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County Convention.
.16P,The Whigs and Antinnnama of Alle
alway Camay will meet on Saturday - , the 31st r.f May.
prom, at the usual places Of holdthn primary meetion, iu
he Township, respectively nt 3 o'clork. P. M., and iu the
reiend Wand sod %roughs gal . .. o'clock, P. >L. to ..eleet
I no delegate* from each electiothlyLarirt. to a Om uty C 4
vrolloto to be held of the Court noose. on Wed ueeder. the
4th of J oeth, at 10 o'clock. A.M. to wake the Coonty
ritrtminaiwme preparatory to the nest General Elertiou. and
.Pltolottloletod,s t. the State etnet.otion. to nowt
at I.norager. on the 21th of June.
of Grumailt.
WV. C. Vitino.
- To the Whigs o Pennsylvania.
Jai- A STATE CONTENT)/ N vill be Lehi in the till
Of lianciut,, on TUESDAY, .1 ne .2.11 b. I a:il, fio r the no ,
Courtof ...inning emiallilatel Iti the 0111..... of (lover - m*lml
I:anal ConaMloilimer, and al for Jinlxem of the Sol.reme
Court lIEN tt M. FULLER. Clialrianti.
J0...3)h R. Flaninen. Simnel Nle ) lenatur,
a V. Knos:Mortou .C. Thom.on Jou.,
t Wm. ILSllonluti. Samuel D. Thonme.
Esinnel Bell, Jain S. Drawn.
• Nathaniel Y.lllnalter, T. Taylor Worth.
Liii_llW6 l . J. Itoblniam. Alexatiili, E. linarn.
• • Wordeti E. Eregon,Wm. Baker.
— " - Manisa It. Coribrun. .
Wm. M. Walt, .
11.11 . 1 J 0614.017, J.. , Clark,
Charles U. Wittman. Sherman D. Niel,
a g r . .4.rigT
u....Elir in C. }VII ,t,. .
_e. T
t h 'inqtd,
~.u . John Bauman tleinye rio,
. Alex r NI. Sli ck
77Jciliti C. Neville, " Fratiri,i Jordan.
The Wheeling Gasette.copies an article Iron,
the Pittsburgh Garette,'entitled •Itai!roads or
Hirers," and exclaitue: .4.:ourietent from your
own month." Then arks us' how we can dare to
approve of the suit against the Wheeling Eridge,
or ••reconalleit to our conscience to approve and
ilefentlthet perjury upon this question, elicited
from out triblestes," he,, adding a great deal of
abuse and blackguard attempts nt wit, with
. wbich'we will not Insult our readers
..The simple answer to this is that see have not
contended that the bridge is a nuisance on 11.C.C4) ant
of the Cincinnati packets on/y." build large
steamboats for the Mississippi trade, and some
times build ' and rig sea vessels. liloreovir. with
the improvements in navigation, see will employ
larger boats on our trade than have yet been
cant acted . Notwithstanding the influence
;Chi the Railroad may have on Cincinnati rack
ets; tlntbridge will become a more intolerable nui
sance the longer it remainsat its present height.
This the Wheeling Gazette knows as well as w
In reference to the reckless charge of petjury
brought against the witnesses for the prosecu
tion, antthe bratal vituperation poured uptua as,
:it is scarcely necessary to say anything, when
:the circumstances are considered. ' The unhappy
wretch who controls the Wheeling Gazette. at a
- time of life when his character should be a tem
ple in which he could take sanctuary from all
miefarnme and peMecntion, finds himself crush
• ed beneath the wreck of a misspent life. That
Imehould become more desperate than ever, and
strive to bring others down to his on - a, pitiable
condition, is probably a natural result, but it is
much to
.he regretted, whenlthe path of duty is
atilt open before him, were be willing th tread in
it. fie is luvond the reach of shame, and neith
er reproof nor legal punishment for hi• libels
Can reach him. We are surprised, however,
that the people of Wheeling., 4tiolcini; the,
things, permit such a moo to 2,llEnv the position
of an organ of .their interests.
Ilia 'cieellenny, MILLARD, the Pr
sident of the United States, ae,empaided t.
Hon. Daniel 'Webster, SecretOry of State,
John J. Crittenden, Attorney General. 11.,” m
A. Graham, Secretary - of the Navy, Ilan. N. K
Ball, Postmaster General, left WaPhington at I
o'clock on Monday morning, out arrived at th
Mount .Clare Depot, 13shintore, shortly .before
o'clock. The approach of the tmin was aunourk
4 .114 a national salute, fired by a delsehment or
the Eagle Artillerists, and aa the train drew up
at the depot, the land notes or welcome, esss the
Ealtimore American, were raught up and re.
echoed by the enthusin.stie Shoal of the multi
tilde who hivine,emhted to witnr,s4 .he arrivul
(the distinguished visiters,
' Besides the official passengers named 'di,
the President was accompanied by his family,
Mrs. Fillmore, Miss Fillmore, tend Mr. Fillmore,
Jr.; and the lady of the lion the Piistmasfet
Others!, was also at the party.
A. Committee of Reception, consisting
great number of distinguished men, were wait
' log at.the Depot where the President and hi,
ealte were welcomed in the following term., by
the Mon. John Barney:
President—To the venerable and venerat
ed Chief Justice of the United States, the Citilen.
of Baltimore had assigned the distinguished bow
• eitif Welcoming your arrival among them. In
hie stwence„ I have been unexpectedly placed in
this enviable position.
• = JoinUy with my friend,. Ur. Thomas, of the
•""• lr City council, I will have the honor to introduce
"•,, to you the,Mayor and corporate authorities, sod
will only detain you to say, that your pure, able
and consciencious discharge of the elevated dutite
assignedyou have won the confidence, respect and
affection of all parties, who Will sustain you
heart and hand in every measure you may adopt
to advance, perpetuate and preserve the happi
new, prosperity and integrity of the Republic
The flatters were then conducted to the car ,
riages and started for Barnum's Hotel; the Pres
ident, accompanied by the Mayor, riding le an
open barauche, drawn by four splendid
As the carriage left the depot, the cheers of the
multitude again broke forth.
On'arriving at Barnum'a, the visitors were
again greeted with the hearty acclamations of
many who hail gathered there, and, in charge of
the committee, were conducted tie the parlour of
the hotel, where the members of the City Coen
' • cil. and anumber of other citizens were in wait.
ingto receive them. After being introduced to
those present, the Mayor addressed the Pres',
dent and the gentlemen accompanying him the
following remarks, the appropriate eloquence of
will be generally admired.
Mr. President—lt has been made my pleas.
lag duty, on the part of the corporate authori
ties of Baltimore, to meet you on this occasion,
and to _tender to you, and the distinguished
members of your Cabinet who accompany you.
the hospitalities of our city. We deeply regret,
sir, that your visit should be but a passing one.
We would like to have food an apportunity to
show inn more public manner to the people of
the whole Union, mad to the world, our unfeigned
respect for the high office you so honorably fill,
and for your own not less exalted character.
Sir, as citizens of Baltimore, and ns part of this
• great Confederacy, we would like to express, in
a more public manner than circumstances will
• now permit, our high appriciation of roar de
cided, patriotic, and independent eont,e in the
great cause of the Union and its recent comiror
zaise—prinetplea, -which, we are glad to know.
yon have - over advocated, and dare maintain.—
In you, Sir, we recognise with confidence a firm
friend to -the Constitution and the perpetual
Union of these United `States. Permit toe t.,
• say, (and lam sure I but express the universal
sentiment of Maryland,) that you enjoy . the un
limited confidence of the people in the high of ,
. lice you fill; and, sir, should circumstances ever
require it, (which I trust in God mayt never hi.
the cane,) the patriotic; One of el, Maryland
will rally to sustain you and aid you in your et
• forth to preserve this happy Union. Aye,
in the beautiful language; of a departesi
we pledge you our lives, our fortunes and oei
sacred honors." We ate, indeed, Ueioo MOD.
hie: Presidano- -[t 14 the wish of all our fellow
without distinction, that you will, en
your return to the seat of government, spend
least a day in Baltimore. 1 therefore, in the
name of the corporate authoritito., tender
.you, and the members of your Cabinet who as
company you, a public dinner, to be given 1111
your return, at such time as you may be pleas
ed designate, I trust, sir, that At may be in
I your power to gratify us, and that see shall be
honored with your company, 'for at least one
J day.
s In reply to the remarks of the I%lnytir, Presi
dent Fillmore spoke to the following elect.
Mr. Mayor—The worm and flattering reeep
' don you have given me, leaves me no cords to
express my feeliogs. All that ha, been raid in
the i regard to the influence or my:public course in
r preeervation of the Union, I canupt approp t i„
- ate to myself. To the mei:l2We of my Cabinet,
.;to the patriots in Congress Snit of the Union at
'large, to those who by their exertions originated
and consommated the great meastires,whieb bare
tended to the preservation of the Union, is to he
awarded much of the praise which you have so
lavishly bestowed on me. I have performed
but tualmmble duty and if io the discharge or
that duty I the glorious re
sults to which - you have referred, it is to me a
matter of hunible congratulation and of thanks
It has long been my wish ioineek the people
of Baltimore, sail it affords me great gratifica
tion to thus mingle with you at this time. The
ldnd and cordial invitation 014 yon have ex-
tended to acceptspublic dinner:on my , return,
'would at once receive a most hearty acceptance,
* could I at this time say whether it would he in
illy power to do so-I. This visit, until within a
few days since, irss entirely utexpebtedi its ob
ject is not here, but is to be nought in another
city—until that object Is accomplished I cannot
enter into any engagements which circumstan
ce., might render impossible forme, and those of
the members of my Cabinet by whom I am ac
compnuied, to fulfil. ,
I have again, Mr. Mayor, to return to you,
I and through you to thecitinni , of Ilaltimore,.my
I mostcordial and sincere thanks for the unerpect
el sod kind reception which you hove been pleas
ed to extend to me.
After spending a few moments in conversation
with the gentlemen present, the President and
his suite were conducted to the breakfast room,
and as it was their desire to pass on to Phila
delphia by the 9 o'clock train, immediately after
breakfast they resumed their seats in the es.r.
riages. When the :President appeared at the
Calvert street door of fhehotel he was greeted
with hearty cheers, which were continued until
after his departure, As the Honorable Daniel
Webster took his seat he wan likewise saluted
with repeated dwell!. The party, accompanied
by the Mayor and :attendant committees, then
proceeded to the Philadelphia depot. Here the
party were again greeted with hearty enthu
siasm es they passed to the cars, and these
manifestations were , continued until the train
was rapidly carrying them on their journey
A large committee of escort, attended the dis
linguisbed guests as for as the Susquehanna
After a pleasant two hours' ride the train"
reached Ilarte..le. grace, and the car containing
the President and his party was passed over on
the steam-ferry boat in order to avoid the change
of seats which ordinarily takes place. As the
boat drew near the Cecil shore, the moment of
reparation having arrived, the Ron. dons BAR
:ins, on behalf of the Baltimore Committee, tia
dre'ssed the President in the followini terms -
Within the brief morning hours it has been my
happy privilege to welcome yout arrival, on be-
I half of the citizens of Baltimore. There is no
bliss without alloy, for even now I have to bid
you an affectionate farewell.
A sexagenarian—memory thrills with bright
reminiscences of boyhood when joining in the
throng that greeted the immpt tal Washington on
his advent among us—nod while every bosom
glowed with admiration at the chivalric deeds in
arms, •and the noble and patriotic sentiments
which breathed in all his writings—yet his ma
jestic port, commanding stature, and dignified
demeanor, carrying the stamp and impress of
Nature's nobility—won all hearts.
trnm the pa..t we !blame Carta the land.
And lights long het again do meet .7 ie.
The Chief 3lagistrato of the Republic mast
ever continue -to be an object of respectful
curiosity and intense interest to his entire con
stituency. Age loses its repulsive feature from
the advantage it has afforded me of a personal
intercourse with each and all of your illustrious
predecessors; and in truth and sincerity I can
aver that no one has filled a larger space in the
esteem, respect and confidence of the Confede-
Trawmillity has been preserved by the mode
ration, calmness, wisdom and firnmess with which
all discordant jealousies have been compromised.
giving al...ranee that internal eommotions and
foreign ixrasions will be anticipates/ and sup
pressed ere they can grow into importance. In
this expression of confidence there exist no par
tv divisions—a Disunionist is yet to be seen
among as. The party of which you and your
able Cabinet are the expounders, the orators and
the guardians, are the Unionists with which Bal.
throes-, and I may add Maryland, emphatically
belong—one and indivisible.
1 will not detain you Mr. President, for I could
add nothing to me appropriate and elooneut ad
sire,s of my friend and associate, our estimable
Gathering .•,urageTfrom despair. I do nut re
linquish the hope that on your return a more
protracted opportunity will:be afforded to my fel
low townsmen of enjoying the honor and grat
ification of an universal welcome.
The President replied in substance as follows
In behalf of myself and the distinguishes) mem- i
era of the Cabinet, to whom you have alluded.
return to the citizens of Baltimore our sincere
thanks for the kind and nattering manner iu
which you hare rented upon us the hospitalities
of your city. It is. sir, ptxuliarly ratifying to
me to be favored with the society of one,_upon
thi.s oceasion, • lin has bet a the associate of Wash
ington—one who lam set by the side of the first
President of the United States, and is still here
to represent the attachment of the city of Balti
more to that Union which he reared and defend
ed. ;day the day never come when there shall
cease to be a President of that Union to be wel
comed as Washington and his successors have
been. iu your benutital city. For the high en
comiums whiebynu have been pleased to bestow
upon. my official conduct and the services of my
constitutional advisers and associates in the
Government, I beg you to accept my profound
acknowledgements. I take to myself no part of
the credit of what has been done during the last
few years of our history. To those , with whom
I have teen ossociated, all We honor is due. and
to them let it be awarded. Be pleased, sir, to
receive for yourself and the citizens of Baltimore,
who accompany you, and to bear back to that
city the assurances of my lively gratitude for
their hospitality, and my regret that I could not'
longer remain to partake of it.
The Committee then exchanged parting tabu
cations With the President and the members of
hi.. Cabinet_ and the train took its departure for
Wilmington amidst the cheers of the Committees
and the crowd of assembled spectator
55'e refer our Manufacturers to an advertise
ment of the Navy Department, on our fourth
page to day %ay of the articles advertised for,
ran be furnished by our Mautifactarers mud arti
sans, and we should like to see them have the
learn from the Butler Whig that an experienced
and skilful Engineer is now engaged in the sur
vey of the Southern end of the Allegheny and
Butler Plank road, and it is expected that the
entire location will he completed within a few
weeks. The Managers have closed a contract
for one million' feet of lumber, to be delivered as
soon as the Allegheny river becomes navigable
for rafts ; at which time the work of laying the
plank will he commenced at Allegheny city, and
pushed forward with all possible dispatch. It is
confidently expected that from lire to ten miles
of the road 'will be completed during the present
5C141011. and that the whole line will be open for
travel by the fell of 11152.
IIrATING av STCATI.—Our readers will ASP by
an advertisement of Messrs. SCAM, ATKINS.,
9Katcv, whose establishment is on Second
and Front streets, between Market and Wood,
that they have' introduced the manufacture of
apparatus for the heating of public and private
dwellings by steam. We examined the appara•
tar, as put up by them, for beating the laundry
rooms of the Monongahela House, yesterday; and
as-tared enmelves of the, entire practicability,
feasibility, comfort, and utility of this mode of
beating. It is more uniform, more cleanly, more
pleasant• and takes far Ices fuel, than any other
mode of heating. It is also perfectly safe, us
the safely valve can be mule to blow off at a
low pre•tsu're of steam. The only thing which
con prevent it, general introduction, is the first
cost of the apparatus, but this should be no con
. sideration• in public buildiags where a large
amount of fuel is consumed, and where the keep.
inc up of tires is SUM:ldea with labor and incoa
raieure. There is also far less chance of a
'alibiing taking tire. We would advise all per
runs interested to call and sem•the apparatus.
The whole operation or washing and drying
clothes, at the !itonougahela Bonne, is done by
steam. iu ei.,mm,t convenient and expeditious
manner. Sheets, pillowslips, etc, can he waddl
ed, dried and mangled, ready for use, in twenty
111111 Ult,, and the labor attending the operation
is very small, when eunipareil with the plan ago
ally in rope.
Now , YORK M. E. ANS. AL COSirrltalt.K.—Al
the sitting on Sa briny loot, ,do out of tbreeven
delegates were elected to the General confer
ence. The following ministers were elected on
Sent ballot-Rev. Geo. Peck, I). D., editor of the
Chrixtian Advocate .and Journal, Itcv. P. P.
Sandford, lb. Rev. A. Dl. Osborn, and Rev.
Phineas Rice. On the second hallot,, the 'Rev. J.
Iloldich, D. ; D.. and Rev. G. C. Lyon. A. ballot
was takeutUr the remaining delege i tes, arid re
mitted in (1 tie vote between the' Rev. Daniel
Smith and, Rev. J. Z. Nickolv. Vie S. T. Com
mercial Faye, that these elections isre j pretty sig
nificant evidence that the great bbidy of the cler
gy-in the New 'orbConferenceltave no syrups:.
'thy it - Ith thaltreism embodied 1 . 5:1 the. late reeo...
lutlons of the preacher . ..v.. meetiiig, . i o that sity,
oa tbo Fugitive Slave taw:
. . -- .
Sorts enemas), Corressrnos.--There seems - t'l Tug Wistersa Nontirarmith Vntotsta.-...We
to be some confusion in the public mindin eels- Stated yesterday that &large and enthusiastic
'don to the Secession Conventions, past and pro- Whig meeting hail been held In York county, Vs.,
spective. As we understand the true situation at which Iron. Daniel Webster was nominated as
of affairs, it is as follows: The Convention which their candidate for the Presidency in 185. , They
met lately, and which adopted the Address and also call upon the friends of the Union through-
Resolutions in favor of secession, which we have 1 out the country to rally around nod support him.
published, was composed of delegates from the ; The meeting also expr e s sed its Jeep gratitude to
various voluntary State Rights Associations of I President Fillmore fur the patriotic manner in
that State. It had no official or legal character.' which he had enforced the compromise measures.
The effect of it is wholly on public opinion, which , particularly the fugitive slave law.
it brae no doubt driven still nearer to the dread- I
. ear. &LEST i..offiere Niassacetx.—The persona
ful precipice of open rebellion. I arrested for the murder of the Cosdeu family are
The legal and official Secession Convention is '.
undergolog an examination at Chestertown, all
a body created by the Legislature. The mem- , ~i na i l
wayof being unravelled. The Chestertown News,
find t ix that the lamely mystery is in a fair
hers of it have already been elected, and a large
majority of them consist of the very hottest of
of Saturday, says
Anti-Union men in the State, nod a majority
"A man named Jolio Bedeell was arrested
are in favor of immediate secession. This body yesterday at Cantwell's Bridge, Delaware, and l
cannot meet except at the call of the Legislature, 1 brought to Chestertown jail, charged with the
which is to assemble in November, and it is ex. I murder of the Coralen family. Then are nine
pected it will call the Convention together in ! altogether in our jail, charged with the murder.
January or February. There is no hope
1 via: Abraham Taylor, Thomas Drummond, Wm•
aril James
. f the Shelton, John Redwell, Wm. Wehater, Nicholas
Legislature receding from its position, . it is , Murphy, John Ford, Samuel Sills
the same
,Legislature which passed the Act ere- I Robert."
ating the Convention, and every moment tends ;
Tae Washington Republic, of Monday, makes
to increase the Anti-Union feeling, mad to fa- !
the following announcement: .
miliarire the public mind with treason and re-
Mr. Corwin has entirely recovered from his re
bellion, and with all the horrors which may rent severe indisposition, and will resume the
spring from them. ! duties of his office this morning. Mr. Stunt bas
returned from hie visit to Virginia. The puma
ittheutive duties, in the absence of their associ-
Tue Reveries., ItathtiOsu.—Chas. Inlet, Jr., i '
has been appointed Chief Engineer of the Hemp- I ates in the Cabinet and of the President, will de
field Railroad, and he is expected on the foie of i voice on the Secretary of the Treasury, the See
the, road iu a few weeks. To encourage suit-
( rotary of the Interior, and the Secretary of War•
scriptions to the road, the Directors have agreed , The Cleveland Herald, in giving the finale of
to allow interest upon all monies which shall be the Spirit Rapping controversy in that city,
comes to ,
paid by the stockholders from time to time, until t h e following conclusion :
the road is completed.
1 ' '• In a few words, the Spiritual Rappiugs are
PIifiCEEDINGs OF THE SOUTit CsnoLeas Coo- ' joggling tricks, and the mediums impostare.—.
Their supporters may, soma of them, be honest 1
in their belief, but where you 'find such a one,
vrarion.—The debates of the State Rights Con-
vention come to us in elaborate reports, for 1 you cannot name a humbug of the last ten years
which we have not room. The letter of Long- which he has not endorsed. - '
don Cheers, which woe laid on the table on ac- , •
I. , : e se_ i t.r c ic — on, May 15 51.
~ 18 .
count of the moderate action recommended, is P,
anything but a moderate document. Mr. Cheves' j
wiiii,—L S The ft:Mown:qui a com
offence is affirming that it will not do for South(
! parative statement of the tonnage, and amount
Carolina to secede, alone. lie nays, however.
1 of tolls received at this office, from the Ist till
that he feels so a - citizen of the South, tun . ..ilia" ' the 15th of this month t also, the amount of
ted into the very dust" Ile tells us that the I tonage since the opening of the Canal up till the
Whip are the oppressors of the South, and links : same time, and amount of toll received, showing
Democracy and Disunion very closely together. i li ., lerg e , c increase of or th er e it year. d The at com . pole:e
llen is an extract. Iti totements bus iness on
't were given by me, for the benefit of the public,
Lei the democratic party, then, which rallied ' and cot to incur doe displeasure of the late
under the wise guidance and foresight of Jeffer - r')ollector from Greene County.—
eon, and saved the South, again put forth its t T'. esr Toll
strength. It embraces the great power of the ' tau Iran is co loth 1.1., 1..15. 711 inane ei
States. Even the whigs of the South are dem- , !Paw '' loWS.oef aeiva la
oceans; though in a false position, in widen ac- i
cident has placed them, and freed of that, they
will appear sander their old flag. The Whig par- l
ty is now no longer that of which they were
members. It was a party founded on the details I
of the politics of the day, on the comparatively
small measures of the moment, and upon the i
candidates for federal offices. The present mo
mentis one of life or death to the South. and 1
that party in not now contending for these old ob
jects, but to conquer the South, and to abolish ,
tier most important and valuable institutions. If
there are whigs at the South who will adhere '
to them they are few and can be spared. We shall '
be strong enough, if true to ourselves, without
them. It is only necessary that the democratic
party act vigorously. zealously, and persevering. .
ly, and the principles of the South will lie ten' •
amplified. If we hare souls !in our lofiums ran
it be otherwise `
From the following paragraph, in the third
Jay's proceedings. it would appear that the Chi
vary were not ssurderly ns men should be. who
undertake to dissolve the American Cross,
1 •
Governor Richardson t President) rolled the
attention of the Convention to the fact that she ,
proceeding, yesterday, were marked by repeated
sbullitions of feelings, which wore not ion ex
act accordance with that spirit of order and de-
'iteration which should govern so grieve 00 as
semblage. He !should, therefore, exertar his
authority in the suppreasiou of suet, outbreaks
• -limiting expressions of approbation or disap
probation to totes and speeches (Applause)
The following extract from a speech by Mr
Maxey Gregg :is worth reedit.? Spoakini! of
South Carolina, he soya
She stand alone. And even within her owu I
herders. a submission party ta.asts of the pro-
gees, it is making. Ile would call none salmon I
sionista bat those who, w hit ?they profess to love
South Carolina. were still in lace with this Un
ion, so detestable to espy true South Carotin.
1 ion. (Applause. The chair called tr. order.)-
We have three parties in this State. A <utters
si on party—a party for immediate secession -
1 and a resistance purity not ready Inc deeig
' nate the time now for action_ Delay. he
said, would extend these divisions, submi...
eion would insidiously gain ground, aralSouth
Carolina would succunde The public press,
outside of South Ca4linre, the federal go..
ernment, the Northern }rates: were all • work
to this rod, of securing'the quiet submission of
this Commonwealth.. The time has come -
South Carolina has provides' army shall she use
them l Shall abe resolve to act " Let us hope
that she will: and leave the miserable little ray.
' nod of submiesionteits, within her bolsters, to em
ipste to the United fftates. (Applause.) Let
1 tie strike, sad whatever the consequences. we
' shall, at least have done our duty.
The following from the report of the opening
address of Gov Richardson, President of the Con
vention, is even more intiamrnatory ,
He then proceeded to describe the incongru-
I ous elements, geoprapical and politirtal, that
I men have attempted to a malgamate and , human
, ire under the - federal ompact—a confederacy
under which the South as been impoverished in
enriching the North, an degraded to the last sup.
portable degree. of humiliation Our federal
, flag is the refuge of thelexiles and the oppressed
lof every laud eilept the South; it afford...
shelter, no reftqf, no y'rotection in us In fact.
the Union is already, ih spirit and intent, dis
solved. The divisions North and South in the
churches is a division under which of itself the
tUnion cannot survive. The overwhelming relig
ions eentiment of therliorth against our multi
! tions is such that, to i+main in the Union, we re
main to be destroyed{ (Appleuse.) %Velure,
then, but to perform out' duty, and lease the conse
quences to God. Let us deliberate upon it in a
spirit worthy of our litter:dors, feeling thrt we
have to decide upon the Chinn without our in
stitutions, or our instilutiOnn Without the Union.
( Applause. ) Let oar counsels be directed, then,
not to the Union, hut to the unanimity of South
Carolina. (Applause.) The worst of sohmis
slot' is dissension attiring ourselves, and the
greatest triumph to our enemies.
I The following is the minority report of the
committee of twenty-one. , It was presented by
Mr. Barnwell, and twol other delegates.
The undersigned, the minority of the commit
tee of twenty-one, disSehting, as they are con
strained to do, from the report of the majority
of the committee, as a t 6commendatioo involving
r departure from the woper objects of this Con
vention, and as prematurely making homes out
rolled for by the present occasion, beg leave to
reeommetid, as a substitute for said report, the
resolution submittedliy a delegate from .finder.
son, amended, so as to read as follows.
'• Resolved, That feeling entire confideure in
I the constitutional organs of CUT State govern
went,. and in the wisdom nod fidelity of the Con
vention elected under the act passed at the last 1
I session of the Legislature, we ore perfectly nil.
ling to leave to them the modo 110•1 measure of
redress fur the wrongs we have suffered from the
federal goveromeol, as well is the time of its
application, and without indicating or suggesting
' the course it behooves them In pursue, nod w e
hereby pledge ourselves to abide by their deri
sion, whether the same shall be for secession
from the Union, with or without the co-operation
of the other Southern State,
The Convention was regularly opened with
prayer. In a report of the first prayer by the
Reverend It. Somers, of the M. E. Church
South, we are told that he abstained from pray
fog for the President, for the Union, generally,
iu fact from everytniug except South Carolina.
All the world, outs ide,was summed nip ia 'to
thou bless, als ' o, all the nations and people of
the earth, and in the end save us in thy king
dom, through Christ our Redeemer. Amen.'
We shall conclude these random extracts by
copying Rhettla resolutions, which were received
with the most frantic enthusiasm:
I. Resolved, That in the opinion of tins Con
the institutions of South Carolina . are 1 ,
no longer safe under the constitution, nor in tne
2. Resolved, That theconcert of the Southern
States in any systematic and decisive resintonce
to the power of the general goverumetu, has
heen hitherto sought in vain.
2, Resolved, That the only effective call up
on the South must he by the appeal of a prac
tical issue.
4. Resolved, That the columittee to whom
These resolutions are referred, be instructed, in
the namelof therouvention, to memorialize the Le
thp th :b e re S ui ta :ri te i;:, ,
t t i o espe c .ri o2 d v r e o n rp e n.t th h
et e i
c S pa ta ubri t el l ,,aus C: n or ;
declaring South Carolina an iudependerit State.
that there is every probability that ihe nom CU--
tam-house will be located on the pouthwett cor
ner of Green and Third street, The lot fronts
135 feet on Green street, end extends 150 on
Third Street, and we believe can be bad '
et $15,-
IKa Item or, um.; tiii ltnh 724,14,ty2
Incrram,r, . 1'a45..z0
Total amount of tolls received up till the lab
Very respectfully Tours,
ALEX ' SCOTT, Ant Vu'llertur
Heating and Ventilation.
, • ------
Market Street Store for Rent. Illf E ARE r M
, fur
T 11.attott bT Mao. to llutela.l.ourt Itootos.LeTture
v`tOlt ItENT. -The Store, lIS Marketa: 14mat, Bonk OMmo...Sturro.l.nriorin, Ilorpotala. nottl build
(i atenet- th...... 1 &or Mut tht mroer of mast ... ' TC . ......, , •.',„.",.1....",„ 4 '''' . ...... 1 ?. r b i n i . ev n . L 1 eenr .,.. 6... n br A m ... i r t : n u en ,.. -
at,. Lttakrit t 0..... 1`.....e.r0w0 :too the lot .4 Amt. ' -,. .....
Drat. 14.,t0r.. of ',Tip elce,e . tt.ottwrolory, gellter 04...0f 105.11 desiottl. and r. t 1,....
web I, a. root: o.othar olotNal la.ettual to 11
- lob P. '" ' 1- : ' Plat:for V ' entllstlon, Ipt niturta .0 * forced awaa., 101
Citizen's Insurance t;ompany of Pittsburgh , L"Crti= 0 1 .n v r ,trz , , ,i ,
~,,_,,,„... ~„,,, ~,,
ivN COE It All E 11031 E IN STITUTIOIIS r i eg . , ....7x1 . 11, 1 1 . betw . Aff. no* vt‘.. , Esr m
b lzt , , rjx ..
dv VC,: h.. !I Ni Mt 1,4,0. lo the...amt.:a.... ofC 11.
„„ nern nsenereener seen sneer ' , red , , nne.
1 0 111,Tet. Prt.tidt.ot . AVc Al an, . t. . '....k . '- ...,,h ., du . ...... 3............." , 7 fr0n ,,, .•.
, 64 . : Al VI% ATKINSON 11 OKELi
Th., t.t. o t ,o, r m.. etepurd 4. ......4 sner..kotoll... aat
. mr. and lo trast,t. •,,...4 A.
.t l ol{ SALE. to eitt.lo eonrignme rit --SO ek,
.‘„ „ t „,,,,,- ~,,,„,,-.,,,, 10,- 0,,- al,ltty ao4 Ittleant, .4 th...
r ia
Inatliomo. t.. alt , olod . tlat..4ana-to .4 tt.... lot,-1..1.. ,litollor 0000 Attlt. branded ',i.e.. , an! - et U.
a,. are CI olts.u. ol Ptto.uralt •..II and 1...t.mb1t . ..... 0 41 4, to .1?..“. IleTAlltrt a 00..
ti,..att 4 tho <4..4.114 0,10.0 t.r...4. , .... lutrilzernot. at Penn...mots It..llrtal °root.
at.d Inlagrtlt . n, V stems Pann and ii at to , atr,l4PattLurytt
.110''''s --I:
" 11"..."• Wol
'''''''' 11'
L'''''' ' )ItlEll FEU IT-- l'eae her, Plunot,
Jr., WalLar dry not, Ituah I, h‘a,, /-1 , ....ra 11.....1au.
.4410 liar ausilk, a. IlatLanaL. B. )1 ILtat .40,11 :4,1 'aroira
'...' ....' .0 nkz 11,4...Luta at, 7 .
Foreign and American Hardware. -, s,,is *m.o., and Tea 4,....r... '
._ _.
LAX; AN, ‘V lIX.)N & C 0.,. Ili' OODEN r
%% ARFe--
c. 0 .,. Mc1.....1.. twat. .14.1.
No. 129 Wood Street, , , attualut.l Butt..
. ii.. 1% k Noti IN SToltk . ,atra tOronT BucLoto I b,...•,.
t t,lar 14.4.1 w.. kw.. 4.... mt.
1 ilia 1.4 Yo Uth:A' .4.1 0 AV!. Y. ii • ..y 1.4t0t,...1 - - "
HARI /W A RE. ...,,,,.
~rN iari.ata Tut,
WU 1. M . ce.M., k. ,Ite.t.
et:LUNA. a Cu,
.Itotao 'at ILL. opting OW.. and a Ltzh .4.) ..• ..44. 4 ... - . 2.10 litortt tt
t.....f10 4. pa re/m..OF at P.... tk.a.t will o.tot.t.
.tit: %% FOR Nik LE in the First Prealortert
t•nii•Lit ottl .4" a Ittoo.torn e 11.4... k an .11,ren..A.t. '7 , ) p, nit. at At, 215 Litm;rt, .
nayl4.ll . .
Dirsltti..l , 'et VEEN in:lia.. --Th. , tiopulliri
MY -'22. Lat. , Nlinsiiiiri. iiii tsinigientnent
Ii • ..1.1, itik. m..ti.i... tiii....,..... , ‘ 1. vieltero Prot,' I 11 awl 1..,
er , e, AL ,, s . i ., ~,, , .,,v.
..iii..... iiii a oarautt....4 . t5..m0t..... Th. 4.41.0. soeu,. _ No Itl::.lFront et
• .
tatem, r,•••,..rtaLlor c.c.., All•Kb•rer as..l
It•-•ver c. 0...., have V rrlalfum, 111.13 fano
umarsuog c.l It% groat a." 1 1 ,14
Jame.. etiwttuo.lcsurth kl...L.P.lntrargb.
that. 11.xv•r
r•Lata.l. 11,0"bra.t tan,r 1,01•tar:11
Liti.lo , l•
Jame . . thrrt. :+quarro: ILA
Bart. -
*.le 1., _
111 IC
t're ll ' i l lt i ß o K y flAil e .l .' iliillAA ll .
Petroleum ! wr t. 116 Ic6l.rr
K Eft/. L- - fAr t4le. No. 3. for sale by
RL , ' , ll l li t,b lll 1:: !), I ,_
1 811,11 .
Flculay- w.r. would tbs. Tv616*,./ i,
u• tv..l..aeu by lb. Penroylrsala „l e
"er au:WM tar .161..+t 0r.," 11l mll4 116 Water a
1 .ort. ee,-.verism JOHN 'ONO a tai , -
INSEE b 011.---30 bblit. (wurranteil pure i
o astr.
ii L . Ashlusl es... tl . March 1.• , I I.A ey e pi,. t.., • J 'YCIDIONMAK ER a CO.
,I lute .. Dear hit, fun Aunt, • 1.-• •een• 'mu'. to, 15 24 tcx4 n
lett urn ... lour
to .I.:yeri h...c1. u;, t. tentrn we have *old
Please area usu. .is duur hatasdia,lf ‘ FIRO)I E YELLIAV it GREEN
-1 cur me:l,n. lo wortome wonders In thie reap. We 'l_ ' la use. for vie by „ .
eau ottain tererat undkrit rertiftratea, if inn Mastro them • '''' J 5.1.11.h1:01AK ER LLO
lours. fie . -tv tv com "if % 0 PPEIt AS-25 bble. lgt.:1) for rale by
For sale by Kuser a 51;14.wa11. 1-14) Worsistrut; IL L. I V,..) mrl.l J ICHOONMAR ER a (.1)
o,l vv". " " n° 4 "m" , : B A. F1't ..... " C'N ....... ILUM-50 Ws. for pale tir
aced =ix Front street, D .a 1 Corry. D. A. Elliott. Jneeph . , ~,,,,,, J. SCHOON AAR Ea A I,XI
Isaughics. and IL l' Sentruts, Allegheny. alu by tlu pro -
prtet.a. 8 II M ir , iIkSTS RUBBER GLOVES
l. & y
spit Jew 1 Cut, Itssin.Pwrenth n. Pittsburgh. ?,,, ;Er . 7 9 4 0 . zr n 0f u r t . ...1: , ... , , i 1, 5 a h , , ,n.. ,
Dar We again refer our readers to the .1 , : Pl'Mf,"-4.°1,.,V1,;.7,7,,',V1,°.,:°;''''"i'• A' °i '`'' '°
Urtturnent of II 0 Farrell,. Aeltturn Lunacy, whteh at. I MT,'" ' J
P . .. .. ..fibs `"... .. -1 i 'T ''''''' P.." .." "'" INDIA RUBBER co . rs—,n excellent cot
hlgtilt recommended . end this l• tn. all • haprodununo - ; ea., au ewe honer, or evens, weirsdhrring and Dn.
tlnut. e of those who hate need it snit espertenaal Me ben , pecuntre to ,iron water. for de at hoe 7 and II Wood U.
eteul .clerts on their teen 7•11.2.0. The cures are certain. . Mr I, Ja II PHILLIP:I.
I, ter, retuarkahle, and et hut the wiedlrine is worthy of BROADWAY HOTEL,
a trial We adieu. all to an to the who will tarnish
. ~,,,,,,,,, „.„.. 0 ,,,,,,,,,,,, =,,,. ~,...m. ~,,.rtot ; cutiNr.r. 'OF BROADWAY AND B.ECOND Fri: Errs,
to, treatment of cattle. /7 myl3o.strisr..9 ; Cincinnati, Ohio.
cAPT. JOS. H. OHOMwELL wculdiA
) respectfully announce a ga i n Mends and area
yu ile generally. that he by taken eharge of
the above esuldiehment.
Tb• BROADWAY HOTEL bee been thoroughly refitted
and refurnished. in ams.tduioe with the Inteet ond mut
approud orb.. nf Wt
etty hotels. An eurnalve none
of ,Uathing Rum. Wu Just lawn completed.
The lcuithris ls contral to Use huhns parts of thy city,
and le More conrentent to thettrams , oat landings. railroad
office end depot. than any other first dna hotel in Cincin.
natl. the rums are pleaunt and larT. Olt! the table
sod wermamodallons are nOt mrinuterd bY any estehli`h
meat in, oar largest chine With stela attention to ha
guests. and ample fuilitles fur nuking his house • quiet
and nymfortahlo former travelers. thy Proj.rirlOr hot.,
AL will retain it, poyalartly. and • liberal chute 01
ces Deafness. Noise in the lead, and
dLathargra from Um Ear, oprotlily
nently romoretL oithont pain or Incourrotenr, by Pr.
11AltTLEI.Intipol of the Ntoc York Ele.ul Ear Po ,
gor7. Cl North Eler•tith • ',MA, PM"' A Rh. 1 . 1111.1 , 10 1 .-
Hour. of ...tritium. from'/ to Comsultntlon by letter
or otherovo. IL All Mgt, guar.ntini where [malformation
don not erttt. my 151.1
"Committee or Arrangements," ap'i•VrA-P.illib.Y.;:i'4il'Zii=e,:t",l,',"„"'
nor c,l Titlnt zoo Vo otreets,... th;Ath
lent. 4 o'clock. I JANIES DUNLOP.
my 141,1 Chairman of Ourumitve.
For Sale
AQUIET and safe Family 11 0 R5E,4L5. r .,...
4 • Fourth 5t.."7 4 {.
" H"
L"" ir;IgYATTEII.4IFN,..r
wn A. MIA..
Important to Capitalists! .
0 A PERSON disposed to engage in thr
anorartur. %Tint). UI.AF.9. nyporturd,r lr
e,ncr... m l in to utohllohod factory of StL ,d ot,.ll Ems
Gamln Immoral operolloo Ihr pot roor Th. t n.,.
ale ot LIMA k Irrr ouporior la oulor sod qualltr.
oof prefornol to our In that coartrt, and enconuando • rro
dr oslr. Ant P•roDn .b. , oro, oi^t , 4. h . ... , por.h...
intomel- no rln or, on •t,b torrom ao V 111 r.r•rtainly meet
onyrorol.. I,f seldre,olort bur No ID, Po•I °Ebro: owl
tiPpnlottrig Llllfr,Cl.
Thrrt oar um sexA of Ino-i tie - know the Wort,.
whlrla Insure tan v , rl Pro.l.oblo
For Rent,
mirF. VIIIGINIA HOUSE, on necum
1.0 lIA ARAN
To Let,
HE AVeli filtiMited and furnished Store.
I Gt, T 14,1 Ate. n tsar ills 1,4 Olt,. at press. ....t!
oscupleJ 1, NI, hark.,,,lt, a ,kwvirr mtat. 4,44, --
~1 E I, 4/17.7.AN1 :3 Lasst,, ,, ..
s, IL LI 14 Ills a has.
1,1.. Tr,l.uus. Kull Di,ssUll .44.1
Ni.. 001:. OIL C LOT HS. A largo stoelt ..1
Slow' 111 OWL , . sl al.ltb. rsoslus toss • to n yd.
{itspewed 1.. s.II WIN IV the 9.1? VIKA , flal
yurchs , s.l et Eos , t Sl,vl.nots awl bows tsopsrs srs
rsquertol tu I ull and examilar sot. rl4.ek beton porch vltol
J 1 11. 1.(111.4.11 . S.
ts 7 sod 4 W(..1 rt
s o torr, ,everai tourx tnen in wholesalv or retsil drug gent!
~rueer, for n.reral ,onto, Into at agents.
hat - kevtwes, lata,rera, farmer., Ae and Cr
two or three wen wil, wive. snd noted.
pls... In, trsdre. 1r... hr la 'oral girls and boy , of
all sin,. for w.v.ral gmal bouw...keerwrs.orstustreerw ,
wet sul Jr non.. 1. -several eptAl, sod
mon aud gide for work, 0, Ennl/Sh rout , . .
okw run wawa, or tw,. want to go otit as nurses, to
travel All kinds of sgeorlea attendtal to for mod,irste
..haty, ,, gleam call .1 aeAAc ItAtutiv .
. Agency so.l Intellimenee I.lhrtir .
mt near Market and ht. Clair sts.
PIIIIE DAILY GAZETTE. and all our Pittr-
IL burgh Daily. and 11.0f1 of our Weekly. sad gbtrut
late Eacltange Nrwrpavers, tram most of our lorlintinal
cities land towns Elbleeten latest en.terlelt DeUctn"ri
f e s, ms, sod awls; white boutsvllle Llttte: carptt cht,
had cord , runs sad twine, 250) small Ash boots: s !Mall
retail supply al 'guidon sod letter pa Ls ie t, r A Z.,at i s , l l l l lo 3 ar . eut
yens, pencllt, Or., fur ask
gnyld.2,t• Ad.t sad Coln. ?demi:mot. LlbertSll‘.
TmNNERS' OIL--20 bbls. warranted pure.
ur tai. lu IL P. BELLER:
rte la Wood
iILIRO3IE GREEN -5 capes superior quill
I_l i11,..L.r• and o....mbuut pallitlte, , fp ; Lit
~,l i l
MY. - •
DICE --- 2 0 li , •rveN Carolina, for solo by
``COFFEE-1511 hap Rio, for sale fly
VEN. RELI—IS casks (English) for elle by
Auld J. selloilildAKEß .1 00
COVES --2 bble. for sale by
UP. CAHIS. SODA—IO kegs for sah by
24 Woo.] :I
Q (.10Alt & MOLASSES--
0 N 160 lihd, 1 , ‘ , .< r+ u 6“4 - 0 ,- .
SW bbl. - .. M0ba.,...i. Ibi Aale by
saylb 1.111111111101: • Ltili MUM.
S II . O 7 U u L R C.kl3
100 btau
10 `• _
10 1. 07wW4
1.11 •• IL Mow.oo fur de br
yJG 110 Water.t-
X' mils W. P. MARSHALL. 83 Wuud tt.
1...1 mitt W. P. MARSHALL, ES Wood e
rr ESTER CENTRES—'For sale by
W. P. MARSHALL. ON Wool 0.
ARD-3 Ras. it-S kegs No. 1, fur male by
R. W bbl.. sal .10 bL Ulu No. 1, IHlthuure It.rOttitt
to ° Lam. Nu. 3 .11•01turTlt
b ' 4 "" k. ' "P'''
mttO ,"olfrVATTlel2.
ifiOFFER—IOO bags Rio, for sale by •
J a n ,lo JOHN WATT t CO.
DIG IRON-1( 11 . ) tons Huntingdon co., for
Rah by myl6 JOON WATT CO.
Fro the lionorab!e, the judges of the .mum
L of Ben.. Quarter fieltlaoll-4 of the Peat.. In
the County of Allegheny.
The petition of Benj. Blythe, of the Fourth Ward, PIM.
burgh. In the ...tiny of humbly aberreth. that your
jelluoner bath prorided himself with materials for the sr.
ntomodation trarellers and others,at hi. dwelling
len«• in the want anorwaid. and prays that your hon
or• will be plerwed to grant him a licence to keep a public
boom of entertainment. And your petitioner.. In duty
Lenud, , will pray.
We, the anbecribent: citizen. of the ward aforesaid,
do certify, that the above petitioner D of gm! repute for
honesty and temperance, and is well provided with hone
rum and COLlfetliVl2oe• for the acoommodation and total..
of strangen and tnarellers, and that arid tavern le owes
ames J. Kerr. Thom. B. Dixon, Henry MoCullOu gh,
Martin Ponnolly, J. D. s hee, E. W. Warner, Jame. Watson.
.leme• Mathews, Thom. M inton Robert airCutehen
duties P. thew.
Michaey. mylll42lnri
rirlo the Honorable the Judges of the Court
I_ of General Quarter Session" of tLr Peace. in .1:11 for
the County of Allegheny.
The petition of Joe. itextel. of Cron Rddr.Elicabeth tp..
In the county aforesaid, humbly sheweth, that your pen.
boner bath provided himself with matee dwellin g he h ouse .
of travellers and other& et his house. in
the townahip aforesaid, and pray. that your honors will be
Rimini to grant him a limnse to keeps untie, house of en.
tertelument. Anil your petitioner, nub duty bound. will
P Te. the subscribe, citizens of the township aforesaid.
do certify thet the above petitioner is of good repute for temperence. end well provided with house
room and convenience for the accommodation and lodging
of strangers and travellers. and that said tavern is n
'. Prods, John Pinder, J. Tomnce, J. Peen, jr., James
Woods. Alex. A. Will.. Wm. Wools, W. Vi cid!, J.
Weever. Jorethan James Torrence. John J.
Douglas. myllP3t
has been under priseas, of Painting, ie., will he open
übile worabip mat nabbath. It expected that acme
of the minlidera wtro will be at She Awiemblp, will preach
t.nth monthog and everting. mr 15
L.. .
AFURNACE, at Dresden, Muskingum co.,
01110,14 mile. from Zwneenrille, In Arm runiing order,
tileam Cogine. cepable of ruuulog nut 7
Law of Pia Iron per day. There it an abundant supply of
ore Itr Immediate vicinity. 11 I. connected bT • rburt
canal with the if tasking - um rivrr. which Is nacirrable for
atonroboatm the greater port of the rim, thereby affording
rnorildiwi for chipping to Zonervllla or to Mid point or tb.
Ulna Hier. at low rates of freight. The Iron heretofore
niminfartured ot thl• Furna c e. ham hewn consumed In
Lux:wide. for t . eritimiqr
RILEY PEkiiil4o,Naltlmore.
my Ihrod 1m
UST op T eqn , A 4 -- )c a . ;e:T r. ex m ll i l . en e t:A2rtm ...m. en t t .
n p
~Kepo Clock, for 1/I.frO earn. wad warrant.
ra 0 1 ‘ . " 11! ' VILMJ - rifilek , ‘. .
mmn of F=tih
Tet EMPLARS' SWORDS--Just recd, a lot
of li
benotth ntsbtri Toap nolarwl Sworls, loth •tubletto of tb•
11, eug
4 , Orik)S---:::, bal. t Batting) for Pale by
No VAS hum n
• ...- _
L:GAP. ---'2.4olibds. prime N. 0., for B.le b
1.3 mylD J.1.11V A iirremsox A Ott
LEAD-- '....:0.0 pigr Galena;
Loco [to. HAr, to. gr.le hi
JAYE, A i117TC111.3.N AL , 1'
. -. .
IllikSl l' • - 4.. t,,ir. 7tlinn, D. R., for ,ale by
.ICI mo . JAMES A. III:SCUllit/N • CU
FRANKVOCKRKLI Is tbr toottatter GI the este%ltah.
toeut. and Ono of the mnst obllo.ll ...I ...Wee httehse.
I s lAl ' VeljTi. the Ikett.Kervet for Capt. Cremes..ll,
unteents.ll7 popular. end hi known Sr owl whin lut • gee'
Items° well Ilttal L,r the station he molly.,
.1. 0. nOnti,
Storage,Shipping CounnisaionMerchantz,
rIOLES A L . E dealers in (...lreceele”,ill,,,,
y I Ittat.r..te . NO .0 ..0 WA,. and 13.:
Tnbaviv ik' g ' slle d. o=lnignmeat•
Agroto fur all I , ,treanhoatn sod Prowlion. In tir Inks
pre , 141 u.
Harr F‘r—Viin. A. I. A 01, el...eland:
%%win, Buffalo, • .
T. II flow. Clolder, rlttsburah
in, 14 ran
• Scott Meeting.
.0 the ca.. of thr Daily AAlledeSA. twurr of IVood awl
r b. ..lrert•
,-,]usist, lb. 11.1hmlhit Fn.:Airmen
inribtli,mNle,r..T Ell.rhtun, Fr.ti ti. lie, , Owl
Wm A Chltill.oll, liarro, John . Urialt
l'apt Rule•rt Porter. I.ron.rd e Jolaur. Audrey
heyor, I.phreitn Jon., Jr.
iny lu T J. 1011/11/151. Chairman.
Al RIBBONS—A. A. hlisoN & Co. ore
n z i mn 4 ; I , la . en t of losutifu! new
zoo . Id to :all ratte . ptlx . to Mega. 00r1 Auppl v
low r 7a- 6 . :4P:. 1 1 ,4". VA:. „°. 1""'""d
di I 111,11PED TA RLF.TONS—Just received
thl, rovrnine, no. open 10 rartono of thrum v. , 1 - 3
Fir Bonnet I.lning The it
tent,.n of milliner,. I,feepretfolly .11e11.41
inl+ A A. 111AliON A CO.
-- • - - .
It LACK BARAHE for Mourningis ',eared the prom of
V V NIA hanleome urirlad at a lam prier reej
na'l an a
iitificuitgt.t ,
ant low pramsat
guapin & BURCHFIELD: ,
lIRIED APPLES-40 bags in store. for
.I.lle b, DALZELL 000
. f ,ll so Liberty_.
SUGAR.— WH blade N. 0. Sugar for sale by
!JAM ts DALria4..
mylb to water. 0
I\l OLASSES--400 bias N. 0. S. 11. for
male La mile JAMES DALZELL
T9lO the Honorable the wig. of the Court
Oeneral Muarvr Fencloun otthe Peace, in and t.r
County ot,".lleptieni
The petition of Harr:huh tirahato, of the Fourth Weed,
Reich , Pitt In the rum.): aforeraid. burnt* eheuetla
t h a t ,ur petitioner hash provided himself with material
nar the areoramodation ~ftraveleat nal alien, at hlndwell ,
pun boos iu the Ward thuarerdd, and Kaye that rata bon
.will be laletweed to grant him heenee te keep a publa:
h o uaenaf entertainment. And tour s pet-Mune, lo dot
hound, wall ItaaY
We, e auteeriba etenn of the aforenakt,
tc.rurr the the abov n, e
petiti iti oner It of good repute Per bon s
Ktr y sod teammate*,aud in well provided with honer
room and earivenitamen tbr the aeocannuidationatel WOO.
of Ammar, rand travellent, and that wad tavern la Lae,
Thema , A. Hiratam, 11. S. D?naldnun,ll.lmith, Mich
Thomas Boyd, K. loung, D. my, Jabal
ht.., J. P. llarhark, John Kerr, Samuel Verrj k ila i fftaJ
Kerr. •
W3I. G. GARRARD lon removed the bal-
TT moo of his stuck of Dry GOMeon s No. 112 Mut. t
street. met Libtuir. All perms LIF =7 claim.
.ppaetet see. =quoted to resent them fortimartht &al
tbwu toueuted see t o requeetted to rad stel settle,
se he wishes tn dose op his bulb., hl the 1R of f
•- 7 -
. •
W. W. WILSON, Watch EAU:.
' o • 67 Market. Corner 'of Fourth at., Piltsburgh,
Poore Pmalasr. Va.. Oct. 4.1547.
U. ILE. gat..--of your Vermillion Imy without jiIIEAIAR in FIN'. NV Arctic , JEWILLIT. i .
beidtalloo that. havirm need It exunsively In my praetloe - 3 , Either Ware, slibtary Geode Lamm and Chandel• , - ,-----,_
IG METAL-465 tons for sale by
for the !Beet four 0, five yearn I think It decidedly the beet ' tem. Tea oral Table Ware. Cutlery Om
. fill
preparative of the Mint of_ which I have .7 knowledge.. Mathematical Inetromeets, .d ' ..r.., rA , , I .,'"'" TaiP;ir.b.
although I have heretofore me d th e preparation of several enriro b faahVble reel., ovenal any unaammtll. * ' . -- e 9l . .
ether meoufacrurera Tours revlectlivitra _ _
..• D. thIUCIL M. D .W.
ar n .smtei4 , :vaTr i liur mauve, aaelvted by VEAI.III:ItS - 8 ski , . prime N. y.. for sale by
Prepenvf,od mid by IL E. SELLERS. 67 Wool 14, and , aro A ' 7 ,.. a.' MI• DWilf. burnt/Its a 00.
sold by druggiete geoomd l l- — ' A PI 1 I HAVE on band a large assortment of C...10DA ASII-6o casks (good) for sale by
CKEREL--7.5 bbls large No. :;, for sale i willow motsicessaacto , kly . , ses ,-, mr: A. CVLBEIMOS a co.
IVII I A M W . : Af. W I L- '° A, ' i '." 1 . 0 '''
. rosoy sepal. tile . it. oil, D ' UTATOES --100 bm (Galeu - a) to arrive,
my 4 igie by . my 7 A. CULBERTSON • CO.
4.1 bb staew fur sale by
iiiii- --- -iti l. --- •, , 1 - 1 UM COPAL VARNISLI—For sale by - 1 - r ''''
I ur
1 _ .rto__________ IclAlAll DICKEY k oi: YE WHISKEY - 37 bbls. (pure) . for sale
1.7 tuYl4 v W. AV. WILSON
- - -- - -- ' i ‘ONF - ECTION SENNA-40 lbs. for sale by _ by my; 4.CULBLan°N a c " ).
I a ERRING —lo IMIs new for sale by
W. ar, WI N. i lI.J mr , ' 1, - A. FAI I NF!' I "eK A 'AA 1 - k -- 7 - AILS= - 3W kegs ass'd, for sale by
II ... myth A. CUL/IMMO . ; a co.
' Ll my 7
elli.6osl.ll — fmt - EE COWERS — A large Fine Dives G 0066 Per ExPress•
it,Jamorturret of eery euperier finlaluvl Table, Stand and A. MASON & CO. have nee'd.this morn- . SLIND , R . LE k. S — ai., '
ii”. cli , c cleem o f diff e , n r. wt... oot mhe Immured by. Ak cl , i ncl n ,.., paw., a aplendid amorlimect of fine Coma 7
5 baler Deer Seine. •
o ily mid to-the city. Merchants. Pedlars and (Ahem ere i 4, ~.Gb., o r rci cle g mod .
30 tacks Dried Neches
Melted to call and examine for tbemeelem at the ware 1 , lig ht ~.„. ~,,,, , A ,.. T ... b., cl ecly cl i Dials and
6 meta Raton: lint reed and fur Ude by
room. of the manufactory. N 0.7 A 9 Womi vt. ' figured Bara. de Calves . iILIWTIN India Nlike. etc- A. CCLURTS.OId t CO.
myth . J. n.. MIMI P a. ' fhe above lloods are well worth the affection of Dutch - •
. _
__ _
neer, In they will be sold at Minimally low Arises. whole.
' . Nos. O 2 and 64 et et
ude or retel, at
EL MOLASSES-100 bble battle
kJ. & Q. llamas km sate by JAMESY/W
- • Spectacles !
gANE of the most inestimable blessings %
ferred by art upon ririliaed man. was the dleasserT
o rn f S iritt c ig . m7l4 th geVill: ' rto ' nero . l t d h :je ' . ' ra v rne i !, '"' X
oin ' er ClMlelt. would , be irremediable.
From long experience, and a thorough knovlgdge of the
Wrura of °nth.. pro Pa/od to WU all &feeler ro
bins on selentine principles.
Ovid, &Ivor. and Steel Spectacles, of all lands. and the
t Ulamea, mustantly on hand. Mao. Smith Pabble
lona. turd to order. New ()lanes litteil in old frame ,
Optical Insonmenta for We, Or.
For sale—Dr Folrelre SO( detlng and Ear Foun
tain, lOU WILSON.
myt3 gi Market street, turner of Foarth•
Second Large Supply.
A. MASON et CO. would respectfully
„CV e call the attention of their , r11.0111011.1..1 U. public
generally, to their wood large euPplY nese and Odra
hle SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS._ kited with great
rare In the Eastern markets, and purchlal at great re
duction from former price, To these maths/du at whole.
eale, ere are nom prepared to offer goals et much loser
mires than they mad hate been purchued East early In
the season. MT /3 02 and 61 Market it.
l'l le Vl e f t e'e a Sf: : :l7. ` Pfh P e o ragiddeTi klarrlsgs. • novel.
The Itklow itugby'n Iluaband; a
aatt O e h .
The Het. of Drcirentier, • tweet. by E. L. Blanchard.
The Counters of Rudoletc. by George Sand.
The Sisters, • novel, by the author of -Valentine Vox."
tire. Caudle'. harlots Lecturee—netr edition.
The lilothertn-Laeri by Mx.Southworth.
The Ranker' WirK by T. B. Arthur.
Wild Sports in the Wmth by HatelL.
The Onandesioner , • ne• novel by G. P. R. 3timea.R.Q.
Appletoo's 3lecbanics Slagasine. ho.
Horticulturist and ColUrator, for May.
Steotheld DAIL a lidstoricai Romance—templetA.
I%ACKEREL-200 bble. N 0.., _ _.-gej
buryport Inspection, bright barrels, vast rin'd
. liiiite
sal. by
arehouw, P. Railroad Depot.
mylii corner Penn and Warman.
EAS--50 hf. cbeete Young Ilyeon;
.n by 5.. ••Black Oolong Flavin
tnyla Water and Front ea.
~,, ALT PETRE-75 sacks Crude, for sale by
1,...7 mrl3 • ISAIAH DICKEY k CO.
U — ANS-10 cask. for sale by
BUTTER—Fresh Roll for sale by
b.e. Msr.'.s'b
0.1 - J. Ifsles S'A.
20 - o.lmrsreol's fie and 6•A
•• Loftier'. I's. Nog 0. 11 1
10 Mnre nod for sale KT
Earl]l s A.LAll DICKU • CO.
.al. by IL E. FELEBIK
myl3 67 Ward -I.
i 1 11. -.1 - 00 galls. Flaxseed (warrantedpure)
11_10 for stfe to my 11: R. E. MILERS.
NLYRIC ACID-4;00 lbs. (pure) for sale by
ao 1.1 J. KUID 6 CO.. GO Woud st.
PINK !LOOT-2 0 0 0 ) lbs. for sale by
2. oolt.- J. KIDD BCO
MACK KKK'. -- u2O 1.1/10. No. 3, for sale by
mytt, . 0 l W. 'IAIIO.OII/11.
mOIik.SSES--100 bble ,, ..foj n i t i t A lLla v,..
it ENZOIC ACID -7f., oz. for oak by
01 L .‘. CLOVES--208 A.
ale by
FLAKE MANNA - 15 0 lbs. for sale by
`TONE PIPES-34 11 boxes for sale by
62, mein . WICK • IIeCANDLEO O
14. -1511 WAR N ,
111AC,E );" . lo -.. NIA, - 6 sto el
oo t 3 WICK • 11.... AN DLLS.,
1..1 11 A D ---12 bbls. No. I. for sale by
BROOMS - °l 0 doz. Coro. for salet:
Earl., WICK • IIeCAND . 001:±.
rliti ii.t.l - 66 doz. Ilearer, , for sale by
.13 WICK A IleCArelllSoo
1.. i DYT ER- 30 kezo for !Ale by
li2ol - .ICIIINGS- -5 casks Nu. I. for sale by
L m,l, NICK a 6I[CANDL/ 1 00
INAK -11. bbls. N. C. for Isle by
mils - W ICK t bIeCAT , DLE.O.O
IV " mlo FLOUR.
• r..
For .2 4 . , L ' r
Prepared Corn;
wm A..IIcCLUP.G.
L"RENCH GELATINE. White and Colored;
1‘ A.lo:6optfp AmetirAo o luc Pm malting Jellies.
tiwar nary:, Ar.. L., We by
ITN. A wetuno.e. co
tirwers awl Tea DeAlenr.
pm; N ES--lionleaux Prunes, in glass jars;
1 ~, fu,flmr •• fancy balm
Liermso Pruner. forme by
.a 713 WM. A. MrCLUItil A CO.
mAC K ERE L-- ItHI A b c b u l t a ii Au r . 4,, f . or cu sale by
IWI Liberty Id Md.
[* H I ERRING-126 bbls. No. I (to arrive) for
LK sale by torn A. CULBERTSON 2 CO
TOBACCO -37 kegs 6 twist (superior) for
Rale br mrl3 A CULBERTSON 2 CO.
kUk ' FALL ) ROBES — AII grades kept con
swat!, an hand sal for sale br
To the Druggists, Hardware Dealers,
pIIILLIPS 4 MATERS Leg most respect
fatly to Inform the atove rtkrile• that
hp. will have the honor of 0..1.0 th." , . I.
to appoint parties ft. the safe of their universal sr
For ,toentani Woof. Sante, China, Caul, Marble. Earth arr. Ir an.l Mall, other rubnances. Al, the
A Baking Preparative. enperredioß Yea.—PrnOurinG 11 Iht.
notrtti.,..., ewe,. Ilgelltive White or Brown Bred. at leatrbr
White Goods for Dresses:
fullumuututrut oS the Tartu , . Mods or Whim Guode
this u, such at
Sulu plain and clabrohlereit
aza•mk Muslipc
torrn•• Lawn, tr.
Muslius with roll embrolderfi
20 per Cent saved to Country Merchants.
K . , 1,1G .z Dealer
d in
has 'WA tveASfrom n ibe M o .amlflrr n , a;esion,l,on;hlsoll
eeiwswi ...It a the sieves sonde. which sill be sold st
her vent_ lev then ran lw yurchaw.l in the rho flit ets,h
or tit, wsehl"l'''
Dealer sill du sell N tall IwIon• wirrhasilgo. ,
Fs, llua .
g 1 ERMAN LA 1 --'2llll buses for mile by
Ulf i 2,12 IL UALZI.LL .1.11 1.1 1 / 1 .12T 11.
gr It EESb-21.. Lem. W. R. Cream. for Bale by
1111./E15.—.111.e/ (prime) for sale by
mrel S a 11ARRAMil1
Lif Nl-50 bill, b,r rale by
m.I3J KIUDL eV.. Co W 22.21
g 1 1,12 E-111 We. (extra) for xale by
myl.2 J. KIDI3
1 A 88. A M MONI A— -64.A1 f.+. fir rule by
J. lOD aIXI.
VOI: SALE— A good Pedling Wagon, in
I Altll 01 L-10 tads, Wintor Strained, for
a g I.a R. B. ratualas,rd Woodol.
ENIPSIIEI)-5 bbls. for sale by
K.A bIa.LER... 4 .
P. TURPENTINE-10 bbl. prime, fur sale
I J by 12012 IL A. BELLCFIN
(1111i031E GREEN-8 eases fur sale by
is, is n. A. VAIIINKAWCtt a 0,
B URNT U 113ER-1,50 lbs. Pow'd, for sale
1., Alll2 11. A VAIINF.T I ICK a 10)
I„) ACE RIMIER—B hags for sale by
A LERATus-42 casks prime, for sale by
rill WIC1(1.111rCANDIA:611
PEARLS—II casks lirst sorts, for sale by
.130TASI.1-11 4 casks pure, for sale by
nisl2 WICK A
.sr, Comore.letsrceßiE
fIODFISII-10 tierces for sale by
I tu WICK 2 51,CANDL1122 , .
1110C 1 ../LATE - .130 bss. Bost., for Wile by
m 12 WICK a 51eCANDLESI,
To Business Men
ITAKE THIS IIIFITII01) a, iulorto my.
Inend• aim hare entrusted buetteee tom) - care) and
Ines. men nenendly. that I till phut on Monday. the
loth ins—, for various polo. nu the Uhl° river and to the
interior. and mrinrst them to hove nil necesaary PaP^r•
preparod by that date. I till attend to tbeartanglaX aon
50t...0 of aut kind of bualpetel rono,ted•ltli On^
Collretinn. Examination of Kean... An.
iLef,scuct.--I . tantn, II 01.1 .1 Co
Tlittill , TN A.
Fourth NI. Attorney at lavc,
tini O re ot st.. aboTe Etnithflebt.
Associated Firemen's Insurance Stock.
100 SIIA SE Sof the first subscribed stock
e 1 I Irtu rtz
04 Wood At.
ay -I)3a
d I Rni PE D RIBBONS--Assorted widths
1..) uoi ~.lork. roc .1 hr napreaa till. day , Ala, black
sud eul, , rmi rut/. 1.1, ,, I,uttou•
E IL EATON, AZ Fluulb nt.
rlO .
inc. Elul. . and Cull, w 11,13 • full aosartment of Lava
00 ".."' . " '''''" " the .1717 r .EATON, Fourth st.
lICTIALLS-A full ass6rtment juet reed
gurd for rale br vr ylO Y. TI. ASON.
_ _
ot re lrrs nod Ihnlert. with
of Wle Elk arkil Cotton (Ho.",
r, sale, wtrairrale or retail. b r ,
SAvri r
- - - .
GIIIE3E-37 boxes] for sale by
writ) 1811/01 DICKEY 100.
WWl%d 3
FISH-38 bble. an 9 bf.:tobla.
for mlo by /ULM DICKEY .4 DJ,
my/0 Water ma Frmat
pULN 9 '. CORN 5TV . 11.1 .,,Ti, " ,: 1 , x5. frge by
INDIAN RED—ISO lbs. for sale by
DIOW'D EXT. LIQUORICE — Lcaa for sale
by- my 9 11. A. FAIINESTOCK k CO.
COARSE SPONCIR-401:1 lbs. for sale by
e4t E Posed Saxony,
fol. boys ]
rec'd yie -
prer2l—Z cartons of those y desirable tbL e X
fc bons, for Trilldaloo. rmtuncing a ver ll tberafironnt widths
and colors. no attention of teboloanle enionmera u re•
speetfally invited to tba abort. exttintr u livalo
my 9
CASSIA — SO O lbs. for sale by
my 9 B. A. rAIINLSTOCK & CO.
TARTAR EMETIC-59 lba. for sale by
I_,/ tale by pnyl7.l - O. A. FAIINESTOCK A CO.
OLL BUTTER-3 bbIA. (fresh) in cloths,
Jib ing reed and for We by B.IDALZkLL k
my 9 Likerty West.
HONEGGER & CO., Imp Otters 'of Wines,
Liquors, mar Swim Cheme, 181 Smithfield street, be
tween Sixth and Seventh.
Harper t CO.' celebrated Ilay and Manure Yorke.
mac red from the otannfacturer Plilledelphlson_ec
meet and fur eale iv. PO/NDF=Eile
Pooleess of lioLth Lod lath:Lein which se they
mersne enryresed; slid the low. prise at they are
sold, meat 'mere tbelr hotrod oothon. WWI
BUCKWIRAT FLOUR-1000 lbs. for sale
ha ILK POPLINS—Now opening_ at A. A.
1...7 Meech a Co- le lane aesoihaeot of allk Poplin, of the
merest style. eA2O
New Barages, Tissues, Silks, Lawns, dn.
WTRPHY & BURCHFIELD have this day
oyes. Shona New York.) 1:101, Sad E lsaiantegls
Lawns. anrlrallt, " ir D . , r 1!
Buyers are WV Med to CO thrh .
elsewhere ,
°undo wholends 10 movil ‘4l stairs. rayB
1:32.[ or P13739.G8, Mai 6,1851.
THE President and 14rectors of this Bank
havelbis day deelered idiellead of foal fa cmt.
he capital Wel, for the last maatithei, 10 , 16h 16
the 6tockholdera or their lefiliSraigetntagte=l .
mr8:11or •
Promissory Note Famed.
PROMISSORY NOTE, drawn by Moss,
Co: t Co.. dated Mai 7th, 1151, to the order orininr.
1.1 eughey, at four month. date, found in Wool .vest.
oworr hat. it 01 ealltojr at the Wore of
moo J. IL mELLOI4 It Waal to.
EROOT -40 lbs. (fresh) for sale by
P 1
111ISSIAN BLUE---s,cases No. 1, for sale
iquoßrcE ROOT-150 lbs. Pow d, for
14 nalo by my EL A PAIINESTOCK 2 CO.
DARI S GREEN-30 cans for sale by
I . my 9 B. A. PAIIBESTOCK L 00.
BLUE MASS—C.S lbs. for sale by
LIQUORIOE'ROOT-12 00 lbs. for sale by
SPTS. 'fURPENTINE—`2O bbls. for sale by
m's e,__ B. A. FAIINIZIOCK A CO.
Fresh Arrivals of Wall Paper.
THOMAS PALMER.3IO.SS Itlatketutreet,
hos . just received from the Ease. Warms anon
moot of low p' ¢d Chamber Pieper. torte
at\4ss Ileaket stmt. (de mar , at tery modmattpriss
114PE11 NGlNGS—Freuch and Amer . -
loss, from ER rents to $6 per rine. for rale br
Melo MAckexi:
Extra Na 1 Xlaekerel:
14111boore uernoc
dmen: For We by
bo , _ Elmer. and Tea Dealers.
ACKEREL--30 *bbis. No. 3, recoiling
1V land1 and for de by JAMES DALZELL.
G 9 Water
LA Mill OIL-15 bbls: for sale by '
TIC highest price id Cash paid for all the
j. ;lode: of clesii moat. d Wool bY
. NUM . & ALET..
Bonnets t lko:uteta
lIEC'D TIIIS MORNING, per Express—
, 6 cazos• embracing gilthe merest amt most desire:de
style, of bonnets oner won.
A very largo emortosent of ChildrosesOlpegy, fussy Wong
Straw and bosh! Mts.
Thy astredinst or purebssers particululv illidted to the
gtose goods. 1 - .311 e. A. suaos cv.
Woolen Goods!
6) CASES Green Jeans;
' 4 O F.. , 111Zk mesa Cloth:
Conon thante. ,
The %bare gond. nrejtut ren'tl from eastern manufactu
rem. on coneroent, eta for tale law on fannnble time.
myi 'Mtll.l4llf & LEK.
Y. 7.010.1 DOM or PITIIIrIGP, MILT 6,1E31.
FrIS BANK has this dav-declared a clic
.. of men em owl. on Ito 61.41 otock,..yofolo
on mond TWILLS It. 110111 g.
MIA Merchants' and Manufacturers' Bank
or Pittsburgh bas this day declared a dividend' of
roca era cm. Inn lb, capital stack c.f said Pank,) out of
the plaits of the last sla months. Payable to the stock
holders or their Usual represontativ on or alter the 16th
lust. . ea,
DESNT, Cashier-
Pittsburgh. Hay , th. lgal.--lmsTrgar
-IO DV, suitable for medielnal m igmfrz u lt
. by the
tauert or. Bottl e, m
le the Diamond.
IS lIEREBY GIVEN that an Election for
Fire DirtflOTlL. and the awrotntraret of each <Mouse
may le Smarm' uwarsary fie moderate. the business af
the .o
-Moo Mining Coettemr:' rhermwallo
awe. of an Am of Aweethiy, mewed the Wet day of March.
WM. will be held at the rt. Charles Motel, Pitbehamb, on
Waieeplay, Um Met day of May, A. IL IBM, between the
hours of IO A. 11. emt 4 I!. AL, of NMI daY.
WM. LkatirEn. Ir e
11. D. KIM).
m W. W..DALLA3.
9:hirting Kuhns and Irish.Linana.
ain thvir nurkof Lbove =d as topp
Vtir d a.r.i.t " Vd —the .r4
Shmlangp of all th. differeut ttlavi , U oaer .t
Ow. , n•lont prim, m 7 6
(IRAI'E SITAU LS—Ree'd this day, per
I,_ ) 7re, ore can of than Teti &Arable plain and
.f.ll V. ritll3o,l a CO.
LARD— 23 kegs No. 1 Leaf. for sale bY
• FRUIT-160 FRUITIGO bu. Apples;
11 tan - Pesebee for by
my: . I:BEV. II&TTLIEW 9 & CO.
It iCE-10 ienyes4f ,li re itu sti ,, fL3
i r , sale
LE p
CO.. frq: ~.'... I.B.erty td-rt.
TEA -50 r. chests Y. 11., Imp., and Black
Tess, for sale be
. .
HAY ItAKES-40 doz. for pule by
cor7 S. F. vON cwoutonst .t. co.
II AY FOR6S-50d0%. for sale low by
Li %.,7 . s. F VON BONNIIORST &Mb _
BROOMS -L1:50 doz. for sale by
paw DER,- 1000 lbs. Blasting; .
lal kegs Rifle;jr.l.4 1,• , ..1. fur n• 1 1, by
tra>7 .1. 0. DILWORTH A CO.
f i g A YET): FIISE—O bbls. in store;
1,7 m,... - y 5. arrivv:,4.... ra,ly-ty
• J-
2 , DILWORTH .1 M.
I. t URLAP4--A superior.article 40inch, for
1) ale by - 1 boy 7 MURPHY .11 LEE.
; ,,, O y L 1 , 3 ; ;1 7 0 S. f i e v a n ds ity rnadn, for
1400 ~!
ttni "e l " ta ' N
laNlA pphl
Pet het.
.27M , / I: l4kert;
11111. m g ., landMg hum stiamm.
la • Fraot sod Water atra
AISINS--1 0 boxes (fresh Bunch) for
mkt.. by mob WOAD DICKEY • CO.
UTTER--2 bbls. and 1 keg (fresh) . for
ji male nr mylo issisu DICIEST s Ca).
IOFFEE--40 bap Green Rio, for ealO by
moo ISAIAH DIKE t 00,
bbl?. for rale by
~ OFFEE-100 bags prime Green Rio, for
I.J .alemylo Wby JOHN AI
ertY T 2. (I),
ALERATUS—,SO boxes, n superior nrti
cis. on consignment and for solo by '
myll) WATT Ca
X.' 100 thls. No. 3 Mackerel; Bona. / . .M.ctlOul
10 No. 1 Trimmed Ehad:
ttzl. bills. No. I Yam . llLjlertt r
cork) AMIN WAIT a Clir.
Q, CY T liE SNEAiIIS-50 do . ooxtru and
rauma, tavola at manaberurer . • prim% ET
• •
ycinKs-75 doz. best east steel forks;
au ra FaTkr.
D RIED APPLES-200 bu. for xale by
poTAsit,-,14 casks for salo by -
aaniasti niorrisrr,
.Y 2 l= Semxnnt, Sod 151 Ent st
CODJAVER 011.=-30 calls. tt2tricir
varl )1. 671V."1".
. .
EER SKINS-4 bales for sale by
16 LEAD-490 Ogg Soft Galena, for sale
by 11,...,1 AIUS, 11ATTILWAC8 1 CO-
1)1t1ED PEACHES-29 bbls. on consign
'Art end "le
RIED FRUIT-400 bu. Peaches;
" Apples. far sale by
UTTON HAMS-2000 S. C., for at by
=y7 .1. B. CANTIELD.
S UNDRIES--2 tierces greaSe;
2 61, dry apple%
do ng~• 2
Now !wading fromsteamer Vert Pitt,rara a •
150016 e. Deer Rub:
WO dol. Cora Beacom .
2 bbls. Hickory Nub; eist oosaignmobt. for
role low to eke, by J. D. WILLIAIB 00.
mys corm. Woof .41 AU ob.
A. A. Meson Ca. hare on band a neenderta ineek of
ue Jeennete and Canktniea ran
fIOTTON--56 tales noselandingt . %stmr
L; Fat pits, thr sale by 1.11.611.11D1 bCO
Wain. sad t
BLACK AND FANCY, 814.11 47 ,-A, A.
MB Mae= k Co., have readved a land iota var mpg
nor Black and ill.ney . aos
MORN-500 bet. foi sale by - • -
1.1 my 6 J.B. =worm CO.
TOBACCO-4 hhde. Ohio Leaf, foredo by
- ¢l3ll J. 8. DILWORTII CO.
CORN -35 bble. forgale by "
m 593 amt RS Pront
JILM ISON—For salsby 3. WadS CO.,
my 4 comer d Mb Ms
LA2'HS--25,000 Sawed Lathe, beat quail
tr. far wla br 10131SO1:LITTL k
• rt.
LOUR-100 bble. extra Family: •
m 5
WI "' 9uvr2u~G Iht pats 6i.
B ROOMS -50 doz. fancy. on consignment
and fo E A
r ssle by ROBISON. LIM
my 6 No. 2SS Liberty irt
di SOBER, industrious Mechanic; who can
turn klndo of Ilona, and roll part of his tl.l at
* Hole. Tor
' ***tk'il"* 0 0. &cum 00.
- - -
. Watches!
TUST returned from the East, and now
0 opening the lomat and !Men symirtMent of Wet 2e,
Jewelry, Se., ever brought to the city. The Watches are
from the romtreputable manufacturers of London,
pool, Pals. and Geom., cod wsmanted opting (aml mom
oo Obeoe eeetee)
t ‘ e ' r r l t arritleh l VtLlV en ''r ateluee of - th e
Into dirp:lllhlg With her. 11l loilothnrY 'mut •
arooroneut of venous perterne Odd Wanton, moylog to
Prim memo:Ong to quellty, (corn. MO and umutMs. an
gooceoteed at togrevoted, nod wernostml on to nom and
guallty. W. W. WILSN,
myS coiner Merkut sesl Fourth Mo.
Omnibus for Sale. -
plae running order, Our We by GEO. Annum
enmer of Fourth and ittoithfula etib If not sold student.
rule. it trill be sold et DOW Auction Room. car Hafurday,
the 10th of Mer. GEGEOE AIITELGEB.
LOUR-241) bbla. Extra and S. F. for
by m!8 - L. F.. WATERMAN& SONS.
.RIED APPLES-303 sacks for toile by
m5ll LP. WATERSI6I.I& Boa
UTTER—In boxes (fresh) reed daily by
mr.- B CAMELD.
PEARLS -20 bbla. for sale by
my 7 a.a. catrvmn
m 7 7
forfor b 7
c isru
iaALERATUS—).OO Ina. and 10 bble. para,
10 for ule by my 7 J.ll. 0A.147121Z.
CHEESE —lOO •:es for sale by
mY•- J. B.
Haxatrolg Polka.
HKIPPER, N o. lot Third areat, biajust
. revel - red— , • : '
he Bamberg Polka, om of ma most pomummo boa '
Wel Polka* ever Rublahed. by 80
Farewell, Old tutnuim
Fader, and delimited UV Mrs. /Wry ll
Mb _okeii,rvim •
To m n... 11 Lev e l FL, * d " PUII:Ve
=ma Daley; . brita l ey,
ung b the Alleghenian*.
/7:2l7may, AS by y Jenny Lind. Mill OM amour
paulesente., Ta Zr&br.• -
'Air th e gad des mew, M sang meg pre3,raim e,
her meet beautiful mugs. • ,
garewell, If ever lbaulest pram
And m ettenalve mleetlon Ind new Wslttel,:*is, *or
SlotliOrhrisic or the Isle of mfr, 0 lulu by Roma 11 . 4 i. bouthoorthi. •
The lisialicrs WIN. by T. H. Arthur. ci
Mechanics hisiTuirte, No. A.
Horticulturist. fu Say. -• C ••
Amara at HOLIIES Li
rust Third stmt. opposite tionSiMis.
bun& and 'Watt,- 999111 bold it. Aidioal =atlas ota
ar, (Mar RIO, .td dated. P. ld9. 11l art /W...
Ito= of 1099 rind Preabytaxian Church. Butoclibers dad
Lodi. (mildly to the ware ar
J relocated to
lord ' • . r.. Sar-Pranaa.
holder% of the Ohio TraltEnck Mining Company will
eld at the aloe of mid Convent . to the Citrof
bate!. on 'Monday, Joao 2; at 2 ea3ek, 31.
F t lF. BRICK-6%5,000 (Coal Grose) Fire
Brick. equal (If man mrszior to the Mani .lek.)
WELSH FLANNELS.—We have teceiv-'
.Idltkeal .= bi atr i xdic Ca t o t i fitt.
ble-on acccront of their sax tt
rioas &rad. of flame= also, Osage •od 11111 4 Weep nut
•elr, rmang da; mad • fall smortment of Drown!.
100 lbegs .
15A124 TIC/Ori
Maur ed Rvnt W.
INDIA RUBBER: TOYS—Just received a
large anortment ollaika Rubber rays,•beWltul ur
, for sate at the loan Lotera prints.
PIIILLIPS ladle Rubber Nye,
mys '7 mad la Weed et.
W! ler " 185L,Maii
XPRESS Paola and Railroad line for
.a.ue to, d MM. he airanmde Ikam
Ferboob to lleares, to cannmslon with the elegantly fin
ished Remiss Puerto of Clarke, Puke a Co, Cum Horror
to liirmuna, and um splendid now bummer WOO the
Cleveland and Pittaborgh Halleced Co. to Clare/amt. '
tit.awn. lasve tziiiiiZaing - ;Fpc;az.the - 31.0 1 . 0 .'
Mule. Q corn.sams vine the Pickets aV
Maver..ol.l will leave hotoodiately theurival of the
steamer, errfittor at Narcoses in Moe this IMPrimiTnist•
of Liars Mr Cleveland. Pembroke, by this lima - lustre *V
Cleveland In time to take the Maimed Line of Stamen
for BUFFALO and DIMWIT, end the devisers for Chloe
Tole r darlandlisk i r r oa. r.datax=
Chschatiafl7 "B L . LARAZFAILELI 00. " VOlaitak,
W. H. atooakep,-
01666 nada 6c Clarint mak
001... under Houou.r M.
stela 116665
comer of Smithfield snd Water streetr,_
•1851', ; yam
On the Pennsylvsais and Ohio Canal*.
CLARKE, PARES it 00,--. Rocarists2, PS.
LI 1.21
Fr lIIS well known Line is now ve r gzed to
ACTATtr,,,nifk'eNV 7 . 1 WI a
The tarilitief.f the Line ane unsurpuesi mixibm.kval
ity, and rapacity of Deets, experience of Captains. Sad el.
Pram , of Agents.
one Boatlemm PRlFbnigh and Clemlillid POT1 t t '
in mensal= with a Line At steamboat. between
BURGH and BRAYER, arid • Wee of Ersl eines stemillMMS
(prtirriler and t-sels) ..the Lakes.
Parka t Co., Youngskek, 04 '
M. B. Tall., Warren 0
A. A. E. Chair, Nmetrin MIA ;
C. Prentics. Raven.. • • '
brash= CA, Raven., 04
lient,Orintiel t 132, FrAnkliAD.;
11. A. MWer, Cal al:gem /MD, 0 , . = '
Wheeler. Lee 2 AM.. 0 : .
limadersorf A Pettlhoffie, MN, Mi
Pecklasm A Scott, Tole,. . • • - •
• O. William. a Co, Detroit. klishlMM.
Dewed,. f., ,
Gma A. Gibbs „ Mine: 1/14 ' •
sr, • .
spL eo. hater an mithield P •
Brandies, Wines. die.
AVING completed arrangements ; frith
11[. Homes In Bordeaux and Other Eu m
thw gpe . on. or, Sr
e execution of my
_orderst o L . .
Heal ef t
e ocull adnoLs at0..64
Di" iiir. Brisotteelorb, itdcfroß '
f"'"i Matadi to Invited 10 my Pat.. babe, ' :
71 111;4. and qr. mks porauld. and broom Mark% fla*
and medium quality. .
st qr. maks Bode rt.
yin o rant Wines. post v.nT obd and onictiatt. ;
MO Clare t kling Cbstatairne, ell Inaverta brands.
ooa bone. Wines. various brands and vintage.
•100 moot Pouter. and Bunn, trinto‘,lB46-7.
4.1 oaks Boutique and Claret -
16 pipes Old Llollxod and &bard., cd,,,
10 punched. 041 bc:inta and lrlab Wldebey,
4 - eopertor Old Jamaica Bunt. ' • '
on cooks ouperior London Brown Streit and Smith Os. ,
With • contort oupply of Imported Liquors, each of
Absinthe, lloratchloo, Curacao, d ~.. at. 4, c h .„,
foyea, fleck of HAFANA SWANS shays pit ill of *Web I atilt aror on very tovorable terms. -
Older , wall be euented altb &mach, am i Mattdpfeal
at leered rand. A. C
Imparter and Dealer IL ,
30 Me
Warted Situnk
I 10 - lin•Qxurto 10biladelobla.
d du do do
by .; 1.. 10,.% i 10. 1 Ilintated j SiaMpa i liatid
1110 IRON-s 6 tons Norge and FatTdirl.
on conAlgozaca, lka tale bT joilx
7]OTATOES--20 bbls. 'NeshannocW,for-
I sole bi nut H. Y. VON HONNTIORNE.tarz
a WEB VINEGAR-50 bblit. bat) Toriliall
‘J bT ars 3 0 81 X 4 1. LW IX-4-914