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• : county Convention. , r
The Whigs and Antinuusoni orA/le
warms satordsr nu, au: of - • pea- anal Oats at holding --
tb SoiciWpi (t.D.Uralr .1 3 o'clock. P. d
t iorrard . vr
dho. ..nti t ar=Thl uat il. o'eket.,:..m.
a 9.1. b4d: 1 1 3 1 : 0 .13A
A. /ter cat Wednadar, the
locadagices wemaker to ats na t=6 2.1 7
y) mote. datgellt to UM Stats 070 Maim; to meet
: intAL • aft a ax.w...
,OMO Amm-113971153/LVABI.6
. •
fen* PlV . rdneace to . the IbEowipg !nape?:
tent intelligence in relation td our iteetern Rail=
7 ° 1 ',4 which - we find in the AY. F. Tribune, of
tut; m6rhy; and which will 'cheer the heart; of
:cor.citheas. Om readers are awarethat Oen.
-..-',ltoirtaaow has Weak the. East for some weeke;'
on matters connected with par , Railroad.
haeextended It!spinney no far negintbec, Where
lie made - the 'Mist eatistactiliyamitgepie4ts for
„the rapid tnuasmission of the iron , which has
been"altipped from 4ogitind. to that point, and
which in Intended for the line between Alliance
and'. Ibutsillort... it will De delivered' on the
ground lithe time it is needed. '
But the post IMPortant brainess transacted is
in the following artiolo from the Tri;
Go. Daimon, of Pittsburgh, President of tit;
Ohlo and Penzuybards .liailroad Coripany,
Unmet his agents, Meant Winslow, Lauer &
.Co., iris, within a few days - past, completed
• the - negotiation, on favorable terms, of all the
Convertible Mortgage Bonds of that Company,.
.-°.; which remain to be named. "_'his sale amounts
to upwind of MOAK; attach, with the Bonds
• - &Toted of last yens, .farnishes all the means
mcoswytoprovvis the irountilt, chairs, spike',
cars. locomotive engines, he., ha., for the cam
.... • pletion of their great work. The bonds have
seen taken by, capitalists of high standing and
influence, having estenalve foreign.connections.
is anderstood that a largo portion of them
will go abroad for investment
. .
E • The moans derived from this sale are applies.
ble to littinompletlon of the second division:
. Watling from Massillon to the Westerarterminna
- Bonds
the road atCrestllne, astirGallion, Ohio. The
- Bonds issued by this Company limit year
the first division of the road, commtmeing at
littabargh and extending to Massillon -.on .the
• Ohio 'hare been principally ab;orbed in
thlifeotintry and LSD:trope. far investment, where
they stand desFrerily high as ti,ftist'class
- 'The
_capital atocleof the Ohio ind.pantyl.
• Tanis Retread Cconplusy latge and is being
increased; which, with the means now
,provided, ,
will enable the Company to praa forward their
work with cash means entircV, and without the
slightest necessity for delay. Tke heavy Tea%
- CO Ms to the ,yard, sulnehmt for the track from
Pittsburgh to klassillon,lolmileerwaspurchas
' edlast yea, and is now on hand and in coursed
- densely. 41. purchase of 2,000 tons more for
the section between . Massnloa and Wooster;
utiles, hasjost been made by Gen. Robinsort, de
. :•
liverable =the reed during the summer and an
tantatf. the present year. . -
Creittline Is the Pointitheie the Ohio and Perm
' sylsestia Rad tottchei . the tlereland, Ottleunbus,
'and Cincinnati Wailroadtp , etthis point commen,
eta the Bellefontaine and Interns Ramat
This_ latter work is now in 's sexy forward. state
, of construction,. and it wlll probably be com
pleted nextyear. It extends Westward to the
Stateline of „India* 'where commences the In.,
disitspolle and.„Belleftmtaine Road,. about. 80
miles of .which is now;in operation - and the Fai
due being. rapidly, etnitincted,'ruatudng -thence
,Indianspalisc , .lseitt , :*mtnrimes : the Terre
Want and -Richmond Road, which wilt' be com
pleted: this year, and Whichextends the line to
-Terre liant,•,:front.". hence .to. St , - Louis Com
., *des hire been organized, surreys-made, and
the work.willbo.comnienced at on early ' , period,.
thus Completing the great chain of Railroads
, connecting the cities of New York, Philadelphia
The Ohio andPenasylvania P.oadwill be preao
„ od. forward to completion without delay.' -From
- ,"Pittsborghlo Bearer, 20 Mile"; the road will be
completed and opened far travel in July next , to
Alliance, where it .intersects the Cleveland and
Wellatilleilead, it wilibe openedin October noxt;
to hiimilma on the let of November next; to
NirciOnter early in the Spring;• and the whole line
.L :af, the road from Pittsburgh to Crestlina a die-
A[l4M onBs miles, wiltbe completed and opened
trail, in the Antumn.of -1862.
..Brent energy and ability has been numintated
tbrMLAbontby Pen. Robinson, the President, and
Solomon IV.. Roberta, Esq.,,, and effielent
;Chief,..Engineer, seconded by the -Board of In
',rectors,. who are among themes: substantial and
, energetic meet* the West.
- The contract for 2,600 tens of heater the Ili
- ,- ,wision of the road between Iffunillon and Woos
- mentioned -above; we',underatand has been
Concitted with:the liragy's Bend Iron Company,
the Allegheny river;-abase-this clty,—the
~..-,eatnecompany which ft rnished the iron for the
• section between this city end Beaver . ; We . . are
• glad to fuel
that no much Of the road
_is to be
;laid with the Ade:dein iron,. which is of a wery.
-superiorcharacter, and we think it highlypro
,bable that the eamo establishment ant' fteliish
theist for the iiMiLdtw a the read.
'MeiElision Of the road between Wooster and
Elrennin* will roost probably,be advertised for
- s .. letting to contractors next week, and as the work
:_.l;isioostlyllght, it will be prepared fee; the Rails
Milli:nett season.`lt is expetied that by the
"lirisitthetinck loyere reser gasidloa, Which"will
be sometime in November, that every thing will
'- - is ready for them tomed to Wooster; and by
the time pre
they reach' Wodirer, next ISpring; they
will find tile trick ready for then' to go forward to
its ternlnation. ' It most likely that .
- :
at ._B l 4ing of the track , which no* 1 4.0 8 6 4 4, 1 g
~.' betweersthis city and Beaver,'. will be continned
- .. without intermission until the road ia finished to
8. W. Roberts, Esq., the Eli neer_ in Chief,
Ras been over the line between, this city and
ar, lis
Bearer,,this Week,and he ink o -as that the
work is all in a state of fOrw elm; and -Oitt
nothing will prevent the care 1 ciniit,g peer; the
s 4.Oad betweiniPittsbnighandßrightMo by the.lit
r, of inly, but tho want of Moss sties. ' ..Ths. Coil
,tractors have gofer failed to meet the4 , tegage,
..-, claire, bat the officers. oftissi.,6trviinr 'are do
. .. . .. . ...... _. .. . .._
ing everything in their power. td,'remedy the dit- .
Unity, and we the! Pretty enfelsvirOnslid.zigercr
=Wass railroad ride to Brighton indre or six
, tocomorlyze.
, .
With the =wpm railroad% ,
winch already
traieree eery section of the cannery,: and Which
-are so, rapidly on „the increase, the Minding of
locoMotires has bcome avery Important branch
mantdaitures. - 'lt is One for which this city
, adroinbiy ada - pted; and ire doubt not but
that whoever may be fortunate enough, to take
the initiative in this Imelness here, with sufficient
capital and skill to . make it what it ought to be.
be highly successful; ,The abutdanie and
- d9tnm of material, fuel, power, and indeed
- emerr thing essential; would giro the Pittsburgh
manufacturer great &damages over all ann,e.,
The width of track on ;the Wester's Made is
iggenne from that of the eastern roads, being 4 -
.. feet 10 inches, while.that of the Central Road is ,
foal 81 Inches, and that of the New York and:
Erie road is - 6 feet; 'eonsequently locoincsire a
for - the use of. the.western rends cannot be rani
'over,: eastern Made from the eastern cities,
bit mast he transported at considerable expense.
Bit from this point to all the net work of roads
which will soon trevente every - part of the great
tesfiettnartlt I{nd Irettit tite:olo river,from Pitts
burgh - to theatississipPi, the can tsar
et.* ite own power, all these. roads, being of. the
same gene.. This la a material adrantageto the
'• - '.eittebtugh builder over his easteracompetitnia. -
Nor hi this ail: By the rirer he can Supply the
toads-in the South-western States, with almost
equal facility
We speak of this matter now; because a gen
: serum posseming the highet t testimonials for pro.
bity, and for Skill; and experience in thlsbasliess
nowhere, desirous of establishing iitianafao- ..
. locomotives on an extensive smile. This
gradlemiukluts teen the operstire head - of outer
:the most:latoons 'and sticeeeshal establishments
of the kind in the United States. Ilia dq3iii
to forma copartnership or jefiit'steek ennipatiy,
: , - Witlf - nMipital of itamt one bandied tionmand4ol.
pat ap - attitable buildings ! and bsee,ereiy
"2ikint aecrossry to constitute le-first rate teat,
llsbmepd;. Ire tecqit Ite will notimcuiprow .
pelt. eleeMheiw 'for'
and oith Pcthipe . tomer;
11 1F'0 1
one In: Titration; are' , coot tolm'pleked-14;?#4i
4.7;aoal.mpFku.wlio this. t o otsb l 4 ll an
eFt,i*t hitt iriteeelatil beehehre 60 not efteri
Thhe is, also. 'lest the !deli:of tiozi,:tor .
thejeitabgeliatent of . : the balite* The-Mii;
the glee, mid the time Me ell that can be desir
ed. _Whin ere the capitalists whe 'dekko:oaks
safe end profitable ineestmente? .
Parsii Sill ON Me PACEFIC.—Ena thing Per'
alnngi Califor n ia seems to partake of the wild
extraiagiuninf online] ninanci. 'torn years
ago it was associated In our minds withNann-
Cheeks, ratagonin, Or New Zeslandi now we
rank it with Virisconiiii?, lowa,' and Tenni, and no
longer think it so rosy far away. Then it was
almost a terra incognito, with a vane, turpro
duitint poprdation, whose existence was rarely
iliought of; now it is one of the moat important
Stites of
our great Confederacy. Then its wa
rns were seldom disturbed by the prow ea res.
eel ; now its BM andlutrbors are whitened with
the eallinf. all 'alike* Indeed California has
made. a greater admit, in. five years than ever
Was mode by s European nation .or prcnince b;;
But what strurins With the moatsoipris' ewes
the following statement of the team vessels
now emploped en that side of the centinemt:
' - of Ton; ATenge
Tet/ 474 /" la/14, tonnage. sesibilumrs, 22 14,/uu 648
Lanza stet/niers, 46 4,847 708
Many nf the , old *ions of Ear - 4e. cannot
toast of anything like emelt a steam marine as
this; and if Borne of them can beat as a littleat
the Great Fair;'we can May compensate onr
aelyes ti pointing to some things which we can
not, exhildt, in` the, slip palace, bat which are
moze:wondarit4 than anything there.
This body met et lltiel on Thursday- of but
week.., - • The opening sermon was 'preached by
De.:bIIDDLII of thin cityi moderator of the - last
Assembly -
.On Friday Di. Itinnts mad'an affecting letter
desetiPtive of the death scene of the late Dr.
Erskine Mason; plata of the " Bineket street
eintrch, New York,'Which was folloSeed with re
mark's by several gentlemen. •
Be,.‘- Armairr blatmes,-. of Philadelphia was
then unanimously cleated-15f6derater.
idlers brief "actmowledginent of the honor con
ferred upon him, declared the iniembly or-
Some ditWassion was had upon the ecelesiasti-
Otl relations subsisting between the General As. !
seMhly'and the
,CongregationabAtemeistion. It
steins that there is inniadirmulby,the nature of
whiCh we emmtfally gatherieol;the mufti:eta.)
us bet itteraltery temperate etareletatien of the
matter; the committee on the subject come to the
conehision that "these facts'suggesta . doubt, a
painful _apprehension; 'that the co:rresiguiclenee
failsat present to conduce to bermonyandmutual
Oillietion." After some farther conversation the
repOrt, was informally hid over. - •
We. subjoin a few items from tie report before
. , .
1111.14 von the reading of the isdn-
Jae! hs the etteetioan, moved the thliovin' it mg.
..liesolved—,That in recording the 'Proceedings
of this General Assembly, the clerk be &meted
to amontinue the use of all literary and greet.
siesta titles in.conneetien with the names of the
members% and where it is neonate:y.4o desig
natethe official standing, the names-of their re
speetire ?Sees be used. • • • •
Alr;311113 urged that it wouldatxridge the toin
ateOltat such titles were naseriptneal, and of.
- tan: endorsed the , blunders of half fledged col
leges:; He laded ,that the Modderator, just
ejecta, .reftmad to' wear each titles, 'and that on
the Immo principle,Captain and colonel andother
usllitaryand tine titles should be axed- lie
had no objections . to their 'social and common
Dr. Biddle said rather pleasantly--1 hope the
brother may be gratified. 'qr . meat make my
brOther_to offend, I will est no morel , and if
my - Weak brother le offended with .such titles, I
will wear them no more. . ' •
Hopkins adrocatedthe retaining of those
titles,' as is done in other similar bodies, since
they,carry soma measure of influence with them.
As we hare men of distinction this honor should
Idr. Ketches 4 of indiaaopolis, .sald that pos
sibly the brother from ancumatl might wish to
get rid of the title of Dr. seedbed to him last
everting by mistake. He had no doubt that the
geitlemart who have the titles in question who
hare the titles of.D. D.. L. L D, and Hon , - have
well earned.thrm, sad haute they ebouldbeee.
Mr, Drills rejoined, that it was only in run
ring records and not the statistical reports; and
that he advocated the 011:11113i0t1 of. titles He
cited alio the example of the Presbytery and
Synod of Cincizatti ageing titles.- . • .
Borne others joined to the craenuirm, and the
resolution vas finally lost. •
A ;vote or thanks by the Assembly, and sn
ipers: fora copy of the Moderator's sermon was
tendered to-Dr..lliddle..
.The city.- of Wialdngtcof was appeimted man
homily as the next place of meetiEg'for the As
; Bey, L Mcntllan's report (tent tether 61A3 cm
se . delegate to the; Cumberland Prtsbyterisu
Church) Mlle read, and spoke of a ray cordial
reception szurkind tntatoortM by that body, that
mani . lestod ray. grert Madensess of speech, as
to those who might differ from them in doctrines
The' kayoing Ripon Was stut4e to the late
Stittitito Coatreittiatt at Cu:cinema,'
. by i Com
mittee'apPaintid at. !hi previous atutial ineeitiag
2b the 'American Assoeiaast for the Adiernameni
v./Science. ,
The Committee appointed manorial* the
Legislature of Pecusylvinds in referenee to the
:publication of the Final GeologlearAport of
• -
Re roar That the important subject wntem. .
plated in their appointment has been so far ao
cumplitheitlud an etc was paned by thelegls.
Ware of ;Pennsylrassia. at lbs late *wain, and
apprtured by the Governor; authorising the pub
lication oft-he Final Geological Report, In a style
worthy of the scientific importance of the subject,
and the geological wealth of Petnelliania. It
contentplatesen expenditure of thirty two thou
ethyl dollen for the purpose, and the work is to
be done under the superintendence of .Frefessor
Henrys): Rogers; 'the able geologist by whom
the survey was made: The passage' of the act
is in a great measure due to the efforts of Thos.
J. Bigham , Esq. of .71tteburgh, the member of
the Legislature having charge of the BM
The Chairman of the Committee, appointed by
.the -dumb= Association, having gone to 'Eu
rope ;. the - undersigned Reporter, whose name
stood second on the list of the Committee, com
municated to Mr. Bigham during the section of
.the LeglsLithre, the views and Wither' of the As.
iodation_ in -reference to' the object'-which has
thus been accomplished. ;
• Respectfully 'submitted, on behalf of the
Civil ',Engineer
`Csicursan, May 816, 1851
hoot the N. Y. Colomord9l of 1 faado iltornoon,ll.9 19
TEE itcrEoDln =WE CUE.
The. United. Biateni Circuit Court room was
thronged at an early hour this morning with per
sona desirous of hearing the argument in the
controversy between the Methodist Epincopal
Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church,
'Smith. Among them:we noticed several clergy
men of various denominations, and the 'gallery
was occupied by a number of Indio. - Judges
Nelson end Betts took their seats on the bench at
ten, erloch, and the counsel for the parties soon
made their appearance, at the bar. ' Southern
clergy present, Rev. Dn. Early, Pierce,. Staltb
Northern clergy present, Rev. liors. Scott, Bur
131N. Peek, Kennedy • •
The title of the cause la ifenry R. Bescom'and
Others, 'II' George. Lane and eatery and the
complaint is Med in equity for the purpose of
enforcing a division of the funds of the Meth-
Odist Boot Concern. ' The Hon. litevienli.Tohn.
ann,Of il!lihilcre: and Daniel D:Lord t Esq.: of
this. aPPrirr& far ' the , complainant, Mr.-
Waster, who is also engaged on the s a me side,
being absent,. For the defend:tatty apieinied the
Ron: Bane Chaste; of Mainsacliusette, and Geo.
W00d,A544;444.4iy.. ilen—Thcenei Ewi ng
Nu also present,. lon being counsel for' defend
anti in to ninillni salt against the branch Meth
atilt Book Concerti of thichunitt:
'' opened Lord M'S casts iith.A. Mief do.
MD °lithe metal facie and etteumstances of the
case: Thetieldett of this cnotswscrlyis what is
detunalnated "Alio DooleCancarn!f in tho city of.
Now Tork.. the !Linda of Which amount to $760,-
000 - D the earlyldianey Of. r thi Methodist de
picse woe resorted
WesleY, for tte'pnitif Mitemitostings
The ill:Wane iherestahlishonsatht WI mut
try was in Philadelphia, wheaceitwitieetailftt*
I removed to New York It became :Ultimately
a concern ofsvreat Magnitude.
In 1836, their balding was burned AOWailitt
was noon `and the Concern'graduallY In
creased in Ito operations until It-reached its pre
. sentlirmr extent. -The pro fi ts of the fend were
devoted to making up a provision for superannu-
ated preachers;' the widows and orphans of de
ceased ministers, Au
The affairs of this derunnination are governed
by what are called anneal conferences and a
general conference.. In nB4, there was but one
annual conference, Ind afterwaris and for a
long period of time, there were seven. ; The ,
conferences consisted of all the preachers who
"travelled" a particular circuit. In 1844, there
were 32. or 33 annual conferences. The general
system of the Methodist clergy is to itinerate
from one church to another. Many of these
were unable to pay their ministers, and the con
ferences provided for them as soon tut they
could. When the conferences were too poor to
provide for them, a deficiency of course weir
red, audit was to supply this deficiency, in part,
that the enrphts hinds of the Book Concern were
appropiiated. In 1808, the power of the Gene
ral CohTeretne became so absolute, that the
more conservative members of the denom
ination began to • fear that It . would be
dangerous, as it might even . alter the; don.
trines of the church, and a change was then
made in Its organization, providing that it thould
be composed of delegates • instead of all the
preachers, and a number of restrictions were
Among other things they were restricted from
dividing the supine furl& of the Book Concern
to any other purpose than the support of caper. I
annated preachers ho. - I
A great question arise in this cosi as to I
the effect of this restrictive mile. It grew out of I
the subject of slavery The Methodist denomin
ation at an early period took high ground on the
subjects of temperance and slavery. They ex
cluded from membership anyone who boirght and I
sold human beings, for the purpose of enslaving
them and these provisions were found to 'be so
impracticable that they were rescinded at the .
next General Conference, and the matter was
left to the various states in which the members
resided. About the year 1836 the net-tion of abolition began very seriously to disturb
the Methodist Church,
The bishops and conservrtive clergy endeavur
ed to soothe the agitation. But in 1844 the mat.
ter became critical and Aecisive, and a state of
things then occurred which necessarily led ' to a
separation of this cinuch into two parts: - A min
biter named Hording, had been complained of as
posketing slaves, and thelialtimore conferenm
impended him, although it was impossible far
him to manumit them under the laws of Mary
land. He appealed to the. General Conference,.
and that body confirmed the suspeusion. Ano
ther difficulty occurred in the case of .Bishop
Andrews in Georgia, who had two slaves, botkof
whom it was impossible to-Manumit. Tire 'aim- 1
Utica spirit was up, however, and it was defer.
minedto attack him.
Without trying him, they passed a resolution
thath he should suspend
- his episcopal Mastic=
until he &Cum:rated bls slaves. .-.
These things convinced the Southern members
of. the church Chit it was unprofitable for them
to go on in connexion with their Northernbreth
ren. They presented a document to the General -
Conference of 1844, protesting against the action
taken in the Mises' of Bishop Andras and the
Rev. Mr. Harding, and declaring that if it was
persisted in, the Methodist Society in the South;
would be extinct. Sixteen Sonthens Conferences ,
elected delegates to a Conference of the Metho
dist Church, South, held at"Loassille, in. 1845,
and they resolved to orginire themselves into a
Church independent of the North. They appoint
ed conunlseionees to meet commissioner of the
Church North, and arrange a plan of separation.'
But the Northern body had, In the- meantime
been overtaken by constitutional scruples, and
refused to recognize the action of the Loulssille
Conference, notwithstanding it had been held at
their Own suggestion.
The Louisville Conference adopted the whole
creed and discipline of the Methodist Church as
it had existed in this country lance 1781, aculdid
not change a single doctrine. The Southern
claimants to their share of the profits of the
Book Concern are, therefore, just an orthodox as I
they ever were, end just as much entitled to their
proportion in the fond which has 'been acctunc-
Wed t the joint exertions of their fathers and
husbands. -
Mr. Lord: then. read the - ..compLaint. After
which Mr. John.son. (e eon of the Hon. Rev- -
eniy Johnson, we betiere,) read • portion of the
answer, and Mr. E. L Fauber concluded:the
reading 'of the Mac. The reading of the appli
cation was dispeculed
Mr. Lord here stated that Bishop 13ascomliav
ing died since the bridging of the suit, he had
obtained a consent from the siefendanta to nut.
stitute the name of the Rev. Vim. A.' Smith, as
one .of the plaintiffs, and an order of the court
making each substitution, was accordingly made.
Mr. Lord connummed his argument by ita
tingthitt Emory's History, the Book of Disci
pline, the printed Journals of the Conference
prior to 1899, and other documents, ware to be
introduced as evidence, by'agreetnetit 'between
- e then read extracts front the Book of Disci
plane of 1840, page 198; *Dr. Emory's History,
under the year 1800; the Articles of Religion;
the Bit Restrictive Asticlen Wesley's Letter to
Dr. Coke, Me. FISIZthI Asbury, and the
in North `America,' Ac., and' had not
reading the authorities upon which his argu
ment is to be founded when we left.
W11413.171gt00, May 18th, 1851. j
Information Bas been 2i:calved from Harvey
Gleason, Esq., U. N.' donsul at Chagres, N. G.,
of the death, within Ms Consular District, Of
Witzux A. lissutros, of Pittsburgh, Penn's.
In conformity with the law in tmchnumsmade
and provided, Mr. okaams has forwarded to this
Department, an Inventory of- the effects which
came Into his possession, belonetig to the estate
of the deceased, and also an account ebonies
what disposition was made, by him of the maid
effects. -
.105"1Ve . agoiti ieEer our traders to the ad
nutlaelueut of U. O. 'Farrell's Amato/ Zoisionot, vmhtoti
peals In azothor ookusus. MI by .bleb you trill moo It Is
WAIT recount:mated sad thio IA sot alit ho recoloseo orr-
Met. of Lbw oho Dm cool it asof osperlosoodllo boo
oadd offoou oa tbdr aa• psnons. rho eons anantiasr
ly Tay rosmartabba eel at kommt the wale!. to worthy of
• trlaL W. adrf..alflu so to the aroot..• bo farulmh
•laustAkt Froths, 'outhatufaa . tosof valuable ocelpoo tat
du treatment of eattima to. • toilbalamtala
per• Deafness, Noise in the Head, and dia.
airepable &ethanol trans tbo Ls, speedily and mums
steal) remark. piano( pan or bientaresiirseVs by
ILISTLET. Prinslied of the New Yuen Eye and Eu SUP.
wry; 64 North 93erepth And.' near &writ, Ptdildelphln
[loan of astendaneo, from 9to Z. Consultation .by letter
or other/4245L AU convect•»:nest when osnlinination
dose not .eb., • surl9l(
stiy•No Family should bo without Dr. Md-
Lends Liver Pills. The Meath! casket-tie of diseases that .
have their origin to named gets of the Liver; Annabel
al/marine to a Brat. er kat e.t.a itt Adana air/ hot'
DrePePelth sick heedsebe, obstructions of Um osenme,
!cm and Orm. pal= In th• Aborit6 drY. kw king mos b.
an all the reettite of Hostig dersogernent nod jib? them,
Dr. Wham& Pills ere • sorereirn ma:WY. Ti..; hr.
Deter beat known to 1.11, sod they should be tot et as
ham by temilles. - •
Dinettemet—Take two or three rd./ to Uhl. every ser•
and or third night. If they do not purge two or thrm
thaw 'by zees morning. tan one or two room. ' A .Brit
brattiest should invariably *Mow their nee.
The Liver PlO mu he need when purging Is simply 'ne.
ne.mry. As . onti.hilkno purgative they ere InStrior to
00. In doms of two or throe. they ire sambaing re•
to eat headmen, ala to ellaht dertogenants of the
0b..... WV. are Tentstoe without the fae-dattla of to
7....„1.07 • 1. RIDD
m7174i.r111-.o' No. 00 Wood .1.
Petroleum I
Ssaiturzsmoi, lluntinydouco,Ps.,ll,o./. 4, IL
IL IL Hurs..-Dass Bin Yam &auburn!. workiesiwou.
ders In this ridnity; tberelhre w. would th.ak rots tosoul
so two dos. by O. Pmusilvsuli Itsibusd. We sr. ou.
out, aa4 It 1 being i0u011.4 for Wm , * .no cur.
Your., rupeetfull4, JOHN 1,030 • 00.! , _.
Mamma, J4bliu4 am. 0.. Much 10,.01.
• 'IL b. Emp—Deu Kr. Your daoul, • 4 , 5 , "rub sir , os.
1.11 with us four dosnu likuk CUL whirl:, we bare: sold.
P1...a forward to as ds dosed immettistsly.
Your stsdkins 1. wortluir wormier. to this mem. w.
. t: t4la y arr o :ral .. ezeallnt outitlest...wll.rowu.d=l,...
Tor ale by Romer AMeDowell, 1b Wad Moot M. E.
13.m.m.AT WoOd etnat; H. A. /shunted. t ON tam/
Weed end Yreet street 4 D. M. Carel, D. A. Zillott. Joseph
Depths...A M. P. Settrarts, Allegheny'. am b 7 the zoo
B. M. 11.1E.11,
AtAMLAV Cana Basin.Semoth et. Pittebenth.
Poieigu and American Hardware.
LOGAN, wasoN & CO.,
No, 129 Wood Stmt.,
WATS NOW IN Bioll.ll .
A toll soctiostploto stock of FOIZEION AND AWRZICAIt
..itak fat the MU% tracts. sod which Cloy &n pzimmd
to after to 0O bacon st tarts that *III most*
tasorsblr Irlth soy of the natant ciao' :
Citizen's balnaLC B ,Company d ruubtigh •
i5 i, 2 941c0 No. 41 wan Ar t. lath* voltam" Om U.
0.11. limier. W. Maw,
Thu preptattl to lantreall mettbattgLlali'
In dere, aod In truulto, Tortlehr do.• •_ • • •
ha =eh hahrhaty tits ability Introity at tbi
Lartithaett, hp &Yarded In the thane:GO Of the Dims"
• who are. all "dawns nt Pltusbargh. well had thrarably
kOOl,ll to the commticity 'Or Arndt"... I.6lllAnteo;
Jr"i'Vair,, ItLWairteghte;2;ll6ii,
Joao llazwortb. trust& & Id. •, , it e m ,
eknisTi,B v sroa An a d. n row b. -D s.uao utican,
, for o . f wwl.cur"r jarleswiaq mad Wh Om.
Azeptinar.—Thos. Petineyiof thp Botougk.
9133 txprproted IhcAntiataaank sat
w h , - ;":" 4,...1..1.ta'pr izetuatloa 14.•
*lf dm Amiecia.7. - • royl4.ll~V
' — iissocistVliniesE—Thantune in ti friends
alma, =MAU ofdlondwo rt .a ty , t om ea
na.g• - 1. th•Aliattalaimia sad Omar
.Coalralstiao. - * • Ow =unmak to oak. of
-turnoodrJnagn of the °not of Quango balloon Kr.'
tioktargowstwonneo la public owooo., lodwl•
ntotal assober of the Slav Legingtont tor the puled of
kowon and Mod with gown antonalrinty tn. as. at
tu tt ytim a t' Ins Land Otto dtologllow.lntogfoadminlo•
"tottion—sod Ma knowledge at tho Oarsman losoroog ..
well se his stand toottom moor, 112.7 taw' W flT T
.q u 1 hi= CO !I , ll,lkid 411:0 rat aselvtowits
Pa Juixts.,Thomas IdQ~let, Jr. of
Pa•bLe• tommblp, will b• • eusdklat•bdonTilb• si,P•••./.
i nt wigs and Anti-Mazotthe Comatkns, Ibr tbji albs of
Asuittlau.hutr• the. Court orlAxasoca
Scabru, dm. sad mill De SlDlnerke , a i bo t kV" l
=rl9.AlmntaT • lowa us, ..celerT. • •
.Aastiatit.-:4l.*ould recominendd _ John-
Ner i th fared* Unraddp, {ykat. and
Mee letWa tm l4'6 " ,""lt.l. P 7 A,r irecc g r 'g .
lisconnen.—Jamee Oorm ly slll be *candidate
Ea She °Moe al !intorno., sultkot to tho oaten of thole*
'ffithade and In • Oannettion. to be held on the elth
Ercoknra.—John McGill, of Dud . Deer
Tomah , . will be • esadidate the the <Coe or Iteceteet.
eubjeet to the deettloh of the Ilatatamele .4 Whig
Knight. of Me Ninth Ward ntttm city at pittabut.h.
to =Was Wore th e - Anti-bluoulo aud. WWII Om'
nntlau t tbs cam of County, Commud.... •
gar Couiriir Coitutsatoni.—Major Joint
Inubci.or the 711.4%24, City of Pillaburet, oill be a
esaildato boron the Antl•Man=lo Whiz ixuar Con
y aticm,pr the ofico of County Opauularloam
.:AgretiUK OP MP Courti.--Jared M. Brash
be a esmiklata Ibr the above calor, voided to the dad.
ateek a the =gulag Asallaverdo au Whig o:Ampon•
00trifiT EXCIVITX.--Mexander Rich-
Arnim. of es Mut Ward,
.Anejateuy Qty. trill be • eur
MLitt& for 04 aka Ooorrt UMW. lorb.lort to the dr
•• • •
- -
• Ftrrokoss.-÷lohn Conner, of Erppor St.ebtir
townoblp, trill boo onooootot roc the diet eMemdit nab
&ea/ to the deeishotoi the.Antlltemoola ma whiz Wash
Azasirmi.—Jolur BE, Porter, or,the Borough
orTutu: wilt be au:Ol4lU tar obtalastica ba
Anesat• inAlat to . the declaim of the WI; and OS-
Dfasastla ty Oaanalkoz. • Ittlawacer
CotrarrYZONYUDIONTR.--Gabriel Adniw, of
th►rWN Wed of th►(Atrot pitubmxt,,,in b. ► t►n4F
doto ibo tho aka OommWloa►r. Ina • set to tbe Medan
. .
, .. . . ..
TICE tindersignedwouldrespectfallyinfomi
the Anti-liaeoes sod whip or aumbew Ewa ,
be wookl : bib, hem to hem meta another UM. fif the
• official teal= throosh theitAwnwr kledoete, he
he. the home at permit hizoa t , em
and 'widlet he lalulges • hie =ate=
duties audios* bits, sod Ida mamas ha dime•iwziew them bee twee generally seeeptbla, be vogues to persehe tut
if stain: moored with their ametaintee_, ids IWO, do
right Adult hoe boeded; Yid that, .W 4 Ir Wadi Teske hhown position 026141 Ma, •111 be
I t that 'am far es pastille the veldts ha, the
Imalt of It.',. :-.Tay estwetrally• • •
. .
-- Rummel—l will be o candidata for
the odket et anodise. eal te the deefelth it the Wh*
and Anthaasoato Omity I , lmere. •
• pitta.,..b.Ariii i i onia "Vt B Dl'L lALINffiIiNAL
eortarr .Tarasuaza—We are author
ised to =mom that J. A. llostor, of the m Ward. atf
littabarg4ll be e candidate for
me the ofhoe of Chatati
Seemarer. to the &dam of hat! Meade am
vyt4Ccamty waktem.- toaftetoS%
Wilk. or Covirr.--TEte name. of
John Mame of Wales toestablerill be yreeente4 to
the ••.• • • • Anthasseede sad RCfp Count (bon.
tarCotarrr BursaTa.—The IMM
horillO of JonN
ro the =
. Apttant the Ward db , of Plttiftrp to ado r -)taacale sW Wide Counl7 0.1.034."
seattlilate Par the pat. of Raptater, sad will bearosii.
• Star Courts' itraterre.—John K. Foster, of
14,b2rbilavosblp..111 be • emllds.te Ibe Redder. bete.
Im eniedag A51C1414.11011111 sal 1114 03.4 Oporratioo.
- asCSAltwlr-3 •
.teeth Bonto•ah. 'at sategolt his arms lotto .4.10.1 -hie
tad Wide il2ou •ty tkolectioa. ma • csulldsle ocaelaa.
Yon to tts. hi
Mr. • n4A•
• serCeetrrr Itroccries.—Please announce.
Owl W.I. of Allegheny City ‘ • Val be • amain Ihe the aloe , wined to the doelsim of the Ag•
tl-goennte wad %V t.bmty Coarentfon.
_ _
CLitn: OP VII Courr.—Elounr Hannan.. of
~ 7 Ctty. tr • • fur tionbUtUce lithe"
oaks at tart of tar Mrs ult. of /Chary County,
•••• • • • •
iterCorm . Coinsuosta.—Jas. McCune,
of the NW% ilrinnt.Clty Pittaba tr,vlll be tatodidge
• efireairste Tar-vault:L-4°6n V. Rowland
of Upper It Clair tolerably. 111 bs • essedfdal• Ibr wag.
Rpm to` this ;gplcs. WS. Use Inds sad /90.1-11serstir
flireotrxrr CONIILI9IO2(III.—Darid Blair,
henna Ward, Clty of •11.•kmal, b• • ma.
able bean lb• Anti-Muck ~4 Whig Oaantl httigrw•
tioh Mg Ow Wan. al I,wintr ilicinallokageh
ta-Conscr Conunnonts.—Robert King.
tf Oa tb Woad. Cry l' roccasumeoded
ot m %lir geld As3/414.anie Obesity Qatsatlm. a'
onllisto6r Copytty Ombibrce&r. by..
Se•lizeoliots.—We are nutlkorizo4 to an
woman that War. E. Yasuo., oflololoob lawanall.
W citerafiffir'
MirAmpxiwia Jcpcs.—Adam He thorn
1.1/mbeglasa, tv. Kates% let neenhaatkos th:
dant et Amorist.. Jedg• u Um Wen et QUZnia Seedoet
of All.abml Wady, b JIMI.III/100610 watt 11 41 L
evenly Urterirtetlos. b trieeto. the Oh of Jam
Asstitsim—The numerous friends of Joan
nous. sse..of hallos toonstap, trill prompt Ida omit
to the Hall-Mommio . sol Whig Musty Eloootaltois. ea •
catil.toto for noodostloo to vs* eels or member or Um
Asomblr. -Nr. L NAler woo • monitor of ttoo Asottotar of
rencet. 0 MeTIC c esa
A -
be eupported as • medliate Ibr Coustr
dlear.ssWeet•o tbe deciebta of Lbw WlLlg•id Atatt•llasonit
Coareatlaa. Er yaar Mom
- Asuntur.—Thornton A. Shinn,
of Esq., will.
wayagted • as • tsadkiala for Lb. Leg - kW:are. subion to
ttai glookalca tha wads mut AzilrilsOCOSltliltaillt, by
warltday:tr.s • Kim Wax.
b,*.;in." rut, urt.ttet. ttard itaathVi , cd .
Wm. I. Iloo.esd.
Ainanieur.-41eorgo L Appleton, of the
serene or nimouseete. *ln etvnelet•th•
Wllmaniemy.7.l4. 11214 Wills WWI Munn kw lamb! y, by
Lawns! Lamas I
. CO:, No. 62 azul 64 11.1.
. anon . an •OM °pots', ID err inp. ingorb
attoor 1rLy92,1:40215 . 11:
st 1.1.% sod lb mt. par yard,
LNDIA: WAS! SILKS-20 pieces kid re•
adr64. a rarytedsaid• =tidy a...6.4d to asah.—
a largo aamartmal 64 laaJard
10 glom Hoak of Pltso
rot :111e13 prim la gob •111 to br _
Exchange Bank at Pittsburgh.
SHARL'S "FOR SALE' on fa vorable
5,9 ter; by A. BILL CO.'
KLEBER has just received
Jorsl o
Nettonal Union. • petelotie seam deiticetal b the
- nen lthloplan Soeuy: by IWO= a
lostor,pt ritutenrgb. -
• Milk
Beret llonen no rang by Jenny the
at lath mFi Wawa-
R .; Mountain Mattri
rdtaVa in tri .
dedleattel to Mr& Ilerejlif.rorp=l e
t . .
tto amt
mornbm death..
-I knew who.
My Mewing With thee V.
Ileenenard. love, death,. •
Nexl4l. Third wept.X
nelA rplendid Intel Mama asd9r=toirant
lorolosble to ladle. es a peoteetlos to tee
N ra& In
how. gordoblog. my of &room he. El Walt.
IttL they bleach the hands nowylr bite. foe low la
tee lodfo Robber Depot. 7 enlo Wool otinat.
hef23 • J. h U. PHILLIPS.
CLARET WINE, (Bt. Julien. Blgdoo l l of
domto ou tfr o lli_ potrZts Anglo bcrl i s! At intlIFC
aunt In the Diamond.
IS bble. Anew% •
I " 1 Lint
I " L t. M i r'
" 1 2 4 U 4 t0 adv.. D.
s_texteer Catotmlaad No. 2, b.
• Lawrenceville Property for Bale.
MIIE Board of School Dieeetori . will sell,
, * t Creni nl ' h "' I./ LT. l ll47g' d "
a 0„,,; ma= to vortee.eue %Ti m , Woo
Ranh. on a nd Iolana! • two star, brtel, frowns on
Plk• stred, and • frame. Toms ma& known ott day . of
B. IL 15111.8E1t, Seq.
L•wrennerille. May 18410-1 oty239w
Dinohem •
TIIE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing
between the undersigned, ender the 111 . 11 ,: =
elsaprits. lbaidltfteol=lPaittrocouthst
I /Mega:inert nether purchased the entire
interest of Chung, a Caro th ets, fri !um mama, willearry
ma the issue IN use. ' • ALEX'S XLLEII,_ •
PANIUgL lita s titoll,
Pittsburgh. Mar 1121, CAL
b RPARTNERSHIP heretofore militia
beterveuthe uuderigned.under the armor "Cis
& en," end • Chereb, Carothers & C 0.." Is thisUtr
direalred b y mutual tOLIANDU sod the naaties of mutate
Cruel Chetah or JON Carothers, In tb.
wWdmg UP
4 bud ' w semen mina%
72 41.1861.—fmragt
20 borne of the culobrated Burlington erookad
, In
.43 . - Wooers and Zia Wain*.
F ISH—Now Shad;
a Vf n ribr li tilb? i ea
• Llhntyst.'
rSPAß=RSlllP.heretofore twisting.
=ir the thio'sarl Jtik of MILLER, CllOßftft
0 1 4,1 4 b , 44 11
=sent.. • lisy
pAR.OIL-CLOT4B--Jast road; from the
rkatarb Plavisratip
a. Cla, beautiful* ills
artlciMbr w e 'Ultra* lanr th am a. aorsprionsokl tsto
Oa Cloth Woo
innats.N. awl 9,WoCtit,
V t lf
_WE SCARFS—dart reed ar
Mum k
jtaraZnned we* V. 17
mudstlog of Collar& et hCo. i r g
Choos coos iorMo,Uodeitlooroo, Stook andV t:L.= Vdb.
no= dog. Mclnnes Waists and CM*, Amble and Elirla
EdstAT: No. %NM 64 mow to. - Rea
• Weeatwarth's Patera Planing Machine.
a.kECENT decLeione having fully and sasl-
te.wentiew tbodatmaof the Woodworth Pal
the tabladiber la wo w - owed to sell the right to on ,
them Ha rhino In the Midi of Now Yor and In Penl-
Tanla. th• counties of Bradtbrd, Crawford, Cllotoo,=,
Lyeamlng,„ Lamm. Mann, Illareer, Potter, Ilk; Bow
qu 'Th b r.j'l.l, 7k4L WAr nfi ' r . V . tetra a W" t r e,? l ‘th• th
d•yr Atyi - ,,,1VW, and the intent,_ harht . rbeeti . ax.
tended by 'nada] act of Otegrew tbe 17th day of Deem
ber. la* by taw els years natlPlred tam. Thin Mar
chiza, at ono open/dim reduces to • Wotan. and Pl..*
Moven-beads and rabbe, In to• trot =tot Walla or plana in an !wan and fa alto eaten.
talaatd ... tr , ==tazi . = b lr. att i ldng,
AU land. of Itlaadna ate pell.orraal be It ha • bett L er man
'lnotanre h2==li,:,rl7 .beeply. ee it a.
4.oleite Kaaba An. plantar. tancebet
ep irrowtos. $OOO to $llOO, eoondlog to else and
;SWIM Pont Caw to too borne Dower will arm It. Maw
trams hundredths of all the it,oad lem4r wed t . our
1.11. dtles sod 10f1211 to now droned with Woodworth'.
Ilarldue• which =V be earn In mutant mwratlon la the
stem pleases atll4 at l&gt11p. haw York,.
ram., Oman. Pahnyts, 1,0711:g1;:
1:26. Mann, GllSont. Ithaca, A. 'For an
th,tht to oa• thew Martian, whiekallPo . -
MY a. =tabooed ..V.l Mdtial7 atuty' Witotd ri" to
any of to. oboe. au_ssApor_p._. • .
. !unsex, mew.. Mills, '
Infamtaaramlil • Amuse, N, Y.
Pittsburgh. Life limes= Company. —
TigS COMPANY .5 incoiporated in.
brnary, 1/61. nith a Perpetual Charter, and has
annisurneed bandana on a capital of SIOO,OA
The Company 4ter baleen Loth on the Jobat Stook and
On the Joint St,ek nigh the rates are one-Mint feu than
toner ettargect by hinwai Comnin, and liftmen Per Cent
loner time the nano( mod tack P..maaj
Mutual rata are the ma= ea three n odado by other
mefe= i n r adocted Companies. Thom banned oe math t
al have the combined Necolithe furnished by that l inenTne. =tile P.Pital and Borpina Panel of
The Canter permits the granting of inntranee on life,
In every num. ineloging the nth' of . I *.alldvth,
nate, relations, Meath or ynn the ure
astotheilbr thelreern Calash. beceoredltore—to W llt,paable after death o , f
trvarthe parties arrietng et the ege of 4)0. 66. 00. or O.
at the thliana of the lath , v& • .
- - .
! • Jima S. Ham Prediett '
Samuieledeelerkan. Vire PrealdeM
: • Jameral. Leech, Trimmer:
- 1 • Cbarlee A. Colton, Arcretarr.' •
Jain E. Efrom • • ntuaoJ Jearpb S. Lereb.
John S. 011erenty (Thula A.Caltrer
riemrsel MeClorkary Wes.
Joseph Gessiat. )1. D. a HU= Addison. Uri.
Jeressish llrost tt. Ed:tinge., SI. D. •
eseneWl Dilworth, M. D., 47 of= " 4l street, •
Robertalaytier, M. D., loct Fourth street, .
Jobs *Weed, )1. D,, Sixtb meet,
Wm. iloma. X. D.,707 Liberty strum
De. Dilworth will be Ist &nada.* et, the GC., every
et 11. sod ,=eklltelrmelml tte m err = e la=l ,
ttrzr bw % . g a u. t,
On. a 'be McilWair. Ho. 76 /math stmt.
tarn C. 6 OOLTON, seer. .
lIED OIL-25 bble.yurle byLMlgg
C liggE—WO boxes for
. sale jt. Ids•
FIRE wi !;ROOF . PAINT--I? . b i p ci s A . , Wg t o t ) . f4r
DTI) PEACHES---50011:4!;czNigizleuty
BecoN-lo ends. prima Sides;* ' •
to tlereantatra Varall i gutmard U.K
Tor nth by ., LB.WATGNYANfSONS. •
• tor= th:l and al Water. sod 1111 !twat 114 .
AND -25 keg. te.i*fgartiliLbisoNs
bu. fi.oats; •
1.23 '
uL ' lbr ale br
DRIED PEACHES-1000 bushels (height
halves) la Eon sad far 054e67
TIMED APPLES-30 sucks prime, formic
• kus by aly= . RUMT. MATTHEWS CO.
CASTOR 01L--9 bb's. (Blow's make) for
eh by my= MUM 31.171117..WS CO.
MUTTON HAMS—°a]oo ibe. Rrizob, for
yay by ao-v HUM MATTIDEWS AW. •
HILLIPS & MAYBES, Hamra' Import
ladol must
lilosolbetonao. No. 74 Math Fourth stmt.
010 s.
Wrotod at 102 Wood staeof, atricoulc ' ol . - 10012
Important to DruggWa, Hartware Men,
. And Store Koper* is /meat
irr i r3 is to inform the above partieit . ;that
Yr. L. EL mature has arrived fraltlPhibuturphis.
has with hhst ouoptes of their LIQUID GLUE., for I.
psonn-a. stut all Undo of mineraltto SOO%
Wast. alms. Oasts, nisi . substanou sold in
totUas of three eisos. Also. ths F.4IILLI• FRIEND. •
Eating Preptuntire. ropprouting the on of Tout, and
=Slogs besutifol. marinas.
to rat Ulf buo time
than soy %Kids out. : lose or too a=seles snotten to Ms
VI/Parties wishing to en to universal ankles'
ass Ample* at Pullgli d. and at ADAlin . Express
Oak, Pittsburgh. this dap. Erna 10
torin 'te
SODA 1031 C--500 casks of our onu - matTUI
betsirs. verssnteel at a* good ;malty and.. hist tat
an say letwatad, and Ex rals tbs lowest market go,
QUID OLUTor ootrunattos Watd. atto.
Cater ot4 say Wotan. tor croon. work. It
await utuirs/114. To to WORSITITaCOI.III,4OII
OW., Mutat. royltt
LIG :Tic. :i! Et -s„ '.rat.
J. 1111121 JAI:IMM Mazur. Aom.
lilolisolt Depot, &I Wood strut, Pittsburgh, Pa,
(Cat. right'. Cutlery Store.)
x. armed that thty moot est out of enter. Th. N
oma. suet Attachments SMlng eatustely, the Yohats
and Magnete are mulalled—the bolo, highly no
sahuntal, ad without dispute the tut 000dsmor eta
mannlatnred. Isms Jackson tall attach them a I.Y.S.
sada ha o.t. rota st Mu, 10 amts.
()umlauts ere tospeafolly t«taated to mil et St) Woad
amt. wad examine the Mea W them gat thaf
In sm. • yildf
pRAPE SHAWLS—A. A: blasox & Co.
e t zi s i
i s it lull th e alteatioa of punbasars to th.
met of sad emb ro idered Crave thumb ewer=
tad la Ws market. &ad at Mon lanuesally low
that lath tams thuothethee ab pee.. out bowed la
thaw sad qualify. ba th tad (.1 Market et. ZOTU •
Au 1851. Wagii
Sevaaty-Three Miles Staging,
Vla . Brow:unit% and Cumberland, to Bilthnore
• and Philadelphia.
MId .. ORNING BOAT leans the Wharf
ahora Arkliettallr. at {o'clock prodatty. -The
to as hoar. Thew to Phildelobla. 40 hoots
ttrtelof Boat
Pr mday (moot 11atiday nava, a)
at ii '46.6 rattproswa. transit ott the orerdea Pat,
co'., &mod=a now an dor. thaa
amid ht tra •
hum to 11.6toton, $l.O. fats to Pada! MS.
damn TM' Whoa tho Mho, CasonUm," or
St. Chao Haat. • • •J. Ita.ll uES, *
an ox era oow aralno lonos
-C ta
ttr apdoit 6.lbbaoa. UM, ends per nod. Them stab.
anoarparoal Ihr atooprwat. Y that, an. ostotorm
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TURMOIL& OiL OlAtitliOLOrteglieh,
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Net tb city. himp—ioe„ tae.. ta, and 121 96.
VIOPLEY'S POT CLAY-343 bbli.juittecol
sad Or wl.• by J. OCUOOMMANIER.• OM
CoAREOH FLOWERS—A iiplendid variety
f the emelt styles trench and hanleco ?lowan.
• we are portend to NU very cheap a nbalreade
nhfl.• • tent 'A. A. MAIM A CO.
DHIED PEACHES-35 flacks in stare, will
6. ' l°towk4 l7,
awn ATAII DICER! a co.
BUCKETS -50 On. Marietta, for sato by
stlytt J. B. CANTIELO.
RO 3l DIS-100 dos. Corn, a ie r g .
B . D.
gALEIIATUS-100 boxes pure;
lorlt .7. D. CArPrlite
PE4KI ASII-25 casks for sale
Par ASH •
,casks pu •
men ILJ. 04NY1 LD.
SSALERATUS-5 tons irnboxes and corks
11 b 7 11 bosel In Pound Pawn
mLlbrsty s_tpet._
ykRIED APPLES-20 bake to - i'sale by
I! ASH-5 casks for tale by
pEAItL A 811420 cash for sale by ,
mY2I )1:DA12614., CO.
rjr3the Honorable the Judge' of the Court
of 14 , 371 1 (1ns:ter &alone of gae Pmon, I and for
ginerlUen A rears. j the hotnoSh of
LonteneeriUs la the .Itantir anstreali:nmahle ohenetn—
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mr —Turtrs=r4tlliarlird:=,if
le home of ex . rtainment. Ann lour notithm, 0
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of .t.u.2 and Duelers. led that said torern Is - nem
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rim% P. Wm. , {Pertaburgh. mos. DIE". I:.
Bortotelt: N.!. Roberta. • .7
thicilonorable, the Judges of the Court
of General quarter hesatatut of the Pear., In and'ic
,Pr O Pr 'n'tricitVrie&L' aho" of IrtilittalAtalibr7aVann.
menutodatton varellen Istatt others, at his dwelling
hotom in the - wasd attareatd.; and mays toot your
will to pissa4 to gnat Otto a lloonee tera rano
boom of entertainment. And rune petitioner, asin dor.
Vlria u l/h14: 1 1 Miimms or tb. &foetal.
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honest? and tetownwt. end Veil pent ed with house
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of strangers 81.4= mown M Aw , m ,
" IL: a Rib, st. o.lkatin7R. C Ming, Wm. Dithtidge.
trbitt=liTtgrtu. ht=
Rochester: Miticibvi Explabted 1.
• MRS.: BURR irill 'give their iiiteiest
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the ltachanted De/I, rbng without haysdg fablab lienb or.
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flAr.' S. HAVEN, wirier of: karkeiiind
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umt.d tran.artereef Lead Pndlr, Wake; Mire.
lopes all ardouslitink re= Porcupine, Dow
and Wend Pen llolderk a great parker; Saud Bose. Ink
ntaedk Wafer Manna kr- • tnrkii
• Copley's Pot Clay..
THE ' s s cri r aie now Sole Agents'
of J. Cooley lk Co., for the tale of their Pot Clay, ea
• of yew .eteme.beel yeroatkee ear du manufacture
pf Pote.Steel You. ee. It Is node of one atheism:et
Infeelble subetsaceet known; and Is vsrr eansfaily selected
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m mein." to grludLeg, . •
Oral , - J. BC/MONO/ICM & CO. '
' :., .. n.1..,3 ,:.i:r..
To Transportaio, Comblssion, and Grocer
ffiercLants ~
SALE,' 'doting te
r rine, 4
Van- on terms,
o .
ralx — - 1 --- abe• LOTS, aaela fronttojt 2C. Epet 113( lachau
au Danknangsa d. We May Cents:Kt frouth4 oo the Pena
o , 7lranla =4 Wads awn:real thpa
artgl a:Lading back to tha Badly. therwhy
„the greatest Lae.;Utims far adiMaht by oho the
Far terms, eatmlia of D. O. EMICVNN• Aliaitb!al City,
or at tho Boob:tan of It. a sxtaxWK. canter 4:_harac
Iron oo kml, • roily of Ind* /libber Lib r..
Mom= and Jackota ‘ or loam gabber and Cork mosufoo
tam for WO UM* ILL bul4tor Deix46 . l wad 9 Wood If,
yEIV BOOKS I—.la large supply -of Me
' Marl tercets' Week sad Lath Watt.
d. family lietdasca. ca tilt Advcatureit of a Yalu'
Alta. sad foss 13C04 on irlesert Wand; i'val. yam.
iteas. 1, RO, mitt, of MEWS Condos Titoa. sad
Jan r ced and faissle br ."' ft: illnlieiB, 1
my 2 ) • . • 78 Apollo Ballilstip, Manta St:
mem . - ..- . 3,,a6...,:irb5e../. ra'af:
IQUNDRIES-14 bbla. Grease . ;
No. Vlard:
att. l'aatherLi .ab. g i ac i
•Xuaceiren sad for sala - •
• BALM =Err a co.,
1 , . , lIEW.ROORI3I.II/19T, BOOKS!
_ a - •
. • di...t,oppile thiPort Offleer- 1
1 aNallboe, Br DitOole,Mo.. 2. Ibls• c0n40.61
ylo. work .
II knew London editiori a sw.BrißNß . o.a. ' : l
lloottna tibaksoome,
P opery eaailsodoo.. ' '.- • ••
1. Diekoro's rictEa opery
. .ibroed7by; o.
..W. .M. , Soy
ootds. _ . . • _ ' • '
Tb• Fele Lobel, a new ion! 6 7 zu r read lleo , -.
' 11 .. V. W.A.. and Sansio foe lcule , ' • •
IThe •Astas. by War lc y
Cookson. - ', , .___.___.
: ne Iletre af I.•••reatwaer. • bowel. by Z. 4 ausacoara.
The **both-Lao; by Mr, 16mMorrth.
•no Ilankey'e Wlfo, by 2. 6. Arens, . ~. .-. '. . '
• Adventures of Pen Oereo , by irobo thlt, , • oly2o •
ITA ree'd b 7 &N. RI lEESt!UL
surAl . ma. of Etttb and Woad rt..
New Baia, lust reoahred.
GREEK. dB A MU A n useif Iligb
sacl'ea t ra b"" azed esits""?"' 12 Lsan. sTM.
1%. 1 Coadderstesof 1,7 Mar
Th.las hisatihr sod llantelas of (Waft Media
nut rars_asztner as 4 shipsnoSer Lem Sbe .
int4d . W . ort... usT. Cberaranus.
m 719 TS Alvilo Buildings, Fourth st.
fIUYSOTT'S Yellow Dock & llanaparMs—
tlir" °l.
\WISTAII'S Balnak of. Wild Cherry-1
yew le a& Dr J:[/DD 0).
111.!.....MP5E.ED-30,1b1e. prime, for sale by .
.yio • - • . J. SIDI) it CO.
CASTER 91 bb 13 ' N°. jArauledifWate
PINK RO9T-2000 lbs. for kale by
_ 2 ;
soylo o.gron *
GOLDEN 221111P12, haXf. bDL iutd 24
DIES: 9f dleferret does. Le 91.19 st i Ebo Inds by
moot. Noo I and 9 Toad O$. J. & • PLLILLIf&
XIAPIE SUUAE=2 bbls. ?Ely choice Ma-
Pia eap*.lW teed Ai r. = 63
wail • ' Oman mad Tr Deabas.
CeR - RING'S SUGARS—DoubIe Refined
La, Cr mbed; Pulmtsel sea Pau &not ttst.nilY
Was. bj w hi
%L. A.l=6
Uta CU. M
c./M 2.56 tr . •
IPHE "Committeeof Arrangement:Bi" lipLD :,
nes at Third and Prot . streets, on Itmassy, :be 2-021.
Intl, at 4 o'ckak, P. IL ' WINN DUNI-OP,
P . GROINLE GREEN-5 eases superior gull
Viz bonne Lai stassabost pnballog L ft by
111,16 - • IL X- biLLXB3.
ousas 4. SYRUP- ;
e a. lrobbladlLMoan.
0 " _ tun
:10 )0 bbla Goden Nrrax
- 10/ Pl. I I I= )0/asaa air
amid 0 114 Water st:
—IN Quorr sorn.m,'
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IbriemeekLeaeortheaar leldtesarbignbeldeeetroalScm.
'lsecedianteeeUsiee,,Gbeend Prodretkater the Wet*
brimmed spline. sad Gloomy S. of ItIoL esei meek bi
Dr. Omer* petreete/ relleelabekaselSeriesernlkorbkh
rdvu latteediab Mkt by reneeditif the lbenteitt of beidth
and strenth, the Wed. It neetattises bid hymn* ebey•
lianattiral aerations." sad gives hada/ eaten to •ll.ehe
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table to Lbo deader satl &Dada coudDodion.
Lula. It lono coLaterociii that dlstreidag Lamm
pen and Losituds o ocoodecoo to the lasala Dams, Lad
,tomparb as now" Lad to:m=7 Le migtd.ll Y %ha
'an goatefuL IV* kayo LokHlocuo oa Ills vlakb Wool u
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..Dobai" Dot Loma blued Lth • ;
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dlat. atund by Dt. Gonottt hind orpaka: Dta jaxt
Unapt:lW nter open Warr /Lunn nandr Md bpi:
_ 11.42=tax.11., rob. 11,1612.
Vas tortilla tbis.:attp Els; 064 Z' 7.4 a. bail suChors4
Valor tbsObovo saaplabst ds Its• 34. a... sane, all that
I tbior comassd to bar 44 I bars ler bar yistoondasitly
pondered the bort ibedlial Want that batnm.d la
,Ibls ssetloa of tho imam wltboot ws7 bo.4t whata*.
hay. also Issrelarol way lastmmant rrommadollbr
etre of gash Moans, all of %%kb Prarid earl/gall,
Im tbs nen of ISLA. 1 srasbutacol by ar Mama. fit
-67 Dr. Garsotes Tallow Dust malllarawrala. wblrh nr
6.4 ft four moth. Atts? As bad wall lbw alma bar
:new It Wu rridAnt to all of as tit shill' Womb&
imt boas Usk WOO .b. losarimd saaldly. lot DIRK ilaslt
utol .manta, wall .b. I. mow .14w/ft lot updka
/Ml*.wx.Atoincart '(
w,,,. bibs tirighlxis to W. and ialtilltsubstOcirof
thaa aw.ben•nat•sustk r W th. dame of Mr.. /LW_
tha cur. bylaa 41.4.1 07 V1:41 1 4e. Ts/1 4 !
Daeß 1 4 .•Pgin!.io Pitietli . tri*
Iron .
LaitAll Pow
it L 4:1 4 _ -. .4_,'!t.'•:: \
'• - King's Eva—Cant of O.M. .fromtard. . .
• , : • -. , ham= Gaon,
iiMeter. &Y. Dennett 1 lio:•-•431dAts 1 holm gam la 1111
vas ittackid trith Hines Ift ell In alr proihshi.l3 Imam
rsore 1 could sot use it. and In 1146 asortilleidlos net In;•
easployedostdidenutt tlates. ass% phytician of otlebrity
within um roach: all told rue rayons moat h. ecootadod;
lir= the shoulder to the bream nu tad of rowan
..p... , 'MY shrtnith r at thiti time vas completely exhaust.
Itle nd
. a Say pinch much extmlattst I Slat In tab 1
unt/I. 1/411; w wren l menu advarthoment ( owinsiti I
&low Dock and assnusstilla) ithkh I rant and menthe a
or tbe.article. ,liinymett's , Tellon Dothan:l Rom*
ts. cored me; I kelt no other ran* ihfle autos It:
*lt myself perfectly . well before usinith• sixth Lot.
is 11 . 1 I amt It at the ant alnsoarsuco of the =heti. I
sin ton It would hare saved um from yeasi of vain and
snircrini I =et earnectlS roonnasesel rem Swann traf•
!sting on/crazy atudlat Mama. to. Ins , Ountotro T.W.
lock spd hsreatarills, which will testae thorn to health.
Yours. In groUttple, •
.._.. - . O. 1141VNAlitll.' -
• •
I Curs of an aniavakat apo of Eritipleis. : -
The elves parloned by De. 0070555'. Estract co" Yellow
tenet ant SersaparUla, us lasting. vb. sedlesit's oneral
health muttonw to lemon alter disease 1 rasn
t.w. are not chronicled, auratltoe has My Wiwi that
there can be no relapse or return of, the Pains.
!. - -
Namorr. amilater ,
reltraery. Tgio.
P. Emmett • iks—Clonte: It Width gmetpleamsa that
I Melte No 13mA t h e vary Moor ago* of your Italloo
Dock and Ressaperilla anon soy wat, }fettles long loa m eni.
fling ands that &canal and laeAteenta dlatinet,
tee. with wtdeli. he was eltaclud In 1844. eadvm Om oar.
rat months attended by SO= a owe hest phyldelana, • wbq
t 404 their skill permeminglytbr nye menthe, withont oar
boaeglotil smelts} hatever. Us became redemel to •ser.
- tint skeleton. Ile bid Iskore than hls hip to his knee,
•ttlett mere continually discharging dimaWugly offended
coatfrr. 3.l**** end enrol* 'kill hattle4. PArs***l
sag tLal• his coat was bone_ Ahem MAW be maiden
:.darnsarmst nom terrible oangrmung tame. Wiwi*.
.14 %WWII . .thP14211.11111 diSiolution mars blunt,
Oee of my might.= (who hat mud • dad nf Sanifeld
with your imaltodde medkiaa) whited me tomato talal of
lit and, ...P. runt th• n. 11.6 dedm $.4..49.013 , 11 WU.
thr . 10044 4• Dept Or hap orate** . MK I promo!
Was betties of Tom Yellow 'Doak and ibusemslll,l, sad
ainutanocd 00101 it; and to my aslonlaioneot he began
to Worths before ho had ased the thhd bottle; tad bete*
.be hadusad i half dmin bottle., he mold walk oat... Ile
owdln all twelve bettles doting the Mu 1 343,0.• Pr Of .
to gut he was tailbeityvettored. Entry moils* of tho
d see. except t 00...,,, la removal. and be rank* in
/*Trent Leath at the .tomerit thne. • Me recovery. limier
the blaming of Clod, it calmly oaf= to lb. too of Tom
/Ohm Dock and gantapertils; and Inmate pm that I Seel
m if nada greet obligetioas to you. and it la with gnat
Jo 'that I 14orm rou of that your' acommettilla hit dmw
W Dili mow firefectfollr. • •
" = 11•ME3 AIME" •
' by 3. Dirs.u.(suoooksos to Banked Petkllleastit
and Walnut atmots,Vinchotati.Ohlo.(imatraidgeattbr Um'
flooth and Woot to whom 01/oldato mast beaddrmatel..
Kidd t Co.. B. A. ralmentack a A. Joe.
{Moo. tr., Pittsburgh; Isar A. Deekbani, A)lethear tlityt
L.' T. ihnuell. Waahlagton; L If. Bowl% Vok*teass; y.
W9ltrAl , oeusbonr. B.Kooah.etmaesk pmtta Gil*"
Bedford;liaad * Boa. astocomuag M.,Orr.ltaWAiribarg:
iiildthrefal • 00, lodised; 3. IC. Wright. ILlthoudom
Zsiong,4 Oa Pocket* A. Nilson A Soo. Warosabssr,
Illeregalad ACa Atsadvittes Hunan A Co
.I*Ar. Gahm& Parka. dmol Jima 1414 ON Sol.
11.11taltb. Beam J. o.Bamsoartast. Warr** P. I: A 4
11.*ouss. Cosilerspor* P., •-•
IRAPE-13ELSAVLS- - ased this As .per
out agnau otOsig neirdiembh jft.
A QUIET. and safe Frinany HOSEEO
air miw er , a r , ! r h not. w . '"' m. VS"a 0t.47>'.7.41
. - PLOOD. OIL C.I.ARHS..4L lazge . atock , _of i
?kat on Clo th s. dt width. ~,,,v then Xto 4 It.
. .re t, sett at lows nod V 01.."
paretiam=s..s4.. kldebtato au boor Gagman
mutated to call =I mad= oar daft listiourdodtm i
• - --- -- -- ---
rNN ,... 7.4.9' 04-2. bbleitratedp9l",
. la 16
_ _
RICE -20 tierces Carolina, for sale by
mot ' JAlll:l3A.llincm3OX ik co.
COFFER -150 bagsßio, for sale by
sayla J A. lIINCERSOnt CO.
VEN. BED--15S.VIvAggi= i itle by
CLOVES -2 bbls. for sale b 7 a
m 71- satoom.m,
SUP. ..SODA-10 gr i ll: sale by
sayl6 34 ' 151** 42"71•1:
'-' umbb "Malar& bT
.06 n• nct
QIIOIILDELLS-32 cub for sale'by
rule . HALM`, Jana !CO.
m 71 6 W. P. ILIRSHALL.II4 Wool st-
IC r,eawaa m
mayll3 W. P. MAltsanz„ 115 Weal W.
LARD -3 bbir.* 8 kegs No. I for sale by
— so is btt"LigianootiorizZoittio
COMF,IOO-bagis B o, for saierbby
'm I.IION-100 tomuntingdon co., for
bay by . mybc :JOBB RAW ti2oi. • -
rr open excellent excellent aseietitent
, or MANTZL •Wtrom 0 to $24 WI vans*
to taco nod Wu. . .
'AA .Illoo—ftio timid Clocks. So WO omakosid wTaL
.4 — P.t.oP ittloWs toiat ow 114 f nly room. -
: n u . . ... W. VP..WILSON; GI JfidurtiAti.
LEM moo PLARS' SWORDS—Mut reed, a lot
of t" Tao*. laratatortatau anal.= at the
EOll SALE, to close consi%rxt:—.so ILL
Jz% 140 , DA . JIMI. .15
Xe. 7 CO. • .
1u cornerPaassea sine=gmbagh.
RIED YBPT7-Peaches; ;
h''PVT wcz.oßcilto.,c
-. . . .
• Ifttes 'two= Baelrata. IMPS .
• Oedar Late, DTP b.x e. -
- :
Ui EMP-23 bales 3fissoari, atom, m l ipent,
11 gad 13 , 1 , 41.117 ' Aura. tionttif.
mJta • No. 334 Print 0:
COTT° bal,slatblig Cos sal: by_
• mfg. • N. 131 livet
Q AGAR-:4ofib& prime N. Q.. for sale by
sun, .4.1117=111011 !Cu:
-EAD- 2500 pip Galan;:: ,
- "Amu wx) 12 % ° '" , 1 / 4 6 11t k
oaqusort ea).
HEMP. - 45 tone Mint D. R., for oak by'
ix frau mumuannorttacer aO.
iIIICZ-100 tierces for saki Di: - •
• 11l water xi
ACKEFLEL-50 bble. No. for sale by
INS. =l5 'BMIBICEDGEk 130021.11 L
LOAF SUGAR-150 bbls. ( ass'4lNos.).for.
=rib - • n o s was. at.
1 MBES' 01L-30 bblz. (warranted pure)
AA kr sae by J. ECIIOO3SA.V. &00, r
`1,2"4"7 13C 11{".*SMAX . 131 *1:0
Et RAS ,
A Ll3l-50 bbls. for ado by
LI —Theo .olono -no of peat =Mr ta :WV of
Teak ober. to the mein& at
&Moo ocektna• We, an
1ah11164 ottoad7 &VD.). ' -
Wl5: J. PUMPS.' '
esths !a sore enamor corm AdtelLbsensiall 10.
to air or Inter; Ea AU. at Nos.. and 9 woal
XEEW RIBBONS—A. A. Maas & do. Are'
.L.N raw iweirtnit a Iwo weetiswas of .bwagel new
aViagosaat !Mom at all Nion.
would elao eall atlas:Um to Utar tarylazaa amply
this M r :ad rkaw opos 10 =toes of lba,nry
tkatnibl• icrietoos oor Smoot Unlng. The
unalo. or mrpconavencit.4.
BLACK BARAGE for , Motirrkint.yerls,
?mono or moot=
myl4 "scrum Etuunnnsw.
WgDOW CURTAIN Wain of aim
. W emoamo. 1t0.03.4 aardsmter
TARIM)ANWS...4) baits in starg jar
.LIF trr a. v50.4..tc0,,
SUGAR -180 hhds 1.7. 0. Suer for sae by
MO7. A qwB-500 bbls N.: O. • EL for
S IL . BIOLASSES-100 b.bl4
II& R. E. ftersiss:Lof P rov i WN=
bedtetket haling mat it
• lbw the tut *cm erieve mina 'T =t
rzet tbe
mW t=zableti
other pasnahctosem lowa •
Told by dre
n bad
teti embeyedly. odd bY R.N. RICURRISrar
AA ACREFR ! ...7S bbls N 0.3; Zn salt*
SHAD -10 bbia new for sale .
llEnos 10 bby
VIACKEREL--200 DM - No. 3, (L a *.
vzbbroLt b..-t
AS-5O Lt cheat!) ounf a tyson;
12.. 011 1 ' 'F'ulatitona.
SAI4T PETSI4-75 sacks Crude, for We by
urn I MIMI DIP= lk CO. •
I.IUTTEII—Tresh 801 l tar isle
ran =tau DICK= OW
m044-coa-- -
.514 Mug
Beaars - TRIcOPHEROUS-12 dm.-for
githoo gage. ( B. warranted_pure)
iur awn LIST*,
(we) for male by
mil 3 • KIDD A - 00.. 00 Wext rt.
1311 , 11 C ROClT—boalbc for sale bb•
=.713 . 'J. SLIM aOM
w •
ACKEREL-120 bbla. No: 3, for sale by
zoo . a w.naaaavou.
VICILASSES-100 bbliaTtir sale b
n. ' 411. FOIL
_ ,
R.PIZOIC ACIP-75 OIL fcrr age by
miss• B. d. /I.MIMTME 00.
.StO . NM•7-20 1 14 A 5 . . 1 er • a
zA a g. mAxbrA zin
f or salela
TONE PIPES-340 Iv:attar sale by :
M.WIMEI,-1301:114s. 8;_
- 'sr .31.
myl.3 . WIC[! MaCALNDLIkIa.
‘elltd) . 12 bblo.rn. I, for sale •
?•••, • lorla • • / WICK II.Q.4. DIAS&
ROOMS -210 Corn; fiir-oioh-7117:81-7-
InTER--30 kegs for sale by ,
SCINCNIN4S--5 ciao No.
for sale by
wia WICK s atcoutauraa.
TAR-118 bbh. N. C., for *0 :by ;
RICE FLOUR; " Prepared Corn;
hew;myl3 Ifrokac.
ATT Vntit:3lkunmi co,
them et
. lid Coi• bumf= kcebukuty.Tymm
llama l, le bw
ottesre l" r a reett ee .
VlllRKES—Roftleaur.Prone bFigtaseartt
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