The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, May 28, 1851, Image 1

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    4'43TABLISHEI3 IN 1786.
::.prr.TisBu.RGH T ,G.AzETTE:
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ow ratesratTtmitcrecomiia row ornm,
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"rhea. .. U. kalow '" . " 1;. I. Mk
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io. ' . • lg , : 7=7, .. -..: OO
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,::.....z. " r, doe,'
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ee _ . _. pl:no.!,"„NoCi to ub .'" Pape P grill
be 13 , T f ir i n r a HI b I y n t ' i ' " ij;"
...r.' mien the money ...tior
o...Nuere (101 Wet of Nei marell or Less'
eltmertith 0 50
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Du. 'twee lege tat
• - • - 11( . 2
Cars,(c ban or lei. Da r nothm -P
O. Cadliwtor own additentel line. -
One Equate, chamois at pleasure time mi
nt.) anion , . GI the, Darer ,25 Ott
foe out additional square, inserted * Ova one month. and
{bench whlitional even inverted under the isarly DIMS.
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Inn the amount charge
their publication.
• Announcing candidates tor thoe. to be charged the nose
Advertisements not marked on the eoff_for a Mended
number of W.W.I, .10 fee coonnuni loiliorbtd.eni Dar.
mud exacted annacilag(`r.
itTlicr r i v arT:Ai:ag ' l 7 n r t".
the beneht of attar per...well wenn sennthemente not
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heathen, and all
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the Malta engaged, be m e taargal at the usual rates. For
all mob ttar.nent advertideg. bl=ll l VeOnnteir
natant. sad promittioalawid Ir
All advartisentens for theattabto lnOetngaas, Ora moan.
Word.. [olll2Phip, and other Dabliel mean... and
gimp like, to be charged ball mice, %mythic! strictly in al-
Mita. notion to De chancel{ so ..ta.
Death notices luserted cahooqt thane. 001010 am.
Wed by funeral Invitation or nibtarr notion, end urban
.o =r.,i ' Xi * i:c. " a l thent sencV teninduidne
ion, or monition none. denigned to attend.. to
Palen &thets, Cotteens.
made ae o g o 7 ooo P=nteti eth mtkr r ; r t.
vate se open =cut ' avery DOti. deehmed to call attention to
Weide enterprise, enctlamd or inteedol to pinto.* hal
nival interest, can
to be fawned with the understand
ing that ttot num to be can Po. II intended to be toe
gated fn the ta t colmn. the eame will be chargel as the
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of not less than lb cents pee line.
Bishop or /Per :Venom to be charged Wide lain.
T Y t Tatars Tavern
ens Pennons trz .gh. •
.21:42[ T 3 . and At:toting:lt tugeg=nt n e d m i t , : .
mat of thltdr . three ant one ' llidell per mat from the
Warm oa Tu anvil 10 MILT entail.
atretanstnthm Imam '
o.2cinare, (10 Una) one lownlon---..-50 cents.
Do. eath additional 1ithrti0n.......25 erne-
All trandmiadvertieemmtet to be Dthl In Wrenn.
OS.:,IVEAVER; Attorney at Law; Fourth
street, near theldefor . : OtneerPittslsonts,_Pa Co 4
ous utbmisd to peo=ptly. usy/7-o.tkg
• tete.. etheheee.. -- I ethhesessze n t .
(Late of thatotttown. 1161 1 (late of .
i - ) )
p A LIPRANT & TAYLOR, Attornm at
m.—Oftee a. Fourth stmt. [WC hence . ..Vag%
. taltitheld. stet•ett, rittebanat. Po. •
••• • 'N. 11.—d. D. Oliphant le (kentehothetee La the Beta of
• ; ee,l6
SCOLLLEll,•Attorneya at Law- , -
• 1)1111ce on Pieurth !Met. theee Smithfield.
: 1 01 - .W • ITE, A • , , • _
HARRISON SEWELL, Attoriue 'at Law,
Ohio Bede Commistionet fbr Wing dom. Att •
omeledgemeats of Deed,. Am Odtee—fo etreet, above
Onti DOW& • larkslitver
• t: . 9 IME Attor
1117* at Law aad Itc4l MO, /14..t.4 N.IN a 0
4AXES.J. KUHN, Attoiney at Law,' office,
In 111tbstum 11311, =ram at Grin! gnat sad Dinatold
• Plttabuzglx. l , , jaISAUT
TAKES F. KERR, Attorfiey at Law—Office
ith EL between 1:mItblIcld, and Grant. Pittsbosgb.
FRANCIS C. FLANEGIN, Attorney at Law,
N 0.170 Vatall street, Plltsbuntb. • ,
=WV H. !TM.— ......
TOSVE it WATSON; Attorneyp ;t Law,
No. 110 Fourtliatreirt.. Pittabmitc
Mtn Ja.o Flurkfor.Ritnr
ron. Mcc-rbon Co.: Wm. B. Yam; Jotua gle . 4o
cmuatma% Juima,littabarrla. 1. 17
SDWARD - P.. JONES, Attorney at': Lan:
• BRADY;; Attornsy at Law,
'so lia.SlZUThltraft.,Pittztaugh.Vs. :
pi:1.11:41:41.1,3;11D:1:18):•:4: 1 1
6"ROE E. ARNOLD CO., Rankers:
Deslers Eslunge, Cott., Bank Nate 4.e., 74
Itnarth street , nest door to the Bank a P4l3s.burstk.
Vet. H. WILLIAMS Bankers
lad Esemmge Bram% North East earner of W,cd
Ali tnnnst r" .krno 'h made (A literal terms. ..4
_ D. - KING, Banker and Exchange Broker,
• Yourth street,,Dealer•in Bank am alba( Ex.•
naa.Gold Miler: Etta. boa h t
Tin. • • tat ma:krt. mica paid 4 . 2.,nrem oak ka•lonerkaa
VIThl. LAMER, JR., Banker and'Broker,
Y V 4th 6% 01111111 g the EWA ot Pittstrargt.
kzt CO, Exchange Brokers.
. Borth East Corner of Ildra and 31ar elreels. All
one at moat liberal n—
N is a :' -,,, ~ MI era in orei
* 4ll,r=
• ca. made on al
fkitilrN RA MA ,
ellne_Brolter;c Deslers r ly=s l =
Irtredid#ec t l? . PP . F .UA
Gertler 0
CA. Chutes notes.
LCAROTHERS & CO., Banking-House,
Ho. • N 16 Wood stmt. Pittsburgh. Current 3hccod .
on Denaelt. Collections made on sil the yetneipsl
s :cieles or the Palte6 Rates. • • •
iffCommia sion Merchants
Ol '
szlßlllllrokeriNo.ll4Selomad street 'Pereonal and
• '-' Nests Bocci:11ln fccansll:lo to 310.000 alma en tta.l
CNAo, & CO.. ihicemsors W.
. _ "Maar. llama it U•fr
. prag nouns lir.orasi'
derders traorarrn end Dmera Mama, Certtflears
apic,rrent BP:iorth Wert area a
mat and of IF= made oa awn
. • • :Jr all the aim:dal Pan" of I!. Urd Mar.
P.4.d IDr
/dtranorriande On roartcanentsofPrfda ffn.t.
y. W. TAYLOR, Commissioner find - Bill
Broker 1.1 Se
.2 cond Knot. Striet ottootiost tan to
to ou. minuted to Itio ono& .P.lttabotTh
OtMalOttto.l arttelooolleze r no band k. MPtoettootelhott
0/01. • Notes, Bonds, • .11. 4 • 14 t1
, Zsblittotom •Adrovero mode. I • troth , • co=
ioosfivff•wbi Aim—yrfazDNEßs.
C. STOCR,TON, late Jolitu3ton & Stock
:_sze.of Mutekell taa. Booer, 9tatlosker. PrtMer. sad Diaprr, car ,
AS. B. HOLMES'.Cheap Literary De t. r
„b„„, e t, Niel Moe. ew ItootA e
& ,vdaLl xp.. Subscriptions N
received tri any or.
.; ;. , PievirriePaei th. VOillg."
HOPKINS, Bookeellenand Stationer
wo.ra INtorth street. A-110 Dttlldlusro.
. ..
,- ,Itepals eipTeoNFEcrioaxas.
Jl. - , .Wholesate ma lietipt
h. w art 4 071121.0.10.;
eckUhs Oakes. stul 11..mre.04,FU. . .irays! o.
r,.,.. „. All orderi • ••• • 11 at.... 1.4 ‘..
CLINTOOK; Manufacturer sad
•oet Carp.U, Clotho, Steam BOSt TAM
' Y r
.. .f4„Wj 4 ll4t..*Ci WlKelloalo./ 46 . 85 Xottrib
Fp W.PolNbEXTEß,e.oriLOofWs.iter an
lL harken 01,4. Tittoantr.b. COUNSOON awn "Yolk
.I(laCJlff . lbejt: and - for the puretwe and tido el! F lour
Wade= maw , . Itott.:(a/L,Clefa, mad the mann..
. &Cad a( littdratab ovror;
111.—Agent Lba Es.n or N. Ilerper . Co.. .
vap'n celebrated Iltaarcard Ray Yartr. Pia!saal.
PK , a; and en ••z Os", sapt.norTaekalTaN ,aOS-tf•
G - A. ,31cANULTI CO—Transp9rtem
Ind Cowl:dui= Merchiste.
Qum% Basin. .40.5 Dann Wee. Pitt.shargli, - . febm,„.
4.1 cumb.a.. No. a wa.-
._,...,...„.:...„.., .14...iialiNsToN.,Forwaiding and
~ on llegduad. , Ne : .119 Beyrur t,
IBILIc JONES', Forwa ;dm '...
d P.
'....;-.., '.;.. ' .
1D . , -,sats. Deal., 1 14, ' lin—
;;;Jdzost.l,ltUbur.b. ankle'. C''''t'''D'l:4.:'"Nir,
, . .
. .
t"L ."
ARDY; jONE . S - 8: - CO., Sticoettors to AD
Rood IMLI. Cnarmircien and Forwarding Strr.
dealers In Pittcburgh Mancifactar4 Po.l. - Pitts.
bicrgb, To,
:Vicbl644! , ol:6;i l .fly
F0rd...4 Dom.AVDd - Croods, 1
, oodarcet ritlaburvh. . , .
• -
AAIUN:a 11 r. L. Wreon. Loa. .rou.
MASON d;,CO., Wholesale and Retail
neilers Path . ' 4921 2.teple 3hT Uaoei, t 2 guktt
sad Estall Der Goods 31s 7 .truds, ronarr of fmrrth
a:tweet:test', PiGatbuTr,b , ;. • • ' ' '
7t as
11ERSELy; . FLEMING & CO.. Comirassion.
M.foto , Ofo—Voolbo &a Dmaagle, wook.; uvt
al•o, o 4.11 Mods of 'Wore Trlonot
• • Pe. .l Wood moot, *oral door Re. reth• Pit"'
2..D.A111NT,. Dentist, Corner or Fourth
sue Deeereeet;nenrent tetrkeiteet TWIT dm%
w i=bkit Gards4 tamer a sal
!Math Iltrn ,,, bg Z. , N. B^.W.tatl4o .f4C441:0
' tattlWlS'll3
' .
A: FAUNESTOCK .t..• CO., Wholesale
• Drapes unnar,cturen..of WEE. Lead, Earl
t,, T Attain , earner EgmlEE.l„Prcetstrpets. Ellt•-
. - . mcb7
4.7. a . K. rams.). . . [I. a alanram•
EYSER & MCDOWELL, (Successors to
to Kerr t Kerver lir
a laileaale ana.Retall Drag .04
aigaloo-rauta, torn, or Wt0..1 Areal. and Vaal. awl'.
.Phrotriaaa . prearaalcato carefully a.a.Pmalai night and
. .
lt. ~,,,,,,,,,,,
„,. NAV, &An Lire Prufis, anitluStrutnentr
wittorg of Dr. Illutur'neanibrule,LlVorso
rr yhin, nod Longligrop: No. DO. wrung of W ood ewi
'mirth strung. Pittsburgh. Ohba* wilt be rat...Ging Purb
nrt. and forwardertnith diszinsch.
E. SELLERS. Wholesale Dealer in
!Drug!, Paints. Dye dna.. ad, Y•
,>. 61 Wood street, PatetAuxh, Ps. 09.1 s wansatni.
Vetoes low.
WICKERSHAM, Wholes,le Druggist
and Dealer iu
tad AL,l7 , l!nral IMplciumta
• t MA. • 01.0111. amt.
&RAITN,S; REITER, Wholesale' and Retail
Wade, corner of Liberty. ati4 St. Clair st.: rata-
SCHOONMAKER CO., Wholesale Drug
loti.ts.Wo. 24 Wood st., Pittebursh. '
W & F. WILSON; Whoiesale Grocers and
Aver. fat file alf Da
Aa?ler, f t i ; nlBl=4, rad 147 Mad U. ,spl
JJ L. SIIEF., Wholesale Grocer, Commission
'keaalferebant, and dealer ha Paper .na Baia, corner of
aral Irenri rtooeta. Pltlabletab
SAMUEL P. SIIRIVER, Wholesale Oro-
A 7 ar. Prolocesur Commlasian Madternts, sad Meal=
<re is Yittab il.lll:o2l.l4tured Art ti0n.1.30 and 1.T2
• .4.110,1,1,17.14 . 1.1•11.. • .9.11.1=11•01C111.
EIN Olfifoktit r t
CO.. Wholesale
_Grams, Produce and Cormadudou Merobsuts,,ed
ors firr ward
od Corm* Ho.
31 W cud et.. Pittpburgb. .
HEY, 'MATTHEWS & 400., Vigrakoala
• ° Ngliargrata %AMMAR!
4 - 67S " riffi — ob., WEZregIeMOCTII3 ,
Occualaslon Mochwats,Aml Dealers l n. Traduce and
ttablugh -Jklamthetare. 1.0. 236 xerly street. Pitt.
burgh, Ai.
B. OANFTELD, late',of Warren, Ohio.
0 , COrotolin and F , onraldina gad Whole-
Vo= tie= Chotoe i !tattoo, Pot amt
tionitldleld and Wood, Pl=ll l r . Wnur
_Commission and , Formadinc Merchants.
Mods of Produce and Pitonargia lianufactir
rol Articles. sod Agents for MC sale of Ricbtoond owl
Lynottbnmil 33annared Tobacim, Nos. BO and 81 Wotor
• • Ida Grcaern Forman:lbn an] Colo Nerrn
on Dealers .fn klttsbrunix nionnfoctirres and Western
Prndwn. N. Nn. corner or Front street sad Chonorry hum.
AS. DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Com-
NOLISII. & BENNETT, late En_lish,
. erriA , and Dcaleaq
• r (ham, nut Lmwrters .of Brudier, Rine. • aal
211 earner of Liberty and Irwin stmeta: Putt
la' Innu Nate, Cotton Yams. a....asuaor
AIL zrow..-.-asts v. seacu.--w•cra
•X'OELLS ROE,-Wholesale Grocers and
;o ml 31.thints. No. 257 Literty meet.
•attsoargh. '
E L OBERT MOORE, Wholesale Grocer,
Rectifying fin, desire Prcdoce, Pididadvb
• afactures. and all kinds of r amain acid Domenic
Vines " and /damn, No. alb Liberty meeonsaliela t. Un band ri
7d,Zdock of eupe tioe old Elac
st:1411. for cash.
tom'M Canintistion Merchants. dealer. In Produce
and Prburgh _blanuteetures. I:s3Liberty street,
Yinaant• .
• •
Grocer, Prod oa,Parogrollug,stul ho
Get ,
C, cud - Dealer Ia Pittsburgh blarraboustres. No. TS
Liberrgottect, Pittsburgh.
iiii. sanixsr— jam. IL COSOZI2
. . IV. R. 1,./Ar11.1) ~...
_..,- .....311 plablii.
WL BAGALEY iS - E ,-. 0., Wholesale Ora-.
orm Nos. Is and G:1 We street, Pittaborgh.
=LT 9. VICE. 641.2.2,11.
&.ItIcCANDLESS, successors to
1 Mkt. 111.31esale Omen. Forwareas
and Cammixam Mrtehsath &atm ha Ir.. Nal* kw.,
Grocers and comet on Slot tunes. Desters mcr ,
nog. Fluetruzgh klanufmaarg4 lirtielea to Librar
arsec. Pitlaorsh. •
jerD. WILLIAMS Si, CO., Wholesale and
• Retuil Orarra,Forrazdiny and Orucciinion
ehanto, and D.l;- ere in Country Frodneo and Pittsbufgh
Xiinalleturroi corner of 'Wool and Fifth Itiosi YitehsKh
1 ..r..
1 • : , 4 i ,',. s., . 0.. 'IA
. . Llbrp: . etreet„ Pitubur b., Wholasale firckArse Pro .
I it R. FiTYYD, Wholesale Grocers, Can-
ErZeh Iheekle ortwon l L ep. Denten on Lite and ' rlP, Wood. and Ptah
streets. Pittsburgh. PO.
JOHN PARKER &. CO., Wholesale Grocers:
Prcdoes, Foseisns 5550.1.55,11.d.1051
Bar. neasheia Bectifled 171515kes—No. 5,
1,155T1T 55,
(if." gif
TORN hIELLOR, Dealer in Piano Fortes,
el MEWL, sad Masks] lastromrpta, &boll Books. sod
orstlonery. Foto ascot for ges Cllkelorra Pizzo fortes, for
Weston, rentrylnals—Bo. BBl l B O 4
ENRY KLEBER, Dealer in ?ohmic), Mn
deo Inetrameate. and Imparter al Italian SUMS ,
• t for Nunn" a Clark's maul sad pare Man!.
.L olhei+ and kern coasladdl y oe baud ell
sun a Tacks, BesdA, And eicarAM. C100t..4
Hob SAHA tine BILAd, Flout 'Barna sod N. 111:
LCapro NdThe And Trig Ram' NOLA Coney and 7.<
du, AA, CAMPBELL, Car.. A CO..
.00:y : Wareboo. w Water eLi Pltdbarah. •
)11 ', . snu ac U
-1 iers of w asparlor 1-1 Shading. Carver Mau.
itfannfactctrera ofSpring 1.
TONES QU st ..i. Enid P 1 0.1,,
nod Mole. Steel. Mon 11..
ia.a Milne
...I/Priott4 Fa. Engl.
ta,am In 31... h.. ..rtset o! limo end
Gm .n 4
Gtne1.111.....4. P... Y.
Plelabuzgh. Yi
• am . a co., Marattaetarano of rods Attl, Bleach
ug Powders. Mariatl
Weae sad alphurle Add staa
No. G 3 Water et. r Ferry. -
WALTER P. MARSHALL, Succesoor to
Erunse2 C. 1110--DmParter sad Dealer In beach .
Sad American Parse 104sastr sad Boni Windom
libsdes, Ylre Bawd Prints. as. 2 / 1 50—Writia, hi al.*
sad Wrspst.rst Paper. No. QS Woad stmt. !gametal PooM'
mad Dbunard Adler. Pittsbsugh. Pa.
;ROBERT MORRIS, Tea and Wine Mar dant, Emnside of the Diamond. Plttaborgb. •
IWiM caa . A: 21'6Liff - RG & CO., Orocerd and
Toa Dri TD6 Mat). streeti_ Wiad
ham aliniy, on band a large sasorimmit of Choice Gomm%
im and Inns Tax. Ado--Ifinolan bruits and N nta. %Tinia
n's laa e.t.a. 'Damian =YAW ea the lowest amma.
e, .1011N A. CAUGiIEY,' Agent for the Lake
Illehtpa . Llra. to Deaver wet tbx Lakes,-
Wien art Lite ranter or: Water awl s taithaeld eta.
LEECH do CO., Transporters by Canal
sma Yanlrdine Merchants. ..1w" West
A. BROWN wouldmostrespntfully inforra
tt.publiethat he ktr i gion hand sad . . stand on the wee.
af the Diamond, All s eny ms, • complete mwortment
of mine* s
e,l libellers are made to enter
In the best etdla. warranted winsi to pay In the United
MOM; Ilia Blinds can be removed without the aid of •
.twr Meer , fleeing nurebesed the Moen, tools, and wool
of um eabin==e l Ao e f u tro a r h..D.,ereadd., lam .
rat hu: te ' ith every thing in their tine. "
Aterr a ko. b Wood stmet. Dittebtuale.
tv.r;4sl:4:cl:6li.leirt , 3lll
11.11 Ptassmax.—Roddedee, antler of MO areetandEsst
Lamm. Allegheny. • •
Zi. Salad, Lath. ie.,117r
__. •
ADAM 11A1tDIE, N'eterinsfy Surpen, late
trnm relmturph, Fentland. weal.' tarp...M. o T ‘,._.,
a ht the path; !bet hi has ~.atazarnl Pv... , " h . ..".
abov a brafrreie. wl. lir rarrtal attratian to whatever le
antru...lta him, hr bajwl , to ripe evh•frxt , ?:: . o. cbmi, ... l
INglurrt474% w l t r i b ' rer .ill t,: ea ''' relrl ' oh. at the cornea
a Tunnel street and braberiraaps Maros.
lIRPIiY & LEE, I"Fout. DCALEBS and
Canaviat Strramate for the rat• a A trierkut
sa (Joan, N0.1:1/ Libett, rt , Pitttbury,tr.
IS' HARBAUGI - 1, Word m erc hant's,
'Dealers !afloat and Pr+ gradly:and for.
ararala and Camara& Merchant% Kn. 115 First atrast.
and 116 Second etrrel..Piluburah.
111.11:164.1:r.0.4:4:1.1:131; e 4,
11:0GAN, WILSON k CO., Importers and
Wltolowile Dmbars Ilardwa• and tarry. No. In
Fi;(e):LVit:(43 , "l4l_
rp — EVILLE JOHNSON,'Engracer on Wood,
, rollo i n. (tbifel oterra-Pitlaborsh. Pa.—Tlon of
adios", nen . . Ha& of Norrpsome, Ytontlepiocto,
LasolircoseL , Drog Lakes; to ' colt= Bosh be Dtrisiorts. Bo
piotlaocciAlCotion Btamloidto.;Whi ern et/PI
of lut,sad a* the lcnnatjaion , • —, • . • -.. .
Y : .PlTTS#V..„ , : ...' . i , v4t. .... :GAZETTE.
-11,4'1 1 L , LIA b ISC u i t !( T ral , .! . IAN t 'S . Li
fr hdi.r i, r , al: ,,,, h- t
oXid, tatoUrarior. Portrait& Show tdilir.
Ilillbes4o4 AretriterAirral atoPNLvihini•
Drawldm,,ekuthm!....d_,vbdtiqd Omni. mqtravA br
dr . ..v/13.0U P rinted 113 liroute, Cr(
Black, to the moot miammr.d Axle. and ma for most remorp
• mmid •
lIN FITZSIMONS & Munttfactit
ey wrs of FLINT .4 ()REES tiChB.i. 31uULDN,‘Indall
'Linda of ' SIACIIINEM. take Cos .ethod a luturmlug
thotandralrons of having auth work don, that MN' WV
pr.parol to do it at the lowan poarlhla rate, at the rbort-
Stt notleo , and itt the Nest utante.r, at their ertaldirtnonot.
rand street, above tho Canal bridpe,trar the°. Work,
Tare loons for Black Smith and _Blart Tamar, want,
Ikernrod at the attortret notioa, and at tha lettert oroec
MI kinds of Jobbing done on !bort onnce
. —---
Quo Fitting. --
. .
. . ,• 111,11TE'rT ,t; OLD,
._ .
f-':-4'-A Front etrnet, between Wood and
Merket,Pitteburgh.P., .
Would loth. the public wale°.
t of
Ch.videlirr I=n: s, Bra:kete.
-4C- "..,A r They' Ste re 'r ie're . tO Otto , .
: • ' ' . • . • Uwe Fithug co the shorteet oce
ht. sod meet rpseolmbleiento. [mcbtat
' . Wegner, Buchner A Mueller's
THE ABOVE, FlBllrQpectfullynnuounce
to thett-fricrals mat olte-palnie gertarsOr. that they
are prepared to execute, In thogirat style of altar art. sa
orders Tor. Slaw C'srds,_ piplocons, theca, Vtrittrts
Their sad Professioral Csrdr, mops. Chart,. Labels, se.
establiattmentla at No. att alsrket street, between
Third and north streets. [IP stairs. torblatr
Bolivar Fire Brick Manufacturing Comp'y.
• GLOVER, KIER St CO., Peorairroze.
THE SUBSCRIBERS, having been ap.
•A..' Painted Agra." fur th e whore amcil concern. will
keep conatantly unhand a supply of t h e calebratol Bolivar
Piro Brick,Crucibis Fire Clay, unlace Ileartheandlniralla.
They ant caw prepared to rero oilers for whi c h ,
.Mali be uncle in tiro end shape to mi t e haser.hall
be Dtlyalid.
R'a do not deem It Decorate to enumerate the many ad
vantages the none,. fin Brick poem, over all others bat
have been offered for ale la the United Prot, their sop,
clarity being well known to almost all Demos who use
tie, Brick. The proprietors have determined that the
}kick shall tiro none of their present enviable reputation,
bd , that to expenro thrill he spared to nuke them even
e than they have heretofore beep. This tr the only
establishment now , timoufacturing Tire Brock et Bolivar.
iambi Canal Basin, &Tenth at, Pitt/burgh.
• Pittsburgh Gas Pipe and Tube Works.
THE undersigned have just completed their
stenalro ir
mawsow ntanufacttuin. all alum of GAS KM
and otlier Flue, and all sisal of
utddi 'they Parr tor gain st the lowest priors. Tbe7 sr.
Poo p.p.,' Co °PP,, to sap extent. srttbout Sr
N0.:91.4 VI Wster Ann.
IVILMARTI.I & NOBL E —City Flouring
v X. 563 Liberty me et Pitt.ibur,ti.
VICHOLAS VIVIAN, Civil Engineer,
neyribr t Mince, Water Work.. Ain& Se_ of
May le
Preuxt betwixt to A. M. awl 6 P. IL. at hb redder., ! , 63. 21
A. MADEIRA, Agent for Delaware Mu
li out RafMT lon Comp.), 42 W 4 44, 4.44 ,
•j GARDINER COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
ell Pin, Insurance Company, roarth tut eoraor of Wood
and Thirl Placebo.
w ar. GLENN . B
.mood door from gno l3 r1 I :r D n E r a itt l l . „ ' % d he ' re tr t e : t l;
ore dg . e . vegAsE i riatna 41311VIng ..tho,adanss
bound subettatially. 80014 to .nualbr . rZ rriporlg
bound carefully, or mutired. Names pot on le gilt lellere
Thom Oho hero Undies, ere Invited to call. puree
M'CORD •& CO., Wholesale and Retail
.Idatinfactiarere, and Dealer, in lirda ‘ Capr and from
corner of Wood and Fifth idroetia l'ittrhumb. Where they
ogee fell .ad teenplete wee of Hata, 1:140. Pam of
ererr.vallt.T style. by Wholerale road Retell...l 10-
. 04 the sands= of their cuttooteze and parch...ea garter
ally. sanding them that they wai ma on the mart *tin...
taatocesa firms
N/31.' DIOBY, Merchant Tailor, Draper,
end Dealer 16 Seedy Made Cloatansr, 137 Liberi,
New boach Factory—Altegheny.
MM. A. WHITE k CO. would re
porthall r inform the puree that they have
port Leona. between V etterid and .motto,'. e
Strada They on inw making and aro rrninnTa v.
eHers the every description a vehicles, Cocaine, tl,arlote,
Ilarouchea, innatclea, Phnom, an: 4e., which. frond Unit
lava eaperlvice I. the invothaetnot of the above vs),
and the facilities they h..+. they 0.1 mediae. they ere
enabled to do vork the meat roan...hie terse with
those venting to in their inut.
Perlog Particular attention to the seleetino of onetertkla
tiff tuning - nine Luc ourenetentvualste.t. they Lave no
besitati. In w arrantln tin, ix sort- • LG.., flre .eh t he
attention of th e porlic to ILI, nein,
• N. H. Remit., done In the to t lathaer, end on the
most ream:v.64,lam , an. kr
AGLE MARBLE WORKS, (establiittetl
1532) by EDMUND mu:Die. t 54 Liberty
of Awl mot,Plnyl.b.rfb Parse
Vattll3,Tamt., fiesdriottoo....6 blootel Yombn. coot,. tobt
Zer Tops, altrbyt 0.0 bond. ono 0t0.15 to Cole,
N. P. A choke oelfellott of Drawings on bond. 010
enroar of ibint and Market etre , . The noir enar
Rd lastltutfax of tn. k awl fp Intuburtt.
Yunkan..--John tleaung. Principal loadruf tor in lb.
&learn of irenuota
Chamberlin. Profe,nr of Poneananship, Mincannt.
Canputation, it
MC. M. Watson. rd.n.,LAat.r co Comm. rflal Law.
Thom ddintinf a completa korratnt q a ..noi.A Kempf/fa.
and ita appin-mon to every . branch of nualnerr- and an ele
gant and rapid pemanildn. aIV 111,6-.1 lo tad and . ssm
Inetura on Coonnerrial Lan retry lletcrenc• to any cf the n-fulnut City Eitielctmlt.
•—• WILKINS, No. 245 Liberty et.,
Lead °Mood stmt. Pittsburgh, ht.
Maim:ma, IMMO ‘•mitcrotototoom.
Lo.. mszar me... emu. mtl Pier Topes
almtm m Eutod And mole to ord., of
• Moirmt MartAm, and alTel, mlucvd
LZM. <Mk. refrain" V .fres.rinor
• nrszninacm
Amt. Rum= Demur Clui Tknuv E..y.
Jim Judge %atlas John Hamm, Eaq.
Wm. MMMim,jr, CM n ,
Yi Esq., Ambitert.
John Snyder. Km. Cam ' . Nms, Dmkom.
l'lMammts Bulk. Rt kw./ t ItAhm, do.
J. L. ehownWime. Deg. Hill Cu,m
Wilson Wceurdlom, lincm & Emma. do.
Robert McKnight, Eq. Wm. 11.441 M 4 Co.
j".3ld"'ght '
Omla ilmicfal . HP PLO t r 7 a i tbiel pstrmwrg.
mind Mmimg xlintams man t4p.
M g- 12 1 .117 t .22 . ;:grg d ur=T:L. p c,. 01
gißennett'a Monocrunmatic Depository
llmt.—Neer Pathtlept—The . (tenten of tlethtemane
end the "Cemetery of keutari." mfx
Picture?. W1110.01:111 97 A 09 Third stmt.
J. .W. rropectfully Infarma his Mends and
1113X0121.111that he hae now completed the tars.
dhthstatock hotheliald furniture over before cure
this itity,th P.
mat.eterin to aPhold the with
wellmaanthl bds, best workmanship, am ne.est de-
Wpm and from the etheot of his ord.. and fthilltr to
manulthtnrinp.. he is anabloel to Prod.. othraronl feral
throe at the/most pr..
11. ham adop."4 tJA prple of Identifying the custom.
ore inysTest with his me, in quality thd thd kneta
always on hand the great. variety of every description of
furniture. Intro the rothprot and plathest. to the mat old.
pant and enstly, that a hot.. or um Part of row. it
forolahed from his aloes,or ...Marone.] ethressly to
order. Ile Menefee'. th irometion, Mot the advs.
trom of his rotabliroment may be then. The following
corsthjA In wart, of his stork, van:. for riehnera of
= and ONO =not be surpass...l In thy of the hadtern
drsolni. dining; and Ord-room chair, of every
nrodsting of rosewood, mahogany and walnut,
Elisaberben. Commatoire and Ileay Chair,. of errors de.
arlption: Cymbal. donut, Telmirte and Divane of the lat.
Ithes. and Awn*. patteeng Tatham, What , Nots. and
ladlee" par. Writing Deets of :farina. Wads: Work Tables
and fancy lobed stands, mode Wands, and holdero, marble
td,uro, mahogany, rortmood and walnut metre and rora,
ostentathstining taider, all ascent the meat lenproved,
anJ deelateddy Was hoot Mad made: earl, Petthroke hall and
pith tattlec wardrobes, bedstead, and yeah gamin of mob •
large aourteuent: gable hall and parlor reeoldim "rotiro,
ottomans end stonN etrosthry and book ear e, tido 1"..1.
era omens, tonal roar. hat roar., and onrole aneht, cribs
and oath Pro children: paps macho. told. le n d to nom
te, inlaid pearl Tables, An ae. ae.
A large theortment of Cowmen Parrot... and Wind.
Cabinet waters aurodint with ail art". In Dide
leteamtmta and Hotels, furnished at the short'at notice.
.All odor prosolslY attende d to,
our:TY LANDS--CArr. CUAR. NA 4 1.011,
.Attorney it U CTRIM fM .
I. No. I Tbi., rtduer of Ch/
R . baying =an alTS.DVSortito for tha yurt Axe, will
procuprocure botany Landm for canere and atddi,e, their
and children, and VIII attend to 11/37 ant,. hurl.
::Aa ' ll7 .' PelotTo , ll7. g , "Z
Abe taunt t Abe pt)) of
Drawing, Perspective, and Painting in Oil
R.-D. R. SMITH in now prepared to give
itiotruetlan are. pupils In the different brawler
t e delightful art. at i d s rouses. in Me. Meade •
Atkinnitia now leuildlng. first amt. between Wood and
alerted Amu. Wore of Inetruetion. tram Idi In di. and
froth Giro 00y, a. Charges wed o th er partieulsre ran Le
e ealdng (anemone) at the roma.
Refer Le lie. Galante see Dr. Addle:di. iallitedtf
for the sem:artalutlon of valour, Tho Drool.> .1
• ban been much Imparted by the addition of
stoke !Shrubbery and Flowers. A largo collection of loser
blooming Manta mad !Shrubbery. sof the cholnest kind, are
kept for gala on the prraiim.
Jai Caron, Bruns, Or.. kept Its tbs. Saloon!' an was!.
Boonote tastefully Put up u! Busk. ,
Tboneet and comfortable steamboat CILIErrA IN. learns
lb. landing, between Pitt street and the Old Allegheny
Bridge, at Ile Swgiuulog of every hour—P.m:l go'eSock.
nntil 10 I'. ft. Ono extra trip orate v•nsing. TN
SiT . V .,: sits uninvited to ply i
al alt .
The tilitden is geld onTemperal;c•prineio!”, god duped
on Bandar. aolkdf
W. Dixon's London Patent Lever Watches,
5 0 ,,,n0, too., fraleh•s roerrffered fn liNgreavh.
lI,RICIiARDSON, 81 Market street, is
t ,•Alr•rslit . gret e t `,,b i e .: l =tir l e.t i flt er 7tr h " .
er appointment to the Admit . ..UT. W I!. DIXON. Chro
nometta and Wnteh .11suttlectuser. 4.. King &paw, tine.well lima. intalow
This certifiem e w
the seenmesnythe lfrnbrb. N 0. ,___.,1 5
warranted b r be of my camitheture. and nolWatch
with my.nsem upon ft Is genuine onleta ..ppuslel by
n certificate butneKterefunetorek k • ,
jest l ' ortte tk A ' r=i N . ' . "Ifln'llLqe.q.`"'
.pis:TA . ... .
Ul n.
CODTIN, Cool Merchants, Qend
Peelers in Dry Owns. Groceries, Iran end Nano
corner of .IVelnut keel lenabluktou Turnpike Rood
Tenneran ciente . aeluidkule•B.
FITTSBURGII crrf duss woms.—
W. CIZINNINGILA3t d CO.,llsztafactaners [4'W:dm,
. ma Wm. Zia 25. Haricot stmt. between First dad daddzd.
'YllatO "3-Pourt,
1. H. 1.1111.11171 . IL fi.11:012.4 ' -
rILLI PS 4.•MAYRES, lieneril imag*
. tungi . r ...i- Manufacturer., Nu. 74 North Aurak "404
4)-Ai;d at 102 Wtuul rtreet. City-LotuluN. rnrlll' -..
Geo. R. Eichbanta;Riiiii Engine,er—rl7'
AV ILI. ATTEND. uny liart d of
c die . coun•
BnlgontiT ' ilsrdd " nen ' 17rd " ol ' d
Dolor, to., for rand or , rlarkwoter novostiocnan.loßßVW:
pore plow. son-Mentions, and rrtinioteo a n.ut pf
thr shorn work.
110 wt..• attend to Mr divirioo of and. sod WIB;
out town nlotr, tookiny, drowitup , of tuudtlo fa Panda UP
fro..traughts4 cutehinery tr. • • • '
tom.•+iu Ilekow•LIBr Building% Groot at, ore l'Or Coon
lirfer,nor,--flon. A. AC. LoOtoß. Moo. Baltswol4 ..
N+olle B. Craig, St co. Eirtainunrftil• ;
AV}, 10 L E SAL E c rs in 0 roceries,
v v Fish. Pall, Plainer, ele.; N 0.70 on Dork. SA 1. "
Hirer erre., elevelawl, 01110.
. .... , .. .
• 'sal. advance* made no cousim , mante.
Wanda far 'all Smambeada and Propellers In the &aka:in.
PM.. Lbrin.
Refer te—{em. A. (.I!Li A Ca.. Clevelalad;
. . • • . . . ••
. - .
Niles it Whooler, Buffalo; • • t
T.ll. !love. Caelt.ter, l'tctiburg O. t
to t• Itttrn 1
Alexander. Bradley, •;
No. 10 Wood etreet, between Firat and SeetEl4.4o.l
vti ANUFACTUIIER oC awry deedription.
_LEX of COOKING , SIOVES, of then:wet epatneElfg .
tern, end snob gall render the hot estleftetlart.
STOVEY, Waning what will be band
Jewell E. Root's celebrated folding door Steven Egg
ove, Itedlatota Franklin Meer. ploln and repel Ong.*
to shah we invite the ettentlon of bellderts Tea Settle%
Hollow IT.OO Wagon Bonce. ay to all of whldt we.ltieEE
the et li.ntlon of dealers before intrehuing eleeebart ..•
my fey
EO. f.;.• ARNOLD & LIX have this day as , .
fociatod 'with them JOhN D. ECOLLY. The 011. 1
the firm will be as heretofore. -
/Ithlburgh. N.Y ht., 1 Ehl. fieT2
(Foemerly the Exchange,)
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
17IIS Rpacious, central, anti most. convent;
,001 7 1ontrd 1101T4 bating been totaPiefalf eS
In tint. and thorptly. repaired and Improved. U now
open for the meow atUti of the public.
The imbeceiber. came and proprietor el the ST. CLAIR
reepectfully Weems hte Mende and the Pnalla
that he had It In the tooet ek,mtathh4 ooWtt
We style. nod einplorwl competent asraitante and attentive
and faithful' servant, end that ha +lll spa n PO EMU=
to make It equal to my home la the country.
The`well known Oaltrli Thoth= of the Ilotitet Oof.
of Ita mrangententa. rendering ft the nuatdeidew
Lieer to traveler. or permanent bOardenland LK. 61V1
to eolleit and hope for it a liberal aharewf patroila
aptUff C. W..IIGPI.LIeTT
Law Notice
/CITE appointmeut of W 25.1. B. 31c.CLJ AL?
Pre dent Judge of lb. Fifth °billet' of
Pronsylvenre, tllseoPeetl the long intLdietAnag µWeer.
ship of MeiCANDLES. , McCLURK. The onlanialged boo
elite, will le attended Ly
Mr Oflce iv removed to air Dwell U ing Howe, No.ooPenn
elrset, near W.
teener of Hey • • •
mra:us ii;11.11CIN
LEECH invites the ritten-trii i ,.
i7 l iti n til; frTil='; as
v_e ' Ls ‘ , ' lit S x
P 111
,blldrosea HATS. to over,. .100 Head Drew.
and Cap, Vnench Ylowevs and a Liondmona ilamortment of
wide Ergbrold.rici. Silk and Laos )lautillas, and
V.7.l l' ' ' f= b r7o . :rgto i tt3l h l7l " r : aantod tm
arlktf • No.V4lftla atreet.
QAMITEL KROESEN keeps oonstantly on
h. - 3 hand a gnat anvortinent of Wash and Bath Sohn
nor., t‘trunlost. Ont Weil, Kitchen or Draw linckahg
1001a1,1 Bowls. Churn, bry Ileasurra. Zi. and tivary
Waal, and .11 other kind. of ware too Ida li no.
Wareroom. Masonic HAIL rink street. l'ltUbnruh. IY
Steamboat Agency, and General Comiais
vion, Receiving and Forwarding.
BALDWIN, PLUMER & CO., bare, the
day Arrocisted with them Nip John alter
Enrkr reprice, 10 the In:Mien. Etelnitatt Anyntr. Grows!
CAunmlrslon, wrpl orwarfing no. nr.lrr thw et7le of
Loorrn-Lt, April IN Ithl. IV. William.' how.
PR. J . J. MYERS—Surgeon and Physician.
09ee and ernrewr etHaste:lin:ow, N.
thini gee. one altar sleeve en:dad:l4d et.
iir po . rcrug .
e stut „
ittpte w sutra of •
partßulaz attentv.
Ir." sod rbllarria.
Tuition on the Piano.
- xi R. F. IU RBOR DT would re
Alle,at° trge eictrta ee
or pro,l Pit At
n•or that Ir Iv •
tn Into • te =aro ruvlll.Ulo
cm mud In
Eplung. tn.. linty Ind. EAV..ktro.
°rout. flnurtta 'town.) Igulucto Prat., l 3
Fresh Assortment or Spring Goods.
PALMER 18 daily receillni
fro= the 'eaten% Clue. et theeBB neat.
No. 55 31aitcr7 Sracrr.
Darerm Tiard and FairrtA .Meta, Pati3w7h.
tr;rV.,T.',', o 4:4l":rgl. - 41°.!
Lm. TII. raimem. stlvglalire tW
etilvt pccuLarly dun.. .14 whin. Rent d orW,
oveurms,<l. From to . 00 1. pnoB. , {h.
ad" sttractlvylot cf brads. nt •Li..h more sc
curata myrk to 44...1 Li Alen tbsti dcwrlpt.t.
atenit. merchant? , and
fully tn 7.4. metil. •
Board of Underwriters.
Sr a Meeting of the Board of Undentri
r,,tna. fbitotrtuyt mm 3111,140 vs unitehttowly doe
hal ordered to be pobltshott:
koolthi. niat froth arhl after th. pablleatlOn at this go
-tie, Do Ythe U.k. whether attestal or ochtthhhit thhrij.
coh.elderh.l ,s 1 ta.ken by ant teraraore Wks In this My.
antil the presohnh Is phi.] Is tub.
nr ordor.
ehr:lf . FL. W. SIAREk
erhvtatty of tb. Dowd:
t iIIAVE FITTED UP, (on the New York
elato a eery merrier tin the kale of Cur
. Curtain 31..nrials, Awl may {blot; Crpertalaba In
the faabiottable pular. and have minded the leviretrannd
coat eeperitfr wortintnt. dB/411t Da Irina., arecranla,
French and Corm. Itantuk De Lain., Ualetuk,
Manama : Cbluttzt Tarter ned Goal, Trurve, Olean of
I:ll . 7eMar t :ll IvArn ". h . a gu aZ d _v
and etyino, Doer atA, nileutrand autadva.Cartale
Border , end 114.1, Cortaia Tainaleand Teasel IOW:
and. ?kik and Worttnl, Led CnitaUell a n Meet, bee
mines and laseuter gatiltn. Catentarpan. .1.1 , 14
Comfrt, atra...vv. Dole and Ananias.
All enters thankfully remitted and erre:aptly Oiled '
azda litllklagtTnlrd atntrh•
IHAVE on hand a liirge assortment of
rrne. for curtains. 1110111 X,.
Soyla nrarlrempredte the Peal (Mai,
rr A Pkilt.-3.1 , 1 team, 21 bill' Mating Pale":
tra/ - 21 by 26
12 by 22
" 2.1. bY Zd. 21 by 2.1„ 17 .
b 7 4 4 221 br 43: -
50d Vartnry Pay.;
pdra 141 s. Ifintle Orwris Mae Paper,
700 Medi= "
dPI Madinat and 510 50. Crown Pup.
Tbe undenagned keep, conanuelly on band and formal.
er."l/•100 for CU& • 1.10 ..4 general anortineat
Halal, Cap, Letter, Ilardwara, and Tea Pavane Panne:
Beard., 4 .-&a.
Alra—Fealnd of all* hre,lo , lloPoo 11.1021 1 f•an1• 1 '.
Printing Paper blad toollier on apart =atm
J. 8/112,
i 1,24 earnrr of Penn and Irvin eta.
dr,OARSE SPONGE-400 lbs. for sale by
Vv my 9 a. A. TAIINESTOCK t CO.
V11.1.51.PF.11 1111.BlIONS 7 Just ree'.l per ix.
10—tea (11.1i001 litte v adrabl• ert.n.A .
Itt Ann, to Trimming, raltraelos stnm diratett tato
and mtd.r. rt... MA:Alen of wholtaLle ettomerm 1. re
mretfull 112•144 to the at. extentve stortnrent
ut A A-11ARLS LY)
.' _
CASSIA- 400 lbs. for Bale b
rt. U. A. VATlNtralala a Cf.
ARTAR E.METIC--50Ibs, for ralo by .
tyro 4 U . A. PA lINSSTOCE a 06.
SififtifATE-5 ba. for
.) IT 1.01 D. A. I'AMIEBTOCK k.G0.1 ....-
DOLL. BUTTER-4 bhla. (fresh) in ololl;,
J. tIU n , awl for old. by It. bAL7.I:LL 01,
Mr" Übe,'
EIERRING -12G bbbi. No] (to arrivo) for
Rea by yorla A. CUIDEKTSON A CO, •
Pr OBACCO-7.7 kegs I. twig, (superior) for
I_ ...a. by tayl3 A. CUIDERTSON a cu
n UFFALO prtdem kept con
atantla nu hand and for •a4b
g 4 EItMAN CLAY-200 bows for wale by
DAL:III;LIkCO.. Lib.rty rt.
g 'MEESE—VA bltt. W. IL ernm, fbr male by
8. k
flfiY 111 DES-200 (prime' fer tmle by •
12 HARR...M . •
ease br J. KIDD
to II
LA.RD OIL-40 Burt No. I Lax 4 Oil
ree'd thl• day pc,' 8.. nn.11.1
•pl 3 11.011,At4i11.
'Mason & Ca, hare rrceived %largo nf vvrY
run. 61sck and haler Mtn. n'AP
hu. for sales , ' •
V mr6 J.s el WORTH
hhdr. Olio Leaf. for bale 11y
er/1:0 Oltilt CO. •
CORN --35 bbls. for Bab by
Alta • fr. 3 And 1/6 Front st.
N—For isolb by -J D:WILLIAMb & CO4
myto coroey Wald mad Filth
VIRE BRICK-65,000 (Coal (404 Fire
Briek. equal (if not ompeurr to the Winn BriaJ,
au hand wad for We
DRIED FRUIT—IOC, bu. Peaches:,
mri JAAttaiTab..7.
MUTTON HAMS -100 S. C.. for Bale by:.
air 7
SUNfflaIS-- •
GO bn. Chetttiutz,
15001bs. Deor '
103 ds. Corn.loroaqo
bid. uDr.
Ws low to atop. Or . . .D. WU.LIANtI It 00,
. tonic W atol otd Fifth stet'
.A. 31mon k. Co. I:AvA a head tolApl.4 it6e.,,,, r /
L A amm atiel Cambria.
COTTON -5G balcii DOW landing rylna - dale.
!oft for pie by IMUIT DICKErk " '
5' ALT PET"E-°
MORNING, MAY 28, 1851
its;, mins, &e.
c , • OVEDIE TS ;
OP TIM •n t
WE [ . lirWialti iron TAR /WNW or UST:
thiloo of Moto of 'Part of • I bi 4
tfootous-ID•foirolDFP‘ifrofol_thfrit.l / -
ii i vz....f ..4 i t t. t. :ltv s i t thit V . :Zoe .:
Phililies U. MOO .. LlTopool
Nov- V U. Mos . ..torpooi ,
P 1:: s rslr 1 / I ; . 'firer . Etr -
For los l% Oran .: Morro
Nor. v qi Urger - Chs.gro
WPM . , u.DritOrt Mri x. x.l
tblera EhEritelo
mktor U.. Stew N. Orleso •
New U. . ilierleslou
Now Y akll.l , J.lhOseltreesa Mouth.
Nor I:ra U. Brink! ... Liverpool.
Nor .1. MIL U.' litates • Liverpool
Bobo; ~ r G.Britale ' Liverpool
New lark U. Ulster, IWO *.SUoa
51n1115..2.,. Mar •tt
r "" "719,318
u . vair
. 530215 ❑oho 411;;. 11 ' 717
nerm5245.111:51 2 1
1111 , 24
egmbria..— Nay 25
115251112.:. May 35
All 141. i, so= .nor .an bend Ito tlngland. 1n...:
1.4 Scotland. an sent br use linrt ste6mst, slo matter
at arlat. lbo, Cont inent , ~:. . .
rattan to tbr. of Elariveatbe Conics line.
moat b. brepakl tram) on• hada • • ntbirynent for
4' l.ater• K ro ill Coul dted ta l' A of Ea
gle by the Cunard Coo ,
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piano ratulra/ to be proph3l/1 full.
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departs Madan and htuadara, at Ir. 3t.
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COUSCIR WILT .011. M.=Was/ oiI:MS. It
N. HOLMES & SONS, Bankers. '
,Ne. 2 . : Market st,,bokome.72inl and ileotkal.rl2Gbar9A.
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PENNSTLYANLI- Ileamb al. AftwolGoo-...-.11 ,
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Beak of Settler. Idbertlempar rraaltlin Bask-
Dank of lemda--..pat Labretta Hoak ----do
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Dank of the UM 1 12 Worbera Rearm
Commercial Bank etYa- Bank of Ilmeloo do
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Olrard Illank. -.... ...........ayar NEW [NOLAND.
Kemitation MAN._......` _ An solvent Bank.-- -X
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limiter:He Hank.—.—yar Now To:Mall—. —par !
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Southwark Bank— , . .... par tlAaam--.---..per
Woman Bank- 11,JaINT • D/CLAWAEN.
Dank of Clumtomborgh- i All rolveret lento_...-,... X.
{Molt at Chester COMO- - 0 11211211
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Bonk of 1N1.W.-Chester-par Bk of NIINIAMe Kl.bmand 34
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TAKES WILSON has removed hie Bat
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Our rivers have arraln been eta high Ma" aittaltirouth
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Ireartity ertleighta; hoverer. ear 'riser tutelary hal
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,00 !®degree, until the leturn of the fall trade.
The arrival of Predate here.beem. marina during the
Feet. and the market lubut muieretely stocked. - The re
ceipts of goer hare been mall, yet primal- it 'the dose
shoved very tittle, variation from those at 'the oiesdns of
the week: The recelptu'or Provirlous hare .been unitined
to lindted Pamela [considerable pertlan of which tree de
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shieb continue eery Arm, with.haprotrui teedency. -
AMES—The market Is, If any thing, donee foe all ar&
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and that hag tent Ono wag In Bodo doh. about 15 tons of
nbioh fmon been mid at cash mai time. Them
lei Moderate demand for other Id min withatnall sales at
the following rates—Narlub add% Soloratue 5457 f. tool
faatash at 1ifff3 , 4146 ik 15 .
APPLEF3—Sfe milked the receipt dmhig me week. ofa
Ism small late of green apple', whleh .are old nadllyat
the rivet at 61.60®1. 00.11
ALB—We have no change to. notice In prima dnrhaithe
put week. Wenotkit a Aarhus/news at prices nagynanim
ad to in mot Inelnded. far common to extra qoalltles.
ALCollol4ales ' regularly at giattle. annortllng to
SUWON—She receipts of 'bacon during the vett, have
been compandively light; notnittivtanithig which priori:
hoes tom AIM 6.7.01 fo dU.W.441 th+3 , ancing the
ceding welt. an& mune calm bare traninUred at Morn fig
ures. Them la very little probability borrower. of MY
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weak of 12.000 Via .boulders MT., CO damn .14100 Se do at Te
4 V.r, 3.300 IDA Oman •4112:43,0e VIVI 10,000 Itia in lota, at To
for Abouldem. 07 for tide,..040, forbagum2o6o lbe about
door at 7e; 1,000 mi 003 f tor hams, and exgage for Wee
4.0e0 lha sides at 1171c;'120 be shoulder. st GTM and 400 pes
do at T7f, 15,000 ma 1n variant lota at drf(47c Tor ithOulderri
wen; far sides, and PTCBpe Inc hum, 25 tikimisr cured
Isamu at 1012610510 70.1%. am in quality. AWs butanes, Lim
Moo doing in country Lama at a voloctlon atA to 31e on
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I'll:WEB-01.1n to the appictich of warm W.4,11t.r. Art
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Wert. Ws quote the 1.1.0. for mtnnus, 111 urs aed
theta quallUe° at roll sod print, st 10 11 ®
BEANS—riecelpts bees Lem 11,2htt wad et:spike Matted.
Rn gmbe at $1 110.211 17. bo for the betler qualltits; and
SI 21 to 1 27 for raised owl =um soalltles .
BROOMS—So/es from lint' bsode AS 120(01011 12, lug
fictut gore et SI 1261 SO eroitollos to
BUCKEIIB sso T 1 . 1 138--ReeelPts hose rams Steoett
quit. freelr, and the markes le spell sopplhEd; The S.A.-
from ant tunn arc, SI SI to 2 los buckets, a* ST• for bibli.•
and how dove S 2 12.titet2 n fur C. , "
tub., S 1 dos
DROWN ELlETLVlld—Plitsburgh nutnettletured nava'
beau tardier redueeo and we nowntune PennXIII., at Ne
1.770 I. and 7 L 7 %outwit.? 7.1.
MIPPEII—Tbe reviler lintaborgh neannfeetunw's pees
of Wu, and ingots, ewe 19033 e; sal. ninnies's and of
eheaddeur k 2447.:". ooh and Unwind of end copper of
17011 ID.
CELEClE—Reeeints haw been more literal dining the
week, SlatVtlila market t. baler Men WO bon.
W R in TOMIS 6xwx€47.m9.uT et the 6m3i;nr
CRACKRUS—Ttre lb:Miming lea lid of tbe manufactse
gag gatcan •
Went' C.a... ik blunt— .....
r xr Crackers, pc2nZl
CANDLES--Sehm of der randlea at =4,..f mould
tellomr al 10emadordtswel at go W
CORDAGE—Wa notice rnekenge to prime In the Whets
enlace onior this heed. The fo ll owing Le •Mt of the quo
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White Dope, by coll.-.
Do do cot--
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MADDIs ..... 75 754b55.
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00 , 715
COBS data, • maarsio dootati In the
swat, vial wall oar faro fiat limas or, 168615., oat
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carror. h.O of da or. 9!.%)
6ID. The applies in !Ito mutat ere hated.
COITOY YARll.9—we rotas • rettatton on amid
yaw elate 0.01 The felloolog be e careened Ilrt o,
575. 5 1..15c 15 , 25.:5.•
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oftu razz.
No. boa , lo}}.. - v &papa
No. tion_.... .. : ... ..3... 31... . Coverlet Yarn IV3e- ."
L .,
No. 730..-4---. 8. 1 / 2 ; . Ladle 1V1ck...--1 . 9c
N. 180..--.......-. 8• - twg i:.:„.., ite '..
N01000.—.........1.. 8 - trils.Ne. it lia: 13 "
DRIED FREIE—SAMOA. Ds.. f.fl af EV."
amt pricwaLan basis flirty antatahmd. W. quota from
Oral hard. at SI Epp for peaches. and 4 :lwfor apples.—
Stara atom mins hat. ban mad.,a • melento extent at
SI 1434.1. /10 Wm saarlsrot awl 70011 On St bu apploh-
Cincinnati an plocolar. the 11,240 Wt TY, ~,5 0 ,5: 5 u.ary.
dull. etlthaaao los asPlast and $I SO for paaFbm.
DRIED BEEF—Tba market is limitpl LL nappLict with
small saw In to la 1V1C4.133Ga El 5 . • •
Important thaws Da quotation. The alloarlng b e comet ,
al Um of pima:
Aloes. les--.-...-16 rr
AsselooLlA..—..- .VI
Amor llicet-...........10 11 •
-....--.10 Lit
Bela Coverit.—L'S .8311
R:tretmstool e ..
.......... 7.4 4 4 .1i .40 :: x
lartne"..7:2t in
oh., E.
... Amb...m...... 75
LL ma
itMG«. " .= r.„, 2
5gi......1. .2.
itOGS—tbete le stlll mato *Mr busload dolt
m ties nbati. at Se jt dos; t UM rate ono denier ..
te 91.000 dos doting the past milk:
PLOUR—N,46ritlagatullng the not ieeasytt. them las
Men noroaderiM <bulge In prim dotion at. . She
dam fniii Mid tinda mums' to Meat 1000 Able m s3a 1.2 h
63 nod $3 3363 23 for extra. .the Wei from
store Men been couflted to small lots, for L eiti CoombmtiOn
at 35 6 3 31%, obleb arn Moot tbs.rolion flgtoes.-
11na en) mIW barn been doing a brisk retell business al
31 73 for ammo, nod $3 kc' extra, m mt. ' , Qty
Poor In OM, is mamelly mkt at high.. Wee than Wadi
an, consomently media 1t ts astMed out Of the market,
and businem boa been mainly confined to retell transmo
I. lib& Aug
Int.Jao *July
anti b r AAlg
DIY-Itay duct
Eat VLOOR-1 moderatia buslemso b &ling ti
1416603 03 !Ma ant hands. and 62 7544 *1 from
Div Mar {get
Dir.laallp, et
EVART—The damand Is 04r, with alleaof ltalslui at =5
taxi of Almonds at 2/fOM.Va P Di of °mud Nat. n t,
MDR bush.]: of Filberts at k; at Cream Rats at 6X,
e• of Zaate Currants at Slijkic..2lo( For,,,
8 , 3;U:dello at 124@1i0 4 b. 844 of Oraatkes 4 45,unk
Lskotia SS.OO
YISII—We mob. . mielluteed linkmen lu tho fioh mar
let, at fall priers. • Was bore berm coolland.loisonalil lots
at b e frelhowlas rates—lo 1 montenel ilk.. No 2. do It
kib ,sad 1i0 . 3 at 0.004,8,k0 St Dbl. salmon. $lll /1 Surat,
lo 111 0101:8 Lib 11 time barring SO Mt Awl. 'No 1 Ulna.
Mode 113 Oft white Soh S 7 I.T, wafts/ISA St 'cwt.'
rr.ntiagi. stake • air dammed 10 Moo
with toles lik Lail MU of =Mille • • •
11111101artme from Ws part west, aro low, and
moollr notalool. To tOneclatentt we dud . bile for dry Coeds,
and 121a1jlbo fOrtcaor, to Loultsilio 17141T0W to Keel.
HIM =WO, to at brodo t.7440,,m 100 P..
.CANAL YELMOLIT3 , -Iho following are tie' regale
err W bed Wee of. freight, by Camel 104 Elabrtaid to 'Phil adelphla,
adalPtlM bedtbaore, arid New York. whieli took dot ntwiz
be ormolu of the Canal 110 prom= emotat. "
Kam, LA A Lard OK it awt
Butter aod Tallow, do
Beef sad Pork, St bbl do o
Stour. do
IYo=littiolze do
do Kentucky) do
do • bzes) do
pj • do
Pee — ailotar Foe skim do
burs rabies do
'Match do
To (manufactured) do
Droum omdicitees do
Sapo Cazullas do
wool ft Feathers do
OHeed s boe], Felts do
T DIv.Qr 3 pr 41
do I
Div/ pre 0 ow
Dtv.J.. row c
DI., Aro I ;let
I Div. 1180, $lO
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'lp (Wed)
Fier —
Eg or ozo do I t 'r
' 1110 144 •
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Ban. & Homes ._ 3:
t l:4 4 4 : 4 ;
ktarldno.• • do - u.
- ritZ s -5i4C I, geUIPS 47.4,741bik II IMOlio, t4wt4
15(4250 ba• V ,1 4 01 4 : , 9 : 1 * 2 754.1 1 n#i
GRAIN I —Tbas la • t415.A44
Ord bulb, at ;00 brd.c*lth .414. 44114 Ow 441rAtt
abma 501 . , 4 . l 4 o o 3 lturoct 411geo azticlomrold prob.,
abtt6gm ma ad M ot< l aPl4s27o 4tiitx reluest
satiumilli; 1130 4 - 2Naltosla,. bas tatoo.4 tub
.sta reamdlnig to quanst; trtog WWI 4 WM . "'
0, 4444114aQ61120..64, IL11:0i1111",`Writtl . 461 , 10 . 11
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ms tendoley. Eal Les ;a hb4.l4thr., lota eiglgoana. and
time. Some holden are asking. Vie 10 b bi P"..4 lota.
Wee Wale at Ma Medan n ecaLheruidaady lelth
of UP bbl, in lob 11 :76,z1:4 Joir. Oen la newt
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10% to My, and 10. Xe in imati tali to: Lila i<ll2larr• Tbl ,
rondaienttent'odee IhrhadOnar ana7i6O3'Oloo kr the
Zit areal:rade,' &Warw. .1 %c id Peppy at *alit:
'Aindoe• id.l76lSeadanata al..1&8140 s
11L6318 , -ITestadri of wiedow Harare bragy, and pri •
eesua gom., We =re dry brands 88. 181.00 - Ibr 8 by,pi
$34.5 w pia 824:0 8,8 Ili by /L. 0882087 brands by 18
8018.8 0,7.643:81818. simian yommum. !
110P8-.88 bait'eut.ill4o4: 1950.. t. 37383.588,18 .
ILAT-411188188 ' sales from 18848 on '6B polo pt bi
DRY 131.1)E8-ge1es SSO dry 8728 , 2 1141011)(fe it d
nos as 16411&e—Womabria • list 0.34 . 4 '°
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• RR Ife 1 4. 4 •
tdamaldtattram them - madam to a damittat for ask.
.L.MlD—Zugallas hags tar 2226 that been ;eery light
mJes.liatited.. We . . table bt 93ilia0c No 1. la abla
sad kegs. ham atom sad notate fano gest hand,.
. LEATH= —lre bulk* tagotaideomod. at ratt prfees
ir all articles . ..ost Ws bead. ' Balmier Beatlamm !Dole at
21@12e; aid or Net Tack do., at 1601 Se
Ll73lll6R—lla premed mites at Ma yards ime—Dmeds.
811.314121ar eatamomaad 1:41.24 for clear. It OM. rtit•
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aw 2/• .
The old alchemists believed that ell thebeser met
alseouldbe conwertedinto silver andgold andthat
the elixir of life could be drained out of polices.
A ,'claris Of modern alchemist' wish to establish
a similar paradox. , Their.andentbrethren were
especedlo the sneers and ridicule of the world.
These.enjoy the alimulna of a largo public favor.
TheltuseiantS dealt in substances whew proper
ties were but slightly booms. These deal inniste
rials perfectly known to all. Who does not know
that virtue and vice are entirely (thasimilar, that
they naturally repel each ether, and that one
cannot be substitated for the ether ?- Why then
cly the public afford a constant encouragement
to the efforts now made for draining , . virtue out
of vice ( ' elixir out of poisons ?
- • Virtue passes current eweryishere; because it
commands the respect of all; hence the utility
imitations as passpcirts Cs. the mind.
But how is thisodeception practised ? By wri
ting pannier fictitious books under the pretence
of benefiting mankind. The hideous progeny
of a polluted imagination are „Commissioned to
perform-their (millwork. These; children,
effused. are:tool - rightful for daylight The ward
robe of virtue most finish _thirty, clothing; the
wolf rout put ots the sheepskin,. and , the devil
the garb eit an angel. The , characters are thus
eqUipped. and the novel . is sent!int* the world.
The publishers declare this bctfik teaches what
the bible dins, the ugliness of vice, the beauty
virtue, the wiles of the Jesuits, ,thetraysteries of
of city life, thefts, murders, aeductions, and all
the forms of evil: • If we ask; 'ikhat is your ob 7.
int.?' they reply, 'to give you :a knowledge of
htman nature, and - thus to qualify you for the
active duties of life.' Inother *owls,. they Pro
poae to drain elixir out of paeans. 7 : -
Alas, how seldom do we think of the fnameless
sinner' who, for toting a forbidden look at a
Beene of wickedness, was turned into a pillar of
salt. It has almost become 'an! axiom, that a
novel-reader is proof against 'gasps] truth. Is
there not reason to fess that God still , inflicts
similar miniehmenta upon the children of men ?
What though he does not now transform- them
into ealtif he forsakes then, the prusialiment is
Iluman nature depravedas it is, has onebean- '
tifal trait. An houprablef man will never 'beat
a eripple with his own crues' - The mass of
mankind stern to take ! adv antage dv of natural
defect; but the whole work of the novel-writer is
performed at the expenseofa defect in our fal- -
len -nature. By pandering ;to the! lowest pas
sions, he gains access to the; citadel of_the eouL
Difigoise - it as we will„ upholstered last in a DO ,
el, like alcohol in the drunkerrif cup, furnishes
the principle of intoxication. could we remove
this from all navels, they would become
fiat and unprofitable.' We might publish them,
and our colperteura could exhibietherajust as
the naturalist exhibits the fanglf a huge India
serpent; they could thew - the secret channel"'
through which the poison flow when the rep
tile was alive. Pen pictures hale a far greater
effect upon the mind than pencil .pictures; the
latter are restrained by law, the former are not'
Let an neat paint each , scenes no the novel
writer sketches, and which the imagination of
his tender invariably fills up, and expose them
to i public view, he would noon be - compelled to
change his studio for. the cell of penitentiary
It is an unholy work to reveal vice to. the vie
hums, but the novel-writer tells Lets 'that he et
halts virtue as well as vice; and in strong con-
Mast. To this we reply, it is not necessary to
instil the language of the vobrptcons harlot and
libertine into the ears of the pure and Innocent,
to grder to teach them virtue. A - , physician
would not order his patient, exhibiting slight
ayMptoms of a contagious disesie„ into a place
where the malady sages in all its fury. A high
authority has, pronounced the mind diseased:
must we lead it into
- ti e atmosphere of crime
and' pollution, or into the regions of inno
cenee and - purity. We hare a sufficient quanti:
ty of evil ideas for all the 'actual duties of fife s ' .
Our ignorance of the corruptions of novels is
Mint There is no elixir in poisons. ,
Caron the fabled
,ferryznan of die- infernal
regions,„prnaiied a safispaseage wrote Acheron
to every living person who wield bring with
him the golden bough of ! the Cunneen aybil.—
,There is -in our flay a river. of pollution. the
• fiend of light literature. A morbid curiosity
prompts many to cross it, but there-lone Ctimos
an safeguard. The mind
,must undergo a fear
ful risk: In crossing, it wall ;aisle 'the stench.
it will become defiled and enervated, and virtue
its former companion, will noon.leare the =hap
py victim to associate with the Inhabitants of
penal abodes; when, alas, it is toe late to learn
that elixir cannot be !drained out , of poison.
Psortssioxat LrcE.—EiTtiOtie knows that
the merest chance will sometimes bring s meth
cal an into a famous practice Witham possess
ing on the other hand an able
man frequently starres on his Rrofeesion. One
of the most. eminent physicleas in Laudon is
said to have owed all his' great BlliCo6B to the
simple foot of his . having; been on' a particular
occiaMon caught intoxicated. The story is thus
Disappointed on Lis trot arrival in that city, be ,
sought comfort at a neighboriog taxers, where
the servant of thehouse at which,he lodged went to
fetch him! one' evening, after'a hearty beat to
see a certain countess. The high sonoding title
of this unexpected patient tended not a little to
increase the excitement undervildelt . hos . labored.
He followed the servant as !steadily as he could,
and wee ushered in silence into a noble mansion,-
where her Ladyship's maid anxiously waited to
conduct him to- her mistress' 'room—her agita
tion most probablyproventing her from perceili
.ing the doctor's state. He, was introduced Into
• splendid 'chamber, and staggered towards the
bed in which the holy lay. He went 'through
the practice of pulse-feelini; end proceeded
to the table to write a 'prescription which, In. 14
probsbilitywould :have been 'mechanically 'tor.'
rest but heralds powers failed-. him: -In vain
he strove to trace the salutary characters, until
wearied in his endeavors, he east down his pen,
and exclaiming—'Drunk, by H.. - - !'.he made
him way out, of the house. ,Two days afterwards
beams not e &indeed by receiving a let
terfrom the lady, enclosing a check for one hun
dred pow:alai and promising hint the patronage
. of her family end frienda if he would observe the
strictest s?crary en the state he lomat her in:—
Tha fact twx,ply was, thatthe anuiteas Aid been
Indulging in brandy, and was the very condi
tion Which the doctor frankly applied to, himself,
but which her conscience told her he had de-
Tam Itarnassaws...A letter from a member
of the Meld= Boundary Gozmn publislat
ed In the Providence Joe 'irtud, says.=
.These venomous creatures abound through the
plains of Texas and Nei 3lexieo. We met them
continually in our path, and they always gave
us notice of their proximity by shaking their
rattles. Often did I hear thii:warifing without
discovering the enemy; and' on' such ocintsione
it is best to get oat of the-way. _ Tho',rattl6-,
snakes never attack except 'when prernikedt end
they are easily killed. A blew with it stick will
disable them, when they are early dinatt . Asti.
The young men of the expedt — tion were ' fond of
shooting them with pistols,lint so mach =cud- .
tion was wasted In this sport Of it may be so
called, that , it became iteeeeseTy . inee en or
der forbidding it. We - bad some
. expitrience of
the effect of the bite of this snake;
As WO were approaching the "teethe river,
one of our borsetnen tUscovered -it large rattle.
snake directly in, obi traiLa ' fie
t ire hbzi a shot
from bin Rix shooter, which effect; neatly
cutting his body in two. Ile then atteinined to
ride overbite,- when the Snake raised Lis bead
and etruek the horse in the-.ldzid leg,' bout . a
foot aboia rtha hoof. ' Several ;Saw' tho 'effort of
the snake, and we stopiud: to nee:whither any
Injury had been done. West - (ince 'au: L ivered
the marks where the lamp entered; 'from which
the blood was oozing. Within five Minutes, the
berse,mbich was a very fine - onr,beOn'ti limp.
.Soon after, his leg began tortrelf,r se 'eat ho
could not wait en it, and it Mai witti'difficultY
that be could be led into Catop;'so grnat . altP ,l7-
ed to be his agony. - • -
Within bait" an hour we 'melted Our camp.
and proceeded to alleviate the stiliktiiiiphf.the
poor animal. -I small air pump wsir , applied
brat, and Kane blood 'drawn front gib. . 10 = 1. •
poultices were afterwards a pplied , andlieliorte
was 'riddled pith cam during, the nighcas he
lay at length on the grass:' In the margin bin
entire log and thigh were mach iwoldesti'never.
thelem,. be was led •along: after. the' - scageni.--
After s few days the swelling'iiitisillett, hut he
showed symptoms of nickne's!,•irtaele 'increased
sothat:intwere at laid Contiellel tor adiandon
Ho many other "shakes Of diffident kinds,
tome of them of the most brills :Mt colons,' which
we safely put : may in aka& '''flicreia on•
species-known , as the .. chicken eiate,7"which at
first gave no much alarm. This multi ',:tre al-
Ways found in the Mrs of 'trees ; Marldg with "
watch rapidity from Fronds to lirsncli as a Squir
rel. For tbis motion, his' forinaehMed admire.
Ittleittted by its great length,' which's* from
frre to eight feet, though-his body was act larger
than that of other snakes of half.the; linsgtb..,•.
.The Chickens euake, I afterwards nod, from
Tonna-In the-party, haradeit.:""Thait moo
would catch-them by their tidlts - iniVsnap'tham
like How they - derieed'iliefr
.tecte, I
know sot Thie th oth # i s.c*ththr th ithAlido are
so th ickens , la the ftiort atise.::tnr , ttitt them
It is possible, howererithiteadthl . dopes;
done of Texas 64 may infect the milt") , puts.