The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, May 23, 1851, Image 4

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'That : / mast work, I thank - thee, 'God!
I ham that hardship;' toil and pain,
- Like, rigaroas.winter,in the sod,
"Which doth mature the-hardy .
Calls forth idman his noblest : posers;
:-,Therefare hold my .head erect'. -,- 1. -
And amid life's severest hour,
Stand Mandan in my selt'..respe
I.thank thee, 00d, that I mast
Ton ermined slue .otlineage high,
game-law lord Who inms.the soil, free a man a 5 ,1.1
wears the fetters -of Ida' clam -•-
-,Wealth, birth and rank lime .tredged him in;
I heed but this, I amlaLlMan„- - '
And to. the peat in man akin! *--
Thailk - dad; that. like the mountain oak,
= My lot is. with- the storms of life;
Strength-grows from oat the .temptst's shook;.
__"Atul patience in the ri te.:, •
Thea!Oruy..ltand, the. farrowed/brow,
• not, 4 howe'er sloth - may deem; g rade
,nritupy,and bow,
And ape : vice we disesteem:'
. . . .
Thank God for t,.011, for hardship, whence
• Come courage. patience' •hatdihOod,
And for that Bad. =perk: '
:Which leans-t 5 tearstforothere wo! •
''Brother in toil, Irmipect•Oyself. •
Ana let thy st:ftUsat..iirtoe show
Thu an is nobler far than pelf!
'Or all.that fortram can bestow.
lima God for toil; nor . fear the Ace
Of Wealth, oar rank; fear only sin,
That blight wh_ch mars all outward grace,
-- And'diaus the light of peace within!
care on thy Mid, my brother, gips
, Thrliard and toil endaexl hand to me;..
We are no dreamera, we shalt lire • •
. . 'A..brighter,..better day to seer
-' If I Inn erred in gingliarfor the light; - •
That Arm:meth ttu the harplf *olden portals. -
the from,the gplitymight.'
That broPletti the tribe of airing morteiel—r
hare greamerat elude*/ tree and Air
Mt In Whitens. grain Oboes, upon! toe.
'fbleting the tree. the light, the good Work theirs -
;lireernaghttpbreat the swell In 41:dch they homed Mei
la her! forgive me.
If lucre over found a bitter rear. . _
• Conning down cheeks with Pier winner palling.
Asitlethrso rai.or.i4 to.picture there •
: Orbits/le glory thLough the griefdrope.filling
flteroheardtmond hnmen.e.hoir,.. •
one tone with earrotee inuobtaken quiver. .
.• AO potted all Pandemic the answering Inv. • •
'Handal sweet Malaga* iharode touch to
hare ever tuinal with withering Scorn._ . •
API Prank not saliently the titter' cue
. Which Than In lose hoot Trot/mad. unreplainr, , r
If I have learned pot from earth's ilograt
To'boar lee thoinandille.lts Wrongs, lie eerrows,
Am but-the Wham fleeing from the dot,
The disky,herald of waterloos morrow,
• ' Fatheri.lorgire are. . •
Ahd obi if I here ever cloned a sigh.
• In any hearttor own boo loirdlo,chrdah, '
• A..9.4S the tamer of liamOrtallty. , • ,
Mdtbailklr lel" when ell.eround seilsh
Vorgire thle;—for iii smarttUngir.
Was nave thonghlam deed.'each light. Word content
Time, Mei. our dinkthe eyes we love tP,es • • • •
Itrd tearsiwbich eve hid of deep/am:dal= broke ,
To Karr Bans raox Picrzso Pstra,.—AS the
season Is coming on for thedepredations of birds
I beg to report mrexperience of last - year, when
I oared my curnats and geosoberies, brwinding
colored worsted rotted and across my. bashes,
and my cherries, by hanging WO' rewind pieces of
tin with strong threadin the'different trees, two
pieces being hungneer MiOnghtogetber - to clash
with the wind, which gourd, with the bright re- :
flection of the tininehejsum mattalzdy frighten
ed them away; and i brd my*O.' share of fruit,'
which, the preceding year: I wits obliged to le'
Hncreish to thent.,—..dyrkultora/ Garrtu.
01t1, , HANS' COURT MLR,
of Valitablf%•hiporty ty orPlitoblergli.
.1N "TRW ANC& 'of atiOrdei:of tao Or
itti b Af=4,l!l=,'.`tn=d-t.lit:
Istatit t hird in the City U.
of ktneberdb, and eoll the =re
ter one third trash, one third in oat year; vith 'Waren
nonithe der of sale; and one third in two years. Nthin
verret from the day of.le, end parmente to D. .ern by
lends end roortnager, with mond todlrlds up_ into leo or
6nte puts, end eell the saw parte moo:hewed. tiny Ma
or atore Weald Di.. of wound as mar te deemed =ado
etre to the Lateran ot the Wide: , •
All Ulm certain lots idea of ground. being part of lot
No 11, ittJarom Adana' pert of Mewl= of Northern
Llbertlcs. now 6th want of the city of Plashargh; bounded
and domited as follom. Itegintalogan Penn .trees
as the &dame of teem two foci di lathes from , Adams
Moat, thence along Perm =net atontrwardly, twenty in-.
en feet de Meth. and extending the same width bath to:
timing alley, one hundred fie; on which eected. two two
story lame r deing homes, with too Me montenk Wild
Lam, soloec to a montel real gm Lam of Afty. dollars per
eanum. murahle poariady to Janne ams., bleheare end
" roo ' n-_ Ell
oft[ certain lot or fdoce of.'gro • ad. MUM la
the 6th ward be Orr of Phtsburett being bole tice , 134
and IM is the plan of pandelm between the hems of John
end /Mary Jelin-No 014 Deeember Term. 1111. Comm.
Picas of my Camay, Loot b eginn in g AI mi
• 61; 839.thowled as fathom e etthe caner
of .Pnlakltitmd Lamest air thane alcagJearea Omer
am /toothed ead Matifysle feet to LaMar rtreen thence
eadwardly them'Upton; fi lth
debt , fan and
.Menee by Alla. parallel with Loma /meet eatherndly.
oat hmthed and twenty Mx feet to Frartitha Werra theme
• Mammal/ aketzFatalthe street, linty eight fat tallosan
earne,the place el Cognizing, ma which are greeted Co two
Am/ Ohk...llTellieg - Mout/wen Fmaklia siren.
. one Me story 'frame' . house. and one tern
Mkt elling home. fronting on ; Logan etreet-hetee
the 0 0• which IL a. Collin, aud 1.5,, , 14y deed dated
• June PM.' 11315, mended la boot 31/. Oh. col Id. In &TA
a.trrai the mid Hobert Qatar. Ea. • ; .
Aim-All theteertate lam plea eat gained &Mt. le
the bet Went of the City of Pittelmegh. thins tart allot
No 3041 a the plan of mkt nity, .bounded awl deerhad BLS
1111101/00ta br Ththt stree t, by Om. =17 :4 11;.:
/Atm halt of lot No by lot o
Mont Cu Thinit treeta.litty wooer lon.nrore or heek. with
the m=grie . l an aim three Pet wide, No
ZZA, about Z.) feet bsek. flow. Thirst straf e min
Ing bang in th e 85 feet, mai .less. and.eo Met in
wfdthelatt . enear of which emoted sacral name deal-
LYlr-Tth that tertian - it . . lie
31e.; o
r e plan of Pitteburgb, diluted in the Ist weed of
std coy. kende.' sad dabel as followty • beginning..
itard mast; se the corner of lot N 0.31. thence Man
Third ztreet towatds Markeretreet ft:KIT OA" feet, more a
hem thence Me parallel linsWithltont street.matheardly
delay dm Get, mare or
foamce in • Perellet taleahh
1 . 1 street eastwardil bet. tome or lam end
thrum in • Ithe mallet with Waal street, amthwarilr.
d e nt
thlay fire feet, enem Or law, to the
brickplaceof lntoo
t amended two three story dwelling houses,
with store tome in Moen Pert cd' the 'a.* l;,
-Ij"i)fi.42"'l''i:bitg'or' "14' A lfdllda i
_being Ifitt Pee mourn doodrot the Me ham o
the meld Rim 'Jam '.Bande. cad Ana her death, theaeld
Egliped 00.1 ht payable to Um beim of the mid
All that cabin 'Piece 'of rOnteLpartefiANo.
•o. la the plata 01,Pittoeur.h. altaxte 10 First. j , e , ILI of
wad city, twornehitilead ..g.nbed as Ibllowe,
_Ms: be z
on Fourth street. at the canter of Lot No. Z.M. theme
Moog Mourne street mertwetedly 4Ohet, thence senthwerdl
IT Lod Minitel with Market =eat Mt AM, theme eastward
1/ and parallel with Pewit; street 40 fat to the lime ofLot
No. asl az.robe.-arrlthatere by the mmenotrtheardlyend
Pendleimith Market street BO feet to the'pleat of beet.,
Jur:wader sad subject to thepaymentof salaams' ground
rent of 1190 forwnw to John And
I ierantheireand ;Gelman
ea whieh s erected ma twoetorfbrldc deellibl
Led one thmestori frame 40.D10g bow.
Also. All flea certain iota piece ef mental attests% the
SemW Ward of the City of Pittabratria. bounded and de
,dim.; m follows, rim beginning on Vomit. street. at the
istance of W. feet mstwaraly from the earner of Cherry
alley end Fourth area, theme outwardly along Your
street 11 Get to lot y
of Robert Woods,feed e thenee alone the
same muthwaall to m m Third Mreet Salm. or leo,
mama westwardly la a line ls
parallel with Rktrat Knot=
feet, there* alind . Ltat. - Young's lot AS Let mono[ Ma. to
the place 0r .ut, the right to the nee .I.lloi .
eilem of th e y ia there..of Uss lot were,/ Wat.frell
to WM. lot= Mmg th e whole rem of and PA ta Charm
Miry. on whichls erected ethremitory Mick direlllog boom:
Alm; All that aertain pleceof ground, shuate In the First
Want of the elty of Pitudmrgh, being Pen of Lot Ne. 311
la the plea of mil eitl. bounded and dumbed as ibllowe,
el= begloalog on the 'demand at N ark distance of Meade r
lona the comer of the Diamond anet lased.
• westwardly 18 feet, theme meabwardlf Ina parallel him
with Market drat 0.41 Unto en elley four fret erne, theme
anwthlly Ina line pars/lel with the Diamond Meet ang.
them* northarently m a parallel line, with Dlarket streak
:d Get to the plea of beeitothun with the privilege of the
... 012 . ran, bad mated tithe yearly[ ud rem of
be4o i rlie and fora
aseler; 00.0 ag= ri= " , rg,L a t,
• • .1., .A 1 thatOertala plea of f;rould shun. b fl...Fira
Ward of the city M Pltteburgh; helm lot N 0.814, Wend
ed arid deamibel 01 Wows. env beettuartgatthe toner of
.Distoond Mier and mouton sontbatently along the law
wed Boma at feet mom oe Qom. Perthel .ith DW
mood: alley weetwarttly Pal Met mom or ten lesattor •
mat, thence Clone mid etrat ai feet more or lax whirr
mood allud e mud thence Moog Inlationd alley .eastwanlly
' /03 feet more or lead to the plea of begionior whoop
erected one Ishm thane:tory brick Terme name. wllit
tarzextbl ui e l t z . and re prostarr trick Tavern.
Lot No. 11* to the MU , : tbe a nnty . ., ‘" geb.4o, l'4 ;ll
nate m. water the Second Recd of 11.14 city.
bounded by Water street. the other half of the aeld lot
No. 109, by Vast str;t . , , r by the
, Tee of Lot N 0.250, de,
L'ai,irm3".llMeere Mont a the men eld ' aeltrattlaTelat
erected!. Our Ma/ Mink warehour ti i
cli - _
' L7Exectilair. Babart E Ctaisty
of or ;. ILCbrinjm.Ab,
Once of Um nttebmgli compahr. •
- Pitu/mrsbollgit:l. l & sl ..
pp AILES:-40 doz. ;lay Rakes, for salt by
Lib etern • • ' S. P.YON BONN/10118T a CO. •
fORN--(o).bu. Shelled, for sole, by
NJ. or= J. s. Dux - coma co.
APPLES-200 bu. for sale by
. MOLTER russNert,
IEIKITASH- - -14'casks for sale by..
- ENaissa swevErr.
&mod. sod ISt TIM at.
CODLIVER OIL-30 galls. suirriorlYlkite,
for or/.1.1 . snyl SELL/ X. 5.15 Wood mt.
11130TATOES-20 bids. • licTilyannocks; - for
I. la* bY :a711,.. 9.7. CON BONMIORST -
DIG IRON-66 torte Forge and ;Vo ddry,
L en 1:614.11,12; Or We IT
mOO. JOAN WATT t 00-
ERR r SKINS-3 biles fur sale by
mrr MIST; MliTtlinlitCo.
D3l LEA.I4. 90 pigs Soft Galena, for Ciao
IG METAL-465 tons for sale by
' lay 7 • ItTrEr. mArritra IL CO.
:4. :1 :R.l' 1 7:,0r • a
• ' -nagr,mAntecwsaoo, •
ODA ASH-430 casks [vo u L9 for Sale by
• el end) . to-arrive,
t•thr ismer awl ITl,B=soll*oo.,
YE IiVHISKE.Y- 37 ,bblAlpure4 for sale
IiTAII.g--3W. kegs used, for sale by
say 7 ~,• ' A. CULBERTSON a in.
• VWJar
d t pr
" _ •
~y,..,~,~'x x pro•.::•+,nr+-= ~ ~y}, :mac y
• W ILtABRARD, km removed tie bah
V awn of hltvWlltd IST Good s. t. 80. vs iht:ka
gnat, near I,ll=lll pertosui botit,a ouf
tII and
Vetted,' are renp...ltelqwkro "b.' — lO4 atatutile
tu MR. to eirma up bit bulb2ett by pf..of Joe.
• Safi* ant Ventilation.
livrE,,Aßl:gtaltill-,APFARAITS: for
sum umeekstorer,rartarits. llodratArit= i
r=riottonata .
temperature. eitturaorlow, (I.lted; .W 1 kr W...
P=o,Alksr.lososod= 12c4 Wfil
mosn nomftily b..ud nplu aa
thb plan Masten% Cennak,
salts mettut susug • Irbetnatos. =darns kW, aoh
re.luiteo silts .12eator Koh
amoureml adie.ty now*, ,
6 -- g, 10103011 OKELY.
-- •
Lewial Patent: }Unmade: Water Pater
• :
OW to ti , seen la tpepion
TAW! CO.%obrstao: //ft
, ki p ela, FA
Ntlelo MlMct netWklibborgb... Thlr Winer hatrondloi
a Gold Medal tram tor Loteramo Irotltata. ot Vow York,
o.tmata teamvlit poraltus zt rraala wm is tor p.„mmulta ttite P % allod h il•
wr af& tie tillowitsfo= p rti r .ii tE i l .:
, er , ..VettrotaPatmtto ntOommeod to.ttio' lorera of
trl P Terbr Ms: ' .raja[ yard me rt . them """ gr e To .l4'
atp oatili, termaal a Nd l LiOtof o4 18Z Aar
' The PlairOttairrifbl Motorflterw l" arit ' iMrt Mr. •
lltmael law*, sod roe lir woo. mantis at my
taints reddroceo it aWou port. . 0 0kt wub..
therators ormakterit a go hank It ia toy power to
Ftft..WFPd,ltito ;it Mai JONAS P. V tot •le lt, „
Timor Mari' era wititottal to n tik l a ß gertr 11 or
tarte,wNch ariao Jim dacomored animal or mots.
tosttln.tot water. , %ter ars- warranted, to tut two
o slai ratory nsp cow will -last leat' aod remlo
nal= .• • • TZS :arch maw& Philadeohlta.
-. • , Pront Brick and House
rillHE undersigned is now
e t ir
rn ainufacturiiiwit:
• his Item in gym, the. -
b a
= l l , ftrt=e4fa lionz
psens•lnit perfeetlyedren, aquae' edges, uni • Eb .a . 4 ,
ita smlsna; Ow , no dust es opt. Auld ramp, •
hanPosne. - ,elear, bright appeennee, aeon in Bev. Mr.
ado t :l tr ad b Wonth littsrusin ,l lll,d,W=ien it
niaing I.SSr tenet angsis.r. et r lislrum . . The india et
anything like • genteel nom, be of pressed
• Cortitiastes in ray bow oisesunent
0. .
Agents, And Mehl ' who hue nnal sisalar.briek
• tensisely, acidify tothetranperkeity etdength, Mushy-.
ity,,nshanee totrostor•ter,fire, to. • .
nocrsc nut.
:W. by an ablaysa. 4 g2= "4lth stL i Vr a y
bad bandabied abgtbout obtball tbeespecne.
. .
: 301);(10C(tilicanott Ihric.l—sixoniith, .
durability, az.
CA.Muteed, Price, 1310 1400,5 t. UN arts.- ,
a 919 . —IBAILI I UREOG.
ty .401 Liberty
301 Xis. L. 4 sum
-6 ixtee colcald awl black EEC IfaU . 36Bllakeret , .. ibr
. /I.e l lenakkais# 4 int . at !Alreilla sad 141112:.
Domestio Qu eenaware.
C 0..;
-y.y. %diatom-a hoehlnwhato and Yellow Cane W.
! - Lifferfatnnle L Leaner, MTh and Law , t7 ave..
tuna. Comb bald g.) entrance cast door to. J. k. IL
LL.L Oar extensive Work iroatdeni to fill older* panaiptlr..
A waniattent , hwillawt• bane_ constantly tam ployed. atro. an
al:des as tote!" pant withal' the new and IminweeKt
Water rita, firdthomjitehera.raneyStria:MonWft.fles.:
Mew Vara. Uohleta. Mantel Ihnantents, atel
haolt lam and articles tor danicstie toe. in great mkt!,
Imra3rtersi , ,Toblzrk' aid Retailers in
62 • and Nark's. street,
,Pittsburgh, . Pa.,
ANNOUNCE' to their friends and the pub
entwerally, that they aro now prepared to extblt
twlteetwed meet carefully Wade' nook et
they. hare tree °Swett /a elly..ecteVel at tho =at
Oratire l a ' ff ' = • elf
- • -•zowrsr POSSALE P.R.larg •
at wltkli avail emote eold to any. et the Ea:ma Gillet
- Their two lowa reesteotas be &yawed ascloateelY to
retell tradwoett Doled,. engaged In Deyeatawatt, via
- .SD the rent awl Dohlatab =es Impanel Dile tome.
Goodi De;iartnient.: :
• okiikeAngo6,4¢ ana.
- Net,eo,oes, Da Leine., Lewn.a. Deana Cambric:4 Jeerer
elts,Drenadlace,.lio=batinea Alpena. &a
Shawls, Vizettes, ,te
Cantos Cars, pals sal embroldesed. Also. Demur,
'Mat De lalae,_l..lamere. 54slas. flawed do, sad
atlas Eihara Ylattes, Hada.. v.".. , . se.
Hosiery and Glove Department
wm abrais le (wad eassplete, tle.bsot makes of
Calms sad Silk /kskr/. Was bed Hld Wows shays ea
Lineri Department •
54. IA sad 54 Mae Linea Lass Elating, riDesr
Cue Limas, DaDes, bleschel sat Imam lass.
sa.Toselllaa Maar,.
• . White Goods.-
Checked and Dotted CaealdisM Mull, Fein. Molt and
Wainscot Muslim: Victoria wad bishop Laworpof every ,
realty azalea Alma Curtain llaternals, Meow Leal Se•
Embroideries, Laces Trixaminia, &c.
A complete umetroret. Atsq /111Acesa, Flowerc, Saks.
/la ?eructs or all Mole. Boursets of at thew...tar..
Domestic Goods Department
Ta probably cow or the most estenstre Matte counter. ea
bnrjn known as domestles.
toolklent that, frith their Logone
Escilitles. mad attnweive sewele. and unurtodlr low
r.rtee, a r tier cacao% 611 te• eve scrftet •
Made pezeteessre are respectlaWr 66vmedi6ae r
will Os plawed to receive their orderly at lay time:
goods at moterrewricew also, to dvpllutr any muse till
ew and faehlocable Goode will be received COOILIIIiir
th..s"""""'Ohx PRI CK &Ur.
marlakeiit of myin D rlbraalabd Was. Maud and
Bureau Coven of dlflter.=eru. not to be sarramat by
say jai In tbenity. Milan and camp an
Invited tall sad tnallne br LtbemaelpTet Iron
-7 'IV? mums'
TALLOW bble. for p ale by
ary6 ROB UM LIT= a co.
ratlA 'RUBBER AIR BALL'.Jciat re.
a , SW dozen tab:feted inzsa'Alr is. 1411
the vitofesida Eastern Woes. • •
'TOBACCO -1 hhcL pritte &Tor Leaf;
"a - skle . WATILIIAN 66:113,
• lord' old Water, sod C 2 Prone id.
of"bble. pare Lihseed, foi sale by:
ers (1 -• • • L. a WATERMAN .% BON& .
Q,ODA ASH-20 casks Klutz's brand, for
. G LABS--SOO bases sad alien, for tale by
bbf r a l e ffilTurall.
L i g l3lEl) 2s lL—la m i*TsF rim al o a r it ale
Ff : ,l2glo . b?le,B , .••F e :..; a fc;;al im = n. H
runworrrrzi-v ,
/10170 N-1,50, bales for sale 137
!kJ - =Ts. -•' - • - ISAIAH DICELit a c:c.
• no. • • AMU DI KEY l 00:
ROUND NUTS-15 Racks for wile by
mrs - . - - • ISALUI DICRZT tco
UTMEGS-1 bbl for sale by
CASTILE SOAP-20 easel kr i ple_b 4 l 3.
CREAM I'AUTAB-900 has. ferrule bf
VA&SIA—ISO7bs. (in mats) for sale b
mys J. KIDD a (Xl.
11.111 d, DAMAIL-1. ease (to arrive) for sale
VC br salro J. KIDD* W.. CtirWad rt.
TtrANTED-A good SecondUan — dgdirA
v v YOUNT. Enipar• of MILIEU sBZNNETT,
difforta antist,jott feed by
• - .111111tPlEIL EtURCIIVIELft
- moot of atm. Gaodx. 'ar Wks. tram LTf, coots to
tiegiletoesis 40. latripliettl and Maga= toed LT
B OYS'ACASSIMEItggr-44)f 'various - color!'
myli • • 111.11W11 V t BURCIDIELD.
STAR CANDLES- 7 4:i boxes (10 to 40 Itn,
, evb) tor Pale J. D. WILLIAMS •
DANDLES-10 boxes4's, b"a, find
6 . Ibr ed• IT • • J. D. WILLILLMS2 CO.
.11L' -tgalt eleab auf oolon
' sayS ''V.".*i rcit r t c
° li t it
Banker awl Ekehruege Broker. Fourth et,
blend timikst, price p. 14 kr SILVER WWI . ..b.
Eidll7.ll Bank Mask for sate.
VRESII BUTTER-4 bolif Table Butter,
w.d f'reariiLi. CO. latCrt7:4:
A 7 ceder, for sale tri S. Y./MLLES.% - •
• Ca Waal et.
VERMILLION--62.1ba:. (TtiestQ'tor sale
C.IIRESE--sQ7lxTies for:it:Tie
sr -R. DALZUL CO.: Libra) R.
ph.P.ER * ,--300 reams hied. and Crown Wrap-
On. for sals low L 3 eloiti
JAIL DALZr.I.I. 611 stir
_ .
DRIED REACILES-600 bu. for sale by
~19.11174:4 and LW, idshestral u ar rid far lb.
"22- ' , ammo Market Lad Tiara ata.
HIED APPLES-75 tor: for salol
D susioupoie*lNOUßMl
SAL3ION,-01) . bbls:tOld . bf. bbb. No. 1, for
HERRING -10 bbla.No.l ( A nal) for Bale by
SirAl3--10 bbls..No.l_kiew)J:or sale by
stiztqtT i o It i lnext& t.
ipAPER LIANGINO-S—Frora 43-14cta. to
ir*Mul !Jun" . ookii.
Rthn-400R i xanea$ for sale
KRA -4 / 01 !=eg No. 1- Itosi4;
PodAnd ' lo. - fiZar ,
_:. ~.: _~
czieweiand;Piltonirgliaiittaguynt &pro&
Es line nine in connection with riving
... F.To, Acilfp=f2a W..t . n
Adamu iter,rAtu d ,
barlitalllVitualaaco of — et all otheif fades at con
vey... ta ortAtea.oll4l Exam, frlll esab of
au abate meatkrtzt Tasect. atm.4ys. mar. ...I
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Gold. Wm, Dank Not.. Jewel , T. and tai
pools ftatred asa tomatat .ten' d.,Psfrh- ,
uos oth EMIL alta_aral Accounts, TroMPflY
. . .
• • • • • - " .-- J.- D. LOCKWOOD, Pmpriatat;
eArti/ . lspetweer .111 Imre llsseillon on •11toclari of
.lieWrW , willlmes Clerrllmlon Th 0.4,314,
.1 1 . ..1/obb, L . p gatrgra w igith.,; . iii.-
1,6,L1t V . ,11 a .....,..31.ssemuu.• Clark s Parks, jur.;;
2 7 4. 5117 ,... , N i. :60 /5 h. r „i k: f .4 . 4. 16, ,,,, t... , . z . }kT.,,,r.0rt,w174_
'New Lake Superior Line.-=lB5l .
1111}.. new steamer NORTHENER, Capt. B.
A. Elttere, basing eve/T.:oak= Lmpronaht for
11 and comfort lam alereletad en AWAIT:the:SI
of Jur a= t 5 op. her ll= trip—aral treeklar thereafter m
YAW, at Ma o clock P. M.. for the Taut &a alarie....
tea T e k :B=y4÷,ivege. , ,6 4 rlat=em
Snarler. eh the arrival et theeleamer Northerhermakt=
Olen :MU.. throeg!aVhe imam. hew=
PP W. et A. TBRAtt.
'Clartdind. 0. ATM 115, 1851.—tf
1851. jail
11111.E.P.ROP4IfETORS of this'Old.anaVell
known Lbw . would Winn Om 'public that flay ars
now In wpamUco for the went moon, and hat. cm:we
and taxi t og Vnight and Pomaasarm, which theTaraltollY
Part to carry •to powu °albs Elotal. and Lab/LIM
khlwan, at the lowest calm. Om of the Dada of WA
Lim will he constantly at tha b below tha Mama
obeli &Vim 6ltto l.6lollEY s ...ign.a:
cor.ST ater slat Ssoell ta. PI burgh.
R lathen= ornaine..m. New Cast* Pa; ' • •
• tr. c Maim.
a.* & Sharochantls.
• Wm.-Actlte On, °common
• win. Henry. llsortgalri4
' • a= " 3'= "111;
' - Irallbtidsc.linflaio. N. Y. apl
P:44 , 14 . 0viA:1L,:cti0cr.17:%4
. Forty-six hours to Philadelphia.
••; { Forty-four holm to Baltimore. •
-VO miles Railroad-103 miles Canal. .
Two Tally. / l ines Brims Packet &Mo.
tEXCIAJSITKLY yaw egsernasusa,, .WA S .
9=theripenin of aruil Navigation. Two
. Daily Lharstihn Packet =no lease for
Any =nos by Rained to
Two Mind=and& s ei L tellea die= to '
Time thrOugh voarr-stx. Boors.
Ara to Phthd , ll4o,. 110. Fare to Baltlin=
mama on this route an net,and of the maxi anon,
el sonetrOetion,tde cos i= and attety. •
racketa Inthe weary =ma= hreethdy Tashi a•clOeh.
and eynT mhthitarth, same hOor.
Piuminwers - for Baltimore; "
On arch) Carrat thnrithurg. tote the You nod Came
=kW thdnonl • Snow hatched) direct to =I ,11T. (dr.Jus
four mar=' Ttroa, FOOlt bourn
• Ni, "charge for handling Baggage on LIU roots.
The th erm= Speed =tea thls tin nue nathatable •
este and desirable mute non to th e Last= thtna.
For podone or Worn:tat= apply -
&T. RoLMES, Agent,,
• • 4 Mon=mtulaffoum
. Or to . • D..LEECII it CO..
Canal twin. Pena tined.
N. D. the lit sr Ja.IT the Sen , •l] , totta Unit=
.:111 be Tedthed to Ida which tool =nen mina.
Unmet SLT boors. „ •.•
Pittabandt. febroarYtt. • 1
Kan 's Line.
giggo -1 5 - 1
suip tka uß L . ll .6 : ltE •
Is no.l3].n.lgairecti.i Eh and IW grstppianr, to a• short a= at as-low rattor a; any
B atbe the • arronstmento bar alto bent =de for ord,llOlt
•Way heeled to Plalr‘vlll, Johnstown. slum
ItVli t Z7,'llice, ! -t 'Z'a t ="'.
n'..l===t rr a Otntrt=a=r a ntlit=
the liatltthd. • awl= kotte-of kon eons= ft=
ithJolato. =n on • renularity to shlionentx,
1 the alarm=
J. at the binr, awe, easy be thlthl
TG sootr,stsissenn.
. Was-o Liberty
theht.lll. Sedoodl dear son of the 1".
TYRES? IN RINGS LLVE. to my Mabee.
• L BINGHAM. Ma boiloemat iltotbuivit vilifier,.
alter b trailided tinder Ihlf Stile of "Wm Mlochom A
0o.." • - [Mehl) • l WU. LIMI/11.111.
13inghame ' • Line;
ffait.4ogP' 4 51.....Mittil
aI[IIIE CANALleing notibpen; we are tea
: dy. to nodes sad forvor4 PombilY: Poo4o ry tad
=Lanais. mat mad wrst.
• •• •• •
lenghts allegro at lowed rotes dowsed by rerpoonble
Embus and MerrboadoCll brreAred ant fonruard
out kW most wbbool soy , Ammo ter fonnerdiAS
laming Ansbt. ennadoeke, o”torner• • •
WA of Loll ed Erdal sad dlreotiou Iblthfullo
A:Waded to Addl.. &
• WM. MEG AM * atioarßada,
Corner 1410.rty_ood littabarob.
8111011.1111 DOC ISS Morkot As, •
r . between Fourth sad Y . eta, 11.1.44th0bi0.
Mo. 111 North • lborord stran._llBltamare.
JAMES 111110111.11; Ea. 10 west •
• 1.11 1 -row Ymt:
.. . .
MAN . 1851 'ZERO
. 4,1. ' s ti r ;
51T.iili U Cliiii ililitAli..43 . A1;1.
'.4'. Me.+VITILTIC I co, c.... 1 B.l*, ' We P 0......•
P VIMPNEAT3IO.II, Coot.. aka. amid it,.. nil,.
adap_hu. .
W.0.P.1.1•4 CD Meliv 11 4rgo animist atelloo
!AM= t all d =t=% `l l . r..T g. b : .111 '.
Sea amp than Law P.n....0w= . -
.1111"2.,11. Tto lammed number of Nneks prodded by
the ems. Commisdooors , for otrrylog our
Of on tho
loVig n s= l :6g6 o" gtklua - gt z.,.. - ,"
.... Via '.
185 t •
To . SlitioPens ofllleroluinase, Prod* .
LIAM U T lfCtall.
ATKINS A PI, Proprietors, No. = Mute. nal 64
Comae soe otr.e. Philsdelohls • , • ,
BELL it LIGGETT, Arent.. Coos) Ludo. Pillsiairsh• •
Jul. TAYLOR A BON. Agents, Italtimora • •
We in Impart< oit' the opeolog of the Peonsylvonla
Nord, to contract— tor Foright VI kl• an 4
Mapper. as tooth despatch sod are as soy Was Woe.
febt.P.lsa •
. •
MIS —roan rtiTatilL .
314:FAD - EN — & • CifirODE„. -
fllikereseare ton.fohn llshuien tenj
Canal Basin, Ansi Street.
Penna. Sail Road C0.,-Central Rail }kid.
THE at; tocribera having been appointed'
aulaiaaa tiorele for, Penneslssole or Q•utral
linel;lofinm the putnlntlen no are one propene' to re
eelve merchandise or melee* to shipment ewe Guth
opening of the easel. • • • • •
floods vie We sante, VIII be evrMdtbrnnhha Op SIM
nil all conelened to us be nen inlet! nee of comma.
lon us chug. Lit advances. •
'um or rmairr arnrsve natanearlu SID 7111WIIIME.
• Brylktfelt , Elms. Boo . lcr.Btaltwary,Betle!7.oaufi.
Hardware, queensware. (Jemmie, Pant.
• LestherNlOirar Timotb y and paw °mut
Bacon. Bait Pi,rk. Butter W 4 Lard 08, inbtetnt .
coa..jalio.f. um!. qua uwx:
As be", amble (rtousb) Trr. Part', Itogin; ' 1 '1"?
1.1.10 McIJADER A.Ct VO/41.. •
agriAP_, 1851.„ tz'a
Pittsburgh Tratogxeation Line.
JAMES O'CONNOR A CO., Carial Rasta,PlWLnitth.'
JAIIRS A Co.. /elute Broad and Cherry carer.
am/ No. 3 South Fourth West Lotweet, Market tual Cleat
nut Arcot., Philadelphia.
• O'CONNOttli A CO.. lieNoratatate. Daltituore. '
ILIAVING fully • completed 'our armage
bulk, italtherte, Philutelp Now York, Drawn, Cue
elututicloultiallo. St. Laub all the Cart aid Mot. at
lower rates nod with mon dirpatch arid care than any oat
or Line. AU goals shipped by our Line aro fully covered
by lurorauce, without soy cLuao to .woos. a protection
slot really a ctor ad Ly art/ other . .
All cruattualeationa add:AAA to ourulrra aircot..
flail A Co.. Cincinnati: A. Wobb;LoulcoUlo, and Low. A.
Osborne, St. Louts will wet with Mae atteuti o . -
- ors. R Our Lin. hut paconetectiorimbateror with the
Plilladeletht and /garniture, TrourniArtatiou Lluo or At
Ibm, Wobl, foi sale
CI!LORI . Dr .
OF LIME-150 B eask log alo
Ca AL SODA—WO casks for sale by
1..7 .plB BENNhTt DaRAY a co.
8 tales Deer Sting
6 eels Drlal Yeachwq •
3 • Gime=
3 " Yeattms: joid. reed and fur vile by
ar.2) , A. CULBERTSON • CO.
attle of India Rubber nimbi. Belting Oth he
th mince from 12 to 20 inr-ba , • This belting Ls so-
Perin to leather at anT other. Sir ell open halts tar the Rd
Kneltr of widthand thicknese whidi It
will eain.
2 No best under 3)0 degrees. Fahrenheit ; Inhume,
it, end it rental= lealble let SAY deg swicr sold , • •
211.0 ei great strength end durability end nose not
wd =l:ll=er=tls a . allflorziwarit=
Ws es is the ease with leather or any caber. --
kei wide belting the rose le tench belay. that a( Leath
at other. - 7
peinaldete iita direction., for um ant lia orOmmi,ti.
gather with Wing leather end centred for •Jaintoireilirvi
on haul sad for ftle at Na 7 and v Woad ye;
_WO ..• J. g IL PHI.LLIPL.'
SYRCIPS; - 11*.--Undormit'a Itno - Leawlk
BM% Uuderroxf. suo.tita 11 , 4 2triostif,t
pa 10,01!°!er tirit.A.Ahamiiioto
- **^DRY
Ik4ltwar. IeiIi..ahCIEFIELP have ivld
rw,„6Fif?„7, "4Z11.0.2
r •
ER'RIMACK PRINTS-Now styles fan-
Mmirruek Lip> Rini!. Also, inipoior
.vh.,.• kr.%dtelinVilluisu).
VITIDE SHIEIETIIIeS—A full assortment
f &Merit& 104:11s and tett ,
• • z 4 I 'l, I urphy 4t, s arc. -
Bold - Units tiwetteaUcasof blayrnto %dreamt:sent
o 171{ooratio Yo►
_ .
Hoskiy;' Tr Immingi,.: and Lice Goods.
H. EATON, 63 Fourth aim, between
Harlot and lined. ln.itn an =nal= f 'chant
. wall Wien W hin L a and nail Mach:din/I' •
Ontan, 1311 k and Makno II". halt ilk.. and Gial.a
lion is
Kkl Ulaval and wain, Mut. ;
Figmed and Plain. Zonand Ribbong •
mat mit Tellattain and Inot team
Dcosa Buttons snd. . • ,
=MEdC B s lw ""a!'6.=ii...Wrigilletrckta
rd entry Uric
_ rt.l . Crande, Dl'JedntritiTien and Let.r,
r,"a 2 .4 .. TAT
nem wog Mar and Tettbnenthagemam n
and common lana._, ,and Raman Zephyr mud M,am
Yatternsi. /WOW rhontars, and Ereabdol•
W ad., Ishom a"Tanew of small wares and
meal Yana; Artklao. 1r ha .cdramoh. 'any
either far. eta• ajnaand mem.
'ILK :POPLINS---Now• opening, at A. 41-1
0 4 , agg.A....o44.totaniripwak a tn.
ari.: . .
oc, reed pm twatsr. largo agnartoilvt
Triscualsao.... -ftes. le. •Ser3
ttOSIERY GLOVES --Now opening at
A. d. MASON CVS; • Nil •••+thiP•at of 11.4n1
M .W,
. i x:um:4 at 11 : 61 . 1");! , 074 • grar
rigito -7 P — ABASO LS—A.choioo lot' of he
latest styli* tat /alb A. L. MASON 00.
• ate. 2 mud eters:lam&
IttACTIWCKS—We offei 7 f7WinleTell!v,
co inrytad Drke t. A.
OASSIMERES-90 pioes farizirmssamblock,
m fi uss LAWNS 4 eases peLetel, great.
..11 Iriii•tr . of Patterns Gm Ws:
apli l"".""
taxes dinizable
iIIIBBONS--300 pa Bonne;
250 Cap, for
Le, debt ' areV O. AREIUTIIIi=
, - '7lnlZUZlriVto:ila t lldartr
.0117.1 Mtleargtrear "ad.n %ag tag
arrest Arles la ADM' ie.. 8 •
oneson verr stdradkl assariassat •aad Cloth ,
of fors Easliloosibla abadriod color,
_vide thordid ,
ri u Vrs n tsk=roulaettrall Roby lr=
dada dot of ther'AlleTh=alVrp,atbe
Is datiradoed to' WET at
prkee as Isla coa l =
who two Itha srltte assn. that oot soli Ow moat raPsdad
Ciottdast Ls 'at at this establishment. aol ata , ed o .*
V=Virtekalladagillasrasioutad. atura.d. la lac
'best ponablookaoar, sod at LW shortest =O..
Straw Bonnet and. Hat Warehouse,
No. 105 Maccrr Snem,
. . . .
t H. PALMER offerer for sale, at very
Icar view& toll aseartmedt of Strew sad 11:13110-
03..1. foreign sad daorkaajplates sad teary
ge..34,CidDo.iisepOdllkko, Leee,lleb.Pelaald,Leg-
V1T974, 31 1.% h 11 jtis WPM WI VT
=L.A. ?EAU. Etna . . MR Imp; Uwe, sad
Nam' 0...a1ef..)73 1 1 tr, sad other v.*
Ii " .11 - ar r s—Ind t , Boated wad Snit ale.% Saito antl Ter
m gittOraltrtgalragr ;TePar:trede=alitte
Cetten Netts.
STRAW TRLNYLKCS—Corde,TIiade. Butane. Baekie.
Pki.l4l3llV, le, - e.
PLOWX/15—Fresel setd /marina .13prias, baaetee sad
'Writar 31realtret42=-01se.. Ora de N.
idee. Om de Mae. Ilonezaw, and other Kyle, coned
nelltiorind calm:
• SdfLYS—atedevel mall. sad color.
Bas es;
also— dr, to- Klatc sad Ida: arleecl Pesetas ead 121)abra ll maidea, Dead
W. It gM2=C
Is non constantly rsorbins h n tprlns Stock of
Cosanchlng In pastille fillowlntranyletiar
Mara Banc Velw4 PO. Calvin de. 4ex. l'apedrl
nein do. do. BradoLg vitro wow.: pip wperdw 3 Pin
Own* own too do.; dm do.: comma do.: rottoodo.;
.14. 34. cret,...114 tw Wed Irenltion: 44.' 34. 64: .66
p. 1.10 40444.34, 168, awl :A Wont =I cotton do.
•Xxtrs Chentlio Rye tow do; dd; antra 40.1 6no
do, dowonowon do. C We • Pow ]told taltrd do. do.;
aol ..p skin do. dn.: Adelaide 40. LW: Than do. do. _
'tnnet , Moe. Weldon 4.04. owl 24.
rAttwa Oil MM.,- iroL to 111. y asa nom
64, 74. 0-4. 54.4-4. I. OtiClatiA.
A to—etair unit. all slow CW4,4 land
ew-nt.6t0dd0.,.. =1, ,,c dt134 WartinaX Tnido Onwl,
and m oor_} Window
Bad WinglaWiloilandr, ttsM i t=l:ndwoold ilaw;
Cow. rd da TAW. do: do. dined, do: Warded Tabla do.
11. ,inn
_ixotod and pardAnned oar sw.l Itton tbo
loaaadoW:l 4 ll.ete oll rlow, betas of Ch.
0.4 Waau
=LF . / 71 maulers at X. as ut#rst &PI C41341 an pparetpawd'gwLLlm :40-
W afW ( I . 4=t Wats .11 Wadi and Wrasdlao otai at
The • Carpet Wisrebcrase, 85 Fanztratreet.
mcb: 9 • W. IdcCLINTOCK.
L•• DRESS , GOTIOS-:-15 cartons
at the wort faablvatie Size 4 nor oNe&I At A. A.
N & Also, esaw• Ber.
Ages, Poplins, Cambeire. ud isometta. spit
ja-LACT;.. FONCJI CLOTHS --Mvarirr
• anamizu , hairy AOI , OOSIS Abitlr SWAN supple ei
rs4lll Clot 64 set -o vent ewe. anY Invite the
dl. of Neat Uncut erlAINg w rupply theloselm meet
I . OTTO :s' GOODS-2 cues Cotton pant
Ij OM!. 1 rNamtou7. 67
FLAX—A. small lot for sale by
"at= 121 recood. and 161 NM. stmt.
undo Laboritory.
1 11., ht.
Va - dypr l
161.1 1111 11,
85 99
Per cent. EliretiOi.
m. a AU:01101 , Pore 14411, Cdogos aidarsa•
Coppa-DistUied.Vapos Widslus Own am Wu&
Coma of lilac lisoS inent•troM, Mama:. ucio.
immin cedes I , con Mabarth will to K omar 1111•1
at toren mutat , - - Waal
Wft= and Lio=.
N 0,15 . 7 Late" at;erackff — fadeli•
D. /IR/LUX Ofritt6ll7l4) Iran. 11, a 0.. e.
• • .. _
10143KE1 SEN k STOUVENEL, respectf4l2
„AT u. ros ' 81 ; Ind their
trirlionat.ErtrahOm hr
Amt. J• rea d
were bay • fon ormlamani Use hest stost—lsomiael
Thrteott rod as 4 sUte nlea, erembelatir *M.O.
Bryan., or sos Mam4 MMus* /mom sus, itmlsad
flod,l.elia.Wtastur,ch...grAd.r=lagg hash sato*.
sursoMZlO A Winans, ae. .-almoa=o 4 t=
Perstugs, Wm sod I.lrobarnb Mum. • All atO Ms?
sill sell, wholesale. or "Mai, an tramsostmessable tunas.
Om of the wham% It,. atomerel. tIU eaullsolow
hapoctstiou Imam. to the Mrs' . N rota. the alms OM
othera to sell o. observe IMO • totem ankle ths* 111
house In chh , clty. ens. Elm us • mil, ben. roa
purchase elsewhere.
• 'fireman* suppll.4 he. N.otm elute. sal k the
.4 .
- IIARD.—I-Jmve removed to my new afore,
ilbrwe doom below.) nearly oppoel(o the Soak 'of
album)). whet* I wlll be gaol to IMO my MOW) amf Oeb
Hamm. ond rawly@ a .b. Of the& <IMO. 1 . 1011
keeps mry lase woortamot of Vobolotery, flab ma fie.b
dlog. Caniocl flair, aprb)g, Illom.Lbtlos had Hasa Maros
woo .V.oaber Hoak Alabama, and Plllawg•lllaolgets.QaUlo.
Coooterponeo, mid Comfort: Window Milo*,of wvni ow
Hein boot Mao, and entry artiela woolly amal he lbo
mast ex boodle mlabllobosen to of the ktall. ' Orders tonsob
folly sollolleol Lad tut Lawmpily Wlel. • •
00l 'WM. blollbro SUM strut
bales !waling fromsir. Cape
C. Man sad los oats nuAn
mem a
• toyl
3 bt. Otaxermy
" R."
itrin d rltllVat tl
.y 1 • s.y. Mot..
FEATIIEIIB--fi bqcs fin. salt) by
i mul
QUGAIt, 1110LASSES,Cti-- •
L 7. •• • • 11.1110. N. Cl Suva;
xo blde. Battle Orval:Cal U. Molumt;
A. Dbl. loaf tlogan landlaft a!ts by
. ..141.110
. _
F. l ll 4 P: j "l 'u ' ..fil Ui l it e xellra
'Sog:ltirnd Syrup of YELLOW
Tel just from Provldcace,
" * " . " 1
80. " T aimt diUr c 42).l.97 i rsnia.
mums of Wald 11.04 O 1 *b
INO WITHOUT —2l)lms.
T flabbl.ta &.p Powder, the ooasofne article J ostreed
and for polo by . M. /L. N9 LLI El.
-.V Wool greet
VALK-1U bblo. for 8010 by
-Pain* Wago' -- T
ALarge and substantial t i ro horse wagon
with_ imn =lrk; far We <xi fivorstd• ernes by
U., JADljpisa.t.
Ite true. Ls and le, Joins At Lena? brad; •
2.5 be, Putnam brad; '
; 1.1) Le. Daniel% • •
• x 11,Lturm; Warwick Mare wand:.;
40 T: J. Edersnrr
1 11 '
Just reed an eanalmmtent bout Xfttloolld end Lynchbura
manufauturere, and kande
ags2St and al WLZ 4 O2 "maid.
11400N - 7000161...110R
nOl ; - „ •:ta Water street.
SUNDRIES -100 eacke Corn; •
25:11thol Pet,tiar,
spbs :AMU PAUL; 611 „ w. ,
Water st.
.11A1 4.O4.EREL-60 bbls. No: • :.
. hild ialits Dtrc2tr'
LENMS—Receired and for sale by
wm_ dA-3W4T3,2a.
rOoilol.--10 hbls. for aTe by
fIORN-50_bbl. &hello& for gale by
111j-mai W. 4 ILWILEOII,I47IIreI pt.
, ICADA EIHOT- , -400 • 'go ChilanitLou:
GROcEtttES; &o
A Streets; PilaavA,
IRE4 OI t.n i cAt 6 arri
reft '
h o
. • .04 reasonable tem lm .
IZ dawn Patent o i
Zinc Wash
SO Ist9tea extra pare Stud , :
ZS Ealarathx.
IS btu:. r. o. Malaraeft
aim" of Wood iout
.Ik u L
wztlhol= •
111 bozo prim Or=
65 41...clusts do. 430:
45 Oookog and=
• 100 barn C 0534 '
16 - " 3 " .
00 4633300 d 113
33 al. L. I=4 Mack
and .+4 do. Na I do:
t 3 and, Bois 000:
60 bum Boaled lierrlnc
14/33134 .stn Sloddren
. .
- GjaAl
" Pordotrof Fug.;
680 16s. 60404004410,00
60 drums Scckyna tree
2) jars &Meaux. Prase;
60 7 46. Melly !
6 6.01 Rack Wady;
2 ..Gems 011.06.0
06666 C600316tr.
6 ` aewe te t 1020:01
i r s e rE c s 4-p.-
1." "
MIA. Garrott's, Baa s `
45 taxes Raul. Oodles,
lone Pearl Saar,
Mand Itotined
7. I.4qumion
1 bbl. flosinlolpbor;
10 do, Extract of Lemon.
nog, tut Vaollbg
titer I
1 "
100 0
dawn ldasai perm kl3lwklat
100 our o•Hlorfkrar.
1 93 dr.. /tag
Glars. ALTO, winl=l.
" Lat=xl Havarr
1 auk Sal
011.44: sneta6
347 b y . cock
i!5 . 0 3!n4 Ps twok b. "it
' - 300 bn.3211. it L. ULLA
3,000 Al
balm =VI ung
Xnn. taunts
" Untrond 6101+4
100 draw Egg
LO eame Yim Oltmelarr. •
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6 " Lemon Mitutart
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654 161 Front MA.
FLOOR -150 bbls. sup. Family; for sale by
SAURA.TUB-25 bble:(Aclardie} for sale
by -
LITER--8 bbla. Roll, for sale by
•07 J. s R. 11.01 D.
BACON -247 pea. Mims, Sides, and . Shoal
dm. trnia IL FLOYD. '
OOL-3 sacks Common, for sale
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ACON-4000 lb s. Hog Round; for sale by
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MOLASSES -75 bblo. to arrive, for sale by
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JAMES 4 1111 111.90 N NCO.
LOAF 81:IGAR.200 bla. , Small, for sale by
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Lard, nod 2 bbls
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ALERATUS-123 boxes and 10 Wile. for
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150 raw Chipping Rpm
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UGAR-92 bhde. N. G. toarrive this day,
fur 4Y W. octal P. it W. EU CUD.
MOLASSES -140 Ltda. N. Q. fur auto by
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'pun) APPLES-100 Du. for Yak , by •
SYRUP MOLASSES--51 MIN. S. .11.. tor
stir by slog IV. Ay. WILSON.'
,1011 OLL BUTTER-711Ybbla.: (kood) for ink
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BACON -25 cub Ilarns;
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SUNDRIV,S---WO bu.'bried Apples;
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Corm --so bags Rio, for sale bv Y
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PEACHES -200 bu. primo-ludaes., for sato
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STARCH -15 boxes Vox's) just ree'd and
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SOAP -50 boxes for saleJr:k
►ye ' JAS. A. M T UI e!.ON i CO.
A , C ie K or REL
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QALERATUS-13 casks and 5 bores on
INDIG9-3 eases Mani ll a, foraala b!
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QUOAFt--40 Mids. prime N. O.;
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MOLASBES--150 bbIA. N. a:
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IPOBACCO-25 kogs . tledge 6 twist for sa
J.• by• 426 • JAMES DALVILL
AINOFFEE- 7 -150 bags prime Rio, for sale by
ap2ll - JAMES DAUM.
_AWNS AND MUSLINS—Now receanng
by A.. A. Itmost A Co. ass qt nav stTlev prom awl
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BAOON :LIAMS-14 cats on hand; for oalo
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SALTPETRE --GO begs crude on lewd; for
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ROLL • BiIIhISTONE•I2 bblo on hand;
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It OTTER-20 crocks ars
and j, for sale by
'Ar.l4 - J. D. WILLIAM! l CO.
jrthOTIRES PINE,;-31 boxei hr side by
aSIA .1. D. WILLIAMS 4 Cu.
MANNERS' OIL.-15.bblb.qto arrive)) fur
We by . 61013 J. KIDD W.
TURKEY PAIBER--10f/0 lbs. (to arrive)
fnt. br• Ana J. p".L.
iiSEED OTI-2 1 0 bbla for Halo by
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WERKE: /IF: SIENNE-100 Ms for ela; by
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ADHESIV.E. CLOTII---2iX) yards superior
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COCOA-IitITS,-2 bake reed and for' Rae
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Q.ALIAD OIL-2OBaskets 'use reed and
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Alonzo 4. Carier, Rtillea Joan, Mit
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A. J. °ELLETT, icle:iretary.
N:D.LA ger p Dhideid tlfte.n r sigrown. on expiring
policies he then decithed by the Dlrectors, sad ie no. re,
rentals at tar Othee Mr ...throb. or redeemable In colt
et the end of, ninety days. . A. A. Comm Arc ,
PianidinPire.,4 3 4 l ll4o.,Co: l of ,
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which, with thcb. OapthO Ana ProathatwolY Wotfd,
afford fenotectlon to 'lb. ed. • •
The mote ample
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J. DARDS= COYYLN, Assist • ,
Rad :Dan R. Z. mower of Wood sod &a As.
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American; Life. entilLealth Insiimuyx Co.
Agent for Ititrlbp-qh; • ' 1 ,7 1 ANI.
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piOTICE le hereby giyee to the Stockhold
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881 P. L. SNOWDEN.
EMOYAL.--GEO:V. DIIIM hu remoTed
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IWANTED,-44ituatioa as Book-keeper or
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ARRY, HUGHES . &: , C0:, 1 Proatt ni oili of
the liach Iluttaes Jiwkruf mad Stats • beg'
to Inform litalders. I:outrun., sat others, at the
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Mr. Thomas nrry, one of Um au , 7S/eo
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B_OOICSI--Charces , and Counter
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Shesdder Root or Sketches or the I'lluve4Ad life of
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H. Abbey . . saeratiqo of the mass eat paasseastle,
writed..• N. 4 of Ms rs.unt work has been Wetted at -
, Helene Lila? Deplti TWIT ea.. the host Seem
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NOTES: AND DRAFTEC=Engrdod , isid
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