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    Tax Pc BIZYSVILLe." PLASN itosa.—We had
some business last week, in Roes township, and
drove dot upon the Perrysville plank road, with
which we were very much pleased. It is now
(with the exception of a few-rods) completed, and
we have no hesitation in saying that it is not ex
. ailed by any plank road in the State. The
planking was done under the most adverse cir
cumstances, during the put winter, but the
boards have all settled down, and the surface of
rood is so smooth, that one appears to be
- •. 'travelling on a railroad. The grade, too, is a
. • verygood
. nne, and jest low enough to form that
agreeable Variety which cannot be enjoyed upon
It dead level. It winds through some of the most
pictureslue scenery in the country, and we do
not know where dur citizens can enjoy a more
agreeable drive. We are glad to learn that the
prospect of profit 4o the company, is beyond
• their most sanguine expectations.
The country through which the plank road
passes, looks well, though the progress of veg
etation bas been a little checked, both by henry
frosts, ands want of rain.
On our road out-we witnessed an exhibition
which proved conclusively the great value of a
plank road, for we met load after load of hay
coming in to Pittsburgh at a time when the
Pricb is always lowerthan in the winter months,
but the farmer; in, that section of the ponntry,
found it impossible to get it to market when
they could have got ri high price for it, owing
. to the impassible condition of the old road.
Hereafter winter and mummer will be alike to
them, color as regards the road, over which one
horse can pull a load, that three or four would
. haye been required to draw on the old one.
By the way Ihe may mention that there is to
be a "military training' at Perrysville, on Mon
day, the 19th Met., where we are sure that as
many of our smoke enveloped friends as can find
it convenient to attend, will meet with a hearty
. welcome from her inhabitants. We eon at least
vouch for one thing—all who go, will have a
pleasant ride over as pleasant a road so is in tin
Presnat—lion. Wm. B. Presides
Judge, and Wm. Boggs, Associate Judge.
His honor, Judge McClure, at the opening of.
the Court this morning, obserred dolt be pre •
named a large number of those who were pres
ent, were interested in the applications for tav
ern licenses, which had tnen.made daring the
week. lie would announce to all applicants that
they would learn what: action bud been taken
upon their petitions, by iipplying to the Clark of
the Court.,-on Monday. The learned Judge then
commented upon the responsitili4, which de
volved ulion the Court, owing to the provisions
of the License Law, and as that responsibility
was great ands fearful, he would state the opin
ions by-which he and his colleague had been
guided, in granting or refusing licenses.
, In the matter of the application for licences to
aell vinous and spirituous liquor by desa measure
than one quart, we will say that we have exam
ined Acts of Assembly and judicial decisions on
this subject, vebetherof a general °sloth' nature,
back to the year 1705; and are of opinion that
all the multifarious legislation with regard to
them, contemplates that licenses, by ,whateveran
- therity granted heretofore, or now, in the several
counties of this Commonwealth, should be limited
and confined to that class of persons known to
the law as ion keepers and tavern keepers.
Inns, taverns, hotels, mean the same thing in
most of these United States; and denote a house
for the entertainment ottravellers, as well as for
the sale of liquors , licensed for that purpose.
`An Inn keeper is be the keeper of a
common inn for the lodging and entertainment of
trourffers and yurstengcn, their honer and attend
ants, for a reasonable compensation.
• The third section of the Act of 11th March,
1814, is imperative, that no court shall license
any inn or tavern which shall not be necessary to
accommodate the public., and rearston strangers
end tranellero.
• His duties and responsibilities are co dera
ble; he is bailee for the baggage ,of his tom
, .-• cm; he is liable for the not hi servants
only, bat of strangers also on his s, by
• which his lodgers may suffer loss.
They formerly were, and perhaps now are, in
strictness boned to provide good entertainment
for man.and horse; but owing to the improved
mode of transit and travel, by railways and
steamers, entertainment for horses or other cat
tle may not now be deemed.essential, except in
..- rural districts.
If licenses had only been granted to innkeep
ers, it is likely there would not hive been so
much excitement about, or oppositiOn to, the li
cense system; but from a variety of causes, this
has not been the case.
We cannot shot our eyes to the fact, that pla
ces without accommodation for strangers or tra
vellers, without bed or bedding, entertainment
for man or hone, or a compliance with the
slightest requisition'of the law, have been licens
• This is against the' law, and has occasioned
much public animadversion and regret, and has
peen of great injury to the public morals.
The lon or Tavern is the home of the stranger
and traveller. Neither the Inn or the Restau
rant Is the home of the citizen, nor is the latter'
the home of the stranger or traveller. No law
can prohibit a citizen from drinking at his own
home, or the house of his friend; against this
there is no law. The drinking house holds out
temptation, a man's own house is pervaded with
• wholesome atmosphere of moral restraint,
stronger, and more cheerfully obeyed than any
,-,.municipal regulation. The framers of the law
Entre this well, 'and every man is conscious of it,
but the drinking house is'tio man's home, bat an
inducement to escape from the restraints that
home imposes and was never designed by law for
the accommodation of citizens or strangers.
Drinking houses, oyster houses, eating houses,
dining houses, boarding houses, restaurants, Ac.
are not Inns or Taverns; nor do they'come with
in the meaning of the license taws.
Acting upon this view of the matter, we have
examined with painful and protracted care, cer
tificates, remonstrances, witnesses, and beard
counsel on both sides at the bar of the court.
• In granting. or withholding licenses we have
been, governed solely by the law of the land,
• under a solemn. sense of the responsibility and
obligations it imposes on the court and without
respea persons or places.
Guided by this nale, the Court has in many
instances refused licenses to applicants whom we
have latown and esteemed for more than fifteen
years, and granted licenses to men we never saw.
The law makes no distinction of persons, or
places, nor has, nor shall, this Court. We hate
endearored to know and find out the legal merit,
or demerit, of each separate application; and we
know, and seek to know, no more. Acting upon
this 'principle, the gorgeous and gilded saloon,
with its fascinating and splendid appointments,
where the rich man or the rich man's eon can
tread the primrose path to ruin, has been mea
'tarred by the saw rule, and shared the same
:fate with the lowly and unpretending tenement
eight feet by ten, whose sole stock in trade, Itir
altar* and fixtures, consist of a barrel an its
In this State, no portion of ;our fellow-MU
tmas should be allowed by law ouster facilities
for indulgence, or any thing else, than any otb
ther portion of them.
The wealthy - citizen has no more right or
claim for the use of a restaurant with liquor
license, than his neighbor who is leas,farcred by
If any latitude of discretion; or bestrivial of
favors, beyond the law, were vested in the
breastof this Court, they should be exercised
rather in behalf of those persons and places,
The, after the honest labor of the day is done,
with limited sources of enjoyment seek rest, re
creation, and what they deem refreshment, than
In favor of those whose ample time and means
enable . them to' explore every avenue of indul
• We will direct the Clerk of the Quarter Ses
eionito fame certificates ender the seal of the
Cottit to each houses a we are of opinion hate
been brought within the meaning of the law,
aid the applicant within its requisitions.
All others hare brew refused.
Applicants for license to the present term can
learn the decisions of the Court by calling at the
ale* of the Clerk of the Court of Quarter See
eons, on Monday next.
Ilefore the Honorable Judge Irwin.
The trial of the case of Jackson Coniston and
Thomas 11. Scott—lndictment, passing counter
feit money, ;was ' , BUR The argument on be
half of the, :nice,' States, was concluded by 'J.
BORMat , Sweitzer, E.g., for the United States.
His honor, Judge Irwin, charged the Jury, who
retired, and the Court adjourned. ,
Immediately upon, the re-assembling of the
Court, the Jury returneda verdict of " guilty"
against both defendant=_, and they were remand
ed to.prison, there being others charged against
Httnnann.—Judge Jones has forwarded his re.
idgnation of the office of, Associate Judge to the
Cieveznor. He is going, we undenstana, to the
World's Fair: - .
s rw'_
--~- _' ~~
BCFSES v ?HZ 011 P 1 / 8 .51 , COLILT.—In the Or
phases' court on Saturday, the cue of an d appli
cation by a ward; to have her guardian ed, was taken 'up. Both the parties reside In
McKeesport. and we retrain from - giving their
tames, for obvidu reasons. The ward is a half
lister of iber guardian, and on being sword, stated
in substance, that her brother and she had some
misundeistanding about the manner in which
She performed a task allotted to her, upon which
he struck her several times in the face, leaving
marks or his violence upon it. She then left his
house, and went to live with an uncle residing in
the same borough, until she could have the mat
ters bronght before the Orphans' Court.
Her uncle testified to having seen the mark,
upon her face, and that the skin of one of her
arms was discolored, apparently from the effects
of violence. On the other hand, it was contend
ed that the currectiOn hod not been violent, but
that her brother bad simply boxed her ears,
which, as an elder brother and guardian, be had
a right to do. Several most respectable citizens
of the Borough or McKeesport, testified that the
respondent treated his ward well. That she was
well fed, clothed and educated, and that her mor
als were strictly attended to. The difficulty, iu
their opinion, arose - from the fact that she was
not allowed by her brother to run round the neigh
borhood, visiting her acquaintances after dark,
aa she wished to do.
His honor, Judge McClure, advised the parties
to settle the matter amicably, and withheld his
decision for the present.
While the case above narrated was in pro
gress of trial, considerable excitement was ob
servable in the Court room, growing out of at
tempts which were made by Mrs John Small,
to take possession of her son, apparently about
six years of age,whom his father held in his arms.
The parties reside in Minna township, and are
not living' ogether. The little boy was brought
Into Court, in charge of his father,' on a writ of
habeas corpus, the hearing of which, was post
poned until some day this week. Ilia honor,
Judge M'Olure, ordered the parties concerned in
the .disturbance to be silent, and Mr. Small took
his child to the farthest angle of the Court room,
and eat down, but had scarcely been seated
when his wife rushed forward, accompanied by
two or three other persons, and endeavored for
cibly to take possession of the child. Quite a tu
mult ensued, which was ended by Judge Mc-
Clure, threatening to commit the parties concern
ed in it, for contempt of Court.
Mrs. Small and her friends then left the Court
room, and Mr. S., fearing that the child would
be taken from him if he went oat, remained for
some time i A police officer was finally engaged
to accompany him, and prevent a rescue. The
innocent subject of this unfortunate dispute ap
peared tO be quite contented to remain with his
&Luso 3litt Rtors.—The case of Sheriff
Curtis, vs. the Commissioners of Allegheny
County, was called up on Friday last, in the Dis
trict Court, and argued at great length by
Thomas Williams, Esq., for the plaintiff, and by
Messrs. A. W. Loomis and E. B. Todd, for the
The argument arose upon. a demurer to the
declaration, which contained several comas, the
principal being the, following
Allegheny County SS: .
To July T. 1850. No. 208.
And whereas, afterwards to wit, on the day
and year aforesaid, at the county aforesaid, the
said Carter Curtis being then the Sheriff of said
county, sundry persons, being citizens and in
habitants of said county, and owners and pro
prietors of rolling mills for the manufacture of
iron, and of other property 'situated therein, did,
upon the knowledge bad of the intention to de
stroy their property and to collect a mob for such
purpose, give notice thereof to the said plaintiff,
I being then Sheriff as aforesaid, whereby it be
came the duty of the said plaintiff to take all
legal means to-protect the said property so
threatened to be attacked; and whereas, it be
came necessary for the effectual fulfilment of the
duty of the
.Sheriff in the premises to hire and
retain an aimed force, and to hold the, same in
readiness for that purpose, and the said plaintiff
being unable to command and procure the pro
Bence and services of such force, without hiring
the tame and making compensation for the time
and service thereof, did accordingly, at great ex
pense, to wit, at the expense of fifteen hundred
dollars, employ and retain the said force, and of
the property of the innividuals so threatened to
be attacked as aforesaid, by means whereof the
diaturbance and destruction so threatened as
aforesaid were entirely prevented, and the said
defendants saved and protected from all the loss
and damage and liability to which they were ex
posed by reason of the insufficiency of the ordi
nary means and powers vested by law in the said
By reason whereof the said defendants became
liable to pay to the said plaintiff the said sum of
fifteen hundred dollars, no for FO much money
advanced, laid out and expended by the said
plaintiff for the use of the said defendants, sad
being so liable, the said defendants, in consider
ation thereof afterwards, to wit, on the dey end
year aforesaid, at the county aforesaid, under
took and faithfully promised to pay to the cold
plaintiff the said sum of money when they should
be thereunto afterward, requested.
Yet the said defendants though after reineeted
have not paid the said sum of money to the said
plaintiff, or any part thereof, but the Came to
pay have hitherto wholly neglected and refused
and still do refuse, to the damage of the said
plaintiff in fifteen hundred dollars.'
PlEF's 'Att'y.
Judges Hepburn and Lawrie, before whom the
case was argued, did not make any decision.
CIIMWE or Munora.—W. W. Irwin, Esq.,
made ad application to the Criminal Court, on
Saturday, for the discharge of Charles Loughei7,
who is at present confined in the county prison
on a charge of having muttered a German nam
ed Shaffer, some months ago, on the Chartiers
Railroad. He stated that there was no evidence
against him which would warrant his conviction,
and exhibited the deposition taken before Mayor
Guthrie, which he contended did not make out a
prima facie ewe against him, and were insuffi
cient to warrant the Grand Jury in finding a true
hilL He then applied to the District Attorney,
F. C. Flanegin, Esq., to say whether he expected
any new evidence upon the subject. Mr. F. ad
mitted that he did not, when Mr. Irwin asked
his honor to examine the deposition at his lei
sure, and if he did not think that the prisoner
should be discharged absolutely, to at least ad.
mit him to bail.
Judge McClure promised to give the matter
is attention, and will make his decision known
some time this week.
Licessals.—Several applications for license,
which had been inadvertently passe(' over, owing
to the pressure of business in the Court of Quar
ter Sessions, but week, were heard on Saturday.
MAD at llnswergrans, Logo Istssu.—By reference to our
advertising column. It will be wen that there b now •
chance offered by which any person, although of eery WO-
Ited meow, rut near* a home for blmulf and Gunny •t •
men waftsl price, and within • very short dletance of
New York City. By the laws of lb. BMW of New York.
such a borne is fore... exempt tram the demands of rrodl
tors, and the :gm moo eau Cod there an asylum from
which 'Mahn west the hand of death eau &mama him.
As the dlvielon of the lot. won takes plane, • would ad
vise atm readers to make early applhuglon, at the °face, 117
John street, New York.
LL LOT HOLDERS of the Allegheny
Cemetery are informed that there nil he no admit
too to the Cemetery hereafter on Sunday...xnept by
epeeist tleket, which cm be obtained at the °Mee on the
A. A. MASON & CO.,
Importers, Jobbers, and Retailers in
Nos. 62 and 64 Market street, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
j NNW:WOE to their friends and tho puh
lia generwlly. that they are now preparwl toexhiblt
argest meet carefulli 'elected Week of
they hare over offered to this city. cam:wind of the roost
rich and faehlenable fabrics, as well as the more 1.11M.11,
and which will be offered at the
et whi losern be gold In any of the Emden! Cities.
Their 1.0 aahsuormas will be devoted exclunlvely to
retail trade, and the geode arranged In Departments, sir
Silk Department.
All the new and fashionable styles Imported Illisesson.
ineluding the best makes of Black ell..
Dregs Goods DOrtrtMera:
Comm 'lslas Popllna, Dem., Thaucar, Benxn
Lms, Lev., &Italian, Combaters Jason'.
cats, Grposcllsta, Alaccibaslacr, Alpacas, kc.
Shawls Vizettes,Ae.
Contort Crane, plebs s ' ind embroidered. Also, Dunaak,
Thlbet. Da Isar, Cashmere, 811 k. Dalin, Floured do., and
°the, /Costars Also, Caen.. kabala.. Mantillas, de.
Hosiery and Glove Department
Will always be booed intoplete, ditto the Idol makra of
Cotton and 1511 k lloalery The lsest Kid (Dorn. always on
Linen Department
54, 4.4, and 64 Linen, linen Sheeting. Pillow
Cue Linear. Noonan:a Dollies. bleached and brown Duce
cat, Towelling, Diaper. ac.
Whim Gonda.
Checked am! Dotted Cambric : Mall, Sella, Book and
Nalnacok filnelius; Victoria and Diehop Lawn., of eery
Also, Curtain!cr.!, Piano and Tie
Embroideries, Lamm, Trimmings, &c.
A complete auortment. Alen, Ribbons, Plower, Tab.,
et. Parasols of .11 kinds Bonnets of .11 the lateseetylea.
Domestic Goods Department
D probably one of the mod extend,' In the country, cm.
bracingythltle known dot:nestl..
The P e
ople.. WI confident that, with their In:ulnae*
Actlltlee. large e , td ettraeti. elewk. and unneutOly lOW
tbef eat. fall files perfect satisfaction.
Wholesale pure awes a. respectfully insimmi that we
m.i.rn to reeel•e thesr orders. At ty Ivr
,fiscd• ea ale, to displace. any
ponds at f a shiona b le tern tate,
° New and Goode will be recoireditocutantly
through the mason.
anal A. A. )IAtION A CO.
jaD. KING, Banker r and Exchange ro•
z tr i 0:0 r:4 ;1 . 4 6
t taes In . ; a W k estegi n Fent
1 7 , 11 -
= :co st lor . T . tri t ejliLaolrgrahr ,w i: r. highest market
Ail Kum • Co,. bsTo *earned .1.0 lot of 1.7
nor 81st and /my EAU. o.°
Now YORK., May 10.
The steam ship Pacific, of the Collins line,
sailed for Liverpool, st noon to day. She marries
out 293 passengers, among whom are Hon. J.
M. Niles, of Conn.; E. Newton, of Ohio, and J.
1). M. From, U. 8. A.
The Arctic, with four days later news from
Europe, is expected to night.
The steamer La Fayette sailed for Liverpoo
to -day, with 87 panengera and a full cargo.
Among her paasengers is Andrew hlchlakin
bearer of despatches, to the Court of St. James.
Flour—The market is w . e.ry quiet, with sales
1000 Ws standard, and better brands, princi
pally western, for shipment, at $4,25@i54.31
Grain—Wheat is steady, with sales of good
and prime red, at :ilk, and white at 1010.02 e
11 - . bus. Corn is in limited request, at C43c for
yellow. 5a105.32000 bu prime Penna. Oats at , Ise
La bu. • •
Groseria.—There is no change worthy of u
Provisions—All descriptions have an upward
tendency. Rice liens in email lots from store, at
Seeds—Clover is in limited request, with small
sales at $6,25@6,37f - t , ./ bus. Nothing is doing
in Timothy or flax seed.
Whiskey is steady. with sales in hbls at 23ic
NEW YORK, May 10.
Flour—The receipts exceed the demand, and
prices favor buyers. Some export trade is doing
at low figures, say, for common to straight state
$4 25; Michigan and Ohio $4 62)4 874, and
extra at $6 121 per bbl.
Grain—Wheat Lv fairly supported. Corn is
plenty, and offered freely at 54 for western
mixed, and 60.1 for round yellow.
Provisions—Pork is dull, with sales of prime
at $l3 for old and $l4 for new, and of mess ht
$l5 75 for new, and $l9 GB(iiil4 75 for old.
Groceries—Sugars are in good demand at 4
66} for Cuba and Muscovado, 4(9i.' if for Porta
Rica. New Orleans is held out of the market,
and holders looking for better prices. Molasses
has advanced one cent, and we quote N. Orleans
at 33c per gall. Coffee is dull and heavy, and
mostly confined to speculative and second hand
Lead—ls inactive and prices steady, at $4 62
per cat for Spanish.
Linseed Oil—fine rallied, with sales 60,000
gallons English, to arrive, at 72a,74c. From
store 74€,. 76e are obtained.
Clacuessel, May 10.
Floor—,Nothing was done to-day, owing to light
Mess Pork—A sale of 2.00 bbls, at $19,50 V
Whiikey—Sales at 171? gallon, with a good
Groceries are without change.
Dried Fruit—ls in good demand. Sales 400
bus Apples at $1 1) bushel. Peaches are held
at $1,85 7 f4 bus.
The river has' fallen 18 inches In the past
24 hours. and is still icceding.
- Now Onassits,-.)[ay 19.
Cation—Prices have declined to fc, cinder the
influence of the Europa's news.
Flour is dull, with sales. of Ohio at $ 3 . 94 1 4
Sugar—Market doll, with sales of 1200 bhds
air, at 61@ti.
Molasses—Sales of reboiled at 550 'tl gall.
Coffee—Sales 5000 bags Rio at 9jc 14
Previsions are without change.
Professor A. C. Barry's Tricopherons,
k" ...esitiaoulal in tram 31, Munn. 11:diuv of the ,
SoutiAlbe Am:km-U.l. Comment uu met. .T6Junro uo
\Kw itra /eh .4 lab
Barry'. Trornherous Ls. article that we take ;demure
In awarding the highest cominerylatlocia We do not do It
own the wrommetelationof others, tut from ourown we
, onal kneaded. erns etre.. own the hair. • lade it tends
to keen It I:mental...ft and gloomy, n al. tor... den
drolLprelen e , hale, sad Invigorate, ite growth Ina
manner ocean led braidsy cat. ...anon kman
lit penny • nly to Ide one bottle to be coneineni
dile troth
Broadwa in y bead nrlie :1) tett, at IL. witainal attice
N ork
doll In large • •Aim. prior 3 cerd. a t irl'ara'' pry
nes by F- s k
inyt Sn SI It tad et
IORN-5 Ito. tor sale by
V.! nip. J 8 ail sa OATH
FrOBACC 1 hhds. Ohio Leat, for sole by
C ORN It b 1; ,s . for
o s N ale
80 , SIIOR,T 00,
2 036 AS and AS Front at
100IKITATO 'S-20 bbls. Neshannoeke, fur
it Pale by pi SI , I'tiV DII\NUOkOT tG,
t 1 IDER V N EXIAR-50 bbls (best) for sale
0214 11.001000. LITTLX Oil
TALLOW ' bble. for sale by
j torn 111101805. LITTLt. •CV
- _
TRUSSES of all kinds and sites, tor the
relief and radicalcore of Hernia. or Rupture e‘n
nanny enhand I for aide by
ati3o 'EI SEII. a MeIa.)ITELL, Ito lined et
ceive] 300 • u autirtnl also Air Ball, w kWh we will
at the who male Boatmen prime
myn all PITILLIP.9
r ir OBACCO-- lihd prune Sepr Leaf.
For sale by L WATI , B.MAN W.B,
nay, 91 and Cl Amer, end 4.1 Front tt
OIL --50 bbls. pure Linseed, for sale by
0 3 6 L 0. IiATIaItbIAN • e4..0.
IVOOL he highest marke t Jriee, to
v emit. wdl be paid for the different es, by
mys S • II /INItALU
QODA ASII casks Kurtz'. brand, for
kJ ode by tore' 11400maat
CLASS -fOO boxes ass'd sizes, for sae by
mys o a AY. lIARIIAUtte
LARD ale bbls. tor sby
sirs it LIARBACtiIi
INSEED OIL—IO cants (prime) for sale
I;3 my 6 6. 0 A lIARBACOU
FLOC 00 LA, S. ' far sale by
to S R. HARBAlltlfi
I.IIAMS-3O casks Evan & Swift's S. C., for
bT myfa N. A W. 11.ARBAC011.
YOTATOES—DJU nook, for sale by
znys S. C W. HARBACKK.
jr YOTTON-150 bales for sale by
) toys !salmi DICKEY X CC.
I_ ,
-400 nu. Dyke. Peach.,
f! ROUND UT 15 gnekm for gale by
UTMEGS-1 bbl. for Hale by
mys J..KIDD C4l
iIASTILE SOAP-20 (Noes for rale b,7
V toys J. KIDD *CO. •
drIREASI TARTAR-900 lbs. for mule by
trub J. KIM,* W.
C4SS , IA- 7 .150 lbx. (in main> ( . ;iir k % uk
solo by}
!1 UM DAMAR-:-1 ease (to arrive) for sale
lir be .45 J. KIDD 1 CD.. to II not et.
IVANTED--A good Second Hand SODA
v FOUNT. Enquire of ENO LIFII it MINN ETT,
.45 1= Nee:aid st.
JI JF different V.H....J. , rt ~,,I ~1
MOW. onto.. Goa for Ledirg, from 123.: cerpt.t.;
" th'ii""re.d.' "ll;ll?Pal
BOYS' CASSIMERES—Of various colors
- my " s '371". ,o 'd
QtAR CANDLES-45 boxes (10 to 401 b,
1...7 . 7 5 h) for sale by e.k. ( iv jutz4Nltp
. 1,
" ans
QPER3I CANDLES—liibOxes 4's, s's, aud
n f r .. 6 for sate by .1. D. WI LLIAMeI a CO.
-03 half chests Chaim and Oolon.
DJ boxes extra flue Oolmma fia asb . b s T
say& J. 0. WILLIAM ! CO.
HIED APPLES-200 bu. for gale by
my 4, EM/LlBll t lIENNETt.
r TASII-14 casks for sale be
mTI 171 Second, and 101 First gi
!OM %TR OIL-30 galls. superior White,
Tor male by myl IL E. BELLE. .6f Wuudft.
( N I YRUPS. &c.—Untlerwood's fine Lemon
I: H o ma n. Undirwood's pup... do. du: Strawberry Vim,
nm Eusan fur male by
my 2 WM. A. McCLIIIIO II co.
ESSENCES & EXTRACTS, fur Fin - 1,; - ring
Jellies, !men:ems, tc.
&Peace Lemon, Extent .0 Nutmeg.: .
•• „ Ventllm - Jem . Gilmer:
• " Roam V anilln Ikea,
For mle by WM A McCLURLI A CO..
my 2 256 Liberty et.
ty p i.. r. f;v o l2tMlN: y - i
DEL) PRECIPITATE-2L Ibi. fur oale by
41, mu l ii. E.LIELLEILS.
1111)1A RUBBER. BELTING.—A very large
stock of India Rubber machine belting on head.,
Width ranging from II: to 20 Inches. Thls bellied In su
perior to leather ur atly other, Ihr nil °Pau helt 4 lur the tc
011., Moo.:
1. The perkyt enuallty of widthand thleguees which it
w non.
2. No beat under 30U degrees. Fahrenheit injures
it, nod remain. flexible in any des 1 . 0 . ( told-
It is of great strength sod clurability nod does not
;din on the poilie.,,anmatly • gain of power is btained.
aud when adjusted to oomhinery, does uot legate ahem
floe Do In the el.. with leather or anl nther.
4. lo .W e belting the no. is much below that of Leath.
or tn, elder.
Pamphlets with dinette. toe use and list of mires, tu
na,. With lacing leather and eamentfor Joining.
on halal tai tot We at Nos 7 and V Wood rt.
YE FLOILI3-7 bb Eo lu ilso for ti s ale b
y_ .4.6
Of Val.:tale Prcporty t the City of Pittsburgh.
IN PURSUANCE of an Order of. the Or
-I,phans' :212PLUA,I-VILAI2 Apra 20.
IZU c e e ltrAh,ztath . ejtt b. o,v,-
3., 20th ds l ai,n x. f d
Estate. • situate In th e Ci m ty of thttelja. thd d :ll the same
for one third cod, one third In the year. with Interest
from the day of sale. and one third to two years, ultft
bred fhth the day of sale, told payments to be !seethed ba
bonds and morthanw. with power todleble up Into two or
more parts, and sell the same In larts so dieldist. mar the
or more of add Owes of ground as may be deemed noodtp
etre to the interest of the estate.
- • •• .• • . • • •..
All that eel - lain lot or piece of grown, below part of lot
No 22., In James Adams' part of theplan of the Nor th ern
dy es, now 511 ward of the city of Pittsburgh. bounded
and described as follows. eh- Beginning on Penn Wen.
at the distance of twenty two feet six In
from Adams
street. rheum along Penn street muthwardly. twenty
en Got six inches, and extending the same width back to
VtOl n lesi " AreTli b oro "iroVott ;17r i agi ' d . b u i
logs, settneet to • ground not for ever o(sß)d per
t.lttona. Parable quarterly tu Jamas Adams, his heirs and ~ g m,
Also—All that certain , lot or piece of on tol, situate In
the nth ward of the City of Pittsburgh. being lota Noe 134
and 135 In the plan of partition lateen, the &into( John
and Fleury troth—No 214 December Term. 11 , 34, Common
of Allegheny County, anal recorded In book 3d, 51 rol
61:p. =I, hounded as follows. six. beginning at the corner
of antAlln and logan street; thence along Low. street
one bandied and twenty sin feet to Decatur street theme
...twthlir along Decaturs
treet, Sony eight den d
thence by a lime parallel with Logan reet northendl an Y,
one hundred and twenty oh feet to Franklin strewn thence
end oainly along Franklin street, forty eight feet to UMan
street, the plain of beginning, on which am erected on two
cloy brick dwelling house,
hooting ou Vranklin stree,
one one story frame dwelling house. and ono two story
brick dwelling honor, fruiting on Logan street—being
the nmewhich 11. 11. Collins and wife. by deed dated
June lith, 1e45, recorded In book W. al: vol 70. P 5311 .
conveyed unto the said
b l ot or
Alai—All thin certain lot or piece of ground eittude In
the S in ard of the City of Pluthurgh. 4seing rib be d lot
No 32 the plan of said city, loundod and dosee
follows. ris f by Third street, by Chancery Lance, by the
front o b ergiers° i!t
tbe prink, of an envy three wet wide, adloining tot No
31......tefitm about in feet bark Dont Third shod, end
Lot being in depth, 85 feet. more ur 1e..,• d 111 terthi
width, lo the rear of which is erected serenallarne doe'.
Also—All that certain pie., of ground, part of Lot No
re M 1
Thin' street, at the corner of lot No 31., thence Remy.
Third street towants Markel stree, forty nue fret, more or
leas thenee,juo.parallel line with Wind streennorthwardly
eighty Owe more or Ire; thence in •
bo r e fine with
Third I
n.l forty one feet. o
Inr Ina Ind
theme In • line parallel with Wren street, southwardtl.
Vr,l2 Lool- h ; r
with store room. in front: part og ' abo: r e ' ore ' lois., or.
payn , '2 , ..n s o , f of of els hundnd
d deceased, being S ein r
per annum, during the life thne
the mid Mr. Jane Sands. and after her death Um field
principal Sum is payable to the laned of the end
Also, AU Ilikl2nwrtain piece of Wrenn. Part of 4 . N.
X.. in the plan of Pittsburgh. situate In the tarn Ward of
end city, bounded and described ae follow.,sir: beginning
on Fourth fined. at th e corner f Lot No. 351, and thence
along Fourth street westwardly 40 Lot. them tiorthwenj
ly and parallel with Market Street eh feet, thetieeseatond-
II and parotid with Fourth street 40 feet to the linen hot
No. 311 aferesabl, sod theme by the same southwantir and
wallet with slarket street In fort to the place of tenon
Ing, under and subject to the payment of an annual ground
rent of $.40, forever, to Job, Findley,his heirs nol
on which Is en.nal one twoetory brick dwelithg house
and one threewtory frame dwelling house.
Also, All that reruns lot or piece of ground altuatein the
Second Ward of the City of Pittsburgh. bounded-and de
embed as follow., via beginning on Fourth sired, at the
distance of w feet entoardly tram the comer of Chem
alley and Fourth nowt, theme eastwahlly along FeeeTh
etreet = feet io lot of Robert Ngody Esq- thenceakum the
isms, woutliondly towards Third street e 5 feet more orb as,
thence westwardly In • line parallel with Four th sireet 22
( 0 ,., sh a pe, .long wm. Young's lot 85 feet mere er lees, to
the place of beginning: with the right to the use and ;In
etlev of the alley In the rear of the lot *old by Wm. Doll
to le m. Young, along the whole roar of sold lot to Chem,
alley, Go which la erected • thrernory brick dwelling house.
/dm. All that semis Memo( ground, intone In the lirst
Ward of the City of Pirmburgh, being part of Lot 10.354
In the pion of and city, bounded and described no follow,
beginning on the Diamond at the dletalexee of MI feet
from the corner of the Lhamond not Markel street., theme
westwardly IX feet. theme southeanily in • parallel line
with Market newt 110 two to an alley four fret wide, thence
entwanlly in • liar parallel with the Diamond
thence northwerdly In vrerellet 1100 with Market street
2o fret to th e place of becnolny. with the privilege of the
lief In the and eta ert to the ye/ I/ ground not of
Hs 110•100 forever, paye, e half yearly John Irwin. his
heirs and assign,. on which is erected • threenory brick
piece of ground in the ilret
Ward of the City of Pittsburgh: bang Lot No 34 4 henna
ed and dercribal follows.beginning at the corner of
Litaniond alley n od running touthwartlly Meng th e Liar
bonare 120 peg more or lc., thrum parallel with Line
moot alley westwanily lit) *et more or lees to Decatur
street. thence Wong, said ((rev( 00 feet more or len to Dia
mond alley, and thence along Diamond elk., ...Meant!,
Lit bet more or leas to the place of beginning-, on which
is erertal one large thrw.inory brick Tavern Howe, with
Dar ge stable. ho.. and one twoeitory brick Tavern.
A 1.., All that certain piens of ground, one-half part of
N... Ino. to the plan or the soot City of Pittsburgh, if,
us. on It ater meet. In the Second Ward of said city.
!mutated by Mater street. by the other half of the said lot
Ao. IVY, by Whet street, and by Ilse line of Lot No. AU. be.
Ong 311 Pest trout on Water street. sod extending [Omagh
to find. preerning the game wulth leu Leh on which
meted • Low sorry brick warehmhie,
• Executrix of Robert tihrtsty, doe'd.
Fcr farther particulara ruit . uhie of J. M. elheloty. at the
Oihreof the Fhttaburgh t..eupa.o,.
l'ithiburph. May It. 1041. say 'Zidet..lL-rritS
• Post °Tins DEPASTNINT,
Mitch 14, 1851.
T BEING DESIRABLE to substitute locks
and keys of some other kind for thus now In toi• Our
to. mail wren, of the United Males, speottnen locks mat
Ley, with propmials Mus t rnish the .2214. be received
ant coashiemd st the Ofaccgdepartment, anti/ the Ist
day of July nett The different locks ion be submitted to
commiadon Po examination •Lid report Upon this
to pomp.
routine. • ill. as wino Hat-settee:gr. be entered into
no furnishing mirk lacks and keys fur Our years, with the
right on the put of the imanstaster General kir the Wit,
being to extend end fonthane the naiad is Leaf for as
atlitional term of four y• - 11, b." shs oso , rsssos
a written Indic. to that egret, nu y t
morethan nine nor leas
than eta mouths Ledore the termination of tb. Ant term of
lt ears
• rle• of prfouring the best lock at Um lowest prim;
no Mod of lock priscribed.• standard: the Department
filch a Mir tug for • a:11"
comprtstiott, mph oa meth
lashed. may. Y. olope.
asinnal skill and Malmo.
It Is, how-ever. proper to mama that a kick suitable for lb.
ndl eartrice should poseems the fotherrlng duatilles. via Ow
wuer unikonsity. light.. ernrogth.
Ike the purl.e of dl lacing straniMneonsly all the
tri..ll locks mai keys any In am, stead thirty thousand
He locks ant twenty thousand bey. adapted Usenet, will
in requared to be furnished by the contractor within men
months alter the contract shall Isam been etiterml intet at
termer-1v e
aredu nmply will depend im the datablittr
,1 the he, less adopted, as well aethe laereasie of the
all write,
but it wilt nroh•Lif never famed fa amoral
ree thouwand of the Milner and op. thoo.and of the lam
No Met will be considerwl If it be like any already In
aerieral um, nor • 11l anyone with whom the contract mar
le made b• allowed to wake, Hit or furnish thy lark
Hy, stmlLit Unwe contracted ha, for thy other porpmi
or tute than thst of the Pod OM, Department
The Mod of looks adopted must lot patented. and the pa
mote. will H require', on entering Into contrart. to make
esstatimenrof his patent for the exclusive tnie and tons,
ett .1 the Departm.nt. If the P.M:outer tienend stall
deem such requirement ...anal to th. totemms of the sat
, 11,s. la mew at the Latham at the cooler:tor at any um.
to NMI faithfully the terms and conditions of his contract,
lAA Postmaster tienend shall bare the right. besides • mat
to the wend remedy hereinafter mentioned. to .12111 sod
contract. and to contract anew atilt uty other part,. of.
parties'.. h. may At. S. furnishing similar helm ant
In ec., upon theproposaLsani spectrum. off/m.4.010
Puessuuter ...vend may deem it ex....evitent to
theme. moils the luck of one biddre.and for the nay Ali
teat of Loathe. lle reserve. the right m cum
vecting with dlflereat thdlealual• each diner... blade
of lucks aa b.may select, and ale, the nibs to nun all
the spectrum. and propoWe, If he shall deem that mune
Icy the Inter.. of the Department. The P.../ or Parte.
a. ntraetmx will be required to give bond. rithample se
urity. In the mat 1,1 thirty thonaand dollar..lbt a fultand
p.rfurroance Of the contract- The contract I. to mown
pray - Wens for the due and proper Ittereethat of the it'd , .
axed keys. and also far guarding stanuast their ...Mow 5,50
Improper banete. the terms of them pfbrieil..ll to be
o•nae between the Department a.] the eneressfol redder,
./ sb..uld•lll G cm...r011( nut accompanied with
net..-tory evidence of the cruet nuttily charades of the bar
5.. r. and cl his atdlity to fulfil the ccutrart.
K 11a1.4 leammaeter larneraL
orith , gham and Domestic Queensware.
WOODWARut.Rureta,Dk: B k LA b lIEL am d i; CO., allow , 21 1 1 , an:
L o u
e t,, Ohio
eyeeamole Rooms, turner Sixth and Liberty stieets.
(16.tiod Church bundind.l entrance neat Jaw to J. a IL
ioyd, Wholesale linwers,
Dor eateneise Works enable us to fill eiders promPtil
A romortent dragnet twiny emistantly troployed, also en
able.. us to keep pa, with all the pew end unpro.O st)
ittiMrnot, !piton., Pilate., Fancy Tom DeaserfSets,
flower Var.. tioblets. Man.' ornaments. Medicine and
Soo! Jars. sad articles far
densest. ma, in great sailor.
Ord., rsprefaVy soltated. metartf
(L. BOULDER BRACES, of a new and nu-
"J'`"""ft7h7Lir"; eat. bLL
the.. 140 Wtaxl riltsburah.
Banker and Exchange Broker. Fourth at W
blithest market prire paid for SILVER In par funds.
Fseloinin. Bank etnek tor eels.
DBES!! BUTTER-4 boxes Table Butter,
Loot teed and fur sale by
.624 IL DALZELL CO. Liberty st.
PIRITS TURPENTINE-10 bbln. in good
1..3 order, for We by R. E. SELLERS,
ap2s 57 Wood at-
ATERMILLION—Z2 lbs. (Trieste) for sale
CIIEESE-50 boxes reeniving and for tale
by 4 , 7 R. DALZELL ACD., Liberty at
PAPER - -300 reams Med. and Crown Wrap
ping, for sale low to elnee minslamment, by
ap7 JAS. DALZELL, 69 Water et.
DRIED PEACHES 100 bu. for oak by
WANTED, and the highest premium 'paid for the
spl2 mrner Market and Third Oa.
Railway and Dry Dock for sale by
son A. WILK oie a co.
1 MOLASSES-20 bbls.BattleGround,
fa:Osten from Or. Jeffervomand for Ale by
1,12 010. DALZELL, 68 Water at
ASSIA-100 Math for sale by _
• lew fullrsa assortme upernt. of tior he different onalitJes, Including
Me very s.
apt' munrinr a DURCII_FIELD.
FACTURE--A Impend general sunortinent al
wa)s on hand at 65 market at
an 3
ROOMS:150 doz. fancy and common, fur
.sis by 80 L 8 WATEILVAN t 8088.
POWDER SLIP. ELM-200 lbs. just reed
awl ler sine bY J. KIDD CO.,
ara Co Wood mt.
LARD OIL-40 Burrell, No. I Lord Oil
rrc'd adz day rat 2. B. North River:and for odd. by
splk S. W. lIARBAUUII.
GRA I N-200 Lu. O u t.,
" RT.; for ale to,
plt WO/
; HAD AND 11ERICING—New Baltimore
Nhad awl II th Q , reed and for war by
itylb JOHN WAIT • CO.
A NGANESE-5 , 1 thin dr,Toud, for 61nes
.11tbrz, fur sale by BENNETT, BERRY tr 1-11,
aplll Water stmt.
HOES-150 doz. best cast steel, for sale b yJIA apt L.A.WATERMAN A NONA.
CYTII.II SNEATII9-350 doz extra and
mon. for sal. at atatentfactureea Dram by
FORKS-75 doz. best cast steel flay Fork. ; tter Porta; for rata by
ap7 L B. WATERMAN A 80N9.
v Ma orroN-- - 4 - 2 bales now laMling from str.
‘,../ yflower, lur We by !BAUM DICKEY A CO.
WWI . and Front...
AROUND NUTS-20 sacks, in etore, for
USHTON, CLARK It CO.'o Pure Medici
nal CODLIVER OIL—I cr. for ogle by
44 , 6 J. KIDD .
It CU, 00 Wocd 1
lbe for eale_by
1 402
B. A. lawmu. a co.
will r A W i all' L l a ' pll t". and
efery Tuesday and Frld. at Scielora
Stitiflah for CapGna,h.eling and Pittaburgh, ea.
try W 10 &clok. A. Passenger.
atl,lppen MU depend upon this boat running regular'.
the low water swoon.
Fur freight or wow., analy on board. a.lO
OR NASHVILLE—The spier,.
did steamer FORT PITT. Miller. master,
l's. fur Omaha. and lotermsdhite ports
an Gil. day, at 4 o'clock, P. at
For freight or apPlr on boAol raylo
FOR ST..LOUIS.—The fast run
aloe, new steamer EDITOR. CaPt.lo al. , jgag
oTelalie"A".ViTilothir .bore and
For bright or pass.% apply on board. my 9
Ilaht.dratight eraser PARIS. Greenin.:, , AQ
waster. will Ira. Ihr the stove and all Irate.
..Beta nor.. on Saturday. the 10th Ina... at 4 P. al
For InHallt or pamase apply op board or to
ST. LOUIS—Th.. fast mord. 'trainer
AU NEWTON.Captain Charles !mei, will
learn cur te the above SW lo.rmedia ports. on Gila day,
We ith s ort-,
t„ at 10 A. M.
.41X11log u.vokl.bly drained, "he positlrely lease
For e freight nr pa.iage, apply on moan!. my 7
nltinhate. Thiel splendid boat wee built by
Goo tomers of the steamer I.n tiewtoo, and other; kw
the Cincinnati and Pitt...burgh Packet trade and will lea.
fa7N`ll.""Msfr f Ar,tit,'°°"• P w ie R"r
mr:lo 0. Vi!''ZILVRAZYIi, isrvot
Aeatner ROBRET RODGERS, Butrher,
master. will Ira. for the above and all later
widish, parts. on this day, at Id A. M.
/or freight or pa...a apply oo laadd• ruff.
yoR ZANESVILLE —The fine
steamer E.IIPILESS,Coa, autos. will leave
4.11010.1. and lutormnltate port , or. thla dar.
.t 4 o'clock.
• • .
For freight or mama, apply on board. nue
REXIULAR PACKET.—The splendid egly,v ,
fast running steam WO. CHIEFTAIN, R. T.
Wutrx, Master, beams the rod of the Old Allegheny' Bridge.
(St Clalr street) every bout commencing at 9 o clad, A.
St, and continuing until the Oardenecluse. She mill land
on the Allegheny sidO, for the aroommodation of peavey.
non, also. at all Other points. Id Extra Trip at o'.
edock P M. my 2
THE new sod fast running atr.
J.U. 31cMitts, Master--Regular ITellsellic.'
baurille Wellsburg, Wheeling, Bridgeport Captina. and
NunEvb 'Packet—leavea Pittsburgh every Wednesday at
3 o'clock, P. 31., for Whuelltur and Bridgeport, and every
Satunlay P. 31., for Caption and aunflsh. • Returning,
leases Natalia, every Monday at 10 o'clock. A. and
r r i ldfrport and Wheeling every Monday and Thornily, at
For Sri ght nod momme apply on board, or to
tore FLACK, Agent-
LOlL—Thellabt drau steamer ARENA.
D. P. Kinney, master. haves Wellsville evvry 3louday.
Wedu l. sday, and friday, at a o , lnek. A. M.. for East LW..
ha tf,fg'i,1 I :t7g r :..4,"Vn,ti. D y7'Mrrla d . P ''' . l .
Saturday, et 10 n'eloc k. A. M. for Be:ver, eleFerratiaTtand
luE. Glasfir.s, East Liverpool. and Wellsville.
For Relit!. or pas..., apply nu boant. aptt
xi, IwIIEELING PACIC.ET.—Tba splendid
new packet toteannu DIURNAL. Conwell. performing her regular triwweekly tripe between
this ci and and Wbeeliog, leaving Pittsburgh at 10 o'clock
every blowier, Wednewtay and Friday. and returning.
leaves Wheeling every Tuewbr. Tho r and baturd:T.
moon week. /or frelitatipags,re,applott oard, o to
R 11 a CROZER. Agents.
- pCgi, o i , I O I4RI T F b .TTA AND HOCK
trigorte., .1 , 14 lenhl:r the aro P v A eXklamit
h p t erL ..r...Z.47; d g.,ll° . V,V. P. N.
ra,hlo T. WOODS k SON.
No. 61 Water rd 63 Front N.
_Et SUNFISH PACKET—The I running
steamer WELLSVILLE. Cant B. Young gill
run as • regular whet betgan Pittsburgh. Whling.
NM:report. and riutileh. leaving Pittsbungla every Monday
afternoon for Well:rear, Steubenville, and BrWgrpoi; and
every Thursday anemia for Steubenville. Whrelinf.
Uridgrm Uua. and rlunflain returning, fear.. NM,
port and Sonlish every Tin May afternoon. and Sunfish
LnryMay elem.... For freight or on
aslYor to f febt:ll) W. B. WIIEL P IIr A;ePtrti?
The moil Extraordinary Dueorery in the World
the great Arabian Remedy for Man and newt?
H. G. Farrell'e
ZiE miraculous cures performed by the
• Alai, physicians in the (Jaye of old. were thth
h. upon o the tOult of mod, but ethos we have be
mote intimate with (hair Motor, we can thus amount for
ttoirsorprising pow over discos . Their attaltunents tv
the knowledge of me dicine
icine ore the wonder of the age.
while at the Male time the science of Chemist. which
with th em had its ortam wom the rest of the ...Id •I•
waled borek Amp Iv liotany they •erethe mu.t lotions of
studenta. In the beautiful groves • hkh dreetteuf
Arable, abound roe plants and odorous woods whew. are
°Mahon! throe are,natlc gums aml fronuo halo.. .4
whieh this incomparable liniment Is composed. sad hr
whom stimulating unctuous. penetrating and goody.
propertio It la. when appiled. InstateOrte.oly &lord
tbrough Pb. .hole or-emea .yst.m. allaying It,. man taw
tense pain In pro mpt ir than time of lu or 15 minutes.
It. oak. 1. . powotol and effectual. without the
least danger It penetrants Pb. Doh to the hone. relates
contracted mod., mho. ow to lied, s seas have been
Palsied for years. room,. the shrtseiol doh to grow out
tad net. blond to Mout.< through it. ono. It restores
he rynorial nod el Joint IVOer, and this le the roam
by it hag tow mu universally encoottil In curing .11
dies.,. of the Joints. In elinsole affections of the Spinw.
Ltor, Lunen. and Kid., this riot Arabian roody
stands unparalleled: tar Ago Cake or Enlargement ol the
rplcen. It Is • specific, and Ihr libconostism It hat perform.
.4 rm. at the moo extrourthwary Pall. on scoff: she,
51Crahlps. erchlega, Pala., N ounds..l.lllll4alett, Marna
t n eldte ottelltegn . T . nmV , Sc. It leeisla
!Alllr gellesteon.
th.1...1h. and tor nearly all
&eon., either ;unmet hoed. which ',tele e an ester
nal application. this hutment ttanis .1 the hod Id all
The tollneing it dm the principal accatintant of the
...Mr and highll respectatle hout• of nitis SAM.- of
I , eala. and Presetaa one of the mutt sumemnal cures in
the annals of ro'u't litetory
Mr. IL‘; Carrell bear Po, Art.:must by ',ease of grate
ful nes, I submit the following as am it-vb.:ire at the
8: y.! our great ni•lieln. 31,v child, three years old. era.
•Addenly attaelteet with • terrible disease, whirls, in los.
than no A.m. era:rated it to Mail ho!pfecenem The limbo
dreams er , rigid that lu.l a bawl awed le NW: the Meta
turned blare end void. and entirety d!prind the
had, partially doled and altnaethee blend. follow
this emu deVnese to all mural. the Woe became cnta.
Inched, arid m caned. that abet laying On Its back. the
readand herb unl, (vacant. Indeed, the chill propound ortoomun. of bran[ deal! Iressedistely on the et
tat k. the family physician we, railed in.and for three necks
be Lined to restore It to aeling.but all In vain, althoufh
it vas blistered • doses. time, Lode's/lone eilloefsment lin
imentsapplied. A elmsultatiou of physicist:a eras they
held, but to no miners. Tim cape ••• then brought be.
on the Medical nociety. but nothing enuld be suggested
which bad tint already N.., dene.and the doctor then told
ina mull do nothing mom. tae then maimenred
plying your Liniment freely over the entire length of the
nu.: and iron may imagine a parent's Joy, when. after •
ire application., rdenamp glatlll4o.all,lC. upper/ed. The
child rapidly rerreered, with the alam of the eight.
which Old rot become perket for curly s month it Is
tole hearty and robust u can be.
FIT* ether mere oft he same kind fecund In nay neigh.
berrtionl ptee loud, all of which Med. when, no doubt if
tour Liniment had been used, they would have recoveral
Peoria. Mara I. laNt LICh/11" O. CLELAND.
Liver Complaud, Erimprias, and Rheurnatirrs
Earn Ica. Marton Co- Ey . Ably ..C.'.1541).
Mr II G. fattami—Deer 55- boor Liniment to Jelling
very well, andAlotng a vaet deal a. aid among th• peo
plr. It has eared a tad eme of Err.*eta, and .o Miser
uf • bad
_pain In the breard. A lady; who was contined to
hPT bed for e, fu
months with Liver Complaint and Mice
non of the Heart. oar mainly cured by the ow of your
Arabian LlnintenL Km said the doctor. could do Ler no
coral It boo been applied ho • freab mit, and rural it In
a anon time. I her. been aglieted with Itheumatlem for
• long time. and Jiat before II wed spell it pained ma on
much that I had vat peace all dar. ard In the night I com
menced tudhln 1
was g rubbing •Ith tour Unlndnd. aml
L. 500
1117.4 BATEMAN.
SD, Co plaint, Sweeney, Distemper, Corkg and
Sorg Eyes Cured
%teen, Nati:water at Flat. Fulton County, 111.
" bee t . 11. O. FAE. 14.1.: 1 . 0. Arabian Liniment I. highly
Prired here. We cured one of my wighbnra' horses of the
guff Complaint by ate,ut lour or 11" application; and I
and one of my own of the Sweeney. Our Sheriff Joemh
Dyke, cured 141. bone of • del Cora with lb he al. trWl
it on a cult that heel the Distemper re" Wd. and cured It
Immediately. Ile eays It Is deridally the ended huive
medicine herrre used. There hare been numtwra cured
of 60111 EJCIO with IL I Pod it • re" anlhed• Modkii ,lll
Loth for man and beet.
Jimare If Counterfeits.
The Public are particularly eautiorted going* a Ave
(burstrefnt 'bleb ha. lately made its appearance and D
called by the Importer who roake• WV R Farrell'srabi.
an Lthon ent." This Ism dangerous fraud and more liable
la deceive from his bearing on.en.. YnnwiL The "'
fore be partieuiar near he fur .1 by Ole 11Q•14 .. Farrell's
Liniment.. for unprincipled dealers will impuee the SIT.
WOLF mixture upon you tor the genuine, but nhooge ore
f••• 11. G. Ilzmlr • Arabian Lintetelef,.. and rate no efAer,
as the genuine always hes the letters 17. G. before bonen*
ili• gq.ature le also kna the outsidewrepper; and these
P a blown in the glans G. Ilurreirs Ambient
Lonsunt, eorici."
/warm wantelf In every Town, Village md 11 = 14 16,
the United Staten, In which one Is not established. APO/
by letter to 11. U. Farrell, Pearl. 111.. with good reference
ar to diameter, reetemelidlitr. Wc•
Call id, the *geed .110 wi ll furnish Pres of Charm.. •
hook containing much valuable Information roc every clam
of 'churns.
Pater—'.'Scents, 1.11 yenta, and - one dollar per kettle.
The cep genuine lemanufactured by 11. U. Yarrell.eole
Meant. , mol Proprietor...n.l wholersle drumtlat. No. 17
Main street, Peoria, sod fur sale wholesale and retail at
pmprictor'r price be
1,14 aeon • R. X. likLl.Vlts,
No. 67 Wood atte st Sold by D. NI. CURRY. Allertheny Car.
A Vegetable Compound.
IIURNER'S BALSAM, an infalliblo Tame
dy for Mambas Dysentery, Bowel or Sommer Cone
11.100 of children and adults. A perfectly sate and ether
elmue remedy under all circumetenoes. It hes been mud
with heyp 3' end mom.
en., by mme
sumessful prise-Moberg of studielne, wherever
for the hot two or them Tee n , mper mt.-Mc.4.n..4.
tomylog the medicine, in pamphlet farm limitireal• or
mum, of both Rhildren and Adult., herr been cured and
relieved by th• above Deem, after every other remedy
hut twen tried I. tain.
The following lea ropy of a oeriliknte relative to the vir
tues, etc, Powe r above Balsam, need in the family of Um
Rev. J. , of the kletheallet Book Concern. of this
kr.r Sir, I deem U due
to '
u to say. that for se
vend Men th e hero bon trying man, remedies for
rho,., Out with little met,, but, bearing cry*. remedy.
iirocured au. bottle, which I have used, in my family.
witli greed seems, and feel free to recommend it to Um
so a valuable medb:lne f DI
Cincinnati, June go, lbou.
The !above/tyro,' or Balsam le prepared and mold whole ,
sale end retell at sanum, C. TER:SEWS Drug Store,
northeast corner of Urchael and Main streets, at the store
of ilardiner A Cu., on Main street,
Seventh and
Eighth otreete, west side and at the principal Drug and
"AV'f'"l the
1-1 WT I %
, or so e • is ere am. Pittsburgh: Jomph
Douglass, Allegheny; klcitlelland.kienctuater. Jolly
Fitzgerald, South Pittieurgh; Tenn...v.
villa; Jobe U. Smith. at Um Birmingham Drug Slzre, Bir
mlogbann Leigidity A Gregg, Nest Newton, U. R. Kern,
Ellestwth, Perry Baker, kirliempork erlykArkm-8
IS lIEREBY GIVEN that an Election for
0 .. 'Weide., elk Managers and melt other Oben"
tut mar be netwaaary to conduct the butler. of the "fir
Mb:teon and Ilrovuartlle blacwdatalard tortiplita Road
Cornbany." cbartered la novena:we of an Act of AwitionblY
approved the 10th day of February. A.D latd, will be held
la the Public Rouen of• Jam,. Brawity, In Baldwin town
ler; llitiNftnaet't+f Ilootre"d'oVl.o)'.lChatthltl'il!!l.l.lii
o clack, P 21, of mid dal.
Clonalierioneee—Wet LARIMER, Jr.,
ALlailtM. 211LLLII.,
•at 51 NOBLE,
JOHN 11.000.
triyllll2w7t..9 I% 01 COWAN
111 AltE7—Strayed from th: 1/11. 10
subwrib,r. th e =hut, a NOILREL 01A11
a at 10 band, high. end 10 or 127.11:11 obi, wit lidar
and snip. hakl Mare waa hegry arftri oolt. Atir Peron.
taking her up and laturalog her to the outer:ether, or (lei
ardni. hint in
formatdort when mhe
et r lbe liberally
Halt Work,, Taremum Poet =ea.
2.4 Diele22•l2 .." 1, • Aniiltint7 00,2142 0020 L
To Fanners.
ACRES Farming and Grating
s 2: En. if n z i / o.a yer. withln twelve miles . air
Also-1.000 Acres in Mt county. for ninon WO= mai.
tin, henna lhanulre of A. WILKINS OO,
myl corner of Market and Third sta.
To Gardeners.
TWENTY ACRES of Gardening Land, al
midi under 004 cultivation, IntrAzis on mite y t 4
b x n vgl in hs o :old thr 1:40 an acre—nne [bird rash, and the
• t.n., and three year. For wt.:du, tn.
quire at the Banking Ilettaeof •
mrner of Market and Third ata.
A Very Desirable Residence for Sale.
T HE undersigned offers for bale, one of the
desirable reeldences in the town of &Wei Don.
stark county. Ohio. enntainina about eta acres of laud,
with large and cosnmallow Brick Dwelling HO., and
out house , . ithd • be e t
etiPPly of chola fruit anal shritto
her!. One of tb. beet •rhooLs in the country le within •
short dietaries., and when It is remembered that in ale
months frocuthi. Unto it will be within four hours' rideof
Pittehtirgh. it will be wen that here L. no small induct
caent for any who desire a oboap and elegant retreat from
the city. either ae a summer retirement or • permanent
natlence. A part or the whole of the land will sold
With the huildl Thu property may now he had for leas
than the building. met.l - will deo procure title mei um
wry, without charge, a lot of more than two acres.eitneted
on the bar, of the Ohio Canal, and about twenty reds
from the Dtiot of the Ohio and lennayivante Relined, to
any . capitalist or company whowwill Whirls thereon •
um"'nuf:faltlllool,lZ.' udtta...7,1,T11111.71.1g
'ow! of the most beautiful and auriving town. west of
Pittsburgh. Co.]. and ell the maths of lirhog. ..well
rents, eai be procurCd here as low aa al .3' Poi. , Omuta
when manufactured can. of mar, with ifreM ea., be
transported by Canal or Railroad.
April 17.
For Rent
A Small well finiAled and completely fur
rl bkheal Stu*, en 1J wt, next doom to the root-olliwn.
No 73 Llbertr wt. between 3d and 4[6 at,
apMl if (Poo and Tribune tutu . ) •
Desirable Suburban Residence for Sale.
THE subscriber offers for sale the house and
grounds where he now resides..situated on Park st, be
low Tremont, Allegheny, MA about 25 minutia' an from
the market of this city. The lot le lid ft frrint on Park Ft.
running berg 252 Pet, to an Wry—containing nearly one
. and Is bounded on every sine be lame open'n.4 dwith taws and hrubbery. The house
near!) new, large. and ernivilingly well arrmaged, having
• front of I,U feet. and • depth of 7 . 4 contains Enottwn
rooms. beridds balls nine feet wide. Lt L bulk In the belt
I and most manna, and by a ate-patof nacif, and
contains all he lern nouverdences. Two pumps, with
im unfailing upply of hard and soft sraferoire at the door,
On the prorMsa see the neravisary out !buildings, stable.
carriage hoods, ie. The grounds are laid out smartly as a
lawn. covered with choirs fruit tre . a rigrreps. flowering
shrubs,currant, goasieberries, raspberries. to., and mull
garden. Th e fruit is of the best kind. and the trees are la
their prime, and yield enough fur the wants of en urilina.
family. Thu altiution of tine property,. to imiribrity and
suburban comfort, combined with contiguity tee the city,
Is net surpassed by any resider. , in this vicinity. It bee
a view of tlielohin Elver for user • nal., of Temperate.,
elite, South Pittsburgh, the city, the two risers. and the
hills timund.torming altogether • panoramic pricrivict of
which the eye never weariest. Every boat which eaten or
&parte front the port of Pittsburgh on the Ohio, paean In
lull nine. The residence and grounds are alio contpletely
removed foam any emnoyan s at i s , of ilft, destructive o
rend f
The property will eful as If
be wild at • bans.. and poesession ewteol In some Roletaoek to the ugiven
whenever deidred. Enquire at the tiatette one,.
ap22alti_ IL N. WHITE.
Foi --. Sale.
V HE members of the Fairmount Fire Com-
Party. Men. their Engin.' lbr sale. It h , in goal or
der anti be sold cheap. ;ruluinrof
. l i ' VC . 4li9
! 11.1. Ptc r i'strwet.
ap.l;tf '
rOR RENT—A Dwelling Heusi onfi
Third otreet, above and near to Eadithfleld. It
astute. large yard. wash house. At. Will
be rented low. and pospearion given immediab:,
Y.,.... i.
Also—For Sala or Lease, sob. lota lo the Ninth W
between Penn street and the Allegheny river. _
at Benj. Darlington's, Fourth Amt. neer Wood.
Valuable Real Estate for Sale..
THE SUBSCRIBER otrers for Sale, on 2
favorable ten, the following Beal &tate, in
elly of Pittsburgh, sir
No. I. More valuable thew story brick dwelling houses,
on Second street. between Marketd Peery nerds, th e
lota being rub 19 fest front by SO dee sa p.
No. 2. Containe 57 feet trout on Third street adjoining
the Thin! Presbyterian Church, on which in meet® ono
four story brick k a bob used •• • printing odloe, and one
two etmy brick use.
No. h Two lots In Pallet®. Beaver county', being lob
Noe. 3 and 4, being about I® (stetson...l.on which brevet-
ed one blurt of four frame dwellings, and om separate
Imre dwelling, all two stories !Ugh.
No. 4. One lot 50 feet front an Back street. opPlelte
above, and extending to the top of the bill.
No. 6. Two beech lob. earl 50 feet front, and rimming
from the road trio. water mark,on the lllg nearer.
No. 5 One valuable Otte. lot, I® net on Wheel Race.
with ten shares water power attached.
No. I. One lot oppuite the valor lot. FO feet flout. and
eatending to the top of the hill, on whisk is creed.® one
two story brick step, and warelernue, by 51 bet; Woone
frame dwelling. two .becks high.
No. h. tine lain lot In New Brighton..Besveronuntl. be
ing about 140 feet on Broadway, and about 1.1/0 feet deep.
containing ems, on which are erected two large frame
dwelling. and one t a li frame hoes. used as an °Mee.
rel. property Team formerly wended by Mr. T. C. Gould.
eM is very la our bated. besog Imenetbately ogposite
the Wellston Bodge.
No. le One water let, imutediately below Falb - ton Itridgo.
bring abbot 100 fret In knell. and exbuding from Water
.tent to low :water mark, or towing Path.
Tn. above propeity •111 Lea .44 on eery favorable aerms.
ter.f Vla " ek t e h t . 11 ( 11 '1 VEN T ATc,: - .ll:a r l i-4
mch2l fJountsl and Past copy.)
For Sale. • -
MAXI( OF 8U1LD130.9. on the corner of Waa . ths:A .
I2 l=lir & P art% the Et of e .44 t
on on We
one hundred and forty lour feet on Penn streets and one
hundos,l and nine feet Woo Inches, on Washington Wee;
to • twenty feet dley. Inquire of
ID REennrt-
Ineh“rio . 106 P
_ . _ DAVII. . _ .
V FOR PALE—Two largo Flour Mille atul •
we Mill on
the Bearer (Swig. with Ode neneseas7 water rowe_ Ate.
well Improved Form In Lane..4.olmM. Prins 1.4.0
A I no, a Pam of Ile arms, on the Olda river, those utiles
taloa Boor, foe ttLast Alen. one of 140 acre, un the
Ohio river. o mils^ below Beaver. for 132 per aer
brfn• Ld 11l per erre Aho, farina of OM, IRS, and 14
arts,. ter wee. Als, It:. acted for 312. and to
...rev for 110 per mere. to,rther with many other. or
ous Ores and print,. Enquire of
3 I. 0. L. R. FETTERMAN,
Attonteya at Law and Reel Fat... Agenta,
No Int 4th et Pityburalt.
. .
- • • -
A Bleat Furnace for Sale
aTIIE UNDERSIGNED' offers for Sale hit+
BLAST Pt ILSACE, situated to tlos,vuinty, Gnryda,
bengal m life - Oilstones Turnery,. withoall tbdo out
hauldinu, It' end 001ST STILL; and every shied no
rew•ato to carry an the Smelting of On,. It bas 1.400
Ones at Land atterhed. with as much more edjioning Ie
would 1. necessary. which sse be bad fn. 7.. to per
•ere. It haw the most favorable leretion so the &nth, fur
Enable.. ledi. harem the ore within mle-half tn lie
. r„n'll
et whe le Rale can be found for
all It. prnete . mu and IP 'Me miles Irma the
IVestere and *Heyde Railroad, whirl, l• en, Ito- binn
nf redlrowd•mtmeming the Veneerer , !Myer with the Ss
Dowd, whirh has six hers 01 rallypels reusing nut Ibme
„It. titelatied and under cmdract. mad. though the be.
!.Iw , rtant , Ttdrris mei Cake in Georgie, where • reedy sale is
fouml foe Phr Slarhinem, ltolLne Mere. -It ht
nowle hill Glen, worked by water power. with • Bora IS
I hely on • ones Whets stream, and In the most healthy
mot of the ...+Mth.
Letters leer hp addressed to me at Etowah. GSA no, Ga.,
or I ran Y. 'ern at may time on the prrod,en.
Aueromis FCIINACL, March 1. 15.51.
- up EAL ESTATE FOR SALE--The under-
MoI the r V.,:ta n 'ssT:s " vsrr‘th. l trgbi,`"V:l:.l,l ° :e.
tgrier. n Borough of 11 rminghtun.elocated nerd the
new Public s ehoul and Luthenum Chore,
The rapid ;growth of Mondial:um In ye:potation and
marinfarturing wealth, and the reasonable one.. which
R. will be odd, will render them • safe and profitable In
vestment. Title perfect. Teams favorable.
the inr efM. 1 47,01.111rino4 ' ,1•9. ut' g r Omniant=iie
burst, Petween ntrd and Foam's or of R t illlam
St... and N. Pattemm, Lief, at their <Aces In Hiroo
Ingham. iayl MOSES E. EATON.
tEOR RENT—The large and cornmodit
0.. Hon. emit. on Penn ot. (lately naled up by
dwanbi,); with en rotten lot ouboining. whirl La
led we a y.O. Alooltt4lM r o i n tir t etak o llorktre
aplitetf Be. it Water oil
FOR RENT—The Dwelling Hous on
tbe 2
Oorner of South and Wct Commons, le,
oreupled by Thom. Arbuckle, deed. Mora... doodle
indroollately. Emotive( iodate King, Eagle. or Wm.
M. Bell. Anchor Cotton Work, Allegheny. atils4l
Valuable Real Sitate for Sale.
FOR SALE—That valuable Lot of °mind
altuated at the corner of Market and Water
at portion,. crimpled by klulrant t I.edur, as a Ulan. W.,
boom, baring • front on Market attired of IS foot 11 Mob
., and ea Water strrot of SS fret 1,L,, Inch.
Also—The Lot of Ground chaining the G. War., Ihri
merly irrupted br Ti.. Jct. Tonaliroon 0814'1.d; har
ing it front of 131 fret 4,1 g Inchesion the 3lonongshela
er,and running heel 30 feet to Greenough .tenet.
Pers.. dryidloW pusrhaalng can revolve fur th er ID
forto•Uon from R. C. STOCKTON,
apl4 No. 47 -Market at.
In the new town of Latrobe, Westmorelaid
' County, Pa.
The LoycaAamur Depot of Penn'a Bailnifd.
riIIE new town of LATROBE is beautifully
situated on an elevated level plain, on the beak of
Loyalhapue River. *hem the Pettheylvaxila Railroad
encase Unkktaram by a handsome done hedge of three
spatial of 46 feet each. 16 Is 40 miles rant of Pittsburgh.
wet of Oreetudiurg. llwresrof Ligonier. 12 math of Blain.
tillia. 3 north of I °newton,. and 7 mouth of New Ale...
rlit The ifterisyhtinia Railroad will be opened to the
temporary Wallin. near the town. early In November
next to conned with the totithern turnpike. The park.-
genn every train will atop to take a meal at the new and extensive RAIL ItOAD HUTEL, now to prowrem of met
tle% lo the twain of the town. directly opposite the Rua.
Ebyte.V. Denal i Hider Slahow. !Siam House, dc, to
in ewe.. knmoilieteil• The lou now °demi lor rate or
lease are 50 feet front ow streets 60 Wet wide, and run beak
100 feet to a PI &atelier, they will range 1n price from 11.30
upward. soronling to their wanton. Novo of the lonia.
more than 400 yards from the hallooed Depot which o. in
the centre of the town plot. Outdateand cottage saw. of
whieh there are wren] handsomely situated along the
bank of the river. will be sold on favorable ...nem Or
son. wietilnd to build. The climate of thie region is de.
lightful, the acettery round the town le very beautitni and.
routeutie, and it will stn doubt be a plane of great resort •
from the cities, time l this the sublet
the b ad e
filielt fishing
awl bunting rag In part of the' blade.
inaturemenFer tbelowlyes at this point for businew
men. manu ands, and winehenlee, to mime and wen,
they ma On inotnedisw bum.w and employment
DoteA will bp the point to whleh the ton and all Me trade
of Ligoder nailer will naturally come, Ly a turnpike
through tbeLoyalhanna gap of the Chestnut Ridge, and
• plank ruedluf three Mil. from Alexander Johinanti.Ent
to the Depot; w will also that of the neighborhood of New
Alexandriii.,lby a pleat road along the valley of the Loy.
alhamia Thew le plenty of the pure. water. and the
best of anal icon be had ulnae to the town, in abundance.
There is doer at baud, an inexhamitible au ply of ell kinds
of building maWrials, lime. dome, and timber. .t saw and
gaitn milt ary in full operation, with identy of water pow.
ithin 3 , ..* pant. of the bilitA, awl im extenalre brick
yard slow in'operation. will ramie!, • largenumber of ea
perior brisk. during the coming einem. The will Is Jaen
and rich, and well whented to cultivation. gardens, Le_
The toratoof
or saf lot. will be m
euade known on &mare.
th i n, in wnion byletter. tn the tierritnr. or him agent
. yoon,stoa 0. 05 at the Whey In LATROBE, where plan
of the low May be wan. OLI VElt W. BARNES.
N. B. A public sale of 60 lota will take plane at tarmac.
early in the nionth of June, of which due note.* will be
Of Forty Town Lote in East Liverpool, 0.
I o IIOE recent unprecedented rale of Lote In
the abr. thriving Town having ly es hanatftl
t re prevlouely laid out, and the demand near
rontl Wag
tludervigned her been Induced to lay on& • por tion of
Ms property In town las a• above, and ellen them for nal.
at prune and taro. that cannot fall to meet the viceauf
th,wishing to porehue. It needle. U, ray any th ing
of legation of the TOED sae pompous (It hamar Nett
thttletently deacriled In rteznt alverthemanta) other than
at over one hundred , lots have reeroft•hhhattevl bhh4e.
tml iven porclutsed or thaw niattihn teleur. • deals!.
bin home.
I nn ote d erzretig the most eligible and degiratil
Iv [halo pally locate./ la (ho <entre
tiler orals void.
gi ) fe r ttrie 1,27.!=g11tT, P :;, 1 1 , 7
IN /a -1000111s ROfill/CCI, for sae by-.
in .1 H. A. FAUX EMI=
'L James E. Breading, '
yriLL continue te transact the Wnocit!imin
,D2ll 000D5 EITEINESS, at the ol meb d 3ri NUr3 M.
iVi N. /lb
illtort.! is
- ,
4 -
FACTURES, S 41 South &woad &net. hkt4t4
ut, 4.444, M4O rblisd4Phl. , kbls:l
. _
WY. 8. 80088A.L8 LI. ...Lux,
gale Omen& O. ll lfarlut rbiladelphic RN]
Corantiscion Merchants, Nta 41 North Wow lama,
16 North Wharras, marl
MElEn . t h t .. A.halg, h,.. Genaa..LCO2mis ;
madf - on oottsignranito of Produce votrolly. fjanDolem
Superior Black Writing and Copying Ink.
lI ONE'S EMPIRE INK, 87 Nassau street,
s.u, n Nur York.
- al" PRXILS TO 11111 SLUM
SI 40 6ou per d05..,---$0 LO
.... I 00 4 VS. ...... 3:X
Onught, tier
manufactured. cute.
This Is the b-st article It llows freely—
ta a cool INIPYINO IN&—and trill not cornile, mould.
rirreinilate or decuy. end peeseurce all the qualities enquir
ed fora good Writlus Ink. stutablelbr the Quill. and ad
mirably adapted for the Ettul Pen.
The uodarelgued Is prepared to furnish to the trade ei
ther for export. or home consumptiOn, at the sbue eerr
l•dirtr y . pat up as per order. ud,delleeml In any
. free of thus... nette 63r cues.
° r "=. aux. extra at met •
Quarts, per dm._.Pint&
8 os.
. .
ST NAFSAII it.. Mon Buildinv
Professor A CT Barry's Tricopherons,
, Mort.. pon.ertit o and beautifying the hair, erathen.
.1,;;;„..:.., , n rz , .., 1 1 : 1...1 471 T. ant curin g dleeni. the tc tltli ?
bee lm ascertained ii‘rnega'pe7itabtaLt
en.= has produced, the itame etreet to curing thseasen of the
igt i luo t te. of the home. th d all the animal kthmtlem. The
/owing hmtutionlalt, selected from buoctretla rlmilar
'lmport. will Firrl/P thaw the rain, of tho preparation.
and the estimation in width It I. 1141 by those who bane
girth It a trial:
Punt. BaMtt—Dear hl ' e nr e an t' n:g ' e an
Manama eruption of the scaly. of a moat Mbiravated char
acMr, for the lan Pisttext year. and dojo that Period
have bad the advice ut wane or the moat eminent ;Myst
Man, andhave tried all the preparations Mr the ha. and
bynow known. without the least betell, I vas adviewl
by a friend to try your, Trimpherous. t did we. as a lut
resort, and, to my =limbo and gratintation. found myself
cured in about two months.. Such wan the violence of the
disorder that attimm I was partlaly
Reepeettolly. y,ll4rs. 1 V M RAPELI
, , 1,11) Colombia street, Brooklyn,
Nror Yoga, Oct. laSn.
PBO7. Baany-31, Detir Sir--About two years aau l a u e
mane nut a ayeat deal and my bead was mueb affiim a a
with dandruff. 1 war to ld by a friend to try yourThcopheb
Gland I did on, and to my astonirhesent, my halt wm.
meted. and all -the dandruff, as the
head vow gimes for IMO!.
With ranee; I am VIM, obedl Feral,
J YREADIIT.L,L, Cab' Broadway.
If any Lady or aim:airman doubts thit authenticity of the
abase, the,' will please eall at broftwor A C Barry's °dice,
137 Broadway, New York, where he will Intiditee the origi
nal letters.
_Ulnae th
e e Military and Nara Armin, Nor. 9. 11150.1
There le remedy d u n e permanen t cunt of bade.
and WAWA of the cr generally. that lea reached
the Ponalmity olloyed by tho article known a. Prof..
Barry'. Triton.... or Mothated Compound. It i 4 to
used by th e apt. clan. of th e community; to
almortevery nonte7 In the land It Is mod to prefer., to
other article. of the kind. It Impute rigor to the potent
the hate, and th. promote. Its ameba to a remarkable de
gree. It destroy. the damlnalf and murf, and nukes the
hair hoe and gloany. It will aura all Mamma of the Kelp,
Fuel as mad head. dettr*orte. and other obnoxious direr
dare of the clam In well at alum, It elands
°.thU..d. to hold lanT. ballet, Price =mute, et ha
137 Breather, and at the brume. ..aurally, thro ng lA r out
the Canal Staten and Canada
UTCHINSON & Co., Nol3 Spruce Street,
-EEW YORK, Wbolteale tonnutartorers of the beer
ENOLTSII }TINTING num, brr keel and Litho
= t , d r hitting:al lignerompeW t ß i ce p and. Job Work, wtdrb
work ull,. upon air crew , ' reen. material,
Them:2.6l.llone tbeee Ma. are each anthem a deb.
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PT, 7 fotalraatUß, S4OO is eta ro Per lb.
. Co. alsomanpfeeture
Iran Diem ry dada and nom SIM) to =VG per lb. Inch.nt2=
WX. WAS :MAN & CO., .
No. 79 & 81 (late 76) Meiore LINIC,
Directly wait* the Old Stand:
thUer•= ° Lt Dran-41..7- sad LigOt, wool. dn.
gols, Shake; Bock. Zaino sad Cotton. Domestic &Jut For ,
elzet. •
diveks---Eatha 211 k. Nada. Bombedbee sad Lacy of all
eV!e and gualltlea
Sedge and
( s <lll/ Lasone—Of Tat—Palte
kind. r allk, mud Black of every kind.
(Lamp—Futcy dila and Sada. Heavy &WWI %dna
Saba, radian. Prince Albert lkdathera Twi ll ed loam
Satin. ka
I . ickre Ihmtlxrch,fi—Coran Linen Cambric. ge
.=iere—Yeenet. nod English. new style„Do=estle
Ghwes--7.91, SUS.
Linen, Thread. and 41 the latest of
French 44 English Imparhdlene.
thenere—ehakere . . Merino. Lamb's Wool. Silk, Linen 40
Moretinc Gowns--Velvet, Ceohlenre, English, French end
Shenidee 87. W for gentlemen and ladles—• varier of
t o
Itidino Tolts
ea. 4/ qualities
K., 9l; t e u w . n d t:l4 Inelte . pacSentar d attnj.lott coy Domenic
.co,nwho AqAeih:4A,i CO..
79 ta 914441 Lexie.
Shawl and Xantalla Warehouse.
(Up Elam,) NEW TORE. la not etenlagone of
e irtEir Ealfwil:tnr"'or. L ACE
MUSLIN and all kind. of SILK ILANTILLAS. manufaetn.
nat from the Wert Parlifaatikna& received by the Mesmer,
ontl particularly adapted U, the SI . trad . e.
hlr,..tdofa.b.l plain L edg ta t tat
and milk axa TookAmin Pagamla, and Cotton and Ging
ham Umbrella& All of whifyill La offered at extremely
ion prim: We eaxeMallyinvi our Western trim& to ax
mulne our Mock Wore
Alen. 8110 W STANDS, fur exhibiting Ettaals and
31antAlles. put up in meet I nc trananortation. febllnf
Murphy's Self-Sealing Advertising /level
/ • The nitacriler. in policatitig the patronage of all who
may Ws nivertisement, feel. , none of that hesitation
with which • new article 4 brought bellye the public. The
experience of years linii retabllshed their superiority be
yond all question, amt he tionfalently refer' , to the teatime..
uy of thom Inidupts men who bare wed them envelope*.
and to his rapidly incrvaaing mi.. as proof of their excel
The following
lazily: are • per of the reap o . for their pops
ist. On the place occupied by the seal, a tenon may
his name, biplane, pod eddy.: eonerienously and
beautifully entbnumi. entered or plain, thus affording per.
feet revert. agaimit. frand.i
24. The Envelopes cannot be opened without beam tie
34 Neither wax nor widers ape required to mai them.
It. Upon themi.mrll4. of I letter. the 1.1 instiresita
intionliete return to the mmlo, instead of being burled
mow/. in the bead Letter
ELL The EneekTes arc iftunished at ainnat the's...
'''' l 7 th ,. get ' Pe ' lr'inailed 4, a can effectire ad erthiement,
pare to att.. Lattention of all through whine, liana It'
' l r k r Tfloeing le • list Of priors for Dru, leagnmel la
bra and mhjela Val last bar pears and of a n
the usual di,..ithrr whtte or. bar, at goal I , lper, and
made 1. shoes, with naroe,iaddr Pc. ena ae.:
Prices ef Dim. _ gr 1 , ...94
... , 0 letters or km ...... ..--14,01l .
: a . . ack as
l'. !° !?'l'' ... ; . ------ .22 i1.; (4 . ------- — 49•80
40 55(0 0 *
—151'614000.. --. 1370
When ita tat eouret:Ant ta forward amount of order
per mull or hstres. a refernam to are :few York
lions* will 1. =Solent. 411 orders will meet teltb fu=pt
attentionAl addreseed. WIL 3.111PIIY,•
No. 563 3ladhum street, N York.
Order, will he attended to promptly. if left at t he done.
of Meaux WWI a Mott. 03 Wall street. Or of Ilesent. IL
Jerolltuan Co.. 134 Williams at.
ff. ftedOeSa Garda, embotsed scam. from auto
Thee. at 110,00 per thousand. • (eh:M.lnm
CpoNTINUES his usual facilities to receive
stsaw, sale, ed:Transhipment, Merrhendlee
cone:lewd hitt. Baas leare hie dock daily for ell patuis
on the Lakes end the Illinois Catml end Meer.
Lorena Reeling 2 Co.;
)isms. Jones A Quip. •
Sle. John ACenetver.
Produce. Con. Leon. nod Porwardlog Merchants, on the
Levee, St. Joaeph,
Refer to Aleraraler Marion, and Lore.. Sterling Co.,
Pittsburgh. ' apadr
PAVID C. TUTTLE, Attorney at Law,
and Ccanactiaaloner far Pannaylvaula, Loc.. Mn..
ecoautunicationa prompur angeored. enure 11
OHN 11. RANKIN, Attorney and Conn-
Naar at Law, and Co.wisaioner for the State o
nryleanla, St. Louis, Mo., of Pittsburgh.)
Itedurenr.—Pituburgla Hon. W. Forrard,Mampton
biTandlem a McClure, John D. Pasta, Bissell,
Semple. licCkdd Co. . achillar
TIIE undersigned I haring entirely re.
j built and enlerywd therabove extender. ertahlirh.2
inept, containing In all abont three hundred and en,
room, wonla melreenfitill Eire notice that It le now reedy
for the receptical and a...mmodatlins of the travelling
commulty. 1
An extended noticeof the uninnywasedactivanimmenof this
Ileum la deemed eupernuous, ea the nuMerona Improve.
manta which have been made cannot be properly given in
scivertioement- bunk. It to my, no arm.e h ag hero
The furniture any
eirilslY order, vanwntilem of
<mt, and remain hurtle of emeelally the Drawing
mew, will Le (nand to be of the moot beautiful manufac
ture. The Dining room. eapriou, and the hour. for
meals will m en - mined as to cult the convenience of the
Evend late.
ry &herb:nerd will be manucted la on unerrept/oeur
big manner, and theproprietor' pledEe• hlineciErhu the
amerlvn I..w ..h.llßmXrully the Trareller'e florae.
.febbamedbweimT '__LENT .EIOE.
J. Wilson & Son.
WHOLESALE and retail manufactu
v stm t. tel dealers lulllets ad Caps. Nor `llia.
Rood third dare aloe. Diamond Alley. Ilia.
barb—whet, they over • full ad eceoplete Meek of late
ad Ceps a their oemad hanern ruseureeture, of aevf
quality and style. by elluleale and Mall, and Melte the
W stunts. of their euetremeesend the publle.llatrar
at et theya arT stils ell on the mat resalable teem e
JAISIES. WILSON 1 Mut removed his Hat
and Cap Store to No. 4I Woad street, third door soul/a
of Idesnond
irl 0 -PARTNERSHIP—Having taken 'my
VI, 4,1. d'; , . 1,,!.`;, w.."11';
under ar.• name of J. WIL-1), FON L itd NAV,V,,T6.3r-
Fl—Jame* Wilson matinee,. Um liar sad Car
Na 9 Federal street, Alleys-or act, lately kept "by FIL
OSE! NOSE!! ' ' {HOSE!!!—Just reds
from the Manufactory ln Poston WOO fort india Pub
sires ranging into t ow n to diameter.
This Hose is lar superior Co any lnanntartared
leather. for hfdrantn, rougitntuain or !lie Yowl. pun...J.
We wish it to be disnuetly luntarstood that wren . lash of
Nose that noes from onr Iwtatilsbrnent to warranted thr
the cum" Intended. ar the money refurnted. Jost UT
it. leer Weal the inat. nub, b.r Dep 3 t,.
Ulla.' Ph.
`TEAM PAuKticq—itmo pounds ,mized,
Piste and Vontlte Bettor Peekleg hem I t 4 ,421
Irvlvet . tblekonereated to tte the fan Paek.tef,
f m.
y e
Heed. ethaeti Oe.' Par W. at the. lzhirut
ber4mt,,No.7 sod v watt street.
• t •
. yam,l .. es : it rant's 11,
tor nta cuaincrsow s
/54 Lanny st.
Compound Syrup of Yellow Dock Root,
likeepTiES the front rank 'among the pro:
xy ark.," medicines unit ir try for eunddrudg
swung Canker, Salt Itheo, grroo and a/I otbaurtur
ariwor from ur maitre mato of tn. bloat. Mao,
I.l.molaird.CararrO eprioda. biewdortiwkinUnlnow.
a nd tnetil abC4ll. U. Ctolots dona.
the Ordrrnrwe, **l dating ar..tioa
about throat: *ad la used with Imp:twat:ad Witieria
in all turn* of
Frasale Ireakeem and °mere Debility.
Strengthening sthe wakened lied-y, givinC oma to Me
various organs, and ineigorating the entire mum,
tbe testimony of thuumnels of living witnesses,. ttate
all rams of the country, can be reliedupon,an
IT efficacious to curing all Honors, Mid restoring
toil and ivotien deem constitutions. Is is purely TemeMs
hie In ite ecuiroalthes, and so aocurandy combined In tot
peopurtions that the cherubAL botanical, and tuntleal pre
pertics of, each to lent harmoniently unit* to
Purify oho Blood.
It lie . reran-el many ehrouledlesmes which have bafiled
the .k ill of the het physlegus.and has elm cutlet Canker.
Salt !Civilise. Erysipelas and Scrofula. which Serismarilla
Syrupsentirely felled to make the least ImpresMon
It has been meted in many came of. CANCEROUS HD.
MORS. The meet otatinate Cancers here Wen entail by
BILIOUS COMPLAINTS. hat It le a ealuable medicine in
n n lt removes all obstruct:lona in
the cheulation. rendering the Liver tree. MCI.. and heal
thy. It removes. Palpitation of the lieut, and tlllee.a to
all us.v oy.gethrum anti may be used in allglintstes, and
at sill reasoner of the Tear.
• This BFrop prepaid only by C. MORSE CO, mite
street. Providenc R. l„ and told. velsoleede sad
retail. by
Ozly A4vnt ic; Vest;;;Tritima i
ro Tt.:y Wareboum. curer: Wood NA 91216 .U, Pitts
- •
• •
Tr. OrmgmwdY.Th , Onssenva. yw LMS. .{rhos
La Lin,. Asthma, lfronakis, Paint or Tr - callow qf
the Dread or lornos, arid oar, cr.feiont Ow
Vi r F,jtZo n iliTni i i"Zt. t tl i° ..7 . d th . th* ; Ix!'" and
adres to make no assertion us to the virtue, of this awu
tine, and to hold no hope. to suffering/ humanity, arltte.h
&eta rill not trarraoL
The Was of teelthd. and the Pine and Wild Merry, ar
lastly celebrated for the cure of all dleoesea of the Lave
and firm .'llkb aft so fearfully prevalent la all Northern
bthitaide, Prom a combination of chemical extracts. pro.
cored from this Does and those Prem. Dn. Winne's. Ilex.
6.1.0, WI. Demur I. &Jelly formed.'
• .. • .
.16 - Wietar's Ealwon of Wild Cherry is a line Wmata
miniely at mid Cherry Bark and the
/Realm Wand tlola.(thelattor importnd ertwetwiy for this
Pori...) the rue medical virtu, of which axe also cam
bleed by a new chemical promo. with the extract of Tar—
tbnerendering the whale eempound the moot certain and
*Meadow remedy etexillecorered for the
am of Wild Charm—no following ea of Jaiesdatt
Eder. of CourronPUD4Olr. of blab :1461n sad Agars bur
ring Deal of Camonotioa) la truly wonderful:
PIZ... Thum, Hanalt. co, SW, TT, 150.
2 J. D. rug— De w
ar SD: I take tn. moody. or &hubs yOOO
of the bencat TUT* Serivoi Dun Ha Dr of Dr. MAW,
Balsam of WWI burry. I in.. ptoctesfed by that terlbla
aw:arrED Onconnaptlon. In May last re attack was Duty
honifylng to PUN Dr Ivo of nor Wally, Ony brat.. sod
cistern) had Sled of Conmunstlas. I vas atbictol with
nearlT all the wont features of Ha; Sigma, I bads dams
Hag *Ma. and azpoctorated a gnat del o Wm/. bectis
fen% savors pains in the Ada sot dm*, c 034 ckHD, altos
noting with Scuba. of hest.
I was under the mire of a skilful pSyrielan, frout the
time I woe taken nick until shout .it weeks do a. being
then about helpless, and my friends ecuteldetsd tnyraa. -
bopetu.,or.t lean beyond our phyakitni MTh. alined •
the use of WlStani Balsam of Wild Cherry. Without my
knowledge. my father prceuna it. and . onummeed
le:hiring UM me. and from the fast day I cotommoial take
lug it my health improved, end in two weeks flan the
time I eimmenvid using it, / was able to to oat and over •
my basking, and labor. which I stillgoantinne ho do. I
have taken four bottles of the medicine. mod sow comillor
myeell perfectlyJlMElGlAlt DMIRIGO.
; ; 4 9 4 - 4 4
Coon, Pour, lake Co. 1n... JuD•16.46
Joao D. Pus—Door Elm In July, ISO, I wit attack@
via , a um crr 410.m0...ram whlckleit me in a vary
debilitated state, when. la the killowing sinks. I gas te.
ken with • wens mid. which reduced cm to such mt in
got ite L kho me the OP , allatee of • confirtued causeMP.
UT.. I labored mider arm. 00trt,e..,,,mvi,,c11 agent
deal. and ous troubled with mild feat and night .rest.. I
also fratuattly reboil blood from my lunge. I canthaugl
In this stag, oredually sinking under the Masan until
Jationt7. DM; when Igm Kan .nuked with limn My
friends despaired of my life. and my pbyelcianitbouglit
multi eurvive but a short time. My extremities, especial
ly my feet, wen constantly cold. end about lost their Dal.
lag. Crider them drourostanom It may be truly mid I yea
a living skeleton. I Molly determined to unit taking ais
Mains. Preeeribed by obnicians. and try Dr. Whim'. Bal.
sem of Wild Marry, and loom the first meek that I ante
marnsed taking it, I can date agradial recovery. jamthe
001 it. rme dz months, kt the end of which time I gat ear.
ed. and imieded coed heath ever drum, and cheerfully re
commend the Balsam to ell those .filleted with ahem. of
the lesimt, and would lay to those commentinefits min nut
to be, discouraged if two or three bathe do not arKt •
• cum but pentevern. as I have done, and I hare no doubt
but nice eases out of tea - will be blamed with incerwed
health a. I have been Itermectfully yams,
41=111 JACEPON.
*wake To ram AMLICTED was maws ire rim Mon
Y. Dr. 14.1urr, Byrialc6 - 0 , 1. — W - ashlnirtoo . rtty, Ey.
• ' ram. rim, Kr. May 14 . 4 t.
Messrs. SteManit Parks—l take LIM opportunity off.
Pinning fors of a most returnable rani perforated Own
me by the me of Dr. Whiar's Dalsara of RIM Cherry.
In alio year 1110, I wee taken with no IMlsmation of the
bewebs which I labored'usaler far aft weeks, when I glad.
usdly recovered. In the fall of, DSC I was attacked with
smini ! owfi, which seated Itself LIP. my lung; and 4e the
space of rime yearn I was contned to my boi. I tried all
Mode of medlrine, and every variety of aid, without beau
M. rind thus 1 wearied along until thit — irinter of 1345,
vb.. I beard of Dr. Ulster's liaison of Wild Charm ily
friends persurdcl me to glee la a Dial, though I had shim
or all holm of memerri end had prepared myself for the
change Ms:amber world. Ilirough their aidhitathins I was
induced to mate use of gentibie Wlstar'a Balsam of
Wild Cherry. The affect was truly astonishing. Aft.
three years of aftlictfina and suffering, and after haring
spent font or fire husalred'dollare to no pumices, and the
best and most smiastable physicians bed proved
mg, I was soon restored to entire health by tbi blearing of
God and the use of Dr. Ulster's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
Day the blaming Of God rest upon [the proptietore of io
minable • medlcfne as Wistar's Deluxe of Wild Cherry'
ivaltaidany, _
Wit. R. Ham
&dd by .1. D. Nat (=meteor to Stafard Parkiroatrth
Gad Walamt =met, Ctaelmati„Oblo, Game ds utf the
South and West to wt.m all otter. mina ba add:raid
J. Bfdd t - Co- It. A. Fahnetcat .4 Co., J. .I..lanag; L.
%Meat jr., Pitteburidli Lc A. Deekbea. Alletbray Clty:
L T. Radilaidee: L. ll:Dawie. DdCnto.u, U.
weir, Graensbart; S:Rovitta. Somerset &att 1 Gilmaon.
Balforli Reed I Sca , ..lluntlaglat Mrs.Orr,llallldayaburg
1111debraid t Co., I viva, 3. IL wen, Fro ...ohm
Eva. I Co, Brookville. A. Wilson I. Sari, WaYsasburie
Me.Faralud k Co. N. Calleadar. Meadville Bart= a Co.
Erie Graham I Porker. ]term; 174111411 Relly I Co, But.
lee S. Smith, Beaver, J. o.Sommertoa„ Warrata7. L.lO.
S. Jou, Couder,uo,u P.
The Human Body Must Perspire,
- SO SAYS NATlls h t o o do have healthut
co the Moos disgusting Skin Db..oooa Ar7rdnor /fano
Clunnical Soap canoes ftoo don, and at th. oar
Ulna and Done. giflng It the tolsua
of an W.Va.
betury Salt Rheum, and Bores, are tot .I_7 tairlad. but
cured by its use. as at lead 7 physiciuts le..Yerk bur,
rho tue it in rer_b user anti nnd it u
nlkilinc—re alto, in
Broyles, Blotches. Freak °nu:Tether skindiseart.
reader is aerund that MU is no uselus. ruffed roams, am
ono trial will pro.. I could enumerate at, lust eighty
persons cured of sore head, are legs, bad tam bele&
Buy it—ued the reader is again autteri I would cots r
oily sell it forth. above, unleu I knew it to be all I stark.
Ilbue rho are liable to chafed, crackal,or charred Bak,
rill nut this not only a COl4 but a preentir, and I can
ner only add, that anyone allicted with say alba above,
carat deer., win dad Vila all. and even mon (Watt
cable in ite properties) than I state.
u4Vut, reader. the stares are flooded with
snee you uk for 40000' Italian Chemical li U cia
buy it anti of WIL. JAMB...UN, only Agent in Pltta
head of Wood.
Pearly White Teeth, and Pare Breath. tO
be had for 25 ocate—Pereass who bees either, see or
bly assured that If their breath le em 60 lOW or their
teeth adored, dark or rr1101", .ad encrusted with tartar,
that. ZS cent boo of Jeers' ember Tooth l'esae will may
the teeth ws white aa now, mut the breath olorlferonaly
WooSe d. doolT at JACS.SON'I3 nom 24,0 Marti it. bead of
A Scientific Hair Tonic, Restorer and Beau
mr,—Triel Bottles, 5714 cents. Those who km awl
June Carol Hair Restorer. know Ito excellent quoUtliro—
Ilthoo Who tare not ire aarttra It to worm the following
Othilltion—lt will totem the hair to grow on onlLart.Whero
Won. Intended hair to growl otop it foiling ath conthourt
Fdoodruth and thole toi, or gray halt. grow dark.
or rendering the holt watt and clikr. nothing tan eared
Ltlit—lt amt. It truly boniatial. and Lena It to. It Is. lo
de ewt. the moot econoroloni—yet intherior—artiels for Qs
Soouly .t W. JACKSON'S Store, Zig Liberty stmt.
bead of Wuxi, Pittsburgh.
Prizt.-1, -- 73.: tents. E , U trots. sad gl. , .
JONES' Solution of Jot, a Liquid HUM=
Hair Dv,. for the changing of white. red, or grey tun., tie
buunfut brown; or blank set eolur, in is fru =lmam
hold — W IT. JAC KO A. 4
40 Marty Arad. haul of Woods
JONES' LILLY WHITE . --Ladies aro can
toned und.rt =log' the roostroa. arrlerrad Gana- They
ere bet `ere , . bow Ittabthillr ituarnova Mb to the salon
how ocettsr. how Moab, how sallow, sad aoltaalth/
AK , Manors. after tWag rreprtd Chalk! .llenalta, Kis
I4n 4ria base " pro.,..l u"' ..a " l, l :lrtign=e l gtelo,irtnieln .
we .
dl Jones ' opanleh folly W hite.
it ix perfortlT lortorroLeJtor huritatt of all drjetariows
flaantior. awl It lorperes to the gran a natural. boallar. e r, deo, hawg with.; at the name bane acing aa corr
metic ton the rkot, loannina- It soft arot atoonth.
told I, th e A...t, INN. JACKSON, 2.10141.217 ebowt.
brad. LK . 4ll. 2 l•lttalarratt Prior. 20 onota.
- for
.reat lor Byspeeia!
Ur. Iluvyhlev'e Finery, the tniedttectlye Atli:bar tiei
Th. trulr wowierful re.dy for Indintalluya
mien, Jaundice. Liver Complaint. Corodbietion
t curt., ter ultimo. own method. br beeil.:Y% own
web the towtric uicy.
11• If • nwpoonful of Patina. Infbeed In weler. 01M
new cr dlyolve _Av.:molds nf nod loci tia along taro hoary,
outrof the etc h.
Tty OutrioJ Wee is
the great voleent of the bird. the lion
edyteg, en:reeving. taliablating lucent of the stronsch and
inteetity• Ithout it there run by no diPestiPt.,-Po
crrioa of font into Dim—no nutrition of the Din
rather • foul. torpid. palijub and dertrveti. e conlition
the whole disc the abeam.. A weak, halt d
pond Motown produces no goal Ginnie Jon.l: d rune.
the Mecum, dinner. and debility which came
u, lnit this went may be euatiliol by extracting the Me."
Pc*. ftcon the oirOOlett• of suatials
furnitialag • comphie and Dertert nitisunise ur .
The art Or perfor6.l4 elO pricers of dig...lolll7Lik-11117
ITinlTl.baTeit)MontH'° ot.
the cure of Dyspeteu•H " ,.. :perfect art•••truitile lons
Read the enentiao elonice baron haelint. in -W. , '"
boated .070
Aul*.W Cb• coi•tri. rune "An lrol.beiel
icentee }laid, apalpsota to the Warne Jule, war be
Petoo.ra! fhati the inn ony nentreaa• ,
Irt 01geb. uric= arthilnyflivoloninoranind egg& will
a .04. ana 4.15.. A.
nor as they we:alba la the I cony wouteoh.
• Call on the Agent I- fui--wr enactor, of • dings; char
acter. It is Jouar wonders for Zbspeettna /OM
of the ne PITY!). bens the urn:. afort•nerie of J.
/lonatton. D..zole nreyneter Pea, IJA• Dank par
Pentriblin, coranninu idyl:Water:de= of useartwattn:
niched br tcwr i x.
140 Woid piitsburgt,
Delon to rtlabsi at
Alto. kr bete. .11.,=6Mctit C. NO