred feet is • pen, insadwit e rel
ted article, without any chemkel, change, hot ion as I
claws Item Nature. Great" tannery: I Thep •
l rt o er atepto; • manlier of dieraitUs no logger. V
cena natt 7f enure. Itta.Airi3rrw. are 'mrdl t bearrar ln inad the ri
ness In alleviating suffering, end notiring thelte of
tnltt, and vigor to many • Pattern. Loo t ben pro. .
Price. thought of putting it tote bond, i bed • repute
.. for the cure of disease. The eonstent and daLlrinereal
ping mile for It, and
na me remarkable cares it pm
kneed, is tun Ruination of la future popularity and
widerprrad application in the eure of G...
Wade not net to make • keg parade of net C 0....
we in conadoes that the medlcle• can mon work its we ,O•
leo the favor of then who puller,
o p to be
ifhlirt we do not claim far it a
It epplimitheir in
en dint... we uninitigingly ray, that in. number el
Chronic Dimon It ia entrant!. Amon . these my be
criumerawd--all diwaves of the mucous tangs, stink
P.n./ ArlutA, nod all diem,. of the alr.yamaips. Liy.i •
_ER CO3IPLAINT, DIEPEEL , Lk. Mahon. knew. of u•i
1.1•1J,r•al liklewy3 a /WWI in the Beek or Fide, &Iron
Neeniun, Patsy, Rheumatic Feint Gout, rinelte•
Relse, Teter, Ringworree,Ronts, bruaze..oll earn •
e. tie. In cases of detain, revelling (roan ennount or
keg end protracted cant , of divean, this wild
Nita relief. It will act as a rental TONIC and ALTRI!
ATI VI: earl CS.W. kenning woo and energy to the
whole frame, fostering entertains, ether
Ragtime, which cane divas lied a . broken eonstitution
that teetered nary other treatment, get welt under the
of the PLTROLEPA tor • ebort thin. The knot en he
Id iarT:L=tlZa r t7 '4=64. of the
&Is by the prnprietor,
TE, Canal Rsain,_near Breath Meet.
AYO, by IL BELItERS, 5. oat st,
• and 11.102E11.& ArDOWELL,
mean Iran inert Led Vlrple Alloy; who are;
• wanity his regularly appointed Agentsl
. ,
.... .
IL NOW all men who are siek.and &Maid
with disease or the Mall= and 'Hillary; with that
aid= pains la tuck or babe, stiB trials-old eares,risnislaf
uleurs, +
u, that tbay can be cor being thii Pla - TII
LEO.II. inn nay talk about Ita a navilurs,aa mu
. you please. but th. dies not snake It A:, for we proasita.•
wthe lace of an honest =natality, that It h. virtues
hich saenot. contained in any other manly. The man
bn la racked withsal. sisflestitfrn disease,
for o.=
crate, get relief from fro-ant t ills mu
header! it trots rem.little to make a trial. The Petro
loom it no mixture—ma eornyound, put up far the purpose
oi.lmicsmg on the community; but a Is • rearkedyelabans
um by the roamer hand of nature. and bubbla upfront the
bourn of our mother earth. In Ito original purity, soul of.
fsrs to midterm, humanity a ready re.dy, a esrlain and
It has cured Piles. after other medicines have fallsito
render say reheL It ba., mtrtd Ilheumstinat.of Imm
standing. and of the roost mad moot painful Charlet.. IS
lass cured Cholera Mottos, by one or taro doses. It bag
ea , . of Dualist., m why& every other -gady
Lae been of no avail. Asa Local remedy In bums sad
maid,. it Is better than any medical comp:mode or Ointment
that we kno• of It mill mac clullamms and frosted fsets
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.Pecee carat pep.. and benettial nudist..., and ..
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graduate of the University dinzdyra for thistr..
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Me Prophylactic Syrup, and other of hls remettlet=s
seined an unfelt-Melo] eminence he curing those
and fatal mishidire Tuberrular Consume... Canocrei
Serefula. Rheumatic., Asthma. Fever Ind Rpm_ , Fever, o
.kinds, Chronic Erysipelas, and allaboce obstinate. as
s peculiar to females. Indeed. every form of dimes.
ranitbes muter the me of Ms remedies. to which tintnet..
LT Is heir—not by the use of one omponsid only, tor that
IA Incompatible with Phytiolosical but by the tueinft,
bls remedies, adapted to and prescribed for. each peculiar
form of pea.,
• Dr. Berea Tonle Alteratice Pills, when need. aro Betake e
bly acknolchelecd to he soptorkw to ail others, es • p ,
tire or Ilya Pill Inasmuch as they leave t he both p nrme er-
Dully free from =firmer. .o also his Bolden Pills are
itad by the faculty, to geese yeettllar properties. &doge
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I. softlenent to establish what has been said, In themlnds of
the most skeptkal. ,
The used are limited to call nen the egelat, end Bro.
cure (gratis) one of the Ihictora pamphlets, gietng•deWe
senecont of each remedy, and MN appLkation. tr
For sole buhe followlng iri sguntea wellashronort dreg.
Lie throng ut the cam -.
J. Schen...Mr ••• Co.. DA Tool FL, Pittsburgh.
Leei. Towneend, Bruggiet, Ilarket "
A. Beckham. /hugest, neer the Post 0111m,Allegh•
.3 . city. •
Joseph Butler • Dartlngton. - }learow comity, Pb. •
John lidloot. Pam=
T. Adams. &WM'.'
KOR THE AFFLICTED *ill be faund in
for. Dewitt C. Eeilinger's INFALLIBLE LLNIII&NT,
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It hav =red, .nd if <lOO/.1 curing more
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Fuolly. Medicine mete d Car cala, cr uftl bp =l' of
— The Lab maw R. 6tloaoU late SEC. 'Ma no. Robs.
31orria, Late Mayor. lb.. John A. In l ate U. 8. Swab
.. Will.= 11. Porter. Esq., Editor of the Eohnit of tha
Times .1 host of o th er aitloWitiaheil elelsana of Iferw
York, who hare fully tested its merits. hare permitted Ma
Itorrietor to rel, to lb.._
As it is well known that ratent Medicines are not= .
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Co, ate Ogth-n Filothr tad by tbt retail
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isattam .
To the Readers of the Pittsburgh Gazette.
VOUBLIC ATTENTION is respectfully in
Std to the fallowing Undo, eat forth in relation to
ono of the man Important remedies of modern timed
PETROLEUM OR ROCK OIL - . it is not moth than the
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competition.' , It le our duty. When no write about cine, that re ante the truth—that. we saysiotthth Cabo
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And.also, the ea/ref a gentleman In Beaver mann.
Than are Cohen, but them an news near bait,, Lo a
be referred to by any potions who have dot En on the rib.
Jens- These cares were ,alai atter they had been abated..
eel by physicians as hopelow. The Petro.. tors.
when used anetnimg to dincitlass—Diarrhers, Dyweorni.
gh.o. o ot e n t , On. feconlglsehroptiven en the/fgt.
Pimples-. the fan, amt. Zen Eye. ongensem, Teeter. ,
Peale Geld, pains la the bans a/adjoins, ma sore. 1/ker
Wens,Agne, Cheer.; Atlona. Bronchltls..4
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the b.,ii-4tho to,sees. wbo will tate /demon to ohm
log_them to the afflicted or lb. fret le
Whatever others may say about their medicine. Mei
Petrol.= la tbe greaten Itemely of the age. PhSwithuit
Inhigh•standing to the brefestkes as beginning to tne
In their prattle. Theta who at Orst looked no with doubt
and uncertainty. an willing to award It due mi. and
emisidentlen. Before another Tem rails rout. all will be
10 0 01 0 0 to gegyonledge that the Petro.. the peat
llmil.. ever discovered- Per sale, wlardessle •me
by 2 KgliglYli IIeDOWELL'Ito Wood
Alles—R. Belles , II Wood Mem t' P.ll. Corry. D. A.'.
Elliott. Jelee r i ngbes e =thetty City. Alm, by the p =
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remedies to ve7 Little Ir urpm i k i , vresindoevtl . by ether
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that Wryer been etteved to the public.
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In eners, - anct Ica sale ma
tin's Ointment,
Lemon Add
Essential Lilt of
Nesse and Bone Liniment
Ormteldoe, fitter's
Pulmonuy Balsam
• Lee's
"- Andersen's
• Llosper's ' • •
• . End's Ant•Disperiit.
• " Ens
ES, &c.—A large stook : :
the wont liberal teem; etc
leatialle Salta
bale= de ' Za
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court Carpenter's Extraetenuetea
Dolby's ca:el., •
DrO re el unit 7't brraa ..Lips for lb.
cu lsines 'MI. aro:
al, Entail* 4e..
(1= •
" • Blue
Rau Ointlocol for Tater,
dornithealzi Planers
S.Lim's Platten
'f= Eatisat
HotrmTes "_ • ' '
tte 1:!) ru g afore 014,
" leergiee
" toe
laanee, far Derr
Ei degal4 Liniment -
k4apit.y.. Cordial
°olden Tincture
avian UPI -
liarse.l l owdee ' -
6 N. WC/SERSHAX . ' et Weed ist4
LIPTASII-:-10 casks, warranted
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