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flea. us Pitida;k s 'oigreoa
f i t•otide' Paneyenta 1.:
.Nyhoeirerreals. Uniffeti*i "London "LS
bor and the London Poor!?- - r_vrill he sur
prised and horror-struck at the amount of
ignorance, viceindwintouitii'leas prerailing
"tong theloWireO4iOf ih r e great metio
polis. But the ignmance, vice and•degri
dation of-London issnlyn'grea' ter scale
thin that of other cities generally, :toll
don itself is greater.'-,-,Pazia end - other con
tinents! cities 4Ti:t4f : tria
proportion to thcir populatiori, . and proles
bly worse Nair the' :larger : places in
our own ‘nOt:liiitiff.elrelitions to the rele.
These is a well - founded alarui: felt among
the thoughtful; ?the' increase or crime,
vice and paniieris7M; .. e t ipie Lally in our hirger
`llinch.lof• it -indeed, is imparted
from abroad.-- ',But cannot bodenied that
we are rapialYT:iMrnifi4arilthe.matarials
for it' at liciare.' (*soil, - busy and Oa*:
ing,city, : 14 9 4°1 g 6 tOrta ehirteter
we need ‘-:l:4_E.einvq; we "are say,
has in these late _days _loskrill her former
reputation and' here are fon , Cities in the
Union, neiroilicre vice and c r ime are more
rampant *We' iiajittebergh, . There has,
no doubt,* hate. years _ been an intlak of
loateris . m 'and villainy from abroad, tending
to the come - sin of our Morals but we
also feai. that much of it is home born and
home bred. , Norll the prospect better_for
the time to. 'come, unless . more effectual
Means are ,Aevi....ed for .the Prevention- of
eductition in crime.,. There is an awful pro.
pertion ofthe younger jteneratien in train
ing for the :State priso n and the Oilers.:
Crowds of itoys and half-groun lads roam
our streets,apparently unrestrained , either
by law or parental authority, playing petty
gores, quarreling, %Miming; using obscene
Iriffooges and_ eolumitthoi4Olous, up
on"the property of (tallies; especially in
the Ede:ilia of _the - as well as annoy
ing-and disturbing p - ciaceable children; who
do net mingle with.theM . —•somotimes even "
• • in' their Own. isourt4itids ; or before their'
• doom, • This being the state of things, to a
Vetter or Joel. eztent every large tetru
and city, it becomes:l serious matter of in
quiry with;throe parents whose consciences
will:not let them - tcan their children into
' the streets be wander at will; how to
age them at e liome;-So as ,to avoid other
coils. It in hard to,IOC; therojirtProquea
in the house 'the time, To name no
other objection, their health is likely' to
suffer by:Cech a comm. But even where
this can be avoided; as where there are
• small yardi or . -4ardens attached to the
houses, bow difficult tt ieto attach the
boys to,circumscribed sphere, wile°
they see others. "running at large. With.
' many, we Preiume; this woad be regarded
es' an impatisilaty. Indeed,. it may, be
that some - 40 - not, think - desirable. We
have known even professedly pious people
to send their to , the streets, charg
ing therdent to
,come home till night, in
order to rid : themselves of noise and iron
ide. Baleen intelligent and rosily nil
• gums parenfa, or persons who ha ve , a rel
. amble Ole for -the,,lwellfare of their of
spring, can reconcile it to themselves to lei
- .their children run at large, without know
. . _
tug where - they are, ac What, compary,they
keep, is &mystery we cannot 'fathom.. o_
those who wish to keep their children from
evil associalkus, it is ;highly desirable to
.find som&,nreans of - interesting- them ; at
home, and.'„the ease means will not do in,
'ames. Ilkarents; abonld cultivate :the
love of reading in their =ll
- ply them wither:amide books. - Itat. boobs
will not answer iciall,'rior even for'ene,
at all times: . If Seltildshould be dispesai
.3 --to read all the time, be should not be per-.
mined to dOye.T.conething - heT.
sides lxolts:mid, jeadiUg.- :shnidd be
supplied, if porisilde, 744,th mechanics' toeis
of the meat simple: d; logether ,l Tith
materials` it WorVilith. Same boys have
a great taste , for .meciumied pursuits!, and
it is developedvery:early,.
.I,et it be en.
cBBlBffed, for Filmy:remelts; but among
, others, to;keep them off the Otreet& 7411 1
others, some kindof bemore
effect:al. ',lf the homeisit all suitable for
these things, they ehotdd be '
1 them to si Ireasszaable- _extent. Canaries,
rabbits, a dOg,Towis - of ehoiceNarieties,fre.
—various things of thin iattriu, wherever
they can to afforded, should be placed
around them, 'arid
~they should he - taught
to taker a*; ..iam;, them. ~It will
in most -cane have a:
their future -- .Charieter: There is fie
r quptly toolittle' attention paid to' things
of this, kind, foi the entertainment and
atattrement..of , children, :- -especirdly heys
•who are ier...inriehLnairrw. *apnea to evil
• imfltteneeithati - 4irls. -,The people of this
cotailry;it not,:rilmualtiredined ,
to' "pets" so those of some other coimtries.
- A writer in thehurt number of the Albany
Cultivator reMarks upon,the striking
difference -observable between 'Americans
and the people,of many other countries, as
- ' to a forsiasais:fov'ariipags; or. witst are
termed c AMei,Pete:, and ;for which we
.• as a people incrar.aureare very little. In
1.. deed, we acutely admit more than a selfish
. fellowship with the dog, aa brit, toOlieldom
- (fees our attachment even for this faithful.
compturiorti beyond 'the reackof
. the omniPatentdollay.7
InEnglandr - ;he: "ercatinuei, andin
other parts of Europe; a lave
:•J with the attendantt - perssmal care necessary
to their comfort, is clammed from child
hood up, as having a headers' I influence on
_ the clutracti-i. -- -To the puma iris anothei
occupation, full of v&ried interest, added to
the list of hr/me am+tents and attractions,
so desirable, mad sometimes so difficult to
It is certainly very desirable, by all
- pioper means, to render home. attractive.
That is the- most Perfect home, in this
respect, wherein the hhildreu find more io
': , :interest, please, and gratify, than they find
,abioaa; and every parent should make it
an object ofi ambition and of effort,_to
'acne as neiro this .standard as possible.
- With 'some, it maybe difficult to make sip
reaehtu' Sowards ''t • boat
great BPP -1888 Y
could do much rime' Omit they dO. To
set thought :ist - werk, A na to prompt . : to
effort in this departr,sent, is the object of
these hasty' : remarkS. vie 181 boy
should *lgai? -16 a,:-Cr9n , if stre B t -18868 e
'and id eu
t-ot these simple
suggestions, it a high fptirfleation.:
And we have be done.
We "have oniLMnd's eye, a ,:very
respectable yount'll 8 ": 4 7 1 ."P3 18 8 '.IF, very
respectable Priiithrirltciiale,ts l sr ho lf - fe l ?
yeas ago was is...tee th 2 m8 88 .0 8 24 6.
Vestl7.7o§lo4-Zetef 01;
In * company,
,Lad ,it not
° ' 7 . •brctra ctF 43 , 0 la to v.,i4
~ . ..1
' I
• .. ."
tatalregolts.- Bet hiscilumseter was'changed
by a well devised t)of this kind.
A. pair of little pets itit to
stay at Lorrain his lejstire hen*brit: gave
him en . thiiiie( - 04 - riiei . e , ire , in tome, in
working with liis . pe* firing their how* .
find 'Watching eyer..then; inieh 'as he never
had before:: - Ere was recovered from the
snare, and the result is a: we beim said.
the streets. e ar o
Parents, keep y f f
Find innocent and pro fi table entertainment
for them at linnie:
. .
. .
re i 8 Va .lVt il Age Water Filter
S Now: to be ...ix to op e ration wm.
1 1- " T" °l'Bl.2"°'""gtaßvan 471761
AirlOcd t areartt i 14.12,k1his ruwr Imaremyed
• Oold Wahl from the lattltate
. of try_lorit.
aad Oattbeate Qom the . i ltddmme tt_rmtmlOt
Pht. Smite endadmit ir Mrlmm‘ntlar,l7,lLrat:
arrstaratee bore thme lam m
"*h" Tath.lBsl.
It ertm ebtlitreat 0•1111L.i. recomtoro4 to tho loren of
dem maw. the Patent Iteretelble o f bdterer,Lb
vented by Ala Lew% /1.1411 . mded one of them for eater
al th:%"=',OTbORWSWIVRIr.BNr ob altlfee—L.-
yreasitterem 10 ' 411 ' 4 Mr.
8.1V.1 id. br LOP for loam monlbs 1,4
oetsate reshbrombL a 8 that
- wbk..4
rONAS P. rmuc uM„
Timm .FBteri ore wamatbl to take out nay at
t h e m*Me Mau decramosed animal ar
We matter In vela 'lderY abe drarrantal blast Id.
Mara, sad with b e ore ‘lll last tem aad rtmala
only to be tem to be
app ,
S=io Arch almot.Phlladelohle:
Frimit 'Briek and •House Tge.
pliE' litiderii . iiiedis now inan . ufaiturin, at
..t. , hi*Etranv - Dzielc. Prue; la Biretpue, the Eutd•
mamma Front Britt , Ilona* ever need. which he
:will toll at onethird to oate.helf less n hatatmede; nnel
hossomina pertentlyeien, equate mites, and a emooth. Wei
tshed *mime, theaddet. no Meet or mot. end lonore n
handamie, clear ht amount re, •se seen In her. Mr.
Encode anareta. MUM:Mtn the contrast totereen It'
and other bedlam:, beam. very 'whin!. Tdo kith Dec
mated tee much Imperice to the Stamm. The front of
anyttnns. life a genteel honeerdmid be of proceed brick.
-the etienee toin#_n" ,,
t ,, a4.
OertMentoe In my pmm , .., from nrernment OVlrtel4
Agents, and Aishltetts. who have toad shelter beck et
tawdrily. Certify to their mnalidrity In etrentda &weld].
ity. Maisie... to Iran. meter, Etc. te- ,
110U96 TILL
.• • -
AL* anciufacturtna, • rup-¢ uttelet of Tile.
eta: br an mamma anallab Arttato:t. nroorlot to tilato
naCtfortdobed oboott otterhatt ostootto. •
A1ia;300,005 Oarnmesi Itrick,—atrenttb. actability.
gmazateed., - Prbia 011 1000 q therWarkm...
0, 101 Libutik6666--„
;10 *.'", ••• tosltsh — rurkremeh 67esp d' Lte nen
. emir 02616
6 &en colored 1.6!l black auk W.rn aubnier.u., fiz
Fpmmuct Ilazsefaes tag Linea 'Cm
_um and :Domestic • Amami=
wooDwARD, BLAKELY it' CO., BLin
_Tv; .fidup ts. l'Arklnsbasn sad Yellow Cam Ws"
girdaropla ]]((omen, enemy anal . I.llentY ,
Masud Cburcl, buildiam) *Menses neat dna 'to .1. & IL
Floyd.Wleolanle (Iron" • •
' • Our extenairaWan b =ll• ne.tO Ell calanateaaPUl:
eampeseat designer constantly cumin aleo en
able* las to Lc* sacs rills all the net atal isnynved
Aran enaSpi AtrLen, any
Meer Vass. Galan, Dlantclr Mellen* and
Saadi Jan: an , rye domestic ane. In great entail,
A. A: mescusr & co.,
Importers, Jobbers, and Retailers in
Nth. 62 and 64:Market stred, - Piitzburgh,
&OUNCE to their friends and the pub.
Ile morally. that they aro w , w. preparal to
t and mat artfully' retorted otack of •
- I • • 3:K TittELY 000DS
their ha.. Otte :ad la ibis atty.atm& of tto, moot
and fottlottabt• as wen a. more comm..
and trblorit will be attanst al
..}l.amgrrer ma t" W'kt
e cluatZ7
tetall trade, and tbir arroatai to pe.tskotenti,
her bat
makes hill= h Cr . -
I Dress' Grp& Department
Ca.l.t.slot, Da Lamm, Lawns, 51 a.lloa. Caaft - 1.,
tiratotiosey.l3colbasluee, Alpacas, to._
• • • ,bawls, Tizettes, &c..
arlam Crao. plain and 'embroidered. • Also, Damask.
Thbss. Luton tnehoer., Palm. Mavred di., and
Wier Shawl, Also, Vionte, Passim., Mantillas, Str.
Hosiery and Glove Department •
Will lava}" 'k. Analoomclotwith the besratakes
and MM. Salem The bat. tilorbralwa-s
Linen Department. • •
art. 44, an! 1.4 Linda* Mon. - X... ,
i Thei - tinn
Tose' Liner.s, Nanking, Molls+. bin abbot ant 'smelt, Ens:
ast,loweirster. loaves, Le.
I • ' Gonda.
tlevkal Dratted C. t t l "01.11, 0.10. Ls.l
15 - ainsook It :aiding Tiesorla and Biabow.Lawn, or
Cad . ? .dl , n.e. Also, Cassaba llaterats, nano WA
Embroiderrii; LaneEi,•Ttinirainga, &e.
-.4 ...Sete asscrteeinat- Mao, Ribbons. Ilso era, Tabs,'
Paraasts of all MM. - honest, at all the latest styles.
- .1 - - DomeatieGoOda Department
Ls Timbal; mud Moe mast erbium:do In the entintry, sm.
'Thy net= feel torddent that,. with their badness
Minlitten sod: antsweblvw Make ant ttansually low
bbory nowt Stile ohs, perfect aat
WWWh .
olesale saandtssars are to .Wssity Inibrated that +}
<lll be plenasd :So sr:ch.-Wei. - unless, id a.lll
cab at Patan ado= etsen to dnolioste any, aunt bill
at same eastern nun
and Goldemable Moods will TA tettirel rant - wall
• UNE PRICE 0.71. Y.
A. A. 11l it.DIO
el..aavortinent oreer, yu parlor fintabed Table. Hand and
Haseran Corers a different pattern, pat to be surnamed br
any sold to the tarp . Here hunts: Pailarn and cabala urs
Invited to cal -rnd cuttekne tar tbatralrer at the star-
room of the ansintartory, Na. TA 10 Wood et •
• r oayl4 .. • . • aH. ritruipa.
110AtIONV-3 bble. for anis
• .I. =,6 - 7.: - Eosuog.a.rrir t CO;
ratiA RIIBRE11.:AIR: lIALLS—Jusi re-
• owned SCO 4011. snorted Ares An Ballsoridok grill
dulotion:4e Kasten,
TOBACCO-1 taid.yrAme Se, garLe . !af;
ar - sik br _ TS-11%111.1131.el & SONS,
81 sal 81 Wan . . and £2. Wont •L
001--50 bblo. pure .Linseed, for solely
aye • • L. S. WATERSUN & 90i
QODA ASII-20 casks Kurtz's brand, for
0 suety: - cos B. W. IiAILBACOII.
- &00 boxes ass'd sizes, for sale by
=ys - • 13.4
-6RD OIL-50 bble. for solo by
myk ' • EL k 11ARBAIJG
LINSEED OIL-10 casks (prime) for sale
mys S. it W. tIAZDAIMIL
LOUR-500 Vale. S. P., for sole by
- lous • - && W. HAI.DAUOII
.11ABIS-30 casks Evan & Swift's & C., for
,11 sole d*` nrys ' • S. &W. tEARDAUGI7.
MIQTATOES--200 sacks for sale by
=8 • -
• 8. W. IiA.REALO
COTTON—ISO bales for sale by
WA • • 1111ALUI =ELI' *Ca
11.1/7 - 400 int Dried IPreabitt
• fa Dried folks, kr de .
0112y 5 Np . Nl:7s .7 !ivs A i l wl t, f l o c r 6311%.
IJTMEGS-1. bbl. formate by
my* •
~~ I ASTiI.S SOAP 20 cases
CREAM Ibt for talaec!7
VASS4-1.50 lbs. (in mats) for sale by
L . says: . J. KIDD k OD,
UM DAMAIL-1 case (to untie()) for sale
by m y 5 - CM. 00 Wood at.
"InT.A.I.ITED---A good Second Hand SODA.
• v Tour. Sway otz MUMS( BENNETT
dldm myt . - AILTRu i BURCHFIELD.
.14.1:EN'CAMBRIC:11DICFS÷-Aii assort
:mat of stay. Goods, for Ladles. hom 12X oeuts
dosdiesodes do.; kordrieed maddnrjust. Teed by
• my& - . :•;16111IPPIT SUBLBSIXLI).
'""rmys "i"
r".‘, . 1 . %M .. SKIT 2 BURCISFIEI4).
'TAR CANDLE--4 ("), boxes (10 to 40 lbs,
t. 7 rub) &Nadel:7 ." ' J. D. WILLTASIA & CO.,
mad matte Mood and alfth
SPEII.SIOANDLES--10b3Ses4's, s's. and
6%. Aar sole by 3. D. itur,i AM AOO.
-20 baltAbeAsteliuMs Slut OMAW:
" Oozes inltitine Col."; for ikAle .
no& , - • J. D. WILLIAMS & CO.
B. D.'l:l3l_ 2 0
Beaker and Bxebaeze Brke. Fourth et.
IES ,,,, T . ERN FUNDS BOUGLIT , and the
Walesa zaariat. prkapaU ta . BUMP In r.r"-.44'
RESH.RUTTE=4 bor.miTable Butter,
jagt tted aul tizettalta2zuji
WRITS TURPENTINE-10 bblo. in good
trr 11...V.SELLEILS.
VERMILLIONG2 Tbs.' (Trieste) side
' R. DALZKLI.. LOwstr
110XCIS reaei~in •, aad for solo
e er
repa hied. aid cram:CC:4
pEAcra.s7-600 bu, for aisle by
aski-pd iddhestradold vat
- cornar ?dukes add Third rid
MED APPLES-15 bu. for sale by •
ALMQN--34bblew and•Lif. bbla:No:). for
•br ;-• apW • -, ' . JOUN WATT • Cu.
1 0 bb m .; cal s l:tear) or y.
- um , * Esanaso..:
RgAPi -10 J!_il2ear) far pale by
TRAPER , HANQI.NO*--Froxix 6.14 cts.:46:
j. • Iv Pia --trace P.IIAUSHALL. • • •!;
'SOAB-4 10 boieiyo. - 1 Rosin; '
. -7 .- -- . T 73
Ciellill4 Pittsburgh &Mail:lon R z p re m
.arlliS line runs in connection with Li v i ng .
.. ,k,,,11 ., t Co.' Fasten, Wettern, Vontbern and
:Lids Caprede. 4 Clay eland. and Adams , C Cos. at PULP
trtuntnidilng It sdrantageAcTeV Ail ettv-r males dt .
typialt• 19 North= Ohio. An Enpreas Anil kart etch ot
the' shore mentloned plAdet. Alon)A. Weddenlay• mat'
yednyt,'ln chlorin-al trusty . ..l nunpetent Meaperi,ll.
Ils 1011,. men., and '.1•11,..r pAnkages at tn. fol.kwing
.Korbrtdr: PA, Salem. CuyabcAnk Fon.
Codbanon, Nen Clud.le, - Ps., - Vala11(1401,n,
'Almon, . :Newark, : ANed•lns. •
Warren, ' Yultan, • Allnonsburgb, . .
&ix, • • Ravenna.' • Navarre,
-Erednietsturgb, Welhinargh. Yi., II ud..on,
nftn,..t.r. - Wlnster, %Vheolinn. EA:
Ennkklin. -.. • nonvor, lkeitnn, • . ,
Sun beni•OVAMyrnal. '
INnann • • WeIIATMA Warttesburin.
Omni Dimon Urn-berth, Nor 1.1.n0n, . .
Nentoorallo. Nen PhllAtelads. New Cumberland,
Unkl. Wpm Bank !OVA, dentin'. and !nber_valuabis" -
ceatz i ltlrbt r.4.-,—=,t;.,TU'yigrl:
ell - tn.
J. S. lAICKWOOD, Proprietor:
...I=te 1=f1.7:1 1 2:717.ti".4t= ° :,iir:t:14 ° . i .
th orj.e... "." T ''f :PV " ,lS P rrltr 10 ° 1 ' ; a'
he CCU
bu A rgh, J. lft...Ctel v a n b uo s , ' stassillob, Clark.e. ° Parka...t *ad
1 Itoctuater. - P. ll:Parto.-lonnestedral. IV Al..dayle.r. War.
eery A. A N.ClarkA Nantnn IndlA L _Wm. Ilan]. EA.....
E.' Rarn3d, Akron. Dazdtl Ildm 11,AludYnn,W tn. 11..Buntn,
tn 29
New Lake Superior Line.-1851.
HE new iteatner NORTH ER; Capt. 8. ,
eaTtG. Saar. having ertry modern Ltantovement - for
y and conifers. mill leave Clateland onYAdar, the Sd
Mi l 1161 V ' elue k litn. LI r IoVIVSZ2.
hearneer "S AIiATT..' Capt. Jo. Catsuit tei
leer* Sant Ste. Marla. tho (Moroni loadings on' Lake
superigt. ot the arrival of th e steamer Northerner; making
atl mauler vreekly Hue, throughout the Ireton. between
evelandand the Corxr and Iron lane. • . - •
, • S. AA. TUnNEa, Cragrieto
Cleveland, 0.. Anril =1861.-4( . •
rz:aiE2 1.851.; lag
PARKS • 00., ROCl:cnine
PROPRIETORS of this old end well
Line. would Wain the Dahllc [liar they *
neer ha =alien lore* prwe• .... .nt main. al* nee contincit•
eed g and P 121,W143na1l
. Dh to
ed "It A° a.`bjnarl=ltEra
e he conetairtly. t th r ; lan.l4 4' belon the Almon
‘galiala. Bridge, tneneeire . freight.
JOU!. A. CACGIIRP. Agent. .
Otext, eec. Water asul Piullittleld AU, Pittebueg.h.
CONBIONgsat • s
C. Mathes , .. Cu
P ulneingham, Now
kl, W.; Cagle, PatD.
W. C. Nolan, Staten
J. a E. non, Eluumbunt7
Wm. Ache, ekOe. iieeentulei •
Wm. lieu 7, ilarbtoerni
U. B. Walltaidne. Buffalo: N. T. , a 1
p.V.111.%:, M:7.1 a A :(ii.% 01
1851. ; SPRING , AHILANGE3LENT. 1851
Fervix hours to Philadelphia.
Forty-four houis to Baltimore.
. mites Railload--103 ranee
kailY Linea &Wen Packet Beata
(raccrv&r Fon rAssiccorats.)
Tilts opening of Canal Navigation, Two
Indly Linea Natrattnot Packet awl wild lean tat
en, ttantee'by Postage Itallread to
There naile the
ten ttondre4 and 4 , re nie.heet to
,Time through roalT-SIX. Hours.
Fare in rau.dorts., tit. ru.o.Thathr.r., 10at.
Taw Cher on Ude mate are nen, and at the mad 00100..
ed construction for teentnet wad nanny.
Paelatts Imre eater tanroluttlY.light ea.*.
and evary weaning at the ad.. nat..
PaSSatient for Baltimore,
I il" . "kica" b m:... i e - ,,,rmigeltgailtV C 41.177
tear mitt.) 11,:ae, FOUR Loam
No cliarge for handling Baggage on this route.
The 1nc...4 Sp/
_makes title itur taaaa . ,.cen i... tutatle,
We and ,fr. i.b
Pear yast , Fe 1.0
P 11 1 61. MES; Age.At,
Or to
D. ICH &
esaal Dadra Penn meet.
N. ,t ~ fO n the 1t Jul!, the Pctintfirazda itallsald
id he finittual to Ittekport. whin 'Mato:, the Was
Manufacturer's Line.
igggrel 185
that thls wYc sompaal m M
ainly of SO. /Mates
ts now In MU avaraMm, with Maim. to earn taro
quassity of (Matta to Yhlla4alhhia sal ValtAmaht, sothiost
:ray thvviaso, In as almet time. Lai at as kw Lays ,6loo7
%ALM maul. Line.
hymn,' aroanyyments have •1110 bon =Mt it; Mrliali
War. Priright W IStaltsethe, Johastearst Bollidaystamm.
Water 750300- Aielsrldrss. Yetemburgh. Usustlagdoo. Attu
Creak- Near Ilmattums, bleVeytosta. losristomm 111Ellet.
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A. IdeAtINISIC A 00., Carial Dada, 408 ' P o rt street,
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Td Shippers of iderehaiulise; Produce; &c.,
elm not Patin Inn,P6lll, aunnoss k. 1101.1.
ATKINS & CO., =tea No. 2' Dlarket,
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• Canal Bann, Fenn Streit- •
Penna. 2.4til Road Co.--Contral Rail *lad.
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various colors
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Pit t:burgh Transportation. Line;
:AstraIO'CONNOR & co., Can Basin. Pittsburgh: , •
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IA Chem' Worts.
andNo.3 Yreeth• Fourth street, hotheau Ilsthot suS,Chrst•
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Oshome, St. L. Ms will meet Mtn prompt attention:
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=TWA as el Allatirith Trthsporatim, I,•
lbs, WoOl, fiiisale by
VIIL 9 RIDE OF LIMA-150 maks Sir sale
1../ aplft VENNITT, Baur a- Do.
. .
AL SODA-2f O casks for sale by
spls BENN}.Tr. HURT k co.
8 tales •
6 wk. Dried-?culler: ,
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---- I)RYGOODS - ,Vo:
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Awn& SIIEETINGS-LA.fdll omortment
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agyl ,
IJPESION. TICKING--blurphy& Burch
-I.tu•mbiot. lb. 'Attention of Mame lalheirasecoko,,,,a
Hosiery, Trinunings, and Line Bonds.
EH4EATON. 62 Fourth xtreet, between
MOrket and Wood, ladles the alindion. whole..
atol xftal l huyers Wm Imp 400 oelootol marl,
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A.IBIASON & CO. No; 62 auct64 Mar
treci-ge lik..ingttaft= 4 ' 4 ""
IJOSIERY'&*OLOVES--211m 9pening at
A; A. HAWAII CO2i . .Sull'im;lol ,l % Mtteit
pet, al A:'6 NAWNt 001;• am ...t
-alent a Ur shore sOOO. - •
T INED PARASOLS—A chniceslot of the
ILA la.stslYies, tor 'to by. : A, miizog co,
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BLAOK sr W ' s .I, p l r, Ll:l- i f
4 13e , tr . for Belo
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A. A. MASON CIA. Make. rt.
ASSI2IIERES--90 picas fancy and black,
wt sale by ,
"ABE S LAWNS.-4 easeePriatedt a great
AI 'variety of Pjtfterlls tbr sale
n - FRAGE DE LAINS;—"2 - eases desirable
JUI/ yllm Ito =be b 7 c.irartvrtmar.
,s Bonnet. .50 Cap. for
C. .
AA. .als I(
tif irk , ;REO'D - AND .NOW OPENING .4.'T
. • wit. mann; N 0.130 Lutahrr run.
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Clothing Is solat
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: All orders Inaba line evaeulsal. is ,
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Striwftnut mid W
6, No. 105 MAR. T, STILIZT,
' PPlTAWR'ofreni foi
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Cotton Nrtts.
smAIY TRIMAILVOS—Carft, Taaselot, But e. Unlde
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"V•rdi b rixa o . 4.IIVITTLVS—GIee N
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64.74, 64, 44,44. sod 34 Ott (AWL,
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It - o ronlittly MI to colt sad ozoottno r our idiot at;
'file Carpet Werelouse, 85 Idurth street.
meld° W. McCLEVTOCK.
tha matt Itahioattle nowt". ow opettiag at A. A.
a COT. Alen wet of new Ityle pa /Alm. Bet_
ay. lino. Catobrsae; And JamAttl.t. • &pH
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moth Cloths,' Kleetsd 'Nth greet cam =a Wm. tbe
&Is graticomat vigil/1w to .K 1417 Cihr.,
COTTON GOODS---:4 cases Cotton put
lJ rtufron_n rewired awl far eml.
• siussar OD.
FLAX—A amaU lot for sale br
mama a kV:N[IT,
- op= 121 kgeontl. god 151 tint timt.
Ohio Lahorool7.
76.. ,gar---Am
80: itER ).
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. . . .
. - • Per cont. - Strength. . • : 1
T-DWELL PLETCHER*. CO., Menufactn;
von V ALOOLIOL: Par•Elplaite N. Oalogro =I lILDIP .
• Copp,: Dl.inied. Vapor WhlsD•7 wwa.ta . b.m .4
p.m." a Vq.• l owl }tont stmts. c9:CILIATt, OW. .
11g= P1 , 13,8D 11:1u D DZtA ,
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Wines and liqupra.
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VICKEISEN 1c STol3VENEkreepectfully
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dlnaLenfigl Seen. Bon. ooWn and Husk Matsu
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COTTON -43 bales lauding ream str. Cape
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WaterKE! 41 ...
• - • • nod Trout i t s.
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and bar We by S. WICK letbillid, 4".
Eble Agent Is Western theanzyleanlx,
say) ; - • caner of Wood and Elytta atm.' '
TWA 1?6•31 moan. the munisrlMtr•e4
la by
57 Waal street.
C ITALE-40.bble. for sole by Aar/ • q E. 41 ,
- • PedLing 'Wig= .
A .„1„ . 1Li t 1 7 ,1"1 "'*!. 4 : 1 sulcna"lll/.7l"
• 146 66 sal tl., Jane { . Le.l. taziat
:S Le, PataenrAnW
: Lumr,W•amrial otr.V. brat
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Ju B. yr ATEILUAN*SO266.
; 6 and 61 Water. awl C Prost Et.
11/ACON-10 011 : 4 : 116 g: Rowid;iviiirhit
2,1003 fur gala by ,3410101 -3 / 1 1237.1.
3143 • 1.01 Weer afect.
BVNTRIES - 1 00 ga4_ ! '
10 bai. /0313.11ichb.%
3 c riabd- .3srp•blby
, . JA137.3 Ds O 7r , CI3 ly.bey
bbls. , No.
1.1 3 blf,do,, A.'117
LENTILS, -Received and for sale by
LCOHOL--10 bblk. for gee by;
voE.N,to bbl. Shelled lot Ede by
ILa le Slat a.
SUOT-400 'go Galena Load;
_` SOCEtES; &o
• & Val, •
• mogu l/1e :::. , s t :. : . :?:; : v . .. 24.4, e tsa w Ath .Por .. .. i b li
elmca ealastas - A •
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io " Clulasn STruyi
Om•E W. *al
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'Ciiraer of Ifpod arid '
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5562. an& tin do..
46 ocadong Chula:
baol , l.
60 boi P ewand 1D
3.11 15644 nw. 1 soda 11sek
-20 Nand A( do:145: I do:'
4 and.% no. tialmoto
6015.55 5.4551 Marin=
1300 dm extlll 145551047..
e s p2rr .5.110155;
• 1 " " P517155P:
•• Pimento.
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45 bora Monier 1.51 . 511.5 5 .
100 . dalitt=sßls.sklar , l
100 155.50perane lUe• Mar.
553 dts, ink;
150 " Com 8r00m... _
- Olsen 1:5114. WWI. load.
620 Ma. mama Pandeag
60 drama anarrna A !PA
i t . / .. t Bordeanx Pne . ne , .
bola lab Cedar.
Cloaca eitnava
Mena A Olbaealatc
Cattily A 1030•111
12 dn. r Snag
1 bbl. ann. b./PAK
, t ea P Ames
Ai m
2 and Reamed
1 A • Peet;
15 ?
tpt h i l lo • • triplant;
1 1 a aw P of Lemon,
and Saallla;
no Sugar;
1 net 84 1391.1
gni Oli, se: toeb23
300 bu. .1
24 bales ista.
tit U 34 ND4tye k l ii... ;
. 14) but. AN , 6 47j, r b. and
• 700 drams Flo*
60 evo, Tin dracksr;
. 6" Prams.
, • 6 ' Lemon Boot •
• So . • Toossto KsteSolo
SO Wooer 61 , 00.
" .•'
" Ilr. Ll Vogul ,•
o,oooDindps Eesr6,_ , - •
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2 4.444. madder; r •
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too ascoes
414 egO,Zw . i
60 =WilltaYsper,
60 tr.bls.No.l.2llactml;
kits 90.1, 2,
'2(6) 4441, NAY, sal dsnl
2 , gall. Woo OIL . •
106 dosAhrtets;
II.O.11:11iisa.. •
MI Us. Water, etyma WM
EEO b.. "islittlid'Alc
100 gross
ens 11 4.D. totoses:
=es Rosin 5.W....
:10 4 . D. f. M.Canwer.
P.S 154 a
Cardin Orcssast
1" /Thspt oitibrus
Await a plC.NNirrr,
• &mod. and Al Front as.-
•N. 0:8u. tlid *Amer
" Vat " = "" Md. "
LO .O I 2 :JR-160 bbla. agtrrrla byLogco
IALERATUS-25 bbls. (Adams') for irale
by all. i.&B. FLOYD..
UTTER-8 bbis. Roll , for lode by
~w l7 & IL noll:1
ACON-247 pa. Hams, Sides, and 8hot:11-
'4as, the salary eat J. & &LOYD.
itr4solL;:=3 sacks Common, for saleTby
NAT a. IL. 714111.
LIP golf' J. & n 7L4ID.
B IiVIS-45 dos. Corn, for gin).
• Norris's Tea .Nart
N, the Diamond. seemid door. from Dia
mond 047. Sth dm is sated k a waves,
ratilbarsb. 04/
AC 9 N-5") "enAinliorre. Round, b 1
11,IOLASSES-75 bble. to arrive, for sale by
-1,7 76 hbds. 21,0.
400 bbls. Xo solo pr
ambla - .111113 A. /I 1111XM 1 CO.
OAF SUGAR-' X 1 ble. Small, for sale by
- .
te L e y
.N. "
QACERATUS- 7 125 boiee and 10 bbls. for
L.7e.p br N. DiLITU. & CO,
if 4) row. Wrlyming PIP.I
Zoo . 11. =.
i. i';,.i..;. - . 4 . - ;i.era.-:
i bbl. Si ottavesrc
... WA, Viotoicor. to MOM sad for Kok or_
. V.01.115/1111Y.V..
.. /3 Smoot. sad 101 trout *nod.
iL ID bolts D. B. Lan+ loaf Suva:
!a: It4s. Crusbod haw:
•• Powdered •
sad Liatihr4 STZULC •
"'" S-11. :0 111 my *Assam, fur glut . ,
AS.L. St. 14als Ss.ssr Saks
tioAl4 , -`98thd1.1.7. 0:to arrivelhtsda y
rJr salt br t0ck..24 E. tW. UARBAtiIII.
10LASSES-140 bbls. N. O. for sale by
s. a W. LU811011:114
E - 04:1SLalew bbli. (fresh) for sale by •
s.aess • • .a. a is. Hasusartits.
age. No. lard. in
.1 tee. prime; "nevem, for sale by
svie BROWN
nftIEL) APPLE&-100 Ina. for sale by
CY spo BROWN a fr.ruirimma....
Thu?' MOLASSES-251 bb!L S. 11.. for
• • R.t f. W 11.505.
ROLL likli c kt - - 7 17Ab1i... (good) for sale
sr so JOICS WATT a CO.
_ .
B ACON -Z cash Hams;
13 Shouldmr: for PO. by
6310 104.1.4131LICJUni • CO-
SUNDRIES -200 bu. Dried Apples;,
~ .0)
c We. Pearl Alh;
10 -
• • • arts Potash, tor 0010
. • • a:MUSH a
ItEANS--100 Wilite, E 'rime article,
aseira and for gala br
12401 MM t HL.YF6TC. "
arlD . IZI , Femme. Fel 151 Orel, street. _
F i - 841-50
IS 4 ,
ao Ho. b Markerel; rale by
10 bbln.fleY' .
COFFEE --50 bags. Rio, for sale by,
.plO . IseuunmeLYa oo.
r ACIIES-500'bu. prime halves; for seo
TARCII-15 (s) inst. rd sod
.0 its ssis so J AB. .s..uutcitirox co. ~ .
s O . I-50 bum fsts.alenlawillm A
MMACKEREL -40 .bbLs.- No. Large. for
sALERATUS-13 casks and 5 boxes on
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nIRECTORS: -Cheries , W. Baniker,,o6ol;
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BOOKS., WSW. &c.
gnus' 'l..rirt . PURITY ,— The NW.iue L ead.
illemdsowi of Cbfittlaa Pulity; by Say. IL IL rater
w sw. latecdtwacto Zawpowl &Jams. D. D. woo ot
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My New YsigleseltAcoh.n . eceeposel . by Dim A. Wale.
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r.w, BOOKS !!-Blifitlian'iGiiek Oram
'km.. for the 1m Rajah roboods sag. oMraraitokr.,
Buttadial.t. - Wriest erat , eulatrged btruelort. .-
, Iluttloan. Translated from theeasbtoeuthuenroad odWoraf
by rawara Bobble:mu , • • • '
AU Irish ooulltratea uld the Lebelllon of Mk hr
The Anioblograhimf iheraorian or Captain Obadiah
Cougar. Art Mr pars mar w
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3 =l4 of Lomb. Labor sod the Lagoa Pow.
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0010!.BOOKS!--Charma and Ca4ntnr
Nor e4drt C sr frt.b . Centat7; 8:1". Td4 V.l.
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'P al L. the NineteesthlXiliatnt A cr,N=Ag
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NEW BOOKS t-'l4lelnents 'of ...btlytical.
..od tha Dttbiraatat aad Minas' Cal
culus. by Chas L00t55a,A...11,...: •
.. NIL Notes a • Wassail.
Wags , " • Yrarbacoda atm . ; by the anthar a tha Soltßoths.
Load= Labor sad thsldriaii Pas: by liattriblafianr;
~lthdatlaarraatTa• =gram:O.-Satan by Heard. rut I.
Us awns b?assjast rsed and ear eats by
s rsebal, .* • S. C. STOCKTON, 4. - Mar=
OSTON SIIMISPEARE, Nos. 35 atid.36;
.t &Warr 1.444 ThlartrsetAV
t• Ito Pad Cam 09
.XTEW BOOKS!—Louisiana:: ite, Colonial
A.lliot o aid limieam: by etas. O.flm ; 10 . _
`"&" maod'eroman iwasoiono.or b7Tlsmielam: 4
lent :Ma.
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Bards al .the bible by Gee
- Nbeam' s Wamters.orecd's sus am ail his work.i; blithe
Pater at Pep at l'isaurr, 1 vol..lSma. eau-.
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nacre sea. Ls= Les.lemet Cal•Tteament,
Inn the Cables ; " Irma,:bo Istie of We: Goemius..•
Decal o.llo w.
Teamsra: by T. ileor,liam,
osepitta Pceeea Mats of Hobela Bora, lib
',was snd abasartal mam sato Ilk arta alathan•by lab.
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Le the Barg ei lrir Tabermale,by Res 1 4[ararp. D a -7
IfsmaesLtt Apoil Numbersalways ors ban/
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• 1 1 1kTOTES L AND - DRAFTS.Engrared and.
IA .3e...snot Negin ad Dias,. of :met beealfalle.
Zttt L AN
Ca.r. /Make sma :kw: 4 sec.,
[Amen®' Jotirasi. sea lm male '• ' :
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'A Oolastactutalt—sed and black. _ _
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by lIILLIAM It..Th - rh"Weetiertr oNWA
sod Boman Antigattiet. and ortlrsetetel Doha, lhograybr
end Mythology: tertnd..erldt =Mem" eamdices and
eddlloook by Charles datbas, dkordner of :tle.
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=nosed trUh the - repel soceseton , of Grestitethdar
Aimed /Mahood. author of the Urn at the queen.
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AZIN'S (successor to E. Emmett) JENNY
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itOLL HOTTER-10 fteab'f!keM::i.
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C. 45 l• Lass:msou;
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‘jr,:fbraal• DICIAnAuu A DIOLIRAIC
QUIDAE-45 klub, N. 04 R , r sal° by =
1.7 - muisaTsoN OCI.
AILS-300 kegs aged, for tale by - , 1:
IDD twacc, • •
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eIIIADELPIIIik, NEW BE. and 808-
T..C4 WALL PAY 7.141 the mai Cel•faatedlllD ,
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66. Martest. b.l (.4.3) • THOS- P 4,103.
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To the Reiiierl'ef the Pittsburgh Gazette.,
QnLca ATTENTIObi is respectfully it
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